Fern Creek High School - Tiger Yearbook (Louisville, KY)

 - Class of 1957

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1957 volume:

,M f W fi 'S if J sm A 1 rl'M Y Aiwa ww K gf 1 Egg? Z V' r In af L WMI 1 7 a 4.-av wwf aww' inn! mu.-mf Hmm WU v w E- was fi 1-ww 3 Q45 V7 , QM- WW af . v 2 W7M"+'uz T W W g, .Y,,,,. Wm? I ' 6 . i., ? 4 7 VM V 4 ,QVQW Mfwwmf 4 ..,..N..--,pm-..W. 3 5 ,. ' V, gym w ZIMSYA si " Y .. A "MMR , W i 44 4 .0 1 M fx 4? -N., "'--.Nm I , ,V W ,NEXN , I I ff, .4 if 5 1 B fx uf' dv Q ws '3,"t'?w ., 1 , Q, nf ' '- sv -, . l Wi if fy L7 1? 7' 'N 1 , we :,,f'm. a+ ,H fw,f,'v: I MF7 4. f W3 ,.-,E ., W 4 5 vi T FW? 'ff 1' M bg -M . Jia' , fw- 1' . 5 A N, an, W ..,.,. .,,,, ' 1 1f1 . is " , 'Msg ,fl W 6 mg?- + ' ' ,Q M .V fig if ,W ' nw wi Q 4451555 2, 71 f Z if M' ,Ns 1 S WJ, . l 0 . gli' L vw ' -,A ' an ' 4 f? " T? gp ,Ui T. ,V ,u QQ f w .J ,, ig -.-1 CONTENTS TITLE PA GE ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS SENIOR.FAXHDRlTES JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHLAEN EIGHTH GRADE ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETES Page Pa ge Page Page Pa ge Page Page Pa ge Page Page Page ' z?55wv If if "wr 1 K 3 pm s. 22' We, the staff of the 1957 "Tiger," dedicate this annual to you, Mr. John Pittinger, athletic director. Mr. Pittinger began teaching in the fall of 1950 in the core department. At this time Fern Creek was in the midst of its greatest growing pains. He joined the seventeen other new faculty members who were quartered in dressing rooms, on the gymnasium floor and in the unfinished portables. He has always taken an active interest in the activities of Fern Creek. He took charge of the Junior High intramural sports program, was membership chairman for the P,T,A. and was one of the delegates to the K.E.A, convention. He has established and sponsored the Junior and Senior cheerleading clubs and in '55-'56 the Varsity Cheerleaders. Track began at FernCreek through his efforts in 1952 and he has succeeded in developing a team which recently gained state rec- ognrtion. Mr. Pittinger hasnow completed his first year as athletic director of Fern Creek and as in all of his past endeavors has done a superb job. He has striven for perfection in all his responsibilities and has always gained his goal. To you, Mr. John Pittinger, the annual staff proudly dedicates this year's publication. 4 F' li, ' . , Q 'Hwy , 55. ,M W .mf K ,vi , 4, administration W, K, NIMAN, Principal LUCILLE BRUCE Secretary to Principal WILLIAM T, KLAPHEKE Assistant Principal in LONNIE GLASGOW Dean of Boys B.S. , Mississippi Stare M.E., U. of L, HELEN HESTER Office Secretary MARION MOORE Dean of Girls 1 1.41.1 ri .S B,s,, U, of L, M,s,, U, of L, 4 5-PQ is RICHARD VAN HOOSE Superintendent of Jefferson County Schools SAMUEL ALEXANDER Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs BOARD OF EDUCATION IOI-IN RAMSEY Assistant Superintendent of County Schools JAMES FARMER Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Seated: Arlis Cook, Thomas Doss, Chairmang Rucker Todd, Member Electg Garland Cochrane Standing Paxton Wilt and Albert Bowen, Retiring Member. O '. S5512 Q., f if Z, 7 551 - V 1' 11 hh I ' 0 I o i:Q x lV'1Y facul MARY LOU BARKLEY B.A. , Beloit College English and Core ELIZABETH BRASHEAR B, S, , Western Ky. Core and Home Economics LOUISE E. BROWN A.B., U. of Ky. English and Math MARY ROSE CAVE A.B. , Georgetown College Health and P.E. GEORGE R. CECIL B.A. , Eastern Ky. M.A. , U. of Ky. Commercial Law and Core MYRNA Cl-IUMLEY B.S. , Western Ky. Home Economics IENNIE L. AGEE A.B., U. of Ky. Core and Math WILLIAM AIKEN B.S. , M.A. , Eastern Ky. Wood and Mechanical Drawing ALLEN ANDERSON A,B, , Georgetown College M,A,, U. of Ky. BETTIE L. ARMSTRONG B, A, , Georgetown College Speech, Dramatics. and English. KENNETH ARNOLD B, S, , Western Ky. Health and P,E. MARGARET M. ARNOLD A,B, , M,S, , Ursuline College Driver Ed. , French and Science MARY W. COLLINGS B, S, , Nazareth College M.A,, U. of L, English EARL LOUIS COLLINS A,B, , Georgetown College Biology and Science GENEVA COOPER B.S. . U. of Ky. Home Economic and Family Living MARY K, FARRIS B, S, , Eastern Ky. M,A,, U, of Ky. Shorthand and Typing GLENDA FOWLER B,A, , Western Ky. Core and World History JOHN R. GERNERT A,B,, U. of Ky. M,S, , Miami University QQ' A SID GUILLEN A,B, , Asbury College History and Spanish BETTY JANE HAAN B,S,, M.A., W. Va. U. Art KAY RIDGWAY HARDY A.B. . U. of L. Core, Journalism. Yearbook WILLIAM B. HOUCHIN B,s,, western Ky. M, S, , Indiana University Health and P.E. SHIRLEY HUGHES B, S, , Nazareth College Algebra and Geometry DORIS HUMPHREY A,B,, U, of Ky. Core and History 'Dk ELMIRA E. McGARY A.B. , Nazareth Math CHARLENE MARTIN B,S, , Murray State M, A, , Peabody College Algebra, Gen. Business, Typing BARBARA S. MAURER B,S,, B,A,, Ohio State U. English and Latin JOHN MILKOVICH A.B.. M.A.: U. of Ky. Core, Sociology and Psychology FAYE K. MORRIS B, S, , Eastern Ky. Bookkeeping and Typing VIRGINIA MORRIS A.B., Kentucky Wesleyan Math and Algebra CAROLYN GREEN HUTTO B. A. , Vanderbilt U. Civics and History MARTHA J. JAY A.B. , M.A. , Western Ky. Music, Orchestra, Chorus WILLIAM F. KOPP A.B. , University of Louisville Math and Physics EMILY LAUKHUF A.B. , Transylvania Geometry and Latin MALLIE LOBB A.B., Ky. Wesleyan Physical Education IO MCCASLIN B. M, E, , Georgetown Music and Chorus BARBARA NIEMANN A,B, , U, of Kentucky English and Journalism RUBY O'MARA A,B,, U. of Kentucky Art GEORGE W , PENDERGRASS A,B, , U, of Kentucky Core and Audio-Visual JOHN S, PITTENGER A,B,, University of Louisville Core and Athletic Director SHIRLEY RANKIN A,B,, U. of Kentucky English and Core WILLIAM T. REYNOLDS A,B, , Eastern Ky. Industrial Arts 'Yi-" K 1 MARGARET Y, RIPLEY A,B,, B.S,, U. of Ky. Librarian ELIZABETH F. ROEDER A.B, , College of Wooster M.A.. Michigan State U. Core and History JOHN D. ROPER A,B. , George Peabody Math and Sociology MARJORIE SANDS A.B, , Western Kentucky English and Core DELMA SCHNELLENBERGER B, S. , Western Kentucky Home Economics HELEN S, SCOTT A,B. . Indiana University English THOMAS WALKER B,M.E. , Murray State M, M. , Peabody College Band WILLIAM T, WEAVER Sam Jose College College of Marin Industrial Arts CYRILLA C. WETHINGTON A.B. , Eastern Ky. History and Core LAYNE WIGGINTON A.B. , Western Ky. Librarian TOM M. WILLIAMS A.B. . Transylvania M.A.. U. of Ky. Core and Sociology ROY WINCHESTER A.B. , Western Ky. M.A.. U. of Ky. Math JO ANN SORRELLS A.B. , Wake Forrest Science and Biology EVA SUDDETH A.B., U. of Ky. English BRUTUS M. TAYLOR A. B. , Georgetown College M.A.. U. of Ky. Science JEAN TAYLOR B.S., U. of Ky. Home Economics B. L. TILLER A.B., M.S,, U. of Ky. Science HALLIE Y. TURNER A.B. , Western Kentucky Geometry, Trig., Algebra NASMI WINTER WILLIAM P. WRIGHT B, A, , Berea College A,B, , Berea College English M,A, , University of Kentucky Chemistry and Math W- li.. ,..,.........,.. iL I . Those rehearsals CAST OF CHARACTERS Carrie ----- Dodo Pomeroy - - live Westman - - Herb Grant - - Bobby Jackson - - PGSSY ""' Phil --------- Charlie Witherspoon - - Stella Carlile ----- Inspector Burke - - Carroll ---- Director - - - The cast - - Judy Foster - Lonnie Hoffman - - Mary Moody - - - Jim Paul - - Ronnie Gist --- --- PatHi11 - - Ronnie Harrington - Lynn Wiggington - - Mary Lou Shely - - - Bill Barnes - - - - Lester Wittenaur Mrs. N. T. Armstrong Opening night , , , Curtain call. L 1 I 11 IOYS il gif - 5 52,457 M iw-us! Left to right: Lonnie Hoffman, Treasurerg Eugene Hinderer, Sergeant-at-Armsg Janice Bischoff, Secretary Jerry Martin, Vice Presidentg John Kercheval, Presidentg Jim Trautwein, Sergeant-at-Arms. "' : mv 'FST SONJA AGE SIDNEY ANDERSON Good News Club 10, 11,125 Cheer- Spanish Club 10: Golf 10: Hi-Y 11: leading Club 9, 10: Hgckey Team Good News Club 12: Tiger Gazette 10. 11. SHARON ANDERSON Cheerleader 11. 12: Tri-H1-Y 11, 12, Vice President: FTA 11. 12, Secretary- Treasurerg Beta Club 11, 12: GAA 10: Cheerleading Club 10, 11, 12: Good News Club 10 11 12 CHRISTINE ALDRIDGE CYRIL ALLGEIR Good News Club 9.10, 11, 12: Allied 4-H Club 9, 10: IRC 11. 12. Youth 10: Red Cross 10: Student Coun- ci19: Library Club 11. WILLIAM BARNES Band 9. 10, 11. 12: GNC 10, 11. 12: Beta Club 10, 11, 12: Thespian Club 11. 12: IUDITH BAKER Teen-Age Club 10, 11, 12: Track 11. 12. ROBERT BARR Transferred Senior Year: FHA 12. JV Basketball 9: Senior Conservation 9: Teen-Age Club 11. I9 ROSELEE BAUER Library Club 11. 12. LESLIE BEST Transferred in Junior year, IANICE BISCHOFF Class Officer, Secretary-Treasurer 9, Secretary 10, 11. 122' Beta Club 10. 11. Secretary 12: Pep Club 93 Cheerleading Club 93 GNC 9, 10, 113 Future Business Leaders 122 Student Council 9, 10. MARGARET BOWSER GAA 93 FHA 9, 102 Good News Club 10, 11, 122 Future Nurses 12. KENNETH BLAIR Cross Country Track 12 NANCY BIGELOW Safety Club 93 Allied Youth 93 4-H Club 10.11, 122 Tiger Gazette Staff 12. 20 ALLEN BLACKETER Track 10: GNC 12: Teen-Age Club ll, 123 Chorus 111 Hi-Y 11. 12, President. JANET BROOKS Good News Club 10, 11. 121 Inter- national Relations Club 11,123 Band 11,l2. LINA BROWN FTA 11. 12: Good News Club 9, 10. 11. 12: Camera Club 10: Cheerlead- ing Club 11: Pep Club 10: Spanish Club 12. .W gr M, , is IENEANNE BURNETTE 4-H Club 9: Good News Club 11. 12: Tiger Gazette Staff 12. 6 . DELORIS ANN CAREY Good News Club 9.10.11,12i Allied Youth 9, 10: Teen-Age Club 9. 10: Cheerleaders Club 9: 4-H Club 10: Tri-Hi-Y 11. HELEN CAHOE Cheerleading Club 9: Beta Club 10, 11, 12: Latin Club 10: Future Business Lead- ers 12: Pep Club 9. KENNETH CAMPBELL Junior High Basketball 9: JV Basketball 10: Varsity Basketball 11, 12: "F" Club 12. WILLIAM TOMMY CAILLOUETTE Good News Club 9, 10. 11, 12: 4-H Club 10, 11. 12: International Re- lations Club: Tumbling Team. DONALD CARRIER Good News Club 9, 10: Tiger Gazette Staff 12: Pep Club 10. BETTY CAUDILL 4-H Club 9. 11: Good News Club 12: Library Club 12: Safety Club 9. '2l 2 ' 'X t :Z . X ,f Q .X r A3 X sf TIMOTHY CLARK Band 9, 10. 115 Stamp Club 10: Beta Club 10. 11.125 Science Club 11,125 Latin Club 11.125 Youth Ambassadors 115 Good News Club 105 Debate Team 115 Chess Club 12. WALTER CLARK Transferred in Junior year. CLINTON COOK Beta Club 10, 11, 125 Band 9, 10, 115 Thespian 11. 125 Latin Club 11, 12. Vice President 115 Speech Club 125 State Speech Contest 115 Science Club 115 Good News Club 10, 125 CRYA 11. PEGGY DEAN Beta Club 10,11.125 GAA 10, 11. 12, Treasurer 11, Vice President 125 Girls' Basketball 10, 11, 125 Girls' Hockey Team 10. 11. 125 Band 10,l1.12. DAVID DOWNING Transferred in Junior yearg Good News Club 11, 125 Senior Chorus 115 Varsity Basketball 11. 125 Baseball 11, 125 Band 11. 125 Teen-Age Club 12. GARY DANIELS Good News Club 105 Sp3I1iSh Club 105 Projection Club 105 Beta Club 11. 125 Football 11. 125 Hi-Y 125 Track 12. 22 MOLLY EDWARDS GAA 9, 10, Secretary 11, President 125 Hockey Team 9, Captain 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, 10 , 11. 