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,Way Qtc"'73-7 um" uh T65611fl7'lg THE DRAG-CN FAIRMONT HIGH SCHOOL Published by the Sensor Class In cooperation with the Publlcatlons Club Van Buren Township Dayton Onlo 'I 9 3 5 X I A I 'QQ ' , 515 , A.. in-K 1 1 1TliDDACON THE NEW FAIRMONT HAT part must the school of tomorrovv play In developIng an understandung of the technIcs of progress 7 lt must reveal the evolutIonary character of fAxmerIcan l.Ile It must polnt the exlstence ol challengIng problems, stlmulate Interest IH attaclang them and traIn IH IndIvIdual and group study technIcs The schools must traIn In mastery of methods of Independent thInl4Ing There must be a Stlmuldflng of Interest ID pubhc questIons and a sense of responsIbIlIty forthe general welfare It seems then that there must be a change In the present school currIcula We must loolc more to the future, less to the past What are the CFITQFIG poIntIng tovvard thIs new currIcula7 Personaluty IS one of the thIngs that must be recogmzed as a supreme value Many of our present devIces must be consldered as Instruments to be used ID developlng per sonalIty More thought more effort must be glven to the proper development of the socIal vvellare of the group Too much ol our past educatIon has been dlrected to the Idea ol IndIvIdual proht mal4Ing ln the luture vve vvlll be more con cerned Wltll the advancement of group vvelfare Qur currIcula must gIve more thought to the traInIng ol cItIzens lor performlng IntellI gently governmental dutles ID a democracy There vvIll always be a struggle ot conFlIctIng Interests IU any Form of government If our democracy IS to be malntalned, our schools must develop cItIzens who belleve that solvlng such conlllcts must be done by lavv and order We must belleve that obedlence to lavv by D L BARNCS the mlnorlty IS necessary untll such tlme as a result oleducatIon a change IS developed and thelr B fn To HS DOIDT of VIZVV accepted by the majorlty S pe tende t of the Schools of Our nevv currIcula must poInt the vvay to equal rIghts to all equal rlghts to an educatIon equal rlghts to vvorlc, equal rlghts to a home lltheseaIms are to be secured, vve must loolc to the natlon for a greater degree of control than has been exerted ID the past ChIldren ol Amenca are far from havIng equal rIghts to an educatIon at the present tlme The place ID vvhIch a chIld happens to be born and reared decldes, to a great extent, the type ol educatIon he vvlll receIve The currIcula of the future must concern Itself more WIfl'1 the sell Interests ol our chIldren ThIs nevv currIcula must famIlIarIze chIldren vvlth the economIc and socIal processes that are goIng on all around them Qne of ITS goals must be the stImulatIng ol Interest In the mastery ol Independent thlnlong The publlc school of tomorrow IS goIng to be one of the baslc factors IH determInIng the degree ol perfectson to be realIzed In our socIal order To my vvay of thInl4Ing Caesar can be neglected In Favor of a sound understandung ol condItIons dlrectly concernIng our chIldren of today and a search for the solutlon of theIr problems of tomorrovv D L afvants tg 2 -I , ,Y , I g f A u rin n I Van ur W hip 1 I , - 1 I gg THE DIQAIEIDN UC MISS MINNIE BALZHISER We the Class of Nrneteen Hundred and Thlrty frve In a Splflf of Love, Honor, and Respect dedlcate thrs bool: IN E the fall of 'I9'I4 I e been Interested Immensely In the actIvItIes of Falrmont For the Welfare of thls school I have contrlbuted my best and I feel that thIs InstItutIon has become a part of my very 43 e N ura y leave It reluctant y, yet feel that thIs IS the proper step for me to talce Ma thIs Before leavmg I WISII to thank the patrons and school OIIICIGIS of thIs dISlVICl for theIr contInued lcmdness tovvard me No other could have appreclated thls teachlng posItIon more than I and no one else can reallze just what It has meant to me throughout these years For the just consIderatIon and apprecIatIon recelved from my superlntendents, prIncIpals and fellow teachers I feel very grateful It has been a wonderful prlvllege to teach wIth people whose outstandmg characterIstIcs are co ODQFGIIOD and faIrness from the students I have receIved respect and loyalty at all tImes lhls attltude has Increased to a great degree the lteen dehght and satIsfactIon ID my worlc at FaIrmont I have loved my students and my vvorlc vvIth them, and I shall mIss them both ID the days that lIe before me That success and happIness may be the fate of falrmont and of all to whom the school IS dear IS my fInal word and vvIsh MINNIE A BALZI-IISEI2 I 3 I JI x I - C , hav ' V ' I . I :K , , 'gk f. 5 lif. at ll I I I 5ffh':'.s at bi! I? if I A max fb 4 at tlme, Tl-IE DIQAGUN BOARD OF EDUCATION OF VAN BUREN TOWNSHIP Mr Ross Jones Presrden! Mr Roy Spivey Vice President Mr George Ernst Clerk Treasurer Mr Chester Crauder Mr Cecil T Adams ANY persons are complacently actlng on the beluef that our schools will be conducted In the Iuture as they have been In the past Economic and social changes novv In progress wlll doubtedly be reflected In the land and quality ol tralnlng that vvlll be glven In our public schools Thus IS particularly true of the I-Ingh Schools new era without considerably more planning ol an admlnnstra tive, hnancnal and educational nature Funds vvlll not agarn tlovv as Ireely as In the past and these changes must be met Boards of Education and School executnves may Ioolc lor vvard ID the next Ievv years to a most Interesting and challenging tlme Qur Board ol Education has met the vexung and dangerous problems ol hnance for the past levy years with courage We have weathered the storm ol depression vvuth much more success than many school districts, and It ns only natural that, woth these men at the helm vve Iace the future vvlth the utmost optnmlsm MR GEORGE ERNIST I 4 I ' I . f - . I . - . i . , . ' . . , . . 4 Un- Qur schools will not be able to meet the problems ol this I . . . . , I 1' 0 THE DIDAGON COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION President N A Shank Vice President Edgar Wilson Mark Eshbaugh Thomas K Prugh Elgar Weaver THE FAIRMONT HIGH SCHOOL PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Under the leadershlpoTMr K R Thomp son president Mrs T K prugh Vice president Mr J E Prass Second Vlce president Mrs Leland l-lall Recording Secretary Mrs George Ernst Treasurer Mrs L I: perltlns correspond Ing Secretary and Mr C I3 Warner Auditor thrs group has hnashed Its sixth year ol servrce The annual l-lallovveen party vvas spon sored by the P T A and vvas vvell attended and enjoyed by the community The football banquet under the direction of Mrs Claude porter vvas held In the Fairmont Cafeteria W A DRISCOLL One of the outstandlng events sponsored Sup., me de ,,,ggcp,,,,.,l, Mo ,,,,,,,,, Co by the P T A this year vvas the productlon Ladies tor a Nite This was presented by Titty men of the community A membership In the Art lnstltute vvas presented to the l-Ilgh School by the P T A A contribution to the publlcatlon ot the Dragon vvas also Included In the budget The regular meetings have been featured by special speakers and demonstrations A very helpful program vvas one given by the Dayton power and Light Company demonstrating proper lighting In the home The Parent Teachers Association alms to serve Fairmont l-lrgh School ID the best In the vvellare ot Fairmont PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION ea ed M T K d K G tt5fl , . . I 1 I I - ' - g 1 I - I i . . . , V f . 1 A i ' ' I . . , I I ' . i . . ' . I I X . I ri n n , n r . H I - - - H4 I vvays possible and deserves the support and cooperation of all parents and teachers 'Z V . I . 1 13 , 'Ziff , mt. Mfr . I O 1 4: , 3 I A S t : rs. .Prugh Mrs Leland S. I-lall. Sian ing: Mrs, L. F. Perkuns Mr, J. E. Prass, Mr. . R. Thompson, Mrs, eorge Ernst. .V .D FACULTY J E PRASS Principal B S In Ed Ohuo State Umverslty Mldml Unlverslty Umversrty of Southern Callfornua MINNIE A BALZHISER Englrsh A B Wrlmungton College Mlaml University Umversnty of Chrcago Lebanon Normal Miami Jacobs C P WARNER Athletic and Physlcal Ecluca A B Ohio Wesleyan University Unnversrty of Illnnols Notre Dame Coachrng School CHRISTENA M WAHL English Physncal Educatlon A B Otterbeln College Ohio State Unlversnty Mnaml Umverslty Unlverslty of Clnclnnatn RICHARD R SOMERS Commerce B S Ih Ed Blass College Ohno State University Unrversnty of Cmcrnnatl THE DDAGDN 5691 HOMER WAGNER Asst Pnncrpal Mathematlcs A B Manchester College Mlamr Unuversrty Ohio State Unnverslty LAURA KENNEDY Engllsh Lnbrary A B Ohuo Unrverslty M A Umversuty of Chrcago W M RAMSEY lnclustrral Arts Muamr Unrversuty E FRIEND COUSER Hrstory A B Manchester College Bethany Biblical Semrnary Mnaml Unrversrty LAURA A MARSHALL Commerce A B Mlaml Unlverslty The Business lnstltute Detroit Mrchngan . Q . . . I . tion Director Assistant Coach I Nl v kr . MILO J HERR Science AB Bl Fino Coll ge M h C Il 5 S ALICIA D MONROE English Dramatics French Ob I R d I If Coll So b RACHEL M URICK I' oWsIy U stv hoU sy Wt b 5CoII Dyeonfnl snr WILLIAM B RIMANOCZY Music Ma U s y Wat b THE DIQAGDN FACULTY LELAND S HALL Industrial Arts General Science o Slat U s ty s ty of C r b C HELEN W HARTSOCK Latin Social Science A Mo 0 thC eg C JANET SLEMMONS Home Economics z h c go U s y FLORENCE E WETZEL Office Secretary co sB s Building Superintendent Cafeteria Manager MR MONROE SNIDER MISS SLEMMONS Assistants Assistant R T MR ROBERT MITCHELL LiR C5739 MRS WICKART l . I . . .f u n e Olni e niveri CP erson o e e Umveri incinnati Ohio tate University Wi! en erg ollege . I I . I . . B,A,, er in College .B., nm u oll e M.A., a ci e ese University of incinnati McGill University, Montreal Miami University r onne, Paris A t ' Ohi Z C an naval B.S. in Agriculture, Ohio S ate University O ' mver 'K C i d niver it it en er ege a r n iu e B. I M ' , ' ' A 'K . , . S m V uslc ' ml mver' Miami Ja b u mess College I en erg College . THE DIQAGCN STUDENT COUNCIL Flrst row left to right Russell Darst Ruth Stokes Paul Bushong Robert Preston Betty J Bushong Lawrence Brewer Second row Ralph Snyder Carl Brumm Hamet Ernst Arthur Meyer Robert Adams Absent Dorothy Maller Nona Prtts Officers President Paul Bushong, Vrce President Robert Preston, Secretary Betty J Bushong Treasurer Lawrence Brewer New member to replace Russell Dent Curtrx Gebhart FAIRMONT STUDENT COUNCIL I-IIS board of medlatlon was founded In 'l9Ql by Burt Moore and Eldon Baslnger It has and will contlnue to be a manifestation of the spmrnt of democratic progress between faculty and the student body malces for well being and contentment The various classes selected the following students to represent thelr groups Seniors, Paul Bushong Nona Pitts, Dorothy Muller Robert Preston, Juniors, Lawrence Brewer, Betty .lane Bushong Curtls Gebhart, Sophomores, Rose Stolces, Robert Adams, Arthur Meyer Freshmen, l-larnet Ernst Carl Brumm, Ralph Snyder At the fnrst meeting Paul Bushong was elected presndent Robert Preston vuce presldent, Betty Jane Bushong secretary Lawrence Brewer, treasurer, with Mr Prass as faculty advnsor This organlzatlon has control of and plans assemblres, supervises the Bulletin Board, and regulates the Freshman lnltnatron The crowning triumph of the Council s year was nts Carnnval held on November Q3 05839 Q that pervades the very atmosphere at Fairmont l-ligh School. Such cooperation l I ' D I . . 