Ellenburg Central School - Golden Eagle Yearbook (Ellenburg, NY)

 - Class of 1959

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 Tv :i •-s. .' H. “ 1 v 15.7-1 5 S ' 4 »; ! fv}' r- ••■ %V T ' - ; -»• ••» ••'AcrfVjp „. . ■. iZ? JKemonam Miss Mabel Whalen, a loyal, conscien- tious and highly esteemed teacher among the faculty, student body and community of Ellenburg passed away on October 3, 1958. Miss Whalen devoted thirty years to the teaching profession; the last thirteen of which were a t Ellenburg Central School. Her ready smile, her understanding and devotion to her pupils and fellow workers and success in her chosen profession, will be greatly missed in our school and in our community. v :.... S • H 4'-.v X $ Hi'' DR. JOHN W. HARROLD Superintendent of Schools 47 MR. WILLLAM E. PROULX Vice-Principal MR. WILUAM A. FRITZ Principal MR. FRANCIS H. PATNODE Elementary Principal Jioarcf of C. cfucaiion Mr. William Fritz. Principal; Mr. William Hogan; Mr. WiUiam E. Patnode, President; Mr. Justin C. Baxter, Clerk; Mr. Esmond Decosse; Mr. Hubert Gagnier. AdministrationPrine i pa.As JTCessaye Most Sincerely, J pPr William Fritz Principal Handing a diploma to a high school graduate is very much like 'handing a baseball bat to a rookie fresh from the minors. The rookie walking to the plate to face his first big league pitching is like the student leaving the graduation hall. His parents, teachers, and friends are likened to the minor league coaches and managers. They have taught him everything they could, and now it is up to him to use that knowledge to get base hits; base hits which will win the various games in life for his friends andhimself. In life's game you, the graduate, can become a Lou Gehrig, a Babe Ruth, or a Ty Cobb. They got out of the game what they put into it. Yes, life is like a baseball game. Always remember it is better to go down swinging for something you think is right than to stand there with the bat on your shoulder and watch the third strike whiz by. May we, the Board of Education, teachers, bus drivers, custo- dians, cafeteria workers, office personnel and everyone associated with Ellenburg Central School, wish you happiness and God's blessings so that each of you will live an abundant and fruitful life. The school and office door will always be open to you, so come in to see us.ROW 1, Left to Right: Miss Margaret Goodspeed, Mrs. Alice Carter, Mrs. Margaret Cordone, Miss Viola Baxter, Mrs. Ruth Huggins, Mrs. Jean Noel, Mrs. Alba Chilton, Miss Kellogg, Cadet Teacher. ROW 2: Mr. Fred Coveney, Miss Annette Harton, Cadet Teacher; Mrs. Mary Gadway, Mrs. Gladys Rubado, Mrs. Josie Treggett, Mrs. Marguerite Trombley, Mr. Patrica Maynard, Mrs. Barbara Bailey, Mr. Francis Pauiode. ROW 3: Mrs. Madeline Nichols, Mr. Leah Drown, Mrs. Helen Carpenter, Mis. Betty Chase, Mrs. Ruth White, Mrs. Evelyn Santimore. l ementary faculty — J fiyf cJcAoo faculty ROW 1, Left to Right: Mr. Harold Damour, Mr. Louis Cordone, Mr. Freeman Supley, Mr. James Fritz, Mr. Douglas Stevens, Mr. Symond Davis, Mr. Arthur Ryan. ROW 2: Mrs. Evelyn Watson, Mrs. Eunice Senecal, Mrs. Catherine Barry, Miss Elizabeth Lalonde, Miss Mildred McGregor. ROW 3: Mrs. Hilda Chilton, Mrs. Ruth Gagnier, Mrs. Catherine Fritz, Mrs. Mary Jane Chilton, Mrs. Diana Ryon, Mrs. Minnie Wood.C inic cStafjf Mrs. Evelyn Watson, Nurse Dr. William McKenna i oar a Mrs. Joan Dennee Miss Mary Huggins Mr. Stanley Zager Mr. Wayne Mabie Mr. Clarence Haig Mr. George Smith Mr. Howard Schofield Office Staff Mrs. Ethel Saunders Mrs. Rttth Demarse C o- OperatioeJennie Tourville Adah Gilmore Florence Labombard Mabel Peets Mamie Cook Alice Collins Wayne Mabie, Manager ( usioc ians Ray Dupree William Hicks Jennie Tourville Joanne Malark Sherman Miller Ray Shuns jus Drivers Ross Vreeland Maynard Labombard Roy Huggins Harold Prevo Lyman Rabideau Kermit Honsinger Clarence Lafreniere Ed Dominic Howard Cayea George Taylor Gerald Magoon Carl Huggins Steve Chilton David LeClair Wendell Atkins Larry Carter Raymond Boyea Louis Bobbie Leo ForretteEditor-in-Chief------ Co-Editor----------- Photography--------- Head Typist--------- Layout-------------- Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Business Manager - - Advisors----------- ......DAVID MOORE ......LEONA SILVER ■ ......JUDY SPRAGUE ■ - SHIRLEY WILLIAMSON -----dale mcpherson -----HOWARD BARBER .......STELLA LAGREE ------ANITA LEONARD MRS. CATHERINE BARRY MR. LOUIS CORDONE earbooStafjfSENIORSGlass of 1959 OFFICERS President - -- -- -- -- -- - JOHN LeCLAIR Vice President --------- - KENNETH LAFAVE Secretary-----------------------JANICE CAYEA Treasurer - - — ------ — -NINA DUVAL Advisors MRS. CATHERINE FRITZADA ATKINS Senior Chorus 1,2,3,4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Press Club 1,2,3; Girls’ Shop 4; A11-State Band 4; All- County Band 3,4. CAROL BEGORE Library Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Cheering 3,4; Press Club 1,2; Chorus 1,2,4; Dance Band 4. FRANCIS BOADWAY FFA 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Auto Club 4. YVONNE BULRISS Chorus 1,2,3,4; Library Club 1,2, 3,4; Press Club 1,2,3,4; Vice Presi- dent 1. LUELLA CARTER Senior Band 1,2; An Club 1; Girls’ Mechanics 3; Press Club 3,4; Trim Club 2; Senior Chorus 3; Girls' In- tramurals 2,4; Homeroom Play 2; Secretary 1.Library Club 1,2,4; Press Club 1, 2,3,4; Senior Chorus 1,2,3,4; Stu- dent Council 3; One-Act Play 1,2; Homeroom Play 1,2,3; Senior Play; Homeroom President 1; Homeroom Secretary 3,4; National Honor So- ciety 3,4; Yearbook Co-Editor; Cheerleading 3,4; Editor of the "Ellenburg Times." Press Club 1,2, 3, 4; Girls' Intramu- rals 1,2, 3,4; Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Play; Yearbook Staff; Nation- al Honor Society 3, 4; All-State Band 3, 4; All-County Band 3. Library Club 1,2,3,4; Cheerlead- ing 2,3,4; Press Club 2,4; Senior High Chorus 1,2,3,4; Senior Play; Homeroom Play 1,2; Student Coun- cil 2. GARY DOMINIC Junior FFA 1; Intramurals 1,4; Stu- dent Council 1; Band 1,2; Projec- tionist Club 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; Soccer 2. NINA DUVAL Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Press