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 - Class of 1944

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East High School - Mustang Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1944 volume:

. Ill 3 uliiuln ...--lv' ..,g:::::...- . I l .55-X!-.. . -.. ,'- u ' .- g-. .gg2!.. . g: - ...gn-.... '-- .. - ..... . .. ."--2" ---...:. I' .- :g:...gS--.-... . :.-gg... -::..::::::..... , :gg--...::--g-: -g:.-,::- , 1- n . -:.--'.-' ' - -un.. ... ".--'Z . --- - --:.. - ,lg-SIRI" u gg.--I ..gg- ... . -- ,g..,,,. ,:::::::.:::' g, -g:::..: 1::g::::::55ZEE:,: ,..5?iij:..--- -':5:-- -----::5E:::155::5,g:':-----::::-- ' - ri!!-::' ' '...- n .-: , -...--H , ... .- . .--- ::.::... :aij -EEE:"-52:::r,:5i: fr' 15" -Ie.: 1 rmy " ,. , .. ,,. .V 'Q ...' V , ' 11' 'W .3 'n F x Mmzr. ,N V ,L V . .fa It Q2 1 .-. ' ' 4-5. 4 . .L . 5 I- .:,,,. ,I 4 , ,A f ,N V , h I .LJ . H? ' . ' sg, 11 ' 1 ' . . E . . - E. in . H gif '. ' ,M A W1 A .ff 'MM' H . I -W pq: , ' , ' Lf, ' ' I ,. -,,g.m ,Nj 0 Wg " , 'f iii? 4 1 . 4 ., ' - , if s . fl 'ar .I ,K , ' , 1 ff Q. ,l x ,gf ' 1, , ig,-ax , - ,xii 3,135 f, , ,f - J F 5' A . . -'gf' Y' Ex HL.: , . 151 xi.. 435 v . "1 J 14- rf" '12-EN ,.i'.,,g Q V, L rf' 'A v 1 Q tie - 5 'Q N . 'W if f 'k 4 . J, 'A 're' 14 f' -4? -5? 'U V .s F' D f , v 1. TV E E "fm ,m A , - fi'-X-"a", , ' -. L! . f 1 ' 4 "1 'V an . .fflf?f, ' ?-,.1Q"-i5 : ,- -, ye! .1 Er-, ut. 'Y ,-Ji, .mv - ., 4 -M, . ,' ' Sf- ,.a 'Lk 'fu " '. -.QU 4 kgs. , J' . ,345 W :FN ,- , ., J . V .V M ,,,i,.J,.L 1 , W u . , E- 'iffwlff 77. . -'4'4Jj1' W " ,-V: f . . x'f'E-'?'- "1 -N if V , 4. .V -:J '3 9. 'xy I -.I-.-X ff - AQ LA ,Z-,UA J. ,151 . 1 3, -g, f'g7,u,' - .ffl A ffl ., may -sv 1-uw . ., . , Y . 'trip' ,V 2 fr "7 E iv AA I f . x . zz 7:1 ,vxjksexb . 1. E A M 1412-.MTE -A -K ' .4 V V ' "2 E. , E- 1,1 fp H2 ' 1 1: 2' . ' ,ng- - .D . . M V: 7' ,Q IS. I 'L ug, " :Liu --- ff ' , , 'Q' "?M?q4'-Wiqkwa jf.. - , :,f,.'f '-'Nr' . E- "fx 'W 1 rfkjff. Q. "I ' .:- fj-l,.i,,.,:!V ' 1?.Qff - lp 1' . ' ' . ,v"..K.,jgI v4j 1SqQ!:1'Cj,.A -5 , '-an ,. -, .N ' XS RN -1' '39 M y . 1 A Q Xi 5 in 9- :f Jax , zu lu 'Q A ' gf ' 1 .gmt , ,gf 14 f W. ',, y 'E -Q ., ' X oi' at y 'Y 'ff , 41511 1 W' . '. ,+P 1 -L ,, Y , ' b 4 H94 Y M . . ,fl , K . ,iffyv '14 , V , Q.. 4 PH 43 . MM, ' A......g ' 'X E 132.4 is Qi U BY THE SEIQQIOR Clfgss OF fi - , ' if "EAST NASHVILLE,H'IGH SCHOOL 5 ' r ' , A, I 1. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE' -- S Sf' V , H, ' is I V ' , 'iq 4 ' , 119 4 4 ' e. .- W t i A., M, ' ,- Yay, ' A " - 45 s . , . FW' E ' . . , - Q V. Rf' ,y a 3 4 222 3 "'. 4 1 2,73 '13 - 4 ' E W ' Lk - E , , -4' - L, f 1 V ,192 -N . 7Q"".' 'lf I-fff. "k.fi:V f.5-if f' --L.f'JWP"f'f' Y,!?55'34Q225P71 7 'WWE-faiwzq 'f' ff 'fi-'S' QU 5 -W if 1 'T A-'?4Wf,f5' wmzmrf lf..-,Aims m 1 Jw., ,ru :env em ax, ,WWE ' '- 1-.-.fy .Am gm,-11L1:1.E1Sf4.wb6".1mw2'wlL'5f1541eL-4. .nfffv -, war: EDITOR INCHIEF VIRGINIA QUINN FOREWGRD We, the Grey Eagle Staff of 1944, submit to you this eleventh edition of the Grey Eagle, as the result of many days of toil and hours of planf ning. Naturally, there will be mistakes found between the covers of this year book, but may you remember that we human beings are not perf feet and cannot, therefore, present a perfect Work. So may you, in the dim future, turn these pages with memories in your heart of your years spent in learning and in fun. We present an album of your youth and its treasures of your high school days. GREY EAGLE STAFF I 944 ASSISTANT EDITOR DAVID TRAVIS CLUB EDITOR EILEEN MAYBERRY' ASSISTANT THELMA EREUND LITERARY EDITOR BERNICE HUDSON BUSINESS MANAGER JOHNNY BEARDEN ASSISTANT TONY CHANGAS SPORTS EDITOR BILLY MIDGETT ART EDITOR DORIS FARMER ASSISTANTS DORIS REYNOLDS MARY ,IRAN HAMRIC DEDICATION irtik YE LOYAL SONS OF OLD EAST HIGH, YE EAGLES WITH YOUR WINGS OUTSPREAD-to you do we humbly offer this, our GREY EAGLE, a tangible expression of the activities begun by you, carried on by usg to you who strive mightily that we at home might enjoy the blessings and privileges that are a part of our heritage, do we dedif cate these pages. We see in our service flag, not merely "stars in replica," but individual faces, faces of you boys and girls whose work and play was once as ours is now and who have since departed for the farfflung battle lines. These dimming memories are yours! May they serve as a bridge to span the awful chasm of today, to link a youthful yesterday with a more promising tomorrow. You have our devotioniyou have our gratitude-you have our prayers. Upon each one of you who represents our school may God bestow his bounteous blessings, and if it be His will, may He return you safely to us again. To you "grey eagles" we give this, our pledge: to be worthy of the ideals, the God' inspired ideals, for which you are fighting-and for which some have already sacrificed themselves. 'k i' 'A' lest me Ellnrgetl FRED CHEST JACK JAM1soN THOMAS MCCLELLAN SAMUEL COMPTON KENNETH KERKELES GUY MCDUEEEE VIRGIL DOCKERY WILLIAM LANCASTER EDMUND PARDUE LAWRENCE GOLDSBY DOUGLAS LOCKHEARDT EUGENE PAYNE JAMES W. HURT THOMAS MALCOLM JOHN M. WARD "Sleep soldiers! still in honored rest Your truth and valor wearing: The bravest are the tenderest,- The loving are the daring." -BAYARD TAYLOR Y.. . I 5, 1 I :Yr- .,.-fii, I NWILLIAM HENRY oL1VER, Pmmpaz "A true friend and adviser" is our best expression or Mr. William Henry Oliver, our principal. We, who are leaving, will always remember his guidance, in trouble and in pleasure. His sincere interest in each individual of the East High Student Body will long be remembered. FACULTY . N 'Tirst Row, left to right: MISS KATHERINE ATKINSON, B.A., M.A., English MRS. VIRGIE LEE AUMILLER, B.S., M,A., English D. AYERS, Industrial Arts C. V. BAKER, B.S., Physical Education MISS JEAN BERG, B.A., School Secretary Second Row: MRS. SADIE S. FUNK, L.I., B.S., History and English ARCHIB GRANT, BS., M.A., Diversijied Occupations Miss KATHRYN HAILE, B.A., M.A., English and French MISS MARY HLJLLINS, B.S., M.A., Librarian MISS WILLIE A. JOHNSON, L.I., B.S., Commerce Third Row: MISS ANNA R. MCCAMPBELL, B.A., English MRS. WILLIAM H. MCGCDWAN, Commerce MISS HALLIE MCNEILL, L.I., English A, TEACHERS WITHOUT PICTURES .ff SGT. R. C. BURDSAL, R.O.T.C. - ss DOWDEN, B.S., M.A., Music 5,7 1.4 ISS JEWELL HOPKINS, B.S., M.A., Physical Educatioi FACULTY O L4-.""k First Row, left to right: Mxss CAROLYN BINRLEY, B.A., M.A., Dramatics and Pubhc Spea mg PAUL E. BURTON, B.S., M.A., History Mxss MARGARET CATE, B.S., M.A., History MRs. HOPE CLARK COOPER, B.A., M.A., Mathematzcs Mlss LUCY F. DYE, B.S., M.A., Home Economics Second Row: Mlss LUCY JOSLIN, B.H., M.A., Latin and Spanish Mlss DOROTHY KEYBS, B.S., Art and English Mlss VERA KING, B.S., Home Economics Mlss ROBERTA KIRKPATRICK, B.S., M.A., Science Miss MARY L. LEE, B.S., M.A., Science Third Row: MRs. THOMAS C. MILLER, B.S., M.A., Mathematics HENR1 MINSKY, B.A., M.A., Band J. H. WINDROW, B.S., M.A., Commerce TEACHERS WITHOUT PICTURES Ilss EVALYN HOWINGTON, B.A., M.A., Spanish P4-' Ilss DELIGHT MCGEATH, B.A., M.A., Distributive Educati MA ...M-QQ WL . k 53:33 2 E ,L A si 2 ,I 5 2 2' 1 V 3 5 ' ,MQW-""'f 'M' 2 A ,. 1 T if Y gi . 5 E T I 1 E 3 3 f E 'sz 1 M-Sw 7.4. iwwf . . 1 1 Q Um, V -'Mi In 1,,,,imy-QQ ,, W. - ' fi 5 2 2 ,, .3 2 , A Q V A W gm W. A, Q,.,,:...Wv-1 fy , s2liAmM- Z ? J' E Q iff? .MW wsmi2'?E?Q5? W . MSf?34Kz?3f5"'?ZE55f mm . M WSW : ' S aiwwgtxmme ii, ,WFWN2 . 9 Q 551:21 ,, Q X H ' f? .ah ' 2 2 W' 42203 WWW: , A1 F 5g5kfQQw.. AT g. 1 Q M mg X , egg QQ 7 A .v V t 1- E- 5 I Q2 ,T ii- : V' 1 5 1 2 '. M 4 in +- , f gy iv ,M Q1 ,J-it ! . , 2 ' 4 ,dv gk 5 fr., 5 fl 'ff t 'E 3 is' Q! 5 1 1 Y. fi X my , , U , K xm.,,.,W,, 4 5 4 iv N 9 ,A , -f R ,,,. 51 MISS ROBERTA KIRKPATRICK, Clam Sponsor We, of the Senior Class, wish to express our sincere appreciation to Miss Roberta Kirkpatrick, who has not only been a help and guide as sponsor of our class, but, by her cooperation and her likeable personality, has found a fond place in our memories. And so we sa "Thanks" to a true friend, "Miss Kirk." V l nj-- lx ,f 'Nj' :yy ji LJ f 9' , V, , - . .. Lf, .' . ',4fP::'fg+, wv ig . . in e N . X ,' A Nfl! . xx N., ' N ing... 1, ' M gg-5yQxg' ' ,V , .i .ki3fil'Y ,S.K'2'5d .4Q'1E-'QRS .1-YXk1vN?'l. ', N . ' 5 "fx 'X fi? ' jk: A if v yxg :S'15?srX ,iggikgkgfxixglitxhl vwiiff Q g, 3752 E? ,z'f'xjfX L.-'55 ' i A Fei' Sf? 2132 9' 'A 'N 1 - M . ,xl:,vixE,31f , ' V .l 53, , , mwgl 1 1 gl: -7.2-4 Q,1Qfs.gzj:W1,:ff.'ggyg 757' J . A Jafgmj.,-f. g fs. fir ', 15323 'V' f QF .iv , Q. 83. 1 f ' V v' 'L - Xi- x F f gf: A. 2 A J,'fi'nycfTf1, , iiFfff,X 7 . . f ff, - -3 f-K, WT , . 1 6 .gixfex-.,:-V ,.., , ' ' "j'-Ak . Niim..-' L ,vu-1 jj: 'ga - 52iT?i3i'i'r?fBSf V ffm? - 7 ' 'W 'xx' Ru V 1 vi". Q u , A ,Q .. . , . W. n . :gif W 11 Q. if . ,gpg A Ia .Q ..i1a,,gy'3Q V ff , . T gl .r K 55 I V Q if-'?,-zffrff Vffff' ', UQ 4 72 P -' .J12f'f.'.l',izi., 'ff Q A1 ffQfi'ff'I', . 14.55 '. 'Z ' A .. ' 'W I ' - , -- -L ' 141 il .4 .XL I " .- 'fcimfxaiai '.L1Qf: ' ' AfM5'ff!+f'2-A f...z.f1,v2:i-i '-wi 1:56 w ' f . ,Q I ,ff -A . . Q .1f.- V - :az N ,. 1-1- V41 . it V , I F, U -.WAN I K '.., V A 4 ., . . L im. - 4- ' '. 'lm 'i .. F .T , ' F- M. , ' . ,.g' , I ,, , " ' . ' 1? W1 42 ' l , :H 7" rf-" Hi' -1 "f:K'.'4" "1-'fi , 5 , f , x " V .V 1: aff, - ' Q Q 1 f 1' J ' ' y wtf-.:,g,! -xi .www 2 .- mwf w. 21 ' -' 19 '- -pf J .- u ' ' N w s 'f 1 N 1 n L. G. AGREE III Academic Dramatic Guild, 2, 3, 4, Span' ish Club, 3, 4, Civitan Club, 3, 4, President, 4, Torch Club, 2, 3, N. C. O. Club, 2, 3, Company Commander, ROTC, 4, Rifle Team, 3, 4, Oflicers' Club, 4, Boysl State, 3, Midstate Contest Clarksf ville, 2, 3. ANN ELIZABETH ADLIiR MARVIN AGEF Academic Academic BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 49 D. O. Student, 49 T. E97 l. Home Economics Club, 4, Club, 4, Monitor, 3, Lt. Gems, 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 3. MARTHA BAGGARLY CATHERINE BANDY HELEN RUTH BARTON AcademicfCommercial AcademicfCommercial AcademicfCommercial BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 4, Chorus, 2, 3, 4. Library Staff, 4, OlHce Staff, Red Cross Club, 4, Eagle 4, Club, 4,'Basketball, 4. CHARLES BLACK Academic Student Council, 4, Spanish Club, 2, Home Room Presif dent, 2, Torch Club, 2, Basketball, 3. WARREN ARTHUR FRANCES BODILY BLANKFNHORN AcademicfCommercial AC3Ll6mlC'COmm6fCl21l Library fp , ... NORMA LOUISE ALLAN AcademicfCommercial Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, Secref tary, 4, Chorus, 2, 3, 4, President's Cabinet, 3, Music Club, 2, 3. JOHN THOMAS BEARDEN Academic Band, 2, 3, 4, Civitan Club, 3, 4, Supreme Court, 2, 3, Student Council, 2, 3, Head Monitor, 3, ROTC, 3, 4, Torch Club, 2. ALICE BRADEURY Academic Basketball, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Home Economics Club, 4, BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 4. is 55 PAUL ANDREWS Academic Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Football, 4. ELIZABETH ANN BELL AcademicfCommercial BoyfGirl Friendship Club. 4, Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4: Student Council, 2, President Home Room, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Club, 2, Cheer' leader, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, 43 Eagle Club, 2, Office Staff, 3. OWEEN BRADY Academic-Commercial Office Staff, 2, D. O. Club, 3, 4, T. Es? I. Club, 4, Moni- tor, 2, 4. EDITH LOUISE ATCHISON Academic rl Reserves, 3, 4, Treasuf ', 45 BoyfGirl Friendship, Home Economics Club, 4g Cheerleader, 4g Home mom VicefPresident, 2. HUGH S. BERRY AcademicfCommercial brary Club, 2, 33 Spanish ,ub, 2, 3, ROTC, 2, D. O. ,ub, 4. SAMUEL M. Bnowmsn Academic xanish Club, 35 ROTC, 2, 4, N. C. O. Cluh, 43 Hicers' Club, 4, Dramatic uild, 43 Eagle Club, 4. DAVID TRAVIS, President TONY CHANGAS, VicefPresident ...W ,WWW ,, I . X ,W ffif I V ,,',,m'f!W'Zffvz'4ZW,'M,"IZM"gWf, M111 V 'V M Wm, MM ,ZW WW WW .I , ,,,,,,,g.,f,,,4Wf,ff,f,.,,.4f,WW ,,,',, W I ff, , iff V, ff fffffif 94 ,XV ,WWZW ' . ,fffww,f "fw'r'f1f"w1'w" "Wim Wwwf M W f f A ff . f f ff ,Q 4 M U X 1 1 f M5571 ff M440 X 7 Wf7!!fM ,, ,,, , ,,,,, , ,MQW if if W X f ,f WW ly, WWl,g,gf'I!y, 4461 9 WWI ff W f WW Q? M, 'wi' UWWW fa W ,, Mn W Wlf W HH ' f j X ff! aff f W y X uf! V fM,ff!7,ffffff4 Mfg WMM fm f f 4 f fjff ffffwffwfywf 4' 1 WW! U WW! ., W W f , QW! ,,,Wf,6m,4,, f,', ,g,:,fmwg.fg4.w,f.,,,',f.'