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K I-'Tl'-ii. Front Row: Marilyn Chesney, Estelle Prince, Dorothy Thomas, Mr. Jack, Vernon Wilson, Mahala Morgan, and Helen Burns. Back Row: Marjorie Bragg, Barbara Mills, Beth Clement, Mary Storer, Richard Dreselly, Richard Plum er , Nancy White, Dorothy Merrill, and Bobby Moore. O Co-Editors-in-Chief Dorothy Thomas Vernon Wilson Literary Barbara Mills Editorials Beth Clement Business Staff Girls' Sports Boys' Sports Senior Write-Ups Art Alumni R Exchang Calendar e Editor Estelle Prince Marjorie Bragg Nancy White Bobby Moore Richard Dreselly Janet Smith Richard Plummer Mary Storer Dorothy Merrill Typists Marilyn Chesney Helen Burns Mahala Morgan Photography Dana Stubbs Faculty Advisor rx 59 C 33 ' " llllll- E5n:i'H"i'i?EE MI' 0 Jack 3. -1,.,,..l. .2 - a. ...................a,B...,..1.ai.., . f Lfeme L, S--L ix 54. 9702434 Front row: Misses Frances Smith, Roberta Rogers, Sarah Littlefield, Pauline Pratt. Back row: Paul Jack, Fred Higgins, Ashton Atherton, Elwin Towne, James Bowman, Robert Stetson, Rutherford Drummond. Roberta F. Rogers Frances S. Smith Sarah Littlefield Elwin F. Towne G Ashton A. Atherton Fred K. Higgins , , Rutherford iizyurnmond ..., 14' X' 'I a'4fCK ig! Y!-'if' B K! Af' ffiffice cfm 1 4- - if Paul E. Jack J James A. Bowman Pauline Pratt j Westbrook Junior College - North- eastern Business College . Graduate Work ginia University of Graduate Work ginia University of Graduate Work Bates College Graduate Work Bates College Graduate Work - University of Vir- Maine - B. A. Degree - University of Vir- Maine - B. S. Degree - University orkyai A, - B. S. Degree ' , - Bates College yi- - B. S. Degree '1 0- ' 4" - Bates College 3""'r""" WU LM' Springfield College - B. s. Dems Graduate Work University of Gorham Normal G 'duate Work - Boston University Virginia School - University of Maine vard, Gorham Normal School, Ex- t nsion Course University of Maine B wdoin College - B- A. Degree aduate Work - Teachers' College t Columbia University, Feagen chool of Dramatic Art ill Business Gorham Normal Colby College College School Q .. f.'P. f1 ,C E . Front row: Vernon Wilson, salutatoriang Richard Dreselly, valedlctorian. Back row: Dana Stubbs, Lillian Hutchinson, Arthur Hlncks. Janet Smith was not present when the picture was taken. HONOR PARTS The students chosen to represent their class at gradua- tion this year have been outstanding, not only in,scho1ar- ship, but in extra curricular activities as well. The honors were won through much diligent work and cooperation by the pupils, Richard Dreselly, valedictorian, Vernon Wilson, sulutatorian, Janet Smith, Lillian Hutchinson, Arthur Hincks, and Dana Stubbs, honor essayists. The theme around which the graduation program is cen- tered is "Youth Today and Tomorrow", a topic which should be first and foremost in all young minds today. N I 'E fJf.1x:-?.1ia- I, VN, , I 'f X ,fl . LL' ff Q'f ' CLASS OFFICERS Pres.--Richard Plum er Vice Pres.--Vernon Wilson Sec.-Treas.--Mahala Morgan Richard Plum er Band l,2,5,43 Orchestra l,2,5,43 Indoor Track 2,5,43 Soccer 13 Outdoor Track 5,43 Rifle 2,42 Varsity Club 2,5,43 Operetta 5,43 Dramatics 5,43 Outing Club 2,5, Pres. 43 Radio Club 53 Camera Club 13 Student Council 53 Yearbook q,4. If there's any school activity that Dick hasn't been in, we don't know it. We ex- pect him to follow the same policy out in the cold, cold world. We're sorry for Gene Krupa or Red Skelton, who are about to be done out of a job. Dana Stubbs Outing Club 43 French Club 23 Radio Club Pres. 51 Camera Club Pres. 43 Class Sec Treas. 13 Student Council l. It was quite a shock when Dana entered high school, and has been so ever since The Steinmetz of Falmouth's efforts run of into picture projecting, photography, C. radio, etc. Motto-Never a dull moment X. Janet Smith Orchestra l,2,5,43 Band 2,53 Varsity Club 5,43 Cheerleading 51 Swim ing 5,43 Oper- etta 5,43 Prize Speaking 53 Ski Club 23 Volleyball l3 Outing l,2,5,43 Glee Club 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Assembly Committee 23 Class Play 23 School Play 5. Jovial, joking, Janet will be remembered at Falmouth for her corny humor. and co- operation in the many activities that she has been in. Incidentally, the tire shortage is the worst blow she ever suf- fered. John Stimson Band 1,2,3Q Orchestra 1,2,5f Baseball 1,2 5,43 Soccer 2,5,4: Swimming 5,43 Indoor Track 5,43 Outdoor Track 5,43 Varsity 1,2 5,43 Outing Club 1,2,5,4Q Basketball 2,5, 4. Have you noticed the fellow who stars and scores in every basketball game? The fel- low who scores as well off the floor as on? Answer, of course, is Johnny Stimson He won't be forgotten here at Falmouth. Favorite tune-The Shrine of St. Cecilia. Richard Dreselly Soccer 1,23 Varsity Club 2,5,43 Dramatics 1,2,5,4j Outing Club 2,5,43 Radio Club 2, 53 Class Vice-Pres. 52 Student Council 43 earbook 43 French Club 23 Prize Speaking Vhen Dick's not studying or grease-monkey ing around at Dreselly's Garage, he's taking long bicycle trips. Note by Dreselly--See ad at end of this book. Y.: .1, if 26.4 ,Aft 3 x Patricia E. Taylor Class Officer 1,53 Volleyball 13 Outing Club l,2,3,4f French Club 23 Ski Club 23 Skipper 5,43 Glee Club 43 Operetta 5,43 Class Play 23 Pop Concert 2,53 Majorette 5. ' "Patty" is one of our most popular sen- iors, not only in Falmouth. The records tell us that she has brains as well as beauty. With that combination, how can she miss? Arthur Hlncks Baseball 53 Soccer 13 Basketball 5,43 Outing Club 2,3,4j Prize Speaking 1,2: Ski Club 23 Band 1,2,5f Orchestra l,2,5. Bud is one good reason why Falmouth won the state basketball championship. Bud takes much interest in school work, con- sidering the distraction of his feminine basketball fans. Nancy White Outing Club l,2,53 Skipper 43 Glee Club 43 French Club 23 Yearbook 43 Class Play 23 Operetta 4. Although Nancy is very studious and quiet we could not have done without her root- ing at the baseball and basketball games. She doesn't say much but we sure do know she's there. Mary Storer Orchestra 2,5,4j Band 2,5,4j Class Play 2 Outin Club 2 5 4 Prize Speaking 5,43 g . Year Book Staff 5,43 Glee Club 43 Volley- ball l,23 Operetta 43 Ho. Ee. 2. Boisterous one minute and quiet the next, Mary is one of the class unpredictables. Nevertheless, we predict that with vim and vigour, she'll go far in right direction. Fern Howell Track 23 Ho, Ec. Club 23 Glee Club 43 Out- ing Club 2,5,43 Basketball 1,23 Volley- ball l,23 Class Play 53 Cheerleading 4. Fern asserts her dual personality by be- ing demure and retiring in class, and a wild and lusty cheer leader on the basket- ball floor. such the Vernon Wilson Class Officer 2,5,43 Track 23 Basketball Asst. Mgr. 5, Mgr. 43 Orchestra 5,43 Out- ing Club 5,43 Camera Club 23 Class Play 23 Assembly Committee 23 Glee Club 43 Varsity Club 43 Yearbook 5,4. Besides keeping our female population happy, Vernon keeps busy making the kind of marks that show his intelligence. At present, he is proving competition to a few bank directors. aft, , f ei, ,-X xt Donald Cole Baseball l,2,5,43 Basketball 5,43 Soccer 33 Varsity Club 1,2,5,4j Outing Club 4, Pres. 33 Indoor Track 43 Outdoor Track 4. A candidate for supreme muscle-man of Fal mouth, Donny has left a shattered row of hearts behind. When he's not playing bas ketball or baseball, he is pouring oil into his Plymouth. Jeanne Babbidge Vice Pres. 13 Glee Club 43 Outing Club 1, 2,5,4: Volleyball 13 Basketball 13 Oper- etta 5. Jeanne has proved hcr efficiency as a sec retary and she has lots of friends, so now all she needs is the