Fayetteville State University - Fayettevillian Bronco Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC)

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Fayetteville State University - Fayettevillian Bronco Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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lumeo ; ' ' S rC Q. H (. o " frrirMnr ng g n ii 1 BRONCO Ninciccn-Hundvcd Sixty PuSUsded 6y ific students oj FAYETTEVILLE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Fayetteville, North Carolina fsfi Q C It .at his hobby ..arranging flower .The official family .chats with friends .crowns Miss Homecoming mm ' • " We Pay 5ri6ufe " Vedic3iiion Your ultimate desire for us to search for the truths concerning man and his universe has been evident. Your wisdom has created in us a thirst for the cultivation of the in- tellect. Observing your strong convictions has enabled us to bring our potential ability to bear fully and effectively on the task at hand. Your stamina and perseverance at your daily work have guided us with a sense of purpose and a mature attitude. Your visions, dreams, and philosophy of Higher Education will always make us proud of our Alma Mater. The versatility of your genius has made a profound impression upon us and the e.x- acting thoroughness in which you have shared your knowledge has gained the respect of all members of the College Family. For the above reasons, we, the senior class of 1960, bring to you- -Dr. Rudolph Jones--the great pleasure which we desire in making you the dedicatee of the 1960 edi- tion of the Bronco. In the years to come we hope that you will enjoy all of the pleasures that virtue per- mits or as a Frenchman would say: Jouissez de plaisirs que la vertu permet. ■ . i i BoarJ oj ' dvustees oj 3Ayettev Ue Sfafe Geacfiers College Left to right: Albert J. Ellis, Jacksonville; Dr. W. P. DeVane, Fayetteville; Guerney E. Edgerton, FayetteviUe; Emil Rosenthal, Goldsboro; John H. Cook, Chairman, Fayetteville; C. J. Barber, Raleigh; W. E. Horner, Sanford, and Ed. L. White, Pine Level. Additional members not pictured: R. J. Hester, Jr., Elizabethtown; Stewart B. Warren, Clinton; Victor Dawson, Fayetteville, and Walter Baker. Raeford. The J. W. Seabrook Auditorium Gfie President Speaks Dr. Rudolph Jones, President It is with s ome what mixed emotions that I offer s inc e r e congratulations and best wishes to the members of the class of 1960. For sent imental reasons I shall always feel close to this particular class. The point, of course, is that you entered the college as freshmen my first year as President. You constitute the first class to complete four years of study under my administration. We have shared many educational experiences since September, 1956. As you go out from the portals of this institution may you resolve always to up- hold the ideals that have been instilled in- to your minds and hearts while here. May you always look back with fond memories to the profitable years spent at dear old Fayetteville State Teachers College. May you always labor to refle ct credit upon yourselves and upon the college. I bid you Godspeed. So ffi e senior class Dr. Lafayette Parker, Dean Congratulations to you who are now joiningthe world of work and service. It is our hope that you will be as diligent in your efforts to secure and hold appropriate positions as to finish the academic require- ments for such. ' ohc Rc ' cjisfrar ' s ' ' So £ont] ' " Oo ' dde Senior Class of ' 60 With the passing from these walls of each succeeding class, I have said so long to a maj ority of them by word over the counter, by letter and sometimes by telephone in connection with calls that had a business overtone. This year, I have decided to take the present method to reach the class as a whole. And it must be " so long " , not good-bye, for the young folk in the Fayetteville State Teachers College Class of ' 60 are beginning, not ending a fruitful profession life — the fulfillment of perhaps their fondest dream. Lenna M. Means Registrar B.S.- -South Carolina A.M. College Oo 5fie Senior Class of 1960 Congratulations on your graduation, and best wishes in your future undertakings. Arthur J. Pindle Business Manager B.S. --Hampton Institue 32iveweU Qveetings to ' 6fie Class of 1960 It is a pleasure to congratulate you and wish you God- speed as you leave these familiar surroundings to meet the challenge of the world outside. Your Library Staff hopes that you have taken advantage of the services offered by the Chesnutt Library and that you go forth with the inner re- sources which come from much reading. Remember that the best teachers are those who are lifetime readers and each of us has it in his power to go on growing throughout his life, by pu rsu i ng the reading habit. Remember, too, that wherever you go librarians are always willing and anxious to help you with all your reading problems, personal and professional. Good luck and good reading through all the years to come! Alice A. Jackson, Librarian 8 M.S.