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vi? Q wif: - an 51, .ygge W' 55.559 .V 4 -A ,p, T59 W f f ,. f,,, f, v hyi,-, ,F :ku 5 -917 ' 51159, , J '. Fw. wifi: ' Sf ,M 11, M Iiej' . x 4. MLS? Jim Jmafmwlt 'F W PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF FERNDALE UNION HIGH SCHOOL FERNDALE . CALIFORNIA MISS MARY WHITE 1 To Miss Mary WhiTe, who reTireol lasT year aTTer Teaching Tor more Than 20 years aT Ferndale High School, we are proud To cleclicaTe The I95O Toma- hawk. ThroughouT The years she has won The love and respecT oT her pupils and oT The communiTy. She always sTrove Tor school beTTermenT and was never happier Than when Trying To help a sTuclenT solve a problem in sTenography. Typing, or any oT The oTher classes she TaughT. Her cheerTulness racliaTecl ThroughouT The school and was one oT her greaTesT asseTs. AT TooTbalI or baskeTball games she was The schools besT rooTer. We Take This opporTuniTy To show our apprecia- Tion Tor all she has done Tor The school and once again say "Thank you, Miss WhiTe." Sponsored by School Board FIRST ROW, leff fo righl: Lee Marvel, Rose Giacomini, Gloria Capeder, Floyd Belfiga. SECOND ROW Los F el Jim Peqolofli, Naomi Marlella, Gene Marks, Mr. R. Jarboe, Bill Shewry, Bob Ure Jn lc As is lhe cuslom, lhe slaff has made every eliforl' lo make lhis year's model of The Tomahawk 'lhe besl' ever. We earneslly hope 'rhal we have achieved some measure of success. The improvemenls in lhis year's book were made possible by you lhe sludenls- by coming 'ro our annual sock hop in 'rhe fall, and by purchasing a copy of lhe book. We wish fo lhank you. as well as lhe businessmen of our communily, of Eureka, and all olhers who came 'ro our financial aid. For a number of years l'he sludenls have voiced a wish for a bigger and beller book wilh padded covers. bul' lhis always seemed +o be iusl our of reach. Bur lhis year one goal has been achieved--Padded Covers. We have added pages lo make il biggerg we do hope lhal lhe qualify is such lo be given a raling of "beHer." As edilor, l also wish lo 'lhank my wonderful slall and our advisor, Mr. Jarboe. Few of you know how much lime and efiorl' he has pul in 'frying 'ro make your book a huge success. l cerlainly hope you appreciale lhis if nolhing else, Sponsored by Tipple and Davie O I I FRANCIS PAGE Principal FIRST ROW, leff To righT: Elmo Reidy, Harry Harbers, Christian Rasmussen. SECOND ROW: Mr. Page, Henry Gia- comini, Henry Olesen. WiTh The coming oT l95O, we have reached The halTway mark in a cenTury ThaT has seen much acTiviTy, one in which Technological developmenT has Tar ouT-sTripped ThaT OT any oTher period, if noT ThaT oT all Time: one in which Two desTrucTive wars have been ToughT and in which scarcely a counTry on The Tace oT The earTh has noT seen armed sTriTe, eiTher oT exTernal or inTernal origin, a cenTury in which This same Technological developmenT has surpassed The evoluTion in The minds oT men To conTrol This develop- menT. Because The TirsT halT has been so TurbulenT, There has been much reTlecTion and some predicTion. Looking backward, all can see The TuTiliTv oT sTriTe, The wasTe oT resources, and The wasTe oT liTe. Looking ahead, Two paThs appear-one To desTrucTion, The oTher To peace on earTh. ReTlecTion also indicaTes ThaT educaTion has paid dividends, ThaT The welfare oT educaTed naTions Tar surpasses ThaT oT The more illiTeraTe ones, and ThaT educaTed naTions have in general succeeded in mainTaining inTernal peace. IT seems TiTTing, ThereTore, Tor each oT us To dedicaTe himselT aT This Time To The Task oT TurThering educaTion and undvrsTanding ThroughouT The world so ThaT The second halT oT This cenTury will be as Tull 5 -gocklogical accomplishmenTs as The TirsT halT was oT Technological developmenT:. 'hose afjcr.mplishmenTs and peace will be reached only Through The dedicaTion oT our ir Tx dun' nTTnurTs and The supporT we give To such organiza- Tions as UNESCO, designed T14 dIrecT all TraTTic Toward The paTh oT peace. - FRANCIS PAGE. Principal. Sponsored by Marcussen's Grocery Store TRUSTEES MISS M. JENNINGS Girls' P.E. Modern Problems Social Science MISS J. VAN LOO Home Economics English II MR. E. SPINAS Chemisfry Biology Algebra General Science MR. F. GIVINS Boys' P.E. Consumers Maih General MaIh MR.A.HEINZE Agriculiure Farm Mechanics Sponsored by Noble's Grocery .,... . 3 , 2 s f N 52. J? 2 . 'hm-Ib 1' -- .,.. Q -ww' V I -......c,,.. ..., ,, I 5 .3 - 1. Q2 E w im mf ffm? , ..., ... .,,.,,..,...., ,.,,.,,, , A 3 , , Iii' l 5 l I 3 5 'ff' MRS. H. WHITNEY Spanish I, II Engiish I Remedial Reading MR. P. PAVLICH Shop Mechanical Drawing MISS J. LOWRY Typing Bookkeeping Shorihand MR. W. CRANE Beginning Band Band Chorus MR. R. JARBOE English III, IV U. S. Hisiory Geomelry Trigonomefry KEN CADY, Presidsnl 4 Bndq. This year +he s+uden+s were surprised and glad 'rhal +he Sludenl Body had become a regular organized group. Meelings were planned for 'rhe second Wednesday of each monfh, which was an enioyable change from The s+yle of lasl' year when only a few irregular meelings were held. The business 'For +he Sfudem' Body meerings 'rhis year has been devo'red largely +o a voiing on amendmenls lo 'rhe Conslilufion, which in ilself will prove of considerable value +o fulure classes. Many problems connecled wiih sfudenf governmeni and school problems have been discussed by all lhe sludenls and have reached a solulion Through applicafion of democralic praclices. The programs planned for 'rhe various assemblies didn'+ worlc ou? according 'ro plan. A+ presenl wrifing lhe proposed praclice of pro- viding sludenlr programs for all 'rhe meelings has been Jremporarily dropped. We all hope for improvemenl in +his field nexl' year. Also inH'ia'red rhis year was a closer relalionship belween Jrhe Sludenl Council and 'rhe S+ude-nf Body. The Council mer a few days before fhe Sfudem' Body meeiing and discussed lhe subiecfs lo be broughf up al 'rhe meeiing. These and olher improvemenls made for a smoolh-worlcing govern- men+ for +he +erm I949-50. 