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GUIDAr:CE CZPART.ViENT ENRICO FCi ' v.v.i HIGH SCHOOL 124 NORTH MAPLE STREET ENFIELD, CONNECTICUT 06082 DESIDERATA Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however, humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. 2 Enrico Fermi was born on September 29, 1901 and at a very early age he demonstrated an avid interest in science. In 1922, Fermi received his degree of Doctor of Physics. By 1924, he was a professor at the Univer- sity of Rome. In the years that followed he spent much of his time on experimental work in Physics, for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1938. During World War II, Enrico Fermi was selected to work on a top secret project with the goal of achieving a controlled nuclear reaction. The research effort was successful and ultimately led to the development of the atomic bomb. Fermi and four other scientists received the Con- gressional Medal for Merit for their help in building the atomic bomb. He made further contributions to education as a professor at the University of Chicago until his death in 1954. Enrico Fermi High School is a functional memorial to Fermi for his infinite contributions to the educa- tional growth of people all over the world . . . . . . Fermi High contributes to expanding the educational horizons of its students through its outstanding facilities. 6 During three years of high school a student must make many important decisions. Fermi High’s exceptional guidance department aids students in this task every year. Counselors devise countless programs of study suited for an individual ' s needs, abilities, goals, and desires. 7 Aspiring students of the performing arts at Enrico Fermi High take advantage of excellent facilities. Students have the option of joining the stage band, the marching band, or the jazz ensemble. The concert choir and mixed chorus also allow prospective vocalists to gain experience in state wide competitions. Finally, a large, spacious auditorium is available for concert programs as well as annual theatre productions. 8 The Physical Education Department provides the essential balance to the student ' s overall program. The four station gymnasium provides space for such varied activities as volleyball, racquetball, and basketball. The heated swimming pool and adequate locker facilities are utilized effectively by the Fermi swimming teams, the gym classes, and the town swimming team. Many classes and teams take advantage of the two weight rooms available in the gym wing. Outdoors, the facilities are comprised of a soccer field, a football field, tennis courts, two baseball diamonds, a track, and an area for field hockey. Another notable attribute of Fermi High School is its varied academic program which provides students with a comprehensive background. The Mathematics Department offets surveying and computer courses that prepare students for the growing field of data processing. The History Department features relevant courses, such as Political Issues and American Studies as well as World Civilization and Human Behavior. Recently, the English Department implemented a newly revised curriculum which included the purchasing of new textbooks. Foreign Languages included in the Fermi curriculum are French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Latin. The tri-level Fermi library complements these programs. It offers students a place to further advance the knowledge and concepts presented in the classroom. 10 Available in the library are many books, periodicals, and supportive audio visual materials and equipment. In addition. Fermi has an excellent Science Department. Its nine laboratories and green house, along with a planetarium used systemwide gives students many opportunities for scientific study. Students are encouraged to use the various pieces of equipment and laboratory facilities. 11 There are also many vocationally oriented programs at Fermi. The Art Department provides courses for fine arts students with concentrations in painting, drawing, and design. For any student interested in the business world, there are courses such as typing, accounting, stenography, and office procedures, offered by the Business Department. Home Economics, Industrial Education, Food Service, and Auto Mechanic programs are also available to meet the needs of vocational students. I 12 Over the past ten years Fermi High has offered challenges and opportunities to any students willing to explore them. The superior facilities, programs, and teachers have helped all students to become self-directed persons capable of achieving personal goals while also serving the good of society. 13 DEDICATION “You give little when you give of your posses- sions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” — Kahlil Gibran “It is good to be a seeker, but sooner or later you have to be a finder and then it is well to give what you have found, a gift to the world for whoever will accept it.” — Jonathan Livingston Seagull We, the class of 1981, dedicate this yearbook to Miss Mary Ann Fonseca, who with unwavering committment has earned the respect of the students and faculty of Enrico Fermi High. Our class is proud to acclaim such an outstanding candidate to receive this honor. As Chairperson of the English Department, Miss Fonseca has maintained a superior program of studies and has demanded aca- demic excellence in its implementation. One notable feature of this program is her work in the sphere of Critical Writing, an invaluable aid to college bound students. Involved and versatile. Miss Fonseca has covered a wide scope of activities as an advisor to the Traces Yearbook Staff, the Senior Variety Show, the Valedictorian and Salutatorian, and the Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. She has also served as a judge in the FBLA State Speaking Competition, a coordinator of Homecom- ing Weekend, and a chaperone at various school functions. She has proved to be an indispensable and integral part of Enrico Fermi High School. With her wit, wisdom and enthusiasm. Miss Forseca has instilled a thirst for knowledge in all who have been enriched by her acquaintance. We must respect her as a teacher and as an advisor — we choose to respect her as a person. 14 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION 15 In bidding farewell to the class of 1981, 1 cannot help but recall a quote from Kahlil Gibran: “No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge. The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among his followers, gives not of his wisdom, but rather of his faith and his lovingness. If he is, indeed, wise, he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind . . . For the vision of one man lends not its wings to another man.” It is my sincere hope that we have helped awaken your vision, your faith in yourself and your quest for knowledge. If we indeed “have led you to the threshold of your own mind,” we have succeeded in giving you a portion of the legacy we endeavor to give to all the students of Fermi High. At this time of commencement, or “beginning” of one of the many crossroads in your life, I encourage each of you to keep alive the memories from Fermi High School, to reach for new adventures and to take your place in our challenging society. On behalf of the administration and staff I wish you a happy, healthy and successful future. Sincerely, C. Mario A. Gentile Principal 16 BOARD OF EDUCATION ; First Row: Mrs. Ester Oneto, Mrs. Joan Reuter, Mrs. Antoinette Strom, Secretary, Mrs. Alma Exley. Second Row: Mr. E. Patrick Storey, Jr., Mr. Kevin Gordon, Mr. Francis A. Burke, Jr., Chairperson, Mr. John Carney, I Vice Chairperson, Mr. Paul M. Gaylor, Jr. Dr. Louis B. Mager, Superintendent Mr. Anthony Torre, Assistant Superintendent HOUSEMASTERS AND SECRETARIES “A true leader is one who embodies understanding, guidance, discipline, and concern for the well being of others.” Janette Frances Mr. Raymond Marr, Housemaster 18 Mrs. Lillian Schulthess, Secretary Mrs. Rosemond McIntosh, Secretary Blue House Mr. Seymour Schonberger, Housemaster Mrs. Joyce Chase, Secretary Red House Mr. Willard Skehan, Housemaster Mrs. Jeanne Wenzel, Secretary Green House 19 Mrs. Elizabeth Ogonis Mr. Arthur Benoit Mr. Bruce Barmak GUIDANCE Mr. David Shea Mrs. Catherine Warren, Chairperson 20 ENGLISH Miss Mary Ann Fonseca, Chairperson Miss Mary Mackley Mrs. Justine Rioux Mr. Brian Garvey 21 Mrs. Eleanor Hines » .- .V Mrs. Candace Burns 22 Mrs. Carole lonaitis Mrs. Laura Hayden Mrs. Esther Heffernan Mr. Paul Raymond I 23 SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Peter Creedon Mr. Thomas Ouellette, Chairperson Mrs. Mary Gail Cokkinias Mr. Carl Gahm Mr. Robert Robbins 24 Mr. Donald Flebotte Mr. lames Reveruzzi 25 SCIENCE ! 26 Mr. Stuart Geffner Mr. James Yankee Mr. Lucien Joly Mrs. Florence Lyons Mr. Brian Dolley Mr. Francis Rago Mr. John Kouba Mr. Paul Adeletti 27 MATHEMATICS BUSINESS Mrs. Henrietta Montagna, Chairperson Ms. Darlene Wilson Mrs. Lois Norman Miss M. Pamela Hawkins 30 w FOREIGN LANGUAGE Mr. Raymond Mercik, Chairperson Mrs. Teresa Bueker Miss Mary Civale Miss Deborah DePietro 33 INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Mr. Jimmy Hodrinsky, Chairperson Mr. Gary Fairwood Mr. Frank Tokas Mr. Wayne Hoffman Mr. William Scudieri MUSIC AND ART Mr. Leonard DeMaio Mr. Robert Foley, Chairperson Mr. Joseph Giangrasso Mr. Roderick Crochiere Mrs. Lynda Hanscom Mr. Donald Pothul 37 FAMILY LIVING, READING, DISTRIBUTIVE EDUGATION 38 Mr. Gerald Boucher Mr. Robert Knight HEALTH CARE, LIBRARY, SPECIAL EDUCATION Mrs. Judith Creedon Mrs. Janice Corso 39 FOOD SERVICE, AUTOMOTIVES, DRIVERS EDUCATION Mrs. Elizabeth Nicholls Mr. John Lyons Mr. Richard Chapman Maintenance: Anthony Cardella, Robert LaTaille, Tom Stone, Phyllis Morse. Cafeteria Personnel: Laura Marion, Madeline Netkovick, Grace Thompson, Olga Telmoose, Diane McGuire, Jeanne Basile, Lil- lian Deragon, Rose Manzone, Edith Santy, Olga Captain, Cather- ine Sabellico, Irene Gaskins, Catherine Goodwin, Rose Kaplan, Millie Bruno. 1. Before the Thanksgiving Day Game, Jeff lohnson, Bob Devin, and Kathy Cuscovitch show their enthusiasm on the way to the pep rally. 2. A moment of free time is enjoyed by Hillary Sauve. 3. Gary Sevarino is getting dishpan hands in Food Service class. 4. )ohn Paul Stevens, Randy Nason. Steve Benvenuto, and Harry Gaptain are acting mischievously between classes. 5. john Lambert is enjoying his last year at Fermi. 1. Karen Martin concentrates on her Anatomy lesson. 2. Joe Varnauskas rests after he finishes his class lesson. 3. Tammy Nadeau is passing to class. 4. Sal Vella listens attentively to a discussion in Chemistry class. 5. Mike Parakilas contemplates getting an “A.” 43 1. Jim Thomas joins in a discussion during biology class. 2. Mike Wilson does first derivatives easily in Calculus class. 3. Terry Henry pauses while working on a biology assignment. 4. Record-keeping occupies much of Mina Curry’s time. 5. Cnris Manzone studies vocabulary in class. 44 1. Taking notes in Critical Writing is an enjoyable task for Laurie Bugai. 2. Tim Cotnoir cleans up before leaving class. 3. Evelyn Bottaro is beating eMs in her Experimental Foods class. 4. Maureen Rook is temporal distractea from her homework in study hall. 45 1. Mary Moriarty uses a teletype computer. 2. Laurie Wallenhaupt glances at the board for more notes. 3. Marie Cox rushes into class to do some unfinished work. 4. Sue Maheux and Lisa Taylor relax in the hall during lunch. 5. Patty Zdebski is offered a choice of vocabulary sections in Mrs. Hines ' English Class. 46 1. [ohn Paul Stevens is looking for something interesting under the microscope. 2. Chuck Theofiles cheerfully does his job at the school store. 3. Marc Kaplin works with a Fermi CRT. 4. The class discussion amuses Greg Maxwell. 5. Sue Swiatek, Lori LeVertue, and Sue Cocchi are relaxing after Critical Writing class. 1. )oe Fontana explains, “Well you see. it’s like this . . . 2. Colleen Perrine listens attentively to a lecture. 3. Dave Gaio is caught daydreaming during class. 4. Monica White, Heidi White, and Sherri Mips compare vocabulary papers in Critical Writing. 5. Matthias Moeller is Fermi ' s foreign exchange student. 48 We are now upon the threshold of graduation. Although we are happy, we are also anx- ious about our future. As sophomores we were eager to become a part of Fermi school life. As seniors we are reluctant to leave, but eager to go on and realize our potential. Our edu- cation at Fermi has helped us to grow and mature into young women and men who must go on to become responsible citizens. To continue to succeed, we must use the knowledge and skills we have acquired with the help of faculty members, guidance counselors, administrators and our fellow students. We must also retain the spirit of involvement which characterized our class. We are. and have been a class of spirited individualists. But our individuality has not interfered with our ability to work together as a class to achieve our goals. Our involvement with class floats, prom committees, and the magazine drive has proven that individuals can succeed through cooperation. This individuality will continue as each of us chooses his or her own path and way of life. Only an echo of the spirit and enthusiasm of the Class of 1981 will linger in the halls, for we will take these qualities with us and use them to carve our future. As we do so, Enrico Fermi High School will have reason to be proud of its very best class. Harry J. Captain Class President First Row: Harry Captain, President. Second Row; John Vranich, Historian; Laura Catalina, Secretary; )oe Swiatek, Treasurer; Maureen Rook. Vice President. Third Row: Kara Welch, Historian; Sal Vella. Director of Activities. 