- -Columbia University m Upon your Qraduafion The prognosis for the future is favorable for you-- Class of 1960. Since every life activity has direction, your graduation offers me felicity in challenging another one of your life-fulfillments. From all of your learning and your knowledge of learning, remember that all learning has three relationships, aspects, or effects which operate simul- taneously. One is to the self, a second is to others in the immediate environment, and the third is to the larger world or universe of which the interacting individuals are mem- bers. What one believes or does toward others, and what one conceives as his place in the great universe are de- pendent upon what he is to himself. In your progressive movement toward the Good Life, you must continuously improve the quality of the meanings which constitute the self. The various c u r ri cula at the college have prepared you for a contribution and a respon- sibility. Those of us who will be working with the youth of the world should strive to: " Draw back the veil over their eyes Lift the curtain which covers their minds Break the emotional seals of their childhood years Release the capacity with which they are endowed Teach them the process of their emerging selves And thus, bring into being a better world Exemplifying the glory of your God, whoever He may be Througn the human, creative intelligence of man " L. T. Hopkins Keep the forward look I Charles D. Sanders, Dean of Men M. Ed. --Springfield College Bon Voyage to ide Class of 1960 A bon voyage greeting to the class of 1960 is especially fraught with sentiment for me because I remember vividly that we were " green freshmen " together. You were no more frightened than I as we both began careers at F.S.T.C. I become nostalgic as I remember the excitement of learning and discovering together, of the good times, of the mistakes, and of the immeasurable assistance you gave me and con- tinued to give. You are graduating at the beginning of a new decade with a promise of new experiences and changes. As you join the ranks of Fayetteville Alumni, may you never forget to be loyal to your Alma Mater and its precepts, to responsibly participate in your communities, to practice wholesome individuality versus static conformity, and to rise above mediocrity and reach excellence. Carolyn McDew, Dean of Women M. A. -- Syracuse University ' Prexy smiles on Parents ' Day ' " Alumni of the year--our Dean " n L T jj I Ai STA nr Marguerite S. Frierson Ph.D. --Ohio State University, Chairman Charles A. Asbury, M. A.-- N. C. College at Durham Lorena C. Carter, M.A.-- Columbia University Area of Gduc3ition Carolyn McDew, M. A.-- Syracuse University Pauline L. Moore, M. A., New York University Howard S. Smith, Ed. M.-- Rutgers University Mildred Jones John W. Parker, Charles D. Sanders, M. S.-- M.A.— M. Ed.-- Catholic University Columbia University Springfield College Area oj Snglisd Minetta H. Scott, Ed. M. University of Pittsburgh Lois P. Turner, A.M.-- University of Pennsylvania Elizabeth S. Bell, Ph. D., Ohio State University, Chairman Mary T. Eldridge, M.F. A. -Carnegie Institute of Technology, Chairman, Music Marching Band Ar a oj 3ine Art Thomas B. Bacote, Helen T. Chick, Evelyn Jones, M. S. - Columbia University, M. S. -Columbia University, B.S. -Central State Music Art Art Harold L. Scott, Lauretta J. Taylor, Daniel A. Williams, Ed. M.-- M. A.-- M.S. -North Carolina College University of Pittsburgh Colurabia University at Durham Area oj Hea ffi and P(iysic2il Gduc2ition " A way of lile " William B. Bradley, P. E.D. --Indiana University, Chairman Henry Eldridge, Ed. D., University of Pittsburgh, Chairman Area oj Maffiemafics and Science Cynthia S. Bond, Joseph KnuclUes, Richard P. Robinson, Mae H. Seabrook, M. A., Ph. D., M. A., Ed. M., Columbia Ur.ivorsity University of Connecticut Columbia University Howard University r Clarence Chick, Audrey Colvon, Hubert B. Doub, Marion George, M. A., M. A., M. A., Ph. D., Columbia University Howard University University of Penn. Ohio State University Ar a of Social Science John Jones, M.A., N.C. College at Durham William D. King, M.A., N.C. College at Durham Page P. Saunders. M.S., West Virginia University Odell Uzzell, Ph. D., Ohio State University. Chairman ■ Charles E. Austin B.S. Hampton Institute-- Auto Mechanics William M. Robinson Ed. M.-- University of Pittsburgh Secretarial Science Geraldine White M.A. Columbia University Secretarial Science Ar a oj Uocafiona Avis " The Machine Way " Thomas J. Gavin M.S., North Carolina ' s A. T. College Auto Mechanics, Chairman Melba L. Davis, B.L.S., North Carolina College at Durham, Circulation Librarian Rowena O. Feilder, B.S.C., Bennett College, Assistant, Dean ' s Office efie Staff Willie M. Gannaway, Barber Memorial Seminary, Directress, Bickett Hall Peggy M. Greene, Certificate, Cortez W. Peters School of Business, Secretary to the Dean Lila M. Harper, B. S. C, North CaroUna College at Durham, Cashier Naomi S. Hubert, D. S. Diploma, National Trade Professional School, Directress, Joyner Hall Mildred S. Johnson, Certificates, Metropolitan School of Business, and South- western University, Assistant Budget Officer Alice Jones, B.S.C., North Carolina College at Durham, Secretary to the President Vance E. McBroom, Certificates, Hampton Institute; A T College; Durham Tech- nicical School, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds M Geneva Murphy, B.S. in Library Science, N.C. College; Assistant Librarian Bettie E. Person, Diploma- -Shaw University Payne ' s Business and Secre- tarial School - Clerk Annie L. Ray, B. S., N. C. College at Durham Secretary, Dean of Women Marea E. Singletary B.S.