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xx N4 x 0 IN N N n Q4 M Xl f 4 Tuff 995 ,4 v. , N J x. f N- ,V N IN M Ii S - Wm. ' ' . . 2.1:-' L--S QF DBLIICQIIOH Q6 RJ Tothe boardrnembers ofthe FENNIMORE COMMUNITY SCHOOLS and to the men who were largely responsible for the integration of the district and the Working out of the many resultant problems, We, the SENIOR CLASS OF 1958, do gratefully dedicate this VOYAGER. ADMINISTRATION OF FENNIMORE COMMUNITY SCHOOLS :f:Julius Baumgartner, f1:Earl Schneider, f5fFrank Miller, :FRichard Kruel, John Kramer, Edwin Woll, :51Kyle Farris, ff:Elmer Cottingharn, 21:SteWart Swenson, iRichard Brainerd, f3fFrederick Stich, John Ronan. 0 N N Y. X4 xl Xl 5 1 I I 4 fl 4 x-Q1 ?v. I-W4 9192 , X ,I K , X , S f , X rx IN VW v District Superintendent . . . Edwin Woll District Supervisor ..... John Ronan Legal Advisor ....... John Kramer Members of the school board 515 2 W E E nMlNlsTRA'TloN Faculty Eli? MR. E. M. WOLL "No Whistling" Superintendent Geography Senio ' advisor MR. H. L. STAUFFACHER I MR. L. L. GREEN "Now let me give you an illustration" "Are you chewing gum ? " American Problems, American History Commercial subjects Geography, Assistant football coach Student Council Student Council, Junior advisor MRS, ELLEN PETRICK " ---- , you know?" English II and IV, Latin II, Math Annual Editorial Cheerleader, and Sophomore advisor H MR- A- G- RUSTE H Freshman advisor H MR- H- P. GILLIGAN --and all along that line You sound like the smell of World History, General Science Annual Business Advisor Senior Guidance Senior advisor MR. L. D. KOLAR "I just can't appreciate that" Agriculture I, Il, III, IV F. F. A. , Football grounds Freshman advisor a sausage factory" Vocal and instrumental music Junior advisor Sponsored by SPEAKER STORE AT MT. IDA FENNIMORE CO OP OIL MR. L. C. BECKER You can't seem to get it through your heads" Boys' Physical Education Football, track, and B basketball coach. Sophomore advisor I ,ff MISS HELEN DCE RINGSFELD "Get off those tables" English I, Librarian Senior advisor MR. C. A. NODOLF "No Wonder the Russians are ahead of us" Biology, Physics, Chemistry Visual aids Director Senior advisor MISS PATRICIA VO TH Hal. Girls' Physical Education Dramatics Junior advisor MRS. C. R. BRAINERD "very elegant" Home Economics I, II, III, IV School lunch program F. H. A. Freshman advisor MISS THELMA ROTHE "One of my former pupils" English II, III, and Speech Forensics, Dramatics Sophomore advisor MR. K. H. EVENSTAD "Knock it off" Sponsored by Geometry, Algebra, Advanced Math. NOYES PURE OU-1 Basketball, Baseball, and STATION R football coach FENNIMORE DRY Junior advisor CLEANERS COOKS FOR THE F.C.S, HOT LUNCH PROGRAM Personnel SECRETARIES IN OFFICE OF FENNIMORE COMMUNITY SCHOOLS Mrs. Fred Doan Mrs. Orville Cal Schmahlenberger Bred: r ' Y Mrs. W. F. Nauert Miss Louise Kasper DRIVERS OF FENNIMORE HIGH'S FIVE BUSES CUSTODIANS FOR F.H.S. Henry Breuer :if Sponsored by 'Ni C. Trankle, A. Sulzer, C. Spraggon, H. Bray, C. Bukoski. HELPING HANDS IN FENNIMORE HIGH SCHOOL H' v 1 1 if GLENN DOAN STANDARD STATION GRANT COUNTY FARM SUPPLY allows-s -aa,-N rw-4. VV'V'VV'U'VvYVVv-l"! v....N.,-...P E A95 ,NPN f ? ZZ? af f 22 ? ENIORS Student Council Honor student. Rates tops in everything-music, forensics, F. H. A. , and personality. Bad- ger State. Friendly. A lady. Senior class president Student Council Honor student. Rated Aat State in forensics and music. Ran in state track meet. Badger State. Leader. Most likely to succeed. Student Council president Honor student. Football. Track. Girl trouble. Handsome. Bad- ger Boys' State. Forensics. Where John is, Pat is. Seniors who were listed on the first semester, 1957-'58, honor roll are here designated by "Honor Student. " Senior class Secretary-treasurer Student Council Honor student. C o m p e t e n t. Personality plus. F r i e nd ly. Ambitious. Very popular-with adults and teenagers. Student Council "Washington or Bust." Big wheel. Letterman in three sports. Good student. Tall. Forensics. Debate. Drama. Senior class vice-president Honor student. Brown hair, greeneyes. Attractive. Loyal. Generous. Active in band and chorus. Soft voice, what she says makes sense. f W Sponsored by X E X QZZQ QQ 0-nafru SWAN W. CHIPMAN - PHOTOGRAPHER fewffiffbffff Wgffef 112+ f-fa f . 4 A f ,Af f. ' " .Sgr . tett . 1 .l A 2. UAW Honor student. Brown-eyed blond. Heart breaker. Fash- ionable. Seen driving her "Merc, " Fun. Future air-line hostess? Honor student. Very nice dresser. Pleasingpersonalityg result-lots of friends. Annual editor. Band. Forensics. Bowl- ing. Honor student. Homecoming queen. Wonderful personality. 5'6" tall. Good-looking. Band. Cheerleader. Majorette. Tops in forensics. Honor student. Dark and cute. Full of pep. Witty remarks. Always has a "crush, " Fun to be with. Will be air hostess. Always thinks up new things to do. 5'5". Blue eyes. Short brown hair. Co-operative and helpful. Nurse's aid in hos- pital. Lovely brown eyes. Friendly disposition. Nice smile. F. H. A. "The telephone kid." Sponsored by Qfivff ,awww M3140 1 A7 . BRECHLER INSURANCE COMPANY ffifew-em. odffffffi-L and STOUT'S MARKET AND GHOCERY WSW' ' nmifev V H 1? .. 1415. .... ,Q zM.,.e,..., :,, was eww! wg... .,,.., We :ml 5 we 3. .S . f .2555 21. W' fel sf.. gwmsg, n ,Q v,.W . Y has . iwiveillslig 'Qu we-firms. vkzm.w.m, .. .S -fA.,A em .1 ..,A ssdfiefvksm -zszsez.. S fqiifiiv -. . ZQYQE5 ' Ease: ':zfEiws?: .- ef :wif ' a ,, '-t a" ,. ,gg - ,..-ig .34 . . S . .5 ..., .. Sl 5 lg :f' f 2 .ws ibm? - - V wmmwzz. E s.: . . A- . .. . --. 3:3E5sfikif4f7l5i7lt?Z m i mi is--Wzsz 35"7971f g W. .,,. .1 , . . . ,,.. .,., , .. .. .. ...t.. Arzffealzzssscilasiww jlgsffs- .-ff"55.-3w:?w- s.71e,a7.e 2'f'lv--1:- . 5525: .,1I235Ii-seI..".,If'e ?5Saig2ga1ef"fff , s.1- . . f.g3e...e,.e5.: uw: ., 55... -.. , Ag -gm .42 . -Y WWA. ll'7'5.Q, IQ? 1' ,, - H -f mai -J ,W ,. f. fwsxzgzrfezifai23.1-,fw J' ' 11' Y f K, , ,S-,. f, in ,W .QIQHS5 - "?f:1.zwzv . K jrftfi " ' . C in 555 ' ip ..5,:.,'5 L55 f K I.. zg.,2 g5i:mi mf: f' 5, ,, ,,f ' fi t. .-.M-.. , ..t:w1Qvvwsfa+t..v..f.ffff -5z5fi54155S.55?l5if5?i V5:1E??34? lfiiile ' "1.f?2gjiQ-5213111315555VEEQPQQL iff"11'swf'Sitiffkitzfgfeffng - . f?.f'Q3321fffs'i"w . S .1 1 , :Q e.1Q,ff1.ez ., ly ,3:zz.23S'1:f' We 2 E .. verb ' Lfizfii--.2 . .W .Q Q3 -sr . ,..,,..,..,. K L ,. .,,W,..M A... -f . SY. ., .,gg1,1S11.v.s ,.:.1.g11g,v If :Q 7 -n:e2.mi1e:1.- Honor student. "Whatever she undertakes is very well done. " 5'2", dark hair, blue eyes, Irish. She has a mind of her own. Student Council Honor student. Unaffected. "As sweet as she is pretty. " Prom princess. Secretarial course. ls it BHS or LHS? Honor student. Army Reserves have her heart. Good taste. Sews beautifully. Band. F.H. A. Wants to be home ec teacher. Honor student. Perfectionist. Her personality make up for petite size. Bowling. Chorus. Excellent in Forensics. Cute. Honor student. Always ready with a helping hand. Good in speech and forensics. Loves to bowl. Tall. Dirnples. Likes short girls. Honor student. Sense of humor. High steppingmajorette. Dark. Witty. Attractive. Quick smile. Hopes to bernedical secretary. Sponsored by FENNIMORE ROLLE R MILLS I-'ref ss We-f gig.. iw. . 