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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1958 volume:

M su f Y fl!-K X 11'-1 uf K , fl ' . 2 W , 4' ,' 1- ..g A if A f' lf' 4- 1 If f 'l y wcfx 41"-x l Z !Lf lfzln 7 J X 'I ' , 'l.,' ,c I Lfffld .1 X 1, 1' 141 4 M555 . V ' 1- J I ,4','7,. v K . .11 -I "'A ' , . 1 1ifA.,4f.-W 'f ' l958 TIGER Presented by the Students of Fern Creek High School Fern Creek, Kentucky FOREWCRD This 19 your 1958 TIGER In presenttng this year s TIGER we hope you find betm een its pages the reflectlon of the Fern Fra ek you have known and loved dllflllg 1957 58 We have trtcd to recapture some of the past year wtth its work and 3 EIIIIIPSL of the futurt mth tts COIIIIIILIIIIED probres A5 you turn through the llGhR may you recall the things that have meant most to you T C Copeland Editor Ill Chtef CONTENTS Foreword Dedication King and Queen Administration Faculty Classes VII Junior High VIII Organizations IX Activities X Athletics 2 . i , A , ' , ' ' S ,m A , I 1 I memories, some of the present with its hustllng good times and serious v Y 7 ' --, I I I r' ' ' ' 3 y Q S. A ' A I I' ' ' 1 - m A . . , Ill 1, vw an-Si JW! HA LLIE YA RBROUGH TURNER DEDICATI She understood our problems, assrsted us wrth patrence of steel, lrstened to our complamts wrth an ad mrrable smrle, rnsprred us w1th confrdence, encouraged us when we were drsheartened, and enhanced our chance for success contrnuously for twenty nrne years Her last healthy gesture was at the blackboard whrle explarnrng a problem rn trlgonometry Shortly after, she was carried unconscrous from her classroom never to return However, the memory of Mrs Turner wrll lrnger for years to come wrth the students of Fern Creek, both past and present, and she wrll always be remembered for her superlor teachrng Words cannot express our apprecratron for her varrous contrrbutrons, but to show how much we loved, honored, and respected her, the 1958 Yearbook Staff dedrcates the '58 TIGER to the memory ofHall1e Yarbrough Turner 3 ' ' A- k - . ' ' ' A A r ' K' in 39flQf5T'f3g:'5' f ' R ' k ' H Q 'itM,'4 f' ' ' ,"'k5ffTQff'Z3s-'55 f K .g ,, ,, F, , 1 s s V f 1 , V, 2:15. 1' 5 , ,ihlsiir If . . wb 4 ' ffm, Q1 i 1 YQ' ,' 11 7' If'jQQFi?lx?:f52'1 ' wwf- H - ":,'.-Qffi f' A N . ' K 'lx I K ' fa ff? Miss FERN CREEK HIGH SCHGOL ANN WYNN 35? w ,x Mix ef fs if wfzzifzgf W hw if fm A 55,4 ygaifk 3' Wil Mr. FERN CREEK HIGH SCHOOL BOB JACKSO 5 'I W H A was-A1 LJ, ,ifgnfsff V Y , J-Y V. ' , A :R ,, 4, Wg 'fx ' N' ' ' L,?7Lg5g115,i g , ' ,Q JL' qfj'7w'g'vi I . ' lg fi K- ffMfF2ff7f'i5?.,e1f A ,V 7 V ' QE: ' -im , f ,, ' 'QQ ' y , .,M,f4w,2,f,,, A f ' rv - z K ' ' 'ff sz - ' , I V ,,gl'51 g H , - -fvv , " V .,,. L If V .,,.. , ,. 5? D , .. V . 5 3 ADMINISTRATIO RICHA RD VANHOOSE Superintendent JOHN RAMSEY JAMES FARMER Administrative SAMUEL ALEXANDER Director of Assistant Business Affairs Instruction Jefferson County Board of Education fri 'f , g 9, : wwf Q A5321 , XX 'QSSGSX Q 1 if 1 ' Y 0 0 ll ,xc fl I I V' P21 W, ...Jw 1 ' ty Q6 2 A Message from Our Prmclpal Congratulatrons upon the successful completron of another year of school experrence Today the world demands a hrgher degree of competency from youth I challenge you to consrder your present and future assrgnments serr porturutxes To those of you who are leavrng Fern Creek I-hgh School I W1Sh you conunued success ln your endeavor to further prepare yourself for your vocanon Always lrve by the golden rule and remember nothmg rs lmpossrble Srncerely W K Nrman 8 O O ously and to make certain that you obtain the most from your op- s. 'x DEAN OF GIRLS DEAN OF BOYS Mrs. Moore Mr. Glasgow ASSISTANT PRINC IPAL Mr. Klaplxekc 3 OFFICE STAFF From LEFT to RIGHT: ' Mrs. Gognat, Mrs. Haag, Mrs. Hester, and Mrs. Bruce. JENNIE K. AGEE A.B. University of Kentucky Biology and Remedial Reading WILLIAM AIKEN B.S., M.A. Eastern State College Mechanical Drawing and Senior High Woodworking FLORA M. ALEXANDER B.S. Western Kentucky State College M.A. Columbia Teachers College Core, General Math, and Remedial Reading ALLEN ANDERSON A.B. Georgetown College M.A. University of Kentucky Math and Physics KENNETH ARNOLD B.S., M.A. Western Kentucky State College Health and Physical Education NELL DAVIS BATES A.B. University of Kentucky English and Core ELIZABETH H. BRASHEAR B.S. Western Kentucky State College Home Economics LOUISE BROWN A.B. University of Kentucky English MARY ROSE CAVE A.B. Georgetown College Health and Physical Education MILTON CLARK Western Kentucky State College University of Kentucky Woodwork and Metalwork MARY COLLINGS B.S. Nazareth College M.A. University of Louisville English EARL COLLINS B.A. Georgetown College Biology BLYN DURNING A.B. University of North Carolina French and English MARY K. FARRIS B.A. Eastern State College M.A. University of Kentucky Typing II and Shorthand BETTY JANE HAAN B.S., M.A. West Virginia University General and Advanced Art KAY HARDY A.B. University of Louisville Core, Journalism, and Yearbook LEONARD E. HARTLOFF B.A. Miami University General Business, Sociology, Psychology, Law, and Economics VIRGINIA HOLLOMAN B.S. Western Kentucky State College Home Economics and Family Living WILLIAM B. HOUCHIN B.S. Western Kentucky State College M.S. Indiana University Health, Recreation, and Physical Education SHIRLEY HUGHES B.S. Nazareth College Algebra and Plane Geometry DORIS HUMPHREY A.B. University of Kentucky History and Core CAROLYN G. HUTTO B.A. Vanderbilt University History MARTHA J. JAY A.B., M.A. Western Kentucky State College General Music and Chorus PAULINE JOHNSON A.B., M. A. Morehead State College Math and Core JUANITA KURTZ A.B. University of Kentucky Core and History EMILY S. LAUKHUF A.B. Transylvania College Latin and Algebra MALLIE LOBB .B. Kentucky Wesleyan College ealth, Physical Education, and glish GERTRUDE LUTZ . Iowa State Teachers College e, Typing, and German ELMIRA E. MCCARY B.S., R.N. Nazareth College Science BARBARA S. MAURER B.S., B.A. Ohio State University Latin and English JOHN MILKOVICH A.B., M.A. University of Kentucky Core, Sociology and Psychology FAYE K. MORRIS B.S. Eastern Kentucky State College Typing, Bookkeeping VIRGINLA MORRIS A.B. Kentucky Wesleyan Math RUBY O'MARA A.B. University of Kentucky Art GEORGE W. PENDERGRASS A.B. University of Kentucky Visual Aids Director JOHN S. PITTENGER A.B., M.E. University of Louisville Core WILLIAM T. REYNOLDS A.B. Eastern Kentucky State College Mechanical Drawing MARGARET RIPLEY A.B., B.S. University of Kentucky Librarian ELIZABETH ROEDER A.B. College of Wooster M.A. Michigan State University Core and History JOHN D . ROPER B.A., M.A. George Peabody College Mathematics DELMA SCHNELLENBERGER B.S. Western Kentucky State ' College Home Economics HELEN SCOTT A.B. Indiana Universityg Univer of Kentuckyg University of Louis villeg English JOHN W. SMITH B.S. Murray State College Math and Geometry JOAN SORRELLS B.A. Wake Forest College Spanish and Biology JOYCELYN STEPHENS B.A. Southwest Texas State College M.A. University of Kentucky Core, English, and Reading EVA BELLE G. SUDDUTH A.B. University of Kentucky English B. M. TAYLOR A.B. Georgetown College M.A. University of Kentucky General Science JEAN R. TAYLOR B.S. University of Kentucky Junior High Home Economics B. L. TILLER A.B., M.S., M.A. University of Kentucky Biology THOMAS H. WALKER M.M., B.M. George Peabody College Music Appreciation and Band WILLIAM T. WEAVER A.B. University of Louisville Shop GLENNA R. WESLEY A.B. Asbury College Music COLLEEN WETHINGTON A.B. Eastern State College History MARTHA D. WHITT B.S. Howard College English and Dramatics IANYE KINNAIRD WIGGINTON A.B. Western Kentucky State College Librarian TOM WILLIAMS A.B. Transylvania College M.A. University of Kentucky Core, Sociology, and Psychology W. P. WRIGHT A.B. Berea College M.A. University of Kentucky Chemistry L. M. EYERMANN B.S. Ch. E. Rose Polytechnic ln- stitute LL. B. University of Louisville Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonom BUY LOIS HUNTER B.S. College of Commerce Mathematics WILLIAM REYNOLDS A.B. Eastern Ky. State Teachers College Mechanical Drawing ROY WINCHESTER A.B. Westem Ky. State Teachers College M.A. University of Kentucky Health and Physical Educ ation NAOMI WINTER A.B. North Central of Chicago English JOHN R. WOODSIDE A.B. Washington University at St. Louis Science and Chemistry FACLI LTY U AWARE s wrong . . .Ten to one. Young man!! Ah one -- Ah two I'm not here to baby sit! Mrs. Huuuughes- - - SENIQR CLASS I958 NICR CLASS OFFICERS From LEFT to RIGHT: Bob Jackson, Presidentg Marlot Hays, Secre- taryg Sarah Jo Dyer, Treasurerg Stuart Riley, Vice-President. STANDING: Danny Renkes and Jim Pike, Sergeants at Arms. 16 ! I I l -v ,pl f Uri' N w gm 1- was N as 15? ' Q. . ' f w " A 'gi . f 1 1. ,L 'ff 5 W 1 ,, aa If - if H. 2 gm gg, .22 V, , 55 X 2 'P' W A Y K 5 L f 2' S, jg . l,5yg,fQ?i?fi, 1 lffigyiizifz iff ,121 WM 1 Yi in V 1 r SA '4I',f'f4S we ,. V wh? SUE BROOKS "The sweetest girl one could ever hope to know." Good News Club 10,11,123 Tri-Hi-Y 11,125 Chorus 12. ANNE BROWN "Small in stature, big in heart." Good News Club 11,125 Drill Corps 95 Band 9,1O,11, Cheerleading Club 9,103 Teen Age Club 10,113 Stu- dent Council 12. BOB BROWN "Nothing discourages meg Iam resolved to be happy-" J.V. Football 10, Conservation Club 9, 10,11,12. IM BROWN As restless as the wind." J.V. Football 93 Varsity Football 10,11,125 4-H Club 9,10,l1,123 "F" Club 11,125 Track 9. J ll SHARON BROWN "A light heart lives the longest." Good News Club 9,10,11,125 FTA 9,11,12, Latin Club 10, 113 Tiger Gazette 12. LINDA BROYLES "Her quiet, good nature wins her friends." Library Club 95 I.R.C. 10. ELLEN BRYANT "When once she's a friend, she's a friend to the end.' Tri-1-li-Y 10,11,12, Treasurer 12. JAMES BURKHARDT "A real card . . . joker, that is!" Varsity Football 123 Chorus 12, Choir 12, Sgt. at Arms, "F" Club 12. wk . 