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iFayette.Ville State Univecsitv is a constituent institution of ;•. VTHE UiyiVKRSlT-Y ' OF ' NORTH CAROLINA., .;..x illBmMJiliLJI ' llimWLIILJ fll cHi ' CONTENTS ADDENDUM Theme 2 Dedication 4 Chancellor and Message 8 Administration 10 Student Government Association 19 Coronation 32 Classes 49 Organizations 97 Fraternities and Sororities 130 Honor Societies 146 Special Events 164 Sports 178 Staff and Faculty 196 Yearbook Staff 212 FAYETTEVILLIAN FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY FAYETTEVILLE NC 28301 1984 VOLUME 27 CONTENTS ' ' ■ • - -r . I II Fayetteville State University is more than just an institution — it is the epitome of the greatest dreams of our Uves to further our education. The recent changes on the campus have helped us prepare for tomorrow. 1. Renovation of Lilly ' s Gymnasium. 2. Construction of Security Booths. 3. Class Attendance Policy 4. Reassignment of Residence Halls. 5. Changing of Coaching duties. 6. Renovation of the Science Annex 7. Renovation of Rosenthal Building. ■ing to a r reshing break before m the Butler Bu[ld- FirU row L-R Thomas Owen . and Ricky McAllister, second row L-R Robert Ely, Mark Bushrod. William Barnes and Frank- lin Young pose in front of Bryant Hall IlliWIIlMiir " ' ' ' ' ™ " " ' " " ' " ' rSSS ZZ Football players? No way! Patricia Kea, Deatrice Pat- terson, Patricia Boney, Joyce Harri son, and Sha McClain stands in front of Hood Hall, a dence hall for the Bronco football team. Freshmen, parents, and friends departed from Sea- brook Auditorium after the Chancellors address to the SSSS i Freshmen and Transfer students. Dedicated To Dr. Cleophus C. Hatcher We acknowledge with praise and ultimate appreciation, the accompHshments and concern of Dr. Cleophus C. Hatcher. In all we endeavor through thick and thin, Dr. Hatcher had proved, to be our loyal and true friend. His trust is symbolic to nature ' s pure smile. With deep affection and recollection, we the students of Fayetteville State University dedicate this volume of the Fayettevillian to the late Dr. Cleophus C. Hatcher. Marion A. Crowe, Jr., Editor-in-Chief BffiBl In Memory Of Dr. Cleophus Hatcher O ' - " Behind every progressive force there is always a person who works for achievement but refuses the glory of that achievement. To you Dr. Cleophus Cerrutheous Hatcher we give you YOUR GLORY. To us you have been the father, a sincere friend . . the connections man. Life is not always lost at death but gained through the eternity in which one finds the perfect love and the perfect joy that one strives to find on earth. Dr. C.C. Hatcher, was born in Tilden, Alabama on June 18, 1925 At the age of thirteen he moved to Logan, West Virgina At age 16 he completed his high school education and successfully completed a vocational course in welding. That prepared him for employment in the shipyards in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Norfolk, Virginia. He served as a Musician in the United States Navy during World War H. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Physical Education from West Virginia State College, Insti- tute, west Virginia, in 1949; Master of Science Degree in Health, Physical Education Recreation and Safety from tfi University of West Virginia, Morgantown, West Virginia, in 1952; Education Specialist Degree in Administration qf Higher Education in 1976 and Doctor of Education Degree in College Student Development and Administration of Higher Education in 1977 from The George Washington University, Washington, DC. He held positions in administration, teaching, and coach- ing at Cheyney State College, Howard University, Morris College, Mississippi Valley State College, Claflin College, Bowie State College and Fayetteville State University where his last position was as Vice ChanceUor for Student Devel- opment. " ' , While at Fayetteville State University he ' was kngjvn as " Dean Hatcher " and appreciated among students and col- leagues. Some of his close associates referred to him simply as " Hatch " or " Doc " . Many of the positive things for the benefit of students havecome about becausf of the direct input from Dr. Hatch- ■€ . Dr. Hatcher was a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, The George Washington University Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, and various community organizations and learned irp ' rofe ssional societies. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mr Charles W Fairley, Chairman Mr, Calvin Wells, Vice Chairman Mr- Laurens C Bondshu, Secretary Dr Carllon J Barber Not Pictured: Mr Alfred E Cle land Mr, Aaron Spauldii Mr JP Riddle, III Mr Nero B Coleman, SGA President nt of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), Chancel 1 of the Board of Trustees, 1982-83 discuss events of Fayetteville State University ' s Lyons, Jr and Mr held in the Ms. Russell challenged the students of Fayetteville State University to find the meaning of their assignments and to al- low instructors to touch their lives with knowledge. In conclusion she reminded the students to never forget their univer- sity. Chancellor Charles " A " Lyons and Ms Patricia Russell followed by Dr. Richard A. Hogg, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs head the procession into Seabrook Auditorium for the Annual Fall Convocation, Chancellor Charles " K ' Lyons, Jr. Family Standing L-R Mrs Rosa D Lyons and Charles H. Lyons Seated Chancellor Charles A Lyons, Jr Chancellor ' s Message CHANCELLORS MESSAGE " When we raise our sights, strive for excellence, and dedicate ourselves to the highest goals of our society, we are enrolling in an ancient and meaningful cause, the age long struggle of man to realize the best that is in him. " John Gardner This quotation embodies the spirit of my message to the University Family. Anything less than a concerned effort on our part to uphold the high standards of integrity, dignity, and cohesiveness, upon which this great institution was founded and is now based, would be unworthy of us. To those of you who are graduating seniors, you have kept the faith and completed the rigorous tasks which were necessary to bring you to this plateau. We have done all we can to prepare you for life ' s new role. Whether you accept it or not, each member of this class is cast in the role of a leader and each of you will be expected to lead. I hope the foundation you have built here is firm and secure enough to support any life structure you might build for yourself. Commencement Day for you may be likened unto the period of development in the life-cycle of a baby bird. When the parents feel that the baby bird is strong enough to fly, they push it out of the nest so it can try its new wings. As members of the Class of 1984, you will have this experience on Commencement Day. We believe you will fly. You may falter at first and you will probably have a few rough bumps before you are able to soar with the confidence and grace of an eagle, but this will come with constant effort and faith in your own ability, not only to achieve but to excel. Don ' t become complacent and self satisfied and think you have it made. Maintain a burning desire for achievement and service, not just for you, but for what it may mean for your Alma Mater and for your fellowman. As one person has said, " If a man ' s legs should be long enough to reach the ground, so too, should his ambition be long enough to reach to the stars. " So 1 say to you, " keep your feet on the ground, but let your ambition be boundless. " Provost And Vice Chancellor For Academic Affairs Dr. Richard A. Hogg Vice Chancellor For Institutional Development Dr. Alvin F. Anderson Acting Vice Chancellor For Student Development Mr. Harold L. Nixon Vice Chancellor For Business Affairs Dr. John V. Parham ,- ,•• ;,» « s - Senior Administrators Mr. Richard Griffin, Director of Library Scrvic Mr. John D Marshall, Director of Athicti. Senior Administrators Administrators Mr Frank Barreca. Regi. Mrs, Sheha Brown, Director of Financial Aid Mr Ralph Burwell, Director of Security and Traffic Mr Charles A Darlington, Dii of Admis- Dr Mattfiew Edwards, Dii Research Program tor of Biomedical Mr DeNard El — Amin. Director of Plant Op- Dr Wilma Henry, Director of Counseling Cen- Dr Robert James, Director of Advance In ter tional Development Program Dr Marye Jeffries, Director of Weekend St Evening College Interim Director of Con tinuing Education Center Administrators Dr. Denise Mahone, Director of Institutional Research Planning Ms. Ellen Rohm, Supervisor of Graphics Reproduction Mr. Joseph Ross, Director of Communication Center K Mr. Charles H Willis, Director of Computing Center Dr. Irving Veazie, Director of Student Activities Student Center Mr. Milton Yarboro, Director of Placement L-R Dr. Irving Veazie, Director of Student Activities; Dr. Charles ' A " Lyons, Jr., Chancellor, Miss Wrenn Crowe, Miss Fayetteville State University; Dr. Richard Hogg, Provost And Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs greeted alumni and friends during the reception held for them after the Homecoming Game. To Be In Position The Student Govern- ment Association has al- ways been considered an organization which pro- vides leadership, guidance and a unique air of pride and togetherness to the at- mosphere of the university and the students. The young men and women that have agreed to serve in the complex capacity as members of the Student Government Association have also agreed to serve the students in their indi- vidual role of life as they go " Stepping into Tomor- row. " Students elected were Nero Coleman, President; Marion Crowe, Jr., Vice President; Enitan Kale- jaiye. Business Manager; Wrenn Crowe, Miss Fay- etteville State University and Deborah Ryals, Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center. Gary Snapp Crawford present her views to the students gn for Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center, Enitan Kalejaiye explains to the students the duties perform as the Business Manager if he is elected. Howl Johnny Kinlock, Jr.; for Business Manager. Vanessa Brown; for Miss Rudolph Jones Stu- dent Center. Cynthia Powell; for Miss Rudolph Jones Stu- Vicki Rozier; for Miss Fayetteville State Uni- dent Center. versity. L-R Marion Crowe, Jr , and Wrenn Crowe a father and daughter team for positions of Vice President and Miss Fayetteville State University. L-R Vicki Rozier solicits a vote from Patrena Sawyer A " people centered " curriculum, is the family. The heart of daily living is the creative growth of individ- ual skills relating to the home and the people within it. Student Government Association Vice President Marion Crowe and daughter. Miss Fayetteville State University Wrenn Crowe are congratulated by their family and friends after their victories L-R Valerie Strayhorn, Wrenn Crowe, Marion Crowe, Jr. Bryan Crowe, Grandson. Delia Crowe and Phyllis Crowe. EXTRA CURRICULAR INVOLVEMENT Student Government Association Pri support of Dyan Huffin. ;ident Elect, Nero Cole Nora Stevens stands behind Entian Kalijaiye in his de Government