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E 5 i7 Q1 :- if is Zi v 53 HQ F E 5 5? 5 E T Ei E1 E 5 :E Ki Af E 55 E 1-fm...-If R1 f-.xgnfl-F.. -.w-afw .,..1,-.1 ,:.r,.wvv.-rw-S,-W-.--Ac-1, -,fu..fw--,fw..:.. Us .m,..-gn, V. 1' f- v -1.1, . , 27.1 L- .- .1-.. f 2,151 1. ff V-ivy., -.vp-nv . .F fm- ,. . .. -f' S1 5 J ,s 3 5 3 A 5 E! Ii 3 3 ss 'L Q 5 9? 59 I 3 3 5 I 4 fb 3 if 51 U: '. gr ."' 4 , jkmigmlr 1 , . . ,ign- 'Hn 'ti 'mis .ij Y Q v, H T. Aux uws:-W ' M x "-'av " "Plug, 4' ' N JXP . is V. V Mm ,, 'V ,,., ., , ,I 'nv M n 1 w 1. ,R f' I if BS-18 wfwaa if in K , ,111 F , 'S -. Q ,- V gd- imc WW' 74+ ww L,-ar-. .. J- W, .fi 1 -.4"2,.fwon-Q 'Eff' , 4' 5 it-' . LL Ffvnhl JA: f 'U lg wr ":' ' f- A' 1 T15 T32 AIFAMA NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX VOLUME FIVE The Year 6Book of THE FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. X 5 v ' ,3 T, PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS THE LA FA MAC STA FI I 1' I .. ' , 1' 4' " 1' 'eff ' F. V 55.7. I 4 QI A - . - gag -'I Y 1, ',Q:a,?! S5535 . ,V H it A . 1 . 4,y ,, Alam A H , 4 1 .A .s 34 rg 11:11 E12 Tm: ZE'friTff2i11-riff? Iv' E13 'wi fmiiijisixt ?317mi?3'Z Tm' 'Ima 1 QQ fmt ff iff ES? is .gg ' - ti POREWORD 1 r V FTEN we hear our mothers and fathers say, "Oh, if we could only live again :FI our hi h school da S!" That we ma have this wish ranted us when we I I g Y Y g ja: are mothers and fathers is the purpose of the fifth volume of THE LAFAMAC. We trust that our work of portrayal has been so comprehensive and so clever that you may find each perusal a pleasure and very real picture of the "good ol' days" had to ether in F. H. S. I i ' 'T' we g - -I ,1 ,I ... ,.. I Signed: I . , I .,,. y.. is LH? 155 If 1354 X . I J 'gf 5. I I I 'Af Qm AJ If lil lil tile 34' iii E51 'ffl 'ri H'-'x if e-fi . N . ,A . I 5-1 I Q, . 5.3. I Editor-in-Chiefs 1 I Business Manager. Ei ASSOCIATE EDITORS MARIE PATZ ......... ,................ ............,... Q ........................... Q . . ..... Class SARAH PRATHER ARMFIELD' ...... ..... S chool ANNIE K1-:LSO CURRIE ......... ....... i Feature BERNICE FRAUST BULLARD ..... ............... A thletic MIRIAM ESPY MATHIESON ....... .. .................. Art FRED POAG ........................... ...... , ....... ................... 5' n apshot DICK BooKER ....... 1 ..... Assistant Snapshot ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS MILLER PATTERSON KENNETH GALLUP 'BERNARD STEIN MAMIE' CHURCHILL SMITH CRAWFORD McKE'rIIAN i KITTIE WILLIAMSON CHARLES FRANCK A -fa-If-I I 4132: . Q:-.L A . .I -ii-rfL11w5,: ,cv A 5 V I 'I ei FATHER Of all the many people in all the nations, We think our fathers, no matter what their stations, Or how they scold us for our blunders, Are the very best in all creations! For well we all know just where we should go When our wardrobe is becoming low, When our shoes are worn and our heads are bare, And we are very much in need of "dough," It's "father this" and it is "father that"g Tho' we win the game, or perhaps fall flat In the daily duties we undertake, Each is still father's worthy little "brat" Gur wise fathers can many things discuss, Many problems they solve without a fuss, When we grow older may we then father Posterity as our fathers fathered us. -MARIE PA'rz C60 Qur gathers In recognition of their constant in- terest in euery phase K discouraging or inspiring! of our journey through the Fayetteville High School, and in appre- ciation of the stimulus this interest has given in enabling us to pass every mile- post with colors aloft, we, the Class of 1926, do dedicate to our fathers this volume of THE LAFAMAC. ... I 1 i -Q -.1 fr 5 if .- ' 'f xirf,:,1f,t,-il A gg , , .,g-. .jg f -. i ,Q i U X 1 Q , , a rg, fl" T H E L A F A M A c --A , i .gwulb - X f- ' JV' , .-' qh'l.h,,f 1, , fl f it PROVIEW fl in -" wi' As you glance through this little book, X lf' , A I' 1 Please note that we have a fine crop- 7'-,.' 4 From teachers right on down the line, Af , . ' Q We boost ourselves and stay on top! 'V v a 4 I 5 A i First you will see the teachers rare- Rl Q4 , 'Ei-ect, and dignified, and kind. X bi -is -jf" " Look now upon each pleasant face, i XE? V' ,Better than these we'd never find. NXT 3 3 Next you'll see the noble Seniors, g f , rt l 'Now that is where to spend your time, . Q f, , Klip i For they are envied in the school K- r , And they are clever and sublime! .W , f f ' . ii' l Then behold the other classes-' ' la' I" Juniors, Soph'mores, and Freshies, too 3 ' Q' 3. ., Most of them are extremely green, A , K ' 1 . All the rest are entirely blue! , -Q 5 1 pleased toobserve, too, that'study N P i 4 . is-X ,R i is not theuonly thing we do. W af H31 4 Aetivlties that engage us much ' 3 , Are counted out and told for you. 2 if ,. f , .vp ,. 'E Thereithe clubs which we have joined K F' J Are displayed in fullsome array-- ' '- 'Y' Dramatic, Glee, Debating, too4 'If 9, 0 'Ll f They'll take the prize on any day. ' Q ,U I N .. ' ' X Jil And don't leave out athletics, please, Ni I iw' ' Therc's basket, foot, and baseballg -J , - Some are for boys and some for girls, F, fi 'NR 3 Their fine records will you appall. ,L O5 The witty jokes you'll see at last, ?' 1 it ' V Are arranged quite humorouslyg , And if you are not woefully dense, 4 i ' , Perhaps the fun you'll sometime see! ,. , f " i . 5. Now let us caution you again, H hug Q- i' For we want you- to read through her, 5-:F ' And smile and say when you have done, , "Very good for an amateur." , i , -MARIE Pnz. Y! egg V V ir U E xiii A ' nal: naar , ' -ry ir- ' A 1 . f I, V l, ' . , , , Gm fi if A . -' if 1 if 1 ,an-'5. 'f'-2 Hu- sv- 3 f ,n r - '.':',,'f. ' -I 5: -fvfxs V -' ,T 'i gf 4 'L' .- 0- L, 6- 1 X X b .t ffm? . .ww :ry 1 , 'vb ' . 1 ,eg ,X I , ld Vg J! THE LAPAMAC C. ffffffqfx Ilxlelu' Iluwlcnl, Sllf7l'l'fIII'I'IIfI'l'lIf of ,ffl-X't'fI'I"Z'iHl' GVKIIIIPIIY ,sitxflfillli PAS N THE LAFAMAC Iimalcwl' R. II.xRl,l1:x' l'r1m'1fu1I of !'41IxX'l'Hl'7'l.Hl' High- 501100 ff 2j fjgglyd J- Q. A-2 THE LAFAMAC I FACULTY PAGE E E Sax ii A N K Q. A PAGE TWELVE NM in 3- Q 1 A vi' "5 . nf, I . el J L? if - z ,S it 3 5525 b rw ' ii - 1 1, 'i i X 4 w .. Q t. . -1-f 1 . 6 'r W L3 A THE LAPAMAC BUILDING ALEXANDER GRAxH.xM T HE L A FAMA C f" f A-f Qf ff' Y -Q ff' W 5' 424 'H - X 0 ' W ' 2 1- f 47 K A 40 f 7 W 5? f W ,. W. ,, L Z ,Z 'i 2 1 X" " 4 6 i Z v 'X ,V - 1 5 , 4 Z ,f fqbmg ff: 'df'-, 'i,- 3 X A y Y, f ff X .Swan-a 47x jk?-y WC, X 'Wigsx 61:61, "'1f'i?,-fy V- 'gifs "Q?'2jga X f 'fff QLQJKNP aff QRQQ '-X K 1 QQ3YEiif-Lr?' gf:, + - NE-l1??J X -P25 4-Rgq N 4 v Q J ' QL 4 f , ' X X ' N WSP? J ' x - K - :re Q ' J ,f',7j4531f - J" X f T r , A vf.-'W?471ff' f , . ' f . ,-,- ,I 3-vii!! L , ff, K A XA 71 'V .,V., X .QQ WMAX ,f,f,j:aN-Q ' f-' Yrkrf-i,Mf'7' 11-sfffjffvvu-' 4 Z - ' ' 171 Vx ' s f 'fr W' 1 ,M N ff- ' 1 ' ' fbfjxwlrigxvf 4 :,J:. sky 696' Yx flypffygflfgl Fra - pq.-215. ,lik ff 'f- 1 J, ,,4fq, ,r. 29" Q49 5 1,3 S !,1jw3U2y7' X ' I .w xg f kj, X fir., X , 1, ,, ' ,, 614' ' 2 f ':s3?"' 434 N I ,ff ,gQ5:S?09,1,f5 W Aa 1 ff , , Cf "' 9. PA GE TH IRT Es N THE LAFAMAC MARGARET SPEARS C lass M ascot Zi SENIOR CLASS MOTTO: "Esse Quam Videriu COLORS: Blue and White FLOWER: Peony ANNIE BLACK WILLIAMS ....... JULIAN BROWN HUTAFF ..... JOSEPHINE COOPER LYON .... LEAH BARDEN JONES ....... HALLIE IRWIN VVILLIAMSON CHARLES DUFFY FRANCK ..,.... MARIE PATZ .......,......,.............. MAMIE CHURCHILL SMITH ....... EIJNA VIRGINIA ADAMS ....... VIRGINIA PAGE REYNOLDS PAGE FOURTEEN OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Testator Prophet Donor Musician VVriter of Class Song EDNA VIRGINIA ADAMS Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Glee Club, '25, '26, Dramatic Club, '25, '26, Latin Club, '26, Current Events Club, '23, Girls' Athletic Association, '23, Class Treasurer, '25, Orchestra, '25, '26, Chairman Music Committee Dramatic Club, '26, Vice-President Latin Club, '26, Class Musician, '26, "Most Mu- sical," '26. When Edna sits down to play, The music 'is like a melody, Clear and soft from far away, For Edna can mlm the ivory. . 1 ALEXANDER STEWART ALLANACH Football, '24, '25, '26, Basketball, '24, '25, '26, Baseball, '25, '26, Class Football, '23, Class Basket- hall, '23, President Class, '25, Monogram Club, '25, 26, Captain Baseball, '26, Annual Staff, '25, Hi-Y Club, '25, '26, Dramatic Club, '26, Toastmaster Junior-Senior Banquet, '25. ' Here is 'a man of affairs, Laden with team and class cares, But despite these duties of the class, He finds time for a vermin lass! Q MARGARET VICTORIA ANDREWS Dramatic Club, '25, '26, Girls' Athletic Association, '26, Librarian, '26. Margaret is a diligent scholar, Attentive and eager to learn, She strives for the right with all her might, Deserzfing the good marks she can earn. K SARAH PRATHER ARMFIELD Student Council, '23, Vice-President Class, '24, Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Glee Club, '25, Orchestra, '25, '26, Myrover Math Medal, '25, Presi- dent Honor Society, '26, School Editor LAFAMAC, '26, Dramatic Club, '26, Latin Club, 26. At math she's a shark, At lessons she's just fine: To aid in making her marlr, Many unusual traits combine. RUTH ELLEN BETHUNE Basketball, '23, '24, '25, '26, Captain Basketball, '26, Student Council, '26, Manager Hiking Club, '25, Dramatic Club. '25, Glee Club, '25, Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Secretary Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, '26, "Best All Round," '26-. Sweet and lovable she always seems, She has a power over her teams: She touvhvs the ball amid the ding Her teams rally and are sure fo win. FRANCES WARD BLACK Dramatic Club, '25, '26, Hiking Club, '25, Glee Club, '25, '26, Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, A Shc's tall and pleasingly fair, For sonzeunr' she was a "suurc"',' We blame him not- Lurk was his lot,' Frances is a maiden rare. RICHARD CARR WOODFIN HOOKER Dramatic Club, -'26, Orchestra, '26, Assistant An- nual Photographer, '26, Boys' 'Glee Club, '26, He's been 'with us for just a year, And earned for himself a diploma clear. He hater lets a duty lag, , And he hails from the post we call Fort Bragg. Q VERA JOSEPHINE BUCKINGHAM Triangular Debater, '24, '25, '26, Art Editor of LAFAMAC, '24, Chairman Make-Up Committee, Dra- matic Club, '25, President Debating Club, '25, Vice- Presiclent Debating Club, '26, Secretary Honor So- ciety, '26, Latin Club, '25, Chairman Program Com- mittee, Latin Club, '26, Uke Club, '26, Dramatic Club, '25, '26, County Spelling Medal, '25, Girls' Lit- erary Society, '23, '24, Hiking Club, '25, Wheu Vera declares her belief in it, You must Iwlietfe it, too, For her silffer tongue will in a minute Persuade you that it's true. BERNICE FRAUST BULLARD Class Football, '23g Class Basketball, '23g Class Baseball, '23, Football, '24, '25, '26, Basketball, '24, '25, '26g Baseball, '24, '25, '26: Secretary Monogram Club, '25g President Monogram Club, '26g Athletic Editor LAFAMAC, '26g Track, '25, '26, "Best Athlete," '25, '26g Captain Football, '265 Dramatic Club, '26: Boys' Glee Club, '26. Fair and square in his play, A Hercules with muscle strong, Ou the field you hear them say, "Look out when Bernice comes along." 1 MARY KYLE BULLARD Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Dramatic Club, '25. '26g Hiking Club, '25, Class Basketball, '25, '26: Glee Club, '25. Here is one of our light-hearted girls- Slie frisks and jumps and plays: Never a thought for 'morrow unfurlsh- Today is the day of days. Q MIRIAM ELIZABETH BUNDY Glee Club, '25, '26, Dramatic Club, '25, '26: Vice- President Dramatic Club, '269 Girls' Literary Society, '23g Executive Committee Glee Club, '26. Miriam knows not how to wear a frown, Dark care ne'er clouds her fair, fair brow: Her chestnut locks-they form a 'very crown That her well-poised head does fit with grace enow. BOND SEDBERRY BYRD Secretary Boys' Glee Club, '26: Student Council, '25. Here's to our song bird so rare, For Bond can certainly sing, Some day we hope to see him In the midst of the metro. ring. ' MILDRED CHRISTINA CADE Dramatic Club, '25, '26, Glee Club, '25g Literary Society, '23, '24. ' Mildred C. is a good little girl, ' Modest and nzeek and shy, She kept her look on her lesson book, And succeeded at first try. Q ESTO MARIE CAMPBELL Dramatic Club, '25, '26, Glee Club, '25g Science Club, '2Sg Student Council, '25g Hiking Club, '25, '26g Carolina Club,,'25g Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24. 'Look into those starry eyes, And youfah gaze upon her soul, She always refrains from sighs: Esto will surely reach her goal. Q EXETER MAUDE CHITWOOD Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Current Events Club, '23. She has a place on the High School list That she won by her work so neatly done. If you need her help she'll not fail to assist, Tho' it be nothing more than thc making of fun. Q JOHN FAIRLEY CLARK Class Football, '23g Football, '24: Class Basketball, '24, '25, '26g President Hi-Y Club, '26, Chief Mar- shal, '25g Business Manager LAFAMAC, '26g Annual Staff, '25, Latin Club, '26g Current Events Club, '23, Student Council, '25. A golf expert the rumor shows, Loyal, sincere, a friend so true, Great praise is not above his due, Ask "her" if it's so, she knows! IRENE COOK CLUTE Current Events Club, '23, Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Glee Club, '25, Dramatic Club, '26, Class Basketball, '23, '24, '25, Girls' Athletic Association, '23, '26, Hiking Club, '23, '25. Laughing and joking along, That is Irene fair and gay, Study is truly all wrong- Only jollity fills her way. Q THOMAS WALTER CROWSON Student Council, '24, '25, Vice-President Honor So- ciety, '20, Secretary Radio Club, '25, Class Football, '25, '26, Class Basketball, '24, '25, A quiet, gentle lad is he, .-ldnzired for his courtesy, 1le's in 'with the rest To do his best, For sueh is his fond sineerity. ANNIE KELSO CURRIE Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Glee Club, '25, '26, LAFAMAC Staff, '24, Feature Editor LAFAMAC, '26, Dramatic Club, '25, Current Events Club, '23, Secre- tary Dramatic Club, '26, Fay-Ili-Say Staff, '23, Mar- shal, '25. You ean't be dull when Ke1so's 'rouud, She takes the blues away: ,S'he's honor bright and duty bound, And always has her say. NELLIE ELIZABETH CURRIE Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Glee Club, '25, Orchestra, '25, Secretary Latin Club, '26, Honor So- ciety, '26. Oh, Elizabeth is a rapable girl, And music is her special arty Though she isn't so loud, She's game with the crowd, And she has a warm place in our heart. CHARLES DUFFY FRANCK Dramatic Club, '26, Vice-President Student Body, '26, Class Basketball, '24, Class Football, '24, Hi-Y Club, '25, '26, President Latin Club, '26, Basketball Squad, '25, Testator, '26, Annual Staff, '26, Current Events Club, '23, "Most Courteous," '26. Here's our right-hand uzau, Willing to do all he ran To help the rest To pass the test: A ready smile for all- How can you help but fall? Q MIRIAM RADCLIFFE VGILLIAM Current Events Club, '23, Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Dramatic Club, '25, '26, Latin Club, '26, Librarian, '25, '26. She doesu't talk mueh, it is true, For sileure is golden, we say, But she does more than "I or you," And we talk on the livelong day. Q ALBERTA JO NES HALE Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Class Basketball '23, '24, '25, Glee Club, '25, Dramatic Club, '26, Edi- tor-in-Chief LAFAMAC, '26, Latin Club, '26, Marshal, '25, Current Events Club, '23, Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, '23, Student Council, '24. Alberta is bright, and she is fair, Blue are her eyes, and light her hair, Cheerful of soul, and open of mind, Sensible, happy, thoughtful and kind. K ELTON FOOTE HALL Glee Club, '25, Athletic Association, '25, '26, Dra- matic Club, '25, '26, Carolina Club, '25. Miss Elton was a mighty good stude, And a mighty good stude was she, Yet she found time when lessons were done To join most gleefully in the fun. JULIAN BROWN HUTAFF Glee Club, '26, Basketball, '26, Class Basketball, '23, Manager Athletics, '26, Orchestra, '25, Hi-Y Club, '25, Vice-President of Class, '26, Julian had brains and when he took pains He got all his lessons down pat,- Bnt when he did not, sad was his lot, For his answers were very much flat. Q JAMES DONALD JENKINS Football, '25, '26, Class Basketball, '25, Baseball, '75 H' Y Cl h '26 Treasurer M Cl b '26 -., 1- u , - , onogram u , , Track, '25, Omas Club, '25, Science Club, '25, Latin Club, '26, Monogram Club, '25, '26. Hc's handsome as can be, Tall, dark, and built splendidly: He's a football and baseball fan, Some day he'1l be a rollar ad num. ' Q LUCILE DOROTHY JOHNSON Dramatic Club, '26, Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Lucile deserves a great orationj She is fareful and cool, And she ne'er played the fool, Nor with niisrhief had any relation. Q MARY PARKER JOHNSON Dramatic Club, '26, Basketball, '26, She looks through the rims of her glasses With eyes all wide for to see. Her ears they are attention too- A mind working with rapidity. LEAH BARDEN JONES Glee Club, '23, '25, '26g Girls' Literary Society, '23g Current Events Club, '23, Marshal, '25g Dramatic Club, '25, '26g Basketball, '26g Class Treasurer, '26g Carolina Club, '25. The sunshine of our class, A dainty little lass, Beauty abounding, Voice resounding- The toast of every mass. Q MARY ABILENE KUTZ Glee Club, '25g Girls' Literary Society, '243 Dra- matic Club, '25, '26g Science Club, '25, Hiking Club, 25, '26g Treasurer Dramatic Club, '26, Girls' Athletic Association, '26. A stately figure, well outlined, Seeking knowledge, and oh, so kind, With outward beauty that tends to hide The common sense that is inside. K JOSEPHINE COOPER LYON Basketball, '24, '25, '26g Glee Club, '25: Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Class Secretary, '26. Friends she has many, Enemies not any, A good sport and hard to beat, Lump sugar is not more sweet. WILLIAM HILL MARSH' Student Council, '23, President Class, '24g Secre- tary Student Bod , '25g Marshal, '25, Baseball, '24, '25, '26g "Most Gourteousf' '23, '24, "Handsomest," '25, '269 Manager Basketball, '25g Snapshot Editor LAFAMAC, '25g Hi-Y Club, '25, '26. ' Handsome? We'll say he is! Ladies-step right up, But he has other qualities- Brains also fill his cup. MIRTAM ESPY MATHESON Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Hiking Club, '23, Dramatic Club, '26, Art Editor LAFAMAC, '26, Student Council, '23, "Prettiest," '26, Her art is a quality rare: Her 'wee fare exceedingly fair, And to add 'volufines to thgls story, Is her wonderful "crowning glory." ,., .. 