4 I I v, A, A aw .. - mx ,lg 44.5, K M f 4 gf ffl K, ' 1-31205, a , , Q 535- -, Kan ,, 1 , I ff rf, 'Qk,9"rzfif'XX 5 .i,j.rfA A 'gk ,f f- wgwii, . ' bww .K ffyaff - . .S - V- ,L,, 4,2 1 yr I , -,fl 5 Q . 3:4 gf' ff Q ,, 1 1 3, K 1s 35 5,2 Y gf jf,-ix , fu' x 42 W f , '24 f KV if .QQ 11 ig, gm? , ,F , I il A Yr ma Zeffimf .fy i iiwfhi' gzfjm Aft:- Vv ,,3i,39l VW L.k, 5 X k . 4 1, w L 1 'VR ,L,, 1 . . 'f VHF: i3?'fbzwf712!?'Q'Vfi , , W ymifff 5 F35 Q 15? .. '??,L,y' 1. . fi 4 4 2 ' P 35 A ,. ff Q , w w jf, ' ,f1: ,,s:fff.f 1 DIANE COIDIRON "Love is a dream5 gosh, I'm sleepy." Student Council 11,125 Senior Choir 10,11,125 Beta Club 11,125 Class Vice-President 115 Thespian Club 125 Tri-Hi-Y 125 Good News Club 11,125 C.W.O.F.A.T.A. 11. BEVERLY COLVIN "Every noble activity makes room for itself." Teenage Club 105 FHA 10,125 Future Business Leaders 12. T. C. COPELAND "Women may come and women may go, but I go on forever." Beta Club l0,11,125Hi-Y 12, President 125 Senior Band 9,105 Annual Staff Editor-in-Chief 125 Good News Club 105 Library Club 95 Pep Club 125 Choir 12. BILL COSBY "Genius is the means of avoiding hard work." Chess Club 9,105 Science Club 9,105 Senior Band 9,10,115 J.V. Basketball 9,105 J.V. Football 95 Student Council 95 Good News Club 10,11,125 C.W.O.F.A.T.A. 11,125 Chorus 9,10,115 Teenage Club 10,115 Radio Club 10,115 Pep Club 12. QUENTIN CRANE "I have a terrible burden of having nothing to do." Transferred in Senior year. Good News Club 12. RICHARD CROFTS "A real friend to everyone who knows him." Transferred in Junior year. Good News Club 12. MAXINE CROXTON "A quiet and demure little maid." Tiger Gazette Staff 125 Tri-Hi-Y 125 Good News Club 12. BARBARA CUNDIFF "By diligence she wins her way." FHA 11,125 Historian 115 Good News Club 11. MARY LOU CURTSINGER "Grace is more beautiful than beauty." Good News Club 9,105 FHA 10,11,125 Future Busi- ness Leaders 12. SUSAN DANIEL "She 's sure to be seen where fun and mischief beam." Good News Club 9,10,11,125 Cheerleading Club 9, 105 Drill Corps 105 Thespian Club 125 Senior Play 125 GAA 12. DON DAVIDS "Ambitions rule his life, and his aims are true and high." Radio Club 10,11,125 Bowling League 11,125 Vice- President 12. KENNY DENNISON "School breaks up my whole day." J.V. Basketball 95 Conservation Club 105 Good News Club 11. TONY DREWRY "A guy with a dread of books and a love of fun." I.R.C. 11,125 Baseball Team 11,12. LOIS DUCKWORTH "Her abilities are great, her initiative greater, and her goals the greatest." Drill Corps 10,115 Tri-Hi -Y 115 FTA 11,125 Beta Club 11,12, 2nd Vice-President 125 French Club 11. EAN DUFF And all around, the atmosphere is sweeter for her coming." Senior Band 10,11,125 Good News Club 10,11,125 Beta Club 11,12. J TOMMY DUFFY "An athlete that scores in more ways than one." Transferred in Senior year. Varsity Football 125 "F" Club 12. JIM DUNCAN "For they conquer who believe they can." Radio Club 95 Science Club 9, Beta Club 10,115 Good News Club 123 Latin Club 11. KATHLEEN DUNN "Our golden-haired lass, with a sweet, sweet smile. Good News Club 9,1O,11,12, 4-H Club 9,105 Beta Club 10,11,l2. SARAH JO DYER "Friendly, sweet, and a great athlete." Class Treasurer 9,10,11,123 4-H Club 9, Good News Club 9,10,l1,125 Beta Club 10,l1,123 GAA 9,l0, 11,12, Secretary 113 Basketball Captain 115 Co- Captain of Hockey Team 125 Student Council 10,11 WILLIAM ELDER "There is more to life than increasing its speed." JANET EMBREE "Ask and leave." Good News Club 10,11,12. EARLEEN EMERY "All tied up and branded." Good News Club 9,10,11,12, Senior Band 9,1O,l13 Teen-Age Club 9,10,11, Beta Club 10,11,12. JAMES EMLY "His pen is mightier than his sword." Band 9,103 Beta Club 10,11,12. JEAN ERNSPIKER "Opinions cannot survive if one has no chance to fight for them." Latin Club 9,105 Library Club 95 Good News Club 10,11,12g Student Council 115 Beta Club 10,11,12. J. ,A ,V,. e 'ite M. My ff, V421 , , f H 3541 Ffii72Q??K??5?WW 1 f .4 Q, A if .ig x ' 2, , X I T ,fi I' fiff' Y wigs 2 in af Q gg . 1 aff T ,ff ,MQW 2' ' , Q447' :?z,-all' LARRY HARTMAN "The world owes me a living." Transferred in Senior year5 Good News Club 125 Projection Club 12. BETTY HATFIELD "A really great gal and a true and loyal friend." Good News Club 9,1O,11,125 FHA 95 Library Club 10 MARLOT HAYS "Clever, pretty, and lots of fun, Marlot's tops with everyone." Student Council 10,115 Class Secretary 11,125 Good News Club 9,10, program chairman 11,125 Drill Corps 10,11,Captain 125 Latin Club 9, treasurer 105 Youth Speaks 10,11,125 Beta Club 10,l1,125 Tri- Hi-Y 125 Chorus 125 Annual Staff 12. JUDY HEADDEN "There is wealth and beauty in a quiet mind." Good News Club 9,1O,11,125 Senior Chorus 95 Beta Club 10,11. DONNA HELM "Laugh every time you feel tickled, and laugh once in a while anyhow." Good News Club 10,115 FHA 12. FRED HELM "Good things come in small packages. Transferred in Junior year5 Band 11,12. JACKIE HELM "A funny, sunny girl." FHA 9,10,1l,12, Secretary 11, Vice-President 125 GAA 9,l0,115 Good News Club 10,115 Beta Club 10, 11,12. DOUGLAS HEROLD "I am sure that worry is an enemy to life." Good News Club 125 Teen-Age Club 12. A f ffff fur, fy' w' by If ,. M 'F 1 are ff wiv, +.M,y,:f we w,5,zW 5 Q X 4b I I , wi w ff if fr Us Q V 4, ,,f,, , .J ,.,. . 'fin f 'sf 4 1' ,f new ,fy Q 1 fx Gag., fe WNV " 1 DJ-1 gf-f f eg? A5vg:'T'g1ff5, +L,5w,,gw,e-VII .hiwa V ,N x 1, f. wif , Emp 721,55 Aw, I 'R' , , Q?f4 5 Q5 GHS 3. 3573. fvgfffff RWi5ww EQQKW '55--L in I, M ,243 '-fislafafwif f' ifyiia if -' -' -ge-ref X557 gJ?U?Y , F L+. 1 ug-afwweniz when, ww ik ' K wlveyfig Ii"'w?' vw . V K ' fW:'?i54 'V w ' f , E WwMi?? 1 4 gwgg , K .ww I fm , 3 'wg' H, 2, 7 . ms: ?,, X W BARBARA LOWRY "Always cheerful, always friendly." Good News Club 9,l0,11,125 Drill Corps 10,11,125 FTA 10,11,125 Tri-I-li-Y 125 French Club 11,125 Cheerleading Club 9,1O,115 Senior Chorus 10,12. RALPH LUKER "Lf my ambitions materialize, I shall be famous." Student Council 11,125 Thespian Club 9,l0,11,12, Treasurer 115 Good News Club 9,105 Chess Club 95 Camera Club 95 Beta Club 10,1151-Ii-Y 11512, Sec- retary 11, Vice-President 125 Latin Club 10,115 Speech Club 115 Teen-Age Club 9,105 Annual Staff 125 I.R.C. 12. DICK LUTZ "It is better to live richly than it is to die rich." l.R.C. 12. PAT MAHLER "Great gal5 great pal." Good News Club 11,125 Senior Choir 11512. DELL MANERS "A free-hearted, fun-loving guy." Baseball 9,10,11,125 J.V. Football 105 Varsity Foot- ball 11,125 J.V. Basketball 105 "F" Club 11,12, Sen- ior Band 9,10. BOB MANSFIELD "No ivory towers for me." CI-IARLA MARCUM "Popular, pleasing, and full of pep, with a voice like hers she's really hep." Chorus 115 Good News Club 10,115 I.R.C. 115 Spanish Club 115 Annual Staff 125 Thespian Club 125 Teen- Age Club 9,125 Tri-Hi-Y 105 Library Club 9,10. MARILYN MASON "M-m-rn-m -Marilyn." Senior Band 9,105 FTA 10,11,125 Student Council 9,115 Beta Club 10,11,l25 Good News Club 9,105 I.R.C. 115 Teen-Age Club 10,115 Tri-Hi-Y 125 Chaplain 125 Annual Staff 125 Spanish Club 12. PATRICK MATTINGLY "The world's no better if we worry, life's no longer if we hurry." JACKIE MCCLELLAND "Just the greatest!" FTA 9,10,115 Tri-Hi-Y 11512, Chaplain 115 Cheerleading Club 9,105 Beta Club l0,11,125 Drill Corps 10,1l,125 Good News Club 10,11,125 Chorus 10,115 FHA 9. RUTH MCTEAGUE "Bright as a winter snow." Good News Club 95 Beta Club l0511,l25 I.R.C. 10, 11,125 French Club 11, Secretary 115 Library Club 9 Teen-Age Club 10. GEORGE MERCER "He's strong on his looks, but his friends are afraid he's too shy with his books and too fond of the maid." I.R.C. 105 Radio Club 115 Good News Club 12. BRENT MICHAEL "Huck Finn in disguise." BRENDA MILLER "Full of fascinating ideas." GAA 95 FHA 125 Future Business Leaders 125 IARRY MILLER "Make the most of all that comes." Good News Club 11. JOYCE MOHLENKAMP "Her ways are the ways of pleasantness." FHA 10,11,125 GAA 105 I.R.C. 11,12. E L ig, ,.,,: dw Ziff 2, Q in if fl ' ffswfigiiQaieamf my My riff Uf ' 4. 