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. ' . 16" f A ul 4 f r' x .L X ... xvi'fdN Whg' ff""' BSBSSBSBSPQESBSBSSIZSPSPSS W 5 Qlibe Ylafamar NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE Mulume Ulitnn THE YEAR-BOOK Of THE FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 3 Q 2 3 G w W Q PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS fbdidbibdiibilbflkflbihdiflbiii Lafczmac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL ISESPQESESESBSESSESESSZ lI,PRoDUCI-:D IN 'IIII-1 PLANT OF EDVVARDS Sc BROUGHTON PRINTING COMPANY, RALI-:Ir.H, NORTH CAROLINA, IN TIIE XYEAR ONE TIIOUSAND NINE HLJNDIKED AND TWIQNTY-TIIRIsE iiilifliiliflbiliifdiiliili ,M MU ZS 215 ii if 1923 M, La amac FA1I'TTI VII Hifi SCHOOL SE Sli 52 SB 52 SP 52 ill! 512 514 Sli 52 juremurh O you, Reader, We commit this, the second volume of THE LAFAMAC. Our purpose has been to put in book form a record of our last year in Fayetteville High School. We respectfully ask that you peruse these pages, not with the discerning eye of a critic, but with the generous impulse of a sympathetic comrade. In this book We have attempted to show you high school life as We ourselves have livedit. If we have failed, We ask your indul- gence. If we have achieved success, our Work has not been in vain. So, Reader, Whatever be your verdict, We most humbly accept it. -THE STAFF 3 is M' 3 Q wr Q iiiiiliiifinfiiilifli Lafamac 1 923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL what Mother Thinks While walking down the street one day, I heard a little fellow say: "Say, Jimmie, I'd be happy as a lamb If only I was what my mother thinks I am. "She thinks I am a wonder, And she loves her little lad When she finds that he'd do nothing That is ugly, mean or badg And, lots 0' times I sit and think How nice 'twould be, Gee whiz! If a fellow was the fellow that His mother thinks he is." My friends, be yours a life of toil or joy, You still can learn from this small boy: Don't try to be a godly saint, And view the world afar - Just try to be the fellow that Your mother thinks you are. HELEN MAXWELL, '23 .g1I4Ig.. 1923 Lafamac FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL To OUR MOTHERS Whose unsellish love and unwavering faith have inspired us to undertake many important tasks during our High School yearsg who have rejoiced with us in our successes, and sympathized with us in our failures- We, the Class of 1923, lovingly dedicate this volume of THE LAFAMAC 3 .MI 5 Ip.. Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL . 7' I , 'X ,ff 3. V v i . 544 2 ,gli -gi 5 Ig.. SCHOOL CENTRAL THE 1923 Lafamac FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Zguarh of Qlrustees -.95 J. A. OATES . . . . Chairman J. S. SCHENCK . . Secreiary -3 H. L. COOK MURCHISON A. E. D1XON BIACIQETHAN J. H. JUDO SINCLAIR H. W. LILLY SUTTON A. E. NIARTIN THORNTON -ral 7 fc- Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL . 4 . f ' - P v .9 . - 1 if ., M . -r.',,. J, I . , r ,v'g'c9?,',f" ff- lla,-A ' '34-ufA.a?f1'm szzaame fu :KTM Qrm -, 2--'rx f- ':?i"v-'Lf A 3,,,,':i1,.,,,f'6w,.,.lxi5,3 I. 1 QS S ,, X-. km ' 1 .Q5't1..,,.,x.g,, J' ff 'Kiki "J: 'f Q 'xii 4' w-, Z'-,,,y,x V- - 1' 3 M -2:22 av"-. ir ,K ' H35 1 ' Jia . , ' ff! ,551 ,wa-ji ,,fgJ,4?g1g' 3. . ', M ,fl-F-A -'kfdlf 21 -- ---' s" 'AML' ,:f,,!'f'v!fZ, L,-nr 9? .sl ,, F ii-s..' W 5 if, Abt. ' 3?-,313-'3f gf - 1 .fgqyf 'Jamif I 44... .r Ax -x-h,.,ww..-,- A E MQ! " -7 JZQFVI . ,. .Mg-,,. VIEWS OF NEW HIGH SCHOOL .441 8 Ig- 1923 Lafamac FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL M. B. A N DREWS Superirflezulefft of I"ay1tlf1rz'Ile' Grrldefd Sclmuls -:xl 9 Ir:- Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL N J. M. SHIELDS 1'rr'ncz'p41l uj'l"uycf!euiIZe High Sulzoul P':zI 1 0 11:-A 1923 Lafamac 1' ld '1' T 14: v 1 1, 1, 11 ' Il 1 c' 11 1 SCHOOL WI 'fi1S2iEF',.1: , .. wg? 4 ff 4 1 'Q 1 --21 1 1 Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL QB111' Ilaigb Srbuul rash E believe in high standards of scholarship and eonduetg in strict punctu- ality and regular attendaneeg in firm, just, and impartial discipline, and a Usquare deal" for everyone: in courtesy and Consideration for others at all times, in kindliness toward the lower animals as well as toward all niankindg in Truth and honor regardless of The eostt in the full development of body, mind, and spiritg in clean hands, elean bodies, c-lean hearts, and elean minds, and in a religious faith that func-tions in lofty ideals, noble character, and worthy actions. --:rl 1 2 1923 Lafazgzgc I" A Y IC T 'I' ld V I L L E llltill SCHOOL . 1 1 1 43 .QI 1 3 Ig.. Lafomoc A 1923 FAY ICTTIC VIL L IC HIGH SCHOOL Q Illlllllllllllllllll Illllllllnlllll IIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllll E E E E E E E E rl 1 1 ,.L-,--,-.-...mnq S2 Illlllllllllllll Illllllllllllllll Illll IllIlllllIllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEI ost 3IO'l"l'UI !1f111o.w.s27rff' fx V11-A 1m'1"1'co11. Coymlisz Uv'f'f'n om! Wlrzfia' FLrm'1c1eo: Peony JZ C1LxHLEs NICIJIARMID . RLUT11 Molina W 1+:s'1' . ELEANUK TUMLINSUN . JOHN ALBERT CULVIN . ELLEN GRAY .InN1c1s . , JOHN ALBERT CTOLVIN . . PIIILADIQLPHIA IIOSIIGR Poms EL1zA1s1c'1'11 LEE HARRISUN . AUSTIN Rrmmlzlc WR1c:11'r . NIIRIAM NTARY R1cxL15L1s1c . E1,1z,m1c'1'11 Lmc Ihlclusox . MARY El.IZAIAI+1'1II Rocsrlcs . .gl 1 4 Ib.. . . IJ7'CS'il,Cl1t . IYI'CI'-P7'C9.S1Tf1C'I1t . . Scm'r'z'fn'y . Trec1.sm'er . . . Poet . II'ZT5fU7"fllll . Prophet . Donor . . Tcslrzlor . f vlIII7'UCfP7'1:-YHCS . . . . JI1z,wz'c'z'r11zo HY7"l.l'C7' of Floss Song 1923 Laffzmac juremurh We here present our class lo you, Our faces and our write-ups, lo0,' And now we hope you will discover The hidden jokes made on each olher - Some a bit funny and some more lrue. Their kindly perusal we leave to you. Q29 GLENNIE BENNETT "A captain of Induslryf' Glennie has already made a reputation for herself in business. She can sell anything to anybody anywhere. She is a basketball star, an Editor, and finds time to do a little "dating" on the side. Above par, now, isn't she? Baseball '22, Basketball '20, '21, '22, Captain Basketball '23g Glee Club '20, '22g Hiking Club '22, Literary Society '23, Secretary Class '20, Assistant Business Man- ager LAFAMAC '23g Editor-in-chief of "Fay- Hi-Say" '23g Treasurer Class '21g " Most Energetic. " U ev TRUMAN CHASE CLUTE, JR. "A lion among ladies is a most dreadful thing." This quotation fits Truman to a "T". He IS popular not only with the students of Fayetteville High, but also with the teachers. History is Truman's favorite subject, and a story of his own life would make interesting reading. Glee Club '20g Marshall '22, Assistant Athletic Manager '22, '23, Class Football '225 Class Basketball '23. ,QI FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 15 Lafamac 1 923 FAYETTEVILLIC HIGH SC H O OL Q Y YICDA CROOM "Spw1k nn! lll1ll'lI nlllvrs speak. Bc no lIu!!f'l'1'1'." Vcfrlu IICVUI' spvziks livrsvlf, but always gglvc-s her lll1lllVlilCLl zitfvntion to whoever has the floor. She niuy bo fooling IIS, but we :ill trust hor. Glcc Club 'QUQ Literary Club '23. Q99 J onN ALBERT CoLv1N "Nf'1'c1' rlfllrrl 'llliltfll rinnlhvr 'is dvpressed, .Nv1'I'l'I' clqfvvlwl z:'l1r'1'z,' rznollzcr is blessed." .Iohn Albert is known for his considc-ration and courtesy. He has proved himself a inost, useful nioinbor of our class. He has 1IIl2lgllIl11tlOIl, :ind we expect lJl'llll3,I1t things ol .Iohn lzitvr on. Glu- Club '20, T233 Agony Five T225 Class Historian T235 T1'01lSllI'C1' H235 Class Football ,233 Class Iiusliutilmll '23. ,gl ALLIE G1cN'r1zY , "I um .sure r'urc's rm cncmy to life." Allie nn limilivst-to-goodnvss sport. She elovs ull ol tho loving for thi- entire Senior Class :ind surc- doc-s strut in Dunn. Where Y V . . - tho clrinvv is, thcrc is Allie. Gln-0 Club '20-22g'l'Qn11is T225 Hiking '22g LltCl'1ll'y Society '23, l-:JI 1 o 121'- 1923 La amac EMILY LAVVRENCE GRANNIS " 'Tis the songs you sing and the sm iles you wear, That makes the sunshine cvery'whe1'c." This is truly fitting for Emily, as she carries sunshine with her. We feel that she is thc life of the Literary Society. She is good along all lines, on the stage, in the school room, or in a debate, but some prefer her in a sentimental role. Vice President '20, Glee Club '20, '22, '23: Marshal '22, Triangular Debater '22, '23, Hiking '22, '23, Basball '22, Press Reporter Current Events Club '23, Press Reporter Girls' Athletic Association '23, Staff Fay- Hi-Say '22, '23, President Girls' Literary Society '22, '23, LoU1s FoRTsoN "The combined qualities of Gentleman, Student, and a great Athlete." Louis-or " Buck, " as he is called by his fel- low intimates-is truly the " best-all-around." Buck takes a part in everything that happens around the old joint. And he is best known in the HF. H. S." as "The Big Cheese." We expect great things of him when he goes to Carolina, and we know in a few years he will be strutting with a Big "N. C." Buck is not a great delight to the fiappers, but statistics show that this does not prevent him from being popular. Football '20, '21, '22, Basketball '21, '22, '23, Captain Basketball '23, Class President '22, Athletic Editor Annual '22, Chief Mar- shal '22, Treasurer Student Body '23, 'tAgony Five" '22, President Student Body, '23, Business Manager Annual '23, "Best- All-Around Boy '22, '23, Glce Club '21, '22. ELOISE CYNTHIA HALL " There is no wisdom likefra1ikness." Eloise is a very attractive and charming girl. She has won many friends by her frank disposition, and is constantly talking of what a good time she had "last night." Glee Club, '20, '21, '22, Hiking, '22, Base- ball, '22-'23g Literary Society, '23, Current Events Club, '23. --:al 1 7 If La amac I 923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL ELIZABETH LEE HARRISON " Untlzinking, idlc, wild, and young. Ilczuglicd, I danced, I lullfcd, I sung." Thatfs Elizabeth. Attractive, popular energetic, and capable, she stands out, con- spicuous, a leader in her class, unspoiled, so far! Is that all? Not quite! Read on! Baseball, '22, Basketball, '20, '22, '23, Manager Basketball, '22-'23, Secretary Girls' AthleticAssociation, '22, Hiking, '22, Secre- tary Student Body, '22-'23, Girls' Literary Society, '23, Glee Club, '20-'22, Manager Glee Club, '23, lNIarshal, '22, Feature Edi- tor Annual, '22-'23, "Most Popular Girl, '22, 'tBest All-Round Girl," '23, Class Musician, '23. Donor, '23. ,st CHARLES lX'ICDIARhIID " lVlmt can I do to conquer this u'orld, To malfc thc czgc my 01cn,"' "Mae" has adopted for his life's motto " Build for yourself," as he is an architect of no mean ability. He is also an accomplished artist, as you can see by glancing at the draw- ings in this annual. Mae is the skipper of this year's class, and is popular both with the males and females of the school. In a few years the name of C. R. McDiarn1id will be seen in connection with a sign reading "Civil Engineer-Room 204, Second Floor." F ootball, '21-'22, President Class, '23, Art Editor Annual, '23, Assistant Basketball Manager, '23, Most Determined. '23, Glee Club, '22-'23, "Agony Five," '21-'22, ,SC BIARIE HA'l'CIl i'll'7'llr' mc as one who lowes his fellow Inca." You'd never know from her sunny smile that she has a serious thought. Commercial arithmetic bothers her soinetiines, but she is excellent on stenography. Glee Club, '20, Hiking, '22, Baseball, '22, Tennis Club, '22. --QI 1 S Ir-- 1923 Lafamac MARY ALICE HUBBARD USHII in Ihy hand carry gentle peace, To silence envious longuesf' Mary Alice's career has always been sue- cessful and promises greater thingsg but she has missed one thrill-shels never been afraid to show her report. Glee Club, '20-'22g Hiking, '22, Baseball, '22, Literary Society, '23, Student Council, '23. 