. 4 ,MQWWIM mWv4f.mwfhgw,f ' :QM nz 2,m,z'wMf,fWmwf-f , , MARY LOUISE ATM . fi, f gm. fgmwz ,ff , Academic ' - - , wfWWZ7f'6Zfwf"4 Student Council, 4, Home ZQZWIWM Economics Club, 4. JUDY STEPHENS Best AllfRo1,md, Most Versatile, Most Popular H. LESLIE BIGGS, JR. Academic R. O. T. C., 2, 3, 4, Lt., 4, Spanish Club, 3, 43 N. C. O. Club, 4, Treasurer, 4. CLAUDIA VIRGINIA BROWN Academic D. O. Club, 4, Secretary, 43 Red Cross Club, 2, 3, Home - Economics Club, 3, BoyfGirl Friendship Clvb, 4. I 1 MARY JEAN HAMRIC, Secretary QQ 'W S 3 5 .IOHNNIE MARTIN, Treasurer f' , ,,,,,,, yew! M f ! , A 'HI Z Iryy 5, M Iyiyf ffA W' A"f JANE BROWN 'V"' I Academic 'WW Spanish Club, 2, 3, 45 Cithara "" Club, 25 Chorus, 2, 45 Ofiice , ff , G' I R , . JOHNNY STEINHAUER Sta '4 1' mm' 4 Most Popular, Friendliest, Best AllfRoimd BIacKY Cons AcademicfCommercial Spanish Club, 2,35 Red Cross Club, 2, 3, President City Council, 2, 35 Cheerleader, 2, 3, Home Room President, 25 Student Council, 2, 3, Cithara, 2, 35 l3oyfGirl Friendf ship Club, 35 Dramatic Guild, 3, Eagle Staff, 35 Eagle Club, 2. IJICK DANCE Academic HIfY, 2, 3, 45 Student Coun- cil, 2, 3, Football, 4. ANTHONY Gizoaon CHANG. Academic-Commercial Home Room President, 2, Spanish Club, 2, 3, Vic President, 45 Civitan Clu 2, 3. 45 Dramatic Guild, 2, 4. President, 3, 45 N. F. I 3, 45 VicefPresident, 3, Supreme Court, 3, 45 OC Victory Speaker, 3, Mayc Boys' State, 35 VicefPre: dent Senior Class, 45 Vic President Student Body, Student Council, 2, 35 juni Red Cross, 4, Secretary, Eagle Club, 2, 35 Eag Staff, 3, 45 lst Place Origin Oratory D a v i d Lipscon Tournament, 45 Grey Eag Staff, 4. JEAN CoLLINs Academic CHRISTINE CAROL DARK Academic gprlv' THOMAS H. CHAPIN CHARLES CHILTON SARAH CHRISTIAN ALESE LouIsE CLEMENTS Academic Academic Academic Academic Iish Club, 2, 3, 4, Draf Civitan Club, 3, 4, Band, Red Cross Club, 3, 4, Band, Honor Society, 3, 4. .c Guild, 2, 3, R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4, R. O. T. C., 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, BoyfGirl Friendship :ers Club, 4, Football, 4. Spanish Club, 3, 4, Student Club, 4, Library Staff, 3. JACK LANE CORN Academic ball, 2, 3, 49 HifY, 2, 3, :wolf Team, 2, Tennis n,3. DONALD DAVIS lcademicfCommercial Council, 4. JEAN CRAIGHEAD JEAN CRON Academic AcademicfCommercial BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 43 Red Cross, 4, Chorus, 4, Most Bashful Girl, Senior Class, 4. MARY KATHERINE DOUGLAS ANGRLO DRANEs Academic Academic Latin Club, 2, Monitor, 4, Eagle Club, 3, Eagle Staff, 4g First Aid Detachment, 3, Girl Scouts, 2, 3, 4, Vicef President, 4, Dramatic Guild, 4, Honor Society, 4, Home Room Secretary, 4. WILLIAM E. CRooK Academic WILLIAM LATIMIZR CLEMENTS Academic Student Council, 2, R. O T. C, 2, 3, 4. BRADLEY DEAN CUMMINGS AcademicfCommercial Home Room President, 2, Honor Society, 3, 4, Presif Student Council, 3, 4, Cho' dent Home Room, 3. rus, 2, 3, 4, Civitan, 4. MARGARET ELIZABETH DUNCAN Academic Band, 2, 3, 45 Supreme Court, 4, Honor Society, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3, Student Council, 3, Office Staff, 2. PATRICIA BELL DUNCAN AcademicfCommercial Boy-Girl Friendship Club, 43 Home Economics Club, 4, GEMS, 3, 4, Lt., 3, 4, Prettiest Girl, Senior Class, 4. DOROTHY CORNELIA JAMES M. GENTRY ELIZABETH ANN DUNWOODY Academic MARY jo ELAM CLAUDE K. ELKINS, JR. Academic Academic Band Majorette, 2, 3, 4, Girl Scouts, 2, 3, 4, Monitor, R. O. T. C., 2, 3, 4, Lt., 4, Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Civinette 3, Spanish, 3, Senior Service, Officers' Club, 4. Club, 3, 4, Student Council, 3, 4. 2, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4, President's Cabinet, 4, ju- nior Red Cross, 3, Senior Class Prophet, 4. DORIS LORRAINE FARMER Academic Girl Reserves, 3, 4, Home Economics Club, 2, 4, Boyf Girl Friendship Club, 4, Home Room Treasurer, 3, 4, Grey Eagle Staff, 4. MELEA JEAN FREEMAN DOROTHY ANN FARRAR POLLY BLYTHE FARRAR Academic Academic Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4, Draf BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 4. matic Guild, 2, 3, 4, Boy- Girl Friendship Club, 4, Civinette Club, 4, Student Council, 2. EUGENE FRENSLEY THELMA CLAIRE FREUND AcademicfCommercial AcademicfCommercial I Academwcommefcial Astronomy Club, 2, Band, Astronomy Club, 2, R. O. G1f1,R2S2fYeS, 2- 3, 45 DFH' 2, 3, 4, Boyfcifi Friendship, T. C., 2. mam Gwldi 5, 4a Glfl 42 Red Cross Club, 4- Scouts, 3, Secretary Home Room, 3, Eagle Staff, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, Home Eco' nomics Club, 3, Monitor, 2, 3, Grey Eagle Staff, 4. RORERT CHARLES ENGLERT Academic VicefPresident Student Body, 4, Football, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, VicefPresif dent, 4, Student Council, 2, HifY, 4, Colonel Jr. Service Army, 4, Red Cross, 4, President Speech Class, 3, 4. CHARLES FLOYD AcademicfCommercial D. O. Club, 3, 4. GA RRARD Academic 'i 'ls SARA FRANCES ESTES Academic MiLpRED JODEBNE FOGGL Academic Girl Reserves, 2, 3, Ho Economics Club, 2, Bi Girl Friendship Club, Student Council, 3. Academic Student Council, 2, 4, D. BoyfGirl Friendship Club, Club, 3, 4, T. 3 I. Club, 3 4, Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 4, Astronomy Club, 2, Spanish Club, 2, Red Cross, 3. DAVID TRAVIS, Valedictorian BERNICE HUDSON, Salutatovian ..wWW' K ,4 V f f y,ffQy jZW7,4Zm NW! f 1 o f www WWWWX M ' W W ffffq fl WW ,M ,,,, X XWXVU W ff ff ,fa XOWUWWWW' f M QW 7! Mf ffffj? W f, ,Mxwff 7 W? WW wi I . 'f WWW' W W A f 0 f fM,W W ,N f W y,,WmfwWM ww. X ,WWW WW W, .,,.f .f f f EVELYN ETHERIDGE ANNIE RUTH EVANS Academ1c'Commerc1al Academ1cfCommerc1al 'M' I Www ffffff' DONALD A. FOTTRFLL Academic iorus, 2, 3, 4, Officers' ub, 2, 3, 45 R. O. T. C., 3, 4, Captain, 4, Football. Student Council, 43 Home vom President, 3, 4. HARRY EUGENE GIBSON Academic anish Club, 2, 3, 4, Civitan, ,f Honor Society, 3, 43 Draf WW f matic Guild, 3, 4. PATRICIA DUNCAN, Prettiest DICK DANCE, Handsomest, Neatest JOHN L. FOTTRELL, AIR. Academic JAMES MARv1N GILBERT' Academic R. O. T. C., 2, 3, 4, lst Lu., 45 Track, 35 Band, 2, 3, 43 Chorus, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 2, 3, Football, 4. JOHNNY STEINHAUER, Civitan Medalist VIRGINIA QUINN, D. A, R. Medalist I , W' , ' f:,ff4:I7, I,,gZY"l! ,fwvg fm , ww ,AW!f,wffffIIo,,,I 4, ,,, ,W ,fw,ff,f M WW I, I m M ,,,, ,W ,,,,I ,,,, ,,,, , ., X X X f MARTHA WOHLBOLD, Daintiest, Most Dignified HERBERT HELTON, Most Dignifed, Most Bashful CHARLIE FRANKLIN GRAY Academic Civitan, 4, BILLY HARDISON Academic Chorus, 2, 3, 4. BERNICE HUDSON Academic Honor Society, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 3, Girl Scouts, 2, 3, 44 Student Council, 2, Senior Service Scouts, 3, 4, Grey Eagle Staff, 4. , I S fs gi ff? Y Q? 4 ,. ?e ii Si ,, 2 E 35 55 Q2 15 'I MARIE M. GRAY AcademicfCommercial BoyfGirl Friendship Club, Home Economics Club, 2, D. O. Club, 43 Sunshi' Club, 3, Girl Reserves. 2, Music Club, 3. BILL HARRIS Academic Spanish Club, 2, 3, Dramatic Guild, 3, Hi Club, 2, R. O. T. C., 2. GEORGE C. HUDSON, IR. Academic Civitan Club, 2, 3, 43 R. K T. C.. 2, 3, 4, Lt. Col., Chorus, 2, 3, Dramatic Guil 3, 4, Supreme Court, President Home Room, junior Service Army, 3. ll P"... ll , 4 Y W HFRBERT HELTON BROWNIE HICRAM Academic Academic vnor Society 3 4 Football, 43 HifY Club, 4 JAMES CLAYTON HULME ADELIA ANNE HUFFMAN g DOROTHY GREGORY JAMES EARLY HAGAR, JR. ERNEST A. HAM AcademicfCommercial Academic Academic Girl Reserves, 2, 43 BOyfGirl Football, 43 R. O. T. C., 2, Spanish Club, 2, 33 Glee Friendship Club, 43 Home 3, 43 Captain, 4. Club, 23 N. C. O. Club, 3, 4. Economics Club, 23 GEMS, 3. WILLIAM A. H1LL, JR. JACK HOL1' Academic Academic Chorus, 3, 4. BROWN LANIER JOHNSON MARIAN JOHNSON Academic Academic Academic Academic tronomy Club 2 Dra Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 43 Dra' tic Guild 3 4 Civitan matic Guild, 2, 3, 43 Boy' .1 3 4 Secretary 4 Girl Friendship Club, 43 le Club 3 R O T C Civinette Club, 43 Red 3 Sgt Major 3 Wittie t Cross Club, 3, 43 Spanish y Senior Class 4 Club, 2, 3. Astronomy Club, 23 Red Home Economics Club, 33 Cross Club, 3, 43 Dramatic BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 4. Guild, 4: Spanish Club, 23 Civitan Club, 4. MARY JEAN HAMRIC AcademicfCommercial Home Room President, 2, 3, 43 Student Council, 43 Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club, 23 BoyfGirl Friend' ship Club, 43 Chorus, 2, 3, 43 Civinette Club, 4, Secref tary, 43 Eagle Staff, 43 Secre- tary Senior Class, 43 Grey Eagle Staff, 4. ELLIS REEDER HOOPER Academicfflommercial Student Council, 2, 4, Secref tary, 43 BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 43 Civinette Club, 4, VicefPresident, 43 Red Cross Club, 43 Spanish Club, 2, 33 Glee Club, 43 Eagle Club, 23 Honor Society, 4, Secretary, 43 Cheerleader, 43 Home Room President, 43 Will' Maker Senior Class, 43 Draf matic Guild, 4. RUTH JEANETTE JOHNSON Academic Girl Reserves, 2, 33 Chorus, 2, 33 Spanish Club, 33 Boy' Girl Friendship Club, 43 Civinette Club, 43 Eagle Club, 2. RICHARD S. KACHELHOFER Academic Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice' President, 4, R. O. T. C. Officers' Club, 3, Lt., 3, Student Council, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Home Room VicefPresident, 3, H o m e Room President, 3. ROBERT BURTON LAWIHIORN Academic R. O. T. C., 2, 3, 