Ferndale High School - Talon Yearbook (Ferndale, MI)

 - Class of 1965

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1 X ,hu C. X5 MEMJVQSF- X ' X :R Xl 63 vat-19,57 , vi, Q3 N NES Q15 fx Q? K' W W iijyxflg 55 mffwiyiy, 533 CPXPQ 4fX fy! gif K3 ws Wg 353 5559? aff by 4,-2-22 Qi Vp 2-A my Q53 WW MNNNX giif32?Lj!fg Wfmfwfv 5 1gi fffljfmff ff N ,xcxcdks C7 Qffvjfiff iv, ,Gif fjjffwf-43915 fvikkr QWf,44 M vxxg 9 gy r . , Afffc , Lf JL ffff x fff V4 Wf H XWQJX W X U- Q if JJ Xff Q'v X, JV - 'Bt QCL CC L L Um ,olfKBr'D1 .5 ,. I :yr W I , A., ,L-M Y: QA ' 'HIL ffl-D, Kfk ' Lgnff C CLICC ?7 f . ff ' 'gi ILL fcklfff 'MCL KM VOKJXI , -J ' ., . P, , . f 3' lf" ffdg ,N ' in T 1 xp Q r"'S'-Q3.wRQi'fw V "?qf'fD 2s. ap Jr ,M Jkixlb 535 ' '11 J vm QF if N X' 3 JN rw Qoioligscg N X I-Jr V I 2, If Q Q gr , fu' Q 4 -Qwwdimt rm mm K 'A ' mudxaaoiif 'V 5 ff Rf VF , 125413 A" . N A isfbc jft lu!! V 'V K' V. - UA F Kmx:L' w L! 51' W 5 :Q Q if ' ' k J ,z -r - X'-J' . Af , V' " 'N b - Q V L? Y f ff ' 5 F f ' rd J if ' ' M I V Vjffk it ' -s I ,- I ,7 V Q S-f X cl' - I vu X W W K Q ' NL , D l f A .. " 1 f, ff f 'W b M ff , ff A W2 A , 2 13? AL.: , A I. NEW' I - fi V KJ i' ' ' . , Jaxx gr' H.: A 1' J X-Q Q5 XX fy 3: C' N f Qv - 'xi .Y .,O1' L rc, ' , K LL 2 Size f B wx ' f X. ,I C ' r. X W UF fk mgfwegvwg x K-X5 . XJ N ' , Aw : x xl by K H . I N N QE! X I xx: 4.1 , 5.2. 1 x 'NK xxx ' 54 L' X N f ,QQ rf Q X R! ,QKJXD v X N M i 'X X 'NIL wk' I JN C f K I- 1 xQj5if,,x Y ' X ' T50 X . ,- . . . , KN 'X, bkw --OM L ' 1 -, MH 'cf G ,Q X if R36 Wfe ff bl ? 5 5-D ffmcfm, no " zz-4 Q fffwf wf l CQ ' ' liz XT 71 f' 2 1' C 5 ff CfL f' L16 Ll! wiL,'Ll, J ' gli" 'f ' 5 P v - . 1 L gn, ' l fl 1 , .ff , I , 4 I x, xi Vx Vwx uzk' swf A J X' xx' Il V C' 1 cu L, vm, yu Vw", , X, 1 U V 1 4'-fb" Iv',Wi' U p. I f.,,,L I 5 1 if N I X X r , 1 ' Q A X NM w C+ ni , Q X V . K: I 1-1- A X Y In I " I A I I V .WWI I1 J- t I A - " ,W I HII I .av .N 1'-'Q Q FERNDALE HIGH SCHOUL FERNDALE, MICHIGAN K M13 W ., I I -. iw f I 4 ,.., f N. I fl I M- Hd, 4 1-P wr WEE M ,f, -,m, Q., .ffif MQ, L f:amz59fgQs'..'afw . ' . ,,f, , . PEOPLE Z5 I SE-INEJRS DESEJSSIN C1 EIIESOPHY ANU lL'T, HAVE ARCSJED me HSURS ABOGT MEN IN RETSESN 'IB THE. IDEAS QF P916 , Mmfmveml, WIIJQRE ANB okwem-,. BECAUSE MAN is QMEX, C3NEYQ'3I6NS ARE bmw EE 'BTTIDENE OF EHSAQE PEPIE, AND BY E,CU5INGf annum Writ GN Hanan UNBHRSM Wm we as INBIVTBIFIJE' Ama. I FERNBALQ Lhqll ScH0oL P2915 me ATHIBHC, sER15o3,NnSe1Exmo3,Qwiusemumamg BGRED Wm THE HIQH SCHOOL WERE BET REWCTMI' T6I9'5E EHR SEGJRTY? fN WTAE AEUII ONE. mexf ARE'DRE1ANS'EES WHO Will-.MAKE ANSLFJN Dona has BET NNE To BORROW A evil'-5 OF BUQG FQOM DAD ER A SATURDAY NXGEY DKYE.. may Aka wma 12: BE lNI3EPeN'5EUY BUT' ILKE EVERYONE EEE N BED P2095 . JN 126.13 oF 11113 'HXE1965 THEN 13 ABOUT PEOYLE1' YGU. PEOPLE '6 PEOPLE '65 6 ,f ,ff f' - ig X A X X u , '- L Ku H -NN mah' af' 11 gi -.-v-A . PEOPLE '65 10 ACADEMIC 11 ADMINISTR T10 JOHN D. McGRECOR - Principal is u..a::,wgg,q3 -fav It is quite obvious upon entering F.H.S. that the students are in capable, understanding hands. Any student will be happy to tell you so. Our administration is unique in that no other school can claim to have as capable a principal as ours. Mr. McGregor and his assistant principals, Mr. Meister and Mr. Wagner do so much work behind the scenes that we owe them a tremendous thank you. Aside from the everyday routine of interviews, and conferences, these men helped individual students with personal problems. Without these men F.H.S. would be lost. So to them we give a salute and thanks. is FRED WACNER - Asst. Principal TED MEISTER - Asst- Principal 12 OFFICE SECRET RI L STAFF Left to Right-Mrs. Fleharty fMr. McGre- g0r's secrelaryj, Heather MacDonald fAth- letic secretaryj, Mrs. Miller fSwitchboard operatorj, Mrs. Keller fBookstorej. SCHOUL BO RD ' 1 h 5 fu- -,:.."S".-Y 4 3. Q0 ' 5 X, E-gif' 3.13 I 'cr --I r 'ix Mr. lloughlon - Superintendent of School 13 has ,. . . COUN ELORS Mr. Harold Vroman Miss Bonita Wentland Mr. Lyle Marshall 1 4 Miss Marian Aldrich Mr. james Lynch It is a counselor's job to guide the students through their high school years, to lead them on the path to maturity, and to show them the way to success in later years. These duties have been carried out very well by our staff of counselors. Every morning students are lined up ten and twelve deep waiting for excuses as the counselors are furiously working to get everyone to class on time. All through 'the Gay students come filing into the offices with phony- sounding excuses as to why they weren't in class or why they were late. But the counselors are always human, giving the students the benefit of the doubt until they take advantage of the situation. Then the counselors revert to form and their stock answer: "Five zero hours!" We're all grateful for this guidance from our coun- selors which made our high school years more bene- ficial and helped us with our plans for later life. Even though other students till up our time and thoughts, we will never forget our counselors. SECRETARI L STAFF Miss Beverly Weiss 15 .. .,. Je.. C LTY Mathematics Mathematics Mr. Julian Barit Mr. Gerrit Brandt Mr. William Darland Mr. Russell Fleharty Mr. William Hall Mr. Allan Haslitt Miss Ester Kestila Mrs. Olive MacKinnon Mr. Harvey Richardson Mrs. Alwynn Rogers Mr. Alan Rosenfeld Mrs. Bertha Weinstein Languages i Foreign Language Department Mrs. Gloria Dounelis Miss Maxine Galloway Mrs. Barbara Krenitsky Mrs. Mathilcle Rakowsky Miss Hildegard Richter 1 R we UWM Sw ll? English 7: , L ,RH . at 9 r akssrfrsssiit it . as .5 L,Ll ,Q S ,S V i 3, 'L English Department Mrs. Dorothy Barit Miss Isabel Craig Miss Grace Cummings Mrs. Helen Dabanian Mrs. ,lane Drake Mr. Lowell Ford Miss Jacqueline Mongelli Mrs. Sarah James Mr. Frank loranko Mrs. Susan Kingsepp Miss Betty Kujala Miss Ann Laing Mr. Robert MacKay Mr. Robert Martin Mr. Ronald Reid Mrs. Charlotte Richards Miss Annetta Schuldt Mrs. Rosalyn Segal Mrs. Jeanne Shaffer Miss Kathleen Smith OXJXKR- bi S-bf. CDXUJL if X . , .Sv -draf- OAL 1, 9 v Ps FACULTY Social Studies Social Sciences Department Mr. William Brown Mr. Robert Corsini Mr. William Coyne Mr. Stewart Dilly Mrs. Bessie Hysni Miss Alice Jorgensen Mrs. Beata Iorgenson Mrs. Arlene Bordman Mr. Wendell Kelly Mr. Sleiman Kysia Miss Jeanne Lincoln Mr. Don McNeil Mr. Zigmund Niparko Mr. Thomas Parry Mr. Edward Sash Mr. Robert Winters ,X , s. y -- 4 he-1.11 f- .,.. ,. .mann . pplied 8 Fine Arts E H 'fi '1 L ', f.'v,m.Ivt. N, N-...Q fi eeaec i 2515 ig . L- Science Department Mrs. Judith Corsini Mrs. Ruth Dunham Miss Ruth Heppel Mr. Harold Kreider Mr. Mario Madama Mr. Joseph Maguire Mr. James Munson Mr. Michael Schamel Mr. Lawrence Senkowski Mrs. Helen Wiley Mr. Raymond Wolf Science Commercial W W wiyw v i - Commercial Department Miss Maria Anderson Miss Bemice Cady Mr. John Clark Mrs. Dorthea Frazier 20 Librarians Athletic UST GDI NS R E ' A Iairggrlfuifgl Gloiileli Velma .l0fl9S. Marv' Curtis. Second: Art Sales, Frank Murdoch: Third: ftl Cliherrvtfkrchit' lleron, tiarlhlludson 0 1 f' UTP, fl rew llarrell, William Ly0n, Leonard Johnson. F0l1Yll1- berry WlXSi!l1,,llll Nicholas, Walter lloe-km:-.on, Lawrence BOIIS. Blake Moran, ,lames Edwards, Andrew Zofchak, Hollins Peoples. The next time you walk through F a window, think a moment about who 1 the gentleman is who comes swiftly to your aid. He is what is known as a custodian. These guys deserve a lot of credit. They come early and late, they put up with slopped up lunches, griping greasies and snotty P.R.s. Many of them work at night, so we students don't get a chance to know them. Nevertheless, we still know they're there by the immaculate condition of the school in the morning. Even though it seems empty without Charlie, we still recognize the great service they perform. ' Along with the custodians we must express our appreciation to the kitchen staff who put up with griping kids all day long. They spend many hours preparing the food which larsth rowE,hNalIie Spencer, Genevieve Wild, Josephine Marie Fudge, Helen Thompson, Linda llartkopf, jean- is so elegantly f ll served HI HOOD- RC US. y is Everlv. Eleanor Lahti Bessie Lennox elle Braun lrene Finn Marrian Mann llelen Bourge- . - . . ' ' ' ' - W f t , h t ff, Jeanette Roberts, lxathy bulentl, Donna Dora.Se-cond ois, Rita Yanello, Keitha Rodgers, Martha Morris. e are Oruma e to have quo a S a row: Betty Bauer, Francis Betleley, Esther Paulussen, and are ever grateful' ACTIVITIES , 23 STUDE T COUNCIL OFFICERS Roby Warren - President Connie Derr - Vice President Patti Beach - Recording Secretary Julie Simon - Corresponding Secretary Bob Edwards - Treasurer Mr. William Coyne - Advisor The Student Council, Ferndale High School's largest and most effective student governing body, has accomplished more this year than any other council in the past due to the hard work of its many fine members and capable leaders. These people have devoted long hours to the planning and comple- tion of many projects such as Freshmen orientation, Home- coming festivities, pep rallies, bonfire and car caravan, tag day, and busses to away games. The Council also sponsored Know Your School Night, P.T.S.A. club night, and the Eagle Eye Review, and has helped with many other school projects. Christmas decorations, carnations and cards for the teachers, and loaning money to school organizations who need it are also projects of this year's Council. New projects include a successful club coordination plan, Student Government Day, and "big brother and big sister" for all new students. The Ferndale High School Student Council would like to thank their unsurpassable advisor and friend Mr. Bill Coyne for helping and guiding them through many difficult times. Many of the projects could not have been done without this wonderful man's help. The Council would like to wish all future Student Councils the best of luck. 3 QW ELECTED MEMBERS 9th Grade Pat Townley Terry Williams Chuck Goode Maurice Crum 1 1th grade Pal Covert Claudia Skirving Hughey Long Tom Payne I 0th Crude Marilyn Coldin Deena Polinsky Monte Heclo ,lerry Peterson 12th grade Sue Hoffman Linda Settino Paul Marzee Frank McCall i fa HONORAHY MEMBERS Jeff Axelrod Michael Collins Darlene Neely Pete 0'Connell Karen Valentine CLI VH HEPRESENTA TIVES Darlene Neely - Girls' Student Relations Sharon Kennedy - National Honor Society Ken Mogill - Varsity Club Sherry Carden - Foreign Exchange Club Charlene Engstrom - Future Teachers ,Ioan Wendell - Business Club George Frauman - Debate Marti Orloff - Investment Club Mimi Miller - CAA. Exchange Student Club First: Nancy Rathburn, Joan Sigler, Lynn Cannici, Sherry Carden, Connie Derr, Sue McKenzie, Cerri Urbin, Lynn Swindlehurst. Second: James Braidwood, Bonnie Paterson, Barbara Crowe, Kathy McKillop, Sandy Marriott, Donna Lozen, Sue Dueball, Mary Lou Brautigam. Third: Jim McLlear, Jeff Axelrod, Karen Kurtz, Betsy Pence, Pat Tay- lor, Mary Scheuer, Cathy Morter, Karen Nylund. Fourth: George Fraumann, Hel- mut Theis, Mike Robinson, Theron Snell, Mario S. Zenger, Dennis Stolte, Carl Roeser, Jerry Tutor, Dwight Bonner. 4 . ,,, . -I f . 4, f h . f ., : ,sf--:usmmrzwee,em One of the most vital clubs of the school, the Ex- change Student Club, raises money to bring students from foreign countries to Ferndale under the Ameri- can Field Service and the Youth for Understanding exchange programs. Among its annual activities are a smorgasboard, a car wash, and an assembly. Pres- ident Connie Derr, vice president Mike Robinson, and secretary Lynn Swindleherst work with Mr. Coyne and many adults of the community on this worthwhile project. Varsity Club First: Dave Savage, Jim Klemanski, Bruce Wellman, Rick Thomas, Roby Warren, Don Kiddle, Ken Mogill, Pete O'Connell, Dennis White, Tom Payne, Larry Facione. Second: Rick Carlson, Bob Miles, Gary Andrus, Doug Misuik, Bob Walsh, Mike Robinson, Bruce Hill, Ted Pollock, Skip Ludwig, Mr. Burkhart. Third: Paul Hamel, Rick Blood- worth, Bruce Peltier, Don Tipping, Mike Gurwitz, Al David, Dan Loncar. Fourth: Gerald Prophet, ,Ioe Haslitt, Chris Rae, Bob Terrabassi, Pete Glynn, Ken Watters, Dan Thompson, Terry Myers, Mike Nolph, Greg Richardson, Bob Hoffman, Bob Edwards. Hi-Y First: Paul Marzec, Mr. Kysia, DVM19 Fkeesc, D. Merritt. Second: .lim Powell, .l0hI1 ROSS, D, Morgan Shirk, Don Soltman. Third: Ken lskow, Helmut Theis. , Er. r 5 Election Board First: Sherry Short, Nancy Miller Karen Frantz, ,loan Siglcr. Second: Pat Hubley, Richard Forbes, Lynn Swindlehurst. 1 l"X .. l Science Club c First: Gil Duhn, Allen Wright David Zeltzer. Second: Jim Powell Dave Axelrod, Howard Garon Third: Bruce Peltier, Neil Lehto ,lon Blasius. Fourth: Doug Gawne, Pete O'Connell, Byron Kuxlaus. Junior Exchange Club First row: Carl Blasius, Miko Morris, ,lerry llunter, ,lerry Roy, .leff Steger. Second row: Mr. Cannici, Rodger Taylor, Bruce Petti- grew, Ray De Palma, Dennis White, Mr. Vroman. Creative Writing Club First: Mrs. Debanion, Sue Ostrow, ,Io Ann Kamenski, Sue Kelly, Denise Miller, Susan Scott, Mrs. Raymer. Second: Cathy Morter, Cathy Yiatagano, Cathy Fleming, Evelyn Hempel, Laurel Knetchel, Bernice McDougal, Claire Springston, Judy Eliott, Gretchen Engstrom, Anne Stiverson. Third: Dick Rod- gers, Adolph Paul, George Hartley, Clay Elliott, Mark Bojarzin, Dale Johnson, ,lim Ruddy. Investment Club First: Harry Laughlin, Kerry Greenhut, Gary Selesko, Fred Gandolfi, Joel Magner, Lloyd Zemmol, Bruce Aaronson, Richard Duckworth, Steve Horowitz. Second: Jo Whit, Mary Lou Brautigam, Mary Dettmer, Ginny Orloff, Arlene Edwards, Kristine De- tert, Dianne Super, Gwynn Super, Marti Or- loff, Eric Fromm. Third: Mercedies Kirk- land, Claire Springston, Bonnie Vander Muellen, Dave Maynard, Steve Gould, Ran- dy Tutor, Sandy Marriott, Bob McQuade, Ron Patterson, Bruce Nordstrom, Dave Pederson, Ed Smegal, Philip Karpel, Bob Martensen. Fourth: Tony Gandolpi, William Kropf, Jim Spencer, Burton Sherrand, Pete Lash, John Elmers, Mike Miller, Mr. Dilly, Jeffrey' Kulick, George llartley, Mark Koller, Tom Bai s, Nick Schneiders. A .. Q Business Club First: Jane Delavan, Pat Cole, Sandy Boeard, Pat Tolmer, Norma Irwin, Ann Smith, Linda Jones, Janet Hill, Mrs. Koso- vac. Second: Les Kaplan, David Cain, Kathy Pritchard, Mary Nicles, Kathy Galloway, Myrl Hornbrook, Vicki Maclvor, Pam Mor- ley, Maureen Seiler, Louise Freelove. Third: Gary Cady, Carol Harkonen, Diane Ma- jeuiski, Kathy Jones, Sue Kolinsky, Cindy Currie, Peggy Irwin, Joan Wendell, Kathy Stewart, Judy Slate, Marilee Kiser, Zeneta Gibson, Vicky Campbell, Linda Fox, Cindy Burns. Fourth: Ken Watters, James Braid- wood, Sue Majewski, D. Clemens, Marcia Junnu, Doris Foley, Denise Decker, Ellen Lamson, Linda Tucker, Shirley Camer, Mar- tha Becker, Diana Menhart, Nancy Ilory, Carleen Kaleita, Berta Reed, Camillae Wil- liams, Linda Fair. Pep Club First: Cyndi Parker, Loraine Boi:-e. Kathy Boura, Chris Clif - tu, Kathy Underwood, l.indu .p, Barbara Haylock. Second: lloward Garon, Vernon Tounsel, John lloss, Hughey Long, Mario Zenzer, Da- vid Brown, Dave Axelrod. Third: Doug Shirk, Frank Stofford, Boss Carkeik, Burton Sherrard. Fourth: Mike Berst, Allan Marriott, Stan Carter, Michael Collins, Willie Spencer, John Arquette, 'l'om Bar- cus. Latin Club First: Stephanie Voight, Maureen Hunter, Miss Galloway, Claire Springston, Dianna Oleszluewicz. Second: Angelo Mitchner, Jim Springston. Missing: Stanley Carter German Club First: Miss Richter, Connie Lohrke, Hilda Ta- bachnik, Sue Dueball, Chris Krapp, Valerie Cook, Debbie Snyder, Mrs. M. Rakowsky. Second: Bon- nie Vander Muellen, Vicky Vicklund, Susan Mil- ler, Donna Hoffmeyer, Carol Decocq, Faith Mertz, Linda Barte, E. Hempel. Third: Greg Wolfe, Tim Horst, Kathy Hartle, Nick Schneider, Paul Jarokes, Dennis Stolte, John Bols, Jim Berry, Larry King, Sam Tabachnik. Fourth: Greg Skirving, Dave Davies, Robert Kantz, Mark Bo- jarzin, Butch Bols, Daryll Anderson, Helmut Theis, Jeff Steger, Jack Schulz. Medical Club First: Manny Krasman, Karen Rivett, Lorraine Snyder, Kathy Galia, Olivia Mecheau, Linda Crunpton, Judy Branton, Steve Katz. Second: Beth Miller, Marilyn Egan, Virginia Orloif, Jo White, Sandy Stadelbauer, Kathy Mustonen, Tim Wilson, Larry Getsoian. Third: Louise Peacock, Linda Birkholz, Juanita Reed, Frances Brown, Carol Driggs, Shirley Phillips, Claudia McRipley, Kay Stuart, Carol Rissman, Linda Miller, Kathy Gumro. Debate Club First: Steve Horowitz, David Zeltzer. Second: Steve Beaske, George Ryskamp, George F raumann. Third: Mark Bozardin, Bob Martensen, James Ruddy, Eric Fromm. -We-as . .... if.