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e-N 94. -1 4'-23l'.. Air" v 2 , -.- -, -1 4 u ,-':- ,r-, ff- ' 1.. -nz: EN' 'I -4' 'ifffihf 's3f?'l-3f:.1gT1s'9f:f I ' Jil' .C ' ' 41" TY". rd ., . ' . , ., .Y v ,. 'Amit-L . VV Q, it v .. Q. .J .Q ., " ., ..'. ,Q .4 46 1 - 'A 4ff,,v.f' :- v , .Af . J' 5 --. W-1. rf " 'Q c. 5. pyvku Wa g e , -K' D vu! Muir, 'Q .gtsehf . 4' sf- 'TQ' , 1 59 .r 3, .uc Y' .1- . fs ar NL .. fm f. V1 4? 5 Au , v " 841 y 5 7 in :knack .r x Ei r-fn K: A M520 uf, K if s- ka , A ,I 5' mv 2.4. W . v 'P' 4-. Nw VS-V, -N sf- ' ,-. 3 "' Ml. . :, VV' -he , , TN no ,- wg . -v 'l'v','A ""f"'dfag3'f-7" sf' '-'Riga' w . V - ,A ' v ' .31 c" s Gln' , . . xg A-'L - ,5- " " "-.' .Qi ' F --'r"."' - pjw: f . , hd I 1. ,.- ,. ,, , , .4 : If 1 3 , A, ' if lf- -- :.,: , - - 4 - F ful 14' - -' .512-"C'1' S30 'A 1 1" :Q V' 1. ,,1Lk2V"v-it-KW' - f '- W .li ' .,- X L -14. -.. , 1 L: iqkhgq, fry- fJ.'q . - "V51ff'5l'f-'T'-'ifiif 2 - W n r"" , pw! .1-.1-V.. ,V ' ..f-,iq-.A Q S2 ' -.. n 1 . 1-nu? A17EfFi1f?l4 -if 6' 1 H m 5.,:aZ?S'?i'g.Z4Ai'1 :-'I' S' wr 1 5 W I 1 7 765 1 C O He has a manner all so mellow, That it cheers and warms a fellow Just to meet him, Just to greet him, and Feel the pressure ofa hand That one may understand, Mr. Skinner, our friend. It is he who has cheered us, For to know him and be near Makes us happy. Makes us gay. For our token of appreciation We declare our dedication To Mr. Skinner, our friend. him Kea srl WC Nia. B TO THE MEMORY OF THOSE WE HAVE LOVED AND LOST wi-W' "Forever and Forever" It may seem strange to us that this life ends When there is so much we want to do. So many plans to make, so many friends, So many dreams And yet, we know that death can onl ive Y 8 The gift of life eternal - ending never Where we plan and work and grow and live T ' h rlump antly, forever and forever. we want to make come true, BBT CHNQR SKM PAGE gig ADMINISTRATION The quality of mercy is not Jtrainedg It droppetlz, ay the gentle rain from heaven Upon the place. benealhg it if twice bless'd - It blessetln him that gives, and him that takef. SHAKESPEARE 'E 0 605 I MRS. IRENE POLLAN Commercial, Secretary T. W. U. - B. S. Seniors of 1963: May I congratulate you upon having completed your course of study that entitles you to receive a Diploma as a reward, which is a symbol of accom- plishment far beyond the possibility of attainment of some of your ancestors. lnvest your life and talents in the task of help- ing others, and the greatest joy and security will be yours. Many opportunities are provided for such services today in the world in which we live. In choosing a vocation, you will prosper if you will choose Christ as apartner. May your achievements and success be great. Yours sincerely, 65 13 I R. E. Sandlin, Superintendent Om You, as members ofthe class of 1963, have reaped the harvest of a free high school education in a free society. It is my sincere hope that, in so doing, you have become aware of your American Heritage in all its manifold aspects. Soon you will leave us for fields of your choosing, as opportunity affords. You are to be congratulated on your completion ofthis phase of1ife's training. I hope that you will find your place in our community, as a happy, successful citizen. A. D. Shores High School Principal O O The ability to get along with others cannot be learned from another person, a textbook, or a course in educational psy- chology. Itldepends on an almost intui- tive gift which enables the happy possessor of it to determine the split second per- mitted him to speak and when to remain silent. Hazel Ingram Elementary Principal SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS TOP ROW: Mr. R. H. Edwards, Mr. Jack James, Mr. Richard Rice, Mr. Tom Orr. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Earnest Birdwell, Mr. Randall Willis, Mr. Roy Sandlin, Mr. Fred Shaw. gawwiafg ' MR. FRED SHAW, President MR. TOM OP-R, Secretary K . - I daredfigzll ff1pztirmzy bebo me a mang Who hhbiiis, none. 'SHAKESPEARE M. S. HAMMACK Vocational Agriculture B. S. , M. Ed. - Texas A SL M MRS. DAWNE LEIGHTON English B.A. - Rhode Island University Texas Umversxty MISS JUANITA SPINKS Home Economics B S. , M.Ed. - E.T.S.C.: Colorado State MRS. EVELYN PACE Counselor B. R. E. - Southwestern College B. S. - Texas Wesleyan M. Ed. - T.C. U. MRS. LUCILLE SEALE Second Grade B. S. - E.T.S.C. MISS LOLA FORD Third Grade B.S., M.S. - N.T.S.U. MRS. ZANONI ADAMS EHg1iSh. Ir. High B.A. - Baylor MRS. FRANKIE LOU IETT Third and Fourth Grades B. S. - N. T. S. U. MRS. DOROTHY MCDANIEL Fifth Grade B.S. ' N.T.S.U.. M. S. - Sam Houston State NILES RUTHERFORD Coach, Math, Jr. High B.A. -A N.T.S.U. MRS. FLORENCE WADE Fourth Grade B. S. - Trinity U. , M. S. - E. T. S. C. MRS. MATTIE LOU JAMES Reading, Spelling, Jr. High B. S. - N.T.S.U. we . J 1 And tlois our life, exempt from public Find! tongaex in trees, bookf in the running brooks, ASSES Sermons in Jtones, and good in everything. ee SHAKESPEARE O I of? MRS. M. R. BOONE MRS. SAM PAGE MRS. ROY PATRICK Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Geneva and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Sixty-Three, Of our parents, we are proud to be. Now the time has come to say, We express our thanks to you today For each happy moment in the past As they have gone by so fast. You have made life easier along the way And made our school days happy and gay. As we go forward to meet our fate It is each of you, whom we appreciate. Avon Autrey M. R. Boone J. W. Childers T. C. Cole Bill Cook Sammy Fulton Green M. S. Hammack Jack Herron Randall Jones Louis Iuarez W. D. Kelley Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs Hobb Lemmon Paul Martin M. M. McDowell Roscoe Moss Sam Page Roy Patrick G. W. Pollan Russell Porter G. W. Rackley Allie Renfro A. D. Shores Rex Wester SENlOR S . 