4, N. C. O. Club, 4, Ofhcers' Club, 4, Football, 3, 4, HifY, 4, Chemistry, 2, Spanish, 3. ANITA MATHFNEY Academic UV' V MILDRED T. KIEENE Academic Roi' BLACK MAN LAWRENCE Academic Chorus, 2, Astronomy Club, 2, Spanish Club, 2, 3, R. O. T. C., 2, 3, 4, N. C. O. Club, 4. EILFEN MAYBERRY AcademicfCommercial Eagle Club, 3, Astronomy Astronomy Club, 2, Spanish Club, 2,IDramatic Guild, 2, Club, 3, Cithara, 3, Office 3, 4, Girl Reserves, 3, 4, Staff, 4, Grey Eagle Staff, 4. BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 3, 4. MARIE KERKFLITS REBECCA KATHERINE KERR Academic AcademicfCommercial Tennis Team, 3, Cithara, 2, Home Economics Club, 4, 3, Eagle Club, 2, Health BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 4. Service Club, 2, Girl Re- serves, 2, 3. ELsIE RUTH LEHNING SADIE NORENE LOGUE Academic Academic-Commercial Civinette Club, 3, 4, Secref Basketball, 3, 4, Dramatic tary, 4, Eagle Club, 2, 3, Guild, 2, Red Cross, 3. Eagle Staff, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4, Music Club, 2, 3, Chorus, 2, 3, 4. LIDDY BELLE KEI1sEY Academic Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4, Bo Girl Friendship Club, 3, Dramatic Guild, 4, Astro omy Club, 3, Student Cou cil, 2, Wittiest Girl Senii Class, 4. MARJOEIE LUNA Academic Spanish Club, 3, Astronon Club, 2, Dramatic Guild, Band, 2, 3, Girl Reserves, 3. WILLIAM GILBERT MCCREERY HELEN JEAN MCCULLAR ROBERTA MCGINNIS Academic Academic Academic R. O. T. C., 2, 3, Spanish Honor Society, 4, Senior Home Economics Club, Club, 3. Class Poet, 4. Astronomy Club, 2, Mus Club, 3. KITTY KROUTTER Academic me Economics Club, 2, 3, Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4, 1fGirl Friendship Club, 4. OT1s CLYDE LYNN Academic jent Council, 3, R. O. C., 2, 3, 4, Captain, 49 C. O. Club, 4, President, Captain, 4, VicefPresi- t, Home Room, 4, Class mbler, 4. IARY FRANCES MCGHEE Academic ronomy Club, 2, Cithara, 3 Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 41 'Girl Friendship Club, D. O. Club, 4g Hospital lm Attendant, 33 Or- stra Club, 2. ELLIS REEDER HOOPER, Will Maker LIBBY DUNWOODY, Prophet Nw ,,,fyWf.,m lf Wf..w.ff,fW,,,, W W5 I 4 ' Wil Q W' , W ,.." We W ,WWWX We W fff f ef W f QW , jffiw lf fl ' T war fl ,ff ff X' X 'ff' Q I "7 ' . 'ff . I. lffl 4 WW , X W X ff f M Y f W ,WW M ., 'W WW4 W . W l'r' ' lrll 'L ww ff,'f ' . f Lucirrr LANCF ii Academic ' ' Monitor, 2g Home Economics Club, 3 43 Bo 'Gi l Friend' - Ship Clilb 4 Y r BERNICE HUDSON, Most Lllqely to Succeed DAVID TRAVIS Most Likely to Succeed, Most Versatile JOHNNIE MARTIN Academic Girl Reserves, 3, Basketball, 3, 4, Captain, 3, Home Economics Club, 4, Presif dent, 4, BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 4, Home Room Presif dent, 4, VicefPresident Stu' dent Body, 4. JAMES DUDLEY MCKELLEY Academic BILLY MIDGETT, Omror CLYDE LYNN, Grumbler Mwwwwmw , iw w w? Wal .mwzmwfm...W If ff WWYWM l If WM fyuw WWW M f fffff , fy WWW QM ff XQWXW ,I f LfYL ,, 0 4 wtf, JI I ff f ffvf fwfr "W ff X f W " 4, fx, f I ff' 3 Wafll'ff7"fW.fwffMZf W ff fwaliwwwmwmmwww X W W L1YY Y I II M7 ff YYYLL ',f ,fm f , f W"WWWMf:'Z 7' ' MW! jfj JAMES HULME, Wittiest Boy LIDDY BELLE KERSEY, Wittiest Girl iz 5. fs I if . :Z I 55 ii 13 E3 3 QL7' BENJAMIN MEEKEI1 WAUHNITA MELTON Academic Academic R. O. T. C., 2, 3, 4, Captain, Student Council, 2, Hon 4. Economics Club, 49 Choru 4. JEANNE PACE DOROTHY PAINE AcaclemicfCommercial Academic Girl Reserves, 2, 3, Home Girl Reserves, 2, 33 D, I ECOUOITUCS Club, 35 BOY' Club, 45 Spanish Club, Girl Friendship Club, 3, 45 Chorus, 2, 3, 45 Heali VicefPresident, 4, Dramatic Club, 2, Guild, 2, T. Ei l. Club, 4. JOSEPHINI1 PICKEL WILLIAM PICKEL Academic AcademicfCommercial D. O. Club, 4, Secretary, 4. D. O. Club, 3, 4. WILLIAM L. MIDGETT Academic Dramatic Guild, 3, 4, Vice' 'resident, 4, Spanish Club, 5, 3, President, 3, N. F. L., I, 4, President, 4: Eagle Staff, Z, 3, 4, Assistant Editor, 4, Supreme Court, 3, 4, Chief ustice, 4, Student Council, t, President Speech Class, I, Civitan Club, 3, 4, N. I. O. Club, 2, 3, Battalion Iommander R. O. T. C., 4, loys' State, 3, Home Room 3resident, 3, Grey Eagle ltaflf, 4, TrifState N. F. L. Jriginal Oratory, T h i r d 'lace, 3, Senior Class Ora' or, 4, Honor Society, 3, 4, Jfficers' Club, 4. CATHERINE PARKER Academic lasketball, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT PITTS Academic livitan Club, 3, 49 Torch Klub, 2, 3, Dramatic Guild, g R. O. T. C., 2, 3, 4, Iaptain, 4, Spanish Club, 3. TIIERON W. MILLIGAN Academic Torch Club, 2, 3, Astronomy Club, 2, D. O. Club, 3, 4, T. fi I. Club, 3, 4. EVELYN PARRISH Ac:IdemicfCommercial Spanish, 2, 3, Student Coun' cil, 2, 3, Eagle Club, 2, Presidents Cabinet, 4, Boy' Girl Friendship Club, 4, Civinette Club, 4, Red Cross, 4, Glee Club, 4, Honor Society, 4. JAMES L. PLUMMER Academic N. C. O. Club, 3, Vice' President, 3, Home Room President, 4, R. O. T. C., 2, 3, 4, 2nd Lt., 4. BETTY JEAN MORRIS Academic PATRICIA PEELER Academic Civinette Club, 4, Eagle Home Economics Club, 2 Club, 2, 3, 4, Eagle Staff, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3, Music Club, 2, Chorus, 2, 4, Boy' Girl Friendship Club, 4. VIRGINIA QUINN Academic Honor Society, 3, 4, Secref tary, 3, Civinette Club, 3, 4, President, 4, Eagle Staff, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Guild, 2, 3, 4, Presidents Cabinet, 3, Student Council, 2, 4, junior Red Cross, 3, Home Eco' nomics Club, 2, 4, Girl Ref serves, 2, 3, Drum Majorette, 4, Editor Grey Eagle, 4, D. A. R. Medalist, 4, "Miss Civitan," 4, Home Room President, 4. .4147 " GERALD EVERETT NORTON DORIS CHRISTINE OUTLAW AcademicfCommercial HifY Club, 4, R. O. T, 2, 3, Football, 3, 4. ELIZABETH PETTEY AcademicfCOmmercial 4, Astronomy Club, 2, 3. DORIS M. REYNOLDS Academic-Commercial C-, ,3. AcademicfCOmmercial CATHERINE PETTus AcademicfCommercial BILLIE CATHERINE ROOP Academic BOyfGirl Friendship Club, 4, Student Council, 4, B Eagle Club, 2, 3, 4, Monitor, Girl Friendship, 4, D. O 2, Girl Reserves, 3, 4, Dra- Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, 4 matic Guild, 4, Red Cross Tennis Team, 3. Club, 4, Astronomy Club, 2, Oflice Staff, 3, 4, Grey Eagle Staf, 4. OY RUTH ALMEDA ROWLAND AcademicfComInercial Home Economics Club, 4, BoyfGirl Friendship, 4, Li' brary Staff, 4, junior Red Cross, 4. ELIZABETH SMITH AcademicfCommercial Girl Reserves, 3, Red Cross Club, 3. MILDRED LEE STONE AcademicfCommercial Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4, GEMS, 3, 4. In f' NIZLLE SANDERS ERIS ANNETTE SANDS Academic Academic Civinette Club, 4, BoyfGirl Girl Scout, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Friendship Club, 4, Red Club, 2, 3, Ofbce Staff, 4. Cross Club, 4, Home Ecof nomics Club, 4Q Band, 2, 3, SecretaryfTreasurer H o m e Room, 2, Student Council. 2, 3, President Home Room. 3. NATHAN SMITH PRUDY SMITH Academic Academic Music Club, 3, Chorus, 2, Library Club, 29 B0yfGir1 3, 4, R. C. T. C., 2, 3, 4, Friendship Club, 4, Monif Captain, 4. tor, 2. EDDIE TAi'LoR HARRIET SUE TAYLOR Academic Academic Astronomy Club, 2, Draf Spanish Club, 2, Glee Club, matic Guild, 4, Band, 4. 3, 4, Red Cross Club, 4, Civinette Club, 4, BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 4. RICHARD EARL SCOTT Academic JOHNNIE STEINHAIJER Academic R. O. T. C., 2, 4, Torch Club, 2, 3, VicefPresident, 2, 3, HifY, 4, Secretary, 4, Home ctoom President, 2, Football, 4, Colonel jr. Service Army, 3, General jr. Service Army, 4, Most Popular, Best AllfRound, Friendliest Boy Senior Class, Student Body President, 4. CHARLES RICHARD THOMAS Academic ESTHER SHARP AcademicfCommercial Home Economics Club, 3, 4, Red Cross Club, 3, 4, Boyi Girl Friendship Club, 4. JULIA SUE STEPHENS AcademicfComInercial Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4, Boy- Girl Friendship Club, 3, 4. Secretary, 4, A s t r 0- nomy Club, 2, Home Eco nomics Club, 4: President's Cabinet, 4, Cheerleader, 3. 4, Captain. 4, Office Staff, 2. BETTY JEAN THOMPSON Academic Red Cross Club, 2, 3, 4. Secretary, 73, President, 4: Dramatic Guild, 3, 4, Boy- Girl Friendship Club, 4: Civinette Club, '4g Student Council, 4, Home Roorr President, 3. - 1 l ACQUELVN ANN SHIVERS AcademicfCommercial l Reserves, 2, 33 Boy' l Friendship Club, 45 me Economics Club, 4. fIARGARr:1' Sue STEPHENS AcademicfCommercial 'fGirl Friendship Club, 4, President, 4g Girl .erves, 2, 3, 42 Student mcil, 23 Home Room sident, 3g Cheerleader, Dflice Staff, 49 Presidenfs uinet, 4g Astronomy Club, CHARLES THOMPSON AcademicfCommercial lent Council, 3, D. O. b,3,4gT, Es? l.Club,3, 4. MARY SIRCY DICKIE KACHELHOFER, Historian HELEN JEAN MCCULLAR, Poet 7 , f I , nuff! U ,W , ,w4,,,,, , 'if :fwwwfwwf , ,,,, ,,:zf,,gQ4W,aaf g :yvy,w,fg,QfQQWJJW V W w f ,Wwz,,wfffmw'2:"4 " V421,a,uM'mfHC+Jff 'uf fff'iff',f f f ff, ' r'f' fwwffmw 'Wm My wi f f QU, fffr' fflf fwwvfiw ,wMf",C,-W'gfw 6, ww ,, M we w,',wf,v ,L 4, 'wiwidewfff ff " f "" ' me W W - A I ,ly ,, diff My Academ1cfCommercial Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Club, 4. JEWEL SWIFT AcademicfCommercial Red Cross Club, 2, Girl Reserves, 2. JOAN MARILYN THOMPSON Academic BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 45 Spanish Club, 2, 3, Band 2, 3, 45 Civinette Club, 4. SUE STEPHENS, Friendliest Girl JEAN CRAIGHEAD, Most Bashful IN MEMORY or MORTON McKAY PRICHARD a member of the Senior Class who passed away . 4.1.4 . I cannot feel that thou art far Since near at need the angels are' And when the sunset gates unbar Shall I not see the waiting stand And white against the evening star The welcome of thy beckoning hand? 'JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER during the latter part of the fall term, 1043. , ,aww f gl ,QU ,f vw ff, 'f nw,W4:fwf',,w,' ,f 'Mlm Cn 'fwzffcmwtffaim if , , illl WWW WWMWMWWEWEWMWWWWE W W f f iiri M E WM W f X f fWEWfWWWWwwf r It WW f I+ K A l li l W 4 fiffi JOHNNIE MARTIN, Most Athletic Girl PAUL ANDREWS, Most Athletic Boy l i I 1., M HELEN KATHERINE THORNTON AcademicfCommercial Home Economics Club, 43 BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 4. EUGFNIA DEI? VESTER Academic Band, 2, 3, 4, BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 43 Girl Reserves,3. EDITH ELIZABETH WHITUS Academic E .E Z all X5 fi 5. ,z ii it if 'R 5 SE za as 35 E a 3 E is PEGGY LEE TIMEERLAKE Academic junior Red Cross, 2, 3, Dramatic Guild, 2, 3, Chorus, 3, 4g BoyfGirlFrie1 ship Club, 49 First Aid I tachment, 35 Home E nomics Club, 2. FRANCES M. WARD AcademicfCommercial Spanish Club, 2, 3, Ea Club, 2g BoyfGirl Friendsl Club, 45 Civinette Club, Red Cross Club, 4, Sec tary Home Room, 2, 3, G Club, 2, 39 Honor Society, Vixen. LEON WILLIAMS Academic 3 W, ' ' iiflx JULIAN L. TOMPKKNS Academic MARY RUTH WEBSTER Academic heerleader, 4, Girl Ref :rves, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 2, 3, , Red Cross Club, 3, Eagle lub, 3, BoyfGirl Friendship lub, 3, 4, Librarian 4, ,ome Room Secretary, 2, 3, ,ome Room President, 4, resident's Cabinet, 4, Music lub, 3. L. W. WILLOUGHBY Academic vanish Club, 2, 3, D. O. lub, 4, Library Club, 2. if .