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 - Class of 1925

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X ' my H 7, ,,,,,,, gk . ,, 9' f ' f' 1 . L ai! f :V ' GW ' 7 1-,Z A j N fr ' ' X, A x Jig . W V, W wfyxfjr ,.4 ,I A 0 k P1 2, 4 ixiiw .1 my 5 F www A x f U li' RMK lx xwx ,myxw ' L: X :H I WM VM 9' 'M9fYLxiNXf M5 f -Q-Q fy 31',"3ff7,iQ- " ' " ' l' V 'f ,.f'7jW1 W f . J KW X . k X .1 V2 " fx. -qfr Nc, ' X A W - X :iff 'w.' fA f Q ali iQfMf'yxXQQg,1f' X -.'dlil.!lvnKlX X , lf14ff! 'PZ X I.-1 dig hx '11 m W My-M! K xxkgt 7, K wx , A wif ' 'Wfw 2f'5WWW WW' 4 W 74 9 3, Eidbl 5 17 X3 rx 1"J"' 'Q 1': : 43rd '15 Y 1 A 'Q X 5 X -I i4lV1mp 71 , -,gy yy M ,L ' xx, Mx 1 . ' '. ,gf Y - -x f W-Cs W sz .: u WY xx- 2 - m e 21: WX if'-,M -SSS' F 27' XFN"-'nw NS 'l f WW 51, we-.hr W V ':-'L 9 ff ' M- W 4929-4- ,tl lm-"K ixxx Mi Acvjkif , fWj!'Q ?1 3 pxkxr, X 1 ffz " , - ,- wg xx 5,3 'M fi j' Qge.b.ffSx 1 f - w' " , 1' " ' Hx, 1 15, . X ' - ENN . ,SN .f f Q, '.fQ,2ij INN V 5' fr' v X ff,-A Y " ' J, 3 15 ' . U ,m...gR9u-, , ,-- ,--'a- hs E ..... E ,Im a Y .54 : -1 1 1 -M 1"L'!f- - 1533 ? A if U2 5 ,Qu if fg if A fav uf E 1 , , 53 5 A m 55 wg E -.fn ia- E H 3 5, 53 ",' fzgf TQ? glwg' 5 3 , 1, Ili' g figlsmisali L' 2. 52 smaifiilii jim!! A in W- Ll - :i- : bv N , Mix - -, - Q. h gf 'lfl 6 '53, N5 I pc? ' I ii, 0' luv' ,fella f ay. A' A 1 . "JY E--45" oahv ,, ff -. if M 100 9 ow-9 4. JK x KX my X 1 V Ka, 4 T mvnv lg- 1 rIXP, . 1 I ohh, , S l,,f I SW WMM - dw' xl I l", f' HE M 6 F, 'Q MEI' 'r ff 1 ali" ',-'V W' ffl ,qXQWl"" I5 J x l W' " L 55 if .K my ' an mfg, 7 3 Wx A N I fi XXX VZ' 'N W Hd "xxx W ,ff 2 M IQ iw f ' M 1, L 1 xg y xx xv an ,I X ,I X I A I XV .W k Q, ,I . 'Q X3 2 f X Y -X I 5 jx NSN xxx QXZJ, jx X' WRX X ZW' .Mx ' UN .,... of X ,. N J , 2 .fi n-4 ,z'1,' tj, ,.-.. wp fix 1 Alma Mater .fzoeet he thy memory, High School of oarfj Fair he thy destiny, fadeleff thy flozoerJ,' Heartf that have loved and have zvon in ltfelr fight, Names that we honor thy .rtandard hold hrtght. Oar Alma Mateff dear, to thee we Jing. May all thy fatare yeafcr new honorf hrintgg May frtendf thy hannem raife, thy foef :grow leffg All love and pratxe to our old E. H. S. I C AND ehiratiun TO PRINCIPAL ALBERT H. WILCOX IN APPRECIATION OF HIS UNFAILING LOYALTY, HIS PERSONAL INTEREST INTIMATE TOUCH WITH EACH MEMBER OF THE CLASS, AND HIS HELPFUL GUIDANCE 7 WE THE CLASS OF JANUARY 192.5 DEDICATE THIS BOOK. .4 1 - I , ., .. .. f- ... ...C 3 4 Staff Editor-ihfGbief VAHAN M. ABKARIAN Auociafe Editors CARMBN OGDEN BERNARD SCHNEIDER KENNETH ROBINSON '.BflIi7iC.1gJ Manger ' V WAnD CARDIQI-' 6 I 4' Axrxstarzt Mmsagnx EDWARD Rfsswvvrc BURTON W1-Irrn ULIAN ARESTY . -f 'u. ' 1 .N 'V , ' N ' v- '-" . , J A u. - - I Us 1 5? f f w g: J x L ,, 5 A - 1 ,..- 5:5 ' lv, f-,gr-e ' - if : I , ' Q ,.,-... ,L 1--..-g,..,.1 . t:rl.J'f 'F Foreword A TRUE RECORD OF THE EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES OF EAST HIGH SCHOOL DURING OUR SENIOR FINAL YEAR, AND A REMINDER IN FUTURE YEARS OF OUR SOJOURN THERE, WE HOPE THIS BOOK MAY BE. Contents 'IF DEDICATION PROLOGUE APPRECIATION SENIORS POEM FACULTY ACTIVITIES CLASSES EPI LOGUE ADVERTISEMENTS L ff-A-V - , , Q . ary' JJ WX X , Q This 2 ,X K ,cf gui , IV, J, A fe., f-Mf'Xl'-xafff-"" f f,.rf' V, ,..--- , MZ. , ,, , f r-" ,.v -f ' . ,fe- ll ,fc 'E , , 4 , 4 ' Q g Q, ,ffgilfl-"" ' 4.,.,Z! L- XX X, Y 'QE ,'?P.- ff-'fffgxf' ' Y Y J " fa TT"FY: '::f't "JIT fr, Jef!! ,fAXX,!, K, :filly ff T Nefeefe--L"s' T fallxxx XZ,-, ,f X-rgssggrggk M,-ff' Z!,,9 -A -nm 7,1 'a The Prologue 1 V ln 1911 as freshmen green The Class of january, '15 Rang up the curtain on its high school life i X- Within the Chiclet Factory's tow'ring walls . Where rustling page, and whispers low, subdued, , Scarce broke the quiet of the stately halls Which six brief months before had rendered back The echoes of a thund'ring industry. e 'Twas there our drama had its source unique. J There, there we worked and played, sorrowed, rejoiced, l Lived, moved, and had our being. Week on week , Slid by until we found ourselves advanced To sophomores. The class was organized s And class-pins then appeared. The girls, alone, A party sponsored on All-Hallows' Eve X l l Fl 1!A l if 1 l'! When ghosts and warlocks flit the misty night Wi And jostle in the murky air. Short months l f, ln If' l l l l ' l Flew by on roseate wings, and with the dawn . Of I9l3 came junior year, -1 Renowned alike for scholarship and, too, lx , Achievements great, whose shining, glorious like None saw before, nor e'er will see again . Fond memory! the happy, carefree days ' 'N When January 'IS as host . Presided at Tut-Tut and Cafr Meow 5 What joy was ours when dim-lit corridors s 2 Rang to the shouts of youths and maidens blithe W, While teachers stern and sage smiled cynic'ly , And Melancholv veiled his fleshless face , Gathered his clammy cerements, and fled 5 - As flies a wraith of mist before the sun! , . Our senior term! Olympian goddess, sing . The achievements of that time when from th mass 5 Arose the scholars, poets, statesmen, seers . The Thespians and literary minds ' Musicians artists all that serve to raise , Mankind above the level of the beast 5 To rise in exaltation to the stars! : ff Recall the Bowery Blow-out, pleasure's feast I ! When old East High School's prosy face was 1 R, By coiling vines and cool wisteria! ' , Who can forget exciting moments when l 1 Dicmtar held full sway, and from the stage u . We made our hearers marvel at our art! 1 ,, And then it came-our senior final term l -' But stay! here follow pages richly stored X f" , ' With records of that time, complete, detailed K .ll The curtain lifts, The Prologue's done, read on! "'95lW3ot:TCToZc:ddZ2ofswc.c5c ?oc:ooocao5i5jf1ooooo35?f0 12 . 7 , e Y ! 7 9 , -N, ,,,a..1-'fjlff T' ff . ,:- Q'1S':"'":'-:--1?--1-A-1-----:-' "1T'e'tf" -577 ' -VI-" F .vfh no Y i ,. ' 1.4 L Q7 All A 'fig . ,f 1 1 -.v:. GERTRUDE A. SHEEHAN HAROLD E. COWLES Appreciation P THE Class ofjanuary, 1915, has been most fortunate in having Miss Sheehan and Mr. Cowles as advisors. Miss Sheehan has been our intimate associate since our freshman days in the Chiclet factory. Mr. Cowles took Mr. Studley's place as advisor to the boys in the sopho- 1I1OI'C YCHI' . To these two teachers, true friends and real companions, the Class of January, 1915, expresses its sincere appreciation. ff,-'v' fa: .. -.55 ? t .4 '11 f.'.L, ek T7 w , ,TA is ,E fl' i X I 1 N1 -1. N 4 A , --21 V QR 4 x .:f' 5 rv. . uf . - .. W ff 13 Appreciation Mr. Eddy became acting principal upon the departure of Mr. Wilcox for Europe. He proved an able successor in every vvay, and he has been truly missed this term. Mr. Partridge was principal ofthe Goodman Street Annex when the Class ofjanuary 191.5 entered-the first class to tread the halls of the Chiclet Factory. He was a close friend in those far-off days, and the mutual interest has remained to the present. Mr. Studley became the boys' home-room teacher and advisor when the class moved to the main building for the freshman final term. It was he who directed the first organization of the class, and though we have not seen much of him of late, the class still remembers him and feels his influence. 14 GEORGE E. EDDY EARL A . PARTRIDGE GEORGE H . STUDLEY .. ., 'C wa ll X" i l l l l l 3 l i i l l l I 5 l l l I l , f , X H b ,fy ,. t xxxxx XXXX X xxxx X X X XX xx XXXXX X XXXXXX X XX XXX ' S S s X X Z, X Q ' l ' - 1 -'Q ' ifzlsiifr 1 X X - , -L - - V 1 '-E,f,3"'E.. 1 I 5 92 1. :'3':- g N -':T 'li ' -5 Ulf-Q""1H" 'f ' Y ""-,QQ--'," Qi'53Ei ' , - X 17537 f ET :Lg 4 , 1 .ggi ji: -T - - ' .l fi-gf T148 -'li J 'Jil-'Q " 4 . li.. , '-2-T '-T 112 , -.' - :LI5L' 1 --f 5 -1- - - - X - 1' ' TY 'ffl -5 ' - 1554512 -- -- , E125 ff x v ', , ' 'Q 4 ,JL if 'Z T 5- if JEXAF1, ' img 1?-i ' '-'1 'X , ' " ' 'p - f Ag fgfpqffil -Eli Y R ,"' - ' .557 f -- -1 f '51-4 T' ' Y 1'-1 ,:ir - Zglggq- 'lgpg' 'L i. 1 'KY ,Q - ' , ' ' 'V - 1 F ' 'glib' f - -t' -'H' , 1 Ti- .. Y Y , if 5-'T if 'SJTQ ' 37335271 -E , 1 gg ' 12 5' 'ff' ' "H 'f 3 ---' fli' 'fr YJ? " ' V' '-'iii 4-,Tzizif-1 -Y Y ' ' " ' 1' ,Y,' ' qi' ' fgjr .1 , -1 - 'W-ifje-.4 ---ff"-ff? iii? fi 75 , 'L ,J- f,f ., '25,? :j '-" ?,f f ff- '1'i ,ff 2-A 3 i ' -,, ' 1 i?."' I , -'QI-fi T ff A1159 4 gf A lf ' S' ' 'gf' "?" 'Q-15-92-21 '1-F--"3 -A-'Z"'T"' f A ' " 'A' 'H 1' . f' Q is 2 ' T ' TA- rr' :: f-"2" Q - ' " 1 2? E' "' Y '54, " Q' 'R' V' i ,ii If if 4 zjal- if 1-,15'f:i,+ f , ' 1 ,1' 'if' 3 "2 Q " ' - :I : f' ATA 'f ' Q' fl- - ' Y ' -L ' ,7 -E --:' , :bf - "ig-Q 'fig' '- ,v5i ,M J Y -K1 i Z -f --j 51 -Y' .. - :g,- xi -35 -'-' :' Y 1 -. g'3'? ' -z, 1 , - ' -H' fx: 'ff A?'i'.-.'.":' '- " f ' f Vqjl 'Aa ' 1 1 - 22' ' ' '- T- ,K -f ' -qi' -1 i4MAv, ,ji 5 f '- ' - gfpj- f'AiS"-:g:M"fl1 x 'iffgii-"fr . 'i -.f-3777? - ,-il Y 'Y ' ' 'V A iz- -1 - Q- l " Y i 'Sf'-' , ,Y V ff-" ,lg ,-Q' i -. -f.,-X-2,4 5 is ij e th -"J S " J 1 A if JN rf :SNK V X -Y K, XY X-, "1 ' X' W:!.5:f!'S"W'f"TAs:?-NR 002s fa W 4 - X, wg. , I X 9 it My 1 as H' ,f 2 , 1" Q ,f, -' ,m"' fl "us, fly- Q N -y , z N gif 1' L23 'I' ik ,gf 'f-if-"1"-A-'uv N - f , vu, 0 X. ' N "W Wx wx, -1 iz' 1 f F , WV' 1 L- s- .- -f '- 4ro.l1mr -ff fl f f"1'?i f" " ' -- . PQ! ,ff X fn' X ku X . . X-xg, ,K Jia. '1 TS. X" 4- ,A .1 uk f X qui' N W, 'V 1,57 fi 4 I 'K 'TSE In 1, m 4 .1 ' v-X '.f ,. ' t N X 'T . H, My Eff' 3 w Q Ur: A nigh? W Y: 1 Jn, f N A .J lifgiq V, 'MQ tl ' -Aw- ., ,' ! V , U xx S T Hn X - - . , 'N 125 A Rx .3 x A W T gn X W , 'Rv 'Ng f T '77 ,Qu 1 LJ I 'Ln MQ3 1 VV? D 1: wa TU- ",9 'o 'J '. 1 l , V f T w , . - . . M ll ' I I WARD CARPENTER RUTH HAINES N53 A 9 1 fg. TN: T E2 H51 f 1 f ' fl O ccrs 0 the C ass 0 January 1915 M15 K E H7 ,W Q WARD CARPENTER . . Prexident g 3 RUTH HAINES . Vice-Prefidcnt H? RUTH TENNY . . Secrelmj' EQ ., A , ' DIDNEY BEYLAND , Treasurer 542 T Y 9,35 Nu '53 ff 115 Y v 5' Hg f IND . 5 ng 5 ' if .2 5? a J VSA 4 AI- R f, 31 X I I 3 1 '? X fiwrgffi :A , A ,+z3Sy.rfU I 3 ,, A ,f-iff, 'X ' , 'nw Q , - - A 3, 9' , fy Aff' X, " X X RUTH TENNY SIDNEY BEYLAND Xu. KJ XX, ffi --'W , Q?jfH A f L.,--1-QQ tf'TJ-'5"'N' .. I". 4.1 -'va' A - --, ,,,,...---- 'N 51'Sg..7Nww"' "' --.,- , I . f H J T,-, .. , 16 ,I .I GREGG SXVARTHOUT RUTH HAINES . HELEN CONRAD H,'XRL.XN C.-XLKIN5 GREGG SWARTHOUT FREDERICK GREEN LWSTUS 'TRIXINER ETIIRO ID.-XVIS . Former Class Oflicers JIl7lf0l' Yam' S0pb07lZ07'6' Year P1'e5izlc'11l . Vice-Pmrnfwzf . . 56Cl'6fcIU' T1'c'a.r1f1w' I7 . Pl'e.fjdw7f . Vjze-Pwfjffezzf . .Sxt'L'l'6fd7:J' T'l'l'lIJIll'Cl" CAR MEN OG DEN FLURIQNCE BEYLAND Amimrom BICKFORD . PAULINE KENT M? Representatives to the Executive Council XVARD CARPENTER1 XCERA ISAACS SAMUEL SHULSKY i EDWARD RYSEWYK . XCAHAN A13KAR1AN . XVARD CARPENTER . GREGG SWARTHOUT EUGENE LOWENTHAL BURTON XVUITE CARMEN OGDEN . WARD CARPENTER . Senior Yeeir fimior Yeeir S o ploomore Yeezr Mzzfic Pitoliteitiorzf Committee . Atlaletief Committee and Literary Committee Pieblieeztiom' Committee . Athietief Committee Mrisic and Literary Committee Senior Day Committee 18 . Atbletietr Committee , , . Cbairmmt . Matter of Ceremoniey c I f v 5 1 4 V l ' M Q11 VAHAN MARSH ABKARIAN Lockport, N. Y. HRAW MEATH Fmt, of 3 eanwe, ee mean of ingenuity, afperfevemnee, of eject.-foe Editor. Social Committee Cz-3-4Dg Agora C1-3-41 Treasurer Agora C4Dg Chairman Social Committee Agora C4Dg Executive Council C415 Cast Senior Farce C4Dg Management Senior Play C4Dg Editor-in-Chief of janua C415 Senior Day Committee C41 No. 31 New York State Nautical School BEATRICE E. ALLAUN 1996 East Avenue 1. H BEA One of unnyuezl claemzeter and exceeding wiyeiefn in all tbingf fannzeenj porfeningg true friendfbip and contentment. Social Committee Cali Supgly Store Cz-32 Supply Store Pin C125 Dancing ommittee C4Dg Senior Play No. 13 Glen Eden ESTHER A. ANDERSON 54 Colby Street HANDYH Enlmneinlgbf i7Zg671ll0llJ'4,' Wondreuybf tofnpetent. f ft AR Gym Pin Award C31 No. 7.3 Undecided gui 2-QLSX flji N if ,fret X fe' 7 KM. X 1,37 , , . 1 19 A -1 QIULIAN AREsTY 1 II Kelly Street . .JUKH The hurinesr man with the idea, the courage, and the future. Home Room Basketball CL-3'4DQ Class Basketball QL-3-4Dg Home Room Baseball C11 Class Baseball C1-Qg Home Room Chairman CBDQ Advertising Mana er janaa C42 Publicity Manager Senior Play W. H. S. Albany Law School BERT BACKUS Jefferson Avenue "Jon ADIRONDACKH An energetic youth, hat horribly arhameel of if. We wander why? Senior Farce Cast C42 Senior Play Cast C42 Senior Day Committee C41 No. II Yale RUTH LILLIAN BAUER 196 Hazelwood Terrace HRUFUSH Neat, artiftic, Jzoeet, not fiftie, ir Rath. Glee Club C1-Llg Special Chorus Cl-lpg Home Room Committee C12 Class Color Committee C415 Waitress June '14 Banquet C455 Art Editor Janna C41 No. II Rochester Business Institute Z0 A. fi' f a is l 5134.3 N 5 'r H 1 r 1 i 1 l i 5 l ll F r l li. xl S 4 M +2 r I r E E 1 1. it- VC g. 2 E, 'V.l 4.-- UWM ,c ,,,,,Wfg. .. .- V I. f MORELL D. BECKWITH 90 McKinster St. "BECKY" Meiz, eoen when alone, lighten their lezoorr ly Jong, laozoeoer rude it may be Orchestra Q1-1-314 Band C1-7.-3-43. No. II Undecided ELI B1zNsKY 188 Joseph Avenue A inoderr gentleman with el real senre of bninor, nnol the ability to play bezfkelbezll. Reserve Basketball CLD5 Home Room Soccer C115 Class Basketball Czjg Home Room Basketball C12 Home Room Chairman Cz-QQ Reserve Baseball Team C3DQ Sport Editor fonna Q42 Assistant Busi- ness Manager Senior Play C42 Senior Day Com- mittee Q4Dg Basketball C3-41 W. J. H. S. Columbia University ISADORE G. BERGER IO Grant Street UISADOREH lflfbo if one of one .rziceerrfnl young onrinerr inen. Home Room Soccer Cz-Q5 Home Room Baseball C1-325 Home Room Basketball C1-3-435 Wearer of Numeralsg Class Basketball CQ5 Chairman Home Room Committee C41 Business Manager Senior Play C4DQ Advertising Board Janna C41 W. H. S. University of Rochester J 'C A., 9 I-1 X . WL Y FT Y , 142' 21 QF, N 1 ra Jiri?" -t -- '1 5 l e 192-5 fr J B A fgi ll 'V 'Tx I 'M 1 fa , N .X 'o is i 1 f H to I 3 XXX- 41,53 H, N 3 X lt Ly K ,f ,- ,Q 3 V, , M LW A J 4 t t li J 1 i ,,l' H l 5' A 4 4 E! 3 W 7 iw 5 fr X LoRENcn Y. BEYLAND Q if 5 H Long Meadow, Pittsford l l fi "FLORENCE" i lp ' Yi ll Wlro if dr n good book to d friend, true l i A 'I A A, N l dnd dependable. 1' - 'XX X i Vice-President QI-2.2 Chairman Constitution Com- Q 1 4 Y to , mittee Q1-32 Chairman Class Color Committee 1 4 'og' 'yi' CBDQ Chairman Home Room Committee Q3-42 if' ,Q Agora Q3-42 Boule Q42 Class Social Committee l ll Q - 2 Usher Senior Farce Q 2 Assistant Mana er , 1 , 3 4 . 4 E Book Exchange Q42 Senior Banquet Committee xy di 5 Q42 Head Waitress June '7.4 Ban uet Q42 Bronze QQ' G m Pin Award Q 2 Ski Club lg 2 anna Board , 1 ' 3 C 3 3 4 , , 4 - l fif No. 7.3 Undecided 5 l I 1 it ll :ti lt SIDNEY XV. BEYLAND ' lilj, 2 Long Meadow, Pittsford 'E "WH1TEY" C 'F ' A regnldr be man, excepting lair noerrion he 9 i to modern conoqdneer. 5 4- 5 Class Soccer Q12 Class Constitution Committee ff 5 lil Q12 Clarion Agent Q12 Chairman Home Room fl' 4 j Committee QI-3-42 Electrician Seventeen Q32 if qu' Track Team Q32 Class Basketball Q32 Wearer of qi Numeralsg Ski Club g Class Treasurer 4 l, ' A 3 4 EE' Class Color Committee Q42 Senior Farce Q42 vi ' Supply Store Q42 H, 2 No. 7.3 Cornell A 4 af w ' tp 4 , 4 ADELAIDE C. BICKFORD , N 1 184 Laburnum Crescent ,ji ii NADH if 7 An all-round girl of winning personality. l l 'I Class Treasurer Q12 Class Secretary Q7.2 Class , Constitution Committee Q12 Class Basketball if ' ' ' Numerals Q7.-3-42 Gym Demonstration Q12 Inter- f , Jl class Track Meet Q32 Bronze Gym Award Q7.2 f 4 Silver Gym Award Q32 Supply Store Q32 Manager ' ' Book Exchange Q42 Senior Banquet Committee ' Q42 Glec Club ' No. 7.3 University of Rochester l ex ' ' il t 5 4 'H' JH., bi 37 fag! f V' 'KX 3- 7 . , 7 i-ft, "e,?1g5pg,.?,.,,P,-1, A f ,',, V5 ,,', 7.7 1 i,...ej.1Ql1-,.g'..:.,1 imMwC,g,.,oWc1v- ' " N' 4, 1 'Y .1c-cafyrzafgfgeiriiifiwff,meteoric-'1"Iffff1fe""4 22 tx 1925 F21 he I - - ,-'NN fe x- V . 