pay-check for a successful life. Dorothy Thomas Prize Speaking 1,2,5,4j Dramatics 2,5,4: Operetta 5,43 Basketball, Asst. Mgr. 3, Mgr. 43 Glee Club 43 Outing Club l,2,3,4I Camera Club 43 Varsity Club 43 Yearbook 3,43 Skipper 5,43 Pop Concert 2,5,4j Vol- leyball 13 French Club 23 Student Council 23 Softball l. The sweetheart of Falmouth High in gen- eral, nDotn has all the embryo character- istics of the Broadway star she aspires to be. Dot helps herself by helping others. Robert Blake Soccer l,S,53 Camera Club 23 Radio Club 2 French Club 53 Softball 33 Outing Club 2, 33 Track l. They used to call him Shorty, but them days is gone forever. Robert will be a success as a bachelor, for not only is he hard working, but he has been approved by Miss Littlefield and the Good Housekeep- ing Institute for dish washing, I Mahala Morgan Natalie Goodspeed Orchestra 1,2,5,4: Operetta 51 Camera Club 13 Outing Club l,2,5j Glee Club 43 Softball l,2,5. Nat is noted for her temperment of an opera singer, her voice of the same, her heart of gold, and her fiddling of old. Orchestra l,2,5,43 Sec. Trees. Class 4, Athletic Council 23 Glee Club 43 Stage Manager Pop Concert 43 Yearbook 4. Cute and quiet Mahala is our gift to the business world. And we don't think she'l1 have to sit on the boss's knee to get the steady promotion. Clncidentally, Mahala insists she is not descended from Morgan the horse thiefli'-' WX 5 V 1-J ' -iv .fm A U Exe .J ' 'J Paul Swett .EZ ggevzeffiaiiafgffyc, 6j'JC'f4i1nfZi4u. 126i I Q H ' V.. Y ,J , , g, ,bij , K A, . S 7'X Donald Blake Radio Club 1,23 Operetta 5. The shining star of the English class, nevertheless Donald's talents and time lean toward horseless carraiges. fYou should see how said Chevorlet leans, tool Barbara Wilson Class Play 23 Operetta 53 Outing Club l, 2,5,4f Glee Club 43 Student Council 2g Volleyball 1. One of our very quiet girls, we never- theless know she is here by the efficient way she is ready to help anyone. One of Mr. Towne's office staff, ghefg proved her ability as a secretary. ff Butler Pratt Jr. Rifle l,2,5,43 Basketball 5,43 Baseball 3,43 Swimming 53 Indoor Track 1,2,5,4j utdoor Track 3,43 Operetta 5,43 Band l, 2,5,43 Orchestra 2,5,43 Varsity l,2,5,4j Outing Club 23 French Club 23 Radio Club 2. HButtu would be the strong, silent type lf he was somewhat more silent. Tall, dark, and athletic, he has helped much in brlnfinf about Falmouth's athletic record Robert Moore Basketball 5,43 Pop Concert 43 Soccer 53 Track 5,43 Orchestra 2,53 Band 2,53 Var- sity Club 5,43 Operetta 53 Yearbook 43 Camera Club 53 Prize Speaking l,2. Bobby's quite forward in school, but on the basketball court he's quite a guard. Bob fulfills his destiny by enriching the English class. Albert Roberts Softball 53 French Club 5. As Albert hasn't been with us all four years we haven't become properly ac- quainted with him but we know he has been an outstanding student in class. Class Play 23 Basketball 23 Indoor Track 2,53 Soccer l,Q,53 Outdoor Track 5,43 Varsity Club l,2,5,43 Class Pres. 1,23 Cheerleading 1. Paul keeps in the limelight in various ways. If it isn't Swett's bus or the Nellie G., it's his noisy gas buggy. Lately ship sinklngs have increased great- ly--Swett's sweating at the Todd-Bath shipyard. Thomas Meehan Athletic Coun. Pres. 43 Basketball 5,43 Baseball 5,43 Indoor Track 5,43 Swimming 5,43 Year Book 5,43 Outdoor Track 5,4. Tommy is the flash of Falmouth, the break- er of many feminine hearts, and he also has done a lot in the line of sports and what a line. He is one of the most im- portant boys in the senior class. He has been in all sports and given plenty of time and energy to help us win. Rosie Villacci Basketball l,2,5,43 Softball 3,45 Outing Club 53 Volleyball 2. Versatile Rosie does two jobs at once-she practically cheerleads while playing the kind of basketball that puts F. H. S. in the championship class. Nancy Hawkes ' Basketball 1,2,5,4f Orchestra l,2,53 Swim- ming 5,43 Softball 1,2,3Q Volleyball 1,2f Varsity 5,43 Track 13 Yearbook 53 Outing Club l,2,53 Home Ec. Club 13 Camera Club 1. Nancy's ambition is to be a physical edu- cation teacher and' by the way she has taken over some of the classes at F. H. S. and entered sports, we believe she will make a success of herself in that field. 6 ' Margaret Dafgett Glee Club lg Volleyball lg Outing Club l. Big-hearted Margaret is a Falmouth insti- tution. Largest place in said heart is 4 reported to be occupied by part of the U. S. Army. Another reason why we'll win the war. Marilyn Chesney Qlass Play 23 Outing Club l,2,5,43 Home Ec. Club 23 Yearbook 4. Golden-haired Marilyn is the stand-by of the class-though she's quiet, we can de- pend always on her action, efficient, pleasant, and courteous. Lillian Hutchinson Cheerleading 43 Glee Club 43 Volleyball l,2,53 Softball 2,53 Dramatic Club l,2,53 School Paper 23 Class Officer l,2,53 School Marshall 2,5. Lillian has such a forceful voice on the cheerleading squad you would hardly ex- pect her to be modestly quiet ln class, but she certainly ls. Those who know her say that she is as mood a friend as she looks. NATIONAL DEFENSE How many times have you heard this phrase uI'm doing my part, Ilm buying war bonds, and stamps, and I am in Civilian Defense, what more can I do?n You can do much more Mr. and Mrs. America, there is something else much more precious, national morale, If it is low the defense units are greatly lessened. One of the best ways to keep up moral is to keep cFeerful. Instead of grumbling over every little thing, and complaining about everything the government is doing that you dislike or is unusual --Why not keep quiet. Or better yet praise the government for the good job it is doing. Many of us are complaining that we are losing many of our rights as American citizens and we are drifting towards distatorship, but this is just propaganda. Certainly we have many restrictions now, but these are necessary in an all out war such as we are fighting. Many of us are unknowingly giving invaluable aid to the enemy by spreading rumors of scandal in the govern- mentg military and naval defeats, unpreparedness of our fighting forces, and many other things equally disasterous to national morale. Let's really got behind the government, buying war bonds and stamps is a swell idea but not enough so lets NKeep Them Flying, and Keep Smi1ing.N BLACKOUT Blackout, blackout! it was screamed by sirens, moaned by bells, and shouted by noisy horns. The Portland area grew dimmer by seconds, until in a few minutes one could hardly recognize any particular building. All this oc- cured on April 24, 1942 between 9:50 and 9:50 P.M. o'c1ock Portland and its adjacent towns were witnessing then their first official blackout. To most people the warning signal was a cue for them to immediately assemble blackout curtains, blankets or boards over all windows in rooms whore light was to be seen. They stayed in these rooms for the duration,--twen- ty minutes. A few people preferred to take the whole affair as a joke, and left their lights on as usual. These folks were greatly astonished and somewhat ashamed when their Air Raid Warden or policeman demanded their lights out. The houses went black immediately. It is hoped by authorities that if necessity should require more blackouts that all past slackers will have waked up. It seems to me that a twenty minute or even an all night electrical blackout is a fairly small thing con- pared to a permanent spiritual, political, and social 'blackout. Such a blackness would follow the defeat of this country. Let's do our part while there is still