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f '1 Q'-CX xy :gi C V 'J w N13 f:..,.feJ " ,j F' f4gRjPWFCQf?nA 1? 1?f:.Wag,gQJ,w GG, 'Xxx .' Q,.qf' ' Q s, -,-v2.5 You - ' :, 'TXXN' ff- 1 ARiNOwENT6R1MG X-'Z J . . I f 5 ' - ,I VENGER1-QWN 'U' I 'fit ARef-1lg7.B3,.-k X' EQ9 .. ix '.. Q2-H N -NNNN W X . . . - lil ' . A FX-ad.. WI TNQ, f K 522, QT ffj,-'S E .1 WELCOME -. if F'...,4-,LT LT ww rv Q.. 1 mx E? Y' 4 Mi Fx "mf RQIWIU, , .peJE2w't' ? f "1I1ii1,1Q 1 -: K-1.. W- :WS : 'E " 'SWB' 'vs' v ., - 1' H Q: ,- ms,-1 as , if-1 if W , vs if-if M, wt?-5,3 my '.,,, 13? . I ' wx 1 EQ . Wg. Q Xfggf. Y 1 ,551 g' 5:25. sf K V16 A f w 1, 1 fgelfse V iirf.2E1jfQ , S13 ' , ' " :Q 115512 ' :Ei fp. '19 ,iv Y ' ' rf .'-W 1. .M f,:,g1fa:.w F1 4 I ,K 'Y fi if I i I his fi' , wi? 15 , ,I ,A xii k J. 'f , 3 135114: 1. Q :iq f W .jf W 3 A gh 41 1 9 W E , WL, 12 , r P 'Q 3:45113 F3 f ,f 'Hai 5 - M-.mr ,, :,.,f,g:. . A .fu ,sz 1- blgrf vi ,7g'ff-4: ,Ayr . : . ,L ,M - eifvi.. -EW' '7t"i.w , , .. 55T3:Q! 1055-,?l V 355' 5- Ji, , QQ, it , 55 f 65241555 1- M Y f 6 F M, pf IHC fgfiifs YQ Q , HV 1, M""g.' w 1, wg, 452' ,.'..-,.,, ,?ff1P" . 'px-1 , 1 . I ig' + S4 3 w af 52 f 5 Q . gg, eq 5,64 w is Q- , Qiiisifr Wifi :fn 1 53,143 :- .'-:,If:- ,". N effigy 3 gfgv 25 iii 1 T552-.11 1 W 11, 1251- , ,A .X ,. 5, ,H wil Af gr 6, ff.: Qlgfgnj, -."J,' 314 'riff' '- ,,:,r,i,, - 2, f. ieffm V ' X "ZQEi?l, -5 , VLV. , 27sfE3f3lG'i' 1.15 -. C MQ ,QQ 7,3-, '5 1 1 .. -an ' f f 9582 . 1- H.-f ,,1,if,q, 11 12,5-'?" X 1:41-ft T3 "RN .. ,. . .mn , .uf W, .Ju 'Til-3' , 6313, ffih 'Q-1 111- Eg: ' ' 'H-:kv i'5!4lLH'f 5- :JE-.f 11?- ' "2 aw . . 'ff'-1 f-":fj2 ?5"?.iAj' - u . "EfL 5317, '4 1 w f ' -'np-Tqgi-A v if pvwirm-1f5'f w:'Wrq5.',x.c W fx v- ,vpn-.g,m , f , ' .,..1,, yu, H X .sk ,X . X y V VJ. f M f 1 I f Q , l a x V '. - -- vm f 99 , x. 4 ,,.- ' 5 T r -f Q 217 kf fk, 3 .- ff I M, f , ,,. FE GER HIGH CHO0L 11220 LM THEM 1 - A ::':"A YL- fi. ,,'::g,Ng': 1" fi x i.f139 ' FOR, 0RDU. In our years at Fenger, we have come to think of its campus, not as a mere school, but as a densely populated metropolis, where friends meet to study and work together in the various activities. ,fr 'Our town is, indeed, u friendly one where understanding ,ff-'xf ,x K fl and cooperation prevail. It is also complex: its government I ,X v'!3'Z6, - 2233? GW ,rw i J , . , . l sWvf" 15 strong, the clubs and organizations are almost without ' I Milli N '..'. Zifgiifigz " P 1f3fQi"': "" . NNN 'if' hounds, the hometown teams are unexcelled, and the hustle 'If ,+R 31535 ' I lt, 19 if' X 4 - i-ff' and hustle is sometimes bewildering. - 'f:'.'.'.',:-',,:1.., , " D ,p ,,,g31i, So lets take a look at our town .ff,- e ' 5 'X -"' K E E of which we are justly proud. Lets take ,, N, . f y p if " ' 'ii A TRIP THROUGH FENGERTOWN! lilizpgzziliizfii t ll. -4 me ,..' w,L:..' -...sue f CHiCAG028,lLLIN0lS 3 :wmv ww ' "1 rzwvznrmvu M name- "4 fm ., 1" N ,M 'fa ,, f ., f- ,k-, wzm4a.smL.x.zrnwf-:f---"':4'- , ,nxqfg-2 , , 1 ,, ,,,,, " ,,,, , Ln.. 1 ,,,, 1 ff,,l,-'ffzimeezsmse-, , W 'K-V , , V V , ma' For 34 years, you, Mr. Smitter, have been a familiar and beloved figure at our FENGERTOWN. You came here teaching bookkeeping, and later became the sponsor of the COURIER STAFF. Later, the task of obtaining scholarships was put in your capable hands. You have always been a constant source of understanding of our college problems and have guided many of us in our choice of colleges. Both the faculty and students will feel the voidness without you in our lives. Our very best wishes for happiness in your retirement go with you, and we hope that you will always remember your days here at FENCERTOWN with pleasure as we will remember you. In appreciation for all you've done for us, we, the COURIER STAFF, dedicate this yearbook of 1959 to you. "Thank you, Mr. Smitter, for a job well done." Bookbinding iust isn't as good as it used to be! kmf. ll ' -1 i3 ' ! Q L X W ' Q. 5 A w A 0TE COMMISSIONERS CURTIS .SIS., SENIORS ..,.,.., JUNIORS ,..wSS,w.I, SOPHOMORES ..,... .......... FRESHMEN ...., GRADUATES v.,..,. ACTIVITIES ..... SPORTS .Sw... page .,........pagc page page page page Page Page Page if ky, N M'm"""" m.,,,,,,,-'mga 1 N Y w 1 if , We V.-' ' '- - H- --M,-1 1-.1 -'- -.',,- - 1- ' .1-M -f. 19 , V '- -,I-'--- 'V--1'-4 gm- '-Q 'iw-' '1"1'i'- 1 -M 4-' - :A '."- . "-. ', ' ' ,-, . ' ,.4'-I .j,:fA9,f7vq'1-ggg' N'--4, - , ,s- g-r 5.0.4 v-' neg -1-Y Q",fg-.w-4-. ,,'fr2:,l--ri' "J -'f',1f'u.. "!""" -L-'-4 :QL 7 - ,Q-g!f':"L 1-.-A: , ,Envy - 'f m.- '-,. ,"1,.,"--,""' -fb v "1 - Qfhf .'-Q51-L1-gj1Aa31'4,g:g,-ff-'2L,.vi. ..-vii.-If iii .,-1-5, 1.3-Q-:H "-fits'-u1'4w ',Tg:f"V:swi51'11-1 -A-'P-A5535-'li "wrt-':'15r'4E'3'5'I1i.-'l'Nif"-"' .4,-Q"S::':f1?1?,i',lg:f''7.n"f-'f' - ' 4 -N - 4' ' .2-1--" 1x"2L + -' '-.L .J-V. ':f1- A, . , . E'i..,'-1---- -- 'YI -193-Hn .' ' ' ' ---: ' f-av - ffffw' '-"1 . li "ff ' ' -'av ' -df i"".1'i" - . '.- fr ' 12.29 W- if" 15.5. . ,, 4-f Q'-'-3' -E -:Lim - - '- -f , -- 2 . ' ' - . 141- , A 'Q,'f.g',.. . 1.1.1 . ,- ,Alix ' 3,-1,.. rw ' ff 4, -it ' p w '. ' fe, . , mz..,Q.1- 1 --f.:-fgmv-se'?-ztias .. fetxf'-2,1 at --f:fvf'ff,5.'f4:"2QrNff3Q'++,s5?'.,:i'fwc:'I-f'r'L:7-'.Tri-Q? -.J fs-2 74:2-:fm ,,."'wff5-Q. i. ef--Q ff- . - -5' A-f--'vfk--'Si-471'2-sf -P-.-,, ' 1-'-Vx. -fl.-" 'Q'-4 W-asf 51" '1'a-l'?:v- :S-2 .--pw 2-'fa...ff-1. VJ:-'F-"f ' iff- -fair, f - TX '--1" . "'-it-f '--f'14': .3 1X,-,,,'.,N-4'f-,,L.v ..-gkq-. 7.,1.,f,- xi-T' '1..,',ffC'i'- -ni wg- .'..-",-' J-,' .-,fi --f.,- '--,"+g,'f-.. ' , .'f.,--- 1- t -- mf- v.-qw-x -'- m,, -, -Q .. - '. 0 -, , -, - K ,. -4-L. ' 2 ., .--.- 4-"-i:,"f.f-.-ss:-':mT'Q:x-Jw-..-- -g. - 'v V' ff-:fr-fe. 5 1 fr- . . A '- t ' ' -P il.. ,.J,.J:.- Ji, .l,,,,y,, . - Q ' - ,, ,L ,. , V., 1- - 1 - . - , ..': . :uf r 1 ' E 1 YOR' OFFI L . The May0r's Office consists of our principal, assistant V' principals, and teachers. They supervise the office Work and H direct the studies of the students. 7 A CLARENCE T. RICHARDSON Principal Stk K Lf f J' FF H X afar- fa! 5' 'T"Gs:f.1W'WX" . safe- V Uggiflsgw N , ,f . 1 .-5 L' 'x X , X 4, -..k .. Q .X X- M X, f,.,,,. x, X " RQ, . . . . . . ......, ..,, 4 .- ' ,, - , ,f .0 .. - g,,.,..- ' . fi ,,f.,.:fs,'1 -"a.,f'-7'-...Q-f .:1i.1C'-Ilw..r4" "" o-.,,:nt'?:93f-,:g-",.-- -"lb . .' , 791' .ff l-rw -'N-e-,mffff ff..--L I-iv-..f-fvV'1.fsM -- -.131 We ' aa f,.f"- QE-e?5rTJi92'fP'412?4fifsi ' - ., f 2' A my ' V A w e . m f , eiezffxkviaz-. .az? .ff ?-J:-.,+,L22Q-ff:ff""?12::5vf'G1,1 33Lff4'T:Gffgg-7-'.s:f-Lf-1:3111-1-31'-,,.gf-11T,f?,2fQ-.7 . Nancy Wilson Ross recently quoted a Persian philosopher of nine hundred years ago as follows: "Can you walk on water? You have done no better than a straw. Can you Hy in the air? You have done no better than a moth. Conquer your heart, then you may become somebody? Today, scarcely a spot on earth is unexplored by man. We seem on the threshold of conquering space. But should man establish a bridgehead on the moon or colonies on distant planets, his ancient, universal and perpetual problem would remain to conquer himself. This can be done best by aligning one's self with his Creator. In bidding farewell to the seniors, may I then say, "Co with Cod. May he guide you into realms of great service and serenity. May you, indeed, conquer yourself? Clarence T. Richardson Principal MILDRED TAYLOR Assistant Principal The year of '58 has been one of achievement and satisfaction for most of you, I am sure. JOHN I. KEHOE Assistant Principal Most of you have gained much from your program of studies, some have achieved outstanding performances on scholarship tests, some have merited recognition in music, in dramatics, in art, in ROTC, and in athletics. Many of you have taken advantage of the leadership and character training and the general enrichment offered by extracurricular activities. The COURIER provides you with an excellent pictorial survey of this past high school year. May each of you achieve new goals in the years to come. My best wishes to you, graduates of '59, for success and happiness as you embark on next year's program. Working with you has been a challenge and a privilege. Sincerely, Mildred Taylor Assistant Principal Education is by no means limited to preparing for life because even though many of our educational activities do strive to prepare us for more effective later life, countless others of these activities do lead us to pursue a better and more useful life today. Try to find time each day to gain some new ideas and knowledge, to learn some new skill or to add perfection to some old skill, to practice better ways of doing and finer ways of thinking and acting, to train yourself to select what is good and wholesome, and above all, try to find the desire and the ability to use these things now to improve yourself and the place ln which you find yourself. Remember always: life is long but we live it just a minute at a time John I. Kehoe Assistant Principal DAVID BARDER Physical Education, Assistant Basketball I ,- Coach '5 Q, I A N HENRY BECKER 2A+fZf97fo5" Sales, Advertising, Geography TAN Qf. ' BARBARA BOWMAN d -. 3 1 .1 World History, Unite . States History Q ., -5 ' j 5" DARREL BREWER f English. Sponsor: Stage Crew GERALD BURNS 1 Military Training. Sponsor: Rifle Team S G' 4 ' if-' -- I . f' N IANET CALKINS Nag ' j 'V 'M Biology, General Science f m- -4 ' I 2 : HARRY CALPHA Journalism, United States History. Sponsor: Titan Torch WILLIAM CARRIGAN English IRENE CONNOR Music. Sponsor: Girls' Glee Club LOIS CONNER English DAVID DAVIDSON Art NORMA DEANE Biology PETER DE GRAFF Civics. Sponsor: "Hi-C" Club ELLEN DE HAAN English AGNES DISTER English HARRY DIXON Physical Education. Coach: Frosh-Soph Football, Baseball EDNA DUNKER English MARY DURKIN Trigonometry, Algebra. Sponsor: 4A Class THOMAS FINEBERG Algebra, Geometry, Essential Mathematics GLENN FISHER History, Civics MARY FLYNN English. Sponsor: IB, IA, 2B Classes 10 ummm.: x: .1mm mnx m a : . an 31' 'Q' -I , 39. 11, 'fav :V N .Y.'.i 3.13 lg.. ug? -MA lg suit, All Lx, 3 if -T fwwf' 4' , , . f'Es5wiv'I ' 5" 14532315 A Q .. va ' - ,L 1 J' ,rl - i Q, ': F ' 4 fjflim-4' B 5 ,,,. , .iif If 1 . -... R ., YSL?-" if .1 .airs 'iliia-fist" G. 5111- A ,Tu ifggrl ' P , 11.2 'R 55.5 f fig. ,Q -Jig-at "slim Q '44 15:5 gf? ,591 55gLi"3,JT'li'X , .a,. 1, -+A: f i": if ' Lie I ,ks . . R F 'fn 'j .34 A 'K 3733? 'r-yi K.: R5 c ,- flies Q: itil? Q Q19 I Wai! AB: 1 5 A ,, 'Q 6 - ' 'A ui., me .v rn .. -Q f 4 A... 1.-4?5:3?B2 12:34 ff If . 194' if-i' lr! R. .fa A y , .- 5 1? A. '23 'ad Qi' vm T . if is A JL I 91.511 1 A 'fi'--5 :ss -if W 251 ' 35' T .B . Q .1 4. .1 x 1. f .' si., 2 xi., K V ,C 453 . a1f:i24'fr'f .i5gJ,3l2'7El.-ii. A'-J' .J1" Q, S .4 .r 4 .1 1, ,, 'Diva 1- .zu W is sis .gf I Ll' if , lg- . A ' glgzilq Eff' Ln ' Y ' .jf-agtgli eg . Y :IFN f, ik ,M ff li-"7" s 1 51,718,455 .G L.. .Kip f,sIj'iffY'i-fi 42.312 A 5. 1 ,fw , - ,'fngMv'2, K'1'4,ss3".i'f 1 COMM SSIO ER is W iff wwf ELSIE FORQUERAN Clothing. Sponsor: Junior lied Cross ELIZABETH FRISTOE Placement Counselor. Sponsor: Career Day, College Day JOSEPH CORSKI Mechanical Drawing MARY HEACNEY Household Arts MARGARET HEELAN Foods, Home Management. Sponsor: Hostess Club PHYLLIS HELM General Science, Mathematics LEO HENNESSY Physical Education. Sponsor: Basketball OSCAR HIGH Geography. Sponsor: 4B Class LEONA HOFMAN Mathematics CLARENCE HOLLISTER Civics, United States History. Sponsor: Senior Sing CATHERINE HOLMES Spanish, English ROBERT HOLSMAN Military Training. Sponsor: Picked Platoon, Rifle Team, Ushers, Color Guard GLADYS JACOBSON World History, United States History, Chairman of Social Studies Department JOHN JANOVIC Technical Drawing, Machine Maior Drawing. Sponsor: Reelmen DOROTHY JENKINS Typing, Machine Calculating NIADIILINE JOHNSON Foods Chairman of Department Sponsor Craduation Monitors DENNERE JONES IVorldHistory United States History JAMES JURKA Wood Shop SAMUEL KATZ General Science Sponsor Key Club Science Workshop FDITH KAY Clerical Practice WALTER KELLY History Ciucs English 'l'I C0 SSI GIL KNIGHT Physical Education HARRY KOEDYKER Mathematics, Boys Counselor FRANK KORANDA Chemistry HELEN LANDERS Adiustment Teacher, Guidance Department MOSES LANDSMAN Industrial Arts GERTRUDE LANCE Physical Education. Sponsor: G.A.A. PAUL LILEK 1 Physical Education. Sponsor: Swim Team I ANDREW LUMBRAZO Band. Sponsor: Titanettes OER Q E 'W -D. ll ,G W .ue .'.g-.':',--.ag-...u -Q in-M W V '19-as '.1--- t,.'I1'-.1?.:- Q ' QQ P , fy, 1: HELEN MADIGAN Spanish, Latin, English. Sponsor: Phorex BERTHA MAIER Shorthand, Typing THOMAS MALONEY Physics. Sponsor: Science Fair' Proiects HELEN MATTHEWS Physical Education AUSTIN McCARTHY English HELEN MCCLIVE English. Sponsor: Breakfast Committee HELEN MCMAHON Stenography, Typing MARJORIE MOONEY United States History, Girls Counselor ELIZABETH MORONEY English SARAH MORTIMER Stenography, Typing JULIA MULLICAN Music. Sponsor: Choir GRAYDON MUMFORD Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Essential Mathematics. Sponsor: Class rank, Averaging of grades IRENE MUNSON Spanish. Sponsor: Pan American Club ESTELLE MURPHY World Geography, Girls Counselor FRANK MURRAY Printing, Geography 12 WILLIAM MUSICK Art LESLIE O'MARA Electric Shop CATHERINE O'ROURKE English HARRY OSTERHART History, Geography, Civics HELEN O'SULLIVAN Shorthand, Typing CHARLES PALMER Physical Education WILSON PEEK Advanced Algebra, Geometry LUCY PERIOLET Mathematics iifzgffifxgijik-5-152-2l"'Fiffrlik n it is C g I ?JiQWf3E.V f Ii I jj EI I I X x A I I . r 'X V BERNICE POLLYEA f Mathematics. Sponsor: National Honor Society, Newton Club i GEORGE POLLYEA Auto Shop VIOLA RACUSO English GRACE RANKIN Stenography, Typing FRED RITTSCHOF Physical Education. Coach: Varsity Football JOHN ROBERTS College Algebra, Plane Geometry, Essential Math. Sponsor: joint Appeal FRIEDA ROBINSON English. Placement Counselor PATRICIA RUDDY Sales, Advertising, E.B.T. MORRISON RUDNER Biology, Administrative Assistant INIYRTLE RUNYAN Adiustment Counselor. Sponsor: Future Teachers of America EVELYN RUPPRECHT Physical Education, Chairman of Department. Sponsor: Letter Girls WALTER SAMPSON Bookkeeping. Sponsor: Girls' and Boys' Bowling Teams, Tennis Team GEORGE SCHERER Music. Sponsor: Melody Men MARY SCHLENTZ Art. Sponsor: Roller Skating Club FREDERICK SCHMIDT Chemistry. Sponsor: Chemistry Club I3 COMNHSSIONERS GEORGE SCHROCK Physics, Algebra, Chemistry GEORGE SCHROEDER Essential Math, Algebra, Geometry GISELA SCHUBERT German. Sponsor: German Club ESTELLE SETZER Latin. Sponsor: Latin Club CLAUDE SMITTER Commercial Law, Bookkeeping. Sponsor: C OURIER STAFF, Scholarships LYLE STARCEVIC English, Chairman of Department. Sponsor: Creative Writing Club ERNEST STILLER Latin, German. Sponsor: Latin Club DOROTHY THARP Physical Education. Sponsor: W'ater Ballet if? I l X . 1 4 I' H Q il fx! , 1 X - Q. gh , WV EDWARD TIERNEY Physics DOROTHY TOWNE Biology JOHN TRIBBIA Commercial Law, Sales, Economics ELVA WALL English. Sponsor: 3A Class NETTIE WALL Distributive Education, Salesrnanship, Economics. Sponsor: Cheerleaders FRANCIS WARREN English ARTHUR WELLER United States History, Civics DONATTA YATES Civics. Sponsor: Student Council JOHN ZINNGRABE Architectural Drawing, Mechanical Drawing, Chairman of Department. Sponsor: 2A Class, Fenger Advertisers BETTY GEORGE Head Librarian. Sponsor: Library Club HAZEL DANIELS Librarian EVELYN JOHNSON Librarian ALICE JONES Head Librarian. Sponsor: Library Club MARY LYONS Librarian ELIZABETH VOGENTHALER Head Librarian. Sponsor: Library Club I4 LIBRARY STAFF .' ". ' M, :sw - 11 t. , .vi .U - .yi "b T ,gCai'v'T'- E555 ol -'51 i zfgjvmq' . Tit eff ' I l' . '- 7: , Yr. . 131 .:""' ' ri' -I 4 , 1 ,. AN 3-ik: A . f 1" 1- A 'Arn .--. . -, ,KE -4. ' I vi-iii ., , 1- . rt' '- M V If: 43 1 N- :ata u !', . , sg P , ,,.?: ' 4 , J M ar - Q ' 1 f lil v If! Qi-95" . -119.-g . , .- ' 's 'Qggz . tfv , -,,, 1 . 7' ,.'.f' . . 3' xr sl--,Q .V ft 3212 s-"?t57 T.. T 1 . . lf' his , if fd -M .bf if qs? . 'T ,sjfift A -P' '51 . Y S5 a- 5? at , I Iggy v Ai Haw I 5,qQig: Y P' X " 31' , gfhl f ' ri ,'r 2' .21 if ' , -r 5.' 55:1 '!'f"f ' ,. -32. ,iff ,L Ar' :I I' di. I 1 s' 1 Wr'i' t' J stir' is in . N: ' rblv . 1: - -na -fits c ' ' N' ,iff -A U3 'I 1 4? llhfi Q "' 5- V-, .. ,..', r , ,Wa ,. -' N.. , ' . ., .4 '. '-Sf' 5.5 3 5 g if lg'-ft gh?..i?y Q-"M j.H21,1ff: r, ' gs: I . - "VST -' F fx ' ,Q id'-fav? Q , , 'I-rri'fQ?li-. ILE.. 4-'J Q4 F, f s Q 513,13 Z , iw 02-14.- I ef , iz. 13' ., 4 ,vt T1 -, .':Q':'."'Q n ,,. irq? . .R 7 YH .R ' '35 '- in 'iw-al. -. fl' - WF T - ' 4,7-s. wir rp ei-'Z 2-5' - u1'r'g,. .' wr., ' ffifq ng +sj5.v ' Q'D!'l- s 'I ' 10 I 1: 'Y Q f ,4 'fyfigf 5255!- - 9' gaffg.-4 ur' . ,!:YJ3iA3ral'.' 1' s ..,-.rs s MRS. ESTELLE MURPHY MRS. MARIORIE MOONEY BOARD OF APPEAL Every well-organized town has a Board of Appeals which hears and Mrs. Murphy and Mr. Koedyker servwe your tardy slips with tries cases brought before it by a smile. its many citizens. FENGEBTOWN also has its Board of Appeals which is located in rooms 126 and 143. The judges of the Board are Mrs. Mooney and Mrs. Murphy who are in charge of the girls. and Mr. Katz and Mr. Koedyker who are in charge of the boys. After a case is heard, the punishment is decided, usually consisting of a tardy slip, class cut, or citizenship for those who are unduly rude. Although many students feel the punishment is unjust, the majority of FENCERTOWN citizens realize the importance of such a board. I5 MR. EDWARD TIERNEY A +A fs 1 Via N v My J, xfgikg . ,. A 2 f A xt rhf. . sa , -'a ,ra ,fx N53 1 'gi . 5 .l VQQQ.-i -. 5412. ,J .w .Q 4. 1 : , 1 ,. 4 Mig: ', I 133, A' 2' wifi 'N H fgklglggl H ., if? if ,t AH X 6 .1-'tn , fx Q54 Saw.: 'g iifhmfl' 4. kt' ,,. ,W .Mas W5 . :rg i ng ' K if n "1Hv..'1' 2 74 ., '. t . .,,f,,, A J A ifffiufl Di xibiyllxz i 'ifaltfilllsi' lags!! - , W,"'!' j 3? 5' if in fi-Q s 1955, fi :'.' 15:-a ,msg I C 'ffl ml? ' R ,, B H ' .' K ' kill: if , ttf .. - 9 - ,Y if it ' ' MR. GRAYDON MUMFORD 111- , 1 .iff '- V x ilw Q fl if , 2 x U ku 1 "Yin -1 1 ,PLN ' l V, x gf", 2- HSV. . 'si- n '- " 'm 1 3 ',2'ff. 1- -' -A , ,tx ,. .. , ,- ,wv-.JQ Ziff' ' Z .Limp 'tj V 'Q X W- ' v ' 4 if-at lliilu . g qff i V, H 1,-,L ,ss-Q, ' xlyvigg 'rf Lu a. .fargli ',itl:l"--.- IQ, i t if f alll, E A 51 A l xx . -Jig we t S' I M fic 'Y I rx r V fa' 5 ' Y -f..k1.' THO E H0 HAVE ERVED Xi.. w. my ' P ,1,, Q6 QL. lg LJHQD xx- , lf' Mr. Mumford, one of our most popular math teachers, came to Fenger in 1934 from Austin High. Possessing a rich teaching background, he received his BA degree from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, and then an MA from the University of Chicago. Besides having taught math, Mr. Mumford served as Boys, Counsellor, Class Rank Sponsor, and Chairman of the Math Dept. Indeed, he has been a very loyal and conscientious teacher. His hobbies, painting and astronomy, will undoubtedly take up most of his time in retirement. Thus, Mr. Mumford, both faculty and students wish you the best of health and happiness in future years and hope you will look back at your years at Fenger with both a sense of pride and fulfillment. 'I6 MR. CLARENCE HOLLISTER Mr. Clarence Hollister joined the F enger faculty in 1949 after teaching at Lindblom High for 21 years. He was also principal for three high schools in Wisconsin, totaling 45 years of teaching experience. Mr. Hollister was born in Racine, Wisconsin and received his teacher's training at the University of Wisconsin. Fifteen years of his boyhood were spent at the Taylor Orphan Asylum where he had some of the happiest days of his life. During his years at Fenger, Mr. Hollister has sponsored many activities, having introduced and being the present sponsor of the Senior Sing. Our best wishes are extended to Mr. Hollister in the hopes that will find as much happiness in his retirement as he has brought to F enger faculty and students. MR. WILLIAM NEIL TRIMBLE William Neil Trimble was born on january 16, 1905. He graduated from Kankakee High School in 1922, and then went to Chicago to study music at the American Conservatory, and the Institute of Music and Allied Arts. He received his degree from there in 1926. Also in 1926, Mr. Trimble toured with the Chicago Little Symphony through the Southwest. In 1921, he entered the Chicago school system, assigned to Schurz. From there he transferred to F enger, where he took on the task of building instrumental groups. Mr. Trimble then took a military leave to leave to enlist in the AAF in 1942. He was discharged in May 1943, and returned to Fenger, retiring in 1958 due to ill health. We wish to extend our best wishes to Mr. Trimble as he sits behind his desk in the "Clifton Advocate" Building, the local newspaper of Clifton, Illinois. MR. CLAUDE SMITTER Mr. Claude Smitter is one of the three remaining F enger teachers who was on our staff when the present building first opened in 1926. He is also one of the three World War I veterans still teaching at F enger. He was appointed to install the course of Careers and Self-Appraisal when it was first introduced into the Chicago Public School system, and continued teaching this subject until it was withdrawn two years ago. In 1946 Mr. Smitter introduced our scholarship program, which has grown from three scholarships valued at S650 to an all time high of one hundred scholarships worth 836,302 per annum. 1949 proved to be a crucial point in the future of our Courier, and Mr. Smitter saved the day when he took over the sponsorship, along with his other duties. Now that he is retiring, we, the students of Fenger, want to thank him for everything he has done for us and wish him success and happiness in the years to come. 17 ROARD OF DIRECTOR As in any organized town, F ENGERTOWN has its Board of Directors, or as we call them, counselors. With their help, the citizens of FENGERTOWN are guided in the best possible way The most prominent of these are administrative aids, class sponsors, adjustment, scholarship and placement counselors. Through these devoted teachers, the students are able to work toward ever higher goals. We, the citizens of FENGERTOWN, would like to thank each and every one of them. PETER DE CRAFF, 3B Class Sponsor MARY DURKIN, 4A Class Sponsor MARY FLYNN, 1A-2B Class Sponsor ELIZABETH F RISTOE, Placement Counselor OSCAR HIGH, 4B Class Sponsor SAMUEL KATZ, Boys' Counselor HARRY KOEDYKER, Boys, Counselor HELEN LANDERS, Adiustment Counselor MARIORIE MOONEY, Girls' Counselor ESTELLE MURPHY, Girls' Counselor MYRTLE RUNYAN, Adiustment Counselor CLAUDE SMITTER, Scholarships LYLE STARCEVIC, Coordinator ELVA WALL, 3A Class Sponsor JOHN ZINNCRABE, 2A Class Sponsor Riconnin i or DEEDS 6 The FENGERTOWN Library Staff is responsible for securing books to suit the curriculum of all the departments of the school as well as the recreational and technological books that the teachers and students desire. The Staff gives instructions to all new students on using the card catalog, reference books, readers, guide, pamphlets, and Hlmstrips. They also prepare interesting library exhibits for the display cases and other parts of the building. In addition, they train approximately seventy-five students a semester to work as assistant librarians. Miss Vogenthaller shows a hungry assistant her favorite recipe for choco late marshmallow nut cake. pamphlet? julie reminds Karen that "iv comes before "h," According to our records, all male Fengerites, tall, clark, and handsome have been accounted for. lk Y +. f L 2 V Zi 5 gig. AL K SS za QN ZS N gs: mm Sm NE rw Q5- sro 2.3 -. es. 5-2 Q Q-R cn EE gd! TSS. ca 'QQ .ff-If " W5 . F ' 1 4 E X -I ROZELLA BEECAN ELEANOR CAMPBELL MARY L'ORANGE MILDRED SMITH ANNA STACY OFFICE PERSONNEL In a town as large as F enger, there are many tasks which must be done to keep it running well. Such important jobs as writing numerous reports, receiving calls from absent teachers, calling for substitutes, handling CTA passes, and keeping track of permanent records are only a few of the duties performed by our competent office personnel. Their work, though unnoticed by many, contributes largely to the efficiency in which F ENGERTOWN is run. LUNCHRO0M The Food Administration Bureau is a very important group of women in any town. Their job is to prepare and distribute the food in the restaurants and cafeterias in FENCERTOWN. The "Lunchroom," a favorite eating place of teachers and students, is operated by Mrs. Bridenbaugh with the help of twenty employees skilled in the culinary arts. The "Lunchroom', is well-known throughout the town for its pleasant atmosphere, friendly service, and splendid homemade food. We dial it!! We finally fed 3,000 students on five loaves of bread! berries to garnish our salads. LOIS BRIDENBAUGH Lunchroom Manager Mr. Hollister, we do not use holly- 20 f , . f, 4.l .-an P x ff' We .. ,Z - M xi 526, of if, f-1 . s -7 i,51f1if.f3 SSWfi,W9 gm'1 5 ' l 1 up V 53? Who put the overalls in Mrs. Murphyis chow- ANNA SMITH de1P?P Matron MATRON Anna Smith, the school matron and nurse, can be found in room 226, ready to take care of any of F ENCERTOWN'S citizens who might become ill. As in any town, a nurse or doctor is very important, so we feel very lucky to have Mrs. Smith as part of our population. MAINTENANCE .is'::'2i.'11'1:.5'.:ae,.rs".'1::..'nazi a . Each town has, beneath its hustle and bustle, a small but very competent group of men and women who perform important jobs that are essential to the town's proper working order. Their main jobs are to keep the town well-heated during the winter months, properly lighted, and carefully repaired and cleaned. These people in F ENGERTOWN are under the supervision of Mr. Stanley Swanson, Engineer-Custodian. This staff includes four assistant engineers, four firemen, eighteen janitors, and live janitresses. 21 Phyllis, Judy, and Carol try to con- vince Rich that he cannot apply for a scholarship to Vassar. Look Dave, a 84000 scholarship in water skiing! ,--NI 'Wf- I ' i f ik. J f fee' 955 4 o M ks Yo. This little girl went to Northern, This little boy stayed home, This little girl went to Wesleyan, And this little boy, in the Army, went to Rome CHOLARSHIP To receive a scholarship-a pass to towns of greater horizons-is the answer to many seniors' dreams. Without a scholarship as financial aid, many seniors could not obtain a college education. Through a well-planned scholarship program, with Mr. Claude Smitter's help in choosing the scholarship and college best suited for each student, many of these dreams are fulfilled. This year F enger received the largest amount of scholarship money awarded to its graduates in any previous year. Seventy-one students received one hundred twelve scholarships, making a grand total of 334,740 22 ROW 1 NADINE ABROMOVITZ, Thornton junior College, Tuition. TIMOTHY ANDERSON, Wheaton College, Illinois Scholarship. ALMA ASHACK, MacMurray College, Tuition. PHYLLIS BAKKER, Central-Iowa, Pullman Foundation. CRAIG BALLARD, Butler University, Tuition, Science Fair. DENISE BERBERICH, Michael Reese, Tuition, Kimpton-Burg. MARY LOUISE BERBERICH, Michael Reese, Tuition. SHARON BERMAN, University of Illinois, State Representative Scholarship. ROW 2 IUDITH BERRICK, Beloit University, Board, Tuition, Pullman Foundation. IANET BOELCKE, Carthage College, Tuition. IAMES BOERSMA, Hope College, Pullman Foundation. IAMES BOSCARDIN, MacMurray College, Board, Junior Achievement. ELIZABETH BRETZ, Knox College, Tuition, Pullman Foundation, May0r's. JOHN BUNTINC, Illinois Institute of Technology, Tuition, Illinois Scholarship. WILMA CALLOWAY, Northern Illinois University, State Superintendent. CARYL CARTER, Illinois Normal University, State Superintendent. ROW 3 CONSTANCE CHIAPPORI, Northern Illinois University, State Superintendent. BEVERLY DE YOUNG, Northern Illinois University, Pullman Foundation, State Superin- tendent. VIOLET DRITSAS, Western Illinois University, State Superintendent. THOMAS EASTON, Washington University, Tuition, Illinois Scholarship, Knox College, Tuition. CYNTHIA EDELMANN, Iowa Weslyan University, Tuition, Northern Illinois University, State Superintendent, Illinois Scholarship, Knox College, Pullman Foundation, Tuition. JANET ENC, Illinois University, Illinois Scholarship. FLORENCE ERICSON, Northern Illinois University, State Superintendent. ARLENE ESSENBERC, University of Illinois, State Senator. DOWN CAROL F ANIZZO, Southern Illinois University, State Superintendent. BARBARA FIORENZI, VVestern Illinois University, State Superintendent IOAN FISHER, W'estern Illinois University, State Superintendent. Bonnie McKinnon has to work overtime to total Fenger scholarships. CHOLARSHIP ROW 1 SHIRLEY FLANERY, Olivet Nazarene College, Pullman Foundation. JOYCE FRYER, Western Illinois University, State Superinten- dent. MICHAEL GALLAGHER, University of Illinois, Illinois Scholarship. DAVID CUTHRIE, Purdue University, Pullman Foundation. PATRICIA HARRIS, Western Illinois University, State Super- intendent. JOHN HELLER, Dubuque University, Tuition, Sherwood School of Music, Tuition fSherwood School of Musiej. ARLENE HOLODY, University of VVisconsin, Pullman Foun- dation, Tuition, Mayor's. ROW 2 IOLENE JOHNSON, Augustana College, Tuition. EARL JOSS, Illinois Instituto of Technology, Pullman Founda- tion, Tuition. CAROLE KASSAY, Wk-stern Illinois University, State Superin- tendent. MELVIN KOCH, St. Olaf College, Pullman Foundation, Luther Leagllc. FRANK KONOPASIK, Knox College, Illinois Scholarship, VVashington University, Tuition. NANCY KREBS, Valparaiso University, Pullman Foundation, Tuition. IUDITH KRAL, Northern Illinois University, State Superin- tendent. 24 SCHOLARSHIPS BRUCE LAVERMAN, Hope College, Reformed Church Board, Tuition. LOREETA LINDCREN, Northern Illinois University, State Superin- ten ent. ROIEERT MADSON, Southern Illinois University, State Superinten- cent. LOUISE MANELIA, Illinois Normal University, Pullman Foundation, State Superintendent. NICHOLAS MARAVOLO, Chicago University, Illinois Scholarship, Pullman Foundation. CAROL MILLER, University of Dubuque, Pullman Foundation, Tuition. SHAIRON MONGAN, Northern Illinois University, State Superinten- ent. CAROLYN NOTEBOOM, Dubuque University, NVork Program, Church Vacation Award. BRITTA OLSON, Augustana College, Pullman Foundation, Tuition. MAXINE PATARINI, Marycrest College, Tuition, Chicago Glee Club. LINDA PEARSON, Knox College, Pullman Foundation, Illinois Scholarship, Tuition. JUDITH RIORDAN, Denver University, lk Tuition, junior Chamber of Commerce. ROGER ROCKA, Tulsa University, Pullman Foundation, Board, Tuition. CAROL ROHRER, University of VVisconsin, Tuition. PETER ROSLER, University of California, Illinois Scholarship. ARIiENE SABADOR, Illinois Normal University, State Superinten- cent. BRENDA SCALET, Southern Illinois University, State Superintendent. ALICE SCHRAUFNACEL, Northern Illinois University, State Super- intendent. MARY SUE STEPHENS, Northwestern University, Pullman Founda- tion, Illinois Scholarship, Tuition. SHARON STEPHENS, Illinois Normal University, State Superin- tendent, Pullman Tuition. JUDITH STEWART, Grinnell College, Pullman Foundation, Grinnell. KAREN STRID, Michael Reese Hospital, Pullman Foundation. GUNNAR SUNDIN, University of Chicago, Illinois Scholarship, Pullman Foundation. CAROL TANIS, Cornell College, Tuition. BEYCQERLY TOLAND, Illinois Normal University, State Superinten- ent. IOANN VARCA, Illinois Normal University, State Superintendent. BARRY WARREN, University of California, Tuition, Illinois Scholar- ship. GLADYS ZIRBEL, University of Illinois, Illinois Scholarship. 25 VALPARAISO L. to R.-Bonnie Bengston, Janice XVeidner, Nancy Krebs, Bob Morandl Blll Freitag, Ellen Albro, jack Todhunter. EE GER AT COLLEGE Q.. :u:: .vit I .L-4: ' osfg: , ' ' 9 ':?Q. 11 . 1.C.Q'i .53 e'., . 0,4 -,. L' BRADLEY ROW 1-Hugh Boylan, Don DeY0ung, Irene Schuster, Kenneth Jamey. ROW 2- Ted Horwuth, Lee Fulberg, Ronald Seymour, Steve Krajic, Fred VVright. ROW 3- john Lnecleraclm, Gene Ala, Dennis Macewicz, jack Van Dyke and Kenneth De- Huuhn. 'Q 'GUN 4!""'n -drink' we MW Xl tw gn.-...--4 1 ' 'N R W Wmmww WMWMMVW BLACKBURN ROW 1-Bruce Darling, Chau'- lotte Morrison, ROWV 2-Ronald Langncr, Tom Lewis, Spencer Nlaxcy, Richard VVQIH. 