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1 x ff MED CRUISE Q- -A 'f5?? A S- A , A 1 FRANCE i ,,i Q ,N SPAIN f ,Lf 4-7 V ,,+ AFRICA 1 - A ,- ,-, - ,.,. l .,, ,kg - , A A ---- , I U- N 'A 'N ls .X-, K Z ja A 1 mv o DQ JQ 7 Q70 in l 'G ff? My sincerest congratulations to our Dewey men who served during our 1977 Mediterranean deploy- ment. As a crew, we faced some of the most com- prehensive tasking that any Sixth Fleet Unit had. From the Search and Rescue Mission during the 1 March storm with 47 knot winds to Full Power Steaming . . . from Gunnery and Missile exercises to UNREPS, you broke all records and performed Superbly! Well Done and "N.T.S". ' ' 9 WQMMU M. P. KALLERES A s W A Xi . X if x ,. z . .. Q-x - ,..-Ir -I ,f V I H , ff . f V. My h , F riff ,jf uf F - 1 A , JN- - -wi ' Qtwblj If :QW " Af ' f , f vvj: 4' 1 - 1 Y X an 'Q , . 4 k si, - 'X , w- I X n I W 3 Q 1. if uf, , 93' X X xi X 1? 1 Y 1 V, f ,ff 1 'mx ' J ' f , Fi? , X 5 ,Q NX X' :XA " L-.. A 4 I ' W? 1 Lf ,Ziyi f .. N Q X 'if 4 X ' 6 ' f 4' lj! X xxx x X 4 ,,-:I j ff I H 414 X 1 VX if 2 f' f A 3,0 X . rf 1 ,ff f 46, X vi . y. X 4 I k 02,1 Q 1 'ff' f ff f f MW? Xxx X SN X I X. 4 f ' 4 QS? 5, , XX X xx, . X W- "' 1 5 :ku K f EU, Q ,gf W, XX J X is A H5 1 4 lx K9 ' :Q is 1 "4 55" li m X . X . I 'K .V N . N 5, , x an if 17 'E '4fSP',, 'W 'H' e if w. - . 'ff' H 7' w , ,ff Xl, 1 ' 1 ff , f f I' f 1 9, ,ff f 923 X -..,, M I Z E.?,f?'? , V ,f W , ,f ,if , 4' ., ,f ' ,fs W jk I ' 'f , M' Miz X 4 'N fy 4 f ff 7-4 M, G 1 P pq ". f-'.1." 'f-f'-111:-ii'57-'1":t'-e'Avr5:e'-b-':2i?t"'Qf5ei1'wawqrf:-1:HF?'3K'nr':'2"'ww""fE7'?5i "?'?'i""'1'3'R1'?'f""'ff9""""i Ti' "U" ,VH f,M4.ff-, USS Dewey CDDG-455 was built by Bath Iron Works of Bath, Maine. The keel was laid on August 10, 1957, and she was christened November 30, 1958. USS Dewey was commissioned as guided missle destroyer ,leader fourteen CDLG-141 on December 7, 1959, the 18th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. During the next ten years, USS Dewey served as a unit of the second, sixth and the seventh fleets, visiting Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the Asiatic areas. She took part in the 'Cuban quarantine and the Vietnam conflict. In addition to the National Defense Medal, USS Dewey displays a Vietnam Service Medal and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for service during-the same period. In October, 1969, USS Dewey was decommissioned to undergo extensive anti-air warfare modernizationin the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. After being recommissioned in March, 1971, USS Dewey underwent an extensive five month program to test the sophisticated new equipment. In addition to patrolling the Atlantic, the ship returned to Vietnam for several months of service with the Seventh Fleet. In the fall of 1973, she served with the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean. The following year she joined various units of the other NATO countries for training in Northern European waters. After routine operations in the Atlantic, she entered the Charleston Naval Shipyard in the spring of 1975 for a complete overhaul, lasting untill 1976. Early in USS Deweyts history, all destroyer leaders were redesignated "frigates", More recently, as part of a major program to improve the Navy's system of ship classification, guided missle frigates in USS Dewey's class were redesignated guided missle destroyers. Therefore, on July 1, 1975, USS Deweyis hullanumber changed from DLG-14 to DDG-45. 2 GOODBYE CHARLESTON 199 DAYS . .f,-- W-.-L -1-.fs I - A qv-A ff-:ft-71-'qv-3'e'-f: 7-'li-9' if-K 'L 1 Uss DEWEY QDDG-45, Commander Michael Peter Kalleres was born in Gary, Indiana, in 1939. A graduate of Purdue University class of 1962, Commander Kalleres also completed the U. S. Naval War College and staff course in 1971 as a distinguished graduate. While at the War College, he also attended George Washington University Extension and was awarded a masters degree in Public and International Affairs. Commander Kalleres' previous sea billets include Executive Ollicer of the USS Preble CDLG-151, Weapons Ollicer of the USS Semmes CDDG-185 C1965-19681 and the CIC Officer of the USS Laifey CDD-724D C1962-641. From 1973-1976, he served as Fleet Retention Oliicer and Human Resource Management Coordinator for CINPACFLT and from 1969-1970 he served in the Bureau of Naval Personnel as an Assignment Officer for Surface Line Cflicers and as Assistant to the Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel for surface and submarine captain assignments. Commander Kalleres wears a' Secretary of the Navy Commendation Medal with Combat "V" and the Navy Achievement Medal. He is also authorized to wear the Combat Action Ribbon, the Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon, the National Defense Service Medal, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, and the Vietnam Campaign Medal. Commander Kalleres is married to the fonner Georgine Maria Karras of Melrose Park, Illinois. They have