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. TAS? M Af K 0-'fr"Q6 - W-QT, -WJ' Q W L3, A '1'-""292LaiVpE W af . N W H E 5 P I 5 ,x u H W I . ! I 3 1 S F E S 3 4 E ! 5 4 5 E E E a E H 5 U J I E 5 I 5 I, N : 11 V' 1 L! W ,, Y H ! 2 M i 5 FEHGUSH HIGH SEHIIHL Central Engraving Co.-Mr. Harry Swain, Jr. Wiese Barnes Printing Co.-Mr. Charles Grimm Becktold Co.-Mr. John Glassen, Jr. Vincent Price Studio-Mr. Vincent Price M 77 K as MAMA V an iii "tal , ffAf ' '-X I A CJ il xj :MENU HHHIH llH lH HHHH HIH HHHH THHH HHHHHS Mr. V. C. McCluer With loyal devotion, consecrated efforts, and good faith, twenty-tive years of Mr. McCluer's life have been given unselfishly to instill into the youth entrusted to his direction those virtues upon which rest good citizenship and leadership so indispensable to our American way ot lite. Mr. McCluer had an admirable dream of becoming an educator and obtained his goal. But to achieve this goal he 'first received his Bachelor ot Arts Degree at Westminster College then enlisted in the Marine Aviation Corps during World War I. Following the war he continued his graduate work at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Southeast Missouri State College, and then became superin- tendent ot schools at Troy. He received his Master ot Arts Degree from Wash- ington University. In July, 1930, Mr. McCluer came to Ferguson as its new superintendent of schools. May his efforts as an educator give to posterity a challenge to strive toward the greatest heights of unselfish service tor humanity. We, the CREST statt, dedicate the l955 CREST to Mr. McCluer and his twenty-tive years of able supervision. -3- FERGUSON SCHOOL SONG Till The rocks are rent a-sunderg And The skies on us do fall, Friend and foe shall hear our thunder Ringing from our sacred halls. We will ne'er forsake you, Ferguson Our hearts will e'er stay True Always proud to be called a song For peace we'll never sue. We will fight, fight, fight for victory, Our heritage a guarded trusty Till the light we no longer see, And our beloved halls are dust. THIS IS WHERE WE llllllll Hlll llllllllll TIIIIIT III TIIITTTITTT IHIII ARI III IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIITTIIIITIIIII I TIIISSII IT IIITITITITT II TTUIITT HT -5- llllllll l llllllll Education began as a dream in the minds ot men ages ago. Slowly it has evolved, gaining momentum and at long last has reached a high pinnacle of attainment. The faculty and adminis- tration at Ferguson High School are eminently aware that they are directly influential in producing the potential leaders of to- morrow. The Student Assembly, also included under administration, proves to students true democracy in action. Our Student Assem- bly allows the students who participate in it to get a practical knowledge of a working democracy. With the distinct idea of a living and working democracy the students of Ferguson High School will be better able to become good citizens. Our highly esteemed faculty has taught the students with commendable success. The administration and faculty have at- tempted to impress upon the students here at Ferguson that high ideals and leadership are extremely important. "lt is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken ioy in creative expression and knowledge."-Einstein. ..5.. 3 Slll'lllIlllllllllllll Nlr. V. C. McCluer Not only has much improvement been made in the R-2 district, but, Mr. lVlcCluer and Mr. McCollum have accomplished much by their untiring efforts in en- deavoring to assist the students ot Fer- guson High School in obtaining a good education. These able administrators are proud of the tact that the triple "A" rat- ing has again been awarded the R-2 dis- trict by the state of Missouri. Because of the tremendous increase ot population within the Ferguson-Flon issant Reorganized School District, it has been necessary to erect new school build- ings and to provide additional educa- tional facilities. Among the ettorts of our administra- tors to meet this necessity was the con- struction of an elementary school in Cool Valley and the addition of tive rooms to the present iunior high school. PHI Elltll Mr. J. S. McCollum HH llll lll llllllllllll 3 i in ex t '51 5 i 'z I i l ...J Back Row: Mr. J. M. Geiger, Mr. W. M. Gozenbach, Mr. E. T. Sheridan. Front Row: Mrs. S. Patterson, Mr. W. C. Brown, Mrs. G. B. Burnett. The Board of Education consists of six mem- bers who are elected by and thereby represent the voters of the R-2 Reorganized District. Two members are elected each year to serve a term of three years. This year the board consisted of the president, Mr. W. C. Brown, vice-president, Mr. W. M. Gonzenbach, secretary, Mrs. G, B. Burdett, assistant secretary, Mr. J. M. Geiger, treasurer, Mrs. S. Patterson, and assistant treas- urer, Mr. E. T. Sheridan. The iob of the Board of Education has become more difficult and complex with the constant increase of population within the R-2 Reorgan- ized District, Under the auspices of the Board, dreams of bigger and better schools have be- come realities. An eleven-room elementary school is being built in Cool Valley, and additions are being made to the DeSmet School in Floris- sant. Eventually, if necessity so demands, these schools may be enlarged to eighteen rooms. Five rooms, including a gymnasium, are being added to the present Junior High School. lt is anticipat- ed that this school will furnish supplementary room for expansion of the high school in the near future. A contract has been let for the con- struction of eight more rooms on this property. An assembly room is being built for the Lee Hamilton School, and twelve rooms are going to be added to the Griffith School. The Board of Education is looking forward to pursuing its am- bition to see an Administration Building erected on the high school campus. Pllll T-TEAEHERS' Elllll Back Row: Mrs, M. Underway, Mrs. S. V. Jaspers, Miss Regina Jerzewiak, Mrs. Geraldine Reichert, Mrs. Plooma Geiger, Mrs. Gladys Strickland, Mrs. Mary Butler, Mrs. Louise Scholl, Mr. J. S. McCollum. Front Row: Mrs. Mary Sheridan, Mrs. Laudlee Eades, Mrs. Vera Lovely, Mrs. Pauline Cook, Mrs. Irene Nienaber, Mrs. Lillian Ripp- stein. The Parent-Teachers' Club was organized in T931 under the name of the Mothers' Club. Last year the bylaws were revised and the name was changed to the Parent-Teachers' Club. This club provides and serves refreshments for the Christmas Dance. They also provide cloak room help and serve refreshments at other social functions of the school when called upon to do so. The floral bouquets for the CREST Coronation and red carnations for the National Honor Society members are furnished by this organization. The Parent-Teachers' Club sponsors the annual Card Party and the Faculty-B-team Game, all the pro- ceeds from which are used to buy a gift which is donated to the high school. The executive board of the Parent-Teachers Club was composed of Mrs. C. L. Lovely, presi- dent, Mrs. Arnold Cook, vice-president, Mrs. Larry Nienabor, secretary, Mrs. Lillian Rippstein, corresponding secretary, Mrs. Maude Lee Eades, treasurer, Mrs. Ed Sheridan, historian, and Mr. McCollum, faculty. -10.. 1 MR. JAMES ADAMS Citizenship Astronomy Club MR. MARTIN BARRETT English 3-45 Latin 'l-25 3-4 MR. ROY BECK World History, Speech State Crewg Assembly Committee MR. BENTLEY BOLIN Trigonometryg Advanced Algebrap Physicsp Chemistry MRS. MARGARET BOLIN Dietitian MR. ALECK BRUGESS Healthg Physical Education Athletic Directory Varsity Baseball MR. GEORGE CHAPMAN Co-operative Vocational Program Wrestlingf Adult Education Programg Co-op Club MRS. MARIE CLEARY Girls' Physical Educationg Health Social Dancing Clubg Girls' Athletic Association MR. ROBERT CLIFF Psychologyg Director of Guidance Education Committee MR. JACK CRAWFORD World History: Driver Education Human Relations Club MISS JANE HARRIS World Historyg U. S. Histor - 1 l tx" ,L . ul F l Liv ' fl I ijt' Wy iiuuiiv f iiiiili mil I V ,,..s: ng AS MRS. JANE DI ESELHORST MR MR. Physical Education: Counseling Girls' Athletic Association VICTOR HOEMANN Psychology: Economics: Typing "B" Team Basketball Coach: Junior Ring Committee: Senior Class Sponsor GERALD IMPEY Industrial Arts: Mechanical Drawing Bowling Club MISS REGINA JERZEWIAK MR. World History: Government Cheerleaders: Pep Club ROBERT JOHNSON Algebra I: General Math Varsity Football Coach: Assistant Track Coach MISS MARGARET JONES Librarian Junior Red Cross MRS. VIRGIN IA KAMPSCHROEDER MR Shorthand I: Typing I: Bookkeeping PAUL KOCH English 5 8- 6: Publications Radio Club: Scoop: Intramural Basketball: Assistant Baseball Coach MRS. LUCILE KOESTER Home Economics Junior Candy Sales: Prom Committee MRS. MARGARET KURTZ MR. Shorthand I: Shorthand Il: Secretarial Practice VERNON LaVAL English 5 8. 61 Speech Rifle Club: Junior Town Meeting of the Air MRS. SHIRLEY MARSELLI MR. Spanish I 8. II: English 5 8- 6 Spanish Club MERRILL McDANIELS American History: Physical Education Assistant Football Coach: Track Coach MISS LORRAINE MOHRMAN MR. Algebra: General Math: Biology CREST: Girls' Athletic Association THOMAS MOORE English 7 81 8: Terminal English: Literature: Senior Dramatic Club: Junior Dramatics Club: National Thespian Society: Senior Play MISS LYDA NOURSE English I 8. 2g English 3 8. 45 Counseling Future Teachers of America MR. JOHN OWEN Algebra lg Choirg Chorus Boys' Glee Clubg Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Choral Ensemble MRS. MARJORIE PHELPS Citizenship MR. MAX PLAVN ICK Bandg Orchestra County Bandp Orchestral Groups MRS. SUE PLAVNICK Secretary Office Assistants MR. HENRY PROKOP General Scienceg Driver Education Freshman Football: Freshman Basketball MRS, LILLIAN RIPPSTEIN Secretary Office Assistants MR. HERBERT ROBBINS Biologyg General Math MISS EILEEN SMITH American History Student Council MRS. MARIAN SNIFFEN English I 8- 2' Counseling Student Council MR. EDWARD TSCHANNEN Physical Educationg Healthy Citizenship Basketball Coach MRS. ALICE ULBRIGHT Art I 8. II Busy Brushes MR. HAROLD ULBRIGHT Plane Geometry' Solid Geometryg Advanced Algebrag General Math Photography Club MR. ROBERT WATSON Biology Proiection Club MR. CHARLES WINSCOTT Driver Education Assistant Sophomore Football Coach: Track Coachg Freshman Basketball Coach llllllllll u Officers: Bob Duncan, Dave Young, JoAnn Geiger, Don Luke. lllllll l ASSEMBLY The Student Assembly is the student governing body of Ferguson High School. The members of this highly important organization are chosen from the homerooms. One representative and one alternate are elected from each third-hour class except for the study hall and chorus, from which two representatives and two alternates are elected. Special preliminary meetings were held for the benefit of the representatives in order to acquaint them with parliamentary procedure and their responsibilities as Student Assembly repre- sentatives. When a student is selected to be a represen- tative, he automatically becomes a member of one of the Student Assembly committees. This year the Student Assembly committees included a division of the Publicity Committee into Art and Articles, and a special committee formed to supervise the collection for our two foster chil- dren, six-year-old Yum Kwang Sook, a Korean war orphan, and Regina Zigmunds, a twelve- year-old Latvian displaced in Germany. Pat Wehking was chairman of the Special Commit- tee for War Orphan Collections. ln the spring of the preceding school year the Student Assembly officers were elected. They were Dave Young, president, Don Luke, vice- president, JoAnn Geiger, secretary, and Bob Duncan, treasurer. The Student Assembly met every other week to learn and practice democratic principles in discussing all problems which arose in the home- rooms and which were brought to the meetings by the representatives. The sponsors of this year's Student Assembly were Miss Ellen Smith, who has been working with the students for the betterment of Ferguson High School since T944 and Mrs. Marian Sniffen who has also been a sponsor of the Student Assembly since T952 STUDENT ASSEMBLY REPRESENTATIVES Back Row: Paul Plavnick, Harold Kohrs, John Schultz, Dave Pope, Howard Hamlin, Ned Lips, Hutson Carspecken, Tom Hamlin, Dave Crocker, Fred Krieger, Don Farmer, Larry Bollinger, Dave Killmer. Third Row: Sally Arms, Sharon Underway, Thelma Marcucci, Pat Wehking, Janet Burns, Kay Rugen, Judy Brenner, Judy Morgan, Sweet long, Beth Zimmerman. Second Row: Mrs. Sniffen, Joyce Sherman, Pat Curtis, LaVonne Griffith, Caroline Davis, Florence Schweizer, Cary Marshall, Anne Mesnier, Rita Howe, Carla Rippstein, Miss Smith. Front Row: Don Luke, Jo Ann Geiger, Dave Young, Bob Duncan. In Ml' Q -+.., ,l . . 51 .W guy f it 1 I ASSEMBLY ELECTION COMMITTEE Under the chairmanship of Larry Bollinger, the Election Committee su- pervised the election of Student Coun- cil Representatives and made all neces- sary preparations to carry out the elec- tion of Student Council Officers in the spring. To further their ability to do an efficient iob, the committee mem- bers supplemented their knowledge by studying election procedures. Back Row: Ron Jenkins, Ned Lips, Nina Craig, Dave Ball, John Griese, Tom Hamlin. Front Row: Pat Wehking, Sue Bindbeutel, Larry Bollinger, Phylis Amos, Jackie Brunk. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dave Young was chairman of the Executive Committee which was com- posed of the officers of the Student Assembly and the chairmen of its com- mittees. This committee met fourth hour every other Tuesday to plan the agenda for the Student Assembly meetings and to coordinate the activi- ties of that organization. Back Row: Fred Krieger, LaVonne Griffith, Caro- line Davis, Cary Marshall, Florence Schweizer, Judy Morgan, Anne Mesnier, Carla Rippstein, Larry Bollinger. Front Row: Bob Duncan, Dave Young, JoAnn Geiger, Don Luke. ETHICS COMMITTEE The purpose of the Ethics Committee was to establish a code of moral standards and good conduct and to promote better citizenship at Ferguson High. With Don Luke as chairman this year, the committee sponsored a Sportsmanship Campaign in Novem- ber, published a bulletin entitled "Re- spect of Property," and planned a Clean-up Campaign and a Safety Cam- paign. Back Row: Fred Werremeyer, Beth Zimmerman, Judy Brenner, Phil Chamberlain. Front Row: Dave McKnight, Pat Franke, Don Luke, Kay Rugen, Paul Plavnick, lllllllllllli CIVIL DEFENSE COMMITTEE To supplement their study of Civil Defense, the Civil Defense Committee, with Carla Rippstein as chairman, made fire exit and shelter area signs for each room. The committee also passed out to all the students booklets on Civil Delense and folders entitled "Escape from the H-Bomb." Back Pow: Dan Mitchell, Don Maddox, Dave Kill- inor, Ken Press, Bowen Keller, Phil Holden. Front Row' Faye Probus, Carla Rippstein, Thelma Marcucci. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE lArticlesl With Anne Mesnier as chairman, it was the job of the Publicity Commit- tee to publicize all activities of the school, especially those of the Stu- dent Council. The committee did this by writing articles for the Scoop, the Town Talk, and the Florissant Valley Reporter. Back Row: Joan Burgess, Dave Crocker, Carol Williams, Bruce Amrein, Betty Ambrose. Front Row: Jackie Thompson, Liz Lips, Anne Mcsnner, Laura Allman, A infer nt-tis!-ttf an - 17 . . af: F P' 3 t 6? 1 Y., 'sa ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE The purpose of the Assembly Com- mittee, whose chairman was Fred Krie- ger, was to help plan and supervise interesting assemblies for the student body. A maior accomplishment of the committee was the Hobo Day assem- bly which was a new and successful addition to the activities of the Fer- guson High School students. Back Row: Bob Flesch, Roger Allen, Bev Bardon, Howard Hamlin, John Schultz. Front Row: Rita Howe, Fred Krieger, Janet Burns PUBLICITY COMMITTEE lArtJ Striving to have more effective art publicity, Cary Marshall, chairman of the Publicity Committee, initiated the idea of using original and novel meth- ods of publicizing school activities. This committee also made the school calendar to keep the students of Fer- guson High School up-to-date. Back Row: Chip Maxwell, Sally Arms, Pat Bardon, Ed Sheridan. Front Row: Jean Klinkman, Don Raley, Cary Mar- shall, Harold Kohrs, Joyce Bradley. EDUCATION COMMITTEE The Education Committee, headed by Caroline Davis, organized a wel- coming committee to acquaint new stu- dents with Ferguson High School. The committee carried out the Freshman Orientation program and also planned an informative and inspiring Career Day, held on April 20. Back Row: Dave Pope, Karla Kretzmann, Pat Curtis, Joyce Sherman, Maria Ambrose, Ron Frede, Front Row: Keith Kester, Nancy Slater, Norma Borbein, Caroline Davis, Sharon Ploudre, Mau- reen Czeschin, Hutson Carspecken. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Under the leadership of Judy Mor- gan, the Social Committee supervised the Get-Acquainted Dance on October I6. They also worked diligently to make the Candy Cane Christmas Dance a success. The committee planned the school's annual excursion on the Ad- miral, June I. Back Raw: Sweet Long, Anne Moseley, Jack Patterson, Bev Behle, Marcia Bohrneyer. Front Row: Anita Riggs, Betty Ruff, Judy Mor- gan, Sally Predock, Carol Mooney. lllllllllllllll PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE With LaVonne Griffith as chairman, the Public Relations Committee dem- onstrated to the history classes how a voting machine operates. The com- mittee sponsored a panel which dis- cussed youth problems at a Women's Guild meeting on February 3. A ma- jor project of the committee was "School and Community Night," held April 4. Back Row: Bill Davis, Kim Ellis, Alda Goodwin, Joan Lively, Cynthia Anderson, Don Farmer. Front Row: Barbara Lovely, LaVonne Griffith, Terry Mizell. SERVICE COMMITTEE The effort put forth by the Service Committee to serve the student body materialized in the form of the publi- cation of an excellent "Who's Who Book." The committee, with Florence Schweizer as chairman, also supervised the checkroom and formed an usher staff to help at games and other school activities. Back Row: Sharon Underway, Judy Smith, Made' line Martin, Ronald Miller, Jeannine Easley. Front Row: Martha Marshall, Dolores Richardson, Florence Schweizer, Ellen Jones, Barbara Goss. SLSSSSS The future is looking toward us and our dreams. The boy who sits next to you in chemistry class dreams of being a physicist or a scientist-one day we may see him as that. The girl in your shorthand class dreams of becoming a good secretary, this also is possible. And the girl to whom you are so very close in home economics dreams of becoming a wife, homemaker, and mother. Each of these dreams is important, worth-while, and very personal and dear to each of us. High school is the runway of our life where we can alter our dreams or expound them further. Dreams are labor and time consuming, therefore, wishing does not merely make them so. As John Masefield said, "Sitting still and wishing makes no per- son great. The Good Lord sends the fish, but you must dig the bait." Set your dreams high and within future obtainment. Do not lust daydream, dream with the intention of fulfillment. is wx SQ N4 xl , W, 'D :ll l'1l'lifS Al l'1l'RS ,Xll11RlfKll'l' Al l7lilK'll :ll l XANITPR :Xl l MAN .-lNlJl RSUN :lL'liUikllL1N ll1'1llUR.'l l'1All l5:llil5UY lixllilill K GLENNON ALBERS JOHN ANDERSON I l11!:4 111111114 1:4 ll1'11 111111 'xl l1h1'11hl1' !1'H11L 1' "P ""l' 4 '11 114441414411 1 11.444414.411 1 x'.444444- 14.4.-414.411 1 4. 14.4.1 1 1 5411 JANET ALBERS l1.1ll lnl1.11m1r.1ls l 3. ll1.1sl41-111.111 l111r4111111r.1lx l 3 3111111-1111 IMI1' l11'1' 1.14 l'1l11l 111 111111. X14'414'11 1441!-I1. 1111111-11 411141 1:11141 QICHAQD AUQUCHQN 14.1111 l 4 1l.1u S4'l1l1.1ll 4. l'r411n 44-1111111114: 3 llilSl 4. Qmll 4-HA, ...NIJ Km, ,hnudh hh. WUI, U u,m 1114! Mnvll 4 Y.1l11n.1l lluvur Smulx' 4 Q I ' K' ' K Roller Slmlung l. l'rni14'411v11 Club l-4. 4111111 lluh 4 BETTY ALBRECHT H111 1 114- 1111114 111111 x11111'11' 111111 41111111 1144144 41 11111441 1441 114-1 111 1414111 1114111 "11'.,,,1, .1 ,, 1,,.,,4U,4, 1, Inl- 44,111 14 11.444 x'.411.4414.411 1 4 .-111 14.444 4 41.444 114414414111 H4 . M Y H ' I . M . W H Xll s4.444 14 41.444 x4-1414.411 4. 1.4444.4444 4 4441444444441 44-4444444441444 ll""""1' I 4' ""l' 4l"""" 4' 'Nh' 5l'4""+ If l 4 liwllvr Sl4.111111.1 I l Y144- l'r1'x14l4-111 W UH114' .'Xxs1x1.1n1 f. rlilS'I' 34 1.14444 4 1.144411 .44441 5.44411 4. 544444-4 41.444 s414444.4444 4. H I DAVH3 BAU- 1' ll 4. 1-44-414444.444 41444-4441444444 4 x.4444-4.41 114-444-4 s41444444- 4. tRl1S'lL ll 1'1" ff-' M'-1 11 111111-' 14'-'I14 Urn'--11 4 i'1.14l44'1h.1ll I111r.1m11r.1l1 1 4. X'1r411v lf4w411h.1ll 4. 54-141441 K41m111i111-1 I Al-DRICH L11114l.111u' 'l'r.1n1 l: l'l1-1111111 L4-111111111r4' 4, lliflv Klub I 3. 'l'r1'.1x11r1r llzx 11111111 11. 1-111111l 141 411111 1111,1'1'1l11l:1111l lu' 1'11l4 41l14'1ux14l4' 141 11 l- N1'l"'l"l ll"l"l" N111-'Iv 4 N111-1 lll-'Y Al I hmr l liuvx' l1lrn' 4 lulw I 4 l'rn'1u1141n Club l 4 S4'rg4'.1nl :ll Armx l li.11l1u iluh I 4 l'l1414'q1.1pl.v 4l11l1 I lunuvr ll411,1r1.111 4, PATRICIA BARDON l1"""-1"'1' 'lub 44 lf'-'1"'1'f 4 1.1411111444 114.41 444141444444 41414.-44 X . lnxlx C1l4r ll11l1 3 4. 11.4 fl, l 4. 1114.14 llmxul 4 fNv41.1l 41111111111 XIII112 4' 11 411.411 I11114- 4111111111 lvmu. 11-c fl1.11rm.1n 4. Sl114l1'141 .'X1w111l1l1 l. 5141.11 441111111111-4' 'S l'11l1l1c11x' 4,1411 4441.f..14444441 rv -14.111 411 1- 11. .1 4 1.414 s.14 1 114 lll 14' 144444414.411 1 v.44.444- iL4LM1l4N4-14.411 1 1 ,4l'l'l'f.'f:f1,,,,l.,, 4l',ll.,,,,,:fff,,l'QV mm' 'ul lu 'll ul s'14. 4 1144.- 1.. 14.4 414414. 14.4 41-4441 414411 14.1 114.14414 AUSTIN BARRICK l1111r l 4 lnrlx l1l4-4' fl11l'v l 4 f411n1v flnfux 1 l 'Uh lluk , , 11444444 ll4'xKlC 11.44441 1 1411.41 1 4 41.444 1'.4414.4414.411 1 4 44.44.4444 YH" "'f"'l' Wffh 'WH' ""'1'1",""4 1. .411 54.444 1 41.444 v4-11.4-14.411 1 4 4 44444444 1 4111 54.444 1 1144 444 "1-'11 M" 1"1H'111 "'11'f1' 11 "" onmmntlvv 5 A111-vnlvlx 141111111114-4' 3 l1u14i.1nr4- l4-.um I l'l'.fX l, flwlr ll. ln-unlv 141411114 1 'Ilr.14l4 l. l41411l1.1ll l11lr.1n111rnls l-1: flHS'l 4, Kjuull .1114l S411-ll 4 N.111441.1l llvnvr 541141111 4 l9.11l4r1l.1ll l11lr.1111ur.1ls l l. .luluur limi 114-44 1. ol '55 BECKKER BEHLF BEHLE BEHLIE BEHl,lf BFRNHARD BETTS BIFRMANN BINDHEUTIZI. BLIEVINS BOIIINGFR BOOHIZR RAYMOND BECKER lhe hex! pun of the .iuhool day is the emi." f'o,op Club 4, ALLEN BEHLE "Ht-'a 11 good num lo ham' around," Frexbmen Football I. Varsity Foatball ll: Softball Intramurals 2 Bawketball Intramuralx 1-5. Track Z: Cfhew C'lub 1. DOROTHY BEHLE She xels her goal high. ilmi uihuwes rt, ' Choir l-4, Girls' lilee lflub 4: G.A.A, I-4: lilasx Baxketball 1: Pep Club l-4. Scoop 4: Busy Brushes I: Quill and Scroll 4: Senior P115 4 MARY ANN BEHLE Hfiructiollx in nrunrwr. Louul fu lrlendxf li.,-LA, I-4. Pep l'lub I--I: Busy Bruwhes I-lg .Iunirr Iletl Crows 4. THEODORE BEHLE "ltd it .1 1-at, at- all agf.-.-, lx Stroll ut ir fullou' ever could be," "Fr" Football I: Varsity Football Z-4. "B" Psaslwtball l, Varsity Baalwtball I-I: Baseball lf-I. Junior Ring Committee I: Sportsman' chip Clonimittee 4, SUSAN BERNHARD "Her Ihoughti are tuiar. Her uuorda uri' f1'u'." li,A.A. 4, Olav. Volleyball 4, Ciaptain 4: All Stars 4, XYtwt Ifranlv tort liommunitv High School, XYewt Frankfort. lllinoix. l-2. ROBERT BETTS "He Mn u lumpy ni.-.mmw uf lun uml work," XVrewtling l, Sophomore Football 2: Pmslwtball Intramuralx I: Rifle Club l. -21.- GORDON BIERMANN "BustbuII, Izuxlzi-Ibzzll. uni! football. loo. ls ther: unylhmg that Cordon cun'l Jrz."' "B" Football l. Varsity Football Z-4: Football Intramurals l: "B" Basketball I, Varsity Basketball Z--I: Baseball lf-It Volleyball Inf tramuralv I-3: Softball Intramuralx I-3, Projection Club If-4, Student Assembly 21 CREST Court 4. SUSAN BINDBEUTEI. "'liht-nfs sornethirrg atueul ubou! Per Quay. That makes you like her better each dug." Junior Draniaticx lg Senior Dramatics 4: Choir 4 Ciirlv' Lilee lflub I-43 G.A.A. l-41 Claw Volleyball Z-4, Captain I All Stars 4 Class Basketball 2-4: Class Softball 3 4, Pep Cflub 1-4, Treasurer 1. President 4: Junior Ring lfommittes 3. Publicity C'ommittee 1: Iilec tion iiomnvittee 3: FTA 1: Offic: Am5t.:ii1 1, DALE BLEVINS "With hix calm. diltberare Luau. Dale u.'1'II attain suffeas xonw dug." Baseball I-'53 Baiketball Inlramuralx I. Softball Intramuralx 2 Iiootf ball Intramurals l-3: Rifle Club 1. LAWRENCE BOLLINGER 'Alle can laugh wifh Ihv jullirsl. flml work with Iha busiuslf' "B" Football I: Football Iutramuralx 1, 'ISI' Fzaxltetball I-1: Yarxily Baslwxball 3-4: Softball Intramurals Z: Tennis Z: Iilection liommittee 4. Chairman 4: Executive Committee 4: Student fiuuucil Cimivention fommittce li Prolectiou C'Iub I-4: CfRlfST Court 4: Senior Play 4. RONALD BOOHER Ultitvry tlutfs a holiday." Vanity Football 3--I: 'liraclt Z. 55,4 IHOYID llRUKfli BURNS BUSBY I'1U'lII'lK K'AMI7Bl5l.l, KiARlKLO KEARPIENTER K ARRIK Kl KQASli'l"l'A KEATO KIAIKK SHIRLEY BOYD luv Il I Im-ur In In ulur Rldl - rrll llxglm Snlwul IM-Irmr Mxfhlgan l-1 BETTY BRUCE X'wwln.'xK uml umrlrlu ull' In hwr bring' KIrlK Kllrr Kluh 4, KIA A l-ll llvp Klub 4. libmrv lkxi-,l.1n! 4' mor Knmiy Snlvx 3 JANET BURNS luml :K huppu mul lull of fun, 1- u'nln-A Inu Io .l'n'rm,nv ' KIA A l4, Kluu Vnllvybull 34, All Stan l4, Vxfllvybmll lVlAn.1 4 KRI-Sl Klurl 4. llmumunl llngh School l I DONALD BUSBY Ill- n u 11-uulur lullmr. li lun rh.ul I DOROTHY BUTLER Xiu' ls -unml lu u mmrmv .Inu Knrls' Kllvr Klub 4, l'cp I lub l 4, KT A A l 4 lxbmry Axsislnnl lxnlllnng Klub I CHARLES CAMPBELL Ihr lxvnpnvlwvw won! m'n'n'r Jun hurml' limd I l 4 Klux Softball 4. Al blurs 4' Kun B.1xlwlb.lll 4. All Stars s unlrnl Assrmbly 4 Aswmbly Knmmillcu 4, KIKIEST 4. ll-p Kllub DONALD CARICO "lI4- tukm Ihllnys rn hllx slrlvllr. ' Khuir lg Varnly Voctl-.ull lk-4, Softball lntr.1n1ur.1ls 2, Volleyball lnlmmurule 2: ll.1slwlb.xll lnlrrmumls l-4: 'lmclx 1. 4: Ilroiccxinn Klub l K'hrsu Klub l KENNETH CARPENTER "Whv :K n:m'hu'Um1K um! full of fun' OI mourn' Kun ls lin' onvf' Smgr Krvw 4: llmwllng K'lub l-1. MARY CARRICO ".'llu'uuK IM' mnnx In mrmhlnr um! rum." Kl,A.A. 4: First Aid Staff 34. GARETH CASETTA "l'uu um surpass hrmf' Knmrm Klub TY4: Rxfle Klub w 4: Klll-Sl 41 I: li.1xrx'ivw lligh School l. JUDITH CATO "Ill-r frivndx fmu' hrr vrcr yrvyous und SfV7llIl'lfI.U Wrnlvvlllu lllgh Schcrl, XVvnt7villr. Nllssouri I WAYNE CLARK "xl IIIIII' numrnxr vnu' uml lhrn, la rrllxhrll bu lhv wxsvsl mvnf' Boys' Kiln' K'luh 3,43 llmml lf-4: Riflr Club llcaunmnl lllgh School l. "ll" Football l-1. VI ARKIE VOOK VOURANZ CXRONIN ITARRIII DAVIDSON DAVIS IJAXVKINS lJI'I3INIi DFISANTI DENNISON IJIEUBIZI. PHILIP CLARKE CAROLINE DAVIS l,rlr'N mv hrlrvr 1? wr' hurry um! worry." "A girl of mam! Iulcntxf' Xlillrrilly lligh Schoul I-3. Orchcsrrn l-4. String Quartet 3,-I: Cfcunly Orchvsrm 174, G,A,A, l-4:NL1.A.A. Bsoard Z, 4: Point llnmmitlrc Z-4: Student Assvmbly PEGGY CQQK lI,: Iicflrxcstlfnn Cimmirivc Iv4. Kfh:Iirm.1n 4: Executive liommittcr 4: .. ,, r .4: uxy irushvs I-4: Srcrvtnrn Trcnsurrr 4- Str ' Crvw lxrmim--i rx rrrlluull bil klnlfrrss, u - F I . x I . ' 'R' ' nm A 174, IH-p lilub 1.4, srurimi Avwmblv 11 Awmbiy cx-mimi ' Pmm C0m"""cL I' Nn""m' HW' 5"f"'Y "- l. SHERRY DAWKINS MARIAN COURANZ .. h . , A 'Cmml Ihlflllv lrnn' in smull plukugm. 'HI-1.-x ir Irlrml :hull rl-ally Iruv, A Swap 4: Quill .md Scroll 4: Strinml-I7 High School. Cihicngu. Illi- Om' :chu lull lrlumryn rrmarn irilh rfuu. unix I-3, Urclnxrrn If-I: lizunly Orchiwxm 3, Srring Qunrtvl If-1, Rxflc Vlub 1 I ' ROBERT DEFINE VERNA "I grrucluull' will? pluuxurvf' Hliruykuhlr' rim! zrir-.iublr is sh.-J' ll"ll"'b'l'l I'lmm"m'l I- I' lhoir l. 1, -I: Girls' Glcc Club lf-I. G A.A. 1-4, Ilvp f'lub I-4: Knilling Klub l. lilvrnry Axiivanl 4: Ciuldnnci' Vnuncll 1: Junior Knmly Snlu 3, Rlsllrr Skaling I, Yllmivsf mm url- Itrpxf' Track 2-4, Iimkcrbnll InlrAmurnlw I--I, I'rc1riliun Vlub I3 Cin-up DIXIE DARRELL lilllh 'I- S':M'lll.znv www, wllllsm I7r'41r11,. 1.1 lun lrluuux nur! hir rlurir, Rvlli-r Skating I, Iiofnp Club 4. "xl nmur uml lr yuan and hrs man iv pmm'lI," Vrvllcvbnll Intramurals 2: XVrvstling I--I. I7volbAll Ir1KrAn1ur.lls I-lg WILLIAM DAVIDSON Snftlmll Intrnmurnla ll. 'xl fwrprul lull lurlh .r,u'mnir1g u'uu.4' ROBERT DEUBEL .rlnll rnrr- .1 ni.-ml. in lrwml m slay. H H II.mlI 4. :smiling llub 41 xxxivdmw xxxlm High sm.-rin. m11.1r, 'If ff-'fl' IW' '11'lffM'1'-H Mfr ilivxas I 1. Sccwvp -I. Quill and Scroll 4. -23- 9 IJIIES'I'I2I.IIORST DORNAN IURYSIDAII IJUNVAN IQASI IIY FIINXVICK FINKIE FORTII FOSTFR FRFY I3L'I,I FR FUNKIEN DONNA DIESTELHORST MARSHA FENWICK Vw lx quxul umllr, um! 11rm1xuw1m1.' ".-I mmurh. nnu-g-11mg g1rI.' l1.A.A I-lg lfo-up Club -I, DONNA DORNAN 17 xmull humllu. gum! Ihlmlx 11:11:12 FINKE llunr-11 prom-x 11, um! ilu-n xurm-' "II'l'11lu'1-r :hr slum ix Jann' wllh ww. r1..,11- 1 4. cum' 11111 111111 1. 1. 4. c..A A 11 11.111 s.1f1b.111 ""f 'WI 1'-' 'mflff'-' 'I' PIII'-WV I Z, I'ra Klub I 4 Knuung Klub I, Puhlicilv i'unnni11vc I, Guidf ifhuir 4, Girix' hlvv Kklub I-4, Vnuntv K'Imz1u 4 KLA A. -I I , mu' lnuncil I, .Iuniur Ilul Vmsx I. I,1br.1ry Asxlslmnl I. ROBERT FORTH JAMES DRYSDALE ",l!'Uf'l1 WUI- H II, I I h I , .Xrlflwr Ilu I lrurru, -n rv n nw- nm W I I' "" "' " ERNEST FOSTER rullmp I-I. Sulthnll Inlr.1mur.uIw 3. I5.uk1'th.1II InIr.1mur.1Ix lf-11 U 1111111 111.11 4. 11.11111 smlng 1. 'Ulf 1-1-'ff ff 1' rH'ff-'ff Lfdv, Y US-Y LLIII' 1 Uni' Hllift' fl UU. RQBERT DUNCAN c'.1,11p C'IuIw 4. '.Il1m11-' mx 11 I-nu uzlh rmmu 11 irlvrri. JUDITH FREY Wulf: 11 lm! of gum: 11111111111-1 thu! m'L'1-r mul." "Aim: lhmge. this g11rI dom lwru u'vII. ,un-I 1 1, Orchcs1r.x 1 1. V.1m1y 1s.1s11f1h.111 x1.-...IW 1 4. "B" 14111 H1 111-vw 111111111111 -H-' dw 1-,wi IR.nIw1h.1II INI,nugcr I Z. Vmrxily Ifuntb.1II M.m.1gcr ZV4. Varsity Huff Orclwxlm I4 Girls' Glcc 4'Iub 3, Junwr I7r.xm.l11cx Ifl, Scnmr l1II IVI,m,ugvr I-I. Cillislnnfc 'I'r.1n1x l. Iilhlcs Ckummitlu' 3: Student I7r.11n.1i1cs If-I, CLA A. I-4: Library Auixlnnt 'I wvmbly 'I'r1',1s1lrc1 41 Stumlcnl Ikuuncil Cfulwcnlinn Clwlllnaillu' 2, 'vluwnlirxg Innlnlillvv 5. UA A, II-mumrv Mcnmbcr l. Iircxhnun Um-nl.11ion 4, ,Iuniur Rut.1ri.m 4, l'RI:S'II ikuurl -I, UA lmmwiawlmlwl mwfrw WW... JEANNINE EAS'-EY Ifand -I..-S11Iv1.1cn 1Xr.uIc111v. Subimcu, Ark.11n.u Il, Sikc-mn High 5cImuI. S1Iwx1nn. IVI1xsm1r1 3. .Vu llmlx hmlpplrwm lhr1m1,'h 1111111111 klmir 14. Lmmly ihurux I, llnls' C311-1' IIub E,-I1 l3.A.A, ll-I: Mx K ALVIN FUNKEN Scrvicv I'on1n11t!1-1' 4, I'cp Iluh lf-I I'1'1n1 lunnnillrr lh.1irm.1n -4, 'II 'I 'UW i""'I4" I ,I smup 4, Q11111 111.1 su--111 4. s.-111.11 I'I.1y 4. N.11.1m.11 11.111111 swam- HU' 'H' WH """' 'uf' "N W""'- 4, Nurnumly High 5cI1nmI I Ch11II.lncr 'I'c.1mx 1: V11 up I'I11b 4. -24- GlEIGliR GENTILIVIARIQ GERHART GRAHAM GRASSMUCK GRAY GRBCIC GREEN GRIESIE GRIFFITH GROTI2 HACHIVIFISTIER JO ANN GEIGER "fl girl with a warm unll friendly heurl "Always really ro take her parlf Band l-3: Busy Brushes 3: G.A.A. I-4: G.A.A. Board l, Po-int Com- mittee T: Class Softball l-4. Captain l: Class Basketball l-4 Class Volleyball l. 3, 4, All Stars 3: T-I3 Z-3: Junior Red Cross 31 Prom Committee 3: Student Assembly 'lg Social Committee 2: Public- ity Committee 3-4. Student Assembly Secretary 4: State Convention Delegate 3: Riflle Club Z: Pep Club I-4. Secretary 3: Cheerleader 4: Scoop 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Knitting Club l: Guidance Council Z: State Convention Committee 23 CREST Court 4: National Honor ROBERT GENTLEMARK "lt ix better not lo sp.uh at ull lhan to speak nmfe u.'oru's than we shouldf' Cofop Club 4 Society 4, NICHOLAS GERHART "What can u men tlo but be merry," Der-lndreis High School I. BARBARA GRAHAM 'Slncerity is the keynote of her personality. ' Girls' Glee Club 4: Ci.A.A. l: Pep Club 4: l.ibtary Assistant -I. JACKLYN GRASSMUCK "She has a friendly disposition." Junior Utamatics l: G.A.A. l. Z. 4: Roller Skating T BETTY GRAY Girls' Glee Club 1. G.A.A, l-4: Class Basketball '51 Class Softball 4. Service Committee Z-3' Student Assembly 2: Roller Skating I: Mrs. liutZt'x Club 3: Bowling Club 3-4: Pep Club 2-4. BETTY GRBCIC "l'he only uquy to huue u friend is to he one." Choir Z: G.rl.A. I, Z, 4: Class Basketball l, 4: All Stats 4: Class Softball l, 1, 4: All Stars Z: Class Volleyball 2. 4: All Stars 4, i'Can't help liking lwrf' - 25 - JAMES GREEN "i-lll his friends rule him high. Hels what youll cull it regular guy," "B" Football lg Varsity Football Z-4: Football Intramurals lfl, UB" Basketball I: Varsity Basketball Z-4: Basketball Intramurals I. Base ball I-4: Softball Intramurals I-Z, JOHN GRIESE "John has auch friendly ways. ll'e'lI remember him through all our days." Freshman Football l, Sophomore Football Z: Varsity Football I: Basket- ball Intramurals l-4: Baseball I: XX'restling lvl: lilection Committee 4, LA VONNE GRIFFITH 'Iflmhilion is the germ from which ull growth of nobleness proceeds." Girls' Glee Club l-Z: Choir l-4: County Chorus I-3: Junior Drantatics I-2, Vice-President Z: "Best Foot Forward" l: "Change of Heart" Z, "You Can't Take lt Vtlith You" 2: Masquers 3-4: "Gramercy Ghost" 4: National Thespian Society' 3-4: G.A.A, I-4: G,A.A. Board l-3: Class Softball l-4. Captain Z: Class Basketball I-4. All Stars 2-l: Class Volleyball l-4. All Stars Z, 4: T-ll Z-41 Guidance Council lvl, Secretary Z: Guidance Teams Z: Student Assembly 4: Executive Com- mittee 4: Social Committee Z: Public Relations Committee 3-4: Chair- man 4: Pep Club l-4: Decorating Committee 'I-4, Chairman T: Busy Brushes I-4: President I, Secretary Z, Vice-President 3: State Convenf tion Committee Z: Sophomore Pilgrimage Z: "Oh These Hectic Days" lr Prom Committee 3: National Honor Society 4, LEROY GROTE "There is nothing more to be treasured lhun u true friend." Choir 3: County Chorus 3: Boys' Glee Club 3-4: Football Intra- murals 3: Co-op Club 4. BERNICE HACHMEISTER "Cu1'lffret'. jolly, full of fun, A good fm-nJ to everyone." G.A.A. 'I-4: Pep Club 3-4, Junior Candy Sales T: Office Assistant 4. ol II.-Xlil I MAN HAI I. IIAMII TON II.-XXII IN IIfXMI'I' III'lI,MI:R IIl5NI7IiIliII IILRMAN III RR IIII,I5I5IBRANIJ'I' IIINIII5RI5R IIlII5IJIf DONALD HAGLEMAN DONALD HERMAN X1:r'nIl11u'x I ul um! lhmk. "Il.' x ilurllul mul lmu. llul nrmllu I fuxl ul fhuxmq Iruuf'l1' uuuyf' 1'f-I..-.im Klub 1 :uw Huh 4. BARBARA HALL -I numf Imuz um! If vmll- lm .ill ' V V JACK HERR si..g.- Krew 4 is.-wimg fluh 4, c.A A 4 I-I,-x 4 fmmi High H Lhm-I. Mvvnplu ilcnmwwv, I I rlll xulh .md nu pluu H ,Ilaklzx u dull um! druulu Jug. GERALD HAMILTQN flmir I,-I., "IV" I5uuiI1.1II QI. 'IV' I5.uIwIb.1Il 1. l's.1QIwth.1II Intr.imur.lIx M, u,,,,U4 ,W ,wmv s, I'rm:iuliun Club 1 41 c.,.,,,a1..h 4, lm: m,.fqnn.1 Inf " IJ.-Amir.-is High Snlwul I 1 BETTY HILDEBRANDT TOMMY HAMUN fill-"lfwT:fl fZ.',l'I:"ffi.f':-ff '.ff.l.:I'ff..,f"- W' In mf m- fmln If 1.1 Ur fm, Q, A A K 1 Q , , K Im: ulwn firm.-3 iuzrk. hi' 414-Li rf dum-." E':'lx PSAT Llnbl 43 Ll'AKfI' I 'I-I Lk'lYg5"l'hi'llvl'.:- All SETI 'gin H4 HI kqhln Iv 1. 4' ll VA . , Bn R, hu 2 4- B. ,bln I: .max .lx vt A , .. , .iplnin . I .I.lrx- , -. , .mfs -u cy! .1 is" i4.i.i.i,.,11i 1, x'.1fiiiiymifm,1hmUzsiii. silldi-iiiilm.-mh1v iivninr f?,"lf'-T441 "NW 'I"'S""X 4- V""""S':'i"' Il l""1ff":"' UU" KI.ixs I'n'xuIrnl 4, CRI'S'Ii Knut! 4 L' ' " ' EDWARD HAMpp JOAN HINDERER I hhrilhlv lullfu- wilh 11 funny gran, "Shu buhhlvx :wr with lulh and hiv." IW" "f'n'fI "W "W 'I '1"""' " W' .Iuniur Iummmfx 1 1. Pmm.-ni 1, Vhuir 1 4: marie um lilub 1 4. Nlurn1.1n4IyIligI1 Silluul I-I. li.A.A. I 4. CI.A,A. Board lg Social C'ummitlu' 1: flaw Ilmwlwlbnll I-3: Guidance Council Z: Knitting Club 1: Pep Vlub I-4. Publicity MARVIN HELLMER Lommiltn' 41 Chairman 4: Cihrcrlcndrr 4: Scoop 43 Quill and Scroll 4: yu' hlmx Im, ,mm who nn, 'nU,nH,J Qxlwnlv- Spurklimanfhip Kicmmilirr 4: Slunlvrit fvuncil lxcnvcntiun tkwmmillvc 1. cn.