5 5 I' ILLINOIS STATE NORMAL Dinah Dreyer, Elaine Gerhardi, joan Harmer, Sue Carter, jo Rieces, Louise Corrado, Chuck Solberg. CHICAGO TEACHERS COLLEGE ROW 1-Jacqueline Piazza, Iean Groundwater, Erdian Falsey, Carol Nelson, Elaine Messal, Arlene Opyt. ROW 2-Yvonne VVilliame, Marge Rowley, Shirley Overheidt, Marlene Pearson, Joanne Colbert. ROW 3-Joyce Booker, Frank Thompson, Barbara Kranc. KNOX Thomas Easton, Frank Konopasek, Judy Glea- son, Linda Pearson, Judith Boeringa, Cynthia Edelman, George Matthes. ILLINOIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ROW 1-Earl loss, Edward Messal, John LaPlante, Norman Roth, Glenn Erickson. ROW 2- Norman Wehling, Leo Zayauskas, Robert Strance. FENGER AT CIPLLEGE Many of our Town's former citizens are now attending college to further their education. Before making their choice of college, each had carefully weighed the advantages and disadvantages of many colleges. They have taken ii . - . . . . . . I Y S into consideration such questions as location, tuition, and quality of courses. ,gig X X Some of these citizens were able to attend the college of their choice because they received a scholarship through F ENGERTOWN,S effective X H I scholarship program. A '1'1'1'r A ' ellll 28 UBURBA ECTIO X v As a city grows, small towns crop up around its limits, and - X xi: ?,,,,,n- FENGERTOWN is no exception. Curtis is our suburb X' 6 and many of our Freshmen spend their first year of K ff high school there, before coming to the "big city 29 EDMUND IARIS Assistant Principal. Sponsor: Hallguards, Phorex, Courier and Titan Torch Sales CONCETTA CHANCE Latin, English MORRIS FINDER English, Reading FRANCIS MCCAHEY General Science BRUCE DU CLOS Algebra, Science KATHERINE STEVENS English, Biology. Sponsor: Teachefs Relief ELMER CASEY General Science. Sponsor: Curtis Science Fair LOIS COMSTOCK Clothing, Algebra. Sponsor: Student Council MILDRED ERHART Spanish MARION HUNTER E.B.T., English, Attendance Counselor CAROL DIMER Essential Mathematics, Algebra BERYL FENSTEMACHER English. Sponsor: United Nations Club WALTER LINDELL Essential Mathematics, Algebra. Sponsor: Chess Club ,IANET SULLIVAN Art URSULA GARDNER Physical Education. Sponsor: Curtis G.A.A. HOWARD VVESTERVELT Industrial Arts, Drafting 30 FENGER The similarity of FENGERTOWN to most large cities is characterized by its suburb, Curtis. It is located just off the city limits at 115th and State Streets. Curtis was originally a grammar school, but since has been established as a branch of F enger to accommodate the expanding population of the town. WSI I' Q v X A fv I ...., Q ,V A H zzz ' X t' " ' , A 4 I W' X all if ,I be as, ng 'Q 5 W '55, an 3 mb Q K all wh ":' Q:,,8 4 . wg. .Qi .' 3 'll A ii :., Q: at A l f Q I t '45-Z-' f ,Lai L Q ' , . f 5' "3" X.. if A F 4 " 1' 'Q' -'.g:::.. " t ff 'xr W new I .5 Y' , , " ',,- '--- 4 :,::., M Sw M I ,AAA ' k i tr' . A ,g f t --A-- g ....,. , .,-., I X , EE " W I ..,, , , SW W .- fm , we wx, , ' 1, sung 1 ,,,, L K a i my N aw if , , it Q ' ' - S E is li! .iw V- f .,-:12 ir H i M 1 Q -get f i SS T , an 5. AEEI: E E, WWFE , A P llnu v sw, W, A . .,., .E M ,,. x.,, ..:. , I A , E ,L ,,,, all ta a ' V ::.,A , Sa R Q., :,,: . . 3 mg Q 'Q i E ,,,,,,, yyyyy y ,fl - W 1 X Q ,jk :.. ..:z - N .:,,..: , 5 TE L,: ,Q X , , Ii Q ' N s ft " '1 1 f 1111? if . ' ' 'S fi ' ..,: 2 . 5, ' JR wx-N i V , 'f:..,.' Q X11 :,, . X ' R:-N B a t rw S -'-- -f ,,:., A ,.., . -' f t at L aaa ,,,,, ,, S zz' if -W I 425 , ,,,1 Q Eg .:,,. T A I I ' ztll wb my 'awww it ::: . .AA.. , ..,, I , "" A Q Qi ' L 1 , fhxyxx x bv ' W l lk hi 'N N A mi Fflfvzb :Ki A im r ' 'of ' 3. E: RW Q'A. - Q M' BW ..,. 733 JW 27. , x Q. V ,-KT '43 far X 'XT a The ,iw .,.,:2. Q . Vzzzi i ROW 1-Robert Adams, Pamela Adduci, Den- nis Alcott, Beverly Alexander, Kent Alkire, Beverly Allen, Martha Andersen, Betty Ander- son. ROW 2-Kenneth Anderson, Mary Andrews, Don Avquette, Violet Astolas, Beverly Bachli, Rich Badali, Betsy Bailey, Gerald Balchis. ROW 3-Frances Ballard, james Barce, Todd Barnes, Mike Bartak, Sharon Barton, Linda Bass, Vicki Baumgartner, Diane Beaudry. ROW 4-Roseann Bell, Richard Benjamin, Ioan Bennett, Robert Benson, Yolanda Bernal, Toby Berry, Shirley Beyer, Bruce Bigel. ROW 5-Connie Bittler, Sharon Black, Xvaync Blake, Barbara Blocher, Diana Bonaparte, Charlotte Bonet, Donna Bonnett, Bob Bonzani. ROW 6-Frank Boris, Barbara Bosco, Sharon Bosnak, Donna Boyle, Edith Bradshaw, Rich Braskema, Paulette Bregin, Tom Bridge. ROW 7-Stephanie Brusdziak, Bruce Bryan, janet Buchan, Robert Buchler, Karen Bullok, Sharon Bunting, Joseph Buratto, Lorraine Burgholzer. ROW 8-james Burns, Patsy Byrd, Marie Calderone, Paulette Calligaris, Joyce Cames, Kenneth Campagna, Joseph Caporale, Sammy Cardinal. ROW 9-Beverly Carlson, Marcella Carlson, Tony Castranova, Don Chatlos, Randall Chef- fer, las Chiaro, Barbara Childers, Judy Chinn. ROW 10-Kathy Christian, Irene Cielecki, Rosemary Cis, Carolyn Clayton, Nancv Cleek, Richard Colfer, jerry Connelly, Bob Cook. ROW 11-Judy Cook, Pat Copeland, Charles Coppens, Robert Cornachia, Sally Costello, Bonnie Cramer, Carol Cramer, Dan Cullen. C RTI C RTI ROW 1-Dan Cummings, Josephine Dalsanto, Mary Dangelo, Douglas Dawson, Dennis DeHaan, Ellen Delfer, Janice DeMarche, Lyle DeWitt. ROW 2-Patsy DeYoung, Sharon DeYoung, Scott DeYoung, Mary Lou DiFrancesco, San- dy Dikken, Susan Ditzler, Verlamayde Divid- son, Jack Dixon. ROW 3-Dona Dobosi, Karen Dohner, Brian Dolan, Nancy Donwicz, Mary Lou Drobick, Donna Drolenga, Dan Druszkowski, Donna Dugan. ROW 4-Barbara Dunay, Elaine Duncan, Alan Dykstra, Katherine Eberle, Alfred Ellingsen, Marietta Erickson, Carol Essler, Linda Evans. ROW 5-Andy Falaris, Carol Farkas, Geor- gene Farmans, Carol Faustini, Joyce Felicic- chia, William Ferguson, Dolores Figura, Judith Findorff. ROW 6-Bobitte Fine, Alan Fisher, Bill Fisher, Arlene Foley, Les Foy, Donna Fulay- ter, Sandy Fus, Suzanna Galinski. ROW 7-Robert Gallagher, Pat Gallahan, Wil- liam Galloway, Michael Caspar, Betty Gate- Wood, Conrad Glisheimer, Donna Ghiotto, Georgia Goettler. ROW 8-Peter Gombert, Ruth Graff, Mary Gravelle, Howard Graves, Nancy Greve, Do- lores GrifHn, Lanny Grilly, Elda Grosso. ROW 9-John Grzybowski, Paul Gulbransen, Martin Haag, Sandy Hackl, Arne Hagstrom, Warren Hamilton, Judy Hankoski, John Han- sen. ROW 10-Martha Hasseler, Thomas Hausen, Gerald Hautree, Ronald Hawley, Yuonne Hoan, Bill Hector, Carol Heim, Brian Helge. ROW 11-Bill Hermes, Gail Hernandez, Raul Hernandez, Judv Hildebrandt, William Hin- ton, John Hoffman, Janis Hoglund, Barb Holum. 32 . in ' 6 bw J as mi M Y my E it get iii wi is ,wa af-1. i R nada S K. QW f lk zi' '?i5f1:fQf2?:gg'fF R ..,...,.. ,MMM ,W - f xgiats X L. M2 -Rr' .. ,Z . ,Q ,znlnn 4 -.1' -g-. . s Aw . QEEEE: f , sw mm Ns. M we X fm 'QW Y 'ta 'W' , i .. ,ff W W, , ,M 'Nl-QF ' av W 'ww I? 'IT' t 1 as O mr mga gym? :E, ,.., . an A I , , 'L I 'fi . 11 ts W X S O PM , 5 , 'W 3 wffw sqm aa: N zzz -:-- : 5-.fi " ' W Q gg 2 Q sixgm' ' 41 ' in "" w i Q27 IT ' , --:-- ' .s m g ,, l. W ,J .Q are as We arrs. A W a ...... . . X z'.,a,. 'lzl' ' 'fits -,.,. V ...Q 'A" V R .em ,, 2 1 M as J W . . ...N , J www R ,151 'ma , ..... ig, ,K W S g rew, a S 2--:f-fzf.-If .,., ' il ill ali iffi.. NL ' " - aa we . ..,.. A . S ' ' , 7, all- all kc 1. Y' J fp ty : 'Q fum' l a-5 , ' Q X71 , , zzi A 3 'Q f P if xv fps 4' 'R 1 A 'N 9 if Lg, " P Tk J :N . 5 f , 4 ' Z: " J , ::,,:. fa X M? ssh W 4 :Ll Sis ' ,,, ,R , je , X v. 2 . . K - N, zz.. , J ..,.,1 mf gm Q, it ., . s r I - 92 '92 , . ..... g , ' an atm TM? it xl Q tf. gs 1 , is s VD? f '39 4 Q 'gbvyf my ,A 5 N' we E"'fu-,,,, , -J x . ,V,', y , we , a .,,, i lzzz fi 1 1. K Q aa --a f , YW, f - balm' 11 sa,- ll is va 27 - is ws U' A,.A .. fe' M, A s , f l, Q, JN 4- ,- 2 Mug, M . 'mx " , vw' 'Q Q ' S, ,Y TLT 4 -M as at ai.. aj . iv, .L s X- an . .' MN' I' M gf A A .- X -- -.-. . K ' 'I' P K.. -.... L' 5 sir' 3, i e A -':A' 2 Q' if, J' ex 1 N , . I 1 an 2. ff I g. fr m 55: Ka ifwfgg mms - S i .. . :: ,N Rs , 5 V na ,S is-W JZ , 1 4 , 'fs 5 s f 1" 'N . -fi 1 L 1- rf, . Cafe ' .., A. 4 ': " z "'2 -::' A.: . J A was ,X I ,.:,..,, 9, E J . Y. an Q., Q 2-'Y We fo ' t Q , "i w 551 ..?. 3-'3 f 2 s lfxis . 'T Y ' ' :EI V V ' ' Qin. . A ' 1', ?? "-: E: la, 14' W sh M. 9 P has :lx P 9 R Q X QT u- it , 1, ,war ez. t M sa M . , el.. WW' sf- :.,. "wer - L 'M - 1 .,,: ,,.. a T' IHVA 2 J ' iw Aww ,ik 11 v t .,.. ROW 1-Virginia House, John Housman, Karen Howard, Carol Howles, Betty Hranko, Marianne Hudson, Joseph Huegel, Clara Huerta. ROW 2-Sue Hyry, Joan Jacobs, Michele Jahn, Henry Januchowski, Herhy Januchow- ski, David Johnson, Richard Johnson, Thomas Johnson. ROW 3-Alice Jones, Faith Jones, Kenny Jones, John Kabaj, Gerald Kamin, Therese Kapion, Norman Kaplan, Carole Karobin. ROW 4-Sylvia Karp, Peter Kauss, Janet Kazen, John Kerr, Cheryl Kile, Edward Kil- lieeney, Donald Kilpatrick, Richard Kimber- mg. ROW 5-Janice Klein, Sandra Klein, Kenneth Klomnaus, Patricia Knezevieh, Darlene Knurek, Richard Koehler, Geraldine Koenig, Carol Kolar. ROW 6-Alex Konjetcrishe, Bette Anne Ko- now, Judy Kosco, Elaine Kouroupas, Loretta Lowalski, Noreen Krasawski, Richard Kratzen- berg, Kathleen Krimpler. ROW 7-XVayne Krol, Gertrude Kron, Theresa Krumrel, Barbara Krupa, Marie Kukula, Mar- vin Kunz, Pamela Kusay, Richard Kush. ROW 8-Corinne Kutschke, Larry Lambert, Robert Lambert, Sandra Lanasa, Vivian La- Plante, Karen Larson, Barry Laub, Judy Lauder. ROW 9-Louise Laughren, Beverly Lawrence, Heidi Lehnhardt, Roger Levani, Sandra Lewandowski, James Lewis, Toni Lee Lisak, Keith Long. ROW 10-Lupe Lopez, Victoria Lopez, Ken- neth Lulkowski, Greg Luri, Evelyn Lusher, Melvin MacFarlane, Sherrie Mack, Pat Man- ders. ROW 11-Maryann Manestar, Barbara Mar- cinkewicz, Anthony Marcussen, Bob Marsh, Dale Marshall, Marilyn Marshall, Rosie Mar- tello, Bonnie Martin. C RTI C RTI ROW 1-Bruce Martin, Sharon Marvel, Mi- chaelene Maryanovich, Joyce Maschmeyer, Diane Mattson, Dianne Matul, Kathryn Mc- Christie, Barb McClean. ROW 2-Tom McEwen, Kathy McFarland, Pat McGarry, Marsha McGovern, Sharon Mear, Rosa Mens, Nancy Mercier, Sharon Merman. ROW 3-Sandra Merva, Marilyn Meyer, Rob- ert Meyer, Judy Meyers, Robert Meyers, Carla Michaels, Richard Minnis, Bill Mixtacki. ROW 4-Donna Mocsary, Jack Morgan, Patri- cia Moorman, Patricia Moritti, Eleanor Moro, Dave Moskal, Dennis Mourgelas, Edwin Muehsler. ROW 5-Diane Mueller, Marlene Nagy, Pat Nagy, Lorraine Nardoni, Beverly Ne?ley, Floyd Nelson, Jeanne Nelson, Sandra Ne son. ROW 6-James Netchay, James Nichols, Bon- nie Norgard, Gerald Nyka, Charlotte Nyren, Richard Nystrom, Sharon O'Brien, Barbara Ociepka. ROW 7-Anita Ochoa, Joseph Oderio, Mary Oleszczuk, Bernadine Olietti, Joyce Olson, Judy O'Malley, Tom Orchowski, Richard Ores. ROW 8-Wayne Ores, Barbara Ortiz, Jesse Ortiz, Charlotte Page, Louise Pagliero, Berna- dette Palizak, Jack Panozzo, Louis Panozzo. ROW 9-Louise Panozzo, Dolores Paredes, Thomas Pasek, Alice Paw, Steven Perkovich, Esther Perysian, Marie Peters, Diane Pieler. ROW 10-Frances Plesek, Michael Poczik, Terry Podbielski, James Poelstra, Pat Portock, Jim Prohaska, Diane Pruitt, Jennifer Pursell. ROW 11-Bill Purvy, Tom Puzell, Louis Ratlin, Torn Rago, Carol Reckrodt, Lanette Renaldi, Patricia Rengh, Felicia Rigoni. 34 ROW 1-Jacqueline Resce, Margaret Richard- son, Barbara Riedstra, Cheryl Rigg, William Robb, Jim Roberts, Laurel Roberts, Kenneth Robinson. ROW 2-Louise Rooding, Robert Roos, Curtis Rosenberg, Janice Ross, Patricia Rubinas, Martha Rush, Janet Ruswick, Gerald Rydberg. ROW 3-Daniel Sabados, Joe Salazar, Nancy Salter, Louie Sarto, Oswald Sartori, Joyce Scheuermann, Barbara Schildmiller, Mike Schimanski. ROW 4-Marilyn Schmidt, Kenneth Schoon- vien, Anna Maria Schulte, Juanita Schwick, Robert Scott, Willie Sue Scott, Janice Seabolt, DoraJean Searls. ROW 5-Joey Sebastian, Sharon Seemphry, Margaret Sendejas, Sandra Seversen, Donna Shaft, Claude Shanklin, Jack Sherman, James Shworles. ROW 6-Jim Siddons, Richard Sienicki, Brigit- ta Jean Simon, Marilyn Simulick, Clara Sipka, Howard Skinner, Warren Skoglund, Peter Skourles. ROW 7-David Smalley, JoAnne Smith, Nancy Smith, Lillian Sobun, Frank Sojka, Dennis Soliday, Florence Solomon, Nancy Solomon. ROW 8-Richard Solomon, Cynthia Soltes, Carol Spakowski, Kenneth Spelitich, Carolyn Spiller, Ray Spiller, Raymond Spoerl, Peter Stanislawski. ROW 9-Lorreta Stella, Carolyn Stevens, Tom Stewart, Donald Stitzel, Carol Stolz, Bob Stone, Steve Storet, Patricia Stowell. ROW 10-Keith Strong, Joseph Stuart, John Subko, Jane Svoboda, Nick Swanson, Leslie Syemore, Rosalie May Tanis, Rose Marie Tanis. ROW 11-Maryann Taylor, Betty Teach, James Thompson, Tim Thomson, Carol Thorp, Ray Thorsky, Georgia Lee Todhunter, Carol Tompson. C RTI PM-M, , , ROW 1-Carol Tpinato, Joslyn Trentacosti, William Turesdale, Doris Tulp, Ann Tupycia, Virginia Tupycia, Jack Turkstra, Jeanette Uhl- mann. ROW 2-Barbara Van Rite, Peter Vander- Sterre, Patricia VandcrWeit, Denice Varga, James Vaugier, Diane Vianello, Roberta Vit- torelli, Robert Viviano. ROW 3-Elaine Vogt, Bob Wagman, Dorothy Walker, Marie Wahlen, Mary Ellen Walsh, Radyne Walsh, Jean Warcinius, Anita War- holat. ROW 4-Marie Warmuth, Patricia Warput, Robert VVashburn, Jamie Weaver, Patricia Werhollick, Gail VVestberg, Judy White, Shir- ley VVhitlock. ROW 5-Gail Widerlich, Sherry Wienold, Elizabeth Wills, Janice Wilson, Kathleen Wil- son, James Wise, Barbara Witt, Marcia Wojcik. ROW 6-Joyce Wurster, Judith Yates, Anna Mae Yuden, Michelle Zabarac, Barbara Zajac, Patricia Zaskopny, Gaston Zaugh, Barbara Zeisel. HOW 7-Nena Zink, Joe Zullo. Girls' Hall Guards Student Council CURTI , Y? ,S .L::e,a: 'W J K X ,. Neg-J rg 'nf 2, ' i CURTIS... COURIER REPS UNITED NATIONS CLUB BAND AND EEEEEEEEE NEWS REPS EEE. REPS OFFICE GIRLS CURTIS... PJXA. REPS RCY HALLGUARDS SCIENCE EAIR PARTICIPANTS CHESS CLUR SWIM TEAM TEACHER AND LIBRARY HELPERS 38 iii? w 25 N iii? 4 55 fe M W' ,, '44 as G 's L' at Q W ff: 3 M 1 .n""' M' 339. 'fi ef f ' 1 -.. ,QV pw. f '?j'- f.. if 0UT 0F TOWN 1 . p'? BJ , ,922 ., all wg!! ' gr vmlj 1 pw! 1 IE!! fs y, 'psf ! ui' " 91 J 4153 ' li V l l pf LX 'VX r F .Q L 9' E'- 5- 40 E IOR CLASS OF FEBRUARY, 1960 "After all those years of expectation, we're finally Seniors! But, gee, I don't want to leave, yet." For the last three years, the student has been looking forward to the Senior Year. The excitement and prestige that the student receives is worth the "torture" of the last three years. F reshies look up to them with awesome eyes, teachers hate them for being so brash, and their parents wonder why they are so lazy. This is a big year for them, the prom, increasing social activities, last minute preparations for college and scholarships, and graduation expenses keep the Seniors so busy that sometimes they don't even have time to do their homework. DONALD ARMSTRONG CLARENCE BOLDS JAMES BOLEN DOROTHY BOWDREY JOHN CARRARO GEORGE CERUTTI MIKE CRABASZ RONALD DAMPTO ROGER DE YOUNG ANTOINETTE DI STASIO ROBERT DREAS MELODY DYSON JAMES FITZWATER EVERETT FREBERG MARILYN GARTELMAN JAMES HAZDRA ROBERT HILLSTROM ROSE ANN MILLER ROBERT PARISE BETTY PLANKIS KATHY RHOMBERG LANCE RICCARDINI ROY SCHROEDER JOAN STAPLES IRENE STARKS ELAINE TAYLOR KENNETH THREATT EUGENE ULRICH DAVID VICE WILLIAM WHITLOCK WILLIAM WILDMAN RONALD WYRE LENORE ZEFILIPPO ROW 1-Cal Adair, Judy Adams, Ron Ahlson, Ethel Allen, Ken Anderson, Mary Anderson, Ron Anderson. ROW 2-Gene Baldelli, Bob Baffa, Judy Baf- Hone, Joseph Balkis, Mary Bastings, Zelma Batteast, Nancy Bergstrom. ROW 3-Olivia Bernal, Lynn Bertrand, Law- rence Bobbe, Mike Bobis, Sandra Bovenkerk, Matilda Bowie, Bob Brinkman. ROW 4-Tom Brodine, Madeline Camire, Diana Caretta, Roselle Carli, Jeff Christensen, Bob Church, Chester Chylinski. ROW 5-Sue Clair, Michele Colfer, Jerry Corgnoti, Dorothy Czajkowski, Barbara Dan- dridge, Kathleen Davis, Dolores Defacci. ROW 6-Larry DeKoker, Barbara Desadier, Barb DeVries, Gail DeWitt, Derald DeY0ung, Dennis Dryzga, George Duncan. ROW 7-Ron Eckberg, Judy Eisenbrandt, Nancy Elderworth, Judy Enlow, Wayne Erickson, Sherry Ewing, Joseph Fagan. ROW 8-Jerry Farina, Jeanne Fitzgerald, Mary Foster, Paula Francis, George Frank, Linda Freeman, Bob F ruhstuk. BOW 9-Phillip Gallagher, Barb Calmines, Ron Gayer, Hank Geibel, Sandra Giese, Clenell Gilis, Rich Giron. ROW 10-Lora-Lee Glahn, Phyllis Glaubke, Doreen Godbout, Carol Godshall, Bill Gordon, Evelyn Gorman, Rita Gottardo. Cfaziri of Wnefeen Sxfy . . . 4'l ROW 1-Elizabeth Griffin, Bonnie Groos, Bob Gunderson, Arlene Harnilton, Grace Hardee, V Rosaland Harvey, Lorraine Hein. , , Xi fl-F ROW 2-John Herman, Margo Heurta, Henry Hines, Sandy Hodolitz, Dan Hoffman, Marvin Hollovvell, Gerry Holmquist. ROW 3-Bruce Hopkins, Lee Howles, Joseph Hughes, Terry Hunt, Ken Hutchinson, Betty Hutton, Peter Jacobs. ROW 4-Eleanor Jamerson, Joan Jarrnotz, Carol Jasica, Bobbi Jensen, Joy Jernberg, Carol Johnson, Dorothy Johnson. ROW 5-Molly Johnson, Wayne Johnson, Carol Kedelis, Barb Klein, Bruce Koch, Thomas Kolaris, Margo Kolom. ROW 6-Rosemarie Kossak, Florence Kot- Wicki, Ruth Kramer, Ken Krimpler, Wayne Krueger, Carol Larson, Karin Lepper. ROVV 7-Bert Lindstrom, Jo Ann Littles, Sue Lloyd, Edward Lundberg, Diana Mack, Arlene Magnabosco, Marilyn Magnus. ROW 8-Rosalie Mansfield, Anthony Maro, Wayne Marsh, Margot Martin, Bill Martin, Jim McDougall, Roger McElheney. ROW 9-Herbert McGuin, Judy Mcllrath, Sue McLeamore, Evan Miller, Ginger Miller, Marcia Moberg, Vicki Moro. ROW 10-Wallace Mugg, Joyce Murino, Ron Nagler, Carole Napoli, Shirley Nelms, Elaine Nelson, Don Newgren. CKGJ5 of mfleteefl . . . ft Y New tg-MR f., -f . fi its s ll lx I x 3. 'R ,Xi PK, ROW 1-julie Oehlsen, Anne Olson, Bob Ostensen, Ray Otto, Lou Ann Panas, Livia Panozzo, Elaine Pappas. ROW 2-Dennis Parker, Donna Personaire, Pat Peterson, Carol Petrongelli, Barbara Phillips, james Pirtle, Delores Prince. ROW 3-Bella Rago, Mary Rago, jim Ram- beaux, Bonnie Redelsperger, Arbeth Reit- meyer, Bob Remmert, Pat Renstrom. ROW 4-Paul Reinhart, Neal Rowe, Richard Ryan, Eileen Schinzel, Claudia Schmidt, Fred Schwickrath, Elmer Seaquist. ROW 5-Sharon Sekela, Sharon Severson, Susan Shadle, Linda Sikma, Judy Silander, Bob Spake, Sybil Smith. ROW 6-Ron Staehlin, Larry Stephens, Carol Stitnicky, Donna Stone, julie Sumner, Carol Tanis, Shirley Thoney. ROW 7-judv Tierney, jackie Tolleson, Nancy Torstad, XVayne Trainer, NVilliam Tryon, Diane Tumas, Carol Turkstra. ROW 8-Carol VanderVeen, Elaine Vander- wall, Dennis Vogel, jim Voves, Chuck NVag- ner, Sandra NVagner, Gloria Watkins. ROW 9-Walt Xvattman, Barry NVerkman, Mary Ellen NVhitaker, Kathy VVhitt, Helen XVonsowicz, Bob NVright, Doug Wroblewski. ROW 10-jerry Zeilcus. CZQ66 0 inefeen gxfy . . . 43 ALBANO, DOMINICK ANDERSON, DAVID ANDERSON, SUSAN BROWN, BEN BERRY, PATT BEST, MARCIA BLACK, MARCIA BONDORA, WAYNE BORGER, NANCY BRUCKER, ARMOND BURKE, LORETTA CALDERWOOD, RUSSELL CANALIA, PETER CAUSGROVE, JAMES CHAMPLAIN, ARLENE COLBX, CARL COSTELLO, DOROTHY CRAWFORD, BETTY DANIELS, JULIE DERING, ROGER DIVELY, DEAN DOLAN, EILEEN DYBIS, MARCLYN ERKINE, CHARLES ESTRANDA, MARGARET ETTEMA, JUDY FERNGREN, CARL FERNGREN, WILLIAM FITZGERALD, GEORGE UNIOR CLASS OF 1961 "Upper classmen, at last! How will I ever get through the next two years?" Most juniors do not know whether to look forward to the next couple of years or not. This is the year when old SB themes can be found on sale for a dollar a page. The "top ten" of the class will be announced for the first time, but that, no doubt, will change radically. This year the social aspect of the student's life will begin to broaden considerably. There are many openings in school activities that were never dreamed of before, both in the Service and social capacity. All of a sudden, National Honor points begin to mount up, journalism Students, preparing for Courier and News Staff, are hopeful of attaining membership in Quill and Scroll. This is also the time when everyoneis grades Seem to drop off. The Junior year is quite a challenge to the Student, it has a lot to offer, but can make or break a person who does not carefully budget his time. 0UT 0F TOWN FLANERY, DONNA CARZOLINE, RONALD GERMERAAD, RICHARD GLEIM, BARBARA GONZALEZ, MIKE GORDON, DAVID HARRIS, MILAN IIAWLEY, CAROL HENCE, SHIRLEY HOVANES, BOB JACKSON, KAY JAROS, WALTER JERGENSON, KATHY IUHLIN, GLENDA KABELIS, BOB KARKO, ROBERT KIZMAN, CAROLYN KLAMP, WAYNE KOOYENCA, VIVIAN KONACIN, NANCY KROPORNICKI, NANCY LEMIEUX, DOUGLAS LUTKASKI, BERNARD MALLOY, JOHN MILLER, DAVID MULINEX, ROGER NELSON, GAIL NOVAK, BARBARA NYLAND, WAYNE 0'BRIAN, DAN 0'CONNEL, BARBARA OLSON, RICHARD OLSON, SANDRA OSBORNE, WILLIAM PANOZZO, LOUIS PROKOPI, ROBERT PRUITT, JOSEPH RAGO, DONNA RIZZITELLO, FLORENCE RUBY, LENORE RUHL, IRVING SCHACHTER, LEON SCHURES, SANDRA STANLEY, TERRY STAVROS, IAN STINNETT, DAN SUMMERS, RICH SZULC, ROBERT THOMPSON, PAMELA THOMPSON, PATRICIA TIMMERMAN, BILL VANDERPLOEC, CAROLE VAN SLOBIC, ROBERT WATSON, ROGER WADE, WATSON WOLFRANSKI, DAN WRIGHT, ROBERT YOUNG, MAC ZAPF, LAURA MAY as . 1- .,..',.,:,,, ' 'xl ,ws f, , F : . l y M "" 5,11 46 Z9 N fb , , Q X .,,: E ,,..... , A x ,R . -' .+. V . in V M zi. Y A ye. Q 1 is 'lam ,J Q an at ' in x A., Z 5 Q. is if f'- ai I x .,.,, , Q TIM. 4 i , f , v so s f . H' . ::,A ,. W, 'A D ' '--- , w Q AIA.. A llzlzl, '-2211, A B R 1 n f ,,,, s ,, f :-:-::- as ,,,,, , , . M' -V V Q , W ,xl V . 2?-453.1 'TT az.. ,::-v A: J.e, j ,fx X, :': if Q , , zzz' :1 in 1 A f 'mi 2 we aff' if ,1.,,, gif' '1,,:, if ! ,., 1., ' as J "':: .A ' ,QW g' ff: , , fa- 1, A if ROW 1-Ray Adduci, Gabe Adducci, Rich Adduci, Harry Adler, Richard Albert, Adrienne Albin, Charles Alexander. ROW 2-Sandy Alford, Barbara Alkire, John Alm, VVoodroW Almon, Carol Anderson, Fred Anderson, jack Anderson. ROW 3-jackie Anderson, Ian Anderson, Karen Anderson, Priscilla Anderson, Kathy Andrews, Marion Anuth, Robert Aring. ROW 4-Art Armzaast, Tom Asmus, Arlene Astolas, Phillip Bain, Carol Bako, Phillis Barg, Joseph Barisas. ROW 5-Elaine Barrow, Ed Bazal, Roger Becka, Roger Beckt, Arlene Behrens, Barb Belden, Eileen Benson. gfarid of Hllefeell One ROW 6-Douglas Bereza, Karin Berg, Roy Bergman, Jane Bergstrom, Betty Bertz, Carol Berzenski, james Betourne. ROW 7-Sharon Beukema, Kenneth Bian, Donna Bilecki, Roy Billsbarrow, janet Blom, Linda Blomquist, Ronald Bobbowski. ROW 8-Tom Boelcke, John Boersma, Beverly Boffo, joan Bogie, Bob Bogomil, Donna Bolduc, Dennis Bolt. ROW 9-Norma Bombegetti, Judy Bonzell, Bob Bosak, Antoinette Bovino, Janice Bovino, Eugene Boyd, Harold Braden. ROW 10-Marilyn Bradtke, Eleanor Bregin, john Bresland, Edda Bretz, James Brink, Sarah Brinkman, Bernard Bromstrop, 'L we 2 -K ,, V 4 'Mfg ,N 'im 'si W , rx K, 5352: M., , 2' 1. WK:-3, ' x ic:- 1' 4. , MBS my .f :, We iff :vzf 2 ....,.. x 3, .. 1 r , - 5"-I If -::::::::::,, .. .,.,. W 'M will me gf, ' 1 so , ,Mk "' -523: E '59 E A A lf' ,W ,810 an ,,. fi '--- ' me fr ,,... '-Q-- Q3 in ,,,.. , 'V N6 i :-: le,-ff! ' -5 , luuu , " lii' ,..- 3 ' ' ""i 1' ' " ., C x ,,:' il ,,,f,1 W - gi - , , H. J MLM, . . ..,, -":-'- V' ' Ma Q, A W zz, wa ra. 'li '43 - :" - ' 2' f jg.. ,,,,,,,,,,, W ,ff 7 lzzz Afro, , M , errr a H lsfml 1 3 W iffffii, .ff .,.. 1 IZA A'::':: , , W' fa V f x Z. by if an '24, A 3 "" f ,,,,,,- 2 X 1, 2 ,,.' A ..,,, , 1, :ax ,::,., 5 . ., , X 1 A- ' 894' Q. 5, ,, V f ' A: ,, . ., W My M W Q , -... ' Kwan A YW. A ,. ., , Rx A 4 l 45 ROW 1-Kay Brouwer, Anna Brown, Elaine Brown, Yvonne Brown, Shirley Brucer, Mar- CLJ5 of Hlfleteelfl ROW 6-Carolyn Cerutti, Karen Childs, Janet Chilelli, Gerald Chochelek, Fred Clark, George Clark, Janice Clark. ROW 7-Louise Clemens, Lynn Clemens, Tom Clodfetter, Eleanor Cole, Sharon Coleman, Sharon Collins, Evelyn Cooke. ROW 8-Barbara Cooper, Dennis Cooper, Pam Cooper, Norma Corollo, Celeste Cosby, Ercene Coulter, Dorothy Cox. ROW 9-Jo Anne Crane, Norman Crasko, Donna Crean, Earl Cree, Bob Crelly, Elayne Crocker, Julius Crockett. ROW 10-Barbara Cross, james Crump, An- nette Cunningham, Claire Custer, Vernon Dahlstrom, Barb Dalbey, Ioyce Damrill. garet Buchanan, Sandra Bukovi. ROW 2-Candy Bulfer, Bonnie Bult, Barbara Bunting, Jill Burge, Sharon Burgeson, Emily Burin, ROW Cadell, Lynne Burke. 3-Virginia Busch, Bob Bzdek, Bob Patricia Cahill, Lynell Cain, Prines Campbell, John Cangeni. ROW 4-Iudv Capriglione, Patricia Carli, David Carlig, Roy Carlson, Ruth Ann Carlson, Kathy Carlyle, Jack Carpenter. ROW 5-Ed Carr, Sharon Carroll, Donna Cascetta, Ronald Casson, Neil Caauwe, Paul Celani, nfe O O O Russell Cenko. . ..,, f -r H 1- -R . . , og ., . Q X W ' ---a .V . f:2saas.5a,5,.Q ' "f' 'Fr .:. -,555 ' - 'f 'v ,,,,r.g ry, j f i i Y , , 1' if 5' ff x ""' W 2, ,... w"3 , I" - iii 'Pix :gg 3-,si , ' ,z E , 'EE' "" . I 7 3 A W W .. 1 ,I f X - gg 1 I .,..,. ' , x - . jxiffr " a - ' - ,Qf i fxjsf 4 , if - sz, . he ,. . 5, 1 .. x . W? ' .5 'X .V . .,.,. -X - 'ii V x' . f :ai E 'n fjfi f If '2e,'?,g,f ff," ':' K . ' ' ""' ff ' -,-. Q , ,gui - 2 :wg , j' f x I A A , f , ii ::,,. , .. I., f ' f t K 5 , A I, , ' I V . i ..,, ., .... as ,. ,H . -1-. , . . . ' 5? X' . , 44 hw vw 3 E it nf-::e:' " .... O . X by I - - ,,. 5 A, ' -1 3:-z-" V - ,,f CE.. - M -E ' ' 5:55:W. sf? - 7 , , t . A ""' X x -- A-VV H ' fa I, f 1 yf ,K 5 : - sw, v e s r . r is , .., . ,f , t . 'V I' w , no r r, '1f..' 1 -2 A-:EE-XXV A' 1 .. ly, Q13 'Q' 'I L , f K? .... ROW 1-Cathy Dangelo, Lynda Danovsky, Larry Davidson, Melody Davis, Karen Dawe, Sylvis DeBock, Able DeHaan. ROW 2-Ronald DeHaan, john DelPonte, Bob DeMarco, Jim Demkowich, Diane Demko- wicz, Roger Dering, Phil Derrico. ROW 3-James DeSalvo, Fred Dessecker, Geraldine DeVries, Karen DeVries, Annette Dexter, Edwin DeYoung, Cay DeYoung. ROW 4-Sharon DeYoung, Linda Dickinson, Robert Diekon, Tom Disz, Georgia Ditt, Tom Divine, Karen Dolinick. ROW 5-Sally Domark, Barb Donnelly, Doro- thy Drabik, Richard Drabik, Bill Drapel, Judy Drauden, Tom Druetzler. , ,ugd Q 2' J' xt -'.,, I, 4 .2 -W x 'W' ig. W W N? CKGAJ 0 Mlleteell QR? . . . i ROW 6-Peter Drungle, Marlene DuFrene, Cindy Dumont, Mary Duncan, Shirley Dybis, Karin Dykstra, Iohn Easton. ROW 7-Doris Eller, Ernest Ellingson, Mau- reen Ellzey, Carolyn Emme, Roy Ergo, Sharon Erickson, Iim Esposito. ROW 8-George Essenberg, Carole Evens, Donald Evers, Marsha Factor, VVilliam Fal- berg, Richard Falsey, Connie Fay. ROW 9-Lorraine Federowski, Tom Fehsel, Donna Felicicchia, joe Felicicchia, Mark Ferazza, Maryal Fiorenzi, Carol Fiorette. ROW 10-Bob Fisher, Fran Fitzpatrick, Sue F itzuk, Io Ann Fletcher, Jacqueline Francone, Regina Franczyk, Darlene Franzen. ROW 1-jackie Frazer, Don Frederick, Bette Friedman, Fred Frigo, Bill Fryer, Roy Fron- czyk, Chester Furtek. ROW 2-Barbara Gagus, Marsha Gard, Sharon Gaspari, Corinne Gatto, Judy Gatz, Karen Geary, Gerald Geenen. ROW 3-jesse Gerez, Paul Geringer, Sue Geringer, Sharon Ghidotti, john Giliette, john Gilmore, Richard Giordano. ROW 4-Louise Goeke, Elizabeth Goetz, Christine Golden, Ben Golecki, Ray Good, Carol Gooday, Terry Goodwine. ROW 5-F rank Gorcowski, Nadine Gottardo, Mark Graham, Aurelia Cranberry, Darlene Grant, Donna Grega, Marsha Grens. is E ra: . fa X girlie l il. f 5 if 'GY' E , Bl!! Q " ff' gfdfid 0 Hflefeefl UIQ? . . :5 vc' , --1 ,. Qi: 5 zaa E E5 :.: .,.,.,.,' , . ,, X jizz.. -f - ,A aw 4 ,,i, f 3357 1 2 ftf :a4re ,t,-,' i a at 'Z E' fy f an r ERT f ,K f at A mf M MR ROW 6-john Greve, Kathleen Griflin, Har- riette Groundwater, Douglas Grover, Patricia Guinzio, Maurein Gulbransen, Leona Guljas. ROW 7-Mary Lou Gunder, Ruth Gustafson, Susan Guthrie, Madeline Hackett, Paul Hackl, Grant Hagberg, Robert Hammermeister. ROW 8-Lenore Hankosky, Lynne Hansen, Arvin Hansen, Robert Hansen, Carole Hard- ing, Lorin Harris, Carol Hartford. ROW 9-Richard Harwood, James Heffron, Martin Hegglin, Richard Heller, Roger Hel- lings, Ed Hendrickson, Gene Henke. ROW 10-Lorraine Herdina, Judy Hill, Mamie Hill, Henryne Hines, Sandra Hoendervoogt, Bob Hoffman, Edelgad Hoffman. H066 0 Mfleteelfl ROW 6-Haven Jorgensen, Terry Jugensen, Donald Kamis, John Kandl, John Kandron, Barbara Karahin, Diana Karabin. ROW 7-Elaine Karkolas, Judy Kaselau, Betty Kass, Ken Kasza, Ellen Kause, Julie Kavis, James Keidell. ROW 8-Donna Keirnan, Charles Kelly, Jean Kemmer, Gloria Kemp, Lynn Kennaugh, Cheryl Keil, Terry Kilbride. ROW 9-Donna Kimmel, Dawn King, Kenneth Kinsella, Don Kirchhofl, James Klazek, Carol Klilowski, Delores Klinger. ROW 10--Pam Knauff, Cecelia Knepper, Robert Knezevich, Robert Knitter, Anne Knudsen, Carol Kocan, Sundae Kocher. ROW 1-William Hoffmeister, Nancy Holst, Craig Holt, Lois Horsky, Harry Housman, Vernon Howe, Rose Heumpfner. ROW 2-Laura Huffman, Mary Diane Huff- man, Dorene Hughes, Dorothy Husum, Carol Hynzny, Ken Iborg, Gerri Inglimo. ROW 3-Pat Irvine, Roger Isenhart, Pricilla Jacobek, Donna Jacoby, Sharon Jager, Joan Januchowski, Thomas Janzen. ROW 4-Pat Japeikus, Gary Jenner, Gladys Jenson, Linda Jenson, Mike Jenson, Jim Jobe, Ron Johansen. ROW 5-Bill Johnson, Charles Johnson, Den- nis Johnson, Karen Johnson, Linda Johnson, Warren Johnson, Eugenia Jones. One... 'iff' .,,,, , Q 1 4 1 1 f x Z ROW 1-Fred Koenig, John Koesma, David Koester, Karen Koller, Diane Komm, Sylvia Kopczynski, Joanne Korenek. ROW 2-George Korienek, John Korienek, Susanne Kornafel, Carol Korte, Dorothy Kosick, Carol Kostecki, John Kras. ROW 3-Judy Krause, Robert Krenkel, Larry Krezemer, Karen Krusell, Janet Kuczara, Patricia Kuhn, Geraldine Kulak. ROW 4-Loral Kutscha, Carol Kuyper, Louis Lafayette, Anita Lamb, Diane Lambos, Carol Langdo, Dawn Larson. ROW 5-Ken Larson, Joan Laschober, John Laschober, Jo-Anne Lasher, Ron Laub, Karen Laughren, Karen Laverman. GSM of nlleteefl One . . . ROW 6-Glenn Leach, Mike Lee, Robert Leopardo, Jerry Lepper, Gloria Lesinski, Arlene Lewandowski, Bob Liggett. ROW 7-Pat Lilly, Judy Lindell, Robert Lindmark, Joan Lindskos, Kenneth Linkus, Rose Lipinski, Leva Livingston. ROW 8-John Lobbes, Edwin Locklin, Donna Loess, Bonnie Loser, John Lucadello, Barbara Lucarz, Barbara Lucas. ROW 9-Lorraine Luchyn, Bob Macari, Nancy MacFarlane, Nancy Mack, Rich Maddon, John Madon, Alan Magnabosco. ROW 10-Bob Malkas, Joan Malkowski, Andi Manes, Keith Marchi, Rita Marconcello, Bo Markhan, James Markov. .Y ROW 1-John Marshak, John Marshall, Sylvia Martin, Phyllis Marzewski, Loretta Matras, Ken Matson, Joan Maxwell. ROW 2-Richard Maxwell, Karen May, Sandra Mayer, Kris Maylath, Karen Mazanik, Francis Mazzorana, Tom McCadd. ROW 3-Douglas MCCOYIIIZIC, Terry Mc- Creddy, Ken McDonald, Carol McElroy, James McGhee, Paul McGillivray, Rod Mc- Govern. ROW 4-Bonnie McKinnon, William McLach- lan, Gary McMaken, Bill McVer, Josephine Meador, Tom Mear, Barbara Mechtershiemer. ROW 5-Sylvia Mellroth, Tom Messian, Robert Meyer, Harriet Michaels, Joann Michal, Adele Miller, Arthur Miller. at x Q will Q Cfdfffl 0 Hfleteefl 008 . . . , x , , -A 51 A A ,. ' If W, ' Vi,. . , 2 Q ' A, 9 ? V Y mr . lzz., ,if 'Q v we. Wx ROW 6-Diane Miller, Jim Miller, Mary Lou Miller, Ruth Miller, Marilynn Minderman, Ken Minkema, Lee Minoque. ROW 7-Regina Mistro, Larry Mitchell, Phil- lip Mohler, Suzanne Mohr, Ralph Moncado, Joe Moore, Joann Moran. ROW 8-Richard Mortenson, Nina Mshar, Joyce Mundo, Barbara Murowski, Madeline Murphy, Joan Murray, Janice Myland. ROW 9-Terry Nagelvoort, Dennis Nagy, Naomi Nangle, MaryAnn Napoli, Phil ip Narish, Sharon Neath, Jean Nelson. ROW 10-Jean Nelson, Karen Nelson, Ruth Nelson, Arnie Newman, David Nichols, Phyllis Nieland, Ken Niles. ROW 1-Charles Norder, Barbara Nore, Har- old Noren, Pamela Norkus, Annette Novello, Margie Nun, Donna Okleshen. ROW 2-Ross Olander, Marlene Oldenburg, Cheryl Olsen, janet Olsen, Glenn Olson, Harry Olson, Charles Oppenlander. ROW 3-Carol Orich, Lynn Osberg, Margie Ostendorf, Christine Ostrowski, Edward Palis, Mary Palm, Mitzi Palmquist. ROW 4-Aloma Panozzo, Iohn Parish, Barbara Parker, Carol Parkes, Ronald Patterson, Don- ald Patz, Ed Pavlick. ROW 5-Gail Payette, Robert Penzenik, Becky Perez, Caryl Peterson, Dan Peterson, Judy Peterson, Sandra Peterson. G65 0 Wfleteefl 0710 . . O S ROW 6-Kenneth Peting, joan Piotrowski, Sharon Plantinga, Bill Plucinski, Jackie Plu- zynski, Charlotte Pochron, Dorothy Pocius. ROW 7-Virginia Poeins, Raymond Polak, Marge Ponseigo, Irwin Pope, Dale Porter, Barbara Post, Douglas Potter. ROW 8-Rich Pozza, Susan Pullen, Natalie Preskus, Eleanor Price, Terry Price, Gerry Prohaska, Nancy Prospolonis. ROW 9-Judith Prove, Linda Prytz, Mary Lou Pusztay, Carol Putman, Gail Quinlan, Marie Quiroz, Bob Raatjes. ROW 10-Robert Radziwon, Ken Rago, Carol Ramsay, john Rausch, Marilyn Reato, Marilyn Rebb, Roberta Rekash. "" ,. ' ., -- V V, .,., ns. EM- Q i if 22' . . , ,. 4 - ...,. Q :W-1 is W f '- 'll 2 ' -1-I5 - - ' ' wif W W 1 , ,.,. ix QW iiJ ? 