1 Sponsored by Ferndale Cleaners and Valley Grocery funnel fnwzf. The council, presided over This year by Ken Cady, spenT much oT iTs Time in Taking sTeps To improve assemblies and rallies. The members decided To have every club and organizaTion in high school give an assembly during The course of The year, Thereby creaTing beTTer enTerTainmenT. Also Taken up by The council were many amend- menTs To lasT year's new consTiTuTion. Many changes were necessary, and as a resulT oT The changes broughT abouT by The council The consTiTuTion is ThaT much closer To perTecTion. Those on The council have also had Tun in perform- ing Their duTies, buT Tor The many consTrucTive Things They have accomplished we owe Them a voTe oT Thanks. The STudenT CourT is sTill relaTively new as an organizaTion aT Ferndale l-ligh. Being such iT is sTill suTTering Trom "growing pains"1 There are sTill many wrinkles To be ironed ouT. The main Trouble seems To be in geTTing The cooperaTion of all The sTudenTs in This Thing called sTudenT conTrol. The sysTem sounds good on paper buT has yeT To be Tully realized in pracTice. l-lowever, The ideal is worTh working Toward: we hope ThaT in The TuTure The STudenT CourT will be one oT The mosT successTul organizaTions in The school. l-leading The courT in iTs progress This year were Gene lvlarks and Jack Monson, serving as iudges Tor The TirsT and second semesTers, respecTively. Sponsored by Marfin's News Sfund and H. K. Mathes, Jeweler A f STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW, leff To righf: C. Lakin, B. Hull, A. Chrisfen, A. Tarelli, SECOND ROW: F. Beffiga, L. Worlhingfon, C. Tirsbeck, L. SalIa'day, R. MarTin. THIRD ROW: Miss M. Jennings, K. Cady, D. Brazill, Mr. F. Page. STUDENT COURT FIRST ROW, left To righT: A. Capaul, B. Chandler, L. Chandler, L. Brazil, W. Page, A. Tarelli, L. Marfin, J. Russ. SECOND ROW: M. Anderson, C. Tirs- beck, J. Ambrosini, F. Beifiga, L. Sal- laday, J. Pedroifi, G. Goff. THIRD ROW: A. Rocha, B. Lewis, C. Kukuk, G. Wood, A. Chrisfen, D. Johanson. FOURTH ROW: J. Pegolofii, E. Sousa, J. Bugbee, G. Paine, J. Flynn, B. Hull. FIFTH ROW: B. SeTTerlund, R. Killings- worfh, D. Hackeii, D. Lowery, J. Mon- son, G. Marks, Miss M. Jennings. in I ,sm , Q, Q it fl Mfg' EW 'E W. 6, Q Smit " V W TP' 1 gg. vi ww, W, ' ww. W 4 "Wm ,ww lizx-1 K t . o DE Nuiikwh 1 rm W mff f qi-.Qi 32 a K? RODNEY KILLINGSWORTH JIM ROWLEY Presidenf Vice-Presidenf I O I O There are many rhings +ha+ disfinguish 'rhe class of sludenls gradualing 'rhis spring. First They are leav- ing high school in +he middle of The cenlury, af a +ime when +he counfry sums up 50 years of progress and makes plans for 'rhe nexf half cenfury. The presenr seniors have been very aclive Through four years of school, and especially in 'rhe las? +wo. As juniors +hey slarfed an annual evenf 'ro raise money for Turure class ac+ivi+ies. Thai boxing show, carried Sponsored by Handy Shop and Red Front Store KIQMDK' on again 'rhis year, proved +o be quife successful, boih as a revenue raising venlure, and as enlerlainmenf and spor+ for +hose par+icipa+ing and 'rhose wa+ching. The Folk Dance Feslival This spring broughl one of 'rhe largesjr dance crowds in many seasons, and added +o 'rhe ki'r+y. The presen+ class has parficipaled widely in plays, sporls, band. and srudenl' government They will be greally missed by bofh faculfy and s+uden'rs. GAYLE KLINGLER LOIS FRIEL Secreiary Treasurer FLOYD BETTIGA RICHARD BOOTH THEODORE BOOTH PAUL BOYNTON KENNETH CADY GLORIA CAPEDER LOIS CHRISTEN CAROLYN CHRISTEN DOUGLAS CLOUGH EVELYN CROWL EDGAR CROWL DEWEY CURRIER FAY DeCARLI RODNEY EDELINE MARY ENOS PHYLLIS FARLEY LOIS FRIEL ROSE GIACOMINI DAVID GRAHAM Sponsored by Newell and Lenfz LEONARD GUGLIELMINA RODNEY KILLINGSWORTH SANFORD LOWRY GAYLE KLINGLER BETTE LEWIS ROSEMARY MARTIN NAOMI MARTELLA JACK MONSON JACK NIELSEN CHARLES RAYL JIM ROWLEY JOE RUIZ LOREN SALLADAY BILL SHEWRY ALICE SILVA DONNA SIMMONS ERNEST SOUSA ROBERT URE LELA ANNE WORTHINGTON Sponsored by Drs. Worthington and Codoni I NAME Floyd Belliga Ricthard Boolh Theodore Boolh Paul Boynlon Kennelh Cady Gloria Capecler Lois Chrislen Carolyn Chrislen Douglas Clough Evelyn Crowl Edgar Crowl Dewey Currier Fay DeCarli Rodney Edeline Mary Enos Phyllis Farley Lois Friel Rose Giacomini David Graham Leonard Guglielmina Rodney Killingsworlh Gayle Klingler Belly Lewis Sanford Lowry Rosemary Marlin Naomi Marlella Jack Monson Jack Nielsen Charles Rayl James Rowley Joseph Ruiz Loren Salladsy William Shewry Alice Silva Ernesl Sousa Roberl Ure Donna Simmons Wrighl Lela Anne Worlhinglon NICKNAME Pansy Dick Ted Bruser Ken Cuppeder Red Chemie Dougie Blondie Ed Oakie Tools Rod 7 PeeWee Lois Rosie Dave Len Rodney-Podney The Voice Weeds ? ? Pipsgueek Big Jack Einslien Chuck Jim Joe Ford Bumpv Shorl Sluff Ernie Bobby Dimples Lee 0 M 3' BEST AT designing fixing cars arguing winking being sludenl body pres. flirling homemaking securing properlies loo many lo menlion office work blushing lvninq wailress lennis keeping books sporls dancing lalking acling milking nolhing singing making faces hunling and lrapping baby silling henpecking Wayne sleeping chemislry running geiling along wilh leachers ad-libbing pulling curlains driving yelling leasing dressing being firsl 'ralking FAVORITE PLACE Cenlerville Beach in a car in office wilh Mr. Page in lhe new car Forluna graveyard l7l wilh Johnny lhe "Chevie" wilh a girl beside Glen Williams Creek lyping room American Holel lennis courl home qYm enroule lo Forluna wilh Mr. Jarboe boiler room barn Honeydew behind a mike church Bear River woods al council meelings various lanes bed Harl Thealer Ferndale dark corner wilh an audience darkroom away from school school a bumpy alley lnol Ferndale wilh lhe Mr. "where's Sharon" AMBITION none lo gel a car fixed loolball coach laxi driver U. S. Presiclenl men married life old maid l?l hog calling Mrs. Lee Senalor lo finish a leller model lhousewifel lo win a game work wife pool career woman pharmacisl lawyer husband- Daylon explorer ballery manufaclurer money gelling him lo lhe eller underlakor newspaper edilor lrapeze arlisl lover circus barker slage manager lruanl officer Spanish leacher aulo racer millionaire cook grow older ui r lu O i ': .. 