Club 1; Cheerleading 3,4; Student Council 2,3, President 4; Senior Chorus 1, 2,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Typing Editor of Yearbook Staff; Class Treasurer 1,3,4; Homeroom Play 1,2,3; Senior Play; All-Coun- ty Band 3.KELLEY GIBSON Bachelors' Club 3; History Club 4; Press Club 1,2,3,4; Teen-Age Book Club 2; Intramurals 2,4; Base ball 1.2. BETTE HARROLD Homeroom President 1; Junior Li- brary Club 1; Senior High Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Press Club 1,2, 3,4; Circu- lation Manager 3, 4; Class Vice Presi- dent 2,3; Senior High Library Club 2,3,4; Public Speaking 2; Or -Act Play Contest 2; Cheerlead; g o,4; Yearbook Editor 3; Citizr ship Con- ference 3,4; Homeroom ssembly 3; National Honor Socie 3,4; Sen- ior Play; All-County Ch us 3. GAIL HART Girls' Chorus 1,2; Student Council 1; Girls' Intramurals 3,4; Trim Club 2; History Club 4; Girls' Home Mechanics 4; Homeroom Play 2. WILLIAM HONSINGER Tri-County 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Boys' Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Basket- ball 1,3,4; Projectionist Club 1; Junior Band 1; KENNETH LAFAVE FFA 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Base- ball 2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Projec- tionist Club 2,3; Class Vice Presi- dent 4; Senior Play; History Club 3.RONALD LA FA VE Projectionist Club 2,3; FFA 2,3,4; Bachelors Club 4; Boys Intramur- als 2; Farm and Home Week at Cornell 3; Tri-County FFA 2,3,4; Senior Play; Baseball 2,3,4; Bas- ketball 3,4; Soccer 3,4. PATRICIA MINCKLER Senior Chorus 2; Girls Intramurals 3,4; History Club 4; Girls Shop 4; Prompter 4. JOHN LECLAIR Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3, 4; Soccer 2,3,4; Class President 2, 3,4; Yearbook Staff 3; FFA 1,2,3, 4; Bachelors Club 3,4; Projection- ist Club 1; Homeroom Play 1,2,4; Tri-County FFA 1,2,3,4; Farm and Home Week Cornell 2,3,4. LEIGH MYERS Basketball 4; Soccer 3,4; Bachelors Club 3,4; Archery Club 3; History Club 4. ARM AND LEONARD Student Council 1,2,3,4; Vice President Champlain Valley Feder- ation of Student Councils 4; Citi- zenship Conference 3,4; Farm and Home Week Cornell 2,3,4; FFA 1, €,3,4; Tri-County FFA 1,2,3,4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball Band 1; Dance Band 4; Yearbook Advertising Manager; CCIL One- Act Play 2; All-State Band 3; All- County Band 3,4; Homeroom Play 1,2,3; Basketball Manager 2; Bas- ketball Score Keeper 3,4.CLARA NEPHEW LORRAINE PATNODE ROBERT PATNODE National Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 4; Library Club 1,2,3; Cho- rus 1,2,3,4; Press Club 1,2,3,4; Homeroom Assembly 1; Yearbook Layout Editor 3; Homeroom Presi- dent 1; Co-Editor of Ellenburg Times 4. Press Club 1,2,3,4; Senior Chorus 1,2,3; History Club 4; Girls' Intra- murals 4; Girls' Mechanics 3; Trim Club 2. Projectionist Club 1,2,3; Bachelors' Club 4; Sports Club 1; Band 1,2,3; Boys Intramurals 4; Soccer 2,3. JOAN PEETS Senior Chorus 1,2,3,4; Press Club 1,2,3,4; Trim Club 2; History Club 3; Girls' Intramurals 4. WAYNE RABIDEAU Student Council 2,3,4; Bachelors' Club 3,4; Basketball 1,3,4; Base- ball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,3,4; Arch- ery 1,2; Projectionist Club 1,2,3; Senior Play; Homeroom Play 1,2,3; History Club 4; Senior Chorus 1, 2.ARTHUR RUBADO Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Bachelors' Clu6 3,4; Boys' Intra murals 1,2; Class Secretary 1,2; Senior Chorus 2; Arts and Crafts 1; Timekeeper 3,4; Soccer 3,4; Senior Play; Home- , - Pl.y «. 7KM1 inr n .19 SANDRA RYAN Senior High Chorus 1,2,3,4; Press Club 1,2,3,4; Library Club 1,2,3, 4; Co-Manager of Senior Supply Store; A11-County Chorus; Year- book Typist. AUDREY TROMBLY Press Club 1,2,3,4; Girls' Intra- murals 1,4; Trim Club 2; Senior High Chorus 2,3,4; Girls' Home Mechanics 3; National Honor So- ciety 3,4. IRENE ROCK Junior Band 1; Junior Library 1; All- County Band 3; All-State Band 3,4; Girls' Intramurals 2,3,4; Senior Band 2,3,4; Senior Library Club 2, 3,4; Homeroom Play 2. SHIRLEY VENNE Pep Band 4; Senior Band 1,2,3,4; Golden Eagle 4-H 1,2,3; Girls' In- tramurals 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 4; Girls' Shop 4; Dance Band 4; Homeroom Play 3; All- County Band 3; All-State Band 4. JANE WELCH One-Act Play 3; Homeroom Play 3; Senior Play; Girls' Mechanics 3,4; Girls' Intramurals 4j History Club 4.Lett to Right: John LeClair, Susan Decosse, Wayne Rabideau, Janice Cayea, Jane Welch, Nina Duval, Ronald Lafave, Wanda Cayea, Kenneth Lafave, Bette Harrold, Arthur Rubado.Most Athletic SHIRLEY VENNE WAYNE RABIDEAU Most Likely to Succeed BETTY HARROLD ARMAND LEONARD Most Talented NINA DUVAL ARMAND LEONARDc 5uperfaiwes Most Courteous JANICE CAYEA KENNETH LAFAVE Friendliest CLARA NEPHEW ARM AND LEONARD Wittiest YVONNE BULRISS LEIGH MYERSwAdvisors: MRS. CATHERINE BARRY MR. LOUIS CORDONE President----- Vice President Secretary - - - Treasurer - - - OFFICERS: - PETE BARBER LEONA SILVER HELEN LAGREE DAVID MOORE ROW 1, Left to Right; Howard Barber, Robert Stevens, Dale McPherson, Richard Boadway, Robert Coryer, Wendell Brooks, Robert Spoor, Craig Treggett, Ronald Rushford, David Moore, Richard Cole, Leo Trombly, Phillip Sunderland. ROW 2: Maureen Trombly, Mary Malark, Alberta Varin, Esther Potter, Joan Under- wood, Dorothy Canavan, Kay Hobbs, Shirley Charette, Anita Leonard, Janice Barcomb. ROW 3; Helen Lagree, Elizabeth Knighton, Shirley Peets, Leona Silver, Darlene Nichols, Shirley Williamson, Stella Lagree, Judy Sprague, Barbara Peets, Jean Barcomb, Alice Taylor. Absent: Sandra Lashway, Richard Paul.OFFICERS President--------------------------LEON BILOW Vice President..................JEAN SMYTHE Secretary.......................GAIL MAGOON Treasurer...................WILLIAM PATNODE Advisors MISS MILDRED McGREGOR MR. SYMOND DAVIS ROW 1, Left to Right; Brent Trombly, Louis Patnode, Francis LaClair, Stephen Drown, Garry Yelle, Leon Bilow, George Trombly, Joseph Honan, Michael Fritz, Lorin LaBombard, Dana Grover, Larry Pre- vo, Richard Bond, Ronald LaGoy. ROW 2; Jack Ashline, Ivan Boyea, William Patnode, Wayne Rowe, Judy Rushford, Ann Matroni, Janice Goodell, Dale Chilton, Loulabel Bushey, Reginald Porter, Patrick McPherson, Thomas Baker, Roland Blow. ROW 3; Christina Miller, Jean Smythe, Eleanor Tacy, Carol Stewart, Nancy Dominic, Joan Miller, James LeClair, Alice Thibeau, Charles LeClair, Shirley Miller, Marie Peryea, Claire Malark, Barbara Recore. ROW 4; Gail Magoon, Rose Dupuis, Lorraine Smith, Carol Stark, Alberta Rogers, Sandra Baxter, Patricia Parent, Nancy Rowe, Theresa Gokey, Judy Vincent. ABSENT; Jean Dunn, Shannon Finlayson, Patricia LaPoint.