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Falmouth High School - Clipper Compact Yearbook (Falmouth, MA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Cover

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SHAW CLARK, Blddefoid, toe. and throw rtroam a dJeueee . ' ffetyfert. Sam- ple- east on re. oalp,of OaalMt- la a. Ageole wanted to eoatnA Stair . OnotlflL and Town Cal] on or addraw JONAH FARNSWORTH, In “ ‘ way. N. Y. SILK ftmoo mrtpiof SI to Sen rtler. The Shi whatotom awm torn the to« end the for ail klnda of toncy work for only 10 oral In stiver or two tom to torgRI [ pankagea for Konta. WeiuoDJI | III OA I 111 1 harc hero .to. m M.Y. RscmKo-gg. Ageota wanted Ip i tatonfentoylhe Hallway Timekeepers, WITH HEAVY RSRUNQ BILVXS OASES, Twrinr aims ion Ann Saua. Pm ime iUauMU M WP. of Feb. H, 180, •ay 1 Htmaaao ' e TlKKXxnma ar becoming prove . hUlfcr their iwe re t y e n d w H ahUy. 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WALLBLOM r 75FZA t tS£ • Day Time Travel Made Comfortable i Parlor Cars with Caf ice. Observation and ing Rooms. BLOODS HELIX NEEDLES Mamtoottnvw cf enparhit Mattoto tor all Seeiag Ma- Saod torCInute Lookwood’s, 675 Broadwtoy. Muiqulto Shield or Guard. J. HAVKVa PATENT. — For toe Army, Navy, Traveler , nick or Woantod, or any 0 Rt Llti I on wb-. le troohled with .0 1 elm , flle . or duet. I“rW from HI wnt» to fl gmnple ronl 8 ad Kemafr dr- __ . baa haema It away treto the (acw aad tk tort rtaattr, ar tt down an rMndTlt daft adhc, toe breath- ing w elcvpleg, aad I worth tone tone, M prtro. J. HAVEN A CO., to, only Manafacl.irvr cf torghMd. aa no RlfhU or IJrtirraa have hero add. No an Names IL N. Y. Room No. 24. Agenu wanted la all part. ST 1 FREE SAi Ladle Macklatoabm. gill. B3 «B.U,gUO.BH.yi. ' s«utr gito, giu. gthe tJ.00.gUbJ.rte YOBTREMI KCBH 3314 Oth Ave.K, Minna AOENIS WANT rnatat bart halt roll aad martam to the ' gfO per aero. Terwj. eaey. For ton lafoni K y BYRNR8, Hammoaloo, Saw Jereey •wand. Root in the lead.— tnaro Vine Philadelphia, at T; A. M. or B| I , to- fcr Ha A Piano a t a Nominal Pr ct ANiwSpMlaf Of ft®. Near wriiuaf Cvei " RtwSBMla! UPRIGHT PIANO ilnueuB. Rtf i ■««!«• mi pwnng ex totly as np WI SS..IUM ubbardBi j Faimouth Public Library Falmouth. Mass. 02540 rhe Cl, FSTmoufh Public urorary Falmouth, Mass. 02540 PP e c _ Lorn pa ct published by - The Senior Class - ' fall ' Vjoulh H,gh School, Massachusetts Kxmemb er bomb scares ■ Fiddler the games ■ the IMC Biff baby • the aoobs SlinKi S Oliver ! T Ejjor Town Heelmgp Open com pus-:- Lawrence H.ghL lea VingT 1710 d -,V- po rl t e s ; • S hi p da S F no -30 Colorquard and majorette bust ' Imposter t- bands ' : the good times ' ?: the Prom L cafeteyid. C " .?- ' cjyrrV ' V Vlhen we were all riends : » • Jour qearp at Talmouib High T ENTRIES PEOPLE 10 PRESS-TV 65 MODERN LIVING-.. 68 L m.J 9R SPORT 97 THEATER 113 MUSIC v)° o 122 Cctrolrne w ood ?ij Marie A. Doyle Dedication As class adviser throughout our high school years, you have offered a model of good-humored guidance and stout-hearted perseverance. Coun- selor, friend, leader, mother, sister, listener, guide, teacher of French, Humanities, and Life, announcer of activities, meetings, and lunch, ad- viser on warrants, spokesman for the class, you have been an inspiration to all of us. Laughing, crying, working with us, you have provided reassuring and encouraging support and a sense of values necessary to help us through the changing years of high school. We are all indebted to you for your help during these four years. We thank you and dedicate this yearbook to you, Mrs. Marie Doyle. With love, The Class of 1976 5 Tara Keefe As time passes and the end draws near, I’m filled with caution, suspicion, and fear. Where to go, what to do, these are all in my mind, The answers to these I’m looking to find It gets harder and harder to fathom the idea That the time for leaving draws nearer and nearer. I guess, what I’m trying to say to you, Is thanks for being a friend, who’s always been true. J. Reese ’76 Joe Domingos I eat a peach feel the juice trickle down your throat then plop down a chute into your stomach tastes so good take another bite till it’s all gone except for the hard stone Hannah Phillips ’76 6 Kathy Sweeney Joe DePrizio As I walk along the beach, I listen for the call, Smell the salt, Hear the crashing waves, And as my toes touch the sand A feeling comes over me, This is the way life should always be. Chris Sigl ’76 Living in the material world made of plaid She said, “wouldn’t it be grand, If I could sew it all together With the silken thread of time, Into a checkered band, around the earth. Dana Handy ’76 Of Songs and Truth Who is better, the man who sings, or he who speaks of truthful things? If truth is best then speech must win, for songs are lies from deep within. Music alone may freeze your soul, but talks must hold a greater goal, for they’ve no notes or gracious chords, to pierce your hearts with icy swords. Ask a musician if he believes his song, and you’ll find he differs from the average throng, for his mind just believes what he tells to his friends, and he doesn’t agree with what his heart lends. So I’ll ask you again for just you to know, which would you rather have Jagger or Poe? Who is better, the man who sings, or he who speaks of truthful things? Tanya Teal ’76 Denise Mills Matthew Hamill Think of — Think of something And feel what you think See people And feel what they’re doing Touch an object And feel what you think Look at an object And feel what you’re thinking It’s a mind that makes All this real Lorna Baptiste ’76 8 Andrew Wiernicki Too often now One seems to forget the Urgent need to Convey happiness with a Hug Karen Smith ’76 Lick, close, seal, stamp. Lick, close, seal, stamp. The envelopes accumulate. One by one, slowly but surely. Oh! Something new! An address correction! Busily changing the street number. Typing a label. Then again. Lick, close, seal, stamp. Lick, close, seal, stamp. Ah me. Sigh Caroline Woodwell ’76 Cheryl Wood Zada Clarke Comfort All day long, the pain I go through When will I be cured of this ailment? I cannot stand another minute. I am wounde d and hurt through to the bone. But it won’t be long now, Relief is coming at last. Ah, the joy of cushioned seats. Betty Kalperis ’76 9 People Gary Aguiar Douglas Andrade Margo Angevine Susan Augusta Wendy Astin Virginia Adams Steven Alferes % iX V Nancy Adrade Paul Averett Lorna Baptiste Ivy Barrow Tami Beauchemin John Barrows James Bennet William Baker Deborah Birkenshaw Steven Bissonette Deborah Botelho Tamie Blair Daniel Bourgoin Richard Bouchard Daniel Bouchard Mary Botelho Paula Brickett Janie Brown Joanne Boyle David Braga Harold Laurence Brackett Julie Breivogel Debra Brown Suzanne Buguey 14 Michaelyn Burkett Rosemary Cabral Vicki Cabral Stephen Cain Julie Cameron Julie Campion Valerie Camarota Nancy Campbell Lisa Candelli Richard Carlson Adelia Caravaca James Cassidy Anthony Cardoza Keith Charron Eileen Clifford Wayne Chevie 15 Susan Colburn Dara Corbett Helena Correllus Cathy Costa f i Vicki Costa Jose Couto Steven Cross Leslie Damore Alice D’Auria Kathy Davis Mark Davis Lori Deem John Degiano Diane DeMello George DeMello Michael Denton Valerie DePonte Alfred DePrizio Brenda DeSouza Joaquim Domingos Alison Dowd Adelia Caravaca Steve Bissonette AFS Club Mario Comandari, Charles Cramer, Susan Moniz, Adelia Colburn, Lynn Burnett; (third) Mark Sanders, Andy Voorhis, Caravaca, Eileen Sprague, Pham Thy Ly Houng, Cindy Bryan, David Martin, Adviser Eugene C. Phillips, Libby Harmer, Isabel Corina Bluner; (second) Maureen Murphy, Karen Hess, Kathie Longyear, Heidi Egloff, Jenny Egloff, Francis White, Diane Cornell, Jan Elliott, Debbie Stewart, Tracy Bowen, Susan Salvoni, Jonathan Chute, Becky Leonard At Home Dorothy H. Turkington retires as an English teacher from the system she has served for 19 years. Her posts