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 - Class of 1947

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,xi ,AN C L. 1.--Lf. , 3 1 if' -. , Hi. . R., , -. ii-,, 5 - f , , jeu, W 4 2 ?1'2"'FT-?1'v5?4'5"?5?45- 3','lt'T'5l-it-Y51 U.. .lpn I, 4-:H+ -' A ' + 1 1 -4 L ,u 'ig ,J L65 -.- 'f H. 5'!1Vis 74 ..- - J ? "iii -1 4 v '- .1 A 'r -I 'V M 4... J - I ,,,-, .,1 Rf- x I. . .. X A A - -J .4 , ' 9, '- . 1 -1 . :'-. , I .. ,,, 5.3-4' ww!- V V . A Nj Wjfg, l " 31. 1- wk - V Y I 3. . . , , fjfrif -9 - ,' ,. 'V :J ,: '2'.."ll'- 'P -f ,V 5.3-L2 ' ., f , Z-' ' , . :.' :"4' 'J ' X ,, 45.1461 -, 1. ' 523. ,IV -- A : - 'PA' ' 'lx' i'-'ghhfhsf-51 V Q -1-W ' -gf i' sf.-,ji-.' ' x 'I , - g5eQm" - 'Vi' ,, f- .-1'---' dx ,-I L ' -I 3"Z,.'r"- fha! ' " . ,- ' 1:- , . , 51.2736-iq--' 1 1, ' 3' 1 , , 1 " 1 ',.L2',j.r-.Q EQ, 'fv I A EL, , 5.5 - v ,, . , f ' ,rg 1 . V .- . , - 'I -' f- 51.-' ..1 s,V,, 2 "-,if Hz, ,:,,':' ' . ff? .'I :Vg -' 1' ' "., V-'x-- ' - 1 -" . ' '- ' 4- ' , rn I, A- Z..-mtv. 5- - :gf X V' --, Vu'-. L- - , , ,, I. ,- 1 I ' -, n -n- -, V- I -. , . . V. , V, I 3. Ag? ., I -P . W., V .V ., , .j V, 'w ,' V ,V A - xr, s , U,-lp . ' H V -14 - .r.. -Agih'-'. zv, -, , . 42 ff? 3 '.'f's,,, , V., , I 'gg T17 . grip! lzjhx 1 .qi-5 . . ., . , V. s- -- - -- -- -xr " -1-I ': 'iv - : - ' f , -f .gy-L' X- . ,- gg . , .K . -V. . , - - ,' -- . 'f?:' '- , K' V Fr: -.V , - :V-,f V fr V. . -- . .V V-- - .nun 1- i .pi Z ' V .Q . , - , 1 .':l'I-. ' . 1 H ' , 4. , wi V. .Q - 1'-' , P . A 3 a " - n V ,' ' Y. ' I ' 1 I H, . Lv V . V .,. . . V, -,V my 'L V .- 'Ld-1? V .' 1 , ' f -a wi F' V . . . Y In 5 ' 1 ' 1 . . ,-I 5 1:4 .5 . . , . f- xii- "-rw .C 4-, 4- .gf ug Ag -.V VV - 11 . j - ,fn-, - 1' I 'SV -- ' -- ' ' - ' ' - --J: VJ- , ' . .if - ' 1.: 5 .IV . V 1 V --1' '---1 '. ,E Q , . , Wai., ' 'J 9. . V - . ..n , .- ..- . . '-up. 1 3 ' . f V- ' -- -V . ,fx . s "V ,' ' . -- . V . -Nt . .,-,L if , ?f'V. C V I " 'V fb' ' . -V .. " 'V lf. , - , . x I ' ,...Vgf'117.-. - . , 5" - '1 vi- 'fl' "-- -ffjf'-' - -25 V.. Ii ' Y -' t 5' ,", 1413- , -, A' - .'-,--. V ,-:1 :' V' ' 3 "5 --'we--I ,- . . 2 2, ' U- V 1 5-s :VV -1.6 ' "mga V' Q r VV,-sw , -,fs ' -- '.-wp I ' 1-' ' I .. V "1-1. .A--1, ---9. -..g'i'f,-1-- 1 .. -, V . aw- , ,,--A-w ,, A..- . A 1. -1 M-:V LU? df -1-M -' ., ,Q -4- -M . H .Ii 5 . --A . V - . .p . - 5, M. 4,1--V ,ww , ,. 1, . M ' . " 'ae Y 54 -L V I "', b 'J F ' . ,: ' - '-FQ7' . fi? -AAT , 41,-f -V , ' . . . v ' -- fn- , V n ' -, .- - . y ,1 -- vu- ,-.-5 X A V .- ' ' 'V - I-H+ 1 -'11fVi." 1 'xi f - . I " ' V Q.. 1 ,' ,5 f' - ,- . L , -- .-- - K-.11 3 .,q ut- "am ,-.-4. ,V. p '- - ' , Y - .V 1- -3 ,QV -'Zz-QV 'A -iw ' ' gg. , ,-' 1-1.5 ' , . V . f , . ' p , V,'9gfL-s.f, - W- 1.. 4.-as-.:.-1.n' A -zu- 'LN 3, .,-' ' f ' .TQJ . fbi-ir-K' ' 7 Au 1' ' 4 k , .' V-A-,-iz.,.-V+. ....,...,..,-:.m.5m.m.,,-.1.- .-.M V .mgMf:.iiaM:siL Q' seventy-five years of progress since the first graduation exer- cises held at F indlay High School three-quarters of a century ago, we, the yearbook staff of 1947, proudly dedicate this Diamond Anniversary Trojan. ' 2 -I ., -fixfvfbf' 4' " V 'AIW75 V, ' 2- W1-Q55 . .V ,. A 35733 wif?-e 45 V .wt fifsfi' "YP wr? 2. ,- 1' 5 fi fffiii' . E11 WS? H , :ff i 5 ' 1 J ff' '- , is U ini . 1 ,I fjvgf W , I ' .g47g'g"lf ' , ,,j'i" c 'fx A I 1, W. Piggy is Q ' X Q Z , 'Q V. i f ga' ,Y ' jf . ' .554 '- I I A. . I V 1 S . A ' nfs -- - rw. ' - , V if 'X 5? ,f:":f?' ' Yi 9 R-.liffifif - ff if V hu. .' ' ' FV' - -A lk 'xl 'asv-'v. 1 ak A H, "XS-afw ' 'X ' ggi?" , . ,Q l . -' il ffafr fi:-Y - - --5-fl:-, fffii- 1- . -H' 'f f" f f 525 1 s . i -its itieist .. .nw r - A" --ffiv Y.. 1. 4 IQ-.X ,- lv'--gi x, f ww f 'W ,iz df " efifif 44+ 1 . -.ef u f ' .Q s 1-.Q!'.,1 ,. ,av 1:-f K. is X hi' 1. 7,-,fl N 1-1 I .. ' -fu, 1 .,5 Fw x-'fzi H 'ff 'x',V:5'1,-5:45 U h ji' up '15, KJ:-Q.: 5:1 fi: 5 'EN V, 4 W- - : fl k ' flf1i1?kia,51Lai.91 1 . lt 'fa Nl. 4' Q 171 ,gn 'i'S'i?' 9571 4' 'L " "1 ,'J',1- Vjgszgatiayf QF' -, ' '4f.'f ' 4 ' '- - 2-Q51 4 -vig MW u, , Rn , ,, 'H 'Z if 5 :- in . q v?" ,if 3? -V, 53' g.:fF 4 , inf 1 A45 I ,Y bf-1 , ,, 'V' .f GE?-: hi We- M ' "" .' , f:'f2-L-73'f' " V H I-5 -529 51, , -1.3.54 gf. : , f, :ft V-i?1?:".2'v? - .- .. - 3 I jj"'.', -'-rn 'A5 1' 4 'f752fs-QIXTQT' ' ' " ""1 . -L :' 7":' f--f,S?255?3"- " " 1-'i:2'A gf 1- I' ' "M 'Tag fi? " ., -gfQ?f.:af.? - ' ' fl. -ig -,119-f-f ff? ' if . V 5' ' ' ?'iSyw'5 . V aw- W ,g sm f J , ,ff1:,f,, r:-"4 mp, - , ' " - f 'ffrif 21-' P . , .A ,- 525-1 " ei ,J 1 -..:- 451: ' 'P' ' ,. . ,,, A. . " I 'J' 21,Z':f Wifi: ' 33, '- ,,,-.1,j5-"j-'Tf11'1'-1'f"- --r , - ' 1 ,s i-1' f. .- , f-AI ff.f:'?1f:f .. I ' .f,2,.b-Mrs . ' . avi' L1:.a':? ' Y -f+?1:x.- , ' , fl ' yn' ki 1 . sg ,.g . N " Q ,-55' ,- 'rf lisp., . ., :V 2 j Z The faculty of Findlay Senior High School is noted for its teaching force which is made up of modest, conscientious workers. The quality of work in each department has been most heartily acclaimed by both students and parents, Our instructors are people whose wide learning, universal sympathies and sublime aspiration are a challenge to all, a group whose experienced counsel furnishes hope and courage to many a student in need of help. They are a group whose culture awakens the deepest respect and admiration of their students. The present faculty is composed of teachers who combine a thorough knowledge of their work with an abundance of skilled methods for accomplishing the great task of educating the youth of Findlay. Under the guidance of the teachers, we, the students of Findlay Senior High and the members of the Class of Nineteen Hundred Forty-seven, have prepared to take our places as citizens of the world. We believe that the instruction of these mentors has prepared us to give more to our country and to the world than we could have given without their help. Mem- bers ofthe Class of l947 wish to thank the faculty for helping them to leave high school fully prepared for what lies ahead. Superintendent F. L. Kinley ac- cepted his first position in Findlay Senior High School in l922 in the ca- pacity of chemistry and physics teach- er. ln l923 he became assistant principal and a year later was elected principal, He continued in this office until l936, when he became Superin- tendent of the Findlay Schools. Mr. Kinley received his Bachelor of Science degree from Heidelberg Col- lege and his Master of Arts degree from Ohio State University. 'Miss Secretory G. R. Constien came to Findlay Sen- ior High School in 1930 as teacher of chemistry and physics. He was ap- pointed assistant principal in i935 and the following year was elected princi- pal. Mr. Constien received his Bach- elor of Arts degree from Ohio Wesleyan University and his Master of Science degree from Ohio State University. He has also taken courses at Purdue and Notre Dame Universities. His conscientious administration has made Findlay Senior High one of the most outstanding schools in North- western Ohio, A. L. Mattoon, dean of boys in Findlay High School, is joint sponsor of the Student Council and the Concession Helpers' or- ganization. He was this year elected president of the Educa- tional Council of the Ohio Educa- tion Association. Mr. Mattoon received his Bachelor of Arts de- gree from Otterbein College and his Ph. B. and M. A. degrees from Ohio State University. His teach- ing subject is American history. Miss Helen Johnston, dean of girls and sponsor ofthe Senior Ad- visers, has taken special courses in guidance at the University of Wisconsin. Miss Johnston is also joint sponsor ofthe Student Coun- cil. She received her B. S. degree in Education from Ohio State Uni- versity and her Master of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin. Miss Johnston has also studied at the University of Puerto Rico and the University of Colorado. She is instructor in Spanish language and literature. ESTELLA ANSTAETT Home Economics B.S., Miami M.A., Columbia FRED BRANDENBERGER Languages and English B.A., Capital M.A., Ohio State C. F. BURKHART Physics and Mathematics A.B., Bluffton MA., Ohio State MAE FASSETT Typing, Shorthand B.S. in Ed., Ohio State M.A., New York U. GEORGE H. FRACK Commercial Subjects Global Geography A.B., Muskingum M.A,, Ohio State WILBUR HALL Speech, English, History B.S., Purdue M.S,, Purdue PAUL HOCHSTETTLER Social Studies B.A., Bluffton M.A., Ohio State ROSA HUDNELL Shorthand, Typing B.S., Wilmington MAX HUFFMAN Auto Mechanics A.B., Findlay C. W. HUNSICKER History, Journalism A.B., Heidelberg M.A,, Ohio State J. O. JENKINS Fine Arts Supervisor B.A., Ohio State M.A., Ohio State RUTH B, KUENZLI English A.B., Oberlin A.M., Columbia D. D. LAWRENCE Chemistry B.S., Bowling Green MA., Columbia J. H. LAWRENCE Vocational Subjects Ohio State Findlay Toledo MARION L. LORD Library Science A,B., Oberlin BS. in Lib. Sc., Western Reserve ESTHER MARCH Physical Education B.S., Bowling Green M.A., Columbia RALPH S. MILLER Social Studies A.B., Bluffton M.A., Ohio State MARY E. NEER Mathematics B.S. in Ed., Miami RICHARD S. PHILLIPS Biology A.B., Findlay BS., Bowling Green M.A., Bowling Green DENTON T. RICKETTS Industrial Arts B.S., Bowling Green JOHN D. SCHMUNK Industrial Related Subjects Toledo BYRL R. Sl-IOEMAKER Industrial Arts BS. in Ed., Ohio State RUTH M. SWITZER English A.B., Findlay M,A., Columbia BETTY VAN METER Home Economics B.S., Miami LORA M. WIEST Latin, English B.S. in Ed., Ohio State M.A,, Columbia HELEN R, WORSTELL Commercial Subjects B.S., Bowling Green MRS. LOIS WINTERS English, American History B.S. in Ed., Ohio State Cvwfoofivufw Harry Baughrnan GQUVSE GeUfl"9 Charles E Hayes William Gary Mrs. Elizabeth Greer That small crew of faithful workers who are important tasks, but their necessity is recog always around when something is to be fixed nized by the appreciation we have for the in are the steadfast custodians of Findlay High. numerable things they do for us. They receive little public recognition for their 'Wa Xl, fn., Y 'l aj, mi 'A 'KX X , ff b,-, A S 'L ' lv, Q , f anne . fe. -1 , . , f1- -'f" 7 ,AlA Aj,. ,... -'Q--4 f 'f , W ryliwy 4UL 1-B ig 1 pe' P 11 -5 .mm Mun 3. V .ah N . ,.,.,W -' --lj I., 'A V gil, , P' " .51 firm , wtf - 5 ey ' N JE! 1 '. , "" S if -f I r f., ' qv ,S X f, x Q 3 ,lf " '1 I ' qi M" E 5 1, S 5' 11' 1- l K. I . , V, Q, 1,3 Y! ,qv ,I ,A - gpgrwfjy :- I .M 'ight' ,W H' if W , 4 4 " fff'2?ff7f5s::ff:' K Q 'J W - i'4':f - . X5 1 ,Y 1 H We, the seniors, have reached the threshold of a new era in life. We must now say good-bye to F. H, S. and put it with other memories of the past. Years from now, perhaps, we will look at this book and say to ourselves, "Why, it seems like only yesterday. Remember the time . . . "We gave that sophomore 'Y' dance on prom night and later stood at the gym door envying the upperclassmen in their swishy skirts and stiff shirts? . . . And how scared we were that first wonder-filled day at F. H. S.? . . . And when Eldon and Jo were the stars of 'The Fool' in our junior year? . . ." Finally we were old enough to go to the prom ourselves. Remember what an awful time we had getting those luminous stars to stick? And Harry Kent's version of "Hey Ba-Ba-Re- Bop"? . . . Then, at last we were seniors! Remember how we laughed sympathetically at lost sophomores? . . . And the thrill of get- ting our senior rings and the lump in our throats at our senior chapel? . . . Finally came one of the most important events in our lives-Commencement! Remember how all of us nearly suffocated in those enveloping robes? Then it was all over, and we were just alumni. And so it is with many pleasant memories, and a few last regrets, that we bid farewell to our Alma Mater, Findlay Senior High School. B. Abell J. Adams J. Altman N. Ammons M. Baird M. Baker BETTY ABELL-G.A.A. 3 yrs., Y-Teen 2 yrs., Chapel Soph. yr., Thespians l yr. JEANNE ADAMS-Y-Teen 3 yrs., Treas. Jr. Yr., Corridor Host, Office Helper, Soph. Chapel, Sec, of H.R., Library Assistant. ROBERT ALBRIGHT-Choir 2 yrs., Band 5 yrs., Jr. Play, Cor- ridor Host, Track l yr., Hi-Y, Swimming, Thespians, Projec- tion Club, Science Club, H.R. Vice Pres., Operetta Cast, "My Maryland," One-Act Play l yr. JOE ALEXANDER-H.R. Bas- ketball, Choir l yr., Jr. Play, Stage Crew, Prom Decorating. CARL ALLEN-Chapel Soph. yr., Scenery Mgr. for 2 Plays, H.M.S. Pinafore. NANCY ALSPACH-Choir 2 yrs., Y-Teens 2 yrs., Corridor R. Albright J. Alexander P. Anspach D. Arnold L. Bayer D. Beamer Host l yr., Distributive Ed., Commercial Major. JAMES ALTMAN - Machine Shop Major. NEVA AMMONS-G.A.A. 3 yrs., Sec. l yr., Y-Teens 3 yrs., Choir 3 yrs., Chapel Jr. yr., "Blossom Time." PHYLiss ANSPACH - com- mercial Major, Chapel Jr. yr., Y-Teens l yr. DONNA BELLE ARNOLD- Commercial Major, G.A.A., Corridor Host, Distributive Ed., Pageant, "Free Men." JOHN E. ARNOLD-Chapel 3 yrs., Pres. of H.R. 2 yrs., Hi-Y 3 yrs., Cheerleader, Pageant, "Free Men," Stage Crew. DARL AULT-Math Club 2 yrs., Debate, Thespians, Jr. Play, Operetta, Scholarship Tests, Science Club 3 yrs., Hi- Y3yrs. C. Allen N. Alspach J. Arnold D. Ault W. Beck J. Beckman MARILYN ROSE