-ee .- 'L:ff'??5:173iNf?'?!'7?Ti Wi?Y.f"'g3'!,i3L 5.'1fS"'i "5" : -I-.iff f ,- Q 9 it A IQ - - Abstracts First: Susan Dolenga, Linda Smith, Sandy Schwartz, Patty llubley, Lynda Lomax, Kaye Parkinson, Kathy Forsythe, Sherry Carden, Con- nie Derr, Shirley Maellroy, Lynn Kupel, Barb Dewaele, Barbara Woehholz. Second: Sharon Thompson,il,ee Nulcr, Carol Boehm, Sue llonll, Linda Barte, Kathleen Geisert. Sue Cook, Donna Lozen, Linda Keeley, Dorothy Petras, Kathy Me- Killop, Sandy Brown, Carol King, Chris Mea- cham. Third: Peggy Hughes, Vieky Vieklund, Bobie Bugne, Evelyn llemple, Bev Mathews, ,Indy Marriott, Mareia Low, Nancy Miller, Betsy Pence, Karen Kurtz, Kathy Funk, Thomas Sadd- ler. Fourth: Bob Walsh, Doug Misuik, ,lohn Juntunen, John Richards, Karl Blasins, Ken Wo- jak, Willie Speneer, Rodney Lalluron. Jeffrey Kulick, Bill Geisert, ,lim MeClear, Paul Marzee, Bill Kropf, Mark Kotler, john Ross. Librar lub S First: Barbara Laughlin, Mrs. Markle, Gretchen Eng- strom. Second: Eileen Garon, Pat Hackett, Sally Forsman, Mrs. Raymer. l ll Key Club First: Bucky Montgomery, Ted Pollock, Rick Thomas, Tom Chuminatto, Bruce Wellman, Dwight Bonner. Second: Carl Roeser, Dale Mars, Mike Kargule, Doug Gawne, Greg Wolf, ,lim Powell, Mr. Fleaharty. Don Tipping, Robert Ed- wards, Roger Fultz, Bill Wright, Gerry Tutor, Greg Skirving, Frank McCall. Third: Dave Savage, Gil Duhn, Chris Rae, Don Kiddle, Dale Anderson, John Elmers, Fred Hall, Peter Lash, Dave Fachnie, ,lake Pierce, Tom Payne, Bruce Alford. Fourth: Charlie Gaskell, Ron Grundy, Robby Marsac, Phil Few, Al- bert Ferrari, Mark Howard, Rick Cooper, Bob Trombly, Bob Green, Bruce Peltier, Ron Stanaway, Bob Hoff- man, Buzz Threlkeld, Dennis Force. Future Teachers First: Karen Howell, Barbara Leppi, Peggy Roaden, Charlene Engstrom, Jerrolyn Kupel, Alisa Pastor, Vicky Anderson, Eugenia Edmondson, Betsy Lane. Second: Ruthie Smith, Brenda Horowitz, Susan Birds- all, Shirley Hruszczyk, Gretchen Engstrom, Dorothy Ewald, Kathy Wintermute, Pam Michael, Norma Dwyer, Rose-Lynne Schindler, Eileen Garon. Third: Connie Crowl, Drane Hitchcwck, Susan Ostrow, Carol Phillips, Barb Duckworth, Ronna Kritzer, Vicki Mullenhour, Janet Morrison, Judy Monroe, Karen Nylund, Clare Springston, Janey Goulait, Sharon Lee, Diana Vaughn, .lanice Moore. Fourth: Evelyn Murphy, Mr. S. Dilly, Richard Wiatrak, ,Ierry Roy, Thomas Fox, Willie Spencer, ,lim Springston, Angelo Mitchnefr Ray DePalma, .lim Morrison, Berta Reed, Cindy Schwartz, Debbie Gaberty, Sandy Gay. K .4.Q.L:. ,LQSNN 5 :t The In Crowd First: Steve Horowitz, Jim Morrison, Greg Wolf, Gerald Tutor, ,lake Pierce, Don Tipping, Bucky Montgomery, Patti Beach, Dwight Bonner, Marilee Kiser, Tom Chuminatto, Chris Clarkson. Second: Sharon Thompson, Sue McKenzie, Sue Hoffman, Don Thomas, Jim Powell, John Schulz, Karen Valen- tine, Roger Fultz, Kay Parkinson, Linda Clemens, Rick Cooper. Third: Ken Mogill, Ron Grundy, Dave Davies, Willy Spencer. Fourth: .lohn Ros, Charlotte Tablr, Rick Carlson, Doug Shirk, John Arquette, Bob Terrabassi, Tim Horst, Mike Haley, Ron Stana- way. Audio Visual First: Mr. Madama, Bill Blaurillt, Ted Wisner, Alan McBoberts, Jerome Harville, Skip Ludwig, Ray Lindberg. Second: Ralph Sayers, Terry White, Bill Amman, Ron Bernot, ,lim Brown, Terry Crockett. Third: Jim Braudwood, Tony Jett, ,lim Land, Tom Schulz, Fred Tomsett, Phil Kile. Art Club First: Renie lwanski, Barb Rose, Cay Thernz, ,lo Skelly, Chris lwanski. Second: Chris Paczkowski, ,lo Ann Kantinski, Susan Light, Beverly Mathew, Lyn Morvan, Barb Brown. Third: Sue Kangas, Tom Cass, Scott Niller, Wille Spencer, Mr. Lakin. Rifle Club First: Kozel, Frank Benesh, john Uu- czynski, John Bruton, ,lim Powell, Pete Hoskin, Joel Jacklich. Second: Chris Taylor, Sharon Jones, Sue Newman, Mary Ann Nicleaisur, Virginia Orloff, Coings, ,lohn Ruppel, Knight. Third: Bruce Casler, Paquin, Wayne Bedde- kopp, Moeser, Minando, Boyer. TIUNAL THESPI N SOCIETY L TRO PE if 408 Again this year, the Thespian Society of Ferndale Iligh School sponsored and did all the under- work for this year's Musical, By Hex. They also helped sponsor the senior play and the four one act plays in the spring. The members participated via acting, stagecrew, and directing. Mr. Lowell Ford, the faculty advisor spends many hours with the club and deserves a bow of thanks. First: Diane Wilson, Gay Thomas, Barb DeWaele, Lindley Delidow, Royal Heiter, Bod- ney LaDuron, Linda Fillmore, Jeff Kulick, Vicki Miller, Penny Williamson, Robert Brown, Mr. Ford. Second: Kathy Hoskin, Sue Edwards, Delorah Holdsworth, Barbara Laughlin, Sherry Carden, Barbara Aronson, Sue Arnold, Gerri Urbin, Sue L., Susan Dowling, Sue Kangas, Diane Zogut, Laura Bose. Third: Cindy Kulick, Maureen Green- wald, Denise Miller, Barb Duckworth, Carol Bartlett, Margie Reynolds, Bonnie Gibson, Kathi Camps, Nancy Lisoski, Pam Jonish, Stefani Mackiewicz, Gail Griffith, Ellen Kot- ler, Barbara Crowe, Liz Curme, Lynda Clausen, Darlene Danielak, Sandy Masella. Fourth: Martha Gordon, Jim LeTerneau, Gary Bernot, Warren Heiter, Bon Bernot, Phil Kile, Bay De Palma, Tony Jett, David Beau, Dale Schram, Tom Gass, Bob Mc- Quade, Alan May. L TIO HO OR SOCIETY First: Peggy Hughes, Sally Moon, Lynn Cannici, Sharon Kennedy, Tobie Kahn, Lynda Lomax, Vicki Camper, Diane Rose, Joy Ander- ton, Cheryl Roman, Dennis White. Second? Sue McKenzie, Barb Duck- worth, Ilene Rich, Connie Derr, Sue Dolenga, Faith Mertz, Kathy Wil- son, Joan Wendell, Charlene Eng- strom, Mrs. Barit. Third: Larry Fishman, Margie Reynolds, Vicky Vicklund, Pam Hackett, Ronna Kritzer, Claudia Harris, Sandy Morter, Martha Becker, Bernice McDougal, Nancy Meeks, Liz Eg- gen, Thomas Saddler, Jerry Hunter. Fourth: Karl Blasius, Ken Wojcik, Jeff Steger, Sam Tabachnik, Ray De Palma, Ricky Andrews, Karl Ameriks, Allan Emery, Ken Mogill, Richard Haynes, Richard Forbes, Gerry Tutor, John Schultz, Bob Martensen. The Ferndale chapter ofthe Na- tional Honor Society is one ofthe largest and most active in the De- troit area. Each year the members collect for the March of Dimes and help plan and put on Career Day. This year the club participated in publicizing and selling tickets for a Saturday night of skiing at Mount Holly. .luniors are admitted into NHS with a grade point average of 3.3 or better and must fulfill require- ments of citizenship and service be- Seniors sides. Graduating seniors are honored at the Rotary llonors Con- vocation and wear an honor cord at graduation if they have main- tained all the requirements and at- tended meetings faithfully. This years' officers were Carl Americks, president, Dennis White, vice presi- dent, Lynn Canniei, secretary: and Sally Moon, treasurer. Mrs. Dor- othy Barit and Mrs. Beattu ,lor- gensen are the sponsors. Juniors First: Mrs. Jorgenson, Bruce Al ford, Jim Powell, Christine Nasso, Hilda Tabachnik, Kris Detert, Dor- othy Ewald, Roslyn Robbins, Kathy McKillop, Kathy Brown, Sharon Thompson. Second: John Duczyn- ski, Dianne Super, JoAnn Garrett, Pat Covert, Becky Maxim, Judy Weiss, JoLynn Frey, Linda Barte, Nancy Miller, Linda Keeley, Kathy Funk, Sandra Brown, Carol King, Chris Meacham. Third: Bill Kropf, Terry White, Sherry Short, Connie Lohrke, Linda Lazar, Cathy Flem- ing, Judy Marriott, Pat Taylor, Madelon Henderson, Betsy Pence, Karen Kurtz, Kathy Caliguri, Kathy Forsythe. Fourth: Mike Juszak, Ricky Ochs, Eric Nylund, Joe Has- litt, Jim Spencer, Paul Heeren, Jeff Kulick, Fred Bojarzin, Dave Driggs, Jim Klemanski, Bruce Well- man, Jack Clarkson, Richard Driggs. E GLE STAFF l A L First: Vean Shannon, Gerald Connelly, Ken Terrill, Bob Travis. Tom Ramsey, David Swantik, ,lim Beibe. Third: Mr. Cherry, Jim Liberty, Malcolm Price, David Watterson, Joe Benedict. 36 Eagle Mechanical Staff If some untimid soul were to approach you and ask a ridiculous question like, What would you be if you could he reincarnated? you would know immediately that this per- son was from the Eagle staff. The staff works long and hard seeking answers to their never-ending questions. Many areas are in- volved in a newspaper of this kind, from the copy to the editing, and the staff deserves a vote of recognition for the duty they per- form in F.ll.S. Girls' Student Relations First: Kay Neely, Cheryl Fultz, El- len Lamson, Lorraine Boiu, Char- lotte Tabor, Darlene Neely, Patti E Beach, Chris Clarkson, Sandi Bratt, L ,eV-"' 2 - .- ffis i'f'il Xxixii X X Pat Haffner. Second: Darlene Stone, Chris Wiegand, Olivia Mecheau, Sue Hansel, Rosalyn Kulesa, Peggy 4 5, A Q A Zortz, ,ludy Anderton, Sharon Thompson, Jo, Becky Smith, Kath- leen Geisert, Christy Glidden, San- dra Masella. Third: Virginia Alex- ander, Frenchie Sibert, Claudia Skirving, Gail Powers, Ruth Smith, Camilla Williams, Kathy Boura, Sherry Carden, Shirley Macllroy, Nancy Meeks, Trudy Stephens, Carol Boehm, Margaret Gaw. Fourth: Kathy Cannon, Debby Lawrence, Diane Wintergerst, Jo' Ann Garrett, Carol Jensen, Sharon Kirkland, Lillian Kelingos, Linda Clemens, Lynn Hanley, Mary Row- da, Faith Mertz, Chris Galbraith, Claire Springston. Boys, Student Relations Q l L 1 ...- First: ,lohn Boss, Vern 'l'ounsel, Bruce Alford, Bruce Peltier, Mike Robinson, ,lim Springston, Hugh Long. Second: Nat Tounsel. Larry Lock- ridge, Willie Spencer, jim Powell, light-rl Dugan, Monte lleclo, Alan Fishman. Third: 'llhomas Fox, Carl Roeser, Dwight Bonner,,lini McClear, Paul Marzec, Frank Graves, ,lim Parham. Fourth: ,lack Clarkson, Mark Bojarzin, Angelo Mitehner, Fred Larson, Pedro Cain, ,lim Grant. 37 UNITED NATIONS CL B First: Mr. Kysia, Sharon Thompson, John Jantunen, Sam Tabachnik, Karen Siefman, Peggy Zortz, Linda Stefanell, Cheri Roman, Peggy Hughes, Kathy Wilson, Dorothy Petras, Ruth Fair, Shirley Macllroy, Kaye Parkinson, Faith Mertz, Mary Rowda, Mari- lyn Tuttleman, Rosa-Lynne Schindler. Second: David Zeltzer, Sharon Kennedy, Phyllis Torian, Lynn Hanley, Bev Sharp, Linda Andrews, Kathy McKillop, Ken Mogill, Karl Blasius, Patty Hubley, Sandy Schwartz, Alice Fyffe, Susan Fillmore, Sharon Lee, Ann Gaillio. Third: Jim Powell, Clay Elliott, Margie Reynolds, Pat Tiffany, Marsha Pearsall, Connie Lohrke, Pat Covert, Paul Marzec, Kathy Cain, Diane Rose, Pat Taylor, Vicki Anderson, Terry Wolf, Linda Paterson. Fourth: Dave Pederson, Howard Mallay, Jerry Hunter, David Picard, Nathan Tounsel, Frank Collens, Claudia Harris, Carol Bartlett, Eileen Caron, Karen Kurtz, Ken Iskow, Helmut Theis, ,lim Ruddy, Chris Clarkson, Ilene Rich, Judy Elliott, Linnea Pearsall. Do you realize that you're an hour and a half late? Where were you?" "Well . . . er . . . you see, Mr. Kysia, we thought we'd walk up Park Avenue instead of Third, and it turns out that the addresses are different. We walked fifty-one blocks out of our way!" Believe it or not, that is true, and it happened when the United Nations Club was in New York in No- vember. But that is only half the story. The week was an educational experience beyond compare. Other annual activities of the United Nations Club include an International Show, two Model United Nations Assemblies, selling at football games, and a candy sale. Extra features of this year's group were the bringing to Ferndale of a Malaysian diplomat and helping Royal Oak Kimball form a United Na- tions Club of its own. Everything that the UN Club is, has been, or will be is owed to Mr. Sleiman Kysia, the club's advisor. This little whirlwind from Lebanon is almost entirely responsible for all the success which the organization has attained. This year's officers were President Karl Blasius, Vice President Ken Mogill, Recording Secretary Mar- gie Reynolds, Corresponding Secretary Claudia Har- ris, and Treasurer Marsha Pearsall. if EW YORK TRIP W Sq! nited Nations Mr. Zain Azraai of lhexMalay:-zianMission lo the United Nations. His addre to Ferndale High showcd us the tru? spirit of the UN. TALO STAFF SUE McKENZIE-Editor MR. BIHLMIRE-Advisor JOHN RICHARDS X 3, uv JIM McCLEAR ALAN FLORA KEN MOCILL-Sports Editor SHARON THOMPSON Activities Editor GARY HU FRED HALL- Business Manager ROBERT MCKENZIE Underclass Editor RODGER TAYLOR-Captions KATHY FORSYTHE-Copy Editor 'J A, aw . er Q Q, K3 5 5' sw, gf- 6 g in g Q me Q git, ,kv V 2 gm S 1 V? SF i 45 .15 My A yd A 5 - -L L N' fi .. , B A gi - 'S - - V V A - Q hgh If-:fy E 'N fav - n w K K :ss fem: f . Q,- ' .. '14 1 yn, if ' gg-If . -'Q ,Q . K 5 V .. , ,. ' . . , K . K X N f H . W 521 i fra. z 4 .. k m -was . 1:3 . X . 1 X 1 i--59x W if L Q I W A as ' ' : Ir .,w:.3i, f A 1, V M 351 xx Q 'X . , ,, - . A - A Q K 'Y A Q Xl- 321 Q 5 Q ,,....-A-.... K.. , , 'f W,... ' i 1 DRIGALS Standing: Tom Brown, Jeff Haslill, Kathy Quinn, LeeAnn Frye, Shirley Macllroy, Chris Allen, liric Nylnnd. Seated: Mike Morris, John Escaline, Carolyn Miller, Sandy Drake, ,Ianicc Moore, Rodger Taylor, 'l'om Saddler. 43 TRUUBADUR First: Michael Andrus, Ed Tighe, Noel San- ders, Lafayette Phillips, Pat Burns, Ron Legge, Steve Bleecter, Bruce McClelland. Sec- ond: Bob Dryden, Clyde Baker, Doug Krab- benhoft, Rodger Baldwin, Mike Stieber, Steve MacKenzie, Larry King, Raymond Shead. Third: Don Kowalski, Keith Hallas, Leonard Polsgrovz, Lanny Tanton, Alan Brushaber, Tom Plotinski, james Nutt, Terry McCabe, Harvey Kahl, T. Diggan. GIRLS' GLEE First row: Mr. Otto Brown, Tom Peter- son, Allen Marriott, Rick Latimer, Paul Screws, John Darling, Alan May, llar- old Eldridge, Robert Resnick, Maurice Crum, Kerry Greenhut. Second row: Mike Berst, Mark Badgero, ,Iames Le- Terneau, Karl Lund, Paul Gifford, Don Soltman, Brad Glidden, Ronald King, Robert Handler. Third row: William White, Robert Blaesing, Paul Martin, Lynn Dilkine, Leno Caspatott, William Rupple, Steven Bauman, Ralph Moon, Lawrence Mathews, Dale Sehram, Ken- neth Demy. BOYS' CHGIR B L 4 First row: Shirley Dockery, Nancy Du Bois, Susan Birdsall, Mary Faaborg, Marjic llill, Janice Lalewicz, Kathy Tur- ner, Sandy Marriott, Freda Redmond, Betty Majors, Joyce Switkowski, Mr. Brown. Second row: Elaine Scott, Cathy Rice, Laurie Gray, Valerie Barger, Karen Nylund, Sue Dueball, Eugenia Edmond- son, Willa Mae Webb, Sue Kangas, Theresa Kotcher, Carol Johnson. Third row: Christie llolland, Jo Anne Washing- ton, Jane Anderson, Sue Fillmore, Geor- getta lndreica, Susan Weigandt, Linda Zack, Sally Ellis, Donna Hoffmeyer, ,Ioan Sigler, Alice Fyffe. Fourth row: Melinda Lewis, Janette Coulait, l,iz Car- me, Sue Dickey, Barbara llaylock, Jean Bechtlc, Sandy Cay, Linda Mueller, Nancy Krupa, Mary Scheuer, Carolyn Belzlaff. 