3 M K. Y, ay- 5, Q W l W l ' I 4--.X .gggsf 2:2"' zz, 5 :.,:, 1 as X - ROW 1-Mary Reynhout, Gary Reynolds, Wayne Richards, Car Rigoni, Miche Rishel, Carl Roberson, James Roberts. ROW 2-Donald Robinson, Ronald Robinson, Joan Rock, Patricia Romanek, Judy Roos, Bert Rosendahl, Terry Rosser. ROW 3-Curt Roy, Karen Rubinas, Joyce Rudd, Gayle Ruisaid, Judy Rusczyk, Russell Ruswick, Donna Sable. ROW 4-Marcia Sack, Lorraine Salamon, Jean Sample, Manuel Sanchez, Pat Sands, Louise Santorso, Cynthia Sasso. ROW 5-F rank Scaglione, Charles Scalet, Ed Schill, Christine Schmudde, Melodee Schram, Sharon Schreffer, Albert Schroeder. Cfariri of Mflefeell One . . . ROW 6-Joan Schroll, Tom Schuller, Ronald Schwarcz, Martin Schwick, Darlene Sciacero, Ann Scrutchions, Judith Sebahar. ROW 7-Joanne Sebben, Beverly Seidel, Susan Senitz, Judy Severin, Marge Shaffer, Elinor Shapiro, Karen Shaffner. ROW 8-Dan Sheehan, Carol Shepherd, John Sherman, Jim Shields, Jim Shields, Carolyn Shimanek, Steve Shostrum. ROW 9-Karen Shwathl, Carol Sigrist, Bonny Sikma, Harold Skogland, Ronald Skold, Mike Skrznski, Belinda Smith. ROW 10-Jane Smith, Milton Smith, Bill Smolilc, Tom Somtao, Judy Sopetti, Paulette Sowonik, Carol Spiess. at if 1 Rasa! N A in an ROW 1-Randy Spitzer, Terry Spivak, Shirlley Spoolstra, Robert Staat, Mary Ann Staugaitus, Judy Stegmeyer, Arlene Stell. ROW 2-Arlene Stelter, Carol Stepanian, Fred Stetzo, Lynn Stevenson, Judy Stewart, Margaret Stewart, John Stirling. ROW 3-Alan Stockus, Shirl Stone, Gene Storm, Violet Stosur, Diane Strom, Margaret Strong, Edna Stuart. ROW 4-Jan Subko, Sandra Sullivan, Susie Sullivan, Gail Sumner, Julie Sundell, Donald Sundstrom, Betty Suominin. ROW 5--Vickie Susnis, Clarence Swanson, Larry Swanson, Audry Tancos, Howard Tanis, Joy Tanis, John Tatlcus. C056 of Hflefeefl One . . Q ROW 6-Twila Teel, Bruce Terris, Louis Testolin, Maria Thewis, Sandra Thompson, Bill Thomson, Thomas Thomson. ROW 7-Gloria Thorp, Darlene Thorsky, Philip Thullen, Barbara Timm, Lorraine Tis- dale, Robert Toigo, Elysa Toler. ROW 8-Evelyn Townsend, Bill Tracy, Enso Trevison, Jerry Trojanowski, April Troy, Judy Trozpek, Dan Turillo. ROW 9-Art Turkstra, Verna Turner, Dick Uhler, Donna Vaicunos, Judy Valerio, Helen Vandenberg, Carol Vander May. ROW 10-Jon Vanderstees, Ray Vander- woude, Katherine Van Dyke, Ruth Van Witzenburg, Charlene Veir, Josie VerWay, Emil Vidale. ROW 1-Mary Lou Vince, Douglas Vogt, Bob Volkart, Beverly Vollman, Lorraine Waitekus, Rubin Walker, Daphne Ward. ROW 2-Fred Wasserman, Karla XVatson, Sandra Weber, Gayle VVeding, Iudith Weg- larz, Arron Wells, Lorraine Wencloff. ROW 3-William West, Leonard White, Pat White, Ron Whitman, Tom Whittington, Gary Wick, joan Wiese. ROW 4-Madline Wilger, George WVilkes, Karon Williams, Sharon Williams, Barbara Wilson, Rita Wnukowski, Art Woelifer. ROW 5-Mary Lou Wojcik, Ron Wojcik, Earl Wood, Howard Wood, Pauline Woods, Ed- ward Wragg, Joan Wrobel. a A fl? Lal 6K6l5f5 0 Wlleteell ROW 6-Mary Wroblewski, Lynn Wundur- lich, Franklin Wysocki, john Wzinski, Char- lotte Yaeger, Larry Young, Warren Young. ROW 7-james Younger, Ronald Zaharas, Cathy Zambon, jim Zeephate, Carol Zegley, Barbara Zelek, Harvey Zimmer. ROW 8-jim Zimmerman, Tom Zmuda, Elmer Zonta, Carol Zornow, Annette Zullo. One... 1 2 A E 1 0UT 0F TOWN KATHY ABEDUTO CAROL ADAMS JOSE AIRUT ROBERT ALBBECT 'BEVERLY ALSTERDA Jo ANN AMELSE CARL ANDERSON GEORGE ANGEL JANICE BALDWIN RUEBEN BARRERA PAT BASILE LEO BATTAGLIAN JANET BATTERSON VERA BENETTI MARTHA BENSON THOMAS BERGSTROM ARTHUR BOYAR BILL BRESLAND JOE BUCHALO BARBARA BURNEKA KENNETH BYE TOMAS CHIDICHIMA JUDY CLARKE DIRK CLAUSING DONALD CUNNINGHAM MARIO DEL COTTO KENNETH DE MARCO BARBARA DE WINTER ROBERT DRUZKOWSKI DURWOOD DYE ROBERT EGAN JAMES EPPERSON MARILYN ERICKSON NANCY EELCYN GEORGE FREDERICK RONALD FREDERICKSON JOHN FRIGO 56 0Pll0 ORE CLASS OF 1962 'LHOW can those Freshies be so dumb? Anyone knows that there is no elevator in this school!" How much more sophisticated and experienced the Sophomores are. They look so intelligent as they carry jars filled with bugs down the halls, and as a boy slyly slips a locust down a girl's back. Seriously, the second year of high school is characterized by many discoveries and improvements on the part of the student. No longer does he hold tight to his grammar school loyalties, and no longer does he feel jittery and reticent in front of teachers and upper classmen. He has discovered that, although school is work, it can also be a lot of fun. Hall passes do not appear to be quite as essential as they did last year, nor do textbooks. The Sophomore has just gotten out of his shell, now he will begin to discover for himself the wonderful world of high school, and what it has to offer him. JOANNE FULAYTER RONALD GAGNON MICHEAL GALLAGHER MARILYN GAMBLE PAT GANAKA ROBERT GHIDOTTI WILLIAM GODBOUT GREGORY HARPST NANCY HASSE MARGE HENNING GEORGE HERZOG WILLIAM HICE JOAN HODOLITZ ALICE HUERTA DON JOHNSON RICHARD JOHNSON LYNN JOHNSTON EDWARD JONES LINDA KAPLAN CAROL KOSCO GEORGE KRYJAK ANGELA LEODORO PATRICIA LINDGREN JOANNE LIPINSKI CAROL LUKSO PHYLLIS MACEY GEORGE MACHAMER JERRY McALPINE DAN MGCORT JOYCE McMAHON BOB MIKOLAITIS BILL MILMINE JAMES MONCADO BOB MULLEN KEN NIETUPSKI CAROL OARFALIAN WILLIAM OKLESHEN BOMIO OSENGA PHYLLIS OTTO THOMAS PAPP EULALIA PARTEE JERRY PEDERSOLI DELORES PLRELRIS THOMAS POWELL PATRICIA RADLEY KEN REYNOLDS TERRIL RIBAD JAMES RICKORD PATRICIA RIORDAN FRANK RODELLI JAMES RYAN DONNA SALLER JACK SANDSTROM EDWIN SINARS DOLORES SINDA DIANNE SMITH DENNIS STACHMUS ED STEELE EDGAR STEPHENSON SHARON SULKA WALLY SZEZECINA GISELE TERZIAN MARILYN TOIGO RICH TODD .IOSEPH TURLOW SANDRA VAN DYKE CAROL VIANELLO CARL VICINTI FRANK WIATROWSKI RANDY WENIG THOMAS WOIT AS BEVERLY WOODS DALE WORKMAN VIRGINIA ZAPALA G Q 3 li' 1 f . , 4 gg -, vw' J L.. Q. , .. ,. C ' A L J ,S ag- K,,.,, gg. . . , ,. :-- X ff 1'., -.,... A IZ' A a x..g,,3 .1 . 'V ' I .T-Q Z f Q uui, , .L U. Ln: ,J , ":'- " l :.. ff X A H. A , 22:2 ax rx J X I .K J I A- ef f ' s. . I I H xr , C ak- af-:.,., I- X, X W if :., -A , "'V- 2':1':f 'ZI CLASSOF 1962 ROW 1-Marjie Aardema, Mary Adams, Al Adducci, Joyce Adduci, joan Ala, Diane Alberini, Cary Alberini. ROW 2-Gerald Alcott, Jerilynn Aylmer, Charles Anderson, Dorothy Anderson, Tom Anderson, Vernen Anderson, George Angle. ROW 3-Richard Anrendt, Edward Antosh, Donna Arends, Paul Ashack, Dave Avakian, Bob Axelson, Cary Axelson. ROW 4-Susan Baclene, Sandy Bahno, Diane Baldelli, Carol Barbero, Cheryl Barclay, Mar- ilyn Barczi, Linda Bamett. ROW 5-Craig Barrow, janet Bartholomew, Anthony Basil, Lonny Bass, Judy Batchleor, Karen Baugher, Bob Bauza. ROW 6-Robert Behrns, Sharon Beilke, Pat Bekker, Danil Bell, Marguerite Bellis, Emily Belotti, Melodye Benash. ROW 7-Roberta Benjamin, Marisa Bernardi, Connie Bessinger, Elizabeth Biehl, Fred Bish- ton, Robert Blackmer, Maria Blocher. ROW 8-Janice Blodgett, Richard Bloom, Marcia Boalc, Donna Bodnar, Nancy Boersma, john Bohanek, Philip Bohn. ROW 9-Joyce Bonagura, Diana Bordas, Lucy Borden, John Borgo, Louis Borgo, Candy Borne, Dave Borst. ROW 10-Wayne Bose, Rose Boskey, Marina Bouranis, Marlene Bovino, Max Bowman, Diane Boyer, Mary Boylan. ROW 11-Pam Brakel, William Brazzale, Ron Briggs, Duanne Broadhead, jeanene Brooks, Marilyn Brotherson, Beth Brown. 57 CLASS OF 1962 ROW 1-Carol Brown, David Buchan, Sue Buchler, Robert Budzius, John Buettgen, John Bukowski, John Bulf. ROW 2-Lee Bullinger, Robert Burgeson, Richard Burgholzer, Phyllis Burnson, Barbara Butkus, Annie Butler, Tom Camire. ROW 3-Carrie Canalia, Barbara Carapezza, Jim Carey, Don Carli, Cheryl Carlson, Kay Carlson, Leslie Carlson. ROW 4-Ronald Carlson, Sandra Carlson, Wil- liam Carroll, Daniel Carroll, John Carter, Patricia Caspar, Robert Cassin. ROW 5--Bob Casson, Beverly Castronovo, Anthony Cerruli, Penelope Champlain, Sally Fhamplain Ronald Chapman, Richard Chat- os. ROW 6-Ray Chehy, Ernest Cherullo, Gabriel Chiaro, Cherie Chidester, Chuck Chidicimo, George Chmurynski, Jack Cholakian. ROW 7-Barbara Cholewa, Larry Christian- sen, Lynn Christensen, Mary Chrusciel, Clilf Cimaroli, Georgia Clouse, Steve Cmelo. ROW 8-Bob Cochand, Lynn Coffy, Sandra Cole, Ron Comparin, Noreen Connelly, Joseph Connely, Phillip Corder. ROW 9-Richard Dalcorrobbo, Carmen Couell, Gretchen Cox, Jacqueline Cramer, Dennis Cratty, Frank Crepinsek, Sharon Crince. ROW 10-John Crowley, Ginger Crulich, Jean Cudzik, Jack Cullinan, Jacqueline Cullison, Sam Curc, Marlene Curletti. ROW 11-Mike Curley, Louise Czakowski, Edward Czech, Robert Dalbello, Chester Dal Bianco, Teresa Dallesandro, Bob Daniels. 58 hm 'ff ini!! RT' I X if .F Qqwi, ., 'mn uf 1 ' 'J E if il x sg' ke' ZX .I xi' s wa, 1 v i Q' Q sg in iv' 'tn 'iii is ,il ag, di. . 'Z' . ,lk tr Rial. .. . .NV .:,,, ., . , ,, , J. , ii". ' I liiii A fe "" r l ".,, jf A A i M 71 lx sv. 5' Q he J' 2 e 1 ge ii R F Qi i fe., CLASS OF 1962 ROW 1-Harry Dantolan, Phyllis Davidson, Ron Davidson, Frances Davis, Darlene Dea- con, Dale Deats, Dennis Deckman. ROW 2-Patricia Deitch, Darlene Delgado, Rohert DeQuick, john DeRobertis, Dave De- Santis, George Despotes, Bill DeYoung. ROW 3-James DeY0ung, Joyce DeYoung, Darlene Dimer, john Distasio, Roger Dixon, Edward Dobkowski, Ioanne Dombrowski. ROW 4-Wayne Donovan, Dan Doolan, Di- anna Doranski, Karen Drenth, Tina Drungle, Carl Dughetti, Ellen Dunn. ROW 5-David Easoz, David Edison, janet Edwards, Kristine Eikedahl, Charles Eklund, Louise Ellingson, Beverly Elwardt. ROW 6-Vince Engle, Beverly Erickson, Mar- ilyn Erickson, Paul Erickson, Ruth Erickson, Carol Erdelyi, Barbara Evans. ROW 7-Russel Evans. Larry Evers, Ruth Evers, Ed Extin, Adilade Fagen, Giro Falco, Roberta Faloon. ROW 8-Antoinette Faoro, Donald Fardig, Bill Faustin, Walter Favorite, Diane Ferrero, Fred Fiddelke, Arthur Fine. ROW 9-Leslie Fine, Diane Fioretti, David Fisher, Margene Flesner, Sandra Flood, Lyn- da Forster, Ina Foster. ROW 10-Kathleen Franczak, Bill Frigo, Bob Frigo, john Frolin, Bonnie Fry, Donna Fryer, joseph Caletto. ROW ll-NVilliam Gall, VVilliam Gallik, Irene Canzer, Judith Garneau, Cipriana Garza, Rich Ce-eller, Carol Gehring. 59 CLASS OF 1962 ROW 1-Michael Gellert, Sharon Gelsosomo, Albert Gervase, Donald Ghezzi, Sharon Giai- mo, Stella Gianovlakis, Lucy Giordano. ROW 2-Hyacinth Goddard, Wayne Godsted, Dean Goldie, Jim Golem, Mike Gonzales, Jack Goode, Henry Goodman. ROW 3-Bonnie Goucher, Dolores Grabczyk, Elaine Graber, Raymond Graefen, Sally Grey, Martha Grimes, Josephine Groszek. ROW 4-Carol Grust, Reinaldo Guerrero, Mary Guibeault, Diane Gula, Patricia Gun- steadt, Ronald Haaksma, Bruce Haffner. ROW 5-Dan Halenar, Jack Halloran, Mar- lene Hancock, Richard Hanney, Charlotte Hansel, Beverly Hansen, Walter Hanson. ROW 6-Pat Harness, Gail Harriman, Judy Hartzell, Peter Haustein, Linda Havalick, Karen Haworth, Martin Heis. ROW 7-Al Henrickson, Richard Henry, Mary Herman, Sharon Herriott, Chuck Higgins, Beverly Hill, Scott Hillstrom. ROW 8-Gerry Himlar, Judy Hinshaw, Wal- lene Hnatusko, Joyce Hodgson, Carol Hoek- stra, Don Horanson, Earl Hokens. ROW 9-Randall Holetzky, Carl Holmgren, Regina Holsapple, Mary Hopkins, Ken Horn, Ronnie Horton, Thomas Howes. ROW 10-Joyce Huerta, George Huffman, Tom Hynes, LaVerne Ignowski, Rich Isenhart, George Jacobek, Sharon Jacobson. ROW 11-Pat Jakum, Edward Janesczek, Sophie Jankauskas, Ronald fankum, Frank Jobbe, Marvin Johansen, Dery e Johnston. 60 CLASSOF1962 ROW 1-jere johnson, Mary johnson, Nancy johnson, Raymond Johnson, Rich johnson, Sue Johnson, Terry johnson. ROW 2-Barry jones, Claude Jones, James jones, Karen jorgenson, Bernard judekis, Clifford lung, Iudith Iurgensen. ROW 3-Karen Iurgensen, Nancy Kadar, Bar- bara Kandl, Cordon Kaplan, John Kasmarck, Bernard Kaswick, Rich Katula. ROW 4-Howard Kaufman, june Kauk, Bev- erly Kauss, Susan Kellff, Marcia Kenny, Shir- ley Kinder, Michael K aber. ROW 5-Joanne Kladis, Laurie Klimasara, Edward Kobe, David Koch, Carol Kohle, Douglas Kolb, james Korte. ROW 6-Richard Korte, Ted Kotas, Tom Kozak, Alan Kramer, Chuck Kratzenburg, john Krause, Henrietta Krenchiok. ROW 7-John Krenkal, Ray Krenkel, Henry Krecioch, Erwin Krueger, Harold Krueger, Keith Krussel, Sharon Kubasek. ROW 8-james Kunst, Wally Kurczewski, Patricia Kurtz, Iohn Kush, Ruth Kutschke, Wayne La Course, Ruth Lang. ROW 9--Hanna La Pidus, Robert La Pidus, Dennis Lasota, Dianne Laverman, jim Laza- rus, Sandy Leffman, Joyce Lehning. ROW 10-Granville Leonhardt, Chester Les- niewski, Richard Lewandowski, Geraldine Liedke, Dave Lindgrin, Sharon Lindstrom, Charles Lira. ROW 11-Larry Lloyd, Bob Lobbia, Barbara Loch, Olivia Lopez, Barb Lotkowski, Al Lufrano, Fred Lundborg. 61 CLASS OF 1962 ROW 1-Jackie Lundstrum, Mary Lutkus, James Lytle, Alan Magnabosco, Kathy Maj- chrzak, Loretta Majkrzak, Mark Malkas. ROW 2-Judy Marion, Joan Markwell, Tony Maro, Sherry Marozas, Nancy Martin, John Martinelli, Marge Marx. ROW 3-Dale Massie, Diane Maston, Betty Matuser, Renee McArdle, Judy McElroy, Sandy McGovern, Bill Mclntire. ROW 4-Bonnie McLaghlan, Robert Mc- Mahon, Pamela Medendorp, Vernon Merz, Terry Mescha, Mary Michel, George Michuda. ROW 5-Bonnie Miedema, Marcia Miedema, Charles Miller, Elfreda Miller, William Miller, Rich Minster, Marilyn Mitchell. ROW 6-Linda Moennich, William Moller, Mary Jan Montalto, Jack Morandi, Mary Mor- andi, Steve Mork, William Mosel. ROW 7-Ron Mrozek, Bob Mullen, Bonnie Mullenhoif, Sharon Mulleur, George Muraw- ski, Diane Murphy, Ron Muschetto. ROW 8-Vernon Muschetto, John Nelson, Larry Nelson, Rich Nelson, Rich Nichla, Pat Norgard, Bonnie Norder. ROW 9-Linda Novak, Peggy Novak, Stanley Novak, Flor Ann Nyberg, Nancy Lee Nylon, Sharon O'Brien, Pat Obrochta. ROW 10-Florence Oedzes, Donald O'Hair, Maureen O'Leary, Harry Olejink, Patricia Olson, Joann Ortigara, Victoria Ortiz. ROW 11-Neil Orton, Wayne Osborn, Alan Osborne, Carol Ostendorf, Jerry Osterloh, Judy Oswald, Evelyn Paluch. 62 5: S i-:iff 2 2.1 1 , L Q Q-rf ad' M 'T 1' 1 211'fiwm, fx. inns, 8 f it 'yy' , Q v w 5 x K ws. 4 -Ya if W 1, 'REP 8 il KW hah 4.1 CLASS OF 1962 ROW 1-Theodore Panis, Flavia Panozzo, John Panozzo, Vivian Panozzo, Dolores Pan- tola, Jerry Pape, Philip Pape. ROW 2-Jim Parkinson, John Parkinson, John Paskiewicz, Agnes Paw, Nancy Pearson, Don- na Pedersen, Al Peers. ROW 3-Nancy Pelzman, Marion Peome, Daniel Perchez, Rudy Perich, Vincent Perillo, Dale Peterson, Lynn Peterson. ROW 4-Marlene Peterson, Richard Petersen, Stuart Peterson, Dennis Pettenon, Jannette Pflieger, Richard Philgren, Jerome Pilch. ROW 5-Jack Pino, Jackie Pizzato, Joseph Plankis, Donald Plantiga, Lou Plueinski, Alex Poczik, James Polise. ROW 6-Jim Polise, Mary-Kay Pomp, Rai'- mond Portis, Rich Potempa, John Powel, Richard Pranskus, Judy Prince. ROW 7-Edward Provost, William Pryts, Janice Pulakis, Jim Pullaro, Ron Radcliff, Jack Radcliffe, Mike Radcliffe. ROW 8-Wayne Rath, Maryann Raymond, Karen Regnier, Robert Revor, Frank Rhoback, Darlene Rhoderick, Bob Rhodes. ROW 9-Paula Rhomberg, Bob Richards, Wil- liam Richards, Patrick Ridge, Judith Ridkiey, Beverly Rigg, Donna Rigo. ROW 10-Donna Riley, Eleanor Riley, Pa- tricia Riley, Ronald Rizz, Stanley Roache, Walter Robatzek, Carole Rock. ROW 11-Ruth Roenier, Calvin Roesner, Ken Rogers, Eileen Rokicki, Barry Roman, Dor- othy Romanosky, Terry Rooding. 63 CLASS OF 1962 ROW 1-Edward Rose, Jack Rosenberger, Alan Rosenquist, Roy Rossi, Karen Host, Diane Ruhl, Paulett Rush, Judy Ruswick. ROW 2-Henry Rutkowski, Art Rydeen, Martin Sadd, Karen Samuelson, David Sanchez, Cathy Sandaker, John Sawanik, Sulvin Scardine. ROW 3-Robert Schlieman, Robert Schneider, Anna Schoerner, Russ Schreck, Mary Schuit, Lawrence Schuller, Marie Schultz, Darlene Schutzer. ROW 4-Donna Scott, Lynn Scudder, Karen Scuffham, Bob Scully, Jerry Sea- bolt, Letty Sealy, Karen Sears, Jim Selby. ROW 5-Bob Sendra, Rich Sendra, Mel- ony Shadle, Bill Shaft, Chuck Shanklin, Sandra Shelby, Darlene Shimidt, Sandra Signor. ROW 6-Sharon Siedal, Chuck Siegert, John Silius, Carol Siska, Pat Skarzynski, Conrad Skiba, Valerie Skinner, Nancy Skirnick. ROW 7-Marianne Skorski, John Skrbec, June Slechta, Barry Smith, Conni Smith, Donna Smith, Andrea Snekutis, Karen Soderstom. ROW 8-Richard Sodetz, Barbara Som- merdykye, Fred Speaker, Kenneth Spi- nato, Joanne Spisak, Edward Staehlin, Vivian Stall, David Starkey. ROW 9-Noel Stauddhar, Lorraine Stec- kis, Roma Steif, Lance Stell, Jack Stephens, William Stern, Joan Stewart, Sharon Stockus. ROW 10-Sandra Storz, Geraldine Strel- chuk, Joann Strojny, Paul Strombeck, Mel Stromberg, Tom Strong, Neil Strumbis, Dorothy Sudent. ROW 11-Stanley Sumner, Judy Surfus, Rose Swanson, Michael Szatynsky, Joseph Szubryt, Jacqueline Taradash, Mary Tedor, Geraldine Teschke. 64 5, I k KM :fx 4 7' W We r ,- -I U A K- 7 A. 'V A f P t, - 1'1" A 61' " Q .img its TL f A K my Q, L " A iw' 'ii 4' . A , 1 x . A V ,Q ' 'R Kwai ig ' ir v,-'... ,VI M, 3 K U W Q' 1 , ww 4 -". ll ,iii i P A fa-rf D ?"'-' V V J A ' nr n R " if 1 ,H U 3 if Q .2 K W itil' A f ' ' "' EP' ' A 1 P ,,,..A if. f i U9 J - f 'EW Q'A, P A x A V .,, ,qvs I. , 'V-'A I "'- " ' ' ., " ":- ,,,"" A . V31 .f 1 1 ,, J A li' it M lm ' . K i m, my wx at fill V 1 1 SJ 'P J J A. a.. 1 ww- A U J ' - J ' 4--A,.-,,, 5' - A 'ii S Q . 5632322 '-"" rg q fy 2 :Jr 4 . 1 T W - ,: I I-Z ,, A-..: P iw 3. W E141 3, , 'gi' A K A L cl A li N he eatin, gg "".: -"rs W- 5 -wx:-. 2 is W f kknv A ' A.,, J, . L i f ix- N ' H ' rf gr A .,'. A -1 - if . ', Q 1 ii i A . . at K , as J f 4 21 .... ia- , MS. fx me at , '- . ., 'Tr' fx P ,ig I ,:,' 'F Q '... 5 ks . K iff. 2. - 'H' . - 13 .1 A .asf A '15 1, ,ga , . 1 -M f Q. if -G- , 'V 1 1 CLASS OF 1962 ROW 1-Natalie Tessari, Evan Tharp, Jerry Thielmann, Bonnie Thomas, Jim Thomas, Jo Ann Thoney, Bonnie Tierney, Henrietta Tildsley. ROW 2-Joan Tilton, Pat Toczylowski, Mike Tolleson, Anthony Tozzi, Anthony Traino, Arthur Treccani, Joellyn Tryon, Donna Turner. ROW 3-Maureen Ultsch, Curt Unander, Carol Uzunaris, Don Valentas, La Verne Valiquet, Judy Vallone, Audrey Van Den Brink, Danford Vander Ploeg. ROW 4-VVin Lu Van Dyke, George Van Pelt, VVilliam Vanwermeskerken, Susan Van Winkle, Geraldine Vargo, Bob Vel- kavrh, Roger Velo, James Verhagen. ROW 5-Kathleen Vissel, Annette Vlania- kis, Marleen Vogt, John Voorn, Richard Wagner, Marsha Waitekus, Mae Wal- densfels, Bill Walker. ROW 6-Bob NValker, Eric Walker, Lawrence VVallman, Dave Ward, Ed- mund Ward, Patricia NVatson, XVallace VVatt, Diane Weckering. ROW 7-Janice Wehling, Janice Werk- man, Bonnie Westberg, Sandy VVheeler, Robert XVhittington, Judy XViater, Joan XVidenburg, Pam XViggins. ROW 8-Kathy Williams, Patricia Wil- mot, William VVitt, Jim VVorkman, John Wrubel, Carol XVunderlich, Roger VVy- choff, Dave Yandy. ROW 9-Marion Yates, Beverly Yonker, Jerry Youstra, Tom Zagotta, Sonia Zaokopnv, Virginia Zapala, John Zapf, Donna Zavidorsky. ROW 10-Terry Zawacki, Jackie Zechini, Joseph Zeibert, Arthur Zeilenga, Terry Zeilenga, Edward Zelewicz, Bruce Zemke, Judy Zielinski. ROW 11-Rich Zilis, Bonnie Zillich, Jeanne Zordan, Judy Zubersky, Carol Zuiker, Patricia Zywicki. 65 OUT 0F TOWN CLAUDETTE ALM EMILIE BAGNARA BETRAM BAILEY JOHN BANDRINCA DONALD CERENZIA RON COOK WAYNE DEANTONI ROBERT FRIEDRICK DANIEL HARD PAUL KJELSTROM DAN LANTY RUTH MANSEN BARBARA MEYER WILLIAM NOTHOFF WILLIAM O'MALLEY RUSSELL SCOTT RAYMOND SINDE FRESHME "Gee, where's the elevator? I've got a study on the fifth Hoorf' This is a common cry of our bewildered Freshmen undergraduates. "Colly, how am I ever going to get from 249 to my locker at 111 and back to algebra in 135 in only four minutes??l ! ! i' H143 - where's that? Uh, let's see, 133, 135, and 1445 there is no 143!! How do I dare get in algebra without an admit?" Those poor Freshies! All they ever do is worry- worry-worry. How they envy those carefree seniors who never need hall passes and don't have any books to carry. Oh-only three more years to go. I 'IK A-Q' , 1 1 A 1,5 1'3.11Z':?.1.2::Q1'15.xx Iii' ll- Ill lfg lf, lf, In 11, :ff I 27' Q . X YH N Fifi!-... --1:-1'-15:5 ug,li:qil..n1-ini iimn' 'x!:l.lllll:.-g -.1llll::: N'5!5!iii::e:iEEEE::::!!!--f L '-"5 Z V . viv' L L srb NORALEE STANKUS N glvgl 1 J GAY ZIMMERMAN Peter Agnus, Joan Aikin, Thomas Albright. Z O ' 66 ROW 1-Clift Anderson, Ann Antonio, Ralph Arthur, Leo Baggs, Stephen Banks, Al Berhal, Lora Bex, Jessie Bishton. ROW 2-Melvin Blank, Carol Blatt, Tom Bogumil, Alan Bourque, Michael Brak, Leonard Bratlien, Betty Brogan, Carol Brown. ROW 3-Joan Buchanan, William Cain, Bob Carlson, James Catronovo, Ron Cheattle, Len Colangelo, Emil Dal Bello, David Dauer. ROW 4-James Dean, Marilynn De Bortolli, Kathy Den Dekker, Daniel Deverick, Leslie Dieck, Jon Erdman, Richard Eng, Marilyn Eizenga. ROW 5-Bill Fay, Albert Fiamengi, Joan Figurski, Gerald Fisher, Ronald Fisher, Ruth Fitzgerald, Ron Flatt, Charles C eim. CLASS OF 1963 ROW 6-Jean Cordon, Janice Haag, Jerry Henderson, Richard Hensley, Nancy Hig- gins, James Hock, Art Hoekstra, Judy Hoffman. ROW 7-Thomas Holmer, Joseph Hughes, Walter Hultsch, Sylvester Inoski, Henry Jacobsma, Shirley Jarmotz, William Jen- sen, Barbara Jern. ROW 8-Mario Jobbe, Donna Johnson, Richard Johnson, Russell Johnson, Stuart Johnson, Diana Jones, Joan Jurkovick, Sandra Kelso. ROW 9-Norma Kester, George Klivickis, Don Kralik, Fred Krause, James Krikau, William Kubiak, Thomas Kulig, Charles La Buda. ROW 10-Jack La Ponte, Louis Leo, Juliet Leonardi, Mike Lestyan, Richard Lindmark, Joseph Lofrano, Donald Lor- enz, Carol Lucraz. 67 ROW 1-jean Malkoski, Paul Malm, Bruce Manson, Marcia Marciniak, Karen Marggraf, Frank Martin, Tom McLaugh- lin, Anita McPheron. ROW 2-Sybil Orne, Rudy Oritz, Roy Paeth, Anthoney Panozzo, Robert Par- chem, Yuette Peuvion, Shirley Plankis, Judith Pochron. ROW 3-Robert Reitz, jean Renstrom, Polly Riehle, Edward Rodriquez, Walter Rodzen, Edwin Rokicki, Ronald Romon- owski, William Roos. ROW 4-Richard Meyers, Daniel Miller, john Miller, Ioan Moody, Paul Murawski, Edward Nelson, Tim O'Conor, Walter Opyt. ROW 5-Carol Pomenoy, John Poppo, Leo Potocki, Frances Pudlewski, Barbara Quillman, Doug Radius, Steve Rambeaux, Glenda Reinbolt. CLASS OF 1963 ROW 6-Sandra Rosen, Nick Rosteto, Ken Ruger, Theodore Rykiel, joseph Sachaschik, Sharon Sanislo, Robert Scar- dine, Richard Schultz. ROW 7-Avis Shapiro, Cheryl Somes, Mary Shinick, Randy Shuman, John Si - ler, Karen Sigmund, Janice Sipos, Donafd Sitterly. ROW 8-Bill Stall, Mike Starks, George Stratton, Robert Thomas, Gil Thompson, ?hann Thoney, Ilona Tobias, Robert oon. ROW 9-Daniel Trevisan, Melvin Tro- janowski, John Tyssen, Alan Vnander, Peter VanBreeman, Phillip VanDam, Glen VanHaren, Robert VanNess. ROW 10-Paul Vettenick, Lewis Wagy, Dennis Walker, Thomas Westwater, Linda White, jim Wortel, Dennis Za- rembka, Laurie Zelek. 68 The beginning of a typical day. Look out, here they come. A TYPICAL DAY AT FENGER Do you ever wonder what happens around FENGERTOWN when you are working away in an English or math class? The purpose of the following pages is to give a picture story of the activities and classes conducted during the day. The story begins, as every day does, before the rush starts. The mad rush is on. We've still got time. The ROTC has been here since seven this morning. These exhibits prove that they have been learning something in class. And now I'll show you where FENCERTOWN is located. Tickets are on sale in the lunchroom Reiuvenating of Mosaic arts. Is this how my dog was made? ,f-wc' fame il im- lime K' er Perhaps Omar could give as some help. O Boy! Is that a hot one. The Science Fair and the Art Fair are representative of the accomplishments of FENGERTOWN students. Some of these exhibits were given high ratings in the district fair and city-wide fair. Here we are at the other end of the town, and here are the handicraft shops. We have girls and boys in apprenticeship, each learning a different trade to further advancements of our community. After I finish the drawer, what will I put it in. Volkswagens are small but not that small. This will he the fanciest fencepost in town. We may get this finished for the Science Fair next year. Say, did you happen to see the art fair today? Three casualties you say? fi 1-s How did it happen? . . . Maybe we should send some flowers. Playing basketball? X K Q X H C - nl- iff 3-' f1j' Kf41Q.' 'E . . ', X X . . , - 72 All quiet on the home front. They'll be back. GRAD ATE Twice a year boys and girls leave F ENCERTOWN to make a place for themselves in the world, carrying with them hopes and ambitions for the vears to come 73 ' ASS 0 FICER TED SCHLENSKI President BOB JOHNSON Vice President IRENE SCHUSTER Secretary JEAN ROBERTS Treasurer PROGRAM Proeessional, "Land of Hope and Glory" ...,... Organ, Glee Club, Miss Irene Conner, Director "Star Spangled Banner" ..................... Invocation ............ Welcome Address .... Salutatory Address. . . yy ...Elgar . . . . .Rev. David H. Thomas, jr. . . . . . . . . .Theodore Schlenski . . . . . . . . .Marilyn Otten . . . . . . . . . . . .Tschaikowsky-Remick "God of All Nature ........ ,..... .......... Glee Club, Aeeompanist, Donna Loess Presentation of Class Gift ......................... , . , . . . Acceptance of Class Gift .... Address ............ Valedictory Address .... K'This is My Countryi' .... ....... ,... Presentation of Class. . . Presentation of Diplomas. . . Class Song 'Tenger High Benediction ........ Recessional Organist, Molly Johnson 74 Glee Club aw Graduates .. . . . . . .Jean Roberts Class Treasurer . . . . .Miss Mildred Taylor . . .Mr. Assistant Principal . . .Karen Billburg . . . . .Veronica Lowe .........Jacobs . . . . . .Mr. John Kehoe Assistant Principal Clarence T. Richardson Principal ................Cole .Rabbi Mayer Hannick Shomres Hadas Temple ff' yr X "' 1959 rv JANUARY ,X ,, , . 5- , -ff 7 A li - mwg-Aw1gvvp - Mu 'aa-w..M 1. . DAVID AABYE. 12762 S. Wallace St. Phorex, Senior Sing, Male Chorus, Stags Hi-Y, Newton Club, Reelmen, Hallguard, Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide, Nat. Hon. Soc. ELLEN ALBRO. 10851 S. Wallace St. Phorex, Office Sec., Bookroom, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Water Ballet, Letter Girls, Girls' Glee Club, May Fest., Phi Rho Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Christmas Fest., Spring Fest. JUDY ANDERSON. 10136 Rhodes Ave. Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Letter Girls, Choir, Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Christmas Fest., Spring Fest., G.A.A.-Treas. MARYALLEN ANDERSON. 10743 Perry Ave. Rm. Pres., News Rep., Office Sec., G.A.A., Cheer- leader, Letter Girls, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Hallguard. ARLENE BAHR. 9530 Dobson Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., G.A.A., Girls' Glee Club, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pan Am. Club, Christmas Fest., Spring Fest., Phorex Rep. JEAN BETTEN. 10514 Lowe Ave. Phorex, Fenger News Staff, Rm. Pres., Nat. Hon. Soc., Courier Rep., News Rep., PTA Rep., Senior Break. Comm., Choir, Bowling Club, Hostess Club, Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Spring Fest., Career Day Aide, Quill and Scroll. JON BETTEN. 10514 Lowe Ave. Trix Hi-Y. JACQUE- LINE BIKFASY. 9750 S. Green St. News Staff, News Rep., Choir, Chem. Club, Omega Tri-Hi-Y, Career Day Aide, Hallguard. KAREN BILLBURG. 10035 Indiana Ave. Nat. Honor Soc., Oiiice Sec., PTA Rep., Hallguard, G.A.A., Water Ballet, Letter Girls, Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide, Grad. Mon., Latin Club, Phorex. JOHN BLOM. 10226 S. State St. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, COURIER STAFF, PTA Rep., Hallguard, Reelmen, Quill ISC Scroll, Picked Platoon, Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide, Drum :Sz Bugle Corps, Stud. Council. JOYCE BOOKER. 9314 S. Forest Ave. Phorex, G.A.A. 81 Rep., Girls' Glee Club, Latin Club, Christmas Fest., Spring Fest., Coll. Day Aide, Hallguard, Phorex Rep. BILL BORGO. 10106 S. Indiana Ave. Trix Hi-Y, Hallguard. JANET BOYAR. 11345 S. Union Ave. Fenger News Staff, Phorex, Letter Girls Club, Choir, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Office Sec., News Rep., G.A.A. Sz Rep., Senior Sing, Drama Club, Quill and Scroll. HUGH BOYLAN. 12752 S. Wallace St. Stags Hi-Y - Treas., Courier Rep., News Rep., Rm. Pres., Choir, Hallguard, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Baseball Mgr. ROBERT BUNDSCHUH. 10030 S. Green St. Trix Hi-Y. RONALD BUSH. 12544 Union Ave. Courier Rep., Picked Platoon, Bowling Team, Hallguard. JOANNE CABLE. 11137 Peoria St. Letter Girls Club, Phorex, Rho Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Rm. Pres., News Rep., G.A.A. 61 Rep., Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Coll. Day Aide, Latin Club, Spring Fest., OtHce Sec., Nat. Hon. Soc. ARTHUR CAMIRE. 10508 Edbrooke Avc. Orchestra. 75 JEANNE CARLSON. 10907 Eggleston Ave. Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Choir, G.A.A., Office Sec., Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. BARBARA CENKO. 11332 Indiana Ave. Rm. Pres., Iota Tri-Hi-Y, Courier Rep., G.A.A. 61 Rep. EVELYN CEPIELIK. 12508 Union Ave. Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., News Rep., Office Sec., G.A.A. 61 Rep., NVater Ballet, Choir, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Latin Club. AUGIE CHIDI- CHIMO. 11436 Emerald Ave. Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., News Rep., Knights Hi-Y, Chem. Club. SANDRA CLAUSEN. 9713 S. Emerald Ave. Fenger News Stall, News Rep., Chem. Club, Latin Club, Hallguard, G.A.A. 6: Rep., Senior Break. Comm., Career Day Aide, PTA Rep. JOSEPH COLANGELO. 10507 S. Sangamon Ave. Phorex, Quill 81 Scroll, Fenger News Staff, Student Council Pres., Rm. Pres., News Rep., Senior Sing Comm., Concert Band, R.O.T.C., Drama Club, Orchestra. JOANN COLBERT. 9618 South Park Ave. Off. Sec., PTA Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Concert Band, Girls' Glee Club, May Fest., Christ. Fest., Hallguard, Spring Fest. ROSE COLEMAN. 9126 S. Prairie Ave. Latin Club, News Rep., G.A.A., Girls' Glee Club, Hallguard. DIANE CUNNINCHAM. 1110 VV. 105th St. Courier Rep., News Rep., OHice Sec., G.A.A. 61 Rep., Talent Revue, Omega Tri-Hi-Y, Hallguard. MARY AGNES CZECH. 10516 Maryland Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., News Rep., PTA Rep., G.A.A., Steering Comm., Choir, Phi Rho Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fcst., Latin Club. MARIANNE DANIELSON. 218 XV. 113th St. Phorex, Office Sec., G.A.A. 61 Rep., Prom Comm., Girls, Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. KEN DEHAAN. 308 W. 110th Pl. Phorex, Courier Rep., Bowling Team, Stags Hi-Y, Reelmen. ALLAN DERBY. 112 VV. 110th Pl. Phorex, Fenger News Staff, Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., Tennis Team, Prom Comm., Male Chorus, Reelmen, Fenger Day Guide. YVONNE DEVRIES. 12332 Stewart Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Quill St Scroll, COURIER STAFF, Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., G.A.A. Sr Rep., Water Ballet, Prom Comm., Coll. Day Aide, Career Day Aide. DIANA DIETRICH. 10600 S. Union Ave. Phorex, Fenger News Staff, Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., G.A.A. 61 Rep., Choir, Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Pan Am. Club, Spring Fest., Quill and Scroll. SANDRA DILLEY. 9232 S. Sawyer Ave. Phorex, Fenger News Staff, G.A.A. 61 Rep., Girls' Glee Club, Omega Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Quill and Scroll. CAROL DITZLER. 10606 S. Forest Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Off. Sec., PTA Rep., G.A.A. 61 Rep. BOB DIXON. 11027 Union Ave. Baseball Team, Football Team, Chem. Club, Stags Hi-Y, Fri. Night Soc. Comm. 76 JANUARY 1959 'r.: .N X .-, X , ,XXV 1 X ,ll , " 'L -f 3 f ll i f" 9 +2 6 f f! .5 gap' v, bw W CMF JANUARY V4 1959 BARBARA ELDER. 8040 St. Lawrence St. G.A.A., Hallguard, Volleyball. CAROL EVANS. 10610 S. Par- nell Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Fenger News Staff, Letter Girls-Pres., Prom Comm., Choir, Hostess Club, Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Titanettes, Coll. Day Aide, Quill and Scroll. RICHARD FALC. 9925 Emerald Ave. Hallguard, Male Chorus. BARBARA FISHER. 321 W. 124th St. Phorex, Rm. Pres., News Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Prom Comm., Glee Club, Bowling Team, Hostess Club, Letter Girls, Graduation Monitor, Coll. Day Aide, Hallguard, Nat. Hon. Soc. ALBERTA FOGES. 9757 Woodlawn Ave. Off. Sec., Hallguard, G.A.A., Girls' Glee Club, May Fest., Christmas Fest., Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pan Am. Club. RONALD FREDRICKSON. 744 W. 107th St. Marshall Off., News Rep., Water Ballet, Swimming Team, Male Chorus, Knights Hi-Y. NORMAN T. FREELAIN, JR. 9341 Eberhart Ave. Newton Club, Concert Band, Picked Platoon, Non. Comm. Oilicers, Orch., Band 6z Orch. Varieties, Drum 61 Bugle Corps, Christ. Fest., Male Chorus, R.O.T.C. MARGARET FREDRICH. 33 NV. 125th Pl. Alpha Tri- Hi-Y - Sec., Rm. Pres., G.A.A. JSI Rep., News Rep., Latin Club, Hallguard, Drama Club. LAURRENE FRISCH- KORN. 11219 St. Lawrence Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Ofiice Sec., G.A.A., Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. FLORENCE GHEZZI. 131 E. 124th St. Phorex, G.A.A., Iota Tri-Hi-Y, Theta Tri-Hi-Y, Oflice Sec., Hallguard. BARBARA GRBIN. 822 YV. 124th St. Rin. Pres., Ol'1:iCe Sec., G.A.A., Iota Tri-Hi-Y, Locker Guard. MARIAN GRESHO. 11418 Wallace St. Phorex, PTA Rep., G.A.A., Choir, Glee Club, Drama Club, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Pan Am. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. MARYANN GRIGSBY. 10240 Morgan Ave. Rm. Pres., Office Sec., G.A.A. GLENN GRITZER. 12455 Princeton Ave. Phorex, Stags Hi-Y, Rm. Pres., News Rep., Chem. Club, Bowling Club, Hallguard. DOROTHY GRIZ- ZARD. 9141 Michigan Ave. G.A.A. JOHN HAFFNER. 144 YV. 126th Pl. Football Team, Swimming Team, Prom Comm., Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., Phorex, Barons Hi-Y- Pres., Reelmen, Chem. Club, Hallguard. DEANNA HAGBERG. 