one daughter and one son. 1 4 MICHAEL P. KALLERES COMMANDING OFFICER LCDR Richard F. Beal has been a life time resident of Ellsworth, Maine. Following graduation from the local high school, he entered Bowdoin College and received his AB Degree in Marine Biology in 1964. Subsequent to college, LCDR Beal entered naval service and was commissioned an ensign in April, 1965, and reported aboard to his first duty station in Panama City, Florida aboard the minesweeper USS Valor, MSO-472. LCDR Beal has served aboard the Albany, CG- 10 as the Navigator, USS Norfolk, DL-1 as the Communications Oflicer, Staff Commander Squardron Two as Material Oflicer, and USS Buchanan, DDG-14, as Engineering Ofiicer. He was assigned in Country Vietnam as Senior Naval Advisor to River Assult Groups 21 and 33 and was additionally assigned to Seal Team Two Det "G" during the period of July, 1969, through July, 1970. LCDR Beal is a graduate of the Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia and Surface Warfare Oflicer's School Department and Executive Courses. ' LCDR Beal is the receipient of the Bronze Star with 'fV',, two Navy Commendations with "VN, Navy Achievement Medal, Combat Action Ribbon and several other U. S. and foreign awards. f LCDR Beal relieved LCDR Martin as the Executive Officer of the USS Dewey in October 1976. 5 EXECUTIVE OFFICER L. DESTROYER SQUADRON TWENTY-FOUR AND STAFF Captain William B. Latham enlisted in the Navy early in World War Two and served in the Pacific at Guadalcanal in the consolidation of the Soloman Islands, in the invasion of New Georgia and Bougainville, and the Battle of Empress Bay. In 1945, at the age of twenty, he became one of the youngest men in the Navy to attain the rate of Chief Petty Oflicer in the Navy. He was promoted to Warrent Officer in 1952 and to Ensign in 1953. Between 1958 and 1961, Captain Latham "qualified for Command of Destroyers", earned a B. S. Degreee, completed Line School, completed Nuclear Power Training and qualified as a chief operator of 1 a nuclear power plant. From 1964 to 1972, Captain Latham participated in an unreplenished circumnavigation of the world, completed tours as Executive Officer, Captain of the USS Halsey Powel, three tours in Washington, DC, and on the staff of CINCLANTFLT. In April 1976 Captain Latham assumed command of Destroyer Squadron Twenty-Four. Captain Latham is married to the former Merlaine Gould of Bremerton, Washington. They have two children. 1 COMMANDER DESTROYER SQUADRON TWENTY-FOUR, CAPT. WM. B. LATHAM 3 QIWSMS? May- L ,M wif iffy. 4 f,:,f X sf sv sf aku, , SAA! f .wsfffw Nw ' , ,f,, 0- - , L ' W , . .. , .ff f A--f' . 'if' 6 i 3 ' A 'I . X' f ,- , ffsfsf , ' .1 A 1 C A, X X ,S , , we A f . QAM 46 7 f fi S 2 1' . ? 6 XZ N J 6 X J fw f f f w X 1 wtf ff f A W f J f W fi f 6 N X4 Z f f 4 f ! f 7 1 f if X ., ,W 1 . 1- af ffff:z 2 fwwwswiifx f Af . Mwww X A- - 4 , A ,f .f,,,w., ,af 1- ,.,.., ., , ,. A A ,s Af iw. 5 - Q ' .stiff . ,A y, if 4 . 2 ,Ny ' 4 9 X f f f . . aw A .Q ui gg, . K , i ' Si .1 , ff., . Z 'S M965 . MATERIAL OPERATIONS MEDICAL CHAPLAIN LCDR J. A. POMBERG LT A. F. BEUERLEIN LT R. B. NORTH LT J. TUGAN , 6 COMMUNICATIONS LTJG C. W. LEFEAUX ff' I 41 i , W. f ' DESRON 24 STAFF PERSONNEL Y .. P ff ,, I 'Z 7 ,ff , j ' f ,fy f f ' f V WW' I SEN. ENL. ADv1s. ASST. coMM. EMcs PANKIEWICZ RMC 11001114 it 'WNV my .,..wW - ASST. MATERIAL MMC REID MESS SPC. CAREER COUN. STAFF YN. STAFF YN. MCS ROMERO NC 1 HUGHES YN 1 BLOCK YN 3 JOHNSON 7 4 E THE PILLARS OF HERCULES ON THE COAST GF AFRICA The USS Dewey CDDG-451 entered the Mediterranean Sea on the thirtieth of January, 1977. On this cloudy, misty day the majority of the crew was on the Weather decks viewing the historical Straits of Gibraltar. Gn the left hand side of the ship the Spanish coastline featuring the Rock of Gibraltar, on the right the Northern African Coast with the Pillars of Hercules standing out enticing all photographers. On the afternoon of our transit, the Rock of Gibralter was obscured by a rain cloud which prevented the photo coverage that it deserved. But the sun treated us to delightful view of the mountain range on both sides of the Pillars of Hercules. This display of historical splendor lasted all afternoon and well into the evening. When the sun set that evening, many of the crew members were talking, as usual, of the return trip back to the United States. The next time that the ship would pass through these straits would be on one of the last legs of the cruise. 8 ,,.,......