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DEER DI - My K V T fr SMG was A gym ,N 71f,m6j wsfu you wake STM Hema Came? " Luc qw-wg pm-Mg, bm LW? L " F Q 3 I fml 2'7PU 41 Q '7 -f--.7777 I E A ., f-171 7 Ab-2,,W,,, 497,,7Z Q fifi ffwwvlfb Wd ffwfff WWQVQ , S? ff WSP fwf fm 2 !f'?J'7 'li7i?'?fZlf7V776f4Vli?7 V17gf'M77pffC Q Q-3, x fff WW LVM i r-- ,wr 7 .- 'M W in r"TJ'f gc! ww ffm Wf Mfffff WW WWW X . Q'y7','777 M J mx l EJ '- 'WWKQ 7377 72 my .Awvffzw-9 ,gy gs 4 7 Q JV , 2' ,-p7b,,,,.7,yW VY rgxfxijgg fp' I - 1 05'-iffy 3 QS OWL fC'77f9gH7?W' Ofyfzf - pm - ffmffmf f , ? A LL QL .- yczyngf-iicgy 54964, J BML oafvwwviodw 6170.1 '- J ment Jzaw CUJYUZ MIUOW ,aw ,mad Jew az, dcwek aff JL Jwmdf 6dM . NQwvuif wzffU0fzf MQ, :dw Ubffmw ,,Lw, fZuL Jzdwb Lf6L-WOL JZL HCL, QQQ,ffQ, f470iLAAfVjOff1fWLfci0 0fmoLfJ,00,u0m1wfw J qw fwww . M156 LLUOU ,,UQZ0Oj3Zi'flfV Qdfif fQ57fwz,,0J ' 1 M 07 ,, The Farmington Senior High Class of 1965 Presents ROLLCALL 1965 Academies Activities Athletics H onors U nderelezssmen Seniors Q, x 1 I w A We Dedicate This Yearbook The summer of 1964 marked the advent ofthe 15th modern Olympic games, located in Tokyq Japan. And with the games came the spirit of good will and fair play, which was felt by con- testants and spectators alike. It is to these ideals of the Olympic games-- the spirit of advancement through competi- tion, the elimination of political and national prejudice, and the principles of honesty and integrity -- that we dedicate this yearbook, with the profound hope that they may not only be utilized in athletic endeavors, but also be borne by the nations of the world to promote a peaceful and enduring existence. o qw I mmm 3 K ,,fmw-iw. Q Qffifff 0, w 4:3555 in - b....,f5.f- W"-""""'T"Ai"'f'i,f'i""17fXl.4,M .. Mn, ' Q , G. Giroux. secretary J. Geiger, principal N. Bartsch, attendance C. Graham, assistant principal Konke, secretary Church, secretary Perry, library assistant Tyler, attendance fd? ACTIVITIES Art Club Plans Christmas Cards and Trzps The old aphorism still holds true: Good things come in small packages. Despite the size of the Art Club, the members have boasted of more activities than many clubs. Original Christmas cards and note paper were made and sold, from which the proceeds were used for cultural activities. The group had a Christmas party and planned a trip to Toronto. Guest speakers also added to the year's agenda. The officers were Nancy Davis, president, and Karyn Nicholson, secretary-trea- surer. Mr. Glenn again advised the group. ' 'W-pr , i ? I X Standing: S. Newman, S. Sc.hulze, M. Gregory, G. Gardner: Sitting': P. Maxwell, K. Nicholson, N. Davis, K. Willard -as 'E Clint and Ray discuss their next scene while waiting Rai' Biggs' Offers Arlene ViCt01' H Cigarette While Con U1 the Wir1gS. ducting a survey in the lobby of the hotel. The residents of the Madison Avenue Girls' Hotel, fleft to righti Chris McKelvey, Jill, McElroy, Judy White, Michele Smolek, Carol Griffin, and Barb Balsom, discuss their un- married plight. , Mr. Sherpitis Mr. Schoeneich Sue Bliss and Linda COX P1'ePafe Jan UmPh1'9Y Student Director Brian Dates helps sell tickets to patrons for her role as maiden Aunt Lettie. Opening night. "Ask An Girl" The Senior Class received little recognition, but a great deal of satisfaction from their production of "Ask Any Girl" in January, 1965. The comedy cen- tered around the romantic triangle of a small town girl, Arlene Victor, husband-seeking in New York, and two brothers, Ray Biggs and Clint Starr, who own a New York advertising agency. The main plot was ushered along' by Arlene, Clint, and Ray in the main lobby of the Madison Avenue Girls' Hotel while the other actors wandered on and off the stage. Four memorable characters were Jan Umphrey and Linda Cox, cast as Arlene-'s two spinster aunts, and Gary Lockwood portraying a shipping clerk who thought he was a painter to the dismay of Barbara Balsom , receptionistatthe hotel. But the character who brought howls of joy from the audience as she thumped across the stage, grumbling of calories, chocolate-layer cake, and a lack of males was Christine McKelvey. As the Iowa country-girl Jeannie, Chris stole into the hearts of nearly every- Stage crews watch the antics on stage from behind Ona, the scenes. Mr. Ray Sherpitis, director, and Mr. Eugene Schoe- nqich, co-director, worked with the cast and crews to produce the comedy. Jan Hermann, Cathy Let- son, and Brian Dates assisted Mr. Sherpitis as stu - dent directors , who formed committees and helped make the production a success. URSA MAJOR Dubhe Alioth MT. NiCh0l5 URSA MINOR KOCTI-ab Polaris ! Boys roaming the halls of F. H. S. with stars in their eyes during 1965 were not light-headed lovers awakened by the spring but rather members of the Astronomy Club. Although several of their activities were unsuccessful and their numbers few, they actively and constantly engaged in discovering the wonders of the uni- verse around us through the lenses of their telescopes. President John Mosley organized several "star parties" throughout the year, at which mem- bers gathered to look upward and outward. The members probed the mys- teries oi the Milky Way individually, sometimes with disappointment, some- times with satisfaction, but always wanting to know more. DRACO THE DRAGON Eltanin CANES VINCENTIC Alkaid ggmnmmvm 1 '- fn. Y ' A 4 Wfnwf ' WE! A 12 I I , 4 ' V ' ' if . 3? K Nvil , ww M if-if , fl X . 3 Y V . Q . f , V M' 2 M M N' X 0' Y' 4 Y X :bag ' WP fa , . .E x f X sn i A select group of students with an added desire to play N compose the Dance Band and the Pep Band. The Dance Band performs outs ide our school and frequently adds a unique touch to F. H. S. concerts. The Pep Band strives to boost school spirit by playing at various athletic events. R. Cripps Fif'fR0W1S- Banks. L- Perry. C. Misch. T. Taggaru second Row: D. McMul1en,J.Gordon L. Lofquist, R. Cripps Talented Versatility Is the Weztclawmfd of Our Bama' Susan Maki, Joyce Ray, Joanne Maki, and Gay Taggart Ambxdexterous magorettea and the drum major provide an irn- prelsive fl t Band perfor- mance . f First Row: L. Loiquist, K. Virley, K. Schacht, B. Carlson, G. Taggart, Second Row: L. King, J. Bachelor, D. Stidwell, C. Smith, L. Close, M. Eichhorn, J. Bennett, Third Row: C. Read, J. Maki, S. Dever, V. Leet, I... Van Vuren, L. Mitchel, P. Gendron,I.. Lee, J. Cranston, P. Mingo, J. Gordon: Fourth Row: K. Rickey, W. Wi11iamson,J.Ray P. Bush, S. Banks, T. Phipps, B. June, D. Rosengarten. First Row: V. Stumbaugh, J. Jeffers: Second Row:J.Bai1ey, B.Sovereign, C.Berck1ey, L. Simone, S. Maki, A. Kilkka, D. Klawender, T. Taggart, C. Mischg Third Row: N. Gross, S. Shotwell, D. McCoy, S. Reber, K. Dembeck, K. Allen,D.LaFevre, S.Everts, R. Cripps, T. Miller, R. Gale, D. McMullen, L. PerrygFourth Row: K. Eddy, D.Lieb, E. Jubenville, W. Harrison, S. Fain, B. O'Daniel, D. Houghton, S. Dever, P. Beattie F. H. S. Bama' Band Members Explore wo New Realms of Music The Dance and Pep Bands, Majorettes and Band form the Farmington High School Band Departrnent. The entire organization is smoothly run by the practiced hand of Mr. R. Zimmerman. In the fall, the marching Band provides entertainment during the half-time of the football games. With the passing of football, the Band assumes the role oi concert Band. R. Zimmerman unfortunate absence We would like to express our thanks to Mr. Lloyd Smith, Band Director in Mr. Zimmerxnan's Blue 6 White Takes on Task of Informing Students Left to Right: M. Maattala, D. Kencik, T. Swieczkowski, J. Schlereth, J. Cotton, P. Martin, G.Smith L. Harris, L. Adcock, C. MCKe1vey, P. Jamieson, R. Niemisto, T. Donoghue "The Best School ls an Informed School" is the motto of the Journalism Il class. Thursday mornings they live up to their motto by selling a four-paged, five cent issue of the students' newspaper, the Blue 8.1 White. Each issue is filled with news about school activities, editorials, and topics of currentinterest. The paper is put out by an all-Senior staff and is ad- vised by Mr. Peel. Thursday the work begins for the staff when they re- ceive their assignments and the story ideas are gather- ed. The journalism students then write and type the stories which are then submitted to Mr. Peel for edit- ing. The Farmington Enterprise then sets the cor- rected stories in type. When the Enterprise returns the type, the journalism students then proofread it and send any errors back to be reset. The page lay- out is then decided and headlines are written and set up by the staff. Then the paper is ready to put to press. mu:u.san.,-41.:1W..t ,s..,.f+..i . Left to Right: L. Maki B. Wilson S. Mynatt I. Rozenboom A. Ratke R. Mahnney P. Caudell Not Pictured: M. Rozenboom V. Robinson Cafeteria Pairs Naturals: Fooa' 69 Teenagers am I HeQb You? The CII-IUfCan I Help Youj, established in 1960 by Dr. Frank Laubach, had another profitable year in 1965 at F. H. S. President Janet Lawshe, Vice-President Brenda Thompson, and Advisor Mr. Barrons led the club in sponsoring dances, bake sales, and the annual spring carnival. The profits from their activities were contributed to the Laubach Fund and other pub- licly-supported organizations. Karen Boise and Joan McGregor, secretary and trea- surer, helped plan trips to Washington, D. C., Chicago, and New York for three club members. All those associated with CIHU agreed that 1965 was a profi- table year. Left to Right: K. Boise, secretary: B. Thompson, vice-president:J Lawshe, presidentg Mr. Bari-ons, advisorg and J. McGregor, trea surer Top Row: L. King, J. Kerot, S. Himmelspach, B. Ports, K. Boise, M. Kelly, J. McGregor,C.A1drich, J. Lawsheg Bottom Row: L. Williamson, R. Fahner, P. Weaver, B. Thompson Back Row: G. Jagielky, J. Hennessy, R. Taylor, L. Terry, B. Smith, Front Row: S Smithem, J. Slingerland, L. Rhodes, G. Courville, V. Bishop, L, Watzke Q 10 Miss Grzyb Cheerleading exploded into 1965 with more new cheers. Miss Grzyb was the sponsor this year. School spirit was brought to a healthy glow by the cheerleaders' morning pre-game cheers. Located in the main lobby, they drew large crowds of enthusiastic spectators as they went through their paces. Along with this newness, our cheerleaders continued to doa fine job at the games. Their energetic support of the teams inspired players to many victories. Varsity Captain Judy Hennessy and J. V. Captain Velma Bi- shop felt that this year was a most successful year for the cheerleaders. Cheerleaders Ada' Spirit to Ball Games juniors' "Belles and Beezux" Welcomes an-'WW l.. 