BAlRD-Na- tional Honor Society, Orches- tra, Operetta Choir, Band, Senior Adviser. MARJORIE BAKER-Cheen leader, Choir, Y-Teens, G.A. A., Prom Decorating, Chapel Zyrs. LUCIANE BAYER-Y-Teen 2 yrs., Choir 2 yrs., Junior Play, Chorus of "Blossom Time." DON BEAMER-Student Council, Band, Stage Mana- ger, Hi-Y, Corridor Host, Cheerleader, H.R, Manager, H.R. Basketball, Prom Decor- ating. JACK BECKMAN-Hi-Y 3 yrs., Cheerleader, Prom Deco- rating, Trojan Staff, Jr. Play, Corridor Host, Art Award '45, Bowling Team. WAYNE A. BECK-Bowling Champions, Corridor Host, H. R. Basketball. RAY BEEKMAN - Art Stu- dentg Football Soph yr. ELDON BEERY-Hi-Y Officerg Debaterg Lead in "The Foolg" Thespiansg Choirg Cheerlead- erj Corridor Host Jr. yr. FLOYD BENJAMIN-Veteran of Marine Corpsg President of Vets' H.R.g H.R. Basketball Teamg College Prep Major. ROBERT BILL- Served in Navyg Machine Shop Major. CONSTANCE BOCKSTETTE- Choir 2 yrs.g Distributive Edu- cationg Commercial Course Major. RONALD BOWER-Band 6 yrs.g Orchestra 3 yrs.g Operet- ta Orchestra 3 yrs.g Basket- ball Pep Band 4 yrs.g State Band ContestgCammercial Major. JAMES BOWERS-Band 4yrs.g Basketball Pep Bandj Natur- alists' Ass'ng Commercial Course Major. R. Beekman E. Beery J. Bowers J. Bowman E. Bright J. Brown JOAN BOWMAN-Lead in "The FooIg" Corridor Hostsg Y-Teensg Choirg Cheerleader 3 yrs.g "Blossom Timeg" Sen- ior Advisersg Chapel 2 yrs. JOHN BRADLEY-Varsity Footballg Debaterg N.H.S.g Moth, Sci. Clubsg Projection, Hi-Y Clubsg "The Foolg" Stu- dent Announcerg Corridor Hostsg H.R. Pres. I yr.g Chapel 3 yrs.g State Test Winner. OSCAR BRADFUTE-Sr. Class V. P.g State Test Winnerg N. H.S.g Science and Math Clubsg Varsity Footballg Debaterg Hi- Y Co-Pres.g H.R. Pres. 2 yrs.g Cafeteria Helperg Corridor Hosts. BETTY BRElTlGAN-Y- Teensg Choir 2 yrs.g Office Helperg Cafeteria Helper I yr.g H.R. Secretaryg Commercial Major. EVELYN BREWER-Math, Y- Teen Clubsg Choirg N.H.S.g Senior Adviserg Operetta 2 F. Benjamin R. BiIll" J. Bradley O. Bradfute D. Brawneller I C. Buckland yrs.g Chapelg State Test Win- nerg Took D.A.R. Examg Talent Search Winner. ELDON BRIGHT - Track Teamg Naturalists' Assn.g Hi- Y Clubg General Course. JAMES BROWN--Chapel I yr.g Merchant Marinesj Auto Shop Course. DOROTHY BROWNELLER- Y-Teensg Choir 3 yrs.g Chapel I yr.g G.A.A.g Commercial Course. CAROLYN BUCKLAND- Bandg Senior Adviserg Drum Maijoretteg Amateur Showg Chapel I yr.g College Prep Major. DIMITE BUCKLEY-Y-Teensg Thespiansg Band 2 yrs.g Ama- teur Showg College Prep Ma- jor. KEITH BUSHONG-1Clhoirj Science, Naturalists' Clubsj Math and Thespiansg Corridor Hostg Chapel 2 yrs.g Operetta 3 yrs.g College Prep Major. C. Bockstette R. Bower B. Breitigan E. Brewer D. Buckley K. Bushong KENT BUSHONG - Science Club 3 yrs., Choir 3 yrs., Oper- etta 2 yrs., Thespians 2 yrs., Chapel 2 yrs., Naturalists Ass'n., Math Club l yr., Cor- ridor Host l yr., Recorder Operator 3 yrs. STEPHEN CALHOON - Sci- ence Club, Chapel, Hi-Y l yr., Cafeteria Helper, Math Club 2 yrs., Corridor Host l yr., Science Projects. TOM CHATELAIN - H R President l yr., Hi-Y 2 yrs. J ROBERT CLARK - Science Project 2 yrs., Woodwind En- semble 3 yrs., Math Club l yr. GEORGE EDWARD CLYMER -Thespians l yr., Choir 2 yrs., Hi-Y 3 yrs. ROBERT COLE - Swimming Team 2 yrs., Varsity Basket- ball, Varsity Football, Junior Play, Hi-Y, Vice Pres. Mer- chandising Club. JOAN COLLET-Y-Teens 2 yrs., Chapel 3 yrs., Corridor Hosts, Bond Drive Assistant. THOMAS COPELAND - Chapel 3 yrs., Hi-Y 2 yrs., Math Club 2 yrs., Science Club, Junior Academy ot Science. SARALU COVERT-Band 9 yrs., Orch. 6 yrs., N. H. S., Chapel 3 yrs., Operetta Cast, H.R. Officer, Soph. Class Sec- retary, Choir 3 yrs., Thespians 3 yrs., 2nd place, State Ora- torical Contest '46, lst in Prince of Peace State Finals '47 GEORGIANNA CRANE-Tro- ian Staff, Y-Teens 3 yrs! I Thespians Z yrs., Chapel 3 yrs., F. T, A. l yr., Usher Junior yr. FRANKLIN CUSTARD-Var- sity Football, Chapel Junior yr. DORTHY DELA HAMAIDE- Y-Teens 2 yrs., Corridor Host l yr., Usher for Junior Play. CATHERINE DENHART-Jr. H.R. Pres, Math Club l yr., Student Council 2 yrs., Corri- dor Host l yr., Chapel 2 yrs., Trojan Staff, Y-Teens 3 yrs. THELMA DU MOND-Y- Teens 3 yrs., Student Council l yr., Scenery Stage Crew 2 yrs. PHYLLIS EAKIN - Chapel, Choir, G.A.A., Usher, Partici- pated in Play Day at B. G. DARLENE EASLEY-Arts Club, Glee Club and Chorus, Treas. Soph. year at Beacon High School, Beacon, N. Y. JOAN ELMORE-Attendent to Football Queen, Operetta 2 yrs., Choir 3 yrs., Y-Teen 3 yrs., Thespians 3 yrs., Thes- pian President, Junior Play. WILLIAM EMERSON-Gen- eral Course, Chief interests: Radio and Aviation, K. Bushong S. Calhoon T. Chatelain R. Clark G. Clymer R. Cole J. Collet T. Copeland S. Covert G. Crane F. Custard D. DelaHamaide C. Denhart T. DuMond P. Eakin WP D. Easley J. Elmore B. Emerson B. Farrison D. Fellabaum E. Ferrall D. Fishel M. Fisher M. Fisher F. Foltz M. Folk M. Foltz P. Four C. Fox D. Freed J. Friesner J. Frowine R. Gallant J. Gardner P. Garman P. Gilletf BONNIE FARRISON - Y- Teens. DON FELLAl3AUM-l-li-Y 3 yrsg Junior Playg Proiecfion Clubg Math Clubg Science Clubg l3ird Clubg Chapel 2 yrs. EVELYN FERRALL-Y-Teens Z yrsg Chapel l yr.g G.A.A. DERRY L, FlSl-lEL-Science Club 3 yrs.g l-li-Y l yr.g Math Club Z yrs.g Junior Science Academy. MARJORIE FISHER-Choir 3 yrsg Opereftasg Y-Teens 3 yrs. MARY FISHER - Y-Teens 3 yrsg Choir 2 yrsg Distributive Education Club Presidentg Operetfa. MARGARET FOLK - Orches- tra 4 yrs.g F. T, Ag Y-Teensg Senior Adviserg Choir Z yrs.g Operettag Chapelg Office Helper. FRANCES FOLTZ--Y-Teens 3 yrs.g Office l-lelperg Chapel. MARTHA FOLTZ-Band 4 yrsg Y-Teensg Chapelg Cleve- land Ohio Day. PAT FOUT-Y-Teens Z yrs.g Choirg Corridor l-losfg Home Room Secretary. CAROL FOX-Senior Adviserj Thespiansg Y-Teensg Choirg Junior Playg Operettag Stage Craftg Junior Class Secretary. DONALD FREED - Band 4 yrs.g Chapel 2 yrs. JOYCE FR I ESNER-Y-Teens 3 yrs.g Choirg Opereffa. JANE FROWINE-Y-Teens 3 yrs.g Senior Adviserg Chapelg Choirg Thespiansg Operefta Cast Z yrs. ROGER GALLANT-Choir 3 yrs.g Opereffa 3 yrs.g l-li-Y 3 yrs.g Swimming Team. JOANNE GARDNER-Y-Teen 3 yrs.g Chofrg Operetfa Z yrs.g Art Edifor of Trojang Thespians 3 yrs.g Sec. of l-lame Room. Pl-lYLLlS GARMAN--Senior Adviserg Troian Circulation Managerg Y-Teens 3 yrsg Corridor Hostg Chapel 3 yrs. PAT GILLETT-Chapel 3 yrs.g Y-Teen 3 yrs.g Band 4 yrs.g Orchestrag F. T. A. A. Gordon E. Green D. Green I. D. Hailey K. Haley J. Haley T. Haley J. Hamilton J. Hamilton ' J. Hanna ' B. Hare. N. Hayes N. Henry L. Herbst- ALVIN GORDON-Choir 3 yrs., Chapel Jr. yr., H. R. Basketball, General Course. DON GREEN-Choir and Band 2 yrs., "Blossom Time," Or- chestra Senior yr., Organist Senior yr., Music Major, EDWARD GREEN-Pres. of Senior Class, V. Pres. of Jr. Class, Math and Sci. Clubs 2 yrs., Hi-Y Club, Swimming Team 3 yrs., Superior Ratings on Science Projects, "The Fool" Jr. yr. DEAN HAILEY - Christmas Chapel Jr. yr., Capt. of Bowl- ing Team, H. R. Basketball Team, General Course. KATY HALEY-Y-Teens 3 yrs., Choir 2 yrs., Chapel Jr. yr., Distributive Education Course, Comm. Major. JAMES HALEY - Served in Army, General Course. TOM HALEY-Student Coun- cil l yr., Chapel Jr. yr., Gen- eral Course. N. Herge P. Heuberger JEAN HAMILTON -G.A.A., Y-Teens 2 yrs., Math Club l yr., Senior Adviser, Usher for Operetta, Plays, Choir 3 yrs., Chapel Jr. yr. JOAN HAMILTON - State Test Winner, Senior Adviser, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Cor- ridor Hosts 2 yrs., Choir 3 yrs., Chapel Sr. yr., Usher for Pro- grams. JACK HANNA-Lead in "My Maryland," Choir, Hi-Y 2 yrs., Eisteddfod Winner Sr. yr., Stu- dent Council. - BETTY HARE - Choir, Y- Teens 3 yrs., Operetta Chorus, Usher for Programs. NORMA HAYES-State Solo and Ensemble Winner, Choir l yr., Band 6 yrs., Orchestra 5 yrs., Math, Naturalists, F.T.A. l yr., State Test Win- ner, Chapel, Usher, Organist, Operetta Orch., Y-Teens 3 yrs., G.A.A. 2 yrs. NORMA HENRY-Cheerlead er, Y-Teens, Choir 3 yrs., D. Hillery E. Hosafras Math Club 2 yrs., Chapel Sr. yr., Chorus of "My Maryland." LE ROY HERBST-Navy 3V2 yrs., Projection Club, Basket- ball Soph, yr., Science-Math Major. NORMA HERGE-Editor of i947 "Trojan," "My Mary- land," "The Fool," "Blossom Time," Student Council, V. P. Soph yr., Cheerleader, Y- Teens, G.A.A., Choir, Chapel, Thespians 3 yrs., Senior Ad- vuser. PAUL HEUBERGER-V. P. of H, R., Chapel, H. R. Basket- ball, Machine Shop Major. DON HlLLERY - Swimming Team, Hi-Y Z yrs., Operetta, Choir Z yrs., Math Club, Chap- el Jr. yr., Eisteddfod. ESTHER HOSAFROS-Band 5 yrs., Orch. 3 yrs., Majorette, Y-Teens 2 yrs., Operetta Orch. 5 yrs., Corridor Host, Band Contest I yr. JOHN HOSLER - General Courseg Navy Vet 2 yrs. WILLIAM HOWARD- Hi-Y Choplaing Thespiansg Football Mgr. 3 yrs.g Sr. Mgr. 2 yrs.g Cafeteria 2 yrs.g St. Council I yr.g Science Club. PAUL HOWARD-Basketball 3 yrs.g Hi-Y 3 yrs.g Pres. of N. H. S.g Pres. of II3g Pres. of Jr. Classg Jr. Playg Chapel I yr.g Student Council. ROBERT HOWARD - Bird Club 3 yrs.g Hi-Y I yr.g Jr. Play. RICHARD HOY-Chapel 3 yrs.j Operetta 2 yrs.g Eistedd- fod. RICHARD HUFFMAN-Band 3 yrs., Pres. Sr. yr.g Choir 3 yrs,g Operetta 3 yrs.g Eistedd- J. Hosler B. Howard B. Huth D. Jacobs fod 3 yrs.g Hi-Y 2 yrs.g V. Pres. of H. R. BILL HUTH - Trojan Staffg Chapel I yr.g Woodshop Major. DIANE JACOBS-Sr. Adviserg Corridor Host I yr.g Jr. Playg 2 One-Act Playsg Thespiansg Chapelg Y-Teens. WAYNE JOHNSON - Bandg Orchestra I yr. JACQUELINE KANABLE - College Prep Coursej Science Major. TOM KENNEDY-Projection ists 3 yrs.g Hi-Y 3 yrs.g Student Council I yr.g Track 3 yrs.g Choir 3 yrs.g Chapel 2 yrs.5 Science Club 2 yrs. BARBARA KENYON - Adv. Mgr. of Trojang Chapel 2 yrs.g Corridor Host I yr.g Y-Teens P. Howard B. Howard W. Johnson J. Kanable 3 yrs.g Sec. of H. R. 2 yrs.g Library Assistant I yr. DWIGHT KENYON-Navy Vet., served I9 mo.g General Course. JOANNE KIEHNE - Cheer- leader 3 yrs.j Jr. Playj G.A.A. 3 yrs.g Y-Teens 3 yrs.g Foot- ball Queeng Choir 3 yrs.g Sr. Adviserg Operetta 3 yrs.g Bus. Mgr. of Trojang Chapel 3 yrs.g Lib. Assist.g Scholarship Team. EUGENE KING-Hi-Y I yr.g Chapel I yr.g Treas. of Natu- alists' Ass'n.g Lib. Assist. 3 yrs. MARGARET KRING-General Courseg Home Ec. Major. RICHARD KRING-Chapel 2 yrs.g Vice Pres. of H. R. I yr. JERRY LAUBE-Hi-Y 2 yrs.g Choir I yr. R. Hoy R. Huffman T. Kennedy I' B. Kenyon D. Kenyon J. Kiehne E. King M. Kring R. Kring J. Laube JOHN LAUBE - General Course. DICK LAUWERS - Student Council 2 yrs., Chapel Z yrs., Football 3 yrs., H. R. V. Pres. I yr., Vocational Course. MARIE LEADER - Cafeteria Helper 3 yrs., Usher at Junior Play, Commercial Course. ALBERT LECKEY - Band 4 yrs., Orchestra 2 yrs., Band V. Pres. Sr. yr., Chapel 2 yrs., College Prep Course. HOMER LENTZ - Chapel 2 yrs., Student Council I yr., Machine Shop Course. ALLAN LIBBE-Blue and Gold Editor, Trojan Staff, Thes- pians, Band, Chapel 3 yrs., Hi-Y 3 yrs., N. H. S. 2 yrs., Jr. Play, 3 Thespian One-Act Plays, Track I yr., Student Council I yr., Math Club 2 2 yrs., State Test Winner. ALICE LITZENBERG - Con- cession Helper, Ushered at Jr. Play, Commercial Course. EUGENE LOVE-Hi-Y 3 yrs., Chapel 2 yrs., Blue and Gold 3 yrs., Co-Business Manager Sr. yr., General Course, Choir I yr. PAT MALLONEE-Y-Teens 3 yrs., Chapel I yr., Senior Ad- viser. NELLIE MANN-I6 months Women's Army Corps, Gradu- ate Nurse, Corporal in WAC. MELVIN MARQUETTE-Bas- ketball I yr. at Martinsville, Indiana, College Prep Course. FRANCES MAY-Chapel 2 yrs., Usher at Jr. Play, Con- cession Helper, Commercial Course. PORTER MAY- Biology Scholarship Tests, 2 Honorable Mentions Soph yr., Charter Member of Science Club, Science-Math Course. DALE W. MCGOON-Student Council I yr., H. R. Pres. I yr., Machine Shop Course. ARLENE MCKINNON - Y- Teens I yr., Service Chairman of Y-Teens, General Course. WILLIAM McRILL-Chapel 3 yrs., Jr. Play Stage Crew, Machine Shop Course. ROBERT MEEK-Band I yr., Orchestra I yr., Jr. Play Stage Crew, Football I yr., Machine Shop Course. CORA MERTEN-Library As- sistant 3 yrs., Y-Teens 3 yrs., Naturalists' Ass'n. I yr., Chap- el 2 yrs. J. Laube D. Lauwers M. Leader A. Leckey H. Lent: A. Libbe A. Litzenberg G. Love P. Mallonee N. Mann M. Marquette F. May P. May D. McGoon A. McKinnon W. McRiII R. Meek C. Merten C. Might J. Miles M. Miller I. Minurti J. Murphy M. Murphy CLIFFORD MIGHT-Hi-Y I yr., Corr. Host I yr., General Course. J IM MILES-Hi-Y 3 yrs., Pres. Sr. yr., V. Pres. Soph. yr., Op- eretta 3 yrs., Cafeteria Helper, St. Council I yr., Chapel 3 yrs. TOM MILES - Naturalists' Ass'n. 3 yrs., Pres. Sr. yr., Hi-Y 3 yrs., Chapel 2 yrs., Superior Biol. Project Soph. yr., Football 2 yrs. BILL MILLER-Hi-Y 3 yrs., H. R. Pres. I yr., Swimming Team 4 yrs., Jr. Play, Foot- ball I yr. CARROLL MILLER - Auto Shop Course. JACK MILLER-Basketball 3 yrs., H. R. Sec. I yr., Hi-Y Vice Pres. Jr. yr., H. R. Vice Pres. 2 yrs., Stage Crew I yr. T. Miles B. Miller K. Misamore P. Mitchell ' A. Murray J. Myers MARIAN LOU MILLER - G.A.A. 2 yrs., Y-Teens I yr., H. R. Vice Pres. I yr., Red Cross