4 9 Q DEAN PARKS "Silence is the sign of a great man." Beta Club 10511, Treasurer 125 Student Council 10, 125 Good News Club 9,10,11,125 "F" Club 125 An- nual Staff 125 Track Manager 115 Pep Club 125 Latin Club 10,115 Library Club Treasurer 95 Chess Club 10. JIM PIKE "After man came woman, and she's been after him ever since." Class Sgt. at Arms 9,125 Class President 105 Youth Speaks 10,11,125 "F" Club 10,11,12, Vice-President 125 J.V. Football 95 Varsity Football 105115125 J.V. Basketball 9,105 Baseball 11,125 Hi-Y Treasurer 11. BRUCE PIANEAUX "Success in all he attempts." ELEANOR PORTER "99 44!100'7a pure as an angel." Good News Club 9,10,11,125 Latin Club 95 Beta Club 10,1l,125 Student Council 9,10,11,12, Secretary- Treasurer 10, Vice-President 11, President 125 Class Secretary 105 Chorus 12. JOAN POTTS A merry mannerly maid Junior Red Cross 9, Good News Club 9 10 11 MADELINE POTTS Be silent and safe, silence never betrays you Junior Red Cross 9 Good News Club 9 10 11 12 RICHARD POWELL Never do today what you can put off 'til tomorrow Transferred in Senior Year TOM PROCTOR 'We might be better if we would but 1t's often boring being good 4 H Club 9 10 11. L- K 4 hw-"' if new w-gm CAROL JEANETTE RABBETH "Some say she 's quiet, but if they only knew her, they'd confirm it." Transferred in Senior year. FHA 125 Teen-Age Club 125 Future Business Leaders 12. JUDY RASNER "Always leave 'em laughing." GAA 95 FTA 95 Choir 9,10,115 Future Nurses Club 1O,11,12, Treasurer 10. DANNY RENKES "Girls worry me but little." Student Council 105 J.V. Basketball 9,10, Captain 105 Varsity Basketball 11,12, Co-Captain 11,125 Varsity Baseball 9,10,1l,12, Co-Captain 115 "F" Club 10,11,12, Secretary-Treasurer 125 Class Sgt. at Arms 125 Track 125 Good News Club 115 Pep Club 12. DONNA REYNOIDS "If I can't evade it, Ibluff it." Beta Club 11,125 FTA 105 Future Nurses Club 10, 11,125 Good News Club 105 Drill Corps 12. ELIZABETH RHEA "Everybody's friend." Good News Club 9,105 GAA 9,10,11,125 I.R.C. 10, 11,12, Treasurer 125 Tiger Gazette Staff. LINDA RIES "She was pretty as springtime." Football Queen 115 Senior Band 9,10,11,125 Latin Club 9,105 Beta Club 10,11,125 Tri-Hi-Y 11,125 Good News Club 9,10,11,125 Cheerleading Club 10. STUART RILEY "This guy is fast, his driving, that is." Class Vice-President 125 Beta Club 10,11,12, Presi- dent 11,125 Choir 10,11,125 Band 9,105 Chorus 12, President 125 Youth Speaks 10,11,125 Radio Club 9, 11,12, President 95 Teen-Age Club 9,105 I.R.C. 105 Chess Club 9. RONALD ROBERTS "He has a head to continue, a tongue to persuade, and a hand to execute any mischief." Band 9,105 Chorus 11,125 Baseball 10,11,125 J.V. Football 105 "F" Club 125 Pep Club 12. I r . X '- M 23 K " 5 7, I M . Wm 1 J I ..., Q F K 9 l is . 5 ALBERTA SCHINDLER "Good humor makes all things tolerable." Transferred in Junior year. Future Business Leaders 12. LARRY SCHINDLER "I can resist everything except temptation." Senior Band 9,10,11,12. JANICE SCHWEGLER "Virtue is its own reward." Good News Club 10,11,125 Beta Club 10,11. JEFF SEARCY "We might be better if we would, but it's often bor ing being good." J.V. Basketball 9. FRED SEEWER "Small of stature, but big of heart and great of action." Golf Team 11,125 "F" Club 125 Pep Club 125 J.V. Basketball 9. DONNIE SIDEBOTTOM "That is as well said as if I had said it myself." Latin Club 115 Good News Club 9,10,11,l25 I.R.C. 10,1z. ALICE SMITH "My circumference doesn't indicate my mental capacity." FHA 95 Chorus 95 GAA 9,105 Cheerleading Club 95 Future Nurses Club 10,11,12, Vice-President 11. ROBERT SMITH "Quiet and demure." BILLY BOB SPEER "His trademark is his smile." J.V. Football 9,105 Varsity Football 11,125 "F" Club 11,12. JOE STEUERLE "His ways are wonderful with women." EVA STEWART III trylll Latin Club 95 4-H Club 95 Library Club 105 I.R.C. 105 FHA 125 Senior Play 125 Tiger Gazette Staff 125 Teen-Age Club 12. DELINDA STIVERS "And hair as black as ebony." Thespian Club 10,11,125 French Club 11. BOBBIE STONE "Although she is small, she's popular with all." Good News Club 9,105 C.W.O.F.A.T.A. 11,125 Future Nurses Club 10,11,12. DAVID STOUT "Rest is the sweet sauce of labor." Senior Band 9,105 Conservation 9,10,ll5 4'H Club 9. MARILYN STRAUB "Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful." FHA 10. STEVE STREPEY "I'm not lazy, I'm just saving my energy." I.R.C. 11,12, President 125 French Club 11,12. 0141 JW, S Q I .gfp G 'NN 0 ' X .,s,,,5,q '-QM f I f ff' iiiqgq - - ip 1 ei' xJ . VL V. A?L5f5,g-,. , flag, Q, f .. 4 ,fb Z? 5, - f5.f.,:rZf54yagVyx ,wp . W- ew . TS! I . A ,.,,M4,:,v ,JYJSJ 31: gm W , SEM ' , 157' 'f'l7-fr 14 1 was K .,, iv Wa, we ,Ex gg? W 3 'K 1 Q MQ M p. ' as .f fu I ' a 1 T, ,wp ,W V L ,, 2 " 1 mf 'QSC' , 'lui 5 x if is V Q4 if 1 H5542 .vb K iam W EDDIE VOGL "Don't you have a brother?" Teen-Age Club 12. GEORGE VOGL "Which one are you?" Teen-Age Club 12. PAT WALSH "I love life." FHA 9,10,123 Future Business Leaders of America 125 Teen-Age Club 10. JOHN WEBER "I never give up." Good News Club 9,1O,11,123 Projection Club 10. LEE WEBSTER "A girl is his main interest." Band 9,1O,115 Radio Club 11,125 Stamp Club 9. PEGGYWELSH "If she can't succeed no one can." Good News Club 9,10,11,125 FTA 95 Student Council 9,10,11,125 Tri-Hi-Y 123 Tiger Gazette Staff 12. PAUL WESLEY "If you hear anything about me, it's probably true." 4-H Club 93 J.V. Football 9,105 Band 93 Student Council 9s Science Club 103 Good News Club 10. DICKIE WHITAKER "I try hard and sometimes make it." Projection Club 10,115 Teen-Age Club 10,11,125 J.V. Basketball 11. LOU ANN WILLIAMS "If at first you don't succeed, try someone else." Cheerleading Club 10,115 GAA 105 Future Nurses Club 115 Good News Club 12. JOIE WILSON "As soft as a southern wind. French Club 11. ll SARA WINGES "She 's going forward to something great." Senior Band 9,103 Good News Club 9,10,11,123 Teen-Age Club 9,l0,11,12. BUD WUNDERLICI-I "My only books were women's looks, and follies all they taught me." Good News Club 9,10,ll,12j Science Club 113 I.R.C. 103 Radio Club 115 French Club Vice-President 10, 11, Pep Club 125 Bowling Club 123 Student Council 12. ANN WYNN "As faultless as a spring flower." Good News Club 9,10,l1,123 Beta Club 10,11,123 Latin Club Secretary 105 Student Council 9,10,11, 12, Secretary-Treasurer 11, Vice-President 123 Freshman Class Secretary3 Band 9,103 Tri-I-li-Y 12, Tiger Gazette Editor-in-Chief 12. EVELYN YANCEY "Eager, alert and industrious." Library Club 9,103 Teen-Age Club 9,10,113 C.W.O.F.A.T.A. .Ili Good News Club 9,10,113 Drill Corps l0,l1,123 Student Council 123 Dra- matics Club 123 FTA 11,123 Tri-I-Ii-Y 123 Tiger Gazette Staff 125 Cheerleacyng Club 9j Junior Red Cross 9. VIRGINIA YANCEY "She is delicate and fair as moonlight." FHA 11,123 Good News Club 11,123 Chorus 9. DARLYNE YOUNG "A sweet, sincere girl." Good News Club 11,123 Beta Club l1,12. ,,""'S Q I JANE YOUNG "If a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her." Student Council 109 Beta Club 11,125 Good News Club 9,10,11,12g Library Club 10,1l,123 Cheer- leading Club 9,10. SENIORS I ACTIO I love books. It's nice to have a man around the house. I've been drawing for years and years! Oh, those lunch times at Jerry's! nh Extra! M 'X , ' 1, -sg, M- ,F , L., ,uf ,. ,, ,, A 5 0 MVN K O E 3 1 2, . N , ,iw S! :fi WX A, 5 -1 I5 an J 0 0 I 4 , . , . s F 1' gfrfvnf .ffff-41' ff ff' 1 - f WWI? 5459. g Xxx 1 ,, X511 UWM A 4 K 'E I any A ii X .Q ,, . ' .. - .ff f - kkigx- ' 3 1 . mvi ' ' I . ,I 5 W .t,. , X -4 7 L3 Jiflwwyf Maw' Liam M 1531 2413 in , . i L-L A . suxx ? 5 A X 4 x 37 v . v, f x im, .- ' y ., ia. ! 'Ulf' X: ' - - 5 i 4 1 , 1 X Y QF I , --Q? U 5 i D e E ,,f A if ig i I P 13 0 y f ,, .exp fig' 3 5 Q. W . 'Q --I ' ' 1 Q .4 Q4 Q 3 5 Q23 J xi ' 50015 .qi Q 'fig f 5 1 W HHH!!-' Z, '?f,gQv-- - I A- 1 fin 9 ll 'sl l"'1' 7'i' f5 -S1 'y2fr57'-'W J 543 I ,Lx fu . A 5 3'-fir 7 . 534 h 3?- .,.. Q f Q A Q , --e:9IffW 'fix M1 , J M ,fm "Aff, Q.fj.AQg,-'f'ff2PQw' f,.iY0',Z,,,, 1,-X 1 1 1 f. f f' I I rg' 'im ff ,1gf?'w , '- ' i -. I ,al A '31 I f' i , .7 I ny Q- 11 'Q I s', 1 xl ,uf 3 . 5- Ft Q 1 1, if 1 ii' if-'tw 74? fr' .v'- F.: A 5 I o,i',9" . 4 Q 3 1 .Ir I5 .Ii . A J. ... ll!! ' ' . , , 1 gf 2 '7' 2 ' Ja- 4 2 " ' ' . as If ,Y11 1.x , 'A ' ' 4. Krx.. l w 5 SENICR SNAPS Thls 15 Davld' You don t say Here now' Me? Busy'7 Re ally Jackie! Check the feet' Hold on tight. The lineup ff .."' f 1 So what' Who needs a doctor? WXYXXX I XWMXX XX L.. 5 , 1 .4 1 . -.Q , -.. ' f W,fj:Z,-, i ff 3 f f X l il lf! l ,Xl nl ll Ax-,,f -Il, lf, Mfg., 91' 2 C' I fl A! pf .l 'gg if -gf if -If '-,..- -,,..f -'af' 6 Q , -M-, , QW, ,- 'L-..., '- ... ai, vt K- , g., ,.,, N..- S.. '51-Q Qli... ff!fW1' ! I JU IOR CLASS OFFICER FROM LEFT to RIGHT: Jerry Lawson, Presidentg Mike Stewart, Treasurerg Barbara Weisser, Secretaryg Stuart Stinnette, Sgt.-at- Armsg Johnny Montgomery, Vice-Presidentg Ronnie Williams, Sgt.- at -Arms. 54 I JUNNIE ALLGEIER LUCY ANDERSON MARILLENE ANDERSON ROBERT ANDES ANITA ARNOLD AGATHA ASHBY RUTH BECKER SANDY BEILING -TJ HL- x.'.'.2" 1" -.zum gf- ' gf 7' I ?'C'?i2E'5f:'ik'.- I 551' 4 .'7 P.1:' ly! . , k Cl :DJ ,a.,,,' fitfy YL'-1 -.. r J-W ANN BINFORD CLIFFORD BISHOP MARDEL BLACK CLAUDLA BLANKENSHIP 'iv ribs 5l'Z"7 K 9 " 'WN 5 kiln. lx ELLIS BLANTON BARBARA BLIEDEN EUGENE BOTNER BONNIE BRIEL JO ANN BROWN SHARON LEIGH BROWN DON BURKHARDT FAY CAHOE PHYLLIS CAHOE MA RILYN CA MPBELL J OE CA PPS L' 5-'Eff BOB CA RDWELL 6? L.. BOB CURTIS DORIS DECKER ROBERT DELLING DOUGLAS DICKERSON DWAIN DILLINGHAM RAYMOND DIPPEL DONALD DOBBS JUDITH DOLL JOHN DONOVAN ANNA DUNCAN LANA ELLIS BILL ENGLE GERALD CAUDILL GOMAR CAUDILL CAROL CHACE ARTHUR CHRISTMAS SHEIIA CHRISTMAS ROSALIE CHURCH EDDIE CLFARY BOB COLLIER EDWARD COOPER SALLY COSAT BILLY CROUCH RICHARD CRUNKLETON xl , 'ww . MW, will .QV K . Af" ' me Wt'-ff-fx DANNY ERNSPIKER CLAYTON FARMER JIMMIE FERGUSON WILLIAM FITZGERA LD LESLIE FORD WALTER FRANCK MARITA FRIEDLI DONNIE GADDIE RONALD GADDIE SALLIE GARDNER BRENDA GARRETT DONALD GARRETT G' ' Q.