'Sf wavy uclem' Disarmament Is Debatea' This year one of the main objectives of the Debate Team was to create more enthusiasm among the students. This was done through the articles in the Blue 81 White and by taking part in the Winter Sports Assembly. Our Falcon debators had a good season under the helpful direction of Mr. Smith who was also chairman of the league. We took third place for the lnterlakes Conference behind Southfield and Walled Lake, the negative team having 4 wins, O lossesg affirmative, lwin, 3 losses. With these five out of eight wins, we were able to take another plaque for "Excellence in De- bating. " Also, for the first time in eleven years, we placed first in the District Tournaments. Varsity: P. Unger, R. Dodd, Coach Smith, J. Wagner, C. Starr 'E fi 1,1 1 1 ' "L'u,ll H M52 Jwwvuwib T. Peace Firet Row: li. Willard, N. Gagnon, B. Newman, E. Senob, P. Weaver, Second Row: B. Young, M. Bacon, R. Senob, J. Lawshe , R. Williamson, I... Cox, D. Moore, B. Miller, B. Henry, D. Hall, B. Opp, K. Stuart, B. Biechlerg Third Row: J. White, K. Horni- man,A. White, M. Kelly, P. Trikes J. Lawshe, L. Cox, K. Hendee, M. Dickerson, C. Griffin 9 First Row: K. Schacht, L. Feipel, R. Schulze, C. Kouzoujian, D'. Stidwell, C. Aldrich, D. Halperin, Second Row: B. Thompson, K. Gorelick, E. Jus- tice, R. Fahner, K. Groff, C. Legg, D. Line, P. Norman, C. Russell, T. Waring, Third Row: B. Doyle, L. Kansman, C. Kinggo, M. Gala, N. Coon, C. Stevens, J. McElroy, Fourth Row: C. Letson, K. Boise, M. Hortmann, J. Wagner, R. Halsted, N. Davis, K. Austin, M. Butler Goodwill Ambassadors o Today's Modern World t F. H. S. lts major purpose is to make our The Exchange Club is one of the most active organizations a -hange students' visits here more enjoyable. The club also helps to promote the American Field Sor- i-xi vice and the Youth for Understanding foreign exchange programs. The main event of the year for Exchange Club members was Brotherhood Week. During this period they were hosts to exchange students from all over the Detroitmetropolitan area. This year Brotherhood Week ' d tb d 's understanding of their foreign visitors' countries and cus- did much to advance the entire stu en 0 y toms. Thisyci-1r'5 officers were President Linda Cox, Vice-President .Tori Dickerson, Secretary Kris Hendee, Treasurer Janet Lawshe, and Historian Carol Griffin. , 7, on 3 5 X N94- UD' - I mf' ,fa In if 2 V. Q . s Exchange Students Enjoy Their Visits Here and Abron. i w J. McElroy, D. Denton, A. Recchione, M. Dick- erson, C Starr E. Broadman. C. Starr, M. Hortmann, E. Broadman, .I McElroy, M. Dickerson, D.. Denton In the fall of 1964, Farmington Senior High extended a warm welcome to two exchange students, Clinton Starr and Michael Hortmann. Clint, from Sidney, Australia, came to the United States under the American Field Service. He gave the students at F. H. S. a good understanding of the people and customs of his native land. Clint stayed with Eric Sauter. Mike, from Duisbureg, Meiderich in northwestern Germany, came to Farmington through the -Michigan Council of Churches program. Mike gained many friends at F. H. S. and amazed many people with his ex- cellent command of the English language. Mike's interests lay in math and physics. 'He was reluctant to leave the United States and said that he would like to return to study in the future. Mike lived Wlih One of our faculty members, Mr. R. Sherpitis. The year of 1965 brought an addition to our foreign exchange students. Alexander Recchione from Santi- ago, Chile, joined our student body later in the school year because he had just finished eleventh grade in Chile. Since our winter season corresponds with South America's summer season, Alex came dur- ing his summer vacation. Alex resided with Senior John Gordon and was sponsored by the Michigan Council of Churches. During the summer of 1964, Farmington Senior High was represented abroad by four F.H.S. students. Under the Youth for Understanding Program, Seniors Eva Broadman, Jori Dickerson, and David Denton traveled to Germany, Finland, and the Netherlands respectively. .I ill McElroy traveled south of the bor- der as our representative to Brazil under the American Field Service. All were greeted warmly and en- countered many new and challenging experiences. They reported enthusiastically on their experiences and all hope to revisit their foster families someday. Top to Bottom: M. Kelley, E. Justice, D. Houghton, L. Youngblood, K. Boise, N. Nagy, P. Norman, S. Bentzel L, Najjar, A. Larson, K. Cargill, J. McElroy, K. Kourt- jian, G. Green, S. Schulze, B. Henry, M. Hildebrandt, E. Senob, L. Mann, C. Read, P. Jourdan, A. Scott, H. Mc- Coy, P. Oliver, D. Hall, C. Griffin, D. Stidwell, J. Mc- Gregor, L. Kansman Under the guidance of Mrs. Hall and the officers, the French Club had one of its most successful and active years since its creation. A July picnic started the ball rolling. Old and new members then at- tended a pot luck dinner, a hayride, the Old World Market, and the University of Detroit play, School for Wives. Totop off Homecoming, Le Petit Tanque Orange won first prize. Later the French Club and the other language clubs sponsored a dance during the semester break. The officers included President Sandy Schulze, Vice-President Carol Griffin, SecretaryLizSenob, Treasurer Jill Mc- Elroy. V. , . F M. Hall La Societe Francaise--The ey to ulture and Fun Top to Bottom: C. Anderson, A. Fernholz, J. Dickerson, P. Ayres, R. Schulze, I... Perry, G. Kelch R. Dodd, N. Cort, N. Coon, K. Dembeck, R. Senob, C. Kouzoujian, B. Newman, K. Williard, L. Gry can, J. Bachelor, N. Benedict, M. Brown, N. Stormont, R. Miller, C. Moore, D. Halperin, L. For sythe, K. Nicholson, C. McKelvey FTA Explores World of Teaching The club had numerous activities during the year which served to acquaint the members more fully with the teaching professionand teaching methods. These activitiesineluded attending seminars on teaching at the University of Detroit and Eastern Michigan Univer- sity, hearing Mrs. Kahl speak on teaching in foreign countries, having Mr. Race come and speak on group process teaching, and hearing Miss Arndt and Mr. Clark, two of Farmington's student teachers speak on the approach a college takes to prepare a student for teaching. Members held a bake sale and sponsored a dance as fund raising projects and then finished the year with a picnic. The F. T. A. is organized to provide an opportunity for young people to examine the possibilities of teaching and to explore the profession. One of the club's main purposes is to develop leadership qualities and professional attitudes in the members. i Mr. Neuhauser Left to Right: Sue Reynolds, program chairman: Madge Hildebrandt, Mrs. Twyman treasurer, Joanne Bennett, president: Thea Schwartz, secretary, Gayle Smith, vice -president AMUYILIXN fl' , Left to Right: J. Eisenlord, K. Stormont, L. Forsythe, P. Unger, K. Groff Left to Right: J. Bachelor, K. Boise, L. Hoetger, K. Schacht A,Fernho1z, K. Bayer, D. Dombrowski Top to Bottom: K Johnsen, S. Richman, J. Ferril, C. Gorelick, B. Schrader, C. Russom, L. Moss, L.Lykins, C. Austin, A. Sheerer Future Nurses Tmiu yor uu Exciting Cureer Mrs. Crust Future Nurses gives interested students an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the nursing profession. This year the club participated in some very beneficial activities, such as preparing useful articles for hospitals and listening to guest speakers. Mrs. Crust sponsored the organization this year. The presi- dent of the club was Connie Aldrichg Liz Senob, vice-presi- dentg Alice Niven, secretary: and Dora Johnson, treasurer. Aldrich, A. Niven, E. Senob, D. Johnson xxx Seated: A. Larson, secretary: K. Austin, minor points: S. Frieling, president: J. Bennett, vice president Standing: J. McGregor, treasurer, J. Lawshe, major points GAA Keeps Girls Fit at FHS Many of the high school girls actively parti- cipated in the Girls' Athletic Association this year. Advisor Miss Reynolds, President Sue Frieling, Vice-President Joanne Bennett, Sec- retary Alexa Larson, and Treasurer Joan Lk:- Gregor planned activities for the club. Jand Lawshe, major points manager, and Kathy Austin, minor points manager, tallied points for the members. The club attended several pro and college sports events this year, and the facultyjoined in the fun at the annual student-faculty volley- ball game. The year proved to be of value to all those concerned. Miss Reynolds S I First Row: J. Perry, S. Innesg Second Row: J. Bennett, C. Aldrich, S. Frieling, K. Austin, A. Larson, Third Row: K. Hilliard, C. Stevens, B. Doyle, S. Reynolds, J. Llwlhe, V. Kelley, J. McGregor, Fourth Row: D. Sheridan, B. Perry, B. Thompson 'T J l Back-Row: K. Farrel, J. Witmer, M. Hortmann, S. H Front Row: L. Fredricks, P. Jamieson Wooclpuslaers Finalh Meet Their Mates The Chess Club innovated a new phase in the activities this year. F'armington's Chess Club participated with fourteen other schools to form the Greater Detroit Area Chess League. This was the first time Farmington has had an active chess team. The League held a tournament each semester. Every week Farmington participated in the meets, choosing a five member team from the ranks of the mernbers. In the firsttournament, Farmington's small team made a poor show- ing. However, by the time the second tournament had started they had some experience and were able to put in a much better season. Although the school as a whole did not make an extremely impres - sive season, two senior members achieved distinction.Steve Harsh- field made a club record for the greatest number of games won on the first board. Perry Jamieson set a League record when he won a match with an Oak Park player in six moves. The clubwas advised by Mr. Neuhauser and the officers were Perry Jamieson, president, and Leonard Fredericks, vice-president . The Chess Club has a unique constitution that provides for a legis- lative organ consisting of one member from each class. This body is known as the House of Knights and effectively deals with new situations as they arise. Baubles, Bangles, and Despite the rain and wind of October 9, the usual Homecoming spirit filled the air. Beginning at 2:30 p.m. , the floats traced the traditional parade route. The Farm- ington Band led the procession. At half-time the floats and cars circled the field as everyone awaited the announce- ment of the winning float, Le Petit Tanque Orange. The introduction ofQueen Sherry N Tucker and her court--Pat Ayres and Judy Hennessy, Senior Representatives: Bar- bara Balsam, Junior Representative: and Nancy Gagnon, Sophomore Representative- immediately followed. Even though the second half of the game recommenced with as much enthusiasm as the first, the Falcon team was unable to trounce the Walled Lake Vikings. Once again the Skyliners played at "Queens and Quarterbacks, " which was clirnaxed by the crowning of the Queen and her court Victory or no victory, baubles, bangles, beads, and smiles reigned over Home- coming 1964. Beads Bedeck Homecoming 1964 sm The Homecoming Court: Nancy Gagnon, Judy Hennessy, Sherry Tucker, Pat Ayres, Barbara Balsom 'Viva-az .. ' AP 2. 