-: ,. . ,. 1 . . FRANK MORGAN TONEY Academic Spanish, 2, 3, Honor Society, 3, 4, I-lifY, 4, R. O. T. C., 2, 3. DOROTHY MARIAN WRcHsIsL Academic Student Council, 2, Boy' Girl Friendship Club. 4, Red Cross Club, 4. MARTHA VIRGINIA WOHLBOLD Academic Civinette Club, 3, 4, -Vice' President, 4, BoyfGirl Friend' ship Club, 4, Honor Society, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3, Latin Club, 2, Eagle Club, 2, Secretary Home Room, 3, 4, Daintiest and Most Dignilied Girl, 4. DAVID M. TRAVIS Academic Student Council, 2, Third State Latin Tournament, 2, Dramatic Guild, 2, 3, 4, N. F. L. 2, 3, 4, President, 3, 4, Debate, 3, 4, Civitan Club, 2, 3, 4, President Senior Class, 4, Tennis, 3, Basketball, 3, 4, Honor So- ciety, 3, 4, President, 3, VicefPresident, 4, Boys' State 4, First State V. F. W. Es' say, 3, Eagle Staff, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor, 3, Editor, 4, Valedictorian, 4, Grey Eagle Staff, 4, President Speech Class, 2, Secretary of State. 4. ERNRsTINR WRST AcademicfCommercial Rursy NRLL WOODARD AcademicfCommercial Library Club, 2, 3. RUTH VANTREASH DAN P. VAUGHN AcademicfCommercial Academic Red Cross Club, 2, Girl Reserves, 2. SARAH WHITRHRAD MARTHA ANITA WHI'FT AcademicfCommercial Academic'Commercial Library Club, 2, BoyfGirl Home Economics Club, 4, Friendship Club, 4, Band, BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 2, 3. 4. 4, junior Red Cross, 4. RACHEL WRIGHT FRITZIE JEAN YOUNT AcademicfCommercial AcademicfCornmercial Home Economics Club, 3, Band, 2, 3, 4, Boy-Girl Dramatic Guild, 2, 3, Eagle Friendship Club, 4, Red Club, 2, 3, Red Cross Club, Cross Club, 2, Monitor, 3. 2, 3, 4, BoyfGirl Friendship Club, 3. 4. SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR MILDRED EDITH ANDREWS, MARY EVELYN BARRIGER, STEPHEN LEE FOSTER, MARGE HARGROVE, THEODORE JAY MURRAY, ELIZABETH PRUTER, VIRGINIA REAVIS, JOE HAROLD RUTI-IEREORD, WILLARD TEMPLBTON, BOEEY TUGWELL. ROBERT FAULKNER BENNETT BILLY HARRELL Academic Academic Q66 January Class Officers President, BOBBY ENGLERT Secretary, PEGGY TIMBERLAKE VicefPresident, DICK DANCE Treasurer, ELSIE LEHNING Q58 CLASS FLOWER: Red Radiance Rose CLASS MOTTO: Progress through perseverance c-me Autographs '. ,.. , . 57 " ' " fw-,221 . , ffi-f2fT' 'C' ' ' 'Z f1?,"f7.4LJ4'f-31:9 L A9,.,il ,gig '- ff"-L,.-5 1.4, 'fK-n5gHfs9e-X- , 5- , ' W.- A, :ge-'fijgvib . f'fZfjf.-agjifgg-sw ff, m:t,,A,1, ,,42,Qg.,'- 1:,,.,:?::s . M f'Q , f Lyf Q. ffffy 1, ' , f :4f:1,ggggf,,Qx., , - f 731' f,i4gg'yZyy my f f' .gsim-5:3 -ff hip! 4 ' ,w-"?fv:., .h.. --' ..Z,.a-1, vg4sgfQ,A'QQflf,i5,gl7. ,g iq f"' "' ' N. 'Q ,... :....:-ff ,wgggy A figfw, .. .V W T2 N Eff,'fY"7' i' X Kg? " 5 21 . Q Q X .WW , .. - if ilxx if ' .fH.y,f -asm, . . ' ,Z 45 , 141-."!"fg4',.' Ag N 154 -gif! rift, fx, XX 5 , - . fb - I ff ,-1, - fizfgvjfffgg, iffy .j,7SQgi5 -by ' 'gif 5 Q ' " Q 1. ,., - , W" I 2 , . 4 , . fl' Q , A f . X- , ,wMw,fw1.-44.-ff-. ' .AQf.Q,..gL. nm-,wi -X i . gi-'fy 2 . ,WNV .AN Ls . 2 , K , , . A ,ft 'x 1 1" Q .:-:i z ,df ,V t ' ' K X ,v ,U U-,:i,,,v :A. ' 5 -mg ? ' - 95 1 1' ' wa A5150 P M . ,wx V, .W 3? yffiim fig? , 7 W 6 A 5, 3 . J f,fgfwf,l5 sfiirfiljfif WM: SW f f P W iffffswissfxafww w:vf:fw:,:45:vsfQ2 s . x f f 4 fl? 3 ,A 33 N, A 5 1 522, in . 'wp xv JS ' -3 52 gk Wg K fi ..., vi ' 5 ? 5 W, 1 f !P45'S:.V ' 1, , gi, I . ,, F X X W me dim' :W 253' -'::':::f,: Q Q A fu W w Acccssional Hymn --dump.. I sing no lay of honor and fame, For they shall not be ours. Only a few Engrave their names on immortality's scroll- Perhaps one, or two, no more, and the rest Shall lie in obscurity. Over us Leaves are borne to their origin And unquestioningly they go, knowing The natural order. We are a part Of that order and our graves no more renown. Though we conquer space, and though the secret Of life is ours, we live and die unknown. Some wandering genius may ask, "Who shaped and gave power to this steel?" Some student may know, but, quickly, The question and the answer are forgotten. If we record greatest beauty and joy, And save for posterity our culture, It perishes with some barbaric tribe Or is minimized by future triumphs. Though we die on battlefields in defense Of liberty and world ideals, tombs Will crumble and our sacrifice become A dull note in some history book Devoid of meaning-resting momentarily In some chi1d's brain for tomorrow's test. The idea is no less, the sacrihce no less great, The dream no less noble, nor less The accomplishment because it is Forgotten. It completes life's cycle. Always the old must toil in pain for the new, Then die, since it is of no more value. Twenty years ago we would have challenged, "Tomorrow is ours! We change the world!" But today we meditate: We must gain Slowly and securely. We expect only To reach the quarter mark of the ideal In our lifetime, but to our successors We trust the flame that, smothered in the wind Of the roaring twenties, was only Relighted at Corregidor and Bataan. Out of the strife and desolation Of this war, youth, united in purpose, Shall build security from chaos, tyranny From justice, love from hate, blending old thoughts- Dignity of labor and faith in God- With new 'freedoms' and hard earned vigilance. We shall not see the results, but to this We dedicate ourselves-our hopes, our dreams, Our efforts, and our determination-trusting that, Though forgotten, they accomplish their full share For good and prove us worthy of a noble heritage. 1HELEN JEAN MCCULLAR , x Class History owe Well, here we are at the crossroads at last, and we see before us dozens of paths we may follow. Some lead to gloryg some, to normal life, and some, even to disaster. We would all like to travel that road which leads to glory, but we know that only a select few are destined to reach that ultimate goal, so let us wish them Godspeed. Does it seem twelve years ago that we were unwillingly led by the hand to begin our career of learning? lt seems only yesterday that we were in the "low first" then the "high first," and now we are Seniors! Our three years of high school have been filled to the brim with joy, sorrow, and memories that will linger a lifetime. Let us go back to September 1941. At this time we entered East High as Sophof mores. We were a timid lot, nevertheless, we were eager to do our part and to be heard. In December of that year the cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor plunged us headlong into war with japan. The fire of patriotism burned high at East, and many of' our boys preferred immediate enlistment to waiting to be drafted. We have kept in touch with most of those boys and we know that wherever they are they are doing their own job to the utmost of their ability. In April of the following year we dedicated our service flag. In the spring of 1942, James Douglas won the TrifState Original Oratory Contest, defeating speakers from Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. The following spring Nelson Fisher won the Civitan International Essay Contest, defeating entries from all parts of the United States and possessions. As Juniors we began to feel a little more important and a little braverg for, after all, we had been here a whole year. At this time, the registration of men from the ages of eighteen to thirtyfhve was called. This took away many of our Senior boys and also some of our teachers. There were many tearffilled eyes when Ivlr. Tilton and Professor "Willie" Campbell had to leave us, for they had endeared themselves to the whole student body. East has advanced rapidly during her brief history and will, we believe, continue to do so in the future. Recently we had a new addition to our military unit at East. The girls, not to be outdone by the boys' ROTC, organized the "Girls' Emergency Military I Service" CGEMSJ, under the guiding and capable hand of Miss Jewel Hopkins. This group is showing the boys a few things about how close order drill should be performed. The latest addition to the social life of East is "Teen Town," a recreation center organized under the supervision of the YMCA and located in the basement of the East Nashville branch of the Carnegie Library. During the past year East has been active in the collection of waste paper and scrap metal, essential items in the war effort. Our becoming Seniors was like running a long hard race, rounding the last turn into the home stretch, and seeing the finish line ahead. Immediately we began organizing our class by electing our officers. We selected as our class sponsor, Miss Roberta Kirk' patrick. Then came all the other activities, such as election of superlatives, the selection of the rings, the making of class pictures, and all the other necessary things that inevitably accompany graduation. Our athletic teams, under the expert coaching of C. V. Baker and Mr. J. H. Wind' row, enjoyed a highly successful year. Our girls' basketball team was probably the most colorful of the year in their many hotly contested games. In the city playoff, they reached the unit tournament where they were disqualified. The determination and stamina of the boys' basketball team matched that of the girls during the season, and our boys reached the semifinals, only to be eliminated. The football team made an excellent record, winning seven games and losing only three. Since much of this year's talent will return next year, we have the promise of a good season. All in all, our high school days have been happy ones, even though dark clouds have at times, spotted the horizon. Perhaps in the future, we shall smilingly look back on this period as the happiest days of our lives. , Drcicnz KACHBLHOPER, Historian The Prophecy of 1944 They had told me I must prophesy, But I knew not what to do, For I was not born a prophet, Any more than one of youg I had spent the day in study, And in thinking hard and deep, So I now, all worn and weary, Lay me down and fell asleep. I had lain there but a moment In that slumber, calm and sweet, When I rose refreshed and strengthened, And stepped out upon the streetg But I very soon discovered That I was in a strange place, For I saw not one known figure, Nor an old familiar face. I could scarce believe my senses When I saw the airship line Bore the well-known name of "Nashville," And my eyes opened wider, Than they'd ever been before When I saw a slip of paper Dated 1954. I beheld near me a lady Coming on with footsteps slow And I thought I would accost her And learn what I wished to know. As she came to be still nearer, I thought I had seen that face Somewhere else, yet could not put it In exactly its right placeg But at last she stood before me, And all wonder vanished quite, 'Twas my old chum, Gini Quinn, Andll met her with delight. It was strange