-1 96? in VW eff, X if v,,v. K Q A' gs. I f, ' fn ii, W If Lf, 'x ,uf ' SUSAN GENTLEMAN DENNY GILES RICHARD GOWIN NORMA GRANT PAUL GROSS DENNY HABERER CAROL HALL CARL HARDESTY NANCY HARDY WILLIAM HARDY BILLY HARRIS JIMMY I-IATFIELD 'IZ' 's.f f.ii-A :Al mf .A X JIM HUDSON DANNY HULBERT IVA HUMPHREY ED HURLEY IVIN IMES DONALD JOHNSON JIM JOHNSON SHERRY JOHNSON DAVID JORRIS DANNY JUDY BETTY JUMP MADELYN KAST V5 L 1, K, aka 'S STEVE HAUCK DONALD HAWKINS JIM HAYS PAT HENN BARBARA HIGGASON MARLEANA HIGGINS JACQUELINE HILL LINDA HINTON ROBERT HOLLENBECK BARBARA HOOD GEORGE HOUTCHENS BOBBY HOWARD Vg-bf IRVIN KELMAN JEROME BUREN KELTNER LOIS KIEFER CAROL KINCADE SHARRON KIPPEN JANICE KRAMER BILL KREBS WILLLAM KURTZ SUSAN LAHMAN JUDY LANE MILT LANE JERRY LAWSON 'E-'5' NANCY LAWSON MARY ELLEN LEATHERS GERALD LEE LYNDA LESLIE GENE LESTER BOB LEWE TOM LEWE BRENDA LITTON LIBBY LURIE ROBERT LURIE ANDREA LUKER JANET C. MACK L, PATRICIA MILLER RONNIE MILLER RUTI-IIE MILLER VIOLA MILLEN BILLY MITCHELL DON MONTGOMERY JOHNNY MONTGOMERY SAMMY MONTGOMERY IIAINE MURNER PAT NALL DONNA NEUMAN CAROLYN NOEL Q Q' "V" T! wp' Wi? JACK MACY JAYNE MARCUM JOHN MARCUM BARBARA MAYFIELD SANDY MCCUTCI-IAN ROBERT McDOWELL ANNA MCGRAW BARBARA MCGRUDER HERMAN MCGUFFIN MELVIN MEADE JUDY MEYER LINDA MEYER 'Q' 'lm Y' 'U' jr. U 1--1' 1 fs, AS :J 67 dp., ii, 'CTT' - ROBERT NOLES KAY NORENE RUSSELL OILER DAVID O'KEEFE DARREL OLGES DORIS PARROTT JACK PASLAY JOHN PAYNTER JEAN PETERS LINDA PLANEAUX ROBERT REDD WALTER RED MON v CY' xx. I SJ i iz? f fi '. X " ffaraxm J '55 'MM 1' jx ww f 'Du I x -rf 3' 55,1 '35 SUSAN REID GEORGE REIF ROBERT RICI-IEY MIKE RHDGE CAIL RIETZE TERRY RITCHEY JO ANN ROARK BONITA ROBBINS RAYMOND ROBBINS MELVIN ROBINSON BARBARA ROMAN ROBERT ROSE BONNYE THOMPSON FREDDIE SHELBURNE CAROLYN SHELBY MARY JANE SHELBY JUDY SHERMAN JAN SHROYER VIOLET SIDEBOTTOM MARILYN SINGLETON BETTY ANN SKAGGS BEVERLY SMITH JOAN SMITH NORMA SMITH BETTY JEAN ROUNTREE DOTTIE ROWE ELIZABETH RYMER SUZANNE SALLENCER RONNIE SALYER BILLY SANDERS ORVILLE SATTERLY RUTH SCHINDLER JOHN SCHMITT JUDITH SCHMIDT MILDRED SCHURECK JOYCE SEITZ 5 ani. Y? I JUDY SONNHEIM BETTYE SPARKS FRED STERCHI MIKE STEWART STUART STINNETTE FLOYD STRAIT SHIRLEY STUTZENBERGER JEANNETTE SUMMERS SHIRLEY THOMPSON DAVID THORNTON JUANITA TRUEX ROBERT VOGEL JERRY WALKER MARJORIE WALL ROSE WALLACE GILBERT WARD MARLENE WEICKEL BARBARA WEISSER BILL WELLER RAMONA WHALEY JIM WHEELER MARY JANE WIGGINTON JEANIE WILKINSON MARTY WILLIAMS Standin' on the corner. Meeting adjourned! Y 590 Yi' RONNIE WILLIAMS GERALD WILLINCHAM JACK WII..SON DIANNA WOHNER SUANA WOHNER JAY YANOF F HARRIETT YUNT MONA ZADY Let me see! Oh! Janet! Current events Sleeping Beauty ..,.N.m,.,, ., .A ff? I 1 4 . I x v U OO!! Off' Y Y ff! Y 5 :us 11,-f r""""-V H ,,,.- ,fi J ,,,.,-- .Pd-,,. 4,-f. -fi, QW 5 f 1 -ff, W5 9579" Q Y ,-,...-- , -,,...--- ,,-1-' .F-f' , I 1 ,,., ,J , k -fi. w , 1 QV' Q QQ , U 1 cp vor evo -uf' I 3 1 1 ,4 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Mary Scott, Treasurer, Jerry Horn- buckle, Secretary, Jim Whitis, Sgt.-at-Arms. BACK ROW: Carmen Irwin, Vice-President, David Harrod, President, Bill Hess, Sgt. at- Arms. , ii? Gary Ackerman Ronnie Adair Lee Adamay Margaret Adkins Larry Albright Pat Alcorn Betty Allen Gerald Alstatt Allan Ament Pat Anderson Richard Anderson Sterling Anthony Loys Armstrong Joyce Arroll 1 3' Bill Bailey r I 33. ,Q 1 'WX I 2.1 S V51 fi ' . . - 'ul l Shelby Baldwin Martin Ballinger Donald Barbour Tom Barker Peggy Barnett Carey Barrell Lolena Bartlett Herb Bates Mark Bates Paul Bates Charles Bell Carole Bement James Bibb Pat Billker Maxine Bingham fr T' we y B f ,af X A Mary Brown Barbara Bryant Charles Buckman David Bullis Elaine Burnett Jim Burnett Phyllis Burnett Don Bush Karmen Bush Ernest Campbell Nikki Camping Ronald Carr Colleen Carter Carol Caudill Mike Chelf 9 , fx X! J. fr-1 L " x x Nick Bischof Carol Bischoff Jim Bjorkholm Tommy Blankenship Gene Blumenreich Jim Boebinger Bob Bornschein Don Bosco Peter Boyce Bill Branson Nancy Branson Joann Broadbooks Bill Brown Louellen Brown Mary Brown JIS. QQ Mann! T7 David Clark Edward Clark John Clark Richard Clem Sharon Coe Alan Cooper Bill Cooper David Cooper Melvin Copansky Bobby Cox Mike Coyle Carolyn Crask Kay Cundiff Ann Curtsinger Donna Damm in 4:2 ' CQ 7 ng rs S - JO - Hx ,fx 'aut ix T -fx , 1 V :A ff l -N N19 J X wry I A-N, Q7 ri. 1 Betty Davenport Jane Davis Lloyd Davis Roger Davis Steven Davis Sarah Deane Janet Decker Terry Denham Ernest Dickerson Diana Dieter Paula Doll Linda Duncan Diana Dunker Margaret Durham Wanda Sue Durr '67 f-f x i Dennis Floore Lynn Flowers Ronnie Ford Freddie Frederick Jack Freeman Joyce Freeman Jack Frick Arnold Friedman David Friedman Dale Frize Patty Frost Ann Funk Barbara Gardner Nancy Gardner Bertha Garrison QQ' X e x fi 'T . ' J L - 'ff' ' . , QA ' V 4 u Q xx , l "f F F Y. if ,F H. h' Mxjili 5' Lf? 5 f ,M Edgar Dyer Jean Edwards Sharon Egerton Gayle Eggers Carole Embree Gene Ernspiker Carmen Erwin Don Espy Wayne Farmer Vivian Feese Wilma Ferris Mary Jane Fields Peggy First Ann Fischer Wynn Fischer Yr 9 Q' H 'QV' ? X L 4 X are 7 xv 3 .J A 4-nv v Mike Geary Gay Gibson Michael Gish RoseAnn Goffner Maxe Goldberg Rochelle Goldberg Edwin Goodwin Joan Goodyear Bruce Goreham Bill Gorham Freddie Gorin Larry Graham Larry Grant Shirley Grant Jeanne Gray l' Sr '9 YT? s 5 . , hw aa, an ,x '41 ' ,fa " l J --fb i M l fs 'L if J '37 if-' 1 'V' 'x , -x 1 3 gs, f fr vf -X u rafts " , ,J s ' - F5251 .-,'. , fk 'luv- 1 'Dix S.- Q-.A Arthur Green Dorothy Green Jerry Green Henry Greenebaum Mary Greenwell Terry Greenwell John Greer Gary Griffin Sandy Grimes Lois Gumm Stanley Haas Jim Hagewood Nancy Haley Harold Hall Robert Hall ww , 'W '23 Freddy Heckman John Herrmann William Hess Steve Hiland Billy Hill Mike Hilsenrad Joyce Hinderer Ann Hofelich Sue Hofelich Bobbie Hohman Ronald Holbert Francine Holim an 'Nev Ros alind Hollingsworth Joyce Holt Judy Hornbe ck 1:7 Q -1:2 r 12 12 1 w ,.,, A P ui, we i My V " 1 L 4' 'S J Q l au.. Q, rx- 5 ,F lqf aw 3. a s Edward Ham Pat Hammons Cheryl Harden Pat Hardin Charles Harkins Lucille Harper Ruth Harrison David Harrod Leonard Hartman Larry Hatfield Leo Hawes Terry Hawkins Nancy Hays Steve Hazelip Carolyn Headden '. 'G ' ffl? VD VT? Ll , S r'-'v :L 1 482 'Sfx Q-N-,H Jerry Hornbuckle Sue House Steve Howard Patty Howell Carol Huber Sallie Hughes Allen Hulker Richard Humphrey Tom Hunter Virginia Hunter Sue Inman Arleen Isaacs George Jackson Jim Jackson Emma Jennings f q,,,, K ' 4 K. N- Q7 l 4? 1 'M as aa' ' -'aw lf- .Q-5 ii X'l Ag QF HR I as k 'gf' Q Y'iv-...W .x L Ai ggi my A Judy Johnson Sandra Johnson Lois Johnston Eddie Jones Foster Jones Sue Jones Morton Judy Peggy Karem Tommy Kasey Kathleen Kast Larry Kaufman Delores Kendrick Sharon Kestler Darrell Kidwell Cary Kieper Qs... as f' nf ks nl f w vi ' 5 W1 J v EalJlCV1'W' 'Q :. e -an . .. l u W f' Samuel Lighton Jim Lindsey Judy Lipetz Steve Litterst 5 irzzr' S 4. Q l ah I V: "A 3 ' 1-5.3 Dee Little 'G 'Y Jack Little 9 Linda Logsdon C mi-R Sidney Loveday , Grace Lovelace ,TQM Bruce Lubel Z " " . M' t David Lucas Ronald MacDonald Shirley Mack Joan Mackay Doris Maddox A 'cuff 'rf' Mike Kilijan Ann Killinder Val Kimbel Bob Kohn Lynn Kollenberg Kenny Krebs Ronnie Kropp Dennis Kruse Nancy Lain JoAnn Laise Linda Lantz Steve Larimore Walter Larmee Sherry Lazarus Joan Leffert 0952 wtf? av Qs? LLL 1' Q T '75 hpvrff LL Norma Jean Mallick Wilma Malone Don Maloney Marcheta Marshall Bob Martin James Martin Michael Martin Morris Maupin Mary Meriwether Charles Miller Fred Miller Jeffrey Miller Jim Miller Josephine Miller Pat Miller 1' 'UW Lx Y-Rr Linda Mitchell Judie Mock Thomas Moody Alice Moore Jimmy Moore Elizabeth Moran Janet Moredock Mark Morgan Janet Morris Janice Morris Bob Mothena Debby Murrell William McDowell Houston McGill Gerald McKinley ... ,,,.., 'UI L my L-xA Norman Ovexstreet Jim Paddock Becky Parrish Regina Sue Patterson Jimmy Payne Linda Payne Janet Pekala Cisela Pennie Winston Peoples Phillip Perdue Barbara Perelmuter Donald Pierce Don Pierson Terry Pike Alice Pleiss Shirley McLamey Joni McLaughlin Barbara McNeal Denny Nachand Louis Nagel Curt Neat Doris Nelson Dorothy Newton Jack Nichols Deryl Nielsen Donald Ninekirk Bonnie Norene Rita Oechslin Nancy Oiler Joyce Overstreet gi in ,,: B 'X l P X M i. mm M559 Ah :N CS 'Unr- Ni-nf Billy Potts Bill Poynter James Priest David Quisenberry Dale Radford Spike Rasner Sandra Redmond John Reeb Brenda Reeves Kathy Reynolds Suzi Riehlman Mildred Roberson John Ruby Marc Rucker Grace Sandefur 'C' A fir Qld: i. 4-Q. 'Q L2 YZ7 Cx GQ 'YS . 493 537 tx QI ,' A X J . i 1 k A A ai ll f Ik' r 1' iff Woody Sanders John Saxon Kathy Scapecchi Gloria Schank Bob Schell Dennis Scherzinger Sylvia Shiefferle Richard Schmidt David Schroeder Lyman Schuler Cindy Schutte Karen Scott Mary Scott Mary J. Scott Emest Sebastian qv 999 'TT' WI?" J 3 :QA f ,15- Ww wk X Delores Seigle Gerry Seitz Judy Seubold Jerry Severance it Pat Seybold Brenda Shackleford Rosetta Shaikun Jimmy Shaw Sara Shifrin Freeda Shircliffe Xl JN' xi Ross Simpson Jim Small JoAnn Smith Larry Smith Prudy Smith Carolyn Snawder Peggy Snow Betty Speer Paul Speier Sandy Stanley Taylor Stephens David Stephenson Truman Stevens Lynn Stevenson Patricia Stout ,,- if Paul Shultz LaVerne Shumake fi' William Sibley Anna Simmons Marilyrme Simon in :qw I x Joyce Strickland Jim Sullins Meral Sullivan Carol Sweasy Charlie Sweeny Jane Lee Tackett Donna Tamplin Douglas Tarbell Terrell Thompkins Bob Thomas Q IQ' ky X-1' 4L. 59' gr William Thornton Mark Tichenor Genny Toebbe Sherri Toebbe ' " Jane Tomlinson A , ' , Ik , i I El. " A ,gf ,J A 'Q . ,3 4, - 9 ll ' it x X f?i-'X 'W ' S -. S xl , I I -yr f -f ' k ll . W ll l lka 1' - 136 I La W7 Art Torstrick Jimmie Truax Walter Truax Donna Trusty Carolyn Tyler Jeannie Unseld Toni Van Hom Armand Vine Allen Vogt Arlette Voss Jack Waddell Sharon Wagoner Doris Walker Peggy Walker Libby Wall Susie Wildman Billy Williams Marvin Williams Bruce Wingfield Virginia Wiseheart Sandy Wix Billy Wolder Juanita Woodford Jill Wring Joan Yanoff Lonnie Young JoJo Zukowski Wallace Schott "V ini .50- xv M Z Elsie Wallace Nadine Warfield Joyce Wamer Judith Warwick Ronny Webb Martha Weber Frankie Weisberg Marsha Weldon Eddie Wells Sue Ann Wells Donna WeWee Juanita Whaley Jimmy Whitis David Whitwortli Angel Wigginton vii 'ipod' LL U vwmmvnw Wea OOO W POI OOO u - T E Q5F', g Q JL.