Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL)

 - Class of 1986

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Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 14 of 68
Page 14 of 68

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Page 14 text:

E ra An gx . Q, a, 'QQ ' X f if ii N - 1 19. .JU X W r Y LX ' s 5 5 I . -1 X ry 4 -. ,-,. 'M Qs. . , - , . J- , '-D' , ' T ' 4 ,f ' ,., S f' x -f L ' 'gxf' Q. - . 1 9': -H' -', ' '- cg - I., ',!. 5? W ' I. L Q . 'y' I 1' i N ix N 'vp , ,' I- .I , Q 5 I I 1 N K X, " ' r "VZ f - . 1 'I V rf , -' "X 1: ', ' 'fa' 7' in -N f' 7 ' I 1--Q I. '.. I tv V , V if 5,1 ' ly 11' 4 v Q A har V 'f - is i ' . A, 5 ' pi , f ' 1 '--Q ., 25' in 5--5 " 5 ,.,1' 4X ' 'g '. I E- uv ' Q 5- . .fi-f 3 9 155. --6 N fi -"Y, Ile . ,s , if 4 ,, eQ,g'LV'f!'-1 Q at Vg 'f.X, 'Y 4 x 's "Vi,-Wfx --Y. ' '- -, I as I9 fit: V. 3 . V, K In 4 s- 5 N . C' ' ffl- ' ., f - IOAQ I '. 'Ext' N . fx,- ' -.U . A - 4 ' I Ky le. I., A In , T . xg , - -. q ..1,S!'-T. ff, jlfl 1,Nx.I'6 A D sqv- X A s-'-' Q 5 E, - , Q 5 ' X A 1, . 4 ' 'Q , ' W It. ' . , X ' I 9 X ' ' 1' x4, x

Page 13 text:

m F Seeing The sTaTue, I am remlnded of all we sTand for In youTh. The people of The fuTure. Our main objecflve ls To simply do someThIng wlTh our lives The benT wrlsT of This sTone man leTs me know ThaT human emoTlon Is To be expecTed, The single curvaTure In This sTraighT man of learning. And we are Imbred wlTh The Idea ThaT To accomplish Is To achieve, ThaT oplnlons and facTs all are of relevance. ThaT's llfe for you. As naive babies, we believe our Teachers and Then are suddenly Thrusf lnTo a slTuaTIon ThaT proves Them wrong. Always saying ThaT col lege, exlsfence, marriage, and youTh were imporTanT.l now know They were and are wrong. Age-ThaT's whaT I have over Them Years of life, real llfe l've lived and now The relevance of whaT we refuse To believe has sunken lm He helped. The one I always Talked myself ouT of caring for. Why? He was a non-achlever, a non- aThleTe, a non-conformlsT.I was jusT The opposlfe. My mind Is beginning To sTruggIe back lnTo my pasT-my happiness. Nwhaf are you palnTlng?' I ask The boy, noT meaning To flIrT. WAcTually IT's noThing, jusT feelings puT lnTo palnTs.N lnslde I laugh. lf anyone, buT me had heard ThaT, They would have walked away. AT IeasT This ls whaT I ThoughT. Because he was dIfferenT, I was To be commended for Talking To him. He was probably laughing aT me. Because he was The one wise before his Time, he was The kind ThaT would acTual ly have The nerve To burn a drafT noTice, he was The one everyone respecTed, even Though They dldn'T know IT Then, I, I'm ashamed To say, was more concerned wlTh geTTIng homecoming queen and whaT I was going To buy To go wlTh my new boofs Than flndlng someThing good In everyThing. Back To whaT he saidn.'Feellngs lnTo painT,n huh? A I ITTle Too deep for me and I wasn'T wary of saying so I now laugh ouTsIde. He looks up, no, noT acTuaIly looks-ThaT wouldn'T do hlm jusTice, he glanced up and IT was Then I knew someThIng was beginning To click Every girl has aT one Time or anoTher experienced IT or has been The experience herself. SomeThing falls lnTo place. His eyes of amber fllrfed wiTh me, daring me To mafch wITs wlTh an inTeIlecT. Typical, I know, buT I backed down. NoT only ThaT buT I backed ouT, leaving him for a chocolaTe shake and a cheeseburgen He saw me again once we sTarTed college. recognized him rIghT off The baT, he being The subconslous person always presenT In my dreams. He dIdn'T recognize me, buT I can'T say I didn'T undersfand. I had Taken To adobfing a new personallfy. Iwas lnTo vegeTarlan pizzas, my dad's cloThes, fish hook jewelry and spending all my exTra Time raising money for The USave A Sealn fund. IT wasn'T me and ThaT's why he diCn'T know me. We are only capable of knowing ThaT which Is real. The resT Is JusT a fraud and he was no person To puT up wlTh frauds. We Talked In The campus HHardeesu. He gulped down a salad wlTh poppy-seed dressing while aT The same Tlme casually Telling me I was noT whaT I should be. Those eyes always probed deeper Than I wanTed Them To, always Taking The real me I hide and fllnglng her lnTo a plT of lions-aT IeasT ThaT4s how I felT. And he loved me. He never had To say IT and I 0 I always knew IT. All of our sporadic UjusT friends' daTes ouT To see The nBeaTlesN fllm fesTIvaI or whaT- ever, jusf IeT me know and Idldn'Tcare.I couldNT geT lnTo his need for TruTh, his need To know The concepT of llfe, or his need To reform me. I was lnTo my soaps, saving bubble-gum wrappers To gef a Mickey Mouse waTch, and learning To play German music on my gulTar. This Is where I come To our Third run In.We losT Touch afTer Those four years buT regained IT again when I wenT on a splurge To learn classical gulTar aT a free group lesson. Guess who was The Teacher? Him, always hinL He had grown a longer beard, longer hair and a Trimmer body, buT he sTIl I had Those eyes. He had Told me ThaT when he was younger everyone used To commenT on Them. If he could ever know how well I undersTood why. BuT There he saT, his baTTered gulTar sTrumming ouT an exTremely TalenTed Tune wlTh abouT Twelve avid learners working quiTe hard To lmITaTe iT. And I sTood There, waTchIng. Unaware and naive or whaT I acTual Iy felT for hlnn I saT down. He smiled and conTlnued. I smiled and Turned red I fear I have led The reader To believe he saT aimlessly around waITIng for me. QuITe The conTrary He enjoyed The pleasures of women quiTe ofTen. He never married buT sTIl I led a married life-To me. And I loved IT, him Too.BuT sTIIl I was To be commended for being his friend. He was sTil I so dlfferenT. STIII, was I The fool? The Ironic Thing being ThaT he always knew IT. He led a full llfe. Maybe noT ful I To me buT full To his beliefs and I considered iT wrong BUT who ls beTTer off, Those lgnoranT and happy, or Those wise and unhappy? I now believe In The flrsf. He amazed everyone ThaT meT him wiTh his fresh ideas and greaT ouTIooL I'm back aT The gulTar lessons and now They're over. Have I learned? NoT gulTar. He Thanks everyone and Thanks me, lingering so long I ask hinlTo spend The resT of The day wlTh me. We grab a plcnlc lunch and eaT In my favorlTe place, under The sTaTue. Never in my life has an afTernoon been more profITabIe, noT In money buT In wlsdonn We Talked, for hours under This sTalue. NoT The klnd of Talking you do all ThroughouT Ilfe, buT The kind of Talking ThaT only comes when lylng in bed aT mldnlghT, or on a deserTed beach, or under a sTaTue eaflng sfrawberries. We found The meaning of life TogeTher, our relevance To mankind, The way To God's Heaven, The reason life ends and everyThIng else I felT There was no answer To. The one Thing we dldn'T find Though, sadly enough, was a way ThaT we-Two such dIfferenT people- could make a llfe TogeThen Now l will end This. There's no more I care To puT lnTo The open. I wish I could make an Incredibly symbolic ending for This To make The reader's Time worThwhlle. Maybe I could Ile and say we found each oTher and llved wlTh long hair, bare feeT and happy babies forever, buT we dIdn'T. In facT I never saw him again, aT IeasT noT yeT. So l'lI leave This sTaTue of sfone and also leave you To wonder, If you care, aT our faTe. I look lnTo The wafer surrounding The sTaTue, and noTlce- no, I domf noTlce, I almosf expecT To see a sTrawberry sTem sunk To The boTTom. Symbolic? Who knows .... excepT maybe hlm. 13

Page 15 text:

An ecosystem endangered . .. vvill the mangroves survive? Shana Smith, Science Writer A developer gazed lnTo The Florida sunseT, largely Ignoring The sllhoueTTes of The sTubby mangroves In fronT of him. His ThoughTs were on TourIsTs and The lmpacT ThaT This sITe would have on new visiTors To Florida He walked down To The clear, warm waTer and smlled wlTh saTls- facTIon as a school of sand TrouT darTed away and fisherman In The dIsTance played Their lines To hook Them A few weeks laTer The developer reTurned, and wlThln a few monTh's Time The mangroves were cleared and a resorT was buIIT. The sunseTs conTlnued nIghT afTer nIghT, buT The waTer Turned muddy brown and The fish dlsap- peared. The developer was In desperaTion, for he had desTroyed The supporT of The beauTy and life which he had seen ThaT nighT. The mangroves were gone. when one mangrove dles, IT ls decomposed by bacTerIa, fungi, and Tlny animals such as nemaTodes lworms and amphlpods which are collecTively known as deTrlTo- voresl. The parTicles of semldecomposed mangrove are Then elTher consumed by Tlsh or swepT ouT and fllTered Through The seagrass beds ouTlylng The mangrove ToresT, where furTher decomposITlon Takes place. This Is The naTural course of Thlngs. The complex energy Transfer sysTem of The mangroves and The sea- grasses allows for abundanT life However when hundreds of mangrove Trees are uprooTed, The sysTem becomes overwhelmed, and The consequences can be dls- asTrous. Llke coral reefs, mangrove eccv sysTems are fragile buT lmporTanT ones, and Their lmporTance In conserving The naTural beauTy of Florlda's coasTllne musT be rea- llzed. There are four species of man- groves ln Florida. lnTeresTlngly, none of The species are Taxonomi- cally reIaTed To each oTher In any way oTher Than ThaT They all have adapTIons for livlng In a salTy envIronmenT. Thus, mangrove Trees have The ablllTy To llve where oTher Trees cannoT. The mosT Tamlliar mangrove ls maggie, The red man- grove. IT has large, red prop rooTs and is cIosesT To The waTer's edge. The prop rooTs are ofTen encrusTed wlTh barnacles and eaTen away by a small species of plll bug known as Sphagggma Quad: AT a sIIghTIy higher eIevaTlon is n.llLd.a, The black mangrove. IT Is Tound along The souTh seawall of Eckerd College and can be idenTIfied by rooTs which sTIck up around each Tree like dead fingers. The boTTom slde of The leaf of The mangrove Is sparkly and sllver wlTh salT crysTals ThaT are excreTed so ThaT The Tree can survive. Higher up from The waTer and noT as common is Lacemgsa, The whlTe mangrove. AT The highesT Tldal zone Is The knarled, somewhaT raTTy-looking buTTonwood from which drlfTwood is formed. Mangroves In general have no ToleraTlon of cold, and Thus They are found In Tropical locaTlons. Cedar Key, Florida Is an area ThaT can be considered a NTransITIon zoneu beTween mangrove ecosysTems and more Temperafe salTmarsh ecosysTems. Several years ago a freeze kII led off The mangrove Trees In The Cedar Keys. All ThaT was lefT was Their skeleTal remains. The ecological effecT was consider- able, only now are seedlings be- glnnlng To grow. ST. Pefersburg, by conTrasT, ls rich In mangroves, buT They are now experiencing devasTaTIon by oTher, arTIflclal causes Mangroves do many Things To make Florida beauTIful. AlThough noT as sTaTely as The Florida sable palm or as Tall as The AusTrallan plne Tree, They are almosT savagely Tropical and jusT as beauTiTul. An aTTernoon canoe Trlp spenT winding Through Indian Key, rIghT near Eckerd College, Is like a Trlp To The Amazon. The life ThaT is supporTed by mangrove foresTs, from perlwlnkle snails, fiddler crabs, and Tree crabs To raccoons and greaT blue herons, ls boTh rlch and diverse wlThln The Tangled rooTs and leaves Of foremosT lmporTance To humans is ThaT mangroves and The surrounding seagrasses form a habITaT upon which baby fish--The ones ThaT Turn lnTo The blggesT TrouT, redflsh, barracuda, whiTIng, and so on--are dependenT. FurThermore, mangroves keep The waTer clear and proTecTed by Trapping sedlmenTs and polluTanTs In Their rooTs and building up dense Islands and coasTllnes which acT as buffers To sTorms. Thus The developer who builT ThaT resorT did more Than jusT ruin a prime siTe. He desTroyed a llfe source, depIeTed The game flsh In The area, and scarred his smal I parT of The coasT. Produc- TIvITy, boTh In TourisT dollars and In mangrove energy ouTpuT, was depleTed as well. UnforTunaTely, This Is noT an uncommon problem In The unproTecT- ed mangrove slTed in Florida. A large percenTage of mangrove areas are proTecTed by law or by The NaTional Audubon SocIeTyp mosT of These are wlThln The Everglades, where IITe sysTems Thrive undis- Turbed. The governmenT has had a huge lmpacT on mangrove conservaTlon, buT because unproTecTed areas are so vulnerable and because Their desTrucTlon has such an exTreme Toll on The envlronmenT, a problem sTIl I remains. The sunseTs wlll always be beauTlful In Florida. So wlll The land and The coasT, If d6velOpmenT ls planned wlTh care. Mangroves -- The skeleTon of coasTaI FlorIda's appeal, provides boundless life and beauTy. BuT as iT is wlTh anyThing ThaT is alive, a body whose skeleTon is wrenched ouT fal ls aparT and dies. T5

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