Fillmore High School - Copa de Oro Yearbook (Fillmore, CA)

 - Class of 1941

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Fillmore High School - Copa de Oro Yearbook (Fillmore, CA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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0 l WMQQMWJQQ fzfqff Wffx f U ' """'5w-Aww WWWWQQMW 933W ,WW JW! W ww 53? wifi? M w,f1jWJ5y",WL,9f 0fgVwf7jffiW Q W- W JM dQ'fM2i,i?'QqLrQ Dug? MZwj'f'Wi4 5'a 1f?f9iQ53P' f w-L ff? ,Q 7 wf fi M fm glvyffj D X Y 1 pgjvwy XA .f 'bgggf xwlj -,Mix my 0 dd? QQ QwLf Mef . - . SD fig 7 Wifi, HQ 15555 gy J3y J,fM M gifw X-if M1 :i"3xA'1 MXSMSQQ ERN rigfjff WW-"' QMS HF WW M mww M XR? fm f AM W Www QW f ' HW , Qwjw ff? P My Www Wmyfw W Q ZWZW W YP of My my Rfgyyigsswmw M 3 6 1. XJ NJ W 2 aw S is Q LMOQ 'GX Q IU FTT1 'lf xii? fGH 'own D wo' XV Q H -1,,35w,, .,,,. 4-gikgcifni'-' . Z wma - 'e A IU El! O 6 - 0 -Z' - O 5, 6 'l Hepa Ze Gan qilfma-ae Zfnian mam am! Sentara Jliqh School 7947 Qaaewam! am! Eeclwalmn During ihese days of fechnological 'rrend, Fillmore has had her share of changes. Perhaps 1'he mos+ noficeable of ihese changes was +he ins1'alla1'ion and dedicalion of 'rhe foofball lighls, +o which fhis book is dedicaled. Much credi'r for successful insfallaiion of The ligh'I's goes fo +he Junior Chamber of Commerce of which Mr. John E. Jones, '32, was presideni' and from which Mr. Earl Malrby, '30, was appoinfed chairman of +he ligh+s commiH'ee. Eighr poles were erecied and each pole supporfs six I500-waH lamps, providing a 1'o+al of 72 kilowaHs 'ro lighl' 'rhe field. However, +he lighis are no+ +he only big change around our school. This year, for 'rhe firsl' lime, we have fried 'ro give you a more informal annual in groupings of pic+ures, in page layouf, and in +he do+-clash fype of wri+e-up. We hope you gel' as much pleasure our of reading il' as we did oul' of publishing ir. 25244 EMA 1 Bwkz RMA 3 Book 4 eww aww SIWW szmemz .we .fall ' PANORAMA OF LIFE Alone upon a +ow'ring cliff l s+and And view, benea+h, fhe mighly 'foaming sea, Which roars and swirls in 'fhunderous Cascades free And waves clean the whi+e and glislering sand, As gulls swoop down and lighrly louch fhe land. And lhen, beyond ihe rolling hills l see: Green pasfures where +he flocks of shepherds feed And lovers roam mid blossoms, hand in hand. The golden orb is sinking now, and nighr descends As l remain in sfillness fhere Enfhralled wirh wonder as fhe sfars appear And scin+illa'l'e wi+h fwinlding, lovely lighf l bow in sileni mediiafion fhere. Then furn my sreps +'ward home. The Mas+er's here. Goldie Bridges. THE END OF DAVID FELSENTHAL l860-l94l Fifleen years of failhful service fo Fillmore Union High School as member of +he schood board from +he Piru dislricf. EARL YOUNG l889-l940 Almosf a quarler of a cenlury of service 'lo our school as gardener and bus driver. painci '4 luafiagte I+ has been said +ha+ "+here is only one 'rhing +ha+ is permanenl' in our froubled world foday and +ha+ is change." If 'rhis anonymous commenl' be +rue or even par'I'ially so, lhen Fillmore may well be proud of +he fransifions which were broughl' aboui' during fhe currenl' school year and were posled on 'rhe "credi+" side of our ledger. May we always confinue l'o work 'For and al'- 'lain greafer heighls fhrough our mu1'ual efforls. 'ez 57 644 The success of Life's iourney, in a Democracy, depends noi' upon self glory, bui' upon all worlring +oge+her for healih, happiness, and +he saiisfaciion of parficipafing in rhings being accomplished. May you find success and have sa+isfac+ion in fhe work you will do as you progress in life acfiviiies. To help you young people noi "+o prepare 'ro live," bu'r 'ro live happily here and now, is +he aim of a Girls' Vice- Principal. May I some day aHain fhai ideal. 505414 77wLf9:zfwD?4 U Wane Puma up 7 44 J M J nw 'V .Xi ! X r r ix X if r 'xx 3 fix ,Ji A im , Ve x Miss B. Albrighf Mr. H, Bigger Mr. E. Ensz M' V Iss . Fremlin Mr. E. Graham Miss A. Griggs Mr. E. Kennedy Mr, W. Kni ht M D ' ' q r. . Main Mr. W. Marple Miss C. Mifchell Mr. C. N DP 844 BUl1'ldI1 Miss A. Hansen Mr. C. Higman Mrs. E. Jarreii XJ Mr. W. Ross Miss M. chi slay Kiss G. Slayion X N5 X 4 . Y DD 9 44 Miss A. Smiih Mr. W. Siewar? Mr. R. Trimmer Miss L. Smiih Mr. G. Siull Mr. D. Walker ' F. Spaulding r. W. Tilieson ' Mr. G. Wrighi M RS. E. CASE Secretary Beam! af 7fuuZeeL .l. R. Scanlin, L. C. Harmonson, C, F, Burson, F. S. Warring, A. E. Haase. The ul+ima+e aim in educa+ion is fo +rain a person fo use all his +alen+s in 1'he service of human- il' . N y o maHer whal' your chosen life work may be, real success and genuine happiness will be yours if you serve your fellow men unselfishly. If you have fulfilled fhis aim in educa+ion, your works and deeds will be a beacon 'l'o +he fufure boys and girls of Fillmore High. C. F. BURSON Presidenf D 44 .S Gamma! Sfudenf Council earnesfly sfrove for welfare of sfudenf body . . . Members feel fhey have lived up fo purpose of cooperafing wifh prin- cipal in maffers of school governmenf and coordinafing acfivifies of various organizafions . . . Council promofed good-cifizenship campaign . . . adverfised school efficienfly . . . encouraged worfh-while assemblies and programs . . . lenf supporf fo acfivifies of various organizafions. Enfhusiasfic parficipafion in work of all-counfy council . . . helped fo promofe friendly feeling among schools of counfy and wifhin Fillmore High School ifself. ls hoped by members of Council fhaf name "commissioner" means office of real responsibilify . . . nof iusf an empfy fifle . . . Also hope fufure Sfudenf Councils fake more and more responsibilify in wel- fare, friendly spirif, and democrafic running of school. B. TROUT B. LEWIS E. CARTER R. HARMONSON M. KECK Presidenf Vice-Presidenf 2nd Vice-presidenf Secrefary Finance A. ESCAMILLA D. COX M. HENRY N. DILLON E. WALTERS Enferfainmenf Afhlefics Advertisement News Flashes Copa De Oro up II 44 Jenin-44 ? ,Mmm . 4apAnmm4 Rook I Glauu K. BROWN President R. REED Vice-President G. MAXWELL SecreIaryfTreasurer MISS A. SMITH Advisor A. WARRING YeII Lealer MR. H. BIGGER Advisor V af Seniafzd Uffwm ani Naam All good fhings musf end . . . even for our beloved Seniors . . . many fond memories . . . inifiafion as Freshmen . . . fhe Junior Carnival . . . fhe Junior-Senior Banquef . . . fhe sudden difch day fo fhe snow . . . Senior Play, "Young April" . . . Iasf, buf surely nof Ieasf . . . Baccalaureafe and Commencemenf . . . fhe Iaffer for fhe firsf fime held underneafh fhe Iighfs on fhe field. A glimpse info acfivifies shows . . . six senior girls and one boy full fledged seal bearers of fhe California Scholarship Federafion . . . four earned novifiafe pins . . . sporfs show I8 Iefferwomen . . . I2 Ieffermen . . . I8 boys and girls acfive in Y groups . . . nine band members . . . one in orchesfra . . . Camera Shy Seniors: Joe Gomez, Willie Jane Self. vigfrs-X 5, ffggg 6,1 , Z? . we I M 1 Alcock Donald Ball Maxine Basolo Evelyn Baum Bill Branson Lorella Breashears Goldie Bridges Kennefh Brown oe Campbell Cleone Campbell Angel Chavez Belfy Cobb Don Cox Norma Dillon JaclcEIIswor1h Augusline Escamilla vazzaway Theresa Gregowskl John Gurrola Ben Hamamofo Charles Hanna Doris Harmonson Rufh Harmonson Virginia Hartwick DP I5 C4 Margaref Burson Janel Fremlin Elaine Harvie Seniafzfi 'su' .' Y ii .1- ' We fi". 'P 'w H .5 .vi gi' 'af' hn.f."'u": nv ulaf, "Wit ' 'ar' v Q"r4n X ,V iigm if ., .Q . A J V a W Viola King . .,.- -A Wilfred McKendry Mike Rihbany ' J 2 ' . Lk A Millon Kirschbaum , Ramona McLean in Marvis Jean Roberlson Mildred Thornlon ' J Phyllis Kreiter Freida Munoz Margaref Rudkin . . . . Ben Trouf Marlorle Henry Daniel Hernandez Maxine Holls Elinor Huddlesfon Wilma Huddlesfon Pob Hueslis Jean Lamb Dorolhy Ihli Yoshiharu Inadoni Cary Jackson Joe Navarro Helen Johnson Maxine Keck Dale King Waller Rudkin Clova Poffer Lucy Casfro William Hewes Virginia Van Devenfer wa I6 cc N v ' aa at .sf - I' lI,'l X U or ,i A lf SX I 'fbi We Lyle Legan J. D, Nease , lrene Sanchez 0 Manley Van Orsdol Boyce Lewis Faye Nelson Forlino Sanchez Emma Wallers Allen Marine Kaye Nelson Ruby Shaffer Opal Warren Garland Maxwell Ramona Poplin Marion Seiqler Alice Wlwifelaw Philip Mayfield Dorolhy Polfer Ruby Seigler ' W 6 XXL all: George Anne Wiley Doris Marple Blanche Paredes Richard Schumacher Anila Warring sr I7 44 Mary Mazon Ray Reed Barbara Snow Venus Young KSN Joe Mendez L. C. Richman Jack Sundquisl E. CASE Presidenf N. JOHNSON Vice-President W. HARTHORN Secrefaryireasurer A. PAREDES Yell Leader E. PERKINS Program Chairma Junior Class pariicipaied in many acI'ivi+ies . . . Ordered rings soon af+er school sfarfed . . . Dance given up because I'I1ey were so busy . . . Sold refreshmenls a+ foo+- ball and baskefball games . . . Had school s+and 'For mon+I1 . . . Sponsored Carnival on May 2-3 . . . Carnival big success . . . earned money needed for Junior-Senior Banquel' and Dance . . . Junior-Senior Prom always big affair . . . Junior girls Io serve aI' Alumni Banquet MISS F. SPAULDIN6 Advisor MR. W. MARPLE Advisor MR. R. TRIMMER Advisor MR. W. KNIGHT Advisor mm Uffwm am! 1404445401141 uniafzfi J, Abel G. Aguirre M. Barker D, Barnes E . if ul ,X ?PI944 09" E. Akers A, Beam Branson Burke Burklson Burroughs Burson Cain Case Clepper Daries Denion Firzsimrnons France Gooden Gunier Hackney Harrison Hari Harfhorn Harvlile Henry Hewrfr HoNley Jarnes James Johnson 1 17 N M. Alcock E, Afchley W. M, Blyfhe E. Boafriq m ' . " B Y . 