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c y ,mX ' . M v of ' U y C je ' ' ti A $• ' " Kj, S .t4 r,S J f „ S7. u - ihy JL ■ xv ' ' H. xz . TV I WffK : (pcLm- ry HIUy ' CLIPPER COMPACT 198JL % ' y aX 1 4 h]jUMK ' 9 J%K___ 0— " " L6 Vv r ' f ' ' nJlX t «Q N ■• l G cxO Jj 1 ALMOUTH HIG JJ ( A Day In The Life ] D uring the 1985-86 school year we were witness to a great variety of events, some which were minor and some which were quite momentous. Certainty no one will forget the space shuttle diaster and the endless video replays of the explosion. We will, no doubt, hear more about the struggle of Blacks in South Africa and hopefully there will be more summit meetings and progress on the control of nuclear weapons. Whenever there is a storm warning and the wind bends the trees we will remember hurricane Gloria and how she brushed by us at the last minute. We will remember the feelings of pressure as the end of our Senior year loomed ahead. What do we do with our lives? The service? A job? College? (Four years at some colleges costs almost as much as our parents ' house cost not too long ago!) The big events are not likely to fade from our memories - but what about the little things? We will al- ways remember our best friends and the special times which we shared ... but what about the day-to- day routine at school ! In the following lb pages, the yearbook photographers have attempted, over the span of 18 hours on Friday, January 17th, to give us a glimpse and to provide us with a record of what it was like to be a student at Falmouth High on a fairly ordinary day. Audrey Borowski Bobbi Jo Harvey f A Day In The Li e) " Ah hey. oh, my my my”, my cat yelled as I stepped on it while getting out of bed. I kicked my buzzing alarm clock across the room, and the hands went flying off. I looked out my window and noted it was still dark outside. It was 6:15 and as usual I was late getting into the shower. I turned the water on and kept moving the dial waiting for the hot water to hit me. I moved the dial all the way to hot, and it was still cold. I made a new record of washing my hair in 39.2 seconds. I combed blobs of pink hair gel into my hair and turned the record player on. Sounds from Sting reverberated through my bedroom walls. My mother was soon yelling at me, ‘‘turn it down and come get breakfast.” I dressed in black. D OOSJtipUV piADQ r ( A Day In The Life ) Wight- Waltmon 5 Joann© Briana grabbed my books, and ran out the door. I ran down my street hoping the bus hadn ' t come yet. The bus lurched to a stop and we, the passengers, boarded. I stepped up onto the bus, sat down and opened my English book. I began to read and tried not to listen to the girls telling the entire bus about their weekend (es- pecially the part abo ut the Mazola twist- er game). I soon realized we were going slower than usual on our mission to school, and as we rode in the breakdown lane row by row, it was soon learned we had no brakes!!!! We slowly made our way to school that morning, “but safely, " we were Audrey Borows- assured. When we came to intersec- tions , the busdriver simply yelled, “get out of the way!”, to cars in our path. Needless to say arrived at school looking somewhat more frazzled that day and stopped people in the halls to inform them, “I rode the Hell Bus to school!!” J Wight-Waltman I strolled into homeroom, picked up my mail (3 unwarranted detentions, an in-school or two.) I went to my locker, twirled the dial to the alloted numbers, planned my attack so my stuff wouldn ' t fall out as I opened the door, and jammed my bookbag into the path of the falling debris. After grabbing my History and French books, I took a seat near the window, eyeing the tomato that someone had thrown against it a week earlier. How long would it be I wondered, before it either fell off or a janitor removed it? I finished my homework, stopping 8 only for the pledge to the flog. I could hear parts of the daily announcements; " ... Pizza with topping, jello, . . . S.A.D.D. meeting today.” The light flashed and we were off to our first class. always felt awkward in French class being the only senior in a primarily freshman class. tried to ig- nore them as they threw little bits of paper at each other. thought back to when I was a freshman, and mentally forgave them for their actions. looked at the new graffitti on my desk; “ Why me?”, " love BoB ”, “ Chaka ”. After what seemed like ages, 9 Clayton Jones Clayton Jones { A Day In The Life ) the light flashed and students realized it was time to talk in the halls. While walking the halls, said hello to friends, stopped at a water fountain to pop a few No-Doz, and saw my least favorite person coming towards me. I thought to myself, " Oh no, please let her walk by, look at her outfit- doesn ' t she know people stopped wearing one glove three years ago!” 10 A smile wove it ' s way across her mouth as she spotted me in the crowd. She immediately yelled “Hi " . “Hi”, I said while looking at the carpet. always dread fifth and sixth blocks, Gym time. have volleyball, which wouldn ' t be bad except for the few very annoying people who find it nescessary to hit the ball no matter how fantastic a set-up it is, this includes running over people in their path. They keep their eyes on the ball and follow it, (just like a good hunting dog). It ' s very frustrat- ing for the victims. V Joann© Briana Audrey Borowsk A Day In The Life 12 I gave up trying to hit the ball, and ran to change clothes before lunch. Lunch, as always, was an interesting event. There are two tables of students who find it fun to throw food at each other. Our table happens to be right in the line of fire. I made it through lunch without get- ting hit by any flying food and moved on. I saw my friend Jen up ahead, so I ran to catch up with her. “ What ' s up?” I said, catching my breath. “Nad a " , she replied. I assumed she had just gotten out of Spanish class. ‘‘Are you still planning on going to the dance tonight ? The Edge and Reality are playing. ” ‘‘Of course”, she said. “I want to see that cute guy with the mohawk, he plays guitar for The Edge. ” “He’s got a girlfriend, and besides, aren’t you going with Jim? " She gave me an annoyed glance, “I know, I know, but I can dream, can’t I? " Bobbi Jo Harvey “Sure, as long as that’s all you do. " I smiled and waved good bye. I couldn ' t be late for History, Mr. O ' Brien has no sympathy for tardy students, even if it’s just by a few seconds. Classes dragged on, until the blessed event of the day took place. The final light flashed. I pushed my way through swarms of students in the halls, and ran to my locker in the cafeteria. I headed for my bus on the outskirts of the parking lot. The brakes had supposedly been fixed and we soon zoomed out of the parking lot on our journey home. 13 Clayton Jones Clayton Jones 16 ( A I)ay In The Life J, Wight- Waltman David Anderson Audrey Borowski He, the Falmouth High School class of 1986, proudly dedicate this yearbook to our advisor, Mrs. Martine Cotton. It is the least that we can do to show our appreciation for the genuine interest in our work that she has shown us through the years. Mrs. Cotton ' s selflessness shows through in her teaching of French and as an advisor to the French Club. Somehow, she is able to juggle the roles of wife, mother, teacher, and advisor. The inspirational part of this is that she does each successfully and apparently with ease. Mrs. Cotton will proudly tell anyone that she has known many members of the class of 1986 since her days at Lawrence School. Regardless of how long each of us has known her, Mrs. Cotton has always been the person to see for helpful advice, a good laugh, or the latest class " information”. Anyone who has participated in a class activity will have fond memories of our " class advisor”. The calming influence of the freshman class show, the salad preparer at the sophomore spaghetti supper, the always inspired and very pregnant decorator at the prom, or the tree salesper- son during Christmas Tree Sales, this brief list should bring to mind " Madame” at her best, smiling, laughing, and offering a helping hand. He are exceptionally pleased that the 1986 yearbook is being dedicated to such a fine person. Her love for us has shown through all the work that she has done with us and for us. May our love for her be present in this dedication and in her heart forever. Ma- dame, thank you for being a friend. 18 TABLE OF CONTENTS SENIORS 20 FALL SPORTS 82 FACULTY 96 UNDERGRADUATES 105 WINTER SPORTS 136 CLUBS ACTIVITIES 150 SPRING SPORTS 175 FINE ARTS 194 PATRONS ADS 203 FALMOUTH SCHOOL COMMITTEE Seated L. to R.; Dr. Susan Oleszko-Szuts, Mrs. Brenda Westgate, Mrs. Dorthy Hahn. Standing; Mr. John DeMello, Dr. Donald Delinks, Mr. Richard Armstrong, Mr. Albert Roderick, Mr. Eric Asendorf, Mr. Douglas Souza. DR. ROBERT V. ANTONUCCI SUPERINTENDENT 19 Marcel Leo Albert “ A TALE TOLD BY AN IDIOT” Just who the hell am 1 anyway? Talents + insecurities: Stream of unconsciousness . . . WFHS Ad Nauseam; Late copy; Key Chaos; 3000 Flowers-meet me in the boiler room; Wednesday morning 3AM-Another En- glish paper? The MBS and TLH-a big of (in)sanity . . . And a few true friends, I love you . . . “BUT I HA VE PROMISES TO KEEP, AND MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP, AND MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP. ” Karl Albert Tim Albury ET, RA Spring Break “85” RI Train Station Pillow Fight ET over the fence of the white house Boot Camp Special Forces. TG, CP, and DG Street Hockey BM, MP and CH There’s 475 seats in heer. Fa lmouth Port 999-JUI, 888-FZT. Hanover MM, RA, ET. Fred Red Buffy Prom “85” New Years Eve Dominoes Car, Killington with ET and JN “86” Opus and QuecheGorge. DC Hill Skate Boards, Boston for Chinese food with ET Jamaica Bound “86 " ET Hadley Elisabeth Aldrich I love you, Not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you. Hadleys Harbor’ Rad. Jack. 1:52 Wake up call. Sting. McCarthys. MBL Dances RM’ Stowe Placid Quebec. I’m fine, I ' m just throwing up! Oliver Liz ‘ NYE at Wards 82-85 BC. LEO. Musicals Festivals. Erin Eastham. Hot tub TJ. Suede Lupus. Sextok, SE PV EC. Infinity. Snapper. DM. MYC + Hugh . . Appleville. CN JS. Duane D. Alves Football 92, Winter-Track, SADD, Pipes, ELF, Alvzie, zonz-champs 85 Ant + Corn, LLF, PAPS, Snappin-Root, Bugles, Boomer- ang, Baggs, 1m comin into work today! George your car spos + wobee fixed, Shaun member when it sneew, 25(-at Japettos- caps with Chico, lynxie, Hyannis-on-the- weekends- HLTH Family-with-Freddy- hangin-on-the-wall- Good-Luck-to-all- The- Boys- especially-Brownie- youll-need-it- Daryl-lm-still DADDY-GOOD-LUCK- COA- CH G Jeffrey M. Alves Wow That was quick!! JV Soccer 3 years Varsity Lacrosse- What are you trying to say?-lt’s due when? Jeff and Ron, you know you’re my best friends. We’ll see each other in school. -Mickey-Hi Goof-Crash s Lit Bro-Alvesy-Remember kegs at the house-Scav Hunt 85-Espang 85-Let ' s mail Ron home-Howie ' s folks are going-Main Event at AJ’s W DM-Friends RB JH VK ML TM DC JP CF DM JP BP ET HL JB MB JB CH GP DP JG-GOOD LUCK! Allyson Alwardt Well that’s another Monday over with. Track 1 Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 Compa 84 “Fun ” I ' ll always remember you MG KJ HA JG JS ML LJ KL TK MR TZ TC 2 Twins JL AD. Be good Leslie, You’ve come a long way baby. Shoplifters will be Prosecut- ed. Wrinkles Uhh dizzy blond sun country Irish Lady Carlos you ’ll always be my sweetheart. 2-8085 I luv u Babe! Never forget skiing. Thanks Mom Dad you never let me down. K. Scott Andrews “Scotty” UMass Bound’Key Club ' Muffin ' Dining Room’ ME!? GULLIBLE!? Booted outta the library! ' Lost Keys- RD ' Mickey D’s ' I’m mot blushing’ 4 ata table’ Thanks everyone 4 making my year the best " BUZZ’ BALLON on my mirror Library Alarm ' Dances at casino ' volleyball’ Luv Ya Maroon White “It was Marcus Aurelius ...” Tennis balls Love, Luck. Success to all of my friends Best of everything to Chuckl I Love You, Dad and Connie . . . Karen Patricia Antonucci NOOCH! NHS: Field Hockey; B-ball T-bound 85 86; Key Club-Ski trip 85. for Posterity: Canoe rides: Bees w CCGL w AK “Obsessions " Pkg lo Crew! Queenie! Kidnapping the Sr Class Pres w PT JP Mr Mrs Jesuit? Moonlighting! F-ball games for free Bus trips Bathrooms ' Valentines Day Caper w AP! “ Howard El lie " What a pair! Chappy w PT GG-Thanks for the GT ' s ’Flo’ ECHO 122 TC GT’s w BM CC LA JB! Miss ya Mr NP! CS-1 in a million. Helena M. Amorim F.H.S. the best of times! Cheerleading. Carousel, 4th of July, June 23rd, Florida, Snow man, Ice cream, Pizza, T.P. House, zzwow!, Beach, Cruise, Dancing, Photo, midnight, Texal, Trees, Cham pain, “Against all Odds!” LOVE “Donnie McCartny " friend S.P. K.L. K.F. A. A. J.T. J.K. “ Look ahead for better times! " Kirk T. Appelman APPLE, Football, Track, Stage Band, STONEY BALL CREW, T-Balls New Years Club, MBL Dances, Hound Dof, HorTub, Rickey Ricardo, NYC and the Dew Drop Inn, Founder of Appleville, " SQUEEK, SQUEEK " GO RILLA Open. Whales Tales. “A Touch of Animosity " Marathon 85 " , " Second Effort " , Metro w Pats, “Marley Lives " , 2 Fingered Turtle, Thanks WGHC. Shaun Gregory Andrade VARSITY • BASEBALL • TRACK • POPOZOIDS • BEST FRIENDS TROY • FREDDY • STUCK • AT • STONEY • BEACH • W AB • BC • SS • SURE • THING • AT • APPLES • TURTLE • MAN • 2 FINGERS • CRUZIN • IN • THE • MONTE • ON • “E” • WOODY • 10 QUARTS • OF • OIL • RAID • ON • WOODS • HOLE • GOLF • COURSE • W DS, PV. AB. JS, RF. • HOT • TUB • PARTY • AT • TRACYS • SHORE • WAY • ACRES • RAID • SLEDDING • AT • Lauren Avanzino WHAT? KAREN QUEBEC 86 RED CON- VERTABLE HERBPV ROAD TRIP MILL HILL HYANNIS CAL 143 PROM DM MT SNOW DM ML DS NIGHT SKI MBLROINJR MR PC Stowe W THE Me- DONALDS! BdAY PARTY! MACRONI CHEESE CHOMOOSE KR MO MLMETRO MIMI POPPY MEG 3 DA YS FOREVER? D FALLING ASLEEP LACROSSE GOOD LUCK VM KO TS MISS YA APPLEVILLE GLEE CLUB TO THE BEST 52 24 20 22 Thomas Barstow Scott D. Bartolomei FOOTBALL TRACK THE BOYS GOOD LUCK SEE YOU IN 3 YEARS Gaboo. Port. Baggs. Cheezy. Braino, Chico, Potman, Brownie, Mayo, Summer of 85 Bourne High KA TE. Darly. Chris. Tony. BYE! ’71 Chevelle Smashed “Party in the van” “FREAKS " Party at Big Davey ' s ERR! 85 Prom with Tami Military Police the Army New years with MO The Pi t Halloween with the boys I’m CRAZY you BB Head the foundations let ' s go to Bourne Mike I’ll Kill You BYE WHGC. Janine Bearse D A. IT DIDN’T TAKE 5 YEARS! I MADE IT MOM! MY HUNNY! COLD NIGHTS CELICA! TRASHED WEEKENDS ATKN’S HOUSE! HYAN- NIS CRASH W J • S • BEST FWINS 4-EVA S» A • H K BUT IT ONLY SMELLS A LITTLE J • S» HINNY SUGAR PATRIOTS LIMO METRO! AUNTY EM! CHAMPAGNE! MR. JONES THICK THIN JANET J-9 MAIN St. w K» O J O MOONBABY MY BO ALWAYS LOVE YOU! ROUGH TIMES W B L • WE FIN ALL Y FOUND Christine Ann Beliveau WOODS • HOLE dont Like Reggae STONY Jackies House the Wall coffee at Mongers SW in VT CB+ 7 ab 3 My Hair UB- 40 Steel Pulse W Jitn + Bob HAD Aud HH Chris- ten CHADA lives In Bobs Body YG Skiing Ted MY friend Vampire Lesbians. You ' re beautiful Talon! JAs Cast Party EB Volvo S+ M MBL dances It ones 84 CB 3am Once in a lifetime the Square Fear- + Loathing Yanas Garage People don ' t Change U just realize their faults . . I DONT WANNA DRIVE!! Lorna Beilis CHEV, DONT LAF BUT. . PH • THANX M P. I LUV U BOTH • BE REAL! OMIGOD THERES PEOPLE! BEST OF LUCK ST 1 HOPE U BET THERE • SB-9 HC-10 WACHUSETTE 84 • 9 83 THIS IS HAPPENING! PAUL, OUR PLAID, HL • BDa BLTs • TD, AS, ST, DT, PB, KS, FRED LOU, BUENO, BUENO! SUMMER ‘85! 4 27 85 • MHS, JFK. SHS, FHS • PA, AS, ML, MF, PF, SB, JB. LP • McDs LTs • HSH-MM • FSC HOO-YA MON DA YS! BMc DA VE. P-MAC • SUMMER ' 84 • Paige Benedict Bridget Benoit Quebec Chateau Frantenac COLD NIGHTS h the St Lawrence me + you I LOVE YOU c red My cat seniors cosmo Fiddlededi I Love you MOM DAD Pete miss ya Thanx Robin we ' ve been through so much Dia- vond! The sweetest sound is silence ice -.ream RR DM ED BM JP RB LS HH SPAN- ' SH 3 HANG 3 Coco+ Alfie to my Dearest jrandmother I Love You- Gidget BJ. SOODBYE F.H.S. It’s been an experience!! Strocky + Bekil! FIELD HOCKEY 2, 3. Amelia (Amy) Bertozzi Bert BB BBC Remember when I saved your cat? daughter? Chelsea Can you eat it JB TW EP SC CH HK VT MCR FG DON ' T SNIFF THE OXYGEN MR. MONITOR SHE THREW HER PUDDING AT ME ET NEV- ER SUCK ON BLUE PENS 38 PACKS OF GUM WITH A PINK RIBBON ML SKIING IN 85 YEAH JD SKIING IN 86 YEAH GJ HAPPY BIRTHDAY “17” MS TOZ HAUNTED HOUSES WITH STONE WALLS “13 " LUV YA JM MM CB SM NM Robin L. Bettencourt ROBI FRED, RED + BUFFY WEEB THROW THE BALL MARTHA ’ S VINEYARD WITH SB CC TP RF SPARTAN, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE JWS- WE HAD SOME GREAT TIMES 1492- DUSTING FLOORS. FACE CLOTH- REMEMBER MELVIN? MR. MOLECULE DNA- SWEETHEART MUSH HE-MAN? GUMM1 BEARS RAINBOW WAA RUBY NEWMAN PUNK PIECE OF GUM! PUDDA HUGS 1 WANNA GO HOME ALLI- SHOP TILL YOU DROP! JOURNEY 1 THANKS MOM + DAD I LOVE YOU. Ronald P. Bevacqua Jr. THE BOYS 86 1 DO NOT FORGET THE THANKSGIVING BLAST AND Vi BARREL SLED- DING AT WOODS HOLE GOLF COURSE LETS CUT SOME WOOD I BEST FRIENDS STAND BRAIN OBAG SPOT MAN DRAK CHICO FORTY GABOO SKI BROWNIE YOU ALL THINK YOUR BIG MEN BUT RRR YOURSELVES “YOU CAN ' T HURT ME” NO SPLINTERS PLEASE. William Billings YOU Are Forever My Love. Thanks for all the good times-A.M. 84 Busivess Club ■ S.A.D.D.; A.F.S.; U.C.C. With Moderation Anything Is Possible! Good times at Megan sett. Bound for U. M.O. -Will it ever be the same? B. A. -It’s been Fun. Best of Luck - J.B., J.B., A.T.. D.P., M.C., B.A.. AM., T.C. FAL- MOUTH WASN’T IT NICE? Ronald J. Bisio VARSITY LAX JV X-C SOCCER JEFF JEFF, THEY DON’T GET ANY BETTER THAN YOU 2 GINA MARIA, YOU CAN’T IMAGINE WHAT YOU’VE MEANT TO ME SPAIN ' 85 ROAD TRIPS W J J IN THE “ALCYEON” SUMMER NIGHTS ON NANTUCKET NO SNOW IN STOWE TOO DAMN COLD AT LOON CRAZY NIGHTS AT THE BRIARZONE ON TOUR WITH ‘ REALITY ” EMT-A AT 4C’S GOOD LUCK TO LB JY JF TM GW GP TC CO WB JB DP RC BB Jl SA RED Steven M. Blanchard THE SUMMER OF 85: WATER SKING: PARTYS: FRIENDS: GOOD TIMES: NEVER FADE AWAY: MV BO YE DD. RICK: KIDNAPPING LUCIFER: DREAM TIME: FEB 14 15 16 86: CARYN FOREV- ER: PIER 37: SUNSETS: THE KNOB: MARTHAS VINEYARD: SPARTAN THERE IS NO SUBSTI- TUTE: HEAVEN: PARTY ANIMALS: CARYN YOU LEA VE ME BREA THLESS: BEST FRIENDS: EDD: RICK: MIKE: CINDYS: THE FROG. BUFFYS: THE PROM 85: THESE DREAMS: DEC Allen Bohnert BOGART THIS BUD’S FOR YOU APPLEBOMB, Go rilla, Woody, Queeb, Turtle, Pee dies, Roy, Cornball ROLLING in the FLAT, CD. TJ, ES Go r- ill TOUR FLA ND NYC, DEW DROPIN MARA- THON 85 MBL THE FREEZE, BoBo Heights-85, TB, CD, TJ, Cornball TO THE Punks-MM, CM, MC, JG Beastbrew, Scalli T-Ball THANK YOU WHGC Wee! YELLOWMAN - Talkingheads-TB Mr. OBrien V-Ball METRO THANKS MOM • BYE. Audrey J. Borowski “We can be heroes forever and ever . . . " David Bowie. Polo Interscholastics ' 85 ’86- Jen Gretch “Go to the whip! " Du er sukker Jurgen! Spammy-1 7 years! Jeg els- kerdig! Chris, March 1 9 MV. Brian Jaime. DK-Picnic tables. Leo, Christen (ELIO) Jane, Hannah. T.J.-“The world we live in and life in general. " “We’re like creatures of the wind wild is the wind, wild is the wind . . . " D.B. Pamela E. Bostwick SPAM-MEMORIES REMAIN AS SHAD- OWS OF THE LIFE WE’VE SPENT TO GETHER • Shared love’ ’GDA’FMC’ Sleep- ing Beauty ’ GH House’ Night Hunger’ Spain ’85’ M Aurelius’ left side’ Budbath’ Apple- vi IT raftrats ’SS W Jen ’ Love ya Dame, U2ell, Aud (17 yrs), Jaime, Kris, JV DP CM KP TO JS RD TC CW Thanks Mom Dad Gary Mike, Couldnt have made it w out you! Good Luck all my love to the class of ’86! Memories ... of the way we were! Michael Bowen BASEBALL Playing Chess MATH TEAM Soccer “I ' m Just a Gigolo ” CHEEZE’S PARTY PREDIC TIONS . . . three pitches and out TC BM BC RC TM JA AM JL FRIDA Y NIGHT HOCKEY CKM Dara Bo win I will always remember the teachers who helped me. The good times and bad times. Remember friends who pulled tricks on teachers and kids. Remember the freinds you made. How hard you try in all your subjects trying not to get detentions or in school suspensions. Remember the library, how the librari- an tries to keep the library quiet so the kids can study. For Juniors trying to find out about colleges so they can start applying their senior year. Jeffrey Bowman WITH AGE COMES COURAGE AND WISDOM UNDERSTANDING! I’m Sorry J.K. Varsity La- crosse 84-86 We had a good time ROMA “’% ” Peroni M.C. We Learned a Lot S.A.A.D. ; A.F.S. The Immortal Beast Lives On Pretty In Pink In Oldtown Best of Luck T.C. in Seattle Moeration is the key to success take care WB T.C. M.C. J.K. K.F. R.B. N.G. EM. MAROON DOOM! U.M.O. Bound tern pus Fugit Class of “86”. c Ji Ilian A. Brewer I’ll never lose affection fot people and things that went before. Mow and Dad you are the best, Thanks so much, ECB Love you Kiddo! Exchange 85 Color Guard yuk! Key Club Pies. Powder Puff and broken arms: YAWN JULES Charlies Angles with Amy and Sandy big time! Rat Patrol SK AK CC CSJJKMKALVDT KM SC Breakfast PZ MP ND GREA T ESCAPE AMY! KA you are the APPLE of my eye! Love has the power to make it come true. SQUEEK! Joanne M. Briana shall be telling this with a sigh. Somewhere ages and ages hence, two roads diverged in the woods and I, took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference. FF SC Ice Shows The Big Chill-AB BS KV LE FS BA MC MA CS EP SF Thanks Deb and Kim Hockey Games Iggy The Twi- light Zone Bohemian Bert, I cannot say Bye Mr Cali, Tom, you are my Density. For a good time, call 548-0348! Leslie Brickett Varsity field hockey + Softball-Cape Cod Aces " , all the way " . Dirty Deeds! Skiing at Squaw Valley! Don ' t park under the trailer! No explanations-GET OUTA MY FACE! Just too funny Ski trip ' 86 ' coulda if l tried-what can I say? Poor saps Baracuda! T-tops So long FHS, hello PSC! NH boundl-Good Pals: AC DF SC AD JS LM TC NL -■-OUTA HERE - - - LONG LIVE THE BOMB SQUAD!! " Richard A. Brousseau " The Flume! " Driving In The City 50 Be- tween STOP Signs! The Car Door! Road Race ' 85. Path Jim C Kim M John N Jackie N Greg S Melonie S Kate A Barb M Jen P Elaine M PORT 4 " The Haunted House! " " Devil’s In My Car!” Personality Analysis Three Basket Cases! Kirby’s Accounting! Five Lost Pine Cone Hunters! Maria S. Bukuras Those who mde my days brighter: Muff, Deb, Rob Mide, Christy TYP 3 with my twin " Tanya Baby” Ties and Moon Shoes with Mr Cali. Luisa-first turn the car off then, put it in park! All my love to Janet and Jill, the sisters I never had. Always a song in my heart with “Lionel and Stevie ” Lots of love- Ma, Dad, G, G, M, G " It is the Lord’s bless- ing that brings wealth, and no effort can substitute for it. ” Beth Bullard BFF Lit’ BUDDY Laura remember Soph eng We’re having a BABY, the CB, Kosta ' s Italian subs I love you Johnny, I ' ll never forget + always love you Barry, never forget Lloyd. 73 Dart 85 Mustang GT. The Falcon The Bandit, Pink Lady, Shoe Lace. KB DD JB TT DC LF. I LOVE YOU MOM Jacquie Thanks For Everything, I miss you DADDY wish you were here. If you can dream it, you can become it. Thomas H. Burke VARSITY FOOTBALL BASKETBALL (GO- RILLA) STONEY BALL CREW SUMMERS MBL Cap’n Kidd ITALY 85 " elevators " B. MARLEY GO RILLA OPEN Gizzy-Gizzy AB KERRY I LUV U NOBSKA ROCK KK X-MAS EVE NEW YEARS BAD! KNEE “ Butterflies ” COACH M GOOD TIMES-DS, AB, KA, ES, KK. K, LA, TJ, CD. MM. ML, AF, JR HEIGHTS+ AB CD TJ PROM 85 HOT TUB ROLLINHERB GET AW A Y " 89 " " 52” " 31 ” " 94” " 14 " TB AL Memories Are Like Rooms With- out a Clock Bataille. Brenda S. Burkhart Congrats to all who made it through FHS. NEVER FORGET TRUE FRIENDS AND NEW FRIENDS. Ski Trips, 13, pink packages, or vacation Special Jove to AB FOR STANDING BESIDE ME. PS HANG IN THERE I DIDN ' T FORGET YOU. TO ALL FRIENDS GOING TO COLLEGE GOOD LUCK JUST THINK YOU ' LL BE A FRESHMAN ONCE MORE. HANG IN THERE ALL YA JRS ONLY 1 YR TO GO A SPECIAL THANKS TO THE TEACHERS WHO GOT ME THROUGH. IS FOR ME SEE YA DOWN SOUTH. 25 Daryll Canepa Cross Country, Winter+ Spring Track Spain-Portu- gal trip Prom 85 Thanks RF! Paige we shared alot of great times 2-gether! Special Friends: JL, DS, MC, JW Thanks for always being there! 