East Tennessee State University - Buccaneer Yearbook (Johnson City, TN)

 - Class of 1937

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Text from Pages 1 - 52 of the 1937 volume:

WUIIHII J 59T The BUCCANEER 1937 VOLUME I. Published By THE SENIOR CLASS of the EAST TENNESSEE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Johnson City, Tennessee die IBuccaneer Esther Wade Mary Stonecipher Ruth Upshaw Julia Beck Billy Joe Shell George Carr - Betty Johnson Catherine Erb Kenneth Walker Edmond Congdon Morey Hyder , Sue Williams David Graham . Virginia McCullough Dr. Frank Field Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Managing Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Photographic Editor Organizations Editor Women’s Athletics Editor Men’s Athletic Editor Snapshot Editor Alumni Editor -August Graduate Editor Circulation Manager Secretary Faculty Adviser 1937 The Buccaneer Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Alumni Editor Make-Up Editor Sports Editor Campus Editor Organisations Editor Feature Editors Dormitory - Exchange Editor Reporters Business Manager Advertising Manager Assistants Anne Br Alan Williams Frances B. Ewing Mac Gross 1). E. Bullington Hilda Buchanan Catherine Erb Velvia Boston ) Margie Nell Zimmerman Ruth Upshaw Kenneth Walker Bill Belvin j Sam Newell Hortense Powell Peter Naher Walter Roland Shell J. Bloomer ) Jo Wagner Dr. Frank Field Cbe Cljalb Line Faculty Adviser s 4 The ‘Buccaneer 1937 ELIZABETH BLACK MAYNARD 8URLFS0N M. E. BUTTERFIELD ELEANOR CARtOCK 7 C CARSONj ROBERT € COX LAWRENCE PERT-HICK RU8Y OOAK ADA r, EARNEST: MARY L. GORDY MAS- B- D. HODGES VERA HOOVER DR.4 . B.-HUDDLE cJ. 8.NfcMUftk AN C HODGE MAIHFS MAXINE MATHEWS A A MENHIR: RUT-H PATE Dft.fRANK flEtD,REGISTRAR D. S. BURLESON, DEAN OR. C.C. SHERROD, PRES. ELIZABETH SLOCUMS DR L.p.W-HEEL-FR W.C WILSON OLIV€ TAYLOR DR.RUTH THOMAS AH WINCHESTER IN A 40 VOAICLEy R W. ALEXANDER GERTRUDE S BOREN VELMA CiOYD BLANCHE BRITTON: mm PARREL L MARIE HARRISON ISABEL MARTIN LILLIAN POE VIRGINIA QUERY L.D. WALLIS FRANCES TERRY THE FACULTY 1937 B h e Buccaneer 5 3[unc ©taDuates ESTHER A. WADE Johnson City, Tennessee Mathematics, English, History Pi Sigma, 33-37; Treasurer, Pi Sigma, 3 5; Sec¬ retary Pi Sigma 36 ; President, Pi Sigma, 37 ; Pi Kappa Delta, 34 ; Home Economics Ciub, 35 ; A. C. E., 37 ; Glee Ciub, 35-37; Honor Roll 33-37 ; Exchange Editor, Chalk Line, 35 ; Bus¬ iness Manager, Chalk Line Staff, 37; Writer’s Award, 37 ; Social Committee, 34-35 ; Student Activity Committee, 3 5-36; Head of Tryouts, 3 6 ; T. C. Award, 35. MARY ALICE HUNNICUT Erwin, Tennessee English, Social Science, French Sigma Omega, 35; Art Club, 35; German Club, 35 ; French Club, 33-36 ; A. C. E., 37 ; Glee Club, 35 ; Honor Roll, 34-37. ANNE BRYANT Johnson City, Tennessee Science, English, History Pi Sigma, 33-37; Vice-President, 36; Dramatics; Chalk Line Staff ; Campus Editor, 35 ; Associate Editor, 36; Editor-in-chief, 37 ; Associate Ed¬ itor, Treasure Trove 36 ; Dean Burleson Award, 36; Writer’s Award, 37; Vice-President, Stu¬ dent Body, 37 ; T. C. Award, 34 ; Winner Ping- pong Tournament, 33, 34, 35 ; Head of Sports, 33, 35, 37 ; T. Sweater, 34; Honor Roll. DAVID G. GRAHAM Indian Springs, Tennessee Chemistry, Mathematics, English Pestalozzian Literary Society, 37; Boxocrats, 37; Sullivan County Club ; A. C. E., 37 ; Rural Life Club, 37 ; Circulation Manager, Senior Chalk Line Staff, 37; Research in Chemistry, 35. M. F. PARSLEY Erwin, Tennessee English, History, Social Science International Relations Club, 37; T. Club, 33-37; Pestalozzian Society, 33-37 ; Vice-President, Pes¬ talozzian Society 35 ; Pi Kappa Delta 34-37 ; “Special Distinction”, Pi Kappa Delta; Chap¬ ter President, Pi Kappa Delta, 37; Boxocrats, 33-37; President Boxocrats, 34 ; Glee Club, 35; Honor Roll, 36 ; President, Junior Class, 36 ; Vice-President, Sophomore Class, 35; President, Student Body, 37 ; Vice-President, 36 ; Football, 33-37; Track, 37. MARY MEDORA GRIGSBY Jonesboro, Tennessee Social Science, English, Home Economics Pi Sigma, 33-37: International Relations Club, 37; A. C. E., 37; Honor Roll, 3 3-37. FRANCES BURLESON EWING Elizabethton, Tennessee Home Economics, English, German Pi Sigma, 33-37 ; Pianist, Pi Sigma, 34-37 ; Treas¬ urer, Home Economics Club, 35-36 ; A. C. E., 36-37; Glee Club Accompanist, 35, 36, 37; Or¬ chestra, 35; Band, 35, 36, 37; Honor Roll, 33-37 ; Treasurer, Freshman Class, 34; Editor- in-chief, Treasure Trove, 37; Head of Hiking, 36 ; Intramural Manager, Summer, 36; T. C. Award, 36 ; Chalk Line Staff, 33-37. GEORGE CARR Piney Flats, Tennessee Mathematics, Physical Science, History International Relations Club, 37 ; Secretary, In¬ ternational Club, 37 ; Honor Roll, 34-37 ; Pho¬ tographic Editor, Senior Chalk Line Staff, 37. 