Dobyns Bennett High School - Maroon and Grey Yearbook (Kingsport, TN)

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Dobyns Bennett High School - Maroon and Grey Yearbook (Kingsport, TN) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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...-.- ..,.- ,-',.g. F- ef" Y V, .,' . s...:,...---.we-wk. '- -' ."f.1',q -.-..-- """H-- - Q'---.. ,ZA-v ,.7f 1, ,,, '15, -Q.-T. -1 f ef 9 Q !'9,',,, V. . , 2, ,4 ' 7.5. f-9 ge - gg'-7,-:!', .- Hvlqi-5'--,'l,.-'1 .,,.-1 ,7-.:3'g -15,13 ', 21 if . E72-. - 5 0135 '-zu. Tue gmc! Hou se ' 0w45?i?A3v 4 'Winn Aupgksora To K5NTuC Y T. 9 . 'sa 6 ,e 9 N: -P 6 A 'lv 95 p1ocCA3lN 'K' 524 64 P -as ' 1 'Q ll' -u O W Q W lv N f fi 2 g 1 I - A CLOUDS 'ako fl e f N ++- S X w 5 Q oowu EAm.v TRN" CARTER3 Ano mm' MARKS vALz.fy OF Loma IJMWI' lf gscflaw I ' llh 5? W yi'-g9"r" 1' J H- -r 'BLT'-gffff-"3" T- 3. 4 1 4. 3 .E I 3 X DMI ID R05 W9 Q' v-f '- " '3f'- 341.22 'Q " ' "' I T, 'Y . f m- '. ff - ..-'wr' A P, A ' ' i f " -- -v " ,,,,,,,,,.,-- 1. .,',,,,,.,..,-,,- .1 .'.f V- , 7? "',i.T.' , 'f??..1' -,v.A' 'T r .---f-5--Lg: 55:1 'S'1':1f-'is'-T-f-'-f-.fgffffff-ff'-ff'wer-P-rz'F3f.2?31?2fQaF-f' ' 3' 97'1'?:g'4'?':'v.5--L!f1x'2::Ef12"5S?:17'e?u'f-'i5fiF3l7'.n?i"'?i?T'E?k5gselfn-rm?17112:f-"" H, : 1 - . - '-a i -EAToNS STATION 'io AWPFTON ' L60 , Q WARPAT H 9 Wdvk rgl f 1 x I V : :ff ' Yi ' ,Q I717 IATTLE G xouu g I ' rsunvn P1.Ar5 . JuuYa.o, 1775 . X V is xd N V Y X, K, k X iron Pnrreggf my 5. 2 "J 'Z Xa .Lux 3- coz. Done - ' -ro Q, Voy 63: nec. 22,l713 WATA4-T: Q' E , X xwx , ie. Cntx Q :FB ,, Q I f',, .fiiib xx ' 1L "' ' YQ :Rau FURNACE C nas. X ,NASE Q . . xw , y GILBERT X ' 7 Li cHR157MN V ' ' 1782 V I f f 5 9, , laeunnn S To CHEROKEE NETHERLQNI-I w s C h ofe R JMFHIAH I ' 'F' CHS' 49,7 , N ' ' if-um """"'7'55S :"' Jen rn I .?.,, E :Ez KI - n 5 X' 1' Ziff : T-53451: I Q ' -, O ' " f f 7 X Z! om L 1 4' - I ,MA em 5 M 1 E 5 Q E 5 , N u.1.1mum-..f.-1.-ff-:.,.,-.Q awww. -A .wmv-.-., !,.m,wm.LmN-mmnm,,,mM,,w,wwW.f-WM.,,f.i Q. -,wa .L,,. U .m.Q,.w,,M.m.w t ,ly X 71 , I 1 ff' , 4 Mrfume Tfteen luetoon ana! grey is 5 . Q. Ji ,vu4naA,4'4, ne .geniot 614.44 of l938 poeyni- eennett -myl fain! fcnyileo ' 4 V eeuee I ,f""' If I ' , V - W ,fri ,f f' I I ee ef 'TEL f W. eeeve fxff, 'V - 9 , Lf e' e e fa. 4. e e f- 1 1 ,W ' -. ,e e- J , :9L1"'L' V' l f,,f NJ k J 3 , L m...0g2jUHl!!?Y" wvlllllimtuilmh . K ' V Eid" f , ' .- f ff f-fr '- v A 9 ,..-q ,, , -q52'f'1'g,g.,,u4fl-q"" A ...qu mn. . 4 ' ,W If -. . - 7-V Y 'V 5 WZ,-'Nun nu 1 p'7:2'.mlpl' A ,, 'M 7 ' - - J " - .""N " dl f ' Q' ln' f"' , .- ' ""f"""h , -- :Y ff r' N ' ,V Y V 1.-1 A lf'-'31 Jw' :Wh M35-Ww:"ffi"1fll"llW". , ll:lu.:"'mMFl 'tml ll... -, I' "1!'.'IvM'!w llxsh rfmMlM'!k'l1j M lu,1nf:'f'M'q.lp"' lf!! IUIIIINJ , All'Il:mu:I':: H 4 -f 1, , f , n ra N' I I v' A .... ..., , H .ful - M?-.. , .-gf wludims, - e uIlM1uu.,,1quuI"Q:7' ' ,..w"".-' " I,.':l,,.-4 ,M'l,,nnm.,, qw' in a...-ulH!l.u:::.m:1qptaw mu.-:fun-hugh .IKM-H -Mm...-' Ililmxnllgha-1 -- ' ,I IIN.-u. mn. 6 4 p It Jmv, '1n..umff.,11.m-AQLQQ Email.. .Q M ' ',,,nal'a:..Am-A ,,,fffh-,N uhm .N Q- u--.,.. -...qu , J " . Qu .,.yklllIll1lk.g,,,,-'--mtllllw' "4" " 5 . ' ,.... I Z I f!!!-4 ' Y 1 ix 'g X ' '-X, gf I Q A I Srozewozd For years the rich section of the upper Tennessee Valley -a part of the "Dark and Bloody Grounds"-was a source of contention among the Indians. About l76O led by adventurous pioneers, the white man crossed the Alleghanies into what was then the west. Rich lands, virgin forests, and an abundance of game to exceed his highest expectation were found in this new country. Here the pioneer with the visionof a grander day before him, first hewed out of the wilderness a home for his family, and then endured all the hardships, privations, and rigors of pioneer life, making possible the East Tennessee of today. As frontiers were pushed westward such men as Gilbert Christian, joseph Martin, and a host of other heroes whose last resting places lie unknown, lingered in the Tennessee Valley to cgrve out a civilized community upon the banks of the Holston River." After a century's time, the same Holston flows on and that same pioneer spirit is exemplified in the "city of indus- tries". ' . W ' 'M ,, S s- , A ., A t qnvn' ' . U n I, -, xy!--,a , - . 5333? fri ' .514 ' V iff.:-Qiifx.. 5.-5.,1!vL,,..,L 143- 4,-42 4 1. , .- -- L- .f.,-.2 A f 1, 1:-- 4-' - '.:-1-it ' 11 Q ff' r I .4.,,.,f. ,M . , ,M . , .Nqr Q i W A111 J- qi Apt -1, ig., 3, QA :4,,,:-cs Q1 ' ' :QU-'fy . iv g- fn' "- 'QW 4:11 ff- 5 ' . 4- I ,-., Af 1- ',g':L' 'f I rf -.4 if far-1 rn- t Av, 1 .'q.L'5 , 'A .V N W 1 if- T l ,sexe , ,, . .. ., ,W 0 '-::'.'.'5'.'.1... ' 'fr' .,'J' i-1' ,, V . ,.,, f ' ' M. if if af-1591:-???i:., s l f. ' fm "l f 1 pecfzba tion l To two true pioneers, Mrs. j. W. Dobyns and Mrs. Frank Wright, whose years of ser- vice and sacrifice on the school board have not gone unappreciated, we, the class of nineteen hundred and thirty-eight, respectfully dedi- cate this "pioneer" edition of the Maroon and Grey. MRS. 1. W. poems MRS. FRANK WRIGHT Xl l Page three Life of eontenti -Hdminiittation flame: -gthfetici -gctivitiei -gdvettiiem ent: ...T I I - Il - mg O -Hdmiml tration FORT PATRICK H EN RY Fort Patrick Henry, as shown on the map drawn by Colonel William Christian, was located on the north bank of the Holston at the head of Long Island near the present Eastman plant. It is a logical conclusion that this fort was constructed at the end of the old military road leading to Fort Robinson which was built in the year I76O. Fort Patrick Henry was com- pleted in October, I776, three months after the Battle of Island Flats. At this time two thousand men were assembled here under the command of Colonel William Christian in preparation for his march against the Cherokee lndians. . After Christian's return, six hundred militia were left stationed at the fort. Major Anthony Bledsoe who lived on Steele's Creek near Bristol was left in command. A skilled gunsmith and blacksmith by the name of An- drew Kinkead was also stationed at the fort. The men were not without medical aid either. Patrick Vance, commissioned as third surgeon, was skilled in treating persons with scalped heads. In july, I777, the Treaty of Long Island was signed at Fort Patrick Henry. It was here that Colonel john Donaldson built his flotilla of flat boats and left for the voyage down the river to Nashville. With Colonel joseph Martin located here as Indian Agent, the fort served as a depository for distributing Indians presents and relief, also ammunition to the frontiers- men for defense against the Indians and the Tories. The fort was abandoned after l782 when the lower Holston settle- ment became a part of North Carolina, and Virginia gave over the charge of protecting her foster children to her sister state, North Carolina. ,1--A ,T lil! A I' ' T :T i TTXR... H, f-fa. f- -'fl' I llll . .. + Slllllllllllllllllll ml lil lllllhi' I A X lllllllllllllli mil ll A ' H A - I 5 3 X - A TU ""g--fm, ,EL e + ff M X-s fc, N . flfii-E -fi wg? gr' g i 'ff if ,I 'fa' f' Page six A. D. BROCKMAN MRS- 1. W. DOBYNS S. C. MINNICH President Vice-President goats! of Zcfucation , Q h b N vMTg,,w1 V. , -Q1 5 A. x A .rf 'va ' 'WW ' if I 'R .f R, H . .V , R , Hi, 4 f u N 1. v. HODGE MRS. FRANK WRIGHT E- C- CROSS Secretary CHARLES K. KOFFMAN, M.A. Principal Dobyns-Bennett High School ROSS N. ROBINSON, IVI.A,A Superintendent of Kingsport Schools 5 i Page seven Paul R. Elliott, B.S., M.A. Bryson College Peabody College University of Tennessee University of Louisville Science and Athletics Lucille Massengill, B.S. East Tennessee State Teachers' College University of Tennessee Columbia University james Wimpy, B.A. Vanderbilt University Peabody College Mathematics Nancy C. Wylie, B.A. Winthrop College University of Virginia University of North Carolina Mathematics and Dramatics Grace Wilson Bruce, A.B., A.B. Union University Peabody College Bowling Green College of Commerce Pittsburgh University Typing and Bookkeeping Rebecca Holmes, B.A., M.A. University of Indiana University of Illinois University of Kentucky Alliance Francaise, Paris French Lucille Price, B.M., M.M. Albion College Eastman School of Music Mi' " acufty Ruth Springer, B.A. Columbia Normal School Colorado Sta te Teachers' College Northwestern University Study Hall C. H. Nave, M.A. East Tennessee Teachers College University of Tennessee Industrial Arts i Grace Elmore, A.B. Maryville College University of Tennessee Columbia University Latin S. T. Witt Student under Kepler Director Newport News Naval Band Band and Orchestra Paul A. Counce, B.S. University of Tennessee History I. H. Moser, B.A. Yankton College University of Iowa Science and Athletics Edith Haire Q East Tennessee Teachers' College Music acufty Barsha Webb, M.A. University of Tennessee English and History Elise Hall, B.S., B.A. in L.S. Alabama Polytechnic Institute Emory University Librarian Clarine Runyan, B.A., M.A. Florida State College for Women Columbia L.S.U. Physical Education Nyeulah Whitmore, B.A., M.A. Wayne State Teachers' College University of Iowa Iowa State English and Latin Albert S. lohnson, B.S., M.S. Indiana State Teachers' College University of