that I should know her For the change in her was greatg She was very tall and slender, While she moved in queenly state. She seemed quite glad to see me, Said I had been long away And gave me an invitation To remain with her that day. Her kind offer I accepted, And she hailed a passing car, I watched the conductor closely- 'Twas a lady, short and stout, Fully able to assist The passenger in and out. As she took my fare she knew me, And stood pointing out strange sights- Liddy Belle Kersey thus had proven Her belief in woman's rights! On the car a dude was sitting, Toying with a poodle small- Why, 'twas Robert Pitts! I scarcely Would have known the man at all. Soon we flitted past a corner That looked like old times to me, For 'twas the well-known corner Where our Highfschool used to be! And I noticed a small drinkfstand There, as we were passing by, And behind the tiny counter Stood a man I knew at sight! Yes, for it was johnny Steinhauer, Shouting "Cold Drinks" with all his might. I looked at him in wonder, For whoever would have thought That our oldftime brilliant president Could to such a task be brought. But the whole day brought surprisesg Prudy Smith was dancing on the stageg Becky Cobb an opera singerg Clyde Lynn a preacher, quite the rage, Claude Elkins a door bell ringer, Eugene Frensley an authorg Mildred Andrews, an old maid, prim and neat. Dorothy Garrard had grown so very heavy Antiffat was all she'd eat. Bye and bye we reached the home where Gini lived-her husband, too, But he was a traveling salesman, So I didn't find out whol We sat alone to talk some more Discussing the class of '44. Across the street we got a glimpse Of Ruth Evans and Mildred Keene Exchanging gossip over the fence Among that which they related I found this worthy to be slated: Catherine Bundy gayful sight Still after Charles Gray in broad daylight. Louise Atchison dainty as you please Still has Bob Englert on his wornfout knees. jackie Shivers a sailor has married And off to a little cottage she was carried. Dean Cummings has nothing to hide He has chosen Ruth Barton to be his bride. The Marriage Bureau, an interest of many To those who want to wed, At the top of the list is Elsie Lehning Who to Herbert is a dread. Herbert Helton as you see Is head of this propriety. At the Woodland Playhouse, Billy Midgett had a hit, Starring the one and only Anita Whitt. Along with this, a tumbler, L. G. Acree, by name, From his school days had risen to great fame. Others who held the leading roles Of course have honor due Sue Stephens all in bows, judy Stfnphens, dressed in blue. julian ompkins believe it or not, Runs and owns a beauty shop. Bernice Hudson really saves, Because she's the girl who makes the waves. There's always need of loving heart and hands To care for Charles Chilton, who care demands joan Thompson is his nurse Well now, that's good! I'm sure she may do worse Nathan Smith is singing still. While George Hudson runs a bottling mill. Ruth johnson with greatest ease, Laughs and laughs and tries to please. joe Rutherford would really like to sing, Who would ever dream of such a thing! There's Eddie Taylor in a trance In his pawn shop he's taken a chanceg And L. W. Willoughby, I do declare Is making a living by climbing a stair. And Stephen Foster, you'll be surprised His fondest dreams he's realized And in the air he's gained a name And with us here he's shared his fame. The stately poised Christine Darr To a downftrodden world, she's like a star She plays, she sings, she reads, the while The poor, the rich, their time beguile. Betty Thompson gave her heart away And Robert Goodson keeps her gay. To Peggy Timberlake a sea was given She took the giftg a bond was driven Instead of water, she wanted a lad Now Don is hers, and is she glad? Anita Matheny is an actress fair The idol of the public everywhere, Ah! Doris Reynolds confides She's anxious to get married and decides To answer "Yes!" to the first one who dares To proifer her the honored name he bears. And finally Nelle Sanders has chosen the better art Topreign at home-the queen of j ack Holt's heart! Bill Harris would like to travel 'round the world And bring back every flag he finds unfurled. Gerald Norton is a sailor and is brave In search of tokens worth one's while to save! Eileen Mayberry loves these souvenirs! I hope he gets his chance ere many years. Tony Changas wants to know - If he can a doctor be? Surely so! As I looked down the street A sign I did see: "Paul Andrews, Professor of Dentistry' Doris Outlaw waiting there Next in line for the dentist chair. Billy Croolfs heart still doth pound When he takes his wife Mary j. Hamric to town. Patricia Duncan, I very often hear Is still to everyone such a dear. Mildred Stone is also fair Of her beauty she takes great care. Libby Bell blushes so meek When Dick Dance kisses her on the cheek. Melba j. Freeman is kept in the air Because Roy Lawrence is always there. Norma Allen, a soldier has met, They are living happily even yet. Angeloa Dranes has put away his books And concentrates wholly on his looks. Adelia Huffman is still courting under the moon But to Harry Gibson she'll be married soon. Ernest Ham, whose girls used to be many- It is now Mary jo Elam or not any. Dorothy Gregory with a smiling face Serves in a cafe with such grace. Dorothy Weschel sits for hours Looking at her beautiful flowers. johnny Bearden all day sleeps Because of the late hours he still keeps. Frances Ward and Evelyn Parrish still do share All of their joys and sorrows together there. Anne Adler and Bobby Lawhorn End sorrows less Because together they iind their happiness. Ben Meeker arises with the sun While his wife, Sarah Whitehead stays on the run. Alese and William Clements side by side Spread their knowledge far and wide. Alice Bradbury and johnnie Martin go hand in hand Still they think each other simply grand. jane Brown with her winsome ways From john Fottrell receives great praise. Mary Ruth Webster to Charles Black still is cold Because he hasn't yet discovered gold. Mary Greenwood never does a thing But sing and sing and sing. Leslie Biggs is always seen Wearing his suit of brightest green. Margaret Duncan is the governor of a stateg She feels that she was born for such a fate. Dan Vaughn is a millionaire!- He knows not that great wealth is but a snare! Charles Floyd owns and runs a restaurant Whose fair waitress is Fritzie Yount. james Plummer's name, however, shows, The vocation by which he goes. Mary F. McGhee now washes clothes To no one does she tell her woes. Her favorite customer is Claudia Brown Who runs a dressfshop in the town. jean Craighead was bashful then But she has changed her course againg A great orator she has' turned To show from Miss Binkley what she has learned And Donald Davis is a boy Whose fame rests in a toyg He's made a duck that really quacks And leads the children in his tracks. A teacher is Roberta McGinnis ' Her students love this dainty miss. Of Richard Thomas much is heard He sings and whistles like a bird. With Elizabeth Pruter on a team That makes all baseball seemg A thing just meant for girls Who laugh and shake their curls. And Helen jean McCuller has at last Become a typist, accurate and fast. Wauhnita Melton is a Wave She stayed and let her Wendell rave. Fair talents had that jewel Swift And like her name she made a gift That went so quickly to the heart That now it's sold on every mart. I talked and talked and talked with Gini Until the newsg there wasn't any And so I said goodrbye And left as I began to cry. I hurried briskly down the streetg And there I really had a treat. For Charley Thompson and his wife Were rushing at me, for dear life. She told me that her Charley is a shark While getting news he's on a lark. And what I have to tell you now, Is that which Charley does avow. Of Marvin Agee, this he said That somewhere he had read That Marvin had his own freak show That filled the house for row on row. And in this show was Billie Roop She dazed the crowd by eating a hoop. S. M. Browder in a jeep does woo In a G. I. car that's built for two. Lanier johnson is a barber line With Marjorie Luna he's prone to dine. An excellent secretary is jeanne Pace However with Marie Gray she runs a race. Because their employer, Hugh Berry, is the same And their goal is to reach some wonderful fame. David Travis is a tightfrope walker While Frances Estes is an endless talker P 4 ...s Will Hill is a big time politician. Eugenia Vester is a popular sports writer Who has just finished a new ,edition Of "Billy McCreery, World's Greatest Fighter." Ellis Reeder Hooper operates a boarding house Her cherished possessions are two canaries and a mouse. james Gentry is a farmer grand He has the richest of all the land. Hollywood's glamour girl is Ernestine West I hear she's just the very best. A worldfwide traveler is Ruth Rowland ' She's now visiting friends in Poland. Dorothy Farrar has made a success With eight children she's been blessed. Frank Tony is a traffic cop, While Evelyn Etheridge runs a flower shop. Bobby Tugwell is a fireman brave Many lives he tries to save. Catherine Parker puts you in a trance When she steps on the stage to dance. A chicken farm owned by Donald Fottrell Always has fresh country eggs for sale. jean Collins and jean Cron were forced to part They left each other with a broken heart. Dudley McKelly is a hne baker, ' Ruth Vantrease is a lovely dress maker. Marvin Gilbert makes flying carsg He has one he claims will go to Mars. Rachel Wright and Harriet Sue Taylor still do chum To Tommy Chapin's general store they often come. They walk around, and wonder what to buy Then liave without a thingg and Tommy heaves a sig . An ideal housewife is Elizabeth Petty ' At six her evening meal is always ready. Dorothy Paine is a Sundayfschool teacher Her husband Warren Blankenhorn is a preacher. Mary Sircy is a coach at one of the schools, Where Willard Templeton teaches the use of tools. Martha Baggarly is a telephone operator, always at ease, When she asks these oft"repeated words, "Num' ber Please?" A dress designer is Manha Wohlbold She makes everything new, nothing old. Kitty Kroutter makes everything bright She's a little nurse dressed in white. Patricia Peeler's life was filled with toil and trouble, But she married Theron Milligan and they left like a bubble. Frances Bodily has reached her two main goals, To make for her husband good cakes and rolls. Oween Brady attends a sewingfbee, To sew, to gossip, and to sip her tea. Marian johnson is still here, To her husband, Richard Scott, is a dear. Mary Katherine Douglas has a brilliant mind A new element she's trying to find. Trixie Logue always loved the color red, In a bright shade she did wed. Polly Farrar is sociable and gay, She attends parties every day. james Hulme is still a flirt He wears a bow tie and a ruiiled shirt. Edith Whitus went