Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL)

 - Class of 1986

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Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 3 of 68
Page 3 of 68

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Page 3 text:

X M Eckerd COIIGQGS COlTII'TlUI'1lfV NGWSI'T13Q3Zil'1E Features 5 Letters f Kappaites revolt 9 Campus Politics X a new Constitution? 14 Scientific Avvarenessf the endangered mangroves W marine mammal strandings ,S World Issues f Terrorism and the media O Apartheid and its history ,1 Bl3Cl4S in Higher EClUC3'liOD!f3rQ they lgging ground Magi Yearbook Section 19 Men of Eckerd nes, they are beautiful 59 Senior Section ffand more! I l

Page 2 text:

Zettmffaomtie cfcltofz To The Eckerd CommuniTy, The pasT year gave blrTh To a new Idea. The purpose lr ImplemenTing This idea was vasT in ITs poTenTial. This new Idea became IMEAQI. MEAC was To offer many Things To Eckerd in many dIfferenT ways. The newsmagazlne would evenTually become a monThIy vehicle for high quallTy magazine journalism. HlThin ThaT conTexT, iT would publish in-depTh reporTlng on issues ranging from ThaT of conTroversIal world news To envl- ronmenTal concerns To campus pollTics. IT would also give anoTher opporTunlTy To publish sTudenT- based fIcTion, arT and professional-quallTy color andE Sh phoTographs. IT would complimenT The poTenTial of a weekly newspaper and courageously seek The TruTh professionally To Things The sTudenTs wanTed To knom BuT, IT would do so much more. LMEAQ1 would be used as a Tool for The Admissions DeparTmenT To pull In prospecTIve sTudenTs InTeresTed in a communicaTIons career. LMEAQI would Teach sTudenTs many Things abouT The vasTness of magazine producTIon Including wrITlng, phoTography, graphic and IayouT design, acTual prinTing process and much, much more. LMEAQI would Teach Things ThaT Eckerd could never offer. IT would Teach Things ThaT mosT do noT learn unTll well InTo a communlcaTions careen And for The school, LMEAQI would soon win design, phoTography, and maybe even wrlTing awards ThaT have never been won here. In a shorT Time, IMEAQ would become The mosT poslTive program coming ouT of The ECOS organIzaTlon, Touching far more sTudenTs Than any oTher program is Touching nom BuT, as iT was born This year, so did IT die. wiTh greaT remorse I reporT ThaT This Is The lasT Issue of MEAQ and Therefore all ThaT poTen- Tlal ls IosT. I do noT foresee any oTher program now ThaT carries The same promises ThaT IMEAQI did There are Two reasons why LMEAQI was buried afTer only Three Issues: Iii In looking back aT The original proposal, even Today, I say iT was brilIIanT and There is noThing ThaT I would change. However, There was one flaw, and ThaT is The firsT reason why IMEAQI is folding ThaT one flaw In The proposal was me. I dreamed up The Idea, Therefore I feIT I could pul I iT off. I had The necessary experience, and perhaps even The TaIenT, buT whaT I feIT mosT imporTanTly, The desire To see IT happen. UnforTunaTeIy, I did noT realize aT The Time ThaT I sorely lacked The discipline To make my dream a reaIITy. I had all This enThusiasm and all Those ideas, buT I sTilI has so much To learn abouT drawing iT all TogeTher and channeling iT in one direcTIon. Remember, This was one hell of a projecT ThaT no one else would have been