3.1 We "Life of any party. " Real gone. True blondg lovely complexion. Likes big cars-and junio rs. Prom court. Good student. Short, slender, blond. Hard Worker. Managerinbasketball, baseball. Tops in some classes. F.F.A. Ambitious. Liked by everyone. "Doesn't drive, just flies low. " Prom king-still goes for queen. Active in football and baseball. Favorite passtime-goofing off. From Boscobel to F. H. S. Made place for he rs elf. Cheerful. Full of pep. Twinkling blue eyes. Hopes to be housewife. Quiet, but, oh, my! Friendly. Plans to be a nurse. Good stu- dent. Prom court. Chorus. Thorough in all she attempts. "A little joker in the crowd." Loves hunting and fishing. Short put packs quite a Wallop. The drugstore is his home. Sponsored by GAMBLE STORE Hedffe c'1.71!2EM ' ,, ., ii 170 ' F. F. A. vice-president. Not too tall, well-built, nice-look- ing. Used to be shy-not any more. Considerate and Willing to help. Short. Great, big brown eyes. Laugh rings through 'the halls. Alto in chorus-good one. Likes to dance-and flirt. "Good things come in small packages." 4'lO". Chorus. Four years in F. H. A. Caine from Fort Atkinson. Twin trouble. "Are you Mary or Margaret." Short. Brownhair, green eyes. Friendly. Good sense of hu- mor. Chorus. F.H.A. Foren- sics. Cute. Short. Witty. Always good for a laugh. Pretty blue eyes. Finds Prairie interest- ing. Why? Efficient. Friendly smile. Annual. Little-but every inch counts. Black, curly hair. Temper of an Irishman. "Books don't mean a thing-just added weight. " MQ Ugfukyfd 29 0?U'7Vll-12: Bulb? Chorus. Penny collecter. Ac- tive in F.F.A. and 4H. Good manners. A gentleman. Keen sense of humor. Neat. Pretty. Black hair. Brown eyes. Easy-going. Can't be hurried. Lancaster and Fennirnore compete for her attention. F.H.A. "Got a great imagination. " Can take a joke-or play one. Tem- per quick to come or go. Real- ly great football player. Pool shark. Four-sport ath- lete. Grey eyes. Brown hair. 6'2". Friendly. Ready smile. Witty. "Take things slow and easy." "Foot-loose and fancy-free." Full of--fun. Black hair. Out- standing in fo ot b al lg good in other sports. Well-liked. "Five foot two, eyes of blue. " Librarian. Chorus. Secretary. A true friend. Giggly. Helps in lunch line. Future in army? mf an-11,Z1,ZJ DAM! 7',pp,Q1.,, TBM Mmm 7YfWfaQ3fWffef 4 , D Q 5 '7 1 1 ,g 1 Qi gon-fnnfx-X' BJ'-1,001 Ha.fuyo..u'i "Little green Chevy gets a- round. " Homecoming court as senior. "Stuffy's secretary. Chorus. F.H,A,"Madisonhere I come. Lovely Prom Queen. Very po- lite. Pretty brown hair, blue eyes. Capable. Able to plan well and carry out her plans. 'John's. Goes out at nightg naps in school. Always has a cute girl with hiln. Cheerful personali- ty. Friendly. "It took a while, but I made it." Prom court. "Charleyhorse. " Faithful movie projector op- erator. Popular. Farm boy not interested in agriculture. "Looks angelicg an imp at heart." Plays with water guns. Aggravates the teachers. Likes all the girls. F. F. A. candidate for State Farmer. Naturally-curly brown hair. Green eyes. Student librarian. Pleasant disposition. Helpful. Not very peppy. Considerate. Wada WWW CMz:6,.l..e7C4t!z,-1 JLWM "The old 7up kid. A real riot. " Basketball sharpeye. Football wheel. Cheerleader's delight. New in FHS this year. Speech. "A living doll." Black hair. Green eyes. Dimples. Tiny. Sweet enough to eat. Shy. Prom court. Unspoiled. Came to F. H. S. this y e a r. Small and good-natured. Likes to chew gum in study hall. Plans to be a beautician. Popular-especially with girls. Prom court. Blue '51 Fordg taxi service between town and school. Class president as a Junior. Excellent ivory-tickler. Band. Chorus. Debate. Forensics. Fine student. Sophomore pres- ident. Good sense of humor. "Good guy. " "I could have danced all night. " Brownhair, blue eyes, giggles. Interested in everything. Pep- py. Bowling. Does well in classes. Sponsored by P RESTON MOTORS F alfa, Co-LL.. ffwrlfw 944404 ,gp .. 9 5 777af7m6!fa!! gawk . aygjilcgf Musical-plays a lot of trom- bone, sings in chorus. Gets a- long with everyone-even boys. Blond, slim, neat, attractive. Beautiful auburn hair and brown eyes. Active in c h o ru s and band. Freshman class officer. Pleasant s m i l e wins m any friends. Sweet. Real football toe. Girl trouble. "We'll be safe when he get his Air Force wings. "Blond crew cut. "Books on car floor stay there. " Bowler extraordinary. Peppy. "You can hear me Corning." Future truck driver. Really special to many friends. "The come-back kid." Noon- hour is his favorite pe riod, Fine athlete and letter winner. "Wea- sel, " Pleasant. Good-natured. "Politest boy in school. " Steady student. Everyone's pal. Well- info rm ed. Tall, slirn-build, nice-looking. Sponsored by Aawivgw 'LJ C'Q'o'Uk9" l' C. R. BRAINERD -INSURANCE fc y mf n M f Sonata! Ofvuocill XE.. A ix A x Brown hair. Blue eyes. 5'l0" Not so big as his personality. Quiet-while teacher is watch- ing. F. F.A. Athletics. Talk- ative. Tall-6'3". Good looking. Ath- letically inclined. Nice. Tops in F. F. A. and music. Recent- ly discovered girls. Basketball star. Brown hair. Peaches and cream complexion. Aggressive student. Capable. Witty with traces of spice. "Still waters run deep. " Depen- dable student. Fun. Can give- and take-teasing. Home econ- ics stand-out. Where he is, there's a ball. Nearby towns attract him. Ac- tive. Variety of interests. '49 Chevy. Never misses a dance. 'Otto'. Tall, strong, friendly. Football all-conference. Rough on hydrants. Favorite pass- time-playing cards. Makes people laugh. Sponsored by BRADBURY INSURANCE and SNACK BAR - ORVILLE WILKINSON i . Hwang f Y g zuh ,Q b .:. . C.. K I Hl.xJ.J Miss Rothe's star speech stu- dent. "Nothing Worries Powell." Wavy, red hair and blue eyes. A handy guy to have around. Artistic. Irish temper. Likes Iowa. Makes everything fun. Chorus. F. H. A. Letter writer. 5'4". Brown eyes filled with mischief. ,fwovpwbii The Council sponsored Training Program for Parliamentary Pro- cedure Hoemcoming Pep Rally Career Day Student Teacher Day Open House Christmas Party Twirp Season ' we V wwam. fudent Council - D P. Ronan, J. Stauffacher, D. Craig, R. Nelson, G. Ransom. J. Clofhmg Dflve Bam, C. Novinska, C. Tarrell, M. Roethe, M. Riley, J. Vogel. Mr. Green, E. Bloyer, J. Kramer, S. Green, Mr. Stauffacher. STUDENT LIBRARIANS H. Reinsback, N. Quincy, K. Doeringsfeld, J. Kirsch- baum. C. Hahn, A. Herrmann, K. Witzig, B. Novin- ska. Miss Doeringsfeld, librarian. 1- We Looked Then A l vfgyg., s ' A - A' elif' ei' 1 -f To Q. f -Q -Q ... " . i f :V . - zf' . Sf I: 3. 4. 1 V "" '.'- A ' ' A L ' , 3 Z. ow if 'fm 3 . , ' .N 4 1, x-1 2 ...fb .lf 5' QP L Q ,la "F 'H .. , 1: K a. M . K, H? . E-yi.-S.-Q' , 4. Q, 'Q - M- - ' gxvqij-5 if 5.1. -fx.:,igiL,: -' ' . , "Rf-Hf?.."'9-'f no : 5' Y? ,,. . v p Q... 1-Kuschbaum 2- .' 