49 Carol Albert Tim Allevo Jr. Beth Allen Walter Amos William Akey Elizabeth Alaimo Robert Allevo Jr. Susan Allevo Overwhelmed, Cindy Bronan rests at the top of the stairs. Karen Anderson Stephanie Arre Michael Arnone Jeffrey Arseneault 50 Margaret Babyok Michael Barnett Geri-Lynn Kelley finds the green floor a comfortable place to do her artwork. William Audette Stephen Baker Patricia Auger Scott Bailey Susan Barnett Dean Baron Lori Bartolf Joanne Basile Lucy Bavaro 51 Keith Begnoche William Bennett Steven Benvenuto Peter Bechard “Should I do my homework?” contemplates leff John- son. James Berger Todd Bergstrom Rainelle Bedard Georgette Beebe Terry Benson Fredrick Bergamini Dean Berry 52 Melinda Boudah “She said she would twist my arm if I didn’t do my calculus,” admits Randy Nason. Kenneth Boesch Kyle Bookholz Michele Bouchard Constance Bourque Lynn Blevins Evelyn Bottaro Elizabeth Bouchard Paula Boulanger David Bourgoin Rose Boissonealt Diane Booth 53 Frances Bourque }ohn Bower Rich Vasseur poses with his rugged companion. Deborah Bousquet Marilyn Braun Sandra Brayson David Brooks Cynthia Brennan Patricia Bristol David Brooks Ir. Denise Brown Marcia Brown Laurel Bugai 54 Theresa Bulgajewski Mark Bushey Sandra Buynicki Rob Allevo joins Shawn Quinn in a break during sen- ior study hall. Salvatore Calcasola [ohn Canevari Duncan Campbell Harry ' Captain Deborah Carlone Laura Catalina Michael Catania Bonnie Catanzaro 55 David Celino Lisa Cavallero Jeffrey Cavanaugh Laura Chapman Marianne Cbeverie Mark Landry is dumbfounded by his calculus assign- ment. Dawna Ciccone Dean Clawson Paul Cloutier Susan Cocchi Karen Coffey Lynn Chamberland Julie Chappell 56 Jeffery Colson Edward Cooney Michele Comptois Barbara Copeland Johnna Connolly David Cote Lawrence Cologiovanni Carol Connor Kathy Pearson has high hopes for graduation. Marie Cox Lisa Cressotti Timothy Cotnoir Maryellen Craddy 57 Julie Criscitelli Wendy Currier David Delay Maryann Criscitelli Yasmina Curry Kathleen Cuscovitch Brian Crouse Richard Dabek “Gee, you make it sound so easy!” replies Debbie Sav- age. Linda Davis Darlene Delorge 58 Marvellen Derosier Robert Devin Linda DiBella Paul Diorio Sandy Brayson tips her hat to the photographer. lames Dombroski )ohn Doody Christopher Donelan Michael Dorgan IL Anthony Dove Alfred Drinkwater Mark Drinkwater Kimberly Duffey 59 Katherine Dugan Denise Durfee Kathleen Dufraine Laure Edwards Robert Evans Cathy Farrell Steve Warren threatens jim Taylor in the spirit of The 1980 Welcome Dance. Dana Edmondson Patricia Ann Egan Daniel Farley Susan Faucher Catherine Fedo Maryse Fauteux Brian Fenner Robin Fisher Debra Flanagan Sharon Flanders Kimberly Foley Joseph Fontana Michael Forgetta Brian Fortin David Fortuna Deborah Fosberg 61 Katherine Foxx Brian Fuller Celina Galbraith A thoughtful Michelle Bouchard sits in Senior study held in the cafeteria. Amy Frost Kenneth Fuller Cheryl Gaffney David Gaio Dennis Garrow Mary Ann Gassner lohn Gavey 62 .f Tenzi Gergely Nicholas Giaccone “Okay wise guy, where did you put the keys?” asks Walter Amos. Ghristopher Gough Donna Grabinski Paul Giaccone Kelly Grady I Robert Gentile Elaine Giguere Ghristopher Gilly I Paul Giguere Linda Gnatek ean Girard 63 Matthew Grandonico Michael Grieves Gerald Guay David Grant Kimberly Gray Steve Benvenuto wails on his cane at the Welcome Dance. lames Guilmette Paul Guilmette Thomas Grzybowski David Guimond John Grenier Mary Ellen Griffith 64 Michael Hade Brian Harding lason Healy Steve Haggard Normandie Harris Debora Hallas Jill Harrison Susette Hamel Ritamarie Hasson “How many pages of calculus homework do we have tonight? " asks John Zinza. Andrew Hayden Sandra Hebert 65 Sue Allevo solicits for the senior magazine drive. Craig Heldreth Theresa Henry James Hosey Douglas Hollowell John Howard i Gerard Isabelle Christine Jacques Nancy Hosack Catherine Humphrey Michael Jacobs Robert Hesse Kathy Hover William Johnson Daniel Jacques Sharon Kamerer Marc Kaplan Deanne Jordan Late again, Jack Kelly rushes to class. Arlene Kantor Karen Karakla Todd Kaupin Matthew Keane Tammy Jensen George Johnson Jeffrey Johnson 67 Joseph Keegan Mary Keegan Scott Dove is “Caught in the Act.” Geri-Lynn Kelley John Kelly Doralee Kittell John Koblosh Donna Keating Lee Kelting Lori Kelly Pamela Kot Tammy Lee Kranz joe Lemeris requests assistance with his algebra assignment. Timothy Kradas ]iilia-Lyn Krawiec lames Kucienski Richard Labbe Donald LaBranche Steven Labreck Michael Lafountain )ohn Lambert Lori Lamothe Thomas Lampron 69 Timothy Lampron Jane Lapinski Raymond Lareau Sharpen Lavigne Geary Mills displays his creativity in Food Service. Robin LaVallee Christine Leahy Scott LaVallee Mary Lee Mark Landry Marietta LaPlante Laurie Lavertu Joseph Lemeris 70 Kevin Lessard Richard Longmore Kimberly Lord Bonnie Lupoletti Lisa Ann Lessard Tina Levins David Scougall displays his talent at the Welcome Dance. Timothy Lynch Donna Madeley Daniel Liquori James Loos Joann Lovely Jeffrey Magee 71 Lori Maggio Lisa Mann Karen Manning Lori Marcinowski Francis Marocchini Kathleen Mango Arlene Manning Christine Manzone Susan Maheux }eanne Malley Vicki Stebbins beams at her success in Probability and Statistics class. Judy Marco Lisa Marlow 72 Gary Maruca Thomas McCuen lulie Anne McGill Gelese Martin Cynthia Masse Karen Lee Martin Gregory ' Maxwell " Don’t you dare!” says Donna Keating. Catherine Marturano Linda McCartney Troy McFarlane Edward McGuire 73 Mark McGuire Jeffrey McNeely Alvin Messenger Karen Metivier The camera is turned on Traces photo editor Marie Cox. Russell Midyette Jay Messier Kathrine Meletes Sean McMurray Pierre Menard Shawn McKenna Noreen McKeown Craig Melquist 74 Bruce Miller Donna Miller Geary Mills Sheryl Mips Scott Morgan Relaxing during a hectic day are Terry Bulgajewski, lohnna Connolly, Kathy Fedo, and Sue Stoppani. Mary Moriarty Michael Moriarty Timothy Moriarty Alan Moore Lori Moriarty Cynthia Moxley 75 Frederick Mueller Kimberly Mule James Muratori Michael Murphy Tammy Nadeau Randy Nason Jacqueline Nelson Steve LaBreck is sulking in the corner at the Sopho- more Welcome Dance. Diane Newton Richard Norris Anna Naiman Kristin Neale Mary O ' Brien 76 The photographer captures a sunny portrait of Pam Holmes. Francis O’Hagan James Olson Michael O’Hara Bernabe Ortiz Joseph Ouellette Thomas Panaccione Michael Parakilas Martin Pare Susan Parsons Stephen Paschal Adam Patched Laura Paulin 77 Maryann Plocharczyk Debra Porcello Nancy Porcello lacqueline Potvin Maryjo Powers Martha Price The art office is visited by Hillary Sauve. Jennifer Presto Donna Provencher Robyn Provencher Joseph Pulaski Deborah Quick 79 Shawn Quinn Richard Ricketts Frederic Riley Nancy Porcello works diligently at Advanced Biology. Frances Ravenola leffrey Reese Thomas Rielly Michael Riley Michael R emington William Riley II Michelle Ritchotte Sheila Rivest Dawn Roberts 80 Glenn Roberts Ronald Roczniak Maureen Rook Gaspare Rosato Paul Guillmette prays he will pass the Critical exam. Andrew Royce Bruce Ruvolo Robert Robinson Nancy Roy Margaret Russell Maureen Ryan 81 Ronald Sagan Lisa Schack Dwayne Samson Kathy Schroder Hillary Suave Michael Schroder Mark Semanie Gary Sevarino Pat Auger organizes her Calculus meticulously. Deborah Savag e David Scougall John Severns 82 1 . Nancv Sinacore Peter Sispoidis Patrick Sherman Corale Slaydon A glance backward brings a smile to the face of Dave Delay. Darlene Spencer Pamela Sperazza Roland Smith Jr. Linda Spanswick Ellen Smith Thaddeus Soltv’s Jr. Timothy Sperazza Anthony Sitler Jeffrey Strickland John Suizdak Jason Steele Eric Stocker Susan Stoppani Meg Russell smiles about Lisa Strom James Staszko Victoria Stebbins Kimberly Strobel her last days at Fermi. Cheryl Strumpfler 84 Robbin Suttle Jan Marie Sweeney Joseph Swiatek Marie Tamayo Prepared for lunch, Linda Spanswick searches for the table where her friends are seated. John Tarascio James Tarnowicz Susan Swiatek James Taylor Lisa Taylor Lori Taylor Paul Taylor Charles Theofiles 85 “What? More autographs!” questions Rob Gentile. James Thomas Cheryl Thresher Earl Thompson III Frank Tobey Joseph Tourville Mark Vaillancourt Ellen Traynor Eric Valuckas Bruce Trowbridge Joseph Varnauskas David Turner Richard Vasseur 86 Linda Weber Salvatore Vella Michael Verny John Vranich “And you wouldn’t believe what happened next . . exclaims Rose Boissenault. Kara Welch John Wentworth Scott Vujs Kevin Webb Charlene Weber Robert Westbrook Elizabeth Wallace 87 Michael Zapor Patricia Zdebski John Zinza Dan Jacques is lured into a picture by the Traces pho- tographer. Marianne Wilczak A little bit sad about the place you’re leaving; a little bit glad about the place you ' re going. — Robert McClosk Nancy Sinacore, Kathy Boxx, and Lori Maggio occupy “their” wall. Sue Barnett is proud to have sold magazines for the sen- ior class. 89 1. “Please, you’re interrupting my concentration,” says Lynn Chamberlain. 2. “It’s definitely not my day!” exclaims Denise Durfee. 3, Fran Bourque says, “Did you hear the one about . . .?’’ 4. Chris Leahy and Sherry Mips enjoy a laugh in Mrs. Cokkinias’ U.S. Foreign Policy class. 5. “No, I’m not related to Laraine Newman,” states Maureen Ryan. 1. " What was the question?” asks Tim Wingen. 2. “Do my eyes deceive me or what?” exclaims Kara Welch. 3. Senior Maritza Abrams has a winning smile. 4. The library is a challenging place to work for Sue Swiatek. 5. Diane Booth and Darlene Callender happily pack up for the weekend. 91 1. Terrv ' Bulgajewski and |ohnna Connolly contemplate which sophomore to “welcome” next. 2. Leah Kelley double checks the cashier ' s addition. 3. |oe Fontana takes a break during auto mechanics. 4. Yearbook photographers )ohn Vranich and Jan Sweeney surprise Kara Welch. 5. Martha Price saves Maryann Plocharczyk an embarassing moment. 92 1. Johnna Connally and Scott Vujs enjoy the music at the Welcome Dance. 2. Senior jay Healy heads for his locker to obtain needed class materials. 3. Friends Liz Wallace and Debbie Fosberg pause before attending class. 4. Donna Grabinski delivers her check for the Sophomore Welcome Dance. 93 1. lim Olson quickly checks an answer before a test. 2. Frank Tobey wonders why Mondays are necessary. 3. " No. it’s not a wig,” replies Harry Captain. 4. Tom McCuen says, “You have got to be kidding.” 5. Barb Quinn waits for instructions before Physics lab begins. 1. Jim Kucienski enjoys a joke in Italian class. 2. Scott Vujs keeps his head while others about him are losing theirs. 3. Drew Royce misinterprets what the Italian teacher says. 4. Sue Cocchi says. “Kiss me, I got the Signal.” 5. Mark Choquette works earnestly in his home design class. 95 1. Russell Thompson does some last minute homework in morning study hall. 2. Tom Panaccione patiently awaits the bell in Probability and Statistics. 3. During the morning, Michelle Malloy has hot chocolate in the cafe. 4. Sophomore antics are found amusing by some Welcome Dance participants. 5. Kathy Pearson and Debbie Flanagan demonstrate a new form of communication. SPORTS 97 First Row: Captains Mark McGuire, Scott Morgan, Sal Vella, jim Tarnowicz. Second Row: Coach Nuccio, Randy Nason, Jack Kelly, Eric Stocker, )ay Healy, Bengy Ortiz, Andrew Royce, Dean Clawson, Matt Grandonico, joe Fontana, Mark Semanie, Nick Giaccone, Assistant Coach Barker. Third Row: Assistant Coach Beahm, Tom McCuen, Paul Guilmette, Rob Hesse, Sean McMurray, Ed McGuire, Todd Kaupin, Eric Valuckas, jim Kucienski, )ohn Vranich, John Stephens, Assistant Coach Mayo. Fourth Row: Steve Carson, Bill Morgan, Assistant Coacn Wheeler, Mike Banahan, John Kopec, Bob Luke, Tony Spicer, jim Sherwin, Tony Burns, Damon Swift, Brian Donnally, Richard Copeland, Brian Griffin, Pat Hart. Fifth Row: Chris Dube, John Sweeney, Darrell Sanders, Dean Dumas, Paul Rollins, Dan Hogan, Dan Kates, John Ledoux, Randy Cable, John Russoto, Man- ager Paul Cloutier. FOOTBALL As of this writing, our season is not over. We just claimed a great victory by beating Conrad High School with a score of 7-6. We knocked them out of first place and our boys played a great game! The defensive team was superb and the offense team excelled! This great victory should give us the added momentum to finish the season as a " WINNER " with Hall High School and Enfield High’s Turkey Day Game remaining. The leadership of captains Sal Vella, jim Tarnowicz, Mark McGuire, and Scott Morgan proved to be of great value on as well as off the field. The coaching staff is very proud of our team. It has been a great honor to have coached the 1980 team. Page 98 1. Sean McMurray, Number 40. goes over the top for a first down. 2. Quarterback john Vranich looks for an opening receiver downfield. 3. Sal Vella gains yardage by taking advantage of jim Tarnowicz ' s blocking. Page 99 1. Running crossfield, jack Kelly looks for a hole in the opposition ' s defense. 2. John Kopec restricts the opposition to short yardage. 3. Paul Guilmette runs back a spectacular interception. 4. Bob Luke punts the b= M out of rmi territory . 99 Page 100 . 1. Tony Burns sprints downfield for a reception. 2. Dean Dumas waits with open arms for the rusher. 3. After a Fermi touchdown. Dan Hogan kicks off. 4. Scott Morgan makes a crushing tackle. 5. Eric Valuckas is covering the offensive man. Page 101 1. Under pressure, an astounding catch is made by Mark Semanie. 2. The Fermi bench anxiously looks on. 3. In the end zone. Mark McGuire makes an interception. 100 First Row: Captains Brian Donnelly, Brian Griffin, Mike Banahan, Dan Hogan, Tony Spicer, Second Row: Chris Dube, John Sweeney, Tim Banahan, Chris Deni, |eff Lavine, Dean Jones, Jim Wheeler. Third Row: Steve Carson, Daryl Bowen, Vinny Bergemini, Chris Lamay, Tim Provencher, Leo Wisnesky, John Ledoux, John Russoto, Carl Pieper, Pat Hart. Fourth Row: Coach Mayo, Bill Morgan John Pilkington, Dan Kates, Dennis Arsenault, Kevin Daigle, Paul Cloutier, Jim Wheat, Coach Beahm. 101 ' ' Em Varsity Soccer First Row: Liem Vu, Mark Bukowski, Jeff Magee: (co-captain). Mark Landry: (co-captain), Chris Gough: (co-captain), Steve Benvenuto. Todd Bergstrom. Second Row: leff Tohnson. Bob Morrell. Duncan Camobell. Matthias Momler. William Demers, Benvenuto. Todd Bergstrom. Second Row: )eff Johnson, Bob Morrell, Duncan Campbell, Matthias Moeller, William Demers, Carlos Barangonos, Gerry Brooker, Coach Batista. Third Row: Mike Riley, Chris Lewis, Al Keenan, Dave Gaio, Bob Evans. Mike Haligan, Kevin Brady. 102 SOCCER All of us experience regard in a slightly different way — some of us in terms of memories. This season has been, for me, the most memorable of all. Completing the season with a record of four wins and eleven losses may not seem like much to boast about, but it is. Out of the eleven losses, eight could very easily have been wins. But our season went beyond that — we had a feeling of togetherness, friendship, and enjoyment. All of this is a result of sharing with one another; an experience which will stay with us the rest of our lives. It is this memory for which I thank the 1980 soccer team for allowing me to share. Coach Tony Bastista Page 102 1. Chris Gough out-sprints the opponent to the ball. 2. Exchange student Matthias Moeller demonstrates soccer — Ger- man Style. 3. Jeff Magee, alias the FTD Florist, delivers the ball to the goal. Page 103 1. Duncan Campbell quickly steals the ball away from the oppo- nent. 2. Goalie Dave Gaio looks on as Todd Bergstrom takes a goal kick. (•CC» Junior Varsity Soccer First Row: Mike Golenski, Gary Masamery, Keith Vujs, Chris Smith, Bill Villani, Matt Giovanetti, Andy Anderson, Ken Camara. Second Row: Coach Reveruzzi, Jim Bourque. |uan Tosoni, Lee Gondarowski, Jim Pfeiffer. Chris DeMeo, Manager Cathi Swiatek. Third Row: Ira Becker. Kevin Holmes, |im Cloutier, John Cizeski, Paul Lombardo, Carl Sgamboti. 