time I:'l'-IE PANTS Pants! Pantsl Pantsl not a skirt in the group Where are the girls? Oh, they are still there only they converted from skirts to slacks. What has happened to the feminine sex? That is the question every male is asking. The feminine selves in an er sex could continue the Schools farce? You bet! having nslack troublen should sex are evidently trying to rejuvenate themr outlandish sort of way. If some of the fair- see themselves as others see them, would they install a few full length mirrors at strategic points around the build- ing. Or better still if the boys wished a quick retreat they might model the latest creation in girls skirts. Yes, the girls definitely have one good argument for wearing slacks--the conserving of silk stockings, but the girls could wear skirts minus silk stockings with lt. If the girls want to go completely not abolish all make-up and the other marks accept nHarvard haircuts' as a standard hair h Bit if you wish to win the admiration and get away masculine why of femininity do. of the males act like girls, instead of tomboys in creased pantaloons. ENEQWJTI raw we Q -V ' " I 'flll M. Bates '45 N! --T XE all -I 'ly lla ! Johnny's First Date Mom,--Mommy, she's promised to go to the prom with meil Little Johnny burst madly into the kitchen to break the news to his young mother. She listens excitedly while he babbles on about Joan, and how he, aged fifteen has managed to wrangle his first date. Johnny's brother Bobby, who is two years his senior, bangs on the bathroom door. NHey, will you hurry up? I've'got to have my shower too.n uOh, Bob, have a heart, your only going to a show, and besides you won't have to leave till after I do. I've only been here for half an hour.n Poor Johnny emer es in a few moments, and heads frantically for the bedroom, where his mother has laid out his first formal wardrobe. It is now nearly six, and while dressing he drops his collar pin behind his bureau. In retreiving that, the third button on his shirt decides to pop off. Now our poor little boy dashes pell-mell down the stairs, where he knows there is someone to fix it. The grandfather clock in the corner shows all too plainly that it is 6:55, when Johnny again emerges, this time fully dressed, from his room. The gardenias have arrived, he picks them up nervously, kissed his mother, and heads for.the garage. Joan Ralston, lives on Hill Crest Avenue, which is about two miles from Johnny's house. He drives rather slowly, as he approaches her home, but as he prepares to drive in, his courage leaves him, and he circles the block in the hope that it will return. Never in his young life has he been so excited, and never so nervous, yet he grits his teeth and h ads the car into the drive- way. He steps from the car, heads for the front door, and timidly rings the bell. In the second before she greets him, he glances at his watch. It is 7:14, and with a sigh of relief he realizes that at least he is on time 0 Our beautiful Joan now opens the door, poised and self confident. As they descend the steps together Johnny siiles and wonders how she has managed to remain as unruffled as she has at a time like this. B. idler '45 59 Ve il , 4441- , L. . LONDON 1941 When little Bobb1e's mother died, his Aunt Jane and Aunt Betty took him in to live with them. Aunt Jane was a middle aged woman, with a good na- ture but with poor understanding of children. Aunt Betty who was younger worked while Jane stayed home and kept house. Betty was very fond of little Bobby and they used to have grand times when she would get home from work and on Sundays. Bobby had lived in London with his parents before but they were killed. He was a good little boy, but was used to having everything. He was a smart little boyg when he came to America to live with his aunts, he understood he couldn't have everything he wanted. He made friends with rather an old man, whom he call- ed 'Gumpy'. He lived on the farm next to him. Every afternoon the little old man would call Bobby in for tea and cookies. They became great friends. One afternoon old Gumpy, had a big surprise for Bobby. nOh, Gumpy' please tell me what the surprise is. I'm just dying' to know. Please, Gumpy,hurry up.n Bobby jump ed up and down with anxiety, nwell, if you go over there and take the towel off that basket you will see.u Quickly Bobby ran to the corner, tore off the cover and there it was--the cutest, littlest, puppy you ever saw nGumpy, he is wonderful. How did you know I wanted one so bad, huh, how did you know Gumpy?n 'Well, I know, when I was a little tyke I had me a puppy and he was the best friend I ever had--till you CBBC alongn. 'Gee, Gumpy, how am I ever gonna thank ya.u Gee, Gumpy, can I take him home now and show Aunt Jane? she will love him like I do, and Aunt Betty will be crazy him when she sees him. You know, Gumpy, I had a dog over OVST in England, he was my best friend too, his name was 'Pepper'. I think I'l1 call this doggy Pepper too. Is that O.K.?n n0f course, now run along and show him to your Aunt Jane.n Quick as a flash Bobby was out of the door and stand- ing on the back porch of his own house wiping his feet, because Aunt Jane was very strict about her floors. He opened the door and called anxiously, nAunt Jane, ooh, Aunt Jane, look what I 've got, Gumpy gave him to me, oh 1sn't he wonderful? I'm gonna call him Pepper, because my other dog's name was Pepper.' 'I'm awfully sorry, Bobby, but I hope you don't in- tend to keep him here in this house. Now like a good boy take him back to lumpy and you can play with him as often as you l1ke.' nBut Aunt Jane, Pepper is mine, all mine and I've got to keep him. He can stay with me up in my room and he wont bother anyonw, honest he wont, please Aunt Jane I--- nI'm sorry Bobby, but you'll be going back to school soon, and I canft have that dog hanging around, always under my feet, no, Bobby now run along, take him over to Gumpy, With a depressing look and heavy feet, Bobby carried his little puppy to the door, opened it and disappeared, not to be seen until three nights later when they found F:'I-'15 him and Pepper in an old cellar of a store in the city. What a change has come over Aunt Jane since she be- came hmmorized by boy and dog devotion. D. B. T. '42 LIFE Tell me not, life is but an indolent dream, floating down on idle stream. Life is full of vigour, grief and joyg nLife is reall life is earnesttu live! Live to be free, to be pitiedl, to laugh, to cryg to be happy, to be sorrowful, to diet, Never waste a single minute, lest late in life you will regret it. Life is not a period of time, to be spent as a common dime! Life begins with the young, and never matures. Life is the work of a master, not or a reminiscing amateur. M. Bates '45 PEACE When war clouds grey Have passed away And brighter days we see May selfish greeds The hate it breeds Depart,--and peace forever be. B. Adler '45 CLOUDS Clouds go floating eastward Blown by a wind from the West, Fringed by a dying sunset In a world of troubled unrest. J. Fabricius '43 ,fx gixo g'fE!o Ainzihaaii Y ,, - QNLENDNR OCT. 22 - Could it be that F.H. Od? S. is haunted? No, its only a swf? Halloween party. Mr. Drum ond, ow 1' 1 'to gr-1 lnal t V ngzxn e most f qua qgx g cos ume. excellent in qi 0 Q? program wasdgiven, angbeyery-J 5f,A. Q one enyoye see ng Bo y Baby 6751 C fb Q M Ks? ...Nl S086 'Y 0 beige with his 10 O'clock V 0e64g,'5i9o' QQQ0 . f 6220 5' figfv' JAN. 9 - FALMOUTH IS 20-14 vlc- ox, as 59" Q ao 'ron IN Hoa' DUEL--Cape Eliza- 690 .Q 960 95 beth is nipped at finish. Fal- '5 get ef' Q5 mouth High captured a crucial Q 'g,e't,5,4 ' Triple c basketball game from Wyse 'JP' C.E.H.S. before a capacity salt ,Ne Z13iXQf'aTl3S Eiilialiadfiil 222122 ekp . DEC, 19 - With the auditorium to finish. '59 transformed into a snowy ever' green scene which added to the Christmas spirit, the annual 1 Pop Concert was held. The Program was Put OU by the Stu' dents, and a group of carolers H ry-"1f"' lent their voices to make this Skipper Baniuef gala event the usual success. Doc. 4 . 