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Ferguson High School - Crest Yearbook (Ferguson, MO) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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ef 'C uv if 'fi J B ,J 'A' , . ff f ff f 'n 4 . F ,I-. ful 1 i, . 'fSn+,"14"1 . L. f f , "Q ' 2 -',,., - . - . v f - ' . -.. ,, . , . . ., b . .. , .. . ,Q j. 4' 5 V I 7 'J -'J 32 :1" , h -: J f 5' sg , L, - .f .1 l 'C ft Z vi 1 2 . 'Q 1.1 . -5 b fn . , I 4 ! K ' 'rf YJ ' -i -rv , ss. 1 1- al., gp. JIT. 'L pg' ' . ,, ., ,. -N! "'1.n!"n3?f4!FS1lv'?'F,-1' PNY! 'ls F" 'W"'h. TP1- 0 'F' "TP 'P 16'9!4 C"e"7",9"'ln!' 'AE 'LW '!5W'35A3 A 'H'N','aTl"! 1545 YQ X' QSHOZUK Q' HQYEYXQYFY film 4: '23 W1 ff if ga fl 5 f-ygzg 53 Q aa ' if jf Ni , 51' -s B l 5 4? X Sic? N'.7T11Ii7'1 '1f.x1 JJ ' Q Vxfif-:1'--HulucffrfQ":1t1n1x1 Cxfclmlcml 1f1w31c':'.'33,3 ff W he Crest 19 8 The CREST Steiff presents the 1948 echtlon of the CREST the school yearbook wh1ch deprcts the hfe and octrvrtles of the student body of Ferguson Hugh School ln Ferguson MIQSOUFI durrnq the post school vear :nb . ' ,ig il 'Q Z, , m fl g A -A , it ,. N all ,yi-, V , o- ' -w . I' :LAW 9 I' 4 3 ,4- V -L A. . I I i I Past Memorles Well Remembered for Q45 elim wmfaea This annual presentation reviews the work and activities of the entire student body. lt is a duty for us who are reviewed in this way, to serve our school to the best of our ability. Therefore, let us accept this duty and strive to preserve our school's high ideals and republican spirit, spread its influence, and increase its useful- ness throughout all generations in the future. lt is also our responsibility to go forth into the World and prove that We have profited by our life in Fergu- son High School. 19711-K - All Time , ..., . ali' 453, L Y - . 351- TI-IE PAST RECALLS The first high school 1n Ferguson was estab lished in 1894 offering a two year course The classes were housed in a building now called the Central School erected in 1880 on a two and o ne half acres of land purchased from Amanda 1. D ovel for one thousand dollars on May 25 1877 The two year high school offered a limited but full program It consisted of algebra world and American history English literature Latin C2 yearsl and physics Botany was limited to a few students The first students to gradual from the two year program received their diplomas 18913 They were Charles E Howard leanette Skillington Mis Mamie Manget Ryan lrene Hill Nellie Clark Ella Thompson Grace Goddard Mabel Powell Bhoden Ricketts Mr I A Miller acted as principal and super intendent from 18961899 'le was succeeded by W D Grove the superintendent from 18991902 Progress for a school system can be correlated administration faculty board of educattons and community Since 1902 two administrators have directed the development of the Ferguson High School Mr W W Griffith superintendent from 1902 to 1900 and Mr Virgil C McCluer his able succes sor from 1930 to the present ln 1903 the curriculum was extended to provide for a four year program the first four year high school in St Louis County In 1915 the high school became a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools ln 1925 the gymnasium and schoolrooms were erected and Miss Alice Hall was appointed principal The year 1930 brought many changes Mr V C McCluer succeeded Mr Griffith as supermten dent and plans were designed for a ne h h w rg school building In that year the Community Hall association donated to the District the site where the present Iunior High School the lohn M Vo t q High School was erected and named in honor of Mr. Iohn M. Vogt who was treasurer for nineteen years and a member of the Board of Education for twenty-two years. Miss 1-lall resumed her osi- P tion as principal at the new high school. In 1936 , the Board purchased about 25 acres on lanuary Avenue just west of the Wabash Club grounds. The new high school was erected h ere and opened in Sept mber 1939 for sophomores un ors and seniors Mr Frederick A Schulze a member of the faculty since 1925 succeeded as principal Funds appropriated by the WPA enabled many protects to be completed which oth rwise would have been prohibited The gulch bet ween the school and athletic field were eliminated and 11 o grading was completed by the WPA Mr 'VlcC1uer has stimulated great progress in the development of the curriculum L b a oratory Chemistry and commercial subiects were added 1 l n 940 Home Economics and Manual Arts were introduced The schools have had access to a Health Counsellor since 1940 Bus service has been ro d d p V1 e for students through two means by the two school busses obtained in 1946 and con tract service with the Ferguson Broadway Bus Co In 1937 Ferguson became a member of the Visual Educational Cooperative Schools of St Louis County The high school can boast of its cafeteria with modern equipment which serves approxi mately 50 per cent of the enrollment 1 n 1944 Mr Iohn S McCollum a member of the faculty since 1935 succeeded Mr Schulze as principal As his predecessors had faced the problem of rapd expanslon so too does Mr MCC llurn ln 1930 the new building was constructed to accommodate 450 stude ts more than had been enrolled To alleviate the cost of maintenance the board accepted tuition students from nearby areas as Florissant St F Iohn M Vogt School erdinand Moline Red Light Black lack etc Furthermcre in 1943 tl'e freshmen from Vogt lunior High were transferred to the Senior High Today the enrollment totals 600 or more students The Board had designs for additions to the new building with Federal Aid however when the Nar ended the aid wa cancelled However in this f year o the golden annixersary the Board plans to put the plcns into effect 59 ,t an W PQI, ,,,3,X-r' " ,-'if 'Y I qvlo J 1 I ll 1' ffjlf llflllfwl fcflllfff f Mfff ff ff f fnflffllllfl Wffffh V f f 'W' f flllfllfff j Afj ll fl If f 1 I Wffffft' ftifiiy if iff I Qnbfff ff 4 ! ffl! WAHM, 041, lf f Ifffffffffffffbwllhmf 0 Ni A fluff V ff Q! It P H' ff fZ Aff XI!! 4 Page Four ' e , , . y f N . 1 1 , ' . .I '- . . y x E I V , ,.-, . , ' ' rg ' I . I - 1 I 1 , . . c K. I, , . '. I . , ' . s . , , ' ' I M 4 I A , 1 f , I A ' ' 'V in V ' 1 A 1 i f ' A . 1 1 If he ,723 It my 44 " 1 ., I ' I . . h f ly' if V, ' swif t' Iwjf yn fftfl 9 directly with the quality of leadership found in its - ' A ,- 1 , - " - ' V ' I I I c .4 JV. 1' . - l 1 ' , - - - t rt 3 If t ' 1 1" . t C K I 0 ll . .lf ' X I W V' U ,, A . . Q n I I 4 M - i X 1. 1. K I ' 1 ' 'ff 1, XXII, I ' ' - 1 1 nf if ff- if 1 frff' , . ' f v . VL R yo, 1 1 . . ' , , Q IM ,,,,N,-' ""'! i T Jff 1, If- ff l 1 X ,I 9,1 ,Qi N1:t1v:':'-T55 . .I ' ' I . ' ff' rf , MMM! -In g Q m'Z6.46lfLi DEDICATES In 1898 the frrst class graduated from Ferguson I-hgh School In 1948 another class shall graduate th1s class shall have had a much more rounded educatron Our better school d1d not come about 1n one year or a few years therefore the CREST Staff dedrcates th1s book to flfty years of progress gulf' of If Pgf' I I 1 I ll I ll u A L, V f , 4 .. , . V .V 5'1" - 1. ff' 4 L W "f . "' , , 1 - ' 6 .1 4 -, H 8 5-4 .5 f . K Q' .' . ffl , 8 . , X, , Wg. L ,.x.vq1,, ' 1, 1' I I, ' rl' M X A Q- , A -4.4 L3 -1' ' L , 2 4! A " ' XX-1 I 3 . f fr 1 -, , , . H,-v W x , . , 1' ' "W fy 8 , fl J ,lv ,I tr' 1 V Auf 2' Z 1 g K' Q , f A 7, ' V Q Q ,Q I in , i 3 e ive V C MCCLUER A tam1l1ar personaltty on the Ferguson Hrgh School faculty IS Mr I S McCollum whom we know both as a teacher and as an admlmstrator Mr McCollum recexved h1s Bachelor of Sclence and Master ot Arts degrees at the Untversrty of Untverslty of MISSOUII and UHlV9IS1lY of lll1I'101S Before comtng to Ferguson Mr McCollum spent eleven years tn Northwest Mrssoun teachmg mathematlcs sclence and phystcal educatlon He was super1ntendent ot schools at Parnell Mrssoun for four years At Ferguson Mr McCollum has taught mathematlcs SCIQHCS and phystcal educa tton Now completing hlS fourth year as pr1nc1pal Mr McCollum ftrmly beheves that hrs posrtron does not requ1re h1m to dtctate school pol1c1es but to employ those whrch emerge through the cc operatlon of students faculty and the commumty at large Durlng h1s term as prrnctpal extra cur ncular act1v1t1es have re e1ved mcreased 1mpetus especlally along the ltnes ot student parttctpatlon Notable accomphshments rnclude the develop ment of a student body organlzatlon an organrzed guldance and counseltng program and the publt catron ot a student Handbook Dunng hrs care r as a teacher Mr M Collun has beer called upon to coach many sports tn cludrng basketball baseball track and wrestlmg He has en1oyed the past tour years as pnncrpal at Ferguson but regrets the fact that he does not have the tlme to become well acauarnted wrth more of the students H has mrssed the fnendly student teacher relatxonshtps made poss1ble 1n the lassroom and on the athlettc held lll0Ql'll'llQfl enf ana! l"ll'ICll0d!llI'QLf For the past etghteen years Mr Vtrgtl C lVlcCluer has supervtsed the Ferguson School D1 tnct through the trymg years ot the depressron World War ll and the raptd postwar expansron Alter recelvrng h1s Bachelor ol Arts Degree at Westmtnster College Mr McCluer enllsted tn the Marme Avtatlon Corps durtng Worla Vtfar l Re urnmg hrs teachtng career he con rnued hrs araduate work at litrksvtlle Cao Glrardeau and Mtssoun Un1vers1ty He taught math and scrence at Klrksvllle and hen be arne supenntend nt of schools at Troy He recelved hrs Ma ter of Arts Degr e from Washlngton Unrverslty In luly l9't0 Mr McCluer came to Fergu son as tts new supertntendent ot schools Srnce then hrs admrnrstrattve responslblltttes have been dommated bv the contlnual ex pans on of bulldlngs curnculum and enroll ment ln sp1te ot contmual expanslon the chret postwar probl m once agarn IS the lack ot adequate space for the mcreastng enroll ment However Mr Mccluer marntarns that the aualtty of schools ts d1rectly dependent on the tea hlng staff rather than bulldtngs centratea tndtvtdual attennon tn keeptng and attatnlng supenor teachers K I s Mccorrutft bil' rf 'Q ' ' ' s ' Q ' , - li A l A I , F 9 f c ' e . ' ' s ec i ' ' I' - . . ' ' ' l - e ' ' . . . , A I - . V I C A I Missouri. He has done graduate work at the and eC1UiDIT19T1l- COT1S9OlU6HllY, he has COU- ' ' e , . c 1 . e ' l ,- C I I ' .. P ge L' ' ' ll 3 KOR!!! pl'0l'Vl0f05 The ftrst School Board rn Ferguson was appomted 1n 1867 when a one-room publrc school was burlt on the south srde of Wesley Avenue m Ferguson Captam Sebert I-lutchrnson was the domrnat mg member On May 25 l877 the Central School srte was purchased Th d1str1ct was known as Drstnct 3 Townshrp 46 as Ferguson was 'rot rncorporated The drrectors of the Board were Iohn Fl Hereford Charles I lanuary and Hebert W Hutchmson The trrst School Board tor the School Drstrrct ot th Ctty of Fergu son was selected m l903 when the drstrtct was tncorporated Th r were srx dtrectors Patterson Barn presrdent Thomas Sprmlcle V1 e presrdent W H Trffm treasurer H B Mrltenburger Fred Weroer andW H Brownlng members Smce thrs trme there have always been s1x dlrectors on h Board Two of these are elected by the publrc each year for a term of three years The oftrcers are elected by the members from among themselves These srx dlre tors are entrusted by the Ferguson Com munxty to dlrect the busmess ot the Ferguson School D1str1 t Presrdent Mr Ioseph T Monnrg V1cePres1dent Mr G C Bradshaw Secretary Mrs Mrldred Ieske Treasurer Mr W C Brown Drrector Mrs Cormne Stabenow Drrector Mr Eugene Gordon A l E W C BROWN T MONNlG VHS F lESK G C BRADSHAW MRS C STABENOW E CORDOIN Pagof ' Q , , . C I I A . . , . , . . e - - . . . . 9 9 . . . . . l . ,rw - ' I I I F' 1 . . , . : . . , , . . , . - I S . C , l - . . . . .F C . - W , V rx ,L VV., , ,mfyg it tv 7 e Fe' L1 ,f PUFALT GORDON SUBOW 1 M BOHN KURTZ C WAYNE GORDON Kansas S ate Teachers Errporta V' S Wash rtgton Un1vers1ty M S Somolooy Somology Psychology Enaltsln 5 QS o Educattonal Lomrmttee Soohomore Guldan MARGARET BOLIN Central Mlss ur Sate Teachers Cclleg BS Educotton CGfSlGI1G 'Vlanager and Dletttxan GOLDIE SUBOW Washlngton Unrver tty B S Engllsh 5 CS 0 Senzor Gutdance Counselor MARGARET D KURTZ Washrngtorz Unwerstty A B Engllsh CS- H1storv Sh rtha L Bo Kkeepmg Typ1ra Englxsh R G 5 HAROLD I ULBRIGHT Mlssourt Llntverstty, B.S. Missouri Universxty, M.A,-History Algebra, Plane Geometry, Trigonomehy Coach-"B" Basketball A GORDON 34 3 GC 8125 Utd? BILL PUFALT Vtashtngton Umverstty BS Ctttzensmp Coach Football Wrestlma ALTHEA GORDON Emporla Stat Teachers College Llbrarv ULERIGHT EURGESS OVERTON MEPEERD KENNETH D OVERTON North West MISSCUTI Stat Teacher Colleae BS Educatlon General Mathematt s Algebra As lstant Coach Football Track ALECK l BURGESS Central College A B Coach Basebal' Track Boys Athlettc Dxrectcr GERALD MEFFERD Washington Umversrty A B Spanish l :St 2 School PUbl1CGl1C Scoop Qutll and Scroll Soctety LILLIAN RIPPSTEIN Maplewo cl Hlal Secretarv Of tce Assistants EVELYN WALL Washington Umversity, A.B, Lain and Citxzenshtp Page Eight INEZ PRINDABLE St Lukes I-Iosprtal Health Counselor Admrnrstratton Stal' MARIE DeMERSSEMAN IANE B DIESELHORST I-Iarrrs Teachers College A B Grrls Physrcal Eduoatron Health G A A Bowlrng Iunlor Gurdance Counselor MAX PLAVNICK Un versrtv of Wrsoonsrn B M Unzversrty of Wlsconsrn MA Musto Hrstory Drreotor Band Glee lub Orchestra Char ROBERT WATSON Valpararso Unrversrty A B Brology General Scrence Prorector Staff GERALD IMPEY Mrssourr Unrverstty BS Workshop I G 2 Mechanroal Drawmg BLACKFORD Iunror Sponsor Candy Sales MAXINE KASSING Home Economrcs I 6- 2 Cherleaders Pep Squad DIESELHORST Washrngton Unrversrty A B Englrsh n Theory Englxsh I :S 2 Typmg Shorthand I North Dakota State Teachers College B S Home Economros CHARLOTTE BLACKI-'ORD South East Mrssourr State Teachers College BS Educatton Art I 2 51 3 World Hrstory Skatmg Club IERZEWIAK LAVAL IMPEY MOORE KASSINIG B BOLIN LYDA NOURSE NOUR Weste n Kentucky State Teaclners A B George Peabody College for T aohers M ,A Englt h Enal sh I CS 2 Englrsh 5 5 6 Radro Workshop Freshman Gutdan e Counselor THOMAS GILBERT MOORE Washrngton Jmversrty AB Washlngton Unrverstty M A Englrsh and Eduoatron Enalrsh 7 5- 8 Lrterature Dramatrcs Club Seruo Play Sernor Senior Sporsor REGINA M IERZEWIAK Washrngton Unrversrty A B Washrngton Unrversrty MA Hrstory World Hlstcry Outll 6. Scroll Socrety CREST R11 ng Clhh BENTLY BOLIN North East State Teaohers orlege BS Ch rms y and Edu catrcn Chemrstry Advanced Algebra H lh Coach liars ty Basketball EILEEN SMITH South East Mrssour State Teaol'-e s C lleae B S Washmgton Un versrty AM H st ry Arnerlcan Hrstory Student Assembly VERNON LAVAL South East Mrssouri State Teachers College, BS.-Educatron WATSON Speech, English 3 6 4 Student Assembly G .rrdanoe Counselor SMITH DE MERSSEMAN SE P R1 NDA ELE D LA VNICK- ur lekgafed egizifafe SECOND ROW: Bradsiiaw, Fulbriqh, Lemmon, Miss Smith, Buehrle, Gordon, Willzanis, Weise, Hepper, McKinney, Mr. I.aVal, Davis Grossheider, Davies, FIRST ROW: Herrmann, Kassebauni, Orr, Haddox, Rounds, Gray, Brown. Three years have passed since the Student Assembly finished drawing up its constitution and working out plans for governing the Stu- dent Body. Russell Patrick served as President for the first year, Earl O'Rourke the second. This year, the results of the campaign for offices were: Herb Duncan, president: Helene Martin, vice-president: Sally Stabenow, secretary: and Sally Williams, treasurer. Since the time of its organization, two faculty members have been sponsors, Mr. Gordon and Miss Smith organ- ized the body, and now Mr. LaVal has relieved Mr. Gordon. BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS PROM COMMITTEE After the election, officers and members were installed in an assembly, and regular meetings were begun. To carry out the work of the Student Assembly, five main committees and any necessary temporary ones were ap- pointed by the President. The Building and Grounds Committee under Iacqueline Cheney improved conditions in and around the school building throughout the year. Many interesting and educational assemblies were given for the students as a result of the work done by the Assembly Committee, headed by Lois Jeanne Davis. Betty Buehrle and the Social Committee did a wonderful job of providing the school with SERVICE COMMITTEE SOCIAL COMMITTEE ur ficerfs xecu f e SUAL l,EE'I' TO RIGHT, Miss Srni'h, S, Shberiow, Durcfria, Mar':r2, S Williams, Mr. l'lV'rl. a social program that provided everyone with a year of fun. The Iunior-Senior Prom Commit- tee, led by Bob Gordon, made the annual Prom one of the best in the history of the schccl. To inform everyone of the events of the year, the Publicity Committee made posters and worked hard with lack McKinney, the chair- man, to keep interest high. A questionnaire was distributed by the Edu- cational Committee, under ferry Smith, to find what the student reaction to the present social program was, what kind of additional activities would be in order, and a number of other signi- ficant facts about student interest and partici- EDUCATICN COMMI'I'I'EE PUELICITY COMMITTEE pation in school activities. Behind the scenes, Mr. Watson sponsored the reviewing and show- ing of films for the school. Chairman of the Vis- ual Education Committee, Howard Gardner, furnished a remarkable service. The job of publishing the student-faculty di- rectory went to the "Whos Who" book com- mittee, and that of collecting funds for CARE to another special committee. Over one hundred dollars was donated and used to relieve suffer- ing families in Europe. Much work has been done by this organiza- tion during its brief existence, and the Assembly hopes to continue it in the future. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE EDUCATIONAL mcse VDLF LDCYCF I ' CLEAN - - megs- F- . , View-A . STUDY Although less thorn o thlrd of th1s book 1S devoted to cldsses our stud1es ond our fellow students ore the most rrnportont foctors ln our school In th1s sectron We present the students ln the1r respectlve classes plus ct sectlon on the currlculum contcunlnq represento t1ve prctures for edch study group Poce Twelve I I - -LLg-LLk ig, V r r 1 1-:uw-nu.. A , A-, V 15 Y Z 4 , ? 