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Ferguson High School - Crest Yearbook (Ferguson, MO) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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F: 4 Y.. ,X-----pn-Q-v V. - . , . .... , , . ., -- ,V f- - .- auuqw. -.f-.-Qfa---Q My as r X Qfyigv, , ' H Vmpyiqb p,,w,wlf W W, X132 gg,- 'TEL 'fa 4 51 NW FFT: Xsgiim Www Wy? gy A ixxx N Xa JFL W5 pcv 2:95, '--g., gyp 4- fgf' PP Uxu K . '1 , F' I I f , L W - , 9 X ' 3 KJ ' N In f". Qu. K A . 5 1 DQ , , W ol I 1 I I I Vi 0 ' A I nf. -1,2 g N O . ' fv "' ?lil.,, if . . -I fljjnrrm I 14 J ,W x V dy lx' 3 it E ' if, . I ' h 2 L , F ri ' J ' , 'I , N . K N X , s. ' L JP I Yi' lu: ,. .N . uv A . ' , R. I V, U! J . f 1' 2 RV ' ' f Q - ,lf - A -3 , K ' '-s ". R- w ' T If - 'R' R 'I Xf- 'V ,. I . 5 X A x - I V' Y Q Q 3 f 5 fi X N 1. , ' 4 Q A ,S ji ff Q 710 KJ 1 . . I t Vx h , V A my 2 f f 2? Pb za Q ff f f 2 ' . '- 1 CE, XM 4. '3 N. f ' ' n -7- b ' -Q - If L ,S K-i,,,' Q - ' - J' 1 X' 'I S -. X 5 ' - X A' . jf Q I 5 Q w '- 2711, -fl D ' ' - if - -i ' N ' W- J ' -, V .K , qu n , Y 5 Bun , 3 xx W 'qv ir ix 1 ' ' fy Y , Q xg ' X,X H f. r J 8 ' if . jf? ' 5 -'Z fi 1. , Q I V L ' wr: ll x ' 'W ,Q '53 5 X N ga . MH: 1' V - 4 .I if 7- J V QS? H51 is 1 ,1 X- xi V uv-Qi: fn i f 1, 'X X1 ff X4 M . , N7 og' ' 'Qu ' ' 4-J, N., -4 5 I ' 1 ,,.,.,N 'Lb . 1' 'J .- - - ,,- tj. yi ' 'E Lu' cv 0 CDGJWXK Qt -L III W5 fllzloot as E AGNA 9302 0 Q 'ntVQ3flliifJ05PfQx0vxHY We 923 1ovl5B0sOP V QUE QQ S6 Y 50N MISSOURI ie Gm: of M50 The Crest Staff presents the l95O edltloh of the Crest the school yearbook Whlch deplcts the l1te and act1v1t1es of the student body of Ferauson Hrah School m Fer auson MISSOUTI durmq the past school year x' 1 'Y A' ' an I N NOX O xil C Z- ' 75 . . - ' 'V 1 0 Q ' '3 No .ol Wd . 03656 MSUWQ Q .1 , f . J Q 5 BECKTOLD BINDING COMPANY Mr Glassen CENTRAL ENGRAVING COMPANY Harry Swam Ir VINCLNT PRICL STUDIO Max Gould WIESE BARNES PRINTING COMPANY Charles C Grlmm SNR There are many times in our high school days when we pause and look back. ln these years of progress we have witnessed the building of a new addition to our school and the ever-increasing enrollment of our school. Everything ties in to add to memories oi Ferguson. We, the Crest Staff, have tried to permanently record some of the memo- ries of 1950. We hope that this book serves its purpose. Page Two With great pride and pleasure we, the Crest Staff of 1950, dedicate our book to Mr. Virgil C. McCluer Mr McCluer s sincere interest deep un derstanding and able and devoted service have won for him the respect of everyone I-le has been our school s staunchest sup porter as well as a respected citizen of this community May th1s ded1cat1on show our apprec1at1on of his untiring efforts and achievements ie Wen' Wulf if VIRGIL C MCCLUER Men have always sought to capture the formula by wh1ch all tasks 1nvolv1ng mater1al th1ngs and other men might be made easrer and more certa1n These efforts expressed ln the folk lore of many peoples have resulted 1n such magic as Aladdm s Lamp the dreams Bunyan and his Blue Ox By the turn cf the century these material dreams began to mate rrahze and by now they have been fulfilled However 1n this age of magnitudes the ideals and the courage of the 1nd1v1dual 1S and al Ways w1ll be supreme Only when 1nd1v1duals realize that all men are created equal with equal opportun1t1es can man best realize the benef1ts of h1s 1nvent1ve genius The rndlvidual with a Wlll and courage to take care of h1s own give hrs brother a fa1r chance and be ashamed to depend upon his country for h1s existence 1S an American who w1ll make Amencan trad1t1ons Work To be equ pped to fully realize these opportun1t1es each person ally accord1ng to h1s pecuhar bent You w1ll see further sc1ent1f1c development and you w1ll see soc1al revolutlons It IS up to you to de- termine the character of these changes May the last half of the twentieth century cont1nue by w1sely applying the progress thus far made and by el1m1nat1ng the mistakes and 1n1ust1ces of the first half V C MCCLUER Page Three of the alchemists, and the exploits of Paul must be highly trained socially and vocation- if!! AUM' ik 2 7' 0 K fmfff' , S, ,QQQLJ Xt! ff ' fl ' fm 1 N Q A Q kj pwduceze V C MCCLUER g1ve students those experrences through dernocrotrc pcrrtrcrpdtron thot wlll tend to brrng about understondlng of the vrtol rssues of our trrnes ond develop the de s1re to foce these 1ssues We ore con vmced that students do not become orct 1ve responsrble crtrzens of the comrnumty stote notron cmd the World unless they get prorctlce 1n the use ot these responsr bllrtres whrle rn school ln other words people leorn by dolng ond not by heor rng l S MCCOLLUM Pnncrpol Mr V1rg1l C McCluer come to Ferguson 1n 1930 to serve os the Supenntendent ot Ferguson Schools For the pcrst twenty yeors Mr McCluer hos supervrsed the Fergu son School Dxstnct through the try ng yeors of the depressron Wo ld Wor ll ond the roprd post wor ex pons1on of chrlcl enrollment ln the publrc schools Page Slx 'T Ip . . . sf lm n fl 'H 9,1 , A i ' , r "It is our purpose ot Ferguson High to pzadacew Zawwlov! EE BROWN MONNIG lESKE BRADSHAW GElGEB GORDON MCCLUEB The Ferguson School Board controls the dlrec tron of the pollcres and frnances of the Fergu son Publrc Schools and employs the Suoerrn tendent of Schools The board IS composed ot srx members two of whom are elected each year for a three-year term The Ferguson Schools hrgh tandard of educatron rs to be credrted to the board The Parents Club serves rn many ways both the school and communlty They organrze and sponsor the annual Chnst mas Dance furnrsh the floral bouquets for the CHEST Coronatron serve the ree freshments at all student dances and they asslst rn promotmg School Board campargns and plans Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs OFFICERS Kenneth Upton Presrdent B N Tucker Vrcepresrdent Everett Young Secretary Treasurer Harold McBr1de Hrst nan Presrdent Mr loseph T Monmg Mr G C Bradshaw Mrs F B leske Mr W C Brown Ir Mr Eugene Gordon Mr lanes Gelger Vlce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Drrector Drrector Supermtendent of Schools Mr V C McCluer Audrtor Mr A I Lee permeate ack B N M s Wergel lvrs K1 echt lfrs C s rnt B. w lfrs uad fls Jf de ' lp n Mrs 'c.mg KN n nz S J Page Seven 4 T 'IE' ' E -,. J nf , K jf 'ivizwft ' E. SMITH OVERTON M. BOLIN LAVAL WAYNE GORDON Kansas State Teachers College Washington University M.A Psychology Student Assembly, Sophomore Guidance Counselor GERALD IMPEY Missouri University B.S Workshop l and 2, Mechanical Drawing REGINA IERZEWIAK Washington University A.B., MA,-History World History, CREST Staff Class Ouill and Scroll Society, CREST, Riding Club MAXINE KASSING North Dakota State College B.S. Home Economics Cheerleaders, Pep Squad ffifi Witt MEFEERD BIEBER MOORE B. BOLIN KASSING GORDON ROTHY BIEBER University of Illinois B.S. Art Busy Brushes, lce Skating BENTLY BOLIN Ncrth East State Teachers College, B.A. Central Missouri State College, M. A. Chemistry, Advanced Algebra, Health Coach Varsity Basketball MARGARET BOLIN Central State Teachers College BS. Cafeteria Manager, Dietitian ALECK BURGESS Central College A.B. Baseball, Health and Physical Education Athletic Director PAUL COCHRAN Washington University B.S. American History, Driving Wrestling, B Team Football lANE DIESELHORST Harris Teachers College AB. Washington University M.A. Girls' Physical Education, Health GAA, Bowling, Iunior Guidance Counselor IERZEVVIAK IMPEY COCHRAN KURTZ IOHN KLICKMANN University ci Redlands California Claremont College Administration Driving B Basketball Assistant Football Track MARGARET KURTZ Washington University A B Shorthand Il Bookkeeping Typing Knitting Club VERNON LAVAL Southeast State Teachers College B.S. Speech, English 3 and 4 Rifle Club GERALD MEFFERD Washington University A.B., M.A. Spanish l and 2, School Publications Scoop, Ouill and Scroll Society, Student Eederalists Page Eight Washmqtcn Umversny AB MA Enqhsh and Education Dramatrcs Club Semor Play Senior Sponsor Tardres Cwflselcf MAX PLAVNICK LYDA NOURSE Them' Westem Kentucky State Teachers Ccueqe DS Dlrectcr Band Orchestra Glrls Glee Club George Peabody College for Teachers M A Enqlrsh Chou BOYS Glee Club Enqllsh 1 and 2 WILLIAM PUFALT Freshman Gmdance Counselor WCISWYICJYOU UHWGYSNY B Q MA KENNETH OVERTON EHAEEN SMITH Senegal Mglhegmgcs bAlqe?rG Waslunqton Un versny M A Hrstcry ssrs ant occ cot a rac American Hlstow ROBERT PFLEGER HELEN SMITH Washmqtcn Umversrt B M A Educatlon Umversxty cf Icwa A B BI Ibumalxsm Enqhsh 5 and Lxbraman Dramaucs Clu r Play Stage Crew Iumor Sponsor Candy Sales KLICKMAN SNIFFEN RIPPSTEIN PUFALT PFLEGER I-I SMITH WA 1 SON BURGESS FOX ULBRIGI-IT 1 ,4 , J IESELHORST PLAVNICK NOURSE Page Nme .,., . G". ,V TI-IIRD ROW Hughes Ieske Kohrs Ebbesmeyer Behle Ogl soy Nelson Young Mr Gordon fadvrserl SECOND ROW Mrss Smrth Cadvrserl Lawless Orr F Brewer Hunter B Br W r McClure C Smrth FIRST ROW Quade Farrbanks Reeves Poor Buehrle Lucas Noettl ,4 Growrng and becomrng more rmportant every year the Student Assembly has grven the students an opportumty to govern them selves Thrs years oftrcers were elected last sprrng rn order to avord some of the contusron that usually occurs rn the tall Under the ex cellent leadershrp ot the presrdent Irm Poor and through rts many commrttees the Student Assembly has completed a very successful year FOURTH ROW Orr Kassebaum Ieske I-hlgeman Blacksha son Wrllrams THIRD ROW Morrrson Wredman Kreder Hackman Wannrger Baldwrn SECOND ROW Plavnrck M bradshaw Loehrer Grob Sullrvan Ahlemerer FIRST ROW banks Reeves Poor Ieslce Lucas Wrese Franz Walbrrdge The Gurdance Councll assrsted by the Gurd ance teams rs appornted by the presrdent to enforce and rnterpret the laws made by the Student Assembly concernrng the cafetena school grounds and general conduct Although the Gurdance Councll rs only rn rts second year rt has already proved rts value to the school W Brndbeutel Gordon Davtson Wrese Harvey Kohrs Patter Hume Schuster Land Knox Smrth Klosterman Layeuness Cluer OBr1en Dreckman Potts Buchanan Drrnond Krueger Ruff Noettl Worthmgton Aubuchon Knecht Young Farr Page Ten PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Third Row: Patterson, Gotway. Second Row: McClure, Duhray, Morrison. Frrst Row: Edler, Hayward, Young. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Fourth Row: Lucas, Poor, Reeves. Thrrd Row: Franz, Rugen. Second Row: R. Ieske, Reynolds, P. Ieske. Ftrst Row: Wcrthingtcn, Ouade ICC-chain man? ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Seccnd Row Schwctebe Beol Logan Frrst Row Kassebaum Buehrle Dawson EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE Second Row Mack Fulbrtght C Smlth First Row Hammer Noettl tCha1rmanJ ELECTION COMMITTEE Thrrd Row Ogle-shy Kohrs Brewer Second Row Nelson Lucas Hughes Frrst Row Orr Poor ATHLETIC COMMITTEE Second Row Reeves Poor Ouade Frrst Row Ieske Lucas CCccha1rrnanJ CAFETERIA COMMITTEE s R Krueger ha rfften SERVICE COMMITTEE rd R v r-I Be Seccnd R N CIu e Werts Frrst R sm yer Casey 599 Page EIeven I , , , q' V s Y-.ff I I we is ' . 9 7 '- A A - Secznd Row: E. V."-eleba, Mcrrzson, Over- Street. Frr f ..C'.-11 Erex-fer, ' . - fCi-c. t.. c A. Thi ..c'. 1 ' unter, hIe. or : HCC r , . . ..C'.-J: Towner, Elite e , . dw UXSSESI " , fe Thirteen LARRY OVERSTREET Cafeteria Committee 4 C ndy S1les 3 Track I 2 Skating Club l Sentor Cass President 4 CREST Escort ROBERT WELEBA C aft-tern Committee 4 CRFST Staff 4 Track 2 Basketball Intramurtls 4 oot b ll lntmmurals 3 Honoruy 'Vlembtr f A A 2 Softb1ll lntr1mura s 1se l Sxntor C ass Sccrct1ry 4 Student Secretary 4 The Nl1n o C1n1t to Dinner 4 CR S l scor HELEN AUBUCHON rutdmce Council 3 CR S 1fT 4 snr SMH 4 n s 3 Dr1n11ttcs 4 lrest en t 1r 4 Cl1ss Vollt 1 apt ass 1s et 1 1ss 1seball St1r tyb1ll A St1r Puskt 1 tm ssts 1 7 Squad 3 tttln u enctl Pushtrs 3 G rls 1 ee ub Tmn Metttng f ht A r 4 Tht 'N 1n o C mt to xnntr l"ap1 Rt1ds tht C hrtstm1s Carol 4 CRFST Quttn SHARON BEAL Asstmbly Committtt 4 Prom Committee Candy S lts 3 CREST St1H' 4 ra ttcs Club 1 4 'Vltxed Chorus 2 Gtrs ee Club 2 3 Cl1ss No C.l1ss B1skt a 3 Riding C. u a tn u ut n Scroll 4 'Vlo ll: Y Youth 1nd Gott Program 4 'Vim Vtho C ame inner 4 National Honor Socttty CRF T Coronation 'Vlttsress of Ceremonies EDNA BIPPEN Other School l CREST Staff 4 Lshtr a 4 C' 4 Class Nolley b ll 2 Class Basketball 3 Class Baseball , 3 le S ua : Kntttm Clu : encil Pushers 3: uill a d Scroll 3 Student Secretary 4. DAVID BOLLINGER Radio Workshop Z: School Pub 4: Mixed orus 2, 4: " ess My Soul" 3 c Squad 2: Skating Club l: Camera Club 3. 4: "The Man Vtlho Came to Dinner" . Page Fourteen IERRY YOUNG Student Assembly 4 Publicity Committee 4 Guidance Council 4 Radio Workshop So tball ntramurals 3 Base all Boys State 3 Mo Hx Y Youth and Govt Program 4 Vtcc President of Senior Class The Man Who C.1mt to Dinner 4 Senior Assembly Committee 4 GRACE EBBESMEYER tl and Scroll 4 Struct Commttee Chrtrman Jr Ring Committee 3 CRFST 1 4 Us 1er taif Can S1 es Mixed Chorus 3 Glrs Cvlee Club 3 All ounti, Chorus 3 A A Bo C 1ss Volleyb1ll 3 Cl1ss l31sketb1ll Z Class Base a All Sl1r Softb ll 4 All Star Vo e 3 All ar sk tbtll 4 gym Asststmt 4 nit ub Penct Pusrers 3 Honor Society 4 The Mtn Who C1me tu Dm ner 4 Student Secretary 4 Senior C1ss Trtuurcr 4 CRI ST Mud PAUL AUBUCHON rojectlon St1ff l 3 4 Student Bo PETE BINDBEUTEL Stu ent Fedemlxs! 