-if 4. law,-v 4.1.4 Vluh 4, Rim Club 1 4, lk-Andrcis H-gh sfhwi 11 IRMT ICU" 41 NJ""'4'l HUM' 5Uf"'I' 4- Iahoun' lllgh School Z. R SSELL HCDDE BETTY HENDRICH M U 'Aluuw .m.,,l,,l aluum bm!! Allhziugh quwl und not fulfil, A hi-In-r gn! u4,u'II nun nm!" HIS wmmng ways mv muny. K. A.A I. Ufficr Auisinnl I: in up Vluh 4. Rifle Club 4: lluwling iflub 4: NVclIstun lligh School IJ ol '55 HULDIEN HOLTSHOUSER HOWE INGHAM ISIETT JACKSON JOBSKY JONES Kll.l.MFR KIRKPATRICK KOENIG KOESTER PHILIP HOLDEN "l'n7 from rllissuurti You goltu show me." Civil Defense Committee 3-4: Guidance Teams 1: Radio Club l-4. President 4: Projection Club l-4: Vice-President 3, President 4: Phetegraphy Club l-33 Scoop 4. WILLIAM HOLTSHOUSER "But he hail u youd lime." "H" Football l-1: Junior Dramatics l-Z: "Too Many Dates" lg "Best Foot Forward" Z: Senior Dramatics 3: "Our Town" 3: "You Can't Take lt kVith You" 3: Football Intramurals l-Z: Riding Club l: Pep Club I1 Double Octet Z: County Chorus I-1: Choir l-3: Boys' Glee Club l-3: Cc-op Club 4: Chess Club Z: Guidance Teams l-Z. RITA HOWE "She'll always remain in memory's file Ht-cause of her ever-present smile." Choir 2-4: Girls' iilee Club 3-4: Senior Dramatics 4: Stage Crew 3: G.A.A. l-4: Student Assembly l. 4: Assembly Committee l.-4: Mrs. Kurt7's Club 3g Pep Club l-4: Cheerleader 4: Junior Candy Sales 3: Scoop 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Crest Ccurt 4: National Honor Society 4. ELAINE INGHAM "Always smiling. always friendly." G.A.A. 31 Pep Club I-3: Bowling Club 3-4: Knitting Club l. RICHARD ISETT "Give him 41 football and he's happy." Varsity Football l-4. HATLEY JACKSON "Slow of slarl lout Hrm of foot." Projection Club l, 2. 4: Rille Club lvl' Hot Springs High School, Hot Springs, Arkansas 3. -27.. CARL JOBSKY "An all-arczuml good felltzw. A friend, .sincere and Iruuf' Junior Dramaties I-Z: "Our Town" 2: Senior Dramaties 3--I: National Thespian Society Z-4: Football lg Rifle Club l--I: Chess Club lp National Honor Society 4. ELLEN JONES "Her ways are quiel. but stlenet' is eloquent." G.A.A. 3-4: Class Basketball 3: Pen Club 3-4: Service Committee 'Ii Busy Brushes 4: Knitting Club 3: Berkeley High School l-Z. DAVID KILLMER "Happy-go-lucky fellttw' al work or play. .-I grin on his fare, a will in his way." Choir l-4: Boys' Glee Club l-4: Band 4: County Chorus 21 ull" Football Manager 2: Track Manager 2. Chess Club lg Bowling Club l-3: Cheerleader 3: Student Assembly 4, Nalirnal Honor Society 4. SHIRLEY KIRKPATRICK "She has a friendly heart." Pep Club 3-4: G.A.A. 3-4: Class Volleyball 3-4, Office Assistant 4: Library Assistant 3: Girls' Glee Club 3-4: St. James High School, St. James, Missouri, I-2. DONALD KOENIG "lf I cannot do great things, l can do small things in a great way." Basketball Intramurals 274. PAUL KOESTER "l'm no! lazy, Just full of ltltle rests," Football Intramurals 3: Projection Club l-4: Cofop Club 4. 55 KRAMIER KRONMUEIIIER IANGI? l.A NIIER I INIJIEMANN I,IPS l.lVl?l,Y LOVELY IUKI: MADIDOX MAGOON MANNINQ DOROTHY KRAMER "I'turhlul I., with tlinu Ofliee Assistant 4 DARLENE KRONMUELLER "I Ulm tmtl youll m:ttuetl,' li A A l, lt' op I lub 4. Ileauniont lligh School I Z WILMA MARY LANGE ".3lt1rtJ tx the lttml oi gul lo utlmtre. .l qootl xtutlenl untl u real 'ltut'-titre" Seniar llramaticx 3, liA,A 34, Pep Vlub 3'-I. Junior Ring tom mittee I. .Iuutor C antly Sales 3 Utlice Auistant 4 DAVID LA NIER "le,-.ir worth .paula far ttaellf Varsity Iiizotball Manager I. Protection Club I-4. Vo-op Club 4. CAROL LINDEMANN "living pleuxrml lrlmyx the itttuutl of frtemla ' IIA A I. Roller Skating 3, PTA l, Paynette Iltgli School. Pay:iette. XX'isconxin I Z, NED LIPS "Our our ol moms." Vanity Football I 4. "Ii" Basketball I. Varsity Iiaxketball lf-4: Haxe- ball I-4. Softball Intramurals Z. Volleyball Intramurals Z. Iflection Vommtllew 4. Reception Committee I, Student Axxenibly 4. Freshmen Orientation Z. National Ilonor Society 4. Junior Rotariau 4. Senior I'Iay 4 JOAN LIVELY "II gjruml qtrl tttlh u reatlu xmtle. tluxl knowing her mullet Itfi' u'orlhtL'l1tIe.' Junior Iiramaticx Z: Senior llramaticx 41 Stage Crew 3, Ci.A,A, If4, Claw Softball Z-4. Clan Volleyball l I. Claw Basketball l-4: Pep Club I-4. Point lfommittee Z, Public Relations Voniniittee 4: Knitting Club Z: Model U, N. Assembly Delegate 4: Busy Brushes T: CREST L4. Quill and Scroll 4. National American Legion Oratorical ilantcst 4. National Honor Society 4 -28- BARBARA LOVELY "So xtueel to rt-n1embe1'." liirls' Cilre Club 3-4: Junior llratnaticx Z. Senior Draniaties 4: Ci,A.A. 14. Pep Club lf4. Point fomniittee 4: Public Relationa Committee 4, Guidance Tcanu Z, FTA 4. Mrs. Kurtis Club 3: Scoop 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Busy l3ruxhes 4. Iluman Relations Klub 4. Secretary 4, National Honor Society 4. DONALD LUKE "Don is out Slutlent ioumtl 'L'eep.' fl frtemlxhip like hm tx .wum'thi'r1g to keep." Band l. Track I: Tennis Z: Freshman Iiootball l. Varsity Football 1-3: "H" Basketball I-Z. Captain Z: Vanity Basketball 3'-1: Student Assembly 3 lilection fommittee 3: Student Aswembly Vice Prexident 4. Ifthics Committee 4. Chairman 4: Prom Committee 3: Junior Ro' tarian 4. Executive Committee 4: FREST Lourt 4, FRANKLIN DONALD MADDOX "Ori Dona record qoull not linrl rr mar. Ihr.. young num is xurv to go fur.' Basketball Intramurala I. Z. 4. Varsity Football 344: Track Z-4: Sofbrall Intramurals Z: Football Intramurals Z: Civil Defense Com mittee 4, Guidance Teams Z: Photography Cflub I. Rifle Club Z-4. Vice-Prexidenl 4: National Honor Society 4. ELLEN MAGOON "Thu retuurtl of a thing well done. ls lu huve ll dom-." Orchestra I-2: Girls' Glee Club Z: Public Relatione Committee Z: Photography Club lg National Honor Society 4. ANDREW MANNINO "AItt'uuv really twill' n frlemlly xmilt-." Cbantinatle High School 2: l3eAntIreie High School K 5 MARSHALL MARTIN McCXARTHY McCARTHY McGUIRE NREWEN McKNlGHT MENISH NIIESNIIER MEYER MILLER MOONEEY CARY MARSHALL "fum has auth iutl und grace. ,Yo vm' roultl ever luke her place." CIAA l-4: G,rK.A Board '5-4. Priwident 4. Social Committee 3. Chairman 3: Class Basketball 2. 4, Class Softball 3, Captain 3. Class Volleyball I-4: Prom Committee 3: Rifle Club 4: Riding Club 1. President 3: Busy Brushes lf4 Secretary l. Vice-President Z. Presi- dent 3-4: State Convention Committee Z: Art Publicity Committee 1-4. Chairman 4: lfxecutive Committee 4: Guidance Council Z: Pep Club I-4: CREST 3-4: Quill and Scroll 4: Stage Crew 3: Human Relations Club 4, President 4: Library Asvislant 4: Freshmen Orienta- tion 4: Student Asxembly liistorian 4: National Honor Society 4. PEGGY MARTIN "for Peggif lo he tr good sit-nog, ls fun like falling off u log." Urcheatza l-2: Choir 4: Bowling Club 3: Pep Club Z-4: Gd-X.A. 2-4. ANNE MCCARTHY "A yrtlml. quot! ptrl in ways no entl. xl eheeru. ehtnnmu. splvntltid friend." li.A,A. V4, Pep Club 5-4: Bowling Club 3-4: DeAndreiS lligh School 'nl' THOMAS MCCARTHY "l'i'e given this school the hex! years of my Iifef' NVrestling 3: Co-op Club 4: Dellndreis High School I-Z. JOY MCGUIRE ".4 ludg she is in itll her ways. She wore tr smile through ull her school days." ihoir l-Z: Girls' Cilee Club 2f4: G,A.A Z-4: Pep Club 1-4: Service iommitlee l: Co-op Club 4: Knitting Club l. JAMES MCEWEN ".4 friend uml rr yi-rfllenmn. What more frm we aug." Projection Club I. 3 4: Rifle Club I: Boys' Glee Club ll: Choir 34: Bowling Club V41 Track l-3: XVrestling 4. -29- DAVID MCKNIGHT '14 lmntlxonve uppeurtlnce is u silent ri-comn7endu1t'on.'4 Baseball l-5: Basketball Intramurals 2: Football Intramurals 2: Stu- dent Assembly 3, lzthics Committee 3: Junior Rotarian 4. NANCY MENISH "Whrtt's the use of worrying when there ure so many other thing.: to do."' ANNE MESNIER "She is calm. resourceful, capable. and lrut-." G.A.A. 1-4. Clays Scftball Z-3: Claw Basketball Z-3: Class Volley- ball Z-3: T-li l: Student Assembly 2: Publicity Articlee Committee 4. Chairman 4: Fducation Committee Zi. Secretary 2-3: lfxecutive Committee 4: State Convention Committee 1: Guidance Team Z: Prom Committee 3: Scoop V4: Editor 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Girlx' State 3: Pep Club 1-4, Point Committee 2: Huey Brushes I-4: Library Club Z: Mrs. Kurt7'Q Club 3: FTA 4, Secretary 4: Library Assiatant 4: Dancing Club 4, Prevident 4: Human Relations Club 4, Secretary 4. National lnlftzcvr Society 4. CREST Court 4. KENNETH MEYER "Qut'eInes.t is u good thing." MARILYN MILLER "Skipping along life'x sunny way, Knurthtng next' Joys day hy day," Clair 2-4: Girls' Glee Club 4: G..-XA. 'S-43 Pep Club Z-4, CAROL MOONEY "'l'ulI. street. and full of fun. Known and liked bo everyone." Girls' Glee Club 4: Senior Dtamatics 4: GA A. 3-4, Pep Club 4: Social Commitlce 4: FTA 3-4: Mrs. Kurtzk Club 3: Fairview lligh School l-Z. 9 55 IVIOORE MORGAN MURAT NARDONI Nllillilflili NINKFR NIX NOATCH 0Cll'l'liRl':IiCK URR OVERBIQY OVIERSTRIEI I JACKY MOORE ".X'U1lnf-g uui I-wr arlrrwvll rvrrhuur I-nrhuxruimf llillt- llulv 1 -4, l'm1i-ttmn Iluh l -I JUDITH MORGAN "u'.- un- .lm1m.f.l hi, H.-um.-tl' fhmr I 4, Ciirls' Ulvc Cilub I-4, llmnly ilmrus 1 4' Ci A A I-4, Su nal fumniiltvr 4 KLA A liiurd 4: Claws Prul-tctb.ull 1: Social Cum' mlttrr l 4. f'h.lirm.ln 4. llcp l'lub lf4. Vhrcrliumtlcr 4, FTA 4: Knillinig Club I 1, Riding Klub l, State C'onvunrirm Committee 1: hump -4. fituunty tuuncil licprvwntativr 4. lzxccutiw lkummlttcc 4. EDWARD MURAT "Mun nl fvzu rwlrtla url' Ihl' lwsl mun. Iiuullmll Inlr.lmur.lIs Z, Prulectiun Club I-4. HARRY NARDONI "Ilv'x uluuuux rvurlu ruth brx Lui. Wrlh I-L1-rqrwrxin ln- mulrl-i u hir. ' lLnIwlb.xll lntr.tmur.uls Il. lftmtbnll Intrmmuralx ll WILLIAM NIDIFFER "l'uiu ru lrlrr. vuxq lu lrmuu. A lrkuublr huq. ulurluw i.n ilu' qu, tfhiuir 4: XXH-lcurninq Cunimittw 4: Vanity Baxkrthull 3: Ihsirball '55 litmtball Inlr.imur.uls I, l'l.nlwtb.uIl Intramurals 4, Jennmgx High School I l, CAROL NINKER "Sum lu find hor plum' rn lrfrf' Choir I, 4, Ciirlx' Glue Club I, 4, Cuunty Chorus I: Junior Dumntics I: liA.A, I. 1. 4: Clan li.isIwtIJ.lll I: Prp Club I, 2. 42 Point Cksmnmittn Z: Knitting Klub I, Junior Red Crow lg Arilonn Phoenix Unmn High School, Phuenix. Arilona 3 ALMA NIX "Hur vmrli' 1.x ux gnu ux u bright xunmwr limi." Li,A.A I I: Clan Vrwllsybnll I-l lulptmin 1: All Slnrx I 1 'I-ll 1, llusy llrushvl I-l. MARIAN NOATCH "fl mill! wilh xulcrt thiurqhrx in lwr mini. fl flu-ml u.'rxrlhiuhrll' youll find," .luniur llrnmnticx I, Pep Klub I: Cu-up Club 4. MARJORIE OCHTERBECK "fl pleasing smlli' luvrs quilt' crr.uhilr'." Choir 3: liirlw' Glrc Cilub 4: G A.A. lfl, Pep Club If-4, Library Assistant 4, JERRY ORR "fl mlm uf rheerful yuslerduys uml runfitli-nr mnwrrruL'x." "B" Pvaxkctbnll 1: Baseball 41 B.ixlietlJ.1ll Intramurals Z: l7tmtb.1ll In lrnmurnlx 'rg Softball Inlramuralx I: Cu-up Club 4. GLADYS OVERBEY "Outer pcnplv uri- rvvluznw uL't'ruu.'hi-u'." Ckv-op Club 4, SUE OVERSTREET "Shu has a mrilil mannvr uni u gvntlt' heart." Chcir l-2: Girls' Glce Cilub I-T: Pep Club I I. G A.A I-'41 Suu.: Committee I: Library Axsixtant Zi: Knitting Club I: Co-up Club 4 -30- i t PALMER PATTERSON PATTERSON PETERS POTTER PUSKAR QUIRK REID RIGEI, RIPPSTEIN RITTER RUFF GERRY JEAN PALMER "Shu has a rosy smile for everyone," Choir l, Z, 4: Girls' Glue Club 3-4: G.A.A. 2-4: Pep Club l-li Library Club 1: Scoop 4. DONALD PATTERSON "fi little mischief plus u little fun to spice each day." P-and I-4: Orchestra l. 3. 4: Baseball Manager l: Basketball Intra- murals 3: Bowling Club 1: Co-op Club 4. PEGGY PATTERSON "Not always serious. Hut a true girl in every way." G.A,A. l-2: Class Softball l: Class Basketball l: Class Volleyball l: Co-op Club 4. JACK PETERS "lt is not who we are but what we arc." Basketball Intramurals lv4: XVrestling Z: Eootball Intramurals l-3: HB" Football lg Softball Intramurals lg Prom Committee 3: Co-op Club 4. FRANK STEPHEN POTTER "The man it richest who finds pleasure in simple things' Montpelier High School, Montpelier. Ohio 1. JUDlTH PUSKAR "A lout-ly girl ant! very sweet, Surely a pleasant one to meet," G.A.A. 3: Pep Club 3: CREST 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Soldan Blewett High School l-Z. ANN QUIRK "She is happy as the tlay is long." lncarnate XVord High School l, -31- OSCAR REID "The years that come after. Will echo 'Bilsys laughter." WILLIAM RIGEL Hlllotfesty is the hes! evidence of good sense." Choir 4: XVrestling Z-3: Rifle Club l: Co-op Club 4, CARLA RIPPSTEIN "She has the warmth of true friendliness." Choir 2: Girls' Glee Club I-Z: Band Z-4: Orchestra Z-4, Junior Dramatics l-2: Senior Dramatics 3-4, Secretary 3: National Thespian Society 2-4, Secretary 4: Stage Crew 'S-4: G.A.A. l-4, Vice-President 4: T-I3 3-4: G.A,A. Board 3-41 Tennis Manager 3: Tennis Doubles Championship 2-3: Class Softball lf4: Class Basketball 1. 3, 4, Cap' tain 3, All Stars 4: Class Volleyball 2-4: All Stars 4: Service Corn' mittee Z: Civil Defense Committee 3-4, Chairman 4: Guidance Teams 2: Rifle Club 3-4: Roller Skating l-3, Secretary I, 31 Office As- sistant 1-4: Junior Candy Sales 3: CREST '52 Scoop 4: Quill and Scroll 4: CREST Court 43 National Honor Society 4: Executive Com' mittee 4, KIRK RITTER "He has curly hair and mischievous eyes," DeAndteis High School l-Z. BETTY RUFF "A really grand girl in every way. She's always cheerful and ever gay," Stage Crew 4: Girls' Glese Club I-4: Choir I. Z, 4: Busy Brushes '5-4: G.A.A. I-4: G.A.A. Board T-4: Social Committee 4: Class Softball l-3: Guidance Teams Z: Social Committee 4: Knitting Club l: Pep Club I-4. Secretary 4. of A A of 55 SCH! lC'llTl:MllER StfllRIElTIER SCHULTZ SC'llXX'ARTZ SVIIWIEIZIZR SCOTT SIHSRIDAN SlllERMAN SIHTKVR SINDIERSON Sl ATIER SNYDIER BERT SCHLICHTEMIER JOYCE SHERMAN "ln In -uvvplf n lu hl- tum: ' ".-'I glut! hum! 4:1111 u lhwrful xnulu, l'I"ll"lll 1""1'f1""-"X l ll'rll hvlp hfr ulnng nmny u nulvu ESTELLE SCHREITER H4-r hrufl tx ufumq unfl gnu ' KIA A 3 4, I'wrlwlry High Sclmul l I JOY SCHULTZ 'llvr hull' fa mm! mwrr xunmf Ihufv bw' hrurl, ' lhnir 4. MJX A, I 4. l'rp I lub l 4, Bowling Ilub 'I -I, .luniur ,MMV mm 3 NEOMA SIEFKER li.A,A. l-4, Clam Softball 2-4, Clam Vnllrvlmmll 1-3: Clam Ilnslxct- lull I, llwv Vlub lf4: ftulxnt A vlnlvly 4, I-tlltcntwn CXt1unitlw -I, lluiclnncc Vnuncil 1: Knitting Vluh 3. KAYE SCHWARLZ "1-llrhmlgh tht-is wltlwy hmrdn- 'Oulslumlmu fur har churn' ami gruwf ll" Illwdul hmm' HWS lh"r"' Rnrlw' lnlrv lluh 3, .lunmr llmnmlncx l, Cl A A I 4, llrp lluh l-4. llrrltrlry High School l, l5'lfl 1 FLORENCE SCHWEIZER "l.rfuul, It-frm. mn-, FRANK SINDERSON l""" x"""v'lf"' 'NW' h","'V', A A Q "lu lrn-mix and pull hrs vrrtf truv. Ts'ulurll5R.xrR.lt1is44 linrlx Cnlrvff lub l 4,44 hilt I -Kclmlnty ih?r:Q RA,Xm,H um, humor UH, hu llmlf' tl. 'xvcullvr nnmnnltcv . .rrvlcv ommltlvv - . H ,, T F , ,. V .i I . M . . I . tn...fm.... 4, 14...n.n,4 flub t t, :wp Klub 1 4, '1'w.mlm 41 Fruxhmrn ,Th zwif'-'il' ill- l4'T'QEfu,E'Q."lZ-'ll 5:5 gf-fl ff' QP"-',"' 'l-4l"'Ul' Urn-nt.mtmn 4, IRIIST ltwurl 4, Nnlmnnl Ilnnm-r Sucirly 4. U ' rlllum ' " mln ' 'mmf 'nl 'USUN' ' ROY SCOTT "llv uhm hm uhllnln flmlm hit plutrf' mm- frvw 4, l'm,.fmt,n lluh 2,4 , NANCY QLATER MARYANN SHERIDAN 'Tkvrrrrl m munm-r, punt-. um! dtftumn, ,lmllm M H Imlunxl Ihr kmd of gurl you nn-cl tn fnrlnmf' :Intl 11 nur fmnzr, lnuf Girlx' Glu Cflu'1 Z-3, Junior Dmmaticx 1: Q ILA, Xl 3: Pop Club 14: ,l....mf m..m..l.U 1. 1. A,A I 4, c1.A.A ls.-.ms 1. mlm Suftlmll lf-1. sum.-nt Aswmbll' 4: Huw lir-mlm I: kn-wus Klub I. All Marx I-I, flux Bnslwlhllll 2 4. All Start 3, l'l.ns Vnllcybnll l. I. 4, Student Asn-mbly I. 3. Historian l Sucml ikummiltrr l: llub- lncily fc-nunnirtcv 1, I'xrcutlvc flummiltrc I: lbunty Cxuuncil 3, State EVELYN SNYDER L4-nvrntlon Vunlmltln' Z: Guidance Klnuncil l, liuidnnu' Trams l-1. was I I .1 hh' ll mp., .. Rifle Llub 2: l'mm Iummitlcc 3, Sump 4, Chen-rlcndrr 314. Cxaptnin ' mr mul I I I ' 4, Panty Brushu l lg IH-p Klub lf4 Viccfllrcsiclcnt 4, Quill and .lxuninr Rui tru-as lg l.1l'vr.1rv Asxxxtnnt 4, Olfufu Auismnt 4: Comp Scroll 4, National Honor Sncicly 4. CRVST Vuun 4. f-lllb 4' -32- .t SOMMFRS SONDEREGGER 'IFIIIQAL' TII.l.I2Y TRANTIOR 'I'URNBUUGII WILLIAM SOMMERS ".-I Iru-ntl t.I ttmrh, u frtcntl of msv. .-I rt-tttiu tmtlu. tm tum to plcaacf' Vhotr 4, I"mys' Glrv Club 4: Bascball Z: "B" Baskctball 1: Baslwtf Ifall lnrramtzials I-4, Football Intrauturals l-Z, Stutlvnt Aswmbly 1.3, Iflt-:tion l'onintittt'c '51 Svrvicv Llomtuittcc Z: Ilrcm ftwntntitttc 3, iiuttlanct' 'Ivamt I-2. JO ANN SONDEREGGER "Yun to hmut' um! tt fin-mi Io ull." Lt A A. I. 4. MARGARET SONDEREGGER HXIN' tim ttltbutn took up a lu! of fun." lltoir 3.-I3 Ciiilt' lilrc Vlub 3.43 Svnior Oramaticx -I: "Granwrcy Liltoxtl' 4: G,A.A I-4: Pep Club l-41 Busy Brusltcs li FTA -I: Scoop -I, Quill and Scroll -I, Bowling lilub I-3: Senior Play 4. JOHN SIRICKLAND 'Hv ptzxxmwx Iirtrrvtlltitvu in its highmt ftxrmf' fllotr It-I: Iioyg' Gln Club I-4: Ciounly Ciltoruv 2-4: "Oh Hcfk Tltcw Ilcctic Dayi' 1: Football Intramuralx Z-3: Bowling Cxlub 3-4: liiflt' Club 3. Bucy Bruthcs I-1. JACQUELINE TEBEAU "l.uugh1t'r htwonws hurf' KLA.-X, 1.3, Class Softball I: Pep Cflub 2-3: Proicrtion Club 1--3: ltbrarv Assistant 4: Office Awiatant 4, MARIANNE TILLEY "lt ts I-ttsivr lo .trmlu than frown," CIA A, 1.3. flats Volleyball 1.2: Busy Brushus I lg Ciofop Club -I: Ritlt' Cxlub 1. SYONDEREGGIER S'IiRICKl.ANID TIPPETT TOBIAS XVAIIS XY.-Xl.l.WI:BIiR RICHARD TIPPETT "OVW of Ihr bust is hr." C'hoir 134: Boy! Glnc Club If2. "B" Football I: Varsity Football 1-4: XX'rrstling 3-4: Basuball I,4: Football Intramurals Ifl: Basltrt- ball Intramurals I: Softball Intramurals lfl. WILLIAM TOBIAS "l.t't ruth man do his hvslf' liasltctball Intramurale I, 3: 'Iirack 1, Ifootball Intramurals I: Junior RMI Cimxx 3: CREST 3-41 Quill and Scroll 4, CRIISI Court -I: Svnivr Cilaws Vicv-Ilrvsidvnt, CAROL TRANTER "I:t't'ryhmIy shtzull Irtztw' 11 xptwttllly .llme"s Iuuglhtrygf' ifltoir 4: Girlx' Glvu Club -I: CLA A, -I. Fmwling fflulv I--I3 Brent- wood High School I-2. JOAN TURNBOUGH "Shun tl Hutt' gui with I1 xunnu tiisptzsirltzn, Choir I, 3, 4. Girls' Glu- Club I-1, G.A.A lx Class Softball 1. Pop Club ZA-I: Riding Club 1: Guitlanct' Ciounctl 1. VIRGIL LEE WALLS ".-I thoughtful gut, with I1 quit-t way, .