First Baptist Academy - Cornerstone Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1984

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Text from Pages 1 - 206 of the 1984 volume:

FIRST BAPTIST ACADEMY CURNERSTGNE T 1983-84 VOLUME 12 1 if H X 1 . ' f5mWf455'W'1 , ff M. .lf na: . 1 15 1. 7' " I N F ":'w'+q,z'v '-C 1 ' i"fw:f: "F qiw, ,'w,H1!w.+, 1 ' ffbaifeyi p . -'N' fjgffy I W- . . Y 5 E I E E I E 5 1 E E E 3 Q kv,.,x,,g f' . if s if , I E L 4 EMI N1 ,K J., a-,z .Y , .MM , f. S ,M 'Mm ,w.rggf,f,n 'W gf' if Xi' -'Q"vf.342'f'? Q Hex i?Q,v"1i1,: if X ia- Jam,-i, fzzlzg, ' Q - f ,sw-WVPQJI-'AEP W Mau-V M, A -. ,.1 'V ' gf-,hw ,V ,tw ,-Ling, ,Mi W wav, ' Q- Q qi 'fi ki A K 4 Qi '5 My fm? YA -ff 4 , A 3 ? A ,f ,, ,-4-. , Af J :SV 0 5 :Et f J ,nf as I K 1 H, gh s we l F L W F H' 4 - Q v 3 I 5 9 'K I R I U" H - 1 ' - ' x K .- -' if-if if 5 35152. , A , ,,,,.f.. ff V.. .Q 2555? f ,fire r gff,'wfi3 ekifiiw , Q 1 i 4? 1 A m fs f 'E A YI ,Q , 4 , .3 'iw J PZ Q. in Wm Wg!! iz, 4 4 fMfk'W4MWW l i 'FN 15' M-'F 6, BE OMEBODY GQJD DOE 'T MAKE OBQDIE SL I ff 7,2 153 if .- :QF .A 5 Z l 2 For the past few years we have had the privilege of having a lady who has given much of herself to helping the students, the faculty, and the parents of First Baptist Academy. She is always present with a helping hand, a loving smile, a willing spirit, and an enthusiastic voice for cheering the Saints to victory. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we dedicate the 1983-84 Cornerstone to Carolyn Wilson. , an. . R 31...-V '- -. wr f,-aff zfflwf' Wei? A :rg 6 l 1 tfgwfipq iaficlgggt . KA A ,MM . 4 may.. . 4' N.. . ,..,,. Q 1 l 9. f. . ,A 4, Jr X my Y BL 'ykfaw .w "C"'Q'b , fb .wif .L wxggzfwn FH ff " ,L , ggwwwww M, A... I ,T was 5 1 Nw. S 4 A , Mew Qalmxebm.. 94' Q 2 SWS., . S Q, f Q Q 1, ' .SI .fixi-lx' 1'-, i l ' V aa M A 'fl' 5' P Wi' x-'ff iii. . 'Q fa . e - 5 ' A f , g I M!'!!!'f' y N W 1 'lm' 1' , D f , , kv 2? 1 f 4 5 x , Q X ty 51,3815 R 141 if i Y A mn, W4 msg? M V fm lx 1 u gywa dv W, 19" 1 1 ,W- wiv L 4 W 1 12 3. ,M .ff-"'k w, wwf mi' GOGD TIME A' ROLL 4 ' , f' ' 'ik I gsm K , . gy mv, 1 MH: 3 'iff TFB 4 DON'T TEMPT ME scofrfrs NO DAVID, IT DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HELP MEANS. ECONOMICS MAKES ME SICK! I REALLY DON'T CARE, TRAVIS fm E 2. FUTURE FBA BOARD MEMBERS . . . WELL, I, UH THAT'S THE LAST TIME YOU CUT MY HAIR! GET A REAL REF! in-m-Lua-..., LYING DOWN ON THE JOB . . . AGAIN! 3 5 '1 . H I I, 1 Y rf ff A - Y ACTIVITIES -fx? 'V if if fi? I., ,Q 3, 1 , , :gs S . 'sf 32' l I ,A ,V fy 43 -X Q ,- vi-S, . .... A , f , K L4 J: A 4' i 'K ' A N 12532 wp 1:-f f as ., . 2 , L- A w Q 1 f , N, ,, X , . lik f ,..w ,E ES f ' 4 L N V ,,k,kA b L.LA.. ,AW Q. A V ,Z 5 fi- I H . "hk X ' ' f -4 ,, Y L f i ea 5, I gf uf 4 , 4 gf Ni A Nm 4 .y :- if ,J-N 'SE' -az s-T315 - 5.5 i 5? a'?-aA'Nexn .2 1-7 -Q-,?-Jw Q 'gg' v mf S P 4-4 'TL wvf hw 1,5 KW Y ' Q 'Q 'QV 4.5 v ., 5 .Q -' 1 , " fi mi A-. -1 w . 'if 'if 'i . vi ,filflii W , W 1- 5. , k 0- Iii" T o 2 SW fx S A we if - ,Y -K y was - :fi x 4 QW an 3 A' ,gf N ff.-Q Eg Ni : QS J' gg E Y r 6 K 4 5 HE.. 1 Q My YZ. Qi -Q zagaicpz 5 my f.-4 33 .4 Wg ,,,N I ,,.-v ik 5 AM vi ,, ia Coach, I don't need the practice! Spirit rises high The four Stooges'?'? Q I' x 'Q How about a kiss'?'? It's not my size. 20 W I gi I 3 NNN, . SENIOR STUD. . . WHAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN??! , , IT'S BEEN 20 MINUTES! IT DOESN'T PICK UP CHANNEL 8 i ww, , in +V, X ,. Q W ,M 22 :'g3j,j5' V. -44120 L fff 5, y Willis! ,4, W ,W . 9-W WMM v I 5 ,r " i a r 1 , - t , fxiwlz. 1 ! im' ,su 1' sy 3 Q fi? 'K Q 'Sig-09,5 MW 4 K 4.t 44 VG 139' . var, , v 1445. - 4, 'g W, if ,, .I all . , .Nw W 1 . " ,. ,. ,xt if ,L v ',, '22 ' ' ' 'W -5 5 ,X 3- fa H X Q ,,4, fa A lf? Syn 9 K x Q ,-4 ,. K, My F4-7 L. 1,4 .f 4 W3 ri, , . f, .M ,W . gg? 3 Q V 1. iv Mzfggk' , we: sv-w-:ww mf . mm: ' WCA frviewv-Q w w w fix.-,.w,f. 234' mm? gg Q 1 7 gag k 'Q ,q -I my 4'.,.:" , . , ,. -.1 . inf,-a ., .nf 4- tw - -u . ,fs ,., b ,A W 1 '??fQ'f3Q' vzrifiwzx ' ff al "':K,wEQ'5'41Q, I Y A A 41 f i? , Q. gp L Q- ,- Q K fiivxi 3 K hi -'fff '-15, A gg :A l, , L -' -mf wi.-ns' -4 . f. - 'H A . ' Q S , ' M ,my pw, .K gums-- Qg 5 x Q sv ws -ff.. 4' -N---fr. . X J. "5 Q- -f- ffz, -A -vw 3-5, Q f. FRESHMAN ANDREW EMBRY KATHY GODFREY CLASS 1983 JUNIOR SCOTT HALL FAVORITES 1984 FAVORITES BRENDA WILSON -no-1 V 2 , 433, 231141, - 2 if Y SOPHOMORE LAURA ALBERTS BRUCE SHAW 1 0 omecom ng ueen , '6'kQ I fy!! - XY Yo ,Q . fr jfn 'H 0.1 .EAN V , inf. ' V '6 yd .jg,g,?sL' V gy yah tu,?'1,Ag"'g'-f"',. 'J M' . :"iYl" 1 Wf-' X Viv" 4 fu ' "AA A. ' . 5 if figs 9' ' y g.. fig Q' gwxif'-QQ' Q' , H' L Y' L Vt LQ- ,gg ,' V vll A , , gf- .4 gifs' ' -1 ' ' 'Q 1 Bmw 1' " ' . , . D , cgi' 4"x.' X V 1 X3 C . X . g Q' 2? mu-5 W ' we prqiegwl 26 U-C . ' H Q . Harm 'Q -1 ,.f u E v 1 l I QP' '15 -2 xv , ,H W ig' , J. fag 3 V 451 , :sun 4 .,, aff J' ,sf sw 1 ffa f2?"' '55555g5 ,gg Wmwm if N N 5, ,QB Q WX X ,QR Nw X KR , . ..,, . X J .. X it R is X 'R xi X uvmu 1 1 t awznfvu DGQGGNE zxcvsns mu. pw-mx ICE CREAM UCIAL EXCITEME T 5, M , fm 'rv W '4KaML.,,,,,,, J f s in at is 455 if '32 my M , fi I ,N W ,:,,w .f': ggji cf if ' ' KM' .,-JQ,u,.1 ff f'- f Wu, ,... A 66YDlJ CAN'T TAKE IT IT VCU . . .99 CAST Grandpa - Dante Enriquez Paul - Chris Cunningham Penny - Tammy Shahan Alice - Jennifer Norris Essie - Suzanne Holmes Ed - Tim Bellington Mr. Koienkov - Stacy Corn Mr. Kirby - Perry Dance Mrs. Kirby - Laurie Lisle Tony - Scott Moore Donald - Pat Gilliland Rheba - Andrea Thompson Olga - Carol Bowman Gayle - Debi Hinkle Henderson - Glen Hanson Mr. DePinna - Frank Suniga Two Men - Mike McCarter Brandt Neese A S Ii N In I2 S IJ C CES S ! 2 K if ir' , 'lv' M21 fn Senior Trip ni.. Winter Park March ID-I7 Eva? 1 W 1 1 , l W A 4711111 QJL5, 5 ,211z,Q1Qfq,E111111 11 jqfjlf Z 77 1734 4 L19 " zz i ca 1 ri , ' - V' ' rz am L Lf' c7hc Wg :ik ffm? Z A NIGHT TO REMEMBE R K w ? T ii ii i ii GR DU ATIO '84 gmail Q, 5 1 ' Valedictorian - Linda Lisle Salutatorian - Kim Cowen S 3 - 3 Q V .. -L i S Speaker - Tom Waters fC1ass of '7 81 Class President - Mike McCarter it . gf X. v 'l v 1 f "lff ' fa, , M IlAAA'VVV T in ,VA4,A ,, v 5 is fff ' t3Wfgx'?bg1 make ' 2 ' bfiel H2 'fngl e'iandiN'Tamgvq?- Nqfiav 2-'W' fp Q 1. 60,3 mi ' l ' l ,,,, Q W. ,, N V frf' A - K ' 5 'f 'fn -- -Q 1 ORGANIZATIDNS -W xx X I 9 J ,ig I 9 0 ' fs' ' is-F.. 1 5 j .sw 1. - ' A 2553: 1"?::lZ547fi477 ' kr BN wa ,A .. . Arlo AL HC on oo1ETY Row 1: M. Godfrey, C. Newton, S. Perkins, J. Berry, J. Norris, S. Allen, D. Stark, Sponsor. Row 2: M. Spruiell, T. Hinton, L. Lisle, A. Thompson, L. Lisle, C. Coker. Row 3: K. Morrow, A. Reynolds, M. Bryant, B. Shaw, R. Brown, C. McNeely. Not Pictured: K. Cowen, R. Smith, S. Atkinson, D. McDonald. NATIONAL JR. I-IC OR OCIETY Row 1: J. Marion, K. Holder, S. Merrill, M. Wells, L. Shanks, A. Loeb, L. Kovan, P. Sterling, C. Patterson. Row 2: S. McGill, R. Hast, J. Brittain, S. Adair, A. DeBoard, A. Womack, A. Cade, S. Taylor, L. Brittain, Sponsor. Row 3: B. Davenport, H. Rice, P. Garrett, R. Miears, P. Wilson, P. Gibson, K. Rhodes. Row 4: T. White, B. Metts, J. Matlock, K. Youngblood, F. Williams, M. Bryant, G. Wagnon. Not Pictured: S. Oligee, D. Kinamon, M. Link, H. Pretlove, J. Peterson. Row 1: D. Enriquez, W. Gilkerson, J. Norris, A. Cox, T. Hinton, W. Woody, D. Stark, Sponsor. Row H. Baker, Sponsor, P. Dance, D. Kadane, S. Heath, L. Mansfield, B. Wilson, C. Cunningham. PANISH CL Fir Sponsor: Mrs. D. Plexco 2 NN ST FF Right side up - D. McDaniel, P. Dance, G. Crumley, D. Carter Up side down - L. Lisle, T. Kovar, J. Norris Not Pictured: Z. Hollingsworth, Sponsor CIE CE CL B Q I H if H Mike Bryant, Chad Irby, Todd Wilpitz, Gerard Morsivaiz, Daniel Rutledge, Alan Reynolds, Regan Smith AI CRGLL , we 'fl EF W X fx ew - T ,. r. 5, ev' Row 1: Sponsor: Robert Rohm, Lori Makar, Grace Tippie, Ashley DeBoard. Row 2: Rachelle Hast, Travis Wallace, Kyle Courson. Row 3: Todd Laycock, John Grace, Tammy Shahan, Brad Bullock. BIBLE TEA 1 PA F m,LfgN GRACE Regan Smith, Pat Gilliland, Allen Byers, Grace Tippie Sponsor: Robert Rohm, Mascot: Billy Tippie A DEMY B .::. ceee F 'lyk -,, , . Row 1: L. Kayse, G. Lambert, J. Chamblee, S. Seagroves, M. Lyons, K. Estes, A. Garcia, C. White, S. Oligee. Row 2: D. Rodgers, J. Gleghorn, M. Calvert, R. Brittain, C. Fanning, L. Sammons, S. McGill, R. Cooper, C. Coker, T. Kriechbaum, J. Horn. Row 3: D. Bishop, E. Mickels, R. Gleghorn, J. Grace, B. Lambert, C. McNee1y, F. Ryans, M. Lamm, K. Holder, G. Brown. Row 4: E. Calvert, W. White, T. Kriechbaum, M. Weathered, C. Gilliland, D. Shepherd, R. Rogers, P. Gibson, S. Hampton, M. McKinley A. Cade, T. White, T. Clairborne. ii nn... ..... .2 Director David King 5th AND 6th GRADE BAND I Under The Direction of: David King SINGING SAINTS ' 1 -. , - .. ' ' A W Under The Direction of: Linda Tapson V RSITY CHEERLEADER First Row: Left to right: Laura Alberts, Melanie Embry, Brenda Wilson, Misti Spruiell, Jennifer Norris - Captain, Second Row: Tera Kovar, Aimee Perry, Jennifer Berry. Sponsor: Lisa Anderson ENJOY A SUCCESSFUL YEAR YW I ,N F s 1 6 Z A f 1 53 CI-IEERLE DER Sei SW' . K - Q ' -EI S 'fix 1 1 - f Q J 'If ' ' ' fr'..2. Q L T T ' :I A W P f ii 35 u 1 A ,...,5 gs 1 . . , . wsfnu ,li 3, M -1 f. ,il-...W - , 'A , .TR '. X -A M 1 'r f F of A , 5 f'l"1.-. '. 'VT lv3'f g - if ,N , -luv sq: .,. -. QQ, 1 .' .T,3, it , A Q if ug 74, Wy, . ,E . , -Q f -:Qu we XR ' :Mg m- f f A 'ms' 's X Q . Q . ...g .,,, Y X .--W' ,,.....,.,.. I '45 V4'O .9 ' ' f A 2 i""r,. Q 50150000 ' Q ,ASAQAQAQ :,A.A A f ,. ... 0:4 ,v .eel by A l . sv" ' P .SQ S . s.' -- fl" f-.'. , Aw 1 fi ,Q P' Af' ,' 1ifsWg .. M.:-, ,',1'M A g wfa .i ' Hn' Eli. ' l- 4 - J- -- . f. . A-M." 'r 3 .fd Wy, v R-yfnw .fi 1, , A A. ' IW? - ff ---is-we 14. -.fxfaxg Y , First Row: Ashley Queal, Laura Shanks, Kelli Allen Second Row: Ashley DeBoard, Angie Brown. Not Pictured: Sponsor: Dona Stark Z X JR. HIGH CHEERLE DER K3 'B e e , M: SJR? 2. V News , krkk . in H 5 , ,. g new ..x.. A A. .. gsm. . Y we -Q - if XS - - A .. N Q First Row: Stephanie Gilkerson, Dixie Barnett, Becky Burnett, Back Row: Holly Hayes, Rachel Waldie, Misti Cutsinger, Wendi Shaw 55 W I R L E T T E r ,.....,,,.,., ,Mr ,-,-,t. Row 1: Lt. Lisa Coggins, Capt. Linda Lisle, Lt. Christine Newton. Row 2: Tonya Morrison, Cynda Armstrong, Melissa Leonard, Debbie Davis, Allison Loeb, Beth Johnson, Mollie McNeely, Tracy Fewell. Row 3: Kimberley Gallo, Amy Green, Amy Allen, Cathy Pokladnik, Martha Godfrey, Laurie Lisle, Robbyn Needham, Deana Kinamon. ? 2 3 4 f ...,, p W ,qw Sponsor Cynthia Funderburk Q ,.h. Minn., rn -9-up 1. , ' , w ,.,MvWW,.. . , ,, s' A W iw" nt is KWH? U PGRT fs R S , , K WN MxNW1 ..LL. - - X im' 5 if 'M' yy' W, Mm- , am 2,53 ,Q..., ff. Hi-.-...., mq1,.,2W,mw? 1. ' ' "Q 113 f 1-' . X'-' " ' -ff. M' 1,:. 1 f ,W , 'f , 'L 5 Q I XA v 1 ,W -ul K1 1983 VARSITY FOOTB LL 'A A sac. N Q f -N., Row 1: P. Wilson, T. Laycock, Coaches: H. Baker, D. Melton, C. Carter, L. Hughes, W. Martin. Row 2: M. Arnold, F. Williams, B Patterson, C. Armstrong, R. Johnson, A. Embry, K. Parks, T. Wilpitz, S. Cooper. Row 3: C. Walker, A. Harris, C. Marsh, T Wallace, R. Wise, E. Embry, D. Enriquez, B. Brousard. Row 4: K. Mills, S. Moore, C. Gilliland, S. Thompson, J. Chalker, R. Miears T. Bellington, J. Howard, C. Irby. Row 5: R. Bourdene, D. Parker, C. Parson, D. Trout, S. Hall, M. Riffe, J. Moore, A. Driggers, D Crowdus. Row 6: P. Gage, J. Grace, K. Dow, C. Coggins, C. Cunningham, R. Miears, B. Hageman, A. Patterson. Coach Carter Co FERE CEQL -qi , . Q S!! 1983 FOOTBALL ALL- CO FERENCE Offense Cedric Parson Chris Cunningham Tim Bellington Jeff Moore Ron Miears Brian Patterson C Defense Chris Cunningham Brian Patterson Mike Riffe Jeff Moore Tim Bellington 1983 FOOTBALL ALL- TATE Offense Cedric Parson Chris Cunningham Ron Miears Tim Bellington Brian Patterson Defense Brian Patterson Mike Riffe Chris Cunningham --if' .MLM 1 mb M ,,, . V , Y .Q f sv!! Y 1 .g,Z1S1.:"g4 ,wr 2 ' N V- - N lf? x.LL MIA-Q! Hr ,, ix!! s W v 4 I . I S YL www, 5 lf, .K .MMM My .ww bw M ,A fkkh V 4,,e ,?i - - - " - "H ' ' 1' -sea ,,-vi, ., i 4' 'K -mf. 2. 5 X ZL, Wra- AR ITY BOY 'BASKETB LL Row 1: D. McDaniel, J. Wilson, B. Martin, J. Cade. Row 2: P. Wilson, K. Dow, S. Snell, B. Shaw, D. Rodgers, Coach Joel Pittman. . ' .J s CJ- 1 WX: is Joel Pittman sw COACH OF THE YEAR: S M I f 65 TAPS I ALL-DISTRICT FIRST TEAM: Jeff Cade, Jim Wilson .53 ,, , w A , ., N ,,,. H , pg, , '1 - L " Q' 'M " N, 'iW?jHV 1" 'QyfJ' 'M :M 3 'UT' Viv?-139, fl ,' : . -HMA, k ' 1 H ? w 1 ' A ' A ' ' Z , Q , L, 1 , . 5 , G fn? f? A it AA E , ,Q f, Z W TAPS I ALL-DISTRICT SECOND TEAM: Steve Snell, Billy Martin Atv j f, 5 , 2' f x9 H f 1 5 sr ik ' : ff S'-1 HONORABLE MENTION: Kurt Dow ag N? 67 AR ITY BOYL, SEB LL Nui Row 1: D. Williams, R. Wright, A. Embry, K. Mills, T. Wallace, E. Embry, C. Armstrong. Row 2: Coach L. Hughes, G. Scott, J. Lester, J. Higgins, S. Hall, K. Dow, D. Trout, S. Conner, C. Walker, Coach S. Adair. Q24 1 Coach Steve Adair A M' A W VARSITY VULLEYBALL Row 1: Kristy Fields, Laura Mansfield, April Cox, Wendy Woody Row 2: Wendy Gilkerson, Bucki Rogers, Julie Atkins Not Pic tured: Coach Ramona Popplewell - sg ' f 4 J , Q i Q t g , v ,,,,,.. A 1 K K f , rg, I E X s al sr-nn We STRIVES FOR EXCELLENCE E Q ...-1 P - xx-, fg i E W 7 1 AR ITY GIRLQ BA KETBALL Row 1: Beth Johnson, Bucki Rogers, Tracy Hinton. Row 2: Genni Miller, Wendy Woody, Tammy Leonard, April Cox, Wendy Gilkerson, Coach David Melton. Not Pictured: Julie Atkins, Lynn Hanson . ,.,, ,s so K l'k K 'T - W wal iii Ill al: un 1 Q Q H A3 OFTB LL Row 1: B. Rogers, D. Holloway, M. Leonard, G. Miller, L. Mansfield, A. Foster. Row 2: Coach D. Melton, S. Steakley, W. Woody, A Cox, T. Hinton, L. Lisle, S. Heath, D. Kadane, D. Cox. Not Pictured: B. Johnson. 74 WEEP Y WW-situ is M 5 Q ff gg ,, H WML WQQ 4152 S? " 4897, W 4 ,QE J? 1 i, VAR ITY GIRL TRACK .an Row 1: T. Fewell, A. DeBoard, C. Godfrey, L. Shanks, Coach W. Martln Row 2 L Kolb K Allen, T Kovar, C. Caldwell, T. Watkins. Row 3: W. Gilkerson, B. Healey, T. Leonard C Plumb, L Alberts ff- -- -V-ug-A-In--.qf V,s-'ryan rr I A ., .f"'f-J1.Iz1':'.JrvvW"'.. ' 11:2 WV ...wx frm: -as-,, -:xns.'.fn.'.f - . ' N ' ff'f!H'!l5' ,72?lVl':J.J1l'5-.2"J4'l7 , - ' -Q M ,Q ,,.. , .. W Ei!'UIP'l'il.1'nQf1QIF5ll5Y"' . Q, ' A-,' L YD. 1' A f me ' ' 5 Q, , .1 .5 ' ' WA luis" qv- Q5 ,, V by 4,1 .1 , 2 , mf- W ff , ., ,. ,W ., ,g . , ., . ,M A , , , .. ., . . .,.. .. . M. .. .7 . .. ' ,, y f, - ,- ,,,,,,. .Maya - 4.-- , , ww wmw.:.wvfw My L. ' A VARSITY BOYS TR CK Row 1: Coach W. Martin, B. Davenport, J. Chalker, B. Patterson, A. Patterson, C. Cunningham. Row 2: K. Morrow, T. Kriechbaum, R. Rogers, G. Lambert, P. Gilliland, S. Corn, P. Dance. Row 3: D. Garrett, J. Howard, K. Allen, C. Parson, A. Driggers, S. Moore, C. Marsh. T -0 'uv at 3 if f 1 .,.. . .W A ,,, . aaa - M n mcommvw .: ww9Q1wNfW'f W' 3 3 25 AR ITY TENN Row 1: H. Horch, D. Poe, A. McGuffy, D. McDonald, L. Robertson, L. Makar. Row 2: R. Brown, B. Bullock, D. Hines, C. Bystrom, D. Douglas, J. Jackson, T. Starnes, D. Peyton, Coach M. Nickels. M. K.. N R feng 5 Ri AR ITY GOLF Left to Right: Todd Wilpitz, Mike Bryant, Gerard Monsivaiz, Mike Riffe, Richard McCarter, Coach Roy Borders, Brandt Neese. , 4 q A Y . -X a, f , Yi, lan H1 M was gif'-Q , , ' ' ' M do N? he ' h :if I ,J M2 1 ,Q 'L I A ,,, if 4, , -av V' i2Mw " 'AfJWV3' Q 7z"'MfW '1 M13 4"' 7-1" 'C , , Jiilbgzy. I 74,45 lm, 4 - , I W.