0 0 60601 X ,- President, Rusty Porterg Vice-President, Carolyn Coleg Secretary, Polly Pollang Treasurer, Tinker Pageg Reporters, Paula Martin and Janis Childers. bet us admit it fairly as high school Seniors should: We've had no end of lessons, and they've done us no end of good. We entered as timid Freshmen, we leave as graduates bold, And we find it hard to realize the knowledge of our young hold. We're crammed to the brim with learning, and now we must turn it to use, And if one of us is a failure, he hasn't a single excuse. The more we work and the less we talk, the better results we shall get, For we've had four years of trainingg it may make us suc- cesses yet. Let us admit it fairly as high school Seniors shouldg We're proud of Ferris High Schoolg it's done us a lot of good. SPONSORS: Miss Juanita Spinks Mr. Austin Skinner e an 6 a fa Z 4 4 4 IANIS CHILDERS Class Officer, 4 Annual Staff, 4 Band, 1-4 Basketball, 1-4, Capt. , 4 F.H.A. , 1-4 RICK EY AUTREY Football, 1-4 Band, 1-2 Runner-up All Dist. Team, 4 Class Personality, 3 F.F.A. , 1-4 GAY BOONE Majorette, 2-3, Drum Major 4 Band Sweetheart, 3 Class Officer, 1-3, Pres., 1 F.H.A. Officer, 1-4 Football Sweetheart Attend- ant, 3 CA ROLYN COLE F.H. A. , 1-4, Officer, 1-4 Band Sweetheart, 4 Editor of '63 Yellow- jacket, 4 Junior Personality Junior Play WANDA COOK Pep Squad, 1-4 Class Favorite, 2 F. H. A. , 1-4 Junior Play Jacket Journal Staff, 3 BILLY TOM FULTON Football, 2-4, Capt., 4 A11 Dist. Team, 4 Who's Who, 2 F.F.A., 1-4, Pres., 4 MARY ANNA GREEN Class Favorite, 3 Band, 1-4 F. H. A. , 1-4, Officer 3 GARY FRANKLIN Football, 1-4 All Dist. Team, 4 F.F.A., 1-4, Officer, 3-4 Track, 2-4 Class Favorite, 1 eazchfz MERLE ANN HAMMACK Who's Who, 1 Class Officer, 2-3, Pres., 2 F.H.A., 1-4, Officer, 3 F.F.A. Sweetheart Runner-up, 3 Cheerleader, 4 Annual Staff, 4 Junior Play NANCY JONES Pep Squad, 1-4 Cheerleader, 4 F. H. A. , 1-4 Junior Play Jacket Journal, 3 ROBERT LEMMON F. F. A. , 2-4 Officer, 4 Junior Play Judging Team, 1 COOKY IUAREZ Spanish Club, 1-4 F. H. A. . 1 Annual Staff, 4 Jacket Journal Staff, WALT ER KELLEY Class Officer, 1 Spanish Club, 3-4 Basketball, 1 Band, 2 3 Jacket Journal Staff, 1 PAULA MARTIN Class Officer, 2, 4 Football Sweetheart Attendant 2 F. F.A. Sweetheart Attendant 2 F.H.A. Officer, 3 4 Junior Play CHRISTIN E MCDOW ELL English Award, 3 History Award, 3 Librarian, 3 Annual Staff, 4 F. H. A. , 1 IA MES PA GE Football, 1-4, Capt. All Dist. Team, 4 Basketball, 1-4 Track, 1-4 Who's Who, 1-3 JOE CLINT PATRICK Football, 1-4 All Dist. Team, 3-4 Track, 2, 3 Most School Spirit Junior Play 4 BARBARAOMOSS ' F.H.A., 1-3 Pep Squad, 1-4 Basketball, 1-3 encbfz POLLY POLLAN Class Officer, 1, 3, 4 Band Sweetheart, 3 F. F.A. Dist. Sweetheart, 4 Class Favorite, 1 Who's Who, 3 RUSTY PORTER Band, 1-4 Class Pres. , 3-4 Class Favorite, 4 F. F.A. , Pres. , 3 Basketball, 3-4 LLLLIAN SHORES Spanish Club, 3-4, Officer, 4 Football Sweetheart Attendant, 3-4 Majorette, 2-4, Drum Major, 3 Junior Play Office Assistant, 1-4 VIRGIE RACKLEY Basketball, 1-4 Basketball Capt. , Pep Squad, 1-3 F. I-LA. . 1-4 Junior Play ALLIE RENFRO Spanish Club, 3 - Football, 1-4 Basketball, 1-4 Track, 1-3 Junior Play SHARON WESTER Who's Who, 2 Flagbearer, 2-4 Class Officer, 3 Band Sweetheart Attendant 3 Junior Play W. RP L. S. V. R. K P. A. P. ? it . P. M. M. A. H. 4 . W. K. X gal . ,- R. L. .N-can-0 M. A. G. 4 ., L, .T. C. C. EDM: and pwceat W.C R. A. 1 1 -wa Em UNIOR5 'x Qc sm V .YA . 65,5 1 94 . 1-Q, .fmt . I L! X . at v i:.3A.::wu -'-1 -, ,. ,.a X-11" f A . f y. f, '-VX 'E Y, af !5"' '-"ii ' ' q' - '-'Y 'IT' 'Q . nv Qifgil. , - WL ,',"',g W, "Q W 5 4 , N-,,-5. V 2 . uw -. 5. f ,151 wi -Ng. X-3 an "'----lvmiv' - ff' .iw-' fl' "'1w,M- 1 , ,,. . A T fit 1 "'k v'1.g,.w1. 1 ,V-. f 0 . 640604 President, Johnny Iordang Reporter, Carol Ann Duffg Secretary-Treasurer, Monica Moyersg Vice- President, Neal Green. This is the class that works for cash All during their junior year. The seniors they toast - themselves they boast, Of the future they have no fear. They have a play and regret the day When no longer they will hear Class bells that ring - the chance to sing Of Ferris High so dear. Sponsors: MRS. IRENE POLLAN MR. W. P. TURNBULL Steve Billman ce an 6 a fa Joe Birdwell Don J uan I Robert Choate Billy Birdwell Z 4 4 4 David Brannon Judy Clancy 4 Carol Ann Duff Jana James Judy Flippen Neal Green Donna I-Iunsucker cauhz Michael Johnson Johnny Jordan Diana Lewton George Ann Klaeveman Emily Mahaffey Jane Marks Louise McMu11in John Skinner Degee Mitchell Dickie Mohundro Monica Moyers Sheila Slayton cc as 6 a fa Donna Kay Smith The Junior Belles Patti Williford Joanna Smith Z 4 4 4 Mike Wade Joe Wilson w fg ww wx. Q7 my A 7 bfii: ,X OPH ORES 1 .i. Y , President, Terry Pringleg Vice-President, Shirley Davisg Reporter, Joan Frankling Secretary- Treasurer, Barbara Hobbs. The sophs are goody they study hardg We speak of them with high regard. Perhaps their grades aren't A's or B's But they don't fret o'ver C's or D's. And time will tell that they've done well As o'er the world they'l1 cast their spell. And oft' we'll think of high school days And of the sophs on which we gazed. Sponsors: MR. 