1 nk NV '55, V-i lr f f x, x Y: 5-. . N 1 l xf af ' W fff I " 5 5,7 'I 44 S ,Q 55,1 ,- vw ' "JM .X 5 MJ fx , i J' 9, 5 . fax' if 'NK fl iv R L f t Josnifn A. BISHOP 5 Eighth Street K? Y 1' I ly 541, HJOEH E! i "Keep their .rclaeol-girl complexienf' , g fl 1 5' Orchestra C1-3-4DgBand C3-4jgSenior Play Cast C41 ,QE ffrl l 4 l No. 7.5 University of Rochester - K ' 5 J , Q '5 f . A - S! LM lil . il Q j Sli -,uf T l fix l il! ' ORPAH A. BLAKLEY 45 Elton Street 5 5 , E Hom., Q 5 One skilled and J'EE7l2lj! in enemy C1161-ffl: J Gym Pin Award l 4 fx i No. 31 Rochester Business Institute - il' A R 5 il f 'T ,Q 1 , l O Q if 4 f gl 1 X! R I l . fy ABRAM R. BOONE IS Wendell Street 555 'xp UABRAMH fl ,E The retiring nzuficiezn with me mucla 'El X . 1 ability to conceal. X f l t Orchestra C3-423 Concert-master of Orchestra C41 A l i No. II Eastman School of Music 2 l Z? - 5 . EX XX 'J mf i T1 . E O r . "1 ' fl 'R X ' , 'S' Y 'Y A Y 5-.Q4fQff'i ' it . 1 . fry ' ew f-. . nf 5- W A HV Y A V 5,9 -i v- - Q. ,iff,e.,.-f,,w3p5gm1-1555545 7 '?'I'Li'2?-521' X S N 1 gt 1 f i W v n ir ,U u fi F MILDRED S. Buss 51 Anderson Avenue ll' UMILLYH 313' She loaf a traityon cannot min 3 We fall itlflb, left call it lzliyxf No. 31 Undecided ii 5 i EMANUEL BROWN 118 Avenue E ' - E UEMANUELH , 4 N H21 eyef are brown, Hit hair if brown, 11 my Hit name if Brown, E He mmf be Brown. Home Room Soccer CL-335 Home Room Baseball ff Cz.-315 Home Room Basketball C1-Q. lf W. J. H. S. Columbia University l J fag . N, l M . 1-, QL EDITH BUEG 1146 Atlantic Avenue A xl "ED1E" 'li A Confiotently dernure and Jilenf L' young lady. Pin Committee C115 Social Committee Czlg janaa X ,. 3 Board Q41 ' 3 ,J No. 2.8 City Normal School A l f ,w+"f X N fa' . A lil, Y ,Io A 1 Ki' It , ,,, ,-. . , ,ff Q fu.-,iuiiwtv 24 , if 'Io , ,,o e 7 WMM - V M010 MARGARET BURNS IO6 Woodward Street HSHRIMPH Szveet, gentle, and conjidingj in fem' ez delightful min. No. I4 Mechanics Institute HARRIET BYER 315 Conkey Avenue HARRY Obmwe ber, the talented bzerinefx Zl'077ZLZ7Z of tlae future! Caney Creek Club QQ. Banking Clerk W. H. S. Rochester Normal School HELEN M. CAMERON 56 Chestnut Street "MUGGs113" One of zmzuzml charm and ezflzzriezkg frivolity. No. I4 Undecided .,'::.ixihRX WN L 'A-55.1 A .-sr .F wr 1 f K' x . A 4 ,ff ' ,, ,,.-w--':11'.'I:l 25 az x l X i ia" 'id wk N 4 1 1925 1 l 1 1 l Q ' 4' ...Sai Y,,. xy X -J 4' ,lj C 4 'lil' 1 I 1 1 af E1 1 A 4 ELIZABETH CAMPBELL IO66 Bav Street 4 L " KE' i ' . K ," 'X One pretty aria' neat, and of erzalzzrzng J , L l Jociability. U Q ll 'flvlx No. II School Undecided 4 , 1 W ll ' , eff' 1 1 1 Q' i X i 4 1 l lm INEZ S. CAPLIN 48 Luzerne Street 4 NINE" Q M A happy girl, jovial and decarouf. fl W. H. S. Nyack-on-the-Hudson J, if Il l i , 4 E , U li r :gg 1 E f, WARD CARPENTER , lu ' 194 Westminster Road 1 l if HBRUTEU 4 ' ,, A man of fubrle franknem and artful diplomacy-foe Hungry. lg ,J Manager Freshman Soccer Qxpg Assistant Manager ,lf of Baseball Q D5 Publications Committee Executive ,fl ' If Council Q3-43 Manager of Baseball Q4Dg Wearer 'I , of Eg Cast Senior Farce Q41 Agora Qi.-3-454 Boule 1 Q4Dg Master of Ceremonies Senior Day Q4Dg Busi- ,ri 'X ness Manager the fanua Q4jg Chairman School W 1 Constitution Revision Committee Q4Dg Class ' I H President Q41 President the Students' Association 11 N and Executive Council j 4 gi' No. 13 School Hamilton l 1 ' lg, ' f 49 3 ,X 211 l X. C xp fr 'di lx! R , .f 1 l N' ' lfifri--f .. A QQ' ix- H xhlx A-QS' - S' f 5 A V- .5-:gg-2' ' - Q5 M frkr, , , "SQ f ,, , - K A , ,., A :i:,,TQ-11-JW hb73?7f:or'zlYf Nil- V Y if ' ' 'Aim-1:11. 'L fx., ., A --as-sem. ic-c V 'Ci WWW t.:OCf3Sc'.f6d-5-Ltp?CC'cf. r TW ' ' f ' f ' v J' 4' W' 26 1925 ,. ,,"' 's.. fume. i .Q gdb X 6 X fs x of V f" ' ' "' ' 3 X ' , XX -A , Ly' ,'f+Q1. , . . ,A,, X i x 1 . 1 , ff . it LEROY MERIVEN CASE ' ff if , y, 47. Priscilla Street 1 R 2 o ! Whore depth of humor if well founded in : f ,ff l Y Q 1 u life ofperilouf udoenrure. Ml fy' l ' ,I lf No. 15 School 'Des Moines University 'C' ly Q. j l - NLE ROY" r i , . I RR? ia 'Q l, W, l ,KI ' 1 HEL . ii 1 5 . l 5 l Q Esrnnu CIVIN 1599 St. Paul Street One who uttemprs .ro sincerely ue to f 5,5 insure triumph. f L r I l 1 by , Home Room Committee Czjg Caney Creek Club 1 ll C4Dg Senior Day Costume Committee C42 Business 5 Q l Board junuu. 1E E i W. J. H. S. University of Rochester 1-.2 E we f,fL,-- A V . yy. JJ! - L,-us-MX :L . E' .1 ii t l JAcoB COHEN 45 Baden Street Vi JACK A sincere und energetic youth of no x 3 , mild humor. X. , i,. - X Home Room Soccer Cz-QQ Home Room Basketball ' C1-Q5 Remington Award QLDQ Assistant Class ' Treasurer C11 Tennis Tournament C3-45. r W. J. H. s. xvhaffon School ofFinanee gl 5 x K I . Er me x 'Tw M3 fwfr az? .' E ' "01"fa -'i hw we , Y P 5, X VIP Ai Jr. 5.33 V5 :J X J f' w ,Qt ' f 57 ,As JV - y Aff' f' 'Vxglax' E' 'I l5?fif4:5ff -7124 fe'-V .. .a.,, -+V' '. H f- VUE, I Y,k- N H - V---- H J.,-.Nfl YW - , ,C , - ' ' Tk' " f'.ji1'if3's-W Z7 es s QF" J. 4 1 vii r. I Q f EY N l l . l IONAS COHEN 117. Woodward Street HJONASH K A peaceable lael elerpite all the eaufiom overbeael. Home Room Basketball Cz.-3-41 Class Basketball i I' C3-454 Home Room Baseball C3-415 Tennis Tourna- ' ment Cgjg Band Ci.-3-454 Senior Farce Cast C41 5' Senior Day Committee Q41 Wearer of Numerals. No. I4 University of Pittsburgh 1 lf l THELMA CoHN 19 Oregon Street ' HTELMAH I 50 plearing ana' Ja enercgetif. No. II Undecided l I l 1 Q 5,5 f in 1 3'1- l 'ly' i Q' E G , yi HELEN Lois CONRAD 1 V 518 Monroe Avenue I HCONNIEH : ill I have a little Jbaelow ' j if That goes in and oar with me. , Q Senior Farce Q42 Senior Play C42 Class Gift ll Committee Q41 Class Secretary Q31 Home Room ' Committee C3-45. 1 ' No. I5 Undecided 5 .-,fegaesg r' . 1 sf K- ' Xlf X ,af e lj il 1 iw, f f K ,iQ,4W'J" H: ?Tl?"n71'f-4-Fw., Y. 7 - Y min, MN' 28 I RosE M. CoNT1 41 Central Park ..RO,. One delightful to beheld and to be near. Credit Manager Clarion Cl-3-4DQ Vice-President, Caney Creek Club C41 Clarion Pin C42 Chief Typist femme C455 Clarion Certificate C1-4Dg Usher Senior Play W.J.H.S Rochester Business Institute BEATR1cE:4M. COWEN 54 Cumberland Street BILLY Eeney-meenfgf-mlney-mo, Billieu art if an the ga. Home Room Committee Q1-355 Social Committee Cr-355 Senior Play Cast C42 Music Committee No. 1 1 Vassar DEAN CRITCHELL Perrin Street, lrondequoit "DEAN" The fezrmerr are the fazmelerx of eiulliqeztian. Agora Cv.-3-4Dg Boule C455 Cast Senior Farce Q42 Stage Manager Senior Play C455 Clarion A ent Q42 Clarion Pin C42 Business Board Clezriwz , Q Q X No. 33 Antioch 29 ff I e 925 ' K 1: ,A ' 5.7 'fi b f-5 V igfkirfir X V if 5 g ,fe xx f' , 4 T ' . .LQQRXKQ l 31", f-xxx is -. ' -K Y , Cf I 1 ' R ll This ill? i NXMARGARET DAKE f T M 444 Winton Road North Q I QQ, "Mics" "J, 7k i lx A girl of cloarming franknefs and . I ll N IU. ug. . i,, I Q I ig amiable qualities. i, x "X l I 3 I ff Home Room Committee CI-LDQ Chairman Pin ' 'f' v 5 f," Committee CLD. Q No. 18 Homeopathic Hospital I C71 . I 57 1 E l 'mx fe lfl il ff, 4 Qi: . If '7 I fx ly 1 4 l lr , at g 5, -'NA ' 'l BERT R. DAVIDSON I3 Helena Street T3 UBERTH xx One of no mean powem and posfibilitiey. 3 . V Wrestling Team CI-LDQ Home Room Basketball CID. W Q l W. J. H. s. Cornell f 3 I. . . , . lf l if Ui! Qi i I "le RAY I. DIAMOND 61 Alliance Avenue I "RAY" i IZ ,I A gem in the rough. 5 f if Tennis Tournament CI-7.-3- D5 Assistant Tennis I Mana er C42 Senior Farce C353 Head Usher Senior ' ,f . 7 Play 541 Head Usher Band and Orchestra Con- X . L , cert Q41 fanua Board in lj No. I5 Undecided X, - A f j I 1 I 4 1 . V' I I 1 if L !,i . c li 1: at W A Q 'T f . 'A 1 f' , Z 13 ',4f7'JO4xi? ii ' ,fi ,lj 1: ix fin' -. . 'J Y V sew Y jgggf ff ,, Ag J- X .:,.'-- v 1125! Y. Y ,,.L -fe'--f.-LQQ K V f .ff5w,.,i.,-if A 91.7. .. ,W D V ,V QL z C pw I..-1-M"'f' 'W f"" 1:cfm-Ii.e,,"7,sgzi:I.-'E'PfL':E3'f"gf f ' .iT,',."'. I. 30 l I I 5 X , T 4 ,.,-in I i C., FA 1 ,, I ,L 'H , ' ei ff "iff, r N RosE EBER I5 Hyde "Ro" We A happy anal energetic worker. T ff ' No. IO Syracuse University f l 1 fy Q i T ,4 YY ,y- i ,I RUTH FAGAN IO Rowley Street "RUFUs" Haw far that little candle tlarawf itf T - beams. ' Chairman Home Room Committee C1-2.Dg Social Committee CIDQ Member Class Basketball Team CLQQ Waitress June '14 Banquet C415 Usher Senior Farce C D5 Cast Senior Play C4D5 Humor Editor fanua No. I5 University of Rochester MARGARET FARAGHER 47. Richmond Street UMARGARETH Adept at everything Jloe trier, and willing to try anything. Orchestra Cl-3-45g Social Committee Orchestra C415 Wearer of Silver Orchestra Ping Agora C1-3-455 Boule C-4Dg Chairman Candy Sale Committee Agora gk President Agora C415 Waitress June '14 Banquet C42 Usher Senior Farce C42 Editor Senior Section janua C425 Second Prize Agora Competitive Examination C41 No. I4 University of Rochester gig-. 5 ,,,hU " J A I ' li 1' LKJ 1, H lx A x x .S SRM 1, rf. - V V, , 172' 31 rs' W, MS f N9- IESSIE FAUMAN 45 Woodlawn Street "JESS" She charmr you with her golden hair, Ami then, hehold, .rhe doer not care. Underwood Typewriting Medal QD, Clarion Typist QQ, Clarion Pin W.J. H. S. Undecided ANITA M. FOWLER 37.7 Garson Avenue UBILLIEH Short and sweet. Cast Xeoentem QQ, Cast Senior Play QQ, Waitress June '14 Banquet QQ, Senior Day Committee No. 33 University of Rochester CHARLES FRANCIS 471 South Goodman Street HCHARLESH Oh, Oh, Charlie, my boy! Cast Senior Farce C42 Business Board Senior Play C455 Bank Clerk QQ, Clarion Board C41 jmzzm Agent No. IS University of Rochester 32 --QI 53.51, 1231" A x 5 5 . A lp 5 i, i , 5. ! Q, l 1 l l it lf . If in l. .i, l l? i 5. 1. F I ln H . .. , ,, ,gf . , , A ,. ,......., . 'fl A E . ..1 , R. 1--M f' ' l vs l TY fr f.1.t...,lf'll'a:1llX , p 'yi' xxx- X Y E ls? REBECCA FRIEDMAN " RN i . l M 318 Sherwood Avenue gi , 1 5 I HREBECCAH if l X f' A Play, and the world playf with yang gl Al 9 L gl . Stzzdy, fzndyou .finaly alone. Y' !J , 1 Carrey Creek Club ' f if f . . l W. H. S. City Normal School Q' W 1 , . il l , Yr ' . fl .4 S il 'f yy. W ,s CARL GERHARD 2.185 East Main Street ' ..CARL,, l Mefz af few uwrdr are the bert men. , Band Cz.-Q. No. 7.8 Undecided Q E at lg 1 if 1 'P' I La I. l. cl ' RUTH L. GEYER 7.7 Alexis Street ff fl l HCARROTSH if ' ' A .rweef penonallty, too well rancmlerl. - Interclass Track Meet CLD. 2 5 . W. J. H. S. City Normal School X2 my S3 ' I3 l.: ' li if W . 1 do do f -EQ Vx , yi' NA . . f ff' Xggcfjfgsj v l 4 .gff":'f" Y C ,. ,175 . " '- ""--2-v-.-W... ' Y mb' V Y -, ,, ,s . 4,- " " 'N-N ..... -. - ..- fr11"'l.' ,, . -. . .. ....TS,.,. 33 RALPH GIBAUD 7.15 Edgerton Street "RALPH" Dirtinetb cool enzdfriendlafgand we do need el bezndrome villain. Circulation Manager femme C41 Home Room Com- mittee CI-LDQ Business Staff Senior Play No. 7.3 Cornell CELIA GOLDMAN 365 Joseph-Aveniig, CEAL . fllelezimfy laely of e177 ezttrezcfive ellfparitlofz. Waitress june '14 Banquet C42 Caney Creek Club C3-455 Home Room Committee C11 Class Basket- ball C154 Class Baseball 743 Nc:-ee-f XV.,l.l-l.S. ROChCSfCI'-BLlSll'lCSS11159 Z BEATRICE GOLDMAN 363 Andrews Street ..B.. Ar one 1z'o1zlfl .rem of ez1qytl1i1zKg rlerllfzg, HG7!d1'LZ71f66Ll for L1 lifetime. " Home Room Committee 11.1. No. IO Rochester Business lnstitutc, Lois GOTTSCHALK 12.4 Kislingbury Street LOIE Little, but ab, my! East Hi h Bank Q31 Senior Play Q4Dg Art Editor fauna W. J. H. S. Undecided SQPHIA GREPFRATH I7 Regent Street HSOPHIAH One zfefjy pretty, and of 41124122123 JtmcifaJtneJ.r. Chairman Social Committee Qilg Gym Demonstra- tion Q11 Class Basketball Team Q1-45g Track Meet Q1.-41 Baseball Q3-415 Wearer of Numeralsg Wearer of Basketball Ping Bronze Gym Pin Q3-41g Manager Girls' Basketball Team Q4Dg Riding Club C355 Glee Club Q42 Home Room Committee C3-41 No. 7.3 Rochester Normal School XVILLIAM GRINEFF, JR. 43 Merrimac Street MEETY Azz ambifjnzu man fnmkwf for fzzccem. Agora QL-3-41. W. J. H. S. University of Rochester 35 li s .C ,I 'Cell Q "D4lw'il r w 2' - -e w ,.,.,3,,, ...S 3 Y ,,, ff ff" Uk N1 7 ,X ,HAP I K ,f 3 . uf i " f 3 e t ll' A gi . Jfwufy 411' 3 l LQ irlx , J 1 Q . X 5 K ' EVELYN GROH T790 Culver Roald ,f Q "Ev" x x , . . . lx I X fi ni Hezwng heeded the eizcteztzon of anceftzjy X lx C Evelyn baeeftr nnnfneel aceomplishfnentr. xx 2 ' lnterclass Track Meet Cz.-3-41 Baseball C1.Dg 'T ' ew! Swimming C4DQ Field Hockey C41 W ef ffl No. 33 Cortland State Normal l 'ffl l fl L11 ' 3 . Q' , C , fi . g . 4. 5 RAYMOND N. GUPP 43 Rhine Street 3: "RACT" If anything to been feefn ill, g T' To qnefllnn ir our Rd-j'77207Z6l'J' will. Q Home Room Bavsketball Cz-31. I XV. H. S. Vfestern Reserve University C! . A ' L1 K C5 ' 3 , H, ll ix " ROBERT A. HAMILTON 1 II Douglas Road I "BOB" f I A 77206116172 Meek in nbeyeznce. l ,C Senior Farce Cast C4bQ Senior Play Cast C429 Senior Day Committee C41 NO. IS Cornell C X x 'ZCLTCJ ' X A . Hymn, n , li is fowl . l, . mt, X X 1 L Q5 - -' '-.ing 'O . 5. ,A C ,og 1 11-owe" ' gf?"l:77E?3T" f. f, eceL.ffeT?Z?Tbi:i-:fo. f f 714 ' ZWWCOQC 36 5 i 1 l . I , 5f,JI""..,, lm. ,je 4 1 4 I l ' 0 l i 1 -Mill. l N. A jf' 1' RUTH E. HAINES 57 Edmond Street' "RU'rHIE" Izzfrigzzjlzg as 4 gfirtening pam! Jmfterm' with zmtw' ljlief. Social Committee C155 Girls' Track Meet President, Girls' Section C7.5g Vice-President C3-45g Head Usher Senior Farce C454 Cast Senior Play C45g Class Gift Committee C45. No. 15 University of Rochester SPENCER HARVEY 3 Rundel Park HSPENCEH 5flIEf'l'6 ann' ezzergetjtj ll gzzawzzzfee of acromplifbffiefzf. No. 7.3 Undecided JOHN HENRY 17.9 Parkside Avenue . CIOHN- 1 A Mlm, foal j0Zl71g fgmtlemmz of zmzzmal ejicierzcy. Home Room Baseball C155 Home Room Soccer C15g Social Committee C354 Assistant Sta. e Manager C455 Class Play C455 Gift Committee C55 Candy Sale C45j fmzzm Board C455 Ski Club No. II University of Rochester A 3-1 1.1 iii iq lg. 1 f - 1 . Xt 1 Hi X fl ' if J' , K, 0. xi V. 5 I ' 4 I -1 ez-ff M: 1 , l I 1 X. 1 I 1 1 3 1 l JOSEPH HERTZBERG 306 Clay Avenue . JOE, , foe Radio Freshman Soccerg Home Room Soccer CL-zjg Home Room Basketball C1-QQ Senior Farce. No. 7.3 Undecided JANE HURLBURT 4 Greig Street "liANi3Y" .Tweet and Zombie, and LI iwjf mllnimble actrerr. Social Committee QL-3-.Qg Senior Play Q42 Senior Day Committee C41 fauna Board C41 Waitress june 'L4 Banquet H. S. Undecided ,Jw f JACK Hunvrrz 9 Henry Street H'1'1NYn A fmnz of .i'l'wmlfd.i'l' cfmmcfer, mm' LZOgggC'ltl determjlmtimz. Home Room Baseball Q24 Home Room Basketball C3DQ Tennis Tournainenr ftijg Boys' Glee Club Q41 Advertising Manager Senior Plziyg Remington Award. NV. H. S. Undecided 35 129255 ,J 6 Iv if J 4, 1 'f 1 1, 5 5 1 3 i VERA ISAACS 7.10 Dartmouth Street "VERA" Bezvitcbing nx n dark, .rilent night by ll dnqzling fountain Clarion Business Stz1fl'C3-4Dg Clarion Pin C41 Execu- tive Council C41 Caney Creek Club Cglg Secretary Caney Creek Club C4DQ Secretary Students Associa- tion C4Dg Class Day Colors Committee C4Dg fauna Board C41 Constitution Committee C414 Costume Committee C41 No. 1.3 Simmons XVANDA ISABELLEJAMES 18 Iroquois Street JIMMIE ' Hfba mar Ina quiet for IIJ' ta know Of tlve zvomierfnl cgifrf Jbe had to thaw. Home Room Committee Czjg Gym Demonstration Czlg Glee Club C31 Costume Committee No. I1 Mechrlnics Institute ESTHER E. JOEL 551 Clinton Avenue N. ESTHER A goof! Jporl and nn nnlmimble girl. jmzmz Agent C41 Remington Award C41 W. H. S. Dental Dispensztry V Q i "Fx f' .Y 'K ....--Us Q' Y W- ,---,wi--'.' 39 ' "X Z? ,N , fx xx J 'D 1 I .X A - t J :kfx AX- ' . 45 45-5 N, X Q' " V ' X f. tJANu.-o t 1 ' ,V ,so g .Xl "'5'fNEkg- ' uv .