Illinois Science and Athletics Lyle M. Rich, B.A. M.A. Yankton College Michigan University Athletics and Physical Educatio Christine Clark, B.A., B.A. in L.S. Bethel College Peabody Librarian H Ruth Ramer, B.A., M.A. Iowa State University English and journalism Mary Stackhouse Fore, M,A. Winthrop College Columbia University English Cecil H. Thomas, B.A., B.S. Transylvania University Bowling Green College of Commerce Commercial Albert E. Harris, A.B., A,M. LaCrosse State Teachers' College University of Wisconsin Social Science Clara Carson, B.Ed., M.A. University of Illinois English and History LeRoy Sprankle, B.S. Mount Union College Athletic Director and Mathematics Claudius S. Clemmer, A.B.,M A East Tennessee Teachers College University ot Tennessee Science fn .. , 61441 ea THE BLOCK HOUSE The marker of the old Block House is at the home of London Smith, one half mile east of the old Gate City road, about a mile across the Virginia line, beyond Wadlow's Gap. The Block House was built by john Anderson in the year 1776, the same year that Fort Patrick Henry was built. john Anderson married Rebecca Maxwell in l775, and he reared his family in this pioneer home, which remained in the Anderson family for more than a century. . All of the early travelers to Kentucky mention the Block House as one of the important stations between Virginia and the Kentucky frontier. lt was the last station where the traveler could contact civilization in journey- ing across the wilderness via Cumberland Gap. . Dr. W. A. Pusey, who is the best authority on the Wilderness Road, gives the following description: "The Wilderness Road proper began at the Block House. The roads from the north and south brought the traveler to this point. The Block House was the last station before Moccasin Gap or Big Moccasin Gap, the gate to the Indian country and about the same distance from the important western rendezvous of the Holston pioneers, Long Island in the south fork of the Holston River. lt was of course for these reasons that the early travelers to Kentucky were used to gather at the Block House in order to form parties for the trip into Kentucky." I ,--""" 7 , fffge 'fi'j.l. g H ..,, .- .- +--1 7-ff' .s 'i 523' .f , ' 61 ' 141A 4 E - 1 'I '.i, Y- , . p'2l7J'f'?' 0 1 . ,,..5f'l,l,. f . H -. . - M - - If - . ' 'x-. 1. . - .- - - - U .w as i l l ' E :?g,y.f-J--9-an-, , e A g,.- ' e -fyk,i -,A X vvsf 'izff fa 'T 7 A6 :Cm L- ' A, f' ,Q WR 5 A E V, f il ' ' Qwziz' , f 4 is T to Xxx Y - - ' 1-if Q 5 X , - m g he .3 e - e A A g s as K TF'-L?'g:e ji Page seven eniou X MARY ANDERSON My one regret in life is this-I don't get listened to enough. Glee Club 3-4 Annual 4 Secretary to Coach 4 ILEEN SMITH Femininitypersonified. Blountville l-2 Glee Club 3-4 Latin Club Home Economics Pays twelve j0HN PARKER Whether on the dia- mond or in the class, lt's always johnnie that starts us with a flash. Baseball 2-3-4 Basketball Manager 3-4 Hi-Y 4 ERNEST PAINTER Full of saving com- mon sense. Basketball l-2 Baseball 2-3-4 Track 3 Hi-Y 4 Treasurer Senior Class GAY LEONARD The jesse james of hooky players. Girls' A. A. Glee Club 3-4 EVELYN CULBERTSON l'm not meang l'rn just mischievous. Library l-2-3 French Club 3-4 Girl Reserves 4 Dramatic Club 4 j. D. BRIDWELL "Napoleon was little." l-li-Y 3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 French Club 3-4 TAZEWELL BONSACK Sharp as a "Tack" was he And everyone felt his wit. Tumbling l Band l-2 Hi-Y 2-3-4 Boxing 3-4 Track 3-4 Annual 2-3-4 MAE MAUPIN The ideal stenogra- pher for the ideal business man. Girls' A. A. l French Club 2-3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 Glee Club 3-4 MILDRED HODGE A pretty face, an odd personality, And oh! her original- ny. Debate Club l -3-4 Library l-2-3 French Club 3-4 journal Club 4 Annual 4 .feniou MABEL BYRD Trust her not, She is fooling thee. Glee Club 3-4 Secretary to Coach 4 INA RENFRO The world may have its sorrow, but it holds a lot of joy. Orchestra l-2 Girl Reserves 4 Glee Club 4 DALE AUSTIN His heart is like an apple tree Whose boughs are bent with thick-set fruit. Statesville, N. C. l-2 Football l-2-4 Glee Club l-2-3 Basketball 2 Boxing 2 Hi-Y 2 METRI BALLI5 His form was of the manliest beauty, His heart was kind and soft. Football 3-4 Basketball l-3 Band l-2-3-4 Hi-Y 2-3 Orchestra 3-4 VELMA uticss A pleasing disposition makes one likeable. Glee Club 3-4 Girls' A. A. l-2 RUTH INGRAHAM The soul of Ruth is music. Band l-2-3-4 Debate Club l Girls' A. A. l-2-3 Orchestra 2-3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 ALFRED MOSELY l shall win my place. Debate Club I-2-3 Band 2-3-4 Orchestra 4 ELDRIDGE HORD Young fellows will be young fellows, Debate Club 2-4 Baseball 2 Hi-Y 3-4 journal Club 3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 Annual 4 ADELAIDE HARGRAVE Those who knew her loved her. Glee Club 3-4 Girl Reserves 3-4 WINIFRED CIFERS The most manifest sign of wisdom is con- tinued cheerfulness. Girls' A. A. l-2-3-4 Girl Reserves 4 Glee Club 4 Page thirteen VZ 4 I a eniou IUANITA BAKER Where there's a will, there's a way. Debate Club l-2-4 National Honor Society 3-4 Glee Club 3-4 journal Club 4 Girl Reserves 4 Secretary to Coach 4 MABEL MELLONS The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid. Girls' A. A. l-2-3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 Glee Club 4 Girl Reserves 3-4 Page fourteen IOE BAILEY Thoughts are mightier than strength of hand. Band 3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 IACK COUNTS Worry never made a man great, So why should I Worry? VERA FREE A clear sky-crackle! crash! Lightning and thunder. Glee Club 3-4 Debate Club 4 Girls' A. A. 2-4 FAU CORNELIA BURGAN A. twist, a twirl, a smile, a swirl, a wink, a curl, a very clever girl. Girls' A. A, l -2-3 Glee Club 3-4 journal Club 3-4 Football Sponsor 4 Annual 4 CHARLES HERNDON "A mind to conceive, a heart to resolve, and a hand to execute." Debate 2-3 Baseball 2 journal Club 2-3-4 Tennis 3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Annual 4 VANCE COX On the stage, he was natural, simple, af- fecting, 'Twas only that when he was off he was acting. Band l-2-3-4 Annual 4 A Orchestra l-2-3-4 ' journal Club 3-4 Dramatic Club 4 Glee Club 3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 VANITA COMPTON Thought is deeper than all speech. Girls' A. A. l-2-3-4 French Club 3-4 Glee Club 4 NICIEIESSEE One cannot be judged by her reserved man- ners. Boones Creek 1-2-3 Horns Economics Club 4-H Club l . ' X W. ' .1 .l , llrl Q22 V eniou REBA CAMPBELL As enduring as the SUI1. Girls' A. A. l-2-3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 journal Club 4 Glee Club 4 Debate l THELMA MILAM Sweet is every sound, Sweeter thy voice. Glee Club 2-3-4 BILLY EVANS 'Tis well to be off with the old love before you are on with the new. Band l-2-3-4 Glee Club 2-3-4 TALMAGE POWELL "l did my best, now for a rest." Asheville, N. C., l-2-3 Band l-2-3-4 Orchestra 2-3-4 N. C. State Music Contest 2 journal Club 4 MARGARET CRUM I really meant good. Girl Reserves 3-4 Vice President Senior Class 2 25? ANNA MAE KRESS She has caught one man, What woman wants more? Girls' A. A. l-2-3 DAVID BEVINS By his laughter you shall know him. Basketball 2-3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 WALLACE KETRON Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit. KATHLEEN KING Wedding is destiny. Girls' A. A. I-2 Glee Club 3-4 Journal Club 4 MARY TETER Nothing wins more respect than a pleas- ing appearance. Orchestra l-2 Girls' A. A. I-2-3-4 Glee Club 4 Girl Reserves 4 Page fifteen enioti AURELIA EVANS Neat, trim, quiet, and patient. Girls' A. A. l Glee Club 3-4 French Club 3-4 Annual 4 CLYDE MOODY Frorxj labor there shall. come forth success. Football 3 Basketball 3-4 Track 3-4 Hi-Y 4 Page sixteen PAUL ANDERSON Hail fellow! well met. Baseball 2 Basketball 2-3-4 MARIORIE TAYLOR People love her for her simplicity and frankness. Debate 2 National Honor Society 3-4 Girls' A. A. l-2-4 Sophomore Athletic Award NORMA REED A quick temper, a witty mind, A way so lovable and kind. TOM BAILEY I meddle with no man's business but my own. Tumbling l-2 Football 3-4 Boxing 2 ROBERT RICH "I wasn't lazy, only tired." Yankton High School I-2 Band l-2 Track 3-4 Basketball l-2 Football 2-3-4 ROSE BELLAMY Dimples and freckles, But nice, by heckles. Glee Club 3-4 PEARL HURD DON KAGEY Small, but how dear to "Ioy, ioy, my task is us. done, Glee Club 3-4 Girls' A. A. 3-4 The tests are passed the grades are won.' Band 4 eniou KATE FLEENOR Attractive-stri ki ngly so. Glee Club Girl Reserves LELA COLE A heart of truth and a soul sincere. Girls' A. A. l-2-3 Glee Club 3-4 ROBERT ANDERSON His well deservings known, Make us quite for- Qei' OUI' OWFI. Baseball 2 Basketball 2-3-4 CLYDE HAWK An artist is know his work. Band l-2-3-4 Basketball 3 Glee Club 2-3-4 V1 HENRIETTA MANESS Brown curls, sparkling eyes, Pretty, petite, and wise. Girls' A. A. Glee Club 3 RUTH SCHRAM The two most desired qualities of a woman - dependence and versatility. French Club 3-4 journal Club 3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 Dramatic Club 4 Girl Reserves 4 Annual 4 4' ELMER BEALS Lights! Camera! Action! Band l-2-3-4 Orchestra l-2-3-4 fa WILLIAM