1937 June £ ca0uates ALMEDA S. CONVERSE Knoxville, Tennessee English, History, Physical Education Sigma Omega, 33-37; Vice-President, Sigma Omega, 36 ; International Relations Club, 36; Pi Kappa Delta, 34-35 ; A. C. E., 37 ; Tau Alpha Omega, 37; Glee Club, 33; Honor Roll, 33-37 ; Vice-President, Junior Class, 36; Treasurer, Senior Class, 37 ; Secretary, Student Body, 37 ; Intramural Manager, 37 ; T, C. Award, 34; T. Sweater, 35. JULIA HARRIET BECK Erwin, Tennessee History, English, Social Studies Pi Sigma, 3 3-37 ; International Relations Club, 37 ; A. C. E., 37 ; Glee Club, 34-35 ; Honor Roll, 37. WILLIAM DAVID CARSON Johnson City, Tennessee Mathematics, History, English, Science T Club, 37; German Club, 34; Boxocrats, 35; Science Club, 36 ; A. C. E., 37 ; Baptist Student Union, 36 ; Operetta, 34 ; Glee Club, 33, 34, 35 ; Madrigal Singers, 34; Honor Roll, 36; Foot¬ ball, 33-37 ; Tennis, 34-36. RUTH ELAINE UPSHAW Etowah, Tennessee History, English, Physical Education Sigma Omega, 33-37; Treasurer, Sigma Omega, 37 ; Y. W. C. A., 33-37 ; Custodian, Y. W. C. A„ 36 ; Treasurer, Y. W. C. A, 36 ; Glee Club, 33 ; Orchestra, 33 ; Band Sponsor, 37 ; Managing Editor, Senior Chalk Line, 37 ; Dormitory Re¬ porter, Chalk Line Staff, 37 ; Student Activity Committee, 36 ; T. C. Award, 37. EDITH ANDERSON Chattanooga, Tennessee English, Music, History Sigma Omega, 33 -37; Vice-President, Sigma Omega, 35 ; Secretary, Sigma Omega, 36 ; Pres¬ ident, Sigma Omega, 37; Y. W C. A., 34-37 ; A. C. E., 37; Operetta, 34, 35, 36, 37; Music Award, 35-36 ; Glee Club, 37 ; Band Sponsor, 37; A Capella Choir, 35, 36, 37 ; Secretary, Sophomore Class, 35 : Barnwarnin’ Queen, 36. ALBERT BOYER Erwin, Tennessee Health and Physical Education T. Club, 33-37; Vice-President, T. Club, 36; Pes- talozzian Literary Society, 34 ; Boxocrats, 34-3-5 ; A. C. E. 37 ; Operetta, 35 ; Glee Club, 33, 34, 36 ; Student Activity Committee, 34; Football, 33-37 ; Track, 35 ; Basketball, 34-36; Baseball, 35-36. MOREY HYDER Johnson City, Tennessee Industrial Arts, History, English Glee Club, 34; Honor Roll, 37; Alumni Editor, Se nior Chalk Line Staff, 37. LILLIE MARGARET GRAYBEAL Roan Mountain, Tennessee Home Economics, English, History Home Economics Club, 3 3-37 ; President, Home Economics Club, 37 ; National Home Economics Association, 35-37; Carter County Club, 35-37 ; Honor Roll, 35-36 ; Home Management House, Spring, 37. 1937 The ‘Buccaneer June ©raDuates MARY HOWELL STONECIPHER Johnson City, Tennessee English, History, Latin, Social Studies Charter Member, International Relations Club, 35-37 ; President, International Relations Club, 37 ; A. C. E., 37 ; Tau Alpha Omega, 37 ; Vice- President, Tau Alpha Omega, 37; Glee Club, 34-36; Honor Roll, 34-37; Secretary, Junior Class, 36 ; Associate Editor, Senior Chalk Line, 37. GEORGIANA GRAYBEAL Abingdon, Virginia Home Economics, Social Science, Science Pi Sigma, 34-37; Home Economics, 34-37; Mem¬ ber of National Home Economics Association, 35-37 ; A. C. E., 37 ; Glee Club, 35 ; Home Man¬ agement House, Spring, 37. CATHERINE HUDSON ERB Johnson City, Tennessee English, Health and Physical Education Pi Sigma, 34-37 ; Treasurer, Pi Sigma, 38; Sec¬ ond Vice-President, Pi Sigma, 37; Dramatic Club, 33-37 ; T. Club Play, 35-36 ; Junior Play, 36 ; Pi Sigma Play, 37 ; German Club, 35 ; A. C. E., 37 ; President, A. C. E., 37; Secretary. Sen¬ ior Class, 37; Treasurer, Sophomore, 35 ; Or¬ ganization Editor, Chalk Line Staff, 37; Girls’ Athletics, Senior Chalk Line Staff, 37; T. C. Award ,35 ; T Sweater, 36. WILLIAM ANDERSON Maryville, Tennessee Industrial Arts, English T. Club, 33, 34, 35; Pestalozzian Society, 33, 34, 35 ; Boxocrats, 33, 34, 35, 3«6; Football, 33, 34, 35 ; Baseball, 35-36. KENNETH E. WALKER Bulls Gap, Tennessee History, English, Mathematics, Biology , Physical Education and Health T. Club, 35, 36, 37; T Club Reporter, 36-37: Pestalozzian Society, 34, 35, 36, 37; Secretary. Pestalozzian Society, 36 ; Dramatic Club, 34-35 ; Boxocrats, 34, 35, 36, 37; President, Hawkins County club, 35; A. C. E., 37; Vice-President, A. C. E., 37 ; Glee Club, 35 ; Exchange Editor, Chalk Line, 37 ; Boys’ Government Council, 36; Manager, Basketball, 36 ; Manager, Baseball. VIRGINIA MAE BALL Tazewell, Tennessee History, Geography, English VIRGINIA BEATRICE YELTON Erwin, Tennessee English, Health and Physical Education Pi Sigma, 33-37; Y. W. C. A., 33; Art Club, 36; A. C. E., 37 ; Operetta, 33 ; Glee Club, 33 -34 : Play Day, 34; A1 Famous Volleyball, 33; All Famous Basketball, 34 ; All Famous Baseball, 34; Candidate for Carnival Queen, 34. MONROE DAY Johnson City, Tennessee History, Latin, English A. C. E., 37; Reporter, Rural Life Club, 37; Operetta, 35 ; Silver Music Award, 35; Orches¬ tra, 33-37 ; Manager, Band, summer, 36 ; Alumni Editor, Chalk Line, 37. 3fune ©rao turns 8 The ‘Buccaneer 1937 INEZ JACKSON CATRON Kingsport, Tennessee Home Economics, English, Science, History Sigma Omega, 3«3-37; Secretary, Sigma, 34; Sec¬ ond Vice-President, Sigma Omega, 37 ; Y. W. C. A., 33-37 ; Secretary, 34 ; President, 35; Presi¬ dent, Art Club, 34-36 ; Vice-President, Art Club, 33 ; Dramatic Club, 33-35 ; Home Economics Club, 32-37 ; Science Club, 33 ; Operetta, 33, 34, 3«5, 37 ; Third Honors in Music; Glee Club. 32-37 ; A Capella Choir, 35 ; Honor Roll, 34-36 ; Band Sponsor, 37; Home Management House, 35. VIRGINIA ROYALL McCULLOUGH Johnson City, Tennessee Physical Education, English, Health Pi Sigma, 33-37 ; German Club, 36 ; A. C. E., 37 ; Secretary Senior Chalk Line Staff, 37 ; Head of Ping Pong, 35 ; Head of Tryouts, 37; T. C. Award, 35 ; T Sweater, 36 ; Candidate T Blan¬ ket, 37; All Famous Baseball, 35 ; Runner-up Foul Shooting Contest, 36. MARSHALL MOODY Johnson City Tennessee Science, English, History, German, Sociology German Club, 34; Rural Life Club, 36 ; Honor Roll, 35, 36, 37. KATHERINE ALICE JOHNSON Greeneville, Tennessee English, French, Social Science French Club, 34; Greene County Club, 34 ; Tau Alpha Omega, 37 ; Honor Roll, 31-37; T. C. Award, 36. ANNIE LAURIE HALL Parrottsville, Tennessee English, Social Science Vice-President, Y. W. C. A., 37; Cocke County Club, 35 ; President Cocke County Club, 3 5; Honor Roll, 37. ROBERT C. GILLESPIE Limestone, Tennessee English, History, Geography Transferred from Tusculum College. WILLIAM BUSTER CARTER Jonesboro, Tennessee Science, History and Social Science, English Science Club, 35; Rural Life Cub, 37. ANNA MARGARET KNIGHT Jonesboro, Tennessee English, Home Economics, History Home Economics Club, 37 ; French Club, 35 ; Ru¬ ral Life Club, 37 ; Secretary, Rural Life Club, 37. 