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Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 22 of 68
Page 22 of 68

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Page 22 text:

Z oet 1 X... 1 ' 'lf colleges keep squeezing black students, the y just set- up a dependent, young, black generation . . . Kill the head and the body will die. " -Lena Willfalk

Page 21 text:

blacks were shoT by SouTh Afrlcan police during a peaceful demon- sTraTion. Finally ln The 60's The ANC gave up lTs non vlolenf meThods ThaT were noT geTTihg The blacks any more rlghTs and moved To violenf proTesTs. They were Then exiled by The government The acTivlTles dld noT go unnoficed on US college campuses. In 1966 several NaTion- al College organizaTlons goT To- geTher To declare March 14-21 Nafional STudenT Week Agalnsf Aparfheid. The program exposed SouTh Africa's policy of whiTe supremacy . . . in 1960, 69 blacks were shot by South African police during a p e a c e f ul demonstration. and segregaTlon and demanded change in The US policy ldlvesf- menT, racial inTegraTlon of US GovernmenT personnel serving ln SouTh Africa, granTlng assylum To poliTlcal refugeesh IT also publicised films, debafes, and fund raising for SouTh African Defense and Aid Fund. BuT, IT has been suggesfed, The proTesT among American college sTudenTs did noT grow and Take hold aT ThaT Time because The sTudenTs were Trying To end segre- gaTion ln Their own counTry Then, again, There was also The VleTnam war and iTs relaTed pro- TesTs occurring around The same Time. IT was in May of 1977 when perhaps The firsT major anTl- AparTheld demonsTraTIon In The US Took place. Nearly 300 Sfanford Unlverslfy sTudenTs sfaged a rally and sif- ln To proTesT The UniverslTy's 125 million dollars ln sTock invesf- menTs ln SouTh African firms. Florlda colleges have also be- come involved. ln November of 1985 The S1 limes ran an arTlcle concernlng The anTi- AparTheld movemenT aT The Unl- verslTy of Florlda ln Gainsvll le. According To Eckerd college's CompTroller, Alan Bunch, as far as he knows, Eckerd has no money lnvesTed in firms ThaT do business ln SouTh Africa, elTher direcfly or lndirecTly. There ls currenTly a bill pending ThaT would force Florlda To divesT some 2 billion dollars in holdings ln companies ThaT do business in SouTh Africa. Ac- cording To a January Issue of The 51 limes The bill has a good chance of passing This yean Those agalnsT dlvesTmenT say ThaT The corporaflons provide jobs and money To The blacks. However, Pollflcal Science Professor Ken Roberfs feels ThaT alThough The money provides jobs, in The long run iT sTll l ooes To supporT The governmenT and Aparfheld. And There are Those ThaT feel ThaT change musT be made Through The governmenT because a disman- Tllng of The sysfem would cause a poIiTlcal and social revoluTlon and possibly resulT in a Marxlsf- Type AdmlnisTraTion coming To power in SouTh Africa Since Sepfember of 1984, violence because of The baTTle To end AparTheid has claimed over 800 lives, mosT of Them black. 4,500,000 whiTe SouTh Africans are The only ones allowed To vofe in a counTry wiTh a ToTal popula- Tion of 28,7000,000. BuT yeT The UniTed STaTes' aTTiTude To- wards The Aflcan Governmenf ls The friendliesf lTs been in years. According to Eckerd College 's Comptroller, Alan Bunch, as far as he knows, Eckerd has no money invested in South Africa. An arTicle ln USA Igggy DY Franklin H. Williams discuses The UniTed STaTes'HconsTrucTive en- gagemenTH broughf in by The Reagan AdminisTraTion. While The United STaTes supporTs change ln SouTh Africa and applauds such changes as The inTe- graTlng of some sporTs and removal of some discriminafory signs, Nobel Peace prize winner Bishop Desmond TuTu accuses The govern- menT of giving The appearance of reform calling IT Usuperflclaln Wil liams also wriTes abouT SouTh Africa's NaTional ParTWs pursuif since 1948 To elimlna's The racif' problem by elimlnaTing Dibcki ' Tlrely from SouTh Africa s giving Them Their own SELEVETQ homeland. ThaT homeland is 13 percenT of The pooresT land g poor in resources and poor agriculTural poTenTial. Williams ends by saying ThaT majorlfy rule will inevifably come To SouTh Africa and The new lead- ers wlll remember who helped ln Their sTruggle for llberaTion and who hindered iT. He seems To feel ThaT The US ls now among The hinderers. RecenTly The SouTh African GovernmenT exTended an lnviTaTlon To fly TO board members of The It was in May of 1977 when perhaps the first major anti-Apartheid demonstration in the US took place. American STudenT AssociaTion KASAD To SouTh Africa and glve The group a Tour Through The counTry. This would be an efforT To show ThaT The whiTe governmenT was doing lTs besT To brlng abouT The end of segregaTion. Eckerd College senior, Andy Haines is a member of The board and inTended on going. Haines serves as Vice PresldenT of STaTe and Nafional STudenT AssociaTions for The American STu- denT AssociaTion which represenTs sTudenTs of all areas of higher educafion and is concerned wifh educaTional issues. Haines felT ThaT The American STudenT AssociaTion was chosen possibly because lT is known as a basically conservaTive group and has Two Top working black of- ficials, PresidenT Craig Kirby and an execuflve dlrecfor. SouTh African officials hoped a posiTive experience on The Trip would possibly make members go back To The US and discourage dlvesTmenT and campus proTesTs Haines added BuT when The SouTh African of- ficials discovered ThaT The ASA PresidenT has been signed on as a Top aide To Jesse Jackson's cam- paign, The SouTh African Govern- menT wiThdrew lTs inviTaTlom Haines feels ThaT whaT was imporTanT was The value SouTh Africa placed on The proTesTs and college sTudenTs who will be Tomorroww leaders