103 104 First Row: joanne Gagnan, Tammy Jensen, Kay Dugan, Kara Welch, Paula Boulanger, Mary Derosier Second Row: Coach Robert Lengyel, Kathy Condron, Mary Dowd, Heather Hunt, Karen Boulanger, Geri Bonfiglio, Kelley Broderick GIRLS SWIMMING Our team received strong leader ship this year from tri-captains Paula Boulanger, Kay Dugan, and Kara Welch. Paula ' s strongest events were the 50 and 100 yard freestyle. She also swam the relays and individual medley. Kara was the team’s leading backstroker for three years and this year performed admirably in the diving. Kay received the Outstanding Swimmer Award as a junior and this year was selected for the Most ' Valuable Swimmer Award. Kay leaves Fermi as the school record holder for the 50, 100, 200, and 500 yard freestyle events. Coach Robert Lengyel Page 104 1. “I know they’ve got to be here somewhere,” insists Heather Hunt. 2. Kara Welch, Paula Boulanger and Kay Dugan are tri-captains of this year’s Girls’ Swim Team. 3. Kara Welch backstrokes another lap. Page 105 1. Karen Boulanger concentrates on her upcoming event. 2. Kathy Condron vigorously swims her length of the 400 yard relay. 3. Paula Boulanger wonders if she will ever finish the 50 yard relay. 4. Chris Okan gets a flying start in her backstroke event. 105 FIELD HOCKEY Once again, the field hockey record of 3-8-3 is not a true in- dicator of the season. This talented team once again had the poten- tial of a far better season, but the competition of the CCIL con- tinued to be strong. Led by senior captain Gretchen Pieper, the team never failed to provide the opposition with a well-played and aggressive game. The Junior Varsity team had a most successful 6-6 season, pro- viding the opportunity to gain invaluable experience that should help to strengthen the Varsity squad next year. Junior captain Barb Marion did a fine job of providing leadership upon the field. Both squads are to be comm ended for their continual display of superior sportmanship, determination and hard work. I know the returning members will put to use the knowledge gained from this year. We wish the seniors well with their future plans. You may be gone, but you will not be forgotten. Coach Rosemary Sullivan Page 106 1. Goalie Mary Stephens demonstrates her expertise for the Fermi Falcons. 2. Joanne Bugai powerfully drives the ball downfield. 3. The Fermi team is exuberant over a hard won goal. 4. Mary Griffith drives the ball toward the opposing team’s net. Page 107 1. Ann Marie Dobryzcki takes a free hit for Fermi. 2. Gretchen Pieper and an opponent battle for control of the ball. 3. Vicki Vassalotti recovers after a hard shot. 106 First Row: Lisa Strom, Mary Griffith, Fran Bourque, Gretchen Pieper; (capt.), Mary Ellen Craddy, Lisa Cressotti. Second Row: Ann Hreslin Alice Ducan, Lois DeMaria, Susan Bugai, Joanne Bugai, Pam Marcotte, Ann Thibodeau, Lisa Cote. Third Row: Coach Pam Oates, Lynette Gebhart Vicki Vassalotti, Mary Baldyga, Anne Zarcaro, Pat Javorski, Mary Stephens, Lynne Kaupin, lessica Buczacki, Ann Marie Dobryzcki, Barb Marion, Michelle Jacques, Coach Rosemary Sullivan. 107 - First Row: Lynn Smith, Lori Shawokus, Diane Newton, Terry Henry, Lynn Drake, Lori Duga. Second Row: Manager Pat Jan- dreau, Ronnie Perrine, Karen Avery, Debbie Rubacha, Kim Glembocki, Stephanie Wardell, Sharon Boyle, Cheryl Sanfilippo. Third Row: Coach Carbone, Terry O’Hara, Tanya Curry, Barb Macon, Lori Nuccio, Nancy Murphy, Diane Dufault, Assistant Coach Craig Barbaro. 108 109 VOLLEYBALL For the fourth consecutive year, the girls ' Varsity Volleyball Team has surprised the entire CCIL with outstanding effort. Cap- tains Diane Newton and Terry Henry, both three year letter holders, led the team with great skill and ability. Juniors Laurie Shewokis and Lynn Smith actively supported the team ' s progress against the toughest CCIL schools. The Junior Varsity Team had 10 strong players. The starting line up did a good job and the team was exciting and pleasurable to work along side of. Congratulations to a fine group of girls! I enjoyed working with you during those 2 months and I look forward to working with you next year. Coach Cathleen Carbone. Page 108 1. Alumnist Ann Zdebski and Coach Carbone watch the Volleyball game with anticipation. 2. Lynn Drake uses all her effort when bumping. 3. Laurie Duga prepares for a tricky shot. Page 109 1. ' Terry Henry sets up a teammate for a spike. 2. Lynn Smith makes a great shot. 3. Diane Newton puts her all into a shot while teammate Lynn Smith looks on. 4. Kim Glembocki and Diane Newton are the 1980 Volleyball Team captains. First Row: Tri-captain Tim Moriarty, Jim Loos, Tri-captain Tim Wingen, Tri-captain Joe Swiatek, Doug Hollowell, Steve Labreck. Second Row: Leah Kelley, Coach Ryczek, Jeff Drake, Tim Jensen, Jeff Leiper, Jim Slattery, Vinny Weseliza, Kristen Waskiel. 110 CROSS COUNTRY “The heights of great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night. " Longfellow This year ' s Cross Country Team was not a sleeper. They worked very hard as can be indicated by the setting of a new team record for our course and by the most wins a Fermi team has accumulated this fall. It was often hard, tiresome, and sometimes monotonous, but the team had a yearning to improve and succeed. Our Captains, [oe Swiatek, Tim Wingen and Tim Moriarty, did a great job. The team will miss them next year, but will hopefully follow their examples. Coach Gene Ryczek Page 110 1. An exhausted Doug Hollowell approaches the finish line. 2. A strong finish is made by )oe Swiatek despite agonizing pain. Page 111 1. Jim Slattery, Tim Jensen, Jim Loos, and Vinny Weseliza start off with the pack. 2. Tim Jensen, Jim Slattery, Jeff Drake, Vinny Weseliza, and Leah Kelley relax before the race. 3. Leah Kelley concentrates on her pace in a Fermi tri-meet. 4. Tim Wingen anticipates crossing the finish line. Ill First Row: Linda Spanswick, Laure Edwards, Sue Maheux, Co-Captain Karen Coffey, Co-Captain Pat Zdebski, Kathy Cuscovitch, Cheryl Thresher. Second Row: Mrs. Hanscom, Hope Salas, Lisa Fiore, Chuck Theofiles, Carolyn Curtis, Sue Guilmette, Ann Hogan. V CHEERLEADING The Fermi Varsity Cheerleaders once again attended the International Cheerleading Clinic at the University’ of Connecticut. This year’s squad brought back the highest award that any Fermi squad ever achieved. The cheerleaders placed second out of twenty ' -eight participating teams in the Grand Champion Competition. They were also awarded ribbons in cheering skills and cheer execution. An award for excellence as well as a certificate for the most spirited squad was also received. This year ' s varsity cheerleaders were led by captains Patty Zdebski and Karen Coffey. They became an auxiliary team to Fermi’s Marching Band and did half-time shows at football games and participated in band competitions. The junior Varsity Cheerleaders also had a very good season. They were awarded two ribbons for their performance at the New England Cheerleading Association Clinic. They also introduced a five year old mascot to their squad. Both the Varsity and junior Varsity Cheerleaders have been outstanding. They are to be commended. Advisor Lynda Hanscom Page 112 1. Cheerleaders Sue Guilmette, Kathy Cuscovitch, Hope Salas, Patty Zdebski, Ann Hogan, and Karen Coffey generate a team spirit. 2. Varsity cheerleader Lisa Fiore proudly displays Fermi spirit. 3. Linda Spanswick and Carolyn Curtis share a moment of triumph. Page 113 1. Taking a break from cheerleading are Linda Spanswick, Laure Edwards, Karen Coffey, Patty Zdebski, Chuck Theofiles, Kathy Cuscovitch, Hope Salas, Sue Guilmette, Sue Maheux, Lisa Fiore, and Carolyn Curtis. 2. Patty Zdebski leads the halftime activities. The junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad First Row: Lori Krasinski, Wendesue Keenan, Valerie Wade, Susan While, Shelley Heldreth. Second Row: Katie Mckeown, jackie Manizza, Beth Strapp, Marcy Coolen, Debby Smith, Sheila Rabb, Sue Spanswick, Matti Calcasola, Mrs. Hanscom. 113 BASKETBALL The 1980-81 Basketball Team was led by co-captains Bill Fotos and Tim Wineen. Other seniors on the team were Todd Bergstrom and Geary Mills. After losing the starting five players from last year’s team, the Falcons will have to work extra hard to repeat last year’s winning season. At the time of this writing Tim Wingen was leading the team in assists and Bill Fotos in rebounds per game. Todd Bergstrom recently broke into the starting line-up to spark the young Falcons. Outstanding Juniors Bill Provencher, Tom Timion, and Jim Slattery should help the senior contingent reach its goal. The team also has its eyes on another berth in the annual state tournament. Coach Lucien Joly Page 114 1. Surrounded by Penney players. Bill Fotos shoots for two points. 2. Tim Wingen looks to pass the ball to a teammate. 3. Center Jim Jubrey is airborn on the tip-off during the Fermi-Penney game. 4. Todd Bergstrom makes his way to the Fermi basket. Page 115 1. Geary Mills prepares to receive a pass from a teammate. 2. Todci Bergstrom, Tom Timion. and Bill Fotos are defending against an inbound pass from the Penney Knights. 3. Jim Slattery drives toward the basket for more Fermi points. 114 116 Junior Varsity Basketball First Row: Chris Deni, Gerry Brooker, Bill Villani, Ed Tenero, John Carew. Second Row: Coach Steve Binette, Mark Bukowski, John Pasini, John Sweeney, Ed Barr, Jim Jubrey, Brian Donnally, Sam McNulty. I. Page 116 1. A closely guarded Chris Deni waits to pass to a teammate. 2. Jim Jubrey takes a guarded shot from outside the key. Page 117 1. Bill Fotos makes an easy basket for Fermi. 2. The referee calls a foul and the action stops on j im Slattery’s drive. 3. Coach joly discusses the upcoming offensive play with his team 4. Tim Wingen aggressively guards a Penney player with the ball. 5. Tom Timion attempts a shot from the long side of the key. 117 Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team First Row: Chris Leahy. Gretchen Pieper (captain), Kara Welch. Second Row: Pam Marcotte, Sue Toolin, Pat Javorski, Jill Ingram, Lisa Sgamboti, Karen Boulanger, Joanne Bugai, Lisa Riley, Barb Mulcahy, Coach Gene Ryczek. 118 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL The CCIL Girls’ Basket League appears to be very strong. This year’s team, although understaffed, plans to hold its own in the league. ' The team is captained by Senior Gretchen Pieper. She has set a fine example for a young team and for the otner Seniors Kara Welch and Chris Leany. The team and I wish the seniors the best of luck for an unforgetta- ble hoop year. Coach Gene Ryczek Page 118 1. Gretchen Pieper concentrates on making her foul shot. 2. Lisa Riley avoids an opposing player to drive towards the basket. Page 119 1. Jill Ingram rushes around an opponent to score 2 points for Fermi. 2. Senior team members Kara Welch. Gretchen Pieper and Chris Leahy. Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball Team First Row: Laurie Snyder. Sue Toolin. Karen Boulanger. Second Row: Coach Diane Derose. Janet Lanigan. Jill Ingram, Yvonne Quaterman, Patty Nahors, Pat Javorski, Barb Mulcahy. 119 WRESTLING The Wrestling Falcons of Fermi completed their second consecu- tive successful season under the hard work and dedication exhib- ited by captains Mark Landry, Bill )ohnson, and Jim Olson. The whole season can be best described in the following: " There is no mat space for malcontents or discontents. One must neither celebrate insanely when he wins nor sulk when he loses. He accepts victory professionally, humbly; he hates defeat, but makes no poor display of it. More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill; none have wrestled without pride.” — Dan Gable Our many thanks go to Mr. Hal Ostrander, Mr. John LeDoux and all the famines who supported the team throughout the year. Coach Ted Beahm Coach Carmen Delvecchio Page 120 1. Jim Olson uses a headlock while trying to pin an opponent. 2. Bill Moran demonstrates winning form auring his match. Page 121 1. John Lambert is declared winner of his match. 2. Victor Sanchez puts the moves on his opponent. 3. Carl Peiper has the advantage while in the referee’s position. The Junior Varsity Wrestling Team First Row: Dave Micheals, Joe Lasata, Shaun Normandy, Carl Peiper, Gerald Pare, Keith Vujs. Second Row: Ann Breslin (manager), Randy Stanio, Gordon Lovell, Jeff Levine, Darrell Sanders, John Ledoux, Wayne Bogus, Mike Agro. 120 U BHE- The Varsity Wrestling Team First Row; [im Olson (captain), Joe Chappell. Dave Beaudry, Victor Sanchez, Mark Sanchez, Steve Carson. Second Row: Coach Beahm, |ohn Lambert, Dean )ones, Mark Landry (captain). Bill Moran, Bob Andreana, Bill |ohnson (captain). Coach Delvecchio. 121 Boys’ Swim Team First Row: Coach Bob Lengyel, Roeann Pittsinger (manager), George Young. Glenn Roberts (co-captain), Bob Evans (co-captain). Bob Westbrook, Kristin Hunt (manager). Geri Bonfiglio (manager). Second Row: Assistant Coach Ken Lessard, Bruce Ottman, Scott Girard, Dan Ottman, Bill Ball, )im Pfeifer, Craig Carlson. Third Row: Mike Cirillo, )eff Smith. Dave Drapeau, Tony Liro, Craig Pfeifer, Shawn McConnell. Pat Ledger. 122 BOYS’ SWIMMING The 1980-81 Falfins had a very successful year. Co-captains Bob ' ans and Glenn Roberts, alone with Bill Ball. Dan Ottman and Evans and Glenn Roberts, along with Bill Ball, Dan Ottman and freshman Bruce Ottman represented us with outstanding performances. At the class " LL” championship and the State Open Championship, they displayed a superior athletic ability. Coach Bob Lengyel Coach Ken Lessard Page 122 1. Bob Westbrook executes a dive. 2. Swim Team Seniors First Row: Glenn Roberts, Bob Evans. Second Row: Bob Westbrook, George Young. 3. Dave Drapeau warms up with a relaxing backstroke. Page 123 1. Coach Lengyel discusses team strategy with Captain Bob Evans. 2. Glenn Roberts assists Roeann Pittsinger and Kristin Hunt in the scoring. 3. Dan Ottman concentrates on getting ahead in the 100 yard breaststroke. 4. Bruce Ottman is caught in midair at the beginning of a race. 123 f First Row: Chris Smith, Brian Griffin, Bill Marino, Sean Pagnam, Jim Gannuscio, Fred Riley. Second Row: Coach Bridges, Bob Berowski, Gaetan Letourneau, Eddie Johnson, Dave Brooks, Scott Kertanis, Gar ’ Massamery, Bill Zipp, Goach Lamana, Third Row: Mitch Kraucunas, Steve Labreck (captain), Mike Riley (captain), Dave Celino (captain), Steve Bakes, Kevin Lacroix, Dun- can Campbell. 