-I friumi to all in work or plug." Boys' Glcc Club l: Cfhctr l: "B" Football l: Radio Club I-4: Ilto- ,iuction Club 1--1. WILLIAM WALLWEBER "Hr is mlltf and hc is gay. Wilh tm vwr tlvsirv for plug." Basketball lntramuralt I-43 Football Intramurals IJ, -33- 9 of '55 "A lm' Bi-rlieley tx. aww WARIH WI RRl'Ml-YlfR KENNETH WARD "AI:-llrilu is thi' In-xl evillemi- of goin! sense " JOELLA WARDEN "lherr la u thurm rn wintplifrttp' U Ci A A B4, Riverview Gardens High School I PATRICIA WEHKING Hllurvvoroirs :mil iurvfrzw' Refr'i'sh1m,' to lmott' lr A A, I. Student Assembly 4, Vo-op Club 4, Southwest High School 'rl' ANTHONY WERMKE "Limoll nature tullhntzt disguise 'i Iiantl I I, Orchestra I I. FRED WERREMEYER "rl frrvmllu lull. ut' tvatiftl. ll'e're prnutl of hun ut I-'erguson Hi" Varsity Football I-4: llnascball I. lflhics Committee 4: Senior lllay 4: National Honor Society 4: St. i.ouis Country Dat' School I-Z, MARY ANN WEYMANN "A sluilvnl :rho wemlv her Luau. lrulhertng lmowletlqe dau hu tluu " Ritling Club I, Projection Klub Z 4 No Pictures- WANDA BRIGGS ntllu heart has many irir-ntlv' High School I-3, ANN FIRLE "A uootl sport untl luis of fun. Youll never fini! a gayrr une." lr.A.A "l'rom Norman 1. lwp citub 2. ritmp riiub 4, RALPH HAMPP his spark will burst a mightu flume. ily lligh School lfl. WARDITN XVIEHKING XVERMRE WIEYMANN XVIEGANIJ XX tl I IAMS XVYATT YOUNG ETHEL WIEGAND "liar may we seureh before tue fzml. A heart so friendly and so kind." G.A.A, I 4. Class Softball Z--I, Vlass Volleyball IJ Class Baslvtetf ball 2. 4. Captain 4: Pep Club I: litlucatinn Cfommitirc 1: Roller Skating Z-3. .Iunior Candy Sales I: Ottire Assistant -I GLENNON WILLIAMS "A ,'rf'r.son to hi' reltn! uponf "IK" lftvotbnll I: Rifle Club lf-1, Riding Club I. FRANK WYATT "Deep his roirc. average hrs Vutute. With ufl tl huppqfgw-Iut'hy mtturrf' Bowling Cflub 3. llerlteley High School I, DAVID YOUNG "t'upal1li'. popular. just, ant! furr, 'lhis chap is found in tht- Prvsiderztk chair." Band I-I: Orchestra IJ: Freshman Football I: Sophomore Football Z: Varsity Football I: Xklrestling l: Student Assembly 1, Treasurer 3, President 4: Atsembly lfommittee Z: Public Relations Committee I: Executive Committee 3-4: Rifle tfluh Z: Prom fommittce I: Junior Ring Committee '45 NVelcoming Committee Z: Guidance Teams Z: Stale Vonvention Committee Z: VRIQST Court 4i National Honor Society 4 RONALD RITTER "Ill-ll hour. whulll use do tomorrotc' mg!!! lleAntIreis High School I-3. ELDON ROYER "A klml of 'ad that's hard to flml. lfuxtl-going, furelfrre, and bint!," - ROLLIN HILL "Fare rs an tnvnw of Mfr." XVrestling I. Baseball Z: Basketball Intramurals li Radio Club Z: Bowling Club I. HOWARD LITTLE "So nnmy hours must l tulle mu rest." NINA MOCERI "She enjtius lift' at all limes." Co-op C.lub 4: Laboure High School I-3. DONALD JEROME PAULEY "-lerrll is full of fun and good cheer, 'l he kind of bog Ihut you like to have near. tio-op Club 4: IWeAncIrris High School I-K. Scoop 4: Varsity Basketball 4: Track 4: Shawnee Mission High School. Merriam. Kansas I-1, I.aIie' wood High School. Lakewood. Ohio 3. ROBERT STELTJES "Am I ever ctexetl usilh heavu rare."' l7eAntIreis High School I-Z. - 34 - lll lllll Back Row: Ike Blackman, Howard Hamlin, Jerry Tucker, Bob Bindbeutel, Bob Harris, Al Sona. Bill Parrtas, Bob Flesch, Mike Estes. Third Row: Fred Krieger, Sieve Gisburne, Erick Werts, Dave Crocker, Payson Hall, Bill Wagener, Don McNab, Ray McArdle. Second Row: Rich Knickmeyer, Harry Barden, Pauline Johnson, Mary Ellen Hatcher, Susan Spencer, Nancy Cook, Pat Franke, Charles Hughes, Dale McPeak. Front Row: Sweet Long, Phyllis Southard, Judy Nienaber, Jackie Brunk, Janet Kelley, Beth Zimmerman, Betty Bressie, Marilyn Koch, Carole Stiarvvalt, - M- 'fx-"1" 1 - s "" sod ,hu -Rfk, ti Back Row: John Pugh, Rich Berthold, Skip Amrein, Roger Allen, Larry Dennison, Tom Nick, Charles Couranz, Dallas Griffin. Third Row: Jerry Stabenow, Orville Munzer, Phil Zerillo, Marion Rothweil, Bill Emmons, Bruce Armstead, Bill Hoffman, Clyde Davis. Second Row: Gene Murphy, Roy Grillion, Marilyn Smith, Norma Reith, Linda Robinson, Elaine Lehouillier, Faye Probus, Beverly Bardon, Billy Proctor. Front Row: Donna Biermann, Aida Goodwin, Peggy Gustin, Barbara Stulac, Lois Amos, Carole Learn, Claire Schoeninger, Marion Reichert, Karen Owen. - 35 ... lll lllllr Back Row: Don Ray, Ben Bahora, Don Raley, Gary Thompson, Don Carson, Pat Hovvle, Warren Unger, Frank Slade, Richard LaFlarn Third Row: Joe Nugent, Jim Heffington, Peter Olsen, Jim Doyle, Merlin Brakensiek, Chester Willman, Ken Halveland, Ron Miller Don Rankin, Jack Warden. Second Row: Wilma Ellis, Marialta Sherman, Maureen Czeschin, Joan Burgess, Delores Hughes, Sandy Bracey, Carolyn Griffith Beatrice Cosey, Lynn Gardner, Front Rowe Jackie Thompson, Kathy Osborn, Mary Alice Barton, Jackie Symons, Barbara Bingaman, Shirley Farley, Thelma Mar cucci, Carol Smith, Judy Weil, Audrey Bunce. up- cl 5 ww -me v Back Row: Bruce Stinchcomb, John Liebke, Ken Just, Roy Schaefer, Don Frioli, Eugene Beger, Dick LaVal, Gene Costello. Third Row: Jack Wilson, Don Mitchell, Rich Meulling, George Brand, Jerry Stone, Herbie Wahl, Don Flesch, Don Klug, Barron Smith. Second Row: Rna Whitnah, Anita Riggs, Kay Rugen, Zella Jones, Barbara Blanner, Marlene Kramer, Betsy Carspecken, Bill Sparks. Front Row: Barbara Goss, Bobbie Holtshouser, Pat Christman, Helen DeFrancisco, Joyce Bradley, Wanda Roberts, Rita Clark, Judy Trotter. -36- lll lHll Back Row: Di:k Ansel, Gerhardt Jaspers, Nelson Behle, Willis Gordon, Joe Barbay, Gordon Volz, Phil Munro, Joe Hood. Third Row: Bill Evans, Bill Rankin, George Kirby, Bowen Keller, Bob Fehrman, Bill Jawrowski, Dennis Rhodes, Werner Lall, James Woods. Second Row: Wendel Meier, Carolyn Stanfield, Joyce Janssen, Pat Puskar, Rose Dale, Jolly Ann Lowther, Carol Williams, Bruce Betts. Front Row: Fran Gardner, Helen Gentner, Grace Begole, Sandy Kunkemueller, Jackie S:hettler, Pat Larson, Ruth Williams, Gloria Speicher, -nu. -are Back Row: Don Eades, Ron Lawrence, Tom Walls, .lack Dubro, Gene Hoekel, Roy Long, Paul Parker, Leo Strutman, Ray Miller. Third Row: Ron Spadoni, Maurice Thomas, William Lodholz, Richard Rice, Richard Fullington, Don Farmer, George Smith, Karl Braeuninger. Second Row: Don Roberts, Shirley Kohl, Pat O'Brien, Louise Hamilton, Marlene Klos, Lotus Plaggenberg, John McPeak, Clyde Raney. Front Row: Dolores Wolfe, Janice Burke, Suzanne Tipton, Sharon Ploudre, Hope Clay, Marilyn Hemminghaus, Peg Heil, Kaye Probus. ,37- SA i illllllllllll Back Row: Bill Sckncttgoecke, Tom Aubuchon, Pat Amato, Jerry Ringe, Bill Neel, Ron Frede, Larry Daniels, Walter Maurer, Francis Kruesscl. Third Row: Ray Marshall, Donald Hall, Bruce Amrein, Percy Ford, Jack Osborne, Harold Kohrs, Neal Hern, Tom Morrison, Norman Abil, Jack Clarke. Second Row: Bette Boyd, Alice Dueing, Betty Mansbridge, Mary Ann Page, Janet Martin, Marveyne Hill, Gerry Powell, Joan Hagen, Laverne Tebeau, Emily Hulbert. Front Row: Cynthia Anderson, Barbara Nix, Nancy Ray, Cecelia Ludwig, Judy Uzzell, Sandy Brown, Carole Aydt, Nancy Nevin, Lucy Duback, Alice Geno. , , ,-.A i' ,J Back Row: Ron Morie, David Summerton, Jerry Pyatt, Jack Pearce, Robert Tippett, Paul Siebel, Les Kennett, John Schultz, Phil Chamberlain, Leonard Dilallo. Third Row: Tom Burke, Dick Krieg, Richard Roberts, Ron Harris, Glen Wilson, Jerry Frey, Roger Grosch, Bob Carico, Jim Byrnes, Howard Rice. Second Row: Mary Ann Wahl, Kathleen Roth, Adele Twillmann, Carol Litzau, Merle Klosterrnann, Judy Schroeder, Camille White, Janet Wrozier, Marian Bouska, Phyllis Hickman. Front Row: Helen Hall, MaryAnn Waldschmidt, Janet Hutson, Susan Scholl, Janet Phillips, Brenda Delashmet, Myrtle Siefker, Bonnie O'Dell, Barbara Nienhaus, Nina Craig. was A5 Ns F r ' Q, - fr IlllHlllllllll Back Row: Keith Kester, Jerry lsenberg, Rich Carden, Phil Hocott, Kim Ellis, Larry Fahrig, Elmer Taylor, Frank Fox, Don Holmes, Marty Maurer. Third Row: Karl Olsen, Richard Buckman, Vincent Vazsolo, Jack Drysdale, Eugene Davis, Roger Boss, Ronald Kramer, Paul Geiger, Paul Hubert. Second Row: Shirley Hampp, Nancy Trotter, Judy Crawford, Penny Bourden, Barbara Daniel, Pat Lundholm, Nancy Papp, Helen Hayden, Ruth Licklider, Diane Schroeder. Front Row: Dolores Richardson, Joan Byrnes, Barbara Lowry, Sandy Knibb, Gail Ray, Gloria Jaworowski, Marie Kunkel, Nancy Stephenson, Charlene Schmidt, Nancy Clark. 1 . is Q' 1 .,,,,qv Q' A if 9 T... an Eack Row: Alex Geiger, Ron Warzeniak, Jack Donton, Alan Bemis, Donald Counts, Richard Fenwick, Don Brown, Chic Cooksey, Tom Collins, Bill McDonald. Third Row: Tom McNulty, Marshall Stark, Ken Becker, James Gantner, Gary Ulrich, Joe Polivick, John Belt, Richard Meyer, James Graham, Rich Messner. Second Row: Judy Brenner, Janice Cunningham, Pat Blackman, Liz Lips, Marcia Bohmeyer, Anne Moseley, Myrna Farver, Sue Ruhr, Joan Kempfer, Sharon O'Neil. Front Row: Pat Wurth, Billie Burnett, Pat Curtis, Sandy Quick, Phie Bond, Kathy Wilkinson, Lynnette Dolce, Carolyn Tate, Nancy Lucken, Angie Ferrara. S lIl'HllllHllli Back Row: Bob Hartmann, Dennis Erdelen, Russ Brinton, Art Holtsclaw, David Pope, Bob Arkes, Randy Wise, Larry Buettner, Joe Barficld, Jack Baum. Third Row: Woody Eaton, Glen Schuman, Ron Lolemeyer, Dale West, Bill Tennant, Sonny Knibb, Chuck Moore, Chuck Bernhard, Bill Bunting, Tony Brockmeyer. Second Row: Carol Hazard, Maria Ambrose, Paulette Rogliaroli, Mary Dauwalter, Jeanene Jackson, Roberta Steel, Loretta Miller, Shirley Grubb, Jackie Rosenow, Trudee Schaaf. Front Row: Jerry Prosser, Ruthann McDonald, Ruth Will, Ruth Ellis, Harriet Mandry, Virginia Bingaman, Evelyn Constantine, Ja:kie Fowler, JoAnn Tebeau, Janet Gast. Back Row: Mike Getlin, Bob Ingham, Frank Perry, Bob Fruhwirth, Bob Burgess, Bernard Hartmann, Fred Kramer, Jerry Thorpe, Lou Meyer. Third Row: Don Funke, Hans Loholz, Wayne Flesch, Larry White, Nicholas Lemkemann, Bob Coffing, Ken Rennecamp, Sal Dei- Santi, Henry Harper, Gerald McMahan. Second Row: Sheryl McDowell, Bev Behle, Margaret Cook, Deanna Behle, Judy Povich, Marilyn Parker, Judy Conard, Judy Davit, Susie Hudson, Jane Kirby, Jean Klinkman. Front Row: Karla Kretzmann, Lynne Hanrahan, Martha Morrison, Sonia Lee, Lorraine Keppel, Pauline Graham, Medora McKenna, Gail Marcellus, Ellen Wermke, Jane Kattlernan, W 40 .. llilllllll Back Row: John Berry, James Monroe, Walter Negwer, Richard Young, John Hardin, Don Wyatt, Bob Capps, Dave Clark, Johnny Rea, Wendell Hamlin, Howard Parks. Third Row: Paul Chilton, Ron Jenkins, Tim Aldrich, Ted Sime, Walter Rice, Paul Osborn, Albert Schleicher, James Ellern, Richard Bardon, Rex Latta, Richard Seiler. Second Row: Charles Grubb, Carol McDonald, Brenda Reagan, Etta Harl, Linda Havens, Jo Ann Bogdanor, Madeleine Martin, Pat Phelan, Lois Raley, Ruth Harris, Ella French, Dick Montrey. Front Row: Glenda Warren, Sharon Underway, Joyce Smith, Audrey Hutsler, Cecelia Shaw, Betty Watts, Sue Whitehill, Sue Hinder- er, Adrienne Moss, Jean Metzger, Betty Timper. as with Back Row: David Rothweil, Cary Martin, Dave Powers, Jim Towell, Lanny Brewer, Danny Kelleher, John Prosser, Ray Elliott, Bill McGee, Gary Andrews, David Fleetwood, Jerry Brinkman. Third Row: Bruce Beard, Charles Jones, Bill Sheridan, Jerry Drysdale, Buzz Frioli, Tom Dunn, Jim Bowen, Dave Rauth, John Garagnani, Gary Smith, Sonny Millway, Darrell Tullock. Second Row: Judy Smith, Ima Jean Perry, JoAnn Free, Sandy Horer, Joanne Jobsky, Dorothy Robertson, Mary Francis Cobb, Janet O'DeII, June Lovely, Betty Ambrose. Front Row: Susan Morrison, Sandy Mahr, Frances Zurbriggen, Judy Collins, Barbara Baldwin, June Wilson, Nancy Stone, Sandy Carter, Lois Miehe, Pat Bressie, Martha Marshall. CMC lllSHllll Back Row: Bob Scott, John Stopple, David Schulte, William Davis, Gary Griffith, Roy Byrn, Lee Plank, Hutson, Carspecken, Dennis lsenberg, Don Thomas, Dave Callies, Winston Jones. Third Row: Don Murphy, Jan Unser, Don Staples, John Love, Bob Fairbanks, Pay Miller, Ron Pacino, Rex Campbell, Sam King, Jerry Warden, Brent Mandry, Mike Olsen. Second Row: Mary Donia Peebles, Roberta Evans, Martha Stearns, Beverly Weiler, Joan Emery, Claudia Beckhan, Janice Hemming- haus, Lynda Tipton, Susie Kirk, Betty Meier, Pat Tabler. Front Row: Joyce Holderfield, Joan Holderfield, Merle Compton, Linda Rowland, Bobbi Roth, Mary Lou Siesener, Ella Pulliam, Carol Harnpp, Maudell Keen, Sandy Kolde, Phylis Amos, Nancy Sheridan. Back Row: Tom Alwood, Joe Firle, Floyd Coates, Eddie Miller, Frei Schnell, Herb Sulser, John Crowell, Ken Crouse, James Hood, Doug Pauley, Robert Hughes, Bob Ansel. Third Row: Brian Costello, Ralston Jones, Pat Kline, Oliver Wessel, Emmette Swyres, Fred Brunk, Kenny Nobles, Earle Franke, Ronnie Meade, Ronald Teare, Jerry Henage, Paul Killmer. Second Row: Delores Gantner, Pat Hayden, Jeanne Anderson, Diana Baltz, Carol Heggarty, Lois Walters, Kay Thompson, Rayleen Bock, lcla Clay, Ann Purcell, Marcia Broeckling. Front Row: Sharon Yates, Sally Arms, Sally Preolock, Sandy Meyer, Sue Brace, Mary Bindbeutel, Virginia Boyntan, Jenell Lind- emann, Anna Adams, Donna Horr, Nola Nix, Janice Morris. -42- 6 llllllllll Back Row: Don Lenauer, Douglas Scherer, Leslie Lauber, Fred Kitcher, Don Stayton, John Yosel, Don Terry, Paul Werner, David Spadoni, Jack Patterson, Don Spaulding, Jack Kuiawa. Third Row: Gary Miller, George Nelson, Norman Fowler, Andrew Kehoe, Allen White, Richard Speicher, Ken Press, Charles Hannah, Roy Hartmann, Gilbert Miller, Art Hannah, Fran Bowehton. Second Row: Anina Guth, Louise Jackson, Ann Jackson, Roxane Glaser, Diane Austin, Linda Sell, Jackie Aubuchon, Judy Swank, Judy Wafler, Laura Allman, Alayne Niehaus. Front Row: Terry Mizell, Sharon Brown, Joan Gasaway, Lois Tiefenauer, Doris Moore, Judy Carver, Janet Turner, Virginia Rauch, Mary Lou Frieda, Rita Martin, Judy Collins, Barbara Freise. Back Row: Eddie McQuire, Kevin Pauley, Bill Menish, Curt Linberg, Jim Kennedy, Jerald Aubuchon, Mel Carter, Harry Schelleng- er, Dave Marshall, Ronald Farver, Emery Kattelman, Randy Bartareau. Third Row: Stanley Brown, Bill Mitchell, Paul Plavnick, Jerry Beyrau, David Lammers, Larry Schilling, Ed Sheridan, Jack Sitzes, Bill Slater, Chip Maxwell, Dan Werremeyer. Second Row: Leonard Dawkins, Doris Otten, Jeanette Boardman, Dorothy Hutcheson, Janet Stieg, Connie Coleman, Catherine Begole, Theo Homeyer, Joan Hellmer, Kay Largent, Richard Klein. Front Row: Theresa Tucker, Joan Ray, Mary McCleery, Barbara Ri:e, Norma Borbein, Janet Holmes, Geraldine Holtshcuser, Peggy Wallweber, Joan Fahrig, Betty Jaspers, Roberta Jones, -43- lllllllllll As a freshman you experience your first weeks as nothing more than a bewildered, lost freshman. You are confused and yet excited beyond imagination. You dream of the day that you will be a senior and know your way around and know everyone in school. You become a sophomore at last, your dream is in the process of being fulfilled. Your sophomore year is crowded with school activities and clubs. You are full of school enthusiasm, however, that dream of being a senior is ever present. Before you realize it you are a iunior and the Prom is the high point in your present dreams. But your dream reaches its finale. You are a senior! lt's wonderfull You'll be graduating with your class before your parents and friends. Then your dreams take on a change, they revert to those wonderful mo- ments of a confused freshman, a sophomore exhilerated over an exciting basketball game, and those frantic moments before the Prom. But it's still a wonderful dream, even if it is rather sad. And now your dreams must go on to the future. ,ip Q iwgiw 1 M- 33 ,N SX 5 K YF X SQ .5 Q L? x AR . 