-4z?,M V, , H , W, X 4,, , ,,,,h,, J, ,A,, V A V VARSITY SPORT . A ,E f ix, , ,,, -ar':f. '. ? , Ev ' " 1 5 Q , :,.a.' kr ' Lh. Q v kk' X , . K, 5 N it uQ,, if .Ein lm ' -K zi, ' 'Q' - A R W A 5.911 fi i - 4 h--- ' .N::,,.,. .z K . 1 .f I N K --A-- , . .-..Lkk Sr ml.-Mx LL . xg-is 5 k Jw - -1:5 X ?-1. V kb' EXPLODE WITH ACTIGN s Q v 5 A Q, l X... . - L3 4 wmuzQW A . . FOOTBALL EXCELS -AL ,Q mi u i , K W Q. -vs, .K ,1 , . 1 . ,B ,Ai - wg' 'rag' -. F. J Y., , .. I ,. ' ' '5 .. Q' fs, .jf-fi .... .. -er - .. gz,-I -1 2 , ., A , . ,... - A . ' .ff - SP, 'E - , f 5 Q 1 2 L, K... X U " i fi ' 9 H B, -Ag I X I EXCELLE CEi . Q y lx' L -5 A X -:Aus "Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain." I Corinthians 9:24 V 83 J .V. BOYS' ASKETB LL ! an -x f.-gf gm ul Q ln. A M. Bryant D. Carter G. Crumley H. Rice C. Coggins G. Monsivaiz A. Patterson D. Douglas D. Malphurs. m ' f r ., ,,,L.LW , LI. . . Coach Nichols DI TRICT CO-CHAMP figgw El! 'EEE -Jw -L- ani , .,.,,...1..- r ii. I f an - y .v. VULLEYB LL Front Row: Left to right: Susan Allen, Shannon Bynum, Meredith Horch, Ashley Berry. Back Row: Priscilla Rogers, Jill Sammons Cathy Godfrey Not Pictured: Coach Popplewell Q l ' J- 1 ,. i T A 3 i S V f """ S 2 H E e Q ,. 3 I 5 fx L J .V. BASKETB LL Row 1: M. Leonard, A. Loeb, S. Stewart, A. Berry, T. Watkins, C. Godfrey. Row 2: L. Mansfield, A. Foster, S. Riffe, S. Stubbs, L Kovan, B. Healey, Coach W. Martin. JR. HIGH FOOTBALL . . . 7th Grade - Row 1: Coach Hines, B. Patterson, J. Bell, J. Horch, R. Deaton, S. Lott, C. Cheatham, C. McCord, Coach Nichols. Row 2: T. Higginbotham, M. Thompson, E. Williamson, R. Champ, C. Chaney, D. Bishop, Coach Pittman. Row 3: J. Torres, B. Burgess, S. Link, K. Monsivaiz, F. Ryans, B. Lambert, M. Corneilus. JOY A SU CCEL L, FUL YEAR 8th Grade - Row 1: Coach Hines, D. Shepherd, R. Waters, K. Youngblood, D. England, J. Matlock, T. Young, Coach Nichols. Row 2: G. Higgins, M. Bryant, D. Wilson, M. Marion, T. Kriechbaum, B. Beazley, P. Foley, Coach Pittman. Row 3: S. Shoultz, B. Mayfield, D. Burch, C. Coates, S. Black, J. Thompson. lf fi JR. HIGH BASKETB LL TEAMS SEVENTH GRADE: Row 1: G. Wagnon, J. Horch, F. Ryans, M. Corneilus, W. Hall. Row 2: Coach Hughes, J. Jackson, R. Deaton, M. Thompson, K. Monsivaiz, B. Lambert, A. Kovan. nn'-MWMV! 90 HAVE A GREAT YEAR EIGHTH GRADE: Row 1: D. Shepherd, D. England, M. Marion, K. Youngblood, T. Young, G. Higgins. Row 2: Coach Hughes, M Bryant, D. Wilson, S. Black, D. Burch, C. Coates, T. Kriechbaum. Hui JR. HIGH GIRL BA KETBALL Row 1: L. Sammons, C. Coppinger, K. Rowe, A. McNeely, K. Young, E. Mickels, K. Holder. Row 2: Coach Popplewell, A. Cade, R. Cooper, L. Rector, S. McGill, M. McKinley, A. Womack, R. Rhodes . .-A y Q' ,M-HHz.:x--'.-..e.., -1 K... 92 JR. HIGH GIRL BA KETBALL - gg A i W Row 1 L Roeser M Foster S Parson L WISE S Gllkerson J Brlttaln Row 2 Coach Popplewell W Shaw S Schragm Reynolds J Cox R Davls K Wllson C Patterson G Healey W ':,h, ia, f, , ff WWW ,,,,, JR. HIGH BOY TRACK - H -- -- e --:-.--::s S a A -Fi 'T' Row 1: S. Lott, J. Horch, J. Torres, D. England, R. Champ. Row 2: D. Wilson, C. Lowman, S. Black, D. Burch, B. Lambert, Row 3: Coach M. Hines, J. Owens, C. McCord. Outstanding J r. Hi Athlete Doyle England JR. HIGH GIRL TR CK I ..,, 5 if SWB" SWR? wars aafxrg 5m?S Ci W' SMNIS SIM D 1 Row 1: H. Reynolds, T. Smith, J. Dagnon, S. Gilkerson, S. Schragin, K. Wilson, R. Rhodes, K. Stewart. Row 2: S. Hampton, M. Lamrn, K. Estes, L. Roeser, L. Wise, H. Hayes, D. Barnett, I. Clark. Row 3: L. Thompson, M. McKinley, A. Cade, S. Seabolt, A. Garcia, S. McGill, S. Mathis, Coach R. Popplewell. sf Outstanding Jr. Hi Athlete Stephanie Gilkerson .fx-l ,,?""' 1 ,ff WP' af' ' M ' -.env-V My my M' AV j 'I--,':f:,ff.11,f,, +0 f ...Q W4 ction . . . ction . . . ction Qw ag? sffi' .,,:i: 3 1 1 O u E5 7? was a If T yh., I' . Q AME Y , , ig WE COMPETE Y' V' H. 4 , ,,,, ACADEMICS .2 , . , .,,, 39 I 34 X AX, 1- c'Qb ry L 9 Ax I 3-f 2- . 'lf 1 f 2 X 5 mf' 3 Ni IQ! 'k'-w M 42 ,,,,,, ,M if if If 1 our bnmvf-11 First Hamm: A1-aanmy ,S fam upcoming mf' nf tht- nobhwst nm! mos! Qplvndld nf AU Khff Chrl5tlAn Schnrvlfz In env land. 'rms qs an :mmf worthy rm- nrrm-vf-mvng of mf- nnqoxf, ln h.-mm. who brnnqe to pnqs thc' qamfnmrmfms, and nw mmmvs. and 11 .5 parwms nr our boys and sn sph-nam .m afn-.-Wm.-mf nz xs you, it ls yohg rhv Lvachrrs, and 11 1s you, you, mm- sum.-ms, and 1: is you, me gr-ns. wp thank Gnd for ynu nu. wr- nmnk cod for you meh om-. 'mqmnvr you haw- Wav pnssxbw Orw Di' thi' flnfwrv lnsrrumf-nts for good xn thx' hands of our dfndr Lord, f wp an- now pmymq than God will qzvr' us wind rhaf roal Sunni n nf-.wnxrux nf-w huildmq for our gamma, The suumurf- wxll qurmy rw 1-ffm.-fa, n xx ws: A m.1tu"r0f mme umm 1: ls brnuqhr m maxxmrmn. In :hp m.-Hmmm, lm us knpp on doxnq mmm-1 and mmf-r M.: .mn th:-facxhlm-1 In Nw arca wlwrv wr fxrv now IOCr4u'd wr- now pnswwfs. emi rm-SS and nr-.ard you W your fxovmma .md Pffcrvl, omffaumly, 3-my rnf-mx .mn pastor uswmu hifi. Kai' Q if ' B' ,,, ' f 5, , ..,, , if ' f T " ' X ff? ,nf ,Q fi , u Mr. Johnnie Henderson Superintendent Dr. Tom Melzoni Executive Director of Church Ministries 7- , In these four years I have been at the Academy, the Lord has blessed my life with the fellowship of the greatest group of students and teachers you will find in the whole world. I am persuaded that the years ahead will be even greater as I see how God has blessed our faculty and students during the 1983-84 school year. Along with my praise to God for His love toward us and for His First Baptist Academy, praise and gratitude are also expressed for our Seniors of 1984. Your greatest years lie before you. I urge you to use your opportunities and to profit from each learning experience. Be willing to grow in grace and knowledge. May God bless each student at First Baptist Academy and especially the 1984 Senior Class as you leave us and take your place of leadership in your church, your home and your country. Johnnie Henderson First Baptist Academy is a blessed spiritual academic environment. It is a joy to see the Saints parading on our grounds at First Baptist Church, Dallas. I thrill at every advancement of our school. We have the world's greatest students and teachers. To God be the glory for everyone involved in leading this school onward and upward in the name of Jesus. Tom Melzoni 103 BGARD OF TRUSTEEL Reed Ashwill Bob Beazley Tom Dance W. W. Fair Gary Gilkerson Fred Lively Lewis McNeely Drake Patterson Rockney Pletcher Raye Nell Thomas Fred Williams Sarah Young Kent Hansen Sonya Darr Secondary Principal Asst. Principal-Secondary Athletic Director FIR TBAPTI T ACADE ADMINISTRATIO Charles Freet Director of Development Ron Taylor Elementary Principal CFFICE TAFF Denise Brown - Secretary to Charles Freet Hope Dakal - Alphabetic Phonics Mary Anne Dillard - Superintendent's N tc Ex I 1 N, mx ' K Secretary and Registrar DeLores Fineske - Secretary Eva Gass - Secretary to Elementary Principal Becky McCarter - Speech Therapist S K Lynda Martin - Counselor Debbie Melton - Elementary Receptionist Brenda Sewell - Nurse Janice Shanks - Librarian Janet White - Financial Secretary Carolyn Wilson - Secretary to Secondary Principal M FACULTY Lisa Anderson Roy Borders Math Math Charles Carter