5 A Winn., 3 , W! fa Q' 4 ga f , H W , f fr X N iv if M I Mig, f 27 41 ' G ,W 4 1 ,awy 1 . ' ' 'V Page Thlrtefen CCQALOVLQ HERBERT DUNCAN "B" Basketball 25 Tennis 2, 35 Story Book Ball Esror' 3, Chairman Prom Committee 35 Scoop 35 CREST 3, 45 Office Assistant 45 Senior Ring Committee5 President Student Assembly 45 Vice-President Student Assembly 35 Social Committee 35 Dramatic Club l, 3 President, 45 "Merton of the Movies" lg "Star Wagon" 35 "Stage Door" 45 "Captain of the Guard" lp "Carmelita" 25 "Gershwin Scenario" 35 Band and Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 All County Band 3, 45 All County Orchestra 45 Iunior Rotarian 45 President Senior Class l9485 Senior Assem- bly Committee 4 GRANT WILLIAMS Other School l, 25 Track 35 Prom Committee 35 CREST5 Student Assembly 35 Dramatic Club 45 "Stage Door" 45 Vice-President of Senior Class 19485 Debate Club 35 Candy Sales 35 Senior Ring Committee5 Building and Grounds Ccmmittee 45 Senior Assembly Committee5 CREST Escort PEGGY l-IEPPER Cheerleader 3, 45 Pep Squad 3, 45 Story Book Ball Maid 35 Prom Committee 35 GAA 3"F", 45 CREST5 Scoop 35 Candy Sales 35 Senior Ring Committee5 Student Assem- bly 3, 4: Educational Committee 4: Secretary Senior Class5 Basketball 3, 45 Softball 3, 45 Volleyball 35 Senior Assembly Committe-e5 CREST Maid DUNCAN l.i.'ll.LlAMS BUEHRLE CARSON F-IADDOX HUBERT Basketball- Captain with the trophy BETTY ANN BUEHRLE GAA Board l, 2, 45 GAA l, 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Basketball l, 45 Softball l, 45 Track Manaqer 25 CREST5 Girls' State 35 Office Assistants 45 Senior Ring Commit- tee5 Student Assembly 45 Chairman Social Committee 45 Educational Committee 35 Publicity Committee 35 Dramatics Club 45 "Captain of the Guard" ly "Car- melita" 25 "Gershwin Scenario" 35 Band arid Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 Art Club 25 All County Band 35 State Band 25 Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class5 Treasurer Senior Class5 T-13 45 Senior Assembly Ccmmittee5 Volleyball 45 Ouill and Scroll Society 45 Honor Society 45 CREST Oueen 4 Page Fourteen We, the Class of 48, ar HEPPER BEHLMANN BlNDBEUTAl. 9 ready now to leave this place, Oar home- CARSON IERRY F. DAVIES Track 2, 37 Baseball I, 2: Fcctball 3"F", 4"F"7 Story Book Ball Escort 37 Student Assembly 27 Constitutional Convention 27 "Captain of the Guard" l7 "Carmelita" 27 'Gershwin Scenario" 37 Band and Orchestra l, 2, 3, 47 All County Band and Orchestra 2, 3, 47 Michigan State Band and Orchestra gf Volleyball Intramurals 37 Softball Intramurals 37 Educational Committee 77 'A" Basketball 4"F"7 I-Ioncr Society 4 THELMA F. BEHLMANN All-Sta! Softball 4: GAA Board 47 GAA 3, 4: Volrffylrrrll 3, 47 Basketball 3 Caplarn, 47 Baseball 3, 4 Manager: Cffice Assistant 47 Dramatic Club 47 Volleyball 4 M ARVIN LOUIS HADDOX 'A' Basketball 3"F", 4"F"7 'B' Basketball I, 27 Vcl' leyball I7 Volleyball Intramurals l: Honorary Member GAA l, 2, 3, 47 Candy Sales 37 Senior Ring Committeeg Student Assembly 47 Buildings and Grounds Committee 47 Glee Club l, 2, 3: "Captain of the Guard" I7 "Car- rnelita" 27 "Gershwin Scenario" 37 All County Chorus 2, 37 Iunior Rotarian 4 TI-IERESA HUBERT GAA l HARRY ALEXANDER BINDBEUTAL Tennis 2 37 Football 4"F" MILDRED DAVIS Softball l, 2, 37 GAA l, 2, 3, 47 Rep Squad l, 27 Riding Club 47 Skating Club l, 2, 3, 47 CRESTI Scoop 4: Senior Ring Cornmittee7 Usher Staff 4' "Gershwin Scenario" 3: Glee Club 2, 3, 47 "Dear Ruth" 47 Sharps Ind Flats 47 CREST Maid GEORGE KLINKERI-'USS Volleyball Intramurals 37 Story Book Ball Esccrt 37 Editor of CREST7 Scoop 4: Boys' State 47 Senior Ring Committee7 Usher Staff 3, 47 Student Assembly 27 Social Committee 3: Buildings and Grounds Committee 27 Pub- licity Committee 47 Dramatic Club 3, 47 "Star Wagon" 3: "Stage Dccr" 47 Art Club 2- "Dear Ruth" 47 I-Icnor Society 47 Ouill and Scroll Society, 4. Volleyball Intramurals I7 Basketball Intramurals 3: Soft, ball Intramurals 2, 37 Track 47 Skating Club 47 Rec- tangle Club 47 Editor of Scoop 47 Iunior Rotarian 47 Student Assembly 4: Treasurer Student Federalists 4: Hcnor Society 47 Ouill and Scroll 47 CREST Escort 4. MARCELLA HAEFLING FHA3 IRENE MOORE Usher Staff 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Cluk 37 "Gershwin Scen- ario" 37 Glee Club 37 All County Chorus 37 "Papa Is All" 37 Dramatic Workshop 4 RICHARD WRIGHT Student Bowlers 3, 4 HOWARD W. GARDNER Scoop 37 CREST 3, 47 Educational Committee 3, 47 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 47 "Our Town" 2: "Star Wagon" 3: "Stage Dc1r" 4: "C:rrmelita"27 'Gershwin Scenario" 37 I-Icncr Society 47 President, Quill and Scroll Society 4. ALICE RUSSELL Skating Club 37 Student Bowlers 47 FI-IA 2, 37 "Gersh- win Scenario" 3: Glee Club 3, 47 Library Assistant I, 2 IRENE A. HECKEMEIER Pep Squad 27 Riding Club 2, 3, 47 Skating Club 27 GAA l, 47 CREST7 Senior Ring Commit'ee7 "Gershwin Scene aria" 3: Glee Club 2, 3 GLENN CHRISTOPHER "A" Basketball 3"F", 4"F" tCcptainJ7 Baseball 3"F", 4"F"7 Football 3, 4"F"7 Basketball Intramurals 37 Vol- leyball Intramurals 3: Softball Intramurals 37 Star-Times AllvNorth County Capt, Basketball Team 4 DAVE ALBIN Track l, 27 Football 3"F", 4"I""' 'iftfrestling 2"F"7 Solt- ball Intramurals 27 Senior Ring Cornmittee7 Glee Club I, 27 "Captain of the Guard" I7 'Carmelita" 27 Star ot Scoop 4 DOROTI-IEA MAE GLAUERT Pep Squad 3 GAA 37 Scoop 47 Senior Ring Ccmmitiee7 Dramatic Club 37 Director "Idlelings of the King" 37 Buildings and Grcunds Committee 4 RICHARD I. DAVIS Track 37 Wrestling 3, 4"F"7 Volleyball Intramurals I7 Candy Sales 37 Orchestra l, 2 BARBARA CHRISTINA KEY Riding Club 2 P s 7 ep quad l, 27 Skating Club I, 2, 47 GAA I, Z, 47 I-Iikina Club 27 Usher Staff 47 CREST7 Drama:ic Club l, 2, 47 "Stage Door" 47 Radio Workshop 47 Basketball I, 27 Volleyball I, 27 Vfebster I-Iiah School 3 BILL FLESCI-I Football 3, 4"I:"7 Candy Sales 37 "Captain ot the Guard" I7 "Carrnelita" 27 "Gershwin Scenario" 37 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 47 All County Chorus I MARILYN HAYWARD Pep Squad 47 Ridinq Club 47 GAA 3, 47 CREST7 Usher Staff 47 Dramatic Club 47 "Gershwin Scenario" 37 Glee Club 3, 47 Dramatics Workshop 47 Volleyball 3, 47 Basketball 3: Ouill and Scroll Society 47 Honor So- ciety 4 ROY SI-IADRACI-I Ba 7 tramurals I, 2, 37 Softball Intramurals I, 2, 37 "Captain of the Guard" I7 "Carmelita" 27 "Gershwin Scenario" 37 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 47 All County Chorus I PATSY RUTH STEVENSON Skating Club 47 FHA 37 Dramatic Club 4- Usher Staff 4- Band and Orchestra I, 2, 3, 47 Glee Club 47 "Gershwin Scenario" 3 ROBERT NEGWER Volleyball Intram ,, 7 Sales 37 "Captain of the Guard" I7 "Carmelita" 27 "Gershwin Scenario' 3: Band and Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4 LE seball 3: Basketball Intramurals l, 3- Volleyball In- urals 37 Softball Intramurals 3- Candy Page Senior Rina Committee SALLY WILLIAMS Pep Squad 37 GAA Board 47 GAA 3"F", 47 CREST: Usher Staff 47 Student Assembly Treasure 4 Ed , r 7 uca tional Committee 47 Glee Club 37 "Gershwin Scenario" 3- ' ' , Chairman Charter in Student Assembly7 Softball 3, 47 Basketball 3, 47 Volleyball 37 Volleyball Manager 47 Volleyball All-Star 3- Other Schools I 2' Sha d , . , , fps an Flats 47 I-Ionor Society 47 Ouill and Scroll Society 4 IIM WILLIAMS Sixteen Track INF", 4"I7"7 Volleyball Intramurals 3' Pep Squad 3 President, 47 Cheerleader 3, 4' Skatind Club 3, 4- Story Book Ball Escort 37 Senior Ring Committee I We shall treasure th DAVIS KEY FLESCI-I HAYWARD SHADRACI-I STEVENSON NEGWER WILLIAMS WILLIAMS memories of school life, wherever we roam. IEANETTE BIPPEN Berkeley High I, 25 Pep Squad 45 GAA 45 Dramtic Club 45 "Gershwin Scenario" 35 Glee Club 35 Baseball 45 Basketball Captain 45 Volleyball 4. IOHN MULHOLLAND Schocl in Texas 2V2 years: Track 3"F", 4HFH5 Football 3"F"5 Volleyball Intramurals 35 Softball Intramurals 35 Glee Club 35 "Gershwin Scenario" 3 WILEY HARGROVE Football 35 Wrestling 2"F", 3, 45 Cafeteria Staff I5 "Carmelita" 25 Glee Club 2, 45 Senior Assembly Com- mittee BONNIE LEAH ZAHNER Pep Squad 45 FHA 35 Dramatics Club 45 "Stage Door" 45 Vice-Pers. Dramatics 45 Workshop 45 Honor So- ciety 4 SHARON E. ALLEN GAA 2, 3"F", 45 Pep Squad 3, 4 Vice-Pres.5 FHA 35 Senior Ring Committee5 Dramatic Club 45 Gym Assist- ant 3: Volleyball 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Softball 3, 4 Captain5 GAA Board 4 ROBERT EDWARD LORENZ "A" Basketball 45 Track 35 Football 3"F", 4"F"5 Softball Intramurals 35 Basketball Intramurals 35 Wrestling I, 4 TOM "CORKY" PLANK Track 2"F"5 Football 3"F"5 Student Assembly 25 Consti- tutional Convention I5 Football Committee Chairman 25 Dramatic Club I, 2, 3 Vice-Pres.5 Buildings and Grounds Committee 45 "Merton of the Movies" I5 "Our Town" 25 "Star Wagon" 35 "Captain of the Guard" I5 "Carmel- ita" 25 "Gershwin Scenario" 35 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra I5 All County Chorus I, 25 State Chorus 3 HELEN LOUISE HAWK LOIS VOGELSANG Pep Squad 3: GAA 45 CREST5 Office Assistant 45 Senior Ring Committee5 Dramatic Club 4: "Captain of the Guard" I5 "Gershwin Scenario" 35 "Carmelita" 25 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 FAY D. KEBERT Neodesha High School 2, 35 Football 4"F"5 Glee Club 15 Band ly Track 4"F"5 Honor Society 4 GERALD M. SMITH Tennis 2, 35 Wrestling I, 3, 45 Riding Club 25 Vice-Pres. Rectangle Club 35 CREST 3, 45 Editor Scoop 35 Educa- tional Committee 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 "Our Town" 25 "Star Wagon" 35 "Stage Door" 45 "Gershwin Scenario" 35 Vice-Pres. Radio Workshop 45 Iunior Ro- tarian 45 Prom Reporter 3, 45 U. N. Discussion Group 25 American Legion Oratorical Contest 45 Senior Assembly Committee 45 Honor Society 45 Vice-President Ouill and Scroll Society 4: CREST Escort. MARILYN WIEDLE Prom Committee 35 GAA Board 45 GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 CREST: Scoop 45 Senior Ring Committee: Assembly Committee 45 Educational Committee 35 Dramatic Club 3, 45 "Stage Door" 45 "Carmelita" 25 "Gershwin Scen- ario" 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 "Dear Ruth" 45 Honor Society 45 Ouill and Scroll Society 4 BIPPEN HARGROVE ALLEN MULHOLLAND ZAHNER LORENZ Page Seventeen PLANK VOGELSANG SMITH HAWK KEBERT WIEDLE MARY ALICE MORRISON Pep Squad 47 GAA I, 2, 3, 47 CREST: Library Assistant 47 Senior Ring Committee 47 Buildings and Grounds Committee 47 Basketball 27 Baseball 47 Ouill and Scroll Society 4' CREST Maid ROBERT GOTWAY IRENE KIRKPATRICK Cafeteria Staff 4 ALBERT OPPEAU Baseball 47 Volleyball Intramurals I, 2, 37 Softball Intra- murals 47 Skating Club 3 DOLORES PAULINE UTLEY Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4 Captain: Soft- ball I, 2, 3, 47 GAA I, 2, 3, 47 Hiking Club 27 CREST: Usher Stalt 47 Student Assembly 2, 37 Constitutional Convention 27 Educational Committee 27 Service Com- mittee 47 "Captain cf the Guard" I7 "Carmelita" 2: "Gershwin Scenario" 37 Band and Orchestra I, 2, 3, 47 'Dear Ruth" 47 Student Federalists 4 GRAHAM WILSON SMITH Scoop 47 Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 47 "Merton of the Movies' I7 "Our Town" 27 "Star weqonf' 37 "Stage Door" 47 "Captain of the Guard" I7 "Carmelita" 27 "Gershwin Scenario" 37 Treasurer Radio Workshop 47 President Student Federalists 4. DELORES HOFEERT GAA 3, 47 Basketball 37 Volleyball 3 o one yet knows MORRISON ff Senior Assembly Commtitee PAUL RAY McKEE IO Page Eighteen Student Manager Basketball 3, 47 Student Manager Trark 37 Student Manager Football 3, 47 Basketball Intramurals 47 Softball Intramurals 37 Scoop 47 Dramatic Club 47 "Stage Door" 47 Sharps and Flats 4 AN MOBERLY Riding Club 2, 3, 47 Prom Committee 37 GAA Board 2, 37 GAA I, 2, 3, 47 Hiking Club 27 CRESTI Dramatic Club 3 47 "Star Wagon" 37 "Stage Door" 47 "Captain of the Guard" I7 "Carmelita" 27 Glee Club I, 2, 37 Basketball I, 27 Volleyball I, 2, 37 Softball 2 GOTWAY KIRKPATRICK OPPLAU UTLEY SMITH HOFFERT McKEE MOEERLY what our future works will be GILBERT LOUIS AMBROW SANDY GRIFFIN lmmaculata l: lncarnate Word 2: Riding Club 3, 4: Skating Club 4: GAA 3, 4: CREST: Dramatic Club 3, 4: "Star Wagon" 3: "Stage Door' 4: Glee Club 3: "Gersh- Track 2: Football 3"F", 4"F" Co-Captain: Story Book Ball Escort 3: Senior Ring Committee: Student Assembly 3: CREST Escort E win Scenario" 3: Senior Assembly Committee DOROTHY MARIE ROTH ARNOLD HESSKAMP Volleyball Captain l: Basketball 1. 2, 4: Softball l, 2: Wrestling 3' 4: Volleyball Imrcmumls 15 Band Gnd GAA l"F", 2, 3, 4: Hiking Club 2: CREST: Dramatic OrChestm1I2 Club 3, 4: "Star Wagon" 3: "Stage Door" 4: "Captain of the Guard" l: "Gershwin Scenario" 3: "Carmelita" WALTER DOUGLAS SCHMITZ 2: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Riding Club 3 CREST: Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Vice-Pres.: "Merton of the Movies" l: "Our Town" 2: "Star Wagon" 3: CAROLYN MAE SEAL "Stage Door" 4: "Dear Ruth" 4: "Captain of the Guard" Cleveland High School I: Glee Club l, 2: Ouill and Scroll Society 4: CREST Escort ROBERT WBISE Tennis 2: Skating 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2, 3: Softball Intra- murals 2: Rectangle Club 4: Candy Sales 3: Student Assembly 4: Buildings and Grounds Committee 4: De- bate Club 3: Radio Work Shop Secretary 4: junior MARION Rotarian 4 MARGE OTTEN Skating Club 3 Riding Club 4, skating Club 1, 2, 3, 4 KENNETH STANFIELD ALLAN THOMPSON , H , "A" Basketball 4: 'B Basketball 2: Baseball 3"F', 4"F": Basketball Intramurals I, 2, 3: Volleyball Intra- murals l, 2, 3: Softball Intramurals l, 2, 3 AMBROW SEAL THOMPSON GRIFFIN SCI-IMITZ SCHOLZ ROTH WEISE WILL IFYESSKAMP OTTEN STANFIELD Page Nineteen lOHN M. TODD Basketball Intramurals 25 Volleyball Intramurals 35 Softball lntramurals 35 Skating Club 3, 45 Projector Staff 2, 3, 4 SHlRLEY ANN SWANSON Candy Sales 3' Blewett l TOM MUNROE Baseball 25 Football 4"F"5 Basketball lnrramurals 35 Volleyball lntramurals l ARLEEN FREDA THIES Pep Squad 3, 45 Skating Club 3, 4: GAA l, Q, 3, 45 Office Assistant 45 "Gershwin Scenario" 35 Glfw- Olvtl 3 BOB MURPHY MARIORIE ALBERS Rectangle Club 35 GAA l, 2, 3, 45 CRFSTq Cffirf- Assis' ant 45 Candy Stiles 35 T-l3 45 Bxislcetbtill 2, 3, 45 Sfzft ball l, 2, 45Gyrn Assistant 45 Volleyball 45 Ouill and Scroll Society 4 RALPH EDWARD HARTWIG Tennis 35 Basketball lntramurals 37 Volleyball lrvm' murals 35 Softball lntramurals 25 Skating Club l, 3 4: Scoop 45 Library Assistant 45 Cafeteria Staff 25 Proxy' for Staff 3, 45 Candy Sales 35 Service Committee 45 Vice-President Camera Club 35 Te dent Bowlers 3, 4 en Press Club5 Stu- Page Twenty CAROLE IEANNE YOUNG ROBERT DIECKMANN Some will be great TCDD SWANSON MUNROE THIES MURPHY ALBERS HARTWlG YOUNG DTECKMANN Four Graduates in their robes Rifiing Club 3 4 CAA Bolrd 2 3 G a , 5 -tl , I , 5 AA l, 2, ii, 45 l-liking Club 25 CREST5 "Star VVagon" 35 "Stage Door" 45 'Carmelitsf' 2- Glee Club 7, 35 Rorsketloail Z5 Valley bail 2 Softball lntramurals 35 Cafeteria Staff 2, 35 Candy Sales 35 "Carrrielita" 25 "Gershwin Scenario" 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 All County Chorus 2 and many, small. My prophecy- MARY CATHERINE TESSGN HANK WILLIAMS Pep Squad 4: GAA 2, 3, "Gershwin Scenario" 3, Glee Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Intramurals I, 2, Soft- Club 2, 3, 47 Skating Club 3, Dramatic Workshop 4 ball Intramurals I, 2, 37 Volleyball Intramurals I, 2, Story Book Ball Escort 35 "Captain of the Guard" I r LAWREACE C. STABENOW BETTY ,EAN GUITTAR Track Alf Skating Club 2' 3' 4 Pep squad 4, skminq Club 3, GAA 1, 2, FHA 1 WILLIAM DONALD WOOSTER IE-AN WILLIAMS Basketball Intramurals 31 Volleyball Intramurals 3: Cemml High School lf 27 Reclfmqle Club 37 Scoop 47 Softball Intramurals 3: Skating Club 3, 4 SGCYQIUTY PUbllCiTY Committee. RUTH E BASELER IOHN PHILLIP SINOPOLE l "B" Volleyball lg Track I, 37 Football 4"F"p Wrestling vorieyi-X111 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Softball 3, 4, GAA 3: Usher Sm, 4 2"F", 3, 4: Pep Squad 3, "Gershwin Scenario" 37 Glee Club 31 FHA 3 RICHARD DOUGLAS BALDWIN DA ATRICK Skating Club 3, Student Bowlers 3, 4g Projector Staff WAN P 2 3 4 GAA I, Z5 FI-IA I, 2 PHYLLIS IEAN DAVIS "Captain of the Guard" lg "Carmelita" 2, "Gershwin Scenario" 3, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, FHA 3 TESSON WOOSTER PATRICK WILLIAMS WILLIAMS BALDWIN STABENOW BASELER TODD GUITTAR SINOPOLE DAVIS Page Twenty-One IIM MCKOWN 'A'Basketball 3"l:",4"l:", 'B'BC1sketball l,2, Track 2"F", 3"F", 4"F", Football 3"l7"', 4"F", Comet I-lop 2: Prom Committee 3, CREST, Scoop 4, Senior Ring Committee, Constitutional Convention 2, Social Committee, Drama- tic Club 4, 'Staqe Door" 4, "Captain of the Guard" l: "Carmelita" 2: "Gershwin Scenario" 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, All County Chorus 3, Honorary Member GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Star-Times All-North County Basketball Team 3, 4, 'B' Volleyball l, "Dear Ruth" 4, lunior Rotarian 4, CREST Escort MARY IO ASH Other School l, 2 ,3 IIM CARR Football 4"F", Basketball Intramurals 3, Softball Intra- murals 3, Pep Squad 2, Student Bowlers 3, Student Assembly 2, President of Camera Club 3, "Captain of the Guard" l, "Gershwin Scenario" 3, Glee Club l, 2 3, 4, All County Chorus l, 2 BILLIE LOUISE ARGENT Cheerleader 3, 4: GAA 2"F", 3, 4 President, GAA Board 4, CREST, Scoop, Cafeteria Staff 4, Senior Rinq Committee, Dramatic Club 3, 4, "Star Wagon" 3, "Stage Door" 4, "Gershwin Scenario" 3, "Dear Ruth" 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Softball 2, 3, 4, Vol- leyball 2, 3 Captain, Visual Education Committee: County Orchestra 4, Volleyball 4, Sharps and Flats 4, CREST Maid 4 What shall we be l'vlcKOV!N ASI-I CARR ARGENT I-ICLTSI-IOUSER I-IOPPE MAXEINER BRADSI-IAW Crest Queen and her escorts WILLIAM SPALDING HOLTSI-IOUSER Other School l, 2, 3,5 Volleyball Intramurals 4 ESTI-IER D. HOPPE Softball All-Star l, 2, 3, Basketball All-Star 2, Volley ball All-Star 2, Softball l, 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Volley ball 2, 3, Riding Club 3, 4, Story Book Ball Maid 3, GAA l, 2, 3 4, Hiking Club 2, GAA Board 3, 4, CREST- Senior Ring Committee, Dramatic Club 3, 4 Treasurer, "Star Wagon" 3, "Stage Door" 4, Glee Club 3 Page Twenty-Two GROSSHEIDER all in all-will now depend AR MOND MAXEINER 'B' Basketball 2: Tennis 3: Baseball 4: Basketball Intra- murals l, 2, 3: Volleyball Intramurals l, 2, 3: Softball Intramurals l, 2, 3: Riding Club Z: Scoop 4: Boys' State 3: Senior Ring Committee: Educational Com- mittee 4: Sharps and Flats 4: Honor Society 4 IANET ANNE BRADSI-IAW Tennis Manager l: Basketball l, 2: Volleyball l, 2: Softball l: Cheerleader 3, 4: Pep Squad 3, 4: Riding Club 2, 3, 4 Secretary: Story Book Ball Maid 3: Prom Committee 3: GAA l"F", 2, 3, 4: Hiking 2: CREST: Scoop 4: Student Assembly 3, 4: Constitutional Cone vention 2: Dramatic Club 3, 4 President: "Star Wagon" 3: "Stage Door" 4: "Dear Ruth" 4: "Captain of the Guard" l: "Carmelita" 2: "Gershwin Scenario" 3: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: All County Chorus 3: Student Federal- ists 4: Ouill and Scroll Society 4 ROGER GROSSHEIDER 'B' Basketball 2: Football 4"F": Student Assembly 4: "Captain of the Guard" 1: "Carmelita" 2: "Gershwin Scenario" 3: Band and Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: All County Band 3, 4: Honor Society 4 SHIRLEY MAY TEGETHOFF Pep Squad 3, 4: Riding Club 4: Skating Club 3, 4: PYOFU Committee 3: CREST: Cafeteria Staff 4: FHA 3: Candy Sales 3: Senior Ring Committee: Usher Staff 4: GIGS' Club 4: CREST Escort RITA IOYCE LARK Pep Squad 3, 4: Riding Club 3, 4: Skating Club 3: GAA 2"F", 3, 4: CREST: Usher Staff 4: Dramatic Club 3, 4: "Gershwin Scenario" 3: Glee Club 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Volleyball 2: Basketball 2: Incarnate Word l BILL NICHOLS WILBERT KREYLING Basketball