--Fayetteville State Teachers College Asst. Dietician Fannie L. Willis Diploma, Williston Industrial School, Secretary to Business Manager Not Pictured Daisy G. Coles - Myers Street School, Directress, Smith Hall Alice C. Evans - New York University, Clerk- Typist Thelma W. Hodges - A.B. Howard University, Directress, Harris Hall Beulah W. Jones - M.S. North Carolina College at Durham, Dietitian Alethia F. Mclntyre - R. N. Certificate, Nurse Office of the Business Manager Office of the Registrar k " .. 9 O JP jl a h Jj 1 ■■ B Senior Class Officers Clyde McDaniel P resident Christine Williams Vice President Rachel Cherry Secretary Augusta Mack Treasurer Margaret Canady Assistant Secretary LILLIE M. ALLEN, B.S., Elem. Ed. CONSTANCE ANDERSON, B.S., Elem. Ed. EMILY G. ARTIS, B.S., Elem. Ed. MILDRED RICE BASSETT, B.S., Elem. Ed. BETTY LOU BARBEE, Dip. Sec. Sci. WILLIAM BEATTY, Dip. Auto Mech. MIRIAM GRACE BELL. B.S. Elem. Ed. EVELYN BOONE, B.S., Elem. Ed. LEVI BOND, Dip. Auto Mech. ■i TYRONE BOND, Dip. Auto Mech. BETTY JEAN BOYCE, B. S., Elem. Ed. MAJOR M. BOYD, B.S. Elem. Ed. thelma ruth BRASWELL, B.S., Elem. Ed. EARLENE BREWINGTON, Dip. Sec. Sci. MARGARET BRIDGERS, Dip. Sec. Sci. JANICE BRODDIE, Dip. Sec. Sci. BETSY BRYANT, Dip. Sec. Sci. SAMUEL BULLOCK, B.S., Elem. Ed. CARRIE BURNETTE, Dip. Sec. Sci. GILMORE BURRELL, B.S., Elem. Ed. GLADYS G. BYRD, B.S., Elem. Ed. DORIS ANN CABANISS, B.S. Elem. Ed. MARGARET E. CANADY, B.S. Elem. Ed. RACHEL E. CHERRY, B.S. Elem. Ed. f V . T kl K Jtv .■ " 1 1 K CHARLES E. CLICK, B.S., Elem. Ed. ROY COLLINS, B.S., Elem. Ed. ANNIE P. COUNCIL, B.S. Elem. Ed. JIMMY CUMMINGS, B.S., Elem. Ed. HAROLD DAVIS, B.S., Elem. Ed. HILDA DAVIS, B.S., Elem. Ed. NATHANIEL DAVIS, B.S, Elem. Ed. LILLIAN M. DAVIS, B.S., Elem. Ed. HARVEY DAYE, B.S., Elem. Ed. MABEL J. DICKEY, B,S. Elem. Ed. HELEN EBRON, B,S„ Elem. Ed. JAMES EBRON, B,S., Elem. Ed. ANNIE M. EDMONDS, B.S., Elem. Ed. ROOSEVELT ELLIS, B.S., Elem. Ed. LUCILLE FONVILLE, B.S., Elem. Ed. ANNIE FUSSELL, B.S., Elem. Ed. EVELYN GADDY, B.S., Elem. Ed. ROBERT GORDON, B.S., Elem. Ed. DORIS E. GOSS, B.S., Elem. Ed. MARTHA GREEN, B.S. Elem. Ed. BOBBY HALL, B.S., Elem. Ed. BARBARA HANKINS, B.S. Elem. Ed. CAROLYN HARRINGTON, B.S., Elem. Ed. RUTH H. HARRINGTON, B.S., Elem. Ed. BILLY M. HILL, Auto Mech. EUGENE HUNTER, B.S., Elem. Ed. EMANUEL JACKSON, Auto Mech. ANNA W. JOHNSON, Dip. Sec. Sci. CHARLES JOHNSON, B.S., Elem. Ed. RANDOLPH C. JOHNSON, B.S., Elem. Ed. GWENDOLYN JORDAN, B.S., Elem. Ed. VELMA LANGLEY, B.S., Elem. Ed. SHIhLEY JEAN LANGSTON, B.S., Elem. Ed. ALEXANDER LITTLE, Dip. Auto Mech. PATRICIA THOMPSON LUCAS, B.S., Elem. Ed. STANLEY LUCAS, Dip. Auto Mech. AUGUSTIA MACK, B.S., Elem. Ed. DAVID MACK, B.S., Elem. Ed. ETLAR MONK MAINOR, B.S., Elem. Ed. JUNE TRUMEL MANLEY, Dip. Sec. Sci. HELEN LORRAINE MANLEY, B.S., Elem. Ed. BERNICE MAE MASSENBURG, B.S., Elem. Ed. MINNIE MASSENBURG, Dip. Sec. Sci. EARTHLY LOUISE MELVIN, B.S., Elem. Ed. LORAINE ELIZABETH MOORE, B.S., Elem. Ed. LOCKE MOORE, Dip. Auto Mech. ALMA MURPHY, B.S., Elem. Ed. CLYDE OLIVER McDANIEL, B.S., Elem. Ed. LUTHER ELWORTH Mc- KEITHAN, JR., B.S., Elem. Ed. GWENDOLYN DEBERRY Mc- HNNIE, B.S., Elem. Ed. WILHELMENL M. Mc- KINNON, B.S., Elem. Ed. FLORA E. McLAURIN, B.S., Elem. Ed. MAZIE MCMILLAN, B.S., Elem. Ed. DOROTHY D. McNAIR, B.S., Elem. Ed. LENA McNeill, Dip. Sec. Sci. HATTIE NEWELL, B.S., Elem. Ed. CARRIE V. NEWSOME, B.S., Elem. Ed. MARTHA NICHOLS, Dip. Sec. Sci. BETTY NIXON, B.S., Elem. Ed. ELMA NORRIS, B.S., Elem. Ed. AUBREY J. PARKER, B.S., Elem. Ed. MARY A. PITTMAN, B.S., Elem. Ed. ROBERT POMPEY, B.S. Elem. Ed. JUANITA B. POWELL, B.S., Elem. Ed. EDNA S. PRIDGEN, B.S., Elem. Ed. HUBERT RHEDRICK, B.S., Elem. Ed. DEFFIE ROBERSON, Dip, Sec. Sci. SARA ROBINSON, Dip. Sec. Sci. FREDRICK A. RODGERS. B.S., Elem. Ed. HATTIE ROUSE, B.S., Elem. Ed. BERTHA SCOTT, B.S., Elem. Ed. MAE H. SHAW, B.S. Elem. Ed. ETHEL SIMPSON, Dip. Sec. Sci. ENOUCH SMITH, Auto Mech. MILDRED SMITH, Dip. Sec. Sci. VELMA STREET, B.S., Elem. Ed. BETTY STUBBS, B.S., Elem. Ed. JACK THOMPSON, B.S., Elem. Ed. MELVIN THOMPSON, B.S. Elem. Ed. MILTON TUCKER, B.S., Elem. Ed. CHARLES WADDELL, B.S., Elem. Ed. I £ JUANITA GREY WALKER, B.S., Elem. Ed. AMOS BENJAMIN WEST, B.S., Elem. Ed. LUTHER MARVIN WHITTED, B.S., Elem. Ed. JESSE GRAY WILKINS, B.S., Elem. Ed. CHRISTINE WILLIAMS, B.S. Elem. Ed. HAZEL WOOTEN, B.S., Elem. Ed. JUDE CYLESTER WRIGHT, B.S., Elem. Ed. ELIE BRACEY, JR., B.S., Elem. Ed. ELBERT LEE PETTIFORD, Special Student Not Fictmed Fred D. Anders, B. S. Elem. Ed. Jannie Bass, B.S., Elem. Ed. Cherridine V. Birt, B.S., Elem. Ed. Martha Anne Di.xon, B.S., Elem. Ed. Sylvester W. Dobson, B.S., Elem. Ed. Willhelemenla Edwards, B. S., Elem, Ed. John Luther Ennett, B. S., Elem. Ed. Nancy More Ferree, B. S., Elem. Ed. Margie J. Henderson, B.S., Elem. Ed. William Mathea Hilliard, B.S., Elem. Ed. Marian Jenkins, B.S., Elem. Ed. EUanior Mavis Johnson, B.S., Elem. Ed. Mellie Jane Johnson, B.S., Elem. Ed. Jessup Timothy Melvin, B.S., Elem. Ed. Mae Everleane