1937 ‘The ' Huccanee June cfrraOuates FRANCES NATALIE HILL Dandridge, Tennessee English, History, Health Sigma Omega, 34-37 ; Y. W. C. A., 34-37 ; Assist¬ ant Pianist. Y. W. C. A., 36; French Club, 35; A. C. E.. 37 ; Maryville College, 33-34; Candi¬ date for Barnwarmin’ Queen, 36. EVELYN WIDENER Erwin, Tennessee English, Geography, Art Art Club, 37 ; A. C. E., S«6-37 ; Tau Alpha Omega, 37. LOUISE BLEVINS Johnson City, Tennessee Home Economics, English, French, History Y. W. C. A.. 33 ; Home Economics Club, 34-37 ; French Club, 36; Operetta. 34-35: Silver Music Award. 36 ; Glee Club, 33-37 ; Home Manage¬ ment House, 37. MARSHALL SHIELDS STEPHENS Powder Springs, Tennessee Industrial Arts, English, Music, History Pestalozzian Society. 37; Grainger County Club; Rural Life Club, 37 ; Vice-President Rural Life Club. 37 ; Operetta, 36; Glee Club, 37; Special Student in Music and Commercial Subjects, Richmond, Kentucky; Band, Fall, 36 ; Vice- President. Grainger County Club, 37 ; President Pestalozzian Society, Winter, 36. HERRMANN HAYNES BANNER Tazewell, Tennessee Chemistry, Industrial Arts, Mathematics A. C. E.. 37 ; Rural Life Club; Honor Roll, Sum¬ mer, ’36. SARA MAE PENNEY Erwin, Tennessee English, Social Science, Science Y. W. C. A., 37; A. C. E., 37; Glee Club, 37; A Capella Choir, 37. CLYDE BARNES HAWS Jonesboro, Tennessee Home Economics, History and Social Studies, English Honor Roll, Winter, 35. JACKSON CORNETT Johnson City, Tennessee Mathematics, Physical Science, English, History ■ 3Iuite (graduates T h e ‘Buccaneer 1937 JAHAZA ELIZABETH JEFFRIES Johnson City, Tennessee History, English, Social Science BONNIE KATE HAYNES Johnson City, Tennessee English, History, Physical Education Art, 33; Rural Life Club, 37; Glee Club, 3-3. PAROLEE PRITCHARD Cleveland, Tennessee English, Social Science, Bible A. C. E., 37 ; Rural Life Club, 37 ; Honor Roll, 26-28 ; 32-36; Centenary College, 26-28; Chi¬ cago Training School, 32. TOMMIE KIRBY WOLFE Trezevant, Tennessee History and Social Studies, Home Economics, English A. C. E., 37. HASSIE ROARK Tazewell, Tennessee English, History, Geography Rural Life Club, 37; Lincoln Memorial Univer¬ sity, 31-32 ; T. C. Award, 37. HARMON C. PETERS Emmett, Tennessee Foreign Languages, History, Science JESSIE ROBBINS Concord, Tennessee Home Economics, History, English, Science MILDRED TAYLOR Jonesboro, Tennessee English, Social Science, Science 11 1937 The ‘Buccaneer august ©raouates CAINIE SUE WILLIAMS Jonesboro, Tennessee Music, English, Social Studies, Art International Relations Club, 37; Art Club, 3 7 ; A. C. E., 37 ; Operetta, 36-37 ; Music Award, 37 ; Glee Club, 30, 37; A Capella Choir, 36, 37 ; Honor Roll, 29, 36, 37; August Editor, Senior Chalk Line Staff. WILLIAM R. SABIN Jonesboro, Tennessee Social Studies, Mathematics President, T Club; Boxocrats; President, Senior Class, 37; Secretary-Treasurer, Student Body, 36 ; Football, 38-37; Co-Captain, Football 36 ; All State Center, 36. WALTER ROLLIN SHELL Piney Flats, Tennessee Industrial Arts, Social Science, History A. C. E., 37; Tau Alpha Omega, 37; Rural Life Club, 37; Advertising Manager, Chalk Line Staff, 37; Advertising Manager, Senior Chalk Li ne, 37. DOROTHY RHEA Johnson City, Tennessee History, English, Geography Pi Sigma, 32-37. JEAN HAWK TROY Johnson City, Tennessee Foreign Languages, English, Science, History Honor Roll ; Transferred from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, 37. MOSES JONES Erwin, Tennessee English, Physical Education, Biology T. Club, 34, 35, 36, 37; Secretary-Treasurer, Pes- talozzian Society, 37; Boxocrats, 35, 36, 37; Football, 33-37 ; Co-Captain, Football Team. 36 ; Smoky Mountain Conference Football, 34, 35, 36. EDMOND CONGDON Erwin, Tennessee Industrial Arts, Physical Education, Agriculture T. Club, 33-37; Boxocrats, 34; Snapshot Editor, Senior Chalk Line Staff, 37; Football, 3-3-37 ; Track, 37; University of Tennessee; Vice-Pres¬ ident, T. Club, 34, 35 ; All Conference Football, 3-3, 34, 35, 36 ; All State Football, 36. EDITH WEEMS Greeneville, Tennessee Social Science, English, Science Tusculum College. 12 The Buccane er 1937 August ©raouates JOHN P. LAMB, JR. Johnson City, Tennessee Science, German, English, History, Industrial Arts German Club. 34, 35 ; A. C. E., 37 ; Music Award, 55; Glee Club, 34, 35; Chalk Line Staff, 36. BETTY JOHNSON Chattanooga, Tennessee Home Economics, Science, English Pi Sigma, 35-37; Y. W. C. A., 35-37; Vice-Presi¬ dent, Y. W. C. A., 36; Pi Kappa Delta, 37; Home Economics Club, 35-37 ; Vice-President, Home Economics Club, 37 ; A. C. E., 37 ; Treas¬ urer, A. C. E., 37; Glee Club, 36 ; Band Spon¬ sor, 37; Honor Roll, Fall, 37; Vice-President, Senior Class, 37 ; Organizations Editor, Senior Chalk Line Staff, ’37 ; University of Chatta¬ nooga, 34, 35 ; Junior Class Play, 36. LUCILLE THOMPSON Erwin, Tennessee Social Science, Geography University of Tennessee, Spring, 34J. THEODORE BURTON Johnson City, Tennessee English, Industrial Arts, Chemistry T. Club, 37; French Club, 35; Science Club, 34 ; Washington County Club, 34; A. C. E., 37; Glee Club 35, 36, 37; Tennis, 36, 37. GRANVILLE ROBINSON Viers, Virginia Mathematics, English, History, Science Tennis, 6-37; Hiwassee College, 30-33; Radford State Teachers College, 36. RUAH ROBINSON Shady Valley, Tennessee English, Social Science, French University of Utah, fall and winter, 34. HELEN LUSK POWERS Johnson