3 4 Sec Tre1s Gund 1n t Council 4 A lootball 3 Manager Busy Brushes 4 Riflt Club 4 The 'Vlan XX hu Came to Dtnntr 4 EILEEN BLEI c ool Pub 4 Candy Sales 3 G A C. 1ss Vo e a Cass Basketball 2 3 Class Baseball Z 3 T 13 , , , Gym Assistant Pep Squa Cheer Leaders 4: Student Bowling 4: Pencil Pushers 3: Senior Skip Day Com- mittee 4. HARRY BONE Rifle Club 4. LOIS BOWDI-IN 0 nl Kcmmxltrc 2 School I'ub 4 C C ass VO t' .1 Sltattn ub Z Kmttmg Club 4 Ptncll Pus 3 Student Secretary 4 RODERT BRINKMAN Irom Commttttt 3 Iltctton Commxttrt ojtctton Strfl 7 3 Cafetcua a mwn term 0 te r Ptncrl Pushers 3 IACK CARROLL Studtn! Assembly l Prom Cummutttc CRFST Stuff 4 asketbmll 3 s tt 1 ac Soft .1 n ramunls 3 Studtnr Bowlmg l 3 Student Secretary 4 CREST Escort CENEVIEVE CAYCE uttnt Asstmbly 2 C A t Us Vo t .1 ass as tt a f .Ns seball 2 T13 4 Gym Asslstan Pep Club 3 Pre-stdent Ixnltttng C u 3 4 Pencll Pushers 3 Semor Assembly Committee 4 Student Secretary 4 Class Volleyball 4 ANTOINIETTE CHAPMAN ndy S Its ramatrcs A Class Btst a e Squad 4 Knlttlngt u Pencrl Pushers 4 Red Cross Representatne The Man Rho Came to Dmner 4 C lass Xolleyball 4 MARY LOU COFFIN -.4 "QV Page Fllteen BETTY BREWER Studtnt Assembly 4 Iducattonal Commit t 4 Cn C halrn tn 'Vltxtd Chorus rershwtn Scenario l Cv A ass Btsltetball I e Squad 1 ln u 4 Ro er Itung Club 4 nttttn u rt Club 4 RLE n 4 Secret r mt tet 4 Ch-nrman Social ,mm Commlttct' 3 Chair man J Rang Cnmmuttcc 3 School Pub ndy Stlts n rchtstrt I C-trshwtn Scentrto css My Soul 'l tcrctmry oar r s ybtll C t 3 Class Bas C All Sttr Volleyball 3 All Star Basketball 4 Cheer I ea er mtmg Clu I rr s a e ut an Scroll 3 The Vlan Who Came to Iltnntr 4 Honor Socttty 4 Class Volley E ll 4 CRI ST Nlatd Tennis Champs 3 1. nrly Tr NI1 ed Chorus Gxrls l b 2 Bless My ou I n ll Pushers 3 Shar 5 an lats oncert 3 1Ovl3l5,fARTER CHARLES CHANDLER I rum omnuttee 3 Rm no 'orkshop ool Pub 3 ta 4 I dl or 0 tion Staff Us tr Sta Z Can 1 ts tptnn Applejaclt t b1ll seball I asketball I asketball rack stung Club I 4 Student Bow tn 4 utll and Scroll The Man ' 0 mme to Dinner 4 Dramattcs Club 4 Jumor Rotartans 4 Wednesday Night Intra 'nurals 4 IEAN COFFEY Student Assembly I Social Commtttee l rutdance Council 3 Usher Staff I a e ta Staff an y a es A Z G A A Board l Class Valley a l Rldmg Clu l Skaun ub Red Cross Representatne 3 I tbrary Assistant 3 DIANNE DAVIES Student Asst' Z 3 Treasurer Prom Commute tldmgs and Grounds Com mlttio 3 Ring Committee 3 Chant m n Historian 3 CREST Stall' 4 Usher Can a es Dramattcs xed Cher?-fi ess My Soul C G A A Boar Clas etball 2 Capt Class Committee 4 Gym Asststan 3 Sltatt 3 Kntttmg Club 4 Pencil Pus 3 unll and Scroll 4 Intergroup Coun H A l The Slan W'ho Came to Dinner 4 Honor Society 4 Student Secretary 4 CRLST Nlard BOB DONNELLY Mc ndt Hugh School l 2 DeAndrexs Hugh School 3 RONALD EDLER Student Assembly l 3 Publrut'1 Com mittee 4 Jr Rlng Commlttee 3 Student e eralrsts 2 Radlo Vlorkshop I CREST StafY 4 Usher Staff l Candy Sales Class Commtttee 3 Captam Apple ae A Football 3 Manager Town 'Vleetlng of the Alr 3 Skatmg Club 3 Sharps and Flats 2 The an 'ho ame to Dmner Senior Skip a Lommmee 4 CREST Escort STEVE FULBRIGHT Student Assembly Z Fducatlonal Commit Sc ool 3 ld: or Captain pplrjsclt Mxxed Chorus 0,-,gball l 4 C o Captam M kc all 4 Basketball Captain uk Shar as tn als The an Wlto Came to Dmner 4 CREST Lscorl WINNIFRED GILBERT VERONICA GOTWAY Publicity Commxttee 4 Radio XVorkshop 2 School Pub 4 Usher Staff 3 Dramaucs Z A 4 Class Base a H e ua 3 Skatx Club I Kmttmg Club 3 Pencrl Pushcrs 3 Busy Brushes 4 Roller Skatnng Club 4 DANNY HACKET1' CREST Staff 4 Dramattcs 4 Captam Applejack 4 A Football 4 Manager atmg Club 2 4 Mxxed Chorus The Man Who Came to Dmner 4 Sharps and Flats 2 3 Jr Achxetement 3 Semor Assembly Commntee 4 wav 3. .tl Page Sutteen RUTH DUBRAY Publncrty Commxttee 4 Candy Sales 3 A Class Vo e a Class Basketball l 2 Class Baseball I 3 Squad l Rid ann u Kmttln Clu Pencrl Pushtrs 3 Student Secretary 4 DOROTHY FEHRLAGE s er Staff 4 C: T m sslstant 3 e Squad 4 Knitting Club 4 Pencil Pushers O ace Assn tant 2 3 4 Student e nor Society 4 ERVIN GENO IIMMY GOSS Radno Workshop 2 Track l 2 MAYBELLE GOULD Cruldancs Council 4 Dramatlcs 4 Cn A A l Skaung u 4 Sharps and Flas 3 Stor Book Ball Maud l Knitting Club 4 Girls bleu Club 4 Roller Skatmg Club 4 ROSANN HAMMER Bunldmg and Grounds Commxttee 3 Edu catronal Commntree 4 Co Chanrman Cafe terra Commntzee 3 'Secretary Electron C ommlttee 3 Radio Vvorkshop 3 Se re rar ES'l t ff Usher Sta Candy Smlcs 3 Dramaucs 3 4 Secretary Captain Applejack 4 Charm School nd O c es ra 4 Mxxe orus 2 Us lee lu less Soul 3 Class o eyball l ass Bas e a ass Baseball 1 Rldnng Club l Ska! C ub 3 Sharps an Fa S 2 e lross Rtprtstntatnc 3 Qunll and Scroll 4 Tht 'Vlan XVho C ame to Dmner 4 Honor Society 4 Student Secretary 4 CREST Nland HAROLD I-IANDLANG ELEANOR I-IERRMAN u llcxty Committee I L htr SHIT I c ool uh n 1 ts rl m tics I nxt orus 4 Cnrls Glen. Club 4 Crershvun Scenario Bless 'Wy Snul 'iss aseball l I lu fkil ln U ating Club I 4 Rulltr Skating C u IK lung u 7 4 ltncil Pus in ecretary arps and Flats CH 1 r Assistant 4 Buss Brushes 4 'Ihr Nlm XX ho Came to Dinner 4 IEAN ANN HOLTSHOUSER Iaboure High School l Prom Committee 3 Guidance Cuuncil I StudentFeder.1l1sls T taH s er tx I andy Salas 3 Dramatics ua 4 Riding C u a In u Ixni rin C u cnci us ers Iresid nt Shar s a Flats 3 G A A Corsage Vlnntr Senior Skip Day Commit 4 Chairman Student Secretary 4 MARY LOU I-IUME Guidance Council 4 s tr Stuff l Can Sales 3 Dramatlcs 3 Charm School 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Girls Cvlee Cu 3 Bless My oul ass Baseball Z F H I Pep Squa nrttlng ub Penci Pus ers Office Assistant 4 Spring Concert 3 The an l.Vho Came to Dinner C ass Volleyball 4, FRAN KIENSTRA Dramatics Z: "Gershwin Scenario" I: Cv, , A. .. e ua : eer Leaders -1 Sc-mor Skip Day Committee 4: Student Secretary 4. DON KROPP Basketball Intramurals 1. 3: "A" Base- ball I. R. 5, ,1 Page Seventeen GEORGE I-IEFFNER is etball Intrlmurals 3 4 Volley A Intramurals IUANITA HINDS Ro r Skating Club 4 ls slung C uo enci ushers u tent Srcnlary FRANCES HUGHES Irlllciuonil Commitltr 4 Nlnxsd Chorus 4 ss r 1 Cuun nrus ss s t 1 All tar 0 tblll 4 IR ruatl Ska in C lu string Cluu Office Assman e N an Xlhn Came to Dinner 4 North I i h 1. col numbus Ohio 3 Ilonor Steiets 4 KENNEY IACKSON ahoma and Arizona l 2 3 Sc oo 4 Wrestling The Man Who C mme to Dinner 4 WILMA KIRKPATRICK l.'s er Staff 4: Cafeteria Staff 2, 4: Candy f es 3: . 'xct forus : '. . . : . 'I' wn fleeting f t e Air I: Knillin lub 4, Iencll Pushers , ELAINE KRUEGER Cafeteria Committee 4: Guidance Council 3. 4: School Pub 4: Tennis 3: G. A. A. I: Ci. A. A I'mard 4: Class Volleyball I: irym Assistant 4: F. II. A. I: Teen Press -6: Quill anal Scroll 4: T-I3 4: Busy brushes 4. Honor Society 4: Student Sec' retary 4. LORRAINE NOBLITT PAUL LAMMERT Projection Staff l Z 3 Ping Pong ln ra murals 2 INANCY LONG Clinton High School Clinton Missouri l CRLST Staff 4 Ilrtmtttcs C p tam Applejaclt 4 txed mrus A 4 Knitting Club 4 Quill tnd Qcro Grls Gu: Clu 'Ihe Mtn Who amf: tn inner it C Rl ST Maid 'MWC RICHARD LAWRENCE Jr Town Meeting f tht Air 4 RUTH MCCLURE Student Assembly 4 Serttct Comntttltc 4 J Ring Committee 3 Rwdm Xltorkshop CRFST Stall 4 Uylttr Stuff 4 Cm as 3 ramattcs Club 4 otr Cltxs llnsktt 1 .1 mg Club l 1 ln u t Cross Reprtstntattve 3 ht Mtn X ho Came to Dinner 4 Stntor Assembly lnm millet- 4 CRI-ST Vlatd LEROY MEDLEY MARCELLA NIENHAUS .A ..,. :Clas Voe'a , : Class Basketball 2. 3: Class Baseball 2. 3, 1 - tar olleyball '51 - '53 G'm Assistant 4: Pep Squad 3. 41 le cil Pu - ers 4: Senior Skip Day Committee 45 Class Volleyball 4. 245' as... Page Eighteen s XY . MARTHA LOGAN Assembly Committee 4 School P b 4 rdy S les ramattcs Captain Applejack 4 Mixed Luorus l Lt r s Glee Clu Ctershwtn ctntrw css y Soul O ar e ua t tn u Knitting Club 4 Teen Press 4 Quill and S roll 4 The Man Who Came to Dm nl! RUTH LOVE ndy 1 es M xc oruy 2 Cnr s ,tt u css 'Vly Qnul t unty orus 4 -ISS t tyball Z 'c uad I K b a tn u Busy Brushes 4 Student iccrttary Ktudtnt Stcretary 4 CAROLYN MACK Fducattonal Committee 4 School lub 4 tndy Sales 3 Dramattcs l Captain Ap ltjaclt 4 Mixed Chorusl 4 Crcrsh mln Scenario Pe S ua Rtdtn K u a tn u 4 lxnttttn Klub 3 Office Assistant 4 Teen l' ess School Pub 4 RAYMOND M MENAMY lmaxltetball Intramurals l Z Volleyball 2 4 ltmtball lntramurals 2 IOAN MUEHLIN C A A 2 3 4 Class Volley' all .ass Basketball 2, . 4: Class Base a . . 1 T-I3 3: Riding Clu l: Skatin Club 41 Red Cross Representative 4: Class Xolleyball 4. . ing Committee 3: G. A. A. .. . 2 K. A. . oar , 3: Class Volleyba , J fass as et a . 51 Class Base a . t 3 A -S ar Vo e .., : All' Basketball .., Student Bowling 4: Knitting Rub . 4. Student Secretary 4, Student Secretary 4. DONALD NOETTL ludent Assembly I 4 Buildln s an Grounds Committee I Chairman Educa tional Committee 4 Chairman Guidance ouncil 4 School I7 b 4 Dramatics Captain Applcjack 4 Mixed Chorus 4 ack I Iootba Intramurals 3 De att ub ull and Scro 4 News Buremu e Mm Xkho Came to Dinner Ilonor Society 4 CREST Lscort BETTY OLDFATI-IER xul Chorus Z K Skit in Club 2 nuttin u Itncl s mrs 3 4 Student Secretary RITA PATTERSON Grls Glee Club 4 Pep Squad 4 Ri mg Club 4 Skating Club 4 Knitting Club 3 Busy Brushes 4 Student Secretary 4 RUDY PICARDI Ben Blewett High Schoo The Man NVho Came to Dinner 4 WILLIAM OUADE Student Assembly 4 Publicity Committee 4 Prom Committee 3 Jr Ring Committ 3 Social Committee 4 Chairman Athl Committee 4 Guidance Council aff 4 andy Sales 3 ac Foot a Basketball I cw ht r Stu tnt o s S ' 3 Jr Rotaruns 4 m to Dinn r o R lo X rkshop Z. "Senior Com ' ' 1 CREST Escort: NS A Award. IIM RONE Mixed Chorus 4: All-County Chorus 4: " " ootball . : "A" Basketball , . anager: kk restling I, -, 4: Skatun . . : B s' Cv et' C u 1 "The an XK'ho Came to Dinner" 4, Kai 4-as tf"'SX Page Nineteen ,X DONNA O BRIEN mntly Sales 3 nc: us ers llbiary Assistant Student Secretary 4 FLORENCE ORF ndy Sales 3 G A A 4 C n eyball I I Class Basket a ass Baseball I 4 All Star o Crym Assistant Knitting Club 4 Pres: ent cncll Pushers 3 Student Secretary Class Volleyball 4 GUY PICARDI en Blewett High School I Honor Society 4 PM POOR ent 4 Presiden Socia Commit 4 I rom Committee Ilcct ommlttee 4 Co Chairman Ath le lc C miltec 4 Guidance Council 3 4 School ub 4 Candy Sales 3 Dramatics ub I 3 President 4 Pres: ent Captain Applejack 4 Stage Door Z Charm School Star Wagon I Gershwin Scenario A Basketball 3 F Co Captain B Basket al ase a Trac Tennis Intramurals 4 Ping Pong Intramurals Z Softball Intramurals 3 Prom Reporter 3 u an Scro I Jr Rotarians Story Book Ball Escort I N10 Hr Y Youth Gott Program 4 The Man Who Came to Dinner 4 Honor Society 4 IEHRY REEVES Roosevelt High School I 2 Student As scmbly 3 4 Vice President Visual Lduca tion Committee 3 Social Committee 3 4 Iiom Committee 3 Jr Ring Committee 3 Athletic Committee 4 Guidance Council 3 arrman 4 Chairman Candy Sales ootball 3 Co Captain Baskttball The Vlan Xkho Came to Dinner 4 Senior As sembly Ctmmlttee Chairman 4 KRIST Escort. SHIRLEY ROTH . A. A. 4: Knitting Club 4: Pencil Pus - e s 4: cr fc ool I, . 3: Student - retary 4. DOLORES ROTHWEIL s er Staff Z 4 Mixed Chorus l Gershwm Scenano 1 Bless My Soul 4 Rldmg flu ating Club 1 Z 4 Knitting Club 3 Student Secretary 4 ANITA RUSCHMEYER er Staff 4 G A A Z H e Squad 4 Knlttlng Club 4 Pencil Pushtrs 3 Student Secretary 4 BETTY SCHWAB Guldance Councrl 3 Lsher Staff 4 Candx Sales 3 H 3 Pep Squa 4 m tm Club 4 Pencil Pushers 3 Stu ent Secretary 4 Honor Society 4 DONALD SHOUSE Mixed Chorus Z Volleyball Intramurals Student Bovslxng l 2 HELEN SMITH A A 3 4 Pencil Pus ers MARION STANFIELD McBrxde Hrgh School l Usher Staff Candy Sales 3 Basketball Intramurals Volleyball Intramurals 3 Skating Club 7 Sensor Skrp Day Commnttee 4 NANCY RUGEN Seruce Commxttee 2 Social Commnttee 4 Prom Commrttee 3 CREST Stalf 4 Candy Sales 3 Mrxed Chorus 2 4 Bless y ou 2 amaucs 4 G oa 3 C s Volleyball Class Basketball l 2 Rldrng Cl b aung Club l 4 ul and Scroll 4 The 'Vlan VVho Came I mner Honor Society 4 Tennxs Champs 3 BEVERLY SCI-ILICHTEMIER School Pub 4 Candy Sales 3 Dramatxcs 4 Captam Applejack Orchestra l Z ,qw Gershwin Scenario Bless My oul 3 Kmttxng Clu The Man Who Came to Dinner 4 sae MAQIAN SCHWEIZER ls er Staff 4 Candy S l s 3 A A A Boar 4 Cass o eyball 3 T 3 4 Cyn: Asslstan H A l Pep Squad 4 lxnlttxng u 4 Pencil Pushers 3 Class Basketball 4 Ice Skating 4 The 'Wan XVho Came inner Student Secretary 4 Cass Volleyball 4 ' ...v-V' EUGENE SINDERSON O er Schooll 2 3 44 Page Twenty MILDRED SNODDY andy Sales 3 G A A Board 4 Class Volleyball l Cla B ketballl 3 C I All Star So a Star Basketball 3 T I3 4 Gym Assistant Pep Squa 4 Skatxn Club 3 Knitting Club 3 4 Pencil Push 3 4 Class Volleyball DONALD STEINMAN Xlrestlmg 7 Football Intramurals 2 3 Baseball 3 GLEN STEVENS C EST Stall 4 B Football Z B as k all 2 Track 2 3 Skating C b Student Bowlrng 2 Senxor Skrp Daw Com mttlee 4 The Man Who Came t Dm n r 4 ROBERT WALBRIDGE Serttct Ccmmtttee 1 Z 3 Cuuldmce C ounctl 4 Student Federaltsts Z 3 CRFST Staff ootball 1 rac Softball Intramurals 3 The 'Vlan Who Came to Dlnner 4 CRI ST Coronatlon Nlaster of Ccrtmonres ROBERT WARREN Radlo XVorkshop 2 School Pub 4 Usher a l out all oottall atm u arps and Flats 2 The 'Nlan Who Came to Dinner 4 Vvednesday Vrght Intramurals 4 PAULA WILCOX A 3 Class Base a e Squad 4 Busy Brushes 4 Student Secre tary 4 Name Cards for CREST Court 4 IAMES DEMPSEY ootball rac restlmg l 2 4 Volleyball lntra murals 2 Skating Club I 2 Thxrd Place State Wrestlrng Meet 4 IOAN PA'I'I'ERSON Assembly Committee l Burldtngs and Grounds Commxttee Z Publxcnty Committee 3 Guidance Councrl 2 Candy S les 3 ramatrcs 2 3 Orchestral untv Orchestra I Z G A A A Board 3 Class Nolle a ass Baseball I Pe uad furtam Crew 3 I Page Twenty One ROBERT TUCKER Xolleyball Intramurals 2 Slcatmg Cub l MARY WARNECKE andy Sales 3 C A l lnnctl Pushers 3 ltbrary Assrstant tudent Secretary 4 IOEY WIESE utdance Counctl 4 Capt CREST Staff Usher aff Can y aes ra matics 3 Vice President 4 Captain Ap ple ack 4 Carm School 3 C A 4 Vtce Presl en C A A Boa 4 Class Volleyball 2 3 Class Baseball 2 LII ot J llass Basketball 4 Ltbrary Assrstant 4 m Assistant 4 l Kmttm Club 4 Penctl Pushers 3 President urll and Scroll 4 The Man Who Came I Dmner 4 Student Secretary 4 Sensor Assembly Commtttee 4 Honor Socxety 4 CREST Mard PANSY WOLFE andy Sales 5 A 3 Volley a eam 3 Capt Sk tmg Club 4 Pencxl Pushers 3 Red Cross Representatxve 3 Kntttrng Club 4 Secretary Student Secre tary 4 CREST Vlaxd ROBERT HAMMEL HARRY RAUCI-I R 'X' OY GORGES IIM E A l' or all F Basket J mur Stu I Bo lm BUEI-IRL IOE FISHER arm ichool 3 J A ls m Peng Intramu .xl 3 B1 lmctbill Int mural