'U x -i .2 C fu E 2 0 IL .i C. 2 5 'o C 4 i C I I: : Z vu 0 : EU D E I v- ei c fu 6 2 .i d .uc L 0 I- I v- 1 :Q O LL 6 o S E fu I 15 :- 0 v. GI .i 6 0 +- v. ': J: O Q-l H3 E 0 X i .. 2 .1 c E -.. -.- o LD -i 1: vu .c O ui 4-' an 0 I .KD n. 2 'U .1 -6 ul an C In - O ul F. Boy osini, .E IE ou LD .I -I .c .9 .. O 4- .- -5 lr r fu O ua nf 6. i f , J. Amb ck M. nu, C. Tirsbe bros: 3-O E O nc o- ill as u. Z 42 Qui Z of 80 U11 FIRST ROW, left To righl: L. Giacomini, J. Kirfley, L. Mariin, A. Chrislensen, L. Brazil, B. Chandler, P. Thomp- son, D. Whellsr, A. Tarelli. SECOND ROW: H. Miller, R. Warren, T. Rayl, M. Wilson, A. Lakin, A. Chrisfen, L. Lorenzo, A. Rocha, Mrs. E. Whilney. THIRD ROW: D. Salladay, A. Malhews, M. Hell, M. Hell, J. Holbrook, B. Byers, L. Marvel, J. Pedrolfi. F O U R T H ROW: R. Millar, B. Tiller, B. Fulllr, J. Flynn, E. Erlcksen, J. Bugbee, E. Cook, B. Ness. 50.0110 This year's sophomores combined all eTiorTs To make Their second year in high school one OT high acTiviTy and greaT success. ElecTed To lead Them were Daryl Salladay, presidenT: Lee Marvel, vice-presidenT, and Barbara Chandler, secreTary-Treasurer. The annual sophomore highlighT, The Freshman RecepTion, was once more carried on in grand sTyle excepT ThaT The poor Trosh didn'T Think iT was so grand. LaTer aT a reTurn parTy The sophomores were given an enioyable nighT OT enTerTainmenT by The Treshmen. lT This is an indicaTion of Things To come, we Teel sure The Sophomore Class will be mosT successTul, and iTs advisors, Mrs. WhiTney and "Coach" Givins, can be very proud oT Them. Sponsored by Fuller Plumbing and Electric jamhmm The freshman class was officially welcomed inio "Dear Ol' " Ferndale High wiih 'rhe iradiiional Freshman Recepiion. The freshman class oi I949-50 was one of ihe largesi classes Ferndale High has seen in a number oi years. Helping iheir class io a succesful year were ihe following olziicersz Presideni, Charles Wilson: vice-presideni, Leslie Sianleyg and secreiary-ireasurer, Aileen Chrisien. The iuiure graduaies oi l953 were well represenied in ihe all-around aciiviiies such as music, sporis, yell leading, and siudeni council. Sponsored by Ferndale Enterprise CHARLEY WILSON Presidenf AILEEN CH RISTEN Secretary-Treasurer LESLIE STANLEY Vice-Presideni FIRST ROW, Ief1 Io righf: J. Russ, E. Jacobsen, 6. Goff, A. Shewry, D. Ruis, E. Silva, M. Berilesen, A. Christen. SECOND ROW: P. Goble, A. Magonegil, K. Hough, A. DeCarli, W. Page, J. Hariley, L. Cop- pini, A. Capaul. THIRD ROW: Miss J. Lowrey, J. Henriksen, R. Mogni, I. Kairi, D. Henderson, K. Richardson, M, Miller, M. Cook, M. Moranda. FOURTH ROW: O. Booth, C. Kukuk, C. Lakin, D. Jo- hanson, J. Regli, I. Vierra, C. Wilson, B. Hull. FIFTH ROW: J. Fillipini, K. Ros- coe, G. Roscoe, L. Sfanley, W. Boots, L. Anqelini, G. Wood, Mr. E. Spinas. AB- SENT: A. Chrisfen, K. Sim- mans. FiRST ROW, left To rlqhT: C. Rayl, J. Chrlsfen, L. Marvel, K. Cady, G. Marks, B. Sefferlund, H. HamllTon. SECOND ROW: A. Tarelli, B. Shewry, L. Mogni, R. Flynn, C. Lakin. B. Ure, L. Marfln. THIRD ROW: D. Graham, D. Currier, G. Paine, C. De Carli, R. Edeline, D. Kirfley, F. Belfiga, L. Salladay. FOURTH ROW: Coach F. Givins, H. Scillacci, D. Holbrook, J. Monson, L. Guqlielmina, D. Clough, R. Killinqsworfh, D. Brazill. T 9 K Newly organized during This school year, The VarsiTy Club is composed oT all boys in school who have earned an aThleTic leTTer. The club has assumed The responsibiliTy oT Tinancing The aThleTic program and is dedicaTed To The mainTenance of high sTandards oT sporTsmanship. ln order To supplemenT The gaTe receipTs and hence provide more Tunds Tor carry- ing on The many sporTs acTiviTies, The boys underToolc several revenue-producing acTiv- iTies. These included The prinTing and sale oT TooTball programs, a varsiTy dance, The sale oT pop and candy aT games and noons, and an auTographed TooTball raTTle aTTer The ArcaTa game. The leTTermen purchased movie Tilm, and Through The cooperaTion of Jack Tipple who Took picTures, made a record oT The Del NorTe and ArcaTa games. FuTure plans Tor The organizaTion include The purchase oT porTable bleachers Tor TooT- ball and The esTablishmenT OT a suiTable aThleTic Tield. Sponsored by Drs. Crane and McKee LOS ALEGROS ISpanishl FIRST ROW, lei? io righi: J. Kirfley, L. Feld- manis, B. Chandler, L. Brazil, L. Goff, J. Goff, C. Chrisien. SECOND ROW: A. Lakin, J. Ka- tri, F. Winkler, L. Chandler, M. Kempf, F. Boyd, A, Chrisfensen, R. Giacomini. THIRD ROW: L. Nunes, G. Ca- peder, B. Byers, J. Am- brosini, G. Klingler, L. Worfhingfon, D. Whel- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,g Ier, Mrs. H. Whirney. FOURTH ROW: F. Crane, J. Nielson, L. Salladay, D. Kirlley, R. 10 Edeline, F. Belfiqa, C. De Carli. FIFTH ROW: J. Pegoloffi, L. Marvel, R. Flynn, D. Brazill, S. Lowrey, D. Clough, D. Graham. lan, I-liqlwligliied by The annual Clirisimas dinner and Pan American Day evenls Irie Los Aleqros Club liacl a successful year. Led by Presideni Don Brazil for bolli semeslers, flue club liacl varied acliyilies for loolli enlerlainmeni and educalional purposes. Made up oi llne sluclenls wlwo have Iaken one or more years ol Spanish, il provides a wlwolesome exlracurricular aciivily. HI-Y FIRST ROW, lei? Io riqlhf: Mr. E. Spinas, J. Russ, R. Warren, R. Edeline, B. Ure, L. Terkelsen, A. Tarelli. SECOND ROW: F Beffiqa, D. Krrlley, B. SeHurlan'd, F. Crane, D. Currier, B, Shewry. THIRD ROW: K. Cady, D. Hackell, D. Lowry, S. Lowry, R. Killingsworfh, G. Marks, J. Buqbee. Sponsored by Bernice Mills Beauty Shop and Raveal's Beauty Shop if 5 3 as Heat W av f M' M f.f'::':- E58 P1 A ni QV ? as Y A 331 3 ' 5 5 aw 4 A I "f, . -. j, W , ig.: , 255' img . 