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IWW I059 V959 I9 I-m 1 Q551 mm mv, 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 7- v 'gi-. REVEREND FRANCIS BLOOD, O.S.F.S. Principal We at Father Lopez High School would like to invite you to take part in our 25th Anniversary Celebration. Our school was dedicated in 1959 and our first class was graduated from our new school in 1960. We would like to dedicate this book to the countless number of people who have made Father Lopez the excellent institution that it is today. We salute and thank all of the individuals who worked and sacrificed so that we could continue their work today. We dedicate this book to them. We thank the Daytona community for its continued support. Veritas 1984 Volume XXV FATHER LOPEZ HIGH SCHOOL 960 Madison Avenue DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA 32014 SEAN AHMED RONALDO ALHAMBRA DERRICK ANTHONY SHEILA ASHLEY MARK BAKER CONCETTA BALDACCHINO 'A Q ' X.. fx., 5 ' x 0 al JOSEPH BARBARA RHONDA BEARDSLEY AMY BOSWELL MONICA BRYAN ANITA BUGLIONE JAMES BURLEY CRAIG BUTH CHRISTINA CABREZA JOSE CASTRO PATRICIA CODIANNE CARLA COSIO CLAUDIA COSIO KEITH COSTNER ELISA DAUGHERTY AMBER DAVIS ROBIN DILLARD KENNETH DUDLEY REGINALD EDWARDS JOANNE FAHNER TRISTAN FORTICH MIA GALLAGHER CARLOS GALLIANO DEBORAH GROMLEY MARY HAJASH RONALD HAMRICK ANITA HARTMAN KEITH HERNDON MICHAEL HILL ROBERT HORNER JOHN HUBER 1 EDITH JANES MARILYN JONES A.J. JULIAN STEPHANIE KING ELIZABETH KOSZAS SCOTT MCCARTHY L Wav' LAURIE MCCARTHY THERESA MCCLOSKEY CATH LEEN MCKENNA TERESA MAHONEY KAREN MATTE ALPHONSO MEEKS HARRY MICHAEL RICHARD MOTZEL CHRISTOPHER NOWVISKIE I JEFFREY PESHEK LOUIS PETERS KERRY PIKE NORA PRICE MARIA PRINCI DEVI QUIGLEY N NINA RADOSTA JAY RILEY LORI ROAT CECILY RUTZLER BRIAN SGANGA BRYAN SPERBER LORI STALLINGS RON ALD STEPHENSON JAMES STRINGER WILLIAM STRINGER PATRICE TALLEY SHARON VAN DRIEL AMY VAN KOOTEN CARA VAN KOOTEN TARA VAN KOOTEN ELIZABETH WEIGAND KIMBERLY WELCH DELBERT WESTCOTT PEDRO SOLER SUSAN STUMPF MAUREEN EGGERT N L STEPHEN LLOYD LISA GOULET KIMBERLY THOMPSON JUDITH VAN DRIEL i rig Hi! l SENIOR SUPERLATIVES CUTEST RON STEPHENSON ELIZABETH KOSZAS BEST DRESSED DERRICK ANTHONY NINA RADOSTA MOST SCHOLASTIC CHRISTINA CABREZA MICHAEL HILL Iwi. u. BEST ALL AROUND CARA VAN KOOTEN RICHARD MOTZEL MOST DEPENDABLE MOST ATHLETIC LoR1 ROAT ANDREA JULIAN JOSEPH BARBARA REGGIE EDWARDS MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT BEST LOOKING MARK BAKER JOSE CASTRO AMY BOSWELL TARA VAN KOOTEN l 8 W - h A I , f A ' . I ' - W! sa, -A .. H Nl 11 f il ,f . 4 lk MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED FRIENDLIEST SEAN AHMED JAY RILEY EDITH JANES MARY HAJASH V ff. I I ig q S. V : SKMA .. fy 1 ' 9 MOST LIKELY TO COME FROM ANOTHER MOST LIKELY TO BECOME THE BLUES PLANET BROTHERS MILDRED RONNIE HAMRICK EDDIE SCOTT MCCARTHY Double Double Vision Vision i i r V Sharon and Judy Van Driel Claudia and Carla Cosio Cara and Tara Van Kooten Left to right: Sharon and Cara, er Tara and Carla Van, Wait a minute, I mean Judy and Claudia Presenting the Courts Angela Zaffarano returned from Italy a lit- tle late for senior pictures. Welcome back Angie! Faces 9 X'SK! f f 1 X xi Spirited Th ghfl ffm!!! Entertaining LQMQI Lijnvt' Sophisticated 2 -4. Q mi, fn fs . aadb' .pa 4:-, Sean Ahmed SEAN KARIM AHMED fSeanl Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966 "He who made kittens put snakes in the grass". Jethro Tull First Honors 15 Health Careers Club 1,45 World Culture Award 15 A.V. Aide, 1,25 Key Club 2,3,45 Who's Who in Foreign Languages 25 Second Honors 2,35 Christian Leadership 25 Yearbook 35 Drama Club 35 Spanish Club 35 National English Merit Award 35 Top 10 35 Most Likely to Succeed 45 N.H.S. 45 Who's Who in American High School Students 4. RONALDO DELA CRUZ ALHAMBRA CRonnieJ Detroit, Michigan, 1965 Whatever it was, I didn't do it. Tennis 1,45 Raquetball 25 Spanish Club 25 Who's Who in American High School Stu- dents 3: Track 3. DERRICK GERALD ANTHONY 1Musclesl Daytona Beach, Florida, 1965 A man without pride is like a bird without wings-llightless. Varsity football l,2,45 Varsity basketball 2,3,45 J.V. Basketball 15 Track 2,3,45 Leadership Workshop 25 Model U.N. 3,45 Key Club 45 Latin Club 45 Who's Who 45 Senior Class Trea- surer 45 Defensive Player of the Year Basket- ball 35 M.V.P. Track 35 District Champ 880 3. SHEILA ELLEN ASHLEY CYogiJ Ogdensburg, New York, 1966 "When the world is running down you make the best of what's still around". The Police Track manager 25 Pep Club 15 Spanish Club 1,25 Chorus 25 Christian Service Club 4. MARK ANDREW BAKER fBakel Augusta, Maine, 1966 Get it done today, because there may be no tomorrow. Football 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Soccer 3,45 Span- ish Club 2,35 Pep Club 2,45 Outstanding Names and Faces 35 Who's Who in High School 35 Health Careers Club 3,45 Coaches Award 3. CONCETTA THERESA BALDACCHINO 26 CConniel Brooklyn, New York, 1967 Champions are made, not born. Swimming l,2,35 J.V. Basketball 15 Varsity basketball 2,3,45 Varsity volleyball 45 Coaches Award varsity basketball 2,35 All Area Senti- nel Star Sports team 35 Model U.N. 4. JOSEPH EDWARD BARBARA Uoel Rockledge, Florida, 1966 "And the world will be better for this5 that one man followed that star no matter how hopeless, no matter how far5 lighting for the right with- out question or pause, willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause". Joe Darion. J.V. Basketball 1,25 Varsity basketball 35 N.E.D.T. Award 15 Superior Award in Volusia County Foreign Language Festival 15 lst place 25 Who's Who Among Foreign Language Stu- dents 1,25 S.G.A. 1,25 First Honors 1,25 Most improved basketball 15 Spanish Club 25 Drama Club 2,3,45 4th place Tomoka Regional Sci- ence 8L Engineering Fair 25 C.S.C. 25 Chorus 2,35 Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation Leader- ship Award 25 Leadership Workshop 2,45 Voice of the Green Wave 2,3,45 Key Club 3,45 N.H.S. Society of Distinguished American High School Students 3,45 Furman Scholar 35 Inter- national Thespian Society 35 President 45 Boys State 35 National English Merit Award 35 U.S. National Leadership Merit 35 Who's Who Among American High School Students 3,45 Prom Committee 35 "I Dare You" Award 35 Hustler Shufflers 45 Model U.N. 45 Most De- pendable 4. RHONDA LYNN BEARDSLEY tRhondal Daytona Beach, Florida 1966 "Man most learn to let go as easily as he grasps or he will lind his hands full and his mind emp- ty". Leo Buschalia. Pep Club l,2,3,45 Christian Service Club 11 Health Careers Club 2,3,45 Spanish Club 35 Basketball manager 35 Key Club 3,45 Latin Club 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Drama Club 4. AMY MARIE BOSWELL QBozD Murray, Kentucky, 1966 Set a goal and achieve it. Basketball l,2,3,4, Player of the Week 35 Ten- W flfhbi. 3- . Ronnie Alhambra l nis 15 Track 15 M.V.P. basketball 35 Prom Committee 35 French Club 15 Second honors 35 Christian Service Club 45 Hustler Shufflers 45 Health Careers Club 45 Powder Puff football 45 Packiiig Committee 45 Most School Spirit 4. MONICA MARIE BRYAN qmonn Redfield, South Dakota, 1966 Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. Powder Puff football 45 Baseball manager 35 Spanish Club 3,45 Drama Club 3,45 Pep Club 45 Hustler Shufflers 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Homecoming Committee 45 Pep Club secre- tary 45 Who's Who in American High School students 45 Leadership Workshop 4. ANITA LOUISE BUGLIONE fBugJ Bridgeport, Connecticut, 1966 "Friendship is the wine of life". Young. JAMES F. BURLEY Uamiej Huntington Beach, California, 1966. While the world is running down, get the best of what's still around. Surf team 15 Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 1 CRAIG ARTHUR BUTH CThe Shaftl Summit, New Jersey, 1966 "Never drive your steamroller drunk". Steve Martin. Baseball 1,45 Soccer 2,45 Drama Club 35 Chris- tian Service Club 3. CHRISTINA MARIE CABREZA CWinal Daytona Beach, Florida 1967. "I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving." Oliver Wendell Holmes. J.V. basketball 25 Track 2,35 Cross Country manager 25 varsity basketball 35 swimming 3,45 Boys basketball manager 45 tennis 45 Pep Club 1,25 First Honors 1,25 N.E.D.T. Award 15 lst place awards in Algebra, World Culture, Biol- ogy 15 SlG.A. 1,2,45 Science Fair 15 Who's Who in Foreign Language 25 lst place awards in Spanish 1, Geometry, Health 25 Yearbook 25 Junior Class Vice-President 35 Furman Schol- ar Awardl35 NHS 3,45 Spanish Club 35 Class Vice-President 45 Key Club 45 Who's Who in American High School Students 45 Society of Distinguished American High School Students 45 Most Scholastic 4. JOSE LUIS CASTRO, JR. Llosel Queens, New York, 1966 God's gifts to you are your talents, What you do with them are your gms to God. Varsity basketball l,2,3,45 varsity soccer 15 track 25 captain varsity basketball 35 basketball coaches award 15 Sportsman