85 ' Sum- mer w Benny! Deb where did our party cups go? 4 Let’s go skiing! Nantucket, Florida w Erin! Thanks for putting up w me! “The crowd” Sara-Charlie goes 4-wheelin! Zonkers, Maine! Sean-Thanx for everything! SC+ JG Be Good! MM Road Trips? 4 Carolee Cannata Deb Karen Gail-You guys have been the best friends I could ever have The Tony D. and Carolee snow England with Colleen-We missed the flaming bus! Seamist-My first baby so many fantastic times with DC I love you up to the sky, Bear Never forget one starry night on Sandy Beach kirby advice youth group ski trips can ’t wait for the Reunion, Class of 86-1 Luv U All! Brian M. Carragher Brain-o-the-Boys- Gaboo Cheezy Potman Bags Mayo-Simpi- Toe-DJ Load-Porte Brownie-Chico- Ronnie B-Seniors FHS Hockey, Soccer, Capt. Ten- nis- Rocky-Point- All-Night Cheezy Chapoquoit- Beach- Sledding Han. vs. Fran. Mayo’s- Truck- Hal- loween Ft. Lauderdale-Spring Break-Charlie-MHB My name is R-l-C-K- The-MC Ski Trip Attitash-Bud- Crew Hard Work-Has its rewards-The Pit So-what- So-what — Rich- Greg-Statey John Carroll Late Night Convos 4 Muffin Day 314 86 " 1 1 4-ever! 4 Good luck fat boys 4 Chill it Pierre surfs up!! 4 Chaka S ' B-team 4 CJ’s 4 Bye Swane doggie 4 PLAY!! 4 Good luck KF ‘Lax 1st 4 Oh my . . . Lacrosse danger zone Thank you Mimi Ol! 4 Remember Working 4 Buba 4 It was worth . . the wait MO! 4 1 don ' t know 4 Thrax 4 Trainers Room 4 Stang ride 4 AL- WAYS!! Love You!! 4 Tyler Cartner Saved by The Purple Curtain 4 The eyes R The Passage 2 the Soul 4 Do U know who UR? I do 4 If U could see U through my eyes 4 Learn before U speak 4 UR strange . . . No I’m Tyler 4 Mine is 4 the asking 4 Individuality 4 Freedom 4 LOVE or LUST 4 Think about it 4 Let me share U 4 My love is forever Anasta- sia 4 My UR future B bright, Past B gone Look over UR shoulder, but always move on 4 Thanx 2 all 4 “May U live 2 see the Dawn” TYE. Deborah Elizabeth Casso Road to nowhere . . . comment maintenant vache brun? Cheri-tete derriere! YIP! YIP! TENNIS 4 My " L 4 U 4 S 4 H“ B-Ball Buddies-Erin + Daryll-Spilltops R. I. P. CROSS-COUNTR Y? Roy-boating 4 Bud Cans! NANTUCKET! Mike, thanks. BAHAMAS! Barb, glassbottom boats are where it ' s at! Walter Boy state of mind, perfected by SC. I ' ve gJt this fettish- JF. “ THEY SAY I ' M CRAZY BUT I HAVE A GOOD TIME ...” Comm. Ave. Scene-KEEP THE: 26 EDGE! Michael A. Casso “Mikey cee " Cross Country, Math Team, Winter Track, Spring Track, Honor Society Mugsy + Phin- ney, JY. JF, JC, RK” If Life Hands You Lemons . Make Lemonade” PITS and “The Beast Fishing, Frisbee, Woods Hole. Meg Castellanos Figure Skating! Sec-Tres of Jr Class. Ice Shows! “MEMORIES” Cheering. Summer Cut Short In 85. U2 Bono! “40”. Jim Morrison is Alive. ME+ JC- Singing w the choir boys! Pats Pep Rally — The Metro 4 SKI 85-Lake Plastered-Tiffany’s-HS. School Nights at LA s BFF-SARA BITS!! DC-Round + Round! SKI 86-Quebec! KM+ MM FBs. Meat Is Murder, JIM. CLAM. RF JR ES. The Killing Moon “Dining Room” Patrick-You are my sunshine! Thanks Mom. April R. Chiero THATS WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR-HEY DUDE- LONDON 85-BHUNTS-Specia I Friends CS SM LB NL PD l Luv Ya-its in the Yearbook-NUNS-CTest (mch)-Goin Down-Out At Field On Free Blocks-THE BOOK-Stayin at CS Leavin 10th w scot-S S CREW-Softball-UMA Trips SJ-Shotgun-KM Story- Elswhere-Out Ward-More Than A Feelin The Van- My Family I Luv You-Thanx Mom for bein there- Later on Dudes!! Cheri Lyn Clarkin Miles from nowhere guess I ' ll take my time on yeah to reach there. The book w K+ J, LUZA, Maestro Lindo, Wading w Nooch, Wallowing w Mare. Chuck E Cheese + K-Mart, Little feet, Reggie, Li Ning, Deb-Bud cans + sledding-yip yip! Comm ave, Sean= Beach house+ pickle jar, MORT, Splat, JR (Skip), pajama table-dancing w JF, Sade, Peter V. tete derierre Get Out! randon The striped bass in the most beautiful fish in the world . . . Troy B. Clarkson Ron- Lets go camping Good Luck KC Trina- Barb-you are a special person-Good friends-BM RD BM MB MM-MASP 85-MASP VICE LIVES HH Par- is-84- Bonjour Wilfred Gobs Gobs so you wanted to meet the Wiz Hi Dad Thanks Phil Mom-1 love you “ For the true graduate is one who has learned not only Calculus and Biology, But also has learned life. " God Bless All. Tonya Clements Julie Allyson Heidi 3rd Bkeng Debbie Trinia ■ - - Joanne Vanessa Sophia-Paula Donna Ctyp 3 Maria Baby My Twin Paul Sharon Blink Blink Thats Not - - ■ Sunny Spici 2 Robert BJ Stick Rubber Neck! Not That Office Practice Hey Brother 4C’s Placement Test FSJR-RB Debbie Debbie Accti-Jill Ba- bie Ball III Never Forget U Jeff Joe Unpoco Joe Bucky What A Dive CMSM Muffin Beth Agesc Liz Julie Its Only Tuesday! Angelos Pebbles Hack JB LB GIZMO Ya Mo Be There Thank U Betsie I Love You!! Matthew T. Colella FHS 1 Quebec 82, Rome 85 Arthur The Dining Room The Pointer Brother. SC ‘Chiv- alry is Dead ' Lucia you’re so fine CK ‘Oh well Thats Life’ Lisa you ' re awesome NG such Beauty should not be overlooked 102 JENN FOX I ' M STILL LOVING YOU END - LESSL Y New Years Day ‘Love is the reason for the walls we make’ U2 concerts, BA, H, PB and A TENDER YEARS MA Y 18 1985 strength dawn chorus “. . I’m a lonely man walking lonely streets . . ” THE ALARM. Sean Condon The Walter Boy Alias Boris Becker Ratpack Lu- pus, Fla, Clsy, KJ, PJ Kill-Beaker, Joo-Joo, JF, Yardbird, DP, BM. RC, JG-DCX2, EF. Lake Placid- KM’s nightgown? Bleacher Creatures. Roma- Cinque Cento. Peroni, Elwood. Boott Nights. Beach House. Tennis-MG + Battle Royale. IQ. CC’s pick- le jar, slurp MM. Boxer Rebellion. Power Boot. Voyager. Killington-Pasta Pot. Quebec- Yowza. Vano to BU. Val D’lsere. St. Croux-David + DE Fish. Can-Can Let It Be. Paul Cooper Sweetie I Love You!! 8 5 89 Aug 2 85 BCF 85 Skydiver Special friends forever SM, JL, BB, JW Cape Cod Deck Crew! AT, CR. PD, GW Rude Boys!! Special thanks Mr. W, Mr. Burnette Remem- ber the vineyard Goof in with AR, JW, JL Don’t forget the fearless fairmont me Boooooy Jammin with JL, SH, JS, KB, JP, US Army Bound 4 wheelin w RM, AR, JW Diane Corey 27 " I Christine Diane Correllus Music is the lauguage of the heart Honor Society Reps Stage Band WFHS are we in Kansas yet? Echo 119 JP you are “ Truly Special " l love you KA LA TP LV JC K V BM Thank you Mom and Dad Love is where it all began Merci MC vous me manquerez See you on CBS, Chet The lunch table! Jill Aim Let s hit the beach! Asti and Ballons Aerobics cold nights at OS Hockey Games Life is the Greatest Gift of All. Cheryl Costa Thanx-Mom EH-luv ya Remember your all-CP TB SFKM TR CGRGLMEMJS YP. 1 Always FG I ' ll be good, to you! May 31-85 luv Chris R-forever. Sources, very special Thanx. RR-if only you knew. Honda 83-my bug! Shpee, Hy-town, New-B, Bean Town, Here I come Burdette ark Ma urdy Pa. May- be Oct 86-na DC-first of them all good luck w unk- now who l miss u-DC-Feb. 18. Miss Ya Much Hey Lee Deb, I did it watch out world!! Monique J. Costa Well, this is it! It has been fun! Good luck every- body! Thank you MH NS JF HS BC PD TC AM Helen you ' re made this year worthwhile Running out of gas! Bessy. Michele, thanks for being there when I needed you! Mr OB you’re the greatest! I love you Mom Dad! 1-4-3 Tood watching the sun come up Tina Turner Concert 7 25 85 Have a great summer Parties at Lori’s!! Tabitha Jami Lynn Jen be good Bye! FHA! Joe see you in Paris. Timothy S.J. Cousins “Lupus” “ Happiness is new sneakers " 3 Mouseke- teers-Lupus, Flory, PJ Varsity soccer fuzzy bear ROMA 85’ latin 16 yr runners ski-trips + Melanguage $3 BM Nova Van-o New Years Eve at PJ with Mr T-Do I remember! I don ’t See why he is mad at me McCarthys- beanfot dip wiffle ball TC GE FM BU 86 April vaca 86 Eating Moths gravity gun CHRISTINE ThANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS-KJ GE TG BS KM EL MM LA ED JF BM GGKW MD DB. Michelle L. Cowie Thanks Mom for making me go back to school. The best summer was July 84 When 1 met Paul. The nights 1 will never forget March 14 86 with SS January 16 85 and July 85 I made it Mom. Erin M. Coyle Beach Bound-Eastham Summers out w Had " I ' m fine I ' m just throwing up” John-83, 84, 85 Ward ' s w HS. JS, Key Club, French Club Brigadoon, Car- ousel Mary Laughing w Leo Class Pres. Infinity Jen Lake Placid, Quebec Scoot Fun w Brendan, TJ. JP. MASP. Reggae PV. SE, HA, Prom 84. 85 Hawaii Menauhant Beach Chinese food " OUR LIVES ARE WOVEN TOGETHER BY THE WEAVERS OF TIME, IN A PATTERN WE CAN- 28 NOT SEE " . Jennifer S. Cummings Nat. Honor Society. Key Club-PRES, Spanish Club. Frosh SEC-TRES-Class of ’86, cross-country-CAPT, winter spring track hurdles? THE FUNNIEST YEARS WITH THE GREATEST FRIENDS-Hey Hey EAG, Erin F Erin C, Mare. Mike-the-Cee, Leo, Gun, Yardbird, Sul White-Hen nights. Keith. Jas, Ski-trip- Mt. Orford, That’s Entertainment ; Sr. yr. w E.F.. THANX. I LUV U EH! CVS- You need a perscription for that! PUR-DUE U, Miss U FHS. Barbara Jane Cunha “BJ” Mom Dad you are the greatest! CG RC Tennis Roma ’85 Cheri Gucci Money? Babe 9 3 85 I love you 9 28-Easy! Keep smiling. Keep shining. Know- ing you can always count on mel-Thanks Dan-My BF Angela Double Dating, B-Day our special friends ED KR Boston-Hair Hallway PSS-Yearbook ' 85 Oops! Mully Picttoet AD- Skinny Sara I’m sorry! Friends are forever! AM AD KJ SN MM MM KM MC-PD Don’t forget me! Thanks M MR. Kristin Damore “Super Jock” SMC 2 Basketball Champs 85+ 86 Softball “Hey Krish " Volleyball, Pep-Squad, Pres ' A True Friend, T-Toes ' Echo 122 ' Frog buddies JV, EM. MM, TL. KP, KM, Cruising w TC “Wheres the steering? " Great Harbor party w HB, DM PB ' Block 7 8 w DS+ PB “3rd Quarter is my quarter!” Scooping pals, HM, KP, DM, DD ' AP “T Bird " Summer 85 Washington DC, ED! ' Appleville ' “ Why RM? ’ ’ ' ' Penn State " Friends ' KA ' SP ' JL ' MF ' TG JS ' JR ' DS ' KW ' BF ' JV ' GC. Audra “Audi” DaSilva Field Hockey Coop Co Gymnastics Who Broke The Bal Beam!! Hey Sea Food Buffet ' Crusin In The Banana Mobile With Who SB ' AR HB ' Bud Who?? Coors New Pie SB KT HE blue Bomber!! What Tele Pole FH Poor Cat ' Save The Birdie From The DTH! Its Not Real. Tenahen anoo Lu like a sis!!! PB Let The Good Times Roll The VF B52’s SPP At Whose House? Rock Lobster!!! JD on NYE What A Nice Sis Skiing w everyone Gloworm His PS. BWSCIW HB PK DFI Hey Mom Dad I Richard Cusolito 3 yrs soccer 4 yrs tennis UN History RIP Coach Landers Fitchy Keith Jas Gray Juju Walterboy Ai- mee PJ Flo Lupis Kev Bushy Bushies Road trip BU Busted Chappy Little Pier Beam Dance Shirts off Yardbird Jen Deb Cheri Priest in Bermuda shorts Van Residue Cancune Roma Eugene Take it easy Life in the fast lane Cousy B-Ball Old Silver House of Pizza Beach House Dodge Boys have more fun. Donna Marie Deer Student Advis. Board Honor Soc. Wood Brier BP+ CM Have fun next year!! E, J, C + M in Drive rs Ed. Where did all the windows go? London 83 + 84! Austra- lia 85 C ' Town JTHS - Mighty Ryans ho- meform with Br BRIM-Hay in sleeping bags in mittagong and Red Sand in the centre - The Concert in the Domain (Steamy Ground and Umbrellas) " North East of Canberra " !? Pam DeCosta foe and Pam 7-19-84 We’ll be together al- ways and forever I love you Joe " I can dream about you " Pambi Rocky Point Sum- mer of 84 Great Summer fishing, miniature jolf, FFC, KYF, the house, 60 flowers on flower day Thanks for everythong Karin Vette brakes, accelarator AR Torino HHM JS WW DM RED LIGHTS MM DC Color- guard party English 3cp MB Thanks M D. Anthony Nicholas DeFilippis (Tony) Thank you Ma Dad! UN-History Club, Spanish Club President, Broadcaster WFHS. Intern. WCIB, Drama Club, FPH, International Dinners. Senior Trees With Coleen. Boy did we sell trees!! (HaHa) Good Luck to CC- APD- CAM- MMDT. See you when t get my B.M.W.! Never forget beches Nobska, and fun under the sun! I am an Optimist. Someday we will all recognize the value of Hope and Happiness. Donnie Deleon 57 Chevy Summer of 85 Partying with D C. B.B. B.S. J.B. Skiing at Wildcat Good Luck next year D.C. Hockey Games New Years Eve . . Cloud of smoke filled the air P V Performance my 57 is gonna blow the doors off the galaxy. Lov JB’s 85 GT Diane remember the roses. Craig DePunte Schools over adios FHS. I’ll make you mildly proud Mr. McCaulley. I hope too see some of you Stien Grenners on top of a mountain in Colorado 5 miles all the way. Hopefully I’ll get a real truck one day the kind the Scout wants to be when it grows up He went that away. Crooked lines are no fun Remem- ber the read man ' s bands Zeppelin 4 - Hendrix Be nice Killer Be careful where you park I love Amy 4 Ron DeSouza Andy P. Dion Carolyn M. Dionne “ Ronnie D. ” Winter Track 2 yrs. Varsity Lacrosse 2 yrs FHS Band + Stage Band Good Times With Good Friends TC BM LP TP JS CS BM and The Rest Of The Band Thanx Mr Morotta And Mr Stud- ley For All Your Wisdom And Guidance Troy Good Luck in The Future And Everything You Do New Years Eve 84 ' 7 Love You " Schnapp ' s Style Jen You Mean The World To Me I ' ll Love You Forever And Always Be Your Best Friend Thank You For Giving Me The Best Time Of My Life! Good Bye And Good Luck To AH! See Ya Later Jennifer Downs Mr. Bass. Aldalbert, Baggs, Mayo, Braino, Chico, Yard bird, Lloyd, Ned. Baseball, " Syonara ”, BB Head, Burma Road, " What are you a down?” The Charge, Wristrocket THE WHO in ’82, Bombin ' , Kowalski, the Road Warrior, the V8 Interceptor, Stein, Wash, 10-year old shirt, DRY, one phone call, Buick, In the dumpster Eddie Munster The 7-11 Incident, " you can’t hurt me”, crowbar, " Yeah, C ' mon in”. Air Force-Pararescue, August 21, SO WHAT. CAL Tennis?? PSquad 84 Paris 84 the Bakely Sis- ters Ski Trip 85 Swimming in Feb w TJ Rolling in the Fiat Florida 86 Thanx Christine 1 43 Dec 7 Gone but not forgotten Good Luck my friends TJ TB ES ML AB JR Especially to you Andy! Trace-what happened! Michigan fun times JP AC BM Thanx Steve Hot Tub Oct 12 RIT Despite our talk on how kids our age are too young to be in love-l ' m in love with you M+ D 143. Edward (Ned) K. Draper The Space Van Driving to Endanger . .? Beer Pickup Hitler MBL-dances BOHICA Gotta work MG- Summer Do you have an ID? Surf Dr. = totaled spring FLA. AB Drive to the Beach Casino-raftered Note- skiing Crooz w Jules Thanx WHGC BUD- tails ARL-Summer R-ball Shooting Camping RM BH Friday brew crew JAPAN Poo! party HOLL Y -Crazy for you I came to learn and even had fun, most of all I left w Friends THANX Mom and Dad. r i Ellen Druin 1 love you Mom Tom! Field Hockey-Oh my Christmas! Bear paw or BARE paw? Great times w DM. JT. KF. AC. ES’BAINIE’JL + TT-EMO-Thank you for being the BEST! Good Luck: PL, SP. Doots, esp my BF-DS-4 Wheeling-STUCK. SUPER A P. crusing- friend FOREVER! DS+ DL EJ+ ED 1 4 at the Doctors-CFTFA-EJ- Prom w EJ in the NY- DW-My blue UW? The FH w EJ-CN-Tuttie-Brown 4 30 I love you Eric Todd!!! ' E-Sean!! " I scared!” 30 A A CM-PEUKSHH Robert B. Dugan MD Exchange- Wes ’s ' Boston- ‘ ’Big Deal ’ ” Lost Pine- cone Hunters ' Cape Cod. South east. Heartfund. WIZ “l got a furball Wachusett- “ Make way for Troy " ' Firebird ' JC-French fries Mashed pota- toes’ ”B " -White tie. Masking tape, Ed’s Plumbing, GOBS, “ Have a nice time " ' Left side, Reps. S.C. , Play’ Golden Sails- Find the teacup’ Bermuda ' 86”’ Thanks Mom ' Good Luck to all my friends especial- j ly-B. TC. JC. BM, JP. SF, MB. PB. MM. BP. TS j CR Mary Dunn Key Club Ski Trips-MD Sugar Ray Shivering-Prover- bial-What? huh Tricky driveways-Spy University of Seacrest? Who gets the Salt Kate E.-The greatest- Cher- Jen-EH DJ JR TC SGK Les- Wow!- Movie talks You deserve better that THA T!-l KNOW!! Winning bets-Losing Sulk! Mr. Moody Keith-the best-Ellen generic car! Oh’thats attractive watermelon head- have fun. Janna M. Durant Sean Fitzgerald Eagan Melinda Jean Echols Red means stop Don ’t bang the wall Robin Faith Kim The Klinks Melissa Rainbow RP JR BS AK HH “Say you, say me " Becca-Noah’s Arc sunk Bunny Honey Red+ White Mazda Fireman Fred I love you Mom+ Dad Summer nites The Prom-86 PICTURES ARE SO VAGUE COM- PARED TO MEMORIES, BUT SOMETIMES THEY HELP US TO REMEMBER XMAS 85 MAT- T+ RON MICHAEL-You are so special to me and I love you very much. 1 1 23 85. The Lighthouse. 5 19 91. Gr ay Eldridge Cross Country 84 ' -85 ' State All-Class Champs ' . M.P. Cottage 85 ' S.C. beach- house. Lake Placid, Quebec. Broken mirror bad luck-3 28 86. Busted at B. U. Pitstop on Comm. Ave. St. Paddy ' s day road trip with B.M., A.C., J.C. Sorry, too much of a buzz! Horror show. Good luck to friends: T.C., S.C., J.F., J.G., M.D., B.M., A.C., J.C., PL, F.M. Muir Evenden Eagles. Class of 86. Kristen. JMV. Summer of 85. Spit. Martha’s Vineyard. Popponesset. Washington DC. New Seabury. Maushop. Nobska. 4. 4. 85. DSS. Work. Ski Trip 86. Quebec. 308. Hawk. MP. Raquetball. Florida. Prom 85. Tender Years. DW. 4. 20. 85 Heaven. Biting. Key Club. Honor Society. Dining Room. Faneuil Hall. Rosyr. EC. HA. Peter. Eric. Dave, Michelle, Greg. Bill. Don’t you forget about me. The best of times. Did it have to end so fast?. Rainbows, I will miss FHS and being Pep Squad manager. To all my teachers I wish you the best. To all my classmates we are finally out. Photo was great. C.K. Thanks for everything. Football games are fun. Friendship is forever, D.B., T.B., T.R. and M.D. Thanks Mom and Charlie for helping me. I hope to go to college. Love to all of you and good luck! I love school and school work and home work too. “1 Erin E. Farrell In 82 freshman year started w Country. 1 had my times w DC. DC, JC, SN, PB, and JJ. Then there was PC, and of course JH in the summers. Gymnas- tics, soccer, running, and jumping filled my days along w a trip to Spain in 85 and as many road trips as possible. In 86 Senior year ends w graduation, a dreaded state-meet, and a long awaited week on an island. Music is a way of life so say it w a song. Keep the Edge. Bye Bye. Brian P. Ferreira Hockey 12 3 4, Baseball 1234, Football 1234, Honor Society 3 4 Thank you Mom Dad, for everything -I love you!-’’Garden Party ” 11 seconds- Bishop Feehan 2-1 -Sr. Prom with P V, Killington with MF MBV 2 Lost Weekend B M Services Sum- mer of 85 3 17 86 HNIB " Don’t Quit ” Paulette. Matty. Webbal Vin, Bucka, Pendi, Kuz, PL, DP, RL, DS, RF, AM, JV, MM, EM, AK, MG, GG Goodbye FHS Hello RPI. “FEAR NONE RESPECT ALL " . Sandra L. Fetters Bermuda “86“‘ The Wiz ' Honor Society ' Chorus ' Marcus Aurelius ' Au revoir Madame ' Prom-85 86 ' PM. FG, DF, RD. EZ, Mark, Ish, Marla, Amy- + Brenda, Taylor, Sachi+ MH ' TR-My other half. Marty Feldman ' Hey Faith “T’’“ Paula-Remember Ronald McDonald ' Robert + Crystal- A duck okay? ' Don’t forget CR, JD, EE! ' Mom. Dad. Barb, Donna-Thanx, couldn’t have done it without you ' What is Mr. Helfen s penname anyway? ' Goodbye III Matthew J. Field FIELDSY “13” Football 1 Basketball 3 Capt. 52 Baseball 4 Good Times with Bri. Bucka. Webba. Vinnie Friends. Mayo. Pendi. Kuz. Tano. AF. EM. KP. TL. JV. KM. MM. DM. WZOU “ YaYa thats it " “moola " “Limonada” B M summer I wonder? ‘Til have a teem ” Milk it does, Heidi you ' re the best. Don’t ever forget me. Thanks Barbara and Mom. Real life starts 5-31-86 GOOD LUCK!!! Jonathan Fitch UN History Club-10, 11. 12 CVPJ Tennis-10, 11. 12 Key Club-9, 10, 11, 12 ROMA 85. MT. OR FORD 86, CANCUN 86 The Island Queen. The Golf, Koosy’s Van, A.U., Jou-Jou, Yardog, Jason, Lupus, Deb, The Weasel (a.k. a. Sue) Keithy, Walter Boy, Koosy, Team Coors, Moe-Moe, Cheri “Don ' t worry Dad I’ll be home before 1:00 ” Chef in the middle of the road, Boy the McFinn, Thanks for putting up with me, Ed. Debora L. Forbes Good Luck to CC, KM, MM, MB, ES, Always re- member the good times not the Bad, PBJ in the bath room, l love u Eric, I wont ever forget you, always keep in touch!. Youth Group, Ski Trips, 82, 83, 84, 85. Concerts, Prom, 85, 86, Partying with CC, KM, ES, EF, DF, DC, MC, -4S. TW, Angelos Crew, KU, JU, BH, TM. AP, BC, DC, Senior Re- view, w KM, LB, JS, BH, Beaches, Compass, Mom, Dad, Thanks for everything, Love You. Jodi Ellen Foster There is not one big cosmic meaning for all; There is only the meaning we each give to our lives. Life shrinks or expands according to one ' s courage. Summer of 1985 Wood- neck Papa Ginos BK The gang from Bourne The 1 985 Prom Trish George Joe Dowick (Doris) Audi Cooper Senioritis the Golden Sails Close Friends: HB. NS. TF. DS. JD, AD, WC. LB, DM. HM. TC. Graduation Thanks FHS l love you Mom Chris, I Luv u. Kimberly M. Frazier Get Psyched Poo We Did it! Hooters Pat Benatar 86 Band Skippy, Peanut, Butter Typing Block 10 Tee, Dawn, Helena Prom 85 Spear Love Ya Bunches! Deb “Let ' s go bowling " Friends PM, TR, JC, DP. JB. RF, HA, Mr Cranshaw, DF. Pokey, you’re neat I like ya! Best of luck to everyone! I love you mom and dad. Russell K. Freeman Soccer-1 2 3 4. JV Hockey-1 2 3 (Capt. 2. Most Dedicated 3) “ft aih ' t over til it ' s over”. The Canton Bus Ride. The New Years Club. Oper. Roche. Oper. Red Raider. Herb II. Valet Parking. X-mas tree sales. Spain + Portugal 85. Escort for MM. Best Dressed w MO. The Pumpkin. The A-Team (2S2F). Metrow Pats. Friends-MM KR LA MO MC BR KA SA AB DS PV JS SM RD MC RB CM FD PAP Sorry if I forgot someone!! Special thanks to JR RN RJ!!!. CJ at Norwich UH M+ D Laura Furtado BFF Beth “Pink Lady” Summers of 83 + 84 Fal- mouth Heights Beach Partyin Times Italian Subs Always remember and never forget 900 Cat., Mick, Conamessett, “I miss You” " If you Love something set it free; If it comes back to you it’s yours; If it doesn ' t it never was” Frankie says relas Don V do it 3 19 86 “ Racoon ” + “Lady in Red” Alwyas “Heard that! " “There ya go!” " Shining Star” 3 24 86 “Love ya Kip! " Antonio Garcia (Tony) Varsity Soccer 2 yrs Varsity Basketball 1 yr Good Times with CP, TA, DG, RO, KD, TT Getting lost goin to BU Friday night fight at CP house Thanks for always being there Pete Tuesday night BBall- Big Yank, Greasy, Egg roll, Big Man, What window I love you Trish TGF TC Always Good bye FHS Hello BJC. Patrick F. Gaspa Football 3 yrs; Track-2 Baseball 4 yrs-P-H-H. Circuit eye of the tiger; frosh yr. you can’t hurt me He might be dizzy. Mike G. works of wisdon if u have trouble @ work just RUN 20. Never bet against the Celtics; most important The vikings are still the best. I want 2 thank coaches BC, BM, GG, JM, SW, and The rest of the circuit coaches-Good luck 2 The Class of “86 " after graduation. Won’t forget Attle- boro game. Greg Andrew Giardi -Milk- Football (4) Baseball (4) Spring Track (4) F- Ball Cocaptain w DS National Honor Society JR. SR? What the Fudge! Kat Patrol in Spring. Black n’ Brownie, Summer hoop w MF, VM, KW, Shriners Classic-86, CBS Drivers and Fanueil Hall, EM Thanks for the hug, No Passing zone w 17, JMVMM ... “A tough will counts as does desire and a rich-soft wanting for without these things nothing worthwhile arrives " . Faith Ann Goff RB MH NS EM JD HB AB SF GT SS Juanita-Good Luck-Ruby Newman Loves U-Minerva Micky-Thanx For Being Such A Terrific Friend Thanks Mom Dad Love To Big Mouth (Sis) Junior Honor Soci- ety Honor Guard ' 85 Rainbow PWA Gr Rep to Louisiana SMM-91 7 Inate Speaker Phone! Follow the Rainbow til you find your pot of Gold Facecloth Does It Have A Real Head On ft? CB TR AR7 PROM’ ’85 Thanx Blasphemous Rumours Bye-Bye Falmouth High. Michael P. Gonsalves Football 4 yrs baseball track rec B-Ball Champions 86-Munch- Carl “ The Pearl” Good luck Fal-Football-the boys-CP AM BC AP SB TM SP CB RL- Spring Bread 86 with CP BC AM AP-Paul I Dont Have My Li- cense-Bags Is-CRAZY-Tow The Penguin- Mayos Truck-The Pit-Toes Dart-Sledding- Molsert-Heyy Tires Are On Fire-Gaspa- Steelers 1 Lakers Rule-AM- Gayrodl C Glandscape-Summer 85-Smap- Roots- WWF- Slime- Joe Rock Head-Good Luck To The Bros-Bye-FHS. Jason Goux HOT DOG C.C. Track Four Years of Blood Sweat and Tears To Coaches Phin- ney, Morgardo, and the Turk Thanks Can you say Ski Trip? Stowe, Placik, Canada V- GER RIP Get a Saab Kodiack, Tails, The Gravity’s gettin to me. Mag-7 Pure Fun W AC KJ GE JF JY JJ CS MG ETC Dead 640? Reality Wayjr Where does it end. And there I go on the road again Here I am, up on the stage. Here I go playin star again There I go . . . TURN THE PAGE. Pat Grant Gary Gray Warning-engowal! Hey Bay Way Hay Hooligans Turtle ralFus Tagman This buds for you!! b-team Killington 86 TGIF Heights-frisbee + hoop 85-86 concerts CSN DS GA GD oak tree your in my way CLJ Attorney at Law JV Hockey D. Bowie J. Walsh J. Hendrix J. Page ECL apton U Young P. Town- shend M. Jagger Quadropenia. Nancy Gunther SG, TP, LH, SC, DA. A JR, Trish + George, 8- 24-85 Jessica, 3-1-86, Andre and the gang, CCM, BSC, PB”S, TINA + MIKE, The roof! Grimace loves you! “Girl raised by sheep” The Siamese Breakdancing sheep! U+ S, New Year’s Eve With Tina, Mike Mark Rotaries, Main St. “Wooly” Ann Judy-83- Rhode Island, “ET”, The Doublemint girls DQ Shopping. Amethyst Shell. Black + White, Pink + Mint Green, fun with A + JR, SG. TP, SC, LH. FPL (its money). 