Fairview High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Jennings, MO)

 - Class of 1957

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Fairview High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Jennings, MO) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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'-:ax 19 I? gmslvl Wm .55 i I 'sf Sr i? 1 mm 5 fb i Q - 1 If 2 s 'P r ,,. rn. i e f, Xa 6 if ew. A . W Q fy Si 3 X' rx Q A Q wtun M s 3 3 i Q z 5 Z 5 3 5 4 Q Z w L S f, I 9 I v,,, y , r 'ifsfif 2 an ' 'vu-. 'Q 0 Z ., 4 4 i 2 5 Q 37' ak - 3 VY K x wi Ng Q w +- U ,L ' A is w", N ,,,,s'L"1 .YQ x Q Q X. 1, fv. 2, A Xbox .08 um 'x r X :V ,ai .sg A , ww v Blll ll Y STAFF Barbara Kane Business Manager Asst. B Marilee Crain usiness Manager Richard Ruhmann Staff Members Sponsor 'Inicio Darlene Back Barbara Ditch Bob Dody Barbara Gann Bill Greer Sylvia Harrell Sally Hohn Judy Lewis Ronnie l-uebbert Bob Matthes Nancy Meeker Bob Nelson Rheta Peacock Linda Phillips Dick Robertson Marg. Robinson .lanet Sclimicll Ruth Shearman Helen Stockwell .lanet Story Virginia Velker Bill Vierck Barbara Wallen Katy l,ou Vvlantz Nancy West Diane Zuber Miss l.ouise Hirsch .wwmim Ti ,,,,.. ., 1' XX Q. I f fa '21 Q Y x -, x. 't N 5- .RN X X X XXX X Milton NV. Bierbaum A.M. XVashington University Superintendent lllllll lllllllllll Through the years, there have been many educational and school improvements mainly due to the endless efforts of Mr. Bierbaum and Mr, Hohn. This year the addition to the high school building has been the center of interest and activity. Mr. Bierbaum has also brought honor to our district by being active in legislative affairs. Mainly, he is Chairman of the Legislative Com- mittee of the Conference of School Board Mem- bers and Superintendents of the St. Louis Coun- ty Schools. Slllllllllllll The behind-the-scenes functions at Fairview are handled capably by our secretaries. Sheila Naumann. secretary to the principal. is a new- comer this year. Frances Decher, a veteran of a l'rances Decher Charlotte Matthes liric Nl. Hohn AB. Central University A.M. Missouri University Principal Meanwhile. Mr. Hohn has been elected Vice President of the St. Louis Suburban Teachers Association. All Fairview is proud of this out- standing honor bestowed on him. Through our administrators efforts. Fair- view continues to qualify as a AAA rated Mis- souri School and a member of the North Central Association. There are many evidences that these men are educational leaders with direct contact and influence upon current educational trends and changes. number of years. is secretary to the superin- tendent. Mrs. Charlotte Matthes also joined the force this year to assist in Mr. Bierbaum's office. Sheila Naumann Tm- s wwmwmmfw - V. -my .-v. s my in. m zmwamm-ww-Mrrmwm Mr. Milton XV. l'mic-rlwaum. Supl.. lVlr. Norman Ochs. Mr, leonard Cole. llireas.. Mr. Robert Nolte. llres.. Mr. Arthur lzmlacltloclc. Sec.. lVlr. .loe Moore. Vice Pres.. Mr. Dana Cforev. 'l'he Board of llducation is charged with the responsibility of operating the schools of our district. There are six members. two being elected each year for a three year term, who dutis fully help liairview maintain its high standards. 'lihree of the men on our present Board have served more than twenty years. They are: l-eon- ard Cole, Robert Nolte and Arthur Pnlaclcloclc. 'l'he Board must determine the tax necessary to finance and operate our schools, and intelli- lllllllllllllll 'l'he maintenance department was handled very well this year as always. 'l'he staff is very capable and the buildings and grounds have shown evidence of their reliable efforts, 'lihe lllllllll UF llllllllllll gently appropriate and disperse school funds They must obtain and appoint qualified instruc tors and teachers and provide desirable condi tions conducive to learning. 'l'hey are no building a new high school addition: it contains a gymnasium, a cafeteria, music rooms and fixc class rooms. Ready for use by next fall. promises FHS a better equipped school with more student advantages. Our Boards efforts, community interest and good judgment is worthy of recognition. students cif liairview lligh School appreciate thc interest and concern of this staff. and reg them as their friends and helpers. '.ra Allen Nlatvin lilodfelter Andrew Allen Marvin liuandl lli lfront Row: Mrs. Crain. Mrs. Beck, Miss Hirsch, Miss Cowgill. Back Row: Mrs. Goodwin. Mrs, Kendall, Mr. Dahlberg. Mr. Cooper. Mr, Crain, Mrs. Cantwell, Miss Child. Flllllll MRS. GEORGIA BECK Arla, Crafts, Literature AB.. Vwlashington U. MR. ALBERT COOPER Social Sludzes M.A., Washingtimn U, MRS. WILMA CRAIN ljbrariun A.B.. Central Vvlesleyan College MRS. ZITA CANTWELL English and Latin AB., Nlaryville College MISS RUTH COWGILL Mathematics BS.. Vvlashington U. MR. ERED DAHLBERG Wcnrld History, American Problems, Geography. 8th Grade History BS., Missouri U. MISS ROSEMARY CHILD Instrumental Music' B.A., Mo-unt St. Joseph College MR. NED CRAIN Boys' Physical Education Health and Chemistry MS.. Vv'ashington U, MRS. WINIFRED GOODWIN General Mathematics, fry. World Hislory AB., Washington U. MISS LOUISE I-IIRSCH MRS. CEDONA KENDALL Girls' Physirul Eduisation Home Economics BS.. Missouri U. A.B., Indiana State Teachers' Col- lege Six Plane Georm l5mnl Row: Miss Marshall. Mrs. lrcslik. Mrs. Wurtl. Miss Schulllc, Mrs. lVlcCraclwn. llmck Row: Mr. S.1v.1ge. Mr. Mcffmclwn, Mr. Mnhon. Mr. Munrc. Mr. Miller. Mr. Kulml. MR. THOMAS MAHON lirwlixh and Spvcrh MR. GEORGE RURAL lnduslrful flrlx um! Af,l'Lhl1l7lHl1 lirauuzml i 4 Bb.. Vhxsliinglon U. M.lil1.. Miswuri U. MRS. Rl"liA MCCRACKEN Xlh Gruilv l,llL'UJILll'L', Ifnqlmlv I MR. HOMIZR McCRACQK,EN Nil: Cimlv Sl'1lL'l7l'l', C24-nsrul Siu-mv l5.S. Smzllimlwt Missouri SIAIL' Cul. MR, KENT SAVAGE Saiwzw um! D1'1L'v1' iliI'Ll!l7liI7,.l MR. HAL MOORE lfnulrsh um! linux' I'hq.s14i11 Iikflllil llirfl BS.. Missouri U, ISS.. Cfcnlral Misaouri SI.llU Cullcgc M.A., Vvhwliinglun U. M S.. Vvhsliinglnri U. HS.. Soiltlicnst Missouri Smlc Col. lllllllll MISS FRANCES MARSHALL Gui'c1um'v and Mullvvmuliis M.l2.. K.1ns.1s U. MR. EDGAR lVllLl.ER Jr. High I:'17q11'xl7, rllJLlI'I7AlllAI77 M.lf.. Sl. Louis U. MISS ELLA SCI-lUL'l'Zli CRwm71w'i'1ul Sluilws BS.. Mixwuri U. MRS, ANNA TRESTIK MRS, MARTHA WURTZ llrxluru Vocal Mum' um! Taping A.l5.. Vvflsliingmn U. PLS.. Central Missouri SIJIC Cullcgc A' 1' UPI? IHH Our pictures in the BlueJay For the last time here appear. Coming soon is graduation day, And the end of our school career. XVe started as freshmen in '52. Four years haue passed since then, Filled with so many things to do That not much time was open. Proms, coronations, plays, and clafses Took all our time for four full years. But with June so near, we lads and lasses Can face the future without any fears. Eight YUM ll lllll DARLEN E BACK I'-v Cl 3, 4, l'l.1ml3.ukclh.1ll l, 1, 3, 4 Ynxilv 3, 4, ll uh Claw Vullcvbnll l l, 3. 4, Mxrulv 4, Klux Solrlmll I 1, 7 3 4, lllnms x Olllccr -, 3, Studrnt Cfuuncll l, 4, Blue Jay .lull 4. Cfwurlcr Klub l, Sgirnul' lklub l, llumu lic, Vlulm l. .lr Achi cvvmcnl 3, 4, NAV! llmmx' Sncwly 3, 4, May npllfm c.mm,.l..m A JUDY BESAND Pvp Llub 3, Chrlk Glu' Club Z, llunw lic Klub 1. luuior All 7 3 ' wwvcnwnl WARREN BRODAK Fnlxketball B Team I, Z, l'r.1cl-l l, NCQKJ I, 1, Slunlcllt Cuuncil l RGBERT XVilh4ircw FV!!-l Klub l, Nlfl Honor Society -9, l'3and l, BROWN t'f7 5 2 n Z l Darlene Back Judy Besand Vw'.1rren Brodak Robert B1-Owl Dick Bunting Rosalie Casrrogiox DICK BUNTING l3.xwlwlb.1ll Vnrxilv 3, 4, l3.ulwlb.lll I3 'lmm I Z, 'IX' l, Z, 3, 4, knurxcr Vlul: l, 2 ROSALIE CASTROGIOVANNI llnnw lm, Club l, Jx Acluirvl-rm-nu 3 MARILEE CRAIN Klwmus l, .I lhfp K lub 9, 4, K Lux l'm.lxlKrlb.lll 3, . Varsity 4, K lass Yullryhill l lv. 4, Varsity T, 4, Human lirlillulix K lulw 1 5, NK K .1 l. l, Blur ,lay SIA!! 4, Nl.lll.lgm'r 4 llvlnlh' K luh 4, K uurirr K'lub l, I. l 4, K uurlvr Null 4. IK14 Klub l 1. ilimw lic K'lul1 1, 4, 4. N,ll'l lluxlul Nnnwly l, 4, Kjulll .lnsl Ncrull 4, 'lilwxphlllx 4, l7r.ilu,xIuK K 4. lhml I, I Kiirlw Kiln' Klub l 1 K i 4 S'l'AN DEMNY BOB DODY Khurux Y, 4. liuyw Kiln' Klulv Y, 4, lluullll' Qunrlri 3. 4. All Knunly K lmlux 3, 4, lhwhnll 'v, l5.iskvIl!.lll Vnrxily 'v. 'l'r.lcR 3. Senior l'ri's 4, Ylmivnt Kkvuncll 4, Klux' .lmy NIJH 4, Kuurwr Kklull 4. 'I'hcspi.lnx 4, Ilr.ml.xlicx 4 MAXINE FISCHER l'vp Klub Y 4 Kiirlx Kiln' Klub 1, lunuur Anlucvcnwiil 4 Marilcc Crain Stan Demny Judy Ifrcch Barbara Gnnn Sl lll JUDY FRECH KliilKK1lm- Klub 1, llunw li' Kluli 1 4 BARBARA GANN Ill Kl.iKK lhxki-lb.ill l. 1, 4, Ymrxilv 'V -K Klum Yullrvlmll I, -4. Ymrxilv 4, Klux Sofilull l, 1. 5, 4 Xnnilv L, X 4 Knrlx Kiln' Klub 1, l4luv .lay Sul! 4, Kuuiwi K'lulv l, Hwnw lic, Klub I BONNIE GERDES Cl.:-ax Softball 1, Z, Home lic Kiluh I. l 3. RICHARD GIBBS 'luck Z: .lr Achicvcuwnl 2. Bob Dody Maxine Fischer Bonnie Gcrdcs Richard Gibbs , If lv Um Bill Greer Sylvia Harrell Sally Hohn Richard .Iamtc Gerry Jones Barbara Kane Rena King Reta King BILL GREER CHERRY JONES Choruc Z. 4: Fwuyx Cilvc Cflub I. Z. 3. 4: Double Quartc 3: Quartet 2: All C'cui-ity Cfhorux 1, I3asIw!baIl I3 Icam I: Varsity 3, 4: Class Softball Z, 3, 4. Varkity Z,I 3,l lvnnis Z, 3, 4: I3Iuc Jay Stall 4: Sciunct' Cllb I: . i 3 ' ' Achicvcnwnt Z. 3, Ilramatics 4. l Psp Club 3: ClaQs Praxkctball 33 Class Vrvllvvball 2 3 4' t Jr Cnrls Cilvi- Club I. lg Hmimc I,c. Cluh Z. SYLVIA HARRELL BARBARA KANE Chorus Z, 3: 4: Novcttc 4: All Ciuunly Chorus 3, 4: Pup Cilub 3, 4. Cihccrlcadvr Z. 3, 4: Clirls Cilcv Cilub 1, 31 I3Iuc Jay Staff 4. Thcspians 4: Dramalirs 3: 4. SALLY HOHN Clhorus I, Z: Scxtct Z: Prp Club 3: Cllass Olficcr 4: Iluman Rclations Club 2, 3, N.Ci.C'..I, I. Z. 4: Sludcnt Ciouncil 3: Paluv Jay Staff 4, Dcbatv Club 3, 4: Ciouricr Club 2, 3. 