of the Year 15 SGA 25 Homecoming Court 2,45 Spanish Club 2,35 All-Area, All-County, All-Tournament basketball 25 Model U.N. 45 Who's Who Among High School Students 45 Best Looking 45 Homecoming King 4. PATRICIA JANE CODIANNE fPattiJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966. A merry heart, both good and kind, a truer friend 'tis hard to find. Pep Club l,2,3,43 Spanish Club 2,33 Drama Club 43 Yearbook 43 Hustler Shufflers 43 Pow- der Puff Football 43 Christian Service Club 43 'Key Club 4. CARLA CORINNA COSIO QCarD Hartford, Connecticut, 1966. I'm so embarrassed. Soccer manager 43 Who's Who Among High School Students 2,33 Spanish Award 2,33 Sec- ond honors 2,33 American History Award 33 Spanish Club 3,43 Latin Club 43 Pep Club 43 Christian Service Club 4. CLAUDIA CHRISTINA COSIO fClaudiaJ Hartfort, Connecticut, 1966. I'm only teasing. Baseball manager 43 Second Honors 23 Spanish Club 2,3,4Q First Honors 13 Pep Club 3,43 Who's Who in Foreign Languages 3. KEITH ROBERT COSTNER fB.R.J Millville, New Jersey, 1966. "It doesn't matter if you win or lose until you lose." Snoopy. Tennis 13 Soccer 2,3,43 Spanish Club 23 Who's Who Among High School Students 4. ELISA METINA DAUGHERTY CLisJ Columbus Ohio, 1966. "Smile: if you see someone without one them give them one of yours." Anon. Football manager I3 volleyball manager 2,3,4Q swim team manager 43 Pep Club I,2,43 Second honors I3 First honors 2,33 French Club 3,43 Health Careers Club 33 Drama Club 43 Latin Club 4. AMBER L. DAVIS fWamJ Daytona Beach, Florida 1966 "There's a brand new dance but I don't know its name .. . fashion". David Bowie. J.V. cheerleading 13 varsity cheerleading 3,4, captain 43 raquetball 23 track 43 N.E.D.T. 23 Spanish Club 33 Class treasurer 33 Hustler Shufflers 43 Prom Committee 33 Who's Who Among High School Students 3. Derrick Anthony ROBIN LYNN DILLARD Ckoobl Struttgart, West Germany, 1966. "If you wake up and don't want to smile, if it takes just a little while, open your eyes and look at the day. You'll see things in a different way." Fleetwood Mac. J.V. Cross Country 13 J.V. Track 13 Varsity Track 2,3,43 Varsity Swimming 1,3,4, captain 43 J .V. Basketball 13 Varsity basketball 2,3,43 Most Valuable player J.V. basketball 13 Most valuable player varsity basketball 23 2nd team Volusia County 23 Who's Who Among High School Students 33 Leadership Club 2,33 Latin Club 4. KENNETH DANCER DUDLEY fDudl Georgetown, Guyana, 1966 "Don't stop believing". Journey Football 23 Basketball 2,3,43 Track 2,3,4Q Base- ball 3,43 Basketball Rookie of the Year 23 Bas- ketball All-County Team 2,33 Basketball All district 2,33 Basketball All-Area 33 Pep Club 43 Key Club 4. REGINALD MAURICE EDWARDS fCasanovaJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966. Life is long, it is only high school . . . go for it! Football l,2,3,43 Track 1,3,43 Weightlifting 13 diving 23 basketball 2,3,43 baseball 33 MVP football and track 13 school record 440 relay and mile medley 13 Football All-Area 2,33 Leadership Club 2,4Q Most Improved basket- ball 33 Who's Who Among High School Stu- dents 33 Athletic Scholar Award 33 Model U.N. 43 Player ofthe Week for News Journal 4, Burger King 4, Booster Club 4. MAUREEN ANNE EGGERT fMaureenJ Huntsville, Alabama, 1966. "A man must have his dreams-memory dreams of the past and eager dreams of the future. I never want to stop reaching for new goals". M. Chevalier. N.E.D.T. 13 First Honors 1,33 Spanish Club 2,3,43 Yearbook 2,33 Leadership Club 2,33 Sec- ond Honors 2,43 Who's Who in Foreign Lan- guages l,2,3,43 N.H.S. 3,43 Brain Bowl 3,43 Health Careers Club 33 Society of Distin- guished American High School Students 33 Theology II Honorable Mention3 American History Honorable Mentiong National Merit Letter of Commendation 43 National English Merit Award 33 Christian Service Club 43 News Journal School Correspondent 4. JOANNE MARIE FAHNER fSamJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966. "Here's me. Take me for what I am with all my frailties, all my stupidity, and so on. And if you can't, leave me be." Leo Buscaglia. Varsity basketball manager 3,43 Pep Club 1,2,3,4, President 43 S.G.A. 13 Spanish Club 2,3,43 Drama Club 2,3,43 Yearbook 3,43 Health Careers Club 3,43 Key'Club 43 Christian Ser- vice Club 43 Homecoming Committee 43 Hustler Shufllers 4. Sheila Ashley TRISTAN LEE FORTICH fD.S.j Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966. "Only you can prevent forest fires". Smokey Bear. Football lg Basketball I3 Tennis l,4Q Track I3 Raquetball 23 Baseball 3,43 Soccer 43 Spanish Club l,2Q Homecoming Committee 33 Who's Who in American High School Students 4. MIA PATRICIA GALLAGHER fYouaJ South Kingston, Rhode Island, 1966 "lt's not important who I am, but what I am when I'm with you." Anon. Swim team I3 Pep Club I,2,43 Yearbook 13 Spanish Club It Literary Magazine 13 Track team manager 23 Who's Who Among Ameri- can High School Students 33 S.G.A. treasurer 43 Christian Service Club 43 Drama Club 43 Hustler Shuffler 4. CARLOS ENRIQUE GALLIANO tCarlosJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966. Spanish Club I,2,3, Vice- President 33 Who's Who in Foreign Languages 1,23 Citizenship Award 13 Christian Service Club 2,3,4, Vice- President 33 Honor Roll 2,3,43 Yearbook Staff 2g Who's Who Among American High School Students 3,43 Brain Bowl 3,43 National English Merit Award 33 1983 Governor's Program for High Ability Students 33 Model United Na- tions 3,4, Outstanding Delegate East Coast 3, Outstanding Delegate Central Florida 3, Out- standing Delegate Florida High School 3g Spanish IV Award 33 2nd place Volusia For- eign Language Festival 33 Dungeons 8: Drag- ons Club Secretary 33 SGA President 43 Drama Club 43 Pep Club 43 Latin Club 43 Leadership Workshop 4. LISA ANN GOULET QWeesaJ Holyoke, Massachusetts, 1966. I'm just an ole' chunk of coal but I'm gonna be a diamond some day. Swimming 23 Soccer manager 3,43 Tomoka Science Fair honorable mention 13 Pep Club 3,43 Who's Who in American High School Stu- dents 33 Chorus 3,43 Yearbook 43 French Club 43 Latin Club 4. DEBORAH JEAN GROMLEY QDebbieJ Duluth, Minnesota, 1967 27 Fw Joe Barbara Happy are those who dream and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. Soccer 43 First Honors l,2,33 Second Honors l,2,4Q Spanish Club 2,33 Health Careers Club 33 Who's Who in Foreign Languages 33 Pep Club 43 Christian Service Club 43 NHS 43 Yearbook 3,43 National English Merit Award 33 Society of Distinguished High School Stu- dents 33 Who's Who Among American High School Students 33-News Journal School Cor- respondent 4. MARY ROSE HAJASH QMareJ Beckley, West Virginia, 1966 "The happiest moments of my life have been in the flow of affection among friends". Thomas Jefferson Christian Service Club l,2,3,4Q First 8: Second Honors 1,2,33 Miss Lopez Contest 13 Who's Who in Foreign Languages lg S.G.A. 23 Cho- rus 2,33 Pep Club 2,3,43 Tomoka Regional Sci- ence Fair 23 Spanish Club 23 Leadership Work- shop 2,43 N.H.S. 3,43 Drama Club 3,43 Health Careers Club 33 Yearbook 33 Who's Who Among High School Students 33 USAA 33 Leadership Award 33 Homecoming Committee 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Publicity Chair- man 4. RONALD WILLIAM HAMRICK, JR. fl-Iamj Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966 "The road that stretches before the feet of a man is a challenge to his heart way before it tests the strength of his legs". Anon. Varsity Football l,2,3,4, Captain 43 J.V. Bas- ketball 1,23 Varsity Baseball 1,3,4, Captain 3,43 Weightlifting 4g Homecoming Court 1,43 Leadership Club 2,3,43 Outstanding Names 8: Faces 3,43 Who's Who in American High School Students 3,4. ANITA K. HARTMAN ICheeksJ Daytona Beach, Florida 1966 "Only the man who has enough good in him to feel the justice of the penalty can be punished3 the others can only be hurt." William Ernest. J.V. Basketball l,2Q Varsity Basketball 33 J.V. Volleyball 33 Pep Club lg First Honors lg Span- ish Club 23 Who's Who in Foreign Languages 23 Society of Distinguished High School Stu- 28 dents 3,43 Who's Who Among High School Students 3,43 Latin Club 43 N.H.S. 4. KEITH MICHAEL HERNDON CMaximumJ - Lake City, Florida, 1966. "There are those who have attempted and those who haven't attempted and the resultant is those who have succeeded and those who haven't." Anon. Football l,2,3, Most Improved 13 Football Statistician 23 Basketball Statistician 3,43 Weightlifting l,2,3,43 SGA 13 Science Fair 3rd place lg United States Achievement Academy Merit Award 33 Who's Who in American High School Students 4. MICHAEL D. HILL fPenguinJ Wilmington, New York, 1966. The mind which renounces once and forever, a futile hope, has its compensation in ever-grow- ing calm. 2nd place World Cultures 13 First Honors l,2,3,4Q French Club 23 Chess Club 33 lst place Pre-Calculus 33 Theology 3g English 33 Typing 33 Chemistry 33 NEMA 3g Who's Who Among American High School Students 43 Society of Distinguished American High