have included assignments in the Village and Woods Hole schools. Her wit and creative teaching will be sorely missed. Favorites Retire Helen McKenzie, a 1936 graduate of Lawrence High began teaching Biology in Falmouth in 1943. Her retirement will not separate her from her many generations of friends whom she loves as they love her. R. Curtis McKee, “Clipper Compact” Adviser Peter L. Clark, Principal Messengers of Wisdom Once appeared a wise man, though a stranger in my dreams he came upon a chariot riding down the sun-lit beams pulled by celestial horses who grazed the milky way. He held the reins of wisdom, in my sight he’ll always stay his words they echoed loud across the vastness of the sky only once, would he share my world, this his passing by he took me in his chariot and talked of many things showed me worlds beyond my dreams that would astonish even kings, he said my son these dreams you see are all within your grasp if you continue searching and take the time to ask. — Walter Rinder i 23 Humanities Joan Tansey, English Daniel P. Harrington, History Peggy Savage, Psychology James Winer, English; Journalism; TV Jour- Ann Steele, English nalism Sydney C. Roberts, History Nancy Ryan, English Justine Phillips, Latin; Helen Peirce, English; “Clipper’s Log " Karen Schoch, English Barry Bird, English MATH SCIENCE MATH-SCIENCE: (seated) John Farrell, Virginia Root, Constance Flood, Angelo Casso; (standing) Robert Bastille, Robert Griffin, Chairman James C. Kinney Business (seated) Edward Shorey, Robert LaRaia, Dennis Comolli, Ted Rowan; (standing) Ray DesRoches, Gail Cavanaugh, James Johnson, George E. Hussey BUSINESS: (seated) Rosemary Moran, Betty Hankinson, Eleanore Osborne; (standing) Richard Jason, Robert Watson, Robert Chisholm PHYSICAL EDUCATION: (seated) Beverly Mangum, Ruth Nicker- son, Helen Ladd; (2nd row) Jack George, Maureen O ' Brien, Bruce Cranshaw, Ray Charron Physical Education GUIDANCE: Marlene Vieira, Secretary Beverly Klink, Head Counselor Carrie Saunders, Barbara Connolly; (standing) John Shingles, Robert Nilson Barbara Bullock- Wilson, Child Care Louise Olsen, Home Economics Helen Sweeney, Home Economics Barbara Kanellopoulos, Reading Betty Metcalf, Director, Child Care Program Bruce Mogardo ( Health) and wife Michelle Staff Aide Tom MacGregor Patricia Henderson, Secretary Aide Gary Kenefick James T. Kalperis, Activities Coordinator Barbara Kannellopoulos, Reading; Head Counselor Carrie B. Saunders Virginia Root, Mathematics; Louis Larrey, House Administrator Heather Dunphy Stephanie Elliot E. Joyce Ewing James Dynan Gregory Durgin Jennifer Egloff Andre Elichalt Lisa Engstrom vV v Terry Ewing Maureen Faria Patricia Fennelly Jane Flaherty Deborah Fairhurst Mark Favulli Diana Ferreira Kathleen Flaherty Debbie Fragale Richard Franklin Thomas Frazier Lawrence Frye Robert Flynn Tracy Fortes Susan Furlani Rebecca Neidzivicchi i warn George Gaspa Walter Gonsalves Kyle Goodell Michael Grady Vicki Gonsalves Susan Gonsalves Minda Gay Richard Green Phyllis Gregory James Grosslein Glen Gubbins Debra Halady Cheryl Halstead Keith Hall Matthew Hamill Richard Halstead Sheila Hamilton Eric Hansen Chris Harney Michelle Harris Lee Harrison Dana Haupt Mary Beth Hayden James Hamre itr Jackie Heckman Michael Hennessy Volney Hersey Krista Humphreys Robert Hayden Gregory Hennemuth Diane Hersey Emily Higgins Karl Jennings Asta Josephson William James Lisa Johnson Elizabeth Kalperis Kathryn Ketchum Gary Justason Erin Keefe 4 ii Solange La Rochelle Nancy Lee Susan Lemmon Gregory King Kathryn Korwatch Rosemary Lamont Jo Ann LaPlant Kathleen Leone Samuel Mallette Anthony Marken - v Ly Fhong Thi Pham Joy Marks Jeffrey Marshall Elizabeth Martin Ricky Macedo Gilbert Martin Shaun Martin Clint McNally Susan Mayne Michelle McGoldrick Catherine McAdams Karen Mclnnis Superlatives Brian Corey and Debbie Haladay “Most Athletic” Paul Warden and Antonia Hall “Most Attractive” JoAnn Lino and Kevin Smith “Most Intelligent” Andre Elichalt and Karen Smith “Most Likely to Succeed” 42 . Most Humorous Nancy Lee and J.P. Simmons Most Reserved Cynthia Wigley and Gil Martin Most Talented Betty Kalperis and John Reese Most Friendly Gay Soque and Brian Corey Most School-spirited Andre Elichalt and Karen Smith I 43 Brian Corey — September Johanna Forman — October TEENS-OF-THE-MONTH Gay Soque — November Betty Kalperis — December Edward Nemeth — May Denise Tessier — June Mark Medeiros Martha Milford Annette Mitchell Margaret Mitchell Jack Meade Sue Miller Paul Melanson sX; ' P Gary Mitchell Richard Mongeau Deborah Moniz Susan Moniz Terri Moniz Deborah Moore Theresa Moriarty Richard Motta Adel Mrusek Kathy Mullane Laura Murphy Michael Murphy Edward Nemeth Maureen Murphy Steven Murphy Mary Nolf Valery Nunes Russell Paige 2s Todd Parent lllllliii " 11111 Peter Orlando Leonard Oser Catherine O’Neil iS«Sk. , Randell Peat Sandra Perry Debra Pena Brian G. Perry Brian R. Perry Nancy Perry Mark Peter Brita Peterson Kathleen Philbrick Susan Pimental John Reese Gina Robert Judy Reese Susan Rodrigues Hannah Phillips Joseph Puckett Margo Rogers Yvette Konayne Margaret Royals Pamela Rose Sheryl Sample Katherine Rush Sherry Sargent Mark Sanders Pamela Simmons James P. Simmons Karen Smith Kevin Smith Eric Soares Shawn Smith Linda Solimine Gay-Rose Soque Kathleen Souttar Karen A. Souza Karin Souza Theresa Souza Andrew Spencer Eileen Spruge Linda St. Jean Michael Sturtevant Michael Sullivan Richard Swain Kathleen Sweeny Kelley Swift Karen Taylor w Ralph Swenson Jeffrey Taylor Tanya Teal Virginia Tegan Rhonda Teixeira Denise Tessier Heidi Thatcher Chris Therlander Wanda Thompson Julie Toran John Turner 61 Maureen Twohig Lawrence Uchamanowitz Esther Upton Ruth Vadala Elise Vidal Arthur Vidal Pamela Vincent Leigh Volkman Heide Webber Allan Walker Jessica Wasseth Paul Warden James Welch Christine White Walter Whitlock Caroline Woodwell Randi Yando Cynthia Wigley Nadia Wood Carol Wood Cynthia Wright Tarsilla Witkos C A a 2 •n v ' a a Maurice Wiernicki Mary Williamson ■■■■■■■■■■ Press and TV Clipper Compact Editors-in-Chief Eileen Clifford, Karen Smith, Caroline Woodwell Managing Editors Karon Mclnnis, Cynthia Wright Editorial Board Tracy Corwin Denise Tessier Isabel Longyear Paul Warden Gary Mitchell Maureen Twohig Maureen Murphy I Jm 4 Editor-in-Chief Woodwell follows photographer’s progress. Assistants Mary Botelho Eileen Sprague Business Editors Managing Editors Mclnnis and Wright confer. Helena Correllus Ruth Vadala Adviser: R. Curtis McKee Business Adviser: Karen M. Schoch Official Photographer: Howard Studios, Inc. Delmar Representative: Robert K. Vantine Editorial Board at work. “Catch 13 " (front) Adviser James Har- rington, James King, Mark Metell, Julee Doyle, Betty Campbell; (rear) Arvo Mikannen, Randall Peat, Joe Doyle, Jeff Grant, Autumn Weiden, William Burns, Angela Fernandes, Mark Sullivan, Ken Kutney. “ Perspective ” Eileen Sprague, Adviser James Winer, Law- rence Uchmanowicz, Angela Fernandes, Brian McCue, Mark Metell, Julee Doyle. V STUDENT . INTELLIGENCER: Pokey Medeiros, Michelle McGoldrick, Adviser James Winer, Suzanne Boudreau, Jane Flaherty; ( rear) John Barrows, Eileen Clifford, Karen Smith ItlllHHi 67 Senior Mount CHEERLEADERS (Kneeling) Tonia Nall, June-o Miller, Linda Solimine, Sue Furlani, Gay Soque; (standing) Andrea Toran, Betsey Gregory, Sue Wright, Sue Madden, Julie Toran COLOR GUARD (kneeling) Kathy Doonan, Sue Rose, Laureen Goulart, Sheryl Sample, Sue Pimental, Kathy Flaherty, Sue Costa, Karen Payne; (standing) Debbie Macedo, Rae Ann Knispel, Cathy Costa, Elise Vidal, Margaret Mitchell, Kim Tavares, Lauren Smith, Barbara Delaney, Moira Keefe, Michelle McKay, Patti Doonan, Sue DeMello, Pam Drouin, Ann Posgay, Kathy Twohig, Anne Harney PEP SQUAD (kneeling) Suzan Mayne, Margie Mitchell, Debbie Haladay, Esther Upton, Sue Agusta, Kathy Korwatch, Tami Beau- chamin, Nancy Lee, Dara Corbett, Kathy Rush, Michelle McGoldrick, Nancy Perry; (standing) Nancy Horton, Sue Rebello, Joan Perry, Sheila Grady, Jan Wege, Bernie Grace, Patty Dynan, Marybeth Wright. Julienne Augusta, Helyn Costa, Lesley Corcia, Martha Powers, Pam Mayne, June Payne, Shelley Cross, Margaret Jemmott, Sue Gonsalves, Joan Hebden, Jean Murray, Nancy Rebello, Jane McDonald Spirit of 76 MAJORETTES (kneeling) Jo-Ann Lino, Karon Mclnnis, Jann Costa, Joanne LaPlante, Tarsilla Witkos, Vicki Gonsalves; (standing) Ann Kamataris, Peggy Kelleher, Fran Ross, Heather Klimm, Patty Kelleher, Pam Henderson, Sharon Lino f£u 1 M. 1 flat 1 i i “V A! W ' Key Club KEY CLUB (front) Adviser Robert Watson, Steve Cross, Ed Nemeth, Mike Grady, Tony Cardoza, Mike Hennessey , Steve Alferes, Stephanie Elliott, Kathy Korwatch, Linda Solimine, J. Brian Corey, J.P. Vidal, David Lafleur, Kyle Goodell, Bobby Kinchla; (top) Wayne Chevie, Tom Frazier, Todd Parent, Rick Mongeau, Tim DeMello, Tim Marken, Paul Warden, Tony Marken, Mark Medeiros, Jim Estes, Rick Carlson, Greg Hennemuth, Jim Hamre, Craig Amaral . i ry • • Keeping the Spirit . . . 