4: Cfnurirr Staff 4: Iidilor 4: Scicncu Club I, I:-64 Cflub I. Z: Hnmc Ifc. Cilub Z: Nall Honor Suciclv 3. 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Ihrspian: 3. 4: Dramatici 7 3 4 I31n'II 2 3 4 CII CII Clubl ....C.,,1i'rw'cvi. RICHARD JANITCH 'r cnnis 4. Cflaes Officer 4: Human Relations Club 3. N,Cf.CQ.J. 3. 4: Szudvnt Clzuncil 4, Dcbalc Cflub 3: Scicnrc Cflub I. 2: I3-64 Club I: Natl Hnnnr Sncicty 3, 4. Twelve Ilcp Club 3. 4: Tennis 3: Class I3axIu'tb.tII I. 2. 3, 47 Varsity l. 3. 4' Cflax. VCIICVITAII l. 2. 3, 4: Varsity Z, 3, 4, Cilass Softball I, l, 3: Varsity 1, 3: Cilaw Officcr 3. Human Rvlatiuns Club 3. N,Ci.C ..I. 3, Sludcnl Ciuuncil I. 1. 4: Blur Jay Staff 4: Ilrlitrvr 4: Crsurivr Club I, F-64 Club I, Natl Honor Socivty 3, 4: May Qucen Vomnation l. 3. RENA KING Cicuricr Club 4: Ciuurivr Staff 4. RETA KING Fourier Club 4: Cinurivr Staff 4: All Crlub 4: Nall Honnr Srzciary 4. IIKIi I,aVISl.I.E li Ailuwwnwui I lh.im.iliii -I Ilwi-swim 4 UDY I.IlWIS limi..-ii i4.'i.iiii,.., inn, I 1 xi 1 .1 I , c. CI flixh I .' I5Iui' In sim 4 I -i....'. ini ONNIE I.UIfBIJJI2R,I' viii-.in 1 i 4 renin i.i..- inn, 3 lw.,i.i11.- in ,mn-i I , , , I AII liuinlv Ilmriu I, Iiluv In Nm!! -I Rimini. liuIu I In Ailmii-xx-:vii-iii I -I IIium.iIii 4 I-YI' MADIGAN SI IIIIIS KENNETH KUNSTIVIANN Imek I, . I Ni K .I. . I, 4, ITeIw.ite Klub -3 N n llub I VINCE KUTZERA Kenneth Klll"lSll111LI'1l'1 Vince KUIICYJ Mike l..1VelIe Judy Lewis Ronnie l.L1elwIJerl Pat IVl.1dig.1n 7Il71'!'IL'er'l SE IHRS JOSIE MARSANICK K1-uric: Klub l, Jr. Achwvcmvnl 4. ROBBIE MARTIN XVxtbdrrw, BOB MATTHES Kkhorlm 2: llmys Kilrc K.lub l. Z, Human Rulatlnlns C 2: N.K.KR.J l, Z, 1, 43 Blur Juv Staff 4: Courier Llub .. . I 4 . 2, 4, lhvspmns , , Ilrnmaucs 3, 4, RUTH MCKINNON I'lKll1I'If'f'V7 K.horux 3: Knrlx Knlcv Klub Z. 3, I- 64 Klub l, Hume lff, Klub l. 2. 3. lub I. 5 3 2 5 6 Robbie Martin Ruth McKinnon Nancy Muckcr Josie Marsanick Bob Matthcs Mary McR0y MARY MCROY Klum Bnslwlball l. 1, 3, 4, Kl.us Xrvllcvbnll l I 3 Xlursxry 4. Kklnw Swttlnxll Z, 5, ,lr fhhwvnmvnl 5, 4. NANCY MEEKER Khorux 2 Srxlvl 2, Prp Klub 3: NKRKQI. 3, Kurlx li Kklub 1. 3. Blue Jay Staff 'l Drbnlx' 4, Kuurwr Klub 3. llumr l-r. Kklub 2, l. Natl llalnor Socifly 1, 4. l3mn1.H 4 K - .W . , 'rls lllrr Vluh l, 1. 3: Blur' .lay Stall' CHARLIE MEIER RHETA PEACOCK NI I .l K, Srnmr l'l.ny 4. 4l.us.Scflh1ll 4 ln 4, lnhrary Klub -, W. 4: Arr Klub 3, llumr l-c, Klub 1. N.rr'l llwnor Socirly 3, 4: lhnmnlics 4, MARIli'I'TA MURPHY LINDA PHILLIPS mum x'.,11r-,mul L 4, :LN s.wrrh.r11 1. 1, Vvmary 1 1, llirls cur- fum 1, ln-p Club Q. 4. c'1.m Is.mr.'rh.111 K. 4, Suvlur Klub l. llumr lx Klub 1, .lr. Anhwvrmrnl 1, 4, VMAMY 4' K-IMS Vonvybnn 3. 4. 4-IAM suhbnn gr 4, liluc Jay Staff 4: Kuurirr Vlub Z. 4: Home lk. Klub lg .lr Achwva-mvnx l, 4, Ilmmulicw 4. PAUL MUGGENBURG CAROL PONTICELLO Vvlnllnllrw, XVillulrfw. DOSSIE PULLEN . I .L 4. lf' cl b 1. N. ..1.31c'1' i 11.-,r iluh 4. 'lc-nnrs s, 4, 'xrm 4, NHC .1 1, 4, Blur 2'1',i1n,4,,,,, iff ,,1fLu, Z , if "'l' bl" club .l,ly mm 4 m.,..f..'f cum 1. 1, s...'n.v Klub 1. Jr. ' ' ' ' ' Anluvvrvvwn! 4, l7r.1m.rl1u 4. Iharlic Meier Marietta Murphy Paul Muggcnburg Robert Nelson hcta Pcacock Linda Phillips Carol Ponticcllo Dossic Pullen Fzflcwn Jerry Reid Dick Robertson Margaret Robinson Pat Rodgers Richard Ruhmann Carleen Sadler Carol Schlueter Janet Schmidt SI IHIII JERRY REID DICK ROBERTSON Boys Clee Club li Haxeball l, I, 4: l5aslxelball Ytrstty I, 4, Tennis I, 4: Track Z, I, 4: Vlass Officer I, 4: Student Council 4: Blue Jay Staff 4: Courier Club l: Art Club l: Jr. Achievement 4: Dramalicx 4: President of Student Body 4. MARGARET ROBINSON Girls Glee Club Z3 Pep Club 3: Sec.-Treai. Student liodv 4: Human Relations Club '51 N.C.C.J. 4: Student Council I, 4: Blue Jay Staff 4: Debate Club 1, 3, 4: Courier Club 2, 3, 4: Courier Staff I, 4: Nat'l Honor Society 3. 4: Quill and Scroll 3. 4: Thecpians 4: Dramatics I, 4: Nnt'l Forensic League 4 Voice of Democracy I, 4: Ameri- can Legion Oratory 3, 4. PAT RODGERS Pup Club 2. Girls Gm Club I, 1, 1, F764 Club 1, 2, 3, Sixteen RICHARD RUHIVIANN Pep Club 4: Tennis l, l, 3, 4, Track 4: NCCJ. l Student Council Z, 3, Blue Jay Staff 4: Jr. Achievemen County Band 1, Prom Reporter 4, CARLEEN SADLER omg our Club 1, 1, Library cttub s, 4. CAROL SCI-ILUETER Chorus vl,iZ, I, 4: Nouettexl, I, 4 AII County Clioru I, 4: lX.C..C.J. l, 23 Girls blee Club I, 2, I, 4: Courier Club l, 3, 4: Courier Staff 4: Nnt'l Honor Society 3, 4 JANET SCHIVIIDT Pep Club 4: Class Basketball l: Science Club lg F414 Club Z: Home lic. Club 2, 3: Jr. Achievemenr 4. r 2: Dramntics Z, I, 4: Band l. Z, lp Swing l, 1, I: All MARILYN SIEWING IH-p IIuIw -I lIwvrlv.uIrr -I, fI.1n IS.nkvIh.lII I, 1 I -I ' I I 4 Varsity I 4 lI.nu Vnllryhqll I -. I, 4 Vnrnl I - I I thu SuIlIw,xII I ., I, Nmwxuv I Iub -, I-114 . Arm !IuIu S Ilmm- II lIuIw I. I. 4 Ir fMI1lI-vrvuvnl I 'I ROY SI.A'I'I2R XVIIII-Iwxx .IOIi SOI.'I'YS XXulInI:.-m MIEI ,VIN SIIEVIINS SI IHIIS RUTH SHEARIVIAN Kmlx Km-I' lIuIv I. I'rp Klub I -I IIwI-llc.:-Ivr 1 I 4I.u,x I4.ukI-1ImII I 1 3, 4 Xfurnlx I 1 I -I IIIW SUIIIUII I I I 4 Vmrulx 1, I -I Sludrnl l.mm'xI I 1 I 3, I5IuI- .Lu 81.111 -I IM-Ivalr IIuIw I imnrurx lIuIw I I 1 mm la.-,,.,f1.'f 4 DON SHIEPPARD I'1,uxIu'IIuII Ynxnlx I -I ISuIwIInlI II I:.lm I Irnk Q I -I .Il .X.IvlvxI-nucvul I -I Ruth SI1c.1rn1.xn Ijun Shcppnnl IVI.1rilyn Sicwing Ruy Sl,11ur .Imw Sollys Melvin Stevens SPLTIY NH? Sl lllll HELEN STOCKVJELL Khorux 3, 4. Knrls Kllcr Klub l, Z. 3. 4, Sfxtcl Z. l'vp Klub 3, Klan Basketball Z. 3, 4. Varsity 3, 4. Kklms r f Nollcybnll 4, Nanny 4: Klux Svflbnll 3. 4. Varsity 4 I'3luv Jay Suff 43 Siirncs Klub I' Ilnmv If: Club Z, .lr Achivvcmvnt 3, NMI Hvnor Snug-ty 3. 4. Tlwxpinns 4 Uramalifw 3, 4: Fund 1, 3. JANET STORY Pup Klub 3. 4. K,l.ux Vrwllryb.1II l, Iluman Rrlnlmns K uh I. l. N.K.K..I. l. lg Qnrls K1lrcKluh l, 2, 3, 4, Sludrnl Knuncll 3, Blue Jay Stall 4, Kuurivr Kflub 2, 3, 4 Homc Ilc. Klub 1. 3. 4, 'llzrspinns 4, Drnmnlifs 3. 4 lVl.1yQurvn Kkorbnalwn 2. BOB TAU Tmrk 4. NKIKEJ, 4, Scirncc Klub Z. GARY TI-IIES Snivmr Kklub l, Jr. Acbirvrmcnx 3, 4 Eighlc vn 3 5 s I Helen Stockwell .Ianct Story Bob Tau Gary Tbies Virginia Vclkcr Bill Vicrcls VIRGINIA VELKER Khrls Glcc Kllub Z, l'vp Klub 3. Iilur Jay Stull -l. Kuurirr Klub 2: Sch-new Klub l , llmmc I-c. Klub Z, .Iv Akhwvr mcnl 3, 'I'lwspi.mK 3. 4. Ilranmrlcw 4, BILL VIERCK Kbcsrus 4. Boys Kllrc K'lub I, l. 4: Dnzublv Kjunrlvl 4, All Kxounty Klwrus 4, 'Imck 4, I3luc Jay Stall 4, l5wh.1lc Klub 2, 4, Szirnu' Klub I, Nnl'l llunnr Smxrly 4, Tlwwpinnx 43 Drnmnlics 4, I IIIII BARBARA WAI-I-EN itnrlx Ulu' Club 2, IH-p Klub 4, fla-.1 II.uIwlbaIl I, l. 4. Vuuty Z. flau Vrllryball 2. flnxx Swltbnll Z, 4. IIum.ln Ilclalmnx flub 1, Nt f..l. I, 1: Blur .lay Staff 4, Ilrbarv 4. Kmnru-v f lub I, Z. 4, tuurwr Staff 4, Scicncr flub l, I4 64 tlub I. Z Ilumr I'c Klub 1, .Ir, Afbwvr nlrut 4. IIr.un1.tltu Z, 4, II.untI I. l ED YARBRDUGH DIANE ZUBER inrls itll-r llub I, 1, Pep Llub I IIIuv .lay Stal! 4. Q 4 Kkwuricr Klub I, Ilumt- I-c kIuIv Z. I. .lr Atltivvvnwnl I, HILNRY V,7ASIVI13R M., t,1....1n 1. lIutrux 4, Iitvys Cnlvr lluh I. 1, I7wuhIn' Qtlnrlf! I. 41 All ltunty Chorus 4, I'mwb.1lI I, 4, II.1sIwtbaII Varuly I, 4, II.uIwlb.ulI II 'Imm I. 1, 'Ivnnxx I, 'lmcls 4. BARBARA DITCH IIIuc .lay SIAII 4. Vmxricr llub 4: tuurivr Stall 4. Home I't', Ilub 4. .IL Aclvtvvvmrnt 4, I7r.1nm!tu 4 KA'I'Y LOU WANTZ 4I..,...t 1, :mu c.t.-.- Ilub 1, 1, IH-p cm, 1 sum- .ny m.u14,c.1..f..-.tttth 1, 2, Hum., It cum 1. 1. 4, NANCY XVEST rhtm., 1, 4, In-,I cum 1, 4, cry.-.fit-au.-, 4, ctw vuufy, nut 1 4, tum s.,m1.-11 4. cum mu., mum 1, 1, 111.19 .l.ty mn 4. lmmy Klub 1, H..m.- If Club 1, 1, 1, JI, AtI1wv4'lm'ul I, IIr.lm.t!tu 4 ROY REED llr.uIuaI4'nI in .I.mu.uy. Ihrbara Wallcn Henry Wasmcr Katy Lou Wantz Nancy West lid Yarbrough Diane Zubcr Barbara Dutch Roy Recd 1 Nirwt P077 UNIIEHGH ll The undergrads are here portrayed From beginners to the juniors: The kids whose names will soon be famed When they follow the footsteps of Seniors. The juniors surely haue our thanks For the prom we so enjoyed: And all the rest on down the ranks For jobs they didn't avoid. lt's been fun all along the way, XVe'ue worked and relaxed with them. And now near graduation day, XVe're rather sad at leaving them. Twenty I Q 1 Q 2 5 9 3 Q x.,f,,. -gf, New Q A44'V7lll JU IHHS CLASS OFFICERS President ,. . .David Berg Vicefllres, ,.,.. , , . Ronnie Lee Sec,-Treas, , Jessie l.cu Carter J udith Agricola Fred Allen Bernadine Bauer Barbara Below David Berg Madge Bierhaum Dotty Bollinger Steve Bollinger Stanley Capps Jessie Carter Fred Castrogiovanni Jerry Churchill Pat Collins Richard Cooper Marsha Craig William DeJohn Joyce Dietrich Eddie Doyle Judy Drury Anthony Ebert Doug Egger Paul Fifer Richard Fox Carl Frech Judy Gale Joanne Garner Hilda Gerdes Judy Gnau Al Heck Jim Henry Eugene Hodge Betty Hoguet Glen Hohe Frank Hollis Judy Horvath Pat Inglish Gene Kamp Tim Kiely Jeanie Kralemann Diane Kuehl Joe Kutrip Ronnie l,ee Twenty -two Q Q- gray.: ei? ig, 5. C, X X: We 3 bg .,. . in g ug. ' ,r ' 'J A A i,:,,i 'F A ceyyi tyzygi J,t,yteee , ,i: M 'ii' H ' V ,,t,J., ,.yi rt' V A J e . y V- ,..