Association Business Manager. Some people belong to ser- vice clubs for self recognition. Others belong because their friends do. Most people join so they can offer their quali- ties to others without the rec- ognition or reward. A sense of belonging to a closely knit group of friends, who pursue together the beauty of unity. L-R Marion Crowe, Jr., Ora McLean, Vicki Rozier, Cynthia Powell and Entian Kalijaiye Cynthia Powell, Secretary Vice President Marion A. Crowe, Jr. Business Manager Enitan Kalejaiye Michelle McLau Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center Raeford Melton Student Government Association Elections Mr. Frederick Young, Jr, a staff member of Rudolpfi Jones Student Center, assist Andre McCrae and Dehra Smitfi members of the Student Electi( Board in checking to see if Carolyn Phillips and Toni Wright ' s name appear on the university roster Two students make their select.on for Student Government Offioals during the March elections. Voting ... A Major Prerequisite The students, under the supervision of the office of the Student Center, held elections for the Student Government Association Officials 1983-1984 aca- demic school year. The candidates pledged their services for the betterment of the school, develop- ment of human qualities and the enhancement of student relations. The student elections were held March 24-25. , Bill Jordan checks I leaders the ballot before Indicating his choice for 5tud Mr. Frederick Young, Jr.. Student Center Staffer, gives Bill . dan instructions before casting his ballot. For Tomorrow Student Senate L-R Cassandra Lowery, Attorney General; Howard Scidner, Defense Counselor, Celette Lusby, Election Board Chairperson. Mr. William T Hall, (right) Food Ser Director talk to Brenda Wooten during lunch in the Dining Hall The only issue of any substance that presented itself on the campus was the renewed complaint of the food provided the students in the dining hall. However the Food Services Committee headed by chairperson Valerie Strayhorn moved quickly to re- solve any problems the students may have felt were warranted. The Student Government Food Services Committee consist of L-R Angela Collii Strayhorn, Chairperson and Gwenth Jones Black College Day: The Light Of Knowledge The theme for this year ' s Black Col- lege Day Celebration was Black C olleges: The Light of Knowledge and its empha- sis on the conception that Black Colleges throughout the nation produce a large number of knowledgeable minds in America today. Another reason for Black College Day was to bring attention to the importance of Black Colleges for the Welfare of the nation. Without Black Colleges there would be no training grounds for the Black minds of America. The final purpose of Black College Day was to bring the attention of the Black Community to the importance of their support to Black Colleges. We, the Black College, need more than just Black students, we need financial and material help. The Broncos joined with other Black University students throughout the state in bringing attention to the State Legisla- ture of the importance of the eleven His- torically Black Colleges and Universities. L-R Jimmie Brunson, Robert Sit Day in Raleigh, Notth Car tudenls d uring Black College L-R Annette Leaf, Sha State University discu University; Sharon Stewart, Sha the event of Black College Day. ■ ity: and Rodney Hughes. Fayettevill »M • ••• " «■ » One of the 5ub-themes of Homecom- ing Week was Tunk Rock Day " . With styles ranging from Be-Bobber Glasses to punk rock trousers and dresses. Stu- dents wore an attire to express the Homecoming Spirit. Students displaying the spirit of the day were Cynthia McRae, Deatrice Smith, Jimmy Brunson, Lynda Burch, Cynthia Moore, Deatrice Patterson and Clara Thompson. The glamour and elegance of the Coronation Dinner on Wednesday evening was magnifi- cient. Semi-formally attired, we joined with Miss Fayetteville State University and family in a din- ner which will long be remembered by many. In attendance were Mrs. Phyllis Crowe, mother of Miss FSU; Mr. Marion Crowe, father of Miss FSU Vice President of Student Government As- sociation; Miss New Residence Rosalind Myles and escort Mr. Victor Boykin; Miss International Student Miss Gweneth Jones and escort Mr. Richard Henries: Miss Collegiate Fellowship Miss Jeanette Baker and escort Mr. Jasper James; and other campus organization queens and es- corts. m. 9 i f Coronation Of Miss FSU Members of the University Family shared in the joy of the Coronation. Participating in the ceremonies were Miss Wrenn Crowe ' s father and Student Gov- ernment Association Vice-Presi- dent, Mr. Marion Crowe, Jr., Miss Rudolph Jones Student Center Miss Deborah Ryals; Chancellor Charles " A " Lyons, Jr., and SGA President, Mr. Nero Coleman. The evening ' s excitement end- ed with the crowning of Miss Fayetteville State University. Miss Rudolph Jones Student Ccn- Miss International Student Organi- Miss Sophomore, Ronda Hopkins Miss Phi Beta Lambda, Velma Jo tei, Deborah Ryals escorted by zation, Gweneth Jones escorted by escorted by Michael Martin. corted by Donald Jones. Curtis Prichard. Richard Henries, III. VHP liiiMMiifflMniiiiiii Madalene Poindexler, Miss Veteran Veronica Melvin, Miss St Augustine Col- Serena McNair, Miss Sen- lege ior escorted by Archie ; f Sylvia John Miss Fellowship of Futu Scientists Miss Fayetteville State University, Wrenn Ciowe is admired by escort N ' Coleman and members of her court Miss F.SU. and her escort Nero Cole WM IP jLM i rj 1 r . ' ' . ' , ' t h i Campus queens and escorts are seated in the audience of Miss F S U s Coronatii Miss Psychology Club, Shelia Steep SSwg fl ?4 w«P5b« »« cwrfsr3£ L-R Miss Junior, Theresa Highsmith and escort Jimmy Brunson, Miss Sophomore, Rhonda Hopkins and Sharlene Tinsley, Miss Omega Psi Phi Fraternity escort Michael Martin are members of Miss Fayetteville State University ' s court was escorted hy Darvin Green. Miss Society for Advancement of Management, Valerie Woodard escorted by Reginald McLamb Margaret E. Phillyn Mis ' . Kappa Alpha P ' Jarvisla Rivers Miss Delta Sigma Theta Portia Ro Miss Vance Ha s HOMECOMING PARADE Homecoming Parade m tta 1984 MUI All the fans stood behind the Broncos as they entertained the CIAA Southern Division league leading Rams. One touchdown later, the score was tied 13-13 and the crowd went home feeling good but a little cheated. 1 1 pi I II H s Ph s -- ? ■ jeS j| 1 ' . ' " .,..- ' ifi ■■r,j x m i FSU Broncos Vs WSSU Rams The Broncos tied Winston-Salem ' s Rams 13-13 before an enthusiastic Homecoming crowd at Bronco Stadium, The running of Kevin Wardlaw, Gary Moore and Ben Knox ignited the Bronco ' s offense. Despite the Rams continuous offensive power, the Broncos ' defense made the game a respect- able defensive stru The trumpets were blasting. If you had leaned over to tie a shoelace you would have missed the fancy skull-dug- gery that gained the Broncos an upset 13- 13 tie with the CIAA Southern Division league leading Rams of Winston Salem. It was a joyous Homecoming Day for the Bronco fans or tailbacks. We cheered for our players, We cheered for our queens, We cheered for the bands, hut most of all we cheered for Homecoming 83. " An Endowment for our Future ' Seniors Elizabeth M. Alaniz — Intermediate Education, Mission, Tx,; Patricia Arrington — Early Child- hood Education, Rocky Mount, N C, Algenon Ashford — Sociology. Mount Ol.ve, N,C. David A. Bain, Jr. — Psychology, Fuquay Varina, N C , Lisa O. Ballance — Medical Technology, Fay- etteville, N C , Carlton P. Bell — English, Fayette- ville. N,C, Manuel Blackmon activities at the Bi football game and Jcthro Boyd observed the onco and West Chester State Mose L. Best — Political Scien ce, Fayettev N C Manuel Blackmon — Politi -al Science, lumbia, S C : Charles E. Blackwell - Mathemat Reidville, N C Natalie Blanding — Business Education, Fayette- ville, N,C,, Rosalind Boone — Sociology, Texas City, Tx , Nathan C. Bowcn, Jr. — Business Ad- ministratcon, Fayetteville, N.C Jelhro Boyd II — Psychology, Enfield, N C , Don- na K. Bridges — Business Administration, Fayette- ville, N C , Anita Brockington — Business Admin- istration, New York, N.V, Cheryl M. Brown Island Julius Bro Fayetteville, NC English, Providence, Rhode chael L. Bro eyville. N.C What Role Do You Believe Sororities And Fraternities Play In College Life? Sororities and Fraternities were es- tablished to create a common bond of brotherhood and sisterhood that would inspire individuals to com- pete for excellence. I believe that so- rorities and fraternities major pur- pose is to produce future leaders. I think they are meant to characterize individuals into the positive stream of life. There is also the social and com- munity side of such organizations that come together to help the people whether sponsoring a dance, or rais- ing money for those in need. These activities by fraternities and sorori- ties are a traditional part of the col- lege and community Margaret ]. Bruce — Business Education. Fayette- v.lle, N C : Sarah D. Bulla — Political Science. Fav- elteville, N C , Timothy W. Burns — Political Sci- ence. Fayetteville, N C Joseph Byrd, Jr. - Physical Education. Belle Glade. Fla . Henry Canty Jr. - Business Administration. New orC N , Marilyn D. Canty - Business .Administration Columbus, OH .Audrey M. Carter — Sociology. Fayetteville. N C . Benjamin F. Cathey — Psychology, Fayetteville. N C . Kenneth Chestnutt — Business Administra- tion, Atlanta Ca Michael A. Clark — Mathematics. Stratford. Conn Charles L. Cole - Business Administration. Fayetteville. N C John C. Coleman — Psychology. Richmond a 1 y I ■ Can You Describe 1 Yourself In Fifty ■ Words? ' I am smart, patient, dignified, wit- temporary, fiery, stylish, unpredict- ty, resourceful, creative, respectful, able, extraordinary, enthusiastic, . 