OWENS Every man has busi- ness or desire-just as If IS. KATHARYN BELL Quick to arouse, and slow to burn, We all know her as a book worm. Debate Club l-2-3-4 Glee Club 3-4 journal Club 3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 Girls' A. A. 4 LUCILLE IENNINGS A true friend and a' pal in every way. Girls' A. A. l-2-3-4 Girl Reserves 3-4 Page sevente eniou POLLY GREGG And the night shall be filled with music. Newport, Tenni 2 Glee Club 2 Orchestra 3-4 CARLEE HARRIS Far may wesearch be- fore we find a heart so noble and so kind. Glee Club 3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 . Page eighteen ROY HALE Happy am I, from care l'm free, Why aren't they all contented like me? Basketball l-2-3-4 Track 4 Glee Club 3-4 Football 3-4 Golf 2-3 :W LEONARD DIETRICH I will go forward, National,Honor Society 3-4 MARGARET B EATTY Pretty and sweet, the grandest girl, that's Pete. Glee Club 3-4 Girl Reserves 4 MARGARET H IGHSMITH Ready, willing and able. Dramatic Club 2-3-4 Glee Club 3-4 Girl Reserves 3-4 journal Club 4 President Girl Reserves 4 ' RONSIA FIELDS He did his very best to make the billows smooth and bright. H. C. SIVERT His heart is in his work. National Honor Society 3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Boxing 3 Tennis 3-4 Football Manager 4 HELEN ROSE KINKEAD If you've not seen her, surely you've heard her. Girls' A. A, I-2 Glee Club 3-4 Library I-2-3 MAXINE WHITE A mind to contrive mischief. Orchestra I-2-3 Glee Club 3-4 eniou wwf? x KATHERINE HOPKINS We all love Irish eyes wit, and laughter. Debate Club 2-3-4 Glee Club 2-3-4 Girl Reserves 4 National Honor Society 3-4 Annual Staff MILDRED WALTERS Contentment is better than riches. 1 B. B. SULLIVAN Stately and tall he moves in the hall, Chief of a thousand for grace. Band I-2-3-4 Basketball 4 Baseball 4 RALPH IETT There may be some substitute for a good nature, but so far it has never been found, Norton, Va., l Bristol, Va., 2 Basketball l Basketball Manager 3 Glee Club 4 RUBY LEE IOH NSON "True humility, the highest virtue of them all." Glee Club 3-4 Debate Club 4 :Nez IONES The greatest gift- personality. Girls' A. A. l-2-3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 Girl Reserves 4 Glee Club 4 ALVIN KISS "When l was young and in my prime, I kicked up my heels and had a good time." Glee Club 3 National Honor Society 3-4 SHAHEEN HANEY 3 The last link is broken that bound me here. Football l-2-3-4 Track 2-3 Glee Club 4 :P I NAGEBA HANEY The most loved of all Girls' A. A. l-2-3-4 Girl Reserves 3-4 Band Sponsor 4 DANISE FLETCHER Too much study is a weariness of flesh. Buffalo, N. Y., 3 Dramatic Club 3 Glee Club 3-4 Athletics 3 Page mneteen eniou RUTH YANCEY One of God's chillun's got rythm. Glee Club 3-4 Band Sponsor 4 Debate l-2 DOROTHY LIGON She was among us but not of us. Page twenty DAN ZOERB 'Tis this that everyone would say, He is a jolly good fel- low in every way. Nashville, Tenn. l-2-3 Band 3-4 Orchestra 4 Hi-Y 3-4 iorm MINNICH The deepest rivers flow with the least noise. Baseball 2-3 Basketball 2-3-4 Football 3-4 Track 4 . ELIZABETH YANCEY Riddle: What always comes in after the tardy bell? Answer: Sitto. Glee Club 3-4 Girl Reserves 4 ,, ...J RUTH NALL A merry heart goes all the day. Debate Club 2-4 Girl Reserves 3-4 Glee Club 4 President Sophomore Class SAM HENDRICKSON Never let your studies interfere with your school life. Sullivan High School l Baseball 3-4 Golf 2-3 Glee Club 3-4 Basketball 4 H. G. LANE There is a lot of fun in this world if a fel- low only knows how to find it. Boxing 2-3 Hi-Y 3-4 EULA SEALS lt's the smiles you wear that make the sunshine. Band 3-4 LOUISE BOND Nothing is so bore- some as - "and so, and so." Orchestra l -2-3-4 Girls' A. A. l-2-3-4 eniou MILDRED HORTON She most loves who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best. journal Club 3-4 Glee Club 3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 Annual 4 CHARLOTTE SMITH My only books were boys' looks and folly's all they've taught me. HERMAN ELLIS Honor lies in honest toil. Church Hill l-2-3 Basketball l-2-3-4 ERMA PARKER A woman's hair is crowning glory. Girls' A. A. I-2-3 Glee Club 3-4 Baseball l Glee Club 4 VIRGIL DAVIS The game ot golf he did know, In fact we all called him "Pro." her HUGH BLESSING How often his eyes have set some young MAUDE BARNES Always reserved and calm. Debate Club l-2 Glee Club 4 heart whirling. KENNETH WHEELER Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. Hi-Y 3-4 Football 3-4 LUCILLE WALKER A soft answer turneth away wrath. Girls' A. A. l-2 Virginia lntermont 2-3 Glee Club 4 Golf l-2-3-4 Glee Club 3-4 Vice President junior Class Football l-2-3-4 Basketball l-2-3-4 Track l-2-3-4 Hi-Y 2-3-4 Page twenty-dn 8 Page lwcwzty-fwo Most Versatile MARGARET HIGHSMITH CHARLES HERNDON Most Popular ADELAIDE HARORAVE VANCE COX Most Studious MILDRED HORTON I. D. BRIDWELL Best Dressed ILENE SMITH WILLIAM OWENS Best Athletes NAC-EBA HANEY HUGH BLESSINO Most Attractive RUTH YANCEY METRI BALLIS an Pests CHARLOTTE SMITH VIRCIL DAVIS .qeniot .gala etfativ ei Page twenty-three Page twen ty-four Mary lane Anderson Marquerite Palmer Sultana Haney lane Lewis Majora Cryder J. C. Phillips Ruth Miller Ray McKenzie luanita Long Gene Cox Mary Medearis Helen Ketron Berchie Alexander Virginia Hawk june Ketron Betty Nelms Maxine Ballard Ed Smallwood lames Bowers Sara Price Phyllis Minnich Eugene Linkous Margaret Riddle Ruth Long uniou Dorothy Sullivan 1. G. Hughes, jr. Viola Randall 'Katherine' Nall Andrew Miller Loretta Lehman Elmira Turpin Lillian Roach Carl loyner lane Lyons 2 ss Edith Milhorn Ralph Bradley Page twenty-five 1 J Pqge twenty-six Don Ring Virginia Gilley Ruth Anderson Oliver Hawk leanefte Arnold Ruth Ann Hyatt Robert Pyle Ruby Egan lane White Carl Blizzard Phyllis Brockman Emma Harkleroad .Qi Gertrude Lyons Hope Fulkerson Randolph Wilson Nancy Cox Betsy Edwards lack Pecktal Emery Spears Margaret Collins Mary Thornton Ruth Hurt Clifton Smith Gay Campbell Mary Alice l-lord Birdie Mae Hilton Rucker Todd james Blankenship Blanche Jacobs Bernice jones Ferne Murray Edgar McCrary Edna Painter Evelyn Carter Hallene Cloninger Harry Starnes Page twenty-seven OFFICERS john Corns . . . .... Pres. j. Ci...Hughes, jr. . . . . .V. Pres. Sam young ...... . .Sec.-Treas. Nyeulah Whitmore . . . . .Sponsor Page twenty-eight jean McNeil Forrest Asbury Bayard Carroll Edna Dodd james Long Sam Milhorn Ned Walker junior White james Abbott jessie Bevins Wallace Bradley jasper Collier j, D. Compton john Corns Louise Faust Virginia Fuller Wilma Hefner Clara Houston Kathleen Houston Paul j.ared Francis Kelly uhiau M. T. Smith Matilda Arkin Marie Catron Tom ' Burgan Helen Gilbert Earl King Evangeline McConnell Girlie McDavid Pansy Peacock Pat Richardson Bill Riley Edgar Salley O. N. Shipley Phillip Shivell Charles Showalter George Smith Isabel Smith Ruth Smith Annie Laurie Sumner Mildred Thompson Emma Lynch T. A. Williams ... Susan Pridemore .. Katherine Syrad .. Lynwood Overby . . Grace Bruce . . . Vice President President Secretary Treasurer . Sponsor uniot Forrest Asbury Ferrell Barnes George Bernard Marjorie Calhoun james Chadwell Robert Cifers Louy Coldiron Warren Collins j. D. Compton jack Cox King Cox Margaret Davis Ray Davis Ruth Dobson Paul Duncan Walter Hutchins Blanche jacobs Clara jackson Bernice jones Frances Ketron Lillian Kinzer john Laughlin Bernice Light joe Long Kenner Lyons Norma Malone Gladys Marberry jean Minnich Martha Moats Clifton Moody Claudia McConnell David McKinney Sarah jean McLain Lynwood Overlay Lawrence Page Marjorie Pendleton Estelle Penn Susan Pridemore john Pyle Robert Riley Margaret Risk Ross Robinson Charles Rowland Edgar Salley Frankie Schrader Mary Shouse Anne Showalter Clifton Smith Geneva Sproles Katherine Syrad Katherine Taylor Sybil Taylor Louise Terry Lawrence Thomas T. A. Williams Page twenty nme YOIQAOIIIOIG Mark Hargrave jean Herndon Blanche Milam Blanche Milam Clara Carson . . . . . : . President .. Vice President . . . . Secretary . . Treasurer .. Sponsor Page thirty Sara Anderson Dorothy Ballard jo Ann Bishop lane Bolton Ralph Bridwell Louise Calhoun Warren Cannon Matt Carmack Anna Belle Carter Marguerite Collins Nellie Creech Willie Nell Dougherty Margaret Deck H. C. Dickson' 1 james Duncan Hazel Enopier Rita Groseclose Mildred Hancock Mark Hargrave Geraldine Hasche Bernice Hawkins lean Herndon Buddy Danielson Blanche lngraham Erma jones Lucille loyce Walter Ketron Ben Kinkead Ira Lane lean Leamon Frank Mann Martha Maples Mary Maples Luther Martin Robert Moss Moscoe Duncan Eugene Neeley Margaret Neeley Emily Palmer Marion Palmer Merle Parker Fred Spracher Laura Mae Price Mara Purcell Carl Pyle Ernestine Pyle Sue E. Rhoten Howard Roland Vera Ruth Rule Mae Runion Pauline Showalter Anna Lee Spears Katherine Sumpter Audrey Taylor Thelma Todd Vera Strickler Lillian VonBramer Marjorie Walker Rosamond Walters Claude Wampler Mary Webster Agnes White Zella Whiteaker Arline Gruber Dorothy Hale Luther McConnell Blanche Milam Elizabeth Shuey Mable Smith J Paul Wheeler President George Peters . . . . Vice President yoFA0,n0te Virginia Agett . . .... Secretary Virginia Agett ..... . . . Treasurer Lucille Massengill .. . Sponsor Helen Addington