Feitshans High School - Log Yearbook (Springfield, IL)

 - Class of 1950

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Feitshans High School - Log Yearbook (Springfield, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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r , 5 s E 5 -yum ' 'Q '4-4-,.....,,.f S t' X ff . J pres entlg Tie ,N mgdiflbn of f .V tv. 0 1, Niuilzgp L0 F J' . l ' I If .0999 "il 95. :final S' .al "'- W V 1 Q3 2 S E 1 Q TE umumunm 5 5 I Q vv I I E a 'WWW' 5 NI ' X 5: 'X if J Hn Black PRELUDE Qur musicol theme which fills these poqes ot your l95O Log, we hope will strike cr responsive Chord in your heort. As the yeotrs qo hy, orid you returri to this Loq, we ore sure you will heor the worm melodies ot your friendships cmd hest memories over ond over dqoiri. Even when the digriitied stroihs ot the Qld Age Woltz better become us, this Loq will refresh us with the hdppy, lively Dixie- luhd ot l95O. QOQWQ QQ fl! ff Y' f XZCY is gut X, X Sw 5 f .4 Y lyk J Yu ' QU , -rvpf, vm' X Y ,f cf 'La of f on K, 'J , X , 3 'ff " ' - Y, f :JNL rg! K S x, C v , f Q vs g i N U tv Q In Vs' 1' Y I XAQXIL ou 2 Q it X Y oW sh f -5 Ul f' M 9 A ' ,ycow , " it MULU , " Q "N -1' t of , y -4' yi life. ' ga fact x g99 tt ., vat K i F E 1 T s H 'X K x ful?" Y 5 ,J , 4 ff, SPRINGFIELD, ANS HIGH SCHOOL ILLINOIS REMEMBER - OUR EXCITING FOOTBALL GAIVIES OUR COLORFUL MARCHING BANI We want u I hdown M1 Q Q if vb x g?" .. :SEQ.::::.,:::::.:::,-'-a::-.a:s::.f W J xt 5 f A 2 1g:5a5iEgag::ga,. .. ..,. ,XL ......... , ., , . 7555 Q it 8' if ' qw an K W ag, gp .Q efw 'HW ,R ff? 5 iggkn 55 SET vw .X ,, 35. sms., e Q , ,,.mw ' if f 7' , wfwmmawwnv 6. 4 sf nz 'a fi M, .Mft Q28 N, r :aw e E! Q F 59 , aa 1 ,, 1 lg Q ,Q , s .ml g 5 'WN IF, f" fp: J K5 ai ,af 9 8 X Q2 8 wr SSW? if " -api- ,iw V ,. - V' 'A" A ., g . 4 J' ,9- av' 511, Ni. fi,2 E X1 N33 Q 3 . Q Q N Q W Xa 0... Nw mme A wedding-how do you like the groom? EVEN WEDDINGS CMOCK!-AND TIME LEFT FOR STUDY!! Someiimes we study! .Gui ,nf ljroiii the iir t ' s. ot Seruienibor to the middle ot April, those lonq-toced people with intent couritenoncos whom you hoye sceii scinryinq through the hdlls hcive been the workers on the Log Stott. Un ctny ' typicol dcty oi the school yeor, , 'l ', ' , oh stotts ccziitd be see" niernbers ot s . . M. .. wcrlcinq: the editoricil stoii editinri copy, plo'ntt'tti proxies picturesg tho liiiisiness stott sellinq Loqsg th, d ' ' ' ' ' ond posting e ci vertisinwi stcttt :,cur1'yinq iron tri? "NIGHT AND DAY" A. Inkster. I. Capella. V. Erick son, Advisor. B. Owens. Editors cmd Advisor biiildinq ot 3:lU to get ci new potron tor our Loqp otnd, Mrs. Erickson tryinfg to cofordinote oll octivities ond ' niokinq sure thot tho onniiols ore out on time. The stoti ho pics titres of dll the closses, novel introductory prides, ond the Miisicdl Loq Quoin to prevent It yeurboolc ot whiz h not only the Clrlss ot 'HU but dll the closses in school could be itistly s tried, through individtiol ' proud. ADVERTISING STAFF BUSINESS STAFF Standing: N. Stuttlebeam. R. Follis. F. Pell. D. Iannazzo. M. Standing: P. Neal, M. Ryder. B. Matla k R Merrill. L. Wax. Sitting: M. Eddinqton. I. Stevens, R. Chambers. C' ' ' llOl c . . Grove. S. lones. ..1tt1nq. A. Patton. B. Schneider, N. D' ' retrrch, M. Spence, B. Hodqen dx H r "TILL DAY IS DONE 6 LOG STAFF Editor ........,... ........... B ertie Owens . D lAlbert lnkster Asst, Editors .................. HO Arm CGDSHQ Business Manager and Stail Nancy Dietrich, Shirley lanes, Bose- inary Grave, Alberta Patton, Peaqy Neal, Marlene Ryder, Bill Matlaclc, Bob Hodqen, Barbara Schneider, Mel- vin Spenfe Advertising Manager and Stall lo Ann'e Stevens, Rita Chambers, Marcella Merrill, Linda Wcix, Danna lannazzo, Nola Stuiilebearn, Rita Fol- lis, Marilyn Eddinqton, Frances Pell Freshman Class Editor..Mary Chapman Saph. Class Editor ........ Charlene Grave ' " ' ginier Cellass ggitar .......... Eileen Kublicli EDITORIAL STAFF emlor GSC' NOT X I Standing: F. Gedaminski, R. Bibb, R. Fortner, E. Iohnson, M UCIHUGIYP .-.--.-4---.-.---4 l3f1rbf1rf1W1111Oms Chapman, G. Hughes, R. Ellis. Sittina: C. Grove, E. Kubrick Se-I'1iOI' Class EditOr N. Canham, B. Buhrman, N. Tostberq. B. Thompson. lliinel .................. Florence Gedaniinski fRannie Ellis photo mrjhws' lGenrqe l-luahes spring ridiir-.fs ........ ..... 4 Bob refiners A E Q P I --'-- ' -"' lBillBuhrrnan Errol ahnsan , lNcifnCy FliOSllU9Tf'l Tynisls ........ .... l Em' B123 y, W Art Ediim ....,. ...... ' rom Bisckwsii ' OWU 'limit lBetty Tliarnpsfzn Advisor .... ......, V irainia Erickson Back Row, Standing: G. Huqhes, N. Canham, M. Merrill, B. Williams, N. Dietrich, R. Follis, R. Ellis. R. Grove, B. Matlack. Second Row: F. Gedaminski, E. Kublick, R. Fortner, R. Chambers, L. Wax, M. Eddinqton, S. Iones, I. Capella, N. Tostberq, F Pell. D. Iannazzo. Sitting: C. Grove. M. Chapman, B. Thompson, R. Bibb, A. lnkster, V. Erickson, Advisor, B. Owens, I. Stevens, B. Schneider, A. Patton. llll wmxswmnon W 5 iosofb SUVIORS 1555 Q xx M xi' xx Q ,N Q In 5 N J m NS S is 9 C5 W f an ? Qwm H, 5 J. O " Q GZ Jo JJ ' W wwnommez 9 SQ 4 , 4, . X. 3 if ' jQ,3sg?grgs.g.: Q V 4,52 41 U' hw ,,4" A ,, I tv!-.'i-"t Qmlm MWUIUIQMMWWW As our new leoder this yeor dt PHS. this qentlemdn just cdn't be beot . . . tor he is otble to tdlce cdre ot everything from orderinq thumb totclcs or pins to the liner points oi his Ctdrninf istrdtive duties. Foremost in his mind ott dll times hos been EXHILARATED. EXASPERATED, EXHAUSTEDH "Were you tordy dqdin today? You'll hdve to stdrt serving detenf tion," soid Mrs. Helphinstino, our dttenddnce clerk. "Oh, gee whiz, where could that two cents be?" dslis Miss Mountz, boolckeeper ot our school dnd secree tdry to Mr. Wdx. ll4l "ANYTHING FOR YOU" EARL W. WAX Principal the interests oi the students, their likes dnd dislikes, dnd their mdny problems which he hos undertaken to help them solve. Mr. W'dX certdinly merits the sincere thonks ot the community dnd d qrotetul student body who dpprecidte CI reol heodliqht. Clitfordine Mountz, Secretary: Doris Helphinstine, Attendance Clerk Mr. McQueen, Mr. Wax, Miss Coqswell R "CAN'T WE TALK W IT OVER" When problems orise Mr. McQueen ond Miss Coqswell ore the people to see. The Deans, omonq other jobs, help us with our schedule problems, solve our minor troubles, set us stroiqht on colleqe requirements, ond keep sprinq lever from lowerinq the otiendonce record. ELIZABETH COGSWELL Dean of Girls CLYDE MCQUEEN Dean of Boys 8 2 'Y 5. 5 JU Y ,X 5. il 5. Q, - t , . C Q S 2 2 Q s ' , . ' x. S. Y , Z . I a. ,f .- . .3 ' ' 5 , X .Egg fx v fig R 1 ggi! x ii ,I 3 Q. , is ,E 5 Q ggi Z .2 1 13 .,'2 ii 5 Q ,QEELP if 3z sg 3 S QQ fi S 3 Sgr 11? Q J 3 . E Q i 5 g 5 Y 5' gf ' 5 if was 9, fm? if "--' 533 4.. - W: .. fy- ., -V I -,., xx in 4 fy E Q QA "READIN', WRITIN', AND 'RITHMETICH ,F ,urns LEALAND BARCLAY lndustrial Arts WALTER BARNISKIS Physical Education VERNON BEIER Science LOUISE BLAEUER Mathematics LOIS BODY English INES BRESSAN Home Economics ROBERT CARPENTER English DOROTHY CARTY Home Economics ELIZABETH COGSWELL Dean of Girls WALTER CONAVAY Industrial Arts CATHRYN COTHREN Social Science CLELLA DALY Physical Education U71 HAPPY TALK of "READIN', WRITIN', AND 'RITHMETICH ok VIRGINIA ERICKSON Commerce LUCILE F ERREIRA English LE ROY HALBERG Social Science CARL HEIDEN Industrial Arts BESS KASISKE Commerce CHARLES KENNY Social Science ALICE CARPENTER Librarian ALICE MATLACK Music MELVIN MCCOY Music CLYDE MCQUEEN Dean of Boys HELEN PEIFER Mathematics GRACE POTTER Home Economics ll9l so TIREDH W, "READIN', WRITIN', AND 'RITHMETICH .A fig. 1 i MQ U' W. H. , A R KATHERINE POWELL English REBEKAH PRATT Socicrl Science VIOLET PRUGGER Foreign Languages CALVIN RIPPEL Driver Training CLARA ROELLIG Ari ROBERT ROWE Science CLARENCE RUFF Science MARVIN SCHULTZ Commerce EDITH SUTTON Science CARL WILSON Mothemotics CORA IANE YONICK English BETTY WESTWOOD Nurse l?ll D. Squires, C. Besiuk, B. Miller, I. Croenne "AFTER GRADUATION DAYH 5 IANUARY OFFICERS President ...................................... IOHN CROENNE Between hopeful QlllmPS9S mio the fulufef Vice President ......... ............. B lLL MILLER we 1950 Whiz kids are fondly looking back Secretary .............. ............ D ON SQUIRES Over Our days et Feiteheme 1 . . remembering Treasurer ...... .......... C HARLES BESIAK how green We were in the beginning - t U the school parties . . . getting used to teachers . . . JUNE OFFICERS standing in line at the cafeteria . . . cokes at the Diana . . . dances aiter the games . . . President... ..................................... BILL BUHRMAN Iuniepgenier meme , u . feetbeu games . D I Vlce Pfesldem """" """' homework . . . basketball games . . . assem- SGCIGTGUGS --------- ------- 3 I0 ANNIE STEVENS blies . . . exams . . . and finally graduation! Treasurer ........ ................. I ACK SPENCE I. Spence. I. Mcrkwell. I. Stevens. N. Dietrich, B. Buhrmcm DOROTHY EDWARD LESTER RITA ALBRIGHT BACON BLANKENSHIP 'CHAMBERS "Guess who'll get the "Not even a Toni could "Thinking is but an "Has anyone seen my first diploma." produce curls like idle waste of time." halo?" mine." GENE COZY DONALD PATSY COE COLE COOK 'COPP "Women are my "My heart will never "I don't know where "The girl with the specialty." grieve for school." l'm going, but l'm Pepsodent smile going." MARY COX "Being pleasant and always ready is her motto." EUGENE CRAWFORD "Why should we study today when tomorrow we may not be here." RICHARD DAVIS "One of the more quiet seniors -until you get to know him." IANICE DOWIS "Anyone interested in a blonde?" HARRY DRAPER "He stands a stature full of strength upon the pedestal ot life." KATHLYN FANCHER "You never know what she is going to do next." l23l ANNA MARIE FELBER "Happiness and laugh- ter are the main spokes in her wheel of life." DONNA IANNAZZO "The world's not heard of me yet, but wait," W' X an i. s DEAN BOB LEONARD GROVE HODGEN HUBBARD "A quiet inan, hut "The answer to Marys "All other qreat men quite a man." prayer." are dead, and l feel sick myself." IOYCE KATHLEEN NORVAL LYNARD MCLAUGHLIN MELTON "She says nothing and "The harder l try to ho "Even it all great inen makes no mistakes." !QOOflQI',' the 'worser' are dead, l'm not dis- l am." couraqedf' WAYMAN MICKENS "lic takes his time but he always qets there." BILL MILLER "Why take lite seriously?" THELMA MINSER "Silence speaks ol power." IUDITH MOATS "Oh, do you think l love him? l lovft 'em all." CAROLYN MYERS "Shyly reserved." FRANCES PELL "My idea of an agreeable person is one who aarees Witix nie." MARGARET DONALD ROBERT REAM RHOADES SQUIRES STARK he did wus "Oh, such beautiful "For every why hc has Sklpper ol thc done with ease." hair plenty smooth." fl wherefore." yum hi ARLENE NANCY IAMES STEPHENS TALLEY TOSTBERG VIDAMOUR It is the tranquil who "She is u puzzle, huiull "Michael Anqelo hus If women wmrg m cxceomplish much," pu7zles are interesl- nothing cn me." only worrres I wou'd Inq." lc rx Iree man SENIOR PICTURES CHARLES BESIAK ROBERTA CONNOR IOHN CROENNE KENNETH DOWLING RAYMOND SITKI NOT TAKEN CARLOS WADE "The less ihere is learned the less there is to forget." BARBARA WILLIAMS "Lei others climb the lodder of suv- cess, l'll luke ihe elevcilorf' BILL WILLIAMS "lf study makes 11 nu my cradle days." IULIET WOODSON "She needs no euloqyq herself." l2bl un, luring lwuvlf, she speaks for gf ,,. Z: V x am! , -ff wfm, uf-' ff S , ix f, , Q W af! FRANK GIESE "Sprieci amd phono poic' mix," LILLIAN GUSHES "VVhy worry Vit get hy." WILLIAM EDNA FLORENCE GOEBEI. GRAMLICH GRAMLICH ttslri- 'Rristtfui riiiti shy "Openir1q OIICIS mouth "Bubbhnf7 ovcr with VJUIIIQ wonder why?" is such uri effort." pep." IEANETTE MARY MARY HARRIS HENSON HOLLAND "She would itxtiqh ut "VJuit ti miriuttz, "A quiet qirl pluismq the Wcig gitifg of at 1 forgot my gum. to know strciwf' MARY HOOTS "Pie-Qscmtiy takes ull hor work." ANNA MAE HRYHORYSAK "Quiet in C1 nice sort of way." THOMAS HUGHES "You don't realize my possibilities." MELBA IRWIN "Never has muqrh to stty." ERROI. IOHNSON "Move over Einstein, him I comfy IOSEPHINE KARRICK "Seen hut not heard." M 9' W M2 ff ,, .... i,, Q Q sv 6 9 .6 ,ss 62 We DON DONNA WILBERT FRED RAY REEVES REHWALD RICHARDS "One of the Minute "Black hair, snappy "Height does not deter- "l came, I was glad Men-V always a eyes look out mine the man," l'm going l'm minute slow." fellows." gladderf' MARLENE BARBARA NORMA IOHN RYDER SCHNEIDER SHELTON SKUFCA "Got her credits wilh "Full of fun and "Nice to know." "l don't let work great ease," misrhiel too." laother ine." W-.Qsw 52 if DICK SN YDER "Thinking endangers the brain so why think?" ROBENETTE SORENSON "We call her 'Bobbie'- Cute little trick." I ACK SPENCE "Friend oi the people preferably female." IO ANN'E STEVENS "A's in everything are her specialty. NOLA STUFFLEBEAM "And I don't even have to use a rinse on my hair." ROBERT TAYLOR "Getting laughs is his sperictltyf' l3Ul EDWIN BETTY TERRY THOMPSON "The Lord said, 'Let "Sorry fellows - There be foolishness' I'm tcxkenf' and he Created me." DOLORES IAMES WILKINS WILLIS "Laughs C11 cmythinqf' "Courteous, neat dress' er, with tale-nt in his voice." IOANNE RUTH THOMAS WHYTE "Seems she ulwcxys "Always Wiih CI sense has sometllinq good of humor." io say," GLORIA MARY WINSTON ZARA "She wumls to he am "Lust but not Iefxsif' other Iturbilln SENIOR PICTURES NOT TAKEN: WILLIAM BAILEY FRED KINCAID BILL DEAVAULT JAMES POWER DARRELL DENTON DELBERT PRUITT VANCE FRANKLIN TED REHWALDT DON KELLY "Miss ion accomplished" "Ai lust we made it Glen Anderson Leo Andruczk Ioseph Angell Pat Atterberry Ioyce Baker Richard Baldoni Harold Beard Henrietta Beard lean Berkler Catherine Best Frank Blaholski Geraldine Blankenship Homer Bradley Elnor Branham Donetta Brcckschmidt WW 1'-ww ,M-Q, 'mb fl? Georgina Bruckner Lee Buhnnan Ned Burqe Bertha Burt Ioe Canavan Io Ann Capella Delores 'Carter Pat Chambers Barbara Chapman Robert Crowder Leslie Cullers Clarence Currie Mabel Donner Harry Daugherty Gloria Dexheimer Iohn DiBart Sam Dodd Lawrence Dougherty Barbara Drury lim Dunavan Inez Dyer Marcella Eddington Marilyn Eddington Larry Evans Lindo Fafoglia Otto Faloglia Patricia Ferguson Rita Follis lerry Ford Clyde Forth E321 Ierry Hayes Ruth Holman Marilyn Hutiman George Hughes Mary Ellen Hughes Albert lnkster lames Iones Shirley Innes Richard Iohnson Tom Johnson Zada Killdoo Vivian Kincaid Wanda Klespitz Donald Koehne Donald Kolaz Wilma Krimmel Holle Krushall Eileen Xublick Betty Io Lame Robert Leach Edwin Lehner Mary Katherine Lock Lee Ann Lutkin Ioan Mackay Bonnie Malcor Eloise Marcy Ioe Marlrovics Ford Mastick Betty Matheis Bob Maxwell H331 Donnah Fox Clifton Franklin Iames Furlong Louise Gallagher Phineas Gates Grace Gentry Ierry Gifford Betty Gilpin Rosemary Grove Nedra Hargis Charles Harmon David Harmon Barbara Harris Charles Harris Donna Hayes eva Lael McFarland George McLaughlin Marilyn McLaughlin Ed McNulty George Meidel Mary Micko Shirley Micko Rosemary Miller Iames Moffet Vivian Nation Ernest Neuber Nina Patterson Alberta Patton Barbara Poole Bonnie Pusch ,gif Iackie Ragland Ilene Range Virgil Rath Willie Rembeit Ruth Richie Paul Robinson Marilyn Roth Ray Sabo Florence Satterfield Mary lane Sexton Iames Skulca Clara Smith Doris Snyder Ronald South Melvin Spence Iohn Spoonamore Robert Stewart Iohn Stone Wendell Sutton Beverly Thompson Walter Ushman Nancy Watkins Linda Wax Delores Weisenbacher Ben Williams Wayne Wood Shirley Woodley LaDon Wright lfifll Ierald Bly Margie Bly Ted Bottoms Irene Burris Carol Cain Don Carroro Phyllis Casper Elaine Cherney Barbara Clark Connie Cline Robert Collins Arthur Connor Kenneth Cottingham Virginia 'Crawford William Cunningham Patricia Davis Robert Denning lack Denton Dorothy Dietrich Rose Marie Doon Betty Dodd Juanita Dodd Edith Dowis Billie Drury Ronald Duhs Mary Lou Elmer Norma Ensch Louise Evans Marvin Franklin Susan George l35l Shirley Akers Delores Allen Wilbert Alwardt Eugene Antonacci Rita Aplin Betty Atkinson Martin Aubrey Delores Bastin Dorothy Beard Reba Beattie Iames Beck Bernard Bennett Donna Betts Ellen Bisby Harold Bly M R Margaret Goldsberry Edris Grabner Gene Green Betty Iean Guimard Ruth Hamilton Betty Hamrick Faye Harlan Irene Harlan Paul Harmon Clarence Hartley Peggy Harwood Henrietta Haws Mary Hernandez Doris Homer Donna Huckleberry G5 Carolyn Hullman Tom Humphrey Ida Mae Hunt George Iackson Ronald Ianet Leon Iohnson joe Iones Patricia Kane Bill Keeley Amy Kelly Dorothy Kitch Delores Koontz William Kraus Norma Lauterbach Iohn Locker Ianet Lockheart Iames Lucas Lorraine Luikin Shirley Lukesch Edward Luttrell Linda Mann Sally Matson Patty McCloud Richard Micko Barbara Miller Diane Miller Glenda Miller Richard Miller Harold Moats Geraldine Murray E361 Edward Sauer lames Schnepp Kurt Schoenleldt Thomas Schroeder Carol Scott Lillian Scott Richard Sedlack Alneita Seely Carol Smith Edward Smith Henry Smith lohn Smith Lois Ann Smith Marilyn Spain Clarence Spence loAnn Spencer Betty Stone Dorothy Taylor Louis Thompson Leonard Urbas Richard Vetter Ioe Vono William Wade William Wallace Euleta Webster Marilyn Welker Betty White James Wilkey Arthur Williams Patricia Wood l37l 'if Darrell Nichols Barbara Patsche Ioyce Patterson Florene Pell Dick Pendleton Marilyn Peter Barbara Pierce Nancy Polk lohn Powell Dorothy Rehwald Ncrman Renz Alice Rhoades Iudith Richardson Harry Robinson Eleanor Sandidge 'EX Y' MUN? f""!2 nf' an Norma Anderson Robert Applegate Cindy Baldock Eugene Bates Gladys Bee Sally Io Bennett Nicky Beninato Dominic Bianco Barbara Brammer Evelyn Branham Patricia Bregowy Iohn Bretz Othella Brown Shirley Burt August Butcher Patricia Casey lean Chambers Ellen Chapman Mary Chapman Richard Church If 405 .,e 'W' ww eff -we? it Betty Iean Cook Reuben Cottingham Patricia Day Harold Elliott Kathryn England George Errett Robert Felber Clarice Fobbs Donna Foster Iudy Nadine Fox Raymond Garnett Donna Garvin Miriam Genack IoAnn Grant Ioyce Green Wanda Grubb Eleanor Hadley Barbara Harding Donna Hargis Larry Harrell Harriett Hawkins Harvey Hayes Betty Henson Rosemary Herter Chris Homeier Ioe Hryhorysak Dorothy Hubbs leral Dean Hunter Ronald Iames Rosetta Iohnson l38l Florence Nizzio Fred O'Connor Mary Lou Parks Delilah Perkins Don Power Darlene Prehoda Marlyle Quigley Arthur Reich William Remack Gilbert Ritz Marie Ryan Richard Serena Betty Smith Donald Smith Marvin South Wayne Sprague Harry Steamer Fred Stone. Ir. Robert