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Tv, V Q ., H . . . ' -:FE W -L 4.4 .. :,,. V . ,- -., . rf fv -5 .-y. -1 , - 4, Q.. ,f-.glam .T-,ff ' 'f , M. ,iff '-1. I 32:1 - it 7 .'1,"l-.f- , My , 13. V , 1. V fir.. V K ,,.A, af ry .:' 1:1 , ,eg W -.ivY.v hey' ' 1 " '- fg 1 ,, . . - arf - -F -. .- - . ,, -vw ,,. ' - '1 ,j 5'1" X md ,w- ...,---.-- --V '5- . H L - ,,1-,QQ f' V ,ww-rw.-. ,L -Y .W -' , 4,5 f- C I fit' 'N .L-' v LH ,.. , . -.nm j.,, - - Y .f..,. Y ., ., , . . - . ., ' -'Hr 74. er' ,- Jr- . 'J' 'H ' ' -. :ujw . S . .,: Av. n. . ,, -4. ., ,,-1, 0' ' ' . ' 5 '.'- "J: .IFF wi ' '93 ' ' Exif' :.:rl'f' K 5: an f W , ' '-2,'V1'I'W ':--1, X--,v ,- X Sy jiA..3?eg2iAf.g:1' - -,- 'I -wa ' - ' ., KV: - H. , .. , .4 K 21.11 5, , Em , , 'Lk 5fQT.ifg1gi. .554 , 'lg' pf- - Q- KS ::m,g:'4.f. .gxvqi 1 .A fx V f :alliz ,171 12:34 ff 1, - Q- 5. K. i-'.iff.'f'f., . -f, nh, A+ F.:-. .HSS -+22 F' -1- 111 , ,, ' ,. K-Lf, v 4. 55, . j,A',,fF'x -I-g ,- g- -: . Q'-.-.,,-'-V i-,.-- f,..v.,,r Vi , M ga QTI2, -ml , 1" fin-. ' 'V' '-.43 .sg 1-,K . zgr' , '1f'v?lw 1 .L --2 74 -.-. -,mf ."'.'a,- -.ei ...W A. , . Y 'V 'V?Ari':. "5?J""' LQ'f.?' -, . ,.,H Eng, , ... -,.,. ,ug , 'yn -,.1-gy., 142- ....' 1.1 .1151 'vii x. L-' 1.. ? ,Es as.: awe-w1'.'f.:-r" ' ,wr-14 :nf-'Y 4 'sw 4 I 1 " ' rf. "nu lm.. N ,. 2-. . 1 f- Q 'A . , J. ,ar if-.f x k M. .Vx 'H x- mgry,xuv,4-' The T0 AHAWK 1 9 2 2 PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENTS OF FERNDALE UNION HIGH SCHOOL FERNDALE, CALIFORNIA. N.. wmiffw A--:nl-iq. This issue of "THE TOMAHAWK' is respectfully dedicated to our true friend and advisor, Principal C. L. Markley -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- , Q x v 5 TABLE OF CONTENTS Advertising Section .... Alumni .,...,,,,,,, Athletics ......... Calendar ..... Dedication --- Dramatics .... Editorial ......... Editorial Staff ---.. Exchanges ...... Faculty ........,,,, Freshman Notes ..... Graduates ........ ln Memoriam - . - - - Junior Notes ........ Literary A Weary Search .... Perspective ......... Revenge is Sweet ..... ..... 2 9-32 Ring, Ring, Ring ...... School Days ........ Springtime ...,,,,-,-------, - , , Pa e 61-79 34-36 41-47 --- 54 --- 5 49-50 --- 38 --- 39 --- 51 --- 8 --- 21 - 9 - - 7 --- 19 --- 23 33 --- 32 --- 24 --- 28 The Maniac ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,, 2 5.27 The Soliloquy of a School Mouse .... --- 28 More Snaps ...,......... . .,,,.....,, ,,,, 6 0 Our Last Request ....,..........,..-. Plans for High School Athletic Field ..... School Notes ......,................. Student Body Notes ................ Senior-Freshman Snapshots .... Senior Horoscope ........... Senior Notes ............. Sophomore Notes ..... Senior Photos ...... Senior Will ....... Snapshots ...,.... . Society .............. Table of Contents ....... The Dizzy Section ........ The Fate of the Seniors ..... vi 5' G Q 'U I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I OJ Nl if-. II ,ji gggj I ll! I I f Hg E - 2 !!! 2 VN.V.V.V.Y.'.Vl.V.V.Vll.'.U.V!.V!.'.V.VN.VS.'l.'.VI.'NN.VN.V.Y --- 14 --- 40 .--- 36 --- 37 --- 22 --- 18 ---- 13 --- 30 10-12 --- 15 --- 48 52-53 --- 6 55-59 16-17 Zin illivmnriam Mr. Samuel Fulmor Born---November 5th, 1905 Died---December 213, 1921 Class of 1923 Mrs. Walter Neuhaus fAlice Bessemer, Born---August 3161, 1897 Died---April 20th, 1921 Class of 1917 S GRADUATING CLASS Florinda Ambrosini Rena Ambrosini Madeline Calanchini Elmer Christensen Laurence Cummings Louise Goff Marie Gamboni Helen Heath Lucille Kelly Beatrice Leighton Delphine Moranda Lois Morrison Agnes Pedrotti Evelyn Silingsby Margaret Smith Maloa Taubman CLASS FLOWER Lady Hillingdon Rose wet-fwm ezer, F . sa CLASS COLORS Green and Gold - Y W,-4-c'wGL,'W3 Af ' CLASS MOTTO Ambition says I must: Conscience says I can: Determination says I will. Agnes Pedrotti Beatrice Leighton Elmer Chrisiensen Lucille Kelly Lois Morrison Maloa Taubman Marie Gamboni Louise Goff Margaret Smith Helen Heath Madeline Calanchini Laurence Cummings Delphine Moranda Evelyn Slingsby Rena Ambrosini Florinda Ambrosini ,21- SENIOR NOTES lt seemed as if the time would never come when we. the class of nine- teen twenty-two, could call ourselves Seniorsg hut nnw it has come all tori 50011. The first class meeting of the school year was held the second Week nf the first semester for the purpose of electing new class officers. The follow- ing were elected: l'resiclent .,ee,... Maloa 'llanhman Vice President ..... .... I Elmer Christensen Secretary ..,.i... .... l Jelphine Mm-anda Treasurer ee.ei.e..... ..,e.l.e...... l lelen Ileath Sergeant-at-.Xrms .........el, Lawrence Cummings Member lixecutive Committee ...... Lois Mmwisrm Although a small class. consisting nf fourteen girls and two buys, we took an important part in social events and schowl activities. School life proved too dull for us at the beginning of the first semester. su it was decided that we have a picnic at the Ferndale Park. The plans were carried out and a good time was enjnved hy all. 13 The next thing that attracted our attention was the football season. Both the boys made the team, and Elmer Christensen was chosen on the county All- Star team. VVe were well represented in track as well as basketball and other activities. The girls also did their share in school athletics. It has been the custom for Senior classbs to take charge of Christmas dances. In accordance with the custom we took charge this year. The dance was a success in every way. W ' Commencement is now receiving our full attention, but we sigh "a whopper of a sighy' as we think of leaving dear old F. U. H. S., where we have spent the most enjoyable days of our life 1 1. 'mm -14 lu S-.,' yy-"' K 'R " r i' OUR LAST REQUEST Oh Students, please remember, In the years that are to come, To be kind to our old High School As you pass out one by one. Maybe we have not been right In some one thing or two, But let us please assure you iWe don't want that from you. For now as we have gone Forever from its shelter We regret the many things We did Which did not always help her. May you always take the advice Of the class of ,225 And do all within your power To help that dear old School. T ' BEA. L. '22. 14 SENIOR WILL We, the class of 322, wish to bequeath our property to the Students and the classes of the Ferndale Union High School in the following manner. To the new Seniors we wish to bequeath our reputation for pep and also all the cares of the Senior Class. To the Juniors we wish to bequeath the hardships of making up lost credits for the coming year. ' To the Sophomores we wish to bequeath our ability for initiating the Freshmen. To the Freshmen we bequeath our old Wads of gum under the desks and our lack of knowledge and sleepless nights over exams. INDIVIDUAL ENDOVVMENT I, Elmer Christensen, do bequeath my wisdom and wit to NValter Guil- leri as he seems to need it. I, Delphine Moranda, do bequeath my giggling apparatus to Helen Reas as hers is fast wearing out. I, Margaret Smith, do bequeath my way of combing hair to Gertrude Fletcher. I, Maloa Taubman, do bequeath my meekness and shy way to Nellie Hartley. I, Beatrice Leighton, do bequeath my dignity and great ideals to Esther VVolfe, who seems to envy them. I, Rena Ambrosini, do bequeath my ability for learning Biology to the, next victims of this disease. I, Marie Gamboni, do bequeath to Rose Mary Regli my curls and hair nets. I, Lois Morrison, do bequeath my knack of teasing Freshmen girls to Arlene Christensen, who I think will appreciate it greatly. I, Florinda Ambrosini, do bequeath to the in-coming Seniors my abil-A ity to bluff the teachers. I, Lucille Kelly, do bequeath to Mary O,Leary, my typewriter, paper, and period of work in Mr. Markley's office, with every wish for her success. A I, LaWrence Cummings, do bequeath my nickname QGeneralj and my walk to Herman Klingler. . I, Helen Heath, do bequeath my ability to make eyes at the boys to Elsie Ambrosinig this may help to add to her collection. I, Evelyn Slingsby, do bequeath to the future American History Class, my knowledge, ability, and reference books. I, Madeline Calanchini, do bequeath to the future Latin Classes, my great ability to translate the said language. I, Louise Goff, do bequeath to Mae Early, my ability in making Merle, my brother, behave in school. I, Agnes Pedrotti, do bequeath my ability to read the Treasury report to the in-coming Treasurer. Witnessed by' Mr. Markley. Signed-CLASS OF ,22, is 6. THE FATE OF THE SENIORS. Oh where, Oh where, have my classmates gone Oh where, Oh where, can they be? I'll go and ask the magic man Their steps in life to see. The minute I looked in that great round ball A sight came to my eyes. There was Lucille Kelly upon the stage, In a great big opera hall. Then next came Lois in grim despair, With a rolling pin in handg She had her husband dancing round, In time to her rolling pin band. Oh and there was Del. in a maid's costume, NVith breakfast tray in hand. She waits upon the Presidenfs wife, As nice as e'er she can. And then the next thing that I saw VVas a house full of splendor and fame. An old man's darling owned them all, Florinda was her name. Oh, and there was Lawrence Cummings, A barber of great renown. A-shaving whiskers and cutting hair Off men around the town. The next brought horror to my eye, For there was Marie so fair, A-making pills full of poison For people in despair. Then what should appear but a dear old maid With white morning cap so stiff. I looked again and then I saw It was dear little Margaret Smith. An old maid schoolma'm next I see With etiquette book in hand. It was no one else but E. Slingsby, Who was teaching away down in Alabam 16 'a Oh, how can I tell you the next one, But 1,11 do as best I can, There Was Bud, our once time hero, But now a ladies' man. The next one brought a smile to my face For who do you think it could be? There was Helen and Carl in a neat little hor Right down beside the sea. Then into that wonderful ball ' Came a nurse who was skilled and famed, You'd never guess who it was for years, For Rena was her name. Oh, the next one just filled me up with pride For there at the presidents desk, Sat Maloa the once time Sec. of the F. U. H. S Taking notes at the Presidents request. Oh, the next was worse than ever, Many suffragettes I see, But who do you think was the foremost one? To throw at their men in the future. Then came that dear Louise Do you remember how we loved her? She was teaching girls to make hard tacks, To throw at their me in the future. The next I knew to be Madeline, And I wondered why in deep repose she sat, Then thinking of her aim in life, I remembered that she never thot of that. Have you ever heard of Tiny Who dances on her toes? That's me: but some day I'll be dancing on my nose. Now that you've heard the awful fate Of the class of ,22 Please don't judge us too harshly If we didn't do what you would do. 17 lk llllllwiu-:E-B mg-EE EO :IlIllllllllllllllllg-:Z II it W0 Eu-SE I-gg 2-W IIIIIIVIIIQNXA-:NE Miva- 4 III-: llllix-2-an -'Bez I , I I I l A I I ' I-ol--:oak-:B-: ' I I cg-ge 3-E3 0:2-'Eco l'll'IIlI' ogg og N-TPQA IIIIIIAIIIAXIIIK-uw-mm F-vac ::I:::::l-ggv ua 11:,"I'II'lI-:QE mtg-vs :I :ll -vu-Em Ea ui--oz lllillllll 0:02-Esm :lllllllllllsai Ea -so A KIII E023-E -2 ES?-gm I I I I V - IEEE-O23 E-E EO !!!!Al'x"ImvHo: N-:ummm I ug-Riga I I I 'Nigg- I I,Ill Hg Q2-Q52 Miva ' I I I I 'Ha HE- WE NEG: lllxxlllllllmt-5 an IIIIIIIIIINNNN wmv-:Q-:Av I Ill.'IlI 2.--8 EE 5: V V I X P-2-OHUH 2: M-HE:-Q k I I I I I-'EE -as aims'-O I V A New-MMG I I I Meigs,- X X k K k I I :va age mice X X X Jigs: I I V X 3-Em IIIEQ-E? 112-E E 2:2 wi-Eau IlllIllIPVKll' i lIIII IES' Illxllllll MES?-gm llllw lllllllloa M-mn when Allllllllllxllgog mu: IIIIIIII lwllllwllllllmgu Illlllllllllxll-is mi Illllllllglllllllllhu-3: F5 :il :IIIIIIIIIVWEU Illlllmwm QE' V-E5 gh oe as-3 I IIIIIVXXXNNNNX W-so -5: IIIIN l Illilllllllll my-2-3 Illlllll-secs Eu- hm: IIYIIEGWQ- .sa EVE- -Eh on ' IIIII XXIINIIIIV - :Q XVI! XNXXXIIIIIIIVVIII 0 :Ewa I IIII, 'I!' W MF-ESM E III'll IIKIA W E oe ge :S :':::1g8g-5: mm.: Illllljiyllllavwmmg :vi :W IIIIIIIIIIIK-so -Eu-H95 lllllllzlllmham ig :Sf :y1'::I:::lEovm ---Ili my-E use .ou aria: ::K::tg2 tag?-H :its N-5 :S E H23 ,Ez ! Y llVIIII-oo-E0-as IlIIIIIE mEE IK rg :Sam he 9-as Vi KI 1 1KII Illl N Em -5 Illlllllllivllxm-2-ought Illllxxllllxxxxaons- race- ! I with 1 N mm.:-Q EE Em I -F-goo : vi-.E E-W Il vu:-NE rg III-luvm A K Ee-m E at N -emu-NE K I 135:- Ixlsm I I I 1 X X X Eg-E54 ' I I I I I Egg-E4 I I I I I IEEE-so , I I I N :ages-5 I I I , I , as-:Esc ---Ili I M-:Beau lllllll as Illyl Illl-ago: lIIIII g-E :Ill :F-S-Maud IIIIDQIKS-U-.kong IIII QQHSOEQE IIIIIIIIEEEA- lxllll-sim "I'-I N-SEA-:FF :: l3mM::m QMDHDQ MOH! -Z?,OZM 11525 VZMO3 HE--Io -Z0-mwmd-LNH HF-dO?4m mt?