- V -xg x ' 'z .5 . , 3 ,fp X RUSSELL KAERCHER 1531 St. Paul Street , xg If , 31 f HRUSTYH Q21 . X X5 2 Another rate of the artistic temperament. ' 1 l Y I I w 71 Aux! NN 'Ja .N Janna Art Ed1torC4Dg Senior Play Last 1 K 7 t No. S Anuoeh N . I K . 9 Y Q 3 I . 4 df ' . Q .. t p fi 5 E ,T 4 dx . 3 wg 1 FRANKLIN KALWAS 1 1 Mohzlwk Street :Va n .. 51., N FRANK b He 10170 makef a small nojfe if Letter AV? tlvan one who it a big echo. W. H. S. Undecided ,Vj 'r Q 1 1 fi : ii Cl . Q 'Q P Q QQ 'aw 1 QA KASMIR K. KARPINSKI 56 Dayton Street 1 d "KAz" t 5 Wko'J not .fo oriental at be Jonndf, QW 4 j Nor a Ku Klnxer, but with life j Q 5' abonndy. ' ' Band Cz-3-41 'f' W. H. S. Undecided I ry ' X 1 . "iz N X J f jd fffm M49 1 f . of av: , ' '15, TEN- A YT Y X L. . L , F briefs 5 "Qw- ' M - 'i"'T?'F'v:-r- .. ' f'7'2""pq7--r-,-f,-1 ff,-,-, .1-fl-qfwa-1"1-. . f, . Jo -ww J' 40 Lv, U wk fm. tn. J i fl J. .l il .Z ilk- JAN Q91 GEORGE E. Kfxss 703 Joseph Avenue , l HGEORGEH Hflw am'aet.f feminine fancy ana' mafraline erteenz. Home Room Basketball Cz-Q4 Home Room Base- ball QL-355 Home Room Soccer Cz-Q4 Reserve Base- ball C3-.Qg Social Committee Cz.-Qg Class Play W. H. S. University of Michigan BLANCHE A. KAUFMAN 7.3 Buchan Park I-BLUMEH HQ Wlio if talented, liUEbf, and altogether winning. -N Chairman Home Room Committee C155 Magazine L Editor Clarion C41 janna Board gl W. J. H. S. Undecided fl 'V SOPHIA KAUPMAN 18 Oregon Street PIBBE X An orator of no mean nate: 1' A rage of no renal! wirdom. i' Class Pin Committee C1Dg Secretary CLDQ Under- wood Awardg Senior Day Committee C41 Senior i Play C41 Chairman of "House Warming" Com- mittee. No. IO Undecided X W JMC. 'X if 4 WW 2 1 fo ff' J ' - l 55 -Y....,. s4..p53,+-vw... . -. - , . e--rv-1 -.--1 .V-. -Y cw..- Aa. - tw fi i-'ff' N Q 41 I .., . . . f I 'f 4135 af' Vbfmi C xxx X 1 l wi LJ iv .., I . W7 l l 1 .i fi K. I 3 1 ix ' i , 1 3 1 li x X ' x .jj f,-r GORDON KZINNEY 601 Hazelwood Terrace "GORDON" To be, or not tu beg that if the question. Band C7.-3-42 Orchestra C3-45g Inter-Hi h Orches- tra C3-453 Rochesterjunior Orchestra NO. II Undecided L. RUTH KOHLER 58 Broadway HKOHLERH Om' feminine Szcinrtbout. Winner of Girls' Individual Track Trophy Cu g Girls' Basketball Team C1-1.-3-41g Captain C1-54 Inter-class Track Meet CL-3-45g Class Baseball C3-41g Riding Class C3-41 Tennis Tournament C41 Field Hockey C455 Golf C435 Swimming C41 No. 17. Posse Normal School of Gymnastics FREDERICK JAMES KowALsK1 34 Radio Street HJAYH joe Nlnricinn. President Band Czlglg President Orchestra C3-41 Junior Philharmonic Orchestra W. H. S. Undecided .af ' TN , .fy 1 --., - af. T' Q5 . 42 F5225 E li li l f .f f. l 1 x if r ...---17.5.i- S I HELEN L. KRESS 7.3 Helena Street KRESSGIE .Ycbolarbf in human wisdom. Caney Creek Club W. H. S. City Normal School MINNIE KUBLANOV ' 88 Woodlawn Street "MIN" A fluent lingzzift, and 4 cfzptimrifzg compmzion. W, H. S. Uuclecicled GEORGE LAMONT 111 Lzmsrlale Street HGEORGEH Geoflge, the dwg-ffore razvbqv. Home Room Baseball Hemlock, New York Cornell v N 43 ix 1 . l a 4 l 1 fra Y J N ,I-fe 4, ,,.v - Qwyfims Q ix W, jffflf- -., 5 ,455 .N XX I , J T t Y YY Y ' Q Y Vg, ,Av i 4 ks 56' 'L V 7 3 ff " . - X' Q , Z5 ,rv I -H H 5 1 Y 69, Y X. , fl, 'nk if 'Ui ,fJANmfyii H sr 4 ryeo E f 22 tx' Q r. . f if l X ,, E u, J KENNETH LAW 155 Merwin Avenue Q yi lu K HKENNETHH X 1 Y Who is o Low zmfo himfelf. , Mg L 1 Band lg! ,xx Castile High School Undecided 1 rf' gffjihil i 1 kxf 31 A!! " 1 Ii S Nl 1 l 1 JOSEPH LEVINE 53 Cleveland Street lt sl '-JOM wg ai The philofopher of all time who .vo A hletrfetr our heggorbf afxemhlage. A 5' Exchange Editor Clarion gl W. H. S. University of Rochester iii , i f I lf El 4, ex 'll 53 l 'fx l l Q "3 ELSIE LISSER 67. Hooker Street 1 N - +2 UELLIEH Jw 5 Who if az fweer and mognanimozzx li ' 3 dixporition. 'l 4 F! Home Room Committee C115 Caney Creek Club . C414 Senior Day Committee C41 3 4 W.J. H. S. University of Rochester j ff L , 'Za 'J .., U Q-X me X Cx ti ' at ff 1: if fx or ,L . al if ' ,, ,.,A.'v ,,, ,-5 ' -s'?- , my S fytyg , Q if X' 2:5 - C. .1 , L j. As v I. , 3-.H ,I if if f. lf fx Q? 3? El Us SEM W X X R li ll lx ill or W dv are M t iii QW Sn' Wir 22 ll 51 C 2 44 'N ,, D li Q, L2 '.-Q 1925 T as M "lix't'q' C ii ri X ,qi 'V ,ff J 'X 7: 1 ".f1',4'fn 5 3 , is V 5 7- 7 la,g.JANlllx 'lTg Q ' ffl" 1. . KW' ' PX BERTHA LOESER 7.47 Clifford Avenue i ky l 5 HBERTH ' lg A , A girl among lgirlf. A ,rpart among fporfy. ' ,LZ ' 7 ' "Do it or die" if ber motto. ,S ,W ,I f 'Iv , v f Swimmin C7.-3-4jg Baseball C3-455 Class Basket- , ll' V' C 5 ball C3-ASQ Gym Pin Awardg Waitress Senior ' milf f ' if A Banquet C455 Tennis Tournament C3-4Dg Track 'Q X! Meet C7.- lg Wearer Numeralsg Senior Day Com- 3 7 mittee C435 Vice-President Caney Creek Club C4D. l','V 1 Q No. 7.0 vi, , l Boston School of Physical Education X J . E 3' 2 fi DAURICE LONGLEY 53 Locust Street P "DoDD1E" 1' Her bfrlllfjf liver with kiminefx. 4' Glee Club C7.-3-42 Senior Day Committee C41 ' No. 8 Undecided ,VE f, , AC l 92 5 S ii . A L V RUTH CRADDOCK MARCOTT 67. Allendale Avenue T 5' "RUTH" X l Her bllllbfd' are modefgf, not qzzietneu. X C ii Q Home Room Committee C315 Glee Club C32 Bank EL X Teller C325 Bank Clerk 1 L Y A No. 7.8 Undecided J l ,J U 4 JSE?-N V3 af' 7777C7 7 1, jfs , Egvlfvxammxiv gt' no if with -fl' .L x x y - fg ' " A vga J-'ftij' 'L C ' A 4.1, Q- M 45 EARI. MASLYN 17.5 Rosemary Drive "EARL" A grozwz-up mfm, but nor above boyish jimnki. Remington Award C3DQ Home Room Basketball C3-41 Home Room Baseball C3-41. XV. H. S. Mechanics Institute MILDRED MESSINGEII 136 L2ll7L1I'I1I.1lT1 Crescent HMILH Om' gifted in the ur! of mpiizfating as well ar calmlutinxg. Remington Award CBDQ Underwood Award C31 Literary Club C42 Waitress, june '14 Banquet C415 Clariun Stz1fff4Dg Senior Day Committee W. H. S. University of Rochester ERMA METCAI.IT 7.96 Pzirsells Avenue UKATNYPH A .rkillefl athlete dm! pofrermr of botlw leziizfv m1d.rm1jgy. Class Basketball Q3-.QQ School Basketball Q3-41g Home Room Committee Carthage, New York Posse-Nisson Gym School 46 L -v..,,.fm 4 . M,-7, i i l 1 9 F i L 1 i K li lr i. I x AIMEE AUGUSTA EYE 487. llmer th Street ,l A 'M1K12"xf jp., Her eyes vera ie A df :the deptbf af 41 'tex J ill' ebieven. Remington A r Q 5 Special Chorus Q11 Gym Pin Award QL-3 . l No. 14 'N Mechanics Institute x CARL MEYER 47 Pearl Street HCARLH He never fkippeel 4 period. Cast, Senior Play No. 15 Undecided RUTH K. MEYER 417. Meigs Street A'BABs" A mfg for worry, ll ig for care, Why barber me with mere thin air? Banquet Committee C4DQ-1471101 Agent Q41 No. IS Homeopathic Hospital nf X U XJLQ +7 sx AQLN xl. inf? l ty I N i 4 .4 X z . . N. ,-"Cy lei X If t3il.lellli?fS fi X -V .41 -.N ,V x Q A E! ji ll ,X Ili .,, 4 A. . iff .4 . . 21 C ' ,SV of f ,Hy il lv i il 'il .. A .gi fl il -1 J 7 ., e Z! ,. I U .A I, w J 5? 4 fl 1 gl eil , ' JL , ' ' l ,,, KATHRYN F. MILLER ' 3o6 Garson Avenue KAY I love tranquil Jolttztde And mth Jociety AJ if quiet, wire and good. Home Room Committee C129 Social Committee CBDQ Cast, The Dittator C41 Cast, Au American Citizen C4Dg Senior Day Costume Committee C4Dg Waitress, june ,L4 Banquet C415 Caney Creek Club C41 Clarion Staff C41 No. 33 School University of Rochester JENNIE lVIINow1Tz 95 Herman Street "JEAN " What sweet delight a quiet life ezjjroreiy. Glee Club C355 Social Committee W. H. S. Darrow Business School Momus Moss 196 Chatliam Street "mourns" A little chap with ez great tied! to him, Jamestown, New York University of Rochester fliirw 3,474 ., 44 pw A .. of , . 'aff : . 'Tw iw- , .v,..,.....,.,,, -., , 48 ' V77 I, , ,,,. ,.....,.:.4.- . I V-f A :L tc i . .N N K I II' il' l in i"' ts 1 x V- xl I 'X I QFD gl. X n x M ' X xi 1 .11 -1 J 13 1 . I 4. 4. 1 '1 1. i 1 1 if I 5 1 1 1 . ah -E 1 1 1 3 1 li 1, il fd -1 1. 5, . E ANUFX SATL, EF . 'Cam i 1 fl, 1 1 4 THEODORE NELVLIARK 7.55 Baden Street V f i V "TEDDY" gg 1 One among thaummif, 1 , .5 .1 , One of the czplverr. 1 ' W. J. H. S. University of Rochester ' ' ? 4. 51 K7 1,7 Y CARMEN OGDEN 165 Harvard Street E UCARMENH '- She Jmiled 071 many jzzrz' for fzm, . 1: Bm' zvifb that mzile the work um dmc. 5- Presidenr CI'LbQ Chairimm Home Room Commit- - tee C1-zlg Chairman Social Committee C3-454 4 Senior Farce C42 Associate Editor fmzzm C4DQ 3 Chairman Senior Day Committee C454 Caney Creek Club C42 Dancing Committee C41 Waitress June A '14 Banquet C41 Wi No. 7.3 University of Rochester 45 it E . Ki RUTH OIlNS'fEIN 2.1 Cole Street vi' HRUTHIIEH Who 21' it mn read Lf zrommz? W. H. S. Undecided 3 GS., E K1 I? ,fi J Q'AYmxx 1 ' :K , i 'ff ,-:Ziff N 'T nw' V ' fw-1-v-rr""f' M" ' ,....,.Q., , . 1 2-Q 49 N. ALICE OSCOLA 97. Herman Street HAL.. Charming in effect and difpofition. W. H. S. Darrow School of Business RUTH MAUDE PALEY A 7.75 Rosedale Street "RUTH" She may be large but the bm ez loving difpofition. W. J. H. S. Normal School Rosa V. PEKARovsKY I9 Dejonge Street HPEKARDH A good friend, gNZ67'0ll.f and willing. W. H. S. Undecided 's N cm .f .AJJ w 50 SYDNEY PAKOWSKY 46 Belmont Street SIDNEY The girls think .firing if iz :leafy He dau too, danfyou fear. Class Basketball Ca-334 Class Baseball Ca-35, Tennis Tournament C3-4D. W. J. H. S. University of Syracuse HELEN M. PFLUKE 51 Hinsdale Street "PFLUKEE" If Jbe will, .rbe will,- If .rlae w0n't, .rbe w0n't. Supply Store C3-4Dg Caney Creek Club C41 Activ- ities Editor fanmz C41 Clarion Agent No. I5 Undecided FRANCIS PONTICELLO 52. Council Street HFRANCISH Bolil had mam. Home Room Basketball CQ.-315 Home Room Base- ball C1.-Qg Class Track CQ. W. J. H. s. Columbia 51 'N .4 xx f X. Q Q rf '1 e ', f 3. A, L .5 X X C ,-X A,-X -. , V f,l , gf ,,. V 'I L, f .1 L, ef 12125 r, rf. r, r K 'R f V 5" . .jlf lr 4 K5 1 , 'SHERMAN PooLEY 19 Prohert Street 'A fi USHERMANH ' A ,K A , xg K Yon Cfz.rrzzz.r barb 4 lean and V lx bllfiglfy look." F, 'K Home Room Soccer CQ. A No. 2.3 School Mechanics Institute ' r , l' Lv f if ll l x ' Q , o N 12 is CHARLES POPELL I5 Leopold Street l 1 HCHARLESH if Give me my mimic am! I care not zvlmt j elre I get. Home Room Soccer Team Q11 Home Room Bas- Hx '7 ketball Q12 Band il' LI . . FL- g No. IO Mechanxcs Instltule lr fr- r 15 L A 'Q ,r , 35 gi 52 if HANNAH REERS 408 Hudson Avenue j UHANNAHH L They call ber ''Hard-Z1m1'tczZHmzmzfvf' but we zmmle'1'f lx Gym Pin AwardC7.DgC1111eyCreel4 Club C41 Guard- ian ofFlz1g. . uf ff YV. H. S. Normal School A A" ' 1 Vi :lk f'L-A thi 'fl ,QAM 1 Q fo ' sv ,JH X , , 1 ,f 17 A. 2. -QNX f ,- H ' S' - Ui. Misa'-f ' "LA ' "Zim - ., - ' - k al! " iadfifi- CF 'Q ' ' 'JW V ' V ly' '-5"'2'57f'4.'rc' I -'C Wm 8 M''f'fd6wc-an:L44-ceqc.na,cc:ec1tcff??fTCf'f0-1-UO J'-' f ' ' 52 a r LUCILLE EARNus'i'iN1a REUSCHLE loo Arbutus Street ..LU,, A cowpetclzr ftzzdem' mm' az delightful !l.fJ'0C'l5Zff. Gym Pin Award Q31 1 No. 7.5 Normal School ' HOWARD RICHARDSON 51 Broadvvzly HHOWARDH Howie .fy nz perzzliar lad The rhyme we uvnfzld write wozzlz! be veijy .mah Cast, The Dictator C455 Cast, Azz Amerimaz Citiqm C4DQ Senior Day Committee No. IS School Undecided 1 1 W 1, s-I f. fl I fi, ,. l4 FLORENCE G. RILEY 4 iioo Atkinson Street UFLOSSIEU To AZ ,young bear! eL'e1j'tl2Z1zg Lv fzm. ' No. ii School City Normal School in 3. it A 7 95 ,fra 'fly Q5 A- f .K 4. 1 if ' ,1 Ja? '? 'S ,,, ,do ' ' f-ve--'-""J'57"5'i: -'-'.if:i,:i,i.i.,1-flaw.-fv'1'3 ' ' wi FREDERICK ROBINSON Greenavvay Road, Brighton HFREDH Step out muh, thou utt Jnoogiug. Home Room Soccer CI-2.55 Underwood Award C32 Ski Club C3-4Dg Supply Store C42 Cast, Au Amerimu Citizen Brighton NO. 7 School University of Pennsylvania G. KENNETH ROBINSON 57. Chapin Street KENNE Keune if u cute little lud, He'.r ulufuw u-running hir uuto. And ne'er he'll he huppjv or glful Without it, e'eu though he ought to. Orchestra C11 Band Cz-3-4Dg Inter-High Band CBDQ Wearer of Band Fobg Chairman Home Room Com- mittee CI'4DS Home Room Bank Clerk C42 Ski Club C3-42 Candy Sale C42 Senior Day Costume Committee C42 Publicity Manager juuuu C41 Associate Editor junuu W. H. S. University of Southern California FERDINAND EUGENE ROESER 1486 St. Paul Street HJUNIEH Bruin him with u ludief' fun. Home Room Basketball Cz-3-455 Senior Farce C42 Home Room Soccer CI-2.Dg Home Room Baseball CI-2.-Q. Nazareth Hall Academy Harvard 54 Rosn ANGELA RONCONE 160 Westchester Avenue MRO., A min ix fu good af laer Jmile. Caney Creek Club J. H. S. University of Rochester ANNA LAURA Rosa 376 Harvard Street HANNEH Xlzzll we my, "af n midmmmer dm'- am' ol rare." Carney Creek Club C3-42 Senior Banquet Commit- tee C3-41 Treasurer Caney Creek Club C3-415 Senior Day Committee C41 No. 13 School University of Rochester .MILDRED F. ROSENBERG 314 Wilkins Street HMILDREDH Cm: zvitb that commncy and -good will .ro blamed in .ftbool life. Chairman Home Room Committee Cz-31. W. J. H. s. city Normal 55 X . -Axe X ,angx , iv X01 Q 'Kp' A A 1 .1 Jlllllllll f f f . l 1 nl 19" . 17 ftfwi-ea E z ' ij DAVID S. RUBIN 968 St. Paul Street fl I 5- UDAVEH ' fl V11 li 1 X. W ' ic i 1 . , 1 lx X , 2 i D J' I iw. F gi. sr 5. fl vii A L. I X. ,rx E-1 1 6. A 1 J. X With a manner too retlmzf far our plerzfzrrr. Band Czlg Orchestra W. J. H. S. University of Rochester SALVATORE Russo 16 Miller Street "SALLY" Above tlae roof af flume and .rlrz Raina your hammer and .vmrub it in. -foe Icorzoclmt. Clarion Staff C3-415 Clarion Pin W. H. S. University of Rochester EDWARD RYSEWYK loo Merwin Avenue NED.. Marrza'J darling, Papa'.rjqy,' Look at Erlrlle- Tbrzt zramlerful boy. Executive Council C4Dg Cast, Tlfc Dirtntor C42 fanmz Board C4?Q Electrician, An Amerimn Ciriqm Q41 President of Ski Club Q41 Skating team C424 Wearer of E. No. 18 School University of Rochester .4177 ' f fiat. Xf,,+s0"J-,iii t.. .v , f fa .5 . A Q lm ... N 1 r Qs aff! vii A A. 'Qc fs, f ,. 'FQRZ51 ' NHT: ",. 5 N :- '42, QFM V ,Ii X i i l 5 l l 1 1 i K . I . ij Qi X ,Yi fi, I 1, fl . , . ,. . .. .. -- ---7,..'.Q,,.u "Wg, -,, Y Q. -- 4 gp ' 1 'W4oo:1000"W"" we msiifzficfziligaczooifi Wo. :-::i5,ffm:ioQo0JG'l'0-DWRQMM 56 1 fluff" In .11 ., .A XQX ik .MX N if FRA V . fitf' E' D .IV ixv A 1925A Mi i 'ew Ne D - xi it-K A as X , ' ' - lv, 'A gr R K . fry, E E D - i "' . 1 "le, S 'Ai ,F l l ' iv 'f' l E Sq, Jlwlllt . ggi X. hx x :li C S ,f i , 4 i HELEN EL 7.6o Joseph Avenue NXT ' Q K SAMMY 'i A A Ingeniezrf and Jtmitgbtforzc'ii1'd. "7 V! lee Club Ca-.Qg Gym Pin Award CBDQ Remington ifjl ll' l - ward C314 Special Chorus ' 1 Q V. H. c. Undecided , l Wi, xi ' BERNARD SCHNEIDER Ill Weld Street l "scoop" He'J a brick and not ei gold one, either. Clarion Staff C42 Clarion Pin C41 News Editor . Ciarimz Q41 Clarion Certificate C41 Associate Editor farmer C4QQ Home Room Basketball ' G No. I4 School University of Rochester ' F S r B ' J ffl 3 ELSA P. SCHNEIDER 1579 Culver Road HELSAH ' Effie if ez frzze, fried friend, or elfe ez tg mere izcqzreiinmnee. Tix Glee Club Q3-41g Special Chorus C3-41. " No. 13 School ' Eastman School of Music A 'lo -Q. fi 17' . L ,l ', . 5 XXX' 1 1 3 li X' , v -f' A V. , Lvfr ' ,. - . D. f--' , i V, f l J :I NSW L N wr: s .:.::-wafb00DL'O'oQD- JOSEPH SCHREIBER 67. Gorham Street ..JOE,, A wit among dzenrer A dance among wifi. Home Room Basketball C1-2.