- ....- FRE HMAN CLASS QFFICERS LEFT to RIGHT: Linda Mayer, Treasurerg Jimmy Svara. Presidentg Bill Pharis, Sgt.-at-Armsg Cary Seelmeyer, Vice-Presidentg Kenny Frick, Sgt.-at-Arms. SEATED: Mary Racel, Secretary iii? Linda Adams Willis Adams John Allgeier Tommie Anderson Mary Barker Diana Barnard Sonny Bartley Joyce Bawman Besty Bates Robert Blair Douglas Blissett Bill Bowman Alice Braasch Phillip Breeden Dona Brewer 4? 'UN y 9- 6 A wr Q- yqvv 7 J Q, , x ny 9565! 4 r I Vx , K s .uf RS K ' I f' v ,F x .-,L -V Qs.. 'nvfga xx Q4 L. .fe Aka S , ...A3-.. E' vi kj Bonnie Brinley John Buchheit Jerry Burkhart Phyllis Burnette Carol Burton Judy Buschmeyer Borgia Cahoe Dianne Caillouette Allen Carter Gene Caudill Greta Caudill Jimmy Caudill Carol Charnock Carolyn Cissell James Clark s if i s 63 Q E. 'il ft 'i 1 f :Aiwa Louis DeWitt Mike Duffy Wayne Elder Jimmie Ells Ann Evans Gene Evridge Kenneth Fast William First James Fisher Kenneth Frick 'N iff? Jerry Givens Ronnie Gill Henry Glas Harry Goldbe rg Cora Goodner 5, 1 we f Beverly Cleaveland Terry Collins Norma Conn Joyce Cooper Jim Copeland William Cornwell James Cottrill Jimmie Covington Wanda Cravens Betty Crostic Pat Cundiff Jo Cunningham Michael Davidson Rose Mary Decker Mary Louise Dennis John Gray Emma Green Lois Greenwell Jim Gregory Doris Haag Robert Haas Barbara Hall Ronnie Hall Carolyn Hatfield Gilbert Helm Larry Helm Sandy Heskamp Leonard Hinkle Clarence Hopewell Lee Houtchens 4 . 7 iv' 4 '-Wh! - 5 nv: V f , rx., g. ,1 ,Tl Y7 A " S 'W .Q T7 Qu 1 . 3 to -ML fan t7 QL Juanita Huddleston Richard Hughes Betty Jackson James Jeffries Betty Johnson Sandra Johnson Martha Kandler Mike Katzman Billie Kaufman Carolyn Kaufman Hettie Kaufman Bill Klaber Evelyn Katzman Wayne Kessler fQu'f LJ 17 is-"il Claudia Kilgore Yi-'7' Af-X William Lucas David Lusk Peggy Mahoney Karem Mallick James Mallory Linda Mayer Ronald McDowell Donald McGill Lee McGraw Hugh Milam Phil Mitchell Gregers Moller Uffe Moller Charlotte Moore Janet Muller .Q 1 'EK uf if jf. ,i , 'gg U W 4+ 'iw 551'-f ?f.'3l T?" , veal 5. , J 1 I Wgyta y , ' ' KX K I E it as Louetta Killian James Knight Glenn Kurtz Jim Lamaster Scrappy Laukhuf Larry Leathers Freddie Leffew Charlene Lewis Glenna Lewis Nancy Lewis Shirley Lewis Kenny Logsdon David Love Pat Loveday Kathy Lowry 'Qs-if ivy Y.-ef, wg- x West Munz Clois Myers William Newton Jerry Nichols Rick Nicholas Helen Noel Virginia Nord David Norton Judy O'Bryan Paula Oglesby Terry Olges Deanna Overman Tana Peers Bill Pharis Phillip Pierson 9-i n E 5 1 ". -la- 6' i if , ,. A 'H 1 y S' 5 L Q, 1:-7 25:9 1 I 1 Bonnie Porter Frank Porter Joyce Potts Ronald Potts Bill Probus Darlean Provost Sonny Quinn Mary Racel Jan Ralph Tommy Reed Monty Reisinger Sharon Riebel Inga Riley Jody Rixman Gary Robbins fra Gary Seelmeyer Carolyn Seigle Linda Fay Shelbume Buddy Sherman William Shofner James Sidebottom Anna Simpson James Sippel Joyce Smith Jim Snodgrass Eddie Snyder Hal Stanley Phillip Standefer David Stephenson Pat Stephens 3 L4 . MA 4 Irvin Roberts Sarah Robinson John Rollins James Rosson James Ruckriegel Bobby Runner Judith Samples Elaine Sanders Mary Jo Satterly Sandy Schneider Marilyn Schooling Donnie Seigle Joseph Sewell Joy Shake Leslie Shake My QTTIT " '91- ii 1 'VF' Q' Y' 'bf Rusty Stevens Pat Stewart Rita Stewart Jimmy Stickler David Stinson Thomas Stiveis Bobby Storms Sandra Stout Margaret Stout. Gerry Sullivan Jimmy Svara Connie Sweasy James Taylor Patricia Taylor Mike Tharp L ha 1557 W is T - I I S lx X X.. 1 QQ' ! 1 W my h V 9 , 2 55, , in 5 , Z J Q , l , .1 rv. L X. X +.q Y' K 157 'ina' ,.-. ff' Bonnie Thompson Marvin Tinker Lillian Travis Ronnie Ulery James Underwood Charlene Virden Cecilia VonAlmen Charles Wall Carolyn Weibel Tom Weller Charlie Welch Don Weidner Linda Whaley Charles Wick Fred Winfield FRESHMEN AT WORK 90 is ,ss n n 5 e ss :I w 4 Q a L ana as n , 1: x , 1 an tx Qu X 1' 'L J' '. pf., ,L ... . . . f . fit mnununm.,,M movfsoomw ,ff ' ...J-"L Y I1 ff gi F K., ra A e i ' - 3 pw : ,IWA A C in lt: wv Y H x Q' V ' K he , HC liielffl lil .21 ifflfl " -, - 'A Y H 5 V 5 F4 F J Al il I' 'M ' N' . A S , 8 gi: CMJ N ff' W 1 A A . .' . ' l ,ntl "jp A we keg - . .. .L A fl ' , . M Q wx r ' I, ' Q 4 , FIQ ml . J y C ., fb -1 ' 1, -T .- ' ui . I C 'xx' 1 V ' 5 ' . - 4 ' : - lt, f . ' K ' ,. .N p lin? iilitg 1' A ' 1 W D w ix- X, I r y- .0 i l . V JXNVX. ' . . . ' 'A ' ,Q S 8 1,3 .0 Q F ' '54 I I f a V - lp. I It P' Qgi .al 1' S-' CCC If Q 5' T7 E-9' M ka co 4... t:7 'rv kzv 'gr' Ani We 'L WVU Q, el Vs. we xxx Xe lx fx ,vs 550' YQ? 'AX T., NDI N N Wk FIRST ROW W Adkms D Alexander L Alstatt B Anderson J Armstrong L Arnold F Aubm H Baete B Barr SECOND ROW W Beard D Bewley L Brbelhauser G Brckel H Bxckel J Blanton L Bogard G Boughther B Bowen THIRD ROW R Boyd P Branson J Brxcken J Brown L Brown M Brown C Broyles H Burden B Campbell FOURTH ROW C Carey B Carnahan R Carter K Caudlll M Charlton B Char nock B Cleaveland D Clem F Coleman FIFTH ROW V Coleman J Cook V Cook E Cooper F Corn well M Curtsrnger J Davenport B Deane T Demaree SIXTH ROW D Deutsch J Drckerson K Drxon B Edre P Ells J Emly B Ernsprker C Ernsprker B Fegenbush SEVENTH ROW S Ferguson C Frsher M Floore E Frye R Garlbreath P Gardner B Gary N Gehnng R Gxbson EIGHTH ROVN C Grles K Glas J Goldsmrth E Grant E Gray J Green G Gross L Harl B Harden 93 fu., V f iff' YU v' 'J v-' IN. 'Uk s.- '-7 3 S' K 'N' in '-.W tm N' M 31 ,fx 'NW 'T LL I V, Q x I X X XL-i l 11 1 Nth A ml 62' Tv Q-v lah FIRST ROW C Hardm J Hardrn M Harr1s, D Hatchell J Hays B Helm W Hoevenaar R Homun M s Howard SECOND Row D Hudson, c Humphrey T Inman K Isenberg J' Johnson J Johnson M Johnson D J M ones Jump THIRD ROW A Kaufman, B Kaufman L Kaufman T Kaufman B Kessler M Knlght R Kmght J Lanham, M Lanham FOURTH ROW J Lentz B Leonhardt G Lewls O Lewls C Lynch P Mc Cartney E McGill J McGill D Maddlx FIFTH ROW J Mallory R Marsh A MZITIH C Martln M Martin M Martron J Matherly R M1les D M1ller SIXTH ROW J Mrlls J Mxtchell L Mohr, J Montgomery D Mumer R Neuman J Noel P O'De1l I. Overstreet SEVENTH ROW M Overstreet K Owen B Parrott Parrott K Pxke M Pluckebaum V Porter C Quisenberry B Rasner EIGHTH ROW D Reeb E Reed M Re1s1nger C RICE R R1ch1e C Rogers D Rogers W Rogers S Rose 94- 7 V A Al l" 'Q' I g .. is , an I i n 'f ' y' M A 47, ng I I gi, 1 Lwtn, ' ' 1 .517 1 51133167 E I ,ll I ' "' Y V Ml 5 N 'xy N x T , 4 Q '5 I an I . 2 -Y Lil ' "' L' - X-I 'X 3 so . ' TV' h I L - . I 4 I A e A N . I ,Nh I I If v on . an " J-J I L, ,V ' .A jg, , ut L ,Y X H A X H s ll' ff 5' :'f 1X"L'. S 'V 'N' 'I' . I I f if y I y yo y in ! -V 1 ,gr inf, V, in I 7 I V, -. , A, 2 F p y . V R63 4, , i A J I y ' S A K Ti? A 1' .Y Y X, Ai: x X Vx V , In ,... f gg i, K Y , K ,V A A A K .. g g 'uf ,J f 'J I W9 wg, ,W H I A 'I " H H sr. ,, Q 4 8 I A M g 4 U ,. 4. ' tx I V1 'xi' xy X I 3 l N.. A if Y" 3111 I va . f we , g A . A my igyg Sw 5 y J, Ah: QTVR? ' A 4 ,rfv l J' ,pf l I Ita. A lyly A fA"'vr I " I h I ' A I I If K ,md I ff ' "7-1 I -.193 x, .L A ax 'f 1 J I 'J I A l .Q will L ,.. :Q . n A I Q J J L I - ey - -W ' , If X A. v I J! X ' ' ' 2 I J ' ,XJ ,,. it -x u I , . 3 . ' ' , . , . , . . : , , . , . 5 I 1 - Q g . R, v N I :Q - a f I Eng. I rv lr .X. f I.. ,X X . Y, X. -OM fs - ..-L KILAAX 25 wi' SX. f he-. f I x 5 T 'I ' ,, I i I , , FIRST ROW: R. Rountree, R. Rownd, T. Sanders, L. Seigle, T. Seigle, B. Severance, L. Shake, R. Shake, M. Shouse. SECOND ROW: R. Simpson, R. Shreve, A. Smith, B. Smith, D. Stakelbeck, B. Stewart, D. Stewait, W. Stewart, J. Stice. THIRD ROW: G. Stout, C. Straub, N. Strepey, R. Sturgeon, G. Thompson, D. Thornton, P. Tincher, R. Truax, R. Vaughn. FOURTH ROW: B. Virden, E. Walker, S. Walker, J. Wallace, J. Warner, C. Wat- son, B. Westerfield, L. Westerfield, N. Whitehead. FIFTH ROW: P. Young, R. Younge. X, 95 I 5 SEVENTH GRADE PRESIDENTS LEFT to RIGHT: Patricia Ellis, Robert l-lornbuckle, Robert Ebert, Jo Ann Henson, Kenny Floore, David I-Ielsenrad, Greg Blow. 96 L4' I L l V1 K mL 1. Y. Q fi 1.1 A . X C 'Q .V , ' Q 4 Q it 5 4, 2' gf ,,,g ,sf , A. ' f V an f L Qs.. . - - V A ai 5 QL if 5' X L J at Wx 4.5. . . 5 ' X' '-'ii' vs' S' 'F-'J '- . T Ja., A xl - 4. 4 .. .n K.. YJ' E F' - fe . , , " Y. 'Ui 'C' Ctr, - A 2 L Q1 'T 1- sb 1, - J T , ,-1 ' Vx Q., Ax. . 5 "wi K ' D FIRST ROW: J. Adkins, S. Alexander, D. Arvin, S. Bates, A. Bell, R. Bell, J. Blacketer, G. Blow, L. Bricken. SECOND ROW: L. Brinley, J. Britt, C. Brown, H. Burden, M. Burkhead, S. Burnette, S. Burroughs, J. Butler, J. Carey. THIRD ROW: D. Carrier, R. Carson, T. Caswell, C. Caudill, C. Caudill, P. Caudill, R. Caudill, P. Coffie, C. Coldiron. FOURTH ROW: D. Conn, L. Cooper, J. Corbin, D. Cox, R. Crask, E. Crouch, J. Cunning- ham, K. Cunningham, L. Davenport. FIFTH ROW: T. Davis, J. Devine, B. Diebold, R. Ebert, W. Edwards, E. Ekblow, P. Ellis, S. Emmons, S. Ernspiker. SIXTH ROW: S. Ernspiker, E. Evans, W. Fell, D. Finley, K. Floore, T Franklin, M. Fredenberger, R. Gilbert, L. Glenn. SEVENTH ROW: L. Goins, T. Goodyear, B. Graham, R. Groff, J. Groves, L. Gulati, M. Haag, S. Hardin, M. Harrell. EIGHTH ROW: D. Harris, G. Haynes, S. Helm, J. Henson S. Herr, E. Hill, H. Hill, D. Hilsenrad, J. Hoagland. 