5 -x .,.. v Q i Johnson W. Kabel J. Layman C. Leon ald R. McFadden D. Mcliendry M, Mcliendry L, Michel Morris V, Nix H. Olivares A. Paredes M, Parrish B. Pearson E, Perkins D. Peyfon L, Peyfon Pressey L. Purdmn J, Rim N. O. Schmid? M. Shielk J. Smiin L, Souinwick P. Swearinqen B, Sweef T. Tnfo J. Van Epps D, Wmiams W. Young vb 20 44 Tradiiion each year . . . junior girls usher ai' all evenfs in audiforium . . . a+ leasi' +wo masculine members acl as door men . . . From fhis group +wo are chosen io lead +he senior ro ' l p cessuona a+ gradua+ion and bac- calaureaie . . . Work of ushers . . . hand ouf programs, assisl' people 'ro fheir seals answer quesfions a d b , n a ove all be courieous . . . Doormen lake +icke'rs and direci' I ' peop e +o ushers . . . Two girls have +he honor of leading seniors . . . This year Evelyn Afchle a d R b y n o eria McFadden . . . Bud Burke and Bud Young officiaie as doormen. Pic'l'ured below . . . Top lefl' +o bo'H'om righi . . . Jane Abel, Nea Oma Schmidi, Doris Peyion, Doroihy Williams, Ka+hleen Burroughs, Jean Layman, Virginia James, Margarei' Hackney, Carolyn Hari, Willa Mae Bly+heg Roberfa McFadden, Marion Johnson, Evelyn Afchleyg and Bud Burke. Junior-Senior Banquei +o be very colorful +his year wi'rh Viennese fheme carried lhroughouf under direciion 'F E l o ve yn Afchley, chairman, and "Heinie" Case, presideni. Camera shy iuniors: Darrell Cochran, Bill Deal, Joe Larra, Lupe Molino, and Harold Slevens. fs b2I44 Sopfzamafze Ugicm am! Ncffuzwu MISS C. MITCHELL MR. W. TILLESON Advisor Advisor B. COCHRAN G. WARRING D. TAYLOR R. BROWN Presidenf Vice-Presidenl Secrelary-Treasurer Yell Leader Sophomore class very acfive fhis year . . . four represen+a+ives on Scholarship . . . Successful "Vic+ory" dance, November 20, ended foofball sea- son . . . Held candy sale fo make possible fhe in+ro- ducfion of Dick Cowger's six+een piece orchesfra . . . Venlura and Fillmore sfudenf body invifed. Plan barbeque for fheir own amusemenf . . . swimming and various games also fo be enioyed. Abou'r 20 sophomore girls will serve a+ 'I'he iunior-senior banquer . . . will be joined a+1'he dance by some of +he sophomore boys. Looking 'Forward +o being juniors nexi' year . . . Nice work, sophomores. Db 22 44 X23 44 Fran? Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourfh Row: Front Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourfh Row: A. Romero, T. Wileman, B. Wal- lers, D. Taylor, D, Gage, J. Shiells, D. Llsk, V. Kemper, H. Haynes, P. Tovias, G. Davis, H. l-larbison. D. Cappel, E. Mllum, A. Jimenez, S. Peylon, R, Samples, E. Higgins B. Green, W. Taylor, N. Thomp- son, R. Rodriguez, R. Caballero M. Hosaki. J. Munoz, J. Schleimer, O. Ben- nell, G, Warring, D, Paflzrson, C. Slriller, J. Brown, F. Leqan, B. Cochran, G. Young, F. Galle- qos. W. Adams, B. Swopes, R. John- son, R. Downey, B, De Fever, R. Pyle, D. Mosbarqer, F. Ramirez, J. Forlner. V. L. Newsum, E. Hickox, E. Williams, C. Leoan, M. A. Reyes, T. lnadoml, R. Shere. K. Taylor, G. Taylor, M. Maxwell, N. Holls, G. Ausfin, C. Young, A. Ellis, l. Ramirez, H. Carrillo, N. Van Devenfer, M. L. Danlorfh, E. Reed, T. Moraga, P, Slanlon, J. Morgan. P. Elkins, B, Engledow, R. Clap- perlon, B. Turk, D. Marlin, B. J. Hardison, F. Troul, M. Alcock, M. Boalrighl. 4 P. ROMAI N Presidenf D. A. BU RSON Vice-Presideni P. MOSBARGER Secrefary-Treasurer B. HENNING Yell Leader MISS L. SMITH Advisor MR. E. GRAHAM Advisor MISS A. GRIGGS Advisor Freshman class gave everyone big surprise . . . +heir "Round-up" Dance one of biggesf and besf dances of year, wi+h Frankie Umbro's orchesrra . . . Mr. Graham, Miss Griggs, and Miss LaureH'e Smifh, sponsors. Class numbers one-hundred and six members . . . seven in Band . . . seven in Senior Orchesfra . . . fourfeen in Glee Club . . . seven in Junior Scholarship Sociefy . . . Class ar+is+s, Dorofhy Alice Burson and Harry Thayer . . . for ini+ia+ion, boys wore make-up, girls none, all wore clo+hes baclcwarcl. . Qfficeu am! fqdwzma sv 24 44 I if F Fronf Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Seams, . Pence, Blyfhe, 5 1 . 1 . . ' ii R. Ramirez, C. Rodriguez, V. Bunch M. J. Beem, L. J, Velasouez. Y. Hosaki, C. Peterson, V. Patterson, A. Williams, M. J. Fansle Easlburn, B. Kellerman, N. Lovalo. Rihbany, V. J. Helm, G. Oldham, D. Simco, P. Henry, E. Smilh, B. M. Elkins C. Seiqler, D. A. Burson. B. Dominguez, P. Pence, M. Guevara, N. Armas, C. Arima, W. J, Walker, V. Brady, M. Couch, l, J. Smilh, E. Perez. Fifth Row O. Fleming, P. Huddleslon, N. Downer, B. J. Massey, V. Morris, B. Balden Herndon, P. Mosbarger, J, Pefersori, S. Prine, C. Guerrero. i ME Fronl Row: B. Basolo, H. Legan, B. Holley, F. Jackson, B. Dusek, D. Bice, B. Henning, J. War- ren, B. Poplin, B. Kemper. Second Row: L. Williams, J. Golonka, H. Kellerman, H. Hoope, A. Mazen, J, Casner, H. Ramirez, G. Core, T. Chavez, A. Venable, M. Powell, Third Row: A. Jacinio H. Thayer, T. Bailey, B. Kloiz, W. Dorman, J. Golonka, G. Barnell, G. McCool, P. Romain, H. Carter, J. Dominguez. Fourlh Row: E. Breshears, B. J. Campbell, B. Slocker, F, Duckefi, C. Gurrola, J. Elliofl, B. Cox, J. Hilion, W, Rocha, R. Beem, J. Ruiz. 552544 P. Y ' mm 6'i7!df!z Qaeda Gffmm and Aduum MR. D. WALKER Advisor MISS G. SLAYTON Advisor MR. E. ENSZ Advisor Acfivifies of eighfh grade very few fhis year . . . Had a successful parfy fhough . . . Are inferesfed in school . . . Have eighf members in Junior Scholarship . . . also many members in band and orchesfra. Enferfained parenfs wifh pof-luck . . . held in hall of Junior High Building . . . welcomed by presidenf Dean Gregory . . . group singing led by Nafalie Harfhorne. Many sevenfh and eighfh graders fool: parf in fhe ballroom dancing lessons . . . given fwice a monfh . . . in gymnasium . . . under direcfion of Ted Russell . . . sponsored by few of fhe mofhers of class members. D. GREGORY Presidenf H. SOUTHWICK Vice-Presidenf C. HUDDLESTON Secreia ry-Treasurer N. HARTHORN Yell Leader 525 44 3 1 .V K ..c.....ix.N.,.-..Ls.........,.. x ,ps-7 Fronf Row: B. King, J. Dryden, M. Hucldlesion, A. Lidamore, N. Harlhorn, B. Young, E. Burroughs, W. Barnett, P. Maxcy. Second Row: C. Kemper, C. lnadomi, l, Lara, B, Clapperlon, M. Means, M. Webb, W. Core, B. Maier, E, Davis, W. Ellioll, L. Leal. Third Row: M. Hernandez, M. McGregor, J. Braden, M. J. Neal, N. Carrillo, T. Hickey, B. Gregory, C. Garcia, M. J. Cox. Fourlh Row: P. Leqan, J. Haro, I. Mosbarger, H. Krinlc, S, Mendoza, C. Reyes, M. Pulido, J. Mendoza, A. Chavez, A. Medina. Fifth Row: E. Romero, N. Baker, L. Sanchez, E. Tighe, J. Graffl, G. McFadden, M. L. Elkins, W. Basolo, L. Grady, I. Sanchez. Fronf Row: F. Chavesfe, A. Velasquez, D. Gregory, J. Gurrola, R. Marhn, P, Herndon H, Sourhwick, O. Kilburn, P. Marlinez. Second Row: T. Rodriquez, L, Perkins, H. Simmons, A. Herndon, E. Abel, T. Munger, E Kemper, D. Turk, T. Srnilln, J. Webb. Third Row: R. Ingram, H. Rodriquez, H. Brown, R, Pyle, J. Everson, S. Calzada, A Carrillo, G. Garcia, C. Harbison, C. Buchannon. Fourfh Row: B. Hardison, P. Leon, J. Dominguez, B. Laughlin, J. Smifh, Y. Nogawa, B Walsh, R. Baker, L. Perry. Fifrh Row: P. Valdivia, A. De Loera, J. Acosia, M. Hicks, B. Reed, E, Lloyd, C. Hud dlesfon, J. McCulcheon, J. C. Taylor. DZYQ Seaendz Qaacfe g Uffiwu am! Nclauau MISS B. ALBRIGHT MR. C. HIGMAN MISS V. FREMLIN Advisor Advisor Advisor N. KENNEDY H. BRODERSON I. PHILLIPS E. CARTER Presidenl Vice-Presidenl Secretary-Treasurer Yell Leader New +o l'he ac+ivi+ies of Fillmore high school . . . no ill effecl' upon fhe sevenlh graders . . . Enferfained lheir paren+s in Oc+ober . . . con- ducfed parenfs 'rhrough +he Junior High building . . . Ac+ivi+ies began wilh swimming and games al' fhe gym . . . afferwards parenl's ioined fheir children for a pol'-luck supper on fennis courfs . . . Neil Kennedy acled as masfer of ceremonies . . . assisfed by Ed Carfer who led bolh parenfs and sevenfh graders in giving some school yells. Sainl' Pa+ricl:'s observed by a school par+y held in +he gym . . . games firsl' parl' of +he evening . . . laler Iried abilify al' dancing . . . de- licious refreshmenfs served by molhers. Greaf enfhusiasm shown fhroughouf The year . . . Second vice- presidenf for sludenl body chosen from sevenfh grade . . . Won iunior high singles fennis 'rournamenl' for bo'rh boys and girls . . . Many became eligible for lhe iunior scholarship sociefy. D7 28 C4 .p-..