10320 Rhodes Ave. Titanettes, Prom Comm., Phorex, Stud. Council, Courier Rep., Choir, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Amateur Show, G.A.A., Latin Club. DOLORES HARPER. 10128 S. May St. Rm. Pres., Letter Girls Club, Courier Rep., News Rep., G.A.A. 51 Rep., Glee Club, Bowling Club, May Fest., Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. RON HARPER. 10128 S. May St. Swimming Team, Trix Hi-Y, Courier Rep., News Rep. THOMAS HARRIS. 11630 S. Stewart Ave. BOB HARTFORD. 10740 Calumet Ave. Hallguard. JERRY HARTMANN. 10128 S. Rhodes Ave. Trix Hi-Y- Pres., Hallguard-Capt. JEAN HAWLEY. 10609 Lowe Ave. Fenger News Staff, Phorex, Nat. Hon. Soc., Rm. Pres., Career Day Aide, VVater Ballet, Senior Break. Comm., Choir, Titanettes, Hostess Club, Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll. BERT HOESSLI. 10536 Normal Ave. JAN HOUSINCER. 46 YV. 108th Pl. COURIER STAFF, Phorex 7:21 Sem., Nat. Hon. Soc., Chem. Club, Quill :St Scroll Soc., Stud. Council, PTA Rep., Announcement Comm., Concert Band, Latin Club, Coll. Day Aide, Career Day Aide. REBECCA HUNTER. 9604 La- fayette Ave. May Court, G.A.A., PTA Rep. ROBERT HYNES. 9841 University Ave. Phorex, Marshall Officer, R.O.T.C., Male Chorus, Bowling Club, Chem. Club, Drill Club, Vikings Hi-Y, Reelmen, Officers Club, Ushers Club, Picked Platoon, Spring Fest. SHARON INGALLS. 10507 S. Eggleston Ave. G.A.A., Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Glee Club, Spring Fest., News Rep., Courier Rep., Rm. Pres., Hallguard. BARBARA IZZETT. 190th or Ricgel Road. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex 73A sem., Quill and Scroll Soc., COURIER STAFF, Grad. Mon., Prom Comm., Choir, Coll. Day Aide, Career Day Aide, Hostess Club, Bowling Club, Letter Girls Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Chem. Club. JEANNE JESSEN. 23 E. 124th St. Theta Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Glee Club, G.A.A., Otlicc Soc., Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard, Band. JOYCE JOHANSEN. 14 E. 107th St. Chem. Club, Latin Club, G.A.A., Hallguarcl. BILL JOHNSON. 11001 S. Green St. Baseball Team, Bowling Club, Hallguard, News Rep., Courier Rep., Latin Club. HUNTER JOHNSON. 8627 Vernon Ave. Football Team, Swim- ming Team, Choir, Christ. Fest., Hallguarcl. JAMES JOHNSON. 9554 S. Perry Ave. Prom Comm., Chem. Club, Courier Rep., News Rep., Reelmen. ROBERT JOHNSON. 9810 Woodlawn Ave. Rm. Pres., Chem. Club, Latin Club, Bowling Club. ROBERT JOHNSON. 12237 Princeton Ave. Phorex, Class OH'icer-V.P., Foot- ball Team, Baseball Team, Rm. Pres., Knights Hi-Y, Chem. Club. JANUARY J ff 1959 W ' Q" T nf Q Ei Q .. 4 K 1 F' 1 9 5 9 fi! X 1 f. N XXX . JANUARY x H X if N 1' nwef. ..s umm ..Ame-W.....i PATRICIA KARABIN. 820 E. 106th St. Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Phorex, Clee Club, C.A.A., Christmas Fest., Spring Fest., Off. Sec. JUDY KESSENS. 10627 South Park Ave. Off. Sec., C.A.A., Clee Club, Christmas Fest. CONNIE KING. 9831 S. Calumet Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Quill and Scroll Soc., F enger News Staff, Phorex, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Career Day Aide, Off. Sec., Spring Fest., Clee Club, Stud. Lib., G.A.A. RICHARD KIEF. 12240 State St. Reelmen, Viking Hi-Y, Stud. Council, Hallguard, Career Day Aide. AMELIA KLEIST. 157 E. Kensington Ave. C.A.A. JAMES KLIMEK. 12318 Wentworth Ave. Phorex, Chem. Club, Stags Hi-Y, Cerman Club, Bowling Team. CAIL KNICKERBOCKER. 12757 S. NVallace Ave. Clee Club, Letter Cirls Club, Nat. Hon. Soc., Stud. Council, Fenger News Staff, Chem. Club, Spring Fest., Christ. Fest., News Rep., Rm. Pres., C.A.A. JUDY KOCH. 12118 Eggleston Ave. Phorex, Off. Sec., Rho Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Hostess Club, Clee Club, Spring Fest., Christ. Fest., Coll. Day Aide, Chem. Club, Drama Club, C.A.A., Nat. Hon. Soc. WILLIAM KOENIC. 11629 Normal Ave. Phorex, Quill and Scroll Soc., Fenger News Staff, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Latin Club. BETTY KOESEMA. 11142 S. Eggleston Ave. C.A.A. JOHN KONYA. 11566 Lafayette Ave. Phorex, Reelmen, German Club, Vikings Hi-Y, PTA Rep. STEVE KRAJIC. 10209 Morgan Ave. Phorex, Basketball Team, Trix Hi-Y, Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., News Rep. DAVID KRUGER. 346 VV. 113th St. Phorex, Bowling T eam. NED KUYPERS. 11041 Emerald Ave. Phorex, Male Chorus, Spring Fest. JOHN LACONTA. 9341 Prairie Ave. Phorex, Concert Band, Chem. Club, Reel- men, Band 6K Orch. Varieties. HENRY LANTINC. 304 YV. 104th Pl. Fenger News Staff, Hallguard, PTA Rep. LUCILLE LANTRO. 10137 Indiana Ave. Phorex, Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., News Rep., C.A.A. 61 Rep., Letter Girls Club, Choir, May Fest., Beta Tri-Hi-Y, FTA, Christ. Fest., Hallguard, Coll. Day Aide. RALPH LARSON. 137 YV. 104th Pl. Chem. Club, Newton Club. 79 VIRGINIA LESNIK. 755 E. 104th Pl. Office Sec., G.A.A., Glee Club, May Fest., Phi Ro Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. BRUCE LILJEROS. 10717 Parnell Ave. Barons Hi-Y, Choir, Christ. Fest., Chem. Club, Color Sz Motto Comm. JACQUELINE LILLY. 11227 St. Lawrence Ave. Glee Club, G.A.A., Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Latin Club. LEONARD LITBERG. 10742 Green St. OfHcers Club, Picked Platoon, Non Comm. Officers, Ushers Club, Chem. Club, Tennis Team. VERONICA LOWE. 11726 State St. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Fenger News Staff, Glee Club, Spring Fest., Stud. Lib., G.A.A. 61 Rep., VVater Ballet, Chem. Club, Hostess Club, Newton Club, F.T.A., Coll. Day Aide, Career Day Aide, Quill and Scroll. CAROLYN LOWRY. 9815 Peoria St. G.A.A., PTA Rep., Drama Club. JACK MADURA. 10225 Vernon Ave. Football Team, Swimming Team, Rm. Pres., Prom Comm., Spring Fest., Choir, Trix Hi-Y, Hallguard. FRANK MAHLER. 11939 Lowe Ave. JOAN MANSFIELD. 116 W. 115th St. Office Sec., Courier Rep., News Rep., PTA Rep., Hall- guard, G.A.A., Latin Club. GARY MARRS. 66 W. 113th Pl. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Coll. Day Aide, News Rep., German Club, Bowling Club, Chem. Club, Vikings Hi-Y. KAREN MATTSON. 231 W. 104th St. PTA Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Water Ballet, Choir, Spring Fest., Hallguard, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. JUDY MAZEIKA. 26 W. 105th St. Phorex, Oil. Sec., G.A.A., Water Ballet, Prom Comm., Band 61 Orch. Vari- eties, Grad. Mon., Nat. Hon. Soc. BILL MIKOLAITIS. 10631 Edbrooke. Rifle Team, N011 Comm. Off., Picked Platoon. BRIAN MILLER. 10829 Eberhart Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Basketball Team, Foot- ball Team, Sons Hi-Y. EDWARD MILLER. 9704 Calu- met Ave. Phorex, Football Team, Basketball Team, Choir, Boys, Chorus, Chem. Club, Concert Band. BARBARA MOORE. 62 E. 98th Pl. Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Glee Club, Latin Club, Lib. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. DEANNA MSHAR. 12601 Harvard Ave. Stud. Lib., Room Sec., Christ. Fest., Drama Club, Bowling Club, Pan Am. Club, Glee Club, Phorex, Prom Comm., Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Fenger News Staff. FRANK MOODY. 11233 Champlain Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Barons Hi-Y. 80 JANUARY . it T 1959 f-Qi , 125 , am 'J Q' tb' 1, Q JANUARY ' g ms 1959 ' .wad AUDREY MUYS. 208 W. 112th Pl. Glee Club, Ensemble, Christmas Fest., Spring Fest., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Hall- guard, Drama Club. ALAN NAGELVOORT. 11205 Peoria Ave. Rm. Pres., Bowling Club, Hallguard. DIANE NEWMAN. 10358 South Park Ave. Titanettes, Water Ballet, Letter Girls, News Rep., G.A.A. Rep., OH. Sec., Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Choir, May Fest., Christmas Fest., Hallguard, Spring Fest. KATHLEEN O'BRIEN. 11333 Normal Ave. Fenger News Staff, Phorex, News Rep., Rho Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Glee Club, Water Ballet, Letter Girls, G.A.A., Hostess Club, Spring Fest., Career Day Aide, Quill and Scroll, Nat. Hon. Soc. CARL OLSON. 9940 May St. Phorex, Reelmen, Non Comm. Off., Picked Platoon. MARILYN OTTEN. 31 E. 141st St. Fenger News Staff, Water Ballet, Grad. Mon., Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Quill and Scroll, Theta Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Break. Comm., Hostess Club, Letter Girls, Glee Club, Christmas Fest. ELAINE OZSVATH. 11831 Sangarnon St. G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Glee Club, Christmas Fest., Spring Fest., News Rep., Drama Club, Hallguard, Latin Club. BILL PEARSON. 11155 Edbrooke Ave. Phorex, Swim Team, Rm. Pres., Chem. Club, Male Chorus, Bowling Club, News Rep., Hallguard. CAROL PEDERSOLI. 11644 Halsted St. Phorex, Phorex Rep., Chem. Club, Latin Club, Hallguard, G.A.A., Cap and Gown Comm. JACK PETERSON. 11325 Peoria Ave. Quill and Scroll, COURIER STAFF, Reelmen, Latin Club, Hallguard. LEONE PETERSON. 238 YV. 103rd Pl. Phorex 7311 Sem., COURIER STAFF, Courier Rep., News Rep., G.A.A., Class Gift Comm., Girls' Glee Club, Chem. Club, Pan Am. Club, Christmas Fest., F.T.A., Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide, Nat. Hon. Soc., Quill and Scroll. LLOYD PETERSON. 11339 Union Ave. Rm. Pres., Bowling Team, Reelmen, Stage Crew. JACQUELINE PIAZZA. 11356 Parnell Ave. OH. sec., PTA Rep., G.A.A., Girls, Glee Club, May Fest., Iota Tri-Hi-Y, Christmas Fest. EDWARD PLUZYNSKI. 319 XV. 117th St. Rm. Pres., Swimming Team, Concert Band, May Fest., Band 6: Orch. Var., Trix Hi-Y, Spring Fest. PAT POWERS. 143 XV. 110th St. G.A.A., Hallguard. JUDY PROVOST. 12154 LaSalle Ave. News Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., Girls, Glee Club, Hallguard. JAMES PUDLEWSKI. 10618 LaSalle Ave. Phorex, Debating Club, Drama Club, Phorex Rep. ANTOINETTE READUS. 9617 LaSalle Ave. Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Girls, Glee Club, Christmas Fest., Spring Fest., Latin Club, Hallguard, Lib. Club. TIMOTHY REID. 10354 Calumet Ave. Rm. Pres., Swimming Team, Chem. Club, Trix Hi-Y. RUTH REYNELL. 9635 Greenwood Ave. G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Girls' Glee Club. CAROLYN REZES. 33 W. 114th St. G.A.A., Girls' Glee Club, May Fest., Christmas Fest., Rho Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Hallguard, German Club. JEAN ROBERTS. 11232 Green St. Class Treas., Christ- mas Fest., Spring Fest. SUSAN ROSS. 8638 Drexel Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Quill and Scroll, COURIER STAFF, F.T.A., Off. Sec., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Chem. Club, Drama Club, Coll. Day Aide, Career Day Aide, Sr. Breakfast Comm., Lib. Club-Pres. NADENE RUHLE. 10214 Morgan St. Phorex, Off. Sec., PTA Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Concert Band, Band Sz Orch. Var., Phorex Rep., Latin Club. IUDITH RYAN. 142 W. 113th St. Nat. Hon. Soc., Quill and Scroll, Phorex, COURIER STAFF, G.A.A., Coll. Day Aide, Hallguard, Career Day Aide, Chem. Club, German Club, F.T.A., Jr. Red Cross Rep., Sr. Breakfast Comm. BLAISE SAMION. 12434 Eggleston Ave. Hallguard. DIANA SANDAKER. 202 W. 111th Pl. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Quill and Scroll, Off. Sec., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Choir, Chem. Club, Latin Club, Christmas Fest., Spring Fest. CAROL SCHADEL. 11150 Green St. Phorex, G.A.A., Girls, Glee Club, Spring Fest., Hallguard, Fenger Band. TED SCHELENSKI. 12523 Lowe Ave. Phorex, Class Pres., Courier Rep., News Rep., Baseball Team, Basket- ball Team, Football Team, Chem. Club, Sons Hi-Y-Pres., Career Day Aide, Key Club, Hallguard. SHARON SCHMIDT. 11037 Union Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Editor Fenger News Staff, Water Ballet, Letter Girls, G.A.A. Board, Sr. Breakfast, Girls' Glee Club, Theta Tri-Hi-Y, Hostess Club, Grad. Mon., Quill and Scroll. RAYMOND SCHULTHIES. 22 E. 119th Pl. News Rep., PTA Rep., Concert Band, Boys, Glee Club, Vikings Hi-Y. IRENE SCHUSTER. 10906 Indiana Ave. Phorex, Class Sec., Off. Sec., PTA Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Water Ballet, Choir, Amateur Show, Theta Tri-Hi-Y, Titanettes, Christmas Fest., Spring Fest. LARRY SIGRIST. 11044 Princeton Ave. Hallguard. JACK SIKMA. 232 W. 108th St. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., Baseball Team, Football Team, Prom Comm., Bowling Team, Trix Hi-Y. JOYCE SIROTEK. 9947 sangamon sr. off. sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Drama Club, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Hallguard. GAIL SKINNER. 9336 Lafayette Ave. Phorex, G.A.A., Choir, Amateur Show, Christmas Fest., German Club. Y IA T100 DW JANUARY 1959 55- f X x l f of ff 4 l , 7 A .1 X ' " 4. , W' . ffrlfff ' ll . , ' ff '1-f7fL3,4,'1.'Q.-I--if5.12-':'' Cf' , A x X NI, 4 , ,111 xxl l . LD -I f . F ,ry L CA L09 66 l s.H ,I nF', -A X. Q62 1959 JANUARY Q J ...N-me .A-a......,...- . LORETTA SMITH. 9247 Forest Ave. Courier Rep., G.A.A., Concert Band. RODNEY SMITH. 16 W. 115th St. Nat. Hon. Soc., Rm. Pres., News Rep., Bowling Team, Drill Club, Vikings Hi-Y, Off. Club, Non Comm. Off., Ushers Club, Picked Platoon, Coll. Day Aide. ALDA SPERANDINI. 10116 Yale Ave. Phorex, G.A.A. BEVERLY SPILLER. 10046 Forest Ave. News Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Beta Tri-Hi-Y. CAROL SPOERI. 742 W. 116th St. Rm. Pres., News Rep., PTA Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Girls, Glee Club. WALTER STACK. 9848 Maryland Ave. NOAH STEWART. 9325 Rhodes Ave. Fenger News Staff, Football Team, Choir, Debating Club. JUDY STORZ. 9944 Sangamon Ave. Fenger News Staff, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Choir, May Fest., Drama Club, Gamma Tri- Hi-Y, Pan Am. Club, Christmas Fest. GEORGE STO- WELL. 11220 Stewart Ave. Rm. Pres., Prom Comm., Reelmen, Hallguard. WAYNE SVVANSON. 10624 Green St. JAMES SZY- MANSKI. 9756 Union Ave. ANNETTE TOSTI. 10114 South Park Ave. Fenger News Staff, News Rep., Phorex Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Off. Sec., Sen. Breakfast Comm., Glee Club, Chem. Club, Hostess Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Coll. Day Aide, Quill and Scroll, Nat. Hon. Soc. ELENOR TURK. 10059 Calumet Ave. Phorex, Courier Rep., Grad. Mon., Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Choir, Girls, Glee Club, Hostess Club, Sen. Breakfast, G.A.A., Christ- mas Fest., Spring Fest., Nat. Hon. Soc. JOE TURNBILL. 10050 Emerald Ave. Basketball Team. WILLIAM VANDERBOK. 10844 Green St. Phorex, Stud. Council, Tennis Team, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Math. Club, Coll. Day Aide, Oflicers Club, Ushers Club. SHIRLEY VANNESS. 142 YV. 108th Pl. YVater Ballet, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Off. Sec., May Fest., Choir, Theta Tri-Hi-Y, Titanettes, Christmas Fest., Spring Fest. DOLORES VASQUEZ. 11010 State St. Rm. Pres., Cour- ier Rep., News Rep., PTA Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Girls' Glee Club, Chem. Club, Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Hallguard, Christmas Fest., Spring Fest. DIXON VICE. 10010 Emerald Ave. Sr. Sing Comm., Boys, Glee Club, May Fest., Bowling Team, Spring Fest. 83 1 l . lm CAROL WAHLSTROM. 117 XV. 107th St. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Fenger News Staff, Rm. Pres., News Rep., C-.A.A., C.A.A. Rep., XVater Ballet, Prom Comm., Choir, Chem. Club, Theta Tri-Hi-Y, Titanettes, Christ. Fest., Quill 61 Scroll. SANDRA WALLS. 12834 S. Union Ave. Off. Sec., Prog. Comm., G.A.A., Choir, Bowling Team. DONALD WILLETT. 54 E. 99th Pl. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Rm. Pres., Football Team, Announcements Comm., Chem. Club, Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide. Phorex Rep. JEAN WILSON. 10440 S. Eberhart Ave. Rm. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., C.A.A., Choir, Phi Rho Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. IONA WOODS. 11340 S. Morgan St. G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. NANCY ANN YAKUBIN. 10744 S. Langley Ave. Phorex, P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Letter Girls, Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Pan Am. Club, Career Day Aide, Phorcx Rep. MARCIA ZUITHOFF. 10123 S. Weiitwortlm. Avo. Fenger News staff, P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., F.T.A., Hallguard, Concert Band, Latin Club, Band St Orch. Var. OUT 0F TOWN BETTY BONNAR. 10736 S. Forest Ave. G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. ANN FREDERICK. 11801 S. Lowe Ave. G.A.A., Orch. Choir, Spring Fest. FRANK IANAC. 134 VV. 108th Pl. News Rep., Hallguard. ZICMONT LEWANDOSKI. 11948 S. Eggleston Ave. Phorex, R.O.T.C., Male Chorus, Drum Bt Bugle Corps, Rifle Team, Non-Comm. Off. STANLEY MATRAS. 12238 S. Normal Ave. Rm. Pres., News Rep., Concert Band, Orch., Band 61 Orch. Var. JOYCE MEDLAND. 10156 S. Yale Ave. Off. Sec., G.A.A. ,X 5 .Z 84 CO MITTEE At the beginning of the 4A semester, various committees, with the exception of the Prom Committee are organized to help make every graduation a memorable one. Generally, every graduate serves on some committee, taking part in planning that particular activity centered around graduation. Each committee has a chairman and also a faculty advisor to aid with the arrangements and to make sure that the activity is well-planned. CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE ROW 1-Virginia Lesni, Carol Pedersoli, Ruth Reynell, Evelyn Cepielik, Jeanne Carlson, Carolyn Lowry, Shirley Van Ness. ROW 2-Amelia Kleist, Joyce Johansen, James Klimek, John Konya, Steve Krajic, Ron Fredrickson, Irene Schuster. ANNOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE ROW 1-Barbara Elder, Diana Sandaker, Cail Skinner. ROW 2-John LaConta, NViIliam Vander- hok, John Blom, Jan Housinger, Don YVillctt. DIPLOMA COMMITTEE ROW 1-Patricia Karabin, Joe Turnhill, Lucille Lantro. ROW 2-Jeanne Jessen, Audrey Muys, Kathleen O'Brien, Carol Schadel. 85 CO ITTEE SENIOR SING COMMITTEE L to R-Joyce Booker, Joanne Cable, Janet Boyar, Jacqueline Bikfasy, Judith Anderson, Hugh Boylan, Judith Stortz, Jean Hawley, Ellen Albro, Diana Dietrich, Joseph Colangelo. PROM COMMITTEE ROW 1-Carol Wahlstrom, Barbara Izzett, Carole Evans, Mariann Dlnielson, Judith Mazieka, Deanna Hagberg, Yvonne DeVries, Barbara Fisher. ROW 2- Ceorge Stowell, John Madura, John Sikma, Sponsor, Mrs. N. Wall, Allan Derry, John Haifner, James Johnson. 86 SEATING AND MAREHING COMMITTEE ROW 1-Jean Wilson, Mary Czech, Mary Ann Crigsby, Connie King, Marilyn Otten, Delores Vasquez, Maryallen Anderson. ROVV 2-Jack Peterson, Dolores Harper, Stanley Matras. SENIOR BREAKFAST COMMITTEE ROW 1-Barbara Moore, Judy Ryan, Annette Tosti, JoAnne Colbert, Florence Chezzi, Eleanor Turk, Sandra Dilley. ROW 2-Dave Krueger, Alan Nagelvoort, Noah Stewart, Barbara Izzett, Sharon Schmidt, Frank Moody, Cary Marrs, Rodney Smith. -Q.. grim ,f'5 fax EQ 7 Age. COLOR AND MOTTO COMMITTEE L to R-Don XYill4-tt, Antoinette Re-dius, Nancy Yakubin, Arlene Bahr, Diane Cunning- ham, Bruce Liljeros. GIFT COMMITTEE L to R-Barbara Clrbin, Xluriun Clrcsho, Elaine Ozsvath, Leone Peterson RING COMMITTEE L to R-Dorothy Crizzurd, Karen Billburg, Carol Ditzler. STAGE DECORATION CONIMITTEE ROW 1-XViliium Borgo, Veronica Lowe, Edward Pluzynski. ROW 2-Lloyd Peterson C0 ITTEE 87 CLASS OFFICER JAMES SINCLAIR President JOSEPHINE CIBULSKY Vice President JUDITH DAPKUS Secretary BINNIE MAMPRISIO Treasurer H, -, I X 15 u X I e l ' ' x f' . Y X I ' I-11EL'-f":'5"l"'5l:f'i4!Jf'fE':" If 1-'?,Yg5'1 :' 'fjgf--.31 - '5:2',','S-,'.':.11::F2'-.-:---.-,':.':f5'1 ' ff' ' 'f :?5"'i:5 3 ffl' ' ' i It 'l.. . :'.'1 3: QQ ligff-jkllff " ':?1f'2:g3-3.254555 e"" JUNE 1959 GRADUATION PROGRAM PROCESSIONAL, "Land of Hope and Glory". . . .... Elgar STAR SPANCLED BANNER. . . ................ .Key INVOCATION .... .... F ather James Sheridan Holy Rosary Church WELCOME ADDRESS. . . .............. Josephine Cibulsky Vice President 8: Salutatorian "No Man is an Islandl' .................................... Whitney and Kramer Choir-Miss Julia A. Mulligan, Director Accompanist ............ Donna Loess SALUTATORY ADDRESSES ..... PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT ..... ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS GIFT .... "Born to be Freen .... VALEDICTORY ADDRESS .... PRESENTATION OF CLASS ..... PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS .... CLASS SONG "Fenger High". . . BENEDICTION ........... RECESSIONAL ORGANIST .... Choir . . . . .Joyce Elzinga Nancy Valchant . . . .Binnie Mamprisio Class Treasurer . . . .Miss Mildred Taylor Assistant Principal . . . . .Williams . . . . .James Sinclair Class President . . . . . .Mr. John Kehoe Assistant Principal . . . . .Mr. Clarence T. Richardson Principal ..................Cole . . . . . . . .Rev. Walter H. Miekley First Roseland Baptist Church . . . .Millicent Palmquist CALVIN ADAIR. 9657 S. Emerald Ave. Trix Hi-Y, Bowling Team. HAROLD ADAMS. 9148 Burnside Avc. Choir, Amateur Show, Talent Revue, Chem. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. JUDY ADAMS. 10218 Eggleston Ave. Phorex, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., VVater Ballet, Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Homecoming Court. CAIL ALBERINI. 12747 Sangamon Ave. Phorex, Oil. Sec., G.A.A., Water Ballet, Sen. Sing, Choir, Latin Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. JAMES ALM. 9921 Normal Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Quill St Scroll Soc., Titan Torch Staff, Stud. Council, News Rep., Golf Team, Bowling Team, Sen. Break. Comm., Chem. Club. GERALD ALMON. 10730 Calumet Ave. Rm. Pres., Bowling Team, Courier Rep., Hallguarcl, News Rep. LEONARD ANDERSON. 10956 Parnell Ave. Phorex, News Rep., Swimming Team, Diploma Comm., Chem. Club, Knights Hi-Y. DOROTHY ANDREWS. 9514 Perry Ave. G.A.A., Seating St Marching Comm., Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. ROBERT AUGUST. 12923 Parnell Ave. Rm. Pres., News Rep., Sen. Sing Comm., Stags Hi-Y. DONALD BACH. 12346 Normal Ave. Phorex, News Rep., Tennis Team, Mixed Chorus, May Fest., Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Spring Fest., Phorex Rep., Courier Rep. JACKIE BAIERL. 355 VV. 116th St. Phorex, Titan Torch StaH, Rm. Pres., G.A.A. Rep., XVater Ballet, Diploma Comm., Choir, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Spring Fest., Titanettes, Career Dav Aide, Coll. Day Aide, Nat. Hon. Soc., Quill :Sz Scroll. NEDRA BAIRD. 10120 Lowe Ave. COURIER STAFF, Phorex, Rm. Sec., Courier Rep., G.A.A., Cap 8x Gown Comm., Amateur Show, Talent Revue, Latin Club, Nat. Hon. Soc., Quill Bt Scroll, Tri Honor. NELDA BAIRD. 10120 Lowe Ave. COURIER STAFF, Rm. Pres., Rm. Sec., Courier Rep., G.A.A., Talent Revue, Latin Club, Hi-C, Phorex, Quill 61 Scroll. IRENE BAR- BERO. 35 E. 124th St. Phorex, Off. Sec., G.A.A., Sen. Sing Comm., Choir, Latin Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguarcl. PAT BARCZI. 11810 NVallace Ave. Phorex, Quill ZS: Scroll Soc., Titan Torch Staff, G.A.A., XVater Ballet, Letter Girls, Sen. Sing Comm., Niav Fest., Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Capt. of Titanettes, Fri. Night Soc, Comm., Career Day Aicle. FAYE BARNETTE. 10936 Indiana Ave. Oli. Sec., G.A.A., Lib. Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A. DIANNE BARRETT. 11701 Normal Ave. Phorex, Quill 61 Scroll Soc., Titan Torch Staff, Rm. Pres., Stud. Lib., Water Ballet, Letter Girls, Prom Comm., Drama Club, Letter Girls, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest. PAUL BARTAK. 11671 Lowe Ave. Phorex, Prom Comm., R.O.T.C., Orchestra, Chem. Club, Drum 61 Bugle Corns, Off. Club, Non Comm. Off., Ushers Club, Piclcecl Platoon, Color Guarrl. 89 UNE 1959 IANICE BASTIANELLI. 50 W. 107th St. G.A.A., Girls Glee Club, May Festival. TOM BAUZA. 662 W. 117th St. Boys Glee Club. NICK BEHLAND. 21 E. 119th Pl. DONNA LEE BENEDICT. 10604 Green St. Stud. Council, Rm. Sec., Off. Sec., G.A.A., Glee Club, Spring Fest., Latin Club. ROGER BENGSTON. 12132 Prince- ton Ave. Rm. Pres., P.T.A. Rep., Diploma Comm., Con- cert Band, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Barons Hi-Y. IANICE BENKO. 10023 Morgan St. Phorex, Rm. Pres., News Rep., G.A.A., Water Ballet, Sen. Sing Comm., Orchestra, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. PATRICIA BENNETT. 11122 Vernon Ave. News Rep., Off. Sec., Stud. Lib., Colors 6: Motto Comm., Glee Club, Bowling Team, Phi Rho Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. DONALD BERGQUIST. 10039 Aberdeen Ave. News Rep., Baseball Team, Football Team, Bowl- ing Team, Knights Hi-Y, Hallguard. EMIL BERZEN- SKI. 10959 Sangamon St. Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, Rm. Pres., Rm. Treas., Choir, Spring Fest., Phorex Rep., Latin Club, Quill 6: Scroll. JUDY BIEBEL. 10934 Sangamon St. Titan Torch Staff, Phorex, Courier Rep., Quill Br Scroll, News Rep., Oit. Sec., G.A.A., Sen. Sing Comm., Girls Glee Club, Chem. Club, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Nat. Hon. Soc., Coll. Day Aide. GENE ANTHONY BILLO. 11425 St. Lawr- ence. Rm. Pres., Seating 81 Marching Comm., Choir, Son's Hi-Y, Fri. Night Soc. Comm., Homecoming Court. PAULETTE BINOL. 35 E. 117th St. Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A. PATRICIA BISONE. 11414 Wallace Ave. News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Prom Comm., Sen. Sing Comm., Girls Glee Club, Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Hallguarcl. RUTH BODNAR. 11918 Eggleston Ave. Rm. Sec., Courier Rep., G.A.A., Diploma Comm., Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. SHIRLEY BODNAR. 10717 Perry Ave. OE. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Prom Comm., Sen. Sing Comm., Choir, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. CLARECE BOLDS. 9219 LaSalle St. BARBARA BON- APARTE. 153 E. 119th St. Rm. Pres., Rm. Treas., Rm. Sec., Courier Rep., News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Girls Glee Club, Bowling Team, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. PATRICIA BONAPARTE. 47 VV. 112th St. Rm. Sec., News Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A. ' 90 mites fa. WZ . '9 J ' 1 ' T ' lfilgfi . 5' 'x I will J' in TERRY BOONE. 10224 Perry Ave. Non Comm. OH., Ushers Club. DORIS BORIS. 10626 Edbrooke Ave. C.A.A., Sen. Sing, Skating Club, Concert Band, Orches- tra, Band Bt Orch. Varieties. FRANK BORTOLI. 217 E. 115th St. Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., News Rep., Sen. Sing, Sonis Hi-Y, Fri. Night Soc. Comm., Hallguard. IACQUELINE BORTOLI. 12249 Michigan Ave. Rm. Treas., Courier Rep., News Rep., Ott. Sec., G.A.A., Choir, Delta Tri-Hi-Y. WALTER BOSSE. 9920 Green Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., News Rep., Basketball Mgr., Football Mgr., Orchestra, Chem. Club. LLOYD BOWMAN. 224 YV. 109th Pl. NANCY BOYD. 9172 Burnside St. Phorex, News Rep., Sen. Sing, Girls Clee Club, Chem. Club, Math. Club, Latin Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. ETHEL BRADFORD. 9587 Indiana Ave. C.A.A., Sen. Sing, Choir, Lambda Phi Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. SANDRA BRASEWICZ. 12119 S. Peoria St. Rm. Pres., Rm. Sec., News Rep., Off. Sec., C.A.A., Sen. Sing, Choir, Cerman Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. DOLORES BRECIN. 12539 Emerald Ave. Phorex, Off. Sec., C.A.A., Choir, May Fest., Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. FRANK BUKAUSKAS. 10821 Michi- gan Ave. Football Team, Male Chorus, Chem. Club, Trix Hi-Y. EILEEN BULTHUIS. 11723 Indiana Ave. Off. Sec., C.A.A., C.A.A. Rep., Drama Club. RICHARD BURIN. 10518 Forest Ave. News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Sen. Sing Comm., Choir, Bowling Team, Spartans Hi-Y, Off. Club, Non Comm. Off., Picked Platoon, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. JAMES BURKE. 11801 Lafayette Ave. Rm. Pres., Rm. Sec., News Rep., Baseball Team, Swimming Team, Sen. Sing, Son's Hi-Y, Homecoming Comm., Homecoming Court, Ass. Comm., Hallguard Capt. DOROTHY BURNSON. 10045 XVent- worth Ave. Phorex, Quill 81 Scroll Soc., Titan Torch Staff, C.A.A. Rep., Colors 61 Motto Comm., Girls Clee Club, Letter Cirls, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Sprng Fest., Coll. Day Aide, Career Day Aide, Nat. Hon. Soc. JOHN L. BUVELOT. 11039 Parnell. Non Comm. Olli., Clee Club, Bowling Team. THOMAS CAIN. 12008 Eggleston. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., Basketball Team, Con- cert Band, Chem. Club, Barons Hi-Y, Hallguard. LINO CANALIA. 580 E. 115th St. Phorex, Student Council, Rm. Pres., Chem. Club, Knights Hi-Y, Latin Club, Hallguard. CAROL CARIOLA. 713 W. Vermont Ave. P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Senior Sing Comm., Latin Club, Hallguard. GRACE CARLSON. 9543 Greenwood Ave. Concert Band, Phorex, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Oif. Sec., G.A.A. TOM CARLSTEDT. 437 W. 98th Pl. Football Team, Orch., Hallguard. GEORGIANNE CHAMBERS. 434 VV. 129th Pl. Phorex, Titan Torch, VVater Ballet, Letter Girls, Career Day Aide, Sen. Sing Comm., Rho Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, German Club, P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Quill at Scroll. RONALD CHEHY. 715 E. 104th Pl. Student Council, Prom Comm., Bowling Club, P.T.A. Rep., Courier Rep., Sons Hi-Y, News Rep., Hallguard. DARLENE CHRIST. 617 VV. 107th St. German Club, Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Orch., News Rep., Drama Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A. JOSEPHINE CIBULSKY. 10506 Indiana Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Student Council, Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., Class Pres., G.A.A., YVater Ballet, Program Comm., Glee Club, Grad. Mon. DALE CINI. 568 E. 105th St. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Baseball Team, Rm. Pres., Student Council, Courier Rep., News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Bowling Club, Sen. Sing Comm., College Day Aide, Male Chorus. CECELIA CLARK. 9316 Rhodes Ave. Off. Sec., G.A.A., Choir, May Fest., Spring Fest., Christ. Fest. JACKIE CLARK. 12631 Eggleston Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Home Coming Court, G.A.A., News Rep., Water Ballet, Glee Club, Career Day Aide, Hallguard, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. MILLICENT CLARK. 9433 Eberbart Ave. Chem. Club, Rm. Sec., Student Lib., G.A.A., Glee Club, Hallguard, Christ. Fest. ROBERT CLAYBROOK. 10351 Rhodes Ave. Latin Club, Sen. Sing Comm., Chem. Club, Trix Hi-Y, Courier Rep., News Rep. CAROLE CONTURBA. 10651 Sangamon. Titan Torch, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A., Glee Club, Pan Am. Club, Christ. Fest., Sen. Sing, Hallguard, Spring Fest. ALLAN COOPER. 10818 Normal Ave. Rm. Pres., News Rep., Male Chorus, Program Comm., Chem. Club, Baseball Team Capt., Basketball Team, Football Team, Pan Am. Club, Christ. Fest., Hi-C Pres. CAROLYN COOPER. 12023 Yale Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., G.A.A., Choir, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Sen. Sing, Pan Am. Club, Rho Kappa Tri-Hi-Y. PEGGY CROSBY. 9148 Princeton. P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Glee Club, Chem. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. CONSTANCE CROSS. 8517 Prairie. News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Oil. Sec., G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Band, Orchestra, Chem. Club, Hallguard, Amateur Show. IACK CUTRIGHT. 11259 Champlain. Titan Torch Statl, Tennis Team, Sen. Sing, Orchestra, Male Chorus, Bowl- ing Team, Rcclmcn, Quill 61 Scroll. 61 'ii' ':.' 2 '-'. f V we LARRY DACORTE. 11723 Sangamon. Hallguard, Latin Club. SANDRA DAL SANTO. 10608 State Street. Phorex, Off. Sec., G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Band, Orchestra, Latin Club. JUDY DAPKUS. 11140 NVentworth. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, P.T.A. Rep., Letter Girls, Class Sec., G.A.A. Board, Prom Comm., Choir, Rho Kappa Tri-Hi-Y-Pres., Chief Coll. Day Aide, Sen. Sing, Quill 851 Scroll, Tri Honor. ANTON DAUER. 12007 Eggleston Ave. Stud. Council, Band. DORIS DAVEN- PORT. 9544 Calumet St. Stud. Lib., Pan Am. Club, Off. See., P.T.A. Rep. KATHLEEN DAVIS. 9277 Prairie Ave. Girls Glee Club, P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A. BARBARA JEAN DECKER. 420 YV. 127th St. Choir, Talent Revue, Sen. Sing, G.A.A., Spring Fest., Hallguard. YVETTE DE CUIR. 106 E. 91st St. Girls Clee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Sen. Sing. DIANA DEL- GADO. 12015 Justine St. Stud. Council, Rm. Pres. Phorex, Sen. Sing, Pan Am. Club, Girls, Glee Club G.A.A., Spring Fest., Christ. Fest., Hallguard. s s DIANNA DELLESANDRO. 316 VV. 106th St. Rm. Sec., News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing. DAVID DEMARCO. 740 E. 104th St. Sons Hi-Y, Bowling Team, Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., News Rep. CINDY DENARDI. 11336 St. Lawrence St. Stud. Council, Rm. Sec., News Rep., Ott. Sec., G.A.A., Choir :Sc Ensemble, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide. RONALD DE YOUNG. 