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1 1 V11- :iq 1 r T x ', Q? . r r x . I , 1 i . v E 'V ' x 4 1 I . V 3.-Q r , ..,.1, Af. .V - -f . Q :fi .,,, 'ZU1 'fZg,:'j,l.'afk 4' I-1. g pa . .fr-xy. --V... :Q - s., , A X THE 1940 REFLECTOR FARRELL sENloR HIGH scHooL H 5 W i M I Q25 X" ., ogg, g -I xo l ,E-' ll I4 m 1 N m lV ,x,N !,x TL ...I ll J - Il ll rl, AI . X lr' H' 1 ll .r J li l' ix , .N - 2 I l u lx -.I I ' I ul ll u ll X :I A l ns' ll l,zI IJ l ,N lull nu 'lf :mimi X Nl Il! If l' 'Hi 531- il ' -T H. 'llll 'I' F "Millie J- i Q- It IU UN H ull :Ie -2 ' 5, .V . . i - H - EE an - " - A' -I .-.,--1 -fn an 1 gi.: Ll X ,'S4.llllE1'51', l!. .l!" '!.lf.l... Fllilll ' JfEIf5'f31I5f5L5'EL-53531 L sFfl'E5!!!l'n.,llf'Q- QE . ' '1 l :.1fi.iw1iEi1Efl?25,1 iii: -1 "'hIunul-pglefl-I-'3-il:i'il1!l!!l!'!!??llllTl ' ' ' " , A T ' :---eee!'f"'?Fi 1l2hz?:'!i!if HJ f!lilll'I1li,ul,Q'g: BJ' Q 1. . A ,1f'l' 95 "" A ,,,,-V" . -TWZ1'-V.-iyflfiliqlftfgwwivsi V luifxffi ., ,. 4 'ffiqfmaqj 'fM?'- M al- -. ww" 1 ""f::JffF,i- F-,f,4Ng,l3'5,,144g i,?:2,fE6ff,uf' " mcfk- ..,. . .fitg.,z.Ai,Qr?Qz351q.k . FARRELL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Farrell High School, Farrell High School, To thee we belong. We are for thee-we adore thee, Stalwart, staunch, and strong. Farrell High School, Farrell High School, Colors-gold and blue, School days with worlds of friendship, We love you. THE 1940 REFLECTOR FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Farrell, Pennsylvania Published by the Class of 1940 Volume XXIV FOREWORD Our first year in our new Farrell Senior High School ! Achievements, activities, athletics, traditions, and friendships! They are recorded in our 1940 Reflector and may they continue to live in our memories. MR. w. w. IRWIN DEDICATION In appreciation of the splendid educational attainments that have been ours during our twelve years of school life, we, the Class of 1940, dedicate our Rehector to the Superintendent of the Farrell Schools, Mr. W. W. Irwin. ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES ADMINISTRATICN limi!! mm ff-wmnm wr un .swam f n nm XD JR SENI I H WLQQL M, ":. mmf w ,. Nw. ff? M Q 1353 31:13 ' K.. , .- W' 5' 6.2 L 'Pruu . " -1 tmvvnn ..Q:lf-a1-.n- l l1l FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Standing majestically, the new Farrell Senior High School holds dominion over a spacious campus on East Haywood Street. As the beauty spot of our city, this modern, fireproof construction basks in the merited glory of its artistic workmanship, as well as in the long-waited goal of achievement that it represents. On November 30, 1939, the modernistic entrances of our new high school stood ajar to admit townspeople and visitors to view the twenty-two class rooms, four commercial rooms, four science laboratories, a visual education room, an art room, a library, a mechanical drawing room, the superinte-ndent's office suite, the principal's office suite, the secretary's office and board room, two teachers' rest rooms, the band and music room, the combined auditorium and gymnasium with the stage, four storage rooms, two shower and locker rooms, two health rooms, a cedar storage room, two home economics rooms, a housekeeping suite, two machinery rooms, a boiler room, four shops, two coaches' quarters, and a cafeteria. This modern edifice with its marble and travertine finished hallways, its master tile and terrazzo floors, its air conditioning units, and its automatic eye control lighting facilities met the approval of all participants in the Dedication Day tours. Climaxing in an all-important evening ceremony held in the auditorium-gymnasium before a mass crowd of approximately three thousand attendants, the exercises of Dedication Day, November 30, were a worthy demonstration of appreciation for the "House of Learning" which stands a monument to the progress of educational betterment. Although we, the graduating Class of 1940, shall be listed among those missing from the classrooms and hallways of this, our Alma Mater, we ask, as the first students to be graduated from its portals, that you who aspire to graduate in years to come may cherish it as have we. Grant this glorious Alma Mater the respect it merits! Grant it the long life of' beauty you alone can give it! Dedicate yourselves as the foundation upon which this epitome of achievement may rest! "Strive on and on, oh, Alma Materg Fly the blue and gold on high! We shall pledge our faith triumphant To our school, to Farrell High!" l IB! . PROGRAMME FOR me DEDICATION OF SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING FARRELL, PENNSYLVANIA num Thursday, November 30, 1939-7:30 P. M. AUDITORIUM-GYMNASIUM Presiding-MR. J. B. ROUX, President of the Board of Education Tiki Overture-"Western World" ------ High School Orchestra Miss Virginia Jamison, directing Invocation -------- Reverend Father C. T. Nagorski Pastor, St. Adalbert's Roman Catholic Church Welcome - ------ Honorable Lewis Levine Mayor of the City of Farrell Introduction:-By the Presiding Officer of Those Who Planned and Executed the Construction and Equipment of the Building. Mixed Chorus-fab "Gloria In Exceisisn - - Mozart? , A tb, nprelude-, ---- RonaldYSenior High School Miss Helena E. Spisak, directing Delivery of the Key to Mr. Sage, Chairman of Building Committee - e - - - - - - - - - - - Mr. E. E. Clepper Acceptance of the Building - Superintendent W. W. Irwin Dedicntory Address ------- Dr. HuBcrt C. Eicher Representing Department of Public Instruction Alumni Presentation of School Colors '--- Mr. Soni Chiccarino Acceptance of School Colors V - Principal W. R. Anderson Mixed Chorus and Audience-"God Bless America" - - - Berlin Benediction --------- Reverend P. B. Logan Pastor of First United Presbyterian Church Exit March-"Pomp and Chivalry" High School Orchestra Inspection ---- Public E91 DESCRIPTION OF BUILDING 56? The new Farrell Senior High School Building is located on East Haywood Street. It occupies a plot of ground having a frontage of 871 feet on Haywood Street and north fronting on Middlesex Road, consisting of approximately 18 acres. The build- ing is of fireproof construction and is three stories high. It contains: 22 Class Rooms 4 Commercial Rooms - 4 Science Laboratories 1 Visual Education Room 1 Art Room 1 Library 1 Mechanical Drawing Room 1 Superintendent's Office Suite 1 Principnl's Office Suite 1 Secretary's Office and Board Room 2 Teachers' Rest Rooms 1 Band and Music Room 1 Combined Auditorium and Gymnasium with Stage BUILDING COST: General Contractor ........... Heating and Ventilation ..,,.. Electric Work and Fixtures ...,.. Plumbing ..............,.......,... Furniture and Equipment ...,, Total Cubage of Building, 1,742,428 cubic feet. Cost per cubic foot, 302994. General Contractor, The Charles Shutrump and Sons Company, Youngstown, Ohio. Heating and Ventilating Contractor, Architect, William M. Clark and Company, New Castle, Pennsylvania. Plumbing Contractor, The Withers Company, New Castle, Pennsylvania E101 27,502.76 27,500.00 Storage Rooms Shower and Locker Rooms Health Rooms Cedar Storage Room Home Economics Rooms Housekeeping Suite Machinery Rooms Boiler Room Shops Cafeteria Girls' Rest Rooms Boys' Rest Rooms Public Rest Rooms Coaches' Quarters . ..... 5405595.20 75,646.57 45,604.68 S581,849.21 Electrical Contractor, Northwest Electric Construction Company, Erie, Pennsylvania. E. E. Clepper, Sharon, Pennsylvania. School opened in new building: September 11, 1939. L ACCEPTANCE OF THE KEY LZAGLJ MR. ANDREYV SAGE MR. E. E. CLEPPER Chairman of the Building Committee Architect BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. J. B. ROUX MR. J. E. RICHARDS President Vice President DR. L. R. LANDAY Treasurer MR. JOSEPH GELETKA MR. A. J. PODOLSKY MR. ANDREW SAGE MR. ANTHONY TORTORETE MR. G. J. WETHERSTEIN Secretary to the Board of Education MR. W. W. IRWIN MR. W. R. ANDERSON Superintendent of Schools High School Principal MR. T. H. ARMSTRONG Solicitor DEDICATION COMMITTEE MR. ANTHONY TORTORETE, Chairman DR. I.. R. LANDAY MR. ANDREW J. PODOLSKY l11J BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. ANDREW SAGE Prosiric-nt MR. ANTHONY TORTORETE DR. LOUIS R. LANDAY Vice President 'I'rcnsnrer MR. JOSEPH GELETKA MR. ANDREW -T. PODOLSKY M R. EDWARD THOMAS MR. GEORGE J. WETHERSTEIN Secretary U21 M Il. GEORGE VERMEIRE SUPERINTENDENT MR. w. w. IRWIN, M.E., B.Pd. Superintendent of Farrell Schools E131 PRINCIPAL MR. W. R. ANDERSON A.B., Grove City College. M.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh Senior High School Principal U41 V N V ' l'-. . vi, X l J .yr l xjl MRS. VIRGINIA JAMISON ARMSTRONG lnvll-nnn-nlnl Iolnnin lfnl-ln-ll. rnnnsylvnnln. lx.M., G.-nvn cily cnlll-gn, New vnu-lf Univel-slay. lwnnnylvnnin snne College. Cnr- nnnln lnslnnae nf Tnnnllnlnny. M- lnannr nf Music cnnlenlnnls, Director nr ol-nnesll-n, llnnll. xnsllnmnnlnl sl-ll-S, nnll Enmnllll-s. SARAH A. COOLEY mnlngn unnnl-nni Luke. Pnnnsylvnnln. ll. s.. lvnnlnllnslnl- College, A.zll., cul- nfnbin unlvm-sny. lllnmbnl- nr A. A. lx. s. RALPH E. DRESCH lwnulfn-.Q of Dn...nm.ny .lnnlfannn lllnznfn lfnmll. Pennsylvania. A.l3,. lnlll- ann Unil-el-my. M.E.. univmlly of 1-msunl-gl.. Advisor of Hi-Y Club. Wrestling: Cnnch, Director of Ath- lctics. FACULTY WILBUR V. BAUER il.-c slnn-nn, I-ennsylvnnin. ILS.. Ellin- slnln 'lmlnl-nfs cnllnge, Penn- llnro sylvanin Shxlc Colinirlh Sllennlil-En Vnlley Art. Srllonl. Advisor ul' Ar! Club. 1 1 , LEE ROY P. X Senior Scicntr Wllshillgtun. Pcnnsylvnllill. M.S., Wllsllinlltnn-Jefferson Cnlluge. University uf Piitsburglx. Varsity Flmthnll Conch. Varsity Trlurli Cnllvll. Life Member of Nnlinnnl Erlnunlinll Association. Member nl' American Football Conchcs Assncin- tion. HARRY A. BERKOWITZ lf,-nnlrnnl nf mnlnnl-new llln-l-ell, rnnnsylvnnln. 1l.B., lvl. lcll.. Unlvn.-my nr Pitislmrgh, All- visor of Exec-nlnnl-nnenns Speaking: onnll-sxnnls. Allvnnn- nt slnllcnf cnnnnll. FLORENCE B. DONLIN 1'y,n-n-.-mnn. sin-n-llnlnfl l-'nl-rnll. Pnnnnylvnnin. A.i3,. Allin uhcny College, Menllvllln Commer- .-inl snllnnl. ANNE GOJDICS Emllish Il. III ll'nrl'cll. Pvnnsylvnnia. A.B.. Penn' syivanin Stnte Collcxzv. M. Lith- Univcrsity of Pittsburgh. Unlvcr- sity of Wiiconsin, Advisor of Esslly Contltslnnts. Advisor of Sophomore Class, Assucillic Advisor uf "The Night Rider." Advisor of 'Pnutry Relldinx! Contestants. U51 OLGA GOJDICS Bllsimrsll Ermlnlllicx vnnlnn-rl-sul lirum-uplly Typvlvrifing Fnrrcll, Pcnnsylvnnin. B.S.. nugic Institute nf Tvchnol0RY.Wcsl- minster Cnllezv, Grove City Cnllezll. University nf YVlsc0nsin. University nf Piusllurl-:h. Business Mnnalzer nl' "The Nlillli. Rider." Cnr- FACULTY MARTHA F. GOLDEN 1-:iifiiisli 1.1: ci-fi-in-im. Pennsyli-imia. A.B.. 'rnii-i cniieze. c..1iim1.iii Uni.-muy. ni.-m-gig Institute ut 'rvvhimmy. Lilmii-y Semin. Aiivisiw of Snelling cum.-sis. ANGELO M. GRANDE 1'.-01.1.-ii... of izp.....Ci-My fiiigiisii II 1-an-wil, Pennwxlvnnin. AB.. Grove MARY LOUISE HICKEY i'ii,,.imi Hiiiimiiim ci...-.-ii-im.. Pmnnsylvnnln. RA.. rmiigyil-...im sim College, ciay cniiege. l BESSIE J. HUMMER LOUISE J. JOHNSTON fimiiimi niiiirimiiiiim nina.-i-ii iiim.-ii 1 'rimsl-iii.-. P.-misyivimiil. A. B., A-l"""'iff111 Ill-vlfrfv ll .xiiighi-ny clinic.:-, .x.M., cniiiiiniiii Farrell, Pennsylvania. AJS., wm- uniwi-simy. Pvnnsylvnnia sum. col- minslvr Cullenrc. navi..-.r nr Ameri- lm-Lze, Mcmlwr of A, A. A. S. MRS. MARY T. JONES sim.-ii..i..ii. ani.-.1 imiriifif, Tuiif..-fiiiiig ci-.iw ciiy, 1'--imxyi.-iiiiiii. n.s.c., mzmve any ciiiii-gc, swnmi-y nf 1.....ii Bi-und. .ir Pemisyivimiii siini- Enlucnlinn Asif-ciiniun. mi- visni- of si-iiiui 'rri-ni-Y. TUDOR E. LEVVIS fi.-...mi ima.-if.-.-,.i.i,, i'.........-.fini i.f.-iv Farrell. Pcnnsylvnnin. A.'B.,XVest- minslvr Cnlluxrcw l"onnr1ylvnnin Shilo Cullvtlv. Vursiiy Unxkulbnll Conch. E161 can llismry Contestants. HELEN V. MICKULONIC Lnlivl I-ll-HI. Ennliah I ' Homestead, Pennsylvnniu. A. B., Wcslminstcr Colleszv. lVe'S1crn RQ- serve University- A. M.. University of Pittsburgh. European Travel Sludy. ANNAROSE B. MORACA nanwnu rn.-I-ull. Pennsylvania. n.s.. Cn:- lnne of Rochelle. cnlnnnnn Univer- Sify. MRS. VIRGINIA PIRRUNG English 1. Journalism mlm-n. Pennsylvania. Ms., wm- ininslen college. Pennsylvania sim cunnge. Anvznln- nr -'Tun Night amen" FACULTY HARRY G. PIRRUNG Clmninn-y, Physics Pnl-in-11. Pennsylvania. Xilaxliing- ann-.lnfm-sn.. Cnllvxze. B,S., Thiel college. ALE.. Univnrsay nl Pius, lnn-gh. rnnnsylvnnin Slate College. Fnnnlly Anlvism- of nlnnilnrn. MILDRED A. ROUX Gvvufral Matlwmalirx lhurlislu ll Farrell Pvanwlvania A lk EVN!- AN'IYHi0NY J. PINTAR .-llgl-hm I. r:.nn.my rn,-ml, r-Qnnsylvnnin. ns., Grove any Cnlluxzc. University of Pitls- innm.. MARY EDNA REYNOLDS LiLr1'm'iun Gi-uw cizy. Pennsylvnnan. A. B., Grave City Cnllclrc, I'cansyl7vanin State College. WI"-:1i?'T7EWT?11f'12' 2' Z: .a2g,nnef.,ns3gQin 3 1 A 1 ve .4 4 z3?'sL.sf:ii S fi ll:-2 5 , 1 ,gan P . Z. ..- a xxx--ei: ., , . ,..m, ,Q . yy ....,...g.,..?. in ',.. . 13852 , y 3... .. MARGARET V- ROUX n..n.-gs. ' X MARY v. 'SCARDINA Frvllrll I, ll. Warlri llixlurll Farrell, Pcnnsylvllnia, AJR.. Seton Hill College. Columbia University. University uf Paris, France. Societe des Profcssc-urs Francaise on Amer- iulm. Advisor of Frvnch Club. Ad. visor nf Stain Scholarship Contest- nni.S. E171 Envlixh 1, II Farrell. Pennsylvania. Liit. B., Grove City College. Westminster Collcllv. l"cnnS:'lvanizt Skate Cullel-lei Unirclwity nf Pennsylvania. Dole- gsnle to National Council of English Teachers Cnnventinn, Buffalo, Newfx York. Advisor of Ornliun Con tfstullfs. Q 4 ERNEST I. SCHROT lsllnsl-fu nlnallm.-alias clenl-nnlfl. r-ennsylvnnln. Lock Hav- un Srnlc 'lwnnln-rs college. Engl Sll'nmlshul'5: Slilh' 'l'1'llchl'l's Collellfl. lnlllnnn sum- 'runnln-rs College. lz. s.. Pcnnsylvnnln slnle Cullen, M. l-:.l., University or Pittsburgh. WILLIAM J. THOMAS llixlolv ll lfnnl-ell. 1-nnnnylvnnan. An.. Wesl- minsznl- cnll--ln-, M.Ell.. University nf Pmnlnll-ull. lfln-.nw lllnnllmr of ,,,.,.,,y ,,, p,,,,,,,,,,,h' FACULTY HELENA E. SPISAK r'l-ml Mnxil- l-'nl-l-.-ll, ln-nnsylvnnln. ll.s.. lnlll. nun Stull' 1'l-naw.-5 cnlll-ge, Nln-lln nn-nu-l-n llnlvl-rslly. Allvasln- nr clnnnl nnll som En-nnln. ull-unmr llr llnn-nl cnln-ns. ul.-lg' Chorus, nnll lllnvn' Uhnrus. mlnlwl- or Nnlllnlnl lllnnlv lc-lnnnlln-S Assonlnulnl. JOSEPH C. TOMMINS Pllllsirul Hdurulion Flurrell, Pennsylvania. RS., Uni- ' : - N cstullnstvl' v SH-If lmislllllllv- cl-ll.-gl-, Pl-nnsylvnnln sum Culleuc. VAUGHN E. WAGNER lfnnlnl-4-4-,ling 1. ll nel-ry. mnnnylvnnln. B.s.c., srl-we cm' Clrllvsrv. Ilnivn.-my of Piml- lnll-lzn. Annlnennl Flmunlll Conch. JULIA S. WALLACE nlsrom' 1. ll lfn.-ln-ll. rwnnn,-ln-nnln. XVnshim:!un svminn--y, A.lx., ms.. Muskingum cull.-gl-, Ennnn-nn 'lwnvnl snnly. lllnnllnn- nr lxlnerlcnn Poetry Sanl- nly, Allvlnn- nf Junior Clnss, Arl- vlfln- nr lm.-nlnlnnnnn cnnmlnncn. E181 LEONARD G. STEGAILOV unmnniml lxlnnllny llwnlfl llanw.-,, Sharon. ln-nnnylvnnin. lux., uni- wl-slly nr Pittsburgh, lm, Edin- lnnnl slnll- 'lwnn-ln-ln college. wnsl- lnannlnr Colleprf. cn.-nnnlo Institute nr 'l'-elnnllwfy. Allvlnnn of the clmel- Lnnflel-n, lxllvisnn- ur me slu- .lene lffn-um. WOODROW VAN EMAN slnn-ll...-lll. Flrrirul Vrncticr: l'.,.n.,..-lf.-illl c:.-.ml-n,.l.u Grove cm-. renlm-ll-num. u.s.c.. ul-ln-n oily cl-lung.-, l-.nnlnylvnnln Slnle cnlll-gn, Univ.-l-nily nr Pinn- lnnnl.. ,xllvinln nr .lnnlln- wnnlfm. Alll-ann nr sllnlenl lull.-nl. ESTHER A. B. ZENTZ Hnnllnn III lfnl-l-ull, rw-nnnyll-nnll-. lux., cen- liricnle in Music, .'l'llivl College- univurslcy nr Pmnlnll-gll. Lla- lllnlnlwn of Nnllnnnl Education An- sm-intinn, Allvisnl- nr um Senior Claw, nil-mor or clnss Plays, Ad- visor or the nenmnn smlr. Advisor nf the Senior Ushers, FARRELL PUBLIC SCHOOLS FACULTY JUNIDR HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY: John Hetra, principal: Wilbur V. Bauer, Emma Bobby, Evelyn Campbell, Mrs. Sadie W. Deutsch, Mildred C. Don Dero, George W. Dvoryak, Mary J. Freebie, Alice M. Griffith, Helen Grimes, Genevieve M. Heagney, Mrs. Virginia Jamison Armstrong, Anthony J. Kilbert, Victoria M. Luca, Mrs. Hannah Lucas, 'Stephen T. Marin, T. E. McDougall, Leo Meizlik, Alberta M. Miller, August Miller, Anthony Paulekas, Jr., Helen L. Sage, Margaret Sage, Lewis G. Sarcinella, Edna May Short, Adam C. Stey, Grace Struck, Mildred Podclsky, secretary. LINCOLN BUILDING: Myrtle B. Rosenbluni, Lillian Leyshon, Mrs. Rose Ballan, Elizabeth R. Rudley, Ellen E. Fritchman, Mrs. Pauline Cohen, Sylvia Schermer, Gladys Tennant, William White, Rose M. Bianco, Mildred Sarcinella, Mrs. Nancy Nickolazas. FARRELL BUILDING: Mrs. Elizabeth Broderick, principal, Catherine Geletl-La. Hazel C. Bracken, Florence E. Arkwright, Margaret E. Reese, Florence I. Schell, Margaret E. Johns, Mrs. Myrtle Karr, Bertha A. Machuga, I-llelen J. Somogyi, Gwen- dolyn M. Leyshon, Rose M. Grande, M. Agnes Wheeler. ECKLES BUILDING: Mrs. Hazel McCreary, principal: Nedra C. Ingram, Mary Anita Wetherstein, Mrs. May Richards, Pearl E. Fowler, Mrs. Marguerite Chiccarino, Mrs. Ida Thompson, Roberta C. Hunter, Lillian Garfunkel, Ann Hetra, Geraldine Bianco. PARGNY BUILDING: Mrs. Nan Scowden, principalg Mary M. Davis, Mrs. Catherine Struck, Mrs. Alice Leon, Mrs. Mildred Wagner, Mary E. Zimmerman, Sara B. Rosen- berg, Gwendolyn Brown, Mrs. Margaret C. Blau, Anita Salanti, Margaret Martini, Mrs. Bernice Zahniser, Beatrice B. Ward. SPECIALS: Alice M. Nicolls, elementary supervisor: Joseph C. Tnmmins, health and physical education: Mary Louise Hickey, health and physical education: Helena E. Spisak, elementary music and choral work: Dr. I. E. Rosenberg, school physician: Celia G. Burns, school nurse: Mrs. Catherine Daly, attendance officer: Ralph B. Miller, attendance ofdcer. SECRETARIES FARRELL Samoa mon scnooi. MISS AGNES LATSKO MISS CORNELIA GHENEA MRS- GERALDINE su-mal-y tn me sunenmendum Secretary lo me Principal TOMMINS Fmell High School B.u.A., iveszminnef 'College s'c"e""" 'O hi" wet"e"""i" she.