33 Hannah Hatfield Here we go round the prickly pear Prickly pear prickly pear Here we go round the prickly pear At five o’clock in the morning. Out of the blue and into the black. Kim Hadway Michele Lousie Hardin With one “L " Honor Society Marching Seasons Exchange concerts Thanx Mr. M Mr. S Thanx PM MC KF+ SH FG ET SL JD JC RB TC JC CM JH Also Thanx to KG MK RF JC SE Mr. Bill Skippy Peanut Butter What . . . Light Bulb Mic + Mish = Mishc Thanx Mom Dad Couldn ' t have done it without you. 11 10 84 Jon Forever I Luv UH Becky Harvey Finally out! Thanks Mr. Niison and Mr. Larrey l would have never made it through Lots of great friends Ex. Paul D BF. KJ. RM. AM. AD. RB. IM. EB. SF. CL. Skiing 86 Sheraton 86 Champagne! Thanks Jim W. W. Ray You ’ll always be my little Brother and love you! Lots of thanks to Lorrie and Gene Love Ya! Thanks Mom and Dad You are both great! Love you’s a whole bunch I Love my Ram 4- ever 83084. Mark Hayward It ' s Over? Wake Up? VFW Pafford ' s-Af- ter Math-NROTC! Hike To Anywhere Scouts-No Problem-Who Is In Charge Here? Ping-Pong Cross-Country Capture The Flag-Image Illusion And Senior Picture-lt ' s, ah .. . Interesting! The Library Seven Dis- solve-Karate Kid Jedi, Lady Hawke-There Must Be An Easier Way(?) Freshman Gym Aide-New, Improved Prom-Physics And Phi losophy-AT DP SS GT KL? R(W)P LL P. If We Meet Again Then We Thatcher V. Hayward Chris Heino Elizabeth S. Hocker Sup? Infinity 6 dip Achoo Prom BM countdown Surf Punks Amaryllis Carrie Brick Poppy Julie ROMA UMass Phi Sig Fudd Bugs Cookie Crumbles Banquo Felix Macbeth EMT will he turn a page in your coming of age? Riz Rez fiery Blash Demi JR ' s Surfman BART Saving All My Love My Density Summer Luisa Mexico Windsurfing, Schoopin Glee Clubbin John Jou Jou Milk Run Sue Amherst Had Satan HOCL Repo Man Dizzy Miss Lizzy .... Most Of AH Thank You Mom And Dad. Spear T. Holway II My Baby Kimberly I Love Ya 72 Mustang 302 w 2v 70 Maverick “Power by Ford ” Barnstable County Singing in the Sunshine Laughin in the rain Hittin on the Moonshine Rockin in the Grain — Grace-Monte- go Wagon 76 Toymotering Carona @;!?:. Watts Construction Ya Bag!!! Pete Kevin Chuck and The Cahoons T K R C Spookers after hours Woodys place Road Reaper 13666. Jeff Hood Leesa Hornick CP BH NO TL England Im having a party next month in August paranoia Everybody wants to rule the World Hair 3 5 85 3 31 85 the tape What would I do without you JM JP JM AN CL LC Twisted Sister JG good bye Nance the gang Rivers Adam Ant Mallrats Shopping concerts spencers Lees Frankie say Get a life Sex Pistols General Public What am 1 going wear its cute the Cult money Thanks for the fun. Jeffery Steven Howard Varsity Lax ‘23’ Raz! Summer ‘85’ SC Avenger Hunt . . What a Blast! I Luv You Heather!!! Good Luck Red Light See you at Babson JJ Good Luck Bandwagon BF, Dick- ie. Kuz, Bags Now its time to say Goodbye to the trogs Bye DD CF VK DC ML Have fun in Hischool CH CO MP — Well Well, Jeff and Ronk you guys are the best friends in the world Thanx! ByeBye BooBoo Spain was the (SLLSB) That ' s all folks!! c 1986 CEO Records. ' w: «r William Hubbard NYET COSSACK? NYET. DA! Maybe sometime a Thunderbunny Parade Train Station FLA YI-YA Summer 85 LEM Howie and James and B Bird and EBG WW in Maine It’s good all around! Nordic Stang stratofortress 9 Cars It just went Boof!! The Wei I fleet Wiz-RITPKF Cast Parties??? DES??? he Spot. Homework? Put down the guns!! Aug 3rd? The MINNI BAAK- STABBA! 13F Bye See u on the Autobahn- RM ND KV MM JR HU UH TH NB MP PZ and PJ? Lori Huebener Summer of 85-Black Beach Duffie BEN! Caribbe- an-BONAIRE w Aim! COLGATE! Maybe with some practice, old man!? KK? Always-Thanks AB, more than you know. MH JS w Sue-from Bregga-Legga, to 15 to Ralphie-So many great times! U2 Phil Collins TB JS KA SC PV SE-J D Dreams then conscience Kerry . . . “I ' D RATHER LAUGH WITH THE SINNERS THAN CRY WITH THE SAINTS, THE SINNERS HAVE MUCH MORE FUN! HS! Always Freddie LOVE YOU MOM! John Hunter HERE WE ALL ARE at the end of High School. What a pain it has all been. “Too fast for life too young to die” Later JIMI Had a good time though. Spedoodle The Street Reader Never did like my VW Rabit I cant believe it, I survived this , I still want to go to college. Hope everyone has a good time after we get the ... . out of here. See you all if I make it till then?? Eric Jackson I love you Mom. Dad El’ -Ape Crazy!!! Golfing with JM, TB, JM, SJ, SJ “Get Em Dune” January 4 at the Coctor’s CFTFA Prom w ED PL and the NY at DW. The FH w ED Good Luck: GG PL MF SP ' D.S JM TB TT JL TM DP BR RP . . . Andy’s- Bottles, mudslide Tom!! Thank You: Mr. OBrien. Mr. Bird, Ms. Houle, Ernie Charlie . . . Model “E” Series “D” Cuddlessmfry “Teddy Ya Goop " “NCS- JM " Golf, Work Ell ‘Summer Of ' 86 “College Bound Now” I love you Ellen! t ' 35 Tracy Jaillet JP-143! 10 14 84 Key Club tennis ? Paris-84 “Trois Biere” Lake Placid-85 California-86 Oh yea! Eastham w EC Heights-85 w AB TB and CD MBL dances NYE at Wardells 83-85 Swimming in Feb. w CD rolling in the Fiat McCarthys HOT TUB AP - PLEVILLE Good Luck next year to my special friends-HA, EC, TB, AB, ES, MM, and esp you Cal- l ' ll never forget you and all the great times we had! I ' m going to miss you! Keep in touch. Marlene James (Ma) Marlene ' s Fondest Memories Are March 30 85 Brad III Always Love You Forever! The Gang: Tara, Katie, Mike, Shawna, Judy, Shannon, McDonalds Bound 7 and 8th Blocks. Boston 85, Rhode Island 85, P-Toun. Thanks For All The Good Times The Gang Had In Explorations! Parting Behind Falmouth Foreign Car. Good Luck To My Two Sweet Hearts Johnny, David Good Luck In Whatever You Do. Mom I Love You!! Farewell Class of 86. Julie A. Johnson “Jules” Follow The Yellow Brick Road Tennis NHS THE WIZ Great times Special Friends- 1 43!’ KM TK JL LV AKSKJBLMEP JS AP DP BR Mikey’ Thanx Wal Beav JAG! SQUEEZE w oot Summer of 85 K Waves Heights Otis! tanqueray sisters moonlit cruise The Bug Quebec 86 Sailing w Ned Queen Inga Momo YA WN JB! Prom 85 similar taster See ya at Babson JH Scoot And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make. Keith R. Johnson It’s better to Laugh with the Sinners than Cry with the Saints The Sinners are much more fun and only the Good Die Young: The Boys, Soccer 84 4 - 85 Rome, Bow Boin St Croix David, Mr Customs Man, Walter, Ja- son, Lupus, Gray, P.J. Flury, Doyle, Rich- ard, Fitchy, Yard Bird, Dead unmatching socks, Mary elwood, The worm, Happy Chappy with Braino, summers with Stu and Andrew, thanks for putting up with me Mom + Dad. Cissy Jollymore Little one! Good Friends CH, BS, KE, TC. DM, KR, AN. BS don ' t forget WOW! Thanks to CH you made the first few years great. Special thanks to Mrs McDermott, Mr Gilbert, Mr Larry, and a very special thanks to Mrs Spivey for listening, when needed someone. Thanks to Mom and Dad, I told you I would do it. Clayton P. Jones Well, the 23rd hour, and here I am writing, again. SLEEP? Ah, when to the heart of man Was it ever less than a treason To go with the drift of things, To yield with a grace to reason. And bow and accept the end Of a love or a season ? — Robert Frost SCANDINAVIAN • AMPHIBIUS • BOAT • Sci- ence Fairs • Yearbook • Explorers • Ortins Crew • Leslie Josephs Love ya forever Louie! January 11, 1982 “If you love something Set it free. It if comes back to you it’s yours to keep. If not if never was. " I ' ll never forget ya . . . JS AA SK TP JB TK KL TG. Be good Allyson! And next time keep the rim! Hang in there Dave and Christopher . . . Only two more years to go! Thanks for every thing Mom and Dad! Kelly Jones Pochoantes! FLA-NH After hours-Bro’s Cellar Dwellers Hey Lopsey look a purple star! Cheering Ski 84 + 86 Smile for the Camera-Trish Shin-ti Sum- mer 85 Me and Todd Flip a jeep WAK PAK DWI Party! CM AM BA JS TJ LP CKM Tick in ear Prom 85 SADD Road Trips-UNH Plymouth Vermont Bentleys Halloweenwedding What a kicken car 90019D Thanx Mom Later. 36 Amy Keenan Craig I Luv U Good Times With Best Friends I ' ll never forget you Guys JS JN JM RP KV TR CM JD’s Beach We are living in a psy- chic battlefield. Intrarerting?, Who me? JN, there’s a dime in your toilet OB ' s class Thanx JM I wouldn ' t have done it with out you 14? Smr ’85 sha blur! Dr Ruth JH ' s car ECHO " Footprints " Always Dream, be- cause if you don ’t, how can your dreams come true? " Forever Young”-ALPHA- VILLE-. Sandra J. Kearney Honor Society Special Friends Field Hockey Charlie ’s Angels w Jill + Amy BIG TIME Kathy Wathy Techies Plays Scheming w Craig Eleva- tor Katie ' s haircuts STOP JILL IT’S A RED LIGHTI David B. I’m not a good girl DP ' s weird society Eric your such a man Oh Russell " Hi” I didn’t see you Maryland DC John: I still dream Thanks Mom both KM ' s RF CS MM GG BM LJ EP GP JP AK JB Go after your dreams and Good Luck!!! Patricia Ellen Keen Dish I Know Its Hard To Say Good Bye Now Its Time 4 Me To Fly! GB UR YR AW AY RO CK MB ILY 4 EVA! White Face Stones Dead Who 82! Metro Pats 33 TC YA SNOOZE YA LOSE The Girls CK MM A A KL TS JC ML LA DN DB LJ KJ esp Julie IL Y all! RE IN EN IT ES SQ Ul CH FI SH Super Bwl Bros 4 Scoop! No One Knows What Its Like 2 Be the Bad Man Behind Blue Eyes! Thanx DADILY-S JIL Y-LILL Y-Mom ILURA Hell Of A Woman! I Will Strive Achieve Rule Good Xs Bad Timothy “Kimo” Keough Here s 2 my 2 yrs @ FHS Thanx Joe, Jan- ine, and Jen, Julie, Kathy and Ms. Keough Vettes Jugs Th e Wiz Tennis Queen Mutha Mr. Happy Time Warp Bowling The Heights Momo’s Spontaneous Luza Lights out in Hatch-ville XMas trees on main Reps Wtr. Skiing All my second mothers Flirting Fred Kruger The Girls at A-B Stairwell and a special thanx for those who helped me find myself KIMO ’86. Chara Kessler FHS-Soccer, Lacross Hackin ' Gilbit Keys 1! Wind- surf-Club 4 Get Red Sum ' 85 Glee-Clubin 89 DC MM BM CK Your ’Scoopn But thats different! Han- gin Happy-Campers Red Skeleton-74-Evil YK TR What Not-Home Fry Sup? Confusion Reigns Whats Anbell Growin? Apple Elf Witch: Wheres Donuts?? Abuse! Abuse! Road Trips 1 UM BO SD YP RR RADICOOL! Sea Crest MK AG DS JS DB BM TK DL TW IN CS JJ BB JT DH-Yeah! BEHIM AD- TOWN. Wl MTC-OC AyAb RE FF IS WA Y CO OL! Nye BScoot Be Goof! BNU CYA. Kerry Ann Kibby Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime We ’ll take the best forget the rest and someday we ’ll find these are the best of times. Styx Kibs. I LOVE YOU TOMMY the memories will never end. Cuttin Loose. Dawn Patrol. New Years 85. Neow MM. Beki. Chey. Liz. Martha ' s Vinyard ' 86. Sul. pink carnation and a pick up truck. Shower. Happy Moo- die. St. BF. KP. DS. KA. AB. remember only the good die young NH Bound. 1 -4-3 MOM. Amy Elizabeth Kiss Memories are doors without a lock Brian never forget . . . LOVE YA ALWAYS OK? The Great Escape w Jill remember ; The POWER of LOVE to get to room 639 Pep Squad buddies JAM raiding Gus’ locker room Charlies ' Angels w Jill Sandy BIG TIME Craig; rat patrol Brian Plans SAM the BUS Lunch Club Karen GL or is it GG? Jules " like” Thanx Mr. O ' Brien Bye Greg Mr. G. Jon the Prom Peetles ’ Partys Thanx Mom+ Dad Luv Ya Nan! 37 Craig J. “Kuz” Kozens " Pride. Heart, and Humility” Baseball (12)-9-12: Captain Football (58)-9-12 JV. BF. MF. RL. RP. AM. EB. DP. JV. KM. MM. TL. KP Especially FB PM EM PE Office MMA w Billy DOC Thanks to Coaches: MR. GG. JM. SA SA D. Gulf w Bucka Mayo PBBC 85. 12 22 85 Xmas 85 Prom 86. Kuz Blinky 4 eval! I’ll miss ya CRAN- NY! Thanks Joe-GOOD LUCK SENIORS! I Love You Mom Dad! " , Always keep your head up " UConn Bound! Manfred K. Labes Jr. USMC. Semper Fielis. mail boxes. Rafting, wing conference 85. Camping. Guns. Brew. Otis. WASP. Iron Maiden. RATT. Scopions. BOH1CA. RAMBO. AMTRACKS. CH. KA. RM. ND. BH. TM. MR. Tanz Ma. . . For those who have fought, Freedom has a flavor the protected shall never know” CPT. R EG. Sinke USMC U.S.A. 1 Porshe. Hunting- Elephant Grass. MEPS. Fiddle Diddle. Green onion. I know its a tree. Good Luck. Sharon Lacerda Well it’s time to say Goodbye to Sarah DR KS LC PC HH PC KS SP TP LP AM JS TS! Band Try to have a good time! Track 4 yr Good Luck next year Hope you go all the way! JC Thanks for every- thing!! Typing 3 with MB KS TR HB Best of luck next year at school JB AC MC MB TC DM DS MM CS BM DT MH KR ED RD ET Have a great sum- mer! Summer of 85 working for the Rec with GG TP SP TM JW BS! Have fun the next 3 yrs. Scott Dean Lambert WHATS UP? HUH? Boston. Aerosmith Concerts, " Long time” Summer of 85 Chi- nese Food, Macaroni + Cheese, steak. Chevy, 4x4, 4004 BBL, Partying Bud- weiser, Coors, Sking, Baseball, Disc, Heights 85 PC. JR. AP. RD. JC Mirrors. HJY. Kiss. Biue, Gold. Leather, Dark, Crusin, White raised letters, SF 49ers, Best of times w MELINDA, MD I will always remember you, thanks Mom-Joel- for everything Espe- cially For Senior Year. Hyannis, MD 0 3 85. Gail A. Lajoie " My precious child I love you and I would never leave you. When you see only one set of footprints it was then I carried you. " ECHO 119-124 Y Board The KB Rein- deer -Tree LOOK OUT! Volleyball Softball The Dynamic Duo 1 BBall The WOF Stage Band SE+ CC MF ST CC CFC Drivin to NY B Mello Red Vette PD How bout those Celts C of P PP Tree Gumby Makin ’ SCARY! Friends are forever: TC KT this up AGJCSL DW JF MR PT BM JP BJ MM SS 1-4-3 M+ D. Margaret C. Lebel " Meggy” Summer 85 w Dave. Prom 85. Good Xs at Docs. Pool. Vermont w SG+ CM. Skiing w. LA+ DM. B-friends K+ Mim, I Luv U. " Hey K a’lil d ' ing xd’ing” Boston r-trip 85 LA KR MO BF MN DS. JohnxEric III mill u-3 3 LA. OH Yea. A Lil Being in Woodshole-Cutlass. Bellies. Metro+ Pats. Thanx Johnny. What? DISH! D’Angelos w Dan Rides w LIS. CRASH w K’?! ' g Dave ME Back. Can’t Wait 4 Sept Steve+ Jane. UMass Snow- storms-and she was Joe Lemay Hey Boy London Will Never Be The Same SOCO Tipsy Wipsy Bananas To AR PC SM JW you guys are the best I hope we never loose touch Biology 84 2 AR SM Mike G. My Les Paul and my Peavy will always rock The house can t forget AP CL and all of the Bathroom Crew. I doubt that I’ll miss this place. Never surrender We cannot be denied never surender spread your wings and fly. Hey Shotie I Love You Tina!!!! Greg Lennox 86 Lacrosse’ Football’ Fat Boys’ B Team’ CJ’ Townhouses itchen ’ Dinner roll’ Stang MIMI LOVE ’ SLIM’ Roof Climbing’ 86 Christmas Vaca- tion MY CAB ’ THRAX’ ORANGE OUT THE WINDOW’ JC’ Rock’ Stevo’ Ben’ Tag Man’ Tony D’ June 1st’ I love you Marileen. Good Luck! Paul Lentini Joe A. Lima Matthew D. Lima Falmouth Hockey 1 “The Boy’s at WHCC” = Porte, Brownie, Potman, Dong, Briano, Tano, Ga- Boo, Bags, Mayo: BF’S Harem: Someday LM: On the Road to West Point: Falmouth Road Race with Frankie, Duddy + Scrumpy “85 " Cop ay Jaoeto”s with SS: GarBoo Do you have a License? PTR- Colby, EM, SP, LM, SC, SS, MS, TL, BC: PTF- NYMPHO: Clippers Undefeated SMC Champs: Ma- roon Doom: Tennis Balls “Want Piece? " “Get Out " GOODBYE FHS. Memories are made of these: Vermin; Black ice; into neutrai " ?@ Bowling; Bing; The Wiz Games; Vettes-my horn Reps; SPONTANEOUS I CCD Teacher; Main St X-mas Trees; Mr Happy his luggage; MOMOS; Eddy The Cleavers; Theater Jugs; Queen Mother; My Petunia; Thats What Friends R 4; HH MM CN CC AK; Freshman Alert; GOD LOVES YOU; Fun w My Best Friend Tim: Kathy, Neanne, Jen, Jules; Thanx FHS for great times, great, friends great memories. Time to Ramble On. Sweet Home Alabama. Sea- gulls Hitchiker 12 ga Lockpick L. I. Tunka R- oad kill Dry Toyota Celica Duster GLC “Dave " Hey Bucko J.R. ’s Conjunction Porshe Zippo Dunlop M. L. + 3 = S.T. Burnt Mm Mm Mm Bob Stan That ' s the ticket Hello Libya S- tymie Fumunda Cheese Opey Bombardier La- ter August 19 Zeppelin Khadaffy Duck M. P- . “ MOAMMAR ”, What a name Klingons Porcelain Standoffs Shatter. Charles A. Lindberg Chuck “37 " Football (4) Basketball (3) Base- ball (1). 6-29-85 “Sweetcheeks Forever” Fat. Lifeguard fun in the sun! Prom 86 Good Luck KW GG MF JR RP Gerald + Scott “Expecially Kristen Love You! " Thanks Dad Mom Ken + B ' s Love You! Rest areas! Stairs! Summer 85! 5 yrs! “ Muffin ” Sweet Stuff Sun. From NH, Old Silver made it “If you have a dream don’t let anything dim it keep hoping keep trying the sky is the limit! " Tracy M. Lindner Winter Spring Track: Cap. ' 3 Bears In Con- ference JV, MR Me PWANG MM HM MF KP KW PV BF EM CK S 4 DM CS JS‘ Keep in Touch Johnna V. ‘We’ve been through it ALL " ME 1 " Brian M Friends Forever ' Hand Check ' 621 TR Thanx! Elsies ‘85 " Froggie Alert " Chinese Fire drilles ' 22- 86 Lost of Love, Gregg P I’ll never forget you in ten years, I WAS GOOD! Ha Don’t Rock the Boat! JV-watch out for flying ob- jects! ' Chooch ' MOM DAD, WE DID IT! ' Wes Lohr I LOVE CARE! Joanne Long My Special Friends. TT CT SM ES DM HM DS TZ DC AA TC MM KD KP MO ML AC ED EF KP DC MW BS TE MO SF Bryan Adams 9 17 86 Pat Benator 3 5 86 What Sic Before Soccor game sorry for hitting you Deb the Mill Hill VOJCT WWAITWW 6:05 112285 5:30 NYE 4303786 Mo fun next year what happened to my house the Camaro gang Mimi it will taste like Oranges! Good Luck At The FNH Kids! 1m Crazy for you Miss You Sandy Tracey Colleen Party! Michelle Lopes “1 HOPE I’VE MADE YOU PROUD PETEY " Le- roy-1 cant put into words what you mean to me YOU’RE THE BEST! ILU May 1 985 Shelly B UMM Hey Big Guy Kelly -I Have a Purple Star, “Can I see some ID please” I’ll see you in court KL A A JS BF A Kelly Kenwyn Shalala TK never forget to remember 2-2-82 As many good friends sometimes part I leave you with great memories and an impor- tant place in my heart AD KR LA TS JC DN ET KJ. Joanna Elizabeth Lowell The mind is Not a vacuum cleaner! Basketball champs 85, 86 Sci-Fair PEI AFS-France: Orange, Orange everyshere! bottines noires the Alps Cap- tain Fred, “You doorknob!” peach melba ' The pit purple cows Big Bird, “you ’re still growing” 1.85m 25 Champagne and balloons in November. Rick Lyonnais (Mayo) Mayo " Drac, 11, The Boys, GaBoo Bags Simpi Toe Sporty Potman Braino Super Bartol Brownie Cheezy Dong Chico’ DJ FHS Hockey Baseball Soc- certaki teamates Red Truck L + G pipes (2BD) Je- pettos House The Wiz 9-24-85 w HS Rocky Point Sledding Nissan Coors WWF@BG The Pit “Crazy” Eggin Horse Radish ECHO 12 3 25c Tires on Fire State Tourneys HvsF Anchor Lane DP BF MF CK JV GP EM PL JV TG JT AD Mary Good luck Seniors of 86’ Lynxy. Carl MacDonald Angela Machado Thanks Mom Dad! Joe ' s Laun Service 16 BDISI w CM BFF BJ AD AK CM KJ. ALI- SON Road trips, Boston Prov, Prom 85 GC. New Years 85 WIAK BJ Summer 85 DA PR ID ’S at work, TS! + more . . CM Back Road Driving BJ 4th July AMY At. Thomas, Sonny! Angie, Detox + excuses. Hockey Games, Cops! CM French Trip 10th, Quebec 9th ED SEEK HELP! EJ BEST OF LUCK! We finally made it! Later FHS . . . Kristen L. Manchester Pep Squad 4 years-MM MM DM HM AK Pwang! JAM! Lacrosse Cheering. Ski Que- bec ’86-FB, Key Club. Clam Shack-MM DS MM DM JS JIM. Dana S. -Englishmen. Cruise ’85. LUCKY STAR friends-MM. DS. MC. HS. MM. Pats Party at the METRO. FREEZE at the REC ' 86. U2. MM-July 4- dont blow it! MM-We ' re driving! GO FOR IT! . . HEIGHTS . . BM’s ' vette. ROAD RACE ' 85 at the HEIGHTS. TRASH ATTACK. MICHELLE-BEST FRIENDS FOREVER . . . . . . THANKS MOM .... 1986. 40 Francesca Manheim Will never forget days with MB. DF. KM. DC, MM, CM, TR, All the fun with GBYSO, concerts, con- certs. Austria. Hungary, Yugoslavia England! All State Festivals “Maria, you wouldnt believe the dream I had!” Go ahead, ignore me Mr. J GRC bound. Cpecial times with David, AK. KL. AD, JP Pinko, my cutie. All my love to Mom Dad. Follow your dream ; take one step at a time and don ’t settle for less. Just continue to climb. Michelle Ann Marken “SMILE AT THE WORLD AND IT WILL SMILE BACK AT YOU " MA. KEN Cornball Tennis soccer Pepsquad VP Key Club Roma Lake Placid Quebec Three Spoons Pwang Sisters Froggy Buddies “ IG ” Slumber Appleville easy killer slurp Oliver Cushing SBOOB Clam Shack Gang KK-Jmv- 10 We will always be friends and through the years we will change it doesn ’t matter throughout our lifetime we will always be friends . . . Michael Marotta Maryland Xchge-Bunny-Chaka- Wanna Go To Wes Band w B, Nooch, Kirky, D, Gail Babes, PDT, and Bistro. IS Cyndy Home?. Sen Trip To Bostom-Baab Can Try ' em On?. No Roy, I Know Anything. Me Denny 4th. Joey = Momo - Timothy = Momo, too. Paisley. Guinnys Smell Awesome. Chrissy, LM, Deb, Sexy E, Ithacas M M, KM, AK, PB, Mary My Love, Cutie. Miss F Ma. Well Ma Dad, I MADE IT. Next year, I’m gonna get all A ' s! Bye FHS, I ' ll miss ya. Lisa (the Glue) Marshall Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I will always remember Paul, and all the good times and great memories with him from the 4th of July 1985 and on into the future! Luv Ya Gonna Miss You Guys From “ Sources ” CC, EM. CG, TM, GP, PL, LM, RM, CM! Jon Mason Summer of 85! RT CT SG BB TB Lax 2-Thanks for the memories Prom 85 Pseudo echo sledding Mr. Mustang Late nights Crestkeys JD ' s Party’s (IT WAS A BEAUTIFULL DREAM!) HP KB EL EW BJ IT WAS A LOUSY RAINBOW ANYWA Y. Good Luck Space Nut! 8, 10, 11, 14 . . .! haunted House- WH Elevator JN JD RP TR AK Its been real AK Thanks for everything Muffy keep in touch. Please? Mom Dad, enjoy your freedom Thanks for your patients. Elaine Mathis Good Luck Doug Miss Ya CHA Shane Thanx Mom, Dad, RR, SKB, GG VC When You Reach The End Of Your Rope, Tie A Knot And Hang On. Oh No Stoughton Boys? Oh Yeah 2 EZ! SR, M S Ob- jects Of My Desire, GG Best Wishes To CC, LC, LR, JC, CM. SF. GB, ML, TB, LM, TH, SS, SR. Im Itchin For A Scratch! EM! Everyone Whos Anyone. Sibi. 4 SO! Good Luck Next Year. SI , CD, MC, MR. How Long Is It Gonna Take Johnny! GG? 1 The Big Throw Down! That Wasn’t Big You Aint Karin McAlvin “Always remember to forget the things that made you sad but never forget to remember the things that made you glad” Best of times w KB GC DF PD CM MM MB DC M S MS BH DM SM RM JD SE CC Wood neck Proms Florida Bound! the Heights! “YG Ski Trips! Candles January 6, 1984 the “Yota” “ Bent- ley here I come " KY-I’ll never forget the special times we have shared. Thanx for everything Mom! I love you ! Bye Sue! I’ll miss you! Michelle A. Maurice PEP SQUAD 4 yrs Good Times-KM MM HM DM AK You Dropped the Bomb Jam! PWANG! RATT Patrol S-Rockems! KEY CLUB-Quebec 86 w KM MC HS FB Sny- drome, Whipped Cream PA TS at Metro-U2- The Freeze w KM MC AB MF Lacrosse Cheer-Clamcakes KM MM DS JS DM C- Shack Sruise New Friends: MC BC JR Friend 4-ever KRIS-HEIGHTS Summers July 4- We’ll get it right someday KM- " , Spiked Hair " Summer of ’86-TWINS are DRIVING!!! LUV U MOM. DAD + DAN. Scott F. McCarthy AC PC ARJL TL CL JW PU JW England 85 Tipsy Wipsy Rum Coke Lawrence Motta Shoreway Acres The Dart The Pits Summer 85-The B-hunts Island Queen Chappy Biology w AR JL Mike the retainer Parties at JL-cheech Chong (6 times) Papa Gino shoes-Hey Boy my England pipe ski trips 84 85 86 Breaks at S S New Year ' s Eve 85 Leav- ing school w AC Free bocks going out to the field I’ll never forget you guy’s. Don McCarthy GRADUA TION! Precious times with Helena, Riffs, Jams, 68 Pontiac firebird, Florida with Helena, June 23rd, July 4th Midnight Cruise “Against all Odds " Brewski brothers “ME, M.D., G.D.” Car Show “86 " beach disk with Helena. Love " Helena A ’’ Looking ahead for future with Helena and many more sun sets. Elaine A ' McClellan I love you Mom + Jim, Thank you Grandma + Grandpa Nick + Mac+ Burry. Vineyard w KF ' 85 x-mas at MS ' 85, New Years at KP ’86 SUGAR LOAF USA w KF + DM + MOM. Rainbow " Oh no not that " Taxi Service action w KF + DM ‘ ‘Double Trouble ' ’ Remember always BR PA JF MS DD KF KP JA DR DM CM ED DP ML ST TE SD SA BK GF GC TT BE TPB, Thanks for being a friend Bill, I will never forget you, I will miss you Deb. 41 Daren J. McDonald Jr. Kathleen P. McEvoy Vincent J. McGuinness Jr. Thats the nature of the game Lauren its been real its been nice but it hasnt been real nice Ski 86 Mount Snow ML DS LA DM Ski Stowe Summer 86? Amer- ican Pie Teenage Life Hey Boy Irish 1 Casey Rich J Fish MN Ferdick Roy Rus Ciny Rock Big K TAM GLJC Riene This Buds for You Buy low sell high Jeep Fat Boys Thanks for the the good times clover Let the good times Roll Lauren forever? 