Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL)

 - Class of 1986

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Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 5 of 68
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Page 5 text:

III Dear EdlTor, An lncrese ln The number of cases of academlc dlshonesTy on campus has come To The aTTenTlon of The sTudenTs and professors. There are several posslble axplanaTlons for Thls problem, The mosT llkely belng ThaT offenders do noT feel ThaT academlc dlshonesTy ls a serlous offense. IT also appears ThaT some sTudenTs who wlTness fellow sTudenTs cheaTlng and 'geTTlng away ulTh IT' feel Thay Too are enTlTled To The easy grade. ForTunaTely, Thls aTTlTude ls noT shared by The campus populaTlon aT large. BoTh sTudenTs and faculTy are dlsTurbed by academlc dlshonesTy.The argumenT ThaT offenders are cheaTlng Themselves ouT of a dlsTlncTlve educaTlon does noT appear To deTer The offenders. SomeThlng They mlghT wanT To Thlnk abouT, however, ls The prospecT of loslng The respecT of Thelr peers and professors. NoT only are sTudenTs more wllllng To Turn ln Thelr classmaTes for dlshonesTy, and rlghTfully so, buT They are becomlng lncreaslng 'Turned off' by Thls Type of behavlor. Thls was evldenT ln The wrlTlng of The 'Shared CommlTmenT'. For The sTudenTs Involved ln deslgnlng Thls honor code for The Eckerd communlTy, academlc honesTy was one of The Issues sTressed. These sTudenTs felT ThaT The lmporTance of honesTy ln The classroom could noT be mlnlmlzed. Therefore, we Too should be wllllng To ablde ln order To malnTaln The feellng ThaT Eckerd ls 'A Col lege of DlsTlnc- Tlon' made up of sTudenTs of dls- Tlngulshed characTer. Marlon Meyer Dear Slr!Madam: The Foreign and DomesTlc Teach- ers OrganlzaTlon needs Teacher appllcanTs ln all flelds from KlndergarTen Through College To flll over slx hundred Teachlng vacancles boTh aT home and abroad Slnce 1968, our organlzaTlon has been flnding vacancles and IocaTlng Teachers boTh ln forelgn counTrles and ln al I flfTy sTaTes. We possess hundreds of currenT openlngs and have all The Informa- Tlon as To scholarships, granTs, and fellowshlps The prlnclple problem wlTh flrsT year Teachers ls HHEBE IQ EJND IHE JQBSL Slnce college newspapers are always anxlous To flnd poslTlons for Thelr graduaTlng Teachers your paper may be lnTeresTed ln your Teachers findlng employmenT for The followlng year, and prlnT our requesT for Teachers. Our lnformaTlon is igeg and comes aT an opporTune Tlme when There are more Teachers Than Teaching poslTlons. Should you wlsh addlTlonal ln- formaTlon abouT our organlzaTlon, you may wrlTe The NaTlonal Teach- er's PIacemenT Agency, Unlversal Teachers, Box 5231, PorTland, Oregon 97208. We do noT promlse every grad- uaTe ln The fleld of educaTlon a deflnlTe poslTion, however, we do promlse To provlde Them wlTh a wlde range of hundreds of currenT vacancy noTlces boTh aT home and abroad. Sincerely, John P. McAndrew, PresldenT Forelgn and DomesTic Teachers To The EdlTor andfor sTaff of The Esh isnaam Maniai. There are a few Thlngs I would llke To remark To you concerning The recenT debuT of your newsleT- Ter, of whlch you have apparenTly made careful selecTlon as To who -m rw' WNY l'

Page 4 text:

Mary Zimnik, Editor 51213225 4-:+L-I-' 3212123252 .-xl: THE SCENARIO: Eckerd College, some AuTumn Ternu A wealThy, male freshman arrives on campus and is greeTed aT regisTraTion by upperclassmen, sTaff, faculfy, and whaTever. He's made To feel very welcome, very happy, desplTe The facT ThaT he's so far away from home. He seTTles inTo his dorm room and aTTends his flrsT col lege class. He's very ex- ciTed. He likes his classmaTes and hls menTor. He breezes Through his class. HBoy, ls This easy,n he Thinks. There is a lcT of discussion. Usual ly one can bul lshlT Through IT even if The reading isn'T done. BuT, Then The professor asks The freshman To wrlTe an essay on The class subjecT Thusfar. The freshman Turns ln his paper and receives lT back The nexT day -- F. He's glven The chance To Try again -- F. He geTs a D for his final grade in AuTumn Term He was superior in class discussion So, whaT's This guy's problem? ls he lazy? ls he spoiled? ls he sTupid? No, This guy has a special problem. BuT, no one Takes noTlce. He barely makes lT Through his freshman and sophomore years wiTh an equal share of D's and F's. He's superior in discussion. Then ln The second semesTer his junior year, The ls cracked and one more F means you're ouT. So, he's ouT. This freshman, so happy, so welcome rode Through almosT Three years of college. BuT, now hels gone -- soon To be forgoTTen by Eckerd STill no one nofices his problem. So, whaT is his problem? This young man is dyslecTic. iDyslexia ls an lnborn condifion ThaT limiTs abiliTy To process re- ceived informaTion inTo language. More commonly a dyslecTic is known To reverse leTTers and numbers and even leave ouT whole phrases. A dyslecTic may under- sTand someThing by ear, buT may noT be able To com- prehend Through reading or copy The same Through wriTing. Dyslexia isn'T rare. IT effecTs 10- 121 of The U.S. popul aTlon.J This young man is dyslecTic and he jusT spenT iexcuse me, hls parenTs jusT spenT, wlTh cash? almosT Three years facing one failure afTer anoThen Now hls parenTs are angry because he failed. So, why did he ever Try college? WhaT could he possibly have hoped To gain? Surely dyslexia ls someThing ThaT handicaps someone To such an exTenT ThaT They would never survive in college. AfTer all, dyslexia ls noT curable. AcTually, he's excepTlonally lnTelliqenT. BUT, his lnTeIligence is Trapped inside hls mind as if iT were bound in a cage. whaf is Trapping his mind is someThing ouT of his conTrol. Now, all he's lefT wiTh is an incredible frusTraTion and lnsecuriTy abouT his own abiliTies. 4 whip me Q:2:i:5:i:-:-:-:-12:52:13 4 -:-:-1-2--14-:-:-:Qu ...izzizzsxf So, There you have iT. The perfecT reason why This young man should noT aTTend a college. Why, iT will evenTually eiTher drive him ouT Through failure or drive him crazy. You see, college isn'T a place for anyone whose noT normal. If you have a learning dlsablliTy, you don'T belong in college. WRONG!!! There's no reason why Eckerd cannoT help The many people wiTh learning dlsabiliTies ThaT walk Through iTs doors, even lf lTs jusT direcTing To a nearby dyslecTic insTiTuTe. There's no excuse for a small lnsTlTuTion To permiT such negligence. ThaT young male wenT Through hell because hls mind was Trapped by his learning dlsablliTy and all he could accomplish was failure And now he can'T come back because The sysfem makes no room for failures, deserving or noT. He's been driven ouT of ThaT sysTem because he could noT operaTe in IT under Nnormaln sTandards. BuT, noT only was The sysTem desTlned To run againsT him, his own lack of confidence ln hls abiliTies and The consTanT frusTraTion he's under would bury him and evenTually he would give up. So, if a dyslecTic finds his way Tc a college he has Two choices. Gne, he will evenTually fail ouT or, Two, he will give up. ls This To be permiTTed To conTinue when The answer To The problem is so simple? Yes, simple. Here's a possible soluTion: FirsT, screen freshmen and Transfers Coming im A severe case of dyslexia cannoT be impossible To deTecT if The sTudenT knows ThaT The college ls Trying To help. Second, educaTe The faculfy abouT how To deal wiTh dyslecTics. Dyslexia, in any of iTs many forms is noT curable. However, lnformaTion can be drilled inTo memory. lf noThing else, The faculTy could be made aware of how To deTecT The suspicion of dyslexia Then aT leasT direcT The STUGSPT To an insTlTuTe in The area iTampai ThaT is special ly equipped To deal wlTh This disease. There are many famous, brlghT, and amblTlous gygleqfigg in our risTQry: AgeTha ChrisTie, Thomas Edison, Woodrow Wilson, and many more. Do we have The righT, as an insTiTuTlon of learning To Throw away a mind sTarving To learn?