Tate Barbara Thompson Marilyn Ann Turley Norma Ushman Andrew Vollmer Kenley Wade Donald Walker Frances Ann Wax Frank Wertsel Marlene Wilson Minnie lean Wright Mary Wunderlich Peqqy Yeaman Wav 'Q- '::" ""' Sally Io Iones Margaret Kespelher Veda Kidd David Kincaid Raymond Keltner Robert Knox Mary Ann Laudski Barbara Link Herman Lokaitis Carolyn Lucesch Iohn Lynard Paula Maynard Sharon McFarland Shirley McFarland Sylvia McNulty Ierry Meidel Glenda Melton Donna Mae Miller Mary Minser Harry Morris .ofa in walls. . ww V ep EIGHTH GRADE Bock Row: B. Bobell, K. Fleer, I. Slieley, B. Iones, D. Drury. Second Row: VV. Appleqote, S. Srnitli, M. McKenzie, I. VVilliC1rns, M. Klemrne, R. Colvin, I. Mitchell. First Row: L. Smith, I. Scotfinqer, F. Louterboclc, M. Gough, L. Howitt, M. Fronlclin. l4Ol Q51 55 Bock Row: T. Kolb, H. Htiper, S Iones, M. Bruckner, E. Blisset, I. Con horn. Second How: S. Frye, P. Kub lick, R. Robinson, C. Clicindler, I Flynn, C. Kidd. First Row: I. Lewis B. Rowland, S. Fobbs, l.. Buckley I. Iones. Back Row: C. Meek, B. Molin, M. Powell, S. Brown, S. Teuiel, L. Suliill, C. Tipps. Second Bow: D. Chandler, D. Gifford, I. Hunt, F. Howard, B lames, N. Howard. First Bow: N. Myers, H. lnqram, D. England, S. Wisernari, C. Perkins, N. Boren, B. Faith. EIGHTH GRADE Back Bow: E. McHenry, B. Hughes B. Lulkin, B. Ferguson, V. Nation Second Row: L. Alsley, B. Blackwell M. Perkins, M. Myers, N. Curtis, L Miller, L. Hawkins. First Bow: B Farley, B. Penn, C. Srniih, M. Miller B. Wood, T. Crawford. Lflll 'I MAL? QYXXZ , ox, CK ,x K- S E ,fgj , Q5 ,L w s ff QQ' f x 44, Q if HQ QD X, 6' u 0 0 O 0 O f fb O I XO O f ,, . 1 ,,. ' Uv illo- N up' +L AJ AV KDE lcmld PLN' :ww av' Mfr 'Q Y 5 ' E J P fgg x-, , U 725 Q E 'L Q 'Q 1 -f Q, ., 8 j k KA 0 ws Q ,Aw xt Q ' X A Q 1 D s ' V U f 1 ' an idx' W V 'g A 12' is mm W Lf W Q W ' , AQTEW' 1 H' , - up Y, .M -mqg. M., N ,wx 5 lvyal . i f .M 9 ,., vw ?', , 55.- 'ibn'-f' sb, XX 59' I :, 5 i 7? 4 1,-f - A f " , K' ' 4 ww - 'iff fm ' 2 A ' ' -M : .Q 'Mx . 3 'wnmwp MEMORIAL STADIUM An Enthusiasiic Crowd! Have cr Coke? Hot Dogs! Popcorn! Candy Bars! Suspense!!! ! l46l F O O T B A L L UUAUHES LeRoy Hcxlberg, Marvin Schultz, Robert Carpenter, Walter Bczrniskis SECOND IN CENTRAL CONFERENCE GENE COE. Captain, Center This year We had two new coaches join our statt and their debut proved very successful. Marvin Schultz, a Foitshans qraduate, took over the job as head toot' ball coach and Robert Carpenter became Freshman coach. The varsity ended the season with a tive and three record and the Freshmen won tive, lost none, and tied one. Mr. l-lalbera started his tourtli year as head basketball and baseball coacli. Al thouah the basketball team started slowly, they gained momentum as the season progressed. Coach I-lalberq was Very tor- tunate in havina six ot his first nine boys back tor another baseball season. "FIGHT TEAM, FIGHT Mr, Barnislcis, who is known around the school as "Barney," started his third year as head track coach. Barney also doubles as head line coach for the football tearn. We hope that his team will make as qood a showing this year as it did in '49, at which time they Won the Central Conference and placed second in the city rneet. To all the coaches, the best ot luck in the iuture. Back Row: C. Hartley. W. Wood. D. Can-aro, W. Meierhans. R. Duhs, C. Spence. G. Green. L. Urbas, I. Skufca, T. Murray. Third Row: M. Schultz, Coach, I. Wirt, C. Hutchinson, G. v A R SIT 'Y' McLaughlin, E. Iohnson. D. Squires. I. Croenne, F. Pettit. P. Donnelly, G. Meidel. W. Bar- niskis, Coach. Second Row: R. South, G. Hughes, F. Richards, N. Mellon. G. Coe, F. Kincaid. R. Capelli, R. Ellis, B. Matlock. First Row: W. Rehwald, I. Smith, H. Cox, I. Spence. B. Miller, B. Meyers, M. Aubrey. i l Feitshcxns Feitshcrns Feitshcrns Feitshcrns Feitsholns GEORGE HUGHES BERNARD BENNETT Gllflfd Center MELVIN SPENCE IACK SPENCE Bdck Guard -viii 2 Feitshclns .... Feitshuns .... Feitshcns .... SEASON'S RECORD Taylorville Springfield Lonphier .. Cathedral .. Beclrdstown lucksonville Clinton ...... Ccxrlinville DON SQUIRES FRED RICHARDS BOB CAPPELLI End Guard Tackle FRED KIN AID Tackle FRESHMEN SQUAD Back Row: C. Homeier, B. Iones, L. Iohnson, H. Miller, E. Bates, C. Kelley, C. Knox, B. Beard, D. Dodd. Third Row: B. Knox. B. Moore, B. Foraker. D. Bianco. B. Tate, E. Wellington. H. Lokatis, G. Errett. R. Carpenter, Coach. Second Row: R. Iones, A. Vollmer, W. Sprague. I. Galloway, B. Felber, H. Morris, A. Butcher. First Row: C. Hayes, E. Groth, K. Walker, D. Walker, R. Singleton. HTOUCHDOWN SURE THIS The Flyers, undefeated and tied once, again captured the city championship. Only a tie with Cathedral spoiled a perfect season. In o few months, Robert Carpenter, in his first year of coaching at Feitshans, changed a bunch of inexperienced but willing boys into a hard- charging, smoothly operating team that crushed all opposition. We congratulate all the fresh- men and wish Mr. Carpenter many successful future seasons. w-S-..,.,5,,m fix QQ: ,f A I . . iw Feitshans Feitshans Feitshans ................ Feitshans Feitshans Feitshans TIME" Cathedral Lanphier Springfield Lanphier Springfield Cathedral N f s 5 1 Q ' - ge, if Qs . T? - ,fl . IOHN CROENNE BILL MATLACK NORVELL MELTON RONNY ELLIS Tackle Back Back Back "PUT IT IN THE 0' BASKET, BOYS" The Fiahtinq Feitshans Five, coached by Lelztoy Halloerq, turned in a record ot i2 Wins and l5 losses at the end oi the season. Vlfe are fortunate to have back with us next year such outstanding players as Robinson, tones, Daugherty, and Ushnian. Alter the Holiday Tournament the Flyers showed qreat improvement. Although this record doesn't look too qood, there were many close games which made all tans take areat interest. After 7 straiqht wins, the Flyers inet with a touah opponent, Clinton, to whom they lost during an overtime. As the Reqionals got under way, we lost a decisive overtime battle with SHS. C42-403, who later went on to win the Regional Tournament. Left to Right Coach L Halberg I Locker P Robinson, I.. Evans, L. Urbas. E. Alewelt, R. Fortner, R Ellis W Ushman I Blackwell. H. Daugherty, I. Iones. 991 JUNIOR VARSITY Back Row: T. Iohnson, C. Bes jak. F. Blahoiski. D. Dodd, D. Andersen, E. Bates. R. David- age. B. Carpenter tCoachl. Front Row: I. Meidel. F. An qeli, B. Bennett. M. Franklin l. Galloway, R. Denning. B. Remack. Riverton ................,. Lincoln COvertirnel lacksonville .......... Mt. Pulaski ............ Beardstown ..... Clinton ......... Athens .......... Mt. Pulaski ..... Williamsville ..... Beardstown ..... Gillespie ...... Virden ......... Carlinville ....... lacksonville ...... FLYERS SHOW LATE STRENGTH! VARSITY scorn-:s We They 43 50 48 52 44 48 37 43 57 37 4l 47 5l 84 57 56 50 39 52 40 42 47 67 34 38 47 53 45 Petersburg ...... St. larnes ....... Kincaid ............ Mason City ............. Virginia ...................... Clinton lOVertirnel ........ Taylorville ................. Mattoon ....,..., Lanphier ....... Cathedral ........ ............................ Springfield ...................................... Regional Divernon .......................................... Springfield lOVertimel ......... We They 70 52 57 29 83 46 58 51 59 43 57 50 42 73 44 48 47 60 53 56 43 50 58 42 40 42 "Paul has it" "Daddy long leqs" "That's two more!" Back Row: C. Brown, B. Iones, H. Spain, H. Miller, R. Iames, B. Street, W. Heredith. First Row: A. Vollmer, Manager, F. O'Connor, K. Wade, E. Van Dyke, G. Walker, D. Walker, D. Smith, M. Schultz, Coach. The lunior Varsity, under the tine coaching ot Bob Carpenter, turned in an excellent record ot l3 wins and 7 losses. They were led by some tine boys such as Blackwell, Evans, Locker, Pappy in the air again" "Dcn't trip, Ronny!" Urbas, and Blahotslci, and we will be qlad to have them back next year. Mr. Carpenter not only showed these boys how to play well, but he also taught such things as sportsmanship, good team spirit, and most ot all how to play with others. The Feitshans Freshmen, coached by Marvin Schultz, didn't play too many games but showed tuture possif bilities as being the upfand-comtna team of the Flyers by l95l. 