School Students 33 NHS 3,43 Brain Bowl 3,4. ROBERT AMBROSE HORNER IRobbieJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966 How 'bout them Dolphins? Golf l,2,3,4Q Captain 43 Model UN 43 Drama Club 43 2nd Honors 4. JOHN LOUIS HUBER fHubesJ Miami, Florida, 1966. "No one can stop me now. No one can tell me how . . . tonight I'm on the loose." Lover Boy. Basketball manager 23 Golf 43 Christian Ser- vice Club l,2Q Who's Who in Foreign Lan- guages I3 Chorus 2,33 Spanish Club 23 Drama 3,43 Key Club 3,43 NHS 3,43 Boys State Alter- nate 33 Model U.N. 43 Leadership Workshop 43 Honor Roll 4. EDITH MARIE JANES uahiey Canisteo, New York, 1966 "Common sense is the best distributed com- modity in the world, for every man is convinced that he is well supplied with it." Descartes MARILYN ELIZABETH JONES Uonesyl Orlando, Florida, 1966 "Age, I do abhor thee3 youth, I do adore thee." Anon. Swim team l,2,3,4Q Spanish Club 3g Latin Club 43 Drama Club 43 Key Club 4. ANDREA LYNNE JULIAN IA..I.J Huntsville, Alabama, 1965. When truth stands in your way you know you're headed in the wrong direction. Varsity basketball l,2,3,43 J.V. volleyball 13 Varsity Softball l,2Q Varsity Volleyball 2,3,43 Outstanding performance award for volleyball lg Lake 8a Hills All Conference team for soft- I I ball aitd basketball 23 most improved volleyball player 23 coaches award for basketball 23 vol- leyball coaches award 33 outstanding perfor- mance award for basketball 33 2nd All Area team for basketball 3. STEPll-IANIE PAIGE KING Istephy Columbus, Ohio, 1966 If you love something let it go, if it returns it's yours,l if it doesn't it never was. Pep Club 13 Spanish Club l,2,3,43 Yearbook 2,3,431Choir 23 Drama Club 43 Who's Who Among High School Students 43 Newspaper 43 Key Club 4. ELIZABETH MARGARET KOSZAS fLizJ Manhattan. New York, 1966 "If you really love something, let it go . . . if it comes,back, it was meant to be." Anon. First Honors l,2,3,4Q Who's Who Among For- eign Language Students l,23 lst place Volusia County Foreign Language Festival 1,22 State Math Competition 13 Class Vice-President 23 lst place English Award 2g 4th place Tomoka Regional Science Fair 23 Spanish Club 2,33 Chorus 23 N.H.S. 3,43 Key Club 3,43 Secretary 43 Who's Who Among High School Students 33 2nd place Honors American History Award 33 Society of Distinguished American High SchoollStudents 33 NEM Award 33 U.S. Na- tional Leadership Award 33 Yearbook 3,43 Lat- in Club 43 Leadership Workshop 43 Cutest 43 Dramal Club 4. STEPHEN DE ARMAS LLOYD fSteveJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966 "Some were born to move the world, to live their fantasies, but most of us just dream about the things we'd like to be . . . " Rush. Football manager 13 track 2. LAURIE ANN McCARTHY Imuriey Mt. Kisco, New York, 1966 "Forget about the pursuit of happiness. That way lies grief. Concentrate on the happiness of pursuit." Anon. Soccer manager 23 Yearbook 1,2,33 Who's Who in ,Foreign Languages 132nd honors l,2,3Q Chorus 2,43 Spanish Club 23 2nd place award in Geometry 2g NHS 3,42 Key Club 2,33 National English Merit 33 Health Careers Club 43 l ' Q i l I l l ,. W .af J Amy Boswell Anita Buglione Homecoming Court 43 Who's Who Among High School Students 4. SCOTT McCARTHY fScot0 Mt. Kisco, New York, 1966. "It's not if you win or lose, it's the way you play the game". J.V. football 13 Varsity Soccer l,2,3,42 Rac- quetball 1,43 Varsity Football 43 Spanish Club 33 Racquetball Club 1,4. THERESA LYNN MCCLOSKEY lTheresaJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966. Kindness is a gift even the blind can see and the deaf can hear. Softball 13 Track 13 volleyball l,2,3,43 captain 3,43 SGA 13 Pep Club 1 3 Christian Service Club 23 Health Careers Club 3,43 N.E.M. Award 2,33 Key Club 3,43 Homecoming Court 33 Yearbook 3,4, Editor 43 Leadership Workshop 43 NHS 4g Who's Who Among American High School students 3,43 Packing Committee 43 Second Honors l,2,3,43 2nd place Father Lo- pez Science Fair lg Honorable Mention Volu- sia County Science Fair 1. CATHLEEN JANE McKENNA lMildredl Honolulu, Hawaii, 1966. Distance can't separate what the heart still re- members. Pep Club 3,43 Powder Puff football 43 Key Club 43 Baseball manager 33 Swim team l,2,3,43 Homecoming Court 13 Homecoming Commit- tee 33 Prom Committee 43 Packing Committee 4. TERESA MARIE MAHONEY fTreeJ Fernandina Beach, Florida, 1966 The smile on your face is the light in the win- dow that lets people know you're home. Racquetball team 23 varsity cheerleading 43 track 43 2nd honors 93 Spanish Club 2,33 Pep Club 2,32 Fashion Show 23 Hustler Shufflers 3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 Celebration Com- mittee 3,43 Health Careers Club 33 Drama Club 43 Who's Who Among High School Stu- dents 43 Homecoming Court 4. KAREN ELIZABETH MATTE fCrashJ Sarasota, Florida, 1966. What are they saying about me now! Track 1,41 Cheerleading 3,4, Co-captain 43 Powder Puff Football 43 Spanish Club 13 Health Careers Club 33 Health Award 23 Cele- bration Committee 3,43 Miss Lopez Contest 33 Hustler Shufflers 3,43 Prom Committee 33 Drama Club 43 Who's Who Among High School Students 4. ALPHONSO RANDOLPH MEEKS QAIJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966. "Habeo nihil dicare". Football 13 Basketball l,2,3Q Tennis 1,43 Track 23 Spanish Club 23 2nd honors 3,43 Who's Who Among High School Students 33 Latin Club 4. HARRY A. MICHAEL fHarryJ Caracas, Venezuela, 1967. Life has just begun. Soccer 3,43 Baseball 43 Spanish Club 3,43 Span- ish Festival 4. ALLAN MIKULIK MILFORD Uuniorj Nitra, Czechoslovakia, 1966. Dungeons 8: Dragons 43 Model UN 43 Year- book 4. RICHARD JOSEPH MOTZEL CRickJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966 Why do today what you can put off until to- morrow. Basketball l,2,3,43 NEDT Award 23 NEM Award 33 Model U.N. 3,43 Spanish Club 33 Who's Who in American High School Stu- dents 4g Society of Distinguished American High School Students 4, Christuian Service Club 4g Best All Around 4. CHRISTOPHER D. NOWVISKIE CChrisJ Charlton Heights, West Virginia, 1965. Football 23 Swimming 2,3,43 Coaches Award 33 Captain 43 Soccer 2,3,4. JOHN JEFFREY PESHEK QPeshekJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1967 "Danger-such a strange emotion." Def Lep- pard Golf 2,33 Football 2,3,43 Science Fair 13 Most Improved golfer 33 Model U.N. 43 Yearbook photographer 4. LOUIS J. PETERS QLouisJ 5 f.f'i"r,111,?:3 A V 4-'15 'i .N.f ii , '- . ,,. , -t., ap il Craig Buth Tina Cabreza Mineola, New York, 1965 You can reach any goal, only if you have belief. Varsity soccer 4 KERRY ANDREA PIKE fKerryJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966 "Love stretches to the ends of the universe- throughout all eternity." D. Anthony. J.V. Cheerleading 23 Varsity volleyball 2g Varsity Cheerleading 3. NORA PATAICE PRICE fNoraJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966 A harbor, even if it is a little harbor, is a good thing, since adventures come into it as well as go out, and the life in it grows strong, because it takes something from the world and has some- thing to give in return. J.V. basketball 1,23 Cross Country 13 track l,2,3, most improved 43 softball 13 J.V. volley- ball captain 33 soccer 33 Powder Puff football 43 Honor Roll 1,2,33 Christian Service Club 33 Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. l MARIA PRINCI CMaria Babesj Athens, Greece, 1966 Man's reach must always exceed man's grasp. Suft team lg Racquetball team 1,23 Soccer team manager 13 Spanish Club 1,23 Christian Service Club 1,23 Pep Club 13 Newspaper Staff 13 Homecoming Committee 23 Model UN 3,43 Brain Bowl 3,43 Health Careers Club 3,43 Who's Who Among American High School students 43 Prom Committee 33 S.G.A. secre- tary 4. DEVI QUIGLEY fDevoJ Kettering, Ohio, 1965. "Every person should have an idea so deep within themselves that they would rather die than give it up." Robert Frost. Basketball manager 43 Pep Club 3,43 Drama Club 3,43 Health Careers Club 3,43 Who's Who in American High School Students 33 Honorary Award Recognition 33 National Merit Scholarship Nominee 33 Pep Club vice- president 43 Latin Club 43 Yearbook 43 Hustler Shufflers 43 Christian Service Club 43 Student Leadership Workshop 43 Key Club 43 Home- coming Committee 4. 