( ass of 1962 President------ Vice President Secretary - - - Treasurer - - • CLASS OFFICERS .............TIMOTHY LECLAIR ..................GARY PEETS ............‘MARGARET DUBREY ...............MELVIN SPOOR Advisors: MRS. RYON MR. DAMOUR ROW 1, Left to Right: Melvin Spoor, A Id on Boadway, Marshall LeClair, Donald Bombard, Jerome Harris. John Tallman, Clement Whalen, Errol Bracey, Gary Peets, Robert Robare, Roger Charette, Roger La- Bombard, Royal Charene, Rodney LeClair. ROW 2: Timothy LeClair, Larry Moore, Vernon Malark, Raymond Barber, John Whalen, Gary Ryan, Gerald Silver, Dicky Gilmore, Dickie Barcomb, Foster Poupore, Winston DeCoste, Gerald Burnell, Joseph Robare, Robert Huminston, Paul Varin, Robert Underwood, Joseph Decosse. ROW 3: Nancy Trombley, Connie Harris, Margaret Dubrey, Ellen Moore, Bernice King, Frances Rubado, Linda Chilton, Linda Lashway, Lorraine Nephew, Phyllis Venne, Dianne Gregory. ROW 4: Theresa Dupuis, Audrey Smith, Betsey Besaw, Judy Lashway, Sharon Nephew, Eunice Barcomb, Marie Smith, Dorothy Yelle, Carol Tourville, Phyllis Peets, Sharon Hebert. Absent: Elaine Rock, Tom Patnode, Norma Hall.ROW 1, Left to Right: Lawrence Pickering. Leonard Prevo, Gary LaBarge, Lawrence LaGree, Paul LaGree, Robert Parent. Alan Lafave, Michael Marlow. ROW 2: Sally LaPoint. Kathleen Manor, Joan Rinn, Carol Whalen. Sandra Blow. Virginia Barcomb. Judy Drown, Marion Guerin. ROW 3: Jeffrey LaMountain, David Baker, Harvey Hart, Ralph Hall, David Drown, Lawrence Dominic. ROW 4: Glenda Smith, Shirley LaBombard, Carol Barber, Rita Canavan, Darlene Carter, Nancy LaBarre, Jacqueline Perry, Veronica Taylor, Mr. Supley, (Teacher). ( cJrac e ROW 1, Left to Right: Mike Bohon, Billy Besaw, Larry LaBarge, Albert Bond, Roland Barcomb, Richard LeClair, Albert LaPoint. ROW 2: Leonard Trombley, Edward Taylor, Kenneth Lagree, Marshall Miner, Gary Patnode, Dale LaClair. ROW 3: Elaine Tourville, Colleen Rock, Garnett Baker, Jane Drown, Martha Lagree, Gloria McDonald, Lorraine Charette. ROW 4: Janet Gagnier, Gail Poupore, Joan Wiley, Mary Dominic, Patsy Perrotte, Donna Reynolds, Carol Hart, Mr. Ryan (Teacher). Absent: Lyla Hall, Jack Finlayson, Gary Mesec, Robert Sunderland. ROW 1, Left to Right: Irving Monette, Leigh Chilton, Richard Perrotte, Antoine Barber, David King, Fred Bruso, Joseph Stewart. ROW 2: Conrad Frennier, Keith LeClair, Gerald Soucia, Joseph Moore, Lowell Barcomb, Calvin Cheeseman, Richard Boyea, Gary Lagasse, Roger Ryan. ROW 3: Manya Manor, Bonnie Scott, Hilda Potter, Catherine Pike, Donna Bilow, Judy Nephew, Phyllis Smith. ROW 4: Linda Tourville, Marie Poupore, Sharon Boadway, Joann Coryea, Marsha LaBarre, Gail Barcomb, Cynthia Lloyd, Karin Lounge, Mrs. Seneca I, (Teacher). c5event 2 (jracfe ROW 1. Left to Right: Craig Cashman, Allen Rubado, Larry Smith, Norman Jock, David Trombly, William Scott. ROW 2: Wayne Lounge, Edgar Gagnier, Everett Ormsbee, Morris LaBombard, David McNeil, Allen Trombly, Robert Gibson. ROW 3: Frances LaFreneier, Patsy La Clair, Patsy Soper, Linda Magoon, Diane LaBarre, Linda Myers, Nancy Perrotte. ROW 4: June Parent, Barbara Nephew, Janet LaClair, Merilda Miller, Sharon Brooks, Priscilla Varin, Margaret Rushford, Mrs. Gagnier, (Teacher). Absent: Virginia Rabideau.ROW 1, Left to Right: Charlotte La Clair, Lillian Gregory, Gerald La Barre, Kay Brooks, Ronald Poupore, Jerraine LaPoint, Earl Gregory, Theresa Taliman, Robert Smith, Carl Ormsbee, Roiland Magoon. ROW 2: Sandra La Clair, Judy Barcomb, Donna Gregory, Merrilda Trombley, Myrtle Eldred, Leona LaClair, Mrs. Wood, (Teacher). Absent: Florence LeCiair, Donald LeClair, Patricia Decosse. Seven y it i (Jrac e — Sixth cjrar e ROW 1: Kenneth Prevo, Michael Canavan, Billy Fritz, Roger Reyell, Gary LeClair, Garry Rushford, Wayne Recore, Martin Gregory, James McNeil. ROW 2: Evelyn McPherson, Sandra Mashtare, Mary Bush, Jeanne Rock, Alice Chagnon, Irlene Bond, Caroline Collins, James Wright. ROW 3: Janice Treggett, Rose Trombley, Judy Wiley, Patricia Honsinger, Nathalie Thibeau, Geraldine Watson, Dale Smith, Joan LeClair, Hilda Manor. ROW 4: Billy Taylor, Larry Barcomb, Darrell Moore, Terry Cayea, Glen Gagnier, Mrs. Trombly, (Teacher). Absent: Tommy Silver.ROW lf Left to Right: Lee Yelle, Michael Relja, Hunt True, Michael McPherson, Reginald Vennette, Richard Lapoint, Bruce Nichols, Donald Gregory, Mae Peryea, Sarah Tallman. ROW 2: Pauline Dupuis, Jane Lafreniere, Andree Taylor, Janet Baker, Charlene Boyea, Sharon Smith, Gayle Lafreniere, Lorraine Rock. ROW 3: Sandra Finlayson, Bernadette Malark, Audrey Tourville, Madora Trombley, Carol Trombly, Linda Jock, Geraldine LeClair, Lona Smith. ROW 4: John Decosse, Ronald Quensel, Roger Bilow, Ronald Goodrow, Wayne Frennier, Leonard LaClair, Mrs. Nichols, (Teacher). Absent: Carol Rabideau. Six A ROW 1, Left to Right: Warren Patnode, Pearl Monette, Grace LeClair, Byron Patnode, Thomas LaPoint, Anice LaClair, Howard Begore, Arthur Meseck, Gerald Dupuis, John Premo. ROW 2: Rodney Williamson, Anna Garrow, Connie Chilton, Dale Nichols, Gary Porter, Linda Cook, Brenda Desmarais, Robert Harrigan, Leon Poupore. ROW 3: Marlene Boyea, Pearl Baker, Gloria Dupuis, Carmie Williamson, Doris Harris, Sharron Vincent, Linda Trombley, Susan Myers, Mary LeClair. ROW 4: Dale LaBarge, Lloyd Miner, Joseph Rogers, George Lafave, Billy Perrotte, Mrs. Huggins, (Teacher).ROW 1, Left to Right: Gary Lashway, James Rinn, Francis LaClair, Carla Treggett, Mary Lapoint, Myrtle Minckier, Dianne Soucia, Elaine Patnode. ROW 2: Richard Decosse, James Colgan, Valerie Honsinger, Margaret Woods, Leona Leonard, Elaine Lapoint, Cornelia McPherson, Margaret Morrison, Diana Thibeau, Randy