143 ways Thanks MeD. Moderator Natl Honor Soc Field Hcky-Stick Dance-CC Soiree Key Club-Ski-Stowe LK PL AST MT ESTRO hmmhome Roma-Maestro Lindo- Carousel Annie t-Wiz Music Man Boathouse SMJW Peach tree Katrina-Waves Sandy RicKy PT Echo 117, 121-SLHS-YB 1-4-3-JJ TK JL LV SK PE WF CC DP BM TC AK JB MM DC CC JG- Bowling-Ballons-JB Nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass . . Find strength in what remains . . . G-Luck MIK. Vakendros-Demetreus. Football-Z. 87. Hoop-4. 34. 1st Team: Weeba, Mats. Bri, Bucka Prendy Re- serves: JV, GG, DM, EM. MM. CK. PV, HM, KP, PL, CL. It ' s only money Vinnyl. Yellow!. WZOU. Bickford’s. Moola. ' Nardos ' . Road Uptown. ‘The Boss’ Day by Day. Wrestlemania 2. B Adams w The Boys. ‘Milk it Does’. JK-Jan 16 85. 7 won- der ' . Thinking of you, Jen. Mitchell. Til have a Teem’. MB ' -Lost Day. Thanx Mom, Dad, the Girls. t Brian McGrath “Class of 86” Thanks: Simpi, Browny, Toeboy, Bags, Hi Sexy, Troy, RD, Charlie, Joe, Stimey. Ap- ple: Nice, Smooth, Lace, Hand Chek In the auditorium on the 24 with: Matt, Tim, Chris “There is no place to sit” Cut the crap Andy: Hubboman Cave bat women we do love you! Lets go to the gym: I told you I would make it mom and dad, thanks for all the help Love Ya Have a nice time!! fudge this buds for you!!! Andrew B. McManus BAgs-The Boys: Gaboo, Mayo, Braino, Pot- man, Chico, Cheezy, Toe, Brownie, Simpi, Tano, Dong. Porte, DJ, and Superbartol. 4 Years Golf, 3 Years Hockey. Spring Break “86”, FT. Lauderdale. Nissan, the pit, quar- ters, WWF ' a. BG, Mayos Truck, Toes Car. Rocky Point, HVSF, Sleding, The Rec, The Heights, Pulled Over, FOMWAMR, AL- DALBERT RULES! Im Crazy!, TM Loves HR, Dracula-R-I-C-K, and Daveys House. Good Luck Seniors-Free at last! Coleen A. McMenamy Mum Dad Thank You Lov Amy Patrick 143 Pep Squad-CC + Our Great Escapes DM HM AK Busi- ness Club Pres Quebec England! AM AC CD CC SM JL Pickle Tinks WB YC SDT AM AB PP ZK ST- Crash BT-Darts Proms Washburns A + J-Sleepover Friends: AM TD KT CC DD KM MM TR SS AD Pink Hair? AM: French Folk Songs-Decks-Bdays- Newport Queen Tony-Kitten-Xmas trees-Thats right! Doris-MBL- MPD-PAJ-B90 TC-What a Dive. Take Care+ LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL. Debbie A. Medeiros Pep-Squad 2 3 4!-Pwang-MM KM MM HM KD AK CM. Nothing is wasted that makes a memory. TZ DS JL TC TT ES GC HM know the secret-KP! Lacrosse Cheerleader 44 not that - yellow-tat- tered JL-W.A. W. T. W. W? I’ll believe it when I see it TZ! The Dinning Room MO Surf ' s up Birtha Fre- dies Floatin ' Thats not Funny Powder Puff What was the score?! WHAT APPEARS TO BE THE END IS REALL Y JUST THE BEGINNING” Thanks Heidi + Mom-1 Love You! Heidi M. Medeiros Pep-Squad 4 Sec- Tres KP secret at MF ' s plain + peanut tattered pwang sisters MM KD DM KM MM AK Thats not Funny! 4 15 85 Matthew You Make Me Happy Summertime Scooper-Domenics w KP DM KD The Dinning Room 1st Year Lacrosse Cheerleader Not that! 13 the blue bomb! don ' t know Friends don ' t last so cherish them while they ' re yours fudge DS KP KW TZ JL TC KO VM on our own Scary! Choc. Chip Cookies I love you Deb Mom Thanks. Barbara Anne Mello “TAWK?! " HANE MOOPUS Ganglie SPAIN 85 How much for dis cat?! 3J SK prom w TBC TOM Baaabie! Ronnie D. Pookey Field Hcky PP 83 French Club-merci Madame ECHO 121 Rub my kidneys! package 10 NOOCH PIZZA MAND. E. W BM and the honey swimmer ' s ear Joe Stud Band Maryland 85 Richie, don ' t be doin dat! Rob Lucia Kim Barbara, You up? CxS and The First B. I am B ing Mello! I LOVE YOU TBC. PORT 77-85 Beto 143 M and D. Timothy (Toe boy) Meserve Toeboy The Dart Van The Pit FIRES egging THE BOYS Potman Dong Dracula Cheezy Simpi Brown- ie Tanto Braino Gaboo Porty Chico No Loady Bags Golf Ball Mayo s Truck wwf 25c Tent Poles Tire KEGS They fell out Flume Gramas House Heights Rocky Point Fou-Fou Want a ride BUD LAPS Da- vy’s House One-Way Taken home by Police EX- CHANGES BAND Laura Menhaunt COORS Skids I WISH THE CLASS OF 86 THE BEST OF LUCK ESPECIALLY THE BOYS. Robert C. Millard III Roma 85 Wiz Porsche Therapy Pufferbellies CCSO YPSC MBS Stratafortress 40 foot Oak ta- bles glass towers Stoges brew take off eh? BOHICA Martha s Vineyard Ban Halen Vivaldi U2 Ramones Scorpinoes-You Want some more rock rolll!? Camping Bud Guns LA ND TH BH ML MM KM MP JR KU JZ PZ the Latin brainstormers “Tough times never last, but tough people do! " -A. Hammer Best of luck to the Class of 86. Katherine E. Miller BEST FRIENDS Elaine, Kelly. Michelle, Mary -Love Ya! Key Club, Spanish Club w MD. Soccer mates KP MM A + SP Spain ' 85 Lake Placid ' 85 Canada ' 86 — (3) Mothers- KP MM EM Froggies! Martha ' s Vineyard Appleville! EM and Interviews-MA PIKE? KP-Don ' t Forget Suprise B-days Secret talks! Poems " 5210678“ Driving w MD Cat. Fish- 1234. Special Friends- EM KP MD MM HS SK SC KW MF DP and of course Craig. “Let your light shine! " Leslie L. Miller Make or break it! Brigadoon Awesome “ 4 " Carousel Music Man Fondue Parties Isabella! Hey! You see Liz everything turns out for the best! Weenie Liz Aim Souizrez riz at U- Mass Dance the paint off the wall! " Ah-ya! Whats Happenin Hotstuff? The Wiz The 4 friends Talking with Mary Driving with Molly Tuna Pitas FYC MBL Dances Band groupies Good Luck Jessasia good friend said bust a limb! Elaine M. Molloy “Lainey” We dont remember days We just remember mo- ments . . . Cheerleading (3) CAPT Softball (2) Honor Society (2) KP MM KD TL MG JK PV: BF MF JV RP DP GG KW VM JG KM. JV. CK You Made It the best. POEMS Brainey 17- 3 3:3 25 84 - Someday? Powderpuff Lake Placid? PROM 85-BF, CZ cz PG SWITZ w Dad Punkie 31 JV ' q.BU KM-Masspike? Frognight Here We Go! Canada- Thumpers! Blinky Prom 86-KUZ 12 Shriners Game No Matter How Hard It Gets-DONT QUIT Thanx MOM. Brian Wayne Morrison Flaming London in 85 you “ flamer ” DC, CM, JL, SM, LH, AC. The 007 guy 016 All alone! The Empire, Hardrock cafe Good times at King St. Homeroom w MR. WISE NIGHTCREW at CTS. Business Club, lacrosse, and the UN History Club. Good luck to all my friends. Best of luck to the class of “86”. Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you. “What a long strange trip this has been!” Bye. Paula J. Mott a “Pokey” Telephone concerts Hooters Benatar BK Dances Bill No More Glasses Punktrend parties Pinecrest Ocean City UD M Dr Pepper pnt btr Snip JHn San hugs Beaches at night Good friends forever! Mishc Kimbie Scruff Sandy Tee Wobin nee Jen (Skinhead) JS Ian Tinker RF 85 Goodbye and Good Luck Class of 86 and my underclassmen friends! Thanks Mom and Dad! Michele Mulhern Crash! Not Again! Soccer w Whimpygil-BPT. Sum- mer 85 Apple-Giraffe the Witch. Your Scoopn! TJK Me Dee Always infatuated. Double gleen. Breffs got funny legs Happy campers confusion reigns throughout. You know the rules Abuse! Abuse Golf in the twilight zone welcome home kel. Room 14 MT snow lets go bird watchin. Grab the windex! Dont do it L! class 87 incredible. 4th July April Surfers are way more rad. Make the clock stop Love ya MA BM. Kelly Ann Murray AS, JF, DB, JD, JJ, JJ, Henry, Kim, Autu- kutchaun, A W, JC, Mom, Moms, KG. VAK, GAL, BUB, Fluffy Joe, Kezzie. Mandy, Fam- ily, SB, JG-amo-take me home. Dad, Mary, The Rolling Stones. If you lean on somebody too much and they move out of the way, your gonna fall on your face! Angie-every- where I look I see your eyes. Thanx Deb Doug. I Luv You Jon-Summer 84. Paint It Black- Yah Man! JM, MM, UBP. Party every day while you still have a chance! Bye Bye- Small Fry! Jacqueline Netto So, There is life after B.K. But I will always remember . . . Summer of ' 85 Sketti in my car, AMAZON the magical fireworks, Coli, hide the note. Thanx for the shield Tee; “I told you . . ” Sweet “16”, Friendlies; There ' s the curb again; Midterm advice; Stayin ’ for Chem? Condos; Nicki; It ' s been peachy- Thankx- and now we must turn our golden faces into the sun. Sara Newell Sara Lee-Megan: Summer Sista! Best Times w DEL ER: Charlie goes 4 Wheelin! DAC-lts a special thing to find a friend that will remain a friend forev- er! Roses Rainbows! Shirley + Retta-Hi Bayee- UBits! Summer 85 Todd- You are worth every tear that will cry and worth all the heartache will feet. Loving you isnt easy but its worth any chance that needs to be taken just to have you in my life. 143 TMR! I Luv U Kip + Suz. Amy E. Niethold So Long FHS Its Been Real Thanks For Everything BS, KN. CJ, EF, KR, TC all the gang. FBC youth group. PA, EB Mr Nilson Thanks I never Could Of Made It W O you All! I Can ’t Believe I’ve Made It. Now On To Bigger Better Things (CJ, ME, TC, ME) Look Out Here Comes Trouble Remember Geom Fish, Golf, Bosshog, Comrade Gruin Achev! Looking Forward To The Future. Dad, I Love You Always. Good Luck Class Of 86 Friends Are Friends 4-ever If The Lord ' s The Lord Of Them! Prov 3:5-6. Emilia “Mimi” Oktem TACKY BUT LIKE IT’ Dish Lessons’ Muffins 3 14 86 ‘ The Wave " Cutlass ride’ Mid-nite convos 1 ’ 14’ ever’ surfs up! METRO-the crew’ POPPY w Big L ’ Karen n ' Meg B’ Friends 4-ever’ NO NEED- DS ’ Toyota Truck BELLIES’ BOX trip 84’ Remem- ber always John, Wanna get lucky? English-GL’ Johnny R’ Erics’ Miss you!’ LAX b4 me’ Apple- morns’ Playing! GOOD LUCK 2-DM’ MR’ PR’ DS ’ MM’ RF " GL’ Todd’ Hn KM’ Karen leftover ’ Apr vaca’ Love You!!!! and she was . . . Patricia Pace Kelly A Pacheco Matthew Palanza KELSKY. Track; Maj-Sec; Lax Cheering; Soccer- Capt broke noseYA! Key Club-LAKE PLACID 85 Quebec 86= KM, EM, MM roomies! SCARY! MM remember EASY KILLER. HM Secret at MF’S. FROGGY BUDDIES (JV, TL, KM. EM. KD, MM) KM your a MESS! TA TTERED. CS and her TEA. Summer time Scooper W AM. KD, DM. THANX KATE. KEVIN -2 1 2 85. Keep in Touch ‘WEBB A ' MF. VM. GG. RP, JV, CL. HS. A+ SP, DS+ The Alex “Chico” Paliotto The Boys-Potman-Port Brownie Loady Ga- boo Baggs Braino Dracula Mary I loved you for so long Duane Lets play caps. See you whenever Big Davy Shes smoken today. Jes- sepio-Mr. Bass, can borrow your Bamboo Rod. Andy Go get Simkins 44 mahnum and shoot the Bass Throw it in the Dumpster Eddy Munster Now Playing Dracula-Flying to a theater near you. Andrea Pampalone Women s soccer fun! Skiing Jan 5 86 Fla. 85 Trivial Pursuit KA you knew all the answers. MD ' s B-day Bread fast Chinese dinner Par- ties 3 Pieces left in a 100 piece pack. Light- weight skipping with KP Mr. Fluff those lazy crazy days of summer. Special Thanks to my Friends C-L Sand FHS for the 4 years of fun! TBird Song with KD 3 years with BG Thanks for the Best times Emma! INFYM+ D. Sophia M. Pampalone FHS Soccer the Girls softball Thanks I could ' t have done it w o Ya! -LS-Senior class Play Grad Pty MM- OH NO we ' re rolling over-thanks Mr K+ Mrs B " For long you live and high you fly and smiles youll give and tears youll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be ” “ The time has come, this song is over " To all my friends Thanks for everything! Laurie S. Parrino If there is just one thing I learned in Falmouth High School it was about people. A very close friend told me to use my eyes and ears rather than my mouth. I have been learning ever since I started to do this. I hope I have successfully shown some people that it is so easy to be yourself. It ' s so easy! Allen S. Parsons Spring Fever Fish w Jig. 4x4 - Hey Lemay+ Coop. LJ For you Louie Cruising in the Z28 Austrian. Jig Yeah Pride. TK+ JS Partying in the Z Whitey. Bob. Vince. Belca-Thanx Shaka wears stripes Socializa- tion complete. Mr. L + Mrs. R Serve this Blizzard of 86 Tuna fish FH hit me Bassin’ 45 Sail y Pavao Richard Peal Eric John Peirson No Irish-ZZ is Illness-Chuck lives (or ever-out at last- Varsity. Soccer. 83. 84. 13. Captain. Lax. 86. Good luck to AT DP CW CJ BP TM GT and so on- Prom. 84. 85. 86. WHOi. Stowe. 84. Austria. 85 ride Nishiki-The explorer’s Golden arches-no more Quebec. Keystone. 86. Sue. Michelle. Sean. Kris 4 to a table- There are mice in here Thing 1+ Thing ten. Pete. Dave. Laura. Jules. Sandy. Key. Club. C- 2-Hey Toni I can’t see you-Bondo mania is out- we ' re, having, a. party. Halloween. w Cheri. Ra Sprouts-Volu is Best-Body Double-Go to England 81 quetball. w Stoney+ Hawk. The. Dining. Room to 82-Rule Britania-Majjie is not labor- Don 7 adjust Nobska. Scalls. and. The. Chords, of. wood. Choco your mind there’s a fault in reality. late. Don’t, under-estemate. them. “What ' s, so. fun ny. about. Peave. Love. and. Understanding “Don ' t. 4-get. the. Good. Times . . Renee Louise Pelletier WHAS HAPPEN ' IN? Oh my you do have a tick in your hair! SUMMER OF 85 w ROB - - ■ ■ JEN’S BEACH U-Mass Amherst Where ' s the Mass Pike? Jordan Marsh “ Breakout ” 9th block Brenda-Sports-Bar- Mitzpha Haunted house, Wonder Bug i s Nova. Mousse fight! JD+ VODKA= NIGHT OVER TOILET! Donuts on GC Martha ' s Vineyard- JT-Special Friends: Tee JD AK K V JN JD PM BS MR Jl JW and all the rest! Give me my shoe SA! ROCK A LITTLE-JIM. Dawn M. Penman Thank-u-Dad+ Mom JP+ CP my Body Guards Lova Ya ' Softball 3 yrs Color Guard 2 yrs ' Senor Rico Gracias ‘ RO Thank u; so sorry Ty we r Friends 4-ever’ HR 82 ' Boo- Boo CM 3 am (UGH) 4 each other thanx’ Curls ' 10th= Dizzy Brunetts ' 6 7= Truth ' Gene 7-85 The Boat Booze Cruz Rocky Point u r special ' “I must be traveling on- wards because there r 2 many things I’ve got 2 see” LS ' Good Luck 86! Debra Ann Percoco Terry Perkins Tina Peterman Adam Leigh Band MHS-FHS BM JP CC Tenn. Love ya always Jimmy August 15, 1987 Kyra Hawaii 85 N.Y.C Tenn Michael Mike Bourne My Washington DC Aust Pav. Spain 85! Ow much for Thanks for always being there Leslie! Michelle Im friends: Ali DS Nancy JW JP MD LP MA JS+ DP dis gat? Prom 85 w MM Prom 86 w Adam! May glad you came back Friends forever LJ MC CS MR Sue S. Scott Orange is best! NYC Motor Cross w 31, 1985 Summers 85 86 Explorer Post 40 AT RP AK KV JW DL TC BM JS — Never forget the good Lisa New Years w NG+ MA+ MG Mikes-Woods GT CJ CW Whiperwillow Super Chicken lives for- times Keep in touch!! Good luck Julie! No more Art Room Color Guard Work-w Sue! “Tina, did ever! Hall serrps walkie-talkies= GE JOE Feb Vaca- yellow camaro!! Dancing Brigadoon Carousel you see that roof?” NG ' WHAT THE CATERPIL- tion 86 Conoe Trip 86 4 to a table Bomb the library! Christmas trees Thanks mom dad for all your LAR CALLS THE END OF THE WORLD THE Graduation May 30, 1986! Thanks mom and dad. love and support you too Timmy Good-Bye Every- MASTER CALLS THE BUTTERFLY York me one Good Luck!! w M.B. Prom u2 Yes New Order ME. 46 David V. Peterson VICE-PRES 4. SOCCER 3 4 TRI-CAPT, HOCKEY 12 34 CO-CAPT’ PEETLES’ Vic Spts Syn Carden 1 1 secs Colby Have Fun Ray Michelle Pete 3 Spoons Dinners Halloween Parties GANG-PV MM KK SE JM BS thanx JS dumptk Proms Ward HI MV-KM KP MM ST JV SC PY EM-Hit List PS Banq 86 Strawberry Lollipop MM Lifetime Friend BS It Was Fun 2 on 2 Tom ’GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 86 Thank you Laura-You Made My Senior Year My Greatest Memory-JMV MOM DAD-You Made It Chantelle M. Peters 1 finally made it! As hard as it may seem, I’ll miss FHS and I leave behind good memories, especially when I had the “serious fun’’ To CC. AC. TF, JP, CM. May we always be good friends and keep in touch, especially to EP my other half. Now that it ' s time to move on. I plan to go to school, then join the US Air Force. Aimee D. Phelps Here we are. There we go .. . France Friends Bugs n ‘ Infinity’ CC “ THE WEEK ” Jules Similar Tastes Summer ’85’ Roma 85-Va Bene’ FH LAX W PET ' This is incredible: Amelia. Adda. Marion, Julie, Grace. Me’ Squeeze- Tempted ' What the hell’ Penny Lover ' Feath " Boxer rebellion’ Gray ' Fiery ' Ski Quebec-KM SC KJ TC GW JG RC LH LM JG- Yowza " MGB ' Thanx M D ' Cl AO . . . Regret only things never tried . . . Living it up at the Hotel California . . . Let it be .. . All Happen You Are The Best I Lov THANKS. Jennifer Beth Pine Never lose sight of your dream ECHO 119+126 Y Board N.H. 85-86 MOO PUS Chris-SW! The nite we kidnapped the Senior Class Pres Pat-Drive! Everybody BMello Joel-open the door Seabird Sahlua Summer ' 85-Rat Patrol Where have you been? Porsche Bobby . . .! P-Maryland 85 (AM) Hewy Lewis ’84 Stompers ' 85 Package 10 parties Friends are forever: PT BM CC KA JC TC CS HS GL SK GG 2 LP RM AT DP St. Mikes 143 (DM JL MC TCM) Pine! Marla D. Poag Thanks Mom Dad Hi, Pete Remember Quebec and Lisbon Go Sox and Bruins CY, CW, JB. NM. TE. SH. EP, SF, Hey. AP, Love those Levis Softball 83 86 Mom I lost my contact ! Did you do your physics? Where are my keys? Dont forget MH NEV- IN-1 7-Look out, here comes another ball Hockey in Michigan GO GREEN Wo Wee. Hey, dude look out for the goalpost! Don ’t ever stop dreaming, for then you may stop living I’m out a here! Greg Pokraka Stephen Joseph Portentoso Christopher S. Potter Porte 51 Falmouth Football Good luck to Gaboo. Potman 1 4-Varsity-Soccer-2 yrs-Fal 2-NB 1- Chico, Tano. Braino, Super Bartol. Baggs, Cheezy, EMASS-Tourney Spring- Break “86“ (The -Boys) Potman, Stmp, Toeboy, Brownie. Mayo. Pipes, Coors-Bud Bryan- Adams Ft. Lauderdale Boo Goofy, and others. Summer of 86. “ Mary love Bags-Braino Quarters Bash-at -Brownies- G Moth you.” my name is Ricky “Crazy” Can’t hurt me. ers “Lets- have-a-picnic” Flutie Hey-Brownie-got “Mayo’s truck. Toe Boys car. The Pit. Sledding. “I a-dip? Alex-look-out-for- the-guard-rails Jen-you can’t believe it”. Splinters FSC Bound. Smap-Root. drive- like-mad WWF Summer of 85-86 USMC Good luck to the bad girls. GP. AW. KM. MP, MC. Earring JT- l-will-be-back- to-get-you CPJT (The KP, SS, BC. DR. LS. SN, JA, KL, KT, MG. KF. BH, BoysfGood Luck. TC. 47 Gregory S. Pratt Lacrosse. 38. 3-time Capts-GC JC Me. SOC- CER Whats love?. Physics Whos all talk AP? T-T- Tattered w JD Co P-Table. the desert. QUEBEC 86-CS. Florida w the Is. wanna go to Winchester? I Love U KARA. Long Distance. The RAT PA- TROL-Busted Take care, Craig. R R. New Years Eve Should have killed me. Older women, Jan?. I ' ll Miss U MM CS MG KM CS CP CM . . . THANX MOM and DAD What A Body. Skid-row. Never Just go thru the motions. G+ K 4 eva. Robert F. Prendergast Jr. Football Hockey Golf Maroon Doom 88, 89, 52. 77, 20, 58, 80. 17,10 Legend 28 Seal-La Sports Center Fla-Daytona FT. Laud. VRFO (fighting Christians)-No thank you cats or owls?? dubious coaches. Football staff Bonne Chance Red-Mud Bowl 85 SMC Neck Brace weight? Summer The Man-Work- Walk-in PE Office Buck Dip (ZZ) Run around a little Proms 85 JJ 86 JC Southern Belle Janet Sue Sweet Home Alabama OH YEAH Good Luck to all. David P. Proctor Life ' s but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full or sound and fury, signifying nothing. 3 yrs of football. THANK YOU to all who stood by me when the times got tough. Special thanks to Kristen. KC JB EJ CB DO OTS. RAT. BEAST. JB JA RB JC SUMMER of 85 Friends who can tell? CP CB SR MG DA BC TM RB FL AM TM SD? THANKS MOM. Allison Ratsy Paul (Sweetie) I love you babe Let ’s go down to the sunset, grill Ok? You are my sunshine! 8 5 89! Summer of 85 esp Aug 2 Wasn’t that a party? BCF 85 The Vineyard Special friends forever-Jen W, Paul C, Joe L, Scott M-Joe-Ramble on my friend! Jen " To you My friend " + IJ DG Wl GU IJ! Can ' t forget RM, GC. BB, CK. TP. PD, DW, MR EX CALIBUR! Arizona 85 Boston Bound Color- guard (Capt) 3 yrs THANKS MOM -I LOVE YOU! Karen Richardson Special K BFF-Lauren Meggy Mimi Ames Elec The mall-JC MO What Lauren! Toyota Truck Thanx John D Doc Oks Miss u Dan Trish-Florida 84 Ratoli ' s-TO Hey Meggy-A little D ' ing D’ing The Cutlass Ride DY-LA Dish nonperformance-Dan- Monday talks miss u Eric John R Daren TW Greg Russell Petey Dan KA MM AB PR CR CF RS JS TB Good Luck-SC ' s ST PA Mimi. leftovers MC NY? April Mike Flipper-DS Swain and she was . . . Peter “Rock” Richardson Thanx Mom and Dad Good luck Fat Boys Jennifer the place Love almost always Team B Football What ' s your world boy? Sandy the Harvester Sha- la-la-”Wow " There goes the Rabbit-‘‘The Brother- hood” “ This town is beat” Joey Jablanski this is Bala ” “ Thanks Dicky " Get a real haircut " Falmouth Heights 77-14-59-JC- Mi-SC Teaticket Institute of Technology. Norwich University. Matthew C. Robbins PHARYNX-JB JD JO JM TM SC BE RT-PH AQ TC-M M ' ' s- AUBURN -CS, Boomer The crew-Na- tional Honor Society- " It is not enough to merely exist. You must do something more. You must give time to your fellow man, For remember, you don ' t live in a world all of your own, your brother ' s are here too. " -Thanks Mom LCD. 48 Pamela J. Robertson Good Luck to KF, MP, KP, JP, KB, CB. Movies with MP. KF, KP, On Saturday nights Advanced Graphics and Car Show " 84”, " 85 " , Peon Printing Corp. English 4 w Mr. Carroll. Period 8 lunch with BS. KFI, KB, LP, BH, Power Shop Per-8 with Mr. V. and the Sadd People Data Processing w BS. Good- bye FHS. John Robertson JR. Football 20 Lacrosse Rome 85 III never forget it MM Hair Cutters JS+ MR-Metro w Pats Oh Yea! ' Pete Brailey Team Harvest w Roche Joe Layme Sabo- What? Boris Zeek Thanx for the late night jog Carolynl-Summer 85 with Big D Matty Roche Eric Sabos Shiner’ Big K " Teenage life to my Best Friends: MR DM ES BC AB Meg. L-Karen-Mimi- CD-TJ-RF-MC- TB-Good Luck! You know who you are M D 143. Tina Marie Roderick Even though I havent been in Falmouth High School all 4 years out of the 2 that l have been here Ive enjoyed the years. I have met many friends and have many memories JD ' s parties, the haunted house the summer of 85 with JN. Typing Class with KF DP. The good times at BK. Friends to remember JNJDKFPMAKCV RP CS BG RG DPJWAB JR K MR JC DP AC JM MH. Richard Rogers Kim R. Rose Lata on. Cuz! What u b takin ’bout Friends are forever AN TR BS CJ LS Hey Missy Baby Never gonna forget the good times- English-Child Care Aid Dear Yvette! Yo Nancy Thanks for bein’ there Love Ya III always love my momma! u think so-Dont u even start DR KMD-Not the Big B! Just too fresh! No 1 am not as others are but remem- ber me for who I am. The best times with Patty Thats what friends are for! Christine M. Rose Scott Romiza In this desert that I call my soul I always play the starring role. Sting thanx: SS, JW, CM, TD, PZ, MP, MM, JP, Chiefs team xerox USA, Westerns and those who escaped before me; Le Loup Ashmore, Hahn Solo, Lust pumpkin, Molly Muff’ Bloom County, Biking. Photo, Tuckus Hunting, woods hole. Lycra ’ Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream? With one breath, with one flow you will know Yaz Pistachis, That’s me. Scott Romkey CDB, My dog is dead and lm blind. Good friends, CM MT AC PR RM DA FB CM CP CB MS 51 SS JB SH DC. Scoliosis test with Crany Thanks JWW for those good pictures Good Times at DJs Condo and Susans house Old Silver Beach Bar See you all in ten years The Baker Boys- Rut-Rut Goof-Goof, My split, Shut it. Ruten at Fondations my buddy Soco Bomni More Friends KR AC CC SB AT MT CA EDEJACJLSMAC MF DFDSTSACSMAP CK Thanks Mom and Dad 86 1. William C. Rugg Jr. (Billy) 8 Hockey, Lax Key Club ' BR+ MG ' Ob Yea! Jauelin ‘ DREWS’ Dodgin ’ Pizza Lauren SKIP R-ball w Seapit U2 Moose=25 Joe Seppi Behind the times? Comedy= ES JR EGAN Bread fast Club AL- PHAVILLE Summer FUN PA BUD Cricket Ming- land 11 Gilly the cat ' Elaine-Thank u 4 being a friend ' Im in love with a BEARI-MM-FHS CL s Good Luck to all Buddies! “Forever Young” Thanx Mom and Dad. “Life is just beginning, what am l gonna do?” Melissa Runge Thanks Jane Ralph I love you. Junior work week- end DS the dump is closed Craig, My best buddy Jen. x-mas tree saies-CW SA MM. Sugarloaf 85 Bye to all my friends T, Nae, AuAu, JOO, Kim Baby, DI. Yes Jesus loves me Wheelock bound Watch Out Boston here I come! I Love Kids to Ms. Mason, Huckins Mr. Wais Carol I couldn’t have done it w out you To everyone in this world-A little under- standing can make a world of difference. Eric J. Sabo Football Lax Stoney Bally crew-Apple Bogart Woody go-rilla Rollin in the Fiat Cornball hot tub MBL Dances CD TJ ML MO MM KR I’ll miss you Shot for a Shot Bud talks Quebec 86 Night Skiing Guinny JR the Clammer Beads of love Marathon 85 Oh Yea Johnny v-man We dive at five go-rilla Open ABDSJR KA TB S 4 RF PV Herg Big K Rock Big D Miggie Fatty Rush LA-Thanks for all the good times. Pamela Efpraxia Salpoglou What happened to Most Sophisticated? Luv you Mom+ Dad+ exp my Mr. D.A. (Politics and or debate) Do not 4 get my wedding- Feb 1 4 88 Samry-Good luck III meet u there PPHS TO AT miss ya guys more than youll know! Sand in DAYTONA BEACH the sea changes color but the sea does not change Also to those who mistook my myopia (or amour + my shyness for ignorance u mean nothing to me AB BB NS MM TG Chow! Meet me in Beverly Hills! James F. Scalli Football 4. Winter Spring Track 3. The Stoney Ball Crew-DAN- KA-AB-TB-ES. Maroon Doom 79. FC+ PV » The Choirboy. MR+ JR SAM Hairclip- pers ' 84. Peter V+ Russ F-Operations-Roche, Red Raider+ T-Ball. Metro w Pats. Beast Brew. LHTA | Gilby, Jay+ The Boys. YG Ski Trips. PMC. The Infanous PE Office. ' LA-MC-JJ-EM- MM-D+ HM- KR-JV " . DP+ the Wood Chips. (1st Line up). Boat Cruison ' In Essence " It ' s good for a young man to get involved!!” 