4 "W u, M f 4 gf? f 52132 5 A 1 W IE'Ef:EEfQ:- MSA' 5 'M 3 n -Vg Q 1 , Kgs U. my LELA WORTHINGTON PHYLLIS FARLEY GLORIA CAPEDER ROSEMARY MARTIN 'E K I The Girls' League, made up oT all The girls aT Ferndale High, has come Through i949-50 in a noTeworThy Tashion. Their main acTiviTy was, oT course, The Sadie Hawlcins Dance, which had a slighTly new Touch This year. The sTudenTs wiTh Their usual enThusiasm conTribuTed The righT aTrnosphere Tor The affair by showing a greaT deal oT inTeresT in our TirsT lnow annuall Sadie Hawkins Day. The girls, always acTive in school aTTairs, enTered inTo many discussions and debaTes This year regarding school acTiviTies. Among Those noT-yeT-decided argumenTs were Those having The main Topics oi school sweaTers, awards Tor yell and song leaders. Five girls, oTTicers in The organizaTion, who had much To do wiTh The success oT The group were: Pres. Lee WorThingTon, Vice-Pres. Phyllis Farley, Treas. Rosemary ivlarTin, Sec. Gloria Capeolerp and Song Leader Gayle Klingler. Sponsored by George E. Becker SONG LEADERS Maxine Anderson, Gloria Capeder ROSE GIACOMINI YELL LEADERS I948-49 Honor Sweafer Winner Colleen Tirsbeck, Leslie Sfanley, Gayle KI ngle 413 M -3, ,...-:: g .s.,. ..., ,,., f a 3. JL. H.. A Torrnal iniTiaTion was The colorTul aTTair ThaT sTarTed The F.l-l.A. year. On This occasion The 'freshmen girls were received iriTo The club, and The rnoThers oT all The club mem- bers were enTerTained. Also on The enTerTainrnenT lisT was The annual F.F.A.- F.l-T.A, parTy, which was held in The gym This year. Food sales, selling doughnuTs aT TooTball games and a dance were The main money-raising acTiviTies Tor The year. AT The dance Alice Silva, who had been elecTed by The sTudenTs on a "buy your voTe" basis, ruled ' as queen. Sponsoredb H y . E. Giueomini-Cu FIRST ROW, leff To righT: A. Chrisfen, D. Ruiz, H. Cave, L. Goff, J. Goff N. Marfella, C. Chrislen, P. Farley, A. Capaul, A. Shewry, L. Giacomini L. Christen. SECOND ROW: R. Martin, J. Kirfley A Chris! J. HarTley, L. Friel, L. Coppini A D Lakin. THIRD RO , . ensen, R.Giacomini , . eCarIi, R Mogni L W: F. Winkler M Brazil W Pa . , . Nunes, J. KaTri, A. , . Anderson, D. Simmons, B. Chandler, L. , . ge, K. Simmons, P. Goble, E. Jacobsen, J. Henricksen, L. Feldmanis, A. Magoniqal. FOURTH ROW: D. Henderson, I. Kafri, M. Cook, M. Miller, G. Capeder, F. Boyd, L. Worfhingfon, S. Ambrosini, P. Thompson, C. Tirsbeck, C. Cave, D. Wheller. FIFTH ROW: C. Enos, M. Edeli , . Chandler, M. Enos, M. Moranda, M. Hell, A. Maih , . e Holbrook, B. Lewis, J. Ambr ' '. ' ne L ews E Losa, M. H lr, J. osinn SIXTH ROW. G. Klingler, B. Byers, Miss J. Van Loo. DeleqaTes To The sTaTe convenTion al Asilimar were Colleen Tirsbeck and Rose Giacomini, who were accompanied by Miss Van Loo. Miss Van Loo and Rose Giacomini also aTTended The regional convenTion aT SanTa Barbara lasT June, aT which Twelve sTaTes and l-lawaii were represenTed. The biggesT aTTair oT The year was The annual SecTion I-A convenTion aT which The Ferndale ChapTer played hosT To all The oTher chapTers in The counTy. The girls served aT The annual F.F.A. banqueT, Turnished a queen Tor The aTTair, Lela Anne WorThingTon, who in Turn was given a SweeThearT iackeT. I-Farm Ins. Agent 5sQ,5l. 2955? iw ww 4 rg Q-mid 1. ff? is fi? fs fs swf W m Ai , .. 54 gi: .f .ZZ gray :htm x +112 gggfy ..,. , 1, ., X is 5-1 M If-' lg K .f 2 ... ' Q.. . V! -'f M .... - ix 2- -page - 2223 :gy-.af -. A , 'gi -Q, 5 ,EXW grxsfa, ia ,Q 1' A W -- Ifw-Y'w fl 34:1-..nS ' ups. ,W W' M, Mr- i 'Qfwi-ww I ,..,,u-W x., gf K Q , MTF f 3, 1 sew 6 c 2:55 5 ii f 'Z R QQQZS11 -X .4,,,g,,i3,k,,., , Ng, .h.,,,,1 ,. 50 Q 1 H K 5 , 52 O 352525 AK , 5 Q-Q W xx ,F 55: :5, 355 g .2 9 :asf-: 2 N5 ,Q Q. 'G K 2 J a x M35 FUIURE FARMER OFFICERS FIRST ROW, lefl To righT: P. BoynTon, D. HackeTT, L. Guglielmina, D. Holbrook. SECOND ROW: R. Killingsworlh, B. SelTerlund , L. Mogni, J. Christen, Mr. Heinze. 3.31. . Busy over The enTire year The local chapTer, headed by L. Guglielmina, pres.: B. SeTTerlund, vice- pres.g D. l-lolbroolc, sec.: D. l-laclceTT, Treas.7 R. Kill- ingsworTh, reporTerg L. Mogni, senTinelg P. BoynTon and J. ChrisTen, FxecuTive Board members: and Mr. l-leinze, advisor, placed Third in sTaTe F. F. A. chap- Ter compeTiTion. Again This pasT year The chapTer earned lvlasTer ChapTer raTing and received a cerTiTicaTe oT meriT Trom The CaliTornia AssociaTion of F. F. A. Too numerous are The acTiviTies in which The chapTer en- gaged To enume'aTe all oT Them here. Some oT The more ouTsTanding acTiviTies have been: esTablishing oT The l'lumboldT CounTy FuTure Farmer FoundaTion: conducTing a proiecT Tour: showing aT Tairs and Cow Palace: sending delegaTes To The sTaTe convenTion aT San Luis Obispo: sampling and TesTing soils Tor ranch- ersg parTicipaTing in rodenT conTrol worlcp parTicipaT- ing in cooperaTive quiz and parliamenTary law con- TesTsg sponsoring a parenT and son banqueTg sending L. Guglielmina To NaTional ConvenTion as a chapTer