3- ' w You M UST Have Been A Beczutzful Baby. M3 ME, . W, if W k f ' I 120. A-Mfij' In H 'U' 31111 'Wm I' ' Yu a- 43 ., ? f ,efxk --Qi, Y 'Nw' nf 'Q uf' , i But Wim! H appenecl? Latin Club Finds Clmrnz in Ancient World Back Row: D. Bowers, J. Wagner, P. Jamieson, B. Thompson, C. Russell, L. Close, L. Capo, Mrs Brand, advisor, R. Dodd, S. Faine, R. Lee, J. Kent, V. Gilbert, S. Kin, B. Young Front Row: L. Lykins, K. Austin, K. Unger, R. Bain, R. Priemer D. Brand This year's Latin Club: in an effort to aiiain a more complete understanding and apprecia- tion of Roman culture, joined the Michigan Junior Classical League and the American Classical League. Instituted to bring Latin and the classics close to the student level, these two organizations stixnulated a great deal of interest in ancient culture. Another Latin Club activity was the annual trip to the Old World Market. Members at- tended this function as guests of the French Club. In June a Roman Banquet was held in the courtyard, and all participants were in the traditional toga. Model U. . epresents France, Australia, ana' the Ivory Coast Representing France, Australia, and the Ivory Coast at their two General Assemblies, the Farmington Model U.N. achieved their aims during 1965. The members ofthe Model U.N. became more aware of world situations and helped interest others in world affairs, Led by Co-Chairmen Steve Harshfield and Perry Jamieson and Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Wagner, the members formed one of the most active U. N. 's ever at F. H. S. They spon- sored two meetings withdelegations from over thirty schools participating in the state-wide program. The meetings held before the two General Assemblies in March and April at Hillsdale College and U. of D. High gave the members a chance to meet their opponents and practice U. N. procedures. Mr. Nichols ff A of I , gg 4 1 3 ,. 5' V ,K Qi" 'Q 3 wx ' Q 4 5 ,J 1 m tn. fgxrr V Herman, D. Olson: Middle Row: B. Hicks, P. MacDonald, R. Belanger, R.Rid song Bottom Row: C. McKe1vey, M. Miller Vocal Music Department Displet s Abilities Mr. Feucht First Row:B. Thompson, D. Halperin, S. Smith, B. Biggs, J. Maki, D. May, B. Perry M. Butler, S. Cossin, S. Cossin, M. LeFevreg Second Row: D. Wallace, L. McBride,B Mazur, A. Larson, S. I-Iarbay, P. Spriggs, K. Luzar, J. Martin, D. Kinsman, C.Kou- zoujian, C. Letson, R. Taylor, R. Clifton: Third Row: G. Uxa, R. Riggio, P. Shelton, H. DeSimone, C. Gilbeau, M. Oates, J. Hermann, L. Kelsch, S. Simonsen, L. Moss, P. , '51,ff?g-555'k1Qssfsww,f Farmington's four musical groups, under the direction of Mr. William Feucht, had avery enjoyable and rewarding year. The chorus, which is composed of male and female voices, studied a wide variety of vo- cal selections ranging from classical to pop music. During the year, the members of the Girls' Glee Club studied the fundamentals of music, and displayed their knowledge through their presentation of many songs requiring three - and four-part harmony. At different times throughout the year, the Falconaires, an eighteen-member group of mixed voices, appeared in concerts and at civic functions, maintaining their traditional vocal excellence. Also making many public appearances were the Twelve Tones, a selecf group of female voices. This group displayed its abilities through the expert handling of numerous diffi- cult songs. Weaver, C. Griffin, L. Watzke, C. Tesch3Fourth Row: R. Howard, G. Smith,D. Moore, J. Umphrey, R. Ames, R. Dodd, S. Dorrow, B. Harriman, M. Goodhue, L. Rhodes,B. Maldonado, N. Gilbeau, M. Smolekg Fifth Row: G. Northrop, C. Anderson, T.Taggart, G. Lockwood, D. Winston, K. Rickey, B. Dates, M. Gregory, M. Foster, G.Shelton,D. McAdams, M. Balman, P. Sanderson First Row: M. Eichhorn, R. Kellogg, L. Griffin, K. Riggio, M. Spink,R. Williamson, Second Row: K. Morley, M. Smith, V. MCT:-iggart, C. Berk- ley, V. Stumbaugh, B. DeCainy, P. Tobicog Third Row: V. Sheldon, C. Stevens, S. Jackson, L. Lang, B. Lampela, P. Grow, Fourth Row:M. Price, C. Kelm, J. Slingerland, R. Moore, D. Carson, C. Johnson, P. Pheney Fifth Row: K. Nicholson, L. Heaton, S. Fuller, C. Tomchak, K. Luker, C. West, C. Arvyg Sixth Row: L.. Valenti, T. Herrington, J. Francisco, P. Misenar, C. Kinggo, B. Ambrose, C. McKelvey Glee Club g g I Falcomzires Back Row: D. McAdams, D. Moore, B. Dates, G. Lockwood, M. Balman, T. Taggart, R. Howard, D. Stidwellg Bottom Row: J. Ray, C. MCKe1vey, K. Nicholson, I... Watzke, M. Dowding, M. Butler, S. Reynolds, S. Dorow Twelve Tones Left to Right: J. Ray, J. Schwartz, A. Larson, J. Francisco, A. Lieb, J. Urnphrey, M. Dem becki, B. Perry, S. Dorow Qaccompanistj, G. Taggart, R. Clifton, J. Clayton, G. Parsons 4... Orchestra Left to Right: D. DiPonio Miss Mowat -Y -Y W Miss Mowat, D. Sherry, M. Humedky, J. Kubitskey, M. Brassfield, K. Sheffer .ig .--.-- ep Club Cheers Falcons On! The Pep Club, headed by Kathy Stuart, president, and officers Marsha Dem- becki, Lorraine Williamson, and Jan Umphrey, helped to generate school spirit for the athletic events at F. H. S. Pep rallies before games and signs aided the Falcons to victory after victory. The Pep Club actively partici- pated in organizing the welcoming parade and football game in honor of the Olympic Champion, Rex Cawley. The club also sold refreshments and pro- grams at basketball and football games. 'A s..iz,.f, .ifmafwf-ffi,11, f 51 '1fi,f-I2rLfasf2susivfff1f.,-hif- Swysawiiw-M., f- :uf --wfifiwf :fi fWw:ui2w,i 'fi if Falcons! Falcons! Falcons! Falcons! Top to Bottom: Linda Cox, Mary Blome, Dennis Moore, Sandy Schulze, Joan McGregor, Karen Unger Ellen Justice, Alexa Larson Rolled!! Improves Traditional Yearbook With the diligent assistance of Editor-in-Chief Linda Cox, Business Mana- ler Mary Blome, and Mr. Ray Glenn, whom the staff cannot adequately thank -:or his time and effort, the Rollcall staff was able to innovate an unforgettable earbook. Working one class period each day, the members designed and l id out specific sections of the l965 annual. Without the perserverence of e staff and the efficiency of the bosses, such an undertaking as this would ave been impossible. fiollcall work begins the first day of school. As seen below, the staff decides now to produce the best yearbook with the most number of pages for the least imount of money. t l i w , L L fter the picture schedule has been set up, the photographer rom Powell Studios snaps shots for a period of three days. inda Cox particularly enjoys setting up the propsg she al- ways has her hands in something Qupper lefty. Business Manager Mary Blome audits the accounts daily dur- yng the October-sales campaign Qrniddle lefty. llen and Karen choose the picture that is the lesser of the wo evils flower lefty. fter the write-ups have been typed, they must be sprayed o prevent smearing. Dennis Moore does the honors Qmid- le lower lefty. I A iloan and Alexa paste up the pictures fmiddle lower righty. The editor supervises the paste-up work of Karen Unger flower righty. iAfter the entire book has gone to press, it's time to relax VA1exa reads the Blue 8: White fmiddle leftywhile Linda, 1 ary, and Sandy pull a prank on Mr. Glenn by pouring his recious glue into the sink fupper righty. Pictured are just a few ofthe many skiers at F. H. S Ski Club Lights Up Mt. Brighton Skiers from F. H. S. had an opportunity to test their talents when the Ski Club traveled to the slopes around the Farmington area during the winter season. The club also sponsored a weekend trip to Nub's Nob, where the skiers enjoyed using the slopes and other facilities, including a heated swimming pool. Officers Jay Stokan, Dave Cornwell, John Esser, Sue Smithem, and Advisor Mr. Taylor planned the activities. wmv! Mr. Taylor Dave Cornwell Jay Stokan John Esser Spanish Club Enjo s roductive Year Miss Cramer Under the direction of their advisor, Miss Cramer, the mem- bers of the Spanish Club participated in many activities of a Spanish nature. In doing so, these students were given a better understanding of the Spanish-speaking countries' lit- erature, customs, and history. Among the club's activities were atrip to the Old World Mar- ket, aSpanish banquet, and a caroling party. The officers were John Mosley, president: C. Karwoski, vice-president: Sue Frieling, secretaryg and Noralee Stock, treasurer. J. Mosley, N. Stock, C. Karwoski, S. Frieling ll rl I sv .f M 1 On F1oor:J. Mosley, J. Slingerland, P. Amato:Seated: N. Gutierrez, S. Moore, J. Lawshe, M. Dembecki, P. Unger, D. Belanger, S. Frieling, R. Fink, G. Hohler, K. Schacht,E.B1ack- wellg Standing: C. Karwoski, N. Stock, B. Cross, C. Horrigan, C. Kinggo, D. Story, K Durham, G. Bain, D. Hossler, J. Gingerich Student Council: The Voice of the Students 4 ' W1 'nam my up-rQfm:4w.w..,LWMfV1Afwm,wn U,-, Wwmmmmm-MMwmvmwwmmmmmew- .WWW-M-f'wmr ' 2 Junior and Sophomore Representatives: fTop to Bottomj S. Bliss, R. Schulze, T. Ruelle, T. Patrick, M. Gregory, S. Lawing, S. Hanson, G. Arnold, S. Himmelspach, M. Brown, J. McGregor,G. Lam- bert, J. Atchison, C. Cox, C. West, D. Moore, D. Cornwell, L. Watzke, L. Valenti, J. Butters,C. Freeman, M. Hildebrandt, R. Miller, B. Lord, R. Murphy, J. Soltis, P. Norman, R. Jones, C. A1- drich Senior Representatives:fStandingQ R. Biggs, M. Mesler, J. Olander, T. Nielsen, J. Cotton, M. Free man, B. Dates, J. Wagner, R. Taylorg QSeatedJ G. Lockwood, C. Starr, M. Hortmann, T. Taggart,S Schulze, D. Halperin, J. Hennessy A Link between Faculty and Student Body Student Council, the coordinator of student activities, began the year with the Elixer Mixer Dance. A club supply cabinet, open at all times, was then established to promote responsi- bility and to make art supplies readily available to interested clubs and classes. The Council Workshop proved to be a meaningful learning ex- perience for representatives as well as advisors. Such things were hashed and rehashed as questionnaires for students' opinions of Council activities, a bulletin board of projected activities and committee reports, precinct voting for repre- sentatives, and ways of acquainting students and teachers with the entire Student Council movement. The 1964-65 officers were President Mike Mesler, Vice- President Brian Dates, Recording Secretary Linda Terry, Corresponding Secretary Debbie Halperin, and Treasurer Sandy Schulze. Mr. Graham, Mr. Nichols, and Mr. Wubbena observed the meetings and contributed worthwhile comments. C. Graham D. Nichols C. Wubbena uture Stars laine on Stage "Once pon A Mattress" FHS tried its hand this year withafull-scale, off-broadway hit, Once Upon A Mattress. The cast was headed by Larry Adcock, Chris McKelvey, Ruth Clifton, Craig Anderson, Joyce Ray, Terry Taggart, Brian Dates, David Stidwell, and Mike Gregory. Under the ex- pert direction of Mr. Peel, Mr. Feucht, Mr. Zirnmermang the enthusiastic student direct- ing of Sue Reynolds and David Stidwellg pub- licity chairmanship of Cathy Letsongand chor- eography of Marsha Dembecki, the play was as big a success as it was fun putting on. ' 1 A -V , X A K ' I--T ' - ' 1 . .