42 4' ,:. 1 41? FEB, 20 - In honor of the two 620171 S3 fo chamnionship teams, a banquet, 3,-25 7 "' 'Wea be I!!! 6118 prepared and Served by Stu- I ' mic ale It 12 as Che ' followed by be 12 0, 0 911 '7 dents, WHS given. t tb QQ l?G QttQy a rally in the auditorium- A '71, Q' 'G 'Pg n QP- the rally several interesting W Q Qs 0 She Jess 6.58 oozfobl k were heard and movies iii? egiown. Miss Smith WHS presented with an O. Henry bar from her team. -sn- fu,--A..-' "" 5 N-r -. ln.-s..l .A-.., ...u-Q,---1, "..- ,.,u. L.--A... Gir lt Svfum NXeCT'Oc."l'..2.L Why? 'ba Q 0 'fl bs ,Dpy heheh 'bed 99 ' Q p.QU boy t' 15 50,7 eb? 1 the 8 UQ, S 9 12911 Je .P WQQQ 27479 peb t. 8"Q??b'3-IJ obs 6 Gifts. ' 8 'Sk' ob ' B0 We JAN. 2 - FALMOUTH TOPS SANFORD. he 01:0 We Q U16 90' Falmouth Highfs basketeer came from behind in the final period to overtake the Sanford High "Orphans" for a 26 to 18 victory. Stimson, Falmouth forward, hit his stride in this pay-off frame and dipped four counters through the nett- 65 ing to salt the verdict for the home forces. 6-be.,i CQ pqh wlb Qeka -bd 867.2 t tv .0 as fit bOffQ.bf5Q2sf og2bI4QyQ9 if babes eiiwolf5iS?a qbQ6s0bdQ?oux4QZ? MARCH l - Portland fSpecialJ We are sorry to hear that dur- ing vacation the mumps visited Miss Rogers at her residence, but the stay was short and she was back again after vacation, raring to go. .P oe 0 J Q Q- 0.9 0' Oo 0 6Q'bQ-IQ!! 6,2500 o 66 JJ, Q9 o 35, Ja sc? cz, go 235 0 o 6 OCT. 5 - Teachers' Reception. Q5 0 -'PI Q3 At last mamma meets the teach- 6x'foQ"60966'1 er who flunked Johnny last ' -'fo term, and Dad gets a good look at Miss Pratt. Twenty gallons of cider + pretty waitresses - good time. ' Q 6 Sa Safe Q' APR. 24 - The townspeople ex- pressed their pride to the champs by giving a supper in honor of' the victory. An in- tere sting entertainment follow- ed, and dancing ended this pleasant evening. MO 'NN fsbf 'jrlrgm 1 f-'A x 1.3 X2 K- x .313 Qi. ffV' mx FEB. 28 - FALMOUTH RALLIES FOR GLASS B WIN. A thoroughly de- termined Falmouth High five fought back from an early per- iod disadvantage to overcome a favored Kennebunk High team, 45-27, and take with it the championship of Class B and the right to meet the Eastern Maine B champs at Brewer. FEB. 22 - F. H. S. on the air. ,- c - ,ng BI'09.d0aSting from our auditor- gf -11,1 RU, ium, the combined orchestras J of Falmouth High and Greely In- stitute were heard. Our F. H.S. U54 Girls' Glee Club made its de- ll but. Mr. Higgins and Mr. JI Merrill discussed physical ed.. Priz e ucation and Mrs. Donald M. Pay- 5,-,ga Mn 5-O :gli spoke. Tgo instrumental AP,-,155 I I? .U os were ren ered. 0 I co 1 9? 42577 .6 3'-5 .QQ 51,735.9 035553 wcgocfeg. A, ty 1 9 -is 0 .2 get ff7'5?f3?'55b'o'e get egg? CU X ,5?+f,"o2'F,,YC?.,gS"5.1f' 0 MAR. '7 - Special Dispatch to QQQ56 .3 .EP 33,46 gf , 55 the "crest" - FALMOUTH HIGH 'A 602.0 S3 'R' uv 1.517 .VOS WINS STATE CLASS B COURT CROWN 06.5 fa, ,,, 4,459 Q 'f'.q?'Qe45-y BY WHIPPING LEE AcADEMy--west- Q53 Q, I gc, Q Q A10 gba ern Titlists Lead From Opening Q6 fgwgncg Qs -UN 00 Wg, o o rf Whistle - - Plummer Stimson X' 6 fs my 05' QCJQ51? Star For Victors F,H S 's in, as C95 Sy ' 0 u n n ' ' 5' .59 535 5 ,337 if 15.6" spir-ed basketball five kept 'T-Sw Q23 15 flu,-F 0042259 35' the same place that carried it uv ok-5 Q30 os, 'A' 5? through its county, bi-county, W4 Y: ' 5 Ofsfggs 65' and sectional play-off games rvvgcoai qv 0 0 to whip Lee Academy in the fi- 6 -5' gs. 0 Q55 nal game of the state Class B 606550953520 0' title play at the Brewer Audi- 6 wg: x torium by a 56-27 margin be- 5 o -A I- P Mn: OF Patna fore an overflow crowd of par- 94695 spin. " A tison fans, which far exceeded 09552, 9 that of any of the previous 512940 "E, small school tournaments in Q0 435 4, W , this vicinity. 3,20 Q, 1 5 oeecgetbvefi 'J' woo O erg'r'l'a. Mo Y "vo Q0 Odfqb Y ' 3 1? Wa? 1 Oe?"5,s"ip gb of-69 bales APR. 17- The annual exhibition 5qg?1?v:"UN .3 and College Night were combined .q-he 0 8,57 and the result was a grand suc cess. "The Skipper" went to press while some typists typed to music, their heads covered with paper bags. Representa- 0127 -s,5'z?f3'5 :- EN-,gf if go' 1-0 s Jwfflfffe Q, o 005' tives from various colleges boyz were interviewed by parents , wgoj and students. Four majorettes V, wg strutted and twirled to the . 577-Q' martial music of our band. Sev- gym ogg' eral speakers were enjoyed and wqfoqffwfe , , a splendid gym demonstration 045'-1.'?'Q, '-'U-TWU by grades 8, 9, and 10, brought 0-L? 000.5 the evening to a close. UUNIOR Junior A XQE Class seems to lfN Q have spent iq' ' 11- most' of their time this year arsuinb about class rings. Bu , if ou look closely rou xill iind that ther won out 6? n , after rfrzch time and Eziclzer- ing. 5 x ' In basketball our class is well - kflv represented: Newell Tibbals and e ' Forrest Leighton representing our Q boys, and Harjorie Bragg, Estelle Prince, Marion Uooper, Lillian Hloth, Louise and Marie Villacci, and Trenna Rosengren repre- senting our girls. I Also, swimming lsn't entirely left out. 5 3 Dorothy Bjorn, our captain. and Beth Mitmwgg i i .rf Clement and Marjorie Bragg did a zine job QT? evg- if. ,2M' ,ff capturing the Triple C Title. A 'A The Juniors have taken part in , M, ,f,,1, r L many outside activities, such as ggi i f!1,W the orchestra, band, operetta, We ' f""'A M' and prize speaking. ff 1" I, ,vhn 4A2fN6l ESPUHPH M1115 and New- Efqfl ' all Tibhals have u changed the custom aiil l H T of the Junior 4 Class by clewing par- affin. 5 Band and orchestra are well flanked JSOPHOM ORE5 sul, The k'f5g Soph- W f If If Omo I' 6 gaavgg , class has contributed W 3 much towards Q' athletics and other activities I dof the school On the Girls' Basketball Team is Rosalie Wallace, who, when placed in a game, it gave plenty of trouble to the as opposition. John Morris and Mark T Stimson were on the Boys' Basket- ball Team. The Junior Varsity was made up chiefly of Sophomores To the operetta, NThe Pirates of Penzancen, the Sophomore Class gave its warbling glamour bog Mark Stimson, who played the .male lead, Frederick. Scattered throusfihout the chorus Q were several other members of our Class. The stage hands came largely from the class of W with the musical and rhythmical Sophomores. If we can stream-line our c --gz a minds to slide through , g I our studies in the ' same manner as we bf- do outside acti- vities, we'll surely at- tain a high re- ly QW cord ii ii g y ' vt? Z 41 If nf " f I 0 wt ' L 1 v 4 7 Y 1 . F TN A , mLasHMaN 'f 1 ,f N r . ,F .J 'N iw? it S' I' '11 When, we, P the class . n e 'A'-2 ' A ,V of '45 enter- ' lf , A ed high school, ff, e we quieted down considerably making no 'K a success so far as behavior is concerned Our activity, however, was exercised on various varsity teams: The Girls' Basketball Team y included Ann Hansen and Lois Anderson, Arthur Hatch did his best on the Boys' Swimming Team, Phyllis Russell and Jane Storer starred on the Girls' Swimming Team. Also many boys were on the Basketball Squad Our class is proud of its hero John Russell, who, because he saved a boy from drowning, .1 received recognition from the Boy Scouts. 