represenTaTiveg sponsoring Rural School Day: ex- hibiTing booTh aT CounTy Fair: operaTing sTand aT CounTy Fairy sponsoring a Barn Dance, eTc. - M. Berfelsen, dairy proiecf. Few people realize The amounT oT Tunds needed To operaTe The local chapTer during a year. Treas. D. l-laclceTT has given us The Tollowing reporT. From Jan- uary, I949, To January, l95O, iT cosT The chapTer Sl868.l5 To operaTe. During This same period Sl9OI.O3 was received Through chapTer money rais- ing acTiviTies. The chapTer Ted ouT a sTeer which was Talcen To Cow Palace in April. This acTiviTy broughT money inTo The Treasury To help supporT chapTer acTiviTies. We boughT a popcorn machine and have been using IT To raise money. The chapTer-owned sprayer and concreTe mixer have also conTribuTed To The chapTer Treasury as did The reTreshmenT sTancl aT The Tair. ln spiTe oT The above menTioned money raising program The CounTy AssociaTion oT F. F. A. needs abouT Sl7OO each year To sponsor The Tour F. F. A. chapTers in l-lumboldT CounTy in sTaTe and naTional FuTure Farmer acTiviTies. ln an eTTorT To meeT The expense oT a Tull program oT sTaTe and naTional par- TicipaTion The l-lumboldT CounTy FuTure Farmer FoundaTion was creaTed. This organizaTion provides an opporTuniTy Tor inTeresTed persons, organizaTions. or businesses To conTribuTe Toward The supporT oT H7959 5Cl'lVll'l9S- 'Sponsored by Olson Implement J. Russ, sheep and beef proiecT. D. Holbrook, dairy prolecf Ericksen and Tiller marking hogs. Freshman Ag. class eviscerale chickens. Furlher evisceralion by Freshman class. K. Roscoe, sheep proiecf. C. Wilson, dairy proiecl. Senior Aq. boys dehorninq. D. Hackell, sheep proiecl. F. Sweel, sheep proied. G. Bellenzoli, dairy proiecf. G. Roscoe, sheep proiecf. Sponsored by Valley Flower Co-op Creamery f A ' H 'Q 'JA ily smgw N Mu 1 Y X 6 if, an uf' 3 JA gi? V ,V 3 .1 -g g S , GL L , Q QW fe fm si FF Q J V 2? M f , I f if 2 Mhhnmnnuwmm f A. l. Ari: "Well, l may as well ge? inTo The acf, Too," 2. Dave: "Come on sweelhearf, give me a kiss!" Rose: "You'd better go get your monkey wrench." 3. Donna: "My, bu? Uncle Silas will be proud of his prospecfive nephew-in-law," 4. Rodney: "You won'l' have To walk, l'll carry you," 5. Phyllis: "And whaT's more, you look like a baboon." 6. Rodney: "Not much of a view." Dave: "ThaT depends on The way you look ai if." 7. Florence: "And whaT's your name?" 8. Bill: "Bring on your poison." 9, Vera: "LeT's fly away into The night" IO. AcTion wifhouf words. nldwn, .QL U The year's acTiviTies in The dramaTic Tield goT under way wiTh The presenTaTion oT The Three-acT comedy, "Believe IT or NOT," clirecTed by lvlr. Jarboe. IT concerned The Troubles oT a girl who, because her uncle insisTed she marry before she was 22 To inheriT his money, adverTised Tor a husband. The leads were Taken by Donna Simmons, Colleen Tirsbeck, Rodney KillingsworTh, and Bill SeTTerlund. These were ably assisTed by Rose Giacomini, Dave Graham, Vera Dickson, Jimmie PegoloTTi, Florence Winkler, ArT Tarelli, Marlene Kempf, Joyce Am- lorosini, Phyllis Farley, and Frank Crane. The six weeks oT indusTrious pracTice which preceded The play showed iTselT well on The nighTs oT The play. WiTh The excepTion of Rose, This was The TirsT play experience Tor all The casT, and much crediT musT be given Them and Mr. Jarboe. OT Their many high school adyenTures, This is one They will never TorgeT. Now They know why "The play's The Thing." Sponsored by Francis B. Mathews, Attorney at Law FIRST ROW, lefl To righlz Caro- lyn Chrislen, Gayle Klinqler, Lela Ann Worfhinglon, Rose Giacomini, Dave Graham. SEC- OND ROW: Lois Friel, Phyllis Farley, Befie Lewis, Bill Shewry, Ken Cady, Joe Ruiz. FIRST ROW, lefl To right: Aileen ChrisTen, Bill Ness, Colleen Tirsbeck. SECOND ROW: Bill Seiferlund, Sharon Ambrosini, Kris Kukuk. Once again iT was a busy spring Tor The drama group. ThaT lasT mad rush To prepare Tor graduaTion and To compleTe all Those previously undone acTiviTies made rehearsals Tor The Two plays very diTTiculT. The TirsT oT The plays was a one-acT aTTair given aT The Play FesTival aT l-lumboldT STaTe College. "AnTic Spring," The TiTle ol: The piece, made Tor very pleasing enTerTain- menl' and gave an opporTuniTy Tor some good characTer acTing on The parT oT The six casT members. LaTe in May The senior class Thrilled audiences on Two nighTs wiTh Their producTion oT "A lvlurder l-las Been Arranged." The play, a real Thriller, lcepT The people spellbound mosT oT The evening. The success oT The producTion was due largely To The splendid co- operaTion oT The casT members, who learned Their lines, lisTened To The direcTions, and who gave excellenT inTerpreTaTions To The characTers creaTed by The auThor. Al Those who parTicipaTed in drama This year are To be Thanlced Tor Their conTri- buTion oT Time and eTTorT. lT is hoped ThaT The many hours They spenT in rehearsal will pay dividends in TuTure liTe acTiviTies. Sponsored by Guy and Mads QE '51, y W 5sQjQ5Q.M,'ggQff' A ' wr .Q 'fywf' X W ' ff:-Q H uf' Q- ww 'ff22-f M wg 4. 4 A My ,,- nf Lt ,. g' ff W 1 M ' 'fm - , ' ' ' swf' 'ln M vw,-.Q -4 rl V ' iifiv' 'P 1? www , 5H11i?'Qf X , I'?'+i-Fx H a H IM vi ,V 'SW' sf 1? x gag, iv, ,s I' fs ,M W F was fm 12. MQ, Sggfffv mb , gf ,agp if Ir A an-u .nc-nn ......... .. ....... - 3 1' x M 3 fm :IW ai as :::"..: A, 5' z '-'.'-.