- Z? V R ,Q- vs I - Quo l .c:' .:q. l ff WL lll lllll S'l'UlJliN'l' COUNCH Al Heels Mary Schwing Jackie Meeks Tim Kiely Bernadine Bauer Kenny l.eMay Bill Lippold Ciene Martens liileen Martin Bob McCauley Charles Mciiavoclt Jackie Meeks Jim Mohapp Robert Morrison Bernard Mundy Gregory Myers Janet Newliouse Lois O'l,e.1ry Phyllis Ortyl Judy Otten Diane l'iel Gail Porter Ralph Pulley Ba rlwara Roqlie Dorlis Rose Juanita Ryon Dick Schlueter Mary Schwing XVayne Seller Allen Sheppard Darlene Smith Robert Smith Carolyn Smollierman Boli Sons Ciene Stokes Judy Slrulwbe David Tau Tom Thierheiiner Bill Unwin Cecelia Vedell Bob Vklagner lfrank Vylalsli Beverly VVelmer John Vv'ood l owell XNyrielt Bette Jean Yael-tey l,ee Zimmer Vera Zimmer Tiuen I ty - three will President . ,. ., Scott Pollard Vice-Pres. ., Bob Hodge Sec.-Treas. , . Ray Ogier Almaleta Allen Barbara Axlcy 'liom Ballard Betty Bania Winona Bierbaum Dean Boucher Dick Brauch Nancy Byington Jim Carroll Marjcan Cates Roberta Clubb Gale Collins .lames Cooper Danny Dtandino Dale Davis John DeClue lirnie DeVeydt Gerald Dickhans Glenn Dickhans Ronnie England lllfriede Feller Sandra Fox Bill l'rost l,inda Gaddis Marie Haclxmann Marilyn Hamilton Jim Hammack Judy Haney l,ee Ann Hardwick Bch Harms lflaine Henneberry Mary Henle .lim Hinkle Robert Hticlgt' Steve Hoette Kathy Hohn Nancy Hoing Betty Humphries Bill Kinderman Ronald Kraus .Judy Kunstmann Larry l.iter Jane Loraine lflaine l.udy John Marino Joann Marlin an Ramona Marsanick liunice Martens Barbara Masters Gary Matthes Darlene Mayhan Tttrnly-four 2' ,S yeas, ':s::ag,:, A ag, ' , ,:. G Nlfux. t iii AY Nei 'im 1 L .J E?" V . V V WJ , V J if J 7 , ram! " - v ' .Ji f -I 1 ' I J' 6 . , 5535? V 3 Il' X if-' J J . V R ,ga ' .V V . .W ' :.. .A W " " 5 ,II , :M Vwm., V . .,,EE: ::, 1 Q N5 '53 .. -,,:,,, -9.5, . ., , V V : V -Zi . :.::.4 V '." H VV if- VVVVV, VV VV - V V -.., . KGKQG My .X X , l i t J t I V ,nr V ,. V V VV .,,: VV? 'A pi" 4 .K rf ' .,AAA1., 1 rw: ':1"" fl " ..,AA.: 1 '-:- f - :'-'XA" '. 'vvv V V ' :V -2 V A, V J :..":: 5 iii: V FV VV -1. ,,.,, 'Q i"1:g, VV V af'VVffVVV ' E853 ,V, ' .. i c-"' fv ,l 1 1' ,. 3 V:,- .1 :-. '--: . .,., .,....- J ii E if-J. V 4. VVVVVV VVV. VVVV VVV . :gi st V tw , ""' 'V -- "'N 4 ':" ,,.. r A I VV . i V ' ' QQ Vx VV :,.: V Q V H 4 " ' V, ..... A-'-' " ' ,.,.,.,.,.AA -J ::" ff -I , ., V VVVV J :ZIV - q , J 1 sf :-- at .".:: " . . 1 ..,, 1 if ' -A . ' V V V:,, ,VVAAAVV . . VV V ,. VVV,f VV , f ., ' - ,:" if ':1'., W ,.'A ' Ar J 1 ' in lll'HllllIllllS STUDENT COUNCIL Dan Napier Maurine Venator Pay Bohringer Barbara Axley Gerald McAllister Maurine M-:Chesney Jerry McDowell Tom McD'uffey David Meinell Patricia Murphy Dan Napier James Natelsky Bill Neukom Virginia Nohhe Ray Ogier Jim Phillips Sharon Pipkin Scott Pollard Mary Prangc Carol Pulaski Judy Risingcr Mike Russo Judy Sage Marie Santino Marilyn Sawicki Tom Scars Carol Scharf Barbara Sentman Kathryn Shaughnessy Sherry Scott Carolyn Simpson Susan Smith Dorothy Sommerich Marcia Stiver Sue Stone Betty Sturdivant Betty Sullivan lid Tamavi XVesley lipton Sandra Trantham Bill Ummclmann Mel Uetrecht Sandra Vancil Billie Vedell Maurinc Venator David Vierclt Brenda Vincent Rich Volltmann Richard Vwlallter John Vvlasmer Rosemary KVendc Sid Wilstin Pat Wisa Kenneth XVurlev Norman Zwicfel Tiuvnl y 'five iiisniii President . . Richard Gmlin Vice-Pres, . . .. Nanciellen Davis Sec.-Treas ..., Sue Shy Shari Ackfcld Dave Balch Pat Billard June Bischoff Nancy Blackledge Pal Bollinger Joyce Brockmeier Nancy Brodak Don Casey Noeleen Cates Diane Chrismer Teri Colletti Bill Criswell Joe Crowe Mary Ann Dabrowski Gary Davis l,inda Davis Nanciellen Davis lilanora Deller Paul Dickenson Dianna Dierberg Judy Donovan Gene Dressel Diane Dumey Reinhilde lieller Gerhard lilegel Doris Frazier Gary Gann Larry Gann Rich Gnslin Judy Green John Grih Nlaryanne Hagemann Mark Hagemann Marcia Hager Gail Hansard Jim Harding Cleon Harlan Ron Havener Ann Hearst Ken Heck l.arry Heflin Janet Hejna Carol Helems Bob Henseler Barbara Hinkle Dave Holland Judy Hollman Jane Hollis Bill Horvath Bill Hoth Mary Huber Rich Hynes John Jarvis Twentq-six WC Wi, is e - ,: N,,."'s mr X Q X .: Wai as ,355 P 'weak 'XV' af li Q 5: 'iz 'fs VQ,-Q, ,,, J 'xref ff A .Is Q' . , N U - an gf 7 -fi fav, 'T ivv N-u, V llllllllll STUDIZNT COUNCIL Gail Hansard Jane Hollis Jim Harding Leon VN'hite Tom Johnson Bonnie Kern Jerrie Kircher Angelo l.entine Carol l,uelxe Doug Marsanick lilvera Martens Sue Mason I n My , Suzanne McGrath 1 1 , T Sharon Natelsky "" -. s.- ,N ,Q V J N' - buzuu V- Bob Nuepert 'G' 'E' f' L K 1 x Jim Noell . ,, "Gag F W" '- 1' - 1- - H John Pardo Judy l'iel Gary Pitzer A 4 A ,K ., 3 .Ef:'a"" - H 4- Jim Ploudre D V 'ilu A, , V 7 .-if Barbara Polt 3' gi N A' 'Q A Q ,ei Q ,N Doris Porter pl ' I , .iii """:i 'liheodore Prade t Q ' N Bob Rittenhouse J f l.eo Ross , , my Q -Q, J H "' u ,a Rai' RM' Q Q 4' A ' -t ' V ew :ji il. Diane Schaefer ' S-11 l 'ez' lx F it ' ,.,. Q Joe Schrader -,X 3 , ,.,., E 2 F Y , '--- 'Q 2:52 rw -Zi ':g,. f- 'A F I Delores Scism "' H X Steve Shaughnessy , Edwin Shelton 'B Q A.. -i . s , g -. ,,,, , . '3"" f ' . ,,,. - 2 :-- .:- ., ue Shy, -' 1-- V ' .. ,.,.:.:' " ga-I Rich Slusser , ,W .2 -4- ., 5' .- 9 ,,"'. 'b Y ' 1 if J In --', ' T15 ', '22' ii, qqll Z Kathryn Snider if 1 iilllll Ni fx ' .ga , :" .,,., . J 1 .A Mary Ann Splnk i "S" V ' J' 4 'i Linda Stamer Augusta Steck -I 1 x A." , L I Barbara Stedingk - - at f , Q , ---- ., .,.. N j ' W ' V ' ' 7 in fx ' X Jerry Stephenson J . if , .af ..v::,i Q J vif Thebm f ' V' l X A A Betty Tippett I Anthony Tosto :Z ,-6.5 1 Vicki Trachte 5 V ii,, ' J ,Qi M Jerry Turner 1 ' A II' I 'VH' Janet Utnage 7 J ff l . - '-:-' J ii N .ik Carol Volkmann 4 5 H ' t 43" l.on XVadman ' V I P Sara Wantz ' Q Q Jim' Wezmm sf --. -we ., .. ' , lm While ry 1 . ly, ' W ,f -.-- :: :I1 Q X ---q 5, Jean W'hlfWCll el' ii 4 ' H iiii "' Gary Wilhelm 2 :'. 5-12 Y ' A 1 Q , Ag W N, " '-'iv ' ' ' Barbara Willis wiv. Ella VVirtz Diane Wulfert Joan Yorty F I ,bbq Vf Jerry Zeller ggi., H Ed ward Zeuschel Twen tg - seven STH lllllllllll CLASS OFFICERS President ...,......,..,... Sandra Weber Vice-Pres. ..., .,.,,,,,,. L arry Leavitt Sec.-Treas. ..,......... Carol Bramlage lflaine Albrecht Mike Andrews Venita Axley Judy Behrens Charles Blackledge Nancy Boyd Carol Bramlage Jerry Canner Barbara Cary Robert Castrogiovanni Peter Churchill Jerry Cooley Alferd Darst Jo Anne Dreon Wilma Drysdale Bobby Duncan Phillip Egger Michael Farley Robert Fiebig Beverly Poland Babs Gartland Diane Gnau Bob Grayson Marsha Hagemann Ray Hanley Dimples Hatfield Loretta Hoffmann Sidney Holland Alan Hunt Charles .lobson Donald Kane Bruce Kruckebcrg Peggy Lay Lawrence Leavitt Charles Lentine Barbara Lewis Betty Lieneke David Little Joyce Lock Carol Matthews Ronald Mattola Dennis, Maul Sandra McKenney Ray Moeller Twenty-eight 'ai' QM., ..l- wo, if '-.. Mi X -og, ,,,. r ,- it .... 1 W. 1 J.. li ' -iz Q ' w Y ..,- 'V' I0 ts. 'Y Q if sw .,-.- -.. s. 4- : SQ . bf 1 .M '5" - 4:4 ,A .Q 3 1 X ,, :L 'i l ,Nl ., rm L 4 A,:: A '1 W ' - ,f , 0 X, Y W at .t A- nn: 4, X. ,Sf .ar Q Mar J ,, 'fa -f D eff R f-1:1 . 1,1.,,, ,,.A . I, fl ' , 1 ., . :zz 1 A il: iii Wt? QA L. :,,1 ' I, ,. 1,, V Zlbb .,.5. ' .ik . J , M "Tl r Q, .4 " '::11- " e.. Ali-. ' .,,i,a 1, -'-" if Q 15 3 ' A .Lili ,AAA l ' X V - N g if Q 1- If W If my ,l A 5 Ni M L ,.,, E , 1' V 5 E H ,lnbl 5 - .. 1-, A . . 1.,z :EEZ ,bz ii Ezzl h e ' "V:E V,'. Q ii . Q V V Q iff - A :Q it R' A"A i",l E sf ' -W D f ' -1 :2 Azil HTH lllllllllll STUDIZNT COUNCIL Beverly Ifoland Nancy O'l-lare Diane Gnau June l7iel .lohn Monick Nancy Morgan Shirley Moslmelier l.oii Ann Myers Bud Ochs Nancy O'Hare Penny Pfeiffer June Piel Forrest Pinger Diane Pipkin Bob Pointer Bill Presnell Norman Ramponi Barbara Reid Violet Rcttinghouse Ray Ruby Betty Jane Russell Steve Sabo Cheryl Simpson Sharon Smith David Stubblefield Edwina Szwarwinsl-ty l,arry Terry Beverly Tinker' Donna Thornton Robert Tomazi Cleo Trantham Richard Trigg .lcrry Tuma Dennis Vancil Tony Vaneti Barbara Walkenhorst Don Walker Ron Walker Sandra Lee Weber Sandra XVeber Dolores Weidner' lirank Xverschine Gary Wilhelm Kathleen Vrfilhelm Pamela Winder Dorothy Wirtz Tommy Wood Robert Yuede .loane Zielman Twenlu-nir Q AETIVITIE Does anyone leave at 2:45 When there are practices and meetings? Usually the halls are still alive Wlhlh students' gleeful greetings. To take up our extra-curricular time There are rehearsals, meetings, and try-outs Plays, and concerts are in their prime, And games burst with cheers and shouts. Some activities needed work While others were nothing but fung But each did something to make us perk And we enjoyed them every one. Thirty 3219? l7irst Row: Miss Marshall, Mary Schwing, .lackie Meeks, Beverly Poland. liay Bohringer, Gail Hansard. Bernadine Bauer. Diane Cinau. Maurine Venator, Marg Robinson. Barbara Axley. Jane Hollis Se:ond Row: June Piel. Nancy O'Hara. l.eon Vw'hite. Dan Napier. Bob Dody, .lim Harding. Al Heck. Tim Kielv. Richard .lariitclr Dick Robertson, Barbara Kane. Darlen: Back. illllll llllllllll This year's Student Council members with Dick Robertson as Student Body President, and Margaret Robinson as Secretary-Treasurer, were installed on September 28. Under the direction of Miss Marshall. the Council sponsored many projects during the year. Besides throwing the first dance "Hellza- popinf' they directed the election of the cheer- leaders and selection of May Queen and maids, held a mock presidential election, sent CARE packages to Korea and collected funds for Ne- vada High School. Four students represented our Council at the State Convention, held at Liberty. Missouri, March I4 and I5. Hllllllll Slllll The Blue Jay Staff. under the supervision of Miss l-ouise Hirsch, gave us our biggest annual yet. The funds for its publication were ob! tained by the sponsoring of a dance, magazine subscriptions, running the candy room for three months, activity funds and by selling ads. This year's Editor was Barbara Kane, and Marilee