-mga vnuey cnmmmm 1 Gi-ive' city c exe F"""e" HW' School Institute , I , -. . Xt K .il , ' vb PENNSYLVANIA STATE EDUCATION President - Vice President - Secretary - Marguerite Chiccarino Margaret Roux Margaret Martini Harry Berkowitz John Hetra Ernest Schrot William J. Thomas Grace Struck Louise Johnston Mrs. Elizabeth Broderick Genevieve Heagney Helena Spisuk Alice Nicolls Mildred DonDero Wilbur Bauer ASSOCIATION cyan: OFFICERS 65.9 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Gwendolyn Lcyshon Margaret Martini CSS COMMITTEES PROFESSIONAL Woodrow Van Eman Helen Somogyi Elizabeth Rudley Lillian Garfunkel PUBLIC RELATIONS Beatrice Ward Nedra Ingram George Dvoryak SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Wilbur Bauer Ellen Fritchman Anita Salanti SPECIAL ACTIVITIES Mildred Roux Sarah Cooley Joseph C. Tommins Anthony Paulekas I20l Leonard Stegailov Myrtle Rosenhlum Mrs. Mary Jones Myrtle Rosenhlum Helen Grimes George Dvoryak Gladys Tennant Genevieve I-Ieagney William J. Thomas Myrtle Rosenblum Hazel McCreary Florence Arkwright Angelo Grande William White Mrs. Nan Scowden Helen Grimes Geraldine Bianco Mary E. Reynolds PENNSYLVANIA STATE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION AND TEACHER PROBLEMS The rapid changes taking place in world and domestic affairs increase problems of maintaining livelihood for everyone. Without exception, teachers face important tasks in safeguarding their professional interests. However, not only are teachers responsible to themselves, but more important, to society for the preservation and progress of the public schools. Teachers must recognize this obligation for the benefit of the boys and girls who are entitled to free and adequate schooling as their accepted heritage in a democracy. Experience shows that intelligent and effective effort toward accomplishing a desired end is possible only on a cooperative basis. In no way other than by collab- oration with their colleagues can teachers produce results that are to be expected of any enlightened group today. In order to bring this about all local branches of the Pennsylvania State Education Association are intensifying their activities this year. Their job is to promote understanding, and to create a desire for cooperation on the home front. This is essential to the winning of undertakings begun by the state and the national associations. One of the most urgent of problems before teachers deals with financing ed- ucation. With millions of students in schools, there remains a million or two more who are denied opportunity to attend. Even where facilities exist, these become subject to attack in times of stress, which is, particularly, when they are needed most. Along with the problem of preserving schools themselves, there exists the need of protecting and extending the concept that democracy and education are inseparable. To this end, however, democracy must be practiced, not just taught, in the educational process from top to bottom. Not since the days of World War I, has the world situation presented an ominous appearance as at present. If anything, the strong waves and undertones of bigotry, racial prejudice, and ignorance coupled with unemployment have made our times worse than in the last generation. However, teachers should not bc pessimistic, but rather the more eager to accept the challenge. Their discharge of re- sponsibilities in a manner that recognizes social obligations should have the effect of improved moral and socio-economic readjustments that will follow the current tribulations. Withal, perhaps, the most vital need to the attainment of any objective is the preservation of academic freedom-an unswerving opposition to either foreign or domestic ideologies not consistent with the spirit and purpose of the American Bill of Rights . The local branch recognizes and believes it is working toward the fulfillment of its obligations. LEONARD G. STEGAILOV, President, Local Branch. l21l X2 K FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Main Entrance I 1 fyy, THOMAS TORTORETE Custodian. Farrell Senior High School i221 1 CLASSES , ,. X aw' ' ' J-Hi fd- ' lwlCLASG:SlrOiiyT:l,6X0i,1SF Q " ' A xx,-FZ - - A L EDVVARD FRANK BETTY ROSE BRODERICK JAMES MUNRO MARGARE1' GELETKA l'rvsidrnt Vin' l'n'sidrnt Svrrrlnry Class Rrprvxentatirc CLASS COMMITTEES Miss Esther Zentz-Class Advisor Ring Committee Merle Berman Stanley Bombeck Norma Boyer Marie De Christofaro Phyllis Dresch Myrtle Bernard Helen Diatko Mike Duby John Duich Cornel Bolog Roger Bousiges Petra Campos Pauline David Daniel De Bonis James Farmartino Richard Gallegos Jennie Kress Janette Berkon Anna Mae Bernard Betty Rose Broderick Emma Jane Carlos Emily Chunchick Elsie Dvoryak Wallace Geuss Jules Glubish Marie Jager Anne Kiefer Anne Kumar Invitation Committee Rosario. Galarde Nickolas Gotch Selma Holmes Thomas Lienberger Milton Makowski Dance Committee Frank Mlakar Robert Meier George Marencliin John Mudrinich James Munro Joseph Peruzzi Doris Ruger Ellsworth Smith Class Day Committee Anastasia Hrisoulas Matilda Palko Florenpe Woloshyn Martin Bicek Leo Bobby Charles Bresky E241 Betty McCauley Eugene Planehak Dorothy Quinn Joseph Schermer Howard Wharton Walter C. McCartney June Monaco Ethel Palko Regina Swiecinski James Snead Doris Spangler Mark Speizer Robert Thomas Elcanore Tota Ellen Venetti Rosemary Welches Laura Zoldan Walter Henning Harold Lloyd Albert Nemetz Eugene Stepanchak Colenzo Truesdale Lawrence Uretta CLASS HISTORY OF l94O' Graduated! Four of the happiest years of our lives flown! Reminiscing, was it not only yesterday that we entered high school as mischievous, wide-eyed fresh- men? Was it not only yesterday that we felt honored to converse with our upper classmen, even though we were buffeted about by their quips? Yes, it was only yesterday, and inexperienced though we were, we accomplished practical things that year, our first year of high school life. Under the supervision of Mr. Anthony Kilbert, we elected James Munro, president, Betty Rose Broderick, vice-presidentg and Doris Ruger, secretary. We chose "Excelsior" for our motto, royal blue and silver for our colors, and the forget-me-not for our flower. Commencement exer- cises and diplomas climaxed the events of the year. Miss Anne Gojdics supervised our sophomore year when we elected James Munro, president: Betty Rose Broderick, vice-president: and Martha Frantz, sec- retary. Although our Freshman year was extremely interesting, we had always regretted the fact that we were not permitted to compete with the upper classmen, so we were elated when, as Sophomores, we were given an opportunity to participate in literary and athletic events. A large number of our classmates competed in the various fields, and were rewarded according to their merits and abilities. After a comparatively eventful Sophomore year, we were admitted into the ranks of the upper classn1en. Directed by Miss Julia Wallace, we named Edward Frank, Betty Rose Broderick, and Anastasia Hrisoulas as our officers. We sponsored the Moonlight Dance with marked success. In the Class Day Field Meet, we matched our athletic ability withlthat of the Seniors. The much anticipated affair of the year was, of course, the Junior-Senior Prom which we sponsored. Bidding the Seniors farewell and good luck at the Farewell Assembly, we accepted the responsi- bilities conferred upon us as the future Senior Class. x Captivated by our surroundings in the beautiful Farrell Senior High School, we began the final year in our high school career under the supervision of Miss Esther Zentz. To our class advisor, we attribute the success of the first nmin event of our senior year, our class play, "Almost Eighteen", a comedy in three acts. Then we selected our class emblems, class rings, commencement announcements, and class day uniforms. Many of our classmates were members of the Night Rider and the Reflector Staffs, of the athletic teams, and contestants in the Music-Literary Con- test. With the aid of our class advisor and class officers, we successfully sponsored the first school dance of the year. At the close of the term, we matched our athletic ability with the juniors on the second annual Field Day. Sadly and tearfully, we took leave of our Alma Mater at the Farewell Assembly, following which we journeyed to Conneaut Lake, where with the seniors of surround- ing schools we had a gala time. We were the guests of the Juniors at thc Junior- Senior Prom. Finally came Baccalaureate services and Commencement Night! These events ended our sojourn through school. We departed with the hope that we had contributed the right precedent to the future classes of Farrell Senior High School. BETTY ROSE BRODERICK. Class Colors: Class Flower: Class Motto: ROYAL BLUE and SILVER FORGET-ME-NOT "EXCELSl0R!" l251 f-0.1 , 1 ' . H A 7 .pk MAME BASTlECKEY,':Bas" lt? . I Mm-eh 1.!l'y4gJe1n1wnmnkm. Cummnrcinl Collrslt. Lllllll Club 2, 3: l"l'9Ill'l'l Clllb 3. 41 Muniunr 3: DBIICE CUlTUlllf.YEEbI 2. 3: Prnm Cnmmilice 55 Uzlhvrvllv Ili Ruflectvl' Still! 4. J N UI ON, U syn Alnnlst X heatlu 0 mvrci C . u 0, For 2, ' 4:Mu : actor Sl 4. lwrvltn 2 ' Chorus 4: Dfllcu Assmnnt ga mel M913 "Mitzie" Sell mb r a ell. W 1 rciul Course ' him: 2: I nm C ' : Girls' Chorus 4: Rvflvcln 4. . P!op,w':wj,,,f-P" KAT .gigAHAMS, "Kathy" l-'ubrunry 18. Flu-rell. Pu. Academic Course. Monitor 2. 3: French cms. 2. ag L.-.nu cm, 1: English Club I. JOHN ANDRUSKY, "Jock" sl-mm-her 28. Farrell, P.-. ca.-ne.-al can-sn. FRANK BASILONE, "Bas" sl-pafmber az, Farrell. rf.. Gvneml Course. Mnnmlcr of Alhletics l. 2. 3. 4: Class Basketball 3. 4: French Club 2. 3: Prom Committee 3: Class Dance Commiltrc ll. IRENE R. AT . " ene" commeflilqgfl MRY ll- Fa ell. Pu U Nl , 'lN.l,,.3 .MBaLIb,,aAbs'.- Bllimfxh? lpn.: iqaken 9211? yl,wq:-,??-,..,.l-- : .li i Frenrl, C ll ll CILS C ltlce 'mvmnis BERNARD, -'Mew' Aw '-5-uc Cnursv. Lui flluh 1. 2. 3 ' . , .: ' 9 a : 'Uthsflafiduhlbnn ,gyms 2. . M . 9 3. 4. 6 4 . . Q , . N .L ' 'rally 26. Mew-'if P.. Q -fx commmml come. 'm.1-n-Y Club 2. al. 4: nm.. .grub 2. sf Monlmr 2. s: Onerelm 3: Mlxell Chorus 4: Prom Commlllce li: Rellector Stal! 4. E261 CHARLES ALSNAUER, "Chuck" l '.f .. May l. Fun-rv.-ll. Pu. . -.1 . .Jul-l. Gcnernl Course. Hi-Y Club 3. 4: Band l. 2. ll. -I: Orcheslnk l. 2. 3, 4: Ari Club Ll. f . , 'N '- l l . Q, ,.., sa MARTINTBAMNJKK, -'Frey' K , October l6, Pnrrell. Pni . cbmnm-ml emma. Cnmmitlee 4. Mcmiwr 1: Suuze L fl' aj 19' - Kr' . LQ., lt, , 7 F51 Tv ESTELLE BAST February ll, l"nrr1:ll. Cnnxnmrcinl Course. A, "Tell" Pa. '- Xl A. BICEK, "Snooper" .I ly 7, Farrell. Pa. Commercial Gnursc. Monitor 2. 1 4 ANNE Bonn, January 19. Sharon. Pa. Cnmmcrrilil Couric. Girls' Chorus L ix 4 yy ' 5' I, , X p .LNI1 L - l, u 'STQNQEY BQMBISGK, "Red" rqwwinher ex. gnmlun. Im. CCnmmmlcial Qciurse, usher s, 4: "Ni!xht nme:-" ,sum 2: swam: cmmm 2: lu-flung:-.J sum 4: Clam Play. "Arm:-sl EiX14b0n". 4: Class commml-Q 4: Rin cnmmnm- 4. ,J X f M," LE LG. B! ,BY "Lacy" hlovern ...ul 1-.Qdlfl-4. Academic Cmluc- French Club 2: Monitor 2!'3. 4. -lc S. ,,,4-A-tB.i,,a , Z'- ,, ORNELL OQQP, QCurk " ggi, Clevel '0. A ' nurse, Band . 2. S. 4: M out l il: 0 2: Latin Club 1. : Fr n : Hi-Y Club 4: Prom lllee 3: Class Dnnce Committee 3: Slate Band 3: Mld- wcstcrn Band Il. , MMV .LD Muay., Y -I 'ilk 'iff I ,.4.I.l EDWARD S. BORYSEWICZ, uEdn May 13. Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course, . ROGER q0UQGES,Q"Bous" . : .Ur Limb, 1:1,.6t: Anibyjc. F:-nm. Awiemlc course. ,Com neement Play 1: Band 1, 2. 8. H Orehestm 1: HI-Y club 4: Dperetta 3: um: Club 1. 2. 3: Fr:-nah Club s, 4: Prom Cnmmittee fl: Junior Wo lcer a: elm Dance Com- mlltec 3. I: tudent Cnuncll 8. 'ii N 7' ,jj ., i ,Ui l ' N .K CQRNEAQIL 'xBQE1lZ, 5'Kdrak" :run 27NInQgina'l-lnubor. Indiana. fzmnmmxnllcmlm. BETTY ROSE BRODERICK, nBetS:: v f J une ll. Sharon. Vice Presi- Aclulemic den! 1 Club 'E 2. a, 4: num 4: Class Reflector "Nhlht Rider" Committee 3. 4: American Legion School Award Med!-ll, 4. rm h 3. 4: Prom ."z':' " NORMA 'LOUISE-'nofilifi' ' uNm.hfu Seplonxbrl' 19. Farrell. Pa. General Course. French Club l. 22 Student Forum 2: Monitm- 2. 8: Class Dnncv Cmnmlllee 3: Tri-'Hi-Y C-lub I: French Club Dnnce Cummltlee 2. 3,4 of f' .ff " f CH.,-7R1,4g AMY, 7' gohgfi Selilembvl' 26. Shrlrnn, PII. Gchernl Cmlrsb. if f -l0Sl? c c R cllll. Pu. nl rcial Course. 'Monitor 3. GEORGE BURGER, "Ham" III- :, ' - To h'r,I'u. .hmu Y Xl Hnckcuy wns 11 MARTIN BURICH, uBHbe,, Gcncrnl Course. Hi-Y Club 3, -I: YVrcS!ling Tulum 2. il. 4: Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Vnrsily Football 4: Athletic Field Mrul 3: Intrn-mural Basketball 3. 4: Prom Cummitlm 3: Truck Tellm -I. January 22. Farrell. Pa. Gm-nvrnl Course. Usher :L JULIA B , H yu NICK BUSCO, "Nagy- I-'vhfuu "1. heartland. A. l ummm 21. Imran. PA. Gum-AI I-sv, Fm.: 2. B,,R,,Q,,,,,,, 3. S, ,mlm 1, . cmml-.Il com-se. Mrmszm- 2. Mammal- 1: 'renkh rm! amy 1. 2: Rcflrctnr swf 4. FRANK BUTORYAK, QA ' "Frankie" um MIKE CAGNO, 'fcagsn new-:her 23. Im-ml. Pa. 'I November 6. I-umunu. ra. Izenw-Al enum. Usher sq Truck 'lzunm Gum,-,,1 gouge. Monitor 3, ax. I. A XD, . . X, , J' vw ,..IfmI My .- MJ I , ll ' 'JYR v'-Q1 K PETRAJGBWQS, 'gm' g, . Auau51fl1sbIj.lqr'l. NJ '2 Cnmmkyflixl cd J Monihnq zz: hiflm Chix,-1. 2, YQ. 3, Q-5'Fi'ench Cluhl3:,G I-:QA Q iiSt1ldtnt. calm. ru aI. Beflmqfsurr, 4LPttom com- mm.-Q zz: lulninr worker aa Athletic l"ielIl Mtch' 3: Club Comnlitlvvx: Tri- Hi-Y Treasurer 2. JOAN CAPOZZOLI, "Jo" January au, Farrell. Im. Commercial cnum. Monltnr 2: RL- nwwr su-If 4: or-chasm. I, 2. s, 4: Min-wesmm omwma 4. lllfk . MXQQIK. s V . M -l'A CAR KAT ERI E C RI "Kay" 1 " ' 1 MQ-r 2. mu, A. eh1cnIbeix27, Fnrrcl I-. Coslyllurcili COLIPSGV Cl1h1l1y'l'iRl OLINKQ Monitor 2. 31 Art xfsfll I Olitcftiill Ommliftf 2. vs ,A 5 X mi XX 3 ll , E , ' ,J NICK CASHIER, "Nickie" Octtnber 4, Fmzmll. Pn. . ' . If Genurnl Course." ' I l2SJ ROQIVCA IGLI NE, "Rosie" amber 24. ' Tuifraf Comnwrcinlx nun-su. Onan-crux 2: Gym Exhibit 2. X I I JF. ' 51 ' -1 .KI OA ,,,. P ' 4 1 EMILY Qmgqu '-Em" .luuu zu wh: tlmul. . ml QA:-tu Monitor 2. s: I Club 1. zxj: Reflector sum 4: " ht Rider" Stal? 4: Latin Club Dlnner Dulwc Cummltlee 8. MIKE CILAS, "Chink" August 11. Fu:-rell, Pa, Gclwrul Course. Junior XVnrker 3: Safvty Putrnl ll. -N ,- 11 -W1 :hu HV. . y JANE CORNELIOUS, "Jim" D:-wulu-r 1. Cleveland. omu. Cnmmurclnl Cnurse. Girls' Glee Club 4. VERA Fexr mills. Piltakuruhll . Lf C maui Course. Trnehc-r's sem- lu l 'J J - 'v L9 J3 x M EL INEZ,C6LEMAN, UM Su tx I omni '1 1:'25:w1.1.1lu County, vu. A 'K fiunqrnl cou:-su. R:-rumor stuff 4: cum Buukeeuuxl 1. 2: Fruuuh Club 1. 2: Fu-nun Clulu Basketball 'rum 1. .BX TA ,QR WDER., Bt f' X-'uhruu . I-Hu-5,151 Commerclnl Cnursc. Mnnhur n. ROCCO CATALDO, "Cats" Mu: 14. rum-11, Pu. cunuuurexux Course. Buuu 1. 2, a. 4: orchumu 1. 2, a. 4: President or muul and Orchestra 3: Student Council SZ Midwestern Bmul 3: Midwestern Dr- rhvsllrn -I. AN A cs .Nc-S. '- Feb .. F rrell. . l TUDOR CHIRILA, "Toad" July ti. Farrell, Pa. Gm-neml Course. Monitor 2. .4 cl' ,Ln f L N, f llvx. 1 , Ulzuuc ' eu" .D E291 1 BARBARA CESLAK, "Ba1'by" Fuurutu-y as. Farrell. Pu. Commerclnl Cnursr. Monitor 2, 3, -1: Class Bnskctlrull Team l. 2. 3. ANNETTE CHIEL outum 121. 1-uyxur. ru. Acudemlc Cuurxv. Nlnnltor 3: "NiKht Rit'll'r" Stull' 2. 3. -I: Edllur 3, I: Llltin Club l. 2: Student. Fvrum 3: Sflellintl Contestant 3: Radio Prmtrams 3: Re- flector Stn!! 4: Clnxx Play. "Almost EluhtlN:n." 4. HELEN CHRISTOFF, "Ch1'istofj':J',,gl-Q", Deccm . Far ll, PII. Commercial Cours uc ent F . Gym Exhibit 3: Re K -1 Hume Room nuskumhu u: W I ' .nvi l GV lltl .icq DE CARMEN, una." Neem ' " ' ri-cl Par Cummcrni vs. Class Basketball Tvnnl 1. 2. ' Z lor High Basketball Squad 1. X SILV ILESCALE, "Sil" Til . Shlll n, Ptl. Gang.-a A M x X Q Al X 'rl V, ROBERT DIGNAN, "Farina" November 9, Farrell. Pa. General Course. Football Team 1, 2, 3? French Club H. -1: Track Team 2- 3, 4: Usher 3: Class Basketball Team 1. 2. Sl.:-' . A10-'pta fl y li. 1 XXI ' , MILDRED CUPIC, "Mickey" Am-il 8, Farrell. Pa. Comnlel'clal Course, 155 - ,I xl , -- .-9 ,. July 25. Chicano. Ill. Cnmmercial Course. Gyxn Exhibit 2 Studcnt Forum 1: Reflector Stal! -I Prom Committee 3. t w.9v-Kv, .M DAN DAV , "Dapper Dan" .lrmmry 22, Fm-rr-ll. Pu. ll: Band l. 2, 3. 4. MARIE ayiISTOFARO, n R3 Scp I . Fltrl' P Cum Qrcial Course. flectnr Staff 4? Office Assistant 4: Teachers Secretary ll. HELEN DIATKO, "Butch" January li. Farrell, Pa. Commercial Course. Monitor 1. 21 Latin Club 2. S: "Night Ruler" Staff 4: Class Basketball Team 3: Junior Nilorker 3: Student Forum 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3 Gym Exhibit 2: Reflrctnr Sillff 42 Chnlmiliens. MARY R. DOBRE ICH ' r-Peggyrr August 21, if-rrren, Pr. Commercial Course, 1 l IS01 .. D' ' ' I U f- V '. ', .lf v 1' Y f - -Jf"l,l H -if IRE N6sf"'Rgnie" Gem.-ml Com-se. Funtbnll Squad 1. 2- TONY DANKOFV, '-Buck" November 1, Sharbn. Pa. Gene.-rl Course. French club 1, 2, sa lfrrnra club Dame Committee 1. 2, 3: anna 1, 2: crm cr-mmmee 4. , - 1 0 ,M -J-5 ,Q Q w PAULINE G. DAVID, "Gen" Selvlvlnhnr 13. Farrell. Pa. commer-rm course. Art Club: Usher an Rt-rmmr sum 4. . 0 PCD ND 59 DA DE BONIS, "Deeb" 1313 21. Farrell, Pa, 'eaeral Course. Art Club 2: Junior Worker 8. I fp 'ul l' - J P ,IM I ul V I' . K ' ' ALBERT D'0NOFRIO, "Al" PHYLLI ' . D H, nphiln May 27. Farrell. Pa. In nun ml Commercial Course, Mnnitnr l. 2: Stu- dent Forum 2, 3: Class Bnnkmbnll 2. 3: Usher 3. ' 1' A ,vlll '- iieENE B. DRESEL, -'Ronny' nRenigu, ' , 1 sf-,Ly-mm 9, sfnnfk, Pn. rnlnnn-mnx Cnursu. nxnnnnn ug An- sinlnnl Librarian 4: Henman sennr 4: Mums cnnnn 4: Home nnnnn Bnslu . bnn 1-.-.nn ui funuem- mm num a. Z 4' 1 . ,V L V . ,f - . if . ,J JA ES UDASH, "'Dude" I ' f , V" Annu :mf 1-nv91l.wn. l , 1 General Cuursn. I . A -' n 1 -- nl. n Cnmmerninl Course. Usherclte fl: Ro- flvclnr Slnlf 4. MICHAEL DUBY, "Mike' November -I. Fnrrvll. Pu. Gene:-nl Cnunze. -To dxvd l ,ul A Jol-IN DUICH, -'Bon'-" ' July 80, Farrell. Pa. Genvrul Course, Basketball Tram l. ELSIE A. D GRYAK, HEI" D47 MLM ' ' 5 A H - A ' L, P . Q gg ,xv 'H' "" " BOLENE A. ENGLISH, -- 0" f" 5. 1 rein! Co r , -n club 1, 2. Q .. -" --'x lt' - - x-m-Y cyl, 2- onlinr 21 Clnss -'Ulf 29- Ml"""" CHA EQ ' M D ee Cammtte . P.-lnn cnmmmen Crum. some SS, az Lntln clnh Dinner Dance Committee ' ' . 2, sz --Nunn: nanny- Mnn.-nm 4: clnns ,X MJ. cnnnnml-nn. 0 5' gp. wwlh I I JA 1 ARTINO, '- 'Jimmy"'A 0- Q. rl EN . EABICH, M 3' noola., 1, Annnllxzs, nl- n. Pn. . Cummercinl r n . or s: 1-'nnncn l'Ul"""'7Il Fdelifp Club 2. s. .nnn cnnnklnn s: C0m,m,,..,I, Course- Monm, 2, 3. '-Num nmer nnnnesn Man gel- 4: Roflvctnr Staff 4. STEVE F R, U m" ril zv I-'nr , n. Gs mil Course. M tor 2. 8. 'Q 131 Hi-Y Club 4: Usher 3: Cheerleader 47 Student Council 3: Radio Programs 32 Basketball Tcnm 3. .,.s- B , etty" Seutember 6, er, Pa. General Course. French Cub 1, 2: Mnnitm- 2: Home Room Basketball Team 1: Club Dance Commiitee 3: Reflector Stuff 4. ANTHONY FRADO, "Frndo" MARY LI J E, " ae" Ap:-ii za, :in-Q i. Fvbrunry 10. Bnltinlort. Mal. cnnimi-mkQ5:I , cms niiskeiimii 'rmm 2: ym.xI1 ini: 2: nefieeim- uvnemi coum. sim 4: Tnnchm-'s Secretary 4: smu- ilcnt. Forum a: "Nigm Iziiivw' sms 4. MARTHIA L. RANTZ, ii H Q WARD FRANK, '- d" X " B' Y .Ii 11. Ifim-eil. Pii. ' H' pn' ' . ', . ,, edml ici: .X Lnii ui: I. 2: 'G ""' Sturcl ' gmgf 5215 French :lub . 4: 0 oi- 2, ax. fi: dl " 9-"L C12 g 4" CJ' cm: wi-.-I I: ' I-Y Clnh s, I tx .ed gh " 41 C as - ii: 'elm' 1 Tri-I-Ii-Y Club 'H' ' ffM .':"'51-'Tomll 4. rn Cu im : aim Dnncc gnupg' ul' ' .0""" I, 'af Xrllomm -E :I: in: I-my. "Almost Tenn A neu cammim-es zi: Literary Emma .. ,,. mm,mm my 1. C""'lf"""t 3- -'Niizm iw" Iimmgur 2. fs: Club num ci: im:-Q. 5 I , LQ . .I-f MARY AN GAB : VIRGINIA MAE FREW, W , a gn NM' .:Ginny,, i I fgvlfx IX .N .L-. . L l - Q L' Nm1-:::I,u:- Is. Im:-i-vii. Im. SL'1'lf5"b ' N 1' 'men' P' rm X. G:-:ii-:-:ii cw:-M-. sfuilnm Fm-um 1: m""""e'f"'l Cours" 0 "H" akm' np:-:-vmi zx: Monitor zi: Ai:-Im Literary fxfgnssfxx' in 4klEm"2:Xms":n Sin-ivil' 2: Chxss Dance Committee 3. Monitor 3- Anne ic Field Mm! 8 -L NCENFI' GAGLIARDI, f ""3immj1" V i : I .Ii 9:-,Q 52: I:7:1'r:5If, rn. D Lf ' . , fgieiiexuxl- come. . f 1 1 ' IUX ' ,AHDX ALLEGOS, 'fuikevfl lleghern if-:ydify 'l5,,Fm-rell, Pi.. fflenernl course. Mfmiinr a, 4: Safety QPnLml '4: Junior work:-r s: Class nance cfmiminw rs: Finn: commin:-Q n: Fire mi:-oi i: Foreign Travel. v EMANUEL GELFAND, "Manny" I-'uln-unry 27, Fnrrell. Pa. Academic Course. f . I I . ' 1 .'fef"'4 ' i321 . Sd! ROSARIA J. GALARDE, uzaren March 9. FnI'I'ell. Pa. Cumnmrcinl Course. Sludcn! Forum 2. Ll: Gym Exhibltinn 2: Monitor IZ Home Rnom Unskvtbnll 2: Reflcdor Staff J: "Night Rider" Stull 4. MARGARET GELETKA, l "M rgie" mm, Fibwi ll'l,: umm. D if bbmlrier ' course. m ent may smiiem FQ 2: rin Club 'I udvm. Col il ' reuuy 3: Trl- ix' ciui: ' :mc I. f.-mi-y Gunmen- nut 2, :I:N miiwi- 2. s. 4: "Ni1thl Ria:-i-" sim 4: Reflector sm! 4: cum In-im-wiiiiiive 4. WALLACE GEUSS, "Wally" January 2. Grove CRY. Pn. Academic Course. President of Fresh- mnn Chix-I In, St. MlehneI's in Green- ville. Pu.: Open-I-tm 2. 3: Axt Club 2: Music Cunlcshmi 2. 3. I: Midwestern und All State Choruscs 2, 3. 4. - yuv-rr -'j ' . ,y ' . u- ::z"' JOSEPH F. GRANDE, JR. num-.4 31, Farrell, rn. cf-nm.: course. GEORGE GRGURICH. "Flash" Mnrch 24. Plttslmrilh. Pa. General Cnurse. -tix .4 N .R 4 l IQEONA L. CllS,i "Gussie" Sdpiombnr 6. Farrell. Pa. General comm. Lniin club 1, 2: Mon- imr sg smaem Council ar "NiSzht Rider" sm: 4: Art muh 1: Reflector sum' 4, If t A 'my 19, shm-un. P 2 RUTH P. GIGLIOTTI "Ruthie" March 13. Gllllnwlwv WV. Vn. Academic Course. Latin Club 2. 