4 Q DONALD AMBRO SE NEW Latin Club, '26, Secretary Class, '23. Donald is an unusual tybe, For he is very, very quiet, He keeps us guessing all the while: We think it is a word dict. BESSIE GRANT PALMER Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24,,I-liking Club, '25. Bessie tries her best, we know, And you should 'watch her knowledge grow, She's quiet-never mind that, For she has it all down, pat. Q MILLER KING PATTERSON President Student Body, '26, Class Basketball, '23 '24, Class Football, '23, '24,'Class Baseball, '24, Bas ketball, '25, '26, Football, '25, '26, Captain Basket ball, '26, Vice-President Hi-Y Club, '26, Hi-Y Club '25, '26, Vice-President Monogram Club, '26, llra matic Club, '25, '26. When there's something to be done, Miller is there' on the run: .4 dependable 'worker 'is hv, .-lnd he gets results that all van see. MARIE PATZ Feature Editor LAFAMAC, '25g Class Editor LAFAMAC '26, Press Agent Girls' Athletic Association, '26g Pro gram Committee Debating Club, '2Sg President De hating Club, '26g Treasurer Honor Society, '26g Tri angular Debater, '26 3 Stedman Essay Medal, '25 5 Prophet, '26g Hiking Club, '253 Dramatic Club, '25, '26g Glee Club, '26, Class Basketball, '24, '25, '26: Girls' Literary Society, '24, The fates were kind to our Marie, They all their best gifts gave to herg She holds them with a charitie, That on mankind good will confer. Q MARGARET ALLISON PERRY Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24g Dramatic Club, '25, '26g Glee Club, '25, '26g Marshal, '25. A sweeter girl than Margaret Al, A truer friend, a better pal, Ne'er smiled and studied day by day, Nor played so gaily in the fray. Q HUGH MILTON PINKSTON Football, '25, '26g Class Basketball, '24, '25, '26' Radio Club, '25, Latin Club, '26. Hugh is one of our cute sheiks, Gaze upon his noble face, For there are written virtues That will give him a leading place. Q VIRGINIA PAGE REYNOLDS Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24g Latin Club, '26, Songster, '26g Dramatic Club, '25, '26g Glee Club, '259 Hiking Club, '25. To say too inueh is not possible, To say too little would be a crimeg She must speak up for herself And employ her gift of rhyme. MARY SHIRLEY SHAVITZ Dramatic Club, '25, '26, Glee Club, '25, '26, Girls' Literary Society, '24, Girls' Athletic Association, '26, Debating Club, '26. Sinrvre, obliging, and joyous, too, If you're her friend, she'll stwk by you, Through toil and sorrow, through thzvk and thin, l She has a hand-shake and a grm. 1 MAMIE CHURCHILL SMITH Current Events Club, '23, Girls' Literary Society, '23, Executive Committee Glee Club. '26C Dramatic Club, '25, President Dramatic Club, '26, Latin Club, '26, Student Council, '25, LAFAMAC Staff, '26, "Best in Dramaticsf' '26, Class Basketball, '25, '26, State Dramatic Contest, '25, '26, Girls' Athletic Association, '23, Carolina Club, '25, Class Donor, '26, .4 born adress and nothing less. Bright and sunshiny all the day .-l smile for all, ll kind earess-- We adore her for her taking way. Q MARY EMMA STRICKLAND Current Events Club, '23, Literary Society, '23, '24, Glee Club, '25, Marshal, '25, Manager Girls' Basket- ball, '26. There is a fair damsel called Mary, Who is gay, though sometimes rontraryg She ran laugh, she can smile, A friend-'well worth. your while. Q KATHLEEN DOUGLAS WEST Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, Hiking Club, '25, Class Basketball, '25, '26. A demure little lady named Kathleen With a sweet, attractive smile, Crept softly into our hearts one day, And has lingered all the while. ANNIE BLACK WILLIAMS Student Council, '23, '26, Girls' Literary Society, '23, '24, President Class, '26, Fay-Hi-Say Staff, '23, Vice-President Latin Club, '25, Glee Club, '25, '26, Dramatic Club, '24 '25, '26, Chairman Costume Com- mittee, Dramatic Club, '26, Latin Club, '26, Room Chairman, '25, LAFAMAC Staff, '25, Honor Society, '26, Carolina Club, '25. She led and gladly followed we, Ever faithful and full of loyalty, Crossing mighty rocks in every mile, With a waxing, winsonie, jovial smile. Q HALLIE IRWIN WILLIAMSON Student Council, '23, Treasurer Glee Club, '25, Glee Club, '26, Secretary Dramatic Club, '25, Fay- Hi-Say Staff, '23, LAFAMAC Staff, '24, '25, Chair- man Property Committee, Dramatic Club, '26, Girls' Literaryzgociety, '23, '24, Class Basketball, '23, His- torian, ' . Ready to back and boost, Ready in need to aid, Hallie stands up for her rights, And argues until they're made. . . i K RUTH SHIRLEY ZEIGHAUSER Girls' Literar Society, '23, '24, Class Chairman, '25, '26, Glee Cllub '25, Co y Editor Dramatic Club, '26, Dramatic Club, '25,. Iqliking Club, '23, Girls' Athletic Association, '26, Debating Club, '26, Honor Society, '26. Though the lesson 'was hard and long, And we tried but qould not do it, Though we floundered and fumbled, She never, never stumbled- Ruth Shirley always knew it! I f . ' I 1 B J ,ig M , r Y W '44 E ,gt ra 'gl yi 'll y ja w it 4 9 V 'M 1' l 1 K , J N W n ' . E tx i by if Y . H 1 ' . , ,, N A ' N ' ' 1 w fn. 2 'YL' ,ia lf' aff.-41' 11.3 L., ' ' A l ' . . A - X ' Hix i ' ' r. i ee '- QQ H B LA P A M A Q W.-Q ,L 55:1 5- ,, - in 1.X'i'q!l' X X1 I A V J at , 'bEt:l'TgfA,4 1 V i S lf t v Q t .N ,vw L, . g M y i n e .Qt y CLASS solve i. 5 lx .2 Dear Fayetteville High A VL' ' X ,f". ig V , Where'er we be, , - 161 eff ' On land or sea, g 7' At thought of thee 4 XX? 1 Our heart-strings tighter draw, . I - 1 ,In yeamings, yearnings for the days of old. 15 " -lr l . . iff 1 if l Cnonus lllj lily. Sing all the praises of Fayetteville, . Me., , Sing of the things, we hold so dear, Cid if , . V ' Sing 'till the echoes in tones so clear A Q .g f n' - 4 Bear the song away- W 1 gg X ' Sing when retuming thoughts will bring back byfgohe daysg' Q4 I f f.. ix Sing 'till the echoes bring baek the lay-singing to thee. 1' if , V ', , X v . -'Ni k I Loyaldare we, Q S 'M n, 255 Faithful we be, 'gl lt . Cliflgiflg YO thee, ' :ill g i Our- hearts ring true. H xi It A EQQEQT "Esse quam videri"- A "'i I ll rx The motto we'have held so dear we'll-live. Q 1 ' 3 Still hear the song' V - v f - " '- l- N" .V -3 r We raise to thee 5 'fi ' -F -. with spirits free N 4 Lggjk ' " We forward go- f' ' y 4 3 , If But though thy halls we'll leave- 3 f M", Our love, our love will ever to thee cleave." ' P , 343. A- ' 4-VIRGIlJIA PAGE RF.vNor.ns. A N 1 ' . A - A sl x HEI, ., v it V' l 'fa izvj ' ' l ' ' 'Y na: rwru-rv-una I .- , H 4 'ti re l- f 4 S e ' V ' l wi' in r -.- ., f 1- ,el S , . - -. ' ': 5-i"'C1'L ' -'AI S""' f s7'i'fi5 'gJi??45? tQ ' ef,-'-.ff ,wa L ' i. sf M MS, , ttyl THE LAFAMAC HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF '26 PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT I When, as the Class of '23, We entered the first year of drudgery, We knew that through the four long years, Perforce there'd be some nights we'd spend in tears Before we reached the shining goal Of which so many stories had been told. In keeping with the school's traditions We started off with many fine missions To sustain our predecessors, And also to leave to our successors The same pathways in which to tread That we had found were robbed of their great dread. Being young and without experience, We thought to begin by making best appearance. When soon around came election day, Our every thought and aim were turned that way, For we knew it was a great event To choose Parker for the President. George Hatch we thought to be the best To serve a year as scribe for all the rest. Julian Hutaff who will never lag, We chose to hold for us the money bag. Bill Marsh, who was so very polite, Gave to his class a bountiful delight When counted votes showed us that he Won out ahead in courtesy. Ruby Mc. and Ruth Bethune did greatly beam When they both made the girls' basketball team. A. B. Williams and S. P. Armfield Were themselves a veritable shield. Bill Marsh and Luther Gentry too- These also helped us in the day's review. II Without spoiling all tradition, We entered on the time of transition. We had at last a pace out-stepped, To welcome the new name by which yclept. For we were now class Sophomore, With feeling just like birds when first they We began our second year of strife Taking a very different view of life. Entirely sophisticated We donned a role which needn't be relatedg Trying always to do our best We were able to succeed and pass every test. Now each one thinks his special pranks Will keep his name forever in the ranks, Or in his list of memories That shall br'ng comfort in coming years. "Veni, Vidi, Vici" became The very motto by which we'd earn our fame. But you, my dear, must not forget That we were Sophomores-conceited yet! For president we then elected SO3.I'. 4 r 'x ' .'i " ' Y- zvg .. ,UU K F Bill Marsh whom we knew never once neglected Any duty that fell to him- ' ' That he might rule this class so full of vlm. Vice-President was Alberta Hale Who had no trouble living up to scale. Sara Armfield and James McNeill As scribe and wallet holder dad reveal .41 ' " i -- -f"'1i'f'4ff'wi11' T L A F A Qt ...-E 1 -egg X tk V ' ' ' ' W? f N " in ' "X ' I C hxil XX X X X ',I ff I mil, 'fx t I , sl , M 4 ' he 1 f ' 1 - X l Aff , ' W ln . V " . . "I f if I ' 0 MJ: N f Ability to do their best, 5 , , kj And never for a moment did they rest. T f :J fl Crowson, Hale and Esto Campbell X l . gf ' These three were placed on the student council, 'av' I Along with Thomas English Hill, Ml? If Who as vice-president filled the bill. 'X- '- Then came the orator of our class- V Vera Buckingham is one debating lass! Lf ' ,241 She made the team of '24, ' ' ti' ' , , V f Qnd. wgnfl airioung making speeches galore. .QQ"fi1f X I f' aln i ars in statistics won, all X Wien he hadfin courtesy the rest outdone, ill' - T-wo, then, we had who reporters were , M 53 On the LAFAMAC. They made good we infer. Mi ' :sg Bethune, .McElhannon and "Joe" Lyon- ,' ' ' On the girls' basketball team, were none so fine. 5 I Alex Allanach showed up his skill, f 3 And on football team gave many a thrill. l 1 lim' l M ' wllnklng use had! done very well, A I e were a gla to hear the final bell ' 'A - That called us fromour weary work ' ' , 'X 3 To the summer pleasures that around do lurk. , 5' X , 'lc III 3.1, In the falllof nineteen twentyffour, Egg , 15,5 Though wise, we started back to learn some more. ll .I x X -ls-gf For all the lure of real romance 'V ll It seems just here we 'gan to feel advance. Rf No matter how successfully past I, f' N Those two hard years we thought surely the last. l gh K' -gl l Two years more would go smoothly byg ' glaerefwould liew to fail and none to sigh. . ere ore we e uncommony ayg , 4 lv' We sang and laughed and idly Eved each day. il ll Romance filled the heart of each one. fl' I., And the duties of school we often longed to shun. g ,ff ' X ,J Some of our class, sad to relate, 5' ' 9 -Q' Fell into the arms of their devouring fate, wif, A, r For they ran awaiy, to another's smile, b H " f' gemembering ui lor just a little whale. in " 'I nce more we et we were on our cet, ' if Because experience had rid us of conceit. 1 In truth we would no longer say, I 1' RWE ggme, we sawa we,cE1?f1uered" every day. , , -3 n sse quam VI erl e ' I ,, 5' To be the motto we would gladly tell. " - , IQ ,fl glass clgoie for colors bllae ani white, o--syrn o ize a purity an mig t. K 'I Class flower, the peony so sweet ' l In which both beauty and brightness gently meet. X K Presldenthnow Alex Allanach, ' A Who for Judgment and wisdom did not lack. XX, 1 2 is ' ll' 4 it ,glf 'if PAGE TWENTY-NINE ga. Nl I M fl I I+ ? A in " 1 is 53, eggs, Ll , . 5 1 , gg.-is , l li-Ki 'r vw' 3 2.41 g A 1 A-'lf Q lllllwf I f ' PAGE THIRTY THE LAPAMAC George Raynor was vice-president: They brought us through without harm or accident. Ruby McElhannon, secretary, Was always sweet and never contrary. To Edna Adams, the funds we trusted, But with its scarcity she was disgusted. Smith, McElhannon, Hatch, and Clark On the Student Council prevented many a lark. Marsh, student secretary, was fine- On statistics handsomestg always benign. Twelve boys and girls all quite alive Were chosen for ushers at commencement '25- Fairley Clark, Walter Crowson, Culvert Hammons, Von Bullard, Bill Marsh and Tom H'ill Were the boys selected with a great good will. Mary E. Strickland, Leah Jones, Alberta Hale, Sara P. Armfield, Kelso Currie and Margaret Perry Made the group of girls so bright and merry. On LAFAMAc's staff six members we had Who were altogether good and not one bit bad. Vera Buckingham again won place As first debater in the Triangular race. For athletics not a few turned out- They were both tall and lean and short and stout. Allanach, Bullard, Patterson, on basketball team, Proved they were what they really did seem. Two boys on football team then starred, And the work they had to do was very hard. Girls' basketball team then had four Who helped in every game to roll up the score. As this year slowly passed away Our thoughts were Iongingly turned to that fair day, When we would be Seniors and reign supreme, Guarding well our motto, "To be rather than to seem." IV At last arrived that happy day When 50 and more with pride could say, "I'm a Senior resolved to try To reach the goal that's so invitingly nigh." Sweet dreams of yesterday are past fl wonder were they ever meant to last?j Of fourth year realism we'd heard But thought we ne'er would understand the word. We saw at last work must be done, So bravely put aside most of our fun. To finish our H. S. career Became to us a goal earnestly dear. Annie Black as president did reign With rod and sceptre: but she did disdain To rule her fond and loving band With anything akin to an iron hand. Others there were honors to win But concerning these we fittinszly make no din. Our first motto we have fulfilled, "We came, we saw, we conquered" as we willed. The last we're sure we shall redeem- "It's better to be rather than to seem." -I'IALLIE IRWAIN WILLIAMSON, Historian T H E L A P A M A C CLASS PROPHECY --Nine !-ten !-eleven !