72 Lookout Club LOOKOUT CLUB (front) Susan Rebello, Jean Murray, Nancy Rebello, Karon Mclnnis, Suzan Mayne, Debbie Haladay, Vicki Gonsalves, Jo-Ann Lino, Jann Costa, Sue Madden, Kathy Grady, Joan Perry, Wanda Gibson, Kim Burke; (second) Nancy Young, Jan Wege, Sharon Lino, Patty Kelleher, Kathy Malone, Eileen Clifford, Kathy Korwatch, Linda Solimine, Rosemary Lamonte, Erin Keefe, Julie Toran, Stephanie Elliott, Kim Fernandes, Sue Connell, Mary- lou Shapiro; (third) Peggy Lawrence, Nancy Lee, Susan Gonsalves, Esther Upton, Gay Soque, Adviser Joan Tansey, Martha Powers, Wanda Sharp, Sue Agusta, Tara Keefe, Karen Smith, Michelle McGoldrick, Betsey Gregory, Andrea Toran, Mary Conley Honor Society HONOR SOCIETY SENIORS (front) Susan Lemmon, Dan Bouchard, Jo-Ann Lino, Paul Warden, Anthony Marken, Kathy Korwatch, Vicki Gonsalves, Dana Haupt, Allen Walker; (center) Robert Flynn, James Grosslein, Paula Brickett, Richard Bouchard, Katherine Ketchum, Leigh Volkman, Caroline Woodwell, Eileen Clifford, Jenny Egloff, Eric Hansen; (rear) Elizabeth Martin, Terry Ewing, Samuel Mallette, Andrew Spencer, Maureen Lipp, Kevin Smith, Linda Farrell, Brian Schwiedenback, Susan Gonsalves, Karen Smith, James Hamre, Gilbert Martin HONOR SOCIETY SENIORS (front) Diane DeMello, Diane Hersey, Keith Charron, Mark Sanders, Elise Vidal, Nadia Wood, Susan Moniz, Michelle Sheridan; (center) Jane Flaherty, Leslie Damore, Susan Fhmental, Isobel Longyear, Maureen Twohig, Anne Christman, Betty Kalperis, Laura Murphy, Karen Dunkle; ( rear) Margie Mitchell, Valerie Noreau, Brian Von Herzen, Maureen Murphy, Denise Tessier, Tracy Corwin, Richard Mongeau, Adel Mrusek, Cathy Costa, Helena Correllus HONOR SOCIETY (front) Cynthia Crowell , Becky Leonard, Debbie Hinxman, Corinna Blunter, Debbie Vokey, Judy Green, Debbie Stewart; (center) Betsy Gregory, Susan Madden, Holly Perpall, Caroline McKee, Sheryl Goodell, Wende Chapman, Peggy Lawrence, Kevin Pease; (rear) Pam Henderson, Marjorie Woodwell, Martha Crowell, Kim Root, Frances Correllus i HONOR SOCIETY (front) Andree Fortin, Ramona Pinho, Barbara Pratt, Karen Luke, Elizabeth Frosch, Ginny Nielsen, Frances Wood; (center) Ryan Young, Brad Irish, Sylvia Atkinson, Roxanne Markee, Barbara Hurley, Donna Valias, John Beckerle; (rear) Chris McEvoy, Barry Keating, Grant Wilson, Jeff Alexander, Peter Jones, Brian McCue, Jim Estes French Club FRENCH CLUB (front) Barry Keating, Lee Ann Evans, Michelle Boudrot, Suzanne Boudrot, Kevin Smith, Wendy Boon, Jackie Sheridan, Debbie Buscanero; (rear) Adviser Janice Orfe, Michele Sheridan, Sylvia Atkinson, Sheila Grady, Ann Tessier, Sheryl Goodell, Ann Marie Murphy, Margaret Mem- molo, Dianne Bishop Spanish Club 76 SPANISH CLUB (front) Chris Caron, Susan Rebello, Nancy Rebello, Kyle Cahoon, Paula Brickett, Sue Libby, Pam Henderson, Kathy Leahy, Mrs. Debra Songster, Rae Ann Knispel, Stephanie Avis, Terry Nixon; (second) Lauren Smith, Leslie Jonas, Lynn Burnett, Claire Bowen, Margie Mitchell, Patricia Fuller, Marylou Shapiro; (third) Ruby Gonsalves, Linda St. Jean, Tony Cardoza, Elise Vidal, Karen Taylor; (fourth) Pokey Medeiros, David Murray, David Bruce, President Brian Corey YOUTH FOR EASTER SEALS: Kathy Flaherty, Steve Alferes, Karen Taylor, Mike Hennessy, Randi Yando, Cindy Wright Math Team MATH TEAM: (seated) Kevin Smith, Laura Murphy, Betty Kalperis, Lee- Ann Evans, Lee Goodell; (standing) Brian Von Herzen, John Beckerle, Russell Brockhurst, Andy Spencer, Sam Mallette Chess Club CHESS CLUB: (seated) Jamie Watkins, Douglas Jones, Thomas Harrigan, Michael Beckerle, Joseph Uchmano- wicz; (standing) Brad Irish, John Beckerle, Russell Brockhurst, Jim King A-V CLUB: Adviser Barry Sadoff, Mark Almeida, Bruce Steeples, Tom Harrigan, Mike Martin, Chuck Damore, Barbara Fears, Margaret Correllus, David Shea; (rear) Frank Hobson, John Woodcock, Steve Jusczyk, Peter Flaherty, Anne Marie Murphy, John Shatney, David Frazier LIGHTING CREW: Ann Marie Murphy, Jim King, John Houde, Douglas Jones, Adviser Michael Helfen, Ralph Swenson, Julee Doyle, Mark Davis DEBATING TEAM: Coach Michael Helfen, Brian Schmidtz, Lawrence Uchmanowicz, Harold Brackett, Eileen Sprague, Joseph Uchmanowicz, Denise Kearney, Autumn Weiden, Jack Meade A person cannot develop the full extent of his mind and body unless his home and surroundings are in harmony with his feelings. Search for this harmony. — Walter Rinder Future Nurses (kneeling) Sue Rebello, Nancy Rebello, Suzan Mayne, Liz Martin, Debbie Cook, Karen Taylor, Caroline Granfield, McClusker, Sue Libby, Holly Wilson, Dianne Cutillo, Vicki Gonsalves, Anne T. Arnold, Janice Hansen, Terry Ewing, Pam Mayne Callahan; (standing) Julie Cameron, Susan Lemmon, Lisa Johnson, SAE (kneeling) Sharon Brooks, Paula Brickett, Linda Oser, Vicki Wolfe, Nancy Baumann; (standing) Debbie Macedo, Kathy Soutter, Faith Anderson, Adviser Sydney C. Roberts, Amy Sullivan, Debbie Hapenny, Gini Tegan 1 I Touring FHS Tourguide Peter Clark " The Sweathogs " 83 Faculty Friends hi. ff • itftjutg Reflections Yesterday . . . Like mintage spent, is past recall; Its echo dimmed beyond time’s wall. Reach high, for stars be hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. — Pamela Vaull Starr Tomorrow . . . It never promised earthly man, Nor does it often fit a plan. Today . . . It’s gold that covers hills and dell And rich are those who use it well — Pearl Phillips ,, , Keep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you. — Anonymous 86 Smile and be Happy For what is life But to live And what is living Without a smile — Jody Gardner Let us be of good cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which never come. — Amy Lowell If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world, it will come through the expression of your own personality — that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature. — Bruce Barron I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving. — Oliver Wendell Holmes Take time to play — it is the secret of youth. Take time to think — it is the source of power. Take time to read — it is the foundation of knowledge. Take time to enjoy friends — it is the source of happiness. — Cecil Long 88 ■■ Feel and see things you’ve never felt before Ride the seed as it is carried by the wind to unknown places unknown faces for it will settle somewhere upon a spot of earth And fulfill its purpose. — Walter Rinder The keys to success are the three D’s: Discipline, Desire and Determination — John Shumate Once we were standing still in time, Chasing the fantasies that filled our minds. — Theme from “ Mahogany ” 89 4 ' J Ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend When people can be so cold They ’ll hurt you and desert you And take your soul if you let them Oh, but don’t you let them. — James Taylor If you smile at me, I will understand ’Cause that is something everybody in the world does in the same language. — Crosby, Stills, and Nash Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in Silence. — Desiderata 90 Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead, where There is no path and leave a trail. — Anonymous And in the sweetness of friendship let there he laughter and sharing of pleasures, for in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. — Kahil Gibran A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. — Chinese Proverb This is not the end — but a new beginning. I am not afraid anymore in the dawn of a new day for I have felt the humanness of you. — Walter Rinder We only pray that we have shown you a brighter day because that’s all that We are living for. — S. W., Eileen and Karen 91 . 