3: Library Assistant 3. -I: Mixed Chorus 4: Gym Exhibition 2: Pram cnmmmee A S.: Reiki-tol' Staff 4. lj. .C ' f rg ,I .f. " N ' f JULES J. GLUBISH Mm' 12, New Knnsinman. rn. ' Academic Course. Latin Club 2: French Club 8. 4: Band 2, 3. 4: Or- cho.-xtrn 3: Reflector Stal! 4: Music Radio Pruzarams 3: Class Play, "Al- most Eighteen" 4: "Night Rider" Mnnuszer 2. ,Vg " ,Q we 15'-' . f I WJ-f'.fy" ml! . . 1 Nrcuopgas QQTCQl,,1'FNl'c!v1fi ',f,,Mef ' 1febnmry,f2!Z Fm-1-ull, Im. A f ' ji, V. Cnmmefcinl on-nqp. , Jgnror liynmr 11. Junior Policuj: Student Psitrnl 4: Firi Pun-01 -l:"'Ninht rude.-" Mlm- nger 2. i GREENST NE, ' rlKou ,, fLL ' 1 dmi c se. Lim-an-y cm-een, gp: Latin c b x. 2, 3: Latin in er- Dane m M x: Tri-Hi-Y chu. za F.-en a, 4: "Night Rider" Mmm r 4: Reflecinr Staff 4: Prom commune xr 01.2-nun sg Mimi ch-wus 4.1 Mommy- as. ff ,Q " E W E7N GRZESZCZAK A ' Ortnber 8. Farrell, Pa. " can-mer-emi come. Mynlmr 2, 4: mam: ch...-us 4: Gym Exhibit 2. 7 .f xi" ' , 4.11, V b . .5 A, JULIA J. GQZIK, "Judy" Mu! 3. Mount Pleasant, Pa. Commercial Course. Reflector Staff 4. E331 ENRY A. GLADYSZ July 16, Fm-rell. Pn. General Course. ..n-1 .T I " WALTER GONDEK, ffwaw' olunm- 7, rm-ren. Pa. cmrnmin come. usher az cum Basketball Tell!!! 3: Wrestling Tcnm 2. 3. N4 9 MICHAEL ENIN, ' llMil-ki! my is, Fm-ren. Pa. ' Sv' ,. Q' Y General course. Mnniwr- 2. " ,IJ ,Q XX 7 J' L-' x-. -s"ELMA- 'Hour s, "Sul" Oniolmr 2. Fnrnl. Pu. J - i Commercial 'cniirm Gym Elthibillon 3: Student Forum Sm-nun-y -ig sn.. dent Forum 2, xx, 4: oiimmi :ii Ru -rlmiw sem 4: --Nigm niiicw' sm: ei siiiiii-m council a. C -il X w MA EJAGER, "Reb" mi iirs71'.?nriell. P ' cg mms com-iglcyni sxhiuniim Q: Mfiniiir ri, 4: Pqmi Cnmniillve ix. Xp J N GL YS OHNSO Ja . il ei I if . volt i surmi- Kv i . 1. i 1 .- nm Play Xi: e ch nb s. 4- X umm- lmll Team RA s' Qlei- uh. HELEN HALL, "Babe" .ltlnllnfy 3. Y0llllRKLnWfl. Ollln. Cummfrrlnl Cnurlw. Munilnr 3. 'L I f , ul , MA Mig. on TT5 R E. "Me " ry-vi-mbi-r ri, mid, mi. Comme C Ysb. Mnnilnr 'li Tri- Hl-Y ull xed Chnrlls 41 R9fl0CC0l' Sllllf l. ANASTASIA HRISOULAS, "Tashia" Anvil ll. Wi-irton, W. Va. ciiiiiniei-eiiii enum. Student council :si cum si-muiry sz 'tri-Hi-Y 4: "Night Radu.-" Stull 2. a. I: nuniiem Staff ii Mfmiim- :ig Literary cnnmi- mn 2. n. 4, if ll II DOROTHY JOHNSON, "Dot" August in, si.-mimnimii. Ani. rwmimmiiil niiiii-se. -X 'wsa" gil 21. Il. Bax W '-Y, U Ng 'L mmel' Cmlrnb. itor ll 2, 3. in D ntan a. 4: senden Furiid 2: ldw rn and Suxie fckdqgii xi. : Biimmli Tmm i. : Muni C Hume 4: Mixed us 4: Rsrlln -nlzmms 3: Bulloc- mr sum' A." E341 Football Team SARAH B. HAUN, "Snack" ifwhriini-y 24, uninnmwn, Pa. Cumnwrclnl Course. Rcflcclnr Sin!! I: Art Club l: Clnss Basketball Team 3, Ziflhfvy ' WALTER HENNING,"Flss y" Alxril G. Farrell. Ps. Cmnmnrciul Course. Mnnltnr 1. 2: Usher 5. LAURA MAE HOLBY, "Tools" Jmiiiiiry iz. DuBoiS. Pri. Cnmmerclnl Course. French Club 1. 2: Mnnltur 2: Gym Exlillalt 2: Rl.- lli-ctol' Shall' -1. i 5,6 . ywporf PAUL KARABINCIK, .laly as, Farrall, Pu. Gcnernl Course. Varsity Foo Trkck Timm 2, 3. 4: May - Burrell, . Cnmmcrcinl Course. Iuvlilor 1511511 3. 4. Axow ' - xl Q! J PH Ll 'A e L' 3 slay . :mall Tram 2, 3. 4: Vnrally Fnoth ll 'rrara al, 4: Cauuain ar ure Vnrsily lxaakamall 'raarrr a. 1. h ll 4 Gent? C . HI-Y Club 3, 4: Var- MICHAEL "Mike July 1. Rallwhmn. Pa. General Course. Boswell High School l: Trnvel Club 1: Health Club 1. 0, l ' 1 f 1 1. -- -1, I Av J Eglilkify KQHLEEI 'Minn TY ' Q53 rr' niairh ze, Fai?-ell,' Pa. - Ju' gf , mu camrar-rrlal Course., class parm cam. ' x mime 3i:,ProYn cammlda-L srcap and A,-mi,,m5,: n-uc, M134 up, 1. 2, 3: Gown Committee B: Office Ausialnnt yllnnimr 3, 4: lllurqtnr 4: Reflgetor Staff 4: Radio lfmrr:-amsbs: 'C1axn'Tl!fask0tball Teainsgg zqlalrrrxi 1 3LJ:1'6 ANNE , 'Enka" lllarrrr 21. Farrell. Pu. Commer 1 came rr. hlaxlrllrmaa 2: 'ra 1-' ruuiry a, 4: Girls' Chnrus 4 eflecmr Stall' I. 'iwwfx HELEN KOPAS, "Hal" January 16. Shnmn, Pn. 1, 2: Latin Club Il: Usher Ri1lel"' Stal? Rvllnrlur 4. JENNIE R , "J July 14. Farr:-11, a. Cnmmerciu Schnol Commercial Course. St. Ann'll 3: "Night 1- . ' ll 3 -I: Tri-Hi- r i T -Hi- Vicu President 2. Rellortcr I. K E351 I .1 V f?:.a.1ff f-fm X'1y?MAS KEJAIEAR 'T0m" :mir E.711fZrry,4oh1:1. 'L Gclluml Course. lrVresililut Team 3. fl: Snlciy I'lltl'ul I: Fire Patrol -I: Usher ll: Julllnl' Worker 3: Refleclul' Stal? I. HENRIETTA KOSTON, sarrwmlrur- ls, rie, Pa. X ariwrir C Er1ggcA A-y Contestant : ora iarr lv am 2: Gal-den uh 1: Ga-onrerry ' ' " 1 Clnsn Swretury : School Play l. 2: Class Plny. "AlmuraL EilIl'1lev:n" -1. FRA CES KULNIS, "Cookie" ,xl-rn 24. 1-'arr-au. Pa. 'carrrmer-cial cam-re. Ama Field . Mw11!:R:-fleemr ta 4. .Jrf , ?'f""" Qff HELEN A. KUSHNER, "Nell" January 17, Avcllu. Pa. Cnnmwrcinl Course. Girls' Gym Ex- hililt 2: Mnuitor I. Il: Usherette 3. MARY JANE LAIT, "Lait" semenmel- ls. Fm-ell. Pe. Commercial course. Mmmm- 4. ERNEST LASLOW, "Ernie" December 29. Lu-enum-xr. Pn. cf-mmm-cial cm..-se. wmumu Team 2. ll. .M ANNA KVO "Skitche" October 81. Slum Pa. Commercial Course. SIDERIS J. LAMBROS, "Rusty" March ll, New York: N. Y. General Cour-se. Class Dnnce Com- mittee 3: Prom Committee 3: Truck Team 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Mlxud Chorus 4: Mldwcstern Chorus 4: Rv- flvctnr Staff 4. THOMAS LATQKQ, "Lat" Feb.-11 y 2xQf'sJ1lzhwe P125 il' A. Genera ceuree '-W lub Q, 4: var- sity Foosball Tgjm 3. 4: nnitor 2: Prom cemmgnee spam 'Bnsketbnll 'rel-m 2, a,l : vm-sig ?mtbnll cm.. wan 4. vm-my Bn shun 4: Hi-Y Club viee President 4. . ,I 'N . u u ANj1EAf?fLENGYli1sKA,2f' THOMAS LIENBERGER, 7 I November 10.'Ni!w one ed:-k 'Q "Cheese" LDC? .. he-4-,.1 . ., cnlnlkenaegpmree. un Club H427 september 11. wmefmema. Pe. C AH .:'Lxc1bAdVt ua-T' llfgfgnwgkg Eionimrggf Bfcgi oem-nn cnuree. Hi-Y Club 4: Student Dame comming 3: 6 . Dance Icom. - Fnmm a, 4: nerxeeuu- seen 4: "Night mmks ssqeae Play.j'A1mes :Pye-Hn" 4. ' C- Ii Y 'Nl-RQ I. fx V 1, . Q 'Q ' Ill! 6 4' -IOS A LITTL S, "Josie" .lnmnury 3. Bennettsvllle, S. C. Gcncrnl Course. Gym Exhibit 2. ROSE LOMBARDO, " " Oni 'r nrrell. P Co inl rse. tln Clu 1, 2: Offl Ass's : Trl-H Club 4: Class Basket C080 , Prom Cum- mmee 3: :tht Ridm-" Staff 3: 'Usherctte 3. I36l Rider' Slnlf 3: Usher 3. 4: Class Plny. "Almost Eiftlltemf' 4. gi .1-I mb . Y umrstn Ohio. Gener 4 : Office Assist- nn. : "Nix er" Mnnnxcer -I: la Play, ost Ehthteenu 4: itor 3: Music Concert 4. A 0 D'L R. ack" au B BARBARA LUCICH, "Barb" Am-n 11, Mansfield. ohm. Commercial Course. Reflectur S1213 42 Monitor 2. QB DOROTHY MARSTELLER, "Dolly" .luly lil. Whenllnnrl. Pu. Acanemic Cmn-se. Latin Club 2. az French Club I : Tri-Hi-Y Club J: Band ax. 4: R4-nccmr smfr 4. Girln' Bnsket- bnn 'rem zz: Monitor 2: Student For- um Il: "NI1.:l1l Rider" Stuff -1: Usher 3: Opel--am cmnminee ag P.-nm Com- mittee 3. STEPHANIE MASIAN, "Stella" Selliemlwr 24. Fnrrell. Pu. Cnmmcrclnl Cmlrew. Latin Club 1. 2. Usherclln- Il: Drum Mnjorcttc 3, 4: Reflecbor Staff 4. PATRICK MASTRIAN, "Patsy" July 22. Fnrrull. Pa. Cummerrhll Cnurse. Usher ll. OSWALD MASCHGAN, "Oscar" Duevmhcr 2-1. omsm-. nmmmin. Aendemie Course. Football Team 1. 2. 3: Basketball Reserve Squad 1. 2: Gln:-e Club 4: Mixed Chnrus I: Latin Club 1. l. 2: Truck Tenm 2: "NiL!ht RIrl0r" Quinlvllv 4: Mid-westvrn Chorus 45 Senior Qunrlvlle. SARA L0 ISE MASON, Ap up. onneifville, Pu. cz ml Frcnkh Club 1. 2: Moqam . nnerm.-fe. x: 'rri-Hi-Y cm ,s, 4: s uflqek mum 2. an Llt- e- cnmfmp 2. nerlmm- sm: 4: Mimi Chorus 4: Club nance com- mittees. GLADYS ll Novem Acadc tome. Tri-Hl- French' ub- mittees mm 2. cr- N WALTER CLIFFORD Mc- CARTNEY, "Mac" l-'vbrunry B, West Mlddlcsux. Pu, Commun-elal Course. Monitor 2. WI EF, lLcC Y, "Bill" .Ivy 18, c nf. N IC. encrnl c. BE. OMINIC MANGo,Nli, -' H Lf fnmdrfbhw? xensamzhmlr-P rc cum ' cum-. eipvcl .'a, 47 Munn Tpwrextllnx 1' s. lf rl Zu- Pntroggil 4: num Club Mem- ber- in :sz on amnwllml T u. In - ,Bankcth I ax. :mum- w ke i ol 4: swam: u -Num ew- sem s. 2, a: cum Basketball -reams lf37l . :WG 1 1' l BETTY MCCAULEY, "Bets" Auszusk 25. Farrell, Pu. General Cours:-. latin Cluh l. 2: Mon- ilm' 2, 3, -1: Rm-llcclnr Slufl' I: Clmxx Play, "Almost Eighteen" 4. MIyzgN MAKOWSKI, "Max" se,-lm 1- Hgjurrg Kunsintmn. In., ' 1 Du we whcr -1 xummnr W 1-. . . .1 W , s. 4: :nam-mm-.ll Basketball Team az Mrmuur Cuphlln a. 5 ul r 1, M GEORGE E, ARENCHIN, "Chuck" Fuln-unry 12, Blaw-Knox, Pa. Gvuvrul Course. "Night RldL'r" Shlll' -l: Art Club -L J a Y ueutlon Club 4. July 18. Pittsburlzh. Pnl. Truck Team 2. Aulfllsl 22, Fnrroll, Pu. 4- Mj ,. , up ,1 ., . -X . L- '- 1 , yu - A 'v ., .. H JAMES M1'rc11ELL', Mitch l . 'Nuvemhgr 2l.' Fal'rc5l.' Pa. General Course. Sharon Hixrh School 1. 2: Basketball Ruscrve 3: French Club G: Vnreity Bnskelbnll Tenn: ll: Truck Telun 3. 4, JUNE MONACO, hun" ililslil Am lvmrv nm-1 Amln no High s mvz, . A lou lI'f1l:Girl -S.-we :lr mm miltce s: hho ek: cnllms ' 1 X 'rom Cum- ' : uunukclub fs Bowling 'ru 2, :sg Mlminm- 1: ul Club 1: Cl :4 sketlmll Tram 1: Frvnch Club tor Stuff -ll 'Mlrl NVestern -l: Re Chorus 4: Mixed Chorus 4. JOHN MUDRINICH, "Peanut" Annum 22, x-'lm-vnu. Pa. mm-ml enum. Munimr 1, FRANK J. MLAKAR, "Curly" November l. Bnscwcll, Pu. General Course, Glee Club 4: Usher ll, 4: Mid-Wuxlern Chorus 4. MARY ELIZABETH MOORE, "Betty" May za, Whuxtlnml. PA. Gunornl come. JAMES M ' 'Y' Jauun , I. nl. N cmie . nl-Y 4: in club F c 4: v mn nsk -nm: ., . GI: resldc 2 : ss etlmll 2: M, mm! sz , sec jf: Q? rcxslfl 41 Amcricn Lennon hm nr - ul, 4. X l38l ROBERT MEIER, B b" PHYLLIS MINDICINO, " Cnmmercinl Cnursc. Monllnr 2: Lntln Club 2: Reflector Stall' 4. fav , Jlillljv n . CASIMIR MA U "Rus " February zo, E . Pu, cl-mm.-Nan: r . nukenwlll Tc-nm l: Vnrslly F00 ll 3: Physlcnl Erl- Gulwrnl Course. YVresl.llmt Timm 2. Phil ff L X. N MAV PIDO " ick" semembcr 12. 5 General C0647 er BORIS MILANKOVICH, ..Meln Alwril 9 Farrell. Pa, General Course. Junior Police 3. u Il ANDREJM IK "Midge" Nuvcmlzer 11. ' l . General Course. Foothill Tenm 3, 4 Track Tenn! ll. 4. A ll l 4 THONY . NAPOLITAN, nnunr ll. Fur ll. Pu. Gone Course. Clam NVresllim: Tvnm :la Varsity Wr-,-sllimg Team 4. JOHN J. NAWRO , "Johnn "X July za. Pitts 1 -rl. Im. aqer .-. xvmsuxng Tcnm 1. 2. 0- enlth Club 4: Intrn-Mural wi-Q mf Tenm zz, fg.,LwW4jfL ALBE Z, lfgeyn Am-in ns. limi: P . Aemlemlc cnum. Football enm 2. nm-11 Chnrux 4: Avinunn Club 4. JONAS NAT.H' , ' e number 4, Sh 1 1. Com ci I ul-Q. s on -nh svn . Mm r mam Council IX. 4: History Rider" Smlhshol. -I: Rcflcchrr Su-1 eslnnl 3: "Nll!l1l. xlitnr 4: Hi-Y Club 4: Usher 3. ff LI LL TH, "Lill" nm-mnwr N.-ref-M. cmnmminl 0 rw. in-rumor sum' 4: Mmmm 4. Mm- oslcrn chorus 4: Au same Chomx. Mm Cum-S 4. LOUIS M. STRO, "Mar ' .luly za. us, io. Gcnera:yCnurse. ee--le cr 2. 3. 4: Glee ub I: Mixul urns 4: Class nance Co acne s- m cnmmmw . hl .uw ' 4. Mifnwemm orxfl 'Night new-' Qunrbetto 4. . HELE I hinks" . Farr . nom Bns- Basketball erclal Coursb, 1 kt- ll Team 2: Team 2. MARGARET ORENDI, uMm.gen July 19, Fnrrvll. Pa. Comme:-clnl Com-se. SHIRLEY OWENS, "Shir" Aug-mm 4. Atlanta. Gu. cam-nel-emi enum. W K E391 MARY OPAVSKY, "Mar" October 8. Fan-ull. Pa. General Course. French Club l, 2: Gym Exhibit 2: Mnnltnr 2: Libmry Assistant 2, 3, 4: Class Bnsketbnll Team l. 2. il: Home Room Bnskctbnll Team 2: French Club Committees 1, 2. QD' 1' o- U THEODORE OSTROWSKI, "Teddy" Sthlvllllmr al, Farrell. PIL General Cuurxw. Basketball Reserves 2. 3. wa... 19- - ,.,.- ., H 132 I1 . JOHN PACZAK, "Pat" Mnreh 1. Farrell. Pa. General Course. Munilor 2, S. I: Class Basketball Tm-um S. 4. GH' 3 M ED OUISE PAD DOC "Tiny" v ' - I :nw : wt: ml. on. yt nl c rs:-. 'Ln n club 1. my mor 2: '- nm.: 4. I 4 2- ETHEL M. PALKO, "Eddie" ombgilizs, rmm. Pa. - Col11n1ercinl Course. Mnnilnr li Dflicv Assistant. -l: Gym Exhibit. 2: Relluc- l,11r Staff d. KATHERINE P. PARISH, "Kathie" November zvqigtrrvxt. Pm. ' 9' Cumn1cnsBf,Coursu. lmtirwltlh 1. 2. ax. 1: Student Forum s: onitar ax: ?'l'l4ij5Y Club -1: Ushcretxfll a, 1: nt- teym- smrr 4: clnsbqutm Commit- ul: zz: .tthlt-uc 1-'tem wt 3: ut Club Flush Stuff 1. ::: uni.. lmamwr mlm cnmnmwe 1, 2. tin Club 4 t ELIS ET ANNE .t iz.. PALIK, X Sante or 23. Farrell, Pa. St, Ann's School l. 2: General Coursu. MATILDA E. PALKO, "Min" .lnnuary 29. Farrell, Pa. Cnnxmerclltl Cgurse. Gym Exhibit. 2: Reflector Staff 4. G N E PA , "Jen" lt -. F11 . Strom! Vincent i1z'h School. Erie. P11.. l. 2. 3: Amtrlcmie Course. Ialnltumle Club 2: Girl Reserves 3: Art Club 1. . 5.'1T F yr. Z J- :c' Ll! we L lJIANQ.'l'EABCE, "Bill" N . - .K 1 ctnbgvrl in, Fm-fell, Pa. F, . ,L , Gineral Gnu:-gf Wrestlinbt Team 2. 354. ' N XX Rx l 5 :. DOMINICK PERELL,"Woo1y" Aturllst 30, Farrell, Pa. Cnmmcrclul Cnursc. Monitor 3, 4. PAULINE 111 CELLA P Dceembiir df summervillv. Pa. cntitqterbiul cout-sg' Mnnitm- 1: Hcmc nmA:'B.:1knb.q1-'Team 2: Reflector staff 4: 1-rorhelnmm Monster 2. E401 ANNA PELLIS, "Pubs" Auxtust G. Farrell, Pu. Commercial Course. Monitor kc-lhnll Tvttm 3: Gym Exhibit 3: Bus- 2: Ath- lvlie Field Meet, 3: Girls' Chorus lt Mixrfl Chorus 4: Cheer Lender 1. 2. 'X . A wlffl 'X .-f ' , X Y. Jn l ' J. .IoSEPll.gX. PERUZZI, "Joe" March 19. Farrell. Pit. scum.: cpm:-, lg dlult 1, cum u::::ke:hal't1're.:m s. N 2. 3. 4: VICTORIA PISANI, "Vicki" .lunc 14, Farrell. Pa. Commorelnl Course. Cul! and Guwn Commlltec 37 Ushvr 3: Staff J. Reflector ll I 1.1 I" ., i .,l- , - , - Db,H6'I'l-IY L. QUINN, 1-Dany" mimi xulf film- D-ullois. Pa. Fnmmvrclrl Co ..1-S Q. Tri-Hi-Y club 4: xzerrwmr Staff 4: Mmluur sz Gym Exhibit 2: .uhh-lip Field Mm s. MIKE RAKETICH, --lanky" Septenxbur 12. Farrell, Pa. Gvnbral Course, Basketball Rvncrvcs 2. 3: Safety' Patrol 3. 4: Monitor 3, 4. Q .if t,1SfU"" x 1, ' Q I , KN Sr- 1'f'j'- l -. i Q i 'X X K J ' ' . X ' . -f X I EUGENE PLANCHAK, "Gene" Am-n asv. sam-nn, rm. Academic Course. Latin Club l. 2, 3: Monltnr l: Prom Commlttce S: Usher :L 4: Shure Committee 4: "Night Ridvr" Staff 2: French Club 4: Latin Cluh Dance Committee. bn! x A- kr HARQITXM YAM P49 - N, rs -ff U 'GI ff e hyw, l P xml.-unFg.54i naw... P... -5' U' Z' A, . At-demic rse, mmf Club 2: JIMMI1 cms s. 4: Stuff.: Cruncil az I-lp-xgyqlf nr Trldfl-X Club evyrri- IQLA' Club ,-Aida Clnuqfancc ,Com- nmwg's:f rc-'Hgh smb num-Q enm- mittiiu :xp ti lub Dinner Dance cnnlmamysg Reflector sum' 4. PAUL PRESTON, "Willie" scum-mbrr es. xvm-mimi, Pa, Gunnmi course. Track 'rem 2. s. 4. l Y. 'Mft-7 , DORIS RAGER ' .' V ' 1-uhm.-fyfmn. 1 f 1, ff fly cfA2QmrKi,'ln'l . 'gmfenn-y 15 lf? C""',ul,.QMZ1,fJtgff2I,?'lf'1iC.fI'fi Com. 'ug ax: nl-me Qcgminee a: Gym 1-: ' u 2: umm 3: Bnnrl Bas- ketball mlm s. Latin cull, Flash sms: 2: Annual- wma nm sg Reexami- sum 4: Mlxexl crm.-us -n, jfpffff X QMW DAVID RHAMES, "Beatty" Octobvr 23, Cheraw, S, C. Genvral Cnursc. Trunk Tenn: 2. S. -I. GJ -r,L4QfNA.9cY R , i UMW, , f Aauust 17. rrel. . Gencrnl C uma. Prom mittee 8: Rctlectnrf smrr 4: Athletic mm Mvet 3. . I' W ,fdlw-1 A OINETTE M. RIC- CIARDI, "Toni" Amzust 29. New Kensirmton. Pa. Commercial Course. Usher 3: CRD nntl Gown Committee 3: Reflector Staff 4. I41J DOROTHY POKRAJAC, MDW, 1-'vm-ll...-y 1, Fm-wil. ru.. Cummarrial Cnursc. Gym Exhibit 2 Student l-'orula ll: Rcflnetnr Staff .I 'rl-lwiwrm Swretary s, 4. IRENE PORAN Novo 5 jiri-el Pm. Com vial Co , l-'r Club 1 2. ft, Munllul' ' cflccbnr Staff 4 Athletic Ficlsl cet. 31 Gym Exhibit 2 MARY PROKOP, '4Pat" Jammu-y s. nnlpmon, rn. Cnmmvrcinl Cnnrsc. Boswell Hlfzh School l: Library Assistant 3s Rnflectnr Staff -l. -I 3 I ij! 111,1:,1-.1'11. no RET . ROGXN, muh 1- Course. Monitor ll: Lnlin Club 1. 2: Clnss Basketball Tenm 1. 25. ll. -l. lkylnwllffsso, " n1ly" Avril I5, l' ell. Pa, Cunxlnrrrlltl Course. Monitor 1 : Slullvnt lllllnmzel' of Football l. N 1X I , N l ST fi N , 11m11111111- 111. F ell. P11. llvvlvral Course, Art Club 1l. MARJORIE QRIQHARDS, YMaUg'le"' .lj .1111111W 1, ra-1-'1. PA J xS1111l111c l 1151. limi! 11111 ' -111-Y ,11111 2 .. 111 1111111y gif 111 11' ' 1 z A 11113 1 fvqhrn C111-11111-.1 c1l111c11 A111111 gm 11 F1111 - 1 N rth :lm-v'M1m1 Gp 11-3111111 :Sz Mi. ll!Chn1-I 11 1-' 31131 C11111 1: ll 6 1z115111l'y1'x11s11h11115l T1-11111 21 R1- llecllhl' 'hJr1. , L11 Q.. uo11v1i111 - 1 tSlM,e 41 M l 3 THELMA RICHARDSON, '-Rich" se.11e1111wr 1. w11v1111111111. 1-11. Commerrinl C11u1's1-. Monitor 3: Re- l'lc'1-inr Staff L ANGELINE ROCCO, "Angie" November 21. Farrell. Pa, Cnmnwricnl Course. French Club I. 2. ll. -l: French Club Basketball Team 3: Clmu Basket all Team 3: Gym Exhibit 2: Qrelta : "Nhlhl Rl1lc1"' Mnnmter 111:19-.,1111m1 1711111111 1. f H it 1 'xl-"l 0 of f HQ Qff " CARME RUFFO, .I11nu11ry H. Farrell. Pa. Gvncrnl Coursv. Varsity Football Team 3. 4: Vnrsiby Wrestllnil Team 3, -I: Fnotbnll Rvsvrves 2: Hi-Y Club Il, 4: Truck Tram 3, -l. IRENE SABO, "Renee" Dccvmbvl' 12. Calumet. Pa. ce11m11 C11111111, 1.1.1111 C11111 2. fc. MQ11111111- 2. :11 111-1 C11111 11 "Night umm-" s111rr 1. GARTM DAD , 1 ren Nox mher T, New Alcx11ndcrkP1. Co1nn'wrei11I 1 -' saialnnt ll. 4: Mixr.-sl 'h 1115 . E421 1 " .1f"L u CHARDSON, l E 1 l l' ' 1 , f ' MARGARET RI nsisn .1111y 11, 1-'111-1111, 1111. 0111111111-11111 1:11111-S1-. SAMUEL ROBINSON, M111-ch itll, West Mid Gv1w1-ul Course. ,vu . - 1 dlesex. Pu . 1, l, . MARY ROCK, "Miei.ziel' 11111111111 111, F1111-111. Pun 7 1111111111-1-C1111 1711111-sc. 1x1111kc1111111 TQ11111' :J Sucremry 8, 4. ,:1111Hi1111- 11 0111111 in 4: Tc11eher's -M X I FRED J. SALEM, "Fa1'side" July 6, Farrell, Pn. annul-nl course. Manllnr 1. 2. ,- .lol-lN SAW ARQD. r- em Callf. cum-I-nl n - my lfTunm 2. 3: Wrvnlll lr Tc-nm r eh , Rvllcctor Staff 4. . 66. ARVEY . SATTERW TE, as n Jr., Curtis 1 May 110. Richmond. Va. Aclulumic Course. Bland I. 2 C Orchexlra 4: latin Club 2, 5: ball Tvnm 1: latin Club Dinner Dance Committee 3: Reflector Staff -I: Band Bnnkellmll Team 2. 3. 4. GENEVA C. SANDERS, "Gene" July 1, Chcnturflelll, S. C. Gunn!-nl Course. French Club 3: Mixed Chorus 1: Gym Exhibit 2: Student Fnrum 2, ll. JOAN , "Jo" em er 2 nmlnldne, om. 1 i l conf . Tri-Hi-Y Club fl. an ln n Af itvee sz Pl-nm cn nl Q . mm 2: Manila-- z. az om- - . -' 4: Trl-Hi-Y Cluh sammy 4, On Ln a. 9 . 51,9219 ERM1-:R, '-Joe" eve-m r 1, Shun-on. Pa. . Cxurw, Latin Club 1. 2. 3: s en: F 3, Munltnr s: " he R fue. s, ll: Bnnd l. ax, 4: Pr Commlitee ag clm Dulce Com ce il. ANTHONY SEVICH, "Weese" July 27. Farrell. Pa. G.-nel-nl Course. JOSEPHINE SHOLTI ' 0" STELLA SHAPONA, "Stash" December 9. Farrell, Pa, Awlmnic Course. Latin Club 1, 2. cmnmvnmnenl Plny 1: Manilow s, 4 Clnss Basketball Tulum 1. HQ Us XL! HELEN A. GLET , Nnvcmher 10. rnl l. ' "Sl'luX" .K Cummerc A latin l a: August 2. Fnrrcll, Pn.'W orrlw ann s. 4: Cl Dnnee C,,,,, , 3, Pmm , 3, annul.-l cnln-nn. French l s, 4 U,,,,e, 3. CM, nm, ,mg mm snnlenl 1-'.n-nm u. 4: Rider' u. nnrlmm- se.-lsr 4. ' Sf'-ff 3- ' r ELL WORTH DEAN SMITH, JOHN SLEZAK, "Slez" "Vines" Uvwbvr 15. Farrell- Pu- Mu ao. Oberlin, Onan. cennnll Course. I-'mneh Club a. Gen-ml cnnrn-. elm Club 4: Fl-mn K E431 Club 8, 4: Music Contestant 8. Ll X iw ' 4-"JM 'P all J' , ' :al yi 5 Jr, J Xla 'Y rl X .xx 2 JAMES T. SNEAD, "J.T." .Inn-my 22. 1-um-ell. Pa. General Cnurse. Foollsnll Reserves 1. 2: French Club 2. 3, -l: Track 2. 3. fl: Art Club 3. 4: Art Club Basketball 3. DORIS SPANGLER, 4'Dory" .mmm-y ls. were Maman.-sox, P.. General Course. Class Dunne Comnllb- lee Il: Mnnllor 4. ERNES:1' SQUATRITQ,'x' , W I ,yuE!.n!iq1,p," I I -V: x x 1 Svntemluer 28. Farrell, Pri, . Gunernl Course. Latin Club 1, 2. 3: Safely l'ntrul 3, -I: Safely Putrnl Cup- uuiu ll: Hi-Y-Club -I: Bmlkellmll Team 3: Firm: l"Rl.r0l -ll Jllniur YVorkl'r 3: Wrosllim: Team 3, -1: Latin Club Bus- kelluxll Term 3: Truck Team 3. 