Mitchell, B.S., Elem. Ed. Judith L. Artis Nixon, B.S., Elem. Ed. Fleming Emanuel Pierce, B.S., Elem. Ed. Margaret Ruth Smith, B.S., Elem. Ed. Josephine Alexander Ada V. Alston Fletcher Alston Rose M. Bailey Locke Beachum Edith Brodie Barbara Bullock Coreina Burton Catharyne Butler Rosalyn Capel Audrey Clark Eva Doretha Cordon Lee Thomas Council Nannie Crosby Jessie Crump Vashti Davis Thelma Forbes Josie Foushee Gene Goldston Ethel Gore Nancy Hanks Lula Harper Mary Herring Ramona Hicks Minnie Hines Marian Hill Annetta Hinnant Annie Ruth Holmes Linwood Hunter Mary Hurley Joyce Jeter Alma Mandy Levi Montgomery Ledella Moore Robert McLean David McNair Lounetta McNeill Shirley McNeill Bernice Ray Charles Robertson Clarice Sampson William Scavella Breness Smith Kathleen Smith Lee Barbara Smith Bettie Speight Donald Taylor Patricia Thompson Joseph Washington Ells W. Weathersby OUie Wilkins Eva Williams Sandra Wilson Joyce Wright Lucy Yellowdy Willie G. Black Not Pictured Robert Adams Geraldine L. Alston Effie Ashley Edna E. Avent Joseph Biggs Anita Brown Lewis Bullock Peggie Burnett Franklin Crenshaw Alexander Gerald Henry Hamilton Ruth Hurst Faye Leavy Mary Ratliff b cussefQCL Dorothy Archer Percy Arrighton Thomas Baldwin William Blue Thomas Bond Lonnie Boone Annie Bowens Susie Boyd Barbara Bratcher Irish Bratcher Betty Brisbon Joyce Brown Stella Byers Wilma Clanton Ethel Cofield Sarah Coley Bernistine Daniels Virgie Daniels Ross Diggs Eunice Dixon Ardonia Edward Joseph Ellis Virgil Franklin Esthma Fuller Thersea Fuller Dorothy Gardner Delma Gavin Mary Gerald Willie Gillis Jacquelyn Gray bm Dorothy Graham Ruby Hagans Gladys Hall Jessie Hall •Joan Hall James Herbert Patricia Hinson Annie Ruth Holmes Fred Jackson Thelma James Dionet Jordan Gertine Keys Marjorie Langsfon Laura Latham Frances Leak Emma Lee Issac Miller Catherine McDaniel Pauline McDuffie Mary McEachin Patty McGimpsey Susie McCoy Mary McMillan George Newkirk James Newkirk Annie Norfleet Barbara Pearson Charles Perry Thomas Rawley Geraldine Robertson Gertie Rogers Gwendolyn Settle Betty Smith Willie Smith Cephas Spaulding Mar Speller Harvey Spivey Jean Swinson Geraldine Taylor Margaret Telfair Fannie Tyson Jesse Uzzell Samuel Vines Gilbert Walston Freddie West Ned White Nadyne Wilds Doris Williams Odessa Williams Richard Williams Not Pietuved James Allen Patricia Bratcher Betty Bowman Lucy J. Boyd William Bronson Mary Brown Milton Bullock Leo Campbell Yvonne Campbell Polly Chambers Gloria CoUette Georgetta Cooley Betty Davis Alberta Earnest Doris Everett Rosetta Everett Charles James Pearlie James Wilbert Jenkins Robert Johnson Catherine Leavens Robert Mangum Nathaniel Marshall Rufus Miles Johnnie McGuire Ada McKee Elmar McNeil Lola McNeil Charles McRae Ted McRae Mary Staten Josephlene Steadmon Robert Stitt Joe Strayhorn Beatrice Swann Dorothy Thompson Hiawatha Tucker Annie Williams t»$5 " Valada Adams Cora Avery Faye Bain Helen Baker William Baker Gwendolyn Bardan David Barnes Lee A. Bartell Alma Becote Charles Bennett Ella Bennet Thelma Black Tommy Brewington Willie Brinkley Carol Broadnax Beulah Brown Lois Brown Betsy Bullock Lovie Bullock Jerome Bullock Roy Bullock Lillie Burrors Albertine Butler Jameszetta Butler Junior Cambell Shirley Cameron Janice Carraway Elizabeth Carr William Carson Allene Carter Pecola Carter Marilyn Chamberlain Sula Cobb Burnis Copeland Effie Covington Doris Grumpier Frances Davis Ruby Dawson Madie Dick Dawn Diggs Reginald Diggs Roscoe Dobbins Shirley Dodd Martha Doster Irene Downey Robert Drake Aggie Draughon Ander Durham Kenneth Durante Doretha Edwards Cora Evans Shirley Exum Adell Farmer Dorothy Ferrock Annie Fields Katrina Fisher James Fleming Doris Ford Anna Forte Everlene Foye James Freeman William Freeman Verona Frinks Loraine Gardner Calvin Gay Patricia George Betty Gerald Edna Glaspie Shirley Gooch Margaret Gore Ola Gore John Graham Willie Graham Connie Hailey Mary Hammons Mary Hanks Thelma Hanks Willie Hardy Evelyn Harrison Josephine Harvey James Hawthorne Linda Haye Earl Hemingway Roosevelt Hendricks James Herring Luret ta Hicks Delois Hill Lula Hill Joyce Hinks Austin Holdsclolaw Helen Jenkins Lillian Johnson Maggie Johnson Stanley Johnson Mary Jones Hermene Jones Mary F. Jones Oscar Jones Helen Joyner Sylvia Judge Hazeline Kealon Arthur Knight Bernard Knox Virginia Lane Alexander Leach Edith Leak Walter Leathers George Lessane Lois Little Edna Martin Annie Mason Shirley Massenburg Henry Meares Jeanette Melvin Carrie Mitchell Earnestine Mock Norwood Mozingo Clarence McCoy Jerusha McCoy Nepsy McDonald Yvonne McCrae Aleatha McGee Dorothy Mclntyre Betty McKeithan Jean McKinnon Rattle McLean Sadie McLean William McLean Rascoe McMillian Joan McMillian William McMillian Annie McMillian Bloudine McMillian Geneview McNair Franklin McNeil Charles McNeil Jimmie McNeil Marion McPherson Earnest Norman Patricia Oakley Lawerence Oaks Joyce Parks Aslierdine Parnell Annie Paschall Leola Peterson Elnora Pettiford Rematha Pettiford Irene Pierce Juanita Pierce Marion Pierce Calvin Porter Annie Powell Lanorne Pratt Myrtle Price Eddie Ratiff Mae Ray Evelyn Ray Ester Redd Janle Robinson Danny Rodgers Claries Roper Barbara Roundtree Annie Scott Ozell Sharpless Fred Shaw Vernell Simmons