- s qw. .. ...N W -.Q Q -- V -- xi .girls gn. ,,,..,....... ......,... ...rt mm Fronl Row: C. Graller, B. Denlon, M. Rawlins, D. Dusek, V. Gazzaway, M. Hicks, B. Davis, P, Gulierrez, J. Forbes, l. Phillips, M, Hanson, Second Row: G. B ' L J A. C, Howard, C. Elkins, R. Merry, J, Lamb. Third Row: J. Avila, L, Miranda, R. Medina, V. Howe, P, Spangler, R, Garcia, B Lopez, M. Gonzales, D. Escamilla eebe, M, Larue, M. Gonzales, M, Branson, B. Beilzer, . once, E. Ramirez, L, Maxwell. Fourlh Row: R. Cleaver, D, Messer, J. Barden, E. Pills, B, Mosbarger, E. Sanchez, A, Moreno, C. Escarnilla, H Ruiz, E. Samples, D, Peylon. Fiflh Row: S, Laird, B, Braden, E. Nunez, A. Rivera, L. Toyias, L, Bolello, C, Bolello, C. Sarnanieqo, V. Acosla V. Vesl, A, Spangler. Fronl Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourlh Row: Fiffh Row: Sixlh Row: E Caballero T Ranqel H Brodersen N. Kennedy, E, Boalrighl, L. Burson, J, Grady. R. Neve, . , . , . , D. Gozzaway, W, Gray, H. Barnell, J, Thayer, G. Prescofl, D. Downey, J, Seigler, P. Tucker, G. Harri- son, R, Wiley, D. Maxwell, J. Hobson, M, Srnilh, E, Sanchez, H. Garner, J. Vidaurri, G, Phipps, J, Reyes, K. Kinq, M. Medina. ji. Arlaleio, A. Calzada, J. Schleirner, E, Reed, E, Carler, N. Poller, C. Bell, R. Mulch, D. Basolo, , Perez. C. Rummans, H. Haase, T. Harris, J. Riesgo, H, Torres, J. Kellerman, M. Moreno, L. Villalpando, J. Torrez, A, Velasquez. ' J. Gulierrez, T. Cervanlez, D. Duclc- J. Elkins, W, Nelson, B. Torres, R, Ponce, T. Carrillo, R, Velasquez, ell, J, knriquez. DD 29 44 BMA .2 ,Gaim 'fa 3 E W3 Tl ' if ,g p-QA . In VA g k Miss V. Fremlin Advisor . 5 . Unable +o fake as many +rips because of unusually we+ winfer . . . no loss of in+eres+, however . . . Membership increased greafly . . . many inferesfing meefings . . . Honor Day April 25 . . . foured Disney's sfuclio, saw "Fan+asia," fool: a four of broadcasling s+a+ion . . . Miss Amy Smifh as- sisfed Miss Fremlin as sponsor . . . Aaron Myers drove +he bus. Junior Scholarship consisfs of 'ren sevenfh graders, eighl' eighfh graders, and +en nin+h graders . . . E. Lloyd and N. Harrhorn, eigh+h graders and E. Smi+h, P. Huddles+on, and B. Seams, ninfh graders, firsl' semes+er members only. Presidenf, Lucille Broderson . . . vice president Dorofhy Alice Burson . . . secrefary, Barbara Balden . . . advisor, Miss Vera Fremlin. Fronl Row: E, Carfer, E. Lloyd, M. McGregor, M. Hanson, C. Graffer, C. lnadomi, C, Kemper, I. Phillips, M Rollins, R. Baker, K. King. Second Row: D. Messer, N. Armas, M, Branson, I, Mosbarger, D, A. Burson, E. Srnilh, M. J. Fansler, V. Vesf, C Howard, W, Dorman. Third Row: E. Pere7, P. Huddleslon, B. Searns, P, Henry, L. Broderson, B, Balden, V, Brady, L. Grady, V, Morris N, Harfhorn, A. Lidarnore. F Y , , rv 32 C4 lil illlll U.. Fron'lRow: J. Shiells, M, L. Danforth, V. I-larfwick, B, Cobb, V. VanDevenler, M. J, Roberfson, R. Harmonson W. Huddlesfon, M, Keck, A, Escamilla. Second Row: E. Harvie, T. lnadomi, D. Marple, J, Frei-nlin, M. Shiells, M. Hackney, V. James, C. Hart, C. Holley. Third Row: C. Young, B. J. Hardison, G. Maxwell, M. Thornfon, B. Snow, J. Rice, F. Swearinqen, E. Alchley, E. Wallers, J. Smith. cf-5.4. ezmpzm 132. .. Very successful year . . . large membership . . . 20 mem- bers +he firsl semesfer . . . 28 members 'rhe second . . . Firsl' semesler, purchased plaque . . . Sold candy af all programs held a+ +he high school . . . Five aH'ended San+a Maria Con- venlion. Second semesler . . . five earned fheir seals early . . . more expecfed la+er, perhaps, lo sei new record . . . annual Honor Day . . . Virginia Van Devenfer, presidenl . . . Elinor Huddlesfon and BeH'y Cobb, vice presidenfs . . . Rufh Har- monson, secrelary . . . Marvis Jean Roberfson, freasurer . . . Miss Amy Smifh, advisor. an 334 Fronf Row: Bob Sweef, Wayne Harihorn, Second Row: John Henry, Elinor Huddlesfon, Ed Case, Ev I Third Row: Lyman Pressay, Wil Fourfh R ' e yn Aichley. ma Huddleslon, Ge ' ow. Lyle Purdum B orqe Aguirre. , en Hamamofo, Lel ' and Soulhwnck. Pi izaiion for siudenls in ad- vanced mafhemafics courses . . . Purpose: "To fosfer in+eres+ in higher ma+l'1ema+ics and +o discover use of pracfi-mal'l1emal'ics as applied +o mocl and science." Tl'1el'a organ' ern induslry H s w ich will be bofli inleresling and eclucalional . . . Speakers gave iallcs on uses of ma+l1ema1'ics in such fields as agricullure, geology and radio. ave aclivifie h' Officers are: Elinor Huddleslon, presidenh Ed Case, vice presidenlg Wilma Huddlesion, secre- fary-freasurerg and Miss Alice H Pi 7fzeZ'a Glad by 34 44 'N Q Ga ' Glad Commercial Club organized firsf fime in several years . . . Mem- bers s+ar+ed early io earn money . . . boughl' 'ryping and shorfhand pins for members . . . responsible +o fhe members for all pins noi bronze or silver . . . Very good beginning . . . ended year wi+h a big par+y. Many members won pearl pins for 65 words per minule wi+h ac- curacy . . . Excep+ional Typing classes 1'his year . . . Club kepf sfand for mon+h . . . had many sales . . . Members worked very hard +o earn money . . . Puf oul' Bardsdale Grammar School paper . . . Club pins were no+ purchases. Presidenf, Garland Maxwell . . . vice presidenf, Maxine Keck . . . secrefary, Rulh Harmonson . . . freasurer, Augusiine Escamilla . . . advisors Miss Marie Schibsby, Typing and Bookkeeping . . . Miss Alice Hansen, Shorfhand and Malhemafics. ,, .M,..W,....-.. ............-4 ,W -ln., . ,. ...hmm ,-v.-an.-.q Tami. , . ,,,, . WM... .....e.-........, N-, , . , M.. aww...-,.. ,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,. me W-'-w'-- -.....--...--.4 . , -Q--we---Q an-.-.--.. W WM -We--Wm ----4--.. .--... M Fronf Row: R. Shere, G. Taylor, V. Van Devenfer, M. Keck, G. Maxwell, R. , A. Escamilla, K. Taylor, H. Harville, M, Parrish. Second Row: D. Pofler, T, Inadomi, D. Harmonson, H. Johnson, J. Abel, T. Gregowski, J, Fremlin, J. Van Epps, J. Shiells. Third Row: M. Van Orsdol, B. Lewis, B. J. Hardison, M. J. Roberfson, R. Poplin, E, Baum, Y. lnadomi, W. Kabel. D K Gopa Ie 04:1 , , , ,mum E. WALTERS Edilor-in-chief V. VAN DEVENTER Senior Asscciafe D. PATTERSON Junior Associate C. MITCHELL Advisor Greaf deal of grarirude and appre- ciafion fo sfaff members, feachers, and s'I'uden1' body . . . Special fhanks fo many . . . purchasers and boosiers of l94I Copa De Oro . . . s+uden+s and feachers who have co- operafed wi+h us in many ways . . . Mr. Russell Flinf, siudenl' feacher, who has worked so hard on mon+ages . . . Mr. Ross and his class who look and made up many picrures for us . . . Thanks again, everybody . . . Emma Wal- rers, Edifor. X366 Gold migh+ be where you find i+, bul' who knows where +o fravel in quesl of fhese yellow pariicles? H' has also been suggesfed +ha+ "There's gold in 'rhem 1'har hills", buf why +ravel info fhe hills, when +here are more priceless valuables righl' here in our own school. The COPA DE ORO sfaff has devored ifs energy +o searching for 'rhe weal+h in s+uden+ life. Wifh invaluable assislance from Miss Chrisline Miichell, advisor, Emma Wallers, edifor, and her sfaff of ar'l'isl's, sporfslers, and wrifers have dug down in+o +he deplhs of Fillmore Union Junior- Senior High School's ac+ivi+ies, classes, school life, and sporls evenfs in order +o fill a cup wiih incomparable freasures, Thai' our school mighl' be more picruresquely represenfed and porlrayed in fhe Flashes' mosl' magniliceni' COPA DE ORO. Fronl Row: B. Wallers, Boys' Sporlsg D. A. Burson, Arf and Freshmen, B, Paredes, Seniors, N. Kennedy, Sevenlh Grade, R, Shaffer, Calendar, R. Hamonson, Typist, B. Gazzaway, Boys' Sporls. Second Row: V. King, Girls' Sporlsg M, Henry, Arlg N, Harfhorn, Eighlh Grade, T. Gregowski, Typisfg J. Morgan, Typist, N. Dillon, Will and Horoscope, P. Sianlon, Seniors, C, Young, Music and Drama, Third Row: B. J, Campbell, Typislg P. Kreifer, Bus. Mgr., V. Young, Typislg G. Wiley, Juniors: M. Alcock, Typislg G, Maxwell, Typisfg M. Alcoclc, Typisfg D. Barnes, Ari. Pb 37 44 R My ,www WM rf' if 38 . WILBUR MAYHEW BEN BURSON VIRGIL NIX Presidenl Vicee-Presidenl Secrelary PAUL FRANCE DICK SCHUMACHER C. E. NEUMAN Treasurer Reporier Advisor Fuiure Farmers of America celebraf- ed second year wi+h enlarged quar'rers and beHer facilifies . . . consisfing of well equipped laboralory, office, library and wearher s'ra+ion . . . Added facili'l'ies made possible +o enlarge scope of ac'rivi+ies . . . in- cluded lhis year scienrific s+udy of soils, +es+- ing, ferfilizer experimen'ra+ion, pruning, sur- veying, enfomology s+udies, flora-cul+ure, landscaping, pesl' confrol, and wea+her fore- casling. Sponsored lnilialion and Barn Dances . . . also large Conservaiion Weelc pro- gram . . . improvemen+ of school grounds . . . fruil' show and floal' during +he May Day Feslival . . . l'he Venfura-Sanfa Barbara Counlies Cifrus Judging conlesls held in Fill- more . . . Many awards received from com- pe+i+ion a+ Ven+ura Counfy Fair . . . many olher honors in Speaking, Essay, and Judging conresls. 