City, Tennessee English, Foreign Language, Music Pi Sigma, 20-23; Dramatic Club, 21-23 : French Club, 22 ; Washington County Club, 20 ; Oper¬ etta, 21, 22, 23 ; Glee Club, 20-23; President, GirV Glee Club, 23-; Secretary, Girls’ Glee Club, 22 ; Honor Roll, 22 ; State Teachers Col¬ lege, Murfreesboro, summer, 35. SULLINS CARTWRIGHT Blountville, Tennessee English, History, Social Science, Geography T. Club, 33-37; Pestalozzian Society; Boxocrats ; Glee Club; Baseball, 33-37 ; Transferred from Hiwassee College. Illltllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 1937 T he ‘Buccaneer 13 august (SraDuates ELOISE ANDREWS Johnson City, Tennessee English, Physical Education and Health, History, Geography Sigma Omega, 33-37 ; A. C. E., 37 ; Vice-Presi¬ dent, Orchestra, 35 ; Secretary, Orchestra, 36 ; Honor Roll, 36, 37 ; Lyceum Committee. ALFRED BURKETTE WALLEN Kyles Ford, Tennessee English, History, Geography, Social Science President Hancock County Club, 27 ; President, Hawkins County Club, 29 ; Delegate from Ru¬ ral Life Club to National Meeting, 36. EDWIN SUTHERLAND Colley, Virginia Biology, Health and Physical Education, History, English Track, 37 ; Lincoln Memorial University, 32-34 ; Radford State Teachers College, summers, 34, 36. FLOY ELIZABETH VON HOFE Johnson City, Tennessee Music, Foreign Languages, English, History German Club, 35 ; A. C. E., 36 ; Music Award. 36 ; Glee Club, 34-37; Orchestra, 34-37; Band, 35- 37 ; A Capella Choir 35, 36, 37. HAZEL MARGARETT MYERS Carter, Tennessee English, History, Geography ROY HOWARD HAYES Lone Mountain, Tennessee History, Science, English Honor Roll ; Transferred from Lincoln Memorial University. LAWRENCE SEAL New Tazewell, Tennessee Science, Social Science, English Lincoln Memorial University, Summers, 25-35. KATHERINE ELLEN DeBUSK Tazewell, Tennessee English, Geography, Social Science Rural Life Club, 36 ; Honor Roll, Summer, 31, 34, 35, 36; Lincoln Memorial University. The ‘Buccaneer 1937 August ©ra Duates BYRON BANKS Elizabethton, Tennessee English, Social Science, History, Science Debate Club, 36 ; German Club, 3-4 ; French Club, 36 ; President, Carter County Club, 33-35 ; Vice- President Carter County Club, 36 ; Y. M. C. A., 34; Glee Club, 34 ; T. C. Emergency Commit¬ tee, 33; Football, 33; Basketball, 33-35. DOROTHY LEE THOMAS Johnson City, Tennessee English, Physical Education, History Pi Sigma, 35-37 ; Art Club, 36 ; Home Economics Club, 36; German Club, 34-36; A. C. E., 36-37; Honor Ro ' l, Summer, 36; Head of Ping-Pong, Summer, 36 ; T. C. Award, 36; Candidate, T Sweater, 37; Runner up, Croquet Tournament, Summer, 36. JULIA HOLSTON RHEA Bluff City, Tennessee History, English, Latin Graduate, Virginia-Intermont. CHARLES LEE GRAVES Knoxville, Tennessee Science, English, Social Science T. Club, 37 ; Pestalozzian Society, 37 ; Boxocrats, 37 ; President Boxocrats, 37 ; Football, 37 ; Uni¬ versity of Tennessee, 33-35. EDWARD B. SANDERS Blountville, Tennessee Social Science, Mathematics, English Hiwassee College. OLETA RAMBO SHELTON Johnson City, Tennessee History, Physical Education and Health, Geography, English Rural Life Club, 37 ; Honor Roll Spring, 35; T. C. Award, 35. ALMA NOEL Greeneville, Tennessee English, Mathematics, Modern Languages Pi Sigma, 26 ; Orchestra, summer, 26 ; Honor Roll, 26, 28, 35; Queen’s College, Charlotte, North Carolina. CLAUDE E. KNIGHT Newport, Tennessee History, English, Biology Pestalozzian Society, 27 ; Cocke County Club, 27 ; Rural Life Club, 36. 1937 The T u c c an e e r 15 august ©raouates ALINE MYERS PERRY Jacksboro, Tennessee English, Home Economics, Chemistry, History Y. W. C. A. 32-35 ; Home Economics Club, 32-35 ; Science Club, 33 ; Campbell County Club, 34; T. C. Award, 34 ; Candidate, T Sweater, 37. STANLEY GRANT MYERS Carter, Tennessee History, Mathematics, Geography ALMA SHARP Jacksboro, Tennessee Social Science, English, German Lincoln Memorial University. WINONA VIRGINIA GRAHAM Indian Springs, Tennessee Graduate, Virginia-Intermont College; Transfer¬ red from East Radford State Teachers College. VIRGINIA DEVAULT HANCHER Piney Flats, Tennessee English, Social Science, Home Economics STELLA BEATRICE RICHARDS Talbott, Tennessee English, History, Geography ALBERTA FROW Knoxville, Tennessee English, History, Home Economics RUDOLPH FREELAND CREECH Soldiers’ Home, Tennessee Science, English, History A. C. E., 37; Rural Life Club; Wofford College, Spartanburg, S. C. ; Graduate in Pharmacy, Medical College of the State of South Carolina, Charleston. iiimmmmi 7 he Buccaneer 1937 August S5raD nates LOYD YARBROUGH Chattanooga, Tennessee Industrial Arts, History, English PAUL LESLIE NICELY Corryton, Tennessee Industrial Arts, Mathematics, History, Physical Education T. Club; Pestalozzian Society 27-30 ; 33-35 ; Box- ocrats, 33 ; Knox County Club; Honor Roll, 3 5 ; Football, 28-29; Basketball, 28, 29; Baseball, 27, 28, 29, 33; Captain Baseball, 29. ' V ' y ' a. PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE cF sO V «• .0 MARY MABEL DOGGETT Kingsport, Tennessee English, Social Science, Science, Home Economics . . JUANITA BARBARA SHOUN ' ? vyi Johnson City, Tennessee s 4 t Transferred from Milligan College. J I ]X 1937 u iii i mm The B uccaheer JUNIOR CLASS f he ‘B u c c a n e er ■ ■ ■ x : . s ' : MB— ■M lislgfffi i iMfli iiil gl B— o ) 1 1937 The B ucearner 19 iiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiimmiiimiiiiiiiiimmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiimijiiim FRESHMAN CLASS The ' Buccaneer 1937 C0usic Department THE GLEE CLUBS During the Fall Quarter the Glee Clubs devoted