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X- W .,, -M 57TH COMME NCEME T EDITION Published by the Senior Class of I i Farrell Senior High School I Farrell, Pennsylvania y n,,o , L e.e - L 7 S ie Paul A. Komar Faculty Advisor ........ .... Photographer ....... . ........... Spano Studios Printer ..... .. American Yearbook Company i 1 2 1 J i' Administration . Q- n 1 JOINING OUR FAMILY OF SCHOOLS Architects - Hunter, Heiges 8- Gross THE JOHN HETRA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DEDICATED SEPT. 24, 1959 The dedication of the John Hetra Elementary School this year was a great honor for our well-known superintendent of schools. Mr. Hetra began his association with the Farrell School System in 1926, when he served as our guidance counselor, and later held positions as the iunior-senior high school assistant principal, iunior high school principal, senior high assistant principal, and senior high principal. He was elevated to the position of superintendent of schools in November ,'I 946. Our congratulations to Mr. Hetra, certainly a man very deserving of this honor. ' 5 or DIRECTORS Mr. Louis Mastrion, Mr. Delmas Llewellyn, Superintendent John Hetra, President of Board Mr. Frank Whalen, STANDING Mr. Richard Morocco Secretary, Mr. Kenneth Edward Turosky Solicitor. CLERICAL PRINCIPALIS OFFICE Mrs. Agnes Mielcarek, Mrs. Steila Ceslak, Miss Pat Wolgast, and Miss Odelia M' 'k. Miss Andrea Berish and Miss Rose Hranko, ls' Board Mr. Paul Kudelko, Mr. Robert Flynn, Mr. Anthony Namey, Vice President of Livingston, Mr. Bernard Brysh Treasurer, Francis Taylor, Mr. Daniel Vivolo and Mr. TAFF as BOARD OFFICE Mrs. Geraldine Tommins, Mr. Richard Morocco, Sec, and Pres, of Board Paul Kudelko being congrqfulqqed Miss Judy David. by board member Mr. Thomas Stanton. 7 FARRELL HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL MR. ANGELO M. GRANDE Our genial principal, Mr. Angelo M. Grande, enters this door at 7:30 A.M. each morning, and assumes the responsibilities of an advisor, father, friend, disciplinarian, and "head of complaints department" to each of the 700 students in the high school. Formerly a guidance counselor for Farrell schools, Mr. Grande understands well the problems of his students, and strives to help them in any way he can. 8 CURRICULUM DIRECTOR MR. ANTHONY .I. PINTAR Mr. Anthony J. Pintar, formerly served as teacher of mathematics at the senior high, then as principal of the iunior, and senior high schools, is now the curriculum director of the Farrell Area Schools. Mr. Pintar is in charge of coordinating the studies of the students with their educational needs. SENIOR HIGH GUIDANCE COUNSELOR MR. LOUIS MOROCCO Mr. Louis Morocco, our busy guidance counselor, takes a moment off from his rushed schedule to give his secretaries, Barb Weber and Margie Homer, a few instructions be- fore he dashes off on his daily trip to the iunior high. We all greatly appreciate Mr. Morocco's personal interviews with each of us to help us select our college or vocation, and it is often from his advice that our life work is chosen. 9 lt seems that in every school there is some one person who takes to her heart and has a maternal attitude to- wards the entire student body. ln the Farrell Senior High School, this person is our own MISS ANN GOJDICS. As senior class advisor, Miss Goidics counsels and advises her students in the hundred-and-one problems that arise in the senior class. She spends many hours in her office every day taking care of student accounting lYes, boys, that includes detentionll and somehow manages to teach us literature appreciation and English grammar. What would we do without our busy Miss Goidics?? MRS. MARY JONES, as head of the Commercial Club, advises her budding young secretaries in their publishing of the "Secretary's Scoop," a school newspaper dealing with subjects of interest to commercial students, pub- lished once every six weeks. Here Mrs. Jones helps our new "southern belle," MRS. ETHEL GREEN, to get ac- quainted with our school. Mrs. Green, newly arrived from Kentucky, teaches girls' health and physical education. Welcome to Farrell, Mrs. Green. An active participant in many Shen- ango Valley dramatic productions, MISS KATHRYN POLYZOU is probably relating some of her acting experi- ences to one of her dramatics classes, Miss Polyzou is head of the Thespian Club and directs all the plays given by our dramatically inclined students. ln addition to her dramatic activities, Miss Polyzou teaches speech at the iunior high school. Recently back from an exchange teaching trip to Europe, MISS FRANCES DURITSA is in charge of our home-economics department. ihe odors, savory and otherwise, of the unimaginable concoctions being produced in rooms l3O and 133 are a direct result of the attempts at culinary artistry made by Miss Du- ritsa's students. The girls are taught cooking, sewing, and many other subiects dealing with home dec- orating. Here Miss Duritsa is showing JoAnne Sa- konyi illustrations of some of the finer points in home interiors. Our two most eligible Farrell High bachelors, MR. EDWARD FLYNN and MR. JOSEPH SCARVELL, look as if they're enioying their freedom. As the tradi- tional "Marryin' Sam" for our annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, Mr. Flynn has issued to many of our student couples that same fateful marriage certificate which he has so skillfully avoided. lWe missed you this year, Mr. Flynn.l Besides teaching English and Journalism, Mr. Flynn also is in charge of the Night Rider. Mr. Scarvell, a real "cool pedagogist" if we ever saw one, teaches American History to the iuniors. An avid actor, Mr. Scarvell takes part in many of the plays put on by the Youngstown Playhouse and our own Shenango Valley Playhouse "600." Our debonair, MR. JOSEPH CANTELUPE, sopho- more English teacher, is the "Beau Brummell" of the Farrell High faculty in his very Adolph Meniouesque attire. Mr. Cantelupe, a well-known trumpet player in the Senango Valley, also has his own band. The music of "Joe Cann's Orchestra" has kept many a foot tapping at our school dances and our "after- prom" parties. As the iunior class advisor, MRS. VICTORIA BARBU is in charge of all the yearly business ventures un- dertaken by the iunior class to raise money for the prom. Between her time spent selling candy, ink pens and shakeroos, Mrs. Barbu works harder than ever teaching her courses in English grammar and liter- ature. Some years ago during Farrell's Silver Jubilee, Mrs. Barbu was crowned "Miss FarreIl" and reigned over all the festivities of the Jubilee. MR. TUDOR LEWIS, presently serving as head of the Industrial Arts department, formerly coached Farrell High's basketball teams. lMr. Lewis himself was a former basketball star at Westminster College.l In the same Silver Jubilee that Mrs. Barbu reigned, Mr. Lewis was none other than - King Ferdinand in the "Columbus Discovers America" pageant. Well, now! Not many people can boast of the fact that they financed Christopher Columbus' voyage to America! MR. SAMUEL CAMPAGNA, JR., caught here leaving the high school on one of his many daily trips to the iunior high, is the choral director of the Farrell schools. A fine musician himself, Mr. Campagna plays in several local orchestras. His concert choirs and A Cappella choirs, both here at the high school and at the iunior high, have been recognized far and wide as some of the finest musical groups in the state. 12 MR. RALPH DRESCH, our accommodat- ing athletic director and P.O.D. teacher, would probably be better known as "Mr. Tickets." Even during his busy schedule Mr. Dresch takes time to head the Hi-Y activities, but most of his day is occupied with ath- letic business. Often, the business which keeps Mr. Dresch so busy con- cerns our teacher MR. EDWARD Mc- CLUSKEY and his famous basketball teams. When Mr. McCluskey is not teaching American History, he is con- cerned with basketball. His wonderful state-champion teams have brought F.H.S. much fame and glory, and we are sure glad to have him on our side. Mr. McCluskey's assistant coach, MR. PAUL MATUSCAK, teaches commercial subiects in addition to his coaching ac- tivities. One of Mr. Matuscak's subiects is office practice, in which the students are taught to operate all ofhce ma- chines, including the switchboard. Now we know who to blame for all those cut-off telephone conversations and wrong connections! An avid photographer and sports- woman, MISS HELEN GRIMES, our higher mathematics teacher, enioys hiking through the woods, and, using her camera, takes many interesting pictures of natural and historic sub- jects throughout this area. She is as- sociated with the Mercer County His- torical Society and does research on many local historic protects. Here we see Miss Grimes taking a mid-day break as she shares her cafeteria table with MR. RAYMOND CHESS, our new driver education teacher. Of course, it iust might be that Mr. Chess needs a break more than Miss Grimes, after spending the day risking his life and limb in the driver education car with our trembling, nervous students! Welcome to F.H.S., Mr. Chess. MR. ELLSWORTH McCLEARN and MR. IRVIN ORR are two of the more practical members of our faculty, whose students make practical things. Both men are in the Industrial Arts Department, Mr. McClearn teaches machine shop and Mr. Orr instructs in the metal shop. Mr. McClearn's hobby is, of all things, micro-midget car rac- ing. During the summer months you may find him at any of our local race tracks, either observing or driving one of his own cars. The students of Mr. Orr's metal shop work with brass, cop- per, and steel. Their proiects of bowls, trays, coffee tables, and end tables are both skillfully and artistically made, and make beautiful presents for many a lucky mother. The MISSES ANNAROSE MORACA and SARAH COOLEY are shown here explaining to student, Denise Andrak, "what makes the little bugs wiggle around so." Both are teachers of soph- omore biology. They keep their stu- dents busy from early fall until late spring gathering various types of leaves and flowers which they use in their study of the mysteries of nature. In addition to such expert guidance, our two well-equipped biology rooms provide a wonderful opportunity for our students to really enioy the study of the biological sciences. MR. PAUL A. KOMAR, well-known Shenango Valley artist, is the art di- rector of Farrell Area schools. ln the Senior High the students, with Mr. Komar's expert advice, have an op- portunity to learn ceramics, copper enameling, iewelry, and oil painting. Through the use of slides and the pro- iector, students study art history and art appreciation. Two of Mr. K's fa- vorite proiects during the school year are the staging of marionette shows for the elementary and iunior high students, and, of course, the social climax of the school year, decorating the gym for the Jr.