5 DUNCAN SHAW OWEN 'Quips and wiles and gentle smiles." Since we have known Duncan we cease to believe that country lads are bashfulg for though he is modest, we certainly would not consider him bashful. In spite of his love of mischief-making, Dunc's ambition will carry him far, and he has the best wishes of all his classmates. Glee Club, '20: Marshal, '22, President Student Council, '23. al ELLEN GRAY JONES " The gods have indeed made thee poeizfcalf' Gray writes a new rhyme every day. Her funny ones keep us out of the dumps. The best one is the class poem. No matter what she is called upon to do, she can always "deliver the goods' ' Glee Club, l20-'23, Hiking Club, '22, Base- ball, '22, Class Poet, '233 Girls' Literary Society, '23, School Editor LAFAMAC, '23. ,QI 1 9 Ig.. FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Y L Lafczmrzc 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL vvfef lVIARCELLE FRANCES LYON "Hail to our Chief." L E Marc-elle deserves the biggest bit, not be- cause she 's 11 Lyon, but because her classmates know she's fine and true. Her willing- ness to help has made her one of the most popular members of the Senior Class. She's talented, too, as her recent stage hit proves. We wish our Lyon "Good Hunting!" Z Class President, '20-'21, Glee Club, '20-'22, Vice-President Class, '22, President Girls' A Athletic Association, '22-'23g Marshal, '22, Assistant Business Manager LAFAMAC, '22, Girls' Literary Society, '22-'23, Baseball, '22, Hiking, '22, Editor-in-Chief LAFAMAC, '23. ill' JAY HART PATTERSON " It were better to be eaten to death with a rust than lo be scoured to nothing with perpetual 7I10i'li0I1.'y Jay s ends most of his time in dreams, -. P . . i especially on history class. He is not both- ered by any soaring ambition in the field of scholarship. Jay is naturally bright, but he finds studying to be a dull and uninteresting pastime. However, that does not prevent his being popular. l HELEN MAXWELL " Well-tinzed silence hath 'more eloquence than .spceclzf ' A star in .commercial arithmetic, she is also a budding poetical genius. The only A one of the class so far to appear in print. Girls' Literary Society, '23, .QI 2 0 Ig.. 1923 Lafamac LEOTA MONROE "She that was ever fair, and never proud, Had tongue at will, and yet was never loud." I 've wandered East, I 've wandered West, Through many a weary way, But never, never can I forget Leota, the fair and gay. Hiking, '22, Girls' Literary Society, '23. l ' sv WALTER SCOTT RUss "Life is not so short but that there is always time for courtesy." We would not say that Scott had been through fire and water to uphold the School honor. He braved another element, his brand of school spirit is frost-proof! Furthermore, he has the distinction Ofbeing the most dignified Senior with the most desperate crush. Track Team, '22-'23, Basketball, '23, Class Ebotball, '23, Student Council, '23. .AU PHILADELPHIA HOSIER POPE "She hath a readier wit than any." Dell has truly made use of her vivaeity, in- herited from Mary Evans, of '22. She is especially spirited with her tongue, the old- time "tied in the middle variety. What else could be expected from a red-headed girl? But this is not all, Cask the boys the restj. Baseball, '22, Hiking, '22, Class Reporter, '23g Class Editor, '23 3 Class Prophet, '23. FAYIGTTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL al 21 Ia-- Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLIG HIGH SCHOOL W-21 2 2 DOUGLASS RQANKIN "SIMS at flfzzfnly 'wee thzingq Sliels Cl zrinsnnze zeee thing: Sllefs a bonnie wee UlZiIlg,- This Peggy qf ours." And besides this, Peggy is a shark at geom- etry. We all hope she will receive her heartfs desire,wl1if-h is to be MinisterPlenipotentialy and Envoy EXtraorClina1'y to India. Glee Club, '20' Secretary Student Coun- , l . . ' . 8, I ell '23g Seeretarv Girls' LliC1'111'V SUCll'l'Y '23, 1 , , . 7 ,SC NICHOLAS SALEEBY "Happy is Nzfvki frfmz erm: he 'isfrecf' Nick is an industrious boy and a hustler. He always tlirows his whole being into any- thing that he undertakes. He has done some good work for the Annual in getting advertise- ments. The stars predict for him a, success- ful life. Assistant Business Manager LAFAM,xr', '23g Class Football, '23g Class Basketball, '23g Money-elizinger, 223. 3 M LRIAM M ARY liEVELISE "The pursuil QI' Ihr' 1l6'l1fc"f'f is 1110 pursuil of Sll'l'CfI1l'SS and liglllf' Mary's standard is eertainly perfeetion' She is the possessor of the niuc-h-admired " high sehool spirit," and is one of the serious members of the Senior Class. Whenever she expresses an opinion one may be sure that she has earefi lly considered the question, and that her remarks will be worth hearing. Glee Club '20-'QQQ Baseball, '22' Hikin Y W ' 7 3 Y ', gi 225 'I riangular Debate, 233 Chairman De- batin De martinent, '23' Characteristics '23. li f y Ip.. 1 923 Lafamac MARY ELIZABETH ROGERS 'tflenlle of speech, b67lQflC'C'7'll of IlI1'IlIl.H Shc writes poetry, too, but no free verse. Silent, determined, well-read. Elizabeth is one of the most forceful members of the Senior Class, and there is Moore to it! Basketball, '20, Glee Club, '20e22, Poem Medal Winner, '21, Hiking Club, '22, Ten- nis, '22, Literary Society, '23, Leader of Literature Department, '23, Writer of Class Song, '23. X Q! LEWIS FRYE SCHENCK "A cheerful Cozmfenance turnelh away gloom." Lewis has a truly cheerful countenance. 'He always looks on the bri ht side of evervthmff . , s 1 . 1, He has a Joke for every occasion.. Our class room would be a loomv lace without him. EQ . P 'tMost Courteousf' '22, Class Football, '22, Class Reporter Fay-Hi-Soy, '23. ,SZ JOSEPHINE HUNTER SMITH "Il1ale nobody, I am in,cl1ar'ily with ilze world." Josephine is better known to the students as "Pheno." She has a genial smile, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to her classmates. 'tPheno" is very popular, and is known throughout the school for her generosity. Glee Club, '20, '22, '23, Leader of Music Department Literary Society, '23, Vice- President of Girls' Athletic Association, '23, Baseball, '22, Hiking, '22, "Most Popular Girl," '23. .QI Q 3 Ip.. IJAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL La amor 1923 NATALIE IRENE THOMAS "I have no other but a. 'lU07I?fl7li'S reason. I thtnlf hzm so, because I think him so." Natalie, a very attractive and vivacious brunette, wins the hearts of everyone. Bob- bed-haired, she makes a very dashing vamp, and plays the piano, you should hear her. Clee Club, '20, Baseball, '22, Hiking, '22, Treasurer of the Student Body, '23, Liter- ary Society, '23, Current Events Club, '23. 3 LLoYD VANN SEAWELL "A happy disposition., like dollars, will often- times pay your way." Everybody knows Lloyd. He has won fame as cheer leader for ball games. In geom- etry he does not use his compass so well, but never mind, wc're for you, Lloyd, and here's hoping that you'll sling it well enough to pass. Glce Club,'19-'20-'22-'23, Cheer Leader, '21-'22-'23, High School Orchestra, '22-'23, Assistant Manager LAFAMAC, '22, Manager- in-Chief Boys' Athletics, '22-'23, Chief Cheer Leader, '23, Agony Five, '22, Class Foot- ball, '23, Class Basketball, '23, "Most In- fluential," '23. tb' ELEANOR ToML1NsoN " If eyes were mutlefor seeing, then Beauty is its own c.rc'z1sc for being." The most distinctly feminine of all the Senior girls! No basketball for Eleanor, hers is an older sport. She is very clever, but not studious. Glee Club, '20, Baseball, '22, Girls' Liter- ary Society, '23, Class Reporter Fay-Hi-Say, '23, Secretary Class, '23, Prettiest, '23. Io 4130 1923 La amaze RUTH WEST "She is preliy lo 'walk wilh, and willy lo tolli' with, and pleasant, 100, Io lh'i11k fm." Dainty and neat in everything, Ruth does shorthand to perfection. Somehow we clon't think her business career will be very long. Glee Club, '20, Girls' Literary Society, '23, Vice-President Class, '23. JF 4 Is ADORE STEIN " I 'm a Tar-heel born I 'm a Tar-heel bred, And when I die Fm a Tar-heel dead." Isadore has returned to us from two years of school in New York, and he savs after all there's no place like home. We are so glad that he has come to graduate with us. Q29 MARY ELIZABETH WIDDIFIELD " ls she not passing fai1'f"' Lovin' Sam is Elizabetlfs only rival. She laughs and sings, but most of all she dam-es andnloves. She's been with us all along, and she is the best of pals. Glee Club, '20, Hiking Club, '22, Liter- ary Society, '23. ..yI Lafamac 1923 FAY1iTT1'lYII.I.I2 HIGH SCHOOL Dil is L 4: Y L 1 a 6 BIERRILL WEST MTVIIUI is his past? A blank, my lord." Merrill has been a great addition to the elass. Merrill has joined us since mid-term, and is too quiet to tell on himself. but we all think he has a bright future before him. ,st AUSTIN ROABER WRIGHT "His time is fo1'f"1'c1', ez'cry1I'l1c'1'c his place." Although Roaber is new this year, he is very popular, and an aetive hgure in sehool life. While Roaber is full of fun and believes in having a good time, he stands among the class leaders in his work, and deserves the title of " Most Capable." Assistant Athletic Manager, '22-'23, Class Football, '22: Class Testator, '23: Class Basketball, '23Z Track, '233 Vice-President, Current Events Club, '23: Boys' Literary Society. '23: "Most Capable," '23. S XYILLIAM CRAWYFORD Born l4SPECIAI.l K' They nre norm' alone, ilaut are aeC0nzpc1u1'ed by noble fll0llfllIfN.i' Crawford has been with us throughout our entire high sf'l1ooljou1'ney, and has shared our vietories and defeats aeeorclingly. He has. at all times, proved himself a good sport, and has exhibited a remarkable type of "school spirit," but he's a woman hater, having never been knmvn to have a I' ClIltC.U 1923 Lafamczc F A Y IC TT IC V 1 L L H IIIKH SIHUUI 1 1 1 1 . 1 Zin jlllilemuriam A Q! BESSIE SHEPPARD BORN DECEMBER 12,1904-: DIED AUGUST 2O,1921. ROSABELLE TOLAR BORN MARCH 30.19051 DIED DECEMBER 19. 1922. .QI Q 7 Ip.. Lafamac 1023 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Qlllass nam .3 I JU any years we're been together, First in childhood, now in youth, In earnest hours of work and study, Seeking knowledge, skill, and truth. Not the least of happy mern'ries Are our friendships through the years So long we've been friends and schoolmates That thoughts of parting start our tears. ! II Bright with promise seems our future Though yet untried are we in life, Perseuerance tried by schooling, Will prove equal to the strife. Spurred by thoughts of our motto "Impossible," We'll nerer say,' Carrying out our mothers' precepts, We'll do each task as best we may. III To our instructors, wise and patient, We owe a debt we cannot payg For they hare helped with words of counsel, Inspired us all anew each day. Succeeding classes take our plaees,' To them the streams of knowledge flow, Our last farewell, dear old High School, We fondly bid you as we go. ELLEN GRAY JONES sql 2 3 Ig., 1923 Lafamac FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Qlllass Ilaistnrp .99 N the fall of 1919 our class began its high school career. We then numbered seventy-five, and were divided into a Latin and a Science section. The class was very green. But in the midst of our greenness and ignorance we were the recipients of many manifestations of regard and esteem, for we were in "High School." At the close of our Freshman year, we were much pleased to have Frank Craven, one of our classmates, win the scholarship medal. A year passed, and we emerged from Freshman obscurity into Sophomore im- portance. We again occupied two rooms, for our class had an enrollment of sixty- five. During that year we made very little visible progress in school activities 3 but we were preparing ourselves for future conquests. The record of the Junior year is somewhat more conspicuous. In September, 1921, when we came back to school as Juniors, there were sixty in our class. We organized early in the fall with Louis Fortson as President, Marcelle Lyon, Vice- President, Elizabeth Larkin, Secretary, and Duval Frye, Treasurer. We pros- pered in every phase of school life. We were well represented in athletics, having seven men on the State Championship football team. We placed four men on the basketball team, and four on the baseball team 5 also, two girls made the basket- ball team. Of the four officers of the student body. two were Juniors. Two of the Junior girls were among the oflicers of the Girls' Athletic Association, which was organized February 17. In the debates, our debaters gave promise of a future thatwill mean much to our class. Toward the close of the year the Juniors cn- tertained the Seniors at a delightful banquet at the Red Cross Cafeteria. In every phase of school life, then, we have been successful, having stood out in athletics and in intellectual and social activities. September 11, 1922, arrived. We returned to school and were joined by several new members. The number of our class had gradually dwindled from seventy- tive in our Freshman year to thirty-eight in our Senior year. The class chose as their officers Charles McDiarmid, President, Ruth West, Vice -President, Eleanor Tomlinson, Secretary, and John Albert Colvin, Treasurer. In September, the Boys' Athletic Association was organized and Lloyd Seawell was elected manager, with Roaber Wright and Truman Clute assistant managers. This year three of the officers of the Student Body were Seniors, Louis Fortson being President 5 Elizabeth Harrison, Secretaryg and Natalie Thomas, Treasurer. ..qI 2 9 Ip.. V Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Louis Fortson, Shep Hall, and Charles Mc-Diarmid represented the Senior Class in football, and Seott Russ and Louis Fortson did their part in basketball. Eliza- beth Harrison and Glennie Bennett upheld the