1 I ' 1 ' , 4 ' , . i I . - . D I i f ' - - ,f ' 4X THE DIQAGDN CLASSES TUDENTS enrolling at Falrmont clwoose tlmelr vvorl4 from college preparatory commercial vocational and Pune arts currrcula Qne lwour periods FIVC days a weel4 rn four classes Wstlm gymnasium ancl lwygrene constitute a regular student routine CE9? xg ' 1 r l I 3 O THE DDAGDN HISTORY CF THE CLASS OF 35 l'lE present Senior class was graduated en masse from the eighth grade on Thursday June 4 T931 Thus most promnsmg graduatlng class conslsted of eleven students from Pasadena, twenty three students from Southern l'l1lls and ten students from Dorothy Lane Robert l-lartsock and Carlyle Burson were student speakers ln our Freshman year we were under the apt leadership of Robert l'lartsock and Raul Bushong, president and vlce presldent respectively The Class ranked above the State medlan ID tests ID Algebral General Scnence and English IX Robert l-lartsock placed flfth In the Miami Drstr1ct Scholarship test In Algebra l Charles Wllke and hrs trombone represented the Class IU the Luterary Contest All this whale Kenneth Shank Frank Whlpp and Raul Bushong were startlng upon athletic careers that were to brmg fame and honor to Fanrmont and to themselves Paul Bushong was the president and Frank Whlpp and Dorothy Muller were co vlce presldents of our Sophomore class Qur membershnp was swelled by the enrollment of Mad Ruver students The Class sponsored a skating party Robert l-lartsock piloted the Junlor class, Julia Dexter was second In command Monda l-lott Kenneth Shank, Ardythe Shoup June Rlchart, Ed Wetdllch Julia Dexter and Paul Bushong had leads In the Junior class play The Goose l'langs l-hgh Eight Juniors were on the basketball squads The Junior Senuor receptlon was the funal triumph of the year And now the end of this eventful hlstory Paul Bushong and James Jackson were elected president and vlce president respectively of the class of 35 Durlng the year Paul Bushong Kenneth Shank Don Robeson Frank Whrpp John Gochoel Robert Nlorter, Tony Nosll, William Cualnes Richard Yarger Charles Bowermaster James Jackson Robert hlartsock and Harry Rerklns made history on the grldlron and on the court Fairmont s new athletic plant made for a most successful football season Four out of the flve posltnons on the squad that held the Waterloo Wonders to a fave pount lead were fllled by Seniors lncldentally, the largest crowd ever to see a basket ball game In Dayton witnessed this court classic The Publication Club, sponsored by Mlss l'lartsock and Mr Somers has been doing a mnghty fnne plece of work on the monthly as well as the annual publlcatson The Sensor play looms as the fmal project of the year The Class of 1935 sugns off ROBERT PRESTON our class orator x E 10 BD I , .. ,. , 1 1 - ' 1 I - I - 1 1 I 1 1 I I I . . .. . H I . . . . . r , ' 1 1 ' .' I I I I I I I I I ' 1 in 3 t PAUL BUSHONG Presndent President Q 4 VICE Presldent 1 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball Q 3 4 Baseball 4 Track Q 3 4 Student Council Q 4 Anglers Club Q Hr Y Prediction Club 4 Operetta 1 Junlor Play Senior Play JULIA DEXTER Secretary Vnce Presndent 3 Secretary 4 G A A 1 Q 3 4 Semor Scholarship Test Glee Club Girls Athletic Club Publlcatlon Club Junior Play Senror Play EDWIN WEIDLICH Edntor Dragon Football 3 4 Muamu Scholarshrp Contest1 Anrcralt Club 1 Hobby Club 1 Lrterary Club Q Glee Club 3 Publncatnons 4 Operetta 3 4 Junuor Play 3 Band 4 County Chorus 4 County Band 4 NONA GLADYS PITTS Student Councll G A A 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Class Treasurer 3 Student Councul 9 4 Glee Club 3 Entre Nous Q Sensor Play 4 Band 4 Orchestra Q 3 4 Belmont Jr Hush Operetta 3 Tl-IE DIQAGUN Sensor Class Offrcers JAMES JACKSON Vice Presndent Football 1 Q 3 4 Basketball 'I 2 3 4 Baseball 1 9 3 4 Track 3 4 I-lr Y 3 Publlcatlon Club 4 Belmont 1 PAUL WIESMANN Treasurer, Business Manager Dragon Student Councul 1 Aurcralt Club 1 RdCll0 Q Hu Y Club 3 Publication Club 4 ROBERT PRESTON Class Orator Mlamr Scholarshrp Contest Semcr Scholarshrp Cl Iss Secretary and Class Treasurer 1 Student Council 4 Hn Y Club Radno Club Sensor Play DOROTHY ELOISE MILLER Student Council Vsce Presldent9 G A A 3 4 Student Council 3 4 Home Economucs Club 2 Swimming Club 3 Senior Play Shakespearean Contest 2 Library Beneht Plays Q Red Cross Club 4 Senior Play Class Motto Knowledge rs power and power IS success Flowers Red and White Roses Colors Sllver and Blue Absent Neal Fnne Special Student Mr Jules Kern, Colmar, France Graduate Students Claudla Jackson, Rrchard Sprvey of 11 319 S e n io r l a s s ERMAGENE BARNETI' Glee Club'l Operetta 3 4 Band 4 County Chorus 3 4 Commercial Contest 3 CHARLES BOWERMASTER Football 4 Baseball 3 4 Operetta Club 4 Basketball 3 Fairview l-ligh1 Q CARLYLE BURSON Radio Club 3 4 Hobby Club Q Airplane Club 1 Junior Manager WILLIS CHRISTMAN Anglers Club 9, Radio Club 3, Publication Club 4 Wilbur Wrightl REGINA DECK G,A.A.1-Q73-4, Scholarship Contest, Glee Club 'l, English Club Q, Book Lovers Club 3, Girl Reserves Club 4, Band 'l, Orchestra 1, Red Cross 4, Cafeteria Q-34, Miami Scholarship Contest 'l Q35 EGR IRENE BARNEY G A A 'l Q 3 4 Athletic Council Q Girls Athletic Club 'l Q Girls Reserve Club 3 Publication Club 4 Sports Club 4 BARBARA BURGETT Ooeretta Club 9 3 4 Glee Club 'l Operetta 3 4 Band 4 Wilbur Wright THELMA CHANNELL A A 'I Q 3 4 Athletic Club'l 9 Archery Club 3 Sports 4 Senior Play CAROL JEANNE CLEWERS G. A, A, 'l-Q, Athletic Club 1 Glee Club Q-3 Publication Club 4, County Chorus 4 Band 4, Senior Play, Operetta 3 JUNE DEUBNER G.A.A.1-S2-3, Athletic Club 'l, Girls Pleasure Guild 4, Glee Club Q, Girl Reserves 3 ' T H If D IQ A G 0 N Wilbur Wrlght1, Stivers 9 V A ' A I ' . , , G. . . - - - , ' ' - 1 MARGUERITE EWING Athletlc Club 1 Creative Wrltrng 9 Grrl Reserves 3 Girls Pleasure Guuld 4 MARY GASKILL Athletuc Club 'l Creatuve Wrntung 9 Gurls G-ft Club 3 Girls Pleasure Guild 4 JOHN GOCHOEL Football 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Track 3 4 Varsity F 3 4 Predlctnon Club 4 Operetta 3 Glee Club 3 4 HI Y Q 3 l-lobby Club 9 Band 9 3 Orchestra 9 3 4 Mnnstrel 4 Oakwood ROBERT HARTSOCK Class Presldent1 3 Basketball 'l Q 3 4 Track Q 3 4 Athletic Council 4 Student Council 1 3 Mnaml Scholarship Contest 1 9 4 Semor Scholarshup Contest 4 Anrcralt Club 'I Radio Club Q 3 Varsity F 4 Senior Play Band 'l MONDA HOTT G A A 'I Q 3 4 Athletic Councll'l Student Councll l Muslc Scholarship Contest Glee Club Oneretta 'l 3 Junior Play Band 4 Orchestra Q 3 Minstrel 4 THE DIQAGUN l13E WILLIAM GAINES Football 4 Track 3 4 Dramatuc Art Club 3 Publication Club 4 Emerson 'l Stuvers 9 Sensor Play VERNA GEBHART G A A Curl Reserves Club Dramatuc Art Club Athletuc Club SHIRLEY GROSS Operetta Club 4 Operetta 4 Suv rs Q 3 Wulbur Wrl5ht1 ARCHIE HOLDEN I-lu Y Prediction Club Belmont Jr Hugh 'I Stnvers 2 DOROTHY HUMPHREY G A A Athletlc Club 'l Archery Club 3 Girl Reserves 9 4 , I , , , , , 'I 'I 'I , .. , , , . I AI --I , .I --I I 'I . ., 'CI . . , , I -9-4 , I 'I 1 I T '-W s Q, Q VIRGINIA JONES Gurl Reserves 'I 3 Publucatnon Club 4 KISCYAI Commercial Contest 3 MARY LEWIS Secretary Treasurer 9 Gtrl Reserves 9 4 Glee Club 3 Commerclal Contest 3 MARTHA MARTIN Gul Reserves 3 4 Kuser1 Commercml Contest 3 JOHN MILLER Operetta 4 Glee Club 3 4 ROBERT MORTER Football 3 4 Basketball 9 Hn Y 3 Dramatuc Club 4 Study Club 1 Glee Club 9 THE DIQAGDN tf14gJ CLIFFORD KRAFT Study Club 'I 9 3 4 MIRIAM MARQUARDT Girl Reserves 9 3 4 Wilbur Wrlght1 LILLIAN MAYS Mmm: Scholershup Contest Sensor Scholarshlp Contest Wllbur Wrl5ht1 Dramatlc Art Club Q Archery Club 3 Creative Writing Club 4 ROBERT MORNINGSTAR Study Club 1 2 3 Glee Club 4 Operetta 4 Sensor Play MARGARET MOTKO Gurls Track1 Wulbur Wrnght1 Gnrl Reserves 9 3 Publncatlon Club 4 LAURIENNE NOLTE Num: Scholarshup Contest Sensor Scholarshup Contest Gul Reserves Q Archerv 3 Lnbrary 4 Wilbur WruQht1 TONY NOSIL Football 3 4 Aurcralt 1 H1Y 9 3 Publications 4 HARRY PERKINS Football 'l Q 3 4 Camera Club 'l Hu Y Q 3 Operetta 3 4 Varsity F 4 Publlcatlon Club 4 Band 'l 9 3 4 Orchestra 1 9 3 4 FOREST PURDOM Radio Club 9 Hobby Club 3 Publucatlons 4 Roosevelt 1 DON ROBESON Football 3 4 Hn Y 3 Basketball 9 3 4 Glee Club 4 Baseball Q 3 Lincoln 'l Track 9 3 THE DIDAIBON E155 HAROLD NORDYKE lladlo Club Q Hu Y 3 Glee Club 4 Operetta 4 Knser 'l Band 4 Orchestra 4 ELEANORA PERKINS G A A 1934 GleeClub'lQ34 Swlmmnng Club 9 3 Band 'l 9 3 4 Red Cross Club 4 Orchestra 'l 9 3 Chorus Q 3 Sensor Play EDNA PHILLIPS Girls Athletic Club 1 Home Economics 9 3 Creatlve Writing Club 4 Red Cross Club 4 JUNE LORENE RICHART G A A 4 Swommmg Club 3 4 Operetta Club 9 3 4 Junior Play Sensor Play Shakespearean Contest Q Elvaston Hu 1 LAWRENCE SCHAFFER Senior Scholarship Contest Hobby Club 3 Chess Club 4 . . 11- 1 . , . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ...---, --- .I I .. i -F- 1 1 , ,I -- 1 1 "'1 1 1 ' '1 '1 1 '1 1 "'1 1 ---1 '1 "1 1 1 1 , v 1 1 .. 1 1 1 .I I 1 fw .j Q L- MARGARET SCHROY G A A 1 Q 3 4 Grrls Athletic Club 1 Operztta Club Q 3 Creative Writing 4 Junior Play KENNETH SHANK Baslcetball 'l Q 3 4 Baseball 'I 9 3 4 Track Q 3 4 Varsity F 'l Q 3 4 Chess Club Q HI Y 3 Junuor Play Sensor Play Band 'l Q DOROTHY JANE SHOE Dramatic Club 4 Girl Reserves Oakwood DOROTHY SIKES Dramatuc Art Club 4 Julnenne Sensor Play LA VERNE SPEELMAN Track 4 Glee Club 4 HI Y 3 Chess Club Q Operetta 4 Publication Club 4 Band 4 Orchestra lfrser County Chorus 4 THE DIQAGDN Qi 16 EO WILLIAM SHANER Track 3 4 Radio Club Q 3 4 Band 4 Orchestra 3 4 Krser MARIE SHERTZER Glee Club 9 4 Gnrls Athletic Club 'I Grrls Reserves 3 Operetta 4 Band 4 County Chorus 4 Jefferson 1 G A A 'l Q 3 4 Girls Athletic Club 'l 2 Glee Club 3 Mlamr Scholarship Q Publlcatron Club 4 Junior Play ELDON SNELL Hobby Club 2 Hr Y 3 Publrcatlon Club 4 GEARALD STRUVE Study Club 1 lladro Club Q Glee Club 3 4 Oberetta 3 4 Junior Play Senior Play Cheer Leader 3 ARDITH SHOUP ' ' , I , I 4 . I . l ' I l l FRED TEJAN Football 1 Aurcralt Club 1 Anglers Club Q Hr Y 3 Publlcatlons Club 4 Mlaml Scholarshub Contest 3 JEAN TURNER Glee Club 1 Q 3 4 County Chorus 4 Operetta 1 HAROLD WALLEN Track 3 4 Study Club 1 Hobby Club 9 Dramatlc Art Club 3 CHARLES WILKE Football 1 Student Councnl Q Sensor Scholarship Contest 4 Camera Club 1 Hobby Club Q Book Lovers Club 3 Publncatlon Club 4 Junior Play Band1 Q 3 Orchestra 1 9 3 Muslc Contest 1 WOODROW WYSONG Dramatic Art Club 3 Fun Club 4 Junnor Play Colonel Whlte 1 Student Manager Hn Y Q THE DDAGDN of 17 ji EVELYN TIPTON Deretta 4 County Chorus 4 Klser Study Club 2 3 Lubrery Club 4 VIOLA VON GREYERZ G A A 1934 GleeClub1 Entre Nous 9 Book Lovers Club 3 Publucatuon Club 4 Junuor Play Sensor Play FRANK WHIPP Football Q 3 4 Basketball 1 Q 3 4 Baseball 1 9 3 Track Q 3 Student Council 3 Tall Story Club 9 Predrctlon Club 4 MARY ELIZABETH WYEN Glee Club 1 Entre Nous Q Gllt Club 3 Publications Club 4 Senior Play RICHARD YARGER Basketball 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Track 9 Hn Y Club Q 3 Ooeretta Club 4 Wilbur Wright Jr Hl5h1 il.