125 Student Coun- cil 9, 10, 115 Drill Corps 105 FHA 9, 10, 115 FTA 11,125 Cheerleading 10, 11, 125 Class Treasurer 105 Thespian 11, 12 Allied Youth Secretary 9, 105 Pep Club 105 4-H 9, 10, 115 Teen-Age Club 9, Treasurer 10, President 11. 12. ROBERT DURHAM Hi-Y 11 Vice President, 12 Presi- dent5 Football 11. 12, co-captain. '?,"..T7" JAMES ERNSPIKER Basketball 9, 10 , 11, 12g Teen-Age Club 11, 123 "F" Club 12: Conser- vation Club 9, 10. but SAMMY EYLE Conservation Club 9, 11, 12g Good News Club 10, 123 Latin Club 11: Student Council 11g All State Band 11: Allied Youth 10g Band 9. 10, 11, 12. GERALDINE FARMER Cheerleading Club 9: Good News Club 10, 11, 123 Student Council 12, GAA 9, 10. 11, 12, Presidentg Hockey Team 11. 12: Basketball 9, 10, 11. 12. JOHN FARMER Beta Club 10, 11. 12: Student Coun- CU 11- 12: Track 9, 10. 125 Conser- vation Club 9, 10, 11, Vice President Good News Club 12, MARTHA ELROD Transferred in Junior yearg FTA 12: Tri- Hi-Y 11, 12g Good News Club 11,125 Student Council 12: Annual Staff 12, Teen-Age Club 11, 12: Basketball Queen 115 Beta Club 12: Quill and Scroll 12. HAROLD FISHER Band 9. 10, 11, 12. ,,. Qt?" JUDITH FOSTER Drill Corps 10. 11: Good News Club 10, 11,125 FTA 11,123 Chorus 12. presidentg Beta Club 11, 12: Allied Youth 105 Cheer- CHESTER FUST leading Club 10. Transferred in Junior year. 23 R S E 'f' ff 2 .., S 1 its .1 1 3 MICHAEL GASSAWAY Good News Club 10, 11, 12, presi- dent: IV Football 10: Stamp Club 10: Hi-Y 11.12. LARRY GENSLINGER Varisty Football 11, 12: Track 10. 11, 12: Cross Country 11, 12: Base- ball 12: "F" Club 11. 12. ? JOHN GENTRY Class officer, Sergeant-at-Arms 9. Vice President 10: Good News Club 10: 11, 12: IV Football 9, 10: IV Basketball 9, 10: Varsity Basketball 11, 12: "F" Club 12: Pep Club 10: Teen-Age Club 10, 11, 12: Student Council 12. 1 DAVID GIBSON 4-H Club 9: Beta Club 10. 11. Vice President, 12 First Vice President: Good News Club 11, 12: Speech Club 12: Science Club 11: Latin Club 11. 12: Student Council 9: CRYA 11. 24 BESSIE GOOTEE Student Council 11, 12: Good News Club 10.11, Secretary 12: Teen-Age Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Cheerleading Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Cheerleader 10, 11, 12: Allied Youth 9: Tiger Gazette staff 12. EDWIN GOLDBERG FTA 11,12: Spanish Club 10: Science ll: Youth Ambassadors 11. IEANETTE GOLDBLATT Transferred in Senior year. CWOFATA 12. HENRY GRAVES Student Council 9, 10, Vice Presi- dent 11: JV Football 10: Good News Club 11, 12: International Relation Club 12: Annual 12: Tiger Gazette Staff 12: Track Team 11, 12: Quill and Scroll 12. +. t K JAMES GREGG Student Council 9g Good News Club 9. 10.11.123 Beta Club 10, 11. 123 Allied Youth 10: Latin Club 10, 115 Future Teachers 12, Tiger Gazette 125 Quill and Scroll 123 Teen-Age Club 12. 'Qtr' MICHAEL GRIFFIN Good News Club 12: Teen-Age Club 11: Hi-Y 11. PHILLIP HANNA Class Officer, President 9, 10: IV Basket- ball 9, 10g Varsity Basketball 11, 12g Var- sity Football 11.12, Co-Captaing Good News Club 9.10, Vice President 11, President 12g Beta Club 10, 11, President 123 Student Council 10, 11, 12, Presidentg Youth Speaks Delegate 11. 123 Band 9. IUNE GRIMES Transferred in Senior year. ROBERT GROVES Student Council 10, 11. 12: Beta Club 10 11, 12g Good News Club 10, 11, 12g "F" Club 11, 12, Treasurerg Spanish Club 10, JAMES GUFFEY Transferred in Junior yearg Science Club 11, 12: Beta Club 12. RONALD l-IARRINGTON Transferred in Junior yearg Good News Club 11, 12g Senior Choir 11, 12. ROBERT HAYDEN 11, Hi-Y 11. 12g Annual Staff 12, Editorg Projection 9, 10,11g Chess Club 9, 10. Band 10, 11: Chorus 11, 12, Presidentg Football 10, 11g JV Basketball 103 All State Chorus 12g Golf 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 125 Youth Speaks Delegate 125 CC Track 11, 125 Quill and Scroll 12. 25 3, nr E' 3 fi 3 A JOHN HAYES Band 9, 10, 111 Conservation Club 9, 10. 11. 123 Good News Club 11, 123 Radio Club 103 Science Club 11. 12. EUGENE HINDERER JV Football 93 Varsity Football 10,11, 12: Good News Club 9, 10, 11. 123 "F" cer, Sergeant-at-Arms 12: Teen-Age Club 9, 10, 11, 123 JV Basketball 112 Track 112 Junior Conservation Club 93 Library Club 123 Projection Club 12. ROBERT HECHT Band 9, 10. 11, 123 Student Council 103 CWOFATA 123 Conservation Club 9, 10. 11. 123 Good News Club Club 9, 10, 12: CWOFATA 123 Class Offi- PATRICIA HILL Transferred in Junior year3 Drill Corps 11, 122 GAA 113 Future Nurses Club 11,123 Hockey Team 113Teen- Age Club 11. BETTY HOFELICH Latin Club 103 Quill and Scroll 123 Good News Club 103 Camera Club 11: International Relations Club 123 Tiger Gazette 12. 9, 10, 11, 123 lntemational Relations 12. ti 3 ix s ff? S LoNN1E HOFFMAN Good News Club 9, 10. 11, 123 Cheerlead- ing Club 10. 11. 123 Cheerleader 11. 12, CHARLES HILGERT Captainp Band 9, 10Q Hockey Team 9, 10, PAULINE HOUSE Good News Club 10. 11. 12: PSP Club 11.12, Co-Captain: Baskerbaii 9, 10. 11. Good News Club 9, 10.11, 123 Teen- 103 Hi-Y 123 Teen-Age Club 10, 11, 123 Class Officer, Treasurer 11. 123 Youth Age Club 10,113 Allied Youth 103 123 Pr0jeCIi0Il Clllb 10: Allied Y0l1lh Speaks Delegate 11. 12: Drill Corps 103 Tri-Hi-Y 113 Tiger Gazette staff 10, Teen-Age Club 9, 10. 113GAA 9, 10. 11. 12. 123 Pep Club 9. 26 i SHIRLEY HOUSE Good News Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Teen- age Club 10. 11: Allied Youth 10: Tri-Hi-Y 11: Tiger Gazette staff 12: Pep Club 10. ii- Q X ek: X: JAMES HUNDLEY Transferred to Fern Creek in Senior year. 4-H Club 12. A 47" WILLIAM IANSEN Student Council 9: Beta Club 10, 11. 12: Band 9, 10, 11. 12: Stamp Club 10: Science Club 11, Secre- tary-Treasurer: Latin Club 11. 12: JV Football 10. DARRYL HUGGINS Drill Corp 10.11.123 Chorus 10: Stu- dent Council 9: 4-H Club 9: FTA 12: Pep Club 10: Latin Club 10: Allied Youth 9.10, Treasurer: Good News Club 9, 10: Cheerleading Club 9, 10. JUDITH JOSEPH Transferred in Junior year: Future Nurses Club 11, 12. 111 gs- 1. ,iff I -L as s b.a. ': 'i f '51 + ROSCOE JUMP BARBARA JOHNSON Good News Club 10, 11, 12: GAA 9, 10, 11, Secretary: Hockey 10, 11, 12: Bas- ketball Captain 10, 11, 12: 4-H 9, 10, 11, 12: Cheerleading Club 10, 11: Stu- dent Council 11. 12: Drill Corp 10, 11, Leader 12. ANNETTE KAREM Good News Club 10, 11, 12: FHA 10, 11, 12: Junior Red Cross 9: Teen-Age Club 9. 27 IOE KELLER WILLIAM KYSER CAROL KAUFMAN Senior Band 9: FHA 11. 12g Good News Club 10: GAA 91105 Teen-Age Club 10, 11. ANNE LITTLE Beta Club 12, International Relations Club 12. GAYLE LLOYD Good News Club 9, 10, 11, 12: FHA 9, 10, 123 Future Nursing Club 11. JOHN KERCHEVAL JV Football 9, Class Officer, President 11. 123 Senior Conservation 9, 12g Pro- LARRY LAZAR jection Club 10: Good News Club 10, GLADY3 LLOYD Transferred in Senior year, 11, 12: Student Council 9, 103 Camera Good News Club 9, 10, 11, 12, FHA 28 Club 9, 103 Youth Speaks 11: Hi-Y 11g Teen-Age Club 10, 11, 125 Pep Club 10. 9, 10, 123 Future Nursing Club 11. fo' N6 DAVID LOWE Transferred in Iunior yearg Varsity Football 11, 12, Basketball 12gTrack 12g Good News Club 11,125 Ili-Y 11. JEAN MACKAY Teen-Age Club 10, 11, 12, Good News Club 9, 10, 11p Latin Club 10g Beta Club 10, 11, 12: Future Business Leaders 12. lm X BARBARA MALLORY Drill Corps 10, 11, 12, Good News Club 10, 11, 125 Cheerleading Club 10, 11. s fair: Q55 5 , 1 i iigfsisaffsl JERRY MARTIN Good News Club 11: "F" Club 10,121 Junior Conservation 95 Senior Conserva- tion 11: JV Basketball 9, 10: Varsity Bas- ketball 11, 12, Capzaing Varsity Baseball 10, 11, 12g Class Officer, Vice President 10,11,12g Teen-Age Club 125 Annual Staff 123 CWOFATA 125 FCIT Tourna- ment Team. DOLORES MAYER Annual Staff 125 Quill and Scroll 12: Beta Club 10, 11. 12: FTA 123 Student Council 9, 123 Pep Club 9, 10: Good News Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Library Club 9: Future Business Leaders 12. BONNIE MATHERLY Good News Club 10, 11, 12g Safety Patrol 93 Tiger Gazette 125 Allied Youth 10. IUDITH MATHYS Beta Club 10. 113 FHA 10, 11, 12: Junior Red Cross 9. K ROBERT MATTHEWS JV Basketball 105 Varsity Basketball 11, 125 Baseball 12. 29 HAROLD METCALF Conservation Club 9, 10, 115 Teen- Age Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Pep Club 9. ROBERT MEYER Conservation Club 9. 105 Track 11, 125 Spanish Club 105 Teen-Age Club 11, 125 Good News Club 10, 11. 125 International Relations Club 115 Student Council 105 Library Club 125 Tiger Gazette 12. GARLAND MILLER Football Manager 9, 105 "F" Club 10, 11. 125 Senior Conservation Club 9, 105 IV Basketball 105 Teen-Age Club 11. 121 30 filF"i MARY MOODY Good News Club 105 Allied Youth 105 Pep Club 105 CRYA 9,10,11,125 Chuckles 9, 105 French Club 125 Inter- national Relations Club 125 Drill Corps 10, 11, Captain 125 Beta Club 12. KAY NIMAN Transferred in Junior year. Good News Club 11. 125 FTA 11, 125 Cheerleader Club 11,125 Cheerleader 125 Drill Corps 115 Tri-Hi-Y 115 Teen-Age Club 11: Pep Club 12: CWOFATA 12, Presidentg Annual Staff 125 Youth Speaks 11. 125 Quill and Scroll 12. .FERRY MILLER Class Officer, Vice President 9. WILDA MINDELL Safety Club 95 Junior Red Cross 95 Chorus 11. 125 FHA 105 Speech Club 115 Library Club 125 International Relations 125 CRYA 11.12. MARY MONSON Transferred in Junior year5 FTA 125 International Relations Club 125 Good News Club 125 Teen-Age Club 125 Beta Club 12. VA, N f 'QE-uf' M, CHARLES NIREN ROBERT RABBETH Band 9, 10, 11, 123 IRC 11, 12: Stamp Chess Club 93 Latin Club 10: Good News Club 11: International Rela- rf" Club 10: Radio Club 9. Jim tions Club 12. IEANINE OEHRLE Library Club 93 Good News Club 9, 10. 11 12- French Club 115 Tiger Gazette Staff A I sg W 1 JULES RAMEY Transferred in Senior year: FHA 12. Teen-Age Club 11. 123 Chgrug 9, 10, 11, 123 Band 95 Good News Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Speech Club 10. FLORA PARROT JAMES PAUL Teen-Age Club Vice President 11: Good News Club 10, 11, 123 FTA 11, 123 All- ROBERT PHARIS State Band 11: Senior Play 12. JOANN REDMON Good News Club 11, 123 Baseball GAA 93 Camera Club 105 Good News 11, 12: Football Manager 12: Sen- ior Choir 11.12. Club 10, 11, 12. 3I JOYCE REEVES Teen-Age Club 9. 103 Allied Youth 9, 103 Good News Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Library Club 10, Vice President. ALICE REID FTA 11. 12, Presidentg Pep Club 93 La- tin Club 9, 10, Treasurerg Beta Club 10, 11. 12. Vice President3 Good News Club 9, 10, 11. 122 Thespian Society 9, 10, 11. 12, President3 Band 9, 10: Student Coun- cil 122 CRYA 9, 103 Annual Staff 123 Chorus Pianist 9, 10, 122 Choir 12: Quill and Scroll 12, Secretary: 4-H 9. JOAN RIEHLMAN Junior Red Cross 93 Good News Club 11, 12. LINDA REID VIRGINIA RIGSBY Transferred in Junior year3 Future FHA 95 GAA 95 FTA 111 Good News Nurses Club 11. 12: International Club 9' 11' 12? Tlsef Gazette 12' Relations Club 122 Beta Club 12. - 3 l f? A ke 0 - CARL RICE Baseball Team 10, 11, 123 Good News Club 10. 112 Projection 103 Junior Conservation 9, 103 Track Team 9. Manager. 