live years ago to Spain, There for the test of her life she'll remain. Some members of an all-girl band Who really deserve a great big hand Are Elizabeth Smith and Esther Sharpg 'Cause they play from dawn 'til dark. , .H Lucille Lance is still on the job Making the money for herself and Bob. jack Corn can't help from yawning, While he still hangs his awning. Thelma Freund awaits her flame. Who's coming soon to change her name. jodeene Foggus is filled with joy, 'Cause the last one is a boy! josephine Pickle to New York did go, Was a real hit, as you may know. Leon Williams lives on the West Coast Of a Hollywood wife he sits' and boasts. Anne Galloway has finally consented to marry Ted Murray He threatened to leave her, and she began to worry! Brownie Hickam in Washington wearing tux and high hat, Has proven to be a stuffedfshirt diplomat. Virginia Reauis by a cradle stood While poor john was chopping wood. Sarah Christian is always simple and sweety All the qualities of a fine character she does meet. Eris Sands in her small dainty way, Goes to visit the sick every single day. Dick Kachelhofer on an old car fender Sits for hours, 'cause he's a peanut vender. Katherine Thornton is a maid to a millionaire A little white cap and apron she does wear. Mary Louise Atkins reports for "The Daily Free Press," She keeps -us tab on all changes in dress. Billy Hardison is chief pencil sharpener in two large firms, He does little odd jobs, also, to stay on good terms. William Pickle is a butcher of meat, His wife Ruby Nell Woodard keeps his shop neat. Rebecca Kerr is a good secretary, that's true. She always wears a smile and is never blue. Marie Kerkeles works in a five and dime She loves to do it all the time. Ten years have passedg Doris Farmer's married at last. Then 1 was very tired and sleepy. So I felt that it was best To withdraw myself a little For an hour or two of rest. l slept long and very soundly, And just judge of my surprise When again, after my slumber, I opened my drowsy eyes, I found myself in the cottage I had lived in long ago, Ere I started out that morning On that curious quest to go. I sprang up and sought the window. Yes, it was the same old town, That, in what seemed years ago, I had wearily lain down, But the dream had been so life-like, That e'en yet I could not feel That the vision I had witnessed Could be otherwise than real. So you see, dear friends and classmates, 'Twas nothing but a dream I've been telling, however natural And real it to you must seemg But in this old world of wonders, Dreams have oftenftimes come true, So, who knows but this my vision May be realized by you? LIBBY DUNWOODY, Prophet of 19 SS la 3-4 .Q C u ua Us c cape SC IO 'o GREATEST AMBITION FAVORITE SAYING APPEARANCE FAME RESTS ON WILL NAME keeper named ent house an ve a perm ha . .To Futs!" W ."A t. ...Nea eo" character . .His "Rom .His rightwing Rorc shift cree, L. G. III, A 5 E c: ...S .EH 08 is Si Euro 'V-fha E ru E fag -5 Euog :craig EBSQ OOOO HPF? Im. C111 "', 5a:. .L1i2,,' 'Cr"'.2I onli' EDJ!-lj 'mr SEBI: uidwg 'U.::..c: F??5 1.:w Zg'.E assi A-I 'MN :Egg 9929 di ' O q .. IE - Zvi greg w:'iO LE-CT3 vocab, aa'-3,,,u 5505 ,,,... wiii ,Iii "E . - :N I3-5 igis 25543 saiw 14-v.!I.Q 5.20.2 mB'D"' :ESE F053 ,ir ,r-11' -. Lu ..sU 1.35 'Circa .-.. QVEE C5556 QEZB -,-cu E856 -ow.:c: 'fI'f."C'C of basket' .His place as captain 3 E m a 3 3 'U C 'C si I Big JI sas ,gg Sgm B05 6-3 333 OOO 555 3.2 M -gg. mg .MQ Eau bed!! am9 o..ci-..r FQ? fo: .9. 522: NNE' H05 05,1 n-1'?s 533 -CAE E90 255 WFP :ia .1 ..3 ..Q :IQ :gi 523 525 :vow .DEQ :So n-I .qi .2 .5 C EA 35 52 YD Q.:-E Bi 'CQ' . I gan. 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V oice ....... . . .Unaffected, . . . ."All right, all right", . . ,... .To be a life-saver Biggs, Leslie ...........,,.. . . .A package of gum .... . . .His grin .....,. . . .Happy ..... . ."Let's give him a little hand". .Ambitionless faccording to himl Black, Charles William jr. . . . . . .His black hair ...... . . .Being a sailor. . . , . .Appealing . . . ."No letter today". . . . . . . . , .To be famous Blankenhorn, Warren Arthur. . . .Shorter school terms .... . . .Muteness. . . . . . .Unbending. . . ."Doesn't say much". . . . .A general in the army Bodily, Frances ,,.. ..... ..,. A l arm clock .... ..... . . . .Her ambit ns. . . . .Attractive . . ."That's cute" ..,.. . . .To teach ballet Bradbury, Alice Joy. . . . .Ability to play basketball. . . . .Middle name, , . . . .Energetic . . . "What's cookin'7". . . , . .To play basketball on her 85th birthday Brady, Oween ...... . . .Odd name ...........,,, . . .Friendliness ....., . . .Quiet ..... . ."G ness gracious". . . . . .To be called Oween instead of Owen Browder, S. M.. ..... . . . ,A date with Glenna. . , . . .His junk ofa car. . . . ."Einstein '. . . ."True!". . . . . . . . . , . .Go to West Point Brown, Claudia Virginia. . . . . .Her friendliness. . . . . .Black hair .... . . . , , ,Lively. . . ."H1 there". . . . . . . . .Snake charmer Brown, Jane ....,. .... , . Cute ways . . . . . . ,Sunny disposition , . . . . .Peppy . . . 'A1n't it awful ' . . . . . . To enjoy life 5. awp ,,. 942 u O 5 3 SN -2 W? D gt, ,,,,, 5 85 22 'E Tags U.-4 Q U va54-IO 38 ' 51203: 3 Mctibubb-Dm Ou L. cefeofuiga ug uggginvcg -M-- i-4 0:3010 Um onus-gru -'1 6 341 U fu NGC up NB oz -Devo .ad ru Qc.:-1 O wigs: saws no.g,gQ.3Eun.8nn.:-135.3 o Poooo ooooo HQQHHHPQPHHHH . fav- . ,H r . .. .C ' rx- -- -u' 'ol --: -0' .,. . M. "Dag, 'au-G. 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"W e' Templeton, Willard. . . . .A pause that refreshes. . . . . ,Graceful movements ..... .Wide. . . ."Just call me "Flattop' . . .To retire at the age of 21 Thomas, Richard. . . . . , .Bright remarks ,... . . . . . . nfunny jokes .,..... .Lanky. . . , ,"ls that so?' . . . ..... . . .To see the world without Navy W U UD 3.2 28 EQ g SE U magna ,g ,,.H,,, 55-2 we -gan: ,gg 4-l gig NZ -Qu 3-Cl EOo oo I-.I-fl-'E-1 I-+1 43,1 if fi :sf gg L62 Ee Erma 'ES 53.3 'DS' o.-C15 :lm aao Oh ..? ?r 25. .C" .02 z .,H. ..,,. .p. 0. - ns... 196 'CD 3253 B315 532' was .Bi Wg.-'.:' Emi Egg ... KDE .Simca :LE-'co full Lv.. E-'Q .2t1Z' .Ogg H-I-4 eg? '.:a AEQ sf? E55 .ami Om U-.M cidsi? QQSN mag EEL. OOO .a..c:..:: E-'l-fl-' i A C U 8 -M C1 C5 u I-H BM E QQ m 'O as 3 I-I an Q. fe Q. on .Q V? fy will anything" Ds S :Q as S l-' E0 h" d Egl hip 's-4 N -C I-3 Cl-4 I3 FN ru 5 on DD rd is D mx 'O U M-4 'U G D -C 3 ..i ui Z .E 'D I-4 G3 U ua 'G .D E U E 2 TE ie EH Cl .ff :Q E E-' B .E Be ss O"" H5 . .H .A U-Ls. 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I, , ., 1' 'IH ' u 1 55 11.3 f1,g,'51,, , 15:-P"1-Qi il. 1 Q 1 f 1PlIll'l' r .lg V , s - .,.: 11, Qxw, f 'S"?1?1:1! QF 1 7 Q. , 1 ,Q ,1.n 4 ,id , A3 -.3 .i, 5 rw Ffa -iii 'XM ,N 1, ,I g, ...7 4, , L FJ , ,ug no' ,V ' .J 3 -J .32 E, , 'VT A . 1 ., :A .,, ,J 1 fl 1 .. . . 5 11 , ,wi nv, ,. ' Y ,I ,N " e ,,. 1 1h+'iW '-V-ex.-.U 1 f.,L' fa, . M 5 13-U , ,V .Qin 11,1 , -,, 1 55, . ,, ,E ' -11, ,N- ' 11213 '1'q,,,, , in ,,-1' iii A F Ti' -4. T, f,, G mg 'gm i '11 , 41' A W- as . 4 , , ,1 ef, ', 5 ' .. if , , ,114 4 .'.'., 1 ,. 4 1,.,fL.2?:f4' Football G For the first time in the history of East High, the gridders were taken to Camp Hy' Lake two weeks before the beginning of the fall term. Approximately thirtyffive boys, the majority having their Hrst try at high school football, attended. Painfully missed were such star performers as AllfSouthern Owen Howell, Clarence Hewgley, "Ox" Blackford and many others who had entered the armed forces. Despite this loss, however, the Red and Gray made an excellent record for themselves by winning a total of seven games, while losing only three. A total of 138 points were scored against East's oppof nents, while the Eagle's strong defense let only 77 points go over the Red and Gray goal. The Eagles were capably led by Junior Tom Keysaer and featured such outstanding men as Clarence Harper, Dick Fulton, and Gerald Norton. Perhaps the most spectacular was the fancy openffield running of Clarence 'LCurly" Harper who sustained a broken collar bone in the early stages of the season, but recovered in time to play in the M. B. A. game, the last of the season. It is notable that he was on the Nashville AllfCity three of the four weeks he played. "Forward Eagles" was taken literally in perhaps the most spectacular game of the season, as the spirited East eleven tromped a formidable Litton combine 32-12, with Harper going for the majority of the touchdowns on his wide end sweeps. The entire East team performed brilliantly to play their part in keeping East's foot' ball record among the best. Boysf Ba skctball The East Eagles were dethroncd from their position as Interscholastic Champions this year. Although they lost four of the Hrst strings, Don Mclntyre and James Stone by graduation, Richard Primm and Bob Swope through the armed forces, they were seeded third in the Eighth District. Led by high point man, joe Bell, who was the first sophomore in the history of East High to make the AllfNashville, the Eagle cagers Won a total of fourteen games and lost eight. Being defeated by the State Champions, West Blue Jays, after bowling over David Lipscomb in the quarter finals of the District Tournament held at Father Ryan, East completed a comparatively successful season considering that only three boys of the entire squad had had previous experience in high school basketball. LEADING SCORERS Player Games Points joe Bell .......,....... 21 201 George Miles ,.......,..., 22 143 Paul Andrews QCaptainD ,.... 22 140 john Dugger ..........,. 22 119 Nick Busholen ....,.... 16 52 Doug Harris .... 19 64 Girls' Basketball Led by forward Alice Bradbury, the East Eaglets had an unusuilly successful se ison with a total of nine games won and five losses to their credit Coached by Mr J H Wiridrow, the girls were runnersfup at the District Tournament Throughout the season the girls displayed the type of fighting spirit that has always been typical of East High GIRLS TEAM East East East East East East ALICE BRADBURY .... Forward MARY SIRCY ........ Forward EARLENE G1BsoN .,... Forward RECORD .......18 .,..24 ...,26 ....2O ....22 ....35 East .r... ..., 1 4 East ...,. .... 1 6 East ..... .... 2 6 East ..... .... 2 6 East ..... ,... S East ...., .... 