Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL)

 - Class of 1986

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Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 8 of 68
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Page 8 text:

February 13,1986 Dear EdITor, My IeTTer Is Two-fold. The flrsT parT Is In pralse of LMEACI. The magazlne ls done In a very hlghly professlonal manner. IT has The look and quaIlTy of TIME or LIFE. LayouTs, wrITIng and ad- verTIsemenTs are all done wITh a very sensITIve eye and a Touch of creaTIvITy. Also, The wrITlng, on The whole, Is well done. I musT also credlT IMEAQ wITh sTIrrlng up conversaTIon on campus, aT a Tlme when The only Talk abouT prInTed medlum Is, ' When Is The nexT Long John comlng ouT? ' My pralse goes ouT To Mary and her sTaff for comlng Through BuT, as I sTaTed, my IeTTer Is of Two folds. The second aspecT Is To address The arTIcle on Complex Issues-Kappa. Why? I Thlnk ThaT Is The easIesT and mosT dIrecT ques- Tlon To ask. Why? Why was Thls arTIcle even consldered for publl- caTIon? My InTenT Is To quesTIon whaT purpose Thls arTlcIe could posslble have? I'm noT golng To geT on a soap box and defend Kappa Complex, The people who Ilve here or Those who have frlends here, know whaT IT ls Ilke. WhaT I wanT To wrITe agalnsT Is a problem we have aT Eckerd and mIghT always have - sTereoTypIng Why musT we aTTempT To group and classlfy human belngs? We aT Eckerd are very proud of our Tra- dITIon To leT Ilve and leT Ilve CwhaT'sIMEAQI1S fIrsT edITorIal reflecTed OHL Thls Is noT To say we shouIdn'T speak ouT agalnsT people who lnfrlnge on your rlghTs, buT musT we consTanTIy classlfy a whole group of people because of a few peopIe's acTlons? The arTIcle InlMEACIIs by far noT The fIrsT To use sTereo- Typlng. IT Is a very common Tool for humor by many people. BuT, ls IT The purpose of our sTudenT's school pubIIcaTIon To encourage Thls Type of behavlor, leT alone use IT as one of ITs own means? I would have hoped noT. RespecTfuIIy yours, Alan Rosenzwelg ScoTT House - 3 years Kappa Coeplex 8 O A Positive Point About Breast Cancer. New we can see it before vou can feel it. When its no bigger than the dot on this page A . nd when its 909 cur- able. With the best chance of saving the breast. The trick is catchin it early. And thats exacgiv what a niaininogrant can do. A inainmogram is a sim- le X-ray that s-sim lv the best news vet tor cietecting breast cancer. .-Xnd saving lives. If youre over 35. ask your doctor about maminographv. Give yourself the chance of a litetunef' Aivismclm QCANCER 4 sociew'

Page 7 text:

esTlng and I apprecllaTe The need of brlnglng slTuaTlons llke The one In Honduras To The aTTenTlon of Eckerd sTudenTs. Ms. McArThur's prose sTyle, unforTunaTely, reads more Ilke a Nancy Drew novel Than ThaT of The 'Journallsm sTudenT' she calls herselT.lTry re-readlng The flrsT paragraph ln Thls llghT, I'm sure you'lI see whaT I meanJ SenTences such as Those beglnnlng wlTh 'They are coplers In ThaT.n', 'There do exlsT cerTaln nelghborhoodsH.' and 'AlThough many of The scenes I was able To seen.' show easlly recTlflable senTence sTrucTure The lasT arTlcle I had problems wlTh was yours on Andy. Hhlle l apprecIaTe your efforTs To presenT anoTher slde of The sTory, The arTlcle Is baslcally an edlTorlal, noT Journallsnn I, Too, sympaThlze wlTh Andy To a greaT degree, buT If Indeed he was a 'human sacrl- Tlce' he puT himself In ThaT posl- TIon.l suppose whlle I am aT ITI wlll make a few nlT-plcklng sug- gesTlons abouT word cholce ln Thls arTlcle. When you menTlon Andy's and KaTe's campalgns for E.C.O.SU They were runnlng for PresldenT and Flnance DIrecTor respecTlvely, noT respecTfully. lPerhaps They were respecTful In Thelr cam- palgns, buT I don'T belleve ThaT was The poInT you were maklngd LaTer when you say 'Halnes ls now lavlshlng lnu.' lavlshlng ls noT a verb. Posslbly you meanT luxur- laTlng In, glorylng In, wallowlng ln, enjoylng or rellshlng. I guess whaT Thls comes down To ls an offer To edlT for you before publlcaTIon raTher Than afTer LMEAQI ls prlnTed. Please excuse me If I sound rude or presumpT' uous, I really care abouT The quallTy of prInT medla on campus I Thlnk IMEAQI ls a flne plece of work and would llke To see IT reach greaT helghTs of quallTy and resposlblllTy. Thanks for your paTlence In readlng Thls and leT me know If I can assIsT you In any way. Sincerely, Lorl Hauser WhlTeker To The edITor of LMEAQI magazlne: As a Kappa R.A. and a resldenT of Kappa for Two years, I was a bIT upseT, If noT hurT, by Barbara Ray's arTlcle ln IMEAQI, IVolume 1, Issue ll'Complex faces, Vlc- Tlm: Kappa Complex.' VIcTIm, yes, was The approprlaTe subTlTle 131255 for Thls arTlcle buT I Thlnk Kappa Complex has been vlcTlmlzed one Too many Tlmes and porTrayal of The Kappa 'HasTeland' has been Kappa Is qulTe blased and unfalr. a unlque complex, buT unlque In many ways ThaT for some reason The auThor of Thls arTlcle falled To menTIon. LeT me porTray some of The ways In whlch Kappa Is so unlque and why us 'KappalTes' are proud of our complex. -Kappa hosTs some of The fInesT sTudenTs on Thls campus. If one chose To compare overall GPA's of all The complexes on campus, l'm sure ThaT Kappa's would be among The hlghesT for The lasT several years. I know my own dorm alone hosTs four sophomore honor sTudenTs. Slmple pleasures, slmple mlnds? -Kappa ls unlque because our dorm damage ls subsTanTlally lower Than ThaT of 'Inner clTy' dorms. -Kappa ls unlque because In IT llve lndlvlduals who feel free To express Themselves In ways whlch They feel comTorTable and are open mlnded To The expresslons of oThers. I'm noT saylng ThaT oTher complexes To noT have Thls lndIvlduallTy. IT ls JusT ThaT Kappa's has been Taken advanTage of. Your arTlcle on Kappa ls JusT The Type of overly relnforced sTereoType ThaT has acTualIy scared people from comlng ouT here Cl flnd ThaT ThoughT To be qulTe humorous! and has InlTlaTed Kappa as THE drug complex on campus Personally, I belleve Kappa has noT more drugs and perhaps less Than any of The oTher complexes on campus. I am noT saylng Kappa does noT parTy. Yes, we deflnITe- ly know how To parTy, buT I be- lleve IT ls noT The desTrucTlve Type of parTylng ThaT seems To occur elsewhere. Kappa has an exTremely frlendly aTmosphere and we, as a Kappa famlly, are proud of The facT ThaT we llve here. I have greaT respecT for LMEAQI and flnd IT To be a greaT conTrlbuTlon for our communITy. I only wlsh The same respecT could be glven In reTurn To Kappa complex and our sTereoType could overcame Becky Nelson, LelghTon House RA Mary, FlrsT off -- LMEAQI was greaTl Plaln and slmple--greaT. Now on To anoTher slmple polnT: The mlnds and pleasures of Those who reslde In The ever conTrover- slal Kappa Complex. HhaT The heck? lPlease noTlce The uTTer- ance of AWE and DISGUST wlThouT The expresslon 'Oh fuck!! As far as Um concerned, Kappa has been unfalrly 'vlcTlmlzed' and sTereo- Typed for no valld reasom Slnce 'AunTle Barb' was glven The prlvlledge To 'vIcTImlze' Kappa, I belleve IT ls also my prlvl ledge To produce an aTTempT aT defense, so here I go: 'Insane asylum?' 0fTen on weekendsl Hhy noT? I happened To personally noTIce a number of sane and sober people around lasT nlghT afTer I reTurned To The 'CounTry Club' from The llbrary aT 11:00 PM. Yes, I know where The llbrary Is--provlng my braln ls noT gpm: plainly 'dead.' I also knew when To leave The llbrary by readlng my waTch. If you wlsh, I could name a few more KappaITes who 'learned To read a clock.' I could conTlnue To be sar- casTIc and nlT-plck The resT of The arTlcle lTempTlnglJ, buT why dlsclalm absurdlTIes wlTh absurdl- Tles? Yes, IT was very absurd To clalm ThaT resldenTs of Kappa have 'slmple pleasures, slmple mlndsl' I would explaln The mlnds of Those resldlng In Kappa as well-rounded, lnTeresTIng and openg by no means slmple. Sure we have our par- Tlersl Doesn'T every complex? Kappa also has whaT some people would sTereoType as 'Jocks,' 'geeks,' 'welrdos,' 'goody Two- shoes' and 'braIns.' Thls ls The problem--sTereoTyplng. Psychology ofTen warns us of The problems of sTereoTyplng. One problem Is mlsjudglng people be- cause They've been sTereoTyped. I belleve Kappa has been mlsjudged for Too long. Um noT denylng The arTlcle was correcT wITh facTs-IT JusT dldn'T glve enough of Them for anyone To properly undersTand Kappa. I know I could personallv wrITe pages and pages Trylng To describe or lnTerpreT KappaITes and sTlll end up shorT. LeT Kappa be known for lT's parTles. Hasn'T everyone had a good Tlme here aT leasT once? BuT, please leT Kappa be known for lT's dlversITy, noT sImpllcITy. IndlvlduaIlTy ls The hearT of Kappa. People are dIfferenT here and we're proud To admlT ITI Don'T crlTlclze us because we ofTen dlsagree wITh 'normsf Whoever sald 'norms' were correcT? We cerTalnly dldn'T! I,b,Ls Is The world of a True KappalTe ScoTT Rlvlnlus Proud KappalTe 7