Volleyball Int nmu als DAN MARTIN r School l mn 4 O 4 S Sk p Day C0 chcs ra mm tt 4 BETTY MCREYNOLDS .I et Tow hp High School l Pcncll Pushers 4 P :dent IANET MOELLER Ot r School I 3 C lxmtll g Cl andy a e ub 4 Sknl ng Club 4 ROBERT RUFF lx d C mru A I-uotbmll k lball A Bmslwlball 4 Base IAMES TWILLMAN Dear Senlors Soon you Wlll be b1dd1r1g farewell to Ferguson I-Irgh School as you recerve your long awarted dlplomas I srncerely regret that I wlll not be there to recelve mme w1th you However, though I arn unable to graduate W1ll'1 you thts year, I shall be graduatrng rn a few years wlth those of class another I would llke to wlsh you all the very best of luck and success ln whatever yo u choose to d O S HAROLD LeMERT Honorar rncerely, y Member of the CREST Staff of 1950 HAROLD LeMERT, IR Page Twenty Two if ,GP 3 V fe, R H' 5: if 'I 4 -gl W, iii. Trt e Paul Aubuchon Pete Bzndbeutel Dave Bollmger Harry Bone Robert Brrnkman I1m Buehrle lack Carroll Charles Chandler lames Dempsey Robert Donnelly Ron Edler loe Frsher Steve Fulbrrght Ervrn Geno Roy Gorges lrmmle Goss Dan Hackett Robert Hammel Harold Handlang George Heffner Kenney lackson Donald Kropp Rrchard Lawrence Don Martrn S accato Paul Pete Dave Curly Bob Burlap Bugs Chas 1m Porky Ronme oe Steve rv Gorgeou lm Danny Bob Harold eorge Ken Don Rrch Dan Raymond Mclvlenamy Ray Leroy Medley Don Noettl Larry Overstreet Rudy Pzcardr Guy P1card1 hm Poor Brll Quade Harry Rauch lerald Reeves Iames Rone Bob Ruff Don Shouse Marlon Stanheld Don Stemrnann Glen Stevens Robert Tucker Iames Twellmon Bob Walbrrdge Bob Warren Bob Weleba lerry Young ee Nuttle Larry Prccardy Guy Bones Wtlhe Harry er rm Pete Don VI M MGTIGW Red Glen Bob m Bob Rob Bob lerry Grace Notes Frtendly Even Temper lmagrnatron Harr Frankness Good Sport Perscnalrty Tallness Muscles Clever Humor Grtt of gab Prohle Blue eyes Curly Harr Studrous Frrendhness Hubba hubba Ready smrle Nlce Pollteness Naturalness Clear vorce Rhythm Complexron Lazlness Phystgue MUSlCOlObll1lY Black eyes lntelhgence Leadershnp Pretty eyes Brown wavy hatr Drmples Laugh Jokes Cute smtle Stmpllcrty Brrght red harr Easy gorng Curly hatr Qutetness Blue eyes Sense of humor Long eye lashes Crtgmahty ln Harmony Wrth Spmach School lunches Everythmg Mules B1ble Margle Blondes Loafrng Grunts and groans Grggle Smooth talk Tall stones Football Far away places Muscles Radro Henrretta Hudson Freshman grrl Hot rods Easter bunny Grrls Llttle red wagon Department store Sklpptng school Star Dust Hockey Hct rods Ruse Wa1tress at Qurll man s New convertrble New Chevrolet Martha Logan Nancy Long Berkeley grrls Phychology class Srngrng Good books Cooperatlon Smokrng Mr lmpey Glee Club from Wrllram Woods Motcr scooter Standmg rn lunch une a Ferguson wmmng Baseball Surrealism Page Twenty Four D sccrd Martha s drxvmg Walkmg to school Drlvmg class Foot races Enghsh class Sleepzng m class Teachers False teeth Practxcmg track Mean people Peroxrde Bemg at school on ttme People that ask stuprd questrcns Gasolme Punch press Excttement Late dates lce tea Speedrng Red srlk stockrngs Report cards Dnvmg Long speeches Colds Fmdmg a charr zn cafetena Homework Art class Lres Block prrntzng Drstance between Fergu scn and Falrvlew Women G1rls who comb therr ha1r rn pubhc Domg dzshes Homework Ptcture shows Shaving Good books Nrght hte Teasmg Sharpen pencrls Music School Lendrng erasers Runnmg errands Old mards Gzrls basketball Realrsm Crescendo Glant Undertaker H1gh school graduate Banker M1n1ster Frsherman Toothplck whtttler Go to Europe Brrck layer Brology Dentrst Mechamc Pres1dent Older Comme-rctal artrst Radro techmcran Drsc Jockey Artxst Mechamc Popcorn salesman Mrmster Farmer Farmer General busrness Drrectmg an orchestra Engrneer lfrdget autc racer Englneer Husband Lawyer Archltect a Pen and brush man Arrplane prlot Bouncer Romeo Sports wrlter Motorcycle racmg Barber Arch1tect Coal m ner Psychology prcf S x feet tall Iam the Navy M1ll1fDG1I9 Pr Artlst 5 E : I 'l t ' g ' .................. ..l ..,...., .........,.,,,. ' ...... . . ' ,........,.., .. ' ' ' ' .....,,.......... E ..... ...,...,., . . .,.. ,, .. ., - ,.....4 ' ............,.... ' ' .,............. I' ...,............,...,.. . ' .....,. ' .. ..,.......,..,,...,.. ' ........,......... ' ' ' Paul Lammert .....,.,,.., Lemack ..,,..,. ,. ,Shortness ......,.... . ..,... ....... ...... .... . , . l' ,....... .....,,.,..,.,.. ' .,.,..... , , ., i ' ,..,. ..... . ,.,.. . ,.,., ,.... .... , P t .. .... ., ....,.. . ' ' Tltle Helen Aubuchon Sharon Beal Edna Blppen Elleen Blel LOIS Bowden Betty Brewer lean Buehrle Ioyce Carter Genevleve Cayce Antolnette Chapman Dolores Coffey Mary Lou Cotfln Dlanne Davles Ruth Dubray Grace Ebbesmeyer Dorothy Fehrlage VGYOHICU Gotway Maybelle Gould Rosann Hammer Eleanor Herrmann Iuan ta Hlnds lean A Holtshouser Frances Hughes Mary Lou Hume Fran Klenstra Wllma Klrkpatrlck Elalne Krueger Nancy Long Ruth Love Carolyn Mack Ruth McClure Betty Mclfteynolds Ianet Moeller Ioan Muehllng Marcella Nlenhaus Lorralne Noblltt Donna O Brlen Betty Oldfather Florence Orf Ioan Patterson Ftlta Patterson Shlrley Roth Delores Rothwell Nancy Bugen Anlta Ruschmeyer Beverly Schllcntermler Betty Schwab Marlan Schwelzer Helen Smlth Mlldred Snoddy Mary Warnecke Ioey WIGSS Paula Wllcox Pansy Wolfe Staccato e Trudy Tlny lX9lllG TOWIG Bette Bubbles lOYCl6 Babe Antle Ieanle Mary Lou Ruthle D mples o Inflnlteslmal Mabel Rosle Puddle Nlta Bllmp Fran Lulu Fran Wllma Kugle Nance Ruth e Fuzzy Ruse Betty an loanle Cella N1 Rocky Betts Flossy Ioanle Fleet Shlrl Dolcres Freckles Anlta Bev Betty Mama Helen Mlllle Mary 093' Paula Pansy Grace Ivo es Vlvac ousness Dependab llty Common sense Energetl Llvely Frlendllness Personallty Pretty teeth Personallty Pretty legs Sweetness Studlousness Imp shness Grace ul Ready smlle Intelllgence Petlteness Dalnty Sunny dlSpOS1l1OH Small feet Beady smlle Freckles Good dlsposltlorl Cute smlle Pretty halr Good natured Artlstlc Soft VOICG Slnglng Gb1l1lY Tallness Dlmples GGl9lY Pretty eyes Soft vclce Eyes Personallty Versatlle Proflle Neatness Red halr MUS1CGl ablllty Sllm walstllne Pretty eyes Brown eyes Pretty hands Falrness Pretty flngernalls lntelllgence Naturalness Evcn temper Gtggle Cute smlle Long halr Black halr Humor ln Harmony Wlth Sports MIZZOU Golng to partles Drlvlng Belaxlng ln LEVIS Mllts The Glrl Scouts Don Hoffmelster Iohn Todd Other gals Wtley Skatlng Country Day GOSSIP ln art class HGVIHQ a good tlme Good looks Drawlng Red halr MUSIC Tony Sleepmg Small talk Country Day Chewlng gum Pretty clothes Walklng Camplng Ilm Poor Blll Quade Flshlng MUSIC .Don 4 S D scord Deadbeats Bebop Poor loser Frogs DlX1elQnd muslc Gettlng up ln the mornlng Staylng home Drlvlng class Shorthand Horses Snakes School Red heads Walkmg home from school Slt Sllll Phll Ieske Llmburger cheese Crew cuts Geometry The glrl ID every port Telephone calls Homework Bad grades Rldlng school buses Homework Studylng Pale colored blouses Worms Cooklng Short sklrts Natural colored halr Chemlstry Dayllght savlng tlme Homework Fteadlng Bulck convertlble Alr Corps Ray Boys Rolla Sports V1Ol1H Bud Chocolate ICG cream Actlng sllly SIX footers Books Dcgs RGbbltS Fun Plano Sports Gap ln art class SOUVEUIIS Ar Black Pontlac Page Twenty Flve Easy books School Dres after gym Food Partles Gettlng up IH mornlng Red halr Black halr Two faced people Hlstory class Studylng Cooklng Boys Nebraska Blg wheels Dances Nolsy people Pancakes for break ast Marlan Lazy people Hamsters Wlde open spaces Crescendo Queen LIVE ln Arlzona Travellng Trlp around the world Ioln the Waves Nurse Phys Ed teacher Grown ups Get marrled Secretary Get marrled Get marrled Growlng old Model Travellng Secretary Go to art school Good tlmes Travellnq IOIU the Waves Secretary Secretary Gym teacher Secretary Model Go to college Soclal work Go to college Slnger Model Secretary College Oh' Any old thlng Secretary Chemlstry teacher Alr hostess Phys Ed teacher Get marrled Secretary Phys Ed teacher College Model Model Loaf Llve ln WISCONSIN Secretary Belng a nurse Halr dresser Secretary Muslc teacher Nurse Secretary To have fun Secretary Tall of ' , .. ,."Hl ".. ...,..,,.., ' i ..., ...,.,,...........,,..,. . ,, ....... ..... . " ' - ........l.l..,.. Dt .......l,.,..,,,,... r .,.. .......l,, ' ..l.,. i ff 'U''''ffffffffffffffffffffjfffffff A Martha Logan .,...,............ Maggie ,.,........ ' ....,.,....,........ ' , ,.....,,..........,. .,,,.....,,. ,........ l . ...A... l A ,,.,..,.... -tt ..,..,,.,.,...... A ....,,,,..,.,...l.,.. H H ,...l.......l....,,.,.,,. ..,.....,.,,.,.l... F ff,ffff.f f . . ' ' the , .,. . . .,... , ,. , ,... ,. ...... , ,.,. . f H H -V - H H ' ..... ....,. ,.,,.... I . .,,..,.,... , ' ...., ' ...... , ' , ..,... .. ...,,..., ' ,... . t .,..,. .....,.........,..,. . ,,....... . ,. died SIXTH ROW Asher Frantz Crarq Nrehaus Mrller Wrlson Vance M eller Boylan Todd Hemeyer Iones FIFTH ROW Goclcenback Hoelhng Adams O Gruenlnqer B Gruemnqer Oerhart Teaman Lrndenman Lee I-Ierdaman True FOURTH ROW I-Ioffert Kreylrnq Lawson Nrnker Dawson Reynolds Gordon Schewe Czescnrn I-Iuqhs Wolf Blanton Ieske THIRD ROW Ferguson Nelson Strrckland Caldwell Rernhart Lucas Golhofer Patrlclc Wood Wommel Ludwrq Qurrk Grady Nessmg SECOND ROW Warren Pope Albm Zerlrran Davrs Smrth Caroen Weleba Gray Brer Axman Stafford Iackson FIRST ROW Mrs Derselhorst G1ll16S Barn Frreson Randel Wells Orr Hames Ga dner Kassabaum Heffmqton Waley Brrqqs Schwaebe Kasperskr Mrss Smrth The Iunror Rmq Commrttee consrsts of repre sentatrves elected from the SIX Amencan I-Irs tory Classes Thls qroup contacts many drt terent rrnq salesmen who dlsplay therr rrnqs to the entrre Iumor Class The class votes tor the type ot rrnq they hke best The commrttee then takes all of the orders and dlstrrbutes the rrnas after the1r dehvery rn September The Iumor Class of l95U comprrses erqhty even boys and seventy one grrls all of whom take an actlve part rn all school attarrs The Iunror qrrls Won the qrrls basketball and soft ball tournaments The varsrty teams consrsted largely of rumor boys thrs season Each year the Lrons Club honors an out standmq Iumor boy by sendrna hlm to Boys State and the Womens Learon Auxrlrary nds a lunror arrl to Glrls State u ro R na Cornmrttee Page Twenty Srx r 1 1 - A V ' I Y 1 1 1 A 1 ' 7 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T 1 1 1 . ' 1 , V ' f25f1wav1 ' ' ' ' fi . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 . . . 1 . . 1 1 C2 so - - I 'n' r .1 ' , SlXTH ROW Tebeau Towner Wleqand Wlllxams lennrnq D Patterson Lohofener Cnlbert Love Kchrs Hayward Rothwell FlFTH ROW Gerss Detterman Sulhvan Vlehmann Hesskamp Baseler Colemann Mornson L McClure Heron Patterson FOURTH ROW Seal Plath Wredrran Franz Tucker Cervenka Th1es Hubert Holtshouser Embeck Castello THIRD ROW Adams Dre-tz W1ll1GmS Frutrell Love Marlow Schwab Oldfather Grosch Moss Koppel Burke SECOND ROW Maxelner Schuster Kreder Buchanar Kenner Guyot Imboden Martln Dreckman Behle FIRST ROW Mrs D1eselhorst Cunmnaham Teqder Amelong Bollmqer Pounds Wetdle Kenow Hasselbur er Saunders Mtlner Hafner Grob Smtth Each year the Iumor Class undertakes the I'9SpOHS1lD1l1lY of sponsonnq the Iun1orSen1or Prom for the qraduatmq senrors Thrs pro1ect IS carned out through the darly sale of candy dunnq both lunch penods ln the cafetena Members of the Iunlor Class rotate ln sellmq candy on the two lunch h1tts The Prom Commlttee cons1sts of all the lumor members of the Student Assembly the Student Assembly Presldent Prom Chauman of the prevlous year and addrtronal members ch sen by thrs co'nm1ttee Mrs Sm1th who sp nsors the candy sales also sponsors th1s c rnmrttee The rr m was held on lune sec nd . tor Przm C,mm1 Page Twenty-Seven Z9 Q W SIXTH ROW Ferguson Casey Harvey Flscher Smlth Albers Ge eau Cocl McArthur Spercher Mlller FIFTH ROW Hahs Holderfxeld Goodson Kochnlem Ieske Lott Davrs R 'Wxllams Schwaebe Baldwrn 'Wrese FOURTH ROW R Wlllrarns Worthrngton I.1nn Spencer Lemmon Werts Wrlc X Fades Dempsey Krreger Flesch THlRD ROW Wolfe lcnes Benncest Wlegand Wlse Pope Karsten Hellrner Watavva Prrce Upton SECOND ROW Rcwles Zwrck Allen Ryan Lambert Potts Gray Otten Steltyes Srnrth Thompson FlFST ROW Mr Gordon Crusrus Farrbanks Davies Oppel Crowley Ulr ch Davrs Wells Sumrnerton Moss Clark MGdlSOF 074 SIXTH ROW Warren Wlll-ce 'NA allace Tempel Albers Hrlge-rr rr '1 ugh Hackrnerster FIFTH RCW Klug Herzog Stevens Masterscn Wcell Wannrnger Kchrs We1gel Blndhea el Chute Russ FOURTH ROW Zumwalt Bogue M. Ryals, Elaman, Carden, Krre, Grcsch, Schcen, Ffads, Hays, Rchsrt-. THTRD ROW: Walling Love, Halveland, Lltteken Hcltsclau, K. Ryals, Peters, Snyder, K.eiger, Iohnson, Smith. SE OND ROW: Stabencw Peterson, Cccpe, Eclin, Iuengis Kelly, Bass, Stanley, Kcenneker, Schutz, Bean, lmhoden. FIRST ROVY Mr. Gordon, Guyot, Strutman, R. Fhrle, Kcser Lcrg, Hclrnherg, Meadcr, D. Ehrle, Graham, McCleary. Page Twenty--ight SIXTH ROW Koenneker Trampe Sullivan Auqspurqer Land Kn X Smith Ichnson Rather Behle Kite Twillman FIFTH ROW Fischer Old Learn Green Frande Ruff Williams Geasor Babcock Plavnick Schuler Landes FOURTH ROW Reich Frohock Sewinq McEwen Brown Wanninqer Hackman McCluer Bradshaw Brewer Hunter I-Iollenbeck THIRD ROW Fry Klostermann Maze Swanson Hiqas Wobi k Herwiq Stewart Fiori OBrien Lal uness Blei Ford SECOND ROW Ryals Miles Schuchman Sullivan Geno Futrell D Williams Wagner Oqlesby Ulrich Gordon Seal FIRST ROW Mr Pufalt Piwinski Hamilton Loehrer Chapman Ahlemeier Schutz McCanse Speicher Oldfather Crowe Iohnston McAllister Meyer Miss Nourse W4 SIXTH ROW Bloss B Tosh Ebb-esmeyer McCoy Weinries Ixasperski Allman Wade McN ely Ogden Aubuchon FIFTH ROW Kilpatrick Blackshaw Neinhaus Walters lson Hoffmelster Woodrinq Hackmann McBriae Grote B Stabe now Wol hon Breen FOURTH ROW Voltz Lohmeyer Behle Scott Schonde Mason Rapp Ewald Smith Stucky Knecht N Stabenow Kreder Ieske THIRD ROW Noblitt D Tosh Nelson Biermann Amato Rcih Becker Hunn Slacker Miller Krueger Brewer Morrow Renshaw SECOND ROW Lawless Press 'Ianner Pain Hunt Bruce Rauch wisch Licklider Whaley Holt Lel-Ioullier Boyle Stillhorm Noatch I Wlliams Gclhofer Nourse Q Page T Nenty Nine 7 ' Diamond, Aberly, Vosburq, Ruizd H. Williams, Ulrichl. FIRST ROVV: Rulalt, Russell, A., Williams, Caricc, Neustadti Lanqel . M X, X A T I Q X Q I I flu H I 5-' I , I A - fi M ' Q A? 