Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA)

 - Class of 1945

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Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 32 of 68
Page 32 of 68

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Page 32 text:

r gh mat,-:?k fA'I.5?,!-:x i JJ.:-,, y , V . 4 W V I nv. . :lg i .. . -s . ,,,.,. I, ,- .,. ' ..m..e.,- ., . . . I ga-ve him tl strong Iaypon . . My Favorite Entr By Lucille Blake, '46 Dear Diary, The last twenty-four hours have been the most nerve-racking arid thrilling of yours truly's long life. It began with my taking in that soldier, which, in the first place, was all nonsense. He had been in some sort of brawl, we gathered. A Someone had found him on the large front porchg he was shot and badly cut. I was firmly against taking him in, but what else was there to do? It was late and I'm the only one in or near our apartment house with med- ical training-something he could use then and there, apparently, He was conscious--I was positive of that. Although his wounds looked bad, they weren't bad enough to cause the state of unconsciousness which, it seemed to me, was just a pretense. After I had fixed him up as well as possible, the others went back to bed, satisfied and thrilled. They are mostly middle-aged women like me, so I didn't let on my real feelings: even then I felt decidedly suspicious. The poor souls hadn't thought of go- in!! through his pockets and I must admit I was too scared to do so. The soldier was still playing 'nos- sum, so, before he could protest, I gave him a good, strong hyuo. which nut him out like a light. When he had been sleeping for about a half hm - . I finally got up courage enough to pull out his wallet. At first ap- pearance it looked like any other man's. It contained a picture of a pretty, young girl fI remember won- dering what she could see in himl. about twenty-three dollars, some arrnv credentials, a civil service card in the name of Bruno Schultz, a small card with two addresses-one in the next apartment house and one over across the tracks, and a clipping' from a newspaper. , Heavenly days! I thought, I'll bet this is important. Maybe it will explain things , and naturally I be- gan to read. All citizens of southeast Texas, especially of Jefferson and Orange counties, be on the lookout for a man wearing an army uniform of a sergeant. He is a German spy, but speaks without an accent. He is six feet, one-half inches tall, has blue- gray eyes, and blond hair. He is the sun-tanned, athletic type, with no scars or special marks. This man is dangerous to our refineries and ship yards. Anyone seeing him, please call the nearest police office as soon as possible. A Caution: This man is very strong. Do not attempt to fight him. Do not attempt to hold him 'unless all resistance is gone. This man is wanted alive I I'm pretty wellshockproof-being a nurse-but this was out of my line. I don't remember anything untilthis morning. I guess I fainted and just went to sleep without coming out of my faint. When I did come to, though, I remembered everything in- stantly, something unusual for me. Thirty , H r E-C-H10-E-S 1 -'neat , o 1.53 , . . '41 gf-g,gggf4g5lg 5Ls,gEi'Zi?l.i.is3tsci:ia1LI?-E ui 1L1:1assiQ'erl2ei1QL- :'is,..fs1s.si.r.X5+?::aagghs+.w.t:f.fr-- ','5fu,ixL'IJbl'J

Page 31 text:

1...lg-.pi..-lp.....-grins-lp-..qin1n-n- pr f gg H I 'fb Er 'l ef L 4' ff .. P 5 Q gigs .fe--'L-.,'-1:g.2i, Q-,area - i . .- ,f-fv1,,s ,-1. ,-,.. . - - ' -.5 -, - fi,---N55--3.1.-,', 'fiction Medal For Valor Rosemary Stockton, 46 9 N ARE you sure he had enough lunch? questioned Mary as she ran down the steps to the freight yard. Aw, sure I'm sure, Sis, Johnny replied, very mannishly. Ole Eric Red's gonna be the best soldier in all the army. Didn't the directions say he'd get fed on the train? .0h, why did we answer that ad for dogs that said, 'Uncle Sam needs your dog'? It meant someone else's. Jeepers! I wonder if I could go along and take care of him? Sadly Johnny held back the tears, but tried to assume a nonchalant air as he answered his sister. Now, wouldn't you look fine running along behind a good soldier like Eric's gonna be, asking him if he was hun- gryozu . p Eric had been christened Eric Red I when, as a pup, he had dis- played a large red blob on each ear. It was so hard to reach a decision as to what he should be called that the Johnson family had decided to combine his two' nicknames into a distinctive moniker , No longer a gangly pup, Eric had acquired still more blobs of red on his entire bcdy, which glistened in the sun and dis- played his graceful curves, and soft, silky hair to the best advantage. Fondly Mary and Johnny petted and talked to their dog until the sad moment when the -conductor yelled, Get that crate aboard, ladg this ain't no picnic we're going to. Then, glancing into the crate as the train slowly gathered speed, he called back, Don't you be frettin', childreng we'll take good care of him. A strange feeling swept over Eric as he felt the train carry him away from the, home 'he had known since he was a clumsy, sprawling puppy. EfG'H'OfEfs' ' - n-ll1lp1ll-.ll-u1n:vll1l1ln-.u-u:np1Il-wllo Maybe they didn't like the way I buried Mary's dolls, he thought mournfully, or maybe I ate too much. People are so queer when you don't please them, but I never thought Johnny would send me away. As the hours passed drearily by, the little streamliner drew closer and closer to its destination. All this time Eric meditated on the sit- uation in which he found himself. Why, oh why was he being sent away? How long must he stay penned up in this box? Where was heigoing? He didn't understand all the talk he had heard about his be- ing a soldier. Who was this Uncle Sam who needed him? He knew that Tom Johnson had gone to war, but war was only a word to Eric. When the train finally gave a great lunge and came to a stop, he was worn out with discomfort, worry, and bewilderment. ' Eric strained every nerve to see or hear what would happen now. Suddenly the cage door shot up to bring into the range of his anxious eyes a man dressed in the queer garb that Tom had worn the last time he was at home. Slowly the tall figure stooped over to examine him, and a big, rough hand moved gently over his soft coat. All at once Eric's troubles seemed over. I-Ie still didn't know the answers to the ques- tions which bothered him, but that didn't matter any more.. He did know that he had found a friend, and he looked up trustingly as the soldier said, Steady, boy, steady. We'l1 be seeing a lot of each other from now on. How true his statement was! For in the weeks that followed Eric Red found himself led through a strange wonderland of adventure with the soldier, whom he now recognized by the name of Svendsen, at his side. Each day he was taken through a meadow filled with holes, fires, steep, man-made cliffs, and muddy ditches. Above all this a strange, booming noise, much louder than his master's gun, roared overhead. After tirelessly struggling through the ob- stacles for days on end, he became .used to his accustomed routine, ,but never to the, rat-ta-tat and boom- bang noises. Eric never forgot the day his mas- ter gave, him a new harness! and brushed- him with undue ceremony, repeating through the process, This is it. This is our day to shine, fella. How strange to tell him that! Nevertheless, the faithful dog obeyed to the letter. Because he wanted to please his master and show his dog friends his ability, he took particu- lar pains tor show himself bold and ,unafraid as he went through the mea- dow. When he was paraded past a group of very tall, dignified men, he patiently allowed them to examine him from his alert ears to the tip of his tail without flinching. How silly of usto stand here let- ting strange' men in fancy uniforms examine us, he said to another dog. Pm hungry and I'd like to get back to my quarters. H Just then a throaty voice boomed out, 'Private James Svendsen, you have successfully put your dog, Eric Red I, through the stiff training school for army dogs. It is now my pleasure to congratulate you and de- clare your dog a full-fledged mem- ber of the K-9 corps. Many months passed before the day of actual combat arrived. In a small landing craft, steering toward a calm Pacific isle, Eric Red sat pa- tiently at his master's feet thinking, Surely I'm not the dog that con- sidered it nothing special to have a steak bone with every meal! Truly he was a different dog, for he had been 'trained iifuthe army and was now a soldier, complete with K- rations. His train of thought was broken when Svendsen silently stroked his throat, then said softly, This is the real thing, fella. Show them you're the best K-9 in the army. ' Then the sky exploded and turmoil was on every side as Svendsen and Eric Red plunged into the icy waters towards shore, alongside, countless other soldiers. A strange sense came over Eric and he seemed to hear a voice crying, Faster! Faster! Don't look back! Stay next to Svendsen! and at the same time questioning him, Will you make it? Hurry! Hurry! 4Continued on page 40 . Tweniy-nine i 1 I f . 11 '- 'f--' 5' L x-- ..f ,,f,, . M., . 4.01, ,-'5 :f 1 fig 'yfj-5. -3- 1 .' f .' H ji, 1, Tw,-,ff ',f33-'.f','-,'J ,, , , if .. ,i - ,,, l,,, .M .4L:4aki,r11 L-riilf' ' .n-H. En- I . .'-s.-uifm.C3.lhlSaf.z I :L sir.-fu Qwxfuhrwtih-w.l.'frmlv.-:-12 wf 4 - 2? P4-x GJ . X:-0 'nw ,-F 1 fi, -Fl