-Sr. prom, which he always says "is prettier than last year's." Besides teaching all the aspiring young artists he is also the faculty adviser of the "Reflector." iWhich we, the staff, are beginning to think is the much harder iob of the twolll Soft-spoken MR. EDWARD LINDWAY and rugged MR. JOHN CHIODO seem to be enjoying an article from a maga- zine - scientific, no doubt. Mr. Lind- way teaches Chemistry and Mr. Chiodo teaches Physics. Both have the heavy responsibility of encouraging students of F.H.S. to investigate the new fron- tier of the world - the sciences, and to be conscious of the great scientific changes and advances taking place in the world today. Mr. Chiodo is the faculty adviser of the Conservation Club and takes an active interest in outdoor life. MISS OLGA GOJDICS, one of the well-known Goi- dics sisters of the Farrell High School faculty, teaches typing and business math to our students enrolled in the commercial course. Miss'Goidics is the treasurer of the Commercial Department and is in charge of the Farrell Teachers Credit Union. A kind-hearted and cheerful person, Miss Goidics revealed her more humorous side, too, when she confessed to us that her secret desire has always been to be - a ravish- ing redhead, no less! Our Miss Goidics?? MISS ALICE M. GRIFFITH, instructor in English and creative writing, has earned a reputation at Farrell High School as a teacher who is especially interested in those with whom she works. In addition to working with the girls in the Tri-Hi-Y Club, Miss Griffith spends much of her out-of-school time aiding youngsters at the Farrell Public Library. As proof of her able in- struction in creative writing, seven of Miss GriFfith's students had essays published in the National Essay Association Annual Anthology. MR. ALFRED MALA- TESTA, our popular Latin instructor, is another fac- ulty member who is a master of his field. Ask his students about ablative absolutes or Latin gerun- dives and you'Il get a correct answer every time. ln addition to heading the Latin Club, Mr. Malatesta is a well-known saxophonist in the Valley, an active faculty participant in the boys' intramural basketball program, and the director of the student Projection- ist Club. Signing in at his mailbox for the full day of school ahead is MR. JOSEPH DUICH, bookkeeping and elective typing teacher. More often than not, Mr. Duich's school day is an even longer one than that of the other teachers, for he encourages his faster students to work ahead of their class. Mr. Duich is a real bowling whiz, with an average of l62 in the Teachers' Bowling League, and is Vice-President of the Farrell Teachers' Organization, which is affili- ated, with the Pennsylvania State Educator's Associ- ation. MISS MARGARET ROUX, often known as Mlle. Roux tRool to her students, teaches French and is head of the Language Department at Farrell High. One of the highlights of a visit to the school during Na- tional Education Week is Miss Roux's "French" room 204, which her students convert yearly to a gay Pa- risian cafe. Much of her artistic talent is carried over into Miss Roux's world history classes, too, as she plans lovely displays of subiects, like the United Na- tions Buildings, and other protects related to her his- tory classes. "See Dave, the bullets go in here and come out there. We must have been using crooked bullets." Here we see MR. DAVID SCHIRMER and MR. JOSEPH TOM- MINS inspecting the intricacies of a gun. Rumor had it that the fauna were pretty safe the past sea- son since neither one of them bagged very much, let alone a deer. Last reports have it that Mr. Schirmer, our Electronics instructor, is developing a deadly ray based on the principle of the proximity fuse. This contraption when fired in the woods will seek out the deer. Mr. Tommins, true to his theories of Physical Education, is going to do it the hard way. He'll am- bush them from a tree, with knife in hand a-la-Tar- zan. Seriously, both teachers are lovers of the sport and the great outdoors, and are respected and dedi- cated teachers. Mr. Tom'mins is the faculty adviser of the Key Club. ln addition to her duties as a math teacher, smiling MISS BESSIE STRUCK also is in charge of that great group of pepper-uppers - our cheerleaders. Miss Struck coaches and trains the girls and spends much of her spare time with them. Here she supervises Gloria Rossi and Angela Trenga as they prepare to make use of the new gold and blue "shakeroos" which the girls are using in their cheers this year. Miss Struck, when not teaching algebra, is a fine craftsman and does much of her own sewing and creates other obiects of art. J "W vt mirnaanrr 'I 'ai-'lil .Q 3 tc S sv' if -1x..,Mh ' "M . MR. JAMES V. SCANGA, director of the Sen- ior High Band, is in charge of preparing the varied and intricate marching half-time shows which the band puts on during football season. When basketball season rolls around in De- cember, our band director is twice as busy as before, directing the band at all the home games and preparing for the coming concerts. Then, alas, even summer brings no rest, for the band must begin rehearsing early in August for the next season's football games! Speaking of football games, MR. ANTHONY PAULEKAS, our well-known football coach is shown here beating a calfskin instead of a pigskin for a change. Mr. Paulekas has been our coach for number of years and had his first undefeated season this year. Congratuilations, Mr. Paule- kas, we can't blame you for beating that drum! As a teacher of P.O.D. and World Geography, Mr. Paulekas seems to take a personal interest in all his students, and is known throughout the school for his wry, good-natured sense of humor. 25 YEARS OF SERVICE BANQLIET Miss M. Skuse, Mr. J. Tommins, Speaker G Bartholmew Program Chairman Miss L Phipps Supt John Hetra, Pres. of Board Mr. P. Kudelko, Mrs A McGorgee Miss E Fritchmun Mr R Dresch g , ,,,, i ,, , CAFETERIA STAFF The hard working cafeteria staff take a few minutes respite from their daily chore of feeding hundreds of students and fac- ulty members. Mrs. F. Burns heads the caf- eteria, her able assistants are Mrs. F. Semons, Mrs. S. Bacon, Mrs. M. Smiley, Mrs. V. Cipriano, and Mrs. M. Bruno. STAFF Mr. Jack Sposito, head of maintenance at F.H.S., heeds the last minute instructions of Mr. Al Knott, chief of maintenance. Their duties are varied and many but their chief aim is to have the school operating in an etticient manner. uwmxx ,..K...., . umm .a mf ,ma-m mn-. awn .w.w,m..-,.. . am me 1.-Mm sm mv. X0 mam- Sm .M mx tra-im: 18,-fx vw wah as w.mm-w-, lm emmw. in-ww-mx c-mem W . mm- wxm new lm, -fm 5, me ,,,m.n Lx n. xfr-, x .M .1- nw. ww .Wu mu ,- lllll0I' f f CLASS OFFICERS Diane Pcvlovich ....,................ Secretory David Morrison ..... Vice President John Kohl .... ..... P resident 21 JU ICR SNAPS l. Mrs. Grande assisting two ot her students. 2, Mrs. Barbu's English class 3. Girls' Gym 4. Chemistry Lab 5. Machine Shop I. He's beginning to see the light. ..-.. . Q 2. "What was Macbeth's psychological reaction in view of his mental deterioration as shown in act Ill, scene 2, relative to Shaksspeare's own experiences?" 3. "Look, Ma, No Feet!" 4. Five, four, three, two, one - PH-H-T-T 5. "Now make me a watch spring too, misik 22 ROOM 4 Ist ROW: Cristala Barlow, Mabel Blackburn, Celia Campero, Carol Branzovich, Barbara Amon. 3rd ROW: Adolph Beinhardt, Beatrice Balluch, Ann Caputo, Mary Andrews. 2nd ROW: An- Larry Belcik, Bill Adler, Robert Blackwell, Michael Balluch, Tom thony Basile, Robert Biggart, Beverly Cannon, Lois Campbell, Ansinger, Robert Bresky, Forest Artherholt. ROOM9 Ist ROW: Geraldine Chiurezzi, Michelene Deflin, Lillian Cha- Albert Evans, Nick DeVito, David Frazier, James Doddo, Alex lupko, Barbara Forney, Linda Chiccarino, Richard Cooper. 2nd David, Louis Celenzi. 4th ROW: Anthony DeNoi, Dennis Freytag, ROW: Geraldine DeCapua, Irene Chinnery, Letitia Chiccarino, Tom Curtician, George Chirikas, Richard Evans. John Dankanyin, Ronald Golardo, Mike DeMartinis. 3rd ROW: 23 5 tr 5 mg 3.4 swf VK? ROOM 10 ist ROW: Pat Jones, Sherry Johnson, Janice Grande, Jean Hlin- Johnson, Ernestine Harden, Joe Gentile, Joan Heile, Robert Hol- sky, Mary Sue llylco, Janice George, Ricky Heiman. 2nd ROW: ler, John Kahl, Charles Heirs. 4th ROW: Mary Kilar, Eleanor Louis Galicia, Frances Holloway, Esther Keely, Martha Gardner, Kocis, Stanley Gray, George Kaliney, Emmanuel Kladitis, Danny Beth Hlinsky, Julie Hunt, Richard Grande. 3rd ROW: Geraldine Keckes, Fred Hol?man,Tethonie Holloway. ROOM 202 ist ROW: John Misik, Bernadette Martin, Charlene Mikulin, ROW: Eleanor Mocieiewski, Annette Kryzysiek, Catherine Lazor, Kathy Messina, Jean Morocco, Morilee Mognotto, Judy Marks. John Morgan, John Mittal. 4th ROW: Matt Ledbetter, Howard 2nd ROW: Cecilie Maroscher, Joanne Meeker, Barbara Miller, Meislik, Robert Miller, Harold Meckler, Ronald La Vrangi. Louna Morar, Georgiann Kocis, Becky Miller, John Lewis. 3rd 24 ROOM 217 lst ROW: Elaine Needels, Diana Pavlovich, Sophie Richnavsky, Plattebarze, Albert Paldino, Thomas Popadak, Paul Pillitteri, Rus- Jean Pazgan, Georgia Rogan, Loretta Pellis, Marcia Phillips. sell Morocco, Andrew Perfilio, Paul Pusfinger. 4th ROW: Robert 2nd ROW: Jerry Nehlen, Barbara Waligc, Xandre Lee Portal, O'Kresik, John Puhl, Thomas Podleyon, David Morrison, Robert Cathy Pasci. Camile Napolitan, Lewis Petsko. 3rd ROW: Harold Pendel, Ronald Notar, Louis Oris, Charles Proctor. ROOM 224 lst ROW: Eliga Sopic, Marilyn Stefanish, Carol Serbic, Joanne Barbara Jennings, Cecelia Shaeffer, Ronnie Savoch, Gerald So- Stiftinger, Julianne Rock, Claudia Smith, Joanne Shebeck, 2nd mich, Bob Smith, David Settle, James Sylvester. 4th ROW: ROW: Janice Skibo, Irene Scott, Elaine Robinson, Carol Roscue, Robert Schultz, Mike Siyka, Ed Spruck, Ralph Sinopoli, Steve Frederica Rufio, Laura Robinson, Ronald Sokonyi. 3rd ROW: Sincek, Patrick Sanders, Ronnie Sanford, Eugene Smith. 25 ROOM 225 lst ROW: Donna Varro, Marie Torchia, Pat Williams, Donna Weber, Stanley Winston, Adrienne Woitanoski, Kathryn Wat- Vellente, Joe Morocco, Donna Woitanoski, Hilda Taub 2nd kins, Vela Williams, Cynthia Trop, Anthony Vaccaro 4th ROW: Helen Whitaker, Charlene Wolgast, Ann Yurcic, Ben Vo- ROW: Bill Watson, Joe Simmers, Donald Webb, Aaron Work, dala, Judy Totin, Eleanor Wells, Steve Wright 3rd ROW: Agnes Robert Wall, lvan Vecheren, Allen Thomas, Fred Vaughn. ROOM 123 lst ROW: Athelston Bartholomew, Judith Svirbely, Lois Dresch, Robert Kidd, Stephen Skarosi, Kenneth McKenna 4th ROW: Lucille Palanti, Beverly Lotka 2nd ROW: Dona Strizzi, Carol Frank Bonacci, Gary Franko, Robert DeMarca, Robert Orendi, D'Amico, Jean Cole, Guy Capparelli, Jane Williams, Wilbert Ronald Benka. Daniels 3rd ROW, Thomas White, Samuel Rossi, David Staples, 26 'I ts X A N Q: X R qw X M 5 SQ , Q ia? L , .,.. Qu . x 'X Q 1 ci, QQ ' . N 3 . ,wf kgs , 71" i5 Q, XX ei Q L f 9 . Q ,gg k in I -' J' ophomore CLASS OFFICERS Pot Monteson . . . ..... Secretory Edward Gray ..... . 4 . . . President Nick Generolovich ..... Vice President 29 ROOM 203 'lst ROW: Toni Banks, Marianne Bandzak, Stephanie Boulware. Andrea Billalc, Cheryl Buholzer, Jean Bobish, Theresa Bohoch. 2nd ROW: Edward Allen, George Arendas, Richard Bresky, Al- bert Arendas, James Battyonyi, Ronald Aiello, Carol Bich. 3rd ROW: Jean Butterfield, Patricia Buchanan, Sandra Barone, Denise Andrak, James Bralich, Robert Baloch. 4th ROW: Joe Balluch, Lawrence Austin, Andrew Bartosh, Ralph Anderson, Rudy Blczius, John Balaska, Chris Bellich. ROOM 204 'lst ROW: Theresa Gabriele, Rose Gagliurdi, Margaret Deronia, Mary Ann Capozzoli, Bernadette DeCapua, Karen Cooper, Jimmy Dunkerley, Bill Cardamon. 