'A ' , . 'ff ' -2: ' A X A in I ' ' x I L", I I 4 ' X f ' X , . 1 , x ,1 i DM Qc! SY? M73 xx 'N ,' X 49 N' ,Q SP X efwri' TACK CARROLL BOB WELEBA BILL OUADE DON NOETTL PANSY WOLFE GRACE EBBESMEYER NANCY LONG RUTH McCLURE Qn Saturday evening, April l5, Helen Aubu- chon was crowned the l95O CREST Queen by Charles Chandler, Editor of the CREST. The Coronation was very colorful with its beautiful decorations, carrying out a garden effect with a pale green crepe paper canopy and trellis. The Queen's Court consisted of eight senior girls and their escorts who were chosen by the maids as follows: Ruth McClure, escorted by Don Noettly lean Buehrle, by Larry Qver- street: Grace Ebbesmeyer, by Bob Weleba, Nancy Long, by Bill Quadey Rosann Hammer, by Steve Fulbright, Pansy Wolfe, by lack Carrollg Ioey Wiese, by Ronald Edler, and Dianne Davies, by lerry Reeves. The Queen's attendants were: Crown bearer, loe Lynn Holtshouserg train bearers, Richard lohnston and Larry Hammer, flower girls, Cheryl Ann Moellering and Annette Niehoff. The senior boys nominated seventeen girls from the Senior Class as nominees for the CREST' Queen, from these, the Queen and her court were chosen by popular vote of the RON EDLER STEVE FULBRIGHT TCEY WIESE RCSANN HAMMER student body. The girl receiving the greatest number of votes became queen with the maids iollowing by number of votes. The high school orchestra, directed by Mr. Max Plavnick, played the processional, 'Huldi- gungs March", and the recessional, "Pornp and Circumstancef' The ceremony began promptly at eight o'clock in the school audi- torium. The maids and their escorts led the processional, after which the Queen took her place upon the throne. Bob Walbridge and Sharon Beal were Master and Mistress oi Ceremonies for the evening. The first dance, "The Very Thought of You", was played exclusively for the Queen and her court. Helen and Charles began the dance, with the maids and escorts following, in the order of the processional. The music for the evening was supplied by loe Locastro and his orchestra. LARRY CVERSTREET IERRY REEVES lEAN BUEHRLE DIANNE DAVIES ,I tt It! S 501' BUSINESS mn W WJ I pf H 065 A A W Mitre E 'D The chlet responsrbrlrty ot the busrness statt rs to frnance the cost ot productron ot the CREST Money rs obtarned by olrcrtrng ad vertrsements by personal conta ts and corre spondence the sale ot cokes and hot dog at l-erguscn garnes the sale ot drscard prctures pennants prns and padded covers Addrtronal rncney rs made from the proceeds of the Caro natron Dance at Whrch the CREST Queen IS crowned by the edrtor Although the staff was drvrded rnto two groups because of rts large srze rt trll tunc trons as one group wrth one purp se the publrcatron of the CREST Poe WW f ' 7 1' ' 2556 .,... Z, X ALA EJ: pri Busrness Managers Glen Stevens Sharon Beal and Ruth McClure Advertrsrng Managers lack Carroll Dan Hackett Bob Walbrldge Correspondrng Secretary lean Ann Holtshouser Treasurer Grace Ebbesrneyer Edna Brppen Crrculatron lcey Wlese Nancy Rugen Thrrty Four 6: , 3 fe Q I Q , , 9 fl, f ,, ft t c l f M X 'lf . l M t re lf , if t 9 lkl ' . f c , rf, N S lp ' 3 X, E , - A '- b , 1- Q 3 . , , q M V V I d v g I -sw P l A x ,.':rf f,, ,f ,Cu P :tt'tVlx"g-'ll V 552:90 irlmll 3 ' - 1 3 to N ' f Q 'Ulm 711 WW! Z 71 ' XMW P 2 nI""l 'Q 5' IU alto Y 113 51 ,K im ' EDITQR M ffifl o asap Hlll q 4 'E ms gmt! 5-x'!xt-wtf ' :ggi X LG Ja The CREST as a class rs orqanrzed rnto two Qroups the Ednortal Staff and the Busrness Staff by Mrss Rearna lerzewrak The Edrtorral Staff meets on Monday Tuesday and Thurs day Staff publrcatron of planmnq the layouts proof readlna Wflllflq ptctures and desrqnrnq d1v1s1on paqes t r the CREST members are responsrlole for the of the CREST Therr work consrsts rdentrtyrnq Each year outstandrnq members ot the CREST Stall are elected to th Qu1ll and Scroll Socrety The CREST Stall rs a member ct h Natl no Schola t1c Pre s Assocratron attrlratea wnh the Iournalrsnt D partntent ot Unrfersr ,J ot Mrnn sota Edrtor Art Edrtor Senlor Edltor Lrterary Edrtor Grrls Sports Edr or Boys Sports Edrtor Photographer Charles Chandler B1ll Quade Dranne Davres Nancy Long Helen Aubuchon Bob Weleba Ron Edle Secretary to Pho oarapher Rose Ann Hammer lunlor Elrzabeth Franz lumor Ph1l Ieske rlonorary Mernlo r Harold Le Mert C if N I Q Aj 2 ff Z , 2 4 I '1 . . A FQ - 4 t k. C it - as ,Q v + Of -2' ,, w , f' ' 1 ' 0 7? F ' 1 . I T 0 ,ff nfs' ' Q A fur, in -1 Q 6 0 su ' A y. : " " I ' T " , - . I I x - , I , . I 4 1 r 'o 'I s' s . Q ' V I T . e . " 't' ' . 'rig - Thxt' -'dive FOURTH ROW Warren Noettl Poor Grllres Bollm er K aclcson THIRD ROW Mr Meffera Logan Scnhchtemerer Q I Wledle Schwab Fulbrxght SECOND ROW Mack Kappel Herrmann Dreckman Gotway Krueger Hafner Bler Buehrle Towner Hesskamp FIRST ROW Bowden Scoop out? Everyone looks forward to the day the school newspaper comes out The Scoop sponsored by Mr Gerald Mefferd makes 1ts br monthly appearance to the ent1re student body The Staff elects 1ts Edltor and ASS1SlGHl Edltor who 1n turn appolnt members to f1ll the vartous posltrons on the Staff Steve Fulbrlght was elected Edltor and lean Buehrle Asststant Ldrtor at the begrnnrng of the school year Thrs year the Scoop has trled somethmg new 1n the way of pr1nt1ng They have used a prlnted frrst page w1th a m1meographed paper Thls has saved expense and has been very effect1ve through thls year Th1s lS so unusual that even the Qulll and Scroll Maga zrne lS pubhshlng an artrcle concernlng t But thls lsnt all they have done The Staff has begun sol1c1t1ng ad from the varlous Ferguson busrnessmen They have used the proceeds from these ads ln payment of the ptctures whrch they have pnnted on the frrst page of each ed1t1on lt has been very success ful and wlll no doubt be u ed rn future years The Staff has worked hard to rmprove the paper strll more thts year and 1t IS growrng mto a frne school publrcatlon :uttrng the Scoop together, Page Thirty-Six M' 'ff' 4, K ., . f' I N G w 5,23 Q Q "" f L l ' ,, l if 2+ , 5 nk" I 6 X it if M , E . 4 I , M 3 ,. 4 I 7 , , . ww' VX " Adv, 5,1-,I T I A , -tn, 4 W V9 'Q L, if H4 if is 4 ,ff x A W-.f"' + 4 Q1 F' 27 .mf.,,.i , J W , ' A' Y ' LX ' ,la f , I ,V if 9 s 4 - as ' .Q ' 6 Y , ' , .f if . if . ff A M4223 M1 1 Y B Wk A17 , 4. E 1-. Zane! - - Ozciema FRONT ROW: Buehrle, M. Iones, Trampe, Upton. CIRCLE: D. Martin, G. Stabenow, Kohrs, Schesser, Russ, Vance, B. Stanley, B. Long, Willie, Steinrauf, Schwaebe, Press, I-Iayrnes, Schwaebe. BACK ROW: Mr. Plavntck, I. Smith, I. Casey, Cregan. INNER CIRCLE Schutz Hammer Bu hrle Trampe Upton OUTER CIRCLE Patterson Wrllxams Pavmck Damels Green Russ Vance Stanley Long Wrlke Iones Schwaebe Stabenznw Martm STANDING I Smrth Casey Creqar Wlth a brand new hbrary of mustc and a very expertenced muslc drrector Ferguson Htgh Schools mustc department rs prospermg The mam purpose of the band and orchestra 1S to acquatnt the student wrth the large l1bIOTY of mustc and to help htm contr bute hrs talents to the school Bemg a vtolm artrst htmself Mr Plavmck has been able to burld up the quahty ot the strtng sect1on of the orchestra The band meets ttrst pertod of every day wh1le the strlng sectlon meets second hour ECICh Year the group gtves an annual Chrrst mas Concert and a Sprtng Concert Some of the other act1v1t1es tn whtch the orchestra par tlclpates are parades assembltes Baccalau reate graduatlon and other small muslc pro- grams Thts year there was a speclal drtve tor renewed mterest m muslc As a result they played at Parent Teachers meettngs and gave a program at Vogt In order to establrsh a method to determme how members should recelve an award a commlttee was appomted to work out a pomt system Those who recetve letters must have at least an Splus average and must have attended all programs presented by thetr mustc orgamzatton Page 'I'h1rty Erqht - 1 1 N- 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 Z 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . 4 . . 1 - 1 1 . . I 1 ' - 1 , . 1 , . STRING SECTION The String Section has made consider- able progress this year in improving its string quality. The organization has grown from a meager six to the present number of twelve in the past three years. The following people are members of the string section this year: Mitzi Behle lean Buehrle Mary A. Daniels Delores Green Rosann Hammer Wilma Kappel Dorothy Patterson loan Patterson Ioan Plavnick Rosemary Schutz Kay Williams and Harold Carden. WOODWIND SECTION The Woodwind Section furnishes the oft tones of the orchestra The members of this section are George I-Iames Buddy Stanley Ioyce Trampe Charlene Upton Kenneth Vance Mildred Gray Molly Ann Schwaebe and Don Press BRASS SECTION The Brass Section which serves as a chief component and supports the rhythm consists of the following people Murell Iones Robert Long Danny Martin Bob Russ Richard Kohrs Don Press George auf Gayle Wilkie Billy Reeves and Kenny Schesser PERCUSSION SECTION The Percussion Section which makes up the deep basic tones and rhythm of the band and orchestra is managed by a small group The members this year are loan Casey Fred Cregar lackie Srrith Tni yNn I A V C C , Schwaebe, Gene Stabenow, Bruce Strein- l T rice "rt - 1 ln order to grve the students an opportunlty to perform publrcly and to acquamt them selves wtth the fme l1brary of musrc at Fergu son Hrgh School Mr Plavmck has orgamzed 'he Chorr Thls group rs selected from the members of the two chorus classes They meet on Monday evemngs for rehearsals rn the YHUSIC room The vocal department has completed one of the most successful years rn the htstory of the musrc department The chorr presented a delrghtful Chnstmas Concert for the students and fnends A specral program was planned for a broadcast over Statron KFUO Another program was presented at Sumner H1gh School after they had performed here Therr untrnng efforts were truly rewarded when they par trclpated rn the St LOUIS County Festrval at Maplewood Aprrl l3 and reoerved from the Judges a strarght A average Members of the chorr who marntaln an S plus average and partrcroate rn all programs whrch are presented are ellgtble for a musrc letter Mrller Noettl Fulbrrqht Lrqan Rugen Mack Hahs Flesh Hesslcamp lones SECOND ROW Guyot Kenner Hume Long Hughes Maxetner Heron Schuler Herrmann Fnesen Peters D Klug Bollrng r Reynolds Schutz Baseler Hollen beck Krueger Werts Walwrck FlRST ROW Mtlner Thomps n lVlcCanoe Gordon Pounds Carter Ulrich Lanqewrsch Pounas Soloewe Hone Wells Caste lo Oldtather Kukpatrtck Vtfclls Davrs Page Forty :Sz K I . I l THIRD POVV: McEwen, Dzetz, Cervenka, Hammer, Learn, Behle, Zwick, Franke, Futrell, Love, Hayward, Gordon, Dawson, . , , , , COUNTY CHORUS County Chorus is a very special group of people selected to represent Ferguson High School at the All County Chorus. This group meets once a week, and re- hearses for the Spring Concert which is given at Kiel Auditorium. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Plavnick, H. Wells, R. Gcrdon. Bollinger. THIRD ROW: Frieson, Rone, Reynolds, Dawson, Schewe, Peters. SECOND ROW: Walwick, Hayward, G. Love, I. Iones, Werts. FIRST ROW: Thompson D Wells Baseler N Loria F Hughes Ulrich BOYS OCTET The Octet is a new organization this year The group meets every Wednesday night immediately aiter the Grrls Glee The boys have concentrated their efforts on strictly Barber Shop Harmony Some of the songs they have sung in Strolling Through the Park and Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Club clude FIRST ROW Fulbright Reynolds Gordon Dawson SECOND ROW Schewe Rane Peters Friesen GIRLS GLEE CLUB This year the Girls Glee Club has excelled any previous year Not only did they receive an A average at the County Festival but they have taken part in almost all ot the public periom ances The girls are picked on the basis of co operation and talent LAST ROVV Tlfompscn Hounds Harnme cwre Franke I-Itlme Lcve Hesslcamp Ger au Koppel THIRD ROVV Cayct Kervicr Sch ler Bel' Flesch Krieger H Sm tr Kirkpatri lc Werts SECOND RCW Mr Plavnicif Ulricrc Milner Gould Gordon Learn Hayward Basseler Hahs Icnes FIRST RCVV Heron Cervenka Pope Zw ck Schutz Carter Mase Walwick Wells Davis. Page Fcrty C ie 4- 1 KJ' ' 1 . . . . I C . . fi if 1 , 'C ' if . , If , . , i W, I . .H F I A, f , , , . W I , . I , . 11 fi , . V I I , . , r I, I 1 F, Y, , , E .. ' QI" A " .J .U rilp A I , . 