1 profound, serious, loving, kind, de- maternal, stubborn, attentive, versa- Ifc ' termined, interesting, honest, gentle, tile, fascinating, dependable, innova- confident, independent, assertive, live sensitive, graceful, distinctive, ._ strong, emotional, sociable, outspo- particular, optimistic, realistic, visi- ken, unique, practical and mature. ble, capable, proud, and " A Bronco " . M I am also destined, analytical, con- Edith McCrimmon I Ner o B. Coleman — English, Fayet evUle, NC , Gen e Collinsworth — Mathem atics, Fayetteville, NC , Shirley Cooper - - Busines s Ad ministration. Nes m.th, S,C, Belv on Cowling — Bu iness Ad tration, Suf- folk Va , Theodore Cox — Busi ness Administra- lion Fayetteville, NC Dwayn. E. Crawford - | Busi ness Administratio lak , N C Myr a ]. Crawford - Business Adn ninistration. Spr, igLake, N-CMari onA.Cro we Jr - Physical Educ ation, Spring Lake NC; W enn L. Crowe - Busi ness Administratio n. Spring Lake , N.C. Ran dy Curtis— Busine ss Admin ion, Fayette- v.lle N C ; Deborah D Davis — Poli ical Science, Rockingham, NC: Reg inald D. Davi - Physical Educ ation, Fayetteville, NC Sh Does University Life Prepare Students For The " Real Work ' ' World? No, I personally feel that universi- ty life does not totally prepare one for the " real work " world. Students are treated like little kids and pampered. Each student should know or learn how to govern their time to get the best out of their col- lege experience. If we are to become effective lead- ers of the future, we must begin lead- ing now, not always depending on others to lead us. I personally feel we should be- come more independent and take charge of our lives, in order to give the world, our communities, and or- ganizations the best we have to offer. Do You Believe Abortions Should Be Legal? Yes, I believe that abortions should be legal, due to the fact that some young ladies are getting preg- nant at such a young age that they are not able to support a child as well as themselves. Also parents of some young ladies would require an abor- tion because they feel that their child should experience other things as they become older other than raising a child. I only believe in abortions because of a child getting pregnant at such a young age, but if they are able to take care of the child and give the child the LOVE that it needs then no I do NOT believe in abortions. Diane P. DcBme — Business Adminislration, Wil- mington. NC , Jewell Edmonds — Intermediate Education. Fayetteville, N C , Ade-Collins Ejiofor — Business Administration, Nigeria, W.A Norma J. Evans — Early Childhood Education, Favetteville. N C . Robert L. Fove - Economics, Favetteville. N C . Bobbv Fullon Sr. - Sociology New Orleans. La, Janice Gibbs - Early Childhood Education, Fay- etteville. N C . Teresa Gilmore - Early Childhood Education. Fayetteville. NC . Jillinda Glenn - Business Administration, Lumber Bridge. N C • Mary Graham — Early Childhood Education. Fay- etteville. N C . Eric Greene — Sociology. Troy. N C Jerry D. Gregory — Business Administra- tion. Fayetteville, NC. mM Werner Gunzenhauscr — Political Science, Fav- ctleville, NC, Lillie Hackmjn - Mathematic Baltimore, M D , Drucilb M. Hadden — BuMness Adm.ni .tration, Bladenboro, NC Trudy V. Hannon — Political Science, Scotland NecU, N C , James E. Harding, Jr. — Business Ad- ministration, Clinton, N C ; Clara B. Harvev — Businesi Admini ' .tration, Fayetteville, N C Herbert Herringlon — Business Administration, Hartsville, SC, Gena Hood - Political Science, Fayetteville, N C , Alonzo Howard — Business Ad- ministration, Roseboro, N C Carmoletha Jackson — Business Administration, Fayetteville, N C , Candice J. Jacobs - Mathemat- ics, Fayetteville, NC, Jasper L. James — Math- ematics, Burlint;ton, NC Do You Believe The Legal Drinking Age Should Have Been Raised? No, because an 18 year old is consid- obtaining alcohol. If it is legal to drink at order to dispose of the container, ered an adult. At 18 they can enter into 18 then maybe the person would only I feel a person at age 18 who can serve any branch of the military. An adult who drink one or two drinks in a bar; but if their country and die for it, should be can make political decisions and go into the person get alcohol illegally, it would allowed to purchase and indulge in combat should be able to have a drink, probably be purchased in a large quanti- drinking alcoholic beverages. Under age persons have found ways of ty which would entice more drinks in Comments by Benjamin Cathey Jacqueline K. Johnson — Business Adnr tion, Elizab ethtown, N C; Sylvia John Mathematics, Elizabethtown, N.C., Teresa J — Music Education, Boston, Ga Donald E. Jones — Business Hampstead. NC, Howard R. Jor Administration, Fayetteville, N C , Sociology, Smithfield, Va. ding Ed Judith Jones Pamela Jone boro. N C . Sharon V. J tion, Tarboro, N C Littleton, N C ; Administration, Golds- Office Administra- Shepard Jones— Busines- burg. N-C , Sherry Jones - NC, Velma Jones — B Queensvillage, N.Y n.Laurin- , Raeford, What Is Your Philosophy In Life? A Rabbi once said " If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, who am I for? And if not now, when? " That summarizes my philosophy. As a unified people if our subsis- tence is to have meaning we cannot detach ourselves from situations, or from others around us who can as- sist us. Once we ' ve attained our pro- fessional goals we must embark on working for the progression of oth- ers of our own. As the African prov- erb states " They travel swiftest who travel alone. It is for wisdom that people travel together. " Wa nda Jovnei - Bus Administr Clin- Ion NC; Eni an Kalejaiy • — Busine s Ad minis- trat on. Niager la, W A Gr ace A. Kearney — Busi- Educatior , Fayettevill e, NC, Van essa D. Kir g-Bu ss Administ .Fav- etteviUe, NC, Johnny Ki nioch, )r. - - Bu siness Adn linistratior , Colun bia S C, Lynda A. K night — E usiness Administr 1. Hobgood NC FeN citv Lee - edia te Educatio n. la kson- vill , Fl ; Ther esa Lew is - Business Admi nistra- tion . Goldsbor o, NC, Tracy A. Lewis - In erme- diat e Educatio T, Fayet evil e, NC Shervl Lewis - Ma then natics, San ord. NC. Tan- mv Little - Ea riv Childhood Educ ation Mo nlCilead, NC;C dra Lowery -Er gh.h. Gre nsboro, NC Angela R. Lucas - Business Administrat ion, Spring Lake, N C , Toni M. Lucas — Psychology SainlC a.r Shores, M I , Rosa Lynch — Mathemat- Its, Wh itakers, NC Phillip A. Manning — Political Science, Cerro Gordo, NC, Barbara D. Mallhews — Business Admin stration, Watha, N C , Richard A. McClain - Bus. ness Administration, Wilmington, Dela Andre ' McCrea — Psychology, Raeford, NC, Edilh J. McCrimmon — Business Administration, Favettev ille, NC , Sarah D. McDonald - Business Admini stration, FayetteviUe, N C Cheryl _. McDougal — Psychology, FayetteviUe, NC, R andy D. McDuffie — Physical Education, Mullins S C , Ronald E. Mclntyrc — Business Ad- ministry lion, Washington, DC What Is Your Opinion On The I Grading And Attendance Policies? ji My opinion on the grading and atten- it will encourage students to strive for a sponsibilities as adults. Attendance I dance policies are divided. I ' m for the better grade. should be up to the individual, because I grading policy because under the old The attendance policy is too harsh and everyone is here to get an education. I policy most students would give up and it reflects that FayetteviUe State Univer- take courses over. With this new policy sity students are not aware of their re- Caromoletha Jackson speaks Willie M. Mclntvre - Mathe N C Teresa R. Mclver — Bu hon, Lumbcrton, N C , Eleanc atics, Fayetlcville McKoy - )wn, NC Myra McLaughlin — Early Childhood Education, Red Springs, N C , James B. McLaurin, Jr — Pub- lic Administration, FayetteviUe, NC; Steve A. McLeod — Business Administration. FayetteviUe, NC Serena L. McNair — Business Administration. Jacksonville, NC, John McNeil - Intermediate Education, FayetteviUe, N C-: Mike A. Michaels — Business Administration, FayetteviUe, N C Felecia Miller — Business Administration, Beula- ville, NC, Everett A. Mitchell — Psychology, Jacksonville. Fl,; William T. Mitchell — Psycholo- gy, Philadelphia, PA How Do You Feel About Coed Visitation? As a student, I feel that coed visi- tions should be enforced behind it. tation should be considered at all That way it would be a privilege colleges and universities that do not extended to students and would give offer this freedom of choice to their them a chance to show their inde- students. However, due to the fact pendence and maturity throughout that this freedom of choice may lead their college life on campus, to abuse, certain rules and regula- Harold C. Monk — Biologv. Salcmburg, N C De- lori!. Monroe — Physical Education, Red Springs, N C Cvnthia L. Moore — Business Administra- tion Clarkton, NC Edwin J. Moor Gloria L. Morni N C Terrv Mo SC — Mathematics. Aurora, N.C., — Business Education, Tarboro, , — Political Science, Columbia, Vonda H. Morris — Early Childhood Education, Fayetteville, N-C; Leinster Mosley — Mathemat- ics, Garysburg, NC: Bonnie S. Mucklow — Busi- ness Administration, Fayetteville. NC Belly Murphy — Sociology, Fayetteville, N.C.; Rosalind M. Myles — Mathematics, Chadbourn, N C , Diane M. Newell — Early Childhood Educa- tion, Jamaica, N How Do You Feel About The United States Military Involvement In Beirut? Jasper It has been clearly proven that the mere presence of a United States " Peace Keeping " force in Beirut is not surviving its intended purpose. The slaying of over 200 United States Marines and Sailors proves this. It is in my opinion that the Mis- sion in Lebanon should be redefined. In its present form, it is only allow- ing our service persons to be station- ary targets for terrorists tactics, I feel that our military forces should be given a clear-cut job to do. They should, at least, be allowed to protect themselves from attack. If changes aren ' t made to meet these measures I feel the United States should withdraw its troops from Lebanon. ».«1 Wilbert Norfleel — Physical Education. Windsor N C , Desmond D. Okoriedcha — Business Ad mmislration. Nigeria, Africa, Robert L. O ' Neal — Physical Education, Belle Glade, Fl Mario A. Owens — Busin ess Administ ration, Ro- seboro. N.C Tony G. Ov vcns - Phys cal Educa- tion, M ullin , s.c Debbie Parks — Sociologv, Murfree shore . N.C Tejuana A. Payne - B siness Adm Clinton NC Anjur nPerv aiz — Mathe matics.San Francisc o, Ca ; Carolyn B. Phillips— P 3litKai Sci- ence, D jrhan 1, N C Carolyn Polla rd — Busine ss Administr tion, Fay- etteville. N.C ; Ron lie L. Pope — Ma thematics. Franklin Va.; Cynth aPo« ell -Busine ss Admin- istration Faye tteville , N.C What Is The Role Of A Student Leader? As the Senior Class Vice Presi- dent, Treasurer of the Sociology Club, and member of the Men ' s Bas- ketball team, I feel honored to com- ment on the role of a student leader. The role of a student leader, as I perceive it is to do anything in one ' s power to make functions at the uni- versity suitable for persons in- volved. Also, a student leader should implement, organize, and promote activities which will interest other persons and give them the desire to want to lead. What Is Your Definition Of Moral Standards? Conforming to a standard of what vate. Others may consider them to is right and good for any particular be rules or doctrines of the Bible, of a human being is moral. Velma Jones religion, or faith and belief. " states that, " an individual may think Behind every great person are that moral standards are individual their morals, levels of conduct in public or in pri- Myra C Goldsho: NC;Anthoi Tistration, Fayettcvill. Early Childhood Edu UMness AdminiMration, vPurcell — Business Ad- N C , Cracie L. Randall ation, Fayetteville, N C Jarvista K. Rivers — Business Administration, Charleston, SC; Larry D. Robinson — Business Administration, Fayetteville, N,C ; Vickie L, Ro- zier — Early Childhood Education, Chadbourn, NC. lael D. Rush — Physical Educati, Wayne L. Salter - Political Sci. 1, VA , Slephone N. Sanders — Bv itration, Haines City, FL. , Adn Ne Roger W. ScotI — Bus mith, SC, Kenrick Simms — Business Adminis- tration, West Palm Beach, FL , Shelia G. Slepp — Psychology, Fayetteville, N.C, What Is Your Opinion Concerning Senator Jesse Helm ' s Comments About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? 