Cynthia Funderburk Coach, Bible English, Speech, History Mark Hines Zeta Hollingsworth Bible, Coach Annual, Typing Qi fi Letitia Brittain English Frankie Gatton Accounting, Computers Larry Hughes Coach, P. E. Cissy Isbell Bible, Social Studies David Melton Coach, P. E. Dorylee Plexco Spanish 108 David King Woody Martin Band Biology, Coach gulf Marty Nichols Joel Pittman Bible, English, Coach Social Studies, Coach Ramona Popplewell Robert Rohm Science, Coach Bible, Journalism, Psychology Marcia Shofner Keith Spurlock Science Chemistry, Math Donna Stark Linda Tapson English Elementary Music Dona Stark Math Cheryl Thompson English W 'fi r ' H. f g Sandra White Art Not Pictured: Philippe Sterling, Frenchg Wes Harris, English and History '-'mass-ww-mfmmmw ICR W CLASS CFFICERS Left to Right: Linda Lisle - Chaplain, Suzanne Holmes - Treasurer, Mike McCarter - Presi- dent, Tracy Hinton - Vice-President, Martha Godfrey - Secretary, Laurie Lisle - Social Chairman Tim Bellington - 9 years Football- 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball - 15 Baseball - 25 Track - 35 2nd Team All Dist. Off. - 25 Hon. Men. All Dist. Off. - 35 1st Team All Dist. Off. - 45 2nd Team All Dist. Def. - 45 Hon. Men. All State Def. - 45 Span. Club - 1, 25 Latin Club - 35 Senior Play - 45 Soph. Class Pres. FCA - 1, 2, 3,45 Exec. Council- 2. Carol Bowman - 4 years Basketball - 15 Hist. Award - 35 TAPS lst Place Hist. - 35 Art Show Award - lst and 3rd Place - 25 Span. Club - 2, 35 Senior Play - 4. Allen Byers - 2 years Latin Club - 35 Bible Team - 3, 45 Drama Club - 3. Rebecca Campbell- 4 years Choir - 35 Span. Club - 25 Newspaper - 15 Drama - 2. Sharolyn Coleman - 7 years Drill Team - 1, 25 Softball - 1, Funniest - 45 Span. Club - 1, 25 French Club - 3. Robert Stacy Corn - 2 years Track - 45 Funniest - 45 Span. Club - 35 Senior Play - 4. 111 Kim Cowen - 4 years Newspaper - 15 Tennis Team - 25 French Club - 2, 35 Treasurer NHS - 45 Most Likely to Succeed - 45 NHS - 2, 3, 45 USNLMA - Math, English - 2, 3, 4, WWAAHSS - 4, Salutatorian. Chris Cunningham - 5 years Football- 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball- 1, 25 Track - 3, 45 Hon. Men. Def. - 35 All Conf. Def. - 45 All Conf. Off. - 45 All State Off. - 45 Most Ath. - 45 FCA Pres. - 45 Sr. Play - 45 Span. Club - 2, 3. Perry Dance - 8 years Football N 15 Tennis - 1, 25 Track - 3, 45 Annual - 2, 3, 4, Annual Editor - 45 French Club - 1, 25 Sr. Play - 45 FCA - 1, 2, 3, 4. Ernie Embry - 2 years Football - 4, Baseball - 3, 45 Baseball All State - 35 Senior Play - Stage Manager - 45 FCA - 3. Dante David Enriquez - 2 years Football - 45 Most Spirited - 45 Senior Play - 45 Vice-Pres. FCA - 4. Dave Fagerstrom - 4 years J.V. Basketball - 1, Tennis - 2, 35 Span. Club - 1, 2. 112 Pat Gilliland - 7 years Football- 1 fMgr.J 29 Basketball- 1, 23 Track - 1, 2, 3, 4, Mr. FBA - 4g Class Chaplain - 1, 2, 3, Friendliest - 45 Span. Club - 1, 2, FCA - 1, 2, 3, 45 Sr. Play - 45 Stu- dent Council - 1, 2, 3. Martha Godfrey - 11 years Drill Team - 2, 3, 4, Softball - 19 Basketball - 1, 2, Homecoming Nominee - 4, WWAAHSS - 45 NMA - 49 NJHS - 1, NHS - 4, Secretary - 2, 4g Treasurer - 3, Span. Club - 1, 2, FCA - 3, 4. Marnie Graham - 2 years French Club - 3, 4. Glen Hanson - 8 years Golf - 1, 2, Basketball - 3, NJHS - 1, Span. Club - 1, 25 Sr. Play - 4. Wanda Lynn Hanson - 8 years Tennis - 23 Basketball - 3, 4, Soft- ball- 3, 4, Span. Club - 1, 2. Deborah Hinkle - 6 years Drill Team - 1, 2, 35 Lieut. - 2, 3, Sr. Play - 43 Span. Club - 2, 3, Choir - 1. 113 Tracy Hinton - 9 years Basketball- 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball - 1, 2, 3, 4, All Conf. Softball - 3, Most Athletic - 4, WWAAHSS - 4, Homecoming Nominee - 4, Vice- Pres. - 2, 4, Pres. - 3, FCA - 1, 2, 3, 4, Span. Club - 1, 2, Annual - 3, NHS - 4, USNMLA - 4, All State Softball - 4. Suzanne Holmes - 11 years Softball - 1, Drill Team - 1, 2, 3, Lieut. - 2, 3, USNLMA - 4, WWAAHSS - 4, USNMA - 2, 3, Vice-Pres. - 3, Treasurer -- 4, USAA - 4, Span. Club -- 1, 2, 3, FCA - 2, 3, Sr. Play - 4, Exec. Council-3. Sheri Legg - 2 years Choir - 3 Laurie Lisle - 5 years Basketball -- 1, 2, 3, Softball- 1, 3, 4, WWAAHSS - 4, NJHS - 1, NHS - 2, 3, 4, Chaplain - 1, Treasurer - 2, Secretary - 3, Social Chairman - 4, USAA - 4, Drill Team - 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Play - 4, Span. Club - 2, FCA - 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff -W 3, 4, USNMA - Leadership, Math - 2, 3, 4, All Conf. Softball- 4, USAA - 4. Linda Lisle - 5 years J.V. Basketball - 1, 2, Softball - 1, Drill Team - 1, 2, 3, 4, Lieut. - 3, Capt. - 4, FCA - 1, 2, 3, 4, NJHS - 1, NHS - 2, 3, 4, NEMA - 3, Vice-Pres. 1, Chaplain - 4, WWAAHSS - 3, 4, Fr. Club - 1, 2. USNMA - Math, Leadership, English - 2, 3, 4, USAA - 4, Valedictorian. Molly Long - 1 year Basketball - 4 114 Michael James McCarter - 3 years Basketball - 25 Class Favorite - 35 Class Favorite - 45 President - 45 WWAAHSS - 45 Best Dressed - 45 Most Likely to Succeed - 45 USNMA - Leadershipg Sr. Play - 4, FCA - 2, 3, 4. Richard McCarter - 3 years Billy Martin - 3 years Var. Basketball - 2, 3, 45 2nd Team All Conf. - 45 Span. Club - 2. Ron Miears - 3 years Football - 2, 3, 45 Basketball - 25 Track - 35 2nd Team All Conf. - 45 Hon. Men. All State - 45 Span. Club - 2, 3. Mitchell D. Mitchell - 9 years Tennis - 25 Sr. Play - 45 Span. Club - 1, 2. Scott Moore - 3 years Football - 2, 3, 45 Track - 2, 3, 45 Baseball -- 35 Literary!Speech Win- ner - 25 Track All Conf. - 2, 3, 45 Track All State - 2, 3, 45 Football All Conf. Def. Back - Srg FCA - 2, 3, 45 Sr. Play - 4. 115 Brandt Neese - 7 years Football - 2, Golf - 4, Sr. Play - 4. Jennifer Norris - 12 years Cheerleader - 1, 2, 3, 4, Head Cheerleader - 3, 4, NJHS - 1, NHS - 4, Homecoming Attendant - 3, Homecoming Nominee - 4, Sr. Class Favorite - 4, NEMA - 3, 4, WWAAHSS - 3, 4, USAA - 1, Most Spirited - 4, Span. Club - 1, 2, FCA - 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff - 3, 4, Sr. Play - 4, USNMA - Leadership - 4. David Parker - 6 years Football A 1, 2, 3, 4, Typing Award - 1, Physical Science Award - 1, Span. Club - 1, 2, Latin Club H 3. Sharon Perkins - 12 years Basketball - 1, 2, Softball - 1, Drill Team - 2, 3, Phy. Sci. Award 1- 1, Eng. Award - 1, NHS - 4, WWAAHSS - 4, Span. Club - 2, 3, FCA - 1, 2, 3, 4, Friendliest - 4, NMA - English, Leadership - 4. Tammy Shahan - 6 years Tennis - 2, Drill Team - 3, Newspaper - 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Editor - 4, Sr. Play - 4, Misty Spruiell - 5 years Tennis - 1, Cheerleader - 2, 3, 4, 1st Place Sci. Fair - 1, Bible Award - 1, Homecoming Princess - 1, 2, Class Sec. - 2, NJHS - 1, NHS - 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Queen - 4, Miss FBA - 4, USNLMW - 4, TNHR - 4, WWAAHSS - 4, Span. Club - 2, 3, FCA 4- 1, 2, 3, 4, USNMA - Leadership - 4, Best Dressed - 4. 116 WWAAHSS - Who's Who Among American High School Students SDAHSS - Society of Distinguished American High School Students USNMA - United States National Merit Award USAA - United States Achievement Award Frank Suniga - 1 year Football - 3g Basketball - 33 Baseball- 33 Fr. Club - 33 Sr. Play -4. Andrea Thompson - 3 years Volleyball - 23 NHS - 4g WWAAHSS - 43 SDAHSS - 33 Span. Club-2, 33 Sr. Play-4. Virginia Grace Tippie - 5 years J.V. Basketball - 1, 23 USSA - 2, 43 USEA - 33 DAR Good Citizen - 43 WWAAHSS - 43 SDAHSS - 4g Bi- ble Team - 3, 43 Capt. Bible Team - 4g Span. Club - 1, 2, 3g Drama Club - 33 USNMA - Leadership - 3, 4. Travis Wallace - 1 year Football - 43 Baseball - 43 Newspaper - 4. 