much of their time to the preparation of Handel’s Messiah . As a climax to this work, the clubs were combined with the Eastern Ten¬ nessee Messiah Chorus of 435 voices for a Sunday evening concert in Johnson City and in Bristol. Possibly the high spot of the season for both glee clubs and orchestra was the Spring Concert in which selections were given from Wagner’s Flying Dutchman , Page’s Old Plantation Days , and Cellar’s The Merry Widow. THE BAND As a marching and concert organization witli a membership of forty-seven, the band has added immeasurably to both school and civic activities. The band is planning to attend the Rhododendron Festival at Asheville, North Carolina, again this year where it placed third last summer in competition with eight other organizations. THE MUSIC FESTIVAL The Annual Music Festival in which the Teachers College is host to all surrounding public schools and colleges took place April 20 to 26. Total participants numbered 2060, which is by far the largest registration since its founding. THE INSTITUTE OF MUSIC While the Music Department has held a high position for several years in the training of music supervisors, this coming summer promises to give added impetus to its progress. Osbourne McConathy, distinguished music educator and author, is to be a guest member of the faculty. He will be assisted by 5 Elver J. Fitchhorn, expert band instructor, and Henry Harris, rising- young American pianist. THE GLEE CLUBS 1937 T h e Buccaneer 21 ) Bottom Row, left to right: Barnett, Parker, Banks, Harville, A1 Boyer, N. Sabin. Carson, Harless, B. Boyer, T. Boring, Sanders. Second Row, left to right: Congdon, Jamison, Lucas, Deere, Clark, Jones (Co-captain), Bowman, Anderson, Garland, Crowe, Parsley. Back Row, left to right: McCorkle (Asst. Mgr.), Lee (Mgr.), Lovegrowe, Bales, Dubbs, Graves., Pittman, Bailey, B. Sabin (Co-captain), Walker, Thornton, Belvin, Kitts, Atchley, Murray, Duncan, McMurray—Coach, Wallis—Assistant Coach. JFootfmll SCHEDULE AND SCORES Teachers College 46 Teachers College 2 Teachers College 2 Teachers College 2 Teachers College 6 Teachers College 13 Teachers College 6 Teachers College 6 Lees-McRae 0 Cullowhee 0 Carson-Newman 0 Maryville 0 King 0 T use ulum 0 Boone 26 Milligan 7 Coach of Football- Co-Captains Manager Assistant Manager J. G. McMurray Mose Jones and Bill Sabin -Herman Lee -Joe McCorkle 22 The ‘Buccaneer 1937 4 Left to Right: Boyer. Chwalek, Bowman, Dyer, Bowers, Bailey, Boring, Lundy, Coach McMurray IBaskettmil ) SCORES AND SCHEDULE Teachers College 46 Alumni 28 Teachers College 48 Erwin Y. 32 Teachers College 24 Maryville 47 Teachers College 38 Boone 52 Teachers College 26 Carson-N ewman 39 Teachers College 29 Maryville 48 Teachers College 32 Carson-N ewman 58 Teachers College 27 L. M. U. 48 Teachers College 33 Tusculum 36 Teachers College 29 Boone 56 Teachers College 38 Milligan 39 Teachers College 48 Tusculum 66 Teachers College 40 L. M. U. 33 Teachers College 35 King 48 Teachers College 23 Milligan 31 Teachers College King Captain - Manager Assistant Manager “Zip” Dyer Odie Helton John Chwalek 1937 The Buccaneer 23 First Row, left to right: Cliwalek, Atchley, Stanton, Cartright, Bowers, Duncan. Second Row, left to right: Sanders, Hvder, Warren, Boyer, Jones, Dubbs, Boring, Webb, King. Back Row, left to right: Louderback, Nichols, Murray, Keller, Winters, Walker, Williams, Brabson, McMurray—Coach, Dyer. ' Baseball SCHEDULE AND SCORES FOR 1037 Teachers College— 5 -Milligan—6 Teachers College—12-Carson-Newman 13 May 3-Milligan (here) May 12--Carson-Newman (here) May 17--Maryville (there) May 18---Maryville (there) May 21---L. M. U. (there) May 22-L. M. U. (there) May ? Milligan May ? -Bemberg May ? - Unaka Coach of Baseball --- --J. G. McMurray Captain of Baseball Al Boyer Manager of Baseball Zip Dyer Assistant Managers -Joe McCorkle, John Chwalek, and Harmon Louderback Front Row, left to right: Chetwood, Newell, Fleming, Borings Brown, Field, Lacey, B. Sabin. Second Row, left to right: Sutherland, Van Landingham, Jamison, Kitts, Morell, Teil- man, N. Sabin, Trotter, Clemmer, Parsley, Belvin, Bowman. Crack SCHEDULE FOR 1937 April 26-Emory and Henry (there) May 1 Smoky Mountain Conference (here) May 14---Mars Hill College (there) May 21 L. M. U. (there) May 28 Milligan (here) Th e ‘Buccaneer 1937 Captain of Track - Manager of Track Coach of Track - Joe Jamison John Boring J. G. McMitrray Left to Right: Lundy, Burton, C. Sherrod, Bullington, Robinette, H. Sherrod, Gross, Boyer, Dr. Wheeler Cennis MATCHES OF 1937: Teachers College 0 Wayne University 7 Teachers College 8 Chattanooga University 1 Teachers College 7 Carson-Newman 0 Teachers College 7 Carson-Newman 0 Teachers College 5 Maryville 0 Teachers College 5 Boone 2 Teachers College 4 University of Tennessee 3 Teachers College 7 Milligan 0 Teachers College 7 Emory and Henry 0 May 3—U. T. Freshmen. May 17—Middle Tennessee. May 6—Tusculum. May 18—Sewanee. May 8—Bluefield. May 19—Chattanooga. May 11—Tusculum. May 21—Milligan. May 13—Maryville May 15—State Tournament. May 24—Emory and Henry. Coach - Assistant Coach Captain - Manager - .Dr. L. R. Wheeler Maynard Burleson --Charles Sherrod Bill Lundy 26 2 h e ‘B u c c an e er 1937 • •- ■ LsJrjJ ' y y 1111 Miss Ruth Pate, Director Almeda Converse, Manager Maxie Fox, Assistant Manager HEADS OF SPORTS Bettie Graham Nannie Graham Hilda Buchanan Josephine Wagner Anne Bryant Date Fall Fall Winter Winter. Winter CALENDAR Activity Archery. Volley Ball. Basket Ball Foul Shooting. Ping Pong Ruth Mauk Virginia McCullough Catherine Erb Virginia Spears Virginia