'N'-M... W, ...vw .Ling ,L ex ' i X .gm 1 ' -. w. RF wwf-at g pq.: A Abi' 5 li h 9 , 5 H fa f C F i wr 1 .33 Q Ki D wh i O bil -A .Q all TW N X X xp! Nl Our orchestra at Fern- dale plays an important role in the music field. Their activities include playing in the Christmas concert, play- ing in the All-City music festival, and playing for the graduation exercises. Un- der the direction of Mr. Sanford, the orchestra is always working hard, to perfect what they know and to increase their knowledge. 41 47 FER DALE HIGH SCHOOL This year's band, under the direction of Mr. Cannici and led by drum major Chuck Colley, began their field training up at Interlochen at the end of August. The rest of the training time came in the mornings, before school and during first hour. The training all paid off, resulting in one of the top bands in the state. The band has many events during the year, which is divided into two "seasons." The marching season takes place first. It begins with the first home game's half time program. Here the precision group puts on the show, using their new formations that they have been practicing in all weather. Between seasons, the 108 piece band has a candy sale, and a tag sale. The purpose of the candy sale is to raise money to sponsor next year's trip to Interlochen. The tag sale is to raise money for the band boosters, who will be helping to sponsor the solo ensemble, which will be held at Ferndale this year. The concert season's activity includes Bandtasia, Solo En- semble, All-City Band Concert, Spring Music Festival, and the State Music Festival. The coming of spring brings the Memorial Day Parade, which is the band's last activity of the year, and closes the season for the Golden Eagle Band. wg, up J r If ,A I :N ' , 1 f-SA 'K R Q 4 Q v , 'M .M ' J 3 I 'x..- Y Y 'lg r' ' O L 1 1 N ' Ki 4 ' , A " ' 5 A ' 41 I - A' , Q N 'T-JE!!-1 'nfl' -"H , , K - , , , , 4 , - -X K . ,ff , . 'Y , N . u . , . , ,whar - - xl I g X.. ' . I , . ' - - I ' : X AJ In A x 6 x L ' I , Q , T u 1 .- 1 I V.. "' J" , M 1 .,. ---W. I V ff K ' ,M Q Q2 , - .ff v gfQg QQSQQ, X f-fiwiwmsiwf Eg Q M w ' , " ' 3 .,,- - W : ,a,.-- ' -fe' P 3 J 544, -M' X N . 141 Sx'd 'H 3- f 1 M z :nfffvr .-hff.?f-5 fn A viiau- 4 mg, :xi xwgq gggg a5S', QM1. U A :nv QM, .fy gi H v .,.Qg.fi3'.,1.. -f ' ' . 5 A 1,k xfiw.gr"kf, ' 5 W A j-'tif ' ,A .V '- J Q ' K 415A -Nad' f ,, a .. -. 3 - vw.. .M 5, 4:-i - Wig 'TsJm:S:ag,.2 if if 7? I A J. . V .h A - 0 X15A..gQmgi-S' ,. ,'.r' " -h-yi'-1f,i,g' , b,,v+1 4V.,3x:9,wf..X ' ...aim -jf - , I Q--' .f "MM-'M - ' ' ' '31-wtf . , ' . .m 'X X wi ..-'A'k4,k1"b: '91, - - . " -A "QA .fa-a."" "',.,. . 1- ' .-.E mt . X .L gg,-Avg ' k , fi- Wm, - . ., N - . :xm- ,v., , .. 75 Q A 4 7. ,, .,, gwl 'K , 1 gr -. . sv. .' ' N ' s 'Q ff . l 1 ,, A .Wx S- -' ' 1 Q I A Q T L A , L L U Y' X ' . Y 2 1 ,4.. 1 ' S5 4 X 1 .N is ' f , ly 2 K , . ' ' ' t .f . .V ' 1 ' , -- iffjf' 2 X - ., fb if .Na 'Pg -. .f :Lf gg 1, y -5? .. . Q: , .nh .4 . . L nl ' fl. Y -X L ok' " lk "' 'X ' .., . fm 15a.-.gg Q. 4, ' 3lfF3 . ,, Qs. Q 5afv f j5?fL7u i 4' f' ,W -. ,J T4fn'Xig- m ' m HQ'1f'E.L 13' 4 ' , Q ' a , 8 - .-4 Q u. IANICT STINSO KATIIY WILSON LYNN BRASWlCI.l L, A Killhy WUSOH Sandy Morter, Queen "We want our chicken wire back." "Let's go and spy on the band float." These and other like comments be- come a source of amusement to us now as we look back on those tedi- ous days before the big weekend. The rented trailer the stolen chick- en wire . . . the cheating seniors . . . the griping juniors the sly soph- omores and the procrastinating freshmen. When at last our mam- moth projects were finished we took them to school for the final reckon- ing. In spite of many raised eye- brows, the seniors came in first with their theme of A Shot in the Dark, closely followed by the Investment Club with the theme of Sayonara. In third place was a tie between the juniors and the band with themes of Some Like It Hot and The Unsink- able Brown and While. The half time festivities ended with the crowning of the Queen, Sandy Mortar. On her court this year were Kathy Wilson, Lynn Braswell, and Janet Stinso. Congratulations Sandy. The U.N. Club and the Student Council this year tried a new idea. It was a tremendous success. The l Lynn Braswell Homecoming dance, October 10, semiformal, displayed a mood of soft music and a relaxed atmosphere. It was a lovely ending to a perfect weekend. Janet Slinso Xiu 4 X 1' I . 5 xii., W x ff ii WN c '., '..'O X . O09 ly L 'f er' Vw wi .. .. At .Lv ,,...... A , ,JI A ur A .0 X 5.1 Nh ,WRX -fx-'-14' A 4 ,b Q. ,ai +25 S 4 wi-4 XA 'C XL Q X 2 i 4 1 , - Q L ...... N 5 1 , by , 1 '.,:1, K V6 9 A ' fl f V A K 14 1 -, N 4 M A K fx . M k a Q E Q gh ,Q-v If I Wfffm.. ' ' "-' - J' ' " 1 3' 'if -- .. ' 'V M Q H f 5 A, fg5,Q',, E 1 f '- v xgzfgybyi' ' K 4 , war 1 Q 'A A 'Q' bf 1- D A T ' Jn. " ..4A, ' Q 'V KV KA .1 'M 4 Ti W ,f . -. 5 , 'T' gf Q A m ' ' .1 M: nv 'A jx: X' Q H I , , Q Q A . sir X 2AA 3 'V NVQ if - ' fg - 5' ' gg, ,is 1.6 , I , f ff - V A-31, . A .1 'L W if ig-f-'M ff 1 W1 fi "' 9,3 ' 1 FW' iv - .Fd ' A ' j+ I L. 5' I 1 K is xx V 1 . I Q M "N,-.gk A Ml is , sw K ,Wy M , X x I K-N.. .f ,A 'Xlnmsl everyone enjoyed Ihr girls' paying. A heavy clule With the help of the Student Council and the PTSA, this ycar's Eagle Eye Review, Shindig '65, was the finest in years. The wide range of talent, from the Nlod Buds to the folk singing of ,lane Roman, packed the auditorium to capacity, keep- ing up with the tradition set at Ferndale. The long hours of practice for the performers and work for the set designers paid off Thursday and Friday nights, when the show was a tremendous success. Congratula- tions on another fine job! SHINDIG 965 BY HEX "By Hex"-this year's musical was a tremendous success. Barb Kibley, Charlotte Tabor, Rod Taylor, ,lim Powell, brought down the house along with the rest of the cast. After many long hard hours of work, the stage crew, the cast, the directors and the student body each contributed to the success. The music de- partment as well as the drama department of F.ll.S. worked together to make "By lIex" a tremendous success. f v 59 OTHER ACTIVITIES PEOPLE I CTIO I . I I i 1 f 4 . E i , r W i l V x l I I E g 62 1 L M, ATHLETICS Mssdiv h 63 SCHOOL SPIRIT "We are the Eagles, mighty, mighty, mighty Eagles . . ." chants our stu- pendous effervescent cheering crowds. Every basketball or football game is packed to the seams. Our victory- minded cheerers are bound and de- termined to lead us on to every SMA championship available. Torn up newspaper, IBM punched circles, streamers, horns, and bells build the noise of our crowds up to a fever pitch. When we pull the game our way, chaos lets loose. As our year comes to a close, school spirit doesn't cease. lt will always remain in the hearts of those who attended good old F.ll.S. Uhr CHEERLE DERS This year's cheerleading squad, led by Lynn Braswell and Kathy Hartle, and under the direction of Mrs. Kingsep, is one of the best representations of the Ferndale school spirit. With the help of the newly formed pep club, they work and strive to find new ways to inspire and stir up the school spirit in the crowd. Their reward comes when often the crowd responds with a near frenzied voice, and spurs the team on to victory for Ferndale. JANET GIBB CAMILLA WILLIAMS KATHY HARTLE X XX LYNN BRASWELL RAE DAHLE fresefvel FRESHM the Front row: Lorna Bugni, Terry Williams, Janice Sorah. Back row: Cyndi Parker, Mary McGrath, Marsha Loncar. .IU IOR VARSITY Front row: Sara Giese, Sue Croner, Mary Ellen Hansen, Leslie Charles. Back row: Roslynn Read, Debbie Burkhart. fe' SANDY MORTE R JULIE SIMON , t -S m as tkix an N QI S SUE SAGE KATIE BROOKS W 1 L.. WAS B ILT A football team is a bunch of guys goofing around after practice. It's when one of them gets thrown into the shower, but laughs it off. It's the pandemonium on the bus after the Seaholm game and the silence of the long trip home from Kimball. It's the feeling of satisfaction the whole squad gets after a successful Super to Vestrand pass and the joy of watch- ing Ashmore, Hill, Baumann, and David all creaming Berk- ley's quarterback. It's that 'bleueh' feeling everyone gets when they practice in the mud and the feeling of pride you get when you put out just a little bit harder in practice. These are some of the physical descriptions of a football team, but seniors usually get philosophical. To them the dis- tinguishing feature of a football team would be the intangible cohesion which grows out of mutual work. It's the creating of a macrocosm from many microcosms. It's a unity born out of diversity. It's the creating of one from manyg sort of e pluribus unum. 69 Kneeling: Paul Heeren, Larry Lockridge, Jim Baylarian, Danny Smith, ,lim Parham Matt Rozman, Bruce Pettigrew, Ron Ashmore, Larry Facione, Bob Super, Jim Quillen Ron Vestrand, Rodger Bauman, Pete Glenn, Al David, Paul Aksamit, Keith Morvan, Ron Fife, Dave Thomas, Dan Reedy. Standing: Tim Champlaine, Doug Newcomb, Mr Burkhart, Marvin Johnson, Ron Codoshian, ,lim Springston, Eddie Cleary, Vern Tounsel Dan Thompson, Ted Eldridge, Cliff Levitt, Tim Young, Egbert Dougan, Ken Luxton ,lack Clarkston, Don Coppen, Sonny Maria, Terry Maguran, Carl Roman, Terry Meyers Ken McQuade, Dave Fisher, Greg Howells, Bruce Hannon, Bob Terrabassi, Tom Moser Joe Haslitt, Andy MacDonald, Danny Croner, LeRoy Micheau, Bill Proctor, Mr. ,Ioran ko, Mr. Olson. ' This year, for the third year in a row our Ferndale if agles captured a crown. They smashed through opponents' lines all season long to come up with a 7-1-1 record, half the new Southeastern Michigan Association crown, and a tenth ranking in the state. With Head Coach Frank ,loranko calling the signals from the bench and developing Ferndale's talent on the practice field, the Eagles had a clear advantage over rivals. On the gridiron co-captains Bob Super and Bruce Hill took charge. Super's effective passing and coordination of running plays led the offense to victory. Carrying the ball most of the time were our fleet halfbacks Ken Luxton, Ken Crook, and Joe Haslitt and hard-hitting fullback Bruce Pettigrew. On the other side of the line, the defense was sparked by Super, Hill, Ron Vestrand, Larry Facione, Paul Aksamit, Roger Baumann, Bon Ashmore, and Al David. These work- horses provided literally an immovable wall, allowing only 82 points all season, nine a game. Q, 5 H 1 'NM x T, QQ? .v-""N"'? S L' mf if sfik si ig T53 d w E fx Qs? ' " , . 6' This article is reprinted from the Eagle. It was written by Jack Clark- son and is a personal viewpoint of being BACKSTAGE WITH THE EAGLES Six o'clock Friday night is the time. What are you, the student of Ferndale High School, doing? Plan- ning transportation to the game? Trying to get a date? Have you ever wondered what your football team is doing at that time? They have but one thing on their minds - the coming game. As the boys wander into the locker room, you can read the tension on their faces. Super usually sits in front of his locker in deep concentration. Ash- more prefers the dark shower room for his "meditation." Congregating around the training room are sev- eral ball players waiting to be taped. Mr. ,loranko talks to the various boys about their assignments, and small talk is exchanged among team- mates. Nervous laughter breaks the periods of silence. Slowly the boys are getting dressed. Time: 7:15. All noise has stopped and the atmosphere is intense. Then David comes running into the locker room- 45 minutes late, as usual. Vestrand makes a few appropriate derogatory remarks and the whole team loosens up a bit. By now we can hear the stirring sound of a drum cadence from the band. Excitement swells our bodies as we sit in the corridor. Coaches ,Ioranko and Burkhart come into the corridor and a hush comes over the team. They tell Crook, Groner, and Luxton to run hard and fight for every yard. They encourage Hill, Facione, and Aksamit to block and open the holes for the backs. We then unite in a silent prayer. You can almost hear the nervous heartbeats of the boys. The words, "Let's go!" come from Coach Joran- ko and the team storms out of the school with one thing in mind - victory! UNIUR VARSITY First row: Doug Krabbenhoft, Gerry Greenslade, Larry Littleton, Steve Orlich, Brian Stepek, ,lim Suxton, Doug Hill, John Arquette. Second row: Dane Scarff, Harold Camp- bell, Lee Bagrosky, Monte Heclo, Al Hoskinson, Steve MacKenzie, Bill Maclrarland, ,lim Mattson. Third row: Dave Glaser, Allan Fishman, Don Kettlewell, Bill Sage. Fourth row: Mr. Crolchyek, Kurt Hetler, Richard Taylor, Mike Lewis, Henry Moore. FRESHME First row: Rick Lattemore, Leno Casprot, Cary Burton, Paul Coldoni, Brad Skauge, Greg Roach, Craig Thornton, Bill Takebeldki, Doug Zorin. Second row: Bill Botsford, Douglas Fairbanks, Sam Huff, Dennis Hart, Frank Hart, Mark Vanderlist, Skip Cooke, Sam Schworez, Mike Miller, Roy Lucontis, Dave Feno. Third row: Terry Puffer, james Paumer, Steve Bauman, Richard Jones, Allan Birkolze, Dorin Burson, Phil Parla, Bill Wilson, Doug Sarosik, Mr. Hall, Bill White, Robert Young, Wayne Klap, Bob Jerkins, Bob Jackson, Bill McGuire, Ralph Howard, Ron Dirker, Mr. Brandt. 73 The crowning of the champs, the football banquet, was the last time that the 1964 Ferndale Eagles were assembled. Unlike other crownings, this one marked an ending, not a beginning. It was the final triumph, the occasion for acknowledging superior per- formances. The individual trophies went to Bob Super, Most Valuable Player, Larry Facione, Ed Walker Award, and Roger Bauman, Scholastic Athletic Award. The last duties of co-captains Super and Bruce Hill were to name Ken Luxton and ,lack Clark- son as the captains of the 1965 squad. SEQ pb Q X f hi 2 gh Y E R .X x 5 QQ X X Q Qs ' 5' v la- va X. rx pun- b X ..,- , zmivm wfliiffim 1. fa FER D LE H06 5 A mmm :PWM 'QW Qi ITS WAY . . Goldsmith snatches the ball. Quick pass to Bloodworth. He drives, flips it to Palmer open under the basket. ln. Two points for Ferndale. A basketball team is two keyed-up guards, two forwards who drive, lay it up and spin around for the rebound, and a center who's about 6'4" and fights for every rebound like his life depended on it. A team is all five boys working the zone press on defense and the weave when they want to stall on offense. lt's that cruddy, musty odor that swallows you in the locker room and that single clapnof the hands after a successful fast break. More than that, it is a feeling of elation that live boys- and only they-share after beating Seaholm in triple overtime. lt's the spirit of "Let's GO!" when Super dives into the third row going after a wild pass. And it's the deathly silence and the utter despair after blowing it to Kimball. On the lighter side, it's discovering that you left Mogill at Southfield with the scorebook. 