Findlay High School - Trojan Yearbook (Findlay, OH)

 - Class of 1919

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MEET ME AT TYNER'S After School 141 NORTH MAIN STREET The Columbia Grafonolas AND RECGRDS Q Robinson SL Compton 517 SOUTH MAIN STREET GIIE M051 COMPLETE RECORD DEPARTMENT IN THE crm' Tarbox SL McCall Crushed Stone and Stone Sand 952 WESTERN AVENUE Get the Utmost Mileage From Your TIRES By Having Them Rebuilt by the Grant Method Satisfactory Service Assured THE GIANT TIRE Sz RUBBER CO. FE. Mt ARNHART Funeral Director email Emtmlbnallmzncetr' DDDD 110 112 South Main Stre t FINDLAY, OHIO john H. Williamson Farms and City Property Insurance, Loans, Rentals and Investments 220 Ewing Bldg., FINDLAY, OHIO P h Bl d G ld Ad 95 BUYS MAKE NIEN Men Make Business We're Looking For Both WE SELL EVERYTHING BUT ELEPHANTS Great Scot What More Do You Want? The Morescot Cloth- ing Co. N Store The HALLMARK Watch is the aroduct of one of America's leading IIIIIIIII llllllllll, .watch factories-It is, to quote their uwn words- "As fine a watch as we know how to make." Adjusted to temperature, isochron- ism and si:-c positions and timed to the second. we have no hesitancy in rec- ommcnding it as our finest fine watch, Case is Gold Filled, and Solid Gold. We also call your attention to the HALLMARK Bracelet Watch. O. B. Marvin 81 Co. The Hallmark Store Would It Were Thus: Prof. lfintou-L'nless you al- low me to give you a passing' grade. l'll have to compel you to do less work. EE ES 1? XYhere can a man huy a cap for his knee? Ur a key fora loek of his hair? Can his eyes he called an academy l'leeause there are pupils there? ln the crown of his head what gems are found? ltho travels the bridge of his nose? Lian he use when shingling the roof ol' his mouth, The nails in the ends of his toes? Can the crook of his elbow he Sent to jail? .Xnd if so, what did he do? llow does he sharpen his shoul- der hlades? l'll he darned if I know, do you? i2 1" ig Mr. lYalters-Do you know how eoal was first discovered? llorothy ll.-I think it was smelt. 14 ii i5 I'asst-nger lon Pullman earl- llo you enjoy your position? Porter-Yas, l likes de quar- ters heah herry much-when l fret 'em .N - ot! A!! st! f- f- ,- This Will Get Your Goat 'llhis said the goat, as he turned from the tomato can and hegan with relish to eat a liroken mir- row, this is indeed food for re- l'let'lion.,' te: le: te: Kliss llaker-liive a quotation from tht- llilmle. Louis R.f".Xml hludas went out and hanged himself." Kliss Ilaker-flood, give an- other. Louie-"tio thou and do like- - vu XYISP. 96 Findlay College . A First Semester Opens September 16, 1919 A Professioiial Teachefs Course approved by thc. State Superiiiteiideut of Public Iiistiwftioii, leading to the Degree of Bachelor in Education. Courses of Study Classit-al: Smfieiititicg Tlieologiealg Ag1'll'l1lll1l'ZllQ Acacleiiiiegg Domestic Science: Business: Musieg Artg Oratoi-Y: Religious Education: Ministerial The largest Favillty in the History of thc. College REV. WM. HARRIS GUYER, A. M., D. D., Pres. Good Facilities Send for Catalogues "In the human barometer, smiles mean sunshine and frowns mean frost." 97 f N B. H. Peterman Teacher of ll Dances Lessons Every Afternoon During Summer Months at Riverside Park Manager of Peterman Dancing Academy OPENS OCT. 1, 1919 Cut Orators Hf all nur great frrntfvrs I know nnt which is hcst, 'I'ln-ru! Dan :mil Ilns- :lull jnhn :Incl Iiuae .Xnfl I'lI nut name the rest. Ilan lnllcs tn LIN in XYL-listens strain, Ilc sways 115 with his art 'IM laughter, sinilus. to tl-ars anrl fears Ili' tnnchcs cxcrv heart. Iimw Illls- gels up with stnrrly smile K- Ilrvan lINQfl tn mln. Ilis silver wwrfl- -lilac in-:urls fall .Ns flfith tha- NIHIIIIIQ rlvw, Hur ,Inhn ftnnrls fin thi- pI:nlfoi'1nl1igl1 ,XnrI, lay hi- tsllcnt liring. 'Ihr' tlwnglil nf Ifinnivlll 4'I4lfllIi'l1CC .Xn1I, nmlzu- thc sclnnflrfnnn ring. Uh -mall lint mighty :Anil nut IL'Jl-I' I.llil' Ilfnigln- hmm- :nnrl liolfl, Yann: lim- -inch t'1n'lh :mt -nch :1 rzltc It innlcv- fnii'liI1m1I rnn Clrlfl. .Xml nmny nnira- uf Vflllill Iiilllll' Ftill :raw mir glnrnms crfnvfl. X'fVXK',1'Y1'I'ylhIll'Ill I'. II, HI Iwi - chi'-r llltlll lung final Innfl. fl UIQ l"I"YYl"I4'I'Y '20 4 . ... . . K J UH QUALITY AND SERVICE OUR 1vio'1"1'o 'ff ei ll , lg Fgglgrlfli-iikwg5::J'g'.f 1 ' Jew-wr '- '.Q'l?9 I . " elm A , , 'A I 1. A "ll iw Y Baked Goods Ice Cream and Ices Confectionery RRR, ' OUR LINES Either From Our Regular Stock or Any Special Service You May Want U! I! R Let Us Serve You II! f- . -qc jfffv lawgwgigzlr- ' HIT? 5 ge? 'T ---5-29' ' -- "EW ' 412 SOUTH MAIN STREET Bell 174. BOTH 'PHONES: Home 412 u If you get all your knowledge out of books, you might just as well leave xt there. N j 99 EYES EXAMINED GLASSES GROUND AND REPAIRED I ' 1 QDIOMQIRAQX' NILES BLDG. Gabe Gilmore Studio 410 South Main Street FINDLAY, OHIO ls making a Special Discount of 10 Percent to all 1919 Graduates Who's Your S' If if Q TA1LoR2 YN 7 Q Has Got 'Em A11 Beat, A11 the Time. Ask the Boy About Him and His Tailoring. ELMER RUNKLE 100 Rube Harps-Have you read Freekles? Dutch Foltz-No, most of mine are brown. 93 14 LS Miss Beardsley-Name two or three of Shakespeare's comedies. Francis Taylor - XYell, the only ones that I am familiar with are "Nothing Much Doing" and "just As You Say." L5 L5 95 O'Brien - Oi' can say one thing, Oiilll a self-made man. Casey-Is it boastin' ye' are or apologizin'? ,nn 1 1: fu 1- Mrs. XYllllIlI'11SI-HIDOIIIIZI., what were you and your friend talking about last night?" Donna:-"Uh about Kith and Kin." . Small Brother:-"Yeth, I heard them, he seth 'Kin I have a kith, and she seth yeth, you kin'." L5 L5 iS Douglas S. tniaking conversa- tionb-"I passed your house last night." Mary Marks tabsentlyl-"Qh, thank you ever so much." LS L5 LS Thisill get her. I-le :-"XYould you like to go to the Concert tonight?" She 1-"I would love to." He:-"XYell ,I hope somebody asks you to go." if IB! U! 1- 1- f- XYarren Snodgrass qto moving picture Camera man, taking pic- tures of Liberty Loan paradej- "Say, young man, let's hear you play, "l'iperary'." 55 55 rs Sound travels at the rate of 400 yards a second. but there are ex- ceptions to this rule: Foster's Greenhouse 15601435 stir XL ,rs ,BK t si ,il-HIV' i' lm t ,.. THE Hom: of' FRESH FLOWERS FOR ALL SEASONS Floral Designs a Specialty 863 South Cory Street Everything u n cl e r the Sun is Going Up Our Prices Are Right and the Quality is Good-See Us Before You Buy. ULSH 8: ADDISON Scandal ..........,,.,,.......,... 1,000 yards Flattery .,.,........................ 500 yards Truth .....................,...,..,,., 233 yards Both 'Phones 168 An alarm clock .......,,. barely a foot 101 f N GET YOUR F L O W E R S AT THE 'inn BLUE AND GOLD GREENHOUSE S P A L lvl E R ' s 007 1 2000 123-125 East Front Street Both 'Phones P. W. EWING, President. The Qhio Bank SL. Savings Company Resources 51,200,000 We Want Your Banking Business Come in and See Us II' You ,x.l'l' Kvwll .XH1'l'vZllllt'S Call 656 'l'lll'S1'Hl'1' XYlll-l'f- You PEIUY fllr' Ill-:IST Illl' HW Must The North Side Mercantile Co .X XN'lll'fl to ills- NYM' is Slli'fil'il'llf, Patronize the Blue and Gold Advertisers. 141.3 The Renshler Mortuary FGR SERVICE Un Broadway FINDLAY, OHIU eaven won't be exclusive enough to suit some pe flI9I9lJll BLUE AND GOLD Jjllleuslj The Faculty fx? +51 ,, , W A 1 A 1 . 313 Q 31.4 if r l fa E 25' Y 1. '- 'X ,lgff , . I J, . x ,s i ws., 1 I :Sys - - A L '-- -.R 1 'V " I is X' 9 sf - 'ig t i 'i -V5.5 1? K ' '- ,1-rg , ,V . f Q - 3' ., A- if -ni, 1- , 55,53 'XJ ,V ' X 1 Elini V We X Y' ' '. 'Wk f 1. s , 1 - . ss i i S '11, ' ' 'K .lf 1 X-lm 3' 1 if s 0 li 5 1 , X ,' .il ' , Nix' H 1 1 ' .3 Q- eg i 1 l ' ' . ' K 'w . I - 1. V J - 1 1, , .- PM , i' 5' ' 1 1 ,Pi sc Y ,' ll Q V ii if i i X 'l1,lF, if N I X ' h LS Q . ,N 1 .P . , - A . X . .5 . -F yn 1 I I . , 5 Q ., 1 ' . .4 ' ' 4 ' 1 V' 1-ul . i ' " 1 gy " ' . 41-K' , 4 !"j4 'X ' Wi, in ! , 1 , F- J Vg i KE? ,ge 'wail . if. ,J fl, 11- .' " 1 ff ji., , ,hffkfig X ' , ::... 'gil . fb f gys ' x 1 .- .,. ' . , L 2 'mix-4 --'fr' " -.Q ' V 1 s s, 3 - I 1 ,D V S ab P. 2 I . ,SFA i 1 R-,gt Y i' ., A g K R .AH , 1 X y V 's' . 1 S A' 1 up - , A ,- 4. -fam' 5 1 'QT - l 'W 'fbi f any . 1 A : 4- , l 5 r L,-,, . , MM, M , First Row Mr. Lec-, Miss llill, Miss Baker, Mr. 1301112111 Second Row Mr. Ylvalters, Mrs. Holcomb, Mr. Finton, Mr. H0lco111b, Mr. Conn Third Row Miss Goodrich, Miss Mills, Miss Beardsley Miss Gibson 5 f N J. J. WAALAND Practical Florist and Plant Grower VEGETABLE PLANTS, CUT FLOWERS AND POTTED PLANTS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Wedding and Funeral Work a Specialty Greenhouse 138 and 142 Larkins Street FINDLAY, OHIO J. F. POGUE, President W. H. LOY, Secy-Trea Hancock Stone Compan : : : Manufacturers of : : : Crushed Stone, Stone Ballast, Stone SAND AND CONCRETE POSTS DEALERS IN DYNAMITE FINDLAY, OHIO Both Phones Office Cor. Sixth and S. Ma SK A E L HATTER AND FURNISHER Patronizc the Blue and Gold Advertis 1114 f N To Give Permanent Satisfaction 10K and 14K Gold lass Pins and Rings Should be Entirely Steel Die Struck and of Meritorious Workmanshhip These Are the Essential and Necessary Factors in the Manu- facture of BASTIAN Material, to Which is Due Its Ever Increasing Popularity. On Your Complete Satisfaction Hinges Our Measure of Success. Depend on us to Give You QUALITY, VALUE AND SERVICE BASTIAN BROS. C . 863 Bastian Building. Rochester, N. Y. PRODUCERS ALSO OF Engraved Commencement Announcements and Calling Cards, Club and Society Pins "Fine teeth usually make broad grinsf 105 '5'9n. 'aww ,he Huis: '25-Quran, U A., , h ' uw'- A .gr -,.. A- '--5 ' Y-F' :R-f, f -have--' 'rgy ' A -. L .-- -4 ,sf Q-. w- +A .A . 1 293, 'Rx' BUY BUTTER KRUST BREAD BEST AND ALWAYS WILL BE ALSO CAKES, PASTRY AND ICE CREAM SWITZER BROS. 532 South Main Street Mejeetie Tlbieeiiire at wi 'Ilf1II0Ilf1IIf wi in H. W. POWELL, Manager Findlay's Center of Amusement High Class Entertainment Only We Pick 'Em Matinees at 2 P. M. Evenings at 7 P. M. Established 1892 Bell Telephone: OHice 352-Y: Residence 760-K James Shea GRANITE AND MARBLE WORKS A Large Stock of Finished Work on Hand FINDLAY, OHIO Salesroom and Factory 608 South Main Street, Next Door to Majestic Theatre Patronize the Blue and Gold Advertisers Ulf: f N A. G. F U L L E R AT'1'oRNEY-A'r-LAW 407-413 Ewing Building FINDLAY, OHIO "It is our desire that CYCIB traliszlctioli with this concern be I1 satisfzlctory one tu each :md evcrx customer." I. C. PORTER HARDWARE CO. FINDLAY, OHIO OUR MOTTO: "All we can give for the moneyg not all we can get for the goods." M. D. NEFF 8: CO. Lumbermen X J 107 Collingwood SL Edwards STAN DARD' AUTOMOBILE SUPPLIES For A11 Makes of Cars FORD AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE STATION L. H Square FINDLAY OHIO HALT . We Guarantee Our Clothes Pressing, Cleaning and Repair- ing Service Second to None. ETEST THIS? GUARANTEE l.EA lNG'w0RKs A Daub, Schuchardt SL Hoyer BEEF, PORK, VEAL Mutton, Lard, Poultry and Smoked Meats and Sausages Piones: Home 661 : Bell 6. No 622 South Main Street lfl'4 f N Both Telephones 119 East Crawford Street W. S. CLARK FU ERAL DIRECTCR 3 Qi X 'xl x E or egg? rf TM Motor Ambulance and Funeral Service FINDLAY, OHIO "Belief that there are as good ish in the sea as ever were caught is poor consolatron when we've lost our bait. 109 FOR GOOD SHOES . TURNER-CROSBY The New Ro al Theatre Where you can see The Latest and Best Pictures at all Times yy Easy and Comfortable Seats and Best of Ventilation. Thanking the People of Findlay for Past Patronage and Asking a Continuance of the Same. D-. G. RALEY, MANAGER. DAY CYCLE COMPANY VIM AND EXCELSIOR BICYCLES PM? For Pleasure and Commercial MV E35filg,,g'i' ,f ,X Service. xxx j X' Bicycles Sold on Time Payments. lQJiQl2Q,., K ,f f -Ei 111 and 11116 East Sandusky St. 77 A fx? gym ' ffl! fx' r X N 5 --T, X ' Z by , Open Evenings. Tir llfl HAYNES WILLYS KNIGHT O V E R L A N D INTERNATIGNAL TRUCK WX X ,gg XL Fisk and Goodyear Tire Service, Ever-Ready Storage Battery Station, Mileometer Service Station. STORAGE REPAIRS ACCESSORIES The Tacoma Garage Company 124 E. MAIN CROSS STREET P B RICE, Gen. Mgr. Bo h Ph your kn The New Styles for pring If you haven't seen them you ought to nowg they'1'e the best yet: waist-seams in single and double breasted models: new ideas in the Varsity Suits: waist-seams in overcoats. Hart, Schaffner 8: Marx have given us the best of everything: we'11 show you. Silk l1osic1'y--1-xtul stwng t'u111plete new lin 0 of YIIIIIUS, all 1-wlws, all siypg, spring 1104-kweal' - rt-udy for full. NUTS- l1L'1'lbit'S H1111 Soft Shirts in HH thc, Spring FIWIWS ill Thi' 11 U W 0 st 1l2lffl'1'11S and 1-o1o1'i11gs are styles. here. BLGCMI GD LE'S THE ULD ETTLER BLACK RAINWATER X- ,elf f - ,f 'G' 'T' mg 5577, I- x I .M Ilfll Its L mg 557-7, 4 425' tg 420 ,x 'mx t'14,x'r mnx xx'1I.1, Q5 Q Q29 W f A .g1.1isx1: .x 25-lzsxuluil, W t41s'1'12Rx W -e ' WILL CLEAR 'ml 154 DIC S 'xI.V. l2Y,X1.I. NIU rL,'liIQS W"-L C'-EAP THE BLACKEST a-s-w Bl-BCKEST Rainwater XM A , ,, Rainwater ...nw noun.. . blx I'fJlx I I mnrsw nouns. ---fxV:w11!':u511:1'cfl Ivy- THE ULD SETTLER C0. I lfIN!il,XY.flllIf: 112 H543 Q, "X '- -'F1i',59"':'- FX: ' ', X ' -i 'gf' qiflllf- "'.fTfTL35:'i:' ...iff gQ.,.:I3eg1-1ggig?:'.- ,f N -fe NX A N 4 X A -Cfiziy-" 1-' ,-T, -fa.-5-fxf' fg,.:,w4 -f'-'IAQ-Rjigfy'-,'. 'W' 1 f,.Qg-'r X -Ifzijjfiif-fp: 1 wg-' - X ,.wg1:1g.:f:i.,'5ti: 1 5545544 X M51-s19'4:. ?cfiS..,,X 1 H 5-15 ". wif ' 'iQ'-:ali . . . r -1fv'E:' if ,V 1 ' grfgiggrffkks 62.41:qxw:5,g3 f ' -up-wif ' .- .- ,H , - V5 . f ff,".'.A '-."L'1.::..f-'.4:1'CL C'-Z".. Niiyvlf. 7- f fx X tgp x I XXX X Z-'lifes.'-525:was-iffy:-iiiifcf,,::f1H3gvigo,j' .., ff: f ,, , gf::.f:y 'P-. 4rm.:f4z3-ii:-21.13.-:,-..-..-1, , 4 f , x J 9'-:xii 11.-215''119f,1f1ZwfM'-sfo"',"gf.'-Zi-fgaii? ' fm--:fav ' w , wx ff-uv, vs-.fffaifw-1.yfu5f, 'H 1, : f 1 JMX- X A SiQsM'f?,f042f25ipfiQ 2,if'f'!'f24' f Wiz! ,nf X M EN!! , X X'4',1fsy4v2f4i2zz?2-'f 01 wif' yi.. J. , X W, f agen? ' ,K K 6-E94 X' Q W ,f 1 x 9 f X ggi-.X X I I , X XX X ,x X . xv ' ,f , s X X IM x 1 fm V + 5 5 f f I Jr!! ,XX Ng S X fx X ' I 'i . 3 X , X , Y R: S 7 " D ' X 7 Jf f, ffl ' XX f 4 Xwxh K fd p A X j I f , Il X , ml X s V 'U 1 Z Ki lffx Vjymi fy! fflelsllfl BLUE AND GOLD Hfllslsjj -Q -es' ' T" B' 'Q' F'-0 f 1 - f U L . 1 ' .. . .1 f 1 f ' if E V VE" ' L , 4 ' -L ' 4 - 2' Q 0 W A Jr: - N4-', Q, hh-- ' MAM , Q 3 , g Q Ar - . .1 'V--at ' lx ' I Y.- l l V M ff fy , 3'7" -, 1 1 FACUL1 Y SNAPSHO rs 6 .', 4 .- 1 flzf, L Af. ,V .i- . ' 7 i 5 , x,,5n'.':, .' .. u ..,. . L 1 It ,Mb lin. . 'H' 'rel .4 . n , , If -. .-1"- , '-'ffrrz . ' aff: 1 .,'.4. " 5, L 1 r , . z Q ' . .km f-wt, i .,I, 1 v - .--L .3 x .g- 'E' " r I' , J, .. . A .- 'i--4 'f F., 3 , , ,7 fx, R35 ,po-, QV.. "' .-A r. .,1, - . -4 'rms Mligtwmc 'REPUfLIGAN4 FINDLAYQ omo , ' fi .'.v:?'S'J. J' ,. R ... ,., ' ..-'. .f- X 14- fx: afvff' '- . P Q, 'f-nr' " ' Ju' J.:- .5 ' vt" Y, , 4. 'lk ' 5, .E ' .V f 1.. 'fffvflf 1- 4 . ,-,-., A, .:,.. 'IA- 34' . W. . , -.L .-I . E. , , 1 4 . v , . .Mk '-5 5, 1 ' '7 -4-A 1 El: ':,:Tv'2?"'+ -" '- 1 4ef"yS . in -fx X - - - qv, -1- N aX.a""' gb?"-' vtff-,'1 ,Qu ve .Q M . .ol-. .- QQYFC5 A r 85 x P . s . avi 'va 4 . .- ', yn . . n N, .',- ' . 1' bit ta Y Q i ' iw, ' 5 - F" we "4 ' Q5 K4 1, 7 '? e .5 i l 3 W K Rl I F., K..v4, 4 . :..A,' f". x ,- A, 3' , n lvsf' r-. ',"k,4 .1-L 'Q ' 9595 . . .4,,. f-X . E 1 Q.. . I , 5 , r. X . ,g Y V " 'wir H 1.5, . '25 if . Q-gpg v-Q. 'N I I --I A I - . EG' '1- 545 is 91 , ,nl 1 Y' 'D 0 n C U v I 4 Y A ,.. 1 ' Q, Y . ,Ph iv ., I . " Y! . H , 5 4' ,. - Q f ' M' m -.. w 5. 1' v:- '. .um ' r' , ,. i . V . .0 , A " 'WV .., .ml E A 'uw 1'- , rbi -Af I . ' mx , X af A n Nu 1 Wy? I , A ,L,.J , -.n.a"1'. fl xii w..,X M' LL' . , 'S - .. f' 4 , r . W I 1 Y 4' u"f" 'L juu. , We '- -D' . ,. 4, Us 4 W V 1 D . .,, , I ' M I ,ft ff? 1,-ix ' ' ' vw, A' F? ' ,Y 1" 4,-" I" u. , ,,' cu: , .' '-.. W -P fmt 1' f LP ""' 1' 4 ' V a - , , ' f - J .In 1:-1-I W ?i".' 1 " 1 I lv. u . . 4 ,.f. 4 Q -gif Q, 2 " H' ,. - 4 Y lvl' v If , ,V QQ: .Iy :A 'I fy ff? . 'V' .X 'nf Q K lg.: . 31 . -ik, , Q- - .4 Q x IQ' I" ' 1 . '- vf 1. v jf ,. 4, - V' me 4 v uw .4 ,L -'lu tlb Qfghiqi ,u X F, lie D V 'Q .' I .X ' 'i t M451 fl., , M, 'ff' ' "' 'X b Yr -1 ,X X -X , , X 'X X 16", H . T' i 5, I tif, , fn xy X V ll wr' . XY W W .X , , X , , I L .3 X " ' X , , hu X' qu 'V I I NM' A V 4 - 'ff r 15- we . X ':X ' ' 'X '. ' ' mm 1 'W' . .4 ,L 9 by nf! Xi. X ' " 3 'ff H X 3 v wg f .X -, I . J X. ... . D v Lg' A Y 4, I ,X I . ' X X I Y tb ... 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TEES-S. 1 ' ,g',.Sfr, if-,ln ghihgf, 4-,' ,4 vQ',u.g',..-H ..- gg,..-jg :-- -f...-gf...-.I ,'. 2-, .- . 1..,,g!.V,g,g.,'3,i.:q,,,1,5,g ,,gU...:.2H.. ln.-, ,MI ,.::,5, .- ,,..U ,., A x . 1 -- 1 U:-1 ,' ' J .. ng: 4 z Z-,,." ,: ,:.- ...L ..',, D 'fl HI, "-ftzigiifztlffai2gZ-g?5N,4f:-ff1.':'f?22.gfri igf'!'f-" - 5,:.. -'rw ,-- , .- 5-:,., 1' A ".":::i'i-::, !5.:l544Ef!slie 1"ggf '5n:g.A.f':'f':Q'-:gf-f' '51-':, rw '-2 ' , ' F - ' ,,,g,.', .LAN-',,-.1 I. 'jp-',,:Lj' :rg -,.:1 ,5',. 3-' . - ' f-f.:, --fffff'f1f:'ss7'2I.:gm:--asffwfrff..111 H. -' -1 ' .' 1. 4 -,jigv,:9Uf.,:j.g,,',.,-3',. ug'..fA'1!ugff!1'g'f.,2g'j it -rl. l ,U-U 1 ' 'fffllfflfjf,-'Q,41:l4'f1ffgfff'l"ff" f'Q'f'vj",--,"'f jflf-l',p ff "'ff" " -fe'i- Ay':--"'a'5---g. -"::g-"4.- -':,.F-Q.: .--.. ,, ,:.,--- .- '-. 'f'f--."'f.-'r'pf-'- Lf-- 'f"'5.'1 "',- ",.- 'S "1 ' ',..,',,.,..f, ,..-.,,,,!H... W ,f .-f,,, ,, ,. ' , . . f. ff:.,.' . --f ...H -f.. -fs. ' .:,.,-'., '., . ' -151: .gg.g. ..'g: .3f'r ,gg'3,- gfa-.5 . ..3g:: - - . ,f.. ' ".1f 1.''::iflf,'sffgg7:.lfE7z."Af:zI-g5g'j--1'.. f :gig ' ""32f1:'.1fi.: 1112:-22-12-'--fr.Q42::.- -f"?-i-::- ' ' .wr ..:'gj.y-i-'faf1,g,.4-gg,.:f-,L.I112.-5 , '7-, Q5f54'g5gggf'.ff,Q: -ff"2 . ,L"l',Z . if Li1',im,.,:,,,,:.' ,4,::5.:.'.I .... . .ht . I., .. ,,,. ,. ,,,.. I . l..Q,. -ff... -g ,-gh... , 4 j,. Hg .jf ':f,..a-1,35 ..::,,." ' Q1-"::9,,.'f: 1.2.1 ' ' 1- :. ' . iff': 1 . ,, Z... . ' 1 x My 1 fflelsljfl BLUE AND GOLD Jjfllslslj SE K1 1065 KM 1, Aff-T 314.5 f i? N Z WBTXJ Hieleljl BLUE AND sou: ljfhsisll History of the Senior Class By DONNA WILLIAMS ln the year of 18110, Findlay lligh. a charmng young lady. married a -nan named Seltuol, tlms having for a family name Findlay High School. This happy couple lived and prospered many years. They had quite a number of children. but they were more or less disappointed in their little ones. Sex eral years ago, however, there was born to the School's an adorable I air ul' twins-a little boy and a little girl. The boy was christened "Famous" :mtl llle girl "l?l10". Tlte first year the twins were with the family, the older children abused them considerably and called them the "l7reshies". Hut Famous and 1919 y-.ere hearty youngsters and took the jokes and pranks quite good naturedly. llut that which made the parents so proud was the splendid work which the twins did in their classes. 'lille next year, however, the twins seemed to get the "big headn. They thought they knew everything worth knowing, Therefore, their brothers and Qisters called them "Sophonioresf' and even their adoring parents were forced, at times. to punish them for lack of attention to their studies. liach year lianious and 1919 received a new nickname. The following year they were known as "-luniors". That year the twins worked very, very lzard and learned much: but they were, oh, so modest. These Juniors didn't seem to realize how much they knew and they never put on airs, not even uhen they gave such clever plays, and played football and basketball so splendidly. That same year some of the older School children were going away to college. These brilliant little twins, all by themselves, arranged an attractive 1 arty as a farewell to them. It was called the .lunior-Senior Reception. Once again the parents' eyes shone with pride and they spoke often of the twins' marvelous achievements to their friends in the City of Findlay. lint it was during the last year at the home lireside that the twins proved that they were worth their weight in gold. These children invited some friends to the home and very successfully entertained them at the game of lthetoricals. Famous and l'll9 showed an inclination toward a literary career. iiiliey begged their parents to permit them to publish a book. After the twins assured Klr. and Klrs. School that they would not ask them for any money to 1-nlili-li it, the parents consented. ililiese children, who were now known as Seniors, decided to name the book for their father, whose lirst name was lllue, and lor their mother's father, v bose name was Hold. ln fulfillment of these plans a wonderful book is now in circulation iliroiigglioiit tlle lfnited States and Canada, with the title of the "Blue and Hold " by I ' THE FAMOUS IQIQ X ffl9l9llfl BLUE AND GOLD llfllenell i oz .' nr' , . . g ' - .1 , J 5, ,- V ,M i - x e 4 we - ..-ani -. . if 'Ns'gfE- ' . N X1-. .. S ' gil 353' - . W f t - , i 3:11, ' , its 32, -X-4-1 , . .11 , Eirug.-Y. :aw A 4 NE V t Z, . Y., . 'w ...QQ . 1,-'f ' ' A .,., . W- WV A s .wp I , egg, " 1 ,,. - i A -. .HQ"f,. F43 'HW r .eff T 5. - t-2 . - I we .,, :Teak 511, It , its-. -W .,,4,gag,i- - l fins, i- ,,g,oY.x,- ,gg . wif- V 3 l :L ,px 1, ss t 1 LV QJ.. . Ei WN? . it x . Eff, Eigf 9 A Senior Qflicers Daniel Cunningham-"Dan" Classical Course "With eyes that looked into the very soul--" 435 NVar Savings Stamp Contest, tell President of Senior Class, .-Xrbor Day Program, Rhetorical, Red Cross. Wayne Weiger Joe Wisely Commercial Course Lalln'Eng1l5h Course ,,Oh h . , . . ,, "In every deed of mischief, he had a heart to ' ' t ou fn Wise' uf Certam- resolve, a head to contrive and a hand to exe- l3l Vice President Junior Class, fell Cute- becy. -Senior Class. Secy. S. C. C. Q31 Rhetorical Committee. Park Board. "Monsieur BC2lllCEl.lI'C,H Rhetoricals, B. KZB, C3l. K4J B. K. G. Stan, Treas. of Sz G. Staff. Senior Class, Senior Play. Ruth Werkheiser-"Ruthie" Classical Course "Her friends are many, Her foes-are there any?" ill Vice-President B. Sz G. lNalking Club, Latin Day. 42: Marathon Play, Secy. Athletic Association, B. Sz G. Weekly C35 Reception Committee. Cantata Pirates of Penzance, Glee Cluh, "Arrival of Kitty," l3l, 1-1-D Rhe- toricals Committee, Rhetoricals. B. X G. Staff, f4l Vice President Sr. Class, Bulbnl. Arbor Day Program, Ring and Pin Committee, i'Monsieur Beancairef' Asst, Editor of B. SL G. 9 Hlslsljfl BLUE AND GOLD 1111191911 Class Roll . Dollie M. Amsler-"Billy" -L Commercial Course i "I am une of the gentle ones." , 5 ' 141 S. C. C., Rhetorieals, llanuer Com- x , mittee. I , K' Dean Axline 5 ,, i Classical Course "Sometimes I set and thinl: .mil sometimes l jist set." 121 Blue and Gold llfeelcly. 131 141 Rhe- torical Committee Rlietoricals. 131 IE 5- ".Xrrix'al uf Kitty." 141 Justzuneres. 51 A llulhul, E. X G. Stall, Monsieur Beau- ? caire, E E Luella Pearl Bayless E Latin-English Course F' an "l'inslifulnc-ss is rm ornament to youth." - .1 ' ' 131 Cantata. 141 Rhetorieals, Bulhul. Eunice Bolander-"Eunie" .W I 1 Latin-Spanish Course "Bly youth is full of sport." 1l1 Latin Day, B. K G.. W'alkiug Cluh, 131 lieceptiim Committee, Cantata. 141 Decorating Committee, "l2ulhul." fi . A if, Alice Ferol Brinker-"Hoots" ,. Classical Course S in - "Never ton busy to help others." 92 . ,fl 111 G.-im 111hif11 High sfiwii, 121 131 . IJ 141 F. ll. S.. 141 lQllClOl'lC2llS, Justa- Q, 2- mere. .Puhliu Speaking Class, Ilauuei' gf Cmnnnttee. ii Lillian M. Briggs Stenographic Course R- "A perfect wnnian, imlrly planneil, l' N T-1 warn, tn enn1f11rl 'intl vommanilf' 'Q me . 111 121 Meuflou 111hif11 High School, I S 131 141 I". ll. S.. 131 Glen' Cluh, Pirates f ui Penzance, 141 S. C. C. , Ralph Brown-"Fat" 5 English-Spanish Course li "Sn milll, su merciful, so strung, su qmail." ' 131 141 l1ccuratiug Committee, 131 "Ar- 4 rival uf Kitty." 121 131 141 liaskethall, I lfrmilntll, Stage lf,h-ctrician, 141 I1. 8: 12, Staff, Hanna-r'Cmnmittee. Roy Burrell-"Tubby" Commercial Course 1 1 "Ht: is nim- in his wily, hut hc weighs lun much." ,A-my H, . 1 121 .131 141 ltimnllmll, 141 "Our Little l"Vifc." S. C. C. 10 Qlelsllfl BLUE AND eoLD Jjflleusjj Yette E. Caslow ijfgf wr'-T5W,fi - -'f- Ai' 7 Commercial Course V "I'll be merry and free, ' 1' I'll be sad for nae-body, If naerbody care for me, , I'll rare for nae-body." . tll B. Sz G. Nkialking Club. Q-ll Insta- t meres, S. C. C.. Arbor Day Program. X "Our Little lVife." Raymond Clouser M335-4 Classical Course u A "A kingdom for a stage, princes to act, V 1 And mafdens with me to behold the swelling .ef scene." K C2l B. 8: G. XVeekly, F. H. S. Band, 131 Cantat?-t. "Arrival of Kitty," Q33 gill if Rhetorlcals, 441 Rhetorical Commit- A tee, Bulbul. ' Esther Lounette Cole Commercial Course I "Silence never makes :i blfmder L41 Rhetorieals, S. C. C. v Norma M. Collingwood Q 1 ge A Classical Course Q' it "For nothing lovlier can be fonnll in wonmn ' Than to study household good," lll B. SL G., 'XYalking Club, 1.3! Cantata, ' t I 1-ll Rhetoricals, Banner Committee. -J 'Q Ai. Alice Gertrude Crites A, Stenographic Course 5 "To tireside happiness. to hours of ease is- Blest with that ciiarrn: the certainty to please' 5. 