- ' ' O , , . A I ' I . , . - - - , , - Y - I . , , . . I . I ' ' I - ' ' I ' I I ' ' I ' I I I I A I I Prediction Club 4, Senior Play Hi.Y 3, Model Airplane 1, I I I I 1 A . I . . I l I . . - I I ' ' I ' I I I l I I I' ' I 1 l' ' .K W l QP THE DIDAGUN CLASS WILL We the Senior Class ol 1935 knowing how our presence at Farrmont will be behind us this last will and testament Paul Bushong wrlls hrs athletic abrlrty to William Endres Jimmy Jackson wrlls hrs bashfulness to Madeleine Burkhardt Julia Dexter wrlls her meekness to V Kerr Paul Wresmann wrlls hrs absentee route to a Junior who rs capable Ed Werdlrch wrlls hrs vorce to Wilbur James Ermagene Barnett wrlls her srllrness to lda Mae Blesr Barbara Burgetr wrlls her singing abrlrty to Muriel Thompson lrene Barney wrlls her art to Harriet Ernst Charles Bowermaster wrlls hrs Senior Home Room to Frank Wilson Kyle Burson wrlls hrs science to Brll Altenberg Thelma Channell wrlls her archery scores to Ruth Stokes Wrllrs Chrrstman wrlls his History book to Gene Meier Carol Clewers wrlls the Freshman boys to the Junior girls Regina Deck wrlls her cash register to Betty Jane Bushong June Deubner wrlls her pleasantness to Mary Gertrude Powell Margaret Ewing wrlls her quietness to Betty Weiser Neal Fine wrlls hrs high school career to next year s Freshmen Bill Gaines wrlls hrs acting to Norman Woolley Mary Gaskrll wrlls her shortness to Kenny Sertner Verna Gebhart wrlls her crvrcs to the Juniors Monda Hott wrlls her gum to Gladys Beckner Johnnie Gochoel wrlls hrs way with Kerr to Carlton Brooks Shirley Gross wrlls her color scheme to Charlotte Hunter Bob Harrsock wrlls hrs place rn Dramatic art to Jack Rich Archie Holden wrlls hrs blushes to George Crane Dorothy Humphrey wrlls her poetic abrlrty to her srster Novella Virginia Jones and Margaret Motko will their typing speed to any capable Junior Clifford Kraft wrlls hrs industrious ways to Jimmy Rrsner Mary Lewrs wrlls her book keeping to her srster Mrrram Marquardt wrlls her cough to Beulah Golladay Martha Martin wrlls her oratory to Frank Wones. Lillian Mays wrlls her English to Lorraine Vesely. 1f181D I I I ' missed and knowing how fond the laculty and underclassmen have been ol us do leave C L THE DIQAGDN Dot Mrller wrlls her freedom at Farrmont to Lourse Natron John Mrller wrlls hrs skrpprng habrts to Wrley Prugh Robert Mornrngstar wrlls a few rnches to Perry Long Bobby Morter wrlls the freshman grrls to George Speelman Laurrenne Nolte wrlls her books to John Schnorf Harold Nordyke wrlls all hrs dates to l-larold Wrrght Tony Nosrl wrlls hrs Mrldred to Brll Eleanor Perkrns wrlls her helpfulness ID the musrc department to V l-lurst l-larry Perkrns wrlls hrs Model T to Bob Arnott Edna Phrllrps wrlls her chemrstry to Russell Darst Nona Prtts wrlls her prano to Erleen McCoy Robert Preston wrlls hrs Jane to Curtrs Gebhart Forest Purdom wrlls hrs belt to Augre Wones June Rrchart wrlls her farntrng abrlrty to Betty Prrce Don Robeson wrlls hrs place on the basketball souad to Roy Young Lawrence Schaffer wrlls hrs knowledge to Stuart Schramm Margaret Schroy wrlls her French to Sophre Bereda Wrllram Shaner wrlls hrs trombone to Art Meyer Kenny Shank wrll a few pornts rn basketball to Caldwell Carlton Marre Shertzer wrlls her black harr to June Appleton Eldon Snell wrlls hrs busrness rn the halls to Gale l-letlner Dorothy Shoe wrlls her lorergn dolls to Bernrschra Struye Ardrth Shoup wrlls her Senror locker to Clarence Schatler Dorothy Srkes wrlls her curls to Rosemary Rrch LaVerne Speelman wrlls hrs roller skates to Frances Werdlrch Gearald Struve wrlls hrs place rn chorus to Bob l-letlner Fred Teran wrlls hrs curly harr to Elmer Nrckel Evelyn Trpton wrlls her athletrc abrlrty to Mrldred Argubrrght Jean Turner wrlls her salesmanshrp book to Rose Otlner Vrola Von Greyerz wrlls her Scotch to her brother Harold Wallen wrlls hrs hrstory book to l-loward Metzler Frank Whrpp wrlls hrs herght ro Marvrn Sease Bud Wrlke wrlls hrs abrlrty to compose musrc to Jack Daughters Mary E Wyen wrlls her German to Paul Speelman Woody Wysong wrlls hrs place as Senror Manager to Donald Monbeck Rrchard Yarger wrlls hrs typewriter to Brll Allen tSrgnedD THE SENIOR CLASS Wrtnesses The Cash Regrster The Cafeterra Doors rll THE DIQAGDN JUNIOR CLASS First row reading from left to right Loss Dodge Betty Welser Mlldred Kung Jane Holden Peace Mlller Geraldine Eslunger Caroline Brltton Agnes Ertel Luculle Schumaker Jane Slkes Betty L Borton Margaret Ernst Janet Shock Leola McLemore Anna L Fella Vlrglnla Hurst Second row Mary G Powell Ruby Spohr Rosemary Reuch Sarah Evans Helen Cetone Vera Conover Charlotte Dembsky Rose Ollner Florence Joelreda lda M Bless Vlrglnla Landis Lorraine Vesely Novella Humphrey Raduna Jones Third row Gertrude McCandless Madeleune Burkhart Charlotte Hunter Vlrgrnna Kerr Edna Tanus Ruta Wyen Eluzabeth Glanton Freda Short Normagene Cowman Betty L Prudy Frances LeFevre Betty J Bushong Lawrence Brewer Eugene Fuls Fourth row Robert Mltchell Wllbur James Rlchard Tettman Lester Craddock True Sease Carlton Brooks Francns LeVan Grant Shank Clarence Schatler John Schnorf James Summers Howard Fnne Murel Mormngstar Fifth row Harold Wright Donald Monbeck Robert Kohl Clyde Brown Blair Tayloe John Erlkson John Procunlar Mark Shepard Raymond M 'vllchael Richard Tullns Robert Kroemer Gale Hetfner Norman Woolley George Dahlung Harold Jones Wllllam Dlx John McLemore Jack Rlch Thomas Hoefllnger Curtis Gebhart Roy Glffln Joseph Manley Ellsworth Klnzng Frank Wilson Absent Arthur Barnes Wllllam Brumm Russel Darst Bernice Golladay Leonora Manley Eugene Meter Kenneth Seltner Frank Wones Vice President Mark Shepard Secretary Janet Shock Treasurer Edna Tanls t20l 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 7 - 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I ' I I I I ' : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 . , , . : I I I I I I I I I I I , . : I I I I I I 1 1 3' 1 1 1 I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Presldent,.,.. .,.... ......., ..... ....,.,........,..., . .... BettyBushong K, An THE IDIQAGUN 1 xx NE SOPHOMORE CLASS First row left to rrght Irene Rohrer Louise Frlzzell Betty Fellows Bertha Mae Herold Louise Nation Vlrglnla Lee Mary Jane Shaner Lorraine Daughters Alice Sherwood Ruth Nzll Alma Shrop shire Sophia Bereda Rose Stott Helen Kreltzer Second row Laurel Hedges Charles LeFevre Frances Gearhart Helen Doty Gladys Tlpton June Appleton Bernlschla Struve Geraldlne Conley Margaret Hamlel Jean Rlch Betty Prrce Mary Pontls Murnel Thompson Ruth Stokes Vlolet Rice Thrrd row Tracy Frazier Rlchard Truebenbach Theodore SchoepFle Clyde Gray Bernard Haywood Wlllzam Endres Lester Jones Robert Martin Gerald Santee David Cullers John Von Greyerz Austun Prugh Emmert Kley Marvin Sease Fourth row Stuart Schramm Robert Schuetz Martm Keuter Paul Broedllng Loamml Shure Raymond Brecht Richard Kroemer Raymond Porter Jacob Walther Floyd Frste Jack Nonneman Elmer Nickel Delton Summers Wiley Prugh Fifth row Robert Glanton Norman Jones Caldwell Carlton Leo Bereda William Allen Robert Helfner John Glele ThomasWhlsler ArthurMeyer Charles Maeder MorrlsSmlth RobertAdams James Jackson Arthur Salyer Sixth row Thomas Chambers Arnold McLemore Howard Metzler Lester Tamplln James Dlx Harry Muller Wnllram DIBldSI Absent Claude Altenburg Jack Daughters Helen Gehrnng Arthur Greene Pauline Huffman Kathryn Lewis Hazel Nolte Charlotte Osborn Charlene Rice Elwood Sessler Vlrglnva Stultz Vice Presndent Muriel Thompson Secretary Raymond Porter Treasurer Thomas Whnsler T211 L X k A 1 A ., .a 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I l 1 1 1 ' 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 5 1 1 1 1 1 , . 3 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 - Presldent.., .....,..,. .... ..... ....., .... .... ,.s.,RobertAdams NT 'F Q t, THE DIQAIEDN FRESHMAN CLASS First row left to nght Arthur Mclntosh Franlclln Cornett Charles Wones Perry Long Charles Lowry Second row Wulma Woodry Rosemary Wllson Frances Weudllch Helen Cornyn Gertrude Burts Rachael LaFong Mabel Spohr Allne Hamby Alvnna Flely Allce Muller Mnldred Phnllnps Mary Louise Prugh Treya Harlow Rosemary Rach Third row MargleWetzel HarrletErnst Beulah Golladay Etta Warner Shrrley Brandt Dons Wuclcert Ruth Short Anna Zimmer Lrlllan Van Zant Mlldred Argubrlght Dorthy Schwenclcart Gladys Beclcner lrene Meyer Helen Rach Helen Carre Blanche Weldllch Fourth row Robert Schommer Bertha Davis Alvlra Wyen Opal Earnest Eileen McCoy Ruth Rena Mehalfey Wlmfred Woodry Rosalne Luchsmger Betty Jane Herold Ruth Cornett Anna Mc Lemore Leota Dillon Ralph Snyder Elleen Borton Ellen Jones Viola Jackson Corrme Barnard Fnfth row Richard Haas Halvey Perdue Clll'lord Klrlc Charles Cowman James Getter Albert Schroy Glenn Copp Delors Kraft Howard Muller Leonard Roth Phillip Martin Robert Ashen felter Clement Boyd Sixth row Ralengh Whute Robert Tettman Karl Brumm Fred Guenther Robert Sauerman Thomas Hannah Roy Young Leonard Dempsey Douglas Tupton Harold Schweutzer Arthur Stultz Seventh row Elton Ashworth Jaclc Meeker George Crane Carlat Monser Jesse Earnest Otto Fiedler Paul Marburger Robert Ewnng Loren Mallory Eighth row Dale Summers Henry Mrllat Carl Frost Robert Arnott Charles Enfneld Robert Dellc Ramsey Worman James Rlsner Ruchard Fntzwater Earl Webb Walter Barefoot Absent Wlllnam Altenburg Raymond Conley Bernard Haywood Bernard Hoel June Krndy Arnold McLemore Harry Meckstroth Betty Nell Phyllus Neff Robert Pettlbone Kathleen Quinn Vuvnan Routsong Earle Schmoyer Arthur Slgler Paul Speelman Richard Truebenbach John Vangas Robert Van Schallc Harry Whnte Louise Whlte Officers Presldent Ralph Snyder Vuce President Paul Marburger Secretary Treasurer Elleen McCoy Q E 22 ll D I : I I I I ' : I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I I I ' 1 I I I I I 1 1 1 1 I ' I I I I I I ' 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . 7 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I ' 7 1 1 1 1 1 I I I ' : I I I I I I I I I I ' 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I I I ' : 1 i 1 1 ' 1 ' 3' . t THE IDDAGUN ACTIVITIES CTIVITV tlcI4ets paid for by the students and teachers with a 5Oc depos1t and IOc weekly for 30 payments have been endorsed by engnty per cent of Feurmonts student body Ibese tlcIcets furnish admlssnon to the varied entertainments and atnletrc events put on by the scnool and aIso secure the 'nontI1Iy and yearly Dragons CIubs however are organized on a purely voIuntary basis and meet during the extra CurrlcuIar period E233 . ,f , . .- xi . . ' I 1 I I fs A Q, c f THIS DIQAGUN THE JUNIOR PLAY The Whole Town s Tallung Thursday Evening, January 31st CAST OF CHARACTERS l-lenry Sammons a manufacturer Harruet Simmons has wife Ethel Simmons thenr daughter Chester Blnney Simmons partner Letty Lythe a motuon pncture star Donald Swift a motion picture drrector Roger Shields a young Chncago blood Lialdyvglgim Fnends of Ethel Annle a maid Amelia Nozall a Spinster Sadie Bloom Mrs Taylor Russell Darst Betty Jane Bushong Madeleine Burlchart Gale l-lettner Vurgunna Kerr Eugene Meier Curtis Gebhart l Vera Conover l Padma Jones Lots Dodge Novella Humphrey Anna Laura Fella Mary Powell Scene Laying room of the Slmmons home Sanduslcy Ohio Eleven oclock In the morning early summer A ll Morning one week later A ll Nrne ocloclc the same night PRODUCTION STAFF Dsrector Stage Manager Stage Asslstant Properties Costumes Buslness Mass Alucna Monroe Carlton Brooks Francis Le Van N Novella l-lumphrey I Anna Laura Fella T Mary Powell l Lo s Do ge L Brewer and M Shepard Director otMus1c Mr W B Pumanoczy 2451 a . xv cc O 1 , Q I , T , A , . .,.. . . . 2 I SH , S . .. ...,..., ......., . . 'I I ......,. ...,, . .,.. , .. .... ,, I Taxi-Driver . . ,, . Donald Monbeclt Act l ' , . ct ' ', . ctlf ' ' ' . THE DDAGUN SENIOR PLAY THE SWAN By Ferenc Niolnar CHARACTERS Dr Nrcholas George Pxrsene Prrncess Beatrice Alexandra Father l-lyaclnth Symphorosa Prnnce Albert Paul Bushong Julia Dexter Dorothy Snkes lune Rlchart Dorothy Muller Robert Preston Mary E Wyen Cnearalcl Struve Colonel Wunderluch Harold Wallen Count Lutzen Robert Hartsock Caesar Wrlluam Gaines Mard Nona Pntts Countess Erdely Viola Von Greyerz Ladres IU Waztlng June Deubner Carol Clewers Thelma Channell Lackey Robert Morningstar LaVerne Soeelman l Lackey Rlchard Yarger Robert Mornnngstar Hussars Tony Nosll Edwin Werdllch Alfred Stage Manager James Jackson Nona Pxtts Costomung Commlttee Carol Clewers Thelma Channell Forest Parclom Prooertres Commrttee Vlola Von Creyerz une Deubner Lighting Robert l-lartsock William Gaines Stage Commuttee l Woodrow Wysong Scene Apartment ln the Palace of the Princes Beatrnce Directed by Mlss AlICld Monroe 5255 cc rr Princess Maria DOmlf1ICd,. . .. .,, ,, ,.... , ,. . , ...Eleanora Perkins 1' , l Q l l C 5 C l J . l ' ' THE DIQAGCN OPERETTA March 22 1935 Tune ln K The cast ol the character parts lnclude Kasper Krogglns Mr Kroggrns lean Krogglns Joe Brown lerry Kennedy Dynamo Dave Mrtzl o J Bottomley Brnlcs Archlbald lhroclcmorton Lysander Phepps Y W Quartette W F l-l S Gale l-lelfner Ermagene Barnett Anna Laura Eella Frank Wrlson Robert l-lellner aVerne Speelman Barbara Burgett Gearald Struve Edwln Weldllch Jesse Earnest Wrlllam DrBlasr Gertrude McCandless Katherine Levvls Elmer Nucltel Edwrn Weldlrch LaVerne Speelman Robert l-lellner ORCHESTRA Vlolms Coal Earnest Ruta Wyen Alvnra Wyen Jacob Walther Clannets James Jaclcson Raymond Brecht Tom Whlsler Raymond Porter Trumpet Robert Adams Elmer NIClC2l Jame Rusner Trombone John Gochoel Wrllvam Shaner ACCOfdIdh Robert A henleldter Plano Nona Rrtts CHORUS lune Appleton Mlldred Argubrlght Corrlne Barnard lerry Conley Lorrarne Daughters Verna Cnebhardt Ellzabeth Clanton Bernrce Golladay Beulah Golladay Shrrley Gross Margaret l-lamlel lenora Manley Lourse Nataon Elmer Nrcltel Charlotte Csborn StuartSchramm Dorothy Schwelclcart Marne Shertzer Bernlschra Struye Dougla llpton Evelyn llpton Lllllan Van Zant Wilma Woodry SPECIALTY DA NCERS Radnna Jones Janet Shock Mary Powell Costumes Mrss Slemmons posters Mrss Urrclc stage settlngs Mr l-lall Drreetor Mr W B Rnm noczy rzfw I xx ' ll H . ..,. ., l. Tull ,, , . .. . Mllly Sister Team Act . , . . ,... .,,, . ,.Enleen McCoy Brlly .El-l.S. , ......,.. .. ' ' ,I 4 V I . . , I I . .Z I I I I l : I I I ' : , I , S , ' : s . I A I I ' I I I I I I I I Q I I I ' I C I I I I I I I 1 E 1 5 1 1 1- 1 - 1 1 - 1 n 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 - 1 , , . , a , THE DDAGUN ,mmm 552733 THE DIQAIEUN GLEE CLUB First row left to right Helen Gehrlng Barbara Burgett Ermagene Barnett Radma Jones Bernlschla Struve Geraldlne Conley Margaret l-lamlel Verna Gebhart Lols Dodge Mary G Powell Gertrude McCandless Bernice Golladay Second row Irene Rohrer Betty Pruce Mary J Shaner Dorothy Schwelgart June Appleton Ruth Null Louise Nataon Shnrley Gross Charlotte Osborn Wnlma Woodry Bertha Davus Elizabeth Glanton Third row Corinne Barnard Eileen McCoy Beulah Golladay Lllllan Van Zant Mildred Argu brlght Jean Turner Carol J Clewers Anna L Fella Kathryn Lewis Lorraine Daughters Vlrglnla Fourth row Caldwell Carlton Eugene Meaer Robert l-lellner Madeleine Burkhart Vlrglnna Kerr Betty Weiser Cuale l-letfner Jesse Earnest Elm Nickel John Muller Fnfth row Douglas Trp on Arthur Greene Edwin Werdllch Cuearalcl Struve Stuart Schramm l-larry Perkms Srxth row LaVerne Speelman Robert l-lartsock Frank Wulson Robert Morningstar John Gochoel Jack Rlch Absent Charles Bowermaster Wnllnam D1Blasn Monda Hott Florence Joefreda Lenora Manley Donald Robeson Marne Shertzer Paul Speelman Richard Varger Woodrow Wysong t+28l I Z I I I I I I I I I ' I , . : I I ' I I I I I I I I I : I I I I - I I ' I ' I I I l-lurst, June Rlchart. 2 I I I I I I I I I ' 1 L 1 1 1 1 I i I I I I I : I I I I I I I I I ' .' ,-5 THE DRAGON GIRLS PLEASURE GUILD Eront left to rrght Normagene Cowman Edna Tanus Mary Gasklll Second row Mass Slemmons Marjorre Wetzel Betty Lou Prldy Betty Lou Borton Helen Krentzer Sarah Evans Ida Mae Blesl Marguerite Ewing June Deubner Ruta Wyen Alvlra Wyen Thlrd rovv Treva Harlow Ruth Rena Mahaffey Gladys Beclcner Eileen Borton .lane Holden Wlnlfred Woodry Absent Loulse Erlzzell Officers President Ruta Wyen Vlce President Mary Gasloll Secretary Marguerlte Evylng Treasurer June Deubner Sponsor Mlss Slemmons Purpose To Increase frzendllness M-ag 'GEM Wi 3512 "N" we Shi' GIRL RESERVE CLUB Seated left to rlght Dorus Wnckert Loretta Wlles Martha Martin Peace Muller Alma Shropshire Helen Cetone Standnng Shirley Brandt Mernarn Marquardt Mary Pontrs Mlss Marshall Muruel Thompson Mary Lewus Absent Dorothy Humphrey Reg1naDeclc Charlene Rice Vuvuan Routsong Irene Meyer Varganla Lee Officers Presldent Reguna Declc Vice Presldent Dorothy Humphrey Secretary Treasurer Peace Muller Sponsor Mnss Marshall Purpose To fund and gnve the best Q29 , . . 3, 1. T .1 :TTI f . I fl . I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I 4 1 I I I I i , . : . , ' Swim? I 'H X , V ' ' If 1 I I sz , ' A - ' A vw I 4 . 'A I K .I M .. an s K .1 ., , , U . , -1 . -1- ' r 4 s . Kar' 1 M - . 'C' I -af f. N 4 nf- : ie Q1 5 E A1 . 1 1 rf I . I 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' I I I I , . ' 1 I I I ' 1 , A t THE DIQAGDN RADIO CLUB S ated l ft to rlght Ca lat Mon er Fuehard Kroemer AUSIlN Prugh Gerald Santee Bernard l-laywood loammu Shure Curtls Cnebhart Standing Mr l-lerr Wullzam Shaner Carlyle Bur on Raymond Brecht John Erlclcson Arthur Stultz lohn procunlar Wllllam Shrlyer Robert Van Schallc lames l21sner Qlllcers Sponsor Mr Herr presndent Kyle Burson yrce presldent Wnlllam Shaner secretary Curtis Cuebhart Purpose To lea n to bulld one tube sets and later put ogether a more complncated set L A '11 52 I U. CAMERA CLUB Left to rlght Bernard l-loel lack Daughters Mr Somer Walla rn Allen John Glele James Getter Ramsey Worman M rms Srnlth Arthur Barnes Absent lom Whl ler Olhcers Spon or Mr Qomers presudent John Grele eere ary treasurer Ramsey Worman Purpose 'lo get plct re for the annual and to develop rntere t In good portralts lor personal en Joyment l30l 2 , 6 I ' S , , , X , I A I Q I - I ' I I 3 I I I : I ' I I I I I I 1 r - , t . ,rw .u lk i , ' '. " 'Y . A 3 L-I , , h f za I fi at 1 E S- ... . C t I ' I I ' 'I G I I' I , or ' , d . 'Q - C ' c ' Y ' . . , .o , , . ,. , , . : u s S ' - X. THE DDAGDN 3 , I CHESS CLUB Seated left to right Robert Dellc Roy Young Raymond Porter Robert Ewnng Standvng lvlaryan Sease Ellwood Sessler Clarence Schaffer Robert Ashworth Mr Wagner Robert Pettnbone QTTICCVS Sponsor Mr Wagner Rresldent Clarence Schatter secretary Raymond Porter Purpose To learn and develop slclll IU the great lascrnatlng game of wuts Chess SPORTS CLUB First row left to right Robert Mitchell 1AxloertSchroy Second row Vlrgunla Landus Lorranne Ve ely Frances LeFeyre Caroline Brntton Frances Weudluch June Krndy Blanche Weldluch Rosemary Wilson Viola Jaclfson lrene Barney Thelma Channell Third row Raymond McMichael Rlchard Tullls Wullaam Altenburg Robert Fxrnott Rlchard l-laas Clyde Brown Robert Kohl Mrss Wahl Geraldine Eslrnger Sponsor Miss Wahl president Thelma Channell Purpose Spend leisure mme TD learning new games rm 1 3 1 1 1 f 3 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 r 1 ' , , . l 1 - 1 - - , . . Q . - 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' x THE DIQAGUN HOBBY CLUB Left to rnght Rrchard Truenbach Rnchard Tettman Earle Schmoyer Leonard Poth Lawrence Schaffer Jack Meeker True Sease Delors Kraft Otfucers Sponsor Mr l-lall president Lawrence Schatler vrce president Wnlllam Brumm secretary and treasurer True Sease Purpose To develop small objects of furnnture From wood qo- Seated left to rught John Von Greyerz Donald Monbeclc Janet Shoclc l-lorold Wrught Paul Broedlung Robert Kroemer John Schnorl Standlng left to rnght Richard Futzvvater Marlc Shepard Margaret Ernst Blair Tayloe Mr Couser James Summers Lester Craddoclc Wllbur James OFhcers Sponsor Mr Couser presldent Janet Shock vice president Marlc Shepard secretary Wllbur James Purpose To work with puzzles collect stamps and decipher codes tem 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - : 1 A 1 1 1 1 i , . X . S F ' l if 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 I 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 i 1 1 1 I I I . s Y .N ' t THE DIQAGDN LIBRARY CLUB Seated left to right Evelyn -IEIDLOD Gladys Irpton Raullne I-Iuffman Violet Rice Standmg Mrss Kennedy Laurlenne Nolte Hazel Nolte Carlton Brooks Officers Sponsor Mnss Kennedy president I-Iazel Nolte vice president Carlton Brooks secretary and treasurer Vnolet Race Purpose Learn fundamentals of Ilbrary work and enjoy book fnends Library Benefxt Entertainment April 'IQ 1935 TI-IE IVIAGICIAN Robert I-I Muller CREATIVE WRITING CLUB Reading Left to Rnght Freda Short Edna Rlnllllps Lrlllan Mays Margaret Sclwroy Clifford Kraft Officers President Edna Phullrps vice president Cllfford Kraft secretary Freda Short Purpose To do creative vvrrtnng