girls'honor on the girls' basket- ball team. Class football and basketball teams were formed, and both teams made a ereditable showing. .lust before the Christmas holidays, the c-lass was saddened by the death of one of its members, Rosabelle Tolar. About this time two other members, Elizabeth Larkins and Anna Taylor Mc-Neil, left us to enter sehool elsewhere. In high sehool st atisties, Elizabeth Harrison, Louis Fortson, Eleanor Tomlinson, Clllarles MeDiarmid, Josephine Smith, Lloyd Seawell, Glennie Bennett, and Roaber Wright won honors. Two of our Seniors, Mary Revelise and Emily Grannis, on ac-count of their argumentative ability, were ehosen to represent our sehool in the triangular debates in Mareh. As all things must have a beginning, so everything must have an ending. lt is with a heartfelt sorrow that we part with eaeh other and leave our school behind. For we have had many joys as well sorrows scattered through our career as high school students. ......., '-:JI 3 0 Ib-- 1 9 23 em, c : no F: Lgeeffg F A Y IC T T lil V I I. L IG IIIGII SIYIIUUL will STATE or NonTH CAROLINA, COUNTY or CUMBERLAND, CITY or FAYE'rTEv1LLr:, E, the Senior Class, of Fayetteville High School, being of sound mind and judgment, and being about to pass from this sphere of education with a well trained mind, wishing to dispose of some of the things accumulated during our four years of high school life, do make and declare this our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills and promises duly made or care- lessly spoken, WE bequeath: To To have To done To ITEM I our parents: Inexpressible gratitude for enabling us to attend "F, H. S." the Board of Trustees: The greatest appreciation for the privileges they given us. the Parent-Teachers Association: hfany thanks for the things they have to make our school life a pleasure. ITEM II. the superintendent, principal, and faculty: lnnumerable thanks for the patience and interest they have shown in teaching us to make the best of our educational advantages. To Mr. Andrews: Many thanks for his helpful talks and for his active interest in all our undertakings. To Mr. Shields: The best wishes of the class and sympathy for his efforts to drive English Literature into our heads. To Miss Broadfoot: The love of the class and all the new styles of pronunciation in French and Latin which We have invented. To Miss Fisher: The privilege of publishing a history based onthe heretofore unknown facts as given by the Senior Class. To Miss Newton: The hearty appreciation of the Senior Class for thc intercst she has manifested in all school matters. To Mr. Swift: The good Will of everyone and the hope that all athletic teams under his supervision may be successful. To Mr. Bazire: Many thanks for not requiring 'ftinie" for each occasion on which he took our names. To tune. To Miss Campbell: The services of an expert for keeping the typewriters in Mrs. Florence: Gratitude for the many good lunches she has given us. ITEM III. To the Juniors: The privilege of choosing their own room teacher. All our desks with their many valuable works of art. --al 3 1 Isa Lafamac 1923 FAYE'l'TEYILLI-2 HIGH SCHOOL The Senior privileges, and an adding machine to enumerate them. To the Latin Section: The opportunity of enjoying a nightfs sleep after a debate with Cicero or Virgil. To the Science Section: One first-aid kit, to be used in case of accidents in "lab" work. ITEM IV. To the Sophomores: The satisfaction of knowing they have reached the middle of their high school career, and the hope that they will not have to buy new hats. ITEM V. To the Freshmen: Deaf ears, that all the advice, both good and bad, might pass their ears unhecded. ITEM VI. To Lawrence 'l'hornton: Charles McDiar1nid leaves a part of his artistic ability. To Salem Monsour: "Nick 'l Salceby wills his first suit of long pants, reinforced with double seams. To Pete Frye: 'tBuck" Fortsonbequeathshisleadership in school life and his recipe for getting to school just before the bell rings. To Lily Russ: Ellen Cray Jones wills her poetic genius, with the request not to turn it into a Joke. To James Coffey: George McArthur leaves his title as the best French student in HF. H. S." ' To George Lilly: Lloyd F-eawell bequeatlis one comb and case, and a book on " How to be Bt'tlUlll'lll.H . To Elizabeth Bennett: HP:-ggy" Rankin leaves her attractiveness, hoping the combined qualities will be used to good advantages. To Anne Lcdbetter: Elizabeth Harrison wills her jolly disposition and her ability to Hwork " the teachers without working herself. To EI112U1llt'l Evans: John Albert Colvin leaves one Cicero book with valua- ble notes on each page. To Frederick Donald Howard Mr-Kcnzic: Philadelphia Hosier Pope bcqueaths the honor of having the longest name in the Senior Class. To "Chip" Remsburg: Charles Mc-Dial mid wills the coveted Senior privilege of ringing the bell. To Christine Hutalt: Glennis Bennett leaves a large store of her energy. To Charles Lilly: 'llruman C 'lute leaves every claim he has to being the Rudolph Valentino ot the Senior Class. In testimony wliereof, we the aforsaid Senior Class, do hereby subscribe our name and affix seal to this, our last will and testament, on this the first day of June, nineteen hundred and twenty-three, at the Fayetteville High School, Fay- ettoville. tS1gnedl THE SENIOR CLAss. 1t.OAl5Eli VV1t.IGH'l', flttorncy. -QI 3 2 Ip.. 1923 Lafamac FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL i9w1JIJ2fP Since 'tis the time of freed om, I make bold To departfrom the classic forms of old, And Cthough the critics think there's nothing worsej I pray you, pardon my free verse, This 'noble class of '23 of which I am a member, Elected me Class Prophet on the first of Novemberg And if you don't like the fates, which I nowforesee, This timely warning take, and let this be A turning pointalong your way, That you may grow better and better every day. Now I believe that Veda Croom Will talk herself straight to her doom,- While Du ncan Owen and Lloyd Seawell Will feed their pretty patients gruelg Nick will be selling peaches, And Crawford making political speechesg Natalie Thomas and Ruth West Will be making hats to suit the best,' And Truman and George, across the way, Will malre candy fitfor the gods, they'll say. The frst of the class to catch a beau Will be lovely Leota Illonroe. Pauline will star among Movie Queens, And Lewis Schenck will grow prize beans. Peggy will go to Europe on a diplomatic mission, And Eleanor to Raleigh for a legislative session. "IVIac" will draw cartoons on the " uorld so giddy and gag, " And Jay will write a History of yesterday and today. Allie Gentry and Eloise Hall Will join the Art League on the Ildall. "Pheno" Smith will a preacher marry, And IVIary's pen her fame will carry To far and distant lands. On India's coral strands .QI 3 3 Ig.. Lafamac 1023 FAYETTEVILLE V HIGH SCHOOL Elizabeth Harrison will be a nzissionary, Anrl Em ily Gratnnris will run at Commissary. The wife of the lllayor will be Dlarie H ateh, Anfl Helen will nzalfe as good a match. Though th is may seem fzlnny, John and Buck are vnalcing money Rfzmning a female Seminary. Merrill West will write a boolf, " The Adventures of a Fairy, " While dear little Nurse Wielflehelel Will take charge of the Public Health. And two who will amass great wealth Are Scott anal Roaber, who willjnd a way To 'make Sawelust Jelly pay. Mary Alice will write "Essays on Flirtation And Elizabeth Rogers will engage in financial speculation. Ellen Gray will invent es spanking nzaehine 37 7 To use on Csmallb ehilolren when they are nzean. And last but not least, Mareelle will be A lawyer, rnalcing an eloquent plea. Now at the end, I prophesy : That we'll never forget olel Fayetteville High Antl the things that have been shown usg That when the present beeornes the past And we're no longer the Senior Class, Fayetteville will be proud to own its. DELL POPE. --:tl 3 4 Ie" I923 Lafrlmrzc FAYI'ITTEVILLI'I HIGH SCHUOL beninr ZB1a1:p .99 NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN DATES IN SENIoR HISTORY January 12: Seniors win half-holiday for promptness. The first time such a thing has happened in the annals of the school. February 9: Floors of school newly oiled. Mr. Bazire saved Senior dignity when he rescued "Phenom from an oily grave. February 27: Seniors go to Raleigh to learn about Capital City. The visit was enjoyed by everyone and reputation for good behavior preserved. March 13: Unlucky day for George, because- 7 Someone, we suspect that it might have been "Mac,' While George wasn't looking, placed a tack On his seat, and when he had finished his recitation Poor George innocently sat down without hesitation. He gave a groan of pained surprise, And very quickly he did rise. The expression on his face was such As to our active sympathies touch. We burst into expressions of glee. Miss Kate was bewildered, no point did she see! March 16: Seniors Win best line of March. Competition keen. April 2: Seniors again uphold reputation, when after beating 10A, they spell down 9A. Celebration held on the spot. DELL POPE, Class Reporter. -21 3 5 IP'- 3 92 1 616' m a f a L mgiimam EDM WZAEOHH HESEN WWEEM wings! A hwdhm agua! 3 me Q: wegm asian Ezw MEEMEU WEEE 2535 swims 05 wcighm wmcccrw C6525 MEQLU 'gem ELEOKSE gg ,Ei UQCOQ waging Erma EOM 22 2505 EEO Exon ,MS :Begg EN VZ is :O 3:0 :S MRUOQ SES dw QZEEH Hmmm H232 'wgmgw wgw Aw 2 OF HOSE 'QC gmswgg AW B Orr UMEQE Sw OH ENE EO EN mb E EZ SEQ E 3: OF SEO 2:02 V135 O H hUHEEmO:2w QE Us HN EPO OF Egan MO ,Howmgpa AW 3 QP Egagw OH EEE 'HQHGQWKKOS 6 3 OF 225554 mCEwE3 wmgmb:On,BjN TEENS we :O '55 go witzm wigs mga :Canaan mggm mga? 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DEWQEHZL ESHNZ Q . .Emi gowns 1 U .scam mgmraomow V r 'icuii TEQA l g Qzmadmm UAS: ' U 'ZH-ogcm mgoimz EEZ tt 8 3 I dl 1923 Lafamac FAYICTTEVILLIC HIGH SCHU gwwmww ly V rw- -.... .M .,.. . n--'1 'va Wg 1 -QI 3 9 IF' Lczfamac 1923 I" A Y E T T E V I L L I-I HIGH SVIIUOL gLQgi5f""' 7 V , I A , , , Junior lass ifirers ,st SAMUEL VERNON MArfL'1's1sY . . . . . . President LAWRENCE C'o1cNm,1Us THoRN'mN . Vice-P1'cs2'de1zt 1X'IARIE'l"l'A ELIZABETH REGISTER . . Sec-refmy HENIIH' GREGG HlT'l'AFI" . . . Trmsfurer AIOTTOI " Maize G'amrl. H Comms: Hen' and IfVl1z'!e. FLOWER: Red Hose. --:JI 4 nr Il:- SSVTD HOINJI' EIHL 1923 Mmm Lczfqmac 14' A Y ld '1' 'I' IC V I L L IG HIHII SCHOOL 4 1 Lafczmac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Euniur lass Bull VVILBUR ALLEN ANDREXVS, JR, PIAROLD DIJITGIIAS BELL ELIZABETH NVATSON BENNETT MALCOLM A. BETHUNE, JR. MYRTLE CARL BETTS ALEATHA LUCILE BILL STEDMAN BLACK BRYAN FLORENCE VIRGINIA BUCKINGHAM J":LIZABETH CLARK REBECCA WOODRURN CROXVSON XVILLIAM HENRY DAVIS CLARA DOXVNING IQATHLEEN DUI'REE .EMANUEL JACKSON EVANS FLORA JANE FELTON ROBERT DUVAL FRYE ORIE NIARIE GENTRY EUNICE IQATHARYN GIBSON -JICANNETTE ANN GRAIIAM RUTH RIICEDY GRAHAM JAMES LAVVRENCE GREEN JNIARIA HILL IJALIL NIAR-IORIE COLE ILEDGEPETII JLACHICL IQLIZABETH IIIGHSMITII LAURA DAISY MAE HOOPER ILUTH HJERRING HOWARD IIENRY GREGG HUTAEII' JESHIE CHRISTINE IJUTAFF ROBERT MILES JACKSON, JR. ANNIE CROVVSUN JEHSUI' NIAliG.XRI'Z'P R.UTII JEBSUII ALICE I.'lLIZABETI'I JONEB CHARLES IJANIEL IQELLY, JR. .53 A-:JI 4 2 ANNIE ROYAL LEDBETTER CHARLES BALTIMORE CALVERT LILLY GEORGE DUNLAP LILLY SAMUEL VERNON MAULTSBY MARY BELLE MONROE ICFFIE JACKSON 1VlCCALL LEON COLE MCTDUFFIE FREDERICK DONALD HOWARD MCIQENZIE EDWARD ROBESON BICIQETHAN, JR. WILLIAM JOHN OLIVE FLORENCE JETHRO PARKER HURLEY ERNEST PASCHAL ESTELLE PEOIILES LYDIA GERTIIUDE PERCIVAL MARIETTA ELIZABETH REGISTER FRANK HIGHSMITH REMSBURG LIARTXVELL EDWARD REMSBIIRG ANNIE LOUISE ROGERS AUGUHTUS STEEL JLOSE THELMA IRENE ROYVELL LILLY ANN RUSS IIENRY HOWARD SANDLIN IVIAIE SEAGROVE CHARLES FRANKLIN SHUFORD, JR. JELIZABETH NICDIANIEI, SMITH LUCILLE SMITH LAWRENCE CORNELIUS THORNTON RALPH NICIQENZIE TIMBY LILLY DELI, VANN SARAH M.kIiG:KRET WALKER GLENNIE VELMA NVALLACE ELIZABETH BOYD W ATSON EMMA LOUISE W ILLIAMS It.. 1 923 Lafamac Biggest Talker 1UostTimid . Most Bashful Hammer . . Vamp . . Lady Killer . Biggest Bluff Tin Angel . Cake Eater . M ost A1l?lCU7UTCl Biggest Baby F lapper . . Laziest . Vainest . . Coneeited Boy Craziest Boy Silliestflirl . Bachelor . Old Jllaifl . Biggest Pest Most Stupid . Biggest Tease Book of Knowledge . Question lwailc Most Sarcastic lllost Stubborn Parasite . . Greediest . Louclest . . Biggest Bum, Euninr btatistins 0:11 4 3 If:-A FAYlQ'1'TEV1LLlC HIGH SCHOOL . DAN IQELLY . . MAE SEAGROVE LAWRENCE THORNTON EDWIN MUKETIIAN . ANNIE LEDBETTER . WILBITR ANDRENVS . ILETH GRAHAM . . STEDMAN BRYAN HARTWELL REMSBURG . LAWRENCE GREEN . ANNIE LOU ROGERS IDAISY MAE HOOPER . ILOBERT JACKSON . FLORENCE PARKER . ' CHARLES LILLY . CHARLES SHIJFORD MAR.IORI1E HEDGEPETH . . ILALPII TIMBY . ELIZABETH WA'l'SON . . HENRY SANDLIN ELIZABETH BENNETT . . . PETE FRYE . ESTELLE PEOPLES . FRANK REMSBURG . . ILUTH GRAHAM DAISY RIAE HOOPER . XVILBUR ANDREWS . ANNIE JESSUI2 . DAN KELLY . EMANUEL EVANS Lafamac 1023 FAYlC'l"I'EVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Q ?Bnp'5 Invitation ,3 It 1l'0lllflll.l be so bull, this going io school, If li jusl 'llVC1,S7llIffO7' one oujul rule- I l lzifs o fellow prolly luzrfl To lzfwe lo lzonrcllo fl, report eorel. You open 'il up, mul before your eyes I .Q ll row of fhrees ond fours mul -y7'z'e.Q, Azul Bio says, "Why under the sun Cmft you ever lY7'1l'l1g home a one?7' Azul Dall, he gels fI'll1f'lLl sore Every time he Sees Cl fourg Then I llfl-Ylfill. to erploinr l7ne's clonlt fall around like rorin. Beliere mv, eren z"1eo's onrl Ilzreels Do not grow upon! llze lreesg A four is not so very high, But eren llzot will get you by. Azul Doll says lhese tlrirzgs may all be true, But llris is my rzflelee lo you: "If from o one, you hare Io drop, For f0U4llIf'SS Sake know ?l,'l1L'7'C lo sion. " . 