'F R33 Cantata. t-ll S. C. C. ii Ez . ' Yi 3 . mi. Harold Crosby-"Pete" QI sl P Latin-French Course L. . "Laugl1? Yes. XVhy not?" - . is Q25 Orchestra, B. Sz G. XYeekly, 433 Rhe- toricals, Cantata, Park Committee. Q41 " C Cheer Leader, Monsieur Beaueaire. Edward K. Crosby--"Whitie" Latin-English Course "Let the world slide, I'll not budge an inch." O Football '15, '16, '17, '18, Basketball '15, '16, '17, '18, Ass't. Football Coach '17, A President '17, Athletic and Cheer j, if Leader 'l7. , 4. . ii X Elizabeth Davis-"Slib" "Life is too short for menu anxieties." ill B. X G. XYalking Club, Q45 Rhetor- 'J icals. 5 , 11 K 1u9l9JjH BLUE AND 601.0 Jjfhsusl Q . 3 5 if , 'Ny f. . ' . I' 'V S, ' 4 ,. 4. ' .5 'Q ' I ,as-1'Yt1Q'n I x!f If lil: ing. 'Y -, 3 A - 5 A ? 7 s I Q' , if if Q. - -, Elsie Denison English Cours.: "A merry Ewcgrt m1kn:t" .x ccrfzzl xx Cl ' lllv."l.lllxK all Il. X G. Xlnlking Club, Cozette Dietsch Latin-Spanish Course x.v..-J. " karts 'arf' 'rip il :N xc -1. 1 n ...L .len mc." 'I' IT, X C, xylluilllg Club, 13: RhCIOr icnls. Czvztzur.. A-ll Rin-t-1ricz1l+. Deane Elsea Commercial Course "I never :J ' . Nizxgh ful-cv'--n rxccpl in the 3' Gfcc Clzzl-. Crrzrrzzza. Pirates wf Ilen- xnticc. I-lf 5. C C. Loraine Entrikin Latin-French Course 'A"I'is ul' 1' I ' xc vieiurtninw I'--xx' I ll-vc." ll! Latiri Day. Il. X G. XYaII-:ing Club, l3l mlgc Clan?-. I'1r:1tc4 or Penzance, Khet--rxcal-. Czaztrnml 1-lv Iilletorxcali, Kr"-'-r Ilny I'r- gram. Max Fenberg Commercial Course "l' Fey Pai fcii f 1-r .X'rm'- pri'-Q .L-ne." XS' Crmmtzl. 44' -lv-trmxv,-rc, S, C, Cu Iflul- T-ul, Fm-:'.:1I.. Ilzl-I-cuhlll. Bl-lnsiulr Ikaucairc. Clark Foltz-"Dutch" Latin-French Course . ...L ' ' x:'.1n'. - -'nu ftfgr I I nfl '..',r'4-" -ll Ilartfl. '31 ance. Cleo Y'l..l Q ' Pirate- .J I'cnZ , . . . L... l, I",-vt QI.. I.:l-kv.'I1':nI. Anna Dale Foreman Commercial Course . Q Q .:"'f: l5r'In-'-- 2? .' --!'rr- fe'-nw: un- fi-ltc. ' -lf S. C. C. Gail G. Foreman Latin-Englxsh Course ..I -.:.',. ' 1 r vit 1 -.vfmnnl ren--ln-I thinl- x . nl rf! C I . P1511 -yy. '1:"3':--: I Yldiwl. Wm. -H" llv 42' 131 Mt. IiI:mch:mr1l Iliuh Sch-vol. HISISJJ fl BLUE AND sou: llfllsuell Mayrne Elizabeth Fout Stenographic Course "BV trotli, tliere's little of tlie melancholy' ele- ,. F - . - -1 ment in her." . ' Ill Blue 8: Gold XYalking Club, Ml S. X C. C., Rhetoricals. Carrie Fox Commercial Course "I am sure that care's :-n enemy to life." ill H. X G. 'XYalki11g Club, C43 S. C. C. Mabel M. Frazier-"Maebelle" Latin-English Course "The blush is beautiful hu: it is sometimes in- cf-nvenientf' ill Latin Day. B, S: G. lYalking Club. i t3l Cantata, l-ll Rhetoricals. Insta- AQ mere, Banner Committee. Helen B. Geahry Commercial Course ' "Clad that she is alive, nn'il very much alive - she is as all nur doings ilmwf' HJ S. C. C., Rhetoricals. Mary P. Gillespie Stenographic Course ".-l. maiden of 'fur century yet most meek" Mae M. Grose-"Maybe" Classical Course "Cures not fl pin what they said or may say" lll B. X G. Xl alking Club. -' it if 52 Naoma Rose Haines-"Noe" L' Lat7n-English Course .- ulfllndies lie Init young and fair, they have :lie ' Silt to lcnmi' il." lll B. -X G. XYalking Club. 43l Glee Clulw, - Cantata, Rhetoricals. "Pirates of Pen- 7ance," "Arrival of Kitty." l,-ll "Mon- sieur Bcaucairef' Richard Haley Commercial Course "Cn'ne, growl it out." 12l Marathon, 1. 1? if 3 .AX . l ' 5 9. W 4 ff' f " Q U I i ' P R X 3 ' I i ' .' 1 7 e' ' -1. v '-sv-.' -:..l4, M.- XL.--.Nl Sig 13 Y-'ii Qlsalejjfl BLUE AND GOLD Jjfllsl-all 'R' 135' J ir' 3 - Ralph Hershey I Commercial Course S' "l'Il holler if you poke inc." i 1 l-13 S. C. C.. "Our Little lVife," "Mon- , sieur Beziuczlirc-." p - ' ' In rl W . Q ' Caroline Leila Hill- Red 1 'G Classical Course . "lX'hu? llfhcnce? VVherc? Vl'hy? XVhnt?" -Q ' ll3 Latin Day, ll. Sz G. Wzilkilig' Club, lv33 Reception Committee, Decorating 5 6 . Committee, President jr. Red Cross . , nt F, ll. S., M3 Decorating Committee, J , Ring and Pin Committee, H, Sz G. ,f- ' ' Staff, "Monsieur Ueaucairef' Balmer X ' Committee. 3 Marie Hosler-"Wheezer" Commercial Course K V "No f-:ense has she of ills to come , fl Nor cures beyond today." -- 433 Cleo Club, "Pirates of Penzance." "K ' Cantata, I43 "Bull,ul." S. C, C. xx ' , Richard Jordon-"Dick" ' ' l Latin-Spanish Course If .V . "l'vc mmle it ri practice to put :ll my worries 3' Q. ' flown in the bottom of my henrt then sit on " ' Ar A the Iill :mtl smile." Q Q23 Marathon Speaker, f33 Rhetorical i 5 ' i Committee. Rhetoricals, "Arrival of 5 ' 3, Kitty," 643 U. 3z'G. Staff, Football, , "Monsieur Beauczuref' y , 1 , , . 3 'est 1 Etha Adeline Jacobs-"Addie" 1 , Y V. Latin-French Course ' ' ' "A quiet lass. there are but few -ti ,A 1 3Vho lznow the trcmiure hid in yon." fi X ' 413 KZ3 133 Vnnlue C0hio3 High School, ' E. , A 143 F. ll. S. f . Anna Ruth Jacobs H Y l Stenographic Course 3, , f l "I ought to l-:ive my own in everything, :incl " rv I whats more, T will, too. .f' ' . , . '-F l 413 ll. Sz G. Wztllriiig Club, C43 Rhetor- . ' ' 'l l . Q -4 5 - 4 ' i seals, S. C. C. . A l l l ' ' Viola Pearl Kanable A' Commercial Course , , "Sm: was jr.-s' the quiet lrinrl whose nziturcs nevcl , , vary." 3, i ' ,, !43 S. C. C. ' , , l L x ' ix Edna E. Karns R n ,. i C. ' Commercial Course 7,1 , , VV ' ' "Thy modesty is :i 4-:infllc to thy merit." " N A" ' "" 'Qi ' ' - I43 S. C. C., Iustamere. 14 HIQISHCI BLUE AND Gertrude King Stenographic Course "Her air, her manners, all who saw a'dmired." C15 B. Sz G. Walking Club, C35 S. C. C.. Decorating Committee, C45 "Bulbul," Rhetoricals, justamere. Dallas Lawrence , Commercial Course 'LWl1CHCC comes this silence and unassuming youth?" C25 Marathon, C35 Cantata, C45 S. C. C. Bernice Lear-"Bun' Classical Course "Deep brown eyes running over with glee' Pauline Lime-"Polly" Classical Course 'gOt' my merit 'On that point you Yourself may judge." C15 Carey COhio5 High School, C25 C35 . C45 F. H. S., C45 Iustamere, Banner ' Committee, B. 8: G. Staff. Ila May Loach Latin-English Course "Short, sweet, saucy." C15 C25 Scott CToledo. Ohio5 High X School, C35. C45 F. H. S. Q John McCarthy-"Mac" , Latin-English Course "Endless are his modes of speech and far lfxtenrls from side to side l'is field of words." C25 Marathon, C35 Reception Committee, Decorating Committee. D e h ati n g Team, Cantata, C45 Rhetorical Com- mittee. Editor-in-Chief B. Sz G., Presi- dent of Iustameres. Ring and Pin Committee, Decorating Committee. Football. Ross L. McClelland-"Mac" Classical Course 'Tomh down his hair. Look! Look! It stand-1 upright." . I C25 Marathon C45 Decorating Commit- tee, B. 8: G. Staff, "Monsieur Beau- cairef' George Mains Commercial Course "Tc he strong is to be happy." C35 Cantata, C25 C35 C45 Football. 15 HIQISJJH BICUE AND sou: jftnsusjj lf. 6 a 2 W4 . A . I' 4. . QV ,. i 1 1 e -P1 1 1' Q6 v 5 l ,1 -Z T, ff .I 'Q va I - ' """i' v Q ' I ' Q , I l' ,., ,, I. v. W ' ' A: X s , J. Hugh Marshall-"Deak" Latin-French Course "His was :i prnctivxil turn of mind." 135 t-ll Football, t3l Reception Commit- tvc. t-ll Cadet Cmmnnnclcr, U, K G. Stntl, "Monsieur llcnucznrcf Arthur Mays-"Art" Latin-Spanish Course "l,:iIl' every tintv: you feel tirlilctl, :intl lntf once in nwhilc anyhow." t-ll "llulhnl." Decorating Committee, llnnner Connnittcc, "Monsieur Beau- cziirt-." Paul F. Misamore-"Messy" Commercial Course "Why do they :ill think l'm so good?" 426 t3l t'-ll Ilzislccthull. t-ll Captain Foot- hztll t4l S. C. C. Cozy V. Morgan Commercial Couise "Her umniten:im'c is plensnnt, llcr voice is low :intl sweet." 4-tb 5. C. C. - Helen M. Morris Commercial Covuse "Sire speaks, hclmvcs un'-l acts, just as she might." 44d S. C. C. Mildred E, Neff Classical Course "Fur sllc is wise if I crm jnilgc ul her, tml lair slim' is II the-sc, mme cyc-a, lic true." tll l.:ttin llziy. ll! ll, K G, XVculily. fill Reception, ".Xrrix':1l of Kitty." Rhetor- ical Cmnmittcv, 123 t4l ll. K G. Staff. t-ll Rhctoricztls, Sztlututorirni. Charles D. Perry--"Chic" Commercial Course "tiixu us sonic nmsiuf' 143 S. C. C. Anna Catherine Peschel Commercial Course "'l'hv milflcsl mzmnurs 'unfl thi: yzcntlest heart." ill li. 62 C. Walking Cluh, t3J Cantata. 441 C. C. ftielejjfl BLUE AND GOLD Jjflisisll Clay Pickering Commercial Course "My wife shall not rule me." G , t-111' f2J.Marathon Play, Q35 Rhetoricals, "Ar- ' .El rival of Kitty,' L43 S. C. C., "Our Little 1,-.V VVife," "Monsieur Beaucairef' 155' -5. x. ,ja Kate Price .iz 5 N :ft ' sk' 3 Commercial Course fl "And mistress ot' herself though China fall." 3 t4l S. C. C.. "Our Little VVife." Q A4 , rg: 332 . I Helen Renick-"Renick" ' hi 4 V. Latin-English Course I? 5- fj, "And her. steps were light .ind airy 4' As the tripping: of a fairy." in B. sr G. xvaiking Club, tsl one Club, "Pirates of Penzance," Rhetor- icals, "Arrival of Kitty," 145 "Bulbul," ff: Rhctoricals, B. Sz G. Staff, "Monsieur ' - 1 154 -if Beaucairef' -+- Louls B. Richardson.-"Louie" " Latin-English Course Jail' .' 4 "NVhen joy and duty clash Q. , J Let lluty go to smash." f ' Beatrice Rinehart-"Beaty" - Stenographic Course V "A man! A man! V.- ' My kingdom for a man." 1 l tl! B. 8: G. Walkiiig Cluh, 14? "llulhul." Rhetoricals, "Our Little NVife." S. C. t C., Iustamere. if John Routzon-"johnny" if Commercial Course '-ii ., "His limlis were cast ir: minly mold, For hardy sports and contests bold." t2l B. 8: G. VVcekly, t3J President jr. Class, Capt. Football. Rhctoricals. Glee Cluh, "Pirates of Penzance. C21 131 141 Varsity Foothall, 421 433 I-ll Varsity Baskethall, tl? 423 Q37 141 . Athletic Board of Control, t4l Senior Ring and Pin Committee, S. C. C. fig . ' , '30 .f . Marjorie Lou Sain Latin-English Course "She islri maid of artless grace. Quiet of voice and sweet of face." fllr 6.21 East High School lCOlll1lllJLlb. Uhiol. 435 145 F. H. S., t3l Cantata. 145 Rhetoricals. William E. Shindler-"Bill" Latin-French Course Mg, ww-A-. "Trittary trot, trittary trot, The faster hc went, the farther he got." C25 B. Sz G. VVeekly, Mandolin Club, 43? fg ' Junior Treasurer, Cantatah Q45 Deco- MW ff rating Committee, Iustamcrc, B. 8: G. 1 .. ' 3 , - W- --. ,, , f .. ' Staff, "Monsieur Beaucairef' 17 HISISDH BLUE AND GOLD Muswell r Q. is Q 79' iii P .. Q Anna Marie Shade Commercial Course "I lim! than unusclisc is wingulnrly rvsfrwliing. Joyce Sharninghouse Latin-French Course "l fmlluu lint :nm not infcri-ir." 133 C:mt:1tu. l-lb Justzxmere Clulm, Ralph Sharninghouse Commercial Course "The lgillicw czill him sweat." lll hl1l.l'IllllOll, 131 Czmtzitzi, l-ll S. C. C., "Hur Little lX'ifc," Football. Aleta Ethel Sheller i Commercial Course 4 "She shall lmvrt music whcrcvcr slug guns. i Q-li S. C. C.. Justziiucrc Club. Ilo Arlene Smith ' Commercial Course i "The scicnlilic sturly uf man iw thc mu-l uhtli- I Cult ul' :ill lJl'ZlllCllCS ui knowledge." Q11 4-ll Ring :mil Piu Committee. S. C. C., lilieturiczils, Cheer Lender, "Monsieur llenuczuref' .el Ruth J. Spangler Classical Course . "My miml lu mu :A kingrl-mi is." I 'ff Ill Il. K C. Staff, H21 ll. K G. VVCckly. fa 431 lxhctwricnls, "l irzitcs of Icuzsmccf- fi Clvc Club, Cilllllllll, 145 Rlivtwriczil L5 CGll'lllllll.k'C', Yicn--l'rcficlcut ul juxta- ifvrian, Burma Naomi Stough-"Betty" Latin-Spanish Course UA- merry :ix thc fluy is lung." 1-ll Rlu-toricals. Olga Maude Stover Latin-English Course "'l'rm- :ix thu' In-mllv In ilu- pnlv, Hr :ve Ihr vIi:nl In llu- Nun," fl! Latin Day, ll. X G. lV:1llciug Cluli. 18 ' mere Club, ljkfllllllllg Team, Vnlcflic- tll ll. X C. llhllcillpg' Cluh, 43D Cilllllllll. HIQIQJM BLUE AND Goto ljflleislj X i 1 Q. ..... .,,, . 1-X s- -.. Q- NJ ,-.-7... Mildred Ella Taylor-"Midge" ' ' ' ' ' Classical Course fHf'i'?ff++g:x "How far this little red head throws its beams." C2l B. Sz G. 'VValking Club, Latin Day. , f4l "Pirates of Penzanccf' Cantata, C53 , i'Bulbul." t Florence Thomas l Latin-English Course .ig ff-,, Hlntelligent? Yes, indeed. And with feminine gift of ready speech." 3' f4l Rhetorieals, Debating Team, Iusta- Q :QQ mere Club. 9 A Glen R. Thomas if 1 iii , .. Commercial Course "Speech is great, hut silence is greater." C f3l Cantata, C45 Debating Team. S. C, C. Lola Thomas rf- 2 1 -Latin-Spanish Course , Al iv "Nothing is more useful than silence." W ' 4 ja 9. Leona Torrance G X I English-French Course . "She is not made for the admiration of nil but t ' l for the happiness of one." iq Q C-ll Iustamere, l ' Q G, Mary E. Tuttle i, :yn -ig ' Stenographic Course ' ,of 'These are eyes half defiant, Half meek and con1plia:1t." 53. 2? X ro s. C. C. , -Q , Henry Van Sweringen Commercial Course "And still be 'doing, never done." C3l Glce Cluh. Reception Committee. Cantata, Decorating Committee. till "Bulbul." Rhetoricals, B. K G. Staff. Vice-President S. C. C., "Monsieur Beaucairef' F. Q fe si 'if fl: Margaret Wadsworth-"Peg" 1, Stenographic Course H, 4 i 5 z. l 3 "Set honor in one eye and death in the other and I will look on both indifferentlyf' , C35 Q45 Orchestra, C-ll S. C. C. 19 af . I .,r .. lif! 'Q wr -54. A Pr if Ti ' ,SJ 2 , . :'L' I --fn I l J . .. M - - 4 - 1 ,pl 1 iz' IISISJJH BLUE AND Goto Mussel Donna Belle Williams Commercial Course "She has Hood ideas and the power to carry tnem out." R33 Secretary Junior Class, Rhetoricals, t-ll President S. C. C., Justamcre Club, Rhetorical Committee. S. C. C., "Our Little XX'ife." B. X G. Staff, Highest Average of Commercial Dept.. Com- mencement Speaker for Commercial Dept. Craig Weaver Pearl Yoxtheimer-"Yoxy" Latin-Spanish Course Commercial Course "My only hooks ".-X charming girl as one shall see on a 5ummer's XYerc -'-V0l"llCll'4 lu-ika. day." 7 And tollg 5 allqtlieglve tazight nw- tll B. X G. lx-Zlliiillg Club, RilCt0I'i- i-l Marathon, lol Ixhetorlcals, Decorat- mls, S. C- C. ing Committee. Cantata. l-ll Park Board. Irene Whalen Robert Wrasse Commercial Course Commercial Course "She is xi winfome. wee thing." "I :im meek and gentle," 13h "l'irater of Penzance." I-il S. C. C.. 4-ll S. C. C. "4 lur Little XYife." CLASS POEM lYe are a clafs of fame. ive knmv, Hur colors, lilue and white, XYhite is for purity and lmlne for truth, .-X victory class of might. Hur lwys went furth when war! loud call Swept country rfer and o'er, .Xnd then came hack when peace did reign, Good students as of yore. lYe paws the classrooms and we sigh, Teachers' voices we do hear. .-Xml think of fnrmer times gone hy, T00 iwiftly and trio dear. XX'e'll mis the Juniors' faces, tufl. .-Xi we pais hy in the hall, lVe'll miss the Sophfnnnres-all of you, XYh0 lived within this wall. But while these memories we retain, lYe will not-Can't forget, So farewell to dear F. H. S., VVe leave with deep regret. 20 THE FI DLAY PREVAR1cAToR HOU E DISAGREE at Paris. His former home was in Findlay. Ohio, and he expects to visit there, before returning. WINS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP M. America, and is now Professor of Languages in the Government school Cunningham Meets Opposition in iP1'O1'N'DSl1lg New Billj Fear Long W1'a1igle. XYashington. May 29.-There was great tumult in the House today. when Cunningham proposed a bill for a canal from the Great Lakes to the Ohio River. He brought out the ad- vantages of this long-needed water- way, but was bitterly opposed by Con- gressman james of Indiana. This bill has been anticipated for many years by the people of Ohio. They are certain that their able rep- resentative will inliuence the House in favor of thc new bill, even though affairs are very unfavorable at pres- ent. Cunningham's speech was brief. but straight to the point. He succeed- ed. as usual. in gaining the interest of the House, and the opposition of Congressman James was wholly un- expected. It is a big proposition, and will be duly considered. This passage from Lake Erie to the Ohio, would prob- ably have Toledo as its northern ter- minal. The southern terminal has not been decided, but would be some point with easy access to the biggest rail- roads. Congressmen Cunningham and james exchanged some very sharp answers, and the Speaker of the House was compelled to call for or- der, several times. Among those in favor of the bill was Miss Le One Torrance. the woman representative of the Eighth Congressional District of Ohio. She supported Cunningham in a note- worthy address, It is expected Congress will be held for a long wrangle over this new bill. HIGH WINDS SPREAD FIRE One Big Block is Destroyed and Other Property Razed by Blaze. Cleveland, May 29.-Fire which started shortly after 1 o'clock this morning destroyed the Southern Hotel. Chief Burrell and his men made heroic efforts to save the struc- ture, but were handicapped by a high wind. Firemen think the tire started from crossed wires. Shortly after 2 o'clock two other fires had been started by sparks from the hotel. The Morgan Millinery shop was damaged more by Water than fire. Mademoiselle Cosy Mor- gan reports her loss to be S5.000. The wind carried the sparks sev- eral blocks from the scene of the fire. 1 l Captain Foltz was obliged to Call out the mounted police. to keep the crowds from the blazing ruins. Among the guests at the hotel was Miss Cozette Dietsch, the charming dances of the Follies. She was se- verely burned. The tire was reported under Con- trol at 2:15. Henry Yan Sweringen, the proprietor of the Southern. esti- mates his loss at Sl00.000. HARVARD GETS NEW COACH Students Cheer President's Announce- ment of New Contract. Cambridge, Mass., May 29.-Han vard students went wild with excite- gnient this morning, when President Axline announced a new contract with John Routzon, the eminent athelete. as coach of athletics in the Univer- sity. Coach Routzon has been sought by both Yale and Princeton, and Har- vard is fortunate in securing him. It means victory for them in the coming SCHSOII. FRENCH VILLAGE RESTORED American Woman and Architect Manage Reconstruction Work. Xliashington. D. C. May 29.-Miss Burma Stough and Mr. Ralph Brown have the honor of being the first to manage the complete restoration of a French town. They arrived in XYashington late last night. and submitted the plans of the little village of Longueval to the President this morning. Miss Stough, accompanied by her mother, and Mr. Brown, left for France live years ago They have been living a life of seclusion, in an effort to completely restore this vil- lage, which was destroyed during the Great XYar. Mr. John Rockerbilt financed the work, and was pleased with the out- come. NOTED SCHOLAR IN ATIERICA Linguist Revisits Scenes of Youth, to Return Soon. Columbus. O., May 29.-The Ohio State students were given an unusual treat this morning in the address of Professor XYilliam Schindler of Paris. Professor Schindler came to the United States from Germany. but was naturalized when a boy. He received the greater part of his education in I 4 J i Young Swirnmer Makes Record Time Across Golden Gate. San Francisco, Calif.. May 29.- Miss Caroline Hill broke all records today. in her dash across Golden Gate. She swam the entire distance across the channel in 9 minutes. 3 seconds. The water was unusually rough, but it was no handicap to Miss Hill. By her record trip, she claims the world's championship. MISSIONARIES RETURN HOME Tell of Great Work to Be Done in Foreign Lands. Chicago, Ill., May 29.-The First Baptist church was filled today. for the opening session of the Missionary Conference. The Iirst speaker was Miss Mabel Frazier, who has recently returned from Africa. She told of the desti- tute condition of the natives there. and the great work the church has before it. The second speaker was Miss Alice Crites. a missionary from China. She told of the obstacles which she was forced to overcome. XYith her was little Yuh San the Chinese girl. adopt- ed by Miss Naomi Haines of Holly- wood, California. Miss Haines is better known in the role of vam- pire. to the movie-fan. but this is one of the proofs of her love of home- life. Mayor YX'isely was present at the meeting. and gave a brief talk. The Conference will last one wee.k CIRCUS TRAIN WRECKED Many Injured as Flier Leaves Rails Near Here. Kansas City. Mo.. May 29.-Spread- ing rails is said to have been the cause of the wreck of Crosby Bros. circus, near here today. All the animals were killed. and many passengers seriously injured. .Xmhnlances were rushed to the scene. and every atention given the injured. Among those seriously hurt was Miss Mayme Font. the daring tra- peze performer. She had but recently joined the circus. going there from Keith's vaudeville circuit, The loss to the big show will be in thousands of dollars, and it is doubt- ful it will appear again this season. TH E FINDLAY PREV.-XRICATOR The Findlay Prevaricator Findlay. Ohio, May 20, WZ". o:00 P. M. l'ul1lished Hourly froni 7 11. 111. to 10 p. 111. lfntered as 23rd Class Matter. EDITORIAL STAFF E-111--r-iii-Liiiei .. . Ruih NYerl-ylieiser .Xsst-cixte if-lat--r Helen Morris Society H1111--r Marie ll--sler titty If-iit-11' .iilenn l'h--n1:1s Sport liditv-r Re-l-ert lYr:1sse lit:-:ness M 11'..2eer . llzllas l.:1urente litreieiz Represe-n1.11i1e XX.1yne lYe1ge1 5 C--rrl l'l .lkl e, l.o:11i-111. liuglunl In xiew -,-i the fact that the Pre- iaricat-tr i- celebrating its fourth an- nixer-ary. the editor has seen tit to gixe the pulilie a short sketch of the 111-rk of each inetnher -if the staff. The paper has increa-ed its puhliea- tion nearly IUO ltef cent during the Fa-t year. M1-- lle-.en M--rris, the associate' editor, needs no introduction to the l"i::ril:1y puhlic. Her articles have been a -ouree -11 interest to all readers ot Saucy bt--ries, tor the past three years. 'lihe -ociety editor. Miss Marie il-1-ler. who has heen a meniher of our -tati for two years. came to Ur trotn the New York Triilune. While 1:1 New X-vrk. -he was the only res porter invited to the Yatiderlipiwed-' 'li11:. llle greate-t social exent Ot' 15126. 'Iihe Vreyaricator i- very fortunate to liaze iifenn 'l'h1-n1:1- :1- city editor. lie hai- 'lui recently returned to Find- lay from San lfrancisco, where he '.s:1s city editor of the XYestern Her- ald, Il popular 111,-w-p:1pvr of that city. "ur -pf-rt tditf-r, Robert lYra-se. is 1.-:ell XCR'-k'.'Il to all sports-men. Hi- ree-'t.t in--fl-1 1-'. "XYl1y l'l:1y lfootlfallii ha- :ittrzteted 1!l1l'sL'l'-Stl ztttention. Italia- l.a'.-.'re:1e1-,th11 lull-llltss lllilll- ae--r oi the l're1.:1rie:1t1-r. pr'-11,-il him- siil '.1'l"'1' ljitlriilfle' lil lllitl 110-lliwll HI! tht -latf oi the llwtroit New-. Ile had 1-.1-rkefi hi- 1.-.ay from reporter to '1-:-i:1f-- infinfiu-r in thref- year-. 'lizr r1-:1d--r- are ei,-r1:1i11 of reeeix- ir.: all the- ifilvsl 111,-'.-.- llflrlll :1l1r11:1d, :1- '-.e ent daily report- ir'-in our for- tzgn rf-pre-1-:.t:1ti'.1-A XX':1y11e XXX-igi-r. lie llfie lr"f'll 1:1 11ev.'-paper work, -im-e l"22. Mfith thi- reuien-.' of our -titff, wr- -iwer--'j.' -olivit the psttroniigi- of thi' lf:'fll:1j1 lviifif, '1'y'1' arf certain that .'.e 4117. gin: till' ini' -I Iiilfl lll'I-I luv f'r:tte 111-'.-.-. an d -hall enfl1':1'.or 1-1 iff lil' lit--t -1'f".i1j1 Irin--lilllj PLAYWRITER'S NEW DRAMA Miss William's New Play Sure Suc- cess. New York. N. Y.. May 29.-The theatrical world was given a llevl' sur- prise today. whe11 Mr. Craig XYeaver 1lllU1lllCC1i that he would shortly pro- Killkfif Donna XYilliam's IICXV play- H "Southern hose." This is her second play i11 the last two years. The puhlic has anxious- ly awaited its appearance, and Mr. NYea1'er is certain of its success. CHAUTAUQUA NEXT WEEK Great Enthusiasm Aroused Overl Coming Treat. Findlay puhlic is eagerly awaiting the CllZllliIl.llLlllZl. to he held here next week, Everything is prepared, and all tickets have heen sold. Miss Mary Gillespie, the advance agent. was here last week and made Illk' linal Ill'I'11llQ'C'lllClllfS, The talent for this year is excep- tionally gov-rl, The opening day. the "College Girls' Quartet" will ap- pear hoth afternoon and evening. lt consists uf Bliss :Xleta Sheller, pian- i-te: Mi-s .Xnna Shade, mezzo so- pran-1: Miss Margaret Xiiadsworth, ri-'dinistz Miss Pearl Yoxtheimer, so- prano. ,Xll these young ladies are sifted niusicians, and Findlay is proud to claim them as her own. The lecture given on the third night hy Miss .Xddie lacohs is a rare treat for housewives. She will talk on "l'lo1ne, the lllace XYhere NYe Live." Let every Findlay hooster he on hand next week. BUY AT THE FASHIO SHOP FOR ELITE STYLES GROSE AND FOX 1 1 NEW DEPOT NEARLY DONE President jordan Visits City Satur- day Monring. Findlay's new Union Depot is very 11ear cotnpletion. Mr. Richard Iot- dan. President of the Nickel Plate. was in the city Saturday morning, looking after the interests of his road. The 11ew depot costs over 35,000,000 and will be a great asset to the town. lt is the realization of the dream of many Findlay husiness men, They are sure it will increase the commerce hetween Findlay and outside points. HOSPITAL MATRON INJURED Breaks Arm in Hard Fall-Resting Easy. Miss Lnella Bayless, matron of the City Hospital, met with a serious ac- cident this morning. She was hurry- ing through the corridor, when she fell. hreaking her arm. Miss Edna Karns, assistant, will fill the position as matron, until Miss llayless has recovered. ART STORE OPENT-NG New Shop Owned by Industrious Young Women. Miss Mary Tuttle and Misses Esther Cole will open their new art store at 112 South Main street, Fri- day morning. They will take orders for any em- hroidery or crochet work, and will make a specialty of children's dresses. Both young ladies have had consid- erahle experience. and will undoubt- edly he successful in their enterprise. COURT HEARS DIVORCE CASE Prominent Business Man Seeks Di- vorce From Wife. judge McClelland heard the divorce proceedings of Paul Misamore, plain- tiff, against Katie Price Misamore. defendant, in his court today. The plaintiFf charges that his wife is too interested in her literary amhitions, namely, writing poetry, to manage his household properly. .