f33+I Q . Q I 1 3 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 3 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 ' - N THE DIQAGCN PREDICTION CLUB F1rstrovv left to rught George Crane Robert Tettman Harold Wallen Jack Meeker Second row Raul Marburger Robert Sauerman Thomas Hannah Roy Young Dale Summers Arehue Holden Lester Craddock Roy Grthn Jack Nonneman lhurd row Howard Metzler Norman Woolley Lester lamplnn Norman Jone Frank Whupp Raul Bushong John Goehoel Robert Culanton Qltrcers Sponsor Mr Warner presudent John Goehoel yree presrdent Roy Cullum secretary and treasurer D1ck lettman Rurpose Members study games played and predue vvrnners If- DRAMATIC ART CLUB st ow l ft to rrght Ellen Jones Ahce Muller Ahne Hamby Alvrna F1eIy Kathleen Qulnn Ruby Spohr Eetty Fellows France Gearhart Bertha Mae Herold Betty lane Herold Qpal Earnest Second row Raymond Conley Jane Snke Dorothy Shoe Dorothy Srkes Betty Netf Rhylhs Nell Joseph Manley Robert Morter Norman Woolley Th1rdro1y Howa d Mrller Clrtlord K1rk Harry Whrte Rale13hWh1te Harold Jone Dale Summers Robert Tettman Jack Meeker Qtto Fnedler Absent Wflfglmld Stultz Anna 7 mmer Qhlleers Spon or M1 s Monroe pre :dent Woodrow Wy ong ylee presldent Wrlllam Brumm secretary and tea urer Frances Gearhart Purpose Study and present short plays l34l 1 : 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - Q r 1 1 1 H1 1 1- 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . I L I 1. Y ttf r 12 ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 - 1 Y C , . ' 1 41 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - r Q - t 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -- - 1 s s s x s 1 4 1 1 1 14 1 1 Q , r 4 X , THE DIQAGUN PUBLICATIONS CLUB Seated Left ro Rrght lrene Barney Vlrglnla Jones Standing Left to Rught Ardrth Shoup EldonSnell VuolaVonGreyerz DeltonSummers Wlleyprugh Forest Purdom Fred Tejan Charles Wllke John Guele Edvvln Weudluch Wallis Chrlstman Margaret Motlto James Jaclcson Mary Elizabeth Wyen Julia Dexter Charlotte l-lunter Absent Wullram Games Tony Nosll Paul Wlesmann Eugene Fuls Franlc Wones Charles Wones Carol Clevvers LaVerne Speelman Harold Nordylce Harry Perlclns Robert Schommer Betty Bushong Sponsors Mr Somers Mrss I-lartsoclc Two mayor projects have occupied the publication Club thus year First monthly Dragon has been prepared by mlmeograph featuring IO detall the current hap penlngs ol Fairmont Second the year boolc has been planned and executed con currently The work has been mostly exploratory Each member has contributed to different detanls from time to tume Mr Somers has supervised the mumeographlng and adver tlslng and Mlss I-lartsoclc the edntnng of maternal The club holds memberships In the National Association ol Student Editors National lvlumeograph Assoclanon and the Natlonal Scholastic press Association we 1 1 F i 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . , . . , a . , - I , . N ,N X' N THE DIQAGON ACADEMIC RECORDS QLD E scholarship puns were awarded to Elizabeth Hamilton Hazel Rlke Lois Greene Florence Ernst Vlvlan Blum Charlotte Hale and Dorothy Engle on Commencement night 'I934 These awards went to those with highest polnt ranknng during tour years ot hugh school work The Honor Roll for the First semester ol the 'I934 35 school year recorded the lollowlng Freshmen Qtto Fiedler Eileen McCoy Ralph Snyder Harriet Ernst Karl Brumm Charles Cowman Henry Mlllat Mildred Argubrlght Ruth Rena Mehatley VIVIGD Routsong Anna Zimmer Wilma Woodry with honorable mention ol George Crane Charles Lowry Leonard Roth Wlnltred Woodry and Ramsey Worman The Sophomore Class representatives were Hazel Nolte Austln Rrugh Wiley Rrugh Raymond porter Muriel Thompson Louise Natnon Margaret Hamlel Robert Hellner Marvin Sease with honorable mention of William Allen Helen Gehrrng lrene Rohrer and Thomas Whlsler The Juniors who earned the most points were Mark Shepard Edna lanls Russel Darst Margaret Ernst Harold Wrlght Normagene Cowman Jane Slkes Lawrence Brewer Caroline Britton peace Muller with honorable mention of lda Mae Bless Carlton Brooks Mary Rowell .lanet Shock True Sease Bernice Golla day Donald Monbeck and Kenneth Seutner The Sensor representatives were Lawrence Shatter Margaret Schroy Viola Von Greyerz Robert Hartsock Llllan Mays Robert Preston Laurrenne Nolte Marguerite Ewing Cllllord Kraft with honora ble mention of Vlrglnla Jones and Martha Martin Entries In the Ohio General Scholarship Test for Seniors March Q3 were Robert Hartsock Robert Preston Lawrence Schatler Charles Wllke Margaret Schroy Julia Dexter Viola Von Greyerz Laurlenne Nolte Lllllan Mays Ardlth Shoup Evelyn Tipton Regina Deck Nona Rltts Cl these Seniors Robert Hartsock Robert Preston and Lawrence Scharler placed In the First Q5C1 of the QOO students In Montgomery county Dayton and Cakwood schools takrng the test Results ol the state ranking placed Robert Hartsock ID the 99 percentile Robert Preston ID the 98 percentile and Lavireince Schaller ID the 93 percentile values of the 4587 students IU Qhlo who too t e test ln the Montgomery County Team which competed In the subject matter test at Mlaml Unlversuty on May 4 eight places were held by Fairmont students Ralph Snyder competed For honors IH Algebra l George Crane Latin l Carlat Monser General Science Raymond Brecht Latin Il Tom Whlsler E gllsh Il Edna Tanls English lll Lllllan Mays French II Robert Hartsock Rhyslcs Qther students who ranked third or alternates were Austrn Rrugh In World History Wiley Rrugh In plane Geometry Caroline Britton second IH French l Carlton Brooks ID American History Thelma Channell IU French Il ln the essay contest on Law Qbservance sponsored by the Federatlon of Womens Clubs hrst place and award ot S5 was made to Ralph Snyder second place award was made to Elleen McCoy at assembly May 3 ln the Chao State psychological test administered to the Sensor class Apr1l3 'I935 Robert Hartsock Charles Wllke Laurlenne Nolte Margaret Schroy scored above the 95 percentile values and 43 senlors received scores entitled to college recommendation ln the same test administered to the Sophomore class April 'IO 'I935 Tom Whlsler Hazel Nolte Raymond porter Austin Rrugh Wiley Rrugh and Violet Race placed above the 95 percentlle and Q4 Sophomores received scores entntled to college recommendatoon tlseg .. ,, , 4 4 , , 1 - 1 I I I I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 I I I I I I I I - 1 I I I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 ' I I ' 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 I I ' ' I I I I ' 1 1 I I I I I n I 1 1 - I I I I I I , . I 1 1 1 I I I I I I J I-U THE DIQAGDN ff wx WELL RQUNDED athletnc program planned For Fanrmont students each year The completuon ol our held marl4s a real epoch IH our advancement A Fnne degree ol support from the student body and crowds of Faurmont lruends ac counts In large measure lor the tune records which lollovv We are gratelul to the admnnnstratrve board lor the advantages ottered in the varlous helds ol sport Q37 - rt ATHLETICS S gf THE DIQAGUN OUR NEW ATHLETIC FIELD OME Reasons Why Our New Athletxc Fleld ls Qne of the Best ID Chao 'l Actlvltres on our held are not llmlted to day time because of our hne llghtlng system This does not only apply to football but to almost any actxvnty that might be held nn the day time On May 3rd our Mlaml Valley League Traclc and Fueld Meet was held under the llghts, being the hrst time IH thus nelghborhood that a traclc meet has been run at night ln the future we may have festivals pageants and an unllmlted varlety of school events happening under the lrghts Q Our traclc was planned to accommodate not only dual and trlangular meets but meets with many schools entered Qur straight away on the east slde as QO feet wide malclng sux lanes possnble The rest of the traclq IS 'l5 feet wlde The traclc wall be marlced off ID lanes the entire dnstance so that competltors IH all events will be running the same dsstance and have equal chances We have separate puts for the hugh jump broad jump and pole vault so that these events may be run at the same time The traclc Itself is constructed so that It has perfect drarnage, with a drain runnlng entirely around It 3 Our baseball diamond IS copied from those ofthe bug leagues The only dns advantage IS the laclt of clear space In right held Storage for bleachers traclc and held equipment etc will be accommodated by the held house now under constructlon A concession stand wall also be a part of this bulldlng Eventually vve hope to have permanent stands on the east side of the held and tennis courts ID the southeast and northeast corners C P WARNER l-llf most of us rather tal4e our new athletic held for granted hardly realizing what xt has already meant to us It has enabled the players as well as the spectators to enjoy the football games under the lights By playing the games at night It gave the fathers of the boys a chance to see their sons IU action Some have never seen their boys play because of buslness but with the amd of lights thus handicap was overcome Qur student body now has the most modern and up to date equlpment for traclc held and baseball ID which to carry out an outdoor athletnc program Then also, the nndlvldual players have the clean held which will induce the competltlve teams to llve up to the standards that have been set on this held so far nn Its history We are now ready to undertalfe the largest program of spring sports ever scheduled at Fairmont The Inter class meet the League traclc meet the baseball games and our annual DICDIC at the end of the year will all occur on the Falrmont Field From the players standpoint, l can say that In later lnfe when you are old from toll and worries you will always loolc baclc and be more than proud to have played and dedicated thus held in the year 1934 35 PAUL BUSHQNG tts - 1 . . I . , I . - 1 , .. , .. , , , . . 1 1 - 4' 1 T T f -1 4 53 ' A , 1 1 ' I T ' U ' 1 1 1 v . , , -' 8 963 THE DIQAGUN ATHLETIC COUNCIL Sealed Ieftlonght Mr Wagner Muruel Thompson Robertl-lartsoclc Wunafred Woodry Mr Warner Standmg Mr Barnes Mr Ernst Mr Prass Mass Wahl Mr Rlmanoczy Marlc Shepard Mr Ramsey Presldent Robert I-lartsoclc Sensor Representatrve Vice President Murnel Thompson Sophomore Representatnve Secretary Treasurer Mr Wagner Faculty Athletlc Manager Mr Warner Mr Ramsey Coaches Mass Wahl Gurls Athletlc Instructor Mark Shepard Junior Representatuve Mr Prass Prmclpal of Falrmont Mr Barnes Supt Van Buren Schools Mr Ernst School Board Representatnve Mr Rumanoczy Band Representatlve Purpose To formulate and execute policies governlng all matters pertalmng to Ath letlcs A better Idea ol nts function may be had by notsng some of the Items ol busnness for this year such as Conhrmnng schedules Settlng pnces ol admlsslon to games Regulating and avvardlng athletlc and band letters l-lelplng to equip and control the band Considering projects lor the completlon ol our athletic held .f39I I I T : ' I I I I I A 7 ' ' I I - 1 ' I ' I T I ' I 1 1 ' ' A I .....,........,......