foolish enough To aTTempT. So, as mosT are calling IT, I failed To come Through wITh my promises and all I did was produce Three issues, none of Them on Time. BuT, I also did someThlng ThaT Isn'T being noTiced. I TaughT a IoT of Things Tc people, I broughT a loT of people InTo The medias, and lasTly, I made some people believe in whaT They can do. So, I feel poorly for Hover promisIng,u buT I regreT noThing else C29 There ls anoTher reason why LMEAQI ls no more. This reason is someThlng I would never have expecTed from Eckerd, and now my vlew of Eckerd will never be The same. I could have gone on nexT year and made my proposal for LMEAQI a reaIlTy because l've learned so much Through my misTakes, ThaT I will never repeaT. I also would be willing To make The same sacrifices ThaT I did This year, muck To The disapproval and dismay of my professors, because I really believed ThaT IMEAQI was worTh it BuT, for some who are making The final decisions abouT The medias and The sTudenT budgeTs, dreams aren'T worTh fIghTlng and Trylng for. I never ThoughT I would have said ThaT There are so many young people who are so much more lnTeresTed In seeing a producT, in a maTerial sense, Than seeing a drean come True. I never ThoughTI would have seen so many young people wiTh such shorT vision. BuT, guess lT's True, and I flnd IT sad. whaT baffles me is ThaT There is no reason why we can'T Take This opporTunITy while we have The chance Tc chase every crazy dream we can, no maTTer whaT The moneTary loss will be. Never again wil I we see a Time, like now in col lege, when we won'T have To concerr ourselves wiTh pea problems like how To pay bills, or sick children, or dying childrem money doesn'T go To sTrong invesTmenTs in The fuTure. Our sTudenT money goes To one-day programs enjoyed by The few for The momenT. We are supposed To feel free enough now, for lasT Time, To Take glanT risks because we're sTIll learning. We don'T have To expecT To wizards, or perfecT In any way. We should only expecT To be open To making The mIsTakes Our sTudenT concerTs, or probatly The be financial necessary Tc learn how To grow a llTTIe closer To perfecTlom Am I bITTer? UnforTunaTely yes. Never for one momenT dld I puT any Tlme InTo LMEAQI for my own self-graTIfIcaTlon or fulfll ImenT. I only ever dld any of IT because I wanTed To reTurn back Tc Eckerd a llTTle of whaT IT had given me. Now, l'm pracTical ly banned from working on nexT year's newspaper because l'm an irresponsible rlsk. Gosh, l'm sorry. l'lI have To work on That Hell, l'lI be honesT. I regreT noThing. I did good, noT perfecT, buT good work, and aT leasT I Tried. I don'T wanT To end This leTTer compleTeIy sour for There are many who sTIIl share The same drear I have, and The courage To have wanTed To see one more chance. To menTlon Them all would be foollsl The Finance CommlTTee, and a very few are In LC. BuT, wiTh sTaff made all Three Issues happen. So, In closing, wiTh Dale McConkey, Andy Haines, Wayne Harwell, Chris Roby, Tod Dawn SmlTh, Mellssa MacKinnon, Dan Cameron, Val Cerny, Sue for They know who They are. Some are on Them, my dear friends and my very special love and good-bye, I Thank Cheryl Burke, LlnafelT, Alan Rosenzwelg, Margie Mayer, Johannes, Trish Cole and HeaTher Schwab and many Too many more. Sincerely, Mary Zimnlk, EdlTor and Designer