Page 6 text:

lll Ill lll llllll?llll llllllllll recelves IT. Because you have yeT To make your IdenTlTles publlc, Thls Is The besT way I see To communIcaTe To you, for I have Trled To conTacT you In oTher ways. I musT say ThaT seelng your newsIeTTer aT flrsT IefT me wlfh mlxed emoTlons. ITo The besT of my knowledge, you have cIrculaTed four Issues, aT The Tlme of Thls pubIlcaTIon golng To prlnTJ I can'T begln To Tell you how much I apprecIaTe The emoTIon and commITTmenT behlnd The hearT of en 'undergroundJ IT Takes guTe To Try To do whaT you've done. A loT of people wlll expend a loT of wasTed energy complalnlng abouT JusT anyThlng In llfe and yeT wlll noT IITT a flnger To Try To make change Even If IT's someThlng radlcal, and on The ouTskIrTs of T e maInsTream, s ch as n 'underground,' IT's ImpacT I sTrong My only real complalnT le In reference To your very fIrsT edITlon of ish Scream Menini had a IoT of problems wlTh The vulgarITy and baslc negaTlvlTy Involved wlThITs copy ATTacks were made In dlrecTlons ThaT shouldn'T have been made AfTer readlng ThaT flrsT edITlon I was preTTy much Turned off To anybody who would wrITe such Thlngs yeT noT have The guTs To aTTach a byllne To IT However upon readlng The Three sues afTerwards, sa InaTe d ffe ence n auThor!auThors of The copy and saw IT as a much more maTure and usTlfIabIe publIcaTIon n slnce IT dld reIfecT maTurITy and responslbIITly,l felT IT beTTer served The e o 'undergroundd Therefore able To go JusTlfIably wlThouT any byllnes aTTached I musT admIT ThaT If IT weren'T for The Tremendously posITIve response To my proposal for LMEAQI lasT year, I myself would have aTTempTed To consTrucT an 'underground ' n necesslTy of radlcal lITeraTure To offseT and expose auThorITy when IT geTs Too blg for The IITTle guy To conTroI I sTrongly encourage The conTInuence of a responslble, and upward. ELK Ssneam Meniai Slncerely, Mary Zlmnlk EdITor and Deslgner of LMEACI EDITOR'S NOTE WlThln The conTexT of some of The followlng leTTers Is a llke reacTlon To The To The fIrsT InsTal lmenT of The regular Qgggigg faces column by Barbara Ray. NoTe ThaT mosT of The leT- Ters are by KappaITes Themselves, and for ThaT reason, I'l very pleased To publlsh whaT They eee as The 'TruTh.' Thank-you all very much for whaTever comaenTs ThaT l've recelved In response To ThaT column. My I please add, however ThaT Barbara's column Is InTended To be exacTly whaT IT Is and I sTand behlnd her sTyle com- pIeTely. She dlsplays The bold- ness and brashness To honesTly wrITe how she sees reaIlTy, no maTTer how hard To Take. February 13 1986 Dear Mary, The flrsT Issue of IMPACT looks very good Thanks for your perseverance, and congraTulaTIons The phoTography ls unlformly good and capTures a greaT deal ThaT Is lmporTanT and unlque abouT Eckerd Ilfe The maJorlTy of The arTIcles show excellenT crafTman- shlp and cholce of subJecT maTTer, parTIcuIarly Robln Dunn's arTlcle on Coach Leonard and HeaTher Hanson's and Brlan Mahoney's arTlcIes on campus Ilfe There are a few arTIcles, how ever, whlch could have used a bIT more edlTorIal crITlclsm The flrsT of Those ls Barbara Ray's arTlcle on Kappa l'm sure you've recelved a greaT deal of flack on Thls arTlcle and probably wlll conTInue To do so for a myrlad of reasons Here are mlne If meanT as saTIre, The arTlcle falls com- pIeTely, saTIre Is an enTlrely porTlng, The arTlcle ls InaccuraTe and redundanT, as STacey Bonner's arTlcle on campus drlnklng covers much The same ground SaTIre Is exempllfled by 'TrenchanT wIT, Irony or sarcasm' none of whlch Ms Ray seems To have masTered Her arTlcle sounds To me llke blTTer vIndIcTIveness Toward a complex where she dld noT enjoy llvlng I dlsagree wITh The whole concepT of brlnglng ouT The un deslrable slde of Eckerd houslng, rTlcularly ln such a hea handed unamuslng way The second arTlcle To whlch I Took excepTlon was Lee McArThuHs on Honduras The conTenT ls lnTer h u a s ' I Is ' I w a def I r I The ' J . A d de lab I f The dlfferenT genre, If meanT as re- I flrmly belleve I The ' Pa VY 'A,-,..,.....,.,,.,-,,,.g I ' - U1

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