--twelve! With the twelfth stroke of the bell another year had rolled by and a new one was ushered in. My, what a sight was Washington on New Year's Eve! The crowds, the noise, the laughter-yelling, singing-oh, what a tumult! Everyone was in gay spirits, the very air seemed to vibrate with the festivity-it was a glorious sight-and I sat gazing upon this scene from a fifth story attic window! My mind rushed back to the days when my schoolmates had thought so much of me: had ex- pected so much of me-ah! what ambitions, what hopes and aspirations I then had! But alas! How I had fallen-penniless, friendless and wretched! If I had but accepted the position of reporter offered to me by Alberta Hale, editor of the leading paper of the day: if I lad only gone as assistant instructor to Ruth Bethune, who had established a school of training for promising athletes: or with Donald New to assist him in his lecture tour over tl'e United States: but, alas! I could not resist the temptation of the morphine, which I had formed tl'e habit of taking to relieve my mental disturbances. Ah! yes-from that very first day my downfall could be dated-one drink, another, another, and still another-until now-I could not live without it-a dope fiend! Yes-a failure and a miserable wretch. And as I looked down on the brilliant scene-it was too late! Reform? Ha! Ha! I was too far gone for that. Oh, well-I pulled my ragged wrap over my shoulders and descended to the street. The orchestra, which had been requested to play for the street dance, began its program. I looked up--and lo! whom should I recognize as the leader but Edna Adams. I looked more closely. Among the performers I saw Sarah Prather Armfield, playing a violin, and Julian Hutaff puffing away on a saxophone. Standing on tip-toes, I could see Elizabeth Currie at the piano. The dancers filled the allotted space. As I pushed through the mob I felt a firm hand clutch my arm. Looking up I saw Bernice Bullard in policeman's uniform. He told me to cease my pushing or the city cooler would have another occupant. He did not recognize me-no, how could' he? No one would recognize me now. As my gaze reached the dancers, I stopped short. The social butterflies were now taking part in a Grand March, and in the lead whom should I see but Esto Campbell and Elton Hall. Between them was Hugh Pinkston. So these were the "400"-and I was "I," Many features entertained the guests. The program committee, composed of Mary Emma Strickland and Margaret Andrews had succeeded in getting Hallie Irvin Williamson from New York to bring her famous company, "The Dancing Nymphs," as part of the en- tertainment. Among those in the company were Irene Clute, Leah jones and Kelso Currie. Another feature of the program was a solo by Bond Byrd, who had recently returned from a trip to Italy where he had had a contract with the Italian Opera Company. I stayed no longer. The brilliancy of the scene dazzled me. What did I care for all this? What amusement did I get? Bah! I was an outcast-back to the attic-and to my dope! PAGE THIRTY-ONE THE LAFAMAC I plunged into bed, sank down upon the mattress: drank half the contents of the little bottle beneath my pillow, and slowly returned it to its hiding place. Then--darkness- blackness-nothing-. ' The day of March 4 dawned. The hubbub aga'n invaded Washington. Such a celebra- tion--noise-always noise! But this was an unusual event. The first woman president, Annie Black Williams, was to be inaugurated. Her campaign managers, Charles Franck and William Marsh, two of the most powerful political figures of the day, were in the city for the occasion. From the Presfdent's native state, North Carolina, came Alex Allanach with his wife, formerly Mamie Churchill Smith. From this scene I was lifted bodily, it seemed, and carried to the National Library. I passed through' the door without having opened it. I moved towards the librarian. Seated at the desk was Miriam Gilliam. I spoke to her. She did not answer. I touched her but she did not feel my hand. It was then that I realized that my spirit had left my body and was wandering. It could see, hear, and speak, but could not be seen, heard, or spoken to. Ah! This was my chance to go abort wherever I wished without being sneered at and laughed at and pitied. I went to the shelf and took down a heavy volume. It was en- titled "Who's Who In America." I opened it and read. The following are tl'e ones whom I knew from former acquaintance: Miriam Bundy, miss'onary worker. Miss Bundy made several trips to Africa where she accomplished much for the natives. She has been officially recognized as the world's greatest missionary worker. Vera Bnckinglam, most influential senator in history. Miss Buckingham, having won the election as one of the senators from North Carolina, has established a new record. By her wonderful power of persuasion she has carried the entire senate in every issue she has proposed. just as I was turning another page, an unearthly power seemed to take me from the book and draw me into the reading room. I stopped directly over an extra issue of a paper. In the front page headlines I read, "Fairley Clark, U. S. Golf Champion, sails today for Englanl where he will match the English champion for the world's golf title." Reading the article, I fcrnd that lfis l'fe partner, formerly Josephine Lyon, would sail with lim. An- other headlinc stated: "Dick Booker, aviator, in charge of large aerial force, reaches North Pole in record speed." I turned the page and found my gaze resting on the society column. There in large print, was written: "Ruth Zeighauser wins world's championship typewriting contest and is now acting as private secretary to tlfe Ambassador to France, who is Miller Patterson." Further down, I read, Mary Shavitz has returned from Paris, where she has been de- signing styles for the latest Parisian creations. Her model, Abilene Kutz, remained there for the summer. Again I was drawn away, this time out of the building and into the street, where a group of people had gathered to witness some accident. I learned from the conversation that Mary Bullard, taxi driver, had, while driving near the muddy curb, splashed some mud on J. D. Jenkins, handsome collar ad man. They would go immediately and settle in court. PAGE TH I RTY-TWO THE LAFAMAC I followed the crowd, unseen and unheard, to the court house. Entering, I saw the judge, who was none other than Walter Crowson, rise and call for order. A case was going on. Frances Black was being tried for wearing loud stockings. I glanced at the jury and at once knew that the accused was safe for there in the jury box sat Kathleen West, Lucile Johnson, Exeter Chitwood and Mary Johnson. But-on I move--I am impelled to move-I have no control of my spirit-it must an- swer to the calls of that unyielding power which guides it. I feel myself soaring-up- higher-higher still-I am soaring rapidly over mountains, hills and valleys. Then before I realized what was happening, I began to drop-drop-drop-until I was in the midst of a busy little city. But look-there in the center stands an old market house-why-it is Fayetteville, my old home town. My, how it has grown! I,move down the street and while thus moving a novel little shop caught my eye. I moved closer-there on the win- dow was written-Novelty Hat Shop, Bessie Palmer, Prop. I was moving further when a notice, posted on a window, attracted my attention. It read: "Mayor Margaret Perry will speak tonight"-I readino further-I was moved on until my glance was once more arrested by a picture in front of a theater. I gazed in- tently and finally it dawned upon me that the picture was one of my old classmates, Mil- dred Cade, starring in "FlapperZsm." I later heard that the words to a sheet of music of the same name were written by Virginia Page Reynolds. Looking over the details of the picture I found that the art arrangements were all done by Miriam Matheson. But the force that was guiding me tightened its grasp and faster and faster I rose--higher and higher, then back over mountains, hills and valleys. Suddenly I began to drop-down-down-down-right back into the little fifth-story attic. My spirit re-entered my body-slowly I opened my eyes. Time had flown. I did not know how much time had elapsed-but what did I care-time was no matter to me- all that mattered to me was--ah!-I reached under the pillow and pulled out that little bottle which was everything in the world to me and I drank-drank-drank-drank-. --MARIE PA'rz. K1 IRR , Qypp keg A xg? PAGE THIRTY-THREE THE LAFAMAC CLASSWILL State of North Carolina, County of Cumberland, City of Fayetteville. We, the Senior class, of the Fayetteville High School, being of sound' mind and dis- posing memory, and being about to pass to another phase of education from that experi- enced in the last four years at the aforesaid, our beloved high school, do- make, publish and declare this as our last Will and Testament, in manner following, to-wit: FIRST: We direct that all of our just debts of gratitude to our parents,'the Board of Trustees, the Faculty and the Parent-Teachers Association, be paid by our future success in life, knowing that, in this way, they, our careful advisers and confidants, will be amply repaid for their care and worry over us, their pupils. h SECONDLY: All our real esteem, situate in the City of Fayetteville, County of Cum- berland, State of North Carolina, we give, devise and bequeath, absolutely in fee simple, in manner following, to-wit: 1. To Mr. Howell: Our thanks for his expert guidance of us during the past two years. Z. To Mr. Harley: Our sincere appreciation of his lively interest in us and especially for his intelligent help in preparing the Hgh School constitution. 3. To Miss Broadfoot: The Latin section leaves Miss Kate their gratitude for her interest in them and their thanks for her ability to make a dead language live. 4. To Miss Briggs: Our earnest hope that she will introduce "Ye Merrie Players" to state championship next year. 5. To Miss Newton: Our fervent wish that all her students in the future will under- stand mathematics as well as our illustrious mathematician, Sara Prather Armfield. Also our gratitude for her able assistance in the financing of the 1926 LAFAMAC. 6. To Mrs. John: Our appreciation of her excellent verse and her careful teaching. 7. To Miss Fisher: Our thanks for interesting talks on history and the hope that she may stay long with us. 8. To Miss Campbell: The desire that she invent a typewriter that knows how to spell. 9. To Mr. Brandt: Our hearty appreciation of his coaching ability, in the courts and in the laboratory. 10. To Miss Taylor and Mr. Blanchard: Our grat'tude for their help in keeping our bodies fit. 11. To Miss Alexander: Our thanks for the fuel which kept our motors running and our lights from getting dim. 12. To 'fPinky" and his aides: Our hope that they slip on their own soapsuds, as we have slipped on the floor'in the auditorium. THIRDLY: We give, devise and beqreath all the rest and residue of our cherished possessions, real, personal and imaginary, of every name and nature, to the following: To the Juniors- 1. The 1927 LAFAMAC with its attendant trials and tribulations. 2. The right to attain the dignified title of Senior. 3. The right to try to get food and silverware at the annual banquet. 4. The right to our neatly-kept and antique desks. PAGE THIRTY-FOUR ' .4 it-. . 1 1 ,, ,, ,. , N ,, . . , .. ,, ,,., W, . ,,,',., , ., ,. L, ., , . ,' ' ' ' V V L X. "Q-Ni.: T 4 'mix . 1 V 9 N V 4- if, f V wif I' l-vs? .A Z N 7 ' ,,' , ,gem ' T H E L A F AM A c , ,,5-gf To the S0l'homare.s-- V. - i ' V A 9 ' 1 The exquisite pleasure of feeding the aforesaid Juniors at their annual banquet. V 4, V :gif V To the Freshmen- - ' ' - ' V, A ,Y V ' The satisfaction that soon they need not be Freshmen. yin! A Vx To the 1926 N ewcomers- . A A V ,I The key to the back door of the Fayetteville High School. TM . fi , y l fl FOURTHLY: We, as individuals, do hereby give, devise and bequeath, to these here- X . inafter ment'oned, their 'heirs and assigns forever, the -following personal and prized posses- tif sions, to-wit: V - ' XX ' Donald New bequeaths his well-earned title of the Silent Knight to Flora McNeil. ' V Frances Black leaves her bulk -Cof her fortunej to "Boody" Underwood. 4- . 5 VV Vera Buckingham 'bequeaths her props to Fay Brown. ,, I Nz- fi h Alberta Hale leaves her Charleston stunt to Helen Kelly. ,1 ' Hallie Williamson leaves her cellar key to Joe Pemberton. V , wr Bill Marsh, living up to his name, refuses to leave anything. Ny - 51 AQ Miller Patterson bequeaths his athletic prowess to Thomas Badger, for use in shooting i 3,55 goals, and advises said Badgerto see Harold Lloyd in the "Freshman.f' ' -'U r ' Edna Adams bequeaths a wicked hoof to Kitty Williamson. V " 'Q Q Ruth Bethune leaves Eleanor Lilly her title as "Best Athlete." li Y Mamie Churchill Smith and Alex Allanach leave their Csjparking space to Fay Brown V ' 5 an and Roy Williford. . ' V . ' ' Bernard Stein bequeaths the role of Beau Brummel to Crawford MeKethan. : X . V , V xV 6 sl QV' , V FIFTHLY: We hereby nominate and appoint the Junior class executor of this, our ' ,Q - , swf' ' last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all and any former wills by us made. V11 X-'gg IN WITNESS IWHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands and seals this eventful ,Q day of June, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine, Hundred and Twenty-Six. -' l' ' - . ' f f ,ft I 'rHE.sEN1oR CLASS OF 1926: ' , 1 tg I BY! ' g' ' Cannes- Dvrry FRANCK, Pkg: ' l'fVl, Legal Representative. 1 A , lV'i . V. V if V , s'rA'rs'oF Noam CAROLINA, ,ff , ' ,V Couwrv or Cuunenmnn. V V A of Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Senior Class of 1926 to be her last 7 pg fl Will and Testament, in the presence of us,,who, at her request and in her presence, and in . ' t ' the presence of each other, do subscribe our names as witness thereto: , i Q I V Wu-messes: , . V'. fy' ,' ' ANNIE BLACK Wn,L1AMs, ,iff f ' V . JULIAN Hours, gf Josernnrn LYoN, .554 ' Lmn Jones. V 11 ' ' I l V I ' X by A l Q, 4 +I if A 'f .pt i nos: THIRTY-HVI V f V 5 if 1, - VV . ,A f V V, .V VV ' If XX - , Qin 3 V X K-V, ' , ,' ,,., A ,.+Q37:g.-n. 7. ,fs-11?1':-r. 7"iq-' F- A . eff-iT g ,af-X, -,-er' l I q 'Th , 5? -X. V4 'MQ' ggi . g , , ,g 0 :foam Li? R 'f Fwy' 1 Q Y X . I Q , ' l i , 'vp n ' ' I "-,' ', XB' f' E o , as . gg . 2 -. C -on f g , - T 1-1 E LA P A M A c W-swag,-. g gi , , NYM. ' ' 'rbi' 1"' f ,uf f V15 Q ff X , a K, V, - , I U g if f g ,S f , :Y 1 1 V V ,- I N, Hr? I i , SENIOR CHARACTERISTICS f xi , I V xx .Lf ' h V X I gf' Name ' Pet .Expression Weakness Favorite Pastime Wont to Be Will Be Ag N " ' i S Emu Anus .......,.....Will you kindly Chewing gum Laughing Musician Piano tuner ' ,, i ' A g I "AA, 2 , I I Auzx ALLANACH ........., Come on, kid Green Street singing Football coach Lumberjack Q X Ex! . ' V - 1 . ig Mknoanm Annnws ..... I-Iaven't any Timidity Making a fuss Teacher Wife X it' . -gif' I 1 My San Auunnn --..- .... . Horrihility Knowing it 4 Writing letters Preacher's wife Telephone girl ii V Run-I Bnuuun ...1........ f'11yg'jjSwggf" if Throwing goals Talking Phyfiggeifaiqing Physical wreck Vg ' "9 . . ' XXV' Fmmcas Bulcx um-.. Amzickhdgot WWOIEZEZF M 1 S S Laughing Clerk in Horne's Danny's. wife X - ,qi Drcx Booxu ,MN ,,,.. ,.., I don't have any Drums V Phoning to town Aviator Private Q Mig A M, itil! T' i' Van Bucxmol-:Au ...- I know it Debating Drawing Boss Bossed if ' 'uy iz I 4 I - Ii , EF ' mme: Binim -- .... say you aid Athletics Kicking up sand sun- Policeman , If A ' I I ' y , i g ' MARY BULLAID ............ You know ny! Misbehaving Movies Teacher Chorus girl ' . Sgt 1 not A I I 1 ,l Munn Bunn? ..-...-. I know it , Talking Making a fuss Mi-s.? ' Cook I . ,Q - I iff ' ' xy'- , gg. ---er ' ' - F .Bonn Bran ............... Don't ask me His voice Singing In Grand Opera In Vaudevillc , gif, h . ' gg fin MILDIED CADE ...-,...- .... Good gracious Keeping quiet Studying Teacher Wife is I l will ,, . " Xi Esro CAMPBELL ...... Glory be Curling her hair Going home Inggzz. dec' Scream 'ff' x' - .- L , I I , fs I - :.,f:. Exnrxl Cmrwoov .... .... Good gracious 4 Temper Pfggggel her Traveler wggmftay at ff ' 1 A ' i . ' lg' Fkrnuar Cunx ....... Did she? "Joe" Playing golf Golf champion Caddie t Nil, J I N Q5 Inu: .CLUTE ........ - Oh, Shucksl Giggling Telling jokes Countess Bill collector . ji' - J :ff I - Q- Wknrsx Cnowsou s .....i I don't know Keeping quiet Studying V Orator Clown . ' H g If . . . u X , i' X - " Euzaam-H: Cuxnni ..,.... Read Latin Kezlzmg her feet Fuiiiff with Artist Dressmaker N I 5 5 ' Ks.r.so Cunaxs ........-.... That's grand! Spelling ' Going Prima Donna School teache , -ii if , CHAXLIS FIANCK .......... You know I do In love with? Dreaming Man of leisure Fanncr ' 7: V Munn Gn.r.I1m ........' H11 mercy on Modesty Studying Artist l Dressrnaker A A ' V ' .Q-5' Anuara HAL: ...,....... My goodness! I Fort Bragg Horseback riding Aviator's wife Follies girl Enrol nm 4 ....... -...- My Loran I Being late Driving ii iiigie Society. leadgi' Maia i I if fi : ' ' I 'F' I: "ff , X if f f' PAQ! THIRTY-IIXE S - I . . f 1 fi . , . - XX X if! f Hn,-H Y - 'Q A ' ,i U ja' 'ix sb ,l ' i7 . ,W . 5 Ns ," ..f'C,nt ,f"ki, -- XI' 'I ' : 'IT ,Iv he sy-4' fix I " S l ' Xi '-X 'rl -:Vt 51' ' ' , f f-.J , ' L ' 8 N M I1 A km' I gif I . If U H as X sim' l V 'f 5 N it Y: f fl ig f gf if , 1 F -2' .:,, A ff 4 , ful, I '10, I , QED N7 l Y x I, si ... fl I F? my Xa xi ll' X, 2.3 W? ,I 45, - dv ,uh Tiff' 1 3 lf- . , ..,r,,,,y r 6 . 1 ' 1 I X 1 -,l ' . . Q f'-QQ ff' ' ff f ' - --."Y 0411 X - all .nf Y ' 31' : lg 5' Q1 1 S -'DL ,st 1 5 'N 1, X .. g T H E L A F .A lvl A c ,T wa. X . Q 1 , f 1 177 x X- 'X 4 1 gf , I 1' x ' 'YIQ I: 1 ' x I . - ' ' Fff ' vcr SENIOR CHARACTERISTICS V X Name Pet EIPVCSIIGM !Weakne.r.v Fivorite Pastime Want to Be Will. Be A - I I Ti' - ' A 'ci' JULIAN I-Iurns .n..n.,. Monkey Girls? sying tennis In orchestra, Bootlegger E5 J D .Tsnmns Sour ' Speakin to Y I Dfl back A' . . .-......-.... grapes Athletics mapa , Quarterback W I - . N . . . I O l-Nl Locus Jomvson e ...... K, Good Talking Gwigf c11fgfh1w1Heggnggf.h'h5em. A Clerk X bi P , ' ' 'S ' "Xx.5,g Muv Joxnrsou ......... My goodness! Going home Hoping Teaeher Q 'Wife XY Linn JON!-S -.-....-.--. Oh, my heavens Eyes Collecting ' dues In Florida In H096 Mill! I ' I . s l, Aslunn Kurz ........., Good! "Norman" - Preaching ' Married HIDDY I Josnx-nm: Lyon .......... Good law 'Riding Talking to? Mrs.? Old maid R V , , l . . y ,V BILL Musa e.....-- Y' Um- Mm Blushing , Riding Admiral Burglar Ez, Agnes! . . if , I . , K - Minus Mnamsou ..... Oh my goodness! Lloyd Primping Actress ' Married l Q ' ' x . , 4 3 Domino Nsw ..........