Trombly. ROW 3: Terry Chilton, Lanny Sprague, Linda Miller, Mary Williamson, Paulette Bilow, Susan Relja. ROW 4: Robert Dominic, Paul King, Richard Rowe, George Lagree, Kenneth Harris, Dale Carter, James Lafave, Mrs. White, (Teacher). Absent: Gerard McDonald, Susan Finalyson. T'lftfi CJrac e — Jourt i Qracfe ROW 1, Left to Right: Regena Whalen, Gary Dunn, Betty Underwood, Judy Leclair, Judy Barber, Shirley Monette, Keven Leclair, Linda Ryan. ROW 2: Robert Tourville, Raleigh Eldred, Theresa Leclair, Judy Bilow, Wayne Magoon, Nancy Colgan, Darrell Leclair, Stephen Douglas, Conrad Lashway, Nancy La- point, Linda LaBombard. ROW 3: Richard Finley, Donna Boyea, Sharon Yelle, Leon Varin, Sherry Hart, Wilfred Meseck, Joanne Legasse, Dennis LaBombard, Mrs. Carter, (Teacher).ROW 1, Left to Right: Conrad Spoor, James Rubado, Corrine LaClair, Leaf Larrabee, Robert Drown, Isabella Decosse, Sandra Perreault. ROW 2: Kathleen LeClair, Betty LaPoint, Lorraine Prevo, Paulette Mesick, Rita Geroux, Linda Demarse, Ann Shutts, Roland Miller, Sylvia Gokey, Jane LaBarre, Gregory LaBarre. ROW 3: Glenda Watts, Theresa Malark, Linda Lafrennier, Evelyn LaFave. ROW 4: Jay Boyea, Joseph McPherson, Wayne Poupore, Roy Vanderbogart, Donald Parent, Larry Hicks, Mrs. Chilton, (Teacher). Absent: Lee Lashway. fourt i Jrac e ROW 1, Left to Right: Maureen Peryea, Thomas Marlow, Herbert Collins, Betty Whalen, Irene Stark. ROW 2: Robert Goodrow, Cora Jane Brooks, Trudy Crowley, Bonita Nichols. ROW 3: Russell Bilow, Patrick McNeil, Sandra Lashway, Linda Gokey, Marilyn Lafave. ROW 4: Sharon Finley, Susan Manor, Deborah True, Janet Lagasse, Patty Tourville, Cynthia Hall. ROW 5: Carl Tourvilie, Willard Meseck, Robert Geroux, William Poupore, Vivian Varin, Lester Trombley, Lester Nephew, Mrs. Carpenter, (Teacher). Absent: Donald Cook, David LaBombard.ROW 1, Left to Right: Michel Bruyere, Donald LaPoint, Genevieve LaPoint, Mary Gregory, Allen Peryea, Terry LeClair, Herbert Recore. ROW 2: Eli Smith, Naomi Bishop, Richard Charette, Garry Soucia, Linda Ormsbee. ROW 3: Harold LeGree, Sandra LaPoint, Albert Peryea, Micheline Bruyere, Mr. Coveney, (Teacher). ROW 1, Left to Right: Paula Relja, Susan Morrison, Gary Carter, Paul Premo, Donald Recore, Eugean McDonald, Leon Rushford, Nancy Harrigan, Gerard LaBarre, Rachel Nephew, Rita Patnode. ROW 2: Arlene Finlayson, Ellyas Decoste, Candy Delong, Arlene Barcomb, Carol Parent. ROW 3: Edith Stark, Dannie lie Hoff, Diane Poupore, Roger McDonald, Roland Curry, Laura Rogers, Herbert Robare, Marguerite Barcomb, Lois Carter. ROW 4: Ellen Shea, Lyn Baker, Ronald Trombly, Daniel Damour, Brent Colgan, Leonard Drown, Sandra Ormsbee, Mrs. Treggett, (Teacher). Absent: David Smith, Craig Miller.ROW 1, Left to Right: Miss Kellogg, (Cadet Teacher), Paul Robare, Allen Defayette, Gordon Tourville, Francis Labarge, Jimmy Magoon, Ray Blow, Raymond Laclair, Wayne Cashman, Robert Crowley, Dale Goodrow. ROW 2: Mary Miller, Donna Frennier, Diane LaPoint, Ross Williamson, Joanne Demarais, Lora Lee La Valley, Nancy Brooks, Delbert Hart, Ronnie Douglas. ROW 3: Alex Doodick, Eugene Le- Clair, Helen Dupuis, Angela Premo, Alan Thibeau, Billy Ryan, David McPherson. ROW 4: Eunice Dupuis, Deborah Smith, Joan Gonyea, Jane Dominic, Gloria Sequin, Mrs. Drown, (Teacher). Absent: Darlene Rowe, Karen Barcomb, Betty Gokey. (Jracfe — Second (Jracfe ROW 1, Left to Right: David Perrotte, Raymond Trombley, Gary LaBarge, Patrick Collins, Nancy Rinn, Garth Blow. ROW 2: Wayne Tourville, Gloria Trombley, Diane Bilow, Susan Recore, Jeanne Rubado, Richard Rushford. ROW 3: Stanley LaBarre, Constance Duffina, Patricia Boadway, Lorraine Perreault, Linda Fournier, Linda Lagasse, Dora Recore, Pamela DeLong, Ona Mae Yelle, James Lafreniere. ROW 4: Gary Underwood, Michael Curry, Ronald Goodman, Terry Trombly, Mark Williamson, Andrew Rock, Mrs. Chase, (Teacher).ROW 1, Left to Right: Colleen Nephew, Anne LaClair, Rita Marlow, Linda Forrett. ROW 2: Robert Whalen, Frances LaClair, Glenn Watts, Deborah Barcomb, Donna Sears, Terry Wiley, Darlene Quesnel, Paul Boyea. ROW 3: James Tourville, Wanda Carter, Selvajean Magoon, Linda LeClair, Aleta Lashway, Sheila Smith, Molly Finlayson, Lorin Trombley. ROW 4: Roy Coryea, Stephen McDonald, Reginald Trombley, Julian LaClair, Lewis Barcomb, Stephen Magoon, Michael Colgan, Robert Rushford. Mrs. Rubado, (Teacher). Absent: Dennis Decosse, Gary Rabideau, Yvonne Willett. Second cJrac e ROW 1, Left to Right: Larry Cayea, John Patnode, Christine Lloyd, Peggy Hogan, Gerrard Miner, Mark Cook. ROW 2: Anna Mae Woods, Allen Tourville, Charles Shatraw, Marion Moore, Isabell Spoor, Pamela Honsinger, Don Nichols, Scott Rowe. ROW 3: Robert Hobbs, Sandra Cook, Barbara Poupore, Linda LaBarre, Patricia Nichols, Karen Bonneau, Gary Rondo. ROW 4: Calvin Sears, Robert Chilton, Robert Vanderbogart, Billy Collins, Danny LeClair, Miss Baxter, (Teacher). Absent: Patsy O Donnell, Margaret Douglas.ROW 1, Left to Right: Armand Blow, Donald Lafountain, Edward LaPoint, Charles Rinn, Everett Peryea, Conrad McDonald. ROW 2; Lynn Gregory, Bernard Gregory, David Manor, John Bishop, Mary Rogers. ROW 3: Colleen Peryea, Ronald Whalen, Paul Gregory, Jimmy Rogers, Winfred Recore, Mrs. Maynard, Teacher. "T'irst and decond Adrade — "J'jrsi Jrade ROW 1, Left to Right: Rose Mary Patnode, Virginia Rushford, Patricia Seguin, Katherine Laclair, Rich- ard Colgan, Rodney Lashway. ROW 2; Daniel Demarais, Judy Dunn, John Leclair, Claire Hoff, Debbie Williamson, Arthur Frennier. ROW 3: Roland Bruyere, Marsha Morrison, Bert Trombley, James Shutts, Alma Goodell, Alba Goodell, Thomas Goodman, Darwin Decoste, Sheila Duval, Daniel LaPoint. ROW 4: Keith Forrett, Kevin Boyea, Douglas Bow, Clinton Harris, Leonard Charette, Leslie Trombley, Miss Good- speed, Teacher. ABSENT: Curtis Barcomb, Mona Glaude.ROW 1, Left to Right; Francis Barcomb, Debbie Lamoy, David Lapoint, David Drown, Deanna Nephew, Margaret Gibson, Terry Ryan, Garvin Demarais, Connie Rock, Randall Frenniere. ROW 2: Jean Therrian, Suzan Delong, Wanda Tourville, Star Pecore. ROW 3: Reginald Poupore, Grace Lafave, William Tour- ville, Eva La Clair, Edwin Nichols, Margaret