1 A, C , . , , . . , I r ., I , , , , BACK ROW Mr Moore Nelson McNeely Brrqqs Schwaebe Wrllrams Hackett Quade Fulbright Cralq Mr Pfleger FOURTH ROW Schoen W1lCOX Werts Babcock Holtshouser Schuster Learn Chapman Ienmnqs Patterson Lohofener THIRD ROW Edler Zwtck Beal Ruqen Moeller Mack L McClure Iuenqst Hume Werdman Kreder Herrmann Aubu chon Snoddy SECOND ROW Chandler Flesch Krerqer Dteckman Maxerner Hunter P Brewcr W McClure D1mond R McClure Long Dav1es Holtshouser Buchanan FIRST ROVX Noettl Plath Franz Schhcrtemrer Wagner Schutz Hasselberqer Hammer Logan Poor Werse Hafner Crow Chapman Gordon The Masquers under the dlrectlon of Mr T G Moore presented as thrs years annual productton Captam Apple-Jack hm Poor the presldent of the orqanrzatlon took the leadlnq male role I-le has been presldent of the or qarnzauon for the past two years The other othcers of the club are vrce-presldent Ioey Wrese secretary Rosann Hammer and treas urer Martha Logan The membershrp 1S open to any student lnterested tn dramatlc arts CAST Ambrose Applelohn hm Poor Anna Valeska Rosann Hammer Ivan Borolsky Don Noettl Mrs Penqard Mr Penqard Aunt Agatha Ioey Wrese Everett Brrqqs Beverly Schllchtemler Lush George Crarq The Mard Iohnny lason Roddy Schoen Roger Nelson Scene from Captain AppleJack Every year srnce 1938 the Masquers has produced at least one all school play Mr Moore has always endeavored to select a popular htt from Broadway wrltten by leadlnq contemporary playwnahts Wllh such produc tlons and a dlrector who tlrmly belleves that The show must ao on the Masquers have establlshed a record of dehqhtful entertarnment Page Forty Two , - I 3 ' 1 I I rl 1 1 f A V h ' f I - 1 f , . , , . , . . , ' . . , 1 W . . . ll Il - , : , : - ' ' ' - PODDY Faire .......,,,,,......,.,.,..,.,,........... Nancy Lonq l may V rmt The Ma Who Came to Dmner gave the communlty two hrlarrous evenlngs 1n the Per guson Hrgh School on March 20 and 22 Thrs three act comedy by Moss Hart and George S Kaufman was presented loy the Senlor Class of l95O under the d1rect1on of Mr T G Moore The proceeds from the productlon of thls play were put 1nto the fund for the semor grft to the school The plot of the play presented Sherldan Wh1tes1de as the man who came to d1nner at the home of Mr and Mrs Stanley and became thetr unwelcome house guest for three weeks due to an unfortunate happenmg on therr doorstep The results of that accrdent kept the audrence rn tears from laughter throughout the entrre evemng The cast of the play was r Mr Sterrdan W lfaac f Cutl r Lorra ne B r leff rs r s Lrn st T M Sa ey M1 s rreen R chard Stanlr 1 Iune Stahl ,I ane Sarah Mrs Dex er Mrs M Cut B adley Harrre Stanl y Profesor Me 2 Sandy Beverly ar Westcott Ban o lhe Luncheo GJ Mr Bake Expressman Radxo Technr ran Slx Young Grrls ests Weleoa ctcC llows hm Poor Nancy Long Rcsann Hammer Stefe Fulhrtgh loey Wrese Charles Chandler Sharon Beal Danny Hackett Dlanne Davtes Frances Hughes lean Buehrle Nancy Rugen Martha Logan B111 Quade Jerly Schhchtemrer Bob Warren Bob Walhrrdqe Ierry Young Ronald Edler Don Noettl roll ferry Reeves Glenn Stevens Davrd Bollrnger Kenny Iackson Mary Lcd Him A t n tt C ap ran Grace Ebbes mey r Ruth M lure Elean r Her ann Helen Aubu CO A Deputy hm Rone A Platnc thes Van Rudy Ptcardr Page Fort y Three Www 5 THIRD ROW N Long Hammer D Davtes Ruqen Buehrle SECOND ROW Beal G Ebbesmeyer I Wrese B Schwab Fehrlaqe FIRST ROW F Hughes Poor G Prca ch Noettl Krueger They re members ot the Natronal Honor SOCIGIY IS a statement often heard 1n the halls of Ferguson I-hah Thts IS an orqanlzatlon Whose purpose IS to promote scholarshlp lead ershlp SGFVICG and character 1n the school and IS one of the h1qhest honors a semor stu dent can attaln Those ellarble for member sh1p are students 1n the upper thrrd ot the senror class These students are then rated QGIVICG above self IS the motto ot the F erguson Rotarrans Mr McCollum was asked by th1s orqanlzatron to 1l'lVll9 a boy repre- sentat1ve of the var1ous school act1v1t1es to attend the Rotarlan luncheon every Monday by the faculty Those that are elected recelve a N H S pm rn the spr1nq and are qtven recoqn1t1on at Commencement Thls orqan1zat1on was orqanrzed ln 1936 The hrst members were elected rn the sprlnq Members of the hrst year were Knowlton Cap- lan Eugene Herrmann Davld Owen Robert Palmer and IGSSIG Nessrnq tor one month These boys have lunch Wllh many ot the buslnessmen of Ferguson observe mterestlnq meetlngs and hear speclal speakers provrded by the club . ,.e.m.z.a..-au: Q11 ASQ Q I Hin TOP ROW: I. Young, Noettl, Chandler. FIRST ROW: Poor, Ouade, Fulbright. Page Forty-Four 0666 ll-HRD ROW Brppen Krueger Poor Logan Buehrle Ebbesmeyer SECOND ROW Long Davles Hammer Franz Wrese FIRST ROW Noettl Beal Fulbrrqht Chandl r Ruqen Ieske In order to promote scholarshlp and exact and clear thmkmq the Northwestern UI'11VGfS1lY has orqanrzed the Qulll and Scroll SOCIGYY an Internatronal Honorary Society for Hrqh School Iournalrsts In 1947 Ferguson Hrah School Jomed tl'e socrety Mlss Ierzewlak and Mr Mefferd The Student Federahsts have worked hard thls year to burld therr mernbershrp and to understand more fully the meanlna of world government and world peace The orqanrza tron has cons1sted largely ot lower classrnen recommended students from the CREST and Scoop Staffs respecuvely Members must be of Iunror or Semor class1f1cat1on be rn the upper thrrd of thelr class scholastrcally have done superror work 1n some phase of Jour nalrstrc or creatrve endeavor be recommended by the advrsor and be approved by the ex ecut1ve secretary of the Socrety Edward Nell Therr actrvrtres IH school thrs year have been lrmrted because of therr concentratron on mem bershrp and educatron but ln the future they hope to promote more act1v1t1es to further world peace Wmfd SECOND ROW Mr Gordon Schutz Strrckland Schulte Mr Meftord FIRST ROW Davrs Smrth Schoen Hayward Bmdbeutel Farrbanks Pnc Page Forty FIVE -c t tl r to t utr l to r M , A I ,, AI K In . l Y ,czmg THIRD ROW: D. Smith, Boque, Masterson, Kite, Cwrcsoh, McDonald, Welles, B. Stuke, B. Smith, Ewald. SECOND ROW: I. Albers, Aubuchon, Iackson, Bier, Zeilman, Orr, Koser, Hclmberg, Kell. FIRST ROVV: Mr. Watson, Friesen, D. Sullivan, M. Wieqand, I. Albers, Baldwin, F. Moss, Press, R. Stabenow, T. Graham. THIRD ROW C Smith C Fischer Mrs Rippstein D Wiegand Lott SECOND ROW Mack Marlow Fehrlage FIRST ROW He rmarm Hume Otten Thompson FOURTH ROW Asfier Mrs Sniffen Tieman THIRD ROW Iones Wolfc Koenriefe Olds Hackman SECOND ROW Briggs Muehlinq Allen Kenner Milner FIRST ROW Amelong Clark Hafner Lcehrer Ruiz Noatch FO RTH ROM I. Bl Lances Mrs Sm I tbbraiia Kcehnlen Vtfi se '1 es SECOND ROW Al I 1 ms K Willa s MCA Lernrnon r T R 1' ngs I 1, v Tbies Voss Potts Pcrg If PROIECTOR STAFF To promote interest in visual education and to alleviate the responsibilities of the faculty, Mr. Watson has organized the Projector Staff. Students are trained to operate the filmstrip, opaque projector, sound projector, and then pass a special Bell and Howell Test. Usually there is at least one operator in each class. OFFICE ASSISTANTS For many years the principal has chosen students to help in the office. Their work con- sists of collecting attendance slips typing stenciling and operating the switchboard They will always remember the cheerful assistance of Mrs Rippstein IUNIOR RED CROSS The Iunior Red Cross fo med by representa tives chosen from home rooms have the re- sponsibility of carrying out special projects This year our school ranked highest with lU4 stockings throughout the county in the Christ mas stocking project An afghan made by the Knlting Club was also given to the junior Red Cross LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Twenty eight students interested in library work assisted Mrs Smith this year Their schedule of work included desk work shelving typing and promoting publicity Through con tacts with other schools the assistants gained worthwhile information and valuable experi ence 1 1 . F b , . 1 1 - . T. r, 1 C . : . . 1 5-1 1 - 1 1 1 - I A . 1 1 1 . - U I V: . et, l T I '. if. i' ' - - - Daniels, Iackson, THIRD ROW: Kite, Green, Tebeau, X' ' i, e ,f.Iv'1 e. S' I.l'Ef'1, NL- ' ' ' ' '- lia , . ' ' 1 , ', Arthur, i.. . TIRSI ..O'1': Ie:- nt , Niegand, S'lll an, , i , . . ' e iorty-Seve.. Ug- awww FIFTH ROVV: Guyot, I-Iackmann, Schonde, Nrenhaus, Knecht, Woltjen, Behle, Trampe, Fry, Knox, Amoto, Kilpatrick, Kenner. FOURTH ROW: Kasperski, D. Smith, Augesbur- ger, Negwer, Viehmann, Rowles, Koennicker, Fischer, Hunter, Noblitt, Upton, I. Kasperski. THIRD ROW: Tieman, Schuler, McEwen, Brown, Hrggs, Green, Boil, Carrico, Renshaw, Klosterman, La Ieuness, Old, Milner. SECOND ROW: Patterson, Brewer, Herrman, Wagner, Weidle, Ulrich, Pounds, Vosburgh, Williams, Biermann, Gotway, Aubuchon, Marlow. FIRST ROW: M. Sniffen, Grob, Ruiz, Randall, Gordon, Chapmann, Hamilton, Oldfather, Ahlee meter, lohnson, Russell, Noach, Meyer, Stabenow, Ripstein. BACK ROW Mlss Berber Woltien DuBray Love Hack man Hemeyer SECOND ROW Sullivan Fry Ryals Rothwell Mack T Rothwell Coleman FIRST ROW Rauch Gould Meuhling Hughes Patt rs n Herrmann H Hughes Vosburgh THIRD ROW Miles Schu hm rr Miss lerz MJIGIK tspcns fl Holtshouser Brewer SECOND ROW Martin Upton Potts Javrs Mlner Grob Patterson FIRST ROW Iuengst D,iBray Tuck r Har :ev 'I ltsclaw MTH RCV 1 res rs 'ni L Val I hnscn k and ss ie er THIRD Ff N V c Wc mnn Nink t r Kr y ECOND ROW rfaywar Dans Cas y Har! ,' III rr son Castcllo Kr n FI RO J Nlr 'rrp y Zeilman V hmarn J rigst Upt 1 Gardner B ggs Mrs ares lh rst Pig ROLLER SKATING CLUB A group of enthusiastic students, interested in skating, formed the Roller Skating Club, sponsored by Miss Sniffen. They went to Hodges Brothers Rink every other Thursday in the school bus. ICE SKATING CLUB The Ice Skaters went to the Winter Garden on alternate Thursday evenings Through specral arrangements students obtarned re duced rates and were furmshed chool trans portation Unfortunately plans to flood and freeze the grass tennis courts were abandoned because of the mild. Wrnter RIDING CLUB Each fall and sprrng the riding club resumes its trips on the trails by the Mississippi Rrver A Wiener roast and picnic hrghlighted the fall activities The officers include Peggy Tucker President Ruth DuBray Vice President loan Harvey Secretary Treasurer BOWLINC Every Monday afternoon anxious hrgh school students packed the Ferguson Bowling Lanes to bowl Although origrnally started as a Faculty League its membership now consists been admrtted to the Arnerrcan Bowlrng Con gre s Mrs Dreselhorst and Mr Impey handle all records and tabulations F rtyNn . S - : , c a ., ' er o Q, I I 1134, 5,15 '. Z ' , ' - . J FW .C K. Sli , M . S.. th, Mr. a , c . , ' ' ' I - C' N Q rn' ..r Y -v f-' A rf- f- . . . Burial' H'n'4"Et'Xiid'-J'nffQdGJNkQ:bG'3' prirnartly of high school students who have Blet, ' 'er, Nohlit, Ca den, ' e ling. S J: I I I - f' d, "1 C e, 'ey or ,C X., -ee Q - neker. RST . V: I . e , , .. , ie.. . , M ' ' V ' Ve. , azz, ,ri ,'.D,e.c. - e o - 1 e 66274 Page Fifty CAMERA CLUB The "Camera Club" was organized this year in order to foster interest in photography and improve one's ability in taking pictures. The members have developed film, printed pic- tures, and assisted in photographing activities for a technicolor movie. The development of special techniques was explained through a series of film strips furnished by Eastman Kodak. SECOND BOW: Kite, Smith, Mr. Ulbright, Woell, Masterson. FIRST BOW: Schutz, Long, Noatch, Schoen, Bogue. BUSY BBUSHES In order to stimulate an interest in art appre- ciation, Miss Bieber organized the "Busy Brushes". Among some of the interesting things they did were sketching people at Union Sta- tion, visiting the Art Museum, and painting a murial on the different phases of art. FlFTH ROW: Woell, Hemeyer, Schoen, Ruff, Love. FOURTH ROW: leske, Kochnlein, Goodson, Sullivan, Platt, Bind' beutel. Tl-HRD ROW: Ichnson, Martin, Old, Tucker, Schwab, McClure, Schewe. SECOND BOW: Marlow, Koppel, Wil- ccx, Patterson, Brewer, M. Behle. FIRST ROW: Miss Bieher, Krueger, Morrison, DuBray, McClure,Miles, Gotway. STAGE CREW To satisfy the interest of certain students in building and designing stage props and scenery, Mr. Pfleger organized a Stage Crew Club which specializes in furnishing scenery and lighting for all stage productions. BACK ROW: Craig, Heffington, Bogue. FTBST BOW: Ten- nings, Dieclzman, Mr. Pfleger, Nelson, Babcock, McClure. PENCIL PUSHERS The Pencil Pushers, a club organized for the purpose of studying secretarial practices, se- cured its charter in September, IQ48, under sponsorship of Mrs. Subow. Programs consist of plays, skits, and talks based on matters of various interest to would-be secretaries. Betty McReynolds gets a vote of special men- tion from the members for her unusual leader- ship. FIFTH'ROW: Kirkpatrick, Cunningham, Tegder, Geiss. Hackmeister, Hayward, Kohrs, Lohofener, Wiegand, Seal. FOURTH ROW: Hesskamp, Sullivan, Baseler, Tebe-au, Plath, Fitzgerald, T. Rcthweil, Chapman, D. Rothweil, Roth, Nienhaus. THIRD ROW: G. Love, D, Sullivan, I. Thies, Moss, Love, Snoddy, Embeck, Oldfather, Cervenka, Tucker. SECOND ROW: Marlow, Burke, Weidman, B. Holtshouser, I. Williams, Heron, Grosch, Buchanan, Hubert, Kappel. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Subow, Dieckman, Kenner, Guyot, lmboden, Martin, Craig, H. Smith, Hermann, B. Oldfather. Hafner, Grab. RIFLE CLUB The Rifle Club, sponsored by Mr. LaVal, has been following the regulations of the National Rifle Association in order to improve the skill of the individual in handling firearms. Their activities included rifle instruction, range firing, matches with other teams, an annual club match, and postal matches. THIRD ROW: Mr. Laval, Peters, Tieman, Hemeyer, Strick- land, Warren. SECOND ROW: Iackson, Wade, Scott, Brndbeutel, Thies, Moss. FIRST ROW: Hoelting, Ulrich, Nelson, True, Old, P. Smith, Tucker. KNITTING CLUB The Knitting Club met on the Fridays of the home team basketball games and spent a busy session of knit-one, purl-two. The mem- bers then ate dinner in the Home Ec room and remained for the game. Florence Orf and Pansy Wolfe served as officers under Mrs. Kurtz, the sponsor. FIFTH ROW: M. Wiese, R. McClure, Schlichtem:er, Hlnds, Kohrs, I. Wiese, Daniels, Brppen, Hayward, Dukray, Aubu- chcn. FOURTH ROW: Zwick, Iznes, Lammert, Baldwzn, Flesch, Cayce, Noblitt Roth, Rcthweil, Hellmer, Smith, Love. THIRD ROW: W. McClure, Bradshaw, Plavnick, Kirkpatrick, B. Schwab, I. Schwab, Ebbesmeyer, Chapman, Dieckman, Wannmger, Hackman, Krieger. SECOND ROW: Oldfatlier, Cppel, Schutz, Higgs, Ruschrneyer Fehrlage, Davies, Holis- hcuser, Lcng, Hughes Sncddy, Herrmann, Mrs. Kurtz Ksponsorf. FIRST ROW: Milner, Hafner, Thompson, Schweizer, Gcrdcn, Vfclf, Orf, VV1iccx, Patterson, Brewer, Bowden, Ruff. yr- 66614 '?if?q Q9 'X gp N3 l ' 0? Kaufman 6455 I 3 - F1i":TwXz FfyTh Wmaclzfq 7 Y X 1 v' x43 1 1 ' If All A , 1 ..