Arlester Simpson Perry Singetary Sarah Slade Clarence Smith Creola Smith Daisy Smith Evangeline Smith Joseph Smith Willie Smith Lucy Summerville Elizabeth Spaulding Ossie Spaulding Marie Speed Barbara Spruill Collin Steele Shirley Steward Carolen Stokes Mureria Stubbs Grace Sutton Clara Thomas Odell Thomas Ernestine Thompson Virginia Thompson Kenneth Travitt Lois Tucker Ramona Turner Lottie Vault Levi Vaughan Gerline Ware Annie Waters Betty Watford Joseph Watford Recella Watson Joyce Whitaker Katherine Whitaker Constance White Viola White Geneva Whitelow Rosa Wilkerson Ethel Williams Helen Williams Lucretia Williams Maggie Williams Elizabeth Williamson - Willie Woodard John Wimbish Lois Wooten Anner Yellowdy Sudie Foreman Not Pictured Daisy Baldwin Edward Barnes Johnny Barett Verna Battle Velma Best Fredrick Bobbitt Johnny Brisbon Jainey Brown Katy Brown Beverly Burwell Sudie Bynum Delores Byrd Grace Campbell Virginia Cofield Eddie Cooper Stacy Council Donald Cox Helen Crowe James Davis Walter Dean Retha DLxon Barbara Drake Carolyn Dudley Alice Duncan James Ford Cecarho Fuller Juliette Gary Patricia George Janet Grady Wilhelmina Graham Ina Hines Rosalind Hodge David HoUingsworth Gloria House Mamie Jacobs Melba Johnson Sally Johnson Johrmy Largent Aubrey Larkins Annie Lawrence Hazel Leathers Mirian Lennon Phebia Lewis Mildred Lofton Edna Marshal William Monroe Horace Moore Elmer Murphy Randolph McBryde Peggy McDonald Viola McGougan Henry Mclntoish Ronald McKoy Katy McLaurin Hector McNair Myrtle McNeil Katie McNeil Helen Pearce Arthalia Pridgen Mae Ray Nancy Ray Ruby Rice Loris Samuel Willie Saunders Christine Simmons Vernell Simmons James Strother Etherlene Suggs Mary White Yvonne Whiteside Alphonso Yarboro jvom deve we Segin ' Dorm Cije At 3.S. ' 5.C. SMITH HALL JOYNER HALL .Santa Claus is coming to town " . Channel! 11. . ' Perry Mason ' .come on out, the air is fine " BICKETT HALL .meeting adjourned " HOOD HALL " " . . . .calling all girls " HARRIS HALL WILLIAMS HALL .dig is the word " .a friendly game, huh " iiiiipgiiiSi ciii c 6 COLLEGE I QUARTETTE The RUDYAIRES were organized during the school year, 1958-59, for the purpose of stimulating interest in the activities of the college. They have made numerous appearances, including both radio and television. LEFT TO FUGHT: W. M. Robinson, Director; Thomas Baldwin, Bass U; Jesse Hall, Tenor n and Student Director; Levi Bond, Tenor I; Virgil Franiclin and Tyrone Bond, Bass I substitutes, and Lonnie Boone (not pictured), Bass I. L Drama Quild .a Christmas Scene " Pdi Bda dmSd. Officers President: Ethel D. Simpson Secretary: Magaret Brldgers Treasurer: Sara L. Robinson Dean of Pledges; Earlene Brewington Alpfia Kappa Mu Not Pictured: Evelyn Boone L tllltlllllllllll! ' dde Voice Sfaff L e -e Wesiminlstev 3eUowsfiip r r y.M.c.A CoW Sutv Bapfisf 5rainin Union ]Vilmingion Student CluS g. r e Day Siui-zni Organijafion 3uture Business Ce idevs Of America College Marsfialls 3utuve Alumn] Miss Christine Williams, vivacious, charming, sedate, and forever pleasant, is a true represen- tative of the renowned Fayetteville State Teachers College. Miss Williams hails from Pikeville, N. C, and is called " lady gracious " by all of her subjects--the students of Fayetteville State Teachers College- -as she reigns as " Miss Fayetteville State " . She is a member of the Drama Guild, Future Alumni, Voice Staff, and the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Miss Williams is majoring in elementary education with emphasis on the grammar grades. Miss Homecomini Miss AUene Pearl Carter, a native Fayettevillian and a graduate of Armstrong High School, reigned with dignity and the poise for which she is known as Miss Homecoming of 1959-60. Aside from being a scholar with charm, beauty, dignity, and poise, she is a member of the Future Business Leaders of America, and a Lambdalite. A freshman majoring in secretarial science. Miss Car- ter is planning a career as an executive secretary. Campus Sweeide ivts rw - Miss Sophomore Miss Phi Beta Sigma Miss Omega Psi Phi Campus SweeideBiVis Miss FBLA Miss Freshman Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Miss Alumni B ' wlogij Maffiemafics Qeogv pdy Cdcmisivy Around Gfie Campus. .luiffi ide 2iculiy .serving on Parent ' s Day " chatting with students " Around ' dde Campus. ...ipiffi students Sisters and Brothers A h AKA m 4; o B+1 Z S • c -.i ' ' i . A. r . " •k t " -•iv «!»■ ' W i fjj ■j • • ■•■ ' | 1 Hv 1 9 w% V J |j .