'A. D. SHORES Mrss Dmswrss DAVIS Mike,Batch1er Thomas Cook Nan Bell Bob Brooks What's cooking? Hubert Chfton Davis Cottongame Betty Choate Shirley Davis David Dickerson Barbara Hobbs Melvin Fowler Ioan Franklin Danny Hunsucker Darlene Hunsucker Ronnie Heard Charlie Joe James , ,L I' D K. s .... LK if A, ' V '-3fnr "v- 2 Pete Juarez Mike Kelley Pat Kyser Alfred Lemon Terry Pringle Rose Lemon Mary Moffitt Donna Pratt Jo Ann Pugh Jimmy Toomey Donald Ray Roberts Tarzan, get out of the tree! Georgann Vandygriff Marshall Shaw Jimmy Wallace iii- 5' A k k zvasf elements , Q f . YH! A ii So mixed that Nature mzglat stand zap, And my ' lm was at mag! President, Kay Rivesg Vice-President, John Hammackg Secretary-Treasurer, Billy Van Jamesg Reporter, Gloria Beck. We are the lowly Freshmen We have no poise or grace We have to live this lowly life Until we learn our place. We work and slave the whole day through Trying to do things right, But people always laugh at us And say we're such a sight. We know not what we're doing 'Cause we're always pushed around By those conceited upper classmen Who look on us with a frown. But someday when we're all grown up And are seniors of 1966 We'll be able to push around Those awkward little fish!" Sponsors: MR. M. S. HAMMACK MRS. DAWNE LEIGHTON Sherry Allred Gloria Beck Debby Birdwell Strike up the band! Charlotte Brock Stephen Childers Billy Chaffin Kenny Brooks Jim Buchanan r h - S .I Tom Cordova Rene Cordova Betty Conn B111 Gleeson John Hammack ,, x ffiiw is or 7 7 a erre f e Wai 43 -Q if 2 if ' N C X ,J Carroll Cottongame Fred Elizondro Sue Harper Sandra Griffin Maria Elizondro 3' Billy Van James James McGahan Cindy Jones Gayle Jones Charles McFarland Donna Tate John McGahan Allan Pratt Kay Rives L1nda Slayton George Turner Jo Ellen Wickliffe Dennis Vandygriff Linda Wickliffe Michael Walden Patsy Webb The wind blown Fish. Ronnie Witherspoon Juanita Wright H ol y, fair, That admzred 15 she, such grace ber, Wim Em 1455- found LILLIAN SHORES Wh. gut 140- Pound TINKER PA GE Wh. 7715 GARY FRA NK LIN Wim 7715 POLLY POLLAN 7754214 gum: GAY BOONE 7701. wma GARY FRANKLIN Wh. P BILLY TOM FULTON 775644 ?m44a4ld1f CAROLYN COLE Wim Sedona Sposa I A N FRANKLIN Wa. 54404: Sym: CLINT PAT Wh. gut 6635506 TINKER PA GE View Zu: MERLE ANN HAMMACK 7lh.44d7ftw4 Y RIVES RONNIE WITHERSPOON K POLLY POLLAN LUJJAN SHORES PAULA MARTDJ Z e at al 4 at C 4 4 li of S W 6 6 C 4 e 4 'Z Z IA NIS CHILDERS MONICA MOYERS Z' 4 e 4 fa Z 7764 Zena aw! 7764 Swcdlemt IANA JAMES JOAN FRANKLIN LINDA SLAYTON CHARLOTTE BROCK ? ,'42!6660dfW64flf4 DUC HESSES Patti Williford Louise Mc Mullin CAROL DUFF NXYY YK NEP-L G9-EEN Kane Geomeuq SO PMSA S Band S H A SOE XNXLSON RON Ckxagmex F mme: E WEST nglish IV ER Pxgsicuuume fx ,Duma Wmms W 2 ' Bookveeqiwg, 4 9 pci TX WXLLXYORU emakmg, XXX 9.052 xmAOS wiiix Hom DIANA LFWTON English III LIL!-IAN SHORES Cover 70 HIDE!!! JOHN SKINNER Clzelnis tr y NAN emakl Hom J' J LINDA SLA Yrofv Algebra 1 MARY A NIV one Shor EN Ilzand CAROL ANNO A02 ' UPF erzcan ' Hurory 4 PNN GL-E TERRY ' XKXX Y.ng,hs G Pd BOONE 'Y eff- as Yhsxovg James Orr A Wards 7 XSD P- L YUCYU 8 Ho OKBYY ON awww: mg, x 204,21 I A MES L .. . TINK ERI' PA GE gxyhyhi vi mwsct V1 odd 'axsxovj VIRG IE RA gg pQasx,O1'i'E, Ya?-OUP Yxskx X C P-ROL P699 .wb 'Ngn aw, 70 "MQ LINDA SLA YTON Nt a General Science Ah.. , . JIMMY WALLACE Algebra II ANNA SMITH Librarian Boy and Girl . f I -g f LD ERS Athletic JANIS CHI J' JOHN SKINNER X'-4 -' GE Moyers A w .TINK ER" PA ES L. JAM RFNE CORDO VA Gen JOHN HA MMA CK Greelzlzand griclu ture 17 era! Math ard vm? Www VA LEDIC TORIAN Sharon Wester SALUTATORIAN Carolyn Cole BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKING AWARD D. A. R. REPRESENTATIVE Christine McDowell Merle Ann Hammack 1 4 1 N i w I I A A 1 N ATHLETICS BOTTOM ROW: Mike Wade, Billy Van James, Ronnie Witherspoon, Dennis Vandygriff, Melvin Fowler, David Brannon, Pete Juarez, Kenny Brooks. MIDDLE ROW- Mich l h . ae Jo nson, Billy Tom Fulton, Tinker Page, Rickey Autrey, Billy Birdwell, Neal Green, David Dickerson, Joe Wg-on Joe Patrick. TOP ROW: Coach A. D. Shores Johnny Jordon, PatK ser G F , y V , ary ranklin, Jimmy Toomey, Bubba Renfro, Bob Brooks, Don Roberts, Mike Kelley, Coach Niles Rutherford. Under the leadership of our two coaches, Mr. A. D. Shores and Mr. Niles Rutherford, the Ferris Yellowjackets had a successful season with eight wins and two losses. As a team, they were very strong both defensively and offensively. The boys scored 196 points while their opponents scored only 47. The Yellowjackets were scored on in only 4 games, and in the other 6 they held their opponents scoreless. As the season came to a close, the fighting Yellow- jackets were second in district standing. District-A Championship was lost to Forney. All in all the 1962 football season was a rewarding one for the Fighting Ferris Yellowjackets. Captains: Tinker Page, Gary Franklin, Billy Tom Fulton Coach A. D. Shores Coach Niles Rutherford :ULTON I' letterman . 11 District RICKEY AUTREY Senior Guard Honorable Mention '62 2 year Ietterman GARY FRANKLIN Senior Back Captain A11 -District 3 year letterman ackle 1 trict FINKER PAGE Senior End A - . 