124 125 HOCKEY The 1980-81 Falcon hockey season could be called a year of frus- tration. Our young team lost many close games by only one or two goals. The team played very well and the nine sophomores and six juniors offered tremendous potential for the season. This season’s sophomore goaltender, Sean Pagnam, performed superbly. Also. Juniors Ed Jc nson, Bob Berowski, Mitcn Kraucu- nas ana Jim Gannuscio demonstrated poise and strength in their positions. The Tri-captains Dave Celino, Steve LaBreck and Mike Riley, along with senior Duncan Campbell, displayed fine leadership qualities. Together they also executed brilliant plays. Seniors Fred Riley and Dave Brool« contributed to team morale and played excellently. The Fermi Hockey Team had a fine season. The championship qualities of teamwork, determination, pride and discipline were evident in this team. Coach John Bridges Page 124 1. ' The Fermi Hockey Team huddles in front of the goal before the face-off. 2. Bob Berowski is battling an opponent for possession of the puck. 3. Captain Dave Celino speeds to the rescue of his teammates. Page 125 1. Captain Mike Riley races down the ice with the puck. 2. Fermi goalie Sean Pagnam makes a save. 3. Jim Gannuscio is bringing the puck out from behind the net. 4. Scott Kertanis takes a spill during a game. SPORTS CANDIDS I 1. Terry Henry returns the opposing team’s volley. 2. After playing a hard quarter, Annette Corneroli departs from the field. 3. The coach wonders why Kevin Brady isn’t leading the league in scoring. 4. Dean Dumas is jumping high in an attempt to block a pass. 126 1. Safety Mark McGuire runs the ball back after an interception is made. 2. Mike Riley and Carlos Barangonos charge toward the goal. 3. Susan Bugai makes a key defensive play as Vicki Vassalotti and Mary Steph ens look on. 4. Kathy Cuscovitch checks the line before starting a cheer. 5. A near perfect swan dive is demonstrated by Kara Welch. 127 1. Mark Sanchez attempts to flip and pin his opponent. 2. Steve Bakes makes a desperate attempt to steal the puck away from his opponent. 3. Jim Slattery performs a block against the opposing team. 4. The referee raises Joe Chappell’s arm to signify a victory. 5. Tim Wingen thinks he’s going to wrestle the opponent. 128 1. Bill Provencher tries to recover a rebound against Penney High. 2. Mike Riley expertly performs a corner kick during a soccer game. 3. Goalie Sean Pagnam scoops up the puck while Dave Celino looks on. 4. Pam Marcotte sends the ball back into play. 129 CANDIDS 1. Donna Greeney does her Anatomy classwork with a smile. 2. Al Keenan glances up for the next set of notes from the board. 3. Rob Morell listens attentively to the teacher ' s lecture in Algebra II class. 4. Doreen Foxx is happy that exams are over. 5. [ohn Gallagher enthusiastically offers his own opinion in the debate. 130 — ' »utS;t Vv,, t’ 1. Chris Dube looks over his notes before a test. 2. Brian Gallagher makes a point during g m class. 3. Dan Enderle finishes his last computer program. 4. A regretful Scott Shepherd wonders why he came unprepared for gym class. V 1. A commotion in the hall distracts )ody DeGray from taking notes in class. 2. Dan Kates completes his drafting project before the end of class. 3. Terry Metta concentrates on her gun twirling routine during the half-time presentation. 4. Georgette Beebe relaxes for a few moments after French class. 5. Loretta Ghurch looks down and modestly smiles. 132 1. While working in the school store, Lori Marcel is waiting for customer orders. 2. Kim Mule’ checks her homework pad before beginning the assignment. 3. Sharon Castoldi, Jim Pfeiffer, and Lynnette Gebhart find a quiet spot before homeroom. 4. Paula Fisher reflects on her last year at Fermi. 5. Mike Wilson is Mr. Cherry’s sixth period chemistrv’ assistant. 133 1. Michelle Bellon smiles contentedly at the end of class. 2. Chris London deviously smiles about his idea for welcoming the sophomores to Enrico Fermi High School. 3. Mike Cotnoir studies in the hall for his first period exam. 4. Mary Bower awaits the bell to pass for lunch. 5. Bowling team member, Brenda Mensinger, glances up to check on the number of pins down. 134 Page 136 1. The Christmas Talent Show Emcee, Donna Keating, introduces the next act. 2. Dawn Snyder, Lillian Climan, and Deena Snyder perform a comical routine at the Christmas Talent Show. 3. Mr. Bucalo, this year’s Santa Claus, brings holiday greetings to Fermi students. 4. Mr. Wood and Mrs. Bertrand share their holiday spirit as they sing a medley of Christmas songs. Page 137 1. Stephanie Wordell sings “With One More Look at You” at the annual Christmas Talent Show. 2. Mike Grieves and Dan Ballou add musical entertainment to the Christmas Talent Show. 3. Kim Strobel and Chuck Theofiles dance to the song “Fame”. 137 1 . The crowd reacts positively to the Christmas Talent Show, 2. Co-hostesses, Mary jo Keegan and Donna Keating, entertain the audience along with Santa, alias Mr. Bucalo, 3. Danny jacques sings the song " The Legend of Wooley Swamp” by Charlie Daniels Band, 4. |oe Ouellette imitates the comedy routine of Steve Martin. THE SENIOR- JUNIOR PROM 1. Ms. DePietro, Mr. Skehan. Mr. Gentile. Mr. Marr. and Mr. Reveruzzi graciously chaperone the Senior- Junior Prom. 2. The Senior-junior Prom is a memorable event for Karen Manning and Dave Brooks. 3. Craig Bernard. Carolyn Curtis. Matt Grandonico. Hope Salas. Bengy Ortiz. Donna Keating. Mark Macala. and Sandy Brayson enjoy the prom. 4. The dance floor is shared by Gayle Bailey and Henry Goyette. 5. Mike Banahan and Elise Kelley take a break from dancing. i39 Page 140 1. Bob Sylvester, as Pierpont Finch, ignores pleas for attention from Loretta Church who plays Rosemarv ' . 2. Dave Delay, as Bud Frump, frantically calls his mother. 3. Bob Sylvester signs a letter of resignation with )oe Ouelette. Dave Delay, and Doug Smith as witnesses. 4. The cast and crew of the Lamplighters ' production " How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying " . Page 141 1. The Lamplighters’ Officers First Row; Gwen Macon (Secretary), Donna Keating (President), Melinda Boudah (Treasurer), Second Row: Dave Delay (Member Outstanding). |eff Magee (Vice-President). 2. Dave Delay accuses Bob Sylvester of buttering up the boss in " How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying " . 3. Mary Jo Keegan and Loretta Church conscientiously rehearse their lines. 4. Business executives. Kevin Beaulieu and Bob Sylvester, discuss a new policy. 141 SKI CLUBS SENIOR SKI CLUB 142 JUNIOR AND SOPHOMORE SKI CLUB Cross Country Ski Club First Row; Craig Carlson. A1 Fontana. Brian Baker. Larry ' Colagiovanni. Doug HolloweH Second Row: Lisa Batcbelder. Terry Haines. Colleen Crombie. Lisa Anthony. Pam Sperrazza. Cheryl Strumpfler. Patty Auger. Mr. Garvey. Third Row: [ennifer Cobb, [eanne Dunne. Wendy Currier. Darlene Celino. Pat Egan. 1. Ski Club Officers First Row; |ack Kelly and Joe Swiatek (Co-presidents). Second Row: Bob Luke (Secretary). Mike Jordan (Treasurer). 2. Co-president, joe Swiatek. hopes and prays for snow. . 143 LIBRARY AIDES AND HERO CLUB Library Aides First Row: Michelle Dumesnil, Susan Swiatek. Second Row: Lynn Decaro, Linda Lamothe, Michelle Choquette. The HERO Club First Row: Karen Carr, Denise Weeks, Debbie Lusardi, Maryse Fauteux, Sandy Brayson, Pam Nixon. Second Row: Loanne Goodroe, ‘ Carol Motyl, Bruce Trowbridge, Mrs. Nicholls, Lisa Thibodeau, Mark Donahue, Mike Thompson, Cory Blaney, Tom Girerio, )oe Cipolla. i Third Row: Steve Lusardi, Dave Keene, Neil Fauteux, Sue Barnett, Burt Trowbridge, Dennis O’Konis. i. 144 MODEL U.N. AND WEIGHT TRAINING GLUES 1. Model U.N. First Row; Matthias Moeller, Greg Robson. Second Row: Anita Swanson. Sherry Mips, Ron Roczniak. 2. Weight Training Club First Row: Tom Marocchini, Mr, Snipe, Russ Midyette. Second Row: Kevin LaCroix, loe Chappell, Bill Johnson, John Lambert, Mr. Barker, Craig Carlson, Mr. Garvey, Rich Dabek, Thom McCuen, Chris Gough, Jesse Strait. 145 The Literary Magazine Club: Peter Irwin, Georgette Siekierski, Celina Galbraith. Michelle Bouchard, Cindy Brennan, Lisa Serra. THE LITERARY MAGAZINE AND HUMAN INVOLVEMENT CLUBS The Human Involvement Club First Row: Barbra Macon, Barbra Quinn. Sue Faucher, Kathy Blanton. Second Row: Terry Benson, Kara McKenna, Mary Ann Gassner, Debbi Cegelski, Karen Genco, Debbi Fosberg, Mr. Wood. 146 NURSE’S AIDES 1. After returning from a hard day of work at Kimberly Hall Nursing Home. Kim Lord, Heather Roberts, Laura Catalina, and Karen Karakla rest their feet. 2. Senior Nurse’s Aides: Sue Faucher, Karen Karakla, Heather Roberts, Laura Catalina. Terry Benson, Kim Lord. 147 BOWLING AND AS SCHOOLS MATCH WITS CLUBS The Bowling Club First Row: Matt Smith. Doug Hollowell, Brian Crouse, Gerry Isabelle. Second Row: Tammy Butcher, Brenda Messinger, Lisa Serra. The As Schools Match Wits Club Jeff O’Hara, Marie St. Germain, Anita Swanson, Richard Wright. Brian Crouse, Tony Webb, Kyle Bookholtz. 148 149 CLASS OFFICERS 1. Junior Class OfHcers First Row; Matt Giovanetti (Treasurer), Marv Stephens (President), Ann Hogan (Vice-President). Second Row: )udy Mulkern (Historian), Susan White (Secretary). 2. Sophomore Class Officers: First Row: Joe Chappell (Historian), Kris Panaccione (Presi- dent), Matti Calcasoia (Vice-President). Second Row; Cathi Swiatek (Director of Activities), Katie McKeown (Treasurer), Lisa McLaughlin (Secretary). 3. Junior Class President Mary Stephens discusses plans for an upcoming activity. MAJORETTES AND COLOR GUARD The Color Guard First Row: Terry Metta, Lisa LaComb, Marianne Cheverie, Dawn Schmelling. Second Row: Toni Bellantuano, Paula Dominick, Roeanne Pitt- singer, Lucy Maher, Cindy Brennan, Lisa Harper, April Lavigne. 150 CHOIR Page 150 1. Terry Metta perfectly executes her routine during the half time show. 2. The Majorettes First Row: Holly Twarkins, Valerie Kranz. Second Row: Chris Samsel, Kathy Houle. Page 151 1. The Choir Executive Board First Row: Steve Warren, Barbara Quinn, Kathy Wordell, Gloria Evans. Second Row: Andrea Cadiex, Peter Irwin, Laura Phalin. 2. The 1980-81 Choir. 151 Page 152 1. A fund raising event is discussed during a National Honor Society meeting. 2. National Honor Society Executive Board Members: John Vranich, Susan Maheux, Claire D’Aleo, Kara Welch. 3. John Vranich patiently awaits a response to a question at a National Honor Society meeting. 4. Cheryl Thresher, Tim Cotnoir, and Donna Keating have mixed reactions to a suggestion at a meeting. Page 153 1. Kara Welch applies her secretarial skills for the Honor Society. 2. The 1980-81 National Honor Society. 153 BAND The 1980-1981 Band Council First Row: Marianne Cheverie, Lisa Sgamboti, Matt Grandonico, Chris Leahy, Kim Gray, Pam Debonis. Second Row: Heidi Telmosse. Margaret Fields, Mary Wachowiak, Laura Heydweiller. Page 154 1. Band Director, Mr. Crochiere, keeps the band in time. 2. The Clarinet Section, including Dawna Ciccone, Chris Leahy, Laura Heydweiller, Sandra Smith, demonstrate their expertise during the 1980 Winter Concert. Page 155 1. A performance by the quintet was enjoyed by all at the 1980 Winter Concert. 2. The Enrico Fermi High School Jazz Ensemble. 3. The 1980-1981 Marching Band. 155 Page 156 1. Mrs. Bertrand discusses the next Fund-Raising Project with Linda Spanswick. 2. Debbie London is in charge of the school store, one of DECA’s responsibilities. 3. The 1980-81 DECA Club. Page 157 1. The DECA Executive Board: Karen Martin, Lori Bartolf, Karen Ferreira. 2. The FBLA Executive Board: Patty Zdebski, Cheryl Thresher, Harry Captain, Sue Maheux, Linda Spanswick. 3. The 1980-81 FBLA Cluh. 157 Page 158 1. Shelley Heldreth finds herself surrounded by fellow sophomores at the Welcome Dance. 2. Junior class officers Susan White, Mary Stephens, and Ann Hogan instruct the mafia to begin welcoming the sophomores. 3. Courtney Gaylor is uneasy about the upcoming baby bottle drinking contest. 4. Leslie Stears and Rhonda Magleora enjoy a new dance step at the Welcome Dance. 5. Willie Demers is persuaded to participate in the welcoming activities by Sharon Boyle and Ronnie Perrine. Page 159 1. Marcy Coolen, Matti Calcasola, and Scott Kaupin await their turns to be officially " welcomed” by the mafia. 2. Junior Class President Mary Stephens begins the ritual of officially welcoming Sophomore Class President Kris Panaccione. 3. Sophomore Bill Rowe enjoys a dance with mafia memoer Sandy Brayson. 159 Page 160 1. Fermi ' s 1980 Homecoming Queen is Karen Martin. 2. The 1979 Homecoming Queen Mary Ellen Edwards assists Kara Welch in announcing the 1980 Queen. 3. Patty Zdebski, Laure Edwards, Queen Karen Martin. Leah Kelley, and Dawna Ciccone share the spotlight at the Homecoming Dance. Page 161 1. Drum Major Vicki Stebbins keeps the band in step at the Homecoming half-time show. 2. The 1980 Homecoming parade’s prize winning vehicle is " Tons of Fun. " 3. The Fermi Band Color Guard marches in step at the head of the parade. Page 162 1. Jennifer Carnes. Kay Dugan, and Kim Silva organize finances for the Homecoming Dance. 2. Peter Bechard enjoys the first dance with Homecoming Queen Karen Martin. 3. Fermi spirit can be seen on, as well as in, Alan Moore’s car. 4. Dawna Ciccone is proudly escorted to the dance by John Lambert. 5. Sal Vella and Drew Royce obviously are football enthusiasts. Page 163 1. ' The “Useless Four”. Mark Landry. Chris Gough, Rob Morrell, and Mark Semanie, ride again. 2. Laure Edwards, Leah Kelley, and Patty Zdebski ride in style to the Homecoming football game. 3. “The Spirit of America” is best displayed on the Sophomores’ first place float. First Row: Kristin Hunt, Janet Sienko, Beth Allen, and Joe Swiatek. Second Row: Donna Keating, Stephanie Arre, Jan Sweeney, Doug Hollowell, Dave Delay, Marie Cox, and Susan White. YEARBOOK 164 165 Page 164 1. Beth Allen is Editor of Traces of 1981. 2. Assistant Joe Swiatek checks picture captions and layouts. Page 165 1. “Who says there are squares on the Yearbook Staff?” questions Donna Keating. 2. Yearbook advisor Miss de Haan gives the sports section a final proofreading. 3. Yearbook photographer Doug Hollowell works on picture layouts as well. 167 Page 166 1. Yearbook typing is gladly done by Stephanie Arre. 2. Kristin Hunt has another brilliant yearbook idea on the tip of her tongue. 3. Yearbook sales are increased with the help of Activities Editor, [anet Sienko. 4. Sue White selects the best picture for her layout. 5. Marie Cox handles the busy job of photo editor for TRACES of 1981. Page 167 1. Stephanie Arre demonstrates the tedious act of stamping pictures to Taylor Yearbook Representative. Denny Galvin. 2. Staff Member |an Sweeney takes a short break from the Sports’ picture section. 3. Yearbook Artist. Dave Delay, lines up another creation. n L iAy (Pfl i,,„-r Ayv?- ' -; V V ' S % I V ' ,Sx r 9 " ’ ' lii. C Llrm Mk l " X, Mon i fmi? rh ' 2,d» .,k,. A " ’ ' f " “ V ' " “ Ayy- CH ' ( u-ut 2Jod£i y f AMjy ■ i - jl€Lu - ' SiZjL - 168 STUDENT FACULTY SENATE 170 171 Page 170 1. Kay Dugan presides over a Student-Faculty Senate meeting. 2. Lynette Demoro, Chris Deni, Brian Gallagher, and Scott Kaupin wait for the meeting to start. 3. The Student Faculty Senate. Page 171 1. Student Faculty Senate Executive Board: First Row; Kay Dugan; (President), Second Row; Sue White; (Secretary), Laura Catalina; (Vice President), and Patty Zdebski; (Treasurer). 