-Xttorney Mays is lawyer for the plaintiff. while the defendant is rep- resented hy .Nttorney Charles Perry, The case will prohahly last over tomorrow. FOUNDS CHILDREN'S HOME Fine Building Converted Into Home for Waifs. Une of the HLWV additions to Find- lay is the lieautiful children's home, made possible hy a gift from Miss Marjorie Sain. lt is situated south of Findlay. 'l'here are spacious play grounds with all the newest equipment. Miss Sain will lllZlllIll.fC the home. l"indlay is very ,egratefnl to her for this woiirlerful l1uildin1.r. THE FINDLAY PREVARICATOR WINS TENNIS MATCH Miss Geahry Defeats Philadelphia Star in Close Game. XVord was received in this city this morning that Miss Helen Geahry is now champion tennis player of United States. She defeated Miss Mont, of Philadelphia, in a close game, Mon- day afternoon. lt is expected that she will compete soon for world's championship, Miss Anna Peschel, Probation Oni- cer. had three small boys in Juvenile Court this morning, for attempting to run away. judge McCarthy gave the boys a fatherly talk, and dismiss- ed them. BUY FARM TO RAISE POULTRY Business 'to Be Conducted by Well- Known Ladies. The Misses Bernice Lear and llo Loach have purchased a large farm near Van Buren. The young ladies will devote their entire time to poul- try raising. Because of their great experience and knowledge in this line. it is expected they will be most suc- cessful. RECEIVES BOX OF FRUIT Old Friend Remembers Miss Bo- lander With Juicy Gift. Miss Eunice Bolander. Court Ste- nographer, received a box of luscious fruit today, from her friend, Miss Ferol Brinker. Miss Brinker owns a large fruit farm in Florida, She has had a good season, and says fruit makes a pay- ing business. A .N VIOL Beauty Parlors R22 EWING BUILDING I! Q R MLLE. KANABLE PROPRIETRESS. I e 9 , HOLDS FINE POSITION Findlay Girl Promoted to Responsi- ble Position. Friends of Miss Pauline Lime will be pleased to learn of her promotion to librarian of Carnegie Library, in New York City. She has been assistant there for two years. She was at one time an assistant in the Findlay Public Li- brary. Miss Lime received her train- ing at lYesteru Reserve Library School in Cleveland. SOCIETY NEWS Farewell Party-.X few friends gave a dinner party at the Phoenix, Thurs- day evening iu honor of Mr. Clay Pickering, who leaves next week for Peru, South America. He has a con- tract with the Government of Peru, for a great steel bridge, and expects to be gone several yeras. .Xmong those here for the dinner was Miss Elizabeth Davis. matron of Riverdale Hospital, at Brooklyn. New York. There will be several parties given for Mr. Pickering before his depar- ture. Quiet Wedding-Friends of the principles were surprised to hear of the wedding of Miss Yette Caslow of Columbus, and Mr. Dean Elsea. of Findlay, which took place yesterday morning in Columbus. Mr. and Mrs. Elsea were both mem- bers of the graduating class of 1910. Since then the bride has been a ste- nographer in the office of the State Auditor, while the groom is the pro- prietor of one of Findlay's leading department stores. The good wishes ofa host of friends are extended to this couple. Welcome Pastor-The Howard M. E. church will give a social in the church parlors, this evening in honor of their new pastor, Reverend Lewis Richardson. Eastern Trip-Misses Gale and Dale Foreman. teachers in the Find- lay Business College, will leave to- morrow morning for Atlantic City, and other eastern points. They ex- pect to make a two months' sojourn. Noted Pianist in Toledo-Many Findlay musicians will go to Toledo, next Saturday to hear Mlle. Ruth Spangler, the great pianist. lt is interesting to note that Mlle, Spangler has but recently returned from abroad, where she has been studying. She has had the honor of playing in the court of England, and the court of France. Her appearance is a rare treat for music lovers of this vicinity. Singer Ill-Mrs. .Xbigail Fntrikin of Hancock street. is greatly alarmed on account of news received of the l l 6 A LET US PROTECT YOU AND YOUR HOME FROM ROBBERY MAINS' DETEC- TIVE AG'T. 112 Niles Bldg. e 9 illness of her daughter, Miss Loraine, who is studying voice in Paris. Al- though the message does not state the illness as serious. the many friends of this young singer, are much concerned, and anxiously await for further news of her. Recent Marriage-'Word has been received here of the marriage of Miss Dollie Amsler to Mr. john Fitch, of Jacksonville, Florida. The wedding took place in that city on May ll, and was the culmination of a pretty romance. Miss :Xmsler met Mr. Fitch while sojourning in the south this winter. as private secretary to Mrs. Emmons of Cleveland. The groom is a popular merchant of Jacksonville. Recital-Miss Mildred Taylor will present her students in a musicale at the :Xrt Studio of Miss Lillian Briggs, tomorrow afternoon. Miss Briggs will have some of her latest paintings on exhibition. PERSONALS. Dr, and Mrs. john H. Marshall are visiting at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. NetT, of South Main street. Dr. Marshall will return to Chicago. in a few days. but Mrs. Marshall will remain for a longer visit. Miss llo Smith. of New York City, is spending the week-end in Findlay. at the home of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. F L. Smith. She is now a car- toonist on the staff of the New York Sun. Miss Florence Thomas. physical culture teacher at O. S. L., has gone to XYesterville, Pennsylvania. to visit with Miss Lola Thomas. and Miss Olga Stover. The Misses Thomas and Stover are the owners of the "School for Young XYonien." in that c'tv. ,- w u , 4 ,dl-1 ..! n 1' rg:- M! -n v 1. Vgf. ., N, WL yr El ,, M14 FI I Al' I l ' , U.. , wwf A 3 . , If n I an '4 A .41 up V :?- Hjf .K.4" , ,. v Fw 1 o 1 ' - J' rl 'l 1 ' . . L X 11 -1' vw 1 u y , ' an LII' ,M W M' 2: W2iV X 4' bln I J .K' . f I o U QT, .1 'a 'fr 'I iemr , " f A1 ,, , I I s i ' r Y I ,,, xg 1,51 A ,I- ,'1. r t 149 M 1 I 'li' V".-.1 x Tl l li Fl X DI..-XY PREV.-XRICATOR Mr. and Mrs. F.. l.. Colliiigxxwioil h.1x e xx 1th th 1-111. their xlzinghter, Miss Yornxa. a lloiiieslic SClx'llx'L' teaclier 111 ihe lilllillxlfllllllll pnlilic sclnmls. Mis- farrie lfuxu :1111l Miss Mae 1.r1--e ot the l'.1sh1.-11 Shop. are 111 X1-xx Y.-rk 111r ll 11-xx' xlziys. lllICllxllllg li x x l1 xx y . .x '1-1 'c.1 llr lQ.1x'111o111l L'l1-11-er. 11-xp11l.1r xlen- Til 11-'-. . :11'xl.1n1l, ls x'1s- "-1 1-1 l tllll 11 Nl ll!T'4 111 ihis Cllj' :nr :1 texx' xlziys. ll1 ha- :ln '.1rg1-1 xllllek' 111 li1llll1llUFk' -111 k'll'l'lx'f'- 1xx'e111x' lla-lalllllla. llis- lfl-ic lleiiisr-11, Zlxrlallllll lah- ! .V 'r A 31- " il'l'C'll in-1-'x 1 th1 111 l xx1111 L A 'v rn, N-1.1...1 Sch----l, is xxith her parenis Xlr .17'1 l Nlr- 1'-c.1r lk-11:s1-11. 1or :1 1 xx 1:.1x - Xlall, -' lC1'l3S have Xl., ....1l Mr, R. l., ,li xztl: thvzn thxir 1i:111gh1er. Mis- Ruth dg.1.' repre-1111:11ixe 1-1' the .xlllL'l'- ll----lx l'1'llll'llllj'. of Ci11ci11n:1t1 Nl:-- kl.lC--iN ha- .111-t l'x'lllI'llx'xl ll'1'lll Nu' Xtxrlx, f -N Whalen Dancing Academy McKe1vy Hall MISS IRENE WHALEN K 7 THEATRICAL NEWS. lVlajestic-Mzuaaer li. lizlley has HQ 'tllf-r XX'::."i' Q Xliziy-U Il nexx '-'11' 1' 111 1 ij.. 1'--r the C-'lllllll -ea- ll1'- ei 1:.11:.' y 1- h1:11l1--l l1x'tl1c "- 1 F.-.511 Star. llel111 lien- i lla- ' f- l-'1u1!':1y :1r1-pr-111-l " '- x 1T1--- X- wl-l llilxix hi 'l:11.C1-- l1ll" tht '1i11'1,--M xlltllllllf 1'.1-' ll'.llx'll CFx'1l11 j.j-1- 1 '.- he llll- liven "'-"411' lf:--i Kieth's-'l'-1 3:1 v' :11 lin-ili! '1- '- the 1l.11:1 11: l.llllllrx'T . 1 'j l' :Q -T Ilfixv- Sllllfllllll- 1 lf 1-1 1-1, .517 1lf1:1'er- haw ' 4 111 55' -t1-rm - 1 fr--1:1 l':1ri-. 1 1- ' -1':1ij.111: f--r Royal-'-li' 1 1' fl 'I-1--11.11, liva- ' "1-11311-111'-l 51111- shine." Miss Rinehart plays a dual role in this 1l1':1n1:1. lt is a Max Fen- lxerg prmlxiction. I11 securing proper settings, Mr. Fenlwerg was forced to -penil tlxousaiicls of dollars, but his xersioii of the play is considered the iiest ever produced. Lyceum-This theatre as well as 1l1e Victory. recently purchased by Ralph llershey, will he closed for lxxo ninnths, for repairs. The public is promised that the 1nanag'e111e11t will coiitinne showing only the best pro- 1l11eti11ns. Mr. Hershey has hooked 'ZX Garden of Dreams," taken from the noxel hy Gertrude King, for the opening' date. All of Miss Kings 111ix'els have liven great sxxccsscs, Zllld 'ZX Garden of Dreams" is no excep- tion. HELP WANTED XXQXXTED-Cook and dishwasher. .Xpply i11 person to Miss Marjorie Sain. at Chil1lren's Home.. South of l7in1ll:1y, hetwx-e11 the hours of l p. 1111 and 3 p. 111. XXIXXTIQD-Experienced woinan to 1l1- lienistiteliing' at the New Art store. Xpply at once. ELSEA'S STORE SPECIAL SALE ON WHITE GOODS New Lot of EMBROIDERIES OTIO SALE SATURDAY Our Motto: SERVICE 6 A ART STORE OPENING Friday-9 to 4 Call and See Our Display TUTT'LE 86 COLE V U XYAXTED-Piano player. Must have experience. NVhalen Dancing .-Xcaclcniy, McKelx'y Hall. XVANTED-Operator. Must have reference. Apply in the moriiing to R. Hershey, at Lyceum theatre. XYANTED-Janitor at Majestic. Call at n1anage1"s office, XVANTED-Erraiicl hoy to Work after school hours and on Saturdays. Fashion Shop. XY.-XNTED-Uffice girl at Viola Beauty Parlors. Apply i11 person to Mlle. Kanahle. LOST LOST-Purse containing sum of money. Finder please return to Dr. Marshall or this office. and receive rexvarcl. LfPST--Leather-houiid hook, con- taining serinons. Return to Rev. Rich- arrlson, llowarcl M. E. church. LOST-lllack silk unilirella. Ifinrler please return to Professor Lee, at Ifiinllay High School. CHILD VIOLINIST PLEASES Young Boy Shows Remarkable Tal- ent in Recital. John Conn, Jr. the young son of Mr. anfl Mrs. J. Earl Conn gave a recital last night ill the College Chapel. It was his lirst puhlic appearance, anrl the people were surprised hy the great skill he possesses. The hoy is eleven years nf age. He has been sturlying for live years un-' iler l'r-'ifessnr Chapman. H19l9JjflBl.uE AND 601.0 Hllnsuell M4 9 my SENIOR SNAPSHOTS 2 S 0 i a 1 S 1 'J ll 5 H 3 S l 3 ug :Q in ug . C1 0: 1- I 5 ,.., 3 .s 1 E 'ES Tu E E 2 E E E -2 5 Q E 5 .. -A cu nn ,D E E 5-5 E Q 2 Q 22 5: E- U n gg Q-. : uni o 'v-4 diva Es!-rl Og, .EWS -2 3 M 4-J E1-1-4.-.30 I 111-5 -.. Ps O mo.--..."hDu5rm - UI- va LQ '- CS QGQQQEEE:-::3',, .55 3,2 gn, -E ,U 0V?:.:.., :U'-9--an IU-ca nl C " H 1: .ac -,Y,.., 3 vnu- CE. cvm... .fum 3 o A, V,-... .- z jI:EUC-,.,2E,-V, N- 0 Dum P 'rn N ,-U ,g mC:.m-,553--no-c-... wo O n.. .H 3. B - ,w:z:v..-o.f3,:Q:,o- ,. FJ 5 0 Q .... "j4Uo:E - U..::" 'LM Sw ff' 'U C-I .V:Oomwqu-94m...mg3 -no 3 mv t U 3: -:E+-i2:rZE5fa-g3.:'2,D 25332 3 3 ': , :AEE-gow:-5moUN,.T,,,bn m 5-at' ' I : 2 j-,km 04,0 '- '-mmlu-C'-' -.. 1, -11, .Ug,,+J,:.5E.2',"- :.-:N :: ':E:.--,Wm N-,5 En. ru mu' ,aB .3 :sn V: 4,-,Q-,7,i,ggg'g:ou.n. 30 my.: 5 , 3 i ,V '-Z "ViW,FA5osSEEwg: EEE 5 J - ".,- '.2f,Up5,mggE,,c 1:25, 5. z 31 ,E I-41 I 1 1 ' 2 3 5:f5OggVE,:go-V: ,,,-EE 1 Eyagi Ej,1f 1 ,. '-Ef1,H33Ez1sE:2 +-' -953+ -V :-Hmahssa E- Lili-E'-5 '.-., 1:55 ,VQVJEO gi-4 :'c:.: EC, Szjw' ioil '1I'-'U O 4 D-:mag ,xgwgi VB" aah, :-19.501 ' 5" -Uwv Was 'Il'- fs.f.5gzf,f",323.3,q ,g"ff:z 2151115 , 128- cn A 5'63'g5i':h,,f.Lf 5:5-1i3's2"-32 -' 11-mv if 12' 4 - ' . A ma 1:2 - 1: Eg-':, 'Q ' U rrggg'-gg:EV2.5'Z"u5, Q. :r:g1,g.:'5gg :Q :gb-:1::m1 112, ,H .n.,,E:3Eg3o5.E '5z,mE..g 24D'Egjj'.. 5-Q52-E35 5 , ,.. ,pmvmicias :mo'y:Vm ,zu-1-. .fs.z I3 1 s.: 1 Q. -..:1m -- - 1: -V.v.f1-- In c: -0- .-- .-A 4, 93,5-.-gmwgumoq. --gm m.35,5f4'u E"'1 ' A 1, Y Q E,r:.,,vvw ,D , 5- 'oz-:gem--2 'v. O r.. - 04's-""U:1...vgWu0-'V iz-:. f Gnu- 'vw' 2 '-1 52CQQOn.u1'5-,.4:q,u- gm - 100 ,ui ,' :..2m.x.,.g-:goo cm D u 3wu5l-l.u- LI., ,.. "f,-VN Uigmzgglgwggmrmgnga gag-,g2,A-.Ez O . 'r-.-:EH wx 223:-.VO ..,.1.."-v5'- ,Q . , mC,..-1 L..9.,': ,FUBO HL. ,,U umf ,-7-4 "" :yo ':7:T:D4g:E:2'-' Q""D"-' msovo 3 .J O g1 wzigihimegangwsagw-V gg 2 ' ff ,,,?,i,3:g'Qt-E-Eviwmc C.. 9 C, V V -V '11-fL:,gf'Qfs,,.aa'E:.2 -J gg 'SQ' , f -,4 'g2V.2E2og-055.53 w ,g-V 5'.Lf2 1 Ugw A' 2- f ?ff5gSU QQ 2-SL: --3'-Ig :. VV-..: ,' '-lc, mg U :ga 4,51 Ui IQ' 5' . Z?::. '. 'i , ' '03, '4'.': -., ru muff-X T 2 ,' :1', V : j: IE: r., EE'Qhl,3 D15f..,u'f:'3i3v:Q.-M231 EEE EEZ A, ,, '-c .VV o'-'V 'V - ,, 1 3: - 1. "' Um-'jEOE",,EmQ'UEEU lf-m, uaV'. .3 ,,fJ.-V :QC :.L2f r-' Wkvougifoqgb 0913 wc I-o -x VVQV: 'Vp' ' 'J ugrj--CL..-. L-,U'5..fE, :ru Jfg, 3 3 ,C : iw ' z '-,.. ' ' Q , UH'-.gas mrma.-,jg-F 3 Q30 Y': 1 .wp .ml LL . lj:-doocrczgd,-gd-Q ,:uo..s.U,.- ':- -D I . 1 709901-if: D,50'0og,,EE.::2 I 115- .n-, -1-, U ww.. v :Pr --H o: Vw. -v ,X ,Y Unch-u , .--magic Ho C, V-.. D. 1- ' 51 -'mf '.1E"5E.,'3,, 3Q2'V23E-3125593 -1.5: ED V2 4IZ3.,..l:Q--,,A::v,:F Zlggq ' .:u.::. 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Fil CJ 73 cd UD GJ nd CJ s, Fa le ib CD age of S Y S C N v . IV at 0 C 'U H O U 'U D1 H : M N M I N 'U U: .D ua 2 3 E 4 3 3 3 5 U: 3 3 U M M2 w 'U"' cu 0 :U D m aU 5 E 55 E 0 H O ,E 3: ,:",Uw A22 mL: u an as .2 N 9 nun U m UE h W - M 2 u rv C' 5: H U C 5 Em! 4 Q mwgeasof WM H n 4 E N Mu 3 Im m -I M-QOZN mu o fu Emgunn-m ov Lx. UU L. .- m ...E U Sv O qu: gg mg H hugo Dov :Q 2:50 v- "' o--.... .- " 5. 4.4 33 5Eu0,Ew mumgiguvw Uuhg wHUEwEmhE EC 3 wig :ck-baggicmvnww BESUQ mES,Qu3m203qmQg .... ....,.-4 ,-""--.-. ... ""4-I In Q35g3gQ4ggEvEggE:iEggEE235Qgim25Egg2EEkE33 aiaasmaizsiiisisifg2ssa3if3E3S5EsasU5E5si3 UI U2 ln UU! VJ CD UJUJ UI .. ID 4 55iiif553255E1ifiiiffilfffffiiiiiiififiiif -- l ,ul .v. - 3 I5U2'f : 1 I-uf' ' . fzunli 5:v-I A I 'IEEE . 5531: w :,: s'3ea ,.:s:Q' m fw2 as E: fsmzse -1 If -.,1 ' CD .I'Eff':'UI3 ffmE5'Q"-91E' ' ::l-10: :C:g Q 41.12 'l:Sf: Q ,. EE . , 9 1zg3:w5:Ns1f,agwvE:ssw1Ea2mQ: -'Sg:f:. 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OC.n GC.: N NareHoimafmcgvuvmmm-::g2Q:No2-Bvwogmfognmv momu1m-Euux4HmmAEm3omM-4-42AmEoAmm-3oQHmEm ffl9I9llll BLUE AND eoi.D Jjllisisll Last Will and Testament Of the Class of 1919. llli I'l' lil-IRIEBILIIZIQED: That the undersigned, the Senior Class of 1919, Findlay High School, in the city of Findlay. Hancock County, Ohio, being of sound and disposing mind and memory does herel-y make. publish and declare this, its last will and testament in the manner an-I ie-rm following: hereby revoking and annulling any and all will or wills by us ma-le heret-'-fi-re: ITEM I. Our will is that all our just debts and graduating expenses be paid out of our rrifltt' as soon after our departure as shall be found convenient. ITEM II. XYe gixe, de-rise, and bequeath to the Faculty nothing beyond our best wishes for tht future and our 111051 grateful thanks for the service and attention which they have best-'-wed upon us together with the kind assistance given us with both our rhetoricals and class plays the past four years. NYC know that this would be ap- 1'-reciated far more than any gift of pecuniary value, ITEM III. lYe bequeath unto the Juniors, the cherished position as dominating class, our Hi'-st ni-ted athletic reputation, the good will of Mr. Finton, and a few of the excellent rrailes varneli by the honorable Senior Class of 'l9. ITIZBI IY, Iiayin--nil Clouser bequeaths all his cigarette stubs to Harold Bryan. Xorma Collingw-forl XN'lllr all her ramping secrets to Ethel Slatcher. Ifalph lirnwn wills his task of hoisting the Senior banner on the Hag staff each fl f-very Senior 'lay to Kenneth XYeaver. Iiiuth Spaiiuler wills her three Latin ponies to Martha Trout. May they carry hi-r mx to glory eu-n as they have borne Ruth along to this goal, lilizabeth llaxis wills her sunny disposition to "Happy" McLaughlin. john Blcfarthy, "Dan" Cunningham and Henry Van Sweringen will their places on the r-latffirni as pul-lic speakers to the three following on-coming Seniors whereas " wzanie they may be known as 'illll-SN Conaway. Dudley Lea and Fred Byal. l.ffraine Iintrilzin lieqneatlis four inches of her excess high to Josephine Reed. 28 Hleleljfl BLUE AND GOLD ljlllslelj ITEM V. We reverently hand down to our esteemed sister class, the Sophomores, our class spirit, and may they foster it with the same zeal as we. Richard Jordan wills his place as notorious vampire to Douglas Schaffer. Ruth VVerkheiser wills her harmonious voice to Majorie Mann. John Routzon wills his clever team work, his honors as captain, and all the pages devoted to him in history to his most worthy successor Michael Crohen. Mabel Frazier wills her cheerful smile to Edith Stewart. Hugh Marshall wills his large tortoise shell rimmed glassed to Alpheus Elmore. NVe may rest assured that 'Babe' will have to use them many a night if he wishes to pass his "name cards" to his classmates in 1920. Naoma Haines wills all her clever excuses of absence to "Tad" Leader. The re- cipient's excuses are so hackneyed and worn that we know Carol will value this gift far more than any other that "Xoisy" might bestow upon her. ITEM VI. VVe leave unto the little Freshmen an excellent example of honest and faithful persistency which may enable them, according to their own merits, to push steadily onward and progress more rapidly and more honorably towards the goal which is sought after by all mankind. XVe bequeath to Mr. XValters the privilege of making as many little speeches in the assembly as he desires. ITEM VII. XVe bequeath our help to the members of our class who in the infancy of High School Life have sown wild oats and have not reaped enough credits: provided that they promise to be ready to cross the River "Branches" by next May. In testimony whereof we hereby subscribe this instrument by our names and the seal of the class of 1919 and acknowledge it to be our last will and testament. THE SENIOR CL.-XSS OF 1919 FINDLAY HIGH SCHOOL. By Caroline Hill. The above instrument signed and acknowledged as its last will and testament by the Senior Class of Findlay High School in our presence and by us in the presence of each other we hereunto subscribe our names as attesting witnesses this Fifth day of May, A. D. 1919. PEARL YoxTHi2iMER cLot's12R. JIMIAL A. HERSHEY, 1,JanirOf.i 29 HISISHH BLUE AND GOLD Jjfllslelj m un 41 A O M O I-1 Z D vw fuslsllll BLUE AND GOLD llltlslell 1920 unior Class History 1920 DOROTHY BRIGHT Une beautiful morning three years ago last September the XYashington and Lincoln schools opened their doors to receive the hrst Freshmen who ever graced their halls-and decorated their desks. Among these were many child prodigies who only awaited their opportunity to show the world of what they were capable. As Sophomores our remarkable brilliancy in our classes was commented on by the teachers so that at the end of the year we came through with colors flying. By the way, they are green and gold. Perhaps the Seniors have never noticed. 1 think it is only my duty as a loyal ,lunior to call their attention to the fact. Our Junior year has surpassed all others. Our members have greatly contributed to the success of all things which the school has undertaken. "Failurel' is not in our vocabulary. llardon my degression, but just a word of advice to our under classmates. If you want to get anywhere choose a president like ours. Marion Conaway has his will power developed to the "nth" degree, as the Rhetorical Com- mittee very well knows. Here we are at the end of our school year. lYe hate to leave these old brick walls, though at times they have seemed a prison to us. But now we have grown to love them. 'lust a minute, please: l didn't intend to work on your feelings, XYhy we're coming back next year of course. -lust you wait and we'll show you how to do things. Now let's give one big, rousing cheer. All ready-go! juniors rzihl Juniors rahl Rah, rah, Juniors! THE JUNIORITES One year more and then we sever. How sad the thot that more shall never Such a class grace this assembly Making even Finton trembly. O! that class of 1920 Filled with brain and brawn aplentyi Handsome lad and pretty lassic. O, 1 say! XYe are "some classyf Our president. most noble sage, lflolds e'er the center of the stage, .-Xnd wc, the rabble do uphold him, Support, antagonize, and scold him, Hut we all know that he must love us Altho he seems so far above us. He always tries to do his duty And captivates us with his beauty. YX'e are proud to call attention To feats too numerous to mention, 'XYhich have been wrought by some among us- YYhyl liven learned men have sung usl Our athletes are the best and strongest Our orators can rave the longest, ln fact we are the linest class That ever thru this school did pass. -Anonymous '20. 31 HISISHH BLUE AND GOLD ljLLlen9D U1 un 4. A U DJ M O 2 O E D- O lll 111 UI i-' 32 fhsleljfl BLUE AND sou: Jjlhslell Hands Up I Had not the Sophomore class of '18 and '19 made you stop and throw up your hands high above your head just as if a masked bandit. with a thirty-six calibre, had stepped out in front of you while you were "Seeing Nellie Home?" In writing a class history, too many of us have the idea that it is an epitaph in- stead of a glowing memorandum never to be forgotten. VVe' willingly submitted to the little "green" during our Freshman year and without a whimper we ployed through the soil of time and after many struggles and weari- some times we at last blossomed into bud and were permitted to sit with our sedate elders. Although all our desires have not been attained, we have tried to be the "Gold Dust Twins" in everything we attempted. lt would take too long and occupy too much space to relate here the heroic acts and deeds of some of our illustrious brothers. Nevertheless, some of these are so outstanding it would be a crime to pass over them. I feel sure none of you can forget the short speeches given in the early part of the year by five or six of our Sophomore students, and how relieved all the members of the faetulty were when they discovered that James Hope was one person out of Findlay High School who could make a speech without his knees applauding him. Q There has been much talk and scandal over the subject of whose pair of number tens Richard Martz featured in "Bul Bulf' Albert Bossfs violin palsy has been the cause of the nervous breakdown of many a fair damsel. But please do not get the idea that we have only young 1nen in our class. Mary Amanda Teatsorth. our young vampire. has brought about the breaking up of many a happy home. Juniors, please forgive this statement. Even if some of our Sophomore pupils. yes l must emphasize some, do enioy riding horses they have not been so stupid as to allow their saddles to be lost in the Assembly as one of the aged pupils did. Mary Louise Rowan has taken for her daily exercise and recreation the position of carrying all stray objects in the form of small, oblong and souare folded papers up to Mr. Finton's desk. lVhile some of us have developed mentally all of us have developed physically. Our muscles have become toughened by the adoption of the air route delivery of U. S. mail. W'e do feel that we have become very illustrious but we are willing to admit that the Juniors and Seniors have taken their part in life's drama quite as well. The Sophomore class may have appeared to have encountered nothing but sun- shine, but this was'proven false by the fact that during the raging epidemic one of our dearest members, Herbert Swartz, was taken from among' us to cross the "River of Sorrow." -FRANCES FOSS TAYLOR. 33 ,- w u , 4 ,dl-1 ..! n 1' rg:- M! -n v 1. Vgf. ., N, WL yr El ,, M14 FI I Al' I l ' , U.. , wwf A 3 . , If n I an '4 A .41 up V :?- Hjf .K.4" , ,. v Fw 1 o 1 ' - J' rl 'l 1 ' . . L X 11 -1' vw 1 u y , ' an LII' ,M W M' 2: W2iV X 4' bln I J .K' . f I o U QT, .1 'a 'fr 'I iemr , " f A1 ,, , I I s i ' r Y I ,,, xg 1,51 A ,I- ,'1. r t 149 M 1 I 'li' V".-.1 HISISDH BLUE AND sou: Jjfllel-aD FACULTY AND- Llngeflng M6111OTiCS CBV Florence Thomas, hlxvllll always sits room 3, within XX'h-l always goes right there with a grin 'lin say to us. HCLHUC right on in." It's Conn. XYhere flo we go when troubles XYhen we cannot think what to do. 'l'here's always one. who'll help us there lt's Conn. XYI1-i is it always takes the floor, liaeh morning after L'hapel's U'Cl', Xnfl keeps the whole school in a roar lt's Conn. s I w L - llvho knew about the great world's war, Explained just what we're lighting for, Told startling things of Subs near shore It's Conn. .Xncl if to me in after years Some one should say, "It now ap- pears, The wisest man the world reveresf' l'cl recall to mind each High School Day .Xnd then lllll sure, l'd quickly say ".Xbove all others in the way, I know it's Conn. 'Y V itil'-:il if- A . l V . . - LSB' I li.. 