- I like them all Saying too much Talking Silent Orlivl' A Bsssls: Pzlnusx .--..... Good! wfsfrgsbwk 'e' 4: Reading Flqrigt Snleslady , l rf, Munn PATTERSON ...... Oh, Boy! Arguing s5Playing ball Doctor Fisherinln . V . I. HR Muni: Pnz .................I don't think so Knowledge Debating - Poet ' Nurse I I I , Mssonsr Pun' .... --A Think so? Eating IMa.king eyes Thin 200 pounds - ffl' ' , H I 90 . ' T V X I Hoon Pmxsrou ........ Might as well Being late 3Vasting. time Athletic ' Chauffeur VA. P. REYNOLDS ......... Got your Latin? Talking Writing noetry Poet Bookkeeper Mlm: Snsvrrz .... ........ I 122: you are Math 'Movies Secretary Housekeeper . ' I ' ' " If ' Minus: C. Sur-rs Are you crazy? Acting I Smiling In love Thrown down " ' - ' ' . Ex' J' sl Min smcnnw L. Al-nf T"gl'f Curling her hair In Chapel Hin Dishwasher A - Ksrnnnsu Wssr ......e. Gee whiz! A Nergies -b Tmfsgiem Tnagggm "mn'Tr'vodn'm.n'.wgem' Alum: B. Wlursus .. Of course! Higxgrid book Keeping order Teacher Book agent - HAx.z.ls Wn.r.umsoN ,. You would! Dancing Flirting Heiress . Poor nmn's wife Runs ZBMIBAUIIK .... Oh, hang! Gum Dancing Secretary I Secretary's maid 1 no: 'rmnrv-seven l ' ', ' A . -X Tr' .VL A ' A 11 .V ...X ' C - .ty t V ,Tm K A , X -xx 4, . .inf-'ISQ T'i'-'N-N '5Qf'7":'-rf figf , .-.ra'37f ibpx '- "L-N5 if 4' x X ? ww r 1' JSF' ' 4Lf'J""' ' ' ' I I I I " I R 'R T H E L A F A M A c WHAT OUR DIPLOMAS MEAN It is not the mere thrill of holding a diploma that counts, it is not the fact that your name may be hung for all to see, it is not the inscription worded so fine-these things do not count in the game of life. The thing that counts is whether your .diploma is merely a scrap of paper or the key to future success. Four years were spent--years of earnest effort and toil, joy and sorrow, to obtain your diploma, it is true, and it is just and right that your heart swell with pride as you receive it. But to receive it and stop would be to destroy its value, to misconstrue its meaning, to darken its brightness. Your sheep skin does not say, "You have worked and won your reward, now you may rest"-nay, it does notisay this. Its voice rings out clearly and distinctly, "You have your foundation, now you must build upon itf' The school, through its self-government, its activities, its facilities for men- tal development, has drilled into the students' minds the essentials of a demo- cratic, progressive country. They will run the country some day. Can they do so by resting? VV e need not answer. Your Alma Mater expects to be proud of you. Her visions are of high things, her dreams fond ones of successful sons and daughters. And is it not her right that these be fulfilled? Has she not sent her children into the world well equipped, well armed, and wel.l protected with love, honor, a sense of duty, and faith? Now, how will her sons and daughters make answer? XVill they reward her with the shining light she deserves? Will they strengthen her pride by their ac- complishments? God grant that it be thus! May future posterity look back upon the wonderful accomplishments of their fathers and say with proud veracity that they knew the value of their diplomas, they understood well their meaning, and they wiped out all darkness, replacing it with light-the emblem of alertness, development, and unfailing results. -MARIE PATZ. PAGE THIRTY EIGHT '?5ii 'F'1'iiW'.W,. g, ,f:fe:l'-We x fx Y a. e ft.-e. e l A .a . f-as a , s t -' THB L,A,.P,.AMlAc ' ., X X X -. 3 I 1 4 .T . X, K. , it Eggs- If fff' I N 1 fi. Qu' ,.. . K. -N. N? i ,E HI 44 iff , t la '7 tial .Ig 7 X I '. .1 Q i if . lil.,- . ' 7 ' . ,xg R, 1 , 1- , ' li? . ,' f . I 'x '- x. 1" .T '- , o 4 ' X, I 1 wg f A ' 'S , T35 1 , - 2,1 1 f.4f.'. " L, t , f, U , '. v 'ff' ibfftqif: "eff-H 'X , n gd s A HISTORY CLASS-11'A if l "Please do not answer out of time! just wait until, youretuinl ' This rule," Miss Ethel daily cries, "Will you not ever learn? H "Eu1and! Will you please tell to me What is emancipation Pg' l And just when all the colonies Began to be a nation ?" Q "Welli" and then he hesitatesf "Let me tell of the riot," Hallie speaks upg but Miss Ethel says, "Won't you please be quiet ?" "Frances, now you may tell to me, All about that pending bill In the best chosen words-.I ' - If now you'll all please to keep. still." "Margaret Andrews, now will you explain How an amendment may be made. You say you don't knowfthe' way? Then answer Mildred' Cade." 'fMiriam Gilliam, what- A No, Mary Parker you, 7 Will you now please to tell to me, The tale of Waterloo PQ- ' "Culvert, and Glenn, and Donald New ' You must all study more. Oh! Please William, I'll'call ,on you- Go back and close the door." W "Dorothy, you may now tell the class On what page the lesson- Elizabeth Currie, attend! Now, what was my -question ?" ,A T4 ' , , 0 . " 'fi "qv" . 57" 'r--v ' , 1 , - -1 , s. t f V - '- 1 1 7 u ..-1. i f , X 1 fn' If f, PAGE THQRTYDIINI N, "' Ti v l N . r a 'j"f':T fhrfn. N. ,'v , Lf et- , . 1 x ,vp 11 1 l fl. ' T1 il 'L ,t ,rd ,FT -A . wi, ,,: - 4 I r l ,V , .U is XFJQ. X Xnxsf' A 4- uf. wil lv- ! als' A 'fir , ,. , ww . V N Q f ,T-an ,QM .-3 Z , W2 F., p Y , , i ,,. , ' :Fr 1 'll if - i lqih wg? .QA '.2e1Hq, Nil ' f i y ,.,, i -Q , a e r K. 3 Qf T ,Q W 'la ' Wifi Zig 'ggi ,i Y rf ' I ,awp ' ,,fv' ' ' ' 1' . - ' ' .' A my . fi 'e ,ui v,i5sRi,5,s-,i,s:,3.,1, . ,xv , ,...,f.-, sm., ,, ,U i'.""'.i. , 'ii-:far i l f i Li .a ii "Wi 5'-"'-1" Lf' Jf"'E't',"HiTi4f-W YI H R" . i yscia ' ' '-' 1 'L.Q,5- ' '. JV: ' RAS' , ., .i :W o Q ji r ,G 1, , ., , --.. 4 :ii ,f - if GF- A ' - .- N ' 'fix " 'll .P + E -5:22. " 1, h' ' H E L A M A C ffl-Qi ' " Ngo 1 wnlk ' ' X s .- "Q?,,,1"' Q , ."' Am-iff! ,, 'gy J' X ' I "" , wir I. "Mary, don't tell Virginia that! "' 5-fl H , 'ff Irene, put out your gum !" M ' , . And all this time Mamie is saying, ,Q W "Alex, why am I so dumb ?" 'L' 5 Then, 'Kelso and Miriam Bundy, I Egg '. ' ' ' xi. . Give your current events." -al fig fu "Oh, Miss Ethel, we don't want to report- K f lff Our items have no sense." A 'Of if D -5 "Edna, now let me ask of you 4, y - rt A The answer to this uestion." be . 45 lf' "oh, M-m-m Miss Ethel, Nil ' iff I haven't learned my lesson." I- xlv "Q tv , f-.4 44 ia' ' fl 1. - ' i ' ' "Then, go ahead Alberta Hale, 'ffl' QE ' ' ' ' ,N f fl,-gi X ' ' I f Since you're determined to. K f I Why can't you folks keep still a while-y f A "'il ', Just look at Sara, do." ' ' y i' .lil , s . . g, f sis, .Ms Mn' ' "Hugh, you report to delinquent room , i I b Q For coming in so late! 'A I A ' ' 's Charles-Franck and Fairley Clark you may I I 'Ali 5123 ii' Indentify this dats." K in L. -X. ,. i fi . ff ,, ' . . ' . . ' if ' - gl , Annie Black, will please read for us, this, X423 . No, Vera, go ahead." , -1 lxi' "Oh! Miss Ethel, it has been she i 'ij' ' li Who every time has read." , if ?i X I A ' ' And so each day goes smoothly by, - , 3 il' r U I . I I f With questions for each one. And. then we all are very glad, X' , When the day's work is done. I it ,V - -FVERA Bucxmcnnm. ,if s .wifi 5 W ,.' , , f 5535 'I is 1 " V' Y ltbws. EZ.. 1 ' , ,M use irony Y . :Q-I ,,.-if. s Mi - 'im A Wk- Ti - , ' . 1 . . ' fllrilfli iw" i 5 -tr: if' I' ,fd 'A ' '- K f N., , Q , - Gm l . 'A al ' M fl 'dit 'Ffh Qty. , , -,,4.g, jti-.av g ras-4,5 1: . f .-,f..-T11 M, ,X '. ,isgr', is J ,ss . . is I a . 919' s l l I a ,gi 'gt JEL: Q5 , . .4 .!'QEilllLitni,.. , . ,,, .-1 '4 ' ...i li' V - ww, THE LAPAMAC ' C sk 1 f yi 3 ff 5 2 nf r fs Y. 4 V' ff 2 " '45 X I W 0 f 4 F f f f X Q. it 2 QWZI Z 5 .' . 'I . f , Q I 1 ,f- vz ,Zi-1 fl 7 ' J- 4 Z 'fy 73 9Wf" -' if ,ff X Q19 M J!! l X f X 1 11 ,f IIII4 4. 4 f 5 ,X if 1 " A XX 5 Y ' I Y X 'mf uwu -AY-. - .--- ?,,,,11i - '- ' x "W ,f 4' 610 5 2- UN I ':4Tg2 "J ff" 1 PAGE FORTY ONE THE LAPAMAC - JUNIOR CLASS ' MOTTO: "Struggle U pwavrdv COLORS: Lavender and White FLRJWER: Sweet Pea OFFICERS FREDERICK VAUGHAN Pom: .................. Q .............. .,.,,,,.,,,,R P resident CHARLES CURNSTON CHADBOURN ,..,. ,.,.,,, V ine-President KATHERINE PURDIE ...................... ,,,,,,,,,, S ecretary KENNETH RAYNOR GALLUP ..... ..... T reasurer 74191 fa '6Y"" T Sid an N- .1 1111 -X If an an PAGE FORTY-TWO THE LAPAMAC 'Slug THE LAFAMAC JUNIOR CLASS ROLL GRACE FREEMAN BENNETT MARGIXRET FRANCES BLUE ANNE ELIZABETH BOWLES FAY ELIZABETH BROWN CECIL FISHER BULLARD ANNIE HUNT BULLOCK WALTER AUSTIN CAMPBELL EULAND EVANS CANADY CHARLES C. CHADBOURN, JR. MARTHA HIXLTON CLARK ETHEL REID CLAYTON A GRACE CHALMERS CLAYTON JOHN HAROLD CROOM JOHN DANIEL CURRIE INA JEAN DAVEY ROBERT VANCE DAVIS INA LOUISE DEFOE ELIZABETH DEVANE INEZ DUPREE DOROTHY ,CLAVIN FELTON EDWIN WILSON FELTON KENNETH RAYNOR GALLUP FRANCES CRAVEN HALL HAROLD VINCENT HEDGPETH FRANCES JOSEPHINE HODGE INIARY DALICE HOWARD EULA REYNOLDS HOUGH CAROLYN ATTELIA HUGGINS HELEN BURNS KELLY ROBERT MITCHELL LIGHTEOOT, JR. ELEANOR MACKULIM LILLY HARRIET KATHERINE MONAGHAN CATHERINE LUCILE MORRIS FLORENCE ELLEN MORSE FREDERICK VICTOR MOTZ, JR. MARY KATHERINE MCANDREW VINCENT MCBRYDE PAGE FORTY-FOUR OWEN JASPER MCCALL ANNIE HUBBARD MCILWINNEN ANNIE LOUISA MCKETHAN CRAWFORD MCKETHAN JOHN PAUL UTTLEY MCLEOD FLORA MCPHERSON MCNEILL JAMES DOBBIN MCNEILL, JR. WILLIAM ARCHIE MCQUEEN HOWARD WALTON MCRAE GEORGE ATKINS O'HANLON, JR. JOSEPH BOYKIN PEMBERTON FREDERICK VAUGHAN POAG LOUISE HAZEL PORTER KATIIERINE PURDIE CHARLES MOORE ROBINSON, JR. IIERTIIA ELIZABETH SANDLIN EMMA LUCILE SCOTT SADIE MARIE SHAVITZ IRENE EMMA SHEEHAN JAMES WICKLIFFE SMITH JANIE LOUISE STRICKLAND I WALTER GREGG SUTTON "BOOTS" HARLEE TOWNSEND ELIZABETH P. UNDERWOOD LILYON DALTON WALKER WALTER "BUCK" WEBB, JR. JOHN WHITWORTH WEISIGER CHARLES CARROL WEST PAUL DUvAL WEST AILEEN WILLIAMS ARLIE WINDELL WILLIAMS EDITH MARGARET WILLIAMS MARY LOUISA WILLIAMS KATHERINE M. WILLIAMSON DOROTHY MERCIDES WOODARD ELIZABETH CLARKE WOOLWORTH ZAHDIE ROSE ZAHRAN THE LA FAMA C . Wm Q W 'Q ,XI 9' ,A ww-' 1 19 W V 3 Wx ' iw? wa 17' kw, fawvl W' 519 ,1 , nv , big? X 1 .aff I , ,vm D, n ? Y? fi A HZ I 4 Qj I ', "V, yr W Q f 'y x WW' 4 Hf 'E X A 7 l f A fy ' 4 N 'A Z ,fhim f xx Z Z f Z ' 'U xx I ' A I x I , l A , ' V' 1 ' W E, Q, , 41, .A 1 It lrml' W' W 'Tnyrw UWT h 4 ix 1. i rm ' iq ' Z , LW' v IAJM wi F, 5 'Az I,-, ,. N !,f ,.f F' 1, "TT C PAGE F0 RTY-FIVE THE LAPAMAC Xi: pw. V 'Xlkvx-LQ if-kk! Jr, . SOPHOMORE CLASS M0'r'1'o: "One for all, all for one COLORS: Red and lVhitc Ei OFFLCERS H1cNJ.xM1N EVANS KISTLER ..,....,.,.,.....,.,..,......... Wu,1,1IxM H.xRo1,D IWURRIS ,,.,..... ELEANQR PIQSCHAU STEDMAN .,...,.. ALTON IXARBOUR ,V..,....7....,,..... T 'HV' ' 'W fig, .1 ll ' -XXI' 1655 PAGE FORTY SIX FLOWER : Red Rose Prvsidmzt View-President Scwretary Treasurer THE LAFAMAC PAGE YORTY SEVEN J '1 f 4 ,NI ,, If XA -J 4 s-H, -5. ' - A.. '. O ,f , A xx J"' f. I , -A x ,if xx- I T H E' L A F A M A C X O - . 5 I A -X ,f f ' :ggi E . 57,4 . . w J, WSCPHOMCRE CLASS ROLL - , . . ' I MARGARET SDE ADAMS . JARVIS DEVEREAUX JONES j w QIENRY LONISION ANDEAISON IIEUGILEEMILDRED J?NES I ' RANRLIN URPHY VERITT UTII LIZABETH ONES A , " THOMAS BADGER AUGUSTUS SCOTT KELLY I , ALTON GLENN BARLOW BENJAMIN EVANS KISTLER A L' J ELORIA MABEL BEARD' VIC1'0R C. KISTLER I lj ELIZABETH SIRES BLUE RONALD MATHESON I SL f - JOHN EDGAR BRETT ALBERT SYDNEY MELVIN ELIzAI-:ETH KORNRAN BROWN ANNIE CAROLYN MINOR J IGNE,CLARA. BROWN WILLIAM MCKETHAN MONROE Lx RUBY FLORENCE BROWN DANIEL ALEXANDER MOKJRE 'L MARY SHAW .BRYAN DONALDAMCQUEEN MOORE FRANCIS ELMIRAV BULLA WILLIAM HAROLD MORRIS I., Q EDWARD EARL BULLA JAMES MCBRIDE A FRANKLIN BULLOCK JANIE MILDRED MGKETHAN A JL, R KATHLEEN E. BULLOGR JOHN HAYLE MCPHERSON X 3.5 WILLIAM LUMSDEN BUNDY RENA MAE NUNNERY ' " f DAVID FAIRLEY CADE FLORENCE ORION OLIVE "2 sg WILLIAM JOSEPH CAMPBELL ROBERT PALMER 'R R CHARLES GAY CARTER HELEN ANNA PATZ J f JACK FCRANE ' ANNA DOROTHY PINRSTON I BGNNEQVROSE' CRAWLEY CHARLES SYDNEY PINKSTON 1, ' , RICHVARQNAGFGRQE DAvEY FRANCES CARYILE POPE L,L ALTAJEARRUTUSZRDEAYER WALTER BAGGETT PowERS I ff? JAMES' DEMPSEY PAUL LEGGETT RIDDLE , JAMES ELLIS DUNCAN COOPER ROGERS' LOUISE INA EVANS GAITHER MARVIN SCOTT "FT KENT SIMON EWING MARTHA VIRGINIA SCOTT XXX, BELLA ESTELLE FINKELSTEIN MARY KATHLEEN SCOTT ff I LAURA BLANGIIE FISHER THEODORE SCOTT A XI ff DOROTHY SUTIYJN FRANCK JAMES PALMER SLOGOMD '17 MARY GEORGIANA GILKEY' BESSIE VERA SMITH L PAULINE MERRILL GILLIAM EIAEANOR PESGIIAU STEDMAN AX SUSAN HENRIETTA GRADDY SEL!-:NCANNATTHEOEIELD 4 DORA LILLIAN HARDY ' ERT RONR OWNSEND X 3 ALTGN MURGHISON HAYES MARY ELIZABETH TURLINGTON X " ,J GEORGE HOXIE HERNDON FRANCIS EDWARD TYLER 4- A' WILLIAM CAMIOR HOLLAND ANNIE ELIZABETH UNDERWOOD - Q ELEANOR GWEN HOLLINSHED STEPHENS RICHARD UPTON ' RYE EMERSON HUMPHREY A MORRIS MELVIN VALLANDINGHAM LEIGIII-ON HUSKE VIRGINIA ESTELLE WALKER J MILDRED RACHEL INGOLD MARGARET EVELYN- WEATHERS ,US MARGUERITE ADELAIDE, JANOSKE DAISY MAY WEBB , Af EUGENE SPATE JEFEREYS ' JESSE JONES WEISIGEH GEORGE HENRY JENKINS I FRANK HARDY WEST ' NELL G. JOHNSON MARY PRISCILLA. WHICHARD RAYMOND Jo:-INSON J JOHN CALVIN WILLIAMS ' I X U CEDRIC ALEXANDER JORDON A 'LEE ROY WILLIFORD I X FAU! FORTYRIIQHT i A I Ml " ,X gn' I- , ,I If-.fix ., -I S. I 1 1 in .f I-EI ,4H-. 1-i'i:'D-N.- '. r fiki'-? P7951- :P!'Nf.L ,-,.--ir- ,f - . J , A 'Tw-M ASQ! If - ...rf X Ty' XS ' xo.. I. IB? 1 . N I v-1: 4, N I M, 5 ixl 5 X! . S., X Q.. ,xxv 1 1. a- wiv Wg. . ff.. 4,1 '. K Il fi If I um." Y I nf. 'U fv 'f S Lin MW f F1 IL Q I X NS Y -1, - -E. ..1 if , , 'N 1" . .517 v .v. ,RY 1 THE LAFAMAC 2 A 44 X 2 . f X f b fl PW, Jw? 'Q . fi ,f ,K J-Q , M l! x In ---' V, ' "M Y --4, ,f J M 1 .f -.. M ff X P om' NINE - THE LAFAMAC FRESHMAN CLASS MOTTO: "A fellow may be down but never out" COLORS: Blue and Gold Zi OFFICERS VVILLIAM COLE MCDLIFFIE ................................. JOEL SPURGEON SNYDER .......... BRANSCOMB BLACK .............. WILLIAM VVALLACE SUTTON PAGE FIFTY FLOWER : Pansy President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer THE LAPAMAC PAGE FIFTY ONE LJ ..... Trwv .'-vw. 1 l ' A ff A is , A,, !-1? I , X 1 "Ol in my X I f P, A . Y 4 , , v , Q , J, x ,' ,QL 1 Ilia-. . I vffvxff T H ER LA A P A M A C WA- A A LI- , d ' 5 1 ff X 'Fai' 1' I qu U, -QA? 'ks', A I ' 1 X FRESHMAN CLASS RQLL R ' .tl NL E' IRMA ATKINSON ' OLIVE EDNA LEE , IRQ 'Q RUTH BEARD . KEMP WQRRELL LINDSEY iii .JULIUS GLENN BELCH HELEN ELIZABETH INIITCHEM WI A VANCE LIVINGSTON BENNETT ERNEST MOORE '1' I BRANSCOMB THOMAS BLACK ALTON GUTHRIN MURCIIISDN I Hg BESSIE JEANETTE BLEDSDLE HERMAN HoLToN MUSSELWIIITE gi 44 M MILDRED KATHLEEN BowLEs KATHERINE LoUIsE MCALLISTER 11 I j - MARVIN LEE BRADLEY CATHERINE ANN MCANDREWS Q xg ,ff NORMA VIRGINIA BRAEECRD SARAH CATHERINE MCARTHUR '-F' f JOSEPH WILBUR BREECE MARY MCBUIE XY JOHN VANCE BRUNER A BURKE Moss MCCONNHL f X I ESTELLE MAY BUIE Rov THORNTON MCDANIEL I . V ll , JAMES BUIE WILLIAM CoLE MCDUFFIE , MW' JOHN RAYMoNn,BUIE BETTIE STRANGE MCNEILL A-1' ' KYRA BULLA PETE MCQUEEN I xvf wr Bovn BENJAMIN CAMPBELL DONALD MCRAE gpm ' DUNCAN ARCHIE CLARK SAMUEL BERNARD NEWMAN N Qi. QQ R-2 JERoME BAYARD CLARK. JR. ISAAC HAWLEY O'HANLON gag ' . WILLIAM GASTON CLARK ' TIIELMA RUBY OLIPHANT -'QL 34,1 ' EVAN LOUIS CLUTE - MARGARET ELIZABETH OLIVE IQ ' A . A WILLIAM VICTOR QDVINGTONI RANDOLPH EDWIN OREAUGH ' ' I ' ' 'f WILLIAM TECUMSEH CRIAWFORD CHARLES OVERRECK ' J E A ALvA SIMPSON'CROMARTIE HERBERT PAUL OWEN I I . X ELIZABETH BENSIIN DAVIS MARY MARGARET PALMER . f 1 I JAMES HERBERT SQJDAVIS FREIDA MOLLIE PATz l U9 cf' L-14 MARY ELIZABETH.-DEAVER A MARY FRANCES PEDEN I - , ' A" ELIZABETH. DQMBSEY MARGARET ESTELLE PDTEAT AA , af V JOHN .WILLIAM .DEMPSEY LINK PGWERS ,N S J fx, JERRY PAUL DENDINGER WLLLIAM OLIVER PRICE f ,T A 'Tiff' ELIZABETHQ HARRISON f DIXON FULTQN PACH ROBINSON -51 I WX EDITH 'RQSE' FORTSON ESTIIER NAoMI ROLL ' ' J' CLARENCE- BASIL FOULK CHARLES GRANDE?-SON ROSE if ,'. ,I , LUCILE BUCHANAN GAINEY PEARL HARRIET RUSS I f, ELOISE G-5-LLUP LEON JAMES SANDLIN 6,1 Y! f EDITH GERALDINE GOFF MARY WALKER SCHENCK . X , L' I JOSEPH GOLDBERG SYBIL RUTH SIPIIER N51 ' X' ESTELI-E HACKNEY A MARY RUFFIN SLOCOMB V is i f LUCY DAVIS HALL SUE BELLE HERRING KATHLEEN THELMA HILL HARRY MEADE I-IoDGEs CHARLOTTE CooK HOLLAND HENRY HARRY I-IooPER ALv1s GODWIN HUBBARD LUCILE WEST HUTAEE ELISE JOHNSON JoEL JULIUS JOHNSON MARGARET LAURA JOLLY TAMES ALoNzo JoNEs JOHNNY BRYANT JoNES BEAT-RICE MCDoNALD JoRDoN ELLA BELL KING SARAH GERTRUDE LEDEETTER PAGE FIFTY TWO RALPH MERLIN SMITH JOEL SPURGEON SNYDER FRANCIS STEWART WILLIAM WALLACE SUTTON ELBERT SWAIN MARY BELLE SYKES ANCEL PITTMAN TEw JAMES VANCE TEw ANN WETMDRE TILLINGIIAST ANN MAUDE TOLAR CHARLES WESLEY TURLINGTON IVEY MARIE VINsoN ALICE CARoLYN WILLIS GoRDoN WINLDCK JULIUS ALFRED YATES MATUE MAY YATES NESRY JAMES ZAIIRAN I' ' :L if A .. 3 , C' -5 4 ,A ,r X X it TM? 31 ff IZ? J' J A ' A ' ,! X J X , K f ' . I 4 ' ., A R -,fr V , ' 4 .' ,lf K 1 'T V X i ' '. ' X- '. ' -A. Lr g-T?