Gonyea, Dennis Gregory, Peggy Collins, Roger Trombley, ROW 4: Gilles Brunet, Linda Fumia, Herman Dupuis, Neal Cook, Pauline Perreault, Brent Smith, Mrs. Cordone, (Teacher). ROW 1, Left to Right; Francis Canavan, Stephen Bracey, Donald Manor, Cathy Norton, Christine Harrigan. ROW 2: David Damour, Roger Lafrenniere, Denise Martin, Stephen Drown, Donald McNeil, Lester Armstrong, Barbara Peryea. ROW 3: Daniel Barcomb, Ronald Hicks, Claude Bobbie, Sylvia Meseck, Mary Jane Fritz, Linda Rock, Brenda Rock, Mary Chilton, Diana Wells, Mary Jo Hogan. ROW 4: David Rubado, Gary Cayea, George Moore, Gary Recore, Wayne Trombley, Steven Goodman, Gerald Duffina, Miss Harton, (Cadet Teacher), Mrs. Santimore, (Teacher).ROW 1, Left to Right: Linus Bobbie, Amos LeClair, Patrick Curry, Doreen Boyea, Diane Shea, Brenda Chase, Rose Mary Magoon, Dennis LaBarre, Anthony LeClair, Barbara Miller, Sharon Trombly, Jonathan Gregory, Judy Tallman, Penny Honsinger. ROW 2: Allen Carter, Sharlene Spoor, Laura Mae Malark, Katherine Mesick, Rolland Dupuis, Christopher DuBrey, Carl Trombley. ROW 3: Frank Saguine, Mary Trombley, John Shutts, Floyd Collins, Robert DeLong, Darwin LeClair, Mrs. Gadway, (Teacher). K n cferyarten ROW 1, Left to Right; James Bany, Connie Sears, Dennis Moore, Reynolds, Kay Woods. ROW 2: James Cayea, Charles Frennier, Robert Supernaw. ROW 3: Roger Peets, Jerry Tourville, Pamela Damour, Kim Tolosky, Susan LaBarre, Susan Thibeau. ROW 4: Premo, Doreen Magoon, Hollie Decoste, Mrs. Noel, (Teacher). Marlene LaPoint. Paul McDonald, Giesele Gagnier, Susan Charles Vanderbogart, Danny Rabideau, Lamoy, Michael Vanderbogart, Dickie Patty LaValley, Deborah Cayea, Martha Absent: Ernest Guerin, Gary Guerin,ROW 1, Left to Right: Peggy Laciair, Ronny LaBombard, Bonnie Drown, Kevin Finlayson, Helen Gibson, ROW 2: Lary Trombley, Linda Peryea, Debby Pecor, Glenda Peryea, Billy VanNortwick. ROW 3: Louis Gonyo, Danny Laciair, Ronny Charette, Beverly Rushford Melvin Lashway, Joan Silver, Billy Dominic. ROW 4: Nolan LaBombard, Susan Therrian, Tommy W ctc, Larry Morrison, Margaret LaBarre, Ricky Reyor, Randy Smith, Jeanne Leclair, Mrs. Bailey, (Teacher) Absent: Micheai Babbie, Francis Gokey. 5. G cS. nuns ROW 1, Left to Right: Gary LaBarge, Larry LaBarge, Richard Barcomb, Roland Barcomb. ROW 2: Wilfred Meseck, Willard Meseck, Alan Peryea, Albert Peryea, Dennis LaBombard, David LaBombard, Robert Rushford, Richard Rushford. ROW 3: Linda Peryea, Glenda Peryea, Alma Goodeli, Alba Goodell, Brenda Rock, Linda Rock. Heigh-ho! sing heigh-ho! unto the green holly; Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly: Then, heigh-ho, the holly! This life is most jolly! SHAKESPEAREThis organization is the governing body of our school. The E. C.S. Student Council is a member of the Champlain Valley Federation of Student Councils, the New York State Association of Student Councils, and The National Association of Student Councils. OFFICERS President - -- -- -- -- -- -- NINA DUVAL Vice President ---------- - WAYNE RABIDEAU Secretary ----------—JUDY SPRAGUE Treasurer - -- -- -- -- -- -RICHARD COLE Student ( Council Cation a Jfonor Society The members of this organization are Juniors and Seniors who are recognized for high scholastic achievement. An average of 85 or above, throughout their high school year, must be obtained by them. This hon- or is national and the names of the mem- bers are recorded in Washington. OFFICERS President.....................NINA DUVAL Vice President-----------BETTE HAROLD Secretary-Treasurer-------JANICE CA YEAAs a member of the Empire State School Press Association, Press Club publishes "The Elleoburg Times” monthly. The members become familiar with the various branches of journalism as a part of their club work. STAFF Editor-in-Chief............JANICE CAYEA Associate Editors---SHIRLEY WILLIAMSON CLARA NEPHEW Les Jeunes Amies de la France, the Young Friends of France, is made up of many of the students studying French. The purpose of their club is to become better acquainted with the French language, customs and peo- ple. OFFICERS President.....................ROSE DUPUIS Vice President.....................THERESA GOKEY Secretary-Treasurer-----------LEONA SILVERSenior Library Club members are students in grades ten, eleven, and twelve who enjoy working in the library. They assist the librarian in the performance of various duties necessary to keep the library running efficiently. c Senior ll y i 3 ibrary G ub Junior llicj i Library ( fub The same duties are performed by these club members who are students in seventh, eighth, and ninth grades.The activities of this club are to learn how to fix home appliances, to do household repair tasks, and to obtain knowledge which will prove to be valua- ble in future years. This club is becoming very popular with the girls in school. The members of this club are boys who like to eat and to cook—just for fun. Expenses are met by small weekly dues.Girls' Intramurals provides an opportunity for'competition in team sports. The girls participate dur- ing club periods and take pan in play days at Ellenburg and at other schools. They become better ac- quainted with sports activities. Because of the popularity of this club, it is divided into two groups. The students of seventh and eighth grades take pan in the same general activities. They play such team spons as basketball, field hockey, soccer, volleyball and softball.The purpose of this club is to provide team competition for boys who do not participate in junior varsity or vanity athletics. The club improves the athletic skills of students in the following sports: soccer, basketball, baseball and softball. The membership of this popular club is steadily increasing. It has become necessary to form a separate club for the seventh and eighth grade boys.future ?armers of 31, merica The primary aim of FFA is the de- velopment of agriculture leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. This club is a member of the national organiza- tion. Members participate in the pro- grams of work set up by every chapter, each state association and the national organization. OFFICERS