-3-42. W. J. H. S. Cornell HELEN SCHWARTZ 897. Joseph Avenue UYETTAH Her main urpect if eezre Her desire ta pleezre. W. I. H. S. City Normal School MILDRED E. G. SEEMAN 55 Sullivan Street 'AMILLYH An interesting and cleveryoung lezebl. Remington Certificate and Cord Case Czlg Gym Award C3DQ Tennis Tournament C41 Assistant Typist femme C455 Caney Creek Club C425 Waitress June '14 Banquet C41 W. H. S. Eastman School of Music S RUTH L. SHAW 1610 St. Paul Street "RUTH1E" Ruthie if ju.rt about ri ight, with more to her credit. Home Room Committee C1Dg Orchestra Q1-3Dg Glee Club C3-4D5 Invitation Committee C41 No. 8 City Normal School SAMUEL SHULSKY SI Buchan Park sAM Three-fifth: of him genius, the rest .rheer fudge. Orchestra CL-3-45g Senior Farce C454 Chairman Publications Committee, Executive Council C42 Clarion Staff C41 Clarion Pin C41 Clarion Certificate C41 Editor-in-Chief, Clarion C415 Jeweled Clarion Pin W. J. H. S. University of Rochester Rosa SILVERSTEIN 1.7 Oregon Street UROSEH A violet hy a mossy stone, Half hielaleu from the eye, Fair ar a Jtar, when oubf one If .fhiuiug in the sky. Savings Bank Clerk C3DQ Glee Club Czlg Senior Play C414 Golf Club C42 Remington Award C215 Basketball No. to Rochester Business Institute S9 l ,4 agar. 1- e 41, e - A - T" . gf . I 3, WV' T! V i snr 5 5 , N SINGER Sl Atlantic Avenue ' I 5 .. 5 X : my ANNE 1. ' . l ' i Age 54717101 zwtlver ber, 7Z01'L'l!Jf0772J' Jmtv 1 , g , n , li? Her infinite zzzrjety. V 1 lx C fr Underwood Certificate C115 Assistant Tvpist If ' xx r 5 I fmfua C4, V E , gf' No. 1,1 Simmonds College I f i 3 A Z iv. i ri l i l i it l Ar 3 RUTH GOLDIE SLOTNICK 3 O'Brien Street l 1 .. ,- : , 9 TEDDY 1. -, Who liver up to the mum V ' fi And deferues all ber fame. 1' 5 Chairman Home Room Committee C11 Class X i ' Basketball Q1-Q4 Class Baseball Q12 Tennis Tourn- ' ament C41 Caney Creek Club C3-41 President L1 1. Caney Creek Club Q4Dg Historian fmzua C41 -1' ly' Senior Day Committee C4DQ Waitress, june '14 ll tl Banquet. 1:4 W. H. S, University of Rochester L, ,xv V f I M I. " THELNIA AVNER SNIDER g 1 'S 981 St.lPaul Street " HTHELH Y.. , Deligbtfzzllv naive and 6llf6l"fdf7Zi7Zcg. l J . 'JV 'r if Class Basketball C11 Class ,Baseball C154 Home i ag' Room Committee Q1-3-.Qglllaney Creek Club. J: i . . . . , enta is ensarv ' XV I H S 'i i W D l D p I f t H i Zi f' i 5 l Li El 1. ji. 2' wMfnJ V H f it ,. , 1' f fi. gill! ww - . . 11, W" wits ire' " J J V'-'W 60 ,aft ,wwwv .M -.A ,.., . rf f 'V 1: ll l ll l Y V 4: x 7 A L - 5 I A A l "J ' A 5 Ki 77K C ' l lf, fb , 'ie A 1 ,jf l"llJ'7 X 'il ,, 'iff l , ' MARY SPRINGSTEAD 7.6 Y 1ck Park B N 4 T Q, HNIARYH 'n LX , Now fiiziyozz ever fee my me who could ,w 5' my Jo muck in .ra Jbort cl time. C j Class Poet lv l '11 A No. I5 University of Rochester l f 11 f, V1 I W 1 ,. R ., .1 i l A ROBERT STERN go Colby Street ,l I? HBOB., A Not .ro zzaforiozu, but ye Gods, what Ll E ' hmmm ziirtiomzfjy. 4- l French Club C314 Christmas Card Agent C42 1' , Standard Bearer l,, New York City Williams College 1 ll ' r Q gs .4 Z' 1 ff ' RHoDA Sruvuxs 31 Forester Street . HRHODAH il, gg Marlvygy if the nobler! gift of I-Iefzmz. 1' No. 15 Eastmam School of Music YK X I 21 l SC L, fix-1 .p , my nf? :N 'f 2? , ., XZ I , ,,, "e'H:f,f'-2 V fffg' - .ff . ww ,--vf1'7.A. Shes 1 ' 61 Rosle MARGARET ST1o 506 Bay Street HRIOU She rpmkr for herself. Track Meet C11 Gym Pin Award Cz-Q. No. 15 Normal School MORRIS STRASSBURG 74 Hanover Street "MORRIS" Wbazt'r the me of warming, Lefr take life easy. Home Room Basketball Cv.-315 Home Room Soccer Cz.-315 Home Room Baseball Ca-3Dg Sports Editor Clarion C41 Reserve Basketball Team C42 Class Numeralsg Clarion Pin C42 Banquet Committee W. H. S. Albany Lavv School GREGG SWARTHOUT 33o South Goodman Street HEINIE Heinie fights lang, and Heinie jqgbff bard. Hekr wbafyozfd call az winning cami. Freshman Soccerg Freshman Basketballg Freshman Baseballg Freshman Swimmingg Freshman Trackg Baseball C7.-3-42 Basketball Cz-3-42 Captain Soccer C41 Captain Basketball C41 Captain Base- ball C4Dg Senior Farce C455 President of Class Cz-315 Treasurer Glee Club No. 7.3 Dartmouth 62 Yozo TAKAGI Ironclequoit " ,NUFF SAIDH Nntzm' made one Jncb vnnn and than H broke the die. Class Basketball C7.Dg Reserve Baseball Cz.-31 Reserve Soccer C32 Soccer C jg Basketball C3-425 Home Room Basketball C3-43. Asheville, N. C. Massachusetts Institute of Technology RUTH TENNY 645 Averill Avenue TED Ruth .rnzilef .ro bam' nt no we haven? the loeorf to .fiom her. Wearer of Class Numcrals C415 Class Basketball C414 School Basketball C415 Ski Club C415 Usher Senior Farce C41 Glee Club C425 Class Secretary C455 Class Prophet fnnzzo Board C435 Chairman Senior Day Entertainment Committee C4Dg Basket- ball Pin Award American School in Japan Mount Holyoke B. CossnTTE TIBBILS 118 Ontario Street ..CO,, My orozon if called content A crown if if that Jeldofn kingx enjoy. No. I4 School Eastman School ofMusic 63 A-ng, af'-1' ,wwf 2 'aa 2 wfwilllli :i 1 llllilllflijf! l 1 f 'if 11' I' wxijfliisigrli. 1- z,t.wgf5x . fr ,i .4 lt 'DAVID Tooui 7.60 Baden Street DAVE Dave if 2nfc1'e.rte:z' and zvjllifzg at all fimef. W. H. S. University of Rochester ETHEL VANALMKERK 1 I4 Berlin Stveet "ETHi3L" Let the zv01'hi.ilizZe, and let fbe world ga A fm' care and for woe. Special Chorus C7-'Qi Caney Creek Club Q42 Assistant Typist fn1n1aQ.Q. W. H. S. Undecided ROGER XVICKERY 16 Rowley Street UROGERN Roger never mm! to be teen fllJ'.1'f7llQ in five lmlfi' flllfjdll .rlwlzlzf .rw liim 11010. Swiinining Tezun Senior Farce Q41 Assistant Manager Senior Farce lx4DQ Vice-President Rifle Clnlv Q415 Manager Swimming Terim Q25 Cast Senior Play Q41 Clntirinztii Class bift Committee Q25 Weztrer No. 15 Undecided 17Ii4k 'X' iv' if f ff-is . t, x .s, 3 li' if it ,Q i I i ax 3 Q 7, ti 4 1? A-T 1 At 1 + X I! il.. X , , jg! X' -Y f-jfl' 7' Q, , , , , , ,, . A, . Y:-ff, . - I 1, ef 1. -11 1' M TM 6-I it A325 c i . i3 I N if Xp E f il- 'E E . ll 1 l lx ALFRED VRAGEL 172. Hillsdale Street HSLEEPYH A little nememe new and then If relirheel by the wefeft men+-hut Al im't all nanfeme hy any meant. Home Room Basketball C1-2.-Qg Home Room Soccer Q1-Qg Inter-Class Swimming Team Cz-315 Home Room Committee CEDQ Senior Day Commit- tee Q15 Caney Creek Club C3-42. No. 7.8 Mechanics Institute BERNICE A. XVARREN 84 Richmond Street BERNIE Bernie if liked a great eleal heeazefe ,rhe- well--is herfelf. Glee Club Cz-y D5 Special Chorus CL-4jg Gym Demonstration qfpg Gym Awards Cz.-Q. No. I4 Normal School LYNN WARREN 196 Rosewood Terrace LYNN Who, we have heard, har quite a way with the women. No. I5 School University of Rochester 65 - Q mf e 5' ,W JANQU W ' ' 'V ' T6 if my 1 W e J XESTER XVEIDNER S9 Navarre Road ' G I HBETTYH F eff f V' X Erfer bay quite 4 "rep"- X' H j xi She is Ja gafb darn full of "pep" R i 4-ax Gym Award Qzjg fmzzm Agent ' , 1 - . , sv . 1 1 X, w v W. H. S. Undeclded H . , 411, ' N N1 e L- Y' , 1, I 1 f ,Qi 1 f s' ,, ku- 5, . . j 1 W f f I X 1 M' 1 w if HANS XVEILBYE L10 Alexander Street v 4 UHANSH U ,E Came give me 7701 diplonzfz for I want y to pfqy. No. Il University of Pennsylvania T, J J:- J + I mv. Vx- v ll ' 'L all Ismon VVYEINSTEIN 331 Conkey Avenue f 5 "1s1DoR1a" Life if a .f61"f0l!.i' 7IZdfl't'l' with me but I? , nobaufv Jcemy to realize if. 5 New York Ci tv Undecided -. K K I 1 I f Y gf' :Jw X .ne W ,Q 7 5 ff' X X ,, , ,.:.-- "J , F ,,,.,,...f'-4:j"f'7'K- -' ' ' -. Q W 5 V W ,,-,..- - AH,...,. 66 N Iseffg 'A 4' 4' F tr I 5 T I i i 1 I 3 5 I I 3 I ii l 3 i i i A i l i X l t x 'I l l..LA.M., 4, x k 1 I .I ff' .I I l,-uk af' L. 2. .P-1 - 'IN Qs, , K N. PW W DOROTHY XVELLER 71 Sidney Street 1 "DOT" 1' A She taller like a hook, her admireri Jay, . 'il fl What a png' .rhe deem t that up the I fa .fame way. X Remington Certificate C114 Bank Clerk C415 Home Room Chairman C41. NO. 33 School Undecided li. 2 K I N 5. ELMORE BURTON WHITE 11 Edmonds Street 5? "I3URT" :- Oh, ufe've watched him with the laffer, And 106,718 watched him in hir flames, and we think- Freshman Soccer C119 Freshman Basketball CI1g ' Freshman Swimming C115 Swimming C11g Banquet V. Committee C115 Cast .Yeventmz C315 Cast Dictator ix C415 Band C115 Captain Hockey C114 Manager fi Hockey C31g Hockey C1-3-414 Wearer Numeralsg 1 Wearer Executive Council C115 janua Board C41g Chairman Home Room Committee C11. NO. I5 School Dartmouth ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Pill 388 Monroe Avenue HBILLYH Nothing great wax ever achieved without effort. Social Committee CI1g Wearer of Numerals C115 Gym Demonstration C11g Home Room Committee C114 Wearer ofE.H.S. Monogramg Wearer of Class Basketball C1-41g School Basketball C3-415 Ski Club C41g Riding Club C31g Track Meet C3-415 Baseball C3-41g Waitress June ,14 Banquet C415 Gym Pin Award C11g Basketball Pin Awardg Senior Play C41g Senior Day Committee. No. IS School Vassariffaollgge I I -- I-az 67 JOSEPH PRESS 185 Field Street UJOEU Silence ir golden, bat I am not a millionaire Home Room Basketball QLD5 Advertising Manager Senior Play C41 W. H. S. Northwestern University GEORGE A. SMITH 617. East Avenue HGEORGEH I war not born for courts' or great a jffaimj I pay my olebztr, believe, and Jay my prayers. Home Room Basketball Q3-IQ5 Tennis Tournament C3-41 NO. 31 Albany Law School JOSEPH ZITO 7.1 Baden Street , JO 5 A man like a watch if to be oalaeil for hir goinlgf. Home Room Basketball Cz.-Q4 Home Room Base- ball C7--355 Class Track Meet C41 Senior Farce C42 Senior Play C41 W. H. S. University of Buffalo 68 La ill2jU?'q lU'R NHT 'EFTPEIE' 'lifhalll In Retrospect 05f"c1i4-+ HE course of none has been along so beaten a road that they remem- ber not fondly some resting-places in their journeys, some turns of their path in which lovely prospects broke in upon them, some soft plats ofgreen refreshing to their weary feet. Confid- ing love, generous friendship, disinter- ested humanity, require no recondite learning, no high imagination, to en- able an honest heart to appreciate and feel them.-Tazlfozmi. 69 Kb-.-IufLwI1 '.f:s-aZI1 'l..TwvT1."E-id fo I, 1 X, if ffffhv Y , T T' of 1,7 N K ,f' W Z xp +- ee X 3 f' ,f f Class Poem 5 Awake! O Vixion twin-Jouled to the prophetlv We I I : 'i That .reekf to heckon, to dexcrie X E Y The pujfx of wind along the horderland! The horderland, heyond whoye ever .rhiftincg pall of Jnioke The heady wiyps of pain-enspiralled longingy , Twixt and gore the tender dreams expofed. I I ftood and watched the writhingf of thoxe tortured, aimlefs things I 'Till a hell pealed deep the hidden note of futile, carelexs rapture. I ', .8 I f I I , A W I U X f .Vi xl , ' i X ...kg ' ,Q cnt? Msh i, TY 70 I I1 If J ,I XX fx S ,wx v 1 , xx 1 f !,,' ffl f 9 J 7 r:"' -, Q Q ' ,K-My-L L 'a,"', . N-.ffl T 2 ,Q wa' f xv WJ '-NN "5 " wx 0 7 6' 4, ,b,. vi' f 'RXL' M4 , . 'xiii jf fn Y ,:' 'Ni "f '15 ' ' .Aff ., , fin am A M, ' L N J . C- :AGI L2 W 1 f-gg, ' "-ff ' 'Q X 2:42. H fbt- H 'S A WW Tuff ww ,gay ' ' ' , N QQ W Wiz Q TX' fi I KN Il LVN NEWS. I 'dl rv o .' , ,- s ,E ALBERT H. WILCOX XVILLIAM BETZ . EARL A. PARTRIDGE GEORGE E. EDDY . JUDSON DECKER IVAN K. POTTER . LUCY EISENBERG . MARTHA HICKOK . MOLLY APPELBAUM MYRA E. JUDD ALMA MCMATH . L s RALPH ARLIDGE CATHERINE BARBER DELMAR BATCHELLER ARLINE BRADSHAW MRS. MARY L, BROCKWAY GEORGE S. CARHART ERNEST R. CLARK HAROLD E. COWLES DOROTHY DENNIS NILES F. BACON MRS. JESSIE GUINAN EPPINGER MASON D. GRAY MRS. MASON D. GRAY EATON HAMMOND MARTHA BETZ DOMENIC DEFRANCESCO MRS. JANE DEMING DUNHAM CHARLES HOLZWORTH FLORENCE BECKER WILLIAM BETZ GRANT W. CLELAND LILLIAN L. CRAI-'I'S HARRIET A. FRIDAY I V Facnlgf . Principal Vice-Principal Amiytant to the Principal Principal of Annexef . Affiftanf to Principal at Goodman Annex . Aniftanf to Principal at Unioerfity Annex Girlf' Aoloifor .Yecretary Affiftant Secretarief . .S'iiperoi.ror Girlf' Study Hallo' Enrglirlo ERNEST R. CLARK MRS. CLARA A. DUNCAN EEEIE ESSAN MARION L. GREENWOOD EDNA M. HAGGITH CHARLES HEDLEY ELIZABETH E. LEMAY PAUL A. MCGHEE MRS. E. G. MCGLACHLIN MAUDE K. MURPHY Ancient Languages MASON D. GRAY IRENE E. HESS IVAN K. POTTER WARREN B. RODNEY EVA M. SANFORD SARA SCHWENDLER Modern Langnacgeo CHARLES HOLZWORTH MARIE A. KARP BLANCHE M. KELLY ANGELINE LOGRASSO MAGDELENE MAZURIER Mathernaricx WILLIAM BETZ LEON C. FRIEL LOUIS W. HAGEN MRS. ELIZABETH L. HALL J. MARGARET HOPEMAN GEORGIA M. HUNTINGTON PAUL REICHLE EARL REMINGTON J. ALMUS RUSSELL GERTRUDE A. SHEEHAN ELLIS S. SMITH MRS. EDITH STONE ARNOLD B. SWIFT KATHERYN VAN ALSTYNE GORDON ZEEVELD SARA SEDITA LILLIANJ. STONEBURG FLORENCE TOOLAN HELENE VAN NESS HARRIET C. MINK GEORGE MOYER ELSIE G. NEUN IDA H. PIERCE AGNES KEOUGH J.GENEvIEvE OICONNELL PAUL J. SMITH HANNAH J. SPENCER PAUL WELTON R. HOLMES BLOOMER MRS. LINDA BLOOMER A. EUGENIE CAMERON CHARLOTTE FABER Social Science J F.. . ALICE N. GIEEONS V, DELOS S. OHS -'33, SAMUEL PORTER " LOIS TURNER WILLIAM WOLGAST HAROLD FAGAN MASON C. GAFFNEY ALICE N. GIBBONS MRS. JOHN L. MERRELL 73 I L.- W- . - - ...,. ,....,.-,.......,...,..,.,......., I -... WWE.-f 2-iff -- wyfguxzjfw - W' .I-w-.-'-2-gf-H - -A A-A '4-"'r+fI-'Q 1 5. . I fp A . .R T - nfs. I 1. u -E- ' I , 'X E- -l I I . QY If ,X-f H4 Kg x '. . ,ff 5--ff , .' fx-,Aw-, ,H ' ' ff -1 5 " F Z., if ff J F'-1 M XB E pg: , .ER - . 4 A . ffl-ff X I' . g A 1 U l If-l J I J Commerczal - , 9 L f ROY E. DAVEY . 1?f,F7f.Wg-L' f ' BESSIE L. AMES ROY E. DAVEY MRS. ELLEN O'RAY X Y ' 'lk NELLIE M. BOWLES ANNE N. DAVIDSON HERMAN O. PORTER IJ : V JOSEPH L. BRIGGS WILLIAM F. ROSTER MARION ROSSITER 1 1 K I LLOYD R. COLEMAN MRS. MAY FURMEN GEORGE H. STUDLEY I' - 1 I ' 2 MRS. MARTHA COOK LILLIAN LORSCHEIDER HAROLD M. WARNER 7 . l S 0 MRS. F. H. COURTNEY GEORGE H. MCINERNEY la I 1 I I V : 1 I . I I L5 Al I Playyzar 1 5 fl CHARLES HARRIS I ' ' JOHN BAIRD CHARLES HARRIS RICHARD M. LEARN L . If' IRVING S. FITCH HENRY H. KEEE ' i , Z if ,I A J I Chemistry . ij K ' JANE HANNA ENGLISH . ' ' MRS. JANE HANNA ENGLISH HILDA FARRAR BURR F. WILLIAMS I : ' HELMA RUSSELL I . Il , .I . 1 1 :Q Bzologv q Z IN GRACE WILLIAMS In 'ZX KATHERINE E. BARRY HAzEL PARKER GRACE L. WILLIAMS 1 l , TN CLARA B. CRITTENDEN HENRY WONDERGEM JEAN L. WHITNEY ,V 1 jl EDNA L. PARKER ' D ff :I -I JOHN L. MERRELL a E. P. SCHERMERHORN Geography JOHN L. MERRELL MAE E. WARNER 1 Manual Traihing A DAVID W DENSMORE HOWARD JENBUNGS JAMES A KIRP GRACE BROWN HAROLD BAL-rz KATHERINE F HOGAN JUDSON DECKER WILLIAM H MAXION J R ECHHARDT OSEPI-I W KAISER Elocufzon ETHEL Wssr LEWIS W MILLER SPENCER W TIFFANY ELSTON G YAEGER KATHERINE BURNS Maszc HOWARD N HINGA ELSIE L MILLREA REEA W CONWAY Drawznrg FLETCHER H CARPENTER FLORENCE Playszcal Traznmcg AMES H FOWLE ROBERT B MCKAY 5 D LILLIAN L WANGMAN EREIE WETHERELL DAVID E MATTBRN MARLOWE G SMITH M CRAMER MRS GRACE DOWDLE Nuru ! 'I Caokmg ami Sewmg HELEN LAURENCE MARGARET MORTON .f-' 5Tf536Oa5d'5ZEoooo6c.aoc c,oocooooooooB'oo3?752S0 2 I . . . . .I ' ' ' I . J . . L g X V 'f N A 'A ' ,7 Q . V K 'L I If J- H f N ' X ' I ' E ' : . I 5 G . . g ' . I- . W If . ,VI . LJ D ' ' I 2, . . . If .Rx , 1' fx J . . . - 'I 5 1 M f ' , Rx A ff I 9 ' 1 1 . . f ' s I' 1: .. - ' --C R Egg' -v , '.' - .f -L ,f Kg - 'fbzfi BT L. - A..." LE '--QLTRSLQ. -. - - 1 L. - '-T . ' ' , .-M-'f-""' " 74 ,eb A' N, 4. .r BML- .rim 1. 1. Joe Eclxior' 'Joe PuLliciTy WARD CARPENTER VERA ISAACS W Executive Council MR. ALBERT H. WILCOX ....... Honomfgl Prefitient WARD CARPENTER . . . Student Prexident VERA ISAACS . . . Student 36576540 MR. ROY E. DAVEY . . Faculty Treufurer Fuculty M emoem MR. ALBERT H. WILCOX MRS. JANE HANNAH ENGLISH MR. ROY E. DAVEY MR. JAMES H. FOWLE MR. JOHN A. BAIRD MR. LLOYD R. COLEMAN MR. WILLIAM C. WOLGAST Publicutiom Committee SAMUEL SHULSKY, '15 VERA ISAACS, '15 WARD CARPENTER, '15 RICHARD BARKER, '15 DONALD ZOLL, '15 RICHARD COLLAMER, '16 Music uno' Literuzgf Committee VAHAN ABKARIAN, '15 RONALD ALLEN, '15 HELEN WICAL, '16 JEANETTE BERGER, '16 Athletic Committee EDWARD RYSEWYK, '15 DANIEL LONG, '15 ISADORE JOROSLOW, '16 ELIZABETH BRADSTREET, '16 77 .EV 1 Jfxrvzifgf A ,-'ff , '- mx Y i if I f x ga is E' , 1,1 -1 ia! 