2nd ROW: Karen Dorulla, Genny Cole, Pat Henretty, Mary Frazier, Jerry Danessa, Dale Dresch, Elaine Cole, Christine Dyka. 3rd ROW: Georgian Chic- carino, Mary Ann Dudash, Lorraine Carr, Shelby Durst, Ronald Chalupka, James Cordek, Som Elia, George Donaldson. 4th ROW: Herman Galicia, Nick Generalovich, Cecil Crowder, Rich- ard Dunkerly, Tony DeGerolomo, David Drobeny, Eugene Capi- tal, Elmer Flint, Blll Foster. 3 i ROOM 206 lst ROW: Frances Koshan, Patricia Hoyney, Gary Grande, Kogle, Phyllis Kosiorek, Joanne Kosiba, Mary Harper, Gwen Lorene Johnson, Angela Grande, Barbara Harkulich. 2nd ROW: Huntley, Robert Keso. 4th ROW: Charles Homa, Ronald Kosky, Nancy Jeflries, Peggy Haun, Sandra Gross, Edward Gray, Bar- Ronald Houler, Jerry Johnson, Ulyssess Harrison, John Hunsley, bara Hornyak, Jeffrey Kouach, Carol Keeley. 3rd ROW: Jean Dave Kocholek. ROOM 213 Ist ROW: Patricia Monteson, Rose Masotto, Raymond Medvec, Larry Kuhn, Paul Larson, John LaCamero, Richard Kruegar. Victor Litwiler, Janet Matusiclc, Sandra Matvey. 2nd ROW: Karen 4th ROW: Donald Miller, Lenora Matthews, John Mesaros, Joel McClave, Joan Multari, Betty Jane Morris, Joyce Matsko, Dennis Meislik, Anthony Mineo, Sam Lazich, Ronald Miller. Messett, George Matsis. 3rd ROW: Patricia Lee, Diaine Lambros, 31 ROOM 214 'lst ROW: Julianne Parcetich, Nancy Rabold, Patty Raught, Mary Jo Palmer, Felix Sanders, Ernest Robinson. 2nd ROW: Marianne Mack, Carol Scarmack, Patricia Pastore, Donna Sarcinella, Doris Nicklow, Billy Reed, Larry Palanti. 3rd ROW: Walter Prezgay, vi Louis Salantino, Michaelene Scordina, Sam Roth, Steve Palko, Mark Rupert, Gerald Ruby. 4th ROW: Andrew Pazgan, Elaine Rozzi, Sanford Nathan, Tom Pishko, Bob Nelson, Louis Robinson, Robert Saconyi, Ralph Russo. 'til ROOM 223 ist ROW: Kathleen Sonoga, Carol Spruk, Denise Sirianni, Col- leen Whalen, 2nd ROW: Rose Ann Sopko, Arela Sember, Linda Stull, Dianna Schuster, Richard Thompson, Jacqueline Wright, Gerald Swisher. 3rd ROW: Andrew Torok, John Swiecinski, Anne Yonok, Rocky Vadala, Lynne Sides, Beatrice Williams, Eleanor Scurry, Elizabeth Thomas. 4th ROW: Albert Tremmel, Ed Turosky, Esther Zoldan, Donna White, Richard Williams, Peter Viselli, Sam Torchia, Terry Taylor. 5th ROW: Melvin Webb, Emil Stone, Audrey Thurston, Fred Siege, Gary Verholok, Jack Thompson, Michael Strecansky, Michael Zimmerman, Michael Sorrels. 32 ROOM 207 lst ROW: Joe Reda, Linda Keats, Marcia Dews, Louis Lemos Georgia Moscovitis, John Falvo, Gerald Gill, Palmer Pcicillo. 2nd ROW: Annette Pugliese, Victoria Drapp, Mary Louise Leisher, Udo Graef, Raymond Giovanelli, James Campero, Francis Pu hala. 3rd ROW: Olga Rococi, Kathleen Gutta, Donna Purich Esther Feher, Joy Staples, Arthur Irvine, Frank Curcio, Anthony Cerro. 4th ROW: Connie Manville, Dona Stevenson, Carole Mil- ler, Sally Repas, Dennis Mong, Phillip Cagigas, Allan Harsh, Ronald Crivello, James Washington. Y 'QYX-S: ' 4.4" .FYIQJW Win ' 1 . , : ' 1' Athletics -1.- CHEERLEADERS Angela Trenga Linda Chiccarino Cynthia Trop Barbara DeCelIo Gloria Rossi Joanne Stiftinger' . Mg .X ,Q wx Q1 Q ff 3751? ' xx. Q X: . sb wa. N gm -x gp, ix Rm .. . Q.. WMS 1 f, '9 X551 T-H. N 1? 5 . 2 Qi 'Q is -I K .W Faq gy is A ,.,m:Ng . xl wg Q ,, : A w .Qs 3 X A X FOOTBALL 1959 SEASON We can be truly proud of this year's undefeated Farrell High Night Riders under the fine coaching of Mr. An- thony Paulekas, assistant head coach John Popadak, and their staff which include Mr. William Gargano and Mr. Steve Karlovich. The 8-0-2 record of the Night Riders gave Mr. Pau- lekas his first undefeated season since he became head- coach at Farrell in 1947. Farrell easily overtook Erie Academy in the season's opener at Farrell. The Night Riders took an early 32-0 halftime lead with Willie Somerset and Floyd Daniels do- ing most of the leg work. Erie and Farrell both scored in the last quarter to compile a final mark of 38-6. The Night Riders helped to inaugurate Allentown Die- ruff's new high school in its first football game by giv- ing them a 32-0 defeat. Quarterback Ray Dresch and halfback Daniels were the backbone of the Night Rider attack. Farrell then scored its third straight victory by overtaking a veteran Butler team 12-0. The win started Farrell in the right direction to the WPIAL and Midwestern Confer- ence titles. Anthony Guerino gave a fine performance in behalf of the Night Riders. The Paulekasmen made the homecoming at Farrell a suc- cess by whipping Peabody High 27-6. The lone Peabody tally came in the second quarter on an intercepted pass. Jerry Yelius quarterbacked the Riders to their fourth win of the season with ends Ray Nixon and Eugene Fesler demonstrating a fine defensive game. A 20-O victory over Ellwood City gave the Night Riders their second league win. Carl James paced Farrell with two T.D.'s, while the Riders strong defense held Ellwood immobilized. Farrell met a highly spirited team in NeCa High's Red Hurricanes, but quickly subdued them to a mere breeze. The 33-6 win gave Farrell their sixth victory without a defeat. Five different Rider players took a hand in notch- ing up the win, which added to their prestige in league play. The mud and rain didn't bother the Night Riders as they added Beaver Falls to their list of victims. The 19-0 win gave the squad their fourth league victory and continued their undefeated string to seven straight. Farrell's strong if . vm g if l e W1 -,-f.f-...... front line interfered with most of the Fallsmen's plans, as they netted only a total of thirty yards rushing. Porter, Smith, and Williams played exceptional ball for the Riders. The Night Riders' hopes for a perfect season died at the hands of Niles-McKinley, by tying them 8-8. The Paulekasmen had to come back from behind to pre- serve Coach Paulekas' undefeated record. The tTred up Dragon team scored on a plunge across the goal line from the two yard line. The lone Farrell tally came on a 19 yard sprint by Somerset in the third quarter. A 2 point conversion on a pass from Dresch to Daniels was good tying the score and preserving an undefeated skein. Farrell kept their title hopes alive by beating Am- bridge 33-6. Again the strong defense of Farrell, consisting of Bowman, Generalovich, Harris, James, Porter, and Denny, gave way to only one Bridger touch- down on a pass play with QV: minutes left to play. Farrell, going into their last game of the season against Sharon with hopes of becoming Midwestern champs, was disappointed with a 13-13 tie. Sharon showed their upset ability by taking a 13-0 halftime lead. But the powerful Night Riders came back to tie the game on a run by James and a pass play from Yelius to Somerset. Although this game knocked us out of contention in the Midwestern Conference race, it ended our own season without a loss. Playing their last game were seniors Terry Bowman, Floyd Daniels, Ray Dresch, Brian Generalovich, Herman Harris, John Denny, Eugene Fesler, Anthony Guerino, Carl James, Wade Jones, Ray Nixon, Elisha Porter, Richard Roga- zan, Mike Smith, Willard Somerset, Fermon Williams, and Jerry Yelius. The Night Riders, in addition to having an unde- feated season, were further rewarded by having two players receive all state honors. Senior tackle Brian Generalovich was chosen on the first string of the all state, while iunior, Willie Alford, was awarded honor- able mention. Coach Tony Paulekas and his able assistants wish to thank their team, the student body, the band, and the cheerleaders for their efforts in making this season one long to be remembered. lst ROW: Mike Smith, Sanford Daniels, Anthony Guerino, Wade Robert Biggart, Jerome Hyman, Maurice Hopkins, Jack LaCam- Jones, Carl James, Terry Bowman, Herman Harris, Brian Gen- era, Joseph Bubba, John Lewis, Tom Popadak, Ferman Williams, eralovich, Gene Fesler, Ray Dresch, Ray Nixon, John Denny, Elmer Flint, Ronald Hoovler, Robert Wall, Dave Settles, Emil Elisha Porter, Jerry Yelius, 2nd ROW: Robert Staul, Charles Long, Stone. 3rd ROW: Ronald Sanford, Sam Lazich, Paul Goda, Q- 'ro P1 FOOTBALL SCORES Q Farrell .... Erie Academy .... y-. Farrell . Allentown Dierufl 57 Farrell .... Butler .......... ' Farrell .... Pittsburgh Peabody K? Farrell .... Ellwood City ..... Farrell .... New Castle . . N Farrell .... Beaver Falls . . Farrell .... Niles ..... P Farrell .... Ambridge . . --N.,,.s Farrell .... Sharon ......... Rx. Won 8, lost 0, tied 2 38 , . ,fry if I U Kxrk K. t me fx Q i t 5 3 X X f K+ ' ff ' l 5529 Nl" hk is E. R. I, SQ Kenny Moore, Ronald Notar, Willie Alford, Ronald Clark, Rob- Gary Verholek, Anthony DeGerolamo, Robert Nelson, Tony ert Samuels, Nick Generalovich, Pat Sanders, Tom Curtican. John Cerro, Charles Hiers, Anthony Overton, Melvin Webb, Chris Bel- Kahl, Jerry Johnson. 4th ROW: Ronald Chalupka, Nick Devito, lich, Aaron Work. Robert Sakonyi, Ron Sakonyi, Manual Klaclitis, Eugene Capitol, THE COACHING STAFF Head Coach: Anthony Paulekas, Assistant Coach: Stephen Karlo- vich, Assistant Head Coach: John Popodak, SEATED: Assistant Coach: William Gargano. 39 Brion Generolovich Willie Some,-SQ1 lla! 3 Herman Harris Roy Dresch Jerry Yelius FOOT SEIN Anihony Guerino Gene Fessler Wade Jones LL OR Ferman Williams Terry Bowman MAE Roy Nixon Elisha Porter Mike Smith wa Curl James Floyd Daniels John Denny 5 5 Senior Cheerleaders Angela Trenga Gloria Rossi Barbara DeCeIlo Reserve Cheerleaders Patricia Paslore, Lenora Matthews, Linda Siull, Pat Monfeson, Carol Spruk, and Toni Banks E 43 SENIOR ATTENDANT SENIOR ATTENDANT Angelo Trenga Sue Grande JUNIOR ATTENDANT Julie Hunt 45 SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT Georgian Chiccorino ,ef - V 3 ..., 2 4 r ROW l: Carl Bobby, Leonard Kotzak, Louis Lemos, Joe Reda, John Falvo, Eugene Gelfand, Kenny Zolton, James Leon, Annette Pugliese, Jerry Gill, Connie Yerskey, Georgia Moscovitis, Judy Svirbely, Carolyn Steiner, Sam Falvo, Barbara Curcio, Beverly Lotka, Mary Magnotto, Terry Ursetta, Tom Joseph, Palmer Pacillo. ROW 2: Louis FLAGBEARERS Carol D'Amico Rita Yerskey Donna Stevenson Lucille Palanti Guerino, Bart Bartholomew, Kenny McKenna, Guy Caporelli, Sam Rossi, Joe Gasparich, Bill Brosang, Dave Staples, Ronald Benka, Virginia Kimmy, Joy Staples, Harriet Buchanan, Karen Myers, Mory Lou Leischer, Victoria Drapp, Olga Ralcoci, Esther Feher, Dona Pur- THE F. H. . S ,,,.gi ,see L Wwe ich, Robert Peruzzi. ROW 3: Louis Mastrian, Kathleen Gutta, Francis Puholla, Wilbert Daniels, John Camparo, Barry Brady, Robert Kidd, Frank Bonacci, Jean Struck, Ellen O'Shanic, Carol Morgan, Esther Gunn, Robert DeMarco, Anthony Costanza, Ray Giovanelli, Sally Repas. ROW 4: John Gutto, Jim Washington, Wayman Richardson, BAD Frank Vernile, Dona Strizzi, Arthur Irving, Derek Pearson, Ray Lolla, Frank Curcio, Anthony Direnzo, Steve Skarosi, Robert Orendi, Carl Popadak, Bernard Sims, Ross Royal, Phil Cagigas, Francis Maselli, Dennis Mong, Donald Zikmund, Ron Crivello. BAND MANAGERS John Matthews, Tom White, Allan Harsh, and Udo Graef TRACK Farrell's athletic prowess goes undisputed in our track pro- gram, as well as in our other sports activities. Our unde- feated season in Triangular Competition, and our placing third in both the Invitational and Regional Meets at New Castle, gives Farrell a track record of which it can be proud. Thirteen veteran Farrell High track stars played their last season under the supervision of Coach Anthony Paulekas. Graduating seniors are: Eric Cannon, William Capitol, Jerry Dorulla, Gerald Hurayt, Peter Jankovich, Charles Jones, John Kernisky, Walter McKethan, Fritz Or- ben, lra Ray, Frank Sincek, Joseph Testa, Barry Pearlman. my W -J! ' -X ,' i P5 Z- ., f ' ' "" A tid" . Q 1-7 ,1-If.15-gf i959 TRACK RECORD Farrell 76 Ellwood City . .. .. . 