4? "Ni!:hl Rider" Stuff -I: Prom Com- mittee 3. WILMA SOPKO, "Willy" Dwember 11, Duquesne. Pu. cnmmm-ml como. Libr-my Assisi. .lm nz cm.. nlmkvllmll 'ru-m 1. Ei '1'NlCl'lCl"'B SOCl'el.1Al'Y 4. I 1 ' - .l Af J . l 9 ' ,ff Y ' lf ' i . MX l "1vfixRK SBEl'QliR, "Mick" fr lllnrchxlg. Shnron. Pa. Afatlemlc Course. bnlin Club l. 2. 3: French Cluh S. 4: Band 1, 2. 8, 4: Class Dance Commitlre 3: French Club Huskelhnll Tenm ll: Mixed Chorus 4: Pu-nm Committee 3. JOHN L. STABILE, "Primo" .lnnunry lil, Uniontown, Pu. Genrral cn-me. Football 'rl-nm ax. 4: wmllm,f"rmm 2. a. 4: 1-'mimi Rr- serves 2: lProm Committee 3: Clams Illlllre Cnlnmiiiee 3: USller 3. zfa, 4. My C l SAMUEL STAN ICH, "San1'1 owner Fx 11. rn. 5963 mar: c .milling 'rem FR CIS M. STEF.xl3lAlIg,.NJJ ll n lu , - Pow April 21, 1-umnll, Pa. mural llnskelbnll Team ll. nAndyn Forum 3. l44l September 22, Farrell. Pa. Acmlemir Course. Latin Club 1. 2: Monitor AZ. 3, -I: Hl-Y Club 4: Clnss Dance Committee 3: Prom Committee S: Usher 3: French Club 4: Intra- ANDREW J. STEFANICK, General Course. Band ll, 4: Orchestra S. 4: Music Contestant 3, 4: Slurlclll. r. JOHN STAWAISZ, "Jack" October 6. Pitlxburlrh, Pn. Cmnnmruiul Course. Basketball Squad 1. rf MSTEA , M H it tl! l sen r ' arrgn.-Pa. Q 'K . oem-in c wie! Latl in 1: uw club 11. 4l3Vnx-nity Flglzall 'rem 4. f.. - 5' ' JANE STEi5lAN0VlllCZ, "Butch" February 4. Wext Middlesex, PB. Commercinl Cmlrse. Monitor 2. 3. 4: Class Basketball Timm 3: Gym Ex- hibit 2: Operelln 3: Rcllvzcwr Sf-ull 4: Mixed Chorus I: "Nill'lt Rider" Mall' ni-Ulr -l. wiklfviw y , THOMAS SWEENEY, "Sweeney" Allril I. l"rc1lnnin, N, Y. Cnmnwrcinl Cnurse. ' M fl .: f f' " '.,1,Ax'x REGINA SWIECINSKI, -.Reggien February 28, Farrell, Pn. Commoreinl Course. Mnnltnr il: Clnss B11sk1-tlmll Tn-nm 1. ANN A. TATUSKO, "Tut" lfenrum-y 15. Grnxcr. Pa. Commercial cnlmw. Reflwim sum 4: Gym Exhibit 2: Tenchefs Secretary 3. 4. , V PAK L S,-Yi-T AN WICZ, 1 lured, b l ,-. ' A ' 1 .Q ,X nj.. .N-, xkiryifgg'-rv .1 X IV cm-ml Course. Mgiiinr 1: ushw :1: Bnskclbnll Team lbtCBIi nnil Gown Conlmillec 3. J JILDA J AN STROMA, "Jay" November Il. Farrell. Pa. Commercial Course. Q ' l M A SUCIC3,16li " . -11 29. Farrelhm cumme1-e . ALBERT SWIECINSKI, "Butch" f Qufl may su. 1-mir:-11. I-11. il Gvncrnl Cmlrsc' 1 U of J l .. ll HELEN SYSLO May 2:.4.1en .mm,'-yv. va. commdimi Clmunw! Glue .dlnh 1: , sham: Hiszh samm 1. . :1: Siwrxg'-f Club 1. 2: R1-rn:-m-1 sm 4. BEATRICE TESTA, ' Bee" -'.f. I 6 KM October 7, Farrell. Pu. Commeminl Course. Mnnltol' 2, 31 CIM11 Bnikabnll T:-:im 1, 2, 3: Teach. ers seuemry a, 4. I451 l EUGENE STEPANCHAK, "Jinks" Mnrrh 21. Fnrrvll. Pu. Academic Course. Lnlin Club Siudenl Council fl: Usher -I. NORMA JUNE STUBBS, "Doonie" Mny 1. Sandy Luke. I'1m. 1. 2: Academic Course. Latin Club 1, 2. B. 4: Band 2. 3. I: Trl-HI-Y Clu bd' Usher 3: Gym Exhibit 2: Reflcdnr Smii 4: Mixed Chnrus 4: Athletic Field MDM 2. Cl. BETTY SULLIVAN, "Betts" Svvlember 28. Fnrrcll. Pn. Commercial Course. T 3: Y 3 MARY THEhFi June ll. Slllllill. AL .. 6 -1 l' Commorcinl Course. Mnniw! Club 1, 2, 3: Fu-cnch Club asketball Tvnlxl l. 2, 3: Clnss Bnsketbnll Team fl: Gym Exhibit 2: Prom mmlkkee H: Athletic Field Meet 3. CAR PARO, "L: July 17: ' rell a. Fam 0 inl rse. Moniwr 2: Re- fllxlo Stall' 4 Tenchefs Secretary -1: Smile Council 3. H, C LEN TRUES LE, be ' May 4, Kershaw. S. C. Gem-rnl Course. Track Timm 2, 3, 4. R. URETTA, Jr., IDA VARRQ' 1. Q ,,,, I PM , lv 1: 25. F mn, lm. "U 2 4"""c' P' mmanl can u. ' nu: Club 1, 2: .,,l.,.,,, Cours ,,de,,, M an ,I iunimr 2: cm 7 asketbnll 1:-mn 2. , 2, 31,-n,,,,,,,,, ,, ,p Com R. ax: Gym E 2: Usher s: Mxml we sl: mrll-:wr su: . Chorus 4- . N 'lx ' ELLEN T H ll" D ' my 4. F 1-: ,'P 1, 'E ASILIE' "Lena" comme:-1 :-. :uh 1 2. Qi J v 4. xvhvazlnnll, Pu. 'tj A 'H' W 'gi 4' M0 fjmm-nl Cm.,-sv, 'nm 'ln-0 : tin mncr 1 Cn lt . : Muj- K 1: mi' ling st 3: cum. . m an Eighteen 4. HARRY MEIRE Aulu Qt 2 'nr l. Pn. A1-ml C c. Studunt Forum 2. :x- s, 1-eh:-lm: 1, 2, 3, 4: an , ' lu e Contestant 3: 011011 3: wextern Orchestra 3. -I zgyxlxvvstm' d All State Chorus 4: Ili X Club Tr surer 41 Reflvetnr Staff -I . 1 1 U S H QDAR "Penny" I Deco cr 12. r n. c.:i:::::-:-:ml obj. shnmmlle um: scum: 1. E461 4 -, -. j1l0BERT THOMAS, --Bob" llhll' 2-l. Fllrrell. Pn. Genvml Course. Hi-Y Club S, 4: Prom cmnmxm-Q s: um: s, 4: sum com. miltce 1: cum Dance Committee s, 4. dl l ELEAN T T l" Def? za. enunnd. Gen rnl Gum. :S mmm Com- mm:-e a. 1 I jf SAM UJA41?f1'v?c' H . , .l::::1- 22. Faggllcrbnl rzenernn cmlm. class Bukenmll 'mlm 1. 2: Bmkelbnxl sauna 1: Basketball Reserves l. 2. "6 5'1fjjLf 0, fb . "U -vw MYRTLE ANNE VOSHELL, 11Myl.t11 Jlmunry 28, Bnllimorv, Md. 011111-1-111 c1111111v. 11111111111 11 "Night 111111-1-" 111-11111-11111 1. c.1noL1Ng ox , --c 1-1-' 1- 1' 20, Sih ik nshwin. l'111m1'11'l'1'i11I C11111'xe. M11l1ll111- il: Re- lv1'l1u' Slufl' 4. I 1 'I 1 f 5EMA'g1 WEL sf - A HRGXQ.. X .J 01-253'-1. 1511111111 1111. 1.- 111 MXL-. .11111-11111111 1-111111 X4 111111 Ki1d11111 P11111 1: G11-11' 1:11111-115 11'-C1-1. 1311111-1 0111111111111-1 :11 "Nig111 m11'1-1-" 1111 4. ggolkjjj 1.11111 4' . 1x 1 1 1 NY 1 .' 41151 'A -.A-Qwv"J L 1 X, , I JOHN JOSEPH VQZARIK, "Whitey" .1111y 12. F111-11-11, P11. 011111-111 151111151 R1-r11-111111 s111rr 1. - xl 1- VIOLET VU OVICH, "Lu" 1111y 11. F1111111. P11. 1:1-1111-111 011111-11- HOWARD w1-1 11B .11 1 l1'1111r11 y . ' . P11. 11m 111-1111. c11111 1x11111111111111 1. 11 . 11111 1111-11 1 1.111111 c11111 1. 1. 1 P1- GQ. 1111-e 31 111-Y 011111 a. 11 C111 1 C11111111111111 11 C1111- 1'111y, 'nu 111111ee11" 11 u1111-1 111 Rin!! Committee 4. JESSIE MAE WILLIAMS, "Jess" Jg11uuql.A'ir"0h1Q1fU1Ha1l1 P11. .AVVI I . 3 C1111111111111111 19,1-. 0.1111 11111111 c11111. 1111111-e 111111 Co ' 1111-1 31 S111111-111 'HP' 11111-1111! . 11, 11 M111111111 :11 R1-111-111111 s111rr Ai M111-11 C111111111 41 011111-11111 21 11111111- 111111111 n111k111111111 'r1-11111 1. CL R J WSKI mms! 1. S nn. Pu. Gemelull 111 sv, Mnnitnr 2: Clmxs H11 1 ll Tvnm 2. df ,W W 5 IJAY W GHT, "D1'apper" wen ur S. llrln tc. N. C. l4'71 LAURA' woJDANOvysKx', 1 ,'4L1111ie" 1 x., - Q 1 111111111-11 1. 1-41111-111. 211. Adxxdenxir Cnurse. 'Latin fluh 1. 2. ll: Monitor 2. FLORENCE -M. YVOLOSHYN, i "'Qootsie" 1 F ' 111411111111 18, A111111 . 1111. 6111111111-11-1111 t'11111-111, 1.111111 C11111 1. 2. 111 c1111-u'111y 11 Tri-H.-Y 1:11111 2. 1, 11 1-1-1-1-11Lv c1111. .P1611111111 11 S111111-111 6111111111 11 1111111111111 s 1 11,311-11' 01111111111!',41.,1111111-1. 0111111111 5 M111-NV1-an ern Clnrlix 4: SlQ1lPnl lim' m 3: Usher -I: Ho 0 Rrmm Hnskdlmll Team 1. UL Y C A ' aney" 1- 12f 1111111 1-sz. P111 lx K' WW M .X 1: 1 FRANK YliiKICH, "Spike" January 22, Fm-roll. Pu. Commercial Course. X " 'A ". - .. . . I -. FRIEDA,-ZINK, --F1-'aw fy Mk-' V ' 1 amen as. Farrell. 14.1. oil-nmmini Cour-Ev. cum ansmbnil Team 2. 3: Monitor 1: Reflector smrf 4. I C 0LD La ' em r " r ll. . C l . lanlin Club l. 2. 8. Co e c nt lny l: Monitor I. 2: ' G lv " Class Dan Com- ' 3 C mince : tin Diner ce C ' l. 2: Re- flector S ff 4: n Club I-'lash l. FRED ZRINSCAK, "Ferdig" January 22, Farrell, rn. in il xg! X r MARIAN ZAGOREC Mal' 18. Hollidny's Cove. W. Vu. Comrnrrcial Course. Monitor 'l: Tea- chcr's Secretary 4: Art Club l: Re- flector Staff 4. MILAN ZIPAY, "Zip" Mann ai, Fnrreu. Pn. C.-mmm-fini course. C ,fo . 1, M0 XC on SY IA ZOLD 2'tSil" nnnn-r 4. viii-mu, . Commercial coffee. rn-ner. cum 2: can annmbni -renin 1, 2. s. 4. -Y Annu-mae come. Lnun Club 1. 2. 3: ' X cms Dance cfnnnnme ss: Monitor 21: X Radio Program 3: Usher az lnnin Club ' Basketball li: Prom Committee 32 Latin Club Dinner nnnee Committee x. FAR Ewa LL Goodbye, Alma Mater, so fast parting nears, i 'N XX Y I j But we look toward the future without qualms and fears, XX ' Q' Y X For you have prepared us for the trials in life, b X . You've given us courage to face future strife. f , Ui f Vx 'Tis now that we think of the things which took place J 1 X In those happy terms spent in your kind embrace-- X Q Gloom, joy, and laughter, smiles, yes, and tears, --if t All played their part in the course of those years. " We competed in contests, acted in plays. Tests and discussions made busy our days. We wrote and read essays, debated, declaimed, Each student strove to achieve what he aimed. How painful the thoughts are when we reminisce, We'll long to remain hereg our friends we will miss. Now life must claim us: we go with a sigh, But we leave friends behind us in dear Farrell High. ANASTASIA HRISOULAS E431 CLASS OF 1941 CLASS ornceres ANTHONY STABILE ANGELINE BONADIO HENRY PRATT President Secretary Vice President CLASS HISTORY In September, 1937, we entered the Freshman Class. What a memorable day it was when we were given the opportunity to become a genuine part of the high school! The male members of our group good naturedly permitted the upperclass- men to relieve them of the task of combing their hair by removing all their curly locks. When the confusion of the first few weeks had terminated, we attempted more serious things. With the competent assistance of our advisor, Mr. Kilbert, we chose the following to be our leaders: John McKay, presidentg Darrell Maxwell, vice-president: Emily Jane Sherwood, secretary. Under their guidance, we sold magic writing pads to pay for our Reflector photographs. Although we were repre- sented in practically every school activity, the pinnacle of our initial year of sec- ondary school was our commencement. We had the distinction of being the first Freshman Class in Farrell High School History to compile and present a progressive program. With our Junior High Diplomas tucked under our arms, we left the school to enjoy three months of relaxation and recreation. After duly initiating the incoming Freshman Class the following September, we were thrust into a whirlpool of activities. We elected our class officers. With Miss Ann Gojdics, as our advisor, we chose Anthony Stabile, president, Peter Barber, vice-president, and Angeline Bonadio, secretary. We were again represented in all school activities, but this year we occupied more conspicuous positions, especially on the football, the basketball, and the music-literary teams and in the operetta cast. All these passed rapidly and in the spring, the crowning event of the year, the Freshman-Sophomore Frolic took place. This enjoyable dance proved to be the zenith of our social life in our high school career. Thus, having successfully com- pleted half of our course, we paused to enjoy a brief summer intermission to prepare our minds and bodies for the more serious duties of Juniors. Our third year of high school has proved to be one of the most adventurous of our lives. As we sought to adjust ourselves in our new school, we found new in- centives and set forth to greater achievements. Under the direction of Miss Julia Wallace, we re-elected Anthony Stabile for president, and Angeline Bonadio for secretary, and chose Henry Pratt for our new vice-president. With a minimum of activities taking place, we eagerly anticipated our Junior-Senior Prom. Reviewing thc past three enjoyable years, wc need not be ashamed of our record, and looking forward to our Senior year, we can only hope that it will be as successful as the preceding ones. EMILY JANE SHERWOOD E491 CLASS OF 1941 E503 CLASS OF l94l ROOM 3 First Row:-Genevieve Nader, Jennie Marks, Jane Bean, Ann Krukar, Dorothy Franek, Ellen Podolsky, Eunice Roth, Marie Namey. Second Row:--Grace Kajma, Mary Barber, Patsy Sweeney, Vera Pawlak, Sara Duf- fee, Alice Anne Evans, Kathryn Phillips. Third Row:-Mary Kisegy, Sarah Vellente, Sonia Beader, Anthony Stabile, Edmond Wasko, Earl Moore, Carl Guist. Fourth Row:-John Stefan, John Pilipovieh, Joseph Morrison, George Duritsa, Wil- liam Mirizio, Henry Pratt, John Mamone. Fifth Row :-Philip Dalessandro, Arthur Nawrocki, Andrew Thomas, James Guffey, Chester Burger, Joseph Dziarnowski, Stanley Trkulja. ROOM 5 First Row:-Julia Martini, Elizabeth Caminiti, Helen Kustrun, Catherine Affronte, Naomi Bender, Theresa Pisani, Mary Hornyak, Nervine Lofton, Eulia Ragster. Second Row:-Blanche Shupienis, Sophie Skrypski, Valeria Teleg-a, Catherine Yurc- ich, Mary Derloni, Emelia Conticelli, Cecilia Karpinski, Sophie Matuk. Third Row:-Herman Magnutto, Jack McClain, Violet Zakan, Mary Bibich, Cor- nelius Robinson, Peter Barber, Chester Krokoski. Fourth Row:-Julius Szabo, Angelo Nicastro, Dan Buzzeo, Charles Chavka, Nick Masckal. Frank Babes. Fifth Row:-Paul Low, James Elia, Elmer Slezak, Leonard Borysewicz, Jack Yovich, Henry Krokoski. ROOM 9 First Row:-Sue Arci, Marcella Blair, Johnnie Mae Callahan, Lydia Iacino, Mae Szabo, Lucille Cerasuolo, Esther Wachter. Second Row :-Lucille Lafayette, Mae Adair, Rose Bruce, Anna Guley, Alice Burp- rick, Louise Stefanak, Lois Yersky. Third Row:-Alfred Caputo, Albert Suchy, Mary Vlad, Ruth Berger, Thedu Rose Solomon, Zora Gorichky, Henrietta Zebroski. Fourth Row:-Adam Zaborowski, John Zagorec, Joseph Gaydek, Carl Blazevich, Perry DeBonis, Anthony Monteson. E511 CLASS OF 1941 E521 CLASS OF 1941 Room l0 First Row:-Jennie Mattozzi, Jnlia Hammond, Beatrice Nathan, Christina Koukis, Rebecca Yurcich, Helen Gibel, Catherine Mavrapidos. Second Row:-Dorothy Plodinec, Rosa Nathan, Geraldine Jackson, Alice Miros, So- phie Churulich, Betty Lederer, Emma Varro. Third Row:--Mary Ludu, Gertrude Warha, Dorothy Luther, Genevieve Warha, John Kukol, Andrew Zolnier, Elmer Scanlon, Samuel Snntell. Fourth Row:-George Roskos, Frank Baniel, Harry Cannon, Michael Stabile, Frank Bordy, Stanley Kuzniar. Fifth Row:-William Nicastro, George Gainer, Joseph Paul, Hugo Morocco, Frank Donatelli, John McKay. ROOM ll First Row:-Grace Salatino, Dorothy Lucas, Mildred Mason, Caesrinu Cella, Ann Vuvarus, Catherine Skoily, Mary Parish, Elizabeth Grande. Second Row:-Margie Clune, Margaret Ray, Loretta Sanitate, Concetta Celenzi, Martha Bishop, Frances Mahonovich, Sam Prizant, Mike Sabo. Third Row:-Philomena Rongo, Joseph Rufio, William Taylor, Johnson Ragster, James Palmer, Paul Frantz, Ann Harakal, Rose Socci. Fourth Row:--Anne Churlik, Vilma Drozdal, Edward Orr, John Sarsan, Joseph Pinti, Daniel Yankovich, Joseph Falconi, Isudore Piciacehio. ROOM 210 First Row :-Rose lacino, Mary Padenich, Eleanor Paczak, Virginia Rongo, Kathryn Serrian, Betty Jane Katilus, Mary Schell, Gloria Yapuncich. Second Rowz-Mary Tosich, Mnrgaret Miklos, Katherine Evakich, Mary Klapack, Cecelia Rcpas, Elsie Guanciale, Ann Vranjes, Ann Markich. Third Row:-Victoria Miller, Mary Asafaylo, Frances Pipicelli, Margaret Notar, Olga Turanyi, Milton Katz, Samuel Uretta, Michael Senick. Fourth Row:-Arthur Marks, James Polyzou, Anthony Kurcon, James Golub, Har- old Smith, Eugene Milliron, Joseph Shapona. E531 CLASS OF 1941 F5-lj CLASS OF 1941 Room 213 First Row:-Anne DeMartinis, Stephenia Kuncio, Betty Paplomatis, Dorothy Latako, Elaine Martin, Hazel Lloyd, Madeline Mangone, Wanda Andrukowicz. Second Row :-Emily Jane Sherwood, Fcima Patrizi, Doris Agosti, Lenna Mudrinich, Sugar Spanos, Lillian Pascal, Margaret Kavulla, Eileen Kochis. Third Row:-Lillian DeCarlo, Ann Gancsos, Joan Ring, Anne Cheslak, Dorothy Wil- cox, Dorothy Miller, Elizabeth Apisa, Edith Katz. Fourth Row:-Francis Fiscus, Leo Pauline, Jay Jackson, Angelo Rossi, Joseph Vi- selli, Samuel Patron, William Williams. Fifth Row:-Louis Vatavuk, Edward Mlakar, Howard Rosenberg, Mike Svetina, Michael Backovitch, Steve Ursich. ROOM 214 First Row:-Marjorie Sudzina, Matilda Buholzer, Wanda Gondek, Marian Stefanak, Stella Warohiew, Margaret Stransky, Barbara Skendrovich, Emily Russo. Second Row z-Mary Somatican, Ann Iacino, Amelia Ketcho, Dorothy Mayerchak, Jessc Fore, Josephine James, Grace Feigert, Julia Homchosky. Third Row:-Olive Smiley, Mary Mickulas, Theressa Luin, Mildred Pokrajac. Mar- jorie Weiss, Stella Vasile, Helen Volansky, Matilda Stanger. Fourth Row:-Marie Gladysz, Frank Zalec, Harry Yohman, Marggarino Dalessandro, Kenneth Collins, Edward Chestnut, John Holodnak. Fifth Row :-Samuel Trotta, Joseph Lucich. Stanley Janusko, Milton Greenburg, Leo Ottrok, Albert Casacia, Peter Pavuk. ROOM 215 First Row:-Angeline Martino, Ruth Leichman, Rose Roda, Carolyn Higgins, Yo- landa D'0nofrio, Lunda Drivere, Sylvia Schwelling. Second Row:-Margaret Malarchik, Mary Fukat, Eleanor D'Amico, Eunice Evans, Verna Galardi, Matilda Kc-ul, Aurelia Sirb. Third Row:-Catherine Grande, Angeline Bonadio, Frank Fazzalore, William Pochal, Joseph Gotal, Nickolas Nosser, Ralph Nevant, Richard Prezioso. Fourth Row :-George Dzurinda, Andrew Danos, John Bosak, Alex Dyll, Robert Jenn- ings, Adam Katakowski, Anthony Doddato, i551 '1 CLASS OF 1942 E561 CLASS OF 1942 Room 202 First Row:-Josephine Perry, Wanda Foster, Carmela Gabriel, Mary Louise Flynn, Charles Castiglione, Mary Jane Bertelli, Rose Marie Darlington, Mildred Adam- chick. Second Row:-Carrie Amico, Anne Paczak, Thelma Schreiber, Jean Anne Shellen- berger, Doris Fasser, Phyllis Capozzoli, Mariella Bobby. Third Row:-Theresa Cristelli, Regina Makowski, Elmer Babos, John Petrillo, George Morrison, Vincent Gallicchio, Adam Krukar. Fourth Row:-Anthony Falconi, Steve Kohler, Robert DeBonis, Joseph Conticelli, Edward Rock, Alexander Swiecinski. Fifth Row:-John Karabincik, Thomas Nevant, Zigmond Karolewski, William Lafay- ette, William Blair, Ben Fisher, Edward Vanecek. ROOM 203 First Row:-Mary Marcella, Rose Pipicelli, Margaret Reda, Eugene Bcchtold, Eleanor Bacon, Lena Muzzotti, Dorothy Androsko, Mary Slivka. Second Row:-Thelma Folsome, Olga Lubinsky, Pauline Capson, Eleanor Haniak, Theresa Dudash, Vera Pilipovich, Irene Horner. Third Row:--Sophia Branzovich, Angeline Tolnich, Kathryn Pendel, Eda Marie Schon, Julia Christoff, Pearl Hausman, Joseph Zipay. Fourth Row:-Thomas Salem, Arthur Snlatino, William Schuster, Eugene Jackson, Clair McCartney, George Balaeh, Charles Borawski, Pat Palladino. Fifth Row:-George Kerlek, Fred Griffin, Eugene Greco, Anthony Biblis, Zolton Szabo, Emil Roman, .lack Martin. ROOM 204 First Row :-Sylvia Tamber, Florence Tataseo, Inez Wetherstein, Magdalene Snntell, Joseph Sctek, Katherine Mihailovich, Stella Milich, Marjorie Spangler. Second Row:-Albert Wasko, Richard Ruby, Paul Flint, Harold Weiser, Stella Mnsial, Anna Trotta, Ann Karol, Pauline Kohut. Third Row:-Geneva Boatner, Agnes Malgieri, Jennie Dizdar, Agnes Skladanek, Steve Frank, Dale Dunkerley, Tillie Kosiorek, Mary Mustea. Fourth Row:-Joseph Molinari, Anthony Marino, Gasper Morocco, Paul Basteckey, Samuel Schermer, Calvin Vermeire, Margaret Skubish, Mary Geletka. Fifth Row:-Louis Rosenblum, Anthony DeCarmine, Casimir Telega, Mike Zolnier, Paul Hrisoulas, Onofrio Lombardo, Gabriel Pruent, Frank Billak. I571 CLASS OF 1942 I 1 CLASS OF 1942 Room 206 First Row:-Mary Coffaro, Inez Icetty, Helen Lucas, Elizabeth Pisegna, Marion Yacullo, Ruthetta Rilfer, Edalina Lipuk, Mary Kocis. Second Row:-Peggy Smith, Irene Franczak, Irene Fencyk, Hattie Davis, Kathryn Faugeplia, Walter Dresel, Steve Radosevich. Third Row:-Albert Klotz, Casimir Formichella, Carl Sakonyi, John Lichvar, Roy Thut, Andrew Marcu, James Blackwell. Fourth Row:-Melcan McCulley, Pat Sarcinella, William Doyle, Robert Kaliney, George Shnpona, John Burgoon, Joseph Kovac, Roman Winiecke. ROOM 207 First Row:-Vardina Sanitnte, Catherine Krnntz, Helen Szabo, Mary Crisan, Helene Fill, Leticia Margican, Laurel Cole, Frances Stefannwicz. Second Row:-Ella Gene McKay, Anna Carin, Sophie Katakowski, Lucille Rosenblum, Alice Marie Kaliney, Ann Ferencc, Anthony Bencivengo, LeRoy Marsteller. Third Row:-Sophie Fauccxrlia, June Davis, Louise Bater, Virginia Mastrian, Sylvia Fabich, Selma Bohn, Frances Mularski, Helen Cioca. Fourth Row:-John Leavens, Robert Van Tassel, Joseph Gladysz, Nick Gracenin, Anthony Gerome, Ray Reddinger, John Ference. Fifth Row:-Chester Kobialko, Paul Carly, Norman Solomon, Stephen Karlovich, Alfred Giuseffl, John Hill, Samuel Sattcrwhite. ROOM 208 First Row:-Ethel Currie, Anne Bastecky, Frances Bulock, Robert Wachter, Lillian Linonis, Ilelen Geiak, Nellie Perill, Mary Tatusko. Second Row:-Nxmnie Williams, Gladys Drake, Ruby Grey, Mnry Sekerak, Ida Agostino, Lois Williams, Dorothy Marenchin, Mary Kumar. Third Row:-Harold Henning, Alfred Hesko, Rose Marie Kaliney, Rosalie Mankas, Mildred Banjak, Lucille Dickman, Jeanne Kozar, Rose Kumar. Fourth Row:-Edward Gillespie, Emil Hohoi, Conrad Joseph, James Davis, Nick Nickololf, Ladislav Lupeho, Anthony Perruzzi, Casimer Kacerski, Joseph Rupert. l59l CLASS OF 1942 l60fl A.. W-f 56,, .z.. - . Qncflvh CLASS OF 1942 Rooms 223 - 130 First Row :-Martha Malinoski, Catherine Stawaisz, Hilda Bartel, Nina Reda, Martha Mae Leunis, Caroline Lauderman, Jacqueline Gatet. Second Row :-Doris Dresch, Pauline Purash, Marion Lacich. Dorothy Remp, Allene Gillespie, Rachel James, Carrie Belle Jackson, Marie Jones. Third Row:-Michnel Cagno, Leo Palumbo, Robert Grande, Enis Pilone, Marilyn Sabo, Mary Popp, Anna Pinkle, Helen Tsnntes. Fourth Row:-Edward Turosky, Simon Nicholson, Albert Zink, Anthony Sarcinella, Dominic Zarella, Harry Stanl, John Keryan, Edmund Zawaka. Fifth Rowzv-Mike Kardon, Andrew Chintella, Donald Grande, Mike Ursich, Salva- dore Capson, Paul Santell, Anthony Duich, Pete Christie. ROOM 224 First Row:-Lois Donaldson, Irene Kaliney, Estelle Coleman, Marie Stabile, Anne Klutcher, Anne Lucie, Elsie Madura. Second Row:-Vivian McCoy, Jeanette Truesdale, Florence Ramsey, Connie Lorenzo, Dolores Firlit, Wilhelmena Lindway, Carl Duleba. Third Row:-Viola Conti, Madeleine Vranges, Marie Avril, Mary Darich, Mary Bilich, Eleanor Bobby, Mildred Sarsan. Fourth Row:-Aurelius Petrick, Mario Peccuchio, John Bresky, Ralph Napolitan, Dwight Robson, Anthony Rossi, John Theodoru, Herbert Katilus. Fifth Row:-Paul Meleky, Louis Vellente, Anthony Grande, Joseph Kushner, Alfred Zarella, Stanley Milankovich, Joseph Validzich, Charles Haun. ROOM 225 First Row:-Stella Stefanowicz, Carmella Scihelli, Antoinette De Gennaro, Joseph Sarcinella, Goldie Mikulin, Tessabelle Cole, Yolanda Monteson. Second Row:-Albert Rogan, John Bosco, Henry Boyer, De Etta Burt, Josephina Miletta, Mary Tota, Peggy Leyshock, Mary Marimpietri. Third Row:-Isabelle Yeager, Jeanne Sanger, Catherine Sostarich, Frances Golub, Ora Jean Adams, Dorothy Rock, Mildred McCoy, Fourth Row:-Anthony Spanos, Cashmere Dyll, Melvin Jones, Albert Mrozek, Paul Andrews, James Norris, Rudolph Kosiba, Elmer Rodgers. Fifth Row:-Andrew Juback, Albert Benetto, Frank Callahan, Edward Lobkowicz, John Mouganis, George Stiftinger, Mike Blasko, Anthony Jarwin. E611 l X-' ,Q . .ga ' kt, .X -tn ' CLASS or 1921.