97 Lf .4 i L" mm' 1 , .f .2 'E . L. A P l me ' ' - " .L 0 . if Q L L ' 2 iv V ir pi Q 'I - V U A . L X D k Q m N ' ' xx - ' Sb bf, , S. 1 yd 'ff 2' L L 5 P QW, X 4, X 5 In v- f A K . .A .. A 9, L. .4 L - km . . 7 -5-T . be 4: . . . - wif -.a ' 5' . S if 'W as A V ., I 3 T X . A A-:au r xt' LQ ', S 7' ii J " , ' "s -is AWN, 53 iff' -ffm 7 '- I at , 'Q' . L- ,I .. R - rx. has f J :J 1 " Q l jd f" -, -'11 --,, , 3 N 'L . Wu' gg f- . . 5 '5 i vs. . ss. 1 Ln .L - t .S f . A ii' 1 K f V VL g if 1 Hx FIRST ROW: G. Holder, L. Holloway, B. Hombuckle, A. Huddleston, D. Huff, N. Huff, J. Hughes, W. Hughes, M. Humphrey. SECOND ROW: B. Isaacs, T. Jenkins, T. Jent, R. Johnson, W. Johnson, P. Jones, P. Kaufman, B. Kel- ler, E. Kiefer. THIRD ROW: G. Kincade, P. King, J. Knight, J. Kurtz, R. Ladd, S. Lanham, L. Lentz, D. Lewis, W. Linton. FOURTH ROW: C. Lockwood, J. Lockwood, T. Lurie, S. McGuffin, D. Mackay, R. Marcum, V. Martin C. Mercer, B. Meyer. FIFTH ROW: D. Mills, M. Miller, C. Minnicle, J. Mohr, S. Moody, L. Moredock, E. Napper W. Nixon, G. Oehler. SIXTH ROW: A. Overstreet, L. Owens, J. Paddock, D. Paris, D. Peavler, R. Pfau, J. Phillips W. Phillips, B. Porter. SEVENTH ROW: M. Porter, R. Potter, D. Quisenberry, C. Reed, M. Reid, C. Reynolds, B. Reynolds, B. Reynolds, R. Reynolds. EIGHTH ROW: T. Reynolds, B. Richard, R. Ritchie, D. Roberts, J. Roberts, S. Rohde, J. Roller, G. Ruedeman, D. Sanders. 98 W 2.21 -- 'V K... W ff O Q X M if " . ' . . . , "' 'fc' ,,, if Q S n 4' a 74 .. f 'lx - W . , I -g. ' FIRST ROW: D. Sanderson, D. Schooling, L. Schumann, K. Shake, E. Shields, R. Shofner, B. Simpson, C. Slaughter, A. Smith. SECOND ROW: B. Smith, C. Smith, P. Smith, S. Snyder, C. Sparrow, D. Stakelbeck, D. Stearman, R. Stewart, J. Sutton. THIRD ROW: R. Swan, C. Sweasy, J. Terbeck, B. Terry, W. Thomas, C. Thompson, D. Thompson, B. Threlkeld, S. Thurman. FOURTH ROW: D. Tichenor, N. Truax, V. Truax, C. Tyler, D. VanMeter, R. VonBleicken, C. Wall, D. Wallace, B. Whaley. FIFTH ROW: B. Wiseheart, D. Workman, R. Wright, T. Young, S. Ziegler. 99 . iii.. . -. M- A SNAPS Back Door L1tt1e Davld was small but oh h h my' Guess who? Busy day busy day Steady now Th.1s way please Look's fme from here' Good fnend? . '14-,-,.. I ,-,....,-- 1 L... pk'-,,... ? -vs Q5 Q00 NW :if , NW" 520' 93' 609' x0 ae 'Y to Ysoe P0 ,ezwxxe QQOKOV, Q29 BETA CLUB FFICERS From LEFT to RIGHT: Mrs. Collings, Advisory Dean Parks, Treasurerg Miss Farris, Advisorg Johnny Montgomery, First Vice Presidentg Lois Duckworth, Second Vice Presidentg Stuart Riley, Presiclentg Vivian Evridge, Secretary. 1 may f O xe ao I A8023 2 X was slice 60' If-view Pfoqfou age: ' egg. ll' dl K ph QI. Committee Chairmen: Ralph Luker Vivian Evridge Betty Lou Farmer Mike Stewart Johnny Montgomery C27 K 4' N '- s . 'Q -'O ew, if X Ns 1 W i5'Re 5 . . 1.-.-.-.--I-F X WAP' f Q .3 ,147 with K Hf , f. f s Q ,. 4 7' if ., ff' 4, . . rf .5 W .LJ ,: ' ', 'jj If , J, ,-9 Af, gf , L ,.' Virfll Y A A' if' .." j- .'w,,, ' T' fyiff' F ,' J." W? M iw. A ,A 2? .42 .Q vo -1 as N., . n n f X wx 5. U if Xgljgg . fc 0 m....4 KN 33 if ,M 63 . Aflf M SP 1: ,,N 'S ij V 1 k X vfl I 5 X E! 4 Q I 415' its Q Rf 'Q -if 1 Q41 "ff ff if N. .N . 9 V mzgw 7,5 unf- gn., u.:Q All ,,:. .,'., .U H. 4511-f .H ..- ffw 53 1 it ., vga' 1 ,. , lf. m 1-'.?,,, -A .1 u",n 5 4 if wwf '- A ., 1341...-,, , ,su-n.. ' 1, 'v 2:3355 at 'v ff 1" Q U' W' 331 N j' 05 in " I F,-0.33 ' H 's.f.'Q' Q gif t 41' 1' N I an Q ff-Q ,gh 1' YGUTH SPEAKS Senior Board Member, Sharon Chenaultg Sponsor, Miss Roeder. Members: Jack Koenig, Sandy Bieling, Richard Crunkleton, Barbara Weisser, Billy Crouch, Stuart Riley, Stuart Stinnette. Sponsors: Mrs. Lanye Wigginton and Mrs. Margaret Ripley L1-":' DZ LIBRARY CLUB Z' .3 .4 DRAMATICS CLUB M f, SPOnsors: Miss HumPhrey and Mrs. Lund X 'YHESPIANS Miss Humphrey, Sponsorg Lana Ellis, Presidemg Arlene Isaacs, Vice- Prcsidemg Rosalie Church, Secretary-Treasurer. TH ESPIAN CLLI B A 1-f4..s,,, W.. 'WJZM' , , 3 ,-N1 f ,, 44.4 y 1: iw' 44 W Q64 V ,Mfg .5 m . JEQ 1 x U il- QU 1 115-if , L J ' xv 'R' Q mf 1 52 5' f 'A ffxA ,' I!! 'HQ' nh, ,. X H, .5 x 'WEE' -fx: 21' EQ, f EVM' 1 7 , M FZVSQQQW? 'Qfwivfffgi' ' WNX ww LM. W ami' 4 N ........,,,,... V Q5 , , .f,x P. W . 'YQ 3 Q Vg f .215 I ws.. :FMNE 3 f A-, , -px Q 1 s . :if H ff P W ,R fi? J , if 15 f --U' ds AA: F2 vw A Q,- -fir-AZ R ANNU L STAFF T C Copeland Paul Carr Kaye Morgan Sarah Jo Dy Marrlyn Mason V1v1an Evrrdge Dean Parks Charla Marcum Ralph Luker Jack Taylor Ruth Mc Teague Judy Fredeuck Marlot Hays Mrs Kay Hardy Faculty Advrsor 110 Edrtor m Chlef Busmess Manager Edrtor Edrtor Ed1tor Ed1tor Ed1tor Ed1tor Layout Semor Class Class L1tera.ry Sports Art Sales Manager Photographers Typrsts THE TIGER GAZETTE Member of the Qulll and Scroll And Columbma Press Assocxatlon 1S a pubhcatxon of FERN CREEK HIGH SCHOOL Fern Creek Kentuc Ann Wynn Ecutor m Chxef Peggy Welsh Busmess Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Sharon Brown Make up Edrtor Sharon Chenault News Edxtor Judy Sands Specxal Feature Ed1tor Judy Test Orgamzatron Ed1tor Tom Greenwell Joe Klme Sports Edltors Evelyn Yancey SOCIEQI Edrtor Sharon Stuaenberger Faculty Reporter Marty Banta, Carl Rertze Exchange Edrtors Eva Stewart Staff Photographer Reporters Judy House Llnda Mundy Susan Danrel, BObb16 Borders Maxme Croxton, Arm Taylor, Joyce Alvey Judy Green BUSINESS STAFF Judy Swanson Drstrrbutron Manager Lxz Rhea Sales Promot1on Manager Betty Lou Farmer Advert1s1ng Manager Mrs Kay Hardy Faculty Adv1sor TIGER GAZETTE STAFF Cuv- fv Fi- 'W-4' a"' .v"' Q". .1 so o T 1 ..g-- .0U"i .055 I.. . ., .., .fy .Ma .QP . . 00' .- ,o6' ,pqw , Qs gs. The Projection Club is designed to aid in visual and audio-visual education in the classroom. The club is spon- sored by Mr. George Pendergrass. PROJECTION CLUB QUILL A SCROLL The Fem Creek chapter of the Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society was installed last year. Mrs. Kay Hardy is the advisor and the 1958-59 officers are: Ann Wynn, Presidentg Dean Parks, Vice-Presidentg Gail Rietze, Sec.-Treas. , ,Maw . Xi 'r I z .v- 'E ak' , .- "T -..... 1 Z la? V 1 N 'W H, A 'iv ' s 3 '.', 1 Q 14 fa., gb x?l 5' v rsvl H44 rf: 2 Q f' I ,J U 4' H v N I sae 3 gr sf' 0 4 rp' 'u S 'WV ' 1 X - 1 s. 1 1 ..""'2 iff so-"6" I Z' 94' fs' I bf: 4 a 9 "Ja, , v l X 'V 5 3 1, 15 tg! if at XQI 3 . . 5 n , 3. W ,. ,. , Q . 1 f , 1 r 4 ll ,f F X! an mv: S' Q , Y I Vl,b'tV. .I nip :,, 11' 4' R A sf'--M his - , ,dv if ,tx X X Q 4 -.05-'X' A '- c Richard Crunkleton and Marlot Hays, Drum Major and Drill Corps Leader. 1' X DRUM MAJORETTE From Ll-TT to RIGHT: Mardel Black, Joyce Cooper, Peggy Karem, Rosalie Church, Peggy Barnett, Colleen Carter Angel Wiggington, Lou Ann Williams, and Betsy Rymer. v 1 v y Y 1 Mr. Thomas Walker, Director FERN CREEK HIGH SCHCOL BA D They went to Mardi Gras. .1 rdf! 's C-'T HAH I 3434 JYY M ' . N, H , ax is A. . .ve 85, I . ut! , "'L', "' We fi:-5'-Q M F Q M A , f" "-' ' ,. .,,, Q as sing ? LA? , Z 6 ga :dia Q Af f if Q Q 5 5 t 3 V , A, 6 i Q Af Q w V W 2' r ,. 5 .I 1- 2- 3 -1 W "" AY., i as A k,,,, 1 'S t 1 4" ,z,s 'A qw' I V JM Q W. A-wg gi A -2 A ff ff 0 '24, 2- J' 25,,,,Q ff' ' 'JQjQ4j2""f1 w , . i v f ' vw '79 'Q wa, 'Mx qw QQg , Kay .513 , - M, , ,, V A 'grave-v1""'f Y., , A 4 A -if ' 47' Q, , ' - "-1: r, t ,111-I ' ,gg 5 A uf.,K f'1,fgr:ff'f. fegiglg :L-'GI-1i,,4 -. , 4 v3 ww - www vf- uf' , 9'wf"' ' ' V- ' M -, ,Y A f-'j,3r4r,?,,f 503, ,-.J e,-3, LA,-.4 ,., ,,,,- , , wt, , ri.: KW ?Vh:f5,Rl4 !Ng'-V? - BA - 179-s.:m., 1 km' 4' 5, Q, .4 1,1 p f 1 12 :Q N .gggmywi ugh 44,3 ,,, V1 .,w4.- ,ihyfzfkh ' , - ip, g J., , ,lpgj.f,,if ,M 1,-in wg-5 gif., Kc2.?,,7,5-1 y mmm. - -.- - fy ,, f' L'-, W "W-14 J- N N I. .-- '. ,, Ng' U-- ' ' f.. L22 m EL'-' ,.Q .re-FE Lfwifrfpffx,-4 4- V, 'Q' f . y:f"T--' f3.,,"42,wf f Qffsf- fi-1, ,I-I 1-- 'f'S5Y-1 -wwf'-'-2 if-f wr-,.,',. . '?Q f'S1, f , A" ' 1 -'fm 2 ' 4if'7Sf"'f5v'iiiv:1!5lfi'f?3.v'.2f,4 -41.4 . -ff, h ,wfyg - Q ,qi 'Vis-,,,i,,--,1.gs, s AM, J-iq Ax. thtym ,. rii,.,i,,-5,944 ,, 2. Q ,r 1 Q l 3,1 3 1 gh ' Q 'af 'ir 4- V, f, T' .1 -,L 17, 4 ' I ,N '4 1- 44,5 Aa X , . .954 l ,.gA-- A . M ,J vw.. -M-4 '-ff '-wfvff ,- f-W-gif? -'Y +'1'11- fwf ,K ,HV f V. -1'-.l - ,J - -. -" - - '- ' . . v ff 2 'Q 'Q' y B. 3 i f 1 9 ! 1 'ffefsfauvii Emgn MAWMIQN Allin- 15 '. , 9 A NK F- Q. sf, GG? fm? I ' fi, ! 1 i mx Sill B 1 1 Til: ' ll , w, if r , I hm Wx' K 1 ss-f'..F'wr'3 Inq K avi .Z ' 4 x v Yjjitjiim aL 59 8' 'xw 1 ..", X f fi ,, .' ' 'SV ' X 425' 4 47,0 Sophomore Float Jo Jo Zukowskl Sophomore Canchdate We Senior Float Patty Le she Semor Cancll date rx Freshman Float Jody Rxxman Freshman Candxdate Wmner of Float Contest L 'R Qu111 and Scroll Banquet 4 Thzs 15 your 1 e Mxss Garrett 4 wx Ho Hum Prom '57 Senxor play practxce 7 w , tx I V ,fx x Q Q 1, , Q . , ,Q . 'l. f L61 ' I ffifif 'Y 5? W W 'mLf4.'Ln.. a ' Diva if ar - ruff F Je, ygmi . o s " .. "' ,... 1-- """' my -.5 A 4 , MW 1...q-9-..,.4.,,,-,, Y ,MCL AHQwW..,,,, '1 - MW 'sq f , "x , 9 ws , JJ' ' 4 X 'Q 6 'Q V' i' L J Y :H C A 'H ' v . . . ' 3 xi f' lr gn, . ,., ,, rw. .,,. woven. 