- 461.24 Varsity lub Pushes Pfs, Popcorn G Pancakes John Cotton, presidentg Mr. Potter, advisorg Dick Johnston, secretary-treasurerg Russ Robinson, vice-president First Row: A. Woehler, R. Rutherford, G. Lockwood, Popcorn Machine, R. Mortensen, B. Charles: Second Row: G. I-Iabicht, P. MacDonald, G. Arnold, R. Smith, K. Collins, B. Helvey, R. Robinsong Third Row: B. Anderson, J. Karwoski, R. McGaw, J. Cotton he Varsity Club is one of the oldest clubs at F. H. S. The members participate in both social activities nd services to the community. In addition to their annual help with the Goodfellows' Drive, selling pop- orn at all the home games, and sponsoring the Pancake Supper, this year they sold night shirts and ootball jerseys. he members ofthe club are accepted only after a rigorous day of initiation. To be eligible, the pro- pective member must have participated in one of the varsity sports and earned his letter. First Row: T. Hughes, K. Dembeck, L. Nichols, R. Howard, B. Anedag Second Row: J. Lrniegelski, M. Gregory, S. Faine, D. Lessway, J. Olander, R. Leach, D. Miracle, J. Eordon Better Leaders for Tomorrow? overnment through Participation in a simulated state government was the keynote of Wolverine Boys' and Girls'State. The boys, who traveled to Michigan State University, and the girls, who gathered at University of Michigan, learned the workings of government through campaigns, conventions, elections, and policy making. Last summer Sandy Schulze represented Farmington High at Wolverine Girls' State, her alternate was Kris Hendee. Brian Dates, King Cotton, Dick Johnston, Mike Mesler, and Terry Nielsen at- tended Boys' State. These interested students first signed up in the Guidance Office, and then the Junior Class and the faculty selected the delegates. They were chosen on the basis of duty, honesty, leadership, alert- ness, patriotism, cooperation, and enthusiasm. , 5 ?Q59'.xf .5 1 if Wolverine Boys' mm' Girls' State .K El Back Row: H. Kristaunig, S Hotchkiss, D. Pike, K. Nicholson, S. Cossin, Sue Cossin, T. Gilbert, Gi1bert3FrontRow:1... Wright, N. Cort, S. Mazeiis, M. Butler, C. Lawrence, A. Victor,A.MCGrego Y- Teens Punch pouring was attended to by Anne McGregor and Nancy Cort. Miss Carley Candle lighting ceremony at Y-Teens' gathering for new members H awe ewardzng Year The key word in the Y-Teen organization is growth. As a member of the YWCA, girls endeavor to form the finest Christian thoughts and attitudes. Their goals, to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalities and to grow in the knowledge and love of God, encompass a great deal. They demand a searching and open heart and love and respect for their fellow man. In achieving these high ideals, the Y-Teens perform acts of service throughout Farmington. They realize the increas- ing need for youth participation in society today. This year Y - Teens gave their time to such activities as adopting two senior citizens and giving an international din - ner and a membership tea. Besides giving to the community, the Y-Teens have also re- ceived something. They have received the satisfaction of serving and being a part of today's advancing world. I 4 x X r 43 17 i ATHLETICS ross Country Team Races to on erence Victory can Q Q 9 Q a First Row: D. McAdams, G. Jackson, C. Terry, J. Karwoski fCaptainl, J. Watson, B. Anderson, R McGaw, J. Harvey, B. Donovan Second Row: C. Koehler, P. MacDonald, T. Winfree, C. Evangilista, R. Taggart, G. Schulz, M. Maattala, L. Groff, R. Kupferschmidt, G. Weddle, M. Hines Third Row: Coach Kennedy, P. Sevin, G. Teppo, D. Hossler, D. Bruce, J. Arnold, D. Drotar, T. Miller Running very well, our Cross Country team placed third in the Regional meet, just missing qualifications for the State Finals. They took the Milford lnvita - tional, and the Redford Union Invitational. They were also Interleague and Conference champions. Juniors took the first three places in Conference this year. These men were Joe Watson, Bruce Anderson, and Ron McGaw, respectively. The best time for the team was made by Joe Watson: 10 minutes, 4 seconds. This has been the fastest year for distance running that Coach Kennedy has ever seen. "lt looks excellent for next year. We could go all the way to the State Finals, " says Coach Kennedy. With this year's graduating class, he will be loosing only three of his first 14 men. Shires, B. Harrison, B. Dates, S. Moore, D , B. Ridley C. Kennedy 1 Varsity Football Accomplislaes Impressive Season The varsity football team completed its 1964 season with a 5-3-1 record. Mr. Jack Hayes, assisted by Messrs. Richard Tyler and Douglas Race, coached the team to the third place berth in the lnterlakes League. Spurring on the Falcons' grid efforts were team captain Dick Johnston, outstand- ing lineman Mike Freeman, and All-League lineman Tom Mitchell. Even though our team's record was not the best, all those concerned considered it an impressive season. Standing fleft to rightl: D. RacefAssista.nt Coachj, J. Ports, D. McMullen, G. Walker, M. Retry, R. Shortt, J. Tinkle, C. Misch, W. Johnston, F. Niemiec, P. Bennett, R. Rienke, M. Wilson, D. Klawender, R. Lardie, J. Hayes QCoachJ. Mr. Hayes Mr. Race Mr. Tyler D. Charnberlin, Mgr, Kneelingfleft to rightfz R. Isbell, J. Smigielski, W. Crane, M. Freeman, R. Lessway, B. Charles, R. Leach, R. Johnston, J. Cotton, T. Mitchell, K. Collins, R. Helvey, J. Snyder, T. Nielsen. A -l l l f " I sigffk ww, W? fm I t I Round Ballers Have egretful Season The intra-mural basketball games are played among boys with- in the school, informally and ina relaxed manner, more for enjoyment than competition. This activity is sponsored by Mr. Race and is supervised by the boys themselves. First Row: J. Watson, C. Terry, G. Teppo, C. Leonard, J. Karwoski, D. Wischmeyer, J. Presson,l Bayerp Second Row: M. Freeman, R. Hoskins, S. Schuler, G. Adams, B. Ridley, J. Harvey, J. Stokax Third Row: M. Perry, J. Ports, R. Lardie, R. Shortt, M. Kress, B. Luke, R. Isbell, Fourth Row: I Groff, R. Reinke, P. Bennett, M. Williams, D. MacDonald, D. Miller, D. Klepingerg Fifth Rowf ' Swieczkowski, L. Peterson, F. Niemic, T. Nielsen, R. Bogatinoff, K. Hornimanp Sixth Row:T. Mitchel C. Misch, G. Jackson, W. Crane, J. Cotton, J. Winder: Seventh Row: R. Lee, R. Conklin, G. Schulz G. Brock, R, Helvey irst Row: A. Kilkka, G. Grimala, R. Schulze: Second Row: B. Charles, G. Jacobs, D. Hosseler, M. D N' h l QC achj, J. Tinkle, K. Rickey, F. Simons, C. Anderson, Not Pictured:R.Rader, hompson, . ic o s o . Wirtz, J. Arnold Mr. Race Our Junior Varsity finished second in the Conference after loosing three of its men to the Varsity with6wins , 7 los - ses. Coach Nichols feels that potentially this year's Soph - more team is the best one he has had. Our Varsity basket ball team, coached by Mr. Jack Quiggle, had 6 wins and 12 losses. With an unfortunate lack of tall men, our team "gave it all they had." High scorer was Senior John Olander, who was followed by Roy Leach and Mike Wilson. After winning the first two district games, the team lost the cham- pionship trophy to Walled Lake and captured fourth place in the In - terlakes League. Coach Quiggle believes that next year looks even better with so many sophomore and junior boys getting experience on the Varsity team X '-Q , . , . ..,.x,.,,,lm..v,e,..,,A,.-.,., I 5 ,.A.. " ' 4 . . 4.,...4,-.W. . , K 64,7 Av, A .......?9 L 1 . , 1 f ' Q I I .A I V 5 4 x. 1 SEENQQ 5 xxn, 3 1 2 I , PAW' S QA ,f " 'H 'H4 f 1 v ' af i sv- - ,if , ,V .xl W if V sf ? i " R f I ,J ,Q 'ff MJ- A . ,M Meztmen Never Say "Dieu The wrestling team had an unlucky season due to a rather poor turnout: how ever, Mr. Gucciardo hopes for a better showing next year. This is not to sa that every matman had a poor season. On the contrary, Art Woehler, 95 lb. Ron Mortenson, 112 lb. 3 Dan Heuer, 127 lb. 3 and Dick Johnston, 1541b. won th match. Co-Captains this year were Art Woehler and Ron Mortenson. Mr. Gucciardo First Row: R. Fink, A. Woehler, R. Mortenson, G. Tudball, P. Angelella, C. Evangelista, P. Toohey, Second Row: W. King, M. Foster, G. Liess, K. Farrell, T. Ugrin, B. Pattersong Third Row: T. Hughes, R. Levy, D. Kuffel, J. Gingerich, D. Klawender, T. Dittrnan, D. Johnston, D. Heuer regional tournament. Unfortunately each wrestler lost his preliminary state It's clean-up time! Ron, Dan, Torn, and Carl do the honors fupper leftl. Dick Johnston fupper rightj, Ron Mortenson and Art Woehler flower rightj are ready for anyone. Tbinclads Fight to emin on erence Honors First Row: R. Roth, J. Karwoski, M. Hines, L. Groff, J. Harvey, R. Taggart, B. An- derson, J. Grimes, M. Ellis: Second Row: G. Jackson, B. Donovan, G. Lockwood, R. Shortt, C. Terry, R. McGaw, G. Schulz, G. Habicht, T. Winfree, D. Browng Third Row: J. Snyder, L. Cogsdill, D. Baker, B. Crane, R. Charles, W. Harrison, K. Hawkins,P. MacDonald, E. Snyder, R. Josephglrourth Row: J. Ports, B. Dates, D. Cosper, J. Dem- becki, P. Sevin, S. Lawing, W. Oliphint, B. Adams, R. Priemer, G. Weddle, B. Rid- ley, P. Beattie The F. H. S. track team had a hopeful year in 1965. Strong in the running departrnent, but weaker in field events, the members of the team expressed their hopes that the Falcon Thinclads would capture the championship of the Interlakes League for the third consecutive year. The team was coached by Messrs. Kennedy and Race and was managed by Jim Snyder. C. Kennedy D. Race i Racketeers Keep the Ball Bounczng The Falcon tennis team, coached by Mr. Gerald Potter, opened .it's l965 season with vigorous practice and high hopes for the forthcoming tournaments. Mr. Potter was pleased to see many of the members of last year's team turn out for spring practice along with numerous sopho- more players. Althoughmany of their scheduled practices were cancel- ed due to poor weather including snow, sleet, hail and rain, the team continued practice inside, sending tennis balls flying until summer finally arrived. Knee1ing:J. Arnold, T. Ugrin, D. Moore, F. Seeburger, K. Dembeck, T. Bacon3Standing G. Potter, J. Cotton, C. Anderson, J. Cranston, R. Smith, G. Arnold I E 5ennis . Kneeling: D. Bayer, C. Starr, G. Kelch, D. Rutherford, G. GrimalagStanding: L. Mur- phy, R. Melville, G. Bain, J. Stokan, T. Swieczkowski, J. Esser, T. Patrick, C. Hunt, J. Presson Mr. Schoeneich's golf team was back at the Farmington Coun- try Club this year. Every Monday and Tuesday the boys sharpened their puts and swings. They played in four league meets plus outside competition, and faired a good deal bet- ter than last year. Gob' Team Has Successful Season on Green First Row: P. Toohey, C. Walsh, T. Donoghue, C. Misch, D. Johnston, M. Perry, W. Johnston, G. Adams, M. Snearlyg Second Row: A. Woehler, L. Smith, D. Kittridge, J. Winder, T. Nielson, E. Blackwell, G. Lindsay, J. Sewell, R. Schulze, Third Row: A. Kilkka, C. Norton, M. Thompson, J. Tinkle, F. Mellert, R. Hancock, J. Butters,J.Dunn, R. Fink Falcons Strive 01' Impressive Baseball Season ff ,f 9, j f , wir ,iff ACADEMICS My g f , - .