29 3 .lose Castro NINA M. RADOSTA CNinaJ Gainesville, Florida, 1966. "Wir sind gewohnt dass die menschen ver hoh- nen was sie nicht verstehenf' Faust Tennis 13 Cheerleading 3,43 SGA l,2,33 Second Honors 1,2,3,4Q Class treasurer 23 Chorus 23 Certificate of Participation at Florida High School Model UN 23 Class president 33 Model UN secretary 3, vice-president 43 2nd place advanced biology award 23 NHS 3,41 Health Careers Club president 33 French Club 33 Key Club 33 Senate Page 33 Danforth Award 33 Honorable Mention Central Florida Model UN 33 Best delegate World Health Organiza- tion Florida State Model UN 3g Best Delegate East Coast Model UN 33 Honorable Mention Father Lopez debate 33 Gavel Winner of the Month3 Who's Who Among American High School students 33 Prom Committee 33 Robert Ryan Award for Excellence in Model UN stud- ies 3, Honorable Mention 33 Honorable Men- tion Seabreeze debate 43 Chairman of the Eco- nomic and Social Committee at the East Coast Model U.N. Conference 4. PHILIP JAY RILEY QBirdJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966 "Two suns in the sunset, could it be the human race is sun." Roger Waters. Varsity basketball l,2,3,43 Basketball Honor- able Mention All-County, All City l,2,33 Who's Who Among American High School Students 1,23 FBF Club representative 13 Sec- ond string Green Wave tournament 23 Home- coming Court 23 French Club 23 Health Ca- reers Club 23 Coaches Award Basketball 33 Friendliest 4. LORI JEANNE ROAT QLoriJ Cheverly, Maryland, 1966. "Character grows in the soil of experience, with fertilization of example, the moisture of desire, and the sunshine of satisfaction." Anon. Basketball l,2,33 Coaches Award 13 Track 13 Volleyball 3,42 Player of the Week 33 First Honors 1,23 Who's Who in Foreign Languages 1,23 Pep Club 13 SGA 1,23 Second Honors 2,3,43 Spanish Club 2g Class President 23 Lead- ership Workshop 2,43 Christian Service Club 23 Yearbook Staff 2,3,43 NHS 3,43 President 43 Key Club 3,43 Homecoming Committee 43 30 Prom Committee 33 Hustler Shufflers 43 Most Dependable 43 3rd place Volusia County For- eign Language Festival 23 Who's Who Among American High School Students 33 Society of Distinguished High School Students 3. CECILY ANNE RUTZLER tCecJ Patuxent River, Maryland, 1966 Hold on tight to your dream, when you see the shadows falling, when you hear the cold wind calling, hold on tight to your dream. Spanish Club 1.2,3,43 Honor Roll l,2,3,43 Pep Club 1, Chorus 23 Health Careers Club 33 Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. BRIAN J. SGANGA fGeorgeD Daytona Beach, Florida, 1965. "No one respects the flame quite like the fool who's badly burned." Peter Townshend. Racquetball l,2,43 J.V. basketball 1,23 track 2,43 NEDT Award lg Christian Service Club lg Second Honors 1,33 Spanish Club 23 National English Teacher's Merit Award 23 SGA 23 Model UN 3,43 Boys State 33 Prom Committee 33 Key Club 43 Newspaper Staff 4g NHS 43 Who's Who Among American High School Students 43 Hustler Shufilers 4. PEDRO MIGUEL SOLER CPedroj Matanzas, Cuba, 1966 "Every man is an artist, and we spend our lives chipping away at the bad things trying to cre- ate our own masterpiece." Eddie Murphy. NHS 43 Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. BRYAN REED SPERBER QBryanJ Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966 "Living is easy, living free." Ronald Belford Scott lst place Volusia County Science Fair 23 Navy Science Award 23 Model U.N. 3,43 President 43 Gavel Award 3,43 Ambassador Robert J . Ryan Award 3,43 National English Merit Award 33 O.A.S. Award 43 President Volusia County Model U.N. 43 Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. LORI EDGAR STALLINGS fEddieJ Valdosta, Georgia, 1966. Carla Cosio l Claudia Cosio "The most utterly lost of all days is that in which you have not once laughed." Chartam. J.V. cheerleading 13 J.V. basketball l3Track 23 Volleyball manager 33 swimming 43 varsity basketball 43 track 43 Powder Puff football 43 Drama Club 1,41 French Club 1,23 Latin Club 13 Pep Club 2,33 Yearbook 2,3,43 Prom Com- mittee 33 Key Club 43 Hustler Shufflers 43 Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. RONALD LOUIS STEPHENSON tTiny-noi Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966 "It wasn't me". Cross Country I3 Tennis 1,43 Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. JAMES: WILLIAM STRINGER fStringj Point Lookout, New York, 1966 "Fight the good light every moment." Tri- umph. Christian Service Club 13 Spanish Club 23 Yearbook 23 Model U.N. 3,43 Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. WILLIAM FREEMAN STRINGER, JR. fBillJ Merced, California, 1966. "l've known no war and if 'I ever do I won't know for sure whose fighting who for the sol- diers lonely tomb now opens as the referee's gun starts to roat-I'l1 know no war." Pete Townsend. Baseball 3,43 Drama Club 3,43 NEDT Award 33 Whois Who Among American High School Students 43 lst honors 33 2nd honors 2. SUSAN MARIE STUMPF CSusieJ Somerville, New Jersey, 1966. "Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it." Thomas Fuller. Basketball 1,23 Volleyball 2,33 2nd honors 1,23 Science Fair honorable mention 1. PATRICE CAROLINE TALLEY QTriceJ Richmond, Virginia, 1966. "Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong 'is it's current, no sooner is a thing brought to sight then it is swept by and another takes it place and this too will be swept away." Marcus Aurelius Antonius. I J.V. Basketball 15 Swimming 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,25 Spanish 1,25 Christian Service Club l,2,35 SGA 15 Model U.N. 25 Who's Who in Ameri- can High School Students 4. KIMBERLY IVEY THOMPSON QKim1 Greensboro, North Carolina, 1966 "When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse . . . the child is grown the dream is gone." Pink Floyd. French Club 3,45 NEM Award 35 Who's Who Among High School Students 25 Newspaper 4. JUDITH ANN VAN DRIEL Uudyl Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966. Smile-it's good for your complexion. Ziggy. Swimming 1,2,3,45 Track 35 Soccer manager 45 NEDT Award 15 Science Fair lst place 15 Spanish Club 25 Drama Club 25 Yearbook 3,45 Who's Who Among High School Students 35 Governor's program for high ability students 35 Newspaper photographer 45 Taping committee 45 Latin Club president 4. SHARON BETH VAN DRIEL QSharon1 Daytona Beach, Florida, 1966 Love is the answer . . . what was the question? Ziggy Diving team 1,2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Who's Who in Foreign Languages 15 lst 8x 2nd honors l,2,35 16th place County diving championships 15 Christian Service Club 25 Pep Club 25 Dra- ma Club 2,3,45 Chorus 25 2nd place Tomoka Regional Science Fair 25 4th place County div- ing championships 25 National English Merit Award 35 Who's Who Among American High School Students 35 Thespian Society 3,4, Vice- President 45 Swimmer of the Week 35 Latin Club 4. AMY LOUISE VAN KOOTEN iAimesJ Seoul, Korea, 1965. "Speak your truth quietly and clearly5 and lis- ten to others, even the dull and ignorant5 they too have-their story." Max Ehrmann. Track 15 Swimming 45 Spanish Club 1,25 SGA l,2,35 Second Honors 1,25 Pep Club 2,35 Lead- ership Workshop 2,35 Key Club 3, Vice-Presi- dent 45 Junior Class Secretary5 First Honors 35 Prom Committee 35 Who's Who in American High School Students 45 NHS 45 Latin Club 45 Keith Costner sd . ,N I x-'X . . . . I F? 5 , 1,.-V ' a . 1 C .- 1 , , -Q N. si'-5:7 J .s .ja ' 1 , . 72: Elisa Daugherty Packing Committee 45 Swimmer of the Week 4. CARA MARIE VAN KOOTEN QE.T.J North Hampton, Pennsylvania, 1965. "You're funny!" J.V. Basketball 15 Varsity Basketball 2,35 Track 25 Varsity Cheerleading 45 Softball man- ager 15 Pep Club 1,25 Hustler Shufllers 3,45 Miss Lopez Contest 35 Christian Service Club 45 Latin Club 45 Homecoming Court 4. TARA MIA TERESA VAN KOOTEN QBubblesJ North Hampton, Pennsylvania, 1965. Don't walk behind me I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend! Track 15 Swimming 25 Powder Puff Football 45 Homecoming Court 2, Miss Lopez Contest 25 Pep Club 3,45 Baseball Manager 35 Hustler Shufflers 3,45 Homecoming Queen 45 Fun- draising 45 Performing Arts 45 Key Club 45 Christian Service Club 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. ELIZABETH ANN WEIGAND fBethJ Detroit, Michigan, 1966. "Hold on to your dreams even though it seems everyone around you has their little schemes." Triumph. ' lst Honors 1,25 Pep Club 15 2nd Honors 3,45 French Club 35 Latin Club 4. KIMBERLY ANN WELCH fKimj Rutland, Vermont, 1966. "True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends but in the worth and choice." Ben Jonson. Tennis 15 Most Improved tennis player 15 Pep Club 15 Spanish Club 15 Homecoming Com- mittee 15 NEDT Award 15 2nd Honors l,2,3,45 Varsity Boys basketball manager 2,35 Class secretary 25 SGA 25 Leadership Workshop 2,45 Key Club 3, Treasurer 45 Health Careers Club 3,45 Yearbook 3, Editor 45 NEMA Award 35 NHS 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Cut 8: staple committee 4. DELBERT EDWIN WESTCOTT fDelJ Redondo Beach, California, 1966. I Robot . . . The story of the rise of the machine and the decline of man which paradoxically coincided with his discovery of the wheel . . . and a warning that his brief dominance of this planet will probably end, because man tried to create robot in his own image. Key Club 3,45 Chess Club 3,45 French Club 3. ANGELA ZAFFARANO QAngieJ Chicago, Illinois, 1966. Love is but a four letter word. Powder Puff football 45 French Club 2,35 Aca- demic Achievement Award 3. Robin Dillard f 5:3 Ken Dudley '. L, 3 '. 5 Ai' if - . . 