'F Fronf Row: H. Hoppe, B, Green, J. Casner, D. Lisk, H. Harbison. Second Row: D, Schumacher, J, Mendez, D, McKendry, W, Mcliendry, R. Samples, J. Sundquisr, H, Romero. Third Row: D. Alcock, J. Schleirner, L, Pressey, A. Venable, B. Kiorz, J. Brown, G. Warring, M. Kirschbaurn. af14 ' D38 44 ,mucus of URI AMER' J 'fffr-'QQ CA 4 'mag 0 ll is B Fu F its 5 1- f ,fn Jig' V PA 'Zin X ,X 0 , ,N ' Q 'A 2 L- I F .,,.' is jl 72, 'HE-' W? QQFL--' Qty 0450 :KQV hh' .feague CommiHees organized early . . . In November, backed Thanks- giving Drive +o help needy . . . Evelyn Baum elecfed Queen of Girls' League Dance for having Thanksgiving baske+ filled firsi' . . . In December second drive made . . . Sponsored George Washingfon dance . . . Speakers planned for assemblies . . . In Spring officers eIec+ed for nexf year . . . Oliiicers +his year were presiden+, Ani+a Warring . . . vice presidenr, Maxine Keck . . . secre+ary, Margaref Hackney . . . Ireasurer, Taduko Ina- domi . . . advisors, Miss Alice Griggs and Miss LaureH'e Smilh. P4 F gf ANITA WARRIN6 President MAXINE KECK Vice-Presidenf MARGARET HACKNEY Secrefary TADUKO INADOMI Treasurer MISS A. GRIGGS Advisor MISS I.. SMITH Advisor 3239K 741- The "Y" groups . . . Junior and Senior Tri-Y, and Junior, lnlermediale and Senior Hi-Y . . . look parl' in many aclivi- 'lies . . . Thanksgiving and Chrislmas bas- kels of food and clolhing for lhe needy . . . work done oufside school . . . "Service SENlO7 TRI-Y Fronl Row: A. Warring V. Van Devenier D. Marple E. Wallers V, l-larlwick J. Fremlin W. l-luddlesfon Second Row: M. Rudkin D. l-larmonson M. Keck M. Roberfson Miss Albright E. l-larvie B, Cobb B. Snow Third Row: N. Dillon M. Hackney M. Johnson D. Peylon E. Alchley C. Campbell J. Abel J. Van Epps JUNIOR TRI-Y lo Ol'hers" . . . backed 'lhe "Good Cili- zenship" drive one hundregfyzarcengx if J' ' .0 -I nw ,. 'A' ,i . ff' K Q., Front Row: E. l-licks, E. Williams, C. Young, P. Elkins, B. J. Hardison, R. Renleria. Second Row: D. A. Burson, C. Seigler, V. Paiierson, V. L. Newsurn, E. Reed, B. M. Elkins, E, Perez, M. A. Reyes Third Row: O, Fleming, P. Pence, P. Herndon, J. Peterson, Miss Spaulding, Advisor, P. Slanfon, P. Pence J Morgan. as 40 C4 SENIOR HI-Y Fronf Row: B. Morris B. Gazzaway B. Trouf K. James Second Row: D. Cox B. Pearson L. Purdum W. Young L. Pressey -W INTERMEDIATE Ffonf ROW: Second Row: JUNIQR Fronf Row: Second Row: T. Bailey, B. Holley, D. Pafferson, B. Cox HiI1on, J. Ellioff, P. Rornain, B. BasoIo, D. Mendez Huddlesfon, E. Carfer, N. Kennedy I-Iardison, H. Soufhwick, E. Lloyd, D. DuckeII', K. King ru 4I 44 0 Eg. da SENIOR TRI-Y V. JUNIOR TRI-Y E. WALTERS President D. MARPLE Vice-Presidenf J. FREMLIN SecreIary VAN DEVENTER Treasurer MISS ALBRIGHT Sponsor P. ELKINS Presidenf B. J. HARDISON Vice-President C. YOUNG Secrefary E. WILLIAMS Treasurer MISS SPAULDING SENIOR HI-Y Sponsor B. TROUT Presidenf K. JAMES Vice-Presideni B. LEWIS Sec refa ry-Treasurer MR. STEWART Sponsor INTERMEDIATE HI-Y JUNIOR HI-Y D. PATTERSON Presidenr B. HOLLEY Vice-President P. ROMAIN Seczrefa ry-Treasurer M R. H IGMAN Sponsor E. CARTER PresICIenT B. HARDISON Vice-Presidenf D. DUCKETT Secrefa ry-Treasurer MR. WALKER, MR. GOODENOUGH Sponsors I il Wy, , wwf? WU ' Froni Row: N. Van Devenler, C, Branson, E. Williams, Second Row: J. Shiells, H. Carrillo, l. Ramirez, A, Ellis, N. l-lolls, B. Walters, Third Row: B, Morris, M. Johnson, J. Rice, M. Boalrighl, J. Layman, F. Troul, B. Swopes, R, Reed. 'W 3,43 Fronf Row: D. Mcliendry, A. Paredes, B. Troul, B. Huesfis. " dR PF YId'TTh BBkJB TW'la aecon ow: . rance, . na emi, . ayer, . ur e, . rown, . lem n. Third Row: M. Gooden, W. Rudkin, 6. Moore, B. Pearson, R. Schumacher, J, Mendez. Early in school year Spanish classes made 1'rip fo Clvera S'rree+ . . . laler program presen+ed 'ro P.-T. A .... +rip 'ro Los Angeles Exposilion Park and Museum planned . . . presidenf, Nancy Van Devenler . . . vice presidenf, Carl Branson . . . secre+ary-l'reas- urer, Edra Williams . . . Advisor, Mrs. Edilh JarreH'. Spaniifz Glad av 42 44 S+uden+s of elecfricily and radio class eligible for membership . . . Meelings held lwice a monfh . . . Dues only lhose necessary fo mee+ expendifures . . . President Ben Trou'r . . . vice presidenf, Teen Paredes . . . secrelary-freasurer. Bob Huesfis . . . program chairman, Don McKendry . . . Mr. Walfer S+ewar+, sponsor. acfia Glad LJ Fran? Row: J. Abel, M, A. W l-liddlesll , D, A. Burson, M. Easiburh, C. Arima, J. Velasquez, M. Keck, L. Broderson, J Smith ' Second Row:Mr. Knighi, direclor B M V. Morris, V. Helm, E, Hicks, V, Palrerson, D. Marple, D. Peylon, R. M Thornfori P Elkins D is V Van Devenler M. Rudkin, E. Reed. Third Row: C. Seigler, E. Pere Van Epps E. Howie B. P Has become one of rhe F. U. H. S. musical hi'rs . . . under lhe able direcrion of Mr. William Knighl' . . . Concerr given on Apirl I8, in coniuncrion wirh The Senior Orcheslra . . . Girls vored +o "dress 'For 'rhe oc- casion" in place of rhe regular uniforms used before . . . Fifry-rhree girls devore one-half of rheir noon hour .W kr .Q if lo make up fhe glee club . . . Try +o make il one of which 'lhe school can be proud. l-we f if -ei , R. HARMONSON MR. KNIGHT Accompanisl Direclor Gam ' glee Glad Bam! Furnished plen+y of good music ai foofball games and assemblies F. . Concenirafed on more diFFicul+ and serious music. Ninrh annual spring conceri' given March 7 . . . colossal success . . . Regional Confesf, April 5, a+ Chalzfey Junior College in Onlario . . . Boys earned superior rafing . . . en1'i+led +hem fo compe+e in s+a+e confesl' a+ Fresno . . . Talenfed musicians, J. D. Nease and Kennefh James, played solos and ra+ed superior. Menfionable aciiviiies of organizaiion . . . May Fes+ival which was aliered in order +ha+ +hey could be presenl' 'ro march in parade . . . Eveni' ai Fresno successful . . . 'roolc superior raiing in class B compefing againsl' I4 o'rher schools . . . J. D. Nease and Kenne+h James rafed excellenl' in 1'heir solos. Fine direcior, Mr. George Wrigh+ . . . Mr. William Knighf, his aid a+ various 'rimes . . . Mr. Donovan Main, "Papa" of 'rhe band. Froni Row: B. Walsh, C. Bell, D. Gregory, J, Shiells, W, Dorman, D. Mofharaor, K.Jan1es, Mr. Wriqhf, direciorp B. Lewis, A, Chavez, R. Reed, P. Romain, D. Mcliendry, E. Akers, B. DeFeyer, Second Row: B. Burson, T. Wilernan, B, Pearson, H. Haynes, J. Henry, A, Herndon, B. Holley, B. Poplin, L. Perkins, B. Hardisor, B, Kloiz, J. Ellioil, L. Burson. Third Row: J. Foriner, L. Peylon, A. Velasquel, F, Perkins, B. Galloway, Y. lnadorni, T. Chavez, M, Van Orsdol, S. Peylon, J. D, Nease, L. Legan, N. Johnson, Fcurfh Row: D. Cappel, W. Mclienrlry, D. Mendez, B, Reed, A. Gunler, A. Harrison, J. Schleinier, J. Casner. PD 44 QC . . , ' I x .H V ......- .ff ..-.,...,i - . Mr W 2-----"""' -2 maxi --4.-...,,-.,,s Seniaa Fronf Row: V. Morris, M. L. Elkins, C. Young, V. Pallerson, Mr, Knighl, direclor, E, Smirh, W. J. Walker, J. Velasquez, Y, Hosaki. Second Row: E. Perkins, C, Branson, M. J. Fansler, R. Clapperlon, B. Maiers, V. L. Newsurn, W, Ellioll, E. l-lickox, D. A. Burson, J. Forlner, D. Mendez. Third Row: J, Elliorr, D. Taylor, A, Lidarnore, P. Nelson, E. Tiqhe, C. Seiqler, N. Harl- horn, P. Elkins, B. Burson. Fourfh Row: P. Romain, B. Cox, S. Peylon, A. Chavez, B. Poplin, N. Thompson, T. Wilernan . .A Life 'rr' .,,,f,.,f...-4 wmewq :v:i...Ma Orchesiras made greal' progress during rhe pasl' year . .. under capable direclor, Mr. William Knighf . . . Firsr 'rime in +heir hisfory enfered conresl' . . . al' Onfario . . . received second division raling . . en'ri+led +hem +o aHend s+a+e confesf af Fresno . . . raied excellenf . . . in class B which included five orchesfras. Played for school assemblies, Alumni, Ebell, and s+uden+- body producfions . . . presenfed concerr on April I8 in collaborafion wifh lhe Girls' Glee Club. 245 44 I H6004 Fronf Row: N. Kennedy, C. Kemper K. Elkins, R. Merry, C Howard, B. Maier, W Elliofr, r. Phillips, M McGregor, L. Burson. Second Row: D. Turk, J. Elkins, C. Bell A. Herndon, B. Hardison R. Baker, C. Harbinson Third Row: P. Nelson, E. Tighe, W Uachwbma Knighr, director, N. Har- fbaamalicyi Keeping efzfullimad Christmas pageant pre- sented December I9 . . . very impressive scenes . . . Keeping Christmas: Anita Warring . . . Merry Eng- land Keeps Christmas: Allen Marine, Phil Romain, Kenneth Cox, Freeman Hicks, Ben Klotz, seventh i and eighth grade chorus, older boys' chorus . . . instrumentaiists: Ben Burson, Carol Young, Don Taylor, Tom Wileman, Carl Branson, Jim Fortner, Velma Patterson, Josephine Velasquez . . . Cratchets Keep Christmas: Ed Carter, Mary Jean Cox, Jim Elliott, Neil Kennedy, Allen Marine, Doris Marple, Maxine Rawlins, Anne Wil- liams . . . Little Women Keep Christmas: Dorothy Alice Burson, Betty Cobb, Maxine Eastburn, Marjorie Henry, Elaine Smith . . .Modern Amer- ica Keeps Christmas: Elinor Huddleston, Lesley Burson, Catherine Elkins, Mary Lou Elkins, Wilson Grey, and Carol Howard . . . The Whole World Keeps Christmas: Boyce Lewis, Mary Ann Reyes, Allen Marine, Glee Club, Dramatics, and Oral Expression classes . . . directors, Miss Albright, Mr. Graham, Mr. Trimmer . . . Mr. Knight, music . . . Miss L. Smith, Mr. Stewart, scenery . . . Miss Spaulding, costumes . . . Miss Mitchell, Miss Albright, make-up. vs 46 C4 lwnmhca Class of '4I under direc+ion of Mr. Elberi Gra- ham presenfed "Young April" . . . fhree-acl' comedy and sequel +o "Growing Pains" . . . "Growing Pains" given by senior class of '36 . . . "Young April" s'rory of Mcln+yre family. Casi' included Professor Mclniyre, Allen Marine . . . Mrs. Mcln+yre, Emma Walfers . . . Terry Mclnlyre, Virginia Har+wiclc . . . George Mcln+yre, Kenneih Brown . . . Mrs. Miller, BeHy Cobb . . . Brian Sfanley, Don Cox . . . Diane Gilmore, Janel' Fremlin . . . Sfewarl' Miller, Bob Gazzaway . . . Elsie, Elaine Harvie . . . Lulu, Wilma Huddles'ron . . . Beri' Parsons, Cary Jackson . . . Jane, Viola King . . . Duich, Ben Troul' . . . Pele, Manley Van Orsdol . . . Vivian, Anifa Warring . . . Mildred, Mildred Thorn1'on . . . Alice Whi'relaw's illness al' las+ minuie prevenfed her playing pari' which was played by Wilma Huddleslon . . . Beaufiful sefs made by Bea1'rice Albrighf, Russell Flin1', and Waller S+ewar+. P? 44 Fronl Row: 'LW' Shiells, M. Hackney, V. Van Devenfer, V, James, J. Fremlin, M, Burson, D, Poller, N. Dillon, F eson. Second Row: P, Kreiler, M. J. Roberlson, M. Johnson, D. Harmonson, M. Basolo, J. Abel, D. Williams, M. Henry, N, Van Devenler. Third Row: E. Baum, R. Seiqler, R. Poplin, E. Alchley, A. Warring, K. Nelson, G. Maxwell, K. Burroughs, V. King. "W f, 'HMWW' W..