2F2S. Susan M. Schreiter YAZ, Woodstock Revivalists, ART! Devil bunnies, HAIR, C.S.N. Y. 1 Flubber Bang, Life in the breakdown lane. T.R. Suey Pig T.P. C.M. P.Z. D.S. Leo A.B. BAM-BAM Thanx J.C. “Remember what we ' ve said and done and felt about each other, don ’t let the past remind us of what we are not now. I’ve got an answer. I’m going to fly away, what have I got to lose?” Stephen Stills. Deborah “Fudge” Selleck Winters in the sun!! The Camaro gang Lives w TZ, DM, HM, JL! Weekend fun w KM HM! Lots of Laughs w ES TS! “Yes I am related to Tom Selleck!” ANNIE The Wiz Dining Room! Ethel Mer- man Lives! Thanks for the bruises JL TT! Thank s a lunch to ML, MO, LA, KR, DC, MM, CK, KPO, HBH, HA, SS! I ' ll be cooking for you Bertha Gertrude! Broadway here I come! Thanks Mom Dad! I owe you one! Nabs! Pwang! Tattered! Finally we are out of here!! Julie Sherlock Daniel “Woody” Sherwood Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Capt. 4 All-Cape 84, 85 New Years Club Dubious Break oper Roch oper Raider Valet Parking The Van Appleville Monday sessions with Karen Stoneyball Crew Herb " Our Confer- ence” Maroon Doom 52 79 89 94 31 14 17 80 28 Friends TB, KA, AB, ES, RF, PV, Scalliway, CS. KR. LA. MM, MO, ML. MOnsi- gnor Ginger Woman in the cold spank it 2F2S AMC JG Mud Bowl Going Forward in reverse. Sachi Shimomura 3.14159. . .MATH TEAM! Chess Science; USGS; certificated walls; Ping Pong-Murphy’s Law errant lust+ all MASP= fr MIT? SPRING EQUINOX! Swim o ' re spsidian waves-hazardous! So knock on wood . . . The dread disease (senioritis)-Eslith, SF, dice- thrown t’th’ wolves Real image= illusion (stairs dis- appear-ouch!) Science fair marbles fudge factor- sledge hammer it! Give up? Bien. Golden drops of memory . . . MP MH FG CJ SF GT SM . . . Rebecca J. Silva (Becca) Goodbye FHS Hello world. Gonna miss ya! Luv ya Lau Kenee AIM Lou Amos AP KR CJ R VCR ND JD WEE Oui My Buddies Emily. Chip, Eric, and the youth group-Man- adnock 83, 84, 85, 86!! Never forget cup of friendship were not gonna take it! Hard to say I ' m sorry. What s the answer? Q ' Nancy Randy Orpheum Nov. 85!! Oreo Cookies are the best! MCD’S gang -I Love Ya! " Friends are friends forever if the Lord ' s the Lord of them” " Christopher F. Simpson Simpi Winter, Spring Track Captain 800 mi 1000 y State Champ, Cat Patrol, She’s on (ire, Smooth, The Boys, at the Pit. Marching Band 2 yr. Prez., Exchange Concerts, Band PYRAMlds. Back of Mayo ' s Truck FUM- BLE! Hey DUDE! Chubba+ Bubba ouchie- owie, Linksy " AHA " Thank u Mugsie. Phinney Stock, Alone at the beach w Lor- rie. Thanks Meservey Brownie, Mr. B, HS, GP, Dr. Ruth. Stang Tang Fou-Fou, " l came I saw I conquered. CS LC 4 ever. Elisa L. Smith l LOVE YOU MOM AND DICK! Best Wishes An- nette John!! Best Friends: DS, TT, JL, ED, DM, EM MG! Summers spent w Boston Friends PsalMs 123 Good Times w the Fudge Terry. Freshman Year w the BH’S: TS, RS. KN CB! Spanish 1 " LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT " The Jav, The Knob, The BH Paul’s! 3 Year Anniversa ry’ April 29, 1986!! " PUCHIKINS " Summer of 85 w TT JL I LOVE YOU TERRANCE JOHN SOUZA-I CAN’T WAIT TO TIE THE KNOT! Gregory P. Soutter (Cooter) What a long and strange trip it has been Full of parties and experiences. There were good times and bad. Remember the good ones on 11 6 84: Spring 85: Fall of 85: Fall of 85: l 24?86: 2 5! Ski 2 7 Mt Walton INN 2 14: BOSTON: Violent Femmes Who Bud Bin Floom mopar Chev Lax 83: 84 Summer. Thanks Mom Dad: MF PS JS PR JM DC PR PH JHS Band all the rest of the animals Remember " You can ’t always get what you want! Nancy Anne Souza Heather B Put your glasses on! best memories: Summer 85. DEATdSS Nov 7 Valentines day with TF algebra with BS RF HB+ CM+ JN whats the answer Q PRINT Kelly wanna skip? The flies on ceiling years supply of colored paper fym Good luck Sharon and Daren SS III save u in a fire Bye Terik III miss you! Well Heather, we did it!!! See ya in Oz what do I put! Oh-no not that Bye Lester, Sam- + John+ EC Thanx m + d ... . BYE! Vanessa M. Stanley Thanks ma. You were always there when I needed you, Love Ya! Daddy wish you could see me now Gina Jones Best friend always Tedaroe France the Love of my life-FOREVER! T-Crack-up-ouch TV Room-84 Gee the puppet?-Sick the real McCoy- Lost 84-Raindrops Pass out concert JF What in a movie theater?-Huh me a Lawyer! Someday I ' ll show all of yous I can do it Cancer 1 Nessa the hair-dresser Tee + Vee is how it be! Heather A. Stone Stonie 3 Pigs (KM, MM+ Me) HD-DR Maj- Sec. KC trunk rides awesome 4-some LK, Stowe Quebec (w A4) 1 25 83 VM Sum 85 w LJ Piggi Echo 11 117 + 122-Buga- loo-YTH, Board- WTS? 3rd w CS. DS, obey NY club Hoosters 1-Goodx w GC x-mas trees BB w RL Rocky pt. Hills Bean 18th Bash Pkg. 10 BK Wkend (SV) Special friends-KM MM MC KP KM MM VM CC JP PT SC LH EP WF " There are no strangers, only friends we have not met” 143 Mom Dave-Always in my heart. William F. Stone Jr. Stoney, The animal football 4 17 ' WIN WITH GLORY LOSE WITH PRIDE’ Roma 85 Ray cheese Johnna-Go Pat ' s raquetball with SE EP ND’ Time is flying never to return’ Peter, Greg, Sean, Dave, Eric, Mi- chelle-Animal Tim Fanueil Hall with SE, EP, KM, GG, MM, KW, KP, Don ' t forget the Gas tank ’WHAT IS LEFT WHEN HONOR IS LOST’ Gary Studies " 1 986” Its about time I won ’t forget the B-team SC. CR, PG, RH, DS or the after school sessions w SC+ PG the parties go on foreva especially Okeefes + the 3 day bash at BF’s + the New Years party at KLs 3 8 with the girls from Brook- line (738-7053) 2 on 2 Hoops against Hazy + Bonzy for a rack of tails. CRASH The darkroom, ultimate at t ’ticket in search of sense because you deserve what every individual should ever receive. Robert V. Sullivan Band 4 yrs. Spring Track SLASH PS, AM, RD. TC, and others who have been friends. Exchange Con- certs Almond Troy. Donna Marie Swire Madonna Field Hockey w ED + Yoda’ AMEDEJ DL “P” Delight What a goobe Crusin w AM Sum- mer 85’ 7-4-85’ Power of Luv’ Whats H. room? Mam A21’ 4- Wheelin’’ Little IMPH! Wine Cooler- ED’ Super A P’ Party All The Time’ Manny T. is in JAMAICA?’ Gotta have it! I scaed! Scenic rt. Mr. TWEEK’ 97-85’ Cheerish my LUV DOUG’ ILU’ Mom Dad; ILU I hope to make u both proud! Hold on tight to your dreams-86. 52 Susan L. Taylor SUEY You can ' t always get what you want! Sum- mer 85 Sunsets at Chappy WILD Summer Nights in “Shortcut” Wfball Park MP’s Beach House Bash- Busted Bigtime BFF Ellie How R Ya? The Brown out of control! Stuck in traffic w JD SC CR WOW American Pie MN Someday! April Let ' s creep around crusin in the MAZDA MeJDMM you are the coolest! CM + the Killer Brownies 151 H-R Bud- dies MM JV Good Luck! BM BF BR SS LH MD KW DC MO THANKS Mom Dad. Ed Terry Good times 85: 86: Spring Break 85: TA: Penrods: Budweiser: Girls: Oneself in RI: Train, conductor, Isabell: DC: Boarding out of control: Nancy says Hi: Halloween: Fred: Red “Buffy: Steve: Prom 85: Ali- cia-n-Edd: Always remember you: And you can’t forget the Rock: Orft: Robin + John: Feb 14” 15: 16: with Steve Tim: Theoorito: Partys: MCD “Straws: Special times with Cindy: And Pier 37: ransome note: Rick: Domino’s: And Maggie TA. I 4 Patricia E. Tessier PF ‘ field hockey’ FLO I Had A Dream! piece of pep Living ROMA mousse My WP! blowoffs Maestro Lindo RK Moonlighting BC-Flutie Hunts Ledge ICE CREAM Chappy-Mr NP Kidnap The Pres- Pat, He’s In The Car! Pk 10 parties WOF Queenie Grief ECHO! Where Have U Been? Friendlys w R S Bobby! Luzas-DD 84 n 495? ticklish Opus Scenes! Pants Bwards? Sussudio Bill! Risky B lima FRIENDS 10 ' I will always remain in w the memories of the times we’ve shared. Allen R. Thackston Friday + Saturday Nights S, D, R+ R CRASH Being in Love, Rachel Playing Gui- tar all night Fast Times, Fast Cars Camaros Trans Ams Summertime Blues Leo Zep- pelin Aerosmith Sweet Emotions, Stairway To Heaven, Seasons, Have U Seen JR’s Grades?! Good Times, Bad Times School’s out I ' m on the Loose Thanx Mom Dad All My Love Adam Harry Thomas Debbie Tr 38 SH AB JB WB AT MH RP P40 GT CW CJ George ET. 85 ZZTop Bon- domanka AB 16 mile day Imp-Wildcat Notch X2 Lafayette-50 STOP! CC Time Check Whiperwillow DPDPDP It ' s never go- ing to work@ RH Sprouts Thing 1 Thing 2 Quest for the Golden Arches SH Smudge Thanks Mom Dad The Future????? Ellen M. Timoney Spain + Portugal 85 Bermuda 86 Spring Track 84 Nobska Swim Club 82-84 Cape Cod Swim Club 84- 86 4 yrs of Marching Band- Enough is Enough! ' Exchange Concerts ' (S) Pam, you ’re a great friend- thanks for being around when needed someone. KG MH SS KV-a Special Friend. We were never in any of the same classes! MH SE AH KV ED EM AB MM ITHACA COLLEGE ‘MOM . . . and DADDY. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!’ Tracey A. Tobin I Love you Dad I Will Always Remember KD, JL, ES, DS, ED EJ, DM, HM, BS, TG Skimpy Undies A. A. Circle w EM DM Glouster Summers " Breakfast Club” I will never forget you JHL KRIS you will always be my best Friend! They say oppo- sites attract Dancers live on Forever Summer of “85” w ES JL 78 Is Great “We Belong Togeth- er” Good Luck To The Gang At The NH Don ’t trip Dane Thanks CT, KT, BT, SM. Good Luck Danny L JANET COLORADO BOUND EMO. Dina Mae Travers DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE The Undulating Brick Road Band Me and Mike 4th I forgot. Oh my aching back!!! Terry- Forever Love You! Sheila- Watch out World there are 2 of us now. Mom -I Love You Sooooo Much! P.S. Send some more money. God- Please help me to be the best dancer 1 can be. Bye Bye FHS DANCE DANCE- DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE Johnathan Gunnar Trumbull Jennifer L. Utley Good Bye FHS Hello World, TAE KWON DO! Thanks Mr. Burnette, Mr. Cranshaw, Mr. Cali, Mr. Kirby, Good Bye to all Friends, RB, TP, RD, JM, SA. BR, KB. BM, PB, R V, AM, BB, CS, RP. AG, Thank You Aunt Kelly, Prom “86” Huey Lewis- Bryan Adams. “MUMBLE-CRASH-JAWS” vs Vol- leyball” 1 Summertime-fun, class of ”86” THANKS I LOVE YOU MOM AND GLENN! CLASS OF “86” WILL GO ALL THE WAY. Kim C Valias Wan- Tan- Yae Brigadoon Best Actress ' 82 Carousel- Wheres the boat The Wiz Your Wigless Reps All- State Southeast gabs w Chrissy Bio on the beach Barb! Lizzy the 6 OF UP EMT Cookies Crumbles MUCKRAKERS! Purprise Felix Banquo Macbeth will he turn a page in your coming of age Hello Chingo June bug RICS HOUSE! Seacrests dirty towels Flying key chain Break a shoe Wkends w Jane Ben Sam Yasou SEEK OUT THE CHILD WITHIN Peter Anthony Vaccaro (Peter V.) Varsity Soccer, Hockey. Roma, Washington, Quebec. Class Play. Gambling pools, Pats Rally. Operation choirboy, Roche, Tennis ball, Red Raiders, Herb. Grand Piano. Ryan kids. 2S2F. 3 Spoons. Sextok. New Years ' s Club. “Snap it, pahh”. Non performance Luv beeds. DAVE. EGLES, ERIC, MIKE RUSS, SCALLS, STONEY, WOODY, AIM. CHERI, ERIN, HAD, KAY. LAUREN, Han- en ' t 4 gotten KRISTEN, MARKEN: Friend 4 ever. Men without dreams are but birds with- out wings. Luisa Valiela CLASS OF ' 86, Living at the library, The Wiz, Annie, Carousel Thanks Ms. Spring- tofu. Summer of ' 85! A HA, Lizzy-Mexico, the Nick, londs, men in uniform, two is bet- ter than one. CC-BU?!, parallel lives. Jules- What did you do Friday night? Kathy-Gonna miss you. Corinne-storing wine coolers my sidekick. DB-jams JL-balloons visit me LA gum, adv. bio. MB-gab. GR JL GT JB LUV YOU MOM DAD SIB JULS. Johnna Vinding TL. MR. JV “3 Bears in Conference " -KP TL JV MM EM PV KD (Where was) KM? Frog Patrol friends forever. BERMUDA ' 86 SOMFES 49 (noone will ever know) Cheese in my hair BS; Go BEARS ! Bowling w the 7 gals Appleville “USA " Prince of Whales. EM, Thanx we ' ve been through a little of the same. TL; what would have done w o you? ’Nov. 16 ' 85‘ JG: Thanx ILU, Sorry! THERE ' S AL WA YS A SMILE A T THE END OF A RAINBOW, YOU JUST HAVE TO REACH FOR IT. Kristin J. I Jokey Summer 85 6 7, 6 29 One Potato, Two Potato Cone Head Gush williams Hon-Bon Silky X-Mas Party and Especially Prego! Can ' t forget Merc. Spe- cial thanks to the 4C — Dr. R. HOJO-Double dessert Special friends ET. JB. JD, RP. AK, JN, AB, TR. Take care Ellen -FFSC-thanks Kim Deb “ Stevie ” “ Taboo”Megabucks-Dagmar-ugly eyes Dust escort “ What’s the Scoop " Thank you Mom and Dad, Aunt Diane and Unde Jack (BEEP)-Gidqe!- Kevin R. Webb WEBBA-Football (4) Basketball (2)’ Bickfords w MF. VM. BF. JV’ CBS Drivers Fanueil Hall’ Pee Wee I ' ll Have a Teem’ “ Nardos Flat’” “4 at a Table ’ " , Limonada " ’ BB’s R C After Summer Hoop’ Best of Times w KELL Y-406 DA YS’ Good Luck IN. FEILDSY, BRI. BUCKA. PENDY. MILK’ MM. KM. CL. TB. EM. S AP. J PV. D HM. PL’ Thanx Kel-Prom ' 85‘ BRYAN AD AMS’ Operation Brian’ Upstairs in the Caboose’ Thanx Mom Dad’ KP’ Thank you Mom and Dad Climb w CJ RP GT A T ETR GH TH Mt. Washington Water? 100 what yards? McD’s 1 of everything Xcountry w TT Hunting on MV Water Skiing Partys ® CJ ' s PCD’s A fire on ice? Good luck Seniors! Whitey Room 85 Craig l want to go back to Valley Forge Ski Trip to Oxford my Maro and my Duster Ratty and Me talking to cops Brownie is this a one way street? Annie Wiz Games the Voiceless Won- der John Whats wrong with your Voice RumpLem: NZ Scott that was a classic Is that truck coming at us Scott and Damon we shouldn V start so early in the morning Good luck those of you who were my friends. HIGH SCHOOL-THE KINDERGARTEN OF LIFE! BEST TIMES: AR To you my friend’lFDGWIGVW My high beams r down ARIZONA 85 ' CH AMBER- LAIN ' DA NN Y- 1 27 86 ‘Glad 1 met ya ' THESE DREAMS PC-POW! 1 LOVE YA BABY ' ECA- 4EVA ' l 23 85 ' BK " SUMMER 85 W ALLISON. PAUL, JOE, GC, RM, ‘BCF ' VINYARD ' SM AC- Free blocks ' Unforgettable friends: AR’PG JL ' SM ' AC ' TB ' TP ' RF ' RG ' DB’MOM + BUTCH- Peter A. Zwinakis Fish fish fishy buck lamma moo . . ?!:@ . . Banana Banana Lucifer Devilbunnies I Thought ... It was. The end of time Neon Bunny Cupcakes? Pamela Douglass . . Who . . Where . . When . . BOHICA Moron Twins? What do you mean? We ain ’t no TWINS!!? Every time l eat my vegetables I think of YOU The guy down the street told me to tell you this The snakes don ' t care 7 cars of March 24, 86. Trina L. Zylinski We made it! Camaro Gang W DM HM DS JL Don ’t forget OP- That s not funny good friends DM HMDS JL TC GC ES JV TC AA Skiing 85 W K.C. Pink Closet-Painting Ethel Betty Boop Rhoda Brenda Mrs. F NABS one more vote Troy love you forev- er K. C. Good luck Class of 86 Love ya Mom Dad We’re outta here! It may seem like the end but it ' s just the beginning! Michael Rober t Young Matt Ron Your in the Army now MAZDA GLC PLYMOUTH DUSTER AND TOYOTA CEL1CA GT I thought it was the end of time Stupid, Stupid, Stupid and you drive a P.O.S. hunk ’o meat aye me bucko NORKY bondo baby It’s ‘nowin’ PATRIOTS Where ' s my George tape? Cherry Coke Dave F.N. TUNKA No, It’s the catalytic converter NERTTS 1 1 23 85. Prom ' 86 Janna Michelle: I love you the same DUNLOP. 5 19 9. r Cheryl Lynn Wright Thanks Mom and Dad. Grandma Grandpa, you live on forever in my mind Rat, MP- remember?-Look, a shoel-French with Mr. F- Quebec-the Hoby- first hockey game (with DP) Grbl-SG, BR remember Quarters?- Leo- XXX-Hey GT-what do you think of .. . -Be nice CJ CW!- " Michigan-GO BLUF " — We are all things that make and pass striving upon a hidden mission, out to the open sea. — YOU’VE GOT THE CUTEST LITTLE BABY FACE M. Albert T. Albury H. Aldrich A. Alwardt K. Antonucci L. Avanzino J. Bearse C. Beliveau A. Borowski P. Bostwick D. Bowin J. Brewer J. Briana L. Brickett M. Bukuras T. Burke C. Cannata T. Cartner D + M Casso M. Castellanos A. Chiero T. Clarkson M. Colella S. Condon D. Corey C. Correllus K. Damore R. Dugan D. Forbes M. Hardin M. Costa P. DeCosta J. Durant R. Freeman H. Hatfield E. Coyle D. Deer M. Echols A. Garcia E. Hocker J. Cummings D. DeLeon S. Fetters G. Giardi J. Johnson B. Cunha E. Druin M. Field F. Goff C. Jones 57 A. Keenan K. Kibby A. Kiss C. Kozens G. Lajoie J. Lima T. Lindner J. Lowell C. MacDonald A. Machado M. Marken M. Marotta J. Mason K. McAlvin E. McClellan V. McGuinnes D + H Medeiros B. Mello E. Molloy C. Moreland P. Motta S. Newell K. Pacheco A. Pampalone S. Pampalone 58 E. Peirson R. Pelletier D. Penman S. Phelps J. Pine M. Poag P. Robertson T. Roderick W. Rugg S. Sanford S. Schreiter D. Selleck R. Silva E. Smith V. Stanley M. Steel e C. Stevens E. Terry P. Tessier E. Timoney T. Tobin J. Utley P. Vaccaro L. Valiela K. Valias J. Vinding K. Vokey C. Wright T. Zylinski 59 DESTINATIONS CLASS 86 Albert, Karl Employment-hotel Albert, M. Leo Brown University, Rl Albury, Timothy P. A. Military Army Aldrich, Hadley Endicott College Alves, Duane Douglas Southeastern Massachusetts Alves, Jeffrey Boston University Alwardt, Allyson Blaine Hair School Amorim, Helena Cape Cod Community College Andrade, Mary Lou Employment Cashier Andrade, Shaun Scottsdale Community College, AZ Andrews, Kenneth Scott University of Massachusetts Andrews, Michael A. Employment-Landscaping Construction Antonucci, Kar en P. Providence College, Rl Appleman, Kirk Ithaca College, NY AuDuong, Man University of Southern California AuDuong, V ay Employment-Cook Avanzino, Lauren Southeastern Massachusetts U Barker, Ruth A. Employment Barstow, Thomas J. Boston University Bartolomei, Scott Military-Army Barton, Kelly Ann Employment Bauer, Scott M. Employment-Construction Baumgardner, Heather Employment-Secretarial Bearse, Janine Marie Employment-Secretarial Beliveau, Christine A. Endicott College Beltran, Jesus University of Massachusetts Beilis, Lorena Framingham State College Bennett, Christopher Employment Benoit, Bridget W. Cape Cod Community College Bertozzi, Amelia P. Assumption College Bettencourt, Robin L. Cape Cod Community College Bevacqua Jr., Ronald Northeastern University Billings, John D. Case Western Reserve University, Billings, William F. University of Maine at Orono, Bisio, Ronald J. Salem State College Black, James F. Cape Cod Community College Blanchard, Steven Employment-Angelos Bohnert, Allen Wagner College, NY Borowski, Audrey J. University of Connecticut, Bostwick, Pamela E. Saint Michael ' s College, VT Bowen, Michael D. Worcester Polytechnic Institute Bowin, Dara L. Middlesex Community College, Bowman, Jeffrey S. University of Maine at Orono, Brewer, Jillian University of Massachusetts Briana, Joanne Margaret Simmons College Brickett, Leslie Plymouth State College, NH Briggs, Bernard Employment Brousseau, Richard Bridgewater State College 60 Bukuras, Maria Cape Cod Community College Dion, Andrew Paul University of Maine at Orono, Bullard, Beth Cape Cod Community College Dionne, Carolyn M. Dean Junior College Burke, Thomas H. Springfield College Downs, Jennifer Ann Hesser College, NH Burkhart, Brenda University of Kentucky Draper, Edward K. University of Massachusetts Busby, Tresa M. Southeastern Massachusetts U Drouin, Ellen T. Regis College Butts, Jeffrey Blair Academy, NJ Dugan, Robert B. Southeastern Massachusetts U Canepa, Daryll A. Bay Path Junior College Dunn, Mary Catherine Cape Cod Community College Cannata, Carolee Endicott College Durant, Janna Employment Carragher, Brian M. Assumption College Dutra, Delinda Employment Carroll, John A. Employment Eagan, Sean F. Fairfield University, Ct Cartner, Tyler J. Southeastern Massachusetts U Echols, Melinda Plans pending 2 year Casso, Deborah E. Emory University, GA Eldridge, Gray Mitchell College, CT Casso, Michael A. Hamilton College, NY Evenden, Muir A. University of Arizona Castellanos Margaret Emerson College Evora, Shawn Cape Cod Community College Chiero, April Bridgewater State College Farrell, Erin E. Gettysburg College, PA Christensen, Jennifer Cape Cod Community College Ferreira, Brian P. Rensselaer Polytechnic Clarkin, Cheri University of Colorado at Boulder Ferreira, William Employment construction Clarkson, Troy B. Boston College Fetters, Sandra Mount Holyoke College Clements, Gregory S. Bridgton Academy, ME Field, Matthew Eastern Connecticut State U Clements, Tonya M. Cape Cod Community College Fitch, Jonathan American University, DC Colella, Matthew University of Massachusetts Forbes, Debora L. Cape Cod Community College Condon, Sean University of Vermont Foster, Jodi Ellen Employment Cooper, Paul M. Military-Army Frazier, Kimberly M. Employment Corey, Diane M. Fisher Junior College Freebern, Julie A. Employment Correllus, Christine Boston University Freeman, Russell K. Norwich University, VT Costa, Cheryl A. Plans pending Burdett School Freeman-ll, Ken Edward Employment Costa, Gregory Employment French, John A. W. Virginia University Costa, Monique Cape Cod Community College Frigon, Patricia Marriage Cousins, Timothy S. Saint Michael’s College, VT Frye, Sonya Cape Cod Community College Cowie, Michelle Employment-sales Furtado, Laura Ann Employment-clerical Coyle, Erin Colby College, ME Garcia, Antonio Becker Junior College Crowell, Steven Employment-Pool Cleaning Carpentry Gaspa, Patrick F. North Adams State College Cummings, Jennifer Purdue University, IN Giardi, Greg Brown University, Rl Cunha, Barbara J. University of Massachusetts Gilpin, Richard Employment-cabinet making Cusolito, Richard C. University of Vermont Goff, Faith Ann Southeastern Massachusetts U DaSilva, Audra M. Plans pending year off Gomes, Erica Employment Dalpe, Mark R. Employment-carpenter Gonsalves, Michael Military-Army Damore, Kristin Bridgewater State College Goux, Jason Emile Colorado State University DeCosta, Pamela Jeanne Cape Cod Community College Grant, Patrick E. Employment-cook Deer, Donna Wheaton College Gray, Frederick T. Employment DeFilippis, Anthony Southeastern Massachusetts U Gunther, Nancy K. University of Massachusetts Deleon, Donald B. Plans pending Trade School Hadway, Kimberly Employment secretary DeMello, Alison F. Newbury Junior College Hardin, Michele Louise Cape Cod Community College DePunte, Craig J. Plans pending year off Harvey, Rebecca Employment DeSouza, Ronald Allen Cape Cod Community College Hatfield, Hannah College of the Atlantic, ME 61 Hathaway, Christian J. Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale Lohr, Wesley A. Employment-construction Hayward, Mark S. College of William Mary, Va Long, Joanne Burdett School Heino, Christopher Employment-plumbing heating Lopes, Michelle Ann Employment Hooker, Elizabeth S. Boston University Lowell, Joanna E. Williams College Holway, Spear T. Employment-construction Lyonnais, Ricky C. Southeastern Massachusetts U Hood, Jeffrey J. Military-Air Force MacDonald, Carl J. Cape Cod Community College Hopewood Rosemary Cape Cod Community College Machado, Angela Marie Plans pending 2 year Horne, Veronica Employment Family Foods Manchester, Kristen L. University of Massachusetts Hornick, Leesa A. Cape Cod Community College Mancini Jr., Frank Undecided Howard, Jeffrey Steven Babson College Manheim, Francesca New England Conservatory of Music Hubbard, William J. Military-Army Marken, Michelle A. Simmons College Huebener, Lori Sue Colgate University, NY Marrota, Michael Bryan Syracuse University Hunter, John Tennery Fitchburg State College Marshall, Lisa M. Plans pending Vocational School Jackson, Eric Todd University of Massachusetts Mason, Jon Military-Air Force Jacobson, Walter L. Employment Mathis, Elaine Employment cashier Jaillet, Tracy Champlain College, VT Maurice, Michelle Brandeis University James, Marlene Employment Mayne, Timothy D. Cape Cod Community College Johnson, Julie A. Babson College McAdams, Cheryl Cape Cod Community College Johnson, Keith Ravn Universi ty of Colorado McAlvin, Karin Ann Bentley College Johnson, Troy J. Military-Navy McCarthy, Donald Cape Cod Community College Jollymore, Sydney D. Employment Nursery School McCarthy, Scott Nichols College Jonas, Kelly Fisher Junior College McClellan, Elaine A. University of New England, ME Jones, Clayton P. University of Massachusetts McDonald, Daren University of Massachusetts Josephs, Leslie E. Cape Cod Community College McEvoy, Kathleen P. American University, DC Joska, Lori Ann Employment bank teller McGrath, Brian Bridgewater State College Kadis, Charles Employment McGuinnes Jr., Vincent Mitchell College, CT Kearney, Sandra Jean Assumption College McManus, Andrew B. University of New Hampshire Keen, Patricia Ellen Northeastern University McMenamy, Coleen A. University of Lowell Keenan, Amy E. Westfield State College Medeiros, Debra Dean Junior College Keough, Timothy Southeastern Massachusetts U Medeiros, Heidi Dean Junior College Kessler, Chara Westfield State College Mello, Barbara Anne Assumption College Kibby, Kerry University of New Hampshire Mendes, Joaquin Military Marines Kiss, Amy Elizabeth Lasell Junior College Meserve, Timothy Military Prep School Kozens, Craig J. University of Connecticut Millard, Robert Fairfield University Labes, Manfred K. Military-marines Miller, Katherine E. Saint Anselm’s College, NH Lacerda, Sharon Northeastern University Miller, Leslie L. University of Massachusetts Lajoie, Gail A. Ithaca College, NY Molloy, Elaine M. Springfield College Lambert, Scott Employment-DPW landscaping Momz, Timothy C. Westfield State College Landry, Kerry L. University of Vermont Moreland, Christopher Military-Air Force Lane, Kenwyn Cape Cod Community College Morrison, Brian Wayne Lyndon State College, VT Lebel, Margaret C. Bay Path Junior College Motta, Paula Jean Cape Cod Community College Lemay, Joseph Employment-laborer Mulhern, Michelle Bay Path Junior College Lennox, Gregory P. Cape Cod Community College Murray, Kelly Ann Employment Lentini, Paul Elbert Military Prep School Netto, Jacqueline M. Salem State College Lima, Jose (Joe) Syracuse University, NY Niethold, Amy Gordon College Lima, Matthew D. Military-Army Oktem, Emilia R. Southeastern Massachusetts U Lindberg, Charles A. Bridgewater State College Orlando, James R. Employment Lindner, Tracy M. Salem State College Pace, Patricia Ann Cape Cod Community College 62 Pacheco, Kelly Ann Western New England College Seefeld, Stephen Plans pending 4 year Palanza, Matthew J. Plans pending year off Selleck, Deborah Cole Dean Junior College Paliotto, Alexander J. Employment-cook Sherlock, Julie Employment Pampalone, Andrea J. Salem State College Sherwood, Daniel J. Western New England College Pampalone, Sophia Southeastern Massachusetts U Shimomura, Sachi Standford University, CA Parrino, Laurie Sue Cape Cod Community College Silva, Rebecca Cape Cod Community College Parsons, Allen Stone Employment Simpson, Christopher F. Brandeis University Pavao, Sally H. Plans pending year off Smith, Elisa Cape Cod Community College Peal, Richard W. N Y Institute of Technology Soutter, Gregory Patrick Employment Peirson, Eric Hobart College, NY Souza, Nancy Anne Cape Cod Community College Pelletier, Renee L. Cape Cod Community College Springer, Lisa Undecided Penman, Dawn Marie Bentley College Stalcup, Mary Framingham State College Percoco, Debra Springfield College Stanley, Vanessa M. Bridgewater State College Perkins, Terry Lynne Cape Cod Community College Steele, Michael D. Cape Cod Community College Peterman, Tina P. Boston Institu te of Art Stevens, Craig L. American University, DC Peters, Chantelle M. Plans pending 2 year Stone, Heather A. Northwestern University, IL Peterson, David V. Yale University Stone Jr., William E. Northeastern University Phelps, Aimee Duvall Miami University of Ohio Studley, Gary W. Employment landscaping Pine, Jennifer B. Saint Michael’s College, VT Sullivan, Carla A. Mitchell College, CT Poag, Marla Denise Michigan State University Sullivan, Robert University of Massachusetts Pokraka, Gregg University of Vermont, VT Swire, Donna M. Salem State College Portentoso, Stephen Fitchburg State College Taylor, Susan Lynn Cape Cod Community College Potter, Christopher Military Marines Terry, Edward W. Employment-Pier 37 P ratt, Gregory Scott University of Massachusetts Tessier, Patricia Ellen Bucknell University, PA Prendergast, Robert University of Massachusetts Thackston, Allen Robert Employment Proctor, David P. Employment Thomas, Adam Harry Springfield College Ratsy, Allison Kerri Lasell Junior College Timoney, Ellen Ithaca College, NY Reeves, Taylor Hampton University, VA Tobin, Tracy Employment Faimouth Nursing Home Richardson, Karen C C of the Finger Lakes, NY Travers, Dina Mae Alvin Ailey Dance Center, NY Richardson, Peter B. Norwich University, VT Trumbull, Johnathan G. Harvard University Robbins, Matthew Auburn University, AL Utley, Jennifer Cape Cod Community College Roberts, Craig C. Employment construction Vaccaro, Peter Anthony Bucknell University, PA Robertson, John University of Maine at Orono Valiela, Luisa Boston University Robertson, Pamela J. Hallmark Institute of Photography Valias, Kim C. University of Massachusetts Rocheleau, Mathieu Plans pending 2 year Vaughn, Ronald A. Military -Army Roderick, Tina Marie Employment Vidal, Stephanie A. Stonehill College Rogers, Richard Worcester Polytechnic Institute Vinding, Johnna King College, TE Romiza, Scott John North Adams State College Vinitsky, John A. Springfield College Romkey, Scott S. Cape Cod Community College Vokey, Kristin Plans pending Year Off Rose, Christine M. Cape Cod Community College Webb, Kevin R. Stonehill College Rose, Kimberly Undecided Weeks, Chri stian Worcester Polytechnic Institute Rugg, Jr., William C. Norwich University, VT White, John P. College of William Mary, VA Runge, Melissa Jane Wheelock College Wilson, Jennifer L. Cape Cod Community College Sabo, Eric Massachusetts Maritime Academy Wright, Cheryl L. University of Michigan Salpoglou, Pamela Boston University Yardley, Jonathan University of Rhode Island Sanford, Shirelle L. Employment sales clerk Young, Michael R. Fitchburg State College Scalli, James F. Massachusetts Maritime Academy Zwinakis, Peter Florida Institute of Technology Schreiter, Susan M. Syracuse University Zylinski, Trina Cape Cod Community College 63 s u P s E E R N L 1 A O T R I V E S MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Pat Tessier Craig Stevens MOST INTELLIGENT Sachi Shimomura Gunner Trumbull MOST ATTRACTIVE Lauren Avanzino Eric Pierson MOST ARTISTIC Sue Schreiter Mike Young 64 BEST SMILE Karen Richardson Greg Giardi MOST MUSICAL Muffie Manheim Mike Moratta MOST TIME SPENT IN SCHOOL LIBRARY Mary Dunn John Yardley BEST ACTOR ACTRESS Hadley Aldrich Joe Lima FRIENDLIEST Michelle Marken Jim Scalli MOST UNIQUE Chris Beliveau Jason Goux MOST INVOLVED IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Pat Tessier Craig Stevens MOST ATHLETIC Carla Sullivan Brian Ferreira MOST HUMOROUS Debbie Selleck Jason Goux 65 Greg Giardi Sachi Shimumora Sandra Kearney Paul Lintini Sophia Pampalone Leo Albert 68 CHRISTMAS TREES jfM " r .il f A . WM£p j mtiL ' . %fA Zf w ,rS ’ )S JsPlHP , l 1 - j-K- • - WAjm jh Um ■ - V ■ 9 i l-H m. jt t t v w$ r f TillW ' ' J Jpa ■ - ” fftt ' r Mfc w ' M 4SOk h B V IB f?j£ V5i. ‘ ts wK TBft rft’ ' •• wLm. BBi ffllr 71 72 73 74 75 ANNA K. HARPER AWARD WINNER PATRICIA TESSIER 7b Tftrrrr 77 78 80 oq o wouuwii: 1st row; Bill O’Keefe, John MacNamara, Brian Car- ragher, Peter Vacarro, Chris Potter, Keith Johnson, Paul Tierney. 2nd row (kneeling); Asst. Coach A1 Hol- comb, Russ Freeman, Flory McCarthy, Mike Bowen, Eric Peirson, Greg Clements, David Peterson, Scott MacKilligan, Sean Scully, Chris Moreland, Coach Toran. 3rd row (standing); Jon Shouten, Alex Paliotto, Greg Pratt, Tim Moniz, Rick Lyonnais, Steve Rudden, Jeff Adams, Brian Coyne, Alex McLeod, David Mello, Dan Maurice, Tim Cousins, Chris Benway This year’s Tri-Captains were Greg Clements, Eric Peirson, and David Peterson. Three fine leaders. “The seasons high- light,” says coach Toran, “has to be the 2-1 win over New Bed- ford in the last game of the sea- son. Goals were scored by Chris Potter, and David Peterson.” The team went 10-6-1 for the season. Greg Clements scored 38 goals in 15 games Paul Tierney scored 7 goals in 4 games. Eric Pierson set a school record with 26 goals. ► m noi arm Front Row; Amy Ferreira, Janet Clark, Kathy McEvoy, Pat Tessier, Carla Sullivan, Cheri Clarkin, Jen Jensen, Ellen Druin, Tracy Pratt, Second Row; Michelle Demello, Liz Hocker, Leslie Miller, Laurie Cranshaw, Jen Chance, Coach Derado, Karen Antonucci, Tracy Sangster, Donna Swire, Anika Wright, Janice Irving. 87 rr D3HOO H n The Football team finished its 1985 season with four wins and six losses. Coach Gus Giardi, in his last year of coaching the Clippers, was pleased with his team efforts, which he had initialy predicted to be strong enough to go 7-3. Because of a plague of injuries, however, which forced Coach Giardi to draw on third string players in some cases, the team did as well as could be expected, and played with even more enthusiasm to get the job done. Coach Giardi believes that the “Reasons for having an athletic program are for teaching values and discipline, and this year’s team did this.” The team was led by cocaptains Greg Giardi and Dan Sherwood, although the whole senior class made up the backbone of the team unit. The Clippers’ talented team contained several award winning players. Among them were Matt Rocheleu, Rob Prenderghast, John Robertson and Chuck Lindberg, who were named to the All Conference Team. Greg Giardi, was also named to this team as well as receiving the honor of a spot on the Division III All State Team. Of his coaching career with the Clippers Gus Giardi says: “I am going to miss Falmouth. There is outstanding cooperation from the kids, and I see a good foundation for future prosperity in Falmouth Football.” 1st row; Eric Sabo , Tom Burke, John Robertson, Brian Ferreira, Chuck L inburg, Dan Sherwood, Greg Giardi, Greg Lenox, Matt Roche- leau, Eric Jackson, Vinnie McGuinnis, Mike Gonsalves. 2nd row; Pat Gaspa, Bill Stone, Ricky Brousseau, Jim Scalli, Pete Richardson, Greg Pokraka, Rob Prendegast, Allen Bohnert, Steve Portentoso, Kevin Webb, David Proctor, Allen Parsons, Dwane Alves. 3rd row; Ray Gonsalves, Paul Rossi, David Frank, Kirk Appleman, Jordan Giest, Pat Harrington, Dan Pimental, Mike Lipp, Bob Ingalls, Daryl Frye, Rich Molloy, John Bearse, Mark Parsons, Russ Grinnell. 4th row; Mark Rozum, Shay Perry, Jon Michael, Mark Warner, Eric Jen- son, Pat Silvia, Jason Colbert, Todd Olivera, Paul Anderson, Paul Svagdis, Jim Bass. 5th row; John Smith, Kevin Doule, Joe Dutra, Bri- an Guthrie, Jeff Pinto, Sean Jackson, Mark Phinney, Kurt McDonald, John Hinckly, Chip Anderson, David Bowser. 6th row; Jeff Robi- chaud, Coach Tom McMamara, Coach Bob Murry, Head Coach Gus Giardi, Coach Mike Rainee. 89 pomoooc c r 1st row; L-R (kneeling); 1. Andrea Pampalone, 2. Katie Miller, 3. Kelly Pacheco, 4. Michelle Marken, 5. Chara Kessler, 6. Michelle Mulhern, 7. Sophia Pampalone, 8. Erin Farrell 2nd row (kneeling); 9. Laura Phillips, 10. Jackie Mulhern, 11. Paulette DeCoste, 12. Courtney McCarthy, 13. Jane Smith, 14. Jean Beardsley, 15. Laura Kilday, 3rd row; 16. Ann Marie Consalvi, 17. Chris Goulet, 18. Meka Aguirre, 19. Lisa Strock, 20. Kelli Dottridge, 21. Julie Cherau, 22. Tara Smith, 23. Kim Fazzeio, 24. Jill Collins, 25. Hei- di Bauman, 26. Missy Rose, 27. Kim Basey, 28. Goody McKinstry, 29. Ellen Dunn, 30. Coleen O’Leary, 31. Coach Greg Gilbert The Falmouth girls soccer team, competing on the intramural level had a fine inaugural season, posting a record of 1-1-2 in its four contests against other Cape teams. Coach Greg Gilbert was pleased with his team’s efforts particularly because Fal- mouth had no freshman team, while its opponents have sepa- rate freshman and varsity teams. The squad’s roster of about 40 girls was termed “remarkable” by coach Gilbert considering the number of other activities open in the fall. The teams starting lineup, led by co-captaing Kelly Pacheco and Sophia Pampalone, was assisted by senior standouts An- drea Pampalone, Michelle Mulhern and Michelle Marken. As far as the future of girls soccer is concerned, coach Gilbert feels strongly that the team is ready to be added to the inter- scholastic sports ranks in 1986 and expects Jill Collins to make waves as a poweful force at striker, while Lisa Strock, Kim Basey and Julie Cherau also promise to be formidable adversaries. 91 rr ro mrrO First row (L to R): Pam Bostwick, Joanna Lowell, Claire Fein, Cathy McGowen. Second row: Mrs. O’Brien, Amy Guiliano, Gail Lajoie, Kerry Landry, Tina Wisnewski (manager). 93 c 5 co O PO O , yM% ■ Ku j 1st row left to right-Eric Hallstein, John Beagan, Mark Hayward, Gray Eldridge, Jason Goux, Deb Casso, Jen Cummings, Daryll Canepa, Kelly Salter. 2nd row-Ed Beagan, Dylan Lissette, Don Delinks, Dillan Latin, Marcus Hullum, Tom Dion, Heidi Hobson, Heidi Hullum, Pam Cherkofsky, Dan Hughes, Sean Hale. 3rd row-Mrs. Shirley Cullinane, Tim Lindner, Sean McKay, Peter DeMello, Michael Moniz, Frank Belford, Rob Slaght, Kevin Romiza, Jason Cullinane, Sarah Clifford, Paula Cherkofsky, Liz Beagan, Heather McLaugh- lin, A1 McAllister, Ellen Freund, Melissa Dole, Coach Tom Turkington. The Falmouth Clipper boys Cross Country team verged upon sheer perfection this season, winning all seven of their dual meets virtually uncontested by their opponents. In addition to dual meets, the harriers of Falmouth High also dominated several major regional meets including the Our Lady of Providence and Manhattan Invitationals. Coach Tom Turkington, chosen as “Coach of the Year” by the Boston Globe, calls it a magical season”, and refuses to accept credit for his teams success, claiming that “This was a self motivated team, and very little was expected of me.” John French, the team’s number one and nationally ranked runner led his team through a stellar season culminating in the capture of the Massachusetts All-Class State Crown with a point score of 50, the lowest in the meets’ eighteen year history. French had numerous outstanding athletes to back him up in victory. Six of the team’s members made Conference All Stars, while French and teammate John Beagan earned a position on the prestigious “Boston Globe All-Scholastic Team.” The girls, meanwhile, were working on a fine season of their own, completing their seven meet schedule at 5-2. The girls did a respectable job at the many regional meets, placing third in the SMC meet, fourth in EMass. Division I, and thirteenth in the All Class State Meet. Liz Beagan and Pam Cherkofsky shared the number one spot all season, while Heather McLaughlin made a courageous recovery from a foot injury half way through the season to struggle into her position as third runner. Liz, Pam, and Heather all were chosen for the Cape and Islands team, and Liz and Pam were also selected for the SMC All Star team. Retiring Justine Phillips 23 years in Falmouth Gene Phillips 30 years in Falmouth William Fraher 31 years in Falmouth Barbara Kanellopoulos 14 years in Falmouth Harry ette Alexander Curtis McKee 24 years in Falmouth 28 years in Falmouth Dewitt C. Jones III - House A Administrator Louis S. Larrey - House B Administrator Donald Burnette - House C Administrator 97 Steve Anderson Ann Ashley Maria C. Branco Carol A. Brunelle Judith L. Buckley Stephanie D. Cabral A Dennis J. Comolli Paul V. Cali Barbara E. Connoly Ruth H. Austin Robert W. Bastille Barry Bird Robert C. Bock Martine B. Cotton Yvonne E. Courtney Ellen L. Barol 98 Bruce Cranshaw Eugene F. Cullinane Debra Dagwan Raymond DesRoches Alfred Douglass Kathleen Craig Denise A. Dorado Elaine Fortin Jennifer Fenstermaker - H f7 . W William Fraher Constance Flood Lynn Forbes Dennis Ford Fredrick M. Grunin Robert W. Griffin Jr. Joyce Fleck Diane C. Funfar Augustine A. Giardi Vincent Gulotta James Vi. Harrington Robert Hayden Michael Heifen Albert Holcomb Joan Huckins George Hussey Richard Jason James E. Johnson Susan Kane - Burnham Mary A. Keenan Christine Keough Terrance S. Kirby Alvin J. Koiodziejski Robert LaRaia Helen S. Ladd 100 L. to R.; Ida DiPrizio, Jean Corbett, Evlyen Nidistco, Terri Devlin, Peggy Marshall, Marilyn McCura, Stella Gervais, 2nd row; Catherine Lahey, Mae Jordan, Helen White, Betty DeMello, Liz Lintini, Josie Gomes. M. MacDougall William McKay Mary J. Mason Richard A. Mason Paula J. Mauk Joseph H. McCauley Bruce Mogardo Janet Murtha John E. Negri Robert A. Nilson James F. O ' Brien Maureen E. O ' Brien 101 Vasco R. A. Fires James R. Pennell Isabel Raposa Suzanne Rapoza John J. Reardon Adele Rohe Edward T. Rowan Barry Sadoff Debra Sangster Peggy Specht Carrie B. Saunders John T. Shingles Yvette N. Thivierge Stephen R. Waisgerber Joan M. Charron Frederick C. Toran Robert P. Watson Tom Cazault Franklin W. Towle A. Martin Tullock Paul M. Wasseth James Wight- Waltman James M. Winer Shirley A. Cullinane Mary K. Bishop Harryette Alexander Jeanette G. Baker Eileen Farrell Martha If. Griffin Eleanor T. Manning 104 Cheryl Mooney Judith C. Robertson Lori Adams Jeff Adams Donna Alexander Katie Aldinger Sadie Alvin Mark Anastasia David Anderson Debra Anderson Paul Anderson Robert W. Andrade Laura Auger Sheri Ayers Lori Baker Todd Ballard Jason Basmajian Edward Be a g an John Beagan John Bearce Jean Beardsley John Bell Alberto Beltran Chris Benway Caryn Bertozzi Beth Soares Tara Bingham Aletha Bird Stephen Bird Sheldon Blake John Black Traci Boddy Matthew Bohr David Bonne au Mark Bourgoin Paul Bowker Shiela Boyce Deborah Boyd Jennifer Boylan Eric Braithwaite John Brand John Butler Charles Byrne Ned Callahan 106 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mrs. Mediros, Advisor, Jason Basmajian, Jenni- fer Edmund, Bill McClean. Allison Carreiro Sean Casey John Che ever Nicole Chantrello Julie Cherau Pamela Cherkofsky Paula Cherkofsky Janet Clark Sarah Clifford Mark Cohen John Colbert Jill Collins Shiela Conway Tammy Corey Lorrie Cor on ell a Scott Costa Matt Coughlin Laura Courtemanche Joanne Craig Laurie Cranshaw Todd D ' Amario Debra Damore Joe DeLauri John Deleon Don Delinks Jennifer Delormi Lori DeMello Michelle DeMello Jana Demeo Donna Dinco JUMOKS_ 107 Tom Dion Greg Donahue Kimberly Dyer Jennifer Edmond Elizabeth Eldredge Tony Ellis Scott Erickson Liana Fantasia Mark Faria Rachel Faria Erich Fassell Kimberly Fawson Claire Fein Amy Ferreira Kim Frig on Kristen Fredrick Kelly Freebern John Gagnon Jen Galloway Matthew Gaudet Jordan Geist Eric Gilbert John Gilchrist Ray Gonsalves Christine Goulet Michel Graglia Russ Grinnell Sharon Gunther Sean Hale Lori Happnie Andrea Harding Patrick Harrington Bobbi Jo Harvey Ron Hazelton Jennifer Henkenius Heidi Hobson Heidi Hoeckel Chris Houlden Danny Hughes Bob Ingalls Janice Irving Robyn E. Irwin 108 J.V. BASEBALL First row (L to R): Jonathon Smith, Todd Oli- viera, Scott Vokey, Rick Robertson, Jim O ' Con- nell, Dave Anderson, Matt Gaudet. Second row: Paul Svagdis, Ted Murphy, John Antonucci, Mike Azarovitz, Graham Poag, Kenny Briggs, Joe Dutra. Coaches: Jodi McCauley, Left; Steve An- derson, Right. Darlene Jackson Matt Jackson Pamela Jalbert Sue James Sara Jansson Shayne Jaquith Eric Jensen Jennifer Jensen Stephanie Johnson Kristen Keating Robert Klein Laura Kilday Bridget Killian Tim King Brian Lamphear Robbie LaRaia Kate Lawton Tricia LeMeur Michelle Lemay Brian Lemmon Tim Leonard James Lichtenstein Michael Lipp Chris Loft field VUWOKS 109 Michelle Lopes Monty Lucas Ellen Lynch John MacDonald Alicia Made! Scott MacKilligan Mike Mahoney Michael Marini Damon Marotta Kelly Marshall Carolyn Mauk Dan Maurice Flory McCarthy Nancy McCarty Christine McCormick Joe McHugh Heather McLaughlin Lori McLaughlin Alexis McLeod Patrick McNamara David Mello Adrienne Minassian Wayne Miranda Monica Mitchell Janet Moller Richie Molloy Molly Monahan Mike Monir Stephan Morgan Kimberly Mott John Munroe Christine Murphy Tim Murphy Deidre Murray Amara Mustafa Christine Nelson Nancy Oakley Sean O’Keefe Christine O ' Leary Molly O ' Neil Jerry J. Palmer Julian Parker ' J.V. LACROSSE Sitting (L to R): David Josephs, Mike McCarthy, Fred Weeks, Tom Robertson, Brian Droper, Ted Gakidis, Doug Sheareer. Kneeling: Doug Ballard, Chris O ' Rourke, Kevin Lamphear, Doug Correl- lus, Kurt McDonald, Dan Maurice, John Bearce, David Bowser, Martin Parker, Chris Howard. Standing: Dirk Kokmeyer, Ed Mello, Jeff Me- serve, Eric Callaghy, Mickey Thomas, Ken Gilch- rist, Rick Palmer, Mike Pacheco, Steve Kapulka, Coach Jeff Sherman. Wayne Pelletier Elena Perez David Perkins Elizabeth Perkins Sandra Peters Crysia Pettigrew Laura Phillips Jill Pickering Yvette Pires Bryan Pina Jeff Pinto Teri PI a v sky Eric Plummer Nancy Plummer M elissa Pocknett Kira Pratt Darlene Raposa Debbie Rattigan Mark Raymond Kerri Reardon Virginia Reed Michael Remson Jeff Robichard James Romiza HUMOUS 111 Kevin Romiza David Rose Damian Ross Sieve Rudden Nancy Rugger i Kelly Salter Hilary Sawyer Michael Sato Maryellen Sawyer Jennifer Schneider Jan Schoulen Anna Schulman Sean Scully Shawn Shan aver Kris Silva Mark Silvia Cathy Simonis Jane Smith Fred Sonderegger Christ SI. John Melonie SI. Laurent John Sylvia Karen Tavares Sharron Tavernier Jennifer Taylor Mohammed Tazziz Don Thompson Karen Thurston Sheri Tinti Jeannie Toldness Aaron Tripp Jeff Turk Sibi Valiela Heather Vidal Michelle Wallace Khristi Walsh Jodi Ward Stephanie Westgate Melinda Wimer Eric Zmuda Donna Canale Marc Parsons 112 Humous Prom Decorating 113 Jennifer Adami Daniel Adams Chris Allen Peter Amara Liz Ames Kenneth S. Anderson till Andrade Michelle Antonis John Antonucci Laura Armstrong Lynn Aro Craig Aommelmezer Kristine Aristide Micheal Azarvitz Jim Bagg Kim Bailey Jennifer Barstow Scott Barton Kinberly Basey Liz Beagan Raymond Benson Tammy Berrios Kim Be vans Ted Blanchard Allyson M. Borowski Rachael Bostwick Moses Bothol Dawn Bouchard Victoria Bowen Jennifer Bowman Scott Bowman David Bowser Kenny Briggs Eilleen Brown Robbie Buckley Jacquie Bullard Alexandria Burk Kris Cabral Chris Cafarelli Erik Callagy Sean Callagy 114 ' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS John Antonucci, Meka Aguire, Sandy Hurd, Mrs. Sangster - Advisor. Donna Cantalupo Fred Carpenter Kristen Carragher Caryn Cary Wyatt Case Julia D. Carter Brian Chiero Bill Chisholm Becky Clement Paula Cloninger David Cohen Jason Colbert Patrick Colonna Jennifer Coleman Scott Conroy Ann Marie Consalvi Nancy Cook Andy Cooper Dave Cor eland Arthur Corey Douglas Correllus Everett Costa Michelle Couture Brian Coyne Jamie Coyle Tracey Craft Nicole Crockette Vickie Crocker Donald Cruwys Sue Cutrona ■ 115 116 Chris DaCosta Mylo D ' Antonio Karen Dean Stephen DeMatos William Echols Eric Deer Clem DeMello Deidre Denisi Melinda DePonte Julie Delweiler David Dewees Pete DiAngelis Teddy Dickerson Linda DiFrancesco Mary Dillon Melissa Dole Kelli Dotlridge Debbie Duffy Jeff Eddy Rachell Faria Cynthia Faulkner Kimberly Fanino Erik Ferriald Chelia Ferreris Leigh -Ellen Ferreira Brad Ferrie Micheal Fierra Sarah Finnell Jodi Flanders Karey Fogarty Kristen Forns Todd Fountain Jennifer Fox David Frank Stephanie Freeman Ellen Freund Katherine Friis Carol Fullam Sandy Gibbons Edwin Giordano Kim Geggatl Beth Goff irK’tten J.V. BASKETBALL Kneeling (L to R): Leanne Tenney, Laurie Brand, Sara Finn ell, Jennifer Peal, Liz MacLeish, Amy Salthouse. Standing: Jen Bar stow, Claire Fein, Nicole L yonnais, Coach, Al Kolodziejski, Liz Beagan, Paulette DeCoste, Shelly Pratt. Tracy Goldsmith Michael Gomes Ann Gonsalves Carl Gonsalves Jeff Gonsalves Barry Good Sharon Grant Wendy Griswold Wendy Greelish Amy Guihano Jill Gumbleton Heater Gunas Brian Guthrie Kristen Hadway Camilla Hampton Charlotte Hampton Michelle Halpin Nora Harrington Amy Hart el Loralynn Hayden Carlton Hendricks Susan Hendricks Tanya Hicks Shawna Higgins S0PH0M0K8S 117 Jon. Hinkley Clifford Hopkins Leslie Horne Denny Horton Evelene Huguenin Todd Humphrey Alexander Hurd Sean Jackson Corinne Jacobson Bryan Jalberl Joe