3 3 East East ....l8 ....l8 JOHNNIE MARNN Gu 1rd MARIE GODDARD Guard HARRIET LoTT. Guard FOR SEASON College Grove Litton ...... Hillsboro. . , . Alumni. . . Antioch .... Portland .... Litton .... T. l. S. .,,. . Mt. Juliet. . . T. I. S. .... . Hillsboro .... DuPont ..... Mt. Juliet. . . Cumberland. . Golf East High golf team consisting of Eugene Legler, Billy McCreery Ewin Collier and jimmy High, though not as formidable as some past foursomes has made a start typical of teams that have brought home championship trophies None of the boys has ever been on an East team, but all have had previous experience and should place Well in the city finals. East ..,. East East East ..,. East .... Eastm.. East East East ,... East ,... East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East 'Tournament Games 956 Record of Football Games West....... .....2O Howardm... .....32 Litton..... ....r2O T.I.S..... ...7 Ryan...,. ,..,,21 Cohn...,. ,....13 North..... .,.6 Central..., ...O DuPont...., .....13 M.B.A..... 9579 Record for Basketball Season ,....45 College Grove. . .. .,.,.43 Cohn,...,..,, ..,..32 Litton..,... .,...44 Hillsboro-.. .....18 West..... ,....36 Alumni... ....,38 Antioch..,.. .....45 Portland..,.. .,...22 Litton..... ..,..45 Cohn..... .,...41 T.I.S..... .....24 M.B.A..... .....30 Central... .....31 West...., .,...44 T.I.S........ ...,.45 Mt.juliet..... .....38 M.B.A..,.. .,...24 Hillsboro... .,...23 DuPont,,,.. .....33 Central.... 46 'Lipscomb .... 24 'West ..... My 2fd71ZfQg7f,, ? M fp 1 W W 1 i . LWWM QW MQW uf A Wffjy gf wVy Xvf wfT A l A ' x QR . Q mg W My 295 J ww E S WW MM KWZZZ WW QZMWWUI -My A wx V 5 V 5 W . 2.1: 3" 5 - 3-5,-V X V H- .355 I 4 . . lv ,. .MV Mv,,4,,,A N., ' N ,1 - .,Vy. 4 if .J 14 Q ai w ' if A 5, V syr- ff? ' iw 'E 1- Mig W- ga 4 .,:-1 25 V ,TG 4 xi-3 . WP :qw :LZQV ' , ,V VV ,ff-'zu 1-fi-,.,., if 'C--. , . " - 'Z-"7"V5' "' 'Z""" ,, ' -1 'ff f ff ,f 52 A. A'd,,- .V h 11-3:f'7'15'.',Q ff "'T":Q. - ' ' fi' . , ' " , ' ,Mf',..1,-Ky., N A - f- I ' - . 5, an A-,Qfrj ti. f ij, any, , . w "' fjlf. -V' 'wsfm V ' ei .'- 'f f V, , . V -:Z 933,-, V! 1: gf,,-V?Vw'ffff1'?1f ' Ziyi , . 'ml , V, ,Q UM gfff.: h - "3-+f,3QjziV3+Qzxvtffg1' ,?,VH:,' 7, 131' Q7 " - . Qi: f - - gf.,-,.,L,IVV,.,Lf .45-,,.,V R Vgkgf I 'H - 'f 'W' "'ff5'V' '94f'7T,iLf??' "' ' ,,.,V,.- , ,,, -VLQQE X XBXSQV i i ,i-YQ .. -V X 5 A iq V - 't """"aw " f , .X , -. f.,. ,Vf-,ig Q . . ' V , I .... . ,Tr Vyiim. , R ,, is az: gg ., .Ifffj"13"fg,.:.:3 Qfxtsil ' V IV .g ?a4HHffH,f!,,..!,Q,:.A NK Qxvxx . V . 7, 2' Jflfu- 9' , ,, -ur' Q- Xu? 7 , ,Vi 1fa:,,,!f V'e,5,yy,,3iw-VV ' X321 - ig ,V V , 4,10 ff I .V K LH17 X V w,.,,,, - 'h :V V ,--V3 ffl' fi V ., sr , if I ,V :ff 'f-'?,':r.1e,v, ,V-:A A' 42,1 74:9 ff, ff , ,1,V1M1qfV me u ' Z ,, 'Z V' ,V .V 21 ' 1 I Q V , ' . 1'e'1f,"'f . 1 ' 'H ' A V , ,IJ 5, pi M Vi 1 , 'V 'yew f 2 , V V1 , ,. .f1"'Q-'gig' ' ff fd- ' .V,,,'.?'3 . . F hi. . ' JE 115 L. A -.yilgu ' k x 6'.g?p,'7 . f-1 . I , V ' ' ' - 4 VT' . . Q L ,mmjirig 'H 'H fwua f A 'wi-11 5 3 fps? .' V 'V if: ' ' wif gf' 1 5 .. ni- - 1 'NTL W J ff81,f"VA ' ' 'LVJ M . 51 ny '- '-?1 . , dv 1 'jx .Va 1-2 ,V w- V W. . I , I ' r . :lb -xr . .f- ' 1 V A "1 '- x I E i Ia-'V v i'-wIfV.Vi'i -V Vgi' gi' A - , V . J ' V V. V. , 'V A 1 my 1 ,: ,g-, ff V wwf, V 53" V, - ' if H4 '5 h Q.x5tlSLm.ddN' T !'Q"31KZl? ,V'-m.Vi+1f Y' ' U!"-' ' 1 "LlE:gli5amH.'.'i5b2,fQ:5kHmAl" V ' W ' ' k' A L Seated-Left to Right: H. Robinson, P. McGowan, R. Peal, D. Fulton, J. Martin. J. Steinhauer, J. Simpf son, F. Frech. Standing: L. Johnson, E. Stephens. D, Fottrell. M. A. Harden, M. J. Hamric, J. Gentry, A. Galloway, Miss Margaret Gate, G. Kemp, C. Piper, W. Mclntosh, M. A. Allen, B. Thompson. J. Hemhy C966 Student Council OFFICERS Chairman JOHNNIE MAaTiN Secretary DICKIE FULTON 956 9519 Presidents Cabinet 9579 Left to Rught: R. Pitts, Secretary of State. J. Stephens, Secretary of Interior, D. Travis, Secretary of State S. Stephens, Secretary of Information, J. Steinhauer, President, D. Farrar, Secretary of Treasury, R Peal Secretary of Law anal Order, B, Tassey, Secretary of Agriculture, G. Cate, Secretary of Commerce, Monitors Head Mivnitor Roumzr PEAL Q? Q19 Fxrst Row A. Young, A. Atwood, M. Anderson, D. Dean, B. A. Givens, B. Ellis. j. Peal. Second Row--O. Brady, j. Patterson, J. Chance. 'Third Row E. Mayberry. C. Mitchell, D. Farrar, j. High, L. johnson, M. Carney. Fouvth Row R. Bell, T. Trotter, R. Pettigrew, G.Glxilton, H. Fnson, F. Gray, G. Moor. C5519 Supreme Court Clnef justice BILLY MIDGETT QQQ Left to Rtght G. Hudson, T. Ghangas, j. Hilton. Miss Evalyne Howington, Sponsor. B. Mitlgett M. Duncan, G. Cate, P. McGowan. Civitan Club OFFICERS President L. G. AGREE VicefPresiderIt ROBERT PITTS Secretary JAMES HULME Treasurer CHARLES CHILTCDN Chaplain GEORGE CATE Miss Civitan VIRGINIA QIIINN --Qing.. First Row WLeft to Right: G. Hudson, J. Hulme, L. G. Acree, V. Quinn, R. Pitts G. Cute, C. Chilton. Secorid Row: B. Midgett, H. Gibson, Bezirden, E. Legler, D. Tra Vis, Mr. Grunt, C. Gray, R. Pettigrew, T. Chxingzis. Civinette Club OFFICERS President VIRKEINIA QUINN VicefPresident ELLIS Runner: HOOPER Secretary MARY JEAN HAMRIC Treasurer JEANNI2 HILTON Chaplain BETTY TITOMPSON Social Chairman LIIIBY DUN NVOODY First Row--'L. Dunwoody, J. Hilton, E. R. Hooper, V. Quinn, M. J. Hamric, B. Thompson, A. F. Hudf son Second Row J. Thompson, F. Ward, E. Parrish, H. S. Taylor, M. Stienmiller. Miss Roberta Kirkpatf rick, D. Farrar, M. Wilson, A. Huffman, N. Sanders. CQQQ Red Cross OFFICERS President BETTY THOMPSON FANNIE HILTON CC'P7CS1dEUf Secretary TONY CHANGAs Q50 First Row f J. Hilton, B. Thornpson, T. Changas. Second Row E. Parrish, E. R. Hooper, F. Ward M. Greenwood, Miss Howington, S. Greer, A. Atwood, M. Anderson, Third Row-H. S. Taylor, E. Edwards J. Fisher, B. Harris, M. Lackey. J. Craighead, N. Sanders, H. Robinson, D. Timmons. Fourth Row A. F. Hud son, S. Christian, B. Pendleton, M. J. Freeman, M. Baggarlv, E. Sharpe, D. Johnson, D. Reynolds. Fifth Row J Pickard, A, Whitt, R. Rowland, M. Scott, L. Johnson, J. Reynolds, C. Bradley, H. Noles. P. Todd, S. McCulley Boy-Girl Friendship Club OFFICERS President SUE STEPHENS Vicefljresident JEAN PACE Secretary JUDY STEPHENS ..QllVIQ.. First RowffMrs. Aumiller, Cofsponsor, M. J. Freeman, F. Yount, L. Atchison J. Stephens, S. Stephens, D. Farmer, L. Bell, Mrs. T. O. Miller, Sponsor. Second Rowf S. Whitehead, M. Johnson, Thompson, F. Ward, H. S. Taylor, M. J. Harnric, E. Parf fish, E. R. Hooper, S. Christian, A. Bradbury, J. Martin, B. Thompson, J. Pickard, A Whitt, R. Rowland, G. Griggs. Third RowfD. Reynolds, A. Matheney, B. Kerr K. Thornton, L. Lance, j. Craighead, N. Sanders, A. Adler, P. Duncan, D. Farrar, A Huffman, S. Greer, R. Wright, M. Baggarly, J. Shivers, D. Outlaw, L. B. Kersey. 1 Chorus First Row--Left to Right: M. McCallis, N. Jackson, M. K. Etter, H. S. Taylor, N. McMahon, E. R. Hooper, J. Craighead, L. Dunwoody, J. E. Hudson, F. Ward, M. Westmoreland, B. S. Tassey, V. Moore. Second Row: D. Melton, L. Dickerson, R. Perry, F. Chapin, S. Stephens, L. Atchison, L. Bell, J. Brown, Mr. Dowden, C. Parker, B. Charles, V. Johnson, G. Preston, J. Haynie, M. Steinmiller, A. Davis. Fourth Row: A. Gallo' way, M. Locke, C. Hackney, T. Street, M. Horan, E. Vinson, M. Jacobs, H. Noles, M. Goddard, J. Shivers, L. Stanley, E. Johnson, D. Paine, H. Lott, R. Gordon, S. Nabors, J. Summars, F. Solomon. Fifth Row: R. Beasley, R. Kerr, K. Thornton, D. Dean, R. N. Woodard, M. Wilkerson, L. Sharpe, Mebius, Tate, Farrell, M. F. McGhee, H. Smith, J. Grissom. Sixth Row: L. Jernigan, V. Perry, J. McCormick, E. Pettey, M. J. McBride, A. Hayes, B. Hardison, E. Parrish, M. J. Hamric, B. Crook, C. Moor, B. Roehrig, N. Haden, J. Melton, J. Peal, M. McClanahan, E. Howell, D. Matthews, M. Keene, V. Armstrong, D. Johnson, J. Fisher, D. Garrard. Seventh Row: S. Greer, P. Douglas, R. Peal. Eighth Row: D. McKelley, J. Tuhh, H. Graves, D. Fottrell, T. Chapin, D. Kachelhofer, E. Frensley, J. Parsley, M. Peeler, M. G. Henderson, M. Sircy, C. Bandy, R. McGinnis, D. Vaughn, L. Johnson, L. Downs, B. Leckie. Ninth Row: W. Farrell, C. Bradley, R. Lovelace, T. Trotter. Le Cercle Francais MoT'ro Voulmr, cxest pouvoir OFFICERS President SONIA Youwo VicefPresident VIRGINIA PATF Secretary Bouam WEST Treasurer TOM GARNFR SergeantfAtfArms MARJORIE STEINMILLFR Sponsor Miss KATHRYN HAILIQ Flrst Rowflxft to Right Miss Hai1e,L.Tay1or, R.Tur. ner, T. Garner, D. Beck, M Steinmiller, V. Pate, B. West- Second Row: F. Solomon, H Lott, S. Young, J. Ray, A Osborne. Thzrd Row: J. Edg ing, S. Bardwell, I. Price, F McQueen, j. Vaughn. National Forensic League OFFICERS President DAVID TRAVIS Vice-President TONY CHANLZAS Secretaryffreasurer NANCY GOSSAGB --Qmllbv First Row--N. Gossage, D. Travis, T. Changas Second Row f S, Seligman, F. Renfro, Y. Miller bl. Patterson, Miss Binkley, Third Row-WB. Mid gett, P. McGowan. G, Page, B. Binkley, V. Pate E. Ham. Dramatic Guild OFFICERS President TONY CHANGAS VicefPresident BILLY MIDGETT Secretary GEORGE GATE Treasurer SYLVIA SELIGMAN SergeantfatfArms EDDIE TAYLOR --Qlvlb.. First RowiLeft to Right: E. Taylor, G. Gate, T. Changas, B. Midgett, S. Selig' man, D. Travis. Second Row: J. Hulme, S. McGulley, V. Quinn, L. G. Acree, P. Mcf Gowan, B. Rovvden, T. Freund, N. Gossage, J. Meriwether, Miss Binkley. Third Row: M. McClanahan, B. A. Givens, V. Pate, J. Patterson, Y. Miller, F. Renfro, G. Preston, R. Evans, B. Thompson, V. Moore, B. Tassey, P. Todd, A. Matheney, A. F. Hudson. Fourth Row: A. McEwen, D. Reynolds, D. Dean, H. Robinson, M. Peeler, G. B. Eberhart, L. B. Kersey, D. Farrar, A. Huffman, V. Leonard, R. Welch, J. Garrison, R. Gordon, B. Binkley. Fifth Row: L. Johnson, R. Bell, S. M. Browder, M. A. Harden, G. Hudson, E. R. Hooper, E. Parrish, B. A. Keele, J. Gilbert, J. Mebius, J. Fitts, G. Page, N. Haden, D. Douglas, R. Bartlett, D. Douglas, E. Ham, T. Chapin. Eagle Staff Spanish Club OFFICERS President J. DUGGER CFallJ D. KACHELHOFER CSpringJ VicefPresident B. ENGLBRT CFallJ T. CHANGAS CSpringJ Secretary F. CHAPIN --dinnin- First RowfB. Englert, J. Dugger, F. Chapin, D. Kachelhofer, T. Changas. Second Row-M. A. Brooks, J. N. Burge, R. Gordon, M. R. Wain, A. Young, E. Yates, B. Sands, A. Atwood, P. McGowan, L. G. Acree, Miss Evalyne Howington, D. Douglas, M. F. Clements, M. Anderson, B. Ellis, B. A. Givens, J. E. Hudson, M. A. Harden, B. A. Keele. Third Row-B. Grice, M. Chamberlain, L. Dunwoody, A. F. Hudson, S. Selig' man, T. Chapin, J. Cope, B. Bryant, Y. Miller, F. Renfro, R. Pettigrew, B. Leckie, J Chance, L. Reed, L. Moore, M. Mims, E. M. Collins, R. Bartlett, B. Rowden, M. Bing' ham, M. Peeler, M. Crowe, R. Goolsby, S. Burch. Fourth Row-M. Greenwood M. Lackey, D. Phillips, E. Edwards, D. Dean, M. S. Pettus, M. J. Greer, B. Binkley H. Payne, J. Eddings, P. Williams, J. Norris, R. Ferguson, J. Haynie, J. Mebius, M Prince, M. Horan, M. J. McBride, J. Tubb. Fifth RowfS. Smith, M. Wilson, D. Hopf kins, C. Chilton, J. Thompson, M. Carney, B. J. Murphree, B. S. Rice, H. Gibson, W Farrell, B. Harris, D. Cunningham, P. Williams, S. Seay, B. Crutcher, B. Brown, H. Pugh, J. Gerrard, B. Beasley. 3 9 QQ?-U Girl Scouts qqyluub.. Fwst Row'--C. Wiggins, E. Sands, M. H. Medearis. Second Row-M. Elam, Mrs. Wood, K. Douglas. Thwd Row- B. Hudson, B. S. Tassey, R. Bartlett. Fourth Row-D. Douglas, B. j. Vaughn, Mr. Oliver. Q68 Hi-Y OFFICERS President TOM KEYS.