-nvuunu,...,1,"---'MM' if awww -u. . N ig TE M! .E Honor +o be a leHerwoman . . . musl' earn l,O00 poinls . . . by hikes, making feams, being caplains, or officers, special services, and parficipafing in play days . . . l,200 poinls enfille person fo buy sweafer . . . 200 poinls for each slripe . . . dis+inc+ parl of G. A. A. G.A.A. members each year vo+e al' general meeling for besl' all-around girl a'lhle+e . . . noi' necessarily, bul' usually, a senior . . . Commiflee of sponsor and represenlafive from each of lhree lower classes decides on winner from lhree highesf . . . consider poin+s won, spor+smanship, and general parlicipalion in acfivifies. Dorofhy PoH'er, senior, received fhe honor fhis year . . Presenlafion of cup made al' Afhlelic Banquet 77 44 Quite a successful year . . . under the guiding hand of Don Cox, Commissioner of Athletics . . . No officers yet . . . Should have quite a gang of athletes and be better organized with officers next year. Bob Huesfis, senior, announced best all-around boy athlete . . . won letter in three sports . . . Football, basketball, and baseball . . . Honor based entirely on points won in various sports. Presentation made at Athletic Banquet . . .held May I6 . sponsored by lettermen and letterwomen with their coaches . . . Don Cox, commissioner of athletics, general chairman. ...W .. 1-H-we-Ms-1 we M M.. W. - .. sa... -em..ea-nf .M-4-......... ......-.. We .. .. W... am... M.- .mam M... . . ,.,..,. WMM, M.. , My Wmrw- V , We -' -jigggmm ...., ......e.... ,4 ' M .si Q W. ::1g1.,2 Lili? ...M ........ ...W . . Front Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: No Picture: R. Reed, football, W. lvlcliendry lcombl football, track, basketball, A, Escarnilla, track, D. Cox, football, track, Y. lnadomi, football, B. Pearson, football, basketball, track, A. Chavez, baseball, L. Legan, football, baseball. J. D. Nease, track, J. McDonald, football, E, Case, football, D. Patterson, lcornb.l football, track, tennis, D. lvtclfendry, football, track, l-l, Olivares, baseball, W. Taylor, basketball, track, R. Pyle, foot- ball, basketball, baseball. O. Bennett, lcomb.l football, track, R. Johnson, lcomb.l football, basketball, track, F. Sanchez, bas- ketball, baseball, L, Purdum, tennis, K, James, lcomb.l football, baseball, tennis, A. Gunter, football, basketball, G. Warring, fcomb.l football, basketball, baseball, W. Kabel, lcomb,l football, basketball, baseball. R. Downey, lcomb.l football, basketball, J. Brown, lcomb.l football, basketball, track, B, l-luestis, football, basketball, baseball, D. Mendez, lcomb.l football, basketball, baseball, B. Trout, football, L. Southwick, football, basketball, B. Lewis, football, N. Johnson, football, basketball, D. Cochran, football, B. Hamamoto, tennis, D. Hernandez, football, baseball, M. Hosaki, basketball, track, football, J, Navarro, football, T. Paredes, track, football, F. Ramirez, football, baseball, L. C. Richman, football, baseball, track, J. Schleimer, basketball, tennis, C, Strifler, basketball, track, D. Taylor, basketball, track, W, Taylor, basketball, track, G. Aguirre, football, basketball. 5949 cc New 4la4!m Debul . . . firsl' year as prinied paper . . . glimpse in prinl' of school ac+ivi+ies . . . Dislribuled 650 papers every fwo weeks . . . fhanlcs fo prinfing s+aFF and reporiers . . . Prinfers, under able direcfion of Mr. Walfer S+ewar+, pu+ much +ime and efforl' info final resulls . . . Repor+ers endeavored +o pul' info wriling, evenls of in'reres1' +o readers . . . Norma Dillon, Edilor. Fronf Row: B. Gazzaway, Boys' Sporfsg R, Shaffer, Calendarg V, Van Devenfer, Reporlerq T, Gregowski, F, F. A4 B, Wallers, Reporfer. Second Row: V, Kemper! Prinlerg P, Kreiler, Girls' Sporfsg V. King, Exchange: M, Alcoclc. Reporferg E, Walfers, Re- porferg D, Barnes, Reporter. Third Row: G. Young, Prinlerg C. Slriller, Prinferg G, Wiley, Reporler' M, Alcockx Reporlerg V. Young, P.-TA. D, Pafferson, Boys' Sporfsg W, Adams, Printer, x50c4 New 4624401 ...Anal K! we N. DILLON Ediior-in-chief B. J. CAMPBELL Senior Associafe ' J. MORGAN Junior Associafe C. MITCHELL Advisor News Flashes sfaff enfered many ac- fivifies . . . Five affend Soufhern California High School Press Associafion, November I6, af Redondo ,... Represenfed by fwo sfaff members af fhe Annual Newspaper Day held af Universify of Soufhern California in March . . . Definife changes in paper due fo ideas received from conferences . . . Assisfed English deparfmenf in program for P.T.A .... planned frip fo Los Angeles Engravers given up due fo confinued rainy weafher . . . Com- bined sfaff barbecue and swimming parfy held June 3. Sfaff members leaving foresee con- finued improvemenf in paper nexf year. ESI! GW fbe K . W? BEN TROUT Um .Queen VIOLA KING 52 44 Ben Troui and Viola King, King and Queen of Copa De Oro . . . reigned over May Fesiival . . . crowned af horse show . . . rode in parade in I908 Mifchell . . . Viola's moiher May Queen of I9I5 . . . Ben dressed in old-fashioned ad- miral's uniform . . . Viola, beauiiful dress of early l900's . . . old-fashioned hal' . . . carried American Beaufy roses. Viola and Ben elec1'ed King and Queen by s'ruden+s who boughf annuals . . . Each annual broughf l00 vo+es +0 owner . . . They were elecfed 1'o be King and Queen of Copa De Oro . . . Idea firsl originaied lasf year . . . will become annual +radi+ion. fb. 14. IZ. Elaine Harvie . . . I94I D. A. R. represenfafive . . . con+es'r among senior girls . . . selec+ed for dependabili+y, service, leadership, and pa+rio+- ism . . . chosen by 'rhe senior class and a commiH'ee of facul+y members. ELAINE HARVIE "AUG-IE" ESCAMILLA Augusfine Escamilla, Commissioner of Enferfainmenf, displayed oraforical abiliiy . . . Won Lions Club Speaking Con+es'l' a+ our high school on March I0 . . . "Augie," pa+rio+ic and coniideni' in approach . . . fold of "Democracy In a Changing World." Allen Marine received second prize . . . Aniia Warring fook fhird place. Fillmore well represenfed ai' Oiai on March I5 . . . Augusfine com- pefed wifh confesf winners of ofher Venlura and Sanfa Barbara Coun+y high schools. fiend. Glad luainienance Big fhanks go 'ro mainfenance . . . couldn'+ have school wifhoui' fhem . . . should be given more considerafion . . . The workers included are . . . D. Ashley, bus driver and ianifor . . . F. Gregowski, mainfenance . . . E. Gufhrie, office worker . . . George Hanna, bus driver and gardener . . . Virginia Korfon, office worker . . . H. Lawfon, bus driver . . . A. Myers, bus driver and ianifor . . . G. Penrod, bus driver and gardener . . . B. Riden- baugh, ianifor . . . E. Smifh, office worker . . . B. Sfyles, cusfodian . . . E. Wyman, bus driver . . . N. Y. A. workers assisf feachers, office, and iani- fors . . . Mr. Main deserves special 'fhanks as supervisor of office. . '-1" , - iQ W... ...... WY Vgml fbillcfn may O 7 5 fl Ov-.Q 'K - 5 - Smapa rx. Zwck.Aa4 6 X Adl- Banks Spoaid FILLMORE-6 . . . CARPINTERIA--7 Apparenfly Carpinferia had no respecf for Fillmore or ifs luscious new lighfs . . . bumped our boys 7-6 in season opener . . . Johnson smacked cenfer for fhe local's only score . . . "Anyfhing can happen in a foofball game" rang frue . . . End flanker infercepfed a free pass fo fofe if on fo fhe Warriors' vicfory . . . Things a liffle sluggish . . . Flashes came roaring back fwice fo give firsf class fhrills. FILLMORE-20 . . . LANCASTER-6 Much beffer foofball fechnique . . . Flashes won . . . Cox, Gunfer, and Cochran fhree scorers for Fillmore . . . no dilly-dallying . . . Flashes scored in firsf, second, and fhird quarfers . . . fhe final quarfer was Lancasfer's furn fo score . . . only 6 poinfs came on penalfy play . . . fhe fime-keeper had popped fhe gun . . . Lancasfer's passing affack proved only serious scoring fhreaf . . . wifh 8 complefe passes, Lancasfer gained I34 yards . . . Flashes made 30 yards on 3 complefe ones. FILLMORE-7 . . . EAST BAKERSFIELD-6 Chalked up second consecufive vicfory . . . defeafed Blades af Easf Bakersfield . . . Flashes picked up yardage liffle by liffle . . . finally ploughed 62 yards fo paydirf . . . Trouf's perfecf conversion swayed friumph . . . Flashes' sfrengfh faxed fo ufmosf five fimes . . . Blades made fheir fouchdown by an infercepfion and fwo more passes. "K FILLMORE-7 . . . SANTA PAULA-7 A few brief words will describe fhis game . . . Sanfa Paula visifed fhe Fillmore gridiron . . . Flashes' firsf league encounfer . . . helped dedicafe new lighfing sysfem . . . mighfy sfiff baffle. 