Intramurals 2, 3: Volleyball Intramurals 2, 3: Softball Intramurals 2, 3: Skating Club 3: Student Bowlers 3, 4 DORIS KOSER Central High School l, Z, 3 MARIE IACKSON Glee Club I: "Captain of the Guard" l IANET BONE LESTER EARIES "B" Basketball 2: "B" Volleyball 2: Baseball l: Candy BENIAMIN RUSSELL KUNKEL Sales 3 Senior Ring Committee: Art Club 3, 4: Wrestling l, 2, 3: MARIE BEHRING Basketball Intramurals l, 2: Softball Intramurals 2, 3: Skating Club l, 2 Volleyball 3: Skating Club 3: GAA Z, 3: Hiking Club 2 NORMANDINE IEANNE MILLER Skating Club 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3: Art Club 3, 4: Pep St. Louis U. High l, 2, 3: Wrestling 4: CREST Escort Squad 3, 4 BONE WI-IYTE LARK KREYLING IACKSON BEHRING KUNKEL TEGETHOFF N ICH OLS KOSER FA RIES MILLER Page Twenty-Three A MARY LEE GERHART Softball All-Stars 27 47 Volleyball All-Stars 2, 3, 47 Basketball A11-Stars 27 37 Captain Volleyball 37 Pep Squad 47 GAA bc-ard 47 GAA I7 27 3, 4 Vice-President CREST7 Scoop: Scnicr Ring C.mm:tiee: Usher Staff 47 Gym Assistant 47 I-I3 47 Sinicr Assembly Committee: CREST Maid CHARLES ROBERT KITE Tennis 27 Rectangle Club 37 CREST: Protector Staff 3, 47 Visual Education Committee 47 President Radio Work- snop 47 Iunior Rotarian 47 Secretary-Treasurer Camera Club 37 Debate Club 37 U.N.O. Test 27 Teen Press 4 MERYL NIEHAUS ' Basketball All-Star 37 Softball All-Star 47 GAA 2, 3"F", 47 GAA Board 47 T-I3 47 Volleyball 3, 47 Basketball 3, 47 Baseball 2, 37 4 DONALD W. GIBSON Student Bowlers 3, 4: Cafeteria Staff 2, 47 Protector Staff 27 37 Student Federalists 4 WINIFRED IRENE NIEI-IAUS Basketball I, 2, 47 Softball l, 2: Volleyball 27 Riding Club 3: GAA l, 2"F", 3, 4: GAA Board 3, 47 Hiking Club 27 CREST: Dramatic Club 3, 47 "Star Wagon" 3: "Stage Door" 47 "Captain of the Guard" lj "CarmeIitfr" 27 "Gershwin Scenario" 3: Glee Club l, 27 3: Ouill and Scroll Society 47 I-Ionor Society 47 CREST Maid WILLIAM WALTER WARNER Volleyball Intramurals 3 IUEL DO-LPHUS GERI-IART KITE NIEI-IAUS GIBSON NIEI-IAUS WARNER DOLPI-IUS AYDT BAUGI-IER Candidates for Crest Oueen HENRY IOSEPI-I AYDT Pep Squad 2, 3 Vice-Pres,7 Riding Club 27 Skating Club 2, 3, 47 Student Bowlers 37 Prom Committee 3: CREST: Scoop 47 Usher Staff 2, 37 Senior Ring Committee-7 As- sembly Committee 47 Buildings and Grounds Committee 27 Educational Committee 37 Dramatic Club 27 3, 4: 'Our Town" 27 "Star Vwlagonn 37 "Stage Door" 47 Stu- dent Assembly 27 Senior Assembly Committee 47 "Dear Ruth" 47 Vice-President Student Federalists 47 I-Ionor Society 47 Ouill and Scroll Society 4 MARIORIE ANN BA UGHER Library Assistants 4 Page Twentyflfour In that which we work for, hope for, and want to be in the end. DONALD A. DEDERT Skating Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 47 "Captain of the Guard" 17 "Carmelita" 27 "Gershwin Scenario" 37 All County Chorus 2, 3 EVELYN KATHRYN HERRMAN Soldan 17 CREST: GAA 27 Office Assistants 47 Student Assembly 2, 47 Dramatic Club 37 Publicity Committee7 Debate Club 37 CARE Committee IOLAYNE ANN I-IUFFER Pep Squad 47 Riding Club 3, 4 President GAA 3"F", 47 CREST7 Secretary Dramatics Club 47 Glee Club 47 T-137 Softball 3, 47 Volleyball 3 All Stars7 Basketball 3 BILL GOTWAY DAVE STANLEY FULBRIGHT Football 3 Captain 4 Co-Captain "F"7 Basketball Intramurals 27 Glee Club 1, 2, 37 "Captain of the Guard" 17 "Carmelita" 27 All County Chorus 37 Student Council 47 Star of Month '46 NANCY ANN MILLER Riding Club 2, 37 GAA Board 27 GAA 1, 2, 37 Senior Ring Committeey Dramatic Club 3, 47 "Our Town" 37 "Star Wagon" 37 Glee Club 37 Basketball I7 Volleyball 27 Scoop 47 "Stage Door" 4 ARTHUR I . SOLES Football 3"F", 4"F"7 Wrestling 3: Skating Club 37 Stu- dent Bowlers 37 Library Assistant 47 Senior Ring Com- mittee7 Service Committee 37 Glee Club 27 "Carmelita" 27 "Dear Ruth" 4 ROBERT lOl-IN STAMER DONALD I. HAUSER Skating Club 2, 3, 47 Candy Sales 3 FRANCETTA STUCKEY Skating Club 37 Glee Club 4 NOT ON PICTURE RONALD I-IORR 'B' Basketball 17 Softball Intramurals 17 Cayton High Schooly Hermann High School GENE R. MCCULLOUGI-I Football 4: Wrestling 47 Skating Club 47 Social Com- mittee 47 Tumbling Club 47 Soldan High DONALD I OSEPH OTTEN Scoop 47 Library Assistants 17 Dramatic Club 37 "Star Wagon" 3 RAYMOND SCHWAB Track 2 IAMES WRIGHT Band 1, 2, 3, 4 DEDERT HUFFER FULBRIGHT HERRMAN GOTWAY MILLER SOLES HA USER STAMER STUCKEY Page Twenty-Five We produced the Prom THIRD ROW: Campbell, Gay, Churchill, DuBray, Vjfeigel, Vtlilson, Schonde, Pazterson, Cree., Bazkus, Belew Neustadt, Lohofener, Stabenow, Meyers, Giess, Ottinger. SECOND ROW: Lemmon, Kne-ch', Cheney, Goetz Burke, Schneiderjans, Tinsley, Martin, Vtlebb, O'Br1er., Krueger, Herneyer, Welborn, Carlson, Vtfoemmel Faries, Fischer, Iones. FIRST ROW: Vfilliarns, Ron-fdeii, Smithers, Brandenburg, Seal, Kirkpatrick, lean Tipsword Robertson, fsan Tipsword, Skankle, Davis Qaytcn Gardner, Sullivan, Ludwig, Sexauer Brown Loehrer. FOURTH ROVV: Erman, Skinker, Rov Meyer, Sshrriifz Thcroughmcn, Blake, Tucker, Nash, Tovfrier, Ray Meyer. THIRD ROW: Konrs, Overturi, R. Davis, Grew, Friehoii, Motrin, Becker, Brenner, Gillham, R. Sharp, Marriott, Vanlzteed, Haynes, Hordon, Ehrman, Smith. SECOND ROVJ: IvV'agner, D. Siabenow, Cran- d:1.l, Springer, Schmidt, I-Iahs, Pauley, Fisher, I-Ieflin. Elliot I-Iulsey, Overstreet, I-Iillemarin, C. Richter Eier, Trail, McKinney. FIRST ROW: Loehrer, Gay, Dodge, Rane, Colernari, Linoernari, Tegethoii, Dean Vfooley, Szarner I. Sharp, Schuster, Bernstein, Melton Peterson V, Fighter, Brass, Byrd. The Iunior Class of l948, having 61 boys and 60 girls, has proven to be quite progressive as well as successful. They have worked with a good deal of initiative which results are shown in their accomplishments. Iunior candy sales, an annual project, are conducted to raise money tor the Iunior-Senior Prom held at the Gatesworth Hotel on May 28. The proceeds have exceeded last years by sev- eral hundred dollars. Mrs. DeMersseman, the sponsor, has found the candy committee a very industrious groupg they are Iackie Hubert, Bar- bara Meyer, Roy Gillham, Marlene Weigel, Page Twent Hopie Williams, Tom Skinker, and Bob Gordon. Mr. Gordon, Miss Smith, and Mrs. Delviersse man, chairman, sponsored the Prom committee. Departing from tradition the Iuniors have re' sponsibility of ordering their class rings early. Marilyn Ottinger was elected chairman, Besides being busy with committees, the junior girls won the softball and basketball tournaments. The junior boys Won all intra- murals. Each year the Lions Club honors an outstanding junior boy by sending him to Boys' State at Ietferson City, and the Women's Legion Auxiliary sponsors a junior girl to Girls' State. y-Six Leadership ordinarily begins in the sopho- more class where several activities offer oppor- tunities for distinction. Each year one girl who does outstanding work is sent on a Sophomore Pilgrimage to Ietferson City by the 8th District Missouri Federation of Womens Clubs. Other girls volunteer to sell poppies each year for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Sport activities claim lfVe had the enthusiasm many sophomore boys, especially "B" Basket ball. At its annual backward dance, the G.A.A. extends an honorary membership to the out- standing boy. This year l2l students compose the sophomore class, Bl girls and BU boys. Mr. Gordon serves as their counselor and advisor. This class certainly has developed the type ot school spirit that holds a class together. FOURTH ROW ltVarne ke D Bo h fl Blei S hlicter' eter Dody B Love Beal E Bippen B Dubray Beichman Wolfe Spetram Logan Weise THIRD ROW I Buehre B IvcClure Nienha is Coftn Kotaik Chapman Mack Cayce OBrien Nos Noblit Coffee B Schwab Lorraine L Schwab Aubu hon Koenig Hammer SECOND ROVV Bowden D Davies I Holtshau er Swoddy Ort Ebbesmeyer Shanks Wilcox Brewer Eugen Paterson Hind Unde v ood Kirkpatrick C oula Herrman Kienstra Bagby FIRST ROW D Boa wriaht Gotuay Shaw Ida Davis Pri e I-lur e H Sm l K Jeger Vlilliamson Muehlira Fehrlage Rust-time fer S nweizer Car er Velas ri tree en Will ans H PD L D axe P ,uw :tr ,A .QI f. or e le tc u PS a QQ: C r B :JO 4 PageTNe 'y eve 1 c , . 2 ' eil, . , f- .1 , , . , , . ,, . , ' . ' v , u : W I r ,. . " ' .. . : A , . , . s , . , , , ', . . 1 . S, I f . . 3 I Yi, . . 1 . 1' 4 , ' , , ', c, . ii , . im, E. r' . ' , . . T it FCW: Spgzzrxzn S: cus:-, fig Vfarter, C?.a1.a.e: '-Joeule Q.-effert Qonrtiar. Ofxrrv.. - 3 V , oc: Bi ,..r.e Franz, Ferguson lczitrey' S. Fxlzrcn' SHOOTID I :pn Den.: 5-7, Bone, 1-i':ndQan': 'Q g s Pfzrkprrix ,sie Q.,.izr.'ger, Bzndiieye., Hirnrnel, Goss Hollirnan, Paufh Ro nds Y-f:Fffer.amy' rl . T :D lf: -3rr1r:.?r', Neeba, i-ce'i, ck' ers, ffl. ,faxitela '.'1'aie Eder, Ba'ze. Panzer Ge .a, rink- rr. ' . 4.r1 Au:'r'::un, C,tve.,.'r2-Q Yeung Huxzrzj, '1'v.'e.Ir:p:n , ' cn. -n W e just got acquczznted THIRD ROW A rens tabeau Cunnmgha A SECOND RO rr dams Fr an Holme Foutch Gei s Towner Patterson W Lohofener McClure Dette man Vegder Ftchvveil Tiiney Williams Love Fitzgerald Hayward Seal Sullivan Weaand Tenni as Hackmei ter Coleman Weidman rlRST 'ROW Dietz Hubert Hill Hartwig Negwer Scl' vab Partersn 1-Iesskcmp Fcmz rutrll Vlilliarni Maxeiner Bru e Viehrnann Tucker Lhcprr' ri Dealfer s T-ioltshauser I THIRD ROVV: Marlon-.', Bloqrrheld I-le'cn " Wed'e P .. , . r ,zrnseck Pearscr Groscl C . i , ounds, Keriow F 'Wi a ol Va ., 1 ervanra, naeae. SECOND ROW: , id., she., riscce, Haml i lr 'i ' ., ppe., Stanley, Bu"l'ana'i I Vari B P Ca " .. ,, i. .. :.:'.'., orri n, ' x.e, Srirke, Gu' ., . .i .n elle. IHST QVV: Srarp, ii. ,' 'c " l s.e..o, I-lasseiburger, Dieclrnarin Sf' ' ' L. b Q , eaer, c .u -r, -,Houillier, H A f , ufXIie., ... 1 B'.1s:.iar:i, "H " 'r rc Bcatwr.gn', Overy. Freshmen are the a look of newilderment on their faces last Q - ce then they have students who wore th t tember 4. Sin gained confi- dence d ' ' an acquired a feeling of familiarity with our school. A Ferguson Handbook Collum introduces the freshman students to the high school program me-nts for graduati edited by Mr. Mc- . lt explains the require- on, a description of the school artvrq . r.. , S.rae 2 ,f1'::phl'xege , Hafner, activities and or p ation of the vocational guidance program and recom! me-ridations for maintaining good ci ' ganizations an inter ret ' tizenship. The freshman boys have four required sulc- one ele tive. lf they are interested in sports they may go out for any of the sports offered. Sometimes there are fresh- man boys on the "A" teams and they are al- ways represented on the "B" teams. lects in their program and Page Twenty-Eight This Class is Composed of ZOO students, ap- proximately 110 boys and QU qirls. Miss Nourse is their counselor and advisor. She is always ready to help the freshmen in their choice of subjects and adjust themselves to high school. The curriculum of the freshman qirls is the But we have had fun same as the Foys. For sports 'liey may ioin the GJ-X.A. and ao out for C ass teams. They have the opportunity to be on the All-Star teams also. As our freshman Clays hold many memories We hope that the memories will be pleasant for this freshman class. THIRD ROW Craig Chilas Niehaus Nicker lor es 'Nells Meyer Tnompson Kruprrski 'udwq Wood Briqq SECOND ROW Strathrran ludvviq Overy Graf V111 on Zeilman Heyriolcls Toon A tmarin Kassebaum Gordon Orr Weleba Wallina Ness na a son I-Ieideman FIRSi HOW Ra'idc'1 Peters Whaley Vitale Hulsey leske Hollis Gu in Haynes Pounds Friesen Cambill Gardn r Shan Bier Arrinq on 1-luninq HIRQ RO D 'neyer Soes P fc QF ' 4:56 Kris! NS u Page Twen y N e S, 2 . , . ' , , 1, S , ' . . H C - , , , , . , V, - 1 ,L 'sf , . " : . i, , f , 1 1 f 5A f , I V , ff " 1 49, M 'Y V i , . T 'K VN: AQ' .r., ','f.lsfr. ET?.'f.'a, , f. ,j,:,g, My 2.1 l'f:er:.':.e Hziteiy 13.r:.r'5eg Pzg 1- Asher Qzr, . J., Q , afer U'.'e..1e CIZLQ. --TrfJL1 RL'.',': flof-ner P "':f::n nuns-or. :rise E fZ1ue:1.RQer Adams, Vance, G1..1es Geriar' He:neyer,f':e:r.a:1 C, G:'ger.:.ger fio..'1:Q Exxzfor. 1410. if-1775. 9212-1 Da' or.,1a:1-csor., hr.a:' Pzezja, snqernar. Sinf.-se :":'rL:: regnzzr' ..11:s ozee 31: ..:.Z rzzrnrrie. Hezfzngzox, "o..n::er Lr.ae:'.-:cad Me.. a i - LTL. aflglflllge .X4I"i:5 Since the high school was first organized, there lias been much emphasis placed on the study of English and languages. From the time the first four year course of study was instituted until recent years, tour years of English were required tor graduation. When other new requirements were added the English requirement was reduced to three years. The pre-sent requirement is at least three years. Latin has been taught since the beginning ot the school and at one time was a highly reconirnended subiect. Several years ago a modern language :vas added to the available subjects, In i945 a course Ln schocl publications and Journalism was added to the curriculum. The English departments :nain goal is to develcp in the students the ability to put into practical use the essentials ct English grammar. To develcp and enrich the knowledge ct the wr1tten language, a literature text is studied in ccnnecrion with all the English courses, and book reports are required from all students. Composition writing is required of all English stu- dents tnat the ability to write interesting articles will be sirengthf ened. The ccznpcsiticn work develops more trom year to year. iinally ending in fi tive-thousand word research theme written .ri thesgs style. in Latin the course of study is typical of all Latin aourses. There is niuch time applied fo the study ot word forms, ararnrnar, and translation. The most important thing that stu dents learn from the study cf Latin is the granzmar and the words which n the background tor mach ot cur cwn language, 'When much attention was tuned to the Pan-American re- lations, the modern language was :hanged to Spanish. For several years only one year of Spanish was offered, but twr: years ago a second year was added. PCQY: Thirty 4 .TL ocia Si encefi Since the beginning of the high school, the social science department has been very important in the program of study. At first the courses offered were American n1story and world history. Since that time, the course has been expanded to ins clude citizenship, sociology, economics, government, inter- national relations, and psychology. The requirement for gradu- ation in the social sciences has been three units for several years. These three units will include citizenship, American history, and world history. The citizenship course is a course intended to give the students a basis tor carrying the responsibilities ot citizenship in a democratic government. This :ourse is pnrnarily designed for freshmen. Both history courses are graduation reaotirernents which have for their airn the understanding the historical background ct our present life and problems. American h1story deals with the development of our nation. Vtfcrld history deals wgth the development of civilization from the beginning with the accent of the more recent events. Sociology is a study of the problems of Changing human relations, Much time in this course is devotec to study ot spe- cial projects, Sociology is a one-halt ungt course which is 'ol- lowed by economics. Economics is a course in the problems ot productions and consumption oi goods: i' 'noludes a study of the ways in which people rnalce a living. The governrnent and international relations courses are usually halt unit courses, but this year both are stuaiea together in the second semester. They are courses dealing with the operation and relations ot governments in the world. 'cf Tnzrty-Cne WafAemafic5 The mathematics department has been in existence since the high school was first organized. The primary purpose of the mathematics department is to give the students a hacks ground of basic mathematics to he.p them it they go on to college or to prepare thern for the use ot common business rnathematics. One unit ot study is required in this department tor graduationg this can he either elementary algebra cr general rnatliematics. For the people that wish ta go on ta more ad' variced study at mathematics, courses in plane geometry, adf vanced algebra, trigoncrnetry, and solid tgecrnetry are otterea. General rnatnematics is a course which is a :rore ad- variced continuation of grade schrgol arithrnetic with practical Lrpplications. lt is prirnarily intended tcr the slower students wlirlv do not need algehrgi, This lQTjlll'i5Q is not open tr studenls who have had algehra. Elerzientfiry algebra is art lf.'lffillCllCfi tc the :'.lI'Id'1Ii13I1lLll rrzfcesses and theories gf higher rriathezriatics. lt includes a study ot simple equations, and relfrtid praitical applications. Plane aecizietry is 'ispially 'he next icurse in rrif:Tl1c::1aic:g which students take, lt the sfiay ot plane figures and thc rehrticriships involved Li: these figures. lifluch tirne is used in proving various theorems relating ta: these tisiiiresg in this way reasoning ability is hurl' 'ip Advmriced irlaehrci is a ccntinu ztian C' tirst year algerirm. lvliifli '1i:irli:r.51.1 ir placed 'II higher iypes if equations, the use at lpxiarithrrf, determgnatigs ,ind sirnple trignometric runciicns. Trigonometry is a halt unit course at advanced rnathev matics, lt is a study ot the mathematical relationslnps in tri angles. Trigonometry is tallcwed by a ccurse in solid geometry. Solid geometry is very similar to plane geometry except that it involves Figures in space instead ot in a plane. Page Th:rty'Two cience Science has been one of the rn.ain division of the curriculum since the early years of the high school. When the high school was first organized, courses were offered in botany and physics. As the years have gone by and the importance of the study of science has increased, the science department has been en- larged and changed. Though only one credit is required for graduation, there are four courses offered. lt is preferred that a student present credit in one of the three laboratory sciences instead of general science. The laboratory sciences are bi- ology, chemistry, and physics. General science is a course designed primarily for fresh- men. lt is a course which is intended to give a fairly complete view of the whole field of science. ln general science a student is given a chance to form a good idea concerning the various fields of science and the importance of each one. Biology is a general course in the science dealing with the life processes in plants and animals. The laboratory work in- volves making several drawings, the use of the microscope, and some dissection. Usually one semester is spent in the study of plants, and one semester is spent in the study of animals. Chemistry is a study of the composition of all matter and the laws governing chemical combinations and reactions. Most of the course is devoted to the study of the general laws of chenxstry with special emphasis on inorganic chemistry. Some special work is devoted to the study of organic chemistry near the end of the year. Physics is a study of the basic physical laws involved in the actions of solids and fluids, rnechanics heat, light, sourgd, and electricity. As in cheniistry all laws are substantiated by actual work in the laboratory. 