- 111.1 FOURTH ROW Pufalt tCoachl Daw on Schesser G llhoier Lohmeyer Ktlpatr ck Patrrck Temple Wannmger Schutz D Smrth Leary Rone K11ckmantCoachJ THIRD ROW Buehrle Lucas True Bmdbeutel Bean Pope P Smrth Allman Wergel Wolf Love W1lke SECOND ROW Ouade Ieske Rernhart Czeschm Hotfert Hrlgeman Re ves Fulbrrght Warren Chandler Gerhart Schwaebe FIRS1 ROW Lawless Brermann The VGI'S11Y football team completed one of the hardest fought seasons 1n four years of football Th1S was the Comets f1fS1 year 1n the tough Suburban League and 1t really showed on the 1nJured players In the flrst game of the eascn B111 Ouaae spralned hlS ankle and was out of the play for several games Charles Chandler hard dr1v1ng end was 1nJured 1n the Rrtenour game Wlth the loss of a few teeth The glory of the football team for the most part goes to the frrst string but th1s Would be 1mposs1b1e 1f 1t were not for good coachmg such as Coach B111 Putalt has g1ven the second and thlrd strmq to make posslble scr1mmag1ng The team was strengthened by the return of 1948 Lettermen who 1ncluded Ouade Reeves Warren Fu1br1ght Czeschm and Buehrle At the end of the season the players voted for the players Whom cons1dered most valuable durmg the season The team selected Paul Smrth half back and Ed Hoffert center The standlngs were Lutheran Ferguson Wellston Ferguson Maplewood Ferguson Clayton Ferguson Rltenour Ferguson Brentwood Ferguson St Charles 6 Ferguson Page Frfty Four 1 ,...............,... 34 ................ O Webster ..t..,.............. 40 Ferguson ................ O I I u ,...,,.,,..... 29 ...,.,.....,,. ,. O ' 1 ..............t,...... 19 ,.a..,.a......, . 2 ' ' ' ' ' ' .,,t.t.a.....,a,..aa 26 .t.t.,..t, 0 ' ' . ,a.............. 12 ,.....,..,,., 1 6 ' ' ' ' ' . . .,.,.....,..,.., ..,..,.. . U nutty? Fergusons entrance to the powerful Subur ban League last fall proved to be too b1g a Jump from the North County League so the Comets ended the season w1th only one league vlctory However the Comets drd manage to W1n two of the1r four non league contests Ferguson was handrcapped through lack of seasoned materlal There were but two senlors hm Poor and Steve Fulbnght on the n1ne man squad The rest of the squad was made up of four Jumors Ed Hoffert Phrl Ieske B111 Relnhart Lawrence Lucas-and three sopho mores Dlck Kohrs Arhe Tempel and Don Wergel Ferguson opened the season by los1ng to Bayless by 58 to 40 The next game Rrver v1ew upset the Comets 48 to 27 RIVGIVIGWS small court proved the undo1ng of the Fergu son team The Comets then h1t a two game w1nn1ng streak defeatmg Berkeley 37 25 and Farrvlew 40 38 Ferguson opened the1r league schedule by los1ng to Brtenour and then went down 1n defeat successlvely to Rrtenour Clayton Nor mandy UHIVGTSITY C1ty Brentwood Wellston and Webster before breakmg 1nto the W1n column by defeat1ng St Charles 48 to 43 The Comets then lost the1r fmal game to Maple wood rn one of the hardest fought contests of the season Ferguson bowed out 1n the flrst round of 1ts own toumament by los1ng to Fa1rv1ew In the Beglonal Tournament Ferguson went down to top fhght McBr1de Although Fergusons record of vrctory was ummpressrve at no trme dld the Comets let down Ferguson s offense was weak through the frrst half of the season but showed con slderable 1mp ovement after the style of play was changed from the slow breaklng set play type of offense to a fast breakmg freehshootmg offense The Comets w1ll go 1nto the1r next season are starters from th1s year Hoffert Remhart Ieske and Tempel who played regularly th1s year wrll be on hand next wmter as wrll Lucas Kohrs and Welgel all of whom saw some actron th1s season ln addrtron several prornlslng members of th1s years B Team Wlll be avallable SECOND ROW Wetgel Fulbrrght I-Ioffert Kohrs Tempel FIRST ROW Bohn Remhart Poor leske Lucas Gollhofer tManagerJ Page F1fty Slx . , I . l I T I I I I I l I I I T U I I I I - . ' I- I 1 ' A ' I ' with seven returning lettermen, four of Whom I 4 L I I I I I I I I X I - I I ' I I I I I I l RICH CARDEN Iumor Shortstop PHIL IESKE Iumor Catcher BILL ORR Iumcr Rlqht Fle d DOUG WOOD Tumor P1 her HAROLD Q AV Iumcr F1 sl Base BILT REINHAPT RAY CZESCHIN Iumcr R1ghY r 191d BOB WELEBA Semor "'h1rd Bose HERB MOELLER Iumor Center Fleld IEPRY WELEBA Iumor Second Bose LAWRENCE LUCAS Iumor Lo tF1e1d KEL RYALS Scphcm re Pusher Page Flfty E qht ' ' ' W ' 'tc . f- am . 4 XY Iunicr Shcrtsiop . Yi . A . L - i Wam'Zq genial! THIRD ROW Burgess Press Hrlqeman Krlpatrrck Stanley B yan Ryals Rone SECOND ROW Kohrs Relnhart Czeschm Dawson Reynolds Brrggs Orr FRST ROW Gray B Weleba Lucas Ieske I Weleba Carden Moeller Wood Thrs year wlth the return of frve veteran players Coach Burgess planned to enter hrs team 1nto the trong Suburban League compe t1t1on but he was forced to Wrthdraw hrs team because all the experlenced pltchers had graduated The team thrs year cons1sts of e1ght Iunlors and one Semor rn the startrng lrneup In the Suburban League the Comets had about SIXLGGH games on thelr schedule wh1ch would have been two and three games a week Because of the prtchlng s1tuat1on Coach Burgess decrded to schedule games wrth schools not rn the Suburban League Before thxs artrcle went to press the Comets managed to play f1V9 games desp1te the weather cond1t1ons Also th1s year the Comets were entered 1nto the Crty Playoffs between all schools The Comets rnet the strong Southwest team at Lrg gett Freld and were defeated by the score of 2 In the non league play the Burgessmen were v1ctor1ous three tlmes los1ng only one game to St Charles 1n the last 1nn1ng 7 to 6 Fergu son defeated The Prmcrpra 10 to 5 and two games Wllh Country Day The f1rst was a wrld 16 to 13 contest but the second game was a prtcher s battle w1th Ferguson vrctorrous 4 to O Name Gray I Weleba Lucas Remhart Ieske Moeller B Weleba rr Czeschrn Carden Wood Ryals Brrggs Reynolds Team Battmg Average 270 Ferguson St Charles Ferguson Ferguson Pattonv1lle Ferguson Southwest Page Fifty-Nin . SCHEDULE Pr1nc1p1a Ferguson Country Day Country Day Ferguson St Charles Ferguson Average '84 .fd FCURTI-l ROW Mr Klickmar Tosh Gruemnger Kilpatrick Mr Overton Gruenmger lohnscn Smith THIRD ROW Lorta Heideman Schulte Davis Allman Kelly Meodor Wolt en SECOND ROW Kassebourn Kluq Tempel Ninke Kasperski Lee Patrick leslfe Ccop r Weirtreis FlR':T ROW Aberle Reinhart Weigel Ouaae Poor Hotfert Reeves Qchewr 'Nlelscn The l95O track seasort started off with a bang The first meet was at Riverview and at the crack of the starter s gun Ferguson took the lead as lim Poor finished first in the high hurdles lim also took first in the low hurdles and the broad Jump ln the field events Bill Reinhart and Bill Ouade came through for the Comets Reinhart took first place in the shot put and second in the discus Ouade took first in the high Jump and second in the shot put Meador another of Fergusons runners gained points by tcrking first in the 440-yard run and a second in the 880 yard run Vernon Schewe made a showing by taking a first place in the 220 yard dash The meet was won by the Ferguson Comets 59 l 3 t 5 2 5 The second meet was with Country Day and Itm Poor started the Comets scoring with a first in the high and low hurdles the IOO- yard dash and broad jump. lim is one of Fergusons most outstanding trackmen. Ed Hoffert scored a first in discus and Bill Ouade a first in the shot put. Doug Patrick scored first in the pole vault. Other high scorers were Meador leske Cooper and lohnson. The final -core was Ferguson 72 Country Day 41. The other track meets have not been held as yet but the Comets have had a flying start and they may have a very good season this year. Pccr takes off. Page Sixty v 'Ummv-nm!! we Thls year Coach Cochran wlth h1s two re turnmg lettermen looked forward to a good l95O wresthng season The team was put through all the ropes and proved that lt could hold 1ts own agamst such teams as Normandy Klrkwood Rltenour Mapl wood and U Clty I Dempsey D Patnck D Holt I Whaley and E Bnggs went to the State Meet whlch was held 1n Columbla Mlssourl on February lO and ll The school prov1ded the transpor tatlon and pa1d all the expenses I1m Demp ey won th1rd place ln the sate meet and Douglas Patnck won fourth place Name Welght Pomts E Bnggs I Dempsey B Gruenlnger O Gruenlnger 2 D Holt D Patnck 34V2 R Randall I Whaley ZGV2 Wwclk All tangled up Tl-llrtD ROW O Gruenmger B Grl ntnger Leary l-letde-man rlo mberg R Ehrle Schlelcher SECOND ROW NIPHDGUS .:-chulte Schewe Alberle Klug ochwaebe Wade Mr Cochran FIRST HOW Whaley R ne Brlgqs Patrclc Gord n empsey Randell Holt D Lhrle We nres Page Slxty On I ' ,...,,,,,, I I .,.. Il27 33 . ..,. ,..... II Il45 I I ' II II I H154 l8 ' . ' III I I l65 7V . ...,, .,,, I I IIIIII lO3 33 I ' IIII, I II I I l38 I I II II 95 II G. Schwaebe II I I l75 l9 I ll2 If f ' "'A4A I Hg g H ,I H V I I I II II IIII I4 II I ,I I I FOURTH ROW Overton CCoachD Byan Roberts Koser Nienhaus Tl-HRD ROW Kelley Ehrle Warren Graham Bass QECCND ROW D Tosh Boom Miller Mason Ebbesmeyer Long FIRST ROW Aubuchon Hughes Ogden R leske CC captain? B Tosh KCC captain! Schcnde Rapp Holmberg The Ferguson B Team Comets under the able supervision of Ccach Ken Overton were only able to pull one victory out ot tive hard taught games However they proved that they were able to meet strong opposition thus pre paring themselves for future years of the var ity Though the B Team record may hardly -e-m encouraging Coach Overton locks back over the season as a big step toward the development of football at Ferguson High. Many ct the boys on the squad have been prepared tor the iuture positions on the varsity team. Such training and experience should help produce a better record in l95U. "Come cn, team'-let's gc!" Page Sixty-Two SECOND BOW Woell Lawless Bmdbeutel Wrlke Aubuchon Lang Love FIRST BOW Pufalt Ieske Stanley Knpatrtck Ogden Bean Allman Htlqeman Tlfns year the B team under the lme coach mg of Mr Pufalt managed to wtn seven games Whrle losrng tlfnrteen m very tough Suburban League campetrtran The team qualttred tn two tournaments ln the Suburban League Tournament at Maplewod our team last te a very strong UDIVGISITY Crty team At tne Btvervrew Tournament the B team blaced thrrd lostng to Farrvtew rn the second game and deteatmg Pattanv1lle m the last game lrm Ktlpatrtck a freshman proved to be the scormg ace cl the lunter Come s B Lf g Ccach Pura t s che ce l r the nrst str 'mg p ll Q X' SxyTbr l I I I ul IA A ' ' i . eb an- Bob Ieske, lack Bean, and Buddy Stanley were l ' Q fx r' ' 5 acl- "en-. Grab that ball. 'age L K' - ., '7a0mma'mZ4 t Qt. V' ' e S.xty' Fun TENNIS This year Coach Burgess introduced the boys' tennis intramurals. The quarter finals showed Poor, Schulte, Gardner, McNeely, Koser and Zeilman still in the running. ln the finals Poor defeated Zeilman in the best two out of three sets for the championship. BACK BOW: Kcser, E. Schulte, fwlcNeely, A. Vtfilliams. E. Koenneker. FRONT BOVV: fue-ngst, Schcen, Poor, Zeil- rnan, Knecht, 'Noltje-n. TOUCH FOOTBALL The First-hour luniors with Captain Richard CWimpyl Woemmel defeated the Sixth-hour Sophomores by the score of 27 to U. Woem- mel's team then played the Belleiontaine team on our own field and defeated them 18 to U. SECOND BOWL Briggs, Kreylinq, Kolus fines, Heriioyei. FIRST BOW: Hotitnqton 'Need Moeller, AJYg:w1:iii1el Carden B. Grueninaer Schewe. VOLLEYBALL The volleyball championship again involved the First-hour Iuniors and the Sixth-hour Sopho-Y mores. Doug 'W'ocd's team took three straight games from Kel Byal's team. Although the scores were close the Sophontores proved to be no match for the Iuniors. .,Fl.jQDND BO'f.': ?f1T is 4 ' -I FFTST ROVVZ Pfrfiifc ::1::xef ., 1 Clfllfj. BASKETBALL The big surprise of all the intramurals was when Dick Bindbeutel's Sixthfhour team de- feated Herb Wolf's First-hour team in an ex- citing game. Each team took the lead through- out the game, but the Sophomores outlasted the Iuniors for a 33 to 27 victory. '7 WEDNESDAY NIGHT LEAGUE The Intramural Basketball League was started for the benefit of boys who like to play basketball in league games and for seniors who no longer enroll in Physical Education Classes. Charles Chandler's team won the League Championship at Ferguson High School with a 7 and l record to lead the Way for the other teams. On a vote for the Most Valuable player in the league Bugs Carroll was chosen Ierry Weleba was ranked highest as the Most Sportsmanlike player Under the direction of Mr Burgess and Mr Ulbright the new activity proved to be success ful and the competition quite exciting SECOND ROW Bean Ryals FIRST ROW l-lolts claw Brndbeutel Wcell Carroll Chandler Captain FIRST ROW Ryals Knecht Reynolds Frresen 2' Page Sixty Five 4 2 Q, 1 i v ' 1 : . Q V SECOND ROW: Warren, .,.,. . ff V ,if L . "T i 0 - . ' f ,. "" 'W . V 1, ?' yu- 4 ff, A Departing from athletics, the G. A. A. spon- sors an annual backward dance to which the girls escort their dates and assume all responsi- bilities. The girls present the boys with cor- sages made from "everything and anything." First prize winner was Don Weigle's corsage made by Carol Werts. The runners-up were Fred Woell's designed by Carol Smith and Ierry Young's made by Frances Hughes. The outstanding event of the evening 1S the coronation of the honorary member who is voted by all members from a list of nominees who are underclassmen This honorary mem ber is expected to referee games and assist the girls with their decoration etc Arlie Tem pel a sophomore and member of Varsity Basketball was so honored this year T3 The purpose of the T l3 is to give honorary recognition to those who do the best work each grade card period lt girls make the T la more than twice they become standing members and are allowcd to wear the in sigma T l3 FOURTH HOW Morris rt Th es C lerrian Tonner THIRD HCM Blei T Williams Fitzgerald Wtese Harvey C yce SF OIND RCW Upton Nienhaus Fbesmeyer Kreder Aubu or FIRST ROW Wiedle Schweizer Buehrle Cr' day Muehlma Wo! cn picture Wiese Davies Page Sixty Six The Girls' Athletic Association offers a lull pro- gram of sports and an opportunity for interrclass competition throughout the year. The season opens with baseball, and then includes volleyball, basket- ball, and tennis. The membership dues are titty cents. The G. A. A. Board functions in an executive capacity with its sponsor, Mrs. Dieselhorst in carry- ing out its program of activities. s G. A. A. BOARD FOURTH ROXY, B XK'elt-bn. Mrs Iheselhnrxt, R. Iihrle. I7 Iihrle Kllon orary Members! THIRD ROXY: .I Patterson. Schwaebe. R Slcfllure Schwab. Ryali. Loehrer, Krueger. Slifl OND ROXV: Schwexler. XK'rese, Morri son, Snoldy. NVerdle. IlArvm'. Ilmehle Hesslmmp I'IRST ROXX' Itiwner. J XK'iew, Aubuchvn, Iluehrlt, I Klclluru 1 FIFTII ROXV Mus llllen. lien-.tu ionl, McArthur, Speicher, Ilnldwin, Smith, Cfisey, Albers, llnhx, Jeslxe Koehnlem Vferls, Lott XYorthingtrxn, l.inn. FOURTII ROXK' Ilrt1Wn.Spt'nCCr I.emmLn, Jones. Miller. Zwick, XYrlf lmms, Davis. Flesch, Upton. Price. Karsten, XVise. Wnegnnd, XK'ot.1vv.1. Dempsey. Krieger. l..imbert. Potts, THIRD ROXV Ulrich. llnvn, Clarke. Thompson, Krusius. I'.tirb.inlr lhnielx. Fischer, Iiry. lhwinxlu. Tmmpe. Sullif van, I..tnd, linux. Smith, XYilli.tmw. Johnson, Augspurger SIQLONIJ ROXX' XK'obirk. Kite. Old Brewer, Hunter I'ranke. Babcoclt. I'l.ivnirl-., Sehuler Sullixxtn, I.nndes. learn. Ulirien. In Ieunexs, XK'.1nninger, llnckmnn Slef luur, lirntixhnw, Mel wen I'lRS'l' ROW Nlrx lliewellmrxt Illei Ifivrtl, Sthucli m.tn. Milo, Min liltwsteninn, lutu.