Virginia Agett Bill Baker Lonzo Barrett john Bell Mary Bernard Steve Carroll Robert Cassidy W. L. Cavin Mae Cody Carl Cole Beatrice Cook Georgia Cornett Denny Crawford Harold Cross Eleanor lane Cusick Louise Daniels Catherine Davis H. C. Dickson Gracie Dingus Ruth Herron Hattie Mae Kent lack King Mildred Lady Benny Lane Margaret Lawson Francis Logwood Frances Mann lean Milliard Virginia Morrow Elizabeth McAuliffe Merton McCorkle jeanette McCrary Eugene McGuire r Malcolm Osborn George Peters Thomas Peters Charles Powell D. A. Pyle Sara Pyle Eleanor Robinette Frank Sentell Evangeline Showalter Wanda Simmerman lack Smith Maryana Smith Doris Sumner Cecial Taylor Lawrence Thayer Roy Wampler Willie lo Weatherly Paul Wheeler Maebelle Wright Page thirty one rfceahman Nick Patton . . Hannah Starnes . . . . . . President .. .. Vice President james Caton .... ...... S ecretary james Caton . . Miss Mary Fore . . Treasurer . . . . . Sponsor 5 . Q Page thirty-two Charles Aesque Alexander Armstrong Elizabeth Bailey Grace Bailey john Banner Shelton Biles Georgia Bishop Frances Blessing Beatrice Blizzard Louise Brake Bruce Bralley june Bridwell Thomas Breese Virginia Burke Harry Cannoy james Caton Coy Chambers Gertrude Cifers Genevieve Collins Woody Cloud Eva Mae Curtis Mary Ruth Depew Doreen Eachus George Earles Georgia Fleenor Margaret Fogle Mary Foster Martha j, French Helen Fulkerson Dewey Fugate Bill Garland Clifton Gilliam Neal Gilliam jacquelyn Gilmer Lily Grizzard james Hall Homer Hensley lrene Hilton Ralph Hopper Ruth Huffaker j. E. Hutton Burt jacobs Lela Mae johnson Robert johnson Yolanda johnson Lois joyce james jordon Karl Ketron Mary Ketron Evelyn Kilgore Mary Lane Sam Lane Raymond Leonard june Lyons jack Mayo Don Maxwell joan Meade Woodrow Minton Hettie Moats Sherry McLellan Charles Neeley Eisten Neuter Nick Patton Leona Pearson Margaret Pepper Mildred Pickens Betty Poteat jean Pyle Margaret Qualls Vesta Quillen Virginia Rutledge Adalene Scutt junior Shaffer E. T. Shipley Eugenia Sistare Nina Lee Spivey Hannah Starnes Frank Stephenson Marian Swann Margaret Throp junior Tranbarger Howard Travis Spears Vavalides Ruth Von Bramer Edith Waters Lola Wells jaynell Whitaker junior Whitaker Bobby jack White Daniel White Mary White Virginia Wilson joan Wingert Bill Williamson Floy Williams Q Margaret Penn President Allie Lynn Cox . .. .. . Vice President Sarah lane Hyatt . . .... Secretary Sarah lane Hyatt . . Treasurer ' Mr C H. Nave .. .. Sponsor Cecile Anderson Steve Arnold Ray Baker Mary Ellen Bradley Hagan Bright Milburn Brooks Billie Brown Leotia Campbell Bill Camper Virginia Carriger Lucille Carter Ruth Carter Wallace Chandler S. G. Clark H. C. Clark Velma Coats Elmer Cody lack Collins Allie Lynn Cox Glenn Darnell Margaret Davis Ruth Doggett Kelly Duncan Audrey Dykes Bernice English Genevieve Fincher Carrol Fine Otis Franklin Maluia Frazier Richard Gardner Robert Gilbert Anna Mary Good loyce Hammock Pauline Hancock Virginia Hardin Wanda Hawk Edith Hopper Dorothy Huber Dorothy Hutton Norma Hurst Gladys Hurst Sarah lane Hyatt Charles jones i lean Ketron David King lane Kinkead Millicent Knjerim lack Ladd Doris Lemly Thelma Light Betty Sue Looney Nell Leonard Robert Long Molly Lynch Helen Miller Pauline Mosely Viola McGuire Lola Nickols Margaret Penn Clint Phipps Nancy Platt Stanley Price Ray Robinette Mary Routh Hugh Rule Virginia Shupe Sammy Simmons Ola Simpson Howard Smith Pauline Smith Bobby Stone Tom Shipley Glenna Terry Virginia Thomas Morris Williams MargareVTurpin Lyons Westmoreland Page thirty-three Page thirty-four -Htkfehki EATON'S STATION Amos Eaton is a character in local history hard to trace. He lived seven miles from Long Island on the tip of Eden's Ridge, four miles from Reedy Creek on the road that led from Long Island to Abington. This road, later known as the old Island Road, came from Warpath by the old Pyle grave- yard, across Chestnut Ridge down to the rear of the present Sparr place, on -to 'Indian Springs by the old Taylor meeting house lnow Ciunningsl to the left of Blountville, on out to the Abington highway, three miles beyond Bris- tol. The most likely location of Eaton's house was near the present Sparr place where the old Bristol highway comes into the new highway. When the settlers of the lower Holston Valley heard of the approach of Dragging Canoe and his warriors, .they gathered at Amos Eaton's house to discuss plans for defense. For temporary protection they built up a fortifi- cation around the house of fence rails. Upon the advice of William Cockei, one hundred and seventy of these brave militia decided to leave the fort. They' marched down the road on july 20, I776, and enc'o'untiered the Indians near the present location of Litz Manor. ' After defeating the Indians in this battle, Eaton went a few months later with Christian on his expedition against the Ch'erokees. On returning, he was appointed overseer of the road from his house to Fort Patrick Henry. But Eaton, like Boone, could not tarry long on a quiet frontier. He advanced to French Lick lNashviIlel and built another station. Here he was murder'- ed by the Indians. After Sullivan County was established, Eaton's Station servedas the court house until Hawkins County was cut off, and the court house was built at Blountville. ' - ' 1 6.77 " 4 A - Q ' r , 'Q fl' '+1fL'T 1' ax' Y. ig. 'LQ P" .95 .- f f"'Z5ZYf4f,Z2 + Z,f:agf,ggog' 'ty -f' ' 'fhgzllzpg if 'WWW'- 3 llz , :iw fy .QX ,,,,4f-nffee - ,. . ii' I HI' ' Z .F- r ...Qsj. ', V V " t e "' - X IWW! " iiiiiie -i ?6-W"i!E:Q"'l W' 'I --' --s-:teena-qi ,52li'a gg-'?,'.2g-ssag.. ,.., -I . fi , ,f-H 1 'G H at - -' ' t 1. 2 , Viz, ,, !ol,ill5Egg'.wiL.?'5i - H ' rw ' ' 7!-l,g14iff-QS: 4'v"'i DEl'f'1 .. fav . A-rf ...C be -51-A-Allan! - - . ,X - SY - ' V x x gjifq- f' I ' ' all-Al,-fe af!-'!,'a?5Q Page thirty fwe j ., K 11,3 Top Row: Coach Rich, Hale, Austin, Hawk, Ballis, Rich, Blessing, Coach Moser. Middle Row: Minnich, joyner, K. Duncan, Bailey, P. Duncan, Aesque, Earles. First Row: Shivell, Starnes, Burgan, Smith, Cifers, Haney, Wheeler. Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport ..... Kingsport Page thirty-six jonesboro .... O Saltville ..... 6 Chattanooga . . .6 Landon . . . . . O Bradley .. ...7 Erwin ....... O johnson City . O Knoxville .... I3 Bristol ...... 6 Elizabethton . . 7 Morristown . . O Southport . . . O L . A . 5. ,i K i A , . ' ,riff 35 -'53-5:4 -546 Managers Davis, Sivert, and Wheeler I it Izrotfaff S is Line: Rich, Haney, Hale, Starnes, Burgan, Hawk, Blessing. Back Field: Austin, Minnich, Ballis, Smith, Cifers. FOOTBALL I 937 D. B. H. S.'s football team started its slate with an SO-O victory over jonesboro and followed a week later by taking Saltville 38-6. The first hard game of the season was won from Chattanooga Central I9-6. Landon High of jacksonville, Florida was next in lineg the 20-O victory looked al- most too easy. Bradley came to town and was scalped by the Indians 28-7. Erwin was dropped for the first conference victory 36-O followed by a dull game with the johnson City Hill Toppers, who fell 28-O. Knoxville City High School lived up to advance press reports and took the Indians into camp I3-O. This game was by all odds the most exciting game ever played on the local lot. The Indians came back from their defeat to win easily over Bristol, Elizabethton, and Morristown. They ran up a score of 40-O in final game with Southport High from Indianapolis. The I937 team placed six boys, Haney, Blessing, Rich, Smith, Hawk, and Burgan, on the all-conference teamg Hawk on the all state and honor- able mention for all-Southern. Ballis and Burgan received honorable men- tion on the all State. I Page thirty seven Page thirty-eight Kingsport. . . Kingsport. . . Kingsport Kingsport. . . Kingsport Kingsport 'zrotfaff Coach: Paul R. Elliott SCHEDULE ....l4 Bristol .. O Elizabethton .. O Appalachia .. 6 Morristown .. 7 Elizabethton .. O Appalachia "B" sQ'uAD Top Row: McDavid, 1. Smith, G. Peters, Rowland, lvl Duncan T Peters Williams. Middle Row: Thayer, C. Smith, Whitaker, Overby, Biles Mayo Bottom Row: Ketron, W. Collins, Linkous, Hutchins, Hargrave G Collins Cannon. Track Captain: Coach: Paul Duncan L. M. Rich April 2 . . .U. T. Relays lKnoxvillel April 8 .......... Elizabethton April 13 . . . ....................... Morristown April 22 Tech. High lAtlantal and johnson City April 26 . . . ........................... Bristol April 29 ............. Chattanooga May 7 ...johnson City lRegionall May l4 ....... Cookville lStatel May 20 . ...Bristol lBig Sixl May 27 ...Atlanta lA. A. U.l Salley, Minnich, Collins, O. Camper, Pectal, Corns, Hale, Crawford, C. Moody, Whitaker, Mann, Pyle, Starnes, Davis, Page. Cox, Overby, M. Duncan, Hickman, P. Duncan, Ladd, W.'Camper, Bonsack, Clyde, Moody, Arnold, Carter, Biles. Williams, Hutchins, Moss, King, Caton, Hutton, Linkous, Maxwell, Collins. vw, 'QS Page thirty-nina Jaakefball v ac' i t Kingsport ......,. ,,,,,,, Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport - Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport ..,... ,,,,,, Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Page forty Pound, Va. Surgoinsville .. Sullivan ....... Rogersville .... Sullivan ...,...... Waycross, Ga. .. ...... .. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.., Homestead, Fla. ....... . Miami Beach, Fla. Miami, Edison ........., Chattanooga Central.. Bradley .................... Elizabethton .,,..,,.,,,, Gate City, Va. ..,....., . Knoxville .... ., SCHEDULE Kingsport ........ ....... Kingsport .,...... ....... Kingsport .,.,.... ....... Kingsport ....,,.. A..,... l 5 Kingsport ,,,..... ....... Kingsport .s,..... ....... Kingsport ........ ....,.. Kingsport .,...... ....,.. Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport ........ ....... Kingsport ........ .,...,. Kingsport .A...... .,..... Kingsport .....,.. ....... Kingsport .....YYY ....,.. VARSITY B. B. Sullivan Roy Hale Hugh Blessing Herman Ellis Lonzo Barrett junior Minnich George Peters Sam Young jack Pectol Coach: LeRoy Sprankle Manager: john Parker Elizabethton Morristown .. Gate City, Va Erwin .......... Chattanooga Surgoinsville johnson City Bradley ..,.,.. Erwin .......... Bristol, Tenn. Rogersville .. johnson City Morristown .. Bristol ....., Watauga ..,,. Mark Hargrave Kelly Duncan jasper Collier Emery Spears john Bell Carl Cole Girlie McDavid Lawrence Thayer Roy Baker Tommy Peters jimmy Caton Lynwood Overby Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport .... .... Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport SCHEDULE Bristol, Tenn .... . . . johnson City .... .. Bristol, Tenn. Erwin ..... Gate City, Va. Surgoinsville johnson City Surgoinsville ....... . . . Washington College ...... Elizabethton Gate City, Va. ..... . .. Erwin ...... . . . Erwin ...... ... Elizabethton Erwin ...... Coach: Albert S. johnson "B" SQUAD .22 ..23 . 6 .34 .31 .20 .14 .21 .21 .21 .29 . 8 .24 .10 .18 Kaalefdall Page forty-one April April April April May lvlay May May Page forty-two ennii Top Row: Spracher, Sivert, Ellis, Herndon, Fine, King. Bottom Row: Coach johnson, Banner, Sentell, Richardson Williams Simmons. U I5 Kingsport 22 Kingsport 27 Kingsport 29 Kingsport 6 Kingsport i3 Kingsport 21 Kingsport 28 Kingsport. . . . . SCHEDULE .... l2l Erwin..... . . lOl Elizabethton ... .... l3l Knoxville .. ..l4l Bristol ... .... lll johnson City . . ll l Morristown ..l J Knoxville .. ..l3l T.lVl.l... 706 March 26 Kingsport .......... l 9l Bristol . . . . . . l April April April April May May May 2 High School Day at Knoxville From 28 participants Walker placed Znd. White finished 'Sth l6 Kingsport ........ -. . ll8l Elizabethton ........ . l 23 Kingsport ... .... ll8l johnson City . .. ... l 30 Kingsport . .... l l Erwin ...... . . . l 4 Kingsport ..... ' ..... l l Morristown . . . . . i 5-6 Southern lnter-scholastic Golf Tournament 30 Big 6 Tournament at Morristown 3l Ol Ol l i Pro: Coach: Tommy Wright Paul R. Elliott TEAM Virgil Davis, junior White, Ned Walker, Carl joyner, Roy Hale. , l i Page forty-three Page forty-four Ira Lane, Harold Cross, Maluia Frazier, Eugene McGuire, jr. Whitaker, Walter Ketron, Walter Hutchins, George Bernard, Tazewell Bonsack, james Duncan, Carl Blizzard, Fred Spracher, john Bell, jack Mayo-Coach: L. M. Rich. The boxing team lost two dual matches during the regular season but gained a draw with johnson City for the "Big Six" Boxing Championship in the tournament at the end of the season. K n Nageba Haney . . . . . jane Lyons Winifred Cifers Audrey Taylor . Evangeline McConnell Nageba Haney Inez jones Winifred Cifers Pearl Hurd Lucille jennings Marjorie Taylor Vanita Compton Ruth lngraham Mary Teter Gay Leonard Marguerite Palmer Hope Fulkerson Elmira Turpin Ruth Ann Hyatt Ruby Egan Hallene Cloninger Norma Malone jane Lyons jeanette Arnold Majora Cryder Millicent Knierim President -President Secretary Treasurer Cay Campbell Sultana Haney Louise Terry Evelyn Carter Virginia Cilley Virginia Fuller Claudia McConnell Katherine Syrad Mary Maples Sara Anderson Audrey Taylor Dorothy Hale Ernestine Pyle Geneva Sproles Rita Groseclose Thelma Todd Susan Pridemore Anna Belle Carter Vesta Quillen Gertrude Cifers Evelyn Kilgore Sports Managers Inez jones ..... . . .Seniors Hope Fulkerson . . ...... juniors Mary Maples ....... Sophomores Gertrude Cifers ....... Freshmen Miss Clarine Runyon ..... Sponsor Martha jane French Frances Blessing 1 Margaret Lawson Margaret Fogle Ruth Herron Frances Mann Mary Davis Catherine Davis Mabelle Wright ' Virginia Morrow Lily Grizard Eva Mae Curtis jane Kinkead jane Hyatt Velma Coats Wanda Hawk Helen Miller Gaynell Whitaker Mary Ellen Bradley Ruth Carter Norma Hurst Page forty-five 9 Page forty-six In eh!! Top Row: Carl Blizzard, Walter Ketron, Ed Smallwood, B. B. Sullivan ohn Parker, H. C. Dickson, Ray Duncan, Neal Gilliam, Carl Cole. Middle Row: Luther McConnell, Ray McKensie, jack Mayo, Girlie McDavid Ernest Freeman, Sam Hendrickson, Ernest Painter. Bottom Row: Raymond Leonard, Wallace Chandler, George Earles. Coach: LeRoy Sprankle. Managers: Wallace Chandler, Raymond Leonard April. April April Ap'ril April April May May May May May May May 7 I2 T5 19 22 26 4 7 ll I3 I4 21 28 SCHEDULE FOR 1938 Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport Kingsport .......Erwin . . .Elizabethton . . .Elizabethton .. .johnson City ........Erwin ..lohnson City . . .Rogersville .... .Bradley . . .Rogersville . . .Young's . . .Bradley .......Young's Pennington Gap -Hctivitiei BOAT YARD Boat Yard, located on the north bank of the South Fork of the Holston just below the tip of Long Island, became an important boat landing as early as l800. The old brick store in Old Kingsport, built by john Lynn in the beginning of the nineteenth century, is one of the oldest marlzers left. At this time Robert Christian laid off a town plot, extending from the boat yard up the ridge beyond where the railroad runs at present and west as far as the old Presbyterian Church. V, For twenty-five years this village was called Boat Yard, Christiansville and even Christiansville Boat Yard. After l823, the name'5l3'1gsport was more commonly used although certain documents continued ,gg refer to the place as "Old Boat Yard" for another quarter of a century.l'93i Q. Salt and iron were shipped from there as far south as Muscle Shoals Alabama and New Orleans. As early as l808, William King advertised that he would accept drafts whichlthe Tennessee planters received from a cer tain New Orleans firm for their own produce as payment for salt purchased from him. is ' l' . Boats, built on Long Island, were said to have carried cargoes up to twenty-five tons down the Holston into the Tennessee and beyond. - 1 A 1 --1+ -'-Jil-3'Ti,i,,, 1-----wh --f----e ' , 'V Y Y T 1 Y , . Y ,M , L -df - -A H- .R t a Aa TT ml Q n T" A ' ' .4 f:fgf.,,f4El'5-P! ?1.,3' ,Jr ,-- A-1 .ff. L :gf - ,,:r..1?f:Sf,.-. -I A- Az:-E ,. f" .nn ,v ' '-f-J - -' f - . .lf-' TQ? -S ' Q r T' 7 I ' T ax .f 3: .-.'41?7'?f '..' " -- - ' , A 1, , , .' nj'-io. L "' ' - r . A,-eff' ,i .,F'5ff21ig.'fL'l7, ix X I V- ,r 1 ,U II, V, 'H' 4 '-52,1 ,L .Ai i s L? -wfw hllll firm mb 132.2 45-7--B! 'iris Ax ' if , ' 'T ' '- 1 Y c- ' 'T ' .1 ' ' l T L - ,. Y., L'- .lr or j g ig S a,f9S:- A - 5 Q ag e i-a K fe 1+ S ,+ 'Ti i rn' ' ' f' f --f' a' 'ljA r f if a v , S a Yi :', ii. T Page forty seven emma! 6046 1 Charles Herndon . .. . . .4 . .President Vance Cox ..... . . .Vice-President Ruth Schram . . . . . .Sec.-Treas, ln l935 a group of interested students under the supervision of Miss Ruth Ramer, of the English department, organized the journal Club. Each week this club edits the school news, through the courtesy of the Kingsport Times. This year the journal Club has been sporsored by Miss Fore and Miss Ramer. The purpose of the club is to stimulate an interest in writing and to render experience in this field. The members ot the journal Club are as follows: MEMBERS juanita Baker Katharyn Bell Cornelia Burgan Reba Campbell Margaret Highsmith Mildred Hodge Mildred Horton Page forty-eight Ruth lngraham Kathleen King Marguerite Palmer Talmage Powell Lillian Roach Mary jane Thornton Eldridge Hord j. G. Hughes KWH? MEMBERS luanita Baker Katharyn Bell I. D. Bridwell Reba Campbell Leonard Dietrich Carlee Harris Charles Herndon Mildred Horton Ruth lngraham lffationaf -iqonot .fociety Inez jones Alvin Kiss Mae Maupin Mabel Mellons H. C. Sivert Marjorie Taylor IIA new yay: farm V5 L, : Z 7 5 OFFICERS President: b Ruth Schram Vice-President: Eldridge Hord Sec.-Treas.: Katherine Hopkins Sponsor: M iss Webb The National Honor Society, as represented in Kingsport, was estab- lished in i927 in an effort to promote interest in the primary objectives of the Kingsport Chapter. Members are selected by the faculty on merits of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Page forty nme 9 I Page fifty Rand S. T. Witt ..... ........... D irector George Moss ........ . . .Head Drum Major john Malcolm Moore .. .......... Mascot Don Kagey . . . Harold Harkins Sponsors: Cornelia Burgan Nageba Haney jane Lewis Ruth Yancey Piccolos: Francis Kelly Mildred Lady Howard T'favis Frank Stevenson Clarinetsz Ruth lngraham Randolph Wilson Talmage Powell Bobby jack White jack Pectol Oneda Brown Reba Sproles Nell Ring Helen O'Toole Winston Pannell jimmie Brockman Bruce Brawley Ruth Hurt David McKinney jimmie Fry Corners: Howard Quillen Metri BalliS Sam Young Dan Zoerb lane White Vaughtie Piercy Raymond Mosely Harry Morell junior Carroll Oliver Hawk William Evans Robert Moss Gus Caron Gene Cox Eistin Neuter Bill Williams Ruth Dobson Louise Terry Edna Dodd Richard McConnell Sam Hendrickson May E. McCorkle Dickie Brockman jack Banner Assistant Drum Majors: Paul jared Edward Smallwood B. B. Sullivan Saxophones: Chzrles Showalter Clyde Hawk Marion Palmer Eula Seals loe Bailey Barney Pendletcn Kenneth Cox Ed Marsh jim Bowers Helen Fulkerson Marion Swann Dorothy Ballard Trombones: Vance Cox Rucker Todd Cecil Smith Merle Parker Lynwood Overby james Chadwell Bill Todd Fred Spracher W. L. Cavin ....C-un Man . . . .Band Manager Baritones: Bayard Carroll George Beals Paul Pickens Basses: Alfred Mosely Elmer Beals David King Drums: Robert Pyle james Blankenship jack Smith Tazewell Bonsack Gordon Bonsack Nan Kagey Merton McCorkle T. A. Williams Cymbals: Kenner Lyons Bell Lyres: j. G. Hughes Phyllis Brockman I Otciei tta Violins: Louise Bond . j. G. Hughes Sara Price Emily Palmer joanne Bishop Spears Vavalides Kenner Lyons Ferrell Barnes Louise Bralley Charles Armstrong Flute: Francis Kelly Clarinets: i Ruth lngraham is Randolph Wilson Bobby jack White Saxophones: George Moss james Bowers Cornets: . Howard Quillin Metri Ballis Dan Zoerb jane White Director: S. T. Witt Basses: Elmer Beals Trombone: Vance Cox Pianist: Phyllis Brockman Piano Accordion: Polly Gregg Dorothy Hale i Oboe: Charles Showalter Horns: Alfred Mosely jasper Collier - Drums: , james Blankenship Cello: lfred Spralger Zyrimba: Virginia Agett Page fifty-one C-ene Cox 1. C-. Hughes Paul Duncan Girlie lVlcDavid Ernest Painter Bayard Caroll Kenneth Wheeler Randolph Wilson lack Pectol lohnnie Parker Hugh Blessing David Bevins l. D. Bridwell Charles Herndon Eldridge Hord Vance Cox Tazewell Bonsack joe Bailey H. C. Sivert Harry Starnes The Hi-Y Club was organized in l928 with twelve members. lt has grown steadily to a present membership of twenty boys. Membership is by invitation only. Boys are selected whose records show them to be an out- standing asset to the club and a splendid example among the students. The club is semi-religious, its purpose being "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian charac- ter." Each boy is sworn to stand for tour fundamental p,rinciples4"clean speech, clean sportsmanship, clean scholarship, and clean living". Page fifty-two OFFICERS Vance Cox ........... President Kenneth Wheeler ..... Secretary Charles Herndon. . .Vice-President joe Bailey ....... .... T reasurer Mr. Counce . . . ...... Sponsor O l.. MEMBERS Mabel Mellons QC!! ke: ezvea OFFICERS Margaret Highsmith .... President Adelaide Hargrave ..... Secretary Ruth Nall ........ Vice-President Margaret l. Crum ...... Treasurer ' Miss Bruce ............ Sponsor The Girl Reserve Club of D. B. H. S. was organized in April l928. The purpose of the organization is "To find and to give the bestn. The slogan is "To face life squarely". The emblem symbolic of development in-body, mind, and spirit, is a blue triangle with a circle in it. The club was organized by Miss Ruth Springer, but is now sponsored by Miss C-race Bruce. luanita Baker Margaret Beaty Ann Brooks Cornelia Burgan Winitred Cifers Margaret Crum Evelyn Clubertson Betsy Edwards Virginia Gilley Nageba Haney Adelaide Hargrave Mary Medearis Virginia Hawk Margaret Highsmith Katherine Hopkins Kate Fleenor Lucille lennings Inez jones lane Lewis Katherine Nall Ruth Nall Edna Painter Margaret Risk Ruth Schram ' Mary Thornton Elizabeth Yancey Dorothy Sullivan Ina Rentro Sultana Haney Louise Faust Page fifty4th1'ee 'K Page fifty-four Berchie Alexander Sara Anderson jeanette Arnold Mary Anderson Mary j. Anderson Ruth Anderson Helen Addington jessie Bevins Phyllis Brockman Grace Bailey Mabel Byrd Beatrice Blizzard Cornelia Burgan juanita Baker Maude Barnes Margaret Beaty Kathryn Bell Marie Catron Gertrude Cifers Gay Campbell Margaret Campbell Virginia Carriger Velma Lee Coats Georgia Cornett Allie Lynn Cox joan Cox Majora Cryder Eleanor Cusick Evelyn Carter Vanita Compton Ruth Carter Mairgaret Collins Winifred Cifers Hallene Cloninger Mary Davis Velma Dykes Margaret Davis Margaret Deck Ruby Egan Doreen Eachus gfee Betsy Edwards Georgia Fleenor Kate Fleenor Genevieve Collins Danise Fletcher Vera Free Virginia Gilley Arline Gruber Virginia Hardin Geraldine Hasche Dorothy Huber Sara jane Hyatt Dorothy Hutton Mildred Hancock Bernice Hawkins Birdie Mae Hilton Virginia Hawk A Sultana Haney Emma Harkleroad Adelaide Hargrave jean Herndon Margaret Highsmith Mildred Horton Pauline Hancock Pearl Hurd Katherine Hopkins Ruth Ann Hyatt Caflee Harris Ruth lngraham Ruby Lee johnson Inez jones Erma Lee jones Lucille joyce Lela johnson june Ketron jane Kinkead Hattie Mae Kent Evelyn Kilgore jeanne Ketron Helen Rose Kinkead 61146 Doris Lemly Benny Lane Loretta Lehman Thelma Light Gay Leonard jane Lewis juanita Long Emma Lynch june Lyons joan Meade Mary Maples Gadys Marberry Blanche Milam Pauline Mosely Mary Medearis Mae Maupin Edith Milhorn lean Minnich Phyllis Minnich Fern Murray Claudia McConnell Sara McLain jean McNeil Betty McAuliffe Ruth Nall Katty Nall Betty Nelms Charles Neeley lola Nichols jean Pyle Emily Palmer Estella Penn Laura Mae Price Mara Purcell Ernestine Pyle Edna Painter Marguerite Palmer Erma Parker Sara Price Aurelia Evans Margaret Quall lna Renfro Mary Routh Norma Reed Charlotte Smith Pauline Smith Mable Smith Maryana Smith Pauline Showalter Elizabeth Shuey Isabel Smith Ilene Smith Katherine Syrad Geneva Sproles Vera Strickler Dorothy Sullivan Frankie Schrader Glenna Terry Louise Terry Mildred Thompson Mary Thornton Ruth Taylor Thelma Todd Margaret Turpin Lillian VonBramer Marjorie Walker Lucille Walker Gaynelle Whitaker Dariel White Rosemond Walters Mary Webster Barbara White Mary White Zella Whitaker Maxine White Elizabeth Yancey Ruth Yancey Kathleen King Vesta Quillen Wanda Zimmerman e Vance Cox Billy Evans Herman Ellis Ralph lett Sam Milhorn Raymond Mosely Pat Richardson I. D. Compton Carl Ketron Sammy Simmons Tommy Peters George Moss Director: Lucille Price IEC? Ferrel Barnes Clyde Hawk Ray Leonard Lawrence Page Carl Cole lack Smith Clifton Smith Tom Williams Grover Collins Roy Hale Robert Citers Sam Hendrickson Virgil Davis Bill Riley Maluia Frazier Don Maxwell Frank Stevenson King Cox George Bernard Robert Moss George Peters Walter Ketron Forrest Asbury Ed Smallwood David King Page fzfty fwe yefazte 61116 President luanita Baker Katherine Hopkins Lillian Von Bramer Genevieve Collins Vice-President Vela Free Martha lane French Rucker Todd Helen Gilbert Mildred Hodge Secretary-Treasurer Ruby Lee johnson Katharyn Bell Mildred l-aClY 9 David McKinney Sponsor AA Ross Brown Robinson M H , if ple Maryana Smith r' ams Ng, Eldridge Hord if Ruth Nall This year the Debate Club became an active member in the lnter-State Forensic League. The league was formed for the purpose of promoting several speech tournaments during the year. This, ot course, is in addition to the customary inter-chool debates and district tournament at the end of the season. The first tournament was held December 5, at Bristol, Tennessee, the second, at jonesboro on February l2g the third, at Kingsport on March 25. Debaters from tour different states were represented in these tournaments. Page fifty-six Vanita Compton Ruth Schram Evelyn Culbertson Mae Maupin 1. D. Bridwell Mildred Hodge Edith Milhorn Aurelia Evans jane White Helen Gilbert Arline Gruber Phyllis Brockman Helen Ketron ,fe getcfe 7:ca:ncaz'i get President Ruth Schram Vice-President D. Bridwell Secretary-Treasurer Mae Maupin Sponsor Miss Holmes Le Cercle Francais took pledges into the club at the beginning of the year who later became regular members. Throughout the year the club members conducted programs of writers, customs, holidays, government, scientists, and other topics pertaining to the French. Le Cercle Francais takes much pride in the progress it has made in developing the cultural sense toward the appreciation of France and her language. l Page fifty-seven 4 l MEMBERS Vance Cox john Laughlin Ruth Schram Louise Faust Robert Pyle Evelyn Clubertson Margaret Highsmith j. G. Hughes, jr. OFFICERS john Laughlin ......... President Margaret l-lighsmith ..Sec.-Treas. Vance Cox . . .. .Vice-President Miss Wylie . . .l .... .. .Director The Dramatic Club has presented several plays which have been quite successful. The first play of the year was "I Am a jew", written by Samuel Richardson Davenportg the second was "No Wedding Bells"1 and the third was "The Short Cut" by Percival Wilde. The purpose of the club this year has been to present some of the bet- ter plays without charge and these have been well received by the students. The program has been made as varied as possible, the first play being a trag- edy, the second a comedy, and the third a tragedy presented as a radio skit, l Some of the students who have done outstanding work arei Vance Cox, Ruth Schram, j. G. Hughes, jr., Margaret Highsmith, john Laughlin, and Evelyn Clubertson. Page fifty-e-ight Charles Herndon . . . . . .Editor-in-Chief Kathryn Hopkins .... Associate Editor Miss Rebecca Holmes .... Editorial Advisor Mr. Paul R. Elliot .... Business Advisor Cornelia Burgan .. .... Photographic Editor Tazewell Bonsack ............................ Artist Vance Cox, Eldridge Hord, Mildred Hodge Business Assistants STAFF ASSISTANTS Margaret Highsmith Aurelia Evans ' Ruth Schram Reba Campbell Mildred Horton 14 Af ,V Z! 14 I .9 T 14 'T Page fifty-nine inneu of kk Page sixty REQUIREMENTS Scholastic "K" All grade B or above for four sub- jects, one year Library Service "K" Two periods a day for three and one-half years Dramatic "K" One year membership and twenty-five points Debate "K" Three school debates one year and a one year membership Band "K" Membership for two years and pass examination Orchestra "K" Membership for two years and pass examination Clee Club "K" Two year membership and five public performances Football "KN Must play in two-thirds of the major games Basketball "K" Play in two-thirds of the major games Baseball "K" Must play in three-fourths of the major games Track "K" By breaking record or winning first place in meet Tumbling "K" Seventy per cent of stunts in ad- vanced tumbling and three public exhibitions Athletic Manager "K" Keeping equipment, providing first-aid and other minor duties Girls' Athletic "K" Point basis-one thousand points to win "K" Cheer Leaders Lead cheering and singing at all home functions for one year BAND SPONSORS Cornelia Burgan jane Lewis Ruth Yancey Nageba Haney CHEER LEADERS Edna Painter Elizabeth Yancy Barbara White Virginia Hawk Mary Medearis Mary jane Anderson Page sixty-one E ? Page sixiy two -gcfvettzl ementi THE ROBERTS' MASSACRE The murder of the Roberts family occurred about one mile up Boozy' Creek la tributary of Reedy Creekl from the old Lesley Mill place. This information is given by I. I. A. Hughes, a great grandson of john Anderson who built the Block House. This incident is an outstanding example of the revenge of Indians who were mistreated by malicious white men. Chief Logan lived in Eastern Ohio and had been brought up to live in peace with his white neighbors of Pennsylvania. In the year I774 an out- law British soldier under Captain Cresup lured several ofiLogan's relatives' into a rum station and there murdered them while they were drunk. For retaliation Logan, for the first time, went on the warpath into the western frontier. The Roberts family happened to be one of his unfortu- nate targets. He left thefollowing note tied to a war club on the scene: "What did you kill my people on Yellow Creekfor? The white people killed my kin at Conestoga a great while ago, and I thought nothing of that. But you kill my kin again on Yellow Creek, and took my cousin prisoner. Then I thought I must kill, too, and I have been three times to war sincfe but the Indians are not angry, only myself." All of the Roberts family were murdered except two boys, one of whom was taken prisoner and the other left for dead was taken to the,home, of Colonel Arthur Campbell lRoyal Oaker near Abingdonl where he was nurseclu until his death a few weeks later. - 0 T5 W 'w ,ff-X27-Qi. iff- - 's ' f' ,ins Kd , X , Ili f C f y , of " ,Q ffgfify Aim F-1- h . ' -I , f Q '-'T'-'-' ,I ' ""- , Sirius, :I fl-A V Z' --itil - Y A I-iiihl, - . 'Nl - . fiii jblifl-Q.. " 2' ' fi"-dpi 'Q' ' - I -f r' -f WI ,-,, X1 .1 I , :gun V , A f ,. e X einem A f A . fx, Q.. . yi lull Azdf if ug? 1 . I it f IL'-5? f-I-iiiiiiilillliliilli-f'S . -, rg 6' -- V. . I ' 4-.Q-,if 4 at 11555 - L r ,fag A L - i 1, To X e -' f ' . 7 Tx A e xi A A .71-be -fix 'ffl-1' QZ?4 Q we 1- 5 1-ee Ae- e-422: '1 v'T?gcff Page sixty three -'-'-'-' -'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'u'-'-'ll "-"-'-'n'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-"-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'.E'-'- Ll ull' be U ezzozmfff 71,1 QS General Motors Installment Plan Monthly Payments To Suit Your Purse '-'-F-F-H-F-F-F-F-'-'-Fu'd'd'd'-H-'-F-'W W. A. ALLEN CHEVROLET COMPANY 315-319 Cherokee Phone 5107 "Day and Night Service" HE5'JA '-'E'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'5r5'nFu'-'-'-'-'-'n'-'-'-'-'-'-' ' ' ' COMPLIMENTS OF THE MEAD CORPORATION nson C ty T COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS RED BAND OF 5 IIUDDLE ELECTRHQ Incorporated "The Best That's Made" 213 B d Sr Ph 1242 Kingsport High School Band Uniforms Designed and Tailored by GEORGE EVANS 81 COMPANY, INC. 132 North Fifth Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Masenginsg COMPLIMENTS 4' Distinctive Apparel OF Mr KRESS Women and Misses 50 - 100 - 250 STORE FELIX SIGNS COMPLIMENTS OF NEON SIGNS CRAFT MOTORS INC Telephone 880 COMPLIMENTS OF PARKS - RELIQ COMPANY The Soutlfs Largest Distributors Of Reliable Merchandise 150 RETAIL DEPARTMENT STORES f For Your Health's Sake Drink Plenty of Pet Dairy's Pasteurized Milk "The Safest Milk You Can Buy" PET DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY KINGSPORT Phone 5116 TENNESSEE P COMPLIMENTS OF GENERAL SHALE PRODUCTS CORPORATION A COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. PENNEY COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE Kingsport, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF ELECTRIC APPLIANCE COMPANY Your General Electric Dealer Kingsport, Tennessee CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS AND FACULTY J. FRED JOHNSON 81 CO. unnumnununnmnnunnnnunununnnunnnnnmnmmmmmnnnmmumuunm THE NETTIE LEE SHOP For Clothes that are Smart That gives the Boy's Heart a Start Just Stop and Try ' THE NETTIE LEE SHOP Our Compliments to the Class of '38 KINC'S Johnson City Your Logical Store in Your Logical Shopping Center P COMPLIMEN TS KINGSPORT UTILITIES, INC. ulilectricity to Serve You" Phone 5106 The Man You Want To Be-a man who's self-reliant, admired, popular- such a man must dress correctly, in clothes of good taste. For smartly styled clothes come to ' HANNAI-I,S JOHNSON CITY nnununInulunununnnunnmnulnnunnlnnlunInumnununnunn 1 Dodge and Plymouth Trucks and Commercial Cars "Sales and Service" BRASHEAR MOTORS Phone 5117 Bristol Highway and Oak Street P ty COMPLIMENTS OF FULLER 81 HILLMAN Incorporated mnnmnnInmuunInulullnlulnluInInlnuuulnnnnnnlunuuunl Quillin Auto Service Body and Mechanical Repairs for any Car Your WILLYS Dealer Phone 76 West Sullivan COMPLIMENTS OF Hamlett-Dobson, Inc. "The Funeral Home" Phone 34 J. M. Hamlett jirnmie Dobson City Transportation Inc. "Ride the Busses - - Save the Diiferencen Moore 81 Walker, Inc. Insurance - Real Estate - Loans 241 Broad St. - Phone 963 COMPLIMENTS OF Freels Drug Store Kingsport's Leading Drug Store Prescription Specialist Cosmetics Dobyns-Bennett's Favorite Soda Fountain Phone 5050 COMPLIMENTS THE HOLLISTON MILLS TENNESSEE Page s eventy-one ty-t Compliments of the Following ARCHITECT- Allen N. Dryden ATTORNEYS- ' Chas. T. Herndon, Jr. Kelley, Penn, and Hunter Clifford Sanders Worley, Hawk, and Minter DENTISTS- E. A. Hoge Will Hutchins R. P. Moss S. L. Smith OPTOMETRISTS- Chas. G. Frye Oscar Z. Silver PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS- M. J. Adams Frank L. Alloway L. C. Cox E. 0. Depew Fred M. Duckwall John Atlee Flora Lewis L. Highsmith J. V. Hodge B. Roy Howard M. D. Massengill Payne Sz Yancey Tipton Sz Reed W. A. Wiley COMPLIMEN TS OF BLUE RIDGE CLASS CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF TENNESSEE EASTMAN CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF KINGSPORT FOUNDRY and MANUFACTURING CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF Charles Service Station Dixie Maid Bakery PHONE 128 PHONE 830 H24 Hour Service" One of the Many Annuals that We have engraved this season. We are pardonably proud of our record for personal and interested service to our friends who have en- trusted us with the designing and engraving of their Annuals- and Catalogues. We will be glad to serve you too. We're as near as your Phone or Post Office. KNOXVILLE ENGRAVING COMPANY KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Phone 2-5643 310 West Church Ave. Franklin Printing Co. COMPLIMENTS OF Telephone 375 ,Iimmie's -Candy Kitchen Corner Cherokee and Main Streets Sandwiches - Sodas - Candies Page seventy-six Kingsport, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF Price and Rainey First National Bank - Phone 5125 ununnummmmmmnmmmn 35 Atkins Hardware Co. General Hardware - Paints Implements Norge Home Appliances 210 E. Market St. The Handy Family Package Ideal for the unexpected guests or the bridge party. COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS or Kingsport Lumber E and Firestone Auto Supply Supply Company and "Quality Lumber and Building' E Material" 2 Service Stores Phone 122 - Corner Main and Clay Page sew ty INSISTP UN COMPLIMENTS OF GARDNER POTATO CHIPS 1 Salted Peanuts Peanut Butter Sandwiches Candies St01'6S Goodrich Silvertown Barrett Food Products Co., Inc. Tennessee 137 Broad Phone 821 Manufacturers COMPLIMENTS OF KINGSPORT GROCERY COMPLIMENTS OF W Q 0 D Y 9 S DRY CLEANERS Unlon Supply CO' "Your Appearance Q Will speak for US" Bulldlng Materlal 205 Cherokee Street Phone 87 ty-eight COMPLIMENTS OF CLINCHFIELD DRUG COMPANY Carpenter 81 Haire V "Where Quality and Service "Popular Priced Shoes" Meet" KINGSPORT LAUNDRY A Message to the Boys and Girls of the Kingsport Schools: "Blue Horse" school Supplies are better