77 Arxz as M fx.-AV' ,, 5,1 ,V . mx . ' ' H QP Q , . :'. f-L! .-r'.f'I:!,2 k gywa-K 1 , . ?.4 . . - mr , .M K gp- - N ,, 55, -. 1 A .1 k 5,1 . K - ,L ' 'Wvwwg . HR ' M36 as A A 3634: . i 3, we . Lf x K1 K ' " X X in ,- il e w pi 4 , A ' . ri- 'fi in ix? w'i .N ,wiv L - ' Q ar Q , 5 , s s S' J -- . av J A , ' -' M Q Q A s S ., , ... f i- ,fl-1-. 1 'vm f if E wwf Y ' Q . . .TU .M. . TITLE Another season, another title. lt sounds sort of blase, but that's lfern- '5 yr' dale High. Last year our lfagles captured or v-""' the final lfhll. title and 1 6 ,QW this season the initial SMA crown. that makes three in a row! an Depth was the factor that did it. Most schools have trouble getting a solid first five, but Ferndale had seven. Seniors l,ee l'almer, Marty Goldsmith, Bob Super and Curtis McNeal and junior Rick llloodworth supplied the front line of attack. Working right in as the second echelon were juniors Sam Dunlap and Davejensen. Together they compiled a lil-3 record and a fifth rating in the state. t?P A good team is essential to 'L win, but is ineffective without a great coach. Mr. Roy llurkhart, is responsible for 'Q ' Ferndale's being able to boast of winning or sharing league titles for - 3 10 out ofthe last I5 years. l"l'iRNDALE 75 Roseville ol Fl-IRNDALE 80 Southfield oo FERNDALE 64- Berkley to FERNDALE 75 Dondero 56 FERNDALE 57 Royal Oak Kimball 56 FERNDALE 68 Port lluron 62 FERNDALE 68 Seaholm 67 FERNDAI-E 65 East Detroit fll FERNDALE 67 Hazel Park 56 FERNDALE 73 Southfield 63 FERNDALE 54 East Detroit 52 61 Berkley it-sw Fl':RNDAl1E 74 Royal Oak Kimball 76 FERNDALE 78 Seaholm Bl FERNDALE 72 Port Huron 53 FERNDALE 66 Hazel Park Ill FERNDALE 61 Hamtramck 05 79 Michigan Coach of the Year 196 - Ro Burkhart me A, QM is A ,ff aaah rlz ,F Y We M Kneeling: Mr. Burkhart, Mr. Hanson, Doug Gawne, Larry Ferris, Bruce Peltier, Byron Kuxhaus, Marvin Johnson, Marty Gold- smith, Sam Dunlap, Ken Luxton, Larry Facione. Standing: Charles Puckett, Fred Larson, ,lim Spencer, Curtis McNeal, Bruce Hanon, Dave Jensen, Lee Palmer, Rick Bloodworth, Bob Super, Roger McRipley, Jim Quillen, Bruce Hall. 80 IOR ARSITY First row: Steve Orlich, ,lim Luxton, Larry Ferris, Tim Marsac, Lee Bagrosky. Brian Stepek, Tim Champagne. Second Row: My ron Grant, Chuck Butler, Wayne Clapp, Monty Heclo, Roger Sonnet, Richard Palmer, Lanny Tanton. Thrid row: ,lim Palmer ,Iohn Arquette, Al lloskinson, Jerry Peterson, Bill Oliver, Bob lloard, Don Kettlewell, Mr. Joranko. FRESHME First row: Coach Bud Carl, Duwayne Blanchard, Bill Iakiebielski, Bill McClury, Paul Gualdoni, Bob Jenk- ins, David Schlaff, Ken Wilmer. Second row: Rick Nicholson, Dennis Hart, Jeff Alexrod, Ralph Howarth, Allan Birkholz, Ray Laconis, Greg Roche, Dennis Watson.Third row: Mike Berst, Larry Bailey, Steve Sykes, Chuck Moeser, Nick Aho, Bob Luxon, Tim Ransome. MW Nw., f if ' Mfwifif' S xv-M--W-aw.g vL.f.x, . 1 --Q .k.. , lin-t"'11 ' ' ' .iff-Mwwiivariiwcs Wi -M--W ----- X 'K ' 5 Xfwwwmp-My W..A-.y.....N.m,,.x W . . W ,....W-+mW,L.,,..,,,,.5 g,., , .NW N x . .K V.. w.,.,.4N ,M W,-Q1 y..,,X,. A x ,,...., W .W ,, . ,35- X. NVQ: 3 ,TL .,.x.W , ' E" if' .Q www.. fi ag we -ff.. L L A .W , V, i f X in .... W g X es., R .M as , CRO., S . , UNT RY The cross country runner is a different person. Unlike other sportsmen, the cross country runner is alone when the gun goes off. There is no teamwork to speak of, for the runner is attempting to outdo even his own teammates. lle's a true individual as he strides methodically over the two-mile course. For these reasons, this year's yearbook theme applies especially to the cross country people. Although the Eagles didn't duplicate the success of the football team, Ferndale is looking forward to next year. Of seven varsity runners, there was only one Senior, ,leff Haslitt. The team was paced by ,lunior co-captains Pete O'Connell and Tom Payne. First row: ,lim Farr, ,loel Webb, Mike Nolph, Dan Koppen, ,leff Haslitt, Larry McCoy, Larry Paul, Bob Miles, Challenging them all year Greg Richardson. Second row: Bruce Alford, Mike Steiber, Bob Van Saghi, Rick Rinz, Sherman England, Ross were Junior Greg Carkeek, Huey Long, Mike Collins, Dave Brown. l'hlrd row: ,lay Leannonth, Stan Carter. Steve Mohler, Don Salt- R. h d d S h man, ,leff Alexrod, Mark Larsen, Tom Burns, Ken Taylor, Ken Wilmer. Fourth row: Buzz Threlkelcl, Chuck Colley, lc ar son an op omore Pete O'Connell, Tom Payne, Byron Kuxhaus, Rickard Driggs, Mr. Bud Carl. .lay Learmonth. 83 Led by senior tri-captains Dan Loncar, Dennis White, and Al David, this year's varsity swimming team is making quite a splash. Also headlining this season's surprising team were sophomore Larry Smith, and juniors Don Kiddle and Bruce Wellman. "Upsets were the telling marks of this squad," states captain Dan Loncar, "especially over Pontiac North- ern." Coach Ed Weckwert's team has been steadily building over the last few years. More confident ob- servers even believe that the Eagles will be challenging the supremacy of Seaholm and Kimball in the near future. In the Eagle tradition, that's only natural! SWI I First row: Don Kiddle, Dennis White, Dan Loncar, Al David, Rick Thomas. Second row: Bruce Wellman, Larry Smith, Skip Ludwig, Terry Keyes, Ted Pollock. Third row: lim Klvm8nSlCi, Reid Olson, Rusty Chambers, Chris Rae, Dave Savage. Standing: Coach Paul Berriman, Coach Ed Weckwert. 84 w i6 7 '. in 1 -2 K 5,2642 'P' fii ami Eff' 4 -vw i if, if ni TENNIS 87 GIRLS' SKI CL B First row: Karen Schultz, Carol Boehm, Lee Nuler, Phyllis Caruso, Liz Eggen, Patty Hubley, Karen Valentine, Shirley Macllroy, Marilyn Coldin, Mary Lou Brautigam, Sharon Thompson. Second row: Cindy Kos- ovac, Bonnie VanderMuellen, Gail Powers, Stacia Swartet, Chriss Martin, Diane Clemens, Mary Bowda, Marilyn Lowe, Elaine Whitcroft, Sandi Bratt, Linda Olson. Third row: Linda Turner, Maureen Hunter, Mimi Miller, Nancy Meeks, Chris Wiegand, Robin Eaton, Nancy Goodwin, Gerri Urhin, Kay Stuart, Karen Howell, Pam Sharon, Mary Scheuer, Chris Paczkowski, Kim Wy- alt. Fourt row: jean Holmes, Beth Hoppin, Debbie Gaberty, Susan Dolenga, Cyndy Baldwin, Tina Dahl, Sue Ostrow, Karen Kish, Margaret Morrison, Sue Petersen, Sue Kangas, Carol Conteck, ,laine Gunsaulus. fx NT. ,r.wgIQX?v 1 1 1' The Ski Club had a very success- ful season with every girl making improvement. The girls have been to Mt. Holly as often as the weather will permit, and many girls are now doing parallel skiing. , s M, FIELD HOCKEY N f Kneeling: Mimi Miller, Sue Schultz, Rosie Robbins, Nancy Goodwin Julie Tipping, Zeneta Gibson. Standing: Sandy Rowlette, Martha Orloff, Gwynn Super, Diane Super, Sue Miller. . sg Kneeling: Joan Sigler, Kinyah Odena, Ginny Orloff, Diane Raines, Pat McQuade, Linda Andrus, Debbie Wagner. Standing: .ludy Marriott, Claire Springston, Sylvia Stutterheim, Sharon Kirkland, Connie Derr, Carolyn Miller, Barbara Rose, Mercedie Kirkland, Sharon Jones, Debbie Holdsworth. 90 "I'm late for practice. Miss Gass will be very disturbed." Those became familiar words a- round the girls' swimming pool this year as the Shark Club started off the season with a bang. In spite of false starts, forgetting to bring cook- ies, and becoming weary of work- outs, the girls' swim team won all of their meets with the exception of Redford. Each girl enjoyed a fine season and, after the season was over, looked forward anxiously to a final progressive dinner with the whole team. SH RKS .W A. V, W awww. , ...X ,kmmmqsmm Seated: Debby Geyer, Mary McGrath, Kathy Forsythe, Nancy Goodwin, Janet Gibb. On board: Chris Meyer, Beth Hoppin, JoAnn Eller, Lynn Serridge, Chris Krapp, Julie Tipping, Darlene Neely, Debby Gabberty. Back row: Charlene Proimos, Sherry Green, Val Cook, Judy Charters, Barb Haylock, Sue Pennell, Carleen Kalieta, Chris Paczkowski, Debby Lawrence, Roslyn Kulesa. W-ef-1-Q-.W seam riie GYMNASTICS Mr. Ed Sash, the sponsor of gymnastics has given the girls many hours of his time for the training and teaching of each individual. The accent lies on back bends, flip-flops, and some tumbling. Marilyn Lowe, Kris Detert, Kathy Morton, and Lin- da Clemens are just a few of the regulars. The girs were inspired by the Swedish Academy last year, and are now working toward their standards. K' 1...-,usmwmvan-1 Q-M-w.wMW.. Y., ,A am 94 UNDERCLASS 95 FRES N ORIE TATIO Every year, a mass gathering of freshmen, known as freshmen orientation, occurs. Here the naive "freshies" get a chance to learn the way to their classes, meet their teachers, and learn about the oncoming year that will become one of the most important in their lives at FHS. 96 l".ll.S.'s ratio of boys lo girls is very favorable. For lhc- boys ,. "Now, an elevator key is only S5 . . . PIANA JILL BEASLEY BILL SOPHIEA President Vice President Secretary Treasurer FRESH Bruce Aaronson Nicky Aho Garrett Albright Marie Allan James Alivin Alexander Anderson Donald Anderson Linda Anderson Robert Anderson Sandra Andrews Dave Andrus Linda Andrus Ronald Andrus Coralee Arindell William Armstrong Susan Arnold Barbara Aronson Doug Atherton Fred Auguchon Sue Aubuchon ,leffry Axelrod Garry Ayoub Rick Bach Mark Badgero Terry Bailey Taura Bair Rick Baker Sharon Baker Earl Ballard Donna Baltes Cary Bathaglia Steven Bauman Glenn Baumgarten Shirley Baumler Cary Baxa Jill Beasley Audrey Becker l.ee Becker Brenda Begley ,lean Belding Diana Bill .lumes Bill Frank Benish Sheila Benningfield Ronald Berg Gary Bernsl ,lim Berry Mike Birst ,if I. et K . tx B. 4 FRESHME - CLASS UF 1968 Dehhie Bertrand .lohn Betteley ,lunet Biel ,Iunet Biglow Allen Birkholz llope Bishop Arnold Bithauski Chris Billing lloberl Blaesing john Blahunku Us-wa y nd Bla nehare ,lon Biasina Steve Blaske Marilyn Blallnikoff William Blauvell Anthony Bleeker Margaret Blumenthal Loraine Boin john Bols Kathie Botsford Bill Bolsford Kathy Bourzl Dennis Baurland Linda Boward Ken Bawn Mike Boyee Brenda Boxied james Braidwood Gary Branch Linda Brawner 4' V71 Ken Brissetle .lames Brown Nancy Brown Mike Buckner Ronnie Bugher Lorna Bugni Estella Bullosk Cary Burch Tom Burns Stuart Burnstein Patricia Burr William Burr Maryann Burrows Dorin Bursan Gary Burton Karen Buxton Delmar Byrd 1 Richard Chin FRESH - CLASS OF 1968 Barb Calloway David Camp Sally Campbell Sam Campbell Vicky Campbell Darek Campogna Kathy Camps Nancy Cantwell Cathy Carlson Bucl Carpenter Earl Carr Owen Carr Linda Carter Loretta Cashman Bruce Casler Marcia Champagne Mary Charnoske Diane Charpentier Sue Chesney Brad Ciolti Wayne Clapp Chuck Clemint John Cleary Gerri Clines ,lames Clinkscale Charles Clouse Pam Cohh Lawrence Cochran Paul Coffee Donna Colley I X E ,Q fl' C , A Q . G l"Fjfj'fl S Cru, -:::. ' ' K .:A. .2 hh, w Q-'Y xx X 1 1 Ann Collins Clmrlrs Collins Dnvi1lCollins Donulrl Collins Connie' Comps-nu Cvrnlrl Connvlly Alun Connolly Mnggia' Conyn-rs Rufus Conyl-rs Cnlvin Cook Skip Cook llvlwn- Coolvy llltllll Coolnlir Clnirlvs Cnopvr Yivki Copvlnnll lloln-rI Cox Dinnr Craiwlry liurry Cronin FRESH E - CLASS OF 1968 Barbara Crow:- Danny Crowl Maurice- Crum ,ludy Culvc-r Carol Cushman Carmc-lln D'Arlrlozio Don Daly Darla-nv Dainivlak llc-lvn Dunnvr .lolin Darling Linda Duviml De-bln' Davis ,lean Davis Linda Dawson lllairgarvl Drain Pal Dvun Linda Dvllutls John De-Czirolis Kr-n Dvmy Pam Dv Palma llelcn D1-lloff Mary Ann D0 Winn-r Dvhlmiz' D'llush'r Miki' Dicupo Lynn Dildinr Ron Dirkvr Drnis Dixon ,lim Dockslarlen Bob Dominic' Susan Dowling me f '5 Q.,--f -f-39' Q x i I hiv fs s. 1 r has 17' XC? 'Y' an Q 4 vs- YV x , mn.Q ,- 6. v 2 QVZPA E , y 4' "S, A llllttf f li r K Carol Driggs Michelle Duezynski Carolyn Duren Norma Dwyer Debbie Eady Ken Edelman Marilyn Egan Pat Eldred Bridget Eldridge Harold Eldridge ,Iohn Elliot Leslie Elmers Sam Emmi David Erwin Laura Esparsa Mine Essiamere Ella Evans Tom Ewald FRESH - CLASS UF 1968 ,Ioanne Fahoome Ray Fairbanks Bob Fedorko Linda Fielder Dave Fiero Claudia Finkbeiner Carolyn Finley l,ynn Fisher Mary Flaherty Kathy Fons Sully Forsmnn Mike Roster Put Frierson Doug Fry Toni Funk Debbie Gaberty Richard Cagne Kathy Gnhu Kathy Balloway Fred Uundolfi Kathy Gardner Lino Gesparott ,lim Gaw Pal Ceisert Aileen Celman David Ceneraux Dureey Gentry Vairley Gentry Cary Gertley Larry Cetsoin tg 'K' fl . Q ., A A V 9215- F- x K, W E , so, ' ff 5 e, .ig .,,,,,,.. 6- s. 5-.-f ,045 f . Q ,J ,, -.L F ,y gi ' Q " ' ' .. 5 I -... -I fb' 1-W if 4 . in-Q' Greg Gelly Donna Giaeona Claudette Gladwe janelle Gihbard Kathy Gierak Paul Gifford Chris Ginsle Brad Glidden Nadine Gohie Nuney Godoshian Ruth Gonynor Chuck Goode Chenyl Gordon l1ennisGQslow Roberta Goudsmil Dave Goulnil Steve Gould Sue Grant np' if f :J s. Q XX x Bl 'xi X Q ei Eh X XX? 1 l l I x X if i 1.17 a A FRESHME - CLASS OF 1968 1" Q: if .Y i . , 8 '--Qfil lrx '-rf ! I ,XX Q X RTV' W if Sharon Green Kerry Greenhill Maureen Greenwald Gail Griflilh Dale Grigg Paul Gualdoni Linda Gumro Roberl llaapa Gary Haber Beth lluekell Brian llagan Georgia llalip Kathleen llallas Marianne llalonen Marie llammerstrom Steve llamriek Robert llindler james llarper Wesley' llarris Dennis llarl Marge llartley ,lerome llarville lillen lleelcman Pamela Iles-kmun Nancy lleinonen Warren lleiler Fred lleller Dave llempslead llarold llendren Dave Hendrix Uv Linda llerzbt-rg Ken Hichman Ronald llicks Cathy llill Debbie llill Frank llill Mike Hirtle Dixie lloaves Beth Hoppin Frank llorowilz Mary llosken April llowurd Chuck Howard Ford lloward jerry Howard Ralph llowarth Karen llowell Shirley llruszczyk 1968 janet lluclson Pal llunt Thomas llunt Diane Hurd llohn llutc-hs-son Laura lnmzln Marylou lnmnn David Ivey Doug lvey Eric lwanski Renee Iwanski Dan ,ladkmundnn Richard ,luekson William ,lakuhielskl Pamella jnnish Cluudin ,Inns-sewn Janice jenkins Robert jenkins Ralph Jernigan Elizabeth Jett Pam jones Donna ,lurmu Danny Karpel joe Kaska Steve Ketz Dave Kellitter Steve Kelly Susan Kelly Mike Kenny Mary King Ronald King Merc-edies Kirkland Karen Kish Gwendolyn Knox Judy Kohler Mary Kopee David Koppen jessica Kostek Ellen Koller Q f Bernie Kozel Manus Krasman Cary Kruyzuczhoersk Flamas Krapa William Kruse John Krzaczkowski Rosalyn Kulrsa Cindy Kulick Kathy Kupel FRESH - CLASS OF 1968 Laura La Ron , Raymond Laconis lidward l,a Flamme . George Lake K Bill Land Carry Landry L h A . X Va ' K? t. ., .gn . -: ,,,, i M. f. Hlizalwth Lane Linda Lang Linda Lapine Mark Larson Richard Latimer llarry Laughlin 4' P M U' i 'PFW , 5,3 N. Q an the Robert Laughlin Rich Luvil -' K ' ,lane Lawson NX, Artis Lee 1 ' Neil Lehto J t . Charles Leinonev 1 , iv' fi if s.. - "' ki? 4 .. we . Q...