President.........................JOHN LECLAIR Vice President-----------JAMES LECLAIR Secretary.............ARMAND LEONARD Treasurer--------. FRANCIS BOADWAY Reporter..............RONALD LAFAVE 'Junior J.J. Jl. The purpose of Junior FFA is to prepare students for membership in the Fu- ture Farmers of America. The seventh and eighth grade members of this club work on projects in the field of dairying. OFFICERS President and Vice Presi- dent - RONALD BARCOMB Secretary------------- GARY BOMBARD Treasurer------------- LARRY DOMINIC Jo Jen S ar 4- f GJuf) The Golden Star 4-H Club is com- posed of members who do not have a community club. The membership in- cludes both grade and high school stu- dents. Song Leaders WILLIAM FRITZ WILLIAM TAYLORCc enbury ( ay e A) orAers Ellenburg Eagle Yorkers, a chapter of the New York State Historical Asso- ciation, has membership limited to sen- ior high students. It promotes interest in Local and State history by sponsoring exhibits, taking field trips, inviting lo- cal people to talk at meetings and par- ticipating in group projects. President...........ESTHER POTTER Vice President----------GAIL HART Secretary...........ELLEN MOORE Treasurer-----------WAYNE ROWE Reporter.......GEORGE TROMBLEY History Hunters Ellenburg History Hunt- ers is a Yorker Chapter of the New York State Histor- ical Association with mem- bership open to students in 7th, 8th and 9th grades. It’s purpose is to study Lo- cal and State history by means of projects, field trips and discussions. At- tendance at the Adirondack District Jamboree in April is a highlight of the year. Tluto () ub The purpose of this club is to study parts of automobiles and learn how to construct Hot Rods. OFFICERS President.............ROBERT SPOOR Vice President.................JOHN BOHON Secretary-------FRANCIS BOADWAY Treasurer------------ROBERT CORYER Su6 De6 Gfu6 The purpose of this club is to encourage good grooming, and personality development, to study how to wear hair and clothes, and learn how to get along with families and friends. President------ Vice President Secretary - - - OFFICERS .........PATSY PERROTTE ............ CAROL HART .............DONNA BILOW j ioioyrap i y C ub The purpose of this club is to give interested students an opportunity to explore the field of photography. In this area we propose to learn the techniques of developing, printing, and en- larging negatives. OFFICERS President......................DALE McPHERSON Vice President..................WINSTON DECOSSE Secretary.......................... MARIE SMITH Treasurer - -....................ROBERT ROB ARE een- Aye iooJt C )fu6 In order to help boys and girls enjoy reading more, the Teen-Age Book Club was formed. The purpose is to create a desire to read and to have the pupils become acquainted with the works of many authors, which they might not otherwise know. President------ Vice President Secretary - - • Treasurer - - - OFFICERS ..............JOAN RINN ..........JUDY NEPHEW .........DONNA REYNOLDS .............CAROL HARTATHLETICS O! It is excellent To have a giant’s strength; but it is tyrannous To use it like a giant. SHAKESPEARELeft to Right; John Leclair, Bobby Stevens, Leigh Myers, Dick Cole, Wayne Rabideau, David Moore, Billy Honsinger, Ronnie Lafave, Kenny Lafave, Robert Spoor.Left to Right: George Trombly, Ronald Rushford, Leon Bilow, Mike Fritz, Gary Peets, Errol Bracey, David Moore, Clement Whalen, Wayne Rowe, Dick Gilmore, Foster Poupore, Bobby Stevens, James LeClair, Jack Ashline. MR. SYMOND DAVIS, CoachUft to Right: Judy Sprague, Wanda Cayea, Stella Lagree, Janice Barcomb, Nina Duval, Maureen Trombly. MISS ELIZABETH LALONDELeft to Right: Bette Harrold, Darlene Nichols, Judy Lashway, Janice Cayea, Carol Begore, Sharon Hebert.ROW 1, Left to Right: Leo Trombley, Kenneth Lafave, Wayne Rabideau, Leigh Myers, Mr. Symond Davis, Arthur Rubado, Michael Fritz, Robert Coryer, Gary Yelle, Lorin LaBombard, Dana Grover. ROW 2: Richard NcNeil, Ronald Lafave, Craig Treggett, John Whalen, Richard Cole, Stephen Drown, Robert Robare, Wayne Perrotte, Roger LaBombard. ROW 3: Phillip Sunderland, John LeClair, Winston Decosse, Robert Stevens, Patrick McPherson, William Patnode, Gerald Silver, Joseph Robare, David King. ROW 1, Left to Right: Leo Trombley, David Moore, Wayne Rabideau, Mr. James Fritz, Kenneth La- fave, Robert Stevens, Richard McNeil. ROW 2: Richard Cole, Ronald Lafave, John LeClair.ADVERTISERS Tbis above all — to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. SHAKESPEARECompliments of ALTAMONT MILK COMPANY ALTAMONT ICE CREAM CO. Tupper Lake, New York CONKLIN'S DINER Good Food, Ice Cream Kodak Films and Supplies Ellenburg Depot, N. Y. Family King Regular Keep All Three on Hand SCOTT'S I. G. A. Ellenburg Depot, N. Y. Phone 4421 HICKS VAN ARMAN Electrical Contractors Ellenburg, New York Phone 2566 or 4401 On Foot Wear for Every One in the Family Compliments of PHIL’S BOOTERY Chateaugay, N. Y. PLATTSBURGH DISCOUNT STORE W earing Apparel for [(STOP) the Entire Family 'and SAVE AT Rt. 3 Plattsburgh, N. Y. Top Quality Low Prices MILLER PAPER SCHOOL SUPPLIES P. O. Box 507 North Adams, MassachusettsCompliments of Compliments of PARENT'S GROCERY THE HYDE DRUG CO. Chateaugay, New York Malone, New York Compliments of Compliments of WM. A. EMPSALL CO. KRIFF'S FURNITURE STORE Malone, New York Chateaugay and Malone Compliments of Compliments of VERN'S MARKET DR. JOHN J. MAHONEY Malone, New York Chateaugay, New York WRIGHT FURNITURE OUTLET, INC. Telephone 2081 Ellenburg Depot, N. Y. High Quality - Low Prices Compliments of HOTEL CHATEAUGAY Chateaugay, New York Compliments of NORTH FRANKLIN MARION'S RESTAURANT "A Good Place to Eat" R. PILON and E. R. PREGENT Props. Malone, New York AUTOMOBILE DEALERS WEST END SERVICE STATION WEST END MOTEL ASSOCIATION Chateaugay DOT AND DON JONES REMILLARD'S GIFT SHOP Religious Articles Chateaugay, New York Malone, New York MALONE AUTO PARTS 415 East Main Street Malone, New York Phone 100Compliments of S. L. DROWN SONS, INC. Ellenburg Depot, New York Phone 477 1 For Everything in the Line of Insurance TIERNEY-CARON INSURANCE AGENCY 90 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Phone 