-ll XYilli.xms, Wagner. ilglesbv. Schutf Hamilton. Lhipmnn. Ahlem.-ier. Kit Cnnce. Ciczrdon, Spelther, K rout-t-. NIC Allister. SIXTH ROXK' J Xk'rlli.in1t Rugrn llime mer. lung. Roth. lrlnthvuri lltrlu heuwr lb lux-rr-x lil tw.ix Xlitk login I II 'I ll lit XXX' l.h.-.tn fir.-v, Ntvhlilt, lbbexniutr lllpgwri Ittultr it-lt-m.rn K4 hrs ll.ixu,irt: l rtfgtrilil Iitirhvteil lLtL'lilll IQUXX Nvtnizitrs Jennings IJ llitttrst r1 XX'.zq.ir:J l hr'lIner, XYuidm.iri I riftf Sullii. in Thiel. lNIcws,I3l.1tt 'I llllilt lil HRX' Nlrx Iieiwlhrwrxt .l XYi1fi,.r::s .I l hip :nm I rn: liurlw I liltv l rstrfr lznhmk Oldtarht-r, 'lutk.r ll, td' nur lltrrri NUUNIJ RHXK Vlti.l:.iv',g llrl l.lrr Liga, Ru-thn:.x.r ll Nrwitlz lfirlxgnit rick Cirvch .'-lgirltru. hnzrgift Nlirti liubvrt. Kr-dir IFIRSVI l+'ll'.K' ll.i7!i.' lbitfckmann. Selnisttr Iiuqhnngn Xlgxr nur. I5-'hit' K-rrzzitr IM 'linger Am-,t rn, Kr-n.iw, Nlilrxtr ll.iIi'tr Myth President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Chairman Social Committee Chairman Point Committee Baseball Manager Basketball Manager .. Volleyball Manager Tennis Manager . Sponsor . , I-Ioncrary Members 6 14.14 Helen Aubuchon loey Wiese lean Buehrle Lorraine McClure Mary Lou Towner Nancy Morrison Susan Wiedle Mzldred Snoddy loan Harvey Mrs. Dieselhorst Bch Weleba, Don and Bon Ehrle, Arlie Tempel 42 i I E 55215 91 80- WUQ . ,, ..J.Q....l.. i ZZ. Members of the class teams endeavor to make the All-Star team which consists of the outstanding leaders in each sport chosen from the four class teams. In addition to this honor- able achievement, each member receives I5 points toward her letter and a special shield which is the emblem of the All-Stars. Girls who have been outstanding in all three All- Star teams were Morrison CIr.J, Ebbesmeyer CSr.l, and Harvey CSoph.l BASKETBALL THIRD ROW: A. Fitzgerald, M. Wiese. I. Harvey, N. More rison. SECOND ROW: G. Ebbesmeyer, I. Buehrle, F. Hughes, H. Aubuchon, FIRST ROW: M. Snoddy, B. Kre- der, B. Buchanan, S. Wiedle, N. Davis. SOFTBALL THIRD ROW: Hubert, M. Wiese, Baldwin. SECOND ROW: Blei, Towner, Harvey, Wiese, Ebbesmeyer. FIRST ROW: Coleman, Fitzgerald, Morrison, Snoddy, Hughes. VOLLEYBALL THIRD ROW: Baldwin, Fitzgerald, Towner, M. Wiese. SECOND ROW: Nienhaus, Ebbesmeyer. Morrison, Harvey. FIRST ROW: Snoddy, Kreder, Blei, Buehrle, Landis. Page Sixty-Eight Interclass competition is organized for basket- ball, volleyball and softball. After three prac- tices, the class teams are selected by a group consisting of the sponsor, president oi the G. A. A., manager of the sport and class team captain. The various classes are distinguished by their colored shirts for easier identification. The luniors had a winning streak throughout most of the tournaments, although the spirit of good sportsmanship and cooperation prevailed at all times. The managers include Susan Wiedle-Basketball, Mildred Snoddy4Volley- ball, and Nancy Morrison-Softball. VOLLEYBALL FIFTH ROXV: Cliycv. Buchrle. J. XView Towner, J. XViIli.ims. Hamlin. Mrs. IJ Baldwin. XI. XX'ww. Ilarvcy. Ilcmpsry Kite. Piwiniki, Nutzvl. XViIIiamS FOURTH ROXV: Ort, ihapman. Nicn Imux. Fitrgerald, lolt-man. Mcflucr. Morrison. Clarmn. Juni-s. Upton. Hughm. Landis, I. Blci. THIRD ROXV: Au buchon, Snoddy, F. Hughes. NK'wdlc. J XK'iIIiams. Hvmn. Zwick. I..1mmcrt XX'rIlx. SECOND ROXV: Muchling Hume. Schwwlrr. Rrcdcr. Buchanan CQIark.I7.1vies. Bradshaw. Ixwhfr FIRST ROXV' tfaptainxi I bbesmcvcr. Harf- ncr. Knvgrr. I..1ntI. BASEBALL I-IFTH ROXV faycr. Noblxtt. XVxt'w. Tnwnrr. J. XVtIliams. XX'iegand. Mrs. Dicsclhcrsr. Harvcv. Casey. Albers. Ryals. Land. FOURTH ROXV: Ebbcs- mcyvr. Muchling. Nienhaus. Tcbcau. Fitzgvrald. Nklilucr. Smith. IVIIIIU. XVirw. Ford. Schuchman. Blei. THIRD " ROXX' Chapman. Buehrlr. Hubert. Kre- dcr. Schwacbc. Zwirk, Upton. Kite. Iandrs. Schuler SIIONIJ ROXK' Au' buchun. Urf. Snoddv. Kcnner. XK'vidIv. Bnllingvr. Ottcn. Lambert Davis. Mc- Iiwt-n. Sullivan. Cmrdon FIRST ROXV Bippvn. fcleman Morrison. Baldwin. Iovhrcr. BASKETBALL ' m X' . 1 . . 'i w . "r'wncr. 'tv rs I XX'ilIiamx . rs ' - ic . tx . K 'i' '. Harvvv. YilIianix.K tx '.i'x a I ' ' UXK' uchllng I. 'tt' . ' unliaux ' grrald fvltman I Url lurc. lwult. Innes. XVatawa 'IHIRIJ ROW' Pxubuf chnn. Snnddv F Ilughu. Krudrr Thin Iiuthanan. Baldwin. Iammurt. Xlhegand. Ford H ilughu. Schulz SI I UNI ROW' Buuhrlt. Schutt-lar. XK'it'dlu Hacfnvr Ixrcxgcr. Itavtt Sullivan I Itlu I-IRST ROW tlrf Morrison. L.'plt.n.I.ir1sIls I SEVENTH ROW Franz Coleman Ryals Fry Chapman Land Knox Auqspurqer Iennmqs Smlth Casey Harvey Mor rrson Towner Dubray SIXTH ROW Cool R Wrlltams Lamrrtert Baldwrn Tucker B Holtshouser Schuster Kreder We dman Koehnlexn Ieske Lchotner Patter on Love FIFTH ROW Olds Frohock Lrnn Spence Lemmon Clark Flesh Kruger Schwaebe Dempsey Oldlather Embeck Prrce Sptker Zwrck Rothwlel FOURTH ROW Buchanan Heron Wrluams P Moss Otten Worthrnqton Werts VV'1lcox Wanmnqer Hackman Schuler Behle Hughes H 1-luqhes Aubuchon Lajeuness Kloterman OBr1en Maxemer Tones SECOND RCW Hafner Iohnson Seal Oldiather Sprker Arzlernerer Gordon Farrbanks Crucrus Davres Myers Mrs Kassmg FlRST ROW Buehrle Bler Kassebaurn Detz Wredle PEP CL U B CHEERLEADERS Hurrah' for the Pep Squad who wrth therr To lead our pep Squad 11-HS Year Six Vlqcr qay posters and pennants aroused the school Splflt ot the entrre student body Therr ottrcers Of1C51HCIlGd CI1'1 GX GHGHT DOIHT SYSTGTH Clfld who trred out mn a student assembly They bought new bold red hats w1th the letter F to drstrnqursh them from the other school orqanrzatrons st1rnulate the pep and sp1r1t of the students ous cheerleaders were chosen from the many 'rave rntroduced new and better cheers to LEFT TO RIGHT X Buehrle Bler Kassebaum Dretz Werdle Page Sev nty il , A , ,V s',' . I iz' , I ,'I,' r, I , THlRD ROW: Oppel, Thompson, Gould, Breyver, R. 'Patterson, Hcltshousen' Wilcox,' Schuts, Wagner, -Bradshayv, McClure, 1 . BACK ROW Khckmcm Bolm Pufalt Cochran FIRST ROW Overton Burgess IGI-IN KLICKMAN Track Coach Asst Varslty Football Mr Kllckman attended the Un1vers1ty of Bed lands He played on the football baseball and track teams At Ferguson I-hgh he has coached the B basketball and track teams and as srsted Wllh varslty football BENTLEY BOLIN Basketball Enthusrasrn for sports has always been prornrnent among Mr Bolms 1nterests At college he part1c1pated 1n tenn1s baseball and basketball At Ferguson he has coached base- ball and basketball He has done graduate work at the Un1vers1ty of Houston MISSOUII UHIVGISIIY and Central MISSOUYI State College BILL PUFALT Varsrty Football Asst Basketball Whrle attendmg Wash1ngton Un1vers1ty Mr Pufalt played on the football and basketball teams He has coached football 'B basket ball and wrestlmg at Ferguson H1gh PAUL COCHBAN Asst Football Wrestltng Mr Cochran graduated from Washmgton Un1vers1ty before comlng to Ferguson He has coached the wrestlrng team and assrsted wxth B football KENNETH OVERTON Asst Football Asst Track Mr Overton attended Northwest MISSOUII btate Teacher College where he partlcrpated rn swlmmlng basketball ter1n1s and softball At Ferguson Hlgh he has coached B foo ball and ass1sted wtth track ALECK I BURGESS Phys1cal Ed Drrector Intramurals Baseball After graduat1ng from Ferguson High Mr Burgess attended Central College where he played w'1th the M C A U champtons of 1932 33 ln 1934 35 he became Honorary Cap- a1n He has done graduate work at Washmg ton and Iowa Un1vers1t1es He has coached rack basketball and baseball Page Seventy-One - , , . - . , . I - . , . , . H H H .1 . , . . - . . . . , , . . . . . , H ff , I I L I - 1 '- , . 1 - , . , . ' . ' J . . i L 1 , 1, . .. . , ' . . . A . I , , . Student secretanes are Advanced Typlng students who gam expert ence by actlng as secretarles to the faculty THIRD ROW Cayce Noblrtt Hammer R Love Dubray B Schwab D Davres P Wolfe SECOND ROW D Rothwe1l Orr' I-Imds Ebbes meyer I Wtese Fehrlaqe Ruschmeyer FIRST ROW P Wllcox OBr1en Wameke I Holts houser Schwerzer Krueger Moss 'gm Dzwefw Busses provlde transportatlon tor tudents l1v1ng 1n the Ferguson d1s 1ng dlstrtcts who attend Ferguson schools Students l1v1ng w1th1n a two mlle bounaary can buy passes tor SIU UO a year For those beyond the two m1le l1m1t passes are fur nlshed by the d1str1ct 1n whlch they hve although S100 deposlt IS re- qu1red LEFT TO RIGHT Alvm Thles Iake Thtes and I m McNeal mSz4gf The Cafeterla Stait tuncttons as a vltal force 1n the school program Mrs Bol1n the d1et1t1an prepares the menus fulI1ll1ng the government re qmrements for a well balanced and tasty meal The students get th1s well planned lunch for only twenty trve cents LEFT TO RIGHT Rcbmson Zerlman Doyle Grah INot shown cn plcture Mrs Pohll dee I trict and also those living in outly- VI 7-1155 VI 7-2406 McDowell Bulldmg and Realty Company FINER HOMFS Sales Loans Insurance R W M D PERoUsoN 21 Mo 223 North Florissant Blvd. . . C owls 2 , . .3 an -in Wf- w-1 ,ab - Hot md- Drive hard, Paul. Tips from the couch. Owf posmq Warren B111 klcks Remhcrt le-ts Aly Tough CJGIU9 Up she goes Page Seventy Four A. L. KARST Jewelers and Optometrists 8 Church, Ferguson 21, Mo. Acrose from Bank ATwatcr 15 80 Uhr Guam Emil: Your Commumty A euspaper 10 ADAMS Vlctor 7 0202 EARL SPENCER GENERAL E1 ECTRIC APPLIANCE Ar Your Service Q BANK EERGUHIQ NEGWER COAL COMPANY Zzegler Coal Buzldzng Materzals Feed and Haulzng Alrport and XX abash Raxlroad Tra ks ATwat r 0779 F rguson 21 Wo Complzmmzs FERGUSON CLEANERS SKINKER SERVICE STATION Shelly Products 0 South Elorxssant ATwater 9786 JUST HARDWARE Y5 SUPPLY Complete Home Mamterzance Store 441 South Flonssant Farguson 21 Mo 1 R1 D ILS 1 9 PQS tyF . I . . 1 T 7 I Acrois from Show of J 6 0 ' ' 1512RGUSON. MO. . , . C C I- 6 , 1 . Q ' 2 . A'1w.1lcr 752 fi E- Even - ive SCHETTLER S FLORISSANT MARKET 302 St Francols r yD1 U 62511 SHEAR S DEPARTMENT STORE 19 South Florrssant Ferguson Mo BIERMANN HARDWARE Euerythzng zn Hardware 46 SOUTH FLORISSANT ROAD VIctor 7 3013 I- rguson 21 Mo Keep FII and Have Fun at FERGUSON BOWLING LANES 9780 COLOR KRAFT SHOP Wallpaper Palms Venetzan Blznds A s 1 Phone Vlctor 7 2510 Ben F Wr1ght 313 South Florrssant Road LUCAS Sheet Metal and Furnace Co Grauzty Ozl and Gas Furnaces LUCAS HUNT ROAD AT NATURAL BRIDGE W F LUCAS es VIctor 7 2041 EVergreen 1271 HEADY CLEANERS VIctor 7 0199 104 Darst Road Ferguson Mo 17 South Florrssant FERGUSON S FINEST Breakfast Lunch Dznner 977 7 WHITE FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Seruzce 118 NORTH FLORISSANT ROAD VIctor 7 1500 Ferguson Mo PQS tyS 7 Florissan , Mo. Dail e ivery N - ' ' Compliments of - Y 1 l , . R ., - 44 ' ' J: , ' ' Next to Post Ofhce 'e , . A'I'water F guson, Mo. ATwater ' . rt Iupp ies Cuantner S DFIVC In 55 Restaurant 500 AIRPORT t 7 l Caterzng to Weddzngs Parnes Banquets Danczng OLIE S BARBER SHOP 804 South Florlssant Road S o S t Just the Co7y Lrttle Place You ve Been Lookmg For S U E A N N S S H O P DRESSES SKIRTS COSTUME: JEWEI RY 2 South Florrssant ATwater 9709 H C CHANKJ MULLER PAPER HANGING Azzw 12 G ty 6 2554 540 North Florlssant Road Florxssant Mo THREE ACRES MARKET 956 North Elxzabeth Frozen Foods Meats Groceries 10 P NEUMANN SERVICE STATION l600 South Florlssant J SAN SA WALTER FREUND BREAD CO 920 SOUTH TAYLOR AVE BAKERS OF Olde Tyme Rye Delicatessen Rye an Tender Crust Pies MISSOUII Steel '55 W1re Company 1406 NoRT1-1 BRoADwAY Nationally Advertised Products Ol' Buzldzng Mazntenance and Repazr Armor Coat Waterproonng Bennett Flreplace Equlpment Certalnteed Roofing Products Glldden Pamts Lawson M2dlClDE Cabinets MOSSIC Floor and Wall T1le Truson Steel Wmdows Complzments of the FERGUSON COMMUNITY PLAYERS t 1526 J ENNINGS SHEET METAL 221 LaMotte Lane Ferguson 21 Mo Page Seventy Seven VIC or - 206 I K Across the trcet from Tom Spf ul's Servxce ta ion Fm? I'00d5'-Open Sundays Near Ferguson Cleaners , . . A I or uaranteed Y A - UNiversi - 1 Gasoline . . . Oil . . . New Tires . . . Recapping -T T ATwnrer I 787 Open Sundays and Holidays, 8:30 A. M. to . M. ', . eumann. Jr. fSonnyD , . Neumann. Sr. lPop.j I 0 , f d 1 n 1 VIC or 7- J OSTEN'S Fine Class Rings . . Announcements Awards Representatlve HAROLD KERSCH Box 71 Columbxa Mo the cut of your hair counts VOGELSANGS SHOP 36 North Florissant Blvd. Closing Hour 6:00 P, M. Ferguson 21. Mo. Wells Shoe Store 24 South Floussant Presents QUILLMAN S DRUG STORE In Buszness for Your Health 42 South Florxssant Road A r O 2 GRAF AND CASE REALTY Co Realtors Insurance Notary Publzc 9 South Flonssant Road Vlctor 7 0046 Ferguson FRANK 26 STANLEY PRODUCE CO INC Servznq St Louzs Fznest Restaurants Hotels ana' Instztutzons C1-lestnut 3046 508 10 COLE STREET ff fi MILK ICE CREAM DARST ROAD AUTO AND BODY CO lVork Guaranteed 15 Darst Road ATwater 9799 FERGUSON SUPER MARKET 208 SOUTH FLORISSANT AVE Ferguson 21 Mo P q tylfqht 9 I A ' ! .Y Twa er 42 G e Seven - i Compliments of Ferguson Hardware and Supply Co 9 CHURCH STREET Vlctor 7 1531 AL NICK REALTY CO Phone VIctor 7 2009 42A SOUTH PLORISSANT Dubberly '25 Meyer Shoe Store X Ray Fztted 4 South Elorlssant Road Acr fomBnk nM d ndSatudy Ill 90 P gu n A te 2 03 SPIC AND SPAN CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 100 South FIOIISSAHI VIUlbe y 7000 AT alex 1139 A Dzrect Factory Dealer STIVER S AU ISO SALES Inc 222 South Elornssant Ford Cars Frucks Used Cars W E BUEHRLE SHEET METAL WoRKs Installal on a d R par ng f Warm Arr Furnaces O11 and Gas Furnaces Stolzers df U I7 8 Bangert Ave ATwater 0166 Ierquson s Hotpoznt Applzance Dealer HEMMINGHAUS ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 11 South Elorlssant Road VIctor 7 0898 to 7 Z READY VIIX CONCRE 171 KIENSTRA SUPPLY CO CONCRETE BLOCKS 109 North Elorlssant E rguson 'Wo HOME CREST MARKET Open to 10 Evtry Nxght Als Sundaxs nd H01 days 1400 South Florrssant Road ATwatrr 9734 Russ Halveland s Cockta11 Lounge Q5 Restaurant 1Ve Speczalzze zn Chzcken and Steak Dmners XHCHI I O15 IIQLORS Ferguson Vlo ELORISSANT ROAD AND BLACKB-URN AVE ATuattr 9609 nty N 9 Y oss r a i Ope on ay. Friday .1 r a' ' "1 1 0 . M. V Fer so .Mo. Twa r 2 1 rr w , , Y 1' n e 1.1. o I'1L1I'fTGCC'S V u m Cleu ed IIEROUSON, MO. I VIC r -'Z16 . -. 