'N - tw-fx ' "jg, " ,. J- -, ' JF' .m. V. -.uf A. .' -FUTURE FACULTY ii. QIQISJJH BLUE AND 601.0 Jjllnenelj V, wmv ,mon LMUE LHNXB, :zifg,u,,I " fri fcfgfcg wus nf-Hu-' , K, I ws sfvovv lx N, AND---ND.,-h--jx Qr ',33fi' x - - - - , K r 4 1 ' , ' J, if V - :f Q, .R IJLJ ,Q ,f 'gl A H 4 'E E . SU M 4 '-M' 9 Q U 90 33 Hlensjjfl BLUE AND 601.0 ljlllsuejj Z I-Il E IC rn lil Di Y-T4 z O I-4 cs z l-I I Vi fc 3 Lil I-E I-1 36 HIQISJM BLUE AND Goto Jjllnslslj Washington Review THELMA POOLE A remarkable class of 1922 started at the XfVashington High School, September, 1918. This class of knowledge-seekers was the largest class that even entered that school. They started from the very first with a will to learn and to be loyal to their class. In all patriotic affairs the Wfashington High School eagerly came forward. NVhen the armistice was signed, the pupils displayed to the fullest extent their spirit by public demonstration. They were justified in being proud that they went "over the top" in every campaign and drive. Then again, the school proved its spirit of patriotism by reaching the one hundred per cent mark in subscribing for the Blue and Gold on the first day of the drive. Thus they were loyal to their school as well as their country. An event of February was the organization of two Literary Societies. the Philo- phronen and the Cleiorhetean. These splendid organizations showed the public the best of a literary genius. A friendly rivalry existed between them which made it more interesting. In the spring, the Cleiorheteans gave the Philophroneans a banquetg and a little later, the Philophroneans gave the Cleiorheteans a picnic. Both were given with great success. In athletics, the class displayed a talent not to be scorned by their upper class mates. Splendid organizations making a boy's football, baseball, and basketball teams were established. Under the superivsion of the Athletic Club, the boys made wonderful advancement. An initial event in the school history was the formation of a girls' basketball team. Wfhile speaking of athletics, it has been rumored that Ralph Berry has made application to the Ring Ling circus as chief demonstrator of Gravity Denying performances. He illustrated his ability as a high diver by diving from the Church of Christ steps. His demonstrations resulted in a broken nose. Sad to relate, Harold Parsons also became the victim of an accident, although he was not demonstrating his skill as an athlete. Both Literary Societies bought Howers for Ralph Berry and Harold Parsons to cheer their dreary days while sick at home. The wonderful discipline of our school was due to school court. Aside from cus- tomary forms of order, a school court was established, which managed the affairs of the school after the form of court in our home town. In musical talent there was nothing lacking. The class of 1922 again proved itself unique by forming a Philophronean Girls' Glee Club, which was under the super- vision of Mrs. R. H. Richards. The boys, not willing to be out done by the girls. formed an orchestra and a male quartette. Probably the greatest event of the school year was the Wfashington School play. called "Honor of the Stars and Stripes." This production, which was noteworthy. was given May 9th and 10th, l9l9, In this play many showed a dramatic talent which they expect to perfect in the remaining years. Then, all too soon, the career of this class as Freshmen ended. for the iirst year of High School life was completed. Although they will pass on to other classes to do other good works their achievements as Freshmen will long be remembered. 37 Hueleljfl BLUE AND GOLD Hfllsnejj w iz! b-355k . 'G 'am fH'g3:aL..?lmel. fa. .mg ' w1 g"lf ' , ','-' H A .xx ,' Q U h ? , ' , V 's Q " " Y 'x'x R 3 , - S Rv , I .RQ , . N N V ' , . y A L ' g ,sm 4 v I' 'I .' Xlx!.' lfx 4- Y .az .A M, 1 4, Wf1r.. , u.2.g, -.fp Q , Q. gif' 5 I E 1 ws A GTE E ' C Ja f' " ' I: -7 -. , ,,1f,.- 14 -- . ' 1 . A xi A 'm Zi - N v - u -4 K -.,, x 1 if 'I '. - -. A ---, , K V b 9' 5' . v' ' x '- 'Q' IF. Mhwmmwmnmdh fj 3wgmx -' ' ,, fs fi' H' X P5 1 X , l is I I V 1. V i M-. - -xAl,.i5v vt, ft: 1, V ' if H 1-. "fum :W Q 'Ll ' . X I' - V:','l , ' ht?-flf .52 gf U 4 P ?'f5WLA f?Mf61 ' f 1 E 'Q Ii - lk. A- V 'r '75 K - , - .. N 'fi .fm ...' '9 1' , Lw,,JA .- ,sfsf'3"LiXXlQ15zhrTfQ WASHINGTON SNAPSHOTS 38 His-ilellfl BLUE AND Goto Jjflisislj What Washington High Has Done to Help Win the World War W ho are we? Haven't you heard of the XYashington High School and the work she has done to help win this XYorld's XYar? XVe may be small compared to old F. H. S., but we have done our part and will continue to do so as long as our country needs our aid. A mbitiously we worked, not only the large but the small: not only the boys, but the girls, each striving to do his bit for old Uncle Sam, and the boys over there. S ome of the members of our school were organized in a band of workers to arouse interest in the grades of the different schools. Many of the boys went miles to do the work which they felt their duty to do. H ave worked in vain? No! Although we are but a speck, amid the world workers. the few things we have done and made in our Junior Red Cross has helped at least a few of the suffering soldiers over there. I n all ways we have sacrificed. XYe have tried to live up to the rules laid down by "Hoover," and the money once spent for candy and gum. we have given for VVar Savings Stamps and the Victory Boys' and Girls" Fund. N ot only were we among the first in the buying and selling of the stamps, but in our own school itself we have raised over S700 which is equal to any school of our own size. G randly our teachers have worked. Daily they have impressed upon our minds our duty to our country explaining and telling the necessity of this great work. T hrough our Literary Clubs and Current Events, we have learned much concerning the great men and women who have given their all for their country, which has spurred us on to higher aims and ambitions. O ut of our numbers of instructors. Mr. Myers, the manual training teacher. has gone to help fill up the ranks when we could not go. N evertheless we are glad we are of the XYashington School. Though little has been our part, we will ever stand by our American flag and do whatever we can. XX'ASHIXGTf.JN R.-KH! URAHE! -CLARA BELLE HOLDEN. FOOTBALL ,,,, ,,,, Foot ball for the lYashington School was rather discouraging with no place to practice. The lirst night, all the boys of the team were out for practice. This shows enthusiasm and pep. Coach Abbot was there and picked out the best leaving them to compete. Three games were played. XYashington versus Lincoln. the XYashiugtons winning two games and the third game came out a tie which left the XYashiugtons victor over the Lincolns. The team also went to Mt. Blanchard and Kenton but were defeated both times because they niet a team much larger and more experienced. But now it looks. from their showing, a very promising team is sure to turn out for the coming season to help keep up old F. H. S.'s honor. The regular lineup is as follows: XX'ells 'XYarner ,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,.,,,..,,,,.,. Left End Cecil Kuhn ..r..... ,,.,,4,, I iight Tackle Ned Snow ............... ...... Left Tackle Pliny Lyon ....... ,........ l iight End Merwin Swartz ........ ,,..,.. L eft Guard Ralph Berry ..... ,.,,., Q uarter Back George Yocum ...,, ,,,..,..,...,..,,,.... C enter Ted Herge ............. .,,.,,,,,.,,, F ull Back Glenn Smith ....... ............. I light Guard Ed Capell ..................... ...,.. L eft Half Back Lester Lear. ,........,......,.... Right Half Back BASEBALL The XYashington School has turned out a good baseball team to meet their rivals the Lincolns. There will be no lack of interest in the game for every one is anxious to play a part. .Xlready games have been scheduled with other towns. This team also makes a good showing for F. li. S. in the future. GIRLS' BASKETBALL The girls were not to be outdone by the boys in their athletics. Four girls' teams were formed with Marjorie lxoontz, Ruth XanXorhis, Mary Louis Pocta and Hazel Fisher the captains. CLASS COMMENTS The English department of our school was unfortunate in losing its first teacher. Miss Mary Blackford, but fortunate in iinding a teacher, Miss Emma Scott, of Colum- bus, to take her place. In addition to regular English and Literary work, spelling lessons were given during the year thus aiding Porter Gillespie, Leona Bayless and Dick Smiley considerably. 39 HISISDH BLUE AND 601.0 Jjflsssejj 1511 Z I-1-I E 40 U9l9llfl BLUE AND 601.0 ljllisiel History of Lincoln Freshmen Class MABEL GEORGE The locusts were warbling merrily. Summer's last installment of dandelions was blooming gaily. The world was happy and so were weg and why not? XYas this not the day, the most wonderful day, when we were to enter into the mysteries of High School? Of course we would have to sufferg ridicule, and taunts and cruel heart- rending epithets and sneers would he our portion for one whole yearg but did that take the joy out of life? Q Alas! It was a brilliant prospect and it looked, twhat a goodly outside falsehood hath! it looked like an easy job. It wasn't. And by the time we could conjugate porto thru the perfect tenses the illusion had entirely faded. That first day! Shall we ever forget it? I think, that we never, never, never, will. VVe listened to speeches and sharpened our pencils and looked at the teachers and they looked at us, and we spilled ink and sharpened pencils and listened to speeches and spilled ink, and-oh dear! XVe looked at the teachers and-L and did this for one whole day and then-we were Freshmen. Of course we blundered a little. That wildly sounding bell in the near vicinity of Miss Kiefer's desk would ring and someone would start wildly up the aisle-and the rest would laugh. Or some one would burst excitedly into an Algebra class with his Latin utensils upon his person-and the rest would laugh. These misadventures, howf ever, lasted but a short time. About a month after school began, something "flu" into Findlay and we were obliged to fly home and stay home a month. All this time lessons had been going along fine lfor some of at at least! because we are Quite an intelligent class you know. Of course we had our blue days when the only bit of sunshine in the room seemed to be Paul Dye's sweater collar. Days when everything went wrong with everybody. Days when we were cross, but Mr. Clark was crosserg however, we pulled thru. Near Thanksgiving the first Mother's Meeting was held. This was a pleasure and a privilege and a benefit-to the Mothers. We did not feel especially delighted, but as our opinion was not asked, we did not give it and it wouldn't have made one bit of difference if we had. The boys had military drill under Lieut. Kiefer. Shut your eyes! Can you not see this inspiring picture? Our boys! How fine they look as they stand there in the drizzling raing how proud we are of them. One, two, three, four. and away they go. XIVC girls had broom stick drill--a course in Calisthenics, Miss Coates instructor- ess. At hrst, we certainly did not feel as dignified as the boys and I'm sure we didn't look it. Up went the broom sticks, down went the broom sticks, before, after, around to the delightful tune of "Let 'Er Go" till all were worn out, but the pianist Worn-outestl Still, it was line exercise and we soon could brandish the broomsticks to the satisfaction t?l of Miss Coates. Un W'ashington's birthday we went to Senior rhetoricals. Here our wise and ancient superiors twho seem to have been born when gray matter was given out in gallons instead of pints! gazed at us with a mixture of sympathy and disdain on their faces. Ah! well! "Be still sad heart and cease repining, behind clouds is the sun still shining." Thy lot is the common fate of all Freshmen. Some day we'll be big and wise, too, maybe. Then came the time of the Red Cross drive and to raise a fund for Red Cross memberships, the Lincoln school had a social. The Freshmen girls assisted by Miss Moore had a candy booth, decked out in purple and gold, our class colors. The boys had a wonderful minstrel show, 'XVilliam Andrews, interlocutor. And so, with much fun and more hard work. we have passed a highly successful. never to be forgotten year. XYe are not sorry, yet, that the year is over. Victory shines ahead! VVith a mighty cheer we bid our Freshmen year farewell: and we will go on, and, on, and on and up till we, at last. reach our goal. XYe shall have become Seniors. 41 691911 H BLUE AND GOLD ljllelelj A YA..." . X x, x . 'roof Bn. 4 . ' cHooL INCOLN 'GH -- - 4' ..' i -F A Y .,. ,,..., n....'-- .X '.l 'f, . . , e Kgs 1, . - X Af . . p. 1 V . 'Ld 1 In , . .I . . , n 1 X ',4 X 3-4 I ' tk I if A ff W ' H 11 2 I Y i Q I : 2 41 -Il X34-el F55 -Q A ii ' V In S4 A 1 1 4, x '- 6 t WMF -vv--I-v--pwf' -1- .it - A - f4--- ,....-,, N In ' , - 111- Q ,..,,-.- - ,.. -' K x.11. , -.-Y , ,f 1,359 N 'Q' M, 13? A "fd , X55 ,Q 7l' Y. ' rcs! ' LINCOLN sNAPsrzoTs 42 His-H911 fl BLUE AND GOLD Jjlllsualj DEDICATED TO THE Teachers of Lincoln High School TREVA ELSEA. '22 Miss Blackford:-Your efforts have been unavailine: and l shall never again think that Hannibal crossed the Delaware with Geo. XYashington. Miss Coates:--You have done much towards making our future life easier hy your conscientious teaching. XYhen in business we bump up against a hard proposition' and cannot see the result, we calmly settle back in our easy chairs and say, as Miss Coates would say, "X is the result," and inzmediately forget it. llliss Cratty:-lf you are forced to suffer from reading long drawn out articles on "Spring Time." or "Summer Vacation," written by some of your former students, don'i blame them, or the magazines that accept the stories, but just blame yourself, for after once being in your classes, it is impossible to keep one's nobler thoughts from the starxing public. Bliss Kiefer:-.Xfter a long weary strvggle in your class, with the end now in 'fht w' feel that we can stand iookine' the whole world in the face, and say, "Yeni- sie.e' . ..f. N i ,. . V. .,, X idi, X ici. 1- M Mr. Martin :--Don't imagine yourself a failure if none of us can make a trial bal- ance: for at any rate your pretty inks have given Us wonderful ideas of color combin- ation, for Spring' Clothes. Mrs. Ginn:-Divorces may come, and divorces may go, hut your students stay married forever: for as wise men say. 'fthe way to a man's heart is thru his stomach" surely, the recipes we have learned in your class will hold a man with hands of iron. LNote:-l wouldn't marry that kind of a man.l-lid. in Chief. Mr. Clark:-lf as men, we can drive a bargain as straight as we have learned in your class to drive nails, we will revolutionize business in this old world. Mr. Green 1-Hy any other name, you could know no more. 43 , . . W 4- , - 14' fb . . , '0:g.'iT"'i"' A ' 43. " V-gg ' f '- 1' - ' .1 , .. - N ,, A -.: 1.,,a- fm,-, A. Q H1 , 1- .-7 ,545 . - ., - .E , . -Q l A. ,. wld, A .x . . f,.',. , u+N'u v+..ff N M Mf4.N ' T-', -1' . ' '.5 'Yr' . v' "E", ' ' "'. .'.' 'J yv , .' V ' - 'W v1,q3,Qm,LA, Y, .L pg. ,.-K . All dtwl an . . in H if R ghd , 1 lj in ,- 'V ' U7 .q. ,J .Li , , 1 '- 1 'Q , -, 4 -N ',"gif',' M "Q V. an N - hi . . V . . x . N' 4 K . NW, - 4f.-- .,,:.' 4 .-4..' 4 ,- 'V f4 v..' . .sv f , :Nl IA' ,- ,,.YJ- 1. . ,f-. -E WA- - .4 Al , 5 . ., Y - - ,' 'I w,. .f . ,- .n. 3 f,- 4, , ' V. A4945 a -3. if-. we '- ef , L.. 4- F-, ' .4 HJ, ff' - -5. ,V . 1 My-, lf? 'jg' , g , ' '12 ,- 4.4 za -.,,x"5s: ,.h -fy '4-7 WEA N - N 1 -lm v " ' . ,. -- 4 . 'rg '- - ff., , . ,- ' , ,f s. -W 'H L.,-r. A--' . , . , . . 1 r . in 1, , 1, 0 L 4 ., gg , , , , Hp. ,-,- J- ' 7 5 1, " 'sg 'Q-W., ,"'5'-.5e.i,il , 14. 5 .J. Jw' ' Q4 i viifjp -"'.' i. . u x .Q -g l --lxffivi , M 3 " I F ,fb ff . '.'f 1'5" ,I x 'gh'-:":' inf?-Q -, - ' t":1" .-'- f la I - 'X " 1. 6, 'H' . A.-2' I-1 ,-Jaffe, -Afwig ,- , . , M I 4 Q. I J .,f-sz: - ' :v,.,- , h .P-Engl iekkgi ,hy ., ji E: 31' mat, . rl' 1 '- .- " 5 .5 ', , 1. j,- . V , f La. , ,. 'f1 ., - 1,-.+ Is, an . ' -. ..-pin .2-fn. 4 T1 . .. ,. -- .. - -153' .5 , 1 r- - . 0' ,V . - .- - rig.,-. 1'-n,' -1 , 4 5,1 -N X. . K - "' ' ' ' fy ' 'IJ' -ki 'A 13- "- "W 'Ffiv' -'-'.'f -H 1- .. '- . " ' '- I' ' "' A , I ' U .- Af f 1 - "' 1, .:Ma.w.--uf' Kr ff' 1 "Q' ' ' 1, ki 'I X ' 'NVQ . 9 " Q. -1 . 'gq333f'5, X ik :fffvfii V '32, ',' ."'i"'f ""hxh"ff -' ykalff' 'Y Q' , -' . I . .' ' ' ,v . '-:z --. "-" , 12' 5 -1 ' w"",'-5 ' ' ' -1 -7 4-. 51 ""T. A A' 4..- ' .1' :MY " 'f - ' ". ' 4 1 'J' -"' ',-r-L Z 'Q-1h9.g:'l' . ' -' 9-1, ,I . . F, 'I vs ' .r 'f -X : . '14 , 4-, Yu. .1 fy ' , ,- .,'A5r, 1.!f jsggf. -' , y vw: 4 V mf, 3. ' S g MNA 1 'Y Q ,Q -l l 4-. ' ' x . 1,12 'M 4 X, .5 ,fl JJ 1 M4 ,A I. W., yr' , H, - A ..'s,,' 1 xl , , , .1 K- Q iwg N5 ,i KJ' 21- xv', I 1 ll 1 ,',W:.,2?j ,i 'M . 312 11, , Y EJ .V V", N 4' ., S l' 4, 7 .pf- -1 ' ' ' if 2"'f -,'3' ' :.f.3- ,-, 'HW . .1f"'5':.'7 5 ' .-" - -' v ' V- -. . f 1' A 1" 'tWf,'. ' 1-1, . 1' '-f- - 'Htl si,--"' .' , J w' u "Vw .' . . ' V .5 V ' ' yrv' I' '1-u " 4- 4.'93", - -' f"" A90 'X ' f i" 75 5 gif! Q' 'E-V VAL A Egfr 3 :R-'. ,3g5'J .1 , I - I U - -- ,a1r....-. Q.: l - -Q - 17 .,.m,L'.'. .iz 5. 1 ag: ! 1 I :4 . , y' .,g,'4, . 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Q 4.4, "'.. .fff . fq ' V VW-' f'f xY.if JWQ5 -,"'-fgf.-K..- f 3" H, Sf.-4 Q . HA . -- V lx -K .. -ff' WP' 1' qiw 'Pi a' A . ' - ' A .ff , ' Ty ,nag 125' fvift , " .h , 5 ' - 1 .,-.-j Q1 .ef .- 4 ffl 'fm , , '. ' 1 , i '42 ,,,- , , 52, Q 4 ' Y P' ' . 'H . if f ' . ,vig I "" ' -f"R ' '3 1 - If . 'GY .' , A F 'w'-'?- u. fp v , 12f. 5. '.' w -4 gb , v,,- 1 gl,-,Q J ' ff-- .uf 3, Q' .. .ly-,. . .,, K. aww? " 'f' f. ,fl - Q Y' . 5. . .f. . ' fs" ' sz., W1-17. w f- . - - J 1 . ' ' V 1- . A 1.51 N ' 'f V . L PM "' 4 4 -"K 'f ' :f .f l ' 4 . M ,,u , W- ', -,n,',, , .',tL .-Xf,s ...lff'gj Q. .V . ,Q '.-,Q-H' . H ,', ,-.--4 .5W" 131 " ,,' "' -' A. 'ar ,, -' "r ',1'f4,1NA' '1"' bi' lr..f 1-.K QQ' . . -'nu 4'-. Z' 76 '1 A .' ' -' 5 " '?'-532 -A, '- Wi- 451. fi - ' 'r "f Nv- ff " X 'ij I A 'ff if fig V. , H, 71 1 .1 ' Q " ,-1' vi K 3 vw - .. ,gf A I J V,.,.w I' E if 7.1 N 3 I n .l un 1 A ,v., '.f. ,4 . . , ,nr-U,-Er.: ,' :,, w. ' . 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Nm' 'Q -5-.F 'gg W S . 5 ' QQ -f ,X- Ng' 2 . L ,. I A gl W' V- ' I. ',lgjgi:,i m,U, .I . I-,F-If.. .Q J V A K lx x f, . 5.-L ' ieyg :air l V x- J - : v- Q. W4 A f ' .uf 2 --3 ...M-' 73 A I ' I' 'ai , 2' , N, '. . '45, P ,ii ' -Q .2 1" 1-.':,.,.gff. -. 1 . -,-,JM - qv-123' ,- ,ff F. -. 2.1 EW . .4 if NQ - 9 ...Sw -Y, . V . . 1 M P' ff: fan- fr Auf .',' f ' I-ii ' hw - '- ,'r ,-5, 1.1,-.,', 212 -1,j'f4:sf'i1gu.f' 'YH 'r u 1 if i, -?j'Qi4g, 1' I ' "1 - ' , 'af' ' z 'H' an-'WZV' ' ,?"p1- 1 ' Qgy ig- V I 'V ' v ' . -an . H' Q li 1" I ' wi... -' ,uw-I,- ' i ,lf 7if 1.I.', 5:SL:, 1,24 -4 :A bf' 'H-at 1 5 Aww :V A 057.4 .zu .i k H Ani ,Lg H. ', X- L L,-, -4, .gg . 1 ,.vf.,.,l',-'-Q I . V' h .vilt .mi ', .' ty. F 5 i : 9, K ' :Q 'gm F. L M rx I I ,fm P K- J., V.:-, 659.gif 5 i '-MF 1. V V g . 4. .I , 4 I, . j .wil L . lvyfyhl ,gli Q Q : 62:1 ' I Fas? L J A A 5. fy.. A I' if 1 11 .ipja ,...l -. 'AQ w,5E.4:7v up -Q "a'ff?" r- w l d '--1-A .. V N. Q, Mun .N 134-I ix - ,La...: ,.TA v-gi, 6 , I V S' - ZAR A ef' .I I, , q Q VV, aff ' p. X. " iii, 41I'Tf' L' V av, in: ' .1 J 4 '. f if" - I' "" ' ' bi- '5"- '. rx ' L rf- 'QQ - 51, .wirpf-'. X ' -. "Ha ,J', . , ' , ff sm- 1 g if ' . 5.1, m"'N'ij',f. . .- M sI 1' " f' 9,Mfia-4MewL'.Uw+f .QA f1Ff4-'-ww.W, kVA M..5ww f , ff ,,.. . f ' f 1 - ' f... f .I .,, Jr' , ,I di . 1 '- v ,J N. QWI' Hr ' r ef 'Alf ., '. .rm .5 . - ,I .1 J 5 ,. .nf A,-I 95 ' ' f L . z.,-Gu! I .B '4 "" ' "V 4215- f .. ' r'f'..f"' ,L .A 19. ' Lf .+f il ' X 'I 'Z' W4 N' ' 5' " . V 1:"'f 2' LT ' A - X" if ' f' A ., Tl A I - A, rsvp.: :A v U gt ' I uk , g if 5. ' V411 KL ' ff, ' . 'A Hlelell L1 BLUE AND GOLD Mlsuslj The Staff V -1 -kfiw 'Y 'z Ipdii Illl. V, , 5 1 IH 1 1 I I f !'1'g.11r1.r 19 f'1I,..y'11'j' - ,7-'. r- Q, f-If 1: 11, ,.,,j1,1l111 McL'z1rthy Ruth XX-L'I'khCi5L'l' Richard jorflzm sgllflilillk' Hill I 1911111 .Xxlinc S M1lrlrc1l Na-H I Hugh Mzmrxhzlll S lJ111111z1 V,'1lli:1111S I 5211111110 Lime SIJ1-ruthy Ilrvfht IHIQ1111 In-txx 1-111-1' ,,,.,I.111':1111u Muurc ,Incl-: lluttx .,X1l1l1Nc111 .XlN11:1cl1 ,,,,l71':111cu- Gzmrlwr XY1lli:1111 Scl1111fllL'1' llvlcn R1-nick 111111111 HL-11ry Xllll bwm-1'111g'n-11 ' 71:1 V , A.,, .,,,, I Qnlph lirmvll "' Y' ,...,.. Huw hICCIL'H1l11lI ' ' "-lf' I' ..,... 'l'I1f1111:1N 11111161111 44 Juv W'i-Clcy Huelsllfl BLUE AND GOLD lllllsusll p-sgiz,-r --:s Y Q ll - 5 , U J -if' BTEEEB' "2': sz:-':n! : ! e - ' 5 itllllirllgilllfllliliiLE -nfs. ,ph - l!-lll!ll .'l!!!.!!!lll--! --T2- I - -, 5 sg.:-5 'si -4 9 s Q li 7 5' i -- T tl :utr -1 LJL. 1:4 I It has been the ainlltizi-3-tt of the Staff to record in this anzizzal those actin-ities the past year which have made our school life so eiijoyalile to iiicorp-irate witliizi this iittle book sonic of the real spirit of F. H. S. The cost protlttction of this sort of an azizitial is nzxzch :iii-re than the present sub- scription price. lYe adv-i-cate a raise in the szfiscripti--it rate for :iext year. lf the rate is increased and the staff is selected earlier. we lc-elicve that Findlay High School can produce such an annual that Xorthwestern Vlhio high schools will not oily take ot? their hats to ns. hut if they cc-nie tip to -'czr staixdard. they will lfare tt .akc of their coats too. L5 L? 12 There is a newly developed departzztent in -i-'.:r sch i"-" l which we Velieve clestrves some coinntent. it is the clepartniezit of Orat-'-ry. LEAK year BIT. Blat:-s-1:1 and Hr. Conn conspired to put Findlay on the niap as a sch-Dol whose activities sli-:we-il Trai: as well as lnrawn. They entered our school into Deliatitig Triangle valfatiily coached their "Knights of the Tongue." This year Bliss Baker volunteered to coach classes iii Pniwlic Speakziig be-:lies doing' her regular work. Her services were accepted and two classes 5:1 l'1:"lfc Speaking were organized. hut no credit was given. Many stzzdezits the real wc-Tilt of this great work and carried it as ati extra st:-ly. They have receiie-i great cleal of benefit from it and wish to thank Bliss Fake: for her work in the jfzilic sf-eakizig classes. and both Miss Baker and Mr. Conn for their aid to the Delvatii: te:.::1s. Vfe believe that there is no other sttuly in the scliool which will -if such Iwezieit as this. lt is our hope that more students will take atlva11taQ'e of this in the future and that they will receive a credit far it. L! 15 rs ln the forepart of this annual we rearl the ztantes of those who their all ri of those who oifered their all. That list punt there if-r two reas sz irst. 1 - shov- onr recognition and appreciation ofthe sacriices of thc-se li-oys ai'-i. second, to try to liring home to tis the real meaning of the word "Patriotism," Yes. while we were kicking at the conductor liecazise the cf:1:1ectiC..s were so "awfully" poor, those fellows were "i -.'- ysridingu in a IK'-'Orllj'-f"'11f' Pzzfltiiaii ztiarked 'AlO0 men or twenty horses." lYhile we were thinking ali-out tli :Zishing our daily candy bill to pay our lfnited lllar NY-Drk Pledge. sonie of those fellows were df--'igizig Big Bertha cc-ugh drops. Some of our fornier schoolmates and pals lai-i iz: the nttztl and XVHIEI' of a shell-hole with their lungs slowly burning zip. in order that we might have the privilege of paying a 'Xllar Tax instead of an indeninity. Xllhat have we done? Think it over! That :overtitnent which is living only at thc cost of our former schoolmates, is paying out rtzillions of dollars every year on its educational systent in order that we niay he capalile of asstzniing a respectable place in society. Are we making the liest of it, or are we sqnandering the money? Are we helping or hindering the great work of our Country? Let ns again look over the list of those who answered their call with their lives and then turn back and answer Our Call with a vim. 45 Usleljll BLUE AND GOLD ljllisieill l The pictures above presents the MILITARY COMPANY of the Alexander Burkct Crosby, Dukes Fenstcrmaker .Xlge, A. llurson Crosby, H. Duncan Fisher Alge, S. Byal Cunningham, D. Dysinger Foltz .Xlspach Chatelain Cunningham, Eckhart Glathart Barger Couaway Denison Eddie Good Bope Crane Diefcnderfer Elmore Grant Bryan Crawford Dorsey Elsea Graucl Brown Crohen Driesbach Fellabaum Haley Military Work in the F. H. S. In the Findlay I-Iigh School, as in nearly all of the institutions of learning throughout the United States, where the young people are being educated and taught the principles of self-government, patriotism has run high. Every red-blooded boy longed to be doing something-anything to help in the great tight for democracy. This seething and unrest grew, until one day, a whisper ran thru the assembly room that the boys wished to take up military drill as a part of the school activities. Soon the whisper became an open request, finally an insis- tant clamor. Since it was impossible to be in the service of Uncle Sam until they had acquired a few 1nore years to their ages, this would afford an outlet for their pent-up enthusiasm, and at the same time, would prepare them for their duties when the chance arrived. XX'ith the co-operation of the School Board and the Faculty this became a reality. Immediately steps were taken for the formation of a military com- pany. .X call was issued to all the boys who were interested in this training. .Xbout seventy-five reported. The Findlay High School has been unusually fortunate in having sev- eral students who have had considerable experience in military affairs. Hugh Marshall, who has attended XYest Point Military Academy, and Clay Pickering. who served in the U. S. Navy, were chosen to organize the company and act as its commanding officers. .Xs their aides, Ed Crosby, late of the army: Dick Jordan, who had naval training at Culver: Everett Crawford and "Fat" llrown, both of Case Military School. were chosen. The boys were quite enthusiastic and the matter of uniforms, as sug- gested by Mr. Ilolcomb, was discussed with interest, but was finally aban- donerl because of the expense and the changing of the personnel. In a short time Capt. Marshall, with the aid ol' "Top Sergeant" jordan, and the rest of his efficient staff, had the entire number lined up in true mili- tary style, for its initial drill. 