32 RONALD SCHMIDT Beta Club 10, 11, 12: Student Council 93 4-H 93 Band 9, 10, 11: Chorus 11,123 Good News Club 9, 10, 112 Thespian 11, 123 Latin Club 10: Annual Staff 121 FTA 12. Vice President3 CWOFATA 123 Quill and Scroll 12, Vice President. ROY LEE ROMAN 4-H 9. 10. 11, 122 Hi-Y 11, 122 Teen-Age Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Sen- ior Conservation 93 Pep Club 103 Projection 10: Allied Youth Club 10. JOHN SCHUSTER Transferred in Senior yearg CWOFATA 12. 1' MARY LOU SHELY Transferred in Junior year, IRC 11, Presi dent 123 French Club 11, 123 Senior Play 12: Thespians Society 11, Secretary 123 Beta Club 123 FTA 11.123 Bowling League 11, 12. LOWELL SIMPSON Transferred in Senior yearp National Honor Society 12. JERRY SCHWEIZER WILLIAM SKAGGS Transferred in Junior yearg Good News Club 12. " 5 s A .9 JANICE sHAw Good News Club 10, 11, 123 FHA 10, 115 Library Club 11, 123 Teen-Age Club 10, 11. SALLIE SCHWAB Student Council 10, 112 FTA 11, 123 Cheerleading Club 10, 111 Good News Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Tiger Gazette 123 Allied Youth 9, 103 Teen-Age Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Quill and Scroll Club 12. 'x ,, s 'Nil' ,er 3, CHARLES SNAWDER "F" Club 11, 12: Hi-Y 11, 123 JV Football 10: Varsity Football 113 Track 10, 11. 123 Cross Country Track 11. 12. 33 BEN STOUT Junior Conservation 9, 105 Teen-Age Club 12. BILL STOUT Junior Conservation 9, 103 Senior Conservation 11, 12. ALDETH SPENCE Annual Staff 123 Tiger Gazette Staff 12: Student Council 12g Beta Club 11. 123 International Relations Club 11, 12. Secretaryg French Club 11. 12, President Thespians 11, 123 Quill and Scroll 12g CWOFATA 11, Executive Boardg Good News Club 105 Cheerleading Club 10. E' VIVIAN STOUT Good News Club 11, 125 Library Club 11. 12. 34 CAROL STOLTZ Latin Club 10, Presidentg French Club 11, 12: Youth Speaks 11. 123 Band 9, 10. 11,121 CWOFATA 12, Vice Presidentg Allied Youth 9, 10: Beta 10. 11. 123 Teen- Age Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Good News Club 9, 10g International Relations Club 11, 12 GARLAND STUTZENBERGER JV Football 93 Track Team 10: In- ternational Relations Club 11: FFA 9: Tiger Gazette 12: CWOFATA 12 -.317 it FONDA TANKERSLEY Transferred in Junior yearg Good News Club 12. LINDA THOMPSON French Club 11, 12: Latin Club 10, GAA 9. 10: Good News Club 9, 10, 11: Future Business Leaders 12: Teen-Age Club 10, 11. 12g Pep Club 10. BRADLEY TOTTEN Beta Club 10, 11, 123 Student Coun- cil 9,103 Radio Club 10g Science Club 11, President. RONALD WALKER Audio-Visual Club 10. 11, 12: Age Club 10, 11, 12. KVVL Vkk: K My xltk xi i ,' 2 X Ns i JAMES TRAUTWEIN "F" Club 9, 10, 11, 12, President: Track 9.10, 11.123 Football 9, 10, 11, 123 Con- servation Club 9, 10, 113 Pep Club 9, 105 Allied Youth 11: Class Officer, Sergeant- at-Arms 12. Teen- MARYLYN WELCH LARRY TYLER Beta Club 10,11,12g Junior Conserva- tion Club 9g Speech 12g Band 9,10, 115 Latin 11,125 Science Club 115 Good Good News Club 9g FHA 10. 113 In- News Club 10, l1,12. ternational Relations Club 12. , ' ,filvfi-,i:fYI'i' GROVER WARD Teen-Age Club 10, 11, 12. JERRY WATSON Tiger Gazette 12. 1 , RONALD WELLER JV Basketball 9g Junior Conservation 9. 35 MARTHA WESTERMAN Tiger Gazette 12: 4-H 9. 10: FHA 9: Latin Club 10: Good News 10. 11. 12: FTA 12: Quill and Scroll 12. CHARLES WIGGINTON Football 11, 12: Track 10. 11. 12: CC Track 11, 12: Teen-Age Club 10. 11, 12: Hi-Y Club 11. 12: Con- servation Club 11. 12: "F" Club 12. BETSY WILLIS GAA 9. 10: CRYA Allied YO!-llh 10: Pep Club 9. 10: Good News Club 10. 11. 12: Tiger Gazette 12: 5 Quill and Scroll 12: Future Business ,. QE X ' T- 'k I Leaders 12. is J 1 LINDA WIGGINTON CHARLES WOLLERT Student Council 9. 11. 12: Good News Transferred in Junior year: Band 11: Club 9.10, Secretary. 11. 12 Vice President: Cheerleader 9, 10, 11, Captain 12: Hockey 12: Latin Club 10: Cheerleaders Club 10. 11, 12. KATHERINE WORTH Transferred in Junior year: FTA 11. 12: International Relations Club 12: Library Club 12. 36 Good News Club 11: Science Club 12. JOSEPH WITTREICH Columbia Press Association 12: Tiger Gazette 12, Editor: Student Council 12: FTA 12: Beta Club 12: Quill and Scroll 12. NANCY WOLLERT Transferred in Junior year: Interna- tional Relations Club 11: Good New Club 11: FTA 12: Student Council 12: Beta Club 12. SUSAN WUNDERLY Drill Corps 10: Good News Club 10: Senior Chorus 10: Student Council 11. 12: Football Queen 11: Girls' State Representative 11: Future Nurses Club 11. Secretary: Beta Club 11. 12: Science Club 12. PAULA ZINKE Teen-Age Club 9. 10.11, 12: Good News Club 9.10, 11: Latin Club 10: FHA 10: FTA 12: GAA 12: Hockey Team 12, LUCINDA GRIFFIN Transferred in Senior year: Tri-Hi-Y 12: FTA 12. ALBERT ZEHNER Basketball 9. 10, Manager 12: Foot- ball 9, 10, 11, Manager 12: "F' Club 9, 10. ll. 12: Senior Conser- vation 9, 10: 4-H Club 9, 10: FFA 10: Chorus 9. 10. Seniors not shown here: Charles Bailey, Kermit Caudill, Betty Lou Cummings, Fred De Berry, Joe Hall, Robert Montgomery, Jerry Payne, Carolyn Poehlein, Ronnie Poeh- lein, James Shortt. Lester Wittenauer. 37 ,I USN wwf , , as . xx me www T . . . f " .5 , 552 . fa rites -I l l,Q, 'Efi"'f 'QE-2' swin- an 'C 'fd 1 'Qt N a ,x at' ug X W-KVU 1 41 ysv--ow QAM fm W Q x. . ,gy RPA! .MMM 'L 'IQSEW Y I I W. 'CJ WW IANICE BISCHOFF and CLINTON COOK ALICE REID and RONNIE HARRINGTON , ' Q un -an 1 . L Qi 5, a ,Q as all Q. QQ as 2 4 ' E I E JERRY MARTIN and MOLLY EDWARDS 5 LONNIE HOFFMAN and HENRY GRAVES 'UP' Dunn... 1 In 1 nuff. M E,-'ff' .NF F' 2 'X i ., i .. KTKKL I , . 'h , . 2 .LV. S A K i g fi? 3 f in .. X.. , -' t .. 'Z 2'-!BZZ'1'31QT51!I'Z' ff? Ex' ww f . ' 1.1 ,g, ,,.., h W 4 BARBARA JOHNSON and LESTER WITTENAUER fav W! MMAN and JOHN SCHUSTER K 45 I f ,A a .3 " .9 , z . if ' I i 0 0 SUSAN WUNDERLY and BRADLEY TOTTEN I I ANN LITTLE and RONNIE SCHMIDT I 1 5--.Q-A New .1 - iw . Qfiegh- A 5 1 Q Q f-fs 11' i. .. , Na QE ,wx xwl. 45 BESSIE GOOTEE and JIMMIE ERNSPIKER MARY MOODY and GARY DANIELS Zeal cmd 75 aw GERALDINE FARMER and EUGENE HINDERER SALLIE SCHWAB and BUDDY ROMAN 9, in ,-ani ,,,,.-ws, have 8 Not iust anY0ne can date with a cat like this. - - ,Q lt? .J ik rf 'Q i i I saw Momma kissing Santa Claus. w Just who is the teacher??? What do you see, Jimmy??? Working hard or hardly working??? ff v 1 1 K Q? K fv K, f 'wr N 5 .f Q Y 4, Q :ma-Q N -I' ig y cn Q, . + -2' 4, Q g m :X IOYS Left to right: Marlot Hays, Secretaryg Bob Jackson, Presidentg Diane Coldiron, Vice Presidemg Don Calvert, Sergeant-at-Armsg Sarah Io Dyer, Treasurer. LEERAY ADKINS DORIS ALGEIER BECKY ARNETT NANCY BADGETT JEAN BAILIE MARTHA BANTA I' ,pin i 'QM-4-Aff 14? IACOB BARAKAT THOMAS BARR TOMMY BARRETT JOE BIGELOW DORIS BISCHOFF JIM BLINCOE BOBBLE BORDERS VIRGIL BOTNER IEANETTA BOWLES QIICN -- 'Wing glu- IIM BROWN SHARON BROWN LINDA BROYLES ELLEN BRYANT JAMES BURKHARDT MARTHA BURN MARILYN CAHOE PAUL CARR DON CALVERT JAX! A si aim: IEAN BRANUM BERNARD BRECKEL MARY BRINLEY SUE BROOKS ANNE BROWN BOBBY BROWN -24... ln- sffhmk x+ 35? 'Y 2 I' FREDA CAUDILL BARBARA CHELF ,qs BILL CHELF ,ma 'UP' 1,-'s,,,:miv SHARON CHENAULT LYNN COE DIANE COLDIRON f WIQI? fs- -A mx, 5 T, C, COPELAND BILL COSBY MAXINE CROXTON BARBARA CUNDIFF MARY LOU CURTSINGER SUSAN DANIEL DON DAVIDS KENNY DENNISON CHARLOTTE DOMBROWSKI JANET EMBREE WILLIAM ELDER EARLEEN EMERY JAMES EMLY JEAN ERNSPIKER VIVIAN EVRIDGE BETTY LOU FARMER IIMMIE FAULKNER JACKIE FIRST TONY DREWRY LOIS DUCKWORTH IEAN DUFF HM DUNCAN KATHLEEN DUNN SARAH IO DYER HM FLOORE TOMMY FRANCIS IUDY FREDERICK EDDIE GAILBREATH JERRY GARDNER JOYCE GEARY Mm. XV QI , Q ,I J' " Q ---auf 'Z AU! Q NORBERT GNADINGER TOM GREENWELL ANN HAAG PHYLLIS HAAG GEORGE HARDING ANNA HARRIS EURITH HARRIS BETTY HATFIELD MARLOT HAYS L., s .16 DONALD HEWITT CLAUDIA HIBBARD EDDIE HOAGLAND WILLIAM HORTON JUDY HOUSE BRENDA HOWARD JOHN HUGGINS NANCY HUGHES TILLIE HUME JUDY HEADDEN MIKE HEICHELBECH DONNA HELM IACQUE HELM DOUGLAS HEROLD DALE HETTINGER A3 ..-135' ,E , -if J 1'-"' BOBBY JACKSON HELEN JEFFRIES BOBBIE IENNINGS JERRY JOHNSON JUDY JOHNSON MICKEY JOHNSON f'-f Q K '-4, 1,51 -0-'Q its WNV' I '!?""V AL KAISER BOB KARANTZ DORIS KA UFMAN MILTON KENDRICK CAROLE KING JOE KLINE JACK KOENIG RAY LANHAM JOYCE LAWSON ex 45352 x w....,.3 BARBARA LOWRY RALPH LUKER PAT MAHLER DELL MANERS ROBERT MANSFIELD MARILYN MASON EDITH MATHERLY JACKIE MCCLELLAN BOB MCKINLEY GEORGE LEMON LEWIS ROLAND JANE ANN LLOYD CECIL LOGSDEN STEWART LOVELACE GRAEME LOWE RUTH MCTEAGUE WILMA MECKISIS GEORGE MERCER LLOYD MERILATT LARRY MILLER JOYCE MOHLENKAMP A-r'K Q ...J QQ' 'H A? 1 QU ....... La- QC? ,fxefx A,-f-N., iff KAYE MORGAN JUNE MORRIS LINDA MUNDY LINDA NOEL KATHRYN NOLAN JOE OECHSLIN JOYCE OEHRLE JUDY OSBORNE DEAN PARKS 59 5 60 we H. . THOMAS PROCTOR PAT RAPSON IUDY RASNER DAN RENKES DONNA REYNOLDS RHEA ELIZABETH LINDA RIES STUART RILEY RONNIE ROBERTS ,IIC ig? K.- IAMES PIKE BRUCE PLANEAUX ELEANOR PORTER JOAN POTTS MADELINE POTTS BARRY PRESTON MESS! wks 'K' DUDLEY ROBERTSON DARYL ROBINSON WILLIAM ROGERS 'MQW VX QW IUDIE ROHDE JUNE RUBY CHARLES RUCKRIEGER U.. 'Y L R V ,, A ,L ' fl ,Z x4-- 1 ff - A I V V.-, . H V 4 'W y -' L? 'K :nm , M i ,I.:, A, ' Q A """' 'Avf . Em af . D .C 1 if A' . , K:-..-i LILLIAN RUSSELL MARLENE SAFER BILLY SANDERS JUDY SANDS JIM SCHEITLIN LARRY SCHINDLER LOUIE SCHMITT IANICE SCHWEGLER JEFF SEARCY 'E f if" - E Qi f mg X A T IOE STEUERLE RAYMOND STITH DELINDA STIVERS ROBERTA STONE DAVID STOUT STEVE STREPEY SHARON STUTZENBERGER RAMONA SUCI-ISLAND IIM SWAN FRED SEEWER WAYNE SHADOAN DONNIE SIDEBOTTOM ALICE SMITH SUE SNOOK BILLY SPEER JUDY SWANSON DAVID SYMPSON ANN TAYLOR JOHN TAYLOR KENNETH TAYLOR ROGER TERRELL Hs., qw wp 4 Q.. JUDY TEST BILL THATCH CAROLE THOMAS BOB THORNTON CAROL TOMES KATHERINE TRUEX PATRICIA TURNER GLENDA ULERY RONALD VA UGHN -- 3 Aww Q. ,, Ji E ,,. H. I Q Q, I A mf A 5 ' ., w A ? A Q x Wg PAUL WESLEY 64 DICKIE WHITAKER LOU ANN VVILLIAMS JOIE WILSON SARA WINGES BUD WUNDERLICK ANN WYNN VIRGINIA YANCY EVELYN YANCEY ., A A EDDIE VOGEL GEORGE VOGEL PAT WALSH JOHN WEBER LEE WEBSTER PEGGY WELSH my ,prom """"lUn mr, Gool o1'summertime. l Q Cheese .121 3 0 Y f s. Hr ' , , fs' . fxh ., ,ff AA' y "' ' mfs h 11 5 1 ami f Q g W 'N 4 "Bobby don ll ,,, ,, i .1 ' g,2v-if 1 ,H ,pw 9 J J' ,. , 'L ' 'ng- sgflfy . 14.1 -K iw . ' 4' 1' -fi: MU f.. .,..k 1 1 if :- ..1v,..,g.fZ'fL:'!'f, i .:gL1n..,.: M ,HMHf'l, Q. . ,Q 4, A has "2 - 'R A ', In ,S , if-' , ' MMG A ' ,y . .1 ff ' ' " -K 1 - ww. Q ,' . W '34 V 7 v I- QA "The Mrs." X ii 3 Only friendship Dramatic readin xl 8- - - Private, Mary??? S0 YES aw.. fm 9-4 fu.. xv ff . .K ut , X ,Q n X fy fl-x A7 s f 1- '. .wijw-tfav X' X if QM . ,fs A x I 'I' ,. M: M'-Y 5 fy IR' ,yi If 1 35? 53' 3' iff fs f A gh 'if Sf S N33 x. sph, -.-, Il K ,aifff sf ,N3?,ie'jg,f-3915, I af ' 5 ggi!-,M ,iff if -ia az? Pi viii 11:-Shi, 5' .- ,M W, :sm Wil sul' E9ywya Q., if is :ffl .M sf fs if E! It sl im LII Iii in 55 2 Y -.4 g" I H 55? si ,QNX S! 5? 