3 aptam year letterman A11 District GARY FRANKLIN, BILLY TOM FULTON TINK ER PAGE, JOE CLINT PATRICK IOE PATRICK Senior Linebacker A11 -District '61-'62 3 year letterman BUBBA RENFRO Senior Center 3 year letterman BILLY BIRDWELL Junior Guard Honorable Mention '62 2 year letterman DAVID BRANNON Junior End 2 year letterman Alright, who has the football? NEAL GREEN Junior Back 1 year letterman MICHAEL JOHNSON Junior Back - Honorable Mention '62 1 year letterman JOHNNY JORDAN Junior Center 1 year letterman MIKE WADE Junior Guard JOE WILSON Junior Guard J The line up! BOB BROOKS Sophomore Tackle 1 year letterman DA VID DICKERSON Sophomore Tackle MELVIN FOWLER Sophomore Back PETE IUAREZ Sophomore Back 1 year letterman MIKE KELLEY Sophomore Tackle 1 year letterman Down 'em, Joe Clint! PAT KYSER Sophomore Tackle 1 year letterman DON ROBERTS Sophomore End JIMMY TOOMEY Sophomore Back BILLY VAN JAMES Freshman Back DENNIS VANDYGRIFF Freshman End Congratulations to the Jackets RONNIE WITHEF after a victory! Freshman Back TOP ROW: Bob Brooks, Iohn McGahan, Bubba Renfro, Jimmy Toomey, and Billy Birdwell. BOTTOM ROW: Manager Gary Fowler,. Coach Niles Rutherford, Captain Tinker Page, and Manager Benny Greshman. Zaye' E' Captain Tinker Page Bubba RSI1f1'O Senior Guard Senior Center Billy Birdwell Junior Guard James McGahan Watch him. MCGahan! John McGahan Freshman Gua ' O ashman Forward Bob Brooks Jimmy Toomey Sophomore Forward Sophomore Forward TOP ROW: Billy Van James, Melvin Fowler, Michael Johnson, David Dickerson, Ronnie Wither- spoon, and Charlie Joe James. BOTTOM ROW: Coach Niles Rutherford and Neal Green. MICHAEL JOHNSON Junior Gu ard NEAL GREEN JOHNNY JORDAN Junior Center junior Guard FF If 6400 DAVID DICKERSON MELVIN FOWLER Sopho rwar more Forward S0ph0more Fo d CHARLIE JOE JAMES Sophomore Guard BILLY VAN JAMES Freshmari Guard RONNIE WITHERSPOON Freshman Forward Merle Ann Hammack, Juanita Wright, Gloria Beck, Mary Moffitt, Darlene Hunsucker, Barbara Hobbs, Joan Franklin, Paula Martin, Virgie Rackley, Janis Childers, Degee Mitchell, Linda Wickliffe, Linda Slayton, Sherry Allred, Gayle Jones, Debbie Birdwell, Kay Rives, and Charlotte Brock, Coach Rutherford. J .AH ENB- 4, frm N .. 3, M ,IF 1 ' 'N'm1:2:' i" ' H!' , ,ff a':':' x iff 'N -s F Ad' NS - J .-'::fT"T " ,, 5 E" X" , U N X - '- Q 'ks f .. '- 55 f 9 : ,f s lf' ' JIS' "- ,IF ' S K -K N ,n f ,. A ,V Z el ". . qu? ' , 'gi v W H .11 .f it ktxymg de Y" N? 'S 1 FN JarliS Childers Virgie Rackley Senior Guard Senior Guard Paula Martin Senior Forward Joan Franklin Sophomore Guard Degee Mitchell Barbara Hobbs Junior Forward Darlene Hunsucker Sophomore Guard Sophomore Forward Mary Moffitt Sophomore Forward Sherry Allred Freshman Forward Gloria Beck Freshman Forward Debbie Birdwell Freshman Guard Gayle Jones Freshman Forward Virgie tries in vain to stop the opponent from making a basket! Linda Slayton Freshman Guard Linda Wickliffe Freshman Forward Kay Rives Freshman Forward Juanita Wright Freshman Guard GARY FRANKLIN - Won lst place in Mile Run BILLY VAN JAMES - Out on the rung preparing for the future BOB BROOKS - 2nd place in Shot Put JOHN MCGAHAN - 2nd place in Broad Jump '65 7ma6 Seniors: Tinker Page, Gary Frank- lin, and Rickey Autrey with Coach Shores FRONT ROW: Billy V. James, Ronnie Witherspoon, Mike Wade, John Hammack, Pete Juarez, and Tom Cordova. SECOND ROW: Allan Pratt Rickey Autrey, Melvin Fowler, David Brannon, Billy Birdwell, and Den- nis Vandygriff. THIRD ROW: Hubert Cottongame, Michael Johnson, Gary Franklin, Bob Brooks, James McGahan, John McGahan, Mike Kel- ley, and Tinker Page. the worldk 4 :gage Q5 all the mere! A l i in S - www Pdff-ff - 1. -'ree V Ag 1 2 ,, .M Wu 3.1 gg E, Hi. .. ,, W., . 3 -U., -Q-QA :M ff- ' :Qui .. --5'-NY it -4- -- 1-Qlfp,-as--,.,' ' , . . j e Q' ,Ef..Qs::ffEf A M--- VNVV 'ff fe- U: rs' if ?:iS?i72vfLy,Q4f-wff- 2, ws w ff ff : :Q 'fx 'wg if 4022 f A Z' 49' 5 - Q i 'I ,. , ' 17' -- ,, , Ti, 5 N X Q -T , A , s . an-w x, 4 V , H - ., . ' L - - f is'-stef , . il -11 'F A . 4 -141, .4 -1"":::.,ii5ff? K-1--ia ,. ' 151-5 1- A -if Ef f ,af , 1 r Y - L - ' .. .V 55 ff -as, yy' H, ,.14Q f. ' iifff " 5 ,uf 4:1 + J ' 7-'Li-Vffvf-X li? 5351555 'gf iff fivvf TS-M" -5 2- nf :2fEfw,- 1-.1 25 2 7,.. .M--wgi i. -f My 5 32 M MAJORETTES: JoAnn Pugh, Lillian Shores, Gay Boone, Patti Williford, Monica Moyers. BELLS: George Ann Klaveman, Mary Beth McKnight. DRUMS: Kathy Murdock, Barbara Hobbs, Kay Rives, Judy Clancy, Carolyn Cole. FRENCH HORNS: Janis Childers, Kay Harper. CLARINETS: Mary Anna Green, Judy Flippen, Robert Murff, Cindy Wickliffe, Linda Hamm, Kay Epps, Elaine Vandygriff, Karen McElhaney, Karen Hamm, Rose Nell Duff, Sandra Stein. TRUMPETS: Eddie Kay, Terry Turner, Rolin Green, John Hammack, Paul Tate, Jim Kay, Jeff Moyers, Pat Kelly, Mark Rice, Betty Jane Pollan, Henry Witherspoon, Donna Tate, Joe Birdwell, Rickey Toal. BASSES: Tommy James, Billy Gleason. BARITONE: Philip Epps, Brian Brignon. FLUTE: Sylvia Fulton, Carolyn Wade, Gayle Jones, Melba Williford. SAXOPHONE: Virginia Wickliffe, Brenda Pugh, Donna Birdwell, Larry Cook, Mike Wade. TROMBONE: Rusty Porter, Tommy Witherspoon, Howard Wickliffe. CYMBALS: Gloria Beck. DIRECTOR: Richard Wier. FLAG BEARERS: Sharon Wester, Jana James, Polly Pollan. 7962- 65 021863, guna! FLAG BEARERS: Sharon Wester, Jana James, Polly Pollan. 