1 'ks 'ao A , . . . , " -1 Q 1 Q . I M3 I 'L M' ' 5 '1 2 u , . 2 J. 5 ' 3 ' 4 . v ' 'Y , z-3 Y I 1'.-O P -s 5 v ' "- ' Q V 1.443 - '1 3 3 1 'I Q I 1 3 'B 1 m 1 1 1 1 '1 61 m 1 n A . 'J?f" I, LU I . , f - . vf I W H "'fvf'f1Nm1 f if ' ' ' --,L 15' 1 Yi :ZW 'wi 1- 4 W my. , , 2 ..,.,.-.i fwfxf, 32 L 1 wa.: N411 7 in vig!! M, y v, . M, ,f 47,-,H 7-W7 VW' 272 WWW Wg? ,W 7,4 K ,, ' xi-. sijx. 'agywd .,,: ,,f,Yfl,H,,zx,,,2,?,. M .Hy 'W . 3, , . f -. . G Q' U, - J ',,Q1.., .L h .., , . 1' -.-. A, 1 ,- f"i"w'f F", "" ,, ,, 141 41, V ,- ' 1 -4 K M' . 1 1 - 1 ., ' N , , 2 4 , 4 Q 1 I L . 3. ,' ' 5 x O - l ' 0 . 0 ."s 1 ' 5 ' :V ' A 'Q A-'g,g., ga - ' tw---1, -Ve. A - ., , . .V - F- '5.- . -H' . . v f 'ik .- y V v ,4 . . . , MARY BRENDA LOIS KAY N ORENE FRANKIE SCHMID VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 126 'V JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 4 -Y A ' qi 4 JL , , , ,,-' 1 f W' Jr fa T , 'Q' I, ,. ,ya .1 , I , 15 Q T V ini , I N f Mi 'Q if . ' ' A , - 'Ts Z , - i ' V -' . ,J 12. 'WST ' , , , 'QW """f5 W . K 1 1. 1 A y " ai " 1 Q J ff -li' 5Z"f'55ff ' K' 3' 1 . , Y, 5- nr- 1 ' A -' A H Wa ,, 5 1, :5 ' , ff 5 Mg 5 fi M, , 1 E L f f 4 WL. 1, ,Q , ,L B ,V ,gm . W6 W ,R W, f ,L lx. if ' , sg , 4 i A . Q., 4 - 'Q 1, 3 W, W 35 254 Q P . 5, 3? can 'avi if- f A 1 ,E ,S if y - 1' 5 ,w ' k. fs I .Q f J wf ,- 1 aff" gm' I 5 .fs ,. f If ' Q ff Ez n V f V QJQS1 1, ss, L5 5 5 , , , 0 V , 'll . v Q if 1 1 I 4 . Q 1 if 5 0 ARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Sept. 13 F.C. 18 Sept. 20 F.C. 6 Sept. 27 F.C. 18 Oct. 4 F.C. 14 Oct. 11 F.C. 7 Oct. 18 F.C. 12 Oct. 25 F.C. 0 Nov. 1 F.C. 6 Nov. 8 F.C. 20 ... -. ... .- ... no Q.. .- .-. .- ... nf n.. -Q ... .- ..n .. K.M.I. . . Valley . . Shawnee . St. Joseph Eastern . . Trinity . . Southern . Atherton . Butler . . . STANDING, From Left to Right: Jim Whitis, Richard Humphrey, Eddie Cleary, Walter Larmee, Billy Mitchell, Bill Hess, Ronnie Wil liams, Bob Rose, Bob Curtis, and David Haxrod. KNEHJNG: John Huggins, Jim Floore, Tom Duffy, Jim Burkhardt, Bill Speer, Lynn Coe, Bob Jackson, and Bob Cox. Assistant Coaches and Managers: From Left to Right: Ronme Caddie, Mr Reynolds, Mr. Milkovich, and Arnie Vine. ,FI . Q, mf ,f 'fifgf ,5 ,, Q fl, ,, iff f nw' 1, nf 1 4 v Q f It , t ,ff w, , fr' L, 1 1, 'n ,rv ,' 4, ?wkrQf C-i'x,Lg,', , 'fix' v Af' ' Y 526 N 0? 3' QE x , 62135. ' f 'Q , ., 1, ,,,. I A gl, JU X, 7, L- " 452 , 3 , 4,1 if 5 T: 5 3 :gf 'A af 'L 1, . ' ,L 5 .st -. A ,, Q Q af L, b , 4 A V 1 ,f 5 I . I 9. Q 1 P f J 3, , A, 1 ,' f 535 ,. r 'Lf',ja ., J , n af, w 1 W4 A , H., ,f.-'nav , ,. , is ., ,fg,,,,ff ff J. ,gli ,-'.v -.,Lk y If L , fn 1 ' XM' v , 4.-' ,av ' 1 ,A K 1 Q 4' 1 Rf. o-was ,, W! -,x f Q my -ai A -ww i. . ....,w....,,a .fun-fr. i , A. :WW ,aan ,Q ff . I 'L -Wr- Q A , H - W., 4 1 y 1 fy N, km' V. - . 41? Q- .Lg , fi we ' ' 4- f. .,.g,.,, , Y5 .' In n fi' X va' W EE. ! fp i , . 'Q I J 5 'WI I ..- i X Vx .1 ,aff w' w "":4f 'tw 1 Ya.. Hia Juni' ,I . V' - . WY Q L fS g.. . 'VB E .1 ! ,Tw Q' waquuuuxur Lylw. ar W . 'Pip ff , f U , I fy ,3sf:f'i2ifM, ' f .,v,f.'m','i L-wp Hg.. Az 4 ' W- . gk ,af ,K . A ' at 7 Q. " 1 'X' 1'!wm"' .QNz : d k WE, 4 4 f VJ' M. .R 'menu u-su ...f-.H V ,fps-an Y-'sn , , , I ' 4 - ,. 1 , W. , Rm we NW f , ,, 'S ,, .1-A, ei ggi? x Q, Q., ,Y A, 1 mm ww, ,MV , ' QW K K "5 -'www A 'Q ,, fx A - ,f ,, y,. S, 1"-.aaa J. 1 R5 if, , f, 3" A, 5 ' 'F v 1 'H Y I A , , . 5 H . I ,ff K, , 1, 4. . , ' I-5 E' ' if V J 4.4 -.,,, W ,gy , ' ff? " J Af? iw 1 'Q' QF' i 'Umm fi. px 3, Football Queen Kay Norene Football Princess Marilyn Shouse 190 A 2 .1 X9 xg Ka' "gi g xp E' 'i 'ivxvxpg ' J N71 , Q. 'H' X X QNH V 5251 it f 6 i,Qsw5Lal?W r?g5Wf Avlmg . x J IQ! . ' 35, "fA! I EQ ' Wx , , x 5' -'fi 5 tx f A 1 fl , I l x V M - -.NW V N, L '-Q... QQHN. ' ' -.1 -rw ? A 703 gf A mwk X I N I Vtvfy Q M W ""'m'1W"i'i""" '- 'Y , 11: if ' X' 1 g , 11, W f, J fl Mg A Q HV E ,V,.: t f 1 yr E Ma lx A ' 1 X bi V- . N Zi .5 ,IX gin V52 W -.,,,!. ? 2' as i N-'ul hi ml ,MJ-1 9' ,I v J 4 X136 Y 'ESQ ,Y ff. il - Tigers on the Hardwood . . . . . .Against St. Xavier and Butler A l , , 4 5 , 4 . swf .vwl 'W 3, U y 4 L ' 6 1 , X + 'E' 5 ff Q 3 V 2 Y A Z4 A 'N 1 4 V,., , , ' X ., 'fs ' v I ,,mfxu,p4,,m0,4l1 I A ' :VM 4 -.A,,,,M,M,..f A, ww, ? .. nw: , fi 57 uv, ' -Aff-Ir, . , .fn 'gf f"f',, 1 ,gi f2's'g' -1 2 X ,4 :ifilj-. 3454212 1 j f ,, egfgzqa ::f:+g.i32g f 1 : 21if.5'f..,r tk if5..i5EfQif5!f2f4Q:22 'f 3 3 if ? X151 ' 3 1 I.:..i:2E Q . It f Q 51,15 fl: " , , N J x ,-gk -. .. if '1 4 ., ,lg 5 -1' .V ,je f ,L .A ,ii ij A .Q Km K , 3 :V Q QQ: vi R12 H5 an gf 4 , 1- , , r . r 1 'H 1 YQ, 3,945 , , y .nh .Q W , ,A ,K mmf if K"E:',-5 x A ' U. x I I Gr 'ff' J, , ,Z 'IS E 3' iii Qi w rgewa 'filfiiu Mm, is if - , 5. I,1f'4,.' . 'A,,:'A4 a f W xfi-x'!fij,2ai'2t',XSQf .YV 4 ,4- 51 . gf wit - f Xig ni? I ' 1-f -'10 'il l ll Xl ,Q ig' li! f t f - N I M 'gn ,JT ' SM M pp-v-J 0 .- .ml fr X Q 'TU 1 r E I 'E gf G- ED .Q ' 'Q' Q' 'VV ...I vcd , LA 5,3 Q ,V mg .. iii" A 1 K , , s I fzfwllnqg-ww , fm?-li 93" In ,, I. 1 'c X ef' K K W: v ' - E-3' v f ZF, - 355538 f0.1a.mwf:v?-W 4 , I 54? . , 5 ' Q Q PR , nk. ww Qi Y SNAP YEA State Runner -up Satisfied ???? Mr. Pittenger Most Valuable Player , f I . Hi 4 W V, Fight Fellows! ! ! 1'rGER5 BEAT fi IT Q: They did ! 2 :Li A job well done. L.. . ff' 1. Body Beautiful-Greenwell ?.."" l ww 'Q- 'Q .45 45 Jim Blincoe -- "What did Ann Taylor -- "No John Weber -- "I didn't do you expect me to dow comment. " it!" ,A ...K , ' 1' J' Q-..-'H W A ' , Qgaxs. WSF, y, 'f :fn ' QW 41-r,:w's' ' .f.m,,5i we.. v iia'i-Hut: Lillian Russell -- "Don't you like Ralph Luker -- "Tex" A Judy Osborne - my Kittyylv Lols Duckworth vryou big flirt!- --"How's the climate up there?" if fa' 52 ll Judy House -- "Just 'I 'fl Jean Branum -- "Come to Alberta Schindler -- lgetvgg, I me ....... " "You wanna fight?" horse 5 n 40 Marlot Hays -- "I'm such a good girl . . ." Judy Swanson -- "Could this be a Barbara Lowry -- "Well . . . you don't say?" future Miss N America?" Jackie McClellan -- "It's cold out here." Danny Renkes -- "Don't I look cute?" Ruth McTeague -- "Oh . . . that's what you al- ways say." Susan Daniel -- "l don't want to. " Y Anne Brown -- "He said what?" Jim Duncan -- D P rks -- "I'm . eriizngssedn ,, 149 "Who said that?" Stewart Lovelace-- "His goose is cooked." Donnie Sidebottom -- "Angel . . . for 5 minutes." It is the year 1978 and Republican president Ralph Luker IS choosing stalwart courageous young men and women to establish a colony on the planet Mars The day of the rocket launching has arrived and at the space station the chosen men and women are ready to board The station rs clustered with reporters interviewing these space pioneers Among the newspaper reporters we see Judie House and Joyce Alvey These reporters are interviewing some of the famous people making this trip First there is Judy Test star of stage screen and television and with her is her husband Tom Duffy coach of the Cleveland Browns Jean Branum who has sung her way to fame is also making the tri Businessmen Paul Carr Jack Taylor William Elder and David Stout have put up money for the burldtng of this rocket Next interviewed is Stuart Riley owner of the rocket He tell us that the rocket was designed by Pat Mattingly and built by Jack Baraket Dick Powell Jim Blrncoe Lynn Coe T C Copeland Bill Cosby Tony Drewry Jack Sossoman Robert Black and James Emly all big names in the engineering world they have been assisted by mechanic James Keating Larry Schindler has remodeled a Ford engine to propel the rocket The pilot and co pilot of this fabulous craft are Eddie Hoag land and Cecil Logsdon Diane Coldiron Quentin Crane and Dudly Robertson stand by to make sure scientific operation goes smoothly Of course doctors will go and Tom Barr world renowned surgeon is accompanied by his nurses Nancy Badgett Jean Ernspiker Sandra Long and Linda Noel. Dr. Stewart Lovelace with assistants Dick Lutz and medical technologist Marilyn Sherr is checking equipment and making certain nurses Judy Rasner Alice Smith Linda Broyles Eva Stewart and Roberta Stone aren t taking any excess luggage. Johnny Huggins is giving everyone s teeth a last minute check his private secretary and Nurse Marlene Safer is handing him the instruments. Dr. Mahoney is also seen boarding the rocket with little black bag in hand. Teachers Jean Bailie Martha Banta Ellen Bryantg Janet Em- bree Martha Burn Vivian Evridge Betty Lou Farmer Joe Kline Barbara Lowry and Lois Duckworth are going to impart knowledge on this new outpost. The log of the rocket will be kept by Bobbie Borders. The prospective Mars All -Stars will ofcourse be coached by Jack Koenig Ronnie Roberts and Danny Renkes. They will be accompanied by sports writer, Bob Smith. To make the passengers comfortable, rocket hostesses Linda Ries, Mary Brinley and Sarah Winges are prepared for the long journey. 