'PY' CHEERLEADERS F. Geduminski. B. Owens, N. Dietrich, G. Hughes. D. Iannazzo. R. Grove. "We've Got the Pep" . . . Yea Blue! Yea White! Yea Team! Lets tight! is one ot the yells that ring through the rafters and shake the building at athletic events. Our cheerleaders help build up school spirit and bolster the morale of our athletic teams. This year they were elected the democratic wayeeby the vote of everyone in the school. They have proved our good judgment by not "What do they see' missing a game and constantly promoting school spirit. Few people realize how much work there is to being a cheerleader. They yell their lungs out at every game leading the fans in cheers. Right now lets give a great big cheer !Rah! Rah! Hahll tor the gals bee hind the team-A ethe Cheerleaders! "I'm in favor of lowering the hoop" The amount of boys that turned out for track this year was not as good as the pre- vious year, but they show great possibilities. Due to the weather conditions there has been little practice before our regularly scheduled on HRUNNIN' WILD" 'On your mark" rneets. The failure of rnuch practice does not seem to have handicapped the boys, as they go right on winning. We are very fortunate to have back with us again this year E. Iohn- son, H. Cox, G. Hughes, I. Spence, F. Kincaid, A. lnkster, T. Bottoms, G. McLaughlin, B. Knox, F. Pettit, and M. Aubrey. Walter Barniskis' excellent coaching has been proven by the records already turned in this season. As our book goes to press, we are looking forward to winning the Central Conference Track Meet again this year as we have in the past two years. Back Row: L. Andruczlc, I. Powell, G. McLaughlin, I. Iones, C. Hutchinson, D. Chrans, I.. Urbas F. Kincaid. Fitth Row: T. Bottoms, E. Iohnson, I. Paqet, I. Spence, R. Sabo. E. McNulty, A. lnkster B. Cappelli, R. Winston, M. Aubrey. Fourth Row: Walter Barniskis, Coach: W. Wood, I. Lynard L. White, R. Work, B. Knox, H. Sokolis, G. Ryan. Third Row: B. Tate, A. Tabom, C. Harmon. H Dupont, I. Hayes, I. Meidel. B. Crowder, I. Angeli. Second Row: A. Butcher. I. DiBart, I. Smith G. Hughes, F. Pettit, C. Thompson, R. Church, G. Errett. Front Row: R. Meriweather, H. Cox R. Singleton, I. Lockhart, G. Anderson, K. Wade. Back Row: R. Sedlack, D. Burgess, P. Robinson, F. Blahofski. R. Patterson, I. Blackwell, I. Iones. Fourth Row: K. Carter, H. Lokaitis. D. Bianco, D. Dodd, T. Cottinqham, G. Lord, C. Murray. Third Row: L. Halberq, Coach: E. Lamkin. I. Galloway. I. Vono, T. England. P. Lauterback. Second Row: R Taylor, I. Locker. B. Spence, R. Ellis. L. Evans, R. Curtis. E. Groth. Front Row: O. Farris, T. Johnson, E. Alewelt, R. Fortner, W. Ushman, B. Bennett. The outlook on baseball looks very bright this season. We have eight returning letterf men. Among the veterans are P. Robinson and B. Bennett, pitchersg W. Ushman, R. Fortner, and F. Blahotski, outtieldersg B. Matlaclc, Catch- erp E. Ale-welt, second base, and R, Ellis, third base. We have cr number ot promising boys, "Experience is the best teacher" among them, T. lohnson, G. Lord, R. Curtis, L. Evans, and l. Locker. The Flyers started the season out right wit.i a l6 to 9 triumph over Mt. Pulaski. The boys showed oil a hard hitting and a clean fielding outiit. Let's continue this tine spirited play throughout the rest ot the season. 1 "Strike two" "TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME "Batter Up!" .FZHHAVING A WONDERFUL TIME" H Strike one! Strike two! S-T-R-I-K-E Three! game. Then it you peek in the gym when the You're out! it's not hard to guess who is umpire. Weather is had, you might see a tast-moving Yes, you guessed it. it's Miss Daly and one ot basketball game, exciting games ot voiieybaii, her many gym classes having a bang-up bali cagebaii, and wonderful games of badminton. "Should be a score here" "Watch the birdie!" Then there are the exercisesfe-oh, my aching back! The girls don't mind because these exercises de- velop good posture habits, ilexibility, and poise. An occasional day is given over to group games and relay races, and what is more fun than races, especially when We imitate monkeys, crabs, ducks, and other members of the animal kingdom. And whoever heard of tests in phys- ical education, but we have them- individual skill tests in the various games and Written tests on rules. But after all the lun and exercise, its mighty nice to take a refresh- ing shower with its accompanying shower room pranks and community singing. Miss Daly requires all girls to buy gym suits. These comfortable suits, besides giving the classes a nice appearance, permit complete freedom of action on the gym floor. All in all, the gym classes at F.H.S. are hours to which the girls look tors Ward with pleasure. "We want a basket!" GOOD HEALTH MAKES ONE'S MIND MORE ALERT' "Oh, my aching buck!!" t5 u Q' 1 fe' fm X ggggi MATKS ? QE- 1 5a XX 'Qx X Q95 vw Sb, xff fszfjjf '..Q??? K S-Q W Kgfr, .K ". "f .QN,' 5 Q D Q V . N T +L I Ki! 2 'Y 'qv ' dp CJ. JJ KDE limld PLN' ,iafflfggxbfgfixiiif 'iii Kula i ai His.-fl. ii? QQISQQQXPZS T so 't S ..v,y,,,- ,. , vw-sm 4.mf'w nz., .Wy Q vmfwwnf Swarm Nw. as ws Our efficient President, George OFFICERS GEORGE HUGHES ..........................,......... Pesident CHARLES BEAM ...... ,..... V ice President EGNNY ELLIS ......,...... ...,....,.... S ecrolotry BETTY THOMPSGN ................................ Tredsurer MR. McQUEEN ............................................ Advisor STUDENT COUNCII Did you ever notice dll the sleepy toces Ground the school on Tuesdoy morning? Undoubtedly, they were the loyol members ot the Student Council who drose from their beouty sleep in the middle ot the night in order to moke it on tirrfe tor their weekly 8:00 dm. meeting. The Student Council is on orggnizoe tion to help govern the school. Though the Council hos no executive power, they ITICITCG mdny helpful suggestions to Mr. Wdx. Among the things dccomplished by this yedr's Council were: sponsoring oi mgny gfter-school gdme dcxnces, puloe licdtion ot the student directory, pub- lishing d school potper, the orgctnizing ot on dlumni gssocidtion, plus giving vdluglole did to the Feitshcrns Mens Club. Standing: F. Nizzio, R. Ellis, I. Richardson, P. Ray. C. Ream, M. Chapman, G. Hughes, President: Mr. McQueen, Advisor: B Thompson. T. Humphrev, A. Inkster, D. Drury, D. Dodd, L. Faioglia, S. McFarland, N. Tostberq, B. Bennett, I.. Evans, R Follis, L. Lutkin, D. Homer. Sitting: B. Patche, E. Cherney, O. Brown. M. Spence. D. Icmncxzzo. L. Thompson, C. Kelley. ALLIED YOUTH Allied Youth is o notionol movef ment in olcohol educotiou ond olcohols tree recreotion. Allied Youth, lnc. is on oroonizotion, storied in l936 in Wosli- inqton, DC., which oroonizes, chorters, ond serves locol AY Clubs tcolled Posts? over oll ol the United Stotes, l-lowoii, ond Conodo. The Eeitshons Post wos orgonized in November, l947. The forty members meet twice o month for proqroms, "Swing your partner-do-ci-do-" oomes, squore donces, porties, ond so! ciol doncinq, hovinq o qreot deol of lun ond, ot the some time, leorninq thot it is not smort to drink while hiqh school students' OFFICERS physicol, emotionol, ond nervous systems ore I 1 immoture. Their proqroms ore Qeored to the Presldem """""""' """ R QBLRT FORTNER interest of teen-ooers. Vice President ........ ....... I Q ANNE STEVENS Secretory ...... ...... N Olqlvlr'-X CANHAM , --M..e:rf:s'.- Back Row: I. DiBart, H. Icmet, G. Huqhes, V. Roth, I. Patterson, B. Pcxtche, B. Schneider, B. Drurv. Third Row: B. Dodd, D. Dietrich, E. Kublick, B. Thompson, E. Marcy, D. Kitsch, C. Cain, C. Dentino, R. Follis. Second Row: I. Markwell, M. Dietrich, A. Seeley, L. Adams, S. McFarland, B. Mulcor, B. Ford, W. Morris, N. Canhcrm, M. Micko. First Row: M, P6191-, B, Clark, P. Yeumcn, A. Vollmer. Sitting: M. Chapman, B. Henson, I. Stevens, R. Fortner. l6 ii 21 'QC I-'RESHMAN-SOPHOMORE HI-Y Standing: C. Hartley. E. Taylor. G. Green. H. Walker, W. Conavay, Sponsor. Sitting: H. Sokolis, E. Antonnacci. I. Smith, A. Menu. G. Ryan. IUNIOH-SENIOR HI-Y Back Row: G. Coe. F. Giese. D. Anderson. D. Kelly. N. HI-Y The motto of the Hi-Y is to Cref ate, maintain, and extend throuahf out schools and communities o hiah standard of Christian char- acter. The boys in our charter of the Hi-Y do their best to promote this motto. They also do a arand job of promoting ruqqed initia- tions, as any new member can tel? you. There are two divisions of the club this year. The Freshman- Sophomore qroup was organized hy Mr. Conavay and the Iunior- Senior qroup by Mr. Schultz. The officers of the Freshman, Sophomore Hi-Y for this year were: President .............. EUGENE GREEN Secretary ...... HOWARD WALKER Treasurer .............. GEORGE RYAN The officers of the IuniorfSenior Hi-Y were: President .................. RONNY ELLIS Vice President .... GARNALD LORD Secretary ...... FRANK BLAHOFSKI Treasurer .......... ALBERT INKSTER Melton. I. Spoonamore. D. Anderson. A. Inkster. G. Meidel. Third Row: W. Rehwald, R. Ellis. R Cappelli. I. Skuica. F. Blahoiski. G. McLaughlin. R. Sabo, R. South. Second Row: F. Kincaid, B. Mailack. I. Spence, W. Ushmcm. I. Hayes. D. Mvers, T. Iohnson. M. Schultz, Sponsor. First How: A. Alewell. I. Croenne. M. Spence. G. Hughes. Y-TEENS The Y-Teens is an orqaziization which is sponsored by the Y. W. CA. to develop Christian charf acter for teen aqers. There are two divisions of the Club this year. Qne is the FI'9Sl1I'f'lGT1'SODl'1OIT1OT9, and the other is the Iunior-Senior. The officers of the Freshman- Sophomore section are: Barbara Patche, president loyce Patterson, vice presidentg Vida Kidd, secref taryg and Lorraine l.uflcin, treasf tire-r. The officers of the lunior- Senior section are: Mary Henson, presidenty Marilyn Gibbs, vice presidentg Rosemary Miller, secre taryg and Rita Follis, treasurer. This is a wonderful organization lor all airls, Please! No boys allowed! mr f. 'W -. MW. " ' Q95 -Q ..:... 