-.1 2, , A f , ai -,uh X Avi, -Kwai f :T f zh 1 L . 3 xi K , 53 -,5 M' , wc, vi M S 34 HJ L --."'heaW L'-, -FV- ' K V . lx 155 Ni' l AQA, M 'I Ax. ET Q '53 F5 x XM ,V 5 fs if wi if gt M A u .,.: 3 we A if A g Xf3?m.-W. . . Y Q fv Z V 'SA .5 , t ,En I r 5 2" ' P -ff . f 5,5 A .-...y.. ' 1- Us-Q 5-f""j"1' .,, ' ' 4 .V A.-W, 1 ,, MMR , 'K ff I 3 A 1 -cf' 'bww,. 7' 'xx x 2 1 +4 .,,,, AER? f xv. 'JJ ' Af Qjm A, F , h? Q-wf e f.:lL4J R I ,271 x1:zJ:,wL,1g c,45f,gg3g4?Ni,. ff f ' J' g .rv My f ' 3 E E X ' 5' ,, hw HR if T i v' iq Y Vi I 1: , 5 1 Q ' ' Q, i f ' s, 4-N, . . Y ' 5 'Q ', it Q E Y . ,li ds K I ,J gi 'Xvggn ,fx v1-Ai. .fx Xzg, gm Y' ff if 434 . 1 'P ? 0 ' , X 1 Creativit Reigns in Art Class 1 1 1 R. Glenn Y I R. Glick Mr. Branz Mrs. Gummerus Miss Grzyb 'ommerciezl Students Prepare for the World of Business f Mr. Potter Teen Driver. Mr. Judge Increase at F.H.S. fl: - f g,,,...l ,lg Reading Writing Rhetoric Mrs. B1-and Mrs. Crust Mrs. Forrester Mrs. Green Mr. Nichols Mr. Peel Miss Pieron Mr. Race Mr. Schoeneich Mr. Sherpitis Mrs. Twyman Mrs. Wik Students Welcom pportunity to Study Foreign Languages M Brand I'3IT1 n' Sb X , .,,, ,..L,..1f Hall 40 f' f Mrs. wik Guidance Office Aids Students in Their Decisions Mr. James Geiger Mr. Clayton Graham Mr. Nich 1 Mrs. B db k Mr. Webbena Miss Ca 1 y Mr. Ba 77 I Mr. Nichols Mr. Webbena Mr. Barrons Miss Carley Mrs. Brodbcck Qi W Home Economics Students Learn the Art of Homemakin Mrs. Colbeck Miss Ridings gf- SS I l Students Strive for Industrial Skills How Much Wood Would A Mr. Lawing o Study Hall 9 .Left to Right: R. Lee, D. Klawender, R. Reinke, T. Patrick, R. Johnston, T. Taggart, M. Perry, F. Niemic, D. 'Boliere Smith D. Pastor S. LaFevre L.. Abney I. Brunk N. Rundell Brillinger L. Hoetger J. White M. Bacon A. Sobush "B00kworms" Find Haven in Library .W Miss Masterson J. Schoeneich E- Jackson C. Wubbena B. Gucciardo M. Ezack eztlaematiml Minds Provide the Backbone for Research S. Branz C. Broderson C0-operative Education Program Provides jobs and Expefience Physical Education--Where Minds and Bodies Coordina ynolds J. Hayes R. Burtch Students Dzscover Mysteries of Science ,W Huggy, an Q - ,nw gaszzukskezgez. J. . W W,,.1,. , an ' V EZ". H 135453 4' 2 :- W-. I ,nm ww- Q, gin: Ka..- 2 -.M WSL ,, -.- - 3,-. x 0 b Maatt Social Studies Students Mr. Mistele Mr. Peace MT- Quiggle Miss Setina Mr. Tyler Mr. Whitledg Examine World A ffairs 0 . X I 4 N J f HONORS GARY ARNOLD RICHARD BELANGER RAY BIGGS MARY BLOME KAREN CAPO DOUGLAS COLLINS JOHN COTTON LINDA COX ROGER CRIPPS BRIAN DATES NANCY DAVIS MARJORIE DICKERSON LARRY GROFF ' CRAIG HALL LEE HALSTED KRIS HENDEE LAUREL HOETGER KEITH HORNIMAN Honors MICHAEL HORTMANN STEPHANIE HORTON PERRY JAMIESON CATHERINE KEYSMITH LARRY LOFQUIST HAZEL MCCOY CHRISTINE MCKELVEY JOHN MOSLEY NANCY NELSON TERRY NIELSEN DAVID OLSON KAREN PRESTON SUSAN REYNOLDS CAROL ROGERS ELIZABETH SENOB RITCHIE TAYLOR KAREN VIRLEY PATRICIA WALLING JUDY WOODY Nlfilsiii frmaliliamrna Isiimaiwifyf 5 i- qv-J 6 if F4 it RESENT MEMBERS: CHRISTINE MCKELVEY JUNIORS: MICHAEL MESLER JEREE BACHELOR OHN COTTON CARL MISCH TERRY BACON RIAN DATES RIS HENDEE IKE MAATTALA ANDY SCHULZE EIL STARK ERRY TAGGART ENIORS : OANNE BENNETT AYMOND BIGGS AREN CAPO INDA COX ARJORIE DICKERSON OHN GORDON EBRA HALPERIN EE HALSTED UDY HENNESSY LAUREL HOETGER MICHAEL HORTMANN PERRY JAMIESON RICHARD JOHNSTON CATHERINE KEYSMITH LARRY LOFQUIST JILL MCELROY JOHN MOSLEY KARYN NICHOLSON TERRY NIELSEN LUCINDA PARSONS CYNTHIA RADEBAUGH ELIZABETH SENOB CLINTON STARR RITCIIIE TAYLOR PERRA UNGER KAREN VIRLEY JERRY WAGNER THOMAS WARING ARTHUR WOEHLER JUDY WOODY VELMA BISHOP KURT DEMBECK SHARRYL DOROW MICHAEL GREGORY MADGE HILDEBRANDT RICHARD JONES JANET LAWSHE RONALD LEE DENNIS MOORE PAULA NORMAN BARBARA PERRY TIIEA SCHWARTZ .IUDITH SLINCERLAND CAROL STEVENS GAY TAGGART MIKE WILSON High Honors MICHAEL MAATTALA MICHAEL MESLER LUCINDA PARSONS .TOANNE BENNETT DAVID CORNWELL DEBRA HALPERIN .TILL MCELROY SANDY SCHULZE NEIL STARK CLINTON STARR TERRY TAGGART A boy and girl of the Senior Class are presented with the American Legion Award each year. These students possess superioricitizenship qualities which include: regard for others and concern for the welfare of the school, self-sacrifice, good sportsmanship, honesty, and helpfulness. The two seniors to whom the award was presented this year were Kris l-lendee, and Mike Mesler, The Brykalski-Coolman Award is presented yearly to ajunior in honor of two students of the Class of 1941 who were killed in World War II. The recipient must have participated in at least one sport in each of his first two years in high school and displayed the qualities of leadership, service, depend- ability, and scholarship. The award in l964 was presented to Dick Johnston. "Courage does not consist in feeling no fear, but in conquer- ing fear. He is the hero who seeing the lions on either side goes straight on, because there his duty lies." And sowas Keith Johnson, a senior who was handicapped by a weak heart and died in May, 1940. He not only participated in ex- tracurricular activities, but he also possessed the valuable qualities of honesty, leadership, school spirit, and service. In memory of this outstanding student, the Keithlohnson Award, the highest honor bestowed by Farmington Senior High, was awarded to Sandy Schulze, After the Senior Class nominates three candidates who have the qualities of dependability, leadership, patriotism, truth- fulness, loyalty, and seryice, the faculty selects one of the three for the D.A. R. Good Citizen Award. This year the Three Flags Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution presented the D. A. R. Award to Sandy Schulze. Competing with 449 other girls, Sandy won the State of Mich- igan D. A. R. Good Citizen Award. She received a S100 bond from the national society and a S 50 bond from the state soc- iety. Annually, the Commerical Award is presented to a student who has taken most of the courses offered by the Commer- cial Department. The recipient of this award must exhibit a high scholastic ability, a special interest, character,and skill. It was after these requirements were considered that this year's Commercial Award was presented to Karen Capo. Each year the French Department gives an award to the stu- dent exhibiting superior skill, attentiveness, and achievement in the field. An appreciation of France, her customs and im- portance is also taken into consideration. The Spanish Award is presented to the student who has dis- played ability, interest, and achievement in this subject.This year's recipient of the award was John Mosley. I Each year the Latin Award is presented to a student for his comprehension, excellence in pronunciation, translation, and knowledge of Roman culture. This year the award was presented to Brenda Thompson. This year's French Award was presented to Debra Halperin 'JE' iff' -emu -gg-hi t Wx Some people say grammar is the important topic to be studied in English while others declare it is literature. The English Award winners, however, must excel in these as well as in other areas of English. The awards this year were given to Christine McKelvey, Cincla Parsons, Perry Jamieson, Mike Maattala, and King Cotton. The Journalism Award is presented to a student who has shown outstanding ability in the field of journalism. This student must display initiative, skill, and a special interest in writing. Larry Adcock was the recipient of this award. Every year the Mathematics Department presents an award to an exceptional student in that field. In addition to having taken four years of math while in high school, the student must have displayed outstanding interest, ability, workman- ship, and scholastic achievement. The recipients of this year's awards were Sandy Schulze, and Jin McElroy. ' This year the Science Department has given an award to an outstanding student in the field of science. This person must be a senior who has displayed a sincere interest in science, and whose scientific activities have extended beyond those of the classroom. The Science Awards this year were presented to Douglas Bolier and Brian Dates. 1 4 3 f The Speech Award is presented to a deserving studentwho has taken at least one year of speech. In addition to out- standing workin class, the recipient of this award has usually participated in extracurricular activities involving speech. The recipient of the Speech Award is Cathy Letson. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION AS AN AWARD-WINNER on the Co-operative Occupational Training Program in the areas of Office, Retailing and Trade, and Industrial occupations. 1. Must be on the program for one academic year. Z. Must have excellent evaluations from the employer. 3. Must have done quality work in related instruction class. 4. Must have good work attendance record. 5. Must have good school attendance record. 