Page 9 text:

LC evaluates COl'lStltUtlOl13l revisio Thom Altman, Political Writer The Eckerd College Organlzatlon of Students CECOSD, as we know it, was formed back ln the school year 1980-Bl. ECOS was almost 520,000 ln debt. So, the Student Admini- stration, at that time, felt it was necessary to restructure the budget by producing a new Consti- tution ln order to reduce the deflclt. Their new Constitution also ellmlnated two officers from the Executive Council: the Director of External Affalrs and the Human Resource Dlrecton Though thls Constltutlon served its purpose ln reducing the defl- clt, lately there have been com- plaints concerning the wording of many of the articles. According to past-president Andy Haines and current ECOS vlce- presldent Cand president-elect for next year's ECOS? Wayne Harwell, the sections deallng with the role of the Executive Council, the role of the Dean of Students and the veto power of the president are not clean Chris Roby, also a newly- elected ECOS officer for next year, agrees, and is worklng on a newer, more comprehensive version of our Constitution. The major problem with the current Constitution seems to be the document ltself. The impre- clse wording of many of the articles and long lists of bylaws make it dltflcult to interpret. Though the re-wording of state- ments ln the Constitution ls the maln thrust of this group of leaders, there are also changes ln the structure of ECOS which will be submitted to the Legislative Councll for ratificatlom The proposed changes Include: t a change ln the date of elections f specification of the role of the Finance Dlrectorand Finance Director-elect concerning budget proposals t the addition of Election and Media Commlttee Direct- ors to the Executive Councll t the appointing of someone to maintain an archives for future reference t appointing the Constitution Regulations Commlttee the rlght to decide judicial review 4 the separation of student programming and student government by removing the Student Actlvltles Board from the Executive Council The change of electlon date has met with little lf any opposltlom Most agree that the extra tlme ln office for newly elected offlclals would be beneficial for the organization. They could learn the responsibilities of their position earller ln the academic year. The second proposal is more of a clarlflcatlon than a change. ln the past there has been some question to whether the Finance Director or the Finance Director- elect has the responslbillty of drawlng up the budget for the This would make the budget proposal a joint effort, lf ratified The proposed Election and Media Committees Directors as Executive Council members would delegate responsiblity for running elec- tlons and regulating campus media. The current Constitution doesn't provide for these needs, and there has been some difficulty ln deciding who ln ECOS, if anyone, should head these actlvitles. The new Constitution would designate the ECOS vlce-president as the keeper of the archives This would ensure the safe-keeping of club charters and other documents of lmportance, which ln the past have had a tendency to be misplaced. At present, there ls no record of the actlvltles and decisions made by previous ECOS members. upcoming yean The major change ln the Constitution would be the removing of the Student Activities Board CSABD from the Executive Council. This is met with strong opposi- tlon by past-president Andy Haines. Halnes revealed, "6OZ of the money allocated for student actlv- ltles goes to the SABN He claims, Uthls money must be kept ln student control.n But Harwell, Roby and Campus Actlvltles Director Barry McDowell feel ECOS ls getting too Involved ln student programming and ls tal llng short of their pledge to urepresent the interests of the student body, promote campus unity, and lobby on behalf of student Interests on and off campus.N Granted, the SAB ls a councll under ECOS headed by the Dlrector of Student Activities, but that ls not the sole purpose of ECOS. Roby points to the problem of the late dlstrlbutlon of fall semester flnal grades. NThat's the klnd of thing ECOS should be concerned with.n Haines feels the reason SAB duties have fallen on the Executive Council in general is because we have yet to have a Nvery dedicatedu Director of Student Activities. He has a lot of faith in the system, and insists it can work Wwith the right Dlrectonn lf implemented, the change would free ECOS of any obllgatlons to the SAB. The Student Actlvl- tles Board would be an independent organization, thereby permlttlng ECOS to attend to other responsi- billtles. lt wlll be up to the Legisla- tive Council to decide lf this alteration ln the structure of our student government ls Justlfled. Students are urged to plck up a copy of the current Constitution at the ECOS office, and are ln- vlted to make Inquiries and voice opinions to ECOS members 9

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