-4 H242 EGQOMOE M223 On .Xuqust 8, IQZI the class of IQ23 began life as juniors. On August 17 we organized our class and elected the following officers: P1-egldent ,,,,,,1..V,,..,,....,.....,.,,...... Lharles Kaneu Vice President ..... Orville Rees Secretary ,,1.,,.. ..,., I ,ucille Moore 'l'reasurer 17,..............,. .1.,, PI lleu Cauty Member Ex. Comm. Adrian Chapin Class Adviser .,..,.......,..,...,.,.,.....1.... Miss Mason This year we have taken an active part in every branch of school activ- ities. ln Football we have been represented by Leonard Casanova. XYarren Ott. Carl Cheeseman. Stanford Shirek and Irving Kausen. Leonard Casa: nova was chosen for the All Star County Team, ln Girls Basketball we were represented by Clara Oeschger, fCapt.j, Lucille Moore tcaptain-electl, Anna Clausen a11d Ellen Canty. Harlan Morrison and Charles Kanen represented the class on the regu- lar basketball teams. Many Juniors took part in the operetta "Sylvia" and the play "Aaron Boggs. Freshman." 19 llere we come! Sophomores XYUWW The Sophomores re-entered the lfcrndalc Union High School with all the vim and pep they had last year. Shortly after the fall semester began. a meeting was called to order for xhe purpose of electing class officers. The following were elected: President ,,,,,,cc,c,,,,,,,,,cc, ,,,,,,,,cc....,, 1 frank Heath Vice President ,c,,,,ce....cc... V,e.. F sther Hackett Secretary and Treasurer ....... Mary 0'T.CZll'j' Sergeant at ,Xrins ....,e,,, ,, lilmer Christensen Member of Ex. Com. --... Mary 0'Leary Class Adviser cc.....,.ee,..eer.,,....wv..., Mrs. Morgan The lfreshmen Initiation took place on Thursday night. September Sth. .-Xll the lfreshmen attended, which helped to make the affair a success. The Sophomores took an active interest in the school activities. XVhen the girls' haskethall team was picked it was found that Gertrude lfletcher and lflorence Morrison had heen chosen from the Sophomore class. lfrank Heath, George Peacock. and Herman Klingler played on the hoys' haskethall teams. james Marvel, George Peacock, and Herman lkhngler played on the foot hall team. I l Q homore class which Were very suc- A-X few dances were given my tie , op cessful, due to the co-operation of all the Sophomore students. 20 fffx Fif .lg J. BSIIIU The lfreshmeu Class entered the lierndale Union High School in August 1921 as full of pep as any class could be. About a month after we had entered, Miss lfiske, our class adviser, called a meeting' at which we elected our officers. The following were chosen: President ..v,.... ...... N Yilliam Ott Vice President ..,. Aileen Bartlett Secretary Mae Early Treasurer .......A.......,............... .c,. 3 lerle Goff Ex, Comm. Representative ..,,. V.... C hester Reas Sergeant at Arms .c,.,......... .... l ra Hackett Thursday evening, September Sth. we were initiated by the Sophomores After enoying some clever stunts, everyone took part in dancing. On Halloween eve we gave a return dance in honor of the upper class- men. The gymnasium was prettily decorated and with the aid of Miss Fiske, it Was a successful affair. 21 22 iiii .WE N or H ' tj ,411 "fi -km,f'1,'t A 2 I 5.5 f K .kj f . 31" ,,- , W 5 " -i4,, , 'l-.W-4""E I 5' f e-.F , 3' 6.1L-f 15 1 T77-ill I. " 5 A A ' -X is V N' 37 5 fi 4"...xx.5.'m. ,V ,ivy V J, If 1 wif. 'TTT' ,A . 3. XXL, J." I if: 3 I ilk Aifxlnhlxx i ff? 7, XA ii 'I 'Ii lf' X gf' ,' ff Yr I W f j af f I e -M I Mx - V7 --if . 4' if flJ r i f--A-1 7 . Q" QL- 'lmaei QQ f T W! f J- X fi- 'i aw - ' I vi ! ' ""' f-ff iygqiy ..e 'M C 11 W y" gil" f I X , ff w , If t Q' If if M W, L'fi,o.!-iT5?X??azf2f'lSf- I A K -1 ,- I -Q,s?,millVt ' X il .. X. ,,,F,,,,, , A i W , , A WEARY SEARCH Oh, gentle waning Crescent! List to my earnest word, Yet to thee I greatly fear 'Tis the strangest thou hast hearcl. Oh, long have I envied thee The tower from whence thy light Is cast o'er land and sea Throughout the hours of the friendless night. Wliile through the passing years,- For now I am weariecl and gray,- Have I longer for a visit with theeg But in vain have I sought the way. Uh, Moon so beautiful! Some portal thou surely doth know, Some silvery path sublime O'er which weary mortals may go. ESTHER HACKETT '24. 23 SCHOOL DAYS. Oh! dear it's half past eight already and my hair just won't comb! I must not be late this morning or I'll be marked on the black list and my chance for escaping the final exams will be gone. Oh! dear now where is my hair net? It was here just a minute ago! What's that I am stepping on? Thank goodness! My hair net! W'ell, finally I am through with my hair! It does look awful, but I donlt care! I guess I can go down now and have my break- fast. No! I must have a handkerchief! Now where is a clean one? I supf pose Gertrude has used them all! VVhat did you say, Gertrude? In the third drawer? Oh yes, yes! Thank you! VVhat are you laughing at? Headless, well I guess you would be headless too! And you had better . shut up or I'll tell daddy you went for a ride on johnny's handlebars yesterday! No, I guess I Won't, if you'll only keep still! VVl1at!s that, Mother? Yes, I'm com- ing! Don't you suppose I know I am late? Donlt keep reminding me of it! Please! Mama, I haven't time to eat all that! I must hurry! No, mother, I can't have any more toast! Well, then if you won't let me go tonight I guess I'll have to! Now, I just can't eat any more! Oh! I don't care if I do starve! I'cl rather do that than be ridiculed! VVhat! A hole! Troubles will never cease! Darn! just as I was ready to leave! Will you fix it, mother? For goodness sakes! I-Iow long do you think I can stand here on one leg? Oh! That's good enough! Heavens, don't fuss with it! I am sure no one ever notices my legs anyhow! It does too look all right! NVell, I guess I can go now! Books? Let's see! Yes, of course! I brought home my English Grammar last night! AVVIICTC did I put it? I ani pretty sure I put it on my desk! It's not here! VV ell, what could I have done with it? My brains just refuse to work. NVhat shall I do? Have you seen it, Ger- trude? Yes, my English Grammar! Vtfhat, you won't tell me? VVell, if you don't give it to me at once-- In your closet! Oh, you horrid girl! Itls not here! I have looked behind and below everything in here! Oh! Thanks! Ididn't see it lying there on the floor! Let me use your pencil, Gertrude? You won't? Mama! Gertrude won't let me use her pencil! There, smarty, I got it after all, didn't I? Oh! you wish I would be late, do you? Well, I won't,-so there! No, I don't want a coat, mother! Of course it's not going to rain! Now! I am off at last! Yes! Yes! Mother, I'1l remember to get those shoestrings tonight! Dear! I-Iow everyone delays me! Great Scott! Whats that rubbing against my legs? Oh! you naughty Towser! Of course, of all mornings, this morning Bob had to let you loose! Now, I'll have to carry you back! Shut up, Towser! Mother! Oh! Mother! Hurry! Come and get Towser! I just can't! I am almost late already! There! Maybe I can go now! I do believe it's raining! Yes, it already! There! Maybe I can go now! I do believe it's raining! Yes, it is! There's mother calling again! What can she want now? An umbrella? Goodness, mother, a few drops Won't hurt me! W'ell, if you insist .. .. .. .. ,. What's that? Oh! I just knew it! There goes the school bell! There's no need of hurrying now! Guess I'll go back and change my stockings, they do look rather awful! ESTI-IER VVOLFE I23. 24 THE MANIAC. ' "My children, I am going to tell you of an experience which occurred when I was but a young girl. I have told you many times that your grand parents were poor and had twelve children. It fell to each of us to earn our living when we were very young. VVhen I was sixteen, my mother was stricken with paralysis and it became plain that I must find a means of live- lihood. One day while looking over the advertisements in a Western newspa- per, I ran across one worded something like this: VVANTED A young girl, preferably between the ages of I6 and 18, good looking, blue eyed, and fair haired, to act as companion to two elderly ladies who are willing to pay well. Here was my chance! I had often heard visitors speak of my good looks and I was fair haired and blue eyed. I immediately informed my fam- ily of my intentions and left for the West within a week of my decision, after receiving an agreeable letter from the two women. A The town in which they lived was little different from my home town. The large house occupied by these two Was situated amongst a grove of elm trees. I was admitted into the house by a middle-aged woman, who proved to be Ellen, the servant. She grasped my bags, without greeting, and mo- tioned me to follow her. I noticed that I had entered a long hall, devoid of furniture and heavily carpeted, and noticed that at the last turn one could get a close view of the living room. I was led down a long carpeted hallway running the full length of the house, on the second floor. The only door which was ajar along this hallway, proved to be open into my room, which was a cheerless affair resembling the rooms in hospitals. As Ellen was help- ing me unpack my suitcase, she talked willingly and uninterruptedly. "Goodness knows why Miss johanda-that's the oldest one, you know- wanted a young and good looking girl here, more or less a light haired one. Miss Betty didn't like it at all, but, as usual, didn't get a chance to help .de- cide. I guess johanda was looking for someone like Miss Annie, who died many years ago. She was a sister, you know. Miss Annie was cremated and that made Miss Johanda insane for a time and she's been queer ever since. Hard telling what she'll do at timesf' By the time I had finished unpacking, I was prepared to meet any pe- culiarity of these two sisters. Ellen led me to a room on the lower floor, which was cozy enough to feel like home. Then I noticed a tall woman ad- vancing toward me, who regarded me With dark eyes that held a wild gleam which frightened me beyond belief. This wild mocking light quickly disap- peared and in its place was a twinkle of welcome. Her smile died as she pre- sented me to her sister, Miss Betty, a lovely little lady with white hair, and in its place was a rigid contraction of the mouth, which pulled at its corners 25 slightly, giving her whole visage a leering expression, where before she had been almost beautiful. The rest of that first day was spent in idle conversa- tion, that being the extent of my duties besides little odd jobs, such as answer- ing letters. During the afternoon, I caught Miss johanda's eyes resting upon me with a hideous gleam which she skilfully hid when she knew I saw her. Both ladies retired early that first evening and I went to my room, but not to sleep. An uneasiness possessed me and, for the first time in my life, I locked my door and looked under my bed and into the closet. I lay down and waited for sleep to overtake me, but this was useless. I was wide awake -waiting-waiting! For what? I know not how long I had lain thus when I heard a muffled cough, or possibly a laugh, in the corridor outside of my door. I heard the padded footsteps of a person on the carpet. Frozen with terror, I grasped the bed clothes and again waited. Only terrible silence met my strained listening. Oh, if I could but have screamed, have done some- thing! But the room seemed pervaded by tiny demoniacal spirits forbidding such an act on my part. In the morning, tired and fully determined to leave, I went down to breakfast. Everyone was so pleasant and my walk before luncheon showed me such a beautiful valley, that I decided to stay. The sec- ond night, I heard the same sounds, but this time I distinctly heard some ob- ject dragging behind the midnight prowler. I turned on the light, gripped my fear, and determinedly advanced to the door and swung it open. Was I mistaken or did the door across the hall close as I did so? I looked and saw darkness 5 and heard-stillness! I closed my door hastily and returned to my bed. That night again I did not sleep. I stayed through the third day, fully decided to remain and conquer my fears. The women were unusually kind, though often, as on the first day, I noticed that queer look in Miss Johanda's eyes. Of what Was she thinking that caused that gleam? Vtfas it concerning me? I was soon to find out! The third