1 it 4' . ,gt , I 5 :kl lil, if K Mia Gallagher 3 1 Junior Class Alan Williams, President Anthony Cupolo, Vice-President Carl Tutera, Treasurer Gretel Abad Christine Adkins Mark Ahmed Karen Alexander Lisa Alhambra Alexis Avello Randall Beardsley Michael Beaudoin Yvette Begin David Belcher Katherine Bennett Katherine Brill Robert Brownrigg Douglas Buchanan Frank Buchanan Kimberly Burton Nancy Buth John Byington Melinda Cascioli Julio Castro 7 Jay Albovias, Secretary Colleen Cavanaugh Michael Coleman Hervey Colon Darrell Crapps Kathlyn Deveau Holly Eardley Robbie Ellis Melissa Estridge Stefanie Fleuchaus Lori Flowers Cindy Folker Teresa Fox Zoee Frassrand Kathryn Freeman Carla Gaines Stephen Gallagher Dwayne Hall Denise Hawk Kirk Hazen Natalie Heidrich Teresa Hoag Mary Horrigan Kathleen Hughes Michael Hura Martha Janes Lisa Jordan Bryan Joseph Monica Kumar Gary Lavallee David Leete Lisa Lill Robert McCall Dan McDevitt Beth McMenamy Christine Mayo Luzeth Michael Kim Muzyka Tanya Newberry Scott Nieminen James Nunn :Q L '1 . I ":ffe' f iiwlilfliii , :H Q M S ' asf . 1 1 Qty- K .,tt in l aws I ' - if7,tff'- it E + N Z C . 1:1 ,.ss 1 ,s- ei M . ii .-wig wg ,Es m ,M ' 1 a Kr 5 + - X w , tyitr gy F - Q K F ,ai 4 , t - at me fa NB? ,, -1.1, ,f.-. as 6 H t .Q i -- . .ar Q My we Q-get 1 I Bonnie O'Rourke Christina Owens Kimberly Pelling Scott Penny Kim Poplarski Stephanie Powers Tina Prestigiacomo Ann Roat Mary Roberson Kimberly Roberts Denis Rouette Mark Schneider Patricia Sheehan Paul Shiles Michael Sicard Alex Silva Cheryl Slater Ed Smith Susan Spotts Whitney Staed Jason Stafford Vanessa Stank Darrell Starling Gregory Storch Kristine Stringer Andy Thomas Tacina Thomas Laura Tuttle John VanKooten Fay Villaflor Laura Walker John Ward Maureen Cone fi . 2 yyl fes l '--r F24 tii' - 'ig 1 it s QQ? X S4273 '- ,, fi 1 is A - AE 5 if --.V 4 N - Q anti, E Q tis rt 2 9 a M 1, M ,R al, , 'q-. . ? 1 1555. ' J K. fr, t . ,. . ,.,. Q, 1: ,gf t H , .ww ' -.fu-f.r:1 Q '1'i .ff it . . - .. , , it ,. ., ,MN gays at it ytt J y if I . Q ref ,4 zz 'I s- "" :L' i.s12,37 SEL' w J '2 5, iz , ' We P 1 -. t A 2 if 'Q -.1'11t I I , ff' f ffm . 3. .T H J ff a'M1,e s ta ' ' K . ,,,, , W. .tt M.,- 5 -1 ,ft :Ve-, uf Q . rg, 3 it. 1 l Q Juniors wait for the Votran. K f 25' , AWWA nf' JL, vwvnqv -H-gk ll Another pep ral ly, another victo ry. 35 Has anyone seen our spaceship? 'Z 7' A Mary Horrigan entertains the Homecoming crowd. sk. , ,K-an . . Whitney, Holly, and Carla trapped forever at Memorial Stadium. Kathryn Freeman says it with flowers! ll Sophomore Class Chris Kelly, President Melanie Dunn, Vice-President Kathleen Achinger Anthony Albritton Kim Amaral Taso Anastasopoulos Adel Aslani-Far Kevin Bagley Serena Baldacchino James Borgerson Louis Borges Arthur Botting Laura Bouchard Jeanne Brinkman Julianne Brinkman Gary Brown Tammy Burris Cynthia Cabreza John Castro Clay Clifton Barbara Codianne Bernard Corrigan -3 ii N Shannon Abbott, Treasurer Y , 5 , Q 4 , L l l 3 f 1 E 1 at ... 5 ' l A v d g 3: . I 1 J 1 ,115 at , .1 Karen Rheuble, Secretary If if .5 ' J ':- J ILE? A X J lm, S 1, ttt o ,ir Xt I ' it .J 4 X x E .sv " X xy I wo x C C-J w if 5' it Qt 'F 1 . J 1'-451 . ff 2 A1 in: LLA- 5,54 9 X le awk sl rrr 1 is 4. Q. as la, X J is v. .AQ A ,tv f stag! LI 'S'-'Rf I mf me .J ag N. Pi' Ji In fi? i 5' J aa Wwalg 4 . W , Iwata, .fa tel? it I ' i , 13 Q? ,.,,.n gi. , all 'x 6 WJ! are J, Vi ,gg 1 , V? I X CQ' is ia IW: . ,. kwa' -is g H Wu. 3 YQ , I if eu. 1: ' Li. r lg, 3 A! t r i q .J . .... - srarr as .. I k 1 -1, . 41 an I' 1 7 X v 5 K .gi 5 .av 1 T - 31 I ' ' ex, Q, , '- a Y' A ,if f 1" J I S 31 N52 1- 1 new 1 1 K 'f Edwin Cosio Tammy Costner David Daigle Shannon DeArmas Alan Dclisle Anne Denslow John Donner Lisa Dragon David Dross Leroy Estridge Margaret Finney Valenta Flositz Karen Foster David France Joanne Giangregorlo Scott Groeschner Peter Hagood James Hawk Marc Hazen Kevin Horner Stacey Huber Raymond Irvin Mark Jannetty Michelle Leete Melissa Lewis Richard Liblang James McCarthy Andrea McCarthy Dan McGrane Andrea Mahoney Sherri Miller Robert Motzel Cathy Moutsopoulos Michael Muzyka Laurie Notarianni Matthew Nowviskie Shannon O'Hern Joan Ortolani Joanne Pagliarulo Sushma Patel Michael Pegg Michelle Penny Ana Perez-Lugones Thomas Petrizzo Kellie Pike Courtney Price Robert Rawson Michael Reedich Stacey Reynolds Matthew Roth Christina Ryals Richard Ryals Lawrence Scrabis Michael Shay James Sinex Randy Solon Daniel Sprague Stephanie Stephenson Lynne Stringer Pam Tanicello Austin Tse Mark Valentik Georgie VanKooten Stephen Van Wert Willie Wang Larry Warner Albert Williams Robert Youmans Beth Young Atsuko Nakagawa is 4 192,33 The Sophomore Court: Stephanie Stephenson and John Castro Are we too late for the Lennon Sisters audition? pug Homecoming: Be There!! Eh! Would somebody help me get this pole out of my back? It's my ball and we're going to play my way!! 41" Melanie Dunn proudly displays her Burger King bib 1-nl-5, David France shows us how to dance. Freshman Class s s 4 T s s T C l , sssss ' A V g . w ra Robert Burley, President Robert Eardley, Vice-President Anne Sweeney, Secretary Christopher Acebal M , h ilmVV VAmeV Michael Achinger i V Lori Ahmed 5 -w Laurie Ahola J r Jodi Albano 1 , r T i -f-ew, Christopher Anthony A "X , Michael Audette we m V Amber Aumiller I 3 V I Paul Avallone at , " A' Todd Barger J I ' A . Sean Bean E ' T Renee Beaudoin A ' , 7 tl r Claudia Begin "'f4'Q2 ' T James Belcher ' V - 'i Luisa Binetti an-egg ' E Denise Blumberg Q' 'M I Tina Brill , il 3. Baron Burton A 1 2 ss,, fl A Craig Calabucci V Thomas Caravati 2 44 i l P Michael Bofamy, Treasurer ii Y T1 is xi A I I ,fc x dv! Ed I W aa m 1, a ii 1 Colleen Carey Thomas Corrigan Stephen Crowe Mark Deiparine Amy DeLaura Anthony Delisle Joseph Fagan Laura Fanning William Faust Kelley Fleming Christopher France Kevin Gaines Eileen Galshack Stephen Gardner Courtney Gedra Misti Gee Kathleen Gillis Elizabeth Green Thomas Greene Catherine Grooms Carol Hamrick Karan Harrington Marjorie Hawk Denise Hess Lisa Lill Michael Huber Michelle Hubert Johanna James Kathy Jones Christina Kolarovski Kristan Kowalski Cynthia Kraski Anne Kridner Sarah Kumar Tracey Lehmann Melissa Leonard Kelly McCarthy Jenna McCarthy Shawn Madden Tim Martin it f , 0 Q ? 'Q 3, fs 1 if 8? af I f 5 Y 19 : yf' X 'S 5. 1 W, E .. F F 'Taz . tiiiii 5 ttii lipl 'W ,H .. U' if e . . X z J if I! N , ep, y its 2 X V-2 :Q X-A fi its is ,., R , i ,'1 .fa S., ',fy.' 9 .Lg iff L t. is .R , il' .3 .-L t'. f 5? 1 .5 r- If 8 'fr 1 ,Ja Y ,Arie . 4 H i , ,,,. H. - p. AQ? 3 ' -ff -A J 2 f t K r-yi. " . l K 4? W 'iiif " ' ' is 1 J, .eg ' I I g ,gy Stephanie Mayo Kristin Michler Candice Newberry Michelle Nichols Shari Ober Lidia Okonski Brian O'Rourke Daniel Osterndorf Dominic Parrillo Martha Penick Marianne Peron Michael Perseo Eric Phillips Mark Phillips Patricia Pippen Patricia Pittelli Scott Polera Susan Pollard Kathleen Priemer Lisa Radosta Cassandra Reeves Jennifer Reilly Paul Riley Tonya Roberts Karen Romano Brian Roney Caroline Sakran Lucie Sapala Frank Scalfaro Bradley Sheridan Letitia Silva Patricia Silva Esther Soler Jennifer Sorace Kyle Sorrell Timothy Stank Vanessa Steinberg James Stevens Charlsie Suder Robert Thatcher 5 3 -As 13 'I 'Q REQ: qi, , A - of M s its . .I ft V . 9 f: a.. . I. rw V, V 4-1? if 5 , s it ,, ns, 5, t X, N f 1 ,I . ,E si J: naw, Ek ff 99 1 tl i t 4-4, r"'9' tj .Q 5? ' ' so ff, 4 i ,tx M5919 , F A A L . f , 51 .1 . 1 "' N az ,. - if h ! ll if , T Q 4 ,Q 4 , y ,-r , .M z , S ,fs- ,is -arg as as , 'iv I iii 3' av n A , QL? iw: hr 1 1 f A Q Q 3 . J' ,r .. rr tx , r Ch-QL I3 .3 at 'S' 'xy is 1 'gs ., ,. fr if as .W ?S-.4 if l -fr' John Thomas David Thompson Beth Timmer Kenneth Tramont Carrie Tutera Kristy Wagner James Ward Perry Whitehead Laura Wilhelm Roger Wolfe Stacey Yeager Robert Young Michelle Zalewski Katherine Sterling N5 L.. A Y 3 49 ur xt , 1 X 'ea K X , .gt .5 'fee . A K a Y If X X, , ilrr at 5-'1 fa in lifaiim I Af' 1.4. it 4g--.- , K Laverne and Shirley strike again! Hey! Face it, I'm cool!! E ll ,w And she said we were going to be alone l'm going to stab this punk with my pen. ADMINISTR TIO , FACULTY AN STAFF Ji. Mrs.Hennick, Mrs. Belcher, Mrs. McFayden, Mrs. Tidmarsh and Mrs. Snyder make up the attentive panel for the first annual Mr. 6 H Legs Contest!! 