1 do not agree with Senator Jesse to destroy a reputation, at whatever cost, world ' s greatest heroes and national fig- Helms, views concerning Dr. Martin Lu- and says more about the motives of those ures. My hypothesis is that Senator ther King, Jr., of being a Communist. who indulge in it than it does about the Helms made such a derogatory statement There is something sick about this character of the person they still despise because he did not want Congress to ap- smear campaign launched hy Senator even in death prove a holiday honoring a great Black Helms, and members of the Conserva- Those accusations by Senator Helms, Leader, tive Caucus. It betrays a desperate need are totally unfair and bias to one of the Bobby Fulton. Jr opinion Patricia A. Slocks - Reading, Lumbenon, N C , Brila L. Talley — Speech, Rockville. Md ; Barbara R. Tanner — Business Administration, Favetle- viUe. N C Bonnie D. Tavlor — Mathematics, Fayetteville NC , Sarah D. ' Thomas - Mathematics, Bunnle vel. N C , Susan J. Thornhill — Business Adminis tration. New iork, N V Janice T. Toon — Intermediate Education, More- head City, N C , Waller Troy - Economic, Wil- mington, N C ; Wendell Troy — Business Admin- Susie M. Turner — Psychology, Bladenboro, N C , Bobbie Valentine — Speech, Halifax, H C , Eman- uel Vaughn ]r, — English, Atco, NJ If You Could Implement Any Social Program On This Campus, What Would It Be And Why? Students, Faculty, and Adminis- decrease, trators need a forum in which open Better communication invariable discussions could take place. Period- produces better understanding ic meetings of this type would be thereby producing a better overall beneficial in that all groups would relationship which would benefit ev- gain increased awareness and in- eryone. stances of misunderstanding would Ronald L. Vaughn — Physical Education. Fayette- ville, N C , Daniel S. Verecn — Busine-,-. Adminis- tration Ridgevilie, SC . Isabel L. Verecn - Early Childhood Education FayelteyiUe, N.C. David E. Ward — Psychology, Sanford, N.C, Jen- nifer Warren - Early Childhood Education Golds- horo, N C , Burtlynn West — Business Adminis- tration. North Charleston, SC. Dimple White — Intermediate Education, Fayette- ville, N C , Edward Wiley — Business Administra- tion, Roxhoro. NC, Shelia Wilkins — Early Childhood Education. Wilmington, N C Vera B. Wilkins — Business Administratio Queens NY.; Victor L. Wilkins — Business A. ministration, Tarboro. N C , Dcidie L. Williams Business Administration, Winston-Salem, N C, Gail E. Williams - English, Queens, 1 N V Georgia R. Williams — Business A tion, Fayetleville, NC; Kenneth Willi. litital Science, Carlha!.e, NC Marikka Williams — Geography, Fayette NC , Crystal F. Wilson — Mathematics, Ma S C Michelle R. Wilson — Business Admini tion, Hemingway, SC What Is Your Opinion Of North CaroHna ' s Blue Law? I feel that the Blue Law is ridicu- the state ' s dividends, lous, basically because most metro- If the Blue Law was disregarded politan cities disregard this law. this would strengthen the capital of Cumberland County should be most businesses in North Carolina aware of the changing times and re- and in turn it would increase the tax- alize that the selling of goods and es for the local government services on Sunday would increase Students display thou delight at the Fraternity and Sorority blocls show during Homecoming Week Junior Class Officers Sophomore Class Officers L-R David Wellington Hodges, Vice President Catherine Cooper, SGA Representative Steven Owens, President Pamela Fulton, Secretary Norman Harlan, Assistant Tn Mr, Earl Jenkins, Adv Freshman Class Officers Officers L-R Tony Crawford, Vice President Zantra Holton, Secretary Ti Pamela York, President Jackie Clark, Parliamentari; Wesley Person, Senator Dr Robert Le Adv ' nderclassmen: Mahdmmed Al-Foraihi — Fresh: Khalid Al-Hitmi — Freshman Mohammed Al-Jiran — junior Anthony Alexander — Sophi Alpheus Allen - Freshman Belhany Allen — Sophomore Ctelis Allen - Freshman Abdulbasit Al-Shihi - Freshn Clarence Alston — Junior Russell Amos — Freshman Charles Anderson - limior Charles Anderson, jr. - Soph Derek Anderson — junio Sylvia Anderson — Fresh Cigi Andrews — Sophom Imogenc Anglin — Sophc Angela Anthony — Soph( Roderick Arhubakrr — Fresh Sylvester Arrington — Frcshi Willie Arrington. jr — Freshi Debra Artiguez — Sophomore Ann Artis — Junior Selhy Artis — Freshman Faic7 Athery — Sophomort Alma Atkinson - Frcshm. Ramona Attetberrv -- Frcs Francine A% ' erv — Ficshm.i on Freshman lines - Fre-hmar Elba Baker — Soph« Sherman Baker — Junior Timothy Baker — Sophoi Joyce Baldwin — Fi " Michelle B- " — ' Karen Ballard — Freshn Darryl Banks — Freshn Joseph Banks - ' ' Diane Barfield John Barnes — Freshm; Rodney Barnes — Freshi 2 O Q Shadrach Barrov Minnie Bartell - Leisa Bass — Junior Stephen Bates — Sophon Beulah Battle — Freshma Angela Batts Sophomo Ray Beamon — Freshmar Ignatius Beard Sophon Michael r ' Anthony Bell — Junior Christopher Bell — Fresh Mary Bell — Freshman Willie Bell - Freshman Susanne Beekman — Junio Jacqueline Bennett — Junic Shelia Bennett — Freshma Tonia Bennett - «- -l -- Linda Bennion — l-reshm; Michele Benson — Freshn Julia Bentley — Freshman » o n vl r f% O r w i4 Cc Chavi-. - Fr Urry Chavi, - li.nio, Jacqueline Chcrtv - Frcshr M.ulcChcny -- Freshman Kenneth Chcstnutt — Junic Chisholm - Junioi el Christian — Soph. Tinh Chung Freshr Duane Clark — Frcshmai Jacqi Rene Gregory Clayton — Fresh Young Clopton — Fre hn ha ciouJ r flbh - Ju.iir.r " obb --■ Freshi Cohh - Frc. s z: msmmiiB: Robert Coffin — Junior Antonio Cohen — Freshrr Kenneth Cohen — Junior Veronica Cohill — Frcthn Levern Cole — Freshman Robert Cole — Freshman Nancy Coleman — Freshn Leora Coles — Freshman Alvin Colev — Freshman Angela Collins — Sophomori Deborah Collins — Junior Ramona Conigland — Freshn Mashell Connor — Freshman Tammy Cook — Freshman Clenwood Cooper — Junic Colette Coston — Freshma Donna Cotton — Freshmai Mark Council - Sophomc Shelia Covington — Freshi us Cox — Sophomore Cox — Sophomore a Craft - Freshman ny Crawford — Fres ' ) Crawford — Fresh Karen Credle — Freshman David Crooms — Freshman kerwin Cross — Sophomore Karen Crump - Freshman Priscilla Culbreth Freshm mm Attgeu ui Bryan Gra Cassandra Gr, Derrek Graha Elaine Grahar Mary Graham - Theresa Grahan Vister Grahai Terry Gratha. Haywood Gray — Sopho Anthony Grear — Freshi Sandra Greaves — Freshi Darryl Green — Freshm )bris Greenf .erry Gre-- Mark Gre Joseph Gner Susan Griffii Karl Griffs — Freshman Annette Grimes — Freshn Robert Groom — Junior Gregory Gunn — Junior Susan Hagg — Freshman Walter Haire — Freshm, Constance Hall — Fresh Denice Hall — Sophomi Mark Hall - Freshman Sandra Hall - Junior Steve Hamilton — Soph Dianne Hammond — Ju Lydia Hamright — Junic Ida Harden - Freshma f ■ " % Tj c w -.. ip K y- } • ' -- , ' .%. • p m; i ' K -- « i r l i ■ i- ' i f ;.. P - W ' ] nm f ' m f% f? " a VXr- 1 ' u . m I! 1 1 T f I A 1 Jit- 3a Oi !!» Q : n , 4 © r f H i «i Ift nnfy f Reginald Neal — Fresh James Nelson - FrcsKtr Samuel Nelson — Sophomoi Angela Newble — Sophomo: Charlene Newkirk — Freshn John Newkirk - Freshman Nelson Nichols — Freshman Stephanie Nichols — Freshi Debora Nicholson — Freshi Angela Nixon - Freshman Roderick Norris - Sophom Shirley Norris — Freshman xy Norton — Freshman rrence Norville — Freshn • 1 Oliver - Freshman -:ance Owens — Freshn ?n Owens — Freshman Shawn Pauling — Fr Tejwana Payne - Fr Cathy Pearsall — Junior Wanda Pegues — Freshn Virgil Pender — Junior Brenard Penn — Freshmai Bernis Pennington — Sop m i r» ffs ,Q i , r ttr. :r:fi: 1 o n 1 V ' I f A W :rl % - n ©I ) — ?5!S?S?5; ' tArn iPI usa f % • i A ■ " 9A ife ' wsi »., •• •, «•■,, -» , Miss Freshman, Tracy Ada Physical Education Majors L-R Grace Frye, Assistant Secretary; Darryl Mason, President. Cynthia McRae, Vi, President Mr Raymond McDougal. Ad Day Student Association 9 Front Row L-R Darryl Murray, Debbie Meekins. Cheryl Brown, Genevieve Jones, Beverly Williams, Wanda Smith, Cynthia Powell, Miche McLaurin, Quinlon Smith, Michelle Dillion Back Row — L-R John McNeil, Steven Owens, Darryl Merritt, Marion Crowe, Jr,. Howard Seidner, Nero Coleman. L-R John McNeil: Senator, Wanda Smith; Miss Day Student, Quint. Parliamentarian, Steven Owens, Treasurer Smith: Vice-President, Beverly Williams: President, Michelle Dil Mr Frederick Yo Science Club Kneeling L-R Sandra Barnes, Dianna Coopet. Lon Blactmon 2nd Row L-R Minnie Ragland, Wanda Kendrick. Irish Sledge, Loretta Daniels, Louise Driver, Sarah Thomas, Shelia Johnson, Charles R.chards Ar.el Daniels 3rd Row L-R Thomas Thompson. Myra Peterson, Belh Allen, Faith Falconhridge, Pat Sutton, Pamela Livingston, Toddy Brown Officers L-R Ariel Daniels, President, Lon Blackmon, Treasurer; Sarah Thomas, Seer tary, Louise Driver, Vice President Dr Harriett Howard, Advi. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT 1 : ' fi iy- ' ' - rA ' L-R Eleanor McKoy, DrucilU Hadden, Georgia Williams, Trisha Star- Alicia Meadows, Enitan Kalejaiye, Romonda Howard, Concetta Burns, ling-Chain, Patricia Fonville, Dr. Alvin F, Anderson, Valerie Woodard, Genevieve Normand, Elizabeth Jefferson, 3rd Row Mike Michaels, Carmoleta Jackson, Sharon Jones, Magdalene Poindexler — 2nd Row — Ade-Collins Ejiofor, Paul Walters, Victoria Warren, Julius Brown, Bry- Reginald McLamb, Roger Mclvin, Howard Jones, Michelle Wilson, an Hindle, Kenrick Simms, Ronald Mclntyre, Debra Meekins Officers — L-R Howard R Jones, ( Meekins, Secretary, Pat son. Vice President Me Enitan Kalejaiye, Senati Walter ibershic of Board, Reginald McLamb, President, Debra Vice President Publications, Elizabeth Jeffer- Valerie Woodard, Vice President Promotions; The purposes of this Society is: through research, discussion, publication, and other appropriate means to conduct and promote scientific study of the principles governing organized effort in industrial and economic life including both labor and manage- ment; and to impart to the public information concerning these principles and their various applications for the general better- ment of society. ? Woodard, Miss Society for the Adv Dr Alvin F Ande ent of Manage- SOCIOLOGY CLUB L-R Jethro Boyd, Eric Greene, Debbie Parks, Jacqueline Bennett, Boris Murray L-R Jethro Body, Parlimentarian; Jacqueline Bennett, President, Mary Marlowe, Secretary; Eric Greene, Treasurer Dr Ella Keller, Advi ' Pre-Medical Club L-R Richard Douglas, Ida Harden, O J. Bradshaw, L: Psychology Club ©.1 . L-R 1st Row Benjamin Cathey, Everett Mitchell, Shelia Stepp, Evette Davis. Larry Bio L-R 2nd Row Jethro Boyd II, David Bain, David Ward, Judy Ikard, Doris Aiken, Dr, John Chambers Adv Back Row John Cole L-R 1st Row Shelia Stepp, Miss Psychology; Doris Aiken, Assistant Secretary; Evette Davis, Treasurer; Judy Ikard, Assistant Tri L-R 2nd Row Everett Mitchell. Vice President; Larry Blossom, President International Students Standing L-R Indies, Richai Seated: Stever •Collins Ejiofor, Nigeria, West Africa; Manie Fraihi, Arabia; S. Joseph Kateuviba, Uganda, West Africa Gwe ennes, I , L.bena West Africa; Velma Jones, Antigua, West Indies; Julius Musungu, Kenya, East Afr.ca kungu, Uganda, East Africia; Enitan Kale|aiye, Nigeria, West Africa ■th Jones, Antigua, West Mr Harold Nixon, Advi. I MATH CLUB Kneeling - John Sttadford l5t Row L-R Roza Murchison, Geneieve Jones, Dianna Coope Sonja Thomas, Sandra Chisholm 2nd Row L-R Darvin Greene, LaWana Carson, Jeanette Baker, Jam« Dav.s, Jasper James L-R Dianna Cooper, President; Sonja Thomas, Vice Presi- dent; Sandra Chisholm, Miss Math Club; James Davis, Secre- Dr. Carl C Hughes, Adv COLLEGIATE FELLOWS L-R Jasper James, Jeanetle Baker, Maricia Yarboro, Vanessa Brown, Cassandra Lowery, Andre McCn ...,. ij .. •»«»» o:... 