-f 3 W 2 i I Y A Mark Leithauser Diane Lemanski Garry Lemmons Sue Lenhard Barb Leppi ,lim Leterneau gx as 'QQ' . lyk L 6, 4 X . QE '-- 1 -js X gg .U L, , joel Leterneau Churisse Le Vasseur ldele Levin ,laniee Levine Lorrie lewis lfslie Libby L W, K 9 Barb Liberty ,-W lim Liberty Donna Lindsay 'Nancy Lisoski Marsha Loncar Karl Lund Erick Lunkins David Lulleabacher Bob Luxon Larna Lynch Gary Lyon Rosemary Lyon Bruce MacDonald Leslie Machese Stefan MacKiewicz Marc Maddox Joel Magnor 0 7,-f Claudia Mahin D x FRESH - CLASS OF 1968 ,leann Main Narcha Malak Gloria Mane-lla llurcus Mann Pearl Manross Allan Mario! Pal Marsh Norman Marlins Gary Marlin Paul Marlin Marcia Materski David Martinez 511' yn.. V Lawrence Mathews Shelly Maxim Alan May David Maynard Tom McCaffney Dan McCallum ,lv , I '95 ff-A N S. Brenda McCelland William McClure Terry McGowan Mary McGrath Leslie McHugh Vicki Mcjoor , f . Lynne lVlcKerracher H X XL' X ,lim MclVlullan Inez McNeal Pat McQuads Alan Mclloberls Carol Meadows S 7 , if-"' L if ' t ,, f 5 5- E W fv- g,,,,'h g. ., .,,. . kt Wi' Glu sg.-4 n. Z Q ' l Jimi X K A L .:, F Q Q - 1. . i. . . ,.. .., viii X , Q :,, :IQ yew' . .K kit tv I? A I , 1' '1 X X X -- it 1 I t X at l Q ix' Ken Melloy Carol Meyers Mum Michael lleth Miller Mike Miller llill Minando Donald Minton Gary Mitehell Joanne Mitchell Bill Moeser Steve Mohler lliehurrl Monroe llelen Montpetil Pam Moody llalph Moon Cary Moore .lufly Moore Kathy Morris FRESHME - CLASS OF 1968 w XX' sl' we x st. -. ll! fill. 1 ,ll ... we M R l ,pw ,z'!"'t' 'wr-P 'Ng Xxx ilk sat Peg Morrison Faye Murphy Nina Nuns ,lanet Narieh Jin Nauaroli Pans Neeson Linda Neis liugene Newman Dick Nicholson Sandy Nieme john Noller Bill Norton jim Nutt Linrla Oates Kinejah Uden ,lan U'lYonnell Elizabeth Olli john Olsen Reed Olson Sue Orcliwny Virginia Orloff Sue Ustrow Barb Ostrawslci Doug Page john Palazzola ,lim Paquin Cyndi Parker Philip Parlove Hleesha Pastor Bonnie Paterson Barb Piatton Dehbie Patton Linda Paul Louise Peacock Sue Pennell Cary Penrose Mike Pepper Dave Perkett Mike Pernack Chris Pereera Tom Perryman Tom Peterson Kathy Petras Dave Petta ,lohn Phillips Shirley Phillips Margo Piano Patricia Pierce FRESHME - CLASS OF 1968 Linda Pink Bonnie Pinkerton Macy Piotrowski Ballard Plymale Beverly Pochmara ,lim Pollock Nicky Pommier Karen Polrzuski Brenda Potts Freda Prescott Cathy Prokopeck Ron Prowse Floydette Privitt .lerry Puffer Linda Purdy Carolyn Rainsom .lim Ransome Barbara Rashleigh Marion Raymoure Margaret Reckart Leonard Reed Robert Reeder Donald Reeves James Reid Robert Resnick Clarence Respress Mike Reynolds Mary Riciardi Roger Rice Kennith Riddle . e If ,te K x t gms ,-. -M ...ee E sf K 3 pill' ' ll xl Ronnie Robbins Grace Roberts ,lim Roberts Penny Robertson Linda Robinson Greg Roche Uiek Rodgers Dick Roeser Albert Rogens Ricky Rope lnura Rose llruce Rosenblum Bill lloslonski ,lay Ross l'ilh louvnri Wr1'l1e1l Rowi- Nnney Ruddy llill Ruppel FRESHME - CLASS 0F 1968 David Ruskin Mary Russell l.inzy Rustin Frank Ryan Diana Rymszu George Ryskamp ,loe Sadowsk Bob Sage Ray Snrosik Bill Saunders Carol Saunders David Scarlett Danvese Schude David Schlaff Robert Schmidt Stanley Schoeflley Dale Schrum Susan Schulz Cindy Schwartz Susan Scott Paul Screws lleidiSefI1nger Gary Selesko Mark Shada Vernon Shannon ,lack Shepherd Stephen Shilling Robert Shimp Judy Sigler Alex Silberman K. -'Ml ,J i s S f t . N -Gr N 5 X . . lll ' e 3 Q YET' S tg i 'Q Y 'sw IN. S Q , . ' ' S fi. 1 1 N-. 1- f S Julie Silke Gary Simek John Sioui Brad Skauge Ken Skinner Cathy Sloan Linda Smarsh Alnida Smith Lee Ann Smith Leslee Smith Linda Smith Linda C. Smith Sharon Smith Al Smithberger Debhe Snyder Lorraine Snyder Mike Soller Donald Soltman FRESH - CLASS OF 1968 Bill Sophiea Janice Sorah ,lanace Souder Suzie Spangler Terry Spangler Brynm Spaulding Donald Spector Diane Spencer Tom Sperry Diane Spinella ,lim Spranger Gary Squires Donna Stubenow Palsy Stadelhauel Larry Stafford Lanice Steadway Mike Stephens Leonard Stesney John Stewert Tom Stewert Donna Stinso Judy Stenso Carol Strong Sue Stryjecki Kathy Stuart Mike Stunm Dick Suarez Stacia Swantek Karyn Swindlehursl Shan Syed :gm- Steve Sykes Ken Tabor Ken Taylor Richard Taylor Richard X. Taylor Roy Taylor Sue Taylor Mattie Terrell Symphony Tess Mark Thatcher Diana Thomas Carry Thompson Ken Thompson Ray Thompson Craig Thornton Hub Tierney Dick Tierney Kathy Tomoff a N.. Q N +. if ,,L..0.m,g .i -W , .. f M553 'X Q 1 Q w .. X : A - ,. i'-' Y 'V AX! 'ff 'U' -. eg S FRESHME - CLASS UF 1968 ccic . Q Q vi? ' an 1 f X N also E .. N ! ..L,i. Bonnie Topping Dan Tounsel Janet Towery Pat Townley Sandra Tregoning Elsa Turk ,lohn Turner Linda Turner ,lay Underwood john Upham Cerri Urbin Al Valentine Bob Vance Marc Vance Mark Vanclerlist Tom Van Giesen Roy Vaughn ,lim Waddy Debby Wagner Carol Walker ,lim Walcler Donna Walsh Craig Walslcn Garry Walton Tim Warner Mark Warden Carl Watson Dennis Watson Ken Watt Mark Webb X .av This year's freshmen activities started with the building of their float, "Premature Burial." They continued with their freshmen mixer, a dance in which freshmen could get to know each other better, strengthen the relationship between the class and the faculty, and per- haps to strengthen the relations be- tween themselves and upperclass- l'Il6Il. Larry Wells Vicy West Cordon Wharff Arthur White ,lo White William White Tim Wilson V Linda Winters Dick Wissman Ken Witmer Marty Woodin Allen Wright Phillip Wright Bill Wilson Glen Wunderluch Noel Yager Connie Yarbrough Milton Yee Barb Yehle Lynn York Gary Young Robert Young Lorri Zbranchik Lloyd Zemmol Diane Zogul Doug Zorin Cheryl Zupanick FRESHMAN MIXER SANDY NIENII-I WDW GARY IIU GEORGE FRAUMANN SANTHIA BI-ILOIIOUBFK ROSLYN RFAD President Vice-president Secretary K. ,.,, - . . W... .. M I -T , K K Treaaurer Sandy Adolph ,lane Anderson Kathy Anderson Peggy Anderson Dean Andrews Mike Andrus Louise Aram Carol Argall Catherine Armstrong John Arquette Eddie Aro David Axelrod lfe Bagrosky Ann Baillio Clyde Baker Mike Bulles Patricia Bull:-s Rodger Baldwin Thomas Barcus Valerie Barger David Barlebaugh Richard Baughman Larry Baulel jean Bechlle Sanlhia Belohouhek Phillip Belliu Palsy Bernd! Ronnie Bernot Sandy Bird Sue Birdsall Gerald Blair Debbie Blank llarry Blasiak Steve Bleeker Danny Bock Sandra Boening Barbara Bois lidith ,lo Boomer john Boyer Dawn Boyle Nt-il Brady Cynthia Brandau Kathy Braun Mary Lou Brautigam Gerry Brierly David Brown Nancy Brown Willie Brown wmv' Q., R' Y.. if N OPHUMURES CLASS OF 196 Jacqueline Bruce lfrank llruno Alan Brushaber Annie Buchanan David Buerstelta David Bugbee Alex Burden lrvin Burden Deborah Burkhart Cindy Burns Patrick Burns Charles Butler Suzanne Butts Diane Buxton Bruce Cady Bruce Caldwell Harold Campbell Rhonda Campbell James Cannici Judith Canvasser Alexander Carabas Ross Carkeek Karen Carlson Susan Carlson Holly Carper Terry Carter Tim Cassanite Mark Caster Randy Caster Robert Chambers elif lube Suzie Chambers Tim Champagne Thomas Chaney Leslie Charles Judy Charters Donna Clark Hubert Clark Linda Clausen Barbara Cobb Douglass Cole-grove Frank Collens ,lonnie Collins Michael Colone Kerry Comerford Beverly Conner Valerie Cook Richard Corning William Corrigan SOPHO ORES - CLASS OF 1967 Sarah Coulson Janet Courtney Linda Cox Dale Crafts Kerry Crockett Sandra Cromwell Karen Crowton Linda Crumpton Lizbeth Curme Betty Currie Paulette Cushnier Peler,Czank l.enzie Dade Kay Daniels Jerry D'Auguslin0 jesse Davis Cecil Dawson Dan DeBoer Denise Decker Gretchen Decker Carol Decoeq Carol Delavan Mary Derr Susan Dickey Ralph Digaetano Tim Diggan Shirley Dockery David Downer Sandre Drake Dave Drew -ax 5 1 wx U., Ar , .. 'JBA 1: ei A12 .,: ., ,pi 1 - Aii. X - .. J is V -, , 1 X EXP - l if W 1 Bob Dryden Nancy llullois Richard lluckworlll Susan lluchall Peggy lluhu Karl Durcn i Judy Fallon Fugenia Fdmondson Lorraine lfclwurds Susan lfdwurds Adcliu lfiscrmun Ronald lilum Clifford Flliolt Judith Hlliou Paul lfllioll Sully lfllis Marilyn Flson Connie limery OPHO ORES - CLASS OF 1967 Sherman England Urclchen lfngslrom Mary Faahorg l.inda Fair Gloria Falcs james Farley Linda Farley Larry Farris lvan Favre! Cynlhia Fedak Linda Feldman Susan Fillmore Karen Finney Cammie Fischel Donald Fischcr Alan Fishman Pal Flaherly Clifford Fox Linda Fox Fred Frank George Fraumann Barbara Freelovc Duane Frcesc Susan Fullerlon Cathy Frye Richard Fulton Cheryl Fullz Nancy Furnish Alice Fyffe Joanne Cahn F Rx F it fn r B- .. 'NX Q 5 f 'V 41 Q: s I -ur 1 5 I Q ca ' if gg. Wx , K Q 4, N .... miie X i 0 T. . Y l 48 QW N. ' 33 kzi' , 5 l ' - if 3? f .1 F .: g 1 . + x Y L- i Sift: 1 1 A scyc . rf' 1, Nuff! ' 'f ,4. Q. 'r w Q'AL K Q15 .L?:,,l ' G Ok ,Q ' -- hi " . fmi M.. it A- K -if-tefissi t ' V " P' I 'Qu ., Barbara Gaflkay Howard Garon Susan Garrett Thomas Gass Raymond Gatewoocl Sandra Gay Robert Geary Theresa Geary Gus Georgion Deborah Geyer Janice Gihbartl Sara Giese Douglas Glasgow Kathleen Goiflrle Dan Goings David Glasser Carolyn Goldin Marilyn Golrlin SUPHOMORES - CLASS OF 1967 Daniel Goodrich Martha Gordon Doris Gossage Janette Goulait Gregory Granken Myron Grant Laurie Gray Sheri Gray Gerald Greenslade Anne Gringlas Susan Groner Kathryn Gumro Darryl Gunner .lane Gunsaulus Betty Guthrie Gayle Guthrie Laura Guthrie Patricia Hackett Bruce Hall Gerald Hall Harold Hall Keith Hallas Margaret Hammerstrom Ann Hansen Fred Hansen Mary Hansen Carol Harkonen Fredric-ka Harrison Georgia Harrison Sue Harrison 1--ax Q 'F' - if 1 ,lane Hartkopf Katherine Hawkins Patricia Hawkins Barbara Hayloek Monte Heelo David Hegadorn Thomas Henderson Kurt Heller Richard Helriek Chris Hickman Douglas Hill Marjie Hill Russel Hill San ,luan Hill Donna Hirlle lloberl lloard Donna Hoffmeyer Deborah Holdsworth f 5 l ORES - CLASS OF 1967 Christie llollanrl llllonrla Hooks Katherine lloskin Man lloskinson L Sharon llowarrl Carrick llu Jacqueline Hudson Ricky Hughes Susan llughes Maureen llunler Georgeha lndreiea Joseph ine ,laeksnn llanrly ,lac-obs llaul ,laeokes lloehelle Jaffe Meryl ,laffiul An n james ljmla James ,lerry ,lezierski Carol Johnson Charles johnson George johnson David ,lones Siri ,loulsie Linda ,lury Harvey Knhl Carleen Kaleila K A Joann lKllmll1Skl Q ' Q Susan Kangas Z K 5 .f , . - I L 1 9 my l mn - ,V Don lxanlola af .. wig-.equi 'j ., Q 6 ' iflfigfrx . .. l Q . 5 a . ' fa, - 5 Hia , .. NL xx Q il!""" gs-if was X os: F x Cynthia Kantz Chris Kapahnke Phillip Karpel Mike Kay Ron Keel Mary Ellen Keelon Roberta Kelleher David Kerr Barbara King Larry King Rex Kittle Susan Klaiman Louella Knox John Konja Don Koppen Cynthia Kosovac Theresa Kotcher Diane Kotlarek OPHO ORES CLASS OF 1967 Louis Kovack Thomas Kowalski Doug Krabbenhoft Ken Kram Christine Krapp Arlene Krieger ,loyce Kritzer Robert Krulock Nancy Krupa David Kuxhaus .lanice Lalewicz Karen Lamson Glenda Land Buford Land Sherry Lanzen Barbara Laughlin Peter LaVallee Lee Lawrence james L4-armonth John Lee Sharon Lee Ronald Legge Pam Leppala Melinda Lewis Michael lewis Barbara L'Heureux Karla Libby Robert Lindberg Juanita Lindsey Linda Liptak ' i 5.1 :Wg rf nf: 3. rf. s ff W -. .Q ir. 4 R Q52 i Yi ,Xa fy QQ . -ii. 'WS 'gf Qian 51 'S'- Q it r ix .. ' 3 -5- a w a i.X i , 4 ' y H .. A -M .-X. W1 H ' X ,M ...,,, A X , 1 r I . g i H l I 's. . - i B1-ay I.inle-john ,lamvs l,itllt-ton l,arry Littleton David Litvvn l,4-slit' Loncur Billie Loran! James l,uxton Dianv Malwe' Gary Mack Steven Maclir-nziv Donna MacMillan Konnrlh MacMillan Claurlia Mahon John Mais:-l Susan Maja-wski Champ Majors David lNlalc'olnison Sandra Marriott SOPHOMORE - CLASS OF 1967 Q, XX x.-iig0 ,- Q-M X Q7 -4 Nt law pu- A IL , MQW' ,. . ,jg 'QT' i NN i, 6 io- ? xxx .75 at Q 'li.ig.f'g m W.. -.X X.-X 1 ew-f.w,fm,,,,. ' ' if 13? Q we-N' uv- -41-rf 5 Q.-r I . 'l'im lNlarsac Susan Maru-its jackie- Martin Carol Multiva- Sally Nlattis .lim Mattson llrucv Maximiuk Marilyn Nlazvn Mika' Nlazvn 'l'e'rranr'e' Nlcffalw llruct- Xlc-1 fl:-llanfl Crlanv Nlrlioy William Nlvlfnrlaml Cathy Mrllvv Dan IVICCN- Diane- lllcfllynn Pat Mclicnnil Rolwrt Mvlivnziv Frank Mc'Quillan Claudia Mclliplt-y llnlwrt Mvllolwrts Olivia lxflf'l'll0llll Clary Mvrritt Sue Middleton David Mis-lkc Diana Mildfclt Stow' Miles Drnist' Millar Linda M iller lilarcvy Millvr IKM Robert Miller Donna Milton Angelo Mitchner Edward Moats Mike M ogan Tom Monaghan Judith Monroe llenry Moore john Moran Terry Morley Linda Morish ,lanet Morrison Cathryn Morter Linda Mueller Vicki Mullerhour Ann Muller Kathy Mustonen Linda Nagle SOPHO URES - CLASS OF il' 'Q . Qual 196 David Natowicz Kay Neely Scott Nelles Donna Nelson Becky Nestor Theodore Neville Janice Nicholls Gordon Nolan Stephen Norconk Helen Norleen Tom Norton lloward Novetsky Nancy Nowell Karen Nylund James Odgers Kathy U'Donnell Lillian U'Dor Diana Oleszkicwicz Bill Oliver Linda Olson Steven Orlich Harvey Osborne Chris Paczkowski Chris Palazzolo ,lim Palmer Richard Palmer linda Paterson llarry Paller Karen Patrick Chuck Patterson K Kenneth Patton Lois Patton Linnea llearsall ,lohn Peltonen leanne Perkins Marc Perry Gerald l'ett-rson Lafayette Phillips Gerald l'hinn Frank Pierce David Plaxton 'llom Plotinsky Deena Polinsky Leonard l'olsgrm'e Richard Potcltynolc Phillip Price Charlene llroimos SOPHO ORES - CLASS OF 1967 ,UW f nf lfrancine llotnchnilc Sharon Prophet Charles Puclcett Barbara Rachmiel Diana Raines larerd Raines Tom Ransey Richard Rashleigh Roslynn Read Freda Redmond Evelyn Reed Carolyn Rt-tzlaff .lohn Reynolds Mark Reynolds Cathy Rice Linda Rineholt Riclc Rinz Carol Rissman Don Roach Peggy Roaden George Roberts Shirley Roberts Cheryl Rocheleru ,loan Rockett ,lim Rodgers Nu 'Qw- ,lane Roman Carol Ronne Allen Rose Ellen Rose Alan Rosenthal Victor Ross is an x ev. lo-M Q,-. x. 2 at I Jan Rowe Linda Rowe Donald Rubin Jim Ruddy James Russel William Sage Jim St. John Norman Samson Judi Samuel Pamela Samuels Arthur Sanders Judy Sauers Dan Searff Tom Sceneny Mary Seheuer Rosalyne Schindler Michele Screws Bil Scudder SOPHO ORES - CLASS OF 1967 David Seahough Sally Sempine Lynne Serrilge Terri Sexton Pam Sharon Ray Sherd Homer Shepherd Burton Sherrard Dale Shinn Doug Shirlc Howard Siegel Joan Sigler Sharon Simelc Beverly Sissons Pam Simmons Greg Sims Greg Skelton Sandra Slaughter Edward Smegal Jeff Smilack Allie Smith Elaine Smith Janet Smith Kenneth Smith Larry Smith Larry J. Smith Pat Smith Earl Snyder Roger Sonnet! Robert Spangler H X , 3 is Cary Spcctor Richard Spector Annic Spcnccr john Sperry Elsic Springston Sandy Staclclbauer Annc Starllcr Mark Slcgcr Brian Stcpck lA'0IlilI'fl Stcphcns Margarcl Stcphens Richard Sl:-phcns Lawrcncc Stcvcnson Michael Stir-her Crt-tchcn Still Cathy Stock .loan Slnlakcs llcnnis Sloltc mm, .,..-- s ,.- Y". ' ."?3fiN 'K c Q, P pw . rx on A' X . g A 'fx' - A g 5. Fi Nw. ,vw N 14 E r-LST . W? by SK x I. .i' OPHOMORE - CLASS OF 1967 wftn St 4, M, ,. 