'FILLMORE-25 . . . OXNARD-6 Game sfarfed . . . Godshall romped fhrough Fillmore for an 80 yd. fouchdown . . . Cox came back for a 90 yd. fouchdown . . . Flashes made fhree more fouchdowns . . . Cox one, N. Johnson fwo . . . Yellowiackefs opened up wifh a series of laferals and passes . . . didn'f quife make if. FILLMORE-0 . . . TAFT-6 Third fime, drive for adversaries' goal did frick . . . Smoofh working Wildcafs advanced info paydirf when fullback plunged line . . . goal occurred in second quarfer affer fwo unsuccessful affacks . . . Lasf fwo periods full of roaring acfion . . . McKendry snagged an aerial from Cafs in lafe momenfs, buf was sfopped shorf. ' LEAGU E GAMES. 958K . 4 . -..,. Fronl Row: D. Palferson, D. Mcliendry, W. Mcliendry, E. Case, J. Navarro, D. Hernandez, B. Pyle, K. James. Second Row: N. Johnson, L. Leqan, R. Reed, Y, lnadomi, D. Cox, J. Cain, A. Paredes, A. Gunfer, J. McDonald, B. Burke. Third Row: Coach -Kennedy, F, Ramirez, O. Bennelf, J., Brown, L, C. Richman, B. Huesiis, B. Trouf, B. Pearson, L. Soulhwick, D, Mendez, R. Johnson, Coach Bigger. FILLMORE-2l . . . SANTA PAULA-6 Armisfice Day game . . . off fo a swell s+ar'I' . . . +wo hardesl' fouchdowns in firsf half . . . Redbirds gained glory in concealed la+eral play . . . Flashes quick io analyze power plays . . . Cox, Pearson, and N. Johnson shared sfarring honors. 'FILLMORE-6 . . . LANCASTER-6 The Flashes' grim in+en+ fo fighi iheir hear'rs ouf . . . gel a chance af fhe couniy championship . . . Prospecis brigh+ and early . . . Flashes didn'+ las+ as long as in pre- vious +es+ ba'l'+le . . . locals scoofed down field . . . +wo plays +o a firsi down during early momenis of fhe game . . . soon ran info difficulfies . . . Deseri' Boys go+ wise and organized defense . . . going plen+y 'rough . . . Second quarier . . . Cox, slippery half- baclr, brolre away . . . churned his legs 80 yds. fo score . . . Washburn, pride of Lancasrer, fool: Flashes by surprise . . . squeezed fhrough hole off faclrle . . . fied score, 6-6 . . . Things looked dismal in final quar+er, firsl' for Lancasfer, ihen Fillmore . . . Barrage of aerials by fhe opponen+s . . . almosf resulied in iouchdown . . . Cox hooked a pass, sailed over fhe fwo-yard line. 'FILLMORE-0 . . . VENTURA-I3 Rivals visiied us fo play one of hardes+ games of fhe pigslcin season . . . parily due 'fo +he "flu" epidemic which shackled many Flash baclrfielders . . . Midway in fhe fhird can+o . . . Prepsrers claimed firsi 'rouchdown . . . Fullbaclr, Wifney, plunged righl' of cenfer fo +all . . . Flashes played a whale of a fine game, allowing Pre s noi' one inch more fhan fhey really earned . . . Final quarier a +oss-up as 'lo which school would score . . . a Ven+ura man snagged one of fhose "las+ minu+e" aerials . . . didn'+ cross ihe line un'l'il af'l'er 'l'he gun was shof. ' LEAGUE GAMES. an 59 C4 ' 'U.mzz'ff4 Team did nol shine so brighlly lhis year . . . iusl couldn'1' whip 'rheir opponenls . . . Scored seven poinls during lheir four games . . . scored againsl' Lancasler . . . Oulslanding players . . . Jimmy Ellio'H, Phil Romain, Wilbur Kabel, Mason Powell, Wayne Harlhorn, and Jim Dominguez. Examples of Coach Higman's good work . . . some former Junior Varsify members now on Varsily . . . L. Souihwiclr, B. Pearson, O. BenneH', D. Mendez . . . Mr. Higman plenly willing +o help all who come out Saafzea Fillmore Opponenls 0. eeeeee J eee, Sanla Paula eeeeeeeeeeeeeeesesseee ...UI3 0 eeeeeeeeeeee . .ee, Oxnard ,.,,... e... ....,... 7 0 eeeeee Sanla Paula . . . ,....l5 7 eeee Lancasler ..... . rl? ,lli Fronf Row: R. Caballero, J. Shields, E. Higgins, H. Ramirez, M. Hosaki, T. Thayer, D. Bice, H. Haynes. Second Row: B. Cox, J. Hillon, B. Dorman, F. Hicks, B. Slocker, J. Munoz, B. Poplin, F. Duckeff, J. Elliolf. Th'd R : P. Romain, L. P dum J Brown, G. Warring, M, Powell, R Downey, W. Harlhorn, A. Be B. Kabel. 26044 afuziaf Baaheidall Fronf Row: Coach Kennedy, W. Taylor, R. Huesfis, W. Kabel, J, Ellioif. Second Row: A. Gunler, G. Warring, R. Johnson, W. McKendry. Third Row: L. Soulhwick, G. Aguirre, B. Pearson, L. C, Richman. This year's baskelball squad qui+e successful . . . nearly all members of feam Juniors and Sophomores . . . Flashes won fhree oul' of seven league games . . . Resulls nof so good as lasf year, bul' A-I chances for being champions nexl' year. Seemed Fillmore Opponenls 24 ......... Arroya Grande ...... as .... 20 I8 ..,..., , ...., Simi .,...........,.... a ...I9 38 ,...... . Lone Pine ....2I 30 ..... 'Oxnard 228 20 ...,. , "'San+a Paula . a a 0.29 38 .... a a. "'Lancasl'er ., a .-.I9 I4 .aaa a a. "'Ven+ura ,... 30-.. ,.... "'Lancas+er as a as .,.3I 22 .,... , . "'San+a Paula a aaaa -44 43... as ...,.........., 'Oxnard .024 42 a V ....... "'Venl'ura ..... ,... . a a -46 ' ' 4I 52 ,... .aaaa .......... V e nl'ura Junior Hugh ...... ..... , "'L eague Games D7 61 44 HEI! B Fron1Row: D. Taylor, Coach Kennedy, Second Row: R C ballero Third Row: M. Hosaki. I W. Robinson, D. M b g R Pyl B D F ver, D. Mendez, K, J R D y No real "B" leam fhis year . . . winning inira-mural +eam for week acfed as "B" +eam . . . larger variely of players . . . won four games losi' +hree . . . coached by Coach Higman . . . now have experience needed for good "A" feam. Fillmore 43 25 .... ......... 27 29 22 25 34 Scaaea Sanla Paula .. Oxnard .. Sanfa Paula Lancasfer Lancas'rer Sanla Paula Oxnard .. rs 62 44 Opponenls I9 - I 6 . ,... 39 , , 38 ...I9 Inm- Torpedo Five highly honored when Hemeferio Olivares, capfain, led 'l'hem fo vic'rory in junior-senior secfion of Fillmore's second infra-mural league series . . . "Wally" Robinson's Yehudi Five walked away wi+h honors in freshman-sophomore compeliiion . . . Coach Higman again did excellenl' lol: Training players and conduc+ing fhe games . . . ln iunior-senior league, Kennefh James' Blaclc Bafs fool: second place . . . Masayulci Hosalci's Furious Five +ook second posifion in freshman-sophomore series . . . These infra-mural games do much +o promo+e 'Fair sporfsmanship and enrerfain- men? for ihe F.U.H.S. S+uden'r Body. www--awvwe mn-up rlvmalnhvulv wk' ll Fronf Row: H. Olivares, F. Sanchez, A. Escamilla. Second Row: J. Mendez, D, Schumacher-A W. Mayhew. Fronf Row: B. Green, P, Tovias, R. Rodriguez. Second Row: W. Robinson, J. Munoz, F. Gallegos. rv 63 ca vw Rx . Fronf Row: A. Hernandez, P. Tovnas, J. Ellnorly M. Rnhbany, B, Gazzaway, D. Gage, D. Taylor, E. Kemper, J. Hlllon, A. Paredes. Second R J. Sundquisr, D, Cox, R. Rodrg F D ckel, V. Kemper, B C P R B Slacker, H. H y S Peyron, C. Srrifler, W. Taylo A B rn. Th' d R C ch Kennedy, A. Escarn'II J D Nease, W. McKendry, R. B D B ll M. Powell, B. Pearso , L Pressey, D. Schumacher, L C R h an, B, Morris, D. Pafferson M FI T Flash "B" squad made good showing . . . J. D. Nease broke records in high jump l5'l0V2"l and hop-s+ep and jump l4I'9"l al' Lompoc Relays, A ril I9. P Compefed in Russell Cup Meef, April 26 . . . J. D. Nease +ied for lirsf in high jump . . . Augie Escamilla made new school record in l320 yard run . . . Fillmore had seven placers. Don Cox broke hop-s+ep and iump record wifh 42' ll" leap al' League Meel' on May 3 . . . Class "B" +eam won firsf place in fhe coun+y league. Augie Escamilla ran in i320 yard run in C.l.F. Divisional Meel, May IO . . . Only Fillmore qualifier for Soulhern California finals. Augie placed fhird l3:I9l in I320 yard run a+ Sou+hern California C.l.F. Finals, May I7 . . . Broke own school record. Flashes eniered Oxnard lnvil'a'I'ional Mee'r on May 24. "B" members have broken five school records las we go +o pressl . . . "A" +eam s+rong buf shori' in number . . . Includes: Pearson, Richman, and Soulhwick. Kepl' fhe covered Venfura 20-30 club lrophy because of J. Pluvius. DUAL MEET SCORES Fillmore Opponen+s I34 ,,....... . 