1- K, A Y A x s ff Q x llllll lllllll llllll This year, in an effort to give more students an opportunity to voice their opinions in the se- lection of the CREST Court, the election was held in a different manner than in previous years. ln January, the senior boys elected twenty-one senior girls to be candidates for the CREST Court. In the first part of February, the entire senior class voted in an election which determined the nine candidates for CREST Queen. Then, two days be- fore the CREST Coronation Dance, each student of Ferguson High voted for the candidate whom he thought was most deserving and had con- tributed the most service to the school. The CREST staff elected eight senior boys to be es- corts. The queen was not revealed until the night of the Coronation, February 26, when the gym was transformed into a beautifully decorated set- ting for the CREST Coronation. As the CREST maids and their escorts walked up to the stage, Cary Marshall described the girls' dresses and told of their activities during their years in high school. Gary Casetta related the high school achievements of the escorts. After the CREST Court had assembled, Betty Albrecht was crowned CREST Queen of T955 by Fred Krieger, Assistant Editor of the CREST. The queen was attended by Linda Sue Hamlin as flower girl and Penn Kelley as crown bearer. The tense expectancy of the atmosphere was lightened by their typically childlike reactions to the situation. The processional and recessional for the Coro- nation ceremonies were played by the high school orchestra, directed by Mr. Max Plavnick. ,46- With Bob Hoff providing music for the dance which followed, the queen chose "Stardust" for the first dance, which was exclusively for the queen and her court. Linda Sue Hamlin and Penn Kelley. DON LUKE MARYANN SHERIDAN ANNE MESNIER BILL TOBIAS RITA HOWE GORDON BIERMANN FRANK SINDERSON JANET BURNS UREST EIIHRT ER EST EIIHRT BOB DUNCAN FLORENCE SCHWEIZER JO ANN GEIGER LARRY BOLLINGER JOAN HINDERER TOM HAMLIN DAVE YOUNG CARLA RIPPSTEIN EHEST Back Row: Janet Albers, Judy Puskar, Gary Casetta, George Smith, Ray Miller, Bill Tobias, Louise Allman, Miss Mohrman. Front Row: Carole Stiarwalt, Fred Krieger, Betty Albrecht, Janet Burns, Cary Marshall, Joan Lively. Striving to make this year's CREST more infor- CREST STAFF mative and interesting than ever, the CREST staff, composed of nine seniors and four juniors, met sixth hour every day. The CREST staff gave an assembly to acquaint the students of Ferguson High with the year- book and to promote the sale of the CREST. This year each member of the staff took orders for the CREST, competing with one another to see who could make the most sales. Janet Burns suc- ceeded in outselling the other members, and thereby received her CREST free of cost. This com- petition may have been a determining factor which led to a record sale of yearbooks. To help lower the cost of the CREST, members of the staff sold refreshments at the football and basketball games, and sponsored the selling of individual pictures which were taken at the beginning of the school year. The CREST staff also decorated for and sponsor- ed the CREST Coronation to provide money for the publishing of the CREST. -50- Editor .,...... Assistant Editor .,.. Advertising Manager Art Editor ..,.,,.,,., Business Manager ,. Circulation Manager ,....,.Betty Albrecht ,.,.,,..Fred Krieger ,.,,.Bill Tobias . ,Judy Puskar ,Ray Miller ., .Joan Lively Feature Editor ..,,. ., . ..,,. Cary Marshall Literary Editor ..... Photographer ..,. Senior Editor , . ,. Boys' Sports Editor .. Girls' Sports Editor Typist ..,.. Sponsor .... ., . ..,Louise Allman ,.....,Gary Casetta ........Janet Albers . . George Smith Carole Stiarwalt , .Janet Burns .,..,.Miss Lorraine Mohrman SEUUP Back Row: Phil Holden, Barbara Lovely, Dick LaVal, Judy Morgan, Rita Howe, Joan Hinderer, Bob Deubel, Ollie Hoelzer, Dot Behle, Jo Ann Geiger, Mr. Koch. Front Row: Carla Rippstein, Margaret Sonderegger, Sherry Dawkins, Anne Mesnier, Jeannine Easley, Gerry Jean Palmer, Maryann Sheridan. The Scoop staff formed a regularly scheduled class which met during sixth hour to learn the fundamental principles of iournalism and to edit a bi-monthly news publication. This year the Scoop became a member of the National Inter- scholastic Press Association and retained its mem- bership in the Missouri interscholastic Press As- sociation. The newly formed platform of the Scoop now carries both insignias. An asset to the publication of the Scoop was a new mimeograph machine which acquired the name "lnky" through a contest sponsored by the Scoop. An added attraction to the Scoop was pictures which were featured by means of the photo stenciling process. With Mr. Paul Koch as sponsor and Anne Mesnier as editor, the Scoop staff did an excellent iob of providing Scoop readers with interesting articles such as Etiquette Corner, Class- room Notes, Mystery Student, the Snooper, the Chatterbox, sports write-ups, and various types of fiction. SCOOP STAFF ' Anne Mesnier Editor-In-Chief , ,.., ,,,...., , ,,., . . Assistant Editor-In-Chief .... , ,.... Jeannine Easley Business Manager ,.....,,.. ...Sherry Dawkins Chief Mimeographer ..., M Bob Deubel Boys' Sports Editor ..,,., ....,.,, .... C a rla Rippstein Assistant Boys' Sports Editor ......,, Dusty Royer Girls' Sports Editor . ,........,.. ., ., -Joann Geiger Feature Editor ...... .. .... .,.... D orothy Behle Assistant Feature Editors ..,....,..., Joan Hinderer, Phil Holden, Rita Howe, Barbara Lovely, Judy Morgan. Gerry Jean Palmer, Margaret Sonderegger, Ethel Wiegand Art Editor ,..............,..........,... Maryann Sheridan Contributing Artist .,,. ,,.... . Carole Learn Photographer ............. ,....., D ick LaVal Student News Bureau .,... ..,.... E llen Jones Sponsor ,..,. ...........,. ,.,... M r . Paul Koch Back Row: Carl Jobsky, Dave Killrner, Don Maddox, Dave Ball, Ned Lips, Fred Werrerneyer, Dave Young. Second Row: Anne Mesnier, Joan Hinderer, Bonnie Griffith, Louise Allman, Barbara Lovely, Joan Lively, Barbara Hall, Janet Albers. Front Row: Ellen Magoon, Florence Szhweizer, Jeannine Easley, Cary Marshall, Maryann Sheridan, JoAnn Geiger, Rita Howe, Carla Rippstein, Betty Albrecht, Back Row: Miss Mohrman, Janet Albers, Sherry Dawkins, Dorothy Behle, Bob Deubel, Bill Tobias, Mr. Koch. Second Row: Carla Rippstein, Judy Puskar, Jeannine Easley, Joan Lively, Louise Allman, Barbara Lovely, Anne Mesnier. Front Row: Margaret Sonderegger, Betty Albrecht, Maryann Sheridan, JoAnn Geiger, Cary Marshall, Joan Hinderer, Rita Howe Allllll HH HH lllllll Membership in the National Honor Society was the highest goal toward which a student could have worked throughout his four years in high school. Members were chosen from the upper third of their graduating class on the basis of superiority in the fields of scholarship, leader- ship, character, and service rendered to the school. ... UUHA llllllill The students who were entitled to wear the gold Quill and Scroll pins were recognized as having done outstanding work in the field of writing, editing or business management. This year's membership was limited to seniors on the Scoop staff and CREST staff who had been recommended by their advisors and ranked in the upper third of their class. llllll lll lHlSl'll-l llllllll The National Thespian Society recognizes outstanding work in the field of dramatics. Eligibility for this society was determined by points received through active participation in the Junior Dramatics Club, The Masquers, the Stage Crew, and The Senior Play. Mr. Thomas Moore sponsored This group. lllllllllilll The Masquers is an organization whose mem- bership is open to any iunior or senior who is interested in dramatic productions. Under The guidance of Mr. Thomas Moore, The members of The club selected "Gramercy Ghost" To be pre- sented on The evenings of October 21 and 22. Back Row: Mr. Beck, Eric Werts, Carl Jobsky, Mr Moore. Front Row: Payson Hall, LaVonne Griffith, Sweet Long Carla Rippstein. Back Row: Carol Mooney, Payson Hall, Eric Werts, Keith Kester, Ben Bahora, Willis Gordon, Carl Jobsky, Dave Killmer, Roy Scott, Dorothy Behle, Mr. Moore. Second Row: Betty Grbcic, Bonnie Griffith, Nancy Hinckley, Anita Riggs, Judy Frey, Marlene Klos, Barbara Graham, Jeannine Easley, Beth Zimmerman, Margie Ochterbeck, Carla Rippstein, Sweet Long. Front Row: Judy Weil, Barbara Lovely, Marion Reichert, Claire Schoeninger, Margaret Sonderegger, Marilyn Miller, Florence Schweizer, Rita Howe, Joy Schultz, Bobbie Stulac, Aida Goodwin. - 53 - Back Row: Caroline Davis, Roy Scott, Carl Jobsky, Keith Kester, Willis Gordon, Bill Davis, Edward Sheridan, Faye Probus. Second Row: Kaye Probus, Marion Reichert, Marlene Klos, Shirley Kohl, Barbara Blanner, Pat Franke, Pat O'Brien, Carol Heggarty, Peg Heil. Front Row: Donna Biermann, Carla Rippstein, Bobbi Stulac, Alda Goodwin, Betty Bressie, Joan Burgess, Carole Learn, Carol Smith. Back Row: Joanne Jobsky, Carol Heggarty, Susan Hudson, Judy Davit, Liz Lips, Curt Linberg, Keith Kester, Bill Menish ll Francis Cobb, Etta Harl, Marcia Bohmeyer, Anne Moseley, Betty Ambrose, Second Row: Betty Meier, Laura Allman, Carol McDonald, Jean Klinkman, Janice Cunningham, Ima Jean Perry, Judy Cor' Myrna Farver, Roberta Steel, Lynne Hanrahan, Phie Bond, Judy Brenner, Terry Mizell, Mr. Beck. Front Row: Sandra Mahr, Sally Predock, Cynthia Anderson, Nina Craig, Bonnie O'Dell, Betty Jaspers, Sandy Horer, Sharon Ol Susan Morrison, Carole Aydt, Sharon Yates, Alice Geno, Gloria Jaworowski, Charlene Schmidt, lllllll lllllll Much ol' the success of a play depends greatly upon the service rendered by the Stage Crew. Under the direction ot Mr. Thomas Moore, this group provided the props and sets tor all the plays which were presented by the dramatics clubs. The members of the Stage Crew also did all the construction and painting necessary to make the settings for the plays authentic. lll lllll lllllllllllllll lllll While on the way to becoming future Thes- pians, these freshmen and sophomores were helped by Mr. Thomas Moore who taught them the principal stage techniques. Early in the tall the members selected a play which was to be given for the Parent-Teachers' Club. On February 7 the club presented the play, "The High Win- dow," a tragedy involving the study of a woman who is Forced to spend her lite in a wheelchair. lHl lllllllllllllll Pllll On October 21 and 22 the Masquers presented "Gramercy Ghost" as their annual production. This play is a light comedy about a woman who inherits an old house and the ghost of a Confed- erate soldier with it. llllllllll lllllllllilllll lllllll lllll The Junior Drarnatics Club presented "The High Window" for the Parent-Teachers' Club on the evening of February 7. This one act play is a tragedy which involves a woman who is forced to spend her life in a wheelchair. ll llll PLAY By presenting the play, "Once in a Lifetime," the Senior Class raised money to buy a gift to be given to the school by the graduating class. The play, a satirical comedy about the eccentric movie-making citizens of Hollywood, was pre- sented on March lO and ll. lltlllll Band members met second hour every day to practice selections which they performed at the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, and the County Music Festival at Pattonville on April 27. Under the direction of Mr. Max Plavnick, they also practiced marches and formations which they executed at the football games and the Floris- sant School Picnic. The majorettes gave an ex- cellent display of talent when they appeared with the band. As a contributary addition to the band, they proved to be very successful. lllllllllllll For all students interested in playing string instruments, Mr. Max Plavnick conducted a class which met first hour every day. This year, after months of practice, the orchestra had the re- warding experience of being featured on radio and television. The members of the orchestra also displayed their talents in the Christmas Con- cert, the annual CREST Coronation ceremony, the Spring Concert, and the Baccalaureate and gradu- ation services. On April 26 they performed at the County Music Festival at Normandy. Back Row: Richard Messner, Wayne Clark, Dave Killmer, William Clay, Mr. Plavnick, Barbara Freise, Judy Wafler, Janice Hernminghaus, Joan Hagen. Fourth Row: Don Staples, Tom Dunn, Jim Towell. Third Row: Bruce Beard, Steve White, Gilbert Miller, Bill Neel, Russell Hodde, Walter Maurer, Don Spaulding, Bob Burgess, Curt Linburg, Bill Davidson, Ron Frede. Second Row: Dick LaVal, Roberta Steel, David Marshall, Ken Press, Fred Schnell, Ed Fuller, Paul Killmer, Don Patterson, Ron Morie, Bob Scott, Clyde Davis, Gary Griffith, Kim Ellis. Front Row: Bruce Arntstead, Margaret Cook, Brian Costello, Dan Werremeyer, Janet Turner, Barbara Daniel, Mary Donna Peebles, Phil Munro, Judy Svwank, Carla Rippstein, Ray Miller. Back Row: Ed Fuller, Fred Schell, Lee Hodde, Bill Neel, Walter Hagen, Judy Wafler, William Clay, Mr, Plavnick, Judy Frey Third Row: Alda Goodwin, Bill Davis, Edward Sheridan, Judy Ray Miller, Don Patterson, Paul Killmer, Ron Morie, Don Second Row: Sweet Long, Judy Smith, Harriet Mandry, Sharon stead, Brian Costello, Janet Turner, Dan Werremeyer, Ch Bruce Stinchcomb. Maurer, Wayne Clark, Dave Killmer, Richard Messner, Joan Sandy Horer, Phil Hocott, Bill Mitchell. Swank, Kim Ellis, Garry Griffith, Bob Scott, Carla Rippstein, Spaulding, Curt Linberg, Bill Davidson. Yates, Judy Conrad, John Meyer, Margaret Cook, Bruce Arm- p Maxweil, Marian Couranz, Willis Gordon, Carol Hazard, Front Row: Caroline Davis, Bobbi Stulac, Lois Amos, Bill Sheridan, Barbara Daniel, Mary Donia Peebles, Phil Munro, Joanne Jobsky, Ron Frede, Paul Plavnick, Sharon Ploudre. -5,5, This year Mr. John Owen, director of the Fer- guson High School Choir, chose the perform- ing choir members from four chorus classes, with the maiority of them from the third and fourth hour classes. Choir members had the privilege of striving to artistically interpret the best of choral music. The choir performed at a High School P.T.C. meeting, and also participated in the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert. An ensemble se- lected from the choir sang for the National Honor Society Installation on the evening of March 7. Mr. Owen chose thirty-six choir members to sing at the County Music Festival at Berkeley High EHHIH School, on April 28. Those choir members who were especially in- terested in music formed a special ensemble which met after school. Members of this ensem- ble sang for various organizations, including Rotary Club, Friday Night Club of the Ferguson Episcopal Church, Ferguson Garden Club, Central School P.T.C., Florissant Mothers' Club, Women's Association of the Ferguson Presbyterian Church, and a party given by the Nursery Society of Our Master Lutheran Church. They also performed at the County Music Festival at Normandy High School, on April l. Back Row: Marvin Hellmer, Ken Crouse, Jim Green, Gordon Biermann, Jack Strickland, Forrest Brockman, Richard Rice, Paul Parker, Don Roberts, George Kirby, Larry Schilling, Danny Kelleher, Wayne Clark, Bill Rigel, Al Hodges, Alex Geiger, Ronnie Meade. Fifth Row: Myrna Farver, Carol Williams, Rose Dale, Mary Ellen Hatcher, Dave Crocker, Jack Herr, Jim Heffington, Bruce Betts, Paul Siebel, Dave Killmer, Laura Allman, Martha Marshall, Marilyn Parker, Susie Hudson, Trudee Schaaf, Carol Finke. Fourth Row: Margaret Sonderegger, Judy Morgan, Rita Clark, Paul Chilton, Ronald Sutton, Jack Patterson, Curt Linberg, Dorothy Kramer, Karla Kretzmann, Maria Ambrose, Betty Ambrose, Sue Bindbeutel, Lavonne Griffith, Louise Allman. Third Row: Marion Reichert, Anita Riggs, Ethel Wiegand, Joy Schultz, Jeanene Jackson, Judy Smith, Dennis Erdelen, Jeannine Easley, Dorothy Behle, Joyce Madden, Peggy Martin, Joan Turnbough, Verna Cronin, Carol Ninker. Second Row: Louise Hamilton, Marilyn Smith, Judy Weil, Gerry Palmer, Janice Hemminghaus, Nina Craig, Janice Cunningham, Janet Wrozier, Kay Thompson, Alayne Niehaus, Dot Butler, JoAnn Bogdanor, Barbara Jens, Mary Bindbeutel, Audrey Bunce Front Row: Pat Wurth, Betty Hildebrandt, Barbara Lowry, Nancy Ray, Martha Morrison, Rita Howe, Marilyn Miller, Joan Hinderer Florence Schweizer, Betty Ruff, Janet Holmes, Nancy Trotter, Carol Kotalik, Donna Dornan, Mr. Owen. COUNTY GROUPS County Chorus, County Band, and County Orchestra were composed of outstanding students in choir, band, and orchestra respectively. The members of this select group represented Ferguson High School at the County Music Festival by per- forming in a concert which was presented to conclude the Spring Festival. link Ri-xi linlulp Kirigrr lint' Sliuklaiiil l'.iik fi Riggs Mi Un.-ii. r.'.'..i.i R.-it ii.iii.- ini.. s.i.i.i...-gg.-I ii im-ix, Ln-uluiii. l-init' Srlrml, Xlvrgnn lirmii livxi llumv XX'iirih l'l.ixiiitk Slimluviulv. Mlm fini. xklliimii BOYS' GLEE CLUB Any boy in Ferguson High School who was interested in rehearsing and performing good vocal litera- ture had the opportunity to attend the extra-curricular meetings of the Boys' Glee Club. This organization performed for the high School Par- ent-Teachers' Club, the Christmas Concert, and the Spring Concert. lS.1tk Rvu Liu-xr llillivwi Niiixklnnil lkill. L.ii wit, liiuiimnii, liivprii N min.-is XX .ills K l.irk N-Limit Kiwi Xl: Uxui: l inlwlg lnilcl llixrucr. .l Hur. lhirkir llvlniis Riiiliilli, Silntlnulult, Kvllclzrr lruni Ri-xi lxillmu XX lxitt- lull.-i. ll.ill lluilgtw, l'.iiks .li-iikiiu :Xltlinli Xl,-itll' GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Girls' Glee Club was an extra- curricular activity open to any girl in Ferguson High School who was interested in participating in the performance of good vocal music. The Girls' Glee Club rehearsed as often as possible in preparation for the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, and an appearance at the Parent-Teachers' Club. lt.iik Riu Xli Uxxvii XX'iiii!:. XYrv1i:i twig XX'il li.iinx llilv S.li.i.iI.lwl1lr llwuv klillci laslvv, liimlhriilcl. Iiiiivi In-i.ilik. Nl ltimlln-iiivl, .t, ii.i..i.',.'. l'ii.'mpL.i.i wrist. l'itrli llvxx llilili'l'i.iiiill llvirlicrl L iiiiiiiiiglmin llaltltrr lutivri llullii Siwinrr, Muuiicx', .laik um l'.1iki'l L :num l iiiki llurlxuu ll.iur.lll.iil. llnlmu l3i"il.irwi Xlllrmu 5- loiviili limi' Riggs XX'.il1riN. lH.ili1, S.-ll. ln.1l1.im. llugi-ii liuii Stliuvifvr lips Xluwlvx' llulnriirvci. U lhll llmillix tl.iik l.ils Xlil ln.-ix' init iiili ll.iiil lit-vi' Si-iiilriiqgri lviiu Nliriiii lint' lvvv lv Xk.xllwt'l't'i lxiikrvliitk ltiltlc lkimi liriwin. imxiiiiil. .Lixxiitxuki Quark. ltiiiiiwlt-ii. lWuvii.ni liuxnx :kllmin Sri vriil lieu L'iiili in .ix fiminrriimii lhrilvn. 'Yiiirilwi Si-iilluiiil kniiiiih XXX-rinkc Sinniirlsl. lnlxi. lfxunkiinutllt-z liiulcr, luwli .lynn Ituluiik, Mhiniill liini Rrw X1--ig.in. l'.'.lvl.-s ltriiir, .Mins Mi.