4 A 2-Hahn twins If : ' 3-Stauffacher E 4 1 O'Brien Quincy Peterson Everson 6. . F 4-Craig, nf . f S 5-Graham 6-Mary, Elaine, and Margaret Novinska 5. enior Class Will We the Senior Class of 1958 make the following bequests to the under classmen: Janice Bahl to Patricia Jacobs---her radiant personality. Peggy Roth to Virginia Wilkinson---her freckles. Sharon Miller to Kay Miller---her indifference to boys. Judy Morse to Loyal Freymiller---her study habits. Rita Steil to Betty Jo Novinska---her ability to get along with a certain out-of towner. Sylva Govier to Jean Roethe---her forgetfulness of Band lessons. Margaret Hall to Mary Shea---her giggles. Roger Howell to Tom Roethe---his tendency to fool around in Physics. Bill Millin to David Reeves---his Road Runner's membership. John Hoffland to Butch Griswold---his driving license. Harlow James to Jim James---his school taxi service. Maggie Biba to Elaine Monroe---the fun of going with a junior boy. Shyla Novinskie to Judy Needhain---her faithfulness to one boy at a time. Paul Graham to Jim Stevenson---his talent for getting along with Bill Loy. Greg Karasek to Ed Bray---his list of good looking girls. Larry Ketterer to Duane Hofstetter---his unique hair style. Janice Staskal to Anna Herrmann---her interest in Boscobel. Janet Flesch to Nancy Linton---her quiet ways. Camilla Gutweiler to Rita Heisz---her sweet disposition. Lavon Collins to Donlynn Stich---her black hair and dimples. Joey Kramer to Connie Johnson---all her car trouble. Larry Calvert to Fred Ketterer---his friendliness with the teachers. Larry Watchorn to the school---his teeth for fixing up Mr. Nodolf's beloved Aunt Emma. Jim Michel to David O'Flahrity---his Santa Claus costume. Sharon Everson to Tom Perrich---her co-operative spirit, Darrel Feakes to the "B" squad---his shooting arm. Donald Newton to Larry Lemanski---his curly hair. Jeanne Miller to some incoming freshman---her place in trombone section of band. Margaret Novinska to Jean Heberlein---her job at Novinska's Grocery. Gretchen Kolar to Connie Tarrell---the fascination Platteville has for her. Doris Kitelinger to Linda Smith---her height. Nancy Quincy to Dick Rewey---her friendliness and her giggles. Dan Riley to Ray Heisz---his propensity to fall off from horses. Eugene Oechsle to Harold Zimple---his F. F. A. achievements. Mary Novinska to Dixie Risic---lasting connection with Montfort. Judy Collins to Margaret Smith---her speed in shorthand. David Reamer to Duane Everson---his brain and willingness to use it. Clair Adkins to David Hoffstetter---his card table and all the equipment. Duane Furrer to Sue Matthews---fluency in speech class. Joyce Baumgartner to Kay Doeringsfeld---her ladylike manner. Jo Ann Pasold to some lucky junior girl---the queen's crown. Patti Petersoneto Karen Kasper---her sweet disposition. Gary Biddick to "Stretch" Freymiller---his noon hour basketball ability. Harlan Ellis to the boy who doesn't jitterbug---his dancing shoes. John Draggs to Bob Miller---his love for farm life. John Stauffacher to Sid Ransom---his everlasting girl trouble. David Craig to John Kramer---his place in Latin class. Pat Ronan to all Phy. Ed. girls---his secret for getting along with coach. Richard Hahn to Tom Farris---his fast ball. Duck everyone. Nellis Loy to Betty Steil---her pep. Ronnie Boebel to George Nordahl---his "girl technique". Janice Kirschbaum to sister Judy---her ability to go with a different boy every week. Mary Roethe to Mike Moneypenny---her formula for using time to good advantage. Donna Hipenbecker to Nancy Graharn---her plaid slacks. Carolyn Wienkes to all girls---her brother, Gerald Powell to Peter Graham---his bashfulness. Kenny Yerke to Kenny Novinska---his weight and broad shoulders. Catherine Hahn to Sharon Fritz---her naturally curly hair, Jo Ann Schambou to Nancy Howell---her job as nurse's aid, Kara Mathews to Velma Withington---a woman's privilege-the right to change her mind. Helen Reinsback to Ruth Baumgartner---"Those darn endless dishes. " Clement O'Brien to Bernard Scanlon---the mischievous twinkle in his eye. Senior Class to the Juniors---excess Brownie points. Seniors to Sophomores---high scholastic standards. Seniors to Freshman---The inspiring example of a class which always choose to do everything differently. Seniors to faculty---R. I. P. K5 SWENSON'S TEXACO STATION Sponsored by vga Q Z ENGLISH SHOE REPAIR SHOP SEV SJ . c Tea leaves, crystal balls, palms, and cards have often proved e n P h inaccurate in foreseeing coming events. So to have positive in- formation on what the future holds, we asked Fred Ketterer to set his time machine for 1978 and check up on the Fennimore graduates of 1958. These are the findings of Fred's infallible invention! X I ,gl X , , Patti Peterson, head nurse at Mayo Clinic, is credited with dis- J- f ,-C, x I Q covering the vaccine to prevent serious effects from lovitis. ! - ' , Camilla Gutweiler has permanent employment with Fishler Flor- istsg she has developed a dandelion with a Chanel No. 5 scent. ff LaVon Collins decided to set up her law offices in Lancaster-- 'J' - she had so many cases there, anyway. ,' Janet Flesch won the American Homemaker title in 1968 and since : . then has acquired the additional title - Mrs. ' Q ' Shyla Novinskie Braudt still sews beautifullyg her daughter is '. 5 Q called the best-dressed coed at U.W. 0 Bill Millin is air-traffic director at Nome, he hopes soon to be advanced to the outer space division. " -7 . Sylva Govier, flute soloist with the World Symphony Orchestra, 6"'3-gig' will be featured on Clement O'Brien's TV program MEET THE ' NE MOST. Judy Morse has written another best-seller, IT TASTES BETTER, me 1 on the controversial subject of food vs. tablet concentrates. Jw- .Q-gi, ' Gary Biddick has finally straightened out his problems of the , heart--he gives all his love to the purebred cattle he raises on '..,..-' -'lgihm his farm east of Fennimore. PAST rv Larry Calvert, the Honorary Mayor of Shaw Hollow, was elected f Qfyzlaspf on the reform ticket. I " - '- N- -9- " Larr Ketterer is with a circus teachin ele hants to la tiddl ' . winkg with man-hole covers. g p P y y Janice Staskal is head Phys.Ed. teacher at the University of Mars. Paul Graham is now Fennimore's Water Commissioner. Greg Karasek is the featured driver with Jimmy Lynch and his Daredevils. Maggie Biba has taken to farming west of Fennimoreg she scolds her children in Latin. Harlow James, because of his fine recommendations and long experience, has been named lip- stick tester for Revlon. Roger Howell has replaced Mr. Nodolf as Physics teacher of F.H.S.: these courses are still the most popular in the school. Margaret Hall is private secretary to Doris Kitelinger, the president of the You Find It - We Grind It Roller Mills. Rita Steil is private secretary to the current teen-ager idol, Kent Evenstad Il. Janice Bahl now owns a chain of cheese factories--headquarters in Montfort. Peggy Roth is hostess on the private plane of David Craig, the youngest President the U.S.A. has ever had. Sharon Miller lives in New York City, her Charm School is rated best in the nation. Judy Collins has quit as private secretary to the Vice-President of the U.S. to become a private in the new I.P.W.A.C. tlnter Planetary Woman's Air Corps.7 Donna Hipenbecker is now seen on her own TV program "Don't Call Me Hippy!" Nancy Quincy is the WAC wife Major Presley. Danny Riley was just named Manager of the King Ranch of Texas, a 9,000 acre spread. Clement O'Brien is president of the Muscle Building Institute of Wisconsin. Gretchen Kolar was the first woman to land on the moong now she's aiming at Venus. Kenneth Yerke, the chef, has added new fame to the long-famous ANTOINE'S of New Orleans. Catherine Hahn Wienkes, just for variety, has adopted a set of red-headed triplets. John Hoffland has been re-issued his driver's license--for the eighth time-- and resumed his position as Chief of the State Traffic Patrol. David Reamer is founder and sole owner of the C and U Buy chain stores which have forced A and P and Kroger into bankruptcy. Claire Adkins' House of Cards in Reno is known also as the Fair and Square. Jeannie Miller, her trombone and her band, played for the Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C. Mary and Margaret Novinska split a million dollars when they sold out their grocery chain. Now they are trying to see which can spend her share faster. Darrel Feakes plays with the St. Louis Hawks--fifteen pro seasons and still going strong. Carolyn Wienkes is serving her 18th year as Mr. Woll's secretary. They like