3? Nu! 5? if " 's xl lf 'S 33 In QX xy 39 Nancy Ackerman James Age Jimmie Allgeier Gerald Alstatt Lucy Anderson Marillene Anderson Ruthie Armstrong Anita Arnold Agatha Ashby Elizabeth Baker Sandy Beiling Ann Binford gs' if H 5 e 21 'if K sz 'viii ,B 'Raef Y . X ' M, ifm.- 7- 5 wr -avr-14, 1 Q ., fv- uz: wi rl K ..,. . I dw YL . if " B VV . 'J J I 1. 1-.rj if s S-q......qf ' ian? af" Q7 5 ,,,.,.,dwAk U 7 MW A p J, if L -e-1' Clifford Allen Bishop Nick Bischoff Mardel Black Claudia Blankenship Barbara Blieden Philip Bohr Betty Branham Bonnie Briel Jo Ann Brown Pat Brown Sharon Brown Don Burkhardt 69 'I W tg - rf.. 4, if x Q A lf Y X. 'm a re Arthur Christmas Sheila Christmas Rosalie Church Eddie Cleary Carol Clubb Bob Collier Bob Collins Edward Cooper Ken Copansky Sally Cosat Charles Crockett Billy Crouch James Burnett Fay Cahoe Phyllis Cahoe Marilyn Campbell Jerry Campbell Joe Capps Gloria Carrier Bob Cardwell Biddle Cassell Gerald Caudill Gomar Caudill Carol Chace W it - 199 if 'LW' Richard Crunkleton Bob Curtis Bernard Darell Bob Davenport Lloyd Davis Steven Davis Pat Day Doris Decker Robert Delling Douglas Dickerson Dwain Dillingham Raymond Dippel 'UN W7-1? 'tri' f-.,M,,,,v 95,3 ti XS' was 4-nm ff" 'Vi' 'T 'false J D3 'IM X. , Donald Dobbs Judith D011 John Donovan Bob Duncan Annette Dunn Linda Elder Lana Sue Ellis Danny Ernspiker Bettye Farmer Clayton Farmer Jimmie Ferguson Peggy First is we L fr of G- -:Z - ii fs! 'Ya Yr -...jim xx 'K' 'S as .25 jx? DE, " Q,-'1W""" z ,... .5 - Y if "J'3" -nwd"""' Denny Giles Rosie Gnadinger James Goben Edwin Goodwin Richard Gowin Norma Grant Sonna Grant Terry Greenwell John Greer Paul Gross Denny Haberer Carl Hardesty 3 A r S. A 1 l , K Wynn Fischer Leslie Ford Walter Franck Marita Friedli Dale Frize Gennetta Frye Donnie Gaddie Ronnie Gaddie Sallie Gardner Brenda Garrett Donald Garrett Susan Gentleman -qw Km ' ,M 1,5 Nancy Hardy Jimmy Hatfield Donald Hawkins Pat Hayden Jim Hayes Ella Hedges Barbara Hendrix Pat Henn Herbert Henson Io Ann Higby Barbara Higgason Marleana Higgins fam B -ov""" 'E' l 'MQ ,,...-nah, ,. zig. . :22::1'k'.'.. w ie' ""' I N . s. -is 1"."m .4 I a. 4 'Tir 'T -me lub' g:T""3 inf' W Jacqueline Hill Robert Hollenbeck Barbara Hood Kenny House George Houtchens Bobby Howard Raymond Hubbuch Jim Hudson Danny Hulbert Ivy Humphrey Ed Hurky Imes Ivan S -.,,..w!"' S W srr e e i ' X f J f as Irvin Kelman Carol Kincade Martha Kincade Sharon Kippen Billy Krebs Bill Kurtz f me--. Roy Kyser 5' I J Judy Lane Milton Lane Jerry Lawson Mary Ellen Leathers Linda Leffew Doug Jatett Donald Johnson Jim Johnson Sherry Johnson David Jorris Danny Judy Betty Jump Tom Kasey Madyln Kast Rosalie Kaufman Lois Keifee Orval Keith MJF? -Q 49' ,...,-4-vr'f""!" ...nv-1-"""" 'J .als "'s""'Y' W? Gene Lester Brenda Litton Sandra Long Ann Lowe Andrea Luker Libby Lurie Robert Lurie Sandy McCutchan Robert McDowell William McDowell John McGill Jack McGinty wx-ay' Q5 I va-.49 ' 1 1' .kr N, ,f 'lk Ea 1. 'Q x X Anna McGraw Barbara McGruder Herman McGuffin Janet Mack Jayne Marcum Morris Maupin Barbara Mayfield Melvin Meade Judy Meyer Linda Meyer Louis Miles Pat Miller "Qu,,.d' -lump. , fn ,L 'K 5 NA K if I A 'U' r 7 I! D .ITL or ..Z.'ffQ.- R R r r ir, r r D A M aaa R . Blix rm? V M.i ,l,,, 5 Q . A M- . 4 ' V J L" 'fl Z ' N-... 5-,N V ' ,H ,V sn r K 1 K , .. 76 Donna Newman James Nichols Carolyn Noel Robert Noles Kay Norene David O'Keefe Darrell Olges Doris Parrot Jack Paslay Ellis Payne David Paynter Charlotte Pegra m Phil Miller Ronnie Miller Ruthie Miller Viola Miller Billy Mitchell Donald Montgomery Johnny Montgomery Sammy Montgomery Margaret Moody Larry Moon llaine Murner Dennis Nachand tt aiu I ' E A KV , -1 yk ii i I ' . . :,,, 7 - " if if ,kr Q X a f 7.2L A5531 1,21 , f HUB Jean Peters Janet Phillips Linda Planeaux Russell Pope Billy Potts Bettye Ray Robert -Rodd Walter Redmon Susan Reid George Reif Bruce Richey Mike Ridge "-:ff pi KKK' ga ,JJ tk .gzf an 2 hh ? M 'f -Q-H' 'gen if mix ,- w...,,-- 5. pw!! CIS if-n "'...l 'Q'- aff ., i JI? pt- K,., F xv .el A I QM , A Q A ,, L LA if Webs. li Gail Rietze Terry Ritchey Io Ann Roark Bonnie Robbins Raymond Robbins Floyd Roberson Melvin Robinson Bonnie Rogers Barbara Roman Robert Rose Tom Rouch Betty Jean Rountree 'Y' eq, df' 1: J, J rf' I X I, ... -dr -- ' 5 78 , 1? S X if x t tw Joyce Seitz Pat Seybold Freddy Shelburne Judy Sherman Ruth Shindler Freida Shircliffe Ronnie Shortt Paul Shultz Violet Sidebottom Wilma Simms Marilyn Singleton Betty Skaggs , . Q Dottie Rowe Eddie Roy Daniel Ruchriegel Elizabeth Rymer Bernie Salerno Ronnie Salyer Orville Satterly Dottie Schaefer John Schmitt Judy Schmidt Willma Schneider Mildred Schureck QYWK? f-Mfr' ., a- M Mjfffm , V 3 ' lu 'A , H' H fyrl 'Q ., V 6,7 1 'Of 4 - aia S J r y, R R 1-Q. - A -. 'mn 9 5 J 5 g3gQQw.XWea1gi,, y, 7 lg: if- . Beverly Smith Jo Ann Smith Norma Smith Judy ,Sonnheim Fred Sterchi Douglas Stewart Mike Stewart Stuart Stinnette Floyd Strait Eddie Street Shirley Stutzenberger Jeannette Summers at 'SV 445 flu AU' wear' J J 40 W1 35 t to it o f -,...- iq, Vy yn 'J , . 1 ' H" ' ' tt 'Ni Us jfwmq it Thi 5"t A' , zijn- H55 Stfeb 1 it i t , ,.,. K A Qgo,-Q, 'iliffhfllk J y JA 'W' il A K hz I f w, ".....!' . Q KK Q. Joyce Summers Bonnye Thompson Shirley Thompson David Thornton Joe Thornton Genny Lee Toebbe Sherman Towell Juanita Truex Robert Vogel Bonnie Voit Jerry Walker Marjorie Wall ...-any YJ ALJ' fa? 79 NWI? xii 80 -an Marty Williams Ronald Williams 1 .f- Gerald Willingham Johnny Willis Jack Wilson Nancy Wilson Vicki Wilson Harriett Yount Mona Zady Irvin Zehnders .twan- .pwwk 1 -ks 'sf "Ri,'f'I?' 3 Rosie Wallace John Walls Gilbert Ward David Weber Marlene Weickel Barbara Weisser William Weller Barbara Wester Ramond Whaley Jimmy Wheeler Mary Jane Wigginton Carol Wilkinson No Pictures For: Darell Barnard Tommy Barrett Eugene Botner Wm. Bower Ruth Branson James Gaben Edwin Goldstein Wm. Hardy Wm. Harris Emmett King Keith Kinter Charles Lanman David Peynter Thomas Reed Betty Sparks Betty Io Thompsc Tommy Zabel ffeshmen f F 4 M M M W U, Wm, ,. ! 3115, 3,4-an Af' Q 9 JE! AST? ll L. ww Hank Ackerman Ronnie Adair Margaret Adkins Larry Albright Pat Alcorn Betty Allen Allan Ament Janice Anderson Pat Anderson Richard Anderson Sterling Anthony Loys Armstrong Jim Asher Mary Lou Atteberry Bob Auslander 9 xiii si nj' N f ,-I 3 . -nfl Zig! H Q as 'Q -Q '75 ,i Ar' my 'A 5' 4 1 L X is N. 1 . ?"N....w"'? if A 'NIQQ f ts, Barbara Axe 'N A ig... , Bin Bailey 4, "W it ' A A A Janice Bailey Y A ' af shelb B ld ' "ar Y 3 Wln f i S A """" 'V' Q 737' , 'fx "'7f7r as L i it Margaret Ballard Elias Barakat ' gi A N Donald Lee Barbour 1 4 jg, -1,-, '34 in - s 'vi 'A Tom Barker A K 3 .M-' L 'Q Garry Barrell M ' A ' 5' W Lorena Bartlett V s,r, r 'M M E .luv f . L X 5 L ls A rye Q, Ys 1 gy ' -J , L s A .l 'NJ' As... I J ,NN sr' Buddy Bartlow Herb Bates Kenny Bates Mark Bates Charles Bell 83 ff, Q K 'Q' Q El 'limes 2 . .RE ,Law 1 is B i i N if My B gy f a X .Sl N W it 7-Q 'S i so li f-wr . , ,:- 'izx N e lee - ,L -1l Q Betty Bricken Io Ann Broadbrooks Garnetta Brown Louellen Brown Patricia Brown Barbara Bryant John Buchheit Charles Buchman Ray Buckner Elaine Burnett Don Bush Karmen Bush Dianne Caillouette Ernest Campbell Betty Carr 84 Carole Bement James Bibb Pat Billker Maxine Bingham Carol Bischoff Jim Bjorkholm Robert Blair Tommy Blankenship Gene Blumenriech David Bollis Bob Bornschein Don Boseo Gary Bower Peter Boyce Douglass Braasch .5 :QU ,,-Q, -, .l ,ffl F 'K . ml, A t , . .Q r t - ryty y Q j 'ggi Q-.mwfg tfgl EQ . 9' , A - 1 ., I I, Q . il - X' "'- kg X . M M 'XM ..,,, K was Ng ,sf z 'Vi' Ei L. sw . M-fir: Ronald Carr Colleen Carter Keith Caudill Michael Chelf Carolyn Cissell David Clark Edward Clark John Clark Richard Clark Richard Clem Peggy Cline Sharon Coe Thomas Coffman Al Cooper Bill Cooper pf OUP 1 f -...,,,,.. I' '21, 1 if wj 4 Q . Af , We L rf ,. eww 3 :L xxx Q7 1 -vw'-r -V.,-H' ,.. ,mx ,M l ...and ag .J f-.ad f"'F-R an K -4"',W 32?-' 16 lift ,. it , ---ai Bar ,f-1-,Tr , C, ,f iw. , f"""'?' 5 15-4 Qt if L fran , 'qqmqv' A David Cooper Melvin Copansky Billie Cornell Donald Cosat Bobby Cox Merrill Cox Mike Coyle Carolyn Crask Betty Crick Kay Cundiff Ann Curtsinger Donna Damm Carollton Darland Betty Davenport Jane Davis 85 li ,...,.t,..p fx q' ' W ai? Q Q xr Q lr, 'QF' y Wit, DMN ., -591 ry, K f ,'y,u Q MS r Q nun, Ei-ma. . ' 1 k l' ' -, , . I I V - XA av rl . F e A 3 Hs, F , Q L - - N I J-,W ,, . sf V '. ' Q ' " V "-F t .,.,a y .fs-F tataa c ' is ii' tx .,,:... V A k V 7 L Gene Ernspiker Carmen Erwin Don Espy Wayne Farmer Lynn Flowers Vivian Feese Wilma Ferris Mary Jane Fields William First Anne Fischer Denny Floore Ronald Ford Johnny Fowler Freddie Frederick Joyce Freeman 86 .N M an ff 1-WJ .J M1 Roger Davis Sarah Deane Donald Deeb Phil Demaree Terry Denham Ernest Dickerson Diana Dicter Stanley Dishon Willie Dishon Paula Doll Teddy Dovary Diana Dunker Margaret Durham Wanda Durr Carol Embree ,3 . , A bg ff ' JK ,il 'Vw . P' 6 of f a.. Q. A so -.Ex 1217 .rr. iei M jk P' 'Qgw Joseph French Jackie Frick David Friedman Arnold Friedman Patty Frost Thelma Frye Ann Funk Nancy Gardner Barbara Gardner Bertha Garrison Jerry Gassoway Shirley Gathright Mike Geary Howard Geisler Charles Gentry ,Q F, nik 1"- A 595: J i I 'QA N '15 7 fi' 'Via' it ty NJ A x K 'xl-' K K K .RTW ' sr. 1 H my , If S of ,B R, W --:+. K n - W X .. NA 1 N -fr:-' - Q k A 1 ld F i G ' E Gay Gibson L . , r . kV-- I S A, vb E Pennie Gisela S S ,r,- , A 'A Henry Glas ,n.., 4-It gf 4? vm' a fr 5, S 3 My .- A' at W x .c , "'r :,fs,.4-'ik i 'W " 1 J .gre K - Harry Goldberg Max Goldberg Rochelle Goldberg Sharon Goldberg Cora Goodner Dorothy Gordon Bruce Goreham Bill Gorham Freddie Gorin Larry Graham Shirley Grant Larry Grant 87 'WL L r T 'R Q.-get Q...-al' l Q an we . Wai? A' ' O , Vh W , r . ttay N i or We to V 'A. 'i M VAZh A t f 5 ziz L, . G K' ' : h"3--.., .ri-.31 Ki K . - ,. L KWVA. : I. . I 11 1 A m'1kwk . Harold Hall Robert Hall Tommy Hall Cheryl Harden Pat Hardin Theodore Harding Billy Hardy Ernie Harlow Ruth Harrison David Harrod Leonard Hartman Larry Hatfield Leo Hawes Barbara Hawkins Terry Hawkins 88 Jean Gray Authur Green Betty Jean Green Dorothy Green Jerry Green Henry Greenebaun Carlena Grimes Sandy Grimes Ann Grosscurth Lois Gumm Donnie Haag Stanley Haas Jim Hagewood Nancy Haley Ronnie Hall ,pfi ,ff ,G 3 Y A , ,Y 2 V if iff? ,.l rrt ' , ivy ki gs Yixgg " k-,k in juni Qhpbf 5 41 3 - K N .4 if 1 1 H an Nancy Hays Carolyn Headden Gilbert Helm Judy Hendricks John Herman William Hess Stephen Hiland Mike Hilsenrad Joyce Hinderer Sue Hofelich Ann Hofelich Bobbie Hohman Ronald Holbert Francine Holiman 'wi . 9' ,ty lv ...H Eg . ' 'Phi' 'NY 'WD Rosalind Hollingsworth Q ff J,,, , . 5 l gr 1 Q92 E, J it ' -, LJ i i:'- L ," . 'ings' ' 3 xr L' W 6:11 x N' M 4 1 - 'mf' ' .. N, it -.... l W J V, J F3- X L 'A 5 V 1. 1-9-fg81:,E9e.1 ,.,.-an 52 5 Q S 'Q X 1 J J " 'S rl, er wp 5Q,,..i i l j 1 5.21 N i ijfqjrzv "Q --19' , f.,fp-9? me l ibid V it Joyce Holt Norma Hood Pat Hopper Judy Hornbeck Jerry Hornbuckle Mary Sue House Steve Howard Pat Howell Carol Huber Bernice Hudson Melinda Hudson Sallie Hughes Richard Humphrey Tom Hunter Virginia Hunter 89 .41 flair ,Q 2 ',an 'ww 'x s . awk is if --Aww.