night, I listened for the same sound but heard nothing. To- ward midnight, I decided to go down stairs and get a glass of water as the night was stiflingly hot. I walked down the long hallway, the carpet dead- ening my tread, and began to descend the staircase. When I reached the sharp turn, I noticed a light in the living room. That was peculiar, as I dis- tinctly remembered Miss Iohanda and Miss Betty having retired at the same time that I did. Looking more closely, I saw Miss Johanda sitting almost in the center of the room, sewing feverishly upon a soft white garment. Some- thing held me spellbound. I saw her rise and lift the garment before her. Then I heard her emit a laugh which rose in a shrill, half wild, mocking note, then died away. I turned and flew back to my room, relocked my door and forgot my thirst in my terror. The fourth day passed like a dream. A premonition of evil seemed to hover over me. Every noise caused me to start. My nerves, usually strong as steel, failed me. That evening, I kept postponing the hour to retire. Fi- nally, after several vain attempts on Miss Johandais part to have me do so, 26 I was forced to bid the two sisters good night. As I went along the dim hall- way to my room, I cast many glances over my shoulder. The peculiarity of the whole situtaion was the fact that I fell asleep immediately. I aWoke about midnight to hear a faint tapping at my door. My senses refused to grasp the significance of this, though I was fully aware of a faint, sweet odor pei'- meating my room. After waiting for a second, I realized that some 'one wished admittance. I arose, feeling uncertain whether to be afraid or not. I opened the door and beheld Miss johanda standing in the hallway smiling softly at me. Strange that I felt no fear then! She had no light and that from my room was too dim to reveal anything unusual about her appearance. She spoke softly, teasingly. "Please, Dorothy, come with me and help me figure out a problem I must solve or I can't rest this eveningf' I consented immediately because she seemed sincere. I followed her across the hall-to that mysterious door which I then realized that I feared. Miss Iohanda walked in first and through the aperture I noticed a red light. I entered rather hesitatingly, and became conscious of a peculiar odor. Then I was stricken dumb by the horrible sight which confronted me. The room before me was long and low, hung with heavy black velvet draperies. The red light added a queer diabolical effect to the somberness of the apartment. But that which filled me most with horror was the source of the glaring red light. Upon a platform built in the center of the room was a fire made of dried rose petals causing that sweet odor. About the fire were glistening white bones and skulls, possibly of animals, maybe of humans. Beside this platform was a black draped couch upon which was the white gar- ment I had seen two evenings before. I turned horror stricken to face Miss -Iohanda. She was standing by my side clothed in red-hideous red which formed a devilish contrast to her pallid face, glaring eyes, and glistening black hair. I saw her fingers moving in- sanely, and then I knew that I Was alone with a maniac, intent upon destroy- ing me. You ask why I didn't call for help? I couldn't! I was frozen with fear. The maniac tore at her hair and then flew at me. She grasped me by the shoulders, laughing gleefully, screaming at me. p "I'll kill you! You who resemble Annie so closely! I'll kill you as they did her! You'll burn, do you hear? None shall know, because this same flame which destroys you shall consume this house and its occupantsf' Then she threw the white garment about me-my shroud! I was dragged-dragged forward-then I fainted. I awoke two weeks later after a period of unconsciousness. I was in- formed that Ellen and Betty had been suspicious of Johandais actions for some time and that on that particular night had felt the same premonition of evil that I had. They had broken the lock of the door and rescued me. Miss johanda. stricken into frenzy by disappointment, had cast herself into the flames before she could be saved. So passed a maniac. ESTI-IER 'WOLFE '23. 27 THE SOLILOQUY OF A SCHOOL-MOUSE. I live in a small hole in the baseboard of a room spoken of as the "As- semblyf' I wonder what that word means! Something awful, I am sure, for one day I heard a girl say, "Assembly time. VVell, l'll see you laterf' Then suddenly I heard a ringing noise, which I have learned is a bell, and a great many boisterous boys and girls filed in the room where my home is. After a great deal of scuffling and whispering, they were quiet for a few 'minutes while a man up in front did some speaking. Then again there was the frightful bell and the noisy boys and girls went out again. I wonder what it all means! They carry books and speak of Upropositionsv, "equa- tions", and use other big words. I never see them do any of the things my cousin on the farm says they do. One day, I heard the man in front say something about mice and "hole in the Wall," so I guess I had better move my family into a safer room. MARY OLEARY '24, II fb f-1 o 0 00 dk' rat' 4paf'J455.256i , I li +- V' 9' ' ?'l n 1' ' 522 ' i 5 ' 'il' d' i..i'!4 . ' ai.-' 4 1: 1419.151 qw? .l-4!1a!l5?:e25i SPRINGTIME. The days of spring are here at last, And with it flowers rare, And at each gust the breezes waft Their fragrance on the air. First comes the bluebird and his mate, Winged messengers of spring, And as he flits among the trees, A heartfelt song does sing. The swallow northward wings his way, Nor will he stop to rest, 'Til under some old eave or roof, I-Ie builds a sheltered nest. And tell me from thy gentle heart, When birds flit 'round and sing, What other day in all the year Brings joy as a day in spring? HARLAN MORRISON '23. as REVENGE IS SWEET. The music began with a roar and the couples went swinging gracefully around the hall. The strange youth stood and Watched them as they whirled merrily past. He wondered if by some chance there might be some acquaint- ance of his at the dance in this small town, so many miles away from home. But look as he would, he espied no familiar face amongst the dancers. Through several dances the youth stood and watched. Then, as the music started again on a good old waltz, he saw the floor-manager approach- ing him. "VVould you like a partner for this dance ?" asked the man. "I should be very much pleased if you can find a girl that's agreeable," replied the youth. "You see I'm not very well acquainted around here," he added as an after thought, as he turned to follow the man. He was led across the hall and presented to a girl who smiled a sweet little smile, extended graciously a neat little hand, and, as it seemed to the youth, lifted an adoring pair of eyes to his. After the usual 4'Pleased to meet you," "Delighted, I'm sure," etc., they were in each others' arms in the thickest of the dancers. The youth was amazed, but delighted, to find that in spite of being rather heavily built the maiden was unusually light on her feet and he hastened to apologize for his own clumsiness. However, she as- sured him that he was doing nicely, as is the way of women, and he wias fool enough to be led on, as is the way of men. Thus was started the little ro- mance with which this story deals. The early hours of the evening passed and midnight, the hour of rest and refreshments, approached. The youth was in an ecstacy of delight, for she had promised him the supper dance. Accordingly he swung into step with unusual zeal, and, as he held her tenderly, yet firmly, it suddenly dawned on him that he had been so charmed with her that he had not noticed her name when the floor manager presented him to her. Upon inquiry he found the girl in the same sad state. i "My name is Pauline," she told him when he asked, "but everybody calls me Polly. You may do so if you wish. And now," she added, "I have the privilege of asking yoursf, "That would be telling." he replied, 'but perhaps you may find one for me before the evening is over." Thus they raved on until the music stopped and then they crossed the street to the cafe where a dainty lunch had been prepared. They sat at one end of a long table, gaily chatting and laughing with the rest of the crowd, little dreaming what would be the outcome of their hasty attachment. And still she led him on, and still he was fool enough to follow. They finally rose from the table and, with a sense of pure happiness, he escorted her back to the hall where they sat the rest of the hour. It was while he sat there. enjoying the maidenls sweet presence that he remarked jestingly 29 that he was going home early because "mama won't let me stay very late." Polly gave a merry cry. 'AI have a name for you nowf' she said, "I Will call you 'Mamals Little Peachf " At last the dance drew to a close and when Polly started for home the youth was on deck, as foolish as ever. This is what he said: "Thou lead and I'll follow, For I know not where you bideg Or, if you would rather I'll saunter at your side." He was sure that this wonderful display of originality would raise him greatly in her esteem, and so it did. He escorted her home and parted only after a promise to write her a longer, better piece of mentality, as he termed it. Tiue to his promise, the vain youth at his earliest opportunity wrote the following and mailed it to Polly: DEAR POLLY. " 'Twas by a lucky chance I met you at a Rio Dell dance, And, though 1 seldom or never roam, I had the nerve to take you home. I'd never seen you 'fore, And may never see you more, But I wonder who goes to see you As I would like to do. X Oh, nothing would give more joy To this bashful little boy! And though this message may never Never to its destination reach, I hope that youill remember Mama's Little Peach V' 5 Time rolled on and several weeks came and went. Then the youth, at a Fourth of July celebration, caught sight of Polly among the dancers on an outdoor dancing floor. He caught her eye, and she, held by his gaze, nearly fell over herself and everybody else to get to him and tell him what a beau- tiful piece of poetry he had written, praising him, as is the way of women, and he was led on, as is the way of men. Now Polly, though charming, was deceitful, for she had come to the 'dance with another young man, a suitor as it were, and yet she led the vain 'youth on to such an extent that he spent most of the day with her and re- turned tro the dance that night in hope of furthering his suit. He was sorely disappointed to find her other suitor before him, while Polly was listening attentively to the -words he spoke to her. At the earliest possible chance, -when that other suitor's attention was elsewhere, the youth led Polly forth 30 to dance and demanded an explanation, and when she told how sorry she was and attempted to make him believe that she was now angry with the other fellow, he thought that he had a glimpse of a nature which hung in the scales of duplicity. This saddened his heretofore happy mind and home he went, caring little what happened to him. In this saddened state he wrote another page of rambling thoughts and rhyme which, hoWeve1', is too long to quote here. It is enough to say that: "There comes to me an inspiration Of that rip-snorting, red-blooded, he-man, celebration At Scotia on the fourth of july, VJ here my fondest hopes were blown sky high By the appearance of another guy. Etc., etc." On and on he ranibled and came to: 'Tm not much of a poet, But for you I'd be glad To write till H1-l freezes over, And Heaven goes to the bad." He wrote and wrote some more and finally ended up with: "And when I pine away and die I hope you'll come and cry, And surely you'll be kind enough to save A few tear drops to water the flowers at my grave. This much I do beseech That you shall do for 'fMama's Little Peachf, Thus he wrote hoping, as is the way of men, to make her sympathize with him, and she, as is the way of Women was only too sympathetic. - Such were the indications when the youth received a notice in the mail. It read: "A dance will be held at Schueler's Hall, Rio Dell, july 16. Be sure to come. "POLLY," A smile spread over the face of the youth. "Dear Polly," he said, "you have not forsaken me after all." And then there came a remembrance of that "other guy" and the smile died aWay. "I'll get evenj' he said. "I'll show up at the dance with another girl. And anyway she will not take it seriously but only consider it a joke, and then she will have nothing on me. I'll be even." Accordingly he planned his evening and asked a girl to aid him in his joke. She, being agreeable, accompanied him to the dance Where he learned his lesson. For, having danced the first dance with the other girl, he asked Polly for the next. She turned away with a sob, but presently she looked at him again and with a different look than he had ever seen before. He says he cannot forget the ice-cold glance he got, and he never dreamed that such 31 an adorable pair of eyes could turn to such a hard gray steel. Her answer came chillily: "I do not care to dance." Her plans were ruined, so were his. The next rhyme was of a different type : "Be you to others always true, As you'd have others be to you, And neither say nor do to men Whate'er you would not take again. "Experience is the teacher That leads us on our way, And now we've had our lesson May it with us always stay." CHAS. KANEN 13. If 1 X, D 2 RING, RING, RING. Vtfith due apologies to Tennyson. Ring, ring, ring, Along dull gray halls, Oh, bell! And I would that you might sooner sound The freedom of all to foretell. O, well for the teachers all, That it clangs when the lesson is o'er! O, well for the brilliant lad, That has proven his knowledge galore! And the gloomy hours go on, And the lessons ever so long, But, O, for the sound of that mighty bell To start the shrill voices in song. 7 Ring, ring, ring, At the gates of knowledge, O bell, But the wasted learning of a day that is dead Will never come back to dwell. ESTHER WOLFE ,23. 