0Q:0:MA We freshmen have enjoyed our first CQQQWWO year as a part of F. H. S.'s stu- w dent body and sincerely hope the next three years may be as QMAMJ pleasant and successful. IQOQ Chow!! J. 59 . Class Officers Livfw .etqlf df 7 CUM 41,1-V' Treas. R.'F.'heeler Sec. J.Russell K V. Pres.L.George , J, Pres. T.Vail K 'N R QW' . 4 O A K, l H, 7 VAL, tgpvj' 2 le all -i gp' ,WJ Kp 2 YYJ va!! -QAQJY CJ! n n '32 W s Xfsiivifsa mv mu my 1 -'L mix l'f,5LTf"I7ffTpfQ?1Ti'f , - Lxwi-ff f- Q.-: .. : . -, .- Miilp- , M- , A , ,...,. . SX , ... -- V -V ' - . Q "W 'k W.,-.W M -N,-M. 'W' ,,:.4,g, Z, - , .W ' t if ',.,'.fg.,z..fQ h..K.,,g..., 55ffy4az3y?c91'Pf" il 1,.,,,.....:.a,Q,-ww L..-f:........wunr " ' W ?'n9WL'N 5 ' " Ji' -' f W 'i7fl'? f X gl x Af 'fffizraw -wr:ff- W - i 5 1 , , , .. 'iw W 1 Y + , as -Q ' Q N? V J , Y Lizg -- '35 I- W1 A I A A I it I :BQ X2 gf 12? , R9 if' V VL 2 5 K , .la , ff' an .QM 3 R f .Q H A ' ,Q U is Aw - xv 4 my .. -- A A . -qqimffsmhw ' .. ' A ' ' A - www-sf 1 Q, f Aw A' zsf,.::1ff,"f-H, " . X .,. - -s5e,:Qy,3gi'. gfw,-f.,2gj 'LQ"'W:L 7 . . - U ' 'L" W ,. ' " , . if E -- K' S 531-4:'?I3f1'-"'-Z.a-:-- - :..,-ZSITIQKI WSE-f, V ' I 5 1 U' ' Wi A: V' ' Nm "lf V ' K k ' ' 'L' H F VJ' ffm? -Q,..m,m,.'f,,f'f'N J , A -- ,... , N , , ,,,V ,,,.. ,,,. , . -I . , . , , I lgfwqhgf ' .V , , A. Mwwfk -I ' ww ' ' Lf '-- 2 .wp-,,.. - l a ik Nfl! " ' ' WMP' 'ff' - . . m y ,W .:Q,wW:mM,,'..Q., f ww -SQL Q, f 4 45? ylHtm'm BUYS' BASKETBALL With the fall of 1941 here, another basketball sea- son which finds coach Atherton and his boys getting lim- bered up for the tough games ahead of them has rolled we had our first little trouble good floor game next Friday we and good floor around. After a few weeks of hard work, test of strength with Scarboro. Having we beat them 38-15. Butt Pratt played a besides getting a lot of rebounds. The journied to Windham. With his passing game, Red Leighton contributed much to our winning by the score of 44-21. The third week we kept on the road by going to Gorham to play a highly favored team. They gave us plenty of fight but the Falmouth team as a whole pul- led us through to a victory, 27-11. The fourth week we played host to Standish. Dick Plummer played an outstand ing game besides making 16 points which assured us of a win of 50-25, also Newall Tibbals aided with his 6 points and grappling rebounds. The next game' with our perennial rival, Cape Elizabeth was one we all looked forward to with great anticipation. During the game they were never ahead of us but they were too close for com- fort. Although he did no scoring, Bobby Moore, playing his first game as forward, did much in breaking up the Cape offense. The game ended 20-14. Thus closed the first half of the season with no losses to our record. Starting the second half of our scheduled games with Scarboro was postponed because of circumstances beyond our control. The following week Windham came down to fall prey to our winning streak with Buddy Hincks as a guard scoring 7 points and also getting a high percentage of rebounds. We won 46-9. We entertained Gorham the next week making a score of 50-16. Our youngest star Kark Stimson as guard turned up 8 points. A trip up to Standish was our next week's assignment and still our winning streak was in effect. With brilliant playing by John Stimson besides his scoring we had a fine score of 57-50. The following Friday was the 15th of Feb. Something must have had an ill effect upon the Falmouth boys because they went out to the Cape and lost 24-29 despite hard fighting and great spirit. The loss to Cape kept us in first place but our crucial game was with Cape for first. We played Cape on a Friday and the next night went out to Scarboro. Although everyone was very tense and nervous, we pulled through famously to the score of 40-21. Tommy Meehan played a good game as guard scoring 12 points. So ended the Triple C season for 1941-42, Falmouth coming out as winners with but one loss in ten. Herely we were put in line to play in the Western Main Class B Tournament. A couple of weeks after our Triple C victory we went to Saeo where we were paired with Farmington, who the year before had won this tournament. Leading most of the way, we suceeded in showing them off 22-12 although at no time were we ahead of them any considerable number of points. The next night we went back to play Kennebunk who previously had beaten Gould Academy. Although they were an excellent group of players also a nswell bunchn of boys, we had little trouble in running up a score of 45-27. By beating these two teams, we won the Western Maine Class B Championship which entitled us to go to Brewer to play Lee Academy who had won the Eastern half. 3 F-"I-IE Naturally, on the day the game was scheduled everyone was excited. We chartered two railroad cars and the team wlth.a large number of the towns people, who all through the year had a long, tiresome ride but we finally arrived about noon. Although we were all very hungry, the team had just a lunch before playing which made us all fthe more anxious to beat Lee as fast as we could. Finally the game started. The second quarter we were able to lead as we had in the first. At the half, Coach Atherton gave us a pep talk as only he can. The third quarter was much the same as the other two, but, in the last, Lee started a rally. As usual Donny Cole, Johnny Stimson, Buddy Hinks, Tommy Meehan, Dicky Plummer and Butler Pratt came to the rescue and the final score was Falmouth 56, Lee 27. I don't think that there were ever a happier crowd of boys or towns people. Falmouth, for the first time in the schools history, won three championships in basketball in one year, the Tripple C, Western Maine Class B, and the State Class B. The spirit of the boys, coach, and the people was the prime factor in our winning these coveted awards. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Victory! The most crucial game of the season was played with Cape at Cape on Friday, February 13. The game was a closely fought contest, with one team and then the other in the lead. About the last second an unidentified Fal- mouth forward dropped in a basket to make the final score 25-21. For the third consecutive year the girls won the Tripple C Championship by playing clean, aggressive ball. The team was composed of the following girls: N. Hawkes, H. Villacci, M. Bragg, M. Cooper, E. Prince, L. Kloth, I. Russell, S. Lane, R. Wallace, L. Villacci, L. Anderson, A. Hansen. Since only Nancy Hawkes and Rosie Villacci are lost through graduation, the prospects for next year are very bright. Congratulations, Coach Smith, you have done a swell job producing championship teams for Falmouth. GIRLS' SUIKMING Bang! They're off. The 1941 Swim ing Meet was held October 22, at a new place, the Portland Boy's Club. Lined up on the starting line for Falmouth were J. Smith, N. Hawkes, M. Bragg, D. Bjorn, B. Clement, I. Russell, A. Lane, J. Storer, M. Cooper, and P. Russell seeking revenge for their l point defeat by Cape last year. When the splashing stopped, Falmouth had a total score of 29, 12 more than their nearest rival, Windham. Those receiving medals were N. Hawkes, B. Clement, M. Bragg, D. Bjorn, J. Storer, I. Russell, and A. Lane. The relay team composed of B. Clement, M. Bragg, D. Bjorn and I. Russell did some fancy swimming to Lake first place 0 We wish coach Rogers and her future team many more championships. I YN First row: Marjorie Bragg, Beth Clement, Arlene Lane, Ina Russell, Dorothy Bjorn. Second row: Nancy Hawkes, Miss Rogers, coach, Jane Storer. Left to