Page 4 text:

Mary Zimnik, Editor 51213225 4-:+L-I-' 3212123252 .-xl: THE SCENARIO: Eckerd College, some AuTumn Ternu A wealThy, male freshman arrives on campus and is greeTed aT regisTraTion by upperclassmen, sTaff, faculfy, and whaTever. He's made To feel very welcome, very happy, desplTe The facT ThaT he's so far away from home. He seTTles inTo his dorm room and aTTends his flrsT col lege class. He's very ex- ciTed. He likes his classmaTes and hls menTor. He breezes Through his class. HBoy, ls This easy,n he Thinks. There is a lcT of discussion. Usual ly one can bul lshlT Through IT even if The reading isn'T done. BuT, Then The professor asks The freshman To wrlTe an essay on The class subjecT Thusfar. The freshman Turns ln his paper and receives lT back The nexT day -- F. He's glven The chance To Try again -- F. He geTs a D for his final grade in AuTumn Term He was superior in class discussion So, whaT's This guy's problem? ls he lazy? ls he spoiled? ls he sTupid? No, This guy has a special problem. BuT, no one Takes noTlce. He barely makes lT Through his freshman and sophomore years wiTh an equal share of D's and F's. He's superior in discussion. Then ln The second semesTer his junior year, The ls cracked and one more F means you're ouT. So, he's ouT. This freshman, so happy, so welcome rode Through almosT Three years of college. BuT, now hels gone -- soon To be forgoTTen by Eckerd STill no one nofices his problem. So, whaT is his problem? This young man is dyslecTic. iDyslexia ls an lnborn condifion ThaT limiTs abiliTy To process re- ceived informaTion inTo language. More commonly a dyslecTic is known To reverse leTTers and numbers and even leave ouT whole phrases. A dyslecTic may under- sTand someThing by ear, buT may noT be able To com- prehend Through reading or copy The same Through wriTing. Dyslexia isn'T rare. IT effecTs 10- 121 of The U.S. popul aTlon.J This young man is dyslecTic and he jusT spenT iexcuse me, hls parenTs jusT spenT, wlTh cash? almosT Three years facing one failure afTer anoThen Now hls parenTs are angry because he failed. So, why did he ever Try college? WhaT could he possibly have hoped To gain? Surely dyslexia ls someThing ThaT handicaps someone To such an exTenT ThaT They would never survive in college. AfTer all, dyslexia ls noT curable. AcTually, he's excepTlonally lnTelliqenT. BUT, his lnTeIligence is Trapped inside hls mind as if iT were bound in a cage. whaf is Trapping his mind is someThing ouT of his conTrol. Now, all he's lefT wiTh is an incredible frusTraTion and lnsecuriTy abouT his own abiliTies. 4 whip me Q:2:i:5:i:-:-:-:-12:52:13 4 -:-:-1-2--14-:-:-:Qu ...izzizzsxf So, There you have iT. The perfecT reason why This young man should noT aTTend a college. Why, iT will evenTually eiTher drive him ouT Through failure or drive him crazy. You see, college isn'T a place for anyone whose noT normal. If you have a learning dlsablliTy, you don'T belong in college. WRONG!!! There's no reason why Eckerd cannoT help The many people wiTh learning dlsabiliTies ThaT walk Through iTs doors, even lf lTs jusT direcTing To a nearby dyslecTic insTiTuTe. There's no excuse for a small lnsTlTuTion To permiT such negligence. ThaT young male wenT Through hell because hls mind was Trapped by his learning dlsablliTy and all he could accomplish was failure And now he can'T come back because The sysfem makes no room for failures, deserving or noT. He's been driven ouT of ThaT sysTem because he could noT operaTe in IT under Nnormaln sTandards. BuT, noT only was The sysTem desTlned To run againsT him, his own lack of confidence ln hls abiliTies and The consTanT frusTraTion he's under would bury him and evenTually he would give up. So, if a dyslecTic finds his way Tc a college he has Two choices. Gne, he will evenTually fail ouT or, Two, he will give up. ls This To be permiTTed To conTinue when The answer To The problem is so simple? Yes, simple. Here's a possible soluTion: FirsT, screen freshmen and Transfers Coming im A severe case of dyslexia cannoT be impossible To deTecT if The sTudenT knows ThaT The college ls Trying To help. Second, educaTe The faculfy abouT how To deal wiTh dyslecTics. Dyslexia, in any of iTs many forms is noT curable. However, lnformaTion can be drilled inTo memory. lf noThing else, The faculTy could be made aware of how To deTecT The suspicion of dyslexia Then aT leasT direcT The STUGSPT To an insTlTuTe in The area iTampai ThaT is special ly equipped To deal wlTh This disease. There are many famous, brlghT, and amblTlous gygleqfigg in our risTQry: AgeTha ChrisTie, Thomas Edison, Woodrow Wilson, and many more. Do we have The righT, as an insTiTuTlon of learning To Throw away a mind sTarving To learn?

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