9 ,.r...«« -r illlfliiK ' » ' L-R Jasper James, Jeanette Baker, Marcia Yarboro, Vanessa Brown, Cassandra Lowery, Andre McCn Ms Dorothy C Moore, Adviser Fellowship Of Christian Students 1st row L-R Donald Smith. Evelyn Lanier, Mike McClammy, Lisa Brown, Back row L-R Anthony Hedgepelh, Thomas Wilson, Marvin Steele, Irving Linda Von Tress, Jackie Foye, Bernaidene Peterson, She lia Johnson, Den- R Drake, Steele Hamilton, Yuvonne Robinson, Alice Marie Lewis, Melvin nis Milliard, Justine Hilliard, Beverly Smith, Elder Michael A. Christian, C. Parks, Joseph J. Ham Minister Darnell Bennett ART CLUB ■ ' W-t ' l r ' %! ' ' Front Row L-R Alexander K, Thomas, Jr Marikka Williams, Ros a Ann Davis J. ' ■ ' -St ' ' ' ' Jacqueline Farrior, Reuben TuU, Joseph Banks, Back Row L-R Millon Manning Albert Warfield-Craha Alexander Thomas, Jr. Vice President, Rosa Ann Davis, Secretary, Reuben Tull, Treasurer; Joseph Banks, President Mr Syed M Yunus, Adv L R Marion Crowe, Jr , Clifford Duncan, Editfi McCrimmon, Genevieve Jones, Linda Von Tress, Wendy McGill, Top L-R Micfiael Caddy, Brenda Poole, Cheryl Brown, Eric Majette, Emanuel Vaughn, Manuel Hoy, Jimmie Brunson L-R Genevieve Jones, Managing Editor and Eman- uel Vaughn, Editor of the Voice discuss layouts for the newspaper Ms Lenita Freeman, Adv Accounting Association L-R Martha Lockley, Howard Jones, Georgia Willi L-R Michelle Wikon, Anthony Alexander, Ccnevii s, Ronald Breaker Normand, Bryan Hindle Michelle Wilson, Secretary, Howard Mr Israel Rwejuna, Adv Political Science Club LR Timothy Burns, Evelyn Joyner, Johnny Richards, Brenda Bush. Wanda Sutton. Trudy Hannon, Dr Beeman Patterson, Joseph Banks Officers; Joseph Banks, President. Wanda Sutton, Secretary; Johnny Richards, Vice President Dr Beeman Patterson, Adviser tl Cooperative Education students working with the Department of the Navy in Standing beside the Cooperative Education Coordi Washington. D.C. Left-Right: Deatrice Patterson, Jacqueline Daves, Ehzabeth Willie Whitehead- Willie Whitehead did his co. Jefferson. Department of the Navy in Lemoore, California. alor, Mrs. Barbara Jones, is perative training with the What Is Cooperative Education? Cooperative Education is an educational program that inte- Through the Cooperative Education Program students are grates on-campus classroom study with off-campus work ex- placed in jobs which relate to their major area of study. The perience. Students enrolled in the Cooperative Education Pro- program is designed to assist students in developing self- gram alternate between periods of study at the University and confidence, maturity and in making the transition from cam- periods of employment with business, government and non- pus life to the world of work, profit organizations. Fellowship Of Future Scientist L-R Wayne Wilhams. Ornn Loflin, Sylvia Johnson, Kenneth Campbell. Michael Mac key Officers L-R Ornn Loftm, President Sylvia Johnson, Secretary Kenneth Campbell, Vice Preside Michael Mackey, Parlimentarian Dr Matthew Edwards, Adviser Chemistry Club L-R Front Row - Steve Mukungu, President; John Suedbeck, Vice President Dr Maya Gangul. L-R Second Row — Dr Robert Higgins, Dr Atu Ayuk, Adviser. Dr Mary Atwater, Dr James Will Young Democratics Kneeling: L-R Darvin Greene, Steve Owens Standing L-R Tony Sellats, Doretha Washington, Robin Williams, Timothy Bur; Simmons, Tronnie Williams Stephanie Latkin, Sheila Kornegay, Renee Clark, Wolita L-R Mr Milton Yarboro, Adviser, Michael Caddy, Cheryl Griffin, Gary Snapp, Johnny Kinlock, Mr Sylvester Washington Hood Hall Association L-R Rena Johnson, President, Dejlriie Patterson, Vice President; Cynthia McRae, Secretary, Flora Collins. Treasurer, Concetta Assistant Secretary L-R Rena Johnson. Deatrac Patterson, Cynlh.a McRae, Flora Collins. Concetta 116 Ms Cathennc Powell, Supervi? Career Information Day The Career Planning and Placement Office under the direction of Mr. Milton Yarboro invited organizations and representatives from several businesses and retail stores to inform the students of the possibility of a job with their company. Vance Hall Association Darrell Stewart, Clarence Harrison, Martin Rick? Mr Wardcll Townsend, Sup Mr, James Florence, Supervi Gregory Douglas, President Joyner Hall Association New Residence Association L-R Tammic Little, Treasurer, Terry Wingate. PreMdent, MachiUe Williams, Assistant Secretary ' ' ' wmmm IK ' i lilif ilill iilVi m ' Ml ita Talley, Vice Presiderit Ms, Janie Nettles, Supe Harris Hall Association President Stephanie Larkin, President Ms- Flora Anthony, Superv Veterans Club John McNeil, President; Howard Seidner, Senator; Dwight Vincent. Senator; Roscoe Killett, Vii President; Nero Coleman, Member. Ms Lois Miles. Adviser Smith Hall Association LaWana Carson, President; Wendy Haynes, Treasurer; Betty Dunn, Secretary; Linda Holden, Miss Smith Ha Ms, Annre Burke, Super ' Fellowship Of Christian Students ' Drama Production The Rapture Count Dracula Fayetteville State University ' s students were thrilled Halloween night when the Drama Guild pre- sented the modern day drama ver- sion of Count Dracular with Mr. Elliott Moffitt, Speech and Drama teacher, directing and playing the lead role of the villianous Count Dracula. The cast, which was rela- tively inexperienced, consisted of Florence Smith as Lucy Westenra; Linda Johnson as Sybil Seward; Larry Hilton as Hennessey; James Barnhart as Doctor Arthur Seward; Arlington Briggs, Jr. as the insane Renfield; Martin Rayner as Wes- ley; William Skelton, II as Jona- than Harker, the hero; Larell Hig- ginbotham as Mina and Michael O ' Donnell as Professor Heinrick Van Helsing. The three act play was written by Ted Tiller. I ' Gospel Choir ! ' i!tTif » L-R Wendy Haynes. Valerie Bratts, Sandra Elliott, Michelle McLaurin, Bernadelte Futrell, Lisa Autry. Cynthia McLaurin, Deni Hessell, Mirando Morgan. Shirlene McKoy, Deborah Ryals, Kesoundra Terry. L-R (Kneeling) Kennedy Allen. Ervin Mills. Orlando Rone. Kennard Houpe, Claude Suggs. Michael Chase. Raeford Melton. ■mei Officers L-R Raeford Melton. President; Orlando Rone. Vi. Michelle McLaurin, Assistant Secretary; Michael Cha and Miss FSU Gospel Choir; Wendy Haynes. -President. Bernadelte Futrell. Parli, ■. Parliamentarian; Sandra Elliott. Tre. arian. Kennedy Alle . Deborah Ryals. Pari Dr Augustus J Pe, Adv Z$B A$A fi O KA As its title indicates, the Pan-Hellenic Council is a coordinating body which consists of Greek Let- tered Sororities and Fraternities. The council was organized in May, 1930 at Howard University in Washington, D.C. The major purposes of the Council are to coordi- nate Greek activities, to avoid activity conflicts; to perpetuate a wholesome cohesiveness between Greek Organizations; and to serve as a disciplinary and policy-making body for members of the Greek system. Members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council are: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Delta Alpha Chapter Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Epsilon Zeta Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority: Delta Xi Chapter Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; Epsilon Beta Chapter Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Delta Gamma Chapter Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity; Phi Chapter Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority; Epsilon Beta Chapter Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; Omega Beta Chapter AKA A2e 2rp $B2 Dr. Irving Veazie, Adviser Omega Psi Phi Fraternity %h L-K James Jones. Bas.leus; Darvin Green. Vice Basileus; James Bullard, Keeper Top-Bottom Ralph Williams. Myron Williams, Ja of Finance; Kenrick Simms, Keeper of Records and Seals; Ralph Williams, Simms, Darrell Sheperd, Micheal Randell, Darvin Gn Chaplin L-R Ralph Williams, Darvin Green, Micheal Randell, Myron Williams, Kenrick Simms, Darrell Sheperd, James Bullard, James Jo Mr. Gerard Winfrey, Advi. f Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Officers — L-R Tony Owens, Michael Best, Treas David Moody, Vice President; Reginald Hobbs, Pn dent. Jasper James, Secretary Kneeling L-R Barbara Shaw I Standing L-R Bobbie Valentin. Adviser; Natalie Blanding, Ba •tte Baker, Grammateus; idiileus; Cena Hood, Mrs. Catherine Thompson, ;sa Lewis, Miss Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and 1st Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Zeta Phi Beta is a Greek-Lettered College Sorority which was organized at Howard University on January 16, 1920. The objectives of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority are finer womanhood, sisterly love, and scholarship. These objec- tives have brought together women from all parts of the United States and Africa. These women have similar po- tentialities for highest attainments, and similar desires for concentrated action. Such similarities will result in removing or blocking movements intended to retard the growth and progress of the group of women, especially in the field of academic and literary attainments. The Soror- ity has the unique characteristic of being the only soror- ity to have true Brothers — The Phi Beta Sigma Fraterni- ty- ■ ' USZ 13J L-R Theresa Lewis. Natalie Blanding Mrs. Catherine Tho L-R Miss Zeta Phi Beta, Theresa Lew,. ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY L-R Reggie Williams, Jethro Boyd, Mario Owens. Manuel Blackmon, Eric Majette Jethro Boyd, Manuel Blackmon, Eric Majette, Mano O ' Capt Howard Swims, Adv KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY Seated L-R Darryl Merntt. Wayne Salter, Rayford Moore, Johri Coleman Standing L-R Hosea Henderson, Carlton Cunningham, Stanley Singleton, Jeffery Cooper, Johnny Kinlock, Larry Peterson, Robert O ' Neal 1 u. .. i E ■1 , ' ' m Seated Stanley Singleton, Vice Polemarch; and Larry Pe- terson, Polemarch; , L-R Standing — Johnny Kinlock, Keeper of Exchequer. Darrvl Merntt, Johnny Coleman, Carlton Cunningham. Reporter, Back Row L-R — Rayford Moore, Jeffery Cooper. Wayne Salter. Keeper of Records; Robert O ' Neal, Lieutenant Stra- eies; Hosea Henderson Dr Clarence White, Adv Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Chcryll McDougal Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Ist Row — L-R Mary Graham, Bonita Stephens 2nd Row — L-R Deatrice Patterson, Sandra Chisholm, Brita Talley, Cassandra Lowery, Dianna Cooper, Ruth Merritt, and Cynthia Mo L-R Dianna Cooper, Epistoltus, Paihamentarian, Sandra Chisholm, Assistant of Pledgees; Deatrice Patterson, Tamiouchos: Brita Talley, Dean of Pledgees; Cynthia Moore, Miss AKA, Crammateus; Ruth Merritt, Anti-Basileus; Ms. Carrie Stokes, Adviser; Cassandra Lowery, Basileus More Than Just A Homecoming Day Homecoming weekend did not con- sist only of Friday night ' s pep rally, Saturday ' s football game and dance. On the contrary! It was a time for alumni to get together and reminisce. It was a time to remember the trauma of leaving school. There is nothing compared with homecoming and the meeting of old friends. All the other events were fine; however, when the novelty wore off the friends were still there. Finally, after all was said and done, leaving friends behind, funny how blurry a windshield can be on a sunny day at Fayetteville State University. Jerry Beatty, foi visiting student sm Jones Student Centi Fayetteville Slate University Student Government Association President and a e and socialize at the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity plot located outside the Rudolph Cocoa Phi Cocoa Social Fellowship galhe Some members of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity and Zeta Phi _ Beta Sorority gather around the plot to watch a step show performed by their brothers. Former and present Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority ' joy a chance to chat and talk about old times. L-R Michael Bryant and Thurman Whitted return to chat with the brothers and sisters of the Phi Beta j Sigma Fraternity and Zeta Phi Beta Beta Sorority. FSU Marching Bronco Band L-R Cherise Smith. Jean McCorm.ck. Bobbie Valentine, Barbara Strong- L-R (Standing) Renee Kelly, Victoria Fullei, I ' .uli,, K.nv, L-R (Second Row) Tracy Shine, Donna Nobles, Levette Wilkes, Stephanie Perry, L-R (Bottom) Janice Gaines, Cynthia Bacon, Shelia Martin, L-R (Standing) M, Ronald Richie (Kneeling) L-R Rayford Mel lels, Ralph Williams. Patricia Mai Kelly hall Mack. John Hannah. Greg Brute Wayne Bethea. James Da , Steve McMiUian, Tony L-R (Standing) Leondriss Williams. Barry Thompson. Igna- tious Beard. Ricky McCaskill. Anthony Hunter. Marion Coe, Charles Ervin. Rodney Hughes, Gary McCrary, Paul Halsey. L-R (Standing) Garrett Davis, Paris Lamb. Carol Bowdet Celette Lusby, Irene Childs, Michael Alexander, Mitche Howey- (Kneeling) L-R Barbara Stevenson, Sydney Dixon, Veronic Cohill. Christopher Fleetwood. GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA SERVICE SORORITY L-R Angela Foye, Jane Moore. Pam Jones, Delores Parke L-R Delores Parker, President; Pam Jones, Vice President, Jane Moore, Treasurer; Angela Foye, Public Relati. Ms Relha Lindsey, Adviser I Cocoa Phi Cocoa Social Fellowship Mr. Jerry Williams, Adv FSU Marching Bronco Band Officers Directors Officers L-R Rayford Melton, Treasurer; Michael Alexander, President; Vilclci Watson, Reporter; Celette Lusby, Secretary; Marshall Mack, Parliamentarian; Ricky Morgan; An- Mr David Leeelte, Assistant Director ALPHA PHI OMEGA SERVICE FRATERNITY L-R Isl Row — Lu Pulley, Henry Brown, Richard Goodwin L-R 2nd Row — Arthur Hayes, Michael Ratliff, Bruce Burge, Michael Clark, Reginald Woolen, Darryle Coe LeVorn Coe, Horace Townsend, Cecil Woolen LeVorn Coe, President, Richard Goodwin, Vice President, Horace Townsend, Sgl of Arms, Arthur Hayes, Asst Dean of Pledgees, Darryle Coe, Treasurer, Reginald Wooten, Dean of Pledgees Mr Walter Johnson, Advif The l ' 83-84 edition of Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges will carry the names of thirty-eight students from Fayetteviile State University who have been select- ed as being among the country ' s most outstanding campus lead- ers. The campus nominating committee and the annual directory of Who ' s Who Among American Universities and Colleges have included the names of these students based on their academic achievements, service to the community, leadership in extracurri- cular activities and future potential. They join an elite group of students selected from more than 1000 institutions of higher learning in all fifty states, the District of Columbia and several foreign nations. Outstanding students have been honored in the annual Who ' s Who directory since it was first published in 1934. Elizabeth Alaniz Member of Kappa Delta Pi Honoi Society J Member ol Prr-M.Ju.il Club Soenie Club Alpha Kappa Mu Honor bociety Nathan Bowcn Member of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Soclelv Ac-ounling ( luh Nahonal A ,ninlin ; ( hih Glenwood Cooper Member of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Sheha Furrcll Member of Kappa Delta Pi Honor Soi.etv Student National tduiation A-MHiation Evelvn Gatoa Member of Kappa Delta Tl Honor SiKietv Werner Cunzcnhauser Member of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Souety Genevi Editor, The Vo Member of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Mathematics Club Samuel Harris Member of Arnold Air Society AFROTC Flight Commander Howard Jones Member of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Deha Mu Delta Honor Society Accounting Club Society for Advancement of Veterans Club Phi Beta Lambda Katherine Marable Member of Kappa Delta Pi Honoi Society % Sandra Miller Member of Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society Committee for Curriculum Task Force Richard MtClain Member of Investment Club Commander of AFROTC Steven Mukungu Member of Chemistry Club International Students Science Club ■J Student Senate A .■ •., Sarah Tho Member of Residence Assistant Science Club Chairman of Judiciary Board - Hood Hall Roza Murchison Member of Mathematics Club Deputy Commander of AFROTC Bobbie Valentine Member of Zcta Phi Beta Sorority Fayetteville State Univets: tail Williams Member of: Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society John Westinghouse Member of: Physical Educati. Major Club Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society •T. -w ' m w L-R Gler Thornhil vQod Cooper. Hermjinc Dunk, Werner Cunzcnhjuser, Howard Jones Jacq Ndlhan Bowen, Jr nnelt, Genevieve Jones, L.sa Macliwinen, Su Dr Roherl Lemons, Adv PHI BETA LAMBDA HONOR SOCIETY Fir-l Row Top lo Bottom Donald E Jones, Jerome Wagnet, Jr , Deidre Williams, Barbara L Shaw, Pam L Jones, Alen., Meado- Second Row Top to Bottom Dennis L. Johnson, Victoria Warren. Concetta Burns, Howard R Jones, Patricia Fonvillc, Kim Cur Myra Pridgen Dr Robert Wrislev, Advl- Mrs Marv Wrislev, Advr ' With many things lo do, Wil Student Center Nixon finds lime to occupy the telephone in the Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society NEW INDUCTEES Front: Evelyn Garcia, Diann Newell, Patricia Ann Stocks, G vere C, Parker ne C Smith, Deborah H Bailey, Stephanie Richards, Dorothy G, Moore, Michael T. Mozingo The Cheslnutt Library oilers .in jlmosphere ol pe.ne .md rel.i Aubrey, Sirealer, |e.inelle Baker and Fleltbir Pollard enjoy spcndmK llierr the Student Ce University ' s Jazz Ensemble 1 n 1 ll fa ' ' J al H B r mSsar ' v ¥! U 9 ' 1 " •BpS m k Br¥i 1 fI r i. ||q|j 2, ' S rd t ' ' f U ' J m —f f i f i ii -I Tht Faycllivilli ' btjn Ln.viiMlv . Jj . ' tnscmhic perform during ihe VVootcn. Tub,, Trumpit L R Sieve McMilljn, Tonv D Kellv, Tjnva SiMv-lh.rJ Annual Conference of ihe North Carolina A !.oeiation of Watson. Drums. Bai L Center - Garv McCrav, Guitar left - Phil Colleges and Universities Ensemble members Saxophones L-R Pascal Cathcy, Bass Guitar, left — Darryl Bell and Director (front) Mr Lee Priest, Ronald Turner, Dwaync Wise, Garret Davis. Mitchell Howcv; David Lcgette Trombones L-R Remnald Neal, Ralph Williams, Archie Williams. Cecil L-R Garret Davis, Cecil Wootcn, Phil Cathey. Steve McMillan, Darryl Bell and Dwayne Wise relax after their perfon Fayetteville State University Cheerleaders Members of the Bronco Cheerleader Squad: L-R First Row — Mercedes Lassiter, Venevia Springs. Sh, Carter, Regina Bl 2nd Row L-R Jaclsie Claris. Barbara Smith. Pamela York — 3rd Row L-R — Brenda Dove, Shelia Brook LaDonna Leemore. Jonathan Crossling, J who would want to get in front of a stadium full of people and jump around and dance and scream their heads off? The Bron- co ' s Cheerleaders, That ' s Who. The Bronco cheerleaders performed well during the season and their attitudes gave " school spirit " a true meaning as they displayed their grace, agility and earth shattering yells. Our cheerleaders are dedicated athletes and their emotions are al- ways high through hard times as well as the good times. PP9 " R " IPP Air Force ROTC Alpha Flight Samuel Harris, Flighl Co m m. 1 ' - -i }ii tmmstm fi % f a fri Bravo Flight Michael MiKn.ght, Flight Commande Chaihe Flight Muhael Walden, Flight Commande r Delta Flight Elton Boney, Flight Commande Corp Staff L-R 1st Row — Richard McClain, Orrin Loftin, Larrell Hig- ginbotham, Dwayne Wise L-R 2ncl Row — Randy Curtis, Derick Smith, Michael Wor- rell, Darryl Wilson. Gary Snapp, Group Commander Larell Higginbotham count cadence for Fayetleville State University ' s Air Force Detachment representatives as they Hypnotist, magician, comedian and singer. Bill Clary was one of the few entertainers that held the students attention for about two hours in Seabrook Auditorium. Mr. Clary per- formed on the campus in November and the students, faculty and staff enjoyed his versa- tile entertainment. What the university family enjoyed most was the role they played in his perormance, either directly or indirectly. David Oliver was shocked when Mr. Clary and Brenda Dove pulled the brassiere from his shirt, (center-left) and Tracy McGuire was really thrilled when Mr. Clary showed her a new way to remove her shirt (center-right). Wanda Smith learned what it was like to be sawed in half (bottom-left). Lyceum Programs A new star on the horizon, Marilyn Thompson is quickly gaining recognition for her accomplish- ments as a vocal performer. Her lyric soprano voice has been acclaimed for its beauty, clarity, and personality. Marilyn Thompson Sunday, Oct. 9, 1983 6:00 P.M. Rosenthal Choir Room c ) DC o LU " D OC m D DD h- O LU President of the Fayetteville State University National Alumni Association and Elementary Supervisor for Fayetteville City Schools. Jeannette Council Tuesday, Sept. 17, 1983 2:00 P.M. Seabrook Auditorium Prutesbui ul bui..iulogy, Department of Sociology, Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science, New School for Social Research, New York. Stanford Morris Lyman Tuesday, March 13, 1984 2:00 P.M. Seabrook Auditorium Robert Martin Feb 1-24, 1984 9:00-4:00 P M. Rosenthal Building Lyceum Programs — Con ' t " Sometimes I Find It Hard To Sing And Dance " , is a variety show with a unique theatrical format that in two hours transmits revelant historical data or black American through their profound cultural evolution. " Sometimes I Find It Hard To Sing And Dance " Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1984 7:30 P.M. Seabrook Auditorium Intensive training in acting, playwriting, technical theatre, and theatre management. Students plan and execute sets, costumes, props and lighting under the critical eye of experienced faculty. Shaw Players Company In My Father ' s House Tuesday, Feb. 9, 1984 7:30 P.M. Seabrook Auditorium STUDENT CENTERS HALLOWEEN