F.H.S. JoAnn Schambow is planning an annex to her 20-story office building in Stitzer--she says she can't keep a suite unrented for herself. Joyce Baumgartner has been appointed teacher of teachers of the hula-hula in Hawaii. Mary Roethe and her symphony orchestra, composed of the kindergarten class of 1958, are making a world tour. Janice Kirschbaum is head librarian in the Congressional Library. Pat Ronan just won his 100th case in courtg he defended Elvis Presley on a jaywalking rap. Richard Hahn has recently become father of his third set of twins. John Stauffacher is the youngest President of the Monsanto Chemical Company. John Draggs has followed Mr. Kolar, retired, as Ag. teacher at F,H.S, Sponsored by FENNIMORE COOPERATION tConcluded at bottom of the next page.7 a PHOTOGRAPHER VOYAGER EDITORIAL STAFF VOYAGE R TYPIS T J. W. Chipm an Camilla Gutweiler Anne Doyle JoEllen Kramer Mrs. Petrick VOYAGER BUSINESS STAFF Junior editor Senior editor advisor F. H. S. Reporter for FENNIMORE TIMES Sharon Fritz Nellie Loy Mr. Ruste Marcia Heber-lem Junior manager Senior manager advisor FENNIMORE "A" CHEERLEADERS SENIOR EDITORS Advertising Publication f Elaine Monroe, Sharon Fritz, Connie Johnson, Nellie Loy Nellie Ley JOE11eH Kremer SENIOR PROPHECY tconcludedb Nellie Loy has an interesting time as private nurse to Little Richard while she waits for General Furrer to return from his Mars assignment to take over the Presidency of the U. S. Air Force Academy. Ronnie Boebel manages a huge John Deere plant in Detroit, and, it is said, Joann Pasold, 'his secretary, manages him. Harlan Ellis has succeeded Arthur Murray as Dance Dictator of the United States. Larry Watchorn sponsors his own all-star bowling team - five attractive daughters. JoEllen Kramer is the first woman to become instructor of foreign languages at West Point. There is a waiting list for admission to her classes. Jim Michel's piano is Wearing candelabra since the retirement of Liberace. Donald Newton is playing Pat Boone in Doris Kitelinger's Broadway success PAT SINGS. Sharon Everson designed the clothes our First Lady wore on her first trip to the moon. Kara Mathews' drive-in theater at Werhle really pays - she has banked a million. Helen Reinsback has opened a fabulous night club in New Yorkg she calls it Hel'n Back. Eugene Oechsle is in demand all over the world as stock judge. He's the best. Gerald Powell, 1970 winner of the Indianapolis 500, drives for Princess Grace. Sponsored by KRAMER AND BROWN, Attorneys jiigp UNIURS Kay Cairns Connie Johnson Honor Student Honor Student lla Schmitz Honor Student These seven designated juniors maintained B-1-averages throughout the 1957 semester. President V Vice - President Anne Doyle Honor Stud ent Barbara Studnicka Honor Student Royce Reukauf Robert Parks Honor Student Secretary- Treasurer Marlo Jean Wheatle Honor Student S TUDE NT COUNC IL Richard Nelson Jerald Ransom Peter Baurngartner Judy Vogel Carol Biba David Budd Kenneth Burton Richard Collins Sponsored by FENNIMORE COOPERATIVE CREAMERY Kathryn Edge Y Larry Freyrniller Sharon Fritz Marjorie Fuller Karen Galer Nancy Graham Ira Griswold Myron Harrirna Raymond Heisz Hettie Grahanm Judith Graham Willis Hines I1 David Hofstetter Jarnes James Karen Maxine Kephart Fredric Ketterer Jean Knudson Larry Leffler Linda Leffler Nancy Linton LINDELIEN BEN FRANKLIN STORE Sponsored by STRIKE AND SPARE BOWLING ALLEY Darlene McCluskey Robert Miller George Nordahl Elaine Monroe Novinska Jerry Novins Ka Keith Novinska Tom P errich Janice Porter Dick Dixie Risic Gordon Robbins Margaret Smith Sharon Wells Torn Roethe James Dick Yerke Betty Scharnbow Jerry Weinbrenner Mary Shea HEBERLEIN BADGER PAINT STORE Sponsored by FENWAY HOTEL AND CAFE 1... oruomomsgz x 6536 . e, 46' President S 60126 zaby The QSU 9,9 Ronald Gratz ffayo Q46 oeb. S9008 lbgsfeld STUDENT COUNCIL Connie Tarrell Charlene Novinska Emery Bloyer- Edward Bray Honor Student Karen Witzig The sophomores were rep res ented students on the honor roll for the spring semester of the 1956-'57 by these five school year. be Midge Griswold Duane Hofstetter Judy Kirschbaum Honor Student Honor Student Honor Student Kenneth Bellis Audrey Bukoski Honor Student George Cauffrn an Sponsored by FENNIMORE MOTORS DuWayne Carlin CRAIG'S DRUG STORE JHITIGS C13-F5011 I' William Collins Rggep Cooley Douglas Crubaugh Barbara Day Tommy Farris Loyal Freymiller Mary Gutweiler Shirley Hammond Rita Heisz Anna Herrmann Gerhardt Hofflaud Margaret Howell Ruth Marcene Jones Richard Kettercr Roger Ketterer Marie Klaas Charlotte Linton Rosalie Loy Patricia Millin Delores McCluskey 1 1 V. ' Geraldine Munns James Pat Newberry Billy Newton w Betty O' Brien Donald Pasold Leo Quinn David Reeves i Roger Reynolds Richard Roethe James Secher Mervin Linda Smith Lyle Vesperman Joseph Staskal Benny Stenner Charlene Waterman Joan Welsh . K' K, fy' in Lewis Wettep Virginia Wilkinson Velma Withington Harold Zirnpel fi i .- f RESHMEN Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Larry Lemanski Honor Student STUDENT Steven Green HONOR Phyllis Cottingham President Royce Kruel HOIIOI' Student COUNC IL John Kramer Honor Student Jean Heberlein Fourteen freshmen averaged B through Jane Howell one or both of the first two six Weeks' periods in the fall semester of the 1957-'58 year. 5 Mary Riley Honor Student STUDENTS Janis James Donlynn Stich Marcia Heberlein Keith Kapp Kay Mluer Sponsored by Mary Risic Aathleen Ke rn HOME APPLIANCE STORE Jean Roethe EISE LE ' S MASTE R MARKE T Anita Bailey David Fry Rita Chamberlain Daniel Flafhom Q N w Ruth Baum gartner , Larry Fry David Eisele Elaine Christopherson George Foreyt Allen Bellis Keith Fry 2 David Colson Gary Freyrniller Rosemary Blba Duane Everson Herbert Fuerstenberg Mary Doyle Dennis Fritz TRAINOR - MULVEY INSURANCE Sponsored by CULLEN JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOP Loren Boebel Jimmy Gay fi Patrick Gilberts Cheryl Govier Harris Graham Barbara Griese ,I V 1,44 Margaret Hughes Jeanette Kephart Mary Kitelinger Patricia Jacobs Karol KHUdS0f1 Clara Jones Jud ith Kauf f rn an Margaret Kitelinger Karen Leffler Janet Lomas BRANDT' S FOOD STORE Sponsored by FE NNIMORE HARDWARE Marla McC1uskey Sue Mathews Mike Moneypenny V Beverly Needham Shirley Hore Judy Needham Stephen Nelson James Reinsbach Kenneth Novinska J anann Ronan Lois O' Brien Elizabeth Oechsle Robert Smith Sponsored by l Betty Steil Marla Stich Bernard Scanlon Connie Stotesbery Kenneth Swenson HALL'S SHOE STORE RUBlN'S MARKET Ronald Swenson Lavon VanNatta Jerry Waldrn an Larry Waldman Jerolyn Powell Karen Wheatley ff Pe fl I-IU CTIVITIES W VALE DIC TO RIAN SALUTATORIAN Dale Secher IDouglas Gunderson Forensics Award CLASS MOTTO - Seek and Ye shall find CLASS FLOWER - Pink Carnation CLASS COLORS - Pink and Gray. 1.95 7 C LASS PRESIDENT Mary Neckvatal Marsden Estate Award ffour-year scholarshipj Forensics Award TOP-TEN HONOR STUDENTS Douglas Gunderson Dale Secher John Heberlein U I Elizabeth Clarson Senior music award AnitaKern COIVIMENCEMENT Mary Morkin May 29, l957 Janice Ransom Processional ........... High School Band Joanne Galer Invocation .......... Rev. Robert Jacobs Elaine Eisele Salutatory Address .......... Dale Secher Marilyn Kreul "World Peace-Fact or Fable" Address ............... John Heberlein ' "The Price of Peace" Selection-"Halls of Ivy" .... High School Chorus F- H- 5- CLASS OF 1957 Address . . .- ......... Elizabeth ciarson "The New Emancipation of Women" Valedictory Address ...... Douglas Gunderson "The Threat of Communism" Selection ............ High School Chorus "You'll Never Walk Alone" Presentation .............. E. M. Woll Benediction .......... Reb. Robert Jacobs Recessional ........... High School Band Ushers .... Joyce Baumgartner St Lavon Collins SENIOR HONORS Anita Kern Anne Oechsle Karen Fritz Mary Morkin Drescher Memorial Senior music award Forensics award Yearbook editorial Music Award Sponsored by FENNIMORE TELEPHONE COMPANY STENNER'S CITY SERVICE STATION AMERICAN LEGION AWARD WINNERS BACCALAUREATE May 26, 1957 Douglas G11Hd9FSOH Elizabeth Clarson Prelude . ......... Mary Roethe Invocation ....... Rev. L. J. Bindl Selection .......... Mixed Chorus "He Shall Come Down Like Rain" Sermon ......... Rev. L. J. Bindl Selection ......... Mixed Chorus "Great Is Thy Mercy" Benediction ...... Rev. L. J. Bindl Postlude .......... Mary Roethe Ushers . Shyla Novins kie St Magdalin Biba Adams-Howell Candidate for D. A. R. Award Hurrah, Athletic Award Yearbook Business Manager We ' School Reporter made it C L A S S N I G H T May 27, 1957 Processional ............... Mary Roethe Roll Call . . . ......... Mary Neckvatel Class History ..,........... Mary Morkin Selection .......... Barbara and Vonda Edge "Children Who Have Said Their Prayers" Sweet Class Will ............... Jim Spraggon girl Class Prophecy .......... . . . 'Ferry Jones graduate Selection ....,..... Senior Girls Triple Trio "Now Is The Hour" Presentation of Gavel. Mary Neckvatal to Harlow James Presentation of Awards ........... Faculty PresentationofMarsden Awards ..... .E. M. Woll Presentation of American Legion Awards Donald Long Recessional ............... Mary Roethe Ushers ........ Jo Ellen Kramer E41 Peggy Roth She Plays- The iong and march' thc Short 1957 -usher of it' 1958-ushered Anne Doyle Kay C airns AWARDS JUNIORS Agriculture III John Draggs Danny Riley U. S. History Pat Ronan Jo Ellen Kramer English III Judy Morse Mary Roethe Home Ec. III Judy Morse Shyla Novinskie Shorthand I Janice Bahl Judy Collins Chemistry John Stauffacher James Michel Geometry David Craig Mary Roethe MARSDEN ESTATE SOPHOMORES 1956-57 Agriculture II Peter Baumgartner Kenneth Burton World History Kay Cairns Anne Doyle English II Anne Doyle Kay Cairns Home Ec. II Jean Knutson Kathryn Edge Typing Marlo Jean Wheatley Janice Porter Biology Connie Johnson Sharon Fritz Algebra Mike Goodweiler Anne Doyle LEO J. MORIS-PLUMBING St HEATING Judy Morse Mary Roethe Sponsored by TIP-TOP LUNCH-HERB St LOIS GUNDERSON Track TRACK CAPTAIN RE LAY TE AM Douglas Gunderson CONFERENCE MEETS April 12 F-H.S. at prairie B. Miller, E. Bray, P. Ronan, R. Heisz 26 Boscobel at F.H.S. J. Pease, D. Gunderson, D. Craig 29 Prairie Relays May 3 Triangular at F. H. S. 6 Lancaster at F. H. S. Freshmen at Mineral Point May 18 FENNIMORE WINS FIRST PLACE IN SECTIONAL TRACK MEET AT WHITEWATER 15 David Graig -- 100 yard dash TAKE FIVE! Douglas Gunderson - high hurdles Pat Ronan ' 440 May 20 Conference track meet at Two relay teams- F, H, S, all qualify for state meet. 25 STATE TRACK MEET AT MADISON AT EASE! Craig rates fifth in 100 1957 TRACK SQUAD Ronan, fourth in 440 Parks, Collins, Newberry, Stenner, Vesperman, Clarson, Hoffland, Yerke, Nelson. Roethe, Crubaugh, Pasold, Gratz, Cauffman, Wells, Zimpel. Gutweiler, Hofstetter, Miller, Bray, Reeves, Nordahl, Stender, Riley. Heisz, Howell, Vogel, Stuffacher, Ronan, James. Van Natta, Craig, Boebel, Pease, Ketterer, Edge, Heberlein, Gun- derson. Sponsored by C. W. KLOFANDA, Optometrist SEATED: Clarson, Goss, Spraggon, Ronan, Fritz, Kasper, Morkin, Craig STANDING: Baumgartner, Peterson, Anderson, Stauffacher FENNIMORE SCHOOL PLAY, May 10, 1957 WE SHOOK THE FAMILY TREE COMMITTEES Hildegarde Dolson Prompters: Dagna Peterson, E liz abeth CAST Clrason. Make-up: MissRothe, Mr. Woll, Jimmy Dolson . . . Gerald Anderson Publicity: Dean Vogel, Beverly Munns, :..' , Bob Dolson ...... John Stauffacher Dagna Peterson, Carol Gutweiler, Warren 6" A Hildegarde Dolson .... Karen Fritz Speaker. Tickets: Wyonne Baumgartner, ' '--...U ' Sally Dolson ...... Louise Kasper Louise Kasper. Ticket Sellers: Doris MPS. DOlSOr1 - - . . - MHFY lVlOI'kif1 Secher, Inez Porter. Stage Crew: Jerry "4 Mr. Dolson . .... David Craig Pease, Wendell Trotiop, and members of N4 - Ellie-May . ....... Judy Goss the cast. Programs: Irene Lomas, Mar- Jill ....... Wyonne Baumgartner lene Smith, Dagna Peterson, Carol Gut- Paige Mason ----- Daglla Peterson weiler. Usherettes: CarolGutweiler, Bev- -Freddie Shermer' .... Jim SPFagg0r1 erly Munns, Anne Oechsle, Anita Kern, Mrs. Shermer . . .Elizabeth Clarson Mr. Shermer.. ....... Pat Ronan Director . .A . . . Patricia Voth CO- CAPTAIN CO- CAPTAIN BASEBALL April 24 Patch Grove at F. H. S. 30 F. H. S. at Prairie May 2 F. H. S. at Platteville G 4 Boscobel at F. H. S. ' 7 Lancaster at F. H. S. April 24 Patch Grove at F. H. S. practice 30 F.H.S. at Prairie 3 13 May 2 F. H. S. at Platteville 6 4 Boscobel at F. H. S. 14 12 7 Lancaster at F. H. S. 7 May 10 District Tournament at F. H. S. not played - wet grounds. Potosi - with best season's record - named Winner. Gerald Anderson BASEBALL TEAM Doug Gunderson Coach Becker, D. Newton, R. Hahn, D. Hofstetter, G. Ransom, W. Trollop. J. Hoffland, R. Reukauf, E. Bray, R. Beobel, G. Biddick, H. Novinska. J. Heberlein, D. Gunderson, J. Pease, G. Anderson, A. Vesperman, D. Braudt, D. Hofstetter. ,. L s Q f P s E i , s S 3 i 5 1 i,W ,N 1 Y 7 E psf ' we ,S Q Qi 252.5 Q 1"-WE' 'IWIQQW-1 - J 4 :. 'Q-5s :gf if.Q,,,ysg5g'f-' V f " .Lf , www, g ., 5 - fs-, .. :rw ' 2 5 A25 4 F sri fi' A 4 J ki l Q32 .2 W L 4' 2 X ., Y l H Q E 1 P K af ' Y 5 V , 4 ., F 2 A ..- e 'R 57 A X w x , NOVINSKA IMPLEMENT COMPANY ', , " Sponsored by - HAHNfS SPRAYING SERVICE Wilson Boebel Pat Ronan, Kyle Farris WINNING WINDOW DISPLAYS First- Sophomore Class Second - Student Council Homecoming Pep Rally COACH INTRODUCES SENIORS ON SQUAD PRIZE FLOATS First - senior class Second - junior class Cauffman, Furrer, Feakes, Everson, Biddiek Newton, Adkins, Hoffland, Coach Becker CLASS REPRESENTATIVES ON COURT QUEEN AND SENIOR ATTENDANT W-,uv-an-"1 Freshman - Jean Roethe Nellie Loy, Donna Hippenbecker Sophomore - Charlene Novinska Junior - Carol Ann Biba HOMECOMING QUEEN WELCOMES ALUMNI E ' HIGH LIGHTER i D . Q I gn . 'A ,. V 3 hh 7 ri A A an I A Master of Ceremonies . .Pat Ronan , W 5, ,ie 'Hz' .5f2B:h:!3 " Q . Welcome . . . . . . . . . Mr. Woll 1 5" ' it . .2 ' - yay' 1 Lighting of bonfire . . Jerry Pease A A I ,F A Q . if Q' T5 l956 captain ,WI Q ,, , f" vm w g Coronation of Queen Nellie Loy by 5 ,S . i f ff' ' Q lffiiivl co-captains Furrer and Boebel Z I 1, f',i 1 ',"f Talks - - - -5- F al' F15 and W- 3091991 ist- la' ,.. 'zz .:.l: -: 1 '..' ""'I '-.. , I Introduction ofsquad . . . L. Becker Halftime - Lancaster vs I". H.S. Sponsored by Pep ..... band andcheerleaders LIND'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION FENNIMORE INSURANCE iii REALTY CO., Arden Wood QUEEN NELLIE AND KING DUANE Charlene SL Terry Ronnie ii Donna Dance HOME COMING COURT Carol gl Huckie Jean SL Ronnie "1 R. Swenson, T. Wells, H. Novinska, R. Boebel, D. Furrer N. Loy, D. Hipenbecker, C. Biba, C. Novinska, J. Roethe Sponsored by HEBERLEIN'S REXALI.. DRUG STORE Collins, Pasold, S. Novinskie, Govier, Bahl, Vogel, Flesch, Roethe, Mrs. Brainerd K,Knudson,H.Graharn,J. Knudson, Cairns, Mary Novinska, Needham, McCluskey, Edge M. Novinska. Jones, Heberlein, Doeringsfeld, Ronan, J. Kephart, B. O'Brian, Wells Reinsbach, Mathews, Waterman. Howell, Munns, Linton, Day, Gutweiler, Smith, Griese Lomas, Chamberlain, Quincy. Peterson, Schambow, Wienkes, Scharnbow, J. O'Brian Biba, Riley, N. Graham, Hahn, Hipenbecker. M. Kephart, Kauffman, N. Linton, Wil- kinson, Kirschbaum, Welsh, Tarrell, Bukoski, Novinska, McCluskey, Everson. Future Homemakers Felt sly' 1958 'ke Skahxoo ws 01. . FASHION QQWW bl: ,O snow , g oi ' Ural? "ROCKET wanew US FIRED I . FASHIONS' I JP' ep Obfb 96 Q 6c69gMAKEps be -cf? O no iff. Q16 4695 qyb 5.3, lil Jfiff 'XXX QQ?