7 Oh! if teacher only lcneuf All liao lmrm reporl eorfls flo, They uoulrl rery erzreful be Arul glee fl, few more ones lo me. LEON MCIDLTFFIE, '24 ,QI 4 4 Ig., 1923 W - Qijia m I" A Y IC 'I' 'I' IG V I II I H II S17 Il phomove 9? rf L " 1514" v l Yig I I W' I I :mf if xy I ,' W' d'I if 4 ' IIN, I' I I "W I X XX' 'Ip A ff N 1 1 A I 1 ' I rj fl ' I ffjw I ff Q 'fl 4-4157 J -fi? 1 1 - i I I Lrzfamac I923 F A Y li '1' T I-I Y I I. L Ii HIGH SCIIHUL """ U - Y Doioily SIUEELZIV bupbumnre lass Gbffiuzrs at .lnllcs SIMPSON SQJHENQK, JR .... . . . Prcsfrlcnf GEQHUIQ Rcmrfllu' LEATHERWOOD . l'i0e-I'r0.sz'fIc1zl VIRGINIA GATEXVUOD Hl'SKI'l . Secrelnry Duuofrm' YUVNG Smmyrz . . . . . Trmsurcr BIOTTOZ H 15.l'C'PZ5Z.U7'. " Cfu1.oRs: Yellow ami II'l1z'ifn FLOWER: Ycllnw lfose. f .CII 4 5 SSV'LJ fEIHOWOHdOS EIH.L 1923 W-!,Q Ylfflil'If1C If A Y IG 'I' T Ii V I I, I, IG IIIHII Hvlluol, --21 4 7 IP'- Lafamac 192 ETTEYILLE HIGH SCHOOL Sophomore lass 3RoII JOHN HIIEKE ANDERQON. JR. IHABEL GLADYS BAZIRE DAVID SPENCER BENNETT LENORA ESTELLE BILL GEORGE CHANDLER BRAFFURD BERNICE FROST BULLARD JOHN LEE CADE BYNUAI BRAFFORD CAIN JAMES BIONROE COFFEY RIILDRED liEARNE COTTON WILHELAIINA ELSA CRIST THOMAS FRANKLIN CULDRETII MARION DOWNING JOHN AIARTIN FRANF1-I EDWARD JOSEPII HALE, JR. NIALLARD ELIZABETH IIARDY JAMES LEIUHTUN HI-XTCIi ROBERT EARL 11.-XYES LELLA ALINE HAYWOOD BIYRUN HUIO I1ERNDON WILLIAM EDWARD HILL, JR. HENRY PRINCE LIILLIARD BERT,-X ROIIENA LIOXYARD HENRY LLOAN HOCOH YIROINIA HtisIcE .IAMEH BALLENTINE INOOLD BEEHIE JERNIOAN 'l'IIOA1As lx'Il'R1'IiY JUDD ROBERT GLENN KENNEDY 1ilT"l'H SIIAVV KIHTLER GEOROE ROIXEIUI' LEA'1'lIERWUlJD MAIIRICE lsIDORE LEEHOAI RICHARD MACKUIIIN LILLY SARAII LI'C1LI.E RIARTIN STELLA CllIIIS'1'lN1'1 AlA'TIIEHUN AIATTIE BELL LXIAUIJPSBY ,58 RVTII ILENNEDY BIILLS SALEM SOLOMON BIONSOUR ARLEY MONROE NIOORE H.-KI.LlE ELSIE HIOORE ALEXANDER IXIACIQAE JAMES IDOBBIN HIACNEILL FANNIE IYENYMAN NIALLIE ELEANOR N EVVMAN IXIARY REID IYEXVTON JAMES EIACLYEILL PARSLEY MILLER IQING PATTERSON NELLIE ELIZABETH PHILLIPS SUPIIIE LOUISE POPE NIARY IQING POTEAT ALLIE BELVA POXVERS GEORGE WELLS ILAYNOR NIAXIE ILEYELISE FLOYD LACY ILIDDLE WILLIAM NIADISON RUSS JACOII THOAIAH SALEEBY .IAMEH SIMPSON SCHENCK, JR. ELLEN IIENDRY SCOTT DOROTHY YOUNG SHI-:ETZ BIARVIN IIEROY SMOOT BLANCHE NIARIE SNIPES 11,0315 SAPIRO HENRY GILMORE STAHL FRANCIS WHITE STEDMAN GIiAI'E STANLEY STRICKLAND LILLIAN BUTLER. STRICKLAND CHARLES NIEEKS STRINOFIELD MARY CRUMARTIE SUTTON JOHN PETER THEOFIELD .IHHEPl'IINE FRANCES VPOVVLER. LOUISE ELLIUT TYLER EI.IIERT GLEN XYALTERS M AROA RET M CI VER WI DDI FIELD .QI 4 S Ig.. KM WI ILIf1,fIfrfwr I" A Y IG 'I' 'I' IC Y I I. I. IG III4II SKIIUUI IFHEEHMENI 7,-5 Xxx xy A ix 'xx 5' IRI AM I N fjffl, ' N? up I 1'9" "li . qi ,x , , It - Q A ' , Q' JU ! "."3I! ' NTI-. .fi -4.57 X ix-I K ' , Q! X 1 II . - N 1 5357 Q y-KM.. .,:':f1' zL XX X I W K ex. 'I I x, , X- K A X I 1 , -I ,A - I 1.55 5,-g.L2"f"'Q' x f 5 f,,.- ,Q 9 J gz ' -ri fx' fi xx J 3.-L1-,LII , 153. K fd? - 1 12-S JAM --21 4 9 112-- Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 1 i freshman Glass Gffirers QU COLORS: Blue ami While. FLOWER: Lilly Qf the Valley JULIAN PARKER . . . ...... President GEORGE HA1'CH . . Secretary J ULIAN HUTAEF . . Treasfurer ,QI 5 0 Ig.. SSV'IO NVWHSEIHJ 1923 Lafamac 11' A Y 11: '1' T 1-1 V 1 1, 1, 11: 1111111 scum o 1. 5 1 X , fx, La amrzc 1023 FAXPTTEVILLE HIFH SCHOOL freshman lass ull EDNA VIRGINIA ADAMS ALEXANDER ALLANACH TVIARGUERITE ANDREWS SARA PRATHER ARBIFIELD ALTON GLENN BARLOW ETIIRL DIARY BEARD RUTH ELLEN BETHUNE VERA JOSEPHINE BUCKINGHAM DIARY IQYLE BULLARD VON C. BITLLARD JAMES ALFRED BURGESS BOND SEDBERRY BYRD TNIILDRED CHRISTINA CADE ESTO MARIE CAMPBELL EULAND EVANS CANADY EXETER NIAUD CHITVVOOD FAIRLY JOHN CLARK GRACE CHALMERS CLAYTON IRENE COOK CLUTE WALTER THOMAS CROWSON ANNIE KELSO CURR1E LEON FOSTER DALE ROBERT VANCE DAVIS 'INA LOUISE DEPOPZ BTAGUERETTA ELLIS TCDVVIN FELTON FRANK FISHER CHARLES DUFFY FRANCK LUTHER GENTRY, JR. ATIRIAM GILLIAM ELIZA GLOVER LETIE LOUISE GRAHAM ALBERTA JONES H.kLE ELZITA HAMMOND GEORGE ITATCH CHARLES ITERRING LFHONIAS ENGLISH ITILL JULIAN BROWN HUTAFF FLORENCE MAY VERUNICA JACOBS EMMETT VVOODVILLE N OLLEY JACKSON HAIQIIY EUGENE HIGHTONN'ER JARRARD DOROTHY LUCILE JOHNSON BEN JOLLY LEAH BARDEN JONES IRENE SARAH KAHN LIELEN IEELLY JOSEPHINE COOPER LYON VINCENT TXTCBRYDE RUIIY NTCELHANNON MARY BROADFOOT MCRAE WILLIAM HILL MARSH NIIRIAM ESBY TVIATHESON EMMA INEZ MAULTSBY GEORGE MEISELS NANNIE REED MORSE FREDERICK VICTOR NIOTZ, JR DONAIID AMRROSE NEW GLENN N EVVBERRY BESSIE GRANT PALMER ETHEL INICANALITY PALMER ROBERT JAMES PALMER, JR, JULIAN PARKER NELLIE LEE PEOPLES MARGARET ALLISON PERRY ALICE LILLIAN PETHEL MARY LOU PHILLIPS HUGH MILTON PINKSTON ERNEST LEONARD PLUMMER RUTH ELIZABETH POWERS VIRGINIA PAGE REYNOLDS ERNEST RIDDLE FRANCES HEDDLER ROTHWEITL GLENN THOBIAS HOWELL BERTHA ELIZABETH SANDLIN IQARLETTO SEATON, JR, TVIAMIE CHURCHILL SMITH EVELYN MAUD SPENCE MARY ENIBIA STRICKLAND FRED LEE FFATUM IIARLEE rFOVVNSEND WVILLIS IIART TURLINGTON, JR NELLIE ROSE VAUGHN IQATHLEEN DOUGLAS WEST GEORGE VVEISIGER ERNEST LIUBERT WVHITE ANNIE BLACK WILLIAMS HALLIE IRWIN WILLIAMS R.UTH ZEIGHAUSER LILLY h1C'Nb11LL JORDAN 1923 Lafamae FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL why 3Hut? .92 Why not make every careless deed A deed that is really worth while? Why not make each ugly frown A cheerful and encouraging smile? Why not make every unl-:ind action That causes unhappiness and pain, Be one that brings cheer to others And makes the sunshine through the rain? Why do anything to make others unhappy, Causing your conscience to burn? Why not minister happiness to others, And be made happy in return? LILLY RUSS, '24. A-:al 5 3 Ir-- L did m 416 9 23 1-' A Y If T '1' 14' x' 1 1 1 lf HIGH SVHHUL -11 5 4 Ii:-A 1 923 Lafamczc ummercial .5 SENIC GLENNIE BENNETT V EDA CROOM ALLIE MAY GENTRY EMILY LAWRENCE GRANNIS ELOISE CYNTHIA HALL FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL apartment RS MARIE HLATCH MARCELLE FRANCES LYON HELEN MAXYVELL LEOTA MONROE NATALIE IRENE THOMAS RUTH M CRAE WVEST JUNIO ELIZABETH WATSON BENNETT MYRTLE CARL BETTS ALEATHA LUCILE BILL FLORENCE VIRGINIA BUCKINGHAM ELIZABETH CLARK KATHLEEN DLIPREE FLORA JANE FELTON ORIE MARIE GENTRY KATHERINE GIBSON R S RUTH REEDY GRAHAM THELMA HAZEL JONES ANNIE ROYAL LEDRETTER SAMUEL VERNON BIAULTSBY MARY BELLE MONROE JOHN OLIVE FLORENCE JETHRO PARKER ESTELLE PEOPLES THELMA IRENE ROXVELL RALPH MCKENZIE TIMBY SPECIALS ALICE ELECTA BARNES ALLENE WIGGINS COOPER MAIE HAWLEY WILLIAM INGOLD JAMES MCDIARNIID IVIARY MILLS PEARL NEW MARGARE1' NEWTON BLANCHE ROGERS VIRGINIA SMITH ANNIE VVIGHTMAN .QI 5 5 Ig., Lafamac 1923 F.AYIiTTICYlI,LE HICEH SCIIOlDL SNAPSHOTS qH56k- 1923 M Lafamac 14' A Y 141 T T E V I L L IG IIIHII SVHUUL --QI 5 7 Ir-- L a a nz a c 3 F A Y E T T IG Y l l. L IC HIGH SCHOOL The iiaigb Sufjan! uunnil .5 HE High Sc-licml cl0l1l11"ll is c-miiposc-cl of mio hay :md onv girl c-lor-tm-d by Cach I'00Ill. Thr' funvlioii of the Cuunc-il is To 111114 iiifmiizzilly with fhv priiicipzil from Timv to tiniv to offc-z' :mel voiirimlci' fuggcstimis that will mukc- our HIGH SCHOOL be-ttf-r. lXf'Iattc1's of voiicliivf, sc'lmlzi1'sl1ip, sc-liool spirit, lIllpI'OVOIllf'l1l OfI'0OI11SllllllgI'Ol1I1llS, and thv lilw, c-01110 up for f'OIlSl1l1'I'fillOI1. Maim- lwrs of fhv fl0llI1f'll or-vzlsioliully talk To thoir l'oo11'11iatc's on thv 'topics iiiclic-atc-cl zmlmvv. Tlicfsu ffilks not only iiinlivatf- To lhv siuclcllt liucly thv liiios along wliivli mimi-lioul may hc improvml, hiltilic-yalsoch-V1-lop in tho voiimil 1110111111-1's il svnso of pc-rsuiiul re-spuiisihility for thai welfare- of ai liusiiivss in whivh thvy :ir-Tivvly pzu'1ic-iputf-. --QI 5 S If:-V 1923 -LA Q Lqifamac 14' A Y IG T 'I' IC Y 1 I, I. IG HIi'Il SKHUUL mana Hale Rape Charles .QI 5 9 Ip.. Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL The Enya' literary Smitty ,gl HE Boys' Literary Society of Fayetteville High School was organized in September, 1922. This society soon took the form of a fraternity, and adopted the Greek-letter name t'Delta Lamda Sigma." The color of the society are blue and white. A constitution was adopted, and meetings were held first on Tuesday nights, and later on Monday nights, in the High School building, initiation being conducted every fourth meeting. The object of this society is to promote the literary talents of the members. especially in appearing before the public in debate, declamation, and other forms of speech. Every member is required to take part in the programs at some time, and thus many interesting and helpful meetings have been held. There are now 23 members of this society, and all the male members of the faculty are honorary members. The officers of this society are electc d for a term of eight weeks, and no member is allowed to hold the same office for two successive terms. The ofhcers elected for the first term were: President, E. R. MacKethan, Jr.: Yice-President, Jolm Olive: Secretary and Treasurer, l.aurence C. Thornton, Critic, S. B. Bryan: First Censor, Ralph Timbyg Second Censor, John Anderson! Marshal, Fred McKenzie. The officers elected for the second term are: President, E. J. Evans, Yice-Presi- dent, A. Mooreg Secretary and Treasurer, E. R. Macliethan, Jr.: Critic, John Olive, First Censor, XVilliam Marsh, Second Censor, G. D. Lillyg Marshal, S. B. Bryan. -:rl 6 0 11:-Q 1923 4 Laffzmfzc F.kYI'ITTI'IX'1I,LI-I HIGH SCHUUL BOYS'-SOCIETY 4:11 61 La gmac 1923 IKX I TTEVILLE K. H SCH 0 U L Girls' literary SA RA H PRATH ER :XRM FI ICIID EIINA ADAMS lCI.IzA1I1f:TH BlGNNlC'l"l' CILI-:NNIE BlCNNl'Z'I'T XYICRA BI'f'KINGlI.-XXI RI'TII BETIIIINE ISAIIEL BAZIIIIG MARY BIILLARII NS-'1'lCI,I.IfI BILL WILHELIIINA CLRIST ICSTO CAMI'HEI.L IILICNE CLVTIG VETA CROOM ANNIE K, CIIRRIE NIILDRICD COTTON ICLIZAEETH CURRIIC R IG Is Eric 'A CRO WSI I N CLARA DOWNINO IQATHALEEN DITl'llI'Zl'l ANNA DEPOIC EARLAH EDGE ALLI141 GENTRY URIE GENTRY RUTH GRAHAM IIICTIIC GRAHAM IQATHARYN f1IllS1JN CHRISTINE IIU'1'AFIf' RIAVIIICL HIOIISAIITII M ARIA HAIIIC ICLIZAIIETH IIAHRIHON ICLZITA HAMMOND RIITII IIONVAKD BIOLLIIC IIARIIY ALBl'1R'l'A ITALIC NIAILIUILY lII'lIJHl'1l'I'I'l'll LXIARIIG HATc'I1 ICLOISE IIALL AL1c'E HUIIIIARII NIGLLIIC HOLLAND AI,Ic'E JONES ANNIE JESSIII' RUTH JESSIII' IIICAH JONES lflLI.ldN CYRAY JONES LILLY JORDAN V99 J 13 2 In-A Snrietp IRIQNIC ,KAHN HlQI,l'1N IQELLY RIITH IiIS'I'LER, ANNIE LEIIIIETTER lXIARf7EI,LI'1 LYON JOSEPIIINE LYON EIIFIE NIFCALL MARY NIFILAE EMMA L'1AULTSBY BERLINE NICIJANIEL LUCILLE RIARTIN BL-ANNIE MORSE IXIIRIAM AIATHESON RUTH MILLS Ld0LLIE NEVVMAN NIARY NI'IWW'TfJN LYDIA PERCIYAL DELL POPE LIARGARET PERRY ETHICL PALMER ALLIE POWERS FLORENCE PARKER BESSIE PALMER MARY IQING POTEAT LILLY RUSS M ARIIGTTA R,I+IfiISTER MARY RJQVELIHE FRANOES RIOTHVVELL FJLIZABETH ROGERS DOUGLAS ILANKIN ANNIE LOU ROGERS rrHELMA RIOXVELL VIRGINIA ILENALDS IQLEANOR TOIIILINSON LOUISE VFYLIGR, JOSE PHI N IC TOW L E R NATALIIG THOMAS LIARGARIC'1' WALKER ISLIZAHETH XVATSON VIRGINIA XYOODHOUSE HIXLIIIIC IRVIN WILLIAMSON YYELMA WALLACE LOUISE XVILLIAMS ANNIE BLACK VVILLIAMS ILUTH XVEST L2-2i v , ,LQ flmflf FAYICIII YI IIIHII SIIIUUI h Maia Hale f vac: Pnesmsx-ar EHuidhEg?k LITERATU 'V ' Glnrne Leclbe Her' Effie fV2cQaH Douglas lggnlun ECRE ARY UQSHORT sronvf , ,, cnmc Aqeab La fzmfzc 1923 F A Y IC 'I' 'I' Ii V I I. I, Ii IIIGII SVIIUUL M Irmlcxclm f1O'I"I'HN EMILY flmxxls 615128 lub I,':I,IZAISIC'l'II Hmmlsox Ii.fu'111+:L I'IIfiIIHMI'I'I'I f1lIIiIS'I'INI'I III"1'A1f1f IIIGAII .luxlcs IQLLIQN lllmx' .luxlcs M.xm'1c1,1,14: LYUN ANNIE I4I'IIJHI'l'l"I'I'1 u Mu. IXIHI"FI'I"I' -:xl 6 4 11:- .lusl-JPHINIQ SM1'1'11 .IUIIN ,'XLBEIi'1'f'ULVIN Lows I+'o1e'1'soN Nu1,1,EY .IAUKSUN f'1x,x1cLEs IXIVIJIARMID YINc'EN'1' Mc'I31u'1mE P I'1'I'IC PA Ii K IC Ii IIIJJYD SIQAWELL IIILLIAN STRICKLAND Mn. BAZIRE 1923 H Lafamac FAYETTEVILLE HIVH SC H00 L 4:5 ' 2 .f ' ' : :mf , - . - - Triangular Behaters QUERY: Resolved, Thai f'ongress .should I1l'O'Z"Z.fICffl7' iho t"lIf0TC07lIC'IIlQf07CCfSf071S ofthe Railroad Labov' Board. A f f zfrnzatzfve fV6QfIlf'Z-U6 IQUTH GRAHAM MARY REVELISE EDWIN MCKETHAN EMILY GRANNIS .QI 6 5 Ig.. Lafamac 1023 FAYETTIGV ,I HIGH H0 O G I, urrent upics Cliluh ,y YMHHCERS: LYIJIA 1'I+:1zc'1x3xL .... . I ruzrlcnt ROABERQWHUGHT . . . lHcfI1cvdmN ELUABEUICWARKE . ,kcmhvy AUGUSTUSIQUMG . .... . 