--1" ' :' ' A fi -EM "+ "! -HT ff 'f . L, J . A I I I ff We Gb THE LAPAMAC x 15 -J- Q. - fr: . ,:w:i. .Jn an . . ff' .i gii:?ii::miEEfjf???H ' 15::: isssffsE1!5SSli f Wig,55g51gsar2:s:::: !!l f k mg.f::1i::::::':rf Bl! X' N K' ! I!ffi'1f--- .vi f-v Pldfjg "--- -.xy fziiv' ?kf , 3 i? ?s?ss5'5ff!?s:aa'! '-7 1 ' 'e:?LE3S5'E5SE?Ef5f:- 453 ' Vg .qfggr 9 WTS N '?1!!12' : 23S55i'E:f- - iw g '7'Q11? .f5 ,Fj1f5f!sf:g:gfi1 ' f5iiffiiigEeEEf5 , 1.m,, , 7 rt IJ, 2? ifH-l2Q:::::i!iEQiiiiII . N 'Q f' f- -x - g,z---l11'--1-N,!"'l:-.:L:"'-------- .' Q I .,, -Q' if 1 uiiffeii 11saEE2ns1:aaf?55SEEE' vQW .1- if 2- Y 'W' Q, 'fa f3iiil'E-521 521252 -S UE 4 ff. 1 , --- ' ., '?21eEfs'1"' jf yr 7 -1. e. ' P-f Kg' 1 ,41 2 -A , ' -f H354 -ages: -ld 74- if ag 3' A ,' 1 ' Q - :af v. ffl: rv - i ll Q Q - 'P x .-'-f:'f"'f"-i'i',,----:L LFETI' E f """"" -1 ' fi ":5:fTff"'ff3f?f' X eff' ' "-6: A gf , -, .Bw 1'- I PAGE FIFTN THQIQL ' THE LAPAMAQ OFFICERS OF STUDENT BODY ASSOCIATION MILLPIR KING PATTERSON ....... .....,... P residqut CHARLES DUFFY FRANCK .,..,.. ....... V ice-President KATHERINE LUCILE MORRIS ...,.. ..... , Secretary ELEANOR PESCIIAU STI-:DIMAN ,I,.,... ........ T reasurer PAGE FIFTY FOUR THE LAPAMAC STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS K1'1"rz1: XYlI,I,!,XZX1SUN C.....,,,,.,C....,,..C., ...,,...... P rvsirlmzi Ifl'Cll,lC GAINIQY ..,.... ,..., I f,fCt'-lJl'I'SI'lfI'IIf FRXN 141.1 N .-Xv1QRl'r'l' I h-:R N .um STM N ,... Ei mlm miles lima Dxvrs IZRANSQOMB BLACK KIQNT EWING XYANCIC TICW l7mw'r1lv l'1Nlis'1'oN RVTH Ih5'1'llUN12 SADIIC SHAVITZ ELUISIC G,x1,Luv Twaszrrrr Sl'l'l'!'flIl'AV PAGE FIFTY-FIVE THE LAFAMAC MARSHALS THE LAFAMAC 1 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - OFFICERS Sixiu PR.-XTHER ARMFIELD .,... .....,.,.........,....... ......... I ' resident WAIJIER CROWSON ........,... ,...,. I 'ice-Prvsident XTERA BUCKINGHAM ..,.. ........... . S'vrrctary MARIE PATZ ,....,...,.......... ....... . .. .......... 71l'!'llSI!l'f'1' ANNIE BLACK WILLI,xMs RUTH ZEIGIIAUSICR ELIZABETH CURRIE The National Honor Society is organized to create an enthusiasm for scholar- ship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of the Fayetteville High School. The members, who are elected by the faculty, are chosen for their scholarship, leadership, service, and character. ' PAGE FIFTY SEV N The Parrot Vinlumc I 4,0 ,,,.,.,,,,,..,.,,..., , - ... ..M..-... F.H.S. NEARLY ,md Y Vffiiidlfi if EDITOR IN CHIEF hm -'vl,1n-U an the mf:nsfrwn1 which rl'-5' .vxf-1-'ml-J 'IM 15 I,n-h,-- will .nf .as Lulvisnfs .nf the ssh, 1 J and rm. Q U. A lm, ...ws C1awfo1'dMSIQ'Lh2L1'L SPORT EDITOR :md Mr-' A M, Hnggms. Il A. Mm Bkmks WLl1isnumn mx! Mrs Hxmlvr Smxlh, li B, Mrs, Hutaff and Mrs. F-uwrxl. PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT THE LAPAMAC HI-Y CLUB OFFICERS F.-XIRLEY CLARK ..,,..,,.. ...,,.......,...,.,.....,,.. .... ............ P 1 ' csidvnt NTILLER PATTERSON ....... ..........,,........... I "ice-Prc.videuf FRED Polio ..A,............ ........,..... ..... S 0 crvfary and Trmsurcr Zi The Hi-Y Club has now been organized for three years. During this time it has been instrumental in helping high school boys to lead a cleaner and better life. lVe feel as we look. back over our past work that we have possibly gone toward this goal. The purpose of the club is to "Create, maintain, and extend, throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian living." The club is trying faithfully to carry this high purpose, not only before the Fayetteville High School, but also before the neighboring schools. PAGE FIFTY NINE THE LAPAMAC Sc:-llcs fmm "Miss CiviIizz1ticm" by Rla'll.xlm Ilxlzlnxmz llxvls lintcrccl in the Stuti- llrzlmzlliv Umm-st l'l1ryvrx: XIAIXIIIC Clll'Rfllll,l, Smn'ru XY1l,l.mM NIARF-ll, Jllli l'lCMI!l2R'l'UN, :md llxioku Ilxlul PAGF SIXTY 'RSV Fixfwife-.i?f X Y isfxk ' THE LAPAMAC gl ,4..- .xx1.x'rlu Cum: EXICCLUFIVIS llmmluu . Q PAG-E SIXTY'ONE THE LAFAMAC DEBATERS' CLUB OFFICERS MARIE Pfwz .........,.. ..............,............. ,,,7,,.,., w I ' l'l'.l'llII'lIf VERA HUCKINGHAM .... .,,... ,,.,.,,,..w... I 'irt--P1-fnvidfzzf lXll'l'l'lllCI.L l.IGll1'Fo0T ...... .......,,.,,,, , Sll't'I'f'lUl'j' and T1'm1.v1n'v1' FRED POAG .......,........... .,.. C Illlifllllllb PJ'0fll'UIll COHllI1fl'fCL' Zi The Debaters' Club is one of the most beneficial organizations in High School. lt pro- motes skill in oratory, dehate, and every other form of speeclnnaking. Mr. E. L. Veasey, faculty adviser of the Dehatcrs' Clulmg deserves the greatest praise, for without his generous and loyal guidance, the Debaters' Clulm would not have attained such success-as has marked its undertakings. PAGE SIXTY-TWO THE LAPAMAC TRIANGULAR DEBATERS Query: Resolwd, That North Carolina should levy a state tax on property to aid in the support of an eight-months' school term. V VERA RUCKINGIIAM MARIE PATZ JOHN M CLEOD ELIZABETH DEVANE FRED POAG CRAWFORD IVICKETIIAN PAGE SIXTY THREE THE LAPAMAC l i L A 71' aid I . ! ' iff: SYl'l. 1 C fu 'Ia gn' - , r n ll 'i Y . ' : SUMMARY OF F. H. S. ORCHESTRA The lligh School Orchestra, under the able direction of bliss Lillian Seay, has played a number of times in public this year. In the fall the boys and girls made their initial appearance before the District Teachers' Convention, which was being held in the city. Since that time the orchestra has been in constant demand. In December it gave a short program before the presentat'on of tlie plays given by "Ye Merrie Players." ln january two appearances were made-a patriotic program for Carolina Day and a thirty-minute program consisting of overtures, marches. and popular nrmhers for the Kiwanis club of this city. ln February the orchestra played for the-State Dramatic Contest. That same month the players were highly honored because they had the privilege of entertaining the Governors of three states. Virgina, North Carolina and South Carolina, at the meeting of the Tri-State Medical Association. " The orchestra has played regularly for chapel exercises and town plays during the en- tire term. A ln March they took a part in a Glec Clrb and orchestraiconcert during "Music VVeek." Then as the climax of the year's work the orchestra played for Commencement. Membership: Sara Ptrather Arnifield, Catherine lllonaghan, Georgia Gilkey, Elbert Swain and -Iulius lieleh, violin: Roy lXlcDaniel, Billie Nlonroe-.and ,lulian llutaff, saxophone: Edna Adams, pianist: Dick Hooker, drummerg Sadie Shavitz, iskelele. GIRLS' GLECE CLUB bliss Seay has so skilfully directed the .Glee Club that 'it has been able to find itself an already much sought after contributor to the many occasions when delightful songs should be a part of the program. The carol singing just before Christ'mas was greatly enjhoyed by a large audience. "Greeting the Qrc-en," a gypsy operetta given in gorgeous costume, set forth the exact and adequate train'ng that has been given. . X Q OFFICERS liar l3RowN ...... .....,....... ......,. P 1 'midmit ELiz.xnE'1'n DixoN .,,,, ,,,. I "z'rc-President Susie Snixvvrz .,.,.....,.,.. .,.........,,, .Sm-1-rifzr-y BOYS' GLEE CLUB ' ln October several boys met with bliss Seay'f0 Urganize a Glee Club. ThB.club, starting with only a few'meinbers, has grown vndelr Miss .Seay's talented upervision until it is now one of the leading organizations of the school. ' 5 lt has had charge of two chapel services, and took part in the Christmas carol services. OFFICERS , i lfkrtn Porn: ..... ..........,,.,..,.,, P ri-.vidpnt F.nm,r:v Cams ,.......,.. ..,. I 'ici'-l'rc.v11Imzt llowp Uvian ............ .................. . Slf?t'l'CfflI'jl PAGE SIXTY-FOUR THE LAFAMAC TTI-IE LAFAMAC s. P. Q. R. At the beginning of the school year each Latin class organized a Latin Club with officers and program committee chairmen. The meetings are held every two weeks during recitation period. The purpose of these clubs is to make the study of Latin more interesting by giving, as far as possible, a clearer knowledge of Rome and the Romans and to enliven the monotony of daily routine. The following oflicers and chairmen were elected for the different clubs: SENIOR NAME: Societas Latina MofrT0: "Semper Fidelisv CHARLES FRANCK ............................ President EDNA AnAMs .......................... Viee-President ELIZABETH CURRIE ..... l..Secretary-Treasurer VERA BUCKINGHAM ...... Program Chairman JUNIOR NAME! Legio Decima MOTTO: "Crescat Scientiau ' ALLENE WILLIAMS ...,..... ............,... . President KITTY WILLIAMSON ..,...... . ...... Vice-President MARY L. WILLIAMs ........ Secretary-Treasurer CHARLES CHADBOURN......PVOgTGm Chairman SOPHOMORE 9-A1 9-AZ MoT'ro: "Crescat Nostra Scientia" MoT'ro: "Summa Sumimarumn JANIE McKETHAN ,........,,,.............. President DOROTHY PINKSTON ........................ President MARGARET ADAMS ..i............... Vice-President ELEANOR HOLLINsHEDU.Secretary-Treasurer HELEN PATz ....,............... Program Chairman GEORGE JENKINS ...........,........ 'Vice-President J. D. JENKINS ...I.......... Secretary-Treasurer JOHN MCLEOD ...... ...... P rogram C hairmau The Sophomore Latin Club has adopted a club pin. FRESHMAN NAME: Legio Octava MoTTo: "Semper Paratus" 8-A1 LUCILE GAINEY .,........................... ,... . President ALICE WHITTED ........., .......... V ice-President ELIZABETH DIxoN ............................ Secretary ANGEL TEW ........................................ Treasurer WALLACE SUTTON .......... Program Chairman MARY MCBUIE ....... .......... It Iusic Chairman 9 PAGE SIXTY-SIX 8-A CHARLES RosE .................................... President MILDRED BOWLES ..................... .Vice-President ELIZABETH DEVANE ........ .,..... : ........ S ecretary WILLIAM QJYTNGTON ........ ........ T reasurer CSignedj ELIZABETH CURRIE, S ecre tary. THE LAPAMAC HE LAFAMAC PAGE SIXTY-EIGHT CO .-I P14 Zi yi iii: 'mp Sq... z. FEE 2:2 .TZ f-4: H A-A A- ,A xg 202 PQ HB1 1-1-ILE .xp EU ...4 -7: .- ,.. 1.3 In-, Ld Q, new QE C35 ,A m fr: 1-Q.: -fn 'iz -X Zh-1 I:. fi L44 Z.: A. :QE M ..- 'l, F.: 5: IU U. if 5 w 51- mw CL: Of Fx z ld C2 I I A 4 LJ cz Ld r-1 ..: 4 7 A A 4 I P- YJ Ld L1 ... A E FT- 5 A x U i mu 9 7 M ... 'l, 4 .. Z :1: P' 91 '2 E 1:- Q L- 7 'L P 41 PN ,-4 E2 LL! fs :E 3 Q DS LUXY, BAR BHK WEBB, .Xmux RIcC.x1.r,. C1-xARLEs Wisr, OWEN RYDE. H lc T B NCEN u-I L1-Y L2 EWLNG. I.. VI KENT A 4 1-ll v 5331,-:,,,zr -U 1i,,'V mrlwteg 53-..w ,. E, . x ,VJ a 1 ,A -fy , mg A .H ,u ,A A Q? , n ' gf' N- T H E L A 12 A M A c: Wfffgm-Q1-' al Q A 1 aw-A -- fm XX N X A--xgxlxi X . A -gl-W.-.-A U1 mf.: , 1 fl' A X x X , U D , f f ' ' , . "M l ' 'N ' , in ill . ' A , W , ,QM ,rv X. xv A li m f? V. lm s '1 J Z, I ' 1, wg lg is yff- . . Xxr ww, .,, . ,Jr . ' K J-, , W ly 1 . , wx, ,.- by 'lf lv 'fl li, 0 QNX tl fl I s 3 ' 'lo lay bl 'IAN ' THE NIGHT OWLS Jw" ,H I g , 4 I . . A 14.5 'mm . . rv A V We are the seven owls: X- A A A 4 X Our motto is: "Have fun." , ' .- . . ' ' ' YJ w ' We have tr1ed to do our best- N X ' A I l A ,K V M3 -'72 We thmk that we have won. -' uf! , . Af:', 3 ,AU We re not so very vampxsh, E 5, And yet not very slow.' l lx' M ,xv . ,VJ ' ff ' , I We're in for having fun- A .1 l. :ff 4" And alwayson the go. nl, to -fair y elf . NNW v'g-I l ll - , X Ji l 1 x' We're not all to the- bad- A 1, ' cts fYou couldn't call us goodjg F2 'V , I xii M3 just in for a good time, L' , ' j A fy h 1 g 1 h ld X ff. ' . s eve sc oo ir s ou . x M j ' ' ' " ' , W Sure we have rolled our own-- X A gl We've also bobbed our curls. ,lf A You see-we're just a group' ff' Of modern high school 'gi'rls. ,W -ZVIRGINIA PAGE REYNOLDS. A A ft x ll I ' 1 Y 'lk "3 nos slxvv-nm: f l . so ZL . W" f- f,.,.ff X... ..-- A W YR' , if - ff' ,.q.,'--sw ' - of ' 'TT -2"- -. w' 171'-J ' - A --f-'FT Q: A 1 M +- ' A X A -me A A - , A Q . N f t l , ' I 5 V All I via . 'Wil , , ' . ",j. I L , , K Y yzggr-:rig ' ' 'Daqu?jy'jQgv-qiwL31-AI:,?gzIwyj"51ij1i'mkQN-ZIMqqgLlu+z'y r--amvsiyyarq 1y'fa,Q rl 'qf,a.r,!5w.I3g-rnrf'34g,f'ggxQzvr,,4xfr5.g7ujququ:Ifl?f'9vt5mvpfgfwgp, 3' A ,- Jgisrv + A -, .. 1. I I . I 1 1 ffm .. K ". A A A A ' LI T 1-1 E L A P A M A c , L 1 ' xx ' A .. I , A AV 1, Xl A ' -Z-J 5 ' IL,-if X A . X sl X7 V-V A I' 3. A N , . ,J A, 0 , f N as? 9,4-"fi 1 :if I - . I E, .Wm 1 an QA X? . ' Hi., E , XX x f -A , 3, ,rg . g i 1' . 1 L5.- , ,,, QQ- , V ' VL 'Q-I 451'-P' Q ' A A A, W V F U W v If I STATISTICS A - , , W f l 'Y l N 'V I " s ,. .MILLER PATTERSON ..... ' Best All-Round Boy ' A I ' .LIRUTH BET!-IUNE ...... Belvt All-Round Gzrl I .' ' ' JOE ,PEMBERTON ..... ost Popular Boy I " , ELEANOR LILLY ..... ..... M os? Popular Girl S- ' Aff WILLIAM MARSH ..... , ,Q V MIRIAM MATHESQN x Il . - . 575. ' ANNIE MCILWINNEN .... . ya' KATHARINE MORRIS .... I. I xv A , . BERNICE BULLARD ..... . 11 . EDNA ADAMS .......... 4. I A CHARLES FRAILICK .... 'FIDRA MCNEILLI ..... A J CHARLES CHADBOURN . 2' --f ' SAizA-PAATHER ARMFIELD , K I 1 ,V ff fy N ',' rm: snvmvv' v f J Mama CHURCHILL SMITH I - f 'Prett1estAGu'I Most Gengrbus Most Attractwe Best Athlqte A ...,. Most Muswal Most Courteous ....I.....L. M ost Studzous Most Fffment Pest m Dramdhcs 1, 1 x 'f ,-4 iv. my , '.,v,14 'M . :Ln ,,. l A 1+ .- X n . L f if P, I , Handsomest Boy A ""1!, my , ,,.-' . A ,J I I U r' Q' P i . A . X y 1 4 4' if 4 r I . . ,gg l 5 1: , . ff- -A ,A 1-1 ff .A A- ' , my, 1 :gy A "N ' ' ' ' 0 - " I ' X- 1' ' ' ' ' , -,vs . Y "' , 1 .. ' . P ,- "' . 1, , ff .Ag -2' 1. '-N.. , - I .-. 7 I Q , . A - .-f. A 1 --f-fr. s 1-Lx l n' , , X A 1 1 I F , J: Af, A mg .T 'Qlii 6? l h S: A ,r :t n s 1, A , , Z, V - ' Q -,Q i x I I fm f, A :fa 4' 1? : ,ff . 1, F ' Q ' ,. W, ,114 4 ., TY' KW' "V -- A P Ffh , mst..b"Zir."Le'?fQ:fIlIQfI1. -rf.. I x . , ,A W, .- fn., I - ,, ' ., ., , N , V ,. if Q , 5 Q . ., 4- 5, 1 A J'Qy,- 2 ' ' 5 f - T H E L A F A M A c H , yu W X K . . x N X1 , C T F Ji V' ,f ' . ,fax ,fx M 1' A -Q. . . 1 H, 'AW N ., . nf K Qu , . fa 1,1 . v 1 S f x I .O K 4. X s I f f I I Q' -i d: xr 4 1, R f"'M3gV r f' , X ff if Q Q mf L' . 5 ,.. , if .. If 4 Z mv! if in 'Z W2 -X! ff W X X N I I L' Rx N X Q5 .X J af .J eff , A X r l, .Fill I 1 N 1' f, , fn. Vg., 42. S- ,-'. ,. 1 PAO! IIVINTY-ON! N r ' ' .' -. ' w , f Mg., qi -+ T' 'f f fx-i1 - '-1,A i' - N-:RVN X -rv--1' v-.J -vw "kk ' , NH- ' -". X 4 , . 1 v . x - ,--JJ.-r. . '- . --f ' ' 'if H, " 11 N f KL, 1' fx J I1 1. 1 I x x , 'Ex X is .33 x f fb? ' N an W fly D flu ' , -' A ' H eg .X fl X , 1" If " Ax M ' , J - wx. l r , 44' 1 YF' M , f qv X gl f H I 'F Q f wr f v ,gee-v fgs 'u ,,, X. ru. . ,,, 1 fx w Z es . A is '1ysi-y:"m-aff'f'z'fgw'1f1ff'vf-g'7'ivg:"'1gf1-f-fi'af frfwsw'+wf:ra, , M s if il , If , ' ' - i , V '3-L li. f 2 ., ,'-159, ' ' ' "- 'I 'VP .. I yi it ' it 2544 fix N' ffmgg? Q T H E L A F A -M A C - f f A walt' " s - 1' fat' ' QYM NW ' f - , , .f WI' 'if' . . f ' ,, -'Va tsl' ' ' lf I . V, '-egg, Ju, X K gk. ml ' I I MY DOG ' x, 6, J it? - ' re-19 I 1 J I had a dog, a fine Airedale- r WX 1 ' ,' 3 .,,, A 'fl W l film r 'af .sr-, 'L' I jf The best of all his breed. RQ ! I 1' - L . it . Some dogs are hunters and some are pets, I li ' Q jig And some just go to seedy I Xie- r A , , , x, x- , as ss.. Q But' my dog was a fme Airedale, f I fi I -- The best of an his breed. ' I 4 3 .Wy He came to me one wintry night, ' . . e . 1 Alf he air was filled with snow, M ill He looked at me so pleaclingly I ' , if K I could not 'say whim no.s f b fi H A, I L5 , y Iiee him ing I played with him 3 sr K, y s ' -y I likewise taught him how ' i 1 i INN To work and play ,and pull my sledF+ V J, , , f A ' I Q ' is 51:55 Us ,gf QWhere,can he be by now Pj I- s . -gg L?-' 15. ' . 'Twas just a year from that dear night " J i,i iii if r s .When first he came pto me- . N' iff For hour after hour I called 1 ' ' Il 'QYQL' N s' . ' ,li ff? gl' But he came not'back'to me. xiii' . if-g '1' f ' , ' 7 in fi h ,' ' ' When on the morning next I looked, Tj , i iff" . - I found him-dead. I I A rs. s , is i, 33 , Xp ,, Hemi had e fight in whseh he'd lostg is .,, 1 A , ' ' A stronger one had bowed his head. He's gone to Heaven is the prayer I pray, hx' N Each night before I sleep, Y And I hope to meet my faithful friend, Where the lovers of all good dogs do go. p i A fr e y ' ' --D1cK BooKER, '26. ' 32' I 'I yi . ' e - . 31, .slip iziflfi. wi' ' - i 'Ji I L ' not sevsvnv-Two V 1 I I ,,s 1 'il 'l. A g pf o r ,, 1 I ,'. .4 z X S 4, '7 I Lf' ' , 1 ' rg 'lglz L it gf, X" , ,fakli rs,-ae, -. , , I --.1 -4'i1:T t . "r-.S V ' sis! 4' is LI ts- ' x g, ' - Qs- ' f-,g -a by 4, ' .l l En. 9 XM 4 4-e t J' 1 LHP' ' its . at 1 i i wire , ,,' A fix THE LAPAMAC v SN 1,--, , X Nx , ff THE LAFAMAC WEARERS OF THE "F" lfOC 7'l'l1.-XIJ , AXLIQX AXl,1..xNAxCll IWILLICR P.XT'1'lfRSllN H, I". lSUr,r,.xRn KIQN1' EWING Cliulr, l3U1,I,.xR1m H.XlllII,ll X1llRRlS XIUN Hl'I,I,.XRIJ J. D. JENKINS f1IfURGIC RAYNOR HHN K1s'r1,xf1e Ulu, KICNNIQDY JOHN XXVICISICGICR Ihilzxxklm STICIN YINCI-ZNT Mcllkvnli Chfukczlc IIICRNIBUN Cmwlfcuum NICKICIT BASKETBALL ll. F. Rm,1,AxRn Clcmeolt RAYNUR .Xuncx ,XLL.xN.xc11 IXIILLICR l'.xT'rl-tksox j'm1N XYICISICGIQR K1cNN1c'rn f2.XI,Ll'I' JULIAN HU'r,xFF l X.AXSEl1,'XLI4 DT. D. UIICNKINS .XLIQX .-XI.l..xN.xcII Ii. F. HULLQXRD K141NN15'rll G.xI,Llw Nmuus VTALLANDINGHAM HAROLD lXIomus Gmouclz JENKINS PAGE SEVENTY-FOUR THE LAFAMAC x ,xv f .1 . 0 . , fhfxg e ff Q .5 fd, X. !.,z,... 2 fwx J n fffzl' ix",-7, X NX V S "Q Nxt Q ty " X XX fkf ,Q4:! 