Rep. 2 yrs., Chapel I yr. IRENE MlNU'l'I'I - General Course, Art Major. KENNETH MISAMORE-HL Y Z yrs., Golf Team, General Course. PAT MITCHELL-Chapel 2 yrs., Student Council I yr., Art Major. ROBERT MOLTER - Army Vet., served 7 mo., Machine Shop Major. JACKIE MORRISON-Choir 3 yrs., Y-Teens I yr., Chapel I yr., H. R. Pres. I yr., Operetta 2 yrs., Homecoming Attend- ant. C. Miller J. Miller R. Molter J. Morrison L. Niswander H. Oberly JOE MURPHY - General Course, Woodshop Major. MARY MURPHY -- Choir 3 yrs., Y-Teens 3 yrs., Chapel I yr., H. R. Sec. I yr., Natural- ists' Ass'n. 2 yrs. ANN MURRAY-Y-Teens 3 yrs., Bird Club 2 yrs., Chapel 2 yrs., H. R. Mgr. 2 yrs., Office Helper 3 yrs. JACK MYERS-Hi-Y 3 yrs., N. H. S. 2 yrs., Thespians 3 yrs., 2 One-Act Plays, Blue and Gold 3 yrs., Sports Ed. 3 yrs., Assistant Editor I yr., Debate Team I yr., Pres. of H. R. I yr. LYLE NISWANDER-Hi-Y 3 yrs., Jr. Play, St. Council I yr., Football Mgr., Projection Club 3 yrs., Science Club 3 yrs. HOWARD OBERLY-General Course. L. Palmer W. Pampel R. Perkins W. Peterson C. Rayle J. Rees LOREN PALMER - General Course. BILL PAMPEL-Pres. of Fresh. and Soph. Class, Sec. ot Sr. Class, V. Pres., Sec. and Man- ager ot H. R., Chapel 3 yrs., V. Pres. of Hi-Y Jr. yr., V. Pres. ot National Honor Society, 2- yr. Track Letterman, I in Foot- ball, Member of Science, Pro- jectionist, Math and Hi-Y Clubs, Varsity Debate Squad, Scholarship Tests. BARTLEY PARDEE - Junior Play, Hi-Y, Junior Science Academy. CAROLINE PARKS-Chapel, Choir, Band 4 yrs., Orch. 4 yrs., Ohio Day in Cleveland. GENE PATTERSON-NaturaL ists' Association, Science Club 3 yrs., Junior Play, Hi-Y, Tro- jan Staff Photographer. C. Parks B. Pardee H. Quail J. Rader C. Reese M. Reese JOE PAXTON-Hi-Y, Choir I yr., Home Room Manager, Senior yr. DICK PERKINS - Football Manager, Hi-Y, Swimming Team, Student Council, Cate- teria Helper, Science Club. WANDA PETERSON-Chap- el, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Choir. HAROLD QUAIL- Hi-Y, Math Club, Corridor Host, Science Club, Swimming Team, Cross-Country Team, Projec- tion Club, Rocket Society, Trojan Staff. JO ANNE RADER-Chapel Senior yr., Y-Teens 2 yrs. FRANCES RANSBOTTOM - G.A.A., Cafeteria Cashier, Chapel, Student Council, Y- Teens, Senior Council, H. R. President. G. Patterson J. Paxton F. Ransbottom D. Ray J. Rehus B. Reissig DAVID RAY-Chapel Senior yr., Van Wert Jr. Class V. Pres., Band Manager. CAROL RAYLE - Chapel 3 yrs., Y-Teens, Sec. of H. R. 3 yrs., Blue and Gold Staff, Scholarship Tests. JOAN REES-Y-Teens, Junior Play, Student Council, Office Helper. CALVIN REESE-Chapel Jun- ior Year, Veterans' Football Team. MARJORIE REESE-Chapel, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Red Cross Representative. JUNE REHUS--Choir 3 yrs., Operetta Chorus 2 yrs., Sec. of Distributive Education Organ- ization. BARBARA REISSIG-Chapel, Orch., Y-Teens 3 yrs., Band 3 yrs., Operetta Orch. 3 yrs. SUZANNE REDPATH - Y- Teens 3 yrs.g G.A.A. 3 yrs.g Band 3 yrs.g Thespians 3 yrs.g Senior Adviserg Math Clubg Office Assistant. JACK REYNOLDS - Junior Playg Hi-Y 3 yrs.g Student Councilg Chapel 2 yrs. JAMES RIDGE-Hi-Y 2 yrs.g Junior Playg H. R. Pres. l yr. JANE RIECK-Choir 3 yrs.g Y-Teens 3 yrs. ROBERT RINEHART-Chapel l yr.j Choir l yr.g Band 4 yrs.g Orchestra l yr.g Track Team l yr.g Hi-Y 3 yrs. JOAN RITTER- N. H. S.g Junior Playg Thespians 3 yrs.g Senior Advisersg Scholarship Testg Y-Teens 3 yrs. AUSTIN ROBERTS - Football 3 yrs., Captain l yr.g Chapel l yr.g Buckeye l yr. BETTY ROBINSON - Com- mercial Major. MARY ROLLER --Y-Teens 2 yrs.g Projection Club l yr.j H. R. V. Pres. I yr. ANNA ROSE-G.A.A.g Choir 2 yrs.g Y-Teens. BETTY ROSE-Trojan Staffg Choir Memberg Y-Teens 2 yrs.g Commercial Course. LA DONNA ROWELL-Choir 3 yrs.g Chapel l yr.g Y-Teens 3 yrs.g Operetta l yr. JEAN SHAEER--Band 7 yrs.g Orch. 7 yrs.g Choir 3 yrs.g Chapel 2 yrs.g National Honor Society 2 yrs.g Thespians 3 yrs., Thespian Play l yr.g Oper- etta Orch. 5 yrs.g F.T.A. 2 yrs.g Y-Teens 3 yrs. RUTH SHARP-Office Helperg Library Assistantg Chapel 2 yrs.g H. R. Treas. JAMES SIMMONS-Band 6 yrs.g Orch. 4 yrs.j Operetta Orch. 3 yrs.g Hi-Y 3 yrs.g Sci- ence Club l yr.j Projection Clubs 3 yrs. REX SITES-Trojan Staff l yr.g Student Council l yr.p Choirg Chapel 3 yrs.g Hi-Y l yr.g F.T.A. 2 yrs.g Thespians 3 yrs.g Corridor Host l yr.g H. R. V. Pres. l yr.g Usher Jr. Play. i JEANNE SLACK-Y-Teensg Corridor Hostsg Choir l yr. RICHARD SLAUGHTERBACK - Junior Playg Commercial Course. S. Redpafh J. Reynolds J. Ridge J. Rieck B. Rinehart 5 J. Ritter A. Roberts B. Robinson M. Roller A. Rose l' B. Rose . L. Rowell J. Shafer R. Sharp J. Simmons R. Sites J. Slack D. Slaughterback DENA SMITH -Trojan Art Staff I yr.g Y-Teens 3 yrs.g Library Assistantg G.A.A. 3 yrs. DORAH SMITH-Trojan Staff I yr.g Y-Teens 2 yrs.g Chapel I yr. JEAN SMITH-Blue and Gold Staff 3 yrs.g Y-Teens 3 yrs.g Senior Adviserg Junior Playg Library Assistant I yr. ROBERT SNYDER-Treasurer of Distrib. Ed. Club I yr.g Eu- ture Retailers. DONNETA SOLOMON-Choir 3 yrs.g G.A.A. 2 yrs.g Y-Teens I yr.g Buckeye Choirg Operetta I yr.g Usher I yr. JIM STAHL-Hi-Y 2 yrs.g H. R. Pres. I yr.g Chapel I yr. PAUL STANFI ELD-Veterang G.E.D. Test. D. Smith D. Smith P. Stanfield M. Steegman K. Sunderman M. Sunderman MARY LOU STEEGMAN - Choir I yr.g Chapel 3 yrs.g Y- Teens 3 yrs.g Office Helper I yr.g Concession Helper I yr.g Biology Project. SHIRLEY STEVENSON - Chapel 3 yrs.g G.A.A. 3 yrs.g Y-Teens 3 yrs.g Program Chair- rnang Prom Decoratingg Li- brary Assistantg Choir 3 yrs.g Operetta Chorus 2 yrs.g Science Project 2 yrs.g B and G Staff I yr.g Concession Helper I yr. BILL STEWART-Hi-Y 3 yrs.g Debate Teamg Chapel 3 yrs.g Naturalists' Association. MARILYN STULTZ - Band, Orch. 6 yrs.g Choir 2 yrs.g Chapel I yr.g Operetta Orch.g G.A.A. 3 yrs.g Y-Teens 2 yrs.g Math Club I yr. PATRICIA STOWELL-Choir 3 yrs.g Chapel I yr.g Y-Teens 2 J. Smith R. Snyder S. Stevenson B. Stewart J. Sutton N. Swartz yrs.g F.T.A. I yr.g Blue and Gold Staff I yr.g Office Helper I yr.g H. R. Treasurerg Oper- etta 2 yrs.g Usher 2 yrs.g Con- cession Helper I yr. KENNETH SUNDERMAN - Vets' Football Team. MAJORIE SUNDERMAN - Choir I yr.g Y-Teens I yr. JOHN SUTTON -Chapel I yr.g H. R. Secretary I yr.g Jun- ior Play. NORMA JEAN SWARTZ-Y- Teens 2 yrs. JERRY TAYLOR - Blue and Gold Staff 3 yrs.g Hi-Y 3 yrs.g Chapel I yr.g Debate I yr. SHIRLEY TAYLOR-H. R. V. Pres. I yr.g Chapel 2 yrs.g Y- Teens 2 yrs. D. Solomon I J. Stahl 'ul M. Stultz P. Stawell J. Taylor S. Taylor L. Tesnow P. Theobald J. Thomas A. Thompson J. Tooley V. Vance C. Van Wormer E. Vondron S. Waaland L. Waaland B. Wadsworth C. Walters B. Walters C. Warner R. Warner D. Warnick A. Warren D. Warren LESTER TESNOW-Conserva- tion Club l943g Co-Captain Vets' Football Teamg Basket- ball Team I94I-42-43-47. PAT THEOBALD-G.A,A. 3 yrs.g Y-Teens 3 yrs.g Home Room Secg Scholarship Team. JEAN THOMAS-Y-Teens 3 yrs.g Senior Adviserg Chapelg Gold Key Art Awardg Home Room Secg Student Council. ANN THOMPSON-Chapel 2 yrs.g Operetta 2 yrs.g Choir 2 yrs. JOE TOOLEY-Chapel 3 yrs.g Jr. Playj Parents' Night Speak- erg Rotary Club Speaker. VICTORIA VANCE-Chapel 3 yrs.g Y-Teens 2 yrs.g Home Room Secg Senior Adviserg Office Helperg Bird Club. CLYDE VAN WORMER-Ma- chine Shop Course. ESTHER VONDRON-Chapel Jr. yr.g Home Room Pres.g Pro- gram Usher. SHIRLEY WAALAND - Y- Teens 3 yrs.g Band 3 yrs.g Corridor Hosts. LOREN WAALAND-Student Councilj Hi-Y 3 yrs.g Treas. Senior Hi-Yg Chapel 3 yrs.g Track Team I yr. BILL WADSWORTH -Tulsa Central High Schoolg King's Social Clubg Basketball Squad 2 yrs.g Track, Tennis, Swim- ming Teams I yr.g Pres. of H. R. CHARLOTTE WALTER-Band 6 yrs.g Chapel 3 yrs.g G.A.A. 3 yrs., Pres. Sr. yr.j Y-Teensg Senior Adviserg Office Helper. BONNIE WALTERS-Ameri- can Legion Essay Soph. yr.g Jr. Playg Chapel 3 yrs.g Y-Teens 2 yrs.g Office Helper. CAROL WARNER - Home Room Secg Costumes for Op- erettag Bowling Green Activity Day. RUSSELL WARNER - Chapel I yr.g Home Room Sec. DON WARNICK - Corridor Hostsg Projectionists. ANN WARREN-Band 3 yrs.g Orchestra 2 yrs.j Chapel 2 yrs.g Y-Teens 3 yrs.g Blue and Gold Reporter. RICHARD WARREN-Chapel I yr.g Capt. Home Room Bas- ketball Team. B. Webb J. Weissling l J. Wells. V. Welsh P. Whaley M. Wheeler A. Whetstone C. White J. Wiedman J. Wilkins J. Williams J. Williams D. Wilson D. Wisner F. Wilfebort L. Wittebort R. Wolery B. Wortman BILL WEBB- Hi-Y 2 yrs.g Chapel 2 yrs.g Football Team 3 yrsg V. Pres. of H. R. I yr.g H. R, Basketball 3 yrs. JACK WEISSLING - Office Helper I yr.g Woodshop Course. JOAN WELLS-V. Pres. of H. R. I yr.g Y-Teens I yr. VIRGINIA WELSH - Band 6 yrs.g Orchestra 3 yrs.g Y-Techs 3 yrs.g G.A.A. 3 yrs.g Chapel I yr.g Bird Club I yr.g Jr. Sci- ence Academy 2 yrs.g Temper- ance Test Winner. ' PAT WHALEY - Y-Teens 3 yrs.g G.A.A. I yr.g Chapel 2 yrs.g Choir I yr.g Senior Ad- viserg Trojan Art Staff, I9-465 Operettag Office Helperg Na- tional Scholastic Art Contest 3 yrs. MARILYN WHEELER-Band 5 yrs.j Usher for Baccalaure- ateg Ticket Seller. ARTHUR WHETSTONE-V. Pres. of H. R. I yr,g Chapel 2 yrsg Operetta I yr.g Legion Essay Winner. CATHIE WHITE - Choir 2 yrs.g G.A.A. 2 yrs.g Operetta 2 yrs.g Y-Teens 3 yrs.g Senior Adviserg Bird Club I yr.g Junior Playg Jr. Science Academy 2 yrsg Trojan Staff. JODY WIEDMAN-Blue and Gold Staff 3 yrs.g Co-Bus. Manager of B and Gg Senior Adviserg Trojan Staffg Y-Teens I yr.g Chapel I yr.g V. Pres. of H. R. I yr. JANET WILKINS - Band 5 yrs.g Orchestra 4 yrs.g Y-Teens 3 yrs.g G.A.A. I yr.g Thespians 3 yrs. JACK WILLIAMS - Hi-Y 3 yrs.g Junior Playg Student Council I yr.j Place Winner in Retailers' Conventiong At- tended Science Convention. JAMES WILLIAMS-V. Presz of H. R. I yr.g Served in Navy 22 mo. DICK WILSON-Chapel I yr.g Hi-Y I yr.g H. R. Basketball 3yrs. DON WISNER-Hi-Y 2 yrs.g Band 3 yrs.g H. R. Pres. I yr.g H. R. Sec. I yr.g Golf Team 2 yrs.g H. R. Basketball 3 yrs. FIRMIN WITTEBORT-Stage Crewg Woodshop Course. LAVERNE WITTEBORT- Football Team 2 yrs.g Hi-Y 3 yrs.g Band 2 yrs.g Choir I yr.g H. R. Pres. I yr.g Stage Crewg Corridor Host I yr. RALPH WOLERY - Returned Veterang Machine Shop. BARBARA WORTMAN-Stu- dent Council 3 yrs., Pres. I yr.g Y-Teens I yr.g Chapel 2 yrs.g Operetta I yr.g Choir 3 yrs. 2 A,A, if X Z' . i 325555 V 4: 5 ' ,V ,K 1- ,Q -,g5g1g1:.. 11 ' rzagiw' , .-:,s-, may Wim , S I fb vw, 5 gag , , J' ish, 5? 1 Ma, Xxx- , W , S 0335.3 " ' ,W U i, f 5 i M i In .H Z X I g g l' The undergraduates of Findlay High are steadily and earnestly following the precedents instituted by former stu- dents. By cheerful and vigorous achievement these under- classmen have shouldered the increased activities which were passed to them this year. With their entrance into our build- ing they have carried with them their energy and interest in student affairs. In addition to active interest in musical organizations and club events of the school, these undergraduates have been particularly occupied with literary, oratorical and busi- ness affairs. Certainly few preceding classes have accom- plished more in sports than this group with its talented athletic powers, and we foretell a profitable future for them. . ln the compulsory functions of the school as well as those works voluntarily contributed by the students, the under- graduates have shown themselves equally interested and helpful. ln unity with their class officers, President Richard Kelly, Vice-President Raymond Kimmel and Secretary-Treasurer Janice Nichols, the juniors have reliably and conscientiously performed each piece of work given them. Following them equally well are the sophomores, with Bob File serving as President, Tom Wittenmyer as Vice-President and Joan Yaw- berg as Secretary-Treasurer. We, the Class of l947, wish the Classes of i948 and l949 good fortune in the years to come vmiom HOME ROOM 206 FIRST ROW: M. Cole, Cavins, Campbell, Codner, Child, Chese- bro, Blackford, Bell Colling- wood, Brenneman, Baker SECOND ROW: Cadwell, Beltz, Cook, M. Barber, B. Barber, Bruce, P, Barkimer, Barnard, Brown, B. Cole, Bradley, Baum- lein, Boren, Barnhart THIRD ROW: Boroff, Arnold, Browne, Campbell, Barrett, Con- nor, Arras, Bennett, Bohn, L. Barkimer HOME ROOM I04 FIRST ROW: Fink, Fetters, EI- sea, Courtney, Dunham, R. Da- vidson, Dickerson, M, Feller, England, Dunn SECOND ROW: Corbin, Fagan, Curth, Doll, Ewing, D. David- son, Fitzpatrick, Decker, Craw- tis THIRD ROW: Durkop, French, Dukes, Esch, Fassett, Ferguson, P, Feller, Denman HOME ROOM I05 FIRST ROW: Harshbarger, Hardwick, House, Hollenback, Hahn, Hunter, Hardin, Gohlke, Holland SECOND ROW: Hindall, Fruth Greek, Hatch, Henry, Higley Hoppe, Grubb, Hedges, Glassco Griffen THIRD ROW: Horner, Hurrell Harris, Gilts, Graneggen, Gard- ner, Gaertner, Holland HOME ROOM 9 FIRST ROW: MacGregor, Karn, Jattke, Leona Kirkendall, Lyons, R. Kirk, Marquette, Letferson, B. Keller, Malcolm, Kitchen SECOND ROW: King, M, Keller, Mains, Johnson, Lieb, Kowantz- ky, McClelland, Krout, Joan Jones, Kahlo, LoWarre, Laun- ders THIRD ROW: Leeper, John Jones, Lawrence Kirkendall, Kelley, B. Kirk, Kimmel, Kar- rick, Leach HOME ROOM l07 FIRST ROW: McRill, Reimund, Joanne Miller, M. Morris, Miles, Moore, Oberly, Mosier, Joan Mitchell, Pinkerton SECOND ROW: Naus, Moul, R. Morris, Pahl, Justine Miller, Rees, Riker, N. Miller, Nichols, Johanna Mitchell, Michaels, Quinlan THIRD ROW: Morrison, Mur- ray, Powell, Peterson, My- grant, McNutt, Redick, Ossman, Parcher, Pifer HOME ROOM Ill FIRST ROW: E, Smith, Roether Stone, Seaman, Rogge, Steeg- man, Scoby, Riggs, Stall, Rob- berts, Stover SECOND ROW: Ritter, Robbins Straight, Slough, Romer, Rout- son, Rilling, Stanfield, Shafer, Riker, Shepard, Simms THIRD ROW: Dan Smith, Ste- venson, Schmunk, Roberts Roether, Don Smith, Sheatfer, Rooney, Sa rgeant, Stewart umiom 1 f V f Q 1' Wi' I 'ii 5 K Ei? ffm 5, V 3,5 5 M f Q WMMQUQ ns' ,,, mmm lim 7 W V 17, . . M, ,2,A A .WA 'W , L W, gk, Hg? W ,. qs W, wr S.4 fii . ' . iii W fr: mL-" Us gp V 4, I Q? , ' 7 1 8 ,1 '- -"A Q - , W: '-zifgmfwl . X af ? 