'T ,4 uw rfri The fine arts division of the curriculum has only recently been established as a separate part of the curriculum. For many years some of the courses which are now included in the fine arts portion of the curriculum were placed in other classifications. Recently a separate requirement for graduation has been established in the field of fine arts. One unit of work is required: this may be from any one of several classes, music literature, drarnatics, or art ln the field of music, there are the instrumental groups and the chorus. There are two instrumental groups which are open to any student who has a knowledge of any instrument. The band is composed of wind instruments and a percussion sec tion. The orchestra is composed of many members of the band and several others who play stringed instruments. The chorus is a group of mixed voices which offers good training in group singing to any one who is interested in learning. Literature is a full unit course which is devoted entirely to the study of the literature of the world. The course covers two units of study: one semester is devoted to the study of English literature and the other is devoted to the study of mod- ern literature of the world, The dramatics class is concerned with the study of two things, dramatics and public speaking. Students learn the art of declarnation and other phases of public speaking. ln their study of dramatics they learn a little about all phases of the production of a play, but special emphasis is placed on the art of acting. ln art students usually take no more than two years, but some have taken three or four years. Art is the study of the pictorial representation of ideas and the mechanics of drawing. Page Thirty-Four racfica! .fdrb The division of practical arts is a relatively new one in the high school curriculum. The first courses in domestic and industrial arts were authorized for the school year of l94O-194l. Since that time these courses have been enlarged and improved greatly. The purpose of this division of the curriculum is to train the students in some practical work which will assist them through the practical knowledge rather than through theory, such as is taught in many typical high school courses. One unit is required in this field for graduation. ln the field of commercial arts, courses are offered in typ' ing, shorthand, and bookkeeping. Typing is designed to give the student a basic knowledge of the fundamental processes in typing. Instruction is also given in the proper forms to be used in typing for commercial work. Shorthand is a course designed to give the students a basic knowledge of Gregg short- hand. In the first year students learn the basic forms, in the second year the basic forms are applied to dictation and trans- cription. Bookkeeping is intended to give a knowledge of the fundamentals of commercial bookkeeping. ln the home economics courses the accent is placed on two phases of the work, cooking and sewing. The basic aim in home economics is to prepare the girls for the career of keeping a home. ln industrial arts there are two distinct courses offered at the high school, shop and mechanical drawing. For many years, the shop course was altogether a course in woodwork- ing, but recently the work has been enlarged to include some metal work. The first year shop students receive instruction in the use of the simple hand tools: the second year students receive instruction in the use of power machinery. Mechanical drawing is a study of the graphic language of engineersg it is description by drawings and accompanying notes. Page Thirty-Five f E HN l9Ag5ica! glcluca fion Since the beginning of the high school the physical edu- cation department has grown from nothing to the point where it plays a very important part in the life of many students. One unit is required in physical education and one-half unit is re- quired in health for graduation. The course in physical educa- tion is a one-third unit course which meets on alternate days. The basic goal of the physical education department is the development of physical endurance and muscular co-ordina- tion. The health course is designed to teach the fundamentals of hygiene and elementary physiology. The area of interscholastic athletics is closely co-ordinated with the ordinary physical education classes. In the field of interscholastic athletics, boys can participate in football, base- ball, wrestling, basketball, and track. The boys' physical education classes are for the most part devoted to the participation in several sports and games. Us- ually at the end of the season for a sport, intramural tourna- ments are conducted to determine the physical education class champions. In the girls' classes participation in sports is still important, but more emphasis is placed on body building exer- cises. From very small beginnings the facilities for physical edu- cation have grown until the high school has a good athletic field, all-weather tennis courts, a good gymnasium, and a va- riety of equipment for the best particiption in a Wide variety of sports. The physical education department maintains periodical testing of vision and hearing. Special cases are referred to the Health Counselor for further consultation and diagnosis. Iuniors and seniors are given X-ray tests under the auspices of the County Tuberculosis Society. The health class is intended for the sophomore physical education classes. Sa 4 e Thxty Six eruicefs ln recent years the number of student services have been growing steadily as well as faculty services to the students. In the way of improved student services several groups were formed: these were the cafeteria assistants, office assistants, library assistants and the projector staff. The faculty assistance to the students comes in the form of a better vocational and educational guidance program. The Student Assembly com- mittees have also been of great value in the planning and operation of many activities at the school. The projector staff was organized by the student assembly about three years ago. Its purpose is to relieve the teacher of the responsibility of handling the movie projector and similar equipment. The library assistants assist the librarian by check- ing out the books and assisting in other ways. The office as- sistants help with the routine work in the office. The student assistants in the cafeteria assist with the serving of the food and with the cleaning up after the lunch period. For several years a plan has been in operation for the guidance and assistance of seniors who desire to attend col- lege. In conjunction with this program the Ohio State Scholastic Aptitude test has been given to all seniors for several years. All seniors have been assisted in their application for college by a senior counselor. From this program of senior counseling has growr, the new plan for vocational guidance in all grades. Through a series of tests the vocational guidance counselors can find a students interests and abilities. By applying this infcrrnaticn the coun- selor can advise the student regarding his vocation and edu- cation. C . PLAY Sports ot FHS ore entered 1nto wlth vlgor ond determlnotlon to Wm ct letter There IS constcmt nvolry be tween boys sports ond the G A A over who Works harder for ct letter Th1s sect1on represents all the sports ctct1v1 t1es of the post yectr so We present all the fellows cmd qols who pQI't1C1 poted Page Thlrty Exght I I I ll ll . . iii MV? f tl I lwxx'-1.,, j-25 XM, ,,, , ff M x x x ,gfii a Aff. NASH BRENNEP MEYPR ..,AFi?1C1 1 STANFIELD Q CHRISTOPER , LGEHRER SMITH VAN REED LQTTF.fAN SECOND ROW: D. Smzth, B. Vielebc, Reznhcrt, Lurcs, Stcmheld, Oppecu, Moxemer, Czvsvlun, Dodge, Ioskv, I. Welebcx, Mr. Burqesn. FIRST PON'-': Bre-:mc-r, Nash Murxxow, Chandler, Chrxsfophm, MG-ym, Von Reed. Loehrer, Lotlmun, Poor, Pace Fmty The baseball team of this year wasted no time getting started as they began practice the first day of school. The team was under the able leadership of coach Aleck Burgess. He had four lettermen: pitcher, Captain Stan Bren- ner: catcher, Gene Loehrerg third baseman, Glenn Christopher: and shortstop, Ken Stan- field. Then as the first game approached, Roy Meyer took over second base, Frank Marriott, Bob Van Reed, and Ed Lottman filled in the out- field and Fred Nash was on first base. The team opened its season on September 12 against Berkeley. This proved to be an easy victory as they won 9-l with Mr. Burgess using everyone on the squad. Then, in their second game, the Comets met their old nemesis, River- view, who gave them their worst loss, a hard- fought 4-l game. Next came lennings, whom they defeated l-O in a pitcher's battle. The Ferguson team then played our usual grudge game with Riverview, who, as they had done before, beat us this time 3-l. Fairview, a team Ferguson can usually handle, downed us 6-4. With our hitting shoes on, we then massacred Pattonville 13-5 and came back two days later to smother Berkeley 14-O. Ferguson in its last two games lost a heartbreaking 7-5 game to Eureka and a disappointing 4-3 tilt to Fairview. These last two contests gave us a 4-5 "won-lost" record. The odd thing about our losing more games than we won, was the fact that we outscored our opponents in run production 5l-30 for a 21-run margin. For the third straight season Ferguson occupied the second place spot in the North County standing. With all but two of this year's regulars and great freshmen and sopho- more prospects, Ferguson is hoping for several first place positions in the North County League. Page Fcrty-One jeg lfUOIfl CL fl"0l01y SEIQVITUY RONY: Iooimr, UIC-','f: fin: km P F' x , ri lr i-1. URST PQVV: N KF-P, Near., Plhrmflu, M Kffwv LTPx113!Oph0r, Berhvr, Blprxm-r, fffzfz-'h Balm.. CHRISTOPHER BECKER BRENNER NASH Page Fcriy-Two When Ferguson corrxpleted this years bas ketball season it ended the twenty-third sched- .ile of Ferguson auintets. ln twenty-three years, Ferguson has had four coaches. The first was Fred Schultz, who was also principal of Fergu- son High. He started coaching in 1925. During his time the Ferguson Tourney was inaugur- ated. At the beginning of the 1939-1940 season he was succeeded by Bently Bolin. When Mr. Bolin went into the service he was followed by Walter Smith for one year. Then Aleck Burgess, a former member of Ferguson's first team, took over coaching chores until the 1946-47 season, when Mr. Bolin resumed his chores. Coach Bently Bolin with a nucleus of five lettermen Captain Glenn Christopher, lim McKown, Marvin Haddox, Bob Becker and Stan Brenner gave Ferguson its first 500 average team in six years. From this aspect we had a fairly successful season. With only seven days' practice the Comets opened their season with a 47-29 victory over Eureka in the Bayless Tour- ney. Then in their first home game they easily beat Berkeley 40-33. With Becker leading the way, Ferguson beat McKinley and lennings and lost to Riverview to give them a 4-2 record before the Christmas holidays. Ferguson then lost to Fairview 41-33 which proved to be their worst defeat for the remainder of the season. The Bolinmen then took an easy 60-35 game from Pattonville, the North County Member. Working up to the Ferguson Tournament, the Comets lost two thrilling ball games to Blewett and Biverview by scores of 58-52 and 38-34, re- spectively. We then entered our own tourney, seeded fourth, with Bayless, Riverview, and Hancock seeded first, second and third, respec- tively. Making cur debut the second night we defeated Affton 45-33. Then we created the up- set of the tourney by downing first seeded Bay less 43-41 and entered the finals of the Tourna- rnent. lt was the first time the Comets had gotten to the finals since Coach Bo1in's team of 1942 won the tourney. We then lost a heartbreaking 43-39 game to Hancock in the finals. The Fergu- son boys lost four of their last seven games. Their season was wound up in the subregion- '1s with a 45-40 loss to Blewett, to give our over- .rll a ten and ten record. School Score School Ferguson 47-29 Eureka lB.T.l Ferguson 33-50 Bayless tB.T.t 'Ferguson 40-33 Berkeley Ferguson 47-37 McKinley 'Pgfgusgyq 40.50 Riverview 'Ferguson 38-33 lnrinings 'Ferguson 33-41 Ftrirview 'Ferguson 60-35 Pattcnville Ferguson 52-58 Blewett Ferguson 34-38 Biverview Ferguson 45-33 Affton lF.T.l Ferguson 43-41 Bayless lF.T.l Ferguson 39-43 Hancock 1F.T.l Ferguson 47-54 Bitenour 'Ferguson 60-50 19Uf1iY1CJS Ferguson 33-34 St. Charles 'Ferguson 33-34 Fairview 'Ferguson 70-49 Berkeley 'Ferguson 47-35 Pfrttoriville Ferqusori 40-45 Blewett lS.B.l 'Lozque Won 10 Lost 10 BT. Bayless Tourney F.T, Ferguson Tournfry Sub-Beaionfrl LCEHBER MCKOWN l-IADDOX MEYER EHBM AN JUJJ Ma! olbw. D. FULBFKIGHT LOFKENZ AMBROVV SKINKEP MUNR SINCPOLE CHRISTOPHER BECKER ALBIN SGLES CE CARSON EHHMAN :WE SECOND ROW: Couch Putclf, Oucxde, Buehrle, Ove-rturi, Bean, 'AcCul1cuql2, Carr, Bolluzqer, Kohrs, Ful' brxqht, Bmdbeutel, Keberi, Flesch, Pauley, McKown, Crcnq, Albm C., Hackett. FIRST ROW: Smopole, Grosshemder, Carson, Skmlcer, Chnsfopher, Ambrow, Lorenz, Soles, D. Albm, Ehrman, Becker, Munroe, MfKe-P, POQP Fcrty Four In its first varsity football season in 22 years, Ferguson had a fairly successful year. They were under the able coaching of ex-Washington U star, Bill Pufalt. The coach had a foundation of eight lettermen: D. Fulbright and M. Ambrow, co-captains: Bob Lorenz, Dave Albin, Iim Mc- Kown, Ed Carson, Torn Skinker, Art Soles, and the team's leading scorer, Bob Becker. As the first game neared, Tome Munroe and Glenn Christopher, seniors, broke into the line-up with iunior, Bob Erhman. The team worked from a T-formation on offense and used a six and five man line on defense, switching to a seven and eight when opponents were at the goal. The team had a seven game schedule with no soft touches in it. They opened their season against a strong suburban team, Bitenour. The Ferguson Gridders lost their game 21-U, but did not succumb without a fight. In the second ball game, they Won from a small but fast DeSoto team, 13-O. Then, in their first home game, the Comets lost a disappointing 13-7 game to St. Charles. Ferguson was the first to score, but they just couldn't keep up the pace, losing on a touchdown in the last quarter. Then playing against teams which didn't seem to outclass them, they were decisively beaten by Roxana, 13-O and Principia, 20-O. The gridmen from Ferguson then outfought a stub- born Wellston team for their second win by a score of l3-7. Then, playing the St. Louis area's only undefeated team, Western Military Acad- emy, the home gridders were very decisively beaten 41-0 in their last game. The team is to be congratulated on its fight and spirit which we hope the coming Ferguson teams will pos- sess. It is felt by all that with experience, Fergu- son can produce some good football teams. We hope so. Page Forty-Five wafcA fAQl'l'l 90 L... They r Cf l Th1S years ed1t1on of the track team looks to be one of the school s best Coach Burgess called practrce on March 15 He has erght let termen who are Bob Becker throw1ng drscus and shot put Irm McKown and Vernon Hulsey runnrng the 440 and 220 lack Sharp pole vault runnrng the m1le and comrng up from the fresh men events ts hm Poor Also there are addltron al prospects rn Iohn Mulholland and Faye Keb- ert Mulholland and Mclfcwn and Hulsey three members ot last year s 880 yard relay team whrch took se ond at the county meet should make us strcng rn th s event The team has three dual meets Wrth Lure-ka Bayless and Iennrngs The outstandrng boys on the squad wrll get to partrcrpate 1n some of the btg ger meets 1nclud1ng the State Meet The Fergu son boys are lookrng forward to the Annual County Meet held at Iennrngs thls year Wrth a strong team loornlng Ferguson may capture rts flrst track trtle Thrs wrll be Fergusons twelfth track team Ferguson has stnce last season had a large mcrease rn students It has now become a class A school rn the clnder sport whtch means tougher competrtron at the dxstrrct and state meets whrch rn turn means b1gger and better teams rn the future for Fergu son The competrtron of the season found the team falllng a lrttle below expectatrons Ten men lettered Among these were four semors frm McKown 220 440 and relay runner Iohn Mul holland l00 relay runner htgh and broad Jumper Faye Kebert low hurdle hrgh Jumper 880 and pole vaulter frm Wrllrams l00 200 and relay Among the under classmen were the team s leadrng pornt maker Mudd Becker a rumor who throws the drscus and shot put Vernon Hulsey on the dashes Boy Krrkpatrrck on the mrle and 880 a good freshman pros pect Wrlbert Parker a top 50 yard dash man THIRD ROW Grow Coach Blrqe V rncn H l y Vlulholland Crlstopher C Iesk B cker O erturf Kxrkpa rrck Wooster Rerqal Vt le Coach Cverton SECOND ROV! Sevens McCullough Sharp Rem hart Lucas D Sm h K q Van R ed U mfs y Co s S hewe luc rj FIRST ROW Gordon Batzel W llrams Chandle M Ko n Poor Hunn n Ot ade Parker O erst e Mey r Hackett Vveleba Vrrgl Hu sey Page Forty Srx C T' r 1 I li C .. V . Y-1 . , . -I 5. . . , I I ' - : ' , ' , , ing: Bob Van Reed, on hurdles: Roy Kirkpatrick, B013 VCIH Reed and lim Poor OD the hl1Id1eS: : , L ss, e u se , 1 , , . , e, e. , v , t , , , r a ,, , , 2 ' , . , , A , , avres, rt , rn , . C ,. e .1 e , J S , F. , ., WL. : , , 1 , I, . fi W , , 1 g, r , , V r et, e , , ' , 1 Wrestllng has once again become one of the better known sports at Ferguson Hlgh durlng the past few years At one trme the wrestlmg team was one of the most successful teams here at Ferguson l-hgh They took the state cham pronshrp 1n 1935 but sm e that t1me there has been a nottceable drop ID the team s prestrge Thrs s1tuat1on has been changed and the pres ent trend IS toward even greater attalnments Th1s year under the able supervrslon of Coach B111 Pufalt the team galned a measure of success ln the1r endeavors Thelr achrevernents rn competrtron came to a cllmax wrth the1r good showtng at the state tournament where three out of frve were trrumphant comrng away w1th fourth place honors for the state compet1t1on For the f1rst trme rn several years the meets Wlth other schools have been attended by a representatlve group of students from our school They showed suff1c1ent rnterest ln thrs actlvlty to make the1r way to the Central School Gyrnnastum where the home meets were held ln the afternoon after school Several members of the wrestllng team were awarded letters as recognxtron of the good sportsmanshlp cooperat1on and hard work whlch they have put lnto the1r efforts for success lI'1fl'l1Sf1eld They were A Hesskamp V Gay R Davrs K Dodge D Brass I Dempsey I Wxlhams R Gordon B Gruenmger and R Punt all I"0Cll'l Who scored m th1s9 th1s honor Although one or two members of the team graduate thrs year Coach Pufalt and the re marnder of the team look forward to an even better season next year THIRD ROW Coach Pufalt Cantrell Lorenz Wh e Bean I Davrs SECOND ROW Hulsey Gusten R Davxs B Gordon I Wxllrams O Gruenlnger B Gruenmger Wooley FIRST ROW Dempsey Brass R Gordon Sharp Hesskamp Patrtck Gay Hone Dog FcrtyS Ven . . . I , C . , , , Davis, manager. These boys have well earned ' I l a I I . 