4 9 V r X5 r In I ADMINISTRATION i GERARD MOSEY REVEREND FRANCIS BLOOD, O.S.F.S. Dean Of Studies principal Faculty Advisor Chess Club English ll Dungeons and Dragons Leadership Workshop Leadership Workshop WILLIAM MCCABE Director of Development Health Assistant Football Coach Leadership Workshop I 1 WP iQ"" X N L l if 1 FRANCIS FILICETTI Dean of Students Director of Student Activities Basic English Skills Student Government Association Yearbook Key Club Leadership Workshop 41, rw "rw- N SHARON BELCHER ' REVEREND ALBERT GONDEK, O.S.F.S Guidance Director Chaplain Careers Theology National Honor Society Typing Senior Class Advisor Booster Club BUD ASHER Athletic Director Head Football Coach l 5 1 JANICE ALFERT Library and Media Center VIRGINIA BUCHANAN Physical Education Health J.V. Basketballkgirls Junior Class Sponsor A Faculty In Action . . . QM. ROBERT ARCURI Social Studies I2 American History Speech 8: Drama Drama Club National Honor Society 5 4.1" JAY DOUGHERTY Social Studies World Cultures Sociology Minorities Varsity Basketball-Boys RALPH ECKOFF DIXIE HENNICK Theology Spanish Christian Service Club English Pep Club KAREN HOTCHKISS WILLIAM HUNTER French English 12 Latin Humanities French Club Pro-Writing Latin Club Focus Brain Bowl DR. ROBERT IGO Data Processing Applied Math Physical Science I l!1 DAWN McFAYDEN Geometry Pre-Algebra Intermediate Algebra Cheerleaders Sophomore Class Sponsor Leadership Workshop ill LOUIS MOLANO DAVID PICCOLO English Biology Language of Film Ef1BliSh Independent Study Freshman Basketball BUD PIKE STEWART REA Data ProcessingfFlCEJ Biology AnatomyfPhysiology Swim Coach l 5 5 JEFF SNYDER ROPERTA SNYDER Theology Intermediate Algebra Varsity Basketball-girls Secondary Algebra Varsity Cheerleaders ,,.-.1-1-'F MARY ANN TIDMARSH MARK VENDON English Chemistry Physics Pre-Calculus ,ka air , ,,, ,.,. -Lv , 'f Father Hurley demonstrates to Nina Radosta the proper form for winning a melon eating contest! So you wanna run a computer? -,Aff X l ii Ili Please God, let him pass this time! K K lk? Mr. Dougherty rescues Mr. Filicetli from theudrowning pool rf? , .Q,g.-pg Q t8 The Snyders do it with style! Edwin, John and Rusty show their affection for their favorite teacher It's "Never Too Latei' for a play . . . thanks to director Bob Arcuri . . . WWW 5 T51 ,.,,.,...nwv- Joe Barbara wonders: Why is John Huber sitting in a bathlub'?g Why is Monica Bryan pregnant?g Where did Joanne Fahner get that wig? . . . y y fy if 3 i 3 h , r Mary Roberson reads while Joe rants on about John's inactivity . . . 1 me Z, 1,31 ,U Est. Qin u Q X. il' Y 7 '31 O ... Aw, go fry an egg ... 4 3 ff' fi' i 4 W, .i v,,., f AH af? viii f -f .,-M, ,wa r We have ways and means, ways and means . . . ..,,Y,....,---- t 'S ' www an , Monica and Joe enjoy a quiet evening at home. 62 -Ya-ug Staff 'alms Q, Y MRS. MARY TRUSCOTT MRS. EVELYN CHAMPAGNE Administrative Secretary Bookkeeper ii Q, I Mrs. Champagne seems unsympathetic to Mrs. Truscott's dilemna. f . 5' tt 1 -, '9i"1l, I ' 1 mi- ni 1 W I xw SISTER MIRIAM MAGEE, O.P. Receptionist I "iq- ' -, .,.. MRS. NANCY FARMER MRS, DORIS CRANE F.I.C,E. Development Department Secretary TYJ7 MRS BARBARA BERMAN STEVE "RENO" EVANS Director of Physical Plant MRS. TERRY BERMAN Kitchen Staff MRS. REGINA HAWK Kitchen Staff 1. I hir' MRS. IRMA RILEY Kitchen Staff Veritas Proudly Presents Model United Nations Club Back row: Mike Sicard, Julio Castro, Scott Groeschner, John Byington, Willie Wang, Katherine Freemang Front row: Father Hurley Daniel Sprague. Mike Reedich, Brian Sperber, Adel Aslani-Far, Nina Radosta NATIONAL O. .S. CHAMPIONS-1983 Future leaders at work . . . X In ,, H V 1. ..1:g:,?,E,f? -if X ,RN Brian Sperber and Adel Aslani-Far display the form that won them each individual National Championships in Washington, D.C. in 1983 Long hours of preparation pay off in competition. 66 iq. 'r3'Qr 4-Y as QML is B 9 fngfggp.-Hg in " QQQWEM 4 urns-Qian... 95555, uw V, s- AL W 4 wg wie X se mmf A moment of levity relaxes the participants. X S It seems as though the motion is passed . . . Health Careers Y 'ff fi- Q 5' p. ,I if Top Row: Teresa Mahoney, Rob Motzel. Theresa McCloskey, Amy Boswell, Tina Cabreza, Tara VanKooten, Karen Matte, Kim Welch, Mark Bakery Bottom Row: .lay Albovias, Steve Van Wert, Sonya Cvercko, Laurie McCarthy, Sean Ahmed, Devi Quigley, Rhonda Beardsley. Mark Ahmed, Maria Princi, Ronnie Alhambra, Jay Riley, Joanne Fahner. Dungeons and Dragons Back Row: Delbert Westcott, Alan Milford, Paul Avallone, Father Blood, Frank Buchanan, Steve Gardner, Arthony Albritton: On Couch: Mike Perseo. Alan Delisle. Mark Deiparine, James Borgerson Pep Club Top Row: Edith Janes, Mark Ahmed, Claudia Cosio, Lisa Goulet, Mary Hajash, Debbie Gromley, Luzeth Michael: Row 2: Ann Finney, Cathy Achinger, Karen Foster, Carla Cosio, Sharon Van Driel, Judy Van Driel, Mia Gallagher: Row 3: Mrs. Hennick, Anne Kridner, Melissa Leonard, Michelle Zalewski, Patti Pippen, Elisa Daugherty, Stephanie King: Row 4: Monica Bryan, Devi Quigley, Joanne Fahner, Cathy McKenna: Front Row: Mark Baker Brain Bowl 4 I Back Row: Tom Johnson. Scott Groeschner, Martha Janes, Carlos Galliano, Maureen Eggert, Tom Achinger, Mr. Hunter: Front Row: Mike Sicard. Kris Stringer, John Byington, Bryan Sperber, Michael Hill. Christian Service Club 1-J k..3 fo Back Row: Joanne Fahner, Devi Quigley, Mia Gallagher. Patty Codianneq Row 4: Sheila Ashley, Amy Boswell, Tara VanKooten: Row 3: Cathy Moutsopoulos. Monica Bryang Row 2: Mary Hajash, Cassandra Reeves1 Row I: Ed Smith. Cara Vanliooten The Christian Service Club was instrumental in planning two major events this year. One was the school retreat and the other was Sister Miriam's anniversary party. The VERITAS salutes Devi Quigley and her officers on a job well done. Music helped us get into the retreat spirit. S ., X5 H+ 'W ef' 4 A The retreat's group activities included poster making. Sister Miriam Magee, O.P. A Celebration of 50 years If A .Mgt igl g es, 1 'el 1 '," .ri Mirza' Sister Miriam's Autobiography Sister was born one of ten children Q6 girls and 4 boysj of Irish parents who came to New York from Belfast. Her father was in shipbuilding. Her mother was a homemaker caring for I0 children. Growing up in New York, she worked as a school secretary before entering the community of sisters who had been her teachers. Most of Sister Miriam's teaching career was in New York and Rhode Island where she studied in both Fordham and Providence College. While stationed in New York, she worked for a while in Social Service in South Bronx. At that time she also had the opportunity of auditing at the Universities of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden to better equip her for a mission in "Fort Apache". Sister Miriam has been attached to the Father Lopez High School community now for the past 10 years. Her first love . . . "working with young people." "Working with young people helps me to stay young." Congratulations Sister Miriam Magee, O.P. Ad Multos Annos-"May you live many, many more years." G5 N. .in .QZSM 3 Father Hurley and Father Blood were two of seven priests who concelebrated the Mass Cara Vanliooten enhanced the celebration with her beautiful voice. In Appreciation m1 Sister Miriam accepts a gift from Kathy Freeman. 7' N. 4.14 Q Father Ai and Mr. Arcuri join in the celebration. M Key Club Row 4: Mike Huber, Brian Sganga, David Leete, Ed Smith, Mark Phillips, Tina Cabreza, Mary Roberson, Theresa McCloskey: Row 3: Christina Ryals, Gretal Abad, Tara VanKooten, Cathy McKenna, Joanne Fahner, Patti Codianne, Stephanie King, Lori Stallings. Teresa Mahoney: Row 2: Mr. Filicetti, Teresa Hoag, Kelly Estes, Devi Quigley, Derrick Anthony, Marilyn Jones, Sheila Ashley, Tanya Newberry: Row l: Mark Ahmed, Lori Roat. Amy VanKooten, Elizabeth Koszas, Kim Welch, Rhonda Beardsley, Delbert Westcott. ' National Honor Society sd Top Row: Natalie Heidrich, Jay Albovias, Sonya Cvercko.-Brian Sganga, Tina Cabreza, Tony Cupolo, Anita Hartman, Pedro Soler, Theresa McCloskey. .lim Nunn, Patricia Sheehan, Middle Row: Kim Welch, Maureen Eggert, Elizabeth Koszas, Debbie Gromley, Amy VanKooten. Kris Stringer. Lisa Alhambra, Christine Mayo. Zoee Frassrand, David Belcher. Karen Alexander, Mike Hill, Mr. Arcuri: Bottom Row: Gretal Abad. Tanya Newberry, Mary Hajash, Edith Janes, Lori Roat, Martha Janes, Mary Horrigan. Varsity Cheerleaders Standing: Cara VanKooten. Karen Matte. Kathy Brill, Christina Owens, Nina Ra dosta: Kneeling: Bonnie O'Rourke, Teresa Mahoney, Amber Davis. L1 Q Homecoming featured an appearance by E.T. and Company. Spanish Club xl-.igarsarj terra . .guage iv Back row: Maureen Eggert, Monica Kumar, J. Brinkman. Holly Eardley, David Belcher, Zoee Frassrand, Mark Ahmed, Laura Walker, Whitney Staed, Luzeth Michaels, Christine Mayo, Randy Solon, Alan Delisle. Alexis Avello, Randy Beardsley, Mark Schneider. Mike Pegg. B.T. Corrigan. Mark Janettyg Middle row: J. Brinkman. Cathy Achinger, Carla Cosio, Devi Quigley, Joanne Fahner, Michelle Penny, Ana Perez-Lugones. Sheri Miller, Anne Denslow, Stephanie Stephenson, Stacey Huber, Denise Hawk, Tanya Newberry, Harry Michael, Mrs. Leorza, Alan Williams, front row: Andrea McCarthy, Mike Beaudoin, David France, Tony Cupolo, Scott Ferrara. Cecily Rutzler, Stephanie King, Laura Bouchard, Karen Rheuble, Hervey Colon, Cindy Cabreza. French Club Back row: Christine Adkins, Sonya Cvercko, Natalie Heidrich, Kim Thompson, Elisa Daugherty, Edith Janes, Mary Horrigang middle row: Monica Kumar, Melissa Leonard, Tina Brill. Karan Harrington, Ann Sweeney, Sheri Ober, Karen Foster, Cathy Moutsopoulos, Lisa Goulet: front row: Stacey Huber, Cindy Cabreza, Shannon Abbott, Gretel Abad, Tom Petrizzo, Anne Finney, Sushma Patel. Latin Club N fm , "iw Row 4: Bryan Joseph, Robert Eardley, Kim Pelling, Zoee Frassrand, Bobby Brownrigg, Gary Lavallee, Anita Hartmang Row 3: Scott Penny, Cindy Folker, Kathy Hughes. Kim Roberts, Devi Quigley, Mary Roberson, Rhonda Beardsleyg Row 2: Ed Smith, Sharon Van Driel, Lisa Goulet, Carlos Galliano. Derrick Anthony, Elizabeth Koszas, Marilyn Jones: Row l: Amy VanKooten, Elisa Daugherty, Judy Van Driel, Holly Eardley, Yvette Begin, Tanya Newberry, Gretel Abad. Toga Party! Performing Arts Club Back row: Steve Lloyd, Jim Stringer, Robbie Horner, row 4: Devi Quigley, Carlos Galliano, Courtney Price, Rhonda Beardsley, Bill Stringer, Lori Stallings, Mary Roberson, row 3: Stacey Reynolds, Joanne Fahner, Karen Alexander, Mary Hajash, Joanne Giangregorio, Monica Bryan: row 2: Marilyn Jones, Cara VanKo0- ten, Karen Matte, John Huber, Tara VanKoolen, Mia Gallagher, Elisa Daugherty, Front row: Sharon Van Driel, Joseph Barbara, Patricia Sheehan. 