-1, N l V, I ., I,,,..,.. L --L.?,, A1 1 DEPARTMENT HEADS OF THE USS DEWEY 'KAW I Elm LCDRAMARYMONT LCDR HICKMAN OPERATIONS WEAPONS 55'-ll!!! LCDRGOLDMEYER LCDR CORDOVA SUPPLY ENGINEERING LT EARLE OF THE ROYAL NAVY ASSISTANT OPERATIONS The USS Dewey left Charleston, South Carolina, the fifteenth of January The Shlp returned to the homeport city August First, 1977. During those 199 days there were hundreds of reports of- inventory made to various members of the cha1n of command Here are a few fact d1st1lled from this mass of paperwork documenting our cruise 4,325,197 1,410,599 3,897,883 2,017.7 300 6,500 30,000 415,000 5 23 y 94 1,466 556 3,050 50 20 +25,000 5,280 191 700,000 138,400 71,000 9,000 14,500 12,084 23,244 131 1,791 21,336 12,996 106,736 1,176 92 80,231 9,3 ll 3,5 ll gallons of fuel consumed gallons of fresh water used gallons of feed water used hours of underway steaming miles of teletype paper outgoing messages processed incoming messages sheets of duplicating paper major underway replenishments refuelings helicopter details gallons of paint paint brushes rolls of toilet paper knots, maximum wind encountered foot, maximum sea heighths miles traveled rounds of small arms fired rounds of 5"!54 cal. fired dollars paid out in crewls payrole paid for money orders dollars dollars ship store sales dollars of vending machine sales dollars in foreign merchandise sales pounds of mail dispatched pounds of incoming mail 9 VIP visits hours of shipboard closed curcuit television hamburgers consumed hotdogs consumed eggs consumed pizzas consumed gallons of ice cream consumed pounds of fruits and vegetables consumed gallons of milk consumed pounds of butter consumed -,. ....AL4..........-.... ...,, . ..f,,...,-V -. .A.-...- ----r--- 41-.,...-., Y 144' -..A .,.-, ,, OPERATIUN - COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION ..I5n- r 'Z K LTQigD SMOUSE RMC C. CROPSEY SMC C. POSEY COMM. OFFICER in -..... -.. J I s. 341 RM3 R. BINNS RM2 M. BROWN SMSN M. CASS RM2 F. ENGLISH g " gum. i RMSA c. HOUBEN RM2 D. MIDGETT SM3 J. NEWELL RMSN D. PAIGE L 'Z sf! :fr SMSN C. SCOTT RM1 B. SMITH RM3 J. SOUTHERLAND RMSN R. TULK "1 of Z, A hi T RMSN R. SMSN G. WORTHINGTON SM2 D. YODER VANDERWEKEN NBS. I think I swallowed my chew OPERATION - ELECTRONIC DIVISION 01 ispm 1133! f LT. D. TANGUAY I CWO3 E. BURR ETC C. GILLEY DSC R. ROTHHAAR DIVISION OFF ETN3 L. ATKINS Dsz A. AYLESWORTH Ewg S, BAGGS ETN3 M, BANKS 1 4 1 Wggn 4 , f 1 S I T! I - Mfg 2 ' IIIff . . R I . F- l RRR V , EW2 H- BOYD EW1 M. BURKES ETN3 M. CASTELLI ETR3 J. CREWS N I 4? 4? sf A 4 'Z is 4 Q. N .W gg.. XX X .-- .X Q.. 1 K x K X f f, X. Q X X x X XXI.. X ,Q I X ig, , S, 4 X. X XX fx X. sf. W' ' f, 'XYW QXU 'f' NS f i ,, Q X .X ws -f R -f wk.: , 'rf 1, Y X ,navy -,.X,fN4Q,eg. , wwf-fwz, ww- 9 X .XXx N39 W - X X X A Wg. X -3:5 v K x ' 36353 1 'li s .R if . 5 .QQ XX X 3 X X f X WN' 5 DS2 T. DELMURO ETN2 D. DRAKE ETN2 D. FITHIAN fy HK! . Q . Af 2: W ' I Z. 553 ' za , Sf X f A N 2 X - .N ffyw, . 31. EW3 M. HARVEY BTI B. HARRY EW1 R. HYSON Ill? X IMG-xi 4 , , ' MXWWSW f .l iy W " W IC2 E. MACVAUGH ETRSN B. MORGAN DS2 C NOZUMI L , . , ' " ".."-'.J,..-nf. .h-0-L v 1 ,J.,4A J, .L v, .g:.::...,.....,... J main. if A YN3 HANAWAY JOSN N. MACKENSEN DS2 J. PRIBUT 5 sl X DS3 D. PRICKETT ' l 11 W X, DS2 K. WERHO illlg. K A f, i V L. bl ET1 B. ROBERTSON ETN2 D. SCHLEICHER DS3 G. SISKA Won 2nd place on the "Gong-Shown as a hare raiser. ..-, . -.......r GPERATIUNS - INFCRMATION DIVISION Q22 3 I W X... NZ.. A - - Q, A I LT. P. oLEcHNov1cH LTGgJ R. TIMM osc B. GLQVER I A OS3 J. ALBRITTON OS1 R. BAKER OS2 A. BLACKWELL 1:4 OS2 F BROWN OS2 C BUEKER 0S3 S CARTMILL H x - OS3 R. ELDER OS3 R. FOLEY OS3 D. GILES OSSN K. HATTEN I Z . Y 5 9 1 5 1 W .Cl ' '65- K .Q H , , K ir Q . W 3 E il' i K ,., 5 , . . gi 1 Sf- 1 . fL ' ' ' Sksf. C ' 'fx S ' f ossN s. HAYES OSSN L. H1cKs 053 w, LANE 053 J, ILEASK f u w V u QB I. e-5 .41 J ,L 1 x V . 6 U n, Ill Vf 1' Zzwv. p ggyy :H ZZ? 'V r R' K 52. I 'Q , '63 2 in . 1 V! , X L . L E QL, - , f' M' ' is K . ' 1 C 1 M. Sixjb gs . ix r.. W 5 Q OSSN P. Wx Y Q 1 f 1 N TAM OSSN K. TURNER Xa OSSN J. ZORNES Z f f ,QQ J cfizflle x .saggy f , X X f f .f 0 f iifiwfjf 5 yy 4 .1 30786 X, -W.. QWZMEUQ 551 , , X f 54 3135251 vifisfi f 1 F57-ce 3 .,f::g:' f , f v Qlil x W W , ,f I W eff f ff I -ZF.. Iv KKK.-G'5i . . M Z 1 ,v ' ' I OS2 M. WALSH OS2 M. ZINK '6She just Sald that ancient Greeks had D.C.A.s', Port Call - Athens Greece U nf x. wrrrf, X1 AXA A 1 , X Yrs' 1 ' - "r Q , K H rr "" 1-S-A' X' N- 'H N , , fa M , . X X 'XM 4-war ia .Q N. . -X X 3 I Wx Xp .' me X , 0 f "'x""'f v-J:5R4.Q"fr f N524 Qi ga K iff' 4 V -M, g f, X. ch. he X-.,.,, , , er I X A A X ' ,, f ,f " X .ww f ,f - ,Q 'e . Q Wiz wwf, f lt, asf, 'h fa ,W f 4Z"'V""""M x f ,,. x V Y 3 ' A , w , f N X eg W. gqmvfa-S' I" ,X X 4 QQ 4 Z , . f . Q, X ,S . ,X , I A, V N., I , ,, . , . 5 A Q X fe -Y rr f 1 -- , H., ' f I if ' , 'h 74 Y V ff , K ,, ,, ' f 1 S , , ' 1 I - - 4 4 a-la Z ff: K . , gx X - X , ,f cy W ., xiii! f X .mf , L ' ,fr ...Miz 2 Z , , f f 5 ff, 415 f 1 1 f 5,14 - U4 ., .A . . e ff rw, M JW f ZW U ww VW ff.,,f54k.f5,,L7.. il W M , ,ff Our stays at Athens were highlighted by the tours arranged b Mr. Dvorak, the tours oiiicer. 21 Jiggj- A, - ' rn.: ,,-r:-"':..' W--nv-Y 1 '-1.1. 7' "1 9 Y - ,u ZA ANT -SUBMARI E DIVISIO Ill AS DIVISION OFFICER LT J. SCHOOLEY uawsw. if-.4 If TM3 D. ANDREWS GMT1 C. BEAVER E , V W. , f f ' aff? ff ' f ,f-, ,4 ,X .. I f W-pf 4, STGC I. KEILE E ,af 4 Q - Q, 'gi lv, ' Q M 1 40 f f ' , z if ffwf V A A .5 1 Aff W Q7 . f WE' 5 A' w 772. ww my A57 ff ,- v 7137 i ' if '- , f f,.,,f- ,www .,. . JWXNJ STG3 R. BUTLER ff ,A , A, I 2 ' x 'v I f XZ ,- fn, , fua f -, f I f 1 ,V , Nfys .. G' 5 if f fi W fx, My Q Q MS I 34 J 3 f 7 , 1 ,Q ff 1 X f if,-fww,-,ffk,Z,.f,. 