PARTY A sight to behold ' Brenda Smith, Ginger Miles, and Veronica Hen- ry displays then fashions as they participate in the HalL tivities. Franklin Young, Sherma Greg Douglas and Dwayr enjoy the sights at the H party given by the Rudolph J Student Center in the Multi-P pos. Thanksgiving Party Our blessing, we cannot forget. The students at Fayetteville State University were given a Thanksgiving Party courtesy of Ruciolph Jones Student Center Staff. In many ways, those who attended gave thanks to the university and showed their gratitude to the Student Center Staff and all those terrific student volunteers. We say keep up the good work and THANKS Student Center Annual Christmas Party The annual Student Center Christmas Party was held Deceniber 13, 1983 in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Student Center. This affair was well attended by the stu- dents and staff. The Student Center held the Christmas Party as a time when it was really appreciated and enjoyed by the stu- dents who were taking final examinations and gave them time to relax and prepare themselves for the next examination. They were allowed to select their favorite records from the juke box provided by the Student Center. The menu consisted of: cheese balls, pea- nuts, Christmas candy, crackers, ham, bolo- gna, cheese snaps, hot sausage, fruit cock- Sm aSk Student Center Christmas Party Con ' t 1-2 Year Olds, Ms. Linda Robinson, Teacher Shira McDonald LeMar McNeil Destiny Moses Timothy Norwood Tanisha Reynolds 1-2 Year Olds, Ms. Sandra Morrisey Steven Hedgepeth Kimya McKetha Stephen Morgan Anthony Strayho Infants, Ms. Celia Fulton Ms. Betty McMillian, Teachers ■ ' t - •l. M Desiree Covington Tiffannie Crawford - K 2-3 Year Olds Ms. Irene Kirk Ms. Joyce Baldwin Teachers Seated: L-R Steve King, Marcus Smith, Desi Custard, Rico McD ougald, Petina Cloud, Krystal Byrd, Romney Martin 2nd Row L R Kenyetia Owens, Justin Grant, Jerren Davis, Taretta Smith, Ivan Brooks, Rashema Freeman 3rd Row L-R Temu|in Jacobs, Jasun Thompson, Aaron Pierce, Dennis Best, Bo Motley 3 Year Olds Ms. Evelyn Reeves, Teacher Wwgjljb Seated: L-R Michelle Taylo 2 H James, Gregory Hines, Dra L ■F 5 Standing 1st row L-R Vale I5j r 1 ington, Carl Griffin, Booki tIP Graham, Mark Thompson y . 2nd Row L-R Frank McNeill Jf ' ' Morris Bishop Ed ' Douglas McNeill. d Timmons, Robyn pka Harley, Justin Dunn y Williams, Sabrina Ell- than Armstrong, Robert Geralde Copeland, Tameka Kennedy, 4-5 Year Olds Ms. Rosa D. Lyons, Teacher Seated: L-R Akilah Scott, Cicily Spencer, Mishonda Newman, Meta Barham 2nd Row L-R Angel McCoy, Yolanda Little, Latoya Garner, Kisha Fisher, Carol Hayes 3rd Row L-R Christopher Capel, Nicole Sanders, Jason Williams, Rike- sia Boone ' Iff-I ' . " - Ms. Rosa D. Lyons ' s Class Con ' t Seated, L-R James Thompson, Eduardo Cram Mia Perry. Ervir Robinson Carlos Fowler Standing, L-R Terrell Carner, Onequa Cam, Aviva Dunbar, Re gan Wright, Natasha Gray, Jason Parham, Kuan Reid Ms. Faye Gabriel Ms. Andrea Hill Teachers , Ivenzie McElv iGraha Seated L-R Joi Bras Chalmers, vette Brooks Seated L-R 2nd Row — Jesse Jackson, Misty Carter, Byron Crowe, Eboni Goode Seated L-R 3rd Row — VVilbert Davis, Russell Simpson, Lvnita Johnson Bvran Judd Michelle Harris, David Best, Le.Andra Green Standing L-R Michael Wolfe, Trish Brewington, Gene Gray NaNiesha Cloud, Shavna Waites. Joshua Smith. Avesha Mintor Jevon Peterson. Krvstal Hendley. Kiari Best Mrs Evelyn Reeves E.irly Childhood Center students pose tor a pholoj: stdtt o; the Student Cent. At FayetteviUe State University, young students enter to learn, but learning goes beyond the classroom. A very exciting and colorful part of their education process is learning to be creative. Future students of FayetteviUe State University display their creativity before their parents, friends, faculty and staff during the Chancellor ' s Annual Christmas Program. During the conclusion of the program Ms. Irene Kirk and Santa Claus, Mr. Fredrick Young, Jr., (bottom left) give Christmas treats to a group of children. ir- • « •Os Nil - ■.W■ ' ■ Sunny, Bui Cold Day on Fayetteville Stale s campus Whether it is rainy or sunny, students still come to relax in the Student Center Carl Daniels, playing before tho first quarter of their defensive ; of Winston-Sale The Broncos were well prepared as they entertained the Rams of Winston-Salem and their chance for a homecoming victory was not settled until the final play of the game. The Rams emerged fired up, but the Broncos quickly put out the smoke and the game was deadlocked at 13-13 The Broncos were concentrating on victory number two against the CIAA top ranked Southern Division leader. Both teams struggled offensively as the game dispersed into a defensive war. However, it was not the running of Ram ' s Leonardo Horn or the defensive play of the Broncos that was the turning point of the game; it was the inability of both team ' s kicking specialist to convert the extra point and field goal that caused the game to end in a " photo finish. " Carl Daniel had a chance to give the Broncos a 14-13 advantage but missed the extra point following a 65 yard touchdown pass by Kevin Wardlaw to Moses Ford. Ram ' s Ronald Bethune missed a tougher back with eleven seconds in the game when he missed a 22 yard field goal. A beaten team that would not die is a team that will not be beaten appears to the mind of junior quarterback Sylvester Robinson during the Rams and Br homecoming game. Freshman running hack Tyrone Currence (30) picks up yardage hehind all CIAA offensive guard senior Tyrone Kelley (Bl) againsl Morris Brown in the The Broncos premired the season opener with a tough, defensive battle against the Wolverines of Morris Brown. The Broncos lead 10-3 going into the final quarter and the victory seemed almost assured. However, an offensive lapse by the Broncos in the last ten minutes of the game allowed Morris Brown to tie the score. After several exchanges at mid-field and a ten yard punt by Bronco Terry Green, which gave the Wolverines good field position. Morris Brown was bale to control the ball for the final six minutes of the final quarter. With thirteen seconds left in the game Wolverines ' Carl Raynor climaxed the hard fought defensive struggle with a 10 yard field goal. Morris Brown 13 — Broncos 10. Defensive backs Ken tvlcRae (58) and Marty Ricks (23) lis Robert Pulliam provides the Broncos with needed instruc 5 •TN tight end Moses Ford evades two Eagles defende attempt to grab . With the resurrection of their running and defense game, the Broncos were looking for an upset against North CaroHna Central Univer- sity but fell short of their goal as a determined Eagle squad stopped the Broncos 26-20. Freshman running back, Ben Knox rushed for 184 yards and two touchdowns as the of- fensive unit rolled up 410 yards total offense, 355 yards rushing. A 90 yard kick off return by Eagles Rodney Rivers broke a 20-20 tie to put an end to the Broncos dream of an upset. The Broncos dominated the Eagles through- out the game with their running attack, how- ever, dropped passes and interceptions proved to be their downfall. The Eagles halted a final Bronco drive with 57 seconds left in the game with an interception by Eagles ' William Wal- lace. Senu,, Jjnu- Jc runr„ng hack „ .ind sophuniLiif Kunald Mdntyre. detens le Broncos 13-10 season opener loss BRONCO FOOTBALL SCHEDULE (1983) Football — 1983 Injuries and bad luck saddled the Broncos football team with a 1-8-1 record, overshadowing its performance as one of the greatest running teams in the Broncos football history. The Broncos broke five school records. Three of the new marks were team records. Ben Knox, a freshman running back from Georgetown, South Carolina rushed for 184 yards, a new mark for freshman backs. The team set new marks for most yardage, single game 497; most first downs rushing 27; most rushing attempts 86; most plays, single game 91; Tyrone Currence and Ben Knox set another record when together, they ran for 215 yards against Bowie State. The 1983-84 Bronco Basketball team, kneeling left-right: John Sylvester. Eric Green, Derick Sheffield, Doug Singleton, Sylvester Arrington, Eddie Goode — Back row, left-right: Willie Arrington, Darryl Banks, Willie Robinson, William Person, Edward James, Mike Branyen, Reuben Fenner, Frank Harrington Fifth year Mentor Jake Ford. Co-captains for the Bronco Senic liam Person. rd Doug Singleton and senior center Wil defender Irys to Li muHitu H K fl Spin on your bjik ' and then fr( Up ' Upl And away. nr ff Oops, I forgot the ball! Smurf thdt hall Smurf Samuel (Doc) Nelson makes a ho o The Bioncoettes 1983-84 basketball team Seated left-righl: Verna Monroe, Frankie McDonald, Janice Turner, Alma Atkinson. Cindy Brown, and Li! Green second row kneeling, left to right: Janice Johnson, Joyce Vaughn, Aniska Butler. Lisa Turner, Staretha Ferguson. Denise Madison, and Jeanni Jean-Pierre third row, left to right: coach Carolyn Rice, Earlene Hughey. manager. Sahrina Barnes. Annette Faulcon, Sharon Jones. Darleen Thoma Dimple White and coach Mary Lamb. Joyce Vaughn, sophomore guard Lisa Turner. Joyce Vaugh and Annette Faulcon co-captains for the I Sharon Lumpkin (32) reach for a loose hall. ttes attempts to keep Lady Panthers ft. Two drops in the bucket ' Number J2, your prayers i No Points! red. Sorry, ■ Forward. Annette Fdulcon, co-captain, averaged six re- bounds and seven points per game for the Broncoetles, Stop it if you can Forward, Lisa Turner, co-captain, gave the Broncoeltes the additional strength under the basket The 1083 Broncoettes Volleyball Team, second plai Nellie King, Coach Mary " Honey " Lamb. Second • CI AA tournament. Front row, L-R Staretta Ferguson, Delori ow, L-R Earlene Hughley, Joycelyn Miller, Lorretla Harvard _ JtB A glance at the way the Broncoettes conducted their practice sessions was an indication that this years team planned to accomplish something. In the ClAA Women ' s Volleyball Tournament held in Norfolk, Virginia, the Broncoettes finished in second place behind defend- ing champions Saint Augustine ' s Col- lege. In tournament play they defeated Hampton Institute 15-3, 15-11; Shaw University 15-4, 15-7; and lost to Win- ston Salem State University 8-15, 13-15, 18-16. However in the rematch with the Lady Rams of Winston Salem the Bron- coettes emerged 11-15, 15-12, 15-9 and advanced to the final against Saint Au- gustine ' s College. In the championship game, the chance for the ' gold " in Nor- folk ended when Saint Augustine defeat- ed the determined Broncoettes 5-15, 15- 17, 17-15. Aniska Butler, Staretha Ferguson and Jocelyn Miller were named to the All Tournament Team. Coach Mary Lamb An. ska Butler, All ClAA Volleyball Team Fayettcville State Uni ' Jackson The learn is city ' s Colt Team L R Lc ached hy Dr Ralph Bi • McNeil, Charles Ande Aharles Sledge, Jell Du .Stanley G T Fayetteville State University captured the golf crown in compe- tition at the Annual CIAA match held last spring in Hampton, Virginia. The Bronco golfers annexed their tenth straight CIAA championship and the squad produced the CIAA individual