-!?':""-',...,, if 3' Q 9' -onsnn ""' Q gl Q! 2 ,K , WW ll f .wi Z QW 4:1-us' Q, ff A WW' azmwwas Q 'ff' lj is "T .sq gd' W I -user .2 1 1 ,. YA I - .sv 'Jalal in-if ll laid --"5 6 be 335 I S FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: H. Cave, L. Friel, F. De Carli, L. Worfhinglon, S. Ambrosini, A, Silva, H. Hamilfon, L. Marvel. SECOND ROW: F. Boyd, C. Cave, P. Thompson, E. Losa, G. Capeder, D. Simmons, R. Giacomini, K. Cady. THIRD ROW: G. Paine, D. Brazill, J. Buqbee, E. Sousa, A, Malhews, G. Klingler, C. Tirsbeck, D. Kirfley. FOURTH ROW: Mr. W. B, Crane, R. Killiingiworfh, S. Lowery, D. Currier, G. ar s. This year lhe Chorus made lour public appearances. Much ol lhe worlc during lhe lall was in preparalion lor lhe Chrislrnas program. Then came Band Frolic and lhe schoolroom scene. Three weeks laler lhe Chorus was reaoly wilh some music lo supple- rnenl a onebacl play, and linally came lhe Music Fesliyal one week laler. ll was a very busy year for lhe Chorus. Sponsored by Kenneth Kausen SHOWN IN PICTURE: A. Silva, R. Edeline, G. Klingler, F, Boyd, H. Cave, C. Cave, E. Losa, N. Marlella, G. Marks, D. Currier, J. Ruiz, H. Hamilfon, K. Cady, S, Ambrosini, R. Giacomini, Mr. W. B. Crane, G. Paine, S, Lowry, D. Kirlley, A. Maflhews. 6 51- J- Under Their new advisor, Miss Joyce Lowry, The CaliTornia Scholarship l:ederaTion has become very acTive in school aTTairs raTher Than resTing solely on Their laurels as scholars. The TirsT sTudenT-Teacher day was The highIighT oT The year. During The day each C.S.F. member Took over The Teaching oT The classes he or she desired. The experience given To Those who wish To become Teachers was very valuable. IT is hoped iT will become an annual C.S.I:. acTiviTy. LaTer a Trip was Talcen by all members To I-IumboldT STaTe College To see college IiTe in acTion. During The year, Tive new members were admiTTecI inTo The club, while Jaclc Nielson, an ouTsTanding senior sTudenT, was given his liTe membership pin. The Tomahawlc Tor l95O is pleased To honor wiTh a picTure Those sTudenTs who were able To mainTain a schoIasTic index oT 2.25 Tor The TirsT semesTer oT The currenT year. Sponsored by Waddingfon Store C.S.F. FIRST ROW, lefl To righft L. Brazil, F. Boyd, M. Kempf, W. Page, R. Gia- comini, F. Winkler. SECOND ROW: M. Wilson, L. Salladay, C. DeCarlI, J. Peqcloffi, J. Rowley. THIRD ROW: J. Nielson, D. Graham, J. Monson, B. Hull, D. Salladay, FOURTH ROW: Miss Joyce Lowe ry. 2.25 INDEX Salladay, J. Rowley. THIRD ROW: J Pegololli, C. Tirsbeck, B. Lewis, D Holbrook, M. Wilson. my me an V Q FIRST ROW, lefT To righlr W. Page, L. Brazil, M. Edeline, F. Boyd, M. Kempf, F' I F. W' kl . SECOND ROW: L. rue, In er A. Terilli, C. Enos, E. Losa, B. Hull, D. One of Ferndale's specfacular plays of The season was a reverse. Here, in The Del Norre game, Bill Shewry is shown carrying The mail, wifh Lino Mognl leading The play. One of The few defensive picTures snapped all year shows several Fern- dale boys smearing one of The Fishermen from Del Norfe. Jnntbad During The l949 season aT Ferndale l-ligh, The WildcaTs were Tabbed by mosT armchair quarTer- backs To suTTer a winless season. BUT such opinions were soon disproved as The Torward-pass combina- Tion oT Lee Marvel-Bill Shewrv be-gan To click wiTh some consisTency, and as The whole Team developed a will-To-win spiriT. Traveling To Healdsburg Tor The season opener, The Ferndalers were edged by Two second-halT Touch- downs in an oTherwise evenly played conTesT. ln The early league games oT The season, The apparenT lack oT experience came To The surface as Ferndale wenT down under The aTTacks oT a sTrong Eureka club, and a noT-so-sTrong Del NorTe eleven. AT ForTuna, where The cross-river rivals had "one oT The besT Teams in souThern l-lumboldT hisTory," a hard-TighTing WildcaT squad held The l-luskies To a 7-O win which was decided on a break-away in The waning momenTs oT The conTesT. One oT The TiTle TavoriTes, The ArcaTa High Tigers, was meT wiTh The year's ma'or prep upseT in which The Cream CiTy gridders seT Them down I9-7. Traveling norTh, The WildcaTs chalked up win number Two when They subdued The powerTul, buT smaller, l-loopa ag- gregaTion. In The year's Tinale, The WildcaTs held a powerTul and highly TouTed ForT Bragg Team To a 7-O vicTory. NoT only was The lvlarvel-Shewry Twosome ouT- sTanding, buT The enTire Torward wall showed promise and abiliTy, and Dewey Currier came inTo his own as a ball carrier and line backer. The line play will pay oTT in l95O as The maioriTv oT The boys will be back Tor anoTher season. One oT The sTandouT TeaTures oT The l949 combina- Tion was The Tremendous spiriT They displayed. Three oT iTs members were selecTed Tor posiTions on The All-CounTy TirsT eleven-Bill Shewry, TirsT Team halT- back: Lino lvlogni, TirsT Team end: and Gene lviarks. TirsT Team guard. Sponsored by Pefersen's Chevrolet Co. Marvel is being held for no gain on The six-inch line during The Del Norfe game. On The nexf play he was a bil more successful. -'- 1 s Shown here in The Eureka game is Bill Shewry who caughf a long pass, buf didn'f gel far afTer ThaT. HA Girsback, who almosr gol away for a Eureka louchdown, is being stopped here by Shewry, deep in fhe Ferndale secondary. Lined up ro lake a crack al Rayl are several Eureka Loggers who are a bit pu? oul because Chuck caught a long pass. Currier is being nailed afler a short gain during ihe Fortuna game, Holbrook comes up 'lo help buf is a bi? foo far away, and slightly outnumbered. Marvel smears Forfuna safely man afler a punl, while Holbrook pufs his ear fo fhe ground fo delecl' lhe approach of olher Huskies. Currier in a long gainer durlng lhe Arcafa game, as Marks comes up to lend a hand. Sponsored by Ring's Pharmacy Flynn purs a stopper on a would-be gainer by breaking through and smearing an Arcala back for a five-yard loss. Currier is shown being fackled in fhe Arcala game after a shorf gain, as Chrislen enlerlains fhe crowd wilh a few feafures of lhe snake dance. Shewry demonslrales his abilily as a broken field runner as he fhreads his way through would-be Hoopa lacklers. The boys gef fogether in the Hoopa game lo falk over The funda- menlals as Marvel picks up a few inches. Flynn is snapped recovering a For? Bragg fumble, as ofhers look on wilh considerable inleresf. Sponsored by Joe Dusina JIM PEDROTTI DON BRAZILL CHARLES RAYL GARTH PAINE FRANK CRANE RODNEY EDELINE LEROY TERKELSON RICHARD BOOTH JOE CHRISTEN BILL SHEWRY DALE GIRTLEY HAROLD HAMILTON BILL NESS DON HOLBROOK RAY FLYNN ART TARELLI HAROLD SCILACCI AUGUSTINE ROCHA Sponsored by Cooks' Vurely Store Many oihers look on while Clough seemlngly revuves a For? Bragg player Mognu and Shewry gefhng In poslhon fo fackle For! Bragg man only LEE MARVEL LINO MOGNI BILL SETTERLUND DEWEY CURRIER CHARLES DE CARLI GENE MARKS LEN GUGLIELMINA DOUG CLOUGH ROD KILLINGSWORTH N,A.,....