2, 7 .70 ' fl! I 1 . f fx Q V f ,. f Z ,,. ff- 7,3 31.5-4': STGSN M. ERDMAN STGSN R. FAHEY STG2 M FONDREN STG3 R. GWYN . 22 Ill 1 STG3 W. CULBERT ,Q S GMT3 R. MOLES STG3 J. TIPTON 3 R, R Q QUI 4 '-If . M.. STG1 F. PETRIN STG2 N. PROTHERO ' STG3 D. STRAWSER .51 f .M ,f S 2 f .1 , -,A 7 ,J X fm J, f ff W-yx K., ...W .f J Q75 f .f .. - A ' . , 0X A- STG3 J. WALKER STGSA J. WATSON STG3 R. WRIGHT qt , 7 5 STG3 J. VELNA FIRST DIVISION DIV. OFF. ENS R. DUMSE BMC N- HAMILTON LT J. STACK A SA D. ABAEO SN L. ADAMS Z I A 4 SA D. CAMPBELL SN M. CARLSON 4 SA D. BENOIT BM3 M. BOLDEN A L M SA A. CHATMAN BMSN D. COLLINS W I fr av I 4 Y - J ' Af fi-Lg -1?-ite?-. si,1 -ff-HQ-Effie-ffi iif' QM' K 4 A X BM2 W. DAVIS SA G. GOODRICH BMSN A. HAMLETT SR A HELLINGER y .3 O s . X ,Q . 7x Q Q ' . ff . ,X W x BMSA G. HUGHES SA M. JENSEN SA A. JOHNSON BMSN W. JOSEPH " . My 5 '77 , I ' ,, ,Z , ,V V, MM BMSN J. KAUFFFMAN SN D. LEGO BMSN T. LOWTHER SA P. MARCINKO W 25 4 I A 1 w Q. 4 Q4 if div' sf Zi ,V , x E M1 f , 7 1 if S44 ff Z f V v ff , SA D, MASADA SN J, O'CONNOR SN D. PERETTI SN J. REIMAN QQ-4 15, Sf, 715 I A S AS.. .. . ,. ' ff if A I SA D. ROBERTS SA D. ROSE BMI D. ROSSER SA E. SIMS K , W I A SA M. SMITH BM2 J. VINES SN J. WALLS SN G. WILLIAMS -I E-'E g , - 3,45 I' '-ni,-3 ' Y. Li I 1 - 1? , ,,4. ,.x1.,,, F ,.,.,. .4,. , ,..,. , -,.,, L 5 s xv so-1:1-use 1 um wus? 5 9 A .E ,,, , I.-Y,3,,,,,,,.....I.I . In-eqnr' ,A Q Z,L,g--'.-ff-- :"M"t1i4 -1- - , f f r ffm XI DIV. OFF. CWO NS R. BLACKWOOD W. FA HBAUGH FT GSA M. BRIF EK FT G3 S. BRYAN ! :IIZN I 1 i .5 I, z I xi 5l , Ill lil f X Y 'W 7 .fff , .1 fi? S .S MW! ,, an Z cm CD 2 FU E3 af S . o FT G2 B. ELDER 27 GUNNERS TE! UNs FIRE TECHNICIAN! GUNS . , .4 ,, , ww fe-WWW f X My f y,,jWQ-,!QQy1 ff. ,, 0 .I ,, ,, .,HA,,,,, ff -f , f -GQ ' If f, 'ff ff I ffwfww-My-1 rf. , I 'f ,ff f-,-U Q ,, 1. ff,-v4.1,,w-f-4 1-gym , f, ff, f 11' 0-ff ff f J, ff , ,f-'. 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DIVISION OFFICER I 1 I F I 3 l I I FT M3 J. ARCAND 2 .asgmm 32 A1 If r Q 5 ya I r fx ,I Iv X I I FT M3 D. CARPENTER A 1:4115-II FT MC J. YATES GMMSA I. BARKER FT M1 T. BROOKS MEI FTM2 J. CASTA FTM3 K. CRAWFORD 29 vin' GMMC T. F ORTE 'lung -W :ff FT M'1 T. CAMPBELL F TMSA M CURRIE ii GMM3 D. DASHNAW FTM3 B. FREEMAN FTM1 E. GREEN GMM3 B. LANDSTEDT . if + L M FTM3 J. MCMULLEN GMMSN W. MARTIN 30 .. - ---11 4, .L - L , N -P- J '1 .rl :J - N I-I 5 4 , .-I 'r E . .pl 4, wt U 'gulf' 'K . EZ A l , FTMSN W. NAYLOR GMMSN S. NEGIP HXNQ FTM1 R. NEWELL i 4 f 1 g ' GMM3 J. RODGERS S S FTM3 J. SIANO S ' 'GMM2 E. WASHINGTON 1 J .5 1 Y I ff i mf X if ,O , 1 , :X , 5 ,K W FTM2 R. WIPPERMAN GMMSA R. WOLF FTM2 G. woon , 31 9 A f GMMSA K. RHODES FT M3 D. WILSON f f vw iff ,hm , cf 2 o 4 , 3 1 ff 1. ,, fy., ,M.A...M, ,nn 1 Q ? ij, ' x f if 4? M W was 'ff 1-gm!! U wfzwxfff? ff , -fm' K f,4 Z C' 7 W, I ,zz 2,1 1: My ,ch A2 N ,f cf: H' f' H .V W " an my! U' V 52" ' 75 waltz 0 it 1 .f 1 1? 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CANNON Af, , V ,., O.. I 3 s Q V , i . 4 B ,. L nf e , .Ii ,, E. Eff LR Q? . . 'I 545 5 51 E QQ, aff. 3, -Q 'i 'mu M., 1553 2 3 X 1 f MS2 DAVIS lyg DK3 E. HERTEL -vifxw . ,, .L.X X, 1 , lil ' SKSN R. DICKINSON SK2 F. FOX 63 SH3 P. ,HIDROGO ffm s ,X A, - A Jaw ff, N ,W nlgwf ff K! V? If fe' 'ff fl . y " 7' 3' f Qu f I f ,V f f W X X X f 7 f X .ww , f f Q, 1 , Ng ye! ami f ffff 1 ff MS1 MARQUEZ SH3 B. MOORE SK2 J. OREND MSSA ROBINSON 6 35 f 4 Z 7 f a , ii lmao I S ip MS1 J. ISAACS aw MS3 J. HELD W M! If ff I 74 725 , SA R. KIEL gf ' 7 mann 4 f K X Q Q Q , iff! .1 A X gi? fi W 442452 f Aiffi 7754 f Q f f f Q F' A42 L4 8 1. A W , MS3 A. SCHUCK MS1 SHENTON 'Qi , If SH2 F. SNELL SHSN SHULTZ 4 X SN R. SMITH SK3 B. WILLIAMS SK2 D. WILLIS SH3 O. WILSON MS3 F. Womack SKSN H. WOODS . . . and some sea stories were told. yf X4 1 , X X S s X 5 ' ' 5 iN N X XXX X-X 1 f X ix X9 XXX N X X 5 X f XSS: 5 XX, Q X X 'XX X X XX , X X X NX XX MSX f K XXX, XY X x X X X X'+f.Nsx.fNsXX X XX X .XX XX ,',- X XXX, XX SX n X X X ', .X-'M gf. '75, ., fl' ,V , A ,fi , A M7 ,M Q la. -A- , .LL XS' X XX f? X f f I W I ,W Wx!! f ffW f 5 V W Z Q 4 'f 4 ,X 7 f f,, 12 DAYS WV Q9 f 'f SALER G ITAL Y' GGAQQ ENS, P. DAVENPORT DIVISION OFFICER MM3 K. BOWLES MMFN J. BUMGARNER FN G. CHEATLEY 1 , Q ENC J HAWKINS MM3 M. CUNY Ui MM1 D. DARSEY MRFN R. GUMBERT FN R. JAMES MM 2 H. KELLY l by I F f- .,4yfj,-I ENFN R. PLYMAN FN S. RUELO EN2 L. SHANNON MM3 H. THOMAS MM2 M. ZICKGRAPH 4 MK gy S , , J1 Wig, D 1 1 1 'r ,f ,W 1 fr ,J H 'r A Y 'I w r i f yi 1 H 71 f If H :I f fl R 'l 4 4 ., V! 1 Ax ll fx if v vi 4 L. BTCS J. POWE 0' MA BT E. BECK l I f 2, f f ff? .WWWMM ,.,,,, M- A .1-4,4 . ,,,,:V,1R,:.,,1 -we-r rw" H A-Ji ,rf V----as-L. 