Page 33 text:

At least I didn't faint again 'to see thelcreature lying on the bed. Then I realized that- Heavenly days! I exclaimed as I saw him there, peacefully sleeping, I haven't called the FBI yet and here is the Spy they're' looking for! ' I was past being just scaredg I was I Why George! Yes, certai ly I answered' surprised to hear from him. Are you at home? 'No, but I will bein a little while. Now, Ellen, are you sure lyou're all right? He sounded' a bit anxious. Of course, dear. Did you hear about my little experience last night? Schultz and Mickey were one and -the' same. I dont think Im always so' slow on the uptake but this thing. had really got me down. - George! He's-he's- I couldn't finish. , - One of the best men in the whole secret service. Our secret service, Ellen. He was laughing now, for , 4.-e. sy H ,jlflfifij ' iz-,S Q.. -' 5 .ff 'Lf .e'f.1.- i?5?1'iiflffa'-'5i'?5iii?'iiiil ' P+ ',f e .-'rT'!fi'PfTFfair-ssvfk. - -,am - Q-,.f-i: f-2'sw..w ' .,f. 1- -K---:rf re 1' .' -bv ',-.-.l sf rn.,-1' we 4 .- ' . -A 'f-.ref- i 1-,L .1 I ., - 11 ,. 1. -- ' , .1 - I 4 .,--v-,,.3-,er gm, ' I., 1 .,, -:Q - A M.. p - N. , i . -i . ,, N.-,..1.,.f,.,i-.rv.i4 A P X t 4 s L 4 r .Yi b D la -I fs 5, , Inu 1 1 4 i Q is A l 4, ' ' u ' is Z? ' n , ff Q -r 9 1 3 in ' H H u , . 1 if 1 el i 1 terrified. When I picked up the 'phone and tried to ask for the FBI, my vocal cords wouldn't work. My I'll say I did! Did they get him? i They sure did. Sure. Gracious, George! What have I done? I demand an explanation! l T A 'r ,I. in-0 1' ' il 'Pi' Yi 'nd ,J .fri v .-x. F .ga -1. ., i .- inxce am? hand Shocfk In ifmch ihat , I was afraid he was laughing at Well, honey, you saved his life, ad to 16DlaCE the 1ece1ve1 and iest. - . . , - I wished I were dead ifunot for the me, but pushed the thought aside. for'one thing. You see-but sup- Vw . ' . . for this was certainly no laughing pose we leave these two alone while gy mess I was in, then for getting into . . ,, - y,f' it. Here in my Own house was a matter. He hung up after a while I explain. ' . 4 . horrible Nazi, and he had been Snot' and I hurried to get home before him. .They were getting along fine and By whom., That question had no G On the Way I Sta!-tefj wondering didnt know whether we were there gn' right to pop up just at my most con- lf the apartment was golng to be all orlnot, so we went into' the bedroom. gn, fused moment. Since it was there, torn up from a flghi' or If the floor Now ten me' I insisted' ' however, it wonldnyt go away. He would be covered with cigarette ash- 'THe caught that German spy de- '-if Conldnlt have been snot by the FBI, es. I knew I hadn't done the dishes scribed in the papers and imperson- n because George' my husband, is in and naturally the bed wouldn't be ated him because- 4 'V E ,A that outfit and it is Supposed to be made. Thus, before I knew it, I What about the real'spies? jj' pretty good. But they could have was running up the Stairsffo Oul' They had never seen Schultz. :T missed! It was dark! apartment- When they learned that the FBI Then I hit on a new theory' The The door wasn't locked! knew about them, they suspected ' an FBI nadnvt a thing to do with the ffHeaven1y daysyr I thought. UMTS- Mickey and tried to getirid of him, 1 situationg at least, not directly, There Jenkins didn't lock up. 0 Lord, but he escaped iii the dark- 3, must be a