golf champion for 83, Lonnie McNeil, a senior from Fayetteville, North Carolina, who shot a two-round total of 146 (70-7o) to claim medalist honors. The Broncos team total for the two-day event was 600. In addition to winning the tournament, the Broncos golf team established a new school record by shooting a 291 in the tournament first round. Lonnie McNeil, a senior Irom hayeltevihe North I .i won the 1183 individual Central Intercollegiate Athle sociation (CIAA) golf title by defeating former tea Gary Robinson in a one hole sudden death match m Cross Country Track Team Me nbers of the Cross Cou ntrv tea Dur Stre can, Darrell Stewart, J eter and David Oliver cob Mi Christopher Williams The Bronco Harriers had six meets slated for the 1983 Cross Country season and they were competitive in all the events. The leading runners for the team were junior Aubrey Streeter and freshman David Oliver. In the CIAA Cross Country Championship held at Mount Trashimore in Virginia Beach, Virgin- ia, the Bronco Harriers were fourth with Au- brey Streeter finishing nineth in a field of forty-one runners. Streeter ' s time in the five mile course was twenty-seven minutes, forty eight seconds (27:48). Aubrey Streeter, Jacob Mickle, D.ivid Diivor and lonv.i joncs prepares tor a Cross Coiinlry meet T sB M = M T. « . . jps l P The 1983 CIAA Softball Champions From row, Left-righl — Conceiha Smith, Debbie Parks, co-captain, Dolores Monroe, Vert Ransaw, Kay While, Annette Stringfield, Sharon Johnson, second row, left-right — Sharon Jones, Terry Wingate, Victoria Wa Winifred Williams, Patrice Nichols, Renee Ford, Nellie King, co-captain; Camela Worlington, Grace Frye, Coach George Will and Beckeley Freeman — third row — student coach Steve S.mms, The 1983 season proved to be an inter- esting one for the Broncoettes. It became apparent early in the season after their • opening season loss to Johnson C. Smith, that the team would have to rely on its defense if they were going to re- peat as the CIAA champion. To be a competitive contender, the Broncoettes needed to find replacement to fill the slots of the graduating players. Strong leadership was expected from seniors Nellie King, Debbie Parks and Concetha Smith. To solidify the 83 Bron- coettes, Coach George Williams, CIAA Coach of the year last year, had returning to the team Winifred Williams, Sharon Jones, Sharon Johnson and Veronica Ransaw. In winning the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) champion- ship for the second consecutive year, the Broncoettes became the first team ever to win the title after being seeded number one. Two Broncoettes, Sharon Jones and Sharon Johnson was selected to the All Tournament Team. The Broncoettes started play in the tournament by winning their first three games but faced a must-win situation after losing 5-6 to Winston Salem in the first game of championship play. Debbie Parks, a four year veteran, hit a three-run home run in the sixth inning in the " must game " to break the back of the Lady Rams and gave the defending CIAA Champions a 11-6 win. Parks homer broke a 3-3 tie and ignited an eight run offensive burst in the sixth inning. Mr Isiah Baker. LPN Mr Willie Baker Mr Tony Baldwin Mb Gloria Barton Ms Paula Brown Ms VVynic Best Ms. Doris Bowden Ms. Kimberly Boozer Ms. Rosemary Byrd Ms. Saundra Carr Ms. Patricia Carter Ms Eloise Cave Mr. Lewis Casey Ms. Anna Chao Ms Olivia Chavi. Mr Thomas Chisoln Ms Pansy Clark Ms Peggy Clark Ms Anit.1 Cloud Mr James Colvin Mr, C.C. Collom Ms- Elsie Covingto Ms. Janet Davis Ms L.llian Drake Ms, Peggv DeVane Ms Alfreda Estebon Ms Marv Evans Mr Lorenzo Fairley Ms, Alyce Forster, LPN Ms Rosia Freeman Ms Alma Fuller Mr, Alfred Gadson Mr Hosea Civens Mr, Stevan Godetle Mr, Henrv Godwin Mr Chester Goodwin Ms Sharon Gordon Mr Herbert Grav bSgt Stephen Hal Ms Marv Have;. Ms Gwcn Hende Mi John Render Ms, Gladys Hill Ms Patricia Hill Ms Mary Hinson Ms. Oxyvenia Hughley Ms. Volnetta Jacksi Ms Barbara Jones Ms Eula Jones Ms. Julia Jones Mr Cliff King, Jr Mr Rovie Lambert T,Sgt Herbert Len- Mr Don Lloyd Mr J C Lovett Ms Gloria Mayfield Ms Joyce McLean Ms Sabrina McKe.tha Mr Lacy McMillian Ms, Deborah McNeill Mi Lula McNeill Ms. Kathleen Melvin I V 2 ' Terrv Merritt V ,,j ' Ms, Mir. am Oliver J Ms Valeria Pace Mr Willie Parker Ms Geraldine Pratt Ms Patricia Pratt Ms Rose Perry Ms Patricia Petty SSgt, Michele Ricor Ms, Estella Riggins Ms Marye Roberts Ms, Patricia Robins Ms, Yuvonne Robin Ms Marian Sharpie Ms Georgia Sibbie Ms. Arlene Smith J V Sandra Smith r Wilhf Thomas " • ; - ' 6 Eetha Thompsor , RN 1 X ..-di ' 6 Wilma Thoipe ■v. ' .:-: Mr WarJcll Town Ms Annie Tukcs Ms Lavern Walke Mr. )erry WiHiam ' Ms Lorraine Willla Mr. Willie William ' Ms, Fannie Willis Mr. Gerard Winfre ' Mr Carlton Wyatt Mr Frederick oung, Jr Academics Harold Monk, a biology student, checks the anatomony of a cat- Wayne Williams and Bethany Allen run tests in Dr Floyd Waddle ' s Genetics cla Acad emics Dr David Diaz — Humanities Cla Dr Elmer McDonald — Advance Composition Cla Division Of Business And Economics L-R Veronica McAllister. Kimberly Grisson and Karen B. lard work as assistants in the Business Resource Center. Dr. Ralph Burns, Acting Head. Di of Education Human Developm Division Of Education And Human Development Mr Sherman Brooks, Area Mr Jake Ford, Area of Mr William Head, Area of Dr. Roosevelt Holmes, of Health, Physical Educa- Health, Physical Education Health, Physical Education Area of Health, Physical tion Recreation Recreation Recreation Education Recreation Mrs Rosa Lyons, Area of Mr Raymond McDougal, Mrs Saundra Morrisey, Mr Page Saunders, Area of Dr. Deloies Stiff, Area of Education Area of Health, Physical Area of Education Health, Physical Education Health, Physical Education Education Recreation Recreation 204 Dr. Clarence White, An of Education w Division Of General Studies Dr. Robert Lemons, Head Divi. General Studies of Ms, Earlyn Jordan, Area of Reading To some extent teachers must be a friend as well as an instructor. A certain amount of communication must take place between the teachers and their students Freshman Dorettha Washington discusses her academic requirements with Mrs. Dorothy Moore with the Division of General Studies, Mr. Malatesha Rattihalli, Division of General Studii Division Of Humanities Fine Arts There are somethings in academics that seem to be forever present and forever the same. For example, researching and laboratory assignments. Mrs. Catherlene Thompson assists her students in their French laboratory assignments. Division Of Physical Life Sciences Dr. Jan Paul Dabrowski. Ms. Virginia Dix, Mr Charles Fredericks Area of Chemistry Area of Biolo Area of Mathematu Dr. Carl Hughes, Ar. of Mathematics Dr. Defield Holn Area of Biology Dr. Harriett Howard, Dr. Manjit Jawa. Ai Area of Biology of Mathematics Dr Walter Johnson Area of Mathematil Dr. Joseph Knuckle Area of Biology Capt Samuel Lo Department of Aerospace Studit Mr Dennis Nathaniel, Mr Richard Rohii Area of Geography Area of Physics Capt Howard S« Department of Aerospace Studie Ms. Diane Williams, Area of Mathematics Dr. Floyd Waddle, Area of Biology Capt. Richard Wyn Department of Aerospace Studies - riw» ; :?-9r???, ' »wj |.2 ' r.t» r ' : ' ■ ' ■■i !» To most people, the ability to read and think mathematically are the two most valuable skills learned in school Students put this discipline to work in Mr Charles Frederiksens Mathematics class One of the goals of Biology is to help students understand the world through investigation and explanation of the unknown. Ariel Daniels obs. the muscle structure of a cat in order to get an understanding of why muscles function in a particular manner Division Of Social And Behavioral Sciences Dr Rodney Burrows, Head, Dn Social and Behavioral Sciences of Dr Coke Ademiluyi, Area Dr John Chambers. Area Dr Shelton Clark, Area of Dr. Hubert Doub. Area of of Geography of Psychology History Sociology Dr Roshan Ghori — Psychology Cla MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR It gives me great pleasure in presenting this 27th edition of the Fayettevillian to you, the students, faculty, staff and administration of Fayetteville State University. Since the beginning of tim e, man has found a need to seek, investigate, acknowledge and create those things that will assure success. With this thought in mind, this edition of the Fayettevillian is a culmination of all this and more. Thus, the staff was successful in creating a book both satisfactory to me, the editor and hopefully to you, the students. Acknowledgements are made to Mr. John Henderson, Fayetteville State University Sports Information Director and Mrs. Rosemary Byrd for their photographic support and Mr. Reggie Hobbs who illustrated the cover for the annual. In addition, I acknowledge the many helpful hints and suggestions received from students, faculty and staff who use this book. They have been most helpful, for which I am grateful. Last but not least, I would like to thank my staff: Sandy Johnson, Jasper James, Jeanette Baker, Wanda Smith, Jackie Autry, James Bullard and Kendrick Sims for doing a splendid job and our outstanding advisers Mrs. Rosemary Byrd and Mrs. Yuvonne Robinson, if it were not for them the job would not have been completed on schedule. Marion A. Crowe, Jr. Editor-in-Chief " To OAAa . Fayettevillian Editor-in-Chief 1983-84 Mr. Marion A. Crowe, Jr. Fayettevillian Yearbook Staff Trudy Hannon, Typist Jasper Ja Staffer Dehbie Meekii Captmns L-R Jackie Autry. Design and Layout Editor discuss yearbook pages with Marion Crowe. Editor and Chief of the Fayette Dr Irving Veaz.e. Chief Adv Ms, Rosemary Byrd. Adviser Ms, Yuvonne Rohinson, Adv Sandy Johnso Suffer Not pictured Kenrick Sim Photographe Wanda Smith, Typist -«•••;. «,rf ; A5wi ' v .,-.» ' «» «i«M»V Renale Hagens prepares for llu ruxl .U Tonya McNeil and George Baxter di; ry important matter before their next cla 1 -,,-+1- Cassandra Cloud enjoys her fii State University ster here at Fayetteville Jackie Clark takes time to pose for a photograph before he People Daniel Davis prepares for a mathematics class and Tony Cohen relax after returning from cla Brenda Smith and Johnny Richards, jr. pose while enjoying the comfort of the Student Center ' s Lounge Warren Poindexter, Michael Lunsford and Tony Lindsay relax to an interesting video tape from the Student Center Information Counter. People r rZ Evelyn Jones prepares for her next Joseph Byrd and Ronald Mclntyre cool-out in the lounge area of the Student Center. -!«!ryw»Cv ' ' ?TJV, ' WJ;!« ' i ' . ' «.i!i ' f " - ' ' ; ' ■■: .f-- Close Encounters Of All Kinds What to do when you are not in class? Gregory Douglas chats with Derrick Whitten- burg of North Carolina State University Bas- ketball Team while visiting FSU ' s Ca •WW Lester MtCuirc jnd Trjcy McGuire (f.ithti .inj daughter team) socialize with Gary Murray and Eugene Johnson, ■Xnthony Jones, Richard Bradford and Dennii .ihnson are engaged in a serious game of chess npf xd iiiMm pityjuimimiiLJ •imm MiM ' Mmi muf JO ENS m.dim imimmM

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