-,1i"ik0, CLASS NORMAN SOLOMUN GOLDIE MIKULIN JOHN MOUGANIS Ilrcsidvnl Srrr4'ta1'u Vin' Pl'rsidr'ut CLASS HISTORY ln the fall of 1935, we, as Freshmen, began our first year of high school. How excited we all were! We shall never forget our first days of high school when we were a little enthralled by the upper classmen. Neither will the freshman boys forget the welcome given them by the older boys who had initiated them by cutting their hair. After acquainting ourselves with new and interesting studies, and after witness- ing thrilling ball games, we selected class officers under the guidance of Mr. Anthony Kilbert, our Freshman Class advisor. Following a few days of anxious waiting, we learned that John Mouganis had been selected class president, Robert Day, vice presi- dent, and Lena Mazzotti, secretary. Our activities during that year were many: the Latin Club, the French Club, the Junior Tri-Hi-Y and the Student Forum. Probably the most important work of the year for many students was their participation in the music-literary contest. After weeks of hard work and preparation for this event, the contestants won high honors in the annual Mercer County Music-Literary Round-up, which was held in Grove City, March 31, 1939. The social event of the year was the "Freshman-Sophomore Frolic," a dance held by both Freshman and Sophomore Classes. With the g11idance of our teachers and the cooperation of many students, this event, enjoyed by everyone, proved to be a great success. On commencement night, June 1, 1939, our junior high school was filled with happy, excited Freshmen waiting breathlessly for their diplomas. At the close of the Commencement Excersises, we received our cherished diplomas, and this event culmi- nated our Freshman year. We all looked forward to three carefree months and to the day when we would enter senior high school. After our vacation, we returned to school with more determination to gain knowledge and to succeed, than ever before. This year, with the guidance of Miss Anne Gojdics, we have selected Norman Solomon as president, John Mouganis as vice president, and Goldie Mikulin as secre- tary. The activities this year are many: the French Club, Senior Tri-Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Band and Orchestra, and the Student Forum. Again the Soph- omores, together with the upper classes, are preparing for the Music-Literary Contest and are also engaged in minor activities. We, the Class of 1942, are proud to be the first Sophomore Class in our beauti- ful new senior high school, and having entered Farrell high to learn, we shall go forth to serve. -LENA MAZZOTTI. E621 ATHLETICS X w 'Yi ru,- w ?' ,Mg 'S...'? mwii. ATHLETIC DIRECTORY President - - Secretary-Treasurer - Superintendent of Schools Football and Track Coach Basketball Coach - - Wrestling Coach Board of Education Board of Education - ATHLETIC COUNCIL Farrell .High School Alumni Association - Athletic Director - Coach MR. LEE ROY DAY FLOYD REDA, Trainer JAMES MUNRO FOOTBALL Assistant Coach MR. Student Managers JOHN BOTOS ANDREW SKODY BASKETBALL Coach MR. TUDOR LEWIS Student Managers FLOYD REDA, First Aid Student Manager FLOYD REDA LOUIS NICASTRO EUGENE GRECO WRESTLING Coach MR. RALPH DRESC H CHEER LEADERS Advisor MR. LEONARD STEGAILOV JAMES FARM ARTI N0 I64l Mr. William R. Anderson - Mr. Ralph Dresch - Mr. W. W. Irwin Mr. Lee Roy Day - Mr. Tudor Lewis - Mr. Ralph Dresch - Dr. L. R. Landay Mr. Anthony Tortorete Mr. Roy DcBrakeleer - Mr. Ralph Dresch Assistant Coach ANTHONY PAULEKAS MR. VAUGI-IN WAGNER ISADORE PICIACCHIO GEORGE DURITZA JAMES DAVIS Student Manager JOSEPH RUFFO VERA PAWLAK JENNIE DIZDAR FOOTBALL COACHES ANTHONY PAULEKAS LEE ROY P. DAY VAUGHN WAGNER Assistant Coach Coach Assistant Coach FOOTBALL SEASON Although the Blue and Gold had an "off-year" schedule in 1939, much training was needed to put a squad into the field. With only three lettermen returning, the coaches set to work to produce a winning team from the 87 men reporting for practice. After much field work and "skull practice", an inexperienced but deter- mined aggregation was chosen to fulfill the hopes of the Farrell football fans. Farrell's Night Riders opened their football season by defeating a fighting Erie team by the score of 12 to 7. Erie made scoring threats in the last half, but each time Farrell's defense tightened and Erie was unable to score again. In a game played mostly in a downpour of rain, the Farrell High Alumni knocked the varsity from the ranks of the undefeated. During the first quarter, the varsity made a fifty-nine yard drive to the Alumni one yard line, but were turned back. The teams exchanged punts in the second and third quarters. The Alumni gained possession of the ball on the varsity nine yard line after a fumble, and in four plays they crossed the goal line and scored the extra point on a run. The game ended shortly afterwards with the Alumni winning 7 to 0. St. Joseph of Oil City handed the Night Riders their second setback of the season at Oil City. St. Joseph opened the scoring in the second quarter and rallied with two eighty yard touchdown runs in the early part of the fourth quarter. Farrell's lone touchdown came in the closing minutes of thc fourth quarter. The game ended with St. Joseph on the long end of a 26 to 7 score. The Night Riders showed real form against St. Mary's of Pittsburgh, when they scored twice in the first quarter after long drives. An aerial attack paved the way to score again in the second and fourth quarters. Farrell's defense proved too tight for St. Mary's and the game ended with Farrell's winning 26 to 0. Farrell won its most important victory from Cathedral Prep of Erie, by a 7 to 6 score. In the first quarter, Erie put on a touchdown, but they missed their point after the touchdowng thus they were defeated when Farrell scored a touchdown and a point after a touchdown in the third quarter. Erie threatened again, but Farrell took over in downs, and kicked out of danger. Since the last game on the schedule with St. Luke's was cancelled due to bad weather, the game with the Cathedral Prep team ended the football season for Farrell with three victories and two defeats. E651 I THE NIGHT RIDERS John Hnida John Fall Matthew Stefanak Paul Karabincik Joseph Katakowski Carmen Rufio George Burger John Stabile FOOTBALL HONOR ROLL 1939 - 1940 THOMAS LATSKO. Captain FLOYD REDA, Manager and Trainer Andrew Misik Eugene Milliron Frank Dontelli Mike Stabile George Shapona Steve Karlovich George Kerlek T661 Edward Orr George Stiftinger Alex Dyll Joseph Dziarnowski Adam Katakowski Francis Linonis William Lafayette James Basilone IEEE, . ' FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row: Anthony Biblia, John Mouganis, Adam Kntakowski, Chester Burger, William Znmbelli, John Leavens, Gabriel Pruent, Charles Haun, George Burger, Anthony Rossi. Second Row: John Hnida, Paul Karabincik, Carmen Rufio, Andrew Misik, Frank Donatelli, Mike Stabile, Francis Linonis, Matthew Stefanak, Captain Thomas Latsko, Joseph Katakowski, Gene Milliron, Frank Billak. Third Row: Edward Orr, John Stabile, John Fall, William Lafayette, Alex Dyll, George Kerlek, George Stiftinger, Joseph Dziarnowski, George Shapona, Steve Skibo, James Basilone, Steve Karlovich. September 22 September 29 October 6 ...... ....... October 13 .... ,. ...... . October 21 ...... ..,.... September 6 September 13 ..... September 20 ..... October 5 ....., October 11 ....,. October 25 ...... November 1 ....... FOOTBALL RECORD General Electric Tech of Erie . ..... 7 Farrell ......, ...... 1 2 Alumni ....,... ,.,. ..... , . . ..... .. ,,....... . 7 Fa1'rell....... .. 0 St. Joseph's of Oil City .. .,.. ....... 2 6 Fnrrell ....,.. .. 7 St. Mary's of Pittsburgh ...... ..,. 0 Farrell ....,.. ...,.. 2 6 Cathedral Prep of Erie ,.... .... G Farrell ....... 7 1940 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Erie Technical St. Joseph's of Oil City Youngstown Chaney At Sharpsville Youngstown Ursuline Franklin Windber l67l TRACK For the first time in the history of Farrell High School, the Blue and Gold Track and Field Squads have competed in the meets with the district high schools. Farrell High School has held only intramural meets for the past three years when the teams participated in the annual Senior Class Day Athletic Field Meet. Under the direction of Coaches Day, Wagner, and Paulekas, the members of the squad have learned the skills, the physical requirements, and the fundamentals of the fifteen different track and the eight field events. They have gained such ex- perience as is necessary to serve as a sound basis for winning track and Held teams in the 1941 meet. The Farrell High School track schedule for the 1940 season was as follows: May 1, at Meadville High Schoolg May 3, Grove City High Schoolg May 8, Hickory High School: May 10, at New Castle High Sehoolg May 11, in the County Track Meet at Sharpsville High School: May 15, at Grove City High Schoolg May 18, in the District 10 Meet at Erie High School, May 22, Sharpsville High Schoolg May 23, in the third annual class track and field meet for the Senior Class Day, at the Farrell High School Athletic Field. TRACK CANDIDATES First Row:-Paul Basteckey, Herman Prizant, Peter Schell, James Mitchell, Paul Alongi, Edward Fauceglia, Henry Cesta, Thomas Toskin, Victor Shapona, William Armour, William Doughtit, Jack Ivan, Albert Wasko, Paul Flint, Paul Preston, James Blackwell, William Znmbelli. J Second Row:-Fred Hoelzle, John Mouganis, Paul Low, Calvin Vernieire, Richard Ruby, Albert Linonis, Ben Prizant, Robert Monteson, James Alter, Joseph Neiman, Charles Haun, Robert Jennings, Mike Stabile, Frank Callahan, James Lafayette, George Ondich, Joseph Kauffman, John Fei-ence, Coach Day. Third Row:-Coach Wagner, Henry Deck, Mike Senich, Edward Chestnut, Joseph Kovach, Gene Milliron, Joseph Guthrie, Norman Solomon, Sam Casimina, Tube Jackson, George Shapona, George Stiftinger, Charles Miller, William Churulick, Robert Kaliney, John Palik, Steve Ursich, William Rupnik. Fourth Row:--Joseph Dizdar, Chester Krokowski, Robert Dignan, James Golub, Jack Hnida, Andrew Misik, Stanley Janusko, Alex Dyll, Paul Karabincik, Howard Barber, James Snead, Coach Paulekas, Oswald Maschgan, Aljay Wright, -Harry Cannon, Thomas Adams, Richard Ford, LeRoy Ganzy, Albert Ragster. T681 BASKETBALL One of the greatest basketball seasons in the history of Farrell High School began on December 11, 1939, when the Blue and Gold met the St. Joseph High School team of Mt. Oliver in Pittsburgh. Coach Lewis permitted all of the players: Monteson, Bosak, Sorokich, Linonis, Kata- kowski, Cannone, McKinnis, Morocco, Latsko and Mitchell to perform in the game in order to test them in real action. Joseph Katakowski, veteran star of lnst season, made fifteen of the thirty-seven points that brought victory to Farrell. Monteson and Bosak scored six points each. The score at -I-U1-,QR LEWIS the half was 18-16, and 37-23 at the close of the game. r"""' In the first home game of the season, the Blue and Gold trimmed the Pittsburgh Central Catholics, 35-15. Again Coach Lewis gave every player a chance to perform, and it was Monteson, who scored eleven points. Bosak, Sorokich and McKinnis added six points each. The Central players' scores were evenly divided. December 16, 1939 will be a memorable night to Joseph Katakowski, who wrote "Huis to a spectacular scholastic athletic career," when he led his team to victory with a 28-15 score over St. Luke's of Carnegie. He is an athlete of whom Farrell fans can well be proud. Making it four straight victories, the Steelers defeated Duquesne Prep by a 30-19 score. During the game, Monteson scored thirteen points and Sorokich scored nine points. Farrell defeated the hard-fighting St. Joseph's team of Oil City in a 26 to 23 victory. After taking an early lead, Farrell was not headed throughout the game although the score was 20-18 at the end of the third quarter. Karlovich, who was in the starting lineup for the first time, played a splendid game. With a thrilling 22-20 victory, the Alumni marred the Varsity's five game win streak. Bernard Brysh, who was the ace performer for the Alumni, tallied four field goals and two foul tries. The Alumni cagers were Brysh, Bonadio, Burieh, Kata- kowski, Palanti, Caruso, Pochal, Leyshoek, Frew, and Hamilton. Displaying excellent passing and fine defense, the Steelers won a 39-16 victory over St. Mary's team of Pittsburgh. Bosak scored thirteen points during thc game. Farrell showed well at the foul line, making eleven out of fourteen attempts, they counted fourteen shots from the field. When Farrell met St. Justin of Pittsburgh, Coach Lewis allowed fourteen of his players to participate in the game. The members of the first team played in only part of the first quarter. In the 36-12 victory for the Steelers, Sorokich and Cannone were high scorers. An interesting feature of the game was that Farrell scored thirteen points in the third quarter, while they held St. Justin pointless. Tough luck trailed the Steelers to Johnstown when the Johnstown Central Catholic team won their fifth consecutive victory of the season and their thirty-First victory in thirty-four starts. They defeated the Steelers 32-26. Monteson and Bosak were the high scorers for Farrell. In a thrilling game with Central Catholic of Pittsburgh, Farrell won its eighth victory by a 26-24 score. The Steelers led at the end of the first half, but both teams tied the score at the close of the third quarter. As the lead changed hands, the spectators shouted themselves hoarse. Monteson was high scorer, having made ten points. With Johnstown Central Catholic trying to repeat their earlier defeat over the Steelers, Farrell High rallied in the fourth period but found themselves on the short end of the 27-25 count when the final whistle blew. Yarchak and Fabish were high scorers for Johnstown and Sorokich and Linonis were high for Farrell. E691 PLAYERS IN ACTION Ry cm.,-1.-gy of Tm' sim.-0.1 11.-1-.mf U01 BASKETBALL The Steelers defeated St. Joseph's team of Oil City for the second time, this season, by the score of 30-23. The Oil City team led 5 to 4 at the end of the first quarter and 13 to 10 at the half, but Farrell High rallied in the second half to win the game. Kelly with twelve points was high scorer for St. Joseph's team, while Monteson with fourteen and Bosak with twelve points were high scorers for the Farrell team. Farrell High Cagors faltered in the fourth quarter and dropped their final game of Catholic opposition to Duquesne Prep, Pittsburgh, 26-23. This defeat ended the Steelers' pre-season games with a record of nine victories and four defeats. Mclillliot was high scorer for the Duquesne team, having made six field goals: Bosak and McKinnis led the Farrell team with eight points each. With Farrell High School in the good graces of the P. I. A. A.. the Blue and Gold showed great improvcment in their playing. They found little opposition from Struthers as they defeated the Ohio team with a 36-14 count. The game was played in the new Farrell Senior High School gym. The Steelers invaded Warren, Ohio, where they defeated Pierre Hill's Presidents with a 33 to 23 score. In the third and the fourth quarters, the Farrell cagers played an improved game and therefore emerged the winners. Scoring honors went to Monteson who made thirteen points. Greenville High Trojans upset the Steelers for the first time in more than ten years of basketball competition. The game which was played at the Thiel College court was filled with action. The lead changed hands several times throughout the first half, but Greenville wnn a seven point lead in the third quarter and held the lead to complete the game on the big end of a 36-30 score. When the Farrell High cagers traveled to Ford City, they presented their best performance by beating the strong W. P. I. A. L. team by a 31 to 15 count. Playing a fine defense, Farrell took the lead in the first quarter and never was headed. Monteson again lcd the scoring with thirteen points. Leading throughout the game, Farrell High School basketcers won their four- teenth victory of the season when they defeated East Pittsburgh, 36-18. "Hutch" Monteson totaled seventeen points for high scoring honors. Hugh McKinnis scored seven points. Displaying a tight offense that broke up scoring plays when the Erie East High "Warriors" entered Farrell territory, the Steelers won the game by a 33-14 score. With three goals and a foul, Bosalt was high scorer for Farrellg Montcson was runner- up with seven points. In an overtime period, Farrell won a thriller from Sharpsville with a close 25-24 score. The lead changed hands several times throughout the game. Farrell tied the score just before the final whistle and threw the game into an overtime period. In the extra period, the pace was fast and the guarding determined. Linonis sank the foul which was the final point for winning the game. During the contest, Linonis scored eleven points. "Hutch" Monteson again was high scorer for the Steelers when they defeated Hickory High School cagers 33-20. At the end of the first half, the score was 14-13 in favor of Hickory, but the Farrell