'F' BCILER DIVISIO , , ,,.. , Xf-ww,-, zf'.'z.e R fx: ,XX 05,91 V X yy, if-' f 'WS flwx .W-5 J 7 WW X P WW f f f SWB! 7 IVVWVZD few wwf X f VVAJQ7 f , f ff A 02 7 2' W W W X- H6539 V 1 , X WX , X f f X ,ff WX, w,,g,,f. , MM as , X ,f XWR u, XM-,, bw, fin v fw X f QQ , vw, X , W-H ,.... QC 05,1 We f X f W V XXWVTZXX .X gl ,Y f,,,,i WMF, V " X WNW QJQWX ' .. rw' , f X f l ' 4 W, , -V i -f AX v i A -,WA F ,NX 0 , X X w , X 4 . w W -X X V Q ff S 1 Awww-49 " ff VX SIXXWCK S7 f w X ,- X M fi Q A W"X"w5, S Mf.2qyf 'W' X ' f-'WU ff Rf':f,-'ximff' - W- Q uf , '- f f 2 :LMX ,MW f, f .Z.'Z',fSfG70LXf S257 f ,KMXRAQXX fy 5 . X X Xfim Q A XM WR XA 7 8 " ,X , 1 X f Y , f if f my Z, f If X X f X f 1 ,Q X . 19 4 f 7,15 Z R 4 w f A f f f f f W fif, f f W 1 f f f , H f X 1 2 2 f . Xf X ra 45154 A X :M S X171 X ,M7s,QM,x Ms? 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BRICK , . . , ' sf .Wah ff" 97 fx 5 I J EM3 R. DORNBROCK E - ELECTRICIANS ! INTERNAL COMMUNICATION DIVISION g EMC R. MARTIN EM3 R. BUTTERWICK ICFN G. CAMPAGNA EM3 J. CLAUSS E L. f I. I .A-4 EMFN K. EVERHART EM2 J. GREEN EM3 D. KENNEDY 1 IC3 D. LYMAN yi ICFN J. REDDEN 3 , , A ,f ,W ICF N J. TREPEN fl 1 ' f ff' EMF N A. MEYERS Q, X ,f :HV . ,A ,f I EM3 O. STRICKLAND K a . t' .. ' ' i A .Q mn IC1 R. WALLACE A 'L J --1 , 4- ' , - ,Lf A' ff? I , f , .1 ff - I H X V I .,,:.,,f Q 1 EM3 R. NULTY IC2 R. TEAGUE :KM "M 4 ,.A EM1 W. PRUITT EMF A S. THOMAS if ,AT I, A ji! MMC W. LANGSTON ' MM2 E. ABALOS MMFA R. BEHRENS M - MACHINIST MATE DIVISICN X . ji, MM3 R. ABALOS MMFA P. ALVARADO A MM2 A. BECK MM3 A. CABALBAG MMFA A. CALLAWAY FR K. CROMMETT 'Q 3 'au .ff , . X y if ,, M4 MMFN D. HOCHSTINE ' MMFN M. DANESE MM1 GILBERT .L is gif . . !!,, 1 MM1 P. I-IOLT MMFN S. HORNER MM3 W. IVEY , 1' g ,f MMFN A. MORINO BTFN R. PETTIT MMFN R. RAFEL MM3 W. HOLLAND JM MM3 J. LOWERY MMF N G. REYNOLDS I ,ff i ff.'L'43Ai-iff ' T"1"'x'? Fl"fQf A,fr'i5Er1 Y -ff!-y,f.w-Q-2--11101:,N,.,.,.,,,.,,..,-,fi-U-4,,,f,,.,.-.N.,, -,...Lw, .,.,,. , , x , L , , if HTFN C. ROBINSON qs IIN-. Q YNSN G. SCOTT HT2 J. WHALEY HTFN S. WHITE HT3 P. WISNER X A Q ,7 L 2, 1... 1 F' NAPLESg The Italian Holiday Picnic Where they served Mexican tacos . . . And. the two that found the hidden cameraman. The illicit castle l LTJG E. KISS ENC M. BARTIK HM3 S. BARCUS NX - NAv1GAT1oN! EXECUTIVE OFFICER,S STAFF ,M 'E V .1 lain? f, MAC E. LEE :null . :im PNC R. BENJAMIN YNC D. MUDGER QMC D- SEYMOUR E6 Ll! l YN3 L. CARSON PC1 A. ESPIRITO YN3 J. GARDNER E 1 -1- 'il f -.2 A vu Q '- QM1 K. GILBERT QMSN T. MYERS 5 YNSN J. THOMAS QM3 D. LINDSTROM Q QMSN M. PARKMAN . K SN L. WALTON L... QMSN M. MCDONALD 0 M . ka ff? 4 Wm ' w W V Q PNSN R. PARNELL . .,.., gy PN3 D. MEITUS QMSN F. SISK gXiX GENERAL ALEXANDER HAIG COMMANDER OF EUROPEAN FORCES About a month before the Gen- eral's visit the Commander of the Sixth Fleet, Vice Admiral Train i visited us While we were inport Naples. A day before Vadm. Train's visit, Radm Carrol, Com- mander of Task Force 60 visited the ship. "5"""'f'?P'?:'""1'-1":'1x-1-1-'savvy'-riv:!'-N7-71912'-'M'-'-"K tw-:fm-1-wa-w,g.,.,.i -, ..-,A .X , , .. ,, , U. , J On April 4, 1977, General Alexand- er Haig, Commander of the European Forces visited the USS Dewey. The General was helicoptered onto the DeWey's fantail While the ship was un- derway on operations,fHe visited with the captain and commodore, toured the ship and then was lifted to a heli- copter to be transported to another ship expecting his visit. A VICE ADMIRAL TRAIN COMMANDER OF THE 6TH 54 FLEET On May 15, 1977, two members of the Royal Parliment visited the ship for an afternoon wh1le we were underway Radm Morgan Charles Morgan G1les CR and Mr Nev11le Trotter toured and V1S1t ed w1th the capta1n Commodore and Mr Earle an oilicer from the Royal Navy RADM. CARRoL COMMANDER OF TASK FoRCE 60 bw - 75 f,,-fr, ' 5 0 IKIFW aff-M4 f , ay xl 1 + -4. as ff f Q, 4 if 5 I I f 9 I' 3 WM, JH ng 4 wg W ,Q , f 1 , f , f X X ,, ,V X M4 W, "7 W 4. My Arr'-noafz-45" .:r'f-v-D-'-1-Q- 1r,7-. - , W , ,, , - --+1-'T - F ' - - f- -- 'V' Y - ',- - F, Y -.- -f,-,, ff, A .'.' ', .- - .f- '- -, -5 -, wg,-5,3 Ag-5 -,,.' ', 3 :.-. ' 3541-4 Q: -1- , . , , . THENS GR ECE ffmzm, I 1 W4 While the ship was on deployment 1n the Mediterranean Ofiicers and Oliicers chose among the CICW members 0116 person each month to be Sailors of the Month and then choose from the nominated sailors of the month and sailors of the month, pa Sailor of the Quarter. The following are those in- dividuals who have shown a high individual pride and interest in the Navy. Their personal motivation has attained them the following positions: A Sea, the USS Deweyis Leading Petty Ollicers, Chief Petty l 4 SAILORS OF THE MONTH JANUARY - MS3 JOHN HELD FEBRUARY - FTM2 THOMAS BROOKS MARCH - BTFN ROBERT FRANKLIN APRIL - SH3 BARRY MOORE MAY - BM1 RAYMOND POULIN SAILOR OF THE QUARTER EW1 MICHAEL BURKS 58 TAGRMINA, SICILY 'H --JI-2lI1..' ' .....-,..,- Y ...,.,,,,......:,f4,- L -1-'1,.,.," , .--, v--- -,....f,--11 When the ship visited Taormina in late April, the tourist season was slowly starting. The people were friendly, lots of sun, and a good night life was the general feeling of those who went ashore. f cvs qmg Q ids MCM f Now station the special sea and anchor detail." 