4 ? 1 - I Law SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Vice-president Gay Soque, President Karen Smith, Secretary-Treasurer Stephanie Elliott ■ — — . . — :■ . mmm ■ § r • ' i S 1 -O n I I! 3m n «■» k? if i JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Vice-president Mona Pinho, President Betsy Gregory, Secretary-Treasurer Susan Madden SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Secretary-Treasurer Kathy Two- hig, President Mary Ellen Malone, Vice-president Claire Bowen (n.p.) STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD: Betty Kalperis, Tim Marken, Maureen Twohig, Brian McCue, Mike Denton w Town Meeting Student Advisory Board to School Committee With Coach Fred Toran at the helm, the Clippers admirably represented FHS against some of the best soccer talent in the state. Team play was characterized by determined hustle, rather than individual star ef- fort. Goalie Rick Carlson and Center Fullback Allen Walker led the defense, while Captain Paul Warden was the sole Falmouth pick for the Southeastern Massachusetts Conference All Star Team. It was also a season of hearth reakers: four league games lost by one goal, missing the State Tournament by one game. SOCCER: (front) Greg Hennemuth, Doug Smith, Maurice Wiernicki, Mike Hennessy, Rick Carlson, Paul Warden, Allen Walker, Mike Grady, Brian Perry; (rear) Dan Junker, Tim Marken, Mike Norton, Glenn Nowak, Kevin Connelly, Joe Olenick, Mike McKay, Ben Moreland JL3 Field Hockey had a highly successful season under Coach Maureen O’Brien in her debut in this sport. Co-captains Stephanie Elliott and Denise Tessier led the team effort successfully to the second finals of the States, where the girls suffered their first major defeat. (front) Tracy Smith, Jeanne MacKenzie, Barbie Pratt, Heide Webber, Denise Tessier, Stephanie Elliott, Lisa Cotillo, Monica Sachs, Linda Durkin, Jayne Drew; (second) Vicki Costa, Coach Maureen 0 ' Brien, Mona Pinho, Joyce Tessier, Anne Tessier, Angela Reynolds, Laura Patch, Marylou Shapiro, Dianne Hersey, Marilyn Boesse, Anne Murphy Under the careful guidance of Coach Jack George, the Clippers had a fine winning season, compiling a 6-4 record. The play was typified by aggressive defense (4 shut-outs) and a determined offense. Falmouth was well-represented on the All-League Team by Gil Martin (offense), Craig Amaral and Steve Alferes (defense). At the annual season’s-end banquet, individual honors awarded included: Most Valuable Player — Steve Alferes Most Dedicated — Craig Amaral Most Improved — Steve Laliberte Outstanding Back — W liter Gonsalves, Steve Haddad The leadership of Captains Steve Alferes and Steve Cross proved excellent in another successful year for Falmouth football. VARSITY: (row 1) Rick Mongeau, Joe Bohenberger, J.P. Simmons, Co-captains Steve Cross and Steve Alferes, Gil Martin, Shawn Martin, Mark Medeiros, Manager Tony Marken; (row 2) Coach Jack George, Wayne Chevie, Todd Parent, Brian Corey, Mike Murphy, Billy James, George DeMello, George Gaspa, Walter Gonsalves, Timmy DeMello, Eddie; (row 3) Coach Bob LaRaia, Dave Dufresne, Craig Amaral, Jim Estes, Steve Coffey, Peter Rafferty, Chris McEvoy, Steve Laliberte, Fuad Jezzeny, Joe DePrizio; (row 4) Coach Ray Charron, Andre Elichalt, Mike Denton, Glen Gubbins, Tom Nolan, Jeff Fraser, Tom Connors, Steve Haddad, Ernie Medeiros H • 1 1 1 m 1 w a Hr i 930 V r pp f - ' 7k i 1 _ « V ■ ’ w i-J 1 ■ nL Qijn wLy u ■CP - ' t - )f| s ' VI rl VARSITY (on bench) John Starosta, Mike Grady, Tom Connors, Shawn Smith, George DeMello, Richie Green, Ed Monteiro, Rick Carlson, Tim DeMello; (standing) Coach Jim O’Brien, Chris McEvoy, Dave Petrone, Greg White, Greg Durgin, Jeff Fraser, Steve Cross, Jim Estes, Tim DeMello, Matt Hamill, Peter Smith, Chris Harney, Chuck Nickerson I i t It was another excellent Hockey year at 15-6-1, typified by hustling, determined play. Under Coach Jim O’Brien, the Clippers copped the SMC Division I Championship for the second straight year and advanced to the second round of the State Tourney, losing to Pope John 6-4. Captain George DeMello, along with assistants Shawn Smith and Richie Green, led determined, young athletes on and off the ice. Major contributions came from Chris Harney, major scorer with 39 goals and Freshman Goalie Eddie Monteiro with a 1.9 goals against average for 11 games in a year which Coach O’Brien designated “the smoothest, no big problems.” 100 Boys Winter Track Winter Track had enjoyed a good season (5-1-1) under Captains Andy Voorhis and Eddie Nemeth. A total team effort propelled them to the State Tournament, where behind standouts Robbie Johnson, John Reese, Andy Voorhis, and Eddie Nemeth they became State Champs. Robbie Johnson was named to the All Scholastic Team by “The Boston Globe” for his con- sistent wins in high jump, 300 yards, and the hurdles. John Reese set a school record in the mile. Although these performances outshone team effort at times, it was total performance that underwrote the season. TRACK (front) Coach Bob LaRaia, Danny Junker, Mike Hennessy, Tim Marken, Wayne Chevie, Andy Voorhis, Ed Nemeth, Tom Nolan, Jay Murphy; ( second ) Allen Walker, David Fucillo, Steve Alferes, Barry Keating, Jeff Martin, Rick Macedo, Mark Lajeunesse; (third) Jack Meade, Greg Cornell, Don Campbell, Tim Parker, Paul Vininski, Tom Henrique, David Martin CROSS COUNTRY: Tim Parker, Greg Cornell, Ed Nemeth, Jeff Martin, Andy Voorhis, Jack Meade, Ken Pires, Hill Craddock STATE CHAMPION CROSS COUNTRY: (front) Nancy Robinson, Coach John Carroll, Johanna Forman; (second) Joanne Frazier, Nancy Buguey, Sue Wigley, Sheila Barrows, Diana Clark; (third) Sandi Medeiros, Jackie Farentino, Donna Sullivan, Lynn Cabral, Donna Valias, Cathy McCurdy, Janice Hansen; (fourth) Missy Figuerido, Terri Rush, Shelagh Kavanagh, Jill Barnard, Sue Larkin aUUH , Hmsrtiay SPRING TRACK: (front) Donna Jonas, Terry Rush, Sheila Barrows, Debbie Haladay, Johanna Forman, Karen Bissonnette, Nancy Robinson; (second) Kathy Morton, Joanne Frazier, Mary Conley, Donna Sullivan, Nancy Buguey, Kathy McCurdy, Kathy Bell, Darlene LeClerc; (third) Sue Larkin, Missy Figuerido, Linda Pilkey, Lilo Nichy, Linda Alferes, Sandy Medeiros, Michelle Sargent, Tamara Jezzeny, Mary Donovan; (fourth) Coaches John Carroll and Bill MacKinnon, Terri Murray, Debbie Cook, Lynn Cabral. VV WVliTJl v f J-m T r i fen feESSr - — m | gr -A J 1976 GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL (front) Coach Helen Ladd, Romona Pinho, Vicki Gonsalves, Suzanne Goulart, Barbara Pratt, Kathy Miranda; (rear) Theresa Gomes, Joyce Tessier, Angela Houston, Jayne Drew, Tracy Smith. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL The squad’s game was characterized by long, arcing shots, heavy defense, and low scores in game play. The season record for varsity included 6 wins, 12 losses for varsity; 9 wins, 8 losses, and 1 tie for the JVs. JV SQUAD (front) Angela Reynolds, Bonny Pena, Jo-Anne MacKen- zie. Sue Wilson, Elise Gomez, Rita Lopez; (rear) Diane Morris, Anne Murphy, Kitty Lee, Monica Sachk, Marilyn Boesse, Lynette Lopes. VARSITY: (front) Brian Corey, Mike Lynch, Joe Olenick; (rear) Coach Bruce Cranshaw, Lee Harrison, Manager; Keith Charron, Paul Warden, Bruce Stockel, Captain Jon Dinsmore, J.P. Simmons, Brian Perry, Steve Coffey, Kevin Bazillio, Butch Rose, Coach Bob Watson It was another disappointing year as the Clippers lost all but one game in the 75-76 campaign. Players couldn’t quite come together behind Captain Jon Dinsmore and didn’t have that little bit extra needed to win the close ones. Brian Corey, along with Kevin Bazillio, took care of ball-handling and most of the outside. Keith Charron, Buster Rose, J.P. Simmons, and Jon Dinsmore pro- vided rebounding and the inside game. VARSITY BASEBALL: (front) Coach Bruce Cranshaw, Brian Corey, Dennis Kinsella, Paul LeBlanc, Tim Marken, Paul Viniski, Butch Rose, John Starosta; (rear) Glenn Nowak, Mike Lynch, Steve Coffey Juan Fernandes, Tim DeMello, Pokey Medeiros, Paul Warden, Jeff Moriarty. I I Girls Softball (seated) Cindy Archer, Manager; Joanne McKenzie, Nancy Stone, Mona Pinho, Vickie Gonsalves, Linda Durkin, Marilyn Boesse, Captain Diane Hersey; (standing) Beth Hills, Elise Gomez, Joyce Tessier, Barbi Pratt, Jayne Dou- cette, Tracy Smith, Terri Gomes, Coach Bob Chisholm 108 (kneeling) Joe Domingos, James Goodhue, Greg Hennemuth, Douglas Comolli; (standing) Billy Lee, Jim Estes, Barry Keating, Tom Nolan, John Grosslein With an overall record of 22-1, the male side advanced to the State Quarter Finals before meeting defeat. Greg Hennemuth took his matches all season, leading an inspired, vig- orous squad. Tennis (kneeling) Lynn Libby, Kathy Korwatch, Lee Ann Evans, Sue Domingos, Karen Lebherz, Lisa McCusker; (standing) Coach Dennis Comolli, Amy Toran, Betsy Gregory, Esther Upton, Minda Gay, Lani Goodhue The females finished the sea- son with an impressive 19-2 balance. Seniors Esther Upton, Kathy Korwatch, and Minda Gay provided the seasoned backbone of an otherwise up- and-coming squad of young players. 109 GOLFERS Jennifer Thornton, Barbara Coach Ruth Nickerson Mahoney, Ginny Arthur, i « I GOLFERS (front) Coach Barry Bird, Steve Jusczyk, Peter Flaherty, Jim Clifford, Mike Cassidy, Bruce Kirtley, John Fragale, Mike Stone, Larry Doyle; (rear) Scott Fitzpatrick, Steve Bumpus, Steve Bissonette, Matt Henrikson, Tom Frazier, Bruce Stockel, Chris Harney, Jim Cassidy, Jim Hamre GYMNASTS: (front) Nancy Young, Darlene LeClerc, Ginny MacAuliffe, Julie Granfield, Wanda Gibson, Anne Kinchla, Bernie Thompson, Terri Murray, Susan Madden, Barbara Hurley; (second) Deanna Markestyn, Bonnie Chapline, Tina Peter, Debbie Simmons, Kathy Grady, Lilo Nichy, Kathy Morton, Tara Keefe, Terri Nixon, Cath Picanso; ( third) Louise Lopes, Debra Buscanera, Pat Perry, Laura Lambert, Lorraine Cruwys, Terry Lynch, Lisa Peterson, Karen Brereton, Mary Beth Wright (n.p.) Jan Wege, June Miller, Mary Flaherty, Caroline Granfield, Carol Naschke, Moira Keefe, Manager Felicia Hampton • ' Li psxMfS y , Jj wHv w JmWs " • j; , 71 ' r JESL maim . yy saag ■ --ta 9k. ‘ Ink r— - -‘ K y iA 1 " to , SLjW ' 4 wJW - jk£f - W % » » ■ ■sill Festival Play “The Boor ” Suzanne Phelan Brian McCue Holly Perpall MAME FHS Performing Arts under the direction of Michael Helfen presented MAME in December to appreciative houses. Susanne Phelan, winner of state drama awards last year, starred as Marne Dennis, supported by double-cast roles for Agnes Gooch and Vera Charles, played enthusiasti- cally by Pat Fennelly and Kathy Morton; Betty Kalperis and Helena Corr- ellus on opposite nights. Other supporting players included Lawrence Uchmanowicz as M. Lindsay Woolsey, Brian McCue as Dwight Babcock, and Greg Dorsey as Ito. Musical direction came under the baton of Carol Sykes; Choreography was excitingly staged by Margo Epps, a professional dancer and alumna of Falmouth. Student Director Brian McCue oversaw chorus, dancers, and Marne’s friends in an aggregation of nearly fifty. Mame, Susanne Phelan Vera, Helena Correllus Dancers Scott Peters and Caroline McKee I 1 I I Wonderful Town A class vote set the seniors into motion producing a musical. “Wonderful Town” was chosen as the vehicle for our talents. The cast contained a variety of amateurs ranging from “FHS Performing Arts” veterans to inexperienced beginners to enthusiastic faculty. Dara Corbett as Eileen and Helena Correllus and Betty Kalperis doublecast as Ruth gave outstanding performances depicting the bachelorette life of The Fifties. Randy Peat added humor (and aggravation) to their situation as their eccentric landlord Appopolous. The male lead was shared by John Reese and Gary Kenefick, as Bob Baker, Ruth’s editor boyfriend. Finally, Andre Elichalt portrayed “Wreck,” the girls’ athletic neighbor. Andre also took on the responsibility of student director and much credit is due his senses of humor and organization. The highlight of the show was in the appearance of the Brazilian sailors. Their “Conga” was a smash hit with the chorus joining in. (Who can forget Steve Murphy in a dress?) The re- maining chorus and supporting cast worked equally as hard to present an excellent show. Special thanks go to Dennis Marotta and James Stevens for their work with the orchestra and chorus, Gil Rapoza’s choreography, Mike Helfen’s help with the stage crew. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Bill Fraher, our director. As rehearsals ended and opening night approached, whispers of “We aren’t ready” were heard, but, through Mr. Fraher’s and the others’ guidance, whatever talent we lacked was com- pensated for by hard work and enthusiasm. Perhaps not a great money-maker, “Wonderful Town” was no less a success. Betty Kalperis and Dara Corbett L MSI} v ' a® " ■ h m u Bfc ,„ r j IJ- : i 1 Xlsjl ■ PW - •• “ ri - ■ ■•- A • 1 1 p 1 I Music A fun year for the musicians began with marching band during football season. All groups later spent a weekend at the ex- , change concert in Vernon, Connecticut and reciprocated for a concert here. The Pops Concert, featuring concert and dance bands under the direction of Dennis Marotta, highlighted the Spring series with a later performance of Chorus and Orchestra under the baton of Carol Sykes. ORCHESTRA: (seated) Martha Crowell, Janice Foret, Janice Hansen, Raphael Beltran, Gay Soque, Nancy Robinson, Lee Volkman; (second) Director Carol Sykes, Amy Crocker, Marjorie Woodwell, Nancy Monahan, Caroline Woodwell, John Houde, John Reese; (rear ) Cynthia Crowell, William Stozel, John Ewing, Jane Woodwell CHORUS: (l-r) Leslie Damore, Ann Marie Gonsalves, Shantelle Hobson, Janine Foret, Cindy Guyton, Patty Pinette, Susanne Phelan, Wanda McLaid, Brad Jordan, Scott Bohr, John Beckerle, Raphael Beltran, Mike Beckerle, Michael Martin, Matthew Henrik- son, Liz Martin, Gladys Guyton, Bernadette Grace, Karen Hess, Andree Fortin, Holly Perpall, Caroline McKee, Randi Yando, Tracy Bowen, Martha Crowell, Denise Kearney, Kristen Ferguson, Cindy Crowell, Director Carol Sykes (n.p.) Tom Rougsedge, Tom Riley, Brian Von Herzen, Jeff Johnson, John Reese, Charles Damore, Paul Selig, Michael Martinage, Gina Roberts, Karen Hall, Debbie Truhal, Donna Valias, Kathleen Sweeney, Dara Corbett, Sandra McGara, Susan Gonsalves, Cathy McGough, Linda Vidal, Pam Scott, Mary Ellen Malone, Kathy Morton I I 122 i Graduation June 4 , 1976 “Which road should I take?” asked Alice. “It all depends on where you want to go,” answered the Cheshire Cat. “Well, I’m not at all sure,” she said, whereupon the Cat replied, “Then it doesn’t really matter which you take, does it?” Principal Peter L. Clark Theme Song — Laura Murphy Mahogany Judge Alfred L. Podolski Now looking back at all the past, We let so many things just slip through our hands. Why must we wait so long before we see, How sad the answers to those questions can be? 1 1 I Liass farewell The time has finally come for us, the Class of ’76 to step outside; to begin to think of independence, new faces, and challenges. Four years have passed — for some it has been too