gang of spies who realized please don't let us have been robbed. And ,then came here? that SOON-21' 01' later the FBI W0li'fi Then I was inside, to find every- Yes. The others didn't dare fol- -catch this man and find the TEST thing as neat as a pin in the living low because it would raise too much '-:' lj thl'0Ugi1 him- S0 they had decided room and kitchen. Someone had of a disturbance. Besides, they to do away with him- B'-it he had cleaned the whole apartment. Who? thought they had fixed him and that 9SCaDed, right into the hands of the In the bedroom I found the answer- heid be dead soon, past doing them FBI? that is, .lust HS SOOU 25.1 C0Uid a pretty girl, who turned quickly as any harm. We didn't know anything reacll them. t D I entered andtspoke before I could about Mickey's condition until you I was surely relieved when I put find my voice. called us. I fn that l'9C0iVeI' down after taikilig to Hello! Mickey told me to wait You weren't in Washington, ,fi the aUi3h0i'iti0S' 0ffi091'S would' bv for him here. That was all right, then? I questioned. ' Y P I I was a bit taken aback, but after to stay here right next to a whole .ge- fects of tide drug, I decided to ask the night before, I could expect prac- ring of spies. You see, they were K 'ffl Mrs' Jenkme, the landlady, fo Stay tically anything. Then I recognized living at that address you found in ' A' ii i A with him until' they came' her as the girl whose picture was in Mickey's wallet. The other wasn't ' 1317! I 11'1YSelf had to be OU dl-IW at the man's wallet. ' a important any Ilongerg that's where :pg the -hospital in forty-five minutes, Mickey? That wasnyt his name! Schultz was originally! . 'which gav? me Just tune 'enfough tg nwho is Mickeyr, I was so rude HHOW did you finally get thenny, jf? dress' Swa low a cup 0 Cof ee' in that the poor child looked posinveiy I thought he was going 'wo Slow- :fi catch my usual bus' so I cast aside startled and I can't sa that I blam That's what I'm tr in to tell ou 'iii' all my worries-a little trick I've dh ' y ' Aft nd I y g t If ' f learned after twenty years of hard e h h ' h b 'di andeiiai-imiociihfovl wfxiieoriumiclitiii iii - y, es-es my us an. lifgneazi Ziifffg :ln may hgsgxaaii Didn't he tell you I was coming? to wake Sim- What did YOU give him. E 1 At six in the morning that is a very Well, now, dear, I- anyway? solitary affair, for until I get to the George' was goming in and some, A hYP0-H ' .V'Y bus,,I don't see a soul, and this morn- one was with him, Without finish- Wowl It must have been power- , ing' WHS H0 different- , .ing my remark, I went into the living ful! Wen, the fest was just 1'0Utiiie- I managed to keep the night's pro- room with the girl. And there was We had them Surrounded and arrest' iwfgi x ceedings from worrying me during the spy! ' ed Witiwllii 3 Shot fifedfn E it the day until G90i'8'e Called me just r Before I could open my mouth, Hoi!! But George, who is that gilil? before I went off duty. - the gi,-1 was in his arms, and She was I mean, what is she doing here? 'bl' Hello! Ellen, are you all right? either a two-timer or else Bruno QContinued on page 341 - f E-C-H-0-E-S 1 i - rhmy-we ,t ,L . A ' ' Z i.- r.-' .- . di' ' -'Q -....!--i' 1- wr:if-is-'uifkheaiisamlwmi-Q3 . 'A .0-ns! ..sQdi7:3aM'hiiw7 J.?L'Jibi Q-1''ef--C'1I .!i:'.. E-iz. .

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