42 Farrell 72W Hubbard ........... l7 Youngstown Ursuline ,... . . . 58V2 Farrell 78V2 Youngstown North . . . . . 38V2 Farrell 113 Struthers ............. .. . 13 INVITATIONAL MEET AT NEW CASTLE New Castle . . . . . . 93 Ursuline .... SOV2 Farrell . . . 35V2 Butler ...... 31 Grove City . . . . . . 9 Mercer ..... 6 Union Twp. . 0 REGIONAL MEET AT NEW CASTLE New Castle Aliquippa . Farrell .... Hopewell .. Butler .... Ambridge . Beaver Falls Beaver ..,. Ellwood City Freedom .. Midland .. 671A 32V2 32M 30W l 8V2 l5V2 I0 8M 7 QW l Athletic Director, Mr. Ralph Dresch, pictured with his two student secretaries, Marlene Sanitate and Bernice Bab nis. The Record BASKETBALL I 960 MR. EDWARD MCCLUSKEY FARRELL HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY BASKETBALL COACH Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell. . Farrell. . Farrell. . Farrell Farrell Farrell Har-Brock ......... Weirton, VV.Va. . . . . Younastown South .. Altoona .......... Ursuline .......... New Kensington .... Chaney ....... F. . Homestead ........ Canton McKinley . . . Sharon .... Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell Farrell New Castle Erie Vincent Ellwood City Beaver Falls Ambridge .. Aliquippa ... ... Springdale . Sharon ..... . . New Castle Clairton . . . Ellwood City Beaver Falls Ambridge .. Aliquippa ... . . Bethel ..... Springdale . Stowe ..... Uniontown . Johnstown . DuBois . . . Radnor .... Won 30 Lost l QSM 5 ..,... . . . -V , A.-,,,...N . K , T. .4 ..a...,... CLASS "A" PE 3 m w.w-.1, ,,,,,,N i , . , , Y,,. ,.. H- M. , MX. M... Mm' Wlllie Alford Q BASKETB LL VAN IA ul Kudelk .gm-Q Willie Somorset Samuels 'M . M.. Bob 51 BACK ROW: Mgr. Carmen Gagliardi, Paul Kudelko, Willard Somer- Samuels, John Paul Kahl, Charles Marin, Ronald Clarke, Alfred Lo- set, Brian Generalovich, William Alford, Louis Mastrian, Mgr. Ed- Camera, Michael Smith. mund Niec, Mgr. Drew Perfilio. KNEELING: Louis Nicolalf, Robert BASKETBALL They said it couldn't be done, but the Steelers did it again - and another state championship trophy adorns Farrell High's trophy room. At the outset of the basketball season even the most optimistic Farrell fan would have given his home team little chance of going as far as it did. But thanks to the able coaching of Mr. Edward McCluskey - better known as Mr. Basketball -and his staff composed of assistant varsity coach, Mr. Felix Bonadio, and coaches Paul Matuscak and Sam Jankovich, "Man alive they brought back No. five!" Farrell High School has the distinct honor of being the only school in Pennsylvania to have won five state championships. Also the bravos must go to the splendid and the whole-hearted support of the student body, and the complete cooperation of the administration in achieving this wonderful end. In quest of the coveted schoolboy title, the early games showed that this year's squad had the potential and make-up of the caliber of boys of which champions are made. Farrell went through pre-league competition in a handsome and impressive fashion defeating Har-Brock, Weirton, Youngstown South, Altoona, Ursuline, and New Kensington. Farrell took the Lions' Club Tournament with victories over Youngstown Chaney 70-44 and a brilliant victory over Homestead 7l-38. Wee Willie Somerset, better known as "Willie the Jet," received honors as the most valuable player of the tournament totaling a record of 60 points in the two games. In the tough Sec- tion Ill league, with at least Eve teams stroung enough to take the title, Farrell proved its superiority at the great sport of basketball by ending its regular season undefeated in league play. But all was not clear sailing, for the Steelers had a close first game with Sharon 39-36, in which Farrell's defense proved too much of a match for the Tigers. The very next game at New Castle proved to be a thrilling contest, too, but thanks to Willie Somerset's two foul conversions with eight seconds left to play, Farrell took the game by a 58-56 decision. The only mark against the Steelers' season was a 46 -45 exhibition loss to Springdale. But the old saying held true that it's difficult to beat Mr. McCluskey twice in the same season and Farrell avenged the loss at a later date. When Farrell's regular season ended they led the Section by four games. The Steelers Section lll Championship was assured with a 76-38 victory over Beaver Falls, with Ambridge and Aliquippa yet to play. In the first round of the W.P.l.A.L. Championship Elimi- nation played at the University of Pittsburgh Floor, Far- rell posted a 53-43 win over Bethel Beavers. Bethel, with one of the biggest teams in the play-oFfs, made it rough for the Steelers due to their advantage in height, but Farrell with tournament know-how under their belts, managed to pull away and maintained a substantial lead tothe end. Farrell avenged an earlier loss of the season by easily defeating Springdale 65-45. The Steelers played in- spired ball and hopelessly outclassed the Dynamos to earn themselves a semi-finals spot in the W.P.l.A.L. title race. The McCluskeymen continued to defend their crown oy topping Stowe 62-44. The Farrell cagers, paced by Willie Somerset, came through in true form to hand the Stallions their third defeat in 26 games. Farrell came through in true championship style to win the W.P.l.A.L. crown from undefeated Uniontown 59- 54. The Raider's two-platoon system Hred the Steelers to their most spirited game of the season. Their offen- sive and defensive play was superb and although the score at times was close, the Steelers always came through with a timely basket or a steal. Four players managed to hit the double score column, Kudelko, Mas- trian, Alford, and Generalovich. Somerset's floor game was outstanding and fine substitute work was turned in by Clarke and Samuels. This victory gave coach McCluskey his 6th W.P.l.A.L. Championship in eleven years, Truly an outstanding record. The Steelers moved into the Western Regional Finals by defeating a strong Johnstown team 48-41 at the Cambria Memorial Arena. Farrell's defensive display held the Troians to lust four field goals in the second half after Somerset put Farrell ahead to stay late in the third quarter. Returning to the Pitt Fieldhouse, Farrell's 75-41 win over DuBois gave the Steelers and Coach McCluskey another record. The victory gave them their sixth Regional Title in l2 years. A height disadvantage was no problem for the McCluskeymen as they cleared the bench and still added to the score. The game was marred by a display of temper by the Beaver's Coach when he pulled his team off the floor because a techni- cal foul was called on one of his players. After a ten- minute impromptu intermission, the game resumed. Mr. Felix Bonadio Assistant Coach Farrell took its second straight State Championship by defeating a scrappy Radnor team 60-41 at the Farm Show Arena at Harrisburg. After a slow start in the first quarter, the Steelers gradually found themselves and cut loose in the second half with all-state star, Brian Generalovich, leading the scoring with 23 points. Willie Somerset also shared all-state honors in being chosen on the first team along with Generalovich. Playing their last game were seniors Paul Kudelko, Louis Mastrian, Willie Somerset, Brian Generalovich, Louis NicoloFf, Al LaCamera, Mike Smith, and Charles Marin. THE JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD KNEELING - Chris Bellich, Tony DeGerolamo, Louis Salatino, Jerry Jack Gunsley, Steve Sincek, Andy Bartosh, George Kaliney, Jack Johnson, Mgr. Eddie Gray, Pete Viselli, Lawrence Austin, Oda Marin, Nich Generalovich, John Greaf, Gary Franko, Sandy Greaf, Larry Palanti, Arthur Irvine. BACK ROW - John Mesaros, Nathan, George Thomas, Cecil Crowder. Activities u 5 7 ga -if sgewk egg-gig-s..t,, .J We 2 X 6 ' ,, JW ,,,,, X c , , s, - L-'. , MUSIC OFFICERS Ist ROW: Janice Fore, Joanne Shebeck, Arela Sember, Carolyn Steiner, Diane Poulovich, Nancy Bintz, Richard Basilj' John Misik, Ronald Aiello, Ray Giovanelli, Louis Mastrian, Russel Morocco, Joy Staples, Kitty Watkins, Janette Miskolitz, Helen Chrnielewskl, Donna Varro, Dona Woitanoski, Fredrick Rulto, Donna Sarcl- nella, Carol Spruk, Georgia Rogan, Georgia Moscovitis, Ann Tallarico. 2nd ROW: Dona Stevenson, Annette Pugliese, Elaine Needles, Beatrice Balluch, Mary Louise Leischer, Elaine Lulriu, Josephine Bukovinsky, Cecilia Maroscher, Maria Beinhardt, Mari- lyn Carlos, Melaine Maschgan, Esther Gunn, Tony Cerra, Cyn- thia Moroscher, Joe Veltri, Susanne Harakal, Linda Stull, Esther THE F. H Band President - Joe Gasparich, Secretory - Connie Yerskey, Chorus President - Francis Maselll. 58 ,NJ O 0 Bw ., is me V l il i e W A W i A G rf 'Y 9 y we A ga 'S Feher, Georgionne Kocis, JoAnn Stiftinger, Mary Ann Papay, Audrey Thurston, Joyce Delise. 3rd ROW: Dede Chiccarino, Elea- nor Kocis, Carol Morgan, Harriet Buchanan, Eleanor Macieiew- ski, Chris' Moscovitis, Xandre Portal, Carole Miller, Gwendolyn Huntley, Judy Jackson, Edith Gully, Connie Yersky, Derek Pear- son, Tom Spania, James Washington, John Kahl, Frank Ver- nille, Dave Staples, Francis Maselli, Ronald Crivello, Dona Strizzi, Joe Reda, -Palmer Pocillo. 4th ROW: Tom Podleyon, Den- nis Mong, Tethonie Holloway, Carl Popadok, David Morrison, Bob Orendi, James Brosko, Mat Ledbetter, Steve Evakich, coNc:ERT CHOIR L. to R. Derek Pearson Tom Spanla Nat Ledbetter Steve Evakich and Ron Aiello FRENC CLUB Pros. Adrienne Woifanoski, V. Pres. Ricky Heiman, Sec. Terry Bowman, Trees. Agnes Weber. ATTENDANCE STAFF Martha Sveda, Charlene Couzens, Sandra Shannon, Audrey Matsis. LATI LUB Pres. David Morrison, V. Pres. Carol Roth, Sec. Linda Chiccarino, Treas. Cynthia Sabo. 60 SENIOR TRI HI TRI-HI-Y CABINET Sec. Margie Homer, V.P. Jane Davis, Trees. Debbie Chiccarino, Pres. Marlene Sanilaie. P.A. ANNOUNCERS Ist ROW: Marlene Scmitate, Carol Roth, Audrey Schwelling, June Fabian, Dale Konigsburg. 2nd ROW: Adrienne Woitanoski, Bob Peel, Andrew Perfilio, Robert Bresky. KEY CLUB OFFICERS CLUB Pres. James Masfrfan, V.P. Gorey Franko fabsentj Sec. Paul Balcska, Trees. John Campero. COMMERCIAL CLUB President Maria Bcinhcri, Vice President Judy Tommins, Treasurer Margie Homer, Secretary Barbara Weber. CONSERVATION CLUB Presideni Ray Dresch, Vice President Bob Secovitch, Secretary Terry Bowman, Treas- urer Bill Stevenson. THESPIAN CLUB Ofiicers: Presidenf , . . Bud Williams 2nd ROW: Vice-Presidenf . . . Adrian Stefonish Secretary . . . Pat Williams 3rd ROW: His- torian . . . Joyce DeLise Treasurer . . . Carolyn Steiner HOMEMAKERS CLUB 63 TH E RED HOUS E MYSTERY By A. A. Mine Directed by Kathryn Polyzou. Mr. Joe Scarvell - Assistant Faculty Director "The Red House Mystery" proved that the Farrell audiences enioy a good thriller. This was the first time in over ten years that the students played to a full house with "stand- ing room" audience! The play appeared to be iinxed from the very beginning, there were many interruptions and accidents, but "the show must go on" and Pat Williams went on with a bad case of appendicitis only to report the next day to the hospital for surgery. CAST Dale Konigsburg ............ Bud Williams Cherie Galicia . .. Audrey Schwelling Susan Buslik .... Drew Pertilio Adrian Stefanish .. Pat Williams Ginny Cole Jean Morris Carol Roth .. .. Joyce DeLise Jerry Bator .. .. Melvin Weiss John Pavone Dale Konigsburg, the owner of the Red House, entertains his Maior Rumbold Uerry Batorl tells the younger generation about guests with the mystery of the appearance of the ghost an- his experiences in Africa. nouncing the death of the master of the Red House. SQ xg sf li THE CURIOLIS SAVAGE ByJohnPatrick Directed by Miss Kathryn Polyzou This delightfully, whimsical play brought Beverly DeNoi the Thespian Dramatic Award called the "Teddy." This award is given annually to the best actor and to the best actress of the year. Barry Pearlman received it for the best actor of the year for his performance in "Father Knows Best." CAST Marilyn Evans Alan Nathan . Carol Pasacic . James Williams Joyce Delise . . Ed Madura .. . . ......... . . Melvin Weiss . Barbara Saba . Beverly DeNoi . . . . Rose Messina Dale Konigsburg Eugene Mostrog Mrs. Savage fBeverly DeNoiJ tells her daughter lBarbara Sabol "I do not love thee Lily Bell. The reason why I cannot tell - but Fairy May lCarol Pasacucl warns Mrs Savage not to read the this I know and know full well, l do not love thee, Lily Bell." newspapers because they print nothing but sad storlesl EDITORS FRONT - Terry Bowman ........ Associate Editor Frank Vernile ......... .. Co-editor-in-chief Marlene Gutowski . . . , . Co-editor-in-chief Cherilyn Galicia ........ .... A ssociate Editor BACK - Bernard Sims .... .... H ead Columnist Robert Peel ........... .... P hotographer Anthony Vernile .,... .... C opy Desk Raymond Giovanelli 1 . . . . . . Music Editor Thomas Popadak . . . . . . Sports Editor Annette Krzysiek . .. . . . News Editor Marilyn Carlos ........ Society Editor Absent Aaron Work NIGHT RIDER STAFF OFFICERS Pres. .............. Robert Peel V. Pres. .... Lorenzo Fesler Sec. .... . . . Thomas Spania Treas.A. . . . . . Carmen Gagliardi HI-Y-CLUB LIBRARY STAFF AUDIO VISUAL AIDS MARTEL'S AUTO I CLUB A new organization at Farrell High is the Mar- tels. The boys who belong to this club have adopted the motto "WE BELIEVE IN ROAD SAFETY" . . . Their main goal is to promote high- way courtesy and motor vehicle responsibility among teenage drivers eniors CLASS OFFICERS Connie Yerskey ..... .... 5 ecretory Paul Bclcska ....... .... V ice President Brian Generolovich .... President 69 BERNICE IRENE BABNIS PAUL DENNIS BALASKA ALBERT BANDZAK ERAN BARLOW ELIZABETH L. ALLEN LQVERNE B. ASKERNEESE THE FUTURE S IN IE 70 IS OURS IORS 60 GERALD PAUL BATOR MARIA J. BEINHARDT i I 71 ROBERT BENETTO NANCY BINTZ JOHN BOETTNER DONNA JEAN BONO HARRY F. BROADHURST WILLIAM A. BROSANG DAN BROSS DAVID EARL BROSS TERRY L. BOWMAN NICK BRALICH 72 VIRGIE MAE BRIDGES JOSEPHINE R. BUKOVINSKY HARRI ET JEAN BUCHANAN RONNIE BURGER 73 SUSAN BUSLIK JOHN R. CAMPERO VINCENT F. CARDAMON MARILYN CARLOS DEBBIE CHICCARINO DARLENE ANN MARIE CHIODO THOMAS C. CHISHOLM HELENE CHMIELEWSKI RONALD A. CASACIA MARIANNE CHERHIT JOYCE MARIE CHESS 74 ROSA LEE CLAIBORNE ALBERT H. COLE CHARLENE A. COUZENS 75 GENEVA ELIZABETH COVINGTON ELIZABETH ANN CUNNINGHAM FLOYD S. DANIEL'S JANE DAVIS MARY LOU DeGEROLAMO JOYCE M. DELISE JOHN S. DENNY ANTHONY G. DIRENZO LEONARD M. DeCAPUA STEVE DRABICK BARBARA ANN DeCELl.O 76 DOROTHY AGNES DRABICK RAYMOND A. DRESCH NADINE L. DUNGEE 77 SHIRLEY JEAN DYLL DOLORES ELIA STEVE EVAKICH JUNE FABIAN JANICE MAE FORE CARMEN WILLIAM GAGLIARDI CHERILYN GALICIA JOSEPH JAMES GASPARICH LORENZO E. FESLER LINDA JOYCE FORD I 78 STELLIE D. FORD BRIAN GENERALOVICH SUE E. GRANDE ANN MARIE GREGORY 79 ANTHONY M. GUERINO EDYTHE GULLY ESTHER EILEEN GUNN MARLENE ANN GUTOWSKI HERMAN HARRIS JERRY HARRIS FRANK RAY HAWKINS GEORGE E. HERSKOVITZ JOHN JOSEPH GUTTA SUZANNE HARAKAL FRANCES HARKULICH i 80 . 5-fi fl 3 NANCY HOMA ELIZABETH JEAN HOLIGA EDWIN R. HOMER MARJORI E HOMER PAULETTE LEE HOSFELT JUDY JACKSON CARL G. JAMES BARBARA JEAN JANOSKO FRED JARRETT WADE D. JONES IRENE M. KAPURIK THOMAS JENNINGS JUDY KEELEY JUNE CAROLYN KEOUGH 82 VIRGINIA KIMMY GEORGE KNAPP DALE ALAN KONIGSBURG 83 PHYLLIS G. KOSHAR CLARA KOSIOREK RICHARD R. KOSKY MARY ANN KOTCH MICHAELENE EDlTH LICHVAR MARGARET E. LITNNILER RAYMOND LOLLA ELAINE CAROL LUFRIU PAUL E. KUDELKO ALFRED LACAMERA WALTER LENZI 1. JEANNETTE PATRICIA MALATESTA HENRY F. MACIEJEWSKI CHARLES D. MARIN CYNTHIA ANN MAROSCHER LANI MASCHGAN 85 FRANCIS MASELLI JAMES P. MASTRIAN JOHN MATTHEWS GERALD M. MATVEY RICHARD S. MAYKOWSKI SHIRLEY McCULLOUGH LOUIS MASTRIAN AUDREY MATSIS 86 1 E! Ah Q BARBARA JANE MATTERS KATHY MEEKER ROBERTA MEANS JOSEPH MERCURIO MARSHA LOU MILES JOE MILLER JOANNE MARIE MITTAL JONETTE MISKOLITZ AMELIA MOSCOVITIS CHRISSANTHI S. MOSCOVITIS MARIAN E. MOTTON JOHN ANDREW MURCKO PAUL MOLDOVAN CAROL JANE MORGAN . . 3 1 Ji is Vai 0 JEAN MARIA MORRIS 88 MARY A. MURCKO ELAINE RAE MYERS KAREN L. MYERS tl LOUIS C. NICOLOFF EDMUND ANDREW NIEC RAYMOND NIXON ELLEN O'SHANIC DEREK GREGORY PEARSON ROBERT L. PEEL ROBERT A. PERUZZI WILLIAM POLCHA RODNEY OTT MARY ANN PAPAY JOHN V. PAVONE K 90 CARL POPADAK ELISHA PORTER CLAUDIA REAGLE LOUIS J. REDA BILL REDMOND WAYMON HOWARD RICHARDSON JUDITH A. ROACH ETHELDA RUTH ROBINSON ROBERTA RODGERS RICHARD JAMES ROGOZAN GLORIA JEAN ROSSI MARSHA ROSSI CAROL ADELE ROTH ROSS R. ROYAL 92 MARY ANN LOUISE RUBY CYNTHIA ANN SABO JOANNE A. SAKONYI 93 MARLENE SANITATE NORBERT R. SANTELL REBECCA M. SCARMACK MICHAEL SCHARVILLE JOHN S. SCOPACK BOB SECOVITCH CAROLYN ANITA SEIDLE SANDRA J. SHANNON MARTIN R. SCHULLER ARLEEN SCHUSTER AUDREY SCHWELLING 94 Jf L ROBERT SKIBO BERNARD SIMS MICHAEL E. SMITH WILLARD SOMERSET ROBERT SOPKO ADRIAN F. STEFANISH CAROLYN LEE STEINER LEONARD P. SUMMERS BARBARA JEAN SUSKO MARTHA ANN SVEDA JANET SWEENEY BILL STEVENSON RAYMOND STIFTINGER 96 DONA JEAN STRUCK ANN E. TALLARICO RICHARD A. TAMBER RICHARD JOHN THOMAS 97 JUDY K. TOMMINS STEPHEN F. TOROK MARLENE TOTlN KATHRINE TREMMEL :Ld- FRANK VERNILE, JR. ANTHONY JAMES VERNILLE DELORES JEAN WAIDA EDWARD WALSH ANGELA TRENGA JOSEPH VADALA JOSEPH FRANCIS VELTRI BARBARA A. WEBER WILLIAM WATKINS MELVIN WEISS 99 FERMAN WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS LESLIE ELAINE WOLCOTT STANLEY A. WROBEL JANICE YAKELL EMERY YANAK CONNIE YERSKEY JUDITH A. YERSKEY RITA ANN YERSKEY RONALD E. ZABOROWSKI GERALD YELIUS DONALD ZIKMUND CLASS FLOWER WHITE CARNATION IRVINE JAMES STOWE CLASS COLORS EMERALD GREEN AND WHITE SENIOR STEERING COMMITTEE Ist ROW: Ethelda Robinson, Angelo Trenga, Debbie Chiccarino, Claudia Reagle, Gloria Rossi, 2nd ROW: Harriet Buchanan, Cheryln Galicia, Linda Ford, Elaine Lufriu, Kippy Gully, 3rd ROW: Barbara Weber, Bob Peel, Paul Kudelko, Ray Nixon, 101 4th ROW: Don Zikmund, Louie Nicoloff, Jerry Bator, Jimmy Mastrion, Lorenzo Fessler, Bernard Sims. OH?-:ers at Extreme Right: Secretary - Connie Yerskey, Vice President - Paul Baloskag President - Brian Generulovich. CLASS OF 1959 COMMENCEMENT - MONDAY, JUNE l Processional - "War March of the Priests" ........................ F. Mendelssohn The F.H.S. Concert Band ..................... .. . James V. Scanga, Conductor Invocation - The Reverend F. J. Waller .................... Valley Baptist Church Drum Solo - "Variations" by S. C. Wilcoxon ........................ John Sifonis Introduction of Speaker ................... John Hetra, Superintendent of Schools Commencement Address - "Excelsior" .................... Dr. Lawrence D. Smith Piano Solo - "Prelude in G Minoif' by Rachmaninoff .................. George Stey Honor and Awards ................ Angelo M. Grande, Senior High School Principal Band Selection - "Vincent Youmans Fantasy" Arr. P. Yoder ...... F.H.S. Concert Band Presentation of Diplomas ................ Mr. Paul Kudellco, Pres. Board of Education Mr. John Hetra, Sup't of Schools and Mr. Angelo M. Grande, Prin. Recessional - "Pomp and Circumstance" ., ............................. E. Elgar HONOR STUDENTS ' Academic Course JoAnn Pasacic, George Duleba, George Stey, Charles Grande, Alan Nathan, Ronald Heiman, Karen Zolton, Sandra Madura, John Beinhardt, Judy Anne Meislik, John Sifo- nis, Edward Madura, Jeanne Mazzotti, Thomas Stanek, Robert Bernard, Peter Janlco- vich, Lucy Curcio, Gerald Hurayt, LeRoy Pintar, Carol Ann Pasacic. Commercial Course Marilyn Pandza, Kathleen Kudray, Elizabeth Dzurinda, Lois Marie Gunther, Patricia Ann Russo, Lorraine Holler, Helen Anne Murcko. l959 SENIOR AWARDS Wolves Club of Farrell S1600 Scholarship ........................ Gerald Huryat Farrell University Club S25 Bond ..................... College Club ot Sharon, Webster's Collegiate 'Dictionary .... Bausch and Lomb Science Medal ......................... Shenango Valley Section Council of Jewish Women, S25 Bond . . Westinghouse Electric Corporation, S25 Certificate ........... Farrell Music Guild, A Cappella Chorus, S25 Bond .... Farrell Music Guild, Band, S25 Bond ............ Booster's Club Science Award, S50 Bond ............... Booster's Club Math Award, S50 Bond ..................... . . . . . . JoAnn Pasacic . . . . Jeanne Mazzotti . . . . . George Stey . .. . Marilyn Pandza . . . . Bernard Drapp . . . . George Stey . . John Sifonis . . . George Duleba . .... JoAnn Pasacic Junior Women's College Club Language Award, S25 Bond .......... Jeanne Mazzotti Mathematical Association of America Award, Balfour Company Farrell Volunteer Fireman, Women's Auxiliary, S25 Bond ...... PTA Home Economics Award, S25 Bond .............. PTA Industrial Arts Award, S25 Bond ......... Odd Fellows S25 Bond ............ Odd Fellows S25 Bond . . . . . . JoAnn Pasacic . . . . George Stey . .. Genell Barlow .. Bernard Drapp . . Peter Jankovich Elizabeth Dzurinda TH JUNIORHSENIOR PROM 'xy f R010 I IDORA 6 V Bug A . ' ,ug L ALE? VV AA, N. f ip 'Z fx'- cLAss DAY FIELD DAY Seniors - 66 Juniors - 46 SENIOR ACTIVITIES ALLEN, ELIZABETH L. - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3. Homemakers Club 2, ASKERNEESE, LA VERNE B. - General Course, Intramural Ping- Pong l, Future Nurses Club I,2, Homemakers Club 3, Latin Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Color Committee 3. BABNIS, BERNICE IRENE - Commercial Course, Intramural Bowl- ing I, Commercial Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2, Testing 2, Junior Achievement 2, Junior Aid 2, Athletic Omce Secretary 3. BALASKA, PAUL DENNIS - Industrial Arts, Intramural Basket- ball l,2,3, Conservation I,2,3, Key Club I,2,3, Home Room Rep- resentative I,2,3, Steering Committee 3, Prom Committee 2, Night Rider Staff 2,3, Senior Class Vice President, Key Club and Board ot Directors Secretary 3, Homecoming Escort 2,3, Variety Shaw 2, Stage Crew 2,3. BANDZAK, ALBERT - Industrial Arts Course. BARLOW, ERAN - Home Economic Course, Future Nurses 2. Homemakers I,2,3, Library Staff 3, Field Day 2. BATOR GERALD PAUL - Industrial Arts Course, Basketball 2, Intramural Basketball I,2,3, Conservation Club I,2,3, Key Club I,2,3, Home Room Representative 3, Steering Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Night Rider Staff 2, Motto Committee 3, School Plays 3, Key Club Board of Directors 2,3, Thespian Club 3, Christmas Pageant 3. BEINHARDT, MARIA J. - Commercial Course, Intramural Volley- ball 2, Ping-Pong I, Commercial Club 3, A Cappella 3, Prom Committee 2, President at Commercial Club 3. BENETTO, ROBERT - Industrial Arts. BINTZ, NANCY - Academlc Course, Chorus I,2,3. A Cappella I,2,3, French Club 3, Spanish Club I,2, Night Rider Stott I,2,3, District Chorus I,2, Junior Achievement 2. BOETTNER, JOHN - Industrial Arts Course. BONO, DONNA JEAN - Home Economics, Volleyball 3, Home- makers Club I,2,3, Night Rider Stott I,2, Junior Achievement 2. BOWMAN, TERRY L. - Academic Course, Football 2,3, Track 2,3, Intramural Basketball I,2,3, Intramural Volleyball 2,3, Conservation Club I,2,3, Hi-Y I,2,3, Latin Club I,2,3, Proiec- tionist 3, Prom Committee 2, Night Rider Stat? I,2,3, Asso. Edltor of Night Rider 3, Color and Flower Committee 3. BRALICH, NICK - Industrial Arts Course, Conservation Club 3. BRIDGES, VIRGIE MAE - General Course, Homemakers Club 3, Spanish Club I,2, Prom Committee 2. BROADHURST, HARRY F. - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Thespian Club 2,3, Oltice Assistant 3, School plays 2,3. BROSANG, WILLIAM A. - Academic Course, Spanish Club I,2, Band I,2,3, Music Council 3. BROSS, DAN - Industrial Arts Course. BROSS, DAVID EARL - Industrial Arts Course. BUCHANAN, HARRIET JEAN - Academic Course, Future Nurses Club I,2,3, Latin Club I,2, Band I,2,3, Chorus I,2,3, A Cappella 2,3, Steering Committee 3, Honor Student I,2,3, Junlor Achieve- ment 2. BUKOVINSKY, JOSEPHINE R. - Academic Course, Basketball 2, Future Nurses I,2,3, Latin Club I,2, Chorus I,2,3, A Cap- pella l,2,3, Honor Student I,2,3. BURGER, RONNIE - Academic Course, Track 2,3, Latin Club I,2,3, Calling Card Committee 3. BUSLIK, SUSAN - Academic Course, Spanish Club I,2, Thes- pian Club 2,3, Honor Student I,2,3. CAMPERO, JOHN R. - Academic Course, Track 2, Volleyball I, Conservation 3, Latin I,2,3, Key Club I,2,3, Night Rider Stott 2, Treasurer Key Club 3, Junior Achievement 2, Theme Commit- tee 3. CARDAMON, VINCENT F. - General Course, Intramural Bas- ketball, Intramural Bowling. CARLOS, MARILYN - Academic Course, Latin Club I,2,3, Tri- Hi-Y I,2,3,-Chorus I,2,3, A Cappella 2,3, Night Rider Staff I,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y Secretary, Treasurer. CASACIA, RONALD A. - Industrial Arts Course, Conservation I,2,3. CHERHIT, MARIANNE - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Night Rider Stoll I, Junior Aid 2. CHESS, JOYCE MARIE - Home Economics Course, Homemakers I,2,3, Latin Club 2, Library Staff I,2,3, Athletic Office Secre- tary I. CHICCARINO, DEBBIE - Academic Course, Chorus 3, Future Nurses I,2,3, Spanish Club I,2, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Home Room Repre- sentative 2, Steering Committee 3, Pram Committee 2, Home- coming Attendant 2, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Library Stall I,2,3, Night Rider Stall I,2,3. CHIODO, DARLENE ANN MARIE -- General Course, Intramu- ral Volleyball I, Intramural Ping-Pong I, Chorus I,2,3, A Cap- pella I,2,3, Music Council, Future Nurses I,2,3. Latin Club I,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Library Stalt I,2,3, Night Rider Stalf I,2,3. CHISHOLM, THOMAS C. - Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Basketball I,2,3. CHMIELEWSKI, HELENE - Academic Course, Chorus I,2,3, A Cappella 2,3, Future Nurses I,2,3, Latin Club I,2,3, Trl-HI-Y 2,3, Honor Student I,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y otlicer 3. CLAIBORNE, ROSA LEE - Commercial Course, Oflice Assistant 3, Commercial Club 3, Proiectionist 3, Prom Committee 2, Junior Aid 2. COLE, ALBERT H. - Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Basket- ball 2.3. COUZENS, CHARLENE A. - Commercial Course, Attendance Stott 3, Commercial Club 3, French Club 2,3, Secretary for Mlss Roux, Citizen Apprenticeship Program, Color Guard. COVINGTON, GENEVA ELIZABETH - Home Economics Course, Intramural Volleyball 3, Homemakers I,2,3, Trl-Hi-Y I,2, Junior Achievement. CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH ANN - Commercial Course, Cam- mercial Club 3, Homemakers 3. DANIEL'S, FLOYD 5. - Industrial Arts Course, Football I,2,3, Basketball I,2, Track I,2, Intramural Basketball 3. DAVIS, JANE - Commercial Course, Commercial Club, Tri-HI-Y I,2,3. Vlce-President ot Tri-HI-Y 3. DeC.APUA, LEONARD M. - Industrial Arts Course. DeCAPUA, ROCHELLE - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Field Day I,2. DeCELLO, BARBARA ANN - Academic Course, Cheerleaders I,2,3, Spanish Club I,2, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, Home Room Representa- tive 2, Prom Committee 2. DeGEROLAMO, MARY LOU - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Latin Club I. DELISE, JOYCE M. - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Future Nurses I, Thesplan Club 3, Chorus I,2,3, A Cappella I,2,3, Home Room Representative 2, Prom Committee 2, Night Rider Staff I, Secretary to Mr. Campagna 3, Treasurer of Thes- pian Club 3. DENNY, JOHN S. - Industrial Arts Course, Football 2,3, Track I,3, Conservation Club I,2,3, Key Club I,2,3. DIRENZO, ANTHONY G. - Industrial Arts Course, Band I,2,3. DRABICK, DOROTHY AGNES - Commercial Course, Commer- cial Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Night Rider Staff 2,3, Field Day 2,3. DRESCH, RAYMOND A. -.Industrial Arts Course, Football I,2,3, Track I,2,3, Intramural Basketball 2,3, Conservation Club I,2,3, President - Conservation Club 3, HI-Y I,2,3. DUNGEE, NADINE L, - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Homemakers club 3. DYLL, SHIRLEY JEAN - Commercial Course, Intramural Basket- ball 2, Volleyball 2, Commercial Club 3, Homemakers Club I, Tri-HI-Y'2,3, Prom Committee 2, Night Rider Staff 2,3, Field Day Activities 2,3. ELIA, DOLORES - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Tri- Hi-Y 2. EVAKICH, STEVE - Academic Course, Intramural Basketball 2,3, Volleyball 2, Hi-Y 2,3, Latin Club 2,3, Chorus I,2,3, A Cappella I,2,3, Night Rider Stall I,2,3. FABIAN, JUNE - Academic Course, Spanish Club I,2, Treasurer at Spanish Club 2, P.A.. Announcer 3, Library Stal? 3, Secre- tary of Library Stott 3, Field Day 2,3, Plays 2,3, Christmas Pag- eant 3. FESLER, LORENZO E. - Academic Course, Football I,2,3, Track I,2,3, Intramural Basketball I,2,3, French Club I,2, VIce-Presl- dent of French Club 3, Hi-Y I,2,3, Home Room Representative 3, Steering Committee 3, Honor Student I,2,3. FORD, LINDA JOYCE - General Course, Intramural Volleyball I, Future Nurses I,2, Latin Club I, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Chorus I. Steer- ing Committee 3, Library Stott 3. FORD, STELLIE D. - Academic Course, Latin Club 2,3, Key Club I,2,3. ' FORE, JANICE MAE - General Course, A Cappella 2,3, French Continued an page T07 i' mf hz , 'N ,ss A x. 'I 5 ' 1 1 I Continued from page I05 Club 3, Future Nurses l,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Library Stott l,2,3. GAGLIARDI, CARMEN WILLIAM - Academic Course, Basketball Manager l,2,3, Intramural Basketball l,2,3, Hi-Y l,2,3, Latin 2,3, Key Club l,2,3, Chorus I, Night Rider Staff I,2,3. GALICIA, CHERILYN - Academic Course. Latin Club l,2,3, Thes- pian Club 8, Home Room Representative I, Steering Committee 3, Night Rider l,2,3, Associate Editor ot Night Rider Stott, Class Plays. GASPARICH, JOSEPH JAMES - General Course, Track l,2,3, Intramural Volleyball I, Conservation Club 3, Latin Club I, Band l,2,3, Music Council l,2,3, Night Rider I,2,3. GENERALOVICH, BRIAN - Academic Course, Football l,2,3, Basketball l,2,3, Track l,2,3, Hi-Y l,2,3, Spanish Club I,2, Key Club, Steering Committee 3, Prom Committee 2. Honor Student l,2,3, Night Rider Staft l,2,3, President of Class 2,3. Vice- President of Sophomore Class. GRANDE, SUE E. - Commercial Course, Attendance Stott 3, Commercial Club 3, Homemakers 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Homecoming Attendant 3. GREGORY, ANN MARIE - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Homemakers i,2,3. GUERINO, ANTHONY M. - Industrial Arts Course, Football l,2,3, Basketball 2, Conservation 3, Track l,2,3, Intramural Bas- ketball I,2,3. GULLY, EDYTHE - Academic Course, Intramural Volleyball 3, Chorus I, A Cappella 2.3, Latin Club I,2, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Home Room Representative 3, Steering Committee 3, Honor Student l,2,3, Treasurer of Tri-Hi-Y, Color Committee 3. GUNN, ESTHER EILEEN -- Academic Course, Band l,2,3, Chorus l,2,3, A Cappella l,2,3, French Club l,2,3, Homemakers 3. Dis- trict Chorus I. GUTOWSKI, MARLENE ANN - Academic Course, Latin Club l,2,3, Thespian Club 3, Honor Student l,2,3, Night Rider Staff l,2,3, Co-editor at Night Rider, Calor Committee 3, Field Day 2,3. GUTTA, JOHN JOSEPH - Academic Course, Band l,2,3, Honor Student l,2,3, Latin Club 3, Intramural Basketball 3. HARAKAL, SUZANNE - Academic Course, Intramural Volley- ball 3, Future Nurses 3, Latin Club l,2,3, Chorus I, A Cappella 2,3, Music Council 3, Home Room Representative 2, Steering Committee 3, Prom Committee 2, Honor Student l,2,3, Night Rider Statt 2, Librarian for Chorus 3, Reflector Theme Commit- TOQ. HARKULICH, FRANCES - Commercial Course, Intramural Vol- leyball 3, Commercial Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Prom Committee 2, Sophomore Aid, Reflector Stai 3, Fleld Day 2,3, Chairman Homecoming Committee. HARRIS, HERMAN - Industrial Arts Course, Football l,2,3, Track I, Intramural Basketball l,2,3, Hi-Y Club 3. HARRIS, JERRY - Industrial Arts Course. HAWKINS. FRANK RAY - Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Volleyball 3, Conservation Club 3, Junior Adiievement 3. HERSKOVITZ, GEORGE E. - Academic Course, Intramural Bas- ketball 2,3, Intramural Volleyball 3, Spanish Club 3, Stage Hand. HOLIGA, ELIZABETH JEAN - Academic Course, Spanish Club I,2, Trl-Hi-Y l,2,3, Night Rider Staft 3. Trl-Hi-Y Chaplain 2. Driver's Education Conference 2, Christmas Pageant 3. HOMA, NANCY - Academic Course, Intramural Basketball l,2,3, Volleyball 3, French Club I,2, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Proiectionlst 3, Night Rider Stott l,2,3, Field Day 2,3. HOMER, EDWIN R. - Academic Course, Intramural Volleyball 3, Conservation Club 3, Latin Club l,2,3, Home Room Representa- tive I. Junior Achievement 2. HOMER, MARJORIE - Commercial Course, Intramural Volley- ball 3, Commercial Club 3, French Club 2, Homemakers Club I, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Honor Student l,2,3, Homecoming Queen 3, Sec- retory to Mr. Morocco 3, Secretory of Tri-Hi-Y 3. Treasurer at Commercial Club 3, Junior Aid 2, Senior Breakfast Committee 2, Reflector Staff 3. HOSFELT, PAULETTE LEE - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3. JACKSON, JUDY - Academic Course, Intramural Volleyball 3, Future Nurses Club 3, Latin Club l,2,3, Chorus l,2,3, A Cappella l,2,3, Treasurer of A Cappella 3, Music Council 3, Home Room Representative 2, Prom Committee 2, Honor Student