2? FHESHMAN-SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS Standing: S. Iones. C. Grove, D. Curry. B. Drury. M. Franklin. Second Row: I. Richardson. I. Harlan. D. Homer, I. Patterson, B. Pcxiche, I.. Lufkin. First Row: C. Cain, D. Kitsch, V. Kidd. C. Kidd. IUNIOR-SENIOR Y-TEENS Back Row: L. Lufkin. G. Gentry, M. Zara. C. Best, R. Sorenson. E. Gramlich. I. Dver. Second Row: R. Miller. I. Murkwell, B. Harris. M. Hcmey, B Schneider. I. Berkler, G. Dexheimer. First Row: R. Follis. M. Henson. M. Gibbs. Jo 2 "STRIKE UP THE BAND" J Perhaps you are one of the lucky people who has a sixth period class close to the band room. Then you have had the monot- ony of the day relieved by the beautiful euphony of the F.l-LS. band. It not, you have certainly seen them qoinq throuqh their tricky formations and playing their hearts out at the football games. When weather permits, they wear out many pairs ot shoes practicing these formations around the school. The band also gives an annual sprinq concert and plays at the P.T.A. ice cream social. Through all ot these activities, they are under the direction of Mr. Melvin Mc- Coy. BOB FORTNER Drum Maier I64l BAND WINS FIRST IN DISTRICT CONTEST SECOND IN STATE MEET FIRST PLACE WINNERS Solo I. Spence, W. Petrosky, T. Rehwaldt, R. Taylor, H. Elliott, G. Anderson, I. Spoonamore. Groups Clarinet Quartet gil Sax Quartet Drum Major Ensemble Brass Quartet BAND PERSONNEL B FLAT CLARINETS: G. Meidel, I. Spence, I. Stone, B. Williams, M. Decker, B. Wade, I. Foster, B. Cook, F. Mastick, H. Curtis, C. Cline, N. Harqis, D. Reeves, A. Buckley, M. Ryan. FLUTES: B. Link, S. lones, R. Faaq. QBQES: T. Rehwaldt, B. Williams. BASSQQN: D. Nichols. ALTQ CLARINET: P, Casey. BASS CLARINET: P. Smith, D. Bastin. HQRNS: T. Cottinqham, L. Andruczk, S. Burt, W. Brown. BARITQNEZ R. Curtis. DRUM MAIQR: B. Fortner. ALSO 11 FIRSTS, 4 SECONDS IN SOLO AND ENSEMBLE COMPETITION PLUS 5 FIRSTS, 5 SECONDS IN STATE SOLO AND ENSEMBLE COMPETITION SECOND PLACE WINNERS Solo N. Dietrich, C. Coin lDIl'lII Mojorettesl. Groups Boss Sextet ClCIIlD9l QUGHGT III2 C. Cain, D. Dietrich, N. Dietrich, V. Kidd, D. Belts BAND PERSONNEL MAIOBETTES: N. Dietrich, C. Colin, D. Dietrich V. Kidd, D. Betts. COBNETS: B. Leoch, V. Both, S. Dodd, B. Hdll H. Morris, A. Vollmer, A. Seeley, B. Wie qert. TBQMBQNES: B. lohrisoh, ll. Elliott, E. Sffiier, P. Louterbdck, W. Ellis. BASS: B. Coppelli, B. Deovoult, D. Chrdris, l lohes. DRUMS: C. Murroy, B. Crowder, D. Power, C Horrriori. TYMPANI: B. Vfillcersoh. ALTO SAX: Cf. Anderson, l. Spooriomore, Wdde. TENOR SAX: W. Petroslcy, B. Cdrter. BABITONE SAX: B. Toylor, E. Gleqhorii. tE:5l A CAPPELLA CHOIR Back Row: M. Eddington, G. Winston. E. Neuber, M. Goldsberry. I. Dodd. W. Meierhans, I. Spence. P. Robinson. G. Mc- Laughlin, F. Pettit, C. Besiuk. R. Davidcrge. L. McFarland, L. Pearl. Third Row: P. Wood. F. Geduminski, R. Hamilton, I. Mcrkovics, G. Bruckner, B. Bennett, I. Harlan, D. Snyder, B. Fortner, B. Drury, E. Woodrum. G. Hughes, M. Merrill. D. Pendleton. Second Row: M. Cox. I. Mackay, L. Wax, S. Iones. B. Schneider. E. Marcy. R. South, I. Boss, D. Curry, V. Nation, B. Owens, I. Woodson. D. Denton. First Row: B. Poole. I.. Adams, F. Pell. D. Iannazzo, B. Pctche, W. Rehwald, I. Courtney. R. Follis, R. Bibb, M. Gibbs. N. Shelton, P. Harwood, Miss Mctluck, Director. yt 6 "SAY IT WITH MUSIC" "The sopronos ore ilot or little niore on the dlto tliot's it now louder!" shouts Miss lvlutf lock cit the choir reheorsols third hour, ond sopronos get on pitch, ond the olto section swells in volume os the qroup responds to her direction. These ore the people who give us our tnusic on rnony diiterent occosions. Do you renioniber some ot the outstondinq proqroins ot the yedr, the qroup work ond the solos such tinies ds the Vespers, when they did their Version of l-ldndeis "lVlessidh" with the line solo work by Ruth Bibb, lvldry Cox, Ddrrel Denton, VVoyne Meierhdns, Ernest Neuber, ond Glorid Wiristori. Then thot iorindl spring concert could never be forgotten. The choir outdid itseli ironi prof cessionol to recessionol to help II1C1lC9 these two ot the loveliest occosions of the ye-or. Besides pldyinq on iniportdni port in PHS. cittdirs, this busy group qdve vorious prouronns tor outsiders throughout the yecir. GIRLS' CHOIR Back Row: M. Lock, E. Hadley, B. Clark, I. Ragland, B. Dodd, Pell. Front Row: M. Hoffman, Baldock, E. Sandiqe, R. Aplin, B Hamrick, D. Fox, S. George, Gallagher, Miss Matlack, Direc tor. Yes, it's the Girls' Choir, one of the best choral organizations in this school! What they can do to a sonq of three part harmony with those fifteen lovely Voices! That's right girls, keep your pitch up and watch that hreathina, Don't forget us! We're important too! Not first choir, but maybe someday we'll accom- plish that honorfeforty-three of us. We're Wait- inq for promotion Miss Matlack! Who's next? CHOIR SECOND lis, L. Urbas, B. Powell, I Cunningham, M. Chapman. f67l Back Row: P. Baldoni, I. Wil- Blackwell, G. Green, E. Street- er, R. Stewart, K. Schoenfeldt, I. Vono. Third Row: I.. Evans, H. Moats, K. England. M. Aubrey, T. Humphrey, A. Connor. L. White, I. White, E. Grabner, N. Polk. M. Ram- ey. Second Row: M. Hernan- dez, M. Peter, G. Iackson, D. Hehwald, I. Spencer, I. Smith, A. Seeley, D. Dietrich, B. Smith. Miss Matlack, Director. Front Row: N. Cleveland, H. Smith, B. Henson. B. Cordier. R. Denning, M. Dietrich, W. 3 l WW Back Row: M. Irwin, L. Evans, M. Micko, C. Iones, B. Newquist, B. Dodd, C. Baldock, I. Dyer. Second Row: I. Harris. B. Thompson, B. Clark, B. Gallagher, R. Grove, P. Harwood, M. Wright. First Row: M. Myers. M. Ryan, P. Bregoury. I. Graham, M. Powell. E. Harris. .I-L A. The intramural program is sponsored by the G.A.A. and the Department ot Physical Edu- cation. Miss Daly, instructor and advisor, def serves much credit tor the fine program which was carried out this year. lt was arranged with the hope that it would interest as many girls as possible. The program consisted ot sottball, baslcetf ball, and volleyball. At the end ot the year an award ot a letter in a particular sport is given to the girl tor participation in a certain number ot games. Back Row: F. Wax. W. Rembert, M. Wilson, I. Fox, R. Sorenson, K. Best, E. Gramlich. Second Row: C. Fobbs, M. Gough, D. Hubbs, B. Ford, E. White, B. Henson, P. Ferguson. First Row: W. Krimmel, D. Miller, E. Marcy, P.. Rhodes, L. Mayberry, N. Cleveland. GIRLS' CLUB The newly formed Girls' Club started its activities by having a Wiener roast tor the treshman girls. Because ot bad Weather the Wiener roast was held at the school, but rain didn't dampen the spirit ot the occasion, as a good time was had by all. Gu October 28 the Club had a Halloween Dance to raise money for the Christmas project, which Was making toys for the crippled children. During the second semester the Girls' Club sold station- ery with the school emblem engraved at the top. Miss Cogswell served as Sponsor of the Organization "Making Xmas toys for the crippled children" oi 250 members. She de- serves a lot ot credit tor her splendid job. The Club is governed by iour OFFICERS officers and a Council ot eighteen girls elected f by each class and a Committee Chairman ap- IO ANNE STEVENS ............... .............. P resident pointed by the president. This Club, that has SHIRLEY IONES """""' """' V ics president ffgervice To Qthersff Us Us motto! is Cermmly Cm PEGGY NEAL .................... .......... S ecretary upfand-coming organization tor all girls at El-l.S. NOLA STUEELEBEAM ...... ....... T reasurer Back Row: N. Toslberg. A. Patton. I. Grant. Second Row: P. Neal. E. Cherney. P. Bcxldoni, I. Baker. G. Dexheimer. B. Schneider, R. Follis, W. Krimmel, B. Lcrme. First Row: B. Pctche, B. Dodd, S. Iones. N. Stutfleheum, I. Stevens. M. Powell. Miss Coqswell, Advisor. BLUE 8: WHITE STAFF Be careful what you do or say! Those super snoopers of the Blue and White may be snooping in your vicinity Lindo Fafoglia did a and organizer of the Blue and White in its first year We hope that it continues to dig up scandals for many more years and be- comes an institution at Feitshans. FUTURE F.H.A. is an organization of pupils studying homemaking in junior and senior high schools. F.H.A. believes that helping to make happy homes is the most important thing youth can do for democracy. Their colors are red and white: their flower, the roseg and their motto mighty fine job as editor In if M, - . In 'X ,, Standing: I. Richardson. R. Follis, A. Inlcster. R. Johnson. I. Vidamour, B. Maxwell P. Gates. Sitting: N. Canham, S. McFarland. M. Huffman. B. Buhrman. D. Fox G Dexheimer, L. Fafoglia. H. Daugherty. HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA is "Toward Newer Horizons." The following chairmen were selected: Public Relations, Betty Thompson: Prolect, loyce Patterson: Becreation, Connie Cliney Membership, Marilyn Welker. The officers were: President, Kathlyn Pancherp Vice President, Frances Pell: Secretary, Eleanor Hadley: Treasurer, lfdris Grabner. Back Row: L. Gallagher, B. Hamrick, O. Brown, I. Richardson. M. Bly. C. Baldock. B. Gallagher, I. Chambers. Second Row C. Cline, E. Harris, A. Seely, B. Harding. E. Hadley, E. Dyer, P. Yeaman, F. Pell. First Row: M. Ramey, E. Grabner M Hernandez, M. Quiqby, M. Wunderlick, V. Kidd, D. Miller. D. Beard, M. Chapman, M. Welker, I. Patterson, L. Fan-qr B Thompson. NATIONAL ATHLETIC SOCIETY The N.A.S.S. is an or- aanization to encourage loetter scholarship arnona athletes. To quality tor the oraanization, a boy inust have won at least one varsity letter and have a 3.5 averaqe for three conf secutive semesters. Standing: E. Iohnson, A. lnkster. Second Row: I.. Urbas, W. Meierhans, W. Rehwald, F. Pettit. First Row: R. Ellis. W. Mickens. DRAMATICS CLUB Such remarks are coniinonly heard in our Drainatics Cluh, which is sponsored by Miss Yoniclf. Here we learn to portray characters, to read and appreciate aood plays, to build a set, which includes painting and decoratinq it, and finally how to use rnalcefup. "Hey, don't put that lipsticlc on me l'in a boy"' "Bill, show Carol how to hana that door it's crooked!" f'But it's obvious l'rn insane so l have to say rny line this way." w F Grant B Cook B Hardin C Cain D Kitch I Patterson M Welker I Harlan B Patche P Baldoni B BackRo:. .. .. q.. .. ,. .. .. .. .. .. Hamilton. Filth Row: I. Richardson, D. Rehwald. I.. Evans, M. Stephens. M. Elmer, M. Bly. P. Kane. Fourth Row: D. Prehota. M. Quiglev, V. Kidd, F Pell. B. Clark, C. Forth, K. Kerns, I. Stevens, M. Goldsberry. Third Row: D. Hall, D. Beard. B. Dodd. B. Thompson, S. Micko, B. Lame, C. Myers. Second Row: C. Cline, E. Grabner. I. Ragland, W. Krimmel, D. Brockschmidt. S. Burt, B. Henson, D. Dietrich. First Row: D. Curry. B. Thompson, H. Howes, G. Hughes, P. Harwood, M. Hoots, S. Iones, V. Nation. B. Poole. SCHOLARSHIP L7 Back Row: A. Patton, C. Yonick, L. Faioglia. C. Forth. First Row: C. Cothren, L. Body. I. Stevens. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE "Wesn't thot ci swell ossembly we hed todoy'?" Guess who plotniied it ot Course, the Assembly Committee. This may sound like or "rocking choir" position to those who hove nothinq to do with it, but one doesnt reolize how herd it is to plan ossemblies thot will oppeol to ell students. Themlas, Assembly Committee, tor the eclueetionol, os Well os entertoininq ctsseme- blies during '49 und 50. HOME ROOM LEADERS "Lets pleose Come to order," sciys the home oleservinq oi the honor bestowed upon them room leader. The home room lenders do cr by their home room members who elected mczrveloiis job ol conducting busiiiess cmd them. keepinq order in the home rooms. They ore Standing: G. Green. B. Beard. I. Croennc. Third Row- D Koehne I White L Buhrmcm F Must' k W P . . , . . . , . IC , . etrosky, B. Kraus. Second Row: M. Blv, C. Scott, R. Leach, S. McFarland, T. Iohnson, E. Chernev. First Row: B. Cook, C. Grove. E. Kublick, P. Yecxman. NATIONAL :1. i SOCIETY i I AN UARY GRADS Standing: C. Besicxck. Sitting: M. Rhodes, B. Williams. N. Tostberq, D. Albright, Roberta Connor Knot picturedl. school course, and must have three semester A's and three semester B's in a major subject. Miss Cogswell is the sponsor of the National Honor Society at Fl-l.S. The National Honor Society is an organiza- tion which stimulates interest in scholarship. In order to be eligible for the organization, a stu- dent rnust have a B average for his entire high gm ,.,., i is. . IUNE GRADS Standing: W. Meierhans. R. Ellis, E. Johnson. F. Pettit. Second Row: I. Thomas. I. Stevens. N. Canhum. M. Merrill. Sitting: P. Neal, N. Dietrich, B. Owens, B. Thompson. l73l 7 IO ANN'E STEVENS BERTIE OWENS D. A. R. Award Commerce Award Mrs. Emil Lauterbach, treasurer: Mrs. Earl Crowder. president: Mrs. Dorothy Winston. secretary. D. A. R. AWARD The DAB. presents a Good Citizenship Award annually to one girl in every high school graduae tion class in the United States. The girls are chosen by faculty members on the basis of citizenship quali- ties. The winners receive a certiticate and a pin. State winners, chosen by lottery, are given a trip to Vifashf ingion, D. C. COMMERCE AWARD Every year, a tive dollar award is given by the Springfield Chamber oi Commerce to the graduat- ing senior having the high- est scholastic standing in the commercial department. P. T. A. Here is an organization in which our parents can express themselves. We should all urge our parents to join the P.T,A. This years' otticers include: Mrs. Earl Crowder, president: Mrs. Iohn Trautmann, tirst vice president: Mr. Clarence Butt, second vice president, Mrs. Dorothy Winston, secretary: and Mrs. Emil Lauterbach, treasurer. FEITSHANS MEN'S CLUB Although very little has been said around school of the Men's Club, this fine association should be given mention. Whether We students know it or not, they have done quite a bit to promote the interf esis and Weltare of Feitshans High. The otticers ot the Worthy organization are Clarence Spence, president, Walter Eddington, vice-president, Clyde McQueen, recording secretary, and Ed Coltinbarger, financial secretary. CAFETERIA HELPERS Are you hungry? Well, it's almost ll:3O and that means "chow." These healthy-looking people are the ones who help serve the food that tastes so aood to us. Let's keep up the fine work and keep the line movinq. G. Dreelan, E. Terry. H. Graham, H. Morris. E. Lehner. Back Row: L. Evans, P. Ray, P. Vet- ter. H. Hawes, B. Thompson, D. Rehwald. Front Row: W. Sprague. W. Krimmel. E. McNulty. CAFETERIA STAFF The main cry of the students at Feitshans is "A little more potatoes, Bertha." These are the ladies to whom we wish to express our thanks for pree parinq our appetizinq lunches which are served from ll:3O till l2:OO in the two cateterias. S. Franz, R. Lynch. C. Krug, B. Miller. R. Devlin. Director. MAINTENANCE STAFF Ever wonder how the louildina and arounds oi F.l-l.S. are kept so clean? Our thanks should ao to Mr. tBuzzl Green and his stait tor this qood deed. Lets take our hats oft to these people who do so much for our school. They are: I. Green, M. Brumtield, l. Wolf, W. Williams, W. Delirates. t7 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY CAST Connie, niother ..,......... Betty I. Laine Ralph, father ................ Kenneth Kern April, oldest daughter ..,................. ................................laClcie Ragland May, next in line ............................ Ellen Hughes lune, the third ..,. Beverly Thompson W ?r""'t Taris, the fourth .......... Shirley Miclco Leona, the youngest ..........,............. ............,...................l-lenrietta l-laws Granny, Ralph's mother ....,........... Krininiel Etta, Ralph's sister ............,............. .,................Donnetta Brockschrnidt Donald Regan, suitor .... Clyde Forth "A happy family" "HE COULDN'T MARRY FIVE" "Lust-minute instructions" "Ain'l love blind" 1 K S 4 "Pretty legs" "The well girl" "Papa and grandma" Donald Regan is the only son ot a Wealthy businessman who has just recuperated from a nervous breakdown, brouqht on by an over indulgence in sports. l-lis tather wants him to ao to a small town and rest while tryina to decide what he would like to do in lite. So an important member ot Mr. liteqan's tirm, Ralph Barton, who is about to be promoted to a part- "She fell for him!" nership, talcos Donald lionie with him, where Donald meets Mr. Barton's tive oliaible daufgh- ters and proceeds to tall lor tirst one and then another until he is courtina all live. Complica- tions arise and things become quite involved throughout the play, lout Donald wins the one girl tor him Tarisl "Artist at work" 1 444 A AN Www 8 41' 419' Q Q59 n H A-I -v + 4.71 f A A aw Q Y i Q if W 4 ' 4 4 f nf- 'k -Y of f 1' dr ASQ X vb, fl -. YS! xi J .-1 - , x . XM . I 3. Q J Vg, X 5 M AKZWWQ ',.- Q K ,, Q if qi , K 3 I s - 4, ik 1 , 46 AWN ww ,vs 1, ,. X, V AQ..-M-.Q ' ixiaf af .,.. ? sat Q gan? 2 NX l Q. if U., x '2 Qi i Ai 'xl I ,X in A nf' sw 5 is .31 Leia owica Og nee lizwH1, onmo December 7, l949 Miss Bertie Owens Editor-In-Chief Feitshans High School Springfield, Illinois Dear Miss Ovens: Thank you for the pictures of the ULog Queenu contestants. 1 have selected the girls, ' 1 very difficult decision but must admit it was a since they are all very attractive. MY choice for the "Log Queen" is Miss Nancy Dietrich, and the two others I have selected are ' zzo and Miss Lael McFarland. Miss Donna Janna I think Miss Dietrich is very pretty whole- some looking and appears to be very charming. Miss Jannazzo and Miss McFarland are both fine looking girls and most attractive. Please conley my best wishes and congratu- lations to the winners and the other contestants. They are all lovely young ladies. Best wishes, Pcfba C0 0 PERRY como VL nancy LZBZQDJCZL 1950 ymwicaf Jog Clwerz y All OLQQVL Cambcfafea OFLVLOY, ULlfLlfL0l:Z0 Spmlsorml lay Sl11ilGlll Counvil W X CLF!! ULPUL f Sponsored lzy Girls' Club Puff SMA S5 worwsorcd by Bcmcl N Qgrence glam MA Sponsored by HLY 2345, QQZBOJJ I Spollsowd by Dmmrxlics Club J j4,6A.fA Kl'CAfa MA 01 1, Sponscm fl by P. H. A. C2 pdf Offllj Sponsors'-vi by Y Team, x lfLl'L0l Ywarie , pager SIJCJIISOILEG by Lug Shui y L1 I'l' 1l'l, pmmsmrmi 1,y Vmuny Glu? lfL98lfL C6LlfLA6!6Lf8f5 VDZDQUK C.3lll"!0llf1CJ SQJOIISOIPJ by Choir X. is ix VL ,wweiqrkxwmmmim XX Q mg Q' 535 ' fwjxfxflg ik: If Us . ,f Qmx D" aw-,, nl , Q, MM RA C353 'dgwff W NR REMEMBER M5 :JAX 'TY GQ www? wzw. UVB V pix HL QNC41 , we M bgggg WASH' 1 -irq Q53 8 :,. qi, 1: WUHNTA' BUY A DUCKWI fl wi 5 QS O -.1 cv- 1522 WHAT AN ffl" WILL D011 LVTPCHZ A1 mn mm Lfliv mi B0 NUI' F'14?P'AK IT r H TI EN XOJCJY B Q w""""'-'xiii K x ST Q YOURE :r L QEMQN NY iyxfcyh CARN WHL QU EEN- Wx '.,5 0 1 A if fig CP 5' xx ' Qi G Vw A"':,. Q IZ. XR YN G Q 2,3 2 ?1IvfLI,IQ 1 fv i QFQV x xxx, n 91 M-,,.. ,XX L+ U' WO C2 fm" we xii Q PM G CQN x g! -::.' GRA TULKZPTXQ , " 'N-n-1' , M335 A I 'Q sw XJY X1 QS.. NX N 0 -N1 ' YI' xb X!j! , ,f Y Y . X fy I, K .W XL. : ,Il ti. X X . ,, X . , L x a ,yeh xp ..: 1 'Z fi -M. x -Y ., .3:::5I . 