32 PERSPECTIVE. Some folks see things as they are, Some folks simply don't. Maybe it's because they can't, Pro'bly 'cause they won't. Some folks see the dust and the rags And onions and stewed primes: They never think of fine baked beef And oatmeal macaroons. Some folks see murder and divorce, Crime-and porcupines, W'hile others see the happy homf And oceans and great pines. Some folks miss the dawn of day For looking at the mud: Some folks look and dream so high They come down with a thud. Now I don't care for dreamers That always seem to shirk: And Iim not wild for grouches No matter how they work. NVhy can't we strike a medium? That's the thing to do: For sure, God's backing onions, And backing sunsets, too GRACE c ETTY J A 'KQEFQ f' fl VX E . P fi - ?Tf' ol' 7 f'l"s, iw !llPt?lW Rv? QE, VAS? ,H l 142 33 Harold .Xggeler .. Sadie .Xnilmrosini ..,, ,Xlice Bessemer Gladys ljugbee Cyril Collins ,.,... Frank Francis v,i. Sadie French ,7l. Linus llicks ..i,i. Zoe Kelsey ...ii June Meng ..,i,.,.. Clinton Morrison Ida Oescliger .......ii. Mary Renner i,.......v Marion Reynolds Otto Rieben .......,,... Maren Snow l7.... Gertrude Smith ., George Becker .,,, Tiinotliy Canty .. Dulse Chapin .7,, Rutli Cliurcli .vs.. Doris Clausen ..., Barrett Cook ,,,i Loie Francis ..u.., 917 San Francisco , 7,.,.7i ,,..,...,,,, C lerking, Arcata Mrs. Newliaus, Qdeceasedj Stenograplier, Eureka Prop. Red Front Store, Ferndale llookkeeper, San Francisco Mrs. Tousten, Etterslinrg Rancliing, Ferndale Nlrs. Hickey, Oakland Mrs. East, Scotia Carpenter, Ferndale Nurse, Oakland Teacliing, Metropolitan Telephone Operator, Ferndale Oregon Agriculture College Teacliing, Exeter .Xt lloine, Ferndale 1918 Carpenter, Ferndale .Xttending St. Marys College Attending Arnistrong School, Berkeley Oregon Agriculture College ,Xt Home, Ferndale .Xt Horne. Petrolia .. Altendino' U. C. Z5 331 ' A Ross Goble ............ Leland Harbers ........ Luther Hansen ...... Julia Hansen ..... Eva Jennings ...... Ila Kelly ................ Elbert Kelsey ........ Levia Lanini ..... Louis Lanini ......... Olive Leak .,........,.,,, Raymond Macken ...,... Francis Niebur ,,... Katie Casanova ........ Glenn Haas .......... Mark Morrison ........ Alma Martensen ...... Harold Larsen ...... Bruce Gillette ........ Q MM. Miieflidf-f Ranching, Ferndale Attending U. C. C. C. Creamery, Ferndale Stenographer, Eureka Mrs. Hansen, Ferndale Nurse, San Francisco Attending U. C. Teaching, Island School Marcussen Grocery, Ferndale Dunsmuir, California Working, Ferndale St. Mary's College 1919 Teaching, Price Creek Attending U. C Stanford University At Home, Ferndale VVorking,' Ferndale Attending U. C. Mary Pedrotti ...... ...................... P rovidence Hospital Ruby Ioppas ..g .......................,...............i................... Mrs. Shanahan, Eureka Ella Clausen ....................... ...................,. '1 'ea?ii1!5, Eureka,,Business College Margaret Montgomery .........,........... At'iI-Iome, Bayside Myrtle Worthington ....................,.,...,..,,,,.,........, Mrs. Mathias, Los Angeles 1920 , Mary Ambrosini ....,. Alina Beck ............ Gladys Boots l ...... .. john Brazil .............. Alfred Christensen ..... Theresa Christensen Mabel Coppini ....., , ..., . Harriet Ferguson Q ...., Celestine Giacomini Gladys Kauffman ........, Ernest Lanini ,.......... Rolland Landergen ..... Victoria Morrison ....... Darrel Nielsen .......... George Oeschger ..... Eugene Palmer ........ Mary Regli ............ Lucille Robarts . Daniel Rusk .....,. Earl Schortgen ...... Clerking, T Ferndale H ....... Stenographer, Eureka Mrs. Laloli, Ferndale Wo1'king, Ferndale Attending"U, C. Eureka Junior College Stenographer, Berkeley Clerking, Ferndale Stenographer, Berkeley At Home, Grizily Bluff At Home, Ferndale St. Marys College Stenographer, Ferndale VVorking, Ferndale .. ......................... St. Mary's College Wo1'king, Ferndale Humboldt State Teachers College L. Lanini, Ferndale ' ...................... Attending U, C. Marine, Hawaiian Islands 31 Affiliated College Marie Sullivan ..,.. Bernice Sweet ....,... Minnie Teichgraber Ella Ambrosini ........... Severina Ambrosini Bertha Christen ....... Lloyd Cummings .,... Eunice Frame . ..,,,,,,., , Arleene Helgestad .v,.. Cora johnson ........... Else Rasmussen ,...,.. ,,,,,, Aleita Schortgen .... Gertrude Trigg .,,.,.. Harold VVilliams Floyd VVorthington Sequoia Hospital, Eureka Mills College, Oakland VVorking, Ferndale 1921 Q Stenographer, Samoa San jose State Te:1cher's College Armstrong College. San Francisco At Home. Ferndale Humboldt Stale Teachers College Affiliated College, San Francisco L7. C. Hospital, San Francisco At Home, Ferndale . San Francisco State Teacher's College Humboldt State Teachers College Oregon Agriculture College SCHOOL NOTES AGRICULTURAL NOTES An agricultural convention was held at Davis last October at which we were represented by Ellen Canty, Carlo Ambrosini, john Regli, Nora Canty, Eugene Sullivan, Harriet Deidrickson, Frank Ambrosini, and Donald Etter. The party made the trip in machines loaned by public spirited citizens for the occasion. Ferndale was well represented in the "Prize Essay Contest" on the sub-- ject "Why purebred sires should be at the head of dairy herds" held last fall. Lucille Moore won second, Walter Guileri third, Mary O'Leary ninth, and Charles Kanen sixth prize. ' Plans for the IQ22 Calf Club are already under way. This shows prom- ise of being even larger and better than those of the preceding years. CAFETERIA Last year, from the favorable reports which came to us from' other schools, we decided to have a cafeteria where one could obtain for a nominal sum a hot dish of some kind. It was not much of a success at first because the buying was rather spasmodic during the whole year. This year however, it began with a bang and has kept it up. Mr. Mark- ley in one of his addresses stated that it was one of the most successful High School Cafeterias he had ever seen. The charges are small, just enough to pay expenses, so for a very small sum one can buy a hot dinner. To run a small charge account is allowed and many of the students run one from week to week. Too much praise cannot be given to Miss Petersen and the girls associ- ated with her for making the undertaking a success. W. H. OTT '23. 343 STUDENT BODY NOTES. Through the united efforts of the officers and members of our Student Body, school life this year has taken on a new aspect. The indifferent "don't pare" spirit of the last few years is being replaced by an increase of interest and enthusiasm that tends to win the help of all the students and make our student body an organization that is well worth while. From the dead "won't somebody comment on the weather" meeting we are emerging into real bus- iness meetings filled with lengthy discussions and heated debates on questions of school interest, an occasional bit of humor being added by Marvel' com- ments on his children's children or Fletcher's suggestion that the president practice what he preaches. It is no longer necessary for an irresponsible per- son to move that we have a dance, merely for the sake of saying something. School activities, under student body management have been conducted so successfully that we have not only eliminated the debt with which We started the year but will have a neat little sum left in the treasury. Aside from this we have increased our stock of athletic material to such an extent that We hope to be able to complete it next year and start on a competitive basis with the other schools. Then F ortuna, Eureka and Arcata! Look Out! The good old days of '13-'14, ,I4-,I5. ,IS-iI6, and F16-'17 are going to repeat themselves for the Ferndale U. H. S. For this unusually bright outlook we owe a great deal to our principal, Mr. Markley, whose supervision has been invaluable to us. 'We must also thank the Trustees for the athletic field adjoining the school grounds which they have secured and are improving for us. The following students held office during the school year 1921-22: President ............. ....... E liner Christensen Vice President ...... .... B eatrice Leighton Secretary .......... ...... ly Ialoa Taubman Treasurer ............... ...... A gnes Pedrotti Business Manager ......,..................... Orville Reas Assistants ........ :...Nellie Hartley, Charles Kanen and Harold Ericksen Yell Leader ............................ Johanna Erickson Sergeant at Arms ,.... ....... R onald Guileri C. K. '23,. 37 .9 A ' -u i-' EDITORIAL XVe are glad to say that we have a very efficient and well liked board of trustees. They have purchased a large tract of land adjoining the school grounds and are going to make a first class athletic field this fall. For this and the many other projects for the benefit of the school and school-grounds We wish to thank the trustees. lVe are sorry to say that our athletics have not 'been supported by the general public to any great extent. About the only thing some people have done has been to say "Ferndale had better quit," or some similar asinine com- ment. Those people seem to fail to realize that we are not the kind to quitg that it is infinitely better to carry on, no matter if we never win a game, than it is to go back on the school, as those who have withheld their support have done. lt is to be hoped that this attitude will change in the very near future. ELMER B. CHRISTENSEN. 5 1 f-X 38 4 , . ,..,,,v , , 39 -I C . Q 'L -1 .2 '-"vp-Ig.--+ is L.--- -nd 09. ' I... L LQl73L... E 4153 I ..IS2,.. ,,-- 0.3142 .-------- i 2 I 47 1 ------ 5 ---- 7' I E JF--U x---------"' ' I 3'- V gifs--' 4 52 L 1 IQ.--,-----"I" PS : 1 "' " 4 0!N------ 1 I o I 2 2 -J jx 3 f 5? 