Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA)

 - Class of 1945

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Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 35 of 68
Page 35 of 68

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Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 36
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Page 35 text:

Q31 Eff? f f f. if e . . . ,T Atv vfrfjgpggg 9,1 193:53-iqiwag . -1 - .'- 51 4-.Y i .'1..v--' .- v,n.'-3 :. :'.,e'.'g': j.:'1 rsvp- ':..,. , - . . - ,- , V -L f-..,1i,, 1' i.,,q,, 1... uBye.n Janice turned and walked away, puzzled. She didn't know what to do. -There was no identification in the wallet, and with the extra money she could get her ring. Because of the illness of Earl, her brother, money was rather scarce in the Browns' house. Earl needed a special operation on his leg if he was to walk again, and of course that meant no extras outside of the graduation dress. , But I don't mind, really. After all, a seventeen-year-old graduate knows how to take life. So Janice thought, but she still co'uldn't help feeling a little bit sorry for herself. .I'll just keep it and return it to the office first thing in the morning. But all thoughts of the purse were wiped from her .mind when she reached home. Earl had fallen and was worse. Her mother was at the hospital where she would stay all night. Janice was to eat. study. and go to bed early. ' All this happened on Monday af- ternoon and Tuesday was a day on which everything went wrong. The alarm clock didn't go off. Janice was tenminutes late and forgot her first period homework at home. Oh, what a dark day! At last the lunch bell rang! ' Jackie, she cried, on seeing her friend, I surely am gladtc see' you, and with these words, she poured out her tale of woe. , You think you have trouble, an- swered Jackie. Mildred Williams did buy that palegblue wallet, but lost it again with all her graduation money in it. She says she doesn't know where she lost it, either. Isn't that tough? ' Yes, but her father will give her more. . , No, he won't. He said she was spending too much money lately, what with the war and all, and re- fused to give her more money for anything! ' I Was her wallet really light blue? Yes, didn't you know? You hav- en't seen it, have you? Um-I' was just asking. Well, I have to go study my Latin. See you ,in Gym. She didn't have to run off like that, thought Jackie. After all, I've been dying to tell her Jerry finally Cl -'E-c-H-ofa-s . .:.' -.. , wr'f9l'1fl.i ,lg1A5 f'l'l' 'v '51.i.'.f.i .iw V' ' p ' ' .- I 'Vt ckiihiia-in-:Sfe1A234k.f:li6sY-..J'?4r.zI-511.1 . .' -.-fa'-lj -lL!.3f7J? asked me to the Prom. Well, if she wants to be like that, all right. And with these angry thoughts, Jackie joined her -other friends. But Janice wasn't studying her Latin. She was walking on the campus. I really don't have to give her the money. After all, she is sure to get the class ring. Why should she get two and me none? It isn't fair! She has always had everything. . But what am I 'thinking of? I couldn't'keep the money. It wouldn't be honest. Everytime I looked at the ring, I'd think of how I got it. And suppose someone should find out! It's no use-I have to give back. I've know it all the time. Might as well take it to her now. And that is how Janice made Mil- dred, who was almost her enemy, the happiest girl in the school. Wednesday would have been just like any other day, except that Tom Walker met Janice on the way to school and finally asked her to go to the Prom. She could hardly wait to get to school to tell Jackie. At two o'clock the Senior Class meeting was drawing to a close. The last number on the program wasthe presentation of the class ring to the girl or' boy whom the class voted the best all-.around and most worthy to wear it. As