31253 . q R f, ff' win fsfw 'M ,, WEL,- X f 1 'ff S ., s 12" asf, 151 QW' - S T ax 1 jg fm ,.,5 my N 32 hw If 1 'Qu ws 4, sw .,,..w,-v-f"" U1 ilhii . ., Q? W fs .MZ Iii r .VM+f..,, H 1 7 Qf . 'S E., V , L E 5 1 Q 9' Q f A ,W je ' ln? 'Q 6' mf 1 A , , ,Y M, -XM in 7 W' , if 'Ni-1 , 67 , if Q Q N10 0 LSZIO OVVLOIWQZI HOME ROOM 202 FIRST ROW: Hoch, Hudson Karg, Klein, Koehler, Kovach, Hazeltan, Kring, Kistler SECOND ROW: Hershey, Het- Johnson, Leach, Henry, Leader, ner, Heuberger, Hickle, Hoy E. Long, Huston, E. Layne THIRD ROW: Hess, Loy, Huff Hinderer, Hover, Hutton, Keri rick, Line, Hayes, Kiehne, M. Long, N. Layne HOME ROOM 209 FIRST ROW: Medlock, B. Mor- rison, Mareches, Mowry, Mer- genthaler, McCamey, Meek O'Connor, McCleary SECOND ROW: Myers, Ma- thews, J. Mains, C. Mains, Perry, Mitchell, Parker, N. Mains, Norris, Altman, O'Neil Ogg, McVey, Miller THIRD ROW: M. Mallory Meeks, Miles, D. Mains, Neil D. Mallory, Lutman, McCleave McKee, Predmore, Morgart, R. Morrison 1 1 1 1 HOME ROOM 2I'l FIRST ROW: Pulcheon, Snyder, Raudabaugh, Rice, Russell, S. Snyder, Romer, S. Rogers, Sem- ler, Pugh, Simon SECOND ROW: G. Smith, J. Smith, Shatter, Simms, Rate, B. Sheffel, Slough, S. Smith, Sim- mons, Schmidt, E. Smith, P. Rogers, B. Smith, Scoby THIRD ROW: Saums, Sanders, R. Smith, Jack Snyder, B. Rout- son, C. Smith, Slager, Saltzman, C, Sheftel, J. Shearer, John Snyder 1 We of Findlay Senior High School consider ourselves very fortunate to have so many extra-curricular activities in which to participate during school time. The program is designed to giveevery student a chance to belong to at least one organi- zation. There are two service clubs, The Y-Teen organization is open to all girls and the Hi-Y presents a similar opportunity to boys. The Science and Math organizations represent the aca- demic clubs. Assemblies sponsored by the Student Council bring many interesting personalities to F, l-l. S. Chapel programs combine student speakers and the choir, The Easter and Christmas Chapels are always outstanding. Each year the Music Department presents the choir and orchestra in an operetta. This year "My MaryIand" was beautifully staged and excellently performed. The bond and orchestra concerts are important extra-curricular activities. Junior and Senior plays are given annually. Through experiences in living and working together we learn to recognize the worth of each indvidual in this coopera- tive planning and administration of assemblies, clubs and social activities. ' va was -an aw rx , , , l I.. ,V 1' , M I .L ' rl X mum ' V U ' jilnofenf Gmane! The Student Council meets once each fort- night to discuss the problems ofthe school and to propose methods of solving them. The Council is composed of one representative from each home room. The Student Council brings speakers to the student body and sponsors various other pro- jects, some of these being the choosing ot the Football Queen and the sponsoring of special days such as Overall Day. This year the Coun- cil is writing to o German Student Council in a school located in the American occupied zone in Europe. For the past two years the concession helpers have been under the spon- sorship of this organization. The officers for V946 and l947 were Bar- bara Wortman, president, Robert Chesebro, vice-president, and David West, secretary. The Council is sponsored by Miss Helen Johnston and A. L. Mattoon. FIRST ROW: Wiseley, Hoy, Chesebro, Wortman, West, Nichols, Hardwick, Russell SECOND ROW: Mr. Mattoon, Perkins, Libbe, Kelley, Arnold, Hanna, Fishel, Miss Johnston THIRD ROW: Haurnari, Benjamin, Curth, Waaland, Rooney, Croy, Morrison 52,0 0lflfLOl"8 - Zend SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS FIRST ROW: Romer, Morrison, Schmidt, Mitchell, Tcshonen, Scoby, Henry, Leach, Wilson, Perry, Colburn, Boroff, Fouts, Medlock, Rogers, Fisher, Mareches SECOND ROW: Gase, Russell, Hartman, Simmons, Gray, Young, Smith, Betty Smith, O'Niel, Karg, Ogg, Beck, Smith, Allen THIRD ROW: Rice, Woodruff, Zeller, Cameron, Hoy, Graul, Brown, Kistler, Kring, Fetters, Ammons, Glass, Snyder, Yawberg, Harrington lfufzior FOURTH ROW: Leader, Calhoun, Grieb, Grose, Long, Simms, Beck, Brown, Beagle, Ortman, Raudabaugh, Pulcheon Parker, Cramer, O'Connor FIFTH ROW: Rate, Brown, Wiseley, Simons, Bowman Bushong, Wiggins, Williamson, Rogers, Shafer, Becker Brown, Mains, Johnson, Bair, Hazelton, Andrews SIXTH ROW: Miss Wiest, Beam, Adams, Essex, Barnhill Mains, Box, Emerson, Mains, Durain, Beckman, Hoch, Mc- Cleary, Semler, Hickle 'l 38810115 42 1 enior -. Zeelfw SENIOR Y-TEENS FIRST ROW: Stowell, Rehus, Kenyon, Fisher, Smith, Dela Hamaide, Collet, Breitigan, Hare, Ferral, Farrison, Alspach, Ransbottam, Gorman, Rader SECOND ROW: Denhart, Whaley, Vance, Hamilton, Eakin, Ammons, Redpath, Bowman, Baker, Rose, Merten, Hayes, Fout THIRD ROW: Foltz, Haley, Foltz, Welsh, Warren, Ritter Hamilton, Crane, Herge, Brewer, Shafer, Wilkens, D. Smith J. Smith, Bayer, Adams, Mallonee, Kiehne, Miss Neer FOURTH ROW: Stultz, DuMond, Buckley, White, Murray Fox, Rieck, Murphy, Gardner, Thomas, Henry, Frowine Gillett, Steegman, Stevenson, Rowell IUNIOR Y-TEENS FIRST ROW: Hedges, Codner, Morris, Krout SECOND ROW: Hollenback, Mosier, Oberly, Hardwick, Blackford, Keller, Bell, McClelland, Elsea, Courtney, Jones, Veit, Letferson, Brenneman, Cole THIRD ROW: Pinkerton, Kirk, Wiseley, Harshbarger, Wheel- er, Pahl, McRill, Malcolm, Robbins, Reimund, Doll, Keller, FOURTH ROW: Miss Worstell, Seaman, Johnson, Thomas Mitchell, Kitchen, Launder, Miller, Orwick, Loach, Brown Collingwood, Campbell, Wilch, Fetters, Nichols, Hause Wellman FIFTH ROW: Roether, Davidson, Dunn, Smith, Beltz, Hoppe Miller, Henry, Bradley, Child, King, MacGregor, Kahlo 1 Stone Barnhart, Baker, Jatfke, Stover, Williams To join a Y-Teen club means to have tun. lt is making friends and meet- ing other people. To join the Y-Teens is to have fun by going to conferences in other cities, it is having the enjoyment of planning your future under the advice of older people. Wise leaders teach Y-Teen girls to understand their parents and see things from their point of view, This helps make a happier home lite for many to whom parents are a complex problem. To become a member means learning to use the hands as well as the head-to make things and figure out problems. And one of the biggest jobs of the Y-Teens is to serve the community. This organization is truly worthy of the credit it re- ceives. enior Z- M SENIOR HI-Y FIRST ROW Huffman, Hoy, Beery, Miles, Bradfute, Green, ard, Miles, Perkins, Rinehart Kennedy Waaland, Bradley, Myers THIRD ROW: Clymer, Niswander, Howard Beckman Gal SECOND ROW Taylor, Bright, Patterson, Libbe, Ault, How- lant, Wittebort, Albright, Howard, Pampel IUNIOR Hi-Y FIRST ROW Rogge, Witter, Dunlap, Jones, Chesebro, Mr. Michaels, Hurrel, Harris, Denman, Faber, Crawfis Linder Rooney Dunham, Sheafter, Leach, Moul THIRD ROW: Miles, Peterson, Willtord Kelly Barrett SECOND ROW Sayer, Slough, Thatcher, Moore, Hahn, Lutz, Fassett, Quinlan, Gilts The Hi-Y organization played an ever-increasing role in the high school activities during the past school year. The senior group led the way this season, offering many services to the school. A checkroom was operated during most of the basketball season and for the auditorium programs. With money raised by this activity along with that made from dances and the sale of concessions, the senior organization was able to give SIOO to World Service and another S25 to Hi-Y Camp Nelson Dodd. The senior club also presented an impressive Easter chapel program. The sophomore and junior organizations met bi-weekly at the high school and the senior group every week at the local Y.M.C.A. The Hi-Y is jointly sponsored by the Y and the high school with the aim "to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community the highest standards of Christian living," Daw 55i5lf0ufL1f5 FIRST ROW: Gorman, Rees, Wolters, Theobold, Miss Johnston, White, Adams, Smith, Rieck SECOND ROW: Mr. Motfoon, Thomas, Bowman, Betty Zehender, Barbara Zehender, Elmore, Buckland, Folk, CLI If'6Llf' FIRST ROW: Kiehne, Becker, Woods, O'Conner, Merten, Sharp SECOND ROW: Miss Lord, Launders, Kenyon, Blackford, Vance, Mr. Constien THIRD ROW: Redpath, Kiehne, Breitigon, Zender, Brew er, Stowell, Whaley INSET: Colleen Van Wormer, Miriam Reimund Dillon dddlfvanlfd Cadwell, Hatch, Roberts, Jones THIRD ROW: Holland, Hahn, King, Saltzmon FIRST ROW: Gorman, Smith, Rieck, Adams, Mallonee, Miss Johnston, Ransbottom, Redpath, Jacobs, White, Kiehne SECOND ROW: Baird, Eakin, Buckland, Buckley, Hamilton, Herge, Hamilton, Ritter, Wiedman, Shafer, Folk, Brewer, Bowman THIRD ROW: Covert, Walter, Vondron, Stultz, Fox, Frowine, Thomas, Zehender, Vance, Whaley, Wyer enior ,fdofuidem lt is an honor to be elected to this organi- zation, the Senior Advisers. Each spring, under the leadership of Miss Helen Johnston, the fifty junior girls with the highest scholastic records are nominated for election to this group. Thirty-five are chosen by vote of the total number of girls in the class. The most important duty of each Senior Adviser is to act as a "big sister" to four sophomore girls in order to help them get acquainted during the period when the school is still new to them and to assist them over any rough spots in their first days at F. H. S. The Senior Advisers sponsor the annual Girls' Mixer, an informal party tor the pur- pose of enabling each girl to make new acquaintances. The chief purpose ot the organization is to unite all the girls of the school and give each one an opportunity to cultivate lasting friendships. 1 ai' f i FIRST ROW: Cole, Mallory, Miller, Wymer, Ault, Stewart SECOND ROW: Bradley, Bradfute, Hanna, Hahn, Pampel, Taylor, Mr. Hall THIRD ROW: Beery, DaPore, Wisner, Tooley, Rilling, Miles NOT PRESENT: David Mallory, Mary Wiseley, Jerry Peterson ledafe After a lapse of several seasons debating activities were resumed last year in Findlay Senior High School. Debate research is done on school time, one period a day being de- voted to it. Our debate teams conduct their activities purely for practice and experience. 'Students who have taken debate have found it valuable in developing the individual and training him to meet the problems of life. He learns to use a library, to practice thoroughness and accuracy, to analyze and distinguish between the vital and the unim- portant. He learns to present ideas in a clear and effective manner. Debating gives train- ing in every major requirement of leadership. lt is intensely interesting and the game is enjoyed for its own sake. At least one debate a year is given before the student body. Teams are trained and coached by W. E. Hall of the high school English Department. Qfofbcfion The Projection Club of Findlay Senior High School had its origin ten years ago. lt is through the efforts of this club that the stu- dents receive much of their visual education. The members operate and care for all of the projection equipment as well as the films shown to the students, Student projectionists often show a spirit of service to the school by giving up study halls to run movies for classes. The officers of the club in i946-47 included Harold Quail, president, John Young, vice president, Lyle Niswander, secretary. P. S. Hochstettler is sponsor of the group. The club aims to show at least two full- length movies to the student body free of charge each year. This year a new projector was purchased from the collection of sales tax stamps. , FIRST ROW: Kennedy, l-lover, Hauman, Dunn, Hinderer, Grcthaus SECOND ROW: Pampel, Fellabaum, Bradley, Albright, Simmons, Niswander THIRD ROW: Quail, Fellers, Dukes, Mr, Hochstettler, Wanamaker, Williams, Young j7Aef5y0i0ufL5 To become eligible for membership in the National Thespian Society evidence must be shown that the student participated in a play and that he gave a sufficient number of public speeches to make himself eligible for member- ship, Helping with the painting of scenery, writing a play for actual production or assist- ing with the production of the play are also considered in determining eligibility. The purpose