1 5 2 LJ 5 .J Q' 40 thletic ..' Q wh- FOOTBALL A Football was the first sport of the season this year, track having been moved to the spring. About twenty five men were signed up by Captain Marvel shortly after school started. JUNIOR COLLEGE-FERNDALE After several weeks of hard practice we scheduled a game with the Eu- reka Junior College. lt was a practice game and we took it as such and kept on the defense throughout the game. Their team, composed of veteran play- ers, defeated us, 14-3. EUREKA-FERNDALE Our first regular game was with Eureka on October 1, on our home grounds. The first part of the game was very close but in the second quar- ter Eureka scored two touchdowns and converted one of the goals. In the last half Ferndale came back strong and scored two touchdowns and tied the score. Shortly afterwards the whistle blew and the final score was I 3-13. FORTUNA-FERNDALE The following Saturday our team journeyed to Fortuna to play that school. In the first half the teams were very well matched but in the last half Fortuna scored three times and Ferndale once. The final score was 21-6, with Fortuna in the lead. A R CA TA -- -1-'ER NDA LE Our third game was with Arcata on our home grounds. Our team was stronger in this game than it had been earlier in the season. Big gains were made by the backfield. Arcata's only touchdown was on a fumble. The final score was I3-7, in our favor. This Arcata game gave the team a great deal of confidence for our next game with Eureka. FEKNDALE-EUREKA The first part of this contest was all for Ferndale but later Eureka came back strong. Shortly after the first half three Ferndale players had to be taken from the game on account of inuries. This weakened the team and they lost confidence. When the game ended, the score was 26-7, in Eureka's favor. FERNDALE-ARCATA Our second game with Arcata was one of the hardest fought of the sea- son. At the end of the first half the score was 6-6. In the latter part of the game Arcata again scored and converted the goal. Ferndale then received the ball and in three passes scored a touchdown. Luck seemed to be against us and we failed to convert. The game ended with a score of I3-I2, in Ar- cata's favor. FORTUNA-FERNDALE f During the last week of the football season the team practiced hard and was determined not to be in the cellar in the football league. VVe played our 412 last game with Fortuna and inarle guocl nur ileterminatinn liar we easily cle- featecl them 36-13. Shortly after this game we reeeivecl an invitation frnni lft. Bragg High School tu play their team at lft. llragg un Thanksgiving Day. Due to bacl weather. the game was eallecl off. The regular line-up was as follows: Right lfncl ..... ..,...,l...t.......,. ,tt.....,.,,,..t t,,,.. C I . Peaenelc Right Tackle .... C. Cheeseman Right Guarrl ,.,.. L. Cummings Center .t...,.....,, .t,i.......,. X Y, Ott Left Guarcl ..,. lf. Christensen Left Tackle .,.. .....,, l D. Kemp Left End ,.... ,,,. l Q. Sullivan Ql12ll'tC1'lJZlCli t,,....,,,, fi, llullmlwxmlt Full Back ..... il. Marvel, lCapt.j Left Half ...., ....,.,,,,,,.,.,w,.....,,,,,t,,, S . Shirelc Right Half .... ..............,... ......,.t,.. ...,,,.w...,......., I , . Casanova, QCapt.-eleetl Subs: XY. Guilcri. M. Larsen, D. Godfrey, H. Klingler anzl C. Rees. 'lk 1--GODFREY. 2-'PEACOCK. 3--CHEESEMAN, 4--CUMMINGS. 5--MARKLEY ICOACHJ, 6--OTT, 7--CHRISTENSEN. 8--SHIREK. 9--KEMP. IO--SULLIVAN. 11--HOLBROOK. 12--MARVEL WCAPTJ 13--GUILERI, 14--CASANOVA lCAPT, ELECTl, 15--BUGBEE. 433 To these and the other candidates for the team, the regular squad has very much to be thankful, for the valuable practice given by them. Three members of the team were placed on the County All-Star team, namely, Delose Kemp, Elmer Christensen and Leonard Casanova. Two other players were mentioned on this team, namely, George Holbrook, quar- terback, and Eugene Sullivan, end. Prospects are bright for a strong team next year, as We lose only two men from this year's team. The standings of the teams at the end of the season were: Eureka first, Ferndale, Fortuna and Arcata tied for second place. TRACK Shortly aftr Christmas a few track aspirants were seen running around and as soon as Basketball was over the number increased. Nearly every man was new at the game and a great deal of practice was necessary. Cn May I3 at the Humboldt State Teachers College at Arcata the track meet was held. Qui' point "winners were: Chester Reas, Ist place in the pole vault and third in the low hurdles, Carl Cheesman 2nd in the high hurdles, Harlan Morrison Ist in the 8 pound shot put with a county record of 40 feet, 5 inches, Leonard Broderson Ist place in the limited high jump. The unlimited relay team composed of Clark Bugbee, Chester Reas, Eugene Sullivan, and Elmer Christensen took second place. VVith seven teams participating Ferndale took fourth place with 22 points against the winners' 58. Q . - BOYS' BASEBALL Despite the fact that the boys had very little time and space to practice in, they had a quite successful season. Ours was the only team to defeat the county champions, Fortuna. Our entire team will return next year and we look for success then. Hail! to.the team of '23! Hail! The scores were: Ferndale 7, Fortuna 8, Ferndale 15, Arcata 3: Eureka 24, Ferndale IQ Ar- cata I 1, Ferndale 6: Ferndale 6, Fortuna 2. 44 ,hw Q94 , 9 BASKETBALL Soon after the gridiron season came to a close basketball practice was in full swing. Shortly before the holidays, a series of interclass games were held in which the Freshmen were the proud and puffed-up victors. The first game on the regular schedule was with Eureka. The limited team won IO-I2 after a hard fought game. The Eureka heavyweights defeated Ferndale 21-14. Ferndale's next game was with Arcata in the NVhite City. The light- weights lost 25-8. The heavyweights also lost 23-14. The following week the teams went to Fortuna and were again defeated. The limited team lost 27-1 1 and the unlimited lost 21-13. The return game with Arcata was played on the home court. This did not seem to help the teams for they lost both games, the lightweights by a 13-3 and the heavyweights by a 17-2 score. Our next games were with Fortuna on our own court. These were the hardest fought games of the season although we were defeated in both con- tests, the lightweight score being Io-16 and the heavyweight 23-13. The last games of the season were played in Eureka on the following Saturday. They resulted in tWo defeats for us. The lightweight score was 14-3 and the heavyweight 31-16. Although our season was not filled with victories, some fine new ma- terial was developed which speaks well for our next year's team. The teams lined up as follows: . H catwtceiglit Lightweight Redden ........... ...... f orward .... ...,.,,.....,.. O tt Peacock ...... ..... f orward ,... ..... M orrison Sullivan ....... .... c enter ..... ........ ' Heath Rusk ........... ..... g uard ..... .......... G off Cummings .... ,,.,, gr iard ,,,,, ,,,,.,.,, G uileri Marvel ........ ...... s ubs. ...... ,.... C hristensen Kiliglel' .... ...................... s ubs. ....................... ........ W alker GIRLS' BASKETBALL Girls, don't be discouraged, perseverance wins, and although you have never won the championship since 1917, you have done exceedingly well in every game, and there are bright prospects for next year. The girls of the Eureka team met our girls on the Ferndale grounds, October 1, 1921. Although Ferndale was defeated 36 to 16 We gave Eureka a fight. The second game we girls played at Fortuna, October Sth. Owing to the illness of some of the players we had the disadvantage. Fortuna walked off with the honors, score 29 to 13. October 15th, the Arcata girls met us on the Ferndale grounds at the High School. l Although our girls had to put up at fight, we won, score 29 to 16 -I6 lv The fourth game of the season was played at Eureka, Uctober 221lCli It was a clean, snappy game. Ferndale's guards being weak, Eureka walked off with the honors again, score 5o to 30. October 29th we girls 'played .Xrcata at the Arcata High School grounds. The long ride and the graveled court were to our disadvantage and we Were defeated 27 to 19. On the morning of November 5th we niet Fortuna on our home court. The girls went in with a determination to win the last game of the season, and carried off the victory, 29 to 1 5. Miss Fiske, our faithful coach, deserves much credit for her work with the girls. ' Those who made the team: Guards-Lois Morrison, Florence Morrison, Beatrice Leighton. jump Center-Frela Shields. , Side Centers-Elsie Ambrosini, Gertrude Fletcher. Forwards-Lucille Kelly, Lucile Moore, Clara Oeschger fCapt.j Subs.-Anna Clausen, Helen Heath, Annie Beck, Ellen Canty. GIRLS' BASEBALL Very little interest was taken in girls, baseball this year. Handicapped, as all the rest of our athletics Were, by lack of space and time to practice in, the girls did not succeed in winning a game. The scores were: Fortuna 39, Ferndale 14, Eureka 9, Ferndale 2, Arcata 15, Ferndale 23 Eureka 12, Fern- dale 65 Fortuna IO, Ferndale 8. n 47 IH I Q auf ,fue af X , 1 r456Wf-J :ell - Egskbukffd, AARON BOGGS, FRESHMAN The first public appearance of the Dramatics class was in a three act play entitled "Aaron Boggs. lfreshman" at Roberts Hall on the evening of December 16. The day before the presentation of the play the cast was dismayed at receiving' news that the leading man, Charles Kanen, was seriously ill. XVar- ren Ott was chosen for the part and bravely learned his lines. Now he is looked upon with respectful awe on account of his excellent performance. The entire cast. under the able coaching of Miss Mason, interpreted their lines with the skill of hardened actors. The play was a success in every way. CAST Evelyn Newcombe Cherry Carruthers Lois ........l....,ttr.,...., Dolly ....,,.......,..,.,t,t Elizabeth Maudelia Mrs. Chubb ..V.,.tt.. Violet Pickens ,,,..,. . Xaron Bi mmfs ,t,,. bb Beau Carter ..,rr . Casey Jones ..... Pepper Jarvis rr.., ...,...Nellie Hartley .,cr.,.c,l2stl1e1' XVolfe Naloa Taubman Margaret Lindrum Johanna lirickson Esther Hackett .nmllvelyn Slingsby lYarren Ott lilmer Christensen .......,..Orville Rees at Adrian Chapin M12 Chubb ...l..........,....... ,,.. b James Marvel Happy Jimmie Jamieson ,,,,, rsscs,, X Yilligim Qtr Briggs Sr. .........Ve......e..... .... E . Branstetter .SYNOPSIS At a middle western university the young ladies are befriendinv a fresh- Z5 man from the country, ,Xaron Boggs by name. Chief amongst the infatu- ated set is Miss Evelyn Newcombe who immediately makes friends with the freshman because she believes him to be the son of a millionaire, even tliim.,-11 5 ltr his clothes belie the fact. Aaron Boggs is unanimously elected President of the Freshman class. The consternation caused by the discovery that Aaron Boggs is merely a country lad with "honest grandparents and not a million- aire in the bunch," coupled with the amusing friendship of Elizabeth Maud- elia Finney, Aaron's sweetheart, for her lover, furnishes the play with many laughable and novel situations. THE BURGLAR. The Dramatics Class gave evidence of possessing dramatic skill by thc clever acting of the cast in the humorous one act skit "The Burglar," given for the first time on the evening of February 4, as a feature of the 'Old Times program given by the Village Club. The cast was composed of fthe Mis-ses Helen Reas, Aileen Bartlett, Helen Heath, Grace Getty, and f Thelma Fletcher. DEBATING. Little animation has been shown in previous years over the thought of debating. Therefore a new phase of public speaking has been introduced by the County League of High Schools in order to excite more enthusiasm among our future statesmen. The debating contests have been changed to Oratorical and Declamatory contests to give the individual a chance. For the purpose of choosing candidates for the contest at Arcata May 12, the high school held its preliminaries at the Hart Theatre May 1. Miss Grace Getty was the lucky winner of the Declamation contest and Miss Ellen Canty won the Oratorical contest. Miss Getty tied for first place in the Arcata contest. Leslie Clausen won first place in the musical contest. SYLVIA. On the evening of April 26th, the -Boy's Glee C-lub and the Girl's Chorus presented Sylvia, an operctta requiring clever acting as well as excellent sing- ing. The affair was a decided success, judging by the applause received from the audiencei The greater part of the success belongs to Miss Mason, who again proved her ability as a coach of amateur actors, actresses, prima donnas, and Carusos. High School days are drawing to a close and as always there is much to be done before we say goodbye for vacation. Nevertheless the Seniors are enthusiastically finding extra time to rehearse for the presentation of the play "It Pays to Advertise." The other classes of the school are also anxious to have this play a success because it marks the final attempt of a popular class. 50 15 O17-A2 .. . 1 f ' "" "" ' -1 1' W '-for -a :ax V TNl'5.Es3lffx 9' I .V 1 M " A ti' , " VXA , I "BOOM", Mendocino Union High School I--ELTON have some very good cuts. XVhy not have a larger literary department? JSIVVVN "BREATH OF OCEAN." Fort Bragg Union High School I--X7OLl1' annual is exceptionally good. The literary department is fine. The class prophecy shows originality. Wie like your jokes. sfN!VNl5!N llfe enjoy the NSEQUOI.