117 Tim . . . the stud? ,,a43"M Champs Golf pros Senior play Graduation Food fights Wu Remember Senlor Chapel Segregated Senlor closet "But they that Walt upon the Lord shall renew thelr strength, they shall mount up wlth wlngs as eagle, they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not famt l' lsalah 40.31 .1 I gall' Best Dressed - Michael McCarter Misti Spruiell 120 GR Most Spirited - Jennifer Norris Dante Enriquez Friendliest - Pat Gilliland Sharon Perkins 'fl . f it Funniest - Sharolyn Coleman Stacy Corn Most Athletic - Tracy Hinton Chris Cunningham SUPERLATIVES 4 4 . 0 n VVVV 1... Vi Most Likely To Succeed - Kim Cowen Michael McCarter 121 JU ICRA' wwwuaquanq JZ., ff A CLASS OFFICER S' Row 1: Tera Kovar - Chaplain, Christine Newton - Vice President. Row 2: Jeff Cade - President, Genni Miller f Secretary, David McDaniel - Treasurer Cynda Armstrong Brad Blakeway Stephanie Brittain Jeff Cade David Carter Cynthia Clotfelter Lisa Coggins Steve Cooper Kyle Courson April Cox 122 mils 4 i' m1.w', E George Crumley Debbie Davis Kurt Dow Andy Driggers Melanie Embry Wendy Gilkerson Scott Hall Anthony Harris Shawn Heath Heather Horch Tera Kovar Todd Laycock Melissa Luck David McDaniel Mollie McNeely Lori Makar Genni Miller Jeff Moore Tanya Morrison Ken Morrow Not Pictured: Jason Haas Donna Holloway Brian King Christine Newton Cedric Parson Brian Patterson Fiona Pretlove Alan Reynolds Mike Riffe Louis Rios Laura Robertson Bucki Rogers Priscilla Rogers Jill Sammons Dian Smith Regan Smith Steve Snell Robert Steinbach David Trout Vesha Wallace Brenda Wilson Jim Wilson Kristi Wellborn GPHO ORE nf ,VO A is 4 First Row: Cathy Pokladnik - Vice President, Debra Kadane - President, Shannon Bynum W Chaplain. Second Row: B111 Cunnlngham - Secretary, Bruce Shaw - Treasurer. Laura Alberts Amy Allen Kirk Allen Susan Allen Renee Arning Julie Atkins Sherri Atkinson Buffie Beazley Jennifer Berry Rod Brown oi Mike Bryant Brad Bullock Ashlee Burch Shannon Bynum Chris Coker Pamela Colton Sara Comegys Courtney Cording Dana Cox Don Crowdus Not Pictured: Noorul Ali Clark Bystrom Sean Conner Todd Hearon Bill Cunningham Doug Douglas Candy Eshelrnan Jill Ferguson Tracy Fewell Kristy Fields Angela Foster Sarah Fowler Paul Gage Kimberley Gallo W if ,, a ii," il - ,- ...a in 'mu David Garrett Roger Gleghorn John Grace Amy Green Bryan Hageman Jeff Higgins James Hill Dean Hines Juergen Horn Heather Johnston Not Pictured: Leigh Ann Miles Gene Scott Jon Sessoms Shanlea Thomas Mitch Young Chad Irby Ben Johnson Beth Johnson Allen Jenkins Debra Kadane Dee Ann Keeton Robert King Liz Kolb Troy Kriechbaum Tammy Leonard Jason Lester Laura Lyons Dena McDonald Angela McGuffey James McGuire Cliff McNeely Scott Makar David Malphurs Laura Mansfield Chris Marsh Debi Mendenhall Gerard Monsivaiz Robbyn Needham Nicole Neese Armour Patterson Carey Plumb Cathy Pokladnik R. W. Raabe T' WW William Rhodes Audra Ridgeway Derrick Rodgers Daniel Rutledge Gary Schragin Bruce Shaw Edward Sheen Kathleen Shepherd Todd Starnes Shelley Steakley Cliff Walker Mike Weathered Naomi Jean West Todd Wilpitz Bill Wilson Wendy Woody Rob Wright Melissa Young FRE HM Kyle Rhodes Y Vice-President, Allison Loeb - Secretary, Andrew Embry - Chaplain, Heather Rice - President Kelli Allen Chad Armstrong Marc Arnold Aaron Becker Paul Bernhard Ashley Berry Tiffany Bissett Lance Blakeway Robert Bourdene Angie Brown Carla Caldwell Jason Chalker David Clinger Chris Coggins Bart Davenport Ashley DeBoard Michael Downs Andrew Embry Charles Garcia Paul Garrett Patrick Gibson Chris Gilliland Cathy Godfrey Sheri Grimland Shelly Gunter Christina Hahn Bayette Healey Meredith Horch Jamie Howard Brian Hurd J. Owen Jackson Robby Johnson Laurel Kayse Deana Kinamon Amy Kirkpatrick Lauri Kovan Gary Don Lambert Melissa Leonard Michael Link Allison Loeb Kim McGuffey Michelle Martin Randy Miears Kevin Mills Graham Monroe Not Pictured: Holly Brewer Nancy Dickert Doug Peyton Kirk Parks Jamie Peterson Debbie Poe Heather Pretlove Ashley Queal Kyle Rhodes Heath Rice Sharon Riffe David Roberts Randy Rogers Laura Shanks Peggy Sterling Staci Stewart Sloan Stubbs Brent Sutton Stephen Thompson Tammy Watkins Will White David Williams Fred Williams Paul Wilson Roger Wise EIGHTH G DE Jeannie Allen Dixie Barnett Stephen Baumann Bob Beazley Stephen Black Jodi Lynn Brittain Rachel Brittain Annagrey Brovsm Geof Brown Matt Bryant Dwight Burch Becky Burnett Eddie Calvert Catherine Campbell Jackie Chamblee Ivy Clark Craven Coates Lara Cowen Jenni Cox Misty Cutsinger Katherine Davis Rachel Davis Doyle England Cassie Fanning if W .1 v J wi t,ne f t mr' 'v 47 My A .. H A, 1 X at N Paul Foley Meredith Foster Marcy Fowler Stephanie Gilkerson Jay Gleghorn Karla Hale Cleacia Hallowell Andrea Harris Michelle Harvey Mark Haughwout Holly Hayes Gina Healey Greg Higgins Todd Kriechbaum Lara Malley Jennifer Malphurs Mike Marion John Matlock Sonya Merrill Stephanie Morrison Serita Parson Carmen Patterson Jocelyn Patton Pamela Peterson Jason Petty Mary Laura Reynolds Lisa Roeser Jennifer Scearce Sophie Schragin Susan Seagroves Wendi Shaw Doug Shepherd Steve Shoultz Jennifer Spring Sarah Taylor Jason Thompson Lisa Thompson Tara Tinker Rachel Waldie Vickie Walls Roderick Waters Melanie Wells Tim White Deanna Wickham Dwight Wilson Kim Wilson Leigh Ann Wise Shannon Wofford Todd Young Keith Youngblood ,'2. K f aw is S Q H 5' me K X Not Pictured: Julie Campbell, Chris Lowman, Ramon Monsivaiz TH GRADE Stephanie Adair Jose Bell Cathy Blackshear Jennifer Blanton David Bishop Craig Brown Kathy Brown Brennon Burgess Angela Cade Mary Calvert Russell Champ Colby Chaney Corey Cheatham Tiffany Claiborne Joe Collins Darrin Cone Ruth Ann Cooper Carri Coppinger Michael Cornelius Ray Deaton Dana Dunaway Melanie Edwards Kristen Estes Anissa Garcia Will Hall Susan Hampton Rachelle Hast Taylor Higginbotham Kelly Holder Jeff Horch Justin Jackson Asa Kadane Michelle Kennedy Lori Kissel Andy Kovan Billy Lambert Beth Lamb Michelle Lamm Amy Langer Shawn Link Steve Lott Mary Lyons Cory McCord Sonya McGill Missy McKinley Amy McNeely Jenny Marion Brent Metts Susan Mathis Erica Mickels Keith Monsivaiz Stacy Oligee Benny Patterson Karen Phillips Debbie Pokladnik Leslee Rector Not Pictured: J aylene Dagnon Holly Reynolds Robin Rhodes Kristy Rowe Lori Rushing Jason Russell Fabian Ryans Lisa Sammons Jennifer Seabolt Tammy Smith Kim Stewart Matthew Thompson Les Timmons John Torres Dana Vandivort Greg Wagnon Wendy Ware Scott Warren Charis White Eric Williamson Amy Womack Kara Young -f -EQQR HE pl:-, jen I-:,3f.:QiX f' if - -zu, Qi. Z J f J , ff A . V - '5 K X335 fi al 2 QB - 1 5' cgi .ix N Q -. f, Q, 'Vi SIXTH GRADE MR . BLOUN Teacher: Judy Blount Cindy Armstrong Tiese Burge Ginny Busby Wynelle Cornelius Paul Daniel Jackson Sudheer J ayaprabhu Billy Jean Lamb Katie Mathews Jill Matlock Neil Merritt Amy Sconyers Monica Seabolt Kacy Spates 142 J avon Thigpen William Townes Jason Walker Matt Weedon SIXTH GRADE MR . GREE J Teacher: Betsy Green Jamie Berry Christy Carter Terri Cromeens Pam Edwards Deanna Fisher Alan Gatton Jennifer Lewis Theron London Elbert Lonzie Liz Pope Juanita Porth Kyle Queal Brian Roberson Andrea Rodriguez Kevin Sutton Not Pictured: Shandra Lamb SIXTH GRADE Teacher: Daphna Reece Leslie Allen Jennifer Barryer Michelle Bisset Ricky Casner Marisol Covarrubias LaJuana Edwards Jonathan Gryder Michael Evans Brian Kauffman Shawn McGee Jason Marsh Amanda Osborn Sylvia Rios Jennifer Roeser Lori Schedule Kelly Testorff Margie Wall 144 sg? M ix Q Q X is ,X l 5 X W' A Q .gi X s 3' P fi? c H 1 s M S. REECE FIFTH GRADE