1962 7 o fn 6 Z Z Q 4 SWG lan Nwxgoto. slaves' S Q53 ellj Drum Majorette 01' 1963 pu ab, Sopb Gay Boone, Seruor Whore who QW X001 cis ' wg xo' 76401, Hold that line, Jackets! As usual, here are the cheerleaders leading the boys onto the field. wua'7PepS FIRST ROW: Barbara Moss, Paula Martin, Ioan Franklin, Wanda Cook, lane Marks. SECOND ROW: Linda Slayton, Louise McMu1lin, Carol Dufff Sheila Slayton, Shirley Davis, Emily Mahaffey. THIRD ROW: Darlene Hunsucker, Mary Moffitt, Georgeann Vandygriff, Betty Choate. FOURTH ROW: Cindy Jones, Charlotte Brock, Sherry Alred, Nan Bell. FIFTH ROW: Merle Ann Hammack, Diana Lewton, Donna Smith, Io Anna Smith, Linda Wickliffe, Nancy Jones. SIXTH ROW: Juanita Wright, Mrs. Dawne Leighton, Sponsor, Donna Hunsucker. Nancy Jones, Senior 1962 Emily Mahaffey, I unior 0 6 'B l e 4 al e fc 0 Ioan Franklin, Sophomore Head Cheerleader Merle Ann Hammack, Senior 1963 Linda Slayton, Freshman Miss Drewise Davis, Advisor Jana James Michael Johnson Johnny Jordan Walter Kelly Carol Duff Judy Flippen Neal Green Billy Birdwell Joe Birdwell David Brannon Judy Clancy ,aaaad ,-fr' -0 w 4 Y , W1 Kfffy ' n Lf-'I' OFFICERS: Lillian Shores, Michael Johnson, Jana James, Carol Duff, Walter Kelly. George Ann Klaveman Rose Lemon Jane Marks Degee Mitchell Monica Moyers James QTinkerJ Page Allie QBubbaJ Renfro Lillian Shores John Skinner JoAnna Smith Joe Wilson Miss Juanita Spinks, Advisor Wanda Cook Shirley Davis Carol Duff Mary Elizondo Judy Flippen Joan Franklin Mary Anna Green Sandra Griffin Merle Ann Hammack Sue Harper Barbara Hobbs Darlene Hunsucker Donna Hunsucker Jana James Cindy Jones Nan Bell Gay Boone Charlotte Brock atwze 21 M3624 Sherry Allred Gloria Beck Janis Childers Betty Choate Carolyn Cole Betty Conn UMKE41 'bow , r f 'X 0Nfwxl0X y LQ Htl AW, Ov Ck X - g, Q Q , A Ulm , ' E A X Q '9 Qs OFFICERS: Ioan Franklin, Mary Moffitt, Emily Mahaffey, Paula Martin, Gay Boone, Carolyn Coleg fseatedj Carol Duff, Shirley Davis Gloria Beck, Nan Bell, Louise McMullin, Degee Mitchell. Gayle Jones Nancy I OHES Emily Mahaffey Jane Marks Paula Martin Degee Mitchell Louise McMullin Mary Moffitt Polly Pollan Donna Pratt Io Ann Pugh Virgie Rackley Linda Slayton Sheila Slayton Donna Smith IoAnna Smith Donna Tate Georgeann Vandygriff Patsy Webb Sharon Wester Jo Ellen Wickliffe Linda Wickliffe Patti Williford Juanita Wright M. S. Hammack, Advisor Carrol Cottongame Hubert Cottongame Clifton Davis David Dickerson Gary Franklin Melvin Fowler Billy Fulton Bill Gleason John Hammack Ronnie Heard Bob Brooks Kenny Brooks Iim Buchanan Billy Chaffin Stephan Childress Thomas Cook atwze Rickey Autrey Mike Batchler 1 'sm f ,, I 0 - "feud ,J-is .15 ' X fl X ,M In 7 4' ' "' , ,gr OFFICERS: fseatedj Joe Wilson, Treasurer, Billy Fulton, President, Rusty Porter, Vice-President, fstandingj Jim Buchanan, Secretaryg Robert Lemmon, Sentinel, Gary Franklin, Reporter. Charley Joe James Pete Juarez Pat Kyser Robert Lemmon Alfred Lemon James McGahan John McGahan Richard Mohundro Joe Patrick Allen Pratt Rusty Porter Don Roberts Marshall Shaw Jimmy Toomey Dennis Vandygriff Mike Wade Jimmy Wallace Joe Wilson laik A Y '55 .ar .--PM 7965 140015445 fd!! SEATED: Merle Ann Hammack, Organizations, Gay Boone, Favoritesg Christine McDowell, Elementaryg Carolyn Cole, Editorg Sharon Wester, Lillian Shores, Businessg Janis Childers, Photographer. STANDING: Bubba Renfro, Virgie Rackley, Sports: Walter Kelly, Photographer: Mary Anna Green, High Schoolg Polly Pollan, Arty Paula Martin, Activitiesg Miss Juanita Spinks, Advisor. Iunior Assistants Monica Moyers, Judy Flippen, Jana James, Terry Pringle, Joe Miss Juanita Spinks, Advisor Birdwell, John Skinner. Carolyn Cole , Editor Ma Gloria Beck, Louise McMullin, Polly Pollan, Gay Boone, Lillian Shores. Www Sheila Slayton, Jo Anna Smith Degee Mitchell, Polly Pollan, Merle Ann Hammack, Char- lotte Brock. Librarian John Hammack, Tom Cordova, and Steve Miss Drewise Davis Billman seek information for research papers. V ,m,i Egxkz L Iml. sz 'zigyiif f.i55:fy, 225555 .115 y x q2r,Q,g?.fzQ Ji x-kk Iaiiawi -. , ' .. . meg hezgla-loo! unto AS X the g1'een la0ll9'f Moy! most 3 .gif ' 4 IAM? iw ...--I if? wwf' ,I ,,,-.,',.. "-"'u--.,,- f' Z' Af-,ff ls ffsf 5 9 ,-' Q 3 " 5 3 3 S 'Y it 8 Q E xi ,531 l 3 M L? "' 45220 3 1. gl' ' if 4 Y S Q 3 airy, F W X xr ' '21 16 'V-S 3 f li- f as , ings, , G iw 1 Lal - 5? fig? Ms-2 9 is QW 'Siam wma Mk s ,.. gif. 3 gk ,,i'f,-P'SA- M5 . qfil:'?9' A. Q fy 4 ff 45979 ' kkk- FV3 , saga E? Q 3 U 9,15 3 1 s Q' "Sv" 1-53, rim. H Eng gjaieave Stanni: if ig wg 5 1 Q -- Slljf - A"'1 KA . M' 'fag , -I . 1 , t ' 51" , C ,fa if if x Q in , , 5 I 3 4 ff it 555- 1 f r 'Rig ' 'sc Y f -J A 'YS-J pq x E X A R X Lglx 4 Y' 5 f 3 Aw " ,TQ -sg gi? 19 .v Custodian, Mr. J. H. Boon, taking a few minutes off after a hard day's T work. Student Teachers, John Holveck, Olin Holbert, view the campus scenes as they await the bell for their classes. ANDING: Mrs. Lee Beck, Mrs. Opal Murphy. SEATED: Mrs. Addie Gullick, Mrs. Homer Baker Early each morning you may see these women busy in our cafeteria preparing the food for the day. Messrs. Hutchings, Jeff Tate, Fayne Hamm, W. P. Turnbull, George Cassidy, Rex Wester, Austin Skinner These are the men who drive the buses back and forth over the beaten path carrying our students to and from school as well as to other activities such as football and basket- ball games, track meets, and band contests. , .,,, ,, rm... A ik, , .A.. T., ELEMENTARY Y, '. gy Ms. . Q9 290 6 wx of eydtd Sa 101-allot 129 0 MARY KAY COSTELLO 634447 LORENE LEWTON 6A Grade DONNA BIRDWELL MARK RICE 7th Grade BRENDA PUGH CLARK SHAW 5th Grade CLINTON BIRDW ELL ESB Grade IANIS PENNY KENNETH WHITE LINDA KAY BUTLER 4th Grade JOSEPH BODINE GEORGIA SUE POLLAN 3rd and 4th Grades 2nd Grade SHARRON RANDALL WILLIS RICHARD PRINGLE MARY DEE SLAYTON 3rd Grade JEFFREY SAVELL JANET SPURGEON lst Grade JIMMY WEATHERFORD ESTHER TREVINO Ist Grade TERRY RACKLEY RICHARD TUCKER 2nd Grade NINA ADAMS BUTCH WATSON Paul Davis Sylvia Fulton Brian Mary Brignon Costello Richard Judy Cook Childers Officers longing to be lowly freshmen. Sandra Johnny Heard Julian Ann I erry H3fPe1' House Phillip Epps Teresita Garza Tommy Nichols John Rives Lorene Glenda Lewton Mosley Dale Donny Mosley Moya Lazy bones relaxing in the sun. Cindy Tommy Wickliffe Witherspoon Johnny Howard West Wickliffe Q ww is Q E 'Ez 5 " its? , L S . gf he his s 4' f I 5 ,, 5 L s 1 159315 A if .Qt Q, more y Q ,ass V. W :..