-ar' ,3"'f"'Q .anlf Kathleen Kast Larry Kaufman Peggy Kelley Delores Kendrick Wayne Kessler is Silk w-j""s"'1P Sue Inman Bill Irion Arleen Isaacs Carole Jackson Ethel Jackson George Jackson Bobby Johnson Jesse Johnson Judy Johnson Sandra Johnson Lois Johnson Eddie Jones Foster Jones Ilene Jones Peggy Karem 5' Jgsbi? Sharon Kestler i g J Gary Kieper i ,,.y .- Michael Kiujiah a B s,J all K sa s Emmett King ixmwiv Hazel Penny King in by W g l K Judith Kinser Q X diJ Bi1lK1aber I., 3 .Jim Knight E 2. Q Ruth Knight E sf- J is S mg Bob Kohn J W .j r r K QQ I ' wr 6 Lynn Kollenbert David Kremer Ronnie Krupp Nancy Lain JoAnn Laise Linda Lantz Walter Larmee Steve Larrimore Sherry Lazarus Ada May Lee Max Lemon Sharlene Lewis Samuel Lighton 1 im Lindsey Judy Lipetz E if-m I ,, , ..,,nf , ,J f" ,, .ax Q 1-,Q 'YZ ann Z -vzrn-1 L. nryx - , N ' ' is ', S: xl ,,' 4 , M r L .1 L . y H1--yi 4:37 L in I in I Q L xlxomr L 'iii X Q 19' s.A eff ff.. Imin ""--r -U .s 7 WN N . .Y 44' ,kv in -Wa . --440-gy ' J .ik Tw? you-y I 3 , if' 'JU' KS. W.-is T? Dee Little Durward Locke Linda Logsdon Sidney Loveday Grace Lovelace Ronald MacDonald Pat McDermott Houston McGill Donnie McKay Gerald McKinley Shirley McLarney Joni McLaughlin Barbara McNeal Shirley Mack Joan Mac kay 9' 'riiii' Ner"""!l" , W if x 'Jr ir 1 1 5 H -::,""'?' ' f 116' 'N Q X swf A F -A r L -W raw ,V A 3' A K 'Nami Gregor Moller Uffe Moller Tommy Moody Alice Moore Jimmy Moore Libby Moran Janet Moredock Mark Morgan Janet Morris Janice Morris I. Morton Levena Mosley Steven Moyse Janice Muncie Debby Murrell Nu? -fr 4 K M' - It My Q, Norma Mallick Wilma Malone Don Maloney Bob Martin James Martin Bobby Mathena Jane Meadows Mae Miles Charles Miller Fred Miller Jeffrey Miller Jimmie Miller Josephine Miller Linda Mitchell Judie Mock Li L . 7 wwf ' H144 QQMQNUK Q4 f-sy if fj- Louis Nagel Benjamin Neat Doris Nelson Dorothy Newton Jack Nichols Donald Ninekirk Sandy Nix Helen Noel Betty Nolan Bonnie Norene Judy O'Bryan Charles Oehler Joyce Overstreet Norman Overstreet John Pardue E wg an -,. Hr, B I aone ...A Q' if V7 sp-nr Judy Parker Evelyn Parket Becky Parrish Barbara Patterson Regina Patterson Linda Payne Jimmy Payne Janet Pekala Winston Peoples Phillip Perdue Barbara Perelmuter Roy Petty Donald Pierce Don Pierson Edward Pierson 93 N4 it 2 2-a s fi if li ' Smal? ' . f it y P J J fa, 2 R f- .,, J e J , N m, ., ? Earnest Roston John Ruby Marc Rucker Ioe Russo Woody Sanders Gloria Schank Bob Schell Sylvia Schiefferk Jan Scholl Frankie Schmidt Richard Schmidt Wallace Schott David Schroeder Lyman Schuler 94 Cyndee Schurte 'UN 4 P , ,J .- as Vg M? ,a C if S A A fir . Q L N.-as-fall +1 R I X ii' N, r S - ' .. . gf 'wx 33 ,F 1 . t Y . . ,Se 1. Q A 4 K 5 A ...X gg E Q M T K W'-Mgr" Terry Pike Alice Pleiss John Ports Bill Poynter James Priest David Pritchard Janice Ralph Spike Rasner Johnny Reeb Brenda Reeves Kathy Reynolds Susie Riehlman Elizabeth Riggs Johnny Rigsby Mildred Roberson LMS N"s..,,.sr ii' wmv' 7 Q.-:MV Adrienne Scott Karen Scott Mary Scott 'gg Mary Lou Scott Dorothy Sears .gym ff!" I 'M , I M if he Ernest Sebastian h y Dolores Seigle A M. -.. V I -it Y l S Donnie Seigle is I' "' ig fi 'V' -vw S Gerry Seitz me ...-S .f f til ' HJ fi QW sg Arlene Seligrnan "M" 'et 'W if --U-.1 gg Jerry Severance Brenda Shackelford Sandra Shadoan X i Qv-K ov 'Ge' Leslie Shake ' l S M Jimmy Shaw 'H .M 4 A g af' s . If 'H' r J -.Q,,p' At Q . if... Yi f my Q X g ig. fr .., M w J 1 as-f MJ Uh l S In J, f x ' gym ar E Q lk' ' K , ,WV 1 ,P .. Kg ', il.. - K .tg X Y Donald Shelton Sara Shifrin Bill Sibley Anna Simmons Marilynne Simon Anna Simpson Ross Simpson John Sink Jim Small Alfred Smith Gloria Smith Larry Smith Prudy Smith Carolyn Snawder Peggy Snow Q5 xl NR' in Q. L. A 591- l ., 3 . y gq K' W A 3, -an K , V J? .hVL H., 5 W Q E Jane Lee Tackett Donna Tamplin Doug Tarbell Mark Tichenor Marvin Tinker Bob Thomas Terrell Thompkins William Thornton Jane Tomlinson Art Torstrick James Truax Walt Truax Carolyn Tyler Charles lean Unseld Toni Vanhorn 96 2 p 3 i .RC ,Q N 5 M ' R fa. f :vs V' Betty Speer Linda Speer Paul Speier Phil Standefer Sandy Stanley Taylor Stephens David Stephenson Truman Stevens Lynn Stevenson Patricia Stout Joyce Strickland Jim Sullins Meral Sullivan Carol Sweasy Charlie Sweer is +1 if Y 1 :df 'MG M-.Ju M , 4 Quai' . Armand Vine Allen Vogt Jack Waddell Sharon Wagoner Bill Walder Doris Walker Peggy Jean Walker Elizabeth Wall Elsie Wallace Nadine Warfield Joyce Warner Judy Warwick Ronny Webb Martha Weber Marsha Weldon g, 5 .mg 3 if all 3 'Jil fa E .,o QW? QQ' i S I W 'MY D 1 "' i9 Hr N"::1' K' y y J as 4 M ":"l'e E J I 6 Eddie Wells Sue Wells Dawn Wewee Juanita Whaley David Whitworth Angel Wigginton Marvin Williams Bruce Wingfield Susie Wilson William Wolder Juanita Woodford Jill Wring Charles Wurfel Lonnie Young Josephine Zukowski 97 L wav""' New York bound 3, S Mwo..-R 304 si x si? 3653 Is that M1c key 2 ANNUAL ff SAL:-:S Almost there. Two on the aisle. T ul f, W1 .A Q , AA f "mi, A- 4 5 A Brain of the Univac. Helpmg an old foe! 'M EZJQ M-, ni' if Mx W J WNW J w f' Wu ,-qv 2 Q if r -fx y Elame Orr Charlotte Thurman Sandra Schnerder Dan Verser Jrmmy Svara Mrke Anderson Jerome Lerner Rrck Freeman Steve Gr1ff1n, Gary Seelmeyer John Klme Wayne Patterson Ronme Grst Herb Ransdell Sonny Bartley. First row: G. Achzehner, L. Adams, S. Adkins, S. Allen, B. Anderson, M. Anderson, T. Anderson, B. Armstrong, E. Aron. Second row: R. Auslander, B. Ayre, L. Backman, B. Bader. S. Bailey, D. Baker, J. Baker, J. Ballard, D. Bamard. Third row: S. Bartley, J. Bartman, B. Bates, R. Beck, T. Beck, B. Bell, J. Benner, I. Bennett, M. Berger. Fourth row: M. Birchfield, L. Bishop, W. Bizer, B. Bizianes, P. Blankenship, D. Blissett, L. Bogard, A. Borntraeger, B. Bossung. Fifth row: J. Botner, G. Bottorff, B. Bowman, J. Bowman, C. Bradbury, P. Branson, M. Bray, B. Breeden, D. Brooks. Sixth row: M. Brown, H. Burden, J. Burkhart, K. Burks, P. Burnette, P. L. Burnette, J. Burris, J. Bushmeyer, T. Cal- vert. Seventh row: S. Campbell, G. Carpenter, C. Carey, C. Carey, G. Caudill, I. Caudill, C. Char- nock, B. Clabaugh, B. Clark. Eighth row: J. Clark, V. Clark, B. Cleaveland, B. Clemens, F. Cole- man, T. Collins, T. Combs, N. Conn, P. Conn. I , ,.r. t Aw- .fe es- ., J, flif ' fi if it S F7 f are p F' 3' A if .1 A s, Qt l' A . ' 1 l 4 K law. , 1. was 1 FQ ,L ap ft , . My-up ip? X y.If', p L, .,, ABQ, -. X A F ' ax 1 . lf. M . mg A 5 xp K ' 41 . xi SV fy r , V, ,, A. t 6 F A, .gr A ,L 1 . A g q ,, M ,A 3 A I . Sip- , . -.4 'kwin J W7 Bl A rl L iwlifi ir. A A .. xr 'I X Nh ...B s, .Q X ,pn ':.. Q . Mm.. 5 4 .A i' f. wr V , 1 .1 X f QX i I ' S X Lf K It me 'MQ X I if A Q . f 3:59 h , .. , X faq J y-km. , .. , - :,. - .. - r 1: 7 ' A .. ,. ' E G . It t A .K H xr fm Q V' S 1 A I 6 I I W I A ,au , I ' 4' R I K ,K I "V up 5 X, I ...A ,, A 17 -J M" , F i , r '35 "li A 'TY' f J A 4 itr J H Y' - . 4 . J X 2, N T y .. A ,. -1-:rw J' , 'F ' V: -: 1 T I v'A, i ' '- ' ., V NKLV VL it . ig A v i . .J i s ,C A i q g rrhi Q fl' 1" J 'gifts X ,gs I , ' f "i X, ' Q L, , A ' B , " . l F ,, ...ss Q., tg., gl g ggg If ' C ,sew Q , gl ,. t. il L e 1l L - fe Q. r -L F... , Q " - A 'AEL C' , 'fl 'P ff, L- g Q as We L .,, - g L S2 N 5 , f r..'tf'.f 4. , - L ,... I k.., f . . X A K X - - z 5 es. . .1 . . qascfs A L- K 8, V C ..., -3 V gg ' , t 3 ,qt ,V K 3, 3 ..,v51 ,V I gi . . iii w Si, gi l sf? if N-Qi, -. .jg 2 '-cr i . X ix A V kklq g A , " t C L, . A l ' ' ills 5 xx E gg, rs-P MZ MM Q g gggg fi lbgzb 2 ,L gi q a Q , :jig as s . QI, 'W ' . C M 4 '- ,m wg.. ' ' Aft C A? 'Q Q A.- F' ' lk! 1' E : -Stiff' Q Q , ,,.. X .L . Qi f L E Mg 3 W F he . .ss 4 C, -ff' ., as . EE, ,:" , E iiii ' ta c C F" ' L ' ii X.. i fil w C ,sc ,Q at be H' as K 9 W 5, V ',, U , : 2 , if - 5 . H g ight' E YW " i ' g "' QQ Wl i 'F' I t 'T' 5 F " v f L 4 N. .H Q First row: J. Conway, J. Cooper, I. Copeland, P. Coscia, J. Covington, B. Craig, L. Crockett, B. Crostic, P. Crowe. Second row: M. Crump, S. Crutcher, P. Culbertson, P. Cundiff, E. Cunningham, M. Cunningham, C. Curtis, S. Dancinger, M. Davidson. Third row: P. Decker, D. Delaney, T. De- maree, D. Denham, M. Dennis, H. Devine, D. Dewart, L. DeWitt, L. Dicter. Fourth row: B. Dixon, M. Dodge, R. Dtescher, B. Dubourg, G. Duncan, J, Dutton, E. Edinger, B. Edwards, W. Elder. Fifth row: K. Elzey, R. Esinheart, J. Estes, A. Evans, G. Evridge. L. Fasciano, K. Fast, F. Filley, A. Fin- kle. Sixth row: J. Fisher, L, Fitzhugh, D. Ford, A. Forrest, H. Fowler, B. Frederick, R. Freeman, K. Frick, J. Friedman. Seventh row: K. Fugate, B. Gabhart, S. Garber, R. Gardner, L. Garrett, S. Gen- tleman, R. Gill, R. Gist, J. Givens. Eighth row: J. Givotoff, K. Glas, N. Gleaves, G. Godepski, J. Gohen, L. Goldberg, G. Goldblatt, D. Goldsmith, S. Goodman. l02 First row: B. Goodrum, J. Goolsby, B, Grant, E. Gray, T. Gray, E. Green. I. Gregory, S. Griffin, T. Grubbs. Second row: J. Guess, D. Haag, B. Hall, P, Halloran, M. Hancock,C. Hardin, J. Hardin, M. Hardin, J. Hardy, Third row: C. Harkins, J. Harlow, C. Harrington, E. Hartmann, C. Harfield, B. Hathaway, B. Haws, M. Hebel, L. Helm. Fourth row: S. Heskamp, C. Hesson, D. Heyser, R. Hig- by, D. Hill, V. Hinton, J. Hollenbeck, L. Houtchens, J. Howard. Fifth row: I. Huddleston, A. Huff, L. Humphrey, B. Jackson, B. Jansen, J. Jeffries, B. Johnson, J. Johnson, L. Johnson, Sixth row: S. John son, T. Johnson, B. Jones, R. Kahn, M, Kandler, S. Kanter, R. Kaplan, E. Karcher, N. Karem. Sev- enth row, B. Kaufman, C. Kaufman, H. Kaufman, B. Kelley, D. Kelly, B. Kercher, B. Kessler, C. Kilgore, C. Kingery. Eighth row: J. Kline, R. Koch, D. Krebs, J, Krebs, J. Kuntz, L. Laise, J. La- master, G. Lang, R. Lang. , M K. y i M " " K- 'fir' 'N S Q 2 ' Lv' A W f Q Q ,mls ' t K v 4 K 1' .s f '11 I - .- ff -J 4 L .2 A fi. M.. ,gg J , Jazzy , 5" W J W 5- 'di V ' 'ix 'My 43 is Q S 135, J A siisrr , , , L t '45 f .Qi ' . V , ' , 'gr I . N .. -A rn- F ' ff -f' ' rg Q ' 'IL .2 jg xt nj M ,, . ...fa 3 ,ig Q i - ar' , Q, Y 'warg Q N Ur f .gk K! H- R 6' K Xx I y ,K QXIQ K A A. I 5- X iw. J Y 5 fi, , fa 2 S f- A 2 , X " ' S .Lx I ' '-3 if In-5 ,, :IL J Q fy' .A WA? Q .,,,, L A . -J Q eq ' IW., A ' t X-A 1 LA SM, L3 L ' 5- A ...LAM L 1. L ' I fi my .12 an ,. I A KI K Q' ,Sis , M- as X . 5 if v--Q ji.. Q Q if Y 4. 'X .U . ., - - i 'H ' 'I .1 X .,, a, , , . , W, 2 ,ff g 'J' P ' " ,F A-3 JIS. K ze. X I .F Q, , k '3. rv- . ij ...gy Q if, , 2, at . 'G W ssa B v,,,. , yi - S A-wry? ie W xx Aywkjli aoi LX Rin ' 1. - fi at e e '03 if s W Q1 144- f. w K . GVV K KKK, K . K K. K , .. K K A it " . .JL Ax. . M 'L . J sf. " am. 5- X-,,. fi ws . . . .. ani" s email' KX. . .. .. lxgh 'N- am 1' S vkkkk gr. -K K K . K Je K S'-K - 'J A s. yt' S s ' L S ' -- Q . f . ' ...ie ' .Xt f 1-F-J K K K . .. KK KK KKIK. K . Q! Q . K,, :fy 7 . S . bs I k i V K ' - - 1 sw , ' I we W 5. 