2. Junior Ann Lee is enthusiastic over the Student Faculty Senate’s new fund-raising program. 3. William Demers studies during a break in the Student-Faculty Senate proceedings. HIKING AND INTERNATIONAL CLUBS The Hiking Club First Row: Guy Marquis, Lisa Anthony, Ellyn Driscoll, Mrs. Heffernan, Mr. Garvey, Paul Bahre, Sean Smith. Second Row: Patty Egan, Darlene Gelino, Alice Dugan, Frank Tobey, Dave Celino, Paul Pelletier, Andy Pelletier. The International Club First Row: Miss Civale, Lillian Climan, Deena Snyder, Marie Cox, Terry Benson, Laurie Canevarie. Second Row: Chris Samsel, Cindy Brennan, Lucy Maher, Mary Jo Keegan, Mike Wilson. 172 173 SUPERLATIVES 1. Angel and Devil; Jenifer Presto, Steve Benvenuto. 2. Cutest: Karen Coffey, Chris Gough. 3. Best All Around: Mark Landry, Pattv Zdebski. 4. Most Businesslike: Carol Albert, Ron Roczniak. i.r Page 174 1. Class Musicians: Dave Scougall, Kathy Wordell 2. Shyest: Lynn Blevins, Bill Fotos 3. Most Gullible: Tammy Nadeau, Jeff Johnson 4. Most Likely to Succeed: John Vranich Sue Maheux, Carol Albert 5. Most Athletic: Gretchen Pieper, Tim Wingen Page 175 1. Most Studious: Jimmy Loos, Laurie Wallenhaupt 2. Class Clowns: John Paul Stevens, Stephanie Arre 3. Actor and Actress: Donna Keating, Dave Delay 4. Friendliest: Patty Zdbeski, Drew Royce Page 176 1. Class Artists: Dave Delay. Kara Welch 2. Most Attractive: Laure Edwards, Eric Valuckas (missing) 3. Done Most For Class: Harr ' Captain, Kay Dugan 4. Best Buddies: Mark Landry and Chris Gough Sue Maheux and Lisa Schack Page 177 1. Most Talkative: Mary Griffith, Tim Cotnoir 2. Class Heartbreakers: Craig Heldreth, Linda Spanswick 3. Class Smiles: Kris Neale, Bob Devin 4. Most School Spirited: Kay Dugan, Harry Captain 5. Best Dressed: |im Thomas, Kathy Cuscovitch 177 Elizabeth Alaimo " Beth” “Whatever it is. I am against it. " Honor Roll 1. 2, 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 2.3. Carol Albert " C.A. " " Bert” " I wish Mike was home.” Yearbook 1; Honor Roll 2. 3. 4; Home- coming Float Committee 2. 3; Gradua- tion Usherette 3; National Honor Society ' 3. 4; Magazine Drive 4. Beth Allen " Rat” " Fresh!” Student Faculty Senate 2. 3. 4; Cheer- leading 1; Homecoming Float Commit- tee 2. 3; Homecoming Dance 2; Spirit Week 4: Yearbook 1. 4 (Editor); National Honor Society’ 3. 4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Robert Allevo, [r. " Frenchy” “Yes, it is very sophisticated.” Track; Bookstore Member. Susan Allevo “Sue” “He ' s nice looking!” Magazine Drive 4. Timothy Allevo “Hosetey” Karen Anderson “Kar”“K " Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Christmas Play 3; Graduation Usherette 3; Senior Variety Show 4; Homecoming Float Committee 4; Magazine Drive 4. Colleen Armstrong “Col” “Sony, I’m going out with Mike tonight!” Micheal Arnone “Mike " “Gabba gabba hey!” Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Stephanie Arre “Steph” Y.A.T, 1; Human Involvement Program 3. 4; Lamplighters 4; Yearbook 4; Home- coming Float Gommittee 4; Future Nurses Club 3; Magazine Drive 4. Jeff Arsenault “Ars” “R.C. " “What? Where are you going?” Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4(V); Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Football 1. Patricia Auger “Pat” “Aqua " “Close, but no cigar. " Cross Countiy ' Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Hiking Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Ski Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Year- book 1; Band 2; Cross Country Team 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Peer Coun- seling 4; Class Night Committee 1; Honor Roll 2, 3; U. Conn. Co-operative Program 4; Magazine Drive 4. Margaret Babyok “Pegg ' ” “MaMie” “I want to go Rome!” Lamplighters 2, 3; Literary Magazine 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 3; Girls ' Track 1. Stephen Baker “Steve” “Nixon ’84”. Susan Barnett " But he started it first!” Office Aide 2; Magazine Drive 4; Hero Glub 3, 4; Ghorus 1. 2, 3, 4; School Store 1; Gafe Rendezvous 3, 4. Dean Baron “Trapper” “I don’t believe it.” D.E.C.A. 3; Fashion Show 2; Ski Club 1; Magazine Drive 4; Drama 1. Lori Bartolf “Bar” “Lor” “C’mon Mule!” F.B.L.A. 1, 2; D.E.C.A. 3, 4 (Vice-Presi- dent); Track 2, Honor Roll 1, 2; Maga- zine Drive 4. Joanne Basile “Jo” I want to go home!’ Honor Rml 1. 2. 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4. Lucy Bavaro “Luc " But that’s the point, Ev.” Magazine Drive 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Float Committee 3. Peter Bechard “Bech” “Pete” Oh well, that’s life !” Baseball 1; Soccer 1; Wrestling 1; D.E.C.A. 1; Magazine Drive 4; Ski Club 1.2. Georgette Beebe “Gette” “Oh. my God!” Office Aides 1; Magazine Drive 4; Honor Roll 1, 2; Senior Variety Show 4. Terrj’ Benson “Only days!” International Club 2, 3, 4; Future Allied Health Careers Club 3, 4; Girls’ Track 1. 2, 3, 4; Main Office Aide 2, 3; Nurses’s Aides 4. Steven Benvenuto “Benny” Hey, it’s rock and roll.” Soccer 1, 2, 3. 4; Diving 2. James Berger “Jim” “Oh, really?!” F.B.L.A. 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Dean Berry “T.K.” “Chill out.” Track; Wrestling. Kyle Bookholz National Honor Society 3, 4; As Schools Match Wits 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4. Evelyn Bottaro “Evie” That’s beside the point, Lucy. ” Cheerleading 1; " Yearbook 1; Homecom- ing Float Committee 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Magazine Drive 4. Elizabeth Bouchard “Liz” “I’ve got something to tell vou later.” Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; D.E.C.A. 3. 4; Student Faculty Senate 3. Melinda Boudah “Mindy” “I don’t repeat . . . repeat . . .” Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Library Aides 2; Lam- plighters 3. 4 (Treasurer); Honor Roll 1, 2. 3, 4; Chorus 4; Peer Counseling 4. Paula Boulanger “What a drag!” Track 1. 2; Boys’ Basketball Manager 1; Swim Team 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Ski Club 1 , 2 . Constance Bourque “Connie”. Frances Bourque “Frannie” Howdy, Dudies!” Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 2, 3. 4; Yearbook 1; Student Faculty Senate 4; Ski Club 4; Homecoming Float Commit- tee 3, 4; Basketball Manager 3; Senior Variety Show 4; Human Involvement Program 4; Magazine Drive 4. Deborah Bousquet “Deb” “Wierdo” Wrestling Manager 1; Hiking Club 1; Peer Counseling 4. Marilyn Braun “Patti” “Kitty” “Two o’clock ain’t never going to come.” Chorus. Cynthia Brennan “Cindv” “Pooh Bear” Lamplighters 2. 3, 4; Literary ' Magazine 2, 3, 4; International Club 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2; Yearbook 1 (Co-editor); Hiking Club 3, 4; Cross Country Ski Club 4; Color Guard 4; Girls’ Track 1; Girls’ Gross Country 3 (Co-Captain). David Brooks “Brooksie” “D.B.” “Hey, what’s up?” Boys’ Track 1, 2; Baseball 1; Weight Training Club 4. David Brooks, Jr. “Dave” “Davy” “You think so, huh?” Hockey 2. 3 (JV), 4(V). Laurel Bugai “Laurie” “Boog” Be a buck.” Field Hockey 1; Track 1, 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Hugh O’Brien Youth Foundation Judge 3; Homecoming Float Committee 2, 3; Magazine Drive 4. Theresa Bulgajewski “Ter” “I have to think.” Main Office Aides 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Aide 1. 2; Honor Roll 3, 4; Field Hockey 3; Blue House Office Aide 3; Magazine Drive 4. Sandra Buynicki “Sandy” “I can’t. I have to do my homework. ” Salvatore Calcasola “Sal” Football 3; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Darlene Callender “Dar”. Duncan Cambell “Donut Soup ” Hockey 3, 4 (V); Soccer 3, 4 (V). Harry Captain “Hank” ”Hariy’ J.” “It’s history.” Class President 2. 3. 4; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3. 4; F.B.L.A. 4 (Vice-Presi- dent); Boys’ State Representative 3; Graduation Marshall 3; Graduation Usher 2; Rotaiy International Repre- sentative 4; Hugh O’Brien Youth Foun- dation Judge 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Ghristmas Talent Show 2, 3; Citizenship 178 Award 1; Scandinavian Hockey Tourna- ment 1; Office Aide 1, 2, 3; Football Manager 1; Hockey Manager 1: Y.A.T. 1; Ski Club 1.2. 3. Deborah Carlone " Debbi” " Carlooch” “Fresh” Ski Club 2. 3. 4; Magazine Drive 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2; Senior Variety Show 4. Lidia Casale “Lid " “No way!” CWE: Business Office Education; Human Involvement Program 3. Kathleen Cassista “Kath” “Wanna go out?” Human Involvement Program 2. 3. Laura Catalina " Mick, my man,” Class Officers 2 (Director of Activities). 3 (Treasurer). 4 (Secretary); Student Fac- ulty Senate 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President); Yearbook 1; Magazine Drive 4; Special Olympics 3; Prom Committee 3. 4; Soph- omore Dance Committee 2; Senior Vari- ety Show 4. Michael Catania " Paul (McCartney)” “DCS Rules!” Lisa Cavallero " Let ' s go out to breakfast.” Cheerieading 1 (V). 2 (JV). leffeiy ' Cavanaugh “Cavanaugh” “Take a walk!” David Celino “Trap” “Oh well, that ' s life.” Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4 (Captain); Hiking Club 2. 3. 4; Cross Country Ski Club 3. 4; Mag- azine Drive 4. Lynn Chamberland “Munchkin” “Happiness is doing with a smile what you nave to do anyway.” Laura Chapman “Laur” “Hi there !” Honor Roll 1. 2. 3. 4; Ski Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Swim Team 2; National Honor Society 3. 4; U. Conn. Co-operative Program 4; Magazine Drive 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2; Guidance Aides 1. 3. julie Chappell " |ulie Chapstick” “luls” “What ' s up?” Ski Club 1. 2. 3. 4; D E C. A. 3. 4; Swim Team 2; Cross Country Running 3; Sweetheart Dance Committee 1. Marianne Cheverie “Cheve” Yearbook 1; Honor Roll 1. 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Color Guard 2. 3 (Asst. Captain). 4 (Captain); Band Council 3. 4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Dawna Ciccone “Chick” “That’s it! Forget it!” Magazine Drive 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 2; Pep Band 2; Honor Roll 2. 3; Yearbook l;Ski Club 3. 4. Dean Clawson “Dean-O” Football 3, 4. Paul Cloutier. )r. “Klute” “I’m on my final warning, again?” School Store Manager 4; Football Vlan- ager 4; Soccer Manager 1; D.E.C.A. 3. 4; Varsity Golf Team 3; Magazine Drive 4; Varsity- Golf Team 3; Magazine Drive 4; Baseball 1 (jV); Football Concession Stands 3. Susan Cocchi “Sue’s” Ski Club 2. 3. 4; Hiking Club. Karen Coffey “Coff” " Hey there!” Cheerleading 1. 2. 3. 4 (Co-Captain); Yearbook 1; National Honor Society 3. 4; Honor Roll 1. 2. 3. 4; Magazine Drive 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2. 3. 4; Senior Variety Show 4; F.B.L.A. 3; Grad- uation Usherette 3; Dance Committee 1. Lawrence Cologiovanni “Big Lar” “Bonehead” Football 1; Wrestling 1; Cross Country Ski Club 4. Michele Comptois “Shmed " [ohnna Connolly “I.C.” “I’m trying to think.” Ski Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Guidance Aide 1. 2; Office Aide 3; Honor Roll 1. 2. 3. 4; Homecoming Float Gommittee 2; Tennis Team 2. 3; Field Hockey 3; Graduation Usherette 3; Magazine Drive 4. Edward Cooney “Bucko” “Nelson” Ski Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Chess Club 2. 3; Lam- plighters 3. 4 (Construction Chief); Honor Roll 1. 2. 3. 4. Timothy Cotnoir “Cot” “Conny” “Get that out of here!” Chess Club 1; National Honor Society 3. 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Tennis 3. 4; Senior Variety- Show 4; Basketball 2 (JV); Homecoming Float Committee 2. 3. 4; Honor Roll 1, 2. 3. 4; Magazine Drive 4. Marie Cox “Marge” “ . . . never again.” Yearbook 1. 3. 4; Bookstore 1; Interna- tional Club 2. 3. 4; F.B.L.A. 3. 4; junior Achievement 2 (Vice-President and 2nd Place State Award); Honor Roll 2. 3; Magazine Drive 4. Marvellen Craddy “Melon” “Crads” Field Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4; Softball Score- keeper 3. 4; Honor Roll 2. 3. 4; Human Involvement Program 3. 4; Girls’ Track Manager 1; Magazine Drive 4. Lisa Cressotti “Lis” “I don’t need this.” Ski Club 1; Softball 2. 3. 4; Field Hockey 3. 4; National Honor Society- 3. 4; Honor Roll 1. 2. 3. 4; Magazine Drive 4. Maryann Criscitelli “Criss” “Flo” Magazine Drive 4; Library- Aide 1; Guid- ance Aide 1. Brian Grouse “You “You criminal you!” Homecoming Float Committee 2; Bowl- ing 1. 2. 3. 4; As Schools Match Wits 4. 179 Wendy Currier ■ ' William " " Bill " " No waaay! " National Honor Society ' 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Cross Country Ski Club 3, 4; Library Aide 3; Graduation Usherette 3; U. Conn. Co-operative Program 4; Soph- omore Initation Dance 3. Kathleen Cuscovitch " Cus " " Kathy " Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Float Committee 3, 4: Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Senior Varietj’ Show 4; Magazine Drive 4; Yearbook 1. Richard Dabek " Gronk " " Rich " Soccer 1. 2; Weight Training Club 3, 4. Claire D’Aleo " Big Guy " " Where is Randy? " Student Faculty Senate 2, 3; Field Hockey Manager 3; National Honor Society ' 3, 4; Cheerleading 1; Senior Variety- Show 4; Honor Roil 1, 2, 3, 4: Cultural Fair 1; Magazine Drive 4. Linda Davis ■‘Louie " " Really!” CWE: Diversified Occupations. David Delay " Dudley” Band 1. 2, 3. 4: Lamplighters 2, 3. 4; {Officer); Ski Club 1,2, 3, 4: Honor Roll 2, 3, Darlene Delorge " Dar " " How many days left? " Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; CWE: Business Office Education. Maryellen Derosier “Cuz " " Ya, I bet! " Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Girls’ Swim Team 1. Robert Devin " Bob " " It ' s rock and roll. " Honor Roll 1, 2: Track 1; Baseball 3 (]V); Homecoming Float Committee; Maga- zine Drive 4: Senior Variety Show ' 4. Linda DiBella " Stella” Cheerleading 1: Student Council 1. Paul Diorio “Doots " " Oh, man! " Track 2, 3, 4; Hiking Club 2; Bowling Club 2; Ski Club 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4. James Dombroski, Jr. " Jimbo " " Get it all ! " Kathleen Dufraine " Kathy " " Oh, baby! " Yearbook 1; Ski Club 2, 3; Student Fac- ulty Senate 2, 3, Katherine Dugan " Kay” " Hey you guys, where is the Kid? " Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1 (President); Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4 (President): Field Hockey 1; Softball 2; Girls’ Swimming 2, 3, 4 (Gaptain); Home- coming Float Committee 2, 3, 4: Home- coming 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 1; Guidance 2; Magazine Drive 4. Denise Durfee " Dee ” “Neeble " " Wait until you hear this.” Ski Club 1, 2; Yearbook 1; Magazine Drive 4; D.E.C.A. 1. Dana Edmondson " Barnstormer” " What’s up? ” Ski Club 1, 2; Bowling Club 2, 3, 4 (Vice- President): D.E.C.A. 1, 2. Laure Edwards " Lor” Cheerleading 1, 2 ()V), 3, 4{V ' ); F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2, 3, 4: Senior Variety Show 4; Magazine Drive 4; Homecoming Court 4; Honor Roll 1. Robert Evans " Bob " " What’s up? " Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys ' Swimming 2, 3, 4 (Captain). Daniel F ' arley " Danny " " Surely! " Baseball 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Work Experi- ence Program 4: Magazine Drive 4. Cathy Farrell " Life is a brick. " Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2, 3, 4: National Honor Soci- ety 3, 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Susan Faucher " Sue " " I don’ know. " Future Nurses ' Club 3; Allied Health Careers 4; Magazine Drive 4. Maryse Fauteux " Morris” " Ooh-la-la! " Cave Rendezvous 3, 4; Hero Club 3, 4: Magazine Drive 4. Michael Flaherty " Flare” " Mike” " Get out of my way.” Auto Mechanics 3, 4. Debra Flanagan " Debby” “Miss Piggy " ’’Don’ pick on me.” Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Magazine Drive 4. Sharon Flanders “Lynnie " “Oh my God! " Joseph Fontana “Joe " “Santana " " I take full responsibility ' !’’ Football 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2. 3, 4. David Fortuna " Wally " " You’re crazy! " Deborah Fosberg Deborah Foster " F.H” Lamplighters 1, Ski Club 3, 4; Peer Counseling 4. William Fotos " Bill " " Bobo” " 1 don ' want to hear it, Berg!” Basketball 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Baseball 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; F.B.L.A. 3. Katherine Foxx " Foxx " " Kathy” " I ' m hungrv! " Girls’ Track 1; Christmas Variety Show 1, 2; Color Guard 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Choir 4; Senior Variety ' Show 4. Kenneth Fuller " Ken " “Dream on! " Soccer 2. Cheryl Gaffney " Cherie” " I’m late again! " David Gaio " See you there.” Soccer 1, 2 (MVP), 3, 4 (Honorable Men- tion); Track 1; Basketball 1, 2; Ski Glub 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Float Committee 3, 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Celina Galbraith “Stink! " Concert Choir 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 1, 3; Literary Magazine 4: Magazine Drive 4. - If ' 3 ; i.-W- ' 4 Christopher Donelan " Don” Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Jazz Band 2, 3, 4; Ski Club: Cross Country Ski Club; Lam- plighters 3; Boys’ Tennis 2, 3, 4; Pit Band 4; Pep Band 2, 3, 4; Eastern Regional Band; Band Council. John Doody " J.D. " Juanita Downes " Bubbles " " What’s wrong now?” Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Theater Arts 1. Mark Drinkwater " Drinkie” " Music calms the savage beast. ” Catherine Fedo " Cat " “What a honey!” Ski Club 2. 3, 4; Lamplighters 4; Maga- zine Drive 4: Senior Variety Show 4; Homecoming Parade 4. Karen Ferreira " Go for it, Nonie! " Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleading 2 (JV); D.E.C.A. 3, 4 (Secretary). Margaret Fields " Maggie " " Grits " " Go for it! " Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Drum Major 4; Home- coming Parade 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 4: Ski Glub 4; Magazine Drive 4. Mary Ann Gassner “Mare " " So you guys, what are you doing for lunch? " John Gavey “Gave” " Hi beautiful! " Nicholas Giaccone “Nick” " Cheapshot” “Be cool fool! " Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club; D.E.C.A. Elaine Giguere " Gig© ' ” “Again? Why don’t you bring your own monev?” Ski Club 2; Magazine Drive 4. 180 Paul Giguere " Shmoo” “Ebenezer” “My furniture!!” Tennis 2: Chorus 3, 4; Lamplighters 2, 3, 4. lean Girard Basketball Manager 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. Christopher Gough “Chris " “Goffer” “We lost again.” Soccer 1 (Freshman). 2, 3 (Captain), 4 (Captain): Wrestling 2()V); Track 1, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2. 3, 4; Senior Variety’ Show 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4: Magazine Drive 4; Ski Club 1, 2. 3, 4. Donna Grabinski “Binski” Guidance Aide 2, 3; Office Aide 2; Honor Roll 3, 4. Kelly Gradv “Kefl” “Let ' s get out of here.” Chorus. Matthew Grandonico “Matt” “Delvequio " Football 3. 4: Band 1, 2. 3, 4 (Vice-Presi- dent); Lamplighters 2. 3, 4 (Stage Man- ager); Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 2; Senior Variety Show 4. Kimberlv Gray “Kim” “What’s the matter?” Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Studio Lab Band 1; Pep Band 2, 4; Community ' Division Flute Ensemble 3; Pit Band 4; Northeast Regional Band 4; Band Secretary 1; Band Librarian 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 4: Magazine Drive 4. Michael Grieves “Mike” “F-T-S” Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2. 3, 4; jazz Ensemble 2, 3, 4: Pit Band 2, 3, 4; Talent Show 3. 4; National Honor Society’ 3. 4. Marv Ellen Griffith “Griff” Nosirj ' oujustlistenslow.” Field Hockey 1, 2 () n, 3. 4 (V): Girls ' Basketball Manager 1; Softball Manager 2, 2; Boys ' Basketball Manager 3; Home- coming P ' loat Committee 2, 3, 4; Year- book 1. Magazine Drive 4; Senior Vari- ety- Show 4. Gerald Guay Concert Band 2, 3; )azz Ensemble 3. lames Guilmette “What’s up guys? " Hockey 2, 3. Paul Guilmette “Gil” " Gilbear” Football 1. 2. 3, 4; Baseball 1; F.B.L.A. 3. 4; Ski Club 3; Honor Roll 1. 2; Cultural Fair 1. Michael Hade “Bubbles " “No. 1 have to work at the fish pit.” Soccer 3(| V|; Ski Club 4. Debora Hallas “Debbi ■’ “What ' s up?” Susette Hamel “Sue " “That ' s life.” Magazine Drive 4. Kevin Hawk " The Hawk” “You had to be there!” Cross Country’ Ski Club 1; Honor Roll 3; Lamplighters 3; Graduation Usher 3. Andrew Hayden “Andy” “Don’t even say it.” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. 4; Magazine Drive 4. lason Healy “Stacker” “This one ' s for you. " Football 2, 3, 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 3; Cultural Fair 1. Sandra Hebert “Sandie” “Elaine, I need twenty-five cents, again.” Softball 1; Concert Band 2; Marching Band 2; Magazine Drive 4. Craig Heldreth “Hedy” Ski Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Football 1. 3; F.B.L.A. 3 Theresa Henry “Terry " “Hank” Honor Roll 1, 2; Volleyball 2. 3, 4: Soft- ball 2, 3; Ski Club 1. 2. 3. Magazine Drive 4. Robert Hesse “Woody” “What ' s up pal?” Basketball 3 (V); Football 4 (V). Douglas Hollowell “Barney” “Smile. It makes people wonder what you’ve been up to!” Cross Country 4; Track 4; Bowling 4; Ski Club 4; Student Representative to the School Board 3; Student Council Treasurer 2; Student Council President 3; Magazine Drive 4; Yearbook 4. Pamela Holmes “Spam” “Life is one big jigsaw puzzle: we are all interlocking pieces.” Arts Festival 3; Mural 1. Nancy Hosack Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: Magazine Drive 4; D.E.C.A. 3, 4; National Honor Society’ 3, 4. lames Hosey “)im” " ... the crowd goes wild.” Swim Team 2; i Club 3. Kathy Hover “Kat” “Hove” “Oh. lust wait a minute!” Honor Roll 1. 2; Arts Festival 3, 4; Maga- zine Drive 4. Gerard Isabelle “Gerry” Bowling 1, 2, 3. 4 (Treasurer), Christine )acques “Chris” CWE: Business Operation Office Education 4: Magazine Drive 4. Daniel )acques “Dan” “Far out!” Band 1, 2. 3; |azz Ensemble 1. 3; Ski Club 4; Magazine Drive 4; Pep Band 1, 2. 3; Christmas Talent Show 3, 4; Yearbook 1; Senior Variety Show Pit Band 2, 3; Year- book Photographer 3, 4; Main Office Aide 1, Honor Roll 1. 2, 3, 4. Tammv Jenson " TJ.” ■ " I give up.” Track 1. 2; Girls ' Swim Team 1, 2 (V); Magazine Drive. Jeffery Johnson " Pijone” " Jeff” “Tlie last time it happened grown men were weeping and policemen were turning in their badges.” Soccer, 2. 3, 4. William Johnson “Bill " “May the four be with you.” Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. Sharon Kamerer “Shar” “Sharonka” Wrestling Manager 1; Ski Club 1; Hiking Club 1. Arlene Kantor “Ark” “Chriss ' ” “Can’t wait until the 6th.” Magazine Drive 4. Marc Kaplan " Cone” “Kappy” “That ' s right!’’ Basketball 1 (VJ. 2 (JVJ; Track 1 (VJ; Honor Roll 1, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Todd Kaupin “Kaup” Football 1. 3, 4 (VJ; F.B.L.A. 4; Ski Club 1. 2. 3, 4. Timothy Keadas “T” Football 1; Baseball 1, 2; Magazine Drive 4. Donna Keating “Jill” “S.K. " “But I am standing!” Lamplighters 1, 2, 3 (Vice-President), 4 (President !; Yearbook 1, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4. Mary Jo Keegan “Jo” “Bri Duncan” ”... but nobody ever listens to me, so what’s the point in talking?” Lamplighters 2, 3, 4; International Club 4; U. Conn. Co-operative Program 3; Womens Club Art Show 2, 4. Albert Keenan “Bert” Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 4; Wrestling 1; Magazine Drive 4; Automotive Mechan- ics 3. Geri-Lynn Kelley “Geri” Human Involvement Program 4; Maga- zine Drive 4. Leah Kelley “Shorty” “Take it easy!” Field Hockey 1, 2; Cross Country 3, 4 (VMPJ; C.C.I.L. Honorable Mention 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Basketball Manager 3; Lamplighters 2; Student Fac- ulty Senate 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Home- coming Committee 2, 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Magazine Drive 4. John Kelly “Jack” “Put a band-aid on it.” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Student Trainer.l, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1; F.B.L.A. 2, 3; Special Education Tutor 4; Student Faculty Senate 3, 4; Lamplighters 1; Gadarowski Award 1,; Human Involve- ment Program 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 3 (Trea- surer), 4 (President); Talent Show 3; Clean-up Committee Chairman 3; Bas- ketball Concession 2; Gym Leaders 1; F.B.L.A. Eastern Leadership Confer- ence,; Class Night Committee 1; Youth in Business 1, 3; Magazine Drive 4; Don- key Basketball 2. Lori Kelly “Kelly” “Apparently.” Ski Club 2, 3, 4; D.E.C.A. 3, 4; Honor Roll 2; Homecoming Float Committee 2; Magazine Drive 4; Yearbook 1; Work Experience 4. Lee Kelting “Kelt” Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Float Committee 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 4. Doralee Kittell “Dora” Yearbook 1. Tammy Lee Kranz “Boogle-oo” “Tealee” “Okey-doke!” Magazine Drive 4; Art Festival 2, 4; D.E.C.A. 2. Julie-Lyn Krawiec “Julie” Volleyball 2, 3; Magazine Drive 4; Sen- ior Variety’ Show 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 4. Richard Labbe “Rich” “Seniors do it with class.” Bowling 1. Donald LaBranche “Don” “D.L.” Magazine Drive 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Michael LaFountain “Space Shot” Audio Visual 2, 3, 4. John Lambert “May the four be with you.” Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2. Lori Lamothe “Doc” “Hey Jill, what’s for lunch?” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Cultural Fair 1; Guidance Aide 1; Diving Team 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Mark Landry “Lange” “Fatman” “Hey, Goffer, where’s Camel?” Honor Roll 1 , 2, 3, 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4 (V. Captain): Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 (V. Captain); Tennis 2, 3, 4 (V): Track 1; Homecoming Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Graduation Usher 3: Ski Club 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Jane Lapinski “Jane” “You lock the door, and throw away the key. There’s some in my head, but it’s not me.” Track 1, 2; Band 2, 3. Marietta LaPlante “Ette” “Mare” “Life’s rough!” Magazine Drive 4. Robin LaValle Girls’ Track 3. Scott Lavalle Wrestling 1 (V): Honor Roll 2. Laurie Lavertu “Babe” “That’s life!” Chorus 1; Concert Chorus 1, 2. Christine Leahy “Chris” “Yuka” “Mary, Tm so confused.” Band 1 , 2, 3, 4 (President); National Honor Society 3, 4; Basketball 3 (JV), 4; Track 1, 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Maga- zine Drive 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Mary Ellen Lee “Mare” “M.E.” “Couldn’t tellya.” CWE; Business Office Education 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2; Maga- zine Drive 4. Joseph Lemeris Ski Club 1, 2, 3; Magazine Drive 4; Sen- ior Variety Show 4. Lisa Lessard “Smilie” “Lee” Horse Club 2; D.E.C.A. 3, 4; Senior Vari- ety Show 4; Homecoming Committee 3; Art Festival 3. Tina Levins “Munchkin” “I can’t wait to graduate.” Yearbook 1. Daniel Liquori “Liquor” “The end!” James Loos “J.R.”“Jim” Yearbook 3; Literary Magazine 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Rensselaer Medal 3; Cross Country 4 (V); Track 3, 4 (V). Kimberly Lord “Kimmer” “Kim” “What’s homework?” Field Hockey 1 , 2; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Nurse’s Aide 3. 4; Office Aide 1; Maga- zine Drive 4; Honor Roll 2. Deborah Lusardi “Deb” “Kinky!” Magazine Drive 4; Hero Club 3, 4; Cafe Rendezvous 3, 4. Donna Madeley “Made” Magazine Drive 4. Jeffery Magee “Magoo” “Geeme” Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Lamplighters 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President); Model U.N. Club 3, 4 (Chairman); Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country Ski Club 1; Honor Roll 2. Lori Maggio “Mag” “Gotta dance!” Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Human Involvement Program 1, 2, 3, 4; Lamplighters 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 3, 4; Plant Club 1. Susan Maheux “Sue” “Susie” “Where’s Schacker?” Cheerleading 1, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Homecoming Float Committee 1, 2. 3; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Ski Club 2, 3, 4. Jeanne Malley “Mish” “June 6, 1980” Magazine Drive 4. Kathleen Mango " Mango” " Smath” “This is unreal! " Basketball 1. Arlene Manning “just give me the 151?” Track 1, 2; CWE; Business Office Educa- tion 4: Honor Roll 1, 4. Karen Manning “Kar” “Red” “But whv?” National Honor Society 3. 4; U. Conn. Co-operative Program 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Varietv Show 4; Honor Roll 1, 2. 3. 4. Christine Manzone “Chris” “Zoner” Ski Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Honor Roll 1. 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2. 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Graduation Ush- erette 3. Nori Marcinowski “Lori” Soccer Manager 2; Guidance Aide 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleading 3 ()V Captain): Magazine Drive 4. F.B.L.A. 4: Ski Club 1. 2. 3, 4. judy Marco “lute” Ski Club 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1; Magazine Drive 4. Francis Marocchini “Fran” F.B.L.A. 3. 4. Guy Marquis “Gee” “Gren” “That’s Flippy for ya.” Hiking Club 1; Ski Club 1. Celese Martin “Lee” “Martin” “Not today. I ' m tired.” Magazine Drive 4; Library Aide 1. Karen Martin “Kare” Tennis 2; National Honor Societj’ 3, 4; Homecoming 4; Senior Variety Show 4; D.E.C.A. 3,4 (President): Honor Roll 1, 2. 3, 4: Magazine Drive 4. Gary Maruca “Maruca” “That’s decent!” Band 1, 2. 3. Cynthia Masse “Cindy” “Oooh nice!” Magazine Drive 4. Gregoiy- Maxwell “Max” “Greg” Baseball 1. 3. 4: Graduation Usher 3: National Honor Society 3, 4: Honor Roll 1. 2. 3. 