46 inslsjm BLUE AND sou: Jjfhsuslj s r CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL, with the-following personnel: Hendricks, Marshall Reed Stout XVilliams Hosofros Martz Reimund Swisher XVise Johnson Mertz Roberts Thomas, C, XVisely Jordan Miller Sharninghouse Thomas, G. Xlfrasse Lea Mitchell Shaffer Van Sweringen lYoodward McClelland Moyer Shultz Vorhees Zay McKay Myers Snodgrass XYeaver, C. Malcom Pickering Smith XVeaver, K, Non-commissioned officers were temporarily appointed. The school of the soldier was soon learned. Then in rapid succession followed squad forma- tion, Hlld then platoon and company movements. XYhile these are merely the beginning of the training of the real soldier one can see how these activities, with enough work in it to make them effi- cient, is of value to the student, and at the same time, it gave them sufhcient time for recreation and amusement. It would be altogether unfair not to mention the splendid work of the Lincoln Freshmen in this line. The Freshmen heretofore have always "gone over the top" in everything they tackled. So when the proposition of mili- tary training was put up to them, they took to it with the utmost enthusiasm. The spark of patriotism, always glowing in the minds of those live boys, leaped to a huge flame. The Faculty not only approved the plan, but volunteered their assist- ance in the organization of the company. An eflicient instructor was found in Lieut. I. .-Xllen Kieffer, a returned soldier, to act as captain. lX'ith his experience to aid them. the boys had a rine organization, with Charles Simpson, as lst Lieutenant, and Gunderman, Slick, NYilson, VVest and Huff as Sergeants. The boys, with true American "pep" went at it with a will and it started off with a hum. Capt. Kieffer was compelled to resign his command when he left for XK'yoming in the employ of the Ohio Oil Co. "Fat" Brown, who as previously stated. received a thorough military training at Case, was appointed to take the captaincy and has had remark- able success. The fifty boys showed great aptitude and skill and soon had very cred- itably mastered the military technique. lf these boys of the Findlay High School are never called upon to serve Uncle Sam as soldiers, at least they will have acquired a certain amount of muscular strength, endurance, precision, self-reliance and discipline. All of which will make them better citizens, and of value to their country. VVe regret to be unable to present the picture of the well trained company of Lincoln Freshmen, but the elements of nature and fate combined against the plans of the photo-artists. 47 KUQISJHI BLUE AND sou: Jjflnsuelj Zin Memoriam and classmates novs deceased , We dedicate this page to our former friends H' ' Esther Cramer -f Hilda Mitchell Herbert Swartz I Y , 48 Hlslsllfl BLUE AND 601.0 Jjfllslejl The Junior Red Cross "Over the top," has been the slogan of Findlay High School in all patriotic work which she has entered. During the Junior Red Cross membership drive, every student of thc XVashington, Lincoln and Central I-Iigh joined. In the spring of l91S, Miss Beardsley called a meeting of all the girls to discuss how they would help in the Red Cross work Later another meeting was held at which Mrs. .-X. F.. Mann and Mrs. Fred Moran gave talks urging the girls to knit. Yarn for hfty pairs of socks was distributed and soon all were busy knitting. A few found difficulties in the work, but on the whole the knitting was done quite well. From the proceeds of the operetta, "The Pirates of Penzance." one hundred dol- lars was donated for more yarn. Gigi! The Domestic Science girls Droved themselves patriotic by devoting their sewing periods to the making of layettes for French and Belgium babies. They worked hard and completed in all thirty-nine: fifteen by the girls of Central High, fourteen by the Lincoln and ten by the VX'ashington. In December, when the last socks and sweaters were handed in, making the num- ber of knitted garments about two hundred. the work of the Junior Red Cross was completed. lf Ad Al UNITED WAR WORK CAMPAIGN HAROLD ECK1-IART If we delve deeply into the annals of the' history of old Findlay High School, we Find that it has never shirked its duty. when called upon to rise to the needs of the hour. Such was the case when the school was called upon to assist in giving the comforts of home to our American Yanks overseas. The matter was presented to the student body by a former student. Charles Smith, the city chairman of the campaign. Immediately action was taken to organize the students into a working body and to enlist the earnest co-operation of all in the move- ment. Two captains, a boy and a girl, were appointed for each class. These captains in turn, appointed a number of solicitors whe were to call upon a certain number of students and receive their pledges. Two members of the faculty, Mr. Conn and Miss Beardsley, were chosen to be responsible for the pledges being reported. responded to the call with pledges of 31.00 to 35.00, the majority were 55.00. XVhen the organization was completed, the student body. with the usual enthusiasm, This was remarkable indeed as the money came directly from the students them- selves and not from their parents. The name "Victory Boys" and "Victory Girls" were certainly well chosen. because of their glorious victory in the drive. The Findlay High School. including both the Lincoln and NVashington, Freshmen pledged Sl,732.00. In a report made by R. K. Davis, the county chairman, it was announced that our county schools had more pledges and more money than any county in the state. 49 UISISDH BLUE AND eoLD Jjlhsnsll fllti lpty The Gray Feather "l'It't t' It-t nit' st-t- tht- h'tt uith tht- stift f"l'ZI.Y fcatht-r tin it, again," .Nnne m 5 . t . by - L lr. ing' fitltl tw tht- s:tIt'sg'irl at fXlitltlIt'ttin's. "It is a hat that t-ntirt-ly suits yutif' tht- girl inurniurt-tl. Xunt- ag1't't'rI uith tht' girl in that taut- particular. "I Uh, I Iikt- it," sht- saitl. "hut I rt-ally canntit aliftirrl such a hat. 'I'u'enty ..i1-- A '.i. tlb . "lint it ltvt-ks t-rt-ry hit tif twt-nty-Iix't'. Klrs. .Xntltfrstiu was in this morn- ing. wht- hafl mt' put it Ivatik fur her until clttvt-n. llut slit- tlitln't come hack, s-I I put it in sttmk again," tht- girl saitl. ftnnt- stuflit-rl tht- hat critically. 'Iiht' salcsgirl u'aitt'cI, as it was her gt-ilitj. iit'.t'i' tti urgt- a quick clt-cisiun. "'tX'iit-it is that Iittlt- hat I hatl tin Inst?" Aunt- aslqt-tl. XX'ith it again tipon In-:' lit-ml, .Knut stu'x't-yvtl htfrst-II in tht- glass. "It's just a hat," she said, I iit' tht- 1-tht-r tint- is a-a t'rt'atinn," "I.t't nit- put this titht-r une nn again," tht' salcsgirl rt-niarlcctl. .Nnne '-2'flllt'TI'Ifl'I51l. "'I'Iitiw's a vusttnnt-r u'htI xx'isht's tw lit' waitt-tl ulmn, I lJt'liex't'. Yun gn tt- mziirtt sht' wants, aufl I'lI tlwirlt- u'hit'h I shall take." Xnnt- gazt-rl slit-tftllativt-lx' at tht- tum hats. "That one uialct-s me K1 it-til: Iilzt' any titlivr tif Iixt' hunrlrt-fl girls," sht- thtit tu ht-rst'lf. .Nntl this one 'I-tt'-n't lit iny 1-twlft-t-I:-'tilt a-tall as lJit'Itt'y' says. I ani tu speak at Iivt' liet- tffrzzit int Mnilfls: Iwur of tht-st- art- twniipfist-fl tif wt-althy u'tnut'n. and tht- most init-tii't'tiit tint' -if all taunt-s ttmifn'i'tIu'. I'in surt' I cwultl speak lmt'ttCr if I lint-w I I..i,I.--fl uf-Il." sht- rt-:tstmt'fl. "I'in gffingg ttf taltt' this tint- with tht- gray ' I I tl n I Iltlt li I nllttt fini If-:tt mr. t-an tftwnwiliizrs in ti itfr wars. wi a 't' Vt-at a C it t-r 'ti ' f hw- Ill-ll"l'l tif hating hut Innvht-s. It realli' is what I nt-t-tl, for I'iu sure I ..f.i v . :za gvttrng ttiti lit-aty. Fw Xnnt- Irving tf.t,l-: tht- hat tif ht-r vlitnvt- litnnt- with ht-r. llt-r mtitlicr f:'lIIIll'1"l tht- gr:tt't'iul lint-s. hut raist-tl ht'r t-yt-In'fm's wht-n .Xnntf llltflltlflllvfl tlw trivia ' - -u I "I-n't it :t little- t':-clwii-int f-ir a girl earning ht-r own living? slit' aslicrl. A - 1 an "Yr-. it is," Knut- :tggrt-t-rl, "hut just this tmtw- wtint hurt. "I'in 7tIT'ILI'l.'l ht-r infitht-r tlt-inurrt-fl, "that tint- I'XU'IlX'Ilj.f5llICt' will Call out t7if,iIif'r. Xnfl mini' stfii-1-uf iii'tqitu'tiw1i will gn r:ttlit'r quit'lcly.', "I1f,n't vmrry, llfitht-r, I ani nut going tu tht- lmafl vntirt-ly just lit-Callst' I S0 fLl9I9ljKl BLUE AND sou: Jjfllsigjj bought one good looking hat. You see." she explained. "I should look as well as possible before all of those women. It is just a kind of introduction. Isn't the feather pretty?" The next morning Anne went to the office as usual. At noon she went home to dress. XYhen she came down stairs her mother realized more strong- ly than before how becoming the hat really was. "But, my dear, l'm afraid it is going to rainf' she said anxiously. "Do you. really, Mother Anne asked. "I don't like to be bothered with an umbrella if it doesn't rain." "You know they say any fool can carry an umbrella when it rains, but only a wise man knows when to carry one if it is not raining," her mother replied. Anne laughed. "lYell. in order not to be in the first class. I'll just take your gold handled one." And Anne disappeared into the depths of a clothes closet. The wind blew gustily. Anne held her hat on and braved the onslaught. Unce on the train she settled herself for an hour's ride. Then she reviewed her speech. Anne knew it was a good one, and she knew just what she wished to say. and the last glance in the hall mirror had given her confidence to face any audience. 'When Anne arrived at her destination Hrs. Carter met her in her car. and Anne was quickly conveyed to the clubhouse, which was filled with well dressed women, as she knew it would be. Anne was introduced to many, and all of the time she was serene in the thought that none had a more handsome hat than she. She had confidence. and was courteous in her replies. Everyone liked her even before she spoke. XYhen she went to the front of the room, applause greeted her. And modest Anne attributed it all to the hat. As she spoke. she warmed to her subject, so that she even forgot her new hat in her enthusiasm. Her audience was held by her interesting talk. At the end of an hour's time she had finished. Then followed an hour of questions. Finally Mrs. Carter touched her lightly and said. "I'm sorry to interrupt such a perfectly interesting meeting, but if you really must catch your train, welll have to go this minute." As Anne was leaving she heard a woman say. "It is so good to see a girl nowadays who isn't overdressedf' As Anne settled herself for her trip home, she reviewed the events of the afternoon, concluding it had been very successful and gratifying. 'KAnd it is all on account of this pretty gray featherf' she thought. "I don't regret it a bit. And I'll be perfectly willing to eat cold lunches from now until Spring --if necessary." XYhen she opened the door to her home the odor of coffee came to her. "XYell," Anne thought. "I shall eat all of the hot foods possible. if I start on my cold lunches next week." As A11ne hung up her coat. she noticed a familiar looking feather on the table. Picking it up, she stood as if transfixed. It looked like her own gray feather. but it surely couldn't be! Anne put her hand up and searched fran- tically for the one and only ornament to the twenty-dollar hat. It was gone! The realization came to Anne that she had been holding her head up thinking it was crowned by a graceful gray feather. Then she laughed aloud. I-ler mother came to the door and said. "I am so glad you can laugh. Anne, for I've been so worried for I thought you would be nearly frantic over losing your feather." "I never missed it, Mother." Anne said. "XYhere did you find it. "I saw something blowing around in the yard. so I went out and got itf' her mother replied. "See, it never was sewed, but just tucked in under the band." pf! 51 Hu9l9JlH BLUE AND eou.D lJllI9l9jlj 5 "just think. Mother." Anne said, i'I've been swelling under an imaginary teatlier. when I have been wearing an extraordinarily plain black hat." The telephone bell rang. Anne took down the receiver. "Yes, this is Anne. Oh. yes. Kitty.-what can I do for you ?" "It does seem strange for me to ask you." Kitty Anderson said, "but the salesgirl at Middleton's says that the hat that I had selected had been put back in the stock again. I wanted Harry to see it. and I couldn't locate him. Vflien I did go back. it was gone. -Xnd it was just what I needed to complete my winter outtit. And Anne. dear. the girl said you had been undecided about taking the hat. so I-I-wondered if-if maybe you would-" "lf I would sell it to you." Anne Finished. "Of course. I know Harry will like it. and you can have it for just what I paid. I'll tell you a funny little story sometime." she laughed. .-Xnne placed the hat back in the box. and suddenly laughed. ".Xnyhow." she thought. "even though I sell the hat and feather, I can keep what it stands for. and go on holding my head just as high as though I were wearing a dozen gray feathers. And I know I shall be all the better for having hot lunches. XYhy was I ever so foolish as to imagine a cause rested on a mere hat! It is the poise, not the feather. that counts, after all." -GERTRUDE KING, '19 " Our Flag " XIV: are assembled here today to do honor to the memory of those brave men, wh--, in answer to the appeal of a sorely stricken nation, went forth from their homes and :iresides in the stirring days of '61 to '65. and. through their undying devotion to our wonderful flag and the great cause for which it then stood and always shall stand, came through victorious. Let us consider the wonderful record of the soldiers of the South during that period. They were fighting for an ideal and a purpose which seem- ed just as true and righteous to them as the great ideals of Liberty and Union were to the men of the North. And. my friends, we must realzie that the soldiers of the South defended and protected their ideals through greater trials, greater hardships, and greater suffering than the Northerncrs were ever called upon to do. XVhen we stop to consider the conditions under which the South fought-outnumbered, blockaded, and cut on' from food supplies-we involuntarily "take off our hats" to her soldiers. .Xml why. my friends. were our countrymen able to do all these things? Be- cause they were Americans. That is the pith of the whole matter. Americans! They were as unlike Europeans as it was possible for them to bc. They had been brought up in a free. democratic country: they had breathed the free air, and had ioyfully lived, and enjoyed living: they had developed, and toiled for a living, and, because they had toiled, battling against primeval Nature, they were ready when called. Let us fervently hope that hc-nceiorword Americans will always be ready when called, and that the st-li-:vlid doctrines and pure living handed to us by our predecessors will be pass- ed on to f-:ir posterity unchanged. lint it is to discuss somethina' concrf-te that l appear before you today, and that something is our Hag. Conceivcfl in Liberty. born in Righteousncss. and passed on in Freed'-ni. our Hag has always stood for the highest ideals of the world. Our flag is the mf.-t beautiful thing in the world. lt must lie, and we should profoundly rev- erence the V.'f'lfl'i'1'l'IUl emblem for which so many thousands of men have laid down their lives. Their wonderful love for our flag is an object lesson to all true Americans, Their df '-'otion is the supreme tcst of the Flag? true- worth. XX'iTliam MCI-Iinley has said: "ls it any wonder that the old soldier loves the nag under whose folds hc fought and for which his comrades shed so much blood? llc lf tes it for what it is and for what it rf-presents. It embodies the purposes and history of the govt-rnnient itself. lt records the achievements of its defenders upon land and s-a. lt heralds the heroism and sacriticcs of our Revolutionary fathers who planted frm: governmr-nt on this continent and dr-dicated it to liberty forever. It attfsts the struggle- of our .Xrmy and the valor of our citizens in all the wars of the lit-public. lt has bfen sanctified by the blood of our best and our bravest. lt rc- corfls the achiewmcnts of XX'ashingtoii and the martyrdom of Lincoln. It has been bathed in the tears of a sorrowing people. lt has been gloriherl in the hearts of a irf-e-loving pf-ople. not only at home but in every part of the world. Our Hag ex- lt rxpresse- the will of a free people and proclaims that they are supreme, and that presses more than any other Hag: it means more than any other national emblem. 52 ftlsleljfl BLUE AND Goto ljfllsielj they acknowledge no earthly sovereign other than themselves. It never was assaulted that thousands did not rise up to smite the assailant." Our Hag stands for the ideals of our nation. lt represents a race oi people sec- ond to none. It has gone through its baptism of tire in six terrible wars. and has never gone down to defeat before another flag. Think of the race of men who love, reverence, honor. and protect that Hag. XYe must strive to be worthy of the race Lof men! fostered by it, a race lot ment such as the great Beniamin Franklin, who once so fearlessly upheld his country at the Court of France: They lifted their glasses and one said: "I give you the Ring of France. and l will call him the Sun: and l give you the King of England. and call him the Moonf' and then turning to Franklin, he said: "XYhat will you do for a toast. with the sun and moon already engaged?" Franklin raised his glass. and said: "l cannot give you the Sun, or the Moon of the Stars, nor call my country such, but I give you the United States. and call them Joshua. the son of Xun. who made the Sun, and the Moon and the Stars to stand still as long as he pleased." -JAMES A. BOPE, '21 tDelivered in public speaking class on May 2nd, 1919.1 THE MORNING CALL Xlfhen father calls the lirst time I love to hear his voice, And when he makes a second try lt makes my heart rejoice. The minutes seem like seconds is the old clock on the stairs Each tick gives me the warning "Get up, get up, beware!" .-Xnd if. by chance. I should forget That father calls but twice. A treasure in the woodbox Looks up at him so nice. I think that every child my age 'XYill make a vow and say That he will never. never call His child at break of day. -By F. I.. S. 'l9. FIRESIDE PICTURES XYhen the long. long hours of day have passed. And the shadows of night appear. And the last dim rays of the sun fade away And leaves only deep silence here. I love to sit in the deepening dusk, Before the old nre place. YX'ith the flickering gleanis from the ruddy glow Dancing over my face. For in the Hames I can picture my friends That l knew in days gone hy: Friends that I knew in my childhood days XYhen the tide of life was high. One by one I recall blissful scenes of my life ln the nrelight glow before me. .-Xnd each scene brings with it a train of though As in fancy it rushes o'er me. Oh, where are my friends of days gone by XYhom l see again in the coals? Have we drifted apart in Life-'s wild sea? Or only sought separate goals? I would that time might turn hackward awhile And I just once more. might see The faces of dear ones of many years gone That now are but memories to me. -G. FOREMAX 'l9. S3 . H 'A NH? if. 'uf 'J ' Q F : , A J 'gx 5- -V ,Ftp f, 2 . - .,., ,I an g ' s 4' " 'E' A 1 'bp -5 'Q-f I 1 5 'xfggxbgf Lv jg , .lv .ie J J M' .3 xg u !"iLg!:k':'i'?f A1 .,-, g. , ' -I .,-...vT.?,,.1-,I K. A . '. 'ff 'gf 'l 5 ' -'v. six -gy, if If n xi. , f-' wa" - " 1 N' f .K ' -I 322, ,' , 'E 'I' ir? :lr -4 --- Q 'I WGA. K' 1. A Md , Q f ., w hw 5: '- , ' ,gf ". ni - ' -' PM 4, v j.:v5g.f, H. .rf , R ' ' 'r,. 3 '- :ui J. V 1 . ff , I , 'fily' :YQ ' gf' b. -,, .:' Y, ,A , .K I ., - x I l,,y. ..o , , . -, az 'uiijqr 1'! ' uf xi Vffjff..-f 9 l K Ny' .1 , 4 r N I fl 'vu 1 O J J Q l .gl IV ' 4' 3' 1 ' +.f'5i'Y'v r- :-- -' vm N lx V ,V Q 119191111 BLUE AND 601.19 1111191911 A 1' o oo' Senior Commercial Club BY DOLLIE AMSLETR OFFICERS 111121151 111111111111 , .... ..,. .......,..,... 1-1 1 'vmiclcllt 111 1.15 1.1111 S1-5111111111 ..,.. ,,,,,. X 'icc-l'1'csi11c11t V1 11:11,1 1'1's1:1'r ...,....... SCC1'Cllll'y 1411111 1'r1u1 ,, .,... Trcasurcr '1'.. 111. 11111 11,-111 11. 11411111111 111 111111111 XYl1llt thc Su11i11r C111111111-rcizll Club is. Llvcry 1 11 11111 111111111 .1111 111 1111- city 1c11111xs 111:11 1111- 5. 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Ruth Spangler Beatrice Rinehart Max Fenberg .,,,,, Miss Baker . .,Prcsiilent .,,....Yicc- President . ,Secretary ,,Treasurer . Critic Having felt the need for sr-me time of a literary club, several members of the Senilfr class tliscusgqil plans for its organization. Soon after the forming of the classes in Effective Speaking, thirty students from these clissffs organized themselves into a .lustarttere Club. A rifitl constitution was ailopletl, Several closed meetings were heltl in which Rf.bcrt's Rules Of Order were seriously infringed upuu by some of the members but not without being called 'tout oi order". In these meetings the students were given an opportunity to show the poise they had gainell from the Effective Speaking classes and also the rules for public speaking which they hail mastered. One open meeting was hehl :luring the year in the high school auditorium in April. lfaeh 'ncinbci' of the club had the privilege oi inviting any of his friends. The program follows: Pantomime ...,...... .Y ..... i.,. ....... . . . .,................................. ..V...V..V . Little Hiawatha ..,..,,.,.. Grown-up Hiawatha Iago the Boaster .,,,,.. The Arrow Maker ....... Nokomis ........,......... ........... v.Y,.... ..... Minnehaha ....,...,,,.,,,...........,,............................. .i.,..... Farewell Minuehaha l . l local S0105 ilHer Shadow thy Carlmanlj "" A n Appeal for the American lntlian ,,............, . .V.. .. , Q ' E lIntlian Cradle-Song l Xoml LOAOB lily the lYaters of Minnetoukal """"-"' Debate: Resolved: That the American Incliau Affirmative-Marion Conaway, Dean Axline. Negativvlllax Ifenberg, John lfcfarthy. has been more cruelly ,,,,,,,,Hi1lXX'1lilld'S 'Nooinp , ,,,. .,., H arohl Grauel sllliltcr Mclglellantl ,,,, john AICCZIFIIIQI .. ,XYilliam Sthintllcr Mable Frazier .mllertrutle King .,,,,Ruth Spangler ,...,'l'huhna Hosler ..Ollic Robinson trealefl than the negro. The negative team received the decision ot' the judges, Prol Matttison, Mr. Bowman avail Mr. Conn. Violin Solo: Albert Boss The eight members of the debating: teams were chosen from the Justamere Club. A banquet has been planned by the club in honor of the tleliators. It is hoped the Justamere Club will become a permanent organization in Fin'tllay Hiflll Sflhml- 55 QISISBH BLUE AND sou: Jjllislelj Affirmative Debating Team ALBERT BOSS '21 l'1f'JCi'fT V fff,' ,,,,,, A liss Baker lilffl 5lNl-lwfr f-" .,...,. A llxcrt Boss Fvfwrvl Slwfflffl' ........,. Ruth Spangler TlY11"l 5I"4'1lxUf -- .,,,,, lllultcr Mclflcllnml .Xltcrnzitc . ln t"c curly pzir ' lligix Suh-Ml. I -,ti BI :irch prcpzirzitii,-ns wcrc mzitlc fr,-r the a -unc was April 18, :it which time Ilw 'Uv cliiffeu I--r the -lnl ., Helen V:mVo0rhis eumfl year ot dc-lvziting for lfimllziy the lfiiicllny negative tcnm ilclxntctl li,-1-'ri.i wt iw-inc :in-1 the .iffirnzitivu luzim jnurucyuil tu Bucyrtw. The suhjcut Chiuscu fur ilclrzilc Rc--'lic-li 'limit thu privp-wil in have thc gwvuriiiizeiit rutziin thu prchciit fruitful of the rnilruxiils for Q-.Q ycir-, -li--ul-l lic :ull-plcfl hy tl-mgrcfs. Thia question is :in impr,-rt:mt unc in lhc minds ul the un thu :ulvi-:ilrility ul hziving Uncle .Xiiiuriuiri pu-'plc :it thc prcfcnt time :if t'uiigrc5s iw ni-xv dlmting tell. bim uwxilrwl -'ur rziilrmulx for :i pcriwl lnngcr than that cuiitciwplzi I thu t':1nili1,l:1tcs wcrc uivcn their tryiitits X1-1 nr:-gli umliixxmxru wzif giruu-ul in thu High Sci'-Jul miti strung tufim was chown, ilcspitc thc -in 11:1 qirulxt-ri in the lzittcr pzirl nf Blzirchg ncx'crlliclLsx. :i gf,-girl, h tu g:i1'lcr Ul.llL'l'lZll :mil cuiistriicl fi-t :lui tlzig c-in-iiuicrnf hml truly ri litllc mor :i wccl-Q in whim' ri mr xpunjug-, Tlirit wm the time thc :iir lxcuumc lrluu with scraps -if tlying' paper :intl thu High Scliunl f -4,1 li-full tit thu lm-ilu :mil lruxllu of tht- rlclvziturs ru they rvishcil hack find furth in the huilfling. 