-is s ilfywsk fm - S P, - - i is if rs s? I 1 f w Ted Pierce Carolyn Wade 5 I f is E x ., is as 1 Q Raymond Garcia Benny Gresham Gaylon Hamm Karen Hamm Victor Aguilar Paul Bell Shirley Butler Larry Cook Lynn Darling Bruce Dickerson Kay Epps Gary Fowler Renita Harris Kathy Heard Cecil Hill Johnny Hunsucker Tommy James Toney Jordan Eddie Kay Pat Kelly Estella Lemon Billy Mahaffey Barbara McBrannon Donald McDowell Carl McDowell Mary Beth McKnight Jesse Olivares Carolyn Poldrack Paul Allen Tate Terry Turner Bobby Vance Elaine Vandygriff Benson Webb Virginia Wickliffe Keith Witherspoon Let's get to workl Betty Jane Pollan Denise Pringle Brenda Pugh Clark Shaw Rosenell Duff Arsenio Escobar Billie Mae Fennell S6144 Wanda Fennell Martin Garcia Rosa Garcia Gail Green Rolin Green Li-nda Hamm Kay Harper Jerry Henderson Glenn Hobbs Rickey Jackson Juanita Jordan Leslie Jordan Roger Adams Donna Birdwell Deborah Brannon Domingo Bustamante Joe Bustamante Benny Conn Juanita Cordova Larry Davis Iim Kay Karen McE1haney Jeff Moyers Kathy Murdock Robert Murft Jackie Parks Janice Penny Mike Petton Mark Rice Frances Rodriquez Morris Shores Gloria Silvers Ioe Smith Sandra Stein Rickey Toal Johnny Trevino Brenda Turner Dennis Turner Linda Turner W. K. Vandygriff Kenneth White Melba Jo Williford Henry Witherspoon 'KM Ellen Grooms Odie Hall Patricia Heard Jerry Hill Susan Julin Deborah Davis Rudy Edwards Alfredo Escobar Jud Ste Betty Butler Linda Kay Butler Larry Case Deborah Chaffin J ack Cook Connie Adams e Adams Clinton Birdwell ve Buchanan Jerry Fowler Libby Friery Mary Garcia Victor Garcia Judy Kannady Kenny Kay Kathy Kelly Raymond Leal Kenneth McBrannon Barbara McDowell Cynthia Montgomer Carolyn Mosley Jerry Penny Y Doris Rodriquez Ollie Sanchez Fayette Shores Harold Tate .Julio Trevino Linda Vandygriff Rosa Linda Velasquez Jerry Walsh Douglas Weatherford Diane Witherspoon Olivia Garcia Girl Scouts Juanita Adams Joseph Bodine Tony Buchanan Mary Bustamante Donald Dickerson Javi er Dyal Leda Childers Joyce Choate Joe Cottomgame Connie Edwards Planning a trip for 1983??? Noe Elizondo John Tennell Anne Graham Johnny Hamm Rickey House Brenda Jeffers Donnie Jordan Urbin McKeever Richard Miller Jane Molina Richard Ozuna Iudy Parrott Jesse Petton Georgia Sue Pollan Come on, girls - the boys are aheadll Luanna Shaw Tommy Silvers Gene Skinner Bobbie Jo Purcell Arnulfo Rodriguez Alice Sanchez Douglas Spurgeon Cynthia Tubbs Billy White Vernon Witherspoon Chester Adams Ronald Adams Pamela Billman Raymon Bodine Frank Bustamerrte Bobby Cook Jose Elizondo Vicki Foster Trick or treat! Nicky Hamm Rebecca Hartis Jill Hayden Don Hullett Melinda Hassell Linda Johnston Keith Jones John M. Kelly Avoiding the eight o'c1ock rush . . . Alberto Limas David Mohundro John Leal Jeffrey Savell Dennis Sparkman Janet Spurgeon Denise Tate Daniel Trevino Betty Turner Charles Vance Danny Willis John Mosley Amador Sanchez Robert Sanchez Junior Molina Betty Mosley Michael Burchfiel Brenda Conn Danny Davis, John Arnold Robert Barnes Robert Brazier Mary Browder A11 set an David Elizondo Debra Green David Griffin d ready to go . . Joe Grooms Robbie Hale Sarah Hobbs Jackie Hutchings John Kelley Michele Lewton Gary Lindsey Pamela McBrannon Bobby Murdock Richard Pringle Linda Rackley Guess Who??? Carleen Tucker Patty White Janice Witherspoon Patricia Witherspoon Sam Rives Mary Slayton Joe Spurgeon Noelia Cantu Greg Chapman Michael Conn Norma Cottongame Vickey Cunningham Gregory Davis Steven Dickerson Olga Bustamente Enestina Cantu Manuela Cantu Nina Adams Cyntnia Autrey Jayme Birdwell Karen Briggs Sharron Douglas Rejelio Garcia Richard Garcia Sylvia Garcia Cynthia Gresham Henry Hamm Melba Sue Hammack Mark Hooper Jam es House Joseph Jeffers Larry Johnson Brenda Jordan Kathryn Julin .Timmy Kelly Lynn Kelley Olivia Leal Ricardo Leal Bobby Lindsley Tinia Lovell Rhonda Mitchell Rafuela Molina Cynthia McDowell Lou Ann McKay Ronald Rackley Tony Rice Sandy .Rodriquez David Rogers Samuel Sanchez Melanie Savell Chris Sorelle Antonio Trevino Sandra Tubbs Butch Watson Vickie Warters Sharon Wickliffe Randall Willis Gary Witherspoon Stanley Wright Santos Ozunna Susanna Ozunna Larry Parrott Edith Petton ecoowl Ceal Choate Deborah Cottongame Susan Dahnke Lonnie Dalrymple hd! wade Lucinda Alvarado John Busement Elinda Delgado Robert Delgado Alberto Canalis Guadalupe Canalis Martin Canalis Debra Dickerson Saul Elizindo Ramon Garcia Pedro Garcia Mary Alice Garcia Estella Gonzales Richard Gonzales James Green David Hamm Arthur Henderson Yvonne Jeffers Becky Jeffers Clare Kelly Gerald Kress Norma Limacr Dewyatt Lovell Virginia Mosley Rudy Trevino Harmado Trevino Fernando Trevino Esther Trevino Richard Tucker Royce Vaughan Frances Wafer John Walden Jimmy Weatherford Rickey Williams Craig Witherspoon .Toe Witherspoon Michael Murdock Genevia Nicklas Terri Rackley Sharron Roberts Robert Rogers Pamela Silvers Dianne Tate GIRLS' BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Kay