Crain was Business Manager. Their ef- forts have been largely responsible for the suc- cess of the staffs many projects. Not to over- look a cooperative group of hard working staff members who have added their loyal assistance. liirst Row: Miss Hirsch. Virginia Velker. Barbara Kane. Darlene Back, Sylvia Harrell, Barbara XVallen. Ruth Shearmin Barbara Gann, Diane Zuber. Nancy XVest. Second Row: Margaret Robinson. .ludy l.ewis, Marilee Crain. .lanet Schmidt. Katy l.ou XVantz. Helen Stockwell. .lanet Story, Nancy Meeker. l,iuda Phillips. Third Row: Ronnie Luebbert. Bill Cireer. Rich Ruhmann. Bob Matthes. Richard .lanitclr Bob Dody, Bob Nelson. Dick Robertson. xv ar v rm nw 'l'he Debate Club, directed by Mr. Edgar Mil- ler, has been a very active organization with a steadily increasing membership. This year. members ol' the club attended debates at Mis- souri University, Vyfashington University, and various high schools in the St, l.ouis area. Hlllllllll l'irst Row Marv Schwing. Nancy lloing. Kathy llohn. Margaret Robinson. Marilee Crain. liarlwara XVallen. Gail Porter. Nancy Meeker. Maurine Venator. Second Row Mr. Miller, .lessie Carter, Sally Hohn. David Berg. hill Vierck. .lohn Marino. Madge Bierlwaum. Barlwara Sledingk. l'irst Row: Clary Davis, Diane Kuehl, Mary Sehwing. l.inda Stamer. Diane l'iel. Dotty Bollinger. Carol Scharli, Mariean Cates. Barbara Willis. Barbara Masters. Clary Gann. Second llowg .loyee Kuehl. Marcia Hager, Noeleen Cates. Beverly NVeber. Carleen Sadler, Rl'lt'I.l Peaeoek. Jessie Carter. leavera Zimmer, l.ee Zimmer, lfllriede lfeller, Barbara Sentman. Mrs. Crain, 'l'he l.ibrary Club gives its members an inA creased knowledge of books and their authors, as well as learning the workings of a library. lfach student member must perform certain duties in order to enjoy privileges such as read' ing new hooks as they come in, LIBRARY ELUH Thtirlq three lfirst Row: Rena King. Reta King. Sara XVantZ. Nanciellen Davis, Dorothy Bollinger. Kathy Hohn, Nancy Hoing. Jackie Meeks, Mary Schwing, Cecelia Vedell. Carol Schluetcr, Jane Loraine, Bette Yackey. Second Row: Barbara XVallen, Gail Porter, Barbara Stedingk, Barbara Ditch, Jessie Carter, Sally Hohn. Marilee Crain, Margaret Robinson. Judy Otten. Judy Strubbe. l.inda Phillips. Joyce Dietrich, Nancy Meeker. Susan Smith. Third Row: Janet Story, Frank XVersching. Bill Ummelmann. Gary Matthes. John Marino. Bob Matthes, Bill Vierck. lirank XValsh. Bob Dedy. Bch Harms. Dotty Sommerich. Mr. Miller. UHUHIEH ELUH Courier Club members act as reporters for the paper and are assigned stories by the editors of the staff. Club officers are elected at the be- ginning of the year and remain in office throughout the whole year. The club is very active in projects developed by the Courier. This year they participated in the candy room sales, magazine sales, and the annual Courier Dance. The club published the April issue of the Courier this year. Actual experience of writing and publishing a paper was gained by the mem- bers of the club. EHUHIEHSTAFF The Courier Staff members are selected from the Journalism Class. The editors are assigned to secure information for a certain section of the paper. Each editor chooses members of the Courier Club for reporters. Each reporter is as- signed to a story and a deadline is set for all stories. The various editors are responsible for getting the story to the copyreader, headlining articles. and giving the stories to the Editor- in-Chief. The Courier Staff is the place to go when you want information on events occurring around schooli Carrzl Schlueter. Rena King. Marilee Crain. Barbara XVallcn. Ciail Porter. Margaret Robinson, Reta King. Sally Hohn. Mi, Miller. Barbara Ditch, An interested group, largely underclassmen. reorganized the Science Club in September and scheduled meetings for every Tuesday. Their objective was to build up the club in both num- ber and interest. lheir activities included nu- tlll ll lllllll merous tield trips and attempts to obtain a telescope. Mr. McCracken was their sponsor. lrvnt Row' l,eo Ross. Mary llenle. .ludy liunstmann, Kathy llohn. Nancy lleing. Douglas lVlarsanielx. llatli Row Kenny lleeli, .Iohn Moniclt. David Holland. Ken Klll'l'slI11Al"ll'1. 'l'em Johnson, Mr. McCracken, l'rint Row' Allen Sheppard. Diane Kuelzl. .leyce Kueltl. .lovee llietrieh, Ctcelia Vedell, Billie Vedell, lfrank llatls Row Mr. llohn, llettglas lfgger. .lim Plotidre. Cireg Stevenson. 'li m liallarcl. lhe lf-04 Club was under Mr. Hohn's di- rection. lt sponsored monthly contests within the club, photography exhibits, field trips. and the taking and selling of portraits and dance pictures. Several entered the National Photog- raphy Contest. Pay meeting the Argus Company lzlaine ludv. Carol Seltarl. Maurine Xenator. Barltaia Cary XVersching. Myers. .lim Mohapp. lranlt XV.ilsh. XK'esley l'ipton. .lerrx Fhl llllll requirements, the Club was awarded two very good cameras. V1 hliffll',IL't liirst Row: Mclienney. Wieber. McGrath. Hohn. V. Axley, Collins. Reid. Mrs, Beck. Second Row: Horvath. Werching. Yarbrough. Vkforley. Natelsky, Ploudre. Vlfhile. R l5ii'st Row. Mrs, Kendall. lox. Sawiclci, Mayhan. Cove. Below. Yacltey. Story. Crain. Vincent, l.udy. Ponticello. D. Kuehl. Second Row: Haney. Newhouse. D. Smith. Dietrich. Agricola. Ditch. Craig. Vwfende. P. Murphy. Marlin, B. Axley. Humphries. Dabrowslti. Hackmann. Third Row: M. Cates, Blackledge. Smotherman, Hoquet, Noblwe. NVisa, Pipkin. Pulaski. Allen iimihmmlll CLUB The Art Club, under the direction of Mrs. G. Beck, elected Kenneth Worley, President: Suzanne McGrath, Vice-President: and Ciale Collins, SecretaryfTreasurer. Their activities included a trip to the Art Museum. painting windows at Northland at Halloween. making posters, and studying dif- ferent phases of art. Tlnrty-Stix HUME ECU UMIUSULUB The Home Economics Club, under Mrs. C. Kendall's sponsorship, elected Janet Story, Pres- ident: Marilee Crain, Vice-President, and Bette Yackey, Secretary-Treasurer. Their activities included, sending Christmas gifts to the State Mental Hospital, sponsoring a Simplicity Pattern Company fashion assembly and Wednesday evening sewing sessions. 'lhe main object of the Northside Junior Achievement Center, sponsored by St. l,ouis and St. l,ouis County businessmen, is to teach students how to operate a successful business, 'lhree advisors help each group in choosing a preliit making product, in naming their coma pany, and in counseling them on important matters. Stocks are sold and companies must pay baclt their stockholders at the end of the year. lt' they can pay back dividends, the company is a success. 'lihe companys sales manager and producf tion manager encourage you to select and make a good product and sell it fast. 'lihe president. vice president, and treasurer are selected from each company and handle most of the paper work. 'lihe Junior Achievement Ball is the big event of the year. lt was held at the Jefferson Hotel and everyone made the utmost effort to be presl ent. Marilyn Siewing, a Fairview senior. was a special maid to the J. A. queen. Vwle are proud of the large representation of liairviewites in J. A. 'lihey have made an ex- cellent record for our school and have undoubt- edly gained more knowledge about business. ei l me lllll lllllllllll lirsl Row, Cltllins. Stliart. Vancil. liyon. Hamilton. Hardwick. Risingei. llaney. lnglisli. Lcraine. D. Smith, llorvath, Second Row: lrantham, li. lfeller. Drury. Rose. Cinau, Newhouse. Otten. Yacltey, Dietrich. Back. Sclimidt. 'lhird Row Smotherman. Ciaddis. Kunstmann, Sentman. Nlcffhesney, Smith. Marlin, Bania, Allen. P, lNlurphy. .l. Mar- fanitlt. l . Phillips, Siewing, Mclioy, lfischer. lourth Row, Stone. lau, Robertson. Nelson. Newcomb. A. llcclt. XValsh. Schlueter. lipttin, liggere. J. Phillips, Zwietel, llallard. I ltrrltl-.setw I7 ATIH ll HHTHH flllllll lVlembership in the National Honor Society is the highest honor paid to students who possess the outstanding qualities of character, scholarf ship, service, and leadership, These students, juniors and seniors, must maintain a scholarship average of "S" and are chosen by the teachers and administrators of Fairview where they must have attended for at least a semester. liaclx Row: Ruta King, Nlarilee Crain. XVarren Parodak. Bill Vierclx. Richard Janitch. Helen Stockwell. Rem Peacock. lfront Row: Mrs. Goodwin. Margaret Rolvinson. Darlene Back, Sallv Hohn. Carol Schlueter. Nanci' Meeker, l'a.1rlmr.i Kane. M. Schwing. C. Vedell. Reta King, Rina King. lVl. Robinson. S. Hohn. .l, Carter .l. Strubhe. Nl. Crain. B, Yacl-.ey, C 1 Schlueter, G, l orter. lllllllll llllllllll Quill and Scroll is an honorary organization for those juniors and seniors who have done 'I'hz'r1u Veziqhl outstanding work in journalism. Writing for the Courier or the Bluejay or helping with the managing or editing and the recommendation of the principal or the journalism teacher are needed for membership as well as a scholastic standing in the upper third of the class. lHlSlIl S Sally llohn, Jessie Carter, and .Iohnny Ma- rino were elected as President, Vice-President. and Secretary-Treasurer. respectively, of the 'lihespian Society. 