right: Coach Higgins, Robert Ames, Butler Pratt, Tommy Meehan, Donny Cole, Dickie Plummer. ME l:"l'-'IE INDOOR TRACK Falmouth High couped top honors this year in the Triple C indoor track meet by competing with and beating Scarboro, Standish, Windham, Gorham, and Pennell. High point man was Tommy Meehan with 20 points. In gaining his points he broke three records, the hop skip and jump, the rope climb, and the short put. Also gaining honors were Butler Pratt, Dicky Plummer, Donny Cole and Bobby Ames. BASEBALL We, here at Falmouth High School are looking forward to a fairly successful ball season this year. We lost only one lettcrman and gained a lot of new enthusiastic material. Although they are reen, Coach Atherton will mold them into a finished team. A new plan is being put into effect which will permit more students to' see more of these games. We will start promptly at 5:00, whereby the students will be able to see the game in time to get their buses home. Everyone is eager for baseball to start and try out the plan. Boys that are out for it are Tommy Meehan, John Stimson, Donny Cole, Forest Leighton, Gordon Crawford, Lloyd George, Larry Geor5e,Robert Ames, Newall Tibbals, Arthur Hatch, Teddy Vail, Hugh HcCorkle , Arthur Fredricksen, John Doughty, andtDnna Farbicius. RIFLE The Blue and Gold ran into rather stiff competition this year at the Rifle Meet but managed to place third. Pratt was high man for Falmouth with a total score of 91. Next year looks a little briphter with three lettermen returning to form a nucleus for Mr. Drummond to build around. BOYS' SWIMMING This year's meet was put in the strong arms of Tommy Meehan, who was highest scorer for Falmouth, taking 2nd place in the 25 yard dash and 2nd in the 50 yard dash. L. Borge and L. George competed in the backstroke. CBorge demoralized a swimmer from an opposing team by a head-on collision.J John Stinson and Arthur Hatch did a good job in the diving and Johnny Stimson and Bob Ames in pushing the win- ners in the 50 yard breaststroke. The relay team composed of Tommy Meehan, Bob Ames, Arthur Hatch, and Manson Swett took second place to place Falmouth third in the meet. ,CN gf? p t, EIFTQWEE . ,I - -- i -5 NQTIVITIE5 Operetta May 8 is the date set for the operetta, nPirates of penzancen, by Gilbert and Sullivan, to be presented by the students under the direction of Mr. Stetson. It is expected to be a very colorful production, with pirates in their vari-colored regalia and the girls in the bright dresses. Richard, a Pirate King Butler Pratt Samuel, His Lieutenant Robert Ames Frederic, a Pirate Apprentice Mark Stimson Major General Stanley, of the British Army Richard Plum er Edward, a Sergeant of Police Lawrence Borge Mabel, General Stanley's Youngest Daughter Ruth Merrill General Stanley's Daughters . Kate Natalie Goodspeed Edith Louise Ferguson Isabel Dorothy Libby Ruth, a Piratical Maid of All Work Dorothy Merrill Thank you, Mr. Stetson, for your ever appreciated patience and aid. ,4' , H, 4' Prize Speaking cffyf -,,f .f"'fc, f1yJ digg, '-"5Z:ff"f"' K' X! iff?-iff' 4' , " This year Prize Speaking was conducted in a somewhats4'g.c V different manner. The preliminary contest in which only first year con- tenders took part was held Wednesday, April l. Ruth Merrill and Louise Ferguson took first and second prizes. Congratulations to Barbara Mills, Richard Wheeler, Mary Morris, and Beth Clement. Rosalie Wallace and Dorothy Merrill added to the complete enjoyment of the evenings entertainment. Friday, April 10 was scheduled for the second contest with Ruthie and Louise competing again. Prizes were award ed to Ruth Merrill, Dorothy Thomas, and Louise Ferguson. Marjorie Bragg and Mary Storer deserve credit for their fine performances, Ruth Merrill was selected to represent the school at the Spear Contest held in South Portland. Pops Concert Once more we are proud to write of one of our two major social events. The Pop Concert under the guardian - ship of Miss Rogers, was the most spectacular event ever. The auditorium was decorated in typical Christmas fashion, with trees, bows, glowing tensil, and snow. The entertainment was furnished by members, both in solo and group numbers, of the student body. Thanks and appreciation go to Miss Rogers, Miss Littlefield, Miss Smith and the student body who helped to make this occasion something to remember. ff? Ga il Q Q ' E5n:lif'lFE ' jf'A?fAL l:"l'-IE 12 1 3 I ' . ,J fv- 1 Front row: D. Rose, W. Chesley, J. Swett, J. Fabricius. T l Second row: M. Storer, M. Kimball, M. Blake, D. Merrill, X ,1 L. Ferguson, A. Gribben, H. Morgan, B. Clement, M. Bragg, E. Prince, B. Garland, M. Dyer. Third row: Mr. Stetson, R. Plummer, L. Borge, B. Pratt, F. Andrews, P. Whitney, K. Giddinge, R. Winslow, D. Merrill, W. Leighton, G. Mal son, Miss Pratt. ' Music by the Orchestra and Band With radio, music today has become one of the essen- tials of life. We hear it practically every day in some form, but who can get as much enjoyment from it as those who can actually perform. The pupils of Falmouth have worked together in their weekly rehearsals of the orches- tra under the direction of Mr. Stetson. Through these they have steadily improved, making us very proud of their public performances. The first of these was at a Forum meeting of parents and teachers. The Pop Concert started off with a medley of Christmas carols played by the orches tra who then struck up the music for the grand march. Later they made their radio appearance on the Sunday afternoon nSchools of the Airu broadcast. This prompted several remarks which pleased and encouraged the young musicians. May its good work continue. When stirring peppy music is needed we look to our band which has been active this year. Rallies and basket- ball gares would not be nearly so exciting or interesting were there no such organization. Yes, even the cheers this year were supported with peppy music, and the gym was ringing with voices and instruments on basketball nights. The cheerleaders dressed in white with large megaphones, and letters, prompted the enthusiasm in several special drills. X, Ng af f I :W ,K f, l":'l'-'li At the annual Exhibition the band played again feat- uring this terms four drum-majorettes who strutted out in flashy blue and gold satin uniforms. Each was featured in a twirling solo number as well as performing together in a routine drill. As the climax they stood at attention dur- ing the singing of the WStar Spangled Banneru accompanied by the band. In this school a large percentage of pupils are able to take part in music, and what better experience could each of these take with them for their life from Falmouth High. Many thanks to Mr. Stetson and Miss Pratt for their untiring efforts . X EEUHHFHF gli? L A ' J ' t.1-Jllai -gf 1' - l- - 1 4 NLUMN I Walter Swett. Richard Walls.... Irene Bailey. Esther Clark. Hugh Saunders .... Bert Wiley ..... ... Carol Hilton. 9000 Harrison Cl1fford.... Norman Moore...... Robert Lalumiere. Donald Stubbs.... Walter Ribbentrop. Virginia Perry... Helen Ribbentrop. Emilio Potenzo.... Warren Nielson .... Eleanor Hlncks.... Dorothy Dyhrberg. Dorothy Crandall. 