7Ueauuwr FAI' ISHOXVN S'I'I1:m1.w BRYAN RSTQ C'.xx1Pm-:LL IDLIZ,x1xI:'rII CI,.x1zKIs Ilmm-5 fTLUTI'I CL.uu Iluwxlxfz l':MANlYlCL Ifhhxxs IQATIIICRINIS 111115051 liI:'1'1I ilu umm ICMILY Gruxxls l'IL0Is1a IIALL ELzI'I'.x II.umrwn 3I.XR.Il1liIl'2 III4,maI:I'I':'1'II RI"1'II IIow.um .XNNIIL CROWSON Jussuv IJICAH .Iuxns IlIaI,I-:N Ix1cI.1.I' Joslcmlrxl-1 Lynx INIIIII.-xm M.x'I'1I1cwsoN ICMMA H,xL'L'I's1sY IXIEMBERS --:II 0 6 Im-- N.xNx1r: Horam-: VINC1-:N'I' NI,xc'I3m'n11: 1':Flfll'l M.u'C.xI.I, EDWIN M.xCKI4:'I'II,xN .Imax Umvva ICs'I'IcI,I.IG I'14:m'I,I-is NI-:I,I,I1-1 P I-1 0 PI, Iss LYDIX I,I'LliCIV.XL ANNIE L0UIsIc Rochus LILLY Russ NI.x'1"1' Iivss EI,IZ.xIH'I'I'lI SMITH IIUCILIQ SMITH RIARIIH CIII'1iC'llILL SMITH BIARY lixnu S'1'lhCKL.XNI7 ICHED 'l'.x'I'UM N.,xT.xI,114L THOMAS R.xLPu VFIMIIY NIA11G.xlua'I' W.xI,xIm ELIZIIIIIIIH Wxrsow Fan Ins for The Dart. Qaffzmfl I" A Y Ii 'I' T IC V I L I IIIGII SUN!!! fx - :-af.-:scam , '1'n.um I ,Z , wrm urn Q7 f uwrzn. mv TISIZIKS I v-iz.-: A :li . Amr, fl: 'iNo, 3 II! 5. GIRLS I:1Nl'l'JR THE l'1IIX3IPIUN:IIIP SERIES -19 urls. m spite ui :.m ix' ,an year, X- uve In SQTICE. XV, XYVHK, In-.mgc yhyud nhle had A in- The cn-:His 'Il U maker. e moms HIE I 5 ur of the pmth' paid rn the class games rcreipgs from will llnish na!- Lafamac i 1923 FAYICTTEYILLIC HIGH SCHOOL RIARCYELLE LYON . LOUINE FORTSON IDELL POPE . . . ELLEN GRAY JONES ELIZABIG'I'H HARRINON IUUYAL FRY . . . CHARLES RICIDIAHMID LA VRENCE THORN'1'ON NIQ'IIf'JI,AS SALEICBY . EMANUIGL EVANS . flLl'1NNIE BENNE'1"1' . SAMVEL RIAULTSBY . JOHN ANDERSON . lafaman Staff vb! Qssistant Qlihiturs Qwistant iliflazlagerg --QI 6 3 In-- . EfI1'!01'-1'rz-clzirj I311.wEi1zcss Manager Class . Sch 001 . FPOf'lL7'C Al hlctzfc . A rt Art . A dveriisfmg A dvertzfsin g . A dzvertising Subscmfption Subscripiion 1923 -Lafamac 1" A Y Ifl TT IC V II I I III! II III! I I H I rr Po e Ivlgpiafmicl Euen Jones Duval Fxfye Th omfnfzon Hafiison JoI'mQfIncIez'son '3aIeeb Emanuel ,Q ,WW 'X , - If ug-'I IVIauII-sly! GIEHHIEBEDDSR N511 fi 9 Ig.. Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL STATISTICS .QI 70130 1923 Lafamac FAYETT EVIL HIGH .,,H JL if' O M o.11'.Ca pc bk: ' Wr' JKT Noaf D e Ye rlmle Hfbiqrhifl . nm' cg , Mos? Ihjluehfsaqf Seawef- , ,V.,., v ,,,, A Tonlin s' l'io.s'l' f'NcT3eD'c Benn eff . wg,- .RM 5,2 -L- if in aw Desi' Syorf ullgfr De.sfRTMe.Te. A fry: 1,605-kv ,IL L - ,,.- 1 --..h--.1...- .- .vv -? f 1: Haulwn LX' . ,L:llJ9-f.+- , ,Q STATISTICS -3171 Ig.. Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE in f ' T HIGH scrxoox, what a 19111 sans Hare you cfvor siopporl 1'o 11111171 What fl, rm! pol 'NICKIIIH Io youg A pol 1ol1o'II help you 111110111 U0'Zl'7'P dU'll'7I, Wl1o'II clwer you 'LPIICIL you're blurff' It's ll, yrcmf 1fl11711y Io be uvvolflzy, To luzre earthly f'I'f'l'lS2l7'0-S' yalorcfg Fame 117111 fO7'l'U'Il0 you value rnuclz, Bu! II real pal is 'worth 'IIIHCII more. U'vlll'll, 1110 11111070 uvorlfl srfo111s UfjCI'Z.l1-Qf you, A1111 crzfry H11'11y's fzzpszklv fl1U'Il'lI, Your rnoncy can buy no l1opp1'11e.ws,' Bu! fl pol can bfIIlI.NlI, your frou'11. u'vllf'l11 youfre brolfc, your "frf1fe11d's" 1l"3'H Ieurc you, 111111 111611 YOUR lilhllllf' 1l'2fU luzrcf HN fall: HYIICII you'r0 clouvn mul ou! 'll"l'flI flu' 'll'07'Il1, A lruo pfzl will siolfo you 'IPI-UI, I1 is nfl. IQUABRR VVRIGIIT, '23. --:al 7 2 Ir:-A 1923 W lgzfamaq I" .X Y IC 'I' 'I' IQ Y I I, I, IC IIIHII SVIIUUI, GTHLET C5 1 ' X X 5 MWX XX Xf X NX R 5 mx Qafamac FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL The "gf" "U'hai is ihc 'F' on your SZUGIIIF7' fm'1"' The QIICNIIUII Zeal In lhouyhz',' And I lhaughl of the price uve pay For lhc llzlfzyx that caufzf be bought. This "F" was 'noi 'ar the asl."zTn ' , 7 N0 null hcl ml rut it lhere I 7 , 'KI"'.s" io many ejylm loah' the same, But cast rlocs 'ual couzpcwe. Some hare bam fuvm for a laflyg Sho u"z'llorl ll jus! fha! u'ay,' --1 ful a larlylw uhzfll is a rlcaclly pull, 011, the one 'll"Z'lIlI.II. hm' sway. My "F II 1' af Ile! 1111 l, I 1 W cf me ou hz u " Oi Our af fhc aclzfzfng Craslz, of the line, As tluwh' coal mst crew! auvafz from us J . . f Azul fhe hulls af Ihe .Shame was mme. Thus naifm' the lore of the lady, Ur ylury fha! might come to mcg Na, I .vlaarl Ihr' yall' aufl learnefl to laugh, Thai I fnzfyhi lu' u'artl1ycy'll1c HF". ADAPTED wi74ka 1923 La amaze 14' A Y 141 TT IG Y Il I I HIGH SVIIUUI NEAHIIS IIHIJHF :football WYILBUR ALLEN ANDREWRH' JAMES CUFFEYX JAMES BROADWAY AUSTIN IQOBEHT DUVAL FRYE,H: BENJAMIN HECTOR BARNES LOUIS FORTSONH DEWEY BROWN LAWRENCE ALEXANDER GREENE' JONAH BROWN ANDREW' SHEl'PAI1D I'IAI.Lk,k DE LA HAIiIiISS CHARLES IJANIICL IQELLY CHARLES BALTIMORE LILLY CHARLEs MODIARMID Ak I1AR"l'WELL EDXVARD IQEMSB URI I' " f ILS n, F0 CHARIII- QHU RD Basketball VVILBUR ALLEN ANDREXVSHK NIALCOLM ANGUS BETHUNE,Hg EMANUEL EVANS' WALTER SCOTT Rrss AUSTIN ROABER WRIGHT JOHN ALBERT COLVIN Ulrack GEORGE BRAFFORD '-EI 75 In-' LOUIS I'1URTS0Nlk:k ROBERT IJUVAL FRYIG lXIAURIl'lC LICSSICIXIX LOUIS FORTSON LAURENCE rrHORNTON FREDERICK BICIQENZIE La amaze A1923 l"AYlQ'1'TICYII.LE HIGH SCHOOL be urpuse uf Ziaigb Sabian Qtbletirs ws! N the impetuous scramble for St ate championship honors many of us lose sight of the real purposes of atheletic sports in our secondary schools. That athletics should occupy a prominent place on the HIGH SFHOUL program is now generally concededg but no such program can be justified when it makes athletics paramount and relc-gates conduct, scholars hip. and other essential school features to an obscure background. Athletic sports are but branches of the school plant 5 not the whole, or even the main, structure, they are but means to an end, not ends in themselves. Right here is where many of us confuse fundamentals witl1 secondary considerations and develop serious inisconceptions. We should he careful not to substitute a means for an end. Now, just what are the real functions of high school athletics? It seems to me that we may state these as follows 1 to encourage children to remain in school until graduation, to develop strong bodies, to give valuable training in obedience, team work, co-operation, and sclt'-control, and to foster school spirit. The achieve- ment, of these purposes of athletics is not tontingcnt onthe winning of champion- ship honorsg neither does it require the school to abolish eligibility standards or make them too low to be of any value. The coach who trains his players to do their best at all times will achieve all the functions of athletics suggestcdabove, even if his team does not win a gsune. And these functions are individually and collectively important, enough to give athletics a conspicuous place in any compre- hensive scheme of education. Tho school that lowers its standards of scholarship and attendance and habitually confers privileges and immunities upon its players, is defeating some of the fundfimental objects ol' athletic sports. Vive cannot encourage and proniote scholarship by allowing pupils to represent the school whether they pass their work or not. And we cannot help our boys to build character and sound citizen- ship hy sacrificing universal principles to personal whims and inclinations of the moment. The pupils on the tearn should really represent tl1e school in all the things it stands forfscholarship, manliness, loyalty, honor, and Christian character. The team chosen on this basis should do its best to win the champion- ship. Ifit wins, so much the more praise for it and the schoolg if it fails to win, it has no reason for dircourageanent, but has the satisfaction of knowing that it has done its best and achieved all the objects for which it was created. V-sl 7 6 In-A 1923 Lafamac F A Y IC T 'I' li Y IL IIIGII SVIIOUI bangs anti Bells gl Oh, when the Fayetteville boys they fall in line. We're going to win a game another time. And when we yell, we yell. we yell. we yell- For dear old F. H. S. we yell, we yell, we yell: And then it'S Fight. fight. tight for every yard! We eirele ends and hit the line real hard: We're going to roll old QIJDDOIICIIISF iii the sod. Uh, so hard- RAH! HAH! RAH! S-i-i-i-i--s Boom! ' Fayetteville High School. Fayetteville High School. Give us Room! Roll up the score, Fayetteville Team, Team: Roll up the score, Fayetteville Team, Team: Roll up the Seore. you have done it before You can do it some more, Fayetteville Team, Team, Team. Hit 'em high! Hit 'em low Hit 'em hard! Let's go! Yea-a-a-a Fayetteville! ,QI 7 IYe Want :1 toiielidoyvn. XYe want a touchdoyvu! IYe want a T-O-U-C-II-D-O-W-X TO KCHDOWN ! Yea-a-a-a Fayetteville! Yea-a-a-a Fayetteville! Yea-a-a-af Fayetteville!!! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT' We got yer goat, yer goat yer goat! We got yer goat, yer goat yer goat! We got, yer goat, we got, yer goat! B-A -A -A! TOUCHDUWN !! Lafamclc 1 923 FAYETTIGYILLE HIGH SCHOOL They say that old Fayetteville, she ain't got no pep, Ain't got no pepg ain't got no pep: They say that old Fayetteville, she ain't ogt no pep, But shes got pep every step' every step, every step. Fd rather belong to F. else I know, Fd rather belong to F. H. S. else I know, For when you belong to F. H. bound to go. I'd rather belong to else I know. Do-re-me, who are we? We are, we are, we are we! "Faint no lie, 'tain't no bluff, Fayetteville High School- 'l'hat's the stuff! Ray! tfirst namel Ray! tlast nzimel Ray! Ray! tbothl Rah! Rah! Rah! Purple and Gold! ffipponents, Opponentsl, ain't we bold? Zip-ta-wa-ya, Zip-ta-yes! We're the students of F. H. S. Hey! You! Lookit, Lookit, Lookit that HALL! F. H. b. Rippety cuss! Rippety cuss! What In the world's the matter with us? Nothing at all' nothing at all! XYe're the guys that play- F-O -O -T -B -A -L -L ! H. . than anything than anything S. everythings, - than anything YYho's gonna win? tOpposing teamb lYho said so? Everybody ! Oh, what a liar, Oh, what a liar, Oh, what a liart Everybody is. Ada! Padada! Pac-hing Pac-hing! Kickapoo! Walapoo! Siz! Boom! Bah! Flip! Flop! Flip! Flop! Bing! Bang! Bing! Fayetteville High Sehool! Rah! Rah! Ra. Fayetteville Team, Fayetteville Team Put on your best and play. Fight this fight with all your might, For We're going to win todayg Oh, QREPEATU Ha, ha, ha, .................. . .. . Fight this fight with all your might, For we re going to win today! ..-JI 7 8 Ig.. 1923 aw - M Lafggnag FA Y l'l'1"1'lCV1LI,l'I HIGH SCIIUUI. 061 B4 A I J . f .441 7 9 Ip.. QL Q1 fi.. T 1 9 23 F A Y I-I T T 1-1 Y I L Il If HIGH SVIIUUL juuthall ,fl A Ricviaw or 'ruic '22 Sic.-xsox HICN Coaeh Burns sounded the gridiron eall early in September, about thirty-five likely-looking eandi- dates, headed by Captain Hall, appeared at, the Cape Fear Fair Grounds. This number was inereased to fifty at the end of the week, and it soon appeared as if the big football ground inside the traek Could hardly aeeommodate theni all. The first week was devoted to such pre- liminaries as puntingzg, and earrying and fall- ing on the ball. The following week uni- forms were issued, and praetiee beeame stiffer and stiffer. The State Champions took their first, sealp, defeating Greensboro to the tune of 12 to 0. A week later, in one of the most bitterly eontested games of the season, we took lilllerbe into eamp by the st-ore of 13 to 7. This bringsus to the season's first disaster. Fresh from a story of victory, and filled with a generous dose of over-eonfidenee, Fayetteville High Sehool was eom- pletely surprised and rushed off her feet, by Raleigh. We rallied in the final quar- ter, seored a touehdown, and foreed the play for the remainder of the game, but the rally eame too late to bring us victory. The final seore was 24 to G. With the story of defeat still fresh in mind, the "XVonder Eleven" played Ham- let. We showed a eomplete reversal of form, and won, 13 to 2. The following Thursday the Purple and Gold left for Florida, to play Duval High Sehool. The F. H. S. line was unable to eope with the reserve power of the f'tlaiters." and we were foreed to lower our eolors to the Southern ehamps. None too mueh honor ean be bestowed upon Faptain Hall, our star halfbaek, for his work in this ganie. His unlimited enduranee, and his ability not only to pick a -QI 3 0 1923 ug Y g gg Lfzfamac FAYl'lTTl'1VILLl'l Il I G ll SCH 001, I hole which our line gave him, but to make one for himself in the enemy's line, were never more manifest. He hit the line like a battering ram, and took his man on every play. For Fayetteville, the Aberdeen game, during the following week, was a very pleasing contrast to the aH'air of the previous week. lVe won a decisive victory over Aberdeen to the tally of -15 to 0. Our line starred, and time after time Green broke through and downed the runner in his tracks. A week later, at Pinehurst, Fayetteville was eliminated from the championship by Rockingham, after a gruelling extra quar- i ter had netted our opponents two touch- downs. Although our 1922 season did not bring us the State championship, we are under just as many obligations to Coach Burns and Trainer West as we would be with the trophy cup in our possession. These gen- tlemen sacrificed much valuable time for us, and asked no other reward than the satisfaction of serving the team. VVe hope the 1923 team will win the highest honor, and thereby reflect credit on Coach Burns and Trainer West for the efforts they put forth this year. dub! .AF .3 .3 ...QI 8 I Ig.. Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 9? ,afW44f1z,-.. ..,, 2 - ipfrflg. ,. J " xf 5 -Q, w wr., ,G-1' ff www J f , 'ff F' . as V M: ,dm '1,,.. .Aff WITH THE AI,L1c:,xTous IN .1.xC1is0NY1LLE --:xl as 2 111-- 1923 Lafamac ROBERT O. BURNS.. . DR. T, M. XVEST. LLOYD SEAWELL. . SHEPPARD HALL. . Players LILLY ...... GREEN. . . IQELLY. . . . HARRIS.. .. . COFFEY. . .. . FORTSON. .. . BARNES.. .. .. MCDIARMID .. .. ANDREWS. . ., SHALL. .. .. REMSBURCI. . . BROWN, D.. . . AUSTIN. . .. . EVANS. .. . FRYE .. .. .. , LESSEM.. .. .. UNDERWOOD... . BROWN, J.. .. RAYNOR ...... . LEATHERWOOD.. .. F.H.S. 12...... 6.... 14.... 0.... 45.... iBersunne1 .AU Position . ..R'i!1h.t End .. .. . .. ..R'ight Tackle. . .. . ..R1tgllt Guarrl. . . . ...Center... .. .. .. . . . . .Lqft G1uIrd.... . .. .Left Tackle. .. ... ,.L0fzf End. . . .. . .. ..Qllfl7't67'-bdfk. . . . , ..Ha1f-back.. . .. ... ..Hc1.If-back.. .. ..FuIl-back. . .. ..Fuil-back. .. . . .. ..HCIff-bIlC1I'.. .. ..Guard.. ..G'uard.. S Qeasorfs Results '29 . .. . .Greensboro .. . ..E1lerbe.. . . Ralexgh ..... .....Hamlet .... . ..Duval Uacksolmvillcj.. . . Aberdeen.. .. .. ... .. ..ROckingham.. .. .. .. ..Raleigh... GAMES PLAYED .... . . .. .. . GAMESXVON .... GAMESLOST-.. .QI 8 3 Ip.. FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL . . .Coach . .Trainer . . . ,Manager . . . .Captain ....4 Weight ...134 ...156 ...160 ...162 ...177 ...I64 -148 ...130 ...145 ...150 ...161 ...180 ...150 .H128 ...145 ...129 ...us ...154 ...155 ...125 0pp0 nents .0 .7 .24 .2 .19 .0 .13 .18 Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL HALL "Shep," our Captain and best man, has played his last year at F. H. S. The 1922 season saw him going better than ever, and he made a great name for himself, especially at Jackson- ville, He showed able generalship at all times, and his driving power, punting ability, lightning- like speed, and able generalship, made him one of the best backtield men in the State. REMSBURG 'tChip," our hefty full-back, has played three years for F. H. S. He first joined us as a lines- man, and by showing his ability as a backfield man, he made the position of full-back left vacant by Upton, He is a hard man to down, with his tricky side-step and ready stiff arm. "Chip" is our best broken-Held runner, and he always played the safety position, receiving the punts and running them back for a good gain, ANDREWS 'tPud," our left half-back, is a bundle of nervous energy, slippery, dodging, side-stepping, and elusive. His tiger-like tackling, and his ability to go down the Held on punts added laurels to his athletic career at F. H. Next year will be "Pud's" last year, and woe unto the man that attempts to cross his path! MCDIARMID Stepping into the quarter-back position made vacant by Underwood's graduation, Charles led the "Wonder Eleven" through the '22 season. His speed and generalship won the applause of all who saw him in action. BARNES This clever end, playing his first year of football, has not let a single man circle his end for a goal during the entire season. lVe are depending on "Heck" when the grid call is sounded in September. LILLY Charles, the lightest member of the Varsity, made up for his deficiency in avoirdupois by his ability to navigate over l67'I'lLf7'I1Zfl. FORTSON 'tBuck" has been with us three years. During this time he has been the mainstay of the line, As a scholar "Buck'l is outstanding, but his greatest work, in the opiriiori of many, was at tackle on the championship team of '21. COFFEY "Tiny" hreezed into High School last summer, a mere youth of fifteen summers. He was proclaimed by the newspaper writers at the first of the year as a guard with fourteen kinds of fight, he was proclaimed by his opponents at the last of the year as demon with twenty-eight kinds of fight. .QI 3 4 Ig.. 1,923 Lafamac FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL ..:,gI 3 5 Ig.. Lafamac g 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BROW N This corn-fed son or old Seventy-first, with the endurance and pluck and fight of his old Scotch ancestors. playing at tackle for the first time, showed up many a gridiron man on the opposing team. Jonah expects to be back next year to continue his spectacular playing. SHUFORD Charles' work as a linesman this season stood above par. His cool and steady work won the admiration of the fans and players. We are looking forward to ShuFford's help next year. KELLY This Irish lad of three years' experience at guard, smashes his way through opponents, line. blocks punts, breaks up passes, and throws runners for loss after loss. Danny proved a won- derful aid to the secondary defense by his steady tackles. LESSEM "Shorty" showed up especially strong in the Raleigh game by the great defensive game he put up. This is "Shorty's" first year, and Coach Burns should find him a very valuable man in tlie years to come. GREEN Lawrence, our big, 160-pound tackle, was the find of the season. Directing plays at him by an opponent was sure suicide, which was learned in very short order by them all, He, Coffey and Kelly made a strong combination for the center of the line, FRYE "Pete," an old stand-by at right end, was shifted to quarter back at the first of the season However, he found that he liked the right. wing of the line better than the back-field, and so cor- tinued to play his old steady game at right end, Pete showed up to best, advantage in the Ral- eigh game, as time after time he broke through the opposing lineto down the runner in his tracks. He is 1 ext year's Captain, and we all feel sure that he will lead F. H. S through a most success- ful season. '-sl S 6 Ia-- 1923 w Lafamac I" A Y Ii 'I' 'I' IG V I I. I, IG nA5nErnAL ,Z Y,---I ,, -...4..f' --,,,,,Q-"ax ff iii' ,i,Ai:..f Z f K, '1 fr- "Q , QQ' Q-,Q , 3 I, -- ' ...?..-1 - i Y , ,, , A ,, f' ,Y-f' 1 ,, P-SV H'---Y.. YV X I I I ,ff . lf V i 5 Q X X X X 0 gl' X , flxf u Y l:I!"J- Y, Vjfn lv I .Wy 11 X X RNA XXX, N 1 X ' f X 11 X 71, f X, M44 ,- -I - , X x -- ,-- VK, ,LZ f ,4, ,, ,I X2 X X? 1 ff 7 1 X A lf 1, J ff ff xx Y V - , --:rl s 7 112-- Laffzmac 1923 FAYE'I'TEY1LLE HIGH SCHOOL Basketball The F. ll. S. linskcllmll 'I'e:u1i had to lw dffvvlopvd on zum out-door court. 'l'lX0 le:1,m's sliowing was very good, f'0l1SlIl0I'lIQgL that it had no QyIllllllSllllll, All pruc-tic-C wus hold outdoors, there- fore very little was given, lol' tlu-rc wvro mzmy stormy dxws. llowcvvr, wo uro assured of nn indoor 1-ourt :Lt the lomil " Yi' next, your, :uid with live mon biiclc, our team should be :L credit to tho High School. iBer5unneI Y. IC. Swim . . . Cflllffl li. V. Slc.xw14:1.L . . Alllllflfjfl' ll. l"o1c'1'soN . Vnpiuin. ANDREWS . . ff:-ntm' Flew: . . L. G. BICTHUNIC . . li. F. 1"oRTsoN . . R. G. EVANS . . L. F. Iiicssicm . . R. F. ,311 8 8 Igg.. 1923 vliafgkmgf 14' A Yl+l'l'Tl'1VlLL1'l IIIGII SVIIHUI, LJ --21 8 9 Ir-- Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Left to Right, First Row: Coach Swift, M2LI1ilgG1' Seawell. Second Row: Hutaff, Mc-Dufiie, Frye, Evzins, Bullard, Mziultsby. Third Row: Lessem, Paschal, Theofield, Captain Andrews, BGi1l1IlIlC Kelly. ZBHSBBHII 1923 N March 12, Coach Swift issued a call for candidates for the 1923 Baseball squad. Some twenty-three reported for the first workout, among them being Frye, Andrews, Kelly, McArthur, Lcssem, and Theofield, all veterans of last yc ar's near championship team. The team has good prospects for this year, if a pitcher can he developed from the candidates for this position. These are Cain, Parker, and Paschal. The infield, although practically made up of new 1nalerial,is rounding into form, and the outfield consists of a trio of good fly catchers. The team has played two games this yearg and although We have lost both ganies, the members are not discouraged, for they remember that "Rome was not built in a day." .QI 9 0 Ib.. 1923 Lafanfac F A Y li T T IC Y 1 L lr IG llIt'Il SCHUUI Zgasehalt 1922 al N March 1 Coaches Daniels and Burns issued the call for all candidates for the baseball team of 1922 to report at 4. P. M. at the fair grounds. About twenty-five men reported, and a process of limbering up was started. This con- tinued for a number of days, and then practices began getting stitlk r, with an occasional match game. Two weeks after the first practice a game was played with the local all-stars consisting of former college players. The team that was to represc nt F. H. S. on the diamond was composed of: Upton, Ilernsburg, Lcssom, Hall, Kelly, Frye, Andrews, McArthur, Pearson, and Underwood. This game with the all-stars showed what the rnerit.s of the team were. The team showed in this game that they were not to be trifled with, for coupled with air-tight pitching, backed by errorless support, F. H. S. licked the all-stars good anid hard. Coaches Daniels and Burns sent their team up against such clubs as Red Oak, Buie's Creek, Raeford, and Sanford in the preliminaries before the championship series. Although the majority of these games were lost by close scores, none of the enthusiasm was lost. ln the championship series We met and defeated Raeford, Parkton. Lumberton, Durham, and fought our way to the finals for the Eastern championship. The game for the Eastern championship was played in Clayton, and the team, accompanied by a number of fans, journeyed to that town for the contt st. How ever, Clayton was there with that same resolve, and Old F. H. S. was defeated by the score of 12-0, due largely to one pitcher, Sorrell by name. Although the team was disheartened and upset by this snow under, the wound was greatly healed by the fact that Clayton trounced VVinston-Salem the next day by a score of 12-5, the same Sorrell pitching. .QI 9 1 Ip.. La fzmac 1923 F A Y IC 'I' 'I' IC Y I I. L Ii IIIGII SVIIUUI. 'wg' fi am, JUNIOR CLASS CHAMPIONS IN FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL .441 92129, 1923 x L f1 ffi wf I S ' FA Y lG'l"I'I'1 YILI I IIIKII fllfbil ,Qs Lfggtfr. x , X 5 lx iff X ff f f f A - I - , f' 4 I S W 'lv' QQWVI il f vi .1'Wf7!Vfl. 5 wi I it 7 jg! Y ill I, , 1-"'! ' f f , . ' 5,11 , Y In - ,-,-1 Y , - . -,-L 1-Z "ay I Qi H A 1 4 3 S? X YQ li x ':"'. K-VA 1 W X K 'E XX X XX X X X pg X x Nix x X Xa Q X X. X :ZX X x .QI 9 3 Ig., Lafamac IQZ3 F A Y IC T T IC Y I I. L IC IIIGII SCIIOUL rack ,Sl HIC year 111253 saw I". ll. S. euferingg an new Held of sporty namely, Trzxek. With Mr. D. C. liuzire :ls l'02H'l1, the truck c-unflidutes worked out at the filll' ,E.2l'0I1I1flS, lxlltlllll ten men I'0lTO1'llCfl for the first, puetive and lmrcl work outs were given Ivy Couell liuzire every clay. A QjI'll0lllIlg three weeks of hzml t1':1i1.1I1g was gone tlmmugll with, :md fllllllly the hjx'-ullts were held. After the Try-outs. Coaelz Buzire 2lIlI10lll1f'Pll that lgl'21l'T0l'Ll, 'l'ho1'11tm1, Russ, lX'I'l!Qlll, Clulvin, Mc-Iieuzie :mel Fortsnn were to eonstitufe the YllI'2lf'li tc-:1111. Smtf Russ was lIIllIl0fll2Ll'UlqV Illiltll' Captain by 21 lllmnillwlls vote, Alltltllfll' week nf' training wus gone fllfflllglll, :md the Team then journeyed to Chapel llill to compele in the State i11te1'sel1olz1stie t1'2Lffli amd field meet. lxlfllflllgll the team fznilecl tu take away the lumers, nevertheless :L foundation was mmle llfil' Il, truek team: in the years to come. .3 1-:II 9 4 In-- Q22 Q Lf?