«iWWj 4 . l SPORTS Coach Page P. Saunders Willie Dancy Statistician Baseball Lettermen-- First row, left to right Wilbert Jenkins, Breness Smith, Back row, left to right Robert Gordon, Henry Hamilton, and Claiborne Johnson. Track Team- First row, left to right: James Herring, Sameul Vines, Calvin Gay, Joseph Washington. Back row, left to right: Major Boyd, Richard Williams, Roscoe Dobbins, Luther Whitted and Charles Johnson. ODELL UZZELL Chairman, Athletic Committee Members Athletic Committee: HAROLD L. SCOTT Director of Athletics Track Coach William Bradley Page Saunders Hubert B. Doub Harold I. Scott A. J. Pindle Laureatta J. Taylor OFFICERS OF THE VARSITY CLUB are, left to right, Robert Gordon, Secretary; Eu- gene Hunter, President; and Claiborne Johnson, Treasurer. L Coach Hubert R. Doub ' f %» m .. ,j3 ,c ..iZ ■■ o Q - S- ? ' i3 ' S Fredrick Rogers Charles Johnson Cdeevle idevs Comanding the participation of a majority of F. S. T. C. students is the program of in- tramural sports. Here we find a varied program of activities including touch football, soft ball, tennis, horseshoes, basketball, table tennis, voUyball, badminton, and track and field. Bennington Dance Group 1 ■ . ■ ■i f yir p wMM HHI Lionel Hampton Miss F.S.T.C. learns music Hm Evelyn Boone, Co-Editor Margaret Canady, Co -Editor 5 ,V f 0- Rachel Cherry, Co-Editor Jimmy F. Cummings. Business Manager William M. Robinson, Chairman Committee on Yearbook ■ . " Martha Ann Nichols, Typist Mary Ann Pittman, Art Editor Earlene Brewington, Art Editor Melvin Thompson, Photographer Committee on Yearbook 1 Senior Sfafisfics ALLEN, LILLIE MAE S.N.E.A., Y.W.C.A., Drama Guild, College Choir, College Marshal, Student Government, Student Ad- visory Board, Pan- Hellenic Council, Alpha Kappa Al- pha Sorority, Women ' s Collegiate Club, Tuture Alumni, Hospitality Club. ANDERS, FRED D. Day Student Association ANDERSON, CONSTANCE F. Y.W.C.A., W.C.C, S.N.E,A. Future Alumni Assoc- iation, College Marshals, Pan- Hellenic Council, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority ARTIS, EMILY College Band, Westminister Fellowship, Future Alumni BARBEE, BETTY LOU F.B.L.A. BASSETT, MILDRED Day Student Organization, Y.W.CA., Future Alumni Association BEATTY, WILLIAM F.B.L.A. BELL, MIRIAM GRACE College Band, College Choir BIRT, CHERIDINE V. Day Student Organization, Future Alumni, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority BOND, LEVI F.B.L.A. Rudyaires BOND, TYRON F.B.L.A., Rudydaires BOONE, EVELYN Who ' s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Yearbook Staff, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, S.N.E.A., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Future Alumni, College Marshals, Student Advisory Board BOYCE, BETTY JEAN Future Alumni, Student Council BOYD, MAJOR M. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Varsity Club, Future Alumni, S.N.E.A. BRACY, ELIE JR. Future Alumni, Veterans Club BRASWELL, THELMA R. Future Alumni BREWINGTON, EARLENE F.B.L.A.. Phi Beta Lambda BRIDGERS, MARGARET F.B.L.A., Phi Beta Lambda BRODDIE, JANICE F.B.L.A. BULLOCK, SAMUEL Drama Guild, Omega Psi Phi, S.N.E.A., Westminister Fellowship BURNETTE, CARRIE F.B.L.A. BURRELL, GILMORE L. Day Student Organization, Drama Guild BYRD, GLADYS Future Alumni, College Choir CABANISS, DORIS ANN Future Alumni CANADY, MARGARET E. Student Advisory Board, W.C.C. Student Council, Fu- ture Alumni, Y.W.C.A., S.N.E.A. CHERRY, FLACHEL E. College Choir, Future Alumni, Student Advisory, Y.W. C.A. Omega Sweetheart ' 57-58, Miss Homecoming ' 58 -59 CLICK, CHARLES E. S.N.E.A. Westminister Fellowship, College Choir, Sphinx Club, College Band, Dance Group, Future Alu- mni, Student Advisory Board COLLINS, ROY LEE Future Alumni COUNCIL, ANNIE PEARL Future Alumni, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Day Student Organization CUMMINUS. JIMMY F. Drama Guild, Y. M. C.A. ,S.N.E.A. College Sunday School, College Marshals, Voice Staff, Student Ad- visory Board, Student Government, Intramural Coun- cil, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity DAVIS, HAROLD Future Alumni, Drama Guild DAVIS, HILDA LOUISE College Marshals, Y.W. C.A. , W.C.C, Student Advisory Board, S.N.E.A., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Future Alumni Association DAVIS, LILLIAN MAE S.N.E.A., Y.W.Cj ., Future Alumni, Wilmington Chap- ter of Fayetteville State Teachers College DAVIS, NATHANIEL Hospitality Club, Drama Guild, Future Alumni, Wil- mington Chapter of Fayetteville State Teachers Col- lege, S.N.E.A. DA YE, HARVEY E. S.N.E.A., Football Team, Student Government, Choir, Varsity Club DICKEY, MABEL Y.W. C.A. , Red Cross, College Marshals, Student Council, Future Alumni Assoc iat ion. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority DDCON, MARTHA ANN College Band, Future Alumni DOBSON, SYLVESTER Basketball Team, Future Alumni EBRON, HELEN Y.W.C.A., S.N.E.A., College Band, Future Alumni EBRON, JAMES Hospitality Club, Future Alumni, Drama Guild, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, S.N.E.A. EDMONDS, ANNIE MAE Y.W.CA. , S.N.E.A., Future Alumni, College Marshals, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority EDWARDS, WILHELMENLA Future Alumni ENNETT, JOHN Future Alumni ELLIS, THEODORE Drama Guild, Future Alumni, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity FARMER, ALMETER Future Alumni FISHER, EDGAR F.B.L.A. FONVILLE, LUCILLE Future Alumni, College Band FUSSELL, ANNIE LEE Future Alumni GADDY, EVELYN W.C.C, Y.W.CA., Westminister Fellowship, Baptist Student Union, Future Alumni GORDON, ROBERT Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Future Alumni, Football Team, Drama GuUd, Student Government, Whos Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society GOSS, DORIS ELIZABETH Y.W.CA., S.N.E.A., W.C.C, Future Alumni, College Marshals, Hospitality Club, Delta Sigma Theta Soro- rity, Who ' s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities GREEN, MARTHA L. Drama Guild, Y.W.CA., S.N.E.A., Zeta