l,2,3, Canteen Committee, I,2, Theme Committee 3. JAMES,,zCARL G. - Academic Course, Football 3, Track 3, French Club 3, HI-Y, Steering Committee 3. JANOSKO, BARBARA JEAN - Academic Course, Latin Club l,2,3, Night Rider Stat? 2, Field Day 2,3. JARRETT, FRED J. - Industrial Arts Course, Football I,2, Track I, Field Day 2,3. JENNINGS, THOMAS - Industrial Arts, Conservation Club 3, Key Club 2,3. JONES, WADE D. - General Course, Football 2.3, Track 2,3, Conservation Club 3, Hi-Y 3, Color Committee 3. KAPURIK, IRENE M. - Academic Course, Spanish Club I,2, Trl- Hi-Y 3, Night Rider Stott l,2,3, Motto Committee 3. KEELEY, JUDY - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Home- makers Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y I, Library Stott 3. KEOUGH, JUNE CAROLYN - Academic Course, Intramural Bowling, Latin Club I,2, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Proiectionist, Pram Com- mittee 2. KIMMY, VIRGINIA - Academic Course, Future Nurses l,2,3, Homemakers Club 3. Latin Club l,2,3, Band l,2,3, Proiectionist l,2,3, Honor Student l,2,3, Senior Breakfast Committee 2. KNAPP, GEORGE - Industrial Arts, Intramural Bowllng I, Con- servation 2,3. KONIGSBURG, DALE ALAN - Academic Course, Spanish Club I,2, Thespian l,2,3, P.A. Announcer 2,3, Honor Student l,2,3, Night Rider Stott I, School Plays l,2,3. KOSHAR, PHYLLIS G. - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2, Night Rider StafT I. Junior Ald 2. KOSIOREK, CLARA - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Homemaker: 3, Junior Aid 2. KOSKY, RICHARD R. - General Course, Conservation Club I,2.3. KOTCH, MARY ANN - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y I. KUDELKO, PAUL E. - Academic Course, Basketball l,2,3, Span- ish Club I,2.3, Key Club I.2.3, Band l,2,3, Home Room Repre- sentative 2, Steering Committee 3, Prom Committee 2, Honor Student l,2,3, Night Rider Stat? 2,3, Vice-President of Class 2. LACAMERA, ALFRED - Academic Course, Basketball l,2,3, Latin Club l,2,3, Band I,2, Prom Committee 2. Honor Student l,2,3. LENZI, WALTER - General Course, Intramural Bowling I,2,3. LICHVAR, MICHAELENE EDITH - Academic Course, Intramu- ral Volleyball 3, French Club 3, Future Nurses l,2,3, Latin Club l,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Chorus I,2, Field Day 2,3, Thespian Club 3, Play Committee 3. LITWILER, MARGARET E. - Academic Course, French Club 2,3, Future Nurses 3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3. LOLLA, RAYMOND - Industrial Arts Course, Track I, Intramu- ral Volleyball I, Electronics Club 2,3, Key Club l,2,3, Band l,2,3, Treasurer of Key Club I. LUFRIU, ELAINE CAROL - Academic Course, Intramural Bowl- ing 2,3, Future Nurses 2, Spanish Club I,2, Tri-Hi-Y I,2, Chorus 1.2.3, A Cappella l,2,3, Home Room Representative 3, Steering Committee 3, Vice-President of Tri-Hi-Y I. MACIEJEWSKI, HENRY F. - Industrial Arts Course, Track 2,3, Conservation Club l,3. MALATESTA, JEANNETTE PATRICIA - General Course, French Club l,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Proiectionist 3, Night Rider Staff I. MARIN, CHARLES D. - Academic Course, Basketball l,2,3, Con- servation Club I,2,3. Hi-Y l,2,3, Spanish Club I,3, Prom Com- mittee 2, Honor Student l,2,3, Night Rider Stott I,2, Calling Cord Committee 3, Field Day 3. MAROSCHER. CYNTHIA ANN - Academic Course, Intramural Volleyball 3, Latin Club 2,3. Thespian Club 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Chorus l,2,3, A Cappella l,2,3, Play Cast 2. MASCHGAN, LANI - Commercial Course, Cheerleaders I, Intramural Basketball I,2, Intramural Volleyball I,2, Commer- cial Club 3, Future Nurses 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Secretary to Mr. Campogna 3, Chorus l,2,3, A Cappella 2,3, Prom Committee 2, Field Day 2,3, Christmas Pageant I, District Chorus 2, Reflector typist 3, Secretary to Mr. Duich. MASELLI, FRANCIS - Academic Course, Intramural Basketball 2, Intramural Volleyball I, Latin Club,I,2.3, Band l,2,3, Chorus l,2,3, A Cappella l,2,3, Music Council 3, Home Room Repre- sentative 2, Prom Committee 2, Motto Committee 3, Field Day 2. MASTRIAN, JAMES P. - Academic Course, Latin Club l,2,3, Key Club l,2,3, Band I, Home Room Representative 2,3, Steering Committee 2,3, Prom Committee 2, Honor Student l,2,3, Night Rider Staff 2,3, Latin Club President 2, Key Club Vice-President 2, and President 3. MASTRIAN. LOUIS - Academic Course, Basketball l,2,3, Hi-Y Continued on page I09 'mm C-wi if 5 Continued from page 107 1.2.3, Latin Club 1.2.3. B and 1.2.3, Chorus 1.2.3, A Cappella 1.2.3, Prom Committee 1.2.3, Honor Student 1,2.3. Sophomore Class President I, Canteen Committee 1.2, Reflector Theme 3. MATSIS, AUDREY - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Future Nurses 2.3, Tri-Hi-Y 1.2.3, Secretary to Mrs. Barbu 3, Night Rider Typist 3. MATTERS. BARBARA JANE - Academic Course, Future Nurses 1.2, Vice President of Future Nurses 3, Latin Club 1.2.3 Tri-Hi-Y 1.2.3, Proiectionist 3, MATTHEWS. JOHN - Industrial Arts. Basketball 1.2, Intramu- ral Basketball 2.3, Track 1.2.3, Electronics Club 2.3, Latin Club 2.3. Key Club 2,3. Music Council 3. Manager 1.2.3. Prom Com- mittee 2, Honor Student 1,2,3, Junior Achievement 2, Calling Card Committee 3. MATVEY, GERALD M. - Industrial Arts Course, Conservation Club I. MAYKOWSKI. RICHARD S. - General Course. MCCULLOUGH, SHIRLEY - Commercial Course, Intramural Vol- leyball 3, Commercial Club 3. MEANS. ROBERTA - General Course, Intramural Basketball 1.2.3, and Volleyball 3, Bowling 1.2.3, Library Stall 2.3, Night Rider Staff 1.2, Junior Aid 2. MEEKER. KATHY - General Course, Homemakers Club 3. MERCURIO. JOSEPH - General Course. Basketball, Track 1, Intramural Basketball 1.2.3. Bowling I, Conservation Club 3, Spanish Club I, Proiectionist 1. Thespian 3. MILES, MARSHA LOU - Academic Course, Basketball Intramu- ral 3. Volleyball 1.2.3, Future Nurses 1.2.3, Homemakers Club 3. Latin Club 1.2, Proiectionlst 3. MILLER. JOE - Industrial Arts Course. MITTAL, JoANN MARIE - Commercial Course. Commercial Club 3, Tri+1i-Y 1.2.3, Testing Group 3. MISKOLITZ, JONETTE - Academic Course, Intramural Volley- ball 3, Bowling 1.2.3, Lotln Club l.2,3. Band 1.2.3. Chorus 1.2.3. A Cappella 2.3, Maiorette 1.2.3, Music Council 2.3. Night Rider Statl 3. Head Maiorette 3. MOLDOVAN, PAUL - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Hi-Y 3. Junior Achievement 2. MORGAN, CAROL JANE - Academic Course, Latin Club 1.2.3, Band 1.2.3. Chorus 1.2.3. A Cappella 1.2.3. MORRIS. JEAN MARIA - Academic Course, Bowling, Spanish Club 1.2, Junior Achievement 2, Driver's Education Conference. MOSCOVITIS, AMELIA - Academic Course, Cheerleaders I, Latln Club 1.2.3. Tri-Hi-Y I. Home Room Representative 2, Prom Committee 2, Honor Student 1,2, Night Rider Stafl 1.2.3, Junior Achievement 2, President at Tri-Hi-Y I, Thespian Club 3, Junior Aid 2. MOSCOVITIS. CHRISSANTHIAS - Academic Course. Volleyball 3. French Club 3. Spanish Club 1, Tri-Hi-Y I, Chorus 1.2.3, A Cap- pella 2,3, Flower and Color Committee 3. Sophomore Aid 1. MOTTON. MARIAN E. - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. Library StalT 3, Proiectionist 3. MURCKO, JOHN ANDREW - General Course, Latin Club I. MURCKO, MARY A. - Commercial Course, Volleyball 3, Com- mercial Club 3, French Club 2,3, Thespian Club 2,3. MYERS, ELAINE RAE - Commercial Course. Commercial Club 3, Spanish Club 1. Junior Aid 2. Stage Crew 3. Play Committee 3, Field Day 2,3. MYERS, KAREN L. - Academic Course. Future Nurses 1.2, Latin Club 1,2,3, Band 1.2.3. Music Council 3, Praiectlanist 1.2.3, Honor Student 1.2.3. Night Rider StaH 1.2.3, Reflector Stat? 2.3, Junior Achievement 2, District Band 1.3. Class Color Commit- tee 3, Class Theme Committee 3. Prom Committee 2, Christmas Pageant 1.3. NICOLOFF, LOUIS C. - Academic Course, Basketball 1.2.3, Spanish Club 1.2. Band 1.2, Home Room Representative 3. Steer- ing Committee 3. Prom Committee 2. Homecoming Escort 3. NIEC, EDMUND ANDREW - Industrial Arts gClsurse. Basketball Manager 1.2.3. Intramural Basketball 2. Hi-Y 3, Key Club 2,3. As- sistant Sports Editor. NIXON, RAYMOND - Industrial Arts Course, Football 1.2.3, Track 1.2.3, Intramural Basketball 1.2, Proiectionist 3. H O'SHAN1C, ELLEN - Academic Course, Future Nurses 3, Home- makers 3, Latin Club 1.2.3, Proiectionist 1.2.3. on. iioonsv - Industrial Arts Cours.. commotion cub 2,3. Chorus Manager 2. PAPAY, MARY ANN - General Course. Intramural Volleyball 1.2.3. Intramural Bowling 1.2, French Club 2. Future Nurses 1.2, Tri-Hi-Y 1.2.3. A Cappella 1,2,3, Music Council I, Proiectlonist 1. PAVONE. JOHN V. - Academic Course. Spanish Club 1.2.3, Thespian Club 1.2.3. PEARSON, DEREK GREGORY - Industrial Arts Course, Intramu- ral Volleyball l,2.3, Band 1.2.3, Chorus 1.2.3. A Cappella 1,2,3. Music Council 3. PEEL. ROBERT L. - Academic Course. H1-Y 1.2.3, Spanish Club 1.2.3. P.A. Announcer 2,3. Steering Committee 3. Honor Stu- dent 1.2.3. Night Rider Stafl 2.3, Junior Aid 2, Band Announcer 3. Color Committee 3. PERUZZ1, ROBERT A. - Academic Course, Intramural Basketball 2,3. Intramural Volleyball 1, Intramural Ping-Pong 1, Hi-Y 1.2.3, Latin Cub 1.2.3. Band 1.2.3, Music Council 1.2.3, Praiectionist 1,2.3. Prom Committee 2. Honor Student 1.2.3, Night Rider Stott 1. POLCHA, WILLIAM - Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Basket- ball 2.3. Intramural Bowling 1.2.3, POPADAK, CARL - Academic Course, Track 1. Intramural Vol- leyball 1. Intramural Bowling 3, Band 1.2.3, A Cappella 1.2.3, Music Council 3, Latin Club 1.2.3, Dance Band, District Band 3. District Chorus 3. PORTER, ELISHA - Industrial Arts Course. Football 2.3, Track 1.2.3, Intramural Basketball 2,3. REAGLE, CLAUDIA - Commercial Course. Intramural Valley- ball 3, Commercial Club 3. Tri-Hi-Y 1.2.3, Home Room Repre- sentative 3, Steering Committee 3, Pram Committee 2, Junior Aid 2. Reflector Stott 3. REDA, LOUIS J. - Industrial Arts Course, Hi-Y 3. REDMOND. BILL - Academic Course, Intramural Basketball 1.2.3, Intramural Ping-Pong 2. Conservation Club 3, Spanish Club 1.2, Junior Achievement 2, Calling Card Committee 3. RICHARDSON. WAYMON HOWARD - Industrial Arts Course. Intramural Volleyball 3. Intramural Bowling I, Band 1.2.3, Junior Achievement 2. ROACH, JUDITH A. - Commercial Course, Intramural Volley- ball 3, Commercial Club 3. Homemakers 3, Latin Club 1, Trl-HI-Y 1.2.3, Ollloe Assistant 3. Night Rider Stall 2, Junior Aid 2. Field Day 3. ROBINSON. ETHELDA RUTH - Academic Course, Future Nurses Club 1.2.3, Latin Club 1.2.3, Trl-Hi-Y 1.2.3. Chorus 1.2. Steering Committee 3. Field Day 2.3, Night Rider Stall 1.2.3. Play Cam- mittee 3. ROBERTA RODGERS -- Academic Course. Girls' Basketball 1.3, Intramural Bowling 3, French Club 2,3. Thespian Club 3, Trl-Hi-Y 1.2.3, Honor Student 1.2.3, Junior Achievement 2. Junior Aid 2, Assistant Manager for Play 2, Calling Card Committee 3. ROGOZAN. RICHARD JAMES - Academic Course, Football 1.2. Track 1.2.3, Conservation Club 1.2.3, Spanish 1.2, Night Rider Stall 1.2.3, Color Committee 3. ROSSI, GLORIA JEAN -' Academic Course, Cheerleaders 1.2.3, Spanish Club 1.2.3, Thespian 2.3. Home Room Representative 2. Steering Committee 3. Prom Committee 2, Honor Student 1.2.3. Night Rider Stall. Canteen Committee I, Spanish Club Secre- tary 2, Senior