64 E. 114th St. Tennis Team, Cap 61 Gown Comm., Orch., Choir, Bowling Team, Reel- men, Spring Fest., Christ. Fest. PETE DIAN. 12100 Stewart Ave. Rm. Pres., Hallguard. ROCHELLE DIL- LARD. 0311 Rhodes Ave. Courier Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Sing. ANNETTE DISTASIO. 10521 S. May St. G.A.A., P.T.A. Rep., Hallguard, Girls Club. BETTY DIXON. 9838 S. Yale Ave. News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Band, Choir, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Lib. Club, Hall- guard. ELSIE DOESBURC. 343 XV. 106th Pl. Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing, Bowling Team, Drama Club, Hallguard. 93 RON DORANSKI 11845 S. Union Ave. OH. Club, Picked Platoon, Ushers Club, Non Comm. Off., Baron's Hi-Y, Latin Club, Chem. Club, Male Chorus, Hallguard. LARRY DROBICK. 12324 S. Union Ave. Bowling Team, Reelmen. JAMES EDMONSON. 1030 E. 159th Pl. Bowling Team. DELORES EIDE. 10709 S. Green St. Off. Sec., G.A.A., Choir, Bowling Team, Spring Fest. BETTY ELK. 715 XV. 129th Pl. Courier Rep., News Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing, Glee Club, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hall- guard. KENNETH ELLIGAN. 9313 S. Calumet Ave. Hallguard. JOYCE ELZINGA. 311 VV. 101st Pl. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, Prog. Comm., Band, Letter Girls, Pan Am. Club, Grad. Mon., Coll. Day Aide, Career Day Aide, May Court, Quill Gt Scroll, Tri Honor. ELIZABETH EMRICH. 50 W. 114th Pl. G.A.A., Ger- 111311 Crub, Hallguard. ARLENE ERICKSON. 11922 S. Eggleston Ave. Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, Nat. Hon. Soc., Rm. Pres., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Letter Girls, Prom Comm., Sen. Sing Comm., Glee Club, Hostess Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Quill 61 Scroll, Tri Honor. LEE ERICKSON. 11043 S. Peoria Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, Vice-Pres. Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., Home Coming Queen, May Fest., Grad. Mon., Chem. Club, Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide, Quill 61 Scroll, Tri Honor. SHIRLEY ERICKSON. 10243 S. Michigan Ave. Titanettes, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Sen. Break. Comm., G.A.A., Courier Rep., News Rep., Off. Sec., Glee Club. WAYNE ETTEMA. 41 XV. 113th St. News Rep., Sen. Sing, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. THOMAS EUSTACE. 9508 S. Morgan St. Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., NVater Ballet, Swimming Team, Knights Hi-Y. DIANE EVANS. 501 W. 32nd St. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Cap Sr Gown Comm., Talent Revue, Math. Club, German Club, Home Coming Comm., Hallguard, Career Day Aide. NANCY EVANS. 11430 Parnell Ave. G.A.A., Seating Br Marching Comm., Chem. Club, German Club, Talent Revue. PHYLLIS EVERS. 443 W. 103rd St. Nat. Hon. SOC., Phorex, Quill or Scroll Soc., COURIER STAFF, P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Orchestra, Grad. Mon., Tri Honor. ROBERT EYVBANK. 615 VV. 105th St. Phorex, Baseball Mgr., Tennis Team, Prom Comm., Orchestra, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Latin Club, Vikings Hi.-Y. ROBERT FAOR0. 11578 Lafayette Ave. Phorex, Break. Comm., Barons Hi-Y, German Club, Hallguard. 94 X , NEutm 12 f ., x llllr! I 'Z rl X lil, V lv X Hx Z WMF. , :' , X . lj" 1,1 If . -, F l , , Y' , ff S ,N 'lll"'x ' .1-.vxilulllll N...ru..m--.---inmmmum-Wm:H" "" """'u JEAN FARLEY. 10042 St. Lawrence Ave. Stud. Coun- cil, G.A.A., Choir, Girls Glee Club, Phi Rho Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club. SAM FELICUCHIA. 11579 LaSalle St. Football Team, Sen. Sing. JENNIFER FIERKE. 11018 Lowe Ave. Rm. Pres., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Program Comm., Chem. Club, Coll. Day Aide, Career Day Aide, Phorex Rep, Phorex. CATHERINE FITZGERALD. 11127 Normal Ave. Phorex, Courier Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Seating Br Marching Comm., Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. DENISE FLYNN. 11322 Calumet Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, COURIER STAFF, Rm. Sec., Courier Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Sen. Sing Comm., Sen. Break. Comm., Glee Club, Chem. Club, Hostess Club, Math. Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A., Roller Skating Club, German Club, Quill 6: Scroll. JOHN FONTAINE. 10036 Racine Ave. News Rep., Orchestra, Knights Hi-Y. ALVIN FOREMAN. 9607 S. Perry Ave. Band, Choir, May Fest., Band 61 Orch. Varieties, Omicrons Hi-Y, Spring Fest. KAREN FORMAN. 10338 Eberhart Ave. Phorex, Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Band, Orches- tra, Latin Club, Career Day Aide. LINDA FOX. 142 XV. 118th St. News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing Comm., Bowling Team, Hallguard. DELORES FRANCZYK. 11748 S. Union Ave. Phorex, Stud. Council, Courier Rep., News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Beta Tri-Hi-Y, May Fest., Sen. Sing Comm. CAROL ANN FREDRIKSEN. 10033 Minnick Ave. Phorex, Stud. Council, Letter Girls, Career Day Aide, Rm. Sec., Choir, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard, Chem. Club, Stud. Lib., Nat. Hon. Soc. JOYCE FRENCH. 10743 S. Calumet Ave. Phorex, Rm. Sec., Courier Rep., News Rep., OH. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Prom Comm., Sen. Break. Comm., Career Day Aide. DONNA FRIEND. 10137 South Park Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Break. Comm., Girls Glee Club, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Spring Fest., Christ. Fest., Home Coming Comm. CHRISTINE FUS. 11807 Indiana Ave. News Rep., G.A.A., NVater Ballet, Choir, Drama Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Talent Revue, Titanettes, Hallguard, Off. Sec. IANICE GABEL. 10137 S. Sangamon Ave. Sen. Sing Comm., Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Career Day Aide, Oil. Sec. CAROLE GANZ. 10432 S. Racine Ave. News Rep., OH. Sec., G.A.A., Beta Tri-Hi-Y. LINDA GANZEL. 10934 S. VVabash Ave. G.A.A., Sen. Sing Comm., Girls Glee Club, Bowling Team, May Fest., Talent Revue. JOHN GARBACZ. 11808 S. Union Ave. Football Team, Sen. Sing, Barons Hi-Y. -1n1 rm-4. f-umm. n -1 4 M wMsw Aw-1 BOB GARRITY. 12617 Wentworth Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., News Rep., Baseball Team, Basket- ball Team, Football Team, Prom Comm., Barons Hi-Y, Homecoming Court, Hallguard. JOHN GARTNER. 11338 S. Eggleston Ave. Male Chorus, Picked Platoon, News Rep., Courier Rep. ARLENE GERMAIN. 11001 S. Emerald Ave. Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., G.A.A Rep, Prom Comm., Orchestra, Choir, Drama Club, Phi Rho Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. EDDIE GILL. 9302 Rhodes Ave. Football Team, Male Chorus, Drum 51 Bugle Corps, Reelmen, Off. Club, Non Comm. Oil., Ushers Club, Picked Platoon. BILL GIOR- DANO. 300 W. 105th Pl. Rm. Treas., Rm. Sec., Courier Rep., News Rep., Swimming Team, Hallguard, Sen. Sing. CATHY GOETTLER. 11941 Normal Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Quill Bt Scroll Soc., Titan Torch Staff, Stud. Council Treas., VVater Ballet, Colors 61 Motto Comm., Letter Girls, Home Coming Comm., Titanettes, Career Day Aide, G.A.A. Board, Tri Honor. VIVIEN GOODAY. 9104 S. Emerald Ave. Rm. Sec., Off. Sec., G.A.A., Sen. Break. Comm., Girls Glee Club, Career Day Aide. FRANCES GONCARCZYK. 12427 S. Eggleston Ave. Phorex, Rm. Sec., Off. Sec., G.A.A., Stage Dec. Comm., Class Gift Comm., Hallguard. ROSE- MARIE GONCARCZYK. 12427 S. Eggleston Ave. Phorex, Rm. Sec., Off. Sec., G.A.A., Hallguard. GRACE GORMAN. 10239 S. May St. G.A.A., Choir, Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Pan Am. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. RON GRENS. 10542 South Park Ave. Base- ball Team, Swimming Team, Bowling Team, Home- coming Court, Hallguard. CAROLYN GRIMES. 10407 S. Racine Ave. Courier Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A. Board, Girls Glee Club, Chem. Club, Hos- tess Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. KATHRYN GRISZ. 12244 S. LaSalle St. Phorex, Courier Rep., News Rep., Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A. Rep., XVater Ballet, Letter Girls, Sen. Sing, Girls Glee Club, May Fest., Theta Tri-Hi-Y, Titanettes. LINDA GUN- STEAD. 1410 VV. 122nd St. Phorex, Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Letter Girls, Program Comm., Chem. Club, Delta Tri-Hi-Y. GERALDINE HALLORAN. 11305 S. Green St. P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Sing Comm., Theta Tri-Hi-Y. GAIL HAMILTON. 9938 S. Union Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., News Rep., Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Letter Girls, Diploma Comm., Chem. Club, Career Day Aide, Latin Club. WILLIAM HARLAN. 805 E. 131st St. Hallguard, News Rep., Choir, Male Chorus, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Latin Club. PATRI- CIA HARVEY. 9226 S. Princeton Ave. News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Choir, Spring Fest., Hallguard, Sen. Sing. 7 X R X R x A . .it ll ' f , .4 C X ,K 05 ,29 Q l7J9V'-, ' ' -'.- 22 rj ., ' 2 1 v- f 2 L7 if if QEJQU 60 -.lv X n, A .1 I... , p O, ,h 'nt' W fill Si, f r Ease L :E xwY1T!','.' ,, E' ZELLA HAWKINS. 347 E. 115th St. Phorex, Rm. Sec., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Choir, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Phorex Rep., Career Day Aide, Lib. Club. DAN HEGG- LIN. 11122 S. Peoria St. Pres. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, COURIER STAFF, Steering 81 Prog. Comm., Math. Club, Reelmen, Hallguard, Quill 61 Scroll. MARGARET HEITMEYER. 10619 S. Wabash Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., News Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Letter Girls, Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., German Club. MARILYN HELLMAN. 12516 S. Lowe Ave. Phorex, Rm. Sec., News Rep., G.A.A. Rep., Girls Glee Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. SHAR- ON HENNIE-ROED. 10225 S. VVentworth Ave. Phorex, Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Announcements Comm., Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Career Day Aide, Latin Club, Hallguard. DOLORES HERNANDEZ. 11205 South Park Ave. Titan Torch Staff, Rm. Pres., Water Ballet, Letter Girls, Prom Comm., Choir, Bowling Team, Cheerleader, Chem. Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A. SHARON HIBMA. 10114 S. Eggleston Ave. Phorex, Off. Sec., G.A.A. JILL HIGGINS. 11353 S. Normal Ave. G.A.A., Sen. Sing Comm., Talent Revue, Amateur Show, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. BERT HILL. 10719 S. Sangamon Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Sen. Sing, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Knights Hi-Y. NORMAN HINES. 9326 South Park Ave. Phorex, Male Chorus, Reelmen, Talent Revue. BARBARA HOCK- INCS. 11924 S. VVentw0rth Ave. P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Water Ballet, Band, Christ. Fest. BARBARA HODG- SON. 57 W. 103rd St. Phorex, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Announcements Comm., Choir, Girls Glee Club, Chem. Club, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, German Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. EDWARD HOFFMAN. 10926 S. Eberliart Ave. JOAN HOLBA. 11012 S. Green St. News Rep., Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Announcements Comm., Girls Glee Club, May Fest., Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. SANDRA HOLMES. 33 W. 95th St. Phorex, Off. Sec., G.A.A., Choir, Math. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., F.T.A., Phorex Rep., Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide, Nat. Hon. Soc. KAREN HOOGAKKER. 10040 S. Normal Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., OHS. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Cap 61 Gown Comm., Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Latin Club. KAREN HOPE. 10155 S. Emerald Ave. Phorex, COURIER STAFF, Courier Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Sing Comm., Girls Glee Club, Chem. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Coll. Day Aide, Career Day Aide, Quill Bl Scroll. KENNETH HOPE. 9529 S. Greenwood Ave. Rm. Pres., Swimming Team, Sen. Sing Comm., Choir, Latin Club. 97 CAROL HOSTETTER. 9848 S. Sangamon Ave. Phorex, Quill 6: Scroll Soc., COURIER STAFF, Rm. Pres., G.A.A., Band, Nat. Hon. Soc., Chem. Club, Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide, Tri Honor. RON HOWES. 12048 S. Parnell Ave. Hallguard. CAROL HUDSON. 10437 S. Forest Ave. P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Choir, Bowling Team, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. MARCO HUERTA. 12155 S. Ashland Ave. G.A.A., Iota Tri-Hi-Y. ADRIAN IRVINC. 9400 S. Calumet Ave. Football Team, Swimming Team, Chem. Club, Reelmen, Latin Club, Hallguard. BOB JACKMAN. 10843 S. Peoria Ave. Courier Rep., Football Team, Knights Hi-Y, Bowling Team. MARIANN JAEGERHUBER. 527 E. 112th St. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, GOURIER STAFF, Courier Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A. Board, Sen. Break. Comm., Hostess Club Pres., Math. Club, Grad. Mon., German Club, F.T.A., Quill 61 Scroll, Tri Honor. VERNA JANASKY. 11322 S. Greene St. Hallguard, News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Sing Comm., Choir, May Fest., Roller Skating Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. CAROLINE JOHNSON. 9820 S. Dobson Ave. Hallguard, Rm. Sec., Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Announcements Comm., Choir, Girls Glee Club, Drama Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., German Club. DORIS JOHNSON. 10106 S. Rhodes. Ott. Sec., G.A.A. FRANCES JOHNSON. 108 W. 95th St. Rm. Pres., G.A.A., Orchestra, Choir, F.T.A., Christ. Fest. LLOYD JOHNSON. 10032 South Park Ave. Talent Revue, Fenger Art Fair. ARCATEE JONES. 9133 Indiana Ave. G.A.A. WALTER JONES. 12120 S. Parnell Ave. Swimming Team, Band, Orch., Chem. Club, Trix Hi-Y. NANCY JUREVICZ. 300 VV. 105th St. Rm. Pres., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Cap or Gown Comm., Girls Glee Club, Bowling Team, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Sen. Sing, Career Day Aide. MARY ANN JURISH. 548 W. 129th Pl. Phorex, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Break. Comm., Sen. Sing, Phorex Rep. TOM KAMBA. 11529 S. Stewart Ave. Rm. Pres., Hall- guard, Home Coming Comm. JOYCE KAZEN. 255 W. 108th Pl. Off. Sec., G.A.A., Pan Am. Club, Hi-C Club. 98 MARILYN KEIZER. 46 W. 109th Pl. G.A.A., Choir, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. BONNIE KENT. 11233 S. Vernon Ave. Phorex, Stud. Council, Courier Rep., News Rep., G.A.A., Prom Comm., Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Latin Club, Sen. Sing. DAVE KINNIS- TEN. 11016 S. Green St. Phorex, COURIER STAFF, Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., News Rep., Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Prom Comm., Sen. Sing, Chem. Club, Knights Hi-Y, Home Coming Comm., Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide, Hallguard, Home Coming Court, Quill Br Scroll. MICHAEL KINNISTEN. 11016 S. Green St. Rm. Pres., Rm. Treas., Cap 61 Gown Comm., Sen. Sing, Chem. Club, Knights Hi-Y. DENNIS KITE. 253 W. 107th Pl. Bowling Team, German Club. JACQUELINE KLIPP. 10314 S. Wood St. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., Grad. Mon., Band, Orchestra, Rho Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, F .T.A., Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide, Hostess Club, Nat. Hon. Soc. MARY KOCH. 9918 S. Parnell Ave. G.A.A., Announce- ments Comm., Chem. Club, Latin Club. JERRY KOCO- LOWSKI. 10506 S. Rhodes. News Rep., Bowling Team, Sons Hi-Y, Hallguard. RICHARD KOLHAUSER. 12134 S. Perry Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Quill Br Scroll Soc., COURIER STAFF, P.T.A. Rep., Tennis Team, Seating 6: Marching Comm., Male Chorus, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Math. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Phorex Rep., German Club, Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide. DIANE KOMM. 11306 S. Parnell Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Quill Bt Scroll Soc., Titan Torch Staff, Stud. Council Sec., Stud. Lib., G.A.A. Board, Water Ballet, Cap 8: Gown Comm., Letter Girls, Grad. Mon., Titan- ettes, Tri Honor. JOSEPH KOVACS. 11218 S. Normal Ave. Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Drum or Bugle Corps, Non Comm. Off., Ushers Club, Picked Platoon, Color Guard. JOAN KRELL. 218 W. 113th St. G.A.A., Lib. Asst., Choir, Phorex, Latin Club. DONNA KRIKAU. 254 E. 136th St. Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, P.T.A. Rep., Quill 6: Scroll, G.A.A. Board Treas., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing Comm., Chem. Club, Letter Girls, Rho Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Spring Fest., Titan- ettes, Career Day Aide, May Court, Nat. Hon. Soc. DOROTHY KUCA. 12448 S. Emerald Ave. G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Roller Skating Club. JO-ANN KUHN. 11946 S. Halsted St. Bowling Team. KAREN KULIG. 147 E. 118th Pl. News Rep., G.A.A., Latin Club. ROMELLE KUNZ. 10713 S. Champlain St. News Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Prom Comm., Choir, Phi Rho Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Pan Am. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Career Day Aide. BARBARA KUPKA. 11157 S. Eggleston Ave. Phorex, Rm. Sec., OE. Sec., G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Girls Glee Club, Pan Am. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. g sr ,, ,, -, eg .rs ,ng yew 'Aww MQ: JOHN KURZEJA. 11740 S. Sangamon Ave. Vikings Hi-Y, Non Comm. Off., Ushers Club, Picked Platoon, Color Guard, Male Chorus. SHIRLEY KUTLIK. 11125 Green St. Phorex, Quill Sz Scroll Soc., Titan Torch Staff, Stud. Council, News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Letter Girls, Orchestra, Girls Glee Club, Chem. Club, Phi Rho Chi Tri-Hi-Y. LYNNE LAHAYNE. 9807 Uni- versity Ave. Phorex, P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Class Gift Comm., Choir, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Latin Club, Hallguard. SANDRA LAIB. 119 VV. 111th Pl. Courier Rep., News Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., Diploma Comm., Sen. Sing, Hallguard. ROBERT LAINC. 11347 S. Champlain Ave. Phorex, Tennis Team, Reelmen. PETER LEMKE. 10237 S. Racine Ave. Phorex, P.T.A. Rep., Prom Comm., Orchestra, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Hallguard, Ger- man Club, Latin Club, Male Chorus. LOUIS LERNER. 10543 S. Morgan. Phorex, Stud. Coun- cil, Rm. Pres., P.T.A. Rep., Orchestra, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Drama Club, Drum 61 Bugle Corps, Non Comm. Off., Picked Platoon. CHUCK LESTER. 11136 S. VVallace Ave. Rm. Pres., News Rep., Swimming Team, Bowling Team, Trix Hi-Y, Hallguard. HENRY LEVI- TAN. 625 E. 100th Pl. Courier Rep., News Rep., Bowl- ing Team, Reelmen, Male Chorus. ROBERTA LICCETT. 229 WV. 112th Pl. Phorex, Cour- ier Rep., News Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., Class Gift Comm., Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. WARREN LINDEN. 10752 S. Wallace Ave. Phorex, Rm. Treas., Class Gift Comm., Chem. Club, Drama Club, Latin Club, Hallguard, Sen. Sing. SHELBY LIONBERG. 9901 S. Union Ave. Phorex, G.A.A., Chem. Club, Drama Club, Latin Club. TERRANCE LITTLE. 637 W. Vermont St. CAROLE LOEWIG. 11004 S. Vernon Ave. Rm. Treas., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Prom Comm., Girls Glee Club, Drama Club, Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Career Day Aide, Titanette, Hall- guard, Oii. Sec., Twirler. DALE LOFQUIST. 10228 S. Prairie Ave. Phorex, Program Comm., Choir, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. IUDITH LYON. 10735 S. Green St. Phorex, Phorex Rep., Rm. Pres., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Sen. Break. Comm., Orchestra, Delta Tri-Hi-Y. TED MACEY. 10101 South Park Ave. Swimming Team, Trix Hi-Y, Reelmen. MARGE MAGINEL. 300 W. 108th Pl. Rm. Pres., Stud. Council, News Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Water Ballet, Prom Comm., Theta Tri-Hi-Y, Cheerleader, Hallguard. l LJ 'V - I ...a.. , I B 5-all 5- K ul 1' I ,',fJ.' H..-, Q1 - ' PE A , Q' ,Q'22'f' J. ' 1?"'fmf - 1 '4 fl? f' -' j ' .V fr.-.,-3 gr' .P ff ' , ' 1 A-25.521-"-11 'fi ' w-'lamxw ww,--ewwms t , .., . Q-.. r l-5 um at .mg-gp.. . sh., . .. .7-or M .. Z' - -, Kf':.zv1'a'F's S . Ss , -5. wg' v, In . ..-.. ....- JOYCE MALEWICKI. 10229 S. Perry Ave. G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Bowling Team, Omega Tri-Hi-Y, Hallguard. BARBARA MALKEWICZ. 10450 S. Corliss Ave. G.A.A. BINNIE MAMPRISIO. 12458 S. Stewart Ave. Sen. Class Treas., Phorex, Stud. Council, G.A.A., Homecoming Court, Girls Glee Club, Bowling Team, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Coll. Day Aide. LYDIA MANDLECO. 10013 S. Beverly Ave. Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Sing Comm., Girls Glee Club, May Fest., Choir, German Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. JOANNA MANIOWSKI. 11656 S. Lowe Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Choir, May Fest., jr. Citizens Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. PATRICIA MARCEL. 11407 S. Emerald Ave. Phorex, Titan Torch Stall, Rm. Pres., News Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Omega Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Hallguard. GARY MARCHAND. 12002 S. Princeton Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Sen. Sing, Drum 61 Bugle Corps, Vikings Hi-Y, Math. Club, Rifle Team, Off. Club, Non Co1n1n. Oil., Ushers Club, Picked Platoon. JERRY MARCHET- TI. 10858 S. Emerald Ave. Baseball Team, Football Team, Sen. Sing, Orchestra, Bowling Club, Knights Hi-Y, Pan Am. Club, Homecoming Court, Hallguard. ALVINA MARCINIAK. 841 VV. 129th Pl. G.A.A. IOANN MAROZAS. 12200 S. Carpenter St. Hallguard, News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing, Girls Glee Club, May Fest., Bowling Team, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Roller Skating Club. EVELYN MATRAS. 821 VV. l23rd St. Rm. Sec., Off. Sec., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Class Ring Comm., Diploma Comm., Bowling Team, Roller Skating Club. GEORGE MATTSON. 12845 S. Lowe Ave. Baron's Hi-Y, Hallguard. PAT MCNICHOLAS. 409 YV. 118th St. P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Sing. TOM MCPHERRON. 14 WV. 110th Pl. Seating 61 Marching Comm. BARBARA MEHOK. 12552 S. Union Ave. Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Sen. Sing, Lib. Club. FREDERICK MERCHANT. 9404 S. Calumet Ave. Courier Rep., News Rep., Basketball Team, Football Team, Diploma Comm., Chem. Club, Hallguard. GLEN MIDDLETON. 10715 Eggleston Ave. Sen. Sing Comm. SHARON LEE MIEKLEY. 11312 S. Indiana Ave. Phorex, Stud. Council, Rm. Sec., News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing Comm., Girls Glee Club, Spring Fest. 'I01 BARBARA MILIS. 9740 S. Woodlawn Ave. G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Choir, Latin Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. JOLENE MITCHELL. 9820 S. Avalon. Rm. Pres., Rm. Sec., News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Choir, Girls Glee Club, Omega Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Spring Fest. CAROLYN MLECZKO. 27 E. 116th St. Off. Sec., G.A.A., Iota Tri-Hi-Y, Hallguard, P.T.A. Rep. MARY MOLTZAN. 11654 S. Wallace Ave. News Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Break. Comm., Girls Glee Club, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Rho Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. RONALD MONIAK. 10643 S. State St. Chem. Club, Reelmen, Non Comm. Off. WAYNE MOONEN. 10105 S. Carpenter St. Seating ISI Marching Comm., Orchestra, Bowling Team, Drum 61 Bugle Corps, Picked Platoon, Latin Club, Hallguard. LARRY MOORE. 33 E. 118th St. Swimming Team. BONNIE MUEHL. 10110 S. Prairie Ave. Courier Rep., News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Seating ZS! Marching Comm., Girls Glee Club, Omega Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Soring Fest., Hallguard. LOU MUEHS- LER. 12144 S. Princeton Ave. Basketball Team, Football Team, Prom Comm., Debating Club, Drill Club, Drum or Bugle Corps, Off. Club, Non Comm. Off., Ushers Club, Picked Platoon. LEONARD MUELLER. 10502 S. Parnell Ave. JEAN MUNSON. 11010 S. Wallace Ave. Phorex, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Phi Rho Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Talent Revue. OHN NANGLE. 10339 S. Morgan St. Nat J . Hon. Soc., Phorex, Quill or Scroll, COURIER STAFF, Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., Prog. Comm., Chem. Club, Math. Club, Latin Club, Off. Club, Non Comm. Off., Ushers Club, Picked Platoon, Color Guard, Coll. Day Aide, Career Day Aide, N.C.T.E. Eng. Award, Tri Honor. CHARLES NELSON. 11353 S. Emerald Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Band, Drum Bc Bugle Corps, Math. Club, Reelmen, Rifle Team, OH. Club, Non Comm. Off., Ushers Club, Picked Platoon, German Club. DONALD NEL- SON. 10949 S. Green St. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Off. Sec., Football Team, Program Comm., Orchestra, Male Chorus, Stags Hi-Y, Key Club. NANCY NELSON. 11738 Har- vard Ave. Courier Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep. MYRTLE NEWMAN. 9106 S. Michigan Ave. G.A.A., P.T.A. Rep., News Rep. HELEN NYQUIST. 11223 S. Edbrooke Ave. G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Pan Am. Club. ANGELA ODERIO. 10532 S. Wentworth Ave. Rm. Pres., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Girls Glee Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Sen. Sing, Sen. Break. Comm., Career Day Aide, Christ. Fest. 'I02 - ' . fff! -S4155 I X ff k ,l Z, 1 A X f 1 X.: JOHN OLIETTI. 10317 S. Indiana Ave. Phorex, Talent Revue, Latin Club. WILLIAM OLSEN. 10447 S. Eggleston Ave. Rm. Pres., News Rep., Baseball Mgr., Tennis Team, Sen. Sing, Cap ISI Gown Comm., Choir, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hi-C. RALPH OLSON. 11225 S. Vernon Ave. Phorex. LARRY OSTROWSKI. 12010 S. Lafayette Ave. PAUL PANOZZO. 753 E. 104th Pl. Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., Sen. Sing, Bowling Team, Sons Hi-Y, Home Coming Court, Hallguard. ED PARCHEM. 12257 S. Wentworth Ave. Football Team, Hallguard. DONNA PEARSON. 10450 S. Wentworth Ave. G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Cap Sc Gown Comm., Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. LAURA PEARSON. 10435 S. Corliss Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Rm. Sec., G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Choir, Chem. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Career Day Aide. RONALD PEKNY. 12416 S. Stewart Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Tennis Team, Choir, May Fest., Chem. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Phorex Rep., P.T.A. Rep. NANCY PENNER. 10404 S. Vernon Ave. Rm. Sec., News Rep., OE. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Prom Comm., Girls Glee Club, Talent Revue, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Career Day Aide. KEN PERTILE. 10345 S. Green St. Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., News Rep., Football Team, Sen. Sing, Break. Comm., Knights Hi-Y, Hallguard, CARO- LYN PETERSON. 10219 S. Union Ave. Phorex, Courier Rep., News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing Comm., Omega Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Hallguard. GLORIA PHELPS. 8718 S. Indiana Ave. Courier Rep., News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Announcements Comm., Sen. Sing, Orchestra, Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. IOANN PIKAL. 11415 S. Champlain Ave. Rm. Sec., Oil. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Water Ballet, Letter Girls, Sen. Sing Comm., Girls Glee Club, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. EDWIN POLAND. 9847 S. Ellis Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Rm. Treas., Swimming Team, Tennis Team, Prom Comm., Choir, Latin Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. REGGIE POLISE. 347 VV. 108th Pl. Rm. Pres., News Rep., Football Team. JOHN POPAEKO. 13 W. 125th Pl. Courier Rep., News Rep., Band, Vikings Hi-Y, Male Chorus. SUSAN POST. 120 W. 111th Pl. P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Program Comm., Latin Club, Sen. Sing. ..1 n ..z, ,,,,, ,.. . JUDY POSTAER. 626 E. 102nd Pl. Phorex, Off. Sec., G.A.A., Girls Glee Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Career Day Aide, Hallguard, Sen. Sing. LOIS JEAN PRZYBYLO. 10001 S. VVallaCe Ave. Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., Prom Comm., Band, Choir, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. F.T.A. BERNARD PYGON. 10718 S. Green St. Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., News Rep., Basketball Team, Football Team, Choir, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Hallguard, Sen. Sing. RAE RAFFIN. 201 VV. 124th St. Rm. Sec., Courier Rep., News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing Comm., Bowl- ing Team, Drama Club, Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Hall- guard, Cheerleader. DAN RATTARY. 12817 S. Lowe Ave. Rm. Pres., Baseball Team, Bowling Team, Trix Hi-Y, Hallguard. RONALD REIPSA. 364 E. 117th St. News Rep., Cap 61 Gown Comm., Sen. Sing, Sons Hi-Y, Hallguard. DONNA RHODERICK. 10946 S. Eberhart Ave. Courier Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Prom Comm., Girls Glee Club, Titanettes, Chem. Club, Lambda Chi Tri- Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Career Day Aide. MELISANDE RHODES. 9212 S. Indiana Ave. Phorex, News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Orchestra, Choir, Girls Glee Club, Math. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Glgld. Mon. GARY RICCARDINI. 44 E. 101st St. Trix Hi- . LANCE RICCARDINI. 44 E. 101st St. Trix Hi-Y. BARBARA RICHARDSON. 10732 S. Emerald Ave. Rm. Pres., News Rep., Off. Sec., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Cap Gt Gown Comm., Zeta Tri-Hi-Y. FRAN RICHLICH. 10713 S. Wabash Ave. G.A.A. JUDY RIEU. 11332 S. Edbrooke Ave. Phorex, News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing Comm., Band, Latin Club, Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y. JOANNE RIGONI. 401 E. 110th St. Nat. Hon. Soc., Quill 81 Scroll Soc., Titan Torch Staff, Rm. Pres., Prom Comm., Sen. Sing, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Hostess Club, Lambda Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Titanettes. NADYNE RISBERG. 846 W. 111th St. P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Prom Comm., Orchestra, Drama Club, Phi Rho Chi Tri-Hi-Y. ROBERT RODZEN. 305 VV. 111th St. Trix Hi-Y, Hallguard. CAROLYN RON- ZANI. 301 E. Kensington Ave. Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Sing Comm., Drama Club, Rho Kappa Tri- Hi-Y, Pan Am. Club, Hallguard. KENNETH ROSS. 9921 S. Parnell Ave. Rm. Pres., News Rep., Hallguard. Elil,lFIl'I.JKA1!YMlY.l Y .X JU Vi 'Un 'Qs-fn, if PATRICIA ROSSI. 9825 S. Avalon Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Lib., Diploma Comm., Omega Tri-Hi-Y, Pan Am. Club, Sen. Sing, Phorex Rep., Career Day Aide, Nat. Hon. Soc. LYNN ROTHSCHILD. 9641 S. Emerald Ave. Titan Torch Staff, News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Letter Girls, Glee Club, Drama Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide. SHIRLEY RUSWICK. 11714 S. Indiana Ave. Phorex, Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing, Sen. Break. Comm., Hallguard. WAYNE RYDBERC. 10627 S. Union Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Water Ballet, Basketball Team, Football Team. JOYCE SABADOS. 657 Vermont St. Phorex, Stud. Council, Courier Rep., Off. Sec., Stud. Lib., Lib. Club, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Class Gift Comm., Sen. Sing, Rho Kappa Tri-Hi-Y. SANDRA SALTER. 11532 S. Parnell Ave. Phorex, OH. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Letter Girls, Colors 61 Motto Comm., Band, Spring Fest., Coll. Day Aide, Hallguard. BARBARA SANDERS. 1048 W. 103rd St. Phorex, Cour- ier Rep., News Rep., G.A.A., Choir, Bowling Team, Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Pan Am. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Sen. Sing. JIM SANTOR0. 9751 S. University Ave. Tennis Team, Band, May Fest., Spring Fest., Band 61 Orchestra Var. GILBERT SATURNO. 11345 Champlain Avc. Rm. Pres., Baseball Team, Sen. Sing Comm., Son's Hi-Y, Key Club. VALERIE SCHECK. 10024 St. Lawrence Ave. Phorex, Off. Sec., Girls Glee Club, May Court, Chem. Club, Phi- Rho-Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Career Day Aide, G.A.A. Board. SHARON SCHMUDE. 11633 S. Princeton Ave. Phorex, Off. Sec., G.A.A., Prom Comm., Girls, Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Phorex Rep., Coll. Day Aide, Grad. Mon., Career Day Aide, Nat. Hon. Soc. BEVERLY SCHNEIDER. 