6. Must have satisfactory academic record. ' 7 Be interested in participating in extra-curriculum acti- vities. cy Rose Retailing Sue Parker William Cassell Office Trade Eu Industrial The prerequisites of the Social Studies Award are initiative, active participation in class and extra curricular activities, and an accumulation of three credits in the subject. This year's awards were given to Kris Hendee, and Perry Jamieson. The Home Economics Award is presented each year to the outstanding home economics student who best displays good home-making skills, poise and personality, grooming, der pendability, tolerance, maturity, and high ideals that are necessary for a successful homemaker. This year's award was presented to Lisa Sundberg. Each year the Home Economics Department honors a senior girl who has shown outstanding ability in this field. To merit this award, a high score must be achieved on the national homemaking test given each December. The 1965 Betty Crocker Award was given to Mary Jane Schultz. Each year awards are given to those students in the Indus- trial Arts Departrnent who have displayed unusual ability and interestin their work. An award is given in each of the three areas of this field: Mechanical Drawing, Metals, and Power Mechanics. Metals Richard Lessway Drafting Drafting Jim McGregor Gary' Arnold The Vocal Music Department presents to its most worthy stu- dents awards signifying achievement, talent, service, and co- operation. This year the awards were presented to Christine McKelvey, and Brian Dates . The Band Award is presented annually to the most outstanding member of the Band. The student must have demonstrated exceptional achieve- ment and interest and have rendered service throughout his years at F. H. S. This year the Band Award was received by Larry Lofquist, The Art Award is presented to the student who has created the most original and expressive projects during his four years of art. The student must show outstanding work in class as well as participate in extracurricular activities. The student who was recognized this year was Ray Biggs, fm. M: v " I fa X Class of 1967 , can Bob Miller, treasurer: Pe Brown s r t ' M dent g , ec e ary, arge Braunstein, vice-president: George Grima1a,presi This year's Sophomore Class was uniqueg for the first time freshmen came from three junior hi hs. 8 But their mixed origin did not prevent them from uniting into one well organized, active class. The Sophomore's sponsored a very successful dime dance early last fall. In addition to this, they had their traditional class stomp, "Sophomore Swing." Not to lag in team support, the new-comers sold refreshments at games and almost out yelled the cheerleaders! Thanks to the experienced advisorship of Mrs. Gummerus and the ability of elected officers Ge r o ge Grimala, Presidentg Marg Braunstein, Vice-President, Peg Brown, Secretary: and Bob Miller, Trea- surer, the Sophomores felt their first year in high school was rewarding and satisfying. in .,,,,,,,w Bottom to Top: S. Winters, L. Yauger, C. Whitman, N. Woods, C. Welti, I... Youngblood, J. Worrall N. Weddle, J. Wingeter, J. Witmer, J. Wingeter, C. White, B. Young, R. West, M. Williams, G Woosley, M. Wood, J. Zimmerman, C. Wilson, C. Williams, S. Welsh, J. Worrall, C. West E. Buttermore, K. Butcher, P. Brancheau, D. Burton, S. Bryant, J. Butters B. Luke, B. Knight, K. Lucer, S. Lloyd, C. Lefler, K. LeFever, R. Love, L. Lykins,F. Living ston, J. Kent, J. Lofquist, P. Lenox, J. King Q . 'Q' f K ' I "A .- hu .. .GV TE. -M-.,.., . A... Q, 5. .:-1.,: O 5,xEyh'fs '- i ,SKERW Bottom to Top: D. McPhail, D. Mahan, A. McGregor, V. McDade, G. Mclntyre, M. Martin, T. Mar- D MCI-lutchion, R. Martin, G. Melnek, G. Mclntyre, I... McGuire, Melville, S. Maki, R. McClure i tin, R. McKenna, B. MacKenzie, P. McCullough, S. Koteles, V. Mahon, L. Mann, A. MacDonald, J. Martin, D. Martin, M. McGrath,R. G. McTaggart, R. Norz, P. Newman, D. Niven, L. Topalian, G. Tudball, P. Torbico, C. Tom E. Nutter, C. Norton, A. Niven C. Trick, C. Trombley, M. Tilley, L. Tucke Tinson, P. Toohey, G. Tinkle Front Row: E. Miracle, G. Monroy, T. Miller, B. Miller, M. Milligan: Back Row: M. Mirabile, P. Mingo, B. Miracle, L. Monagin, F. Montour, L. Mitc-hell, L. Middlebrook Q ii pig, ,.,' .pak Shires, S. Shotwell, M. Schweizer, M. Smolek, G. Sale . 27.2 gi to Top: P. Sevin, R. Say, D. Sinterman, A. Sheerer, D. Sherry, N. Senkbeil, M. Salvatori, R. r, A. Scott, C. Sokol, E. Snyder, F. Simons, C. Smith, K. Sheffer, V. Sheldon, B. Schrader, il M5 1213 First Row: H. DeSimone, M. Derderian, J. Curnrningsg Second Row:H. Cunningham, E. Cross, C. Cox, P. Davis Qseatedj, W. Critcher, L. Cousineau fseatedj, J. Conkling Third Row: D. Daniel, M. Curtis, S. Dever, R. Cooper, B. Cummings, S. Curcio, L. Collins, S. Daly Balsley, J. Atchison, M. Bacon, M. Bachelor, C. Arvy, R. Bagalay, G. Ash, J. Bailey, G. Bain, Atkeson, J. Baessler, R. Bain B. Carlson, S. Charboneau, D. Casper, E. Capel, D. Carruthers, C. Carscadden, E. Campbell First Row: J. Henry, M. Humecky, T. Herrington, M. Hines, S. Hansen: Second Row: J. Hosler, S. Himmelspach, T. Hroba, K. Hibbs, B. Henry, W. Harrison, D. Henderson: Third Row: E. Howes,C. Hubbard, K. Hatter, R. Dugan, W. Harrison: Fourth Row: L. Huss, K. Haynes, C. Hurd, C. Harris: Fifth Row: A. Holman, R. Helvey fseatedf, C. Hunt 2 First Row: B. Hansen, G. Grimala, P. Grow: Second Row: E. Gutierrez, D. Grycan, D. Hall, C. Grosman, N. Gross, A. Hagstrom, D. Hancock, R. Hancock, C. Gustafsonk .f x v First Row: N. Gagnon, C. Freeman, K. Gaddis, N. Fischer, R. Fink, C. Findleyg Second Row:L. Forsythe, J. Ferrill, M. Falzon, M. Gala, G. Farley, J. Forbes A N-vmfw-.,,g.,v,:, First Row: E. Blackwell, B. Brom, P. Beattie, K. Broschg Second Row: M. Braunstein, M. Brown,S Bentzel, H. Braunstein, D. Belanger, J. Brumm, N. Benedict: Third Row: R. Baczko, C. Berger, S Banfield, K. Blakeney, L. Brock: Fourth Row: M. B1-assfield, K. Bartsch, S. Banks, B. BatheygFiftl Row: S. Barnette, L. Bender, D. Brown L. Pflieger, D. Potter, D. Pusey, H. Price fseatedj, A. Ramsey, B Poling, R. Radar Qseatedj, C. Pollard, R. Priemer First Row: J. Gingerich, V. Gilbert, M. Gay, G. Grainer, J. Goodroe:Second Row:J. Green, F. Gregg P. Gendron, C. Gearin, J. Gebben, G. Gardner af X First Row: K. Durham, K. Eddy,-F. Dickerson, M. Ellis, J. Dunn, D. Drotar: Second Row: R. Dono- van, D. DiPonio, G. Dorow, T. Dittman, C. Dobson, S. Engstron, T. Donoghoe, J. Eisenlordg Third Row: M. Eichhorn, G. Duke IS. Webb, K. Victor, K. Unger, B. Watson, G. Vance, C. Weber, I.. Valenti, B. Vasseau, C. Wayne, M. Walker, C. Walsh l 2 gr..-.S 12.4-P' H' Amen, p. Amato, K, Allen, R. Anderson, J. Arnold, J. Anderberg, B. Ambrose, C. Anderson, M, Ames, B. Allin S. Jackson, B. I-Iinkle, J. Jamerson, L. Heaton,D. First ROW! Y- -70111150111 V- JOIUIS. S- Jarvis: SCCO Hostler. M, Howel Row: J. Johncox, E. Johnson, M. Johnson, K. Ja ette Front to Back: R. Munns, P. Nelson, J. Morris, N. Ni-lgY. B. Newman, R. Nietert, L Najjar ' I P. Near, J. Murphy, D. Nelson, D. Mecham, L. Napier, K. Nelson - . K 11 with EH! Bottom to Top: M. Smith, K. Taratuta, S. Taylor, M. Spink, W. Taylor, J. Stange, L. Stumpi, B.Tate R. Schulze, D. Story, N. Terzano, D. Stuart, B. Thieleman, D. Thomas, G. Seifert, R. Storlie, J Soltis, M. Thoxnpson, G. Thornber, L. Stelter, D. Stevens, J. Strane, D. Smith Front to Back: W. King, M. Kelley, D. Kittridge, G. Lambert, K. Kourtjian, K. Kubit, G. Lane, L. Lang, L. Lee, J. Kubitskey, C. King, B. Kruger, M. Costi, V. Kelly, S. King, A. Kilkka, C. Kinggo, R. Kellogg, V. Kemp, S. Lawing, M. Kress, D. Kur, J. Kouzoujian, D. Lampertz E. Justice, J. Kelly, L. Kansman, S. Joy- ner, K. Karwoski, R. Joseph, E. Jubenville , M. Jones,'B. June R. Clifton, L. Cogsdill, F. Coffin, L. Cole, J. Clayton, J.Chudy, R. Charles 'Frontto Back: J. Phipps, M. Pitman, M. Pat- terson, L. Perkins, P. Pevvy, M. Peterson , S. Peckham, D. Pike, R. Persinger First Row: R. O'Danie1, R. Pastor, M. Oake, T Osborne, M. Oates, V. Parsons: Second Row: D. Parker, R. Oja, C. Oliveri, W. Oliphint, P. Oliver, B. Opp, M. Partington 1 w T .....ff.w.e H W W Y V FirstRow:S. Retzler, K. RiggiogSecond Row:C. Rose, D. Rogers, S. Richmond, C. Read, K. Riddell, R. Roth, B. Ridley, D. Rosen- garteng Third Row: P. Reinhart, S. Robertson, J. Rouse, K. Rickey lass of 1966 M. Gregory, T. Schwartz, L. Taylor, B. Murphy Throughout its first year at F. H.S. , the Class of 1966 created for itself a eputation of industriousness and fine scholastic achievement. Led by of- icers Ron Cleveland, Marlynn Conner, Paula Norman, and Bob Murphy, he class sponsored many rewarding and entertaining activities. This year the Class of '66 has upheld its tradition of animated enthusiasm y participating in many activities such as building a Homecoming float, en- titled "Rip Van Winkle, " and sponsoring the combined Christmas--J-Hop, "Belles and Beaux. " The class officers this year were Mike Gregory, president, Bob Murphy, vice-president: Thea Schwartz, secretary, and Linda Taylor, treasurer, Mr. Barrons was the class advisor. Kneeling: P. Andre, P. Angelella, T. Bacon, B. Anderson, Standing: B. Balsom, D. Aitken, V. Antis, G. Adams, K. Austin, R. Adams, . Aldrich, J. Bachelor i, 'x Q4 Kneeling: D. Bayer, R. Bogatinoff, P. Berry, Standing: P. Bennett, B. Biechler, D. Bowers,E. Berger, K. Boise, J. Boswell, V. Bishop, C. Berckley, B. Biggs, D. Beck -g First Row:R. Clark, C. Burton, B. Busby, D. Bruce, L. CapopSecond Row:W. Burry, D. Clark, P. Bur ley, Cv. Brock, J. Clark, S. Brillinger, P, Campbell, S. Cooke, N. Cortg Third Row: S. Bliss, A. Cling man, E. Case, K. Bridges, A. Clingan, N. CoonpFourth Row: L. Close, R. Collins, B. Conklin,T. Camp bell -.ASN Sitting: K. Davis, K. Dembeckp Standing: B. Decainy, E. Butcher, G. Davis, N. Davis, .I.Dern4berger, B. DeWaele First Row: N. Gresehover, L. Gillis, K. Gorelick, K. Groffg Second Row: R. Goldstein,S Gilling, S. Gleason, Third Row: R. Gresehover, M. Goers, H. Green, R. Gale, G. Gladd, M. Gregory if Kneeling: D. Harriman, T. Hancock, M. Hicks, Standing: P. Heard, T. Hatter, S. Hinger, M Hildebrandt, L. Hoeglund, L. Hacker, K. Hilliard, E. Hammond, G. Habicht 'MlM?"'5""""""' 'Sr First Row: S. Holland, B. Hoskins, T. Huss, B. Hubenschmidtg Second Row: S. Hotchkiss, B Hoffman, J. Hoffman, S. Innes, W. Hoffmeyer, E. Houchen, A. Holdenberg, L. Hughes Kneeling: J. Cranston, D. Currier, J. Curtis, R. Custerg Standing: S. Cossin, G. Courville, J. Cossin, D. Buckler, S. Cossin, M. Compeau Sitting: W. Dunn, D. Drotarg Standing: S. Eakin, D. Dombrowski, R. Dodd,B.Doy1e, S. Dorow D. Dubuc 2 dwg- .Q Q 1 X if K On Floor: C. Evangelista, C. Gay, J. Foster, J. Etapa, R. Fahnerg Second Row: C Eirshele, K. Gage, T. Etter, S. Everts, S. Engle, L. Fuqua, J. Foulkrod, S. Gareau, K. Ferrillg Third Row: E. Fenot, L. Fiepel, V. Gagnon, M. Foster, J. Francisco, Fourth Row: R. Eisenlord, J. Gadde, J. Gallup, D. Gaddis, C. Finlay, S. Fuller On Floor: S. Kirchner, K. Kubach, P. Jourdan, R. Jones: First Row: J. Koglin, G. Jackson, C. Kelm L. Kelschg Second Row: L. King, R. Kolb, V. Kelley, L. Kidd, H. Kristaunig, G. Kelch, D. Kuffelg