-fifl m HC IXXI IIIXIIII Illlill HVIIUUI, X N" M1 --QI 9 5 If:-A LdfflHZdC 1923 F A Y I-I 'I' 'I' IC Y I I. L li IIIHII svxluul, GI R LS' BASKETBALL TEAM AIRS. ERIII GLENN ..., ,4,C0a0h GLENNIIG B1cNNR'1"1', , . A.,. Captain IGI,IzAIzIc'rII IIARRISON. . . , , ,Manager .ALLI IC Puwl-:Rs ,... , ST.-xNI,m' H'rRII'IiI,ANIm I'1I.lZABl'1'l'lI H.xRRIsoN, . IQUIKY M.u'l+II,II,xxmN. f:I.IC NNI I-1 BEN N 1cT'1'. .. . Rljgllf 1'1'77'IlVI7'1II . , . . , . , . 'Lqft .,"I7I"ll7flT'll.. . . ..CvPI?ll'I'. . . . .. ,,..lfLf1htIlm11'rI. .. ... . Lqft Gurml. . .. '29 ,gl 9 5 Ip.. , , . .ANNIE LIQDBIQTTIQR BIARGUERITE ANDREVVS , . . .CHRISTINE HUTAFF ..LII,L1AN STRICKLAND . ,. .. HRVUTH BRTHUNR 1923 Lfzfamac FAH' 10 TTH Y I LL IG HIGH SVIIUU L fl f 1 A X G' - iff , 0 X , k ' Rx-. Ky! VN! .Xin ff ""g' ,' fb' I N iz' low. A "W ' I - 1 Wi. ' ,, R v. 0 'Tux ,J I X QI ,fW1,,i55W V . V ' . -- . X 1 n 0, aff. - W - - Q X SXQ. Xxx E2 ,Z . X Zgjig . Tm W'w Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 3Iust fur fun Mr. Mofiitt: i'Have you read :The Last of the Mohieans'?" Emanuel Evans: UNO, I haVen't read the first of it yetf' Alex McRae: "I don't think I should get zero on this math paper." Miss Dodson: "I don't either, but that's the lowest I eould give you." Jonah Brown: "I beat Mr, Shields up to-dayfl Malcolm Bethune: "How was that?" Jonah Brown: UI went by him going up Haymountf' Wilhelmina: "This soap makes 1ny skin smart." Mildred: " Huh, better use it then, for you need something to make you smart. " Nlary Caddressing Miss Etheljz "MayI take 'Kidnapped' to the library?" Miss Ethel Caddressing the elassj: HDoes anybody want to get 'Kidnappedl?" THESE ARTIFICIAL DAYS Miss Kate Cto girl just eoming into roomj: 'tEmily, you look pale, are you sick?" Emily: "No, I lost my vanity ease." Mr. Shields: "Lloyd" Lloyd: "Sir, Mr. Shields: t'Can you Carry a tune?" Lloyd: "Yes, sir.'l Mr. Shields: 'tWell, take what you are whistling outside and bury itf' 77 Miss Newton: "Fred, is that Science you and Charles are talking about?" Fred: llYi?S7IIlQ we were just talking about a Certain kind of machine." Miss Newton: "Must be a Ford, from the noise you are making." .QI 9 8 I923 Lajigmac F' A Y E 'I' 'I' E V I It L IG HILH NYIIOUI ilaints fur Examination apers Every feat practiced in high school is an art VFD Decorating examination pa- pers is an art worthy of note. One of the most popular positions for decorating is at the top of the examination paper, although the end is considered by many to be the most valuable, because it leaves the last impression. A paragraph placed at the head of the paper should read: "Ye gods of memory, be with. me yet, Lest I forget, lest I forget." While at the end something similarly appropriate may be used: "Ye gods of memory were with me not, For I forgotg Oh! Iforgotfn A form of decoration used by a pupil whenever he or she has made a mistake in answering a question Cwhich should not be too oftenj may be made with the aid of a little arrow. This symbol should be placed at the beginning of the line upon which the mistake occurred: -w My Error! ! I A more cordial acknowledgement of a mistake is: Beg Pardon! ! There are several forms of decorating which are frequently used by ignorant and illiterate pupils. Of these probably the most popular is: 'fOh! Gee! I dzfdn't see the 7th question." This is used whenever the pupil is entirely unaware of the answer and should be placed at the end of the paper. "Not qhntshedn is used when the student has no inkling of the answers to the last few questions. This should be placed at the end and made to appear as if written hurriedly for lack of time. An art which has gained much popularity in Fayetteville High School is that of writing illegibly whenever the question is in doubt. Always write something Cif possibleb, as this influences the teacher at least to think you are a willing pupil. A few words of praise for the intellect of the teacher are often very helpful in se- curing a passing mark. EMANUEL J. EVANS, '24, ,UI 9 9 Ig.. Lafamac 1923 FAYETTEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Svuspense Everyone was suffering unbearable suspense. All the thirty-three pupils in the room sawthe teacher's angry eyes fixed on the innocent girl! Oh! Horrors! the teacher was walking nearer and nearer. Why didn't the girl look around? Was no one going to tell her of the impending danger! Cruel fate! The foolish girl was unthinkingly plunging into the unpardonable crime! Back and forth ! Would she never cease? Too late! The teacher was upon her, the wrathful words used by that one unit of the faculty could never be equaled even tho' Bond Byrd him- self tried, and tried, and tried. The humiliated, crushed, tearful and broken-hearted girl awaited the verdict: In words as harsh and resounding as the fire alarm, the verdict came, " One hour for chewing gum!" HARRISON, '23 5? NIGGER LOVE Love you, honey, why, co'se I do! Bat I a1fn't got no right to, You jest ldflillflfl hrzppnfrl along, Den I knowed sump'n was wrong Down Qfnsirle dis n'zfggcr's breastg Since den I a1fn't had no rest, I can't sleep no mo' at ntghtg Boss, he thinks I atn't jest right. Marybe So, but tazfn't no harm, Gal, come gift inside my arm You look Zak you 'bout to faint, You might fool me, but you ain't. NATALIE THoMAs, '23. '-21 1 0 o Ir:- 1923 yLc1fam qC FA 'TTVWI Ll' YL u L 1 HIGH SCHOOL -f mm .ugnrihuiglytf i C911 l 159:55 These :Wallet tu Burn Daniel Kelly ..... . . . . . . . . George Hatch Duval Frye . . . . . Henry Sandlin Malcolm Bethune . . . . William Davis Charles Lilly . . . . . . Fred McKenzie Wilbur Andrews . . . Hartwell Remsburg Richard Lilly . . . . . Harold Bell Alexander McRae . . Lloyd Seawell Robert Jackson . . . Earl Hayes Henry Hough . . . . Fred Tatum ' Maurice Lessem . . Euland Kennedy James Coffey . . . . . Bond Byrd Bynum Cain . . . Price Hilliard Matt Russ . . Spencer Bennett Julian Parker . . . . Elbert Walters George Weisiger --al 101 Ie-- Myron Herndon Lafamac 1923 F A Y IQ 'I' 'I' E Y I L LE HIGH SCHOOL Break, break, break, On thy cold gray shore, O Seag Break, break, break, But youlre not as broke as Ine. QATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Miss Newton: "Biseet that line." Lloyd: "Into how Inany parts'?H Glennie had some yaller hair, But now it's turned to red, Glennie used some henna leaves- Is what the rumor said. GETTING BY Mr. Moffittz 'lGive nie a personal pronoun." VV1lbu1' Andrews Qjust waking upj: "Me'?" Mr. Moflitt: "Correct," Mae: "Why is it that girls like to become engaged to several men at once l' Jean: f'Well, when you have only one 1U3,'CCl1 it always goes out. Elizabeth 2 Trunian: 'K Elizabeth 2 Buck.: H I Crawford 1 Buck: " So "Papa said you had Inore money than brains." That's one on your Pag I'In broke." "Yesg he added that you were." wish this rain would keep up." "Why'?" it wouldn't COIIIC down." --11 102 Ir-- 975 ADLVERTI .,,T ,L- T .if- Li- l,,..-J Q-i-,.. -. I K W EW! I We nnlill IIIIIIIIIIIWITIIMIIIII 2 H 2 fl if 9' ,ii Trl L- I2 W - v 0 . 'Q if W 4 lf I ' F5 I fs 3 W , W I 5 .Q df-,V: I I J ' ! My ug!" Y I :: If -"'f mx 1 1-'qw - ky fm Mk Dj WRX f 1 -4- ' ,.-l 1Q.. 10211-30101131111 ix ini in 1 xi ri 1 4-11 in i 24130141:11034xioiuix1101034111101030101413 1010101 1 ini i THE ARIVIFIELD CO. WHoLEsALE GRooERs DEALERS IN Fancy Groceries Feeds Flour Hay DISTRIB UTORS OF BEVO BUDWEISER AND CORBY CAKES "Equzlb yourself fo lifve. Tfzefzwe lifve in u house equipped electrically." Hunter Brothers Electric Co. ELECTRICAL CON TRACTORS-DEALERS APPLIANCES, FIXTURES, SUPPLIES RADIO PHONES AND PARTS Phone 394 I I6 Hay St FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 141101 1:1 21 3 31112 uiuiuil fini 31111311 1 1 ini 2 111111 The Home of GQQD CLOTHE TQM A. THORNTON The Men's and Boys' Store FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA l Zz 44, up OUR DELIVERY SERVICE IS AS NEAR TO N Rx fl W 507' 4' f I -una, X THE TELEPHONE 'Q ,FF . u , QR WSW' fx QQ MXN x USE IT I 1 4 '- I In I 9 , I ' f wL,,iQf - - ,x vm X ffzjffg GW , Q' ' I' sq IX I , I , my , Q A' Q I N' I Am' If If I X vm QL , U 1 N-K4::kx1.Iyk4'K"f:,: PL I . k ,I my 1 Ss XX . I A- . V ,Bd V X 'I ' f R ' C I qiimnxxxnix Gzffy 0 f F lowers Artistically Arranged for the SWEET GIRL GRADUATE Flowers Delivered Anywhere SUNNYSIDE FLORAL NURSERY JAS. M. LAMB 81 SONS PHONE 49 4l1u1uin1u1o14mini:simwill114niuivuiuiuiexin1cniuio1n1n1411011 EVANS FURNITURE COMPANY Household Furniture Stoves and Ranges PHONE 613 110 PERSON STREET WE CARRY EVERYTHING IN DR UGS MATH EWS PHARMACY Phone 6111 Pittman Bldg. A. E. Rankin Co., Inc. HARDWARE 6'Pee Gee" Paints, Varnlshes, Oils, Lune, Cement, Plaster, Russwin Hardware Supplies, Morgan Sash and Doors. The Best in the World. 114-116 PERSON STREET 1111 1 1 1413031riuinioiuriuic1xi 1 1 i 111 111 in ini 1 i vi xi Zniuioiuiuriuinri rin 111410301411 ri xi 1 11101411 3 3 nil ini: wir 1 2 '11 1 1 lining- iniuiuinirsininguioininiuiui 1:14 11: 141 1 O. H. H UNSBERGER EINE CQSTOM TAILOR Mz'lz'tary and Civilian First Floor Huske Bldg. Glfff that last and please ARE FOUND AT The Gzfz' Shop Our Customers of today were the Boys and Girls of Yesterday As you grow up Identify Yourself with FAYETTI-EVILLE'S GREATEST ASSET THE NATIONAL BANK Q TORAGE Q 33 When any commodity is produced at a greater rate than it is consumed, some of it must he stored. The cotton crop, harvested in a few months, requires many months to be consumed. Some- where along the line, from the pro- ducer to the consumer, some of the crop must be stored. Therefore, the Cotton Warehouse is the reservoir between the supply and demand---the lock pantry of the cotton industry. Store Your Cotton Wz'rh Us 3 3 CAPE FEAR BONDED WAREHOUSE Co Fayetteville, N. C. 1 1 it i 3 YQ i li itliioioioioioi 111 111 1 i CUMBERLAND SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY '53 Sevzzrzfy, Service amz' Strwzgflz for its Depoyifory '53 IVKXNK II. STlCI3NI-XN, l'mcN1n1x1 .XI,BliRT ST1iWART, VAN1111 K if 11111111 1010101010:01014mimnimnrixvixsimwgm1024110101 '11 1- 301 OLD-F ASI-IION ED COOKING Dainty Salads, Home-Made Pastries Good C0j?n66 RED -,L CAEETERIA INSURANCE--LOANS REAL ESTATE 'B We are always Ready to Serfve 'Tr FAYETTEVILLE INSURANCE AND REALTY CO. C C M XLLISTER, PRESIDENT C. V. SHAPPIC, XI THE CENTRAL CAFE "CHARLIE,S', The Best Place to Get Sometlzifzg Good to Eat Reasonable Prices Polite Service 301 ini 101010101 11311 1 1 qpniuiniuinimviuimmimwisxini 1 1 ing 1:11111 1 1 Quin: 1 1 1:1 ima: :ri 11341 1:1 30113 1 101: "WE ARE HERE TO SERVE" OFFICERS JOHN R. TOLAR . ...... . . President D. U. SANDLIN . . . Vice-President PAUL STEWART . . ..... Cashier J. REID CRAWFORD .... . . Assistant Cashier LAFAYETTE BANK Sc TRUST COMPANY FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 3 DIRECTORS JOHN R. TOLAR, Jr. A. B. WATSON J. V. MCGOUGHAN E. A. POE R. L. PITTMAN M. A. BETHUNE D. U. SANDLIN S. C. GODWIN I.. GENTRY G. R. PATTERSON JOHN R. TOLAR PAUL STEWART mini 1 I 3 ini 3 li if il 3014 jtbl it 3 211111 1011 ini 1 130313011 ini ri:13014111114xiuimxiniuiuiuini1n1aro1o1u2o1n1nrguiuiuiuiniuni 1 ax ini IT'S PATENT MEDICINES IT'S A PRESCRIPTION IT'S DRUGS IT'S TOILET ARTICLES IT'S RUBBER GOODS That You Want Get It At The KUT-RATE DRUG Co. Druggists - Pharmacists I23 HAY STREET PHONE 3l2 HIGHLAND BOOK STORE BOOKS STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS PHONE 366 222 HAY ST. 101034rioioininiuioirwi ini xi vi in bininiuioiuinimmiuicrioioioioic is ini 1 iflioioit12030103010111 P ititvitrioiuiniuil1201010311 DZ it COHZjJ!i77Z67Zl5 of RAY GROCERY Co. DELICATESSEN AND FANCY CROCERIES If 1t's Groceries You Want WE HAVE THEM og Purveyors to Particular People Phones 112 85-86 Hay St. Phone 904 124 Person St IF YOU WANT TO BUY ARMY AND NAVY GOODS THAT ARE GUARANTEED SEE J. ZEIGHAUSER AT THE ARMY AND NAVY SToR1: Phone 224 132 Person St. vi ri ini: 2011 it 10101111 i xi 1 1 1711114I1010101111031130101030203 bl' 311101 3 102 1 ini 1 illillitbninilxioioi xi 1 1 ini 11111023 ASHION AVORS ALLON 'S LOWERS A Large Stock of the most Beautiful Flowers and Plants always on hand '5 Artistic Bouquets for Graduation. Our Rainbow Tinted Corsages are Visions of Loveliness 3 Member of Florist's Telegraphic Association Flowers Delivered Anywhere J. J. FALLoN CoMPANY FLoR1sTs Hay Street Opposite Postoflice ini it 1 lioitliuitli fini: 1 I 1 11011011 10101010201 1 li lil 1 510 1ni0in1n1014r1uiuiui4vi0iu11rd nic103014rirriuioiqrioioiu SEE US FOR EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN TI-IE HARDWARE LINE HUSKE HARDWARE HOUSE If it IIT Worth Owning, it Iii' Worth INSURING CLAUDE W. RANKIN General Insurance 204 HAY STREET SCHOOL DAYS ARE KODAK DAYS We are Agents for Eastman Kodaks and Supplies H. R. HORNE 599 SONS You Should be a Member OF THE Y. M. C. A. JOIN NOW 11 2 in 11 1 riuinifniuioicrboim