MR . RH Clay Watkins Shannon Welsh Carol Whitton Chad Wyrostek ODE Teacher: Carolyn Rhodes Brent Belvin Kelly Clark Belinda Foster La Toy Franklin Bridget Harrison Dianne Johnson Paul Kadane Bonnie Kissel Mark Lehr Allison Linn Michael Lord Jason Martin Jason Moneymaker Carrie Nance Russell Overton Janet Packer Rachael Rohm Julie Rusk Darrell Sturges Ted Uhlemann Mark Warren FIFTH GRADE MR THEDFURD Brian Albrecht John Baker Kim Bracken Jana Branom Brad Brittain Lori Byrd Ross Cunningham Vashon Dacus Angela Davenport Mark Elmore Lori Evans Christian Garcia Leon Howard Janna Martin Angie Melton David Mills Laura Moore Rob Neilson Tyrone Nelson David Oligee Stephanie Pace Mark Quinn Michelle Sewell Amy Taylor Joel Warren Nikki Williams 146 FO RTH GRADE MISS BERRY r. Que its Jonathan Mayfield Teacher: Charolette Berry Stefanie Carreon Jason Crump Michael Edwards David Engel Ashley Ferguson Kristi Guy Kylie Johnston Monica Monsivaiz Amber Powell Aaron Russell Jim Seagroves Stephanie Sturges Cindy Sutton Sheryl Taylor Shantyl War Sedrick Waters Stephanie Young FO RTH GR DE MR . ATHIS Teacher: Ellen M Suzannah Bell Michele Birbiglia Rebeka Carreon Chad Fineske Kim Hart Kevin Keith Kim Kirby Brad Land Carrie Lively Matthew Martin Emily Mason Colton Mathews Jonathan Moore 148 athis 65. 3 X -4. Joel Pulis Edmundo Rodriguez Denver Smith Leslie Tapson at aa-Qxxxs' FOURTH GRADE RS. PETER O ' Lk"L i .- M K t Sf : X is f: as "f. . "V f 'i NM 1 sf .lv o AN. , x v. . Q . ., b. 1 ,E -1' tg S if . . ,. ,3 -Q . ! jx Q .-.-- Q l..g VF' 2 .xi S,- . ,., . s Ri LL,,121i.L1:. , it AQZI. imi, 4 2 ' l X 6 X., X i , ,lx i Qi ,, 5 '- 'QV - I . , WW i Eel or Rik f ,E lr S: if fi X gs s in 5 L , in-ag. T.: fam. M 2 'U Not Pictured: Justin Boyd Teacher: Anita Peterson Erica Carter Clayton Coates J aquita Deaton Keith Evans Harry Frankenfeld Miguel Interiano Adam Kadane Jennifer Land Jonathan Lee Jackie Linn Jim Lively Joia Smith Stacey Townsley Alicia Wagoner Paul Wells Tara Williams Aimee Wren THIRD GR DE MR BRO Teacher: Sheila Brown Leslie Arnold Steven Bentley Denise Birbiglia Mandy Daniel Stephanie Daugherty Crystal Davis Hubert Freeman Christy Hall Stephanie Mason Charlie Moore Nathan Ozuna Dean Reed Ashley Sallee 150 THIRD GRADE MR . HORTO W. QQ 55. 3 .1 E S X' Not Pictured: Sarah Mayfield Craig Moore Joey Pratt Buddy Scearce Sumit Simon ' Teacher: Ann Horton Shawn Baker Beth Bissett Cass Blackshear Tim Blakeway Amy Bryant Laura Elmore Tara Evans John Foster Stephanie Hindall Jason Lambert Anna Long Nicole McIntosh Kelley Martin THIRD GRADE MR . REYNOLD Teacher: Sherry Reynolds David Armstrong Lateefah Booty Amie Boughton Amy Bush Kirsten Carr Adam Corley Isaiah Evans Mark Falcon Stephanie Garner Jeffrey Green Wade Hampton Amy Horton Alexandra Laporte 3 Eric Mann Pat Mills Sam Phillips Emily Prichard Angela Rodriguez 152 ECO D GRADE MISS DAVIS "-, Esther Rohm Stefani Talley Teacher: Ann Davis John Alberts Justin Almquist Beth Cawley Bess Duke Travis Ewert Coshari Gardner Toya Green Brandon Lee Jocelyn Lewis Andrew Nance David Pretlove Rebekah Queal Laura Rogers J aeAyne Thigpen Kathy White SECO DGRADEM S FRANK Teacher: Susan Frank Keith Burgoyne James Crady Tasha Curry David Dillard Jennifer Fincher Chad Fulton Jill Greeney Inga Harrison Emily McFarland Jennifer Owen David Packer Andy Perez Somer Pyron 154 Lydia Regalado Mahmud Rowghani Joe Henry Slack Chonda Williams ECOND GR DEM S. HENDRICK ON h-...f Kristy Pitt Nicole Ramirez Allison Warren Monica Woods Teacher: Dianne Hendrickson Jamie Beach Jeanette Bobo Kyle Cheatham Jamieson Clem Frederick Daniels Rachel Carpenter Scott Fineske Ben Hook Kristi Howard Corey Jones Jennifer Jones Erin Miller Kristen Nelson FIR Teacher: Gay Davis Carol Bradley Marcus Carroll Nathan Davenport Kristi Gossett Sundeep J ayaprabhu Beau Johnson Richard Land Matthew Lehr Roxanna Martinez Jeremy Mitchell Jeaniece Pate Paul Shanks Christine Snowden Aaron Streett 156 FIR T GRADE MR .GILLILAND Nw 3 ' Q 1 S23 t X X Q' 1 ik 5 Q X 'WE' . 1 A isis Y X 1 h....,,-...- Teacher: Carol Gilliland Krystal Beamon Cam Blackshear Jason Bobo Casey Carr Jennifer Dunn Nick Hall Brad Hatfield Patrick Idom Lori Miears Andy Moore Ellis Taylor Beaver Takarada Nathan Watkins Jeffrey Williams Not Pictured: Jared Gomez Olivia Brown FIR TGRADE MR .LENN N Teacher: Linda Lennon Weldon Bell Damon Bowman Dillon Boyd Kamdon Calloway Nat Clark Michael Daley Adrienne Douglas Amy Freeman T. J. Jackson Leslie Lambert Justin Morgan Geoffrey Sanford Casper Takarada Eric Vandivort 158 kr o --" ' m L B o ' r as fifilg r 3 ' 2 as in '- X--.. Q fi ,A 5 -refs -X: F ll B 5 Q.: Ke K i ii ' in 2 ' ns 'F L Q gow' k.r- Iss.. 5 2555 F ie s- E ff 'Q ' ,,i. ssoo Not Pictured: Joy Mayfield DERGARTE S. DeBC RD .. K E.. A " .4 ..kL RK '-:: i is: X X X f X J C X S X I s ,N S ' X X e W K Q, Q Q as r 'f X if NW YE, 4: I xx J J as J , ' ..L " J 1 L .. ,. H L f ,.,.. s, 1 -s. 1, , gf' ,J jugliiifs. a ': - 'L 1 X K ,::.:, ,, 3 ,, , x C Xss-N :wsu f 1 4 K as .. fr -We ex E We T? W .kufg it so J' an Q f. 1 Teacher: Sally DeBoard Greg Barker Clarice Barnes Jeremy Crew Chata De la Cruz Elon Fambles Jason Hall Tommy Harris Chris Hook Amushai Irani Blaine Karlen Kate Medlin Corey Mickels Josh Pulis Tyler Sanderford Richard Saunders Billy Townsley Jennifer Turner KI DERGARTEN MRS. H LLMARK Teacher: Cindy Hallmark Joey Birbiglia David Busby Alan Carter Ana Corley Andrew Edwards Jeremiah Evans Kelley Ewert Lindy Holder Anthony Holley Scott Moize J. W. Mosley Kerri Page Josh Pettit 160 N-'-'Iv-"f " 'i?125f'Si5I2i5?f4' " .. I li" if , X565 - ,Ls uw E N, at ,,V. fx . M Carlton Rauschenbery Susie Simon Leslie Tillman Jennifer White Q Not Pictured Becky Holt KI DERGARTE MR .MITCHELL 1? W fff' Teacher: Patti Mitchell Misty Boyd Kevin Byrd Chris Coleman Aaron Davis Trey Denton Nell Duke Lodie Fulton Kim Henderson Stacye Hill Jason Lee Heather Neuenschwander Robyn McDaniel Layne Rogers Spencer Shaw Marcus Stanley Julie Tapson Ryan Tucker Rob White ...YQ -.-...nn --.....,q 1-us-upxgg .-..-.-. ......... Who said BB wasn't a contact sport? Hi There! Q z Oh Gag Me! 162 What a Doll! Yeah But Look At Her Legs! Little Dreamer! z 3 2 5 es. Water Boy The Sideline Show F i '+ t , i ,, f f - ,, Egfgfg , , e,,, '--"'- H W W '- aw 'W , :sw mf. i -,, - f 22 - Q vm V. :Eg I A 9 6 5 1 5 ! , F ,, W, -f ff my Yi I My iiiiii efiiie it ieeliii ,ii KKL,, L5 rryrrff . , "W " f ,ZV ,iii H K. mf., ff M , ,,... V . I t "if "ii A 4' -, fi' ,w , ' - ' i" ,'ii . K .,,, , ..,, Q 'gt' V V I if is-M 1-- ,, ii. f ,, f ' H 5- v . 'VG' " n 1 ,: - Chef Tell What Are You Looking At? 163 AUTOGRAPHS CONGRATULATIONS Laurie and Linda Love, Mom and Dad How Do You Spell Relief? SLEEP Thank You for All the Pictures PARENTS HONCR STUDENTS Mr and Mrs Hollls Atkmson Mrs Sarah Bernhard Mrs Becky Bourdene Mr and Mrs Martln E Brlttaln Mr and Mrs C A Bryant Mrs Janlce Bynum Dr and Mrs S H Cade Mr and Mrs JlmmreB Carter Mr and Mrs Robert Corn Dr and Mrs Aubrey Godfrey Mr and Mrs E R Hallowell Dr and Mrs Royce Laycock Mr and Mrs Lewls McNeely Mr and Mrs Joel Mathls Drs Eugene and Janet Merrlll Dr and Mrs Roy Metts and Mrs Walter E Mlckels and Mrs Charles Rhodes and Mrs Foreman Rogers and Mrs Hugh Wlckham Mrs Carolyn Wrlson Mr and Mrs Clarence Young Mr and Mrs Gary K Youngblood Mr. and Mrs. Val W. Mansfield, Jr. Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' WE LOVE AJWK WHOSE FAVORITE SCRIPTURE IS. .. "Peace be to the brethren, and love with all faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with all love undyingf, Ephesians 6:23-24 fail, Kilgore ' Summer '83 Dr. and Mrs. Glenn C. 4 , Green 10,610 We love you! Swirlettes Thanks for a great year, Robbyn and Beth! In honor of our precious children, Lvve, Carrie and Jim Lively. Big Sis N Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lively Cynda, You've been a great lil sis! Good luck next year! Love, Linda ff x TO A VERYSPECIAL GRO UP OF FRIENDS, I appreciate each of you. INJESUS' LOVE, Mrs. Janice Bynum "But grace was given to each of us, according to the measure of Christ's gift." Ephesians 4:7 NAS Lord, we want to be one of those who can show the world that You are alive today. Thank You for the grace given to each one of us, grace which is never ending. 168 CCNGRATULATIONS SAINTS ON A WINNING SEASON I in A I ?. ,QQ A Q I , SRX I I fl I Q i '-12.9 f. . CL S' H A --55 WTIQL ,p-..41,:- 'lg' .lg I I W ,,, MW. I f 1. K . Q, ,J af we sw I Saw 7 if I JO I A IIII A f I . V, Cn QNX: A. F wx XX: X I- ....,. Ig :I 'gg-it 17 'QA' N F ,M f "S I ' .I 4, .I X I SAA A A A A I ' II , I 1 I if JT z S 'STZQS I X ,.,f,: XIX? he ani xifg i,,,m, I. 4 M M H Q ! ,khh ,, Aff k.., ,. .A., I , .M ., .. 3 ina K K K I . K i hx ,iff 1 K vkxw. A xxx NX , . . , , A xxx . - - xzxxx v. X xx X N I. 7, m I ,f ,f"!A5 S I x 2 M IIII fw N xx The Drake Patterson Family TOM F. DANCE AIA ARCHITECTURE AND PLANNING 8950 N. CENTRAL 691-4404 "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strengthg they shall mount up with wings as eaglesg they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint. WAY TOGO PAT Love Mom, Dad, Johnny and Chis Isaiah 40:31 171 WMWWW WMwWW wW mNAW THE ANNUAL STAFF Ami, E f 2" ,. ,A N we K vig X .Xx x t. s is si? . . Q fiifailffi-2 'K25-: "' - - b X Q if Y f X f -W X N 'X . . .. 3 . - N- X .., Wmwlf L -- i , Sea .5 . . ma . Q sf' 1-ei.. ,, 1:35 'Q -' H 4'- , .ea f... 4, Q Ac.-ui an To a precious daughter and the greatest big sis. You are very special to all of us. May God always guide your steps as you close a chapter in your life and begin a new one. I "Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strengthg they will mount up with wings like eagle, they will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary." We are very proud of you and love you, Mom, Dad and Matthew Isaiah 40:31 BEST WMS JEDCO AND SON PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION ' SERVICE AIR CONDITIONING ' HEAT PUMPS C2145 446-1742 JAMES DOUGLAS 1616 WHITLOCK DOUG DOUGLAS SUITE N OWN ER'S CARROLLTON, TX 75006 Br 21759 Junlor Hugh Cheerleaders You Dld A Super Job From The Parents of Stephanie Gllkerson Wendl Shaw Drxle Barnett Becky Burnett Must: Cutsmger Holly Hayes Rachel Waldle W O GrunnahlSwanson Real Property Company For Commercial and Investment Real Estate Contact David Spearman, C.C.I.M. 458-9444 6750 L.B.J. Freeway, Suite 1155 Dallas, Texas 75240 Service and Equipment 1200 I-35 P.0. Box 974 CARROLLTON, TEXAS 75806 2141245-6531 176 Diesel Service Truck and Trailer Service Utility Equipment Repair Construction Equipment Repair Hydraulic Hose Manufacture Field Service State Inspection Preventive Maintenance CONGRATULATIONS!! TO THE FACULTY AND STUDENTS OF FIRST BAPTIST ACADEMY FOR ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL YEAR UNDER THE LORD'S GUIDANCE Ill! THE YOUNG COMPANIES ROBERT H. YOUNG BUILDERS, DEVELOPERS AND OWNERS STEPHEN R. YOUNG GATEWAY I AND II, THE MADISON AND OTHER FINE OFFICE BUILDINGS 8131 LBJ FREEWAY, DALLAS, TEXAS 75251 669-0400 CONGRATULATIONS SAINTS ON YOUR PHENOMENAL GROWTH WILLIAM W. FAIR, JR. 177 gf . l Congratulations Alicia Wagoner and Isaiah Evans for being in the Sunshine Factory! Watch for this program on your local ACTS network. CONGRATULATIONS Grace and the Class of 1984 LOVE, Mom, Dad and Billy CONGRATULATIONS SAINTS HEADS UP!!! 3 iii! 12141 375-1733 "Specializing in Book Sales fr m the o Black Perspective" BLACK IMAGES BOOK COMPANY 1322 Woodburn Trail Dallas, Texas 75241 Emma S. Rodgers National Sales Director TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS OF 1984 II you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, It you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance lor their doubting too, If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies, With Thanksgiving to God And Wit Love, We Congratulate 0'A22i'Q2l'EJSf!i.i'.?i?lf,?,i,'S'ZL"d'f!.f,'i!'.11i!'l22, wise: DANA DUNA WA Y " YF' Q'.,ff'2..'1'fif2Tk1aZ'.fd"'lTl'ife'!1f2.1',?1If Q'.IJTZ?!T,'5 on her seventh year Il you can meet with triumph and disaster And treat those two impostors just the same: If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to broken, And stoop and build 'em up with wornout tools, ll you can make one heap ol all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, A d los , nd start a ain at our beginnin s as an Honor Student! Given by: Dana's Fan Club 'And niaifer breathega wordyabout your logs, C O N G U I O N S E R N I E If you can force your heart and nerve and slnew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on", E M B I I n ll you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch, You are a swell person It neither toes nor loving friends can hurt youg It all men count with you, but none too much, It you can till the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run - Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And - which is more - you'lI be a Man, my sonl Rudyard Kipling Aftectionately, Doris Bellington Love, Jack and Suzanne Mclain Proverbs 3:5-6 179 FIRST BAPTIST ACADEMY SAINTS BOOSTER CLUB 1983 - 84 STUDENT BODY Your First Baptist Academy Booster Club congratulates each of you on another year of accomplishments. We support you and pray for you . . . THAT YE MIGHT BE FILLED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF HIS WILL. Colossians 1:9 THAT YE MAY BE . . . FILLED WITH THE FRUITS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. PHILIPPIANS 1: 10, 11 THAT YE MIGHT BE FILLED WITH ALL THE FULLNESS OF GOD. Ephesians 3:19 ln His Love, THE FBA BOOSTER CLUB FIRST BAPTIST ACADEMY SAINTS BOOSTER CLUB I P. O. BOX 868 I DALLAS, TEXAS 75221 FIRST TEXAS BANK 2650 ROYAL LANE P.O. BOX 29775 DALLAS, TEXAS 75229 1214, 243-2400 MOLLIE'S CORNER AMY'S CORNER 6 'f'.. 1 -.f , lv 4,4473 I A ' :"4k- if . I' .7 -uf 1 .h .ai X .li '4' ' - 2... 1 14, g ta- . p 5 . 1 . 'I' . I N I ,y!.'v "I consider a human soul without education like marble in the quarry, which shows none of its inherent beauties till the skill of the polisher fetches out the colours, makes the surface shine, and discovers every ornamental cloud, spot and vein that runs through the body of it." Joseph Addison Highland Park Cafeterlas Knox St. at Cole Sakowitz Center Exit 5 - No. Central Exp. Dallas Pkwy. at Belt Line Dallas Addison 2 ZIG ZIGLAR CCRP 13642 Omega Dallas Te as 75234 Congratulations Seniors ' 84 l , x Great Job J. V. Cheerleaders from your parents: D dM J h Sh k M dM TRAII M dM D IIDB d M dM I Q I M dM M h IB Praise The in HI i 5 f e IZ ,J 4 Slit 355 imnisbeh ! IN HONOR AND I APPRECIATIUN OF UUR FAITHFUL PARENTS, TEACHERS, STAFF, AND ADMINISTRATORS THE PARENT TEACHER FELLOWSHIP FIRST BAPTIST ACADEMY 1983-1984 Paula Stringer, Inc. AJ SUE GR C 3115 w. PARKER ROAD HEALTO SUITE 500 MILUOND ANO,TX 75023 368-SQI5 LOU LATTIMOIQE 4320 Lonev Psalms 91 Anissa and Christian Garcia STANDARD GLASS Q MIRRQR CO. mrrora of gbialincfjfzn iioo comma - DALLAS, :xAs Love WAYNE HOWARD RES. 8 - 98 Mom and Dad I CORINTHIANS 10:13 THERE HATH NO TEMPTATION TAKENI YOU BUT SUCH AS IS COMMON TO MAN: BUT GOD IS FAITHEUL, WHO WILL NOT SUFEER YOU TO BE TEMPTED ABOVE THAT YOU ARE ABLEQ BUT WILL WITH THE