90 one anal Ill one not Class of l959 ..............Coast Guard .....Confined to Hospital ....Employed at King R Dexter .....Secretarial Position OOIOOUOQIIOOOIUOUI So ...Portland Junior College OO!OOlO6lOll0l0l0OMarried 00000 000 .... ....... ...Ship Yard llO'0OlOOShip ..........Lumber Yard ....Boston University ..... ..... Ship Yard .... ....... Married ...American Can Co. OOOOOIOOIOIOOOUUC SI OOllOOOOOlClOOIllShip ........Worklng in an office ... ....Nurse in Maine Eye M Ear ... ......Working in an office Geraldine Giddinge.........................Married Margaret Olmstead..........................Married Shirley Lumsden...Nurse's training in Philadelphia Em a Adler.................................Married Josephine Hincks.. Margaret Winslow.. Robert Wh1tney.... Ethel Hawkes...... Masonflliibii Elizabeth Chappell... Warren Clement .... Avis Marston ..... . Marjorie Peterson. Robert Vail ...... . William Jensen.... Leona Borge ....... Ruth Iverson ...... Elizabeth Stuart.. Shirley Gribbin... Barbara Leach..... Maryjane Swett.... Gwendolyn Dunsmoor Madeline Villacci.Working Ruth Brink........ Edythe Flint... Fay Howell.... lo ooo oo not 00 0 Class of 1940 .. ....Employed at Insurance Co. ...Married ... ........Work1ng for father Frederick Wheelock. .. ............Carpenter on ..............Marr1ed ....At home ...Employed at Porteous .University of Maine ...Employed at Smiley's O C litilllll l 0 O ...........Gorham Normal oclooosooosloootoloship ....Westbrook Junior College OOOllDOOlOOOIlOOOIV1arr1ed .....Chamberlain College .Employed at Dyer'8c Dyer ........Westbrook Junior College Mary Elizabeth Brackett... 00000 .....University of Maine ....Westbrook Junior College OlOlllOOlIOOl0IOlAt at Cook Everett R Penell 00000000Oiiillliirdarried O 0l0Ql0O0OOl1OllhIarried ...Working in a bakery PTI'-IE Class of 1940 KCont.l Frederick Reynolds.. Isabelle Littlef1eld....... Willard Choate... Edward Leighton.. Joseph Stimson .... Richard Knudsen... Keneth Wilson .... Everett Horr .... Walter Fortin.... Earle Packard .... Clyde Cleaves .... Lawrence Blake... George Branscombe Arlene Griggs ..... Louise Dunsmoor.. Shirley Clough... Chris Smith ...... Philomena Potenzo......... Barbara Googins... Florence Libby... Carla Anderson James Anderson Robert Austin. Marshall Babb. Howard Babbidge... Margaret Baker .... U00 ooo 000 Raymond Batchelder... Strella Billings.. Phyllis Blaisdell. Muriel Blake ...... Phyllis Cole..... David Crandall... Lena Dunsmoor ..... Helen Fabricious.. nouveau to to n IOOIOIOOOIIIODOOOIOOOSMP .Training to be a nurse Ol! QOl0OlllI0llllOOOCaVa1ry Q liillllillllliship .....Working for father ....University of Maine ...... ..... ..Cushman's . ......... ......Naval Reserves ococouosoouoouo oooooonu Ship Yard ...Employed at the Eastland Hotel ........ ........ Working in Lane's DIOIOICDCIOIIOIIDIODIOOUO Sl .......Working in filling station ......Westbrook Junior College .............Employed in New York ....Employed in the Telephone Co. .........Dana College .Working in A a P Bakery looooaooosooaoonon:Married ............Employed at Smiley's Class of 1941 .Employed at Owen Moore's .... ...... ......Sh1p Yard ...Working at filling station ......University of Maine .South-Worth Machine Shop ....Work1ng in Washington oo oouoaonoe ooooship Yard on no il OOOOOO OlOOllOOMaI1I1ied .....University of Maine ...Shaw's Business College .. ....... ..Gorham Normal OOllOlIOCllOllShip ...............House Work .... ............ ..Married Karl Fredr1cksen.Employed at Loring Short k Harmon Edna Hawkes ....... Ernest Hawkes..... Howard Hawkes.... Doris Jensen...... Francis Lund...... ... . ...Working in an office Robert MacLaughlin... Alberta Nielsen... Geraldine Norton.. Muriel Osgbod..... Donnabeth Peterson Ann Potenzo ....... .........................Married ........South-Worth Machine Shop ....Roberts Office Supply Co. .......Working in an office .............Ship Yard oo oooosoooooooooocmarried .. ....Employed at Kresge's .. ....Riding school in Mass. ... ......Employed at Louie's .. ....Employed at Grant's Fri'-'15 Class of 1941 CCont.J Anna Rosengren .......... .......Work1ng in an office Paul Saunders. .... .........Boston University Geraldine Street... . ....Westbrook Junior College Barbara Tuttle.... ...........Wbrking in Washington The The The The The Exchanges Whirlpool.....................Pennel1 Institute Gray, Maine Windonian...................W1ndham High Windham, Maine Crimson Rambler............Standish High Standish, Maine Four Corners...............Scarboro High Scarboro, Maine ChronicletoeoulouloolOtooseoeoparis Pmds,Mmne N Ednunvnf rf? ge ffm Q - '7 5 T71 ff -lf-lf.1i3':LL?- - School School School School ENNPBN OTE uw- L-L .Q , , V 715 N E 5 ,, ,. Y 3 gg BOATS CHRIS CRAFT OLDTOWN BOATS AND OANOES MADEMOISELLE SHOP JOHNSON OUTBOARD MOTORS ,, SP01"0?WeH1' Qpecializlng in camp ALBERT G. FROST Surgical Supports 145 H1811 St. Portland Me 26 Forest Avenue 2,4552 Port land, Maine TIIIPNONI 2-1081 NORTON, HALL 8 SHEARMAN GENERAL INSURANCE Ralph S. Norton, Pres. John E. Shearman, Trees. so :xcmmaz sfnzrr Robert B. Norton, Clerk M Lester W. Bradbury Po-Tung' Am' PORTEOUS, MITCHELL 81 BRAUN CO. Maine's Largest Department Store PORTLAND em 2171, el' Q? What better souvenir of school days than the pictures in your classbook? Classbooks produced by Semco Photo-lithography can be generous- ly illustrated by photographs and drawings at little or no additional cost. This book was produced by Semco Photo-lithography. 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Everything in Apparel and Accessories On The Street Floor UNIVERSAL LAUNDRY Compliments of Cumberland Ave. 8a Elm St. PURITAN Portland, Maine TEA ROOM "'sAcr1sFAcT1oN ALWAYS-ALL WAYS" Congratulations Graduates AMERICAN GEAR CO of 1942 "PARTS FOR ALL CARS" Compliments of 365 Forest Avenue PORTLAND - MAINE Loring Studio Dial 2-2808 515A Congress St. Portland I' Compliments of Hay EQ Peabody TI-IE NEW LARGER PREP HALL NOW ON THE 3rd FLOOR ONE OF AMERIGA'S MOST MODERN, UP TO DATE SHOPS SPEGIALIZING IN APPAREL FOR YOUNG MEN IN HIGH AND PREP SCHOOL -X' LD fn , L-'ifcf' JKT, I if I jf f Q' ff X9 J 278 Middle Street Portland., Maine A SCHOOL THAT SPECIALIZES IH ONE SUBJECT ONLY - SWIMMING - MAIHES FINEST SWIMMING POOL CLASSES FOR CHILDREN - GIRLS - WOMEN PORTLAND BOYS' CLUB 277 CUMBERLAND AVE. DIAL 3'5I8l coIIIPLII.I2N'i5" Compliments of of KENDALL ac WHITNEY ATLANTIC MOTQR 15212911335 BLIN w. LUMSDEN INSURANCE Compliments of 54 Exchange Street NoRTI-IEASTERN Portland, Maine BUSINESS COLLEGE BL Gfuel sazshcfzansme 1861 J COLONIAL BOWLING AC,A.DgQI.7.f Kenneth Esty, Manager Cumberlands Mi-11s Long, Libby 49 Hanson Co. VV H O l. E S A L E Hosiery, Underwear, Dry Goods QNEW YORK OFFICE 55 WORTH STREET, 157-:eu MIDDLE STREET Portland, Maine lllalne Truck-Tractor Company 15a-162 VERANDA STREET PURTLAND, MAINE TEL. DIAL 2'D493 HANDY BOAT SERVICE BOAT STORAGE, SALES AND SERVICE The Ocean Side Compliments Falmouth Foreside Rt 1 Excellent food ' Telephone 5-4280 to arrange for parties of J. Morris 8a L. George FRAME, AXLE and WHEEL STRAIGHTENING on CARS, TRUCKS, and BUSSES - DYNAMIC WHEEL BALANCCING ABUSIVE TIRE WEAR and STEERING TROUBLES Corrected By RIDLON'S ALIGNMENT SERVICE 15 Martvr St. DIAL 3-1578 Portland, Maine UBEST BUYS IN TOWNN in good Automobiles Liberal Allowance for your trade in convenient Payment terms. Satisfying Service LEWIS BERNSTEIN, INC. 522 Forest Ave. Portland, Me Dial 2-5429 ALBERT J. LUND HARRY RAEBURN COSTUMER cos1'uMEs, wles AND MAKE-UP PHONE 2 2173 H CONGRESS S11 PORTLAND. MAINE EDWARD G. HAGGETT Expzricnced Rzpnirer of Bicycles 5 Vclocipedes s Baby Carriages Also good stock of Coins and Stamps for collectors 34 Casco Street R Po tland Main, "?