'li'vii flfiuuiwl llc liixl--ril' -lriy Hi Frivlny, ,Xpril thu 13th. Ifvcryinic wa- in fuvcrisli lizistu. At Mi.-3 V-'il--1 lf, tif .Xtiirmitixu tczim, with Min linker :intl l"n,l. in charge, left fur Iizicyrus. 'll.1- trip a-.:i- :i plcnxzml -vnu, cxvcpt fur ft littla ii,ci-lcnt 1-n Lhw: "gm.'ii" rim-lf. lnclwccn lfinillny .mil I gr:-j., .M tl.-: mziiliim- ww ig-tim: Ihr-:uqli :i piulillc ni water, it guru :i Quilrlcu lurclu, lhr rcrir wliu-ls :1-,nu xiii-, ri hill-g :ilmvit lu-1 Iiwrl flu-p, hurling ilir: ii---'iip:iniN intra thc Jiir, :intl :is :i cuiisciliiclicc :ii.L:i.g Mm- -'qu-:ru lu-g'i:l,1-iliif, Inf. hiinipcil html-, 'tml unc scrum-. n1twl.fL'cil. Vpvr. ..rri-.:ii,' :ii liiuyrxi-, l'.c tr-:ani wzi- 'lin-'lull li- thc l'ruslvylcri:m cliiiruh, wlicru thc clclvrilc - fi- it-5 lzulfl. .Xitlgr fiuiiiriiiitiriu tlwnismlux '.',illv wurrrmmliiigx ul thcir night'-2 lrzittlg- tu lac, lluc ilu r- r--l::-.dll tim: mu-it-yi 1-X the-ir miuilx :il the Hiiryriix lilfrziry. Slmvly, -luwly ilu- h:in:l-a ul thc i 1' 1 .nm in tif- iitzil hmir. 'l'hig riiilliimv, fmziipu-ul nnwlly nl lliflv Sclimtl xxlriflunlx, wcrm- muslim: :'v':..' glxriw :it lliv: ir:-nilflmu l"in'll:iy lrnm. ,KN tlw -iQlr:it1"'- l"'rc :'l"'m l" lillic llwil' pl2i1'L'4, :I 1,1 ,H nu, ',f.,-,git vii, Julvlrr---ill 11- thu "l"i1i-lly Ili lllnziliiiq 'l'i':im," lffiigvrly thi- cnxvlupc was Suri, --5,1-ii, 'lip nl:-pfrziiu rc-ml: "It'- i-:.-y, limlur up, l,r't ywiir nn-ilu lic hut nr lynn." Sight-il MV' .f'i'., luinnllirvl--lj. v.1,rj,--nv fin tin- li-:im In'-'ting rfwl :mil wtnlivlw-nl, mul want lu 1l:u rfimlriilli - Lrm '--ymifiiiii. 1l.'.i 1-l1l l". ll. 5, xxhx l-1-hiiivl liini. 'liln' lrfzm wnrl.c1l :rx .i unit -nlnwly, rnmly, ,N ' , l',.4i- -pf-.11-r pmt thu- mfr--.i1j. iftri 1' fwlil "pi-ln" li-Iiinfl luix qvrrll ln print- to lhv :iil1li1'ni'i' llm '.:r:.1ff ..ii'l ji-11.1-F vii iii: plan, '.-.Vli Ilw' rc-ull that lfilifllny lliql: gut thc :lr-vi'-inn 'illvl -:urriml raft' ff- ' iw:-3 12 1, vw.-,ing lhf- -'ipfriwr qimliw uf tha: lfinfllziy lligli liuln-ul xlmlulils, lay lwimg :ililc tu pr' ffv.' .11 5.fu'yi.':.1 pr'-pzirwfl in um- .ww-l., -'ipvrin' tw tlizil 'ff llllvyru- prvpfirrnl in Ilvc wvlzlu. li-2 :tin ll.v.r- In---ii pl,-'iltlv hm' it nm lwui lor thru- nwniln-rx uf thc inriilty: Prof. U --,,,,,, 4,1 Mr, 1i.m, '.-.Mi :ii-lvfl in -vmimmu up thi' vimlarifil, .mil Alu- llfilwr, who flirc-i-tml thi- uru- - ,yi ' K, r- -if vl.f- 'flf'l,:ivf', Fw fi lirw' xlmrf- uf thu lrmralx qu In llwxi' thrw- mvvvlwrs ul Ih-- ixifulty. 'I . L, ,E ..,,,,i- .m'-if-yin :.lf-ug ilu- lim- i- nwitlwr printf uf thi' lm-l llml nvxt yi-:ir l'::fI' u llzxl 'ffl-V-if .null lunar- Ji -lflrillug' I1-.ilu -lrwnu I-limipli lu nvni-.r :my ullwr High Ssllvml lrclnlrlu .-.Hx ifrir, 56 il9l9llEl BLUE AND Goto Hills:-ai Negative Debating Team F. THOMAS. '19 Director ....,,.., Mr- Conn Firsl- Speaker ,,..', llenn Tlit-mas Second Speaker ....l7l-weiice Thomas Third SPe3kef -f'- ,,,., ..... l . tmes Bope Alternate '--'---'- ,,...., P ivelyn llyal On Friday, April lSth, the representatives oi the Fostoria High School, in the Triangl: l'ehating League, j0UT1l93'5'd YU Findlay, shortly after noohn. At last, the representatives ui the Xt-gative Team of Findlay came to the realization that the night set apart for the del-ate ha-l arrivt-tl. Altho Fostoria was given the decision, the Negative Team did not in the least ieel "sore." lt is with great regret. that the Senior me-mhers of the Xegative Team realize that they cannot help defeat Fostoria in a similar contest next year: hut they know that great talent exists in the oncozniiig class- men, and especially in their worthy Sophomore and Junior colleagues, which talent will contril-ate to the utter defeat of Fostoria in the year 1920. Much praise is due Prof. Matteson, Miss Baker and Mr. fc-nn. for their untiring etztorts in coach- ing the team. The question which was ahly dehated hy hoth sides was: "Rest-li ed that tht- proposal for the gov' ernment to retain the present control of the railroads for a period .ai li'-'e years should he .nlopteil lty Congress." The representatives of Attiirmatixe team which was practically a "one mitn team" wtre Frank Mickey, tirst: Harold Yochum, second: and David Schlatter, thiril: with l.utlier Fisher alternate. The judges for the dehate were Supt. C. A. Krout, of Tiffin, Prof, Ernest 12. XX',tlkei, oi Howling Green and Prin, R. H. Otienhauer, of l.ima. while oar prosecuting attorney Lihester Vtfinllt-ton, pres?-lcd as chairman. After several rousing' cheers fr-r hoth teams, hy the students the prog'r:'m opcnt-il with a selection hy the High School orchestra. Bliss l.orraine lintrikin and Bliss Ruth lYerliln'ist'r sang hai-re the speakers were introduced, The outstanding arg'ument presentell hy the Xegativc were that 'ttloiperiinient control had ftilctl from the standpoint of economies," ahandoninent of short lines," .intl uineftivieiit service." lt was ilso shown that pnhlii: sentiment did not sanction .Government Control and that this is no time for such a test. The Atfirmatixe team advanced the argument that efficiency or ineliicicncy would he hotter dem- onstrated in tive years of goyernment control than in the J1 month period. The Xegative team when eallfd upon to advance a suhstitute plan for the prop.-set! plan offer-e.l their plan which was: "Private operation ui railroads under iiroafilened commission t'-vntr-'-l with a secretary of transportation in the cahinetf' XYhei' the altirntatite argued that the Government was handicapped. hy the severe weather it nas quickly met hy the negative l-y showing that with condi- tions favorahle the railroad administration was showing diminishing efficiency. The nertive team contended that with the elimination of competition service must necessarily deteriorate. lt was shown that under government control the party in power could wield the halancv: oi power hy intiut-ncin: the vote of two million rairoad employes who have a direct influence over twenty million l'. S. citizens which would as a result he a very difficult 'proposition for the future. llI9I9llll BLUE AND GOLD Jjlllelsll Findlay High School Crchestra LORA MOORE. '20 l. lwllll., , .,4.... 'Xlburt Boa: Clnriuct ...,.. ..,,, l floyd ,llllulllllj X iolzz. l.,,l iclliu .Xmflur Saxaplwnu .,.. .... l idnou ljuckcy k'il'l1:., ..,,..,.,......,.....l Xflu Marvin Trombone ...,. .,.,...,. l.. con Mcrtz 'MH-Liz: . Blzlrgglrl-L XYudfxx'1,-rtll D1'ul115 ......,. ..., C loyco Tlwluub L fm: .,.,,,,,.,,... llurliu lloblcr l'lgu1o ..,,,, ,, ,, ,,,.,,,, Lol-3 Moorg l .- :.r,,: .'.L ' .xc llc m--Xt iullxc -lrflmcxlrxn lllrnl lI.1N cxcr cxirlL"4l nn-lcr llm Imnn: of "'l'll1: 3 l1:,. rl ll-ll Ur-l1ostr.l." 'lluf yuzlrk -,frvlluslrd lmf lvccn llm Hurst willc-xlwzllxc, ullfzlml-Ll-:lug 7 - lol- vxur l,xl1-url. lllu wrgzullldll-flu lx llm llfhl :vnu lllnl ima lfuun qllvly to lllflllbll :yr v-,fry fxlurmxnxmwm or mlm wlllml, var :my IIflX'llClIlilf l,Il'l.gTllllZilllI.Il nl thu school, llflh givun lg iw, 'Illv'r!1ZVlUlL1ll pul-ln uf I-lr llxu -Lllo--1 l-1.13. N' Q lmxu lm-Ln .niflc lu glxx gm-xl, nlulu' - , .l- -lub Um -lullfyxll-, or druzmly, num :mul-5, vu-lu gn, xxu ll-ink, :x lcw ol our luzvlxr V .4 ,r '.-,4ll. H , .aL nl 1-L :lol wrgu llxu u flllv l, ull-l nznnu :llwmg ln ll time nl nu-ll :mul lout uw gl' ll-r purI..pX lv .--. r l'--r .l 'A lrxunll ln nu-l 1, .l lriru-l llI4lUlJKl,H :mul that olll pr-nurll pg- l llnffl-l Bl-Nlurrll llnfl Morrx- Klrwlun. Xllpn uc unulwl not llnll Jn slrummcr :nl llu- g . - -4 vlll 1 5'-lr, Ilan-l-l, "All-LQ," um kmll rn'-ugll lu nomo :mel hulp uv out in -fur lllllii . .X:.l if, an-ll. lm lvunl lll.ll llrum wulu, 1 1,--, UI1, lmyl 'l'l11:n "llusky" umm, .nl-mg wllun ' ' ::.n :l-7 -fzr xl--1-ll "Nl-1115" lo pr-llllulmllg In lllc uvurl g.urnlnnf. ul llng xufy wA'll-klmxxll .' lr,1:-, 51-lx l.xl-fax "ll1:rtL5,"J 'lfnllx .llmul lwluxxlng :n trmnlmnu, lnclicxu mc, Murri:-. ' 1.1 W.-lr,"-. 'llng lllmll 5-ENVI llululrzl -urcly ix grxlluiul luv ilu-sm: two Iumllnunrlwl . ww H 1-ar rv,--lm-5, lor .l- 51-u l.u.-wx, rn-xllu-r only ul' llzvm ix now :x mcmllcr ul lllc :leur : . ll K 1 . .1 .-...x mmlf: up ul lun-I5 lu-yx :mfl gurl-, mln' zllwxlyx lx.ul their -.lmrc ol lun .md , ' ' 7- -, :xl :L-1, .',lu:n-'.Lr llu-5 f 'li ,lnfl "l1.,fl,-I." :ln-I "'l'flmu ' 4' -- n-fall " ' Llr. lf-l1.mlX cxnwmull -rv-ln ry Q" ju-I llmt mzmy .nrc cnwugll ln nmkl: :L llvvly L'ruw1l, lx,lpp1-ww-l in :cl 1-fgclllnfr. ,lu-K lluulc, rl lnolm-nl, wlly lor lmxm: lu,-lpn,-fl vu In :nllnm thu lllgll atzmrlzml wlnrll ,'-.Il Mawr 1- ffm- lllm, for lu- unh.rivy,' uf-ali lu prflflurc music frmn tlml :xrruy ,rv lan., v'-gn' 1 ,ll5. Ill H-mr llrsl lcv:, XY4: lvll vf-ry pruml wlwn Mr. lilfll- ' iff' 11:1-2 -ll ilu- fp: m "Iinll1ul", llml vm 'llill 'mx xxx ll Ju 1'l1:npnl:ln'-. Urn llcxlrn .-.lf-1 lv mlflluzp.-1111-l 11, ll.: Hp:-rw, " flu- llmlw' ful l':'nzIu1l ma" Mr, Klvlmrll-Q Y, r. ' zuly rl.f- U1-I l 1vl!l.lj,' lll 'lu 51 lwul flu- lnwlrn llwul lm lm- vu-r lull, :mfl ,Wy-1 ro -, gf ll.,:1 .nv 1111- In xl ,l mv-mlwr of llnf: Hugh Sulmol flfijlltwlfll of 191K-lUl'J. 58 Hui-Jleljfl BLUE AND eol.D Jjfllslelj 1 , K X , - 'P .J"' tiff - T" f v f py kf X JX KI N", f W' ff 'Wi' 'V 55 N A 0'mro6ffqIJ ff! kQlg'h,' Nm L 35 MFESUWKSTURBCE Censoxed EEG. 'gg 75, l. as as K1 M. .VI un f H - K cu- 42 v -I LI Gil ff 21 X pl- - ' ' X ,. 4 N X v A if f 4 1- z- u: DE E O f-n HIQIQJIH BLUE AND 601.011 fllelslj -I I T v 60 . n-'I D FQ r-'I D PQ Hisleljfl BLUE AND Goto Jjllisuelj The Operatta " Bulbul " PHHCCSS Blllblll -------------.,---4v--.-. Y....Y R uth XVerkheiser Lilla CPrincess' Companionl ..... .--.,,,,. C ecil King Ida CCourt Chaperonj ....,,,,. Y4,,,A,, E dna M0013 King Iamit -------,-------,-,- ....... E dison Backey Pl'iHCC C21SPi21'1 -v--------.------------ ...... L eo Cunningham Alain tPrince's Companionl ..,4,.,.,.,,,,,,,, ,,A, , Roderick Mgflufe Dosay tKeeper of Royal Spectacles! ......,. ,,,,AA E verett Crawford -Tustso CKeeper of the Royal Cash Boxj ...,, ..,... I Iarion Conaway Maids of Honor-Pearl Yoxtheimer, Katie Price, Gertrude johnson, Mary Marks, Frances Garber, Gertru'de King, Luella Bayless. Housemaids-Loraine Entrikin, Mildred Taylor, Dorothy Redman, Ollie Robinson, Frances XYeisr. Aleta Sheller, Helen Renick, Conna Carter. Ladies of Court-Beatrice Rinehart, Alice Connell, Ester Pressnell, Mildred Moran, Sarah Crites, Vivian Perkins, Pearl XVilliamson, Marie Hosler, Eunice Bolander, Alice Kistler. Feddlers and Gentlemen-Dean Axline, Robert Yost, Leon Mertz, Donald Dietscli, XValter McClell- and, Henry Van Sweringen, Richard Martz. Lords of the Court-Vern Zay, Harold Grauel, Edwin Diefenderfer, Howard Denison, Max Fen- berg, Arthur Mays. On Thursday, ltlarch 27th, the students of F. H. S. appeared in their annual opera. Findlay public knew the school had talent, but it never realized its great theatrichl ability. They were requested to give the play three nights in order to accommodate the crowd. The great red curtains were swung open, and showed the beautiful scene of the Ladies and Lords ofthe Court taking their after-noon walk in the Garden of the Palace. "His Majestyn came and the following plot was carried throughout the opera: Iamit has betrothed his only child, the Princess Bulbul, to the Prince Caspian and the Prince is on his way ta attend the wedding. This couple have never met and the Princess vainly implores her father not to make her marry a man she has never seen. The Prince, determines to see his future wife before the betrothal ceremony. On reaching the outskirts of the city, he disguises himself and his friends as peddlers, and thus clad, they seek the palace. The Prince enters the garden first and meets the maids of honor. After much persuasion, he is allowed to seek the Princess, who is roaming through the woods. The Prince-Peddler speedily wins Bulhul's affections and en'deavors to persuade to site up Prince Caspian and elope with him instead. This the Princess refuses to do. They agree to meet once more in the ballroom that evening to say good-bye. Unable to part: with the man she loves, Bulbul hides him behind a curtain, bidding him trust her. Consternation reigns later, when the king and court learn that the Prince and Princess are both miss- ing. All are still more horriFie'd when Bulbul enters the ballroom, a long cloak over her gown, and an' nounces that she will not wed the prince, but instead the man she loves-a peddler, Throwing aside the curtain, behind which the prince is hidden, she exposes him to the full view of the king and court. Grief is turned to joy. The king recognizes the supposed peddler, the Prince, and Bulbul is too pleased at the outcome to be indignant at the prank played upon her. In the meantime, Tda, who has always had 1 lingering fon'dness for the king, proposes to him. Alain and Lillian make a thiril happy couple, and the three weddings are set for "Tuesday at noon." VVe cannot say too much about our charming Little Princess. Ruth XVerkheiser. She surely took her part with the greatest of ease and grace. It is no wonder the Prince, Leo Cunningham, was thrill- ed by her beauty and desired her as his Princess. 'Edna Moore proved, that she was not l.ashful. It is easily seen why Edison Backey allowed her to repeat the words "Your King-My King." You never saw a more charming couple than Cecil King and Roderick McClure. The Maids of Honor, did their bit. T am sure that there was never a choms as highly appreciatelil, in any opera as the soldiers chorus in Bulbul. The Little House Maids besides showin: their talent in acting, also showed their ability in Hirting. Other years Our School had to hire an orchestra but this year our own 'High School Orchestra helped to make Bulbul the greatest opera given by Findlay High School. 61 lll9l9llfl BLUE AND GOLD ljlllslslj SENIOR COMMERCIAL CLUB PLAY Cut Little Wife BY DOLLIE AMSLER I A. ll z,i- , ,. lhvnnsl Xliilliuma i Y H ri ,,,,R:llpl1 Sl1:irninglmusc 'Q' fr-iq .....,...... Ycltc Czxslow 'il ,,., .flny Pickering 'I' - H ,--.-m'r'- ,il ,,,R:il ll Hursliu I7 Y l' H ff- i .. , Beatrice Rinvlmrl li u Xl js ,. .,.., Kilim Price Xl -1 lf W - .,,, lrcnc NYl1:ilcn "" " -V '- Xl 4 - , . Roy llurrcll l' 'f - ' :nf 1 -xml-psix uf ll if play, Nvlrly cvvrylulr- -:aw il .lllll tlm-C mlm flifl nut-- ' ' ". 'Hr mv iii-r-.-. ml-. ll xm- n,-rtwinly :n Ninn-4-cw. Xl'lwn Ihr: rurlziin wcnl :Lawn im ' i- '-' f Y' V' 1- - :r1 Jul uw- :rwlwl '-.ixli wi-lv flwlrlusc :lx llilw nnvcr lu,-cn licslrwl gfivcn hx :A fl Hy" N "iff Hr ,uj. 'Wir pl.v. 'il - . i -.-v 'H-N iv-1' -.-. -.--rv ui- ing it uitlwut :mv ,lflmix-iiln that thc pcuplv wfmlil nut cf-:nc ' .niirvli 1i'i.girw f-ir, ii -virrly is wil xxwrlli vfmvinu to sue." lint tllvy wvrc' mix- ' -Til 'fri lin: Irv-lifn'1', gi'-. 1 -lr' ,ln 'll vlw 'Airy ilrmxyli. lgxpi-ni:-llj.' wllvn UlllA'Cr ll':ncf'urln:u'lf "stem ' In ,v.... XX illi lm-' 4- lin: x-.fu ximply urvni. Slim' lmikcrl lxizzmliflll. Hur :wlillg - 1.1 qf- W1 ' -v 'il 1 fl WV 'l' - ri Klmnpy, H41-.x -lull l fluwrilvc llrr? Slim' iw survly ir' iw: 'r V I' V4 9, Y'-lim. 'l-luv llr-1 Him- xlu Vnmc un thc' -tum' xllc mmli' ilu' l' f lf' lvl -'I V 'vlfl "-pill lvvr lf'-in-" llil- :mrli4'vlf'c- xxvnl wilfl. fflwy xlu: lvmkrrl I4 'yr' N' r1i?1,u'f-'iw flrrilll lvl- put tlmvugln 'lx 1-F lln- primipul rllur- , 'lip '. ' ' L'-nf -:p lm wifi' wux riull 'if'finU. Anil ln- lmvkwl lllllrlvmuq if it ' ' -l ' 'lr' - 'zv fm l' 1- M' il V 4 111.1 lriumrf- f-n lluf' -Irma :mil li1'f1'rl:nilllv is fi uw'-il Vusnxm-r wllvll ' ' " v .iz-if llwv Ili- i- nfilllimf. XV1- :ill l-n-iw Vlnv in rl-ful liin-. Rflllll . l HI' ' i " il--zmlwlli. ,Xwl llu- A ,.-, lil -lnrnu-l nrmvlifl lar'-clglwl murli :lmlzux-A' T l ll ' " '-- vlwv. IVE ,-.1 'ill lv'-'J ll -lplx lv'-fl il in Him. llvzilriri- Ril11'! un- ' - ' i'-f 11 r' ' -:nfl ll-1 '+"l1'w-- v..lX lmivlv pl:-rn-wl will: lu-r willy xpvi-1-lic'-. V l" I ll ' - Xl -. yi' '.--l l-r pw! -pl'-nfllfllv, I1 un- juxt lln' pwrl fur lu-r, :mil ilu' Inml f - -' ' 1- vf, "ll -1 Y, -l1v'v 1--izflv mv- " H-vl Jw miulll lf- play lllix lmrr wvll. XK':ilrIl f IV... 'J Hr, y,,.f1. l,gv X1,m- Kiln, vi, Flu wh-l lilu' 1 riuil l"ri'nr'lu girl :mul luulcdil "' 5" il v .' l"', 62 Deane Axline before the presentation of the play. The cast of characters was Hieisjjfi BLUE AND 6oi.D Hflisisll Senior Rhetoricals The first Senior Rhetoricals was a miscellaneous program given at Thanksgiving time. A chorus of girls with Pearl Yoxtheimer as Goddess of Liberty sang patriotic songs. Our class president, Daniel Cunningham, gave an address and Thanksgiving readings and talks were delivered by Loraine Entrikin. Mildred Ned, Marjorie Saine and Donna Ytilliams. Ruth XYerkheiser read a clever paper which was published by the Senior Class. The last number on the program was a dialogue between john McCarthy and Raymond Clouser. At the next Rhetoricals the Seniors appeared in a play, "Betty's Ances- tors." Two short patriotic speeches were given by Florence Thomas and as follows: Deborah, An Old Nurse ,..,,. The Spade Sisters ..,.,. Mrs. NY ellmgon ..,...............,...,... Miss Moore, A james O'Mara Ephriam Huntington .......... Great, Great Aunt 'Letitia ...., James O'Mara, :Ir ............. Betty YVinslow .. Schoolteacher ,.,.. ,,s,A Y , ,Yw, H , Sr .... ,............. ,,,,,, li el-in Geahry I Gertrude King -I Cozette Dietsch LHelen Renick .......,.Bunna Stough Mabel Frazier .,,,,..Henry Yan Sweriugcn ...,,,.,,,XYayiie XYeigcr ........Pearl Yoxtheinier , ...... ..Dean Axline Ilo Smith -D. XV. '19. JUNIOR RHETORICALS December 20. 1918. a play adapted from "A Christmas Carol." bv Charles Dickens, was produced. lily hard work the committee had condensed the story into live acts. Under Miss Bakers supervision it certainly surpassed all expectations. The story is so well known that no description is needed. Edison Backey gave a pleasing saxophone solo. Elizabeth Priddy. as a French maid. brought the Christmas spirit of France to America, while Ruth the American Christmas spirit. The only regrettable feature "Hu" germs had multiplied themselves so that no visitors were ll, Junior Day came again. The program consisted of a piano Yan Yoorhis and Gertrude Iohnson, and a recitation, "Candle- " by Yera Ross. Ollie Robinson also gave a vocal solo. The t " was managed by Miss Gibson. as director of the High School orchestra, lent his assist- ance occasions. 63 ALLEN couNTv Puauc LIBRARY GENEQI-GGY 977 1 OE' 1lxQjn1nuurQQqQmnnnjyllamnuwwuanlslwnggywl HBH, BLUE and GOLD THE YEAR BOOK OF FINDLAY HIGH SCHOOL A RECORD OF THE VARIOUS ACTIVITIES OF THE SCHOOL YEAR PUBLISHED BY SENIOR CLASS OF 1919 ACTING FOR FINDLAY HIGH SCHOOL fl9l9JjU BLUE AND GOLD Massa: Monsieur Beaucaire Izu' I lckcrm--' , ,. . . r- Ricllnnl Jm'mla11 X an bwcrxngcu Characters: I--zuitcquu ilu uf XXVIUI -"-vt --------,--A, '. XI'-lyrmux, ,,v-,- llcnfy .FTF IQILCXZI-H ,-,-- U j'!. U. 'im r AAAAAA A :Qt fir.-T1 , VAVAA M 'l'w'.'.w 7-rdw 3 'ff 5Tw"iH:r- , Fun- If Nllrfl ix mmf. K VT' -Iv 'Q XI .,"1- 1-1-V, '12 -Z1 , , , ,V,,,, Xing, 'nh 111. X --vl 11-1' l'1:1-- prwwmutwl ilx LWumm-ncvlm'nt . " 'M M V 1 Tr:m1:11if:1l1-In ul' thix wvll-lqw-wx: Ntwry by 1 mr- ummm: 111 llw --iuzlwlm'--mlm rm-ulury in ilu- fxmx. ' Y Y' 321- 111 lj. ilu- -Hvliml Hl"'lrfU1IlI 1f1'l'i'vIl. TI 'V Z1 ,mm--, -.-. M' i- -vi I'r'f'w-lx rwg.V:nlty flisgul-Q-N Ililll-Ulf A - sw. Ill- ivg"raf1i1g,p ln- is :n gm'-I :nl :1 f.:-l1ifm'1lflm - 'YQ T W - :vfl 1"'IiYll'IIllll uf high -inlilm. llc ,LjflillN 'n :' 'ah-'Q lhv fIiX1fv'.I'x'y i- I1l:ulr'th:1l lu' NK'l'lIlxll1IN' 4 1 'If' 'Nw -ilvmtiv-xv msn' lu- -l1lllHlI'lI up lay Mon 17 'fxvwl Mir mmm url- All-l nam J 64 Axliuc oc XYiM-Icy Maralmull C XM-igcr 111 Hcryhcy McClelland In-rg Svlimllcl' nys urkhciscr llzuncs In Slllilli lic-nick muicur on. city uf Ivmw- 1:91911 It BLUE AND GOLD DELISISZ Bachelor Hall M. B. C. '20 The Junior Play of 1919, "Bachelor Hall." was one of the hest threesact comedies ever produced hy any Junior Class of F. H. S. The east consisted of the following' students: Hon. Geoffrey Myetleton, Congressman of the 9th District ....,.... ,....... E verett Crawford Silas Jervis, one of Myrtleton's constituents from Ramhleton .,.i... .......... T om Duncan Elisha Bassett, another of Myrtleton's constituents ..,., ........ H arold Grauel Ensign Jack Meredith, acting under sealed orders ...,. ......., ll flarion Conway Pinkerton Case, amateur detectivt -......, ,,i.,,.,.............,.,...,..,,,,.,,.... .......,.. E c lison Backey Vere Lee, an amateur actor and author of "The Fatal Shot, "..... R olland Thompson Jasper, Butler of "Bachelor Hall .,,..,.......,....,....., ,..........., ,,,,.,,t. ..,.. P l 1 ilip Reimund O'Rourke, Policeman . .,,...............,, ....,.,.,..,,,. l lobert Yost Betty Vance, Myrtleton's XVard ,,....,. ,...,,. G ertrude Johnson Polly Reynolds, an amateur actress .,.,,,,.......,.,it,,.,l.. t.,.,, E lizaheth Priddy Mrs. Van Styne, who has a dramatic inspiration ....... ,,.,,..........,..... R uth Brown Claire. who was not ,...... ..,,,..,.......,.,............,...,......... ...,... E e Ile Sharninghouse Synopsis Betty Vance, whose guardian and uncle is Hon. Geoffrey Myrtleton is secretly engaged to Jack Meredith, an Ensign in the U. S. N. Myrtleton makes a wager with Rear Admiral March, that the report of a private theatrical production which is to be given at his home will not be in the papers. Jack is sent secretly hy March to M'ytrelton's home on the night of the play. The plot thickens as two deacons appear the night of the production. Finally everything clears up and Hon, Myrtleton con- sents to Betty's engagement to Jack. 65 Huslelm BLUE AND GOLD Dflasuelj Q 2 0 "2"Z":'3.'5- y F' K t f""i':S- .17 7 -. SNAPSHOTS RH .fr I AND 60'-D UU'9'91 UIQISUH BLUE TX 'N Kxklhfxff f :Z-' 1q gi mic-gan F. Nf f B'-XXDND-LAY Q Qx Q ' , X N XX X Q ffxxx Lg Xi ffffff 5 M if - K- i ' H' lffnlnhll - X W iff II I f M 13 Q!! 5 171 VW ff "fi-sf wwf v HIQIQJM BLUE AND GOLD Jjfllslejl flI9I9llfl BLUE AND GOLD Jjllleuall Football DEDICATION To the man whom F. H. S. owes deep gratitude in the part and who. with untiring efforts, made it possible for us to have a winning team this past season, Athletics is admirably dedicated- FRED RUSS THE TEAM Coach .... ..,.......... F red Ross Captain .,.. .,...... F aul Misamore Manager , ...., .......... I . Earl Conn Left End ..... ...,,.. G eorge Mains Left Tackle .... .....,.,. P aul Misaniore Left Guard ,.,,... .,............,,,, R oy Burrel AS Hugh Marshall Center """"" """' l John McCarthy Right End ..... ....,............. R ichard jordan Right Tackle .... Right Guard ,.... Quarterback ...... Left Halfback ..... Right Halfback .,.... Fullbacli ..... ..,...... l XYalter Elsea I NYarreu Snodgrass ......,Ralph Sharuinghouse .......,.......,.,lolm Routzon ..,.....,,Michae1 Crohen ........Lester 1Veinland .........Raymond Del-layes THE SEASON Findlay 26, Ada 0. at Findlay, on Sept. 23. Findlay 0, Fremont 0, at Fremont, on Nov. 9. Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay 33, Van NVert 3. at Van XVert, on Noi. 15. 52, Bellevue 0, at Bellevue, on Nov. 23. 27, Bowling Green O, at Findlay. on Tlianksgiving, 33, Fostoria 21, at Findlay. on Dec. 6. Total for Findlay 171. Total for opponents 24. 1919 SCHEDULE Oct. 4, Tiffin at Findlay. Oct. 11, Deliance at Detiance. Oct. 18, South Lima, at Lima. Oct. 25, Central Lima. at Findlay. Nov 1, Open. Nov. 8, Bellevue, at Findlay. Nov 15, Fremont, at Findlay. Nov 22, Fostoria, at Fostoria. Thanksgiving, Bowling Green. at Bowling Green. 69 Htelellfl BLUE AND Goto Jlfllstelj Review of 1918 Football DICK JORDAN, '19 There was considerable of a stir when football practice started along about the middle of last September for the simple reason and none other that things looked pretty l-right for a "Champeen" outfit. There was captain-elect Misamore, Crohen, lioutzon, Mains. llurrel and Marshall, all varsity men from the seasott before and who alone could brush aside most elevens. This gave Coach Ross the substantial frame for a team. Dellayes and XX'einland, new men at F. H. S. but old in football experience, easily landed berths on lQoss's machine. The other men to complete the aggregation were to be picked from the large number of old second team men and others who came out. Likely material was seen in Elsea, Snodgrass, Rinehart, Mc- Carthy. lfeiiltcrg. Dorsey, Drown and jordan. lt was soon evident that our hopes were to be realized at last, with a brilliant coach and a prospective bunch of material. 