- ffl 5' :zfln xl 'S SQ 460 5 ff' n gf eel' H' L 1 6 yj fini' gf 66 6 U' ll 1 600 OQNX Q NEW B :ax ' M Future Farmers of Amerrca -'i"?9'?7:.x,. E -K 0 odakzgo Qgfllti. -. 3- 4 f is . - 1 I " Fennimore officers, banquet speakers, Advisor D. Reeves, reporterg H. Huscha, State Sentinel, Viroquag R. Howell, treasurer, C. DeNure, guest speakerg instructor Platteville State Col- lege, E. Oechsle, vice-presidentg D. Riley, president, P. Baumgzfrtner, secretaryg K. Yerke, sentinelg L. D. Kolar, Fennimore advisor. Local F. F. A. chapter gave gold pins to F. H. S. graduates who earned the American Farmer degree Fennimore's Fourth American Farmer Stanley Davies, 19475 Fred Heberlein, l955,John . couingham, 1958. Malcolm Miner, 1943, was John Cottmgham a World Wai9II7casualty. BA 1956-,57 5 ' 53 Fennimore State Farmers State Farmer Candidates ' 9 I Dan Riley Roger Howell Dennis Brodt PRonald Wright HIGH POINT ME N HIGHER POINT lVl'F.N D. Dewey, G. Hoffland, G. Cauffman, R. Ketterer Winners of medals for earning 75 points BACK ROW, letter winners-100 points for first time. L. Freymiller, K. Burton, R. Yerke, H. Zimple, D. Reeves. Larry Leffler was not present. FRONT ROW, chevron winners-100 points for second time. Eugene Oechsle, Roger Howell, Dan Riley, E. Oechsle, R. Howell, D. Riley, P. Baumgartner. FENNIMORE BODY SHOP Sponsored by CENTER LUMBER CO. FENNIMORE CHAPTER - FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: D. Brechler, G, Karasek, D. Everson, K. Yerke, E, Oechsle, D, Riley, R Howell, D. Reeves, P. Baurngartner, Mr. Kolar. SECOND ROW: Keith Novinska, J. Cauff- rnan, Larry Freymiller, R, Yerke, Loyal Freyrniller, A. Bellis, L. Fry, Kenneth Novinska, D, Flotham. THIRD ROW: H, Zimple, P, Newberry, L. Quinn, D, Ketterer, D, Carlin, B. Collins, D. Pasold, G. Freymiller, J. Reinsback, D. Flynn. FOURTH ROW: L, Leffler, G. Hoffland, J. Staskal, G. Cauffman, D. Crubaugh, K. Bellis, M. Moneypenny, G. Foreyt, M, Edge. TOP ROW: B. Newton, K. Burton, D. Rewey, J. Weinbrenner. WISCONSIN TOMAHAWK Baumgartner, Hoffland, Weinbrenner, Crubaugh, Ket- Oechslef Ketterer' Howell, terer, Freymiller, Burton, Heisz, Yerke, Howell. EVSFSOH, Reeves, Rewey, Zlmple At the annual F. F. A. parent-son banquet at the high school on February 27, 1958, awards from four hybrid corn seed companies were presented to boys who had satisfactorily and con- scientiously participated in their projects. D. Brechler, D. Carlin, L. Leffler, D. Newton, W. Newton, W. Collins, and K. Novinska were not present to receive thier awards. DE KALB PIONEER : 1 ' , h Freyrniller Weinbrenner Draggs Howell ROW ONE Howelf Helsz' Burton Crubaug Heisz Cauffman ReeVeS'O hsl i' ' Hoffland, Ketterer, Yerke. ROW TWO: Cauff- ' 7 ' ' ec e man, Baurngartner, Yerke, Reeves, Znnple Freymiller. SCENES FROM THE F.F.A. JUNIOR FAIR SEPTEMBER 14, 1957 Sponsored by BOEBEL'S FARM STORE g g Declamation Oratory Speech son, M. Roethe, K. Cairns, M. Novinska, J. Stauffacher, K. Kern, inska, Miss Rothe. K. Doeringsfeld, L. Leffler, M. Heberlein, J. J. Bahl, K. Miller, N. Loy, J. Kramer. J. Stephenson, S. Green, J. R. Swenson, P. Ronan, L. Calvert. D. Craig, J. Michel, K. Kaap, One Act Play THE VALIANT P. Cottingham, J. James, J. Heberlein, M. Doyle, B. Studnicka, D. Risic, D. Reamer, B. Parks, D. Roethe, A. Doyle, N. Linton. J. Needham, M. McCluskey, E. Christopher- M. Risic, M. Nov- Roethe, J. Morse, Kramer, R. Kruel L. Lemanski. J 1957 FORENSICS RESULTS Se rious Declam: Humorous Declam: LEAGUE Janice Bahlziz Karen Fritzff: Jim Michelekfti Bob Parksiiiiliiff Interpretive Reading: Extemp. Reading: Extemp. Speaking: 4 Min. Original Oratory: 1 O Min. Original Oratory: 10 Min. Non- Original Oratory: Anne Doyleziiiffz-1 Nellie Loyitzii Mary Hoethezfi Elizabeth Clarsonflf Doug. Gundersonzii David Reamerfli Peter Baumgartner Louise Kasperiii John Stauffacherzii Dale Secheriii David Craig Jane Fry All the above people won A's at the lo- cal contest Feb. 22, 1957 fF1Won A's at the league contest-Mar. 9 2f:'f1Won A's at the District contest-Mar 23 23'Tf:?1Won .Vs at the State contest-April 13 D. Furrer, D. Rearner, J. Michel, B. Parks NOVINSKA CLOVER FARM STORE, N. Loy, D. Craig, J. Morse gponsorgd by KERN FURNITURE NND GIFT SHOP N L 0 S TEAyMCapfQln HIGHEST AVERAG Sharon M111er 121 Sharon FP1tZ 121 6? Bowllng Standl Tea.m Team Team Tealn Team Team Sponsored by THE FENNIMORE TIMES C Johnson captaln B-W Band ROW ONE: D. Craig, R. Steil, J. Michel, K. Cairns, J. Heberlein, J. Roethe, S. Govier ROW TWO: S. Novinskie, R. Chamberlain, M. McCluskey, P. Jacobs, J. James, M. Smith K. Galer, C. Govier, R. Gratz, N. Loy, M. Roethe, K. Kaap, M. Riley. ROW THREE: J Graham, B. Needham, J. Gay, E. Oechsle, E. Monroe, K. Kern, R. Nelson, P. Cottinghaln J. Howell, L. Lemanski, I. Schmitz, J. Porter, D. Eisele, R. Kreul, C. Johnson, C. Biba M. Jones, M. Biba, N. Linton, D. Riley, J. Miller. STANDING: S. Fritz, J. Stauffacher, J Kramer, T. Farris, Mr. Gilligan. VE RSATILE UNIFORMS MAJORE TTES -.1 Lf-s.l "IH IIIUQQQUIE ""'-""i M The new gold- t Timm ed Rita Steil, Sharon Fritz, Nellie Loy maroon uniforms have a style to DANCE BAND fit each occasion: left-special marching, center-concert, right- regular rn arching. 'Ski Tay! J JA, Rr U Uiljf f xiigwm, K3 K R. Gratz, R. Kreul, C. Johnson, K. Kaap, M. Riley, D ,X H I J ' Craig, L. Lemanski, R. Nelson, E. Monroe, N. Linton TS "' .M 22? D. Riley, J. Stauffacher, J. Michel. A I - 5 , ffl," sponsored by FENNIMORE STATE BANK 1 1 1 Musical Activities Chorus ROW' ONE: M. Novinska, M. Jones, P. Peterson, M. Heberlein, J. Heberlein, J. Roethe, J. Clarson, M. Edge, L. Lemanski, D. Eisele, R. Swenson, J. Miller, G. Munns, K. Cairns, D. Risic, J. Graham, M. Roethe. ROWTWO: K.Galer, N. Quincy, l'. Jacobs, E. Monroe, N. Linton, B. Edge, J. Gay, L. Boebel, T. Farris, K. Yerke, K. Swenson, R. Roethe, L. Smith, M. Mc- Cluskey, J. Porter, K. Kern, J. Baumgartner, S. Miller, E. Oechsle. ROW THREE: S. Everson, M. Shea, J. Collins, P. Roth, J. Morse, B. Needham, G. Foreyt, P. Newberry, R. Nelson, T. Roethe, K. Kaap, J. Kirschbaum, M. Stich, R. Chamberlain, S. Govier, J. Howell, J. Ronan, L. Collins. ROW FOUR: K. Kasper, L. VanNatta, J. Knudson, R. Biba, J. Ne'edham, J. Kephart, L. Freymiller, R. Parks, E. Oechsle, J. Michel, D. Craig, S. Hore, J. Powell, C. Stotesberry, M. Riley, J. Kauffman, N. Linton, E. Graham, N. Graham. At the District Music Festival at Plattesville, the bands and choruses were not given ratings in 1957. On March 29 at Platteville, Fennimore participants took nine firsts which qualified those students to compete in solo and ensemble numbers at the State Music Festival in Madison on May ll, 1957. Five of the nine F.H.S. entries received firsts in state competi- tion: Mary Roethe earned a The nine Platteville Madison. f1Clarinet quartet Anita Kern, Nellie Loy, Anne Oechsle, Rita Steil iClarinet duet Carolyn and David Craig i1Flute Duet Sylva Govier and Gretchen Kolar starred first, the very highest rating given. winners are listed below, those marked with a Pi: also won first at f71Saxophone solo - David Craig Girls' Triple Trio - vocal :i'51Rassoon solo - Mary Roethe