Phi Beta Soro- rity, Student Advisory Board, W.C.C, Future Alumni, College Marshals, Voice Staff HALL, BOBBIE JEAN Future Alumni, Drama Guild, Basketball Team, Hos- pitality Club, Student Government, Student Advisory Board HANKINS, BARBARA ANN Drama Guild, Future Alumni, S.N.E.A., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Y.W.C A., W.C.C. HARRINGTON, CAROLYN F. Future Alumni, Day Student Organization, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Red Cross HARRINGTON, RUTH HAZEL Westminister Fellowship, Future Alumni, Drama Guild HENDERSON, MARGIE Future Alumni, College Band HILL, BILLY F.B.L.A. MILLIARD, WILLIAM Future Alumni HUNTER, EUGENE ROBERT Future Alumni, Football Team, Varsity Club, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity JACKSON, EMANUEL JENKINS, MARIAN Future Alumni JOHNSON, ANNIE F.B.L.A. JOHNSON, CHARLES Dran.a Guild, Future Alumni, Track Team, Football JOHNSON, CLAIBORNE Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Who ' s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Voice Staff, Future Alumni JOHNSON, ELEANOR Future Alumni JOHNSON, MELLIE Day Student Organization, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority JORDAN, GWENDOLYN College Choir, Future Alumni, S.N.E,A.., Y.W.C.A. LANGLEY, VELMA College Band, Future Alumni, Day Student Organization LANGSTON, SHIRLEY JEAN Y.W.C.W.C.C, S.N. E. A. College Band, Future Alumni, Student Advisory Board, Yearbook Staff, Basketball Team, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, College Marshals, Student Council LITTLE, ALEXANDER F.B.LjV. LU CAS, PATRICL V Future Alumni, Day Student Organization LUCAS, STANLEY MACK, ARGUSTIA Student Advisory Board, Basketball Team, Future Alumni, College Choir, Drama Guild, S.N.E.A., Year- book Staff MACK, DAVID J. Veterian Club, Student Council, Day Student Organi- zation, Wilmington Chapter F.S.T.C. MAINOR, ETLAR MONK Future Alumni MANLEY, HELEN LORRAINE Y.W.Cji., S.N.E,A., Future Alumni, College Marshals, Who ' s Who among Students in America Colleges and Universities, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Voice Staff, Student Council MANLEY, JUNE F.B.Lj . MASSENBURG, BERNICE MAE Future Alumni MASSENBURG, MINNIE F.B.L.A. MELVTN, EARTHIY LOUISE Westminster Fellowship, Day Student Organization, Fu- ture Alumni, S.N.E.A., Y.W.C.A., Red Cross MELVTN, JESSUP TIMOTHY Future Alumni, Day Student Organization McNEIL, LENA MAE Day Student Organization; F.B.L.A. NEWELL, ADDIE JUANTTA Future Alumni, Day Student Organization, Red Cross NEWSON, CARRIE VIRGINIA Future Alumni NDCON, BETTY GLINDA College Choir, Westminster Fellowship, Future Alumni NDCON, JUDITH L. ARTIS Day Student Organization, Future Alumni, Alpha Kappa Alpha Drama Guild NORRIS, ELMA ALLEN Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Day Student Organization, Future Alumni PARKER, AUBREY JEROME Drama Guild, Future Alumni PARKER, PATRICIA FREDREVA FORNEY Day Students Organization, F. B. L. A. PIERCE, FLEMING EMANUEL College Choir, Band, Y.M.C.A., Student Council Col- lege Marshals PITTMAN, MARY ANN Day Student Organization, Future Alumni, Yearbook Staff POMPEY, ROBERT Basketball Team, Future Alumni POWELL, JUANITA BURTS Future Alumni, Day Student Organization PRIDGEN EDNA S. Day Student Organization, Future Alumni MITCHELL, MAE EVERLENA Who ' s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities Future Alumni, Day Student Organization MOORE, LOCKE F.B.L A. MOORE, LORAINE ELIZABETH Westminister Fellowship, U.W.C.A., College Choir, Future Alumni MURPHY, ALMA Day Student Organization, Future Alumni McDANIEL, CLYDE OLIVER JR. College Choir, Student Council, Future Alumni, Vet- eran Club, Day Student Organization, Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, S.N.E.A., Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Who ' s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities. McEACHEN, JAMES F.B.L.A. McKEITHAN, LUTHER ELWORTH Future Alumni, Day Student Organization, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity McKINNIE, GWENDOLYN DEBERRY Future Alumni McKINNON, WILHELMENL MILLIGAN Day Student Organization, Future Alumni McLAURIN, FLORA ELIZABETH College Choir, Future Alumni, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Day Student Organization MCMILLAN, MAZIE JANET Zeta phi Beta Sorority, Day St ude nt Organization, Future Alumni McNAIR DOROTHY DAWSON Future Alumni, Day Student Organization, Future Alumni RHEDRICK, HEBERT LEE Veteran Club, Drama Guild, Day Student Organization, Future Alumni, Wilmington Chapter of E.S.T.C. ROBERSON, DEFFIE F.B.L.A., Day Student Organization RODGERS, FREDRICK ALEXANDER Football Team, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Who ' s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Alpha Kappa Mu, Voice Staff, Student Government, S. N.E.A., Drama Guild, Student Advisory Board. ROUSE. HATTIE MAE Drama Guild, Day Student Organization SCOTT, BERTHA LEE Future Alumni, U.W.C.A., W.C.C, S.N.F.A., West- minister Fellowship SHAW, MAE HELEN Future Alumni, College Choir SIMPSON, ETHEL DORETHA F.B.L.A., Phi Beta Lambda SMITH, ENOCH F.B.L.A. SMITH, MILDRED YVONNE F.B.L.A. STREET VELMA ELOISE Future Alumni, Westminister Fellowship, S.N.Ej ., Y.W.C.A. Alpha