TEMPTATION ALSO MAKE A WAY TO ESCAPE, THAT YE MAY BE ABLE TO BEAR IT. O Oilfi ld Equiprilgent, lnc. . Richardson. exas 75080 Off 12143 234 1438 if Res 12141 231 76 TOM OWENS The Best. Why settle for less? Your choice of a college can be the key to your future. So you need to settle for nothing less than the best. At Dallas Baptist College we're committed to academic excellence ii a distinctively Christian leaming environment. You choose from 32 majors that lead to five different bachelor's degrees. And you study with professors who see you as a unique individual, not a number on a computer card. DBC has a heritage that dates back to the l890's, coupled with a vision for the needs of its graduates in the 1980's and beyond. lt is the only university or college in the United States to provide microcomputers to every new student on a lease-purchase basis. DBC students also study in a unique settiig for leaming and living--the dynamic Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. To leam how you can experience the excellence at DBC. write Admissions Counseling, Dallas Baptist College, 7777 West Kiest Boulevard, Dallas. TX 75211. Or call 12145 33 1 -83 1 1 . Dallas Baptist College " IN ALL THY WAYS... ..... ACKNONLEDGE HIM... AND HE SHALL DIRECT THY PATHS" ... .PROVERBS 326 QWNC' 7715 0165 lzsoplfg V69 ev fi' 60, 2 ll l I AND 91.7 FM 2618 ELECTRONIC LANE SUITES 301 - 303 DALLAS, 'LEXAS 75220 KLTJ - TV 49 - l957 EAST IRVING BLVD. :Rvws , TExAs 75060 12149 121-0104 "CONGRATULATIONS SAINTS" ELORED 81 RAYE NELL THOMAS WINCO EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. SCDTTIE H. ASHLEY Metro: 800-527-3727 Office: 214-253-4146 3210 CONFLANS IRVING, TEXAS 75061 189 'And all thy children shall be taught of the Lordg and great shall be the peace of thy children." Isaiah 54:13 ln loving gratitude for the faculty and staff of First Baptist Academy who have helped us rear our daughters, Wendy and Stephanie in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Susie and Gary Gilkerson GREAT JOB VARSITY CHEERLEADERS W' -Ill lQm.,Q :lang I 'R W XX J PRINTERS lil H X NH 'NH 4-H XXL Mmkarmlwxxl Lmv ' U.all.w.T- .X 4 Q H3 C5 I 191 The ERA Bu er Protection Plan can make our home the best bu on the block. CLEMENTSXPRINZHORN 4140 Abrams at Mockingbird 192 The competition is tough when you're selling a home in today's market. You need every edge you can get to make your home more attractive than the others. The ERA Buyer Protection Plan' is that edge It protects your buyer against unexpected repair or replacement costs on 'I1 major working com- ponents in your home. So he'll be protected from most expensive repair bills. lf you had the choice between a protected home and one that wasn't, which would you choose? That's why the Buyer Protection Plan can make your home the best buy on the block. . . and the first one to sell. Bn movies' SOLD ..,., z i..52r1 ez. .,.,...f-1.,,,-' a 5 Neighborhood offices everywhere, each independently owned and operated. 'Some limitations and conditions apply. See your ERACW Real Estate Specialist to review a copy of the service contract. 01982 Electronic Realty Associates, Inc. CO., REALTORS 824-8171 Federal Court Reporters Mickey Waldie and David Jackson , q214y 742-3035 To God Be the Glory, Great Things He Has Done. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heartg and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and He shall direct thy paths." Thank you First Baptist Academy Administration, Staff, and Faculty for the Christian influence you have had on our children Brian, Jeff, and Angela. Dr. and Mrs. S. H. Cade 193 CONGRATULATIONS TO SHAROLYN UPON HER GRADUATION AND TO CHRISTOPHER UPON HIS BEGINNING FIRST BAPTIST ACADEMY "My prayer for you is that you will overflow more and more with love for others, and at the same time keep on growing in spiritual knowledge and insight, for I want you always to see clearly the difference between right and wrong, and to be inwardly clean, no one being able to criticize you from now until our Lord returns. May you always be doing those good, kind things which show that you are a child of God, for this will bring much praise and glory to the Lord." Philippians 1:9-11 CLiving Biblel Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Coleman We salute Dr. W. A. Criswell and the First Baptist Academy for their commitment 'EO Christian Education Donald E. Bowles, Sr., Chairman Shelton 81 Bowles, Inc. INSURANCE 8333 Douglas Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75225 194 "Over 50 years of service" ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING AND MAINTENANCE gongrafufafiond fo of auri e ana! ol, i nc! a Melt: Electruc Service, Inc. mo s, mm su. - oauaswms 75215 - 565-1074 IMA 9 Seniora 84 from Tim Keierleber JJ ALAOH Jcfgngaworflz .9l'I,5llI'6ll'lCe .!49el'lCg ollionce equities, inc. 311 meRKET STREET, SUITE 201 DFILLQS, TEXHS 75202 C2142 747-1277 "Now to Him, who is able with the power that works within us, to do everything im- measurably far beyond what we pray or think of, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations for ever and ever. Amen" From Paul's Letter to the Ephesians Palms Pet Supply fwholesalel 1403 S. jupiter Rd. Garland, Texas 75042 214-494-3438 195 SOUTHWEST SECURTIES INC. Alphonso Ragland Vice President Howard E. Driggers Vice President 727 Mercantlle Bank 321 Allied Lakewood Center Dallas, Texas 75207 Dallas, Texas 75214 42145 651-1800 C2145 744-5144 'ff' wi iki . s ' fin: 50 X sin' W QgomplimemL5 of Game IIfl'6I'i0l5cY6iFt5 ani! YU any CiQFrowleq 98 Best of Luck to the Saints C CD E .zM7m:,,W,, II From Mr. and Mrs. Iohnnie Henderson BETTY cot O0 NORTH S 12140880081 1 . To Class of '84 "Grow in Grace" Classic Custom Jewelry " "e'e' 3:18 Inc R. E. lBobj Cunningham TURNER, MASON 81 941 w. Centerville nd. ASSOCIATES 270-6589 270-6580 Consulting Engineers Garland, Texas 75041 David Payne 2805 Southland center Dallas, Texas 75201 2141744-0131 Jill! Eflvill OFFICE EQUIPMENT INC. 699-991 1 L'.:.7 13606 Floyd Road 0 Dallas, Texas 75243 E 199 A TRIBUTE TO g PAUL JAY -" C UNN IN GHAM 63 x Paul Cunningham was born August 11, 1964. He was born again in June, 1973, and went home to glory November 19, 1983. Survived by parents, Bob and Carolyn Cunninghamg sisters Betty and Trisha Cunninghamg grandparents, Rev. Ben and Betty Spivey and Emma Cunninghamg and a much larger family of relatives and those he loved. Paul was a committed Christian, more mature spiritually than his nineteen years. He was a leader among his classmates at First Bap- tist Academy and was elected "Most Likely to Succeed." He loved football and was all- conference TAPS and a freshman starting of- fensive guard at Howard Payne University. He has succeeded not only in football, but more im- portantly in the bigger game of life. II Timothy 4:6-8 as He loved other people - family, friends, classmates, babies, little children, and adults. He was a six time Bill Cothard seminar alumni who was mighty in spirit. He lovingly practiced Christianity in all areas of his life. He lived an abundant and enthusiastic life! He was adopted into his parent's family as an infant, then into the Lord's family as a child. He was a joy to love and raise. He repaid our love with gratitude and by becoming the Christlike man we desired. We believe that Cod wanted to use his love and leadership qualities in heaven and called his adopted son home. We joyfully relinquish him to the Lord! Love in lesus, Bob and Carolyn Cunningham Romans 8:28 200

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