4: Magazine Drive 4. Thomas McCuen “Tomcat” “Let’s eat!” Football 4: Weight Training Club 4. Troy McFarlane “Iff live so long.” Ski Club 1: Honor Roll 4. Edward Mcguire “Mugs” “E-rotten” Football 1, 3, 4: Soccer 2: Track 1, 2, 3. 4: Homecoming Float Committee 4: Maga- zine Drive 4. Football 2, 3, 4 (Captain): Magazine Drive 4: Honor Roll 1, 2. 3, 4. Shawn McKenna “Mic” “Not now, I have a headache.” Football 1: Basketball 1: Baseball 1. Sean McMurray “Seen” “M.C.” Student Council 1: Magazine Drive 4: Basketball 1 (Captain), 2: Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (V): Baseball 1 (Captain), 2. 3: Home- coming Float Committee 2, 3, 4. Jeffery McNeely “Orome” “A Elebreth Gilthoniel” Magazine Drive 4: Talent Show 4. Katherine Meletes “Mel” “I knew that!” Baseball Manager 1. 2: Cheerleading 1: Homecoming Float Committee 2. 3, 4: D.E.C.A. 3, 4: Magazine Drive 4: Senior Variety Show 4. Craig Melquist “Mel” Baseball 2, 3, 4: Honor Roll 1, 2. 3, 4: Magazine Drive 4: Basketball 2: Ski Club 1, 2, 3: Senior Variety Show 4. Alvin Messenger “Al” “Hey guys!” Magazine Drive 4. jay Messier Honor Roll 1, 2, 3: Magazine Drive 4: Senior Variety’ Show. Karen Metivier Russel Midyette “Popeye” ’’Ukorn!” Basketball 1: Reflections 2: Track 3: Football 4: Weight Training 4. Gearj’ Mills “Millsy” “Wilber” Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Soccer 1, 2 ; Track 1: Senior Variety Show 4: Cafe Rendez- vous 1, 2, 3, 4: Hero Club 4. Sheryl Mips “Sherrie” “Heaven knows!” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. 4: Magazine Drive 4: National Honor Socieh’ 3. 4: Ski Club 2 ; Lamplighters 1: As Schools Match Wits 3: United Nations Club 4: U. Conn. Co- operative Program 4: Graudation Usher- ette 3: Bowling Club 1: Ice Hockey Stat- istician 2. 3: Baseball Statistician 3. Matthias Moeller “Do tomorrow what you could have done yesterday.” Soccer 4: Model U.N. Club 4: Ski Club 4. Jacqueline Molina “jack” “Seriously!” Office Aide 1,2, 3: D.E.C.A. 3. Alan Moore “Al” “Less” “Alright!” Band 2: Baseball 2, 3. 4 (V): Magazine Drive 4. Robert Morell “Bob” “Choirboy” “I’m great!” Soccer 4 (V ' j; Homecoming Float Com- mittee 4: F.B.L.A. 4. Scott Morgan " Scooby Doo " " Gork” Basketball 1, 2; Wrestling 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Senior Variey Show 4; Magazine Drive 4. Mar ’ Moriart}’ " Mare " " Moe” " Get the gun! " Girls ' Basketball Manager 1; Yearbook 1; Class Night Committee 1, 4; CWE: Business Ofiice Education 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Baseball Manager 2 ([V); Home- coming Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Grauda- tion Usherette 3; Magazine Drive 4; Sen- ior V ' ariety Show 4. Michael Moriarty " Jim Morrison and the Doors! " Ski Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Asnuntuck Electronics Program 4, Timothy Moriarty “Moe " Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 3, 4 (Captain): Talent Show 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Cynthia Moxley " Cindy” " Little Bit” " Have you seen Maritza?” Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4. Kimberly Mule " Kim” “Kimmie” " What!” Ski Club 2, 3; Honor Roll 2, 3; Magazine Drive 4. Tammy Nadeau " Tammy Lee” " Sue Ellen” " How was Flebotte ' s test?” Girls ' Basketball 1, 2; Office Aide 1, 3; Yearbook 1; F.B.L.A, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Homecoming Float Committee 4; Soc- cer Manager 1; Baseball Manager 1, 2; Senior Variety ' Show 4; Work Experi- ence Program 4. Randy Nason " Nas” Football 2. 3, 4 (V); Baseball 2 (JV); Stu- dent Faculty Senate 4; Ski Club 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll " l, 2, 3, 4. Kristin Neale “Kris” Magazine Drive 4; Cheerleading 1, 2; Ski Club 3; CWE: Business Office Education 4. Jacqueline Nelson " Jackj ' ” “Jack” " Well, what do you think?” Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2; CWE; Business Office Education 4. Diane Newton " Killer” " Who cares?” Volleyball 2. 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4. Mary O’Brien " Mar” Track 1, 3; Swim Team 2; Magazine Drive 4; Student Faculty Senate 2; Work Study Program 4. James Olson " Sumo” Soccer 1, 2, 3 (Captain); Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Magazine Drive 4. Bernabe Ortiz " Bengy” " Block” Yeah, yeah we ' ll romp ’em!” Cafe Rendezvous 3, 4; Hero Club 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 4; Track 1; Senior Variety Show 4, Joseph Ouellette " Rocky” " Steve” " Give me some slack!” Football 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 1; Weight Training Club 4; Ski Club 3. 4; Talent Show 2, 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Track 1,2, 3, 4. Thomas Panaccione “Tom” “C. Townsend” “Nothing can bring you peace, but your- self.” Yearbook 1, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Historian 2; Tennis 2, 3. 4; Hiking Club 1; Cross Country ' Skiing 1; U. Conn. Co-operative 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4. Michael Parakilas " Mike” “Parky” “Are you kidding me?” Bowling 2; Ski Club 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. Martin Pare " Popeye " “Wnatever!” Hockey 2; Football 1. Stephen Paschal “Steve” “How long until graduation?” Band 1, 2. Laura Paulin “Check it out!” Chorus 3, 4; Folk Club 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Representative 2. Katherine Pearson “Kathy” “Wrong!” Color Guard 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Lamplight- ers 3, 4. Lynn Pelletier “Lynnie” Magazine Drive 4; Hiking Club 4; Cross Country 4; Ski Club 4. Paul Pelletier “Flying fists McGee!” Hiking Club 3, 4; Art Festival 3, 4. Colleen Perrine “Col” “Where did I put my keys?” Lamplighters 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 3, 4; Yearbook 1; Student Faculty Senate 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Sophomore Initiation Dance Committee 2; Magazine Drive 4; Wrestling Scorekeeper 1. Gretchen Pieper “Gretch” “More, more, more!” Field Hockey 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 (CaptainJ; Softball, 2, 3, 4. Pamela Pingley “Ping” “You’re kidding me!” Field Hockey 1; Basketball 1; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; D.E,C,A. 3. 4, Patricia Pingley “Ding” “See ya later,” D.E.C.A. 3,4. Roeann Pittsinger “Roe” “Pitters” “Live for today. Let tomorrow worry about itself.” Lamplighters 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3; Concert Choir 3, 4; Color Guard 4; Wrestling Scorekeeper 1; Boys’ Swim Team Score- keeper 4; Magazine Drive 4; Guidance Aide 2, 3; Ski Club 1, 2, 3; Main Office Aide 1. Nancy Porcello “Nance” “It figures!” Basketball 1; Swim Team 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; Hockey Manager 2, 3; Yearbook 1; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Biol- ogy’ Award 1; U. Conn, Co-operative Program 3, 4; Guidance Aide 1; Spanish Award 1; Graduation Usherette 3. Jacqueline Potvin " Jack” “No way!” Ski Club 4. Mary Jo Powers “Jo” “Joseppi” “Let the good times roll!” Main Office Aide 2, 3, 4. Jenifer Presto Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Cross Country Skiing 4; Gymnastic Club 2. Donna Provencher “Pro” “Go for it!” Student Council 1; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Magazine Drive 4; Y.A.T. 1; F.B.L.A. 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2, 4; Sen- ior Variety Sbow 4. Robyn Provencher “Robynee” “That’s gross!” Yearbook 1; Ski Club 2; Lamplighters 1; Magazine Drive 4; Honor Roll 1, 3, 4; U. Conn. Co-operative Program 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Joseph Pulaski " Joe” “Jose” Football 1; Bowling 2; Ski Club 3; Latin Award 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4. Barbara Quinn “Barb” “Where’s Anne?” Library Aide 1; Color Guard 3; Human Involvement Program 2, 3, 4; Concert Choir 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer); Senior Variety Show 4. Shawn Quinn “A carpenter always has his tools.” Honor Roll 4. Patricia Rabb “Susie” “Little Rabb” “I’m late.” Library Aide 2; Track 1; Basketball 1; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Glenn Roberts “Oh well!” Swim Team 2, 3, 4 (Gaptain); Band 2, 3. 4; Honor Roll 1. 2; Magazine Drive 4. Ronald Roczniak “Roz” “Need help with your History?” Homecoming Float Committee 3. 4; F.B.L.A. 3; Magazine Drive 4. Michael Riley “Pickles” “That’s life!” Football 1; Baseball 1; Hockey 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Soccer 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 3. 4; Honor Roll 3, 4. 184 Thomas Riley " Grinch " " Yoda " “Let ' s go lap Tom’s. " F.B.L.A. 3; Wrestling 2 (JV): Soccer 2; Magazine Drive 4; Hockey 2. Fred Riley " Que Pasa? " Hockey 3. 4 |V); Tennis 2. 4; Soccer Manager 1; Senior Variety Show 4; Magazine Drive 4. Michelle Ritchotte “Shell " “You guys, cut it out.” Ski Club 4; CWE: Business Office Edu- cation 4. Dawn Roberts " Dawn Marie " " No problem!” Ski Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Yearbook 1; D.E.C.A. 3; Honor Roll 3. Heather Roberts “Crispy " “Hey Mickey! " Softball 2; Nurse’s Aide 3. 4; Magazine Drive 4. Maureen Rook “Moe " " That’s decent!” Class Officer 2 (Secretary), 3 (Secretary), 4 (Vice-President); Magazine Drive 4; Student Faculty Senate 2. 3, 4; Home- coming Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Soph- omore Dance Committee 2; Senior Vari- ety Show 4. Gaspare Rosato “The Rat” " Gasp " “How can I paint?” Andrew Royce “Rotten Redhead” " Bid D” “Cool your jets” Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Student Faculty Senate 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2, 3, 4. Maureen Ryan “Mo” “Hey, what’s up?” Ronald Sagan “Egger " " Eggman " “Get somewhere. " Football 1. Dwayne Samson “The Kid " “D.L. " “Where are the sticks?” Football 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Homecoming Float Committee 2; D.E.C.A. 3, 4. Hillary Sauve “Shorty” “Colorado Rocky Mountain High!” Softball 2, 3; Ski Clu b 1; Track 1; Volley- ball 3. David Scougall “Dave” “Scoug” “I can’t. I have to jam tonight.” )azz Ensemble 1, 2, 3. 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Talent Show 1. 3, 4. Debbie Savage “Red” “Sav” “Okay, let’s race!” Class Night Committee 1; Yearbook 1; Prom Committee 2; Homecoming Com- mittee 2; Field Hockey 1, 2; Magazine Drive 4. Lisa Shack “Shacker” “Where’s Sue?” Cheerleading 1: Magazine Drive 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Variety’ Show 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Class Night Commit- tee 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Float Commit- tee 2, 3, 4. Kathy Schroder “Kath” “What a bummer.” Band 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; U. Conn. Co-operative Program 4. Mark Semanie “Camel” “I don’t want to go to the prom.” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2; Ski Club 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Honor Roll; Homecoming Float Committee 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Lisa Serra " Lise” “I wanna go home” Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Literary Magazine 4; Bowling Club 4; National Honor Society 3. 4. John Severns Hockey. Nancy Sinacore “Nan” “Sinacrow” “What?” Color Guard 2; Band 3, 4; Pep Band 2, 3, 4; Talent Show 2; Senior Variety Show 4. Antony Sitler ’•Tony” “Homework? It can wait until tomor- row.” Track. Corale Slaydon “Cory” “I love you Shmoo!” Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 4; Art Club 1; Lamplighters 1. Ellen Smith “Smellen” “Turtle” “Donna, let’s go to Frankie’s.” Hiking Club 1; Wrestling Manager 1. Thaddeus Soltys “Thad” ’’)ust like New York.” Hockey 2 (jV); Honor Roll 3. Darlene Spencer “Dar” “Hey man, life ' s rough!” Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Aide 1, 2; Plant Club 1. Pamela Sperazza “Spam” “Pammy” “Where’s the party tonight?” Cross Country Skiing; Hiking Club. Marie Stroka ’’Strok” “What’s up?” Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 185 Victoria Stebbins “Vickie " " You bum! " Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Drum Major 4; Magazine Drive 4; Honor Roll 1. 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Newspaper Staff 1. jason Steele " Far out! " . John Stephens " Jake " " Hey Bob, where ' s Moose?” Football. 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Eric Stocker " Get somewhere! " Football 4. Susan Stoppani “Susie” " Stu " “Hi, where’s the cast party?” Ski Club 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Home- coming Float Committee 4; Homecom- ing Dance Committee 3: Lamplighters 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Festival 2; Office Aide 1. Jeff Strickland " Strick " Baseball. Kimberly Stroble “Dizzy-Wimp " “Can i hit you?” Lamplighters 1, 2, 3; Talent Show 1, 2. 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2; Honor Roll 1, 2; Prom Committee 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Sophomore Initiation Dance Committee 3. 4; Student Faculty Senate 3; Majorette 3; Literary’ Magazine 3; Homecoming Dance Committee 3. Jan Sweeney " Crash” “Hi hun!” Track 1, 2; Yearbook 1. 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 4; Magazine Drive 4. Joseph Switatek “L.D.” “Swine-Dork” " You twit!” Class Officer 3 (Vice-President), 4 (Trea- surer): Student Faculty Senate 2, 3. 4: Boys ' State Representative 3; Graduation Marshall 3; Honor Roll 2. 3. 4; Yearbook 4 (Assistant Editor); Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Gross Country 3, 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Soccer 1, 2; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (President): Swim Team 2. Susan Swiatek Library Aide 2, 3, 4. James Tarnowicz " Tarno” “R” " Let’s get rotten,” Wrestling 1; Baseball 1: Football 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Track 1, 3. 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Homecoming Float Committee 4; D.E.C.A. 3, 4; Cross Country ' Ski Club 4. James Taylor “Big Jim” " Ya think it’s easy?” Football 2. Lisa Taylor " Tails” “Lee” " Where ' s the party?” Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 4: Track 2. 3; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2, 3, 4. Lori Taylor " Lor” D.E.C.A. 3; Yearbook 1; Guidance Aide 2.4. Paul Taylor " Baylor” " Go ahead! " National Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4. Charles Theofiles “Chuckle ” “Squiggle " " It’s against my morals.” Chorus 1: Choir 3, 4; D.E.C.A. 3, 4; Cheerleading 2, 3, 4; Talent Show 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4. James Thomas " Gus ” “Jim Bob” “I don ' t believe you.” Fashion Show 1; Magazine Drive 4; Sen- ior V ' ariety Show 4. Chery l Thresher " Squirrel” “1 don’t believe you guys, but . . .” Softball 1; Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4; Maga- zine Drive 4; F.B.L.A. 3; Graduation Usherette 3; National Honor Society 3. 