7 4 I - . l , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : , , , it, , . . : , , . . E' r E Q? LUOI1 ll"J! I0 CLC? QECOND BOW lestce Ce hm Da Llorte .la A Q T-OV eMer Noemme a ot hard' r Ll rah oo Qpdae C 1 l Jbr ar The l948 B team coached by Harold G Ulbrtght had a very successful season The team was two teams wrthm rtself They had the startmg f1v of capta1n Steve Fulbrlght C These boys were all sophomores They were L. k"l T T backed up by cm excellent freshman f1ve of P leske B Rmehart E l-loffert L Lucas and R Wo mmel In many of the games the sopho more team would bulld up a lead at the end of go tn and hold the lead unttl the half or some ttmes even rncrease 1t On defense they played a good man to man defense On the offenslve they had a fast break but scored more from set plays or posltrons The team started off wrth a bang by defeatmg four strarght opponents Berkeley McKmley RIVGYVIGW and Ienmngs Thetr f1rst conquerer was Fatrvtew who gave them the worst loss Then after slaughtermg Pattonvrlle they were gxven therr second set back by Blewett They then downed four more pponents tncludmg St Charles and Bttenour before agam meetmg thetr enemtes Patrvtew Thrs was the heartbreaker as they lost therr thrrd and last game of the year 1n overttme to a frghttng Blue lay team The Iun1or Comets then fmlshed the season strong W1nn1ng four stra1ght for the thlrd tlme durtng the RIVGIVIGW B Tourney by vlrtue of a 55 48 vtctory over Bayless rn the fmals Wlth such DOSSlb1l1lY be ng snow we are lookmg for an outstandmg Jarsrty at Ferguson ln the future Thrs vtctory gave he boys a l33 record to end a temftc year I . 'z ' , 2 sc. . wson, . tt, 1.1: sz, Femharz, We se, Orr. PIFLT i 1: L ' ' l,C rr'l,C . .e,Flb1M,F r,Lo"!::ar1n, ', 1'ct'f 1 ' ' ' . e . - 1-1 ' ' 9 ' ' A ' Chandler, I. Poor, E. Lottman, and B. Ouade. the first quarter and then the freshmen would o ' ' . ' I Q - . , f . t 5 Team presenis Troplp' 'c F. .1 S. . V, Y. 5 , , af' - ' x X L 1 -VV. 1. . ,t dj' J H -. -V A J.fMww, v 1 , ' 5 . 4 X x 'Q ' V2 N 0- . 1 1461 15 -. 1 X Q ' It 2 X K 5 6 X ii 3 y M af 'f ' 4 1 nf fi Q K. , fe I 6. ' f sl -i V, , 1 , ggi! I fi' , K, -H4 1 lux W , I f 1 I'ltl"6lI'l'lUI'a 6 Agcun th1s year Mr Alec Burgess the ath letlc dlrector superv1sed the xntramural sports Th1s program conducted through the gym classes provrdes for tournaments run off rn each class The WIHDGIS of these tourneys qual 1fy for the rnter gym class tournament to deter mme the flnal w1nner Mr Burgess has done a grand Job 1n burldrng these contests to thelr present state of popularlty The boys now look forward to these tournaments from the begln n1ng of the year When Mr Burgess took the contests over about f1V9 years ago they played llttle or no part rn the school currlculum they now reach almost every boy 1n the school Th1s year two new sports have been added to the 11st of rntramural act1v1t1es The addrtlon of the new touch football and pmg pong contests be sldes the usual volleyball basketball and soft ball tournaments brlng the total number of 1I'1 tramural sports to frve Th1s year the annual went to press before the softball tournament was run off so the staff was unable to cover 1t However th1s IS a very lmportant tournament as 1t f1n1shes up the year s rntramural act1v1t1es In the cases of many Junlors 1t 1S thelr last part1c1pat1on 1n the physl cal educatton program Of the new sports added to the mtrarnural program pmg pong 1S the only one played by 1nd1v1duals rather than teams Two boys from each class the champron and the runnerup played 1n the tournament Four boys recexved byes ln the tourney Holdmg up thelr class honors four Iumor boys reached the sem1f1nal round ln the early rounds only two out of three vrctorles were reqmred to advance but rn the seml frnal rounds three out of flVe were neces sary The games were close and rn many cases the opponents played the full slate of games Torn Mottrn 1n the f1rst hour Iunlor class was .mally declared champron when he defeated Ed Lmdeman of the fourth hour class rn the flnals 2117 2116 2220 Agam thls year the old standby basketball was part of the rntramural program Th1s sec t1on of the program ts probably the most ant1c1 pated by the boys and probably remembered longer than any of the others Th1s year as before the basketball tournament was d1st1n gurshed by hard playmg The teams seemed to stress offens1ve as evrdenced by the scores of the games The Iunrors held the edge as the fourth hour class defeated the srxth hour sopho mores 51 19 forthe champronshtp The frrst hour Iunlors defeated a game second hour freshman team 32 23 for thlrd place Several members of the varstty basketball team very ably refereed these contests PING PONG INTHAMURALS INTRAMURAI. BASKETBALL LEFT tO RIGHT Poor Bemhat Ilndeman Mottm M Teqetnoll TOP ROW Coach Bu ae s Paul M Kee FIRST POW Butt E Folemar Kreylmg D Gardne Underwood B111 Erman Van Peed Dodge Page Frfty ,911 tI"dl'l'llfLI'6l If INTHAMURAL FOOTBALL SECOND ROW: Overstreet, Hu Nash Ma lOTl FIRST ROV' R Meye Rome Loeh er Brass Czeschm Can rell INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL LEFT TO RIGHT Wooley Vat Reed Towrxer Adams Ehrman Rui Stam Sp nge Thts year two new rntramural sports were organtzed at Ferguson I-hgh One of them was touch football Thrs sport 1S the earlrest one of the year as 1t must be played 1n the fall when the weather 1S HICG The fmal elrmmatlon tourn ament was run off after school hours The Iunlor gym class teams usually wm the 1ntra mural tourneys due to therr sxze age and ex perlence although sometlmes a Sophomore or Freshman team cops top honors Th1s tourna 'nent was no drfferent as the f1rst hour Iun1ors defeated the fourth hour also Iuruors l3 6 As lS usual wrth 1ntramural sports hard clean fxghtlrtg was shown all along 1nth1s tournament As usual the 1ntramural volleyball tourna ment was run off ln the late fall and early wrnter Th1s sport hke any other team sport calls for a great deal of teamwork Thrs was w1tnessed all through the season and teams dropped out ln keeplng Wllh the tradrtlon a Iunror class agaln won thts t1me 1t was the fourth hour class They defeated the first hour class for f1rst place honors The volleyball team IS composed of s1x players plus substltutes These boys must be alert at all tlrnes and qurck movement IS essenual As IS hrs usual custom Mr Burgess refereed thrs tourney belng ably assisted by Pete Kreyltng Page F ty Ore ff, , rr . . 1 . . r, , - . f , e r, fl L. . V I U I - I 1 I 1 . V I . I I I l ' I L" ' that didnt cooperate between themselves soon gli' 5 CLC! THIRD ROW Hopp V-le-bn I V llarrs alte on Dav es Buelrle Baseler Allen Brown Ro de Mrs Dreselho sl Nehaus SFCOND ROW B Buehrle La ton Wiedle Behlmc n S Wrllams Stabe o N ehaus FIRST BONV Haddo Mclfo n H Will arns Argeri G rnar Mey The activities of the GAA were con ducted with the cooperation of the board and two committees The social commit tee which made all the arrangements for the annual GAA dance consisted f Chairman Betty Buehrle ludy Williams lean Patterson Diane Davies Nancy Brown Shirley Bowden Esther Hoppe Winnie Nrehaus and Genevieve Gayce The duties of the social committee consist ed ot the arrangements tor the refresh ments for the G A A dance planning the Pantcmine ac. at Normandy ae l:ifty'T'.-:Q G A A coronation and decorating the gym forthe backward dance The point committee records the points accumulated during the year for all mem bers of the organization which are then ompiled for awarding letters On this were Chairman Meryl Niehaus Shirley Baseler lean Buehrle Margaret Webb and Sharon Allen This year the G A A Board arranged for a trip to the Normandy Invitational Tourn ament All the class teams were sched uled to play a different school team Each school participating in the tournament was to present a skit Ferguson placed first in the pantomine contest The skrt was di rected by Shirley Bowden and Nancy Brown This was the tirst time in the his tory of the Ferguson G A A the girls have ever played in a tournament of this kind On the Whole the tournament was very successful because the arrangement was planned to give the county schools an opportunity to get acquainted and every chool certalnly Went all out Just to do that President Billie Argent Vice President Mary Lee Gerhart Secretary Treasurer Hope Williams Chrmn Social Committee Betty Buehrle x,hrmnAPoint Committee Meryl Niehaus Thelma Behlman S Sally Stabenow ,S Sally Williams Marilyn Wiedle lane Layton Baseball Manager Basketball Manager Volleyball Manager Tennis Manager , Track Manager Sponsor-, Mrs. Iane B. Dieselhorst ln 1945 Irm McKown Marvm Haddox and Ioe Srpple helped the grrls decorate the gym for the G A A dance The grrls declded the lows should have somethrng as a reward tor the1rass1stance Asaresult the boys were made honorary members Thrs has become a trad1t1on now so each year an underclassman lS award ed thrs honor The socral comm1ttee arranged a coronatron 1n whrch they 1ntroduced the Honor ary member of 1948 Mawln Haddox escorted by Mary Lee Gerhart v1ce presrdent Irm Mc Kown escorted by Meryl Nrehaus Pornt Com mlttee Charrman and Boy Meyer escorted by Hope W1ll1ams Secretary Treasurer Bob Wel eba new Honorary Member escorted by Socral Comm1ttee Charrman Betty Buehrle was pre ceded by Mrs lane B D1ese1horst sponsor the crown bearer Bob was crowned by GAA pres1dent B1ll1G Argent The T 13 Club rs a new actrvrty organrzed th1s year The club remarned a secret the ent1re year 911Q1b1l1lY ratrngs known only to the partr revealed that after each grade per1od she chose g1rls who she consldered the top 13 grrls rn each sport 1n that grade 1n whrch they part1c1pated Some of the grrls were dupllcated Grrls on the T 13 club for the ent1re year were Nancy Brown Marge Albers Iolayne Huffer Delores Belew Sally Stabenow Mary Lou Towner ean Buehrle Meryl Nrehaus Isabel DuBray Betty Buehrle Iane Layton Shlrlee Bowden M L Gerhart Florence Ort Grace Ebbesmeyer D1ane Hayward Anne Frtzgerald Mary Ann Lemmon and Marxlyn Castello On the socral s1de the GAA board and members sponsored the annual GA A bac ward dance March 12th Srnce g1rls 1nv1ted the1r dates and furnrshed corsages they were expected to pay for all the refreshments too The Socral Cornmlttee had beautrful decoratrons for the dance the G A A p1n was the theme o the decoratrons w1th athletrc grrls posted on both gym walls A specral feature of the even 1ng was the award for the best corsage grven to Iean Holtshauser The corsage made of a mrm ature baseball glove bat and ball was worn by Charles Chandler 0 LUG fc g0llI':58 ved Ogri Page Ft' ,f Thr l I 1 . . . . ' ' fel- - 1 1 , I I I T , . 1 I L I I I I 17 cipating members. Mrs. Deiselhorst, sponsor, , , l , , , - - . , , . U I , . . . . . . ' lc- , . , , 5 . . . ' f tl" E6 QAJ4 One hundred and elghtytrve grrls constt tuted th e membershrp of the Grrls Athletrc As soc1at1on dur1ng tts frfth year of act1v1t1es Thrs 1ncrease of attendance proves that the GA A has fulf1lled 1ts purpose of fostenng good sports manshrp and offertng a complete 1ntramural sports program The GAA board Itself as sumed more of the orgamzattonal respons1b1l1 tres than tt had ever before Mrs lane B Dresel horst GAA sponsor left the arrangement of soctal act1v1t1es the tabulatron of the po1nt sys tem and the plannmg of the sports program t t or he glrls to make the1r own dec1s1on GAA members partlclpated rn f1V9 s ort p s th1s year softball basketball volleyball tenms and tr lc Th ac e school year passed so qu1clcly that the tenn1s tournament was hardly com pleted School letters are awarded to all G A A members who earn lUO pomts durmg the year Pomts are calculated mamly on the bases of quallty of grades recerved rn gym classes wm mng tournaments captamcy squadl d ea ershlp and other athletl achrevernents For every 100 omt p s over the flrst lOO the grrl recerves ch ev rons and stars nach member pays twenty ttve cents du s Page Fifty-Four ecan cz, oo FOURT'-I ROV! Tovwrer D McClure olernan Patterson Nuehunq Ort Aubu ho R DuBra,1 Mrs D ese hors W rael Otttnqer Belew Creel Nlrenhaus Gerhar Roth S Wrl ams ll-HRD ROW D Hayward I Wrllrarns I Hubert N Morrrson I Buehrle Koemq Casey Noblrtt Sn-rthers I Hubert ayton I DuBray l-'epoer B Buehrle Uvley Albers SLCOND ROW Kr der Heron Baseler S Wrede Parr mer M Nrehaus Snoddv Stabenov Rowden Brown emmon S Allen Hu 'er W Nehaus FIRST ROW Shuser Ebbesmeyer Sullrvan I Brpper Each team strrvmq for teamwork wrth hopes of cla1m1nq the champronshlp began basketball practlce shortly before the snows came Basketball manaqer Sally Stabenow kept Dractlce on the qol The results of the tourney proved the Iuruors to be the suoerror team wrth the Senlors second Sophomores tmrd and 'HG Freshmen rn fourth place The qlrls basketball rules were revrsed slrqhtly to meet w1th present rules Throw ms were made from the srde mstead As usual basketball held tre mterest of more G A A mem bers than any other spor FIFTH ROIN D Patterson Tov ner MgCl er Coleman R DuBra,' FOURTH RO 'V I Patterson I Wrllrarns E Hubert Heron Aubu hor THIRD ROW N Morrrsorr S h vab Baseler Sn ddv Ori I Buerhle mann Arqert Hepper Jtlew SECOND ROW Cas llo Marta LaN r Rovvden Buehrle Thles B seler If forrrscn I-luffer FIRST ROW r Hurrah' say the Jumors Und r helr enthusrastrc Cap 'am Sharon Allen the senror qtrls trred therr best to attarn vrctory 1n the softball tournament however the rumors proved therr sklll rn handlmq a bat by takrnq the tourna ment wrth four games won After th softball tournament thrrteen qrrls were Chosen for ALL STAR softball team The most thrllhnq achrevement any GA A member can attazn rs me-mbershlp on the ALL STAR tearn whose ehqrbrlrty 1S based on the membershrp 1n the class teams These qlrls Nrehaus Brown Layton Stabenow INe1qle Bler Ebbes meyer Orf Koenra Morrrson and Towne Wle e Be evl I DuBray Creel ayton Neuhaus S Wrlllams ayce Ble Werqle Woemmel Smrthers Gerhar Brppen Albers Fbbesmeyer Mrs Deselhors T oeh Sullrvan Davrs Belt Keenar' Hurre Da nes Me 1h 'ma N H W ' rams B own rarz Yeo q Sta e on Aller Daqe F ty ll . , f O 1 : H , . C' -, C . , t , 1 ' , ', C. n, . 1, . 1 P t, e , , ', , r I , 1, , . ,lx . T 1 . .1 ' , . 1 1 , . , . , , . , , , L . , . , L ' , . , . , , . , ', . S : e , , , . ' ' 3 , r .- - I f . I I I A . Ae - of tip-offs at the Centery center forwards took the throw-ins. Showing sgecml ability in Softball 629: Behlmgmnl Gerhcm , a I I . . . - ' I I I I ' I 'I . 1. , , ' ,, ' ,r. r 1 . , I, ' u , , , ' , .1 , 1 ' , . , C - , L ' ., , . ' I ' f- . A ' - QI t I : .,A"cA'. , A I' A, 2 ,'.. .I . I' ' L fer, , , .2 , I r, , ' '. ' .' 1 te , . .:., 19 , , . ., . , ' , 1 ll. , zehaus, . rj , r r . ' ., , .. , a'.,, Ll. ,. . 1F ., 1 n1,- bmw, ' 1. I . Lf ' ,F ' e I? f f P C '1 -1M1'11 1 Pd e T ff 'Ao11s1'1c1 M111121 P11 4 '1 A G V 11 S IYIIOUC F110 ry F 161915 C Q IS 11 grasses d1eG11v U H s onsorec 1911 1 Q1 11141111 Q111111 1 o TP PQ u 1 Q 1-mwprs P' 11-2 I1 1f 1 D111 f 11111 d1S11flf'1C1'l 1 11 11111 Q 19 1111 1 VI 1:15121 1 Q s111oc1 was YE 1 11 s 111 '1' 1 1 Q L ID 1110 11 'L'1Y1f oo 31 1c11 1115 19 FYI C 11 1 ' 1 '11f111 QI 1 1F PT If 1 111111us '11 P11 11111 1112 q1111112s 111 s 1 ers E 14 0121151 1 1 C11 -1C1,1wu11: s 1 erhc e Mort O DD I 9 1 MUSEY PM 1111 Vw s Q oe Gu' F HST RP ' 1121's "CIbw T 1 CI Kremer was 11S to 1 1 111111, the e l'11ZCI1lCT 11151 115 Pep 11 new v 1V1fS K3ss111q 11118 .FDD Oren to 111 WH W1S1l E ppm Jews 1-UQ ROV LWUI11111 .JVBICIY Veyp 5 JI WOT' eqe hc of 111111 1111 2 Ge s 11 QT 1' k Jfcxe-11191 1-'12 TT .1 1 cms H 91:-OH Q WL1s'e1 1 f'v Q P1 A111111 11121 11113 s 111 CY 1119 v 1,112 111 1923 W er Bec111111n w11 s 11001 l1OI'lQ W111N1 11CL1s sports CT 1119 V901 T1'l1S W s 1 SQ Q 1'1efl11e 1de1s were 11151 org 1zec1 1111219116615 me ,e, squad of 16 re TIUIIIAEI of 1119911-Gwders 1:15 IU 1 A11 1sse111111y was 11e1d 111 N111 1 'P 1311 1111 111'111y peor 1 11y111q 131.11 01 11s yen s 11211 11111215 I1 19 c.,11111on 11' Q11 fo11111s1111o11 1115111011111 ICO' s11111 The 11f12111211df1s 1111e1vQd qo 1115 1 11v 11111 358910115 W1 If NC111 11111111c1111Ju1 1 Q YCJI 1 N'11 1 Nos 11125111111 'IW-Mud'-1111 Od v 11 1-21 CIW 11215 NE If QIVY-I1 511111 111 1111v 1161 swn 1 6 11 Cl QL UIT'l11'IY Boom 1111114 A BO11111 311111111 O1 A Gf'1f1'19 mu Huw 'U Y111 V11111 vs + w11'1 W f W 'T 111 s111v 1-11 1 Dug? F1f'y S 11 ea QCA ea H UQ. Fi . 1 TI 'sci 11: gs " L1 1, ' 31pj: Lf. Q' 1 ' , 2. . .1 " 1 Mrs 2C':ss111q. T' ,.1, D f: nl A 1, H" ,L 1. 1 , Vfelsor. BP1,Q111:1g1, Tags: 'ii 1' TJfc111o:1, Grow, M Tcl., .1 .1 , Y . 1. .1s3r1, T ' if, 2. H 1 ', ' fl 15 EfCND HCV.: .f ' user, N. 1 .5 11, En. .CL .,. I-Iolishs , .ywpius H1::.. , Q. , T. ',., , ..-rr 1' 1, 1. 'NLQ1 'xii ' h::mc:1 Th es . K' Dcv1s, S 1111.131 , 311.5 1.1111 I V'f.': 1 1-i 1.1 . Go 7.791111 1-'mpg . , .1' AU.. 'lfefzel T111 .'..Q1.1.s, l.i1g"c11 21. dshzv-,' K'-..:'1f: Bs' j .11-es, I N1er .' , T11. Pep 1112, Wfllfi Q' 311 173' 1 i 511 QI' . p '1 f 1 ' 511 '1 ' ' - A ' . ' fx 11 .e ' 113 , ' .H TL.. y .13 , 1: L - ' " A1- V- , 11 1 tn 1' .. 5 A ' an' . shC.l.,11 ,11 by ra C153 ' 1 fl' , 1' . C1 2 1' ' aj 1, twg 1 ' , 1 1: 11: -vs ' fs - - - 'A - 1 ' fx ' ...' 1 ' .K ' . L 'IIEEI Q31 teams YC vtitozy. 'ff1Tn 11 1111135191 ,rowd Q1 stu- -11,1595 gmguqh :gg 1,151 5, .V 4 ' 1 1 gf ' g Vs 155111 .1 'fs Q " ' u G31 1 1 '19 -'IJ C1 13, .11 A - 3 ' Q y rwd ' 1 . 11.. 1 1 '11 1 . 'iP'1C1?.. tc, .- .' U1 . .x1:1'I1S 'Q 1 ' -i . '1 ', ,. 1' - - 1., .Lf . 1 -' H ' 1 '11-' .. A ' T11f13Q QQJJL 11' 1' 1311 1 5 911' 1 ' . 1. fb ' , fu 1, , t 3 951 I I 5 J ,I -15 ' I' ld :iso q 211' f1.1111 11 111911.11013 111s yu 1 sq1:C:'11 pip 11111Qs 1, '. 1111: VA - 11 Q. ' 1 . 'f ' ' 1 11, -C ,11 W f .. 11ef1 11:1-311' 5 thi f 11: Q1 'V 1... . A' ff 1 d ,1 11 - 1 Q-131 . .1 1 1 1. 1 1 3 1 V., . , ' y if "f1F"5 "W TL' '7W'1f'iPd 10 1 1' 13--Y S 11 '14 P Q C1111 51510115 Ifld 1 t:111!+ .-91: " 1 11s, 'hey Q 1 "1 1116- :QI 7111? ',fI1A1L ' . T df 111 '. .1 . . f 1 '. C 1 , ITY 1' ' , i V .Aff 1' fv - A' : 11'. 11111 C15 115 1'1.f-1-11P1d '11 sr1111.111:'ef pf,-1 11111 . 1 , 1 1 1.1111 .. CH' 115, 1.1,1'1' 11.1 R. IH .1 B .d11 ., K1 3 55:11, 1 'A 11. 