cagers rallied in the second half and made their seventeenth win of the season. Playing a fine defense game and leading all the way, Farrell High basketeers won an easy victory over the Brookfield High School eagers, by a 34-17 count. The Steelers played one of their best defensive games of the season when they defeated New Castle High School 26-24. Although Farrell led throughout, they were never able to relax. "It was anyone's game until the final whistle." New Castle finished second in their section of the W. P. I. A. L. where they were rated high. I'71l 'AU' ' f W9 CHAMPIONS fig' l .J UO' Conch Lewis, Captain Monteson, Bosak, Cannons, Linonis, Kaxrlovich, McKinnis, Sorokich, Rock, Trkulja, Mitchell, Marks, Kerlek, Manager Munro. BASKETBALL HONOR ROLL 1939 - 1940 ANTHONY MONTESON, Cnpkuin JAMES MUNRO, hlnnngci- Michael Sorokich Francis Linonis John Bosak James Mitchell Hugh McKinnis Nick Cannons: Steve Karlovich F721 BASKETBALL Farrell High cagers again defeated Hickory High basketeers when they finished on the long end of' a 32-17 count. Gaus with ten points was high scorer for Hickory, while Munteson held the Farrell honors with fifteen points. Through four hard quarters, the Steelers battled back and forth with Sharps- ville High cagers. It was not until the final whistle blew that a winner was certain. It was then that the Steelers were the victors with a 31-26 score. This game com- pleted the Steelers' regular season schedule and gave them a record of twenty victories against five losses. The Farrell High team then prepared to enter the play- off series. In a thrilling fourth quarter rally, the Steelers defeated the Greenville Trojans 34-27 in the first game of the play-off series for the right to represent Mercer County in the District 10 play-off. The game was played at the new Farrell Senior High School. Greenville led 9-8 at the end oi the first quarter, 16-15 at the half, and the score was tied at the end of the third quarter. In the game, the score was tied seven times, but Farrell was in the lead throughout the fourth period. Monteson and Sorokich were the ace scorers of the game, with eighteen and eight points, respec- tively. In the second game of the play-off series held at the Thiel College gymnasium, the Farrell High School floormen defeated the Greenville Trojans in a "rough and tumble game" by a score of 38 to 28. This victory gave Farrell the right to rep- resent Mercer County in the District 10 finals, March 12. Farrell carried the lead at the end of' every quarter, and throughout the last three periods. The high scorers for the Steelers were Montesun with thirteen points and Bosal: and Sorokich with eight points each. Farrell High School cagers won the District 10 P. I. A. A. championship title when they gained a 36-31 victory over Erie Academy in the final quarter of the game. The scores by periods were Farrell 8, Erie 133 Farrell 18, Erie 195 Farrell 23, Erie 295 Farrell 36, Erie 31. During the game Manteson totaled fourteen points, and Bosak made seven points. McKinnis, Linonis, Cannone, Sorokich and Mitchell also performed in this most exciting game in which each player contributed his part to bring honor to his team and to his school. In the first round of the Western Regional Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association play-offs, the Steelers defeated Brookville, District 9 winners, 37-22 and gained the right to meet the Charleroi eagers, the W. P. I. A. L. titlists. The Steelers led throughout the game, but they were unable to slaeken their pace until the final minutes of the play. In this victory, the following Steelers performed: Monteson, Bosak, McKinnis, Linonis, Cannone, Sorokich, Karlovich, Mitchell, Marks, Kerlek, Trkulja, and Rock. The high scorers were Monteson, Bosak, and Sorokich with ten, six, and fifteen points, respectively. Displaying that do or die spirit that has made them champions, the Blue and Gold team: Captain Monteson, Bosak, McKinnis, Cannone, Linonis, Sorokich, and Karlovich defeated the Charleroi team 23 to 22, in an interesting game played at the University of Pittsburgh Stadium, with two thousand fans present. The scores by quarters were Farrell 3, Charleroi 4g Farrell 13, Charleroi 153 Farrell 18, Char- leroi 153 Farrell 23, Charleroi 22. This victory gave the Steelers the right to play Conemaugh High School eagers for the Western Regional title. In an exciting contest played at the Beaver Falls High School gymnasium, thc Steelers met the Conemaugh floor men in the final game of the Western Regional play-offs, for the right to enter the state finals. Conemaugh presented a small, fast, well-coached team that never let up. Although fighting hard to the very end of the game, the Farrell High team was not able toget the lead. Conemaugh won the game by a 35-32 score. The scores by periods were Farrell 7, Conemaugh 143 Farrell 14, Conomaugh 16, Farrell 22, Conemaugh 283 Farrell 32, Conemaugh 35. Monteson, Bosak, MeKinnis, Cannone, Linonis. Sorokich, and Karlovich performed in the game that closed a basketball season that equalled the best record presented by any team in the history of Farrell Hligh School. , E731 BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row: Hugo Morocco, John Bosak, Mike Sorokich, Francis Linonis, Stanley Trkulja, George Kerlek. Second Row: Nick Cannone, Arthur Marks, Steve Karlovich, Anthony Monteson, Hugh McKinnis, James Munro, manager. Third Row: James Mitchell, Thomas Latsko, Joseph Katakowski, Edward Rock. THE SEASON'S RECORD December 11 St. Joseph-Mt. Oliver .................... Farrell December 15 Central Catholic, Pittsburgh Farrell December 16 St. Luke ...............................,.......... Farrell December 20 Duquesne Prep .,.,......, Farrell December 22 St. Joseph, Oil City ....... Farrell December 27 Alumni ............,....... ,...,..... F arrell January 5 .... ...... S t. Mary of the Mount ....... Farrell January 9 ....... ...... S t. Justin ...............,.............. Farrell January 10 ....... ..... J ohnstown Central Catholic Farrell January 12 ....... ..... C entral Catholic, Pittsburgh Farrell January 19 ....,., ..,.. J ohnstown Central Catholic Farrell January 23 ....... ...... S t. Joseph-Oil City .............. Farrell January 26 ...,... ...... D uquesne Prep ...............,.... Farrell February 2 Struthers ............... Farrell February 3 Warren ......... Farrell February 6 Greenville ....,... Farrell February 7 Ford City ..........,. Farrell February 10 East Pittsburgh ..... Farrell February 13 Erie East ..,......... Farrell February 16 Sharpsville ....... Farrell February 20 Hickory ...,.,., Farrell February 21 Brookfield ..... Farrell February 24 New Castle ..... Farrell February 27 Hickory ........, Farrell March 1 ...... ..... S harpsville ..,.... Farrell March 5 .... Greenville .,... Farrell March 7 .... Greenville ..,.. Farrell March 12 ...... ..... E rie ............ Farrell March 16 ...... ..... B rookville ..,... Farrell March 20 ...... ..... C harleroi ........,. Farrell March 27 ...... ..... C onemaugh ....,........., Farrell i741 THE RESERVES First Row: Casimir Kacserski, Robert Grande, Anthony Peruzzi, Isaac Mitchell, Anthony Biblis, James Basilone, George Shapona, Alex Swiecinski, Donald Weitzel. Second Row: Gabriel Pruent, Thomas Adams, Peter Cnrine, John Billich, Ben Williams, James Gillespie, Steve Skendrovich, Frank Callahan. Third Row: Robert Trumbaca, Paul Russell, Philip Chipianalla, Richard Zaborsky, William Ford, Connie DeCapua. 'THE BASKETBALL RESERVES The Basketball Reserves have made a splendid record for the 1939-1940 season, under the supervision of Coach Tudor Lewis. We congratulate Coach Lewis for giving us two fine teams: The Basketball Reserves and the Varsity Basketball Championship team, in our first year in the new Farrell Senior High School. We predict an excellent 1940-1941 season. THE RESERVES RECORD December White Eagles ....,.,................ Farrell December Terrors .........,. Fan'ell December Roumanians ...... Farrell December St. George ..... Farrell January Orioles .............. Farrell January White Stars ...,.. Farrell January 19 Steel City .......... Farrell January 22 Steeler Juniors ...,.... Farrell January 26 Falumbos ........,.......... ..... F arrell February Struthers Reserves .,.... ...... F arrell February Steeler Juniors ...... Farrell February Penn Prospect ......,.... ,..... F arrell February Sharpsville Reserves Farrell February Hickory Reserves .....,,. ..... F arrell February Brookfield Reserves ...... ...,.. F arrell February Buhl Club Toppers ...... ..... F arrell February Hickory Reserves ....,.. ...... F arrell March 1 Sharpsville Reserves Farrell E751 INTRAMU RAL BASKETBALL TEAMS Girls' Class Teams, Girls' Club Teams, Boys' Class Teams. E761 INTRAMU RAL BASKETBALL Under the direction of Mr. Joseph Tommins and Miss Mary L. Hickey, the intra- mural basketball tournament opened on April 15, 1940. The class tournament, trophy, and medals for boys were won by the Senior boys who defeated the Junior boys by an 18 to 12 score. The Senior boys, however, were defeated in the City Schools Championship game when they were toppled by the Farrell Junior High School Freshmen by a 26-24 score. 1. In the girls' contests, the Junior girls won the tournament, the class trophy, and the medals, when they defeated the Sophomore girls by a 29-13 score, and later, the Senior girls by a 17-15 score. Again the Senior High basketeers bowed to the Junior High representatives when the Freshman girls defeated the Junior girls by a 26-23 score to claim the City School Championshipl During' the first week in May, the inter-club games were played and trophies and medals were also awarded to the winners. DIRECTORS Miss Mary Louise Hickey Mr. Joseph Tomniins GIRLS' CLASS TEAMS First Row:-Seniors-Doris Ruger, Mary Theofnlos, Ida Varro, Miss Hickey, Anne Pellis, Jane Stefanowicz, Dorothy Johnson, Barbara Ceslak. Second Row:-Juniors-Sara Duifee, Ellen Podolsky, Clara Landa, Eleanore Damico, Emily Jane Sherwood, Amelia Ketchko, Henrietta Zebrosky, Julia Ragster, Concetta Celenzi, Jennie Dizdar. Third Row:-Sophomores-Lucille Dickman, Helen Tsantes, Ann Basteckey, Marie Stabile, Florence Tataseo, Leticia Margiean, Clarabelle Jackson, Irene Franzek. GIRLS' CLUB TEAMS First Row:-Norma June Stubbs, Doris Rager, Sara Duffee, Ellen Podolsky, Emily Jane Sherwood, Sophie Katakowski, Vera Pawlak, Mary Parish, Petra Campos. Second Row:-Angeline Rocco, Lois Williams, Dorothy Marenchin, Anna Basteckey, Jennie Dizdar, Florence Tataseo, Marie Stabile, Gladys Johnson, Mary Bibich. Third Row:-Jennie Mattozzi, Betty Jane Katilus, Dorothy Marsteller, Jane Stefano- wicz, Helen Tsantes, Lucille Dickman, Eleanore Bobby, Anna Lucich, Leticia Mnrgiean, Magdaline Santell, Eunice Rath, Ruthetta Riifer. BOYS' CLASS TEAMS ' First Row:-Sam Ujakovich, Theodore Ostrowski, Albert Linonis, Steve Sakonyi, John Stawaisz, Henry Deck, Casimir Matuk, James Snead. Second Row:-Oswald Maschgan, Edward Orr, Charles Miller, William Pochal, Stanley Kuzniar, Elmer Scanlon,,Joseph Vasilie, William Lafayette, Frank Dontelli, Ziglnund Karolewski, William Dizdar. . Third Row:-Joseph Rupert, James Davies, Casimir Dyll, Henry Krokoski, John Petrillo, Richard Ford, John Lickvar, Leo Palumbo. L'7'7l PHYSICAL EDUCATION The need for an adequate and sane program of health and physical education as an integral part of the school program has long been apparent. Our modern industrial civilization with its automatic machine and high speed tension has brought physical and mental strains in modern living. Unfortunately, there are still a few persons who fail to realize that because of a changed environment, grow- ing boys and girls are living in a new world where physical education becomes a stern necessity if they are to be ade- quately prepared tu live well and happily. Our schools are responsible for physical literacy as well as for mental lit- eracy. MARY L. HICKEY Dil'rt!ar Physical Education is health education. It is recrea- tion. It is hygiene. It is education in the truest sense. Under present industrial conditions of living and work, it is more necessary than in the past that our children be given the opportunity for physical activity and exercise. We live in an age that deprives the average boy and girl and adult of the joys of the great out-of-doors. Man must find means to develop his organic vitality and health outside, in the play- ground or gymnasium. More and more because of our artifical, specialized, indus- trial life, we must provide means by which wc can actively pursue those activities that will preserve our organized development essential to health and growth. Physical Education programs promote the real lessons of education. Such pro- grams promote behavior, and behavior is the end of education. Through sports and games children develop good sportsmanship and this means character building in a real sense. On the playtield with the team, the boys and the girls are stimulated to practice the lessons of control, poise, and good behavior. They learn to smile in de- feat to be generous in victory, to follow the leader, and to hold the line with courage and not to give in, such are the lessons of life. These lessons cannot be preached or taught-they must be put into active practice in the game of life. A Physical Education program means a better citizenship. Health, cleanliness, poise, vitality, and mental alertness are all objectives of a true Physical Education program. It encourages mass participation so that all may enjoy active sport. It helps in posture and health service. It believes in recreational opportunities for the industrial worker. It promotes recreation for adults and play for children. To carry out this educational interpretation of Physical Education many states have established through legislative action Physical Education as a part of the school system. These states are thinking of Physical Education program in the terms of educational play and athletics. The Physical Education programs are not confined to the gymnasium. They include health programs, playground programs and athletics programs-whether indoors or outdoors-in the classroom or on the playfield. With the development of the idea that education is training for behavior and that we learn through doing, Physical Education in its educational aspects, rather than its mere physical training activites, will assume a large place in future educational systems. -MARY LOUISE HICKEY. E781 WRESTLING During the 1940 wrestling season, twenty-six athletically-inclined boys composed the Farrell Wrestling Team. Possessing the qualities of initiative, self-reliance, in- dependence, and self-restraint, these boys confidently matched their prowess with the teams of other-schools. Although the season was not distinguished so far as actual victories were con- cerned, the wrestlers gained in experience. They computed in the following matches: Erie Academy 19, Farrell 185 Grove City 23, Farrell 9: Erie Academy 1895, Farrell 1755: Grove City 28, Farrell 14. Culminating the season was the District 10 Tournament which was held at the Farrell High School. The scores were Grove City 40, Farrell 34, Erie Academy 15, and Edinboro 7. During the meet, Captain George Burger, Chester Burger and Paul Low won District 10 championships, while Henry Caputo, Joseph Ruffo, Dominic Mangone and Gene Milliron won second places. In the state finals held at the Pennsylvania State College, Chester Burger and Paul Low met with defeat. George Burger withstood his opponents until the semi- final round. Mr. Dresch, the Farrell Wrestling Coach, has bright prospects for next year's team. He has plans for a complete schedule of interesting bouts and expects an improvement over even this yenr's excellent tzam. The wrestlers pictured below are: First Row: Jack Pearce, Henry Caputo, Dominic Zarella. Second Row: Anthony Benswengo, Sam Uretta, Alfred Salatino, Joseph Rutfo, Alfred Caputo, Bill Pearce, Ray Reddinger, Patsy Nicastro. Third Row: John Leavens, John Nawrocki, Chester Krokoski, Charles Meier, Captain George Burger, Chester Burger, Eugene Milliron, Paul Low. Fourth Row: Carmen Ruifo, Paul Santell, Robert Jennings, Ernest Squatrito, Mr. Ralph Dresch, Anthony Napolitan, Joseph Hassan, Dominic Mangone. E791 WRESTLING DISTRICT IO CHAMPIONS Coach Dresch, Captain Burger, Chester Burger, Paul Low, Munnger Redu WRESTLING HONOR ROLL 1939-I940 GEORGE BURGER, Captain FLOYD REDA, Manager Willium Peurce Henry Caputo Chester Burger Dominic Mangone Jack Pearce Eugene Milliron John Nawrocki Joseph Rufio Paul Low Carmen Ruffo Joseph Hassan Robert Jennings Q9i CHEER LEADERS Juxnos Farmartino, Jcnnic.Dizdar, Louis Nicnstro, Vera Puwlnk, Eugene Greco, IS01 ACTIVITIES "ALMOST ElGHTEEN" First Row: Howard Wharton, Betty McCauley, Annette Chiel, Betty Rose Broderick, Stanley Bombeck. Second Row: Jules Glubish, Ellen Venetti, Henrietta Koston, Anne Lengyel, Harnld Lloyd, Martha Frantz, Thomas Lienberger. THE SENIOR CLASS PLAY From the first call of "Curtain" until the final curtain, a human drama of smiles and tears was unfolded before a large and an appreciative audience on the evening of December 8, 1939, when the Class of 1940 prsented "Almost Eighteen." This three act comedy by Dana Thomas was the first play to be presented in the new gym- nasium-auditorium. Under the direction of Miss Esther Zentz, the Class of 1940 sponsored the play to raise funds for the commencement and memorial gifts to the school. Telling the story of the trials of adolescence, this three act comedy was enacted by a well trained cast of twelve seniors. Eddie Barry, a young and human genius in disguise, who attempted to prove himself a man even though he was only "Almost Eighteen," was played by Stanley Bombeck. The roles of Eddie's mother and father, the average American parents, were filled by Betty McCauley and Hloward Wharton. Annette Chiel portrayed the character of Eddie's modern young sister, Beatrice Barry. Betty Rose Broderick performed as Ann Sherman, Eddie's ideal. As Mabel Warren, Martha Frantz was the music teacher, and Ann Lengyel, as Mrs. Granville, was a social clubwoman. Uncle George, a philosopher, was character- ized by Thomas Lienberger. Harold Lloyd was the distinguished Professor Merritt, while Henrietta Koston was Miss Dalrymple, another social clubwoman. Jules Glubish as Tommy Granville and Ellen Venetti as Sally Davidson played the roles of Eddie's friends. E321 "LlTTLE ALMOND-EYES" "Little Almond-Eyes," an operetta in two acts by Frederick Martens and Will MacFarlane, was presented in the Farrell High School auditorium on May 23 and 24, 1939, under the direction of Miss Virginia Jamison and Miss Genevieve Heagney, for the benefit of the music organizations. The scenes of the operetta were laid in the gardens of the Emperor's palace in Pekin where annually the fairest maidens of the land gathered as the prospective brides of the Emperor Ming. The principal characters were Wallace Geuss as Wang-Ho, captain of the guard and lover of Little Almond Eyes: Louis Nicolotf, the Emperor Ming of Cathay: Richard Wachter, Ping-Po, master of ceremonies of the Court of Cathay: Roger Bousiges, Fee-Fo-Fum, lieutenant of thc guard, Joseph Paul, Chief Bonze: Peggy Campagna and Doris Agosti as "Little Almond-Eyes", Kolma Greenstone as Miss Lotus-Leaf-Dooma, the prophetessg Sylvia Schwelling as Miss Tip-Toe: Gloria DonDero as Miss Lady Slipper: Jean Anne Shellenberger as Miss Deer Footy Mildred Hesko as Miss Jasmine Bud. In the chorus were the guards, courtiers, attendants, and prospective brides of the Emperor Ming: Harry Vermeire, Philip Sherwood, Harold Smith, John Burgoon, Darrell Maxwell, Dwight Robson, Harold Henning, Casimir Formichelli, Mary