4; Honor Roll 2. 3, 4: Ski Club 2, 3, 4; Sen- ior Variety Show 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2, 3. Frank Tobey " Butch ” " Incognito!” Football Manager 2, 3 (V); Hiking Club 3. 4: Cross Country Skiing 3. Joseph Tourville " Jobeau ” Cafe Rendezvous 3. Ellen Traynor " Smellen” “1 have to call my honey.” Diving Team 2, 3. 4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Bruce Trowbridge " Hey there! ” Food Service 1, 2. 3. 4, Joseph Varnauskas Football 1; Track 1; Cafe Rendezvous 4; Hero Club 4. Richard Vasseur “Vass” " Where’s my Anna?” Soccer 1 (V): Hockey 2, 3 (V): Automo- tive Mechanics 3, 4. Salvatore Vella " Vel” " Rotten Redhead” “That’s right. We’re bad!” Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Baseball 1, 2; Track 3, 4: Yearbook 1; Magazine Drive 4; Class Officer 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Class Night Committee 1; Homecom- ing Float Committee 2, 3, 4. Michael Verny " Red” “Yahhh!” John Vranich " Jonny V.” Football 2, 3. 4; Class Historian 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; National Honor Society 3, 4 (President); Homecoming Float Committee 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Senior Variety Show 4. Scott Vujs " Cookie” " Sure! ” Class Night Committee 1; Honor Roll 2. 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4. Liz Wallace “Lizzy” Guidance Aide 3, 4; D.E.C.A. 3. Steven Warren " Macho Mouse” “What the heck?” Lamplighters 4; Chorus 2, 3. 4; Wrestling 2 . Kevin Webb “Webber” “Sure, sure!” Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Sen- ate 4. Linda Weber “Turtle” Ski Club 1. 2, 3; Softball 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Lamplighters 2, 3; Student Council 1. Kara Welch Swim Team 2, 3, 4 (Captain): Basketball 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain): Student Faculty Senate 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4 (Secretary); Class Officer 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2, 3, 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Yearbook 1; Homecoming Dance and Queen Committee 2. 3, 4; Representative to the National Conven- tion for Student Councils 2, 3. Tina Wheat “Tee” " Hey man!” Heidi White “No experience you have learned from is ever a total loss.” Literary Magazine 4. Monica White Student Faculty Senate 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 3; Ski Club 4; Future Nurses’ Club 3. 4; Yearbook 1; Office Aide 1, 2. 3, 4: Maga- zine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Homecoming Dance and Queen Com- mittee 4; Representative to the National Convention for Student Councils 3. Marianne Wilczak “Mar” “Hey Srok, where’s O’Brien?” Gilrs’ Track 1, 2, 3; CWE: Business Office Education 4, Barry Williams “Texan ” “When we do right, no one remembers, when we do wrong, no one forgets!” Automotive Mechanics 3, 4, Michael Wilson “Mike” Calculus, what’s calculus?” Ski Club 3, 4: International Club 2, 3, 4; Bowling Club 1: Band 2, 4; As Schools Match Wits 3. Timothy Wingen : " Nut " What a twit!” Cross Countiy ' 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Basket- ball 1. 2. 3, 4 (Captain); F.kh.A. 2; Base- . ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Float Com- mittee 3, 4. Nancy Wisnesky , " Nanc” " So. Barb, do you think you can get the I car tonight?” Laurie Wollanhaupt ' " Laurie” ! " I don ' t understand! " Class Treasurer 1; Track 2; Student Fac- ulty Senate 2. 3; Ski Club 2, 3. 4; Swim ' Team 2; National Honor Society 3. 4; I Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; I U. Conn. Co-operative Program 4; Geometry Award 2; Algebra 11 Award 3; ; Yale Book Award 3; Tutor 2, 3; Repre- : sentative at Chemithon 3; Overall Scho- lastic Award 1; Senior Variety Show 4; [ Basketball 1; Homecoming Float Com- I mittee 2, 3. [ Katherine Wordell " Kathie” " What am I green?” ‘ Band 1; Basketball 1; Honor Roll 1, 2. 4; : Superintendent ' s Student Advisory ■ Council 4; Folk Club 2, 3, 4; Student Fac- ulty Senate 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Float Committee 2. 3; Talent Show 1, 2, 3; Chorus 2, 3, 4 (Secretary); Class Night Committee 1; Choir 2, 3, 4 (Secretary): Class Officer 3; Senior Variety Show 4. I George Young j " Geo” i " Always!” ; Honor Roll 2. 3, 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Ski ' Club 1, 2, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 4; Bowling Team 1. 2. [ Patricia Zdebski I " Patty” " Zeb” I Cheerleading 1. 2. 3, 4 (Captain); Student ' Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer); ; F.B.L.A. 3, 4 (Secretary); National Honor ! Society 4: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Yearbook 1; Homecoming Float Committee 2, 3, 4: Magazine Drive 4; Graduation Usher- ette 3; Senior Variety ' Show 4. Suzanne Zanks " Sue” " Suzy-Q” ■ " You don ' t like life do you? " t Softball 3. 4; Bowling Club 4; Sewing t Club 4; D.E.C.A. 4; Magazine Drive 4. I Michael Zapor I " Ooh-Gevalt!” Lamplighters 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roil 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Interna- tional Thespian Society 3, 4; Student Faculty Senate 2, 3, 4; Magazine Drive 4; Science Award 1; Literary Award 2; U. Conn, Co-operative Program 4; Finalist Marine Corps Scholarship 4; Army Reserve and R.O.T.C. Program 4. john Zinza " Zinz” " I ' m serious!” 187 Ted Kennedy A YEAR IT WAS Mr. Reagan Goes to W Washington Jininix Carter Jjv Campaign ’80 Three-Way Contest Anderson Confrontations Iran Sends a Ransom Note VVELCOME back to freedom • • A Celebration of Freedom BITTER END OF A FAILED RESCUE Hopes for I Iv free AT LAST { me r lean fla far sale the Hostages he Making of the Deal Iran demands a $24 billion ransom 444 Days in Captivity rrim Tales of Brutality Tehran’s Reluctant Diplomats PREE AT LAST! Jan. 20-1981 When the Yellow Ribbons Fade... Hostages Return Remembrance of Things Pas ' •i rrf Draft registration ti It 1 m The Tearing Down of an Idol Determined to Persevere Sti’i ' i- tcQuecn r . ' s: ■- (lovernor (tmwu 1 A Mormoi John Lennon: FightS foii Death of a Beatle _ ' ERA f Hia fxynly profile u is Alfred llilehctK k : irademurk q§ WE DID IT Wa ington State’s Mount St. Helens « Olympics WE DID IT i 6gy ■m Nikon EM The Riddles of Saturn a iO a The Economy: “Scary” x SOLD GOLD An Airline Fare MOII PAPERBACK $2 0 1M1 Awn Books. Th Him CofpwMon liOO Tuition Blues Beating the Cost of Fuel others Who Stood in the Spotlight An Extraordinary Television Event: leaking the Unbelieva ble B elievable t 0 N|f S Ui AMI I A ■xKm RBkitvir »t4 . % tW ■ ENTERTAINMENT OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST ERIC HEIDEN SHOGUN YODA n L HAKflUKU UlVli; ijtNItK u HPLR P«EStSTS THE CARS A CROS ' cyJfiTSY CONCERT NO REF’JNDS EXCH. 26252 MSR ' fOOSI 1.7 DATE EVENT CODE I ! I 3 : 30P I 3 k . 5 0 : ! 3 0 S I a E. 2 l 13 ' 1980-1981were years of advancement in many respects. Politically, many changes occurred. An independent candidate, lohn Anderson, provided an additional alternative to the two party system. However, he was unable to overcome the landslide victory ' of Republican nominee Ronald Reagan. |ust as our country was unified in the election of our new president, we were again unified in the vigil of the hostage crisis. Yellow ribbons became symbols of patriotism and renewed spirit for our country. This spirit continued throughout the jubilant homecoming celebration. Amateur sports in the U.S. advanced significantly. In general, many medals were received during the Lake Placid Olympiad competition. The unbelievable highlight of this event was Eric Heiden ' s achievement of five gold medals in speedskating. Also, the dramatic victory of the U.S. Hockey Team will never be forgotten. Technological advancements have become part of our daily life through the development and distribution of computerized devices. The most evident example of this is the increasing popularity of computerized games. In addition to this, scientific exploration of neighboring planets has increased our knowledge of outer space. This advancing knowledge will also contribute to the spectrum of our entertainment through sports, movies, television, and concerts. These progressions have made life more comfortable, more exciting, and more entertaining for our nation and for the entire world. 193 A YEAR OF ACCEPTANCE And so we began our high school years. We faced the challenge of being accepted by the upperclassmen, and we succeeded in becoming an active part of the student body. To be accepted, we had to be followers, yet even in our growth, we were leaders. President Harry Captain, aided by his fellow officers, effectively organized our activities. The Sophomore Initiation Dance “welcomed” us and we were hesitant, yet eager in our participation. Later in the year, our class sponsored the Toga Dance. The majority of toga-clad participants were spirited sophomores who generated enthusiasm throughout the evening. The highlight of our sophomore year was our first place victory in the Homecoming Day float competition. The Sophomore class’ hard work and ingenuity provided a significant challenge to upperclassmen. I 194 A YEAR OF ACCOMPLISHMENT 196 As juniors, we were energetically involved in our school activities. Once again, our class was led by President Harry Captain. The class of 1981 presided at this year’s Sophomore Initiation Dance. This day brought back many memories of the previous year ' s chicanery. Also, in the Homecoming Day float competition, we achieved a controversial third place. Our victory as sophomores made this placement even more disappointing. According to tradition, the junior class organized and directed the 1980 Senior Farewell Prom, " Always and Forever”. A gratifying time was had by all, and we hope that the memories of that evening will remain with the class of 1980. In April, a propitious car wash was sponsored by the junior class. This endeavor grossed over one hundred dollars which was added to the treasury of the Class of 1981. The memories of these accomplishments and failures proved exemplary to us as seniors. Our accomplishments as juniors will be shining examples for future classes. A YEAR OF ANTICIPATION 198 As seniors, we are filled with anticipation for the future. For many of us, the selection of, application to, and response from various colleges filled much of our time. Others were filled with thoughts of future jobs and careers. For all, it was a year of decision. Thanksgiving was celebrated with many activities. The food drive, which the school sponsored to benefit the Emergency Food Shelf, was successful. The Super Seniors took first place in this year’s can collection competition. Also, prior to the Thanksgiving Day football game, money was collected to form a spirit chain. The proceeds went to the class of 1981 as the senior class once again proved their superiority. To defray graduation expenses, the senior class undertook several projects. Among these were the magazine drive and the Senior Variety Show. The Senior Variety Show, held in May, was enjoyed by all. This production brought in substantial receipts which were contributed to the treasury of the senior class. During the magazine drive, the entire senior class had the opportunity to sell subscriptions for the benefit of the class as well as for prizes being offered. The unified efforts of the senior class contributed to the overall prosperity of this concluding high school year. Our three years at Fermi have been full of happy times which are soon to become thoughtful memories. We know that these memories will be a part of our past as we know that we will always be a part of Fermi’s history. We will remember always that 1981 is second to none! 200 CAMERA SHY Maritza Abrams Ward Keegan Colleen Armstrong Timothy Lowney JeffeiA ' Black Debbie Lusardi Marjorie Bourque Michelle Malloy Donald Brayton Sean McNulty Darlene Callender Matthias Moeller Lidia Casale Robert Morell Kathleen Cassista Patricia Rabb Mark Choquette Michael Raymond Carla Cooper Steven Reeves luanita Downes Thomas Rielly Todd Dubois Michael Saindon Margaret Fields Dawn Stone Paula Fisher lohn Suizdak Todd Griffin Jeanne Swicklas David Hansen Paul Vendetta lohn Hickey Michael Wilson 9 ] Our Personal Best Wishes For Success In The Future Your Friends, Marc, Chris, Bob, Larry, and Dan Official 1981 Class Photographers 127 Mill Street Springfield, MA 01108 734-7337 284 Pine Street Holyoke, MA 01040 532-9406 202 COUNTRY DRUG Caldor Plaza Enfield, CT 06082 745-2401 HAZARD VILLA RESTAURANT 276 North Maple Street Enfield, CT 06082 749-7271 THE OASIS 673 Main Street West Springfield, MA 01089 734-2239 Specializing in Arabic and American Food 203 MAREK JEWELERS Stateline Plaza Enfield, CT 06082 745-4024 PIZZA PALACE 524 Enfield Street Enfield, CT 06082 745-0715 IS SECOND TO NONE i 204 ENFIELD AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 917 Enfield Street Enfield, CT 06082 745-1123 VERN’S POWER EQUIPMENT 599 Hazard Avenue Enfield, CT 06082 763-0459 GOOD LUCK TO THE SENIORS FROM THE JUNIOR CLASS OF 1982 205 EDDIE’S SPORTING GOODS Enfield Mall Enfield, GT 06082 745-8611 ARGOUETTE AUTO GENTER 299 North Maple Street Enfield, GT 06082 749-8634 The 1981 yearbook staff wishes to recognize Denny Galvin, patient and informative publishing representative, Larry and Danny Grenier, reliable and loyal photographers and Miss de Haan, dedicated and tolerant advisor. TROIANO AUTO CENTER 777 Enfield Street Enfield, CT 06082 741-2527 NORTHEAST AUDIO . Caldor Plaza Enfield, CT 06082 745-1074 PATRONS Beth Allen The Pkiward C. Allen Family Miss Concetta Arre Miss Michelle Arre Mr. and Mrs, Steven Arre Mrs. Bertrand Coff and Zeh Mrs. Mar% ' Gail Cokkinias Mr. and Mrs. James Cox The Francis Crowley Family Diane Derose Mr. and Mrs. Giovanni Derose Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Dugan Mr. and Mrs. Flebotte Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fiore Mrs. Pamela Gates Mr. Geffner Mr. and Mrs, Harry E. Goldfarh Mr. and Mrs. Leo Griffith. |r. Mary Griffith The William Hunt Family Mrs. Carole Jonaitis Jack Kelly and Carol Schober The Keating Family Sue Maheux Mr. and Mrs. Philip Michaud Moe and Zoner Bernabe Ortiz Mr. and Mrs. Savario Palmieri Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rossi Rotten Redheads, Drew and Sal Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Royce Lisa Schack Janet Sienko Mr. and Mrs. William Spanswick, Jr. The Sweeney Family Joe Swiatek John and Barbara Swiatek Lisa Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Bradford West Ms. Wilson Tim Wingen COLONIAL CAMERA BUTTON FLOWER FARM E. C. ALLEN’S SONS INC. MOORE RUG 207 .- N - t j,!. : : Of (ylianCOi ' gu dance department pNOirn PERMI HIGH ■= ' CHOO‘. ,J4 JnPTW MppiE , ONNECT-Cut 0b08- r t t . ' I’M ' j '

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