'I ' w 9 avi. ' an sk 30 No fNOT FIN CHU DREW Sb ff 'Ju ixlv' xx Q' gait? fv2'Ij'j:AN0 GN SMU YW F325 DCJARENEI. ff Q xx 'T ,,...J CT N tx MY YOLL0 TH? m'f3'mfis1 f5ff ' .y vi Nf,am?9Qi Uh 1' Y EF zfi K as Xu X Sc Q- ar' cgxfb in X ,KQV NOT U '- f., 'T Q - - """' ""':' ' -II., -'f1-1:-:-:- ::,:,:, . fgxkvm wwf" . WW f -ww 1 wx- A . "'-' -:::- 1 -1:::'::1:: EI... " 'W' F' ZZZ: ' - 2 1: 26 ::"1:-.' i 'Eff ' ' M my ' 1 "'-- -, . :-:1 :.:: g W ms. LQQDLH ,. , .. .1,1:1. ,.:.:,.,. ,.:.A,:., 2 ..-: ::'V 1 ':-, ' , -Q, Wssxz, .:. ,,Aq .1 " 5 W" S541 x REAKIN x 'zzz' ::2:.'.... ::':' A' V :H4 A DAELY HUUTENH E! Q TI 3 " 0' -a- : f x ..f I'iaE5'1E5E::555E 5 E5 Eiiii 5E5i55Z:'sE2Is2'E55 ,.",:5 :25sgf's5s,::5:a,.gs:z f V-2 ,"a:: aa: E2: I' 'ks "'1 iw :2'f ' - V Q A WM, ..,. S gg ,..,, ..... , ........ . . Wmkmw S is if X7 Q! X f' , X K9 KNVYITLES FA Hi,Pi"'w' 'NNN H Q V 1F"N'WVT , is-Z3 H' g R Q W- TCH 'PHE EE 1. N iw ' S 43' H953 ANU M01 ufd XXX U 1313 ,hgh F N M' 4 ' .I f c2X'TfE?X X' ff A ! fi F ..,, L -r-- NGL3 H +L-, j 50 QI, ,,.. . -..'-. :S I Y W 1 jill. , Mfr I fq ww WHAT CLAS TH ' T 13 IME DID YDU SKIP . C.....xi-.......-vw W was x ff wff . me f 'Q Z7 . W will LN A Q T isgxbf, 03 QCA Q, liq ,A Y of UH pfiffm 'ERR SMP RIGHT Up D 0 v Oq- T J GAIN - UST KIDS A BUYING DOL LS J gn, ' Q X i 1 i X A001 L - GQ? XC! SCX ,,.-, . ,,'.',. :3:, W if M' 2 E as I2 PUSING 1mTHLy N K? QQ +A H 1' HALL ESUSH , we New-G9 , CDU H ,SFVEELENCEJ P2"iOTCX23E2!'aPHEH E as QM- 0 V1 V350 ,SLFIEPING AGAIN x E53 W H 1,3 BPKJYL if ff wS RN PJYRZX G '? 55 ff ff, 1 I f EZXBIHS MU QTQEQQWLN DAYS Vw Xfxfxxm Ta Wx a Qo- xi: Q :MW WF DIL WRQTQ-2, by sxuuw . 159-YXLQX A B WJ. UQNTE,--XNM 5 N ":. 1 in J N UU' A QM ,al WY g ' 0 M f , 'S 553 at , --W-791 1AxIfQiVJjTI ,w V ULJ1 -. ,Q f3fjOfma'mfQQD N -,,:. A ,. ::'2 Q 9 W 2 QQ- R 'sw--..-4' - A 5 fg,wmNCM LLIKJD'-C' BREMQNC X MY , Mgah mmm IjEiAi'I1 1 . xgg 3.3 ,X ami! 'S-Af Q aka-5 Pictures of these Seniors will appear on pages indicated by numbers opposite names. IANUARY ALBRIGHT, DOROTHY-23, 73 G.A.A. 1, 23 Second A Cappella 2, 33 Usherettes 33 Na- tional Honor Society 4. BACON, EDWARD-23 BESJAK, CHARLES-22, 51, 66, 73 I A Cappella Choir 3, 43 National Honor Society 4. BLANKENSHIP, LESTER-23 CHAMBERS, RITA-10, 11, 23 Allied Youth 23 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Choir 23 Girls' Club 43 Latin Club 23 Student Council 13 Yearbook Staff 43 Y-Teens 3. COE, GENE-23, 43, 46, 47, 62, 79 Basketball Manager 33 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 1, 23 Track l, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. COLE, COZY-23 CONNOR. ROBERTA National Honor Society 4. COOK, DON--23 COPP, PATSY-23, 79, 82 A Cappella Choir 33 G.A.A. 33 Prom Committee 43 Student Council 1, 23 Yearbook Staff 1. COX. MARY--23, 31 A Cappella Choir 3. 43 G.A.A. 23 Girls' Club 43 Second A Cappella 2. CRAWFORD, EUGENE-23 CROENNE, JOHN-22, 43, 47, 49. 62. 72, 79 A Cappella Choir 43 Allied Youth 2, 3: Basketball 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Homeroom Leader 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Prom Committee 43 Track 1, 2, 33 Varsity Club 3, 4. DAVIS. RICHARD-23 DOWIS. JANICE-23 Girls' Club 43 Homeroom Leader 1. DOWLING, KENNETH DRAPER, HARRY-23, 31 FANCHER, KATHLYN-23, 79 Future I-Iomemakers of America 43 G.A.A. 23 Girls' Club 43 Homeroom Leader 1, 23 Prom Committee 43 Student Council 1. FELBER, ANNA MARIE'-24, 79, 82 Girls' Club 4. GROVE, DEAN -24 HODGEN, BOB-10. 24 Band 1, 2. 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 4. HUBBARD, LEONARD--24 Football 3, 43 Track 3, 4. JANNAZZO, DONNA-10. 11. 24. 31, 60, 66, 79, 82 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Girls' Club 43 Girls' Ensemble 33 Student Council 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 3, 4. LYNARD. JOYCE--24 McLAUGl-ILIN, KATHLEEN-24 Girls' Club 43 Office Assistant 2, 3. MELTON, NORVAL-24. 43. 47. 49, 62 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. MICKENS, WAYMAN-24. 71 Band 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 23 National Athletic Society 43 Track 3, 4. MILLER, BILL-22, 24, 47 Football 3, 43 Senior Class Vice President3 Student Council 23 Track 3, 4. MINSER, THELMA-24 MOATS, JUDY-24, 31, 79 MYERS, CAROLYN-24, 71 Dramatics Club 43 G.A.A, 33 Girls' Choir 2, 33 Girls' Club 43 Usherettes 3. PELL, FRANCES-10. 11. 24, 66, 70 A Cappella Choir 43 Allied Youth 23 Future Homemak- ers of America 43 Girls' Choir 23 Girls' Club 43 Second A Cappella 33 Yearbook Staff 4. BEAM, CHARLES-25. 60 RHOADES, MARGARET--25, 73 Allied Youth 33 National Honor Society 4. SITKI, RAYMOND SQUIRES, DON-22, 25, 31. 43, 47, 48 Baseball 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3. 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Track 2. 1921 STARK. BOB-25 Allied Youth 33 Amateur Show 43 Band 2. 3, 4. STEPHENS, MARILYN--25 Allied Youth 13 Dramatics Club 43 Girls' Choir 2, 33 Girls' Club 4. TALLY, ARLENE--25. 79 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Club 43 Prom Committee 43 Stu- dent Council 23 Y-Teens 2. TOSTBI-IRG, NANCY-11, 25, 60, 69, '13 Band 1, 2, 33 G.A.A. 1, 2, 33 Girls' Club 43 Girls' Council 43 National Honor Society 43 Prom Committee 43 Stu- dent Council 4. VIDAMOUR, JIM-25, 70 WADE, CARLOS--25 WILLIAMS. BARBARAA25. 31. 73 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 43 Future Teachers of America 43 Girls' Choir 23 National Honor Society 43 Student Council 13 Usherettes 33 Yearbook Staff 4. WILLIAMS, BILL--25 Football 1. WOODSON. JULIET-25, 66 A Cappella Choir 3, 43 Future Teachers of America 43 gH.Afi-A413 Girls' Club 43 Prom Committee 43 Yearbook a . IUNE ALEWELT, EDWARD-26. 50. 55, 61, 62 Eeaorad ghciir 23 Hi-Y 43 Intramural Basketball 23 Base- a , , . ALLSUP, MARJORIE-26 A Cappella 43 Girls' Choir 43 G.A.A. 3. ANDERSON, DON-26, 51, 62 gli-Y 43 Basketball 3, 43 Track 33 Intramural Basketball BAILEY, WILLIAM BASTIN. DON-26 Band 1, 2. BIBB, RUTH-11, 26, 66 A Cappella 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 3, 43 Allied Youth 33 Log Staff 43 G.A.A, 1, 23 Student Council 43 Girls' Choir 4, BOSS, JOAN-26, 66 A Cappella 43 Y-Teens 43 Spanish Club 1, 2. BROCKSMITH, WALTER-26 BROWN, DARRELL-M26 BU!-IRMAN, BILLQI1. 22, 26, 70 President of Senior CISSSI Log Staff 43 A Cappella 33 Intramural Basketball 3. BURTON. BARBARA-26 Home Room Leader 23 G.A.A. lj Spanish Club 2. CAN!-IAM, NORMA-ll, 26, 61, 70, 73 Band 2, 33 Allied Youth 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 33 Usherettes 33 Log Staff 43 Girls' Club 43 Latin Club 23 Blue 81 White itaff 443 National Honor Society: Future Teachers of merica. CAPPELLI, BOB-26. 43, 47, 48, 62, 64 Football 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Hi-Y 4. CARUSO, TONY--26 CIANFERRI, ROSALIE COURTNEY, JOHN-27 A Cappella 2, 33 Student Council. COTTINGHAM, TIMOTHY-27, 65 Band 33 Basketball 13 Track 13 Intramural Basketball. COX, HAROLD-27. 43. 47, 54 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Varsity Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. CRIM. SUEZANNE-27 Girls' Choir. CROSS, WILMA-27 Second Choir 2. DAVIDAGE, DICK-27, 51 A Cappella 2, 3. 43 Basketball 3, 43 Football 1. DEVAULT, BILL Band 1, 2, 3, 4. DENTON, DARRELL A Cappella 2, 3, 43 Home Room Leader 23 Football 1. DIETRICH, MARY SUE--27 Secpnd Choir3 Allied Youth. DIETRICH. NANCY-10, 11, 22. 27. 65, 73, 81 Majprette 3, 43 Cheerleader 43 Log Staff 3, 43 Allied You h 3, 43 Second Choir 23 Girls' Choir3 Spanish Club l, 23 Log Queen 43 National Honor Society. Pictures ol those Seniors will appear on pages indicated by numbers opposite names. DONNELLY, KENNETH-27. 47 I Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3: Hi-Y 3: Varsity Club 2, 3, . ELLIS, RONNY-11. 27. 43. 47. 49. 50, 55. 60. 62, 71, 73 Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2: Second Choir 2: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Log Staff 4: I-11-Y 3, 4: Stu- dent Council 2, 4: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: National Athletic Society: Student Advisor: National Honor Society. FARRAR. LILLIAN--27 Band 1: Y-Teens 1: F.H.A. 1. FORTNER, BOB-ll, 27. 50, 55, 61. 64, 65, 66 h Student Council 1: Allied Youth 3, 4: Varsity Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Log Staff 4: Second Choir 1: Baseball 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Track 1: Assembly Committee: Band 3, 4: Football 81 Basketball Mgr, FRANKLIN, VANCE GEDAMINSKI, FLORENCE-11, 27, 59, 66 Cheerleader 3, 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Student Council 2: Girls' Club 4: Log Staff 4: Second Choir 2: Candy Store 4: Office Assistant 2, 3, 4. GIBBS. MARILYN-27, 63, 66, 82 h A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Girls' Club 4: Second Choir 2. GIESE. I-'HANK-28, 62 Football l: Hi-Y: Track 1, 2: Basketball 1. GOEBEL, WILLIAM-28 GRAMLICH, EDNA-28, 63, 68 G.A.A. 1, 2, 4: Y-Teens 4: Girls' Club 4. GRAMLICH, FLORENCE-28, 82 G.A.A. 1, 2: Y-Teens: Girls' Club 4. GUS!