of the organization is to create a more active and intelligent interest in high school dramatics. The aims of the society are serious and worthy, encouraging students to attain a better mastery of language, to de- velop poise and self-control, and to appreciate dramatic literature and its techniques. Members of the Thespian Society of Findlay High School present two or more one-act plays each year. This year they produced "Why I Am a BacheIor" and "His First Date." The troupe is sponsored by W. E. Hall. FIRST ROW: Buckley, Collingwood, Gardner, Fox, Covert, Elmore, Brewer, Redpath, Jones, Jacobs, Baker, Barnhart SECOND ROW: Eakin, Herge, Frowine, Crane, Brown, Keller, Rees, Shafer, Stover, Shepard, Wilkins, Bowman, Ritter, Brenneman, Pinkerton THIRD ROW: Hahn, Ault, Howard, Hinton, Beery, Libbe, Albright, Sites, Myers, Mr. Hall FIRST ROW: Tschanen, Schmidt, Cameron, Warnick, Winters, Huston, Rilling, King, Zender, Chadbourne, Mareches SECOND ROW: Powell, Meek, Vance, Gregory, Bradfute, Essex, Bowman, Leach, Slager, Snyder, Smith THIRD ROW: Corbin, Simmons, Mergenthaler, Williams, Howard, Ferris, Patterson, Peterson, Neil, Kline INSET: R. S. Phillips We fum 65 fa The Naturalists' Association, formerly known as the Bird Club, was organized for a purpose which should be important to all of us-the protection of birds. Under the leader- ship ot R. S, Phillips this club has worked dili- gently on the problem of conservation for the past five years. So influential has the club become that it has acquired two game pre- serves through the generosity of certan 5:50Ci6Lfi0lfL Findlay citizens. Each spring and tall the Naturalists' Association caretully observes the migration of birds and eagerly watches for birds uncommon to this region which pass this way. Recording these activities makes an interesting log, An exhaustive study of the habits and lives of birds, plus work contrib- uted to their feeding and protection, comprise the program at this very active organization. ea. 'al 'Imam-m...,, L gif' Q3 , V ' , f an Q , I A 0,558.13 ' K -3 A I A K , " . 3,-it iii f ki ' - mf 052: - -,-JA , :N L i fv I H , Q, ML if , I H-' In 13 ' 11 1. , X: 'nf as Q M we 'ggi qw? K? A E is 3 49 A Q2 iii? E sg BE any r an W M bL.1. A , . x Hffsy W w' in A I 3 Q Q 5 W S 1, 7: k I -K A, L' u Q4 A E rf - ' 'qu 7 1' f hu-....... f A I I 'fas WMA CM In its second year of organization, the Math Club is unique at F. H, S. in at least one re- spect. The meetings are purely informal and the only officer of the club is the chairman, a position filled this year by Darl Ault. All meetings pertain to subjects concerning mathematics. In its two years of existence the Club has visited the calculating and tabulating depart- ments ofthe Ohio Oil Company and the Buck- eye Traction Ditcher Company. lt has had speakers who dealt with the subjects of the slide rule, the planimeter, adding machines and mental multiplications. Meetings are held either during school or in the evening, depending upon the nature of the program. There are seventeen members of the Club which includes both boys and girls. H. l-l. Yawberg is the Club sponsor. FIRST ROW: Hayes, Ritter, Hamilton, Ault, Mr. Yawberg, Bradfute, Redpath, Henry, Robbins SECOND ROW: Fishel, Pampel, Libbe, Calhoon, Green, Fassett, Bradley, Copeland, Albright ivy- M sax? A +i X l 13.58 . fa EK Mm -7 N Riff' Q9 an 95, ,L H553 4. ,JF ff Vffii- Af' Y iii? 5 Q 5 2 L Q.. rw Q W W n :fw-k'4vz,1gv,, ,1 - . Mmwg 'Y' i wwmiwiw . .. - f W zz seem Q AL"' 'x I 1 " N321 , ff ww, L, .f""iH .,. 3.1 by Li K 'He L W VKX A .igtx VVKVL at :A T Q: ,f ' inf, ,Sei-Vvfzz f::f' 1 - -' b 4 O fcexQ?f'xgs:f5fii '..',,. WL , k W I V A . I K fl I x 54' Ml! . 'Q ,.., . ,IV V . .2134 Q3 " ' gf Kiw i I W' ' ,fx T L,A , . 'Hb Y ,ilk 5, ,T if Y My NHQPQMA , W f 5 i L,,.. " 4 x. Q, ,- - ' CEIIQT4 - , Yi- iz W2 ' V , I ' :H 4 .4 L,T5i"' if ' fwfr ... h 4 ix . N ,'l'11fff api 6 0- . 1' . - - - K v ' , .1 W f W- U Wye: ' ba ,V .Q 5 s . 'PA .'6f:A..f" Q i"3'T'h'1 C ' 4 X 4 , j 11 , f s I x . , W Q X - Y .. - is U 253 , A Q a QIFQV '+C uni? . A " . ..-255-W-4 M Q- iw Q fi f-Q gif y if . A I V" .,--V QA qgx, A X ' , Q' ' 'A' "MN 3 ,Q A Q A x A A , 9 .. K ' i 5, 4 W ff."'fk' ' -k f N 1 if may K 'X Wy 'Q ff' I I I 9,1 vw -W 4 3 ff! 5 ll' I. " W? Q V- nl Je lf'!1s' mzmfw Yi ' Om' A K fZkfX'.??+ 2 , In my , ,-, Wx 'ff' 6 N L.. - . W A. A M- .'F- 1, W f Pu4b"AV"+f,:zvm an . , .X f ve, rf'1i..fi1f'1.' s x -A---N L2-f-wQe'g.1:::f-V M '- ' A Q Q..,........,..,..,..,f- ' " U' W., W,.,.m W ag ,, .,,, , Wwwwwww .,,,,,,.,.W,mMN4,.Q1g X, ---f H ...., v,,. V ,A M --0-......,,,,.,.4.,..eL z, , A X ,MW Mb. ...., I . , ..--A-W mf. -- 5- fag v w 'M W XFX Af,,,fv""'l1.QA r' ' X Vix 1 as-P?-fx . I f Q ff' - M I I ,,,..-A vw, 7 ' xy " s W5 rlssw-',,if1',, -' V -if ,, 6 It , 'xx Q M ky 5 I, I 7 v W " X . if A ' "7 5 .A 1 31 M 1 , ,J ,, .,,.,,.. , A f .Q,,M ..,.: ,V,,W...q ,, .. ,,L, ,, ,lm V Q I K. H I bf x 6 A . -, 1599- , HQ, 359,515.1 1 x V , M xx ,f 5? 'Q 4 I 4 2 Q k .8. -iw-it 09" . SA mb, A 'wx X A A - . A if .. by . f VN, If f'X 1 isff3mf Ng if 'Z" 2 L"' X , mm EM rv . 3, A I 1 ,.. -Q I 4. , 1 v is an f. wi ' M I "GN, ,. M A S ' 3 W X? tx, - A zll ' 3 A .,,. ...J ,mm h 4 L, 9 .,,. in M . 'f - ,H L,,A., Y, H J: ALL" ' - .....,, ,..RXA, '- ' -Yff- f--ff-f. . . ygvgfw A- ,hf53lN!L!'Wi1' S91 w2i:izEI.l'i1..J.,NfS' "'--L A- .V-',, A .lf ,uhm E i , i 5 1 Q 2 3 I 0115 c.- gx XC! to gm Ju' 'Ur o SO ULN :DD N4- Lo Ku? UQ, Ha EU an at :fr an C: ELL .1 mi :NE .. E8 :Ace cg 03 Em '- ae W 5 if 95 - so Qi 9 E C U .1 - U NU 4123 3411 39 rv' Sm Sim E' F' , . f cg :gi o Q, O gf? PB E JE xc 5 lu Cl' rig 2? Z GJ LN S15 E 9 N x: E, -15 o wl,:N-so L2 5:3255 I hxET,'5N U - .om - asv fs 3 ,Nc 4558: 2,-, 2536554 5 ,o " . 133a-Ig-.a-, uf -,. 0415, 312.3 :NPSSSEEE 91 Ci' Ji-. L3-OX Ia? Nl'- Lf'-JOCCNI--EVPZ u.q,Ou. .Eu -U,--Qovz Liga 4 gf: pl- - ig ag N Sl' Sf S-5 -s: C .QU U5 EO So 3 EE LAI CN KDE , o 41 Q1 EN: ou '- N - cw 5,8 gg cg U WJ 8, .I Ecu , m Q ,om Q5 Eg E I .fm A-vT N 325' o-gf :NSN .15 I- Eaz 22 Qu. .EE 'U' o J, OE .cf JN if WH: NU jaw WE an c cw E N Egg -- 825 2- 3-N E- USUN .CNC L 3 Um so CD 0 N Q? Q Bm UU 23 O CO '31 .,- mo -Q.. 30 .Eg yo.: N ua .Q og NIL: NO zen Q-S E . p-I 411: 325 mL' or- 217, sf? EI 83 ILLN -Eg 2 S2 gf 'EE I9 131' wg cn 3m ' . if Ig gi 0? ., O? :zo gf I-G if Qi ESQ 220 5552542 I ug 82209. .IMCNECNEB "cn Gwriofor ,JQQALLA The Corridor Host Association of Findlay Senior High School is ranked among the "young" service clubs of our school. Begun back in l94O, this association has gone through a steady growth of development and improvement and is enjoying a fine reputation among many of our Ohio schools. Boys and girls fully registered in Findlay Senior High are eligible for membership in the Association. Candidates for the organization must have average grades in all subjects and at least one study period every day. A reserve corps is maintained to take care of absentees and changes. The purpose of the organization is to wel- come visitors to the school, to keep students from loitering in corridors, to protect school and student property, to conserve the use of all hall lights and to protect school equipment. The Associotion furnishes a valuable service to the school and to students by keeping the corridors in good order, by seeing that lockers are protected at all times and by assisting the faculty. The Corridor Hosts are under the direction of H, F. Brandenberger. FIRST ROW: Scoby, Clark, Dela Hamaide, Cole, Nichols, Robbins, Fetters, Reimund, Doll, Mitchell, Arnold SECOND ROW: Redpath, Thomas, Bayer, Hamilton, Huston, Kenyon, Brown, Collingwood, King, MacGregor THIRD ROW: Boroff, Cole, McNutt, Hahn, Kelley, Bradley, Brcidfute, Walker, Fish, Scoby, Gaertner, Bohn, Reddick FIRST ROW: Hardwick, Williams, Hatch, Wiseley, Libbe, Hauman, Croy, Dunn, Gary, Predmore SECOND ROW: Warren, Kownatzky, Doll, Russell, Allen, Johnson, Leach THIRD ROW: Rooney, Stevenson, White, Adams, Mains, Rowell, Vance, Steegman, Chesebro FOURTH ROW: Cole, Kennedy, Beamer, Arnold, Waaland, Hess, West, Slager, Gregory, Blunk olfzcwfiiolfz ,AQ ,oem The Concession Helpers organization of Findlay Senior High School has a steadily in- creasing membership in the student body. The Concession Helpers are responsible for selling confectionery products at all the basketball and football games. This year the schedule has been larger than ever before with the Helpers selling refreshments during each basketball tournament game here, This organization is sponsored by the Stu- dent Council. All members of the Student Council were faithful workers with the Con- cession Helpers. Under the guidance of Miss Helen Johnston and A. L. Mottoon, the Con- cession Helpers have risen to an almost inde- pendent organization. The many programs which have been pre- sented for the student body have been spon- sored by this organization. The Charm Quar- tet, a group of very talented girls, presented an outstanding program of American music. Dr. Arnold Young, author and lecturer, gave an interesting presentation to the student assembly on "English as She ls Spoke." We all enjoyed Mrs. Grace Wolpert Keene, a dra- matics star who reviewed the play, "l Re- member Mama," and Findlay High students showed much interest in the address given by Dr. Tehyi Hsieh, a Chinese lecturer who spoke on the many problems that confront the Chinese today. . EJ i f 4 NKVENW Y ff , f'?1iTf?TZT 'Ai fA Ml Ill!-le and Q periods. . xmiimixon WM- 'gms 0 , -ww ",2,,'f...H'g3,,, durin W an J hy, 0 bi . ,,,uy53'mve:5l1g,f"5c 1. PM "' PWM' . fig'-L 1063 bin sch' CBN!! ' tion ASWCU' Pfff' Tiff? 5 , at , 9 nd 0 . ' ,JL--, 'NM"AM H MN M E' ' My ,-,. 4. ..,. 14 v D N A J if A K, -.FiM1,.y, V X ,Q-M ' 'L ml , va. W' ,.f-ww xl Stvd""S' 1 lv" 'es FndlnY mme Qmem .S Adowm J uv' "msgs lys K url, d C0 e , me an ke I0 0 ,, wr po wut ,pu . .Af . K day' 0 .W"T- 1el7'1H'nl gas! N1 U. 1 w,,..-wM"" ' , 5Ch00 he qui 5 .NL ,,..-.- f gy, " ng nd ilfisvz I0 guetfl ,,.,: K ,, . 0 - u if pau Linh: qducagw! 'wel vurwwpg A :ZD- in-i?"' ,kk M yds' f E ,f gawk wQX1X,,6 0 wg ropggcd ,.wM'A 'Lkk K . ' '. LDV' ' J' " Rv QV' 'QV WC 1,hC,P Ig MM,..w kv , K bent xc in V eu ,px 5,3 01 ,K blcyil V W, . --MM . ff -W .. '". .3 Ray W wi- 4, ye, , 0 - ,UQ-A 1 W . QQ W W 'Wiifazflff' -" Q Iwi? 'W uw - 'ii "fZIZ'-33' 'Amy t .Mei .- , wwf, - U LW.. , Engl I , io X A xxx X0 pg W Ar Jaya! 1-fofN"""4 W rand M - 9-Jaw" nw Z K 1 if 'cbt " 1" - vi VVAW L ht iggstinl hd::-:MY5 lgruy Iglmihx ' V 4. ' 'iw KX i0ig,,2f'Qxx bnYfx'c mf X45 Otis Rravily oirtdd Rugim-as yan, W' fwwpurkuv Y hx 'DW A .Qxf'g,xe9 gc xA :efufn Scvff' kmnmi Lck - Ranalcz Tum ' .WK-,afitxcgx wav- wily. uxoaxcewa a , ' 'V ' " wff- . on- 1 J . r Y' K, gn f"f'w0, . . Lauzffrh Y ,Q -n gouf EIulZuididhffrL3Qli1f'f W'.ArTFflf msfii Ifaxifvcd by ea. War W f , , new -g., Wfof , I .Wfq5gg"' , gmfgl, ..1 f451? gVg"sm1m,.fi'311, Cw1ff nwikfe Libfar I 1!gQlU"f yn! VY S W XX ,g,vU'U A mf, WM.. ""J""h ' gr'f::f.fwmir. M . .... , - MW' WIL11, Aunt I .. gwvsfax-4. r .. 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UI ,Ag . ,H . , nm, W ,max e for hw 'X .A , when :mc 'H MTE WA Nga:-U'l"' miliisr W", A nn: ' xv. ,urn Uegvm: V V :- ,miwii 7:.w..:1rzx,Q4fLp,11iliB 1: 5 " 'W in-1 wk A un lxkmm will x,qxfiN3s'1iY3'? .hurLf'fw,,,, wr 0" y :msg 'WY YH , ggliiff' me fig, me Wdwt xx Wwch :Qi 5 . mf' ' se ' f , xc! rv' - me r mr --fxnvffm m 'lumbus Q3 U' 'J args! :fi U' mean 55 , X 1. - c Hliiko ., :bw nib she 'WA' 4 al? amp? . mimics iff .Y aww-ff' Q QC 7 Aix. 3 LSB wnfafxl if .c,. 1 . rf xH lion iiumf - pa? , na .. ,JS WG ' D hfdule , , . L. fuznley. mperimc-mfenf. V' "'1ffUlf"2 tu warmnt thx' rlming 411' my r high had imc!! ciislrlincri lhe- limb would 'adv up at K - - ,rv jk. Pffsvuzvd by H. R. ICU was pug: ilmmnwziofrvd lwrause of the alla:-as., of both Umm V fresher and pupils. For rm- same re-nw: this induction service for Ckfm-wig ciccze-xl nrrmbem oi mjjxafmrlal Honor gong-yy of .N schednied for yesrrrda' 413131 bm-n tnuvrfi flaik my Uyg dar ru March 21, ublimzim mf me FH I for me is zginalh I! ron' Kfiglhgz Elmore, N o Ohm I UE. Don Hillary, . honor urrh term, c Weds, han :iw been rvzzdnrml slbiv brcauae teach:-ra' ab-1? ave made mnrpieu' siazisf wzilahkg wnhvve Ruby ly 5. , ., A inszam-ra even :In-If V01 XXII' NW 7-7 "Drk progreued neon: -'-kk Af 'M -'-- M 'MA-W walk, Became of my Cxlnese Letture su nur 1 Pa , Yvtuixt fozixlegit it KA utbof A ddress. New :fad www mopfsfydent I dvs?0f:Ia!!1,.!AJ1ard mr. LuW,mH Mica, My f' 5,9 ffl 5 Xflffif Ing Hifi!!! body Us lbs audltotiuul ,nr time 1 zgtudyxhaiiw Xi.:zl'r,,w,mug DL 7-can Hsieh Vx,5 Msenres SUIIICIYHICS Fluikllflffcac itkruter and author u"""'wsi A wir! SU jfvr Cc-nl, progress in ,fir-il-Lynn: and Hu Hrakugsi .0 'g irmruczion Wien generaily ref In we Nurse of MJ km CW' " ' 4 Unch mired Ao uf China' , .. -.. ,.WW...,,.,...,.,, ,.,...,W, mv QECQRD COLLEQNON ar plwlexnx due to her 1 gdmduled swarm: m nas. LIBRARY fffffm- """w'. 'Qfbff' fm I . nm-mxqmenr has been maafe by fmt? DL tifwh 'Ta ffut' 'ufd pr . :sa Aiarun lard. Iilrrarizn, :har fn' Umm? 