1041For House Trailers Where You Buy With Confidence CATALINA TRAILER SALES Morrisonville Road Plattsburgh, New York Compliments of RAE OIL COMPANY Esso Products Malone, N. Y. PERRETTA'S MARKET Meats of All Kinds Phone 1939 Malone Jet. Elm Street Road Compliments of HELEN'S DINER West Main St. Road Now Features Curb Service Malone, N. Y. Tel. 4030 SWEET'S AUTO REPAIRS Welding Chateaugay, New York BOYNTON'S The North Country's Finest Shoe Store 96 Margaret St. Plattsburgh, New York STOUGHTON’S JEWELERS Cor. Bridge and City Hall PI. Authorized Agency for Bulova - Elgin - Hamilton Benrus - Longines Wittnauer Watches Plattsburgh, N. Y. Phone 322 Compliments of BEGORE'S SHOE REPAIR TILO ROOFING CO. Complete Line of New Shoes 284 Margaret St. Phone 2701 Plattsburgh, N. Y. Ellenburg Depot, N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of MONTGOMERY WARD ANDERSON'S GARAGE Malone, N. Y. Chateaugay, N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of M. L. ELSTEIN A FRIEND Star Quality Clothes Malone, N. Y.Compliments of BOYEA BAKING COMPANY Plattsburgh, N. Y. Leading the Parade of Greater Values NATIONAL ARMY STORE CORP. 95-99 Margaret Street Plattsburgh, New York ANGELO'S RESTAURANT Bakery and Delicatessen BOYER BRAY 124 Margaret Street BODY AND FENDER SHOP Phone 366 - Plattsburgh 421 E. Main St. Malone, N. Y. NORTHERN HARDWARE CO. Compliments of INC. HELEN'S DINER Sporting Goods, Accessories 98-100 East Main St. Malone, N. Y. Malone, N. Y. Phone 159 Compliments of Compliments of BRADY'S YOUTH CENTER SALLY'S Outfits for Boys and Girls Malone, New York Malone, N. Y. JEFFERSON'S SERVICE STATION Compliments of Mobil Gas and Oils PETERSON'S LUNCHEONETTE Mobil Tires and Tubes 127 East Main St. Phone 722 Chateaugay, New York Compliments of Compliments of WILLIAMSON OFFICE MEYERS MARKET SUPPLY CO. Malone, New York Merrill, N. Y. Phone 4264 Compliments of Compliments of LAPHAM FILION MOBILE HOMES PETE BOZEDLOWSKI GROCERY AND TRANSPORT Tel. Plattsburgh 573 or 188 Merrill, N. Y. Phone 2155 Compliments of SAUMIER MEYERS DRUG STORE SHELL STATION Plattsburgh, N. Y. Chateaugay, N. Y.Compliments of CARPENTER ADAMS Feed - Fertilizer - Fuel Ellenburg Depot New York Phone 432 1 Hardware - Housewares Sporting Goods Gift Shop A. H. MARSHALL CO. , INC. Plattsburgh, N. Y. LEVY BROTHERS Wholesale Distributors Phone 332 171 S. Catherine St. Plattsburgh, N. Y. G.L.F. Farmer Owned Farmer Controlled Petroleum Service Gasoline - Fuel Oil - Kerosene Phone 2001 Service Store Feed - Farm Supplies - Seed Ellenburg Depot Phone 4431 Compliments of DEPOT LUMBER COMPANY "Everything for Your Building Needs" Ellenburg Depot Telephone 4811Compliments of SUPLiEY 'S SUNOCO SERVICE Merrill, N. Y. Phone 2155 TREMCO MANUFACTURING COMPANY Cleveland 4, Ohio u.$.ttoyai G G GARAGE Plattsburgh, New York Compliments of PATNODE'S GARAGE Churubusco, New York Phone 3369 Compliments of CLINTON COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Plattsburgh, New York C. F. EMLING COMPANY Institution Food Specialties 2305 West Erie Street Chicago 12, IllinoisBOYER MONUMENT WORKS C. R. BOYER, Prop. Phone 779 Opposite Fair Grounds Malone, New York BLAIR AND WEBBER Photographers Plattsburgh, New York Compliments of C. F. MILLIETTE OFFICE EQUIPMENT All Makes of Portable DURHAM'S I. G. A. and Standard Typewriters Sales - Service - Rentals Malone, New York Convenient Terms 10 Oak St. Plattsburgh, N. Y. SHOE OUTLET Compliments of Quality Footwear for the L. C. BOLLES, INC. Entire Family Your Chevrolet Dealer Lowest Prices in Town 42-44 Court Street 17 E. Main St. Malone, N. Y. Tel. 121 - Plattsburgh, N. Y. Compliments of PAVONE'S SHOE HOSPITAL J. J. NEWBERRY CO. Models and Model Supplies Malone, New York 20 Margaret St. , Plattsburgh, N. Y. Compliments of BEEMER'S, INC. NEVERETT'S SUPER MARKET Mooers, N. Y. Commercial and Social Stationers Phone 86 10 Brinkerhoff Street P. J. NEVERETT Plattsburgh, New York Compliments of WOOD'S FLOOR COVERING MILLS DINER Carpets - Formica - Wall Tile Phone 2062 Chateaugay, New York Plattsburgh, New York Compliments of DELANEY AND FRANCEY BARGAIN CENTER HYLAND'S HARDWARE Kelvinator Appliances Zenith TV - Furniture Chateaugay, New York Phone 1400 Malone, New York Compliments of Compliments of HY-GRADE TRAILER SALES COMMUNITY BOWLING CENTER M. W. SEVEREAUX Phone 29 Chateaugay, New York Plattsburgh, New YorkELLENBURG OIL CO. Mobil Products RADIO MALONE WICY 1490 KC Ellenburg Center, N. Y. Phone 496 1 TROMBLY'S GULF SERVICE Day and Night Towing Phone 2734 Ellenburg Center, New York DONALD BLOW GENERAL STORE Phone 2722 E. F. DROWN Ellenburg Center, New York FUNERAL SERVICE BEN HALL'S GROCERY Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Ellenburg Center, N. Y. Phone 2727 THE NATIONAL COMMERCIAL BANK TRUST CO. Offices at: Plattsburgh, New York Ausable, New York Champlain, New York Rouses Point, New York Ellenburg, New York Dannemora, New York  01 1« FORD Sales and Service Phone 4642 Ellenburg Depot, New York"Shop at the Sign of Quality Compliments of GRAND UNION-EMPIRE HOLLYWOOD INN SUPERMARKETS" Merrill, New York P-rainardsville 2051 CLASS RINGS • COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS PERSONAL CARDS • TROPHIES • CLUB PINS • DIPLOMAS SAWYER W. LEE 40 Brewer Parkway, South Burlington, Vermont, Telephone 4-6250 ALSO REPRESENTATIVE FOR TAYLOR-MADE YEARBOOKSMcGREGOR’S "Where Customers Send Their Friends Route 11 Phone 1998 PINE CREST MOTEL West Main St. Malone, N. Y. Building Supplies Hardware Route 11 Phone 1141 VIEW MOTEL West Main Street Malone, N. Y. Plumbing Appliances BOWEN LUMBER COMPANY A Building Material Department Store Malone, New York Phone 63 Phone 4141 Ellenburg Depot, New York CHATEAUGAY IGA MARKET JAMES KISSANE ELMER McCANN CONDO PHARMACY Every Week Read The J. CONDO, Ph.G. CHATEAUGAY RECORD 28 Montcalm Ave. Tel. 516 Plattsburgh, N. Y. For Ellenburg News MONETTE'S FURNITURE STORE Compliments of "Drive A Little Ways; McCarthy, deno See How It Pays. " COULTRY Open Evenings - Easy Terms Malone, New York Free Delivery NEWTON WELDING SUPPLY LEONARD C. JESSOP Jeweler Plattsburgh, N. Y. 132 E. Main St. Malone Homes of Low