1, ur tirst rivals. from .Xda. blew into town about noon on Saturday, Septemebr 28th, with about as much "pep" as they usually bring along. After we had looked them over and made it plain that they should not eat at the Phoenix and should dress at the High School and not at the Court l-louse, tltey were quietly informed that the scientific contest in football would be run off according to SDIllC.liIlglS rules at the ,Xthletie l'ark, at 2:00 P. Bl.. and their presence was earnestly requested. They were light in weight. but not in spirit after that game had started: never- theless they fought and fought hard. After 3 1-2 minutes of play, Crohen raced across their goal for a touchdown. Our line opened gaping holes in the Ada defense through- out the tirst half allowing Routzon one touchdown, Crohen one and Dellayes two. lioutzon kicked two out of the four chances at goals, Brown, Dorsey and Jordan were the three new men to play, with Martz substituting part of the game for Crohen. Then came the deluge. lt didn't rain for 40 days, but what's worse everybody had the influenza and the quarantine rested upon us throughout October. No school, n.. practice. no games, noii, neil, well there wasn't anything to do but sleep and eat, that is eat and sleep, and recover from the "t'lu." .Xfter this detrimental rest, we tried to get in shape for Sandusky on November il. lint they cancelled, since they were out of condition, and Father Conti scheduled George Cranes proteges for a game at Fremont on that date. XXf'e were terribly over-confitlent and out of condition. but all alibis aside, the score stood 0 to 0 after the game. The referee was a robber and the umpire a thug: in short they penalized us a total of 1915 yards-a small part of which we rightfuly deserved. Let's let by-gones be by-9 nes. in the words of the poet, and cast all memories of this game into oblivion. Hn Ylfriday, November 15, after a sober week of hard practive we left for Van XX'ert. and upon arrival took up quarters in the Y. M, C. A. rest billets. Everyone felt nne with just the right amount of eoekeyness and that dinner of Lima pie was settin' pretty. XX'lien that family of "Mother" Clarks put in its appearance. dolled to a stand- still in crimson and grey uniforms, we took on a grim aspect and saw why it was ni-ce-sary In settle down and play the old time stuff. XX"ell. we did and the game ended with 32 llnillls clialked up on our side to 3 on theirs. Not that we are kissing our ri-.rn hand, but it was as clever a game as we had played to date. XN'e felt pretty fine all next week and workerl hard to show it. That poor tackling dummy was never jarred so hard in all his sawdust life. XX1- went to llellex ue on Saturday, Nov. 23, and landed there, on the village green, with a dark brown taste in our mouths. probably because we passed thru Fretnont. XXX- hiked al-out 2 miles up the railroad track to the ball lot. Now if you won't tell. we'll say that ntaylfe they thought counting the ties would make us homesick and that whtn we -aw a string of empty box cars we would hop in and start housekeeping. lint they had Us figured wrong and we can easily see why they resorted to such trick- ery when it is made known that after the struggle the score was 51 to 0 in our favor. Ifrozn the w rite-up which liowling Green sent here to be published in our papers. one would tihnk they were world heaters: but on Thanksgiving they showed thetn- -elves up In be third Clilas wife boaters. This was doped out to be a stiff struggle and :i large cron-:fi Itssvmliliwl on the muddy athletic park. The field of play was a sea of sued and our outtit had need of several scrub teams to keep the rich clay loam out if our smiling countenances, 'l he ll. fl, mol-'s captain had a face like a map of XX'ood county and his supporting caste looked like hirt. So you set: it was quite a lesson in geography-that game- :tnd phy-ical at that They managed to pull several long end runs across the width of the tw-ld bitt to no avail and we licked them 27 to 0, A delightful afternoon was -pf-nt in ft otball and later the jolly crowd departed for their respective homes to tnakf- away with what turkey the family had left. fientlf- reader, pause and gasp while tht- poor overworked editor takes his coat off and collect- his wits. for lie sees Fostoria comes next on the list and we want to 'l4v,l11sZlCC to all. 70 Hieleljft BLUE AND sou: Jjftnsnslj 'VVhy retell the long history of Fostoria-Findlay athletics-or rather Scraps- camoufiaged under the name athletics? For what were they if not an annual chance to grab each other by the throat and roll around for an hour or two, getting up smil- ing and saying, "Didn't we have a delightful afternoon," and, "You must come over and see us soon" ? NVe'll leave it to you. But this is no spirit to hold out against a weak but struggling little country town, so we agreed to kiss and make up and play like nice boys should without getting our white collars dirty. It was their turn to come over in our sandpile and they obliged us on Friday, December 6. You say "what an outlandish day," and we say, "No" Because there was no rarer day in June than that. Oh yes, we would have played sooner if the weather had permitted, but the weather just wouldn't permit, so we played when the Weather man wasn't looking and a fine day it was. Wie were confident, of course, but had to admit that in beating them we would have to work till the day was done. The game started. Wie happen to know some knees were knocking together, but found later this was a good sign or rather of no consequence because we soon forgot our stage fright. Everybody played a plenty that day. NVe got the first touchdown. Hooray! Some said we won the game then and maybe they were right. Fostoria seesawed and we seesawed and all of us seesawed and in the seesawing they made two touchdowns. Horrors!! lt was up to us to do our duty and we "dooed" it as we saw fit. W'e handed them three touchdowns in rapid concussion and during the second and third quarters they were considerably up in the air. They came down again in the last and after a series of lucky passes netted another goal, making the score 33 to Zl. Wie give credit to whom credit is due and that is to Findlay and Fostoria High School teamsg but the shining lights of Fostoria were D. Young and German fwc don't know whether he is or not,,J and Routzon, XYeinland, DeHayes and Crohen for Findlay. MISAMORE Captain Misamore has played his last game for the Qld School. 'NVe say this with deep regret for there nex er was a more consistent, steady, hard-hitting man on any high school eleven. Paul filled the left tackle position for three years and his quiet, unassuming manner coupled with his ability landed him as skipper of our l9lS team. in graduating he leaves a position which will be hard to fill by another who can equal him. CROHEN Michael-?-well I should say so. Sure he's irish, did you think he was a Fiji Islander? "Mike" is captain elect for the l9l9 season and in passing we might say that we hope the added responsibility will bring an equal added amount of ability and "Irish fight." you know what we mean. And if it does-say-he will look like a tank in a chicken fight. "Mike" is an all around player. He is a broken field runner, punter, drop-kicker, line-plunger, and a dead sure tackler and blocker. More than likely you'll find him at Left Half next season. MAINS 'iStar" Mains is a name that will live long in the annals of football. For George surely has made a name for himself at F. H. S.. He had sole claim to the left end position and filled it in a remarkable manner. In getting down under punts and box- ing in end runs he had no equal. Fostoria had heard of his ability and disappointed hmi by not even attempting end runs which previously had been their chief seller. "Star" leaves us this year dragging a diploma behind him. BURREL Wlhat is home without a mother? And what is a football outfit without a funny fat man? You say, "Can the interrogations and tell us what you know about Roy Augustus Themistocles Burrelf' 'Well, you see this is no place for gossip, so we can't, no, honest. And out of propriety will remember him only as 190 pounds of the best asset any team would want. An opposing fullback stopped when he got to Burrel or rather was stopped. Roy was generally at the bottom of a pile and he always got up smiling.. He possessed great ability as a tackler, in mussing up op- ponent's plays, and, in fact, bothering the other team in general. Between sobs please gather that we are trying to say that he will graduate this year. McCARTHY Sounds Irish this time too, doesnt it? XN'ell you guessed it right. He is. His first name is John and he was our fightin' center. John was a little late in getting started last season but when he got started-! I Y He could tear through a line and nail a runner on the Hy, so that he knew he was nailed. He always had the "pep" and fight with him and never laid down. By the way, john is the editor of this whole blamed year book so you can see' he is "some guy" and we won't need to say more. ELSEA Wktlter Elsea, alias "Swede," split the season with Snodgrass at right tackle. Elsea took the hrst half and Snodgrass the last. Now this wasn't any framed up proposition 71 t KISISDH BLUE AND sou: JjfLlsieH by any means but XYalter's studies became a detriment to him and he dropped them incidentally dropping football. XYalter was one of those great. big, huge, massive per- sons who would walk into a play. pull a fellow's leg off and hammer him over the head with it. lle was hard through and through. XYalter would have been a permanent fixture had not tmseen difficulties arisen and spoiled it all. SNODGR.-XSS XYarren Snodgrass. yes, Warren, is right but-it happened to be war on the guy opposite if he got at all liip. Xow just because his father is a minister it's no sign that the apple of his eye coultlu't make a rip snortin' right tackle. NVarreu dicln't have a great amount of weight but he didu't need it. He could upset plays without half trying and when he tried there wasn't 'invthinlr to it. I . D Sll.XRNlXGl'lOL'SE XYhat more could you ask ofa right guard than to be built like a cement silo. afraid of nothing. fast on his feet. lots ot brains and having an endless amount of energy and iight? l'his is a partial descrxption- of Ralph Sharnmghouse our right guard of last season. "Sharney" used lns faculties to a wonderful advantage in all of our cn- counter and helped build up the good record ot 1918. Ralph graduates this year leaving another gaping hole m the nucleus tor next year's team. JoRDAN .X fellow doesns't like to apologize for himself so dOn't think anything of it if l df-u't write anything here. X1Vl'l-Q1-Considering "Dicks" most excellent work on our right wing, wc feel bound to state that his motto was, "This end up, please." and he carried it out to the letter.-liditor in Chief. ROVTZON Yes. Gwendolyn. that's him, that's john. "Frcnchy" wcttt through the season at quarterback and no better man ever called signals. john had played two years 1Jl'C- Xltlllrlj' on the line and at Halfbaek but his real ability lays in handling a team. Hc desert es as much credit as any other man on the team for helping make last season a gli-ritvtts success. "Frenchy" was especially good in handling the ball and was our fHrel't'tost "pill liea'.'er." lle was a hard and sure tackler and a great olifeusive player. -lohn's steady, systematic beadwork won for us many a game. In graduating he leaves lla with menu-ries lingering in the storehouse of our tninds which cannot be erased and which could be used as heights to attain for football stars in the years to come. XY lil X LAN D Lester KYeinland came to us last fall from McComb, where he had made a record in High School football. lle was really discovered by Fred Ross who placed him at Right llalf and watched him grow. Lester is one of those small but mighty sort of people with a regular old punch under their size 30 belt. He was practically the fast- est man on the team and the mud flew when he started down the held with the ball -afely tucked beutath his arm. Ile also possessed great ability in line plunging and in grabbing lP1le4t's coupled with a head that was not Iilled with air. Lester will be back next year for some more of thc good oldstuff. Dli HAYES Last but by far from least comes Raymond DeHaycs, Fullback, dc lux. He came to ll' from lfindlay College Preparatory Department with several years' experience in football with them, llc is a man of mighty muscle and, not knowing, him, one might take him for president of the I'iano Movers' l'uion. llut Raymond has a good heart insifle of him somewhere and the big boost he gave the tcatn this year was surely ap- prr ciatcfl. llis line plunging was without a peer and his blocking oFf tacklers on end runs nas one of his specialties. "lit-efy," was also a puntcr and drop-kicker of note. often usinu thi sr- accomplishments lo an advantage. lf some fair dame does not vamp him he will be back next season. 'l'he football season cannot be reviewed without mentioning a few facts which had flirt-ct intluence on the team. liarly in flqtobfrr. llllilll Marshall. who started the season as center, received an :ippi.intpit:nt to XXX-st l'oint Military .Xcademy and immediately left for that place. .Xfter the armistice was sitgned he took the opportunity of resigning and came back Q.. us, but too late for the football season. liroi-rn. the ht-ary man and man of general utility was forced out of the game be-- cause of parental objection. lilst-It was forced out. near the middle of the season, because of strict eligibility rules, Riu'-hart was latf- in making up work to allow him to play and, unfortunately, he :ot in a little tru: late to win the "li," lior-ey, l"f-nberu, Nlartz, hvftsl. Sheldon, liaelfey, and llaley were dependable sub- -titut-ts and were always ready to jump into the fray when fresh men were needed. 72 Hielellfl BLUE AND GOLD 1111191911 1918-1919 Basketball THE TEAM Coach ,,,,A,,,,,,.,,. ..........,.......,...A.....,,AA..,. 1 'i-of. C, R. Green Captain ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,.,.,,.,...... R 2 111311 Brown Manager ...,.....,....... .,,,...,,........., .1 . Earl Colm Right Forward ,,,,, ..,,.....,.........,. I olln Routzon Left Forward .....,,. ,......... l laymond Dellayes a SITOITI Duncan Lemer """"""" """"" 1 Ralph Brown Right Guard ...... .. ,.,. .........rr....,l...,., ,,...,.,.,..,. C l ark Foltz Left Guard .............................,,...,.....,...............,.., l'an1 Misamore THE SEASON Findlay 14, Tiffin 17, at Tiffin, on Jan, 1. Findlay ZS, Bluffton 10, at Findlay, on Jan. 3. Findlay 15, Bellevue 31, at Bellevue, jan. 10. Findlay 20, Fremont 15, at Findlay, on jan. 17. Findlay 11, Bowling Green 25, at Bowling Green, on jan. 2-1. Findlay 22, Lima 37, at Findlay, on jan. 31. Findlay 36, Fostoria 23. at Findlay, on Feb. 14. Findlay 16, NVaite High 35. at Toledo, on Feb. 21. Findlay 20, Lima 39, at Lima, on Feb, 22, Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay 36, Leipsic 24, at Bluffton Tourney, on March 8. 25, Luna 29, at Bluffton Tourney, on March H. 26, Ada 15, at Ada, on March 14. 16, Fostoria 36, at Fostoria, on March 24. 285, Opponents 336. 7 3 To tlmso who Ilan- laid dUXY11 thvil' livvs ill thc 12211150 of ABIIQI iI4 'AX LIBERTY whu haw giYl'l1 thvil' all that l3t'l1llN'1'2l1'j' might livc, this BLVE AND GOLD is dc-dim-zlfod fl9I9llfl BLUE AND eoLD llllieiel Review of 1918-19 Basketball Say. gentle rtader, tltis job is getting absolutely tiresome and we're getting a cranip in our lingers and if it is all the same to you we'd rather knock off, call it a day, and go to bed but the circulation manager, Mr. lX1cClelland is his name, says that he has these books to sell and what would the public think if there was no account of our past basketball season in them. So his appeal has touched our feelings deeply and we-'ve been thinking it over too and can see his point. Therefore, we proceed, forth- with. to set down impressions of last year's season, which, barring mistakes should proxc an accurate account. lf however, you chance to have at good recollection of your own or have talked to Fat Brown about the season, on our advice, turn a few pages and read something much less arid. Our coach, Mr. Green, cantc to tis front a far country, Ravenna, Ohio, it said oll llis suitcase. llis intention was to devote his entire time to the duties of the chair of Principal of tlte Lincoln School. Now he's a nice man with lots of principle and good judgment but these good qualities failed him one day and he consented to take our basketball team and pound some stuff into it. lt looked like a bad job at lirst but ne want Ku tell you that after their lirst game they were one of the best teams seen in these parts since Noah was left alone in his houseboat. Uld traditions decree that basketball should start on New Ycat"s day. Cus- tonigirily on that holiday. in the afternoon, we crossed swords with Tiffin, on their combination dance floor and basketball court. Now the fellow who holds the patent on this arrangement ought to be made to play basketball on this kind of floor all the rest of his life. .Xt present, this being the worst sort of punishment We can imagine. The game was consequently slow with the edge in their favor and they won 17 to 14. .Xfter two slllif work outs we showed a great improvement in teamwork, handling the ball, and in scoring. .Xnd on Friday, january 3, llluffton met a crushing defeat at our hands on the lloor. They had to be satislied with 10 points wltile we rung the register for ZS. not bad at all, was it? Then. on january 10, Coach Green gathered the team together and took them to Iiellexue for a social session with their High School outfit. From the opening to the linal whistle we outplayed them. XYe had our hands on the ball oftener and took more shot- than they, but hard luck overtook us and they won 31 to 15. Fremont came calling on january 17, with a formidable looking aggregation and a iair amount of "pep," They thought maybe they could kid us out of this game like they did in football, but no luck. The struggle was slow and uninteresting: many fouls being made against liindlay. lX'hen the Iinal whistle blew we had 20 points to their 15, Xtith two regular men out of the game, the team journeyed to Howling Gi-Qt-n 011 -lanuary Z-1. Considering' this misfortune and the fact that the Iloor was very much out of proportion the team made a good showing and died fighting. Bowling Green xx' n 25 to ll. l,inia came over on january 31. bringing their pea green uniforms and their usual slir-ny, chorus girl -tnlf. Now, jokes aside. wouldn't they make l'. T. l3arnum's parade look like an o-trich with liver trouble if they only had a guy who could make a noise iil 1- a ealinpe? They had also a snappy brand of basketball and beat tts 37 to 22 in a fa-t and cb an game. Uld Saint Valentine would have "riz" up out uf his grave. gathered himself together 5.1.11 lnfi-iv there, that! all, had he not have had the misfortune to be buried in lrt-land unfler thi- ".Xnlrl Sod." lh-en where? W'hy, we mean at the lffistoria-l"indlay game oi. l"--b l-1. You were there, of course, so why say more, but for old times sake-we hanrbd the-in a peach of a walloping, didu't we?'s see-the score was 36 to 23 or arf- ui- wrong? 'rin' ii:'Xl encounter was with lX'aite at Toledo, on liebruary 21. We went up there inll oi conzivlf-inff-, in fact, too full. They didn't have any wonderful team, at all, but thing- brolff- the wronif way for IIN and we lost I6 to 23. 'rn lX'asl1ington's birthday wi- went tn l.ima to play our return game with them. 'Fur tt-ani lllilflt' a poor showing against them the lirst half but in the second half, 74 ffI9l9lJfl BLUE AND eol.D ljfllslsll when we started to work, we played them off their feet. The spurt came too late, and after the dust blew away, you could see, on the score board, that they had 39 to our 20. W'e played our first game in the tournament, at Bluffton, on the morning of March S. Leipsic High was our opponent and they were a scrappy bunch. The game was not exceptionally fast but was interesting, and at times, thrilling. John Routzon was the chief scorer, getting eleven baskets. The final score stood Findlay 36-Leipisc 24. Our second game of the tournament was played with Lima on the afternoon of March 8. This was our third encounter with them during the season and the teams knew each other's points of weakness and strength. XX7e put up the best game of the year but lost 25 to 29 because of our inability to cage fouls. The evening of March 14 found us in Ada. This game closely resembled a football match on .-Xda's part as they could get away with it with the referee. They tackled and held repeatedly but the referee didn't see it. Howver we won by the score of Z6 to 15. The partial destruction of the Y. M. C. .-X. by tire left us without a practice floor. 'Wlhile in this predicament the Findlay College kindly offered their gymnasium floor to us and we accepted. Nevertheless the strange surroundings were diverting, and in the short time before the Fostoria game, we accomplished but little. Then on March 20, we went to Fostoria, feeling the need of practice and not altogether comfortable. Don't understand that we were not confident because we were but we felt that we should be in better shape. The lack of practice told on us and told hard. The typical Fostoria crowd was in attendance and they did everything possible to cause us to feel uncomfortable. A considerable amount of roughness was intro- duced ,and the game was more or less a iight. After the game the score stood 36 to 16 in their favor. This completes the brief accounts of games for the 1919 season. Friend! For the last time we grapple with our pen to write a few truthful state- ments concerning the members of our basketball team. Don't understand that this is a eulogy because it isn't. These men have fought a brave light and yet are not dead. So understand us, and don't get the idea that these remarks were "thunk" up to be engraved on their coffin lids. BROXVN Ralph Brown was elected at the opening of the season as captain. This respon- sible position was left in good hands when they left it to "Fat" He was always on the job, pumping pep into the gang, and, at the same time, covering the floor in a remarkable manner, for a man of Roscoe Arbuckle proportions. 1Vhen it was nec- essary for the captain to kick on the deal or to see that everything was right, Fat was always there and no one ever told him anything. Ralph played principally at Center, where he worked in line style. Sometimes he played Guard and at this position he could stop everything from teamwork to a rat hole. "Fat" will be another athlete to graduate this year. ROUTZOX VVC could write a book about the athletic fame of John Routzon and then prob- ably leave out part of what we intended to say. But we haven't space for it here nor time, now. either. Nevertheless John is perhaps our foremost athlete. He is equally as good in basketball as he is in football and to say that, is saying a mouthful. "Frenchy" played Right Forward and was as sure of his shots at the bucket as he is of Sunday night dates. He seemed everywhere, on thc tioor, at once and was in- variably where he was needed. John is fast on his feet and thinks about what he is going to do next so that few "boners" can be accredited to him. He graduates this year leaving his card in our hall of fame. MISAMORE Paul is another of our athletes who features in both major athletics. His work, at Left Guard, this past season was the kind that brings home the bacon, rind, and all. "Messy" would smash up more plays and knock the props from under more fond hopes than there are widows and orphans in Germany. XYhile he played at Guard, his Held goals from the center of the floor and his dribbling the entire length for a basket 75 Uelellfl BLUE AND eotn Jjflnsiejl featured many a game. lle is another of our Senior athletes who graduate this spring, lt-ating sweet memories of his ability and genuine worth. D12 ll.-XYES Raymond llellayes is the third of our trio who star as well on the basketball floor as on the gridiron. Dellayes went through the season as Left Forward and his ability in playing this position materially aided tts in the splendid showing the team, in general, made. lle was one of the best men li. H. S. has ever had in throwing fouls and often these points spelled victory for us. "Beefy" will he a valuable asset in all our athletics next season and we know he will come through with the same old stutt. DUNCAN 'l'homas Ireland Duncan was a new face on our team this past season. This, li-'wt-ter. is not saying that he wasn't one of the fastest and scrappiest men that have appeared in the lllue and Gold tmiform for some time. Tom was somewhat of a lind and his development proved him a real player with grit and tight. llc has a height which enables him to play center with the best of them. Next season will see Tom back for more: full of eontidence and limbered up in line shape with the making of a championship center. FOLTZ lfi-liz is one uf those men who can always be depended upon to smash the offense of the enemy, and the mere fact that he was "back there" was a deciding factor in more than one game. XX'hile an opposing Forward would Wait ou the ball Foltz uould tear in and in surprising work. get the ball out of dangerous territory and within range of our basket. "Dutch" is also one of those destined to graduate and it -t't'llls too bad that a man of his ability should be forced out of our athletics so soon. ln concluding this department of our book it seems no more than proper that we xhoum mpc thi, Opportunity to mention several facts which rightfully come under this heading of ".Xthletics" and would be of interest to our readers and an equal expression of gratitude to those intended. Since l"l3 the name of lioutzon has appeared in our lineups for both football and Eta-ketball and in l'.'16 it had to be written M. Routzon and J. Routzon, for both broth- trs were prominent in these sports in that year. ln 1916 Merle graduated leaving an zttlilt-tie record in-hind him and at this stage John took up the activities and has con- tinued them in a striking m:muer. I". H. S. owes sincere gratitude to these men for their work and the fact of their long and faithful service has called forth this expres- -ion. We desire also, in behalf of the entire student body, to thank our cheerleaders, llo Smith and llarold Crosby. for their effort throughout the past athletic season. 