1' .' f o . j a i , . Russ Halvuland at the Organ and Piano 3 V A A 1. r s Psa, Seve - me MOORE S DELICATESSEN To Serve You Best When Needed Most Open fom 7 A M Tll 10 P M Week Days ll A M Txll 10 P 'VI Sundays and Hol day Vlctor 7 2036 No l Alrport Road BIELER DAIRY FARM Grade A Pasteurzzed Mzlk 342 Hudson Road Vlctor 7 0949 HAROLD s SERVICE STATION Sznclazr Products 7 rres Batterzes Accessorzes CARS CALLED FOR AND DEI IVERED ATvs ater 9766 130 South Florlssant Road A BRIX FLORIST INC Flowers Por: ALL OCCASIONS COlfax 5 03 2 COMPLIMENTS NORMANDY STATE BANIK 7301 NATURAL BRIDGE NORMANDY M I S S O U R KINGS DRUG STORE 23 South Florlssant Road ATwater 0293 Come zn and Look Around Ferguson Sheet Metal Works Inc Heatmg Ventzlatzng Arr Condztzonmg Vlctor 7 0284 I u s R S7ombathy Alfred R Sifombathy PLAZA HEIGHT FOOD SHOP 360 South Dade We Deln er ATwater 9600 Page Elghty 1 r . . i . . . . ' . I . i s - V . ' o Y liquid Glazina Our Specially Y . OF rc ' ry , . .0 i . , ' . . I v - 7 BARBAY'S MARKET WE DELIVER J. H. BAREAI1 Prop. 15 SOUTH ELORISSANT AVE. ATwater 2091- 2002 FISCHERS SIIDES E5 DRY GOODS Vw Daw 601 Jefferson IIORISSANI N O T Erryhlll 6 3475 DELLWOOD CONEECTIONERY Dtllwood and Chambers wat 0627 Q U U I7 pl ment KREDER S CAFE Fountam Seruzce Plate Lunches Homemade Pzee 20 North Ilorlssant Road ATwater 2625 CHARLIE S SERVICE STATION Chas Castello Standard Products -x95 North Flornssant Road ty 0 7782 Complzmenrs of BEHLE S FOOD MARKET I I Dade Ave Ferguson Wall Purmture and Apphance 214 South Plonssant Road Vlct r7 2207 COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS Comolzmenu of P J NOBLITT MRS RAUP S SANDWICH SHDP Sandwiches Sodas k and B II ORISSANT VIO V1 to 6 7170 STIARWALT ELECTRIC Xl estmqhouSe Applzances Ih I 26 South P1orISsant Road WILSON S MARKET I-hghway 66 at flonssant Road T-Iorxssant Mo Eqlo O Jf N f I ' ' AT I er, - ' . I . I . If , O p S av U S Com I' S ol' Y Y I ' UNiversi - ATwater f 7-+4 O ' Y . . Qualily Ice Cfreunv-Iirit' ulk 298 St. Francois Street 4, S .' . I . 'C r f ' , E . Q . fem Radios and ' -t'lf'L'!-SIUH lflttlrrful C,I,nlruIlor.s A'G Victor 7-2744 Victor 7-1205 Y ' Pizqp I ny' no CARLS SERVICE STATION 143 North Florxssant Road 9 Ferguson Mo HAWTHORNE PLAYERS OF FERGUSON JODY S CAFE CHICKEN AND STEAK DINNERS Hlghway 66 and Plorxssanr Roau ELORISSANT BANK TErryh111 6 3311 FLORISSANT MO 'VI E M B E R F D I C Newest and Most Modern Market In St Louzs County DAY 25 NIGHT Super Market E GUSON SSCU NORTH HILLS DAIRY SE XLED IN CELLOPHANE A FRIEND DARST RoAD CONFECTIONERY Lunch Meats Grocerzes Fresh Countru Faqs 101 DARST A'1x zxter 0001 Pq Eqt'I' Y ATwater 792 Compliments of the 9 ORange 491 1 Nou' . . . This Bonle of Milk is - Our Contr'bution to Your Health Y 5 R , M I I R I A M . V . y- -' NORTH ST LOUIS TYPEWRITER SERVICE fypewrzters Checkuurzters Addmq Machines 6257 NATLRAI BRIDGE CO df ll 4684 ST I OUIS 20 fhe Worlds Fznest Pzcmos Covers and Bmdmg LUDWIG S MASON 25 HAMLIN 1950 CREST -Af KIMBRLL -Af WURLITZER if CABLE -pf KINGSBURX BECKTOLD CO YI IOUIS MO P 3 CE 1825 LA 3688 Shenandoah Bakmg Company Inc 3135 Park Ave Quahty PICS 51 1oU1s4 mo GR M526 Complzments of GENERAL MEAT COMPANY P E Thre-G F . 7 . . . " Y o e ow K . , , MO. llfe fl! for Ihe prrffsxxional und xlualmt model by armrdianx pmrd for Ilffy punt. 109 ine sta sas s.G a ' 4 Y o .4 ' ' yr '. - ,. . Phone, an Complrments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE I- W She man and J K Johnston Aatzonally Known Locally Owned 104 South F1or1ssant Road ATwater 1742 Compliments of COLE OLDSMOBILE CO Inc Oldsmobzles and G M C Trucks 100 North Florlssant Road FFRGUSOIN 21 MO V1ctor7 1 00 Compliments f FERGUSON BAKE SI-IOP 100 Church Street ATV atcr 0799 NORWOOD MARKET I cona d Seal P op etor QUALITY Fooos IX e G e Eaale St mp 60 6 DUI RIF at r R SACHSE xpert Shoe Repa 409 South Flonssant Ferguson Mo LEONARD S JEWEL HOUSE IVatcheQ Dzamonds Jewelry Watch Repazrznq 5 South Florxssant Vlctor 7 3016 Complzments of Ferguson Broadway Bus LIHGS IIC ATwater 9767 mpl n nl BOLIN S SERVICE STATION 252 South Flortssant Road IFRGUSON Z1 MO -XT ate 96 c t R bc I I YOUR IOCA1 IRINTERS FERGUSON PRINTING COMPANI VIctor X 1724 406 Axrport Road I I RC USON MISSOURI GETTEMEIER REALTY REALTOR Florrssant Road and Jean Drne H b rt Getteme e Pres de I F1 ORISSANT O Comp! ments of C J Harr1s Lumber Company Etblhd P q 1:.qhTyF ., . '. . r . . ' If I ' 1 77 , . V 1 Y U V - Q ' . o . r . I ri " I IL' F u 3" ' 1 1 22 ATW Q 0788 Y ' t. Q - q t 1 1 e Y E 1 r A - Co I Ie s of 9 I . - 74 . . . vc r '07 Rob , 54 Idorenl Q r QA Itorcnd Ofiice. Vlctor 7-0821 Residence. UNivcr'2ity 6,4669 1 I CO 1 - . ' V TYQQ V K ere ir. I n E - Il ,M. 1. 1 . I O Q srl IS e 1888 Cl e EI. Y our Contractmg Sales and Seruzce SAVOY JEWELRY '35 GIFT SHOP II5 South FIOFISSBHI Road 2317 THEATRE BUIIDING GIFTS INFANT WEAR JEWELRY LeI-Ioullller Plumbing Co Heating and XVGIQI System D22 South Florrssant Ave 0 I I RC LSON me I gag! fT mg Q I WW My 'IW Whte eb ul P It on the ch lr EVEI, E guffffeff ICE CRF-KNI d DAIRX PRODUCTS RUSSELL S SERVICE STATION 901 Arrport Road Ferguson 21 Mo GAS O L LODHOLZ BROS wEsT1NoHoUsE APPL IANCES 517 South Florrssant Road A at 9 5 CRI XSI BAI-IIRIFS mp! SO GOOD POTATO CHIP CO 2017 Gravors PRospect 7233 Complzmenls or A FRIEND Standard Fluxd Duplxcater He! A N RECHTIEN Sales Agent 810 Prnt Street 'VIA1n O7 I-I to 7 07 H VERNON BALL INC Realtors R041 Eslu e lo ns Insurance 334 Wtslty Au Ferguson 21 Mo Peg L qhtf F Vlctor 7- - ' ' VIctor7-0 79 If I I. I'. MO. Y Ha , . W v ' 1 0 AX, 1 A f T5 . , 41- E gi 'Q - , , I Q I I .vw , I , ' . Tw er 73 .q5,,,,, f "9 I 5,3 .. Pfvssv' 3'f?Q'!f -N RQ " i Co fments of in lh 0 e in' i ee s" Q. U 0 . r I ., , an . ' See lhe VIC I' ' '64 'ore You Buy ' - I f If-,fl - ' " I l D L . - l l V 'H' Ol ' fe 'I J- ive CONSUMERS GROCERY AND 'VIEAT INC Wholesale EIGHTH AND CLARK AVE 'VIAm 0566 Vlr and 'Vlrs C Chandler 'Vlr and 'Vlrs O L Hammer The Sex en Samts Jack 1The Molej McK1nney Jmm mThe Moose! Carr Freddy rThe Foxy Schuster and Mrs Ebbesmeyer and Mrs Koop and Mrs Schuttte and Mrs Ebbesmeyer BOOSTF RS Cub Hume 47 lack Hume 47 Norm Bucher 47 C1 A A Marce Betty Vera LuLu Peg and Paul Betty Joan Lorr Nancy Mr and Mrs George XXIIQSC Ferguson Fearsome Fxve Jordean and Larry WIQSG Barnes Pfllltlflg Company Hzqh School and College Annuals 2129 PINE STRFET ST IOUIS MO CEntra1 3669 and 3670 F Eqkty S 1 1 Mr. . B. , , , Mr. and Mrs. J. Niehoff Ida. Dot, Liz Mr. . H. . . ' Mr. . F. 1 1 ' Mr. . E. If Urge 1 1 fb ix FERGUSON MOTOR SERVICE Towing and Expert Auto Repairing 32 North Florissant Road, Ferguson, Mo. ' 0013 OTT5 F. HERMSMEYER WM. J. XX t'wxuvBtaR i FLOR-ALIL BEAUTY SHOP 3 8 North Florissant SPECIALIZING IN PERMANENTS 7-02-4 Hancrtsots. vio, And OF COURSE FLOWERS FROM JENNY WREN ATwater 1170 240 South Flo ssant Road B11 1 In-XRI AN FERGUSON DF PARTMENT STORE 27 South Florlssant F E R G U S O N M I S S O U R I E F LAVWIERT ATtaref 2500 Compliments of UNIVERSAL MATCH CORPORATION FERGUSON MISSOURI FERGUSON FARM DAIRY NI tor 7 0596 Box 364 Hudson Road 1 T POPPI I-XVFII WALTER SIMONDS SUPER MARKET 21 SOUTH FLORISSANT GASEN Prescription Druggists 20 22 South Florlssant 2774 Stores All Over the St Lcu s Area PQ 1 ATwater c . . ' .N 1 L L Under New 'Management 5 Vlctor 7 1 I ' 1 V ri .. ' . 1' Compliments ol' 7 f- . . I , '. . Q - . , . . I I X' AFIAVVJICX' .. . J i. Alexande ae H Vernon mall lno Barbays Market Becktold Co Behle Fooa Market Ben Franklrn Breler Darry Farm Brerrnann Hardware Eolms Servrce Station A Brrx Flcrrst lnc W E Buehrle Sheet Metal Carls Servrce Statlon Charhes Servrce Station oole Oldsmcbrle Co Inc Co1orKrat Consumers Gro ery G Mea Inc Contmental Bakrng Co Darst Road Auto LS Body Co Darst Road Confectionery hm Dauaherty Sealtest Products Day G Iwrght Super Market Dellwcod Dubberly Ferguson Ferguson Bank of Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ccnfectronery G Meyer Shoe Shop Bake Shop Bowhng Lanes Ferguson Broadway Bus Lrnes Cleaners Communrty Players Dept Store Form Darry Hardware Sheet Metal Work Motor Servrce Super Market Frschers Shoe :St Dry Goods Flora L11 Beauty Shop Flcrxssant Bank Frank G Stanley Produce Gantner s Drrve In Gasen Drug Store General Grocer Co General Meat Co Gettemerer Realty CO Graf G Case Realty Co Harolds Servrce Statron C 1 Hams Lumber Havelands Cocktarl Lounge Hawthorne Players Heady Cleaner s Hemrnznghaus E1ectr1c Home Crest Market Ienmngs Sheet Metal lenny Wren Florrst Io ys C Io ten lust Hardware A L Ka st Krenstra Supply Co Kmgs Drug Store Kreders Cafe LeHou11lrer Plumbmg Co Leonards lewel House Lodholz Bros Lorenz Prmt Shop Lucas Sheet Metal Ludwrg Pranos MCD-:well Real Estate Mrssourr Steel 61 Wire Co 'E R Moore Co Moores Delrcatessen Mound Crty Chma Co H C tl-lankl Muller Negwer Coal Co Neumans Servrce Statron Al Nlck Realty Co P 1 No l1tt Normandy State Bank Norwood Market North St Lours Typevtrrrer er Nc th H111 Darry 01165 Barber Shop Pevely Darry Plaza Herghts Food Shop M Haups Sandwich Shop Russells Servrce Statron R Sachse Shoe Reparr St Lours Darry Savoy lewelry :S Grtt Shop Schettlers Flcrrssant Market Shears Dept Store Shenandoah Bakrng Co Sklnkers Service Station So Good Potato Chap Co Earl Spencer General Elec Sprc and Span Cleaners Starrwalt Elec Co Standard Flurd Duplicator Srvers Auto Sales Sue Anns Shop Three Acres Market Town Talk Unlversal Match Corp Vogelsangs Shop Wall Furnrture G Apphance Walter Freund Bread C Walter Srmonds Super Market Wells Shoe Store Wh te Funeral Home W e eBarnes Frrntrng W1 on s Market Page Ezghty Ilrg ht uuefzc 9 g I is C f .. ....., ,... . ., , 76 , . . .. . 75 . 7 , . . .,,... 85 . . r ,, . . 75 ' .,.. , ....,... ., . .. . , 81 ' . ,,,, , , 79 . ...... .......,..,..,. ,... . , .. ..,...,,,.....,.,..... 83 ' ' ..,....,,.. . ,..,...,....., 80 ' .,,., .... . ,. ,.,. .81 ' ,.,,,...,,... ., , ,. 81 ... r,..,...,.,..,..,. .. .,...,.. , 84 ' ' ' . . .. .. ,, 85 ' ' ,......,., .,,.., . , .. .. .,......... 80 ' , ,,.. . . ,, , 84 ' .,...,.,..... 1 .,,,.. ,...... 7 6 . .. ..,, r4,.,. . ,, . ., , 85 ' ' ' ' ,.., .,..,,84 ' .....,., . ,. M84 . ' ' . ..4.,., 80 ,.,, , , ,. 78 . . .79 ' ' ......,. .... . ,, , ,. 83 ' ' ' r.,. ,.... , H82 . . 73 ' ' .. ' ' ..,,.. ..,, . .. .,.,... ........ 8 1 ' ' ' . . , ,. 77 7 ' ., . ..., .. ., , . ., ,. ..... .84 . . .,.......... ., . .. .. 85 - t ,.,.,...., .....,.,.... .... ...... ...,,........ . 7 6 ' ' ..,, . .. ,.,... . ....,..,... . 80 o t, .. .. .....,, .....,,.. 8 6 ' ' .,....., .,......,.................,,.. .. , ,. U82 ' ' . .........., ,. ..... ,,........ . .. .,,. 82 . . ....... ..., . 77 ' ,,,.. . .,.. . ..., .82 ' ' ' , ,, . 77 ' 4 . ,,,, 78 ' . ..... 79 " ,.., , ,. , 82 , . b' ...,.,..,.. , ., 81 ' ...,. ,. ... ,. .. N81 1 ,...,.. .. , 80 ,. . ,.......,.4..,. 79 ....,.,.....,.., ,.. ,....,........ , ,, 84 ' ....,,..,,... ., ,.,...4..,,.,,...,..... 76 r ' ' ..................,..,,.....,,...,,.,.,.......,. ...,..,, . ., 82 - ' . .., ..4...,........., 84 ' ......,......,...,,...... ,. . ...,......... . 85 ' ,. ,. .........,.,,.......... 77 Oui11man's Drug Store ., ,, , ..... .,..,..,...,,.,......... . 78 . ,...,.........,.., . .. ...., ,... . 87 rs. ' . ' ,. .. ,.........,,,, . .,. 81 ' .......,..... ,,.,. . , ...........,,....,,.... 87 ' ' ' , ,. ,.. ..,,.., .. 85 , ,,....,... ...,, , .80 . ' ' ..,........,. ... .,.,,.. .., 78 ' .......,, ,. .,.. ,. ....,..,,...,,..., 87 ' ,.. .. .,.... ,. 85 ' ' . .,,, .,.....4.. ..,..,, 8 1 ' . .....,, .... . ,. ,........ ,........ . - ' ' .....,..,,..,.........,4........................... 87 ' . .......,..,,,........,......,.......... 83 ' .......4...........,,....... ,. ..., ,...,,..,.,,......,, 8 2 ' ' ' ' .,,...,,. ,.....r...,.....,. 75 Cc. .... ,.,, ..,. . ......,....,,. 7 8 ' .... . .... ....r4..,... ..,..... . . 85 ' ' - .,...............,.. ,. . .............,,....,,..., 77 .. ....., ..........,........., . .. ., 75 . .,.....,..... r,,, . .. . ,..,. ..,....., 8 3 ' ' V... .1 V ....,,.,... .. r 85 ' ..,..., .. . ,. ..., M84 1' ,,...,., , ,. .. .. 79 . .. ., .. . , 78 ' ,.... .,..,,.....,,. . , , . 77 ' ' ' . ., ,. . 80 ' ' . .,.. ,, ., . . , 77 . . ' Co.. . .... , . . , . 84 .. ...,............. , . 75 ' ' , .,,,, 79 . ., .. ..,. ,. ,. , 87 ' ,...,.,., . ,,,..,,... 76 ' ' r 81 ' ' , H ,V 79 o. ...... .... . 77 ' , ,1,,,, .,,,, , H 79 ' ' ..,..,, ..., ,.... , . . 87 4 , ,,,, , , '77 ' ..,... , .... .. .. , . . 78 , ' .,,. ..,..,. ...... ,,.,.,., . A , ....,.., . M87 i . . .. . . 76 'd ' ate ..... ,. . .. .. . , . 82 1 s - ' ' CC. ., . 86 s 'S ,. . ,, , rs ' ..,,....., . ., . ,. , 81 Vw Qi My QV Qflicb fW5?f xgm iii W 4 4 ff Xqgiig Qi QM? NWMVW K 23 WWW jfd, Mala wifi? ,agfji my SW V535 5SijVgMJ!U KAN Y 5 lmfvfjjf f' Wffdfglf M ff! ws XX R 3 N xx , N' ,Q 7k 6 v. 4 1 1 XX X .If ' L9 A OXX X X4 J if 5 ,fl Q ' ' A X' fa' - MJWM VW? 5 My Q Ma Mgjvtff V riff-Q!-A y " U 'E , if LU44, 1 ' . vpn 7rf, N ,- WD-M .. I Vt 41i'0,,A.Lfl4ff,WZi0,,,dV,,. 'f.4,,Q1L,',Vrv fzw' 1 . j,,4J. 4 V 'I -.! " '7 jg.-' my - J, f MWfMB. K A an Q? J my f E J Mg' - U ' WJ: f ' ' v A ' A 'Q' 1 I lv J ! L X 4 A .UQ L' xy V g . A , - . U 'Q I LZ, O1 VJJYJI Jijy, ' N vi'-'fy' xf ' 1 v WNFR ,flw Ig Lf Cuj XX H fb X' J' WX XJ 1. ff 'tb A Q1 5 'RSX AN 'x'w v AN- "NX,X

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Ferguson High School - Crest Yearbook (Ferguson, MO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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