Kappa Mu, College Choir, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Who ' s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities STUBBS, BETTY LOU Red Cross, Westminister Fellowship, Day Students Organization THOMPSON, JACKWINFORD Football Team, Drama Guild, Future Alumni THOMPSON, MELVIN Student Advisory Board, Drama Guild, S.N.E.A., Stu- dent Council Future Alumni, Voice Staff, Wilmington Chapter of F.S.T.C, Yearbook Staff. TUCKER, MILTON EUGENE Drama Guild, Future Alumni WADDELL, CHARLES RAY Future Alumni, Wilmington Chapter of F.S.T.C. Vet- eran Club WALDER, JUANITA GREY Who ' s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities Red Cross F.T.A., Day Student Organi- zation, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. WEST, AMOS BENJAMIN Future Alumni, College Band, Basketball Team WHITTED , LUTHER MARVIN Wilmington Chapter of F.S.T.C, Future Alumni WILKINS, JESSE GRAY Day Student Organization, Future Alumni WILLIAMS, CHRISTINT Drama Guild, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Future Alumni, Voice Staff WOOTEN, HAZEL College Choir, Future Alumni WRIGHT, JUDE CYLESTER Football Team, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Future Alumni 0( . S r ' ' yc vie ' Well ...And 5fius 9i Beg n It was during the nineteenth century that a group of Negroes, refusing to exist in the mist of com- placency, pondered restlessly; their undeveloped but nurtured proposal led to an agreement to erect for their children a school. However, to accomplish this feat, it was essential to have a leader. To whom shall we turn? It was obvious; A.J. Chestnutt, Thomas Lomax, G. W. Granger, St., M. N. Leary, Jr., Robert H. Simmons, Nelson Carter, and David Bryant. " They ' ll be our trustees, " was the voice of the group. Together the trustees purchased a pair of lots for one hundred thirty-six dollars, from R. H. Simmons and H. C. McNeal. In the fall of 1867 there came into existance one more institution to aid of the fostering of the ideals of the educator; in commemoration of General O. O. Howard of the Freed- men ' s Bureau, the building erected on these lots bore his name. In less than a decade after its es- tablishment the first principal, Robert Harris, performed what we could call a miracle. For achiev- ing such progress Governor Vance was more or less obligated to present to the legislature a proposal that provisions be made for the training of colored teachers in the state of North Carolina. Following a lengthy debate, a favorable report was brought back by Governor Vance, who personally inspected the Howard School. It was decided to locate the teacher training institution in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Robert Harris, principal, was elected to establish the curriculum of the newly instituted Howard School, which as a result of the Legislative Act of 1877, was renamed the State Colored Normal School. In 1880, Charles W. Chesnutt received the principalship of the State Colored Normal School because of the death of Robert Harris. After rendering three years of service, Chestnutt resigned to practice law in Cleveland, Ohio. The task of administration was then thrust upon the shoulders of Ezekiel E. Smith, who served until 1888, and then resigned later to serve in the same capacity. Presidents of this institution included: G. H. Williams, 1888-1892 Dr. Smith, 1892-1898 R. E. Fairly, 1898-1899 President Smith again came to office. Under his administration a program of scholarship and ex- pansion was embarked upon. Fifty acres of land was purchased; on this site, on Murchison Road, was erected Aycock Hall; two years later Vance Hall was constructed. As the school expanded, student enrollment soared higher, and that in turn created a need for a larger faculty and staff. Progress flourished abundantly during the administration for our notable Dr. J. W. Seabrook, who succeeded Dr. Smith in 1933. Advocating what hetermed " the 3 E ' s " CExcellence, Energy, Enthusiasm), he has con- tributed much to the establishment of what is now Known as Fayetteville State Teachers College. Most of the buildings now standing on this campus were erected during the administration of Dr. Seabrook. Four years after Dr. Seabrook acquired the position of president of the institution. The Board of Education authorized the initiation of a course of study that would lead to a bachelor ' s degree in education and a class " A " certificate. On November 29, 1947, two years following the authorization, the Class " A " rating was granted the school by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Worn but by no means weary, Dr. Seabrook relinquished his position and went into retirement in 1956. Under the present administration of Dr. Rudolph Jones, Commercial Education, Auto Mechan- ics and a Marching B and have been added to the curriculum. Here the history of Fayetteville State Teachers College rests, however, only until the abstract once more becomes concrete and the hand a- gain picks up the pen to move on. -i.pi.a r appa Aipna aorority, future Dran.a Guild, Future Alumni, Track Team, Football f uran.a Guild, Futu Hpsni1 Alumni, Track Team, Football i4 ly iVi t V ■ r . v M I V

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