-X" very much, Eureka. You have a good snap department. We like your cuts and your literary department maintains a high standard. slNlVNl5-fs "MEGAPHONE," Fortuna Union High School :-Yours is one of our best exchanges. Your cuts are good and the literary department is most com- mendable. ' vvvvv- The NYE' SOTOYOM,-KN" is an annual to be proud of, Healdsburg High. All your departments are good, but why not have a few more jokes? xf5sfVVNl5 "ARGUS,'l Tulare Joint Union High School 1-:X very well arranged paper. If schools may be judged by their annuals, yours must be among the best. img l .aa a lguui ,J 4 S 1 1 1 .X N " ' 1 WW S , my ,A ya f Nl1NMf2,'e. , 1 75 E, f f I1 'lf ll ff AW ' " 1 if Nsmygslggfg J WJ 'K 'i.V.rSji'S'f I ,H L fllllginy-1.11 Y - K -Q! V u"2.'iA ' I ' .1 .ff - z -- f ffft fr' 1' o.3Z':' 1 it 1 f . , , 4 ' " M112 - 1 4 ,TNI , LX- .V N ' 41, 4' . Lays xqljggl 'Lil .ii".,?', 2.54211 .. ' .. - f ,F 5- '--?:isv,4ff?' Wife.. Eiiizr Wm "'-.,.sal2"j,?,v .f V 'i5783i' - . ri 'Ti ' ef I illfi :us 1-gf 'REA . 13 U ,ff 2115! .vu,.,y- -5 -. -- .0 94 . 1: ef.-' ' :Za 13.- FRESHMAN INITIATION V The first social activity of the year was the Freshman Initiation. The babes were dressed by mamma and papa Sophomores, in grotesque costumes and compelled to make ye grande inarche around the Gymnasium. Mr. 'la- cobs demonstrated to the audience his abilities as a farmer with a little box of soil and a bucket of water. He said he needed a jackass to till the soil and called upon the Sophomores but no one volunteered. Miss Fiske and Mr. Auten went back to dear Grammar School days and played marbles. After all the Freshmen had a chance to perform, the hall was cleared and the rest of the evening Was spent in dancing. HALLOWEEN DANCE As a return party to the Sophomores the Freshmen gave a Halloween Dance, October 28, 1921. The Gymnasium was very prettily decorated in Orange and Black streamers. Owls and ,lack O'Lanterns carried out the Halloween scheme. The merry-makers danced in the weird light from the Jack O'Lanterns. Miss Fiske proved that by the time her Freshmen became Seniors they would be very capable of handling the school affairs. CHRISTMAS DANCE The Student Body gave a Christmas Dance under the auspices of the Senior Class, December 21, 1921. The hall was very prettily decorated with a drop ceiling of red and green streamers, Christmas trees, and holly. Har- ron and VV ise four-piece orchestra furnished excellent music, and everyone assured us that they had a very good time. 52 CIRCUS "Come on you fellows, let's go down the street and see the Circus Pa- rade." Such was the cry that rang through the streets of Ferndale, on the night of September 30, 1921. You ask what a High School had to give a circus with? VVhy, there were cabaret girls, a minstrel chorus, fat woman, a huge mammoth elephant, a band, slide-for-life, ring the duck, three shots at the nigger baby, fortune telling by the wonderful Madame Rouge, a Chinese chorus, and a tableauxg everything that there should be. Ice cream, soft drinks, peanuts, confetti, and streamers were sold in the cabaret. The slide-for-life was about the most popular feature of the evening, al- though Madame Rouge told some very wonderful and mysterious things. Dancing was going on in the cabaret all evening. The circus lasted until midnight, so everyone had a chance to see all of the side shows. A public dance was giveniby the High School April 21st, The gymnasium was decorated in a lattice work of the school colors, red and white and boquets of Easter Lilies. Music was furnished by Harran and Wise. KB if? g 'x "? all 15:1 l xi l Q 'T ,ff il'-E:..,.5 I i , f . 1 f 1? .ff .Y .l'7f'fQ " f f?" Aug 8-School begins. We meet new teachers and bright green 'freShieS. Aug I2-First Student Body meeting. Aug. I7--VVe start Assembly singing and coming to school at 8 Z45. Aug 29--Rose Mary Regli terrorizes Freshmen Boys with a broomstick. They take to the Gym. Rafters. Sept S--Freshmen Initiation. Sept. 8 to 19-Vacation--F air W eek. Sept. 30-Big F Circus. Elephants and everything. Oct. IO to I41l11Stltl.ltC Week. Oct. 20-Rally. Freshmen build the fire. Faculty furnish the apples. PEP? Nov io--Visiting Day. Dec. 8--Spanish Class visits Eureka High. Dec. I6-HiA2lI'Ol1 Boggs, Freshmann given in Roberts' Hall. Dec. 21--Cl11'lSt1Tl2lS Dance. Given by the Seniors. Dec. 22-Christmas vacation begins. Jan. 9-Back again. Jan. I3--Camera Day-One camera, lots of rain. Jan. 19-Frosty! Skating exhibitions on the Tennis Court. Bubbles takes a spill. Feb. I--Godfrey comes on time. NValte'r has a new haircut. Feb. 8-Skit "The Burglarl' put on in Assembly Hall. Ira Hackett starring. Feb. 10-Final Boys' Interclass Basketball Game. Freshmen champions. Feb. 17-Yell practice. Assistant yell leader is broken in. March I--Spanish program. March 2-Camera Day-Better success. March 14-The merchants of Ferndale present us with a flag. ' March I7iFI'CSllHlCl'1 Girls' Baseball team challenge the VVorld. Score- Freshmen 12-Worlcl 7. March 21-Pictures taken for the "Tomahawk" April 21-Big Dance. April 26-Operetta "Sylvia" given at the Hart Theatre. April 26-Senior play, "It Pays to Advertisef' June 1-Commencement. june 2-JL11'1lOI' Ball. M. B. T. '22. 51 rfb l Q! ' . Cac'-Rlj Jie tcm 3 I Kit I 2 ' gal I U I it F OREWORD. QOne of my associate editors put this description of myself in for fear that the reader would throw things at the wrong personj. As I was reposing in the shade watching the crowd go by a man came rambling down the street who attracted my attention. He was of enormous bulk, weighing over two hundred pounds, had a large fat face with a prom- inent nose, a lax jaw that showed a weak will and a high noble brow at the top of which was long bristly reddish hair which hung down around his ears. He had a peculiar walk, limping in one leg. As he approached he threw away a cigarette stub and began rattling a few washers in his pocket. He then pro- lceeded on his Way and to my amazement I recognized my old friend Ott. s!NfVVVN Grace Getty, defining buggy-A buggy is a vehicle drawn by a horse. Johanna-I've wheeled a baby buggy many a time. sfNlNAl'N!N Esther Hackett tasking Mr. Auten to singj-"XVou1d you like to sing "My Honey Boyu? NINJVVV' Roland Guileri And Mary O'Leary They ate some candy together. Said Roland Guileri To Mary O'Leary VVhat do you think of the weather? sfRlN-AISI' Miss Mason-"Herman, don't sing so loud that you'll out-shine the rest." Buz, indignant-"I didn't sing the rest: I only sang the chorusf' 5.v Casanova-"Jeffries was married twice and had ten children. Oh! Boyf, Mrs. Morgan-'tThat is enough Leonardf' Bticl-"Well, I should say it is." x!Sl'VVV' I'll Bet He Put Up A11 Awful Fight Lucile Moore writes sign on board that reads as follows: "Junior English Class please bring Sir Roger to class tomorrow morn- ing." QINIVVV' Characters-Prust and Ott. Ott takes Tommy Prust to a baseball game. Prust-Wliat is that man doing out there ordering the players around like that? Ott-He is the Umpire. Prust-Has he got anything to do with the Russian Empire? Ott-No, I think not. Prust-VVhat is that player doing there with the bird cage over his head? Ott-He is the catcher. Prust-VVhat is that man going to do with that club? Ott-He is waiting for the pitcher to throw the ball at him. Prust-Then is he going to throw the club 'at the pitcher? Ott Qin great gleej-Did you see that man steal a base? Prust-No, why donlt they have him arrested? Prust-Oh, what are those men doing out in the field? Ott-They are there to catch flies. Prust-Oh, aint that funny. QLaughs loudlyj. Ott-There, the game is over. Prust-Is that so? NZRIVVV' Prof. Qabsent mindedlyj-'fRees, here's four bits, run down town and get me a hair cutfl Clixchangej. NPN-ul'5lNfNl' 7 . Ott tAfter making rounds of study hall asking for paperj: "XR ell, if I canlt borrow any paper I'll have to use some of my ownfl Nzvvvve ' KEY HOLE PIRATES Under the heading "Gas Overtakes Girl Vtfhile in Bathu the following appeared in a local paper: t'lVliss Cecelia Jones owes her life to the watchful-- ness of jeff Johns, janitor and John Smith, elevator boy." QI-Exchangej. glklVVV' "Man wants but little here below," remarked Peacock on his arrival to Hades ashe took .off his overcoat. 0 MORE TRUTH THAN POETRY Miss Fiske-Broderson nearly burned the schoolhouse up last night by setting fire to some alcohol. Redden-Was he scared? Miss Fiske-No, he didn't have sense enough to be scared. glXlNlgl55!5 Mr. Seely Qtaking Cummings' picturej-All ready-look pleasant for a moment. Brighten up a little more. Now you may resume your natural expression. sfSfVslNl' First Glorious-Haw Haw! That's a good joke on you. Second Glorious-VVhat's a good joke? First-That's not your hat your sitting on, it's mine. Qlixchangej. sfNJVNfNl' A LITTLE FREE VERSE VERSE I SECOND SPASM One of my friends And Said He said That his girl did not Thanks Speak to him any more. Some day He said That One time she sewed Some buttons On his pants 1'll do the same For you V And she slapped him Strange, very Strange Nfxzvvv- Jeff Collins fto Noisy 'Banjoistj-Young man, you must accompany me. Jakey-Aw right jeff, what'1l you sing? xfMfiAfV' TALK ABO UT LOGIC Marvel in Physics: "F ive grams was too much and two grams was not enough and therefore we arrived at the conclusion that the weight must be somewhere between two grams and five grams. Nnvvvvs Nellie Hartley Ckeeping libraryj: "Only low talk is allowed in herefl Bud: "Fineg that's the only kind I know." vvvvvs Aileen Is a Queen Among the girlsg She is light, She is bright, All she lacks is curls. 57 Helen Reas Like the geese Is always making noise: Delose Is her boss But she likes the other boys. sfRfVVV' Bud, on being asked with whom he went to Arcata, "Hans Christensen and Wife." Voice from rear: "VVho's wife PU s!klNAfV' I HERE IS WHERE I GET OFF Miss Siler Qin Basket Ballj-"How does the score stand ?" Gert Fletcher Q just waking upj-'Twenty-five minutes after." vvvvv- CAN YOU BEAT THIS? Mrs. Markley-Carolyn Auten does very realistic work in drawing, doesn't she? Mrs. Morgan-Yes, last week she painted an apple and today I discov- ered it was rotten. sfNli'Nl'NfN Marvel and Ott come to school late and go to office for admit slip. Prof. to Ott-Why are you late? Ott-I overslept. I was dreaming I was sailing 1:o'su'ccess 'onthe good ship F. U. H. S. Prof. to Marvel-What's your excuse? ' Marvel--I was waiting to see Ott off. s!SlVNfV' "I feel all in," remarked Casanova as he fell off the bridge into ten feet of water. Qlixchangej. ' ufNl'NAlNl' ONE OF OUR GENIUSES Arden Kausen-In the country the people keep cows for the milk and vegetables. s!NJNAlNlN SOME SAY MARVEL PULLED THIS Central-The party don't ansWer. All in one--Yes, I know the party's over, what I want is the ambu- lance. Clixchangej. x!klVslNl' IF IGNORANCE IS BLISS I'LL BET SI-IE'S HAPPY Helen Reas Qpointing at the mud at Jack Sloughj-Is that where they dig mud hens? ' 5s OUR FOOTBALL SQUAD. "XVe're not lickedfl the captain shouted, As he bumped the line once moreg "Just another little touchdown And We'll even up the scorefl "Brace up, there, you line men, Forget your hurts for onceg W'e need all your service, And we want it in a bunch." "My poor leg," whined the centerg "My thumb," sighed the guard, "If I live to see the end of this l'll stay clear of this back yard." "Shut up," returned the quarter, "You are cripples all We know, And we have ordered 'leven tombstones To set up in a row. "And the people passing by them, VVill note this strange essayg That the heroes of twenty-one Lie deep in this blue clay." xfkhvslv' Mrs. Morgan Qin Historyj-"VVho are we on now Pl' Grace Getty Qcontinuing recitalj-"l'm on John now. He was very narrowf' Sarcastic voice from back row: "No wonder he was narrow if you were on him." N!RlNAfNlN Assembly is singing "Gaily the Troubadourf' Mr. Auten interrupts: "Don't hold your first lady love. Hold your secondf' gf'lJVxlNl5 Grace Getty Cgiving announcement in assemblyj-"You won't have to pay to get into our social but you'll have to pay to get out." Ott: "Maybe we'll be glad to pay in order to get out." ' slWnfVVV5 Miss Mason Cin Assembly singingj-"Sing softly 'All Thru the Night' " Qtt--"Gee Whiz, when do you expect us to sleep P" 59 GA WSCH.' Lucille Moore rushe s up and hands in an essay on pure-bred sires "Here's my sire, Miss Mason." sfNlWAlV' Marvel: "NVhere was Moses when the light went out P" Ott: 'fThat's easy. In the dark? Marvel: "X Wrong-up in Pete Mossi's playing billiards." sf5sfVVV' Esther-"Have you got your music, Agnes? Agnes-"Yes, mine is by triplets." Louise-"You are doing well." gfxlvvxh Miss Mason-Mr. Broderson, how did you ever become a junior? Broderson fsighingj-It's a long, sad story. sf5sl'VNfNl' Hey! Look Wlwt Miss Mason Put at the Bottom of McM't'el's Paper "That you love me I do not doubt." CTee! Hee! It's just ' a correctlonj. VNIVVV' Miss Siler fin gymj-Put your toes back of the line. Frela S.