Janerico Daniel Johnson Kevin Johnson Janinne Johnsen Jennifer Johnsen Rachelle Jonas Joseph G. Jones Leeland Jones Nichole Jordan David Josephs Eric Juslason Jennifer Kahler Paul Kanellapoulos Stephen Kapulka James Karatekas Sean Keating Jen Kennan Shawn Kelley Paula Knebel Dirk Kokmeyer Jennifer Lafono Julie Lamoreux Robert Landry Beth Leite Timothy Linder Laura Lewis Mark Lopes Willard Lovett Lisa Lowe Michelle Lowe David Lubelczyk Dylan Luyten 118 J.V. BASKETBALL Knelling L -R; 1. David Aldrich, 2. Stefan Pina, 3. Darrel Burgo, 4. Kenny Mills, 5. Carlton Hen- dricks, 6. Mark Rossam, 7 . Dan Callahan, 8. Eric Monrow, 9. Todd Oliveira, 10. Jason Colbert, 11. Kenny Briggs, 12. Jamie Coyle, 13. David Moniz, 14. John Antonucci, 15. Coach Ernie Holcomb Mary MacConnell Paula MacEachern David Marks Hope Marks Shari Marscheider Anjanette Martin Deana Martin Michelle Matial Michael McCarthy Ann Marie McCleary Deborah McClellan Elizabeth McLeish Michael McComiskey Julie McCormick Mikaela McDermott Kurt McDonald Jennifer McHardie Brooks McKinley Julie Meisner Rick Meissner Anne Mello Edward Mello Doug Melghem April Meyers SOPHOMOKSS 119 Jon Michael Jessica Miller Adrienne Minassian Heather Miranda Lisa Molloy David Moniz Patricia Monteiro Erin Moody Jacquelyn Mulhern Neal Murphy Sean Murphy Tammy Murphy Carrie Neill Brett Nelson Stacey Ness Kendra Nungesser Cathy O ' Connell James O ' Connell William O ' Keefe Todd Oliveira Greg Olsen Chris O ' Rourke Marcy Pacheco Troy Pacheco Martin Parker Jenni Peal Albert Perry III Crystal Perry Monique Peters Lisa Peterman Erica Phillips Lucia Piazza Mark Pneeney Graham Poag Tammy Pocknetl Kristy Pont Ellen Patterson Scott Pratson Shelley Pratt Tracey Pratt Bob Rabesa Paul Rapoza 120 . f r nun i ' - ifjfieti STATE DIV II CHAMPS 97S -1979 Falmouth High School Eastern MA Champs 1978-79 1980 - 81 1981 - 82 Falmouth High School SMC Div l Champs 1974 - 75 1979-80 1975 - 76 J.V. HOCKEY 1st row-John Miller, J.P. Ferreira, Brian Coyne, Doug Ballard, Dan Adams, Scott Bowman, Ron Hazelton, Mark Bingham, Paul Rapsoa, Billy Chislom, 2nd row -Steve Cross, Sandy Hurd, Ke- vin Doyle, Brett Nelson, Scott Vokey, Scott Phillips, Sean Keating, Coach Lee Burgess, 3rs row-Asst. Coach lack Irving, Jeremy McKnight, Micky Thompson, Scott Phillips, Gary Pokraka, Mgr, Paul Roach Gretchen Reinhagen John Richardson Stacey Richardson Mike Robbins Nicole Roberts Rich Robertson Kerry Robinson Sergio Rodriguez Crystal Romanyszyn Melissa Rose Paul Rossi Raymond Roy Mark Rozum Kevin Ryder Jim Salpoglou Amy Salthouse Jill Sanger Traci Sangster Heather Sarsfield Andy Saxe Marita Scott Marileen Schouten Laura Schroth Stephanie Schwalbe SOP HO MOMS 121 Billy Shea Amy Sheldon Ish Silva ' Andy Simonds Jennifer Simpson Tim Simpson Jeff Sirkis Robert Slaght Jon Smith Rachel Smith Saulee Smith Tara Smith Jennifer Souden Jeff Souza Karen Souza Michelle Springer Jennifer Sprout Dondra Steadman Missy Steele Marah Stets Ian Striffler Lisa Strock Paul Svagis Joseph Sweeny Joyce Tavano Michelle Tessier John Thayer Brett Thomas Jennifer Thomas Ear! Thompson Matthew Urban Tim Utley Jason Veilleui Sarah Vidal Scott Vokey Ray Wagner Melissa Walden Dawn Ward Heather Ward Ann Welch Allison Westgate Kevin Wheeler 1 11 SMS J.V. SOFTBALL Kneeling (L to R): Michelle Battistini, Wendy Whitehead, Dawn Handlin, Leslie Horne, Cathy McGowan. Standing: Karen Tavares, Amy Con- nell, Lori Brand, Coach Toran, Laura MacWhin- nie, Jen Barstow, Nicole Lyonnaise. Annika Wright Mark Wright Angus Young Deena line Ron ZuWallack Linda Zylinski Sophomore Spagetti Supper SOP HO M OKSS 123 Daniel Abely Kelly Albert Lisa Alves Darryl Anderson Jason Anderson Melissa Anderson Nicole Anderson Jason Andrade Julius Andrade Jason Andrade Justine Andrews Nicki Andrews Caroline Antonangeli Danielle Auger Matt Auger Robin Ayers Doug Ballard Philip Barlil Rob by Barrows Amy Basset Michelle Baltistini David Bauknechl Heidi Bauman Eric Benway Joe Beressi Bryan Berube Natalie Bezdaris Jennifer Bishop Scott Bishop Dora Blaine Nancy Bonito Cheryl Booth Dawn Bostwick Kathleen Boy Ian Jennifer Bozora Becky Bragel Lauri Brand Mike Briggs Danny Brown Erika Brown Jenny Brown Sean Buckley 124 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Cecil Costa, Larry Pimental, Shirley Cann Jennifer Burtis Mike Byron Tara Callahan Anne Capra Catherine Carajanes James Cardoza Andrea Carreiro Miles Case Danny Casey Rich Castleberry Christine Cawley Derrick S. Chandler Scott Chicoine Torrey Clark David Cohen Jill Cohen Rebecca Colbath Drew Colella Shawn Coleman Andrew Collentro Tabitha Collin Melisa Collins Melonie Collins Shawna Conley Amy Connell John Connolly Kerry Corbett Cecil Costa Christopher Cousineau Heather Cox 7KSSMMSM 125 Colleen Coyne Kathy Cone Krissy Cranshaw Matt Damore Heather Daniels Adam Darey Ryan Darrah Allen Davis Ted Davis Heidi DeBarrows Paulette DeCoste Peter DeMello Danielle Desmarais Kara DiAngelis Sara Dillon Chris Dinsmore Michelle Disney Christine Dolan Colleen Donahue Holly Dottridge Paul Dufty Tammy Dutra Brandon Eagien Bradford J. Edmond Michelle Evans Diana Faria left Farrington Bena ' Featherstone I P Ferreira Arlton Figuerido Alison Finnell Jeff Fisk Susan Fitch James Foggie Scott Torbes Brad Fountain Andrew Friis Delaney Frye Kevin Frye Shanti Gagne Jason Gaudet Loriann Geishecker i 126 FRESHMEN SOCCER 1st row; 1. Tom Robertson, 2, Delaney Frye, 3. J.P. Ferreira, 4. Scott DeMello, 5. Mike Reposa, 6. Brad Edmond, 7. Jamie Lissette, 8. Randy Goux, 9. Tim Lewis, 10. Sean Revenaugn, 11. Mickey Thompson, 12. Eric Benway, 13. Tom Peterson, 14. John Connolly, 15. Doug Ballard, 16. Derek Schneider, 17. Brian Monize, 18. Coach Joe McCauley, 19. Norman DeBarrows, 20. Brandon Egen, John Boddy Mike Gheifi Ren Gilchrist Suzette Giimette Mike Giordi Amy Goslee Randy Goux Robert Gragiia Samantha Graham Erika Greene Tom Grassle Susan Guess Benjamin Gusciora Christianne Hale Dawn Handlin Brian Hausen Jim Hardin Kimberly Harrington Brian Hearn Sharon Hendricks Deborah Herbert Vicki Hill Chris Hoag Charles Hope wood Craig Hopkins MSSHMStf 127 Chris Howard Carotene Huguenin Heidi Hullum Alison Humphrey Jennifer Jackson Sylvia Jacobson Todd Jaillet Edwina Johnson Peter Jones Jennifer Joyce Stephen Kecskemety Christopher Kerfoot Bill Kitten Julee King Andrea Klein Jennifer Knapp Jeff Kowalski Tara Kruczek Tristy Kunz Dawn Labossiere Rachelle Lacerda Kevin Lamphear Mark Laulelle Christine Lemay Heather Lemme Matt Leonard Timothy Lewis Dylan Lissette James Lissette Robert Little Rick Lockwood Jeff Loechel Car ol Long Heather Longual Kimberly Lopes Cecily Lough Nicole Lyonnais Chris Lyons Christy Maciel Laura MacWhinnie Michelle Manchester AH Mandalinci 128 J.V. SOCCER First row: J. Karatekas, Mike Azarovitz, Mike McCarthy, Tim Utley, John Antonucci, Scott Conroy, Ted Shea. Second row: Sandy Hurd, Authur Huvley, David Cohen, Bob Rebesa, Bryan Jalbert, Rick Robertson, Bill O’Keefe, Tony Ellis. Third row: Kenneth Briggs, Moses Bothoi, Scott Vokey, Jamie Coyle, Coach Anderson, David Mo- niz, David Josephs, Eric Deer, Shayne Jacquith. Kathleen Marini Trina Markgren Kristine Marks Jennifer Marotta Jenifer Martin Cherry Martindale Kara Martinsons Alice Matias Susanne McAlvin Christi McBrierty Courtney McCarthy Teg an McCartney Kristen McComiskey Veronica McDonald Michelle McEvoy Scott McGee Mark McGrory Tara McHugh Sean McKay Grace McKinstry Jeremy McKnight Sean McLean George Medeiros Jeff Meserve MSSMMSN 129 Gary Michael John Miller Heather MiHiman Kenny Mills Aaron Miranda Matt Moller Justine Molloy Mark Moniz Marcy Morganroth David Morris Dwayne Morris Sean Morse Laine Mosley Scott Munroe Suzanne Newhart Kristine Nickerson Rebecca Nidositko Paul R. Niemi Richard Nyari Dawn O ' Brien Valerie O ' Connor Carrie O ' Keefe Colleen O ' Leary Dawn Oliver Tracy Oliver Chris Oman Jennifer O ' Neil Patti O ' Neil Craig Orluskie Scott Orluskie Chris Orne Amy O’Rourke Cassie Palanza Rick Palmer Dan Pedersen Mary Perkins Bryan Perreira Heide Perry Janet Perry Katrina Perry Margie Perry Jodi Peters r n J ' d 130 J.V. FIELD HOCKEY Kneeling (L to R): Mikaela McDermott, Chris Leary, Janet Mutter, Chris O ' Leary, Kathey Friis, Marileen Schouten, Joanne Craig, Sarah Finnell. Standing: Mrs. Dagvran, Jen Thomas, Andrea Harding, Kris For ns, Deb McClellan, Jill Goslee, Nicole Roberts, Colleen Coyne, Jen Pine. Tom Peterson Scott Phillips Norma Plavsky Lee Piazza Gary Pokraka Dave Pooler Michael Proctor Doug Quintiliani Sean Revenaugh Tom Robertson Rick Roderick James Rogers Kim Romkey Louis Romiza Tara Rose Tracy Sabine Amy Sanick i Ryan Santos Cari Sayers Louisa Schlee Derek Schneider Mike Sestakauskas Chris Shea Claudia Silva JKSSMMSN 131 J.V. VOLLEYBALL Kneeling (L to R): Tracy Goldsmith, Amy Hartel, Mary Dillon, Shanti Gagne. Standing: Sara Jansson, Erin Sullivan, Tina Roderick, Karen Tavares, Kathy Boyian, Mrs. O ' Brien (Coach). Julie Silva Marcus Simonds Russell Simmons Brad Smith Marcus Sohn Danny Solomon Kristen Soltis Sharon Souza Melissa Spagone Jennifer Spindel Chris Sprague David Stack Katrina Starr Janet Statemen Kristen Stevens Lynne Stone Andrea Studley Brian Sullivan Kevin Swanson Kristina Tavares Robert Tavares Lisa Taylor Leanne Tenney Susan Thielman 132 FRESHMEN BASKETBALL J £ v ' S fl : f| t rr M nwm r yf ftw m F L I§ ' i ill tm 1 k m - ' i.: twvl 1 jirz . £ r Wk ji uim " »i • Hh i M Kneeling (L to R): Caroline Antonangeli, Heath- er Daniels, Dawn Handlin, Sharon Hendricks, Laura MacWhinnie. Alison Humphrey. Standing: Tracy Sabine, Courtney McCarthy, Kim Veiesig, Coach Dennis Ford, Erica Derany, Susanne McAlvin, Erika Greene. Mickey Thompson Nuala Thmpson Kelly Thurston Frank Travis Lynda Turner Marc Turner Justine Tynan Joe Uzmann Kimberly Velesia Waiter Wait Mark Waugaman.Jr. Wendi Whitehead Jim Wichterman Travis Wiebe David Williams April Wimer James Woodward Edward Zine 133 1st row-Jenniler Jackson, Nicole Anderson, Lauri Geishecker, Him Harrington, Christy Hale, Data Blane, Amy Goslee. 2nd row-Jenniler Joyce, Jennifer Spindel, Robin Aires, Jennifer O ' Neal, Wendy Rubin-Coach, Dawn Handlin, Chrissy Cranshaw, Ann Capra, Michelle Batlistini. FRESHMAN BASEBALL W - v — V Firsl Row (L to R): Mark Turner, Shawn Andrade, Robby Barros, Scott McGee, Jason Gaudet, Brad Fountain. Second Row: David Morris, Kevin Swanson, Kevin Frye, Frank Travis, Scott Phillips, Tim Lewis, Paul Neimi. Third Row: Chris Sprague, Steve Keszcemety, Marcus Sohme, Larry Pi- mental, Brian Berube, Rick Lockwood, Jason Anderson. Fourth Row: Asst. Coach Rainnie Missing: Norm DeBarros Coach Allietta 134 Bottom row-Dwane Morris, Aaron Mirando, Kevin Frye, Mike Andrade, Eric LeBlanc, Jason Andrade, Frank Travis, Dave Pooler, 2nd row-Mike Toldness, Rusty Sim- mons, AH Robby Barrows, Kenny Thompson, Kevin Swanson, Tegan McCarthy. Ben Gusora, Brian Perreira, 3rd row-Mike Giardi, Derrick Chandler, Shawn Zylinski, Larry Pimental, Josh Moody, Brian Hansen, Danny Bohnenberber, Scott Chicoine, Rick Lockwood, Jeff Farrington, Coach Ken Kozens. Class Show wesMMew 135 mxnox 1st row L-R; Paul Lentini, Bill Rugg, Rick Lyonnais, Brian Ferreira, David Peterson, Brian Carragher, Greg Pokraka, Alex Pa- liotto. 2nd row; Asst. Coach Dave Colburn, Trainer Hank Jonah, David Frank, Fred Sonderegger, Ron Bowman, Kevin Romiza, Bill McLean, Tim King, Todd Ballard, Dr. Thomas Brooks, Coach Buddy Ferreira. 3rd row; Mgr. Andy McManus, David Bonneau, Paul Tierney, John Beagan, Carl MacDon- ald, Tom Peterson, Mgr. Tano Lentini. 139 cn O ] (S) ' ZX O 1st row; 1. Kim Bevans, 2. Tara Smith, 3. Michelle McEvoy, 4. Kathy Friis, 5. Tracy Boddy, 6. Janinne Johnson, 7. Katrina Starr. 2nd row; 8. Coach Debra Dagwan, 9. j Cheryl Booth, 10. Andrea Studley, 11. Susan Catrona, 12. Debbie McClellan, 13. Kristin _ , Forns, 14. Laura Armsrtong, 15. Diane Faria. The Falmouth Gymnastic Team was in a very competitive league this year. We began and ended this season as underdogs. It was a very young team, consisting of 3 juniors, 1 1 sophomores and 6 freshmen. This years captain was sophomore Kristen Forns. Kristen competed on the vaulting horse and in the floor exercises. Tracy Boddy, a junior was chosen this year’s most dedicated gymnast. The most valuable player, or gymnast, was Tara Smith, a sophomore. The most improved gymnasts, this year, were Sue Catrona, a sophomore and Cheryl Booth, a freshman. Each year two special awards are given to members of the team. One award is for sportsmanship and the other is given in recognition of a freshman gymnast whom I feel has shown the most potential during the season. This year, Kim Bevans, a sophomore received the sportsmenship award, and Andrea Studley received the freshman special award for most potential. We hope to increase our coaching staff, our talent, and the number of gymnists participat- ing, by recruting some of the junior high school girls, who will be attending Falmouth High in the fall of 1986. We’re looking forward to a competitive and exciting season next year. It has been fun working with the girls gymnastic team and I hope they have enjoyed working with me as much as I have with them. Coach Dagwan 141 r r do H m ps c ) co cn k: O cx Kneeling; Vincent McGuiness Jr., Mark Parsons, Tom Burke, Matt Field, Fred Gray, Kevin Webb, Jeff Adams, Alex Mac- Loud. Standing; Asst. Coach Steve Waisgerber, Sheldon Blake, Jim Curtain, Sean Casey, Greg Giardi, Tim Moniz, Tony Ellis, Jordan Geist, Scott MaKilligan, Head Coach, Michael T. Donovan. 143 o poh c r ' X First Row: (1. to r.) Jen Jensen, Lori Coronella, Heather McLaughlin, Sharon Lacerda, Sarah Clifford, Paula Cherkofsky, Erin Farell. Second Row (kneeling): Pam Cherkofsky, Heidi Hobson, Cari Sayers, Tracy Sangster. Third Row (standing); Jill Andrade, Rachel Lacerda, Jennifer Knapp, Kelly Salter, Heidi Hullum, Jacque Mulhern, Krisie Hale, Coach John Carroll, Bobby Jo Harvey, Jen Bowman, Tracy Lindner, Heather Sarsfield, Darell Canepa, April Wimer, Nancy McCarty. The Girls Winter Team went undefeated to win the First S.M.C. Winter League. Lorrie Coron- ella, Pam Cherkofsky, and Erin Farrell were the teams high point getters. In the tough Class B State Meet Falmouth scored 22 points. The high point of the meet was the 4x440 yard relay team which won the gold medal in 4:11.7. Two freshmen-Heidi Hullum Heidi Baumann, a sophomore-Traci Sangster, and a Junior- Lorrie Coronella got the gold medal. Lorrie also placed sixth in the 600 yard run, while Sharon Lacerda placed sixth in the 300 yard run. Pam Cherofsky placed fifth in the one mile run while Tracy Linder placed fourth in the 50 yard hurdles. Freshmen Heidi Hullum broke the freshmen 300 yard record twice in the State Meet. The loss of Tri-Captains Erin Farell, Tracy Linder, and Sharon Lacerda will be hard to replace. 145 1st row-Coach Bruce Mogardo, Michael Casso, Jim Scalli, Robert Andrade, Chris Simpson, Kirk Appleman, Pat Gaspa, Keith Johnson, Rob Sullivan, John French, Coach Phinny. 2nd row-Danny Hughes, Bobby Ingals, Richie Molloy, Tom Dion, Robert Scully, Russ Grinnell, Duane Alves, Wayne Pellitier, Grahm Poag, Jason Cullinane. 3rd row-Travis Wiebe, Matt Gaudet, Ed Beagan, Frank Bellifiore, Marcus Hullum, Sean Hale, Danny Maurice, Sean Shanaver, Paul Svagdis, Jason Gaudet. 4th row- Chip Anderson, Peter DeMello, Brian Jal- bert, Teddy Dickenson, Mark Warner, Timmy Lindner, Kevin Lamphear, Billy Priest, Scott Chicoine, Ray Gonsalves. 5th row-Don Delinks, Sean McKay, Brad Edmund, Daryl Ander- son, Larry Pimental, David Gilmartin, A1 Brewer, Brian Han- sen, Jason Andrade, Coach Cranshaw. ■■ 147 r r 03 H m c ) oa co r pa First row: Paulette Vinding, Johanna Vinding, Johanna Lowell, Amy Hartel, Sue James. Second row: Karen Antonucci, Amy Juliano, Kriste Damors, Gail Lajore, Sue Hendricks, Coach A1 Holcomb. The Falmouth Girls Basketball team ended their regular season play with a perfect league record of 10-0, and for the second time in as many years were champs of the SMC II Division. Seeded 7th in state tournament play, they defeated Madison Park before losing to Newton North to complete the season with a fine 14-4 record. Senior Johnna Vin ding, who scored 1350 points while playing for FHS, was named All Scholastic, All League and All Cape. Paulette Vinding and Joanna Lowell were selected All Cape and All League. 149 YEARBOOK STAFF 1. Sue Guess 2. Holly Dot fridge 3. Jen Bishop 4. Tara Callahan 5. Tara Kruczek 6. Joanne Briana 7. Ali Burke 8. Jim Wight-Waltman, Advisor 9. Clayton Jones. Missing , Julee King. EDITORS Beth Perkins From the Editor: It seems ages ago, and then again it could just as well have been yesterday when I first came to a Yearbook meeting and asked if there was anything could do. That was probably my first mistake, the second was sticking around to hear the answer! There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into the production of a Yearbook and it takes a group of dedicated people to accomplish it. My hardest worker award goes to Jim Wight-Waltman for his attention to countless details, untold hours, and above all, patience. Also, my sincere thanks to Russie and Daniel (Jim ' s family) for keeping him sane! This year s crew was a special one. First of all, it was comprised of all girls - watch out next year Jim ! To them I grant the award of being the liveliest Kelli Dottridge group that I have ever worked with. You kept me on my toes - and awake Seriously however, this group was a great time - one I will never forget. Thank you. My gratitude also goes to Joanne who helped me maintain my sanity at times. And then there is Norval, our rep. from Jostens, always ready with an idea or two ■ take it easy Big Guy. Lastly, thanks goes to all of those people in the school who make everything go smoothly - I’ll miss you. Love, Clayton Editors-fn-Chief Sports Senior Portraits Activities Fine Arts Underclassmen Senior Activities Faculty Staff Joanne Briana Clayton Jones Julee King Joanne Briana Ali Burk Kelli Dottridge Joanne Briana Sue Guess Tara Callahan Beth Perkins Jen Bishop Holly Dottridge photogs darkroom Jeff Adams, David Anderson, Au- drey Borowski. Joanne Briana, Tom Burke, John Carroll, Jr., Clayton Jones, Tara Kruczek, Julie Meisner, Wayne Miranda, Becky Harvey, Tina Rose, Jim Wight-Waltman Seeing that my staff has left me only the tiniest of spaces, I will be brief! “Thank You’s” from me to; our Business Managers, Ruth Austin and Mary Bishop • their time and hard work; Russie Dan • last min- ute art work; Norval - ideas and ad- vice; and Aletha Bird, for her de- tailed brighteners. And finally, heartfelt thanks to our graduating Editors-ln-Chief, Clayton and Joanne - easily two of the most outstanding and capable editors with whom I have ever worked . you ' re a hard act to follow Good Luck, Jim Wight- Waltman 151 SR. HONOR SOCIETY 1. Michelle Hardin, 2. Paula Motta, 3. Heather Stone, 4. Michelle Maurice, 5. BJ Cunha, 6. Kris Manchester, 7. Jen Cummings, 8. Leo Albert, 9. Karen Antonucci, 10. Kathy McCovoy, 11. Sandy Kearney, 12. Amy Kiss, 13. Ellen Timony, 14. Clayton tones, 15. Sandy Fetters, 16. Matt Robins 17. Mike Bo win, 18. Debbie Percoco, 19. Mark Hayward, 20. Sachi Shimomora, 21. Mike Casso, 22. Joanne Brian a, 22. Ricky Rogers I VI ' 152 SADD First Row L. to R.; 1 Debbie Herbert, 2 Jennifer Edmond, 3 Robyn Irwin, 4 Jon Richardson, 5 Brad Edmond, 6 Amy Sinicki, Second Row; 7 Dawn Oliver, 8 Anna Schullman, 9 Scott Ericson, 10 Vicki Bowen, 11 Mr. VonHentschel, 12 Hilary Sawyer, 13 Terry Plauski. NURSERY 1. Katie Woodin, 2. Julie Freearm, 3. Emily Hussey, 4. Amy Sheldon, 5. Kritin Krammer, 6. Adam Collini, 7 . Nancy Plummer, 8. Brian Allietta, 9. Mrs. Huckins, 10. Ryan Remilard, 11. Kelly Murray, 12. Micheal Allieta, 13. Janice Irving, 14. Wendy Bland, 15. Deb Boyd, 16. Kelly Freeburn, 17. TJ O ' Brien CHORUS 1st row 1. Melissa Spagone, 2. Nancy Bonito, 3. Jen Brown, 4. Robyn Irwin, 5. Laurie Parrino, 6. Jasyn Lewis, 7. Rita Scott, 8. Cami Hampton, 9. Bridget Killian, 10. Marva Danials, 2nd row 11. Jessica Miller, 12. Kelli Dottridge, 13. Susan Guess, 14. Tammy Corey, 15. Darcy Duggan, 16. Karey Fogerty, 17. Paula Grasso, 18. Dondra Stedman, 19. Debbie Anderson, 20. Margie Perry, 21. April Myers, 22. Marcy Morgenroyh, 3rd row 23. Sara Jansson, 24. Jen Lafond, 25. Torrey Clark, 26. Kim English, 27. Laura Lewis, 28. Donna Fetters, 29. Emily Fletcher, 30. Frank Travis, 31. Tim Simpson, 32. Mark Cohen, 33. John Medieros, 34. Dawn Ward, 35. Kim Mott, 4th row 36. Sandy Fetters, 37. Taylor Reeves, 38. Michelle McEvoy; 39. Ginny Reed, 40. Kathy Friis, 41. Julie McCormick, 42. Chrystil Romanysiyn, 43. Molly O ' Neal, 44. Mrs Fortin, 45. Heather Lennox, 46. Samantha Graham SCIENCE CLUB Seated; 1 Brad Edmund, 2 Pam Jalbert, 3 Chris Weeks, 4 Tracy Goldsmith 5 Erich Fassett. 2nd row; 6 Julie King, 7 Amy Sanicki, 8 Paula Knebal, 9 Clayton Jones, 10 Carrie Landry, 11 Carrie Heu- ginen, 3rd row; 12 AH Burk, 13 Eric Braithwaite, 14 Dan Petersen. 154 BAND 1st. row ; Sharon Grant, Jen McHardie, Kristine Aristide, Loratynn Hayden, Janet Perry, Ellen Timoney, Lisa Peterman, Nuala Thompson, Tara Callahan, Carol Long, Cheryl Booth, Mr. Paul Simpson, 2cd. row; Mr. Studley, Jen Marotta, Kendra Nungesser, Kristen Soltis, Allison Carreirro, Holly Dottridge, Heather Mackey, Jen Jackson, Amy O ' Rourke, Leslie Horne, Ancrea Car- reirro, 3rd. row; Joanne Craig, Nicole Jordan, Sharon Laceda, Ann McCleary, Allison Humphery, Kim Velesig, Mary Dillon, Kim Romkey, Danielle Auger, Shelly Pratt, 4th. row; Tracey Pratt, Cami Hampton, Jen Souden, Ron Stone, Kim Bevans, Amy Salthouse, Kara Martinson, Kristen McComisky, Patti O ' Neil, tan Stri ler, Liz McLeish, Mike McComisky, 5th. row; J.J. Palmer, Lon- don Agrauae, R ache lie Lacerda, Matt Moller, Andy Cooper, Jim Harden, Dan Casey, Kim Frasier, Michelle Harden, 6 th. row; Erich Fassett, Bill Buckley, Rob Slaught, Lee Piazza, Gail La joie, Jen Pine, Jett Sirkis, Spear Holway, 7th. row; Brian McGrath, Chris Simpson, Jen Peal, Barbara Mello, Debby Percoca, Mike Steele, Karen Antonucci, Pat Tessier, Doug Correllus, Dan Solo- mon, Ryan Darran, 8th. row; Corinne Jacobson, Glen Whitehead, Jamie Cardoza, Fred Hazelton, David Anderson, Paul Cooper, Tim Meserve, Dirk Kokmeyer, Peter Jones, 9th. row; Cathy McGowen, Dina Travers, Mike Marotta, Heather Stone, Ann Marie Consalvi, Philip Bailet. LIGHTING CREW NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY L. to R.; 1. Pam Salpoglou, 2. Tina Peterman, 3. Debbie Selleck, 4. Lisa Peterman, 5. Debbie Boyd, 6. Michelle Demello. UN HISTORY CLUB 1. John White, 2. Mr. Grunin, 3. Sarah Finnell, 4. Mikaela McDermott, 5. Kelli Florance, 6. Eric Braithwaite, 7 . John Fitch, 8. John Yardley, 9. Heather Gunas, 10, Brenda Burkheart, 11. Amy Bertozzi 156 AM11 WFHS I. Data Bowin, 2. Ray Benson, 3. Terry Plauski, 4. Scott Erickson, 5. Robyn Irwin, 6. Jason Cullinane, 7. April Myers, 8. John Netto, 9. Chritian Houldon, 10. Tara Kruzek, II. Melinda Echols, 12. Gretchen Reinhagen, 13. Carolee Cannata, 14. Hadley Aldrich, 15. Leo Albert, 16. Dina Travers, 17. Christine Correllus AV CREW 157 Seated; 1. Clayton Jones, 2. Claire Fein, 3. Joanna Lowell. Standing; 4. Mr. Tulloch, Avd., 5. Chris Weeks, 6. Cecile Lough, 7. Mika eta McDermott, 8. Tracy Goldsmith, 9. Torry Clark, 10. Jason Basma- jian, 11. Jane Smith, 12. Hadley Aldrich, 13. Gunnar Trumbull. WARRANT COMMITTEE Bottom row; 1 David Peterson, 2 Laura Phillips, 3 Karen Antonucci, 4 Pat Tessier, 5 Craig Srevens, 6 Dan Corbet, 7 Aldan Molloy, 8 Lau- ra Schroth, 9 Lisa Strock, 10 Clair Fein, 11 Larry Pimental, Back row; 12 Mr. 0 Brian, 13 Jason Basmmajian, 14 Erin Coyle, 15 Justine Andrews 16 Laura Auger, 17 Diehard Castlebury, 19 Gunner Trumbel, 20 Jane Smith, 21 Cecily Lough, 22 Kristen Nelson, 23 Andrea Harding, 24 Christine Beliveau, 25 Hadley Aldrich, 26 Debbie Selleck, 27. Joanna Lowell 28. Pam Bostwick. 