Page 23 text:

Giovanna Welch, STudenT Member Hnakicrks dsappeammg in Wgher Mary Zimnik, Editor of The Florlda Board of RegenTs, spoke To black sTudenTs aT a recenT Florlda Black STudenT As- soclaTlon CFBSAD conference. She charged 'There ls sTlll dlscrlml- naTlon. DlscrlmlnaTlon hasn'T crawled lnTo a corner. STarvlng children aren'T only ln Afrlca.. dlfference. ..u However, Thanks To SenaTors Phlllp Gramm and Warren Rudman, and Thanks To unfalr assessmenT TesTs lllke The SATB, and flnally, Thanks To shorT-slghTed vlslon ln The eyes of our socieTy Today, black people may noT geT ThaT opporTunlTy To make a dlfference Blacks are ln Trouble ln higher educaTlon. Thelr numbers are decllnlng and accordlng To DlrecTor Louls Sul llvan of Morehouse School of Medlclne, 'We have losT The legacy of The'60s and'7Os ln equal opporTunlTy and ln equlTyJ'lI1ME, November 11, 19857 The loss ls belng felT across The counTry. Everywhere black sTudenTs are loslng ground ln educaTIon and Ioslng a grlp ln socleTy. Thls pasT year aT Eckerd Col- lege only Two Amerlcan black sTu- denTs ouT of 340 were admlTTed lnTo The freshman class. ThaT's a sTaggerlng .5Z. Dean of Admlsslons Dlck Hallin doesn'T blame hls admlsslons sTaff for The .51 freshman black enrollmenT. NlT's noT an lnsTlTuTlon ThaT's walked away from lTs commlTTmenT or an admlsslons sTaff ThaT doesn'T do lTs job -- lT's a naTlon-wlde probIem.W However, he also added ThaT uyou can never make The case ThaT you've done all you can do.H So, who or whaT is To blame here aT Eckerdf Hallin has a Three-parT Theory as To The cause of The problem on Thls campus 11 Top sTudenTs are losT ouT To The more presTlgous ln- sTiTuTlons 23 Eckerd campus lacks The blacks in numbers CsTudenTs, sTaff, faculTy3 ThaT creaTes a ncomforTableH campus ThaT lnvlTes a prospecTlve black sTudenT. Also, The ST. PeTersburg area lacks The black professionals To do The same 33 Money, l.e., Tlnanclal ald This past year at Eckerd College only two black students out of 340 were admitted into the freshman class. That's a stag- gering .5fM:. The flrsT aspecT To hls Theory represenTs a subsTanTlal problem Accordlng To Hallln, 'Why would a good, black sTudenT come To Thls lnsTlTuTlon?n More lmporTanTly, how does This adminlsTraTlon deflne a Ngood, black sTudenT?H WThe goal is To Try and Improve The academlc sTandards so more whiTe and black sTudenTs wlll apply,n accordlng To Hallln. In This goal To Improve acade- mlc admlsslons sTandards ls a flve-year plan ln The making by The College Plannlng Councll CCPC7, chalred by PresldenT PeTer ArmacosT.Thls flve-year plan ls presenTly being designed Ton among oTher reasons, To Improve The col lege's academlc repuTaTlon. One proposed parT of This plan ls To Include an SAT requlremenT cuT-off. Dean of Academlcs Lloyd Chapin wanTs ThaT cuT-off To be a score of BOO, accordlng To one CPC member. So, lf This plan goes lnTo eTfecT, wlThln flve years no sTudenT wlll be admiTTed wlTh an SAT score of under 800. Therefore, augood, black sTu- denTU ln The eyes of The admlnlsTraTlon mlghT be one wlTh accepTable SAT scores according To These admlsslons sTandards ThaT aTTlTude In The proposal doesn'T leave much posslblllTy for The fuTure of black sTudenTs aT Eckerd Col lege. Perhaps one day ThaT .55 black freshman enrol lmenT mlghT be a number To shooT for. AlThough There ls no documenTed evldence To sclenTlflcally supporT The fol lowlng, SAT scores may be considered dlscrlmlnaTory. Accordlng To Hallln, lasT year's average scores among senlors speak for Themselves: 'The average SAT score for a 1985 senlor was 906. Of ThaT group Is The following: average NaTlve Amerlcan - 820 average Aslan Amerlcan - 922 average black American - 722 average Chlcano - 808 average PuerTo Rlcan - 778 average HhlTe Amerlcan - 939 In response To SAT's, Dean Mark SmlTh sald, 'SAT's are vlewed by blacks as a TesT for whlTes, by whlTes. . . black sTudenTs approach The TesT wlTh a defensive ITIOFS 23

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