1, wt ,Efllf X x if I 552' N jamcs Strauss Shi-rry Slrumcyc r Sylvia SlI'lll'l'lN'ilIl Gwynn Supa-r Lynn Swinrllchurst ,Ioycc Switkowski Lanny 'l'anl0n Donna Taylor Ralph Taylor Cav 'I'honu-s Cnllccn Thornton l'1rlwarrl'l'igln- Anila 'llillwn ,lulic Tipping Christian' 'llmlrl just-ph Tormissi Mark Trac:-y Kathy Turncr Rolwrl 'l'urnt'r Janes Tuthill Ji-rry 'l'uthill Marilyn 'l'ulll1-man Carol lflrich Tom Yan lflcaw Nnnccy Yan Dala- Uavicl Yanrlcr Niucllcn Robcrl Yan Saghi Slcphanic Yoight David Yoisin Mary Wagalrich TT' OPHO Linda Wagner Hans Wahl Carry Walder Russ Walker Roger Ward ,loannc Washington Deborah Watson Marcia Watson David Watterson Susan Weigandt Shiela Weinberg Kathy 'Weldy H attie Wills Ruth Ann Wemer Mickey Westhues Elaine White Perry White Ruth Wilh ORES - CLASS GF 1967 james Williams Donna Winnie Elise Winter Kathy Wintermute Ted Wisner Terry Wolf Dan Wolschnn Wilhemenia Wright Kim Wyatt Cathy Yiataganes Kathy Young Linda Zack David Zellzer Charles Zimba Claire Zwar Patricea Burnside .lay Chalomeck Linzie Dode Ina Freedman Frank Genslak Janice Cihherd Paul Herbst Myra janney Edward Jelinek Dave Kerr Sandy Licldy Betty Majors Dennis Moore t Dorothy Osborn Kathy Patruslci Frank Pierce Martin Schweitzer Elaine Scott Arestes Smith Glen Smith llelen Delloff Diana Stone 'l'om Uelmen Kathy Yaughn The sophomores, the elass of "t'J7, got off to an enthusiustie start with their float, "The llntouehzthlesf' From there, they went to work on the traditional Sophomore spon- sored Sadie Hawkins' dunee. Pro- motion for this included tugs say- ing "l'm taken." The linal uelivity for this year was the eluss spon- sored pienie. On the whole, they had a very sueeessful year. 127 Q-.. JIM SPRlNGSTON KATHY FORSYTHE WENDY CONN KATIE BROOKS Pfesldflll Vice-president Secretary Treasurer JU IORS Martha Ahlslrom llelen Alcser Michael Alderman Diane Aldridge Virginia Alexander Bruce Alford Charles Allen William Alwin William Amman Greg Anderson ,ludy Anderton Gary Andrus Mahlah Andrushko ,lan Anlilla Larry Ashman Kayed Azar Paul Badgero Rosemary Balog Wendy Barbas Rebecca Barber Linda Barle Mary Barton Ed Baylor David Bean Primrose Beckford Bill Beckman ,lim Beebe Larry Bell Tom Bellcslri Kathy Bellmnre Maureen Besansol: .lim Biglow linda Birkholz Rick Bloodwortli Carol Boehm Art Boguski Mark Bojarzin ,lules Bols Susan Bond Fred Boura Pam Brown Roy Boyd Robert Boyer Sue Brunch Sandra Bratt l,ynn Brognn Katie Brooks Bonnu Brown JU Kathy Brown Bohert Brown Sandra Brown john Bruton Norman Buchta l,oni Bugher Mary Bujuki 'l'im Bureh Peter Burns Pat Burry Donna Burton llouglus Busch Sylvia Calhoun Kathleen Culiguri ,lnnel Culnen Charles Cameron Connie Cameron lim Campbell Kulhy Cannon Bichard Carahas Barbara Carlson Bichurrl Carlstrom Robert Carlyon Stanley Curter Carol Cenleeh Jerry Chambers Dan Champion Rosemary Champion Gary Clark Norma Clark . t . fix N' W if t K :JY X ' t' 4 ,if Q , X ax I I N IORS - CLASS OF 1966 wr QvQ""wf QASQNS 'K X ,X 0 L.. 2'- X. f Q., 'S-4 . ,X vw 1 yj 'L az., yy . Gu. Q f "" it r Lp .Ti fp' Q , Q C C" f 1 X - . P f fx' , 'Q Nr f M 1? I N B at , ' Q K W ' QQ? Q 6' if 11 1 r- f s-M, - X . , ' ' K e , yy S Q ' NN. X h 'Q' 7 i S-, 551 - yew, a , X E Efvr . Q x . ' , , ' C , Is gf 1 I, X L B ioti , E w - ' B 'N lri' f 'lr . 'V X o ng- , egg 'r -1 K - t l K , X. --f V '5 - ' ' . ' - W V 1- ,.,. K . to 1 ' t t . . C 3 5' Sandra Clark John Clarkson Diane Clc-mf-ns Reginald Covkrvll Richard Colhy Putriviu Colc- Chuck Colley Michael Collins Oli-+ Collins Kvnt Comhs Gilda Connor Lindsay Cooper Uvorgx- Cornell William Corwin Pal Cover! D1-an Cox Gail Crafts Tom Craig Ken Cransliuw lfona Crawford Alun Cronhcrger Yaleris- Cummings Biankz1Czank Tina Dahl llnv Duhls' lxnrcn Daly Sharon Duvis jerry Duwson l,onn Dawson Don D1-un Lindley Delirlow Paul Desjurrlin joe Desousa Kris Delert Mary Dellmer Phil Dixon Joyce Dolan William Dougan David Driggs Richard Driggs David Dube john Duczynski Camille Duffy Cil Duhn Dwight Dunlap Janet Dyke Thomas Dykman Shelley Dziepak fi .gym Q L' gr-v .. H M X.-.,i5.,,Q.. ,M x. W-. ,. . --53-,SSLrf,ky.' U .-1,1 ,,,, u ,ff i N EWS, 7 - if?f:ZfiI'::'-iff' I .ff A 1, fl - in X Q ,W C, 6 , . W ,5 f X ii 'i aa . Qi' ' DY fr- . A ff , KR-'T f ,A 4023355 - ii , I f fm, if W aw l X vf' I K .s ink ,,.... f x usd' .IU IORS - CLASS OF 1966 Hif i J M A kj 1 21 ' fe, T in .Q 'W X v rlfsxgxgg ,X 1 N2 X X T '-'V wr? swmg IVR '11 f kv? - 5 J.. X NG' Ou 15 ,SQ 5 i i .,I,'1x,."-Zfi 1 S F 'Q -x' . Tr' 1 x Q ' 1, K J ' . 5 A K. 'I my 3. s i ff K is af? Q, Iiggira ai X cl - WE ? QQ-P' ml fzf gnu- mini .em -X h 1-M . 'wsffii mga , A ..... N I if? 1 A 'k a Wi f I I . A8 i 5 ,, .. L- M , -' . . ' 'N' Q My I 11" f as.. Q Rita 'ET' 6- K :Qi JU IORS - CLASS UF 1966 Q Lvf iifGfii?f:"5 QS h 5 'fi' w -- Y ,, a li' t. , Ei. kk? ir Q"-1 Q- vm ?. 'A .,s ., 7 1-K S 'it TNA , .xp cv-. - 1 NJ' v 1 1 S..-1 we--'vi Lloyd liarl Rod Harwood Carolyn Eaton Robin liaton Arlene Edwards Ronald Eldridge ,Ioanne liller Clay Elliott John lilmers john lily Barbara Erickson Cynthia Evans Dorothy liwald David Fachnie Roy Fales Pauline Farley Patricia Fielder John Finger Uonalu IXICIGII' K1-nnvtli lffnluy wr .losvpli lfinm-t lluntly l'iinm'x Ihtvitl lfiwlwi' lilllllt'I'lIlt' l"lm-ming l lvnnis lform' Kzllliy lfur-eyllll' .-Xngvlinv lfntiu llnlrivls lfoylv jo l.ynnt- l"r1-3, lronurd lfry tllm-wir Carole- lfrvr- Kullivrim- lfunk Chris Czillnrztith 'liony llundulfi ,lim Clurdnvr lo':Xnn Carroll lllmrlia- lluslu-ll lxl1lFgill'l'l Cavs lloug lluwnv Dzlnirl lluynor Kuthlwn Cvisa-rl llvnnis Cvntry Clvorgv ti4'UI'gl0ll jam-t Uilxlm Shvilu Cinslwrg Suv Given joan Cluster Christy Cliddvn Ron Codoshian '7 So- l ,, ,. :2?yv-'ksfii' Nancy Goodwin llichard tlosselt ,lamcs Grant l,inda Gray ,lon Havowski Patricia Haffner Paul Hamel Sandy Hammerstrom Larry Hammes Susan Hansel Theresa Hanson Sera Harcourt Clydell Hardin George Hartley Betti Hartung Penny Harwood .l0Seph Haslitl Frank Hastings Luv- iifuf .ig ,sr fl NX X . fig:-, uri' . fu.. t gilt J . I fs 5' I X fn 'Q X Qi, i" ,RW A "' vt Q Q at Q2 X .9 5 X H 0 Y' 4 gl . s. 1 .- K Q-ff: XV H -2: JU IORS - CLASS OF 1966 we 121. ' Q : pang- 5 ,. I . of A 1 W., Q1 A f- ns. ti- 4. , ,-,Sf K E ,1 ,w naw- f ' iii 3' xr? .aug JSA "B .I 3 E ""he"'l" - A i -555 7 K 552, 'i'1?1 Charles Haynes james lledgepeth Paul Hceren Albert Heikkila Bob Heilckila Brad Heinitz Albert Hcitcr Evelyn llt-mpel Made-lon Henderson Ronald llcrron Sally Hess Gail Hcyman ,lan Hicks janet Hill Larry Hill Diana Hitchcock Brenda Horowitz Peter Hosken Greg Howells Shirley Hudson Sames Hutcheson Peggy lrwin Helene ,labs ,loel ,lacklich Karen ,lackola Estelle Jackson Harry ,lanish Lorna jenkins David Jenson Alice johnson cs., Q--Y' 'Y f ., ' fi as 1 s5.h , 'Q , is lin iff' 'Y ' wifi er? " ' 1 4 X J Q? A E , X 'lx JU IORS - CLASS OF 1966 fiarol King l'iiln'1'n Kingslon Sharon Kirlilanrl 'Nlnrilyn Klvin .larnv-. Klc-rnanslii llama- Knight - Yin - il X 4, , 3, il Phillip Knighq K K ' if ' ' Nlark Koller llicky Koulm - lion Kowalski A K -Q llarlwura Krvlllvn .- William Kropf A' - I. Q, it f f 4 .lrffrvy Kulivk ' '-Ni! - llarhara Kulxk Linrla Ki-'wwf-ll Karrn Kurtz Kathy Kurzaxu Muna Ku-hm-r Roma Kushner 'll-rry Lahadiv Charlvs Lahti Linda Lunrlra Alana Lankfnrd Fred Larson Pelvr Lash Lynne Latimer Kathleen Laughlin Deborah LHWFPHC9 . ' Linda Lazer ' Charlotte Lrhr "Half L ,L - ,A 2 sr ,H 1 E2 li I --:G 'i - f-fi me Q-E-g5.,:N Clvskliu ,lohn-ann Dale' johns-inn Marx jolinson Rvginaltl ,luhnwon xiillI1I2Ij0llllSIlll llorulliy .luhnwlnn llic-hard .Iona-N Mvlmly' .lurlcl John jun!vrlne'n Marvin Jurniu P014-r juska Mike juszak Linda Ks-vlvy Lillian Kvlingus Larry Ki-lly llmlgvr Kirshnvr 'IiQ'rl'f Krj 9 llonalll Kiflrllf' 1. 2 S 1 Q , f ' wh- v A f Ji' 0 'A' KX 'N ,Vgx W5 ,lf f 1- Uv 4' 5 . , -...f m g A px Q65 ,if i V! Diane Mujewski Tom Major Howard Malley Charles Maria ,ludy Marriott Dale Mars Bonnie Marsh Christy Martin Sandra Masella Beverly Mathews Clarence Mawhorter Becky Maxim Greg Maylone Helen Mc-Cleary Cary McCaffrey Larry McCoy Andrew McDonald John Mclfachern Paulynn Mclntosh Christine McKane Art McKay Kathy McKillop Donald Mclean Ronald Mclean Philip McMullen Diane McNaught Ken McQuade Robert McQuade Christa Meacham Harley Meisaner fs sw, S af ew z X fi "M , tt,,, in 31 I M 49-9 'MJ Mil-ce Levin Clifford Levitt Susan Light Raymond Lindberg David Linderman Sherry Lindsey Constance Lohrke llughey Long Marcia Low Donna Lozen Ken Luxton james Lymburner Sandra Lyttle Lance Machese David Mzichus Mike MacMillan Sara Magner Terry Maguran 1966 hw Thomas Meister Michael Menard llobert Merideth Robert Miles Carolyn Miller Nancy Miller Larry Mills Bobbie Milne Douglas Misiuk Mary Miskowitz Donna Mitchell Thomas Moeser Kenneth Mohler William Monroe Marshall Montgomery Blanche Monpetit Janis Moody Douglas Moore gs., ta X VS Q v N-..- 's. 1 xv' JU IORS - CLASS UF 1966 is Q ..4. Y NX .aw fiv Tv irf-v Patsy Morris Mary Morrison Beverly M ortin Gail Mott John Muchling Richard Mulligan Terry Myers Walter Mygre Victoria Mytych Christine Nasso Darlene Neely Mary Nicles Mike Nolph Bruce Nordstrom Bonny Norleen Leslie Nuler lfric Nylund Richard Uchs Pete 0'Conncll Bonnie U'Neal Andrew Ordiway Martha Orloff Cordon llaquettc Linda Parker Bob Parks Dave Paterson jim Patterson Ron Patterson Larry Paul Tom Payne David Pedersen Bruce Peltier Candy Peltier Elizabeth Pence Larry Petack Ann Peters Sue Peterson Dorothy Petras Rosanne Pezallo Denise Phillips Greg Phillips Donna Piana Carolyn Pink Nancy Pisansky Beverly Pisarsld Ted Pollock Diane Poole .lames Powell JU IORS - CLASS OF 1966 W vu' 1425, Gail Powers Rachel Prescott Kathy Pritchard William Proctor Larry Pryce Brian Prylon Ann Psink Leonard Purdy Chris Rae Larry Raisanen Ron Raisanen Carol Randall Bonnie Rathhurn Wayne Rcddekopp Juanita Reed Greg Richardson William Richter Cynthia Ridgeway Karen Rivetl Roslyn Robbins Michael B. Robinson Michael L. Robinson Cindy Rockhey Michael Roman Carl Romund Fredric Rosenthal Chris Roslonski Howard Rosner Sandra Rowlette ,lack Roy 4 if x,x,x,Q. xvt? -' JU Karen Siefman Terry Silverman Joanna Skelly Claudia Skirving Steffi Skokos llclenor Sloss Cary Smillie Barbara Jo Smith liecky Smith Clark Smith Don Smith Mary Smith Patricia Smith Richard Smith Theron Snell Thomas Snow Jayne Snyder Laureen Solgot Nick Som-ro Sherrill Sophiea Sylvia Soward .lames Spencer James Springston Franklin Stafford David Stedman Nancy Stein Gertrude Stein Jules Stieber Doug Still Anne Stivcrfmn IU' lfdwnrd Ruffley Nlark Ryder Cl rald Rymsza Anthony Sadowski Sue Sage llick St. Andre john Sargent Ralph Sayers Dax id Savage Karen Schultz Mike Scudder Maureen Seiler John Sellers Lorna Sempshrott Ron Senoski Susan Shand 'l'crry Sheldon Sherry Short .A S- Nga. I J A L4 Sm 4, M 11, 'ii -new M, if J - 1' fp SXT.. Darlene Stone Paulette Story Linda Stroup Doug Sturdevant Sandy Suber Dianne Super Dawn Swenson Khurshid Syed Cathy Szames Hilda Tuhaehnik Eleanor Taylor ,lane Taylor Christine Taylor Patricia Taylor Robert Terrabassi Bette Thomas Frank Thomas Rick Thomas IORS - CLASS OF 1966 C-hw Yr?- itlxt ld.. ff l 'L ' 5 'CE Tom Thomas Danyl Thompson Harry Thompson Sharon Thompson Carter Threkeld Thomas Tighe Vernon Tounsel Susan Marie Trule Thomas Treeful Mark Tregoning Ronald Tucker Robert Turk Danny Turner Linda Turner Randy Tutor Kathy Underwood Karen Valentine Greg Van Ardsel Andy Van Cleave Bonnie Vander Muellen Sue Van Nort Glenn Van Sync Linda Vestrand Scott Vinton Pamela Voorhies Dora Waddell Tom Waite Karen Walsten Ken Watters Diane Weaver Joel Webb Larry Wedlick Bernard Weiner ,ludy Weiss Bruce Wellman Elaine Whitcroft Nora White Terry White Chris Wiegand John Williams Stan Williams Mary Wilk Josephine Wilson Tim Wilson Tom Wilson Patricia Winfrey Pamela Winkler Diane Wintergerst Barbara Wochholz Michael Wofford William Woolon Alvin Wright Linda Wright Phyllis Wright William Wright Tim Young Carin Zang Peggy Zortz Mike Zsido Eric Zupanich Mary Zvara Wendy Conn Dave Drew Byron Kuxhous Candy Little Rick Neumenn Xa, G7 Y' G77 'Si Rachael Prescott ?., ,... X 4 3 ix 4-aa SE!-ix tix ' ' . . 1 , Q ' WSL' Peggy Redmond Charles Reinhart Fred Reinhart ' I eww" V Bercily Shimp JB. 13 140 The prom and candy sale man- aged to keep the junior class busy this year. With a profit of over S2,000, they were well prepared to put on the prom. This year's theme, llawaiian Sunset, was submitted by class Secretary Wendy Conn and Ricky Thomas. Dating, building floats, eating "turtles" or mixed can- dy, selling chocolates, studying and buzzing the Pole take up most of their time. as iff ii TQ' A SEN IDRS Y o 143 I 1 Y 4 Class Congress STEVE UNGER ROBERT MARSAC LYNN HANLEY NATHAN TOUNSFL President Vice-President Secretary ROBY WARREN KARL AMERIKS KARL BLASIUS Student Council President High Honors High Honors PAUL VINCENT AKSAMIT Football Class Congress Track JONATHAN ALLEN Baseball H i-Y DARYLL ANDERSON Ski Club Key Club Choir A DAVID RYAN ANDERSON junior Achievement DIANE ANDERSON Future Teachers C.A.A. VICKI ANDERSON Future Teachers United Nations Club Band JOY ELIZABETH ANDERTON National Honor Society Choir A United Nations Club DAVE ANDRESEN LINDA ANDREWS United Nations Club Prom Committee Treasurer J.,-n ARUNA MANKEKAR MARIE ELIZABETH MURTINHO HELMUT L. THEIS MARIO TENZER Exchange Student Exchange Student Exchange Student Exchange Swdmt ROBERT MARTENSEN MARCIE REYNOLDS CONNIE ,DERR High Honors High Honors Student Councll VlcePresident RICKY ANDREWS National Honor Society NANCY ARMSTRONG Secretarial Co-op RONALD E. ASI-IMORE Varsity Football JANET AUBUCHON RICHARD AUBUCHON Football Track Class Congress CYNTHIA JEAN BALDWIN Class Congress Ski Club Eagle Stall' MARILYN BARCER Class Congress C.A.A. Softball Senior Ball Committee LEE BARRIS CAROL BARTLETT National Thespians Society United Nations Club Future Teachers Club NANCY BAS Honor Society Senior Choir ROGER SCOTT BAUMAN Football Track Choir A JUDITH LOUISE BAXTER JAMES L. BAYLERIAN Varsity Football , Varsity Baseball CHARLES BECKER Track Class Congress Hi-Y PATRICIA F. BEACH Student Council Recording S National Honor Society Foreign Exchange Student DWIGHT LEE BONNER Key Club, Treasurer Track Class Congress PAMELA BOTSFORD Eagle Staff Class Congress Prom Committee DONNA BOLTON SANDRA BOWARD Business Club Class Congress Senior Ball Committee RUBIN BERNARD BOYD Choir French Club Baseball MIKE BOYLAN Class Congress Basketball ecreta ry MARTHA BECKER National Honor Society Business Club Secretarial Co-op .lOE BENEDICT Varsity Baseball Eagle Staff Basketball ROBERT BERRIMAN Eagle Staff Band Baseball CLAUD BERY Band Orchestra Eagle Eye Review MORRIS BILBREY Hi-Y French Club Basketball BOB BOCK Baseball Nw CAIL ANN BROW C.A.A. Bowling Shark Club BARBARA JEAN BROWN National Honor Society Abstracts Montage FRANCES LOUISE BROWN Y-Teens Future Teachers Medical Club PATRICIA ELAINE BRYANT Gymnastics Rainbows DIANA MARIE BUCHANAN Service Staff ROBIE BUGNI Abstracts ...