-.................,,.... I I 5 A I I .......,..............,.......... . I ' I . ..,,...,.......,,........,.....,,,.. T . , . ..,.........,.........,...............,,................ . Winilred Woodry ,.....,.., ......,....,........,............,.,.. F reshman Representative . i : A. ' ' . B. ' ' ' ' . D. ' ' . - .N ' ,B THE DIQAGDN FROM THE RECORDS OF THE ATHLETIC MANAGER HE school year of 1934 35 wIll long be remembered IH the l-lIstory of Athletlcs at Falrmont It wIll be remembered as 'l the year of the completlon of our new athletlc fIeld Q the year of successful competItIon wlth strong opponents 3 the year of large attendance at athletIc contests and 4 the year of large fInancIal undertakIngs and successes The fIrst two of these Items are descrlbed elsewnere In thIs volume It IS the purpose of thls artIcle to deal wrth a few quantItIes concernlng attendance and frnance The QOOQ Increased attendance at our football games was due to three thIngs namely, the new stadlum nrght football and the student actIvItIes tIckets We had an estlmated total attendance at our 5 home games and the Qakwood game of over TO OOO people Bellevlng that the type of football you saw last fall pleased you and that nIght football makes posslble your attendance we look forward to meetlng you and your frrends next year under the llghts At our home games In Basket Ball the attendance was very good We had a large student cheerlng sectlon somethlng unknown here before The hIgh spot of the season fInancIally was our Waterloo game at the Falrground s Cohseum 4030 people crowded thelr way INTO the collseum 'IOOU more were turned away the largest gatherlng ever to see a basket ball game IH Dayton Whlle the game meant our Water ance at our TO home games excludlng the Waterloo game was 5500 people The completlon of the athletlc fleld was a cooperatIve project of the Federal Government our splendld Board of EdUCdtIOD and the Athletlc ASSOCIdfIOH Our part was to spend SQ8OO on the project S2500 of whlch we borrowed over a 5 year perlod You may be Interested In knowIng that S500 of thIs loan has been Ddld back and If the expenses of sprang sports are not too great 500 more wlll be pard by the close of the school year To glve you an Idea of where our money goes note such Items as the followmg T the debt of over S400 from last year was paId Q nearly SSTOOO was spent for equlpment and supplles for football basketball, track and baseball 3 over SQBO for Ol'llCIdlS 4 over S300 to vIsItIng teams, and 5 smaller Items such as band unlforms meals, prIntIng laundry medlcal SQVVICCS and letter awards We wIsh to thank all those who had any part In helpIng to make the year just passed a most successful one Wlth the 5pIrIt of FaIrmont to urge us on why should we have anythlng but the best of athletlc teams, followers and equIpment7 Athletlcs IS one of the best means of advertlslng our school Wxth the glorres of the past and the hopes of the future, we l-l Il to F H S H O WAGNER -+4 t A ' , C 5 " ' , C D ' , C 5 ' ' loom in some ways, it helped to cork the bottlelof red ink. The estimated total attendj C ' A D . . . . I S s . R I t I I , C D 4 . I l 4,45 V tycyg g cu . . .. 6, h , .A 0 'XA THE DDAIECN FOOTBALL First row left to right Lester Tamplln Robert Morter Caldwell Carlton Captain Paul Bushong Frank Whlpp Norman Woolley Wllllam Games Russel Darst Second row l-larry Perklns Don Robeson Robert Adams John Gochoel James Jackson Gale l-leffner Roy Gnthn Lawrence Brewer Third row Harold Wrlght Rlchard Tettman Eugene Merer Robert l-leflner Frank Wones Charles Bowermaster l-larold Jones Tony Nosll Jack Rich Carlton Brooks Fourth row Donald Monbeck Jr Manager Arthur Meyer Stuart Schramm Jacob Walther Thomas l-loefllnger Norman Jones Howard Metzler Joseph Manley Woodrow Wysong Senlor Manager Fairmont Falrmont Fairmont Faarmont Farrmont 'I 'I SCHEDULE Mnamlsburg 33 QLZGQUCD Favrmont Plqua QLeagueD Falrmont Greenvllle 6 CLeagueD Fairmont Klser Faurmont Falrvnew Results Sldney CLea9ueD Xenia CLeagueD Troy CLCGQUCD 'I Oakwood O League Standing WON 5 LOST 3 TIED 'I Tned for second place wlth a 666 percentage Football Lettermen Paul Bushong Captain Lawrence Brewer Russell Darst Roy G1Fl1n John Gochoel Caldwell Carlton James Jackson l-larry Perklns Don Robeson Frank Whlpp Charles Bowermaster Tony Nosnl Norman Woolley Wllllam Gaines Robert Morter Lester Tamplln Gale lr-leffner and Frank Wones QQ 4151 l I I 7 A 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 - : 4 I I I I I I I ' I 7 l 1 l 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - : 1 ' i 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 7 ' ' ' 7 ' 6 ' 4 A 7 ' T9 ' 7 ' 3 ' ' O 32 ' 7 ' 14 ' 3 1 H i 1 1 l A 1 1 1 I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 ' A K K Toastmaster Musuc Address Address Response Address THE DIQAGUN FAIRMONT FOOTBALL BANQUET DECEMBER 4 1934 Served by the Fairmont Parent Teachers Assocnataon PROGRAM Mr George L Ernst Male Chorus Mr Kerwln Thompson Mr Gale l-lelfner Captain Paul Bushong Mr Frank Wllton Head Football Coach Mnamu University Presentatson of Awards Mr C P Warner Toastmaster Our Team Address Our Coach Presentatnon of Awards BASKETBALL BANOUET APRIL6 1935 Honoring Members of Basketball Team Members of Our B nd Mr Roy Spnvey Mr Kenneth Shanlt Hon Captain Basketball Team Mr Ray Dietrich Coach Buckeye Conference Champrons Chao Wesleyan Unsyerslty Mr C P Warner Baseball Mr Wlllldm Ramsey Band Mr W B Rumanoczy Fairmont War Song l42l 1 0 1 Address ..,.. ,... , , ... . A ..Mr. George O. Weimer a loyal supporter I , 4 ,w THE DIQAGUN BASKETBALL Seated lelt to nght Don Robeson Roy Grfhn Richard Yarger Paul Bushong Frank Wones Kenneth Shank Robert Hartsock James Jackson Standrng Roy Young George Crane Wrllram Allen Howard Metzler Caldwell Carlton Robert Amott Moms Smith Robert Heliner Arthur Meyer Drck Tettman Absent Frank Whlpp Faurmont Fairmont Fanrmont Fairmont Farrmont Fairmont Fairmont Falrmont WON 1 Parker Co op Steele SCHEDULE Bexley Columbus Sprrngheld Catholtc Alumni Piqua Sndney Xenia Tournament LOST CLeagueD CLeaguej CLeagueD Fairmont 11 Falrmont Fanrmont Fairmont Falrmont Fa I rmont Fairmont Fanrmont Fa I rmont Waterloo Troy Fairview CLeagueD CLea9ueD Mramlsburg Klser Greenvnlle Oakwood Sprlngheld Public Sprnngheld Catholic 1B CLeagueD RESERVE SCHEDULE dh Farrmont Fairmont Fairmont Fairmont Fairmont Fanrmont Steele Strvers Piqua Srclne Xenia Knser 2 Farrmont Fairmont Fairmont Fairmont Faurmont Fairmont Fairview Mlamlsburg Knser Greenville Oakwood Springfield Basketball Lettermen au Bushong Frank Whlpp Don Robeson Frank Wones Kenneth Shank Robert Hartsock Rrchard Yarger and James Jackson INTRA MURAL BASKETBALL Freshmen Sophomores Junrors Marburger Pot l-lannah Tettman Meeker Barefoot Altenburg Sauerman Flecller Schweitzer Adams Schramm Brecht Gnele Whlsler Kley Summers Walther D Kroemer Santee Craddock Mornrngstar Gebha rt R Kroemer G Hetfner McMrchaeI Woolley Monbeck Ernckson Sensors Morter Wallen Sne me Wysong Perkrns Bowermaster Gochoel F431 Drawrngs Sennors Fres men 11 Junaors 48 Sophomores Q8 Junuors QQ Sensors Q,kOvertrmeD A 51 - 16 ' Q5 30 4 16 19 l Q7 31 ' Q4 , ' 15 A 32 A ' 19 A Q4 ' ' ' 11 ' Q6 A ' 17 A 33 A 31 F 19 ' 19 ' 44 F QQ A Q0 ' 10 F Q6 ' 10 ' 18 19 ' 30 ' 11 ' Q3 ' ' ' 31 aa Q 45 Dec, 8 Fairmont 14 Parker 16 Jan. Q5 Fairmont 8 Troy 13 15 ' 13 17 Q6 ' 19 ' A 14 Q1 ' 13 ' 17 F 1 ' 19 ' ' Q3 J . 4 ' 19 ' 18 Q ' 16 ' 4 11 ' 9 l 11 8 ' 17 A 1O 18 F '14 A 10 15 F 9 32 Q3 ' 16 ' Q4 QQ ' 17 ' ' 34 P I I , I I I I I . ' Q9 h h . II ' . - F. ' . F A ' Q0 THE DRAGON rw-,Ham v-:fn 93: A .... 'QQ MW' l TRACK Frrst row left to right Francls LeVan Robert Adams Kenneth Shank Kenneth Seltner Wnllnam Games Ray Dodge Ralph Marburger James Jackson Clarence Schatfer Second row l-larold Wright Frank Wilson Wllllam Dll3lasl Russell Darst Paul Bushong Gale l-leffner Don Robeson l-larold Wallen Third row Orvrlle Brewer Carlton Brooks Lester Tamplln Richard Spivey Frank Whlpp V rgnl Pomeroy Wlllnam Shaner Norman Wolley Absent Lawrence Brewer Robert Hartsock DUAL MEETS Aprul Q5 Fairmont 54'l Q pts 5teele 7Q'l Q pts May 15 Falrvn w Fanrylew May QQ Fasrrnont 50 3 5 Qakwood 76 Q 5 Tota T80 T TO Tota QOO 9 TO OTHER MEETS May 5 Mlamu Valley League Fasrmont placed 3rd wlth Q7 'l Q points May TQ District Meet Fairmont placed 5th with 16 points Season s Average not Including DISTVICL and Mlaml Valley League Meets? 333 T 3'q Letters Awarded Schatler, Marburger, Dodge, Gaines, Shank, l-lartsock, Bushong, Whlpp, and Jackson of HJ . f I I, f . ,, , ff . i V 4, 1 f A A L AJ' ,"'f'l ' j L I ,. V ' l if ' f 5 Fi F5 7 W. Ji5'....-.tiF -Fjfi T I ' - ..r -.. 7: -refs rj- 2 wt "" Q - , ii 1. eu 5,4 A View .F V-,, v- w : I ' , Q, -, Q J W , .Q f A I l I Z l Fl I l 7 l 1 'A I T. A 4 ze I 3' A E Q 'Y V . ' fl l Q . f W . 5 r F I I I I : I I I I F I F I 5 I I I I ' : . I . I , . . .I I I I I ' . : , I I .I . . I , I i . 1 , . : , . f ' 'e ,.,. 75 ' ' ...... SQ I - l - Warren Tl 1 'ns' THE DIQAGUN is-if -.J BASEBALL FIFSR row left to rlght James Summers Don Robeson RIchard Yarger Robert Kroemer Kenneth Shank Ralph Marburger Murel Mornmgsrar Second row Grant Shank James Jackson Paul Getter Frank Wones Tom Craucler Frank WhIpp Roger Keller Date A VI 9 Apu 11 Aprrl Q0 Apnl Q4 Apnl Q7 May May May Q3 League May 19 May '18 Games 1934 Schedule Played Score FaIrmont FaIrmont Falrmont Falrmont FaIrmont Falrmont FaIrmont Farrmont Fa I rmont Fa I rmont Q, on Score Jefferson West Carrolton ls Klser KISZF MIamIsburg West Carrolton Jefferson Oakwood KIser DISLVICL hnals State Tournament ota Tota Seasons Average 454' Letters Awarded Tom Crauder Frank WhIpp Paul Getter Kenneth Shank Frank Wones Robert Kroemer Don Robeson Ralph Marburger Charles Bovvermaster and James Jackson Coach Wlllldm R Ramsey K ,Q 45 YZ: 4, - r ,' -1- - ' f 2-l r' I I ' E GSM F '71 , I- ' f ' If ' 31 fd la dv-.. V- v " ' , Q "l i V F' l. A' ' ' -' X' - w 9' I 2 , ' 'Q "A 35 G "F - I , l .I ' 1' 4 'alia' - - l' I -I V I 5 at- ' Q ' W., N g, 4, J Ly i I A VA u -rv . 5 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 p'l ,..............,..,........., ' 6 ...,.....,......... : ..... 'IQ 'I .,..........1...1..,,.,...... I 7 .......,..,........ it 5 April 'I6 ...,,.,,..................... Fairmont 4 .....,,,..,......., Bklvliamisburg 5 ' ,.....................,.,,... A 'l ,.,......,,,....... ' 8 ' ..,....,.,.............,,,... ' O ........,.......,.. V' 3 ' ...,,..............,,,,...... ' 4 ..,..............,. ' ' 3 'l ....,.,....,..............,.. 