'lihe purpose of this society, at lfairview. was to encourage participation in dramatics, ln order to qualify as a Thespian, a student must earn Ill points by either acting in a play or working backstage, 'Ito welcome and initiate the eighteen new members, Marilee Crain. Kathy Hohn, Margaret Robinson. Susan Smith, Bob Soos, Helen Stock- well, Janet Story, Judy Strubbe, Ronnie Kraus. Ronnie l.uebbert, Bob Dody, Bill Vierck, Nancy Meeker, Mike l.aVelle, Sylvia Harrell, and Barbara Vsfallen, a party was held, This closed a season ol' varied dramatic production activity. lirst Row: S. Harrell, V. Velker, B, XVallen. Second Row: .l. Carter, N. Meeker. .l, Story, M. Crain. S, Sm 'lihird Row: D. Berg. S. Hohn, M. Robinson. H, Stockwe lfourth Row: Mr. Mahon. B. Seos. M. laYelle. B Vierek. ll Strubbe. B, Matthes. Kraus, B, Dody, R. l uebbert. LLSEHUHLPLAY An insane asylum called the "Cloisters" was the enstranged setting of the All-School Play. "The Curious Savage," Mrs. Savage. Sally Hohn. was a sweet but eccentric woman whose children. portrayed by Virginia Velker, Bob Matthes, and Ron Kraus. sent her to the asylum in order to obtain control of her wealth, The patients were liileen Martin. Gail Porter, David Berg. John Marino, and Sue Smith. The staff was Jessie Carter and Bob Dody. '- -ll. ,,,.........J Thirl ta 'nine lll IUH PLAY "Strange Boardersf' a comedy in 3 acts, about Cordelia Tuttle and the shady characters who invade her boarding house, was presented on March 22. The lead, Cordelia Tuttle, was portrayed by Sally Hohn. Others in the cast were: H. Stockwell, N. West, R. Luebbert, C. Meier, B. Dody, S. Harrell, M. Robinson, M. LaVelle, B. Greer, V. Velker, B. Vierck, B. Matthes, B. Nelson, and M. Crain. Many other seniors played an important part in the production staff. Mr. Mahon was director and N. Meeker was assistant director. FAEULTY-STUUE T PLAY Fast becoming a tradition here at Fairview is the Band-Boosters' Faculty- Student play. This year's play, "Ladies of the Jury," rivaled the two previous productions in providing the audience with excitement, suspense, and plenty of laughter. The leading part, that of a wealthy society women, was admirably portrayed by Miss Patricia Decher, a second grade teacher. Other teachers inf cluded in the cast were Mr. Miller, Mr. Crain, Mr. Hohn, Mr. Kegelman, and Miss Child. Fances Decher played the part of a hilarious puritanical spinster. The remainder of the cast consisted of members of the band. z11v sn f s Ill Elf As has been the custom, the Student Council sponsored the first dance of the year, October 5. "Hell-za-Poppinu was the name given to this en- loyable event. The "Courier" changed things by entitling their dance "Sdrawlccab Ecnadf' 'liliis enabled the girls to invite the fellows. The highlights of the evening was the appearance of the mysterious campaign character 'ASedgewick." Hearts, hearts, and more hearts was the theme of the "Annual" staff's "Sweatheart Dance" given on February I5. During this dance, by means of a drawing, Bob Dody and Barbara Ditch were chosen King and Queen. A word of thanks to Mrs. Cantwell for helping a number of students with their ballroom dancing such as the tango. samba, and many others, These students entertained at dances, meetings, and assemblies. The Coronation Dance, the most important dance of the year, which in- cludes the crowning ofthe queen. was held on May 3. On May l0. the "Junior-Senior Prom," planned and given by the .luna iors. was held at the Kingsway Hotel. The Juniors did an excellent job of raising funds for this affair by sponsoring many projects, such as selling Christ- mas Cards. l 95 6 CORONATION Jane Hollis. Sherry Scott. Jessie Carter, Darlene Back. Shirley Bramlage Bennett. Christ Seep. Joyce Hansard. Rachel Harms. Barbara Doskal. Betty Newman. Brenda Day. Carole Coughlin, Barbara Kane. Bernadine Bauer. Barbara Axley and Nancy Brodak. lllllll Ullll Elllll ll Amid the anxieties of graduation and the closing of school. came the climax of Fairview's social season, the annual May Carnival. Held on the first Friday of May. it was a display of the sshool work of students from kindergarten- ers to Seniors. furry - Iwo ing of Fairview's new lVlay Queen and her court. The highlight of the evening was the crown- The Queen was chosen from the Senior class and every Senior girl was eligible. After an elimination by the student body. six candidates were chosen and from this group, the Queen and her two special maids of honor were selected. There were eight other maids, two from each class, from the Eighth Cirade to Junior class in- clusive. A crown bearer and train bearer, First Ciraders, completed the Queens Court. The Queen's identity was unknown until she was crowned by the Student Body Presi- dent. To terminate the coronation, the Queen was joined by her maids and their escorts in a Court Dance. The girls, arrayed in lovely white gowns and carrying bouquets of pink flowers, were striking against a green and white background. The coronation, under Miss Hirsch's direc- tion, was another outstanding success. The picture above is of last year's ceremony. for, due to our deadline, we were unable to show a picture of this year's event. UHEE EA IHHATES Q 4 1.410 M02 Y f U Qs, Xxx . I!!! 4' Q s,, ,a 5 H. f J V N H ff A . , ., hi ,,-. V Q t , T. ' 2 :... '-:" - , fy., 9 N 3 . sy . -gs wg '- -' " 2" " '. ' -:gff ' ::. , , 1 :,.. f 1 ..,. . ...q ..,,,.. if A 2 . .f ::-" :" Rum 1' K ix ' 'Q "---,, ,. 6 1 ..'.! - ,.,.,.,:.:. in X 1957 BARBARA GANN BARBARA DITCH SYLVIA HARRELL JANET STORY MARILYN SIEWING NANCY WEST' Forty-I F t llllllllllll Ellll HAH October Z Fire House Day 3 Student Council Barbecue 5 Student Council Dance 9 Parents Cpen House l2 Magazine Assembly l5 Senior Rings arrived Z4 Cheerleader Tryouts Z6 All School Play I"tlrIU'f F y lllllllllllll Ellll AHA Teachers' Meeting School opened First Annual lVleeti Activities Assembly Class Elections Teachers' outing a Bunker Hill Jr. Achievement Assembly Installation Asseml A , . ww, llMHlHl llll HAH ct' ni lwr l'mand marclwd tu Santa l.and Pup A sscmbl y Varsity Pmawkctball started lfaculty l5rcakl'ast lfasliion Assctnbl y Motlicrs' Club Party lor teachers Honic lic. played Santa Claus Cilmristmas Assembly Scliwartz-lNlcCQraclwn XVcdding . l lwirlu lin' UllMHlHl llll HAH Nuvcinbcr l l w 5 I6 22 Zo 28 10 8th Gradc Cfliccrlcadcr 'lirytzuts Mock Election lor Prcsidcnt of U. S, Individual picturcs taken for Annual Band Boostcrs' Rummagu Salt' 'lilianlxsgiving Holidax s startcd lfirst Varsity Pmaslwtlval Qiainc Vocal Music Prograni Ciouricr Dann' i 1 FEHH AHY'S EALE UAH February Forty, mx Debate Tournament St. Louis U. High Student-Faculty Play Girls Varsity Basketball opened College Aptitude Tests for Seniors Armed Services Confer- ence Annual Dance N.C.C..l. Conference. Dancers at P. T. A. Thunderbird Tournament Washington's Birthday Holiday "B" Team Tournament JANUAHYT Elll UAH January 3 I7 l8 Zl 23 29 Christmas Holidays end Semester Exams Semester Ends Girls' Basketball opened Guidance Conference Varsity Basketball League Tournament ' --.... 7 I llll HAH Accepted by National lforensic League Girls Varsity Volley' ball started lrack season opened Seniors left for Washingtcun, D, C, Band to District Music liestival 8th and 9th Graders to .Jefferson City Polio Shots Chorus to District Music Festival All-County Concert Home lic. Style Show 'liennis schedule started l Mlllll UALB HAH General Motors Assembly Vocal Music Concert Bayless Chorus Assembly 8th Grade 'liea for Mothers 1 lstl 8th Grade Tea for Mothers tZndl Band Concert Student Council goes to National Meeting Girls Volleyball started Senior Play Vocal Music Festival began -nl NI SIE And now. there's a song in our hearts. We sing in the chorus some of the time: Or in the band. we take our parts Getting set for rhythm and rhyme. Some like their music fast, Some of us like it slow, We always enjoy the songs of the past. But, we like the modern also. W'e were in concerts and festivals: We took trips to other schools, The students we met became our pals, For friendship is one of our music rules Forty-eight N i" 1 an - I A I -A,,i 1 4 1 ' K 1 . ff" R Q 'XY V' , xx fl? Y Ldxsiv inf I -M "Nm nw., WN. ww S N E X "' ,auf XSS! First Row: B. Roche. D. Pullen. I.. Davis. S. Stone. P. Eggers. J. Cramer. S. Hohn. Second Row: K. Snider. S. Frost. C. Frech. l.. l.iter. F. Hodge. l.. Leavitt. P. Ortyl, I.. Bierman. R. Hodge. Third Row: S. Shy, C. Venator. D, Berg. A. Darst. J. Monick. li. Martin. J. Marino, K. Hohn. B. Kruckeberg. R. Kraus, G. Hansard. J. Farley, B. Hinkle. J. Harding, Miss Child. HAH Fairview High Schools Band, under the direction of Miss Child, did an excellent job this year. This group with thirty-two mem- bers, met for practice every morning from 7:30 to 8:15 and also during first hour class. Besides the band's entertaining concerts, they played many popular favorites at assemblies, Mothers' Club and P. T. A. meetings. They also took a prominent part in the school picnic parade. Both here and in the Jennings Christ- mas parade they showed off the five majorettes in their new outfits. The majorettes were Sue Smith, Sue Stone, Fay Bohringer, and Nancy Brodak under the leadership of Jessie Carter as Major. The band's money making projects included a bake sale, two donut sales, a rummage sale. and the Student-Faculty Play. The Band Boosters, without whose help these projects would have been impossible, had as officers, Mrs. Foulds, Mrs. Strubbe, Mrs. Berg, and Mr. Hohn. The money raised went toward new in- struments. On February 15, they received the following instruments: Bass and Alto Clarinets, French Horn, Oboe, set of Tympani Drums, and five concert drums in beautiful white pearl and chrome. Booster Officers Majorettes New Instruments lirst Row: Polt. Humphries. lioucher. Stone. Horvath. Scott, l.euke. Martin. XVest. C. Schlueter. Bauer. N. Davis. Haney. l5t-hringer. li. Axley. Second Row: Berg. D. Vierck. Collins. Henneberry. Stivers, Sommerich. Carter. Harrell. l'ullen. O'l.eary. Chrismer. Sted ingk, Sly. Stockwell. M. Bierbattm. Kielv. Dody. V 'lil,irtl