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R oberTAll1Jrighl', Kolie Denhorf, Bill Hufh, Joon A Mitchell, l-lorold Quail, Betty Rose, Rex Sires, Doroh Smith Culfy Adviser ,,ee,ce,,, C, W, l-lonsiclqer J' lf? M ll loereffoz CW? Waryfano! 77 OPERETTA FIRST ROW: Keith Bushong, Covert, Wheeler, Wilch, Frowine, Folk, Elmore, Herge Rooney SECOND ROW: Kennedy, Wink, Hahn, Kent Bushong, Hillery, Hanna, Chesebro: Huffman, Miles, Albright "BEYOND THE HORIZONH "A DATE WITH JUDY" SENIOR PLAY IUNIOR PLAY FIRST ROW: Jacobs, Beery, Covert, Green, Ritter, Miles FIRST ROW: Wiseley, Wink, Wheeler, Mygrant, Hahn SECOND ROW: Bradley, Fellabaum, Howard, Fishel SECOND ROW: Pinkerton, Child, Keller, House, Miss Switzer, Rees, Williams, Robbins THIRD ROW: Durkop, Curth, Chesebro g L., 1.7 ' K r. K , :Ag MIHEVQ I A rye 4 Fi 'WW . 5 DS!! H ummm. 521 wx, U I f - sy M, T 'i Fi' if f V,m.v n,Q,W. , fa 2 .-us" kg: lf M M 51 13 U if 21,23 5 A+ tiff" X:-ff ,Q ' Wy ' 5, fi, ,Q ff' 1-151 ' I , . i M Athletics compose an important part of the school curric- ulum at Findlay High School. Through the program offered at our school every student is given a chance to participate in a varsity or intramural sport. Besides the great number who take part, the varsity sports events are of the greatest interest to all high school students. Five varsity sports, basketball, football, track, swimming, and golf, are scheduled for the boys along with intramural programs for all high school students. ln these activities students acquire sportsmanlike atti- tudes and learn to work together as a team, benefiting both their school and themselves. Over 150 boys have a chance to participate in the five varsity sports alone. Each team has a competent coach who can help the individual develop his skills and talents. Those who can not afford the time for a regular sport may engage in intramural sports as well as the regular scheduled gym classes. Findlay High's sports curriculum is being expanded when- ever possible to increase participation. 60,6 85 CARL C. BACHMAN B.S., Bowling Green M.A., Columbia Industrial Arts Basketball Coach Golf Coach E, C. BARTLETV BS., Ohio State M.A., Ohio State lndustrial Arts, Donnell Junior High, Track Coach Junior Varsity Football Coach I Assistant Basketball Coach 66 ,,V..-..,as, cccc L , ,L W N ,...-WL HOWARD H. YAWBERG B.S., Bowling Green Mathematics Football Coach Assistant Track Coach J. R. COFFEY A.B, Ohio State M.A., Ohio State Ph.D., New York U. Physical Education, Glenwood Junior High Assistant Football Coach L. C. KELLER A.B., Oberlin Physical Education Director ot Athletics Swimming Coach PHILIP W. BIKLE B.A,, Muskingum M.Ed., U. of Pittsburgh Physical Education, Donnell Junior High Assistant Football Coach SOM! swf Unable to get into the winning groove, Findlay High's Trojans compiled a record of two wins and seven losses for the l946 Foot- ball season. Offensively the B and G forces clicked, collecting an average of over l5 points a game, but the defense sometimes was un- able to cope with the opposition's attack. The first game was a heartbreaker with Findlay going down to defeat before the Toledo Scott Bulldogs, l9-l4, after the Tro- jans were held just short of the winning touch- down. Losses followed to Lima South, 3l -20, Bowling Green, 20-6, Fremont Ross, 2l-l3 and Lima Central, one of the state's top elevens, 3l-l3. The Findlay team, however, sprang to life against Marion Harding, cop- ping their first win 3l-6. A second victory was scored against a stubborn Tiffin team, 20-l4, after stopping a Columbian drive just short of the winning marker in the last minute of play. The B and G forces were halted in their winning ways the next game, bowing to Defiance l9-l6. The season's activities were culminated in the traditional Findlay-Fostoria tilt. The Findlay eleven was primed for this encounter but Fostoria, determined to avenge last year's set-back, smashed to a 26-7 victory after trailing 7-6 at the half. The coronation ofthe F. H. S. Football Queen, Joanne Kiehne, and her attendants was a highlight of the half- time program. The 96-piece high school marching band continued to overshadow all others with their precise maneuvers and lusty playing. Coaching duties were handled by H. H. Yawberg with the assistance of Philip Bikle, E. C. Bartlett, J. R. Coffey and M. E. Swasick. Austin Roberts was elected honorary cap- tain for l946. FIRST ROW: Meek, Wittebort, Smith, Roberts, Bradley, Webb, Bradfute, Lauwers, Custard, Pampel, Miller SECOND ROW: Coach Coffey, Coach Yawberg, Harris, Kimmel, Romer, Kelly, Swisher, Fassett, Gilts, Willford, Ferguson, Michaels, Ass't. Coach Bikle, Athletic Mgr. Keller THIRD ROW: Howard iMgr.J, Decker, Courtney, Yoder, Yawberg, Lutz, Smith, Redick, Rooney, Perkins lMgr.l, Ferris lMgr.l MASCOT: Jimmy Koehler OSCAR BRADFUTE Stellar senior lineman, Oscar showed the ability to "stay in there" against the toughest competition. A consistent and spirited player, he was a two-year letterman and a regular starter throughout the past gridiron season. DICK KELLEY Tall angular junior end Dick Kelly showed defen- sive ability in breaking up plays through the '46 season. LARRY ROMER One of Findlay's plunging fullbacks, Larry also han- dled some of the team's passing. A junior, Larry will be a seasoned veteran for next year. JOHN BRADLEY A two-year starter, John served as a member of Findlay's forward wall at tackle. John acted as captain on defense, call- ing signals. RAY KIMMELL As a line-bucking full- back, Ray was able to make a hole in the oppo- sition's line if one were not provided. He is a junior letterman. DANNY SMITH Small but speedy Danny Smith, Findlay's fleet wingback, was a contin- ual thorn in the opposi- tion's side. Danny, 0 junior, showed that weight, or lack of it, could be made up in driving force. FRANKLIN CUSTARD An aggressive senior line- man, Franklin Custard was able to stiffen the Trojan forward wall with his spirited play. DICK LAUWERS Findlay right end Dick Lauwers was a depend- able defensive player as well as pass snatcher. JACK SWISHER The center cog of Find- lay's line, Jack was the B and G's pigskin snapper for the '46 season. The 206-pound center was a two-year starter and let- terman. JOE FASSETT Left end for the past two years, Joe consistently broke up plays and was an able pass catcher. He also called signals part of the season. BILL MICHAELS Junior lineman Bill Mi- chaels, despite his size, showed that aggressive play could make up for lack of weight. BILL WEBB Tackle Bill Webb was a stalwart of Findlay's for- ward wall until a knee injury late in the season forced him to the side- lines. ART GILTS As a junior guard, Art was an aggressive line backer and lineman. His wide-awake play earned him a berth on the Buck- eye League second team and Honorable Mention in statewide competition. Art will serve as captain for next year's eleven. BILL PAMPEL A senior end, Bill was a dependable "tlanker," being able to "stay in there" on all plays. LAVERNE WITTEBORT A senior wingback, La- verne proved to be an elusive backfield man against all opposition as well as a dependable blocking back. JACK HARRIS F. H. S. backfield man Jack Harris was an able wingback during the i946 season. Jack was a dangerous man on an end sweep and could be depended on to pick up yardage. AUSTIN ROBERTS Fleet-tooted "Austy" was a dangerous ball car- rier for all opposition as well as a trusted defen- sive man. Because of this he was awarded a first- team position on the All- Buckeye eleven. Austy was elected honorary cap- tain for the I946 season. HOWARD YAWBERG "Howie" served in several capacities during the past season, handling the sig- nal-calling duties, the punting, and the kicking tor points after touch- downs. Howie was also the team's leading scorer. w ff 1 4:5 f as FIRST ROW: Miller, Barrett, Fassett, Howard, Dunlap SECOND ROW: Ass't. Coach Bartlett, File, DaPore, Wisner, Moore, Pifer lMgr.J, Coach Bachman THIRD ROW: Bartlett lMgr.l, Frisbie, Fekete, Chesebro, Koehler, Huffman, Rogge lMgr.l Lzwigfiiff sw Findlay High's basketeers compiled one of the best records ever made by a B and G quin- tet. The Bachman-mentored charges coupled aggressive defensive play and sharp "shoot- ing" eyes to win Zl of 24 starts. SEASON'S RECORD 30 Findlay .......,.......... Galion ......... ........ l 5 Findlay ..,............... 47 Bexley ...,.. ........ 2 8 Findlay .A...... ....... 4 4 Tiffin ......... ........ l 5 Findlay ........ ....... 3 2 Xenia .................... 33 Findlay .....,.. ....... 3 9 Hamilton .........,.... 42 Findlay ...... ,. ....... 47 Lima Central .,........ 30 Findlay ........ ....... 3 3 Woodward ............ 32 Findlay .....,.. ....... 4 7 Fremont Ross .......... 20 Findlay ........ .,..... 6 0 Bowling Green ,....... 26 Findlay ........ ,...... 5 4 Fostoria ................ 38 Findlay ........ ..,.... 6 6 Tiffin .......,....,....... 33 Findlay ..,..... .,..... 6 0 Kenton ...,.,. .A...... 2 5 Findlay ........ .....,. 4 l Sandusky ...... U29 After two losses during the Christmas vaca- tion to the downstate teams, Xenia and Ham- ilton, the Trojans started a winning streak which was to carry them to the state tourna- ment where they finally bowed to East Liverpool. Findlay ........ ....... 5 5 Lima South ............ 25 Findlay ..,..... .A..... 4 9 Fremont Ross ....,..,.. 30 Findlay .................. 43 Bowling Green ........ 33 Findlay .................. 60 Fostoria ................ 3l DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Findlay ......,.........,. 47 St. Marys .,........,..... 30 Findlay ,................. 43 Galion ...........,........ 27 Findlay .................A 40 Wapakoneta .......... Zl Findlay .........,....,.,. 46 Celina .................... 30 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT , Findlay ...........,...... 49 Ashland .......... ...... 3 2 Findlay ,....,............ 40 Defiance ................ 3l STATE TOURNAMENT Findlay .................. 32 East Liverpool ........ 35 PAUL HOWARD Six-foot-three-and-a-half-inchcaptain and center, Paul Howard proved to be an invaluable defensive and offensive player. Paul, three-year letterman, was awarded a place on the second Buckeye League team. ' AL STEEGMAN "War Horse" Steegman, the team's leading scorer, received many awards for his sterling play throughout the season. Al was awarded a third-team position on the U. P. and A. P. All- Ohio teams. He also was selected for the first team honors in the regional and state tournaments and in the Buckeye League competition, being elected honorary captain for the league team JACK DUNLAP Diminutive but aggressive Jack Dun- lap, despite a midseason illness, was a spark plug for the B and G forces. Jack was given an honorable mention in the U. P. All-Ohio team. He also was given a first-team berth on the regional team and a third-team posi- tion on the Buckeye League selection. JOE FASSETT Pivot man Joe Fassett, the team's second highest scorer, was also an important defensive cog. Joe was awarded a first-place berth on the Buckeye League team for his consis- tent play. JACK MILLER A sharp-shooting forward, Jiack was an invaluable player who could con- nect with a long shot when needed. Jack, a two-year letterman .and the team's third highest scorer, was awarded a third-team berth in the Buckeye League. ROBERT MOORE Left-hand push shot expert, Bob proved to be an able replacement in either forward position. Because of his ac- curate shooting, he was awarded a second-team position in the Buckeye League selections. 