Alto solo - Kay Cairns Trombone solo - Dan Riley Piano solo - James Michel Mary Morkin, Anita Kern Louise Kasper, Karen Fritz Anne Oechsle, Vanda Edge Elaine Eisele, Judy Hanson and JoAnn Galer. Pep Band R i 5. lt Vfx iii Vit il 3 E C' 'A 77 5 ., V ' 1 ia .QED f ' 5 sl? i 1 X., FRONT: David Craig, director and manager. ROW ONE: J. James, P. Cottingham, K. Kern, J. Kramer, S. Govier, J. Miller, J. Heberlein, J. Graham. ROW TWO: M. Riley, J. Howell, R. Chamberlain, M. McCluskey, G. Kolar, J. Roethe, K. Cairns. ROW THREE: J. Michel, E. Monroe, N. Linton, J. Porter, S. Fritz, R. Steil. ROW FOUR: R. Nelson, K. Kaap, T. Farris, D. Eisele. Sponsored By FENNIMORE LUMBER COMPANY Junior Prom A, Calhoun, J, Hoffland, J. Pasold, K, Ketterer R, Hahn, C. O'Brian, H. James, C, Adkins J. Baumgartner, L., Collins, P, Peterson, M, Biba I I Could Have Danced All Night mx .1 I 1 Cel'-f Allen Calhoun, Kathy Ke-tterer TER - , LET'S EXCHANGE DANCES FENWAY THEA GRAND MARCH Sponsored by KRE UL BARBE R SHOP .f Q 'K f L S ROYALTY GOES INFORMAL 1 SMILE PRETTY COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN Decorations .... Gretchen Kolar Musicg .... . . . Mary Roethe Publicity . . . . . Jim Michel Invitation . . .... Janice Bahl Program . . . . . Patti Peterson Refreshment ..... Janet Flesch Clean-up . . . . Larry Watchorn Patti Lavon JoAnn Joyce Magdalin Clement Harlow John Claire Richard HAWAIIAN PUNCH TABLE PROM COURT MAY 17, 1957 THEME MY HAWAIIAN SUMMER ROSE LAYTON BLAINE ORCHESTRA Nancy Graham, Barbara Edge, Eadie Graham, Jean Knudson, Helen Reinsbach Sponsored by WELSH'S CLOTHING STORE AND CITY FOOD STORE I W ,,, 5 wi L :9 3 FENNIMORE REPRESENTATIVES ON SWAL Foothall ALL- CONFE RE NCE TEAMS Bob Miller Guard lst team offense September 13 September 20 September 27 October 4 October ll October 18 October 25 October 1 Duane Furrer Honorary Captain Halfback lst team offense 2nd team defense A TEAM SCHEDULE F. H. S. at Boscobel Cuba City at F. H. S. F.H. S. at Mr. Horeb Mineral Point at F. H. S. Lancaster at F. H. S. F. H. S. at Platteville F. H. S. at Darlington Dodgeville at F. H. S. ff F.H.S. 6 - 26 0 - 25 6 - 26 27 - 13 13 - 0 cancelled-flu 33 - O 3 - 14 fm Paul Graham Tackle lst team defense 2nd team offense A TEAM ROW ONE: C. O'Brien, L. Freymiller, L. Freymiller, M. Moneypenny, M. Shanley. ROW TWO: T. Perrick, L. Vesperman, D. Hoffstetter, P. Newberry, H. Zimpel, W. Collins, R. Gratz, L. Wetter, D. Everson. ROW THREE: D. Hoffstetter, B. Parks, D. Roethe, D. Pas- old, G. Biddick, H. Ellis, T. Wells, D. Newton, G. Hoffland. 'ROW FOUR: J. Stauffacher, D. Reeves, R. -Heisz, E. Bray, P. Graham, D. Feakes, J. Cauffman, B. Miller. ROW FIVE: C. Adkins, B. Millin, R. Boebel, D. Furrer, P. Ronan, H. Novinska, J. Hoffland. ROW ONE: L. Freymiller, R. Smith, K. Swenson, R. Swenson, L. Boebel, D. Hoffstetter, E. Bray. ROW TWO: A. Bellis, J. Gay, R. Kruel, K. Fry, D. Crubaugh, J. Kramer, S. Green, S. Nelson. ROW THREE: Coach Evensted, G. Freymiller, D. Flotham, D. Fritz, H. Zimpel, W. Collins, R. Reynolds, P. Graham, L. Vesperman. ROW FOUR: P. Newberry, M. Shanley, D. Hoffstetter, D. Pasold, M. Moneypenny, L. Wetter, T. Wells, G. Hoffland, R. Gratz. B TEAM SCHEDULE F. H. S. September 25 F. H. S. at Prairie 6 - 7 September 28 Boscobel at F. H. S. 7 - 19 October 5 Prairie at F. H.S. 7 - 20 LETTER CLUB FIRST ROW: J. Draggs, B. Millin, R. Boebel, C. Adkins, P. Graham, D. Furrer, G- Blddlilk. D. Riley, L. Watchorn. ROW TWO: D. Feakes, D. Craig, P. Ronan, J. Stuffacher, J. Cauffman, B. Parks, H. Ellis, J. Hoffland, D. Newton. ROW THREE: R. Heisz, D. Hofstetter, B. Miller, H. Novinska, R. Reukauf, L. Frey- miller. ROW FOUR: E. Bray, D. Roethe, D. Reeves, D. Pasold. LETTER CLUB OFFICERS President-Duane Furrer Vice-President-Ronnie Boebel SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Secretary and Treasurer Bob Mluer JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Elaine Monroe Charlene Novinska Nellie Loy Connie Tarrell Connie Johnson Sharon Fritz CHEERLEADERS Connie T., Charlene, Elaine, Connie J., Nellie, Sharon. Basketball Peter Baumgartner, John Stauffacher, Huck Novinska, Duane Hoffstetter, Steven Green. Bill Millin, Pat Ronan, Ed. Bray, Darrel Feakes, Royce Reukauf, Gerald Ransom, Duane Furrer, Coach Evanstad. DUANE FURRER elected by the coaches to the SWAL second all-conference team, seventh high in scor- CO-CAP ,PAIN 1957-58 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE OPP. F.H.S. 34 28 Prairie here Nov . 32 29 Boscobel there Nov. 23 26 Cuba City here Dec. 45 27 Mount Horeb there Dec. 35 18 Mineral Point here Dec 42 26 Lancaster here Dec 38 17 Platteville there Dec 32 37 Patch Grove here Jan. 37 25 Darlington there Jan. 31 13 Dodgeville here Ian. 19 21 Boscobel here Ian. 41 40 Cuba City there Ian. 39 20 Mount Horeb here Jan. 53 20 Mineral Point there Ian. 45 18 Lancaster there Feb. 46 24 Platteville here Feb. 35 16 Darlington here Feb. 56 23 Dodgeville there Feb. ing in the conference for the 1957-1958 SSHSOTI. OPP. F.H 40 39 41 61 40 60 '70 52 60 68 55 65 86 58 69 57 66 53 Sectional elimination game Richland Center 62 March 3 Fennimore 56 B Squad CO-CAP TAIN DARREL FEAKES Lyle Vesperman, John Kramer, Steven Nelson, Royce Kruel, Jim Gay, Loren Boebel. Coach Becker, Mervin Shanley, Dick Roethe, Ronnie Gratz, Keith Fry, Kenneth Swenson. S TITZE R S TUDE BAKE R GARAGE Sponsored by KROHN GENERAL STORE Low Down 1957 March 2. Fennimore wins third place in its regional basketball tournamentg Lancaster, firstg Rich- land Center, second. 5. Dean Vogel named on first S.W.l.A. all conference team. Jerry Pease given honorable mention. 7. Report cards--dark, dreary, gloomy day. 9. Our representatives win 13 A-s at the League Forensic Contest at Platteville. Nice going, kids. 11. Athletic banquet--Kiwanians hosts to only lettermen this year. Strictly stag. Boo hoo. 18. Big snow storm. Classes dismissed at 2:O0! 23 Five of our thirteen contestants win A-s at Platteville District Forensic Contest--Now the State meet. 24. City team plays basketball with Cowgirls--swimming pool fund benefits. 29. Nine starred firsts in solo and ensemble competition at Platteville. We will be well- represented at State. April 2. Career Day. Some fine speakers. Plenty of variety. 3 Glen Cunningham's splendid assembly talk very well received. Seniors leave at ll:00 for testing program at Platteville State College. 4. Juniors elect boys for Prom Court-instantly and terrifically popular with Junior girls! 11 About 1500 grade school youngsters from South West Wisconsin invade FHS for Wis- consin School of the Air Music Festival. Baseball game with Boscobel postponed - cold weather and wet grounds. Faculty chooses Mary Roethe, John Stauffacher, and David Craig as FHS delegates to Girls' and Boys' Badger State. Couldn't happen to nicer people. 12. Track meet at Prairie. Easter vacation. lt's about time. 13. Three FHS students bring home A's from State Forensic Contest. Congratulations. 23. Back to the brain factory after a grand vacation. Jack Rank presented TAMING OF THE SHREW - helped speed up the day. 24. Bus load of students went to Platteville to see college players in MACBETH--two days of Shakespeare. Big WEA of Southwest banquet. Mrs. Brainerd and home economics girls did bang-up job. . Everyone excused at 3:30 for track meet with Boscobel - here. 25. 26 May 3. Lots of track and baseball these days. Student Council sponsors dance. "Good time was had by all." 6. Wisconsin Institute of Technology chorus gives us a musical treat. 