'I 3 -4 1 9 -- Cx 1 , IA M I 1, w, 1, V Ti 'IF T 4 , , I lf H AFOPA KAI H BOYAH LILLIAN JANE STONEBURG . . Fdflllljf Aa'z'iJor MARGARET FARAGHER . . Prefident JEAN MCMICKEN . . Vice-PreJia'ent ' CONSTANCE ALERECHT . Secretary ROBERT NVHITING A ,,,. Treafnrer i XrAHAN ABKARIAN , . Cbairman Social Comnziflee JEAN MACLEOIU Clvairinan Caniiy .Yale Committee Senior Reprefentafioef KIIHZZO1' Repzfexentatioof FLORENCE BEYLAND CLA111 IINIRIE 5 MERRIL XVINTER XVILLIAM HAVILL i NORMAN HORN , BERT XVAN HORN l Sophomore Repreferzfafioef ANTOINETTE HONDELINK CARL MAGLE 78 A I5Z,f5Ej - Q if L 1' 1 ,f M F .tr I ,J I A: I I rl , Y X , , 3 I I Supply Store GEORGE H. STUDLEY I . , ROBERT GRIFFITH . ' HELEN PFLUKE MARION REOME ARLENE MILLER DOUGLAS CALEY ELIZABETH BRADSTREET Faculzy Mamzcger .Ytzzdent Manager . A.rfi.mmt Mvznacgef' CHARLES ROYEL SIDNEY BEYLAND FRED ROBINSON FREDERICK ZIMMER BOOk Exchange ADELAIDE BICKITORD ....,, FLORENCE BEYLAND 79 . . . Md7Zdg6I' . Affjfmfzt Md7ZdgEl' I V L. 4 I L: Q ,., 5. " AN - av Ni VZ w' 1 , Y' W! 4' I 'fr f H I. ,D B R , ,Q I Yi X9 K Is I E. . f 4 5 5 The Caney Creek Club RUTH GOLDIE SLOTNICK ROSE CONTI . . VERA ISAACS . . ANNA Rosie . . MEYER GOLDSTEIN , CHARLES SEUFFERT , THELMA SNIDER . Prexident . Vive-Prefident . . . . .Secretary Treafurer Chairman of Expren Committee Chairman of Publicity Committee Chairman of Contributionf Committee x if H Y Q' Migmgfaija NU' E " S EA? IAQ' Nm WM AM 'mffwy ,J LW ' ,J 'Q A Q 4 ' M? iigglfx TX up ' um 'si AW X f . - .hun Kew 1- XU 6 QW5 Q, X wxxmnl 0 59 ww ' ' 'W l 1-2 g V EZ' 5 X S. Sf? - - X, J? , , - 1731.5 " ' 'E fs! E 3 4 igfi ' lv :lay N E ..fmluvlmlmmlIlvnn-uv , V' 1 ' X I ',l"' ll',l' ' nl""" Y"y" H' 4 In 'yi f f X ff ' g X5 N X - X f ' A g w 1- N uk iq, M X - Q J W i J 1 I TY: 5 ,! E1 - fe Q N y Q f-Art ,acc Q ,- Q if , : C 'I Y f 6 - 1 Q 263,17 -4 l 3 E "myQg.m-S J, QsI.FQTEeImIlX' Mp sw .V -V 1 ww f' ,. " . 'Z - Q ? H if WY f A gmfffh. 5 f, ?-JSA, an ,H fx, 'Bib jlvrmnfi 34, ,QQ W t' S ax I I 'AA Q ,sm X Elf vlgklh' ,ru b RXJQQAE .. , XY - , ' 51 "Af . H' X SE LQLQN 'f 0 W gf fa af" A 2 S?Fgk1 XX- 2 1, V Q .M S12 , 'IAQQQI Xt, fb x hr flygl igrjx f If Zo bf, - , W Milihi ' ' N ' VBN55' ' " ' 'Y I ifa tdif' AM VAHAN ABKARIAN WARD CARPENTER The Janua Board of Editorf XTAHAN M. ABKARIAN ...... . Editor-in-Chief Afyociate Editors CARMEN OGDEN BERNARD SCHNEIDER FLORENCE BEYLAND RUSSELL KAERCHER HELEN PELUKE ELI BENSKY . RUTH FAGAN . EDITH BUEG . . RUTH G. SLOTNICK . RUTH TENNY . . MARY SPRINGSTEAD ROSE CONTI MILDRED SEEMANN XVARD CARPENTER . EDWARD RYSEWYK . JULIAN ARESTY . KENNETH ROBINSON RALPH GIBAUD . BURTON WHITE JOSEPH HERTZBERG ESTHER CIVIN Senior Section Editorf MARGARET FARAGHER JANE HURLBURT Art Editory - LOIS GOTTSCHALK RUTH BAUER . Actioitief Editor . Sportf Editor . Humor Editor . Literary Editor . Hiftorian Prophet . . . Poet ftajjr ETHEL VAN ALNIKERK ANNE SINGER ROSE SILVERSTEIN JOHN HENRY Bufinefs Board . . Bufineu Manager . Arxiftant Bzixinem Manager . Adoertixing Manager . . Publicity Manager . . . Circulation Manager Photographic Manager Stajf ' RAYMOND DIAMOND ROBERT STERN VERA ISAACS JACK HURVITZ S3 f I .f X S ,x 5 N SAMUEL SHULSKY DONALD ZOLL The Clarion Board of Editory SAMUEL SHULSKY, '15 . BERNARD SCHNEIDER, '15 BLANCHE KAUEMAN, '15 DOROTHY EORSTER, '15 . MORRIS STRASSBURG, '15 ISADORE JOROSLOW, '16 MILDRED MESSINGER, '15 JOHN P. GUTTENBURG, '15 CHESTER LEOPOLD, '16 LENA LEBOVITZ, '15 .Ytajjt . . Editor-in-Chief . Nezof Editor Magaqine Editor Literary Editor Sporty Editor OSEPH LEVINE, '15 J VERA BRADLEY, '15 LEILA EBER, '15 SAUL P. RELIN, '15 R. H. SCHWARTZ, '16 ELIZABETH BRADSTREET, '16 Baxineu Board DONALD L. ZOLL, '15 . RICHARD I. BARKER, '15 LEON STURMAN, '16 . FREDERIC ZIMMER, '15 . WILBUR BAKER, '15 ROSE CONTI, '15 . ALFRED JACOBSON, '15 RICHARD COLLAMER, '16 HERMAN SEUFFERT, '18 Staff 85 . . . Bafineu Manager Afuriftant Bufineff Manager . . Adoertifing Manager . Circulation Manager Publicity Manager . Credit Manager ARTHUR CLARK, '16 LEON STURMAN, '16 BERT HERSHBERG, '16 I as .c E ,E K M, lima? T , 1 ' A-bp il , XI X 1 5 'Fi P 2' ll 1 , ii W l 1.1 L . 1 -M 192 4-' af 7 '-. -El Ss, S GEORGE s. CARHART 'Q a The Year in Publications 36 UNDER the supervision of Mr. Carhart, The Clarion has enjoyed an unusually gl, successful season. Although there was at the beginning of the term some agitation for a return to the smaller, four-column sheet, this term's Clarion it is not essentially different from that of the last semester in style or composi- T5, tion. lt cannot but be said that The Clarion has endeavored to present the if X, facts fearlessly and truthfully to the school at large, and it has succeeded admirably. .25 At the Eastern lnterscholastic Press Association conference at lthaca, The 2 Clarion was awarded second prize. Rumor has it that the Association author- , E ities refused to award the first prize to the same school four times in succession. The Senior Annuals, the twice yearly publications of the ranking Senior N If Classes, are loyally supported by the entire school. The I92.4 Orient, published f' by the Class of June, 1914, set a new mark for high school annuals which gf will be a challenge to many future year-books. As to our own efforts, it must be said that we are proud of the 197.5 Alanna, but we will leave more detailed praise to you. Cl If-fm, 3,1 f ,, Ki l , X A 72 K .,,, rarlxj Ry K 5, X ,W X. 3.4 9 ,.. 45 - . ,Edt 'V " ' - ,E UV- ,I , , YL" rj' ' ' , 'i,,t,.:v-WVU -ff c. vw-Q1-w-,V ' f - I 'A" " " "M """ ' "" 7'-"'-'Y F,-f , f -am- 'H -Nf. - abtigflf-,wel--Judea,4Z4,,.,f:g6no'-ucfuw -A . vi- - -- ' - 'OJ " y bb NV Uv, X 9 2 Q qw, s uf v 0 4 5 5 Q jaigmsk w S N X55 N 5 .. N0 4 55A X- bx . Y Q0 N as 5 ix xX xl' x E N I 5 'A I Wvfikr 'WI IWW QsLq:TRcH.1lK ACID - , . xi X X A1': X P. gQ ! 3gIl33.g 'X- .Q - fav 'Ulu ,.y' 'O " ff' - - SX .I . A' .R v. W , 'A . 6 X .J I -D 'fe Q QF K i Q1 I cm L5 WW v s 1 U v- Lx-N 'A H Ax if sm L W - 1---- A 5 'ff '24 ,y Flys ' 5ixf3KQ, ' 'Q' ' Y' ll ! N x ,I 1 My " il' L Q We Q E. ww , 'V 'Y' iw v7A' Ms ' '- ,'f W W P I M " , Q- gr' - i 1 , sf , X 1 .tisngfg y ' if - ,. X 'frfgj Ll, , ."' X N 14 - MX -- Y WK 1 " In 5,1f"A q Q ' fx'-': QU wa! ' . - X -' K , 'Vn,'j5v,g1l 'tk W X 'Ng NAANX yin fr! Q A wg if - .' ' x xx H f M P x it ,gf ' "' ' " 'X f' M' S , 4 X. 3 ig, The Dictator Prefentea' by the Clam offanuarjf, I97.5, an the evening of April fourth, 1914, under the direetion of Min Katherine f. Barm HARLOW SMITH . HOWARD RICHARDSON WARD CARPENTER . BURTON WHITE . KATHRYN MILLER . GREGG SWARTHOUT HELEN CONRAD . DEAN CRITCHELL . EUGENE LOEWENTHAL EDWARD RYSEWYK . JOSEPH ZITO , . SIDNEY BEYLAND . WILLIAM WINANS . CARMEN OGDEN .IONAS COHEN . I W7AHAN ABKARIAN . ROGER WIICKERY . BERT BACKUS . . Cast of Characters Captain Coclman . . Hyne . jim, the Valet . Colonel Bowie . Mrs. Bowie . Brook Travers, alias Steve Hill . Lucy Sheridan , . Steward . Vasquez, the Health Officer Detective Duffy . . Jose Dravo . Rev. Bostwick . , Porter . . Juanita Lieutenant Garcia General Campos Corporal Naimee Lieutenant Perry ERNEST HAGEN, CLYDE WEEsE, AMBROSE BARKER, PAUL LESSLIE, ARCHIE HOPKINS, ROBERT HAMILTON . . . Marines WALTER FREDERICKS, THEODORE ROSCOE, RAYMOND DIAMOND, CHESTER LAUTEREACH, CHARLES FRANCIS .... Spanish Army The Business Board HARLAN CALKINS . ROGER VICKERY SAMUEL SHULSKY . .IETHRO DAVIS . . FERDINAND ROESER IOSEPH HERTZBERG . RUTH HAINEs . , 89 Bafinerf Manager Arfiftant Manager . . Publicity Stage . Property . Electrician . Head Ufber 1 n 1 -1 -u-1 1 ? ? 0 If l . li ,, Sli l J gr v ff 4 " LXFW-nw 1 . - V Am, , An American Citizen Prerenred ay the Clam of fdl7lle7l:l! 1918 on November Ievenfb, 1914, under the direction of Mi.r.r Katherine f. Bnrnr f Cast of Characters HOWARD E. RICHARDSON ....,. Peter Barbury JOHN HENRY . . . . . Lucas N JOSEPH ZITO . . . Otto Strobel I li EUGENE EASTERLY . . Beresford Cruger JANE HURLBURT . . Georgia Chapin .Yr KATHRYN MILLER , Aunt Carola Chapin ' RUTH HAINES , . . Beatrice Carevve FRED ROBINSON Sir Humphrey Bunn J If HELEN CONRAD . . . Flower Girl f Q ROBERT HAINIILTON . . . Simms ' ELIZABETH WILLIAMS , . Lady Bunn 1 BERT BACKUS . . , Edgerton Brown I JOSEPH BISHOP . , Willy Bunn ANITA FOWLER I Maid , L CARL MEi'ER . . Waiter ROGER XJICKERY , Mercury ' fi ' H Business Board ,L ' 15 lsADOR BEROER , . . Bafinerf Manager 1,19 ELI BENSKY , . A.rri.rtant Bafinerr Manager A U JULIAN ARESTY . . Pllhljfjfjf Manager fa H HURVITZ . , Aelvertiring Manager i f CHARLES FRANCIS . Property Manager K I DEAN CRITCHELL , Stage Manager 'KL lr EDWARD RYSEWYK . Electrician lu RAYMOND DIAMOND Head Urber j I? +5 li Qigvgtzffj . .7 Vf 4 -Im. R east f I X f I- ,,- :S K -as lla "sf , fb fl- K: .ak ff fi ,g ,f . flvua-, -V J , . L .O .. e-Q--NAA, , 91 flf f- ef' 1 -FN A T: 'TL 0 The Intimate Strangers PVEJ'E72fftl Q1 tlve Cffzixr of fznze, 1915, on the erefzifzg of Derembw' fiftlw, 1914, znzder the dirertiofz of Mi.rJ Katberifze f. Bzmzr ROY LINGG . MILTON LATTA . ROSE LERNER . . BETTY CUNNINGHAM PAUL PAINE . . EDWARD HOFFMAN MARJORIE TAYLOR ELLEN OYRAY . RICHARD BARKER . PAUL REED . RONALD ALLEN ROBERT GRIFFETH . DONALD ANDERSON ESTHER BECKLER . Cast of Characters Business Board The Station Master William Ames Isabel Stuart . . Florence . Johnnie White . . Henry Aunt Ellen . Mattie Bzzrjfzerr Mdildgfl' . A.r.ri,rmm' Bzuinerf Mdfldgel' 93 Properly Managez' Stage Md7Zdg6l' . Electritimz Head Urlver KATHERINE BURNS Review of Dramatics THE year of 1914 witnessed several dramatic successes. January, 1915's, farce, The Dictator, appeared on the evening of April fourth, and was admittedly one ofthe best farces ever produced by East High School students. An Ameritmz Citizen, too, stood far in advance of the usual high school dramatization. The interpretive work of the actors and actresses, and the unusual scenic effects combined to make a very successful presentation. Towards the end of the fall semester, the Class ofjune, 1915, revealed some unusual dramatic talent in an exceedingly clever and Well acted farce, The Intilmzte Stmizgerf. While public opinion usually reflects credit or discredit upon the actors themselves, the responsibility of a successful performance devolves finally upon the one who directs the production. East High's Senior Classes are fortunate in having Miss Katherine Burns as an advisor in their dramatic ventures. The habitual success of all Senior plays speaks more for Miss Burns' ability than anything that might be written about her. 174 ,. 1 Q? 4' V 15 x , M 1' X .A Ruun Bmw' 5 N QA rf! My ,ff , ' X ,, -Q1 Q. f ,. 334, ' fi 'D' f d ' Q ,. e '. ' W JI . fr' . fi Q M em 0 " Qs if - ' ."- H ' vi' wtf FH J G W- ,ga . QQ -2' ,Q 0,3 fl 'f' 'Q by Sq." 3 fm 54 1 f Xxx A? .3 - ,-.! -.gig K I QS 'bw ur' 1 Xi ' 14-' y Q A - 1 I All Y VS-' 4 XV' " f - Q H my iv 1 w.. J4., -W 1 f - X x l 2 ', N. N 15 Y" ' ' x ar Q- .V '--k 5 xx :Q YN -K' ' CXTQ-x 4 .N G ,2 X 'ff' f ff we 1: ' M , ,QM 3Q'z1, ' 'Ei Aff 6 - .l wwe '7 ' 9 ff11" ' il ffl. 1 ff K, . jig f I f o 'A fag' - Afvvffi- Q3 L K-'cl-"vt, ' K A - - Aj! . ff ' ZAQML, , ,w . I ' 741 ' ' ' ' ' Y , v ,Q 1' '-. f' gf. " H s,35fg K 15 ff-5 ii Tilkgf fl , ,nz ,, - ,J .W 1555 , , ,Mfg E .1 ,W- ,grf f g .W -w W A . -Ki Q a 3 if 71? . 41' fr ,,'f:f 1 V. E f 1 ,,zv-J' A BP '71 D' EJ? fr L3 Wie! lf: 2 'af' nfl -w.fHz.,.:' swf ' ani fv " ,F W ' -W MT, M, if gli fi224w' 4 FRED JAY KOWALSKI MEYER GOLDSTEIN MAX ASTRACHAN CLIFFORD ADES ETHEL BLOOM ABRAM BOONE A. BROTSKY CARL BLASS HYMAN CARSON HELENA CIROTSKI HELEN CLELAND GOLDIE COHEN IRENE CLARK The Orchestra Violin! HELEN DIEELE EDNA DE ROLLER HENRY DI CLEMENTI SOL DWARKIN LEILA EBER HARRY FRIEDMAN EDITH GOLDMAN SAMUEL GREENBAUM FRANCIS JONES HELEN KAMINSKA WILLIAM KELLY HELEN WICAL . . P1'e.rio'efzt Bzzmzeff MEUHLEEI' STEPHANIE KAZMARK ELI LEVIN MOLLIE LABOVITZ WILMA MUELLER ISOBELLE MECIZEWSKA HELEN MALY HARRIET NAJA RAYA OZER HILDA SACHS DOROTHY SWAIN GLADYS TITTERSON gg. Viola ARTHUR STILLMAN Cello ORVILLE ALLEN GORDON KINNEY RUTH PFAPF GEORGIA ROSENTHAL Bom Oboe FRED KOWALSKI TEOEEL BONKOWSKI Flute LILLIAN SCHIEE JOE MULARZ ELI TARQUINIO Clozfinefx BEN BERNSTEIN BERNARD COHEN MAURICE LEVY ALBERT NICHOLSON ANTHONY POLINO Bozffoon MYER BRAIMAN Horm RONALD ALLEN KENNETH Ross CARL WEHBRING Comet CHARLES JACOBS SAM SHATOFF LAWRENCE XVILAN Tzfomoonef GORDEN ALLEN NELsON EAST HENRY LYMAN Tywpofzi RAY HASENAUER Piano RUTH YOUNG 97 ,gf I Y 9 i i i I RAYMOND HASENAUER MEYER GOLDSTEIN . JOSEPH AMROCHEK R. GARDNER RONALD ALLEN HAMILTON ALLEN GORDON ALLEN HAROLD AHUITLDT JOSEPH MUHLARZ BERNARD COHEN ALBERT NICHOLSON JOSEPH BISHOP BENJAMIN BERNSTEIN ERNEST BROWN The Band Corners LAWRENCE WILSON CHARLES JACOBS Horny KENNETH ROSS Tronzooney CHARLES BECKMAN NELSON EAST ISADORE MAYROVITZ Tuba MEYER GOLDSTEIN Drmnx RAY HASENAUER Flntex LILLIAN SCHIFF Clarinet GORDON KINNEY A. POLINO Piccolo EDGAR HAWKINS Saxophone ROBERT CHAMBERLAIN JOHN CHRISTGAU ALLEN LINCOLN JOHN WERMUTH Oboe TEOFIL BONKOWSKI Bnyfoon MYER BRAIMAN 99 . . President Bzefjnen' Manager JOSEPH WINSLOW RUTH KOHLER VAN WINEGARD 3 FRED KOWALSKI HENRY LYMAN JOHN REIS ELI TARQUINIO MAURICE LEVY ELMER SWEIMER STANLEY DE VOY CARL GERHARD JOSEPH MYERS ffl V 523-' 1 2 Y Y Y l , A, I "r Dx fl' B. .C " - X FX' Y, 'F ' H V . fI f ,Mg I , F ,I W , SL- I 1 I C Cv I 11,47 " xx " A. J ' lf, " in v I - 'C f Tw F' ' 32. I 5 A A 2 A is A F' ' G'1'G1C1b D lf S CC u JE J hx F ,J If K '56 'J W . J rg A ,N JAMES CLELAND . Prefzdent ' , ROSE LERNER . . . Vice-Preridenr RICHARD I. BARKIR . Secretary JACQUES LEVINSON . Treasurer H J MILTON LATTA Manager I8 R 'Ja . P L! ELIZABETH ALLEN ROSE LERNER Q BETTY ANDREWS MARGARET LOWERY 'Q i PHOEBE ARMSTRONG ESTER MEYER A MABEL ASQUITH LENA MONTICELLI , A 3 RUTH BARNES BLANCH MORGAN- I - , -A DOROTHY CADY GALE MULTHROP I ri ROBERTA DEPAUL JANE MURDOCK I JENNIE DIPASQUALE DORRISE PARKER I A , HELEN DIBBLE HALLIE PARKER X, J EDITH DIRKEE GLADYS PERRY G 1 I PATRICIA DODGE AGNES QUIGLEY A f HELEN FOLTS JEAN RANDALL - 3 , LOIS FOSTER MARION REED W GLADYS FRANK PHILENA RESSEGER ' J 1 I DOROTHY GARNISH DOROTHY SAGER 1 RUTH GOEF HELEN SAMUEL LAURA GORDON ELSA SCHNEIDER SOPHIA GREFFRATH NORINE SHULIK MARY HOBBY RUTH SNYDER 1, RUTH HANAUER RUTH TENNY -A QQ AUDREY HAYES GERALDINE VERDEN ll CLARICE HERRICK ADA VICK 1 B. HURWITZ MARGARET WALLACE 1 Y kg JEAN HIGBIE MARIE WALNETZ ' FRANCES JONES BERNICE WARREN VIVIAN KYLE FLORA WIDEMAN KATHLEEN LENTKOOP RUTH YOUNG S 3 J J I S X l K X V A X, ' ,lf A X A- , Ealxii, 1 ,ir N I . if ,f , T .fy M1,.UJI5ZHf - , J If Axlfho-xw A-an 51,5 yd SAT, v- ,, , af-'5T'S":':f.,'F"1.p, .., .J I I In In J 101 x 1 Boys' Glec Club DAVID ALLYN RICHARD BARKER JOHN BONAVILLE ALEXANDER BUCKLAND ROBERT CHAMBERLAIN WARREN CHAMBERLAIN JAMES CLELAND PAUL DYE NATHAN EMANUEL ABE FINEBERG SYDNEY GOLDMAN SPENCER HARVIE JACK HURVITZ MANSEIELD HUNT HAROLD KALPO JOSEPH KAPLAN SAUL LAPIDES MILTON LATTA ARTHUR LEHR JACK LEVINSON MOREY LISSON ROBERT MCGLASHON RICHARD MCKAY GLEN MARTIN SIMON MASESOHN BENTLY NEWMAN SAM MIKLOFSKY PAUL REED HAROLD RITZ HERBERT STRAUSS EARL WHITE MERRILL WINTER it gn .f44,,+J w EE:- Q ,, ,vw ii? S S i l Girls Quarrette 6 LENA MONTICELLI . . Firft Soprano V HELEN FOLTS . . Second Soprano HELEN DIBBLE Firft Alto ROSE LERNER . S econd Alto , in! .,,f,.,. A- , .W-,fgg L 'I IiT""",.--if 104 ,,,-Xu--v-rlwdt-,A,X,,,. V-'X - ' -- N, ,M JAMES CLELAND . BENTLEY NEWMAN . WARREN CHAMBERLAIN MILTON LATTA . Boys Quartette 105 Fin! Tenor Second Tenor Firft Buff Seeonoi Ban if M ,V KA ,. Q! Q' ..f- 'K V, 2, W' E ,J l. DAVID E. MATTERN HOWARD N. HINGA The Year in Music THIS year the Band and Orchestra have been most active as East High School organizations. The combined groups have featured three concerts this semester, only one at school. Besides these concerts, both organizations played at assemblies at various times during the term, anfording much genuine pleasure to all who heard them. The Band is present at all games, and does much to increase the enjoy- ment of the spectators. The school at large does not seem to appreciate how Mr. Mattern with the cooperation of his students has worked faithfully to bring our Band and Orchestra to the present high state of perfection. This term marked the debut of Mr. Hinga as director of the department of vocal music. As yet this year the Glee Clubs have given no concerts of their ovvn, but the combined clubs and the two quartettes have been heard and enjoyed at assemblies. The Girls' Quartette has appeared also on several Band and Orchestra concert programs. We have no doubt but that the Glee Clubs will be most successful in their future efforts. L 106 i-id., gy G' 37 ,iigixg-igll i .ik TJ XX .ik 2 gm ,X iv' . 