-ini:-x Near Cumberland Ave. ' " ' T- HV' 1 , ,f?i'5x, XY '-ff :.'7ff,XX Mum wmv ARMANDUS BEAUTY SHOPPE - ' 181 state street ENGRAVERS 'N nun. uou 497 coNGREss STREET KEMBALL MUSIC COMPANY Pianos, Music, Records and Musical Merchandise 14 Forest Avenue SEAR'S SERVICE' STATION Falmouth Foreside AAA Service FOUNDED B V HENRY H,HAV lB4l HAYS DRUG STORES PORTLAND,MAlNE THE 3-n QUALITY MARK Pno'rsc'rs vou DIAL 3-2871 9 EDWARD B . PERRY Attorney and Couns e 191' Complete Line offeweby on Easy Credit Terms at Law Pon-rm.ANo. mum: .sea concnsss smear Compliments Compliments of of FRANK M. BROWN CO . CUDAHY PACKING C0 . o i r ' rn 1 A5 SMILEV EU ' I 2 CHAMP IONS U FALMOUTH HIGH STERLING QUALITY SEEDS ALLEN STERLING 8s LOTHROP HOGAN BROS. Under-Grad Shop COMP LIMEN TS OF Portland JENSEN ac Rosmmmn co. Smart Apparel for PAINTERS Bc DECORATORS boys and young men Loring, Short 8z Harmon GEURGE T- SPRINGER C0- Stationers and Book Dealers AGENTS EASTMKN KODAK Co. 515 CODZYGO St. Portland Gifts for Graduation 'IEVELERS SINCE 1870" L School Supplies Monument Square, Portland, Maine MINERVA RESTAURANT Ye Old Tavern Oyster Bar Sea Food Specialties Portland, Maine "Gifts of Fine Jewelry Give Lasting Pleasure" J.A. MERRILL 8c CO. INC. Jewelers Since 1851 505 Congress St. Portland Maine's Leading Sporting Goods Store COMPLETE LINES OF QUALITY SPORTS APPAREL AND ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Headquarters for School Athletic Supplies THE JAMES BAILEY INC. 264-266 Middle Street Portland, Maine PHILIP K. FRYE STUDIO LIOI Sol in u. culldlll. ll! EVERVTHING IN PHOTOGRAPHY ANDIRSON ADAMS CONPANV so txcunncc s1'nn:1' ua Ll nu on'n.ANo MA Nl P 3 8973 74 va P s onL4 moz Pon'rl.ANo MAINE Science'S contribution to better dry cleaning. We do cleaning the Scientific way. Dial 3-1969 ELITE CLEANERS 41 Free St. Portland V MH1nH Compliments of Purinton Shoe Store Compliments of Compliments of J1mmie's Variety Store the Veranda. Street Corner Shgp I 1' 9 Maine's Leading Quality Food Stores Since 1860 UNDERWOOD MOTOR CAMPS FALMOUTH FORESIDE,ME. ' Residence D i al 2-1981 oral 3-uu13 or 3-snaz THE HARRIS COMPANY ss-up CHANDLERS . YACHT supvues I0 Commercial Shed PORTLAND, MAINE " I Compliments of CARTER BROTHERS COMPANY Dr. N0l'llldll E. Hin Optometrist .IEVVE I ,E RS PORTLAND, MAINE CG JAMES LUMSDEN LOBSTERS New England Metal Culverts Co. TEL 4.3.-,, TOWN ,,AND,NG FALMOUTH FORESIDE Preble St. PORTLAND MONSON SLATE Co. Slate goods of gfverlv Descrzption QUARRIES - MONSON, MAINE MILL - 25 CENTRAL WHARF PORTLAND. MAINE QMH5 IQNWHL.: IINQLS ' ffflfgwjwi. DIAL - WATCH INSPECTORS FOI 4 oo., MAINE CENTRAL R LRO D S Gamages Pharmacy BLAKE an HENDRICKSON WATCHMAKERS Ano J EWELERS ouAx.rrv wonn on wurcuzs, cnocxs Ano Jswsuw 75 OAK Sfnttr PORTLAND. MAINE ELLSWORTH C. REED OPPOSITE EMPIRE YMEATRE CHIROPODIST - PODIATRIST WATCMMAKEIS FOI THIITV YEAR! WITH 'VME LATE Eownno I. Warrz. Jtwnzn WINSLOW BLDG, RM. 11 DIAL 2-6024 No better friend can be found than a good savings account No better way to get one than to start today uw mourn mon 3I.00 ur Maine Savings Bank Portland, Maine NAIN OFFICE IIANCN OFFICE 244 Middle Street 536 Congress Street TROUBLES ARE SHED WHEN YOU SAVE AHEAD .Compliments Of SHAW BUSINESS COLLEGE 93 High Street DR . D , M . PORTLAND, MAINE Ttltplwflt, Dial 2-4614 C O-E12-J 1 S EAGLE ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. of INC. I 27 Frusn sum PORTLAND, MAINE Clifford J . Murphy Compliments of MAINE STEEL, INC. Sargent Snow Removal Equipment Sargent Overhead Shovels SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE Bu.l.lNG'roN RADIO af ELECTRIC INC Compliments of SERVICE I8 OUR SPECIALTY ff nm. 2 Sill In .m?':llg:A::aE,:4u:: Staff' Dial Portland lt-5531 Compliments of' G STATION Sargentw PINE GROVE FILLIN Store Groceries and Confectlons Ooriplizzxonts of Valvolirze Oil Co. Petroleum Products Telephone 5-5316 ZLMRQM lHOME COCKED FQGGALMOUTH FORESIDEL Q Compliments of BLAKE Sc ROUNDS SUPPLY COMPANY STEAM and PLUMBING SUPPLIES 14-26 YORK ST., PORTLAND, ME. I 8 C CA A L. D. Leavitt Phone 2.3441 PORTLAND GARAGE Co. AU1'oMoun.E REPAIHING M0'r0H Bmw--.nw-1 Cumberland Flower Shop s . - FIDIRAL Tnucus - sl f,'jNE FLOWERS Willy' s AT LOWER PRICES Sales - Service RALPH W. E. WINILOW 51 CR6SS STREET TIIEAI 0 MANAGER PORTLAND. MAINE 119 Cumberland Avenue Portland, Maing LOUISE'S BEAUTY SHOP 182 Federal Street Compliments of Tjfgxlnf PORTLAND, MAINE THE DIRIGO BOTTLING CO . ALBERT PELLETIER 184 FEoEnAL ST. PORTLAND- ME- THE DUNLAP AGENCY INSURANCE Portland Auburn Four Generations of Insurance Service 1869 -0- 1942 l C. F. Dunlap E. M. Dunlap C. A. DUNLAP C. A. Dunlap M. B. Dunlap i 1 l Compliments of . . . DGDGE CLOTHES 482 Congress Street - Portland, Maine SUIT-Sz TOPCOATS, SPORT CLOTHES All for 521.75 LEO THE BARBER 491 Washington Ave. Adult haircuts 40d Children :sod It pays to look well When you think of Wall-Paper Guy P' Clement or Linoleum, can 2-'rvov INSURANCE woonrosns HARDWARE k PAINT COMPANY Chapman Bldg. Portland 5539 " 591 " 695 " 695 F.. - H H Forest Avenue Compliments GEORGE J. ROY of Shoe Repairing Dot k Marion 480 Stevens Ave., Portland Tel. 4-1612 Standard College Courses Leading to Degrees in Business Administration Education Law Journalism Liberal Arts PGRLTWND JUNIOR COLLEGE 70 Fbrest Avenue Portland, Maine Compliments of Mr. 8 Mrs. Howard S. Peterson Compliments of WILLIAM A. ANDERSON THE WILDWOOD FARM NATURAL MILK Wea Falmomh' Dial 4-564l Compliments of COOK'S BAKERY FAMOUS for QUALITY. . . FAMOUS for FLAVOR X slIIOk8If H Al P-'VEOM 'R N5 W a . , 1 f xx , , ,. ,P . L X f' 'U .HV ' "- ' rr ' gf" sf 1 JH,., ggi? X . fr-sal' :2:3:5:f:f:-:-:-.'.- .. . 4.:.5,M 'nn ...J '.: IL' Hin H 1904 PORTLAND LUMBER 849 FOREST AVENUE PORTLAND, MAINE We help you finance remodeling and new construction Compliments Compliments of of Skillings the Florist Dr. P. E. Tukey MEL WILSON Baby Chicks Year-Round Cumberland Tel. 26-5 Compliments of L. H. CLUB DQTO Espc IEQBQ IYZOC B.M. B.C. Compliments of Thornhurst Farm Inc. Compliments of GREELY LAUNDRY AMN ii? iii NISSEN BAKING COMPANY :y A Q f f Compliments of 11,1 lr- AM? WEST FALMOUTH CASH MARKET Charles F. Kennedy Prop. Tel. 55-2 Free Delivery Compliments of M. C . Perry's Market Boarding Training Atherton Sporting Dog Compliments Kennels of New Kennels Best of Food yortland New Gloucester nl can place your dogu West Falmouth Tel. Cumb.25-2 Bus Service McINTYRE'S SERVICE STATION 204 Auburn Street Corduroy Tires and Delco Batteries Tel. 4-4777 Dyer 81 Dyer, Inc CLEANSING, PRESSING, REPAIRINC DYEINC RUG SHAMPOO 189 Anderson Street, Portland Marne Telephone 3-8596 Grdnvillc H. Dye' CONGRATULATIONS ---Class of '42 We extend our best wishes for success in your chosen careers. We were proud of you as our Seniors at Falmouth High---and we know we will be proud of your achievments in Portland's community life! JEAN SARDOU PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO Street Floor Balcony PORTEOUS, MITCHELL E BRAUN CO. Compliments of Elwin Towne, Principle Rutherford Drummond, Manual Training Fred Higgins, Social Science Paul Jack, English Frances Smith, Languages Roberta Rogers, Commercial Sarah Littlefield, Home Economics Ashton Atherton, Science Polly Pratt, Math James Bowman, Eighth Grade Classes O U R H E A R T Y C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S TO EACH GRADUATE OF FALMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF '42 Some day you'1l build a home - - - then we can really help you. L. C. ANDREW'S complete building service provides everything from plans to door key. L. C. ANDREW LUMBER AND BUILDING !2A'1'ERIAlS SOUTH WINDHAM, MAINE Bam C3222 as Goffgiir Robes PLEASE PATIQONIZE By oupe UNIVERSITY CAP ac c-ovm co. ADVERTISERS Boston Massachusetts fBIIY IIEFEISE NI S+ Y 4' ,... ,... '.1:::::r" ...I ..., ca? .M - A thi xi 'gi-51: ' , 'Q-S2 1fQ X .

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