-ag -.Q .L '1-gy UHN BOYLE DONALD BRABANT JUDY CLARA BRANTON Medical Club Rainbow C.A.A. Bowling LYNN BRASWELL Varsity Cheerleading, Co-captain National Honor Society Class Congress DIANE .IEAN BRAUN C.A.A. Rifle Club Spanish Club DENNIS WILLIAM BRENNER JOHN WES BULMAN Varsity Track French Club Eagle Staff DAVID LEE CAIN Business Club KATHLEEN ANN CAIN United Nations Club Class Congress Senior Ball Committee ROBERT JAMES CAMPBELL Varsity Ski Team Class Congress Swim Team RENA CAMIRE VICKI CAMPER National Honor Society French Club Class Congress TOM CHUMINATTO Key Club, President Class Congress Hockey ELBERT HENRY CHILDS Choir DELORES JEAN CLARK Choir G.A.A. Tennis CHRISTINE C. CLARKSON Senior Play Student Council Senior Ball Committee EDDIE CLEARY Basketball Track Staff Member ERNEST CLEARY LYNN CAN NICI National Honor Society, Secretary Foreign Exchange Student Head Majorette SHERRY S. CARDEN Majorette Senior Play Student Council RICK CARLSON Golf Ski Club Varsity Club PHYLLIS MARIE CARUSO Majorette French Club Ski Club RUSTY CHAMBERS Swim Team Tennis Varsity Club CANDY CHASE ff. . iii" .1 LINDA CLEMENS Gymnastics Ski Club Senior Ball Committee WILLIAM L. COLE Bowling Hi-Y Choir MARGARET COLLINS National Honor Society United Nations Club Abstracts JOAN ELIZABETH COLVIN Gymnastics Aqua Sprites Senior Ball Committee PAUL STEPHEN COOK Swimming Team Choir SUSAN M. COOK Spanish Club, Vice-president Abstracts Coll' RICHARD COOPER Varsity Baseball Key Club Class Congress JERRY CORBET'I' SHIRLEY M. CORNER Business Club Senior Choir Senior Ball Committee DANIEL KEITH COUZENS Class Congress Ski Team Eagle Staff GWEN COVETZ Class Congress Gymnastics Majorette NANCY ELLEN COX French Club Senior Ball Committee Senior Choir MICHAEL CUSHNIER Varsity Baseball Key Club Class Congress CATHY ANN CUTLER IJIANE DANIEL ALLEN DAVID Varsity Football Varsity Swimming, Captain Varsity Track DAVID E. DAVIES Investment Club German Club DOUGLAS DeBOER WILLIAM ALLEN CROTTY V.C.Y. CONNIE LYNN CROWL Delta Theta Kappa Future Teachers, Secretary V.C.Y. CRAIG CRUICKSHANK Swimming Team Ski Team LINDA CULVER C.A.A. Retail Co-op CYNTHIA MARIE CURRIE C.A.A. Business Club Junior Achievement PAM CURTIS Secretarial Co-op Senior Choir 6 ms:-' DONELL A. De-CENZO Art Club Choir A French Club PA UL DECOCQ National Honor Society French Club RAYMOND MATTHEW DePALMA Senior Play National Honor Society Future Teachers PAUL DESJARDINS BARBARA ANN DeWAELE National Thespian Society Choir A Abstracts KATHLEEN MARIE DICGAN C.A.A. TIM DOWLING French Club MIKE DOWNS BARBARA DUCKWORTH National Honor Society National Thespian Society Future Teachers MARILYN DUGEKOS Future Teachers French Club National Honor Society VIVIAN EARWOOD Eagle Staff NOEL EBERLE ROBERT DILLON Ski Club Spanish Club Choir A RUSSEL DILLON Tennis Team Ski Club Spanish Club SUSAN CLAIRE DOLENCA National Honor Society Ski Club Abstracts NANCY M. DONOCHUE Class Congress Band Council Abstracts KATHLEEN DONOVAN Choir Girls' Athletic Club DONNA DORA ALLAN STEPHEN EMERY National Honor Society Class Congress CHARLENE H. ENGSTROM Michigan Youth Advisory Council, Chairman Future Teachers, State Officer National Honor Society JON ESKELIN Choir A Art Club LARRY FACIONE Varsity Football Varsity Baseball Senior Ball Chairman RUTH FAIR SYLVIA FARIAS JOHN ROBERT EDWARDS Class Officer Varsity Tennis Choir A LISBETH ECCEN National Honor Society Ski Team Abstracts BERNARD ELDRED BRUCE ELDRED THEODORE ELDRIDCE RODGER EI,LIOT'l' MMI-IS FARR VICTORIA E. FEAZELL Eagle Co-editor Senior Ball Committee Stage Crew ROGER FELDCUSCH Co-op Trade and lndustry WENDY ANN FELDMAN Eagle Eye Review Abstracts Eagle Staff SONNY FERRARI Baseball Basketball Key Club PHIL FEW Track Band Key Club DAVE FITCH National Thespian Society National Honor Society Class Congress .IEAN FLAHERTY Secretarial Co-op Prom Committee JAMES FLEMING Rifle Club Retail Co-o Trade and lndust Co-op .IUDITH L. FLEMING G .A .A . Junior Achievement Secretarial Co-op ALAN FLORA Talon Staff ARTHUR L. FLORO Varsity Track Baseball Co-op P 'Y RONALD K. FIFE Football Track RON FICOT Reserve Football Eagle Staff LINDA F. FILLMORE National Thespian Society Junior Achievement Future Teachers ALICE FISCHEL ROBERT JAMES FISHER National Thespian Society LAWRENCE S. FISHMAN National Honor Society Varsity Coll' Team Ski Club DORIS C. FOLEY Business Club Library Stall' RICHARD FORBES Election Board, Co-chairman National Honor Society Ski Team THOMAS FOX Choir A National Honor Society All-School Musicals MIKE FOYLIC Swim Team Business Club KAREN A. FRANTZ Election Board, Co-chairman United Nations Club Class Congress BARRY FRAZIER Class Congress LOUISE M. FBEELOVE Business Club National Thespian Society Secretarial Co-op JOAN FREESE WILLIAM FROST Swimming Team Rifle Club LEE ANNA FRY United Nations Club Madrigals Abstracts ROGER T. FULTZ Key Club Varsity Golf Class Congress ALAN GARDULESCU KATHY GIACONA Abstracts French Club Ski Club ZENETA L. GIBSON Business Club, Vice-president G.A.A. Choir A JAN ET GIERAK librarian Gymnastics Junior Achievement BONNIE J. GIISON French Club Gymnastics T.A.C. DAVID SCOTT GIVEN Class Congress Golf'I'eam BRUCE GLASGOW EILEEN PHYLIS GARON United Nations Club Future Teachers Library Club KATHRYN .IO GARROD TOM A. GAUTHIER Eagle Mechanical Staff ROBERT LOUIS GEARY Abstracts Football Track CATHY GEEHAM WILLIAM GEISERT VERONICA AN N GLORIEUX Shark Club Senior Play PETER JOHN GLYNN Football Track Varsity Club BRUCE CHARLES GOCKERMAN Football Student Council Ski Club JON COINCS MARSHA COLDFARB Eagle Reporter Class Congress Shark Club GEORGE GOLLNICK ROBERT GREEN Varsity Tennis Team Key Club Ski Club ROBERT JACK CRIFFITH Co-op DANNY CRONER Varsity Football Basketball Varsity Baseball RON CRUNDY National Honor Society Key Club Swim Team JESSICA CUALDONI Secretarial Co-op Medical Club MICHAEL GURWITZ Varsity Swimming Track Varsity Club Fl? TERRY JAMES GOODHEW Junior Achievement LYNNE CORDANIER Medical Club ALFRED GRANKEN ELEANOR GRANTHAM GARY M GRAY ROBERT R. CRAY Track Prom Committee Class Congress DALE IIANSEN CLAUDIA HARRIS National Honor Society United Nations Club Student Relations Council KATHERINE ANN HARTLE Cheerleading Co-captain Class Congress Gymnastics JEFFREY WILLIAM HASLITT Track Choir A Cross Country RICHARD TERRY HAYNES National Honor Society FRANK JAMES HENDERSON Student Relations Council -gnu? Troubadors ER l KA CYEN ESE MICHAEL D. HALEY SHARON HAMEL Co-op JACQUELINE HAMMERLE STEVE A. HAMMERSTROM Track BRUCE PAUL HANON Football Tennis Basketball GEOFFREY IIERMAN SANDRA HIETIKKA Future Business Leaders of America Secretarial Co-op BRUCE HILL Football Co-captain Class Congress Varsity Club GLENN PAT HILLER National Honor Society Key Club Ski Club, Treasurer ROBERT CARY HOFFMAN Varsity Club Key Club Ski Club, Vice-president SUSAN JOYCE HOFFMAN Student Council junior Varsity Cheerleader Class Congress DIANE LOUISE HOWARD G.A.A. MARK HOWARD Varsity Track Key Club CARY HUBBARD PATRICIA ANN HUBLEY National Honor Society Class Congress Ski Club MARGARET HUGHES National Honor Society Abstracts United Nations Club JERRY L. HUNTER National Honor Society United Nations Club Ski Team 4--Q, DIANE HOLDSWORTH junior Achievement .IEAN HOLMES Ski Team G.A.A. MEL HOPKINS Rifle Club MYRL IIORNBROOK Business Club Choir STEVE HOROWITZ Debate Eagle Sports Editor TIMOTHY HORST Cross Country Track Choir A KARLENE HUNTER Spanish Club junior Achievement CHARLES INMAN Class Congress Junior Achievement Baseball NORMA IRWIN Business Club KENNETH .l. ISKOW United Nations Club Eagle Staff HERBERT IVORY Track Football Student Relations Council CHRIS IWANSKI Montage Chess Club ROBERT JEFFREY CAROL JENSEN Student Relations Council Ski Club Business Club ANTHONY JETT Varsity Golf National Tbespian Society Audio-Visual Club GAYLE JOHNSON Class Congress Prom Committee American Field Service JAN JOHNSON G.A.A. Historian G.A.A. Softball OLIVER JOHNSON Basketball Track ROBERT KANTZ German Club Art Club LES KAPLAN Business Club Clee Club Senior Ball Committee MICHAEL KARCULA Key Club Ski Club Senior Rall Committee SHARON ANN KENNEDY National Honor Society Student Council Class Congress EDBERT KETTLER Swimming Team Ski Club Clee Club BARBARA KIBBY Choir A Orchestra Senior Play TOM JOHNSON DAVID JONES Reserve Basketball KATlll.l'IEN LINDA JONES Junior Achievement Business Club Retail Co-op SHARON JONES French Club Rille Club C.A.A. TORIE ELLEN KAIIN National llonor Society Senior Rall Committee GARY KANGAS Varsity Swimming Team Track PHILLIP KILE MARILEE KISER Ski Club Business Club Prom Committee LAUREL KNECHTEL Creative Writing Club G.A.A. Choir SUE KOLINSKY Business Club Junior Achievement WILLIAM M. KORPELA Class Congress French Club RUSSELL W. KOUBA Choir SANDRA DEE LEES Class Congress Student Relations Council Senior Ball Committee SHARON LECERET National Thespian Society GEORGE LEPPALA Art Club junior Achievement DAVID L. LEQUIA Ski Team Track ,lunior Achievement, President LARRY LOCKRIDGE Varsity Football Student Relations Council Varsity Basketball LYNDA MARIE LOMAX Orchestra National Honor Society Abstracts Ii ini KEN KRIECER Ski Club Class Congress RONNA KRITZER National l'Ionor Society Future Teachers Teens Against Cancer .IERROLYN KUPEL Abstracts Future Teachers RODNEY I,aDURON National Thespian Society, President Choir A - Michigan Chorale Abstracts ELLEN LAMSON Business Club Student Relations Council Senior Ball Committee .IOANNE IANDRY Band Senior Ball Student Relations Council 21? w- THOMAS MACHLAY Golf SHIRLEY Mac-ILROY National Honor Society Choir A - Madrigals Ski Team WILLIAM MacKAY Choir A National Honor Society SHEILA MacKENZlE Cadet Teacher Retail Co-op MARILYN MADLEY Girl's Glee German Club PAUL MAGURAN '53 DANIEL KIRK LONCAR Varsity Swimming, Captain Varsity Club Class Congress MARILYN LOWE Gymnastics National Honor Society Ski Club JOHN R. LUDWIG Varsity Swimming Varsity Club Talon Photographer CHARLES LUPER Freshmen Baseball Hi-Y Bowling DIANE ELIZABETH LUTTENBACHER French Club Senior Ball Committee CHARLES LYONS French Club Statistician ARNOLD MAGY Abstracts Dramatic Workshop Alchems MICHELLE NIKI MAJOR junior Achievement CRAIG STUART MALCOLMSON Class Congress Track Homecoming Committee .IUSEPH C. MANSELL Swimming Team Senior Float LARRY M. MARBLE Eagle Eye Review Junior Achievement Basketball MARIE MARSALESE French Club Secretarial Co-op FRANK E. McCALL Football Student Council Student Relations Council .IAMES N. McDONALD Prom Committee Eagle Staff French Club BERNICE MCDOUCAL National Honor Society Creative Writing Club LINDA McGLONE Class Congress Prom Committee Senior Float SUE MCKENZIE Foreign Exchange Student National Honor Society Talon Editor DIANE McKlNNEY Class Congress Prom Committee Senior Float EDDIE MARTIN Band Choir B Track PAUL L. MARZEC Student Council United Nations Club Ski Club GEORGE MATARWE ROBERT MATTICE WILLIAM MAYER Investment Club Ski Team Statistician SANDIE KAY MAZUR German Club, Secretary CURTIS Mt-Nl-IAI. ROGER D. MCRIPLEY Basketball Troubadors Varsity Club NANCY MEEKS National Honor Society Band Ski Team DIANA MENHART Business Club DALE MERRITT WILLIAM E. MERRY 152' FAITH A. MERTZ National Honor Society Class Congress Abstracts CHRIS TINA MEYER Class Congress Girls Tennis Team Girls Swimming PAUL MEYERS Band Choir A Track JOHN WILLIAM MIELKE Troubadors Choir B CLAUDE MILLER Ski Club Track ,IUDITH M. MILLER Abstracts United Nations Club Class Congress .IO ELLEN MOLLON Aqua Sprites Class Congress Prom Committee KATHLEEN MONGEAU Junior Achievement Secretarial Co-op RAOUL W. MONTGOMERY Student Council Prom Co-chairman Swimming SALLY ANNE MOON National Honor Society Treasurer Student Council Cheerleader JANICE MOORE Future Teachers G.A.A. Choir A PAMELA MORLEY --pi MARY EDNA MILLER G.A.A. President French Club Ski Team SUSAN DIANE MILLER G.A.A. Treasurer Future Teachers German Club VICKI MILLER National Thespian Society G.A.A. MARK MILOSEVICH WAYNE MILOSEVICH KENNETH MARC MOGILL United Nations Club Vice-president Varsity Club President National Honor Society nttlu unsui- wif Nh.. MICHAEL JAMES MORRIS Band ChoirA Orchestra ROSE LEE MORRIS JIM MORRISON Future Teachers French Club SANDRA L. MORTER Varsity Cheerleading Co-captain National Honor Society Class Congress LYNDANN MORVAN Library Club Art Association Future Teachers THOMAS KEITH MORVAN Football Class Congress Raseball PHIL NEACE DARLENE NEIL Secretarial Co-op WARREN DOUGLAS NEWCOMB Football Basketball Tennis SUZANNE NEWMAN Rifle Club Vice-president German Club G.A.A. MARY ANN NICHOLSON SUSAN NORRIS CONNIE MURPHY THERESE MURRAY Golf Team Future Teachers Prom Committee MICHAEL C. MYHRE LOUIS A. NAGRO Ski Club THOMAS NAGLE Trade and Industrial Co-op Eagle Staff CAROL NARICH MICHAEL GORDON PAQUETTE LAWRENCE J. PAQUIN .IAMES PARHAM Track Varsity Football Student Relations Council KAYE ROSE PARKINSON Class Congress P.T.S.A. Vice-president Swimming FRANK DENNIS PATRELLO Class Officer Class Congress ADOLPH PAUL Creative Writing Club Class Congress 'GV i Y LYDIA O'CONNELL Senior Play .lunior Achievement BILL THOMAS ODCERS Band Choir VICKY ORLICH CAROL OSBORNE National Honor Society Choir A Class Congress DONNA OSBORNE Library Staff Medical Club MICHAEL J. PANICH Sew .- , MAY PA UL French Club Choir B SHARON PAUL Secretarial Co-op Business Club MARSHA LEE PEARSALL United Nations Club Treasurer Choir A C.A.A. BRUCE PETTIGREW Varsity Football Ski Club President Class Congress CAROL PHILLIPS Future Teachers Business Club BOB PHILLIPS Student Council United Nations Club if .IENEANE POPP Teachers Assistant MALCOLM THOMAS PRICE Eagle Staff GERALD PROPHET Varsity Track Varsity Club NANCI ELLEN PULFORD Girls Glee Girls Choir B SANDY QUAGLIANI Teachers Assistant .IAMES N. QUILLEN Football Basketball Track KENNETH PHINN DAVID LAWRENCE PICARD National Honor Society United Nations Club French Club JAKE STEVEN PIERCE Key Club Ski Team Choir A LESLIE PINES LEONA CHRISTINE PINKOS CLAUDETTE POINDEXTER Choir B KATHLEEN S. QUINN Choir A National Honor Society German Club ELIZABETH RAE KATHLEEN MARGARET RASHLEIGH Medical Club G.A.A. Choir B NANCY LEE RATHBURN United Nations Club Exchange Student Club Class Congress KEITH A. RAYLEAN Basketball Baseball Football BERTA MARIE REED Future Teachers Business Club Orchestra RICHARD R. REED Baseball Football Key Club BETH ANN REEDER Eagle Editor Future Teachers Choir B DANIEL MICHAEL REEDY Football Track WILLIAM GARY REIDENBOUGH Co-op VERNON EDWARD RICHMOND Choir TERRY EDWARD RIDGEWAY Choir Football Track JERRY ROCKETT CARLTON R. ROESER Class Officer Swimming Team Student Council CHERYL NADINE ROMAN National Honor Society United Nations Club Senior Play RICHARD W. RONNE Student Relations Council Co-op BARBARA DIANNE ROSE An Association C.A.A. DIANE MARIE ROSE National Honor Society United Nations Club Student Council PAUL CALVIN RICHTLER Varsity Football Track Ski Club BONNIE DAWN RINZ DAVID MORSE ROBERTS Band GEORGE RICHARD ROBERTSON Football Track Eagle Editorial Editor SUZANNE ROBERTSON Choir B CARLA ANN ROBINSON Class Congress Student Council Prom Committee WALTER S. ROSLONSKI Varsity Football Baseball Co-op .lOHN WESLEY ROSS Hi-Y Orchestra Class Congress MARY ROWDA Class Congress United Nations Club Ski Club .IERRY ROY MATT ROZMAN Varsity Football Varsity Baseball THOMAS W. SADDLER National Honor Society Abstracts Madrigals SANDY SCHWARTZ Eagle Staff United Nations Club Senior Ball Committee LINDA SETTINO Student Council National Honor Society Class Congress BEVERLY JEAN SHARP United Nations Club Class Congress Prom Committee CONSTANCE ANNETTE SHEPHERD DAX ID SIIICRXIAN SHARON KATHLEEN SHERRARD Band Senior Play Choir A - Madrigals 5 -- SHARON GYWN SAGE Volleyball DONALD SAUNDERS Co-op Junior Achievement PAUL SCENSNY Track Class Congress ALAN SCHNEIDER Class Congress Co-op ERIC P. SCHOLZ Track Junior Achievement THOMAS ERNST SCH ULZ fe ,Q -ai 'J' GREGORY D. sxmvmc Student Council Class Congress Ski Club JUDITH D. SLATE Business Club Prom Committee Senior Ball Committee PAMELA REA SLOAN Class