Row. XV. Vierck. H. Vvasmer, Pollard. Harding. Kraus.. Seller. Harms. XVilson. Liter, D. Davis. Greer, Hammack. Marino. A. Slleppard, Napier. The Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Martha Wtirtz, consisted of forty-nine top sing- ers selected by tryout and competition with other students. The group was active in conw certs. assemblies. Mothers' Club, P. T. A., and also in the St. l.ouis Suburban Music Festival. where the group received favorable comment. A selected group of Chorus members represented lfairview in the All-County Chorus. The an- nual caroling group caroled in the halls at Christmas and also appeared on KWK-'l'V. One of the highlights of the year was the fullfday trip which the Chorus took in May. EHUHUS Two busses were chartered for the day. and the tour consisted of two concerts in Lincoln County high schools. Carol Schlueter was Chorus librarian and accompanist, and attendance officer was Sylvia Harrell: business affairs were handled by Jessie Carter. Property managers were Bob Dody, Hank Wasmer. Bill Vierck. and David Berg. Uniforms were kept in good condition by robe custodians. Bill Career and Eileen Martin. The Chorus did a fine job on every program it gave and members may feel proud of their accomplishments through a year of diligent work on difficult music. Officers All County Chorus People Property Managers Hllll llll ll ll The Boys Glee Club made several appear! ances this year. Their most outstanding was in the spring concert. Under the direction of Mrs. Martha Vv'urtz, the club met twice each week and had eighteen members. The attendance officer was Bob Dody and Bill Vierck was li- brarian. lfirst Row .Xllen Sheppard. Dan Napier. Bob Harms. Ronald Kraus. David Berg. l.arry Liter. .lim Hammaclt Back Row. Bob Dody. Dave Vierclx. Scott Pollard. Bill Vierck. Tim Kiely. Bill Greer. Dale Davis. lfirst Row: Hamilton. Porter, Sawicki. Humphries. l.oraine. l lirodak. Bauer. XX'esl Second Row: Sturdivant. C. Vclkrnarin. L'tnage. Sentman. Mc Hollis. Nl. Cates. Natelsky. Shy. Third Row Vincent. Henncberry. Sommerich. Story. Bvinglo lrfillitl. Stockwell. M. Paierbam. McCl1esney. Hllllf llll llllll Under the direction of Mrs. Martha Vw'urtz. a 32 member Girls Glee Club has given excel- l'iilIu-Iwo 'rech. Stone. Dahrowski. N. Davis. Vancil. Bohringer. N Cirath. S. XX'antl. Scott. Boucher. C. Schlueter. B. Axlex' n. Sliver. Oleary. N. Cates. Mason. XVulert. Crain lent performances at concerts and assemblies. This is an extra curricular activity and any girl desiring to sing is eligible to belong. Helen Stockwell was librarian and attendance officer was Madge Bierbaum. l ilcen Martin. Sue Stone. Ciarsl Schlueter. liernadine Bauer Madge Bierhaumr Sherry Scott, Dot Sommerich. lflaine llen- mlwriv, Sylvia llarrellr Mrs Xxllll'll"'lll.ll1U, lllllll lllllilll HIIYS llllllll The Novette is an extracurricular group which meets once each week. Places in the group are held hy skilled singers who try out the preceding spring season. Appearances have included assemblies. evening concerts, Mothers' Club, P. 'lf A., plays. and the District Music liestival. The liestival appearance was particu- larly successful this year. liach year the Novette has outfits alike. This years dresses were pastel cottons in a variety of colors, with all the dresses made alike. The Boys Octette met once a week this year. Any boy can try out lor Octette but it is usual- ly made up of Chorus members. since the music requires a high degree of skill in singing with- out piano. and Chorus members are the most advanced singers. The group sang at the fall concert, in assemblies. and was featured when the Chorus was on tour, All types of music are sung by this group, including serious music, spirituals and songs for lun. The group is extracurricular. llan Napier liale llavis il im liialy. l'n'l1 Uvclv, l'Jill Yierck. Scott llollard. llank Xk'asmer, larry l itcr. Xlrs. XvllFIl- lliano PHRT March, march, on down the floor, Spirits are stirred upon hearing that song: YVe cheer and then we cheer some more With the rest of the loyal throng. There are many teams at Fairview High, Girls' and boys' in the different sports. They play and for titles they :Jie To win for their school good reports. Sometimes we lost and sometimes we won, But, we always supported our teamg And the comradeship, ana' the wholesome fun Made games as great as they seem. Fifty-four .,.--ww. 4' wp uw: 'Hemp Martens Wasmer Unwin Hinkle Robertson Lee XVa BASEBALL Fairview's baseball team won the North County League Championship again this year. with a record of 5 wins, no losses. Pitching was ably handled by B. Unwin, with 3 wins and no losses, and T. Kiely with 2 wins and no losses. Backing them up were the two top hitters on the team, R. Lee and D. Vierck, with .412 averages. F. Walsh and D. Davis wore the tools of ignorance, to you un- cultured people, the catcher's equipment. The infield consisted of H. Wasmer, IB: R. Lee, SS: J. Hinkle, 3B: S. Wilson and D. Roberston alternating at ZB. D. Vierck, RF: B. Wagner, CF: and R. Goslin alternating with N. Klo-cke at LF, took care of the outfield. The "subs" were C. Freck, B. Hodge, S. Pollard, and B. Harms, who was also the manager. All but two of the players on the team will be back next year. Coach Crain is hoping to get the team into the State Tournament this spring and to come through with good results. First Row: Carl Frech, Neal Klocke, Dick Robertson, Bill Unwin, Ronnie Lee, Richard Goslin. Sid XVilson. Second Row: Bob Hodge, Bob Wagner, Jim Hinkle, Dave Vierck, Dale Davis. Third Row: Mr: Moore. Gene Martens, Frank Walsh, Hank Wasmer, Tim Kiely, Bob Harms, Mr. Crain. sw ine 4,-mm am z we k.auan ney . .. , - H -rv 4 ing SS Lee RF Vierck CF Wagner 2B Wilson P Unwin 3B Hinkle lB Wasmer At Bats Hits Runs RBI BB Avg. P Kiely .. 2B Robertso C Walsh C Davis LF Klocke LF Gcslin U 412 412 400 .400 300 267 231 231 .000 000 000 ,000 000 " Sal :Msg n D. Vicrck Goslin XVagner Kicly C. Vrcch B. Hodge D Dax s FAIRVIEWS' RECORD Hancock Valley Park Jennings Jennings Hancock WOI1 WOI1 WOH WOl'l WOR Scores 7 to 8 to ll to 2 to 3 to 5 there l there l 0 there l here 2 here ,al I Ronnie l.ee. Don Sheppard. Bill Unwin. Bob Wagner. Frank Walsh, Hank Wasmer. Dave Vierck. Dick Brauch. Richard Bunting. Dick Robertson and Mr. Moore, VARSITY lllllllllllllll The l956-57 F.H.S. basketball season ended with a 6 and 6 league record to take third place in North County. Considering the team's av- erage height of 5'lO". it was a constant threat to its opponents. Honorary Capt. Dick Bunting, was elected to second team North County All Stars and selected by his teammates to receive the "Most Valuable Player" award. Dick was the only starter to play in all of the season's 26 games. He led his team by scoring 297 points and had the best average, l l.4 per game. Ronnie Lee, a Junior. was second in total points scored, 229: had the second best average l0.9: and also had the second best shooting percentage of 35670. Ronnie received hon- orable mention for North County. Hank Wasmer, another Senior, gave Dick a run for the "Most Valuable Player" award: and also received honorable mention for North County, Hank led in two departments, having a 49.4070 from the field fterrific shootingj, and managing to out rebound our opponents' cen- ters by grabbing 334 rebounds in spite of being the league's smallest center. Don Sheppard, another Senior, handicapped by injuries, managed to boast the third best shooting percentage of 32.7W. Fifty-eight Dave Vierck, a Sophomore newcomer and another North County honorable mention, was a valuable asset this year. Dave was second in rebounding, robbing the opponents of 224 re- bounds. A hard worker under both offensive and defensive boards. Dave holds great promises. Bob Wagner, a Junior forward with tre- mendous spring and an ability to score when others find it difficult, should also be a big help next year. Dick Brauch, a Sophomore guard has ref ceived valuable experience this year on the varsi- ty. Dick played in l6 games. With the acqui- sition of the finesse of an upper classman, he should prove invaluable. Dick Robertson, a Senior guard and an adroit ball handler, did a beautiful job of back- ing up the high scoring Bunting and Lee. Frank Walsh, a husky rebounder will un- doubtedly be an asset to the next year's squad. Frank substituted on several occasions, ably strengthening our rebounding advantage. Bill Unwin. another Junior, small for the position of center, perfected a dandy left handed fall away jump shot. It is to note that in only two games out of twenty-six did these boys collect more fouls than their opponents. Stephen Shaughnessy, Richard Cioslin, Clary Davis, Bob Harms. Jim Harding, .lim Hinkle. Scott Pollard, Dale Davis. Dan Napier, .lim Hammack, Larry Liter, Neal Klocke, and Mr. Savage. The "B" team, this year, worked under the directorate of a new helmsman, Mr, Kent Sav- age. His squad of sixteen, hardfworking under- classmen with fine possibilities, consisted of eight sophomores and eight freshmen. Erom this group a "first string" of Bob Harms, Dale Davis. Scott Pollard, Jim Hinkle, and Dan Napier saw action in most every game of a nineteen game schedule. High scorers were Davis, Hinkle, and Harms with l87, I66, and I35 points respectively. And, ever ready to "ll" TEAM llllllllllllll replace that "starting five," and ably give their best, were the remaining eleven alternatives. The team finished with a total of eleven losses and eight wins. But, in spite of this per- centage, they came back to take third place in the North County League Tournament held at Hazelwood. This gave an above-average finale to a season