150 A LOOK I TO THE FUTURE Of course they ll need an rnterpreter rn case there are an berngs about and Ruth McTeague rs the chosen one To keep the group happrly enterta1ned Susan Danrels and Delrnda Suvers w1ll perfrom rn the nose of the rocket mghtly They have Just graduated from Larry Hartman s dramatrc school To negotrate w1th the Martrans drplomat Lrz Rhea wrll be on the scene Space unrforms wrll be desrgned by Janrce Schwegler and modeled by Joyce Mohlenkamp whose corffure has been styled by Ann Haag As we examme the store room we frnd Dons Brschoff Anne Brown Judy Headden Dorrs Kaufman Marrlyn Cahoe Maxrne Croxton Jean Duff Mrldred Cornwell and Judy Frederrck effrcrently labelrng boxes of supplres and m1ll1ons of tooth brushes Lawyers Steve Strepey and Ken Taylor accompan1ed by therr secretarres Bobbre Jenmngs and Jane Lloyd are talklng bus1 ness w1th Joe Steuerle who rs the new presrdent of General Motors To add to the confuslon trucks keep commg 1n w1th supplres from farmers Floyd Robertson B111 Speer and Jack Frrst Bob Jones has come all the way from Hunt1ngton West Vugrnra to sell msurance to prospectrve passengers He 15 gettrng keen competruon from B111 Thatch Shrewd Fred Seewer IS sellrng parachutes w1th every polrcy Also selhng IS Donnre Srdebottom who rs offerrng cheap lots and even cheaper funeral servrces Jerry Gardner playboy deluxe rs strollrng among th1s mass confusron and gazmg at all the women He has gamed a reputatron far and w1de as a thrrty second lover Br1ghtly colored posters and brllboards publ1c1ze th1s event the person puttmg them up IS none other than Davrd Sympson successful advertrser The radro crew consrsnng of Ed Vogl Don Davtds and Donald Hewrtt are rn conference rn the radro room attemptrng to uncross battery wrres and glue a knob on the set The Job 1S too much for them and they are forced to call rn engmeers Doug Jarret Bob Mansfreld Dean Parks Jrm P1ke and Bud Wunderlrch who also f1nd the Job a drffrcult one Brtter m1ll1ona1re Joe B1g81OW has made certarn that teachers Marrlyn Mason Evelyn Yancey Jackre McClellan Kaye Morgan Lrnda Mundy Judy Osborne June Ruby Ramona Suchsland Judy Swanson Sharon Stutzenberger and Ann Ta lor have been placed rn the last stage of the rocket whrch rncrdently drops off when the rocket reaches the frrst rono sphere Medrcal mrssronarres Eleanor Porter Donna Reynolds and Jeanetta Bowles wrll be of great servrce rf there are any berngs on Mars Wtth them wrll belrm Floore whohasjust graduated from the semrnary They try to persuade Peggy Welsh to accompany them but she has already decrded to be a home mrssronary l , . . y , . 1 Y' .51 There rs one small holdup engrneers Jrm Duncan Doug Herald Dale Hettrnger and Jeff Searcy can t seem to get the unrque door latch on the rocket open but results are expected very soon Bob Jackson 1S gorng wrth hopes of burldrng a space savrng one room 600 story house Almost as confrdent rn hrs hopes rs Bruce Planeaux who has grven up hrs Job as chref gardener of Smokey Mountarn Natronal Park to Jorn the party rn order to study plant lrfe Accompanyrng hrm IS Agrrcultural worker Ronnre Vaughn and Lee Webster forestry worker They are gatherrng data from Jrm Brown Agrrcultural County Agent They are havrng drffrculty talkrng because some Arr Force planes keep buzzrng the freld Why rt s Madelrne Potts June Moms and Tom Proctor who have Just recerved therr Sergeant s str1pes George Hardrng Bobby Brown and Kenny Dennrson mrllron arres are takrng secretarres Katherrne Truex Carol Tomes Joyce Oehrle Glenda Ulery and Pat Walsh to help them establrsh a JOHN BERESFORD TIPTON servrce for unhappy Martrans Paul Wesley 1S gorng rn order to start the f1rst Kroger Company charn whrch he now owns w1th hrs assrstant Barbara Cundrff Sharon Chenault rs excrtedly antrcrpatrng the thought of settrng up the frrst Y M C A on Mars CYoung Martrans Chrrstran Assocrat1on"'7J Along these same lrnes Jrm Burk hardt 1S gorng as the coach for a grrls football team It s fascmatrng work rf you can get ll Sarah Jo Dyer and Marlot Hays psychologrst and gurdance counselor are psychoanalyzrng Dell Maners now playrng wrth Brooklyn Dodgers and pharmacrst Edwrn Garlbreath They are attemptrng to frnd out why they are makrng thrs trrp con tendrng that all passengers must certarnly be maladjusted As launchrng trme draws nearer and nearer the crowd of spectators grows larger and larger they have to be held back by an offrcer of the Natronal Guard J1m Swan In thrs crowd we see many happrly marrred couples Famrlrar faces too Judy Baynham Lou Ann Wrllrams Sue Brooks Sharon Brown Gall Greer Earleen Emery Joyce Geary Judy Green Betty Hatfreld Donna Helm Jackre Helm Claudra H1bbard Nancy Hughes Judy Johnson Marrlyn Straub Pat Leslre Brenda Mrller Barbara Parker Joan Potts Anlta Reed Alberta Schrndler Mary Lou Curtsrnger Carol Harrrs Jane Young L1ll1an Russell and Becky Schroeder who rncrdentally has four chrldren now 152 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 , . , 1 . . . , . - 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 . . . , , 1 1 1 , . 1 1 , . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Pat Forsee chess champron of the world and Bob Thornton pool champron of the world refuse to board the rockets untrl they decrde who holds the greatest trtle Larry Mrller Carol Rabberh Joe Lleary and Beverly Colvrn are hunung for occupat1ona1 theraprst Brenda Mrller ard to the presrdent They are out of Jobs and need advrce Eurrth Hams who formerly held a posrtron at the Frrst Natronal Bank has escaped wrth confrscated funds rn order to set Brll Chelf up rn busrness as a toothprck manufacturer and what would hfe be wlthout toothprcks on or off Mars? l see that Electrrcrans George Vogl and Charles Ruckrregel have gotten the radar fmder workrng so rt should be only mrnutes before the launchlng gets underway Mrmsters John Weber Drck Crofts and George Mercer hold the last servrce as the hot Ford engrnes begrn to warm up Nurse Ann Wynn consoles frustrated parents and relatrves who are farntrng left and rrght Darlyne Young socral worker has followed Drcky Whrtaker Wrllram Rogers and Tommy Frances to the rocket statron strll hoprng to reform them They s1mply brush her off and vow to be the frrst bums on the planet Comptometrrst Pat Mahler rs standrng besrde the rocket w1th her machrne countrng the people that board whrle Phyllrs Haag executrve secretary to plantatron owner Mrlton Ken ducks waves good by to her boss whrle estate owner V1rg1l Botner rs tryrng to solrcrt lots for future estates on Martran sol Bob Karantz head master of Collegrate Un1vers1ty and hrs secretary Vrrgrnra Yancey are attempung to sell correspon dence courses to those leavrng Capturrng thrs hrstorrcal scene on canvas Carol Clark works tnsprrrngly Besrde her 1S author Davrd Robbrns wrrtrng a blow by blow descrrptron of thrs memorable day The trme has come for the take off and band leader Fred Helm rs playrng a rousrng versron of GET A JOB whrle Judy Sands leads the srngrng Tommy Greenwell veterrnarran w1l1 be prcked up rn outer space where he 1S doctorrng Pluto Prcsrdent Luker and hrs sccrctarres Jore Wrlson and Jo Ann Obenhauscr wave as the rocket takes off and yell Good luck and we hope you reach your destrnatron all of you 153 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 . . . . 11 11 . 1 1 11 . . ,, , . A LOQK INTO THE PAST at 1 Remember when our graduates were in Junior High? WE THANK CLIR PAGE SPONSORS . We Sincerely Thank Our Page Sponsors Buechel Standard Service 4015 Bardstown Road GL 8 9213 Fern Creek Grocery Fern Creek, Ky CE 9 3373 Compllments of RV Blrncoe, D M D Lowry Constructron Company 103 Lacarem Drrve Jeffersontown, Ky Complrments of J H Farmer, D V M Fern Creek, Ky Your offrcral School Photographer, Celra Barton Kaufman Straus 427 South Fourth Loulsvllle, Ky Fanell1's Ice Cream 4119 Bardstown Road GL 8 5156 Kuebler's Marathon Statron Bardstown Road 8: Rrchland Avenue Buechel Ky Buechel Barber Shop 3940 Bardstown Road Fernmoor Pharmacy 9 O0 9 00 weekdays 9 00 1 00 Sundays Free Dellvery CE 9 3226 Y'dLbUll pdl! filll JCLVILC Old Shepherdsv1lle fSzBardstown Roads GL 8 9368 Kennedy Realty Company Realtors Insurance Buechel Ky GL 4 4072 Thomas Shoe Repalr 3700 Bashford Avenue CL 8 9227 B 8: C Key Market 2026 Old Shepherdsv1lle Road GL 4 0997 McAfee Funeral Home Buechel Mt Washrngton F1oore's Feed and Coal Jeffersontown Ky AN 7 5133 Kmcaxd Hardware 10513 Watterson Road Jeffersontown Ky Complrments of Sherman Vogt, Jr D M D F1oyd's Fork, Inc Fern Creek Ky CE 9 9285 Collrns Home Supply Bardstown Road Buechel, Ky General Metal Works 1407 Hugh Avenue Loursvllle, Ky Complrments of Farmer's Furnrture Mart Fern Creek, Ky Best wrshes from Fern Creek Pharmacy Hrgh School Headquarters Lawrence T Mrller, Insurn Jeffersontown, Ky , AN 7 5418 Compllm ents of Maurrce Luker Gardlner Lane Barber Shop Gardmer Lane Shopping Center Loursvrlle Ky HIKCS Pomt Barber Shop Taylorsvrlle Road Loursvllle, Ky Complrments of Drs Moore, Rush, and Petty Fr1sch's B1g Boy Taylorsvxlle Road The eatm' treat that can't be beat' The orrgmal double decker hamburger Comphments of Messrs Tom Hughes and Chester Porter Comphments of Crouch's Key Market Okolona, Ky Jeffersontown Pharmacy 10302 Taylorsv1lle Road AN 7 5419 Jeffersontown, Ky Complxments of M C Snrder The Howard E Nyhart Co , Inc Employee Beneflt Consultants and Actuarles 202 Commerce Bldg , JU 2 2953 6:2 1845 Complrments of Horace D Wrlder, D M D r . O O ., . . . , . . . . . . - C6 , - . . , . 1u,.,,.. A ,. c--.:,,- , . u ' l . - , . , . , . SENICDR AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS K 'A ,. ,si. . z EHS! ,,V2 J, -- Q' 555' ' W fa 52515: , W! it I1I!.i1 V-'wb' J4, f 4 qv ei jlf X. LLL 'B " f Q ' " X ' ' 'J' ff' .mfyza ,7 , , x f , k'LX""'-Q K LIU' 1--L. CV' L -.-L . ,-?11,1O LX QLAJJ-4 xl . f Y P 'fl X I Q' Lyn. , Jkt ik B X , ,Ur Q A in

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