Ann Stefanak, Virginia Frew, Jeanne Currie, Emily Jane Sherwood, Ruth Satterwhite, Rosa Nathan, Dorothy Franek, Ann Vranges, Rose Iacino, Selma Holmes, Pearl Haus- man. Angeline Bonadio, Sarah Mason, Dorothy Miller, Louise Stefanak, Virginia Mastrian, Ora Jean Adams, Mary Vlad, Lillian Pascal, June Davis, Vilma Drozdal, Grace Feigert, Myrtle Bernard, Lois Yersky, Jeanne Songer, Inez Wetherstein, Sara Duifee, Joan Sarchett, Doris Fasser, Julia Martini, Mary Gabriel, Jane Stefanowicz. ASSISTANTS Dramatics: Miss Genevieve Heagneyg Costumes: Miss Helen Grimes, Miss Mary Edna Reynolds: Scenery: Mr. Wilbur Bauer, assisted by Dominic Tierno, James Kibosh, John Burgoon, Joe Paul, Mary Ella Kuehis, Irene Kovachg Business Manager: Miss Anne Gojdicsg General: Miss Genevieve Heagney, Miss Anne Gojdics, Miss Bessie Hummer, Miss Mildred C. DonDero, Miss Helen Grimes, Miss Olga Gojdics, Miss Mary Edna Reynolds, Mr. Harry Berkowitz: Publicity: Miss Olga Gojdics, assist- ed by Dorothy Marsteller, Richard Wachter, Philip Sherwood, Louis Nicolqtfg Stage: Dominic Tierno: Curtain: Sam De Carlo: Spotlight: Mr. Tom Tortoreteg Posters: The Art Club under the supervision of Mr. Wilbur Bauer. THE OPERETTA CAST i331 SENIOR BAND Mrs. Virginia Jamison Armstrong, Conductor Roger Bousiges Cornel Bolog Mark Speizer Anthony Spanos Harvey Satterwhite FLUTE Emily Jane Sherwood Andrew Stefanick Galvin Vermeire Leroy Marsteller Rocco Cataldo Jack Clowes EUPHONIUM Robert Wachter PICCOL0 Ora Jean Adams Clem Williams Dolores Szabo Ellen Venetti CLARINETS Dorothy Plodinec Harry Vermeire Danny Yankovich Dorothy Marsteller William Dizdar Carrie Belle Jackson Ruth Rosenburg Eb SAXOPHONE William Taylor BARITONE Charles Alsnauer TROM BONE Lucille Lafayette Albert Ragster TRUMPETS Andrew Thomas Joseph Schermer Paul Turner Robert Van Tassle James Roseboro Albert Glavan BELL LYRE Margaret Reda DRUMS Herman Magnotto John Theodorou DRUM MAJORETTES Stephanie Masian DRUM MAJOR Emil Szabo Ralph Napnlitan Anthony DeMario Joseph Molinieri Norma. June Stubbs George Gaynor FRENOHl HORN Doris Linder Darrell Maxwell Harold Smith Jules Glubish Ethel Currie Sam Patron CYMBALS Billy Williams SOUSARHONE Elmer Babes Fred Griffin Donald Reed Patsy Sweeney Doris Roger FLAG BEARERS COLOR GUARDS Paul Bustecky Henry Kroknski Harold Lloyd Joseph Guthrie Rio Q . SENlOR ORCHESTRA Catherine Skody Harry Vermeire Paul Hrisoulas EUPH ON IUM Charles Alsnaucr PIANO Harold Smith Irene Franczyk William Dizdar Harvey Sntterwhitc Andrew Stefanick Mrs. Virginia Jamison Armstrong, Director FIRST VIOLIN SECOND VIOLIN CLARINET Ralph Napolitan SAXOPHONE BARITONE TRUMPET Rocco Cataldo TROMBONE Calvin Vermeire Albert Rag-ster E351 Joan Capozzoli Edith Katz Lucy Demico FLUTE Emily Jane Sherwood BELL LYRE Margaret Reda Danny Yankovich Tony Spanos Darrell Maxwell MUSIC CONCERT THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 11, 1940 Farrell Senior High School Auditorium PROGRAM Supervision of Miss Virgin Guest Artist, Mrs. Alex Polangin, concert pianist Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Sam Chiccarino Part I Star Spangled Banner-Entire Ensemble ...... March On-Junior High School Band ...... Poet and Peasant .................... Medley IBeginning Bass Class Groupl Duke Street. . ........ Abide With Me. .... The Fairies Ball KV .Bobby Wachter In iolin Class Groupj .......... ia Jamison . . . .John Stafford Smith . . ....... Ed. Chenette . . . .Franz V. Suppe .Fred Griffin Sweet And Low ...... . .Elmer Babes The Gloaming ......... Ensemble ...................Maurice Lee Mary Ann Blazevitch Harry Vermeire Lucy Demico Edith Katz Joan Capozzoli Angels' Serenade QBaritone Duetj. .......... . . MaryVlad Bragu Darrell Maxwell and Andrew Stefanick One Rose .....,.... . ...... .................., . .............. . . . .Del. Lyon Toe Dance-Sylvia Schwelling ........... . . . . . . . .Junior High School Band Meadow Lark Polka CTrumpet Solo!-Rocco Cataldo. .. ..... .... W . E. Barnes Dash Dancing School of Youngstown Rhythm Dance and Charlie McCarthy. . . Bolero Tap . .,....,.. . Acrobatie High Kick .........,......... Universal March--Junior High School Orchestra. . . Indian Warriors-Junior High School Orchestra. . E361 Ethel Currie, Ann and Doris Nickum, Mary Carlo Wengler . . .... Myrtle Morgan . . . .E. De La Mater , . . .E. De La Mater MUSIC CONCERT Wedding of the Painted Doll QXylophone Solo! .... .... N acio W. Brown Cecelia Kutcher Springtime Unnior High School Violin Classj ..... , ............ Barbara Adams William Facko Claire Mohney Alice Mazotto Betty Gustus Irene Mickulas Elsie Radasevich Minuet in C fFlute and Cello Duetj ......................,...... Joseph Haydn Emily Jane Sherwood and Robert Sherwood Majestic Overture-Junim' High School Orchestra. . , .,..., . . . . . iwj INTERMISSION Part II Western World Overture-Senior High School Orchestra, .. Clovernook-Senior High School Orchestra ....,..,...... Meditation from Thais lViolin Solol-Catherine Skody ..... Little Tin Soldiers tFlute Soloj .....,..... . ............. .. Emily Jane Sherwood with Orchestra Bonnie Eloise tCla1'inet Duet., . .,......,............... . Cornel Bolog and Roger Bousiges Dash Dancing School of Youngstown . .E. De La Mater . . . .Ed. Chenette . . . .Al. Hayes . .... Massenet ., . .H. G. Pierne . . .L J. Master Triple Tap .................. .. ..................... Ethel Currie Military Dance ..... . ............... Ann Wengler, Ann Dizzy Fingers CSaxophone Soloj-Dorothy Plodinec ...... . . . The Lark 1Piano Solo? , ...........,................ . . Norwegian Bridal Procession QPiano Solol . .............. . Mrs. Alex Polangin, Guest Soloist and Doris Nickum . , . . .Zez Conirey . Glinka-Balakireff ,..........Grieg Marching Along Together. ....,.. . ........,............. .E. Pola, F. Steininger Military Toe Dance .... . ............ ............,.. . Sylvia Schwelling Drum Major ....................................... . ..... Emill Szabo Drum Majorettes. . .Doris Rager, Dolores Szabo, Ellen Venetti, Patsy Sweeney The Traveler-Senior High School Band, . . ................... Forrest L. Buchtel March of the Spanish Grenadiers fSaxophone Trioj ................ J. De Smetsky William Taylor, Tony Spanos, Rocco Cataldo Thoughts of Yesterday 1Ti-ombone Soloj-Calvin Vermeire ..... . . . .Clay Smith Trombone Troubleso. ....... . ..... . . , . ............ . ........,... Ed. Chenette Calvin Vermeire, Jules Glubish, Harold Smith, Albert Ragster, LeRoy Mar- steller, Lucille Lafayette and the Band. Polka ...............,.... . ................... L. Brown, W. Timm, J. Vejvoda Drum Majorettes and the Band Yankee March-Entire Ensemble. . ..................... E871 . . . .Ed. Chenette CHORAL GROUPS The Boys' Chorus, the Girlsf Chorus, the Mixed Chorus E881 CHORAL GROUPS ln compliance with the demand for high school choruses, a varied program of musical instruction entered the curricula of the Farrell Senior High School as an elective group of studies. Under the capable guidance of Miss Helena Spisak the mixed chorus, the girls' chorus, and the boys' chorus became organizations which actively and successfully developed musical talent. Participating in many school programs and ceremonies, the largest of these organizations, the mixed chorus, achieved initial and immediate recognition from their audiences. As a fitting climax to a year's earnest endeavor, the entire representative body of the choral groups presented a vocal concert on April 18, 1940, in the auditorium- gymnasium of the high school. This display of trained talent proved that these musical groups merited the praise and the applause that they received upon this occasion. BOYS' CHORUS Front Row:-Miss Spisak, director: Louis Nicastro, Sideris Lambros, Oswald Masch- gan, Frank Mlakar, George Jenkins. Rear Row:-James Blackwell, Ellsworth Smith, Eugene Greco, Wallace Geuss, Ed- ward Rock, Dale Dunkerley. GIRLS' CHORUS Front Row:-Miss Helena Spisak, Mary Anne Stefanick, Madeline Vranjes, Louise Bater, Pearl Hausman, Irene Horner, Peggy Leyshock, Louise Stefanick, Gene Songer. Second Row:--Lillian Linonis, Jane Cornelious, Olga Lubinsky, Peggy Lou Smith, Anne Bohn, Lillian Pascal, Mary Vlad, Anna Basteckey, Florence Woloshyn. Third Row :-Matilda Kosorick, Marjorie Spangler, Antoinette DeGennaro, Elizabeth Pcsigna, Angeline Rocco, Sylvia Fabich, Anne Pellis, Anne Komar, Wanda Gondek, Thelma Folsome. MIXED CHORUS First Row:--E. Juick, M.Vlad, H. Grzeszczak, J. Gatet, B. Yurcich, H. Gibel, S. Lanihros, Miss H. Spisak, directory E. Greco, C. Higgins, J. Davis, R. Bruce, A. Karol, C. Koukis, S. Schwelling. - Second Row:-M. Clune, N. Lofton, M. Vranjes, P. Smith, P. Leyshock, J, Shellen- berger, J. Zagorec, E. Rock, M. Speizer, E.Wetherstein, G. Mikulin, M. Popp, C. Sostarich, A. Sirb, A. Lucic. Third Row:-M. Ray, D. Burt, A. Trotta, M. Stefanak, L. Linonis, D. Latsko, D. Max- well, L. Nicastro, C. Vermeire, R. Gigliotti, C. Krantz, M. Stabile, M. Jones, W. Gondek, E. McCoy. Fourth Row:-P. Hausman, J. Sanger, L. Bater, A. Bitchko, I. Varro, R. Nathan, E. Szabo, W. Geuss, H. Tsantes, A. Rocco, J. Martini, I. Yeager, A. Churlick, A. Markich. Fifth Row:-M. Hawthorne, S. Mason, L. Stefanak, A. Vranjes, G. Boatner, R. Rosen- berg, A. Thomas, 0. Maschgan, J. Williams, P. Sweeney, J. Dizdar, A. Pellis, J. Stefanowiez, M. Robinson, L. Nemeth. Sixth Row:-T. Dudash, A. Gillespie, J. Callahan, E. Haniak, I. Horner, K. Green- stone, B. Broderick, H. Polangin, J. Berkon, G. Sanders, M. Salandria, M. Pad- dock, N. Stubbs, A. Evans, M. Bibich. Seventh Row:-V. Frew, T. Schreiber, J. Sarchett, M. Bernard, F. Woloshyn, I. Dresler, H. Geiak, D. Rager, E. Bobby, V. Pawlak, E. Podolsky, J. Monaco, M. Richards, D. Fasser, D. Franek, M. McCoy. E391 CHORAL CONCERT Miss Helena E, Spisak, Choral Director Florence Arkwright and Alice Griffith, Accolnpanists FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Thursday, April 18, 1940 PROGRAM Alma Mater .............,................,................. Heagney-Spisak Through the Valley of Shenango, Strive on and on, oh, Alma Mater, Floats the Smoke of molten Steel, Fly the blue and gold on high. Here our hearts shall linger ever, We shall pledge our faith triumphant, With a love that's true and real. To our school, to Farrell High. Gloria from the Twelfth Mass .......... ............ .... ....... Seraphic Song ....................................,....... June Monaco and Lillian Nemeth, alto solos Katherine Skody, Violin obligate Mixed Chorus O Divine Redeemer.... .. To a Wild Rose ..... Sleepy Hollow Tune. . . Beautiful Savior ..... .........,................ . . . . . . , Helen Gibel, Soprano Solo Girls' Chorus Prelude ..............,.................... When Allan-a-Dnle Went a-Hunting ....,,.......... When De Star Shine ................................ Emily Juick, Soprano Solo Wallace Geuss, Tenor Solo Calvin Vermeire, Baritone Handsome Soldier. . . ....................... . . . . Farrell High School Choir Ten Minute .Intermission Vagnbonds .... ............ l ..........,. Winter Song ..... . ............. ....... Darrell Maxwell, Baritone Solo A Mmmlir Night .....,.............,................ Andrew Thomas, Tenor Solo Climbin' Up the Mountain ...............,,......... Boys' Glee Club Go Down Moses ............................. To Maelzel .............,........ Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes ...........,.... Jean Ann Shellenberger Czecho-Slovakian Dance Song .................... Mixed Chorus E901 . .... Mozart . .Rubinstein . .... Gounod . .MacDowell . . . . .Kountz .Christianisen . . . .Ronald . . . .Pearsall .....Cain ...Row . . . Thomas . . . .Bullard Wennerberg . . . . .Spiritual . . . .Johnson . .Beethoven . . . .Mellish . .Folk Song' ALL NATIONS MUSIC FESTIVAL Sponsored by the Band Mothers' Association of Farrell FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY 1, 1940 PROGRAM "The Lord's Prayer" .....,.........,................ . .... High School Chorus Miss Helena E. Spisak, director "Greetings to Miss Julia S. Wallace" from Mrs. Julius Schermer, President of the Band Mothers' Association and the Farrell High School Band directed by Mrs. Duane Armstrong. Miss Julia S. Wallace, narrator, introduces the twelve nations, dressed in their native costumes. Scotch Songs :-"Annie Laurie" and "Mary of Argyle" ...... , ..,. Mr. Frank Craig Attorney John Wilkes, accompanist Irish Ballads .... .. ..,....,.. . ....,............... Miss Marguerite Mehler Irish Folk Dances. ..... , ...... . .... . ........ ....,...,...., . The Lavin Sisters Miss Florence Arkwright, accompanist Welsh Folk Songs ........,...,.......,............ . ...... Mr. William Jenkins Italian Folk Songs and Dances ............... . .... St. Anthony's Children's Choir Miss Mildred Ciccarone, soloist Miss Marcin Greenberg, accompanist German Folk Songs .................. The Liederkrantz Singing Society of Farrell Polish Folk Dances-"Polish Mazurka", ....,............ Polish National Alliance Directed by Mr. Walter Tomkiewiez Accompanied by the White Eagle Orchestra directed by Mr. Thomas Telega Roumanian Folk Songs and Dance ,... .... ..... R o umanian Orthodox Church Choir Directed by Mrs. Nicolne Moldovan Jewish Folk Songs .... ............................... . . . .Hadassah Choir Kolma Greenstone, soloist Directed by Mrs. S. Routman Accompanied by Mr. S. Epstein Hungarian Folk Songs and Dances ............. . . ...,................. Magyar Presbyterian Choir Helen Bordy, soloist Mrs. Francis Nagy, director Mrs. Joseph Sepos, accompanist Croation Folk Songs and Dances .......................... Aria Singing Society Professor Edward Bclnvich, director Negro Spirituals, Folk Songs ..,....,............. Shenango Valley Gospel Chorus Miss Willama Mitchell, Miss Melba Culp, Soloists Song and Tap Dance: Robert Samuels and Charles Vactor, Jr. Accompanied by Harvey Curtiss and Orchestra Directed by Miss Isabelle Reed and William T. Huston American Folk Songs .................... . ................ High School Chorus Directed by Miss Helena E. Spisak American Music .... ....,.,.................... F arrell High School Orchestra Directed by Mrs. Duane Armstrong Grand Finale-"America", ....,.........,....... Audience and Entire Ensemble Accompanied by the High School Orchestra directed by Mrs. Duane Armstrong L91l MUSIC-LITERARY CONTEST l Farrell Senior High School entertained the Mercer County High Schoolsz Fre- donia, Greenville, Grove City, Hickory, Jamestown, Mercer, Sandy Lake, Sharon, Sharpsvillc, Stoneboro, and West Middlesex, at the eighteenth annual music-literary contest on Friday afternoon and evening, April 5th, 1940. In the county contest, Sharon High School won first place, and Grove City High School won second place. In the literary events, Farrell Senior High School presented the following stu- dents anrl coaches: Samuel Scheriner, Peter Pavak, Miss Mary Scardina, ol-ation, Wanda Gondek, Joseph Schermer, Miss Julia Wallace, declamation, Henrietta Koston, Betty Rose Broderick, Miss Anne Gojdics, poetry reading, Anastasia Hrisoulas, John Burgoon, Mr. Harry Berkowitz, exteniporaneous speaking. Underthe supervision of Mrs. Virginia Jamison Armstrong, the following stu- dents participated in the instrumental contests which were held at various schools in the county: Catherine Sl-cody, Harry Vermeire, violin, Emily Jane Sherwood, flute, Roger Bousiges, clarinet, Genevieve Nader, Lucille Rosenblnm, piano, Darrell Max- well, Andrew Stefnnick, baritone horn, Jules Glubish, Calvin Vermeire, trombone, Dorothy Plodinec, saxophone, Doris Linder, French horn, Betty Jane Hile, oboe, Clem Williams, drum, Elmer Babes, tuba, CatherineSkody, Harry Vernieire, Poul Hrisoulas, Edith Katz, violins, ond Harold Smith, piano, in the instrumental three to five group, Rocco Cataldo, Joseph Schermer, trumpets, Roger Bousiges, Dorothy Plodinec, Mark Speizer, clarinets, Andrew Stefanick, baritone, Jules Glubish, LeRoy Marsteller, trombone, Emily Jane Sherwood, flute, Elinor Bnbos, bass, Doris Linder, French horn: Betty Jane 1Hile, oboe, in the six to twelve instrumental group. The Farrell High School Orchestra won first place in the Class A orchestra contest, and Dorothy Plodinec won first place in the alto saxophone contest. The accompanists were Harold Smith, Margaret Reda, and Ruth Low. Directed by Miss Helena E. Spisak. the Farrell High School Mixed Chorus and the following students represented the school in the vocal contests: Matthew Tomich, baritone solo, Wallace Genss, tenor solo, Emily Juick, soprano solo, with Helen Gibel as alternate, Marjorie Richards, alto solo, with June Monaco, as alternate, and Wal- lace Geuss, Andrew Thomas, Frank Mlakar, and Oswald Maschgan in the boys' quartet. E921 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Le Cercle Francais, the only academic organization in our school, held its regular meeting every Thursday morning in the Visual Education Room or in the Music Room. The aim of the Cercle is to familiarize the students with French life, art, history and literature, Therefore, several meetings were devoted to the idea of developing an appreciation of French history, art and literature, by pictorial pro- grams referring to the glorious Gathedrales of Notre Dame, Chartres and Rheims, the beautiful Palace of Fontainebleau, the historic Palace of Versailles and scenes of Paris and the Cote d'Azur. The governmental system of the club, based upon the French parliamentary system proved very interesting and instructive. All officers were elected or appointed according to the laws of France. The Parliament, realizing the power of their "Vote of Confidence," kept a judicious check upon the Cabinet which determined the policy of the club. The success of the organization has been due to the following members: le president, Roger Bousigesg le president honoraire, Mademoiselle Margaret Rouxg le premier ininistre, James Farmartinog le ministre des seances, Kolma. Greenstoney le ministre des programmes, Jacqueline Gatetg le ministre des affaires, Ellen Podolskyg le ministre des sports, Edward Frank: le ministre des affaires, Martha Frantz: le ministre de la musique, Harriet Polanging le ministre des chansons, Jean Anne Shell- enberger. Among the social events which proved to be very popular were the Box Social, the Leap Year Frolic, and a Bon Voyage party for the seniors of the group. In addition to the social activities, the club will participate in the intramural basketball tournament in which they again hope to win a trophy. The Girls' Team won the trophy last year. The members of the club are as pictured: First Row:-Miss Roux, Roger Bousiges, James Farmartino, Kolma Greenstone, Harriet Polangin, Martha Frantz, Ellen Podolsky, Jennie Kress, Edward Frank, Jean Ann Shellenberger, Jacqueline Gatet, James Munro, Leroy Marsteller, Mary Bibich. Second Row:--Jules Glubish, Marion Lacich, Eleanor Haniak, Olga Lubinsky, Gladys Johnson, Johnnie Mae Callahan, Geneva Sanders, Helen Singletary, Mabel Coleman, Frances Pipicella, Lois Williams, Jennie Dizdar, Ann Markich, Marie Bastecky. Third Row:-Kathryn Fauceglia, Madeline Vranges, Mae Szabo, Eileen Kochis, Lydia Iacino, Dorothy Franck, Anne Bastecky, Dorothy Marcnchin, Marjorie Rich- ards, Dorothy Marsteller, June Monaco, Marie Stabile, Florence Tataseo. Fourth Row :-Francis Stefanak, Robert Dignan, James Mitchell, Rosn Nathan, Gene Planchak, Ellsworth Smith, John Santell, Angeline Rocco, Mark Spezer, Leo Ottrok. i931 f TRI-HI-Y CLUB United service, fellowship and self-improvement are the ideals of the Tri-Hi-Y Club. Through the combined efforts of Mrs. Mary Jones, advisor: Florence Wolo- shyn, presidentg Doris Rager, vice president, Joan Sarchett, secretaryp and Esther Wachter, treasurerg this organization has been one of active service. The forty