9519 S. Avalon Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Quill 61 Scroll Soc., Titan Torch Staff, News Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., NVater Ballet, Sen. Sing Comm., Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Titanettes, Coll. Day Aide, Tri Honor. DOLORES SCHREURS. 1410 W. 122nd St. Titan Torch Staff, Courier Rep., News Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Announcements Comm., Girls' Glee Club, Chem. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Latin Club, Hallguard, Nat. Hon. Soc. HANK SCHUELER. 425 XV. 98th Pl. Rm. Sec., Announcements Comm., Bowling Team. DON SCHULTZ. 11407 S. Parnell Ave. Rm. Pres., Choir, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. BETTY SCHWARTZ. 331 XV. 99th Pl. Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Iota Tri-Hi-Y. LES SCRUCGS. 10157 S. Forest Ave. Phorex, Swimming Team, Class Gift Comm., Chem. Club, Spartans Hi-Y. JUNE SELLS. 11625 S. Eggleston Ave. Rm. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing. 105 GEORGE SENITZ. 12016 S. Parnell Ave. Announce- ments Comm., Non. Comm. Ott., Hallguard. GALE SENIW. 10236 S. Parnell Ave. G.A.A., Hallguard. JANET SCHADDELEE. 11636 S. Stewart Ave. RUS- SELL SHERMAN. 12415 S. Lowe Ave. Phorex, Bowling Team, Drum Sr Bugle Corps, Vikings Hi-Y, Riiie Team, Off. Club, Non. Comm. Club, Ushers Club, Picked Pla- toon, Color Guard, Nat. Hon. Soc. DIANE SIMENSON. 9953 S. Wentworth Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Announcements Comm., Sen. Sing, Orchestra, Bowling Team, Drama Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Career Day Aide. BEVERLY SIMMONS. 9249 S. La- Salle St. Phorex, G.A.A., Cap 61 Gown Comm., Choir, May Fest., Chem. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Latin Club, Career Day Aide. JAMES SINCLAIR. 137 W. 118th St. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Quill ISI Scroll Soc., Stud. Council, Class Pres., Editor Titan Torch, Prom Comm., Bowling Team, Reel- men, German Club, Coll. Day Aide, Career Day Aide, Phorex Rep., Tri Honor. GRACIE SINENI. 345 E. 103rd St. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Prom Comm., Girls' Gluee Club, Iota Tri-Hi-Y, Career Day Aide, Phorex Rep. JOYCE SKIBA. 113 W. 109th St. Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., Prom Comm., Orchestra, Choir, Bowling Team, Pan Am. Club. Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Career Day Aide. MARIE SKOURLES. 10442 S. Peoria Ave. Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., News Rep., Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Phi-Rho-Chi Tri-Hi-Y. ESTHER SMITH. 10051 S. Green St. Phorex, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing, Girls' Glee Club, Chem. Club, Talent Revue, Latin Club, Hallguard. JOYCE SMITH. 11305 S. Edbrooke Ave. Phorex, Courier Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing, Rho-Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Hallguard. FRANK SODETZ. 11841 S. Union Ave. Male Chorus, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Drill Club, Vikings Hi-Y, Riile Team, Non. Comm. Off., Ushers Club, Picked Pla- toon. VALERIE SOLOMON. 9137 S. Burnside Ave. G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Choir, Girls' Glee Club, May Fest., Pan Am. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., G.A.A. Rep. ADA SPAGNOLO. 12228 S. State St. Phorex, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing, Girls' Glee Club, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Red Cross Rep. IOANIE SPEAKER. 11326 S. Green St. Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Water Ballet, Sen. Sing, Choir, Latin Club. DAVID STARK. 9609 S. University Ave. Courier Rep., Announcements Comm., Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Hallguard. IRENE STARKS. 9623 S. Michigan Ave. Off. Sec., G.A.A., Girls' Glee Club, Chem. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. 'I06 ' Fl' 'HQH , J V R V I f AH: 7 T g nu 'il 1 ,-5 , , Q S, J :Fi r' fi -g --:T X' -.paw-f JANE STOREY. 11411 S. Lowe Ave. Off. Sec., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Stage Dec. Comm., Orchestra, Hi-C. JOHN STUART. 10500 S. Lowe Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Rm. Treas., News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Water Ballet, Foot- ball Team, Swimming Team, Spartans Hi-Y. DICK STUMPF. 15 E. 100th Pl. Trix Hi-Y. ROBERT STUMPF. 15 E. 100th Pl. Trix Hi-Y. EINAR SUNDSTROM. 11342 S. Wallace Ave. PRISCILLA SWANSON. 11357 S. Lowe Ave. Phorex, P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A. Rep., Water Ballet, Sen. Sing Comm., Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Letter Girls, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Titanettes. DOROTHY SWICK. 731 W. 129th Pl. Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing Comm., Girls' Glee Club, Latin Club, Hallguard. JAMES SZU- BRYT. 11819 S. Wallace Ave. P.T.A. Rep., Off. Club, Non. Comm. Off., Ushers Club, Picked Platoon, Male Chorus. JOYCE TADLOCK. 10118 State St. G.A.A. PHYLLIS TAMMINGA. 339 VV. 107th Pl. News Rep., Off. Sec., Announcements Comm., Sen. Sing. ELAINE TAYLOR. 9263 South Park Ave. THOMAS THARP. 10512 S. Normal Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Football Team, Swimming Team, Prom Comm., Orchestra, Chem. Club, Trix Hi-Y, Latin Club, Hallguard, Career Day Aide. LINDA THATCHER. 9645 S. Emerald Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, COURIER STAFF, Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Letter Girls, Prom Comm., Chem. Club, Drama Club, Hallguard, Career Day Aide, Coll. Day Aide, G.A.A. Board, Quill Br Scroll, Tri Honor. MARCIA THOMP- SON. 10240 S. Indiana Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Rm. Sec., G.A.A., Cap Gt Gown Comm., Sen. Sing, Girls' Glee Club, Spring Fest., Talent Revue, Omega Tri-Hi-Y, Career Day Aide. BONNIE THONEY. 9735 S. Woodlawn Ave. Phorex, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing, Band, Chem. Club, Drama Club, Hostess Club, Latin Club, Nat. Hon. Soc. ERICA THONEY. 10945 S. Morgan Ave. News Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., Latin Club, Jr. Red Cross Rep. JILL THORP. 11117 S. Emerald Ave. G.A.A. KEN- NETH THREATT. 9758 S. Forest Ave. WMM wwimzwa-wa ,f W . W. ,.,,.W....wf., ., f .fa , JAMES TOCCI. 10604 S. Michigan Ave. Stud. Council, News Rep., Baseball Team, Football Team, Sons Hi-Y, Home Coming Court. STEVE TOTH. 9519 S. Avalon Ave. Rm. Pres., Swimming Team, Prom Comm., Chem. Club, Reelmen, German Club, Hallguard, Sen. Sing. SANDRA TOVVLES. 9154 S. Urban Ave. G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Basketball Team, Girls, Glee Club. NANCY VALCHANT. 12221 S. Lafayette Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Quill Gr Scroll Soc., Titan Torch Staff, Stud. Council, Stud. Lib., Prom Comm., Sen. Sing, Grad. Mon., Coll. Day Aide, Orchestra, May Fest., Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Tri Honor. IUDY VALENTE. 10557 S. Calumet Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Quill St Scroll Soc., Titan Torch Staif, Water Ballet, Announcements Comm., Girls' Glee Club, Titanettes, Letter Girls, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Home Coming Court, Tri Honor. EVA VANDER MEULEN. 10136 S. LaSalle St. G.A.A., Band. KEES VANDER STERRE. 11782 S. Parnell Ave. Phorex, Sen. Sing Comm., Band, Orchestra, Talent Revue, Chem. Club, German Club. IANICE VAN DYKE. 10623 S. Perry Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Letter Girls, Orchestra, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Career Day Aide. SANDRA VAN OVERMEIR. 127 E. 117th Pl. Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Water Ballet, Sen. Sing, Girls, Glee Club, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. SANDRA VOLKART. G50 E. 105th Pl. News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing, Girls, Glee Club, Hostess Club, Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., -lr. Red Cross Rep. HARLYN VOLKMAR. 12428 S. Harvard Ave. Phorex, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Letter Girls, Sen. Sing, Sen. Break. Comm., Choir, Girls, Glee Club, Gamma Tri- Hi-Y, Spring Fest. DARYL WAGNER. 10059 St. Lawr- ence Ave. Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., News Rep., OH. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing, Girls' Glee Club, Drama Club, Phi-Rho-Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Spring Fest. RUTHIE WALKER. 9251 South Park Ave. G.A.A., Ama- teur Show, Hallguard, Red Cross Rep. LUCILLE WATSON. 309 W. 117th St. Phorex, Rm. Sec., Courier Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Choir, May Fest., German Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. DIANE WEGG. 10749 Peoria St. COURIER STAFF, Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Stud. Council, Courier Rep., News Rep., Chem. Club, Omega Tri-Hi-Y, Prom Comm., Career Day Aide, Rm. Pres., G.A.A., Rm. Sec., Sen. Sing, Quill 61 Scroll, Tri Honor. WESLEY WELLS. 10752 S. Wabash Ave. Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, Off. Sec., Seating 61 Marching Comm., Chem. Club, Hallguard, Nat. Hon. Soc., Quill Br Scroll, Tri Honor. KAREN WICK. 10750 S. Green St. Phorex, Rm. Pres., News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., Letter Girls, Orchestra, Amateur Show, Phi-Rho-Chi Tri-Hi-Y. CHARLES WIEDEMAN. 503 YV. 125th Pl. Choir, Chem. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. ffWZY'E 2. i .WT 3 ,5 6 xr ,I K RICHARD WILL. 12236 S. Elizabeth St. Football Team, Spartans Tri-Hi-Y. MARION WILSON. 116 E. 104th St. Phorex, News Rep., G.A.A., Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Chem. Club, Y-Teens Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Sen. Sing. PENSAL WINSTON. 9250 S. Lafayette Ave. News Rep., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Basketball Team, Choir, May Fest., Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Hallguard. SANDY WOICIK. 17 W. Brayton St. Phorex, Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Water Ballet, Prom Comm., Girls, Glee Club, Drama Club, Home-Coming Court, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Home Coming Comm., Cheerleader. CHARLES WORKMAN. 9608 S. Union Ave. Swimming Team, Diploma Comm., Male Chorus, Chem. Club, Spring Fest., Latin Club. NANCY WORM- LEY. 9166 S. Urban Ave. Phorex, Phorex Rep., Stud. Lib., Lib. Club, G.A.A., Girls' Glee Club, Talent Revue, Chem. Club, Pan Am. Club, Spring Fest., Career Day Aide, Hallguard. KAREN WORST. 10046 S. Yale Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Rm. Treas., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Girls, Glee Club, Pan Am. Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Coll. Day Aide, Career Day Aide. WANDA WRIGHT. 9706 S. Wallace Ave. Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Choir, Girls, Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Hallguard, Spring Fest. ROSE WROBEL. 10116 S. Racine Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Courier Rep., G.A.A. Board, G.A.A. Rep., Letter Girls, Program Comm., Orchestra, Math Club. IUDY ZAPALA. 737 VV. 117th Pl. Phorex, Rm. Pres., News Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Colors 6: Motto Comm., Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Sen. Sing, Pan Am. Club. DONA ZAUGH. 10822 S. Morgan St. Phorex, Quill 8: Scroll Soc., Titan Torch Staff, Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., Rm. Sec., News Rep., Off. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Break. Comm., Orchestra, Girls' Glee Club, May Fest., Phi-Rho-Chi Tri-Hi-Y. WILLIAM ZEISEL. 10538 Corliss Ave. Rm. Pres. ELLEN ZEMKE. 11034 S. Wallace Ave. Stud. Council, Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., Oil. Sec., P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Prom Comm., Sen. Sing, Choir, Girls, Glee Club, Phi- Rho-Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Home Coming Comm., Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., G.A.A. Rep. RICHARD ZIELINSKI. 12109 S. Harvard Ave. Nat. Hon. Soc., Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, Program Comm., Chem. Club, Math. Club, Reelmen, German Club, Quill 61 Scroll, Tri Honor. JOHANN ZIEMBA. 11923 S. Wallace Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Courier Rep., Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Letter Girls, Sen. Sing Comm., Girls' Glee Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Home Coming Comm., Chem. Club. CARL ZMUDA. 12258 S. Egleston Ave. Rifle Team, Non. Comm. Off., Picked Platoon, Color Guard. JEAN ZOE. 10413 S. Eberhart Ave. Phorex, Rm. Pres., Rm. Sec., G.A.A., Prom Comm., Sen. Sing, Choir, Career Day Aide, Omega Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest. 109 IRENE BERNARDI. 123 W. 114th St. Rm. Sec., Oil. Sec., G.A.A., Senior Sing Comm., Girls Glee Club, Math. Club. ARTHUR DIXON. 9143 Urban St. LARRY DUNN. 11009 Wentworth Ave. Phorex, Titan Torch Staff, Phorex Rep., Hallguard, Senior Breakfast Comm., Pan Am. Club, Quill :Sz Scroll. FRANCIS FELCYN. 10833 Sangamon St. Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Tennis Team, Baron's Hi-Y, Hallguard. CAROL :HINDS. 9439 Burnside Ave. Phorex, Off. Sec., G.A.A., Pan Am. Club. KENNETH HINES. 9704 Woodlawn Ave. Choir, Talent Revue, Christ. Fest., Fenger Art Fair. MILTON HUTCHENS. 9415 Eberhart Ave. News Rep., Football Team, Male Chorus, Drum Bt Bugle Corps, Reelmen, Pan Am. Club, Off. Club, Non Comm. Oil., Ushers Club, Picked Platoon, Color Guard. PAUL JUREK. 11833 Indiana Ave. Football Team, Golf Team, Baron's Hi-Y. BARBARA KRUCHTEN. 9633 Dobson Ave. Off. Sec., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., German Club. IOAN KULL. 218 W. 113th St. Phorex, P.T.A. Rep., Stud. Lib., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. DIANE LAMBERT. 218 W. 110th St. Phorex, Jr. Red Cross Rep. DENNIS McMILLAN. 519 W. 119th St. Courier Rep., Bowling Team, Sen. Sing. MARY ANNE MOORE. 10619 Wabash Ave. G.A.A. ELLEN OLSON. 11321 Cottage Grove Ave. Phorex, G.A.A., Omega Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club. CHAR-LYNN PARKER. 11428 Forest Ave. SHELBY PEARSON. 10232 Peoria St. Phorex, P.T.A. Rep., G.A.A., Orchestra, Sigma Tri- Hi-Y, German Club, Phorex Rep., Latin Club, Career Day Aide. TOM PETRIEKIS. 10631 May St. Golf Team, Bowling Team. FRANK POLISE. 29 E. 123rd St. News Rep., Golf Team, Bowling Team. ROBERT RITTMEYER. 77 W. 107th St. Swimming Team, Spartans Hi-Y. JANET SCHADDELEE. 11636 Stewart Ave. Phorex, Rm. Sec., Courier Rep., News Rep., G.A.A., Sen. Sing, Girls Glee Club, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., Coll. Day Aide. JAMES SCHOERNER. 10515 Sangamon Ave. Phorex, Hallguard, Male Chorus, German Club, Chem. Club, Hi-C. WARREN SWANSON. 10218 Aberdeen Ave. Band. JAMES THOMAS. 9703 Forest Ave. Sen. Sing, Choir, Amateur Show, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest., R.O.T.C. ED ULLRICH. 10201 May St. Swimming Team, Band, Band Br Orch. Var., Reelmen. DANIEL WALKER. 10610 Rhodes Ave. Seating Sc Marching Comm., Band, Amateur Show, Bowling Team, Chem. Club, Band 61 Orch. Var. BETTY WIT. 10548 LaFayette Ave. Phorex, G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing. SHARON WOODALL. 9847 Emerald Ave. Rm. Sec., Courier Rep., News Rep., G.A.A., G.A.A. Rep., Sen. Sing, Girls Glee Club, Drama Club, Phi Rho Chi' Tri-Hi-Y, Christ. Fest., Spring Fest. CARMELLA YNIGUEZ. 11427 Indiana Ave. Stud. Lib., G.A.A., Girls Glee Club, Bowling Team, Debating Club, Drama Club, Pan Am. Club. RUSSELL YONKER. 332 W. 112th St. Non Comm. Off., Picked Platoon. 1 'IO 5 at .--.4 f- if f a ' sw ' -- A J , 'f 0. ' 0 T 0F T0 UNE GRADUATE x Jxrli VN v TRI HONOR Nedra Baird, Judith Da kus, Joyce Elzinga, Arlene Erickson, Lee Erickson, Phyllis Evers, Catherine Goettler, Carol, Hostetter, Mariann Jaegerhuber, Richard Kolhauser, Diane Komm, John Nangle, Beverly Schneider, James Sinclair, Linda Thatcher, Nancy Valchant, Judy Valente, Diane Wegg, Wesley Wells, Richard Zielinski. PHOREX 7 W4 Nedra Baird, Nelda Baird, Emil Berzinksi, Josephine Cibulsky, Dale Cini, Judith Dapkus, Joyce Elzinga, Arlene Erickson, Lee Erickson, Phyllis Evers, Catherine Goettler, Carol Hostetter, Mari- ann Jaegerhuber, Jacqueline Klipp, Richard Kolhauser, Diane Komm, Roberta Liggett, Warren Linden, John Nangle, Melisande Rhodes, Patricia Rossi, Sharon Schmude, Beverly Schneider, Dolores Schreurs, James Sinclair, Linda Thatcher, Nancy Valchant, Judy Valente, Diane Wegg, Wesley Wells, Karen WVorst, Rose Wrobel, Richard Zielinski. NATl0NAL HONOR James Alm, Jacqueline Baierl, Nedra Baird, Judith Biebel, Dorothy Burnson, Josephine Cibul- sky, Dale Cini, Judith Dapkus, Joyce Elzin a, Arlene Erickson, Lee Erickson, Diane Evans, Phyllis Evers, Denise Flynn, Carol Fredericison, Catherine Goettler, Daniel Hegglin, Sandra Holmes, Carol Hostetter, Mariann Jaegerhuber, Jacqueline Klipp, Richard Kolhauser, Donna Krikau, Cary Marchand, John Nangle, Charles Nelson, Patricia Rossi, Sharon Schmude, Beverly Schneider, Dolores Schreurs, Russell Sherman, James Sinclair, Linda Thatcher, Bonnie Thoney, Nancy Valchant, Judith Valente, Janice Van Dyke, Diane Wegg, XVesley VVells, Karen Worst, Rose Wrobel, Richard Zielinski. OUILL AND SCROLL James Alm, Jacqueline Baierl, Nedra Baird, Nelda Baird, Patricia Barczi, Diane Barrett, Emil Berzenski, Judith Biebel, Dorothy Burnson, Geor- gianne Chambers, John Cutright, Judith Dapkus, Larry Dunn, Joyce Elzinga, Arlene Erickson, Lee Erickson, Phyllis Evers, Denise Flynn, Catherine Goettler, Daniel Hegglin, Karen Hope, Carol Hostetter, Mari- ann Jaegerhuber, David Kinnesten, Richard Kolhauser, Diane Komm, Donna Krikau, Shirley Kutlik, John Nangle, Joanne Rigoni, Beverly Schneider, James Sinclair, Linda Thatcher, Nancy Valchant, Judith Valente, Diane Wegg, Wesley Wells, Donna Zaugh, Richard Zielinski. I'l'l H0 OR . r 31, . 4- ,. ' ., ". x 112, 4' an! I, .. ffl N 5, .. -1. . ,:1f ' Q jfyagff 7'0fVLf5ff 5E77!0fi r5!6'7'Z790cS7 V"'P fu CDNINIITTEE SENIOR SING CDMMITTEE ROW 1-Beverly Schneider, Nancy Valchant, Pat Barczi. ROW 2-Donna Krikau, Ceorgianne Cham- bers, Gil Saturno, Dale Cini, Gary Marchand, judy Bichel, jack Cutright, VVaync Ettcma, Laura Pear- son, janet Schaddelee, jackie Clark. CAP AND GDWN CDMMITTEE ROW 1-Beverly Sinnnons, Diane Evans, Donna Pearson, Karen Hoogakker, Nancy jurevicz, Diane Konnn. ROW 2-Ncdra Baird, Ron DeYoung, Mike Kinnisten, Bill Olson, Barbara Richardson, Marcia Thompson. GDLDR AND MDTTD, STAGE DECDRATIDN AND GIFT COMMITTEE ROW 1-Sandra Salter, Dottie Burnson, Pat Bennett. ROW 2--jane Storey, joycc Sahados, Judy Zapala, NVarren Linden, Cathy Coettler, Lee Erickson, Roberta Liggett, Francis Concarczyk. 113 PROM COMMITTEE ROW 1-Marge Maginel, Arlene Cerinain, Ellen Zenike, Diane NVegg, Sandy VVojcik, Donna Rhoderick, Lois Przybylo. ROW 2-Linda That- cher, Bonnie Kent, Pat Bisone, Judy Dapkus, Sharon Schniude, Nancy Valehant, Joyce Skiba, Nancy Fenner, Diane Barrett, Carole Loweig. ROW 3-Romelle Kunz, Pete Leinke, Paul Bartak, Ed Poland, Ron Chehy, Dave Kinnisten, Bob Ewbank, Toni Tharp, Steve Toth, T om Eustace. SENIOR BREAKFAST COMMITTEE ROW 1-Vivian Cooday, Donna Friend, Joyce French, Mary Moltzan, Angela Oderio. ROW 2- Shirley Ruswick, Denise Flynn, Ken Pertile, Shir- ley Erickson, Jim Alm, Mariann Jaegerliuber. STEERING COMMITTEE ROW 1-Joyce Elzinga, Jacqueline Klipp, Rose Wrobel, Linda Cunstead, Josephine Cibulsky, Susan Post. ROW 2-Dale Lofquist, John Nangle, Don Nelson, Allan Cooper, Dan Hegglin. ,I lc A 1 : M :Wg 0 r . A-1 Nr! MHC: 7 " ,I un 'l 'I14 COMMITTEE SEATING AND MARCIIING COMMITTEE ROW 1-VVayne Moonen, Bonnie Muehl, Thomas Mc- Pheron, Cathy Fitzgerald, Nancy Evans. ROW 2-Mr. Sampson Carol n Cri C x B'II D Ik , ' y mes, enc 1 o, an Wa er, Iim ghomas, YVesely Wells, Mr. Mumford, Dorothy An- rews. DIPLOMA COMMITTEE ROW 1-Evelyn Matras, Jackie Baierl, Cail Hamilton. ROW 2-Ruth Bodnar, Fred Merchant, Rodger Bengs- ton, Len Anderson, Sandra Liah, Charles NVorkman. ANNOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE ROW 1-Diane Simenson, Cloria Phleps, Barbara Hodgson, Caroline johnson, Mary Koch, Ioan Holba, Judy Valente. ROW 2-Ceorge Scnitz, Phyllis Tam- minga, Sharon Hennie-roed, Dolores Schreurs, Anton Dauer. H5 Jean Hawley, Leone Peterson, Sharon Schmidt, Veronica Lowe, Carole Evans, John Blom, Marilyn Otten, Ian Housinger. Barbara Izzett. TRI-H0 011 OCIETY Tri-Honor is the highest scholastic honor that can be bestowed on a senior. Any 4A who has attained the honors of being on Phorex, National Honor, and Quill and Scroll societies is eligible for Tri-Honor. Membership in the Phorex Society requires 7311 semesters of an average grade of "E" or better. The qualifications for National Honor Society are points in character, leadership, scholarship, and service. Through the exhibition of outstanding work in journalism on either the COURIER or Titan Torch Staffs, one may become eligible for membership in the Quill and Scroll Society. 'I'l6 A good efort here can produce the above results. MJD sg,-2 W Q J 'W i - T10 AL IMRWUGJIXMRX. IL MOWER SGIJCUEU' Q QIKKGW7 i W V X Q bf aj, Membership in the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors a student may receive. To become a member, one must not only be an active participant in many activities, but should also show high character traits, scholarship, service, and leadership ability. The minimum scholarship requirement is a G+ or 2.75 average. As there are a certain amount of points needed to qualify, anyone interested in joining should begin working for this honor when he first enters Fenger. H0 OR 0ClETY Annette Tosti iust worft give up her new way of reducing-the hula hoop. Goldilocks exclaims, "You're not a bear, youire a wolf!" "Mommy, I want a Salerno Butter Cookie!" "Four arms, three lips, three eyes . . " ROW 1-Jean Hawley, Judy Mazieka, Veronica Lowe, Yvonne De Vries, Carole Evans, Rodney Smith, Carol Wahlstrom, Connie King, Joyce Elzinga, Cathy Coettler, Diane Wegg, Janice Van Dyke. ROW 2-Karen Worst, Leone Peter- son, Judy Ryan, James Alm, Nancy Valchant, Don Willet, Barbara Fisher, Arlene Erickson, John Nangle, Phyllis Evers, Diane Sandaker, Linda Thatcher, Rose Wrobel, Lee Erickson. ROW 3-JoAnne Cable, Marilyn Otten, Jean Betten, Judy Dapkus, Eleanor Turk, Jan Housinger, James Sinclair, Karen Billburg, Annette Tosti, Charles Nelson, Barbara Izzett, Judy Valente. ROW 4- Judy Koch, Diane Komm, Beverly Schneider, Sharon Schmidt, Kathleen O'Brien, Cary Marchand, Richard Zielinski, David Aabye, John Blom, Josephine Cibulsky, Denise Flynn. n. -gm s umm. v.sc 1- v ,ms xfzm,xa : s . :mu :rf : 1 ,'-fwnxsxlaar, was ROW 1-Diana Dietrich, Veronica Lowe, Yvonne DeVries, Leone Peter- son, Carol VVahlstro1n, Connie King, Diana Sandaker, Cathy Goettler, Barbara Izzett. ROW 2-Judy Ryan, Sandy Dilley, Patti Barczi, Janet Boyar, Sharon Schmidt, Jan Housinger, jean Betten, Judy Valente, Carole Evans. ROW 3-Marilyn Otten, Annette Tosti, Kathy O,Brien, John Blom, jack Peterson, Diane Komm, Jean Hawley. Members of COURIER and News Staffs look forward to membership in the Quill and Scroll Society. ll Hr ll Q ILL A D CROLL 0CIETY One of the ultimate goals of those fortunate enough to attain membership in either the COURIER Staff or the Titan Torch Staff is to become a member of the Quill and Scroll Society. This society symbolizes outstanding initiative and ability in the Held of journalism. To be eligible, one must be in the upper third of his class, show outstanding journalistic ability, and meet the requirements of his staff. After the applicant is approved by the sponsor of his staff, he must also meet the approval of the Executive Committee of the National Quill and Scroll Society. PHOREX OCI TY UN ' Mrs. Durkin encourages her students to work early for membership on the Phorex Society. V N as Q.-1 N ij V F Eerwegjl Cu The students of FENGERTOWN who have attained membership in the Phorex Society are proud of their achievement, for they have maintained an "El" average in their majors and no mark lower than a "Cv in their minors. They are rewarded with the right to wear a tiny gold pin in the shape of a lamp. Although this pin is small in size, it signifies the ellort extended by those who have earned the privilege to wear it. The students who are members of this society for 7521 semesters are awarded a jewelled Phorex pin upon graduation as a remembrance of their scholastic achievement at Fenger. ROW 1-Leone Peterson, Ver- onica Lowe, Karen Billburg, Carole Evans, Barbara Izzett, Jean Hawley. ROW 2-Eleanor Turk, Don VVillett, Sharon Schmidt, John Blom, Marilyn Otten, Ian Housinger. 119 ROW 1-Josephine Cibulsky, Jacqueline Klipp, Mariann Jaeg- erhuber, Joyce Elzinga. ROWV 2-Catherine Goettler, Nancy Valchant, Diane Komm, Sharon Schmude, Phyllis Evers, Lee Erickson, Melisandc Rhodes. GRADUATION lVl0NITOR ROW 1-Barbara Izzett, Karen Billburg, Gail Knickerbocker, Carole Evans, Marilyn Otten. ROW 2-Leone Peterson, Annette Tosti, Judy Maliieka, Sharon Schmidt, Eleanor Turk, Barbara Fis er. One of the biggest honors a girl can hope to obtain is to become a graduation monitor. In order to qualify, one must be a 4B, have a high scholastic rating, and possess leadership and poise. The duties of the 11 girls are to assist the graduates during the processional and recessional and guide them when they receive their diplomas. Dressed in white formals and carrying floral bouquets of the class colors, these girls add much to the attractiveness of the program. 120 CTI ITIES FENGERTOWN is kll0Wll for its active and civic-minded citizens, and everywhere one looks, he may find busy citizens working hard to improve themselves and their town. 'I2'I The Student Council is the one democratic organization in FENGERTOWN which represents the student's interest and Welfare. It is composed of seventy-two representatives from divisions and ten from school activities, sponsoring it are Miss Taylor and Miss Yates. The purpose of the Council is to promote the Welfare of the student and the school, and it operates much like the United States Congress as it is composed of many active, hard Working committees. The Student Council is responsible for the Homecoming, Fenger Day, Dress-up Day, and currently, the Fenger Book Covers. Miss Donatta Yates and Carol Hostetter roudl dis la the hi hest- . 11 y rf y g distributing divisions for Childrens' Aid. ROW 1-Lynne Peterson, Cheryl Somes, Carol Van Kooten, VVallene Hnatusko, Dawn King, Linda Moennich, Judy Eisen- brandt, Ellen Zemke, Becky Perez, Darlene Franzen, Madeline Murphy, Sharon Ingalls, Lee Erickson, Garza Cipriani, Barbara Richardson. ROVV 2-Stuart Peterson, Lenore Hankosky, Noel Staudohar, Lois Horsky, Pat VVatson, Renee McArdle, Carolyn Shimanek, Caroline Johnson, Bonnie Sikma, Judy Hill, Donna Loess, Diane Evans, Terrel Price, Lorraine Salarnon. ROW 3- Shirley Kinder, Carol Barbero, Nancy Martin, Lorraine Luchyn, Nancy Kovacin, Barb Meclitersheimer, Barb Donnelly, Caryl Peterson, Luramay Zaph, Mary Basting, Elaine Brown, Diane Komm, Shirley Kutlick, Donna Friend, Cail Hamilton, Marcia Crens, Bonnie McKinnon. ROW 4-Andy Manes, Jim Jobe, Arnie Newman, Alan Cooper, Ron Anderson, Bill Roos, Al Rosenqnist, Clifford Jung, Mark Malkus, John Paskiewicz, Stevc Mork, Ken Horn, Bill Tracv. ROW 5-Ceorge Angel, Lynn Bertrand, Art Miller, Jim Rambeaux, Jerry Marchetti, Dave DeMareo, Jack Haffner, Tom Kambe, Ceorge Stowell, Glenn Critzer, Jan Housinger, Charles Higgins, John Nelson. JOE COLANCELO President LEE ERICKSON Vice President DIANE KOMM Secretary CATHY COETTLER Treasurer 'I22 Nancy obviously disapproces of Gene's idea of mixed gym classes. ,Wi m - N f f? , -La . . U X gp Q! 2 . it 3'f3, 'fl 1 !"' I v.'A Ni srL , ' ,,.- ' Q' YN. U x Art! Concentrate on the business at hand, and not on other things!! 'I23 While shine! you're down there, my shoes could use a little 'S as... QWW1 'ri- '5 KH url i 1 mm' We 8 The girls do the cooking, and the fellows do the eating. ROW 1-George Despotes, Phyllis Buruson, VVayne Hath, Nancy Pearson, Mr. Stiller, Judy Surfus, Linda Novak, Barbara Kandle, Wallene Hnatusko, XVin-Lu Van Dyke, Cordon Kaplan. ROW 2- Joseph Hughes, john Martinelli, Barbara Cagus, Diane Ruhl Jackie Taradash, Ruth Evers. ROW 3-jackie Cramer, Betty Biehl, Shirley Kinder, Elaine Graber, joycc DcYoung, Vivian Stall, Darlene Schuster. 1 CL B FENCERTOWN,S interest in the classics is vented at the meetings of the Latin Club on alternate Thursdays. Membership is open to past and present students of Latin with at least an E average, from Whom officers are elected in January. Mrs. Setzer sponsors the club. Club activities include visits to clubs in other schools, entertaining programs by the various semester levels, and the annual beach party at the Dunes. This year the club joined the Iunior Classical League, a national association of Latin Clubs. ROW 1-Karla XVatson, Madeline Murphy, Valerie Solomon, Judy Eisenbrandt, Nancy Elderworth, Joyce Elzinga, Allan Cooper, Carol Petrongelli, Cerri Inglimo, Sharon Schreilier, Janet Chilelli, Judy Capriglione. ROW 2-Miss Madigan, sponsor, Sharon Neath, Sharon Sekela, Elayne Crocker, Donna Keirnan, Marlene Oldenburg, Sylvia Martin, Joan Staples, Linda Freeman, Doris Davenport, Barbara Kupka, Julie Kavis, Edwin Lockliu. ROW 3- Lois Horsky, Diana Karabin, Christine Schmudde, Judy Severin, Karen VVorst, Priscilla Anderson, Joan Sehroll, Sjorley Nehns, Melody Dyson, Verna Turner, Julie Sundell, Ruth Miller, Lynn Kennaugh. ERIC 1443 Allan Cooper and the girls seem to enioy the latest Spanish rhythms. iw 0 3,1 hkqye lt was to this town, many, many years ago, that the famous Zorro restored Q., ,se . I , . h . d x ll A-Q law and order, and srnce Men, rt has continue to prosper. J 'ggi "- '- La, "iff wg.. kiwi' at J A li. 9' . Q 'ia ilk if 'mg-41' Ji.. W1 l i Wonders of Spanish-speaking countries from around the World are clearly revealed through our exciting travel bureau, known as the Pan-American Club, whose agents are Miss Madigan and Miss Munson. It offers a well-organized and truly interesting study of the Spanish culture, tradition, and language. Anyone being in his third year of Spanish is eligible to join this club. So, While taking a trip through FENGERTOWN, stop for a moment, senoritas and senores, and take a glimpse of our Spanish-speaking neighbors through the courtesy of this travel bureau. 125 If itis one thing I dislike, it's people who reall over my shoulder. ROW 1-Dorothy Cox, Addrienne Allyn, Diane Evans, Beverly Castronovo, Edda Bretz, Maria Bloeher, Shelby Pearson, Suc Pullen, Natalie Tessari. ROW 2-Louis Panozzo, Pat Bckkcr, Carolyn Kizman, Barbara Evans, Sandra Brase- wicz, Mary Herman, Cary Axelson, Kenneth Bian. ROW 3- Evan Tharp, Loral Kutscha, YVayne Marsh, Barbara Timm, Ronald Laub, Douglas Kolb, jack Radcliffe. GERMAN CL B "Wie Geht's,' is a familiar expression between students of the German Club. The club meets bi-monthly, and students must have a "G" average to attend. Their activities center around a desire to learn the customs and culture of the German people. Two of the many ways in which this is accomplished is by viewing movies on Germany, and singing German songs. At Christmas, it is the practice of the club to send a Care Package to one of the less fortunate German families. Another annual affair of the club is their banquet which takes place in june. Each year, members attend a special party, which is either an ice-skating party or a splash party. I N54 li . X S ,S -ax! -,ijjm 4 , a u H W X Q D Y ll' 'E 4' . ?5f'T'Y Xa v ex'S . CHE I TRY CL B Some of our Town's chemical products are manufactured by the Chemistry Club. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of this small corporation is Mr. F. D. Schmidt. Under his direction, the chemically minded citizens of the town who are in his Chemistry II classes produce such commercial products as, shoe polish, shaving cream, soap, and tooth paste. W 4 4 fl' 5 ' WH" 'WfldU4'3'3 0: 19 AN Ilia' 254 Illia' hug? f 4 t 'Yr Q" Q QQ 5 ff V 4 2 ,Z 'T ci f ' ll lj fs? ROW l-jim johnson, Augie Chidichimo, Allan Derry, Hugh Boylan, Steve Krajic, Bob Dixon, Robert johnson. ROW 2-Jacqueline Klipp, Connie King, lrcnc Schuster, Iacquie Bikfasy, Bonnie Thoney, Diana Sandaker, Gail Knickerbocker, Dolores Vasquez, Xlary Czech, jean XVilson, Carol XVZll1lSt1'0ll1, Deanna Hagbcrg. ROVV 3-Ron Pek- ny, Don Bach, XVcslcy YVells, Nancy Yakubin, Carol Peclersoli, Snc Ross, Sandy Dilley, Sandie Clausen, Ellen Albro. ROVV 4-Diane Konnn, Ron Doranski, Richard Kolhauscr, Dan XValkcr, Joyce johanscn, Barbara Moore, Constance Cross, jody Stortz, Ed Miller, John LaConta, Barbara Mehok, Marilyn Otten, Annette Tosti. ROW 5- Paul Bartak, jack Peterson, Ronald Moniak, Lloyd Peterson, John Konya. Bob Ewbank treats Mr. Korandrfs chemistry class to a second breakfast. 