Tom Walker, the class president, rose, an expectant hush fell over the class. Graduation is only a few weeks away, and We haven't much time left to be together as students of Cen- tral High. Soon our books will be gone and in their place we shall hold many fond memories. Now, at this point of in- of the class any further. time, comes the high terestf-the awarding ring. Before We go let mel say that the secretary will take all orders from students for their rings. But one girl-yes, the honored one is a girl-will not have to place an order. This girl has been known for her friendliness, leader- ship, and likeable personality. 'Pm sure everyone agrees with me when I say 'Congratulations' to our Honor Girl, Janice Carter! The rest was blurred to Janice. She was so stunned she could hardly think. Imagine me, Janice Carter, the Honor Girl! Mother and Earl will be as thrilled as I am. Thank Goodness I returned that money. Thank Goodness for the Golden Rule! . .ly ,- u ' o f' Y I 'Ha --is-.J -re: 4-1 9 T .r:. 1 - v hifi 1 'ir' '. 'IG I ' ' I - A - ': as -?.g-'-: '- iff 'Y' - , 1 ,. a-':-' ' I - -1 gsf':x.:f1 f - - f- -I-H-f.i...eI'. L1:--... :Nga-,Egg - , -- '- -- -e--, :5g.'.1,:,1-l f . . . .Ma .. .qw 4 , .. ,,::,,:,',.,..H,'2' Herr Own Life . Virginia Reid, '46 NBUT Mother, I've told you, in- sisted Helen bitterly. Yes, dear, 'I know, interrupted her mother, but he's such a nice young gentleman and he's so polite. I just don't understand why you don't like him. At this point, Helen, red and an- gry, left the room, retorting, I just won't have you living 'my life and making all my decisions for me, even though you may think you are do- ing the right thing! 1 This hot argument all came about when Helen Donald arrived home after her day's work at Far- rand's Department Store. Her moth- er had just informed her that Mr. T. G. Farrand, III, about whom the argument had started, had phoned and asked if he might take Helen out that night. Mrs. Donald, seeing no harm in doingso, immediately consented, even though she knew her daughter strongly disliked Mr. Far- iand. Helen had long known. that young Tom Farrand was the spoiled, conceited grandson of the owner of the store. But Helen, darling, he's to be here at eight o'clock, continued Mrs. Donald, following her up the stairs. Now, Mother, I don't want to seem unreasonable, but that mane she began. - Darling, you've just got to go out with him tonight. I've promised. A All right, Mother, all right. but hereafter please let- me make my own dates. Yes, dear. Now you run upstairs and put on your prettiest frock and I'll have you a light snack when you're ready. You can eat and still be ready when he gets here. You know, I've a feeling he likes you more than you think. I do wish you could take a liking to him. Helen dressed ra-ther hastily and ate her snack, finishing just asthe doorbell rang. She heard her mother greeting Mr. Farrand and his Good evening, Mrs. Donald. said in his usual smooth, though slightly conde- scending, manner. Once. more she wished she didnfti have to go with him, but just then he spotted her coming out of the , - Thirty-tbfee '15,-wifffg' N 541-Y:-W-ecami-,uimefg- v -v eg- 111-Q 1 ul,'a-i1nr-.'.-'-..- '11.:e1j: .1--gwr,-f'-'ii' ., -- 2.1. zfagfaizf ' Mr- -. - -.:f1s.s'-in-Q-ea Lv.:-.is - I..--.b L31 s:.albqQf,gsgina2wfa.:: 3g,,,'g5g,,,- 'f,,'af,3g?3g5.l 4 . ff-'41 .,-v-', -1, , ..,,.,.,-,J ' fri V 53115 . t gm. ,qflfiil , ' Ali . W- . -,Ji rl: .jig fi A lf :Y if? ' fag . V ,N 3,1551 jffQ2': 'il . . 35 . fllwfll A and . V ,VH 4 ill' -ii izl 'll fy , vflilii ' 'ffl . 51.15 i 'fi n M I if ,Hifi . .. .15 ' , r -l .fi 2: .25 S255 , 11554 me iii -'Ei' ' :gl ,sg mf, I im . ,J Q ,fi L56 .: If yi I' r ' ', l HT? f J3- ee I-ts. . ff? hell ' -:gall . ,di a. ' . '.-I I .1 1 ' T.. .1 vs- ' ' full I , ..,, 5+ . 4 -ll 'I ,