1959 195-9i95'9 1959 1959 1959 1959T959 1959 Msgr. J. Irvine Nugent lst President of Father Lopez 1959 Over four hundred years have passed since Father Lopez landed on the shores of Florida at St. Augustine, the Feast of the Birthday of' Mary. Therehecel b ted th I' P ' ' ' ' ' e ra e irst arish Mass in this great land of ours thus establishing the oldest, permanently settled community in America. However, the memory of that historical event lives on in a very real way in the greater Daytona Beach area through the presence ofa Catholic High School named in honor of Father Lopez in 1959 by Archbishop Joseph B. Hurley. While we all realize that schools primarily provide opportunities for spiritual and intellectual growth nevertheless the first b' ' ig moment in your history that I recall is the first Catholic High School football team in the area winning its very first football game in front of the bleachers at the Daytona Beach International Speedway. The mighty, thundering, roaring Green Wave was off and rolling Today, I think of all the lives that have been touched and influenced by the school built in his honor and memor The h d d y. opes an reams of those early years of the first administration and faculty and students who sat in new classrooms smelling of fresh paint. You, the community of Father Lopez High School, carry on and fulfill today those initial dreams. Q84 1984 198411984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 81 1959-1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959-19 PRINCIPALS THEN . . . . , . . 1 ,gf 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 19 82 195919591959 1-959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 PRINCIPAL NOW . . . K' f ,?"1,, Aff' ' ' 59 -5 11. , - i fa. ' 'cqffl .,f'L V 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 83 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1 FACULTY THEN . . . ,rf - J 1 Aii Y , ,. . 2 L fi I' l'r:m-111:17 alrllwr Ln- -: V -' I ur lxtrnk fliullnan ,ngum U, I. I.-.1'f.wz, .. 1. . . ' I lm 12111511-ll. I.:nm:uug1-:- -1 I. K - 1 nm. lufunnl I: 1 xhh., nllhm HHH.. H K, 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1 84 9 1959 1-559 1959 1959 1959 1959 195-9 1959' 1959 FACULTY NOW . . . 4 Mr. Eckoff - 58 5' f T45 -A 1 S . don ? ' fl 1 Qi 4 1 984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 8 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 19591959 1 FAMILIAR FACES THEN . . . Robert AFCUFL i963 Pamela Fields, 1977 2 1 ' fu- el "' ,Q 5' " ' fl - f ary H0ff-lllklll, 1959 Janice Peshek, 1976 Mrs, Raisa Lgofza, 1966 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1T 9 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1-959 FAMILIAR FACES NOW . . . Mr. Arcun Mrs. McFayden , J? f L. . Mrs. Truscott Mrs. Alfert 4 19841 1984 1984 19841984-1984 1984 1984 1984 8 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1 SENIGRS THEN . . . i H E fa Q, Q' if M1 . V -5 Az. 1 -4 'Q fi' '59 ,-,J -A. I, . , A ,f . ,-2' 1 'W' '59 . K n.. --.9 L .L 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 198-4 1984 1 88 9 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 SENIORS NOW . . . 4 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 . 8 9 -1959 1959 1959 1959-1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 T CHEERLEADERS THEN . . . 'Yi- A Q .f. .. 'fa' A," Q Q .rigs .,D?. ir- nr' , 4 i , 1 ir' 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984-L 90 9 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 CHEERLEADERS NOWE... .4 1 ,Q .J 11 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 9 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 19-'59 1959 1959 ij FOOTBALL THEN . . . 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1 92 P 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 FOQTBALL Now . . . 1 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 5. -r, -19591959 1959 1959-1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1 HAIRSTYLES THEN . . . 5 1- 9 1111111159 11? '61 William , arp I,nu Nh-I" - Paula Purse-I 7 g19 5. ' - 4. A 1 P5 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1 P-1-959 1959 E59 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959-1959 HAIRSTYLES NOW . . . 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 19591959 1959 1959 1959 1959195919591959 -- - - -f - - -Y - - if - - 7- v - W- - - -- v - tfv- 4,9- One Day In Mr. Mosey's Class Jim Nunn, Mike Sicard and Julio Castro do an update version of Beowulf. 15151 1, 1 N If KA: H W J 99-, I up ,rr qi , 5' gin ff ' "s'mW?i' ' The Meade Hall never looked like this .. . PERFECT AGAIN!! l Casa, C l Top: Derrick Anthony, Ray Irvin: 2nd row: Andy Thomas, Scott McCarthy, Ronnie Hamrick, Larry Warner, John Byington, Bobby Brownrigg. Chris Acebal, Darrell Crappsg 3rd row: Mike Bofamy, Scott Penny, Mark Baker, Mike Pegg. Reggie Edwards, Chris Kelly, Marc Hazen, Matt Roth, David Daigleg 4th row: Randy Beardsley, Dwayne Hall, Kirk Hazen. Perry Whiteheard, Jimmy Nunn, Jeff Peshek, Alan Williams. i . . if -. ww- 4' ,www-"'f5 Scott Penny and Dwayne Hall discuss the strategy that made them feared in Central Florida. Orlando Sentinel's Player of the Year Reggie Edwards is flanked by David Daigle and Mark Baker Senior Jeff Peshek C0-Captain Ron Hamrick Soccer .JW .. K ,... 2 , A ix if Q l,.:Q'rsgq,5v1 ' if-M N . W, V EN, Lum.. .n3,,,3,.. .fujrv W., A . , , , .. . 5- cg gv ,, 'V W lift , rg 't 4- w - 11: " . ' if 3 - Q' V - it . vt ml K. 4 -my , A , Af A -4. . I , M K ,X , V, , I , Row l: Thomas Johnson. Keith Costner, Scott McCarthy. Mark Baker, Chris Nowviskie, Bobby Young, Jim Sinex. Mike Bofamy, Mike Sicard, Alex Silva, Pedro Soler, Matt Roth, Harry Michaels, .lay Stafford, Hervey Colon, Edwin Cosio, Louis Peters, Nora Price, Doug Buchanan Louis is at it again! l00 Lopez Varsity Basketball lst row: Dwayne Hall, Ken Dudley, Jay Riley, Derrick Anthonyg 2nd row: Darrell Crapps, John Ward, David Daigle, Peter Hagoodg 3rd row: Rick Motzel, Reggie Edwards, Tony Cupolo: 4th row: Jose Castro, John Castro. Top row: Karen Alexander, A..l. Julian, Amy Boswell, Connie Baldacchino, Lori Stallings, middle row: Michele Leete, Karen Rheuble, Melanie Dunng bottom row: Kathy Deveau, Robin Dillard. Carla Gaines. lO2 Ken Dudley pauses for the camera. Robin Dillard warms up A little strategy ... Freshman Basketball Top row: Eric Phillips, Steve Crowe, Baron Burton, Perry Whiteheadg 2nd row: Kenny Tramont, Steve Gardner, Tom Corrigan, Frank Scalfaro J.V. Girl's Basketball -I lst row: Kelly McCarthy, Marty Penick, Denise I-lessg Znd row: Candice Newberry, Tina Brill, Patti Pippeng 3rd row: Stephanie Mayo, Michele Penny, Cindy Cabreza: 4th row: Ana Perez-Lugones. Marjorie Hawk. IO4 J.V. Boy's Basketball sill-qui Top row: Mike Berry, Ray Irving 2nd row: Dan Sprague, Carl Tutera, Jay Alboviasg 3rd row: Rob Motzel James Nunn, Mike Beaudoing 4th row: David Leete, B.T. Corrigan, Alan Delisleg 5th row: Al Williams, TJ Petrizzo, Karl Kuga. Baseball lst row: Ray lrvin, Kenny Dudley, Frank Scalfaro, Mike Hura, Scott Ferrarag 2nd row: Randy Beardsley, Andy Thomas, Brian Joseph, Scott Penny, Ronnie Hamrickg 3rd row: Julio Castro, Dwayne Hall, Mike Bofamy, Roger Wolfe, Scott Groeschner. J .V. Cheerleaders p lst row: Pam Tanicello, Ann Sweeney, Tonya Roberts, Lori Aholag 2nd row: Carrie Tutera, Stephanie Stephenson, Anne Denslow, Georgie VanKooten. lO6 Boy's Track lst row: Clay Clifton, Hervey Colon. Greg Storchg Znd row: Ray lrvin, Kenny Dudley, Darrell Crapps, Derrick Anthony, Dwayne Hallg 3rd row: Mark Phillips, Scott Polera, Robert Eardley, Arthur Botting, Mark Baker, Larry Warner. Golf Front row: Tom Caravati, Mark Janetty, Alexis Avello, Brian O'Rourke, Rusty Restino, Mike Huber, Back Row: Jeff Peshek, Mike Muzyka, Kevin Horner, Jim Borgerson. Robbie Horner. John Huber, Danny McDevitt, Coach Ed Carey l07 Girl's Cross Country Top Row: Kris Stringer, Anne Denslow, Barbara Codianne, Cindy Cabrezag 3rd row: Christine Mayo, Stephanie Stephenson, Anne Roat, Shannon Abbott, Karen Rheuble, Melanie Dunng 2nd row: Carrie Tutera, Stephanie Mayo, Claudia Begin, Lisa Jordan, Zoee Frassrand, Laura Walker, Susan Spotts, Belinda Green, Kristen Michlerq front row: Laura Bouchard, Kim Burton, Kathy Deveau, Kim Amaral, Holly Eardley, Yvette Begin, Maureen Cone, Whitney Staed Volleyball Top: Jeanne Brinkman, Julie Brinkman, Lori Roat: Bottom: Theresa McCloskey, Martha Janes, Mary Harrigan 108 Boy's Cross Country ' Q A , V ' e ii -iff: , Top Row: Rusty Restinog 2nd row: Mike Beaudoin, Mark Janetty, David Leeteg 3rd row: Alan Delisle, Ed Smith, Chris France Clay Cliftong 4th row: Greg Storch, Hervey Colon. Swimming fy ig J.. A ,,Q.q.