127 Sharon Carroll, -ludy Buan, Lois Horsky, janet Blom, Rose Wfrobel, Lee Erickson. ROW 2-Emily Burin, Marcia Sack, Sandra Alford, Io-Anne Lasher, Cerri DeVries, Sandra Bovenkerk, Sandra Giese, Pat Thompson, joy jernberg, Jacqueline Klipp, Mary Foster. ROW 3-Cathy Coettler, Donna Loess, Barbara Novak, Karen Krusell, Arlene Erickson, Karen Anderson, Ruth Van XVitzenburg, Donna Sable, Barbara Klein, Leone T A C H E RA Peterson. ROW 4-Shirley Brucer, Sue Ross, Bonnie McKinnon, Barb Nlechtersheimer, F U T U R E ROW 1-Patt Berry, jcanne Sample, Ruth Nelson, Priscilla Swanson, Dolores Hernandez, Nancy Kovacin, Diane Komm, Dawn Larson, Elaine Vanclerwall, Bonnie Croos, Eleanor Cole, Gayle Ruisarcl. OF ERIC Looking to the future, we realize that there must be those willing to Hll the shoes of our present judges. To give a clear insight of the teaching profession and what it has to offer, FENGERTOVVN has included within its activities, a chapter of the F .T.A., sponsored by Mrs. Myrtle Runyan and Mrs. Lucy Periolet. Membership may be obtained if the applicant shows an interest in teaching and has a scholastic average of KC" or better. Its program stresses good conduct, citizenship, and character development which are all essential in producing our future teachers. Its many parties, discussions, and special speakers make it definitely a benefit to those interested in choosing teaching as their lifeis career. Miss Vanderwall! At least look like you're busy! Miss Holmes, have you paizl your membership dues yet? 'I28 E T0 CLUB FENCERTOWN invites all students with an E or S average in math to join the Newton Club. Newton Club is sponsored by Mrs. B. Pollyea and under her capable leadership, the members prepare exhibits for the Annual Science Fair and enter the National Mathematics Contest along with the Wilson junior College Math Tournament. L. to R. Kneeling-Hon Bobowski, Frank Bortoli. Sitting-Carole Napoli, Karen Lep- per, Madeline Camire, Judy Valente, Patti Barczi, Marcia Miedema, Carol jasica, Gil Saturno, Margie Maginel. FRID Y IGHT OCIAL C0 ITTEE ROW 1-Karen johnson, Marcia Facktor, Veronica Lowe, Mary Foster, Jeanne Sample, Connie Fay. ROW 2-Lois Horsky, Mary Dun- can, Harry Adler, Larry Stephens, Cary Marchand, jeff Christensen, XValt Watt- man, John Kandl, Rosalind Harvey, Cerri DeVries, Rose- maris Kossak. The Friday Night Social Committee consists of about 12 residents of F ENGERTOWN who, under the direction of Mr. I. Kehoe, plan the dances which are held in the boys' gymnasium. This committee selects the bands which are to play, decorate the gym, and provide for such special entertainment as Celebrity Night, student entertainment, candy raI'He, and a magic show. 129 U JH T .. 5? Q ff' 5 Eg l i M: ,. . :Ji ., b-.. , 1 Man, the mosquitos around here are really bad. Look, Mr. Lumbrazo, I caught one! ROW 1-D. Johnson, j. Klipp, C. Carlson, K. Forman, B. Thoney, I. Thoney, S. Crince, S. Spoolstra, N. Pearson. ROW 2-C. Cho- cholek, V. Perillo, T. McCadd, D. Camis, D. Johnson, I. Aiken, P. Vetterick, G. Kaplan, B. WVilson, P. Renstrom, M. Colfer, S. Beukema, R. Manson, M. Eizenga, P. Anderson, S. Dal Santo, S. Erickson, H. Kossak. ROW 3-D. Boris, B. VVitt, I. Martinelli, I. Almer, B. Belden, S. Jarmotz, C. Alm, S. Kinder, W. Bose, D. Sanchez, S. Schrefller, 1. Frazer, R. Davidson. ROW 4- R. Frustuck, K. McDonald, D. Kolb, D. DeYoung, I. Elzinga, R. Malkas, P. VanDa1n, E. Boyd, B. XVerkman. ROW 5-Mr. Castronovo, D. Deverick, j. Buvelot, I. Bonzell, E. Ulrich, D. Dauer, R. Pozza, K. Vander Sterre, D. Cooper, B. Thompson, T. Kilbride, I. Szubryt. R. Good, Mr. Lumbrazo. Through the streets of FENGERTOWN, the melodious tones of its band are often heard. The musical strains come from room 206, where young musicians practice faithfully under the able direction of Mr. Andrew Lumbrazo. The Fenger Band, comprising a membership of fifty-eight students, meets daily during first, second, and third periods. Here they not only learn to play an instrument, but also gain an invaluable appreciation of music. This active group provides music for our colorful football games, pep rallies, and various assemblies. The band has many times ranked high in city competition, an achievement of which FENGERTOWN is certainly proud. 130 OR HE THA Our orchestra has given us hours of enjoyment for many years under the direction of Mr. Neil Trimble and We owe him a large vote of thanks for his service. Due to a prolonged illness, Mr. Trimble has relinquished his baton to Mr. Andrew Lumbrazo, who has taken charge of these musicians, as well as the Band. Enthusiasm and the desire to Work are the requirements for membership. Practice and instruction is given in Room 206 every day seventh period for the beginners, and eighth period for the advanced musicians. This past year has been mainly devoted to building up the string section. All tuned up and ready to play, our orchestra is planning more and more fine entertainment for the citizens of our town. Kees vander Sterre and friends, upon request, will proudly exhibit their musical ability to anyone who lends an ear. f fl , , f ' :X J! V. ROW l-D. Avakian, S. Martin, M. Colfer, P. Renstrom, B. NVilson, I. Klipp, D. johnson, K. Vander Stcrre. ROW 2-B. NVestberg, L. Tisdale, C. Chocholek, T. McCadd, M Eizenga, P. Anderson, J. VerYVay, P. Drungle, Sclireliier. ROW 3-C. Carlson, I Thoney, J. Aiken, C. Alm, S. Brucer, R. Mansen, D. Deverick, E. Ulrich, R. Pozza, R Adduci, M. Kenny, B. Frustuck, D. DeYoung, B. XVerkmen, S. DalSanto, R. Kossak Mr. Lumbrazo. 1 CHOIR lsn't it rather hard to laugh and sing at the same time? as ...L When you hear the beautiful combination of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices, you know it must be the Choir practicing in room 204 every second and seventh period. Under the expert direction of Miss Julia A. Mulligan, the Choir is an outstanding feature of the F ENGERTOWN music department. The group consists of approximately 135 members, both boys and girls, who perform for the Spring and Christmas Festivals, and graduation. If a student is able to remain in the Choir for four semesters, a letter is received. This letter is an emblem of hard work, and CHOIR Znd it is something that each member looks forward to obtaining. The Choir Ensemble, also under the direction of Miss Mulligan, is composed of thirty select Choir members. They perform at our Curtis Branch, community churches, and special school activities. ROW 1-Victoria Ortiz, Jane Bergstrom, Valerie Solomon, Paulette Binol, Beverly Castronovo, Ruth Carlson, Carol Hudson, Lois Przybylo, Mary Reyhout, Janet Olson, Sandra Mayer, jackie Tolleson. ROW 2-Susan Lloyd, Carol Fredriksen, Delores Hernandez, Joanne Davros, Barbara Post, Janet Boyar, Diana Dietrich, Jean XVilson, Bill Fay, Donna Grega, Beverly Simmons, Sue NicLemore, Dolores DeFacei, Linda Dickenson. ROW 3-Marilyn Reato, Gail Skinner, Ellen Kause, Annette Cunningham, Judy Ettema, Joyce Hodsson, Joyce Skiba, Barbara Sanders, Harriette Groundwater, VVanda Xlfright, Grace Gorman, Beverly Erickson, Diana Jones, Joanna Maniowski, Irene Barbero, Shirley Bodnar. ROW 4-Carol Tanis, Jeanne Carlson, Marian Gresho, Cecelia Clark, Betty Dixon, Joan Tolton, Joan Schroll, Lucille NVatson, Ethel Bradford, Alvin Foremen, William Olsen, Al Henrikson. ROW 5-Bill McVey, Harold Adams, Ed Miller, Don Schultz, Rich Burin, XVayne Ettema. GHOIR 7th CHOIR ENSEMBLE ROW 1-Garol Godshall, Jane Berg- strom, Ruth Nelson, Janet Olson, Dolores Hernandez, Sandra Holmes, Jeanne Sample, Gail Alberini, Violet Stosur. ROWV 2-Christine Scluuudde, Rosalind Harvey, Verna Janasky, Julie Oehlseu, Gail Alberini, Rich Matten- son, George VanPcct, Carol xvillll- strom, Shirley Boclnar, Sandra Brase- Wicz. ROW 3-Laurel Pearson, Naomi Nangle, Judy Dunkus, Roinelle Kunz, Lucille XVatson, Dale Lofquist, Joanna Maniowski, Judy Krause, Joan Jar- motz, Marv Lynn Rernliout, Elcnor Turk. ROW 4-Charles XVicdeman, Ed Poland, Harold Adams, XVallV Mugg, Eddie Miller, Bill Tlrotnpson. 133 ROW 1-Lorraine Hein, Darlene Diiner, Frances Fitzpatrick, Barbara Lucas, Sharon Carroll, Glenda Juhlin, Norma Bonibagetti, Ruth Nelson. ROVV 2-Christine Schmudde, Elaine Graber, Donna Loess, Judy Hill, Sue Guthrie, Vera Benetti, Linda Blomquist, Marsha Grens, Linda Jensen, Martha Grimes, Zella Hawkins. ROW 3-Joan Malkowski, Mike Lee, Diane Baldelli, Carol Barhero, Rosemary Huenipfner, Suzanne Mohr, Lorraine Luchyn, Donna Jacoby, Duke Gerding. ROW 4-YVally Mugg, Dawn Larson, Judy Krause, Peter Canalia. ROW 1-Joan XViese, Maria Thewis, Elizabeth Russo, Maureen Ellzey, Pam Cooper, Carol Sigrist, Marianne Skorski, Sue Pullen. ROW 2-Cheryl Olsen, Carol Siska, Karen Johnson, Sharon Jager, Arlene Stell, Audrey Tancos, Annette Zullo, Sandra Sullivan, Elaine Kardolas, Pat Thompson. ROW 3-Larry Young, Gale Sumner, Edward Janeczek, Dorothy Husurn, Ed Polancl, Dave XVard, Loretta Burke, Frank Rhoback, Vickie Susnis, Louis Panozzo, George Van P et. - .,s.c , , ......zi', ... . wsfigswslz... aw GIRL ' GLEE y L B 9 gig? '7 13 .b'5" 29-is ' . . 2-'wfeze v X! X' W er Don't you know that this note is supposed to go up, and NOT fIown??? If you would like to gain the satisfaction received by so many from singing, join the Girls, Glee Club, which meets every fifth and eighth periods in room 249. Under the inspiring direction of Miss Irene Connor, the Glee Club performs for our toWn's enjoyment. Some of their activities include: the Christmas Festival, the Spring Festival, and Graduation Exercises. After being a member of the Girls' Glee Club for four semesters, a girl is eligible for a Glee Club Letter. Also under the direction of Miss Connor, is the Girls, Ensemble. These 35 girls who volunteer their time from 7:30 to 8:00 in the morning, sing for such special occasions as PTA meetings and neighborhood civic organizations. ls it possible that we have another Greta Garbo here in FENGERTOVVNPPP 'I34 ENSEMBLE ROW 1-Donna Loess, Olivia Ber- nal, Donna Stonc, Judy Baflione, Carol Petrongelli, Carol Stephanian, Judy Adams. ROW 2-Harriet Michaels, Melody Davis, Margo Kolom, Joan Krell, Betty Souminin, Marcia Moberg, Bonnie Muehl. ROW 3-JoAnn Marozas, Janet 1 Schaddelee, Barbara DeVries, Ro- i Selle Carli, Phyllis Glaubke, Elaine Vanderwall. ROW 1-Anna Schoerner, Virginia Miller, Karen Hoogakker, Eileen Benson, Dorothy Burnson, Ellen Zemke, Judy Valerio, Louise Santorso, Judy Postaer, Bonnie Muehl, Janice Gavel, Georgia Clouse, Diana Karabin, Linda Moennich. ROW 2-Carol Petrongelli, Donna Loess, Carolyn Emme, Reggie Franczyk, Sandra Ciese, Judy Bailione, Linda Sikma, Cheryl Carlson, Carol Vander Mey, Linda Pryts, JoAnne Bogie, Carol Uzunaris, Bonnie Miedema. ROW 3-Phyllis Brunson, Susan Schadle, Caroline Johnson, Barbara Karabin, Michele Colfer, Darlene Deacon, Carole Kostecki, Pamela Medendorp, Shirley Kutlik, Verna Turner, Mary-Lou Miller, Carole Conturba, Win-Lu Van Dyke, Audrey Vanden Brink. ROW 4-Diane Ruhl, Judy Severin, Karen Worst, Judy Hinshaw, Elaine Ozsvath, Ruth Bodnar, Lynn Kennaugh, Lora-Lee Glahn, Joan Krell, Maryal Fiorenzi, Barbara DeVries, Barbara Timm, Mary Lou Pusztay, Janet Schad- delee. ROW 5-Judy Silander, Sharon Hennie-Roed, Vivian Stall, Carol Vianello, Kathy VVilger, Natalie Preskus, Linda Ganzel, Pam Hellman, Mary Moltzan, Loral Kutscha, Eleanor Cole, Lorrie Herdina, Sandy Hoendervoogt. ROW 1-Carol Parkes, Olivia Bernal, Barbara Lucarz, Liz Goetz, Judy Eisenbrandt, Sharon Gaspari, Nina Mshar, Donna Pearson, Donna Stone, Harriet Michaels, Kathy Andrews, Donna Kimmel, Sharon Neath, Janet Chilelli. ROW 2-Jere Johnson, Judy Adams, Sandry Bovenkerk, Melody Davis, Pat Romanek, Pamela Norkus, Pat Bekker, Ruth Roemer, Lynn Rothschild, Carol Orich, Claudia Schmidt, Burhann Gustafson, Darlene Grant, Judy Biebel. ROW 3- Bonnie Goucher, Lynn Osberg, Marcia Moberg, Betty Hutton, Gerry Prohaska, Sharon Wil- liams, Cathy Fitzgerald, Barbara Klein, Bobbi Jensen, Carol Kedelis, Marcia Black, Pat Judeikis, Joan Markwell, Donna Vaicunas. ROW 4-Miche Rishel, Terry Price, Judy Weglarz, Sharon Severson, Karen Dolinick, Yvette DeCuir, Eleanor Jamerson, Roselle Carli, Ruth VanWVitzen- burg, Josephine Cibulsky, Gloria Phelps, Janice Clark, Joyce DeYoung, Carolyn Grimes. ROW 5-Joann Marozas, Joan Lashober, Susan Geringer, Darlene Sciacero, Carolyn Kizman, Barbara Hodgson, Karen Koller, Barbarann Murawski, Caryl Peterson, Mary Basting, Donna Flanery, Gayle Ruisard, Judy Zubersky. 5 55 X! Q! ll, ll all 8th Q V f X lx ' . fl n 1 ' 1 f SEATED-Elaine Crocker, Linda Moennich. ROW 1-Claude jones, Tom - Orchowski, jerry Balches, Bruce Zeull, Iames Poektro, Robert Buchlcr. ROW 2-Al Cooper, Richard Kawhler, Daniel Miller, Thomas Hansen. ROW 3-Phillip Van Dam, Claude Shanklen, Keith Marchi, Bill Pearson, Bill Wfcst, Paul Reinhardt, Fred Lundberg, john Nelson, Daniel Perchez, Robert Baffa, Cary Axelson. ROW 4-Phillip Pape, Ed Miller, Duanne Broadhead, Richard Falc, Irv Popc. The forty-two members of the Male Chorus meet every dalgh period in room 204 under the direction of their new leader, Mr. Scherer. Linda Moennich, their accompanist, supplies the music to keep the boys on pitch, and Allan Cooper acts as their president. Practice for the City Wide Contest in May and a program at Curtis keeps them busy, but often they take time out to sing their favorite songs, "Donkey Serenadei' and "Stout Hearted Menf' This fine group is an important addition to FENGERTOVVN'S source of entertainment. C-V. This is the only class where every- one is ordered to open his mouth. 'I36 OHIE TATIO DAY Whatls new in F ENCERTOWN? An Orientation Day program was held this year at Fenger and also at the Curtis Branch for the benefit of new students entering Fenger High School. This event, sponsored by the Student Council under the direction of Miss Donatta Yates, gives new Fenger students an introduction to F enger life. Students representing various clubs and societies gave brief summaries about the purpose, qualifications, and activities of these organizations with emphasis placed on the importance of scholarship and good citizenship. Entertainment was also provided by several of these organizations. We know the busy life of FENCERTOWN will be enjoyed by these new students as they begin their plans for participating in its many activities. INS, I X - ,f Z- , ix fi J. , egg lane Bergstrom, the representative of the Music Depart- ment, sings Brahm's Lullaby, as if Gene's tirade wererft As usual Cene is playing the funny man enough. AHEER D Y IDE Is Joe Trunbull testing his strength or receiving good newsP? Career Day, sponsored by the Roseland Kiwanis and directed by Mrs. F ristoe, plays an important part in the future of the citizens of FENGERTOWN. Every tall, men and women from almost every vocation come to discuss their various occupations and answer the questions of our young citizens. A group of responsible students are placed in charge of seeing that everyone can attend the discussion of his choice and also welcoming each representative to our Town. . xx x ,N P, JX Q e FARG4. ROW 1-Judy Ryan, Leone Peterson, Diane Sandakcr, Sandra Mayer, Cathy Goettler, Jackie Baierl, Dorothy Burnson, Diane Ruhl, Pat Barczi, Gracie Sinene, Rose Coleman, Karen Stevens, Sharon Neath, Barbara lzzett, Diane XVegg. ROW 2-Lu Lantro, Veronica Lowe, Georgianne Chambers, Johann Ziernba, Judy Postaer, Betty Bertz, Donna Bilecki, Sandie Clausen, Yvonne DeVrics, Carol Petrongelli, Diane Evans, Zella Hawkins, Nancy NVormlcy, Sandra Holmes, Doris Davenport, Deanna Mshar, Dianne Cunningham, Dave Kinnisten. ROW 3-Susy Mohr, Phyllis Nieland, Marsha Facktor, Lenore Hankkosky, Judy Koch, Pat Renstrom, Carol F redriksen, Laura Pearson, Judy Valente, Diane Barrett, Marcia Thompson, Nancy Valchant, Joyce Skiba, Janice Gabel, Donna Rhoderick, Cindy DeNardi, Elaine Brown, Pat Rossi, Bill Pearson. ROW 4-Barbara DeVries, Marcia Moberg, Jackie Tollison, Nancy Penner, Valerie Scheck, Shirley Erickson, Diane Sinicnson, Darly VVagner, Angela Oderio, Nancy Jurevicz, Sharon VVoodall, Karen XVorst, Judy Baliione, Sharon Schmude, Joan Krell, Rose XVrobel, Shirley Kutlik, Karen Hope, Linda Thatcher, Donna Friend, Joyce French, Lynn Rothschild. ROW 5-Augie Chidichimo, Diane Tumas, Molly Johnson, Gail Quinlan, Sue Ross, Jacquie Bikfasy, Karen Mattson, Judy Mazeika, Melisande Rhodes, Connie King, Jennifer Fierke, Carol Hostetter, Phyllis Evers, Sharon Hennie-Roed, Gail Hamilton, Donna Krikau, Jean Hawley, Jackie Lilly, Sharon Schreiller, Joyce Booker. ROW 6-Ron Pekny, Jerry Lepper, Jerry Marchetti, Gil Saturno, VVes YVells, John Nangle, Bob Ewband, James Markov, Tom Tharp, Ken Matson, Mary Lou XVojick, Ron DeHaan, Garv Marrs, Diane Komm, Rich Kolhauser, Romelle Kunz, Don Nelson, Dale Cini, Judy Dapkus, Noah Stewart, Arlene Erickson, Jo Cibulsky, Jan Housinger, Elaine Barron, Mary Palm, Bonnie Groos, Lorraine Soloman, Ron Grens, Marsha Grens, Tom Eustace, Terry Price. ROW 1-Veronica Lowe, Lee Erickson, Judy Koch, Sue Ross, Leone Peterson, Nancy Valchant, Yvonne DeVries, Cathy Goettler, Barbara Izzett, Jackie Baierl, Diane Komm, Dorothy Burnson, Binnie Mamprisio, Carole Evans. ROW 2-Judy Ryan, Denise Flynn, Lucille Lantro, Dianne Barrett, Pat Barczi, Beverly Schnei- der, Diane Sandaker, Joyce Elzinga, Johan Ziemba, Georgianne Chambers, Josephine Cihulsky, Donna Rhodcrick, Linda Thatcher, Karen Hope, Lynn Rothschild, Sandra Holmes, Dave Kinnisten. ROW 3-Carol Hostetter, Bonnie Thoney, Judy Biebcl, Joyce Booker, Judy Valente, Jacqueline Klipp, Karen Worst, Sharon Schmude, Janet Schaddelee, Sandy Salter, Donna Krikau, Arlenc Erickson, Romelle Kunz, Judy Dapkus, Cindy DeNardi, Thomas Eustace, Ron Crens. ROW 4-Karen Billburg, Jennifer Fierke, Annette Tosti, John Nangle, Tom Cain, YVesley VVells, Ron Pekny, Richard Kolhauser, Dave Aahye, Don NVillett, Cary Marrs, Rodney Smith, Jan Housinger, XVilliam Vanderbok, John Blom. COLLEGE DAY AIDES On College Day, thirty-two courteous, energetic seniors extended to each of their classmates the opportunity of an interview with representatives from two colleges of their choice. Under the supervision of Mrs. Elizabeth Fristoe, Chief Aide Judy Dapkus, and Assistant Chief Aide Lee Erickson, student hosts and hostesses planned the College Day Program, and received representatives from many universities and colleges. Along with academic interest, could Sharon also be considering the ratio of boys to girls? Joann and Lucille appear spellbound by the thought of a future at Illinois Sfate Normal. 139 Each year, distribution of the F enger Courier is only made possible through the expert salesmanship and persistence of the many capable students chosen as COURIER reps. As part of their duties, they are required to take orders for the COURIER and collect the money of their fellow classmates. 0RlRAD With diligence and accurateness these energetic students perform their many duties of taking subscriptions, collecting money, and distributing the papers, thus enabling the Titan Torch Staff to spend more time on the important work of reporting on the students and activities in F enger. CRURIER REPS ROW 1-Arlene Stell, Dolores Hernandez, Mary jane Montalto, Bonnie Thomas, Sharon Carroll, Shirl Stone, Barbara Lock, Ger- aldine Kulak, Natalie Preskus, Elsie Doesburg, ,Ioan Holba. ROW 2-Denise Flynn, Cathy Fitzgerald, Sandra Laib, Claude jones, Robert Casson, Nedra Baird, Larry Davidson, Judy Marion, Karen Rost, Martin Schwiek, Mariann jaegerhuber. ROW 3- Rubin NValkcr, Darlene Schutzer, Molly Iohnson, Janet Schad- delee, Peter Houstein, Lorraine Luehyn, Bill Roos, Ronald De- Haan, Ross Olander, Mark Craham, Steve Mork. REP NEWS REPRESENTATIVES ROW 1-Victoria Ortiz, Sharon Carroll, Arlene Stell, Delores Hernandez, Bonnie Thomas, Edda Bretz, Ellen Dunn, Beverly Castronovo, Mary Mfroblewski, Melodee Schram, Lynda Forster, .loy Jernberg. ROW 2-Mish Anderson, Barbara Bunting, Ann Antonio, Diane VVegg, Pat Basile, Celeste Cosby, Donna Vaicunas. ,loan Holba, Elsie Doesburg, Cerry Liedtke, Diane Baldelli, Carol Fredrilcsen, David Fisher, Bruce Zemke. ROW 3-Patricia Zywicki, Cookie Fredrich, Ianet Suhko, Betty Suominin, Roberta Liggctt, Sharon Chidotti, Barbara Sanders, Robert Dalbello, john Korienek, Dan Peterson, Ross Olander, XValter Robatzek, George Herzog. ROW 4-Judy Zubersky, Rubin VValker, Marilyn Erickson, Meli- sande Rhodes, Sylvia Martin, Bonnie Croos, Carolyn Peterson, Karen Koller, Joy Tanis, Ronald DeHaan, P.T G.A ROW 1-Arlene Germain, Joan Holba, Darlene Christ, Angela Oderio, Barczi, Louise Arlene Carole Dexter, Mary Michel, Mary Boylan, George Chambers, Diane Simenson. ROW 1-Bev Yonker, Karen XVilliams, Beverly Elwardt, Barbara Lucas, Phyllis Burnson, Carol A Crust, Judy Hartzell, Marilyn Eizenga, Jeanne Fitzgerald, Jacquie Klipp, Jackie Tolleson, Jackie Taradash. ROW 2-Danny Perchez, Barb Zelek, April Troy, Bonnie Tierney, Diane Ruhl, l l Shirley Jarmotz, Joan Moody, Darlene Deacon, Sandy Rosen, Arlene Lewandowski, Cipriana Garza, John Martinelli. ROW 3-Barb Bonaparte, Sandy NVeber, Carol Kohl, Arlene Astolas, Joyce DeYoung, Ruth Land, Caroline Johnson, Dona Zaugh, Gale Sumner, Joyce French, Carolyn Peterson. Fenger's Parent-Teacher Association has done much to improve school conditions. Without the aid of the student representatives, membership in the P.T.A. could not have reached an all-time high. Every P.T.A. rep's goal is to obtain 100'7b membership in his division. Collecting these fees and distributing the cards are the chief duties of these reps. As a result, the P.T.A. has become a large and effective organization, influencing life in FENGERTOWN. Are you dissatisfied with the physical inactivity of a student's everyday life? If so, join the Girls' Athletic Association of our town. This organization plans such activities as parties, hikes, volleyball games, and .A. the May Festival. These activities are carefully planned and arranged Janice VanDyke, Pris Swanson, Nancy Jurevicz, Patti under the management of Mfg, Gertrude Lange, Kathie Grisz, Cathy Goettler. ROW 2-JoAnne Lasher, Santorso, Janice Haag, Sandra Volkart, Nancy Borger, Magnabosco, Lorraine Salamon, Karen Soderstronl, Lucarz, Terry Price. ROW 3-Shirley Erickson, Annette Donna Bodnar, Bonnie McLachlan, Karen Scuflham, Membership may be obtained in the G.A.A. by any F enger girl if she pays her semester dues to the G.A.A. representative in her division. 141 HALL Patrolling the streets of F ENGERTOWN are the local policemen-the hallguards. It is up to them to see that the streets are always orderly and clean. To become a policeman, a "Cv or better average and a study period live days a week are required. Our town is certainly proud of the Hne job these students are doing. Ron Altlson, Gerald Almon, Chuck Anderson, Len Anderson, Gene Baldelli, Karen Baugher, Robert Bauza, Roger Bangtson, Doug Bereza, Roy Bergman, Sharon Beukema, Ron Bobowski, Jim Bolen, Barbara Bonaparte, Bob Bosak, Lloyd Bowman, Leonard Bratlien, Bernard Bromstrud, Al Cardinal, Donald Carli, Tom Carlstedt, Bob Casson, Ron Casson, Paul Celani, Chester Chylinski, Dick Clausing, Bob Claybrook, Jerry Corgnati, james DeYoung, Leslie Dieck, Roger Dixon, Elsie Doesburg, john Easton, Betty Elk, VVayne Erickson, Bill F austin, Diane Ferrero, Carol Fioretti, Fran Fitzpatrick, Jim F itzwater, Fred Frigo, Chester Furtek, Chris F us, Rich Giron, Christine Golden, Ben Golecki, Kathie Grisz, Grace Hardee, Lee Howles, Terry Hunt, Warren Johnson, Diana Iones, Tom Kamba, Bernard Koswick, Charles Keser, Shirley Kinder, Mike Kinnisten, Don Kirchhoff, Carol Kocan, Jerry Kocolowski. Fred Koenig, james Korte, Ray Krenkel, june Kruk, Dawn Larson, jerry Lepper, Bert Lindstrom, Barbara Loch, jackie Lundstrom, john Madon, Kathy Majuhrzak, George Mattson, Fred Merchant, Marilyn Mitchell, Phil Mohler, Mary Anne Moore, Carol Ostendorf, Aloma Panozzo, Paul Panozzo, Ed Parchem, Barbara Parker, Don Patz, Daniel Perchez, Bccky Perez, Judy Proue, Bernard Pygon, Rae Railin, jim Rambeaux, Mary Ann Raymond, Lance Riccardini, Sandy Rosen, Curt Roy, Henry Rutkowski, Manuel Sanchez, Elmer Seaquist, Karen Sears, Iudy Severin, Dan Sheehan, John Sherman, Ray Sinde, Janice Sipos, Esther Smith, Bob Spake, William Stall, Alan Stoullus, Jackie Taradash, Natalie Tessari, Tom Tharp, Bonnie Tierney, Steve Toth, Bill Tracy, jerry Trojanowki, Melvin Trojanowski, Erick VValker, XVilliam VVest, Linda White, Ron VVhitman, Bill VVildman, Karon VVilliams. ROW 1-Indy Koch, Veronica Lowe, Sandra Ciese, Elaine Nelson, Nancy Bergstrom, Carol Petrongelli, Cathy Coettler, Joanne Bigoni, Arlene Erickson, Bonnie Thoney. ROW 2-Sandra Mayer, JoAnne Lasher, Sharon Neath, Donna Bilecki, Barb Klein, Elaine VanderVVall, Elenor Turk, Diane Komm, Karen johnson, Cerri DeVries, Lorraine Salamon. ROW 3-Madeline Wilger, Carole Napoli, Karen Laverman, julie Sundell, Suzanne Kornafel, Barbara Izzett, Jean Betten, Shirley Brucer, Mary Duncan, Shirley Spoolstra, Dawn Larson. gatherings. I tif'-7.3 'Wm- fm-jp HOSTESS CL B The know-how of gracious living is an asset not to be overlooked in this present day. Entertaining properly is an important facet and often leads to success in business and social life. FENCERTOWN is fortunate in possessing a group of above average students, under the sponsorship of Miss Madeline johnson, who are being taught rudiments of gracious entertaining. Along with better than average grades, members of the Hostess Club must at all times be Well-groomed and have a good attendance record. One important aspect of this organization is that While you are learning the niceties of entertaining, you are also enjoying many social TQ S K X7 1 KF!! PCR X X f f N , g i g p Y ,X I , -X X ' f 1 2 X- LIBRARY CLUB Located at Second Street and Foyer Avenue, the F enger Library serves the town and outlying suburbs. The library, which is easily accessible by all main traffic routes, is known for its pleasant, helpful assistants. During the day, citizens with a G or better average, work under the supervision of Miss Betty George to operate a more efficient library. Shelving and processing books, filing catalog cards, and giving attendance records to study hall teachers are only a few of the services they perform. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS QW' X., i x g, M fp QKAQQP mek 2- , X- X AV xi X X L' ,. W 1 " al l . '4A. girl. 144 ROW 1-Susan Cerringer, Barbara Cagus, Karen Krussel, Elysa Tolyar. BOW 2-Miss Betty George, sponsor, Pat juclcikis, Mary Foster, Elaine Vander- wall, Donna Sable, lluth Van NVitzenburg, Sylvia Nlclroth, Carol Freclrickson. Nlrs. jones. ',:3 W' Q 1 B EiHhQ?BX, 4.s ., g-.Q ,H can ROW 1-Larry Stevens, Mark Blalkas, Boy Bilsbarrow, Ernest Chervl- lo. ROVV 2-Dianne Smith, joy jernbcrg, Nancy Elderworth, Elsys Tolyar, Donna Sable, Sue Ross, Barbara Clagus, Carol Petrongelli, Elaine Nelson, Cathy Coettler, Carolyn Shilnanek. ROW 3-Judy Ruswick, Candy Bourne, Donna Fryer, Linda Novak, Lenore Ruby, Barbara Phillips, Patt Berry, Betty Plankis, Diane Tuinas, Elaine Vanderwall, Lora-Lee Clahn, Nlary Foster, Barbara Klein, Roselle Carol, Sandra Ceise. ROW 4-Barbara Lucas, Doris Davenport, Connie Fay, Pat Carli, jucly Wcglarz, Carol Zegley, Nancy Mack, Diane Evans, Judy Marion, Susan Ceringer, Zella Hawkins, Arlene Erickson, Nancy Martin, Ruth Van XVitzenburg. ROWV 5-Barbara Kandl, Karen Rost, Luraniay Zapf, jan Anderson, Barbara Nlurawski, Betty Dixon, james Betourne, Bob Daniels, Lawrence Evers, David Anderson, Donna Felicicehia. ROW 1-Connie Fay, Karen Krussel, San- dra Mayer, Carol Kyper, Jeanne Sample. ROW 2-Rosemary Kossack, Donna Crean, 'nik CREATIVE WRITING CLUB The Creative Writing Club, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Lyle Starcevic, comprises a small group of F ENGERTOWN'S imaginative, energetic students. These pupils meet ninth period on the first and third Thursday of each month. Led by their president, Harry Adler, the club participates in such activities as writing original stories and poems and then analyzing each other's work. Interesting authors and writers are also discussed at these informal meetings. As an extra project, many of the club members correspond with a foreign pen pal, gaining first-hand knowledge of the countries abroad. Harry Adler, Rosalind Harvey, Mary Foster. ROW 1-Bobbie Jensen, Carol Petrongelli, Florence Oedzes, Frances Davis, Marlene Vogt. ROW 2-Corrine Catto, Carol Adams, Lorin Harris, Penny Champlain, Pat Binol, Geraldine Varga, Barbara Dalbey, Twila Teel. ROW 3-Bill Ferngren, Sonia Zaokopmy, Donna Zavidosky, Kay Carlson, Marge Henning, Ina Foster, Ruth Lang, Mrs. Schlentz, Judy Kaslu, Linda Freeman, joe Gonzalas. RCLLER SKATING CLUB 3 Mrs. Schlentz is the sponsor of one of FENGERTOWN'S newest organizations, the Roller Skating Club. The seventy charter members meet on the Iirst Monday and third Tuesday of each month at the Swank Roller Rink. Lessons are available for beginners, and the more experienced skaters have speed races and enjoy learning new dance techniques. It also offers unusual opportunities for acquiring bumps and bruises. Rich Huber is the club president, Mike Gonzales is vice-president and Betty Hutton acts as a combination secretary-treasurer. 'I45 KEY CLUB pw, :if STAGE CREW The boys on the Stage Crew, under the supervision of Mr. Brewer, contributed a large amount to the success of a stage performance. The boys give up their free periods and sometimes after school time to set up props and adjust lights for school as well as evening performances. After serving four semesters, one can eam his letter. 146 ROW 1-Arnie Newman, Car Rigoni, Ron Adnerson, Dick Uhlir, jack Carpenter, Ken Mattson. ROW 2-Gil Saturno, Don Nelson, Dale Lofquist, Ted Schelenski, jerry Lepper, Steve Mark, Mr. Katz, sponsor. The Key Club was formed about six years ago and is sponsored jointly by the Roseland Kiwanis Club and F enger High School. The club is comprised of twenty-five boys and is under the direction of Mr. Samuel Katz. Participation in the Annual Peanut Day and acting as hosts on Career Day are a few of their activities. The boys also hold an annual spring dance for the entire school. L. to R.-Richard Lindrnark, Ross Olander, Mr. Brewer, sponsor, Gene Baldelli, George Clark, Bob Lindmark. L to R-Jim Younger, Ray Wick, Randy Spitzer, Chuck Wagner, Bob Spake. if , I lfx 0 9, ll I life l r! 5. iii 'll 'llill' .-" 1'-'I-fa' l ' l ' 'lull l la Si 5 fi n! ' NH . ROW 1-Robert Scully, Martin Schwick, Jerry Yo, Ron Schwarcy, Marty Hegglin, Bob Aring, Warren Young, Chuck Kratzenburg, john Paskiewicz, Gary Apelson. ROW 2-Ed Staehlin, Bill Cain, Rich Peter- son, Ronald Lamb, Tom Zagotta, Dan Hard, Fred Fiddelke, Lee Minozue. ROW 3-Keith Krusell, jack Radcliffe, Harold Braden, Iohn Marshak, Iohn Nelson. REELMEN ADVERTISERS The F enger Advertisers is a service club organized in 1934 by Mr. Zinngrabe for the purpose of promoting all official activities of the school. Posters and many other novel devices are produced by the silk screen process in their own shop during study hours. Boys of top dependability, with some skill in woodshop, mechanical drawing, and art are welcome, provided they are willing to give of their time and energy to the organization. Reelmen are FENGERTOWN citizens with a scholastic average of "Cv or better, a sense of responsibility, and a free study period. It is the responsibility of each reelman to take care of the projectors and to provide a list of movies available for use. Upon the request of the class teachers, the reelmen show films to various classes. This club was organized 26 years ago, and is now under the sponsorship of Mr. Ianovic. Films for the use of the club are obtained from the Department of Visual Aid which has a great variety of movies. THE PRO june, 1958 at the Palmer House January, 1959 at the Morrison Hotel A delicate momento, the prom bid reveals the glory that is the prom! 