girls who compose the Tri-Hi-Y were chosen for their character, lead- ership, scholarship, cooperation, and reliability. During the school year, they spon- sored campaigns: namely: "Good English Week", "Leap Year Week", "Clean Up Week", and others. They ushered at school occasions, acted as aids for the Dedi- cation Day ceremonies, sold candy during lunch hours, and contributed to charitable organizations in the community. In an effort to make the pep meetings more in- teresting, they presented the short sketch, "Footballs and Powder Puffs", and a mock Major Bowes Program. Designated as a service club for the benefit of the student body, the Tri-Hi-YA is 11 representative group worthy of commendation for its successful existence. MEMBERS First Row:-Jacqueline Gatet, Dorothy Latsko, Mary Parish, Petra Campos, Rose Lombardo, Kathryn Parish, Mae Szabo. Second Row:-Dorothy Plodinec, Vera Pawlak, Sophie Katakowski, Ellen Podolsky, Peggy Leyshock, Dorothy Marsteller, Ellen Venetti, Esther Wachter. Third Row:- Sara Duffee, Norma Boyer, Margaret Geletka, Doris Rager, Florence Woloshyn, Dorothy Quinn, Myrtle Bernard. Fourth Row :-Julia Martini, Anastasia Hrisoulas, Jean Anne Shellenberger, Betty Rose Broderick, Norma Stubbs, Marjorie Richards, Joan Sarchett, Jennie Kress. Fifth Row:-Emily Jane Sherwood, .Io Ann Ring, Marian Hawthorne, Patsy Sweeney, Angeline Bunadio, Sara Mason, Harriet Polangin, Mrs. Mary T. Jones. I9-11 HI-Y CLUB First Row :--Floyd Hella, Dominic Mangone, Anthony Stabile, Jack McClain, Darrell Maxwell, Harold Smith, Henry Pratt, George Burger, Joseph Katakowski, Robert Thomas, Carmen Rnffo, Ernest Squatrito, James Munro. Second Row:-Matthew Stefannk, James Farmartino, Thomas Lienberger, Eugene Milliron, James Polyzou, Francis Stefanak, Harry Vermeire, Peter Pavuk, Roger Bousiges, Arthur Marks, Charles Alsnauer, Thomas Latsko, Mr. Ralph Dresch. Third Row:-Joseph Paul, Eugene Stepanchak, Howard Wharton, James Guffey, Joseph Morrison, George Duritsa. HI-Y Under the direction of Mr. Ralph Dresch, a group of aspiring Juniors and Seniors organized the Hi-Y Club of Farrell High School in September, 1936. To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and the community high standards of Christian character is the oath that all members take when they are initiated into the club. Each member strives to uphold this purpose. The four planks upon which the programs arc based are "Clean Speech, Clean Sports, Clean Living, and Clean Scholarship". This year, the members have strivcn to fulfill the purpose and program success- fully as the former members have done. They have rendered many services to the school and have participated in many school activities, namely: ushering at the dedi- cation of our new school and at all school events in the gymnasium, selling programs at football games, taking and selling tickets at all athletic events, and honoring the football, the basketball, and the wresting squads at club banquets. The officers of the Hi-Y are Mr. Ralph Dresch, advisor, James Munro, president, Thomas Latsko, vice president, Howard Wharton, secretary, and Harry Vermeire, treasurer. , E951 MRS. HARRY PIRRUNG . ldrisor MISS ANNE GOJDICS rlxsurinh' Advisor MISS OLGA GOJDICS Husiilrsn .-ldvisor THE NIGHT RIDER Freedom of the press! Bold-faced headlines, scoops, interviews, columns, features, and questionnaires proclaim the doings and the achievements of the Farrell Senior High School and its associates! Now in its third year of unfailing success, the Night Rider has become a dominant institution in the workings of our democratic school system. Not only from the stand- point of a publication, but also as a service foundation, this "informer" has in addition to its journalistic activities, sponsored tea dances, annually donated a Christmas tree, presented programs, forwarded an intramural basketball team, conducted varied contests, and participated in the Dedication Day ceremonies of November 30, 1939. Acting as hosts to county journalists, amateurs and professionals, members on the staff of the Night Rider successfully planned and executed a semi-annual press con- vention on January 27 of this year. Following the assem- blage of the guests in the auditorium-gymnasium, Mr. Mel- vin Blair and Mr. R. S. Lyman spoke to the aspiring journ- alists on subjects pertinent to high school publications. The meeting was then thrown open to forum discussion on the problems confronting the successful editing of a high school newspaper. After the meeting was adjourned, lunch was served, and the convention came to a successful close. Previous to this year, administrative authorities had prohibited any competitive advertising in this school pub- lication. This year, however, the restriction has been re- moved and all merchants and business men may solicit sub- scriptions to advertise in the paper. It is through this medium that many students have received not only literary training, but also training in commercial tactics and con- tacts. As the finale to a successful year, all journalists, home room managers, delivery boys, advertisers, solicito1's, ad- visors, and those in any way connected with the "Night Rider" were enjoyably entertained at a social gathering in the music room on May 9. From its enthusiastic beginning in 1938, the "Night Rider" has been capably supervised by Mrs. I-larry G. Pirrung, whose efforts have been the driving force of its journalistic achievements. Likewise, Misses Anne and Olga Gojdics, who have acted as assistant advisors, have promoted the success of this institution. The "Night Rider" is Farrell High School's messenger of good will because it maintains and upholds the ethics and policies of good journalism. E961 THE NIGHT RIDER STAFF First Row :-Broderick, Chiel, Hrisoulus. Second Row:-Galardc, Falconi, Schermcr, J. Nathan, Paul, Greenberg, R. Nathan, Rosenberg, Chunchick, Podolsky. Third Row:-Gus, Margiezm, Spangler, Schreiber, Yankovich, Voshell, Kopus, Sabo, Russo. THE STAFF PERSONNEL EDITORIAL STAFF Mrs. Harry Pirrung, Advisor Editor-in-Chief. . .Betty Rose Broderick Editor-in-Chief. ........ Annette Chiel Associate Editor . Sports Editor .... Anastasia Hrisoulas . ....... Joseph Paul Sports Editor ....... Milton Greenberg Make-up Editor . . Margrnret Geletku Kenneth Collins Leticia Margiean Eilcn Podolsky Thelma Schreiber Leona Gus lsadore Piciacchio Danny Yankovich Emily Chunchick Rosario Gnlarde . .Howard Rosenberg News Editor. . . Photographs. . . . . Art Editor ...,. . . Advertisements. . . Advertisements. . . Exchange Editor. BUSINESS MANAGER James Farmartino STAFF TVRITERS John McKay REPORTERS Milton Katz Helen Kupns Marie Reda Irene Subo SPORTS REPORTERS Francis Sherwood TYPISTS McKay, Piciacchio, . . . . .Rosa Nathan . . . ,Jonas Nathan . . George Marenchin ...Ioscph Schermer . . . . .Joseph Falconi .Sylvia Schwelling Emily Russo June Davis James Snead Doris Spangler Myrtle Voshell Rosemary Welches Sam Prizant Harold Smith Selma Holmes Mary Folsome THE 1940 REFECTOR STAFF i981 THE 1940 REFLECTOR STAFF TH E EDITORIAL STAFF Administration Editor ,.... .........,.. Class Editor ......... Athletics Editor ...., Activities Editor .... Associate Editor .,.. Associate Editor ...., Photograph Editor ..., Snapshot Editor. . . . . . . . .Anastasia Hrisoulas , . . .Marjorie Richards . . . .Thomas Lienberger Betty Rose Broderick . . . . . . .Annette Chiel ... . . . . .June Monaco . . . .Margaret Geletka . . . . . .Jonas Nathan ASSISTANTS AND TYPISTS Stanley Bombeck Joan Capozzoli Emily Chunchick Phyllis Dresch Betty Flack Mary Gabriel Rosaria Galarde Leona Gus Marie Basteckcy Stanley Bombeck Betty Rose Broderick Julia Burt Petra Campos Pauline David Phyllis Drcsch Marie De Christofaro Janette Berkon Anna Mae Bernard Helen Christoff Mabel Coleman Irene Danos Mary Gabriel Ruth Gigliotti Sarah Haun Marian Hawthorne Emily Juick Thomas Koncar Dorothy Marstcller 'First Honors Julia Guzik Laura Holby Anne Komar Frances Kulnis Barbara Lucich Lillian Nemeth Ethel Palko Matilda Palko THE SUBSCRIPTION STAFF Sales Honor Roll Helen Diatko Mary Folsome Jules Glubish' Kolma Greenstone Laura Holby Selma Holmes Anastasia Hrisoulas HONORABLE MENTION Stephanie Masian Betty McCauley Phyllis Mindicino Ethel Palko Matilda Palko Katherine Parish Pauline Pipicella Victoria Pisani Dorothy Quinn Doris Ruger Marie Reda STAFF ADVISOR Miss Esther A. B. Zentz E991 Dorothy PokraJac Irene Poranda Mary Prokop Helen Syslo Anne Tatusko Lawrence Uretta Marian Zagorec Laura Zoldan Emily Kohler Sideris Lambros Sara Mason Dorothy Pokrajac John Santell Josephine Sholtis Jane Stefanowicz Caroline Vukasich Antoinette Ricciardi Thelma Richardson Harvey Satterwhite Jilda Stroma Norma June Stubbs Mary Theofilos Carmella Timparo Harry Vermeire John Vozarik Jessie Mae Williams Florence Woloshyn Frieda Zink THIRTY-SIXTH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT of the FARRELL HIGH SCHOOL Monday Evening, May 29, 1939 FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM tl? PROGRAM Processiunal-"The Glorious Tenth"-IA. D. Dnvenpnrtj ....,... High School Band Director, Miss Virginia Jamison Invocation .... . . .......,...... . . . , ........... Reverend Charles C. Mohney Pastor, First Methodist Episcopal Church Piano Solo-'tPolonaise in C Sharp Minoru-1Chopinj . . . . . . .Samuel Campagna Introduction of the Speaker ....,,.. . , .... ,... ........ . . . Mr. W. W. Irwin Superintendent of Schools Commencement Address-"Education of the Individual and Society ........ Doctor Samuel H. Williams Professor of Biology and Education, University of Pittsburgh Clarinet Sol0-"Serenacle"-fMoritz Moszkowskij .... . . . .Louis Nicoloff Class Honor Roll and Awards ......................... . , ,Mr. W. R. Anderson High School Principal Presentation of the American Legion Award Medals ...... . . .... Mr. A. J. Pndolsky The Preston H. Carroll Post Number 160 Presentation of the Diplomas, ............. ,..... ............ M 1 '. Andrew Sage Member of the Board of Education Roll Call of Seniors .... . .........,....,....... . . .Mr. W. R. Anderson High School Principal Recessional-"Jubilee"-fEdwin Franko Goldman! . . . I1001 . . . .High School Band CLASS OF 1939 HONOR STUDENTS SHAHEEN NADER Snlutatorian Science Award Eleanor Christie . . . Shaheen Nader . Harold Rosenblum . Catherine Polyzuu . Mary Skendrovich . Eugene Schreiber .. Leonard Rosenberg Elizabeth Hurney .. Rudolph Stiftingcr . CLASS ELEANOR CHRISTIE ERNEST PETRICK Valedictorian State Scholarship American Legion Winner Award Medal American Legion Award Medal l:":f K-JE OF 1939 HONOR ROLL .93.20 Catherine Pillar . .91.92 Theresa Sarcinella .91.89 Robert Linder .. .91.60 Ernest Petrick . . .91.44 Frances Sarcinelln .91.25 Rose Horzich . ,. ,90.95 Anna Tarcy .. .89.60 Grace Williams .. 39.48 Rebella DeCm'lo . 51011 89.34 89.34 89.34 89.28 89.18 89.12 89.07 89.07 89.02 THE CLASS OF 1939 . . . . . . . . .Secretary Peter Iacino .... .... . . .President Elvira Pritz . . . . Richard Wachter ..... Vice President Miss Esther Zentz ...,. Class Advisor CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER Silver and Old Rose The American Beauty Rose CLASS MOTTO-"We Seek Higher Things." CLASS ROLL .losehh Anlamchick Ennna Adams Jeaslc Alford Thomas Androsko Veronica Andruknwiex .lulia Arcade Peter Basilone Urns Header Ted Bialko Emil Blea Wallace Bitchkn lalmnl- nnlllly Zoltan Bordy Annnmae Bracken Edna Brown Margaret Bruce Mary nuhulzer Frank Burich Carrie Burt John Butchko Anna Bunce snnnn-l cnnn-ngnn. .ln Garnett Camllmnn Irvin Camlwman lznlillo Campos Albert Caruso Arthur Cerra Robert Chnussard Steve Chee John Cherhit Arthur Chicl Eleanor Christie Mary Christo!! John Churlik Mnruuerilc Cillrianu Bonna Clilfe Iluvy Cnnticelli lturella Coslnr Cnrurlia Costea Matilda Cram! Mildred Crowder Jeanne Currie Charles curry Thomas Davies Arlela Davis William Dear Relsella UeCarlo Sam DcCarlo Mary DeGcrolama Benjanlin DeMartlnls Mary Dennis rnnllnn Dcsput Sylvia Dcaput Edward Dmochcwski Edward Dohlanski Catherine Dobrenieh Gloria DonDero Evelyn Drlvere Mary 'Durlnsh Mariorie Dunkcrley John McConnell Dunn Paul Drain Louise Elin Rocky Fnrmartinn John Fcncyk Julla Ference Carl Fleischer Samuel Frankel Peter Gahrlel Mary Galner Mariano Gallegos Vincent Gallicchio Anna Gelesky Howard Gibbs Jessie Glarlysz Agnes Golub Dorulhy Grande Peter Grande, Jr. ivilton Griflith Benjamin Guanciale Grace Gulllintla Rocco Gullllotta Harry Glxstacrhini Albert Harenchar Mitzi Hassan James llauamsn Nellie Herrick Mildred Hcsko Rosalie Horxich Catherine lloza Elizabeth Harney Carmen Iacino Peter laeino. Jr. Rose Marie Infante llonna Jackson John .lnroeki Frank Jcnninks I'aul Johnston Robert Johnston NVillinln Joho Emile Jnich Elinahelh Karolewski Frank Kerlick James Kibash Andrew Klolz Rose Knezcvich Leonard Kosiba Vl'alter Kostka Ella Kovaeh Marlin Krlstunko C. MnTyC Kurlnniek Stella Lnnda Marxtaret Laullcrman lllnl-y Lamar Mike Lcavcns Dolores Levitt Helen Levitt Robert Linder Josephine Lombnrrlo Mlke Loslk, Jr. Francis McCloskey Charles MeKnll!llt Marjorie Mndara Stevc Mamlura llnulse Mancini Nlck Marcu Rlllnh Marks, Jr. Charles Mnsckal Michael Mayerehak Victoria lvlnyknwskl Joseph Melt-ky Helen Mlklllin Jennle Mllettfa Clarence Miller Nellie Mlller Pauline Miller Charles Mlndiclno Alec Mlrizlo Ruth Mltehell George Moldovan, Jr. Nora Morocco Casey Mnstrolr George Mouuanls Ellnnllcrll Mnsinsky Shaheen Nader Mary Nallnlitan Herman Nathan Esther Newman Patsy Nlcastw Louis Nlcololf .lnnvnll Nanny Bernard Ostrnwski John Paczak Mike Yndenlch Caroline Pnndolh Caroline K. Pnndolfi Nick Parish Veronica Pasaclc Louise Ann Paulitz James Pearce Frances Perry Ernest Patrick Catherine Plller Eleanor Pintl Kathryn Polyzou Elvira Priir. Morris Prlzant Stenhcn Puhaln Betty Purash Georlw Ray Martha anyknyleh Mary Redfoot Earl Recd Elizabeth Reims Cor1lc'lins Richardson, Jr. ln.-nc Rlmku Ernest nnlnnson Evelyn ntnlnll cr-.nw nnlznn Lconnrnl aosr-nlwm Harold nnnenbllnn Elimln-ln anpnre Florence snlne James snnlanw Mary Sanltate lvlnnlln Santcll Frances snrclnnlln 'rm-an sn.-nlnelln num snneywniw U021 Ernestlnc Saunders Elena Scardina Nick Searmack Jack Schmidt Ellllene Schreiber Isadore Schreiber James Scott Dorothy Sever Audrey Shellenberger Ethel Sherwood Franels Sherw00d John Slellinno Nathan Simon Lclla Slngietary Walter Slnkuc Frank Slnennli Mary Skenrlrovlch Steahen Skiho Marrtaret Smalt: Pearle Solomon Henry Stanck John Stauneh Ulysses Steele Helcnne Stefanlsh Edward Stefanowlca Rudolph Stlftinger Albert scrnnslry David Sweeney Anna Tnrcy Sidney Taub Berlha Teleky Henry Thomas Deminlek Tierno Jennie Tomlch Julius Tnnerler. Jr. Fnlnk Tucci Marllaret Uhalle Frances Validzich Eullene Vallea James Vcllcntu Lucy Venettl Roland Vermeire Sal'ah Voshell Richard WVachter Anne XVarollieW Gertrude Nvasko Jess Wayne Esther NVelser Dorothy Weiss Donald Wlleux Katherine Will Arthur Williams Grace XVilliams James Wilson Beulah iVrl5rht Joseph Yaeullo Leonard Ynnek Antoinette Zarelln Albert Zililiay Harriet Zolton PROGRAM JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT JUNE 1, 1939 THE CLASS OF 1942 "YOUR LIFE IN THE MAKING" Processionnl Introduction .... . ........... . Orchestra . . . .Jacqueline Gatet Piano Solo-"Silver Band March" . , . Eugene Bechtold Scene One-"Keep It" ............,,...... .... L ouis Rosenblum Piano Solo-"Presto from Sonato in G Major" . . . , Wilma Lindway Scene Two-"Develop Skills ...........,. Sidney Schreiber Poem-"Work" by H. Van Dyke ......,..,.....,...,.......... Olga Lubinsky Poem-"Work" by Angela Morgan .,.................. . ....... Speaking'Choir Theresa Christelli Roman Winiecki Dorothy Harmon Lucille Rosenblum John Theodorou Anthony Sarcinclla Marion Yacullo Mary Jane Bertelli Edward Rock Elmer Babes Rose Pipicelli Ella Gene McKay Joseph Kovach Henry Boyer Virginia Mastrian Anna Trottu Paul Bendik Harry Weiser Jeanette Truesdale Estelle Coleman Vocal Medley-Home Songs ..... Jeanne Songer, Geneva Boatner, Letitia Margiean, Virginia Mastrian, Florence Ramsey. Scene Three-"Family Importance" .. .................. Aurelius Petrick Poem-"Home Sweet Home" .,..... ...Madeline Vranges Piano Solo-"TaranteIla" ................ . . , . . .Lucille Rosenblum Scene Four-"Make Friends" ......... . . . . . . ........ Norman Solomon Vocal Solo-"Let My Song Fill Your Heart". . . . . , .Jean Anne Shellenberger Scene Five-"Be Loyal" ................ ........... J ohn Burgoon Poems-"Our Heroes"- "Wanted" ...... Poem--"Landing of the Accordian Solo--"Sharp Scene CAnonymousI .... , .....,.... . . . . . . . . .. Goldie Mikulin Josiah Gilbert Holland Pilgrim Fathers"-KF. Hemansj ......... . Shooters March" . Speaking Choir ....GaspurMorocco . Robert Wachter Six-"Be Free" .... . ........... . . . Pledge of Allegiance . .. Conclusion ........ . . Recessionul . . . Speaking Choir . . . Jacqueline Gatet . . . . . . Orchestra Marion Lacich Anthony Falconi George Kerlik James Lengyel Eugene Greco George Stiftinger Sylvia Fabish Adam Krukar Emil Hohoi Walter Dresel Alfred Hesko Phyllis Capozzoli Carrie Amico ARCHES Frerl Griffin Florence Tataseo Mildred McCoy Theresa Dudash Mary Coffnro Helen Tsnntes Mary Crisan Marie Stabile Catherine Krantz Dominic Zarella Lena Mazzotta Ralph Napolitan Anthony De Carmen Anthony Sarcinella Mike Cagno Steve Radasevich Eleanor Bacon Anne Bastecky Inez Wethcrstein Dorothy Marenchin George Shapona Antoinette De Gennaro Onofrin Lombardo Paul Flint Robert Knliney Dwight Robson Hlenry Boyer Jack Martin Dolores Firlit Letitia Margiean Rudolph Kosiha Tony Grandc Stanley Milandovich Ray Reddinger Mike Kardos Lois Donaldson Elmer Rogers If103J Conrad Joseph William Schuster Anna. Klutcher Theresa Christelli Leo Palumbo Mary Mnsten Mary Slivka Edward Lobkowiez William DeCapua Tony Spanos Rosalie Mankas Marie Avril Mike Zolmcr Margaret Robinson Dorothy Androsko James Mouganis THIRTY-SEVENTH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Monday Evening, June 3, 1940 FARRELL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Cl? PROGRAM Processionnl-"Marche Noble"--QC. Bnchj ....,........,. High School Orchestra Director, Mrs. Virginia Jamison Armstrong Invocation . . . ......... . ,..........., ..... R evercnd Charles C. Mohney Pastor nf First Methodist Church Clarinet Duet-"Bonnie Eloise"-CI. J. Mnstenb ..... Cornel Bolog, Roger Bousiges Members of the Class of 1940 Introduction of the Speaker ......................... Superintendent of Schools CommencementAddress , . .Mr. W. W. Irwin .Dr. Weir C. Ketler President of Grove City College Songse- "God of the Open Air" lNohle Cain! "Lord's Prnyer" lMalottc-Deisj ............ .. "Alma Mater" 0HfeagneyASpisakj Director, Miss Helena E. Spisak . . . .School Choir .. .Mr. W. R. Anderson Class Honor Roll and Awards ...................... High School Principal . .Andrew Stefanick Baritone Solo-"Thoughts of Yesterday"-CClay Smithj. Member of the Class of 1940 Presentation of the Diplomas .... . .........................., Mr. Andrew Sage President of the Board of Education Roll Call of Seniors. . . . . . . . ................. . . .Mr. W. R. Anderson High School Principal Recessional-"Trinmphal March Victoria"-CE. Dc Teixeiraj . .High School Orchestra Director, Mrs. Virginia Jamison Armstrong I1041 I K s P V V .1- PHOTOGRAPHS Thc Capitol Btudlm Mr. Samuel Sohwlrhu Farrell. Pennsylvania. ENGRAVINGS The Northern Enlrlvlnl and Elnatrnww Campany, Oanwn. Ohio. PRINTING AND BINDING Millar. Pyla 4 Streak Allied. B. Bffllf, Pl-np. New Cul-ln. Penmlrlvgnln. COVERS The S. X. Smith Company. The Davld J. MONO! Phu!- Chleuco. Illlnoh. Q ,L V . ifmyffc , J I Q ffwwwzfni 41 QW KT jiicfu uh ,AIC LMQ . M film M'fffwa ,,,fWJ 2 Qlufff 1f4fL5QZ5vwcM M M M W C 9 .1 QjLQJML 2 A -'A wwf gf W f

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