4 A . ' - ,I 4 5:, I , ml . e Q 3 by DICK BARRETT Versatile Dick Barrett was a capable replacement at either a guard position or center. Dick was a good ball han- dler and accurate shot with either hand. fm BOB FILE Deceptive passer and ball handler, sophomore Bob File was high scorer for the reserve team. A fast-breaking player, Bob was always a constant menace to opposing teams. JOE DAPORE Sophomore "Monk" DaPore was an aggressive player on the rebound and under-the-basket shots. Joe was on the reserve team and was a replace- ment on the varsity. Joe, who stands six feet-two inches, will also be a valu- able veteran for next year. BILL WISNER Bill is a six-foot-three sophomore who proved his merit in the regional tour- ney. He was a main cog of the reserve team and will see plenty of varsity action next year. Bill was awarded a letter for his outstanding tournament play. I We u V im WW Suimming . jenna, . jlf'0LC GOLF TEAM FIRST ROW: Gregory, Con- nor, Slough, Mains. SECOND ROW: Esch, Barrett, Quin- lan, Webb, THIRD ROW: Miller, Dysinger, Misamore, Wisner. Golf enthusiasts were given a chance in varsity competition for the second year since the war. Meets were scheduled with various area teams. C. C. Bachman served as the golf coach. MANAGERS FIRST ROW: Bartlett, Rogge. SECOND ROW: Howard Pifer, Perkins, THIRD ROW: Klein, Ferris, Decker. I As in every other activity, behind-the- scenes workers are needed in all sports. This position is capably filled by the managers, who have to "sweat out" the practice and the games along with the players. On the managers' shoulders rests the responsibility of attending to the wants of the players and meeting various emergencies as they arise. SWIMMING TEAM FIRST ROW:Williams,Repp, Sheffel, Wertz, Ball, Arn- old, West. SECOND ROW: Coach Keller, Williams, Green, Hillery, Quail, Cole, Miller. Findlay swimmers annexed one victory in the '47 season, losing two other dual meets. The team, coached by L. C. Keller, showed possibilities until in- eligibility struck sev- eral members of the squad. Nevertheless, the "tankers" showed future potentiality with numerous sophomores and junior high stu- dent ready to enroll on next year's squad. TRACK TEAM FIRST ROW: Myers, Libbe, Pampel, Kennedy, Ferris, Quail, Perkins, French, Nous. SECOND ROW: Coach, Bartlett, Bartley, Slager, Wittenmeyer, Line, Koehler, Miller, Bennett, Yawberg, Cole, Steegman, Frey, Ass't. Ccach Yawberg. THIRD ROW: Friddell lMgr.l Rom- er, Slough, Fekete, Snyder, Hillery, DaPore, Wise, Mal- colm, Mowry, Rate, Klein lMgr.l. FOURTH ROW: Niswander, Kimmel, Harris, Kelley,'l'ippin,Swasick, Corbin, West, Massillo, Huff- YTTOVI. F. H. S. thinclads took on a heavy ten- meet schedule for the i947 season under the supervision of E. C. Bartlett, who was as- sisted by H, H. Yaw- berg. The cinder squad felt the loss of numer- ous lettermen but was, nevertheless, able to give a good account of itself. CQLWJW SEPTEMBER 9-Back to the ball and chain! Another year of drudgery ahead!! i3-Toledo Scott vs. F.H.S. in first game of the season. The Trojans start with a loss, but close! 2l-Lima South game-and another loss! 27--Football at Bowling Green-Ooooh! Still another. OCTOBER l--Ed Green elected senior class prexie! Dick Kelly and Bob File head under- classmen. 2-Charm Quartet--Hubba! We want more of the same! 4-Pep Rally--Everyone all enthused!! Trojans play Fremont here. Everyone let down-lost again! 9--First chapel of the year by 213. ll-Trojans play Lima Central here. Do we hafta tell what happened? l8-Trojans battle Marion there-and WIN! HALLELUJAH! 22-First Grade Cards-Fateful day! 23-Chapel by 204. 24-Nite football at Tiffin-and again we win! Hotcho! 25-N.W.O.T.A. at Toledo-No school! Bless the N.W.O.T.A. 29--Assembly by Telephone Co.--Parents' Acquaintance Night. 30-Chapel by l I3. NOVEMBER l-Trojans play at Defiance. Our win- ning streak must be over. 5-F.E.A. lFacultyl. 6-Chapel by 5. 8-Fostoria here-Trojans end season with final loss. I4--Football Banquet-Fellows receive let- ters - Roberts elected honorary cap- tain. Gilts elected next year's captain. l8-Tickets go on sale for Junior play. lt's a full house on opening night! 20-Chapel by 7. 22-Junior Play, "A Date With Judy." Dance by Junior Class. 25-Pierce Knox, blind xylophonist. 27-Thanksgiving Chapel by 4. 28 and 29-Thanksgiving Vacation. Every- one recovers! DECEMBER ' 4-Chapel by 206. 6-Assembly: Discussion on basketball rules. Gallon opens the basketball season here. Our Trojans win the first game! . 7-Basketball here: Bexley - Another noble victory for the Trojans! ll-Chapel by l04. l2-Christmas Vocal Festival -all the choirs outdo themselves! l3--Basketball at Tiffin. Tough luck, Tiffin-you tried! 20-Christmas Chapel by l05-Art Gilts makes a flashy editor. Vacation be- gins. Oh! Happy Day! Senior Hi-Y sponsors "Holly Hop." Mr. Herge plays Santa Claus! Basketball at Xenia-Our first defeat! . 2l-Team goes on to Hamilton-Our sec- ond defeat!! 27-Basketball Carnival at Lima-Many schools present. 28-Findlay plays Woodward at Lima. We win by a close margin-the Toledo boys seemed a bit angered! JANUARY 3-Basketball with Fremont here. Chalk up another one for Carl's boys. 6-Vacation ends--back to the books! lO-Junior Class meeting--committees for Prom appointed. Game with B. G. here, and another victory. Dance sponsored by Debate class. l5-Chapel by 9. l7-Basketball game at Fostoria-Did our Trojans scalp those Red Men!! l8-All-day debate tournament here. FHSers spout off! 24-Game with Tiffin. Another slaughter. Dance sponsored by Thespians. 28-Game with Kenton--ditto! 29--Assembly-F. Arnold Young: "English as She ls Spoke." 31-Basketball at Sandusky. Another scalp for the Trojans. FEBRUARY 4--Basketball with Lima South here. We're getting good! 5-Chapel by 207. D.A.R. Citizenship tests. CEL LlfL6!6Ll" 7-Basketball at Fremont. Winning streak extended. 12-Chapel by 1 1 1. 13-Winter band and orchestra concert. Musicians show their stuff. Hite comes out of hibernation. 14-Pepsi-Cola Scholarship tests. Drinks furnished for all. 15-Speech tournament at Lima South: "Friends, Romans, Countrymen!" 19-Chapel by 112. Ho, Hum! 21--Basketball: Findlay vs. Fostoria here. Scalped the Redmen again. 26-Chapel by 102. District Basketball Tournament starts at Findlay. Trojans victorious! MARCH 5-One-act Thespian play. Junior has a mighty fine time. 7-Senior Scholarship tests, Seniors ex- hibit brains-and some don't! 8-Speech tournament here. 10-Lecture by Tehyi Hsieh. No speakee English:,l.,'l:1:!! 14-15-Regional Basketball tournament at B. G. Everybody velly happy. 21 -22-State Tournament. Trojans end otherwise victorious basketball season by bowing to East Liverpool-the Pots. 28-First performance of "My Maryland." Civil War fought all over again. 29-Second performance of "My Mary- Iand." Civil War concluded. APRIL 1-Assembly in charge of Louis J. Alber. How to draw sandwiches to scale in six easy lessons. 2-Lenten convocation by Senior Y-Teens. 3-Easter chapel by Senior Hi-Y. Very impressive. 4-7-Easter vacation. Students frolic with bunnies and lay lots of eggs. 9-Chapel by 108. 1O-Basketball Banquet-Howard honorary captain. Cheerleaders and boys win letters. Happy day! 11-District elimination scholarship tests, Buckeye League instrumental festival at Fremont, dance sponsored by Jr. Y-Teens. 16-Deshler student council visits our fair school. We still can't get rid of "ole man winter." 18-Vocal festival at Tiffin, N.H.S. induc- tion service, Pampel's torch goes out. lt couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Jones takes choir to Buckeye League Festival. Nice work! 19-Science Day and Vocal C1 Instrumental contests at B. G. Findlay takes top honors-lf Petrillo ever heard this! 21-Journalism convention at B.'G.S.U.- Staff bids farewell to Rosy when he takes unannounced vacation from school. 23-Chapel by 212. 25-Seniors, remember overall day? Oooh! Dance sponsored by Naturalists-Flop as predicted! Gay time had by Miss Wiest and faculty in general. 30-Chapel, 209. MAY 2-Cotton Carnival by Senior Y-Teens. Lots of fun-and cotton. "Witty" and "Dudy"-King and Queen. 3-District scholarship tests at B. G. 7 7 10 14 -Chapel by 21 1. -8-9-Spring Music Festival. Do! Re!! Me!!! -Buckeye League track meet. Ha! lA joke, son ll --Chapel, 202. 15-Scholarship dinner. Yum! Yum! Brains win eats. 16-Senior Play: Seniors win Pulitzer Prize 17 21 27 29 for production. Dance sponsored by Senior Hi-Y-makes nice haul. lAs usualll -District track meet. Ha! Ha! -Senior Chapel. Walking the last mile. -Art Exhibit. No Rembrandts in our c rowd. -Junior-Senior Prom-at last! Very purtiful and enchanting. JUNE 1-Baccalaureate. Sniff, sniff! Class of '47 about to face world. World does about-face. 5-Commencement. Seniors bid fond farewell to F.H.S.-F.H.S. bids fonder farewell to seniors. THE GAS LIGHT ERA Findlay was the first town in the United States to illuminate its streets with natural gas. The photo, re- produced here by courtesy of the local Chamber of Com- merce, shows a night scene on Main Street in 1887. The Senior Class of l947 wishes to thank our advertisers for making this Diamond Anniversary Trojan possible, Mod- ern advertising knows no limiting habits of tradition, no long- tried rules of form and makeup, and no ultimate height of perfection of color and art design, To attract the public to a favorable consideration of the articles for sale, artists of commercial designing attempt the ever-new. They feel no satisfaction in following the trend already pioneered and perfected. To refine more subtle methods, to promote appre- ciably artistic illustration, and to encourage fine conceptions in untried style in the realms of commercial advertising is to broaden the apprecation of the critical public eye. A K . s we -Q :,Gi:,:.,':1x1:m yg , ,, mwfrvi, H we 'ww 1 fs 95 N rr K K, 'ez fwjzffmx1,pw-gm . 3 fgifg sv sa Maui ini:-94' VC 5' 'xv V4 me WK "H5'v" f ' ' f f 'H' t J, ' r Ar - 9 M -49" ,.w'1,Zn3QiZcQQ, -3,-,inf ' , ' Q 't I ' ,iff X i' if ji ta 5zQ,s2wgsgaQ -- . , '51 , ' 1 5 " v r .e' ef it ' e 455 fi, , kj- 5' K, 3 B 24s5tLafLL, 0 o s Q Q " 3 " ff' Q ,4 0 v ,gm . f Ni' 5 X 4 9 1 Q .. : t r V, X 9 V Lf , I V -. Qxtz' A Ageagsity - f 1: o a i , , 3, V i. ,ERI A Mg? t up , . .. .wk 1 1. ,W ea, x -,,, Q , sftiaff - ,sl- I ii --A, 5 ,, " ' Q 1 A Q Weeggfrgye 5 X i i -4 , Q K-at t v ' e ' Qs P 2 r, Mg? lh af ,Q. s , Q i k- f t ' E 11 ., ., I 9 ' X v I ' - xg 1, - 6 - 4 44 H U 4' : Viet, . "vi f it . ' 'J 'e EIODUCERS eys to Achievement Keys not carried in the pocket or the purse. But in the mind. Keys that open not just ordinary doors . . . but vast areas of achievement in the sciences, the arts, the humanities. It is one of the purposes of education not only to fit the student with a basic ring of keys to knowledge . . . but also to teach him how to make his own keys for all the doors to achievement he will want to open throughout his life. How many keys to achievement are needed? Enough to keep one busy for a lifetime, fashioning them out of knowledge, reason and experience. For no matter how many doors you unlock, there is always another door to even greater achievement still to be opened, The 0IIIO 0lL GOMPMIY I'INDl.AY,0l'll0 OF PETROLEUM SINCE HAVE YOU VISITED OUR TEEN TOGGERY SHOP? Seniors Carol Fox and Thelma DuMond pay a visit to the Teen Toggery Shop. A Department created just for you! You will find the "Teen Trends of Today" right here in your shop. 2nd Floor Ready-to-Wear paffmam Established 1849 81 Ci11fLgr0Lfm,LLlfi01fL5 ana! EJ M5486 fl ffm CEM M794 7 Joanne Kaehne, Homecoming Queen HARRIET M, GREEN STUDICDS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE TROJAN 82 una, -Kula, Bnftlinq, fnmpanq, WHEREVER TEEN-AGERS MEET IT'S COCA-COLA Always Delicious and Refreshing Lucianne Bayer and Bill Miller take time out for "The Pause That Refreshesf' Gene Patterson is behind the coke bar. G1fL91f'01,fm,!0LLLi01fL5 Cfcm 21 7 BUCIIEYE TRI-IITIIUN IIITEHEII DIVISION LIIUIII, THE BICYCLE MAN BICYCLES WHEEL GOODS ACCESSORIES REPAIRS PARTS LOUIE, THE BICYCLE MAN ZI7 North Main Street Conn Band Instruments Gibson Guitars Leedy and Ludwig Drums PIANOS Steinway and Sons Many Others Wurlitzer Organ Solovox Popular and Classical Records Jack Beckman takes a look at the latest thing in popular records ot Porter's. B. S. PORTER AND SON COMPANY PHONE 525 530 S. MAIN STREET EVERYTHING IN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS OVER 50 YEARS IN FINDLAY CAPPY'S MILLINERY HANDBACS COSTUME jEWELRY l-IANDKERCHIEFS 504 So. Main 2545 W Joanie Elmore and Lacianne Bayer choose their hats and handbags at Cappy's. FOR A SPECIAL TREAT TRY OUR HAMBURCS Jody Wiedman and Georgianna Crane gorge themselves with delicious hamburgs! 233 Broadway Findlay, Ohio Li: Qlgiiiiil HUT LSWEET SEQ? HOME MADE CANDY H: NUTS ROASTED DAILY CARMEL CGRN-POPCORN ICE CREAM 526 So. Main Sf. Phone 899 Mrs. Simon shows latest selection of spring suits to Norma Swartz as Marge Fisher looks o n enviously. CON GRATULATI ONS. GRADUATES OF 1947 ' from SIMON'S Always Showing Advanced Styles in Coats, Dresses, Suits, F urs, and Millinery FINDLAY COLLEGE A Lrberal Arts College Fullv Accredited Specializes in High School Teache Training in all common high schoo subjects. Specially certified to train teachers ir Physical Education and Commerce. Also offers pre-medical, pre-pharmacy pre-dental, pre-engineering, and pre law courses as well as preparation fo laboratory technician and medical tech nologist. FALL SEMESTER STARTS SEPTEMBER 16 CO0PER SERVICE Go "BUY" Cooper Tires Open 24 Hours Findlay. Ohio Phone 5 Compliments of FINDLAY HARDWARE COMPANY 220 South Main Street PHONE 1902 Jim Ridge and Albert Leckey examine a new bicycle at the Findlay Hardware Company. I Jane Rieck and Susie Redpath debate over their new ensemble at Uhlman s U i-I L MA N ' S 89 MAKE IT A HABIT TO MEET YOUR FRIENDS GOING TO SCHOOL FINDLAY TRANSIT, INC Phone: 2839 Two modern buses make their stops in down- town Findlay. THE INGALL STUDIO The Best in Modern Photography View of Reception Room OUR MODERN STUDIO SERVE Spacious Camera Room YOU FOR GOOD FOOD I'r's the HOTEL PHOENIX COFFEE SHOP N. P. Cook, Prop. PHONE 23 305 So. Main ST. HOTEL PHOENIX Z I E R O L F ' S "CLOTHES MEN LIKE" High' pressure solesmen, Joe Fossett and Bob Chesebro, sell flashy ties To Laverne Witte- borf ond Jerry Toylor. 