1111.1 1111525.11 1, 1i111:1',' A111011 M 6!Ql"5 ana! clara FFT HCRSES-IOL Hartfra Chur 'xl H Mar rn V Ma 'rn Grxtlm R Davrs Hero lv' Clur TL lfer M Davr Lark RIGHT HORSE SHOF Heckemerer You q Mooerlv Hayvvad Ftuden l. qar Bea Hmm er 1111 hl q rlo s auser Tere hot RIXLK Bradshaw from 1 or JI1 eze 11 For excltemrnt and thrl ls he Rldrnq Club has offered many hours f enroyable I1d9S Jraanlzed rn l944 as an cftgdmpus xntrvrty by Mlss Fteqma Ierzewrak tne member srnp md mteres' hos grown rontlnually The group tnrs se Json has rltern lted between the Rlvervrew Stables on 'ne MISSISSIPPI Hrver md the Bal X Stall s Dlannrnq a broader otflcers prestdent Iolayne Hutfer vlrepresrdent Harry Grow secretary Ianet Bradshaw Sr: rnq actrvrtres lncluded 'J delrahtful we1ner roast party after a lonq afternoon rlde Roasted ho dogs and toasted marshmallows satlstred he rppetr es of those weary rrders Three years uqo enthuslastr rre skaters Jppealed for rqamzmq Jn me skatlnq club wh1Ch would meet at the Vlnter Garder Stud nts rode the street far to the rmk and 'mere met me soonsors Mrs Kleselhc st Mrs Kampsvhroed r and Mr Ulbrrqht Enthus1 :sm drew thf tollcwxnq year :nd newcomrrs rn reused he membershrp Futhcrmore at the close ot the skaters t Jnd from However :hrs year Mrss Blackford orqanrzed the club nd then members ct l'e faculty rotated the sponsorshrp we secund semester Th students 'net ev ry Thursday evenrnq :md boarded ne school bus for a de 1ahttul three hours rOURFH ROVV Har vrq P TDVIIIS Hause R McC,lJre Beal Ruqen Muelhnq Hone M Corlcuqh Vlarre I-erquson THIRD ROW F Lone Mack L Hackett Crarq Frexhoft R Sharp Dean R Tucker Zerlmar Bloorntreld Lddvxlq SE CND ROW T xney Teqder M Teqe thoff l Davles I W lllam M Davrs Herrman Severtson B Holtsnauser S Teqe hott D Dcvles I Ho sharlser Gould FIRST POW Mrss Elackforr' Hammer l Buehre B Oldfcr her Bowden Coleman I Morrrso as ello fl T k r ervenka N Mrller A Thles V ur hrll Srap t Tlh P r:F fbcyc. o o Y.. .ZZ ': , 'J , ' r :,l, . t , ,, r. , ., . ' n .fx e, ic. , . s, . ' .: ' K, ' rx P , o 1, Q.. !1.,l.9.l!1,vltld Q., ,,.: ,": .. ,1 Hrft ,l iss l,r ,v zk. ' f f ' ' 5 ' ' f ' ' ' , . r Q ' , , CT n ' ' X ' . r, " e . ' , -' 1 " '. ' ' r ' , ' , - tl . Q , r , . ' r , . , , - 1 ' , . ' ' ' . 1 ' rl , . . f ' C , r ' - , . X 'f 2 , 4 - . 1 4 ? Q -' ' ' , f f . me , A ' , r' 1 , 1 , . f ,, . program o' activities, the members fflefted the followlnq War, the school had arqtnred busses Wl'llCll Could take the ' - 1 , ' ., ' 7 't - , ' , ' ' o ' . la I I , 'I ' 'A .L V V' , ' F ' ' t tl f . . ' 't ' ' 4 . .Q . . '9 A . ' 'C . ' 1 , 1' 4 . N ' ': t'. , t. ' ' , r I, , " , , , .r , , C T ' , ,r1, ' ' . ' 1 . , . , . '1 ' s, . .. , , t . . , . , . t , . ' , , it ' , . . : ro r Q, . . ' E,. I , , MF. . n,Ct .!.ru:e,C , . , , . oh C , I. . r , '. .res. j' . f .AT Yes many students are detamed late after school but they are not ashamed they are partlclpatmq 1n one of the many extra currlcular act1v1t1es It lS ln such act1v1t1es that everyone IS q1veP a chance to adapt hls speclal ablhty The act1v1t1es of F H S have a Wlde ranqe so they offer opportum tles for every type of student We pre sent the varlous orqamzauons and thelr act1v1t1es Page F1fty Exqht Mm .7Ae Queen id rowne On Friday evening, April 2, l948, George Klinlcerfuss, editor of the CREST, crowned Betty Buehrle the Crest Queen of the fourteenth on- nudl Crest Coronotion. Eight senior girls corn- prised the Queens Court, ond they were es- corted by eight senior boys os follows: Shirley Tegethott wos escorted by lerry Davies: Peggy ARGENT HOPPE l-lepper, by lerry Smith: Mory Morrison, by Gront Williomsp Billie Argent, by lim Mcliowng Winifred Niehous, by Mickey Ambrowq Esther Hoppe, by Dick Whyte: Mory Lee Gerhort, by Wolter Schmitzg ond Mildred Dovis, by Dove Fulbright. DAVIS NIEHAUS ef Cluff Affendd The children attending to the Queen were , Christina Niehaus: as follows: Crown Bearer flower girls, Nancy Io Achople and Susan Mc- Donald: pages, Anne Schramm and Walter Gene Thies: keepers of the gates, Carl Hoppe and Iackie Patterson. The program commenced at 8:00 p. m. with ' G e d Gardner welcoming the guests. eorg Howar Klinkerfuss then presented the Crest advisor, Miss Regina lerzewiak, with a lovely necklace, l Kite next a gift from the Crest Staff. Char es took over the microphone as Master of Cere- monies. F son High School Qrchestra, direct The ergu d b Mr Max Plavnick, added a regal atmos- e y . phere by playing the "Queen of Sheba March for the process ional and recessional. A very MGRFNSQN stirring fanfare was rendere d as the Queen began her procession up the aisle. h d been crowned by the After the Queen a Editor and the recessional concluded, a brief intermission followed before the first dance. Many photographers were on hand for the oc- Mr casion, both professional and amateur. Ulbright took movies which were shown at the Homecoming. The first dance, Hlimbraceable You," was played exclusively for the Queen and her court. B tt and George started the dance, and were 9 Y followed by the maids and escorts in the order of their procession, tCCntnued cn Page 75 GEBHl5Qt TEGFTHQFF HEPPER e or anize your memoriea 13" Staffs studres All Amer can Annua s X Uufnmy takes r 1 ROW Ko ev Roth Te ge hott Gerhart H t Young 8 hrr tz W edle D rccr ll l keeprrg wrth th ontrnually rn reas rgenollrrent of th Ferguson h S hool th CREST staff has made the SIX teenth anndal pubhcatrcn a brgger and better annual thrs year lhrrty three senror students cornprrse the CREST staff the larg s rn mbershrp rt has ever had ln opservmg the 58th annrversary of the frrst graduates of Ferguson l-lrgh School rn 1898 Frfty Years fprogress was adap ted as the theme Thus tts outstandmg fea tures rncluded a specral emphasrs on cur rrculum development drvrsron pages and history Added coverage was grven to the 5 malor sports and boys rntramurals Smce the senror play Dear Ruth and the Natlonal H nor Socrety awards were pre sented earlrer thrs year CREST allowed space for each Thrs expanston necesst tated l8 addltronal pages totalrng 98 Frnancrng the CREST proved to be a more drffrcult task thrs year wrth rncreased cost of productron The l947 CREST recerved a Frrst Class l-loror Ratrng rn the Natronal Scholastlc Press Asso ratron The 1948 staff was de termrned to top thrs honor George Klrnker fuss the edrtor rendered able leadershrp tn pushrng the productton of the yearbook Howard Gardner the layout manager ably supervrsed the plannrng of the dum my Howard mtroduced the specral sec ton on currtculum development Charles ff ttnued rt a e s c L1 Xog lsa FIRE POW t 8 Hepp r Page Q xty Tw n 1' ' t e c t c f r ' ., e . Hig c . e ' ' - 1 1 1 . y l I fe t e ' ' . 1 F - - 11 fm ' 11 s fs . , , ., U V A - sf ' - I I 1 . rv r , F . 11 11 I ij, J 0 l I 1 I ,NWI A, O - -1 1 1 1 , . .Y , X 1 15' l Il . . c c . - 1 1 1 1 .fr c. fi a nib f ' " - . 1 " I . 8 . to rr FOURTH ROW: Nrehaus, Maher Hcype, Gardner Km- S. V1'.Q111rns Horrrzarr, Albers Bradshaw. THIRY 1 M' wn, UK g, Bur-rhtte Hay".-."rrrt f7':'.'r: l'lr'lCG'II.f'1rI, Args-nt, SQQLJYJ, HCV-3 Mrs ferzevnrlk , 4' t , , ufez, Key, 1..rlc '. Wrllrarrtrs, ' je ng, Mcrrrscr., T . ': 1e ,pc 11 , 1 , ur 'rr flmkerfuss, Gill rn, krnlth. 1 ..: - c ln l926 the Scoop our school news paper was founded at the old Central Hlgh School The Scoop has retamed rts name throughout rts entrre 22 years of exrstence Ortgrnally the respons1lo1lrty of th1s undertakmg fell to the senror classes and later 1t was opened to both rumors and senrors ln tts thlrd year and durtng the four successlve years the Scoop was awarded ftrst place as a mrmeographed paper rn the Mtssourr Interscholastrc Press Assocratron Contest at Mtssourr The paper was mtmeographed 21 years Dur1ng tts ftrst years of exrstence the Scoop staff was conducted as an extra cur rrcular act1v1ty however 1n 1946 1t was ccmblned wrth the CREST rn a School Pubhcatrons class Thls year the Publrca trons class only publrshes the Scoop Many rmprovements have been added to th1s publrcatron The outstandtng fea ture of thts years publrcatton IS the fact that rt IS a prtnted paper through specral arrongement wrth Town Talk The Scoop staff members take an act1ve part rn the product1on of the paper Mr Hatcher dts trlbutes a copy of the Scoop IH hrs weekly crrculatton of the Town Talk Mr Gerald Mefferd has sponsored the Scoop staff and taught the School Publlcattons class thrs year It was through hrs determmatron to 1mprove the school newspaper that he had urged the pr1nt1ng of the paper A great CC ntrnufd on rfrqe 76 0 acoo ffm newd I0 Edrtcr Ready tc gc to pr s 7 THIRD ROW Oten M K Wll is Mr J' K 9 O ROW Maxemer Bradsh B s ar M Q F ST ON Ll lflil 'I dl Flatert Arg tt Ma r H xty ,QF5 Jmaf, Auf goo NDIINL1 F efxott Mr PUJWI tc Lur 5 ernel V Pa erso Kappe e e hot Var e I es C"11'1 Er Aaarns Neqv-.er Vvr qht bros l' raer FIRST POV Ara?-'1 o Pa er on nh l e Ere -lm Jr l-'1'r Bemq a v1ol1n art1st hrmselt Mr Plavmclc was able to do an excellent 1ob thrs year rn b11.1ld1nq up the quallty ot the str1na sectron the most unoortan' part ot any orchestra The strrr q olcryere r1e the second hour very day as a gr ug, rut when preparrra tor a concert they net the 1rst hour w1th the rest ot th orcl f s ra rrr rnqerr er1t enale ea ea h s C'1or1 to KIIDN 1 1 r ug e O e pl 'wen y thrrd ore l"l th hrst ry ot Ferguson l-lrah Th trrst one was orqamzecl at 'he sane llIllQ as th b ncl rn l935 by Mr brook tt The t1tteen rnernbers rnet as a lub two afternoons a weeK Althouql' they play d tor only a ew asser blres they reated ereouqh rrterest ID others to haw the orqan17at1on carr1eCl on the next year D1 e th n Ferausoh l-l1qh has never been Nlll'l out 1 cr hestra Thetr clV1t1es grew trcr those 'ew rssernches ur1t1l ng v they h rvc 1art1c1 oated lfl operettas oncerts tle annual C orona 'lO"l Vs lf r roar l1o1 s Dlulc tre Qhcws n1us1 estwa s ca Q rt ureat servrc s and con rr er cen r1t l. ke he bana rrternbe s the advan ea r hestrer nernbers also attended a county orqc Faq 1zat1on Thos who represented Ferquson lfl County Orchestra TDIS year were Ed Carson French horn Blll1Q Arqent and Nancy Brown v1ol1n loan Patterson v1ola and Herb Duncan sure clrurn They part1c1pated 111 the annual concert ot the Webster Groves Srnra Vl11s1c Fest1v Il QTRM CNS 1311n Ara nt rowrt S h 1cte11e1er a 1111 er V130 I Patters n Boss Fnehott X! ODWINDS Flute W bb l Buehrle Caru et B Buehrle D H rneyer Stevenso Ut ey l-lanees Q ,coph ne M Teaethott Va1ce BRASS cl r on S 1111, t l Vtnght R Neawer Grosshemler Ada or lb e Errn Bar1to1e M lo es PFRCUSSIQN ly11pan1 Duncan STA 'Tx rr L ', 1 . l- '1 :Q fan. SQCCTJD RC'-'.': Hanrrter, fchlzct I 1, " V rx, . Q , T q t f. .c, on , V1.1l, hmann, ' 1' ' 'L X s .e ' . 1 1, C: . Br D, t' s . lNe' 1 ,. Bu hrle, B. 1 hrle fe e1e I 11 es, S'evenso:1, Utley. ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' 1, e V V ' f V.,,r t ed, 1 Vic, .,, " V ' fo 1 f Q 'X , V 1 , , 1 D'l'l r V ' . V e "13't '. VJ' ff. This 'F :1 V 1V ol ' c Ve .1 1 ' '11 - Q 4 J :ts rrus c tho c nhl lc t r a ina 1t together. , , , Y Y L v'- A-31,13 ,ft-V1ft11f1V The orchestra thLs year represented the Cgttgg D, Pgtteyggn . e t 1 A 1 '1 e " o ' . " l - , 3 e ,' V V 1 1' 1 1 ' 1 fy - ' e a ' . V, Ve e . " V ,N ,N , y! V V C 1. k 4 1 2 e . 1 1 1 1 e t ' e 11- ' , 1 l 'iV : . . e V V n C 1 X A A A V K X , , , re . 'Vt ' V 1 . ' ' A N V .Va o1 1 . V , r. ar 1 c . ' ' ' ' ' V 'rx A ' Q V '1' 1' rr. 1 1 2 if ' - Fren '1 llc ri: Cars , D. rnsth A ' 1 , 1 c 1 f' ff Tr' 2 . ' 1 , . V ' 1 ?la1 , rad' : i 1 'F arrgs I r 1 1 "Mins Ffrrlefr 1 .. ' 1 G. 1111111 l c N ,' 'c tV ' T' 'N cwfr V. 3 Tr 1'or1.,,: an ' 'ei e1 1 1Vi V ie 1 ' ' 'Y .12 . I1 11 , t ' ' 1 1 r V co c A :ae .Vixiy-F331 QCII' 6861! S NDING M Pavn lc D Q C Q V Hale lones Frrnan Adan W gh' FIRS ROA Ll Wlth a new and capable drrector Mr Max Plavmclc the band completed another success ful year Srnce the band was laclcrng rn quan t1ty when he came Mr Plavmck stressed aual 1ty contxnuously to hrs cooperatrve students They met every nnornmg durrng the f1ISl hour an ldeal way to start out a School day Une day a week was spent practlclng quar tet or ensemble work Mr Plavmclc organrzed a clarlnet quartet a m1xedwoodw1nd quartet and a brass ensemble lntonat1on was extreme ly lmportant whrle playlng rn such small groups A band at Ferguson Hlgh School now has many advantages wer the trrst band wh1 h was organwed rn l935 by Mr Froclcett The l935 hand me as a club only are day a wee fitter school lll th bulldnng wht h n w serves as he Junror hlgln sch ol The ter rnennbers ar he T rough h ye rs tl' c V119 n be n rger una fl c r s s rr rr es ant ana clbl s ls n a ex ts Nowterrcre lawn r ite nd J bar r bln lg s 'u mentalls s the St lsoure County hlgh schools Thrs years parlclpants were Roger Gross helde ornet Ea Carson Fench horn and Herb Duncan snar drurr New and contplete un forms are another ad vancement over the pu ple and gold capes worn tor rrany years The rnernbers of th band tn s year were as follows WOODVJINDS Flute Webb I Buenrle Clarrret B Buel'rle D I-lerrey r Stevensor Utley Hames axoph ne N egeth f Janc BRASS r ncn Ho C rs n Trumpet WIQTS Negwe Tr mp r rnn E rrt DER JSSION n re a a s yrnba Q -TA 3 r. L Lf, uncan. -EC JTJD UC J: 1 s, Stevenson Uiey' T5-701592: '.'tr.ge, Srnvli . . r , ns, ' 'rin T ' ': . env-ye: B. Suenrle "Lilo I ,uenrle .lf-:'.-:er .irossrx-.'ier ' ' ' 4- ,NJ ' ', - , . l o, . - . . V . ' T T - ' r, C A z ' , r z A , , 4 I A V V 4 . T , . r o I V - no l e . l 1 . o' " 'c S o..: l.To,.oil .e ' , ot o f ' ok T, ' e J' 'c .o o o Fe I rn: a o., D. Smlfh t ' 'K o . o A . . no : r' .t, r added pep to the basketball games by playing Cornet: Grossherder, G. Adams in c os. h t e a .e a ti fps oi o 'o.e: E man the band' occ me la ' o f ' rriore ' 6 rrea. Son- a one: lones Ce ti iznse zblzes, p' ado, r ,Lo programs, .. ' ,W iii' r o fe.,t1va.Q' soon loecarne ann: l J en.-. A V .ho . to o ' " i ted r zembers f and Touri- Sta - n' Bans Drums: Duncan ty Ba. , f trol oo.nl,' tif' the pest riot. - C .. lo: Brown faq- S x",'-Fne F l 0 f Q2 we Jill? Cnrlstmas Concert n Assembly The frrst Glee Club was organrzed by the grrls of Ferguson rn 1920 under the drrectron o M1ss Mrller lt was organrzed rn order to de velop the abundant musrcal talent of the stu dents who worked hard and accompltshed a great deal toward the development of musxcal ab1l1ty and apprecratron of musro From 1928 to 1936 the Glee Club was d1rect ed by Mrss Badrno who was specrally tramed fo thrs work Under her supervrsron the Glee o ub OI 1928 29 presented some numbers rn the Follres and Chrrstmas cantata Wnen the grrls were myrted to part1c1pate tn tlce contest at W1ll1am Woods College ln 1929 QC the G e Club and both quartettes went to Mrssourr Unlversrty at Columbta Mrssourr to enter the contest where both attamed thrrd p a e l7rc'n 1939 to 1947 the Gle Club was dr rected by Mr Wrlford B Crawford who aroused rruch mt rest rn the students especrally the boys group whrch had 25 members Tae years 1947 48 brought Ferguson another Nell qualrfr d t aoher Mr Max Plavnrclc who ave all the extra trme he could to rehearse and plan student programs A Chustmas Concert was grven on De cember 17 by h1s Chorr lnstead of the tradt tronal operetta the Chotr IS replacrng rt by a Radro Program whrch rs d1v1ded mto three sectrons and 1S berng Wrrtten by a group of students The Radro Program promrses to be one of the frnest performances ever performed by a choral group The Cholr wrll also srng for Commencement and the Annrversary Home Lomrng and many other programs thts year Th Chorr rs conducted durrng the thrrd pen od thrs year and one half cred1t ts offered to all those talcrng thrs course Srnoe rt comprrses a large menrbershtp and comprrses a part of the urrrculum Mr Plavnlclc refers to 1t as the Chorr FO Ft L1 RCW U H y rex J Kc Fes 1 Ee er Towne Bake HIRD HOVN tat er r S ou n e rd a D v s ay GVIE M E1 Quad V S as rv o do ey ol ?cge sixty-'tix Ferguson High School has not had a G1rls Glee Club srnce 1939 However Mr Max Plav nick has restored 1t th1s year specrftcally as an extra-currlcular actrvtty Mr Plavnrck chose twenty two g1rls for th1s organrzatron by requrrmg each glrl belongmg to the Chorr to come rn after school and tryout for th1s specral organrzatron In thrs way h was able to select the grrls who were best quallfred ThlS select group was chosen for the pur pose of makrng use of the tremendous amount of beautlful three and four part arrangements for grrls vorces Thetr arm 1S to promote the better use of volces rn ensemble smgmg to promote beautlful tone absolute prtch clear enunc1at1on and proper drctron Grrls are elrg rble for th1s speclal group accordrng to therr type of VOICE readmg abrlrty and also on rn d1v1dual slngmg Meetlng ln the musrc room every Monday evenlng from 7 15 to 9 30 p m Mr Plavmclc conducts a rehearsal of the songs to be sung at com1ng events such as To A W1ld Rose Clalr de Lune Mornrng New Beckons The Green Cathedral and many other beautlful songs Mr Plavmck prefers hrs students to be able to read and smg syllables f1ISl and after they have acqulred th1s they then s1ng and learn the words to the songs He IS also very anxrous to have h1S students s1ng as perfect as possrble C.. or a we armonize I-lorr eco fnmg Program therefore he spends a great deal of trme rn re hearsmg w1th them On March l6 the Glrls Glee Club sang at thelr f1rst event before an ASSOC10l1OD meetrng at the Presbyterran Church They also sang at the Annual County Festrval on Apnl 22 held at Unrversrty Crty School l'-HRD ROW Mr Plavn lf: L T D e son Doay Beal M Hayward Tawner Chu clo SECO JD FOW Baseler B Holtshauser Hufer D Huyvxard OBr1e arlson l-lamr' er V W laws FIRST ROW Hamltn Carter Pounds S nso Gaede Vog san S Vt ede P Eavrs Poo QxyS ve M! iaguiae Prrze Wlnrtlng Costun es The students 1n Ferguson Hlgh whose crsptr otlons turn towgrd the stgge found on outlet IU the Mcrsquers ln l938 when the drctmcttlcs club wos orgornrzed the ent1re orgonlzcrtton con srsted only of those people who produced the ploy At present gnyone may Jom the club ond then the cost IS chosen Those who connot be ploced 1n the cost work on scenery t1clcets posters other crdvertxsement ond mony other thmgs Thls yegr o record crowd enrolled ln the lub ond from the members lgnet Brgdshow wos elected os presldent Wolter Schm1tz v1ce presxdent Ioloyne Hufter secretory ond Esther Hoppe treorsurer The Mcrsquers held therr meetlngs every Mondoy ond dues were the prrce of two tlckets sold tor the productlon Orlgmolly the club wos orgomzed by Mr Moore w1th the 1ntent1on to produce only o ploy Thrs yeor the ploy wos Stcxgedoor o three oct ploy whxch drew o lcrrge crowd For two yegrs now the club olso sponsored g donce Those who crttended the Record Dcrnce w1ll remember thot the crdm1ss1on wos one record The records recetved were donoted to the schools collectton Everyone entered the oud1tor1um through o huge poper luke box whlch wos p1nned on the stgge curtcun As the students l1l6d before the Judges everyone s costume wos exommed After the Judgmg everyone dornced Then the Judges crnnounced thelr dec1s1ons Ecrch wmner recerved on olbum from the moster of cerernonres Blcune Cornwell the well known d1sc lockey from K X L W When twelve o clock come everyone crgreed thot the dromotlcs club had mode o good cholce for ct dance And those who ctttended mode the some decxston on November 24 when the Mcrsquers presented therr onnuol ploy ROW M Kee I bm n Bo kus M -I ,Nord Nexgel Roth 'Jhller Churchxl DuBroy Nhehcus Buehrle Sevenso SECOND lv lem' on E Hoyvwxd M Dovts Ar ent Choprron Herrmdn Blscoe Grrtt Vogelsgrg Key Lgrlc Moherly YoL1 FIQST ROV Wtedle l. Ddvls Loy or I Gordr r Holtshcluse Huffer Bradshaw Hoppe All n Ho selburjer Howden H VV1ll1c1ms Bro wn Gotwoy P ge S11 V Etqht , X V I I C I t A I t I . , A, A , . I V - f L 4 - I I I ' ll II l ! FOURTH ROW: Diunrgn, S. Wtllronrs, G. Srn1'h,'Klmke-rfuss, Poor, Mcllownz H. Gardner, Moore. THIRD A ,A .: , . .BAK Y.