-lit-.il l'-rriliivr l'rlix' liriiiik Sniilli Xluriiwn l,irlii Xlirltr. lllrillipx, 8.1:-ll X lin' .l lint llllllll Ellllllllllll ll ll lll lllll Ill I lUlllllllll Two committees whose memberships belonged exclusively to the iuniors were the Prom Com- mittee and the Junior Ring Committee. The purpose of the Prom Committee was to plan the annual Junior-Senior Prom which was held this year in the ballroom of Le Chateau Restaurant on the evening of May 27. Music was provided by George Johnson's orchestra and a buffet supper was served. Eight members of this committee were elected by the Junior Class and four members were ap- pointed by the Executive Committee of the Stu- dent Assembly. The Prom Committee, with Don Farmer as chairman, was sponsored by Mrs. Lu- cile Koester. The other committee which was comprised of iuniors was the Junior Ring Committee whose duty was to take care of all details involving the choice, purchase, and sale of the rings which their class would have the privilege of wearing the following year as seniors of Ferguson High School. These four people were advised by Mr. Victor Hoemann. PROM COMMITTEE JUNIOR RING COMMITTEE Gloria Speicher, Marialta Sherman, Carol Williams, Anita Riggs. Back Row: Harry Barden, Fred Krieger, Roger Allen, Ike Blackman, Howard Hamlin. Front Row: Anita Riggs, Carol Williams, Kay Rugen, Don Farmer, Jackie Thompson, Sweet Long, Joan Burgess. -SQ.. lllllll Slllll ll The group of library assistants was composed of girls who were able to give up their study hall time to help Miss Jones efficiently run the library. As Miss Jones spent much of her time in class rooms, it was the iob of the assistants to check out books, take care of overdue books, keep the card catalog up-to-date, and do all necessary typing. To top off a year of work well done, Miss Jones planned a picnic for the library assistants. -604 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS- Back Row: Jackie Tebeau, Judy Frey, Barbara Graham, Phyl- lis Amos, Pat Hayden, Ro- berta Jones, Paulette Rogli- ardi, Betty Bruce, Cary Mar- shall, Evelyn Snyder. Front Row: Sheryl McDowell, Pat Wehking, Miss Jones, Barbara Rice, Beverly Davis. OFFICE ASSISTANTS- Back Row: Mary Lange, Shirley Kirkpatrick, Bernice Hackmeis- ter, Linda Robertson, Dorothy Kramer, Mrs. Plavnick. Front Row: Carla Rippstein, Ethel Wiegand, Flo r e n c e Schweizer, Barbara Bingaman, Betty Bruce, Miss Smith, Mrs. Rippstein, Hlllll ISSISIIIIS The office assistants volunteered their time and services to help lighten the burden of of- fice work which falls heavily upon Mrs. Ripp- stein and Mrs. Plavnick. These girls helped re- cord daily attendance, took announcements to the class rooms, answered the telephone, wrote out excuses, and did inumerable other small iobs. Although the office assistants received no credit for doing this, they did gain much valu- able experience. HAHIHELUB Phil Holden was president of the Radio Club, an organization formed to stimulate interest in amateur radio, and to train its members in radio theory. The club's activities included a field trip to the Bell Telephone Company and participation in radiogram handling for people throughout the country. On School and Community Night the club members set up two transmitters in the li- brary to demonstrate amateur radio and to send radiograms. PHHTUHHAPHY ELUB The Photography Club which met every other Monday was sponsored by Mr. Harold Ulbright and headed by Dick LaVal, the president. The purpose of the club was to provide its members with the basic skills necessary for black and white photography including taking, developing, and printing good pictures. Along with the ex- perience of working with a camera and dark- room, the club members also sponsored pho- tography exhibitions and contests, RADIO CLUB Back Row: Ken Becker, George Kirby, Lee Walls, Tom Ald- rich, David Marshall, Ken Press. Front Row: Dan Mitchell, Phil Holden, Phil Munro, Ron Lawrence, Mr. Koch. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Back Row: Tom Dunn, Bruce Armstead, Dick LaVal, Mr. Ulbright, Maurice Thomas, Gary Casetta. Front Row: Alice Dueing, Stan- ley Brown, Ken Press, Bill Mitchell, Wendell Hamlin, Ellen Magoon. C61- HlMlHHll hltfllll Cary Marshall was president of the newly or- ganized Human Relations Club which planned activities designed to break down the barriers of misunderstanding among people of various races, creeds, and religions. In order to get ideas for the club, ioint meetings were held with Human Relations Clubs of other schools. The club worked closely with the activities of the National Con- ference of Christians and Jews. HUMAN RELATlONS CLUB Back Row: LaVonne Griffith, Donna Bier- mann, Lynnette Dolce, Bill Jaworowski, Don Farmer, Carol Litzan, Martha Marshall. Second Row: Ella Mae Pulliam, Sandy Riley, Barbara Lovely, Dave Killmer, Howard Parks, Margie Orliterbeck, Alda Goodwin, Maudell Keen. Front Row: Betty Meier, Carol McDonald, walt, Ella French, Mr, Crawford. ll lll HH ERUSS The Junior Red Cross was officially composed of the Student Council alternate representatives. However, as it was not actually a club this year, the library assistants worked with the alternate representatives under the leadership of Miss Jones to accomplish the purpose of the Junior Red Cross. Early in the school year, the group sponsored a membership drive, from which they collected about 570. At Christmas they had a Toy Drive to collect toys for needy children. Back Row: Chip Maxwell, Skip Amrein, Bob Flesch, Jack Strickland, Marcia Bohmeyer, Anne Moseley, Gordon Biermann, Ron Frede. Second Row: Miss Jones, Frank Sinderson, Mary Ann Behle, Sue Whitehill, Madeleine Martin. Don Raley, Ed Krueger. Front Row: Nancy Slater, Sue Bindbeutel, Sally Predock, Claire Schoeninger, Carolyn Stanfield, Shirley Farley, Barbara Jens, Susan Spencer, Anita Riggs. -62- Anne Mesnier, Cary Marshall, Carole Stiarf F. T. A. ck Row: Miss Nourse, Joanne Jobsky, Keith Kester, Carol Mooney, Barbara Lovely. cond Row: Ella Pulliam, Dolores Richardson, Charlene Schmidt, Nina Craig, Virginia Bingaman, Alda Goodwin, Pat Curtis, Ellen Magoon. :mt Row: Maria Ambrose, Margaret Cook, Roberta Steel, Claire Schoeninger, Anne Mesnier, Jane Kirby. llc To A o The Future Teachers of America was open to any student who was interested in teaching and who had the qualities of character, scholarship, and leadership needed in the teaching protes- sion. Members earned merit points through ac- tivities which promoted personal growth, through cadet teaching, and through other school and community proiects. Merit points earned in high school may be added to those earned in col- lege and included on the Certificate of Merit awarded on graduation from college. llllllllllll Ellll Mrs. Marie Cleary sponsored the newly or- ganized Dancing Club. With Anne Mesnier as president and a membership ot approximately forty, the club held bi-monthly meetings. The purpose of the club was to encourage attendance at the school dances by increasing the students' skill and enioyment in dancing. With the aid of recordings, Mrs. Cleary taught fox trots, rumbas, waltzes, and other types of dances the group was interested in learning. Back Row: Mrs. Cleary, Dick LaVal, Dennis Erdelen, Ken Ward, Charles Couranz, Ron Warzeniak, Rich Fenwick, Jackie Rosenow, Carol Heggarty. Second Row: Joan Gasaway, Angeline Calati, Anne Mesnier, Sharon Ploudre, Charlotte Strantz, Beatrice Cosey, Ida Clay, Hope Clay, Ruth Ellis. First Row: Sandy Knibb, Sandra Riley, Betty Watts, Alice Dueing, Shirley Hampp, Marcia Broeckling, Joan Hellmer, Imogene Perry, Judy Carver, Marian Couranz. -63- lllll llll SHED The purpose ot Busy Brushes is to enable the members ot the club to understand and appre- ciate art. With Cary Marshall as president, the club took field trips to the Art Museum and the Artists' Guild. At Halloween they painted the store windows in Ferguson. In the Spring the club sponsored an exihibition ot arts and crafts, lll-lll llllll The vocational program which has been in existence at Ferguson High School for tive years is designed to provide training on a part-time, pre-apprenticeship basis tor high school seniors. Under the guidance of Mr. George Chapman, stu- dents who participated in this program alternated between work and school, usually working on a halt-day basis. Back Row: Judy Smith, Madeline Martin, Marlene Klos, Judy Conard, Bev Behle, Bill Neel, Mary Francis Cobb, Norma Borbein. Second Row: Ellen Jones, Suzie Kirk, Barb Lovely, Anne Mesnier, Alice Dueing, Betty Watts, Ralston Jones, Mrs. Ulbright. Front Row: Bobbie Stulac, Carol Smith, Bonnie Griffith, Caroline, Davis, Cary Marshall, Betty Hildebrandt, Carol Hampp, Alda Goodwin. 1 l t gp.--aa 41 5 U an -'W 'QQ' X. N. Back Row: Bob Gentlemark, Al Funken, Bill Reigel, Hatley Jackson, Andy Mannino, Rich Aubuchon, Jerry Dennison, Frank Sindcrson, Ernest Foster, Dave La Nier, Lee Walls, Jerry Crr. Second Row: Mr. Chapman, Jack Peters, Ray Becker, Paul Koester, Jim Drysdale, Betty Henclrich, Darlene Kronmueller, Marianne Tilley, Leroy Grote, Glenn Albers, Jack Herr, Vito Dei Santi, Don Patterson. Front Row: Nina Moceri, Sue Overstreet, Mary Ann Weymann, Marsha Fenwick, Ann Firle, Peg Patterson, Dixie Darrell, Evelyn Snyder, Gladys Overby. Joy McGuire, Pat Wehking, Marion Noatch, Alma Nix. ,64, i- llllllllllll llllll The Bowling Club, sponsored by Mr. Gerald lmpey, bowled on Monday of each week. Eight teams were formed within the club to bowl in a twenty-five week league. The members of the winning team received trophies in recognition of their achievement. An outstanding record was set this year by Ken Ward who bowled 264 in a single game and rolled a high three total of 640. llllll lllll The goal of the Rifle Club, of which Frank Slade was president, was to give its members the opportunity to qualify for the National Rifle Association. Members of the club entered com- petition in the Greater St. Louis Junior Rifle League, and in the National Rifle Matches held in the Spring at Washington University. Back Row: Ken Halveland, Don Busby, Douglas Scherer, John Stopple, Zella Jones, Anne McCarthy, Barbara Nienhaus, Marian BOU5k6, Pat Ffaflke, Dave Ball, J6Ck SlI'lCklBI'ld, Jimmy Bowen, Forrest Brockman, Second Row: Jack Osborn, Gene Costello, Bill Davidson, Jack Baum, James Gantner, Betty Gray, Joy Schultz, Barbara Hall, Carol Tranter, Betsy Carspecken, Ken Ward, Russ Hodde, Ken Just. Front Row: Oliver Wessel, Don Murphy, Brian Costello, Sue Pahl, Joyce Bradley, Thelma Marcucci, Donna Biermann, Jolly Lowther, Bill Lodholz, Jim Rice, Eugene Beger. if A I N ,., J .. M . vw' Back Row: Martha Marshall, Carol Hampp, Claudia Beckhan, James Ellern, Bill Davis, Russell Hodde, Bob Capps, Wendell Hamlin, Glen Wilson. Second Row: Mr. Laval Carla Rippstein, Jean Kiinkman, Cary Nlarshall, Jack Baum, Clyde Davis, Ronald Lawrence, Gary Casetta, Paysen Hall, Dick Ansel, Marvin Hellmer. First Row: Don Eades, Don Roberts, Glennon Williams, Dave Crocker, Don Maddox, Frank Slade, Carl Jobsky, Carol Wil- liams, Faye Probus, Ruth Ann McDonald, George Brand. -65- Back Row: Rex Latta, Art Holtsclaw, Walter Maurer, Paul Koester, Rich Aubuchon, Don Carson, Gordon Biermann, Lee Walls, Mr Watson, Tom Aldrich, Phil Munro, Fred Schnell, Jim Hood, George Brand, Dick Bardon. Fourth Row: Paul Plavnick, Gene Murphy, Dave Lanier, Larry Bollinger, Maurice Thomas, Nelson Behle, Jerry Ringe, Alen Bemis, Bill Jaworowski, Hatley Jackson, Don Mitchell, Ed Murat, Dave Powers. Third Row: Ray Hartmann, Faye Probus, Paul Werner, Allen White, Margaret Cook, George Kirby, Jack Baum, Deanna Behle, Tony Brockman, Jimmy Bowen, Nancy Bass, Ron Harris, Ken Becker, MaryAnn Weymann, Roy Scott, John Garagnani, Bill Mitchell, Ronnie Meade. Second Row: Jan Unser, Gary Smith, Carl Olsen, Don Hall, Pat Wurth, Ron Pacino, Jackie Tebeau, Betty Hildebrandt, Bob Hart- mann, Glen Wilson, Ken Press, Oliver Wessel, Rex Campbell, Earle Franke, Richard Selier. Front Row: Clyde Davis, Bill Emmons, Phil Holden, Gerhardt Jaspers, Steve Gisburne, Bill Procter. lllllllllll llllll Sponsored by "Doc" Watson, the Projection Club elected its officers early in the year. They included Phil Holden, president, Gerhart Jaspers, vice-president, Bill Proctor, secretary, and Bill Emmons, treasurer. Six active committees were formed within the club in order that the members would have complete control over its activities. The new members of the club were trained and tested by those members who had already passed the required test to receive their membership cards. The Ferguson High School Proiection Club was the first acredited proiection club in the state of Missouri for high school practical arts graduate credit. One of the biggest iobs of the club was its community work. This included showing pic- tures for church groups, P. T. A., Boy Scouts, women's clubs, and other civic groups. The members of the club also prepared an audio- visual exhibit for School and Community Night On April 4. The purpose of the Proiection Club was three- fold: to perform service to Ferguson Public Schools and the community by presenting audio- visual programs, to secure knowledge of operat- ing equipment, and to further sociability among its members. At the end of the year the Projec- tion Club members were awarded certificates for school and community service. Yum Kwang Sook. The Student Assembly is to be congratulated on the highly worthwhile project that they in- troduced to Ferguson High School this past year. It was through their action that the students of this school became the foster parents of two war orphans, Regina Zigmunds and Yum Kwang Sook. Voluntary contributions were made by each home room for the financial support of these children, which was approximately two hundred dollars a year each. Twelve-year-old Regina Zigmunds, was born in Riga, Latvia, and is now living with her mother and sister, Velta, in a United Nations Refugee Re- lief Association Camp at Memingen. She is re- ported to be "a bright, intelligent child, very dili- gent in school," where her record is above average. Seven-year-old Yum Kwang Sook, the other war orphan, was born in Kand Won Do, Korea, and now lives in Seoul with her mother, uncle, and two brothers, ages four and nine. Kwang -67- Regina Zigmunds. ll ll llllllll llllllllll Sook is considered "a clever little girl, very spir- ited, who like all Korean children, loves to sing." Also, the students were able to write letters to their wards and they received letters in return. The following is an excerpt from a letter received by the students from Yum Kwang Soolc: For the last month l received monthly cash grant, 4,080 Hwan, 2 cans of butter, 2 boxes of candle, a box of sugar, a pot, a bucket, and a kettle through the Plan of- fice, much thankfulness. Right before Christ- mas I also received cash gift 510 Hwan from the Plan as Christmas cash gift. This en- abled me enough to make happy. Praying God for your good health and happiness, l will close for now. Your loving foster child, Yum Kwang Sook. Plllll "lt's not that you win or lose, but how you play the game." All coaches dream of producing a winning team, but still greater is the dream of producing good sportsmanship and fair play. A coach is happiest when he sees his team go into play as a well-organized group embodied with worthy ideals of fair play, cooperation, and teamwork. These essential qualities are not only necessary for boys' sports but for girls' sports as well. Girls enjoy competitive sports equally as well as boys. When a coach feels his team has played a game fairly and to the best of its ability, his mission has been accomplished whether the team has lost or won. L iii '12 K Q RX? fsa X ig X. if -...N Sk -Q n lf 4 s hx . 'K , 5 1 I - E X S7 ' 1 A l K' A --- Sf, Z 'L Y .. if . 9 xy ' Q3 X ' ,W . ff! . ix W - , A f -1 A - gn. , K . I hr-1, .X . x 5:1 K .. , R. Y, ,.f,s, m is f .f X Q 6 M-6.1,vz L3 L 3 - M ,, ., -wx J My w- n fn- N as e- Q Q vw, , A f - . R5 ,f ' ' K W4 wiv. f 'SNS W. K W " 4- f- K x S S Q . 5 ,Q , .. ' zgvii 4 , . -Q-I 5 N my 1, if AM, A ,M M ""' . , . . ' 2 Q . ' Q---fw,S' g ix, N. 5 a ff f 4 '544 - .ef pf' . ff' I of 6 -4 ,Q we tri' 5 - K . k M- il W 'M 5 ., F Rig, 5 t . , 4 N A: fx f. ' f ' -' x . Q b 'K Alfi7"'?:f 3, 8 6 . .- if im LJ 1 .m 3 Sli W 3. ge ffs M51 ,hw "3"3' 5 G aff VA A 4.1 ln the T954 season the Ferguson Comets broke many records. They broke the record for total points scored and held their opponents to a new low for the season. lke Blackman tied the in- dividual scoring record with 36 points for the season. Although Ferguson did not have their best season for a won and lost record of five wins, three losses and one tie, they played the toughest schedule that any Ferguson team has played. For the third year in a row the Comets finished second in the "Little Six Conference," losing only to the champion Ladue. Ferguson's highlights of the year were their six point loss to U. City who went on to be ranked in the top ten teams in the state by the AP and UP poles and their one-sided victories over Wells- ton and St. Charles. Seven players on this year's team received post-season honors from the Globe-Democrat and the Post-Dispatch. For the Globe were: Rich lsett, first team All-District and All-Conference, Ike Back Row: Mr. Johnson, Mr, McDaniels, George Smith, Bill Parnas, Knickmeyer, Bill Emmonds, Pat Howle, Marion Rothweil, Bob Second Row: Jim Heffington, Don Carico, Tom Hamlin, Ted Behle, Blackman, John Anderson, Ken Brown. llllllllll llllllllilll Blackman, Honorable Mention for All-District and All-Conference first team, Ned Lips and Frank Sinderson, All-Conference first team, and Bob Tippett and Gordon Biermann received Honorable Mention for the All-Conference Team. From the Post-Dispatch: Rich lsett received All- Conference first team honors, and Fred Werre- meyer received Honorable Mention for the All- Conference Team. SEASONS RECORD Ferguson ,... . .,.,..,.. l2 University City . . .l8 Ferguson ..,., ,. 26 Central . , . . ,l2 Ferguson .. . . 6 Normandy . . 6 tFerguson .... . ,, 27 St. Charles . 6 fFerguson .. ,. ,. .l2 Clayton M. . 6 TFerguson ..... ...,. O Ladue . T3 Ferguson .,.... ..... O Ritenour ..,.. T4 'Ferguson ...... ..... 2 l Wellston .,... . O "Ferguson .,,.,..,...,, , 27 Brentwood T2 'tDenotes league games Don Raley, Bill Wagner, Bill Jaworowski, Jerry Tucker, Rich Duncan. Frank Sinderson, Mike Estes, Al Sona, Howard Hamlin, Ike Front Row: Don Maddox, Jim Green, Gordon Biermann, Dick Tippett, Ron Boher, Fred Werremeyer, Glenn Alexander, Rich lsett, Ned Lips, Dave Ball, Bob Tippett. .9' . , X 37 4576! Q51 .,, "" ., 5 K . Q +11 ggi, 129, 39xQ13,Q 3I!g f 'lo 28 33 25 14 A24 is gg Q, 15' 3.45, ,AEK XS? QE, ,QQ ,F Q J V 5 V ' lp gif' f W, f-PF Q19 36,49 30 27 47 A50 32 39135 5' vm fr ffffm 4 ' 251 E 'kf1'i"iSi"'.f!