Epps, Brenda Pugh, Ann Harper, Elaine Vandygriff, Mary Kay Costello, Kathy Heard. SECOND ROW: Rosenell Duff, Carolyn Wade, Betty Pollan, Virginia Wickliffe, Karen Hamm, Renita Harris, Barbara McBrannon, Kay Harper. THIRD ROW: Sylvia Fulton, Tommie Nichols, Mary McKnight, Cindy Wickliffe, Lorene Lewton, Denise Pringle, Sandra Heard, Judy Childers. Coach Rutherford. FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Paul Davis, John Rives, Ted Pearce, Coach Rutherford. SECOND ROW: Pat Kelley, Howard Wickliffe, Bruce Dicker- son, Jerry House, Keith Witherspoon, Ed Kay, Paul Tate, John Hamm, Terry Turner. THIRD ROW: Brian Brignon, Jeff Moyers, Clark Shaw, Morris Shores, Cecil Hill, Rolin Green, Tom- mie Witherspoon, Paul Bell, Tom James. FOURTH ROW: Rickey Toal, Glenn Hobbs, Rickey Jackson, Gary Fowler, Mark Rice, Benny Greshman, Roger Adams, Leslie Jor- don, Joe Smith, Larry Cook. fz. CHEERLEADERS Ann Harper, Cindy Wickliffe, Sandra Heard, Sylvia Fulton, and Carolyn Wade. BOYS' BASKETBALL - FIRST ROW: Leslie Ior- don, Henry Witherspoon, Gaylon Hamm, Kenny Kay, Terry Turner, Jimmy Julian, John West, Johnny Julian. SECOND ROW: Pat Kelley, Bruce Dickerson, Keith Witherspoon, John Rives Howard Wickliffe, Cecil Hill, Rolin Green, Eddie Kay, Jerry House, Phillip Epps. THIRD ROW: Coach Rutherford, Brian Brignon, Jeff Moyers, Clark Shaw, Morris Shores, Paul Davis, Ted Pierce, Rickey Cook, Tommie Witherspoon Paul Bell, Tommie James, Jackie Parks. FOURTH ROW: Rickey Toal, Glenn Hobbs, Rickey Jackson, Gary Fowler, Mark Rice, Benny Gresham, Roger Adams, W. D. Vandygriff, Joe Smith, Larry Cook, Benny Conn. RF' M S 4 wwf, M "1-su. ""-fam, -.Qvs Qi: , f f S :PN-N4 , Q. , ,fn Q pv- 'ge 5? 3.55 an Qi' -:E In In fTloi: l Love aff Q- 19m9mi7'1l6, zi f2d ,ig' l 2zzz4sz frgllqw, qiz1g5 5 nigZaz me day, f v J MARILYN BELT AND BAG CCMPANY Manufacturers of Quality Belts Purses Accessones Capably Superv1sed by MRS. ALLIE RENFRO MR. ARNIE MANDEL, Manager Ferris, Texas 3, me METZGER'S MILK "Ends the Quest for the Best" Ferris House-to-House Dehvery or at your store Since 1889 E PRATT McCORD MCTOR COMPANY Ford Sales and Service Ferns 544 2251 FERRIS c g nulation FROZEN FOOD LOCKER Seniors '63 Custom Processing Quality Meat DR. AND MRS. G and, L. R. swANsoN Phone 544 3414 F T Compliments of TEXAS TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO. INTERNATICNAL w. G. JOHNSTON, 4 HARVESTER District Manager Dallas-, Texas McKEEVER CHEVROLET Ferris, Texas Phone 544-2201 MALLOY X puff' lrlll girl" 'A," lf" IIII X, -Q, ul"'l't-hu X RB'-5" ff", an ' Nu'-. f , Y ' ' ' 14 if ff, fl EW 1 xx Hx! Z if 1,1 I v us NZ fl 21 xgfs X PAUL RUSHING, Owner ROANE PETROLEUM CO. T. C. COLE, Manager Ferris Roanoke Forney Best Wishes From THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LANCASTER Phone 6161 Lancaster, Texas ELLIS COUNTY GIN COMPANY Cr 3356 5 - 1 QD Tix 6? ,X . 2 "T Z .-1. 'xwz I CHARLES DAVIS, Manager Phone 449-32.63 Palmer 6, 5 Qual' Quad ?aac!f CHEF RESTAURANT X Q! 3 1306 North Dallas Avenue X L t Phone 6661 HOOKER CHEMICAL COMPANY Highway 7 5 Interstate 45 Dallas Phone FR 1-2367 Compliments of Thanks for the wonderful votes I received from Ferris. C. L. TALKINGTON ROGER TATE TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR Ferris, Texas Ellis County Compliments of , DRAUGHON S GILLIAM 8: UPSHAW Waxahachie, Texas BUSINESS COLLEGE DUKE Sn AYRES Phone RI 1-3133 Lancaster, Texas Commerce Street LANCASTER FREEZER MEATS Lancaster, Texas Dallas, Texas M. C. FLIPPEN JR. SERVICE STATION HUMBLE Arnerica's Leading Energy Company ENCO Interstate Hiway 45 FHM Road 660 Phone 544-2838 Ferris Texas Compliments of THE FERRIS WASHATERIA ,,.f"61T.I'Q'4 G 69 'sfggif f Owner MR. KENNETH JOHNSON Phone 544- 880 3 Ferris, Texas Compliments of DR. A. J. TAYLOR DENTIST Phones Res . Office 544- 3442 544-3131 Ferris Compliments of DR. AND MRS. BEN STEIN Ferris, Texas Compliments of the Following Waxahachie Firms: JOHN ARDEN LIFE INSURANCE ELLIS LANES STRICKLAND JEWELRY MORRIS-HEAD APPLIANCE HOUSE COWAN MOTOR CO. WAXAHACHIE LUMBER CO. VIRGINIA SHOP POPE PAINT 8: WALLPAPER CO. MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY GRESSETT'S CAFE Congratulations , Senior s '63 BROOKHAVEN REST HOME MR. AND MRS. CARL WESTBROOK AND KAREN Phone 544-2418 544-2418 Ferris, Texas CONTINENTAL BAKING CO 2100 Thomas Avenue Dallas, Texas - 1 I 1 COMPLIMENTS PLANTERS COTTON OIL MILL - Cotton Seed Products - Y . 111 Ennis, Texas ' I Ill + Zettez Waimea , RED MOON PETROLEUM COMPANY N I ANTHONY'S Shamviiiiffli Zffyfffllle on JOE F. KNIZE, Owner I Ennis, Texas 118 East Ave. TR 5-3631 Ennis, Texas ' compumenrs of 44. f M SOUTHERN HESSER Q AUTO DRUG COMPANY 74 H "Your Prescription Specialists" Q F3322 Ennis Texas Be Modern - Go Electric ' 'I' TEXAS I A A POWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY W- Q, REA H H INSURANCE AGENCY H' H0 THE DNRY 0 Since 1897 Congratulates City Square Senio11:eof 1963 Phone 4511 Lancaster Texas Ferris Texas K'NG'S THE WRIGHT STUDIO FOOD MARKET Food Town Values HUBY KING TOM KING Ferris, Texas Phone 544- 28 58 Chapman Building WE 7-2321 ROY QBUSTERI WRIGHT Waxahachie, Texas ' Af- ,Q . nga Q '91 ""'- I-Iome Owned and Operated 1 by E' W' DAVIS CLINE MUSIC CO. 544-3535 Ferris Dallas el, ff' emem er ENNIS BUSINESS FORMS, INC. Paso Robles, Calif. Ennis, Tex. Chatham, Va. 1 5 'J 'I Your Official Ring Jeweler COMPLIMENTS OF LET us HELP MOBIL STATION J J N Palmer, Texas 3 'k S Z . sl 4' 9 RooERs sHoE sToRE , u f Ennis, Texas 