'lln liand, members of the faculty, who sold and collected tickets at the games, Mr. Conn, a- manager, Mr. NYa!ters as treasurer, and Mr. Holcomb, as publicity man are in line 1--r our thank-, together with all others who contributed to the success of the l"l?'4 -ca-on. lfinally, wt- miuht say that. if. in reading this, ones brain has become as dry and pztrelir-11 as july l, and these sentences have not met with your approval, please keep tram' frmqitiiis to yourselves and rt member that this has been written at the cost ,.,' ,,,,,1,,g:h1 ..i1 :mil that prejnrliet-s or favors are held out to no one, 76 E'9'9M BLUE AND 60'-D Uflleuell -ff 'lx M , , U1 ll ff J W' XM X ' X Fw K fi QQ W . .I 1-beevff , , 0 fra.. 0 40' , Q Z f ZZ f 4 f ZZ h Z Q4 ! 5? X f 1 f Z X if Q I I Z WJ j I ND Hleleljfl BLUE A Mr. NY:1lters I-'iRllj'llltJIld. how much time did you spend on those problems for today ?" Raymond flUllSCl'I-ihxlklllt an hour. railroad time." Mr. NX'alters:-"XX'l1at do yon mean hy railroad time ?" Raymond tilouser :-"Counting all stops and delays." 0' ul' A51 ,Zif- lliek -lordan:-"S:1y. hon' many tomatoes are there in a hnshel?" Martha 'l'rout:-"XYhy do you uant to knou'?" lliek:-"K lh. Mr. 'l'u'ining told me to tind out how hany heets to a measure and tomatoes are ahout as large as lveetsf' M AU M ,- ,. ,. How They Answer lireslnnan:-".Xin't done my les- son. t'ouldn't. SophomoreCHl'7icln't get my les- son. lu-cause l forgot to take my hook home." hluniorz-"Much asl wished to have done my lesson last evening, it was utterly impossihle as I had ..n important engagement." Senior:-"Kind Madam: .X pre- incapacitation, prevented nocturnal tion cansinga superalmundance of incaliaeitation, prevented nocturnall mental exertion. l thank you." 5? 55 L? U Mr. l.r-ez-.Xt the top of your test paper please put your name and the date. lie sure to have it right. Xkliispr-r:-"l'li, huh. and that's all l have got right." 552555 Question :-XX'hy is "The lllue :infl Hold" like a girl? .XII-'.X'l'I'1-Ali!'CIlllSf' every fellow sllolllfl hare one of his own and not lforrou' some one elsr-'s. nl' al' all "Mr-tor. and the girls motor with jfolli walk, and you walk alone." uf A!! AM Slili lJ:ixis:f"XX'l1y Martha 'l'rout tv-ifl me your hair was flvr-rl." Y . . H, .. . , lad l.4'IHll'TI'f' lis talse. Flil, Inuisif-"Ya-s, that is what l toifl her." 78 eol.D Jjflnsuelj Miss Hill :-"XYho is raising all that dust in the hall? Miss Gibson :-"Oh that's Louis Richardson going to class." ig 95 95 H Can You Imagine? l-rene Montgomery and Stubby XYeax'er? M-cfarthy speech? lf'-ickering a popular lover? U-ld Snuppy Bryan in a hurry? S-lih Davis studying at night? 'Q-issy Shafer acting anything but the part of a l-lo Smith with twice? li-aldwin going refusing to make a not taking the part of nut? the same man with anyone ex- cept Frances Taylor? L-ee M c C I e 1 l a n d standing up straight? E--lmore getting his lessons? SP4 95 W Mr. Finton :-'lHow's come every time I come into the room you are not studying?" Mike Crohen:-"Because you come in so quietly." 93 95 95 Mr. Finton:-"NVhy were you late to school this mornin ?" Tad Leader :-"VVhy the bells rang before I got here." 959595 Miss ldilliC1'I-uFl'Zll1lili1'l do you remember anything about Lord llvron? 'Franklin Reed 2-tafter a few min- utes in deep thoughtj "NVhy yes, he died in Greece." 95 95 235 H Craig XYeayer:-"l asked her if l could see her home." Stuhlmv NVearer:-"VVhat did she say?" Craig:-"Coine up and look it over." 95 95 SP! Clark llysingerz-"Do you con- sider time money ?" Wilbur Rinehart :-"I surely do." Dyke:-"l though so since that's all you spend." W A1 Usleljfl BLUE AND ooLD Jjflnslejj Is This N on-Support? Editor of Blue and Gold:-"Do you support the Blue and Gold?" Clever Soph 1-"I don't have to, it has a staff." If an S. and I and O and U spells su, .Xnd an E and a Y and an E spell I Pray what is a speller to do? Then if also an S and an I and a G .Xnd a H E D spell side, There's nothing much for a speller to do Hut go commit siouxeyesighed. 15 25 25 Freshie:-"Pop, what are ances- tors P" Pop 1-"XYell, I'm one of yours and your granddad is another." Freshie:-"Oh, but why is it that folks brag about them Pi' L5 15 55 Fred Fiyal I-Uxxillflt three authors does a fellow mention when he sealds his finger?" blames Hope 1-"Give up." Freddie 2-' ' Di e k en s , I-Iowet, Burnsf' ig 55 if Miss Gibson:-lin Caesar classj "XYhat is the meaning of alter ego P" Sophomore :-"It means the 'other eye." Miss Gibson 2-"Give me a sen- tenee Containing the phrase." Gertrude XYilbur:-'Alle winked his alter ego." E! 15 55 Miss Baker:-"XYhen was Shakes- peare born?" Dorothy Bright 1-"I don't know." Miss Baker:-"XYhy doesn't your book say plainly, Shakespeare, 156-l?'l Dorothy Bright:-"I thought that was his telephone number." 553 as BPS Miss Baker:-"XX'hat do you mean by speaking of XYillie Shakes- peare P" Buster Conaway:-"XYell you told us to get familiar with the au- thors." gg ,S is It has been reported that Editor- in-Chief McCarthy has been walk- ing to school every morning hoping to increase the circulation. Mr. Conn :-"If the President and all the members of the Cabinet should die, who would oificiate? Floyd Thomas :-1 after deep thought! "The undertaken" sy Qu .na .u 12 z: 12 Mr. Holcomb:-".-X fool can ask questions that even a wise 1nan can't answerf' Paul Misamore:-"'I'hat must be the reasons that some of us Hunk in our testsf' B! 1? L5 Ethel Slatcher:-"lYhy are the Sophomores like a kerosene lamp ?" Ruth Brown :-"Don't know, give it up." Fthel Slateher:-"They are not very bright, sometimes turned down and frequently go out at nightf' if A! n!! f- A f- News Notes from the County Court House In looking over some official pa- pers, the County Clerk was much surprised to iind that in the will of Miss Martha Trout, Cicero was left to Miss Gibson and a fine "Pony" to Mr. Finton. 25 as 2? Stubby XX'eaver:-"You are all the world to me." lrene Montgomery 1-"XX'ell, what do you think of the map F" bt! AE if Mr. Catfish jealously to friend wife I-urlilliit man was Certainly handing you a hue wasn't he?" su su AE ,- ,- f- Hill Yost:-"Has Frances Taylor a sharp tongue ?" .Xl Gebra :sul should say she has. why she Cut her own teeth." ig as ig Mr. Lee:-"I told you to notice when the solution boiled overf' Gertrude King:-"I did, it was a quarter of three." 55 5 LS Pickering:-"XYhv were you talk- ing in ranks? Private Raymond:-"I wasn't talking, only whispering.', Pickering :-"XYhy were you whispering?" Private Raymond:-"Cause I'm hoarse." H ' ' KIISISIIII BLUE AND GOLD Muswell "I-et's walk through the ceme- tery." she suggested. "'I'hat's the last place I ever in- tend to go." said her friend. ".Xnd yet people die to go there." she mused. 25 25 E5 "I hope you were not afraid of that little mouse in the assembly rot-ui?" 'Iohu Routzon asked sneer- ingly. "1 lh no!" Ilo Smith replied bold- ly. It-hu Routzon:-"XYhx' did you get up on that seat tht-ni?" I Ilo Smith 1-"I was afraid I might Step on it." as :S Q5 L'louser:-"I would like to pro- lvwrt' ll little IHILSLN Red Ililll-"Nothing doing' kid! I want a regular meaI.' ua pn .nf rl 12 fl I:t'l'uI Ilrinker to Naomi Colling- Uaulflfi .. - V - -Q- Ilo you like olives? Xormia:-"Xo. I don't like olives. and I'm glad I don't because if I - . . did. Id eat em and hate the taste 1vfII1t'1I1." N ut! se! Class Stones Ifreshnienflfmerald. 54-ph:unoreilllarney Stone. -Iunior-J irind Stone. Senif-rflomlistone. nl' nl' nl' Xlfhat is so rare as a day in june? .X Ifliinamau with whiskers and a ham sandwich at a .Iewish pienief, U1 uf AQ! Ifint-in :-".Xs the blind interpret all fabrics in terms uf touch, they eau of Course, have no sense of k'1rIlrI'.'I Gertrude King:-"Yes they ean, they eau feel blue just like the rest ul 'IlP.n S? 95 55 Ifriekem Ifvrms:-"I don't want to but into your affairs, .Xnnabc-I, but x-that am I going to do this eve- . .,, ning? Bliss Iiakeri-"XX'Iiat did Nlilton do when his wue du-df Itodriek Klelilure:-"Ile wrote l'aradi-e Itegaim-rl." Prof. Finton:-"XYhat do you ex- peet to be when you graduate? Ifddie Crosby:-"A grandfather." E 95 as S! 'l'here was a young lady named llill ller questions were all fit to kill She asked questions galore .Xnd then asked some more .Xnd she never knew when to keep still. LS 15 95 Ilon SIIIIITCYQCI'I-IZlSSlStll1g' his father in the llrunswiek beauty par- larlt "Uh, Dad, I made a terrible mistake: I put some of your hair tonie on MaeFarland's face and his superliuous eye-brow Cattle off." 25 as 55 Ruth Spangler 2-"XYhieh is the proper pronunciation of this word, is it eether or eyether?" Ilrof. Fintou: tin disgustj "It is either." ig ig Z5 Exactly The world's greatest nuisance- the alar1n clock. as as ig NYhen it's Cold, and wet and rainy, .Xnd you just can't crank the can, .Xfter trying twenty-seven times, I feel like saying-I wish I'd bought a Iluick. 15 24 I! 'lieaeher 1-"Now, children, here's an example in mental arithmetic. Ilow oltl would a person be who was born in ISSSP" I'upil :-"Was it a man or woman ?" LS 2? 2? Ilelen Reniek:-tin Amer. Hist.l "General Iiraddoek was killed. He had three horses shot from under him and the fourth went through his t'IotI1es.H 5? 93 95 Mr. Conn:-"L'nder what crime would you classify running a blind tiger?" ,losephine Iidwards2--"Cruelty to animals, I suppose." 95 M E Mr.'Xfter telling a joke in I,ab.l-"Why Ruth you have no sense of humorg when I heard that joke I laughed till my sides ached." Ruth XYL-rk:--"So did I." ffislsljfl BLUE AND sou: Jjflasuelj St. Peter:-"How did you get A Nature Study - 77 . . helef . H H An English woman strolled into Patrick 5- Flu- a barnyard where a young man was QE as 335 ' Prof. Finton 1-"Harry, tell us something about over-work and mental strain." Harry Musser:-"I don't know anything about that." 295 35 93 Babe Elmore:-"Marjorie, how would you like to have a nice little pet monkey? Marjorie M.:-"Oh, Babe this is so sudden." H I4 L4 35 Ruth XVerkheiser:-' ' W' h a t should I do if a fellow should kiss me on the forehead?" Red I-lill:-"Call him down." ig as 95 .X young fellow with Lee for a name. In science there lies his great fame, l-le may know a lot And then he might not The women sure have him insane. 95 555 532 Mfr. Lee to Harold Crosby who is talking in low tone as usual in Labj ' "Mr, Crosby, what do you wish to know?" Runt Crosby :-"Nothing" Mr. Lee 2-"Then pay attention." .u in gg Thelma Sheldon z-"I got a note from Mike Crohen today." Beulah King:-"Oh, are you on his list of 600?" as 1? as Doctor Z-"Did you drink hot water an hour before each meal as I prescribed?" XYayne XVeiger 1-"I tried but I couldn't do it. Idrank for forty minutes and I felt like a balloon." 93 12 95 Prof. Richards: Qin Senior musiel "A little more volume please, open your mouth wide and throw your- self into it." E L? LS Mr. Leetin Physics Lab. explain- ing the use of condensers: "They are used to prevent excessive spark- ing." QLooks at Slib Davis and grandfather Crosbyj "I guess we need a bigger supply for this Lab- oratory." milking a cow. lVith a snort she asked, "I-Iow is it that you are not at the front, young man? CL F 9 ' Because. ma am, there s no milk at that end." I I I 15 BE 52 71 IYhen the lights are low Mrs. l"XYhat is your hus- band's average income P" Mrs. -K'Oh, about mid- night." 6 95 if I Pass The young man led for a heart. The maid for a diamond played. The old man came down with a club, And the sexton used a spade. I!! KE I!! "A Sophomore's Calculationf' XYhen D. S. Fintonis lonff interr'd XYhen E. Conn's bright vision blurred, XYhen Holcomb will no more be heard, If I keep on at present rate From F. H. 5. l'll graduate. A! AE su ,- f- ,- XYork and the school laughs at you: Play and you're joined by allg lYhat then is the use of striving? Enjoy life while you're small. Let's make ourselves grow merry, -Xnd laugh the whole day through: XYhen the report card reaches father. Then 'tis time enough to be blue. 2? 15 1? The Latest Prayer of the A. E. F. XYar Father who art in XYashington, liaker be thy name, thy cables come, Thy will be done, in Coblenz as in Bordeaux, Give us this day our long delayed pay, and Forgive the bugler, the Mess Ser- geant and the Y. ll. C. .-X. .Xnd those who wear bars: and lead us not into the army Of Occupation, but deliver us from another service stripe, For this is the Army of the M. P's. the Q. M. C's, and The SOS forever and ever. Amen. HISISDII BLUE AND sou: Muswell 7' 'i if -' xyna . , fame' -'CQ "L gilgf, 'R 4Q QL MISCELLANEOUS SNAPSHOTS HDD T151 NG f 2' Zlllfltv M W 5 ll ,VX X A I xx w . UIMJETW gfgjl 1 1. STUDENTS Hielallfl BLUE AND Goto llllnslsll Cut Honor Roll THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR ALL Gregg Gehring J. XYarren Guise Reginald DeBrant Paul Bayless George Seibel Ralph Saunders Myles Gelwix Rice Bell THOSE WHO OFFERED THEIR ALL FACULTY MF. llrfftheilll Mr. Thompson Mr. Clark Mr. Ginn Mr. Richmond Mr. Cochran MT- T35'l0I' Mr. Myers Mr. Skidmore Edmund L. Kagy Howard Cooper XVrn. Hershey Leon Ketchum Cory McClelland Ralph Miller Arthur Patterson Guise Fassett Xile Gibson Cedric Guise Paul Herbert Al. Ketchum Frank Leonard Raymond H'Brien Ralph Schwartz lYm. Gordon XValter Kirsten John Rankin Fred Brncklacher Roy Brown Glenn Roberts Lowell Heniinger XYilliam Kinder Fabian Crohen Andrew Fish Harry Frost Robert Evans Homer Dunathan Claude Bronson Harry Smith Rolland Saunders George Herrick Lawrence Hosler Charles Frizzell Gordon Paxton Harry Risser John Askam Rex Ballard Eugene Evans Louis Fenberg Ioe Kiefer Charles Kinder Bert Reynolds George Schoonove john Shuck Harrison Sheldon Max Stringfellow Nelson Stover l' Herbert 'XYilliams Faburn Fox Forest Jacobs George Kelly Jessie Kiefer Carl Krouse Carl Lamb Don Leader Ancil lfarvin Ernest McCall lYilbur Moore Homer Shade Xliilbur Schwab Addis-5-n Smith Ralph Stanton Roy Taylor Everett Bacher Gale Bronson Q. Clemons Paden Coontz Miilliam Crates XYC-rthingten Esche XYalter Fisher Gaylord Folk Mack Grubb Robert Hartman Carlton Herge Burton House-n'an Ralph Keeran Joy McClelland Xlvin McKee Yfalter Myers Charles Robertson Chester Smith Harold Smith XYilmer Stevens Lester Stough Guy Vaughn Frank lliisely Art Adams Cloyce Copley Russell Crohen Harry Deeds Edson Doty , Kenneth Edwards Glen Esche Robert Gore Scott Lamb LeRoy Latchaw Harold Palniiter Clarence Robinson Robert Ruhl Lehr Swihart Everett Shuck Edison Berlin Albert Groves Prentiss lflrown Kenneth Harley Lester MacGregor lflarolrl Marvin John O'Leary Clittord Peterson Paul Schearer Fred Sterling Louis Bacon Earl Kennedy Ralph Hosler XYilliam XYilcke Clatuis Zeigler James Alexander Yirgil Bayless Merle Fisher Alonzo Folk XYilber Hoadley Roy Finton Lester Thr-mas XYesley Thomas Harley Dreislwach Tnpper Kinder Frank Hoy Herman McCleod Ralph King Miayne Smith Clarence Mele-tt XYalter Doerty Kenneth Jacobs Clarence Kemmerer Hernion Gibson Clay Pickering Harry Stark Richard Ex ans 'XYesley Montgomery Frank Bell Delmar Hershey Leroy Dorsey NOTE:-XK'e have tried to make this list as complete as possible. XYe hope that we have not omitted anyone who is entitled on this list. This list does not include the S. A. T. C. All are graduates from Findlay High School. with few exceptions. M'e feel justified in being proud of these men who loyally served their country. 3 EDITORS. -The- FI DL D IRY Manufacturers of Ice Cream Fancy Creamery Butter Ice and Condensed Milk Dealers in PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM 413-419 North Main Street Both Phones -The- Buckeye ce and Coal Co. FOR coAL CINDERELLA AND SOVEREIGN GOALS A SPECIALTY OFFICE AND YARDS 329 North Cory Street Both Phones 112 A Great Surprise ! lllnlel Lilllllllllgllillll. the l'l'esi- llcnt of tln- Senior Class. and hltlllll KlcL':1l'tlly, the lfclitol'-ill- Ulliel' of tln- lllne :incl Gold, will lllillit' lllk'll' Klk'll1ll :lt the 'llll'llO1' Senior lqL'L'L'l3tlUll in :lestlletic llzlllcillg.'l' eolnpletillg' ll spe- cisll con ing' .xL'llilL'lllf'. Zlllkl i sc :ll the lTClL'l'lllZlll Dune- ul' sl' 0 'l'k'ZlL'llL'I'7ll ll:lt lS tlle 'IIICRIIIIIQ I ' 'l cl lln n lrcl lllQ'l'lS ? SlllllltlllllPIX'-l,lll'Cl. M A! ai! ,- ,- ,- 5. 5. 'llL'llCllL'l'1'lillC Golden 'll-xt this Illliflllllg' is "Many are ezlllecl lllllf few were chosen." Re- it please, Eclwzlrcl. lfcl. L peut lmllf lull' "l'uslly-Mzllly were Cold, were l-l'0ZCl'l. B!! I!! t!! 1- 1- ,- 'ss llxllccl'-XXX-'ll take the lltl- uf litlgflll' .XllCll Vue tulllor- row. Colne 1ll'cp:1l'ecll Nl llc all ol! si! ,- f- ,. -an l2lSC!l-xyllilt is the fem- inine of euwlroy? Rzllllli Illilltl. SllIll'lllllQ'llUllSC - Milk- ll ll If 2: 2: 1: Iln-l'e was Il ylbllllg' lzlcly llZllllCfl Rl ill XX lm was so l'XCK'L'fllllg'ly tllill, 'I'll:lt XX'lN'Il slle esszlyc-rl 'IM clrinlf lellnlllzlfle, Sin- slipln-rl tln'llllg'll tlle straw :lllrl fell in. ,ln .la .la f: ,: 1: .X lllllll wllll was ill tlle llllllif all stuttering was :lskc-cl wlly lie rlnl Sf P. "'l'll:lt's lllj' ll-ll-llc-cllli:ll'ity," ln' mnl "lin-lwllflrlv llIlS llis p-p-pc-- cllll.l is l llnvm- llHllC',H :lssc-l'tc-rl the -ltllvli u ritx' lJoll't run Sei-Qlll' Yfllll' t-t-tc-'l 1 . -,, Xlllll vlllll' l'lQ'lll llilllflf' lax' 11 1 ll VP-. XY:-ll, tft-tll:ll's wllll' pf-vllli:ll'- 11x 'll S-In-llelrrrl ost ll-p-llr-olllc- use Il 9! 111 G. R. TIQMPSON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE 3 8 SOUTH MAIN STREET Violet Ray Studio GIVE YOUR CAMERA A CHANCE TO SHOW RESULTS KODAK FINISHING PHOTO POSTCARDS WHILE U WAIT N B ld' 505 South Main Stre FRED H. BARR BARR at CoMPANY 5c-STORES--10c With Variety Departments 409 South Main Street FINDLAY, OHIO Hooyemgs The Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Store The store where you will find Merchan- dise of quality, style and price right. QUALITY FIRST HQQDVERQS This store is catering to Old and Young that need good shoes. BOYS AND GIRLS YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCGME HERE U Our Shoes are just a little different and quality good. . TRY 'EM THE SNYDER SHCE CG. THE EDWARDS STORE 87 The Lawrence Restaurant smggwe Regular Meals Lunch SHORT ORDERS AT ALL TIMES Special Sunday Dinners OPEN DAY AND NIGHT THE ORA LINE PHONOGRAPHS AT ONCE ATTRACTS ATTEN- TION. ARTISTIC CABINET DESIGNS SONORA quality and Finish, built of :he finest materials by master crafts- -nen. complete in every detail. QUALITY INSTRUMENTS FOR QUALITY PEOPLE The SONORA meets every require- 'nent for artistic home furnishings, whether of simple design or more ele- gant style-genuine-artistic merit and enduring quality and embodies in every SONORA MODEL. Combines in one splendid instrument every advance of musical worth with all mechanical inprovement of per- manent value. Not the oldest in America-But the best in the world. At Your Home Piano Dealers C. Kobe and Son Mr. l:ll'lIOllI-uXYl'lCl'C is Artliui' Mays?" Fat llrown:-"l suppose he is oyei' at the t:iiloi"s t'liziyloi"sl press- ing his suit." 25 2: is .Xliee Connell:-"XYliy it's only six o'eloek :ind l told you to come :ifter supper." Ducl l.e:1:-lniotlestlyl "'l'h:it's what l did eoine after." ig 25 25 XYhitie Crosby 1--"Do you know l'x'e proposed to six girls without ziyziilf' Slih llzivis:-"I should think you would weni' one the next time." 55 ig ig llenn Elsea :-"XYh:it is the height of your Il.llllJlIlOll?N Ralph Sliarning house :-"I don't know exactly, hut she comes about to my shoulder." 15 15 as Gertrude:-"NYalter and l had Z1 scrap last night." lfdnzi :-"XYhat did yllll tell him P" Gertrucle:-"I told him I didn't want to see him." lirliiziz-"lYliat did he do then?" tiertriicle:-"lie turned out the lights." 15 is ig 1.Xs they were passing a large cemetery? Klai'joi'ie:-"Do people die often around here P" llzilie:--"No, only once." ,.. ,.. ,.. 12 12 12 Iiyert t'i':iu'forcl:-",Xu' shut up." llziekie 1-"You'i'e the higgest fool :irouncl here." l'rof. up excited- lyi "You forget lioys, l :un here." AQ' si' uf' 1: 1: f: ll:ii'g:ii'et XX'illi:iiiis:-"Ho you like corn on the ear?" ,Xflzi Klzirvin :-"I clon't know, l never h:ul one there." ll ll ll 1: 9: 1: lJe:in .Xzinllo you like pop corn hulls?" liill Sehinrller:-"I rlon't know l nc-ver :ittenrlerl any." XX f N Preferred Clothes AND ACCESSORIES that have neither competition nor company. Upon this we have built our rep utation for more style and better values, COLE 8: BIERY South of Interurban, 5'l5 South Main Street. PA'1"TERSON'S PATTERSON'S Make Our Store Your Trading Place When in Need Of Dr Goods Notions, Nlillinery, Fancy Goods, Cloaks, Suits, Rugs, Carpets and Drperies. Special Showing of Trunks, Satchels -and Suitcases on Third Floor A big collection of useful articles will be found in our stock suitable for Graduating Gifts. We Give Brown Stamps. We Redeem Stamp Books. . S. Patterson SL Sons South Main Street. FINDLAY, OHIO When You Want the Newest Styles and Best Fitting Shoes and Pumps WE HAVE THEM alk- ver Boot hop Right Next Door to the lOc Store - S9 f N Johnston's D RU G STGRE 65 Drugs, Toilet Arti- cles, Candies and School Supplies 17-3 626 South Main Street Bell Phone 352-K "NO KNOT HOLES HERE" THE Parker Lumber Co. Sash Doors, all kinds of Mill Work, etc. Send Us Your Special Bill for Estimate. Edna Moore-XYhat is a coat of mail? Lora Moore--X knight-shirt. UE KE U2 One-Don't you think my hair is very thick? 'futher-XX'ell, it grows on your head. you know. Mads! ,.,.,. Mr. Finton. to Herbert Grimes, l,CXIllllllllllg Herbert's grade cardl -Is this your father's signature? Herbert-Yes. as near as I can get it. LS 2? 35 Mable Frazier lxto a returned soldier, with a bandage on his headl-lYhy. were you wounded in the head? Soldier-No. Miss, in the leg and the bandage just slipped up. in ,ga ,nu 1: 1: 1: Miss Baker-Are you fond of tea? Faculty Friend-Yes. but I like the next letter better. 5? Z! as Teacher-Give me a sentence illustrating coincidence. Pupil-My father and mother were married on the same day. ,la ,ra ,la x: ,J ,: Leo ,laque-How do you feel since you are on the water wagon Mike? Mike C.-Better off. LS LS 55 Rhinehart-Eliabetli and I at- tended the opera last night. 'XYe had a box. Kenneth XY.-Caramel,s werent' they? l saw you in the gallery eating something. 12 M af f- 1- ,- Sophomore Girl-lrlow much do you charge for the "Blue and lliolrlu? Ross Mc.-Fifty cents. Sophomore Girl-,Xren't you a little fleilr? Ross Mc.-'l'hat's what all the girls say . . 1 . Pioneer usic Dealers VVEBER, STECK, EVERETT, FISCHER, SHCNINGER, LESTER l' H1111 -are -1ll1nau- The line of Pianos ou our do-91' at t us ' c . ufautured by Masters in the art nf l,uil4oli11g Pianos. You 1:31111-Qt duplic-ate this line in any 1-ity the size of l:'iuflla5'. You maj' p1'oc1u'r- ywmr' Piano here on must liberal terms. N ' l wl-'Ne v u lY62l1'0l16l'Q to afolmse. :QU e, .ure 1 r. .P h Victor Victrolas V' t r Records Player Pianos IC o Player Rolls . . Porter SL Son x 1 We Eiamcdllle Ozmlly Qllne Best inn Miuuamefy Platt Koontz i UYING r Q inferior X ' merchan- , J dise to save I 5 money is like Q -V ' stopping the QL, clock to save time. 45,1 THE A. B. DOERTY PRINTERY The "A. B." means "Always Busy" Better Printing and Rubber Stamps. FINDLAY, OHIO. Advertising tNote: .Xdyertisements are funny things sometimes, as for example these which were actual- ly printed.l 'IX respectable young woman wants washing." 25 ZS 25 1 will make coats, caps and hoas for ladies out of their own skins. 29 ti 95 S100 REXXQXRD for recovery of body of Hale Short, drowned in the river on the night of the 17th. Rody can be recognized by fact that Short had an impedi- ment in his speech. - pf pf pa 12 12 12 FOR SXLIT-.-X fiddle of old wood that l have made out of my own head and have wood enough for another. '5 as as XY.'XN'l'l2lJ-.Xii oyerseer to take care of 5,000 sheep who can speek French fluently. XX'ife-XX'hat do you think of my new hat, dear? Alflusband-Fine. llow much was it an acre? ii! all uf f- ,- f- Miss Baker-NYhat do you un- derstand hy "Life F-entencen? XX'alter McClelland-I pro- nounce you hushand and wife. If if ll 1: Z: 9: The ways in which the ques- tions of the teachers are an- swered: lfreshman-l'least-, mam, l did not understand the question. Sophomore-I don't under- stand what you mean. ,Iunior-lYhat did you say? Senior-I Iuh? 95 L5 1? Bliss Mills lin .'Xlgeln'aj-- That prolmlem cannot he solved hy the elimination method, but I see some gum that should be eliminated,

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