60 f1.I,.f-,-1,5-,.,1.--gi-f-'-':--4" :-:.,.- I M- F" l S i K r I I 1 N N 5 1 1' ' 61 On April 16, 1977 the Dewey pulled into Sfax, Tunisia for a three day visit. The hot dusty city was en- joyed by those who could iind a cool seat in the shade and those who went on the tour to Sousse. For most, the city was easier to tour dur- ing the cool evening than the day. SFAX, TUNISIA GAETA, ITALY The pictures shown, were taken from the ship in early morning. You could hear the church bells ringing, fishing boat mo- tors struggling to get started and sense that you have become a part of this enchanted part of Italy. 1--1 GG 9 99 We can t get there from here - GG 99 Maybe if we look at it longer we can The following pages cover a wide variety of people, places and events that were seen through the eyes of our staff photographers. A f,-.-A: f ' '- . :'9?1"'?5fSt.'Fw'?T2r14TFs'2i::H1Q1ri6w-ffztfwfzf-213:4- rumen-1-gn: Iraq - - - - ,- .. . ' . L ., , , ' "'T" f"""""N"' 'L' ' ""' 5" " f QA L-:tw-. i.: fg.. ,gi-ff,,-G-, 11 , Y- ' Y ' ' . :El-ggi-f . , . - f -. li , 1. 1- Y '- x :j 12 .1 ii if 3 f 5 EE f fi 2 5 if ii A gf X 'i. E 757 S 4 ,. 2, ii? 2 13 23 E: S P 3 E1 il .1 A "fy nf-ada:-,r f f 1 'Y fx 1 1 ww 7 WW E.- .VV .. 5.2, , . n ,,,,v ,. v . nf 1-- - , ,. -W'-wff-'M-wp .1 V ,.,. .i--W , W,,,,,,,.1,. fl insult' I QV 1 , ? . i . - N W I 5, gg! -JL la: 3: sg iii' 121 V V T Q Q? s w 35 ' 24 13 gw 'X E, 'Qu M , , "Y M H if Jw N: W, R ,221 -i ,., nr 4 Q x ii-aihilflwzmffmw f , , X 4? ,, 3 E ff? f A AQ' XE4.fTQ'1f"1'-35.-'fl154IHS5!'fi.'!3i-vi-2-:.f .'.- . . ...?'.'i441'F'. ?.y55!?l3'Wf "f'1"Nq5gE5xg1fg:f-gift: M - v' : ff-if---v-:1yfffQ--- 1-ra'-kxf .-17 gs K 1 4, 1 w. 4 ,A - J, -V-,k1,, ,- Jin Z l Q V S, Q V V -V-'W-. f -"- -me Qui aqqQ Qg4ensz1vu,,HKmy.p .V .4-,gy ,.,.,.,,...,. ,.,,,..,,.,.., , ,W-...,.. -,f N-fs.-ly,-.,...,,,-,..,. In Naples, a cloudy Mount Vesuvius was seen as the ship transited through the Bay of Naples. Below, a beautiful spring day in Italy. P . w 1 f X' r 1 4 f f f ,Q 'f S 4 L I E x I 1 I V W' F' Y' " ' ' W 7?-2-7' -3 A ' -' WJV- ,n-..,,.,. A I V AM, V v,. , HQ-L ML uf ,,, ,......,,- ..,. ,,,,,. Y 1 "Pm gona ride one of them camalsf' Fred Sisk M I1 K An underway cookout fi , .,:n .Q Q4 Aee n Gunners mate Moore telling it like it is ,"', SET THE HELO DETAIL When underway, the ship receives its mail, food, and personnel via ship to ship or HELICOPTER VERTREPS . . . When anchored out, the only transportation to and from the land is provided by the boat crew. These members of the ship put in many hours late into the night to carry the liberty parties back to the ship. THE DEWEY,S BOAT CREW. f vw iw? X' QQ Q W 'W '61 VZ wpxp: xv-,y,,,, f , fx fwx f ALA X Xsx 5,5 Q, B QQDXNW -elf' W Ps: The Dewey crew in "aetion". Who says a smile is hard to fmd. M-vw Www fm 7, WWA Q , AQ '.-,,,+g??SwjZQ , wg! ,, x S X M N fmwm ,, N, xwswsw, Q w ' A N Q sfzgef M6 hw I7 f .vxmw w ,N, y M w Q my ywgjjf fm: Sas X , 4 ' ,,, , NRWL xwm w.M M - XX N ,Z A 1 I V' ' ' ,, ,Qfxg V K Q ws! : ' , ,, xw WS Q A .yy f , MQQQ, ,5,u7v QW f wx M 9 2 , W W ww MAVSWNXG ,NM N. f :W Q I 'xi NN wh V4 - A . , . .. ff f gl K. P 5. ' 1, A L X .ls ,,,.f,,.f P, K J1- ,1 W wr i I w V 3 1 YE ix f ..,.,....... M,-M-f ,.....--v..a r-a,rPr+r "' W nvvvvn-vsw 'vvf 7' 4 if 'f ,ef f f ,f f J f rf sf ff 7 74 5 ff ""' MW M W J ' ff K' af M , y, ewzvfy-1Q-:sv-ww:-si-s.s'.ua:f:.-1:1fszixf-1-fires:L-rwfri-gy-xwr- f--ffcifx .:-f.xn.5x---uf : -4'-nf..-:,Vp.,L,,1f Q-,1,:',fP.'f ffzzfffs2.1-14212517-14:eff1-'-':Lzz2Q.fsez-grngc:aezzz:-fa-are-a:-.,i'aa2gf,a:g1::mf1-1-142:':ss.afwx?::rwssezznr-c'a1o1::a::::'wxfw-.'f:w-11rox ..x.....-W4-v .. ,f Z- W if VILLEFRANCHE, FRANCE The USS Dewey spent the Fourth of July inport Villefranche. This French resort city located in the southeastern riviera portion . of France was easily enjoyed by all. Lots of sunny beaches, some good scuba diving spots and a night life that was very entertaining was the general consesus of this eleven day port visit. ,Q .1,.W 4-.wry ,QQ1-waqsvr -+ 7 :......., fbg'43lg7f3'if'fE?'f1jtZ.FjQ',w' 13.51-,fb-nj-,iii 5317.54 H,?74,:,j,i.j,j.-... ,Lg 5 .V.,.-.,,,,.4., . ,,. L-V,-1-f.1:.g1:5,5,g3g 15,3gg-54,-.1-,3.:1:,gg-.1 f:,': ,f.,,,-55:3-.,-,,'.J.n , gif- ,Y 1 g ::. '-'L--.,-:.-4.-'zf ,:fL,.-Lg-f:g:'::t2g5. 1.-11..1':1-.--'Sl-+V?-if ,, 'IN.1-j5'I.1'f:-13-'lffiff' 'lzzilfpfig-5:-L: - :L-. gg:-1.1, ,-,-.-:. fa: .-2, VJ- ' V-r V ,- f x X , T' 'iii 1 , , hfzf., :Q ,zu-.'.,., Q Y ' I , H.-',-. "1:f44u.3 M:--.:1:,f fvL:'.,f-'V-25.7.1A-.rai :flu 5, if gg: .Q , 1 5 x ' E 1 -YZ Ip-iqlg 'Z-2--. -1-4' '-fi-ft-1+1-:Q-7--1-g3'-Q.:-QQ,1-1--.-'-I-. IL RANCHE W,,,,1E,,,, .,,X. ., A-TW. ' 83 W -: Z1-1?