Third Row: D. Klawender, J. Jeffers, I. Kolb, D. Klepingerg Fourth Row: H. Iversen, M. Kelly, S. Irwin, P. Knoy, T. Keith Sitting: D. LaFevre, R. Levy, A. Lieb, C. Legg, Standing: R. Lee, L. Lichwala, B Lampela, C. Lawrence, J. Lawshe, A. Larson, P. LaVoie, R. Lardie . If i . K I ' 1 ,. J K, 3. YN. Kneeling: G. Lindsay, D. McAdams, Standing: K. Luzar, M. Lindbloorn, M. McCourt D. Line, C, Lucas, B. Lord M. MacKay, K. McLaughlin, R. McCurdy, D MacDonald, R. McGaw, D. McMullen, L, McGraw J. McGregor 'Wk --mm... ,, WWW niin ...A. lf M . First Row: D. May, J. Martin, L. Moss, S. Makig Second Row: M. Montgomery, K. Mitchell, C. Madion, D. Mooreg Third Row: S. Mazelis, S. Millington, P. Morris, C. Mollert, R. Matsenplfourth Row: S. Moore, D. Miracle, P. Maxwell, D. Mayer, M. Miller, Fifth Row: D. Manzo, B. Murphy, D. May, D. Misenar I 1' 'xr' On Floor: G, Peterson, B. Patterson, W. Poirer, J. Ports: First Row: M. Nutter, M. Plowman, S. Porter, L. Peterson, T. Patrick, F. Niemic, D. Niepothg Second Row: J. Perry, R. Dugan, B. Perry, J. Pearce, R. Notestine, G. Northrup, J. Pheney, L. Perry, K. Osborne, Third Row: J. Overton, R Norman, M. Perry Knpg-ling: D. Richter, G. Roy, J. Robinson, M. Radog Standing: J, Radke, G, Rgth, T, Ruelle, R. Reinke, L. Rhodes, K. Rogerson, E. Rankin, K. Ridley g ii g . ' ' L ., 5 ff i , , Kneeling: W. Salo, E. Sauter, K. Schlack, P. Santo, J. Schottcn: Standing:K. Schacht, C. Rus- sell, C. Russom, J. Rose, V Saylor, L. Schroeder, L.. Salvatori V47 tting: D. Sheridan, C. Seelman, T. Schwartz, E. Sexton, B. Schweizer, J. Seyuin, J. Simon: ing: S. Schuler, R. Shortt, G. Shelton, G. Schwartz, B. Segur gn. 'U n , H4397 X T 49 Kneeling: T. Ugrin, C. Terry: Second Row: G. Teppo, .I. Presson, G. Taggart, B. Thompson, I... Taylor, S. Thorpe, C. Tesch: Third Row: R. Taggart, R. Tarsney, J. Thomas irst Row: G. Smith, D. Styesg Second Row: L. Smith, S. Stevenson, J. Slingerland, S. Smithemg Third ow:L. Simone, M. Snearly, M. Smigielski, C. Soltis, B. Sovereign, D. Stidwellg Fourth Row: C. Stevens, . Snyder, V. Steuck, S. Simonsen: Fifth Row: D. Stringer, M. Struman, L. Smith, R. SmolinskigSixth ow: S. Sutton, M. Smith, N. Stormont, J. Simpson ww 'few Jin, -Q-u-f'mm, 2 li Fi? Front: J. Young, First Row: C. Wagner, N. Young, W. Wcinrauch, J. Watson: Second Row: G. Weddle, S. Wood, J. White, A. Walkley, S. Woodard, P. Veltong Third Row: P. Trikes, N. Witworth, I... VanVuren, G. Walker, L. Williamson, Fourth Row: R. Wilson, J. Wilson, M. Wil- son, J. Winder, Fifth Row: L. Williamson, M. Wilt, L. Watzke, K. Willard, L. Warrinvr WA. r 3 1 X A 1 1 V s Class of 1965 Leaving the Farmington Junior High after an unforgettable Freshman Dance, "Aloha, " the class anticipated a more rewarding experience in the next three years. As very energetic Sophomores, the Class of l965 plunged enthusiastically into the first of many steps toward gaining the coveted title of "Seniors. " The class opened its new fron- tier by selling refreshments at games, holding a dime dance, and presenting the "Harvest Hop" which proved to be a great success. An excited Junior class carried on the glorious tradition of past Junior classes by winning the Homecoming Parade float contest. The high point of the Junior social season was the J-Hop, "Lollipops and Roses, " a truly delightful evening. As the final days of their high school career elapsed, the class crammed their schedules with activities, such as the Senior Play, selling refreshments at games, making a float for the Homecoming parade, sponsoring a dime dance, and choosing a class gift for the school. To the dismay and disappointment of many individuals, the Senior Class Trip was not possible. The final social event of the year was the Senior Prom, held at Lovette Hall in Greenfield Village on May ZZ, 1965. Certain anxiety was felt by each senior as he pre- pared for the final step, graduation, which ended three memorable years at'Farmington Senior High School on June l7, l965. Jim Clepp, President JoAnn Maki, Vice-President Kris Hendecf, Secretary Art Woehlcr, Treasurer LINDA ABNEY BARRY ADAMS LARRY ADCOCK RANDY AMES BARRY ANEDA GARY ARNOLD NANCY ATKINS PATRICIA AYERS MARSHALL BALMAN MICHAEL BARNUM CURTIS BARRONS KATHERINE BAYER GREG BAYLEY RICHARD BELANGER .IOANNE BENNETT N-.a Q-"'P -QHQH RAY BIGGS MARY BLOME DOUGLAS BOLIERE DENNIS BORING MARILYN BORST PATRICIA BRAGG EVA BROADMAN KANDIE BROOKS SHARON BRUNETTE IRENE BRUNK TONY BUGNI PAUL BUSH MARION BUTLER LAURA CAMPBELL LINDA CAMPBELL .fav-4 KAREN CAPO KIMBERLY CARGILL DIANE CARRUTHERS DEBORAH CARSON WILLIAM CASSELL ROBERT CASSIE MARK CHAISSON DON CHAMBERLIN BRUCE CHARLES PAUL CHRISTENSEN ALLEN CHRISTIAN CHERYL CLARK JIM CLEP WALTER CLINGAN DOUGLAS COLLINS '5 KEITH COLLINS LARRY CONRAD DAVE CORNWELL CHARLOTTE COSSIN KING COTTON LYNN COURVILLE LINDA COX WILLIAM CRANE JULIE CRAWFORD ROGER CRIPPS VIVIAN CURRELL CHARLES CURRIE HOWARD CURTIS BRIAN DATES DARIEN DAVIS IFN NANCY DAVIS GEORGE DAVY ROY DEAN MARSHA DEMBECKI DAVID DENTON SHARON DEVER .IORI DICKERSON DALE DIEHL TOM DONOGHUE MARJORIE DOWDING DENNIS EAKIN ERIC ERICSON DANA ESSER JOHN ESSER STEVEN FAINE , "N. 'E .1 'sw DENNIS FALZON ANNELIE FERNHOLZ DORIS FLETCHER NANCY FORD RAY FOULKROD LEONARD FREDERICKS MIKE FREEMAN SUSAN FRIELING ALAN FRITZ CAROL FULCHER CAROLYN GILBEAU NANCY GILBEAU TONI GILBERT PENNY GILLESPIE MARILYN GODFREY !""lP My "1"'.Li"V V' 4 ,A JOYCE GONIWICH MARSHA GOODHUE JOHN GORDON RITA GORHAM MERIAM GRAINER CAROL GRIFFIN LYNDA GRIFFIN .ION GRIMES LARRY GROFF LINDA GRYCAN .IANIS GUILMET TE NORENE GUTIERREZ CRAIG HALL DEBRA HALPERIN LEE HALSTED 195 Gi i Wulf RONALD HANCOCK LOIS HARDING TIM HARGREAVES LINDA HARRIS STEPHEN HARSHFIELD ALLEN HART JAMES HARVEY JUDY HEATH ELAINE HEATON ROBERT HELVEY KRISTIN HENDEE THOMAS I-IENKEL JUDY HENNESSY JAMES HERMAN JAN HERMAN 4 my LAUREL HOETGER ROBERT HOFFMAN GREGORY HOHLER KEITH HORNIMAN COLLEEN HORRIGAN MICHAEL HORTMANN STEPHANIE HORTON RONALD HOSKINS DENNIS HOUGHTON RICHARD HOWARD RUTH HOWES TOM HUGHES RICHARD ISBELL RONALD JACK GAYE JAGIELKY ini' "'.Z"'!' PERRY JAMIESON KAREN JOHNSEN CANDY JOHNSON DORA JOHNSON ELYSE JOHNSON RICHARD JOHNSTON JOHN KARWOSKI DIANNA KENCIK JIM KENDRICK CATHERINE KEYSMITH ALBERT KLAIS CAROL KNIGHT RUTH KOGLIN CHRISTINE KOUZOUJIAN DARNEL KRAUSE 3 1? GSW wifi CHERYL KRIST RICK KUPFERSCHMIDT ROBERT KUTSCHKE SANDY LAFEVRE MICHAEL LANDACRE ROY LEACH LILLIAN LEARST MICHELLE LEFEVRE CARL LEONARD RICHARD LESSWAY CATHY LETSON GARY LIESS GARY LOCKWOOD LARRY LOFQUIST SHARYN LUFT LANA MCBRIDE DANIEL MCCOY HAZEL MCCOY TERRY MCDOWELL JILL MCELROY IAMES MCGREGOR CHRISTINE MCKELVEY VIRGINIA Mc TAGGART MIKE MAATTALA PETER MACDONALD .IOANN MAKI BETTEJO MALDONADO MARLA MANCINI .ION MARTIN PAUL MARTIN unify "QQ , BETTY MAZUR GARY MEADE FRANK MELLERT MICHAEL MESLER DONALD MILLER JAMES MIRACLE CARL MISCH PAMELA MISENAR THOMAS MITCHELL CATHY MOORE RANDY MOORE GEORGE MORRISON RONALD MORTENSON JOHN MOSLEY CHERYL MURRAY f -ww RV ROBERT NEHOSHIAN NANCY NELSON TOM NEWELL SUSAN NEWMAN LLOYD NICHOLS KARYN NICHOLSON TERRY NIELSEN RICHARD NIEMISTO JOHN NOLAN JANE OKE JOHN OLANDER DAVID OLSON SUZANNE PARKER LUCINDA PARSONS DORREEN PASTOR 11. V, J KW Us ,X ' Q4 Mig? fs. 5 ana , . .xf,QQ..E ggksfwf A gfwf iiis J Yr fs F. .r , ROBERT PATTISON SUZANNE PERKINS LINDA PETERS SHARON PETTIFOR HARRY PHINNEY TOM PHIPPS BARBARA PORTS KAREN PRESTON MADELINE PRICE ELEANOR PRIESKORN CYNTHIA RADEBAUGH JOYCE RAY JAMES REED SUSAN REYNOLDS CHARLES RICKARD lug wi V5 'W RALPH RIDLEY RUSS ROBINSON CAROL ROGERS NANCY ROSE RAY ROY LINDA ROZENBOOM NANCY RUNDELL DICK RUTI-IERFORD PETER SANDERSON LINDA SCHAFER JOEL SCI-ILERETH JACK SCHLICI-IT MACK SCHLICHT KENNETH SCHRADER MARY JANE SCHULTZ GARY SCHULZ SANDY SCHULZE PATRICIA SCHURKAMP .IACQUELINE SCHWARTZ KATHY SCHWEIZER JAY ANNE SEIGH ELIZABETH SENOB RUTH SENOB THOMAS SERINO CHARLOTTE SEXTON A MARCIA SHARPE SANDRA SHELDON PHILIP SHELTON JIM SIATKOWSKI TOM SIMRAK Q- liliiii LLOYD SIMS STUART SIVY ROSEMARY SLAGLE JAMES SMIGIELSKI BARBARA SMITH GAYLE SMITH KAYANN SMITH LARRY SMITH RICHARD SMITH SUE SMITH THOMAS SMITH JAMES SNYDER ANDREA SOBUSH PAUL SOLTIS PAM SPRIGGS 'SEMA , , g Q 1 SUSAN SPRIK JACKIE STACHURSKI NEIL STARK CLINTON STARR RONALD STEVENSON MARY STODDARD .IAY STOKAN NINA STRALL KATHY STUART VERNA STUMBAUGH LISA SUNDBERG TERRY SWIECZKOWSKI TERRY TAGGART RITCHIE TAYLOR BARBARA TEES JAN' 'X KAY TEPPO LINDA TERRY MIKE THOMAS NANCY THOMAS SCOTT THOMAS JOHN THORPE NORM THURSTON PATRICK TILLEY DIXON TISON PAM TROMBLEY PATRICK TROUT CHERI TUCKER LINDA TUCKER .IAN UMPHREY PERRA UNGER GEORGE UXA JIM VANDUSEN ARLENE VICTOR KAREN VIRLEY JANE VOELKER ROBERT VUKSON JERRY WAGNER DARYL WALLACE DIANE WALLACE PATRICIA WALLING THOMAS WARINC1 MARK WATZKE PAMELA WEAVER PAULA WEAVER PATRICIA WELLING , -W ,.. ROBERT WHEELER ANNE WHITE JUDY WHITE BEV WHITMAN MARK WILLIAMS ELIZABETH WILSON RUTH WILSON TOM WINFREE DAVID WISCHMEYER ARTHUR WOEHLER LINDA WOLSTENCROFT LINDA WOODS JUDY WOODY LINDA WRIGHT JACK WYATT NOT PICTURED: RAYMOND BERRY DIANNE COSSIN BETTY FRANKLIN RICHARD PERRY MIKE REIHA SANDRO RECHEONA JOYCE SOPER T Y GREG GREENING Class of '65 Flower: Blue H yetcinth Colors: Light ima' Dark Blue Motto: Wisdom is oft-times nearer when we stoop them we soar--Wordsworth GIBSON - FENDER - MARTIN. GUITARS MAGNAVOX STEREO 8: TELEVISION RECORDS - STEREO -MONAURAL -45's Congratulations Seniors V WELSBY HOUSG of Music LOWREY ORGANS - LESLIE SPEAKERS PHONE 474-9370 Schulze Gille spie T erry Hennes sy Adcock Jagielky Smith Horniman Radebaugh First Row: L. Cox, M Dowding, J.Rock- efeller, N. Davisg Second Row: J. Cas- sell, L. Griffin, K. Cargill, R. Senob, Smith Ray Griffin Bayer Rundell Isbell MacDonald Fernholz Waring Boring, K. Smith Sexton Knight Olander Campbell Rutherford Jagielky Dembecki Dickers on Dates Trout Griffin Halperin Newman 33317 GRAND RIVER FARMINGTON MICHIGAN Flrst Farmlngton Savlngs and Loan ASSOCIHTIOH Congra+uIa+ions Seniors I R FARMINGTON . .K D "'ifI'l,4u 22775 Orchard Lake Road Farmlngton, Mlch Gr 4 7250 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FENDT BUILDER S SUPPLY INC BESLITE 81 CONCRETE BLOCKS READY MIXED CONCRETE GR 432II I I 0 BUfLDER'S SUPPLIES DAIRY 332I9 Grand River GR, 4-2l5l ' CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CompI'men+s of CLAPPISON 81 CCNROY FARMINGTON INSURANCE AGENCY Since I868 GR. 4-35lI u 0 Q I I 1 ,Q f 1 I! ' ff' , 0 -VI VII II Eff Q, 'H H741 Iv-w ,I, 1 fufl' Jim Ill X I ,4 uv-.nw -x ,n 1',,,,H I ' w' '1 1' I T . no 5 . , - 44 4 . 5 .f . -an -M- -Cx ,- . ii X I I I . f sono ffumbird coNGRAruLAnoNs semoks .ar ....,..,,..-,,,.,,, ' ? I WILLIAM F. BLOME : Q ' lNsuRANce -,:V 4, New a. ussn 1 aexpauaiiiisr ........ AGENCY ' -k coiusuou sump on 4-1234 H Gnd FARM1NG'f0N .fl ga, UM , 24611 Greenfield - .1.' 3 f."' "', H it Southfield, Michigan if TOQINQ QINPLQW GRAIN RIVER Phone: 353-3720 UN 4-4300 'M' ' ' DETROIT E Mile Rd. Congratulations Seniors Hrom the Student Council The aims listed below were compiled after sampling Michigan Secondary Principals anda panel of forty-two National Experts in the area of student council. The aims listed are those agreed upon as primary aims by both groups. Gain support of the total student body in solv- ing problems of the school Promote school loyalty and encourage high standards of scholarship Provide an organization through which student opinions, interests, and desires may be con- veyed to the staff of the school Provide a central clearing house for coordinat ing student activities Create a harmonious relationship between fac- ulty and students WHY? ----- "PHOTOGRAPHY AT ITS BEST" AT ------- THE H. A. POWELL STUDIOS BECAUSE THE PERSONNEL IS THE BEST' Frve locatrons In Mrchrgan 8. Ohro Dayton Detroit Kalamazoo Llvonra Toledo I! Y 5 Insurance programs are provrcled A frve day work week A good place to work a good place to buy I S A profit-sharing organization. CONGRATULATIONS FRED CURCIO gm OIL COMPANY Nieman-P" 32733 GRAND RIVER FARMINGTON M PHONES GR 4 5110 AND GR 4 5111 ICI-IIGAN CompIlmenI's of Your Televuslon Cenfer FARMINGTON RADIO 81 TV Grand Rlver a+ 9 Mule GR 4 4040 Congra+uIa'nons PENNY WISE Dlscounf Vliamlns Meduclne Chesf Needs To1IeI'r1es Cosmehcs 33306 Grand Rzver Farmmgton Mzchxgan Complnmenis of DR R C SMITH OpI'ome+r1s+ Congra+uIahons Io Grads BEL AIRE DRUGS 24089 Orchard Lake Road 4-42I0 'L 1 197' QCLEANERS 5 Neareat thzng to New Clothes CUSTOM TEXT URE PROCESS GREENLEAF 43Ol0 32725 GRAND RIVER FARMINGTON MICH esI' Wishes LAWRENCE MAYER SPENCER I HEENEY FUNERAL HOME 33708 Grand Rwer Farmmeton oh ZON hF GR If4 NA CONGRATULATIONS GR 4 2800 Fune Flowers and GIIIS PHONE 474 O9II sENuoRs GORELICK LAVERTY INSURANCE 34437 OA MANUEL Pamtzng and Decorating KLAND AVE FARMINGT ON MICH - O O GR. 0 ,ii . . If 7 , ' 1 u 1 l I . ' . . ' . Complimenfs of "A Bouque+ of B ' " Tele one 372 on armingron Road " ' ' " een ca -5200 Farmington. . ichiszan FARMINGTON BAKERY 33250 Grand River Farmmg+on Mlchlgan GR 4 l68I MEET YA AT THE A 8. BRADLEY REXALL PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS CompInmen+s of DR H TEITEL OPTOMETRIST 23354 Farmmg+on Road GR 6 0880 PHILIP B THOMAS Jewelry Wafches Dnamonds Jewelry Repalr 236l3 Farmmgfon Road GR 4406! CONGRATULATIONS FARMINGTON LAN ES 323 I5 Grand River Farmmgfon Mlchlgan GReenleaf 4 1022 bherwrn W1111arn.s P DAN LOWE HARDWARE Housewares Feed Lawn Supplres We De11ver S C O T T S Lawn Care Products DIIBCL Factory Dealer 33405 Grand Rzver Farmmgton Mxch Louys Smamf App ul .fjllopp 33216 Grand Rlver SERVICE WITHIN 2 HCILIRS RICHARD S TV SERVICE TELEVISION RADIO 51 PHDNIIIGRAPH 22434 Cl HINKLE S OF FARMINGTON 23360 Farmmgion Road Farmmg+on MICHIQBH Yard Goods GR6II7O 9123 Su ex-Kam Tones I I I LL W - ll 71 1 CL 8 Farminginn Michigan T Hun: l3RzzNL:Ar 4-1253 FARMINBTDN, MICH I O I Ano Luz: R - IN BHANU Rlvnll I F NUTDN. MICH. GR 4- . - I Educafion ls Learnin o ive - -- eep earning Rea a e Service armnng on uc :gan arm' F . + I . h. . Co"9'a+"'a'i""S CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS H. A. SMITH LUMBER CO. 28575 Grand River GR. 4-b6l0 KE. 5-8440 ROMANO'5 PIZZERIA 30924 Grand River GR. 4-7600 gTL K L wwf SUBURB C SU OMAR G SANDERSON lEs+ + GR 43000 M Tel. GR. 6-I450 O1 A F ngfon Plaza Qoocl Kuala? Qracluafes ROSS SHOES 31562 GR RIVER Farmlngton Plaza TUPPER umm co GR477IO IO h dL FLORSHEIM RED CROSS JUMPING JACKS GR 49400 WINTHROP Us KEDS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FARMINGTON KIWANIS Budde s Sport Shops Inc A COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTING GOODS COMPLETE WINTER SKI SHOP 33181 Grand River 31537 W I3 MlIe Downtown Farmington WSSTIJFOOIK Center Center GR 6 4855 GR 6 2240 . I I 2880 rc ar alre Road , . . 7 Q .Wir P 7 43NAN'.r-:E ,In :gt Complimenfs of DICKERSON S HARDWARE Orchard Lake and Ten Mule GR 4 3223 Ra y Interiors umcsfzzngs Hz Lsfmcfzve 0meQ 33300 S 476 7272 Compliments of BEL AIRE LANES 'Vlay All Your Dreams Come True Sprlngbrook Gardens Florzst f1r1tzques 23614 Powers Road GR 4 0858 jk ,fdgce WGLQCCG Safon 23348 Qmmngfgl IQ! dlfll i1gf0I lf! J 4747026 SIA ffl! O CONIPLIMENTS OF PROFESSIONAL PARK PHARMACY Farmington Mnchlgan 23023 Orchard Lake Rd 476 3250 Lawrence E Gnlson RPI1 CompIumen'Is of DR M L HUTTON OPTOMETRIST 33308 Grand Ruver GR 4 5125 GR 41761 Gerald C Grace Agency A IWW null' 333 AG dk G 4 4131 33014 G A Rv O7 aye: cgiunera Home FARMINGTON MICHIGAN HOWARD W THAYER D BR41353 OLYMPIC TELEVISION DEALER PETES TELEVISION 6- RADIO SERVICE TELEVISION HOME AND AUTO RADIOS SERVICED HULLM 31370511 MILE RD FARMINGTON MICHIGAN I . , . I ng' . . f . . QW rv . . I 7 . - D P - F , , M , I ' I All Kinds of Insurance IX 5 7:75 ce G r 6 ' 1 5 5 0 Ucngus 0 run Iver '-:ef-1':j . . xv' Formmgion, Much. "1 n . TEl.21R. - M R ND I ER . , IRECTOR p . O 0 . ' i r. . y j ' I 1, . Cffafa Url!!! I1 X- a.4 inn our Ina nr - wmfr W. . Fluor. GOOD WISHES TO ALL OUR FRIENDS THE BOOK CORNER, INC KENN LOOMIS INSURANCE Kenn Loomls or Cec Roberh GReenIeaf4 I600 23280 Farmlngfo Rd Congratulatmns from the DAIRY MAI D CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS WUXA FM - 95.1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1965 L H HALSTEAD M D 23023 Orchard Lake Road BRENNER S FARMINGTON HILLS MARKET Dealer m Fancy Groc rv s Frul+ and Cholce Meafs The F n sf In Im':or+ d and Domeshc Food AWREY BAKERIES 24233 Orchard LaIce Road and I0 Mule Farmlngfon Phone GR 6-0682 D t F own own arrnmgton Center 349 9871 GR 49646 ga? an fa 641254. HAIR STYLISTS T35 E. CADY 23352 FARMINGTON R NORTHVILLE MICHIGAN FARMINGTON MICHIGAN GOLD CREST PAINTS COLOR CONSULTANTS llilnh FARMINGTON Hazelhurst Wlsconsln Mr 8zMrs JohnF Hayes Owners D1rectors CompIumen+s of DR NYAL J CARPENTER DENTIST DECOR SUBURBAN PAINT 8: WALLPAPER CO 33175 GRAND RIVER AVEN FARMINGTON MICHIGAN J R SCHAUPETER PHONE GR 5 2030 UE 34405 Grand Rlver af Gull Road , I ll ive' - e - I - I I I I A 7 Quia Qoom I- fi ' ' . .geN: , . 9 13 ,ci .Q - : D. - ' WNY fx, , f r GS , lzsrou 'J---2, ki' 1 2 .rr-' EE E. ' .::,q 'iJiF 1-lere's The Qne Book You Can't Afford To Be Without it will help to send you to college, get started in business . . . buy a car. Your savings account will do more for you than any friend you have. 31.00 is all it takes to get started. Stop in. METROPOLITAN NATIONAL BANK af FARMINGTON 33205 GRAND RIVER AVENUE - IN DOWNTOWN FARMINGTON TELEPHONE 474-1000 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS rom The Manufacturers of your Class RIHQS WEYHING BROTHERS a rollcall 0 prmczples ana' urposes, challenges ana' opportumtzes or 1-VHS 1965 graduates ana' others rom a small but steadzb growzng commumt group Favorlte o1IIIIs FIVS if NA13 gi 0591 f"v1-"F 11 aw' 5' We Feature arah Jantzen H Purltan Adler Arrow MOTIVATED BY an Interest In communIty ser vIce and dedIcated to the concept of area wIde betterment we as an organIzatIon contlnually attempt to l Encourage development of youth for re sponslhle cItIzenshIp 2 lnsplre respect for law 3 Generate an actIve Interest of youth and 4 Promote patrIotIsm and work for InternatIonal accord and frlendshlp among all people 5 Develop OPTIMISM as a practlcal phIl osophy and harmonlous way of lIfe These goals comprlse today s challenges and tomorrow s OPPOFTUDITISS for OptImIsts fo everyone We welcome YOUR HELP here and elsewhere Implemenflng our efforts as we con tlnue to strlve toward the attaInment of thes obgectlves on local state natlonal and Inter natlonal levels f U F .l.S. H. rf n f ' ' I I I , 1 P . , - . - f . I , . . f . 1 y D - Farmington's others in good government and civic affairs. Q I , l- 1 1 . . I 1 . I.. - . I r 1 vt . . . A QQ Q . . I . . As CONGRATULATIONS F.H.S. SENIORS from HEPNER S of FARMINGTON gP s CORNER OF I2 MILE 8- FARMINGTON ROAD I I "First in Fashions for Youn eople" KENoALLwooo cam GOOD LUCK 9 from Farmlngton Enterprlse PIXIELAND CHILDREN S SHOP Farmington Shopping Plaza SID SJEWELRY SEEKAY S TOWNE TOGGERY Men s and Boy s Wear Tuxedo Rentals Eagle Clothes GR 4 8030 Downtown Farmington Center OFF GR648l0 UNRA MULTI LIST IIHTES 8 IHUHIIIIIBSTHH Realtors 22772 Orchard Lake Rd Farmrngton Michigan Phone 476 0028 FARMINGTON TRAVEL SERVICE COMPLETE TRAVEL SERVICE 23284 Farmington Rd Gerald Wrlcox Farmington Mlchrgan The only newspaper devoted to Exclusive coverage Farmington Cnty Township ancl School news 76 years of Continuous servlce to the Communlty 9 FARMINGTON 50Y LUMBER r Y C :ty F :gt ,Mlhlg O A 1 of I 7 Farmington Downtown Cenler Friendship Rings, Watchs, Chains, Idenlification Bracelets School Pennants 1 I I "Con fafulaffgngn I From ears 'n our ommun' arm'n on 'c ' an I 4 1 .x ,VM X u Cy xp ,Lg Vfgkiu, l,Q,4QQf,X,+ LLM! f MP5 lx, LU! Qld. IL FQ J ' j9fNL,SSX-LL'1fl,S J, VL,1 1 Qlff, CMN!! 2-f igfk-LIXJE, L, ALL Xiu lf in by 7 MEAL qi ,vf7f'QL ?Q'L ' gp 2? L l,QL4vVCJL, Y slwwk ag 'ESM QP' WW I CQk.QQ9'7f7Qg f imc '- gage 4 'U Wfdtfgxfugmwd fb ' Nav NLCM Z Qfifffm, J "i bww' Ck-' fL.v gp.11fOikJ we CL41-kfyW'Wfu'fQNQ., 57m f, LJLQ gwmi ,Q , ' 'xxif I QT f'j5L AX"CL?g, 4 A dv! M, W, M V 'A U'dft'3!mVx'QLf CL'7'f? 4U1-Nfl, . 590, C5'G M2L ,QfUvfVb7fVkC 5 'il ,CLe1,L,-Q , c-V, gm ,ppp ,f C MQ' ' dgilfm UQ V -1- ffl- ,,O,A uOQ,Q7A fxfLQ,0., ' CLXQ Came? L7'Z,f'C V, 7 f -- LL5' I Rx 1 I 1 I I If 1 I, I X 1 t I 1 l v XI. Q' N. . wx NE 1 SQQQTQQN N S NE W xg . Y' W x -- RTT' mmm Q 'NJ .IX xJ ,F Xwejxxfy 'N 1 1. ,lflfi x v.fL , lft' 1 i!L 4 'I' fyl' 1" 11" A . 4 x 1 I 1 I I ' 1' 11' ut I, 'A 4 I 1 1' I X 11111 f 1 11 L , X I ' 1,1 ' I-f ' 4 x 1 X 1 1 'K I" N" N f K f 1 I I M f "I, V r",xs J 1 1 ll r N x 1 . ,ff l .' iQ YI M r J x x , .1 X X .X X .V Q gy Q X xx N X X Y Qi N L X X Xi' Y f 5' iff QW if .xxx N X y s 'XA 'A A X -LX . XX. VM VS 1-X K N , A RX Y w bp Mft XX X -x - vi 'X gg ' NN Q , X K X ,X XX, N Q .Q as . KK I ' vf " X Q 3' A- I ig A JSY H A J X ix x ,fx i r lx xxx , XXV.. L.. S XJ BN NN N A I X if IX Q0 1- ,f K, x - . f NV .Q Q N 0 X sxs 3 ix XJ :A xv l NN gi fi .gi AX XX' XI fx wx Xin ,fn M Ni xv XI 'rx it A MX xxx, h , X RA, X I-.X X xqxf . y f X rN ' 5 f Nxt , A 'X X X ix X TX V N XX X 'X xx N x X RA x X' 'Xu ,Ax 'Rx' N? F 'fx -X X X 1: -1 -X gy ' gm, 5 .ff X M AN gi Vx X 'N . 'QS N 5 N' fX N . Q . " ' X 2' ' VCX 'Tx 1 5 -Xi ,X K' x ' ' kb ,L .Q m X NR xQ Nixff A , X YS J J WU' .,xl X AQHA. Q! K

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