---' A AP' LIGHTWEIGHTS FIRST ROW, IefT To righT: N. Marlin, A. Rocha, H. Scilacci, F. Crane, C. Wilson, A. Tarelli. SECOND ROW: C. Rayl, B. Ure, D. Brazill, C. Lakin, B. Shewry. 6'milwtbalL The lighTweiqhTs made a respecTable showing This year as They Tinished TourTh in The league sTandinq, having won six oT The Twelve games. ln all The conTesTs The WildcaTs played wiTh spiriT and deTerminaTion ThaT was never dampened by The readinq on The scoreboard. Three OT The six losses could easily have been wins, and were wins up unTil The Tinal n'iinuTesfsome- Times The Tinal seconds. ln The TirsT meeTinq wiTh The l-loopa LiqhTweiqhTs, who were undeT'eaTed in leaque play Tor The enTire season, Ferndale baTTled on even Terms, evenTually Torcinq The qame inTo an overTime. An early buclceT puT l-loopa ahead, where They remained unTil The Tinal whisTle. The same was re- peaTed in The second baTTle wiTh Eureka, who was deTeaTed in an earlier rneeTinq, An overlirne, played several minuTes aTTer The conclusion oT The regular game because oT an inTer- preTaTion oT a rule, Eureka wenT ahead and finished There aTTer The Three rninuTes. ln The "Big Game" wiTh l:orTuna The Wild- caTs were ahead rnosT oT The way, and had a cornTorTable lead in The Tinal quarTer, only To see iT go by The boards and have l:orTuna caTch up and pass in The lasT Tew seconds. ln winninq or in losinq The players qain a sTrenqTh oT char, acTer ThaT will sTand well wiTh Them in The TuTure. The l.iqhT- weiqhTs sTarTed The season wiTh The ar'nbiTion To wind up on Top oT The heap. ln winninq halT Their qarnes They advanced imrneasurably in Those TraiTs oT good sporTsmanship ThaT malre Tor beTTer adulT liTe. Sponsored by Fortuna Construction Co. l. Brazill grabs in ForTuna game. 3. Lakin inched ou? againsT ArcaTa. 5, Two for Lakin aqainsT Arcafa. 2. Reserves Take over aqainsl Del Noile. 4. Shewry lumps and scores with Arcata, 6, Ure in for one wiTh Eureka, tl-" ami' A Kffsll 1 i HEAVYWEIGHTS FIRST ROW, Iefl lo righl: L. Mognl, R. Flynn, K. Cady, R. Killingsworlh, J. Bugbee, D. Johansen. SECOND ROW: H. Hamillon, G. Paine, D. Holbrook, L. Guqlielmina, J. Monson, L. Marvel. a6'a.4lmt6alL Erorn lhe slandpcinl ol qarnes won and losl lhe Eerndale l-leavyweiqhls rnade a poor showinq in fheir annual race lor lhe C.I.F, championship. They posled a final mark of four vic- lories and eiqhl' selbacks. Bur in lhe eyes of The coach, lhe players, and lhe fans, lheir season was nol all in vain. A lerm which miqhl lil lheni besl would be Hqianl killers," since lwo ol lheir wins were a' fhe expense ol delinile lille conlenders. ln lhe inilial conlesl ol lhe year lhe Wildcals slunned lhe onlookers by holdinq a 2I-2 halllirne lead over lhe ever-po- lenfial Eureka Loqqers. lhouqh Eureka came back slronq in lhe second hall' il was nor enouqh lo calch Thai biq lead, and Ferndale wenl on lo a 36-25 vicfory. Earlier in lhe eveninq lhe Limileds had disposed ol lhe Loqqer Liqhls by a final counl ol 27-I9, lhus recordinq lhe iirsl doubleheader Eerndale had laken from Eureka since Coach Givins has handled lhe coach- inq dulies. Perhaps even more arnazinq lo Ferndale fans was lhe upsel of lhe championship Soulh Fork FNS. possessing a leam lhal' averaged well over six leer, and one ol 'rhe hiqhesl and mosl consislenr scorers in lhe C.l.F. league in many years, lhe Cubs found lhernselves soundly bealen for lheir lirsl loss of lhe year, and by a club lhey had handled easily in a previous encounler. Many ol' lhe olher qames were closely conlesled. Wilh many ol fhe same forces back lo do ballle nexl year we hope lo lurn many or' lhe near-wins inlo sure-wins. Sponsored by Peers Motor Sales I, Klllingsworlh is mangled buf makes lwo against Soulh Fork, 4. Boys folk dance as Flynn makes one againsl Del Norle. 2. Everybody is happy affer bealing Eureka. 5. Ferndale upsels Soulh Fork. 3. Monson for lwo againsl Arcala. 6. Monson sinks wilh Arcala. Q '-II1 f - sm. A FIRST ROW, leff lo riqhl: D. Currier, G. Paine, B. Shewry, D. Kirfley, H. Hamilfon, G. Wood, L. Marlin. SECOND ROW: B. Ure, L. Marvel, A. Terilli, J. Monson, H. Scillacci, R. Flynn, B. Ness. THIRD ROW: J. Chrisfen, J. Flynn, M. Wilson, L. Salladay lmanaqerl, Coach Givins, R. Killingsworlh, B. Selfurland, C. Lakin. 6'n.4,ebalL As in previous years lhe early spring season praclices, as well as lhe iirsl' garnes. were rained oul. The slari oi lhis boolc cannol 'fell whal The coming season will bring. Lasl year The Wildcals of The diamond came oul on lop in 'rwo games, one played wilh lhe Eureka Junior High, and lhe olher wilh Soulh Fork. Many of lasl' year's boys are baclc, a lillle more advanced in lhe arl ol baseball. We hope lheir season was a big success. Sponsored by Bill's Garage FIRST ROW, Ief? fo righ'r: C. Rayl, B. Tiller, J. Pedrofii, A. Chrisien, A. Rocha, J. Chrislen, A. Tarelli. SECOND ROW: L. Marvel, H. Hamilfon, D. Brazil, G. Paine, D. Kirlley. THIRD ROW: D. Hackeli, D. Holbrook, J. Monson, R. Killings- worfh, K. Cady. FOURTH ROW: H. Scillacci, G. Belfenzoli, R. Flynn, D. Currier, L. Mogni. jmck ln I949 Ferndale did very well in Iraclc, Ialcing lirsis in many evenls in Ihe counly me-el. The boys slarled oil wilh a bang, winning Ihe A division ol a Irianqular meel wilh Forluna, and Forl Bragg. As a resuli we were favored Io cop Ihe counly meel. Allhough we look several places in 'rhe lviay rneel we fell shorl ol coming off wilh hiqhesl honors. This year we expecl much from Ihe boys, wilh a possible record in Ihe hurdles. Sponsored by Ray I.. Albert and Sons Ford Sales and Service I. Capeder a step ahead in 880. 