itlil1011hiuiuioilbinilli i 34:im11011ring:nioioioioiuinicwiuinifmnniuzaifrinitui:mimniamicwicxicnimxzmmi B. FLEISHMAN BROTHERS " The Kving Clotfziers H Head-to-Foot Ontfzriers for Men, Women and Clzzldren 3 Stylish, Reliable Clothing for Every Member of the Family at Saving Prices. Dry Goods Direct from the Mills with the Jobber's Profit Eliminated. '5 FLEISHMAN'S BIG STORE "The House of Reputation" Youthful Styles for High School Girls. We Save you Money on all Lines of Dry Goods and Ready-to-Wear. Shop at Fleirhmank and Save Money lininioioiuioil11010141111301411054lil1101413010141141014xiuiuioinilrini in in 101410101:wining:1103039411:2010341014rioiluiuiuiuiui in Z HUPMOBILES "They do give .ver'vz'ce" J. AND N. MOTOR CO. PHONE 75 GILLEPSIE ST. Compliments of MEYERS SHOE STORE FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Fruits, Vegetables Candy Wholesale and Retail T. S. SALEEBY COMPANY "QUALITY BEFORE PRICEH PHONE 24 HAY ST. Buy Your Gas and Oil at the QUICK FLASH STATION FAYETTEVILLE OIL AND GAS Co. 3 4xiuioiuioioin1011rioioiuioioioq 5101:mini:uixuicvifrillililuiriili 101011121 3010111101031xioioiuioitbllil10302011110102 1 1 'i 1303 3 3 3 What you learn in school is important, but not really as much as what you will learn after you graduate. Economy is one of the most important lessons. Appearance will count a great deall in the achievement of success in life. We aid you in both when you permit us to tailor your clothes for you. Splendid suits made to order at prices no higher than ready-made clothes are worth. . KAHN TAILORING Co. car. Hay and Burgess sts. Where Courtesy and Quality For Engraved Cards Are First and Stationery Suits Made to Of Measure Class Pins d R' H. R. SANDERFORD an lugs 6? SCC COMPANY Dawson 85 Sanction Men's Furnishings Phone 380 Phone StS. Fayetteville, 10111201 inituiuioioioioinicii 11 1 11 2 24114rxuiuioxtiioioini 111 THE PICTURES IN THIS BOOK WERE MADE BY THE PATON STUDIOS FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. 312 I-Iay Street National Bank Bldg., I-Iay St. Phone 2I2 Phone I68 3 Films and Hand Cameras Kodak Finishing Enlargements Wall Pictures Stand Frames Framing 'S PHOTOGRAPHS 554.50 PER DOZEN UP 10-iuiuiuir 1 3 1 in in ir 1 1 1 ri ri li 11110113 1112111141 Z 1011111 STANDS FOR BEASLEY ALSO FOR BEST W atelz aaa' Jewelry Repairs SEE US B. F. BEASLEY Sc SON E. C. DERBY Engineer---Bu ila'er General Engineering and Contracting Asso. Mem. Am. Soc. C. E. Offices Huske Building A Gooa' Place to Know About "VELVET" ICE CREAM Dennison 's Crepe Paper and Supplies Norris and Pffzitrnan Ca1za'ies PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY FILLED J. S. HALL DRUG CO. linitliniuininizIit11014M010inxi1xiuinianiuiuioilril 1 1 1 io: 1 it 1 is 1 3011101111111014ofxiuiuioioil11411014131 1 wi mi 11 101014 Get Your Meals Atl TI-IE RQSEIVIONT THE ROYAL CAFES We Serve The Public Right UNIVERSAL GARAGE Co., INC. QQ S5 my M-W I "Where Service Excels " Phone 186 Fayetteville, North Carolina At Your Service FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK Fayetteville, N. C. THOS. E. OWEN, Pres. M. D. KEMP, Cashier ini 1201014riuioixniniuini 1 ui 1 xi rc 1 3 uiniuiniuiicnilxioin it 1014 i 101114 14 i i it 1 it 1 101nilliubllininiuinini 1411021 1 lil 10141010 FRATERNITY COLLEGE SOUDER S AND CLASS Tlzc Professional Prescripfion Slore Commencement 1' Announcement . . Finest Chemicals, Drugs, and Infvztatzons i and Sicle Room Supplies The Junior Rings are Balfour Made l MOTORCYCLE DELIVERY L' G' 85 CO' Plloncs 120 and 780 ATTLEBORO, MASS. SANDLIN E? CO., INC. Wholesale Grocers 5 DEALERS IN Groceries, Grains and Feeds 3 SPECIAL Sugarine Dairy and Poultry Feeds PHONE 397 01011uiarioiuiuinioiui 14:31 14:11 1 1:11114riuiuinzoiuix 11 ir 1 in ini: 1 ni: vim vi: 111 rin nic :il vie his 111 if 11031 nic :ini lin lui: 201014 U14 1011 nil lic rioiuif The Real Fruit Drink Made exclusively in the OR- ANGE-CRUSH Laboratories ppvdfdif at Los Angeles, California, from DRINK- ripe, juicy citrus fruits. Orange-Crush Lemon-Crush There are many imitations. Lime-CruSh None genuine except in the patented C CRINKL Y BOTTLES In Bottles and Order a Case Through Your Grocer. Af These drinks are More Nourishing Fountains than the Richest Food ASK FOR Used in Mafzy H0spz'f41fs My dy-dis' Sold Only in the And me NO CRINKL Y BO TTLES Substitute C Orange-Crush Bottling Co., lnc. Orange-Crush Building Phone 248 Fayetteville, N. C. Worth Street 31,101.13-iiuirmini invii:inititwill,loin1301014allxi:r1niui41in1n14b1ni in 010101 bl 101 lit initD11rimlinitbnininiuitrim 2111111 131 ini ri ini! Compliments OF ED FLEISHMAN C5 BROS. CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS and SHOES l07 Hay St., Fayetteville, N. C. J. SIMPSON SCHENCK REAL ESTATE BENNETT-GARRASQN Co., INC "Society Brand Headquarters " I If it is Something for the Old or Young Man, WE HAVE IT Give us 21 trial BENNETT-GARRASON 81 CO. Lafayette Bldg., Fayetteville, N. C. 3101411014liniuioiihioiniuilrivinit11710itlicmicbitlioiniuioioilli ri i 1o11ri1i1i1ioiui 211 Z D 1101 i 11 31111111111 11213 201 Carolina Ice Cream "Quality first---therefore the choice of those who discriminate" ,- 7 - Ice Cream is no longer a delicacy, a rich wind-up to dinner, a treat to be looked and waited for. Today it is a staple food, eaten day after day in summer and winter alike, and relished both because of its goodness and its wholesomeness. It is a usual dessert at dinner, but it is also an important food to be eaten between meals at the soda fountain, in mid-afternoon on the porch, at the end of an evening's pleasure, at cards or dancing, after a drive or swim, or tennis. It provides, as no other food does, the coolness so longed for in hot weather and the readily available nutriment which relieves fatigue and stimulates action in all kinds of weather. It is a well-known fact that BRIGHT, BOUNCING, PRET- TY High School Scholars who use Ice Cream lavishly always stand at the head of their classes. Statistics show that a diet on dairy products is conducive to both the mental and physical welfare, and an essential food as well as a delicacy. Made in Fayetteville, N. C., by the Carolina Ice Cream Co. Trade Mark Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. J. I". IIARRISON, I'1'csidcnt A. IS. DIXON, V.-P. and Gen. Mgr. PHONES 96 AND 97 1 3 3 1 111111 1 103112r1o104l0iui1ri 1 111 ini ini 1121 SEE KOSTERMAN- For a longer life and that feeling of youth DR. KOSTERMAN, CHIROPRACTOR Office: Huske Bldg. For VICTCR VICTROLAS NEW EDISON TLKING MCHINES CALL ON PEMBERTON MUSIC HOUSE Pa fronize Our Adv er tzkers 1103411initliuiuinininiuil90101010111021111 1 ri 111 1 1 it 1111 ri li ri li limi lil 1 11111 Dill I li bil 1 11 li 1 lini init ACKSON BROS. O Orders for fine lumber either dressed or undressed given our prompt attention ,- We Extend Our BEST WISHES To the Class of 1923 Phone 895 - - Fayetteville,N.C. 4l2Sl4SB5?l4.?25l2S2'5PSSl24B5l2SiP5ESl?2Sl25224E Q3 G Tum ll793!11l'If.s.CLua,iBUm15l1v?G' oiiihifidni-A i - + " 4P6'5VcaFE'W'w printed by Edwards dt Broughtanfrrlngga, C , , 1 . -...,- Q Q . u a ,, W "Prz92z'zng 15 the Imepamble Compamofz ofdclzzefvemem' O VER FIFTY YEARS of Con tinuous Service to the Schools and Colleges of the State of North Carolina. During this time we have supplied, because of our reputation for Quality, a greater vol- ume of this class of work than any other plant in the State. We specialize on College work such as: THE SCHOOL ANNUAL I IS it an achievement from the hands of skilled artisans-the result of careful planning by experienced Work- men, or does it have the appearance of ordinary printed literature? fll.You Want the best that money can buy when you issue your Annual. Gut facilities are perfect and our workmen are specialists. lll,Place your Annual with those who know Good Printing. ANNUALS CATALOGS PUBLICATIONS EDWARDS E? BRO UGHTON PRINTING CoM PANY ENGRAVED 'Gs' ESTABLISHED 1871 STATIONERY I I INVITANONS Qinllegs Qnnual Speualusts ANNOUNCEMENTS VISITINGCARDS RALEIGH-NORTH CAROLINA 9 it ilifliiliflkdhifiikfliilli sa I ilk ibflkiiiii -Su -13 3 1 1113 1 in 6:11142 GD LZ-11111142 1 K J 1, 5 A 1 HY - FL.. i ff "" . , Kcfx -W KX x f K L f KX -,-.Q' ,A i' Wg i s IN NEMO RY . NWS-g 6 1,Mf'r ' 'UE ,, Of THQ-ff f- W: ii.. wtf, MN4- A- ff Wuo TAILED 2w,14sQ2f" pf'l1 pgs N,a'ffg1?f'fi'!'Q!l y TQ , -. -. -,,-0' Aww mirnsra x . X 4 1 ' X b 3 - X E - WEY EEEM .N-35 4 qi , X gi E QS!! -aft ' I X , 4 X X N X pxxkiiq kxlff . A kk f N CWV5' rf H ,.f-1,..1,-X-,J1. .,... - 1 ,Nm-. if A' I 1.22 '. 15 J. 571-' wi u!1".Pw4"'-w...',l,u1. ,-f,,v1 ,., . xi 1 ',-A-4 ' . A -' . 1 v ,W s 1 1: 4 ,jk-1' 4.11, H . i 1' .,1 , -54 -1 4,4 - -N -'A A 1 .,.,Jf?.:,dv?l '.n ,QI V, ri.: 1'.'4'. 2' 1 "'.' "' . .'?i'.',' -f.1' ' -"7 . A Q. 1 - 1 1 4 N V' Jiiqfw. I. b' 1 -' X ICZIJQJ1 .- , , '.,, V I ': Mu. 1-xx. , fx 1 VH' .- 1- 4. T-yi'-fx " Lu, M .zf :i'1k'2 211 ' '1 1 '-'- ' qijqu.-W ..,,1 ,W, .L I 'Eli' ,,',t1,'iH'f.f". 1 ,' 3 -J. 1, 1 G . 'f -.1 ' P'-' , - , '..yf1l,f"' f ' "fi 'l I ' Hr, 1 , '11 --f,..'. L v,,W'A v, A ' 'EN 41245-., ,fp ,, '!,- . . ' .W-1. I . Q,..x,'3' ., m,.- ,- , v, A-,-.-. ,Q 1. . f 1 , P lf! .-"'. 9397 ,f',. ,1 1' 1 '.:'f. .-D' Nz, , , , 5: ' '--'.-'AP-'.A ,JE 1 5 V A-,ff - , 14, mf 1 V jf N, 1 ,. . 1 , ' 5 it 'f,'7?f.ff"'1.r-f-- g 1 'Hx , 4 14' ' ' 1 f " wx '11 1,.,, -Y . .-4, -, ",'.z.:1I-- '1 .-. J 5, 51- - ' -.f. 4 1' L- , r 9. ff.Lg.vv . 1 1"'fa ' E ' , 4 ,v 1, r 1 Nil., 14 ,-. -,vi . 'J. A L., 1. ,LW . Wk . . 4 .1 F' .1 '. 4? 55, .1 -rr ,. .1., 4 'l' vii. w,-M ,ul ,Rr 4.1, . 7.1 .1.u1,, ry- v., 1, , .Q ,s' 4 .1.,5- -.Ls . 1 . rf F E , 10.17- . LA'-" V ., 1, ,ay .fy - v., I fv15"f.' '- 1 N 51'u"'4. e"r'Y ' 7fH,:,f5, -J-K , 1. 1P,l,Am,u7 LH Ay. ,nl wf' ,J-ry.: ' 1-1 - UI: ' Yen, , .1 1, 71'-',: 5. 11.-w' , A Mug fy., . Q.. N1 N..-K 'r 1 1 r '1 'K , ,A-, . .. ,wh 11 ,. I. , 1 b x M 1 .,-, 'I vu , . Quinn: : "'f':gf21 fmt wx-K ffjzlli-:b,,'ka ..1 ,hx , ,W 4 W' , 7 'I 7 K 1 -v 1 , v 4 K H. x 1nu1nngm1".. 11mLv-:gnu gn-11:11-n iv I,-r, I ff, ". an ' . '44"' ,E -A f ws, w K ,- .sfffl v 1.1-wQ ::.Qg+f -4 gi " rw ' fs x ' - 10 ' F' Ju' 5 , fi ,Ph-4' fr wk -0 ten ,fi 5' R. f 'mx 1: H 'fx 4? li W -'T . 5' A . 3 if - T ,x., MY--3, A 'L-.jiiglwtzihg ' . T? ww fe, - if N -rg. 4 ' .-5,34 ,, 3.2 ,., 5' ' '41 1 253431 ,f ' .J -P: ' 'YY 'Taz' iw f ' w av !""f . 'S 51",-'f9",V' N78-5' 'M' f -1 4,kf.'. QV' qw ' " .- J J 7 " 'f-2'?:?xW 5, gg - Q: , -.,: V ,I ., If rf' .3-1""'x' "' N ' 4 L 'Q' .. . .. r. 5 L' 88 ,Q :, ., ,J : - ,, , Ui, ' 1 5 g - --1, , '- 'f 5- . . "' A .Hifi f' F x.,- - ,-1 '..' - .1.1.' ' - 'f ,f gf " ' 'P - .M AI J.-.1 -, Q. pm. I var I .5 1 Vv' . ww' H53 J .1 1 ,. -.-,- ,- I ,,- -5, 'fly - ffl Q . 2 5, .MR f A if . 4 - 'wx A , wg -r , ,w fr ,- Q ffwl f fu 3 A- -l .M . if if ' .,.Xw35' " ffm . I .Y , .V i 1. 1 f ' 3 5- - 1. gh y nf, .- V, '14 .AM r I . ,E yffl .A , 'K ,, ka 1 - ed fffiif' 246' 7' , '? 2' gg' if X1 p-fp. AL" .-ff. .' 'tx ' g., ' N V." 35? 'C : gvihffiw " 17,5 i - gg.. 'mf A Q! -qu, .' " . X v - P., 3 ,' ' MJ" 'N' -:X .- . ,. - ,Af .34w ,, 4 gn , wi, " ' Q, . ff M 1' ' -'7' W fu, :QS -'I' , 4,5 . 1 n-.- '. mf' KS 5 ,L .. ' l ff A ,K P54 " I 11. '. 'U'-'A '-:-f' 0 " f 2 315 . 52 ai 55.v.':-,-.P gi, ,. '-"" lf 1' '. V 'H' .. W - ,In . :fx 4.4-1 - :J A, N , .,-n x x 3425, :hwy ' 5 ,5 5 gc! - ,.,fI .LM rs ' 3' , , A 'fn -,nf X y A ' 49 'i 'Tia' ' '. ., in d ' wi ' ' V - A' -. -ic' P I lqvzmi 1 . f ' V v4vA i'iEliN 1. Via-. ' my 'W +741 ' 'N 2 ff 4' I R3 3 , A 4-ji A., 4 P' Aagq y 1 MPH r'f,ff,Z,y!1A,.,. 'YQ W, ni J ,F lsr? "" '5i7?k- " ' " sf 1 .. Q51 ,gil . 4Qi.a, u . ml U as , JZ':L'j'i, .fi I . V 1 ."'Q X, B., ' ,l -.Ffa 't . : L fl - :Heir , ,ik ,e, . . -dj - - rf- ' '4 ,.. I, lpn V F, . V.: H-fi Y -'gg f 'r 4' --1 3-1c.'4v-.- -M W W 5 'f ff ' ' .. A -it w V' l uv. f w 1 aa l 1 g' ..Q,4Yg'hg.- JW .37 .,,q,q, .- :Y- M, ' -- IW. '44 'YZ -" omq .Qu 1' -Nb 6 'A - r 4 Aff - "i Alia' sfffellff' QM 4 V g.,w 5'f" f L Q nl- X-3597:-,.lv,4'Y': . gh V - , 1-f'-'af .Lf , if fp . Jw-W f i ., . 1 ,, 4 ,. ,.., 1. 1 in ,,.,- gg ,. Ag ., ,ga of 6 ,, Q?" b I H , 3 f .-1 l '- . nf if y .L V ,ay -,1'f'fQ, . ' 1' is 'fl -:J a f A-gf 1 ,Ya A V P322 V v Q, ...I ,, . VXA? - .f A Y -il N if ' .-.333 ' wk- QQ, ' .,'ff':, fp- T"f-'11 - Lg-gfw. 11 , "' 3, 5. Q' .- 'WT - LE- 1 ,tu ,f1v',., - U- it A f .- c-' ngy- 1 ,vi . - Y .. ,Vx-. , N I . . ' " 3, 1- :rx 'L '1 . ,1 gil ' -, 'Q 45 21 ,, I ix, isa A+ 'Q V 'x V -la. 1 ' " , . Y? 54.5 .3 wcf 'L , av. A 'H-,, Nrf' 'TF a 'X' 7 !.' 37 , ' ev . . '2 ga: , V A x ' . xc , t J! ., gr.. QHZ' SE v-Z: uiynuiiliwwvxitiwww-n k

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Fayetteville High School - La Famac Yearbook (Fayetteville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


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