Hutcheson Winner H. Buchanan -Freshmen .Juniors -V. Lyons H. Buchanan Spring-Baseball Spring-Horseshoes Spring -Croquet Spring -Tennis Spring-Hiking- March 21 April 9— The Student and Faculty Game -Chapel Program—Minstrel 28 ’The ' Buccaneer 1937 Cbe international Relations Club OFFICERS Mary Stonecipher George Carr Julia Beck Louise Berry Lavinia Bowers Erma Brobeck Eleanor Carlock President Secretary ROLL Almeda Converse Mary Grigsby M. F. Parsley, Jr. Neil Sabin Alan Williams Sue Williams Sponsors —Miss Mathews, Miss Yoakley, Dr. Stout The International Relations Club was organized during the fall quarter 1935. Fourteen juniors and seniors were invited by the faculty to become charter members. Membership in this society is based on scholarship and interest in such an organization. The club is a member of the International Peace Council set up by the Carnegie Endowment and is one of many similar clubs organized throughout the United States and foreign countries. Its purpose is to promote peace through a study and understanding of international problems. In bringing to a close a successful year, the members hope that each succeeding year will bring added interest and strength to the organization. 1937 ¥ he Buccaneer 29 imiinniiiiiinuiniiiMHiiiiiiniiimiiiimiiimiiiiiinniimmiimiiiiiiiniiniimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiimimMmimiiiiin a. c. President Catherine Err Vice-President Kenneth Walker Secretary Helen Trivette Treasurer Betty Johnson Sponsors Miss Elizabeth Black, Mr. P. W. Alexander In 1892 an organization was formed and became known as the International Kindergarten Union; in 1930 it merged with the National Council of Primary Education and finally became known as the Association of Childhood Education. The purpose of the organization is to further educational opportunities for young children by raising professional standards of teachers. March 25-27 , Sue Williams represented Teachers College at the T. E. A. meeting at Nashville. April 22 a group from T. C. held a joint meeting with Kingsport chapter. Blacky our sponsor, was the speaker. Miss Elizabeth 30 The Buccaneer 1937 tgma SDrnega President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter OFFICERS Edith Anderson Erma Brobeck Alm eda Converse Ruth Upshaw Meppa Tindall ROLL Esther Anderson Eloise Andrews Virginia Bagby Virginia Boring Lavinia Bowers Inez Catron Lucille Dossett Frances Dyer Clotele Eason Maxie Fox Margaret George Nelle Harrell Ruth Hail Charlotte Hambright Ruth Hodges Jeanette Hundley Frances Hill Grace Julian Marion Johnston Virginia Johnston Bobbie Kite Patsy Kennedy Doris Kirkpatrick Elizabeth Liles Pansy Lowe Ruth Mauk Virginia Miller Geneva Peery Mary Frances Ritchie Jean Stickly Dorothy Stout Charline Swingle Pauline Taylor Catherine Tindall Elizabeth Vaught Mildred West Martha Willis Mabel Zachary DIARY September 28—First meeting of the year. All eyes open for new members. October 7—The eyes have it! New members found! October 9—Tea for alumni attending Silver Jubilee. October 15—Formal installation of new members. November 3—Scoop! There’s talk of a Barnwarmin’. November 16—Annual Barnwarmin’ given. The greatest event of the year! December 15—Who cares about the chilly weather outside? There’s a Christmas party in the Sigma Omega room ! January 14—Exciting plans for 1937 made. February 12—Everyone dances to the soothing tunes of the Bucs. (Sigma Omega’s hostesses.) February 25—The “Brown Owl” visits Sigma Omega club room. March 11—Believe it or not—we all have fortunes! Mrs. Butterfield sees them in our palms! April 8—Ten new members chosen from student body. April 15—Party given for new members. New members even bring forth talent from old! May 14—Sigma Omegas sponsor Assembly program. May 15-16—Gala event! Annual house party of the year at Unaka Springs! June 4—Sigma Omegas leave for an exciting summer! Au revoir until we start making history for next year’s diary. 1937 ' T h e B u c cane e r 31 i i i f X A r J u fir , o ) 9 • i m .iXi i “T h e ‘ ' Buccaneer Pi stigma Colors— Green and White Sponsors —Miss Ruth Pate, Miss Christine Burleson, Mrs. Lillian Poe President Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Pianist OFFICERS Esther Wade Ursula Skip worth Catherine Err Hilda Buchanan Catherine Love Anne Bryant Frances Ewing Lucy Bolton Katherine Brown Eleanor Carloek Ethel Dean Cloyd Frances Coe Emma Jean Connor Marian Edmondson Georgiana Graybeal Eloise Hagan Virginia Harris Mildred Harrison Jane Houston Hester Howard Betty Johnson ROLL Active Members Eva Jones Shirley Mae Kyker Virginia McCullough Genevieve Moneyhun Hortense Powell Alma Lee Russell Genevieve Russell Betty Smelcer Virginia Spears Dorothy Thomas Marguerite Vance Josephine Wagner Maxine Wall in Marjory Nell Zimmerman Associate Members Helen Trivett Beatrice Yelton Thelma Bergendahl Mary Agnes Donnelly Mary Leah McCartt Vi rginia M cM u rray Dorothy Hope Poteat Verna Cundiff Eugenia Brown Julia Beck Mary Grigsby Eloise Fullen Rhea CALENDAR September -Tea for New Members. October -Tea for Alumni. November -Fox and Goose Chase at Frances Ewing’s. December - -Social at Marjorie Nell Zimmerman’s. January -Informal Tea at Miss Christine Burleson’s. February -----Party at Jane Houston’s. March -Cookie Shine at Catherine Erb’s. April -Dance for School. May --House Party. 