Breakfast Committee 2. Theme Committee 3, Jun- ior Achievement 2. ROSS1. MARSHA - Academic Course. Cheerleaders 1. French Club 3. Spanish Club 1.2, Thespian Club 1.2.3, Night Rider Stah 1,2. ROTH, CAROL ADELE - Academic Course. French Club 2.3. Tri- Hi-Y 1.2.3. Otlice Assistant I. P.A. Announcer 1.2.3, Honor Stu- dent I,2,3, Night Rider Stott 1,2.3. Junior Achievement 2, Vice- Presldent of French Club 3, School ploy 3. Junior Aide 2. Sen- ior Breaktast 2. Motto Committee 3. ROYAL, ROSS R. - Academic Course. Intramural Basketball 2.3, Intramural Volleyball 1, Latin Club 1.2.3, Band 1.2.3, Field Day 2.3, Dance Band 3. RUBY, MARY ANN LOUISE - Academic Course. French Club 3, Spanish 1.2, Tri-Hi-Y 1.2.3, Chorus 1.2.3. Honor Student 1. Night Rider Stall 1, Field Day 2.3. SABO. CYNTHIA ANN - Academic Course, French 2.3. Latin 1. Treasurer of French Club 3. Calling Card Committee 3, Thespian Club 3. SAKONYI. JOANNE A. - Commercial Course. Commercial Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1.2.3. SANITATE, MARLENE - Commercial Course. Commercial Club 3. Trl-Hi-Y 1.2.3. Secretary to Mr. Dresch 3, Testing 2. P.A. An- nouncer 2,3. Trl-Hi-Y President 2.3. Field Day 2,3. SANTELL, NORBERT R. - General Course. Intramural Bowling 109 J I,2,3, French Club I,2,3. SCARMACK, REBECCA M. - Academic Course. French Club 3. Future Nurses I,2,3, Homemakers Club 3, Latin Club I,2,3, Trl- Hl-Y 2.3. SCHARVILLE, MICHAEL - General Course, Track I,2, French 2. SCHULLER, MARTIN R. - Academic Course. Intramural Volley- ball I, Conservation 3. French Club I,2,3, Hi-Y I,2,3, Thesplan 2.3. SCHUSTER, ARLEEN - Academic Course. Latin Club I,2, Christ- mas Pageant 3, Thespian Club 3. SCHWELLING, AUDREY - Academic Course, Future Nurses Club I,2, Secretary of Future Nurses Club I,2, Latin Club I,2,3, Thespian 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, P.A. Announcer I,2,3, Night Rlder Stott 2,3, Field Day 2, Reflector Theme Committee 3, Senior play 3. SCOPACK, JOHN S. - Industrial Arts Course. Conservation Club I,2,3. SECOVITCH, BOB - Industrial Arts Course, Conservation Club I,2,3, Prom Committee 2. SEIDLE, ,CAROLYN ANITA - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Homemakers 3, Junior Achievement 2. SHANNON, SANDRA J. - Commercial Course, Intramural Vol- leyball 3, Commercial Club 3. Tri-Hi-Y 2.3. Attendance Stalt 3, Night Rider Stalt I, Motto Committee 3, Secretary Scoop 3. SIMS, BERNARD - Academic Course, Track I,2, Latin Club 2, Key Club 3, Band 3, Senior Steering Committee 3, Honor Stu- dent l.2,3, Night Rider Stott. SKIBO. ROBERT - General Course, Football I,2, Track I, Intra- mural Basketball 2,3. SMITH, MICHAEL E. - General Course, Football I,2,3, Basket- ball I,2,3, Track I,2,3. Conservation Club I,2, Praiectlonlst 2,3, Field Day 2,3, Motto Committee 3. SOMERSET, WILLARD - Academic Course, Football I,2,3. Bas- ketball l,2,3, Track I, Hi-Y Club 3, Latln Club I,2,3, Proiectlonist 2,3, Prom Committee 2. Retlector Theme Committee 3. SOPICO, ROBERT - Industrial Arts Course. Conservation Club 3. STEFANISH, ADRIAN F. - Academic Course, Intramural Basket- ball 2, Intramural Bowling 3, Conservation Club I,2,3, French Club I,2,3, Thesplan Club I,2,3, Home Room Representative 2. Prom Committee 2, Honor Student I,2,3, School Plays I,2,3, Vice-President at Thespian Club, Junior Achievement 2.3. STEINER, CAROLYN LEE - Academic Course, Spanish Club I,2, Thesplan 2,3, Historian at Thesplan Club 3, Band I,2,3, Chorus I,2,3, A Cappella I,2,3, Music Councll 2,3, Secretary at A Cap- pella 2,3, State Chorus 2,3, District Chorus I,2,3, Junior Achievement 2, Flower Committee 3, Prom Aid I. STEVENSON. aiu. - Academic cours., conservation Club I,2,3, French Club 2,3, Hi-Y 3, Junior Achievement 2. - STIFTINGER. RAYMOND - Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Bmlcetball I,2,3, Conservation Club I,2,3, Color CommIttee'3. STOWE, IRVINE JAMES - Industrial Arts Course. Intramural Basketball I,2,3, Conservation Club 2,3, Pram Committee 2,3, Junior Achievement 2. STRUCK. DONA JEAN - Academic Course, Intramural Bowl- ing I, Homemakers 3, Latin Club I,2,3, Band I,2,3, Chorus I,2, Junior Achievement 2. SUMMERS, LEONARD P. - Academic Course, Intramural Bowl- Ing 3, Conservation Club I,2,3. Junior Achievement 2, Rettector Stall 2.3, Variety Shaw 2. Night Rider Stall I,2,3. SUSKO. BARBARA JEAN - Academic Course. Latin I,2,3, Honor Student 2, Flower Committee 3, Senior Breakfast Committee 2, Field Day 2.3. SVEDA. MATHA ANN - Commercial Course, Attendance Stall 3, Commercial Club 3, Trl-HI-Y I,2,3. SWEENEY, JANET - Academic Course. Intramural Basketball 3, Volleyball 3. Future Nurses I,2,3, Latin Club I,2,3. Trl-Hi-Y 2, Honor Student l,3, Night Rider Stall 3, Junior Ald 2. TALLARICO. ANN E. - Cheerleaders I, Intramurals Basketball 2, Volleyball 2,3, Commercial Club 3, Future Nurses 2. Trl-Hi-Y 2,3, Chorus I,2,3. A Cappella I,2,3, Music Council I,2,3, Junior Achievement 2, Christmas Pageant I. Field Day 2.3. Seaetary to Mr. Dulch 3. Retlector Typist 3. TAMBER, RICHARD A. - Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Bal- ketball I,2, HI-Y 3, Prom Committee 2. THOMAS, RICHARD JOHN - Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Bowling I,2,3, Proiectionist I,2,3. TOMMINS, JUDY K. - Commerical Course, Intramural Valleys ball 3, Otlioe Assistant l, Testing I,2,3. Commercial Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y Club I,2,3, Class Color Committee 3, Commerical Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3. Class Color Committee 3, Commercial Club Vice-President 3, Secretary to Miss Scardina I,2, Field Day Ac- tlvlties 2.3. TOROK. STEPHEN F. - Academic Course, Football 2, French 2,3, TOTIN. MARLENE - General Course, Homemakers 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Field Day 2,3. TREMMEL, KATHRINE - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Homemakers 3, TrIJ'Ii-Y Club I. PA. Announcer I. TRENGA, ANGELA - Commercial Course. Cheerleaders I,2,3. Intramural Volleyball 3. Commercial Club 3, Trl-HI-Y I,2,3, Home Room Representative 2,3, Steering Committee 3, Prom Committee 2, Homecoming Attendant 3, Class Secretary I,2, Re- Rector Stott 3, Sophomore Aid I, Junior Aid 2. Co-Captain Cheerleaders l.3, Calling Card Committee 3. Field Day 2.3. VADALA, JOSEPH - Industrial Arts Course, Field Day 2.3. VELTRI. JOSEPH FRANCIS - Commercial Course, Intramural Basketball I,2,3, Commercial Club 3, Hi-Y 3, A Cappella I,2,3. Proiectionlst 3. VERNILE, FRANK JR. - General Course, French Club 2,3, Band I,2,3, Chorus I,2,3, A Cappella I,2,3, Muslc Council 3, Night Rider Stott I,2,3, Field Day 2,3, VERNILLE, ANTHONY JAMES - General Course, Track 3, Intra- mural Basketball I,2, Bowling I,2, French Club I. Proiectionist I,2,3, Night Rider Staff I,2,3, Night Rider Editor 2,3. WAIDA, DELORES JEAN - Academic Course, Spanish Club I,2, Trl-I-Ii-Y 2,3, Junior Aid 2. WALSH, EDWARD - Industrial Arts Course, Football 2. Track I, Intramural Basketball 2, Hi-Y 3, Prom Committee 2. WATKINS, WILLIAM - Industrial Arts Course, Intramural Bas- ketball I,2, Chorus Manager 2. WEBER, BARBARA A. - Commercial Course, Trl-HI-Y 2,3, Com- mercial Club 3, Secretory to Mr. Morocco 3, Home Room Repre- sentative 2,3. Steering Committee 3, Prom Committee 2, Junior Aid 2, Secretary of Commercial Club 3. WEISS, MELVIN - Academic Course. Latin Club 2,3, Thesplan Club I,2,3. Key Club I,2,3, Proiectionist 3, Honor Student I,2,3. Night Rider Stott I,2,3, Junior Aid 2. Play Casts 2,3, Stage- crew I. WILLIAMS, FERMAN - Industrial Arts Course, Football I,2,3, Track I,2,3, Intramural Basketball 2,3, Proiectionist 2.3. WILLIAMS, JAMES - Academic Course, Hi-Y 3. Latin Club I,2,3. Thespion Club 2,3, Library Stall 3. Thespian Club President 3. Library Stott President 3. WOLCOTT, LESLIE ELAINE - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Homemakers Club 3. WROBEL, STANLEY A. - Academic Course. HI-Y I,2,3. Latin Club I,2,3. YAKELL. JANICE - General Course, Homemakers Club l.3, Tri- Hl-Y I,2,3. YANAK, EMERY - Industrial Arts Course. Intramural Basketball I,2, Volleyball I. YELIUS, GERALD - Industrial Arts Course, Football I,2,3, Intra- mural Basketball I.2,3, Bowling I,2,3, Conservation Club I,2, Proiectionlst I,2,3, Escort ot Homecoming Attendant I. YERSKEY, CONNIE - Academic Course, Volleyball 3. Latln Club I,2,3, Band I,2,3, Secretary to Band 3, Chorus Accompanlst I,2,3, A Cappella I,2,3, Music Council 3, Home Room Repre- sentative 3, Steering Committee 3, Honor Student I,2,3, Senior Class Secretary 3, Senior Breakfast Committee 2, Prom Ald l. YERSKEY, JUDITH A. - Commercial Course, Commercial Club 3, Latin Club I, Attendance Stalt 2, Band I,2,3, Chorus 3, Maiar- ette I,2,3, Assistant Head Moiorette 3, Prom Committee 2. Hame- comlng Attendant I, Secretary to Mr. Scanga 3. Field Day 2.3. Reflector Staff Typist 3. Secretary Scoop Stafl 3. YERSKEY, RITA ANN - General Course, Cheerleaders I, French Club 3, Future Nurses I,2,3, Spanish Club I. Trl-HI-Y I,2,3, Band 3, Color Guard 3. Home Room Representative 2, Field Day 2.3, Prom Committee 2. ZABOROWSKI, RONALD E. - Industrial Arts Course. Intramural Basketball 3, Bowling I, Consenration Club I,2,3, HI-Y I,2,3. ZIICMIJND. DONALD - Academic Course, Intramural Valley ball I, French I,2, Band I,2,3, Music Council 3, Steering Com- mittee 3, Honor Student I,2,3, District Bond I,2,3. I I IQQ 2 A I -f S I 4 X -'1""f:'.7 .4 Bith ki- P Ol I . .--,ftyfzii 3 Q : EX 5 5 X- Xt X si t af 'Q iz,'7'f 1+ aafgig -fl These are some of the people who have helped to make this year's Reflector into lwe hopel the best yearbook we've had. The Staff has worked during many study halls and after school hours throughout the year gathering information, planning and pre- paring material to till the pages of our Reflector with happy memories of "Sweet Farrell High." Claudia Reagle, Angela Trenga and Frances Harkulich, as- sisted by Judy Yerskey and Marjorie Homer, have spent long hours at their typewriters doing up first and second copies of every written word in the Re- flector, they also helped with the endless arranging and stamping of various pictures, many of which were taken by Lennie Summers, our Reflector photog- rapher. Carl Popadak, as sports editor, was in charge of writing up all the athletic events that have taken place since September. Of course, the staff could never have succeeded in preparing the year- book if it weren't for Mr. Paul Komar, our remark- ably patient faculty advisor. We of the Reflector staff hope that we have done a good job and that you will enjoy your 1960 Reflector for many years to come. Karen Myers Editor Judy Yershey and Marjorie Homer, Karen Myers - Editor Claudia Reagle, Angela Trengo, Frances Harkulich Leonard Summers and Carl Popadak. AUTOGRAPHS if-E E Q I i 1 4 w w 1 S i . 1 1 1 4 1 Al 1 i I 1 , 'Q I 1 4 J i 4 Y 4 4 i I .L4-611.47 . ,+-.,w.... Q - , B gif' M HALQAJQM ' 'ifgffj awww ' xii MQZQVZWM ff? WWW? A ,A My DMEIJWMMQQ 4yg'j!QgQ3ng,X?!Z 1igggwo.5Ai4 w64Lf. Q32 QMZWVLF SW Jyxff 9 C, ' W Yml Og if ,swf JJ ?Q"B5 Qp,f" MixW55QoV, ggi? VV Mug , ZW? W , 0iyQMEfm4,,4WiZ?ii+2Lr6wy! Wfjfwswf W-Dwi W' Qffggii JDS MQW MMM E W W maj! ,Q QIEQKWZJWWKAMR MW M1 LQ Vw? MWMJWQ My Wwjipxfqfi Qbia'

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