-31-'. xx X. HN .e v. r ,Q f f X W! MWQ 1-L4 Q M752 512 34724, 1 -sl, , 1, J' xff X 1- Wflx vi! ,ag :, .ff M ,,,5.X X X .PQ :if , A w X N W X 4? fu f ' 404 av X, W f me M2 if f W ,H W! 7 7, 47 W I ws Silk s f weffwf With the Atlantic Ocean as the target, Flash takes careful aim, and misses. ,M Leo shoot'n" some varmints, Zink doing his pregame warmups. The ship visited this Spanish is- land located just east of the Span- ish mainland. It was a festive time of year for the locals, the tourist season was at its height and peo- ple from all over the world were enjoying themselves. my .X IBIZA, SPAIN , f Jffffigivf Ibiza was a mixture of old and new. Some of the newest and wildest fashions were modeled" by those who walked the cobble stone streets. The six day stay, 13-18 July, in Ibiza passed by too quickly, though for some of the crew members their thoughts were back in the U.S. The cruise was getting short with only half a month left. What now? Retrieving a football, what else! V ,f M 7' 4' V. ,4 , , ifmg. I X Sf if W f-" f l?l'l f W W W l l f Wm 4 X .x 5 W F1 r F M 5 , Xl A 'Sli ' . ,,,,, W ,g,,, 0 , - - .fx-V Q , Y Y . V f - - - -- V -Y Y- -W' - . .f- Af- M4, -,.-,,, -.,,-,, .fly - f--g,p.:,Y,-L-.f ---,.g---.,',,g-Y-. 1 -.,., ,. ,--,. : 1 -V - 1- -V . ' - - - i VVVA , Ns 3 Z ft 47' me W ii-If "There were alot of places to go, and things to see but there just was not enough time to soak it all in . . F' A Dewey Sailor. if to mo, o X, 'x Home again. It has been along time acoming, but We made it! 1. - Starboard lookout reports . . . A homecoming celebra- tion in the making - August first, 1977 'NY - , lrswmi I vs -f . -vs X tq-.Mr F' " ' 'J sr. ?Q 'X xx X X g X L Q. iw. , nt,s S HW W ,U ww? f WW1 1' 7? W 1.745 if fa, f f A f ,gl f W ff 2 fa 1 Z yin JK Left to Right, FTMSN Goodwin, FTM2 Casta, BT3 Seay, Front, DS1 Pribut The cruisebook staff, like most yearbookfcruisebook staffs were worn through the thick and thin of their project. There were many events where either the camera was not allowed or could not fully describe the situation, for this reason this crew's cruisebook is offered to add the memories of those members of the USS Dewey during 15 January - l August, 1977 Mediter- ranean cruise. There are no copyrights for this book, though through the hard work of those pictured above and listed below there is an unwritten authority of the use of the pictures contained in this book. CRUISEBOOK' OFFICER-IN-CHARGE ENS BLACKWOOD ENLISTED EDITOR FTM2 CASTA LAYOUTXPHGTOGRAPHY FTMSN GQQDWIN COPY EDITOR! PHOTOGRAPHY JOSN MACKENSEN PHGTOGRAPHY LT TANGUAY DSI PRIBUT BT3 SEAY 96 11-fy , 'A 3 1 1 I l 1 2 1 - n I n - S P I fxlf X MEMBERS OF THEUSS DEWEY qDDO.4. I DANIAL R. ABAEO EDGARDO G. ABALOS REYNALDO ABALOS ELIAS ACEVEDO WILLIAM ADABODY LARRY ADAMS DENNIS H. ALBRITTON JOHN A. ALBRITTON EDGAR A. ALDREDGE JOSEPH C. ALEJO MARK W. ALLEN PEDRO J . ALVARADO GARY R. ANDERSON LARRY A. ANDRES DANA R. ANDREWS JOEY G. ARCAND ALAN C. ARQUIZA LARRY ATKINS ARDIN AYLSWORTH STEPHEN L. BAGGS RALPH D. BAKER . MARK E. BANKS I SAMUEL R. BARCUS IRA BARKER FREDERICK R. BAHNDORF KENNITH BARNETT RICHARD H. BARTIK GARY E. BASS I RICHARD F. BEAL ALAN BEUERLEIN CHARLES BEAVER ALLEN BECK ELLIS I. BECK RUDOLPH BEHRENS ROBERT BENJAMIN DAVID L. BENOIT ' DAVID BERGE-VIN RONALD BINNS ARTHUR BLACKWELL RICHARD E. BLOCK MICKEY R. BOLDEN IVES BONNILLA KERMIT G. BOWLES ROBERT H. BOYD ROBIN BRAITHWAITE DIVID P. BRICK MICHAEL BRIFNEK THOMAS W. BROOKS ARTHUR L. BROWN FRED W. BROWN MITCHELL BROWN STEVEN E. BRYANT CORD D. BUKER JACKIE BUMGARNER RODNEY A. BURAS DANIAL A. BURCH BRUCE E. BURDING MICHAEL J. BURKS EUGENE W. BURR MICHAEL E. BUSH RICKEY D. BUTLER RODGER BUTTERWICK FILOMEN CABALBAG JAMES M. CALDWELL RODGER A. CALHOON DENNIS M. CALLAHAN ARTHUR CALLOWAY GUY A. CAMPAGNA DAVID K. CAMPBELL GARREY D. CANNON MICHAEL CARLSON DONALD CARPENTER LEAONARD D. CARSON STEPHEN CARTMILL MARK CASS JOHN M. CASTA FRANK M. CASTELLI DONALD CAVANAUGH BRIAN P. CHABOT WILLIAM A . f ' . CHAMBERLAIN ATHON Y CHATMAN GEORGE CHEATLY JOHN E. CLAUSS RICHARD CLAYTON DONALD J . COLLINS JAMES P. COLTER DEAN W. CONNOR STEVEN E. CONRAD TERRY C. CORDELL KEVIN D. CRAFORD' JAMES R. CREWS KEVIN M. CROMMETT CARL CROSPEY WILLIAM CULBERT MICHAEL A. CUNY MARTIN J . CURRIE WILLIAM E. CURTIN WILLIAM J . CURTIN RICKEY L. CUSTER 1 JOHN A. DAGRELLA MARK V. DANESE f DANNY E. DARSEY DAVID F. DASHNAW PAUL A. DAVENPORT LEVI DAVIS WILLIAM M. DAVIS ANTHONY DELMURO ROBERT DICKINSON MICHAEL DIRNBERG JAMES J. DOBBS CHARLES DOHLMAR ROBERT DORNBROCK VIRGIL M. DOWNING DANNY J . DRAKE RANDY M. DUMSE BRADY V . ELDER J,-H---LL RUSSELL T. ELDER EDWIN ELLSWORTH ARMONDO ENDERLE FRANCIS ENGLISH MICHAEL ERDMAN DANILO ESPIRITU KELLY C. EVERHART STEVEN E. FANT RAYMOND FAHEY , GEORGE FARMER WILLIAM FASHBAUGH DAVID A. FITHIAN RICHARD D. FOLEY MICHAEL FONDREN RONALD L. FORTSON DAVID A. FORSYTH THEODORE W. FORTE FREDRICK R. FOX ROBERT FRANKLIN THOMAS R. FREDERICK BARRY FREEMAN HOWARD J. FRENCH ROSS D. FULKERSON EARL FUTRELL ROBERT GAJDA KEVIN F. GALLAGHER JOHN F. GARDNER THOMAS M. GARDNER DOUGLAS P. GASS JOSEPH GEORGIANA KENNITH GILBERT RICHARD GILBERT DAVID W. GILES I CLIFFORD GILLEY TONEY L. GILSON BENNEY O. GLOVER FREDRICK . GOLDMEYER DARIS J. GOODHUE GLEN F. GOODRICH RICHARD GOODWIN WALTER D. GRAHAM EUGENE J. GREEN JOHN M. GREEN JOSEPH