'IU i it 7 IH 'N VV! V 1 N X Qm ky R IX -N ,Jil E3 A P 'Z' W X iff' , I f X! 1 ,N ix ff, N X ,TMI N W 3 YI fig. J f W it ,fi L ,! mmf' lx Y V p X K -fx ,L . W1 f.M,,."f"'--, N 'fi 'f Q K U-'1,-fflflxf-'Mnp41. w -1, f' f !,nyA, ,,, nw MSX QQ M NX 2' nw z A5 G V ll I X, gm M W Q X 171 dt, IX' iw1,,f 'R iw' ' XX 'H L f x N NX W! 5Q . r W mw'f W ?1 lnWgp!! 1 M V H M. I ,J A p 1-M-' ' wx, u fq 1 'li Q' -, 1,1 , but -.K 4 V K V 4 rig., . Aff il ,ffl , - - v , 5 l . 'I i tif ll 'Z ,f Y H1 z af A i H I J Sl' it l ' f ill lk hx N lik V :l ig ix Y ll! V , W, y . i El 3 ti i ' H . K f fi A - ' i ,A fl it V r i 1 5 JAMES H. FOWLE - - 3 ' ROBERT B. Mc KAY If il EQ, Nl f The Coaches is p ff .. .. . . . il 3, JAMES Doc Fow1.E has been director of athletics at East High School for a 1 f 3 great many years, and in that time he has developed team after team which M made the name of East High School feared and respected in athletic circles pp . throughout the state. But Doc's service to the school has been something l 3 deeper and more lasting than this. L! ig! Coach Fowle has instilled into the minds of hundreds of aspiring young If 'Q athletes who have come under his tutelage, the spirit of fair play, he is a ,l l clean, fine sport himself, and always emphasizes the necessity of clean playing A, l. and friendly rivalry to his teams. As long as we have clear sighted, fair- i 5 ., minded men like Doc Fowle as leaders, no opening will ever be afforded to yy 1 ' any unsportsmanlike element that might contaminate our athletic activities. l lg Robert "Pete" McKay, himself an athlete of no mean ability, is gifted A? with the ability to give to others some portion of his knowledge. His soccer ln j f teams have known no defeat in the past two seasons, and his wrestling and ' baseball teams have made enviable records. lf' , . Pete, too, teaches his men the fundamental principle of all competition, ' l athletic and otherwise: fair play. His teams have spread the reputation of j ' East High and the high ideals for which she stands. East High Schoo1's ff . 5 honor will never be marred with Doc and Pete as its guardians. ll A ti 5 All : si lf -'Tb' fi! - .-aa, A of, ,f fx s., 2. , - .1 . ' x '5 f K! Ntr,jt-457. 'O -Y Y It P 55' " - . . , .. a , ef f- - ff L . if"-7' 1 W ' 'EG 56454644 fcaaissa Ca: I f Jah aiibfifw I bm 115 'JB W'975"f" W 108 'N - 1 R www'-x Q E ku! X 5 A 1 , , W K ,M ,.,, X MW W NE so AX- X X W 0 GREGG SWARTHOUT ARTHUR E. CLARK The Soccer Team Captain GREGG "HE1NIE" SWARTHOUT-Forward ' HEINIE SWARTHOUT did not disappoint the pre-season dope that he was going to have a successful season. Besides being the highest individual scorer on the team, he contributed a great deal through his fighting spirit. His cool head and educated feet have made him one of the most feared men in the league. Heinie is one of the few "triple threat" men in soccer. He can pass, kick, or dribble equally well with either foot. He was the unanimous choice for center forward position on the 1914 all-scholastic team. His departure will leave a yawning gap in the line-up. HUME DEMING-Forward DEM DEM1NG plays soccer with as cool a head as he plays baseball. Dem, who was second highest scorer of the team, worked hard all season under the eye of Coach McKay with the result that hencompares now with the best forwards in the league. ROBERT "BOE" WHITING'F0fM'dfd Bon XVHITING, who plays one of the most difficult positions on the team, went through the season with flying colors. He is fast and goes through the opponent's backfield with great efficiency. Bob is the best left-legged booter in the league. He is a veteran of two seasons and East High will lose a good man when he graduates. Bob was chosen on the second all-scholastic team. FRED HFRITZH WIDMER1F07ZL'dVd FRITZ WIDMER lived up to the re utation he gained in Junior High and added a little to it. Fritz is one of the flzistest men on the team and he has helped to make East High's forward line known as the best working combination in the league. He will be back next year to answer the call. We predict great things for Fritz, as he is only a Soph now. YOZO OEM TAKAG1-Forzvard I-'fi JOE TAKAGI began the season at goal, but was later shifted to the f forward line. Joes soccer brains and plucky spirit have made him a valuable man to the team. He will not be back next year. lll Q I l. as 'Q V4 A , .N Q W!! 4 T ,A ,Q f' i ' ff I IAN l i 4' K -fs I xx fig, lxlxk ii 4 l 3 l I . ,N 314, 5 gf - r.. If Q, r 5 fl gl Al -i ii if. 5. -l ai I A ,fi fr in v 3 Y 5 r J, J fs, di, C' ,K L , rs gw. 7 1 . X xx X Xkgg ' IL. QX If Bud has all the qualifications ofa star. Before he was injured he was E 'ff' 0 . 1 1. 4-- .V ak-.- W ..,..,.-..,,... ,.., .. 3, . , ,I A - . A I.-. . Q-ff' uf - 1-ff" KE -f ' ' K JV' ' W if if f 'f""xx ,cl I -If-'fa 4, , .ff , , , . -A I+ I -f . f if X, K .f ,, EDWIN "PEM" PEMBERTON-Forward PEM PEMBERTON was another of the last year's champion team who helped to keep the championship in East High. Pem is a clever player. He is a dead shot and excels in putting through free kicks. On him also rests one of the responsibilities for the smooth work of our forward line. Pem earned a position on the I97.4 all-scholastic team. ARTHUR KIARTH LEHR-Halfback ART LEHR was one of the most important Cogs in Coach McKay's perfect machine. His clever backfield game furnished opposing teams with their unsolved problem. Art is the possessor of a wierd style of jumping and kicking in mid-air, and is able to place his kicks wherever he pleases. Art will be back next year as captain of the 192.5 team. HARRISON "JACK" FOLLETT'-HdlfbdCk JACK FOLLETT began the season like a Veteran. He played the first few games like a strong, dependable old war horse, when he was forced out of the game by illness. He recovered in time to participate in some of the last games of the season. Follett will be back next season to help maintain the standards set by previous teams. Ivo DECALESTO-HdffbdCk DEKE DECALESTA played a great game at the halfback position for the Purple and White this season. He is a fast man and carries a mean boot in his right leg. His stellar playing earned him honorable mention on the all scholastic team this year. Deke will not be back next season. NICHOLAS UNICKY' NEIMI-Halflmck NICK is considered the find of the season. He had never played soccer before, but he learned rapidly. Nick was the best halfback in the league and filled that position on the 197.4 all-scholastic soccer team. Nick was indirectly responsible for many of our tallies, because of his well directed passes to the forwards. HOWARD "TIGER" FRECKLETON-Fullback TIGER FRECKLETON, whose constant scrapping has earned him the nickname, has had a very successful season. He has been a tower of strength on the defense and his tremendous boots well past midfield, made spectators gasp. Time after time, this Oriental warrior drove the ball far out of the danger zone, and turned advances into retreats. Tiger was also one of the choices on the 197.4 all-scholastic team. EDWARD "ED" HAWKINS-Fullback ED HAWKINS slip ed into Dakin's place and made good. Always dependable and never excitedi Ed stemmed many of the opponents' sharp attacks. He saved the goalie much trouble by his sure and long boots. Ed had a great deal to do with the low score of the opponents, and the high score of the Orientals. Hawkins will be back next season. EDWARD "BUD" DAKIN-Fullback BUD DAKIN had tough luck by being injured during the middle of the season. Considered for an all-scholastic position. He recovered sufficiently, V H near the end ofthe season, to play a few minutes in some games, but f 3 he was not strong enough to last through a whole game. Bud may be back next year and we can see great things for him. 1470-1 Ye- I A -15.3. 'xp rr Y, , .. quash -.' .""gg,,j11 . F L- ' N 1.461-1'f'f"M' 'WWOGOOQAQEC aa oc LMEQZQQci.-f?c",i:.-1a'1.SDJ-h'0fUUMm L 112 A 111. l X PAUL "MAC" MCCARTHY'G0dZj6 MAC MCCARTHY slipped in from the reserve team in the middle of the season and performed like a veteran. His height and ability to handle the ball earned him this promotion. Our protector snatched the star of fame from many opposing forwards by his miraculous stops and sterling performance under fire. Mac will not be back next year. HAROLD "WH1TEY" ANDERSON'F0I'ZLVdfLl XVHITEY ANDERSON, the smallest man on the team, played a great part in maintaining the team's splendid record. With his speed and brains, he should under the super-coaching of Pete McKay become a star. Whitey plays in Svvarthout's style. Schedule East High . . 4 West High . , 2. East High . . 2. Canandaigua . . 1 East High . . 3 Technical High . 1 East High . . 2. Genesee Wesleyan . 1 East High . . 5 Genesee Wesleyan . 1 East High . . o Technical High . , o East High . . 9 Canandaigua . . O East High . . 4 Charlotte . . o East High . . o YVest High , . o East High . . 2. Charlotte . . o East High . . . 31 Opponents . . . 6 Average East High . . 3.1 Average Opponents . .6 Ind1v1dual Scores Goalf Goals Swarthout CC4pmi1zD . . 7 Beckman . . o Deming . . . . 6 Krepack . , O Widmer . . . 5 Niemi . . . o Whiting . 5 Freckleton . . o Pemberton . , 3 Hawkins . . o Anderson . . 1 Dakin . . . . o Lehr . . 1 McCarthy . . . o Takagi . . 1 Dean CLima goaliel . 1 Follet . . o Charlotte Cforfeitl . 1 DeCalesta . . o f Tot 113 al. Jimi N The Soccer Team in Action THE pictures are ofthe East High-Technical game played on the Armory field. just before the top picture was snapped Technical was penalized, and Gregg "I-leinie" Swarthout is about to make the kick. Note the tense poses of Qleft to rightD Pemberton, Widmer, Niemi and Whiting. The bottom picture shows an exciting moment before East High's goalg Dakin has just headed the ball, with Tiger Freckleton wild to get a sock at it. Niemi stands ready to help, and Widmer is approaching on the run. Q, M., ,MQ T 1 T .a--.L rw .i W - Al 114 XXX X 5 A-,XX 3 SX X"""' Q X S X Qi .wx fwqw,-X is Xkhhxx Q xv FF if X ,X A As A - - -I -7 GREGG SWARTHOUT DANIEL LONG Basketball Captain GREGG AlHEINIE', SWARTHOUT-GZZJITZ THE veteran Heinie of last season's all-scholastic team is playing the game as of yore. His speed and deadly eye make him one of the best guards ever to have donned the East High uniform. Heinie, who finished among the ten highest scorers of the city last year, may be expected to finish well up in the scoring column this season. His loss to the team will be felt keenly. SIMON HCHICKH SHAPIRO-Forward CHICK SHAPIRO, the little forward who played a fine game with last year's reserve, has earned a berth on the first squad. He possesses one of the best pairs of basketball eyes of all on the squad, and should rank high on the scoring list at the end of the season. Chick is slightly handicapped by his light weight, but makes up for it by his clever game. He will be back next season. FRED "FRITz" WIDMER'GZldFLZl FRITZ WIDMER of soccer fame is out to win glory on the court. Fritz, who is wonderfully built for a basketball man, is fast, and has an exceptionally fine eye for the basket. He is only a soph now, and has plenty of time to add to his experience and ability under the supervision of Coach Fovvle. A MORRIS llHORSE,, CARR-Center HORSE CARR has earned his pivot position by superb playing. Although not very tall, he makes up for this by his shift and nat- ,. -. ., W X ural talent. Horse is a two-gun man--he shoots with either hand ff ' with deadly accuracy. Carr was Captain of the reserves last sea- 'T son, and should do good work this year. AA 117 m was 'F A, f uxellllll ' .1 ,f 1 .J 1' 7 div fa, ,I XEA at X Q J 1. .1925 YOZO "JOE" TAKAGI'F0fZU6Z7Li JOE TAKAGI was an utility man on the first squad last year, and has greatly improved since then. He is a fine scrapper, and always gives Opposing guards plenty of trouble during the time that he is in the game. Joe is a bashful boy, and does not exhibit his top form when a crowd is Out to watch him, but he will soon get over this weakness and hit his steady stride. Yozo will not be back for the next season. EL1 UEELH BENSKY-Guard EEL BENSKY, a veteran of last season, is again one Of East High's back-court team. He has the ability and skill to develop into a real star. Eel, too, fin- ished among the ten highest scorers of the city last season, and has a good chance to duplicate the performance this year. The Swarthout-Bensky guard combination is considered the best in the stateg and there should be but little scoring done by the forwards who buck up against the Eel this winter. Bensky will not be back next year, and his presence will be greatly missed. SAMUEL KIKREPSYY KREPACK-Guard KREPS KREPACK, who played with the championship soccer team, now fills a place On the first basketball team. Sam has ability as a guard, and should make good when filling in at one ofthe positions. It is too bad that Sam will not be back next year, as he could be developed into an excellent guard by Doc Fowles' coaching. LEON ERMANTRAUT-Forward ERMANTRAUT, who came to us from the Aquinas reserves, is playing at for- ward. He shoots from all positions on the court with equal accuracy. It may take him a little time to become accustomed to the methods of East High's mentor, but Once he hits his stride, there can be no telling what he will do. g. Ermantraut will not be back next season. wx Basketball Schedule ' NOV. 2.71EAST tu GENESEO Jan. 7.3-EAST ur. CHARLOTTE Dec. 5fEAST ur. WATERLOO? Jan. 17-EAST 111. KODAK1' Dec. 11-EAsT vr. WEST Jan. 3O1EAST ar. LYONS Dec. I9-EAST vt. ALUMNI Feb 3'EAST vt. SHOP SCHOOL Jan. 9-EAST at HUTCHINSON Feb 6-EAST ur. SYRACUSE CENTRAL fi Jan. I3-EAST vt. SHOP SCHOOL Feb I3-EAST vt. SYRACUSE CENTRAL? Y' Jan. I6-EAST vs. HUTCHINSON Feb 10-EAST vs. CHARLOTTE I Jan. zo-EAsT at KODAK Feb. 17'-EAST vt. BROCKPORTF Mfr March 61EAST ur. WEST L ,,, ' K V 8010 of town gamer. ', F Vfr41'..5:TJJ7-L' 118 .. ,W-v:'T7'lTJ . V" X r .1 a 'i f, t 'if lx 'lil X r Reserve Basketball Captain Conch Md77dg6l' lvo DECALESTA JAMES H. FOWLE RICHARD COLLAMER HAROLD ANDERSON Forward MoRR1s STRASSBURG Forward ALAN METZ Center PAUL MCCARTHY Center Ivo DECALESTO Guard HYMEN BUSKIN Guard JAMES GERVASI Guard Wu-Hour detracting from the achievements of the regulars, it must be admit- ted that it is the scrubs who keep the First team in top form, and receive very little recognition for it. This season, besides acting as a foil to the first team, the reserves are taking on a hard schedule of their own, and deserve the sup- port of the whole school. W 119 ...ul Cross Country Team Captain Comb Mmmger XVILBUR BAKER ROBERT MEREDITH WILLIAM DWORSKY ANTHONY BENEDETTO LEONARD EMMA HASKELL SHULTZ XVILBUR BAKER ERNEST RICHARDS ARTHUR SPARKS THE cross-country team has been fortunate this year in again Securing the Services of Robert Meredith as coach. With a veteran team, East High fulfilled all the prophecies made for a successful season. Coach Meredith's efforts and the loyal cooperation and hard work of the members of the team have resulted in one of the most Successful seasons East High has ever had. 120 The Swimming Team Captain Mafzager Coach AMBROSE BARKER ROGER VICKERY ROY V BENSON FRED BRYAN EARL XVHITE KENNETH LITTLEFIELD HENRY MARTENS JACQUES LEVINSON GRANT YULE OSCAR GUNKLER SCHEDULE january 30: WEST HIGH at ARNETT Y. M. C February 6: HUTCIIINSON HIGH at BUFFALO SYRACUSE CENTRAL at SYRACUSE SYRACUSE CENTRAL at ROCHESTER MANLIUS at MANLIUS MANLIUS at ROCHESTER 121 Tennis Team Captain Comb MHIIHCQKF P11415 MEAI3IiI PAU1. A. MCGHEE CHARLES F. SEUFFERT Tom B1zowN EDWARD l-loEHN SAMU151, Pozu, .Sl0I'7Z707l70l'L' Clmzmpimz HARRY LEVENBERG, 5e1ziorClmmpi01z THE success ofthe tennis team is in large part due to the efforts of Coach Paul McGhee. The team should duplicate its hne record next season, as much of the old material is still in school. Harry Levenherg emerged from the fall tennis tournament as Senior Championg Samuel Poze ranked lirst among the sophomores. Tom Brown and Stanley Frankel were finalists in the junior section. 