of hard fought basketball, Witla the skills and experiences gained as "B's." we look forward to seeing them on our future Varsity. SCHEDULE AND RESULTS We They We They Dec Ferguson 63 Jan. 22 Hazelwood 43 Dec Hancock '54 Jan. 25 Berkeley 34 Dec. l l Wellston 30 Feb' 8 Maryland Hts' 40 32 231313 fffjliillue 32 Def Bwkeley 34 Feb. io Riverview as Jan Maryland Hts' 26 Feb. Zl Hazelwood 60 Jan Pattonville 39 Feb- 27 Jennings 47 Jnn Jennings V5 Eeb. Z8 Hazelwood 78 Jan Riverview 37 Mar. 2 Pattonville Z7 Fifty-nini a lirst Rovt Hager, l.icneke. V. Axley. XVeber. Dreon. Hoffmann. Bania. Spink. Utnagc. S, Vwlantl. Allen. B. Lewis. lioland Bischoff. Vancil. Vwlinder. Sttnnd Row. Loraine. Bmdak, Volkmann. Harrell. Shearman. Kane. Huber, Siewing. Sommerich. Marlin. P. Murpht B Axley. Sawiclti. N. Davis. llaird Rt wx Mrs. McCracken. Dabrowslni. l.udy. Shy. Venatcr. Mason. Nelson. Ruhmann, l.uebbert. Scott. Crain. Story Billard Santino. Haney. The purpose of the Pep Club is to promote good sportsmanship and to help the cheerleaders lead the cheers at basketball games. The Pep Club had its first meeting in the early part of October. Most of the members from the preceding year returned but the greater majority were newcomers. This meeting consisted mostly of organizing the club. Sylvia Harrell was elected President and Ruth Shearman was chosen as Secretary- Treasurer. Ruth resigned her office later in the year and was replaced by Bernadine Bauer One rule of the Pep Club is that anyone trying out for cheerleader must be a member of the club. for cheerleaders are chosen from Pep Club members only. The club participated in two pep assemblies this year. They worked out cheers with the cheerleaders and were the backbone of the cheering section. Cn away from home games. the Pep Club chartered busses and Fairview High transported its cheering section to loyally support its team. The group was sponsored by Mrs. McCracken. lirst Row Hamilton. Vvlilhelm, Horvath. Stone. Meeks. Newhouse. D. Smith. Otten. D. Gnau. Bauer. Back. Reid. Bram i Russell. VN'alltenhorsl. Thornton. Vslest. Stcond Row lirazier. l-lelems, Polt. Hollis. Cates. Phillips. Smith. Sentman. McGrath, Tippetts. Hollman. Zimmer Schmidt. Yackey, Dietrich. M. Cates. Mayhan. lnglish. V. Zimmer. llaird Row Humphries. O'Hare. D. Bollinger. Boucher. S. Trantham. Oleary. liischer. Vvlulfert. Kunstmann. Struhlmt Hogutt NVende. Ditch. Nobbe. Maryanne Hagemann. Vxlallen. Marsha Hagcmann. Simpson. Behrens. Natelsky, -W-my wwmamuw--2 .M-w' -agsvmsavsu., 1:1 ---1' ffmmm., .m..'emn..me sm .mer-mavwr. svwmmz .owns aw on za www L.s.f,wV,, .vas sm M' ..msM,.f ernatline l'm.1uer Dotty Sommerich Come on. yell louder, l,ouderf Uh. yo can do better than that. Come on, really yell now. 'lihat's right. .lennings has the pep. .lennings has the steam, But lfairview lligh has everything. Vv'e've got the down beat, Vv'e've got the up beat. Beat 'em, beat 'em, Beat 'em, lieat 'em, heat 'em. Beat 'en1, lilizkl' TSM Nancy VVest Sylvia lin lllllllllllllll Yes. you guessed it, lt's our cheerleaders back again cheering as loud, and as hard as they can. At every basketball game. rain or shine. win or lose. they are always there urging our teams on to victory. liven when the teams' luck is down, you can still hear that never ends ing chant Ulfight, Team, Fight." This year's squad consisted of: two Juniors, Bernadine Bauer, and .lackie Meeks, one Soph- omore. Dottie Sommerich. and last but not least. our Seniors, Sylvia Harrell. Marilyn Siewing. and Nancy Vwlest. Sylvia worked very hard as captain of the squad, and Sue Stone did a lin.: job as alternate cheerleader. Mrs. McCracken sponsored this group. Their outfits this year were: white V neck sweaters with blue dickies, royal blue corduroy skirts lined with white tattieta, and white bucks skin shoes. Sue Stem' Marilyn Siewing .lackie Meeks Mike Andrews. larry Leavitt. Bob Pointer. Bch Duncan. Charles l.cntine, Charles Falackledge. .lohn XVhite. Bob Tcmayi. Buddy Ochs, Ronnie Nlcittola and Mr. Uahlherg. BTH lllll Hlllllllll The Eighth Grade team, under the direction of Coach Dahlberg, played a ten game schedule and broke even. winning five and losing five. Duncan and Ochs tied for top scoring honors totalling 74 points apiece. Blackledge ranked second with 70 points to his credit. They entered the Thunderbird Tournament at Ferguson High School and drew Ferguson as their first competitor. Losing a hard fought game, they dropped into the consolation bracket to play Ritenour and again came out with the lesser score. Commendable sportsmanship and will to win prevailed throughout. HTH Gllll EHEEHLEAHEHS This year's 8th Grade cheerleaders, who were chosen at an 8th Grade assembly. had Carol Bramlage as their captain. The girls, all mem- bers of the Pep Club, wore light and dark blue V-neck sweaters and blue felt skirts. These cheerleaders did a nice job of cheering at all but two of the 8th Grade basketball games. They couldn't attend these because of lack of transportation. They worked without a spon- sor and practiced in the locker rooms. The girls reported a good time and boasted of mak- ing many new friends. liirst Row: Donna Thornton. Sandra XVeber. Beverly lioland. Second Row: Venita Axley, Pamela Vv'inder. Caro-l Bramlage. M lt-It to Right: D. Napier. D. Robertson, R. Fox. D. Davis, B. Greer, D. Bunting. J. Hammack. Mr. Savage. Under the able coaching of Mr. Kent Savage, this year's tennis team had good prospects with four returning lettermen. Those returning let- termen, with past experience to draw upon, were: Dick Bunting, Bill Greer, and Dick Rob- ertson. Seniors, and Dale Davis, a Sophomore. This year, Mr. Savage had the largest turnout he has ever had at the beginning of the season. with a total of twenty-two. Because of this large number, he had to eliminate to eleven men. Dick Bunting, Bill Greer, Dale Davis, Dick Rob- ertson, Richard Fox, Dan Napier, Gary Davis. .lim Hammack, and Jerry Zeller were kept on his squad. This was the first year Fairview was asked to come into the Suburban League. Our season TENNIS "lil" started April l6, with Webster Ciroves visiting Fairview. Other than several nonleague matches with Ferguson and Lutheran, the schedule from then on was: April I8 St. Charles there April 23 Kirkwood here April 25 Ladue there April 30 Normandy here May Z U. City there May 7 Clayton here Since competitive matches had not been played in time to make the deadline of this book. there is only to report that prospects looked out- standingly good and hopes for a good season are inevitable. i L-iaavnlnxnxgm-r spam ,a1 1x1 Front Row: Zweifel, Roth, E. Hodge, Harms, B. Vierck, D. Vierck, Sellers, Wagner, Hoette, Volkman, Lee. Sheppard, Tau, Robinson, Ruhmann, Brauch, Kunstmann, Klocke, Mundy. Second Row: Dressel, Noell, Havener, Goslin. Hagemann, Jarvis, Davis. Pulley, Stokes. Wasmer, Soos. Nelson. Holland. Dickinson, Russo, Pfeiffer. L. Gann. Back Row: Stevenson, Casey, Pitzer, Dickhans, B. Hodge, Harding. Ci. Gann. Ploiudre, Criswell. Ross, Hynes, Wilhelm, Coach Crain. lllllll With a large turn out of sixty-six aspirants ranging from freshmen to seniors the outlook for Mr. Crain's track team was very good. After a training season of unfavorable weather and eliminating the group to fifty-six, the schedule opened with a tri-meet between Riverview, Wellston and Fairview on April 2. The cindermen assignments lined up as fol- lows: Harms and Wagner: high hurdlers. Volkmann, R, Tau, and Walsh: l00 yd. dash. Mundy and Turner: milers. Kunstmann, Ci. Hodge, and Martens: 440 yd, dash. Lee, D. Vierck, and Harms: low hurdles. Walsh, G. Hodge, and Volkmann: 220 yd. dash. Robertson, R. Hodge, Zweifel, Dickhans, and G. Gann: 880 yd. run. Lee, Volkmann, Fox, Kunstmann, and Walsh: relay men. In the field events: Stokes, H, Wasmer, Roth, Hoette, Nelson, B. Vierck, and Pfeiffer: shot putters. Brauch, Stokes, H. Wasmer, D. Davis, Unwin. and B. Vierck: discus. Pulley, Sellers, J. Wasmer, and Russo: pole vaulters. Klocke, Lee, Ruhmann, and R. Tau: broad jumpers. Wagner, Soos, D. Vierck, and Sheppard: high jumpers, This year for the first time, freshmen have competed against freshmen in a selected group of events: 100 yd dash, 180 yd. low hurdles. 