1937 The B uccaneer 3 3 : 111111111111111111111 ' B h e Buccaneer 1937 IBuccaneer SDrators Led by tlieir dapper young captain, Robert B. Cox, the fire-eating, bull slinging Buccaneer orators marched to Winthrop College, Rock Hill, S. C., on December 14 to begin the season. The event was the Strawberry Leaf Tournament in which the Buccaneers won two places. Gunnar Teilmann took first place in Extemporaneous speaking while Neil Sabin won second in After-dinner speaking. The next campaign carried these corsairs to Boone, N. C. Captain Cox, wishing to bring home few prizes, wisely took some girl representatives, and true to his expectations they captured several places. Hortense Powell won first place in girls’ Oratory and in girls’ Extempore. Betty Johnson took second place in the latter event. Jack Dunn, in order to uphold the masculine end of the team, took first place in men’s Impromptu. Turning swiftly from Boone, the Buccaneer band made a thrust at Bristol, Virginia. Virginia Intermont College was host to another tournament in which we were recipients of more awards. The senior members of the team walked away with the honors with M. F. Parsley taking first place as Individual Debator and Betty Johnson as girls’ Extempore and Impromptu speaker. Flushed with victory, the Buc orators then turned to Tusculum College to win the Smoky Mountain Conference Debate Tournament, the first decision debates of the year. After this, debates were confined to home territory until the team again left for Rock Hill, S. C. In the South Atlantic Forensic Tournament, the team won eight out of twelve debates in competition with thirty other colleges and universities. First place in After-dinner speaking fell to Neil Sabin. The crowning event of the year was the dual-province tournament of Pi Kappa Delta held at Johnson City. Schools from the Kentucky and South Atlantic provinces assembled with us for an enjoyable two-day meet. The Buccaneer teams went to the finals in debate; Parsley and Sabin lost to Wake Forest in their first and only loss of the season thus losing the tournament. Gross and Belvin also made a splendid showing. Sabin captured first place in After-dinner speaking. Those who are newcomers to the Buccaneer orators this year are: Betty Johnson, Hortense Powell, Gunnar Teilmann, Jack Dunn, Wayne Lacy, George Trotter, Bill Belvin and Mack Gross. These were all awarded membership in Pi Kappa Delta, national honorary debate fraternity. The highly successful season enjoyed by the team was in a large measure due to the newly created Speech Activity class and the cooperation of all the students. Ci)e tuOent T5oDp The Buccaneer Student Body has been ably led for the past year by: M. F. Parsley President Anne Bryant Vice-President Almeda Converse Secretary-Treasurer 1937 The ‘B u c c ane e 35 Cau aipjja Dmega octetp President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsors Elizabeth Barkley Velvia Boston Lavinia Bowers Minnie Jo Boyer Erma Brobeck Mildred Brown Katharine Buckles George Carr David Carson Clinton Claiborne Almeda Converse Kyle Dyer Milton Edwards Lois Emmert OFFICERS, 1936-1937 --Helen Trivett -Mary Stonecipher --Forrest Tilson -Louise Dunham -Dr. Thomas, Prof. C. EIodge Mathes MEMBERS Maude Ford Eloise Gardner Walter Garland Betty Graham Nannie Graham Charity Headrick Maxine Jenkins Katharine Johnson Robert Lacy Peter Naher Hortense Powell Billie Joe Shell Georgia Mae South Evelyn Widener Helen Yoakley 36 ' the ® u c c an e e 1937 You’re most likely to find it at KING’S We invite you - - to test for yourself this quotation that comes from the lips of many a smart “Teacher”.whether your want is a high fashion or one of the minor everyday necessities of life. KING East Tennessee’s Most Complete Department Store “Where Those Who Know Buy Their Clothes” Compliments of AMERICAN BEMBERG CORPORATION ... and ... NORTH AMERICAN RAYON CORPORATION 1937 T k e B u c cane er A IDonie economics Club OFFICERS President Margaret Gray heal Vice-President — Betty Johnson Secretary Ruth Mauk Treasurer Marion Edmondson Reporter Erma Broreck Advisers Miss Gordy and Mrs. Earnest Louise Blevins Edith Brown Mildred Brown Helen Bruee Lucille Burgner Inez Catron Eloda Cates Helen Clark Juanita Davidson Helen DeBord Erancis Dixon Louise Dunham Helen Fudge Helen Garst ROLL Betty Graham Nannie Graham Doris Hardin Charity Headrick Crystal Hobson Virginia Hutcheson M axine Jenkins Patsy Kennedy Margaret Knight Bobby Kite Louise Masters Elizabeth Ottinger Jessie Robbins Pauline Spradling 38 The ‘Buccaneer 1937 An Institution In Your School Life! To you, as a member of the stu¬ dent body of the State Teachers College, the Majestic Theatre extends heartiest congratula¬ tes on your completion of an¬ other successful school year. We hope we have been a part of your school life, and that we have helped to make your stay in Johnson City a more pleasant one! We are grateful, that as an institution in your school life, we may have afforded many happy hours with school pals, and are hopeful that this institution will, in the future, continue to afford happiness, as well as to revive golden school memories. MAJESTIC THEATRE with THE TENNESSEE, STATE and LIBERTY Compliments of TME LANCASTER COMPANY EQUIPMENT - SUPPLIES Ifni BUILDING - SPECIALTIES ENGINEERING - SALES - SERVICE - CONTRACTING ▼ Johnson Gtij. Tennessee We Specialize In Service to Institutions M AY we again remind you that Electricity is cheap. Thrifty people everywhere are taking advantage of it for water-heating, cooking, refrigeration, proper lighting and many other household and farm uses. You too are invited to participate. EAST TENNESSEE LIGHT POWER COMPANY TENNESSEE EASTERN ELECTRIC COMPANY 1937 ' The ‘Buccaneer p. m . ol The following cabinet members have worked hard this year to make the organization success: a President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Business Manager Assistant Manager Pianist Chaplain Chorister Custodian Reporter Patsy Kennedy Annie Laurie Hall --Charity Headrick Mabel Zachary Virginia Hutcheson Bobbie Kite Clotele Eason Ka therine Love -Virginia Lyons -Maxie Fox Ruth Upshaw A program committee was appointed each Wednesday night by the President to work out a program for Wednesday night meetings and the following Sunday night Vesper Service. Several distinguished speakers of Johnson City gave talks from time to time. At Christmas-time approximately thirty children were made happy through the thought¬ fulness of the Y. W. C. A., which sponsored a Christmas treat and entertainment for them. Great pleasure has come from preparing and serving Sunday night suppers. 