122 Wrestling THE wrestling tournament was not held until after the fmzua had gone to press, and consequently we were unable to show a team picture here. How- ever, the team is deserving of some mention as the boys are working hard under Coach McKay, and are sure to have a successful season. Track FALL track consists almost entirely of cross-country running, but the team is now in training for the indoor season. With the veterans, Bowie, Baker, Emma, Benedetto and Leslie, the team should be strong. Hockey AT the time the fmzzffz went to the printer, Hockey had not got under Way. Nevertheless. with the wealth of available material, East High should be represented by a dependable team. Skating EAs'r HIGH will, without doubt, compete again in the Lake Placid skating tournament. All of last year's team is novv in school, and should rank high in the scoring. Skiing THE SKI CLUB has again organized, and promises fun and instruction to its members. It is a live group which seems to prove popular with the students. 123 ' I V .3 il ' 1 5 55 r r 5 if ,r r l Cheer Leader EAST HIGH has been proud of her cheer leader this term. Ambrose ' 'Red" Barker has put a pep and snap into the cheering not often inspired by 21 high school leader. We know that he has aided the teams by his effortsg all of us like him a lot. QMZKW Q15 ERu1Tschal NP ffkfxfk sEDA!lJ,L'JIJ,l' Wu nlvw wav 5" Q NIQNRWMY2 Q f -4 X N mmf! Ah , , X mum Q fX Oflicers of the Class of June 1915 DON xLn Lou. ...... , . . P1'4'.s'jffv11t PIKE ATIQADIZ . . . Via'-Prrmfwlf DOROTHY FoR5T1iR . . . .Y6FI't'fzIl:1' G RACIQ R Urn li R V011 D A T7'L'piI.l'!ll't'I' 127 Y, ,, , ,, Officers Of the Class Of January 1916 XVILLIAM HAVILL .........., Prefident JEAN MCLEOD . . . 1 . Vice-Prefident KENNETH GARDNER . . . Secretmy GENEVIEVE FALK . A . Treaszmfr Oflicers Of the Class Of June 199.6 EDGAR HAWKINS .,.....,... Prefident ELIZABETH BRADSTREET . Vice-Prefirlem' BERT XIANHORN . . .Vecremry THOMAS BROWN .....,..... Trmmrer 129 ' 5 , The Goodman Street Annex IN January, 1911, it was decided that East High School could not accommodate in the building itself the new freshman class just graduated from the grammar schools. Thus it was decided to use another building as an annex, and the plant of the American Chicle Com any on South Goodman Street was pro- cured? It was here that we, the Class ofjanu- ary, 1914, made our debut as part of East High School, and as we were the first class to occupy the old chiclet factory, we feel a closer connection with it than otherwise might be the case. We have an endearing recollection that will stick of ripping, sawing, banging, and dragging above, below and on either side of us. But we liked the old place and we are glad we were able to be there, if only for a short time. At present most of the building is given over to the Technical Department of East High School, to cooking and sewing, and part time school, only enough academic pupils being held to fill in the schedule. 131 F' 0 'l L x NWS-xv University Avenue Annex WITH the completion of the new Grammar School Number Thirty-one, and account of the crowded conditions at East High, it was decided to open old 31 School as an additional East High Annex. It has been somewhat repaired and redecorated, and is now the home of a contented grou of second year pupils. They have organized? and have dupli- cated in many cases the activities of the main building. In addition to these annexes there are some ISO second year pupils who are held in Mon- roe Junior High, so it is acpparent that East High School is hard presse for room. 133 it z 1 K 1 g . ,. - . . N y.: M y I -- f ,, i 4 -V , i, .1 ,sg , .Jw 1 , ,-N i Z Z 1 1, - 2 1- f K, 7-if " .. .- 't fi ,,,-f ' on ll -L .-.f f fe-'Af' , ff' 'Q - 4 ,fffhw AN-ZJj7f,1iii.y! Xi W-Y 'T"4g"f 2 sc - v -- ., e . i . wry, 4 The Epilogue . J - if - se ' I G This four act play is o'er, each act a year , , iv 7 Of toil and work, of frolic, fun, and riends. ' 0 The curtain has descended, and for ou ,, . Y 5 jf Is left to judge the actors as they lpass , f 2 0 Before the portals of East High. ehold! , i 7 A visionary scene from future years. 0 I ix 2 Now first with solemn tread the teachers wise: r ,fl 3- n Bert Backus, Beatrice Aiken, Carl Gerhard, , r P , e And Esther Anderson, and LeRoy Case, 1 ,ji A college president-Bob Stern-and then ' , if Come Gordon Kinney, Romance Language Head, , . f "Ad" Bickford, an astronomer at Smith, I 4 . Rebecca Friedman, ancient language prof, , RQ! f ' And Margaret Faragher, advisor stern, ' Q V With Helen Garnish, kindergarten Dean. ' They have marched on in stately pace. Behind ' , Soft strains of music usher in the stars i Of Music's realm. The first, to cross the stage , joe Bishop, Fred Kowalski, onas Cohen, 5 A premier violinist, Abram one, T- 9 Here, too, Sophia Kaufman's orchestra 'N And "Becky, ' famed byimighty saxophone l' An o ratic singer, B. Warren 1- And ast, midst strains of azz, Cosette Tibbils The only irl to rival Wl'i1teman's band 31 While Mi lie Seeman nobly lends her aid N Scarce have their gay strains faded, when appears A band of doctors nurses dentists too . 4 The silent, ready foes of dread disease s First, Inez Caplin, Esther Joel, M. Dake , The nurses trim. The doctors Harlow Smith Ruth Paley. Labelled "D.D.S.," there come , Jack Hurwitz and Dave Rubin. Follow them The scientists: Ken Robinson, Carl Meyer And Howard Richardson inventor keen X ily Ruth Geyer chemist is. The Weidner girl 'X Discovered how to telegraph to Mars 'S , But Hark! a band plays loud. Across the stage Q, Parades a motley crew. joe Zito, clown 1 ' Rose Silverstein and Frank Cilano next f ,, As acrobatsg Anne Singer, tight-rope Bend f Ruth Tenny, gypsy fortune telling queen ' Equestrians, Rose Stio and C. Lauer The chorus girls-R. Hellen, Jennie Min , Owitz Bea Allaun' and two dancers rt Dot Weller and B. Cowen. Nita Fow er Q A Pavlowa's famous pupil of ballet 1, .1 The Broadway stars pass next before your eyes 1 I l Ruth Haines and Vickery as Mercury 1 l In gorgeous costumes come the movie sheiks lr' l As Rudolph Valentino's heir. With them The Follies team-Samuels and Conrad 9291 1: Both Helens. Vaudeville liners: Helen Pfluke M 9, I 1 Sid Beyland, Beatrice Kaufman. And now , . . l . ei- 'qs-G3XQ" Ray Diamond, Tennis cham 5 Ruth Kohler, famed ' f. For her defeat of Helen Wil s. Then Yalc's V' ' Great football coach, the famous Swarthout-boy . f , "' 3' X 1 These give their places to the athletes stout 1 f X ' 4 f K 4- x X Fm , K5 ' I ' l do ' 1 l In Fe Q T 1 J r . 5 1 l Z - I 1 If , , , 5 f S I Z 3 I , , lg - E , , . , . . Q . I 5 S T g 'm . I . ' , N . , 1 TC y ,K , E 4 n 5 ' F . . ' George Smith, the villain, Junic Roeser next ' E - .' I . . F Q I 'fi ' "-'ei-.P-ji MEM ' " - """'3""i' ff'-'l' i'9 " 5E's iv ' ' v-1+-TN f . 'eff ,i .- '04'55f-'04 'Q e f zaewiwzf.esez'b'5o-straw . ,- 3 A-A A . I Z9 5. ft wk. r 1 gg' . X it .Q -,mmm A. q94Ygw:nl.-in . A M gg- 3 ig AQis.Qi-ficclr-e-emma. gang f . ah W T N N W 4 ,Y ' -:- ra. .,....ff ' All A r l , , i . T' 'fe --L ' ig- a , V 'rx-S r ' -lr- -. . ---f 'T L e The Epilogue QContinuedj Olympic athletes throng: H. Freckleton, Bert Loeser, Eli Bensky, Sophy "Greff"- The first in golf. Upon each brow there rests A laurel wreath. But see! still others crowd In pageant of the future years, the ones Who strive to beautify with brush or pen- Our artists: Lois Gottschalk, Ruth Bauer, And Russell Kaercherg while as model comes R. Turner, and Bert Davidson, scul torg Designer, Wanda Jarnesg Sam Shulsliy then, As editor of Hearth. B. Culkin, too, An authoress, Ruth Fagan on Lifelr staff, And Mary Springstead, free verse poetess. Then Vahan Abkarian, the critic great. With these are Bernard Schneider, journalist, Sports dopester, Morrie Strassburg is, while two Scenarios write: E. Groh, Bob Hamilton, Interpreter of Shakespeare, E. Williams. Scarce have these passed when come the Senators: Ruth Ornstein, N. Oscolag then Ray Gupp And Jessie Fauman, Harriet Byer And E. VanAlmkerk, congressmen. A boss In politics, Jack Kramer, john Henry, Ambassador to England's shores, Japan's Prime Minister, Takagi, judges each Fred Robinson and Flossie Beyland, too, Bob Goetzman, Minnie Kublanov, who are Detectives, then Bub Greene, Hans Weilbye, both Of the marines, Lieutenant, H. Richards. The Herald summons next the business group. Ed Rysewyk, electrician, lawyers all: Lyn Warren, Alfred Vragel, Edith Bueg. Who deal with cases in the courts. Here, too, Ward Carpenter, the bootlegger, who 'deals P, In other cases. Ex rt soda clerk Whose choice confditions tempt the glutton's eye Is friend Dean Critchellg Erma Metcalf now Hr Is research dietitian at East High. Both Frank Kalwas and Kaz Karpinski are Renowned draftsmen. George LaMont appears In cap and apron as a chef, behind With haughty mien comes Isidor Weinstein The manager of Waldorf's one-armed lunch. Hard on his heels with noiseless, springing tread There come Ruth Marcott. Aimee Meyer, too, Waitresses both. E. Schneider is cashier. Here are the journalists: mark as they pass The faces that we know amid the throng, Sec, Yetta Schwartz and Mildred Bliss are there, Rose Eber, cub re orterg Margaret Burns, Rose Conti, David Toole run Linotypes ' ' And give the daily papers to the world. A tailor, Charles Popelle, appears. With him Emanuel Brown, a carpenter, George Kass, a taxi driver. A modiste Is Beatrice Goldstein. Pressing close behind Come Daurice Longley. stock promoter smooth, And Goldie Slotnick, manufacturess Of soaps and perfumes under Colgate's name. A little band of toilers at East High Files past. Ruth Shaw, the famous lunch room he 135 ad '- 65 1 fi, 'Q re ,xr T . i Xpyw . .35t..Q,5,.IANU!'i ' veg! .lf h l 1 f y l iii fri yi XI ' 4 if N, if Xxx ilxifffl w to li X1 lil ui fp , l. .M 115 .MS l fl 1,1 If ,Y H XXX hi XX L' l fl: 4: fi at - Blix if ea., 1 I 1 lyi- I l I il 6 6 1 fi l x sl 3 Q is 1' 5 is X f' fs, Mwfaf 1 5 1 7' X' i , I +A, ff -. 'f Va.. ' 'L .4 .wad XX 5, X-71 g,...,,a. ' as--. Ury" ,KX as if , Q .ff ff , If ,ff l 1 - ff Xl I N Ln , aff A S A4 i x fri Y f t he W. . , , , Q . ca: Q' ., - fftii dl f ' x - , V .giivgx sis 'N E. ez' I Vi .x I 4'i'lg . ,V i Q Q-H-.Li l il 2r:U'7O:w,?7'?7'Q3'O2 l ' S'r'f5."n.R2'.53..nRaf',2g',..1 l, v-Dg594:r:Ew'Q5'29f"-str 2 2 1s,H5sss,,assia I I 52:23-ssonsesm 0 l W "' V3 Fl 'I I' I e50.E52'5n5Qr'g2'.g m i D-Banu.:-vetgng-mcg'-v VX xl gn 3'-lg'wH'E'2DDf,Q-"e-o.I Q. -N , a'eS:ssEPQ..:5'1-ws' f- if Fozgamwn '-19-H5540 l Enom mmnD'g0:-Qngzgq Xl K CURE NmnD-kFn'Eg- 'li I ?x:FsFoS'2,'5'2',,, "'3,':.Q 9: ,X fl geaaa 25252502 0 .gd EU.::n!n25-"'JQ:v,g,,, rw". Sqaglsissssnwafx ' ' pn- v-1. 0 r- l I Q.Hpra-:Q :nmNa:gfQ-O :Cl lv on,,.,p.X1f, .N 1-4 O .-goes ,Tw 34-'T"6'.f' QP, D , X ..., N . I S 53 8 ga-0 pg i l Q. 0 m v- U' O , Q D- M- 0-Q -, P- . 51' ' D EHS, sa D .' sa 3 n Wag 5 C i I Z 2 5 ah .. 2 fb rl " 2: 3 W 9- 0 xx L 5 2 li s 2 ll I x i l, ll ll lin stiff' ,png ,G , i Affi C A C V L lx?" lm ' - 41 -' TTTJCIZZX " .,Q- X. Are Or ah Blakely, Helen Cameron, And Lildian Seidell. An English Earl Has wedded Kathryn Miller, and three friends Fare with her to the ancentral estates Of Myrtle Levinson, assertive wife " To an Italian Count, who seeks to gain The ballot for Italian women. Here J Appears a manager of Broadway's plays, Isa ore Berger. Women's costumers 1 Are Vera Isaacs, Thelma Cohen, and T. Neumark, their apprentice. Ralph Gibaud ' Teaches stage dancing. Meety Grineff writes Learned theses on psychology. These three, 1 In masculine attire typify The modern business woman: Anna Rose, I M. Rosenberg, and Elsi Lisser. Next joe Press and Sally Russo, who direct The "Little Russia" movement in New York. l I i And last of all come those who serve mankind In any guise. jeth Davis saves the souls Of I-Iottentots in darkest Africag 1 And missionaries to the scented isles , Of Ni pon are Chuck Francis, Helen Kress, lf And Iilorence Riley, while in India joe Hertzberg entertains the pariahs 1 And outcasts with his newest radio. Ruth Myers is the kindl matron of - ' An orphanage, and Milclied Messinger V Serves pie to hun ry tramps from her back door. A i i I I 5 Q 1 L Rose Roncone an Lucille Reuschle combat The menace of the slums through social work, 1 And Celia Goldman, dressed as Santa Claus, Q , Exhorts the passing throng at Christmas tide ' I 5 I To give their pennies for the hungry poor. But suddenly the vision fades and dies The mighty pageant of the future years Is gone The Herald sounds one final blast One parting flourish on his trumpet as The curtain falls forever on the stage Their records at East High are written and They pass beyond her portals into Life Where Father Time with his recording en Will write upon a fresh page in the boo The deeds and misdeeds through the future years Of those whose fate and lot were cast with us The Class of january twenty five i ,' . ,, l ' . . . ' li ' . ' I 5 . l Q s l I A 1 . I I Q . . . . , 1 pil A . 1 , . l 1 . E N . , D , XX c -' . ' - . x. 'TVA 1 , . Nts . 4 ' 4531 K ' - k- . - ' A., " -- 5'-3 it . . ' WNW 'F 4 -77-f-I f' ci-:H ' ' ' " 5 537504, 02-Ts?,oLa me towel' each Ji Q, . -ez : se' moi- J' Q B? XX f f fmlfv... Z-e"' ,V xx, 7 A X f" RXNQ X! 0 xfff jf F"' Now take a course in Business I TI-IERE is nothing more interesting, nothing cleaner or pays so Well as a business profession. After leaving East High two courses will be open to you-a greater education along the lines you have been following or a business training, at the R. B. I. which in a short time will pay you big dividends. A good many high school graduates choose the latter-it is safe, sure and offers unlimited opportunities for advancement. SINCE 1 863 I I The following cozemer me mzeglot eezpfebly by experienced mmfzeefoer Stenography Accounting Shorthand Commercial Law Bookkeeping Secretarial, etc. Comzelr uf freely at our office, by plaone ' or write for detreripfive ceemlag. ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE I7l CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH ROCHESTER,S OLDEST AND LARGEST SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 138 SHAMPOOING MARCELLING CUTTING M. VIOLA BURNS Formerbr with sllihleyk Barher Shop 83 scio STREET THIRD FLOOR MAIN 7310 Appoinfmentr Onbf Special rates to introduce work of my girls 343552115231 Curl 50:32 I FACIAL MASSAGE SCALP TREATMENTS MANICURING EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC OF THE UNIVERSITY of ROCHESTER COURSES LEADING to Degree Bachelor of Mario COURSES LEADING to Eastman School Certificate ' Preparatory and Special Coarcer ' Complete Education in all Branches of Music For Information Address Secretary-Manager Eastman School of Music, Rochester, N. Y. Na. 2 TW Automatic Refrigeration I Comole Witli Your Own Ice Box Nmljmdym LET us install SERV-EL Auto- ' RWWW7 matic Refrigeration in your own - ice box. SERV-EL cooling tank can be in- stalled in the ice compartment with mechanism in basement I Make listening in on a or other convenient place and E it will keep your ice box colder Stromberd-Carlson than is possible with ies. No. 2 Neutrodyne Receiver SERV-EL will make plenty of . Pure Ice Cubes for table use. part of your education. S ee fhir wonderful machine in operation at our rtore STROMBERG- CARLSON TE LEP HONE M FG, C 0, Rochester Gas and Electric Corp. ROCHESTER, NEW 'YORK TELEPHONE MAIN 3960 139 11 E ,a- MATHEWS df BOUCHER H ARDWARE MERCHANTS 'e?f"5E4'- 16 Exchange Street DRAFTING SUPPLIES For Ure in Home eznel Schools I Our department of artist's material specializes in draft- ing Supplies, and our patrons have the benefit of our expert advice. We show everything required such as DRAWING INSTRUMENTS PENCILS SLIDE RULES DRAWING TABLES PENS INXS DRAWING BOARDS TRIANGLES T-SQUARES OILS AND WATER COLORS THUME TACKS ERASERS I BARNARD, PORTER Q7 REMINGTON Phone 8140 9 North Water Street Our New Department of Men's Clothing E ARE glad to be able to invite you to this new department, up to the minute in its appoint- ments and stocked with a line of men's clothing of high character. You will like it for its conve- nience and privacy, its merchandise, its very reasonable prices and its courteous and well informed sales- men. It is located on Main Floor at rear of Aisles A, B and C, in the space formerly occupied by the Shoes. WE WELCOME You Mos'r CORDXALLY TO 'rms NEW DEPARTMENT or MEN's CLOTHING SIBLEY, LINDSAY Q'7" CURR Co. A FRIENDLY school Where sincere ' personal interest and cooperation among the students and faculty are evident-thorough training-sat isfied graduates-a free I EMPLOYMENT SERVICE active in helping you secure the position best suited to your qualifications. I Stone I 974 I DARROW SCHOOL of BUSINESS I 7.18 East Avenue Rochester, N. Y. Seeds GEO. C. WICKMAN FW Yau? Garden Wholesale Confectioner I J L HART aa' vIcK Seedjfnen TELEPHONE MAIN S170 55 sToNE ST., coR. OF ELY 1 83-85 Franklin St., Rochester, N.Y. I IT ... 1 - - - - - - - ... - .. -.- In "Ozze of the Leading Agencier of the County" -N. Y. PRESS ESTABLISHED I 852. EGBERT F. ASHLEY CO. General Zlnsutante Union Trust Building Formerb Infumnce Building MAIN STREET WEST Telephone Main 444 Rochester, N. Y. Open Every Hour in the Year Edward Rabe FACTORY AND GARAGE Automobile: Rebuilt and Repfzirecl IOI-IO5 Manhattan St. Stone I755 Main 6991 Yes! of course you want the best coal you can get C. S. HILL, 36 ARCADE BLDG. Has it. He sells to the best people. Why not you? Full Value alwayr AND plenty of snap in our clothes for boys and young men UNION CLOTHING CO. AT MAIN AND ST. PAUL HETHERLIN COAL CO Coal Anthracite Bituminous COMMERCE BLDG. Rochester, N. Y. We mwgf mb the Cboicefr Delimtefsen HOME MADE PIES HOME MADE SALADS ROAST CHICKEN IMPORTED NOVELTIES THE CLOVERLEAF Belicatessen anh Elica 3Kuum NOON LUNCH served from I1. to 1. FULL COURSE DINNER served from 5 to 8 p. m. DINNER on Sunday from 12. to 4 Chicken Duck Steak EDISON MAZDA LAMPS SWITCHBOARDS MOTORS POLE LINE HARDVVARE 8: TOOLS WHOLESALE ONLY Robertson Cataract Electric CO. Electrical Merchandise Apparatus and Fixtures Diftributori for GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. I86 Clinton Ave. N. BUFFALO ROCHESTER SYRACUSE UTICA H A RT'S SELF-SERVING GROCERY STORES Roclaerfer NY W5f"'le'.4' HARTVS BIG VALUE STORES ALL OVER ROCHESTER w . V 5 HE PHOTOGRAPHS In this book were made by QMOSER QSITUDIO, INC. HOME WSTUDIO PORTRAITURE 9.7 Clinton Ave. N. I Rochester, N. Y. INGMIRE U' THOMPSON CO. I INCORPORATEDJ UNERAL DIRECTORS I37 CHESTNUT ST., CORNER OF COURT ST. Rochester, N. Y. REAL ESTATE AND BUILDER JULIUS LEBOWITZ Roclaexterlr Home Finder GIVES REAL SERVICE Tzlephofze Chau 7.773 147. Laburnum Crescent Rochester, N.Y. CORSAGE BOUQUETS AND BASKETS A SPECIALTY H. E. WILSON, INC. jfluri-5t5 Deyignr and Defaratiom' 88 MAIN STREET EAST MAIN 1048 TRAVEI.LER'S SHOPPE SPECIALISTS ON HIGH GRADE LUGGAGE Az Popular Prirex Jos. DIAMOND, PROP. 47 MAIN STREET EAST Telephone .Ytone 7.7.7 GEO. G. MUNTZ U' SON Painterr and Decomlory PAPER HANGING A SPECIALTY 44 Vick Park B Rochester, N. Y. This Ad Entitles Purchaser to Ten per cent Discount on all Purchases THE BEE HIVE MILLINERY wb' SUPPLY CO. Odd Fellauu Building II CLINTON AVE. N. ROCHESTER, N.Y. 2 BAUSCH AND LOMB Optical Products MADE IN ROCHESTER 47 WELL KNOWN WHEREVER OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS ARE USED Include .' Automobile Headlight Lenses Balopticons CProjection Apparatusj Binoculars-Field Glasses Engineering Instruments Magnifiers and Readers Microscopes Ophthalmic Instruments and Lenses Optical Glass Optical Measuring Instruments Periscopes Range Finders and Gun Sights For Army' and Naoy Searchlights Spectacle and Eyeglass Frames, Mountings and Cases ZMEMZMEMMEMEMEM Plaone, Chase 3877 FRANCESCO CAPPELLINO Importer and Vffloolefale Grocer Sole Distributor of PURITY BRAND OLIVE OIL 7.91-2.93 North Union Street Telescopes Rochester, N. Y. BAUSCH 84 LOMB OPTICAL CO. 635 St. Paul Street Rochester, N. Y. Complimentf of EAST AVENUE COURT APARTMENTS 1615 EAST AVE. 05f""E4' PozE di' NATAPOW BUILDERS Complimentf of WHITE EAGLE BAKERY MAIN 1579-VV IO49 HUDSON AVE J. BRODY SPECIALS IN Cloakf, Sztitf and Millinery 334-338JOSCPl'1 Avenue CLASS PINS ENGRAVED COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS Diseriminating committees usually agree on designs of Metal Arts origination. Merely phone Stone 2.176-7.177 when you are ready. GUARANTEED QUALITY DEPENDABLE SERVICE THE METAL ARTS CO., lNC. 77 South Avenue GEO. T. BOUCHER Jflnimzrs 345 MAIN ST. EAST 30 EAST AVENUE ROCHESTER, N. Y. EASTAELISHED 1885 RES. PHONE STONE 6340 THEN'S DRY GOODS STORE R. J. THEN, Prop. Electrical Appliances, Radio U' Sporting Good! 306 joseph Avenue Rochester, N. AY. THE DU Bois PRESS Printed lbir EDITION of JAU RINTED the 199.3 "Lucky Bag", the Annual of the United States Naval Academy, which Was awarded the Cup offered by the Art Crafts Review for the Best College Annual of the yearg Does Commercial Printing as well as F ine Booksg makes Catalogues, Folders, Broadsides, Circulars and all kinds of Direct Advertising, from preparation of the copy to delivery of the finished printing. THE DU BOIS PRESS 81 ST. PAUL STREET ROCHESTER, N.Y, BUILDERS OF FINE BOOKS AND DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING L.. I-H T5 POINT HAND TAILORED ' A Mental Pictures OTHING unusual-it hap- pens every day. Every day your picture is taken by count- less cameras of the mind. Friendly, curious, casual, or critically searching- the eyes of those about you,-silent mental cameras--are photogra- phing you as you appear day after day. Most of us like to lose the "dressed up" feeling in the careless ease of a well tailored suit that lets us forget all about it as soon as we put it on. In Goodman 8: Suss Clothes, H23 Point Hand-Tailored," grace of line and faultless lit is retained long after the purchase is forgotten. They are the kind of clothes that will stand a "close-up" anytimeeanywhere. HATS HABERDASHERY ..Z 1, X lf TJ If 1 A r, N idiii ii i I 'R 'i5ifEf?i'?,.., 5 CLOTHING .J A.J.'s Young Men's Shop 135 EAST MAIN STREET OPPOSITE GRANITE BLDG. 145 HEN CHOOSING A CAREER comider THE DENTAL PROFESSION 3295 ITTER ENTAL ANUFAC'fURING O. EXCLUSIVE MANUFACTURERS OF PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT Rocbexter, New Mrk i1'2a ' 1..."' R lj . E A Cam Y QU 1 1 Fmt! az Letter zn Hur Own Fzlef 2 . , , lx N E HEN you Want an Important letter qu1cl-:ly 'l W -can your file clerk always produce it? Can lvl '1m4i-- . you walk over to your files and find the record .lil ' you Wantfright now? up ,Fr 1 ,Emma Q l Hundreds of actual t1me tests throughout the country show that the l All ql:qf:::::'. . . lx f . Y . Dzrect Name Syxtem ili s 'i'iT"i enables a clerk of aveta C intelli ence to toduce , 1 8 , 3 P any piece of correspondence 1n ten seconds or less. JJ , I Let our SYSTEM SERVICE man -- -- demonstrate how this system can l 1 f . speed up your filing department. l A Ill HE guides and folders shown at I M the right of the file drawer are . me main elements of this simiple, Remzl Store accurate tiling system. Label hol ers on guides are formed at an angle in- 108 EAST AVENUE STONE 1431 suring visibility at all times. Folder ROCHESTER, N, Y, tabs ateguideheight--alwaysvisible. I 146 I-T' THIS DESIRABLE SPACE FOR SALE Gut Future Faculty FERDINAND ROESER . Yozo TAKAGI . . . ELI BENSKY . . . . HOWARD FRECKLETON . RUTH HAINES . , DEAN CRITCHELL ISADORE BEROER . . , SALVATORE RUsso . . M. GREGG H. SWARTHOUT , JOSEPH LEVINE . . JANE HURLBURT . . G. KENNETH ROBINSON . JOSEPH PRESS . . . ROBERT STERN . . . SIDNEY BEYLAND . CARMEN OGDEN . . Principal Vice-Princi pal Department of Engliih . Department of Ancient Languagef . Department of Modern Languagec , Department of Agriculture Commercial Department Social Science Department Cooking ana' Sewing . . Vocal Muric . Manual Training Auto Mechanicf . . . Elocution . Phyrical Director . Freehand Drawing . Lunch Room ELMORE BURTON WHITE . . Chef VAHAN ABKARIAN . . . .... Office Boy WARD X. CARPENTER ........ janitor Famous Plays of 197.4 The Intimate Strangerf .... CHARLES HEDLEY, ARNOLD B. SWIFT The Man Who Came Back .... GEORGE S. CARHART An American Citizen . . . .... ALBERT H. WILCOX The Lart Warning ,.... The Man from the Valley of Silent Men WARREN B. RODNEY . EARLE REMINGTON Why Girly Leave Home . . . . . PAUL A. MCGHEE The Dictator ..... . WILLIAM C. WOLGAST The Saintea' Devil . . JOHN C. MERRILL The Old Soak ......... HAROLD E. COWLES Famous Crax of Infamous People 1 WARD CARPENTER-"Lemme take a nickel!" E. BURTON WHITE1tALCIHmC take a dime!" K. ROBINSON'LLDOH,I cry, little girl, you can have your . . I Ye Anteeke HOCK DER KAISER OUR MOTTO hgppe HONEST ABE - BY APPOINTMENT TO HRH. T191 our proelucte ONCE THE PRINCE OF WALES yoifll never use another"J Select Pdwnbrokw' My butter, eggs, and cold storage products I may be crooked, 'Kb have been in stock for many years. but I tell you so! f,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,,n,,,, FH, ,,,,.,,,,,.,n,,,, 147 F' PAGE 417' SHAW, INC. Candy and Ice Crearn gf Eeeeeggeeeee J. B. Keller if S0115 M LORISTS FORTY"SIX EAST AVENUE MORTIMER H. MILLER fxzoma STONE 764 25 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH THE FOSTER COAL Co., INC. 397. Clinton Ave. S ROCHESTER NEW YORK Where quality ana' service preeierninate Hickey-Freeman and For BOOKS Kuppenbeiwify Clotloef STATIONARY Dobbf Han and Capf Eagle Shirt! Hanan Shoe! SCHOOL SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS LEATHER GOODS GAMES AND TOYS McFar1in Clothing Company THE Q crantOm's 3346 POWERS MAIN ST. 110-116 MAIN STREET EAST BUILDING 1 STORES EAST Let the next Suit or overcoat be one of PAULLS Better Clotlvef for LeJJ!M0ney 38 ST. PAUL STREET cox BLDG. Caniributed by THE YOUNG PEOPLE's FELLOWSHIP OF ST. PAULVS EPISCOPAL CHURCH Meeting with interesting speaker and supper every Sunday evening at 6: IS p.m. FOR FELLOWSHIP AND SERVICE RESOURCES ovER 550,000,000 Rochester Savings Bank Corner Main and Fitzhugh Orgfzniqed 183 I 'FEP 88,000 DEP0s1ToRs A Goon NEWSPAPER IJDQIUZM' bei! and most authentic text book on the world's current history. lf And the Democrat and Chronicle, as Rochester's home newspaper daily chronicles the news of the day-as early as it can be obtained-clearly, accurately and impartially presented. READ IT DAILY The Democrat and Chronicle is distinctly a home news- paper for home Rochester folks. Daily it is brimful of sparkling news features, laugh-provoking cartoons, wom- ens and childrens pagea-all of interest to every member of the family every day. E cttw tml My tn amide 'e.eLw.swEf l-1' E a sf KX 'lif'1ll7fff"' 150 THIS Cooee and Binding Peodzeced by EBERWEIN si ZAHRNDT SEVENTY-SEVEN ST. PAUL ST. ROCHESTER, NEW YORK D6Jlfg7Z6VJ and Bzeilderf of BOOKBINDINGS ADVERTISING OFFICE SPECIALTIES sODAs LUNCHES You Get ORIGINALITY WhCH You Buy Your ANDYLA ND Club or Clem' feweley HOME OF SWEETS IOl Clinton Ave. N. We Make Om' Own Cboroldief from WARREN-KAHSE, INC. JEWELERS df STATIONERS 1O48 University Ave. When you vvzmt the best ask your grocer for GENESEE VALLEY Creamery Butter A H onze Prodlzrt BERGER PRODUCE CO., INC. Dirtribntorf ZO-ll PUBLIC MARKET Stone 199 .Ytone 676 THE Butbester Qlullegians Collegiate Mzefie with Pep G. K. ROBINSON, MGR. Stone 4O9O-X 57. Chopin St. 151 A BANK OF COURTESY AND SERVICE OLICITS accounts ofmerchants, jobbers, wholesalers, manufacturers, corporations, individuals, churches, societies and other organizations. Commercial loans made to business men and individuals based on financial statements or secured by collateral or endorsements. LINCOLN-ALLIANCE BANK Capital and Surplus S4,000,000.00 . Five Ojjlioef MAIN LINCOLN LAKE AVENUE 183 Main Street East 33 Exchange Street Lake Av. cor. Ridgeway Av. WEST END EAST END 886 Main St. W. at Genessee and Brown Main St. E. and North Goodman Safe Depofit Boxetr for Rent at the Main Ojjliee ana' at tloe Lincoln Ojfce CORNWALL CLOTHES SHOP THE CORNWALL BLDG . w5f'cH4f Collegiate Clotbef AT M oeleeate Petter STONE 631 sToNE 5461.-R HOFFMAN COAL CO. Dulerf m LEHIGH VALLEY COAL 66 Savannah Street QUALITY Gm U1 a Trial sERv1cE CLOTILDE HAT SHOP .Slagaaeore Arcade GREATER MCCURDY SToRE HE Greater McCurdy Store is ready as never before to serve the people of Rochester and its vicinity. THE BUILDING covers more than five acres of floor space with new departments and old ones greatly enlarged, remodeled and im- proved, displaying at all times a wealth of staple and fashion mer- chandise from the leading sources of supply at home and abroad, all marked at the moderate prices which have made McCurdy's known far and wide for value-giving. IOBEASTAVENUE MCCURDYUCOMPANY 152 B I if MAIN llbw MAIN 1 I 64 LOEB QT' RQSENTHAL TQ? A L Es TAT E Nforfgfzgef Caliber! Property MdWdg6WZ67Zf 431 Powers Building Rochester, New York H C VV S ROBINSON, CARPENTER AND ABKARIAN, INC. to the minute JQMITED W u v . Pubhshers QW" Ed1tors 4 X ALSO Stenographers THE ROCHESTER HERALD Janitors OHice Boys Artists Anthracite and Bituminous Coal Authors Messengers MCGARVEY COAL Co. iewsljgys ROCHESTER, N.Y. tc" tc' 8ReynoldJ Amzde Main 3841 LET US D0 YOUR DIRTY WORK ROCHESTER BRONZE WALUMINUM Co. BALL SHOE REPAIR I9 MARIETTA sT. Manufacturers of WWE Renew 'Swb0eJH mfr Brange Aluminum Caving! CLINTON AVE, N, 153 P,-V "TT ' 7' 11,-Q.--, Bext Qzmligf Meat and Choice Poultry LIVE U' DRESSED PETER PACE 154 Clinton Ave. N. Rochester, N. Y. Plame, Main 7609 Compliments of BIEEER, lsAAcs Co GLENNY BLDG. Rocberter, N. Y. STANDARD AUTo TIRE WoRKs J. A. RUTHERFORD, Pnov. Diamond Tire Difiribzelom PHONE 6o77 14 Windsor Street Rochester, N. Y. LOUIS F. WOLF GOODYEAR SERVICE STATION ALMY AUTO CO. The Mort U p-to-Date Oiling Rack in the Cigf 1880 EAST AVENUE A Full Line of Auto Accessories Genuine Ford Parts Standard and Vacuum Oil Products Complimentf of CRAMER DRUG STORES Corner CHESTNUT AND EAST AVENUE Phone, Main 1808 LoU1s SHULMAN if Co. Clotloef Builelerf 90 EAST AVENUE AT GIEBS STREET Rochester, N. Y. ALL BRANCHES or BEAUTY CULTURE A . l V A S K Y DEALER IN . 383 JOSEPH AVENUE Fweztf if Vegembler Rgqypnable Ram 356 MAIN STREET EAST PHUNE STONE 6584 PERMANENT MARCELLING LEANOIL METHOD S18 PINNACLE PHARMACY, INC. JESSED,CIMINO ANTHONYNANNA 860 MONROE AVENUE CIMINQ U' NANNA Koelezkr-Kodak Supplier Undertaker! VE j CHASE 716 1.1.1 CENTRAL PARK PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY coMPouNDED PHOA QCHASE1453 ROCHESTER,N.Y. IIIeef'a'T""1l viii' ' X"f' XX

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