5 xx kg X if fl X St 1 jk NX Q K . P!! X X x v W S X XXX U ,X-Ni' ' ff 'E Sf! fic A l'A Q ' - f' ,4 Il.. "-'. -.' Q 1 AA THE LAFAMAC CHEERIJNUDERS AXN ' Q ' -Q E, g 55 Q 5,4 119121 ,f 5 af 413 Q ,NS so wmmm ,f i lv x I up HM xx LX 'lik 'Ally X XXX 1' xx - lil' i 'll X-xi .ll N ill! Q in xx xx bs N R lin in V Xvflx xxgxx 1 Gi St 1, After the shades of night have fallen over our high school career and all is said and done for the sake of Auld Lang Syne and even our yells have been forgotten, the class of '26 can never forget their loya.l eheer leaders, Eleanor Lilly and joe I'emberton. Often did they spur the team of "Dear old F. H. S." across the line to victory. Do-re-me, who are we? We are, we are, we are we, "Faint no lie, 'taint no bluff, Fayetteville High School- That's the stuff! Rippety cuss, Rippety cuss, What in the world is the ina YELLS tter with us? Nothing at all, nothing at all, We're the guys that play- F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L! We got yer goat, yer goat, yer goat, We got yer goat, yer goat, yer goat, We got yer goat. we got yer goat, B-A-A-A-A TOUCHDOWN! Barney Google, Andy Gump, We've got ole' fopponentsj On the jump. Oh-h-h-h Min! Rah, rah, rah, Purple and Gold, COpponents, opponentsl ain't we hold? Zip-ta-wa-ya, Zip-ta-yes, We're the students of F. I-T. S. FllS.ATHLETV2SONG Oh! when the Fayetteville boys they fall in line, We're going to win a game another timeg And when we yell, we yell, we yell, we yell, For dear old F. H. S. we yell, we yell, we yell, we yell, ,And then it's fight, fight, fight for every yard: We circle ends and hit the line real hard: We're going to roll ole Copponentsl in the sod- Oh, so hard, Rah! Rah! Rah! PAGE SEVENTY-SIX T H E L A F A M A C REVIEW OF THE SEASON The football season of 1925 started for the Fayetteville High early in Sep- tember when Coach Blanchard and Captain Bullard appeared at the fair grounds with about forty husky-looking candidates. The first few days were spent in passing and handling the ball and explaining the different techniques of the game to the new men. The practices grew harder from day to day until scrimmages became the order of the day. By this time the squad had been cut 'to about twenty-four men, each of whom was fighting for a place on the team. The backfield, was not so hard to pick since such old stars as Raynor, .len- kins, Kestler, Herndon and Captain Bullard were on hand. Newcomers rushing these for their places were Mcliethan, NVeiseger and McBryde. By the time the season had started well it was seen that a combination of McKethan quar- ter, Raynor and Jenkins, halves, and Kistler, fullback, could not be beaten. It was on the line that Coach Blanchard had to work hardest. He did not linger long at the pivot position as Allanach was back to cover his old position there. Stein and Patterson were back to take their old places at .left guard and left tackle respectively, while two newcomers in C. Bullard and V. Bullard alter- nated at right guard. Captain Bullard had been moved out of the backfield into right tackle while the end positions were held down by Morris, Ewing, Davis and Camel. The line was composed mostly of green material but diligent work on the part of the coach and men soon brought good results. 1 The team showed the Fayetteville people that it was worth supporting when it scrimmaged the heavy Army team from Ft. Bragg. The High School team held the Ft. Bragg team to one lone touchdown, although the soldiers outweighed our men almost forty pounds to the man. We then had two bad reverses when we were beaten by Raeford and Hamlet. Both games were hard fought and the scores were very close. At this time the team was greatly strengthened by the return of two star linesmen. Kennedy and Walters. This new strength enabled the Yel.low Jackets to upset Chapel Hill's plans to beat Fayetteville. Our boys won a moral victory by forcing the play all the time, although neither side was able to score. Fayette- ville's proud showing was made possible .largely by the wonderful playing of Allanach and Kennedy. PAGE SEVENTY SEVEN THE LAFAMAC The Yellow jackets then defeated Lumberton in a closely contested game when Stein dropped back of the line and booted a beautiful field goal from the thirty-yard line. Next, Dunn was taken into camp by a large score, Jenkins be- ing a veritable whirlwind, cutting the opposing team to pieces with beautiful runs, while his kicking was superb. Red Springs' scalp was the next taken by the Yellow Jackets, and the game was very pleasing as it dedicated the Burns- Daniels Field at the High School. The championship series started the first of November, and Fayetteville's first game was with Smithfield. The Yellow Jackets beat Smithfield in a close game. Every Fayetteville man played an extra good game-Raynor and Patter- son playing far above the average. Fayettevil.le's next game was with VVilmington and although they were doped to beat the lads from the sea, the VVilmington boys played wonderful. ball and came out on the big end of the score. Captain Bullard and Kistler played a great defensive game for Fayetteville but the rest of the team couldinot get going, so Fayetteville's championship hopes were blasted. Although not winning the championship the season was the best that Fay- etteville has had since the championship team of " '2l." Much credit for this must be given to Coach Blanchard, whose excellent coaching with the wonderful fighting spirit of the locals won many games. The subs, too, are deserving of praise fand their two managers, Messrs. Jeasy and Hutaffl. Long before the boys were ready to play, the managers could be seen hard at work. As to the subs, our uttermost thanks go out to them. They worked just as hard as any regular, but without praise or recogni- tion. 'Fhe ones we wish especially to thank are Bob Davis, Campbell, "Bull" Pinkston, Barlow and Canady. sEAsoN's RESULTS F. H. S. ...... ............ 0 Raeford ...... ....... 1 3 F. H. S. ...... ..... 0 Hamlet ............... .... 7 F. H. S. ...... ..... 0 Chapel Hill ....... ........ 0 F. H. S. ...... ..... 3 Lumberton ..... .... 0 F. H. S. ...... ..... 3 7 Dunn ............... .... 6 F. H. S. ...... ..... 7 Red Springs ....... .... 0 F. H. S. .......................................... 7 Smithfield ...................... ....... 0 F. H. S. .......................................... 0 Vtfilmington ........................ ....... 2 5 Games played, 85 games won, 43 games lost, 35 games tied, l. PAGE SEVENTY EIGHT 4 . 4 D1 yy - Q- Q W' W E MI' llnmll! fr 1 15' ' J ' ' f K . Y 4 J ff, "g'2i'fT Q - - 1 ' I Q A - , 1 'TQ-f: v " 'f-,VR 5' 1 N , ' N .Q 'ff , x.Yfp.mg,3?f Q TH E L AB A M A C I X PH. KBK Bnfgvcn.-mn ....... VJ- if..-Q...-.... EL 3Lg"V1s,g's1zj. i::g.,L, .... Men ALEx Ar.L.mAcn ..... B. F. BULLARD ..... BERNARD 5 STEIN ...... Von BULLARD ........... MILLER 4PATTERS0N Cncn, Bunmmp ...n .... J.. BIIJQ KENNEDY - ...... KENT Ewmc gn ....... HAROLD, Mbnars JOHN4 WEISEGER ..... L. VINOENT , MCBRYDE Cnwmgn McKn-rn AN Rmmon ............ Bjgn Kizs1-Lax ...... 1.-D. 'IENKrNs ....... . GE0RGf1HEll5'D0N 5 ,,.. . X ., , FOOTBALL A ,Q A..........,..... ........-........--..- .J 5 1 ....'..--1-,gt-p-ia-.a.... ....'.. X '5- - 2 5 I ' i SQUAD. i Position ........Center ........Guard ........4Guai-d ........Gu.ard , ....... Tackle ...... ........1Tackle ........Tackle .--..-,.Em1 ........End ..a. .... End ........Bdck ...Back ........Back ........Back, ........Buck ,- Coach .,......Q.......a.... Student Mdnagef Faculty Mqnaggr Weight 150 170. 190 156 158 158 160 140 130 .... 1. 135 ,... ...... -128 118 145 .Q .... 148 .... 162 155 PAC! SIVENTY-NI Nl A ,M H A f l, , LV N- ly s-I t I ,H F ,I X 1 V - -f.-1 - ", - , ,, .. ,-...q-" X I -" 'iiiii ' ' 1 Q-1 X N f 4 . 1 , ' Q ' Qlf THE LAFAMAC VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD sw'Ts. THE LAFAMAC 1 I n',x ' i ml ' ,qf'f 4 ' ,W'v- X X" vu, -,,--if , 1--'A-cf . v rf' . -4- N . . -. -,V af "wx , , -" .' ' .V X .11 1 9 g-.,, 1 5? v - s ' ', ' ' r ,4- T:..rv .Q v C.. 4. 'QP J ' , A ' . ' PERSONNEL X "Greasy," Captain after three years on Fayettevi1le's teams, as a general on the field from the first whistle to the last, was always cool :and steadyp And ii ' he was a hard, .low tackler. thevdefense, he was a brick wall g on thetoffense, "ill a. human tank. May he continue his success on the college gridirons. bi . - ' 'Nag ' . - gg. ALLANACH Ng Alex was a great man on both defense and offense, while his passing was ,g always accurate. His steadiness always helped the team when it was needed 'e f most, and it will be hard to get another man to handle the pivot poswon as 'he WV has done. y 'tw J--rf . JENKINS ' "V -4 "J. D.," Fayetteville's triple-threat man, was always there with the goods 'XX Xl m p as he could kick, pass or run with the ball equally well. He could always be depended on to get his man. g 1 , , . s' ,t l M'KETHAN ' ' "Chigerbite" was the lightest man on the team but was a deadly tackler, and rm with more experience should develop into an excellent player. 'Wi ' RAYNOR ' 'tif "Tut," playing his third and last year at F. H. S., was a great man at run- i ning back-punts and plunging the"line, andias ,he was the fastest man on the fy team he was "continually breaking loose around the ends for long gains. ,, ' Y N 0 0 ' - 1 ' - I .s -is ' ---- KISTLER, . l M1 ' Y' -Q " . . xg, Ben is a great 'line plunger while his ability toxthrow and receive passes is a featiie. Ben is also the deadliest tackler on the team and he bids 'fair to be an all-state man before he finishes F. H. S. A N i , , HERNDON , " "Red"4our red-headed flash-was Fayetteville's best line plunger and could l I always be depended upon to gain two, or three yards if necessary., ' if A , FAC! IICHTY-ON! i ly b I A -Q 5 b ..' QZZQZCNXE'-':g!L l,,g . - gt . ,J Jxysx xxx ri L 'X 'gf v N X af rvnv' f-it .- xx li - 'J !!!"W l. - YXSRH, 1 , 'rl X ,f ! -8,11 . -th. ' 1 yn Jw: xy' 1 V wi 'J if .ij Vx 3 X --?" ly l 4 Ill r A xflfi. . w 4 . . El L A' , . .. X-:' it" ' WX, .1 w ,I lg, rf, if wx A23 f i :LW 4.1, I l x 3: Q.. is U K if. 1. .11 , Q' .-I f-.ii L Kms. 1 -are W. P. L 'ri A E, 1-flszggvyggyfrfv,-:":'4 .5-yz-wg if v- 3-gms' g.1M3y::!v1x4'f3'-1 :gp -r.'2'71gvf" vm svgffffrztqggfxg' 'agar-'qgwg . .1 e. . - Z. Q i f . - . M. . , ,, , Q Q 1 J H A. Q . ' , , . we .y.H Q 1' fs . A .-l - .- L f . -X 4. if -1.Sf4,f-.tae THE LAP AMA c .,. -2 L sail " ' --MXTV' --4"f'.-Mar?" ' 'r 347 - ' -- fi- ' ff .,3gf.'1f x . ' ' ,H"A ' ff x' ' V xg: L . . KENNEDY n Q -' .W . , X ,, "Bill," our star linesman and captain-elect, is a great man on both offensive in ,, and defensive as he is continually opening holes and throwing the opponents for Hifi a loss. He does. not know the meaning of the'word "quit," and woel betide the ' vi mah that plays opposite him. , ' ' 31' . S , V ' l l PATTERSON SJ . ' "Pat" was a great man on the defense, continually breaking through and . X. killing the opponent for a loss, while he could always be depended upon to open ' N55 a hole for the backs. ' , f -,gh I . p sTErN S. "Beau Brurnmelu was an excellent man for opening a hole and never failed to get his inan, while his accurate toe was a feature of his game. - N, " A . up v. BULLARD , jfs. 4. we 'Vqnfwas av great ,defensive player and it was rare that apmap pgogthrough his X H position whilehe always opened up a hole. ' i f ij' X l X t t 'ti' c.BULLARD 'W l 4 ' xi Cecil, playing his first year of football, is a demon for breaking through X 1 and throwing the man for a loss and should be a great man in the years to come. - Y -'li - , i , glirlf .5 Q MORRIS n l n U y i l r "Light," playing his second year for F. H. S., is a deadly tackler and con- tinually breaks up punts, while it is rare that a man gets around his end. I f . R P EWING ' ' Although this was Ewing's first year of football he played like a veteran 5, W as he was continually running the opponent in and throwing him for a loss. gl. Q 'X M,BRYDE y ' 7' . Although "Mac" started late in the season he played a great game during X X 4 the championship, andshould play excellent ball at F. H. S. next year. . ' 2 . . A , if 1 a WETSBGER. 1 i .t -This was John's first year but he made up for lack-of experience by dogged determination and fiht, and he was 'an excellent man 'to go down under punts while hisfability to receive. passes was a feature. ' I f ' ' 9 .ll eau-.wwrvaswm ' ,ffm Ti".-Y h 0 -gT1f3'f'? '. jr i?'s"gif 'I 'W '3 7 , -af-1' if .etfpx '. t --1 A p .p 'r 1 'r ix' y My-' i -4 J a ll THE LAFAMAC X i 2 5 Q QX XT x I W T , . c 4 J A: X l - 97' f twfl : 3 piglxy g n if ,f i :i31lXB X 'if W' AW , 1 . fits c N K 1 X 3 , , I J L X l .I L v fwnf X li .li B X. i ASKETB LL VVith the beginning of haskethall season things looked very encouraging for a good quint at I". ll. S. as there were left five letter men, Gallup and Raynor, forwardsg Bullard, center, and Captain Patterson and Allanach, guards. Pushing these for their places were Weiseger and Kistler at guards and C. Bullard at center, with MeBryde and jenkins show- ing up well as forwards. After practicing a few days they got off to a flying start hy taking two games in suc- cession with Raynor and Kistler showing up extra well. The Christmas holidays gone, the team continued its good work, hreaking even on the next twelve games. During this time though they were unfortunate in losing Raynor and Kistler. Business called Raynor from school while Kistler's studies took too much of his time. They were at the same time fortunate in having' Hutaff, who very creditahly filled Raynor's shoes at forward, come out. Then came a two days' trip to Sanford and Chapel Hill. The squad, headed hy Coach Blanchard, went to Sanford the first night where home-town spirit on the part of the ref- eree caused the Yellow Jackets to lose a hard-fought game to an inferior team. Patterson starred while Gallup was high scorer. Next night, in the hardest fought game of the season, Fayetteville took a very close game from Chapel Hill hy the score of eight to six. Bullard was high scorer of the game. while VVeiseger's sensational shot from the middle of the floor in the waning minutes of play was the deciding factor of the game. , ln the last game hefore the championship series the Fayetteville hoys journeyed to Dunn where a very close game was taken from the Dunn hoys. Allanach's foul shot after the final whistle was the margin hy which they were heaten. PAGE EIGHTY-THREE THE LAFAMAC W9 PAGE EIGHTY-FOUR B,xsKETB.xLL TEAM 1 lx xx. ,N 1 ' ff'f 1 -Q I V - ,bg 1 15,1 ci g et T H E L AF KM Aki. .s f WA' ' , 1 . Q -V ' 1 . 1 " V 'A - l REVIEW OF THE SEASON , . . E5 Thelchampionship started when Fayetteville defeated the fast South River 1 quint by a 19 to 13 score with Allanach, Hutaff and Weiseger playing the best . :Ft game. ' - in The second game of the championship was played with Lumberton in Lum- tj berton. At the half, the Lumberton boys led by' a 10 to 2 score but in the third I period the Yellow Jackets, with Bullard and 'Gallup dropping them in frompevery 1 f az J? . hx ,I .15 4 1 M, Q mg 15, XX' :xx 4, . lf' is +I .5 I it angle and Patterson playing air-tight ball at guard, forged' ahead at' 1,5 to 13. Several long shots by jones, the Lumberton star, put them ahead in the final minutes 18 to 15. Capt. Patterson, Bullard and Gallup starred for Fayetteville. We had a very creditable season, winning 13 and losing 7 games. ' Much credit for this good record is due the subs, who stayed out all season and gave the regulars the practice which was 'necessary for the winning of games. Especially do we wish to thank C. Bullard, Jenkins and McBryde. 1 f THE SCHEDULE F. H. S. ..... ...... 2 4 Sunnyside ...... ...... 1 4 F. H. S. ..... ...... 2 7 V East Over ....... ...... 2 5 F. H. S. ..... ...... 2 4 Fort Bragg ..... ...... 3 3 F. H. S. ..... ...... 3 4 Sunnyside ...... ...... 2 1 F. H. S. ..... ...... A 18 Y. M. C. A. ..... ...... 4 2 F. H. S. ..... ...... 1 6 ' Parkton ... ..... ..... . 20 F. S. ..... ...... 3 8 Stedman ........ ...... 1 9 F. I-I. S. ...... 29 Sunnyside ........ 15 F. H. S. ..... 19 Hope Mills ... ....i 17 F. H. S. ..... M ...... 21 4 M. C. A. ..... ...... 4 3 F. H. S. ..... ...... - 24 . Parkton ............. ...... 2 3 F. S. ..... , ...... .14 A RediSprings ......... ...... A 22 F. H. S. ..... ...... 1 7 Erwin ............... ...... 20 F. 'H. S. ..... ...... 2 4 Dunn .....,........ ..... . A 14 F. H. S. ..... ...... 1 8 .- Red Springs' -.....,24 F. H. S. ..... .... ' 19 Sanford .......... ..... . 25 F. H. S. ..... ...... 8 Chapel Hill ..... ...... 6 F. H. S. ..... ...... l 5 Dunn 4 ................ ...... 1 4 F. H. S. ........................................ 19 South River ......... ...... 1 3 F. H. S. ........................................ 15 Lumberton ....... ...... 1 8 Games won, 133 games lost, 7 3 games tied, 0. PAGE IIGHTY FIVE ,..'b. 1:2:-.Y ' f" 3 ,f?-:?'7 ?F?4igf 'S!'S ' A. X 4 4 -. ,,, . .M 1 W' . 3 'N t .M y rwHv .4019 .an JT' 1 -- "5'3'yl, lf R Q? Lo - x xl A, xx! 1' ' ri' f I. 5 1 Vs .X x xi AF 1 5 wil ix X s l r 's RT: x f v. 'n xf-if, 1 L' A . ..J .yt 1:1 if in 'i 'Z 'i .Sr w x - if Vr' , .fl v 'sf x xr' 4 . s, 2. s - . 3 , . 