Page 34 text:

if S X 51 'mfr' Congratulations from Honor Girl ' . The Golden Rule Carolyn Rice, '46 THE game with Carvel was over! Central High had won the cham- pionship! The gym was alive with- boys and girls, happy in the fact that their school was victorious. Thirty-two . i , ,i , L , N: i-Er 'UI-Iurry up, Janice, called Jackie. We'l1 be late for supper if you don't pep it up some. 0. K. I'll be there ina secg let me tie my shoestring. As Janice bent down, 'she saw a light-blue wallet lying on the floor. I guess it's Jackie's, mused Janice, I'll take it along. Wait up, Jackie. Here I come. It's about time. Let's stop at Bailey's for a coke. I think we have time. O.K. with me. t As the girls entered the drugstore, they were hailed from all sides by their friends, but finally made their way to a corner booth -after stop- ping at about ten tables. Hi, Jackie and Janice. Sit down. Wasn't it a wonderful game? Did you see that long shot Jimmy made? We couldn't have won without it! exclaimed Margaret. And did you see -the way Glenn kept Smith, the star player, guarded? He couldn't do a thing to us, inter- rupted Barbara. So ran the conversation for the next fifteen minutes, with everyone talking at once. Golly, Jackie, said Janice, look at the time. Let's go so we'11 have plenty of time to get home. All right. I'll pay the check. Wait outside for me. Janice waited outside, impatient because of the time Jackie was taking in the long line. I'll just put the dime for my coke in Jackie's wallet. She won't take it if I don't, thought the girl as she was waiting. Janice rummaged through her purse and finally withdrew the wal- let. On seeing the amount of money .in it, she exclaimed to herself, Gee, Jackie should be more careful. There's no identification and all her money for her ring is in here! I should keep it until tomorrow until ordering time and teach her a les- son! Just then Jackie came out of the drugstore. Here, Janice, hold my books while I put this.new picture of Betty in my wallet. Isn't it good? She just got the proofs back. You' should see the one she gave Jack. Say, Jackie, is that your wallet? Sure, whose do you thing it is? You know mother refused 'to let me buy that pretty blue one in Black's. Mildred Williams went in right after me and bought it. She said--She wouldn't let you- I mean-You haven't a new wallet? No, silly, I told you that. Well, here's my bus. See you in school to- morrow. I'll meet you at the bench. Come early. U E-C-H-O-E-S limit.-i:..iQii1zi-'.?4 f f

Page 36 text:

and ..-greeted' ' her ' with, where'd you like to It really doesn't matter to me, Mr. Farrand. It seems you've al- ready planned almost everything with Mother, she replied coolly. ' 'Well, go along, dearg have a good time and I'll not wait up for you, put in her mother as the two left. Several hours later, Helen re- turned, angry and more bitter than ever. As she left her escort at the door, sheicily thanked him for a , lovely evening. She undressed and, exhausted, threw herself in bed, immediately going to sleep. The next morning during break- fast, her mother asked if she had had a nice time the night before. No, Mother, I didn't. I just can't enjoy that man's company, and please, if he calls again, don't tell him I'll go out with him. Yes, dear, only, I wish you weren't so bitter. He would make a wonderful son-in-law, was her mother's' innocent remark. Mother, I haven't'even the slight- est intention of seeing him again, much less .giving him the chance to propose! Helen answered, amazed. She swallowed her cup of coffee and left for work, thus implying that the subject of Mr. Farrand was definitely closed. During the next few days, Mr. Farrand's name was not mentioned, but a certain Mr. Harry Clarke's was, quite a' few times. He took Helen out nearly every' night and she seemed to be wonderfully happy dur- ing the time. He was a promising young man, for he had started at the ,bottom as a stock boy at Farrand's and had worked himself up to the best shoe salesman' in his depart- ment. ' One night, both Helen and Harry had stayed at the store for a Christ- mas Eve party and Harry had told Helen he- would take her home. It gcould 'easily be seen that young Tom Farrand had had a little too much ,to drink. He was now swaggering .toward them wi-th his eyes bleary bloodshot. I A - j 7ff Mishter Clarke, 'could I sheeyou :ajninutel in' the other room? .he asked.. f1g ,V . .K Q ff'Yes,f Farrandff replied,Harry and ,turning ,to Helen., 'he 'told her to get -'rvL.'.,s r -- her coat and hat and he would be with her in a 'few minutes. . As she stood inside the door wait- ing, she saw that the city was in for a White Christmas. There were already a few flakes drifting down and the cold stiffness of the air showed that the snow wouldn't be long in coming. She pulled her coat tighter around her and shivered a little as the door opened for some- one, admitting a burst of cold air. She wondered what was keeping Harry and decided to go back to the room where the party was ting to be very noisy. There asked if anyone had seen Harry, was 'told that Harry and Tom gone into the adjoining room hadn't returned. She went to get- she and had and the door and heard Harry's voice faint- ly above the rabble of the party. He was saying, You did steal that money from the cash register, didn't you? Yes, but you'l1 never tell any- one. No, sir, I'll see to that. You may think I'm dead drunk, but I can still see straight enough to see that you won't ever tell Grandfather or anyone. You won't even live long enough to propose to Helen. I'm go- ing to marry her, understand. Pm going to marry her! At this moment Helen pushed the door open just in time to see Tom seize a heavy decoration from the wall and start to bring it down with murderous force. But as he caught sight of Helen, he dropped his heavy implement and stared. You're going to marry Whom? she asked. ' ' As he turned toward her, Harry took advantage of his opportunity and 'knocked him out. He sank to the floor unconscious and Harry opened the door, calling to the night watchman, Hey, come take care of this fellow, will you? Sobbing and trembling, Helen was clinging to Harry. It's all right, honey, he said, Let's go home. V When Helen had regained her self- composure, she asked' Harry what had happened in the room. Well, Harry replied, 'fhe asked me, as you know, to come into that room for a minute. He insisted that- he was going to -take yourhorneg but I told him that he had another thought coming. But why didn't he ask me him- self instead of. gding to you'f'?Q.,'fiii?P31 quired Helen. - - A I g ., Q-I 1' if, 'He knew' you would never con- sent to it. I guess maybe' he thought he would bully me intofletf ting him do it. His main purpose was to propose to you! In fact, he even showed me a two-thousand,-dob lar engagement ring he had for you! A two-thousand-dollar engage- ment ring! exclaimed Helen. 7 I Yes, and that's when I became suspicious. He wastes so much that he would never have money to buy a thing like that. Besides, the store missed 52,000 from one of the cash registers last week and no one but Mr. T. G. Farrand the' First had a key. Since he was out of town, I guessed that young Tom must have taken the key and stolen the money. When I accused him of it, he knew he was trapped, and if you hadn't interfered, he would have killed me. . X By the time they reached Helen's home, a heavy snow was falling and it was after midnight. Helen, do you know what time it is? Harry questioned. , - No, was the reply, but it must be pretty late. It's after midnightg it's now Christmas Day. Merry' Christmas, darling! he said as he slipped a tiny diamond solitaire on her finger. Merry Christmas, . Harry! she whispered with her heart in her eyes. - i.li Favorite Entry fContinued from page 311 That's Helen, Mickey's wife. She just came to town and when -we found that out, I told them to stay here until we could find a place for them. That is 'all right isn't it? Of course, George! Those spies will be tried in a few days. - I ,'-'Oh, please, may I go to the trial? NGO? Why, Ellen, you're going to be one of our prize witnesses! - So you see, Dear Diary, this'isn,'t the end. forgotten and I' won't be able-fto. trust my memory, I'll hayeleitmall 7 n I - ' After everyone else has down pat in you. - ' ' fi Heavenly days! Now I liavelto Helen and. Mickey an,iapartm,entlf.

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