than others. Don't let anyone talk you into using something else that they can lnake more money on. The best costs no more than the cheaper article. Your dealer can always supply you with "Blue Horse" SALYER CANDY CO. Distributor and Local Taxpayer Page seventy-nine COMPLIMENTS OF BORDEN MILLS INCORPORATED Complete Insurance Service Beal Estate Loans BENNETT 81 EDWARDS, INC. Bradleyis Water Colors and Crayons A Complete line of Art and Drawing Supplies MILTON BRADLEY CC. ATLANTA, GEORGIA IIIIIIllIllIllllIllIllllIllIllIllllIllIIllIlIllIllIllhllIllIllllllllnllllllllllllllllll .IOSTEN7S Jewelers and Stationers OWATONN A, MINNESOTA S O B E L ' S Exclusive Men's Shop Kuppenheimer Clothes Varsity-town Nunn Bush Shoes Lee - Hats P yhfy Here you meet every lVlan's Synthetic Adventure. . . Here you find Relaxation, Happiness and Friends. Your Wiefaffrf American Cleaners Dependable Cleaning and Service G6Horne of Good Eatsw Telephone 44 Raleigh Hampton-Owner Five Points 619 Boone Street Kingsport, Tennessee Kingsport Electric Co. COMPLIMENTS OF H A Y ' S "Service with a Smile" Phone 5109 COMPLIMENTS OF JULEP BOTTLING CO., INC. "Drink Julep-Good for the Old and Young" New Street 13110119 236'W Page eighty-two COMPLIMENTS OF Huff-Cook COMPLIMENTS OF Funeral Home G. E. Stone Grocery J. Frank Nelson : Manager Phone 5119 609 Boone St. : Free Ambulance Service Phone 1093 12 5 Charlemont St, COMPLIMENTS OF HOWARD OFFICE EQUIPMENT Phone 585 Inmannmlunmnnuunuuumn CO. Kingsport, Tennessee Immmnummnumnunnunnnnunnunnnmum:nununmnmnuuuun HOME INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. GENERAL INSURANCE "Play Safe"-Let us handle your Insurance Room 23 - Freels Buildin g - 242 Broad Street H. M. McNeil mummnum ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW AT YOUR num:ummmnumn J. W. nnuumuunmnu Harrison WIIERE YoU E MEET YoUR FRIENDS Page eighty-three COMPLIMENTS OF STAR SHOE SHOP Cherokee Street nrununmnnnnmnunlnunuumnnnnmuu FIVE POINTS FRUIT and NEWS "Your Business is Appreciated 418 Cherokee Street nunnnunnuunnunnuuunmnnnnnnnnnunu COMPLIMENTS or Sterehi Bros. Store Incorporated 66G0od Furniture? lulnulnuInInunnnnnumauumunmumm EAT Southern Maid Ice Cream ujust a Little Better" Page eighty-four 99 - "Try the Service at one of our Stations" R. L. PETERS Distributor Gulf Reiining Company Phone 106 HOLSTON DRUG 134 Broad Street PHONE 530 Kingsport, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF Montgomery Ward COMPLIMENTS OF SHELBY STREET GARAGE - Phone 380 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF KINGSPORT . OFFICERS: J. FRED JOHNSON A. D. BROCKMAN President Executive Vice-President C. C. HAMLETT J. C. STONE Cashier Vice-President CHEROKEE MOTORS INC. Buick - - Oldsmobile Sales and Service Corner Cherokee and New Sit. Phone 300 nInnmnmunnnunnunnunnuumnuumunnuluununnunuunnu unlnnnnuunmnnununn COMPLIMENTS OF Howard-Duckett Co. Kingsport Office Supply Company Kingsport, Tennessee Printers and Lithographers Page eighty-five nel laaz ldg 1 S B 'B' fwflcw "N ow Joining the North and South" ----- Daily Service Atlanta, Georgia to New York City General Office First National Bank Building I V Kingsport, Tennessee nmmunnnumnuuunmnmunnuunnmummunmunmnuml In-nnmumninunuunumuunnnmumnmnuuumlnnnnuu CITIZENS SUPPLY CORPGRATION Lumber and Building Material Silllllifl ARMSTRONG 81 MCCOY GENERAL CONTRACTORS WQuality Buildersi' SLIP-NOT BELTING CORPORATION unmumuomnmmnuinanmnunmmnnm nmnunnuuun WN get QCCASIQN.. . We recommend the dlshnchve beauty and flawless X X workmanship of an Z t N ELGIN DOBYNS - TAYLOR Just over at Kingsport COMPLIMENTS OF SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY Use Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil and Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil "Mel1owed A Million Years" T. MCGUIRE Ag nt K' g p t T COMPLIMENTS OF Mills Motor Company Chrysler and Plymouth COMPLIMENTS OF ,lemnings Candy Co. Distributors Day Phone 5122 Nite Phone 1100 245 Market Sr. Kingsport, Tennessee : Telephone 29 J. E. M Y E R S GENERAL CoNTEACToE We Built Your Neighborls Home Let Us Build Yours Phone 1162 Charlemont St. Kingsport, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF MCDOWELUS STUDIO Page eighty-eight nnnu1:1ulunnnnnnnnnunumnnunnnnnnmnnnmnnunnnuunmu Milan Electric Company ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Distributors of Lightolier Lighting Fixtures and Stewart Warner Frigidaries Apex Washers - Electric Ranges COMPLIMENTS OF KINGSPORT PRESS INC Page ninety Engravings for this annual made by KNOXVILLE ENGRAVING C0 'KnoXville, Tenn. P 1 9 BENTON REVIEW SHOP Qffv Q u. X 1 2 Illh lhg' E Fowler. Incl. . 2 E X94 Page ninety-one me x wmu.v.wr.mmnu1 xf,.w.lmm.z -.. - - L 1. f .... - wazu-.v , fm-mmap.-w,:w.w,,.. .mf-uk -X 'M -I 'H--.mfm, ur. ixzugn.-ni G i'uamsaw1!u4 i.a.u.:-.''w:n.M.r .V , .fu in H X '-J-fylwu gunulshzulnr mmmmw ' aff.AsAm1r:zr,:nuvr'.mus.nsna'1:':1m:x wg, arA.'L3ln,rnmmin Wi? -: -4' s, ,g -gg i J, ,- f'g,.-,' .. w xl -, -ws mv .,e X V-1. --mm, + ' V : f i x 3 f:if' ffg ', ,x N , W- 'fu lm gfm' ' Emi! fl! 3 W mf!-1 ! an ,,,' .bf .,,. .,.f 'fA1"'.f 4 K ,,. i I ,waz ,- if - - , . F I ' 1 ,' I ,! ' - 1 , K r ,a it . . ,Q , 7" .CD . 'ffffxg 5, ,, .fs ,f rw 1 P , tl, . , 1 4 , -4 . fl - 4.. 1 1 . , Q , V I 2 ' . 1 5, 1 Q z 4 251 ' i it f ff 4 Q 7 ' q L , 5 v .., -1 - QV, V V31 ' . 'aYii??ef.z3s,3,.vk.L.J Z- . . . .6 -':. m-,gAe,mm.fa.:1 .,'u1,-wimwysim Ilmanvsixaz'-'vuzl":n ..' rwsimznnrlsca fm-"ru-iam:-mga. 1!Fll7'..lInn1l.x .m ' ,ov-1311?--'1'wv's MM-at 'nx.1..a1 ' : .nr '- .rsrxnl warmly'-Ula rx' . U1 vim wf 1750 1756 1757 1761 1763 1775 1776 1777 1779 lf' Dr. Thomas Walker came to the mouth of the North Fork of the Hol- ston where he found nine Indian houses and measured the big elm. Robert Dinwiddie, Governor of Virginia, granted to Edmund Pendle- ton a tract of three thousand acres near the mouth of Reedy Creek. Richard Pears traded with the Cherokee Indians for Long Island, but the state held the grant invalid. Nathaniel Cist unsuccessfully petitioned the state of Virginia for a grant of Long Island. july-Maior Andrew Lewis opened up the first wagon road to the head of Long Island. November-Fort Robinson was built on the north 'bank of the Holston near the upper end of Long Island. David Ross made an investigation for the Loyal Land Company re- lative to the placing of an Indian agency at the mouth of the North Fork. March-the Treaty of Sycamore Shoals lElizabethton, Tennesseel gave white man the first claim to land around Long Island. Daniel Boone, starting from Long Island, blazed the first trail of "The Wilderness Road" to Kentucky via Mocassin Gap. july--Settlers assembled at Eaton's Station for an expected attack of Indians led by Dragging Canoe. july-The Indians were defeated by 170 settlers in the Battle of Long Island Flats near the present Litz Manor. November-Fort Patrick Henry was built on the north bank of the South Fork near the present Tennessee Eastman Plant. luly-Treaty of Long Island was signed, extending the Indian border thirty miles below the North Fork. P joseph Martin was appointed Indian agent from Virginia, stationed at Long Island. George Rogers Clark and recruits passed through this section on their way to Virginia to obtain permission to command the Northwest Ter- ritory Expedition. Colonel john Donelson built a flotilla of flat boats at Fort Patrick Henry and started on a voyage down the Holston River to Nashville. 'II 1780 lnsz ' I 1783 1190 1796 1797 1801 1802 ' 1805 1812 1818 1820 1823 V E .s' o C Colonel john Sevier and Isaac Shelby led pioneers in the Battle of King's Mountain. William Christian, jeremiah Cloud, and joseph Kinkead settled near the mouth of Reedy Creek. .' Long Island was pointed out as desirable site for a trading post by George Rogers Clark and William Christian. Bishop Asbury, first Methodist Bishop in western territory, preached at North Fork. Victor Collot recommended Long Island as a depot for French occu- pation of the Western Territory. The Duke of Orleans, later King Louis XVIII, crossed North Fork of Holston en route to Knoxville. Q Abner Hughes began the manufacture of powder on Reedy Creek. Francois Michaux, French scientist, passed through this region on way to Bean Station. Christiansville fOId Kingsport? was laid out by Robert Christian. William King established a port for the shipping of salt at Boat Yard, which is the present old brick store in Old Kingsport. john Crum laid out lots for the town of Manchester or Crumtown, the present Lovedale Section. ' john Lynn started a mercantile business at Christiansville. Netherland lnn was built by Richard Netherland. Frederick A. Ross laid out the town of Rossville Ipresent lower Old Kingsportl: built old Rotherwood mansion and the bridge over the North Fork. The Embree Iron Works was in operation at Pactolus. Christiansville became Kingsport. ' ,jim V . v , - , A - , f ' Q. .'w , 'f"m-'frsmwe "fs::v:.v::v-'Qw.-r::1:1s'+:f:f2'2-w-wr'-::f':e ," ' f1'f- fffivwf-212+'ff A'--"r".fT5f f"'1 r"3? 'f' 'F' .K . 22 in I i '9 ! Q. ii .jf I wa tl- -I 'S YKTXYUK FK BETH EIL R KKRMK EFL 111111K MH HF IKILBHWK F1 II R 'L-I'1nH.7ll1.H t HNYITK 'IKE H

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