4. Payne clears 5 feel. 2. Rayl finishes oul in front in fhe hurdles. 5. Mogni leads in first lap. 3, Cady baffles for place in hurdles. 6. Scilacci breaks Iape far oul in fronl. I i'fi'?fW',l. v " '1 .-f---L-.--........,,,,,., FIRST ROW, leff lo righf: Rodney Edeline, Florence Winkler, Colleen Tirsbeck, Gayle Klingler, Marilyn Edeline, Floyd Beffiga. SECOND ROW: Bill Shewry, Dewey Currier, Sanford Lowry, Dan Lowry, Bob Ure. Jwunr ,y.1,uuDuu,aazL ln recenl years Ferndale's record on The 'rennis courl has noi been one worihy of wide publicaiion. Wilh lhe varieiy oi acliviiies cominq in fhe sprinq of The year lhere aren'l enouqh individuals who can spend enouqh iime on lhe qarne io qain any slcill. However, much is lo be qained ihrouqh parlicipalion wifh oiher schools, We hope ihal fhe wealher man will bless us wifh good weaiher in fuiure years, and ihai providence will find 'lor us ihe means of qeiiinq more siudenfs so ihai rennis will become a maior spori on our calendar. The fall sporl for lhe girls was carried oil in grand slyle ihis year, 'ro lhe iune of several broken anlcles. Neveriheless, all injuries susfained, lhe qals were able lo complele lhe season and deiermine lhe winner. Aller several holly conlesled malches, 'rhe ieam, led by Lela Anne, was able fo emerqe viciorious. Sponsored by Doc's Barber Shop and Marca's Bakery LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Feldrnanis, M. Edeline, J. Ambrosini, L. Worfhingfon, M. Kempf, F. Winkler. FIRST ROW, Iefi 'ro righf: C. Tirsbeck, M. Heli, L. Goff, M. Moranda, A. DeCarIi. SECOND ROW: H. Cave, J. Kiri- Iey, R. Mogni, J. Kairi. THIRD ROW: L. Coppini. zhlaf Bndmtball Na+ all Ihe Ihrills and spills resulling from noon games of baskelball were conlribufed by Ihe boys Ihis year. On many occasions Ihe gymnasium was well filled by many who came Io walch Ihe girls play off Iheir malches. Afler several games, in which floor burns were a dime a dozen, Ihe Ieam, ably lead by Lorraine, came home The vicror. Sponsored by Howard Larsen Dodge Service JUMP CAROLYN SERVICE! GOT IT! 7 ,...,.,.,.,:....,Q.-.W ,.,..:,::w.-In ' w,.:.IlLlIfI.fmX,i' """'ix......,..Llf.xm-Q ..-.m,T,.....,g.. ....,..... am.,-IQ..55wm -,....h.,,,,, -M-..,,...,. ,.W, , ,W f "0" 1 4--.,....,,4 ,W.,,,.. ,: '-,:w,,. ,..M.,..W .....,w,.fw...,. ,MJ ,. M ..,, 1 ......,,. ,, ., .., . Q -..... 14' .ff If f -Q gp. H+ E .31 M Fxzzff vw V' 7121 Mwvf. A 1 'V Y M. .M mm W... ...WMM WV-M... . rm-we mm +-.53m,,...,, .......,,,N H 'U 9 ' J ,Fil M5552 We wish +o exlend hearly 'rhanks To all fhe sludenls and 'ro lhe following merchanls wi+hou'r whose supporl +his book would noi have been possible. School Board Tipple and Davie lvlarcussen's Grocery Slore Noble's Grocery Ferndale Cleaners Valley Grocery lv1arlin's News Sland H. K. lvlafhes. Jeweler The Handy Shop Red From' Slore Newell and Leniz Drs. Wor+hing+on and Codoni Canclini's Shoe S'rore Wes+ern's Family Shoe Slore Fuller Plumbing and Elec+ric Ferndale Enlerprise Drs. Crane and McKee Bernice Mills' Beauly Shop Raveal's Beauly Shop Pholfo Specially Shop llfurekal Ferndale Meal' Marker George E. Becker H. E. Giacomini-Cal-Farm Ins. Agenl Dedini Radio and Appliance Shop Ferndale Cleaners Olson lmplemenl 6 Valley Flower Co-op Creamery Golden S'ra're L+d. Blackburn and Nielsen Francis B. lvlalhews, Alforney a'r Law Guy and lvlads Angelina Inn Ber1'ain's Laundry and Dry Cleaning Mickie and Charley Drs. Deflefsen and Roberrs Kennelh Kausen Waddinglon Siore Pe+ersen's Chevrolel' Co. Ring's Pharmacy Joe Dusina Cook's Varie1'y Slore Ferndale Elecfric Shop Forluna Conslrucfion Co. Peers Molor Sales Bill's Garage Ray L. Alberl and Sons' Doc's Barber Shop lv1arca's Bakery Howard Larsen Dodge Service The Panlry Robins Signal Service Barnes Tracfor Equipmenlr Co. awww lnlullfy l.nnnln,511ux'1'3c Zum KM., lv.,li1am1n,l1.u11uuN iw V Q- ,a K J- 'Y -'P 'ni' 1 1. ,rg . , , 232 5 'K , V A J' S I Fu , 9: f 5 K' . -3 W - 7 A L S V 7.. ? . B? 1 5 A ,mx iz. iz 1? V , Q? gi' Q J :L 5. Qs :W I - Q . ' ' -11 v' nk , f ' 4' 4, 'J' ,Q 1 Lus t. .iw , 3, J b ., 7 3: 1 Q U. 1, U fs' A if! Q L,s'9"?, .1 air, if in I 5541? 2 . , . 1" 39' fx Fw' 1 L, 'off :W "W J 'fu 3- : ,,. 1 'E l, :Jk . ,mf ' Qzgfffi-il' ' , 1 A ,, 1 4' , ..- . 'wm X ,f , . ' ' ' H1 . -' Q97 SQA, Q' 125457 I . 12.3-QQ 'ga 35 13" ff :'1511 W f . 151 , L x 1 Q 'A yer: , QQASEQ . Adi? K y ,i ,X,' ,. gig' - . A j . .g ifgfiiu 32551 A t , 1, . ,f,, 4 , , N , ' W ru' '11, 5' , - ' X A ,, "SQ, H 4 ang, 1, -'af'141.gff5Li,- ' 51, iff f f - 42 -- ?wL-gclL?fiEi'QgMQfJ' A? mfgigpx X 'way' :gi5,w?:1.f, l V if ' , - L Egmafi- :Y 9:mif,zp,. A """i'ffF1ws'., 5' ' f ' , io.. my L , . A v.. L. 41 wwf - 71,-.,w,,A, f 5-. , x , , -V , , JY Q-Q:""11. A ff ,, I 2 ffl' 7.1154 I 1. V. W, .x 'e f 31 , , , -Q ,. my ,J A 5 ,fl ,V , Lg A , K 'li ,'.,., MSIL' x':JL'f5fv:9i,-3':',,1 ' 5' -' fm " , I M. K ' ,.Qf.:g+ Q f ,fa " ,.g 1 3,55 vi .mi is Q 'HE-ga, i , qv, 5 ,M Y, 1 wie: , r -413 Q1 A , ,,, ,1 I: 1' 1 fm," ,, wi, ,dx , 1 wh as H K-" . ,,3"'1: WNV Q 'f' -1 .. .. .,f U- f 5. fuk' . " K X , Uf my ,, Q' ,,,, ' A 77?f4x:p:" x .W ,K , 'nt pgggw. , . fini'

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