4 3 ...,..,.....,...... if 7 4 ...,,,,..1.,.....,.....I..1I. ' 7 .4..1..,........,.. it Q ali- T l 60 I 57 - 'I 5 1 -1 1 1 1 T' gp THE DIQAGON VARSITY F CLUB Sponsor Mr Warner preslclent Kenneth Shank vrce presrdent James Jackson s cretary treasurer Robert Hartsock sergeant at arms Raul Bushong Members Kenneth Shank Raul Bushong James Jackson Harry Rerknns Robert Morter Robert Hartsock John Gochoel Gale He lner Robert Kroe ner Frank Wones Roy Gulf: Clarence Schaller Norman Woolley Rurpose lo further Interest n athletrcs at Falrmont BASEBALL 1935 A VI ll user There May Fort Recovery Here Qakvvood There fvllamlsburfg Here 1718 Aprll Aprrl April May May fvlay May lvlay May May Krser Here Qakvvood Here Sectlonal Tournament 1935 TRACK SCHEDULE Q4 Q! ercl s lvl teele Here Qhuo Wesleyan Relays lvlnamu Valley League fVleet Fairview Mldml lnvltatlonal Mlamlsburg Here District at University ol Dayton Qpen Qakvvood H re +465 V - - 2 ' - 1 - H 4 I' l F , ' I rr r I A ' 'n, , , r . i ' l A . Q D .I K. Q s 15 , 6 18 9 Nliamisburg There Q5 s . K Q . f ' 17 lnt a s. eet. S , ,. 8 ' ' . 11 . l5 ' . 18 A . . 4 s H QQ . , Q9 e . Here at mqhr THE DIQAGCN 'LI HITTING THE TROY LINE THE THROW TO SECOND WAR BIRDS T H954 ..L OUR TROPHIE-5 POWER PLUS SKILL HUSKIES lff THE KICKOFF , , s. 1f"S -.er-15 j FORCED TO PUNT THAT FAMOUS 95 YD RUN it P -Q-Q ......l....., -1-rf..L .t f P, nr L ,L-..:2.. " owl:-'iii'-ffm. ru BOTTLING THC LUMBERJAC K5 2 47 A A N f , ...,,..,., -- W,,,,,-.......--.-..- V, .. -.- .. ...-.......-.. I W . - -. ., -, W ,, ' "'f'fvf2ffEv,W , WM K ' A 4 i g if "' f'- .25 A A h ,f. , bn 1- I f ' " f 'ii +17."fA 1" i : . 'g .,. 9: X- 1 ., ' H - f' ff Ii il .-,M ,MW A 2 V. ,, , 1 , ,-..- x, -lg , I, ' 1" 7 f . 1 , ,V . - ' l Q-, '4 ka V g 3 fv- W- n I -- 1' A , ' A' ,V L. 'Q' Q " '- .- : ' - Q" 1 '. V:-Qif-r f " ,LU ' ft-mag fb" 3 'f'if1"'f. 1 x..'.,?,',v.'. jj ,-' . I -f .V " gift? V' , . ff- 'f ' ' 1 ' . ' xX s A 7 'X . ' Us ---1 , ,. ,...w,......, ' V K 'ff' , , ,s . -Q gpm Q - 4 - 11.-:L'F4'i,QQ., - . gait -f. v '.wlsfl,-51,4 ' 2-.-Vx-.,.g1,7 I , Q. - Win F ' , - , if , ' - .. ff!1'f"7f':- .':--f.'.,1"tt.'f" " " .'.--I f- Jffff' Jr ' L 3-4 iw fiwywf 34 4, H ' P W 15.3. - -ff 1 f A S.- - I . , . ,-.., . -Ai JIU' Y? ' Q,""'f', 'f""' ' 51.3 ' . f 4' Q U THE DIQAGDN DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH EDUCATION The Importance ol health unstructuon has always been recognuzed at Faurmont and steps have been talcen constantly to Improve thus part of ourworlc The boys ID athletucs have been gettung the best of care but due to decreased Funances the school un general has not been able to contunue the physucal examunatuon for all students We are hopung that the year 19351936 wull agaun brung us a school physucuan and thus much needed servuce Some attentuon has been guven to sught tests and weught records un the Departments ol physucal Educatuon and Home Economucs, but the need us greater than ever for a lull examunatuon We have been fortunate In havung the servuces of a dentust Dr Gulbert who for several years has been doung hne work In dental consultatuon and examunatuon and mouth hyguene us gradually Improvung Thus year we feel we made a bug step Forward un the establushment ol a Personal l'lyguene Class, meetung three tumes a weelc for one semester a new class for boys and one for gurls beung conducted each semester Under thus plan each student In school wull have one semester of hyguene some tume durung hus hugh school lute, preferably un the Freshman year We hope to enlarge thus worlc untul the class meets Fuve tumes a week, or three days a weelc for two semesters A valuable adjunct to thus worlc un personal Hyguene IS the class un Home l-lyguene and Care of the Suck taught by Muss Mary l-leuland a graduate nurse, under the auspuces of the Montgomery County Chapter ol the Amerucan Red Cross Twelve gurls have enrolled un the course and we are hopung to malce thus a part of our regular curruculum each year so that many more gurls may have a chance to get thus valuable traunung whuch only a trauned nurse can guve Thus worlc us for upper classmen and contunues the Freshman course un Personal l-lyguene CHRISTENA fvu WAHL , I 48 I I ' 1 I . I I I ,N T gi ,, THE DIQAIEDN GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First row left to right Gladys Beclcner Allce Sherwood Janet Shock Nona Prtts Margaret Ernst Viola Von Greyerz Ardlth Shoup Carollne Brltton Second row Julia Dexter Irene Barney Dorothy Muller Betty Jane Bushong Thelma Channell Mass Wahl Monda I-lott Purpose To strmulate Interest ID a wide varrety of lersure trme actrvltles for all grrls In school To promote programs of physical actrvrtres which shall meet the need of gurls of varrous degrees of physrcal Frtness To encourage good sportsmanshlp and play for play s sake To build up Ideals of health personal etllclency and leadership Executive Council elected by the active membershrp President Margaret Ernst I-lead of Tennis B J Bushong Vlce President Eleanora Perlcnns I-lead of Outdoor Actlvutres M I-lott Secretary Treasurer Carolme Brrtton I-lead of Golf J Shock I-lead of Basketball J Dexter I-lead of Soccer N Prtts I-lead of Baseball I Barney I-lead of Frnance D Muller I-lead of Volleyball V Von Greyerz Sophomore Representatave A Sherwood I-lead of Archery T Channell Freshman Representatrve G Beckner I-lead ol Svvlmmrng A Shoup gf 493W 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 , . : 1 I . .. . .. I I ' D ,- of THE IDIQAGUN AWARDS Band Letters Awarded Arthur Greene Wllluam Shaner Harold Norclylce Gerald Santee LaVerne Speelman Paul Speelman Nona Pitts l-larruet Ernst Ermagene Barnett Tom Whlsler Earl Schmoyer Raymond Porter Anna L Eella Wilma Woodry Wlnllred Woodry Raymond Brecht Clyde Brown Beulah Golladay Marne Shertzer Elmer Nnclcel Rnchard Kroemer James lllsner Carol Clewers Barbara Burgett Kenneth Seltner Robert Adams l-larry Perlcans Robert l-lartsoclc Grade Awards Carl Gelger Kelth Kesslnng Rosabelle Carter Cheer Leaders Madeleine Burkhart Betty Weiser Student Managers of Athletics Woodrow Wysong Donald Monbeclt REPORTERS Peportung ol school news lor the year to the Dayton daily newspapers has been ably done by Betty Jane Bushong president ol this years Junlor class Betty has had charge ol this worlt now lor two years and as a part ol her experience ID news writing has gained the trlendshsp ol a number ol Dayton s loremost professional writers Ealrrnont has been malong weelcly contributions to lhe Qaltwood press , all l our school news being proylded by Wllllam DI Blast member ol the Sophomore class ln recognition of thenr worlt lor the year suitable awards were glyen these reporters ID a recent assembly tlsog I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' : , , . : , . : , . , . , , , -4 1, , , 1 -N THE DIQAGDN ADVERTISEMENTS RACTICAI. experaence ID the com merclal classes has been gained by the setting up of this book the securlng of these ads and by the studues ID salesman shrp attorded We endorse the products featured In our ad section E515 ' ff If K J C LA 'Q M A R -... M ...f K I I - uw CN THE DIQAGUN OUR PATRONS The people whose names appear on thus page have alvvays shovvn that Earrmont s Interests are therr Interests Their loyalty has helped make rhrs year s annual possrble and the student body very much appreciate their unselhsh support NIEHAUS AND DOHSE Eerdrnand E Hasenstab MR AND MRS JOHN MOTKO Neubauer s Servrce Statron EranI4 J Hart J EINLEY MARSHALL Mrs Jennre Mrller THE OAKDALE LLJMBER CO GLENN OLIVER She Ia Rullrns R E KNOWLTON Meredrth s Musrc Store A W SCHAEFFER Walter I-I Huclc George O Wermer GEORGE L ERNST D E Pummell ROV WILLIS Bozarth Grocery Southern Hrlls Pharmacy KING S MARKET OLD BARN CLUB STABITS Paul I Kenneth Rf Son D L Barnes J Mason Rrugh MR AND MRS EARL L BOHACHEK FRANK TEJAN CONTRACTOR Paulrne Wnesmann E D CARPENTER Val Hegman MERLE C BLJRCI-I George Brecht WOODSTOCK TYREWRI Roberts Funeral Home J M Hummon GEO K ANDER Rame s Grocery DON NESBITT R M Morrrs Grocery Mrs C G Martrn THOMPSON S MARKET G B McClelland GUENTHERS BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPPE sarvr LAPEDEs I 52 I TER Chas. H. Robinson John Epps I ' . CH 1.353 1: fo 6 THE DDAGDN RONOLOGY SEPTEMBER Football practice starts School opens Flrst assembly GlFFen and Ruch get detention Robeson arrlves at school Class meetings to elect othcers Freshman Day Perkrns has a date wlth D Shoe Yarger qunts French New Athletic Fleld dedicated OCTOBER ' Clubs organlzed Fanrmont beats Piqua Band has Tullus leaves Algebra Dummy practice for football team Fairmont beats Greenville 13 6 new uniforms Morter appears with black eye Kaser beats Falrmont 14 7 Charles W sprlls the beans P Bushong has charge of the pep A scoreless tue wnth Farrvlew This tame It s Morter s knee NOVEMBER Dramatic Club gives two plays un assembly Falrmont beats Srdney 7 6 Shank loses Physncs book ID Economucs Class Xenla game also at mght F 19 X 7 Basketball practuce starts under coaches Shank and l-lartsock Football team poses for pictures D Yarger brings the proverbial mouse to school Troy defeats Farrmont 39 O Fairmont carnuval W JMX 'xl 5 Q Qi' 466, assembly Everybody back nn shool agaln Where A e The Best Opportunltles I adxlse all who lre undeclded to take up commerclal work after hlgh school a h1gh school pr1nc1pal stated recently It seems to me thlt the hest: opportunmes are 111 comrnercnl 1nes Busmess needs young people who are qualxhed hy bpCC11ll ed tralnmg Durlng the past year more than oo of our graduates h ue secured employ ment 1n offices Wrxte or c xll for ree c lmlog, tlexcnhmg courses tune requxred and opportumlxcs ahead MIAMI JACOBS COLLEGE 2n andL uw t Daytmn Oh OAKWOOD SIRVWF SNIHON tandard Products lstrx ut Jr CROSLEY Radlaa Batterles ATLAS nd GOODYEAR TIRES 2418F Hll A e WA 0152 we - ,Q see ' . .as 10- . - ' lx 11- ' . '. ' a uae ' ' Q . Q .. Gr mv! 14+ ' h Q07 A ' , x Q1 . ' ' . . an ' x Q 26- ' . sn-fuf' - - KS S ' ll' 4- ' . X' 'Q . . . ' 57 , . 1O'c ' . 11f ' . 12" ' ' - . wsee ' , 19- ' ' - . Q2-- . ' . Q5f . . 96- 4 ' ' ' . Q91 ' ' ' ' ' . K Q ' ' ' . .f 3" ' ' - . ff? I .Q Ye . ' 7 ' I I Xswwwa Si - ' 7' Wo.. 13d I - 1? . A A ' , Q3-r A ' . ' O 26- ' 4 . .-...-..-..- -.-..-. .--- ..-..- -........-..-..-..-..-...-.......-..-.. ---- ......-Q I , ' 7 X , f ! r A ' in 1 , XX T , ' 11 l . . D . .ff I , 4 l N r' 1' ' l C I 1 ' f . ' . 1 , F ' . sa S 2 , 1 1, ,, L 1 D' 'ls . Q ,' . l ' 1 Z ' . - ' ' . . , tif L L fl I , . 2 , . , 3 : L A 1. ' J ! ' 0 l l - al' S V . ! d udlt S s. J , io I .-..-...........-..-..-.- -..-..... -..-..-..............-..-......-.- - -..-.....-..-..-..i. G l I 9 Tl-IE DIQAGON TI-IE 1. L. ILLS CQAL Co. ualiny Coa1--- All Kinds Yatzsfactzon Guaranteed b YX1 1 1 M111 ll xour rx1 Clean as the Suns Heat 1671 It YHLN I T11 HL O IS U OHV Phone WA111ut 1171 Prompt D61lXCI16 011 111 Order +541 L 1 A 'c 'cc At .111 t1111c 111111-I 11cs t. to gwc 11: 1' if ' N' 11 flllk u 1 0 W1 co o sc 'cc, for ' I us. If you are not S4LI.'