-f 2"-fl"'1f ' Qi E G lf M.,..,l ' 7 'wif ,J 4.5 ' -1, ' , , . W., L ' ,f ,,, + Ls. I Q "' ' as 5,27 Q53 ,Q -Q1 ,Eg gg, 125185429 I3 'gn fig' A XE' ,S ' if +34 U 'J L' ii' f 351 j 30 49 47 25 39 35 17 W 3' 4' A 1 fi-: f 5A-5: W ,,A. M , ' , K, 4, x x 2 5 Back Row: M. Miller, L, Miller, Williams, Dale, Behle, Hellmer, Graham, Kirby, Klinkman. Fourth Row: Spencer, Hatcher, Nienaber, Tranter, Standfield Burgess, Czeschin, Sherman, Licklicler, Schroeder, Third Row: Gray, Ochterbeck, Southard, Zimmer' man, Long, Kelley, Schocninger, Learn, Reichert, Weil. Second Row: Easley, Craig, Burns, Turnbough, Dornan, P, Martin, Ray, M. Morrison, Geno. Front Row: Morgan, Rugen, Hinderer. Back Row: Brenner, Haggerty, Roth, Schaaf, Black- man, Wrozier, Bohmeyer, O'Dell, Lowther, Behle. Fourth Row: Perry, M. Marshall, Bond, Hem- minghaus, Hagen, Cunningham, Moseley, Ruhr, Kirkpatrick. Third Row: Calati, Nevin, Bressie, Mizzell, Boyn- tan, Smiley, Lange, Hachmeister, Whitehill Duback. Second Row: Mahr, Schmidt, Lovely, Griffith, Jones, S, Morrison, Jaspers, Bruce, Horer. Front Row: Lips, Riggs, Back Row: Conrad, Z. Jones, Franke, Cronin, Ninker, Mooney, C. Marshall, Behle, Stieg, Martin, Quick, Crawford, Fourth Row: Jaworowski, Aubuchon, Rosenow, Mesnier, Sherman, Jens, Dolce, Puskar, Janssen, Bourden, Papp. Third Row: Borbein, Bardon, Allman, Thompson, Hutsler, Reith, Nehaus, Meyer, Brown, Gardner, Bindbeutel, J, Smith. Second Row: Guth, Goodwin, E. Jones, Cook, Davis, Arms, Brace, Predock, Thompson, C. Smith, N, Sheridan. Front Row: M, Sheridan, Geiger, Howe, PEP CLUB OFFICERS President Susan Bindbeutel Vice-President Maryann Sheridan Secretary Betty Ruff Treasurer Florence Schweizer The main purpose of the Pep Club was to en- courage school spirit by supporting the football and basketball teams at all home and away games. Sponsored by Miss Regina Jersewiak, Pep Club meetings began early in the school year during which officers were elected, pep assemblies were planned, and ideas were formed for the annual Pep Club Dance. The dance was held on the evening of November 19, and en- tertained an interplanetary theme, "Out of This World." The stduents who attended the dance entered another world when they stepped into the gymnasium which had been skillfully trans- formed by the decorative use of flying saucers and other imaginative characters from outer space. Pep Assemblies were held at the start and close of the football and basketball seasons in order to encourage a big turn-out at the games. These assemblies were especially spirited due to the large number of students now attending Ferguson High School and the energetic enthu- siasm of the cheerleaders. To become a cheerleader was the greatest ambition of the members of the Pep Club. In order to be eligible for the cheerleading try- outs, members had to obtain a certain number of points by attending as many games as pos- sible. Last spring cheerleaders were selected from the Pep Club by the entire student body. The cheerleaders chose Maryann Sheridan to be their captain. 33,4 Back Row: Jo Ann Geiger, Anita Riggs Liz Lips Joan Hinderer Rita Howe Front Row: Kay Rugen, Maryann Sheridan Judy Morgan sm m fx 5' X 4 - 2 ,Q AE -g,-,--2 1? Q r y - x I J Li? as I w I X Q gg as ft..-...ff-'Z .V , 42 At the end of the i954-55 season, the Ferguson Comets posted a season's record of thirteen vic- tories and eleven defeats. This was the first time in several years that the Comets have posted a mark above .500. To top off the season the team came up with a fourth place trophy in the Suburban League Tournament held at Webster Groves. The Comets played some very exciting games and showed spirit and the will to win in all their games. Ferguson was undefeated in their first seven games and after losing seven of their next eight games, the Comets finished strong by win- ning five of their last nine games in the Suburban League. The highlights of the season were the Comet's defeat of Clayton in the Suburban League Tour- nament and knocking Brentwood out of their chance for the league championship. At the start of the season, Ned Lips was elected captain for the season. At the close of the sea- son, Gordon Biermann was given Honorable Mention for the All-District by the Globe-Demo- crat and Post-Dispatch and Gary Thompson re- ceived Honorable Mention for the Suburban League Team. llllllll SEASONS Ferguson . , 45 Ferguson ..,. , . . 58 Ferguson ,. , ., .59 Ferguson 55 Ferguson . . Sl Ferguson . .. . 59 Ferguson . , . .. 47 Ferguson ., . M N29 lNormandy Ferguson .. ,. ., 36 tFerguson .. . .. ,, 63 'Ferguson . . .. , . .25 fFerguson ,... . 47 'Ferguson . .. H41 fFerguson , 47 'tFerguson. . H38 Ferguson .. . , 52 Ferguson . ,.. 57 Ferguson Ferguson ., ,..,,.,.. .44 . .... ..,., 5 9 lllllllllllllll SUMMARY Pattonville . Berkeley . Fairview Wellston Ritenour Central . St. Mary's Southwest Tournamentl St. Charles Maplewood Ritenour , . Kirkwood Clayton Normandy , University City Ladue .. , . Clayton , . Webster Groves Kirkwood . , CWebster Groves Tou rnamentj 49 'Ferguson .....,.. . ,.,. . "Ferguson ,.... . 65 t'Ferguson ....,.. ,, .57 TFergsuon ... 64 Ferguson ..... ..,, ..,. 5 2 Brentwood ,. , Wellston ,. . Webster Groves Ladue .. . . Ritenour .. . . fState Regionalsl fDenotes league games Back Row: Gary Thompson, George Smith, Don Raley, Gordon Biermann, Jim Green, Pat Howle, Ned Lips, Don Luke Second Row: Al Sona, Tom Hamlin, Dale McPeak, Larry Bollinger, Howard Hamlin, Fred Krieger, Dusty Royer. Front Row: Mr. Tschannen, Bob Duncan. at xg! Kg XE F A I . , X . , ' . - if X. 1 ' Y' 5 A WS' Q 2 , I I K " 0 l ' r ln, 1 X? ky! s 1 ,Ti s S if x , V X 1 if 2' X if S ' 46 ,Q 4 ' if 4 S Q T is 5 ,t A i- :: fi Sf 5, fa, 5 . was aim With seven lettermen returning this season, Coach Chapman's team enjoyed a successful sea- son, winning nine meets and losing only four. ln the Suburban League the team finished third, winning five while only dropping three league meets. For the second year in a row the Ferguson team captured third place in the Missouri State High School Wrestling Tournament only three points behind the second place Kirkwood. Rite- nour won the championship for the ninth straight year. Out of the twelve boys sent to state, eight placed in their respective weight divisions. Ted Bahora placed first in the 154-pound division to become the only state champ the Comets had. Jim Heffington took second place honors, Gary Ulrich, Sam King, Don Klug, and Ike Blackman, third place, and Ben Bahora and Jerry Dennison, fourth place. Again this year some of the home meets were at night and the attendance at the meets was very good. SEASON'S R ECORD Ferguson 1 31 Maplewood 11 11 1 125 'Ferguson .1 1 1 45 Clayton 1 ..,. 111115 Ferguson 30 Normandy 1 1 28 'Ferguson .1 .1 1115 Webster Groves 1 37 Ferguson 11 1 1 1123 Ritenour .1 29 Ferguson. 1 1 1 5 Granite City 1 45 Ferguson 1 1 .46 Ladue 1, 11 10 'Ferguson 11 1 1 30 Maplewood 11 1 1 16 Ferguson .1 1 ...,. 56 Clayton 11 1 11 1 1 1 O "Ferguson 11 1 11 41 University City 11 10 Wlllllll ll State Champ: Ted Bahora Ferguson 1 1 11 19 Ritenour 29 Ferguson .... 11 1113 Kirkwood 37 Ferguson 1 .1 .,..,. 27 Normandy 1 1 1 17 Ferguson ,11,1,1111 111,1 3 3 Ladue 11,11 1 23 Denotes league meets Back Row: Jim Towell, Leslie Kenneth, Dennis Erdelen, Jerry Tucker, Bill Emmons, Gerhart Jaspers, Dave Crocker, Henry Harper, Payson Hall, Dale West. Third Row: Mike Olson, Paul Killmer, James Ellern, Karl Olson, John Belt, Dick Tippett, Fred Kitcher, Bob Ingham, Paul Geiger, Norman Fowler, Mr. Chapman. Second Row: Gary Ulrich, Tom Burke, Don Klug, Mike Cetlin, Dick Ansel, Ben Bahora, Sonny Knibb, Bill Sparks, lke Blackman, Al Hodges, Jim Heffington, Sam King. Front Row: Ted Bahora, Jerry Dennison. -79... llllllllllll Back Row: Mr. Burgess, Jim Kennedy fManageri, Jerald Aubuchon, Ray Elliott, John Schultz, Wayne Flesch, Bert Kohrs, Bill Bunt- ing, Doug Pauley, Mike Estes, Dale McPeak, Jerry Tucker Front Row: Jim Green, Ted Behle, Ned Lips, Gordon Biermann, Jerry Orr, Don Funke, Ike Blackman, Howard Hamlin. With ten lettermen returning, Coach Burgess did field a very successful team for the 1955 season. Seven of the returning lettermen were seniors with three years experience and the other three iuniors and sophomores. Fifteen games and the state tournament were scheduled this year, with eleven being in the Suburban League. This was Ferguson's fourth year in the Suburban League. Before the season started the Comets played three non-league games to warm up for the season. The Comets had solid infield strength with a letterman returning at every position along with three pitchers and outfielders. That left only one outfield post to be filled for the coming season. The team began practice early in March and fin- ished late in May. That early practice helped make Coach Burgess' promise of a high finish come true. This was the first year that a junior varsity team existed at Ferguson. lt consisted of the members of the varsity that did not play much and were mostly freshmen and sophomores that gained experience for a future varsity. They played other iunior varsities from the schools in the Suburban League. , Ken Crouse, Jim Heffington, Bob Duncan CManagerJ, Mr. Koch. Dick Tippett, Bob Tippett, Al Sona, Dave McKnight, Tom Hamlin, 1955 BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 31 Country Day April 1 , Pattonville April 5 Ladue 'April 7 U. City fApril 12 Wellston t'April 14 Normandy April 15 Riverview "April 18 Brentwood kApril 21 , Ritenour +April 25 , Webster tilvlay 3 Maplewood tMay 10 Kirkwood flvlay 12, .. Ladue ANlay 16 .. St. Charles +May 18 Clayton t Denotes league games Track is a sport which develops the individual both as a person and as a member of a well- organized team. This year there was a good turn-out ot seven returning lettermen, many un- derclassmen, and some former squad-members. The Ferguson High School Track team, under the direction of Mr. Merrill McDaniels, Mr. Bob Johnson, and Mr. Charles Winscott, participated in the Little Six Invitational Tournament and the University City Invitational Tournament. The Meets were divided into three levels ot competitionethe senior division for boys over sixteen and one-half, the iunior division for boys under sixteen and one-half, and the freshman di- vision composed entirely of freshmen. This di- vision of the boys gave the younger ones a chance to compete with other students ot their own age and abilities. The senior division featured the l2O yard high hurdles, 100 yard dash, mile run, 880 yard re- lay, 440 yard dash, l80 yard low hurles, 220 yard dash, mile relay, shot put, pole vault, broad jump, discus throw, and high jump. llllllll The iunior division has all these events except the T20 yard high hurdles, mile run, T80 yard low hurdles, and the mile relay. TRACK SCHEDULE March 29 , . ,, , St. Charles April l ....,, ...,. ...,. . .Ritenour April 5 ., , -Ladue and John Burroughs April T2 ..,.,,.,. ,,...,. ..,. C o untry Day April 15 .. .. ,Fairview and Pattonville April T9 . ..,. .Clayton April 22 ..... ..,.,,, ,....., . ..... .,...,,... . . D eAndreis April 26-28 . ., Little Six Invitational Tournament May 3, 4, 7 ...,..,. .lJ. City Invitational Tournament May IO , ,.... Riverview May T3 , . District Back Row: Harry Schellenger, Tom Dunn, Dick Montrey, Ray Thomas, Dennis lsenburg, Bill Sheridan, Sam King, Gary Andrews, David Callies, Winston Jones, James Ellern, Jim Zubriggen, Bob Arkes. Third Row: Roger Boos, Charles Bernhard, Bob Ansel, Leonard Dawkins, Don Spaulding, Jack Sitzes, Jack Patterson, Chip Maxwell, Rich Young, Gary Gronemeyer, Ray McAudle, Larry Schilling, Marion Rothweil, Marshall Stark. Second Row: Mr. McDaniels, Frank Fox, Bill Emmons, Bob Bradbury, Henry Harper, Bill Jaworowski, Bill Parnas, Dusty Royer, Don Eades, Bill Wagener, John Pugh, Don Hall, Frank Sinderson, Larry Bollinger, Mr. Winscott. Front Row: Don Maddox, Vito Deisanti, Jerry Isenberg, Sal Deisanti, Jack Donton, Bill Neel, Gerhart Jaspers, Jim Green, Bob Flesh, Fred Kreiger, George Smith, Don Carico, Pat Howle, Dick Ansel. -31- - mv, A , f. A i , , ,v4'r9"m-" . -.-IKM f M .3-N , -N Wf"'r--- aa. "X", 5. A f- -'N1T.t.je1'-L C,.F':Y'QRe't9umL.r -A . 'QT'-'S -,av ' -1 -7 ll.ll.ll. llllllllll Back Row: Mrs. Dieselhorst, Mrs. Cleary, Miss Mohrman. Fourth Row: Kaye Probus, Sally Predock, Bob Duncan, Howard Hamlin, Mardell Keen, Betty Ruff, Jackie Thompson. Third Row: Caroline Davis, Marcia Bohmeyer, Ella Mae Pulliam, Maria Ambrose, Karla Kretzmann, Judy Morgan, Ida Clay. Second Row: Kay Rugen, Carolyn Griffith, Janet Burns, Marialta Sherman, Front Row: Pat Bardon, Carla Rippstein, Cary Marshall, Carol Smith, Faye Probus. Under the leadership of Mrs. Jane Dieselhorst, Miss Lorraine Mohrman, and Mrs. Marie Cleary, the Girls' Athletic Association enioyed an event- ful year of basketball, softball, volleyball, and tennis. The purpose of this organization is to give all girls an opportunity to participate in sports and to promote good sportsmanship. This year the social committee planned and directed the annual G.A.A. Dance with the theme, "Fantasia." According to custom, the girls asked the boys to this dance. Traditionally, the corsages which the girls make for the boys are iudged and prizes are awarded to the three which appear the most unique. This year, due to in- climate weather, on March 25, the dance had to be postponed, and therefore this feature of the dance was eliminated. This, however, did not dampen the spirits of the students who attended the dance on the following Monday afternoon, and Bob Tippett was heartily welcomed into the G.A.A. as an honorary member. The ambition of every member of the G.A.A. was to earn her letter. TOO points must have been earned in one year in order to have re- ceived this coveted award. A girl who earned IOO points for the second time was awarded a chevron, and anyone who earned 200 points in one year was awarded a star. Points were earned in gym classes and for athletic achievements dur- ing G.A.A. games. It was the task of the point committee to record all points earned by each girl during the year and then to compile them for the letter awards. G.A.A. BOARD President . ,........,......,....,..........,.,... Cary Marshall Vice-President .............................. Carla Rippstein Secretary-Treasurer ,,.......,.... ...,.. C arol Smith Point Committee Chairman .....,.....,.... Faye Probus Social Committee Chairman .,......,.,..... Pat Bardon Softball Manager ..,....,...,.......... Marialta Sherman Basketball Manager ...,.,......,.....,. Carolyn Griffith Volleyball Manager ..,... ..,....., J anet Burns Tennis Manager .....,.. .....,. K ay Rugen i. ll. ll. ack Row: Roth, Morrison, Grassmuck, Wahl, Mesnier, Lips, M o s e I e y, Mooney, Jones, Spencer, Hatcher, Cronin, Ruhr, Brenner. 1ird Row: Sonderreger, Warden, Gentner, Larson, Schettler, Williams, Ninker, Blackman, Kelley, Riggs, Grbcic, Speicher, Begole, acond Row: Czeschin, Burgess, B Lovely, Schweizer, Bindbeutel, But ler, Sheridan, Easley, Zimmerman Southard, Neinaber, Brunk, Long. 'ont Row: Stairwalt, Michael, Dornan Craig, O'Dell, P. Martin, Lee, Kap- pel, Dolce, Arms, Albrecht, Albers ack Row: Ray, Griffith, Allman Weiler, Horer, Hutcheson, Coleman Cobb, Clay, Hughs, Miller. wird Row: Schroeder, Mizell, Thomp son, Borbein, Hutsler, Homeyer, Per ry, Sell, Austin, Largent, Tucker, Kirk R. Ellis. econd Row: Licklider, Danial, Con stantine, Hampp, J. Lovely, Cosey Underway, Niehaus, Guth, Jens Twillman, W. Ellis. 'ont Row: Yates, Gantner, Pullium Aydt, Frieda, Broeckling, Boyntan Brace, Clark, Curtis, Tate, Sheridan ack Row: Baltz, Hellmer, Harl, C Begole, Stieg, Dale, Raley, Robert son, Free, McDonald, Heggarty. hird Row: Roth, Collins, Walters, M Martin, B. Ambrose, Jobsky, White hill, J. Smith, Meier, Shaw, R. Mar tin. econd Row: Morris, Baldwin, Gray Wallseber, Briggs, Carrico, Plouclre Lowther, Tranter, Wafler, Hagen Hemminghaus, Tabler. 'ont Row' Hildebrandt, Bruce, Wil son, Trotter, Freise, Kirby, Klink man, P. Bressie, Horr, Marshall, S Morrison, More. ack Row: Carspecken, Rosenow Hachrneister, B. Bressie, Davit Franke, Blanner, Puskar, Janssen B. Behle, Conard. hird Row: Weil, Lange, Kirkpatrick C. Williams, Stanfield, Learn, Steele Reichert, Farver, Schoeninger, Reith Johnson, econd Row: Burnett, Quick, Papp Wiegand, Schultz, M. Behle, Sher man, M. Miller, Howe, Geiger Clark, Bradley. ront Row: Knibb, Jaworowski, Brown McDonald, Scholl, Bracey, Goss Boyd, Jones, Cook, Mahr, Richard son. 1 1 f 1 rim UHF Manager: Marialta Sherman JUNIORS Back Row: Betsy Carspecken, Faye Probus, Carolyn Griffith, Kay Rugen, Carol Smith, Wilma Ellis. Front Row: Beatrice Cosey, Grace Begole, Betty Grbcic, Pat Larson iCaptaini, Jackie Schettler, Marialta Sherman, Anita Riggs. illlllllll The G.A.A. Softball Tournament took place in the fall and was directed by the Softball Manager, Marialta Sherman. Teams of thirteen members from each of the four classes were selected at try- outs. After an exciting season the iuniors took the championship by playing off a three-way tie among the senior, iunior, and sophomore classes, for first place. The sophomores placed second, the sen- ior team third, and the freshman, fourth. A Hodge Podge League consisting of three teams was formed of girls who did not make the class teams. They had their own tournament of after-school contests and the winners of this league played the last place team, the freshman, but were defeated. SOPHOMORES Back Row: Karla Kretzmann, Ruth Ellis, Maria Am- brose, Liz Lips, Anne Moseley, Marcia Bohmeyer. Front Row: Gloria Jaworowski, Shirley Hampp Nancy Ray, Pat Blackman lCapt,D, Nancy Papp, Sandra Quick, Sue Ruhr. SENIORS Back Row: Ethel Wiegand, Joan Lively, Betty Gray, Joyce Sherman, JoAnn Geiger, Maryann Sheri- dan, Front Row: Sue Bindbeutel, Lavonne Griffith, Carla Rippstein, Betty Albrecht fCaptainD, Betty Hilde- brandt, Janet Albers, Janet Burns. FRESHMEN Back Row: Mardell Keen, June Lovely, Betty Ambrose, Mary Francis Cobb, Laura Allman. Front Row: Sharon Yates, Virginia Boyntari, Janice Hemminghaus, Theo Homeyer CCaptainl, Marsha Broeckling, Cecelia Shaw, Terry Mizell. SENIORS Manager Carolyn Griffith Back Row: Louise Allman, Bonnie Griffith, Joan Lively Janet Burns JoAnn Geiger Cary Marshall. Front Row: Carla Rippstein, Betty Hildebrandt Betty Gbcic Ethel Wiegancl lffaptaint, Maryann Sheridan, Sue Bindbeutel Betty Albrecht ll lllllillll The G.A.A. Basketball Tournament be- gan after Christmas under the manage- ment of Carolyn Griffith. On February 12, the class teams went to University City for the annual Play- day. This is the only opportunity the teams have to play other schools. The freshman team was the only one of the four to claim victory, which they did by defeating Maryland Heights. But the fun and experience gained from playing against other teams was quite worth- while. The seniors captured the championship by defeating the iuniors in a game held the night of March 4, preceding the B- Team - Faculty Game. In after school con- tests the sophomores won second place, the juniors third, and the freshman last place. JUNIORS Back Row: Carol Williams, Pat Larson, Carolyn Griffith, Sharon Ploudre, Jackie Shettler, Kay Rugen. Front Row: Carol Smith, Marialta Sherman, Betty Bressie, Faye Probus iCaptainl, Carolyn Stan- ficld, Anita Riggs, Ruth Williams. SOPHOMOR ES Back Row: Lynnette Dolce, Marcia Bohmeyer, Liz Lips, Anne Moseley, Pat Blackman, Karla Kretz- mann, Front Flow: Joan Hagen, Nancy Ray, Martha Morri- son, Maria Ambrose iCaptainl, Lorraine Kappel, Gloria Jaworowski. FRESHMEN Back Row: Cathy Begole, Laura Allman, Lois Raley, Jo Jobsky, Mary Francis Cobb, Betty Jaspers. Front Row: Norma Borbein, Janice Hemminghaus, Betty Ambrose, Theo Homeyer lCaptainD, Kay Largent, Virginia Boyntan, Mary Friede. 