4 J-xt-PFI -4 v if THE LAFAMAC a t B ln l AL... . REVIEW OE THE SEASON OE '25 When Coach Harmer gave the call for baseball candidates, the few old men that were left, headed by Captain Raynor and followed by a bunch of new men who aspired to the varsity, came out and for a few weeks the squad practiced daily, trying to get arms limbered up and the old eye on the ball. After the squad had been cut, it was easy to see that "Rig" jenkins had first base, Allanach, second: Morris. shortstop, and Lessem, third. 'llhe outfield was composed of llullard, G. jenkins, Gallup and Yallandingham, while the batteries were Davis, catcher, and Sandlin and Devane, pitchers. The utility men were Ilammons and Sutton. The first game was with St. Pauls and after a very thrilling game E. H. S. won. lint after this the season was a string of disasters, so far as winning the games was concerned. 'Ilhe Yellow jackets had a very stiff schedule and an in- experienced team. 'llhey lost most of their games but in each one they 'went down fighting and never gavo up until the last man was out. , , THE LAFAMAC Ls' B.xsKETB.x1.r. TEAM Gm u P 0 m 1' 0 I -4 T m m 4 m 2 THE LAFAMAC GIRLS' BASKETBALL When Coach Brandt called for candidates this year, several old players, Cap- tain Bethune, Martin, Lyon, Franck, Underwood, Zahran, Morris and Nunnery, from last year's squad, and a number of new players came out. It was not until a few weeks of hard drill had been given that Coach Brandt could decide on a first team. The team had a victorious year, losing only two games to high schools. One was with the strong Wilson team, the other a championship game with South River. Eleven contests were won by the Fayetteville team. One of the biggest factors in the success of the season was the hard work of the manager, Georgia Gilkey, and the loyalty of the following reserves who remained faithful to the last: Evans, Morse, Morris, Johnson, Gallup, Nunnery, Russ, Fisher and Fortson. PERSONNEL B. B. BRANDT ........... ................................ . .. Coach RUTH BETHUNE ...... .................. C aptaiu GEORGIA GILKEY ...... ......................... M anager SQUAD BETHUNE ........ ...... C euter Forward .,..... ........ F ISHER UNnERwooD ........ ........ R ight Forward ......... ....... N UNNERY JONES .............. ........ L eft Forward ...... ....... G ALLUP MARTIN ....... ...... C enter Guard ...... ...... E VANS ZAHRAN ....... .......... R ight Guard .......... ....... M oxuus FRANCK ....... ............... L eft Guard .,............. ...... M ORSE SEASON'S RESULTS F. H. S. ...... ......... 2 2 Y-Ettes ............, ...... 2 0 F. H. S. ..... ...... 2 9 Massey Hill ...... 19 F. H. S. ..... ...... 2 1 Raleigh ............. ...... 7 F. H. S. ...,. ...... 2 6 Red Springs ...... 13 F. H. S. ...... ...... 1 9 Wilson ............... ...... 2 4 F. H. S. ...... ...... 1 5 Raleigh ...... ...... 1 2 F. H. S. ...... ...... 7 Peace .............. ...... 1 7 F. H. S. ...... ,,.... 3 0 Smithfield ......... ...... 1 4 F. H. S. ..... ...... 2 2 Red Springs ...... 18 F. H. S. ..... ...... Z 9 Laurinburg ....... ...... 7 F. H. S. ..... ...... 1 7 Peace .............. ...... 2 3 F. H. S. ...... ...... 3 3 Sanford .......... ...... 2 8 F. H. S. ..... ...... 2 4 Hope Mills ...... 14 F. H. S. ..... ...... 2 2 Sunnyside ......... ...... 1 6 F. H. S. ......................,. ......... 1 1 South River ......... 16 Total .................................. 327 Total ......... 248 Won, 113 Lost, 4. PAGE EIGHTY EIGHT THE LAPAMAC SEZ QANQ ENWZL THE LAPAMAC ODZ id ENZ FLUNK F ierce lessons L ate hours U nexpected company N ot prepared K icked out GRADUATION G et help R ead all parallels A verage 4- D odge all you can U se a jack A sk questions on test T alk I mitate O pen your book N ot too proud INICNE CLUTE: "I certainly have been working hard for a diploml Ifsro: "I did get something out of my English today ABILENE: "VVhat ?" Pisro: "My history lesson." THE SEVEN VVONDERS OF F. H. S VVhy Mrs. john, springs a quiz the morning we are most unprepared Why the teachers give so many delinquent slips. When the rules will be completed. VVhy a certain teacher hears all our remarks. Why we have to go to school anyway. How many seniors will reach graduation. Wonder why we Miss ETHEL: "Now in every case the Governor has the most power BERNARD: "I disagree on that." MISS ETHEL: "And why?" BERNARD! "I am quite sure the crank shaft has far more power PAGE NINETY THE LAPAMAC OUR HYMN Boox ' THE LAFAMAC POPULAR SONGS OF TODAY H Cf When You and I Were Seventeen" "A1wa s" .................................................. Y "Yearn1ng" ................,.............,................, fl ly When Autumn Leaves Are Falling "Freshie". .................................................. Me and My Boy Friend" ................................................................ Mamie and Alex Miss Campbell and Mr. I-Tall joe and Hallie Sarah Prather CTom Hillj The Freshmen Joel johnson "Mr, Radio Man" ................................... ....... A lfred Burgess "Don't Let Me Stand in Your VVay" ,..... ......,..........,........... I . D. "Dreaming" .................................. . ............ ....... M iriam Matheson "All Alone" .......................................... ............,........ E leanor "Who ?" ,................................................ ....... W ho? "Sleepy Time Gal" .,....................,..,....... ...................... F lora 'Tm Sittin' on Top of the World" ..... .......................... B uck "Don't Wait Too Long" ,.................... ...,.........,..l........ A bilene "Tea for Two" ...................................................... ...,... D ick and Alberta KK How do you like your Latin ?" Best race I ever saw." "Race P" H "Yes, the students' ponies and the teachers' goats." JUNIOR GIRL! "Now really, J. D., don't you like us talkative girls just as much as the others P" J. D.: "What others?" Once a Senior Who was dated With another Senior, called For her at Smith's home to Escort her To the Masquers' Performance. When arrived He found her Ready-the surprise Was too much. He Fainted! So they Were late As usual! THOMAS BADGER: "Give me a man- size chocolate milk." DANNY KELLY: "Who are you going to take it to ?" GOLDBERG: "Get up, day is breaking." STEIN: "Vell, let him break. He don't owe me nothing." ...ll-1 CHARLES: "What course do you spend most time on?" FAIRLEY: "The golf course." Miss SEAY C music instructorl : "What are pauses?" FAY BROWN: "They grow on cats." PAGE NINETY-TWO 1 I ,N tt I s" ' ' . It - I Q Y 'ki ,, ' '. ' 1 , f I xl '.S,,La.' :.Zt! 1 ' ' ,'.- X i'w -. --Y'- . , 11 W. f. -f ' dug fp ,jigs Q' V . Z W , ,F 4 9 "' ' 4 25'--1.21 'riff' T H B L A F 'A M A G '2awf'f2,x4"'s1'1- - ' X fp .ry . A afgslvt., . , N ,f X, X . r , , . .Z - T. 1 - , 1 Mn. VEASEY: "How many kinds of poetry can you.name P" ,s BUCK: "Thi-ee." S -- -Mn. V.: "VeryVwell, name them." ' BUCK! "Lyric, dramatic and epidemic." 4 ............l-. NATIVE ENGLISH SCARE CROWS Now if with the high-brows you would mingle, - Then straightway you must'turn out a jingle, For you have scarcely won your Senior seat When English teacher calls for verses neat. ' , For she will surely never let you rest 1 Until you canwrite a sonnet on a test. She says it is the best way prose to learn By giving words a true poetic turn- But, oh, those parallels they are the worst! i They make our heads ache well nigh unto burst. , One hundred-fifty points-it is required! - -A . Q And never say'of reading we are' tired. - 'Q ,f iT W X . ' ' U Mus. JOHN! "Do you know what the story 'of Paradise Lost is about, Hugh-P" , . HUGH C awakening and tuming angrily to the boy' who had just given him a warning jabjz "What the devil did-" . , . MRS. I., finterruptingj: "Correct" . EPITAPHS ' Q . 3 4 Here lies the body of Jimmy Rush, ' . He drank a bottle of Grange Crush, A r The doctorcame but there was no hopegi , .. Save your money and buy a dope. . -IULIAN HUTAFF. " Here lies the body of Tommy Tolar, ' -J wiflemused to have plenty of jackg ' Hgydrank a bottle of Coca-Cola- Nowhis wife wears black. p . - - - --MILLER PAfr'rEnsoN. , . PAC! Nmrrv-'nmxr . . 11 F , +. '15, '-' f:4.-5'-'.f'lX 4ra. f'?5-v ' S r LW X 1-4 4 l ,. fm-V -.,., . 1 r , 1, .. ,,f.r'f- wg f,Qx 1 xx-7 WX? if-M, N x , x L1 - l nv ' ,L ' r ' 1 x 1 2155 QMLL day, ill X ' , X521 V ' 67-7 43 t u B N 3 l'p Xi 'F' A xy b. 4. Q ff . jc, . K9 R . X . . l , n X uv, 3? 'fif F3 I ir- s -:V r 1 X .l , .3 uf" .f . 'V Et - Q' if x I .K 4. . 'A . I -.M 'Ewi- 'rfffw':zfwgA. 5"ws"-rr3wgawfsr+a.Qafw+"o2ff':jVrWiv fl! x , ,f P- , . g ... Wqnj, 445 ,gn L ,,. 1 - I ,M X - X N' 4' if ,fl so f-+ THE LAFAMAC + f 'af- 'iltiti X rx- lt' X - I E f' viii? axf. r -it . eff, E8 4 gn, f '- I rl f bf . . K , X ll, . ,- - X .lli f I. 1' 44 f' V ,lf ,af ily' I nf! ' - if tq'8 he Xl A F .l k ,H H1 .f X , g , Itsf . 1 1 N. V 'v K V' 3 A 51' , . 1, OUR ADVERTISERS . American Bakeries Co. Arrnfield Co., Arrow,Drug Co. ' Art Barber Shop Bennett-Garrason Co. Bethune, M. A. p Bevili Mule 81' ,Horse Co. , Bierman Engraving. Co., Charlotte, N. C. Capital Department Store Carolina, Grocery Co. Carolina Ice' Cream 'Co. Central! Cafe m - , Chero-Cola Bott1ingg,Works Clafton' Cigar'1Store V ' Coca-Cola Bottling Works Cooper-,Q J.: I ' Cumberland "Co-operative Warehouse Co. V Cumberland Printing Co. Cumberland 'Savings 8: Trust Co. I Dawson's ,Jewelry Store Eggleston Jewelry Store Evans Furniture Co. Fayetteville Ice 8: Mfg. Co. Fayetteville Observer F-ayetteville Office Supply Co. , Fayetteville Paper Co. Fayettville Supply.Co. Fleishman's Big Store Fleishman, Ed and Bros. Gallup 81 Co. Gulf Refining Co. Haigh-Tomlinson Insurance Co. A , Hall, J. S., Drug Co. . Hamilton Drug Co. Hatcher, T. D., Jeweler and',,Engraver -, Highland Lumber Co. . Hilltex Service Station Horne H R 8: Sons , , . Huggins Motor Co. I Hunsberger, O. F. p I-Iuske I-Iardware'Hou!e Jenkins, G. B. Jernigan Motor Co. LaFayette Bank 81 Trust Co. LaFayette Hotel ' Lewis Motor Co. ' ' Minor Plumbing Co. ME.. V ,-4 . as Modern French Dry 'Cleaning Co. Myers Shoe Store . McDaniel, N. R., Bicycle Shop McFadyen Music Co. 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THE LAEAMAC UMBERLA D Savings and Trust Company NINETY EIGHT THE BANK OF SECURITY, SERVICE AND SATISFACTION Large Enough to Protect You Small Enough to Know You FRANK H. STEDMAN President ALBERT STEWART Vice-President and Cashier 6 'I' ! 6 Q 9 5 i 6 6 5 5 -o-o--o--o--0 - 'O' 104001 1000100000004 'ivlvlfllvi 24- 'I"O0IHO"O"O0ONl"O' THE LAFAMAC 'l"O"O"l0lvl1'OHO"O0O0O0CvC0OvO0O'll'lO'040100400'l'lO0O0O0O0O''O0l0O0O0O0O'vO0O"O"I"lNlHONO0O"OMI"O"O0O0O0OvO0O YB' Compliments of Y. M. C. A. BASKETBALL TEAM WP WWOW94O1QWW09Q'0lQMlNOWO4'0Wll'0000OO4H9Q'0lii BENNETT-GARRASON 8a CO. Incorporated SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES FOR YOUNG MEN AND MEN WHO STAY YOUNG Our Customers Demand the Best and We Cater to Their Wants Come In, Look Around and Get Acquainted BENNETT-GARRASON 8: CO. Incorporated "The Store with a Smile" Hotel LaFayette Building FAYETTEVILLE, N. C ug..Q.qug..g..Q..Q..9..Q..g..5..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g. ..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.-0..Q-.Q..g..9..q..g-.g..g..g..g..q..g. PA N I T Y E 'WON0'WEWWkFXlWkWWFF iO U0ii0Oi'Wkkk THE LAFAMAC UO''OI'O1IC1lC''OI'IU'O0O0O'PO0O0CllO'lO0l"O0ONl0O'lC 'lO'lC"O0O"O0O4'U 000000 CORONA PORTABLES REMINGTON PORTABLES FAYETTEVILLE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Steel and Wood Office Furniture Stationers Supplies Royal Typewriters-Dalton Adding Machines 308 Hay Street FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. .,..,...........g.....g...........g..g.-0.4 o--o --of-o--u ..g.g..g -0-0-wh --O'-0--O--0-vi'-00000--0-sl--I--0 . Q.. MO'-lvllfllll''IUC'0C'Il'lO"O'fO0O"O"0''O0O0O"O"O'1O"O0O''O"l"O'lC"l'vOlvil'l4 NEW YORK CAFE The Best Place 'to Eat Don't Forget the Name NEW YORK CAFE -Ou s -OHl0O"l"lNO"O"O"O" .....g..g..g..q. . . . . . Compliments of G. B. JENKINS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN MULES, HORSES BUGGIES AND WAGONS . ..g..g..g..g..g.. Q--9-.Q-Q.. PAGE ONE HUNDRED 9-0-0--O--Q--0--Q--0-C--0 . 9 "O0C"O'll"."U".'4CN "l"."l"l40l"C""'lMO4'O'l.'4l'lC0l"O"O"O"O".'Q E .3 1 rn ' 'l"l0."O4'O"O"O0,".WO1 ' 3 5 5 en . I H :1 t 5 .. O E 5 . nf m E. 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MwwwwmahwwtwwudwvawhdnrnnvwumvawhwmudwvwwwrwmvwwwMdwhdwrdwhdvvwuwrdminwumuwidmuanm PAGE ONE HUNDRED ONE THE LAEAMAC Owl- .-I-4-4-fb'-Qow-al W Compliments of' LAFAYETTE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. "O" O' "O0O4'O0O"O0O0O"0"l" 'l'O1YiW00 '0"l"l"l"llDOUOOICNOIINOI'IMO'H0000IO''ONUNO'OO'0'I'O'flI'O"O"O"O'vO"O'vi"O'lOv'Q'lO"O0O"O"O"O"O' -0'-000+-0w0--000'-Dfw--M-0-0001-l--OvO--Q--v0-m4uM-0-4wOwIv4v4v-0v0-0v0-4--h-v-0--0--r-vw-- THE LAPAMAC 1'OMO'41'IOWI0II0O'fl'0lf'O''U''C'IO''O''O''O''O''I''O''O''04'O'40'vlvlfvivll-vOvO"O"O"l'lO''O''l"O"l"O"O"O"O"O''O"O'lC"O"O4'O0O'0O''O0C'0"l'lO"O' CAROLINA ICE CREAM CO. Trade Mark Registefed U. S. Pat. Office W? Quality First, Therefore the Choice of Those Who Discriminate WF Quality, Service and Pfice 0OhO'1Ol"'O0OHO'lI0OWl"OHO"l'0l'lO"l' -l--l--O--0--0-w--0w!w0--0n0--0-- nb--000-0--0+-Mvo--0--0vb--l--o--0--0-w-l--0ul--I--0--0 --0-fone-no-4-+0--0--0--0--ov --0--0--0--0--0-w--l--0--l- FAYETTEVILLE ICE 8: MFG. CO. 25 YEARS OF SERVICE ' ff! OWNERS OF THE Carolina Ice Cream Co. Phones 96 and 97 J. F. HARRISON, President A. E. DIXON, Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr. ' JOHN H. DEWEY, Sec'y and Treas. wlwl"O'lC"C0O"O0O'-Owl"i"O"O"0"Of'l' PAGE ONE HUNDRED THREE THE LAPAMAC ..--Q.4..g..g..g..gugug.q..g.-Q--Q.-Q--Q-.Q-Q--Q-.yup-.Q-.gng..g..g..g.....g..g--Q..g..g..q..g.,g..g..g..g-.Q-.g.-Q.-Q--Q.-9-9-0-Q-.Q-.9-.g..g.q.4.-Q.-Q-.Q--pup. I HILLTEX SERVICE STATION TOP O' HAYMOUNT HILL AUTO ACCESSORIES Phone 1273-J FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. --0--l--0--0-f0--0--Q--0-0-l-- - -0--0--D--O-0-out--0--I0 -0-0-0--04-0--0--0--0--0w0n0o-0of0o-lo-loolw0-v0-0v-l--0- 0--o--o--o--wo-o-u--o-s--o--o- --9--0--o--0--ono-wwo-o-o-0--o--s--c--o--u--a--o--m -s--c--m - .4--4--0-anowowo--0-4--0-4-4-4--a--0--0--0 When You Receive Your Commencement Invitation From the Seniors This Year Notice Its Quality and Appearance WE ARE EXCLUSIVE LOCAL AGENTS FOR THE HARCOURT ENGRAVING LINE J. H. EGGLESTON THE J EWELER -0--0--0'-0--I--0--inOu0-Q--0--Ou0--Ov-0--0-0v-I-40--0--Of-0--04-if-O--0--U-I--D--lv-0--0-ft--U-If-Owl'-0-on00-M-Ovovovooowl-If-Ow0w0vOw1v-D--v-IMO .g..g.....g..4..g..g..g..g..g..q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g........g.... ..g.....q.4: :Q-.0--gag-.g..g-.gwq..g-.g..j..g..g..g..g...ng.....g..g..g.....g.....g.....g 3 DR. J. H. JUDD E Hamilton Drug Co. SPECIAL SODA SERVICE Dentist A Modern Drug Store With Rexall Department Meet Your Friends Here Phone 262 i u Registered Pharmacist Oppos1te Post Office . m Charge of Phone 536 PRESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT 5 . PAGE ONE HUNDRED FOUR -0--0--0--of-0--0--0--0 --Mm-+4-4-uno-wwvnwuawhnwv-owvwwlwoulnhw -O"O0O0O0OwO0O0O' A T H E L A P A M A C WITH COMPLIMENTS OF wwNuM-m-m4-fl- MCCALL PATTERNS GOSSARD CORSETS THE CAPITOL Girlz! F ayetteville's Largest Department Store EYE "THE LTVE STORE" "ONE PRICE" Q-+0-M-0ffO--0--0--01-0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--ou0f-o1-0-+0--Owt-- -t--0--01w-w-w--O--0-9--Q--Ow0uvQv0o-OwOw0vQu0wmvlv0-0uonQf-M -0-Owtv0v-0-dvi-dvlvlwi--I-w--I-1--0--I--0ul--0--if-0--0r-0r-0--0-e0--0--I-00--Ono-0-1-Qui--O-vi-0wO-Owl-0v-0-vOv-0u0--O--l-0w0w0--0f-l--O--0- WITH COMPLIMENTS OF STEIN BROTHERS E1 'X' El The Leading Clothiers Dfblil ONLY AGENTS HART, SCHAFFNER 8z MARX -0--s--Q--Q--o--Q--o--o--on -'of-o-4f-o--o--o-o--o-o-o-o-ov-o--v-o--o--o--o--o--o-o--o--o- -lw04m+ PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIVE THE LAPAMAC 9..g..q..g..g..g..g..g..g-.9-9-. 'l"O"O"l"i"l'1ONO"l0l0'O"l''O000O0O0-Ovivlfwl-'C-vI0O0O0O1'O0O' Q..g..g.-g..g..g..g.....gng.