long, for others it has been filled with good times. Yet, we must all agree that it has been an experience to meet, to know, to love, and now to part with that environment which has played such a major role in our development. We look back and ponder the memories, when as Freshmen we dreamed of far-off days when we too would be able to exhibit the nonchalant attitudes of Seniors. As Sophomores we experienced a transition — it was a beginning all over again. As Juniors many finally began to study, for this was the year upon which many futures would be decided. Then, finally, as Seniors we are joined here with the understanding that although our directions and destinations will differ, we will all continue along that everlasting path called growth. Learn to accept the obstacles not as curses but as challenges which must be conquered. Savor each moment as a new learning experience. May you all grow in your admiration of one another, but more importantly in a true admiration of yourselves. Each one of you possesses a unique potential — seek it out — discover the secrets of yourself and then reach for that furthest star. And now let us leave FHS with an appreciation. I quote from Sly Stone, “Everyone of you is a star, I can feel it when you shine on me ... I love you for who you are, not for the ones you feel you need to be.” I love you. Take care and may God bless. Karen Smith A Some days up ahead will come down empty and some years fuller than the fullest ones we’ve known before Today has been the best day yet. I thought you ought to know that And I thought it time that I said thank you, for whatever might have passed between us that in your mind you might have felt missed my attention It didn ’t and it doesn’t and it won’t Thank you for the every days that you make into holidays. — Rod McKuen So on and on I go the seconds tick the time out There’s so much left to know And I’m on the road to find out — Cat Stevens Thanks to all — The Editors 128 Jhe edittfri ' , staff , and advd va wdfi to thcunk tfit parents, cund ffiendo wdooe 6uyyovt ha helped [aunck thuA edition of ' Compact Business Editors: Helena Correllus Ruth Vadala Advertising Sales: Cheryl Halstead Advertising Sales: Rhonda Teixeira Advertising Sales: Adel Mrusek Advertising Sales: John Reese Advisor: Karen M. Schoch Yearbook Sales: Eileen Clifford Jessica Wasseth Cheryl Halstead Rhonda Teixeira Ruth Vadala Helena Correllus Lee Harrison Debbie DeMello 129 Best wishes from COMMONWEALTH TRAVEL (Est. 1931) — A Complete Travel Service — Dillingham Ave., Falmouth, Mass. 02541 Te l.: 548-5100 (Emergencies: 563:5240) " We are as near as your telephone " AREA CODE 617 540-0202 D Open Evenings sm u T ■ TOYOTA OF FALMOUTH AND MARTHA S VINEYARD Dennis Smith Rt. 28 Mike Musto E. Falmouth, Mass. 02536 PHONE 548-4842 Compliments of Rebello ’s Nursery, Inc. “WE BEAUTIFY OUTDOORS” 442 MAIN STREET E. FALMOUTH, MASS. 130 Introducing the New Yachtsmen Wine Room at Falmouth’s Leading Self-Entertaining Restaurant. Informal Waterfront Dining . . . with a Touch of the Gourmet THE REGATTA RESTAURANT End of Scranton Aranne ' 548-MOO Best Wishes to the Class of 1976 Cory ' s Cards Gifts Falmouth Plaza 221 MAIN STREET 548-0116 SUMMER HOURS: Daily 9 to 6; Mon. and Fri. 9 to 9 C. W. JACOBY AGENCY, INC. EH REALTOR Real Estate and Appraisals 14 Queens Buyway 548-0940 M IS Main Street Film — Equipment — Processing — Stereo — TV ORTINS PHOTO SUPPLY 131 342 D. Gifford Street, Falmouth, Mass. 02540 548-7303 CARPET BARN INC. PRATT LAMBERT PAINTS WALLPAPER CARPETS 1 1 Chapel Park Ave., Falmouth, Mass. 02540 Charles Alferes 548-1443 Ethel Alferes Compliments of East Falmouth 132 Best Wishes from Best Wishes to the Class of 1976 MURRAY INSURANCE AGENCY Route 28, Waquoit 548-3273 406 Jones Road Falmouth, MA Good Luck, Graduates 3 iSL m _ from ft Tony and Nate " At am :r ‘ EMPIRE M , s shop FALMOUTH MALL 548-1020 Best Wishes to the Class of 1976 FALMOUTH FORD Dillingham Avenue, Falmouth rass fettle Antiques 66y (T ajj SjjieeJ. JaJmouXJl, PftaAsi . 540-3155 Harvey’s Hardware American Hardware 163 Worcester Park Avenue The Store for All Reasons 133 Appel’s PHARMACY “the store of friendly service” 249 Main Street Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 Phone 548-0102 Angelo’s Submarine Sandwich Shop 694 Main Street, Falmouth Featuring 25 Varieties of Sandwiches For you hungry people, take home a 29” sandwich Call 548-9247 Home Cycle Auto ' Garden- Sporting Goods Bicycle- Rental - Sales Service RALE OH 226 Main 51, FALMOUTH , M as s, (617)540 1 14 8 » 5 48-1230 536 Main St., Falmouth, Mass. Rte. 28 Opposite Falmouth Nursing Home Open Year ' Round 134 135 COMGRA TULA TIOIS S GRADUATES 1976 Compliments of: DUNKIN’ DONUTS 614 Main Street Falmouth, Mass. Couto, cA {anagzr - the „ the „ Comp Rpom Comp Rpom 6 r° SECRETARIAL SERVICES OFFSET PRINTING IBM COMPOSITION XEROXING MAILINGS 368 MAIN STREET IN FALMOUTH 548-7017 6 mod j dm or) mods dm or 2LJ1 difi u $ 3 894 Main Street Colonial Shopping Center Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 Tircstonc Falmouth Car Care Center 486 Mein Street Falmouth, MA 02540 Phone: 548-7100 Eastman ± sHaxclvja T i£ Uyitcfiz n umisAings Sy anizz iProciucts, dzzcls, fzorting fffoo ds 3££. D 4 8-0407 ( i f-ttxactLon-dountxij Stoxz) Tdanns. 1 C.oxri£.x 150 J A ain St 1££.t ' ' 3 aCmoutlx , 02540 Congratulations, to tfzz class of 1976 afmoutfi SB ootztzzzfiincj zSezulc£±, CJnc. Tel. 548-1221 Falmouth, Mass. 43 Depot Avenue 136 FALMOUTH TROPHY COMPANY 536 MAIN STREET. FALMOUTH, MASS. 02540 AWARDS • PLAQUES - ENGRAVING MIKE DENNIS 540-1135 VINCENT P. DYNAN PHONE 548-0234 Mmoiitli Jabrics “WE DRAPE THE CAPE” 153 MAIN ST. FALMOUTH, MASS. 02540 FALMOUTH 824 Main Street Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 Phone 617 540-2500 FALMOUTH Rt. 28, Main St. Opp. Falmouth Plaza HYANNIS Downtown, Main St. Opp. Town Hall (617) 548-9115 311 Main St. Falmouth, Mass. Harmony Hut o$ JaCmoutk One. GEORGE’S PIZZA HOUSE Call Your Orders Before You Leave Home — They Will Be Ready On Arrival FALMOUTH MALL TEATICKET. MASS. 02536 540-2440 FAY’S, INC. Compliments of FAY’S, Inc. 556 Main St. Falmouth, Mass. 02540 548-1666 137 75 YEARS Serving the Falmouth Area Since 1900 ALL YOUR NEEDS FOR: Needlepoint — Crewel Embroidery — Bargello Crocheting — Knitting Latch - Hook Rugs Rug Canvas ESTABLISHED 1900 TOWN HALL SQ. 10-4:30 P.M. 548-0109 Bus. Phone: 548-5342 ip Res. Phone: 548-4893 MARY KAY, REALTOR COMPLETE Palmer Ave. Jones Rd. REAL ESTATE SERVICE Route 28, Falmouth, Mass. Sales — Rentals P. O. Box 342 . ?jj§ SHAMPOO by KENNETH OF LONDON HAIR STYLING FOR MEN WOMEN 1 54 Main St. For Appointment Falmouth, Mass. 548-9257 ■HUBBARD ■I PAINT SUPPLY iSPc WALLCOVERINGS Distributor ot touralne paints ty LADDERS Xy TOOLS Service Our Specialty Delivery Estimating Decorating Color Coordinate Service Falmouth — 548-6233 352 Main St. Next to Sears 138 THE TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT Good Food and Spirits 275 Main Street Falmouth, Cape Cod, Mass. HERBERT E. RILEY Tel. 548-0285 MARTIN’S OF FALMOUTH, INC. Trahans Candies 878 Main St. 106 North County Rd. Palm Beach, Florida 832-2700 Falmouth, Mass. 209 Main Street In the Colonial Shopping Center " Where Fashion Costs Less " Falmouth, Mass. 548-7878 Mam Street Vineyard Haven, Mass. xon cHclci [j £±ujn FOR GUYS GALS Dillingham Avenue Falmouth, Massachusetts 540-1400 Custom Screening • Freestanding Fireplaces CAPE COD FIREPLACE SHOP INSTALLATION SPECIALISTS Rte. 28 • Box 366 • Waquoit, Mass. John T. Jones 548-1100 WALKER VOLKSWAGEN, INC. 139 VILLAGE PIE COFFEE SHOP 237 Main Street 548-4955 Muffins Sandwiches Eat it here or take it with you Serving the Public Homelike Pizza Enriched Bread Since 1926 And Rolls ORLANDO S BAKERY Tel. 540-1440 420 Main Street East Falmouth, Mass. 02536 Stone’s Beauty Shop for Professional Beauty Service —6 STYLISTS— Connie Stone, Mgr. Theresa Stone Lynne