440 yd. dash, shot put, and broad jump. Fair- view had l9 promising freshmen competing under this schedule and made a nice showing. The season schedule lined up as follows: Apr. 2 Riverview-Wellston Here Apr. 9 Jennings-Pattonville Here Apr. l2 Ferguson Here Apr. 17 Pattonville Here Apr. 23 County Prelims Jennings Apr. 25 County Finals Jennings Apr. 30 Dist. Prelims Principia May 3 Dist. Finals Principia May ll Dist. Outdoor Columbia 1 l'irsl Row: Sii-wing, Roche, Bania. Shy. Setoncl Row. Ciann. Shearman. lnglish. Bauer, Venator, l.udy, Brodak. N. Cates. Third Row: Kane. Back. Phillips. Piel, Meeks. Sehwing. Henze, Smith. XVisa. Sleek, Volkmann, Hager. lfourth Row. Mt'Roy, Stockwell. Crain, Bierhaum. Ortyl, Smothernian. Carter, M, Cates. Nolwlve. Allen. Stone, Martens. Billard. Chrismer. Stedingk. The lfairview Girls Class Basketball teams had a good season this year, winning l0 games and losing 6. The Seniors played only three games. They won the Riverview game 32 to l9, and also won from Hazelwood 27 to l6. But alas, on Class Day, Jennings trounced them 35 to 7Y Dances the night before and 8 a.m. games will show. The Juniors played five games. They lost Berkeley, 3 to l2: and to Riverview, I0 to 30: . They won 29 to 2l on Class Day won a return match with Hazelwood 26 to 23. Hazelwood, 3l to 38 against Ritenour, and The Sophomores won their games with l'irsl Row, Almaleta Allen. Barhara Kane. Darlene Back. Helen llllll lllllllllllllll Riverview, Ritenour, Berkeley. and Hazel- wood, 28 to l8, I5 to l4, 26 to 2l, and 22 to 20 respectively. On Class Day. they were defeated hy Normandy 29 to 20. The Freshmen like the Seniors played only three games. They won their Riverview game 33 to l7 and their Hazelwood game 36 to 35, but lost to Normandy I5 to 30 on Class Day. This year's Varsity lost 4 games and tied one. Even with this record, they played a seaf son where excitement ran high in every game and the players never lost their will to win. Scores for their games are as follows: They lost to Riverview 39 to 53: Hazelwood 2l to 42, Ferguson 33 to 44: Ritenour 28 to 30: and a heartbreaking 33 to 33 tie with Berkeley. Stockwell. Marilee Crain, Ruth Sherman. Barbara Ciann. Phyllis c2FlYl. l.inda Phillips, Marilyn Siewing. Barhara Roche, Pal Xklisa. liirst Row: Siewing. lnglish. Bania. Stedingk. Second Row: Vkfcst, Gann. Jones. Roche. Bauer. Marlin. Allen. Utnage. N. Cates. Third Row: Kane. Back. Phillips. Piel. Cleary. Otten, Henze. M. Cates. Stone. Stcck. Hagcmann. Shy. lfourth Row: M. Murphy. McRoy. Stcckwell. Crain. M. Bierhaum. Ortyl. Carter, Smcitherman, Boucher. Pulaski. Som merich, Vancil. Martens, Billard. Cltrismer. Hejna, lllllll llllllllllllll First Row: B. Kane. Second Row: B. Ciann. J. Marlin. Third Row: H. Stockwell. M. Bicrhaum, C. Smotherman. Back Row: M. Crain. M. McRoy. M. Siewing. G. Jones. SI.Xlll'S!.K Again the girls can proudly say that Volleyf ball has proved to be their game. Year after year, Fairviews Volleyball victories continue. Seniors played three games, won the game with Riverview, 24 to 5: won the game with Normandy 3I to l0: and lost to Hazelwood 25 to 20. The Juniors won two of their three games. They won from Normandy I5 to I4: from Riverview I7 to I6: and Hazelwood claimed the loss I3 to 22. The Scphomores tied the Juniors record win- ning of two of their three games also. They won from Hazelwood 23 to 20: from Riverview 38 to I7: and lost to Normandy I4 to 24. Freshmen were victorious in winning all three of their games. They won from Hazelwood 26 to ll: Normandy Jr. High 35 to 4: and River- view 26 to I6. This year's Volleyball Varsity, consisted of a combination of eight seniors, two juniors, and two sophomores. M. Crain, M. Siewing, G. Jones, and B. Kane, had seen service on previous Fairview varsities. The varsity had a good rec- ord of 4 wins and 2 losses. They won from Pat- tonville 28 to 22: Hazelwood 4I to 8: and lost to Normandy, while the Seniors were in Wash- ington, D. C.. 34 to 31: and also lost a very good game with Ritenour 20 to 22. Softball is enjoyed by a large number of girls at Fairview, although its interscholastic schedule is much more limited than Volleyball and Basketball. Try outs are held in the fall. Competition is keen and each girl must work hard to earn her position on a class team, The underclassmen. eager to participate in school activities, come out in large numbers. After a series of try outs and preliminary games between the four classes, teams are se- lected. The lireshmen came up with the un- expected and won their game from the Sopho- mores I3 to IZ. The Seniors won over the .luniors 7 to 5. ln the play-off game that fol- lowed between the Seniors and the Freshmen. the Seniors were pressed hard and had to over- come two lireshmen leads to win IZ to 8. The softball schedule is curtailed by many conflicting activities. social events, the ending of the school term and various other factors. This schedule was not completed in time to be included in this publication, but the games will be played with the usual vigor and enthusiasm. l'irst Row: Jones, Smotherman. Sommerich. Chrismer. Second Row: li. Martin. ll. Billard. T liirst Row: ll. Roche, hircl Row: C. Smotherman. P. NVisa. D. Sommerich, lourth Row: S. Stone. M, Cates. C. Jones. Fm. Gann. D, Bat GIRLS Slllllllll Stcontl Row: Ciann. Shearman, lVlcRoy, lnglish. Drury. Martin. Marlin. Allen. XVillis. Shy. 'lhirtl liowg M, Murphy. Back. Siewing. Wallen. Bauer. H. Gerdes. Otten. Oleary. Pr. Axley. llcnve. XVisa. M. Cates. N. Cates. Brodak. Martens, Stedingk. liourlh Row: Wi'st. Stockwell, Phillips. Peacock. Kane. Carter. Meeks. Ortvl. Roche. Stone. ll. Murphy. Boucher. Pmania. Natelsky, Dumey. llelna, Billard. The Editors of THE BLUEJ AY present Their Loyal Advertisers 6715 W. Florissant Ave. I 1 1 , EV. 3 -8 700 Chambers T5 W. Florissant bakery in Schnuck's Market J A. l-9 l 19 B O O S T E R S Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Axley Margaret Wantz and daughters and daughters Frances Decher Mrs. Lenore Felker Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harding and Janet and son The Opus Four Mr. Chas. C. Kegelman Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bumb Mr. and Mrs. Strubbe and daughter Kenny May Frank Walsh and Bob Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Hal B. Miller and Family Brueggeman Family Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Broyles Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Story and Janet NORTH-WAY MARKET Your Tom-Boy Store o 4756 JENNINGS ROAD Af Lillian Sixty-eight FOULDS TOOL CO. Plastic Dies 2916 N. Vandeventer FR. 1-1472 Fairview Baptist Church College at Dawson EV. 3-7587 CLIFF GIBBS Fuel -- Hardware 5351 Jennings Road JENNINGS 20, MO. EV. 3-9921 Suhre Standard Service EXPERT LUBRICATION GAS - OIL - WASHING 5210 Jennings Road - Near Lillian Compliments 0 a Friend The Way To Happiness Keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expect little, give much. Fill your life with lowe. Scatter sun- shine. 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Dowling EV. 3-5630 B 'ld f ' Ph i PA k ' 7-2510 TiJ'3,,3fE,ZW, Acme Roofing Company ' WW Asphalt I t lk lk Cogheggon 6149 Olive Street Road Founded bv S LEON PRIWER mlgggofs ST. Louis 5, Mo. EV. 3-9767 Jennings 21, Mo. Bill 3 Len's Service Station CONREUX S MARKET Corner Jennings Rd. 'Z5 Switzer Ave. 7036 Emma Ave. SINCLAIR PRODUCTS GOODYEAR PRODUCTS Evergreen 3,8871 Len F. Frey Compliments Blue Jay Booster f o Dr, Dguglas Thgmas BRADFORD JEWELERS Northland Shopping Center Nun Smmua 5-Xngelae EV. 5-2436 Compliments of Free Pick-up and Delivery Laundry Service - Shirts - Curtains H REALTOR MELVlN'S CLEANERS 8752 Jennings Road at Hord Ave. l932- 1957 MELVIN TUEPKER our 25th year VIOLA TUEPKER Seventy-six FAIRVIEW MOTHERS CLUB 1956 - 57 OFFICERS Mrs. Myrtle I-loth . Vice-President Mrs. Charlotte Matthes .President Mrs. Mary Hoff Secretary Mrs. Florence Eikermann Treasurer Meetings The Second Friday of Each Month in the Assembly Room of the Fairview Grade School Building l:l5 P. M. EVERYONE WELCOME! Seventy-sem n FAIRVIEW PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION 1956 - 57 OFFICERS Robert Harris ...,,..,..,.,,.,......,..,.V.I,I,. ,Vice-President Bill Otten ......,.,,..., ,..,.I . .. .. .......,. President Miss Rosalie Scheppers ., ,..,.,....,. Secretary Martin Peacock ., ,. . . Treasurer Meetings The Third Monday of Each Month in the High School Gym 7 1 30 P. M. Executive Committee Andy Ciolek Milton W. Bierbaum Charles Durham Miss Pearl Parker Eric M. Hohn Mrs. J. Brodak Mrs. H. McCracken Mrs. W. Surphlis Seventy eight AUTIIGHAPHS AUTIIGHAPHS '77 ,Ar v-ur? 'S -ff. ' '5 ' ' X . , ,ilk-M..,,,rg In . J , 5. 545, ,.,, 'Rib fi 1- 1 bf ,. , 15.0 , ,A gg? 2' 'gf ,QL Q !i'i5-it f -. xiii f"Zrf-.' 'T U ' v 4'?1"?':n ' .T'H"ii,QrX 2345- 1 ,,.,.,.5.QZ...,fL4.: , .W-.., , "' f.1:'l".5?:i:'-ik.A iff QL! Af 'f"..-X' w 7 UL. 5' ' 'J' '.. 'JA-.V iwlfr, 4' JH 1-if ,"-mum .fz-'J ,, 2:1 -amid'-.5 1 1 1 L ' 'v:r"','..1','4e 3 F' " 0' H a -'gif-Lg A , , uf' nw :' .U v'-,.,. mv' Ja If -2, Yf'i121:LffaA ' v ik , W fa' P- R ' is R 'P "mf . .- fat.. 'S' 'W -5 2 " ' ' H J 1 ml v x -1. J 7 'F' .4 .9 , sum", F. mf --5 -. 5552, Q ai? Wifi ' QNQQQQZ. 'Q'?'f.vY'.Qlff' Z' ' 'L . sv, 5' ,f'J,m 925' gf' -" V3.2 Blix in f' 3 i.3Y.g'fKS, il: .A .,., .Wi fin EN 'LL - --4, Fw . " , 'Z 'H -. arf eta ff ,-fx - un-. -vi, .-ax ., ggi i :A if S, ,J I. .. , 'a ,U W1A 'LJL f X if ,V gay 'z V134 ',.sf41 wx, QEFQQY 2 7 Q44 1 "1 rf '2 xi f"g,Mfe ' Q5z,.,.'?" Ask' . 1 '-iw wr . .1!'i',. fls. 4:31 'E' 9. Y fq:f1,2 L 7 5' ,. , .Y ,. mfg A :ight ptfza., re gif? . F' 153 fc' Eff. ': ,tri . :,2l..f7l"'E -Lwswfi 1 4w.frf:M,-' nw :sf .K f .ri ff ' A , af: "'?K5i, Q-, viva Afifikf. ,fu wi-u A Wil My 'Wh m L' ml Qi' gm 'hr W me ' .w m. Am,, g .REQ was-ww M . ,WW WF f " :5i:,' Sf' if-A ,Q fx.. . ' ,AW wav WN L' Q A W , ..hV ,,., 5 .W.:,k .ig QQW L , :LL E ,. A gi ZH Lr,Lk :KK K 3-A. ,..k Hg' If A ,n " " 1 VSV -Q?-S15 - V '1P:f2Tf"lf 2QfzgeE ' 5 1 Www if K' If gi? K2 jg.. r Q' W . K, i j, yigm A R Y f .il A'A. V K Jeik :tv 'm2fWQ5P2 i?zE'Ww "-: ' we P A kkkk. by K WMNQFM. Z. ,I .1 .5 ig? A 5:1--EE, ' W a K 'S L'-v .f f 'Dfw s ,W -- g - gi.. ,I gh , M 4 W, ma- 122 Qwsm ,V WMM. ,, - 35 fs ,.., M55 , gf' . -, ' ,V H A mm , , AL,z L W .. 1 -7 , 'E .1 J 1, I 1.5 in . g " 'f f lg? 4 A... W Q ,.kmf1QfffL.,'w Q N - si zq mf V- ' f Wffiszisf N .4 wg. , X.LW Y Lima Gr Ive 1 ,. .5 f' 'A 'f .. A A V , -kkLh . sm, K f':' V1 .k,Vk7hV ::'HZi5f5 .,,.ffNf: V -,L.,,' b LL" 1 H - . n . ' ,W x "-- if-: K E .,,. ,Z ,fgygQQ2!2gfi- ' ' H - -'.,., , - " . ' ., m " ' f' ,W , , 1 J- W.: f ' ' Eifm 'i . ii ff Q f-g5?ai3Q:?i.w., W. , .mp M, ,, ' ' " ew ,. 7' . V.kL . . ,ffW,.f ,V,: ,fx ,,k- ' K, MMA ,L'L A . fK'1 - . V , A". 2 775' . ,. 'Lm' ' " L . . . . . ' Um. ,S . V, ,,.,, ., 'giwfwf Q. 41.55. ,V,..,?9y nr Efawzliwwf V f 'S2z'Y' . H A ,. ..- ,3,5Z3.,,,M, ,Q ., .....,, rrkk. .V'L . ,,,L - .Q in M' 1 -L ' . 5 - " 73 h.v. ., .. D n ll . . .... Y W L . . .. . ' . . ' , - . f

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