-Q..q..g..g..g..g..g THE STYLE SHOP D 4' III HOTEL LAFAYETTE BLDG., FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. EI fi' E Exclusive But Not Expensive 4.4. -0-'On -f -0-l--0 -0--94-wvvr-into-Mm-Cuban-M4wbQ-vt-lvl-0 ni--0--0-N-I-'I--Ov-0--0--0--Oniwo--0w01-0w01-Of-O--000--0--0--0--O--0--i--0-'O-M-0--lv-0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--C--C--Ov-out--0-0-I-sh-Q--0--0--O-I--0--0-'O' FOR REAL DRY CLEANING TRY HUNsBERGER's DRY CLEANING WORKS Hats Cleaned and Reblocked and Polished Like New HUSKE BUILDING Phones: Office, 633-Plant, 1276 ,..g..g..g..g.4..g..g..g...........g..g..q..o..o........g..g..g..q..q PEMBERTON MUSIC HOUSE SHE, CHICKERING 8: SONS PIANOS HALLET 8: DAVIS PIANOS VICTOR VICTROLAS IIl'i'IIl New Edison Talking Machines Latest Records PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIX 0--i--0--o-vo-vl-I--l--o- so-0 0-0-our nQnOMQ1'O1ug..gug..puQulul' D- .g..g..g.. -0-Q-0-0-onintf-0-M E 5 2 2 E 5 5 Q Q Q s 2 5 Q 4 Q Q 2 a a a --Q- lv-owe-Q--I--0 -Q'-o--0ocv0- 9-I--0-9-U -0-0--on-oo-ca-:wow -9-9-you 5, I E A. E. RANKIN CO. Incorporated HARDWARE "Pee Gee" Paints, Varnishes, Oils Lime, Cement, Plaster Morgan Sash and Doors The Best in the World III 'i' III RUSSWIN HARDWARE "THE WINCHESTER STORE" 114-116 Person Street 'CNINO THE LAPAMAC -O-'O--0--0 -0--0M9mwnm0w MMm-wwwwwmvmhwwwwwwn-mwmwnww-wwmnvmvmmmwm--0 CLAYTON CIGAR COMPANY WHOLESALE CIGARS, TOBACCO CONFECTIONERY, ETC. Maxwell Street 9WNlW9QN9lb09Q0l0OWlN009Q0D000l04O44'0QMlMlMlwlhlwlh9ii4140"00 "0NO0OWO'lC0lWO"ONCNCMlMCNlwl"OvO"O"O'00O0O0O0C"O"C 'll'lO"O"C"O"O"O"O"O"O"OWONOUOUO''O0O"O"lwilvlMO"O"l"O THERE IS MORE POWER IN THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE AND SUPREME AUTO OILS GULF REFINING COMPANY vi--O--MfMvM-Mv0-0--0--9-Owr-0vh-v-0-lw0-Ow0w9w0-4vO-OwrwwlwQv-0w-4-4 w--0--0w0--Ow0-4-0--0--0--0--Ow0wvfOwrQwOv0-0v0vOf-0vO-0--0--l- If-10-viwtvb--Mfivb-0-Of-0-4'-O--O-Q-0 Plummer's Grocery 'WGUV' Groceries and Produce Fresh Country Eggs a Specialty 901 Person Street Phone 731 QUICK DELIVERY ''OWOIIO''OMl"CllO0O"O"O0C0O0lvO"O"OvO"O"O"O4'I"l"O00lUl "The Prescription Store" Wy SICK ROOM SUPPLIES FIRST AID SUPPLIES TOILET ARTICLES NUNNALLY'S CANDIES SoUDER's PHARMACY Phone 120 PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVEN 'lOuO"l"ONO"l"C"O"O"O"O"l"O"O"l"C0O"O'lO l'vIni0i0O0O"O"l"l"O"O'0O0O0O' THE LAFAMAU -0--m-O--0-fo--0--O--0--0 Quo- - --0-o0--0wQ-Qui--0--0+4w0o-QuCo-0w0v-0-0n0- COMPLIMENTS OF SWIFT 8: COMPANY PREMIUM HAMS PREMIUM BACON BROOKFIELD BUTTER 9' '9"l""'0'-0 enum.. 4--0--0-v-0-onononm-0-0-fv-M-m-onmaovr-0 "'0"'--0"0- --o--c--o--4--o--o--o--o--o--o--ono--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o- Store Your COTTON with CUMBERLAND C0-OPERATIVE WAREHOUSE C0. . D. N. GEDDIE, Manager U-'UNCH "O"C"l" fO4'l"O"O"l"OHI''Ov'O"lMCH04NG40i0OOi0'Wi'bO00 9QWPO I-vO--0--000-QO--0--0--0-0--0--0--0--Q--0--I--of-of-0+-0--0--I-0-out-Q.-0.-Q.-Q--Q--g.-g--g--m-g.-Q.-Q--Q--q-4+4-4nQsquQnQnQnqw0uqugng..9-.gng.g. PERSON STREET FILLING STATION C. H. FARRELL, Proprietor GASOLINE, OILS AND ACCESSORIES TIRES, TUBES AND TIRE SERVICE Phone 82 FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. l"O"C"ll'O0l"O4 flviilifll''O"O"O"O0O0l0O0O0O"l"lMlMO"UMOMOHO0l'0'0O444' W 'f"O"f"C0I' COMPLIMENTS OF DYE 81 CLARK Attorneys and Counsellors at Law FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. 'OMIM 'I"O0l0'l"l"l'lO"O0O"O0O09'O'044'k9'G0'G'0'04'0Q094K'0l1lvQ0 PAGE ONE HUND ED EIGHT THE LAEAMAC Iv-Ov-C-O-0v-0-0-4+-0--0--0--Q--9-Ovfiwb-vi-eh-twiwiwl--vw-wfw--0-A-0--0--0--0--0--O--0-wf-0--0--0--I--C-'O--O--Q--0--l--0-vl--0--Ov-0--0--I--0--N-0'-0'-Oi 56 0 0 cg I 'fi' 1 J ggi? K., eg fl 'Q M -9? ef ., , 'Lf QL 531.1 n -'QQI' -YW -1 Ex -I ling 61 -jg 5, MM: F 3? an - 411- get H' , M team, .i is 1' ul? ack Bk N xg k ."'nqXS 5 - P 9 " If -., eq' ! r . eqko 0 l - 4 italian W ' 130 , , .., . FROM u - 99 S ann yszde For the Sweet Girl Graduate, Expressing as Nothing Else Can, the Warmth of Your Friendship SUNNYSIDE FLORAL NURSERY JAMES M. LAMB 8: SONS, Props. Phone 49 ' HU'U'04'OO'I''Owl''O'HOWOHO''I1'l0O0O"ONO"l"l"O"O0Ol'O"O"CNO'vlvifvi''Iv'Ol'O"lMl'll'lO0OwO'vO'vO"O"U"O"O'1Q"Ovll'l O"O"O"lhO"O'0O'0OHOWO"ONDvl0ONO0O"l0O"O'fOWO"INl"O"O''CHO'-lvl' NIUO''O''O0O"O"l"l'vOl'O"O'1O"O "" 'O' WO" ' Nl' TOM A. THORNTON Clothier V' The M en's and Boys' Store The Home of Good Clothes Y? FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. -I-0--0-If-0--0--O--0--of-I--I--0-'lv 0--0--0--l'-O--0--0--0f-0-fl--Q-0- --0--O--O--0-'O-'O--I--O--I-ov-0 PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINE .q.....g..e..o..o..u..g........ -o--0--r THE LAPAMAC Q.-Q..g..y..q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..Q.4ug..g..g..g..g..q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.4.-g..g..g..g..g. Q.. CLAUDE W. RANKIN GENERAL INSURANCE-SURETY BONDS FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. "Fix It Before the Fire" 0--on0--0--0--0--0--0--v-on0--0--0-fo-4--0--0--0--0-fu-0--Qv-0--lf-0-0v-0-0-0v+0u0-4-v0-- pq..g.....g..g..5.4..p..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.... . .. FOR ALL OCCASIONS BREAD AND CAKES QQ "The Southland? F inest" AMERICAN BAKERIES CO. 111 Green Street .g..g..g..g.....g........g..g..g..g...........a..o..o..e........g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g........g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g. COMPLIMENTS OF THE ARROW DRUG CO. 123 Hay Street P 'O' THE LAFAMAC 'O'lOWU"O'4O0l"O0'U"Ol'Ol'O'lO0O'100511D-'011O0OWO''O'II'bl'bivvI'IO"l'll0O"O0O0C"O'll'0O"l'll"lNl"l"l"l"O"O'OO 04 lirinrv Glharlvn igntvl ,ws ,, Q ,fkzyggf 'Y cr- K .VZ x f 055 Meet Your Friends at "The Prince Charles" STANLEY B. PROSSER, Manager 0WW ii400'0QW0l FYi0i Q' INUMIWIWPVONOHlf'I0I0ll'O'll"l"O"O"O"."U"I'll'llMCMIlIl0l tllbI0C"C"l0l0'l0l"O''OWUIIOIUOWIWINU' 'lO"l'lOnO0C0O1llWOWl'lO0O0.0."O' ART BARBER SHOP SOLICITS YOUR PATRONAGE Hay Street FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Next to Prince Charles Hotel B. F. HOOPER, Proprietor Phone 1274 "SERVICE WITH A SMILE" PAGE ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN THE LAEAMAC --0--v --0--0--o--0--o--m-o--0--0--0-q..e..e..o-.q..............g........g.....q..q..g..g..g..g..g..g...........g..g..g..g..g..q.....g........g....... SEE Us FOR EVERYTHING You NEED IN THE Hardware Line DYE! HUSKE HARDWARE HOUSE -r4vO--0-'O-'Own-9'-0-0-0-Ono--0--in0--I--I-0-lv-0-fi-10--0--0--0--0--0--Inl--lf-r-0-fO--O-'Ou01-0--Q-Q--9-0--Mliwlwtam-0-V-Gnu-Our 0--0--m --0--0--Ovawi-'Dwi-fi--0--lv-h -on0-4-w--0--0-v0--0-vO--0--0-r0--If-0'-I-1--0--0--0-0-fin-0-.0--9-h+++ CENTRAL CAFE 1 CLEANEST PLACE IN TOWN "SPECIAL DINING ROOM FOR LADIES" ..3..q..g..p..g..g..g.-9.-0--9--g..q..p.p.g........g..g..g..g....4..q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..q..g.-g-.g..g.-g-g 0--0--M --O--O-OO-ff-ff-O-O--O--OweweuQ-0vo-4-vI-w--0-0--0--0+-0--0--0--0--0--Q--0--I--0--0--0--0--0-Q--0--two-wfafawo-Q-4-0.-Q-9-9 McFAYDEN MUSIC COMPANY EVERYTHING IN MUSIC YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME It Is a Pleasure to Serve You ..........g..g..g..q..g..g.4..Q..Q..Q..Q..,..............g..........................,.......................g..g..............g..g.....,.....q..o.....g.... I -Ov-0vi--9--0--0--0-Q-as9--0--0--0--0--0--0--01-0--0--0--l-0-0 -Uno--0--0--l--l--0--0--m-Oni--0--0--0--Mawr-0-our HAIGH-TOMLINSON INSURANCE AGENCY W INSURANCE AND RENTS 1052 Hay Street . ..g..g.....g.. . PAGE O HUNDRED TWELVE . . .p..g..g..g........g..g..g..g..g..g q..q..g..g..q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g-.g..g..g..g .mug THE LAPAMAC IONONOUOWONOHIHOIWIWOUCQIONCHO'lC0C0lMO"O"C0O'0C"O"O"C"C"O"C'0O"O0OvO'ICwO'0O"O1'l0C'4vOHlWOWO0O0l0O'OWONOvOv0O0l0l0Q'Q0ON0'l0O' GREATEST VALUES IN DODGE BROTHERS HISTORY ii LEWIS MOTOR CO. Hay Street Phone 862 .....g.....g.....g..g.....I..g..g..g..9..g..g..g.....g..g.....g..g. . ..g--Q--O--o--pu............g..g.........--uQ--o--m.g..g..g..g..g..g.....g..g..g.... -ofvo--0--on-on-O-4--0-Q--0-4--c--ma-1--0--vm--v-9-4--O--0--o--o--o--a--O-0-0--o-v-of-O--m-0--0--9-0--0--n-fo-o--o-o--a--o--o--o--o-vowowo-o--o'-o- A GOOD PLACE TO KNOW ABOUT "Velvet" Ice Cream W . DENNISON'S CREPE PAPER AND SUPPLIES NORRIS AND WHITMAN'S CANDIES PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY FILLED J. S. HALL DRUG CO. 4Q04'040049'P'9l0494940040P'0QHCWOM9Q4O0090'Q4Q'4v04"G'0000l'U0Ui'0'90'l00 0 SOHO''C''O'OO''Iwi0O1IOIIlUIC0OMO'I00'WCNOIIlv0C0I0O'lO"l'll'-l'lO"O"O"O'IC'O0O+OQ'4O'O"OMll6vPQW0 'M WING HOLT LAUNDRY V LaFayette Hotel Building FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Phone 1022 for Every Kind of Laundry Service O''O''CWCHONCQ'O'IOIIO'IO0O0'O'IOIIOlIONC"O"O"O"l0O"O"O"O0C"O0O"O"O"O"O"l'OO00'l"O"WOHMQNl'ii4Gl PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN --Quo'-if-00.000--O--lv-Cwo--0-0-0-'Ov Of-Q-0--m -O-if-Q-4-0-Q00--C-fi'-0-5 5 -Oo-0-'O-'M-M-an-quo--0--O--015 5 THE LAFAMAC ..g..g..q. -4..g..q..g..g..q-....g..g..g-4..q..g..q..g..g..g..Qngng..g..g--q..g..g.-g.....g..g-. ..Q..q.4..g..g..g.. DRINK BOTTLED QQ? Every Bottle Sterilized ..g..g.....g.....pq..Q..g..g..g..g.4..g..g..q..g..g.-9..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.. FAYETTEVILLE SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Auto Accessories 140 Gll p Street Ph 84 FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g. .Q..q..g..g.4..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.4..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.. Q..g..g..g..g..g..Q..g..Q..g.....g..g..g..g..g..g..p..g..g..g....4..p..g..g..q..g..q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..5-.g..g..g..g..g..g THE ARMFIELD COMPANY lj 'mlrlfl Wholesale Grocers FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. 'fiwife ee ee 4 9 Q 9 Q 4 4 Q Q Q Q Q 9 Q Q Q Q 9 Q 9 e Q -0-'O 9.-9..g.Q..g..g..p..g..g.. FAYETTEVILLE PAPER CO. Incorporated WHOLESALE ONLY R ll St t Ph 810 FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. --CQ--If 'O' 'GOO' 'O--I--0-0--v 2-me -.Q..g..g..g..g.....g..g..Q..g..gug..g..g..g..g..g.4.4..g..g..g..g.Q..g..g..q..g..g..g..g..q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....g..g -4.-o-9 wc-0-Q--0004-0--0--000--0--U 9 9 9 .......,..,... 2+-uwwtwiub-W-ft-0-wwmw--0--va-0-0--Q-9 ,PM-vw--0-0-Q-4--Qwtvtv-vwwi-4-Q-4-Q--v IONIWOW THE LAFAMAC vO"O'0l'0l'vO40O40O'lO'0OfQO'fO' V ....... ..,.... ra, T-- W? ........ ' L-f lgllllllllufff 3-1. uf ..a.- ,,,J ....... T" .. ,nv-' ' Exclusive Agent for Gruen and Bulova Watches Also Genuine Orange Blossoni Mountings and Wedding Rings GRADUATION GIFTS OF THE FINEST LINES DAWSON J EWELERY STORE Opposite Hotel LaFayette FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. .0-fl-dw 10001 In Ov-0-OwO-O-4wO-IwO-l-O-Iv9-0-OwO-v9w0w0w0--0--i-fI-1-Q--9-9+0-M-www--U-M-road-vw-momwwtvm-0-dhhd-+-Ov-0--0--0 0000WONO''ONI00"IWINOWO''ONONO"Mvl000"00'0"0'O00'O60OvO'0'QMOWOWO'4'4'0'0ONONOlPW'lY4'0' HOTEL LAFAYETTE W? JACK MEADOR Manager FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. lOv'OvI0'0O01QN vt-0--0w0wCw0fwf4f4-0'-ova'-Cvfv-0-044--if-0--O--0--000--0--0--0--0--Qui-'lf-0-WMO-0-0--0--0--0--O--CMM-C-+0-wwc--0--0-0--0 We Wish You All the Luck in the World,- so, When You Find a Jane Come Around to See Us for Your Household Furniture EVANS FURNITURE CO. Person Street FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. .gn ..p.gs-9 'O"O"l" "Of ''I''I''O''l"O"O"O"O"O"O"O"O''O0l0O0O0O0O"l"O"O"I"l"C PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN THE LAPAMAC 0--I--0--l -I--0--01-0-fi-In Q ' H. R. HORNE 8z SONS 4 . . 2 Druggzsts and Pharmaczsts 4 9 3 Phone 1 E 6 The Shop of Original Shoe Modes Catering Exclusively to Ladies FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. ?............ ......................,................ ...... . .-,............. .., 'I' DONATED BY W. P. INGOLD AND B. H. BARNES 9 .... g..g..,..Q..Q..g..Q..g..g..g..g..g..Q..g..g..g..g..g.....g..g..g..g...........g..g..g..g..g. .g..g..g..g.....g.. 2 For Any Service in 3 Real Estate, or Investments, or Loans Call on C. J. COOPER E Who Knows Values and Will Gladly Tell You 2 We Trade in Anything Negotiable I 111 Donaldson Street Phone 1000 PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN Q 'O' 'OWOMC' -0-M 9 '4- Q 5 Q 2 2 4 9 Q 4 5 5 5 5 e E 3 I Q ! 9 -vo--U 9-one-o-o-o 'OWU THE LAPAMAC MONO'OONOWIOWI'IC'IONOMOMO'lil'O''OWOMIWONONI000000"l"lWl"l"O'lO'lO'0l'0l"l'lONl"lv'O'lO0O"O'fO''l0O'lO"O"C"O'lO'fl"O"O'lO'fO'lOvO0OvO"O"U' Compliments of ED. FLEISHMAN 8: BROS. Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes 107 Hay Street FAYETTEVILLE, N. 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Gillespie Street Phone 878 -0--0vwwl--0--0w0-v-Qvm-MQwr-0v-O--O-fO--0-0--vmwr4-4vw-- --01-Qu0--Q--U--Qwl--01-cwoo-cvf-Q-f00011--0--I--0-9-wfdvlwi-if-0-0-0--00000-I--0' PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN -of-Q-0--0-of-0--of-0--0--0-5 ..g..q.. ng-.9--9-.5..g..g..g..g 15 5wo 5 0 5 5 9 -O--C-our -Ov-0--Owe-'Of-v -0- 0-0-5 - -0-+0--0+-0 -0--M f0-0- -evo- Q Q i 'I' 'I' 'P 6 THE LAPAMAC -fc--0 -Q--0 --Qug.4..g..5..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..q..g..g..g..g-.g..g..g..q..g ..p..g..g.. RED CAF ETERIA Dainty Salads, Home-Made Pastries, Good Coffee --0--N v-0--0--of-0--0--N-0--0--0-'tv-0--0--0 gag...-. .g..5.... ..g..q..g. ..g..g..g..g-4. J. SIMPSON SCI-IENCK Real Estate ana' Loans Phone 43 xg! "SA - L" , , P ,ffggg A-:. , 2 I Get Your Bicycle From H. R. McDANIEL All Kinds of Repairing Done Talking Machines, etc. 210 Person Street Phone 944 PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN -041--0--04-0'-of-of-0--0--on - -0-wfw--D-fl--O--I'-v 204 Hay Street Q.. .. . .g..g.-g..Q..g..g..g.4..g..g..g..g.4... ..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..p..q..g-.g..g..g..5..g..g.,guy-.g..g..g..g..g..5..g SANDLIN 81 CO. INCORPORATED Wholesale Grocers .iris Dealers in Groceries, Grains and Feeds SPECIAL Sugarine Dairy and Poultry Feeds Phone 397 --0-10--0-fu --O--C--0-4+-0-0-0--O--04-0--on -of-Q-o-4--o-5 6 2 ! 9 Q Q 5 9 -010001 41-0-0- -044' 5 5-0--of-0 -0-- -01-O--Oni'-0-bo--0--0-0--O 0-0-0-ev v-on - -00004 THE LAPAMAC BEVILL MULE AND HORSE COMPANY l giii-1 X nQJE WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN M ules and Horses Phone 79 FAYETTEVILLE, N. 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LILLY 'fO"O4'O"O0O1'O'4O' ..g.og..g..g.-g..g..g..g..g..g.....g.og..g.. Z. H i, E . , a n X - 1. ' AZ A .: t .- .,x, h . X3 V H I. . . - A V 44 - 1 . -w w , x w l q 7 1 . A U . V I A4 1 , lk , L I .N- ,', N. .N w iq H -X If D 0 .K 1 -. . I X . , ' L' ' I I QU., Ng, K my AAT ' i ...Mb ,f X. M.. T H E L A P A M A c J ' Y , l X ' N . , . , X ' " X?':,f " 1, ' . 6' If 51.34 K .Jr .' , Complzmenfs gf ,O J . E 5 E . I N3 'eff . XV 5 . U , H. S. AVERITT i. Ay' qi , gf 1, BECKWITH FURNITURE CO. ,ml lg, A .54 3 ' '51 , 'J' COOK AND COOK n f sw A HERBERT LUTTERLOH , Y J I fa - - I STE A OATES AND HERRING UM D - D 'I - . " 9+ f gf 0L1VE AND PRIDGEN , ' 7' X A . H X Eff' Ex . B. PA'rz pf J D MGVANN- N ?" 1 E. H. WIl.LIAMSON W - D D X .sf Mn ,. gf gf, A I no: on: Hunonm fwlufv-out 'ff X f , ' I I X 1 ' X", " X ' .1416 r 1 wb " f ig "" f "4 J? ' .- T3.'w-N.-. E -- 1--ri"-.1 '1 n r L , X .. , , I 1 . .I Sk -,x L h M r A 1 1 . 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Engravers of The Lafamac wwsvowo- 9 ! -o--o--Q-4-on uh- --lf-0--O--I-'O--0--0--M-lv!--l-'O--0-4--M-I--lf-0--I--0 --0-0 -0w0wU--0f-O--0w-O--O--OwOf-0w0-0--0v-Ov-OvO--O'-O-Ow0wO--0-- ' PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO T H E L A F A M A C wo-0-0--0--Q--0--e--e--o--o--c--o--ef-u - ne- --of-0--0--o--of -o--o--vw--o--o--o--o--o--u-o--o--o-w--o--o--o--o-o-Q--0-nuevo-fu-o--o--o--oi 4 5 77 ' l DRINK E 2 f.fI,'.lfQ.11fKl CZ1h'lZf'2'IIfiffZl2.ff.ifff.'S 3 E BLUEBIRD DIAMOND RINGS i H ' eAre just That! 3 E I E Price Tags of Saving 1 Quality Beverages 550 2 l, ., , upward 4, 1. 'vgjf ef KD hi A! E 4, T. D. HATCHER Chero-Cola Bottllng i Jeweler Company 3 E Opposite National Bank Bldg. vv-o--u-o--m-o--0--o--o14--o-4--u-o-mnv4wou0w0o0-0-0M0-0--Awc- omrwv-uaunfwwmao-m0a 0+ g..g..g..g..g..g..g. . ..g..g..g..g-.pq-. .g..g..g..g..p.g-Q..g..g..g..g..g..g..Q...ny4..g..g..g..g..g..g.....g..g..g..g. ..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.-Q.-g..g..g..g.... JOE ZAHRAN GROCERIES AND FRUITS 127 Hay Street Phone 150 We Deal to Please .g..g..g..g..g..g..g..q.. ....g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.4.4.4..g.....g..g..g..g..g..g..g..q..g.4.4.-9..9..g..g..g..g..q..g..g.....g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.... Q.4..Q..Q..Q..g..g..p.g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..q-.g-.p.g..g..g.,g..g..g..g..g.,g..g..g..g..g.4..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g g..g..g.. WE ARE EXPERTS IN OUR BUSINESS THE MODERN FRENCH DRY CLEANING Co. We Clean Everything But Your Pocket Book Some Live to Die-We Dye to Live Telephone 729 FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. 4-vw-0-Qvdwivmwiwv-tw-wv0 +-M4v0v4v4-0-0--vft4-4w00uQwOnvQvQv-r-rw-4vv-04-Qwr-v4f4--v-v-O' PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE ,M M, f ,K ,f Vi' ws' VVVOX f ' ' A f ' 1 V' 1 M. Cfffxyfff! JV, f1V A Lv""."'g T AIHEAAFAMAO 4 77 f M147 WIWOMIUO''O''lviffifflfflfflv'90.0l"I"lNl"O"0Wl"l"OMlNl"l"O"l"O"l0O'll"lNl'0lMl'0OlWklM00 NY0HY J, , 4714 I I E THE PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS BOOK X I WERE MADE BY ll In S Idle Q fai0mI Ibm H0 FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. 312 Hay Street I I I' ,I VJ XX xv ' 72 ODIAK FINISHING ' I5 ,I,,,.gI I LARGMENTS I, . ,yi x I r ' x by 4 WALL PICTURES Chix STAND FRAMES ,LJ Q, O FRAMING 2' 53 CI I ,313 '15, 9 -I Ny 0 Q XX? ' PHOTOGRAPHS 34.50 PER DOZEN AND UP 94'l4'l'kkWPQ09O4i0iO00G00OO19QKK'O04H014 THE LAPAMAC re H . rg College ooo' Hzgh Selzool me :gl ANNUALS is Iii Zi H H We invite your meticulous scrutiny 3? of this Annual as to typography, press- :lg work, binding, and all the elements that H enter into the publishing of a year-book. if Our organization is made up of men 33 who are experts in the handling of Col- H lege and High School Annuals-our Eli equipment is second to none in the State gi --and these two, combined with excep- H tional lgusiness serxgice, assure our pa- Sli trons o entire satis action. H gig , 52 Correspondence Infuiteo' g. 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