'I48 x fMffY?L'NQx Filing past the wishing-well, the party-goers happily begin their eve- '-QV? mug on the town. Wfesq 'ij Q mmf 45 THE PROMS New as the morning dew, fresh as the first spring flowers and as exciting as a first date, this the Senior Prom. Some say it is extravagant to spend so much money just to have a party. The prom however, is not an ordinary party, it is the culmination for the graduates, of four years of effort and hard work. It is a farewell party, sending them out to face the world. It is spectacular, with all its glory, exhuberance and grandeur, it is the prom. ,ex .om 5 who Pri ,l,,f ' The Iune Prom, held in the Palmer House, and called "Wishing on a Star," sent the graduates into their next phase of life with a smile on their lips and a song in their hearts. The january Prom, held in the Morrison Hotel and christened, "Moments to Remember," did the same for the January graduates as future proms will do to honor future generations. xl 2? The grand march, one of the high- lights of the evening, is eagerly awaited by all. Tom Tharp and Lee Erickson dance the first dance after their coronation as Homecoming King and Queen. Sharon Schmidt and Bob Garrity lead the Homecoming procession. Even the gymnasium is decorated for this festive occasion. The climax of the evening comes as john Bergstrom and Lois Hills, past king and queen, crown the new king and queen, Tom Tharp and Lee Erickson. H0 ECOMI G As the football season draws to a close, anticipation looks forward to Thanksgiving week-end and the Homecoming Dance. From many qualified entrants, the student body chooses ten boys and ten girls to form the Homecoming Court. Out of this group, a king and queen are chosen. The names of the king and queen are secretly guarded until the crowning at the dance. The court is led to the bandstand where the coronation takes place under an arch of crossed sabers of the ROTC honor guard. This year's royal couple was Tom Tharp and Lee Erickson. The Homecoming Committee, headed by co-chairmen Cathy Coettler and Dave Kinnisten chose the theme-"Deep in a Dreamf' secured the band, decorated the gymnasium, and designed the bids. ROW 1-Carol YVahlstrom, Annette Tosti. Judy Adams, Binnie Nlamprisio. ROW 2-Sandy XVoicik, Karen Stevens, Lois Hills, Queen Lee Erickson, King Tom Tharp, Sharon Schmidt, Kathy Crisz, jackie Clark. ROW 3-Paul Panozzo, Don Nelson, Ron Crcns, jim Burke, Dave Kinnisten, Gene Billo, john Bergstrom, jerry Marchetti, Bob johnson, Bob Carrity. MAY FE TIVAL Q 3 . 5 , f ifgs A0554 ' X '1 is sm lst 5. i.5?1iQ'1f::1igV51"-, Mf r, Q5 .ll 'gfiii' 'af' 5 Q Eb In the spring of the year, one of the customs of the G.A.A. is to sponsor the May Festival. This is always a gala affair which is highlighted by the crowning of a May Queen. Her highness is elected on a popularity basis by the fourth year girls' gym classes. Twenty semi-finalists are chosen and then another vote is cast which limits the court to ten girls. Included in the court are the four officers of the G.A.A. Board. The Stage is always decorated in a typical spring scene, and the girls, dressed in Hoor-length white formals, carrying beautiful bouquets of Howers add to the beauty. Following the crowning of the new queen by last year's reigning queen, excellent entertainment is always provided by some of FENCERTOWN'S talented students. 151 as ROW 1-Joyce Elzinga, Marcia Moberg. ROW 2- Valerie Scheck, Lee Erickson, Binnie Mamprisio, Judy Adams, Judy Dapkus. ROW 3-Rose Wrobel, Betty Plankis, Natalie Preskus, Mary Rago, Donna Krikau, Linda Dickinson. Binnie Mamprisio reigns as May Festival Queen. if Hlll "Step right this way! . . . And all this for the small price of one thin dime!" . . . Such phrases as these were heard Within the limits of F ENGERTOWN on November 21, the night of its first fair. The streets were jammed with the 2000 tourists and citizens as they made their way to the many booths, displays, and entertainments which were provided by the town clubs. The lights of the fair grounds glowed late into the night as the people stayed on to get more than their money's worth of enjoyment. The success of the fair was tremendous, and everyone seems to be ettin read for next ear's extravaganza. Y 5 Rosemary explains 2 -5- 2 to attentive visitors at the Fair. The floor gets harder each time around for these ROTC cadets. "I told you Cheerios stretch in water," gasps Nancy Bergstrom, coming up for air. Mr. Samuel Katz greets visitors arriv- ing at the Fair. 'I52 5 2 S 1 gk "-sws, NM---..f"" ,, 'nw X ij , V , W Q. . z:.:.- -5:5 :,.. N ' 1 'Z f ,I K , x KxaEf'lQ2Iif V 'U ik Q-N Q. M, x Emo: w . x f33gf?z?wzQ3??2 if W . Q,.x,,, W if if 2 vu x 'W' ws 'Dwi Q 1 g A is 2 g 5 i S ,. sl C0 RIER CLAUDE SMITTER Sponsor S AFF JAN HOUSINCER Editor-in-Chief CAROL HOSTETTER Editor-in-Chief The COURIER STAFF, sponsored by Mr. Claude Smitter, is a beehive of activity two periods every day in order to bring you, the students and friends of Fenger, a successful and interesting yearbook. Many people do not realize that there is so much work involved in putting a book such as the COURIER together. A theme must be decided, the write-ups, including the dedication and forward, must be given much thought. There are pictures, pictures, and more pictures to be identified. Frequent is the cry: "Does anyone know who this frcshic is?,' It takes a long time to learn the method of putting out a yearbook and a long time to do the work, but at the end of the school year the STAFF can look back at a challenge well met, for they have produced a book of which all Fenger can be proud. ln this year's COURIER, we have tried to portray our theme, 'TENCERTOWNY It is our sincere hope that you, the student body, will enjoy looking through it and recalling memories of the past year. Although Nedra and Carol work diligently, Nelda seems to have other ideas. Now what could possibly he so fanny to John and Diane?P Karen and Linda compare tactics before they hegin another day's search for ads. 154 Girls' Sports Editor LEONE PETERSON DENISE FLYNN Boys' Sports Editor JOHN BLOM DAVID KINNISTEN Advertising Editors LINDA THATCHER KAREN HOPE Assistant Editor YVONNE DEVRIES MARIANN IAECERHUBER Copy Editor BARBARA IZZETT DIANE WECG Activities Editor Business Editor PHYLLIS EVERS Photographers SUE ROSS JACK PETERSON RICHARD KOLHAUSER Art Editor DAN HEGGLIN NEDRA BAIRD NELDA BAIRD Photo Editor JUDY RYAN JOHN NANCLE The last few weeks are really hectic, and Diane is continually pounding the typewriter. C 0 U R I E R B A N 0 U With all these 'lproblemsf' Diane is sure to have gray hair before she graduates. Pat and Judy must be preparing this weekys chuckle box as the others attend to more serious material. SHARON SCHMIDT Editor-in-chief JAMES SINCLAIR Editor-in-chief 'WS STAFF F I il J... L HARRY CALPHA, Sponsor JANUARY POSITION JUNE ANNETTE TOSTI Copy Editor JACKIE BAIERL IUDY STORTZ Copy Editor NANCY VALCHANT 'Troofread this page! Where is the copy for page two? Deadline tomorrow!" These cries and many more can be heard coming from the Titan Torch Building during eighth and ninth periods. In the bustling newsroom, the sponsor, Mr. Harry Calpha, supervises the editing of our Town's weekly newspaper, which includes news, sports, and many special features. It is in this paper that one can read about the many things happening in our busy town. The hard work put into the paper can be evaluated toward membership in the Quill and Scroll Society, and it is the aim of every staff member to achieve this goal. Until this year, the Titan Torch was called the F enger News, and we are very proud to have had a part in this memorable change. 156 Margo checks her work as Bobbie and julie practice their typing lessons behind her back in the Torch room. TAFF JANUARY POSITION QXNDY CLAUSEN JOE COLANCELO SANDY DILLEY CONNIE KING DEANNA MSHAR CAROLE EVANS KATHY O'BRIEN JEAN HAWLEY GAIL KNICKERBOCKER WILLIAM KOENIC CAROL WAHLSTROM JANET BOYAR DIANA DIETRICH JACQUIE BIKFASY MARCIA ZUITHOFF MARILYN OTTEN ALLAN DERRY DIANA SANDAKER JEAN BETTEN NOAH STEWART BUD LANTING News Editor News Editor Feature Editor Page One Page One Page Two Page Two Page Three Page Three Sports Sports Sports Supplement A Supplement A Supplement B Supplement B Publicity Business Business Circulation Circulation Advertising Advertising Exchange Art Photography JUNE JUDY BIEBEL CATHY COETTLER DONA ZAUGH JUDY DAPKUS JUDY VALENTE LEE ERICKSON DIANE KOMM GEORCIANNE CHAMBERS BEVERLY SCHNEIDER PAT BARCZI LYNN ROTHCHILD DONNA KRIKAU RICHARD ZIELINSKI DIANE BARRET DOLORES HERNANDEZ JOYCE ELZINCA DOROTHY RURNSON SHIRLEY KUTLIK VERONICA LOWE PAT MARCEL DOLORES SCHRUERS CAROL CONTURBA JACK CUTRICIIT EMIL BERZENSKI IOANNE RICONI WESLEY WELLS ARLENE ERICKSON JAMES ALM ROTC An excellent militia is always on hand to provide our town with adequate protection. In order to prepare for service in this organization, cadets are taught habits of orderliness and precision, discipline and respect, and a sense of personal honor and deportment. Cadets receive military training which will be beneficial to them, if and when they join the Armed Forces. They also develop an appreciation for the Army and the role it plays in national defense. In order to realize these objectives, the FENGERTOWN ROTC Battle Group encourages its members to study hard and take an active part in extracurricular activities. The boys may join any club or athletic team sponsored by Fenger in addition to the many activities maintained by the unit itself. 'KN ix y Q ' KN L '3 l 1 " M " I 158 BATTLE GROUP STAFF ROW 1-ltusscll Sherman, Louis Mueslnler, XVaync Marsh Paul Bartak, james Szubryt, Gary Marchand. ROW 2-NVil- liam XVl1itlock, john Nangle, George Senitz. George Duncan Charles Nelson, Richard Albert. CITY AND BRIGADE STAFFS Charles Nelson, city staftg George Duncan, brigade stafi' Richard Sodetz, city staff. RIFLE TEAM Fenger's Rifle Team has again won first in district competition. Continuing with this fine record they placed first in the Fifth Army District Match and third in City. In the Fifth Army Match, Frank Wysocki and Gary Marchand finished first and second in city respectively. The team is comprised of five men: Gary Marchand, Harry Housman, Frank Wysocki, George Duncan, and Lance Stell. The top man on the team is Frank Wysocki with 184 points out of a possible 200. PICKED PLATO0N The Picked Platoon is another of Fenger's ROTC's projects. Fifty top cadets sign up, and by elimination thirty cadets are chosen for the platoon. In competition fifty required drills and movements are practiced. In preparation for the competition, the platoon practiced early in the morning for three months. The platoon placed third in district competition. RJLT.C. ROW 1-Franklin VVysocki, Lance Stell, john Housman, Cary Marchand, George Duncan, Har- old Housman. ROW 2-Russell Sherman, Robert Gunderson, XVilliam YVcst, Terrence Kilbrirlc, Carl Zmuda, Ronald Davidson, Charles Nelson, Richard Korte. ROW 1-Gary Marchand, Russell Sherman, Edlar Gill, XVilliam WVest, john Nanglc, Frank Sodctz, Ronald Doranski, Richard Sodetz, Charles Nelson, Richard Ryan, Milton Hutchens. ROW 2-Ccorgc Duncan, XVillia1n Thomson, Richard Harwood, Ronald Eckberg, jolm Gilmore, Louis Nlucshler, Phillip Gallagher, YYilliam XVhitlock, Richard Burin. ROW 3-Arthur Miller, Paul Bartak, john Kandl, Robert Gunderson, Kenneth McDonald, Carl Zmuda, james McGhee, james Szubryt. ROW 4-john Kurzeja, Terrence Kilbride, jamcs Bc- tourne, YVilliam McVey, Henry Giebcl, joseph Kovacs, Raymond Good. FIRST PLATO0N A COMPANY ROW 1-NVilliam Thomson, john Nangle, Milton Hutchens, Richard Ryan, joseph Plankis. ROW 2-john Gilmore, NVilliam West, Ronald Moniak, james Thomas, Richard Van Pelt, Roger Becka, Arthur Turkstra, Ronald Ahlson, Calvin Roesner, Claude jones, Gary Axelson. ROW 3- Henry Giebel, Lance Stell, jerry Corgnati, james Colem, Albert Schroeder, Ronald Rizzs, Charles Shanklin, Richard Isenhardt, john Bohanek, Chester Lesniewski. ROW 4-Frank Sodetz, Thomas Hynes, Paul Reinhardt, james Parkinson, john Frolin, Frank Crepinsek, Richard Lewandowski, Richard Korte, Alfred Ellingsen, Patrick Ridge. SECOND PLATO0N A CUMPANY ROW 1--Arthur Miller, Milton Hutchens. ROW 2-NVilliam McVey, Carl Zmuda, jerry Corg- nati, Daniel Deverick, Carl Visente, Peter Skourles, Arthur Fine, Richard Henry, Douglas Kolb, Anthony Cerulli. ROW 3-Terry Boone, Thomas Schuller, Ted Kotas, VVilliam Robb, Robert Lambert, Thomas Druetzler, Edwin Mueshler, john Housman, Gregory Harpst, Dale Peterson. ROW 4-Harold Norren, john Gartner, Henry jacobsma, Robert Bzdek, Kenneth Klomhaus, Ronald Flatt, David Edison, Donald johnson, Donald Davidson, Curtis Rosenberg, Kenneth Bian. it ' .qf't5,?.jv'Z5 . . fy", A eff, ,X , . -.,fXjq51 This year A Company earned the X . msg rg V' gif distinction of being designated honor A f ' 8381 . ' WJ. at if ' f . 1 A X." 1' up company for the school year 1958-59. -b Q95 l K X 'V 'I60 N' 'N' X X' ii.: D x ,, 5. ' l Q N ' s , 'Q u sf 'W v Y A 'g-dp'-Z -9251. ff 'iff ow -- 4 a t .- ,Thi rqgg ' ibfvhf 1 49 This year B Company distinguished itself by excellent company drill during the Annual Formal Inspection to earn high praise from the inspecting ollicer, Major Hickman. RJlT.C. FIRST PLATOON B COMPANY ROW 1-Ronald Doranski, Richard Burin, Edlar Gill, Phillip Gallagher. ROW 2-Franklin Wysocki, Howard YVood, Ronald Garzolini, Peter Stanislowski, joseph Szuhryt, George Machamer, Frank Sojka, Randell XVenig, George Klivikis, james Younger, Robert Cochand, james Burns. ROW 3-james Markov, Gerald Zekis, john Buvelot, Richard Klesc, Iack Pannozzo, Richard Koehler, Donald Carli, Bernard Iudiekis, Martin Heis, Fred Fiddelke, John Zapf, Alan Bourque. ROW 4-Robert Brinkman, Terry Hunt, Ralph Arthur, Eric VValker, Jack Sherman, Miklos Lcstyan, Bernard Kazwick, james Hoch, jack Goode, Russell Johnson. SECOND PLATO0N B CGMPANY ROW 1-Richard Burin, Richard Harwood, XVaync Rydbcrg, Robert Viviano, Edward Czech, XVayne Ores, Glen Leach, Douglas Grover, john Kabaj, Charles LaBuda, Robert Scully. ROW 2-Thomas Jansen, john Lohhes, Leo Baggs, Russell Yonker, Robert Druzkowski, Ronald DeHaan, Bertram Bailey, Terrence Mescha, David Smalley. ROW 3-joseph Kovacs, Roger Nlullcnix, YValter Rohatzck, Alfred Ellingson, Ronald johnson, Gerald Fisher, Paul Hackl, XVilliam Drapal, James Verhagen, James Vaugicr. wwzsagzffkv COLOR GUARD +157 f'5 Robert Ixnexm xich john Kurzcja A Q 7 7 P ,lilllll Kandl, Robert Cliurcln. , V , fi ' Q fs. + 1 f 1 5 g xx 4- RJlT.C.SECRETARlAL STAFF Ronnie Thoney, Cla-rri Stretclluk, Sally Domark, Roberta jenscn DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS ROVV 1-Charles Nelson, Larry DeKoker, Raymond Good, Ronald XVhitman, Prines Campbell, james McGhee, Larry Davidson, Richard Dalcorobbo, Terry Kilbride. ROW 2-Robert Gunderson, David Sanchez, Edward Rose, XVayne Moonen, james Betournc, Louis Pannozzo, Louis Lerner, Gary Alberini. ROW 3-Barry Smith, Richard Olson, james Zeephat, Ronald Eckberg, Lawrence Evers, Harold Housman, Lee Minogue. ROW 4-Kenneth Mc- Donald, Dennis Cooper, Craig Barrow, Phillip Van Darn. R is J jg if hu , s f :,:,,., A , -1- .:-me M gms .5-, i , Ki mggzff M l 0 X .,... . . Q55 X352 , W X. M i s Q , f - ' , . ,Qxfwr H - MIA .,., x x . X -1. , 5' ahfgl 4 Y x Y My 1 A1 fx GK 'A 1 ' ' 5 ' . 4' W ix wi" nw wt M wgyxmygilvi fy 1 . if 35? Ni r A , X f" N ov -rf ,Wig ' x as 'i -- Q 1 X ..,., ,- vig' ' Wiw ,WM - xv-"' fig. ff FOOTB LL VARSITY Under the guidance of Fred Rittschof, the new varsity coach, the Titans fought hard to win. Almost an entire new team and numerous injuries were two of the biggest obstacles to be overcome. With each successive game, the coach came to know his team better and the team gained valuable experience and confidence in themselves. They fought each game to the end, always confident they would win. Although their record is not one to make history, it is consistent and one which showed our team exactly where its weak points were. With each successive game, the holes were plugged. Each game was hard fought and the tide of battle could have turned either way. So uncertain were the results that the stands were always packed until the Hnal gun. Surely this season did much for the team and the outlook for the future seasons is most bright. The worried line. ROW 1-McClellan Young, john Carbacz, George Fitzgerald, Rich Ciron, Adrian Irving, Ed Gill, Milton Hutchens, Sam Fcllicicchia, Fred Merchant, John Marshall, Dan Turillo, Mgr. ROW 2-jack Hafiner, Mgr., Noah Stewart, Brian Miller, Hon Anderson, Don Bergquist, Rich XVill, Don Nelson, Bob Dixon, Dick Uhlir, Ed Miller, Bob Garrity, Dave Cordon, Bob Lind- mark, Mgr. ROW 3-Coach Dixon, Coach Knight, jerry Lepper, Frank Bukauskas, Bob Jackman, Ron Bobowski, Dan Hoffinann, Bert Lindstrom, Lynn Bertrand, Bob Spakc, jack Carpenter, Car Rigoni, Ted Schelenski, Don Willett, Mgr., Coach Rittschof. ROW 4-Mike Bobis, Milton Smith, NVayne Erickson, Hunter johnson, Chester Chylinski, Paul Iurek, Bob johnson, Bob Bosek, Bill hvlllllllilll. Wi ROW 1-Howie Kaufman, Rich Nickla, Roy Carlson, Ken Nietupski, Tom Whittington, Charles Chidichimo, M r. ROW 2 R C l l ' g - on ar son, Dean Coldie, Ken Dryhaug, Kurt Roy Al Poczic, George An el Joh M h k Y g , n ars a . ROW 3-Dave Lingren, Mgr., Richard Maxwell, Fred Frigo, Dave DeSantis, John Parkinson, Erwin Krueger, Roy Krinkle, Steve Mork, Ken Bye, Coach Dixon. ROW 4-Ron Horton, Hank Rutkowski, Bob Thomas, Norm Smith, Bill johnson, Jim Parkinson, Walter Hanson. FROSH-SOPH Our future varsity football team, 1958's frosh-soph team again showed they are willing to win for Fenger. This year the team compiled a three and two record, beating our rough neighbors, Morgan Park, Lindblom, and Tilden. Under Coach Dixon, these boys fought hard and showed the spirit that will make them varsity men. With the help of these boys, Fenger has an excellent chance for another good season. Come on boys, let's win. Eddie, Don't stop and apologize now. Fenger . . Fenger . . F enger Fenger Fenger Fenger VARSITY SCQRES FRosH-soPH - - - 8 Farragut - - - 0 Fenger .... 12 Lindblom . . . . . . . 0 ' ' ' Z gndflom ' ' Fenger . . . 6 Dunbar . . . . . . . .27 ' ' l 7 Tsgeir ' ' ' Q 15 Fenger .... 12 Tilden ........ . . , . 7 ' U l 7 Morgan park 14 Fenger .... 24 Morgan Park .,.. . . . . 6 ...7 V.V.S...... 26 Fenger ...7 C.V.S. ....26 165 BA KETBALL Ron Anderson insists that he is the tallest. ROW 1-Aaron XVQ-lls, VVayne ltieliards, Chester Chylinski, George YVilkes, Bob Carrity, Xvllill' XVutson. ROW 2-Coach Hennessy, Steve Shostrom, Don Robinson, Ron Robinson, lion Anderson, Mr. Barder. Not pictured, Car Rigoni, captain. This year our boys fought hard, never giving up. Wlith two seniors and ten juniors they had a young team well prepared for next season. Our boys had the spirit and aggressiveness but not the luck to go all the way. There were a few games that were lost hy only one or two points that really hurt. Although young and inexperienced, under their new coach, Mr. Leo Hennessy, they did a job our town can be proud of. VARSITY SCORES Fenger 50 Hyde Park . Fenger 48 South Shore Fenger 52 Calumet . . . Fenger 45 C.V.S. . . . Fenger 63 VVeseott . . . Fenger Fenger .... .... 47 78 Carver .... Morgan Park Fenger 57 Parker ...., Fenger ..,. .... I i6 Harper .. Fenger 62 Hirsch . . . Fenger 56 Bowen . , 166 Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger Fenger . . . F enger .... Fenger . . . F enger .... Fenger .... Fenger . . . T FROSH-SOPH BA KETBALL Four, three, two, one, and the game is over, F enger wins again. This year our frosh-soph team had an outstanding season, winning nine games and losing two in league competition. This gained them a third place tie in the South Section. Our boys had height, a well-balanced team, and two fine coaches in Mr. Hennessy and Mr. Barder. These boys will give our varsity team a big boost for the next two years. With this record in mind, we may very likely have a championship team in the next year or two. Final Score: Faculty 327, Frosh-Soph 3. F ROSH-SOPH SCORES HydePark. . . .48 South Shore . . .39 Calumet . . . ...28 C.V.S. . . .44 Westcott . . . ...37 Carver . . .40 Morgan Park ...51 Parker..... . . .42 Harper . . . . .42 Hirsch . . . . . .38 Bowen . . . I take Ballet lessons on the side. ....30 ....3l ....42 ....45 ROW 1-Coach Hennessy, Ken Larsen, Dan Peterson, Paul Erickson, Rich Katula, Coach Barder. ROW 2-Lee Bullinger, Dean Goldie, Dave Carlig, Bob Kabelius, Tom Anderson. ROW 3-Don Fardig, Curt Roy, john Marsha , Bob VanNess, Doug Radius, Howard Kaufman. Tom Tharp is already in the lead to win another relay for our team. WNINII G F enger F enger Fenger Fen ger Fenger Fenger Fen ger Fenger Fen get Fellgel' F cnger F enger F enger F enger Fenger F enger Fenger F enger F enger Fenger SCORES ....61 Tilden ....54 HydePark....... Austin SouthShore...... 2nd in fall city meet BrotherRice...., .... 55 Bowen ...... ..., 70 Thornton Fract. .... 64 University High .... 58 C.V.S. ..... .... 55 IIydePark....... .. .... 64 Leo ....... . . .... 53 Waukegan ...., . , . . .... 55 South Shore .... . . .. .... 54 Morgan Park Bowen.......... C.V.S. first in South Central Relays 2nd in spring city meet Fenw1ck......... E IOR Our Senior Swim Team did it again, they won! They not only won all their league games this season, but now have a remarkable record of 117 consecutive wins in league competition. Under the able supervision of Coach Lilek and the hard work of these boys, our swim team took second place in the city meet. Our town can be proud of the accomplishments these boys have received. We'll be pulling for you. ROW 1-Cary Gerding, Bob Hoffman, Larry Swanson, Randy Spitzer, Art VVoelifer, Phil Bain, Les Scruggs, jim Jobe, Andy Manes. ROW 2-Walter jones, ,lim Bolen, Tom Tharp, Pete Canalia, Adrian Irving, Ron Hendrickson, Ray Polak, Rich Girodano, Gerald Holmquist. ROW 3-Tom Eustace, Ron Staehlin, Bob Hansen, Ron Gecnan, john Stuart, Len Anderson, Bill McLaughlin, Ken Mattson, Ed Carr, Charles Johnson, Bruce Terris, Coach Paul Lilek. Larry, watch out, the pool's empty. ROW 1-Jo Calletto, Dan Fisher, Bob Cunningham, Conrad Skiba, Arnie Newman, Iim Dean, Rich Myier, Cary Alberini. ROW 2-Chuck Higgins, Scott Hillstrom, George Chimerinski, Bill Richards, Bill Mills, Bob Lcbsis, XVayne Donovan, Larry Lloyd, Frank Rhoback. ROW 3-joe Stuart, Robert Daniels, Dan Deverick, Louis gfagy, Cl1?ter DalBianco, Les Fine, Ron Mrozelc, Bob Knitter, Frcd Lundberg, oac 1 Li e . JUNIOR SWIM TEAM SCORES Fenger ...... 31 Tilden ...... Fenger ...... 61 Leo ...... F enger ...... 34 Austin ...... F enger ...... 57 Waukegan . Fenger ...... 49 So. Shore Fenger ...... 48 So. Shore .. Fenger 5th in City fFalD F enger ...... 37 Morgan Park Fenger ...... 60 Bro. Rice Fenger ...,.. 52 Bowen .... Fenger ...... 49 Bowen ...... Fenger ...... 55 C.V.S. . . . . Fenger ...... 51 C.V.S. ...... Fenger Ist in So.-Central Relays Fenger ...... 7 Fenwick ..... Fenger 5th in City CSpringD Fenger ...... 56 Hyde Park Our town can be as proud of the Iunior Swim Team as they can be of the Varsity Team. In the last 119 league meets, they have won 115, tied 2, lost only 2. With the Varsity coach also coaching the Iuniors, these boys know what to expect. We will again, without a doubt, have another championship team next ycar. 3 t ' 3 ' ,Q q fi XE t A GY ,Q as it Another serve like that and . . . I Really fellows, isn't there a rule about four against one? TENN S Again this year, Fenger,s tennis team has a record of which to be proud. They went through league competition undefeated, topping such schools as Lakeview, Lindblom, and Hyde Park. Under the able coaching of Mr. Walter Sampson, Don Bach, Ed Poland, Ron DeYoung, jack Cutright, and Rich Kolhauser qualified for state competition. In order to qualify in singles or doubles each boy had to win two matches at Humboldt Park. To become a member of this team a boy should be willing to practice daily at West Pullman or Palmer Park. All new members are taught the fundamentals of good tennis and then play among themselves for position. F enger . . . Fenger . . . F enger . . . Fenger . . . Fenger . . . F enger . . . Fenger . . . Fenger ......... Fenger ,........ .. Fenger, 2nd in city 'play-offs SCORES Morgall Park Lake View South Shore Hyde Park . Bowen .... Morgan Park Lindhlom . . Von Steuhen Senn' ..... 170 Fenger did it again, they won. This year F enger won 12 and lost 2 league games to place lst for the second consecutive year in the South Section. The team had a .343 batting average with the help of seven returning letter men. Gil Saturno, our pitcher for three years, pitched two no-hit games, one against Bowen and one against Hyde Park. Much of the credit for Fenger's success goes to Coach "Dimmie" Dixon, who works these boys every day after school. Dimmie's great coaching and past record proved again to be a mental hazard for all other South Section teams. This year the co-captains were Al Cooper and Ron Anderson, both returning lettermen. Come on F enger, let's keep our fine record. Fenger Evergreen Park F enger Harper ........ . . F enger Hirsch ....... Fenger C.V.S. ......... . . Fenger Morgan Park . . . . . Fenger Carver ...... Fenger Bowen ...... Fenger . . . ..... South Shore . . . . . . . Fenger... Hyde Park . . . Fenger Parker ...... F enger Calumet .... Fenger Mendel . . . Fenger Westcott .... Fenger Harrison' . . . Fenger Harper ...... Fenger Hirsch ............. 14 Fenger ............. Morgan Park .. 2 'State Play-offs BA EBALL ROW 1-Ken Dryhaug, Al Cooper, Co- Capt.g Ron Anderson, Co-Capt.g Dave Lindgren. BOW 2-Coach Dixon, Chuck Anderson, Ron Crens, Gil Saturno, Dale Cini, Tom Feshel, Tom Mear, Mgr. ROW 3-jim Burke, jerry Marchetti, Chuck St-alet, Don Bergquist, Bob Carrity, Ken Hutchinson, Ken lburg. X IQ, " " '. , -i ' Ken'.s in a hurry to get to first! Ronnie shows what Wheaties does Saturno proves that even pitchers for him. can hit. Left to right-Madeline Camire, Rao Raffin, Margie Maginel, Dolores Hernandez Tandy VVojcik, Karen Stevens, Mary Allen Anderson, Carole Napoli, Suzanne Kornafcl 'arcn May. - rw lily! Rickety, rackety, FENGERTOWN Who can keep those Titans down? aff X -.' 1 Nobody, Nobody, NOBODY 15- thx ' 'sp X me as n W ff, ,lm . M' Q QQ! 'if' 'f4'Jgl X, xt, I K v1 W T:- Hilia' S ra. 1 ,, ,, . - , :xii-2:1-,gg iff? -- 4. ,,-- -1.3.1 . 1- . -,1.,-. Ten girls are chosen for cheerleading through an elimination process during their freshmen and sophomore years. It then becomes their duty to promote pep and enthusiasm among the students in the Held of sports. They promote school spirit 11ot only on the football Held and basketball court, but also in school pep assemblies. So, next to the importance of the hometown teams are the cheerleaders who bear the red and green and stand by the teams in victory as well as in defeat. 'I72 TITANETTE Adding sparkle and color to our football games are the energetic titanettes, composed of both Hag twirlers and baton twirlers. These girls, under the sponsorship of Mr. Andrew Lumbrazo, provide a large portion of the half-time entertainment along with the band. The Hag twirlers, under the leadership of their captain, Patti Barczi, perform various routines to such songs as "The Yellow Rose of Texasv and "There,s No Business Like Show Businessf, The tryouts for this group are held in the spring by a process of elimination. All those girls who are interested and willing to diligently practice are welcome to come and try out. The girls are chosen for their poise, co-ordination, personality, and an ability to learn new routines quickly. The baton twirlers are a chosen group of girls picked for their ability and experience. These girls combine their skills and talents to provide a thrilling show for all. ROWV l-Carol Koster.-ki, Chris Fus. ROW' 2-Carole Lows-ig, Dianne Newman. HOVV l-,Indy Valente, Cathy Crisz, Donna lillocleriek, Deanna Hagbcrg, Paulette Swonik, Cathy Coettler, lrene Schuster, Kathy Andrews, jackie Bairel, Sharon Carroll, Carole Evans. ROW 2- Patti Barczi, Diane Koinni, Joanne Rigonc, Shirley Van Ness, Donna Krikau, Carol XVahlstroni, Beverly Schneider, Karen Host, Carol -lasiea, Priscilla Swanson. .4 173 'X OFFICERS, SEPTEMBER, 1958 Rose XVrobel, President, Bella Rage, Vice-President, Carole Napoli, Secretary, Judy Anderson, Treasurer. OFFICERS, FEBRUARY, 1959 I Linda Dickenson, Presidentg Natalie Preskus, Vice-President, Donna Krikau, Treasurer, Mary Rago, Secretary. GIRLSATHLETIC 'I74 G.A.A. BOARD 9' F5752 ff 'I r- "A 0 ' A , 19 '7 f ff fa" ,'l' v'Vv N' , I X' ' 'J ff fl f"1 . 5 :ni f"' ,' I 1 ROW 1-Diane Komm, Carol Petrongelli, Cathy Goettler. ROW 2-Mary Rago, Rose Wroble, Linda Dickenson, Donna Krikau. ROW 3-Roselle Carli, joan Wroble, Phyllis Burn- son, Molly johnson, Marcia Miedema, Pat Barczi. ROW 4- Diane VVeckering, Judy Dapkus, Arline Erickson, Val Scheck, Natalie Preskus, Bella Rago. ROW 5-Laurie Harris, Sandy Cie-se. The G. A. A. Board are the officers elected by the members of the G. A. A. under the direction of Mrs. Gertrude Lange who sponsors most of the sports activities for the girls of FENCERTOWN. The girls may apply for membership if they are at least a 2A, have a good scholastic record and have the approval of three gym teachers. The C. A. A. Board sponsors such activities as a play-day, a faculty volley ball game and the annual May Festival. The new board officers are Linda Dickenson, presidentg Natalie Preskus, vice presidentg Donna Krikau, treasurerg and Mary Rago, secretary. ASSOCIATION JUNE BOBBI JENSEN, President JOYCE ELZINGA, Secretary DIANE KOMM, Treasurer JANUARY GEORGIANNE CHAMBERS JUDY DAPKUS, Secretary DONNA KRIKAU, Treasurer President LETT R GIRL The letter girls is an honor club reserved for those girls in any class who have earned a certain number of points through service in the gymnasium, leadership and scholarship in the classes, athletic activities, and service to the school in general. A girl who has earned the required 1000 points in these areas of work receives a letter, a Fenger "F.', These girls are then entitled to participate in any G. A. A. activity. The Letter Girls are under the guidance of Mrs. Gertrude Lange, who supervises the programs, which include an annual popcorn ball party, a splash party with the Swim Team, and a faculty volleyball game. All these activities keep in mind their original purpose-that of creating a spirit of good sportsmanship in individual and team games. ROW 1-Priscilla Swanson, Dolores Hernandez, Pam Thompson, Bar- bara Phillips, Pat Barczi, Donna Krikau, Valerie Scheck, Diane Komni, Cathy Coettler, Judy Valente. ROW 2-Joan XVrobel, Linda Dickinson, Judy Dapkus, Ceorgianne Chambers, Roselle Carli, Sandra Ciese, Carol Petrongelli, Lorin Harris, Dottie Burnson, Janice Van Dyke, Pat Carli, Carolyn Shimanek. ROW 3-Kathie Grisz, Karen Rubinas, Linda Thatcher, Lynn Rothschild, Shirley Kutlik, Carole Napoli, Molly John- son, Joyce Elzinga, Marge Heitmeyer, Sylvia Mellroth, Mary Foster, ROW 4-Nancy Kovacin, Darlene Sciacero, Donna Vaicunas, Loral Kutscha, Dawn Larson, Betty Plankis, Bonnie Croos, Arlene Erickson, Jo Ann Pikal, Rose Wrobel, Dottie Johnson. 175 t ,XZ 14 ..:.Q, .. 3 Q ":2 I MZQ? ,Q x 2 'Cm X ,.,., ix , gk X "" ,'W- .. . Eg' QA A J ,, f ...zzif W 5 ,... I A Kg -::.., ..,..... .-:: 2 I .',1-': s :zga:a5a5a: 4 .V .mmf t , NW, QQ, Q gm, V ? , QQ' ' ,I 92252 ,BW ' ' Q W f JW P' xml .5 Q WW , L-fffnfjk 0 win ,A .kv Cathy Goettler, Beverly Schnei- der, Ioan Speaker, Diane Komm, Delores Hernandez, Jackie Baierl, Judy Valente, Priscilla Swanson, Dianne Barrett, Patti Barczi. ROW 1-Gail Alberini, Chris Fus. ROW 2-Diane Konun, Barbara Hockings, Kar- en Billburg. ROW 3-JoAnn Pikal, San- dra VVeber, Sandra Van Overmeir. ROW 1-Annette Dexter, Dorothy john- son, Nancy Bergstrom. ROW 2-Ge0r- gianne Chambers, Cale Sumner, Mary Duncan. ROW 3-Josephine Cibulsky, Gail DeXVitt, Bobbi Jensen, Donna Loess. 'I77 Marcia Miedema, Sandy Woicik, Margie Maginel, Irene Schuster, Karen Lepper, Carol Napoli, Shirley Van Ness, Kathie Grisz, Marilyn Otten, Sharon Schmidt. Activities .....,,, Advertisers ........ Band ...,....... Baseball ....... Basketball .,..ss Career Day ..,,.la. Cheerleaders ...,l,s Chemistry Club ..,,.s. Choir .....,.,.,....s.. College Day ....., Counselors ........... COURIER Reps ....... COURIER Staff .,..... Creative Writing ..,.. Curtis Branch ..,..,. Dedication ...,,.....,..,. Discipline OH-ice ,.ss.... ,...,., Faculty ..,..,...,..,..,,.... F enger At College ..,.,, ...,l,, F enger Fair ..,..,.,... Football ....,...,...,.,.. Freshman Class ...................,..,,,.,..... ...s.,. Friday Night Social Committee ....... ,...... F. T. A. ......,.,..,,....,.. . G. A. A. Board ...,..,.. G. A. A. Reps ......, German Club ..,,... Girls Glee Club ....,.,... ....,.. Graduation Monitors Hallguards .................. ....... Homecoming ....... Hostess Club .............. ....... january Committees January Grads ....,.,,. Iune Committees .,.,. june Grads ......,,.,. Junior Class ....,. Key Club ........ Latin Club .,....., Letter Girls ........ Library .............. Library Club ....... Lunchroom ........ Main Building ..... 178 Maintenance ....,. Male Chorus ...... Matron ................ May Festival ......... National Honor ..,..,. News Reps ...,..,. News Staff .,....,,., Newton Club ...s... Office Personnel ......, Orchestra .......... Orientation ...... ........... Pan American Club ........ P. T. A. Reps ................. Phorex ............ Principal ...,,.,. Proms ..,..........,,....,. Quill and Scroll ,..,.., Reelmen ,.,............ R. O. T. C. ..,............... . Roller Skating Club ........ Scholarships .......,,.,., Senior Class .,........... Sophomore Class ..,...... Sports .............,,....,. Stage Crew ..,.,,,..,, Student Council ......, N .. V J uf? V S f ma il! ki'27?7F -' , . -.f' 0 . 4 AQ' -ff,,W.g If !X'g?,7" Swimming ...... ,..., . . Tennis , .......................,......... TREET G IDE Those Who ave Served ,.,,,, H Titanettes ........................ Tri-Honor ..,.... Water Ballet ...... . Ir .4 , r r fki K, . 4 Q 6 M I 1 B ' fl, 3 x mi, i . V Av-ig 1 1 9 S 4 'ap

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