- 1,7 , . cz ,V Y , ,Q h , ,, , , I , ' , t , , ., l. ..., . ,. X, ., . ., , , . , Ln .-, , , , , ug. A, I: , '. , t t, . .e, A. 1 fv 4' 5 , l Th1s year the Dramat1c Club s annual play was Stage Door wrrtten by Edna Ferber and George Kaufman lt was presented on Novem ber 19th rn the hlgh school audrtorrum under the drrectron of Mr Moore the Dramatrcs Club sponsor Stage Door IS the story ot a group of grrls l1V1DQ together 1n one ot New York s theatncal board1ng houses The play has no real plot to 1t but 1t Just tells of the everyday hte of those people who asprre to become actors actresses and playwrlghts The story centers around a young actress Terry Randall who becomes m volved wlth two men one a playwr1ght the other a mov1e producer She frnally dectdes on the mov1e producer Davld Krngsley leavlng the playwrlght Kreth Burgess to h1s wrrtrng lt IS also the story of a young actress lean Ma1t land who chmbs to stardom 1n the movres but 1n dolng so loses the frlendshlp of the grrls 1n the board1ng house In the end everyth1ng turns out all rrght as every play usually does Stage Door was done 1n modern costume wrth two sets a l1v1ng room and a bedroom Olga Brandt Mary Harper Mary McCu1 e Bernlce Nzerneyer Madeleme Vauclarn ludrth Canheld Ann Braddock Kaye Hamrlton Lrnda Shaw lean Martland Bobby Me'rose Lcurse Mrtchell Susan Patge Pat Devxne Kendall Adams Nancy Mrller Vlary Sue Hasselburg Dot Roth Carole Young Marrlyn Wredle Nancy Brown Wm N1ehaus Bonme Zahner Sandy Grltftn lackre Cheney Hope Wrllrams une Gardner Mary Ann Lemmon Shrrlee Rowden loan Moberly .14 , my IOUAKC Terry Randall Tony Grllette Ellen Fenwlck Mrs Orcutt Frank Sam hlastmgs Irmmy Devereaux Fred Powell Lou Mrlhauser Davrd Krngsley Kxeth Burgess Mrs Shaw Dr Randall Larry Westcott Brlly Adolph Gretzl STAGE DOOR by Edna Ferbe Scene from Stage Door ,J "'-by Ianet Bradshaw Barbara Key Lynn HCXIG Esther Wilson Ierry Smrth hm Poor Graham Srnrth Grant Wxllrams hm McKown Walter Schmrtz Henry Aydt Esther Hoppe George Klrnkerfuss Herb Duncan Paul McKee Howard Gardner Page Sixty-Nlne Q l1Ul:fA fo Cll'lfl0lfll'lCQ THIRD ROW Bolllnqer Vance I Smth G Srnth M s Nourse Kte WGISE LeMert Hartwxg SECOND ROW G s R uclds Youn Brts oe OB en lackson Dawson Wrt h FIRST ROW W1ll1CmS Rounds o o g c g Haynes Bef Ch lds Gordon Fr esen Pees 'lammer On a hot August day tn l947 a group of teachers met wtth MISS O Connor of KMOX to lay the plans for a new club at Ferguson I-hgh School Mtss Smtth Mtss Ierzewtak Mtss Nourse Mr Moore and Mr Laval met to d1s Dtrec or and nat e r at work cuss the formmg of thts new organlzatton and soon the KMOX lunlor Radto Workshop was born Mtss Nourse was chosen as the sponsor of the club The purpose of the RGd1O Workshop was to QIVG students mterested m radlo as a career a hance for some practxcal expertence and to help students wtth speech and those mterested tn actlng It was also hoped that through a study of radlo programs lmprovements could he made m the type of programs avatlable to the pubhc The offtcers elected were prestdent Charles Ktte secretary Mary Altce Brrscoe and treasurer Clmton Rounds The Radlo Workshop studted scrlpt wr1t1ng radto actmg sound effects d1I'9Cl1f1Q and other phases of rad1o drama productlon The club was lucky to secure the use of a recordmg ma chme and frequent use was made of the ma chme The club made many tr1ps to the studtos of radto statron KMOX and saw several radto programs The club had a Thanksglvlng party wtth the Sentor Radto Workshop 1n one of the studros of KMOX and also a Chnstmas party and durmg th course of the year produced several rad1o programs Although most of the 'nemhers agreed that tt was work everyone en Jcyed 1t Page seven V o 1 , .,,.1.,. t,ls ,t, ', ., . : s, ., , ,'r1, , , t, : , 11111 .1 ,'r,I . . . 1 . . . , , . 1 - 1 - ' . A . . Rf - 1 1 . . , 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' e A . 1 'K e :te ' 1. As the f1nal drarnatlc producuon of the year the senrors chose to present Dear Ruth th h1t success of Broadway and of the movres It IS a hrlarrous comedy 1D two acts and srx scenes Departmg from the regular custom of a May productlon thxs play under the able d1rect1on of Mr Moore was pres nted on two mghts ln March the nmeteenth and twentxeth The near capac1ty crowd was both apprec1at1ve and apprec1ated One set lS used ln thls play th1s set IS the l1v1ng room of the W1lk1ns home rn Kew Gar dens Long lsland a suburb of New York 1n l944 Mrrlam W1llc1ns the younger daughter of the famrly wrrtes many love letters to a gunner Brll Seawnght rn Europe She srgns her older s1st r Ruth s name and sends Brll Ruths prc ture Ruth lcnowlng nothrng about her love affarr wrth B111 becomes engaged to Albert Kummer a home town boy Thlngs become compl1cated when Bxll comes home on a two day leave to see Ruth Not knowmg what to do and not wantxng to drshearten B1ll Ruth dec1des to carry on a frrendshlp wrth h1m for those two days Blll proposes to Ruth she accepts never rntendlng to marry h1m Thrngs become con s1derably more confused when B1ll gets orders that he IS to stay rn Amer1ca to be an 1nstructor m Florlda Ruth then tells Blll about her engage ment to Albert that she never 1ntended to marry h1m and that M1r1am wrote the letters B111 leaves After he does so Ruth dec1des that she hked h1m Blll rushes back 1nto the scene hav el'll0l' y l. admg man and lady 1ng forgotten h1s rallroad Uckets Ruth tells h1m her sentlments They are 1mmed1ately marrred by Ruth s father fudge Harry W1lk1HS and off to Florrda they go The senror class annually produces a play for the purpose of ra1s1ng money for the semor gxft Thrs year lnstead of paymg class dues each member of the senror class was requxred to sell two trckets to thrs productron xCont1nued on Page 88l DEAF. RUTH by Norman Krasra X I...- P J A gsvnty I su. 'Q TS mg Xffw N x f MQ..-.f-f 'N ' fi-A .f . - 1 3 S Y!! 51 f"i 1 '1'i'. ' lb' M' xi 7 VF Q 171 'W' K Ni Us fi 5 :twill lx :lF"'.l'n 'mf' -:li A . lily," Q W... .IU nun 8 If A ln 8 g V a V I ,iv K vi ,. W KA 3 Q, S umillm- 4 A.r,, 1 , m 'J"f' 7 . 'lt ' . ,V I img V y,"'3j v 3 H ,x -4-fum ' , , ' ' ' 7 5 K . ' - A J .wmv ri "ff im 9' 3 ' ., as f Q, , ." MN .1 R A Q S v .. ii' 1 Y' n f ' ' Qs 2' ' -1 , R 56:4 . A' iii I K -s I ' "f,,?'t 189' Q., 0 Q, .1 , 4mq." A ' Q7 fa I, i Q A Q Q!! 4 U , ,gy .Q ga an -" :s?iHi'?lL ? T?7 A R727 K ' ll"'u 'Y 2' 7 N' 1 ...wg . V . I kg 57 ' ' 1-, ,ife eu . ,. Q ly' .ii 1, .n , T, Li Q ..-f -1 'K V 35 Q. ...- ' if, M ,yy .,. . ,.,,f.y,f, 'if fin ' V: fe- KIA 'Z' -,rf ff ' V J 4,5 . 53.3, . 'nag ,gf 1 . .af .1 Z v 3: N , if ' ...., F V 1- " J Vs' " 1 a v. Q J - 1 . A ,, V Aff bw MA 0l'l OI' fA0l'l'l TOP ROW H Gardner W lwehaus Mr lava B Buerhe I Davtes A Maxemer Klmkeriuss I Bone Mr McCollum M 'W edle I Smxh FRONT ROW Afdt Evelyn Herrman S Wllams M Hayward Membershrp rn the Natlonal Honor Socrety recognlzes the h1ghest scholast1c achrevement ot the hrgh school graduates The Ferguson Chapter of the Natronal Honor SOCl9lY has been at Fergusor srnce l935 Adm1SS1OU to thrs so c1ety IS the greatest honor that can come to anyone as a hrgh school student because 1t stands for excellence IH ach1evement 1n every llne ot endeavor Only t1fteen percent of any graduatlng class may be elected each year A person elected to th1s socrety must possess cer tam qualrtles He must be hrgh ln scholastrc class He must have a good character leader shrp and he must serve hrs school cheerfully and w1l11ngly The control of the organ1zat1on 1S vested rn a faculty commrttee consrstrng of the prrncrpal and three teachers The teachers are appornted rn such a manner that no one should serve longer than a three year perlod Members to thrs organrzatron are s lected by the vote of thrs commrttee upon reccmmendatxon of the faculty The err' cl rn of the socrety lS a pm on wh1ch are a keystone and the tlamrng torch At the base ot the k yston are the letters S L C S wh1ch stand for the tour ardrnal oh Je trves Schclarshrp L adershrp Character and SQTVICS Members ot the Honor SOC19lY from the Class ot l947 received thelr awards at the Corn mencement EXGICISGS lt was too late to xnclude therr names rn the 1947 CREST so they are honored 1D thrs publrcatron They were Eugene Eckles leanle Brenner Charles A Phlllrps Ir Marron Bangert Bar bara Mrller Laura Bertelson Bette Schaedler Anna Mae Mudd lean Voohers L1la Crrsmer Lavern Gronemeler Alma Kummer HONOR SOCIETY 5 L Page Seventy F r : . . , , '1 , ... l, . l , . , . ' , , . , . , . '1 . , . 'T . . ': X , , . 1 l , . . I I . I I A ' 4 I ' I V . , I , ' I 1 1 ' f 1 standing, ranking in the upper one-third of his -. , ' , . . , . ATI . T S 5 ' T 11 ' . SW V V I 9 fl l l X ' 1 . . ll, er ' ' ' . V 9 ie ,, ,, 1 C' f 9 V , , C CU Ollfllbl ldtzf 0l'l0l'e TOP ROW W Schmrtz W Nrehaus M1ssIrzew1ak B Buehrle Aydt M Morrrson M Hayward Brad shaw Creel Albers S Wrllxams M1 Metre-rd Carlson Mclirnney FIRST ROW H Gardner H Martm I Davres Klrnkerfuss M W1edle I Smrm F Backus The Qulll and Scroll SOCIGIY was organlzed last year for members of the CREST Staff by MISS Ierzewrak The Qurll and Scroll known as the Internatronal Honorary SOCl9lY for Hlgh School Iournalrsts was organmzed In 1926 by a encouragrng and rewardlng rndlvrdual achreve ment rn Journalrsm and alhed frelds Member nnussnns 0 shrp rn the socrety rnust be chosen from the stu dents enrolled IH hlgh school who at the t1me of the1r electron meet the follow1ng requrre ments tll They must be of at least Junror stand mg C27 They must be rn the upper th1rd of the1r class rn general scholastlc standrng t3l They rnust have done superror work rn some phase of Joumahsnc or creatrve endeavor C47 They must be recommended by the advrser or by the cornmrttee governrng puohcatrons C57 They must be approved by the executrve secretary Last year the members of the Qurll and Scroll SOCIGIY were Iean Voohers Norman Bucher Barbara M1ller and Ann Mudd It was an especrally great honor not only because rt was the flISl year of the organrzatron rn our school but also because there were so few ele ted The membershrp compr1ses students selected from both publrcatrons the Scoop and the CREST Mr Metford recommended people from 'he Scoop and M1ss Ierzewrak made recomrnendatrons trom th Crest Staff The Executrve Secretary approved th1s mem bersnrp Page S xenty Frve group of high school advisers for the purpose of ' ' ' - ,f I 1 I I ' I A I l . 3 Sti ll lt W C0012 gall gfa This year, Fifty Years ot Progress was chosen as the theme of the CREST. ln the meetings of the CREST staff, the idea developed that a celebration should commemorate this anniversary. ln discussions with Mr. McCollum. and Mr. McCluer, it was decided that there would be a home- coming which would bring former graduates and friends together for a reunion Realizing that such a celebration was for too great a load for itself the CREST staff invited the Student Assembly to work out the program with them and yointly they lard the plans for the Fiftieth Anniversary Homecoming which took place on April 17 in our auditorium Miss Regina Jerzewiak took on he work of the general chairman and did a fine rob rn accomplishing her purposes This was one f the most unusual and elaborate cele brations that Ferguson High School has ever witnessed A very large crowd approximated at about twelve hun dred people attended this gala affair Features of this Homecoming were the showing of a colored movie of school life entitled Around the Clock at Ferguson High School depicting the life classes and activities The Open House exhibited the worl. which the students had performed in various classes throughout the year Mr Harold Ulbright assisted by Charles Kite Dale c0I'lfLl'lll86! .X4l"tlCA6 CREST CORONATION tContinued from Page 611 Fred Niemanns orchestra furnished very enioyable dance music until 12 oclock Betty made a stunning queen and was among the most lovely and craceful that Ferguson High has ever seen lbby as her friends call her was certainly most deserv ing of this highest honor She has done many services for the school during her school years ln sports extra curricular activities and class str dies she has excelled The Crest sponsored its first cororation of queen in 1935 ln that year a vote was attached to each subscription of the Crest This was in keeping with the custom which was established by the Miakata an earlier Ferguson High yearbook in the years 1025 and 1925 The year 1935 was the first Coronation which was followed by a dance From 1935 to 1935 a Coronation followed by a dance was held annually at the Vogt High School The new senior high school saw its first Crest Coronation in 1940 Since 1941 the Crest Queen has been voted by the entire student body from fourteen girls nominated by the senior boys The girl with the highest number of votes is the Queen maids of honor Each maid then in turn asks a senior boy to be her escort This fourteenth annual Crest Coronaticn was indeed one of the most memorable of any coronation that has ever been held at Fe guson High School CREST STAFF tContinued from Page 621 Kite the photographer furnished clear and interesting pictures of the highlights of school activities and before the deadlines too Marilyn Wieale the literary editor worked diligently to write the titles throughout the book She also composed the poem which furnished the titles for the Senior section Walter Schmitz the advertising manager rates top honors for his achievements No means of aettina an ad was overlooked by Walter he communicated by phone special Contact letters and personal aoprcacn The CREST staff commends him for a Job well done Winnie Niehaus the Senior Editor and Mary Lee G rhart the Girls Sports Editor worked endlessly Marilyn Hayward Billie Argent and Margie Albers the typists prepared copy for the printer Coke hot doa pennant and pin sales supervised by business manager lerry Smith were conducted at all games and the Ferguson Tourney Smith, and Ralph Hartwig did a professional job in film- ing various scenes around school for the movie. Short speeches were made by the following people: George Klinkerfuss, editor of the CREST, who acted as Master of Ceremonies: Mr. 1. T. Monnig, president of the Ferguson Board of Education: Mr. V. C. McCluer, superintendent of Ferguson schools Mr I S McCollum principal of the Ferguson Senior High School Howa d Gardner and Marilyn Wredle both students at Ferguson High Several gradu ates of the class of 1898 were scheduled to speak at this celebration but due to uncontrollable circumstances were unable to attend Refreshments consisting of birthday cake cookies orange sherbet and cokes were served free to all who attended Members of the faculty board of Education and the Par ents Club helped serve the refreshments ln the line of entertainment the students provided an 1898 chorus line fashion show ard an early vaudeville tap dance Dancing to recorded music follofved for the remainder of the evening until midnight This celebration was thoroughly nioyed by all who attended lt wa without doubt one of the most successful celebrations ever presented at Fe guson l-ligh School CREST staff again sponsored the Coronation ot' the CREST Queen one of the highlights of the year A another financial venture discount on pictures taken for permanent records a percentage received from the activity ticket turd and the sale of discarded pictures from the Crest helped to give a financial boost The CREST staff undertook the observance of reviewing the Fiftieth Anni versary Homecoming since its theme centered around thi occasion 1931 saw the first CREST at Ferguson High School with continual publication thereafter Previous to that date however the school annual was called the Miakata Miss Ierzewiak ha given capable and efficient sponsor ship to the CREST staff each year since 1943 and has produced each annual larger than the previous CREST STAFF Editor George Klrnkerfuss Layout Manager Howard Gardner Assistant Editor Pee Hepper Ad Manager Walter Schm tz Assistant Ad Manager lOYCG' I-Cfk Esther Hoppe Evelyn Hermann loan Mobery Henry Aydt Carole Young Dorothy Roth Sandy Griffin Se retary Shirley Tegethoff Art Editor Photographers Literary Editors Boys Sports Girls Sports Senior Editors Bette Buehrle Charles Kite Delores Utley Grant Williams Marilyn Wiedle lim McKown Mary Lee Gernart Sally Williams Winnie Niehaus lanet Bradshaw Barbara Key lrene Heckemeier Herb Duncan Mildred Davis Iolayne Huffer Mary Morrison Lois Vogelsang Typists Marilyn Hayward Margie Albers Billie Argent Adviser Regina M lerzewiak Circulation Managers SCOOP STAFF tCont1nued from Page 631 deal cf credit goes to Mr Mefferd for his interest in guiding the staff members into the lournalism field and encourag ng them into literary contests Durina the past year the Scoop staff had as their editors lerry Davies and Hel ne lvlartin as the assistant editor Frequently guest editors assume the resporisibilit es for one or two issues Page Seventy Six r . , ' l - v I 1 A I I I ' I ' I I I I I I I A I r , ' t ' , - 4 - A O - . ' ' . - I I Y t . . In I ' I . rr - t - I . . ' , ' ' , ' r . ' . o o ' - , ' ' . . s I I A 1 I I ll ll T w t I I ' V I I I I. l ' A F . . t . . . . H . . ' ' A 4 I I A I I . I I I I ' I ' . I I 1 I ' . . . . . ' ' S ' V I . 4 I -1 - ' I I I I - I 1 . . ..,,... . .....,. ..... .....,..... . . ,. ' ' ' . .....,,..,. , .... ..... .... .,..... . . . .. i I I I ' I , I ,,.....,...., .....,..... .............,, ..,. and the eight which follow have the honor of being special Business Manager ....,... ......,.....,...... , . ........... . .lerry Smith I - I r I 1 I 1 r 1 ' . ' ' C ,........... ............ ,............., .......... ' Y' I I I - - ' ' I I ,, ,, . I I 1 t . . . I , I ' ' , - e , ' ' J ' ' - bin? U , A I u Q U Q HQ' m f , fr 10 xxgsq . Y 5' I . QYE x ,s J, A 'L I ' A , Q 'sig-1 'Affi!l , ' 1 - , Q, if? KE-2' 'y q Q ij " 5 X ' r l,g,.M.f44 Ag' QD? Q? , 1. V' W Q K 7 ma' I A Xwm. I ,515 53,32 Q 4, Mi YL 1 ' ., s, l K 1. g .-, ' . GO 4. 