-ann VicefPresident GERALD NORTON Sec1etary JOHNNY STEINHAUER Treasurer HANK STONE Chaplain DIOKIB FULTON SergeantfAt-Arms Louxs DowNs First Row---'Left to Right D. Fulton, G. Norton, T Keysaer, 1. Steinhauer, H Stone. Second Row: S. Hood J. Bell, B. Englert, R. Swann Third Row: H, Graves, D Harris, L. Downs, E. Corlew Fourth Row: Mr. Baker, W Deathridge, J. King, C. Brad ley, B. Roberts. i l I Girl Reserves OFFICERS President JANE GWIN VicefPresident SUE STEPHENS Secretary GEORGIA BELLE EEERI-IART Treasurer LOUISE ATCHISON Chaplain RUTH GORDON SergeantfAtfArn1s PAULINE WILLIAMS ..q,1,,,g,.. First Row-R. Gordon, L. Atchison, S. Stephens, J. Gwin, G. B. Eherhart, P. Wil' liams. Second Row-B. J. Delaney, M. A. Brooks, A. Clements, S. McCulley, M. F. Clements, J. Cope, D. Farmer, D. Farrar, A. Young, J. Brown, R. Wright, L. Bell. Third Row-J. Hudson, R. Welch, P. Todd, V. Leanord, A. Davis, J. Gilbert, A. McEwen, T. Freund, J. Kennell, J. Simpson, C. Watts. Fourth Row-J. Garrison, M. J. Hamric, D. Farrar, S. Bardwell, D. Timmons, J. Stephens, E. Hasty, C. Fox, M. R. Wain, M. A Harden, B. Robinson, M. Smith, G. Preston, E. Bradley, E. Barter, V. Johnson, B. Charles C. Duncan, Anderton, M. Chamberlain. Fifth RowwM. Williamson, D. Reynolds K. Johnson, L. B. Kersey, L. Stanley, A. Matheney, D. Cunningham, S. Seay, J. Sanders J. Shivers, D. Anglea, A. F. Hudson, S. Greer. 1 3 9 owe Oflice Staff owe .. W. l First Row--R. Turner, S. McCulley, J. Garrison. Second Row' j. Gilbert, J. Thompson, M. Mims. Thivd Row S. Stephens, Mr. Oliver, P. Tmltl, Miss -lean Berg, S. Seay. Fourth Row H. FUSOI1, D. Rey' molds, E. Sands, D. Matthews, D. Cunningliam, L. Stanley. QQ?-D l Library Staff OFFICERS President MAME ANDERSON VicefPresident PEARL ALLEN Secretary BETTY BYRANT I C-LQ?-J Ky' X " . ' 1 First Row 'V Left to Right: P. Allen. M. Anderson, B. Byrant. Second Row: H. Fuson, E. Yates, S. Burch kux M. Hollister, M. Crows. Third Row: A. I.. Melvin, M. Carney, H. Stone, R. Bartlett, A. Atwood. . 'fyf 017117, I 4 .0"', f s fy ,flywf .gwf - ,1 Honor SOCICKXY J OFFICERS President NANCY GOSSAGE VicefPresident DAVID TRAVIS Secretary and Treasurer ELLIS REEDER HooPER ..g4mg,.. First Row-D. Travis, N. Cossage, E. R. Hooper. Second Row-J. E. Hudson A. Galloway, B. Tassey, M. Duncan. Third RowMM. A. Harden, B. A. Givens J. Simpson, V. Quinn, P. McGowan, R. Evans, B. Hudson, L. J. Shaff. Fourth Row- B. A. Keele, C. Fox, B. Ellis, D. Dean, F. Chapin, B. Bryant, H. J. McCullar, E. Parrish Miss Katherine Atkinson. Fifth Row-F. Solomon, M. Steinmiller, S. Young, C. Wig gins, E. Edwards, M. Lackey, D. Douglas, S. Seligman, M. Horan, J. Hilton, Miss Mar garet Cate. Sixth Row-B. Binkley, D. Cummings, C. Judd, H. Helton, B. Roehrig G. Cate, B. Midgett, R. Pettigrew, H. Clemmons, B. Mitchum. First Roww A. Adler, D. Farmer, J. Stephens, P. Duncan, K. Thornton, N. Sanders, M. Scott, M. God' dard. Second Rowe -G. B. Eherhart, M. Sircy, A. Bradhury, J. Martin, Melton, Gwin, B. Kerr. Third Row L. Atchison, D. Outlaw, Griffin, C. Pettus, B. J. Morris, l. Wooten, L. Lance, M. Johnson. Fourth Row-- J. Sanders, J. Shivers, L. Stanley, K. Johnson, L. B. Kersey, C. Wiggins, R. Rowland, Miss Lucy Dye, A. Whitt, E. Tucker, M. Karr, C. Parker, H. Noles, J. Reynolds. GQ?-D Home Economics Club OFFICERS Presldent MAiuoN Scorr VIC8'PTES1dCHI NIZLL SANDERS Secretary CAmuiuNrz THoRroN Artist Doius FARMER C-LQ6 Q56 Industrial Arts Drafting Class Q58 Fwst Row '-B. Rose, B. Hardison, T. Trotter, C. Crestwell, B. Crook, A. Matheney, V. Anderson, H Graves, H. Stone, S. Bingham, l. Ray, R. Peal. Second Row-fC. Slack, R. Kachelhofer, J. Gentry, D. Vaughn G. Bowers, R. Thomas, B. Crutcher, R. Rainey. Third RowY'D. J. Ayres, Instructor, P. Williams, T. Chap in, J. Stroud. D. Sloan, T, Bowles, G. Underwood, B. Pickel, R. Scott, R. Hoffman. Diversified Occupations Class First TablefLeft to Right: B. Hill, Gentry, T. Plumber, S. Jackson, F. Stephens, R. Beasley, V. Sain. Second Table, Backs to Camera: H. Fletcher, O. Dezmthridge, C. Thompson, M. Agee, R. Car' penter, R. Hope, G. Sniothernion, J. Pickel, F. Gentry, F. Southerland, R. Lovelace, M. F. McGhee, C. Floyd, T. Milligan, President. Standing: D. Paine, F. Estes, S. Jenkins, H. Berry, Mr. Grant. Officers and Committees of Alumni Association First RowfLeft to Right: E. Newby, J. Bartley, R. D. Goldsby, R. Lovelady, A. Roehrig, J. Johnson. Second Row: M. K. Goodwin, K. Faulkner, J. Dickerson. Third Row: N. Allan, L. Fite, J. Tucker, M. Chenault, B. J. Willis, M, A. Walker, H. Simmons, R. Baker, R. Eubank, Miss Haile. ..q,g,.. OFFICERS President KITTY FAULKNER VicefPresident EMBREY HADLEY Secretary MAI ELLEN LAWLER Treasurer MARY KATHRYN Goonwm Sponsor Miss KATHRYN HAILE ..qqQ.. The girls of the Association are doing their hest to "carry on" While the boys are in the service of their country. V Band First RowfLeft to Right: V. Quinn, S. Christian, B. Carter, J. Sensing, B. Brown, T. Trimble, S. Whitehead, B. Baucom, H. Eakes, B. McGowan, H. Shaff, F. Yount, M. F. Clements, J. Cope, B. Garrison, J. Thompson, M. Cutrell, V. Brooks, L. Dun' woody. Second Row: C. Bryan, M. Freeman, R. Collier, R. Eddings, C. W. Head, O. Sanders, B. Mitchum, M. Carney, E. Compton, D, Davis, J. Greek, M. A. Harden, M. Hawkins, M. Duncan, J. Oden, B. Quesenbury, D. Cunningham, S. McCulley, J. Horner, H. Jackson, J. Luther, J. Witt. Third Row: K. Parkinson, T. Moores, R. Striplin, D. Douglas, C. Mitchell, J. Eddings, J. Hemby, J. Bearden, H. Pugh, B. Beasf ley, B. Brown, W. Neely, R. Thompson, B. Hicks, Harwell, D. Moyers. The East High Band, under the direction of Mr. Henri Minsky, has been very sucf cessful throughout the past year. It has furnished music for football games, basketball games, and for programs to further the war effort. The success of the sixty piece organif zation is due largely to the untiring work of its director. R. 0. T. C. Color Guard PFC. D. Domus, COLOR SGT. H. KIRBY, CPL. T. LOFTIN PFC. F. DEJARRNETT Company A CAPTAXN L. G. Aciufre 1s'r. LT. R. PEAL - lsr. SGT. R. RAINEY CPL. J. GILLAND First Row-'Left to Right: 2nd Lt. E. Ham, Sgt. W. Murf dock, Cpl. W. Worsham, B. jared, D. Allen, R. Scott, j. Stepp, Derseweh, Pfc. H. Smith, Guide Sgt. E. Horton. Second Row: j. Bell, W. Wright, M. Hutchison, W. Neely, S. Clayton, J. Tanks' ley, C. Bradley, F. Parkhurst. Third Row: 2nd Lt. E. Leg' ler, Guide Sgt. R. Dean, Cpl. W. Mclntosh, R. Baumgartf ner, R. Lawrence, R. Leckie, I. Ray, O. Smith, D. Baci' galupo, Pfc. R. Jennings. Fourth Row: Cpl. E. Hicf kock, E. Stevens, J. Early, H. johnson, R. Collier, R. Sud' dath, R. Thompson, Platoon Sgt. R. Pettigrew. W c' lt j Q16 Staff Cadet Major Billy Midgett Captaln Tommy Chapin, First Lieutenant Dick Kachelofer Major Charles E. Dunn, Sergeant R G Burdsal Staff Sergeant johnny Steinhauer. C7-LQQU Company C CAPTAIN C. LYNN lsT. LT. C. ELKINS lsr. SGT. R. STRIPLIN Pvc. H. FusoN First Row-' Left to Right: 2nd, Lt. P. Douglas, Cpl. R. Andrews, B. Kemp. J. Kelly, F. Curran, Pfc. J. Pinkston, Pfc. T. C. Williams, Platoon Sgt. R. Climer. Second Row: Guide Sgt. F. Baskette, Cpl. J. Alsup, B, Bartholomew, D. Ruder, J. Daniel, F. Gray, J. B. Clark, E. Batie. Third Row: Znd. Lt. S. M. Browder, Cpl. J. Smith, J. Felts, W. Harris, C. Martin, J. Tanksley, Vaughn. Fourth Row: Guide Sgt. A. Rawls, Pfc. D. Sunstead, J. Horner, J. Talyor, J. Witt, G. Irwin, J. Boyd, Platoon Sgt. J. Bearden. C5563 Company B CAPTAIN D. FOTTRHLL lsT. LT. G. KEMP 1sT. SGT. N. GREEK PFC. F. BOYD First RowfLeft to Right Znd. Lt. L. Biggs, Cpl. J Stroud, M. Carney, C, Burns C. Reid, C. Judd, R. Baucom W. Fuson, E. Collier, Cpl. E Blackburn. Second Row: Platoon Sgt B. Roehrig, Pfc. W. Death ridge, R. Chest, C. Bearden P. Banks, J. Rader, R. Wheat B. Binkley, Sgt. H. Bowers R. King. Third Row: 2nd, Lt. J Plummer, Cpl. H. Payne, H Clemmons, B. Nevins, O. San ders, L. Reynolds, C. Croc kett, F. P. Seymore, J. R Young, J. Hemby. Fourth Row: Sgt. C. Slack R. Earls, S. Bennett, P. Mc Gill, B. Briley, M. Weaver R. Locke, F. Manning, E Yorke. ova Drum and Bugle Corps GQ?-D Warrant Officer j. Tuhh, lst. Sgt. B. Barnes. S Sgt. B. Davis, K. Parkinson, E. Stevens C5663 Basket-Ball Team Q56 Sgt. Burdsal. E. Collier, C. Lynn, L. Biggs. D. Fottrell. E. Stevens, R. Rainey, N. Greek, F. Boyd S. Taylor. Fl T 5 ooo-coz MAIN sr. THE NATIONAL LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE Co. I PATRUNIZE OUR NATIONAL BUILDING l , ADVERTISERS NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE WANTLAND CLEANERS FRENCH AND YOUNG DRY CLEANERS l0l4 SIXTH AVE. N. PHONE 6-5784 , ll 233 FOSTER STREET RUTH C' WANTLAND' Manager , Nashville, Tenn. Phone 6-0165 ONE VISIT CONVINCES PRESCRIPTIONS BY "This is the school for me" is the frequent comment of alert young people A N D R E W S who visit our school. Come yourself, see and compare the spirited tempo of H00 GALLATIN RD' our training, our equipment, and the Tel. 349175-3-9194 completeness of our school and courses. "Appealing lo Those Who Want the Best" NASHVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE Phone 6-5637 Y. M. C. A. BUILDING NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE EASTLAND FLORAL CO. No. 8 SOUTH 14TH ST. Phone 3-4464 H ff f f iff - H f-if if I LL., .E,,,,,..,- -mu .., l 20TH CENTURY CCIVIPLIMENTS OF BILLIARDS HILLSBORO WEST END DOWN TOWN 3-9309 1907 EASTLAND PURITY ACCURACY S THE RED CROSS PHARMACY , 305 XVILBURN ST , Men s Wear That Men Wear NASHVILLE, fl-ENN' W Headquarters for Campus Sportswear We Appfffiafe Your Trade ' I 241 4th Ave. NO. cu-5439 FAIR AND SQUARE FOOD M ARKET JAMISON DRUG Co. 1302 D'Cflil2i?N ROAD H. N. PEARRE, Proprietor WY LJBUTTERWORIH H. ASEE l lll5 Porter Road Phone 3-9201 1l'7l?f ClI'lGgt'I' . FGR FLOWERS C5529 Compliments Harrison Bros. of mofists KROGER PIGGLYf WIGGLY ON s1X'r1-1 AVE. C-LQ?-J J. L. GHEE Ebb?-D COMPLIMENTS BMJCHURCH SK INSURANCE-REALESTATE SALES-RENTS4LOANS GQG STORES O Everything Good to Eat BARNES MARKET FIFTH ar WOODLAND ST. YOUR AWNINC- HEADQUARTERS NASHVIllE TENT Xi AWNING CU. 309 First Ave., North Telephone 6-9887 For Free Estimates Call 6-2518 6-6323 MANSFIELD'S DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS, DRUGS, ICE CREAM, NO, 1 CANDIES 727 lVIcFerrin Ave. Telephone 3-9186 908 GALLATIN R0-AD NASHVILLE, TENN. EAGLE SHOE SHOP Tenth and Vsfooclland 21 Years of Faithful Service MCCANN STEEL COMPANY STEEL CONSTRUCTION ARC AND ACETYLENE WELDING I07 Main Street Phone 3-9171 Nashville 6, Tenn. 5-6416 See SYL DICI'Cet in A Wzkzi BUSH SZ BARRICK BUY WAR BONDS NIEXWELERS 1, Ame AND STAMPS Pay as You Gel Paid R252 P as IW- 379 'laegijyggl-nas' It I Iill 69, EUR l.i1' 'LET1 ss TEN ESSEAMSHOP ,LII II LL A KMQTRLN GS Intelligent Personal Service 162 FOURTH AVENUE, N. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE n L w w A E 15 E aw ,qw EE Ea un. a E EE 3 ! E: ll r I i , e 6 L Y 1 w -H Q 'Q 52 iw Wi Ei E N: FS F! W E EK M E fx A W M 'Q A 5: M. M W

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