-They are, my shoes are too long. KX '31, N 1 IHXTXX 1 3, 325' E .I .N X 00 cm-4 4 131 ii+4+4++++++++++++++++++iiiii4++++++++i+++++++++++++++++++ Our dvertising Section. To the Public:--- . Examine our list of advertisers carefully. Read their- advertisements in the following pages. These are the people that are interested in our welfare and in your welfare---in the welfare of the school and of the com- munity as a whole. They are giving their support to the school by advertising in the "TOMAHAWK." They are a benefit to the community in that they are conducting honest and reliable business houses or pro- fessions. They deserve your patronage. Patronize our Advertisers. To Our Advertisers:--- With the knowledge that times are "tightening up" and that in sup- porting us you have made a real sacrifice, we gratefully list your names at the head of our Advertising Department. If, for any reason you have withheld your support this year, we hope that by next year conditions will be such that you will renew your advertisements in our annual. CHAS. H. KANE, Business Manager "Tomahawk" AMERICAN HOTEL BANK OF EUREKA BARRON, DR. OLIVER B. BARTLETT, W. A. BLACKBURN, A. W. BRENNER, J. H. BRUNER, FRANCIS M., M. D. BUHNE, H. H. CO. BUSTER BROWN SHOE STORE CANEPA, ARCHIE CANEPA, P. M. CITIZENS FURNITURE CO. CODONI, DR. LESLIE COLLINS Gr COLLINS CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH CONWAY, P. W. CREAM CITY MECHANICAL SHOP CRUIKSHANKS, REECE DALQUIST, F. DALY BROS. EEL RIVER dr SOUTHERN TEL. CO. ERICKSEN, VIGGO FERGUSON DRY GOODS CO. FERNDALE BAKERY FERNDALE BANK FERNDALE ENTERPRISE FERNDALE LAUNDRY FERNDALE MEAT CO. FREDSON, GEO. JR. GROSS, W. G. HART THEATRE HARTLEY'S GROCERY HINDLEY, JOS. N. D. HINCH, SALMON 84 WALSH HZNK, J. F. dr SON CO. HOUGH BROS. GARAGE HUMBOLDT TIMES HUMBOLDT STANDARD HYNDING, HANS JACOBSEN, RUDOLPH L. KAUSEN 81. WILLIAMS HDWE. CO. LORD 81 HANSEN MARCUSSEN GROCERY CO. MCLELLAN, GORDON MILLS CANDY STORE NEW CASH MARKET OTT, G. H. PULVER, DR. W. A. RED STAR CLOTHING HOUSE REES, GEO. E. RIES, W. F. RING, DR. H. J. RING, J. H. ROBARTS, J. RUSS-AGGLER-WILLIAMS CO. RUSS-WILLIAMS BANKING CO. SEELY STUDIO TAPPENDORF, PAUL TERKELSEN, L. WADDINGTON STORE CO. WILSON, THOS. E. CO. ++++++++++++++++++++++++W++++++++++++++i++++++++++++i+++++++ 1 iiiiiii++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++?+?++++++++++++ Ferndale Iron Works Garage if If TIRES AND TUBES AUTO SUPPLIES if -1- Z ' fx- 'P Samson 1 Accessories . Kelly Q Gas and Oils 4. Mason Vulcanizing If: Fisk IP Retreading E Federal A9 Storage -If efxixe 3 CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE GUARANTEED AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING -x--x-x-+x+-x--x--x--x--z--x-x--x-fx++-a-:+-x--x.4--x++1--x-fz'-x-fx-+x-'x4-x4-x-x--x+-x+-x-+x--x--w--zff:-'x--z--xQ-'.-w:--x++zwx--:--x--x-fx--x-+x-+x--:Q-xf,z+':+'x-+ -x--x- ++ ++++++++++i -:+-:++-x-af-1--1+-x+-x--x.-x-4-401--x--x+-1--1-be-1--za-xox-4+wr-1024+-vs+++'z-++40w+++-Hvrweawweenwew 3 2? To the Faculty and Students of the--- -x-vx-+10 E 5 U 'Sb P4 U1 Q 5 O 2 E Q T 'S 5 O F' -x+-x+-x- + +++++ ii +++ Y Ul++ For their splendid spirit of Home Town Loyalty, as ev- idenced by circumstances in connection with the publica- tion of "The Tomahawk" we express our Sincere Appreciation. 23 33 The Ferndale Enterprise. E++++++++ifiii+999+++++++++4++++++++++++?+++++++++4++++++4++ +P+P+P+P+P+P+P4++P'P+P+P+P+P+P+P+P+P+P+P+P+P+P 4++P+P+P+P+P+Z' +P+P+!++P++P+P+P'P+P+P'X'+X"P4'4'+P+P dw 4. 4. 4. +P +P +P +P +P +P +P +P 4. +P .E. .. .f. +P +P 4. .g. +I. 'X' 4. fxf +P 'YZ 0 -i- 'S' ,,. 'S' +P +P +P 'IJ .,. +P +P .g. 132 Q. +P E512 +P +P - +P +P +P 'X' 'P 'P E 'E' Q . 3 2 '22 Z 4-Floors Devoted To Printing And Paper-4 ,P 4. 6 , ago 6 9 , , +I' Q o 55 'I+ .g.Q-Q.--g--.g.-.g...g.-.q.-...-...-...-.,., ,.-...-...-...-.g.-.,.-...- q-o-Q-o-o-o-c-o-no-w0-o-o-mom-0-g...g... ' We are equipped with the latedt "' 4' o 0 ' 3 automatic machmery to do your 3 Q 33 ef e 9 +I. Q 9 +X+ 9 I O Przn ting , fr 3 - 9 + Ruling 121 Q' 0 0 2 'Xf 3 5 Bookbzndzng 5 5 + 5. . Q Cf 'xg 12: 5' 5 E- Ii is l i.-1 3 : 122 Ft S: 2 9 Q 5 - 5 Z' ' ,G Loose Leaf Outflts 5 4. Q 9 - , 'E and fi 5:11 Iii N . 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O ROSSETT CURLEE GUARANTEED BUSTER BROWN SHOES CLOTHING SHOES E for for for E Men Men Boys and Girls 5 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4+4++4+++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++i++++?+++++++++++4+++++++++++4+++++++++++++++? n :ig We sell..,3 :Eg ii 4, LUTHY STORAGE 3 9 ' 9 5 BQTTERIES 5 ' ' ' B and repair iii . . . 'X' E Starting and Llghtlng Systems and E All Makes Of Batteries 2 LUTHY BATTERY STATION L. TERKELSEN, Proprietor E Phone 97-W Ferndale, Cal. :4++++++++++++++i++++++46++++++++++++?++++++?++4+++449949492 4+'k+'E'X+'X'+'P+'P'P'X'4'+4+4+i'+X"X+4+4"?'X'4"P'P'X++'E4+ 4+4+4"P+'X"X'4+4'i+4"P4"P'P'P+i+4"P'X"P4"?4"P4"k'X"E 4. 'X' 5 5 Everything to Help E. oxn E Your Game E YL ZA 17' E T OS.E.WILSON Co. sg E W W 5 if 2 Eg Manufacturers of 'X' ATHLETIC AND SPORTING 'X+'X+'X' 'Z"I"I"1' '51 'Y' 5 GOODS 5 33 E 609 Mission Street :S SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA gg iw-'xr-14401--x-ar-x-er-x--x-rxr++xr-x--x-rx+-x-rx--xr'x--x-.xrfxr-xr-x--x-rz--x-+xr++-x--xr-x-rz--x--x-x--x--x-+x-fz-xr-x--x+'x-+rx-+x-+x++x--x+-x--z++xr-:-Tx- agewwwwwwwwwwa-we-awwaux--zr'x0x-fx-,x-++-xr-ra--x--ra0xwx0xr4ra-4r40xwx0x-awzrx0x-: 33 33 HARTLEY'S GROCERY fs 33 fi: Specializing in +1- 'X+'X+'!' .... 33 E? The Store That Carries Pretty Disbes 'X' . 5 J, E DAVE R. HARTLEY Proprietor E +1- -9 Phone 66 Ferndale, California '!+'!"!"X"!'+X"X' '!"I"I"X"i"I' 'X'-'X01' 33 'I' 4' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' Ei er 'X' 'X' a .,. 'X' 'K+ up 'X' 'X- I? I 'X' 'I' 'X' 'X' 33 3? kr 'X' 'X' 'X' sr 'A' 'X' 'X' 'X' 5 in .4 4 PU F1 U '11 FU CD H H CD FU F1 444 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 '4 't 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 V'Q fi- 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2? 4 4 4 44HM?+ 'x-,z++-x--x'+zQ+-z- H 'P Pd T' O 'FU 3 'P U N Q T' O H I N cn xf-x'-x-'x++M++x0x-+x+fx- 44 SPAULDING ATHLETIC 4 Elf- GOODS 2 Fine Candies, Cigars, Pipes and Tobacco 31 Gent's Fumishings Edison Mazda Lamps 2+ 'B 31 Z 'i CCLLINS and COLL INS 'X' PROPRIETORS IZ Phone 116-J Ferndale, Calif. E44444444444444444444444' 4.144444444444444444444444444444: 44444444444444444 RTP 4'44444444444Jn944444444444444444444E GENERAL AUTO KITCHEN 3 HARDWARE ACCESSORIES FURNISHINGS 4 4 Incorporated 1903 E 4 Z Z if P1 an C 3 I5 20 5 :T 5 4v444 4H44HF 4 4 Jo 3 of via 4' 44- 4 4 'X' 4 4 ti: 'f 'I' 4 3+ 3 ': 2. 4 Q + +54 Q44 4 4 ,Zo 4 4 4. 4 I? vxe 44 4 Y 4 Q4 no ,EQ a Q 4 4 -2 'F 4' 4 -pta 'X' '? 444 'Q 3 .4 4 33 5: Hardware Co. 5 E Ferndale, California McCORMICK INTERNATIONAL FARMING 2 MOWERS TRACTORS IMPLEMENTS E '+ 999446 fk4+i+4++++++++?++++9++99++4+? I 15 -945 9 '11 H co ' 'ij 'f D3 3. 5 -2+ CL fb ? 'L W xp Q 4? H. H' O UU 'Q 'B ff -1 75 Q e , aa 'H fs 5 : F747 E :AP 'C "3Qix,.i,' 4. Q Q at ff, m U: 2 ' 5' ' SC CQ 5 Q : S, Q. Cv Q ra '14 N Q. 'X' '- +1- r-H Q. ,. 'B T 3 W Q 2: 35 w co 3' ru- WO 'X' no x, +5- axe Pj ii 5' 'P 3:3 ?4+?4+???+++4+i++????i++?+9?+?+++??+++4?+ +4 + ii iii++++++++4444++44+4444+44444++++++++++++4+++++ne W mr++? 54 4 '24 9 if '44 'Y' Q4 fb +14 4 Q4 iii 0? 54 E 4 'X' Q4 up 'F 4. Q W ,IQ ry, .g. 4. Q Z? v +5 54 X1 'X' Q14 Q4 Q v 'X' 'X' J' 4' 4. 'Z' -K0 ala '5' Y . + 0.4 at 44+ 5- fb W fb fl: as 'U 'ia Q C3 fb Ps O U1 Q Hs 544. 9+ +49 9 9 6 4 Q 51 '1- 5 The Best Place to Sleep 32 'X' 3: Headquarters for Commercial Men 'X' . 'S' 'F Courtesy and SCFVICC 5 W rr- Pl- 5' O C P1 U1 + I A ' H i l 5 merzcan 0 e ,P C. Eskesen, Proprieior EQ Ferndale, California i++++ 4 PHONE 28 " if W 'X' sie 4 4 4 9 054 +5 2+ Q Z 'I' 4 +2 axe 44 4. Q 4. 0? 'e 5+ Q4 +14 4 'Z' 5+ iii 4 4 4 4 4 4 -ug 3. 3 'J' 4 g. vzo 'I+ 4 4. 41+ Q4- J v v A' 'A' -5:4 +3 4 'X' Q 'Y' QQ +14 -up Q4 Q14 Q4 'F 'F 'Z 'I '4 4 -Q4 'X' v 'C' :S 0:1 Q v 45. 'f 3+ 9 +V Q 4 f 'X' 4 -are +14 +14 +I' 4+ +I' 'X' Q4 'F -1- , 4 E. A. Brightman W. U. Hansen E E H. D. Calanchini Walter Anderson 'Y' at 6I'Il 21 6 621 Olllpally i ---------"f7Qi?5T2f'r a'a5g4iQQf5W'--------- 5: DEALERS IN 3 'X' . . + gg Fresh, Pickled and Dried Meats, Vegetables, Lard, Bacon, Eggs, Etc., Armour's, Kingan's' and A Other Brands of Ham and Bacon Z ga Kept Constantly in Stock 32 i lf you appreciate Fair Dealing and Courteous Treatment, you will patronize us and tell your 'X' 'X' friends about us. Our Branch Markets in Fortuna and Loleta will cater to the custom of their Iii respective communities. Meats delivered to all parts of Eel River Valley on certain days. Z 'ff as :it Phone 76 Ferndale, Cal. , +9+++4++4+4++++++++g+++4+5 +'4444+444mpmmgqqqmqammqqmqqgggi immmggag, Q, ggmqmggggmqf, mfg +444++++m+4+m+++44g4++++++i 1 ff i ,E uf r r' si' , ,,,s tegiimi E :sr , P256 aaa 2 E TQii1i:jZQfffl. ..f iff l :gi Z TWO FLooRs of e4 53 Lf: DRY GOODS and Iii 32 2 WoMEN's WEAR Q' I? Y? Z E Z 'X' :I+ 'A' + 2 1 Rest Room Elevator Service g.3'X"!+'!+'X"X'-102''X'+X"!"X"Z"X"Z-'X+ 'F ' 'X' r'f+B4"!"Z+'!"Z 'Z+'!+-I'+!+'X'+X+'X"X+'K+'Z"X"1+'X0Z"X++X+64+Z++X0!"!"2"X+'Xf'X"X"X"!"Z+:E: +2014 +Z'+I"X+'!' +I-+X'+X'4"X"X'+X"X' 'X"X"I"X"!'i'+I' 'X"X"!'4'+!'+X+'X'+X'+I'i-+!+i++Z''Zvi'+X"X++1++X"X"X'4"E+Z'+!++X'+X"X"X'+X'+I- 4'+X'+X++!'+X"X"I"!+ fi 2 E HIINKS 4' Q Merchandise of Merit Only A 32 Suits, Coats, Dresses, Waists 39, and Millinery if Clothes, Underwear, Hosiery , if Silks, Domestics Corsets, Fancy Goods 2 Iii EUREKA, CALIFORNIA +x0x+-x--1-+14-xsfx-'x-fa-z-+z-fx-+:-+:-+x++x-e.+:'e+-zIe- -2+ -x4-:wx--z--z++:++: fx.-:Q-x--M fx.-x--xf -1+ as-10:--x--zo:-+x+ +!'+X++X-+X++X'+!'+Z4 0101+ 4' +I- +P +I' 4. 4. -X' -1' -If +9 +P +P 'X' +P -K+ +I' W 3' 'e 6' +I- +P C 4. +I' O +I' +X+ 9'9 A 4. +I- 11? 4. 4. 4. +I' 'fr 4. +14 'E' -54 4. if 4. 2? 4+ 4. +P +X+ +I- +34 +I' +I' 4. ii +!-+I 4 ,. RED STAR CLOTHING HOUSE - HOME OF THE Z +313 Hart, Schaffner 89' Marx Clothes E 5,3 Styleplus Clothes 32 Stetson Hats SI Cooper Underwear and Lee Overalls Z Try Us Phone 29 Ferndale 22 -x- 'I"X'+X'+X"I"X+'!'-4' 4'+?'!"X'+X"X'+X"!+ K'+X++!'+F3i+'i'+I' 'F +X"X+'I' 40702 'X' 'X'+!'+X"I' 'X+'I"I' 'X"I"!'+!' +I++!'+9+!+ +X"X'+!'+X++!0I"!+'X+ +X"!++X+'I'+!+'? 4-+!++X"X++Xf +1014 +Z'+X'+X"X"P 'Zvi' +X+'X"X+'I"X"B'I"X'+X'+X"X'+X++X"X"X' 'X' i"I'+X+4'+X'+X"X''X'+X+'X'+!'+X'+X"X"1+'!'i'+X'+X'4++Z++X'+X'+X"X'+!'+!'+X++X'+Z+ E . ' GEO. FREDSON, Jr. General Merchant DEALER IN 'X'+!'-X-'X"X'+X' +1094 Q Men's Furnishings Groceries Feeds and Seeds E 513 CRYSTAL WASHING MACHINE The Home of Good Things PHONE I09 To Eat and Wear BRICE BLDG. 34' +X'4'+X++P4'4"P+X+4'+X++P+!++X'+X'+X++X"P+X'+!"X'+!'+X4+!'+!'+I'+X++!++3+I'+I'+l'+X'+I'+109+I''X'+!'+X++P+X'+X+'X++X'+!'4'+X'+X++Xf+X"!'+X++!++!-+!++X0X'+X'i'+Z- '!"X"X"X+'X"I"Z"l"X+'Z"!"?'!"X'+X"I"X"!"!'+X'+?'X'+X"I"X"X"X"X"X"!''X02 'Z'+X'4"X"X' '!"I"X"X"Z"X"!'+I"Z"X"!''I"!'+X"X'4P'X+'X"l"X"X"I"l' -If in S EEL Y S T UDI O Z -1- 52 335 F Street - - Eureka I 668 HStreet - - - Arcata 1,31 PORTRAITS THAT PLEASE 2 'I' E Oficial Artists for Tomahawk and Advance , -X+'!'+X0I"l"X"X'+!'+Z''X"X"X"X"X+'X+'!"Z''WX'-Z0!--Z"?'X'-I"X+'Z"1"X'tZ'-!0X+'X0X"F'X"X"!+'X"X"X"X+'Z+'Z'+fX''X'-E'X"X'+!+'X"X"X"X+'Z"Z+4'-I-+ vI+sx.v'a tif E 'X' 523 E 'X' Q4 Q4 151 -it vie +14 IZ 'F oxa 'X' 'X' 'X' fp :go 4 'F 'X' +I. oxo 323 '4 3. 3. 'A ff: 'X' 51 0:4 +20 +14 'X' 'X' E 'X"X' E 5,3 Compliments of 'S' .Q , Z 2 Bank of Eureka I Eureka, California 12 Z Li 4010? '!"X0X"X"!"X"X"X'+X"!"Z"X-+I' 'Z' 'I+-!'-Piffl' 401' 'X"Z"X"!' 'Z' 4'+Z0X"X' 4"X"X+'X"Z' 'X"X"X+'X'-X"!"X"I' 4' 'ZWX05-X"!+'? 'Z' fZ"1"!"P if-If 'I+-I'-X0X'+Z"X"Xf'X' 'P 402' i'+X"X' 'X"Z"I"X'4"X"X"Z"X"X"X' 'I'+X"X'+!"X"1' 'F 'P 'X' 'X"Z' S"X"1'4+'I' nhl' 'X' 'X' 'FX' 'X' 'X"1"X'i"X'i"X"!"I"!"X"X' HINCH, SALMON 8: WALSH C0. 2 Main Store Cash and Carry i If. Fifth and E streets 525 Fifth street Z -1- If Quality and Service Price and Quality 1,11 fi? Always Reign Supreme 2 A txf I QUALITY GROCERS AND BAKERSE 'f.l-x.-x-+x++tx+fx--x--x--x-tx-a--x--:-+:+.z+-z4-:--x-txwx--x--:A-z-fx++x.-wttx-ts4+t0xf-zwxt-it-xfa4tx+af+-if-x-tx-fx-ts-z+tx--x--z.-z4-x0x+-x++:--:0:+fz++x.+x- ' 34 44,24 'Y' 'X' 'X' 'X' -1. 4 3" 'X' 'I' wx:- Q24 'X' 53 Q4 3? 'Z' 'T 4+ If 'X' 'X' 'X' bln q. 4 0.4 1 iii 'X' 'Z' szw 4 'P exe 4+ +24 li: 'P 323 33 'X' m t: E 53 2-U 54 E3 s si U at :U cv -xt-x-tx-'sw 5 T 5. C0 , S' E' Q Q 2 3 Q tx--x4+x--1--x--x-+ Member the Associated Press and the United Press Associations -I3'Z-f!0X"X"!0X'-X0Z"X"!"Z"X'i'4"X+-Z+-!+'!+-Z-'!' 'X"I+'X'6"X++!'+!f 'F 'P 'X+'X'-X++X"X"X"X-'X"X'+!'4X"X+'X'-!"