752 Z xv 2 'Q 9 , ,iq x ,, ,f.,.,4 A yl Q4 I FIXTURES EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES HOTELS RESTAURANTS TAVERNS INSTITUTIONS STORES AND OFFICES A FRIEND BENSINGER S 100311 MARKET BLVD CI'Iesinui 2740 ST LOUIS 1 MO A qood doys work requlres o good mqhts sleep If you hoven t been sleepmq os well os you should Yry th1s Tomqht ond every nlqhi Just before retmnq drrnk o gloss of fresh pcrsteurrzed rnrlk It oothes the nerves ond mduces sound noturol sleep Remember CI gloss of mrlk ot bedurne TRY IT TONIGHT FRESH MILK INSTITUTE 1200 SOUTH SPRING AVE 1.Ac1ede 3355 Comphrnents of SCHULTZ 6. RUSSELL CQMPUMENTS SPORTING GOODS of 4739 Natural Bndge Road A GOodfe1Iow 7055 Page Seventy Elqht -'- -'- . . f Of I ' Q . . , ,,,. , - . A , . , , . J . Hg, fe6ll'Vl SECOND ROW Pl k W O FIRST ROVN C' a lh q B Among the hard flghtxng teams at Ferguson Hxgh the B Football Team ts outstandrng as far a enthusrasm cooperatton and hard work go They are betng prepared for postttons on e varslty team whrch they wrll loe well frtted for Th1s year the boys of the team were rather tnacttve playmg no games other than one wtth the second strrng varstty team Thetr vtctory was a trtbute to Coach Ken Overton and hrs student assrstant Corky Pl nk The Coach has great hopes for thts fme group of athletes Complrments of THERESA BEAUTY SHOP 38 North Flonsscmt ATwcrter 224 CARLS SERVICE STATION 143 N Flonsscxnt Road ATwater 792 FERGUSON MO MRS RAUPS SANDWICH SHOP l I T RFAM PRI -1 AND BULK 298 St Frcmcots St. Florlssant Mo ORanqe 4771 WENDELL S MARKET 418 S Flonssant Rd e De Jer ATwcxter NORTH HILLS DAIRY ll 6185 Bermuda Drwe St Lou1s 21 Mo ATwater 1166 YOUR LOCAL PRINTER FERGUSON PRINTING COMPANY so IAL and CoMMER tat PRINTING Vlctor 7 1724 406 Axrport Road FERGUSON MISSOURI Faq Cer my N re : an , arren, Pairtck, B, Gruemnaer, I-Iollts Rounds, , Gruemnqer, 'Wolf 'Nhaley, Loach Overton. V: lor 'on, Soles, Dempsey, Wrtcght, Heffmqton, Gal oter, Nelson, Km rxgqs. . rl rl I 1 ' A I I , , . 5 , t 1 - I l l I IV rl - , a . th ' ' ' ' ' ' , ' I . 1 . I . 3.3-.NDl'.,'C'tES 1: SCDAS 'fig fm Vfftty. Ou: fl?-1:2 ' 'l:'3.I.l Y ICE C. . ot Cl l:ut You C:rgf Er, 1' fill! lf llc. . . , . 1 . I E'.'ffry'?.1rl: 1:. . K' N rx . . O - O . ROBERT S. LCFEIQZ W lt' 905 . - e ., ' e -.': . HARVEY NIEHAUS CONTRACTOR AND BJILD H Hy 140 and Old Halls Ferry Road Flonssant Mo Roue 1 I 8 WILSON S MARKET Ya-ge mOY2 af 0 'ron nov sem Highway 66 6. New Flonssant Road SCHMECKEBIER CANDY CO 511 South 4th Si St Louxs 2 o CHestnut 7244 WALTER FREUND BREAD CO SOUTH TAYLOR AVE Bakers I OLDE TYME RYE DELIOATESSEN RYE CAP SHE!-XF 100 X WHOLE WHEAT Gnd TENDER ORUST PIES AT YOUR SERVICE BANK OF FERGUSON CONRAD THEISMAN Oucxhty Fruns cmd Veqeiczbles FLORISSANT MO At 3731 Comphme ts of TH HAWTHORNE PLAYERS H. WIEMAN GROCERIES and MEATS Halls Ferry and Chambers Road P E ' E. h o Hr d, '14 md Oonunerxizl Bullzifzig and Feruf.d.1. .Q VI: -0298 . ' , O ,f-Ifml Tll K 4 '44 0 '7 I O ,O Estflblishod 1899 Vv'hol:esn11f2 Ccmdy -mi Fouu: lin Supp' V s Srhmffis Coca-C 1: - O I - . I ' 0 O O ' rm ' E O O O O lfLl'll0l" 0tCll'l6ll'l:i C, KVJISE tl ft M Gd th D The Rotary Clubs theme song was some- th1ng new at Ferguson Hrgh thrs year wtth elght Senlor boys becomrng honorary members These boys selected by Mr McCollum attend ed four meetlngs wh1ch were held 1n the base ment of the Methodrst Church They had lunch wrth many of the merchants ot Ferguson and llstened to the lnterestrng busxness meetmgs and speclal speakers provlded by the club Some of the speclal events prov1ded by the club were talks by Ed Wllson on flymg The Nuren burg Trrals by a frrst hand wltness elect1on of new Off1C rs for l948 and others Herbert Dun can was the frrst to attend followed by Ierry Smrth Ierry DGVIGS Charles Krte Howard Gard ner Robert Wrese Marv1n Haddox and hm Mc Kown The boys at the end ot thetr fourth week gave a short speech to the members on the1r ldeas and vlews regardmg the club Thxs or gan1zat1on IS not an extra curncular act1v1ty rn the school but merely a group of boys 1nv1ted to see how the Rotary Club operates and con trlbutes to the communlty room LOCKERS room Paccsssmc Flonssant Valley Frozen Foods Co R L 1oHNsroN Mcmsqef Flonssant 1V11ssoun Telephone TErryhL11 6 3231 Walls Auto and Home Applrances 214 South Flonssant Rd VIctor 7 0616 Auto Accessortes Sportlnq Goods A phanc s NO ARY PUBLIC Vlc or 7 1816 RENT COLLECTIONS ATwate 503 W T KAEMMERER Realtor REAL STATE LOANS 930 Axrport Road Ferguson 21 Mo C SCHATZ SHOE REPAIR 18 S Flonssant RUSSELLS SERVICE STATION DELLWOOD CONFECTIONERY 901 Alrport Road D llwood and Chambers ATwater 9602 FERGUSON 21 MISSOURI CPEN QUNDAY Page Etqhty One 0 Q ' 'LOCK e to ro rtqhtl: Haddox. lvV1956,K119, cKown, ar ner, Smt , Du - can, avies, I .... 1 . . . , . . Q A L, , . - I , A . 1 ' 1 1 1 ' - A I I - . . , , 1 I k I - T I I n . 1 . . ' . ' p. ' e 9 u . T 1 - r A , . . . ,- L 1 . I ' o -. O I .. Q FERGUSON LAUNDRY E I NIEDERECKER Pop 4 Day Servxce Let U Solve Yo L dry Probl DELIVERY SERVICE 16 North Dade ATwater 955 BELLVILLE S MARKET WALTER SCOTT Prop QUALITY FOODS 24 S Flonssant Rd Vlctor 7 0806 FERGUSON MOTOR SERVICE A b1q Job we-11 done descnbes ihe work TOWING nd EXPERT AUTO REpA1RING Mrs Bohn and her staff have been domq dur mg the past school year Thls orgamzahon has reached a new h1qh ATwqfer 13 111 efhcxency ln servmq quahty and quantny of the dmners As 9V1dSI'1C9 of thrs fact the cafe terra dlsplays 1IS A ratlnq QIVGH by the Board of Health 32 N Flonssant Rd Ferguson o OTIO F HERMSMEYER WM 1 WUNNUNBERG R AI. ESTATE INSURANCE PAUL A BRINK REALTOR Assoc ated w th T KAEMMERER REALTOR 930 Alrporl Road Bu Vlcto 71816 nes Arwme soaw Zleqler Coal PUG AND REES LUNCH ROOM Blllldlflq Matenals Sandwlches Ice Cream P198 Soda Feed and I-Iauhnq 14 BARNARD ATwc1ter 579 Comphments of FERGUSON BAKE SHOP 100 Church Street ATwcxter 259 Page Erqhty Two i 5 . . , r . , my 'A N S UI' Gun QITIS VV ' il, . Lf LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Zeilman, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Miller. rf . . If . a ' I I ' x . E 0 i i . SJ Y ' J 1' ' I fadalie 14 lqdt REAL ESTATE GENERAL INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC 212 S FLORISSANT ROAD Victor 7- 07 FERGUSON 21. MISSOURI Vlcior 7 1000 FERGUSON SALES COMPANY xmssn rnnzrzn sA1.ss a SERVICE CI P 32 N PLORISSANT ROAD FERGUSON 21 MISSOURI SAVOY IEWELRY AND GIFT SHOP Wth Gt C 115 S Flonssant Rd Vlctor 7 2317 Ferguson 21 Mo TOBY S SERVICE STATION Bamsdall Products 1018 S FLORISSANT ROAD KEEP FIT AND HAVE FUN AT FERGUSON BOWLING LANES ATwater 780 Comphments f KROENLEIN S MARKET ETHEL IOHNSTON BEAUTY SHOP 7225 Natural Bridge EV 4905 W Sp NESTLE UNDINE WAVE THE WHITE GABLES CLUB MUSI AND DANCNG Axrport Road at Iefferson ATwater 604 BERKELEY MISSOURI 200 0 The Cemetery Everlastmg D S5 UU EVerqreen 2111 BARBAY S MARKET We Dehver I H BARBAY P 13 South FIOIISSCHI Ave Vlcior 7 2508 q Eqh o 09 , an Diamonds 1: ac es :Q Iewelry 3: if s Rototillers and Case Farm E ui ment Greeting Grds ff lmgmsy Wear I . O ' e ecialize- In I Preheated C I S . C A ys for 4 qrcve lot with erpetual Care : l d di ' Terms, . . m thly. "B it r to have a lol and not d 'L Than io need a lol and not hav 't." 1 P ' 'Th PHILLIPS HOBBY SHOPPE AEROPLANES SCHOOL GIFTS SUPPLIES 5 South Flonssant ATwater 2114 Comphrnents of BEHLE S FOOD MARKET I Dade Avenue ATwf.-ner 744 FERGUSON HALLS FERRY SERVICE STATION SHELL PRODUCTS EXPERT MECHANIC WORK Halls Ferry and Chambers Road ST LOUIS 15 MISSOURI LE 'I TO RICI-IT A1 A11 A1 KB 11 T Busses prov1de trcmsportomon for students hv ng IH the Ferguson d1str1ct and glso those hv schools Students I1v1ng w1th1n cr two mlle boundary can buy posses for 3:10 OO or year For those beyond the two IT1119 11rn1t passes are turntshed by the d1str1ct n wh1ch they hve although S100 deposlt 1S requued CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY WHITE FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE 118 N Flonssant Road VI ior 7 1500 Ferguson FLORISSANT PHARMACY VINCE VASSOLO R PH PH G B PIGSCIIDIIOIIS Our Spec1c11ty 701 St F rancoxs Ave ORange 4731 FLORISSANT MO or the BEST Servlce See IKE BAXTERS FERGUSON BARBER SHOP 12 S Flonssant Road Ferguson Mo ALEXANDER S CAFE 17 S Flonssant PLATE LUNCHES SANDWICI-IES FOUNTAIN SERVICE BORDEN S ICE CREAM ATwater 777 Ferguson Mo Page Elghty Four I ., . , ,. li F' 1 : en, vin Thies i ruemper not on picturej. Goodyear Tires, Tubes ond Auto Supplies ing in outlying districts who attend Ferguson .' - ' 4 ' ' , . F ' . . . . I I O . I 3 ' , Mo. ss ' . . SHULTE HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO Normandy Mo 7204 06 NATURAL BRIDGE COMELIMENTS FRANK 6: STANLEY NORMANDY PRODUCE CO STATE BANK FRESH ERUITS AND VEGETABLES THEQUGHQUT THE YEAR FEDERAL RESERVE YST 'I SQIV pg S1 LQU15 17111351 C1 F D I C 7301 NATURAL BRIDGE Hotels Restaura 5 In Ututons Clubs Normandy MISSOUII COLE OLDSMOBILE CO INC OLDSMOBILE and GMC TRUCKS Gene al Electnc Apphances Maytag Washers MONTAG APPLIANCE COMPANY SALES and SERVICE 100 North Florrssant Ferguson 21 Mo 126 South Florrssant Road Vlctor 7 1900 Vlctor 7 2109 See the New 1948 O1dSmOb119 W1th G M Ferguson 21 MISSOUII Hydramauc Dnve Eur ka Vacuum Spartan Radlos Genume G M Parts for All G M Cars Comphments of HARRY VOSBURGH P Eqy of . . . o Member cf - I , ' U E. i A , ' ' ' an . . . '. , - ni - S' 1 - CHestnu! 3046 508-10 COLE ST I . . ll O W. E. Buehrle Sheet Metal Works INSTALLATION AND REPAIRING OF WARM AIR FURNACES O11 and Gas Furnaces Stokers FURNACES VACUUM CLEANED 8 BANGERT AVE. ATwater 166 SKINKER SERVICE STATION SKELLY PRODUCTS 600 South Flonssant ATwater 786 FERGUSON Glhe ifmun Ealk YOUR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER I0 Adams Vlctor 7 0202 LEFT TO RIGHT Ed L tt B The hours of the custodlans sometlrnes seem endless They have the respons1b1l1ty of mam talrunq the school and Us qrounds They are the f1fSI at school 111 the rnormnq and the last to leave at mqht They keep the school Warm wash wlndows replace hqht bulbs dust desks and w1r1dows stralqhten tables and cha1rs sweep the hall and do mnumerable other thmgs for the comfort of the students and faculty CITIZEN S BANK OF FLORISSANT For HEALTH Try Our Homogemzed V1tan1.u1 D M1lk Produced and Dlstrxbuted By One of St Louxs Countys Leadmq Dames FERGUSON FARM DAIRY 933 Hudson Road VIctor 7 0596 Walter Sunonds TErryh1l1 6 3311 SUPER MARKET Flonssant Mo 21 South Flonssant Congratulatzons on Your I-'xfheth Anmversary 1 udwl 5 Pply i 5 N 71 YEARS OF CONSCIENTIOUS SERVICE Member FDIC Two Stores to Serve You 709 Pine CE 1826 3535 S Grand LA 3688 Page Etqhty Slx ' : .. o man, B111 ecker, Oliver Fry. I I - , , I . , . lt A ways Gives Band and Us Great ix Orchestra I Instruments. Pleasure To . Y , Pianos, Organs. u our 411516 Rad os, heet Musical eeds PQUS5 MusicERecords, CC. IODY S CAFE CHICKEN and STEAK DINNERS HIGHWAY 66 and FLORISSANT ROAD ORcmqe 491 1 Comphrnents of BEN FRANKLIN STORE F W SHERMAN dl K IOHNSTCN Shoe and Harness Reparr na Nat1onaIIy Known Locally Owned 607 Iefferson Flonsscm Mo 104 S Flonssant Rd ATwcxter 1742 GRAF AND CASE REALTY co SAVOY THEATRE ReaItors Insurance Notary Pubhc Always U Good Shcw 9 S Flonsscmt Rd Vlctor 7 004 Ferguson MOORE S DELICATESSEN TO SERVE YOU BEST WHEN NEEDED MOST 7AMT1110PMw MTI M d 1 y Vlctor 7 2036 No 1 Airport 119 S Florissant Rd V1 tor 7 1204 The Cut of Your Ha1r Counts VOGELSANG S SHOP 36 North Flonssant Boulevard Road CW dY 6 C LoDHoLz Bnos COmp11men1S of WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCE KEINSTRA SUPPLY CO 517 S F1011-SSUHI Rd 109 N Flonssant Ferguson Mo ATwater 1035 TED KEINSTRA GREAS BATT RI Q COMPLIMENTS FERGUSON BROADWAY BUS LINES Inc P q Eqhty-S HENRY W. BEHLE President I FISCHER'S SHOE REPAIR . , an . . ' 1 . ' . - s - ' C . , . I Open ' From . . I , . eek Days A II A. . il IO P. .Sundays an Hoida s Closing Hours 6:30 P' M' - - Satur a and Days BeIore Holi a s :OO P M GAS IL E E Ee Of ' 1 o a e r e n The followrna people oornprr ed the cast Printers of Programs. Broadsides, Direct Mail Advertising, Hzqh School and College Annuals WIESE BARNES PRINTING C0 Nklr 2129 PINE STREET ST LOUIS MO SENIOR PLAY Tl Although the play had only one et rt re qurrea a great deal of Work The Cast and other rn the senror class under the leadershrp of Georae Klrnkerluss and Bette Bu hrle are to he commended for therr work on thrs phase ol the rrodu tron Graharn Smrth handled the lrqhtrnq aurte professronally Srnce thrs IS a modern play no costumes wer neces ary for the Ca t Congratulatzons on Your Fzftzeth flnnzuersary a mdl M tram VJ llc ns da Harry R W ll. Lt Wllram Q awrq rr Martha S av gh Sat Chuck V' cent Harold Kl bb r yer h Delores Utley re Ar e boo Kl kerlus l rct Bradshaw lrrn M Kow lter Schm tz Ma lyn W edle Henry Aydt A S e COMPLIMENTS A FRIEND FERGUSON Chamber of Commerce Servrna a Cornmunrty rn the Heart of Florrssant Valley Page l: qhty E qht - J 0 Citi. "VR, 1. mf? . , , . lCcnrrtrrufd trol Pace Zlll s , ' f . , , s ' ' , ' ' e e 3 Q' . ' - V' , S S Q ' 's : Der fthe at Mrs. Edith W1lk.ns . Millie Davis i ' 1 i . . Bill' cg nt lu ,e ' Vlllllcins Tv tae .in s utlr 1 'ins ar - . i ' oe i t . ' C n Albert Kun rier ., . .. Wa i oe Jrr t . rr i . I in , C e rn ,, rt ol S 1, , . . ve. . rr ot . . . Si - 1 lx w T7 af gy J L G BALFOUR COMPANY Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges LASS RINGS DIPI OMAS INVITATIONS DIAMONDS FRATERNITY IEWELRY WATCHES FERGUSON HIGH SCHOOL RINGS FRANK A DOOLING 201 Board of Educcxhon Bldg 911 Locust Street CEntral 1543 St Lours 1 Mo DECKMEYER S REXALL DRUG STORE 20 22 S Flonsscxnt Rd Ferguson Mo GEORGE GERHART DAIRY Grade A Mllk FLORISSANT MISSOURI WES LESTER STUDIO AND CAMERA CENTER FERGUSON Mo HOME CREST MARKET OPEN 710 EVERY NIGHT ld 1400 S F lonssant Rd ATwater 2184 BILL DONOVAN S SERVICE STATION Your Texaco Dealer 1326 S Flonssant ATwcxter 748 E W LINDEMANN STORE Flonssant Mo General Merchanchse Shoe PQN ty o o rf . ' . KJ '.' 4 '.' Phone ATwater 770 . 213 S. Florissant Rd. Vlctor 7-2099 H I Also Sundays d Hoi ays I . . ' S Q9 "'f X. ',' wx -Qi., 3 .Wm Q lf 4, ,,. Q 'iff Q5 W Q. 'E 4,.' 1 k .A U ji x 3 M P, --x 6' fl I 1553, k , in 'V K '15 .11- 'Z W 6' if fd 1 - 1 T' if CCnqrC1tuIC1t1Cns Cmd Best WISDGS STIVERS AUTO SALES YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER 222 S Flonssant Rd MUHDGTTY 7000 ATwater 1139 RINEHART S AL NICK REALTY CO PATRICIA PARK PHARMACY Phone Vlcior 7 2009 PIQSCHDUOHS 422 S FLORISSANT ROAD FERGUSON 6 SPOT DRIVE COLOR KRAFT SHOP R SACHSE Wallpaper Pcrmts VIGVIGIICIH Bhnds EXPERT SHQE REPAIR Phone VI 7 2510 409 S Florzssant BEN I WRIGHT 313 S Florlssant Rd Ferguson Mo Phone QRCHQQ 7061 KORTE ELECTRIC HENDELS MARKET RADIO 6. APPLIANCE SERVICE 599 ST DENNIS 602 St Frcmcols Flonsscmt Mo Ommge 7041 Florissant M0 NEUMANN SERVICE STATION COMPLIMENTS 1600 S Flonsscxnt GASOLINE O N VN TR S RECAPPINL1 FERGUSON CLEANERS ATWQ, 787 A N A CCMPLIMENTS FERGUSON HARDWARE and SUPPLY CO 9 Church Street TED LORENZ PNIT ll ll I . , MO. Phone: ATW ter 1462 . 1- . I 'Q ' I C I I R. C. A. RADICS GIOCSTICS, Frulis, Veqetcb CQ, Nec of :Z II. :: E V I I S. . , eumcmn, Ir. CSonnyJ S, , IN mama, Sr. 1130527 Of o l I I COLA M, UDLR BE HAPPY GO LUCKY t I-:mn , anvil! You're in iuck with o frosty bottle ot delicious 'I "T f Lucky Club. You ii moke the qrctde with this top quctiity thirst quencher DON T BE A DUB DRINK LUCKY CLUB' Bottled by MOORE BROS BOTTLING CO ST LOUIS MO FERGUSON DELIVERY SERVICE C GE GER ALLADIN INSULATION AND ROOFING CO IN ULATE K R 227 Newell Dr Vlctor 7 2512 DARST ROAD CONFECTIONERY Lurch Meots Grocer es UG E P 101 DARST ATwater l Ferguson Auto Body and Repalr Work Gioromteed 15 DARST ROAD ATwater 2590 V t 7 0264 H VERNON BALL INC REALTORS AL L NS 3.15 334 Wesley Avenue Ferguson 21 Mo C mc mi 'its f A FRIEND 2 CN X ' I 19 M IL fu? C0 , QQQMDJ: I o o o I c 1 ' 1 zvo Fuel S I ox' ounfi Comfort . 1: i GE. UI.,S 1 EGRPENS ICE READ. I . Q , . V 'c A i' o . , . FE ESTATE - GP. ' - INSU. .FICE L H BIERMAN EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE 46 South Elonsscmt Road ATwq1er 1026 FERGUSON MO HEADY CLEANERS 6. DYERS Vlctor 7 0199 FERGUSON MO And OF COURSE FLOWERS from IENNY WHEN ATwcxter 1170 240 S Florissant Rd. GOOD HEALTH IS THE FOUNDATION OF EDUCATION To Mcnntcnn Good Healih Buy Your Food From DAY AND NIGHT MARKET HARRY S SERVICE STATION Airport cmd Flonsscmt Rds d W h ng Ph Ihps ATwQ1er 791 33 North Elonssant Blvd. ATwa1er 241 STIARWALT ELECTRIC CO APPLIANCES ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING 26 S Flonsscmt Vlctor 7 2295 REAL ESTATE INSURANCE YORKTOWN REALTY CO 308 S Elonssant Blvd FERGUSON 21 MO VIc'tor 7 0277 CHARLES PARKER ALLAS PARKER Ferguson Sheet Metal Works Inc HEATING VENRLATING AIR CONDITIONING Vlctor 70284 LOUIS R SZOMBATHY ALFRED R SZCMBATHY COMPLIMENTS C I HARRIS LUMBER COMPANY Q o o fl 11 1. I Lubrication cm os i i ' Products Dorf! Frown . . . See Yorktcwn Q D , . of . . . o a C1 eNine1y-Ecur CONGRATULATIONS on YOUR FTFTTETT-I ANNIVERSARY FERGUSON DEPARTMENT STORE 27 SOUTH FLORISSANT Ferguson Mxssoun LAMMERT ATwcxter 2500 Day ATwater 9 35 Nqhi ATwuter 12661 SH LL PR DUCTS KW AUTO SERVICE UTC 1821 So Flons ant Roczd X VRNON KU SL B LT RAILROAD WATCH INSPECTOR A L KARST ATCHMAK R and JEWELEQ 8 CHURCH FERGUSON 21 MO ATwater 1580 l1SO HEMMINGHAUS ELECTRIC Electrical Contracior n G sy W e oo1Auo ndH eRUd s FERGUS N 21 MO FLORISSANT RD VI tor QUILLMAN S DRUG STORE In Busmess for Your T-earth 42 S Florxs ant Rc ATW ter 522 UXRRY H ME ER LAWR N n R MEYER HARRY H MEYER CO GENERAL MACHINE SHOP Ohver F 1 Tmplemems 9 Pum S F11 ers ond Soft re s ' Kelvmutc s ABC zxsle Offlce ORc1nqe 6681 1002 ST ANTOINE Shop TErryh1l1 S3261 FLORISSANT MO THREE ACRES MARKET 389 North Ehzcxbeth 0461 FQ ds M Q ATwater 9686 d yscx C1I"OTldC1YS 830AM 0 or ' N et,'S1x KJ 1 : 8 i : - N ' E O - O l Tiles mfi R 1tte'y Qf'XI'x1"'W H' A X f- . , . ,, ., W I L A SYIVNTZIT A Regzqllxlxq -1- Ar 1,550 i,s I , . . ' S '-. E 'L A A 'WIRNQR T ' . Y. ,',ECT. , . . i 3 ... A , . , N ,- ,, 1 I LC' Pom' 4' d 'L' APPAIGHCSS i Fcnrbcmks-Morse Wcler Systems 0 Home Freezers FC f Dish IS u , W , - U W . J rvzze 5 ,m , , e M 1 IOL. 1 G om' .O 3 Xe! I ' I - gy I rs 3 . . ' : . ! - - ': 7-C858 : ' ' ' I I ' I le OIE.'IZI1'FI ' Ar 0 - eats - G1 me-was C . . .. . OgrenSun3 HMI' ,: .,tlR... Pficefin '-T' Compliments of UNIVERSAL MATCH CORPORATION Ferguson Mlssourl KINGS DRUG STORE HAROLDS SERVICE STATION 23 S Flonssam Rd- SIHCICIIF Produ ts TR BA TERI AC LQSFRIES ATwater 293 COME IN AND LOOK AROUND c APS ALLED F5 R ID DEL VLRFI ATwcxter 766 130 S Flonsscrnt Rd. Comphments of Corrphments o MOLINE HARDWARE :S COAL SLATERS MARKET Halls Ferry and Chambers Rd 921 Au-pon Road ATwq-fer 9615 ATwater 9682 G M QL EP Complmhcnts or KREDERS CAFE F urmtcxm Servlce Plate Lurcheb FOMPLI MENTS OE AL TI FV f A FRIEND 20 N Flonssani Rd ATwater 797 . I I . C . Isis 1- T as C: Ci , . R' . C 3 ,ae 1 ' 41 ' . . - 1 . CO ' . SKC AT , 1' . . . I , . O f . ' T35 C5 CT-A?.' . . ANOTHER CREST by SID WHITING WM I WHALEN STUDIO Mmm OF P NPR PHOTOGRAPHQ and 1 I , U IEfferson 7294 4322 Olive Si -.,. .,,...,,..-..m-..,..,... ...,.,A,,,,, -.-.L......,...g.,.. ..-.. -......,.,,,....,...g........... - -' ,.-W..- ..w-.xf:uzz zgvnasfauicma 'f . an wud: . X . . -J ' -ip .. - ff .' A-.xc 4. 1.1. lu Y H. .L 4 J L13 if 3, . ' I 2 F. if Lv, fi u I 9' E' .Y f -1 l 91. "'!.4t'!m,. r . r , B h. . -Eg' F, L - . I5 s- , - ' F 1' ',. lr.: ? . A A I f F H, i in H F. F F u-' I ' ' 'W ai Q-if fa ' f""'n"' 'P' ' -' A -, 'Q ' ""-" " -, 'If' ri' - il. 'g J. jg, J ' Lhhfi' , Mtignm mv. 5 ' . "4 ' X ' 6 Adm.. ' 9 256.125

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