Hayes Frances Fitzgerald Phyllis White Specializing in — 210 MAIN STREET, FALMOUTH 548-0685 In the Center of Town — Air Conditioned Parking in the Rear and Stone’s Barber Shop Styling • Razor Cutting • Shaping Four Barbers Frank Stone Dick Stone Phil Stone “Auggie” Perry Free Parking in the Rear • 208 Main Street 548-0685 AIR CONDITIONED DE PONTE’S TOPSOIL SCREENED LOAM 548-3230 Railroad Ties — Pine Mulch All Size Blue Stone Fine Brick Sand Bank Sand Select Gravel — Native Stone for Driveways Compost For Gardens — Snow Plowing Service Plant At Mobile 771-5616 Parker Mill Rd., East Falmouth MANURE 140 JtUr I I I CAPE BOWL in the ' Falmouth Plaza Air Conditioned Open ’til Midniglit Ten Pins 548-5434 PHONE 548-1705 AUTHORIZED SCHLAGE SECURITY SERVICE SPECIALIST LEONARD H. CALL, Locksmith Bonded Commercial a Residential 14 STOWERS ST. TEAT1CKET. MA 02536 Best Wishes To The Class of 1976 Main Street Falmouth 607 Main Street Teaticket, MA 548-6100 Falmouth Ready Mix Co., Inc. Compliments of You, you ' re the one — you are the only reason 263 MAIN STREET (Rte. 28) FALMOUTH Open Daily 1 1 A.M. to 1 1 P.M. Friday and Saturday ’til I 2 P.M. McDonald ' s U I 141 Swinea Patrons Un 8bam %Smoui(i Variety Stare 4o finh jjcjuor Stare fijfirina InjD ' fatm jopube Sportswear photography by l -i s i i? i s; The Indoor and Outdoor Studio (Rte. 28) 1949 Falmouth Rd Centerville ' ' Aon o yY 771-3141 Best Wishes to the Class of 1976 MURRAY INSURANCE AGENCY 406 Jones Road Falmouth, MA PHONE 548-1705 AUTHORIZED SCHLAGE SECURITY SERVICE SPECIALIST LEONARD H. CALL, locksmith Bonded Commercial Residential 14 STOWERS ST. TEATICKET. MA 02536 The Harem at Coonamessett Inn wishes the Class of 1976 Good Luck HOWARD STUDIOS INCORPORATED melvin howard ethel howard 292 Main Street Hyannis, Massachusetts 02601 Telephone 775-2552 Official CLIPPER COMPACT Photographer “The Professional Touch That Means So Much 9 9 142 DUr 51tn . Oiekert Gn erjon Steve C. Gn enum tiicn 3aro( 9ette Barham BuKock-WiUon flame (n ) Vir j inia flw) Burry Tilary J cine Burry Mr £ 51 hr . John fl. Carroff d(fred fioucjfa 511 5Km ©anief fioylc Talmoutfi Pubtic jQhrary Constance £P. 7(ood fi, ftjnnIForbe , brnrtan VSi((iam J. Irrafi er 5U £ 51fo. Robert Sri f fin 34efen 5. Betty Met caff $ o emary 51 loran Tom Mc§reyor %e( en ‘Peirce Cuyene 6 uttine Pfiittipj fiekoraf i Quick fin Sickert Slovene, SVHI.l 5 Seoiy 5?u Me£f bm. £ J)ebra Songster 5(arm 511. Schocfv John 5 Shing fe Joan Tanocy 7fk Mr .Micfiae( 2lWing £ittk Jbmcjji Car garage COMPLETE FOREIGN CAR SERVICE Major and Minor Repairs Body Work — Painting — Welding Corner of Gifford and Main 420 Main Street, Falmouth 548-9207 c bhe Sco6emtj AeMaurant Academy Lane, Falmouth 548-9882 143 yi Tribute Ijou Ml Steven Bissonette Falmouth, Massachusetts OUR 155th ANNIVERSARY 1821-1976 Adelia Caravaca, San Jose, Costa Rica Adelia Caravaca and Steve Bissonette were citizens of Falmouth and the world as additions to the growing list of foreign exchange students sponsored through the American Field Service Exchange Program. Adelia’s year in Fal- mouth with Dr. and Mrs. Harry Bowen as host family was divided among AFS Club activities, making friends, and speaking to various organizations. Next year she returns to school in Costa Rica. Steve, always active in class ac- tivities here, toured Thailand from his “Thai family home” and learned the difficult language. Thus they fostered the spirit of international good will for their native countries and the community of nations in much the same way the AFS Program seeks to establish human understanding as a means to world peace. The directors, officers and staff of the Falmouth Na- tional Bank join in sincere congratulations to the gradu- ating Class of 1976. We are also truly pleased to join in a very special sentiment ... A TRIBUTE TO YOU ALL . . . for the devotion and dedication of students, parents, admin- istrators, and the faculty of Falmouth High School. FALMOUTH NATIONAL CAPE COD ' S FIRST BANK 9 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS FALMOUTH - HYANNIS - YARMOUTH BUZZARDS BAY - OTIS AIR BASE Member F.D.I.C. loot fir limn J?o dancer, noilak, no trotttla io ■NlLTki ABEHTS TM: Inc I time Lamp . They aril RUtt? W. ' VpiVsi t-rrUoty and nun pic lamfw THC MMII HINT 00.. Fnetory. IT SlTrrXC. CHICAGO, I IX. Here ' s economy: Less ice; less salt; one quart aerated Into three pints. Lightning Freezer. A bModfBl etiur. kook In thrat colon INC. At 4ranNoftbBroo.Mft.CoH Pblladelpbl , Pa. Cars with Cafe Serv- toervation and Smok- on»o IT COSTS NOTHINQ to try our Bawls Machines. Wa — , JSC Machine hip direct from factory to conn — . uUproiU. ‘ rrHirtrto mar. 6av« agents protbk 30 day fra trial. Ii7.rtt) sold. Wamaist M Tan. AU attaofcinsats eras. 0.00 AHlactM for...... 11400 Aritactaa for 010.00 1.00 KmvmO for ...... ...00140 fcar Maahlaat at 18, MiOlUO Illustrated catalogue and testimonials free. Writ at onoc for oar special 1 Mhm,OA 8B BUTSR8 UKION. IM lMW.TaoBu«n8MV 40.0blooco.lll. SILK SHIRTS iKinroonaa 2 T%$ phdt y ran ttaisrf f meat. In tldi department. I ■ ban nothing but erpartrnaad hand. toptoyod, and brna r ml£du rj lo lb. por- Oto 18 fl fnr 1 edf-Mcuanmoot net N0F1TI MO BALE I oo application. Orton promgUj attended to. All an urltod lo eaU on CHAKU U LOCKWOOD. ISIIminT.Kt ...REMANTS FOS CRAZY SOML, wa md . nleo lata. tawing. of » to 75 pteea. of hneotMlka ana ntfno for ai Kltma of toner wort lor only 10 omt In itlwf or two — to tatoMton puoXa ea for 18 rvnta. Wa ana r- DH I I | oA I In relax. Tat Isa whalta noRIghu or Lkwra bar In .41 M.Y. Room No. SA Aganla wanted to DM Railway Timekeepers, WITH HEAVY imUIO SILTB CASES, JUS, PISTOLS. Military Goods, Ftmca ahi Krnuvt Faxcr Go.i . Ab, . n fu’l iHovtincnt of Jet Coral, sad Stool O n is. Schuyler, Hartley it Graham, 19 Mnidon Lano 22 John Street, N.T„ 13 Hue dUnehela, Paris, 47 Hampton St, Birmingham, Eng. SILK ...REMNANTS FOR CRRZ We rand, mot 5 — to 7 ptaota of l . for all kind, of toner wort for a Bo ornta la tUror or two ton m MIU mlK% iJtsfS oA I 111 to an 1 1 1 t inarm na Aatrr Saint Frmk L art. PluTMif Hmtftfw f rah. «. 1888 , aajit “Honanro Tmora an banarte jrorra- bUlfcnbatr i —hit and raMaMny. Thar an prat ta Urtr ralaabta to ode— Into an r and tonin ' laiW ralaatto to omt In to any and Wanton iW Am. and Mw, Startt, ofnflnlatphhhtn to Nombtr tf May 6. r wrlawta g thta walth, mrti “Waara pleated to aea that Iba InfMadn of too Hernias Bnot-er i tala that neb extraardi- at ara aiw attlw pr n d o ted byi . toe other a a j a aw t t m aa to point of aocnraay and ato- Tba RAILWAY TIMEKEEPER baa near aoun tnauas tarn oaaaa, baasMtol white tnanwd dial, handtoma gold banda. with tnpartor regulated movement, taarrandad 0 ran and ban oaaUant (taw Prloa par caaa if tetf do—, (04 by nail. SI «B eddhioo.1 to jwataf . SkooU mail ' readily at frees f» to 60 art. t told fat qua itttlaa of laat than «tx. Buys a $12.00 Couch. BEST VAX UK BTEB OFFERED. Day Time Travel Made Comfortable ( Parlor Cars with ( ice. Observation e log Rooms. edlor Marttstortre. SAW, S 3 ». M .14 K . rtU. MAO, to-lQ.ru. BtoRRSliSe. |bl S M tt a .lt m xonan mnuaut ca, •14 Sth Awr.lt, WnmenoUn, Blmt. AOP.NTS WANTED). From oo. to fourteen quart, of water boiled with an ordinary Eeroaea Lamp, or Oat. Swmmn JUmdUptnmiwUK Send to lUaMntod Pamphlet which will be mi by mail ton Agents wanted. WM. D. KrasFXL, Alt 206 Pearl Street, Now Yolk. ACA A MONTH) Wa want ArnWatlMancnth. 2)0U ex penaea paid, to rail «r Brxrttufmc ftmctU, nrimtal Ilumiri, tod lSothar new and roriraa anlataa. fb circular. ree. SHAW A CLAKK, Btddcford, lie. Aof rrt. r til to Par ton lie— H a apply to U H a — inr on, Now da away foftrra an. at Factory Wholesale Price. Bond for PBE£ CATALOG 1TB ehoarttur many naw atrlaa at, prtcM from , 3.00 up. Oootfa (uarantwdaa r . ra ttan a rep ett t e tad or money rafnndM. Boy from a and aarc half what yoa would pay adaalar. Conauntan CtrribM AMfs.Cf. VT16.Deapl4UkeaSS7Cblea80.llL ITbla company la reliable Editor] CARRIAGE WASHER. By tba oat of Ibb elmplt and mgrnlowa altlda, n window of the $250 Month AROUKMUMADI. MAGIC LAMP Y toty feel 8am- pW east on re. celptof On Itote lax. A, tola wanted to cootivl ontlea, and Towna. Cation or addraaa JONAS FAKNSWOBTH, In rector and Mtoutotnrar, «e Brad. Makes Its Atana fine. way, N. Y. Lockwood’s, 670 Broadway. J. HAVKVS PATENT.