-IES, LILLIANWZS G.A.A. 2, 31 Girls' Club 4. HENSON, MARY--28. 63 Y-Teens 3, 4: Girls' Club 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Allied Youth 3: Office Assistant 3, 4. HOLLAND, MARY-28 G.A.A. 3: Girls' Club 4: Y-Teens 4. HOOTS. MARY MABLE-28. 71 G.A.A. 2: Dramatics Club 4: Dance Club 2: F.H.A. 1, HHYHORYSAK. ANNA-28 G.A.A. 2, 3: Dramatics Club 4. HUGHES. TOM-28 Football 1: Football Manager 2, 3, 4. IRWIN. MELBA-28. 68 G.A.A. 1, 2. 3, 4: F.H.A. 4: Girls' Club 2: Spanish Club 1: Second Choir 3. JOHNSON. ERROLMII, 28. 47, 54, 71, 73 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2: National Athletic So- ciety 3: Track 1, 2, 3: Football 3: Log Staff 4: National Honor Society. KARRICK, JOSEPHINE--28 KELLY. DON-62 Hi-Y 4. KERN, KENNETH-29. 71. 76. 77 Dramatics Club 4: Junior Class Play 4. KINCAID, FRED-43. 47, 48. 54. 62 A Cappella 1, 2: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball: Basketball 2: Hi-Y 4: Home Room Leader 3. LORD, GARNALD-29, 55 Hi-Y 4. MARKWELL. JANE-22, 29. 61, 63 MATLACK, BILL-10, ll, 29, 43. 49, 62 Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Track 1, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Allied Youth 3: Log Staff 4: A Cappella 2, 3: Intramural Basketball 2: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3. MAYBERRY. LOIS JEAN-29 G.A.A. 3, 4: Nursing Club 1: Girls' Club 4: Chorus 1. MEIERHANS. WAYNE-29. 47. 66. 73 Home Room Leader 2: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: National Honorship Soc. 4: Varsity Club 4. MERRILL, MARCELLA-10. 11, 29. 66. -73 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3: A Cappella 3, 4: Second Choir 2: Girls' Choir 2: Log Staff 4: Girls' Club 4: National Honor Society. MILLER. PHYLLIS-29 HAVE. LUCILLE-29 ' l Girls' Choir 2: Usherettes 3: Allied Youth 2, 3: Office Assistant 4. NEAL. PEGGY--10, 29, 69, 78 Student Council 2: Y-Teens 2: Girls' Club 3: Assembly Committee 2: Yearbook Staff 3: National Honor Society. NEWQUIST, BERNADINE-29, 68 G.A.A.: Girls' Choir. OWENS, BERTIE-10, ll, 29, 66, 73, 74 Cheerleader 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Usherettes 3: Second Choir 2: Office Assistant 2: Yearbook Editor 4: National Honor Society. PETTIT. FLOYD--29, 47, 54, 66, 71, 73 Track 1, 2, 3: Football 2, 3, 4: Second Choir 2: A Cap- pella 3, 4: Spanish Club 1, 2: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: National Athletic Society 2, 3, 4: Home Room Leader 3: National Honor Society. POWER, JAMES PRUITT, DELBERT PUSCH, BARBARA-29 G.A.A. 1, 2. RAY. DON-30 Band 1: Choir 1: Football 1: Home Room Leader 3: Basketball 1. HEEVES. DONNA-30. 64 Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Allied Youth 2, 3, 4: Student Council 2: Home Room Leader 2: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Usherettes 3: Dra- matics Club 4: F.H.A. 4: Girls' Club 4. REHWALDT, TED Band 1, 2, 3, 4. REHWALD, WILBERT-30, 47, 61, 62, 66, 71 Second Choir 2: Football 3, 4: Varsity Club 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4: Student Council 3: Spanish Club 2. RICHARDS. FRED-43, 47, 48 RYDER, MARLENE-10. 30 Girls' .Club 4: Spanish Club: Junior Senior Banquet Committee: Yearbook Staff 4: Y-Teens: G.A.A. SCHNEIDER, BARBARA-10, 11, 30, 61, 63, 66, 69 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. 4: Girls' Club 4: Usherettes 3: Girls' Choir 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Second Choir 2: Allied Youth 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 3, 4: Teachers' Assistant 4. SHELTON, NOBMA-30, 66 G.A.A. 1, 2. 3, 4: Second Choir 2: Teachers' Assistant 4: Spanish Club 2: Girls' Choir 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Girls' Club 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. SKUFCA, JOHN-30 SNYDER. DICK-30. 66 A Cappella 1, 2, 3, 4. SORENSON. ROBENETTE-30, 63, 68 Allied Youth 3: Y-Teens 4: G.A.A. 1, 4: Girls' Club 4: Girls' Choir 4. SPENCE, JACK-22, 30, 43, 47, 48, 54, 62, 65, 66 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Football 3, 4. STEVENS, JO ANNE-10, 11, 22, 30, 61, 69, 71, 72, 73, 74 Student Council 2: Home Room Leader 3: Blue 8: White Staff 4: D.A.R. Award 4: Future Teachers of America 4: G.A.A. 3: Girls' Club 4: Allied Youth 2, 3, 4: Log Staff 2, 3, 4: Assembly Committee 4: Dramatic Club 4: Span- 1sh'Club 2: Jr.. Sr. Banquet Committee 4: Senior Class Officer 4: National Honor Society. STUFFLEBEAM. NOLA-10, 30, 69 Student Council 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: A Cappella 3: Usher- gtltles 35 Allied Youth: Log Staff 4: Girls' Club 4: Girls' on- . TAYLOR, ROBERT-30, 55. 65 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 4. TERRY, EDWIN-31 Track 1, 2: Choir 1, 2. THOMAS, JOANNE-31, 73 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: National Honor Society. THOMPSON, BETTY-11, 31, 60, 70, 71, 73 Dramatics Club 4: Student Council 4: F.H.A. 4: Log Staff 4: National Honor Society. WHYTE. RUTH-31 Y-Teens. WILKINS. DOLORES-31 Y-Teens: Girls' Club 1: G.A.A. 2. WILLIS, JAMES--31 Spanish Club 1. WINSTON, GLORIA-31. 66 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: A Cappella 3. ZAHA. MARY-31. 63. 82 Y-Teens 4: Band 1, 2, 3. 1931 PATRONS The Log Staff wishes to acknowledge the generous support of the following firms and individuals who have helped to sponsor the 1950 Log: Arch Wilson Inc. Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co. Amrhein's Bakery Inc. Armbruster Mfg. Co. Axtell-Kramer Co. Abraham Lincoln Hotel Art's Shoe Repair Shop Ackerman Music Co. A. Dirksen G Sons Altman's Inc. Alexander's Ace Sign Co. Brown's Business College BEST WISHES FROM GEORGE A. MUELLER G CO. Brunk ci Sapp BEST WISHES FROM BURTON M. REID SONS INC. Brown's Food Market Bud 6: Helen's Floral Shop Bachman G Kumle, Prescription Bridge Iewelry Co. Inc. Broadwells Drug Store Barlow Iewelry Store COE'S BOOK STORE I. GLENN McFARLAND, PRES. Collins 6. Company Iewelers Druggists Compliments of Capital City Paper Co. Compliments of a Friend Campbell Candy Co. Inc. Carl F. Schnirring Grocery Coney Island Coutrakon's Confectionery Central Iron 61 Metal Co. Central Illinois Light Co. Chapman's CITY WATER, LIGHT G POWER I94I Commissioner George W. Doyle Community Service Bakery Diss Texaco Service Station Dairy Queen Der-:heimer's Grocery cSf Lunch Dunbar Service Stations -66 By Pass Dwight O'Keefe 6. Co. Drach's Restaurant Diana Sweet Shop Durham Electric Co. Economy Shoe Shop Elks Club E. V. GROVE ci SON, MASON CONTRACTOR Everley Drug Store Eddie Wattling FRANKLIN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY DISTINGUISHED SERVICE SINCE 1884 Frisina Amusement Co. Feitshans High School Cafeteria Fishman's Sporting Goods Flowers by Mary Lou Frank "Hoke" Lock Floyd's Factory Outlet Shoe Store Goody-Goody Drive In Gerber Cleaners Graham's Allen St. Pharmacy Gray's Confectionery Hartson Upholstering HENRY NELCH QS SON CO. BUILDING MATERIALS, READY MIXED CONCRETE Herter's Drug Store Hollandf--Your Ieweler Henson Robinson Co. Herndon's Harry E. Stout Iewelers PA I. D. "Ike" Follis, Insurance Agent Illinois State Iournal 6. Register Ideal Drug Stores Illinois Business College Illinois National Casualty Co. Iames M. Walsh, County Treasurer lonny's Rexall Drugs Inc. Knox Plumbing 6: Heating Co. LLOYD'S CLEANERS EVERY GARMENT CUSTOM FINISHED L CS L Sales Inc. Leland Hotel' --"Famous for Friendlinessu Lenz Eye Service Majestic Shoppe Mrs. Humphrey's Market Mayor Harry A. Eielson McCoy Hardware Co. Melody Lane Record Shop MONTGOMERY 'WARD ci CO. MYERS BROTHERS Motor Inn Modern Business Machines Co. Morgan Paint Co. lvlel-O-Cream Donut Co. Minit-Man Car Wash Neumode Hosiery Store Office of Public Instruction Plain's Food Service Producers Dairy Co. Pfile's Camera Shop Parkview Roller Rink Inc. Patton's Bakery ROSELAWN MEMORIAL PARK THE CEMETERY BEAUTIFUL Riggs Printing House Ralph E. Iones, Contractor Roberts Bros. Springfield Coca Cola Bottling Co. Southtown Grill Schmidt Bros,-feSheet Metal ci Hardware TR ONS SOUTHTOWN RADIO 61 ELECTRIC CO HOTPOINT APPLIANCES A -ELECTRIC CO CONTRACTING - RADIO SERVICE Sullivan's Barber Shop Sweet ci Canterbury Seed Co. Schlitt Hardware Co. Sangamon Dairy Products Swinney Service Station Springfield Dry Goods Store S. A. Barker Co. S 6 L Department Store Sears Roebuck CS. Co. Stollies Meat Market Springfield Transportation Co. Sagie Motor Sales SPRINGFIELD MARINE BANK The Baker Mfg. Co. The Cozy Dog--eHot Dog on a Stick The Bowl THE CAMERA SHOP TYPEWRITER SERVICE CO. The Den The Georgian Restaurant The Californiane--Super Market The Illinois National Bank of Springfield The Iohn Bressmer Co. The The Music Shop The Bootery The LaRose Shoppe The First National Bank of Springfield WATT BROS. PHARMACY Ware Oil Co.- -18th CS Cook 'Winch Floral Shop White Loan Co, W. H. Roland VV. R. Curtis Ieweler Walsh Super Service UNDERWOOD CORPORATION PlattereRecords eRadio Phonographs E X x FUR THE LVIUKILS IQ ,L J SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGMENTS WILLIAMSON PRESS, INC., cmd MR. MINOR L. SMITH CAPITOL LNGRAVINC COMPANY d MR I L SRONCE HERBLRT GEORG STUDIOS P C I G X O X ,gfifbould Auld Avg No.7 WelL Tb inmnce Be Forgot?" Sign Here ..... YY:

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