!"I+-I-'Zvi-4++I"X"X+-X02 -Bflwi-+Xf-P "X+'X'-X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"-114014'X"X+'X'+X''X"X'+X''X''X''X''X''X''X'+4'++'?'P'P+4"F+F+B4'4'4'4'4'+4'4"P'F'F4"F++'P'b+'P4'+'F+ E Reece A. Cruikshanks' New Store gi: Just Opened April Ist, 1922 with E A New, Snappy Line of q. ,IQ , O I Gent s Furmshmgs I - Yours For Good Goods At Popular Prices Ii- : FERNDALE CALIFORNIA 4+'X"X+fX-'X+-!+-I+-!--X"!+'X++!+'I+'X++X"X'-I--I-'X+f!'-X-'X-'X+'Xf'X+fX-+X+'X-X05'X+'P'X'+'F+X+4-+F'P4+'k'F+!-40I+'!--P+-P-b+P4"F4-40X'++'X"P :Z1ff4+i-4-+!+'b-?-X-40X-+M+++B+F'P'X'+X"X'4+'X+'X++X'+X+'b'I"X"X"X"'X0X+-Xu!-'I+'X0M-+P-X+'X'+X'+X"X"X0X'4'40X+'X'+Z'4-'X0X'+I'4"I'+X'40I+ +I' -X' 44 0 gg Waddmgton Store Company 'X' Try Us Once and You'll Call Again :P Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE, FEEDS and SEEDS +21 . Ex: Goods Delivered to any part of the Valley I Z +X"!0X'+l'+X+'I"I'+X+'I"X+'X+fX'+!+'!+'X'+!+'X"X+'P'X'+X++I+'!0X+'X"Z'+'X"P'X+'X+'X"X"X"I+4+'P+X+'X''X'+I"X"Z"X"I+'X"k'!+'I"X"X-'X"!"X+'X"X- 3 4- 4- 4- 4- 33 4- 4- +P 4- 4- 4 4- 4- 4- 5 in A' 152 4- 4- 4- IX-1 .S 4- 4- 3 4- 4- if 'A 4- ox: 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- i 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- Let Us Do Your Kodak Finishing At Z 'I' gt THE REXALL TORE E Prescriptions Properly Compounded The Quality of All Drugs Guaranteed - Headquarters for School Supplies and Up-to-date Stationery 'X' 'I+ E RING'S DRUG STORE - - J. H. RING, Proprietor 'Xi +?0X"X+'!++X++X+'I+'X++!"X+'X0X0Z"X0X++X+'X++X+'I'+X+'I'+!+'!+-X"!'+I'4+'Z-+109+X++X+'X+'!"I"X'+!"!"X+'X"P'!"X"X+'X'+!+-Z"!++I"!"!"X"!"!''X"X'+I"!"!"!' 'X+'X+'X"X+'Z+w -+' '1"X'+X"X"X"X+'X' +Z"!"X"X"X"X"X+'X"X+'X'+X"X"X"I"X"!' 'X"Z"Z''X"X'+P+P4b'X"X'4+4"I'4'+X+4'+P'P'X"P+X"P+X+'X+4"F'X0FfB'F 3- MII' 'll' Illvlll 'HTS -- 'IDS v BUSTER BROWN Z s H o E S T 0 R E 2 Qll-' 'll' 'IIUIII 'll' 'HW " 'A' R. L. HORNBROOK, Proprietor 3: ,xg 313 r snusm EUREKA, CAL. 3 'X4-4-4-4-4--x-x--x-1-4--x-4-4--x--x-4-4-4--x-x--x-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-44-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4--x-4--1-44--'-44- +!"X'4'+'X'40P'X"P4"X"P'P4"X"I"X"P'Z"X"X'4+'X"P'l"X"X"P'P+ 'I"X"X''!+'X"X+'X''VX''X"X"X'+X'+X"X"I'+X"I+'X"X"X"!+u'+'X+'X"X"X"X"X'+Z' 'I+ 0 o -1- 3 Building On The Sand--- eg I, 'I+ If How are you going to start in life---by building on the sands of pleasure or on 3: the secure happiness of solid rock? Many young men and women right here -1- in this town are trying to erect the edifice of success without a bank account. Z I IT CANNOT BE DONE. II, 'X' 41+ '24 4. E Capital Surplus and Profits Z 'X' 'X' 335,000.00 Commercial and Sa-vings 51351100.00 'X' 'X' 4- 1-1- 33 i -1- -1- -1- 313 'X' -1- -1- -1- 3 in 3'1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- I -1- -1- 5 'E' Q5 I5 Zi' 3 1 ii E 3? Z 1 ti :lf 'X' 1 215 Z 23 up E 'B Ii E Si +I' 1.2 nf 'li I New Cash Market 5 The Right Place To Get Your ,g x. 41+ Meats :- lush -:- Eggs and Poultry 5,2 Every Customer Satisfied Z Ferndale California 'i"!"I+'X'-I"X"X+'I"!'-I"I'4"!"X"I"!' 'X'-I"Z"!"X"X"!"X+'P+!"X"!+-102+ 'X+'I"I"X+'X+'!"I'+!"X'+l'-I-'lvl''X'+I+-!'-X++!f4+'X+'X0X"X"F'X0!+'X+'X+'Z+:Xi :'I:'X"x"x"X"x"!"l"X"X"l"X"X"x' 'X+'X"!' 'X"X"X"X"X"X+'X"I"X"X"X"X"X' '?+!"Z"X''Z"X"X"1"!"X+'X+i'+X+'X"Xr'!+'I''I--I'-!0X"X"X+'X'-X-'k'X+'X+'I-+'+ 4 'X 'X' ., .,. 1 U N D E R T K E R 2 Citizens' Furniture and Undertaking Co. I FURNITURE or ALL KINDS Ferndale PHONE 61 California E'l"!"!"I"I"!'+I"X"X"X"X"X"X+'X"l"X"Z"!"X' '!"I"!"I"X"X"!'+!"X'+X' 'Bi''X"X"f"l"!'+X+'X"X+'Z"!"I''X"X"!+'I"?'X'+X"I"X+'!"X"X+'X"!'+!"I'EX? 4014? 2 5. '52 3'1- 'X' 'I' 5 3 fi- 'X' 4. 'X' 'S' 3.53 151 '13 +44 '5' of 54 'I' '5' +41 -:I+ 'I' 'P +14 'X' 'X' 5 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 1 HAR T TH EA TRE P. Eff B. MOTION PICTURE CIRCUIT If We are selecting our pictures so that none but the best I of clean shows will be given. Bring your family and If: -1- 'Qu I II. S 9: Q 3 Q N S.. O 'C Q 3 Q C N E 3. we O Wh 'E N Q H E 'X N I I. I I. I I. -1-1--1- 'X' is-1 i Z i E 3 3 3 3 i 55 3'1- 5 5 33 3. .--1--.-1- Ferndale Phone 115 California I . ,xr 'I"l"!'+X"l"X"I"X"l"I"l"X"l''X"X+'l"X"X+'X4WX"l'+I"1+'X"X"X"X"X"X"X'n?'1"Z+'P'X''X' 'X"!'+X"Z'+!'+!"X"B+X"X+'Z"X"X"X"X"X"!'+X"X"!"I'rX"I' -1. 0 u o u 0 .14 The Spirit of This Institution . is one of helpfulness. The idea behind the Bank is embodied in the word 4. Service. We are sincerely anxious to be of the utmost assistance to our cus- 2 3: tomers in any legitimate and wisely safe-guarded undertaking. We want to 2 help you succeed in your business because the interests of the bank and its cus- 3. tomers are mutual. We respectfully solicit your banking business. Russ -Williams Banking Company Ii! CCOMMERCIAL 8: SAVINGS? . -1--1--1-1- -1--1--1-1--1--1--1-1-15 2 2 5 if 5:25 5 9 Q 25 qt E 'X' 3' 5 - - 3 1 m 4- -1- --1 Q 3 33 C -1- F 5 -1- 51- r- fi: 'X' 5 Z1 . 1 if Sf' o ' Q Zi- -1'1- eu " ia N- 1 ZF 3 S :mi -3 -1- -1- U o 56:0 1 'X' 2 5 Sri- -1- 53 Q :Q:W -5' U E 5 13 L-1 S 225 Q 5 5. O Wig ca 3 2 :"!':,-, 5 5" 552' U' -1- 3- 91 2 gm! 'I' 'X' ... :q,:2 Q -1- -1- E 5 io 3 511 31 E, o u. -1- gk 2 QW' Q Z Vx. az 2 Q -1- -1- E 5 ,xt ,? a E E E 2 C- C13 gg -.3 1' w Q- 2 3' If 'X' 2 U o is Q, E 6 E 3 -1- O S Si 'I' 5 T12 z 1 E' -1- -1- 1-1-' ' -1-1--1-1--1--1-1--1 -1--1--1- -1- oxngxq-Q -1-1--1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- E -1- -1- 5 -1- E 33 if 33 -1- 113 33 'X' 353 -1- -1- 'E' 'S' .,. if 3.5 -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- E -1-1--1- 'i:'!"X"X"I"I01-+!"X"X-+X+'!"X"!"X+'X' 'X+'!"!0X+'!"X"X0X"l'-Z-'!"X"X"I' eX-'X--!-'X-'!"!"X--!-'Z-'X"X"X-'!'-Z-'X-+X- 'X-elvi--I-'Z"X0X"!' 'X'-X-'X"!"Z' 1 H. H. BUH E co.,1nc. -1- I' 'll' V. . . ' 1 " 'll' 'l 1 1 if Hardware Sporting Goods Implements E 2 Stoves and Ranges Cooking Utensils 31 3 2nd .sr E sts. EUREKA 422 First sr. 5 ?4+i++ WH'+i?+'??i+'???499i+ 'I"X+'l+'X+'X"l"X"X'f?"!"Z"!'+X"I"!"!'g: :f:+?4'4"P'F'F'X'4"3i"!"P'P4'+P'P4'4"X'4"P4"P'Pi"P4'4'i'4"?4'4"P'P4'+P'F'!+4+'P'P'P4+4'4'4"F+'I'40F4"P'P'P'F'FHgx? 'XO Q 51' JAMES F. ROBARTS Q5 'X' i D R U G G I S I 22 Sgcessor to W. B. ALFOQ 3 ,P Drugs, ' , -' 5 Phone 39-F-2 3 'P Stationery, - ' Ferndale, -15 Notions California If! 3-1-1 E Ii'- 211 C13 3113 33. 33 313 F13 2 5 33 fl! 3 513 513 3 -1--1- +1-1--1-+1-+1-+1-+1-+1--1--1-1--1-+1-+1-+1--1-+:-+1-.g. 21-+1 -1- 1 -1-+1-+1--1-+1-+1-+1-+1-+1-21 .1 -1--1-+1-+1--1-+1-+1-+x--x-+1-+1-+1--1-+1--15- 'A+ 4 +.+ .- 4. 1. Q -U 1-5 -1- if In fi- E 2 71- pr . +1- +1- gg Q 11- so -1- Q 'I' 'I+ g 3 ' 'X' m E Q. pg fb + 2211+ - A++-A1 'D Q li Q +i- ig 'Sf 5 CD ' -1- 'v I : Si :I I-5 2 new---sara: +2 liggspw-faq:- --luc-'QC-31-+1--uoe: V1 Wt? QU Emman-33 +4 +14 + +14 "" i W5'7g-QE,oT?B'5- 35 v-A+?-5 SESBS-0: BQRH:-135275211'5'+Egb'g3aagcp+g 9' N- 0 '91 .-. Q 14 ET 3. 4. Q V, S Q 23.4.52 1-.5,T'.3..,..,,-W5 oi-A wg: 3 DD 4- -1- 5 - . UQ : -1- +1- Q " Q. N +1- ru '4 1- +1- EB' 2 'B +1- +x- 5 P 3 F 99 'ff B -'E' a Af VJBTSQ-U "?'S'W':g 94 'C U 1 2 V' S F "" 151 31 f' - 'za 5 Q CD 'Q m v 5 7 . -- 2. gi :ii 0 5 Q 3 3 S O -2 'i an -1 +"4 +14 9 5' H +14 14 U3 at +9 5 E' if fir 'T 'D 2 .2 2 +1--1--1-+1-+1-+1-+1--1-+1-+1-1-+1-1-+1 1-+1-1-jg 1-+1-+1-+1-+1-+1-+1--1++1-+1+' jg '+1--1-+1-+1-+1-+1-1-+1-+1-+1-e-+1-+1-+1-+1-:-+1-1gj 4. q. +11 '. 5. '11 333 Tfi m 7 2.9 Q3+?+se- :ei : Q no :gr 2: 5 5 4. :Q - gi Q fb H +14 +14 Q' g +14 +14 l +I' sw on O .-. .xx 5 I Q .+. .,, V9 F2 S'12'i"2"52VgE-aff: fr n m A 3 +1- 14 m +14 +14 I 1 5 Q4 +14 '14 . O 4 Q u Q fn . 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Q' +2- an -. 3 g 'Q -1- -1- ::.. ,, 5- +1- +1 +1- 52-gfas 1.2 eb --.... .IQ ,P ,., 4. -U '-ta G +4 +'4 I-' +14 +'- 99 D Dun w 5. ,E 95 : E4 Q? 3 i +'-1-1-+1-+1-+1-+1-+1-+1-+1-+1-+1-1-+1-+1+1-+1-+1-+1 +i-+1-+1-+1-+1-+1-+1-+1-1-+1-+B+1-+1-1-+1-+1-+1-+1-+1-+x-1-+i- -11-+1-1-+1-+1-4-+1--1-+a+1-+1+1+1-1-+1 4-1- W 4' 4 +14 +14 q. +14 +14 Q 4. +14 +14 'F 4 +14 +14 +14 +14 '4 fi. +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 'X' +14 +14 4 ,XF +14 +I' 1 IVO +994Fi+++i+?++++++++4++++++4? fi -1- 'X"X"X"X"X"I"!'+X"I''?+X'+X"X"X"X"X+'X"!''X"!"!"I'+!"X"X"X"!"X+'!"!+-+I' "X"P'X"I"X'+X"X"I"X"!"E'X''!"X"!"X"X"X"!"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X' 33 5.2 E O O 54 'X' G H OTT - V91 " 1 fl Zi 4' 1 E VANITY BAGS HAND BAGS 5 +11 +14 and LEATHER Goons 3 FERNDALE CALIFORNIA if :"X"!"'X"I"1"F'l"'X"X"!"X"X"x"x":"X"X"X"!"X' 'Z"X"X+'!0X'+P'P'!+'!: Bartlett's Pool Hall POOL and BILLIARD 2 TABLES gg CIGARS and TOBACCO - Ferndale 2-F-12 California 3: +14 5 E 'X' + 55 Iii +14 +14 +14 A +14 4 4 Q4 +14 'K' +14 +14 9 +14 814 +14 +14 A9 +14 +1 'R 4 'X"X'+I''X"X+'X"E'X"I'+l"X'+X"!'+X'+X"X"X"X"I''!"X"Z"X"!"X"X+'X"I"'X+4'?X"X"X"!0X"X'4020? 4010? 'X''X"X+'X+'X"!"I'+X"X'fX'+X+'X"X+'X"X"X"X"1' vp 4+ 4+ . lg. . 4. 53 Ferndale Electrlc 81 Ferndale Parnt Store 1, 4 +14 414 'IQ E23 cocoa sooo: E -TP , ., ,.n............L...,........ , . 4, 33 PAUL L TAPPENDORFFJ ww 5, Vl all.Paper, Glassz Paints, i -Fw - - W -rw 'f '23 0llS and V3I'IllSll6S jj 4. 4.1. ,.,. R- , ..-,r-f,,- imf'z1.,..r?R, 6, H'-' 4. . . "' ,E Ferndale PHONE 1-W California Geo. E. REBS - - Proprietor rg: :20X+'X+'X'+X'+X"!"B'X"!"Z'4++!++Z"X+'X+'X+'I"X+'X+'X+'Z"X+fX+'Z'+I'+I"I"!"X+'E'Fifi'401''Z'+X"!"X"X''X'+X'+?'X"Z+'X''X"X+'X"X+'I"!0Z++Z''F'Z"I"!+iXf j!'+I"X+'X"1"!"!''X"X'4"X''X"X"X+4'+Z'+X+4+'X'+X+'X+'X++X+'X''X+'X'+X'+I"X'+X"+X+'X+'Z+'X+'X'+?'X''X+'X'fZ"?'Z"X'+X'+I"I"Z"X"X-1'X"I'+Z++X+'?'X'+Z"!'4f+X'+? 5' 0 Do you enjoy,,.1 -PXQ 4+ T N I N G 3: Listen to the best right in your own home 21 PUMPS and 33 . 343 1 WINDMILLS ir The Kennedy Radxophone -5- 0.4 +4 Main Street Zi: Installed by 3: all Ferndale, California Phone 90-W Brenner' Agt' Ferndale 551 2..g..g.,g..g..g. .g..g+.1..1..g..g..g..g.g.,g.,g. .yr .1..g..g..g..g..1.,g.g.,g..g..g. rg '.g..g..g.+1..g..1. in .g.q.q..g.q..g..g..g..1..1. .3 403 .g,,g..y. 9.5. ,g..g.g.g.f: +14 4 o +3f+2+'x-+:r-x-ar-1-+1-ra-:+fxr+z++x--1--z++z+f:--xr-xrrxf-xr-1+-zrfzr-z++z-+z-fxr-x-'gX::+rz++x-+x+'x+-z+':--x--x+-1+f:r-zf+z-rx-,201-+:+-xr-Xexrfr-xwxrefxrarrxr-zr+x-ig use the CLELLAN Telephone 4. 'i 151 5. Q 4'4- 'X' . . - 1,11 twine 4+ wzrmg and pi: I EEL RIVER AND SOUTHERN electrical supplies I 1,51 TELEPHONE COMPANY , F d I :Zi EE 1-:. M. LOVELAND, ---- Manager Mam Street em a e ii refxexot--1-fir401'-9M-'x++z++x+-xrfxr-:rar-1+-xr-M'xr-x-+x+'X++:+ftrMlxrrx--I-+1-ft++x+-2+1+fx+'M-fx-fxrrz-+xr-x++!+-ioxfer+:--I--101+-xr-x--X-'I+-M V V Y V ++xr-xr-:reerr:-'xr-xr-14,101+-rfx-rx-+4--1--xr-:ra-rxvxr-xrfx--xr-xrfx--xr-iffx-wr:-fx-fxr'xrar'xrrzr'xr+.rrxr.z-fxrarfxrfxrfxr-.rar-:W-1-+1-+x++x-+x4-rw -xr -x- -1--xoxo . IB 5 S 5' 2 5 E, 5' f :- g 3 ,1 : Q re Q Q-A Q 3 S 5 ' 'S 91 2. , I D 3 3 Q 'IQ or H 2 E m E S 3 o 52' gc gg S C5 2 3 9 gl E. E 3 arefxrarvzoxra-+4-fear-xoxrar-xr-a+x+-xr-wr- Kuppenheimer if Cl0thing FURNISHING Goons, HATS and SHOES if ARCHIE CANEPA FOR UP-T0-DATE MEN'S APPAREL 'I+ +101-'I+-X'+X0X+'X'+X+'X+'X-'X+f!0!'+X''Z++X+'X+'I"X+'!+'X-'!++Z+-X+f!0!0!+'!++X++X+'M''X++X+'X+f!+'F+X+4+'X-'X+'!'-!'+X+-X+fI-'X''!+'I+'!'+Z-fZ'+X+4"X+fI++X+'X'+!+f1' III +14 +14 'X' 5' +14 4. +'4 5. 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E Z I g5s:,5,'wg si : 'lj E O 2 E. 5 -1' 2 'f 42-22935- EELTE- Zflls?-N 1' Q' 71 FU M , ':'7' :HE -' 'Z " Q-3 'I' ig Q 3' .3 x Ziiifiwz Qdiinmfgaz " 2 'U gg Zi" .22-H2152 22+ QQ- is + 5 -111-0 C4-5 'Q Q- UQ LUQ 12-is-22 'f 4- Q- 2- 2. 4 ,C+ ITE? gi F 5 i cb 5- W -z--I+' . -x-' -x-x--x-F -x--x-z--x+-x- -1-' -x-x--x-x--x--x--x--:--x+-k-x-4-:+-x+-x--x-x--x-x-. x-x-x-2-z--x-1--1--2-x+-x-I-x--I--x-2-x--2 -x- -i- 'I' i- 'P " -Y- -:J 1. -:J -:J -u -. -c 'U -:J -2 2' ff 5' 2 I af 2' E i 5 cs If 5 gi :s 3 :: . 1- : Q" : :s P-1 0 : w il wil 13 U52-553 g-+32 mU'1 '3U+T'ba' -X"'P4?:"' rt-PANIEE'-i-xFEQmiQf1g 53: 2,-ef-1, -P-up-, 4-'E' -2 ':. '1'25wm-x-'Enzo-,,4Q,, Q ' r- -4 2 -1- A 4- 2 I-4 4- g Z -I' Q - -- fn sz-.' 4 02 0 -1- "3 'U 1- U . Q' 'X' U W? -as 'U N : I -1- Q ' -Il: is E. 1- pq : ' 2 fmz V- S 7: O r-A 2'i Sw- 241 EF- ss: w'0 2 mafb -'ff -'92 Wzwvlpfi FSP? gl Z 3. 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A A 'S' -Z'n?'I"X+'!"X''F+X"I"X++X"X'+X+4+'X+'X"I+4''X+'X0I"Z"Z+4+'X+4''X"I'+I"I- '!+'!"X+'X++!++X+'I"X+'X+'F+X4+X"X'+P+X0I0P'P'!4'X"X"X"X''X++X+'I"X"!"!+'X+ vwxfflmmw -. . .. . , f A , W , , 4 f parvum ,K 'Nr -fw wufz'-.Hwy-Q: :zz.'.:4'-rm?-uni-..-vuwemzif-:fa.uv::mf.ma Afpsaiamb f' sm: . , . f- . , . 1 'f , . V. M ::,,-K-acc:'nfwmJ-:v:.mn.mmJ::.:.fmw.mymsfxwemw , w ' ' ' 5' E 5

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Ferndale Union High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Ferndale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


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