91 "Congratulations to the Class of 1947" KENYON HEATING and APPLIANCE CO. 310-314 No. Main St. Phone 1012 Findlay. Ohio HE DICK'S AUTO PARTS Photo shows I t II tion of R d tHeoting System, I t II d in GI so G ge. We Specialize in ATIN G and PLU M B I NG 347 Midland Avenue FINDLAY, OHIO New - AUTO PARTS - Used Phone 216 92 L Iybl GC f Q s ed by D Jacobs Q E' Boker Ofwcife mdfcoff DISTINCTIVE FASHIONS Next to Harris Theafre B8:B OIL AND FUEL COMPANY QHIGH GRADE COALSD Phone 1701 Hl7!?.g f'lft'f'WlNG' MEDLUCK YUUB JEYVE LEB Quality Iewelry Established 1931 213 So. Main St. FINDLAY, OHIO WOODS ARTCRAFT DIAMONDS BULOVA-ELGIN-EVKOB WATCHES EMERSON RADIOS BIRTHSTONE and LODGE RINGS CROSS and LOCKET SETS Joanne Gardner and Norma Herge look over 94 Bess's surnhner head scarfs. bess Shreve FEMININE APPAREL 521 So. Main St. mf S 00m tif CENTRAL RUBBER AND STEEL CORPORATION Compliments of HANCOCK COUNTY AUTO DEALERS' ASSOCIATION Compliments of Www FUNERAL HOME 300 West Front Street Findlay. Ohio Phone 60 Enjoy ------ ISALY'S ICE CREAM and DAIRY PRODUCTS "The Wor1d's Best" RECREATION Congratulations! BOWLING ALLEY 132 E. Crawford St. RAY'S Walter Wellman, Pres. Robert Bowman, Mgr. DANCE Marcus Downing, Sec. STUDIO J! 5-1fp5,V Apply 744641 THE Ol-IIO BELL TELEPHONE CO. eginneiis uck 0 The girl who starts in telephone work Ends real beginner's luck. She learns her job pleasantly with other beginners just like herself- possibly from her own school. She works in light, airy oiiices with the latest in equipment. She relaxes in beautiful lounges with friendly co-workers. AGU U in use 622952, Q Q A She takes home a good-sized weekly paycheck which she knows will in- crease steadily through scheduled raises. Her supervisors are congenial and understanding. They reached supervisory levels from beginning jobs just like hers. Promotions are made from within the ranks and today's greatly increased traflic has speeded up these promotions. The telephone beginner strikes it lucky because she has chosen a company which earned its reputation for being 'HW gd " "a good place to work". 1' i lx Rx X ia Giga ing CLQVLQM5 II2 W. Front St. Visit our Modern Plant at 7OI Howard St. Quick and Efficient Service at all times. WE PICK UP AND DELIVER DAILY PHONE 6I7-W or II75-W CIarence Schlencher, Prop. ,mov iai,y,,l,, 'O S f. 'fo , 'wo' 4-mi IJ Y' DAVENPIIRT INSURANCE AGENCY Established l93l Representing AETNA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY and Affiliated Companies Providing Practically Every Kind of Insurance and Bonding Protection PHONE 442 Note our new location - - - 201 V2 West Crawford St. Compliments of STATE ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRES ROBlNSON'S Complete Line of Infants' Wear "TOTS THROUGH TEENS" Linens for Showers and Gifts Our Specialty 524 South Main Street Main 529-I GOLD BAR BRAND CANNED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AT YOUR GROCERS Distributed by THE A. E. DORSEY CGMPANY From Hollywood to New York we asked 51,170 beauty experts "What's best for hands?" ,. - The vote was Cream 3 to I And their favorite hand cream by far. .. Beauty-Rich 'll orsrcm c:oMPANY- FINDLAY, om THE TINDLAY PRINTING AND SUPPLY C0 THE PINDLAY PUBLISHING CIHVIPANY J. C. Hochstettler Coal Co. SUPERIOR QUALITY AND SERVICE 424 West Front St. Findlay, Ohio THE DAVID KIRK AND SONS COMPANY AND CLOVER FARM STORES REFRIC-ERATORS ELECTRIC RANGES ELECTRIC DISHWASHERS ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS ELECTRIC WASHERS - DRYERS - IRONERS ELECTRIC CLOCKS - IRONS - MIXERS - TOASTERS Your General Electric Dealer ' 318 West Main Cross Street FINDLAY, OHIO I Phone 954-W BEAMER'S APPLIANCE STORE THE MUSIC BOX WHERE C-OOD FRI ENDS MEET just Two Blocks North of the College NORTH SIDE PHARMACY THE BEST SODAS IN TOWN 310 No. Main St. Phone ZI7 Sealtest Ice Cream SO CREAMY SO SMOOTH Where all straight "A" students get free Sundaes, Sodas, or lvlilkshakes Findlay's only Northside Sealtest Dealer 529 North Main Street MlLLER'S DAIRY BAR HOME MARKET FANCY FOODS FREE DELIVERIES Phone l2OO 534 South Main St. Phone 9l9 Findlay, Ohio CRAlG'S CAFE HOME cooKlNo Sunday Dinners Unusual Foods Fred Salisbury, Prop. Phone Main 328 Member F.T.D. BLOOMlNGDALE'S FLOWERS 6lO South Main Street FINDLAY, OHIO Buckeye Insulation Company Home Office - 306 E. Main Cross St. FINDLAY, OHIO Complete Insulation Service Insulation - - - Storm Windows A. D. HOSLER PHONE 776 Do you like the jingle-jangle Ot the extra pennies saved? Then buy your clothes at Penney's Where style and value are made. PENNEY'S THE PAGE DAIRY 222 Broadway Phone Main lO57 Findlay, Ohio MILK - CREAM - BUTTER - ICE CREAM Visit Our Dairy Store CONGRATULATIONS To the CLASS OF 1947 The TROUT AND JACKSON COMPANY Good Furniture Since 1885 PIANOS and BAND INSTRUMENTS Expert Piano Tuning Phones: ZIS-M and I044 TWINING'S MUSIC STORE and Studios A L B A S S The Only Exclusive Music Store C' L O THES in Findlay Sheet Music Records Lessons C-iven on All Instruments 209 So. Main St. Findlay, Ohio At Your Servicel DRY CLEANING At Its Best GAMBLE STORE Convenient Central Location Automobile Accessories Full Insurance and Part Pick-up and Delivery Service Hardware Bicycljs Radios KR-OGER DRY CLEANERS Refrigerators and Ranges, I3I W. Main Cross PHONE 3I 230 So. Main St. Ph. I824 Cleaning Plant-I704 Lima "It Costs Little HARRIS THEATRE T0 Dress 5ma"TIYH Findlay's Favorite Home at the of BOSTON STORE Amusement BARNHART MEMORIAL F ind1cry's Oldest Funeral Home Smithson. Kirkpatrick. Romick Phone 185 FLOWERS . . . For All Special Occasions CORSAC-ES . . . Ot All Kinds for the Dances WAALAND'S GREENHOUSES I4O Larkins St. Phone 369 KATZ AUTO STORE At-the-Sign-of-the-Cats ZIZ South Main St. Findlay, Ohio N. S. GATES 6 SON Wise and Farquar Furnaces Lennox Air Conditioning Ambler Asbestos Roofs Barrett Bonded Service OVER 50 YEARS OF SERVICE COUNTRY MARKET C-ROC ERI ES and GENERAL MERCHANDISE YE SWEETE SHOPPE First Last and Alwaysl ICE CREAM, CANDIES and LUNCH Corner Front and Main Sts. GLEASON GARAGE and Marine Service 335 E. Main Cross St. Phone 848 Findlay, Ohio When You Crave GOOD COFFEE Ask For "HI-TEST" COFFEE Roasted Fresh Daily in Findlay Ask Your Crocer M. A. TINSMAN, Representative DREST RITE POULTRY Corner of No. Cory and Meeks Ave. Phone I I8l-I Phone eve. 787 Compliments THE KENNEDY PRINTING CO. COMMERCIAL PRINTINC- Blank Books, Stationery Office Supplies 2I9 So. Main St. Phone 296 Land W Sandwich Shop james I. Sarver, Prop. VISIT OUR SODA FOUNTAIN Sealtest Ice Cream Used Exclusively S. AND S. DRUG STORE 3l9 So. Main St. THE NUT SHOP For Delicious Refreshments HARTMAN'S Glass and Chino' Shop l2l North Main St. Quality Class and China We Decorate C-lasswa re To Your Own Choosing Congratulations! SIMON and SMITH BARBER SHOP IO7 E. Sandusky St. Findlay, Ohio ALLEN'S The Whole Town's Talking About Allen's Coats and Dresses Next to First National Bank Bldg. SHOES FOR EVERY MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY Quality Shoes for Less Money CUT PRICE SHOE STORE May We Fill Your Corsage And Other Flower Orders S I N K' S P L O W E R S 404 Second Street GAS. The Modern Fuel For COOKING REFRIGERATION WATER HEATING HOME HEATING THE OHIO FUEL GAS CO. HOADLEY'S RUG :S CLEANING CO. 54 Years at l3l No. Cory St. Phone l00 U FI"1CllaY' New Floor Covering and Rug Cleaning Ohio Perfect Gifts G. R. THOMPSON AND SON 608 So. Main St. "jewelers Since l885" 2nd Door South of The Harris Theatre FOR ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES See - - - The I LYNN A. LYON COMPANY 622 So. Ivlain St. FindlaYi Ohlo Compliments HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE CO. 400-406 South Cory St. Findlay, Ohio CHESTER P. SMITH Monuments Phone 45 I -j l32 W. Crawford FINDLAY, OHIO TOWN HOUSE Home of Good Food Across from the High School 201 W. Main Cross St. Orville Brubaker, Mgr. THE BUCKEYE ELECTRIC CO. 'Compliments of Home of Your Westinghouse REESE S CONFECTION Appliance and Service WHERE THE C-ANG MEETS ERY SCOTT BRYANT'S Foot Comfort Store 608 So. Main in Findlay "WE CORRECT FOOT TROUBLESH 1. 1. NEWBERRY co. 3l7 So. Main St. Phone 23 l -W Findla y, Ohio Always Something New for Your Requirements and for Every THE HI-HAT The Hi-Hat is popular Occasion with the crowd, Dresses - Coats - Suits They Sing their PfaiSeS SIDORTSVVEAR H long aI'1Cl. loud: and Lowest prices for the ACCESSORIES flnesf food . . IEAN FROCKS Anigoruorggyadance if in G 0 R D 0 N 1 S TURNER-FENSTERMAKER First SHOE CO. in WE FIT THE FEET FIRST Quality Shoes Since l889 Fashions 4l6 So. Main St. Findlay, Ohio WHEN BUYING LUIVIBER Remember This Advertisement! Let's Ask THE PARKER LUMBER CO. RIKER'S TEXACO SERVICE Harry A. Riker, Proprietor TEXACO GAS AND OIL Battery and Electrical Service EXIDE 6 DELCO BATTERIES Back of the Post Office . 2l6 Crawford St. Phone 42 Phone 6l I pindlay, QIIEONO' Mam SI' FINDLAY Gifts Worthy of the Finest Sentiment Walgreen Agency LESTER THOMAS DRUG STORE DIAMONDS - WATCHES "Meet Your Friends at Our SILVERWARE Soda Fountain" 303 So. Ivlain Findlay, Ohio I. A. IVICCARTY SEED CO. Evansville, Ind. CONGRATULATIONS and lPopcorn Warehouses, Findlayl Wholesalers and Retailers of Feeds, Seeds, Popcorn and Fertilizers Processors of High Quality Purdue Hybrid Popcorn that Really Pops Earl Ripley, Ohio lVlr. BEST WISHES THE SUNDRY SHOPPE 826 N. Main St. PORCELAIN PRODUCTS. INC. F indlcry, Ohio BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF l947 FINDLAY FOOD CENTER Full Line of GROCERIES and MEATS Main at Howard WE NRE PHUUIJ TU PRESENT This group returned from all parts Young in mind and spirit -they of the World to their favorite voca- represent the nucleus ot our organi- tion at The Gray Printing Company. zation tor many years to come. ' Q755! ,,..,., first? W.. A H-PPRECTATTNG how priceless your Annual may be in later years-a forgotten face or name-happy events recalled-these many Veterans along with the others in the Gray organization consider it a privilege to be ot assistance in such a worthy achievement and to help you produce books ot exacting quality and good taste. THE EHNY PRINTING EUIVIPNNY-Fostoria, Uhiu LARGEST PRODUCERS OE SCI-IOGL ANNUALS TN THE STATE PON1-xAC E MASTER ENGRAVERS T0 AMERICAS SCHOOLS 0 Quality, Integrity and Dependability have established themselves as a definite tradition with Pontiac. We have been constantly on the alert for new and improved procedures in yearbook designing and service. Our modern precision equipment is concrete evidence of adherence to this policy. Our experienced craftsmen and servicemen are carefully super- vised by experts in the field oi distinctive school publications. We are proud to have played a part in the publishing of this book in the capacity of official photo engravers. Our entire personnel congratulate the stall for their splendid work and cooperation. cnool. Punmncnrtou DIVISIO cuz azz wr-:sr VAN nunsu STREET, cnxcnco 1, n.t.xNoxs G AND Y 4 'W -: ' ' E ' - Y 1-4. .- A , . , x ,yn mf , ,aux E .H-F1 ed' T ,Aj.?5, ,. 9' ,Lf , Q, . , ll I A , ' "' ., . 5 -, M QM . ,r. : ffih . .J-A, 1-I 23.5251 :iff , ., K 34, .H-,".N A .ws , v W. , ,Tj ug, ,-U, 9 . rig., fl ,, .w -V, 115:2- im!! nf 1,1 aw ,S ,,.3. n ' , fo f uv, x 1 ' 1 1 4 ' Mg X kv' :yy P. n, ,Q s Q 1 - K ' t n.. , ,Q 1 -.1'J, . ' ' . 11+ .f P -:Q-mg QZ.'?,J'. 'g J,- 'Q :iff ,-V 'L 31' wg " ialzff "'1 --,, as - .xgls-,L ni" ' Q3WfQ 'iff-:.' ln gm. J Env.: - , 'Kam' 'g '- aff' ,g,, . ,..X . , J.. ::' ink" 1' 5 '-.i , Q..-9 I .,RYi..,,l F'-:yy X7, 55,75 -fwf.. Y . f ' A-'. 4 .- ..,-'x ,, S' , 1 I ,- '-X r , f, . .6i..X'f .. MJ. , ' A .- .: mg, :V J-.-w.,.1:-, ery L4 2 " ai ' , 1:91 ,'..- .W ':-.R ,hu ,. 'Q If ., . 'f 1. fx. , QSM, Q- Q5 1522? " - ' ,. .- ,- . .ff x "V 'Jw '23 731, Vp, ,QEEEN ,rvifgf-' A' Ll 'I ,Z"1 'J - 'uw-+ , : ..,.g.',:r,, .,u5II,,f V ,f 'i-if? f 13, gf 4. i - Q., .g. .r hy A ., ,rl :FV , uf- , b 'F -Q Q. W. ?':5, ' A 1-V -'r Wm'L J 'WL' I fn, . ."1'Llc1' f. -z?Q'i1? es- Z E353 , 5. "I F. 1 ff- 5 I fx 'WF' " 11' -f. I-fl I? It ,J -25? 5 ' . .aifngfwi L V - ,L M ','1 Jil Q f ' " an 24 'T' L- V-,"g1-zigzi A-, :'i": f! I-'A .w C311-"E, wiv N -X -,,. T, 512137 wh' LA ,Y , N, ?7fffJ' ' ' ,5',v4,, ,1 1, , ,ff 1. 1.1. -'V'i.., 4' , xv: 3,,.:JC, S 71-3, V17 .ef-Q' -- n K -. --.- lite? ,.-, - ag, v, ,. v,.,, 'vuwmu apfpw A , gh 1 H" , R y, n . . . .":4 , a 7., gm s . . X " fun, 451, ,.. ?? 9,1 , il: ri 914 Q, 'E 2, ,A . .r ' Wi, , I .W .uw A' -42 y v.,-' VV! ul, .r. ,K 1, 1 . W' H-fu, .-E ,.-M 'Psa 1. --g.ff.i.a..A. - ,4,,,, r. ,,. 9, . Mig" - .-.5-r H bf 1 'V - v .- - -. J 1 1.515 - Q .mf 1 f --Q, , ,. .slr . H. , A .iff . ek., , A ngvwg , -,es t - 4 Yi 144. J ., fy, ,N ., .f ,. ,., w-71-Q ' uw " ' T. '- 4. 1 ' 1 . J., g3,4"'Q " 231 . .-sgfgu .-if- 1, "gi ' f Lvgfi' 1 t " A 1' IF? .- Q ff, r 1 f -.- sr- . ngwui, 4 43" ' Q 54? 1 fi' 5 N ., 7 lg? fx. at- J iam '-. V... V! gn. f:15'. 14551 2 ,. , .W , w .f, .,.,-. , Np,,..-f 1. .2 4.15wff' 43 ,fi- 'S'-'Wd 1' J' Q ' .5 . . 'ii ,- K 1 ..,A . .954 -1 " -"LV: M, .J . ' Q' Af E-5,3 TI? 'Q

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Findlay High School - Trojan Yearbook (Findlay, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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