'Sf ' . .A arf ' KK l K, . ,' ' K 'ks --ry' ' - - k. KKKKQ K 1, ,zz .,., K K NM K L 1 t s eil F it ae.. 1. K A.. . K - K. f"' . I KKK -KK .N K K 3KK i. - 2 .1 . K NK-KW L S W E. . Q,, K SK .Y 3' , . ..., we . . 1 . .3 X S iii 3. . .?7e:'S"f: 1 ' P Q. . is , fs, ' tif? get ' A is ' 'J' J K 1 K 1 ' t 5 L i . 'Wo 1 A . -. . 1, . -, sq, K 2.11" .:.. K K KK K K KK -M Q ...tl is ,X 1 KX s. F KK it vs 'i' . E it f i"' we L el m - I fm ' - P . 5 . 'Mai wt- Q Y 'W-3. is . WW .1 .. V . A 5 f L ' A X K - 2 KK t,: . . K K. K .. . . KK .. . KW? K, " ' -.h, M J L , -.1 . - twlym ....., . -lf.. milk 2. N. . . . .. ,s -:if - --'f' i A . ' 42 1 :. X -v 13- - L. K -.- X. , A .Q , ,- . . u us -U., . First row: J. Larmee, S. Laukhuf, B. Lawrence. L. Leathers, F. Leffew, C. Lemon, J. Lerner, L. Lery. G. Lewis. Second row: G. Lewis, N. Lewis, S. Lewis, A. Loeser, K. Logsdon. R. Long, W. Love, W. Love, P. Loveday. Third row: K. Lowry, J. Luckey, D. Lusk, T. Mahler, S. Mahon, K. Mallick, J. Mallory, J. Mallory, M. Mardis, Fourth row: S. Mason, A. Mathus, L. Mayer, G, Mayo, F, Mccut- chan, R. McDowell, D. McGill, L. McGraw, L. McKinley. Fifth row: J. McMillan, L. Meadows, C. Miller, D. Miller, C. Miller, M. Miller, M. Miller, N. Miller, P. Mitchell. Sixth row: B. Moody, C. Moore, A. Morris, J. Muller, W. Munz, C. Myers, D. Neat, J, Nichols, D. Noble. Seventh row: L. Noel, S. Nolan, T. Noraas, V. Nord, D. Norton, P. Nugent, M. Numann, N. Oiler, T. Olges, Eighth row: N. Ornstein, E. Orr, M. Ostroff, D. Overman, E. Page, A. Parks, E. Patterson, W. Pat- terson, R. Paxton. I04 First row: S, Pearlman, T. Peers, B. Pegram, B. Pharis, P, Pierson, B. Porter, F. Porter, L. Porter, J. Potts. Second row: R. Potts, B. Proctor, C. Quinn, M. Racel, H. Ransdell, D. Raymond, S. Reaser, J. Record, K. Redmon. Third row: S. Redmon, T. Reed, M. Reisinger, J. Renkes, R. Rhea, B. Rhudy, P, Richardson, M. Ridge, S. Riebel. Fourth row: K. Riedling, L. Riedling, J. Rietze, I. Riley, B. Rine- hart, L. Rinehart, J. Rixman, I, Roberts, M. Rogers. Fifth row: D. Rogers, W. Rogers, K. Rollins, M. Rose, I. Rosson, B. Roy, B. Runner, J. Samples, E. Sanders. Sixth row: M. Satterly, L. Sawyer, S. Saxton, S. Schneider, S. Schneider, J. Schreiber, S. Schultze, R. Schuster, A. Schwartz. Seventh row: S. Schwartz, G. Seelmeyer, C. Seigle, P. Settle, S. Shaffer, J. Shake, R. Shapero, G. Sharp, G. Shaw. Eighth row: S. Shaw, L. Shelburne, B. Sherman, S. Shields, W. Shofner, S. Siegrist, R, Si- mione, P. Simmons, S. Singleton, f A U 'E K K ,-. z ,X x W 4 Q... 0 P ae f y ra... M r S rrr. il rr L 'Pk 4 t .a ,. f fy S M 3 s-if f-2 P r S P 'JM il Mira ds P Q .V 4 it S . S f 4. P I S rx, or cz. fd, H' fs.. -ra, if , R L.. ff as ,, .L ' S -,. X y t Q' ii Q M J 1 his 'f 7 R L -4 t S r V Ei A ,. , K" xiwbx V A A , 4 .M J F Q , yg, ' wh A A 'S M fag N A :aw ' '---' S is 'C' ffgf e 43" 'P' . V " P , ' ,gd . .S 'E v5 - S L. A x -nfl :M P - ii F V ykri J t .... X , - ,I r K .- A ,gi ,V-ff? av., I : X, P iii f , 0 .. .,, 4 ,M M , W ,,.. V zi, .,: 53' 1 x A n if - fi-iii.. PH: - A i L n - L W ' r ... S P 0 if-4 if ,::-:.... f fm' P 'S , A y , A R , J 'L -. ' Q Tx .. i N 9 ' aw Q ... i P , P . . ' 2 'if T-,A -we , ' ' " -vi ' 'rt , P R 5 i... .2 Ef' 'f 1 , ig W., . 'U' ' . , ' " " , ' ' . . NN-. . Y t Q S Q.. iv arf . F V0 B Q5 6 ,C sf S 7':'P iiws 5 va .,,LA 1, . I . K hh . 3 g . i kkkk A V53 if Nfvik - L.Lk ,- . , .K A X t X ' QK lk A " bit H K ,, ki 'B 1 -. :ni . K5 AM A: J 3 g g 'Li , QQEQ Q 8. ,Z--.g 'Sill . ,,.. 1 , . iw 4' - A' ' 'k 55 A lb ag ...Q Si a..,. was - I : . 5 . - ge . K' Ma gik N ,L V . Wifi 'K f u?" . t i Qu -1- " ' , I i I i 'X Jn. ' S , L Hi. . ...ii i Q-'i A P ' 1 ' -n ex S r v g . K X K . 5 g uw F A I. :X t if P it .st F i a 'R it ,, . m... Q - KDQP: . . . -K L ' b e A B L f f 'f Q. xi. A . B. L C, 't' f' B "' M P e n' P . r . H ""'Y 5 l L. rg F ,glb L K ii! m A L 1 L": B B gi K K 1 X I: M 1. Q f if . i gbnb' 2 Eff , 1' ' ' 'Ll P imiAh 5, 5 "'- : i i X we , l LL A vxfl .Q . Mx A .V 1 Q ,Q A i - - A . Q V, I - g V2 .A - - "' C, ' 'L - , 3 rg .. . .WQIQX x L5 A wx a -v T ebb F 3 i nf R Q ggiiiwgi xx is S all F S... i el it P fg4...... First row: B. Small, B. Smith, D. Smith, J. Smith, K. Smith, M. Smith, J. Snodgrass, B. Snow, E. Snyder. Second row: S. Sonnenfeld. R. Soskins, B. Spencer, P. Stephans, N. Stern. R. Stevens. P. Stewart, I. Stickler, D. Stinson. Third row: T. Stivers, M. Stout, S. Stout. L. Strong, S. Struck, G. Sullivan, C. Sutton, J. Suara, J. Swartz. Fourth row: J. Taylor, P. Taylor, M. Tharp, W. Thomas, B. Thompson, C. Thompson, J. Thompson, L. Throgmorton, C. Thurman. Fifth row: D. Tipton. M. Tom- erlin. L. Travis, A, Trucy, B. Tumheim, R. Ulery, B. VanMeter, D. Verser, K. Vick, Sixth row: C. Virden, D. Voit, C. VonA1men. R. Waldman, I. Walker, C. Wall, A. Walls, P. Walts, B. Watson. Seventh row: T. Weaver, B. Weber, J. Weber, T. Weber, C. Weibel, D. Weidner, A. Weinberger, C. Welch, T. Weller. Eighth row: L. Whaley, B. White, B. Wilding, P. Witcher, B. Wong, S. Woodard, M. Woods, G. Wright, M. Wright. Ninth row: P. York, B. Young, M. Young, R. Young, A. Yussman, L. Zeillmann. T. Zimmerman. E wget S The student council is a representative group of students elected by home rooms, who have qualified both in area of lead- ership and scholarship. Its purpose is to share in the government of the school and to work out solutions to problems which can be solved only through the cooperation of the faculty and entire student body. Phil Hanna President Eleanor Porter Vice President Ann Wynn Secretary-Treasurer g tw ,six "x is , Left to right: Janice Bischoff, Secretary, Stuart Riley, Presidentg Alice Reid, Second Vice President Vivian Evridge, Treasurer, David Gibson, First Vice President. The Beta Club is an honor society that is open to students in the sophomore, junior, or senior classes who have maintained an "A" or "B" average scholastically, and an outstanding record in deportment. The object of the Beta is to build better minds and character by promoting fellowship, honesty and truth, service to others, and leadership. 1 Q f - . z X 1 1 26. , I ff ' 14-'si My , s N is is NX iv , S ,:. s 5-f-sg X VY Q i Q it F X Q f Q Y X 'T N33 3 Left to right: Bunny Spence, Secretary Liz Rhea, Treasurer Allen Cooper, Documentarian Jack Koenig, Vice President Mary Lou Shely, President The Fern Creek International Relation Club was organized in 1955 by Miss Margaret Amold in cooperation with the University of Louisville to help bring peace to the wor1d's nations by understanding, understanding through educa- tion, education through interests, and interests through activities and man's innate love of man. I I 3 Q The purpose of the Good News Club is to promote Christian Fellowship, to create a higher standard of living among the students, to give a chance for Christian Witness, to help students to grow spiritually as well as intellectually and physically, and to put religion on a practical basis. We are proud to have one of the largest clubs of this type in our school. Left to right: Paul Carr - Song Leader Ann Wynn - Pianist Mike Gassaway - President Malot Hays - Program Chairman Vivian Evridge - Secretary David Downing - Song Leader Linda Wiggington - Vice President -4 WN 432 BUECHEL BARBER and BEAUTY sHoP WATSON 'S PAN AM SERVICE 3940 Bardgtgwn Road Old Shepherdsville Road and G1. 3-7097 Bardstown Road U.S. Royal Tires and Batteries G1. 8-9368 Alice Reid, President Ronnie Schmidt, Vice President Mary Lou Shely, Secretary Ralph Luker, Treasurer 4 v7 Freddy Gorin, President Arleen Isaacs, Vice President Judy Sonnheim, Program Chairman Judy Test, Secretary-Treasurer I ,4 YK ff ' I f 6700 ?f-i714 I Kay Niman, President Carol Stoltz, Vice President Janice Kramer, Secretary Bessie Gootee, Treasurer SLATER PRINTING COMPANY Your Official School Printer I I3 OFM Hamm! Sfdff SUBSCRIEDJUM Editor, Bob Grovesg Class Editor, Ronnie Schmidtg Sports Editor, Jerry Martin, Business Manager, Kay Niman, Assistant Business Manager, Marty Elrodg Lay-out Editor, Bunny Spenceg Photographer, Henry Gravesg Typists, Dolores Mayer and Alice Reidg Advisor, Mrs. Kay Hardy. Editor-in-Chief, Bob Groves Bunny Spence, Dolores Mayer, Kay Niman, Alice Reid, Ronnie Schmidt, Mrs. Hardy, Bob Groves, Jerry Martin, and Marty Elrod, THE TIGER GAZETTE , 1lZllfgTf'MI-IT'.'5 Member of the Quill and Scroll Wa y And Columbia Press Association , ig 1, ' Y Eff gggu is a publication of Ig: I FERN CREEK HIGH SCHOOL 3121 Fern Creek, Kentucky Qin" JOE WITTREICII .,...................................................................... Editor-in-Chief BETSY WILLIS ..... ............................................................ A ssistant Editor JIM GREGG .,.,..... ...........................,................................ B usiness Manager EDITORIAL STAFF BUNNY SPENCE ....... ............................................. ......... M a ke-up Editor VIRGINIA Rxcssy ............. ........ S ociety Editor EUGENE HINDERER ........................................,................................. JOICG Edff0T BOB MEYER .................................................................................... Sports Editor Sports assistants: AL ZEIINER, Boa MATTHEWS, LYNN WIGGINTON, SID ANDERSON Co-News Editors: J ANICE BIscIIOFE, JEANINE OEHRLE Co-Feature Editors: BETTY HOFELICH, WALTER CLARK Exchange Editors: J ENEANNE BURNETT, RAY LAN!-IAM, SHIRLEY HoUsE, BONNIE MATHERLY Proofreaders: BETTY HOEELICII, GERALDINE FARMER SCHOOL CORRESPONDENTS NANCY BIGELOW, Faculty 5 J ANICE BIscHoI-'F, Seniorsg PAULINE HOUSE, Juniorsg CHRISTINE ALDRICH, Sophomoresg HAROLD METCALF, Fresh- mang ANN CAREY, Eighth Gradeg GARLAND STUTZENBERGER, Commu- nityg CYRIL ALLGEIER, School Newsg JULES RAMEY, Clubs. BUSINESS STAFF SALLIE SCHWAR ....,.................. ..................... ................ D is tribution Manager BESSIE GOOTEE ..................................................... ...Sales Promotion Manager MARTHA WESTERMAN ............................... .......,............. Ad vertising Manager KAY HARDY AND BARBARA NIEMANN Faculty Advisors Joe Wittreich, Editor-in-Chief ACME BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. MCAFEE FUNERAL HOME 223 North Clay Street Buechel Branch - Box 83 Louisville, Kentucky Louisville 18, Kenmcky "5 .. WW 1711? 3 ' K ,tt V 'L ,-.gn-. . -4 Carol Stoltz, Senior Representative Shawn Cheflaull. Junior Representative Joe Wittreich, President Ronnxe Schmrdt Vrce Pres1dent Ahce Rexd, Secretary Nancy Brgelow Treasurer Betty Hofehch Reporter Geraldine Farmer, President Peggy Dean, Vice President Sarah Dyer, Secretary Sue Snook, Treasurer Xevffa. Wm I 5, 1 vl 19 O X X- o 'Ln 4 .I N ' I l is if I 4 .V Ju' -Q--V I - ,at rr!! , V t f "' 1 -' Jimmy Trautwein, President Sonny Snawder, Vice President Johrmy Farmer, Secretary Bobby Groves, Treasurer lf Q,-f,,4, o Tana Peers, President Bill Boman, Vice President Leeann Houchins, Secretary Treasurer Bobby Pegram, Reporter my 4 Gerome Lemer, President, Bob Ayre, Program Chairmang Steve Goodman, Monty Rie singer, Bonnie Bader, Scherrill Redman, Bill Fredericks, Martha Cambler, Special Program Committee. 