7. F.H.A. has impressive ceremony to install new officers. Party follows-honoring senior members. 9. We see a scene from the school play, WE SHOOK THE FAMILY TREE. Made us all want to see the whole production tomorrow night. That Spraggon in knee pants is worth the price of admission. Miss Voth has done a fine job directing. ll. Rain is rough on baseball schedule. Five of our entries won firsts at the State Music Festivalg Mary Roethe earned a starred first--top honor. 13. Today students took over as teachers and personnel. From all appearances the teachers really enjoyed being students. Terry Jones made a fine principal and Warren Speaker was a whiz as biology instructor. 14. Those lucky seniors have the day off for their class trip to the Dells. Weatherman didn't co-operate, but they'll have a wonderful time. 15. The band went to Boscobel this afternoon to march in the Dairyland Parade. Freshmen track meet at Mineral Point. 17. "My Hawaiian Summer Rose" was a beautiful prom, the court was spectacular with the lovely girls and the boys really dazzling in summer formal wear! F.H.S. wins sectional track meet at Whitewater. 18. Baseball tournament rained out. Potosi declared winner on strength of season's record. 20. The Conference Track Meet is held at FHS. Nine schools compete. Platteville wins first placeg FHS, seventh! Coach Becker has built up a splendid lay-out for track. Orchids to Les. 24. Honor assembly-some kids needed help to carry home all their awards. First of final exams. My poor head. 25. Craig and Ronan place in State Track Meet in spite of heavy mud. 26. Baccalaureate. Stage looked nice - thanks to JoEllen Kramer. 27. Class night brings almost every conceivable honor to Doug Gunderson. L. P1 Q 29. Commencement. "If you have tears, prepare to shed them now." Farewell, Seniors, we'll miss you. 1957 August 28. Here We are again - on a Wednesday - to register for another year in good old FHS. Freshmen take tests September 2. Well, two days of school, then three days off Cweek end plus Labor Dayl. That would be nice all nine months. 5. Kick-off for campaigning for class officers. New idea--and a good one - yes? 6. Cheerleaders tryouts--too bad they all can't win. 13 Final campaign speeches and election of class officers. "Washington D.C. or Bust" slate carries senior class. 14. Big school meeting. F.H.S. is now part of integrated school district. Nine man board elected, budget approved. F.F.A. Junior Fair draws big crowd in spite of cold weather. Excellent projects shown. 20. Only four cameras were broken as the individual pictures of all students were taken. 24. English IV class chooses cover and style of 1958 annual. Editors get busy. October 1. Classes elect girls for Homecoming court. Nellie Loy and Donna Hipenbecker will be candidates for queen. 2. "Why can't we do this more often?"--teachers attend convention at Platteville. 4. Sophomores seek retribution for indignities heaped on them a year ago - they initiate the freshmen. 9. Assembly - play - MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY. Well done. 10. Milwaukee Braves win world series from New York Yankees--seven games. Homecoming pep rally - decorated store windows, floats, big parade, beautiful girls, stalwart young men, fine speakers. ll. Lost big game to Lancaster 13-0, but even that disappointment couldn't spoil the wonderful dance. 14. Flu epidemic hits FHS - many students, several teachers missing. 22. Woman's Club honors women teachers and wives of men teachers at a wonderful dinner party. 24. "The Romance of Words," assembly talk by Dr. Roland Myers, captivates student body. November 6. School dismissed at noon for remainder of week. Teachers go to Milwaukee. What conventions ! 11. Armistice Day takes on new significance after program at Municipal Building 10:30- 11:00. 14. One act play "The Valiant," prepared for parents' night, presented for students. Very goodl. 15. Parents and teachers get together. Music and playfor program. Coffee and cookies for all. 18. Wonderful assembly program. George Walters of Lawrence College-Poetry! 22. The Fennimore Community School's faculty members, wives, and husbands enjoy a pot- luck supper. 27. Basketball season opens. We beat Boscobel! Reprot cards. Time out for Thanksgiving. December 6. FHA party. -- with BOYS! Can these girls cook -- Wow! 10. FHA again. Talk about school tand Christmasl spirit. The girls decorated all the corri- dors. 19. Music department presents beautiful Christmas concert. We ought to hear these groups more often. 20. Santa Claus visited FHS after a Christmas program in the afternoon, but he gave Platte ville the big present--a basketball victory, 70-53. 21. Seniors sponsor successful midwinter dance to raise funds for proposed trip to Washing- ton, D.C. CHRISTMAS VACATION 1958 January 6. Happy New Year--We're all back on the job. 15. Semester exams. Why didn't l hit the books before '? 20. Jim Chipman came up to take the group pictures you'll find in this book. Aren't we handsome? 21. Senior class chooses announcements - lt can't be time for that already. 27. Fennimore's "Homemaker of Tomorrow" is Judy Morse, winner of local Betty Crocker contest. 29. Kick-off for magazine selling campaign. Let's go, gang. February 8. Music Mothers introduce new fund raiser, a Funfest or Cabaret. Novel, lots of fun, and financially successful. Those new uniforms are expensive. 12. "Rocket-fired Fashions" was the up-to-the minute theme of the style show put on by home ec girls. 14. Pep rally featured student speaker contest. Bob Parks, junior spokesman, had highest applause. 15. Mobile unit took chest x-rays of students wanting pictures of their breathing appratus. 19. Council stages Washington-Lincoln Program. Junior representatives win quiz contest. 21. First local eliminations in forensics have been going on - some kids going out this week. Bet Miss Rothe is glad the field is narrowing down. February 27. FFA banquet and award night. Until you attend this event, you can't begin to realize the achievements of this group. Mr. Kolar is to be congratulated on an active, well rounded, purposeful program. 28. Final local forensic eliminations. Good luck in interscholastic competition. March 3. "Best Boosters" are honored at pep rally before elimination game with Richland Center, Anne Doyle, Nancy Linton, Dixie Risic, and Miss Voth received most votes from committee. FHS lost play-off, so we won't be in the regional tournament here next week. 6. Report cards for fourth time this year - 1'd be happier if I never had to take one home. 6-8. Plenty of excitement, crowds of rooters, basketball, and more basketball as Monroe wins regional title and right to enter sectional tournament at La Crosse. 10. Fennimore's fourteen contestants fthe fifteenth, Anne Doyle, was sick - poor kidl won 10 A's in League Forensic Contest. They go on to district meet at Platteville March 15. Keep pitching. Student Council members are elected to carry over into next year - Kay Miller, Eddie Bray, and Barb Studnickag Joyce Baumgartner will finish out the year for the seniors. -- and now so long. This book has to go to the printers. Sponsored by FENNIMORE FLORIST HELGESON HAT SHOP sf 555' '55 ,naw 1 CV i MDP f . .. , 455594 E' I N35 Sponsored by BRIEHL' S CAFE GILBE RTS MOTORS ..-.I T u 3 1 s 'ij b gg INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publushefs-Cover Manufacturers look Binders FACTORY ' HOME OFFICE Kunsus City PRFNTED IN u s A, 5-we v 1 wwf 'wil fa b' 595135 'mmf Hwan. nmmanw

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