GREEN ROBERT GUMBERT RONALD GWYN ROY E. HALL . NEIL D. HAMILTON KERRY P. HAMLETT JAMES D. HANAWAY ROBERT HAPPOLT RICHARD L. HARRIS BRUCE E. HARRY RONALD HARTZELL MICHAEL HARVEY KELTON B. HATTEN JERRY W. HAKINS 5? STEPHEN A. HAYES . JOCK O. HEAPE WILLIAM HEFFRQN KENNITH W. HEIDBREDER MICHAEL D. HEIMAN JOHN R. HELD ANTHONY HELLINOER ROBERT M. HENCHEY TONEY K. HENDERSON DAVID L. HENDERIX GERALD C. HICKMAN LARRY K. HICKS PETER M. HIDROGO ONEAL HIGHTOWER I NELSON A. HINES DONALD HOCHSTINE MAX D. HOLDCRAFT EUGENE W. HOLLAND PASQUALE G. HOLT JOHN P. HOLTZWORTH JAMES W. HOOKER STEVEN HORNER CARL L. HOUBEN THEODORE E. HOWELL GREGORY A. HUGHES KEVIN HUNT RUSSELL E. HYSON JAMES-C. ISAACS WILLIAM D. IVEY ANTHONY IWANCZYK RANDAL G. JAMES MICHAEL L. JENSON VERNON G. JIBSON ANTHONY JOHNSON BRUCE L. JOHNSON A DALE S. JOHNSON JAMES D. JOHNSON JAMES V. JOHNSON WILLIAM T. JONES WILLIAM M. JOSEPH MICHAEL P. KALLERES JOHN A. KAUFFMAN 1 ROY L. KEIL JOHN F. KEILE HUBERT S. KELLY DENNIS A. KENNIDY ROBERT A. KATCHEM ARTHUR KITCHENS WILLIAM KEPFORD EDWARD KISS KEITH M. LAMPING WILLIAM LANGSTON JOHN LANDOLINA BARRY LANDSTEDT WILLIAM E. LANE WILLIAM B. LATHAM JOHNW. LAURENT WALTER LAVENDER I I Q X EI I 5I. I B I Jin SI EI I III .I E i JIIQ AI JI Inj Wig JJ I IJ P III IN 5 . 'II II IGI I3 JI :I FI II I? E04 I I I H I Trl I I I y. I 3 If J I I I 1 .xy BETWEEN JANUARY 15-AUGUST1, 1977 EVERETT E. LEE ROY E. LEE RANDY M. LEDGER CHARLES LEFEAUX MICHAEL LEFEVERS DAVID E. LEGO ROBERT F. LENGS FRANK A. LEONE KENNITH V. LILLY DAVID LINDSTROM CHARLES W. LINGO JACK M. LOWERY TERRY LOWTHER DOUGLAS R. LYMAN JAMES F. LYNCH HENRY M. LYON NORMAN R. MACKENSEN RONALD F. MAGLIACANE ARTHUR MALBROUGH MICHAEL MANSON PATRICK MARCINKO ALFONZO MARQUEZ LEO A. MARTIN RONALD P. MARTIN WALTER MARTIN JOHN MARYMONT DOUGLAS K. MASADA DENNIS W. MCCANN TIMOTHY MCRADY MICHAEL MCDONALD JAMES MCMULLEN ROBERT MERRILL RONALD E. MEYER ALAN L. MYERS DAVID L. MIDGET OSTEAN MISHOE ROBERT P. MOLES BARRY E. MOORE CURTIS MOORE ELLISON M. MOORE JOHN E. MOORE JAMES E. MOORISON ANTONIO MORENO BRADLEY E. MORGAN DENNIS C. MUDGER TODD R. MYERS WARREN E. NAYLOR SCOTT E. NEGIP JAMES A. NEWELL RONALD E. NEWELL TREVOR A. NISBET CHARLES T. NOZUMI ROBERT J. NULTY JOHN OBRIEN KEVIN OCONNOR PAUL OLECHNOVICH MICHAEL J. OLIVER JACK F. ORND TONEY OVERSTREET MARK A. PACE DANIEL PAIGE JOHN PANKIEWICZ CHARLES PARKER . MARTIN PARKMAN ROBERT F. PARNELL AUGUSTO Y. PARONG CELSO R. PROTRICIO BILLIE PETERSON LARRY L. PEOPLES EGUENE PERETTI LEODEGARI PEREZ FRANCIS M. PETRIN - RONALD O. PETTIT DAVID W. PETTY FARRELL PHILLIPS RICHARD PLYMAN JOHN A.POMBERG ' CARL E. POSEY RAYMOND D. POULAND JAMES E. POWE JEFFERY PRIBUTT DONALD PRICKETT THOMAS PROFFITT NOEL C. PROTHERO TEDDY M. PRUITT WILLIAM PRUITT ' ROBERT T. RAFEL JESUS RAMOS DAVID A. RANDALL I ROBERT RATLIFF JOHN D. REDDEN . CHARLES A. SCOTT GRADY L. SCOTT MICHAEL W. SEAY DAVID C. SEYMOUR LARRY J. SHANNON RICHARD S. SHAW FRANCIS SHENTON DONALD S. SHEPARD JOSEPH A. SIANO LESTER E. SIMMONS DAVID S. SIMPSON EUGENE A. SIMS FREDRICK S. SISK GREGORY J. SISKA . JAMES D. SLAYTON BENJAMIN W. SMITH DENNIS P. SMITH JACKIE L. SMITH MARTIN SMITH RODNEY SMITH WILLIAM M. SMOUSE FRANKLIN E. SNELL MICHAEL SUMMERFIELD JAMES SOUTHERLAND MARIDIET SUMMERS JOHN. J. STACK DAVID W. STEFANAC RICKY D. REESE .ARTHUR E. REILLEY JAMES J. REIMAN GREGORY REYNOLDS KENNITH R. RHODES RICHARD E. RIEF LIBERAT RATURBAN DEWAYNE ROBERTS BOBBY ROBERTSON CLEVELA ROBINSON JERRY RODGERS THOMAS H. ROLLINS ANTONIO V. ROMERO TOMMY W. ROORK GODFREY ROSE WILLIAM H. ROSE DOUGLAS ROSSER RODGER ROTHHAAR MARTINL. ROUGHT SOLITAIO RUELO CRAIG S. SAHMS ANDREW J. SALOMA JOSE SANTAMARINA DAVID W. SWICKI DONALD SCHLETCHER JOHN M. SCHOOLEY ANDREW G. SCHUCK. PAUL N. SCHULTZ DOUGLAS STEINBERGER DENNIS STRAWSER MORRIS W. STREATER OSCAR STRICKLAND RICHARD- STUBBS PATRICK SULLIVAN ROBERT S. SWIERCZEK DAVID R. TANGUAY PERRY H. TAM . MANUAL S. TAMPIA FLOYD A. TAYLOR RICHARD R. TEAGUE WAYNE G. TERRY I HERMAN THOMAS JOHN A. THOMAS JOHN A. THOMAS STEVEN E. THOMAS HOOT G. THOMPSON RODNEY D. TIMM I JEFFERY G. TIPTON LEO B. TOCCI ROBERT F. TOCCI CARL TRIMBATH JOHN TREPEN JOHN A. TRUEBLOOD RODGER TULK KEVIN L. TURNER JAMES J. VANBRUNT JERRY VANDERGRIFF RONALD VANDERWERKEN HOWARD VANLANDINGHAM J EFFERY M. VELNA JAMES E. VINES WILLIAM E. WADGES JOHN L. WALKER DOUGLAS E. WALL RICHARD WALLACE TIMMOTHY M. WALLY DONALD WALLS JOHN L. WALLS MICHAEL P. WALSH LOUIS E. WALTON EUGENE WASHINGTON THOMAS E. WEATHEN RICHARD WEATHERS ROBERT M. ' WEINMUELLER ARLN WEINREBE KEITH A. WERHO JOHN D. WHALEY STANDLEY D. WHITE ROBERT WHITWORTH GEORGE WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS DAVID L. WILSON RICHARDS. WILSON O. W. WILSON DANIEL WINSLOW ROBBERT WIPPERMAN PHILIP E. WISNER RICHARD L. WOLF FRNKIE WOMACK GERALD R. WOOD HURBERT W. WOODS ROBERT A. WRIGHT MICHAEL K. WYNEGAR EDWARD L. YASSNEY JAMES A. YATES MICHAEL G. YATES DANIEL E. TODER JOE A. YODER LYLE J . ZARBECK MICHAEL ZICKGRAPH MICHAEL R. ZINK' JEFFERY T. ZORNES

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