Congress Sadie Hawkins Committee Student Council ANN ELIZABETH SMITH Ski Club Business Club Senior Ball Committee DANIEL THOMPSON SMITH Football Spanish Club LINDA I. SMITH Abstracts Prom Committee G.A.A. ROBERT JAMES SIIILLINC Photography Club MARY CATHERINE SCHRADI-R Y-Teens Girls Auxiliary FRENCHIE DIANE SIBERI' junior Achievement Girls Student Relations LINDA SILASKI JUDY L. SILVERTHORN Rifle Club Ski Club junior Achievement .IULIET E. SIMON Varsity Cheerleader Student Council Corresponding Secretary Class Congress PENNY ANNE SMITH French Club Prom Committee Senior Ball Committee RUTI-IIE SMITH G.A.A. Future Teachers Club Student Relations Council TERRY B. SORAH Football LYNN CAROL SPARKS ,Iunior Achievement Senior Ball Committee WILLIE H. SPENCER Art Club Abstracts Student Relations Council RON STANAWAY Band Key Club Baseball DAVID SWANTEK Eagle Staff Football SAMUEL MEYER TABACHNIK National Honor Society United Nations Club Track CHARLOTTE ANN TABOR Orchestra Choir A Class Congress RICHARD WILLIAM TALPOS Varsity Golf, Captain Class Congress CAIL TAYLOR RODGER C. TAYLOR Editor, Eagle Exchange Student Talon LINDA STEFANELLI Class Congress United Nations Club Prom Committee JEFF C. STEGER Band President German Club President National Honor Society LEON STEINKE KATHYRN LORANE STEWART Business Club Class Congress Prom Committee JANET M. STINSO Homecoming Court Prom Committee Secretarial Co-op ROBERT V. SUPER Varsity Football Varsity Baseball Varsity Club CHARLOTTE ANN TEDESCO Secretarial Co-op KENNETH SCOTT TERRILL Eagle Mechanical Staff T 81 l Co-op NANCY CAROL TERRY Business Club CHARLES E. THOMAS Track Junior Achievement Football DAVID ALLEN THOMAS Varsity Football Varsity Basketball fStatisticianj Varsity Baseball DONALD THOMAS Choir A Track Band SHERLENE THOMAS Business Club Junior Achievement DAVID TIEMAN PATRICIA ANN TIFFANY United Nations Club Choir B Senior Ball Committee DONALD B. TIPPING Varsity Swimming Class Congress Choir A 36R PAT TOLIVIER Business Club Retail Co-op Glee Club FREDRICK TOMSETT .IA MES UI-ILMA N HELEN MONICA URBIN Ski Club Abstracts Senior Play RONALD ROBERT VESTRAND II Varsity Football Class Congress Track fVarsityj CAL LEE VICKERY Junior Achievement VICKY VICKLUND Band Ski Club National Honor Society DAVE WAGNER Freshmen Track I PHYLLIS J. TORIAN United Nations Club Class Congress Co-op ROBERT DWIGHT TRAVIS Eagle Mechanical Staff T 81 I Co-op ROBERT E. TROMBLEY Tennis Key Club Debate MARK BRYANT TUCK Band Rille Club, Treasurer T 81 I Co-op LINDA GRACE TUCKER Business Club Prom Committee Bowling GERALD WAYNE TUTOR Varsity Tennis National Merit Scholar Key Club ROBERT M. WAISH Varsity Baseball, Captain Ski Club Varsity Club ANN MARIE WAISTEN Junior Achievement ROBERT WACNITZ GARY WESLEY WATTERS Freshmen Football Freshmen Basketball DIANE WEBB Girls Athletic Association Prom Committee MICHAEL WEISHANS Junior Achievement II JOAN ANN WENDELL National Honor Society Business Club, Treasurer Prom Chairman CHRISTINE IANSSEN DAVID WERNER Band Varsity Football H i-Y DENNIS CRAIG WHITE Varsity Swimming, Captain Varsity Tennis RICHARD WIATRAK Future Teachers Association JEAN WIENCKOWSKI Orchestra 81 Ensemble Abstracts Voice of Christian Youth ROBERT WIITANEN CAMILLA JOYCE WILLIAMS Varsity Cheerleader Student Relations Council Business Club National Honor Society, Vice- O ei president CAROLYN WILLIAMS PENNY S. WILLIAMSON Thespians, Vice-president Senior Play Future Teachers Association DIANE WILSON Thespians Senior Play Girls Athletic Association KATHY WILSON National Honor Society Ski Team United Nations Club KENNETH MICHAEL WOJCIK National Honor Society Abstracts United Nations Club GREGORY WOLF Class Congress VIRGINIA WOZN IAK Girls Athletic Association ,Iunior Achievement BURTON WRIGHT Track Spanish Club, President Class Congress SUE YEHLE Junior Achievement Business Club RL"l'l I YOUNG RAYLENI-I ZBRANCHIR MICHAEL ZUPANICK MARILYN BLOOMQUIST .JERRY EDWARD WOOLPERT Junior Varsity Basketball REMEMBER S 172 The seniors were a busy and successful class this year. Along with sending in college applications, making a last hopeful effort at good grades, dating, pulling the usual pranks along with a few new ones, going to football and basketball games, and general- ly feeling proud of themselves for being on the top of the heap at last, they managed to construct the winning float again for Homecoming, put on a fine Senior Ball, and, of course, graduate. Every senior owes a debt of gratitude to our ad- visors Mr. Littig and Mr. Corsini, and to our of- ficers, past and present: Bob Martensen, president for two years, Lynn Hanley, secretary for three years, Carl Roeser, treasurer for one year and vice presi- dent for one year, Nathan Tounsel, treasurer for two years, Robby Marsac, treasurer for one year and vice president for one year, Connie Derr, secretary for one year, Roby Warren president for one year, Bob Edwards, vice president for one year, Frank Patrello, vice president for one year, and Steve Un- ger, president for one year. Teach Me How To Cry, this year's Senior Play, was concerned with the manner in which human beings shape the lives of one another. Main- ly the story is about the shy, re- strained, emotionally withdrawn teen aged girl valiantly seeking self iden- tity against almost overwhelming odds and the young boy seeking recognition as a human being, who is lonely, insecure and sensitive to rejection. Melinda and Will are drawn together out of mutual need, and together they find their way toward personal dignity and a sense of belonging. The problems of the adults are also visited upon their children as well as upon themselves, but they do not have the understand- ing, the strength to face reality. The play takes place in late spring in a small American town. Ns' SE IOR SUPERL TIVES MOST MOST MOST LIKELY STUDIOUS POPULAR TO SUCCEED CUTEST COUPLE KARL AMERICKS ROBY WARREN BOB MARTENSEN DANNY LONCAR PEGGY IIUCJHPS SANDY MORTER CONNIF DFRR LYNN BRASWELI. 174 MOST CHARMING MRIQN lfHAN'1'z MOST CONTRIBUTED FEMININE MOST MOST MOST T0 CLASS MOST MISCHIEVOUS CHIVALROUS ATHLETIC LARRY FACIONE ROBBY MARSAC CARL ROESER KATHY WILSON BOB SUPICR LYNN HANLEY PAM SLOAN ARUNA MANKEKAR INDIA I had heard that Americans were warm and friendly people, and after coming here I saw that it was true. I was made to feel at home at once. When you are I0,000 miles away from home, you are bound to feel homesick, but surprisingly enough I have not been homesick once in all these months. Maybe it is partly because I have the ad- vantage of living with a perfectly wonderful and affectionate family. It is surprising how quickly you become a part of them and they become a part of you. I know I shall miss them when I go back. Before I came, I knew there wcren't any cowboys and Indians anymore, but l'd still expected to see one or two here and there. But so far I have not been fortunate enough to spot one. I also had the impression that a typical American was something like Troy Donahue-you know, blond hair and blue eyes. I also thought him to be tall, huge, with plenty of money, and not a care in the world. Now I know that is not so-to that extent. One thing that I was very impressed with is that most Americans can take criticism. Criticism is the key to all democracies. No country can progress unless she is able to take criticism. I have found this quality especially among the teenagers, which I think is remarkable. I know that this year will be the most glorious year of my life. I try to store up in my memory everything that is beautiful and sweet so that in my sadder moments I'll be able to withdraw from my store a memory or two and relive it and be happy again. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to both A.F.S. and my American family. INDIA V :E ,, Q -.N I , 15 iiii f I tw? 1 V yi- QW' 'VTV 1f,!Q 'W fb-vnu 'A 79 .gg -gwi-" F'-f xffwifig Wi' A au!- Mmx aww was We '-f wi 'Ni NZ 177 in ' K ' ,y W, .x'5F'ff1:K'x-'q"T'g1t"'vH-' . I K H ' .. 1'.- ., Q. . g ' K 2 , Q u.. K3 355 - ' W - I ' 4 . nf X? ' '1. ,lk --' s , f - q . . . ag . . gh gig' fQ.1Q1f ,xx Q - 4' -J f 3 3 is W, ,, ,.w:f"'Qfg5f - i i 'P' , B 5 Af f n A 'X I Er: , t X X A 1' 'S X awww , - X .J . i Q xl. ?i:-' - ' ' 'AS , : " A 1 i 1 A ya , "R "' LL,. t ..., x X KX , I v L, . .f 5 K ,K . LN 1 v 'Ii A-gt'-f. k Y QQ F .4 -- 1. 2 . V, ' W? ., 33 -,-,-1. ,g.. 5' ,s ' N , ' Xf -. f-vw' , I f.v3v,,. .. biz " 'T A ' - f 1 5 y k . ' . ,. - - .lp uv V Q I 5 ,A , fs ix L A Wir -g xhkk A Q. ' . fiil Qifiixiif X? -I 1 AN' ljr' , 'I .fit j ' .fiL5iw 4 -Ee-E iff si-ii X .Z HELMUT THEI GERMANY About a week before I entered the plane to the United States, a former communist lady said to me, "So you are going to the U.S. It is the same for you that Russia was for us." She paused and said, ". . . It is a promised land." This was the feeling that I had when I thought of a year at Ferndale. lVIy expectations were very high and though I know the United States isn't perfect, I wasn't disappointed. The first outstanding event I attended was a football scrimmage. Since that there was scarcely a weekend in which I didn't attend a game. Soon I yelled with the crowd and if somebody asked me, I'd tell them, "Fern- dale has the best team. of course." l joined some clubs and I saw the great enthusiasm with which the students are par- ticipating. I experienced the fairness prac- ticed in the classes, and I enjoyed the system of dating. I.ast but not least, I made a lot of great friends feven those who called me a "Kraut" J. This year is one unforgettable to me. It brought so much unique experience to me and it enriched my life. I want to thank all those who were good friends and who helped me to understand your country better and to take abroad a real good impression of FHS, Michigan, and the United States of America. wwli.. Lizzie's American Family: Vicky, Mrs. Vicklund, Mr. Vicklund, Lizzie BRA Z IL LIZZIE URTI H BRAZIL One of the strongest impressions in my life was when I arrived in Ann Arbor with the other students from Brazil and Uruguay at seven o'clock in the morning and it began to snow. I couldn't say anything more than it's great, wonderful, and as you say, "It's cool!" After that, everything came quickly-my family, the sports, skiing, skating, dating, parties, and Ferndale High. Ferndale with the students, the teachers, the lunch hour, the games and everything gave me a very happy stay in the United States. We have a word in Portuguese, "saudade," which means you are missing a thing you like very much. When I leave the States, I'm going with a "saudade." Saudades from my family, sau- dades from my sister and the pillow fights, saudades from my friends, saudades from Ferndale, and saudades from you. I1 Mario's American Family: Left ro right: Jeff, Roy, Mario, Mrs. Axelrod, Andy, Dr. Axelrod URUGUAY I saw snow for the first time the day I arrived here on January first. It was a beau- tiful sight and made a great impression on me. The first thing I did when I saw the snow was to make snowballs. I later learned to ice skate and ski, and went tobogganing. I had never seen shopping centers like North- land. It was big and beautiful and I was particularly impressed with the parking lots filled with so many cars. I have had a lot of new experiences that are very nice. It is wonderful to have been given the chance to be an exchange student. I learned new customs ofa different country and I have had a great number of experi- ences that I will never forget. I learned new ideas and I can now see things from another point of view. I am sure that all of these will help me later. I shall always remember Fern- dale. Thank you all for welcoming me so warmly. 181 XAVFQWLJ' DVERTI ING www gn X 4-'ft W' rx 'f :uf 4 183 KEN'S MARKET 504 LIVERNOIS FERN DALE EGGS OUR SPECIALITY 184 Wessels Funeral Home Witbeck SEHOLD APPLIANCES XX NXQQ HOU TW y ...,., ' I 23690 Woodward Avenue -A ...f--Q , w y ..,, ...- Pleasanf Ridge. Mi'-N960 HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES Llncoln 3'oI00 23365 Woodward, Corner Woodland Ferndale, Michigan Phone Iofdilll 4-6405 PITOIIC 545-2600 Amb"'a"ce Same ' Ba'd"i" Oman YOU BUY THE BEST FOR LESS AT WITBECK'S COME SEE EOR YOURSELF . . .YOU'RE WELCOME AT YOU'LL LOVE OUR EXCITING NEW COLLECTION OF' FUN CASUALS, GAY SPORTSWEAR . . . SPECIALLY CI-IOSEN WITH YOUR BUDGET IN MIND! 700 UOODU ALI 20, UIC . ARD AVI., FIIND FMONI: Sdl-Ill! Operator Service Representative y know what it's like Keypunch Operator Typist The many young people at Michigan Bell join in congratulating the members of the graduating class. They know what it's like to work hard for a diploma, and get one. They know, too, what it's like to Want a rewarding job with a future, and find one. If you think you might like to join them, either now or after college, do stop by to see us. We'll be happy to discuss the wide Variety of career opportunities in the exciting field of telephone communications. 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Curl'in SANDY MORTER -- HOMECOMING QUEEN Jobs for Men- Women Trainees: Office Sales Engr. Technical Shop Staff of Counselors To help You Find the Right Job Li 4-4400 Jo 4-5688 l95 Wesi' Nine Mile X X-is Q an 5 as 4 , ol.s - U of in My iil . 'Wi' gf ri R2 f i q his 995 I 5,1 Llncoln 5-9572 BASEMENT BARBER SHOP 189 William's Slore for Men 330 Wesl' Nine Mile Ferndale 20, Michig Llncoln I-2I I0 R NARD'S HAIR STUDIO . ,h , K-U j,i,5!x T, L.: A , Q 'cv ' L I n , S xe.L i ,f 5 L' 'A ' ff 5 REPAIRS fLi55UNSi5ALE 0 e e e 0 . 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Talon Staff Credits 'Robert McKenzie Underclass Editor Sue McKenzie Editor-in-Chief Ken Mogill Sports Editor ADVISOR Mr. james Bihlmire Diane Aldrich Ad Editor Rodger Taylor Captions Kathy Forsythe Copy Editor Photographers Alan Flora Skip Ludwig jim McClear john Richards Mr. jack Richards Mr. Al Certly Mr. Robert Thomas MIDWEST YEARBOOK COMPANY P.O. BOX 307 BIRMINGHAM. MICHIGAN . , . Jug NM I X ,, yy 'Kb fb V IQ' X ! x 9, Lyvxj BMV WFS CDW V5?,Lif5' , ,- , K xqllijxwf Q A fi? wsyw 49 QQ , if f f,LM af' ,J X 'QQAQMSLSWQLU 60:4 aww 1 f jg 5. ggwfj ,,z4Wf4wL AL WM fbwfff 76521-L LA, mwlfgifzmk 72 ,- m 111- ., ggi. I , Agtfw-l1:'L:i,5-?1'4':Aj-3"f3 , w '- -1' f : 1' .sw-2. - '4 ., f il ' ' ', iwfffffqf 'gwgfigl , f-24,1 j5?ffa,1 X9 hw' , E' . A I , f .

Suggestions in the Ferndale High School - Talon Yearbook (Ferndale, MI) collection:

Ferndale High School - Talon Yearbook (Ferndale, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Ferndale High School - Talon Yearbook (Ferndale, MI) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Ferndale High School - Talon Yearbook (Ferndale, MI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 84

1965, pg 84

Ferndale High School - Talon Yearbook (Ferndale, MI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 15

1965, pg 15

Ferndale High School - Talon Yearbook (Ferndale, MI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 200

1965, pg 200

Ferndale High School - Talon Yearbook (Ferndale, MI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 203

1965, pg 203

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