'Vt n1gzr Jaitct Burns SENIQRS Back Row Jo Geiger Maryann Sheridan, Carla Rippstein, Janet Burns, Sue Bind- Front Row Betty Albrecht Cary Marshall, Sue Bernhard lCaptainl, Betty Grbcic, Betty Hildebrandt Shirley Kirkpatrick. lllllllllllll ln March the G.A.A, Volleyball tour- nament began under the direction ot Janet Burns, Volleyball Manager. A new system was initiated tor choosing the captains of the learns. Two co-captains were placed in charge ot each class group and atter the teams were selected, they in turn selected their captains. The mem- bers ot each team were picked up by a vote of the three sponsors, the G.A.A. president, the manager ot the sport, and the team co-captains. Little League teams were also formed from the girls who did not make the class teams. The volleyball little league, known as the Crazy-Mixed Up League, consisted of three teams with highly irregular titles: the Curly Mops, the Cryptic Mob, and the Crummy Mummies. JUNIORS Back Row: Carolyn Griffith, Kay Rugen, Zella Jones, Joyce Janssen, Hope Clay, Claire Schoen- inger. Front Row. Pat Larson, Carol Smith, Faye Probus, Marialta Sherman lCaptainl, Betty Bressie, Grace Begole. SOPHOMORES Back Row: Sue Ruhr, Marcia Bolimeyer Liz Lips, Anne Moseley, Maria Ambrose, Karla Kretz- mann. Front Row: Nancy Ray, Martha Morrison, Billie Jo Burnett, Shirley Hantpp lCaptainl, Lynette Dolce, Joan Hagen. FRESHMEN Back Row: Theo Honieyer, Kathy Begole, Diana Baltz, Ima Jean Perry, Laura Allman, Etta Hari, Mary Cobb. Front Row: Brenda Reagen, Sharon Yates, Janine Heniniinghaus lCaptainl, Delores Gantner, Virginia Boyntan, Sue Kirk T-l3 Back Row: Karla Kretzmann, Maria Ambrose, Carolyn Griffith, Carol Smith. Third Row: Betty Albrecht, Pat Blackman, Jolly Rippstein. Front Row: Joan Hagen, Sharon Ploudre, Joan brandt. l-ll Each grade period thirteen girls were chosen by the physical education instruc- tors to become members of the T-13. After a girl had been on T-l 3 three times, she became a permanent member and was allowed to wear the insignia on her gym shorts. A girl must, though, be en- rolled in a gym class each year to re- tain this honor. T-l3 members are out- standing gym students and high in lead- ership and cooperation. llll-Sltlll In each field of team sports a G.A.A. all-star team was selected, which was composed of thirteen members. Girls were chosen for their outstanding ability in that particular sport. The three spon- sors, the president, the manager, and the four team captains chose each team. They had to be a member of a class team, however, to be eligible for this honor. Membership on an all-star team counted ten points toward a letter. SOFTBALL ALL-STAR Back Row: Faye Probus, Liz Lips, Carolyn Griffith, Betty Grbcic, Pat Larson, Jackie Schettler. Second Row: Janet Burns, Marialta Sherman, Betsy Carspecken, Kay Rugen. Front Row: Betty Hildebrandt, Maria Ambrose, Pat Blackman. VOLLEYBALL ALL-STARS Second Row: Carol Smith, Betty Grbcic, Claire Schoeninger, Pat Larson, Sue Bernhard, Mari- alta Sherman, Sue Bindbeutel, Carla Rippstein, Nancy Ray. First Row: Betty Hildebrandt, Janet Burns, Betty Albrecht. BASKETBALL ALL-STARS Second Row: Carol Smith, Marialta Sherman, Carol Stanfield, Kay Rugen, Janet Burns, Liz Lips, Fave Probus, Janice Hemminghaus, Carla Ripp- stein, Betty Grbcic. First Row: Betty Hildebrandt, Carolyn Griffith, Betty Albrecht. Betty Ambrose, Marialta Sherman, Lowther, Kay Rugen, Liz Lips, Carla Burgess, Faye Probus, Betty Hilde- "vw mmw S...-'S Ms Qs ,K . L em i . L - X K L . . , . .. , Y ss- Tennis Manager: Kay Rugen I lllll llllllll HODGE PODGE SOFTBALL The Hodge Podge League was made up of three teams: the Happy-Polka Dots, winners of the league, the Hodey Pokeys, and the Horse Powers. The names of the little league teams were derived from the league name itself. All the names of the teams started with the same be- ginning letters as the league titlefH.P. They also chose outfits which corres- ponded to their team name and which would distinguish them from the other teams. HAPPY POLKADOTS Front Row: Jackie Rosenow, Judy Davit, JoAnn Free, Cary Marshall, Delores Gantner, Delores Hughes. Back Row: Judy Brenner, Hope Clay, Sandy Brown, Lynnette Dolce, Nina Craig. BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS A basketball intramural tournament was held for those boys not participating in interscholastic basketball, but still wanted to take an active part in the sport. Six teams were organized and played every Wednesday night, At the end of the tournament the winning team played an all-star team chosen from all of the losing teams. This year the intra- mural winner won the game. RINKY DINKS Charles Hannah, Rich Knickmeyer, Jerry Ringe, Bill Sheridan, Don Hall. 9-,,. LITTLE SHOTS BASKETBALL Four basketball teams composed the Little Shot League. The Little Squeaks, the Lady Shmoos, the Licketty Splits, and the Lazy Susans. The Little Squeaks, were readily discerned by the replicas of mice on the backs of their shirts. The outfits of the Lazy Susans and the Lady Shmoos also provided interest, the Lazy Susans with imitation "black-eyed susans" attached to their shirts and the Lady Shmoos with "shmoos" on the front of their hats, LITTLE SQUEAKS Sue Ruhr, Nancy Trotter, Judy Conard, Jackie Rose- now, Pat Bressie, Jolly Lowther, Carol Heggarty, Sue Kirk. QU 0 O on I-.."'P ii Hill lllllllllll BUS DRIVERS The bus drivers serve all the schools in the Reorganized R-2 District by trans- porting to and from school students who live outside of a two-mile radius of their school. The bus drivers also take care of the buses and do maintenance work during the summer. BUS DRIVERS Chris Kesting, Alvin Thies, Marian Kinder, Bill Werner, Betty Werner, Joe Knorner, Lee Ober- krom, Mary Hoffman, Eleanor Rell, William Owens, Ruth Litteken, Ernst Lindemann, Vir- ginia Watson, Irvin Burke. CAFETERIA STAFF Under the direction of Mrs. Bolin, the dietician, the cafeteria staff daily pree pared and served lunch for the students of the Junior and Senior High Schools. Besides keeping the kitchen clean to maintain a grade "A" rating, the staff managed to prepare special, appropriate lunches for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. CAFETERIA STAFF Viola Banks, Lena Becker, Josephine Sondegregger, Frances Dilling, Ruth Zander, Marie LaRowe, Hazel Kesting, Vearl Wrozier, Louise Mason, Fern Davis, Elizabeth Robinson, Virginia Wag- ener. CUSTODIANS lt was the iob of the custodians to keep the high school clean and in good condition. During the Christmas vaca- tion and the summer they did a thorough iob of cleaning the entire building, in- cluding painting the rooms and waxing the floors. CUSTODlANS Harry Beaman, George Fredrickson, Walter Fehrlage, Mrs. Mariatte Kruse, William Becker. Cfompllnn-nfs t FERGUSON HARDWARE AND SUPPLY COMPANY 9 CHURCH STREET Vlctor 7-1531 Ferguson Sheet Metal Works, Inc. ll 1'c1 ll-Htl . l'4n1lla1lng . AirC.'ond1'11'on1'ng Vlctor 7fO28-1' Compliments of SHEAR'S Department Store I9 South Florissant louis R. Szomhnthy Alfred R. Szombathy 1 lfcrguson. Mo. Mllllvcrry 7000 Vlctor 7-1139 A Dirac! lfaflory Dealer Stiver's Auto Sales, Inc. 222 South Florissant Ford Cars, Trucks Used Cars SKINKER SERVICE STATION Shelly Products 600 South Florissant Ferguson, Mo. Vlctor 7-9786 CARL's SERVICE STATION 143 North Florissant Road Vlctor 7-2134 FERGUSON CAGE CO. TOOLS - DIES - GAGES M. J. McCarthy Vlctor 7-0792 Ferguson, Mo. 731 S, Florissant Road Ferguson. Mo. Compliments of FLORISSANT BANK Tlimplc 7-3555 Florissant, Missouri MEMBER FDIC Dellwood Beauty Shop Mary Etta Kellenberger 101 17 Florissant Ave. Vlctor 7-3933 FERGUSON MOTOR SERVICE Towing and Expert Auto Repairing 32 North Florissant Road Vlctor 7-0013 Otto F. Hermsmeyer Wm. J. Wunnunberg A EARL SPENCER General Electric Appliances Across from the Show BUESCHER'S JEWELERS AND OPTOMETRISTS 8 Church, Ferguson 21, Mo. Across from Bank Vlctor 7-1580 Ain't she sweet? Crazy pants. Glamorous aren't we? Oh happy day. Future Teachers of America. Tennis anyone? Rockettes. Sing you singers THE COLOR MART 106 SOUTH ELORISSANT Ferguson 21, Missouri Vlctor 7-4128 Paints - Wallpaper - Toys - Gifts Compliments of FERGUSON CLEANERS Vlcror 7-5000 Vlcror 7-3206 Darline Hilker's Floral Shop Choice Flowers for Every Occasion 240 South Florissant Road Ferguson 21, Mo. Compliments of Orr's Service Station AAA Service 130 South Florissant Across from Show Robcrt E. Lorenz Robert S. Lorenz Your Local Printers Ferguson Printing Co. 406 Airport Road Vlctor 7-l724 Ferguson. Missouri Just Hardware '35 Supply FERGUSON DEPARTMENT STORE 27 SOUTH FLORISSANT Complefe Home Maintenance Store ROAD 441 South Florissant F2rgllS0n 21, Missouri Ferguson, Missouri MARJORIE and FRED victor 7-9752 Eagle Stamps Wdo' 74500 Compliments I ' of Geraldine Elonsts BILL BLEI Potted Plants and Corsages Funeral Designs Stiver's Auto Sales 615 s. PLoR1ssANT RD, EV. 5-7000 VI. 7-1764.1 Phone VI. 7-1107 Happy Holiday. This is your Life. Babes in Toyland. Down George! Your past Mr. Beck! Half Time. -92- win QUALITY DAIRY CO. "None Better" 4646 W. Florissant Rd. EV. 1-6000 From a FRIEND Compliments of COOL VALLEY DAIRY Everythmg m Dairy Products Ho-Made Ice Cream C 11 d C d H D 1 y as an arry an ome eiver 1005 Fl " sam Rod VI 71166 WHITE FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service 1 18 NORTH FLoR1ssANT ' RoAD VIctor 7-1500 Ferguson Mo. The Covers and Binding forthe 1955 CREST BY BECKTOLD CO. 2705 OLIVE STREET St. Louis 3, Mo. BRIX FLORIST, INC. lilowers for All Occasions lilowers Telegraphed Anywhere 4820 NATURAL BRIDGE COlfax I-5032 NU-WAY Shoe Repair Fine Shoe Repairing Work Done While You Wait I8 SOUTH ELORISSANT Complimenls of OKay Meat Co. Phone: I-IArrison 8-5155 The Lewis Shop "Ferguson's Only Exclusive Childrens Shop" Infants to I4 14 S. Florissant VI. 7-2380 D you wash your neck this No fair giggling! This is sup- Chocolate or strawberry ' P osed to be dramatic! Pensivc Knight? morning, p A Keith gets crowned. S ACE HARDWARE CO. 14 Plaza Duchesne Hardware, Paints, Household Ware, Electrical, Plumbing, Janitors' Supplies, Toys TEmp1e 7-3515 Frank 26 Stanley Produce Co. Serving St. Louis' Finest Hotels, Restaurants, Institutions, Schools and Clubs C1-lestnut 1-3046 15 PRODUCE ROW At Your Service Our Lobby BANK OF FERGUSON TOWN PASTRIES VJe Specialize in Wedding Cakes 218 S, Florissant Rd. Ferguson 21, Mo. Vlctor 7-0796 Bag of Chicken Drive-In No. 6 Plaza Duchesne Highway 66, Near Florissant Road Compliments of QUALITY FOOD SHOP 626 Carson Road Vlctor 7-1762-.1 Repairing Remodel: g Diestelhorst '25 Sullivan Plumbing Company New Work 1201 CHAMBERS Vlctor 7-26 FRED O. BEHLE, Building Contractor 2 DUNMORE COURT Vlctor 7-5721 Ferguson 21, Mo Compliments of Ferguson Bake Shop 100 CHURCH STREET Vlctor 7-0259 Dine Wtih The Finest To-pmost "Like Fresh" Foods General Grocer Co. St. Louis 2, Mo. Compliments of Bolin's Service Station Cities Service Products 252 South Florissant Rd. I N Ferguson 21. Mo. VI. 7-9607 Texaco VI. 7-9630 CO"'P'i"'f""s of GIL-MICHLER SERVICE The Carousel STATION "the merry go round of fashion" ll S. FLORISSANT RD. Ferguson, Mo. Nlarfax Lubrication - Washing B. F. Goodrich Tires and Accessories Call For and Delivery Service 402 Florissant Ferguson, Mo. Real Estate For Sale Van Zant, Inc. Ferguson 5 and 10 "Your Dime Store" VI- 7-1713 104 south Florissant Rd. 401 North Florissant Rd. VI. 7-3436 I-Iemminghaus Elec., Florissant Pharmacy Your Rexall Store Inc. , , A 701 St. Francois Florissant, Mo. Electrical Contractor Phone TE. 7-3419 VI. 7-0898 VI. 7-5757 119 CHURCH ST. "Vince" Vassolo Prescription Specialists EIlIlIE'5 SNACK BAR IN JANUARY WABASH PARK HOT DOGS AND HAMBURGERS 0 Malts and Milk Shakes Oh you beautiful dolls. Fashion Parade. Best dressed couple. VI. 7-0264 VI. 7-3360 H. Vernon Ball, Inc. Realtors Real Estate, Loans, Insurance 246 S. Florissant Rd. Ferguson 21, Mo. Compliments of lVIcKelvey Oldsmobile CAFETERIA Equipment id Supplies BENSINGERS l007 Market St. St. Louis. Mo. Henke's Delicatessen 701 CHAMBERS RD. Weekday Hours 7 A. M. - 9 P. M. Sundays 9 A. M. - 9 P. M. Fresh Country Eggs Borden's Ice Cream VI. 7-9730 COmp"'me"'S Hy Style Furniture Inc. of "Quality Furniture Fran. Matt, Johnnie. and Linda Delicious Hamburgers and Sandwiches Home-Made Candy Delicious Ice Cream Pie 219 NORTH FLORISSANT RD. VI. 7-9603 at Moderate Prices" 48 South Florissant Rd. Ferguson 21. Mo. VI. 7-5228 Ferguson Shoe Repair Shop 8 S. FLORISSANT RD. Fast Courteous Service All Work Guaranteed Free Parking UPEVELY the BEST MILK" "White in the Bottle, Pink on the Cheeks" Ferguson - Broadway Bus Lines, Inc. CHARTER SERVICE Vlctor 7-0912 Florissant Bake Shop 1080 sr. PRANc:o1s sr Florissant, Mo. Toys and Wheels Repaired New Schwinns "We Sell the Best and Service the Rest" Ferguson Cycle Shop UN. 4,2088 New - Used Parts ' Bought - Traded Accessories FUI' 'mf' Of bakefy 90016 311 FLoR1ssANT vi. 7-1282 See Andrew Mannino for that choice grade of beef. Newest and Moist Modern Market in St. Louis County Day and Night Super Market Savoy Record Mart 121 soUTH FLORISSANT Cnext to the showj Vlctor 7-1214 St. Louis County Radio Service Television Sales '55 Service 2 S. Florissant Ferguson, Mo. We repair all makes of Television and Radios D. S. Fulbright VI. 7-0877 Wells Shoe Store 24 South Florissant Rd. Featuring Low Pfl'C6S Every Day Air step for women Ferguson, Missouri Freeman for mm Quil1man's Drug Store "In Business for Your Health" 42 South Florissant Road Vlctor 7-0422 Graf and Case Realty Co. Realtors In Ferguson Since 1898 9 South Florissant Road DELLWOOD CONFECTIONERY Dellwood and Chambers Vlctor 7-9622 Open Sundays MEYER SHOE STGRE 4 South Florissant Road Across from Bank Vlctor 7-0046 Vlctor 7-2737 Ferguson, Mo. Vlctor 7-2203 Phone VI. 7-2510 ' We Deliver BEN WRIGI-lT'S J J S - HPPIY Color-Kraft Shop 313 s. ELoR1ssANT RD. Ferguson 21. Mo. 1446 CHAMBERS RD. Dellwood, Mo. Hardware and Paint Paints - Wallpaper Floor Covering - Art Supplies VI, 7-9624 Walter Freund COmp'ime"'s O Bread Co. . . 920 SOUTH TAYLOR AVE. Cardlnal Potato ERank1in 1-1282 Cow Inc- Bread ' Rolls ' Cakes - Pies Florissant Food Locker Y5 Market, Inc. Food Lockers for Rent Meals Sold and Processed 598 North Florissant Road Tlfmple 7-3433 R. SACHSE EXPERT SHOE REPAIR 409 South Florissant Ferguson, Mo. WALTER SCOTT'S MARKET 10 CHURCH STREET VIctor 7-0806 Vlctor 7-0107 -100- Artist at work. Toyland. Big Business. ' Goodnight Sweetheart. Shell AAA Roy's Super Service Negwer Fuel and 24-Hour Wrecker Service TEmple 7-3500 Highway 66 and Material Co. Night--UN. 4-2784, Fieeieeene Florissant. Missouri ZIEGLER COAL Building Materials From Feed and Hauling 3 49 AIRPORT ROAD Ferguson Zl, Missouri F R I E N D Vlctor 7-0579 Compliments Jos. H. Vatterott, Inc. of TEmP1e 73544 The Crest Staff -lOl- oming Up . . . World's Most Powerful Jet Fighter This supersonic twin-jet fighter, now in production at McDonnell Air- craft, will soon be joining the forces of the Strategic Air Command. Capable of carrying atomic weapons, the long-range Voodoo continues in the McDon- nell tradition of providing the Nation with the best of aerial weapons for the preservation of the democratic way of life. Many alumni of the Ferguson High School are currently "coming up" in our organization. We salute the Class of 1955 and welcome them to discuss the opportunities of their future with us. MQDONNQLAM , lmzagfacdzamn AI RPLANE 5 AND Aguc 51. Louis 3 ,Mo -102- BARBAY'S MARKET WE DELIVER J. H. BARBAY . . . Proprietor 15 South Florissant Road VIctor 7-2091-Vlctor 7-2092 KINGS DRUG STORE HEADY 23 SOUTH FLORISSANT ROAD Vim- 7-0893 victor 7-0293 Cleaners Established 1923 104 Darsr Road W. E. King Tom E. King vim, 7-0199 Leonard's Jewel House Watches . . . Diamonds . . . Jewelry Watch Repairing TALLY'S GRILL 31321 South Florissant Road 5 SOUTH FLORISSANT ROAD Plate Lunches Sandwiches Ferguson 21, Mo. Vlctor 7-3016 Moore's Delicatessen COMPLIMENTS To Serve You Best When Needed OF Most UNIVERSAL MATCH CORPORATION Vlctor 7-2036 No. l Airport Road Bierman Hardware Co. 46 South Florissant Road Victor 7-3013 FERGUSON 21, MISSOURI VIctor 7-1620 GASEN FERGUSON' Prescription Druggists 20-22 South Florissant Road MISSOURI victor 7-2724 Stores All Over the St. Louis Area -103- Modern Method Laundry Q"lk'Se'VlCc Stairwalt Electric Co. One Day-Service 5f1f'5efVifQ Westz'nghouse Appliances 721 South Florissant Road I Victor 7,9604 26 South Florissant 8:30 A-M' to 6 p'M4 Victor 7-2629 Vlctor 7-2630 Gas Grease Compliments of LODHOLZ BROS. 517 SOUTH FLORISSANT ROAD victor 7-9735 victor 7-1100 AUTO PARTS FOR ALL MAKES OP AUTOMOBILES Oil Batteries Wilson's Super Market Keep FH and Have Fun at Highway 66 at New Florissant Road Ferguson Bowllng Lanes Florissant. Mo. VICTOV 7-9790 Complimenfs Of Gettemeier Realty Co. BEHLE'.s Fooo MARKET Realm' 1735 S. Florissant Road Victor 7-9744 HERBERT GETTEMEIER. President 1 Dade Ave. Ferguson Florissant, Mo. -104- mwzmfsxm' . zmzams jx 3 i. X . 1 I I r. .4 A ly F R Q .fx 4, 'Z -. 3 vk vs. Q xc x l X wa F 2. , E' W fig '52 gg L35 "N If .x k 'nf 1 ,Q

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