0 O Foster Jones, President Charles Ruckrugel, Vice President Sammy Eyle, Secretary -Treasurer 7, ,..... Il .N , 'Wx MMS .NX I xg ffl is orff Clinton Cook, President Bi11 Jansen, Vice President Vicky Wilson, Secretary Nancy Ackerman, Treasurer Bunny Spence, President Buddy Wunderhch, V1ce President Jene Unseld Secretary Treasurer xxx , xgx If - I sm .,.. , M-W W . 'W -e ee., D, T. DAVIS CO. of Louisville, Inc. TOP CITY MEAT MARKET 1339 Bardstown Road 317 East Jefferson Street Highland 2753 Juniper 3-6434 cafwze 14 'qs Jean Mackay Helen Cahoe Dolly Mayer Linda Thompson Janice Bischoff FANELLI'S ICE CREAM Buechel, Kentucky JOE-Z's PIZZA Bardstown Road - Hikes Lane G1. 8-9212 - Phone in orders Nancy Wilson, President Alice Smith, Vice President Judy Rasner, Secretary Barbara McGruder, Treasurer Barbara Chelf, President Linda Noel, First Vice President Doris Kaufman, Second Vice President Jacque Helm, Secretary Judy Mathys, Treasurer 716- We 7! Larry Tyler, President Tim Clark, Vice President Sharon Chennault, President Sharon Anderson, Vice President Marty Eirod, Secretary Kaye Morgan, Treasurer w4M FERN CREEK FEED and HARDWARE HARDING PHARMACY Fern Creek, Kentucky Personalized Service Bob Groves, President 0 0 Ronnie Harrington, Vice President Vivian Everidge, Secretary Becky Arnett, Treasurer Left to right: Ronnie Harrington Bob Groves Paul Carr Stuart Riley Accompanied by: Alice Reid Judy Foster, President Sandy Beiling, Librarian Alice Reid, Pianist I I ' fr! ,rl , :X H Y n-...V M... A L .44 A S COLLINS HOME SUPPLY C0H1P1imemS Of Buechel, Kentucky J- E- WISEMAN FERN CREEK BARBER SHOP Qzdymdeddofwa and 5"z46wde640'w4 an N- 1.5, :'.. 'I k A i ":E: eiiii , Q 2 J M Drum Major: Richard Crunkleton gb A .QW X if Majorettes: 9 so is i lx X, ,. Frankie Schmidt .ss-NX 5221 Mary Jane Fields 1 D ' ' Debbie Delaney Compliments of BUECHEL STANDARD SERVICE Buechel, Kentucky Compliments of DR. I. V. MAHAN li - .Q '11-Aiw' l , 'M . ,-1 W www . , L, ,K 1 I Q1 fxl lj I- U. . , 1. f 3 Xa Q X N 1 J ki 'Y' xxa f' 'FQ x .. 'S Wan K E xxx vial? 'xg' 3 .7 '7' , ff ' !' ff V ' 99? if KX' i 9-an K ' X . l X . ,Mp X J Www M Dudley Robertson President Ramona Suchsland Vice President I ' Ann Taylor Secretary 3' These students received practical office A experience by assisting the general staff. WALTER J. HEIB KEI-I-Y'S GARAGE Sand and Gravel Inc. BUGCHCI- Kentucky m 3 1,555,522 ' sa, ii! If? H ,z 7 -1 Ifiii . Q11 ' 6' ?Y'5'fi5E3i1! ' 9,41 iififiiif A 4-f A, .f i??f+Qi'FEf 'Hg f 1, 1 ,if 1 ,, k Q ff Q Q ix 2 G.wwN .agii ,-fee Slew 5445- Wea! game ,466 gawzq 7mm Winn Wamdk Ffaqw BOB DURHAM, Senior PHIL HANNA, Senior HM TRAUTWEIN, Senior LARRY GENSLINGER, Senior EUGENE HINDERER, Senior , Boa JACKSON, Junior DON CALVERT, Junior DAVID LOWE, Senior GARY DANIELS, Senior RAY LANHAM, Junior JIM PIKE, junior JOHN HUGGINS, Junior J 1. K ky BILL SPEER, Junior JIM BROWN. Junior GRAEME LOWE, Junior 'uf K MI Valley Provid . St . Joe Eastern Somerset Shelbyville Southern We-'nys l , 1 L f-G-. BOB CURTIS, Sophomore DAVID HERROD. FFCShmaH V E DONNIE WILLIAMS, Junior mfilarf BOB COX, Freshman EDDIE CLEARY, Sophomore Z,-446eZ5dlZ Zaeeoz Zahn Qahmn 'yaotlcdl .Queen .Jada Em 7601x413 Fzzazceea Jada Saw-ya fn , ., ,J 5 . . ..wi '34 5 48 65 61 '58 '77 55 49 68 62 41 52 53 ifead Trinity Atherton St. Joe Valley Mt. Wash. Southern Oldham Co. Old Ky. Home Trinity Eastern St. X. Shawnee JERRY MARTIN JIMMY ERNSPIKER Senior Senior DAVID DOWNING Senior JACK KOENIG Junior EDDIE HOAGLAND Junior 5 12 sf' WESTERMAN INSURANCE AGENCY PORTER? GROCERY 3940 Bardstown Road F-C- 3296 Louisville 18. Kentucky Fern Creek' KemUCkY 4,1 u IBDIJ IB FERN CREEK PHARMACY Compliments gf Fern Creek, Kentucky DR. FARMER KENNY CAMPBELL Senior JERRY LAWSON Sophomore DANNY RENKES junior KENNY TAYLOR junror BOB THORNTON Junior .A l I I I I ARTHUR CHRISTMAS Sophomore WILLIAM THATCH IUDIOI' JOHNNY MONTGOMERY Sophomore Compliments of MU RIEL TAYLOR STUART STINETTE Sophomore EDDIE CLEARY Sophomore Q W. ?oazZ4!l Q. W. Zmieffad x . :Nm K. x A f:k:':Qeig+ Q. MSP viii all 5 QS? ... . ,- R, . A f1?'i,sf.57-'- ,-QA? ' X Q W, 1 W -3 v QM, ., 1 ' UQf"5:'fr3'5iHY" '25 . A-"'fg9:ifg,FQ' Y. 5, ,J1iiQ7hP'1,xfi.3.A 2.- 5 X1 1, 'iff Li Xjw-WT' if f W , ,V v s 4 f IS ..--1" "N WSH' hx S sv 3? .Jr Q ff' - in A I44 I . Q Y Q X gg xi' 1 R ,1 S c Q 1, rm. IV 5,5 rs Lf' uf! 'Q 'SF' 4 an The three year old Fern Creek "Marching Tigerettesu is the only girls' drill corp in a jef- ferson County school. The Fern Creek student body is proud to see them performing at all home games in their new uniforms. ROAD SERVICE LOUISVILLE BUILDERS 4163 Bardstown Road Buechel Branch Wheel Balance - G1, 8-9312 Q. . . A X RUR?-' S 7 N 'IM was ' , ,. gg. fu . . " Q fwwwdfqw Q QQ Q Qi? Q Q . V' Vw -I N ,K ,,. sg g K I46 mek W ., Q . , 'V -' S iff-'Q if '.-' - 'R' .I .,.. ,.':.g.: :.. -.-if ' fr" ' hiv-fi' 1 f ' 3-- Q, H . ' ' -- dqpmpgg YL- QQ 5- Q - - Q Q Q -V Q Q. . ,. ..ggf,5,yV.i3Qg5iQfQQQiiQQQQQQ Q. .,., .., . ill.. I Q , ' 1 -- -. V 5 'G Q -,A-a, 3.5, X5 Q. j: QQ :ag Q Q V , Q rv 5 Q 1-QQQ Q k . .. QQQ A' A 1. 3" 1 --' z 1 iff 'f .L L . L . W , ' 48 ' H . . Lg ff , g 537 'f ' ,gy , Q Q L, . ",:. .. ..,. .. ,.. , . W? Q LQ W 1' :. ., 15326 A .S - ' ff -is 1 A . , 'F .ik JW 1 if 1' 'P 1. f ,S .i .- -- .-'- N f . . . - A .......,.,4.'-f .L . 'Y 5 A V . if N WY' ' ., .'-- -. Fw- 'W : . .. . 'l A ' 3'5' Tgff:ff' -- H5 1 .. . 52.52-1 - m y 'E -5- 'NL-Qfgj' 1' f .' I QQ, -gg :,,'. x ."Q Q Q -K . Q .. wg, -M" Ji . X Q : VL .Q .Qf 4- .QQJYE 'j - y W-' .. . . gg. - f . -f J X ' ,. .. t- .fb .. .- ,- 1 . -. :H-wg" .." rx " - f -f. :Q '- P. '? -'zslffv . W T 1 ni '- 'Q KAUF MAN 'S Photograph Studio Louisville , Ky, 1 r wtfef' 'W mr. -. S 4' ,, lofi: sc? , .rs ,t..,,v3,V, 911' vs. ..... - 'fi' Jinx- ffq, gr Wir QAW 2 W? " Y-' sf- ' KENTUCKY BALFOUR CO, 615 South First Street Louisville, Kentucky Left ro right: Kay Niman Beverly Smith Lonnie Hoffman Linda Wiggington Bessie Gootee Sharon Anderson Molly Edwards I47 Compliments of: KENTUCKY COLLEGE of BARBERING 238 East Market Street Compliments of Ray Walker - President DR, KRAFT 5 Q N fi? T r 'A 'VU W RN CF' x n ,. :ff Y: ' 15' U 'ea F . U 6- if Q -we vu- A , I Lf U 5 U4 CW A., FD Mary Lou Shely - "What do You mean bY 3 girdle?" Kay Niman - Derby winners start out Peggy Dean - "Come on someone push me!" like this too. Molly Edwards - "OopsI I'11 try those push-ups again." 'W' Janet Brooks A11 dr Sonny Clark This trans action is in the bag!" Sharon Anderson - Watch I ' A - J 3' .5 what birdie???" -3'-,:"..."'-"5-' up and no place to go. Sonny Snawder "Oh, I'm so essed Jean Mackay - 'Anyone for a drag P" Dolly Mayer - " Ever had peanut- butter on the roof of your mouth?" embarrassed." Ronnie Schmidt - The first three Judy Foster - "Why don't you like J A. , M pieces were the best." my new earrings?" K my A f Q- sl K Kay Worth - "Well, don't you just love this crazy bonnet?" f 1 ,-. , 1 . ' N H Henry Graves - "You can't Bob Groves - "I'1l get that fish yet." Catch me' buddy? John Hays - "Just who are you dress down." calling a hood P" Barbara Johnson - "l always did like the wild-life." James Guffey Darryl Huggins - "But Mom- my, I don't want to put my Giddy-up hoss! Off: X Iv 4 Buddy Roman - "A little l A B dirt never hurt anyone." f' I I . Clinton Cook - "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse." Joe Wittreich - "l'1l make it someday." X Q X Barbara Mallory - "You should Bunny Spence - "Just call see the other side of the fence." me grandma Moses." I5l iv Eugene Hinderer - "Just call me bird brain." Flora Parrott - "No com- ment. Susan Wunderly - "Just call me angel." Alice Reid - "I'm not really such a bad girl. " Martha Westerman - "Well shut mah mouth!" Mary Moody - "Monroe has nothing on mel" Jerry Payne - Life is just a bowl of cherries," Lonnie Hoffman - "I'd like for you to meet my do11." Jim Gregg - "Spank me Nancy Bigelow - "Here I Bill Jansen - Davie Crockett. Judi' J05ePh ' "Things like and I'l1 spank you back." stand all straight and tall." this make me nervous-H 152 f ik. Marty Elrod - "We1l. I can't help it." Ronnie Harrington - "Who says I it I . n 1 v Leslie Best - "Can't you see this is have to take a bath?" I Lucinda Griffin - "I don't feel quite dressed for the occasion." Sallie Schwab - "What is this anyway 7" Linda Thompson - "I'm g out of here." Ann Little - Annie had a little lamb, ettin ' tin! ill John Kercheval - "Man, I sure hate this ole' stroller. " John Schuster - "You just wait 'til I get my horse." Gary Daniel - "Aw shucks, l'm no sissy. private P" David Downing And they say I have a big mouth n -'hi 5 -, Fw Q.. I hs. so . 1 , 4 'fiat X. Q 5 z Q S N 21" : ' -ar- -G. 3' Ng .. f .F I " XT, 'p' ' . Q . " tvs?-'if . 3.7 855: t iff- ,q trgsgh ll 0 ' 2 . , lf F118 A 'I .sz ft Q -. W. T Q! f"'- ' '. - 3: w ., , sr, ,j .- K .JM , ' "" ' . ' A 1 Helen Cahoe - sell Ipana an da y Y l53 "I could ,466 Suze Zami All Sam ,Egfr n ? PRINCESS BEAUTY SHOPPE, Mrs. Anderson CARTER'S ELECTRIC JEFFERSON REPORTER STOCK YARD POULTRY KELLY GARAGE BARDSTOWN ROAD FLORAL CO. Compliments of: DR, CONLEY The year is 196'7, everywhere we turn we see progress, progress and more progress! What ten years has done: Louisville seems like a changed city! Why, even the five ranch houses, which were the teen hang-outs ten years ago have consolidated together to form the most modern and exclusive chain of night clubs in the south. The newest of the chain which is to be opened next month on Bardstown Road has requested the Fern Creek class of '57 to be their guests. Bob Hecht, Qyou remember the red headed, freckled faced ladrj has been released from the F,B.l, to round up the class. It wasn't hard to find Sonja Age and Flora Parrott: they were having a tea at the Brown Suburban, a few of the other girls with their M.R.S. degree who were attending were Betty Caudill, Christine Wingfield, Joy- ce Reeves, Linda Reid and Lucinda Griffin. Sharon Anderson and Ronnie Schmidt, along with Peggy Dean are only a few teachers making Fern Creek Junior College a success. This new school is being financed by the millions of Bob Durham and Eddie Gold- berg. Molly Edwards wasn't too hard to find, her name is on the sports pages frequently now having taken Babe Zaharies' place in the woman's sports world. It was quite a jump to find Larry Tyler, Chuck Wollert, and David Gibson, along with John Hays. Jerry Schwitzer, and Ronnie Walker, who are all members of the Society of Engineers for the Development of the Belgian Congo. Alan Ward and Ronnie Poehline are also working with this crew. A whole troop of Suzie McNamaras' including Janice Bischoff, Helen Cahoe, and Betty Hofelich, are working hard for these engineer- ing geniuses. Not to be forgotten are nurses Martha Westerman and Nancy Bigelow guarding this troop from Jungle Rot. The whole company was transported