-a-f+"" W""' h will Coach Rea supervises from his lower. ,yyu II V Y Miss Lopez 1984 Miss Cara VanKooten Miss Stefanie Fleuchuus and Miss Cindy Folker complete the court ., ,.-w.,:.,-,,, W-ein"-fl' ' . if ' -N ' 1 K eee ,i i "i'eei 3 - . Q . - f , The final segment of the gown competition. 6 Miss Patti Codianne Miss Stefanie Fleuchaus Miss Mary Horrigan Miss Trish Sheehan Miss Cindy Folker Miss Mary I-lajash Miss Kathryn Freeman Miss Kerry Pike Just Another Day. Hanging around the circle. Reggie shows off his new sui . .lose slips into something comfortable . . . Father Kelly prays over his fellow students. ff ' .- X 5 ,N .Sigm- . -v. ii? h l of Are you kidding me? f ' 1 K ,N . M fr Mr. Arcuri before his morning coffee . . . Freeze Frame we , W S 1 -HES' ' l22 1- we-.N ..f--f-ew -' VL' an xx W Y1 iw 1-J' PORTRAIT OF A WINNER 1984 Theme Award!! Editors Theresa McCloskey and Kim Welch. 124 X Special Thanks LORI ROAT ELIZABETH KOSZAS Photographers SHARON VAN DRIEL JUDY VAN DRIEL 5 The Veritas Staff lst row: Judy Van Driel, Joanne Fahner, Patti Codianne, Sharon Van Driel, Susan Pollard: 2nd row: Terri Hoag, Gretel Abad, Cathy Moutsopoulos, Stephanie King, Monica Bryan. f N 9 Gaylord s Salutes its next generation of customers. Congratulations Seniors Gaylord's Seafood 8: Steakhouse Est 1948 4200 S At1ant1c Ave Downtown Wrlbur 788 9640 by the Sea DAYMIA illlfldlll .1 IIDYAY Daytona Internatlonal Speedway 'WY Congratulatlons to the faculty staff and students on the sllver anmversary of Father Lopez H1gh School. Best wishes to the Sterling Graduates of 1984. X J THE VERITAS SAYS FOR 25 YEARS OF SUPPORT WE SALUTE THE CONTRIBUTING FAMILIES AND BUSINESSES OF DAYTONA BEACH "THANK YOUU X 1 Gave your financnal planning lnttle class JY 'awp IDEAS MANALI: MON L1 ,Z Nu-gd JOHN F GROESCHNER MARIE A GROESCHNER an l SLABREEZE BL vo IJAYTONA aEACrL FL BJOIB TELEPHDNES BUS I904I 253 93I I nes mon 788-0652 INVESTORS DIVE RSIFIED SERVICES INC IDS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ' ' I C' a ' I . f f . f , K Kg-5 L! 1 ff- W an "ro IIEl.I'qYOU : I f N CONGRADULATIONS FROM SPECIAL PATRONS JOHN AND EVELYN GIANGREGORIO JACK AND CLARISSA BOSWELL BELLAIR 60 MINUTE PHOTO MR 8a MRS ANASTASOPOULOS 8L FAMILY Cl'eat0l'S of IUXUYY OCeal1'FYOl'lgCOndOl'l1lI1lUl11S an pY'IV3te YeSIdel'ltl3l COlTll1'lUl1ItIeS BELLEMEAD C DEVELOPMENT CDFQPDFXATION 29 S NAU ' . ,FL 52018 T I h 1904! 761-9600 Goodrngs Supermarket Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week Mason Nova Plaza 252 6411 O C C C C C C 0 Cl-ISJBB Belle-mean Development Coroorntlon IE A whollv-owned suusunuarv of the Chubb Coruoranon 90 OU! 3I'1UC Ave ' DBVf0f'13 BEBCT1 ShOl'9S 6 GD OFI6 T - K J 132 ww ai gas GO GREEN lllUlERS I ANTIQUES WAVE' ms rfmusuu nn nmmvlm S G A I252 7681I E611 5010I Z is IOCZJ dlscount to all students IH copy 521114, Working Toadhe-P T Q , l 6' 1 H Q- f 1 E Two aenncnsuos Locamons s I Fon cnsmr mans oven as YEARS Acceprsn av PHONE f V :sal IJTIAITKZIAIAI vm 3 , 0 . 'x . . I A X AREA wuoe osuvsnv , .. " Vdzii 7 gawk, ,-'kihxg--. M5 vi 1 5 .K w--few-Wwz ,,,. .- wmv w m- 55 ' ' 3 9 ' 'S f Central Baptlst Full Care Center Christian Educational Program Kindergarten Pre-School After School'Summer Camp Open 7am-6pm-5 Days 142 W. Fairview Ave. 258-7611 A Child's Place Nf jk Four Complete Departments Paint Artist s Supplies Wallpaper Picture Blinds Framing Drapes 239 S. Segrave Daytona Beach Fla. 253-8107 Southern CElsenhauer5 J Office Supplles Fumlture Machine Phone Orders Dellvered Dally In Deyiona Area 601 N Ridgewood Av QU S 1 Day! Bchl N f Z MUNAHAN 8150 S 326 S. Yonge Street Ormond Beach, Florida 32074 Serving the Southeast LL 'th TENTS TABLES CHAIRS PLATFORMS PARTY SUPPLIES 904-677-5302 CHARLES M MONAHAN N f Q h f-as n ' . u S E Excellent Servlce al Competltlve Prlcee i ,I 5 0 0 Q . l I I 1 I V . J K jk wwe my .T DARK f TANNING Lonon ,, , 'lifsllif' For your beginnmg tan Lrght sunscreen promotes a healthy dark base and keeps sk1n sun condltioned There s a Hawairan Troplc lotlon o1l or gel for every type of skln SUN PROTECTION FACTOR 4 Congratulatrons Carlos and the Class of 1984 from Dr. 8: Mrs. Alberto Galliano and Famlly ,,,.,-V-.X is Xflrll G" ., f Ami mt. Mm H'- lun UN U' V' PM p rl 0 mc' V 'K lXNl A qt ,'l"Yn A Vx 'tm ,Y nl t in W l M ,Aw . . . . . , . M . ,, , . . . . ' 9 . . . . BROWN AND BROWN INC 126 VOLUSIA AVE DAYTONA BEACH FLA 32015 BROWN AND BROWN INC BRINGING THE LA TEST IN INSURANCE THINKING TO FLORIDA f N Tlli- 9 , o L.1T.i... CC K J The secret of educatlon l1es 1n Ralph Waldo Emerson G1flS Unusual 8a Beachwear 2671 North Atlantlc Ave Bellalr Plaza Daytona Beach Florlda 673 l364f5 George 8a Irene Moutsopoulos Val 8a Cath1 Lane f N respecting the pupil." K J N f F reddle s Seafood Everything for the Fisherman Bait Tackle Ice Beer Eats Drinks PHONE: 428-6781 129 North Riverside Drive At City Yacht Basin New Smyrna Bch. Fla. 32069 -Deep Sea Fishing- l904J 253-7668 AAMCO L' U 'Sense rnnnswusslous Dem' World s Largest Transmission Specialists 726 N BEACH STREET DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA 32014 STEVE OBER W ' 9 gg 19 , . 1 J 5 f jk Sea Harvest Seafood New Smyrna Beach 427 6364 Daytona 767 6800 P O Box 1032 Deep Sea Fishing 201 N. Riverside Dr. r 1 f l C 3 9 Compliments of Ol1var1, Yordon and Jacobs Certified Public Accountants 444 Seabreeze Blvd. Suite 740 Daytona Bch. Florida 32018 Phone 904-252-0087 jk' N 4 3: xx x y X 'E is 2 l gl STAIITERS I: ALTERTIATORS FOR ALL! 1 , I new J 3 C Congratulations Kim and the Class of The Welch Famlly 9 N ..l l.' -I. A.. v 1 PHONE 255-D907 in ' DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA 636 MASON AVE. Compliments T1m J obson jk N f is "" ' AUTO ELECTRIC Y "5aaxcuz'7uulaSA-cron" AUTO MARINE INDUSTRIAL SERVICE WHILE YOU WAIT HEAVY DUTY RICOIIDITIOIIID IATTIIIIIS cAu. ron oun Low - LOW PIIICISI OPEN SAT 561 N RIDGEWOOD AV Dnroun in Q 4 scum OFF MASON - COR NORIH A m p Q P Diffs Hfiiflfikv 788 3130 SPRUCE CREEK PHARMACY A036 NOVA RD PORT ORANGE FLA Two locatlons 1 O of I x V 'HI FOREIGN SPEC ALISTS 864 ORANGE AVE DAYTONA BEACH FLA M, Dr I N0. Dr. K fx 3 C Congradulations Seniors Comvgmenfs The Benedlct Famlly ' ' Joe, Alice, Barbara, B111 Sllverthorne Clay, Connie, and Kathy Alice Clay Benedict Father Lopez Class of 1960 Q Q 5 ff Q3bQRY'R loozp 5 . , M , 9' 15. ': A . fr: Best Wishes to gasc-L.. ues' all Greenwaves AL Q H h 0.1 C Embry-Riddle ug CS 1 0 Aeronautical University Reid Hughes president Regional Airport Daytona Beach, Florida 32014 252-5561 World's acknowledged leader in higher aviation education 7 Q ' Comphments Dunn R1te Automotlve 110 Franklm St Dunn Bros Hardware Dunn Bros Palnt and Decoratlons 812 Volusla Ave Dunn Lumber and Supply Co 415 Orange Ave 255 6531 255 7419 252 4656 of 154 S. Beach st. ' 253-7691 X J N f ew irfw. me .1 .D.D.5. Kiefa O1 f.51:y7aa5 e -E P Y ',l'v1,l'll.-.L,j'..1'. .' -zedfv ,DL3 The Trails Shopping Center 0 ,Se . . Nova Road just north of Granada. Ormond Beach, ' 523 Nom' Pemnsula DWG 19041 253-1611 General Family Dentistry C N Victory over defeet. Q , 1 , O h N :F 0 8 f 4 we u ' ' . + 44 , . . on 1 'U quducl fl! use - 'W D N 46,0 919 Y S E ' .,..E,.1...r,,f ' 'N N C' o O s B on Em - Open 10 lo 7 Monday lhrough Friday. and Samrdoy IO 10 6 Daywna Beach' Honda 32013 ' Q 6 N f 5 I N ' E Q J X N f cop TIRES TTODICS BATTERIES ACCESSORIES Mm SERVICE S WRECKER 587 Bevllle Road Daytona Beach, Floruda 32019 R'DGZ'giff :"x'fff AVE ' Ph 19043 755-5500 CAR WASH 258-1171 OPEN 24 Houns CHARLES E. DAVIS Manager - Daytona OOEHEQS - COMPUTERS WORD PROCESSORS Q U Q 42 i Ei f N Congratulations Seniors GCA Gold Coast American Export 8a Import 672-3000 l Z The Michael Family President Migue erpa X J Congratulations Harry and he asso I K J f N Modernage K1tChCHS are always on top Best of Luck Green Wave 100 Modernage Blvd., Holly Hill, FL. x 1 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1 V 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1 1 N +4 1 1 1 . K- .lf A R ,A mio mm 165-r I-fm 1 N AA W 'Il y W 1 N v EI L, l l Qi 3 Q Q5 nl .7 ,lx I ' w , T X, ww mm 1w5fi Tm.4 ff 15 ,f1 " unuunmuunlnnl

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