Prices and Easy Credit Compliments of JOHN D. MUNSIL SUPREME FOOTWEAR Mooers, New York Attorney-at-Law Ellenburg Depot, N. Y.PLATTSBURGH PAINT GLASS CO., INC. "Glass and Tile for Every Purpose" USG - Bruning Paints 43 Peru St. Plattsburgh, N. Y, Phone 2774 TROMBLEY’S GREENHOUSES Malone "The House of Flowers" Phone 555 Corner Constable and Third St. Floral Arrangements of All Kinds Satisfaction and Service Is Our Motto Work Clothes, Dress Clothes Sport Clothes, Footwear and Camping Supplies NATIONAL ARMY STORE CORP. Malone, New York Compliments of EASTERN NEW YORK CHAPTER AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTSCompliments of Compliments of WILMER NEPHEW Ford Dearborn Tractors Implements DWYER MIMEO OFFICE SUPPLY Phone 2821 Ellenburg Depot, New York School and Office Supplies STANLEY-LINCOLN MERCURY Mimeographing Lake Shore Road Plattsburgh, New York Morrisonville Road Compliments of Plattsburgh, N. Y. RIVERSIDE HOTEL Ellenburg Depot, N. Y. Phone 2686 "We Cater to Banquets" Telephone 4582 MYERS-VEVIA CHEVROLET "Almost Too New to Be True" O.K. Used Cars and Trucks Phone 4891 Ellenburg Depot, New YorkDodge Plymouth PpSll l T" • U GAREAU TATRO 354 East Main Malone, N. Y. L.. H. BUCK COMPANY Wholesale Paper Plattsburgh, New York E. S. MASON, INC. STOCKWELL'S MEN'S WEAR Dependable Used Cars Established 1903 Dodge Trucks and School Buses Malone, New York Plattsburgh, New York Compliments of SKYLINER RESTAURANT Telephone 1000 Malone - Chateaugay Road Phone 364W3 or 791 VINCENT S. JERRY SONS INC. Equipment Distributors Telephone 975 5 MacDonough St. Plattsburgh, N. Y. CATERPILLAR ta »l»ltof and Cal an Intoitorad Tradamarki or Catonalbc Tractor Ca. DKSCL ENGINES TOOLS • TRACTORS Vfl • • TOOL SARS EARTHMOVMG IOURMENTCompliments of E.C.S. Compliments of YANDO'S I. G. A. Newly Remodeled Across From the Fair Grounds Malone, New York BUS DRIVERS Compliments of COPELAND TERMINALS, INC. Plattsburgh, New York Compliments of ESMOND DECOSSE PAUL AND HOGAN Groceries - Feed Zenith TV INSURANCE AGENCY Tel. Chateaugay 3054 Churubusco, New York Ellenburg Depot ADIRONDACK CHEMICAL CO. 222 Margaret St. Plattsburgh, N. Y. Phone 338 Phone 4461 Pine Oil Chlorine Gas Cess Pool and Disinfectants Septic Cleaners EZR Bleach Compliments of Compliments of ALIX'S 5-10-25? W. D. RYAN SONS HARDWARE SUPPLIES Chateaugay, New York Chateaugay, New York RIGSBEE'S AUCTION SERVICE Compliments of Auction House Phone GY3-4711 PATNODE'S AUTO SERVICE West Chazy, N. Y. Chateaugay, New York Compliments of Compliments of GAY THEATER CORYEA'S GROCERY STORE Chateaugay, New York Chazy Lake, New York Compliments of BELMONT BEACH CLUB Welcomes You to BOB INSKI POTATO FARM Beautiful Chateaugay Lake Camps by Week or Season Chateaugay, New York Beach and Bathing Facilities Telephone 2181Compliments of BOB'S SERVICE STATION PEARL'S ROBERT PAUL DEPARTMENT STORES Tires, Batteries, and Accessories Ellenburg and Chateaugay Ellenburg Depot, N. Y. Telephone 2091 ROBIDEAU'S Compliments of a Furniture and Appliances Everything for the Home 1909 GRADUATE Phone 4441 of Ellenburg Depot, N. Y. ELLENBURG HIGH SCHOOL Compliments of Compliments of AUSTIN’S RED'S TEXACO MEN'S SHOP SERVICE STATION 210 East Main Street Malone, New York Compliments of the FIT - RITE SHOP Plattsburgh, New York SAMUEL COHEN Plattsburgh, New York Farm Machinery - Farmall Tractors New Holland Forge Harvesters and Hay Balers Appliances and a Complete Line of Hardware Plumbing Equipment CHILTON BROS Phone 4181 Ellenburg Depot, New YorkCompliments of J. N. RASBACH PHOTO SERVICE, INC. Over Thirty Years of Service to the Schools of Our Nation District Office 266 Denison Building Compliments of SKELLY PLUMBING HEATING, INC. 16 Lake St., Ogdensburg, N. Y. Phone 201 Plumbing, Heating and Ventilating Contractor TRAVELER'S MOTEL KENNETH AND PEGGY LABARGE Telephone 4394 Ellenburg Depot, New York Syracuse, New York Main Office and Plant Compliments of BAILEY MOTORS 155 Myrtle Street Your Friendly Shelton, Connecticut Ford Dealer Dannemora, New York Compliments of G. L. F. Chateaugay, N. Y. Compliments of SPELLMANS FEED FUEL M BREYETTE’S Chateaugay, N. Y. M SUPERMARKET T. B. HOBBS SON 1 Dannemora New York Ellenburg Center, N. Y. Lumber - Building Material All Builders Supplies Phone 2621 McCOY MILLING COMPANY Custom Grinding and Mixing With Molasses Feed - Coal - Seed - Fertilizer - Cement Chateaugay, New York Dial 3261 3-5 River StreetCompliments of ALTAR AND ROSARY SOCIETY Ellenburg, New York Compliments of COURT LITTLE ROSE NO. 1300 C. D. OF A. Ellenburg, New York COMMERCIAL PATRONS Carlin's Bakery Minit-Man Car Wash The Nearly New Shop Bob and Ruth Sansone's Colonial Dress Shop Country Inn Minnie LaRocque Merkel's Compliments of a Friend Strand Theater Karmel Corn Shop Superior Tires Plattsburgh Motor Service Chateaugay Taxi W. I. R. Y. Silas Gazalley McMartin Motors A Friend Daley's Drugs Doug Barnes' Garage Banker's Orchards Herman the Tailor Coveney's Restaurant A. Mason and Sons, Inc. Sexton Quality Food North End Cash MarketBOOSTER LIST Mrs. Barbara Bailey Mrs. Catherine Barry Miss Viola Baxter Mrs. Helen Carpenter Mrs. Alice Carter Mr. Warren Casey Mrs. Betty Chase Mrs. Alba Chilton Mrs. Hilda Chilton Mrs. Mary Jane Chilton Mr. Louis Cordone Mrs. Margaret Cordone Mr. Fred Coveney Mr. Harold Damour Mr. Symond Davis Mrs. Ruth Demarse Mrs. Joan Dennee Mrs. Leah Drown Mrs. Catherine Fritz Mr. James Fritz Mrs. Mary Gadway Mrs. Ruth Gagnier Miss Margaret Goodspeed Principal - Mr. William Fritz Vice Principal - Mr. William Proulx Grade Supervisor - Mr. Francis Patnode Mr. Clarence Haig Mrs. Ruth Huggins Miss Elizabeth Lalonde Mr. D. Wayne Mabie Mrs. Patricia Maynard Miss Mildred McGregor Mrs. Madeline Nichols Mrs. Jean Noel Mrs. Gladys Rubado Mr. Arthur Ryan Mrs. Diana Ryon Mrs. Evelyn Santimore Ivjt's. Ethel Saunders Mr. Howard Schofield Mrs. Eunice Senecal Mr. Douglas Stevens Mr. Freeman Supley Mrs. Josie Treggett Mrs. Marguerite Trombly Mrs. Evelyn Watson Mrs. Ruth White Mrs. Minnie Wood Mr. Stanley Zager% ?4(itoyi zfr 4 ?4(itoyi zfr 4 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY

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