-f16L1 11111 coal, we'11 take xt out of your bin 111111 gut you back your money. ' ' " s 1 s X .N 1- 1 THE IDIQAGDN HAP WIDMAN S CAR AGP Wo lc Done on All Makes of Cars WAI r 0283 25 E JOSTEN S mp 0 SHEFFER MUSIC COMPANY TREASURE CRAFT JEWELERS AND STATIONERS 6 De e C C C Cl ISS Rmgs Pms Commencement Imzrmons q Medals and Troplues Y HE Hog? E r g My on no Dayton, Qh1o A local mdustry wrth a record of 84 years 111 the Gas busmess and 5-I years 111 the Electru: husmess We employ more than 1,000 men and women and serve 100,000 customers through our terrrtory e Dayton Power E59 L ght ff 55 jo 1 c' ' ' 7' 9 l , X ' Y 4 J I' nu 351' Drlve 1 C ' f Excluslv al rs . . ifnn -Glldsnn ' Selfflel' ' Siipfani L. V V r C ' K L. Q O V. I. Sleffr Presdf t Factor z Owatona. Mlnncs t ' l L 1 Ln gfl QS . Firs St. IJ1sr.M r. U. O. Sweetman lL t . Ol I Th 1 Co. v ' inf DIQAQQN SAC1x51ED1RS E PQ GRANT Florzft Better Salted NUT MEATS SPECIALTY Fu11er11 De 1 I1 Wed 1111 13 uquet A III F101 1 All I1 em 1t For Any O 1 1011 Arcade Market Dayton Ohio Southern H111 11116 1i0e1w1r111111t QOIUDHIIV 131111 1 K CPre erred For Its ualzty D 1fV1NQ1 1C1 Q 121 111V Served Excluxwely at Fazrmont H1 TI-IE RED WING COMPANY FU 9166 9167 9168 1561 ...-..-...-..-...-..-......-..-...-....-..-1..-..- 1 i'71f"'41' 'rl' 1 1 1 1 NX ' 111,116 111.11 I 1 s Lf s L g o s . 1 rts C '11 '11 g 61 een s' I j D, ' A ". 131117116 NWA 4111 . . . S V 1 2 , 1 111 .g1'1Q1.1,Q -11 - 4 if - 1 1 511 A Chee: O I1 . '1 211 St11g11t1111 fxxve. S.11es Represe11t.1t1x'e S11L1t11er11 H1115 11111 'r f' 1 '1 1' 1 1' N1 , .,l. .X .. .--,.-l Nz. ..l..1 . Order from your nearest dealer or c.111 .. -...-..-....-..-..-..-..-..-....-...-..-...-..-.........................-...- - kg XJ :km I ILQ5' THE DDAGON CHRONOLOGY Continued Q9 Fanrmont defeats Oakwood 13 O 30 'lhanksglyung vacatfon DECEMBER l-lonor assembly for football team Annual football banquet Pep assembly led by Mr Prass Faurmont defeats Co op IH furst basketball game Photographer takes class plctures Faurmont defeats Bexley Team travels to Sprlngfleld to wln 9411 Christmas yacatnon sorely needed Alumni game brings back Charlie and the boys JANUARY Fanrmont defeats Pnqua 44 Q52 School ns In sessron follownng Chrnstmas D Shoe knlls a bug rn French class Frank Whlpp tells has weekly joke Mr Lawson s last day as yanztor We wallop Sidney 9610 Mr Somers rides a blcycle We beat Xenla 3011 Preston drops hns rung tn l-lnstory Fairmont loses to Waterloo 30 Q5 Mr Ramsey throws a hammer at Burson Troy s team beats us 31 Q7 We take Fairview 3919 We lose Robeson and Whupp IH basketball Second Semester begnns Morter gets a note from B Neff Junlor play FEBRUARY 1 We beat Mlamusburg 9617 Q We defeat Klser 1919 R R MILLER ornplzments 0 6 Exclusive Outhtters To The Sportsman ahh-5.41-444. MacGREGOR GOLF GOODS A J REACH 66 WRIGHT 66 DITSON ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT MoRR1s SoNs Co OSHEA KNIT GOODS RIDDELL SHOES 'rrr'7"'-vw FUNERAL HOME 7 W Flrst St FUlton 5042 1809 E Third St Dayton Ohro DAYTON OHIO 157 1 3 . 4 A . 7 A . as ' v ' ' . 18- ' . Q1 ' . QQ- ' ' ' A . Q4 I ' . Q8-W ' ' ' , Q , 4 ' ' - . tg, 7 . 1 . . . ' me 8 . ' ' . QA I ' ' , 1O-W . ' ' A . . , 11 A ' - . s 19 . ' ' . ... .. xt 18' ' - . - 1 ' QQ ' ' I ' . ,A 1 Q3 ' . . Q - . Q4 1 , Q5 ' - . Q6 ' ' - , Q8 ' I . Qeaa ' , 30 . . 31- ' . -s-- 1-1. -1- --1--1,-. - - .,., ...,.-.- .- .,,, - 1.., -1- ..1. - ..1. -1.,-..-.,,.- ,.,, - ..1. .. .... - ..1. - 1,,, -....-..,,-.,..-,.,.-.g. tb u I 1 , l 7 +--mW-------------W---m-MM-mmw+ 11-1 11" -1-1 -1-- '-1- 1--- --1- -11- 1-11 1-1- U 1-1 THE DIQAGDN BEAUTIFUL PORTRAITS POPULAR PRICES HOWARD KNOLL STUD Bradford 86 Routsong Funeral Home Depend lle F ner l Se M le te WTl l58:ll at f, l 608 Cmlxy Bldg. I1 '. um St., Fulton 8641 Dayton, Ohm AKD T38 0 aw u 21 rvice :lt oe rn Cost O ClglEq'H'l "l 027 . 1 I I' U N. I7.1ytun. Ol I I 'l' "" "" - "" - "" - "" 4' THE DIQAGUN CHRONOLOGY Contlnued Shoup carrles P Bushong s picture Fairmont defeats Greenville QO 10 Sensor class meeting Fanrmont edged out by Oakwood 1918 Wlesmann asks l-lott for a date V rsnty F rmtnat on Tejan returns Boys wear F s on head Sprlngheld beats us 31 Q3 D Srkes smrles at Wulke l-lott turns Wlesmann down again ll Q 3 Q MARCH P T A presents Ladies for a Nnght Intramural Frnals We draw Sprsngheld Cath for tournament Preston has another date with Slkes Spnngheld Cath defeats us 18 11 Q Publication club drlves for ads Tullus IS seen wlth Beulah Golladay Specnal Assembly Dragon ads go over top Junior Skating party at Forest Park Robeson sknps school Dexter slldes down Senior Class meets Dnstrlct tournament Dramatic Club presents play Bushong has a date wuth Hott Why doesnt Beulah wrse up A-. Q- Sf tiff Wledlvch Wnlke 81 Speelman go to Law dS Carpentry class lays oft bldg for held Operetta Practlce Perknns goes back to Dot Muller D1Blasr gets the hrst bus Senior Scholarship Test Bernice Czolladay goes to Chorus Shank walks the halls wnth Shock QE' f 6 Faxrmont G Tejan goes to Beavertown and brlngs Qperetta Bernnce Golladay EBY BROTHERS B6 WISC and Blly WISE SHOES wut dual persona :ty an com ort wedded to style Complzments of Th Wlseshoe tore 35 outh Maxn treet Dayton 01110 tt 59 QUALITY FUEL .At CReasonal7le CPrzce5 Ou Tons Welgh 2000 lbs FUlton 5201 t e bannlster to school X ' V H' Q fs ' . ' ' . QQ. ,iffy f 8 7 7 . . ' 19 ' . 15- ' - , 17 ' . 19-aa' . ' . Q0 ' , QQ ' - . Q5 . ' ' ' . Q7 ' ' . 1 g. 4 ' ' , . 5 ' . 7 7 ' . - . S ' A . 7 9 ss ' ' ' . 11 ' . . 12- ' ' . 13' 1 . ' h 1 . 14- ' . ' ' . 15 ' A 16 ' . , 17 ' ' , I: , 18 ' ' , ' , Cl 5. 1,5 19-- . ' . 20- ' . f Q1- ' ' . QQ ' ' ' . Q3 ' ' A Q5 ' . Q7- ' . Q8 - ' ' ' 99- , al ...1 k ..,. T ,,,, , ,1.1 , 1.1. T 1.11 1.1.1 .1.. ... ,1.. TH, ,.,, T..1.,1,.,,T ,,,, 1 ,,,. i .,.. 1 ,,,, ,..,,1....L. ini ..1. ,..L,.1.1,,.!- l h ' trlx I . 1 1 l g l . . S SSSSSSSSS S l 11 1 1 a I f 1 ' l 1 ' 7' iiifffi l 1 - l . l . T ' l e S 1 S ' S l l . ' 1 l -1- 1- 1--1 - 1-1- - 1--- - 1111 - -1-1 - 11-1 - -111 - -1'- --1-- -1-1 - -111 - 1-1- -1- -11' - rtrr - 111- - 1'1- - 1-1- -1- ---1 ----1-1---1---+ THE DIQAGON Complzments 0 KARL GEORGE STUDIOS b The Royal Photographm SOC1Cty Great Bmtam 1 E c S t D IAD 7398 QA! Y S PERRY PGTTLE PRINTING CO h BOYS AND GIRLS W fren You Get Marrzed D D1BLASI For Your Food THE DELSCAMP PAINT 86 GLASS CO PAINT H N '1 M GLASS ww 4- --H--H-- VQT- -w--'- -rvv -'-- 'I-I - 'I4' - 'II' - I-I- - -T4- --I--It-I-I-I--M--W--w- -I-I --I--- - --H------H- 14 Mem er of of 32 as econd S reet ia ams our ervice 209 Sour Jefferson Street Dayton Ohio C ' fs I . 8 ort ain Street Dayton, Ohio THE DIQAGON BUSINESS DIRECTORY ARTHURS BEAUTY SI-IOPPE 715 D A Q WA 4615 BOBS BARBER SI-IOP po I D Bla s DIXIE KITCI-IEN A C DELK PROP QOSD e Dayt o GEO J FOLTZ 8f CO BAKERY so 804Wt IetA KEOII7 MARTINDALE SERVICE STATION fa t WA 0961 SWANEY 84 CREAGER ATTORNEYS OAQC Bdg AD74OI J E WATTS GROCERY 50 D QA WA 0163 D I-I WYSONG ATTORNEY IOOOA Q B 3 HE1841 For a Fast Comjqnrtable Dependable Rzde use your nterur an Iectrlc 81 Way System RAY S OFFER A COMPLETE GRADUATION OUTFIT SUIT foxford grey or bluej All F WHITE FLANNELS TIE O BELT f P 108 South Main St DAYTON OHIO I6 lxliz v . - Op sieyi SVS southern Hill AQ , ' ' OEI ' QQ ' 5 " . Dixie Highway nd Doro hy Lane . 'IQO m ri an I . I - '1 ' In L . A I m rim Id I. A . j . In E ' R 'l - - - -M-..-,......-..-.?...-M- - - - or OXFORDS 5 WHITE SHIRT You can use our dignEFIed ,Hyman lan If 1 5.1 THE DDAGUN -ml 1.1.1im-,,.-.,,1.-uniwiW1,.H-,m1.,,.1.,,,....-M1 KONE KAVERN S 3o12EThdS 3oTySr ICE CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS Wmgsd WALKING SUNDAES MILK SHAKES MALTED MILKS DELICIOUS GRILLED SANDWICHES THE GIELE 85 PFLAUM Co PR INTER S 124 Eait Th1rd Street F11th Floor F U LTO Nl I 8 4 I XVISHINQJ WEALTH HAPPINESS AWD SUCCESS to the Class of 196 PRESTON S MARKET 6 years of satlsfied servlce to the buymg public 4 D e A e Southe n H111 WA 0 1621 . ir t. 3 ro . W flare cl in un ac: Learned to IVJUQ . N N , 4 L ' 1 7 oi ixi V . r A 5 21 1 .P --11,1Tumi-uv-11114111-winwni1 11111-1111 .,., 1,1u1.1u1.V11T,.,T,,T,,T,,..., .... ... 1.1, T .,,, T,,,,l,,4T,,,T .P A ' .N 1 1 THE DIQAGUN CHRONOLOGY Continued APRIL Monmouth Glee Club Basketball Banquet V Von Greyerz stsll doesnt know W at dunkrng IS L Shatter doesnt know hrs Physucs Maguclan Library Benelnt County Scholarshrp Elnmunatxon Mfamnsburg Track Meet lnter class Track Meet Easter vacation One day Why doesn t Perkins drlve an Army Truck7 Regina Deck runs down the hall Track Meet with Steele Ohno Wesleyan Relay Nona Pntts gets some mall Jackson gets lost un a fog MAY Valley League Meet CNrghtD Wysong goes to Gallahers Rnchart doesn t ask for a ride to town Sensor Class Play l-lartsock has a date wlth Tanns Dustrrct Track Meet at U D Q Jumor and Senior Receptlon 1 ,X Farrvnevv Meet x Oakwood Meet s -s JUNE EZ Baccalaureate 3 Graduatnon FAIRMONT SONGS A Perfect Day No school Whats the Reason? Prass to absentees The Beat o My l-leart The Oakwood Game No' No' A Thousand Trmes No Hott to Wuesmann Sweet Music Rummy and the orchestra Sweet and Lovely Judy Dexter Freckle Face Archie l-lolden P S I Love You Nona s letter to Monmouth Trme to Go 3 WO Goofus John Gochoel Every Day Bug asslgnments Sleepy l-lead Whnpp nn any class Soon Barbara and Bull Put on an Old Paar of Shoes l-lartsock wants to dance Take a Number from One to Ten Mr Wagner I Luke Mountain Music Struve We Just Couldn t Say Goodbye The Post Graduates Have You Been Lonely7 Mr Somers Law Class The Farmer In the Dell Kenny Shank You ve Got Everythnng Annne Laurne The Last Round up Commencement t63l Q . 6- . 8 . ' ' h " ' 'lO". ' A ' . 19 " a ' 1 '15 ' ' . 'I7 - . T9 ' . QQ ' ' A ' . Q3 ' . .W Q4 f ' . - Q7 ' . -M Q9 ' '. 30 ' . i 3 ' . 4' . 9-W' ' ' . TO ' . 'I1 Relays at Miami U. 'I3 A '. QQ ' ' . . f 94- T A ' . K, Q5 ' ' ' . fi' Q - Qaaaa . .fs I - ' ,N THE DIQAECN FAIRMONT Oh Fairmont Hugh to thee we sing, Ch, may thy precepts e er remaln, O er thee may pranse and honor rung And baser Instincts never stain, May all thy students pass from thee The principles lor vvhlch you stand To lame and great prosperity A beacon be for all the land We Il sung to thee IH loyalty Where er vve go on land and sea DZGI' Almd MdtZV l'16I'2 S to thee N Space does not permlt that vve tell of our varied assemblies, that we relate the trlps enjoyed at the Art lnstltute and the dIV2I'SIFI6Cl Industries ol the Miami Valley that vve enumerate the Interesting booths or stunts of our Christmas Carnival, that vve even begun to recount our lndxvldual broadcasts Qur hope, hovvever, IS that the actlvltles suggested by picture and print may serve as sign posts to pleasant paths ol memory on Falrmont s 1935 road Onward and Upvvard tQ64QJ l ' Q ls '12 I l l ' I l V , . i . I i Qur memories always fond shall be, , . . my C

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