2 ....... Sanfa Paula ......... ......,...... I 39 92. ..... . - .... Ven+ura ,..,..... ....., . I 24 I5I ,...... . .... Oxnard ......... -..I45 D? 64 44 Budd! Second Row: H. Romero, D. Hernandez, L. Legan, F. Ramirez, B. Kabel, A. Chavez, Coach Bigger. Fronf Row' A Jacinro, W. Rocha R Pyle, G. Warring, B S V B H V, H. Oliva J M d Baseball squad broughl' home +he bacon . . . won counfy champion- ship . . . firsl' +ime in aboul 30 years for Flashes . . . won in spi+e of small squad lurning oul' . . . Lasl' game wilh Venfura . . . pre-game arrangemenl' made Fillmore C.l.F. represenfafive if she won. Huesfis pifched all winning game, overcoming sore arm . . . "Hema" Olivares proved good calcher, playing all year . . . Angel Chavez, Lyle Legan, Roberf Pyle finish season wifh highesl' baffing average . . . Legan, Pyle, Hueslis hil' home runs of season. LEAGUE GAME SCORES Fillmore Opponenfs 2 ,,....,.. . L .. San+a Paula - 0 IZ- .... , .... Lancasfer , . ,...l3 3 .... ,..,,, . Venlura ., .... L 2 I4 ......,.. , , .... Oxnard - .... 2 3 .... ,.., . . . Oxnard ,...... 2 0 ....... . . .... . Sanla Phula .... 8 7.., , . Venfura 4 X55 44 Lu-han-8 Enya' 7emu4 611' -vwggp Q m.: kv I l K ' Q sv 55 44 KENNETH JAMES "YOSH" INADOMI BEN HAMAMOTO LYLE PURDUM BERNARD HOLLEY BUD YOUNG RAMONA POPLIN BARBARA SNOW NORMA DILLON VIRGINIA JAMES ROBERTA McFADDEN CAROLYN HART IAs of May I3+hI 3' 57 K hh' Spafzii Lasl' year as well as lhis year . . . viclorious in infer-class sporls were fhe senior girls . . . included baslzelball, volleyball, speedball, hockey, and baseball . . . Olher leams idenlilied under pic'lure, bul' baseball ended loo lale lo be included . . . Maxine Basolo, l'he viclorious caplain of lhis l'eam. Miss Geraldine Slaylon has charge of 'lhe inler-class sporls . . . Individual sporls being played as we go lo press . . . include: declc lennis, badminlon, horse shoes, archery, and olhers . . . Miss Vera Fremlin and Miss Bealrice Albrighl have very ably assisled Miss Slaylon in +he deparlmenl. Seniafz. 0114411714 Fronf Row: D, l-larmonson, speedball caplaing D, Poller, hockey caplaing A, Warring, baseball caplain, K. Nelson, volleyball caplain. Second Row: M. Rudkin, M. J. Roberlson, M, Burson, M. Basolo, V. Van Devenler, J. Fremlin. Third Row: V. King, E. Baum, R, Seigler, 6. A, Wiley, F, Nelson, R. Poplin. by 58 44 Qifzh' fqlfxleiic rquacialfian Froni Row: D. Peyfon, N. Van Devenler, D. Polfer, V. Van Devenler, J. Fremlin, M. Burson, V, James, M. Johnson, M. Basolo. Second Row: H. Harville, M. Parrish, G. Auslin, M. Sl-iiells, E. Williams, N. Holfs, C. Legan, F. Nelson, D. Har- TTTOVISOU. Third Row: N. Dillon, N. O. Schrnidf, M. McKendry, D, Williams, F. Munoz, M. Mazon, C. Young, M. Rudkin. Fourfh Row: J. Layman, K. Burroughs, R. Poplin, E. Afchley, M. Hackney, M. Henry, V. King, J. Abel, F. Trouf. Fiffh Row: R. McFadden, E. Baum, 6. Maxwell, R. Seigler, A. Warring, P. Kreifer, K. Nelson, M. J. Roberfson. One of l'he mosf oulsfancling organizalions in fhe school . . . many highlighfs for +he year . . . "O'FFicers' Ball", Fafhers' and Daughlers' Banquet and fhe Annual A+hle+ic Banquef sponsored by bolh boys and girls . . . Janel' Fremlin, presiclenl' . . . Margaref Burson, vice presiclenf . . . Virginia James, secrelary-freasurer . . . Virginia Van Devenfer, senior represen+a+ive . . . Marion Johnson, iunior represenfalive . . . Nancy Van Deven+er, sophomore represenlalive . . Dorolhy Po++er, afhlefic manager. D69 C4 ml! o4,410p,4,o ew 4 swan: .fife NAME DONALD ALCOCK DONALD BALL MAXINE BASOLO EVELYN BAUM WILLIAM BRANSON LORRETTA BRESHEARS KENNETH BROWN GOLDIE BRIDGES MARGARET BURSON BOB JOE CAMPBELL CLEONE CAMPBELL LUCY CASTRO ANGEL CHAVEZ ELIZABETH COBB DONALD COX NORMA DILLON JACK ELLSWORTH AUGUSTINE ESCAMILLA. JANET FREMLIN ROBERT GENE GAZZAWAY JOE GOMEZ THERESA GREGOWSKI JOHN GURROLA BEN HAMAMOTO CHARLES HANNA DORIS HA.RMONSON RUTH HARMONSON VIRGINIA HARTWICK ELAINE HARVIE MARJORIE HENRY DANIEL HERNANDEZ WILLIAM HEWES MAXINE HOLTS ELINOR HUDDLESTON WILMA HUDDLESTON BOB HUESTIS DOROTHY IHLI YOSHIHARU INADOMI CARY JACKSON HELEN JOHNSON MAXINE KECK DALE KING VIOLA KING MILTON KIRSCHBAUM PHYLLIS KREITER J! NICKNAME Don Charlie Penny Baumie Bill Lorei Kenny Goldie Barney Bob Scoiiie Lucy Chavie Belly Don Dill Small Fry Augie Jan Bob Jose Greggie Johnny Benny Chucko Bufch Rulhie Punky Toby Mickey Dangerous Dan Bill Maxine Suzy Jackie Rabbi? Dol' Yosh Peaches Blondie Keck Boofs Vicky Mil Phyllis VIRTUE Long Legs Quielness Laugh Sporfsmanship Loudness Helpfulness Easy Going Sincerily Big Eyes Allilucle Good Nalure Palience Musical Abiliiy Poise Blushing Arfisan Mechanics Personalily Sunlan Muscles Modesly Quielness Friendliness Arnbifiousness Even Disposilion Cupid Moulh Efficiency Brains Affsbilny Ari Pauciloquyl Perseverance Typing Profile Big Brown Eyes A'l'hle+ic AbiliI'y Long Curly Locks Even Disposi+ion Blond Hair Drawl Eye Lashes Slouch Looks F. F. A. Aclivilies Blue Eyes by 72 cc PASTIME Doing Nolhing Delivering Papers Arguing Venfura Talking Sporis Music Wriling Poe'Iry Baby Talk Wriling Arf Reading Baseball Challering Sporls News Flashes Scrubbing Decks Running Sewing Gymnaslics Boxing Anylhing Drawing Tennis Dilching Eafing Winning Pins Bullock's-Wilshire Bicycling Doodling Digging GeHing Ahead High Heels Clolhes Breaking Tesr Tubes lmilaling L. C. Making Friends Senior English Girls 'n more Girls Wriling Lelfers "Man Friday" Herding CaH'le Horseback Riding Cilrus Cullure Flirling FUTURE OCCUPATION Counling Orange Trees News Dispenser Debale Coach Secrelary Circus Barker Missionary Cowboy Poeless Baby Snooks, II Novelisr M. G. M. Arr Deparlmeni' Book Reviewer Chicago While Sox Aclress Coach a+ V. J. C. Foreign Correspondenf Navy Radio Operalor Olympic Track Shar Gym Teacher Life Guard Pholographer Secrefary Wall Disney Sfudios Collegian Used Car Salesman Sporfswoman Office Manager Archaeologisl' Concerl Pianisl' Fashion Designer Leclurer News Agenf Forfune Teller Millionairess French Teacher Big League Pifcher Tea Room Hosiess Good Humor Man W. P. A. Secre+ary of fhe Navy U. S. Commissioner of Finance Lone Ranger, ll Model U. S. Depl. of Agriculiure Commercial Ariisi' NAME JEAN LAMB LYLE LEGAN BOYCE LEWIS WILFRED McKENDRY RAMONA McLEAN ALLEN MARINE DORIS MARPLE GARLAND MAXWELL PHILIP MAYFIELD MARY MAZON JOE MENDEZ FRIEDA MUNOZ J. D. NEASE FAYE NELSON KAYE NELSON JOE NAVARRO BLANCHE PAREDES RAMONA POPLIN CLOVA POTTER DOROTHY POTTER RAY REED L. C. RICHMAN MIKE RIHBANY MARVIS JEAN ROBERTSON MARGARET RUDKIN WALTER RUDKIN FORTINO SANCHEZ IRENE SANCHEZ RICHARD SCHUMACHER MARION SEIGLER RUBY SEIGLER WILLIE JANE SELF RUBY LEE SHAFFER BARBARA SNOW JACK SUNDOUIST MILDRED THORNTON BEN TROUT VIRGINIA VAN DEVENTER MANLEY VAN ORSDOL EMMA WALTERS OPAL WARREN ANITA WARRING ALICE WHITELAW GEORGE ANNE WILEY VENUS YOUNG A1 e NICKNAME Lambie Pie Big Pooch Boycie LiHIe Fred Piggy Al Olives Maxwell Phil Mary Joe Frieda Nease Li'Hle Nelson Kay Joe Blanche Mona Clova Poller Leg Elsie Mickie lchabod Redskin Rud Forl' Irene Dick Happy Ruby Willie Ruby Barb Jackie Thornlon Benny Virgie Collon Perky Pinky Neel Alie George Weenie VIRTUE Cooking Black Curls Model A Blue Eyes Mafching Socks Perseverance Teelh Garbo's Feel Glamour Boy Curls Hidden Ari Golden Silence French Horn Smile Complexion Easy Going Black Hair Laconicism Sweefness Good Nalure Wilfiness Heighl' Curls Verbosily Disposilion Laugh Whistle Relicence Friendliness Dependabiliiy Friendly Smile Pelileness Agreeabilily Nonchalance Bashfulness Conlralfo Voice Physique Personalily Who Knows? Giggles Red Hair Tifian Hair Rosy Cheeks Frankness Heighl bb 73K PASTIME Pholography Baseball Drum Maior Hifch-Hiking Flying Crooning Jilferbug Jokes Girls Sleeping Elching Sporfs High Jumping Kaye Faye Welding Growing UP Reading "Super Sfudying Working Falling in Love Talking wifh 'Ihe Sweeping Mad Driving Collecling Dolls Culrling Corners Dancing Fieslas Tinkering Prinfing Badminlon Driving Movies Knilling His Harem Tennis Radio Ealing Two Girls Copa De Oro Dialing Girls' League Arguing Wise-Cracking Primping Home Man" Girls FUTURE OCCUPATION Candid Camera Fiend New York Gianls Speed Demon King of Hobo Land Transporf Pilol' Crosby, II Census Taker Malrimony Dear Hunling Beaulician DeIlino's Body Guard "Advice fo lhe Lovelorn Band Leader Denlis'l's Assislanl' Dillo Aircraff Worker Dancing lnslruclress Ambulance Driver Wriler Usher al Carlhay Circle Digging Dil-ches Fai' Man in Barnum and Bailey Clown Surgical Nurse World Traveler Second Barney Oldfield Dance lnsfrucfor Enlerlainer Mr. Neuman's A.ssis+an'I' Fillmore Herald Linofypisl' Arfisl' Sfenographer Nurse Rhumba Teacher Sheik Schoolmarm President of fhe Uniled Siales Keeping up wilh Nancy Musician Washing Dishes Nurse Firsl Lady of fhe Uniled Slales Librarian P. G. Arlisl"s Model' 01644 Wd! DONALD ALCOCK, leave my slow and quiel ways +o Bill Henning. DONALD BALL, leave my quiel demeanor +o Dean Gregory. MAXINE BASOLO. leave The Ford 'lo brolher Buclc. EVELYN BAUM, leave my cool disposifion 'ro Bel+y Hewilf. BILL BRANSON, leave nolhing Io nobody. LORRETTA BRESHEARS, leave Miss Albrighl minus a noon day helper. GOLDIE BRIDGES, leave my poeiic abilily fo Bud Burke. KENNETH BROWN, leave for 'lhe Alps 'ro conlinue my yodeling. MARGARET BURSON, leave my flirfalious ways 'ro Mary Jane Fansler. BOB JOE CAMPBELL, leave my excess heighf fo Neil Kennedy. CLEONE CAMPBELL, leave my graceful ways 'ro Elaine Smilh. LUCY CASTRO, leave happy in my gradualion. ANGEL CHAVEZ, leave my abilify on lhe +rumpe+ lo Bobby Poplin. BETTY COBB, leave lhe school wilhoul a Cobb. DON COX, leave my blushing +o Heinie Case. NORMA DILLON, leave for J. C. wilh fhe res'r of lhe gang. JACK ELLSWORTH, have lefl my diploma for lhe navy. AUGUSTINE ESCAMILLA, leave my speedy legs lo Dicll Gage. JANET FREMLIN, leave 'lhe G. A. A. wilh regrels. BOB GAZZAWAY, leave a vacancy in lhe gymnaslics pyramid. JOE GOMEZ, leave my quiel demeanor lo Belly Kellerman. THERESA GREGOWSKI, leave my peflile ways lo OHo Bennell. JOHN GURROLA, leave lhe school wilh one less arlisf, BEN HAMAMOTO, leave faking my "limousine" wifh me. CHARLES HANNA, leave lo lry ou? anolher car. DORIS HARMONSON, leave wilh hopes of becoming a "Phys. Ed." leacher RUTH HARMONSON, leave my iob as accompanisl fo Virginia Morris. VIRGINIA HARTWICK, leave my braids lo Jean Graff. ELAINE HARVIE, leave my besl wishes +o nexl year's D. A. R. candidale. MARJORIE HENRY, leave my long hike up Foolhill Drive fo Bill Pearson. DANIEL HERNANDEZ, leave wi+hou+ saying a word. WILLIAM HEWES, leave happy wilh my much covefed diploma. MAXINE HOLTS, leave Mr. Neuman wilhoul a 'firsl period secrelary. ELINOR HUDDLESTON, leave Pally and Mary wi+hou+ my wardrobe. WILMA HUDDLESTON, leave Mr. Ross wilh a mess of dirly fesl +ubes. BOB HUESTIS. leave my alhlelic abilily lo "Red" Brown. DOROTHY IHLI, leave my lhicl: hair 'lo Doris Peylon. YOSHIHARU INADOMI, leave 'lhe school for U. S. C. CARY JACKSON, leave my sophislry lo Floyd Legan. HELEN JOHNSON, leave Fillmore High School wilhoul a plafinum blond. MAXINE KECK, leave a good headache remedy +o nexf year's lreasurer. DALE KING, leave for Piru Canyon wilhoul regrefs. VIOLA KING, leave my curly hair 'Io Leland Soufhwiclr. MILTON KIRSCHBAUM, leave fo apply my F. F. A. worlr. PHYLLIS KREITER, leave my blue eyes +o Carol Young. up 74K We, FAYE and KAYE NELSON, leave logelher having lraveled lhaf way 61444 Will JEAN LAMB, leave my Orienlalion abilily lo nexl year's seniors. LYLE LEGAN, leave my place on 'lhe baseball +eam lo Alvino Jacinlo. BOYCE LEWIS, leave my drum maior honors 'ro ?777 WILFRED McKENDRY, leave Ihe school wifh 'Ihree McKENDRYS even ye'I. RAMONA McLEAN, leave lo finish soloing for my pilo+'s license ALLEN MARINE, leave my warbling fo Newell Johnson. DORIS MARPLE, leave my ping pong playing fo anyone who can cafch GARLAND MAXWELL, leave my fyping abili+y +o lhose aspiranls wifh PHILIP MAYFIELD, leave my nole wriling proclivily 'Io Kennelh James MARY MAZON, leave my Iighr hearfedness lo Louis Perry. JOE MENDEZ, leave my arfisfic abilily fo Delfino. FRIEDA MUNOZ, leave my modesfy 'Io Lloyd Perkins. J. D. NEASE, leave my high iump record fo be broken by whoever can. JOE NAVARRO, leave my mechanical abilify lo anyone who needs il. BLANCHE PAREDES, leave my dashing black hair lo Wanda Core. RAMONA POPLIN, leave Buck Kabel-Bul hands ofll CLOVA POTTER, leave faking many memories wilh me. DOROTHY POTTER, leave. RAY REED, leave, having greally enioyed my exlra year of foolball. L. C. RICHMAN, leave and 'lake my shadow wilh me. MIKE RIHBANY, leave my clowning abilify lo John Henry, MARVIS JEAN ROBERTSON, leave 'For my pre-nursing Iraining. up wirh if all fhumbs for several years MARGARET RUDKIN, leave my dashing young ways fo Miriam Alcock. WALTER RUDKIN, leave +he school wilh one less wreckless driver. FORTINO SANCHEZ, leave my 'lancy dance slep 'ro Barney DeFever IRENE SANCHEZ, leave +he school in care of Eva Sanchez. DICK SCHUMACHER, leave my F. F. A. repor'ler's iob +o nexl year's c MARION SEIGLER, leave all fhe prinling iobs fo Gerald Young. RUBY SEIGLER, leave my excess weighl 'Io Eddie Reed. WILLIE SELF, leave again a'l+er iusl relurning. RUBY LEE SHAFFER, leave 'the annual calendar Io whoever wanls il. BARBARA SNOW, leave my sludious abilily Io Gene Warring. JACK SUNDQUIST, leave my harem fo The highesl' bidder. MILDRED THORNTON, leave California for college in Oklahoma. andidale BEN TROUT, leave some grand Boys' Sfale experiences fo Armond Gunler and Bull Pearson VIRGINIA VAN DEVENTER, leave Nancy lo uphold 'ihe 'Family record. MANLEY VAN ORSDOL, leave my place in ihe band Io any one who can play 'Ihe horn EMMA WALTERS, leave school "for beHer or 'lor worse." OPAL WARREN, leave +o be a second Florence Nighfingale. ANITA WARRING, leave my lilian hair fo Bob Pyle. ALICE WHITELAW, leave my giggles lo some of you cynical people. GEORGE ANNE WILEY, leave my excessive inches lo Edra Williams. VENUS YOUNG, leave my cosmelics fo Rosalie Sherre. 9754! 0 SEPTEMBER q N I0-School Begins 1 x I8-Firs+ Edifion of 'rhe News Flashes '2 23-Holiday, Counly lns+i+u're OCTOBER 9-Holiday, Counfy Fair i I8-Senior-Alumni Homecoming and Dance 22-Frosh lni+ia+ed "" U 26-F.F.A. and C.S.F. Hallowe'en Dance W! X 30-Holiday, Teachers' lns+i+u+e V 3I-Firsl' Four Page Edi'I'ion of lhe News 6 Q f Flashes V V NOVEMBER V 8-Reporl' carcls ou+ 9-Band Dance I I-Armisfice Day, Foo+ball game a+ Sanla Paula 20-Sophomore Viciory Dance a'F+er Ven+ura f Game , ' v' ' 2l-Thanksgiving Day f 28-Senior Swea+ers C DECEMBER 4-9-Flu Vaca'I'ion I4-G.A.A. "O'FFicers' Ball" I9-"Keeping Chris+mas" 23-Chris+mas Vacalion begins JANUARY 1 6-Baclc 'ro +he old grind X I I-Copa De Oro Circus Dance . I D I8-Spanish Trip +o Olvera S+ree+ 4 . 27-Kin and ueen of 'rhe Co a De Oro ' Cor?+es'r beccgns P Q 3I-End of +he Second Ouar+er lOh me! wha+ I a cardll if A 1 55 7644 0 fx ' of .07 1 FEBRUARY 81 II- I5- I9- ZI- Freshman Round-up Dance Telephone Exhibil Alumni Play, "Guess Again' Senior Di+ch Day King and Queen chosen 22-Girls' League Backward Dance 27-Cross Couniry Run 28-Bars+ow Teachers Visi+ MARCH I-All-Couniy Dance al Oiai 7-Band Concerl' I5-F.A.A. Barn Dance 29-Senior Play, "Young ApirI" APRIL 4-Orchesfra Con+esI' al' Oniario Q 4-End of fhe Ihird quar+er Ii+'s almos+ overi X x 4- I4-Easier Vacafion QS 5-Band Wins Con+es+ al' Chaffey f 9 6 I8-P.-T.A. Glee Club and Orches+ra Concerl' 29-Public Schools' Week begins MAY I-Fish Holiday 2-3-Junior Carnival 3-Corona+ion of King and Queen 3-Junior Chamber of Commerce Dance I6-Afhlelic Banquel' JUNE -Junior-Senior Banque? and Dance 8-Baccalaureafe I2-Commencemenl'-under ligh+s on field I2-Af'I'er Gradualion Dance ???? I4-Alumni-Senior Barbecue and Dance 277 K bb 78 44 rx 79 44 The students get the annual, The school gets the fameg The printer fet alj gets the money The staff gets the blame! ffldaptedj ENGRAVER Los Angeles Engraving Co. Homer Trueblood, Represen+a+ive PRINTER Sialioners Corpora'rion Sfen Grane, Represenlafive BINDER Webber-McCrea PHOTOGRAPHY William C. Gafhrighf Mr. Wallace Ross and Class Mr. Russell Flinl vb 80 44 ' Mx J, xl- it 3 -, ,, , L ff " 3 I' W 6' W' , e' -. . wi My-5--. ,: T1 , , J D'- ' ' 'L 1 X ' ' I 5 win. 1 Rig f-H rqgjnl :..,A! " 'V' ii 'v I N" 111- '!. -xl' , E -'LI '.."f14f: I ' " - '-'sv X 1 .. , , fr -. , f.?,1,' Nt: v-, .Q 'i- ",' ' V 1 mf. ' it In l. i f-Ag1U 'r"' 5 , . ., A , fl- 1. 1, uf.. 5. . in I L . ., ' .Y ' - 1 I M , FL?-,., 1: ".ggI.v '--.- En' 5. HX ' 4 M, ' . " . ' Q , 1. , ',41,,12xf .' rx A -,la , .P-. -A "'f 1' f , nl -, f. -9 , "2 '. 14 ' n 4 x 4 Q-it , NS' 1F'F -Lf, L 'I , .W 'x ff , I A1 N 13- 'I N 'P E 5-4 . , " .-I.-ig fb lr! M x .li 3- , In J 5' 'K H N W 1 i Pl N .g?11f.?31 +1 -'31 , if I 'I P Z 1 4 p.- 1- EQ f' Qin fi 1.34, ,uf ,""1i:.d1'- ' , . 1. -Lil Q ' :-A ... , L-'M 4 + ' 1257 .Awe M 5' ,yi .51-gngv' ,ig-, , fix? may: ,lg ',,- , ,.ff.:T . 1, K V 21551 x'w' ' - 12-35: - , . '-f"1g. - fw A9 i?f-2: p, V.. p-f , V king, 'J' , 'uqif ' .Q 9 if.. -. -far, v I ,- .,, YU. L-X V. . ' f'mf'f v,gT51a'f' -301.5 wlnfw' ?L 4 I '-fi' ,II fgffw' 'Y :,r.v,u. 'ig ai' A ' w 1 n ,M-'--. NY ' - Q E V-bn, ,. ua- L V, A 14-.1 - ' , ' Pg? ' , 1 - H '.-fu-1.-T. I' w , .li 1 11 w I , . lfg- I , x1 3:-.I .L -v T! V J v 'E I I Y V. ? ' V Nl . - , ' I-K H ww I if ? ' f - Q. i. 1 ', J- L , T--A, ji. .. Y ,, 97 5' w . un- ' if 4 . J r , , I ' Lv .. fu: ss. Wg. g f LQ' ry . , Ing:- gf?- -. 11- fl Mm. in-vw, f --:T I J ,. f w ,, ,L gag' .v,! , ' .7 . fr -M311-I ' wp -,E 5 'ij 1 - W I V -- fit.-. - vr . L, -r ,Pf- I1.. 1 VA, , ,v IA: Q " r ,K-. ,"'.J . 4 74' lurk ' " ' Z ff! -twig -'T 'J .L'i nr f.- .P '1 4 j'1eQ:,QJ,g'4- '- 11:-A51 Eg-if - 'EHTWKT' 'fr iffw Lilkx . 'w1'-i:'YwL- 'QQ A ' '+A-55:14 X 1.1 x W, -U- wffffjww Wifjfgff MW W ffyf MW if M3Ef M, . I My f mpiiw Mffff WGQKWM My . MV' wx 'Bk-W A5 A . ww QQQQQ W kywwxjltigifgg A By A EP X f WSW VW WW!! J, . fu .,f' -'ff ff L 4 f ,Rf MW! jd' 'gg W? W ,rf x f gy , j'wWif?iL1i QQ? WM Wk 2 '21-Et, 25:32 ' X-az E R 2, 25, gli, M15 wif 4'533f" m 21" ' T H E W XM C7 uf 1 - I N! , 5 , If 1 ' Y D - L i J, ., ' nf. X n f t , Yi RWM vf' ' I . I I I I M? cf f dum JLM7 l ,.LflV7 V' fl D ZMMA '5 1 ' N' JM sn, '.f fwoff - ' " 'i J ' V , Q qi If QI . , X rq, H , , Y fi , Uf X P", . FJ 2' Arkl I , . WW www M VWWT X N 1 E M if W f , 'O ' zz f ' 25 AA if My K SW f J N 0 Q10 My QQ P N ,Q P NX My W ,J ,X 31. KX ' M74 WW' in ' v ' Q 4 . I .- ' ' 5- ' M 'F , ' A Q: I -.2 4 . - Q-Q : ,. -4? C A " - " :' 1 3" 42" " fi r - , .L , , 'f.

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