2 'AI-Sgfge. C- 'C AUTOMOTIVE, INC. Q 4 A - Ennis , Texas FASHION SHOP Ennis , Texas PETE WATSON Ferris, Texas MAXWELIJS JEWELRY Waxahachie, Texas STYLETTE BEAUTY SHOP Ferris, Texas DOLLYE'S BEAUTY SHOP Ferris, Texas Zom7fZouq CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF ENNIS 37a on Savings Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation INSURANCE WRECKING CO. Phone HA 14-7351 4819 So. Lamar Dallas, Texas Qudwzleaning , l CITY ,H CLEANERS Phone 544- 3222 Ferris COFFEE BAR GRILL FERRIS BRICK Try our Magic Pies COMPANY Theyu-e our speciauy BEA EDWARDS Phone 544-zzza Ferris Ferris, Texas WILLIS BRISTOL MERCANTILE SERVICE STATION NOBLE WILLIS Bristol, Texas' Major Overhauls Gas and Diesel Bristol, Texas CHILDERS SING'-HON SERVICE STATION J W. CHILDERS "U, HARVEY SINGLETON . Bristol T exa s ""0D+ L India , T exa MERCHANTS AND PLANTERS CO-OP ,, ,5J5::1:Z::f-'PI ' ,:11L.'-,f, ., -.'-.' .I ,,-.---:gg- 3- -.,-,v.,',r .-.--,,,, , K. .f o.,.,3. 1 ,.'.,' ' ' "-f go,-',-,'-1-,-1-,-In fig'-2' A-"4.'3-'.-I-'f .1 3-I-' fy- ' 1,5sY,-,'.-,-vtgnff' .-, . . -f o-.'-v.1'.- -.'. -1' .-'. -5151131 1-' '. 1 '. ',5 ,- '.- ., .,,., ,,, ...,g.L.-I -1' '-'fa P 11 Gif! 351- 1 -2 - ' -': 1'-Vic" 1'1'1f" -- -.-ah' ,gal -. 'T .-.-.- . . I . . . v . . . . gn '.-Z-' -'-gal".-. E .gn '. '. .- .- .'. --I. 731- .'.13'.g2-.- .1--.. .-' 1--.-.-7. .,......-- ,vp-v. -"-3' .N ,J ga.-.. , ,-'f' . . . .ua-,.g. ,-.-.-, A-..-.1 L, -1g.-:',-g.-,.-.- -5.5.-,-4 -I '.., .. '.--143'-" '- I-1211 -- ,,.,,--.- .v.,- .'.' .' --.. ....- 5,4 ,'-,:5E.,.- ' .- T--'.v'I- -' E-.'-, --...'-- r vw-'. ..-,.' .-, . , ... '.u'.'.y .-,-.--,atv Q.. .1 ..!'n - ,U-u'.l,l'l 1---1.40 K-. ',-.:.:,c. ' .0 .'o' l'i I r' ,.v,.-,.-5 4.-.1 , -f.-..-. v.-' -'.', .'.'.'.-AL-,'.-'.-'.-3 - ,.:.,'.',.-. A-7-'.11'.H1-,'.-" '4,Qtf,'.g1 '-....'.'- -"..-.-.- . . .1-.-.5 .v-,gtg-,T .A xu..... .,5::.,:: .145 .', t g.1t":gg.-1,--..-.'.-D -X . '.f. - ...--,--,.-,.g.-. .,-5.-.-v. - 1- -cs - ,.v.',--,-- - 'A -X Ev . . ,.-. :-5-,.e,.-' .M T .',...-.J '....:,.. ,-5.-.3',..1-gn . T' .- ' .,..-,.-'.-'.--- -'-'.-'-,Lg-'pf '. Z'-' gy- ---,:2g'.'-,:2',2'-,J ,-I-gf-5-,'-',-1,12 1: --., .-.-.-,.u .- . .....'-g..3.g,.3,.- -,-..-u...-l.',n,.,.g, . .A V. --,,- ,- . ,-,na .I . .1 ,.-- ,Tv ,-,. ,.,,,.,a .a J. . .-. '-' .-,.-.-,o,- gl .ww ..-',- -. ,nav- - --.1:...--'.-1'.',l'-',s 3' -'f - .. -51.--.1 n',s 9 w - A, M. BOON, Mgr. "We Buy Cotton and Also Handle Loan Cotton. " Phone 449-3191 Palmer BRUTON CHEVROLET COMPANY Lancaster Texas ated: HEAD'S , X QX DEPARTMENT ff , N Y STORE A 'f' ,fT1 l I 444,334 Lancaster Texas 1 1 Rafi L' i.. if , ,, EM Q X X rf - , S f-X f S ' ff- 'W' LEVINE'S DEPT. STORE Y 1 E AMBULANQ-1 - 1 "Pay Less - Buy More" 94V wb' lVl6'l-If Across From Post Office Waxahachie GREEN HARDWARE Since 1882 FLORISTS Funeral Directors Flowers for All Occasions Ambulance Phone WE 7-2920 ""i33-E' n Waxahachie ' Ferris X-Z '- FARMERS CO-OP GIN OF LANCASTER A. J. HULLETT, Manager Phone 240 1 Lancaster Texas THE STYLE SHOP On the Square Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Phone 5511 Lancaster, Texas LANCASTER FEED 8. GRAIN Wholesale and Retail Paymaster Feed Dealers Telephone 3111 Lancaster FERRIS COOPERATIVE GIN Since 1940 Phone 544-3111 Box 348 Ferris Texas ORR HARDWARE COMPANY Home Furnishings Funeral Directors Constant Ambulance Service Ferris ENNIS SAVING AND LOAN Where YOU Save DOES Make a Difference 3 fo' fl o . if Q 113 W. Ennis Ave. 5' rl Ennis, Texas r L. T. GLEESON AND soN Compliments of Electrical Appliances See Us First for W. Transistor Radios Portable TV's COUNTY CLERK Hi-Fi or Stereo EIMS County Ferris Phone 544-3545 DAVIS FOOD STORE FERRIS WHEEL Yguy Grocer Compliments of MR. AND MRS. JoE H. WHITTENBURG Ferris 544-3313 HENRY KAY FARMERS 8. MERCHANTS STATE BANK Ferris, Texas Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Capital, Surplus and Reserve in Excess of 5235, 000 L. MOYERS, President Ferris RENFRO NURSING HOMES Waxahachie MARVEL ENGINEERING AND EQUIPMENT CENTER Designers and Engineers of Special Machinery H. C. MERCER Box 322 Dallas Phone CA 5-1893 Hutchins, Texas Realtors Builders LOWERY AND SON LUMBER COMPANY D D Quality Lumber and Building Supplies Phone 544-2.261 - Ferris, TSXBS Wclcming WILLS PHARMACY .23 D-E CLEANERS , .3 Xi? CRAWFORD WILLS, Prop. Q J DOC EDWARDS, Prop. 5' A Phone - 544- 3211 Phone - 544-2421 Ferris, Texas Ferris, Texas CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF '63 SUMMERALL FOODS, Wilmer FERRIS DRY GOODS, Ferris TED STILLWELL, Wilmer OLIN DYESS BARBER SHOP, DU-ALL SHOP, waxahachie Waxahachie A. R. STOUT, Dist. Judge CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF '63 MR. AND MRS. T. C. COLE MRS. GENEVA GREEN MR MR MR MR MR MR. AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS. AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS G. W. POLLAN W. D. KELLEY REX WESTER W. A. COOK A. D. SHORES M. R. BOONE MISS LOLA FORD MISS DREWISE DAVIS MR. AND MRS. PAUL MARTIN MISS EDNA FORD MR MR MR MR MR MR AND AND AND AND AND AND MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS. MRS S. W. FULTON J. W. CHILDERS ALLIE RENFRO EARL HUTCHINS ROY PATRICK R. L. JONES MRS. MARY LAND MISS JUANITA SPINKS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "IN Worldk Bel! Vurhaolrl Ara hyicrvmldf'

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Ferris High School - Memoir Yearbook (Ferris, TX) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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