158 CHESS CLUB 1. Dan Solomon, 2. Sachi Shimomura, 3. Chris Lyons, 4, Peter Jones, 5. Arlton Figuerido, 6. Mike McComiski, 7. Warren Hennemuth, 8. Ray Benson, 9. Mr. Grunin, 10. Mr. Rose PEP SQUAD 1st row; 1. Ellen Lynch, 2. Kristen Keating, 3. Carolee Cannate, 4. Debbie Mederios, 5. Kristen Damore, 6. Heidi Mederios, 7 . Michelle Marken, 8. Michelle Maurice, 9. Kristen Manchester, 10. Melinda Echols, 11. Kerry Reardon, 12. Jen Boylan, 13. Kim Dyer, 14. Jen Schneider, 15. Melissa Walden, 16. Nancy Ruggeri, 17. Laura Phillips, 18. Chelia Ferraris, 19. Marcy Pacheco, 20. Ellen Pat- terson, 21. Laura Armstrong, 22. Nadine Gamble, 23. Sharon Tavernier, 24. Laura Schroth, 25. Laura Auger, 26. Sheri Aires, 27. Tracy Oliver, 28. Jen Spindel, 29. Shriley Cann, 30. Jill Gumbleton, 31. Stephanie Schwalbe, 32. Becky Clement. 159 STEERING COMITEE LIGHTING CREW MATH TEAM Seated L. to R.; 1. Mike McCommiski, 2. Tracy Gold- smith, 3. Mikaela McDermott, 4. Tara Smith, 5. Eric Hallstein, 6. Mi Burke. Kneeling L. to R.; 7 . Mr. Casso, Adv. 8. Rick Cusitito, 9. David Mello. 10. John Gagnon, 11. Ion Schouten, 12. Ray Benson. 160 COLOR GUARD 1st row; 1. Missy Collins, 2. Allison Ratsey, 3. BJ Cunha, 4. Jen Wilson, 5. Ann Welch, 6. Pam DaCosta, 7. Paula Knebal, 2nd row; 8. Janine Johnsen, 9. Heather Lennox, 10. Melissa Bunge, 11. Dawn Penman, 12. Tina Peterman, 13. Ginny Reed, 14. Leigh-Ellen Ferreira, 15. len Kahler, 3rd row; Michelle Wallace, 17. Kim Martin, 18. Heide Perry, 19. Jen Coleman, 20. Didi Mur- ray, 21. Jill Brewer, 22. Kristen Carragher, 4th row; 23. April Myers, Kerry Corbett, 23. Jen Lafond, 26. Lucia Piazza, 27. Sara Newell. CHEERLEADERS 1. Elaine Molloy 2. Allison Alwart 3. Lisa Molloy 4. Rita Scott 5. Heather Cox 6. Mary MacConnell 7. Michelle Graglia 8. Jen Keenan 9. Veronica McDonald, 10. Cassie Palanza 11. Gina Palanza 12. Mrs. Fenstermaker 13. Jennifer Edmund 14. Helena Amora 15. Carrie O’Keefe 16. Meg Castellanous 17. Mrs. Williams 18. Donna Dinco. 161 PERSPECTIVE STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD STUDENT INTELLIGENCER L-R: 1. Greg Giardi, 2. Jennifer Edmond, 3. Laura Kitday, 4. Heather Gunas, 5. Audrey Bor ow ski, 6. Pam Bostwick, 7. John Colbert, Missing: Mr. Winer ■ Adv. 162 MAJORETTES 1st row; 1. Darlene Jackson 2. Kelly Pacheco, 4. Carolyn Mauk, 4. Jill Pickering, 6. Lori Baker, 7. Jennifer Delorme, 2nd row 8. Mrs. Costa, 9. Wendy Whitehead, 10. Heather Miranda, 11. Crystal Romanyszyn, 12. Sandy Nickerson, 13. Danielle Runge, 14. Elizabeth Eldridge. 1. Heather Stone 2. Jen Cummings 3. Jason Goux 4. Dawn Handlin 5. Kelli Dottridge 6. Kate Marinni 7. Brad Edmund 8. Paula Knebal 9. Andrea Harding 10. Jen Chance 11. Kelly Pacheco 12. Kate Miller 13 Mrs. Rohe 14. Leo Albert 15. Kristen Keating 16. Michelle Marken 17. Karla Sullivan 18. Tim Cousins 19. Sean Condon 20. Molly Monahan 21. Kara Martinson 22. Mary Dunn 23. Colleen O’Leary 24. Ellen Lynch 25. Jill Goslee 26. Shane Jacquith 27. Keith Johnson 28. Dan Pimental 29. Paul Andrews 30. Flory McCarthy 31. John White. 32. Robin Ayers 33. Meka Aquirre 34. Laura Schroth 35. Mary MacConnell 36. Danielle Runge 37. Nancy Ruggeri 38. Marcy Pacheco 39. Kristen Forns 40. Kristen O ' Leary 41. Eric Peirson 42. Karen Antonucci 43. Aimee Phelps 44. PJ Tierney 45. Erin Coyle 46. John Fitch 47. Kristy Hale 48. Greg Aldrich 49. Liz Ames 50. John Antonucci 51. Pat Tessier 52. Chelia Ferraris 53. Heidi Bauman 54. Carolyn Dion 55. Karry Vial 56. Kira Pratt 57. Mikaela McDermott 58. Caryn Bertozzi 59. Jen Boylan 60. Julie Dussalt 61. Donna Dinco 62. Kim Dyer 63. Sandy Hurd 64. Melissa Dole 65. Tracy Jaillet 66. Craig Stevens 67. Tom Stalcup 68. Tracy Goldsmith 69. Janet Clark 70. Sheri Ayers 71. Chuck Lindberg 72. Jamie Coyle 73. Sean Keating 74. Kevin Webb 75. Pete Vaccaro 76. Cheri darken 77. Bill McLean 78. Anne Capra. FRENCH CLUB 1. Jason Basmajian, 2. Erin Coyle, 3. Carolyn Mauk, 4. Heather McLaughlin, 5. Jodi Ward, 6. Cheri darken, 7. Karen Antonucci, 8. Laura Phillips, 9. Jen Schneider, 10. Maura Stets, 11. Mrs. Cot- ton, 12. Christine Correlus, 13. Sara Finnell, 14. Mikaela McDermott 15. Cecily Lough, 16. Melanie St. Laurent, 17. Robert Andrade, 18. Gunnar Trumbull, 19. Pat Tessier, 20. Cheryle Wright, 21. Joanna Lowell, 22. Cliff Hopkins, 23. Rachel Smith, 24. Mrs. McDougall 163 164 CAR SHOW 165 Miss Clipper Homecoming Queen MICHELLE MARKEN Escort GREG GIARDI Mr. Clipper DA VI D PETERSON CRAIG STEVENS kX’Jk 166 SPIRIT DAY 167 168 " GAMES " - FESTIVAL PLAY HLLLL.lv “GAMES” Director Micheal Helfen Student Director Hannah Hatfield The Cast: Leslie Miller Christen Nelson Lisa Peterman Hadley Aldrich Janinne Johnsen Torrey Clark Robynn Elayne Irwin Elizabeth Hocker Jennifer Johnsen Troy Clarkson Jane Smith Julian Parker Tim Keough Joe Lima Ted Murphy 1 9 170 “THE WIZ” “ THE WIZ” Director Student Director Aunt Em To to Dorothy Unde Henry Tornado Munchkins Addaperle Yellow Brick Road Scarecrow Crows Tinman Lion Field Mice Gatekeeper The Wiz Evillene Lord High Underling Soldier Messenger Winged Warrior Glinda Michael Helfen Aimee Phelps Gretchen Reinhagen Luisa Valiela Heather McLaughlin Sharron Tavernier Jodi Anderson Christine Corrollus Ian Striffler Colin Procter Dina Travers Leslie Miller Julie Johnson Crystal Romanysyzn, John White, Debbie Selleck, Jennifer Downs, Laura Phillips, Kathey Friis, Kim English, Melissa Dole Hadley Aldrich Aimee Phelps Elizabeth Hocker, Julie Johnson Jennifer Johnsen, Rita Scott Leslie Miller Jason Goux Ted Blanchard Robert Sullivan Michael Marotta Joe Lima Robert Dugan Tim Keough Car ole e Cannata Laurie Getz Chris Shea Troy Clarkson Julian Parker Chris Nelson Kim Valias Ted Murphy Tony DeFilippis Torrey Clark Jenny Lafond John White Susan Cutrona 171 172 173 SCIENCE FAIR 175 L to R: Eric Holstein, Bill Chisholm, Tim Meserve, Brian McGrath Andy McMannus, Jeff Pinto, Bob Prentagrast, Sean Jackson, John Monroe, Eric Jackson, Todd Ballard, Mr. Bird, Scott Costa, Brian Jalbert, Eric Benway, Gregg Olsen, Erik Fernald, Andy Cooper, Scott Chicoine, Brian Hearn, Jeffery Sirkis, Mike Ghelfi. ‘Captain Tir OO m cn cn O 30 o r co r pa The 1986 Women’s Lacorsse Club started the season with 85 girls signed up. About 40 girls were involved in interscholastic competition. Senior playmaker Pat Tessier served as captain. Several sophomores and freshmen were active participants (with 75 sign ups from these two grades). Sophomores Janine Johnson, Sue Catrona, Tracy Pratt, Delra Despault and Liz McLeish were standouts on the varsity level. Juniors Jen Boyles, Caryn Bertozzi, Laurie Cranshaw, Andrea Har- ding, Janet Clark, Laura Philips, Nancy Ruggeri and Jen Chance were the workhorses for the team. Senior Carla Sullivan and Freshmen Sara Killon, Connie Palanza and Kathy Boylon were counted on to contribute. The season was highlighted by a 6-5 comback victory over Sand- wich. The Falmouth squad was down 5-2 in the second half but the girls rallied for four goals to win an exciting grudge match. Sandwich had previously beaten Falmouth 7-2. Both games were played on Sandwich home turf. Falmouth also beat Cape Cod Academy twice, home and away. With the younger talent available and the strong leadership of the junior class, Falmouth girls lax should be a force to be reconed with in the future. Kneeling 1. to r. Caryn Bertozzi, Mellisa Walden, Laura Auger, Chris Dolan, Shirley Cann, Jen Chance, Sara Dillan, Standing: Danielle Augar, Amy Goslee, Jen Boylan, Kathy Boylan, Robin Ayers, Laura Phillips, Tracy Pratt, Andrea Harding, Lauri Cranshaw, 3rd row: Denise Dorado, Liz McLeish, Laura Kilday, Pat Tessier, Capt., Janinne Johnsen, Shanti Gagne, Kelly Thurston, Kathy Friis, Deena Despaul, Cecily Lough, Susan Cutrona, Jennifer Schneider, Janet Clark, Greg Gilbert, Coach. 179 P O POH ( ) O D3 Front row (kneeling; 1 to r): Christian Weeks, Mark Parsons, Alex McCleod, co-captain; Michael Casso, Greg Giardi, Jeff Butts, John French, Richard Melloy, Russel Grinell. Second row (L to R): Robert Slaught, Mark Pheeney, Dan Hughes, Daryl Anderson, Patrick Co- lonna, John Beagan, Travis Weibe, Sean Scully. Third row (standing); Aaron Miranda, Coach Bruce Mogardo, Frank Belfiore, Lee Piazza, Jason Cullinane, Matthew Auger, Marcus Hullum, Tim Lyndner, Coach Paul Phinney, Mike Gardi. The F.H.S. Spring Track Team had a successful season for 1986, winning four of their six dual meets. In fact they lost the conference title by only 12 points. This being split between the defeats by New Bedford and Attleboro. The squad smarted from the loss at the D-Y Invitational last year so they worked very hard and brought home the trophy on May 3, 1986. At the conference field day John French set a track record in the 880 of 1:57.2, just nipping tri captain Chris Simpson. Simpson then went on to set a state class B record of 1:56.2 on May 31, picking up the 1st place medal in the process. In the same meet Frenchy came from behind and also took the Class B Mile Championship Medal. Not to be outdone, John Beagan pulled off the triple effort of the day and brought home the gold in the 2 mile. This Junior has a potentially great season coming next year. At the Glen-Loucks games in New York John French set an All-Time record for F.H.S. and Cape Cod by running the mile in 4:14.9. Since starting the running season back in December, Chris Simpson amassed a record total of 279V2 points. He will be sorely missed next year. Coaches Mogardo and Phinney cannot praise the three captains, -Simpson, Giardi, and Casso enough for their fine leadership. Their performance and character set a sterling example for all. They were especially encouraged by the rivalry among the freshmen and sophomores as they battled it out to gain the 1986 class records in the various events ZZ m h ( i r pa Kneeling (L to R): Shelley Pratt, Kristen Keating, Nikki Chantrelle, Michelle Marken, Debbie Casso, Julie Johnson, Ellen Lynett, Liz Beagan. Standing: Katie Marini, Liana Fantasia, Crystal Romanys- zyn, He ather Gunas, Becky Nidositko, Christy Hale, Kara Martin- sons, Coach Dennis Comolli. 183 mcnc 0 0 r Sitting (L to R): Paul Andrews, Greg Lennox, John Carrol, Greg Pratt, Greg Clements, Chris Moreland, John Robertson. Kneeling: Shay Perry, Jeff Bowman, Paul Rossi, Jeff Alves, Eric Pierson, Jason Colbert, Dan Pimental, Jeff Howard. Standing: Asst. Coach Barry Irwin, Tano Len- tini, Arthur Hurley, Bob Rabesa, Kenny Debuque, Shayne Jaquith, Jimmy Curtin, Jeff Robichard, Scott Pratson, David Cohen, Jim Bagg, Head Coach Barry Sadoff. .4 u. 185 DC — 1 c ) f— Dd O Standing: Coach Carroll, Paul Knebel, Heather Sarsfield, Jennifer Bowman, Veronica McDonald, Sibby Valiela, Carolyn Mauk, Mrs. Cullinane. Monique Spivey, Heather McLaughlin, Tracy Sangster, Sarah Clifford, Chnsfan Leary, Jennifer Johnsen, Rachelle Lacerda, Jodi Ward, Lorrie Corenella. Heidi Hul- lum, Pam Cherkofsky, Tracy Lindner, Sharon Lacerda, Erin Farrell, Jennifer Jenson, Heidi Hobson, Paula Cherkofsky, Heidi Baumann. Senior Erin Farrell led the way for the Spring team as she was the team’s high scorer, and then placed third in the State Class B Triple Jump and sixth in the Hurdles. Jacquie Mulhern was fourth in the Shot Put. Falmouth got two places in the 400 meters with Lorrie Coronella (3rd) and Heidi Hullum (4th). Tracy Lindner was fifth in the 100 Hurdles while Sharon Lacerda was sixth in the 200 meters The 4 x 400 meter relay was won by F.H.S. (fifth straight year) in 4:06.9 by a team of Heidi Hullum, Traci Sangster, Lorrie Coronella and Sharon Lacerda. Falmouth was 5-1 during the dual meet season 187 22 m h c ) k: o oo I S Kneeling (L to R): Sean Condon, Tom Grassle, Cliff Hopkins, Tim Keough, Brian Carragher, Joe Sweeney, Sean Keating. Standing: Delaney Frye, Ted Shea, John Gagnon, Jason Veilleux, Jamie Coyle, Gray Eldridge, Bill Shea, Coach, Rich Mason. The boys tennis team completed another successful season, compiling a 12-5 won loss record and qualifying for the Division II South Sectional Tournament. The sophomores faced strong competition from perennial powers Barnstable and Somerset. Following early losses to Somerset and Bishop Connolly, the team regrouped and went 9-2 the rest of the regular season, its only losses coming against Barnstable. Against Cape rival D-Y, the team won easily at home, 4-1, but had to rely on a 3-2 win on the road. In another exciting match, Sr. Tim Keough rebounded from a 5-2 deficit in the third set to win in a tie breaker and secure a 3-2 win over Bishop Stang. The biggest win for the team came at home in a rematch with Somerset. Behind the strong doubles play of Sean Condon and Greg Eldridge, and John Gagnon and Brian Carragher, Falmouth took an early 2-0 lead. Singles players Joe Sweeny, Ted Shea and Bill Shea respond- ed by beating their opponents to complete a 5-0 Falmouth sweep. The team lost a disappointing first round tournament match to Attleboro 3-2 and finished the season 12-5. Because of their consistent play, J. Sweeny, B. Carragher and J. Gagnon were Selected as S.M.C. I All Stars. 189 rr doh tjOco Kneeling (L to R): Sophia Pampolone, Marla Poag, Trish Cram, Kristin Damore, Karen Antonucci, Elaine Molloy, Leslie Brickett. Standing: Coach Ko- lodzeijski, Debbie Damore, Heather Stone, Johanna Vinding, Lucille Mograss, Janice Irving, Amy Gui- liano. Missing: Nicloe Lyonnais, April Chiero. 191 rr 03mcn 03 i This season was a series of ups and downs. Falmouth Clippers were 8-11 overall and came in 4th place in S.E.C. Div I. The crunch came early when injuries plagued the pitching staff. Young arms were called upon. The highlight of the season came at the end when Falmouth upset tournament bound Barn- stable 9-2. New Bedford High School won the conference title. Individual standouts were Craig Kozens. John Vinitsky, and Scott MacKilligan. Capt. Kozens and Capt. Vinitsky made S.E.C. Div. I All Conference. 1st row L to R; Mike Bowen, Craig Ko- zens, John Kinitsky, Brian Ferreira Matt Fields. 2nd row Jim Miller, Jordan Geist, Tim King, Ricky Lyonnais, Kevin Ro- miza, Wayne Pelletier, Bobby Ingalls. 3rd row Pat Gaspa, Scott Mackilligan, Coach Mr. Cranshaw, Coach Mr. Kozens. 193 194 195 By Ian Schouten Y , eorneo. ne e0 red- ° r loV OU9 ' P ' ° 9 UJST 0 ° V$ e verV l usT WOS. 0 « j£ -V (W i w««:S p oin w ° e d seose s ° oda " i coo d reorn 1 coo cu ood s P° Ce , oe s • 9° ' %%% ' ' c jsde 0015 a ..« scW s c eot ' 6ts could be » ore £ ooyoo= ' «e ooswerv 0e we o° 5 Sow ? Schreiter 196 197 By Liuri Au er wm IV i— J ' ] tv gp 1 1 m, % ' j( . ' jp ! 4j ip " 1 m o MB ' s fTtihnnT By tutin Fitter By Cheri McAdams By Sadia Alain 199 By Munne Brum By Omi kk Atoms By Stain Schrttttr 201 sr on oO e q rh roUgh . wo |Kl ° 9 f peoP 1 d line 0 9 friend 0 r im o 9 ' . S ign3 en ,d le BV (eBe V 9 e ° id- e0 ° e r n m° ' They V ' rh An 1 Th° r re e-sd irr L consols 0 oB oro " orY ,vicn°°; on irnC n eN ef rr oe. , ir o s r0 do odl 5 w ' t se0S ° r 50 P r hey r hoo9d de nr re0! os I no- , r pe " ; 0 An c w 9 ° ,frer son? o 9°°° ' r o „ rh e ip5 °os ° bV ' ° r o 9 e ,e V ' d ynf c jor y an c0r l Lnol ' If lo ' sure ,nbO ’ SO on e m o rCl nin9 oy joO’ nn e On 1 on° on r Swr - " v -A- , by Voy Audong Nob °dy hna ' . r , . rs Finally nft ’ Tu esd Qv m uld r he v h ° ° d °y rh™ . " TM ‘‘ ’ JV I s P°ce s k, _ ' • d osr Q ff 9e en 9hes rh Spea oror f r r 0 ' ion , . ■ linric £5 " InurJ ’ 00h 0 1 ht ° • AMc , r °c fer how Q y from f K ef lr ro ir s n . e 01 00(5 n M os go od S(J c c eo y 0 he s Pea Qf0rq boom ° rn » s Qs rh ° US ' " omewT ' ° Ved ones h " le cre CS ' " ve 00 - e boo ,?«£ fc££» es ca,r„ J rew Oy D, Selle . nve TO Q° 0° toe ' 1 wont to- Not becoose q£sr You b° ve ' x w o oys • ; £ ou. rbeco--.»V Patrons George Albert and Family Mr. and Mrs. Marcel L. Albert Nap and Elaine Alves The Antonucci Family Sandra James Barry D. McClellan Ron and Claire Bisio JoAnn Bostwick Richard and Justine Bowen The Bowin Family Ed and Eliza Bowman John and Roberta Bracebridge Peter G. and Hilary Brewer The Briana Family Trudy and Alan Brousseau The Bundy Family Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Burton Gus and Mary Lou Canepa John and Susan Christian Peter L. Clark Ellen L. Barol The Clarkin Family In Memoriam: Kent H. Clarkson The Clements Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Corey Douglas and Diane Correllus Arthur and Jeannine O. Costa The Martin Coyle Family Manuel and Margaret DeSouza Anne L. Downs Charles and Linda Draper Mrs. Joan M. Drouin Mr. and Mrs. Irving Dudley Mr. and Mrs. John J. Durkin, Jr. Elwood and Nancy Eldridge Muriel and Ed Farrell Dr. Edward H. Fitch Mrs. Patricia A. Furtado The Gallo Family, Kirk Appelman Elaine and George Gaspa Raymond and Priscilla Gonsalves Winifred Grant Thomas and Ernestine Gray Lois and Bob Gunther The Hardin Family The Hayward Family Jon W. and Kathleen Heino Ellen and Lon Hocker and Lizzy The Hood Family Jack and Marilyn Howard Philip and Janet Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Bela Kiss and Candy Patricia Lambert and Joel Carlisle Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Lemay Oscar E. and Alice M. Lindner The Lowell Family Betty and Kevin Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lyonnais The McAlvin Family Mr. and Mrs. John T. McEvoy John and Sandra McManus Frank and Ose Manheim Mr. and Mrs. George A. Marken The Maurice Family Ralph and Jane Mayo Michael and Judy Mello Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Miller Jessica, June, and David Miller fatrona Laurie Buster Morrison Family Ron and Cathy Pacheco The John Palanza Family Mr. and Mrs. Alex Paliotto Mr. and Mrs. John R. Parsons The Peal Family Mr. Mrs. A. Lawrence Peirson, III Norman and Isabel Penman The Michael Perkins Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Peterman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pine, Sr. Martha M. and C. Wylie Poag Ron and Claire Pokraka The Portentoso Family Barbara H. Potter Barry and Kelley Pratt The Prendergast Family The Robbins Nest Emy and Tom Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Rose Jane and Tom Scalli Robert and Louise Schreiter Paul and Yoshiko Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Osamu Shimomura Milton Peggy Steele Family Mrs. Lydia Stevens and Family Phil and Donna Stone Michele S. Stone Mr. and Mrs. William E. Stone Mr. Mrs. Edward L. Studley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Sullivan Mary A. Sullivan Mr. Mrs. Don M. Swire Family Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Tessier Mary Jane and Harry Thomas Florence M. Timoney Charlie and Sheila Topping Virginia and Ivan Valiela Arthur and Thayer Valias Capt. Mrs. H. E. C. Weeks, Jr. The Yardley Family Dick and Marjorie Yeo Jeff A. Zwinakis 540-0944 BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1986 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1986 THE WOOD LUMBER COMPANY 72 Plum Hollow Road Jack Howard, Pres. East Falmouth, MA 02536 Locust Street Falmouth, MA 02540 205 TO THE CLASS OF 1986 Look to this day , For it is life , The very life of life . In its brief course lie all The realities and verities of existence, The bliss of growth, The splendor of action. The glory of power For yesterday is but a dream, And tomorrow is only a vision, But today, well lived, Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore, to this day . —Sanskrit Proverb CONGRATULATIONS from Gosnold a bridge back on Cape Cod. offering care for individuals families affected by alcohol drug abuse 206 CONG R A TULA TIONS CLASS OF 1986 UPPER CAPE ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEONS, P.C. 5 BRAMBLEBUSH PARK FALMOUTH, MA 02540 Thomas W. Brooks, Jr., M.D. Richard M. Pearlstein, M.D. Stone’s Beauty Salon 626 Main St. Complete Hair Skin Care Your Style Center 5480685 VILLAGE PIE COFFEE SHOP Stone’s Barber Shop 626 Main Street Precision Cutting Personalized Styling 237 Main Street 548-4955 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’86 GRIP ASSOCIATES Cap Gown Representative P. O. Box 127 North Scituate, MA 02060 Muffins Sandwiches CONGRATULATIONS Class of ’86 The Brightest Of Futures To The Class Of ’86 From Your Friends FALMOUTH TOYOTA 207 Congratulations Best Wishes To The Class Of 1986 Falmouth National Falmouth • East Falmouth • North Falmouth Buzzards Bay • Hyannis • Woods Hole 548-1000 Member FDIC 208 CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1986!! cjlrthur O. Calfee INSURANCE AGENCY INC. TEATICKET HARDWARE CO. 336 GIFFORD STREET FALMOUTH. MA 02540 (617) 540-2601 242 Main St. Teaticket 0 G S r % V ' insurance ' AGENCY, INC. % jsk ( ) ’ )( 7 ( a ) " iA ' -sorn I ( •out Hum )( V 777 e TOi it ra tce ( enter Hyannis Orleans 775-0011 255-0110 Sandwich 888-1400 Falmouth Plymouth 548-7750 746-0055 TELEPHONE 540-0200 FALMOUTH ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATES, INC. David S. Babin, M.D. Thomas F. Gregg, M.D. 348 Gifford Street Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 Compliments Of FALMOUTH LUMBER INC. Falmouth, Mass. Tel. 548-6868 Congratulations to the Senior Class UPPER CAPE OPHTHALMOLOGY, INC. 14 Bramblebush Park Falmouth, MA 02540 J. E. Taylor, M.D. T. E. Goslee, M.D. W. H. Schutten, M.D. 540-05 1 1 BEST WISHES Class of 1 986 New England Scholastic P.0. Box 2 Readville, MA 02137 210 Tel. 617 548-0124 “Established in 1917” Zr ek crttis “Your Family Department Store” COMPLIMENTS OF Gerald A. Cafarelli Attorney At Law 199 Main Street Falmouth, Mass. 02540 197 Palmer Avenue (Rt. 28) (617)548-8382 Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 EMERSON HOUSE Young Women’s Program . . . where running ends and a new life begins . . BURT’S sports SPECIALTY A Program of The Cape Cod Alcoholism Intervention and Rehabilitation Unit, Inc. W A REHAM HYANNIS FALMOUTH Cranberry Plaza 850 Main St. 295-9165 540-0644 Tl?e Market Bookshop 15 Depot Avenue, Falmouth , 548-5636 22 Water Street, Woods Hole, 540-0851 “Should auld acquaintance be forgot . . . Ullic iEnterpris e . . will bring them to mind. ” Your Hometown Newspaper Depot Ave., Falmouth, MA 548-4700 Branch Office: Deer Crossing, Rte. 28, Mashpee, MA 477-4770 212 CONGRATULATIONS Richard B. Janney, D.M.D., P.C. Specialist in Orthodontics 120 Palmer Avenue Falmouth, MA 02540 548-4011 FAY’S INC. 556 MAIN FALMOUTH 548-1666 617-540-7283 (V BRIDES DELIGHT Dresses For Weddings And Special Occasions 661 A East Main Street Falmouth, MA 02540 Office Supplies • Furniture Machines • Printing • Stationery KRIZIK AND COMPANY (617) 548-2815 234 Main St. Falmouth, MA 02540 213 THE CLASS OF CAPE COD is THE CLASS OF 1986 w- s im 102 VOUR CAPS. VOUR JTATIOfl. 60 Spring Bars Road, Falmouth, MA 02540 548-3102 214 Pizza Seafood PAUL’S The Complete Family Restaurant Open 7 days a week from 4 p.m. 14 Benham Rd., Falmouth • 548-5838 DIRECTIONS: Entrance opposite The Red Horse Inn on Falmouth Heights Rd., between Dr. Fitch ' s and Dr. Mitchell’s Offices FARRELL DUFFY ATTORNEYS AT LAW PAUL G. FARRELL FRANK K. DUFFY, JR. CAROL A. KENNEY P. SCOTT RUSSELL, IV ROBERT C. LAWLESS 340 GIFFORD STREET P.O. BOX Q FALMOUTH, MA 02541 (617) 540-4111 P.O. BOX 290 WEST FALMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS 02574 C onaratulationA C?(aSS of 86 (617) 548-6901 BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1986 PHOTOGRAPHY BY Joseph A. Netto, hi WEDDINGS • COMMERCIAL • FREE LANCE D.T.B. Corporation 15 Fowlers Lane Falmouth, Massachusetts 28 CLARK STREET EAST FALMOUTH MASS ( 617 ) 540-0813 215 your PH " ' 1 " " Tel “ " 548 7303 Falmouth Cape Cod rrinfing I The FALMOUTH Co operative BANK 20 Davis Straits (Route 28) Tel 548 3500 Falmouth Massachusetts 02541 J altnauif[ c)iiop ATTORNEYS AT LAW 143 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS 02541 since 1944 225 Main Street Falmouth, Cape Cod, MA 02541 Stephen M. Rappaport E. Winn Davis P.O. Box 629 (617) 548-8183 Marcel L. Albert CW8813 CONGRATULATIONS to the (617)548-0487 CLASS OF 1986! THE FALMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL KEY CLUB from the CLASS OF 1989 To o the graduating classes of yesterday, who give us so many fond memories of years past... To o the class of 1986, who has done so much to fill this past year BEST OF LUCK 1 218 To the Class of 1986: “Thank You for Being a Friend” Your Classmates and Friends in the Class of 1987 219 220 JOSTEN5 - FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org - FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org - FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org ■ FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY ■ °0 , J j vu . ( V7 , . Ww - X cK ' 4 . L :-li o XX J , X f l

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