40 The Buccaneer 1937 PET DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. MANUFACTURERS OF Pet Ice Cream PARKS-BELK CO. Shoes Clothing Millinery Ready-to-W ear JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Mrs. Hodges has always believed in serving you the best Quality Products at the Cafeteria; for that reason she has served you Southern Maid Ice Cream for the last decade. U fet SOUTHERN MAID DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION 500 SOUTH ROAN STREET JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE PESTALOZZIAN LITERARY SOCIETY President H. C. Claiborne; Vice-President; John Babcock; Secretary-Treasurer; Mose Jones RURAL LIFE CLUB President; John Babcock; Vice-President; M. S. Stephens; Sec’y-Treasurer; Margaret Knight 42 The B accaneer 1937 w w ] Compliments of wvw (Min c , d ujLt mmI 1- . j WHITE CITY LAUNDRY ; ' .vf -: ( . ' » ( vY ' ' V° ' XV ' i ' ..Johnson Citv. Tennessee : ,- Jr ryCU u£JT%k f Humphreys Equipment Company, Inc. t FREE ' SERVICE TIRE CO. O N GOODYEAR TIRES and ESSO PRODUCTS Home of Delco Radios Headquarters for SPORTING GOODS Phone 97 113 E. Market Johnson City, Tenn. YOUR Business Is Appreciated — at — MARKET STREET DRUG CO. The Reocall Store Free Deliver} 7 Service — Curb Service PHONE 5212 Richardson Drug Store Your Rexalt Druggists PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY Cosmetics, Cara Nome, Yardleys and Max Factor Delicious Sandwiches — Curb Service Harry G. Adams Reeves Kinkead Phone 7 Magazines and Newspapers J. A. MEREDITH’S ON THE SQUARE Compliments of UNIVERSAL MOTOR CORPORATION YOUR DODGE AND PLYMOUTH DEALER” BURR HARRISON STUDIO 1937 The B u c cane er 43 I m ■ • • 1937 119 N. Main St. Erwin, Tenn. R G USED CARS and TRUCKS Free Wrecker Service PHONE 25 “MASENGIEL’S •n DISTINCTIVE APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS fCRE yROLET THE COMPLETE CAR COMPLETELY NEW Hill-Summers Chevrolet Company ANDERSON DRUG STORE ON THE MINUTE SERVICE Phone 1094 The Convenient Corner Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of Johnson City Steam Laundry Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of SEVIER THEATRE Show Place of Fast Tennessee Dobbs Hats Arrow Shirts Nunn-Bush Footwear HANNAH’S KUPP ENHEIMER CLOTHES Interwoven Socks Palm Beach Summer Suits Compliments of S. H. KRESS CO. JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE 45 1937 T h e ( B u c c ane e r 46 The ‘Buccaneer 1937 COMPLIMENTS OF STERCHI BROS. STORES, INC. 222-226 E. MAIN STREET JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Vogue Dry Cleaners Save Twenty Per Cent Cash-Carry Convenient Downtown Shoppe Corner Roan and Market — Phone 540 Fidelity-Bankers Trust Co. 323 East Main Street JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Compliments of Cash Haul Wholesale Company Smythe Electric Co Anything Electrical R. C. A. VICTOR RADIOS 238 E. Main St. Phone 5198 The Chocolate Bar “Uncle Arthur’s Place” SODAS, LUNCH, MUSIC A Good Plaee to Meet Your Friends Compliments of MECCA RESTAURANT “ON THE SQUARE” Compliments of Erwin National Bank Shell Wills Chevrolet Co. ERWIN, TENNESSEE The 1937 Chevrolet costs you less to buy, own and run. PHONE 47 Congress Barber Shop 108 Main Street Our Motto— SANITATION and SATISFACTION DRINK DICKSON- ELLIOTT PRINTING COMPANY College Annuals and Publications PHONE 174 143-145 W. Main St. Johnson City, Tenn. 1937 The ' Buccaneer 47 iiMniiiiiHiiiiiiiiiMNtiHinntiiiiiniiiitiiMMiiiiitintiiiiiiiHMiHiMHMnnMHinHftuiiMniMiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiniiiHiiMinntniiiHiiHtHiitiM inn !iiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiitiniiiii!Hitiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiii r iiiiiimiiiMiinniiMinnMiii!tti|iniMMniMiMinHnMiiiniiiiiiiui 48 ' The ‘Buccaneer 1937 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiimiimi Compliments JOHN, SEVIER HOTEL One of Kant Tennessee’s Leading Hotels EXCELLENT COFFEE SHOP M. T. McArthur, M anag Compliments of DOSSER’S Department Store READY-TO-WEAR, DRY GOODS MILLINERY and SHOES 228-230 East Main Street BECKNER’S Diamonds - Watches Jewelry 232 Main Street Summers Hardware Supply Co. WHOLESALE ONLY Cutlery, Sporting Goods, Stoves, Har¬ ness, Paints, Agricultural Implements, Building Materials, Railroad, Mill, Mine, Electrical, Plumbing and Heating Supplies JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Compliments of SCOTT’S GROCERY THE STUDENTS’ STORE AUTO SAI.ES CORPORATION 103 Wilson Ave. Johnson City, Tenn. ... Distributors ... DeSOTO and PLYMOUTH GOOD USED CARS TOO We operate a First-Class Repair and Refinishing Department Central Pharmacy, Inc. Erwin, Tennessee WHITMAN’S CANDIES SHEAFFER FOUNTAIN PENS Prescriptions Given Special Attention Phone 120

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