to the congo by jet pilot Walter Clark and his loyal stewardess "Wetsy Betsy Willis." Deep in the heart of the congo we find missionaries Phil Hanna and Mike Gassoway attempting to civi- lize the uncivilized Ubangies. Attending some of the singspirations are the two foremost "Fourmost," Ronnie Harrington and Bob Groves. Acting as songleaders, were found Calypso singers Jeanette Goldblatt and Lowell Simpson, who had been touring the jungle. Also, here in the jungle -we find Alice Reid playing her jungle pipe organ for the pageant "Unto The Swamps," in harmony with the frogs as background music. Bob Meyer and Dave Lowe were found selling diamond studded accessories for "hot" canoes. All said they were unable to come back to the states to be here tor me opemng of the new Ranch House chain, as they had been exposed to the deadly "Jungle Rot," So these people were left stranded in the jungle. Meanwhile back in the states Shirley and Pauline House were located along with Judy Mathy on the campus of Kilgore College in Texas. They are leading the famous Rangerettes. On the coaching staff we find Dave Downing, head-coach of the Basketball squad and Al Zeyhner lead- ing the grid team. Both coaches have had perfect seasons for the past five years. On down the road at Lakeland Air Force Base we found, Charles Bailey, Larry Lazar. Bill Kyser, Carl Rice, and Ronnie Weller, all under the leadership of the five star general, Jerry Payne. W-e now follow Joan Reihlman back to Kentucky as she just bought a Texas horse to run in the Kentucky Derby. This horse was so fast that Leslie Best had to be the jockey handicap. Caring for this prize horse was Johnny Farmer, the famous horse doctor. Arriving at Fort Knox, we found tight wads Joe Keller, and Mike Griffin, guarding the gold. Coming on in Dixie Highway we find Henry Graves, Gary Daniels, and Larry Genslinger bowling at St. Helens. Tommy Caillouette and Garland Stutzenberger are business partners and what else could that business be but Midnight Auto Sales. Our trip now takes us to New York City fstill recovering from the '57 Journalism Conventionj and then we go to gay "Paree." First on the agenda is to contact Joe Wittreich, editor of none other than the New York Times. Joe in- formed us that diplomats Anne Little and Mary Lou Shely would be sailing for France, and on our shipl Another working with international matters is Dolly Mayer, who against her wishes. has become Sec- retary of the U,N, and seems to be translating Spanish quite often in her work. After leaving the office of the New York Times, we walked down Fifth Avenue and who did we meet, Mary Moody, going into Fonda Tankersley 's famous beauty salon, well known for the hair styling of Kenny Blair. Mary informed us it was her opening night and she was starring in a play written by Mary Munson. Also, on fifth avenue were found fashion designers, Lina Brown and Carolyn Poehlin. On arriving at the hotel. we met Carl Wigginton, who was a candidate for president. He informed us that Univac, which was being run by John Schuster and Barbara Mallory. was already predicting his victory. Now it was off to Paris, on board we met Annette Karem who was ship cook and Roscoe Jump who in- formed us this was his third trip around the world. Finally we docked in Paris and first thing on the agenda was to have an evening on the town. After freshening up we started out to the " Moulin Rouge." On our arrival we heard the jumpy notes of the Can-Can and who did we find on the floor, none other than Virginia Rigsby leading the chorus line. Virginia spotted us and after her number came over to our table and informed us Wilda Mindell was at the American Theatreg doing her ever popular impersonation of Sophie Tucker. Virginia also told us Carol Stoltz was studying at the Sorbonne there in Paris. So far everyone was able to attend the opening of the Ranch Houseg except those stranded in the jungle. On arriving back at the hotel we found a telegram awaiting us from the Belgian Congog it informed us that they all would be able to attend as Dr. Clinton Cook, along with nurses Pat Hill and Darryl Huggins, had discovered a new vaccine to protect them from 'Jungle Rot." This was good newsg we were to start home on the last leg of the joumey tomorrow with all others to be contacted left in the states. Docking early in Norfolk. Virginia gave us an opportunity to find Joe Hall, Bob Rabbeth, and Kenneth Campbell as longshoremen unloading Bunny Spence and Jean MacKay's art collections straight from the Louvre and struggling with Bradley Tottens German engineered radio equipment. As we were giving details of the reunion to these ex-Fern Creek students they told us to check on the new chemically grown green beets, results of Jerry Watson and Buddy Roman's three year experimentation in the Georgia swamps. Following a lead from some of the other students, we checked into Daytona Beach to see the NASCAR car races of 1967. Here we find Sam Eyle, Lester Wittenauer, Garland Miller, Eugene Hinderer, and Allen Blacketer. While here, we see Chester Fust delivering milk to these drivers in hopes to calm their nerves. In doing so, he wakes everyone in the resort with his jangling of milk bottles. Leaving Daytona Beach, we travel northward. Going through Gallitin, Tennessee, we see the great John Kercheval's Record Shop with salesgirl, Jeanine Oehrle selling Bob Pharis' latest release, "Crazy Tigers." On our way through the mountains we see Tim Clark selling Indian blankets at an Indian Reservation. Also, at the reservation we find Linda Thompson teaching the Indians to spell "HOW" and Kay Niman's Gift Shop with her originals in crafts and ceramics. Entering Nashville we see a poster announcing the annual convention of the Southern Homemakers with guest speaker. Jeanine Burnett, the famed writer of women's hair styles. Also to be present at the meeting to give demonstrations on various homemaking tips are, still together, Gladys and Gayle Lloyd, and Paula Zinke. Since these people are busy with their meeting and we haven't much time, we leave a message and travel on. Before leaving the city, however, we see Janice Shaw in the city library. After a brief conversation in a low tone of voice, she whispers that she is now head librarian. Once again we prepare to journey on. The attention of the community of Fern Creek is centered on an expanding factory, located in the heart of Fern Creek. The sole purpose of this factory is the manufacture of prefabricated houses. This factory, being composed exclusively of Fern Creek High Graduates, has as its business administrator Harold Fisher. To keep the factory operating smoothly, Cyril Allgier, Bob Barr, Donnie Carrier, and Gary Oaks appear as foremen. The designer of these modernistic homes, Joe Goodwin, has been assisted by the famed interior decora- tors, Bessie Gootee and Lonnie Hoffman. These plans are drawn by these draftsmen: Harold Metcalf, and Sonny Snawderg engineered by Chuck Hilgert. Making known the achievements of this corporation is Jim Paul, the advertising manager and his secretaries, Rosalee Bauer, Carol Kaufman, Bonnie Matherly, and Vivian Stout, Having been trained for business secretarial work by Miss Farris and Mrs. Morris. Carrying out the ideas of the company is the chief contractor, Jim Trautwein and his assistants, Bill Skaggs, Jim Short, and Ben Stout. Company nurses, to mend the many mashed fingers and minor mishaps are Judy Joseph, Linda Wiggin- ton, and Susan Wunderly. The stock of this well-paying organization is figured by mathematician Kay Worth, who sends out many dividend checks to Bill Jansen, Ray Lanham, Jim Ernspiker, Jim Guffy, and Jerry Miller, the stockholders. Leaving the factory, we drive through the Fem Creek community to catch the new sights. While going through, we see Billy Barnes, Johnnie Gentry, and Bob Hayden at the Fern Creek Volunteer Fire Department serving their community. After a brief get-together, we travel on. As we drive along we hear a siren. Sud- denly a police car appears chasing some young hotrods. When the car came closer, we saw that the police were none other than Jim Gregg and Billy Stout. However, in their rush they do not see us. Meanwhile. other activities are taking place in this thriving community. ln a nearby nightclub, the newest branch of the Pelican, some of the surrounding residents who are graduates of Fern Creek High School have arrived for a brief period of entertainment before the big reunion. Upon arrival at the club, we see Margaret Bowser at the coat check with hostess, Sallie Schwab. Our first glance around the room portrays many Fern Creek graduates. Over in a corner thinking up some new basketball plays we see sports writer, Bobby Matthews, with Globe trotter, Fred DeBerry, and pro-basketball player, Jerry Martin. Also we see the former Geraldine Farmer. JoAnn Redmon and Marylyn Welch with their husbands, talking over their dinner about none other than family life. When we walk to our tables we see Sidney Anderson and Janet Brooks, home from college, talking to cigarette girls Ann Carey and Marty Elrod. At last we find our seats and a menu and finally start to order our dinner. After a preview of the menu, we see that June Grimes is the newly appointed dietician. All at once the lights dim and the floor show begins. Much to our surprise, we see that two of the dancers are Judy Foster and Barbara Johnson, accompanied by a new band with drummer and leader, Charles Niren. After the show, the performers joined the rest of the group from Fern Creek to have a very enjoyable evening and a re-acquaintance with everyone. When the evening closed, everyone was very enthusiastic about the grand reunion of the '57 graduating class that would be held the next evening. Everyone said goodbye, and thus the evening ended. ,r" . E Q 7 l I I filbiiii. P Q 32- S l 2 'Hi S i 5 W, W ' L Ms H, iiililh. 39 -fi 'iv LITHOGRAPHED BY Lon PUBLISHING co. 3 DALLAS Q TEXAS The Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE 4: ,gi .au- Q ,ffwv 1 79 Q ',,r,' Q . n ,, . . , " Q ff-tw ff.-lx " 4 ff. I ,Y .:,m4, - 11 1 '- IM' ' f x U: AJ: ,mf ,XJW .11 ' 303 1, .. A K f ' Q' 'Q ' -Am,.5,' V ,.X:.y-I-H5 3 " ', - ' 'J ,,-" , ' -' 'X f . ,V f 'Mix 4 A .V LL. I . -V my ,gg .' - .1 . ,, ,,. ,.,. 1, A 4. . , . lf. M19 Vi PQ... , Vs- , ,IQ f A 45 fr- H ' ff '14, 'Z' f,. V , o , s 4 Q X. 1 S W 1 Wg! Ugg E X if W 2 iw , M! 3 X 'W . W3 Egg f 351 k 2 mb" gg ,E : sw, if J 3 M ig 51 'Ex s Q , at s 'QQ ,s ,, X 1 F 1 E 4 5 -...WK 1 wwe S' . im..-if T3 X ww, Mk w . K gg, 'Y 4- ws-su.. vw - L x ' 55,8 Ax x M4-fm :sf if'-f aff' WW vm . 4 , w r W 1' . 'LE imma-2 wrmuaf., '-1,-,f,.r:or5Q.1m. " 'i.zeKz:..v,twnrz:"sc fix ug, '.5.1Q::.-..a".z '.:v uf. .u .wg 1-.411 f--, 'i-.1-.hh-,. :,n:.-rv ,--1 .-f- 5 V-"mn, -- 4...:- '-.: fw.:'-:-1' 1:-,r.1Qnm4:'1sl-.e.'qn..a.."3,g1

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1957, pg 87

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