— For to Amy, Nary, Trarelera, sick or Wootod, or any one wb.i it troohled with maeqaitook Bier, or duet. IYW from TT7 orntr to PL Semple tent Jw® FREE Ladle. ' Mackloloahea, St 1416, 84W. I GeoWSUAflU SM8.SBI KOBTHKRM K 3314 Oth AW..K.MI AOENTS W flew on receipt of ,1 S. f ad , cular. Tbr ' Sne wkaJeboaw biwtanU be ei«»,tr any tram to faei. and to abed eltart, r atrtrf. keep. It down aU round. It doetoSbettokraub Ion or rteplnr, and la worth three Mama tta price. X HAVEN A IX „ the only Maonfunnera of the MeM. at no Right. « Urtncea bare been Md. No V) Staten 8L, N. Y. Room No. U. AganU wanned In ill porta. T AND8.-A Rnre Opportai if tag Far—, In thr large Sew Ei Hammotrton.60 rnOat aowtbeeraofPi mate: beat fratt aoR tad motto la F?0 per acre. Termeaaty. Foe fall K. f. BYRNES. Hammoaloa, New J awerrd. Root, to the land. tee re Philadelphia, nl T; A. M. or BH’.M. I A Piano af a Nominal Price. Ohiosjto’s.loruttot site an««spMiai UPRIGHT PIANO ■for 150 AJsothsbsst stock ’ fln«PtMOMlniii n?L InriodiuH 8t Iowaj , KnaW . k ildlS W-, — BtsHInffSakOraOc ■ ©ftlOD. Kasypyofts, If I igSS obIjiKiTS wrueftt ones Aay planonoO prone sssotly as rs rented m r b r Anmo oar LYON A MLALY, . OS AO mb M CHICAGO. kztysofoaUskrotfsMilBfosyyi FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org a ' f Iceotf FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org m amende 16EKTS Safe rrltoVy U4 ample Ump. CHI MAIIO IIIHT CO FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org FieUry. 1 T Wm «t_ CHICAGO. ILU thing Goods, ugm aid bate h the ally, i Imm Dm mat Ladies ' Paper leaodntaiL ITS FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY Cora with Cafe Serv- toervation and Smok- )nomy: Less It; one quart .0 three pints. Lightning Freezer. ' dtiiHtwArni A bssMJfnl (tun ' s kook In Aim colon free. Ad- drtn North Bros. Mfg. Co- Philadelphia. Ps. IT COSTS NOTHING to try our Sowing Machines. Wo •hip direct from factory to mer. 8 T|untfprol(ii I Cron trial. U7.ftOO 014 . W« Jlliuatxmtod catalogue aad teoGmoaiaia ■ fraa Writ at onoa for oar rpaeUI rrMiMoAr. 1 Mnh,CASB BUYKR8 UHION. IW-lMW.TuButnet 4B,0MSNWJU. IOBUK dfcc ft dftr IS 0 foe 18 6 Sir SI BolMfeeetuemeat Ml ereeywben oa application. nothing bat trpminmi • employed. snjlhr sn. SiAIntlwitsi ssriTfelff SnrtU Mlllllflll I) III tin ||lil tstessUodu NOFITt HO BALE! Orton promptly attended to. All invited to eeU oo CHAKUS U JLOCKWOOO. „ mBrntnyiKl GUNS, PISTOLS. Military Goods, Futca aht Eanuvn Faxoi boon. Ab. , n fu ' l raortraent of Jet. Cent, and Steel fl eet s . Schuyler, Hartley Graham, 19 Maiden Lino 22 John Street, N. Y, 15 Bno d’Eagheia, Paris, 47 Hampton St. Birmingham, Sag. SILK ...REMNANTS FON CRAZY WORK.- We eend . nlos lug luctugs of to to TO pieces of finest Mus sod settle for HI kind, of Auicy work for cent In silver or mo . for IS rents. Woe only 10 cent In iUrer or mo Ml m ns ISI packages for IS rents. Wegner- P m ■ Mml OA I IN Si r o »» eyewater FREE SAMPLES. S1W.SJTO. St.TO.S3A ' . mu.mm«ua«ti rmmtiM.stw.aua SMS.SH.msW miaotcow 14 Nth AmK, Mtamesvalls, Winn. AtlENTH WANTXDl I Piano af a Nominal Price. Chicago’ lariftmt SSSSi ISmSpHltl UPRIGHT PIANO ■ FOR $160 Aleotheoeet etookof flnePtaneelnuien 8. Invlndlog HI, loweje. " " - SeVs 8t rllnae.Ae-Ar of tun Kaer payments. If lntew5”o°«pi?elVtS wru-.t once Anr pl.no not proving euctlj as up Fish ' s Patent Lamp- Heating Apparatus. From ooo to foonesa quarts of wuer bulled with eo ordinary Karmens Leap, or Gas. Swmmrr JtmdOptrmdiotiJk. Dad for lUsetmted IhmpfcM nfeleh «U1 be wit by asU ftsa Agents noted. WM. D. RIKAFXL, i 20d Furl Street, New Yolk. al Fidory WNotoufe Prico, 8 nd for vfett CATALOG US •howl ns aujr new stylee at, price from SJ.OO up Goods guaranteed aa n a m es ted or money refunded. Boy from cud sere keif whet rol would pay edeeler. Cenwmen Carriage a Mlg.Co. m B.DcpIslacKTChlfUO.lIL (This eeapaayts reliable. Miter] $ 250 IHonth AND ElFtMEI MADE. MAGIC LAMP iMakatHa •OA A MONTH! We wot Agents at tM t mmtk. BUU exprneee paid, to sell ear Ktertuffwy Anulis, Oriental Purntri, sod IS other new end corinae artistes, ft circulate rer. SHAW CLARK, Bid teford. He. WINDOW A CARRIAGE WASHER. By the oee of thb simple end mgenloee article, s window of the Sid throw. ■ stream edhtaaee of forty feel gem- pie- mb. oo re. dpi of On Hot. ul Ageile wanted tocctnd . Ouatlae, and Townn. Odloa or addrme JONAS OHH,I — SILK! ...REMNANTS FON CRAZY WORK... We send a nlos Urge ijudcuge of DO , to 76 pieces of ttncstaUks in astliis ‘ for aU kind, of fancy work for 10 emu In iUrer or mo , • for IS rent . We, only 10 orate In silver or mo ms m gmgawa packages for It rents. We goer. DIT XHI OA I IN on nrtipt of $1 SB. 6c d wUTe Thriaifhilikii f z aaaavaa ■ ' stawsissss ' rsnree hero tinea add. No e ' ■ Agents wonted l»t Xt — for that Bailway Timekeepers, WITH HEAVY STEEUMG KILTER CASES, EsrwauiLT tumt ras Ann Sous. Pimlt Leette-e lUwrirsttd Mapper of Feb. B, IMS, ■eye i " lTimmfe Tioamue n e imin bUlfcrlhetr erne raoy led rwllebllUy. They are partleo- larW rsbubls Mr otnoon Is the army sad toaseian. MQBflV Of MXj V» ftTHVUC IDi Vttlt, Y|| M WAIIt pleated to eeo that the tap e r tett m s eftta Human Bwe. are meeting the SDormoae eeU that uch extrendl- oeiy enlerprtee ee theln eo rieUy merlte. Theeewitek- ee am no rel H m prod n eed by u other Hn wae, tar ee eeed log other ■einlhetinei U point of eemreey and ala ganea. FldeDly ad sromstmaa to their oatnu ranter SeHooee edofaetls mea m far tred te. lntheermy. " The RAILWAY TIMEEEEFES We suer eous imura gun ohm, beeattM white enamel dial, hendemoe gold Wide, with superior regulated movement, l u ria mf to ran and ton iwdfrwt ft me Pries per cue of half down, SM. By miU. SI TO addhkwel for joetags. Shocld retail reedlly at Com gSO U |S0 each. t sold in qoaetlttee of laee then Mx. Buys a $12.00 Couch. 1 BESS TALVE EVER OFFERED. with TtTTdnttio diB MMr Tatum mnw moap Inm. iliwp l t of eurrringe lulled frro. wwart— 94.08 K. WALLBLQM na SFZt t iZ”. " ' aie In Mode Comfortable I Parlor Cars with Cafi ice. Observation and ing Rooms BLOODS HELIX NEEDLES BLOOD 4k OOu MssMs m Breedwmj ifcE? ] Megsfcifiiwis of e ip eetofi chlses. Send fcrClnu ar. i Sir sO Rtwisg Me- Muiqulto Shield or Guard. J. «AVKV8 I’ATCNT.— For ths Amy, Nary, Traveler., Klek or Wooded, or uy one wb- la tmaMed with maaieltoae, IHer. or , duet. Prlrr from SI orote to gl Semple rent fEWt freeuo irrrlpl nf SI TO g.ad naulrdn SiaSl ruler. The dne whauhoae Bum krme It away fraa the fees, and the .hat etastte, or riling, kerpe H down all ruuii It imtt aihet the hrrath- tag nr rierplng, aid worth three thua Me prim X HAVKN 4 CO., the only Mnrn ei , mm of the Shield, a is Rights or IJrantee her hero add. No An Vaeu Sk- it. V. Room No. U. Agute wanted Is all paria. ” FREE SAI FOR Ladle. Hieklntoehr . gtl. ' . S3 SAX), TO.1A eetwgus.tiu.sui gLaS.tUM.nte HOBTHKRH KCBI 8914 oth Are.K. Minna. AOEN ' IN WANT! matet Wet frnlt salt ami i STOperem. Term. easy. Ferlhnilfcn R. J. BYRNES, Hamm .(on. Ns Jersey •werrd. Root In the land — leave vise Philadelphia, el TJ A. M. or HIP. Hfcr H. A Piano at a Nominal Price. Chiomro’ lorifimt my-i boumn,L «M 4i NtwSpMlal UPRIGHT PIANO for $150 v. uiM jravftYS mo prauDR astouy m rap “dKeSri.CHICAM. Railway Tlmekei WITH HEAVY

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Falmouth High School - Clipper Compact Yearbook (Falmouth, MA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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