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KEEN KEENER 1943 SCHOOL LIFE IN A WAR YEAR AT DEMOTTE HIGH SCHOOL . , 1843 PHYSICAL FITNESS BOND DRIVES, WAR ACTIVITIES | " HE COMINGS AND GOINGS IN THIS YEAR ARE RECORDED IN THIS VIII VOLUME OF THE YEARBOOK AT DEMOTTE HIGH SCHOOL. THE PHYSICAL FITNESS PROGRAM, THE MORNING CEREMONY, THE VICTORY CORPS, ALL PLAYED A PART IN THE CHANGE IN LIFE IN SCHOOL DURING 1942-43. THE STORY FOLLOWS IN THIS 19 -3 fCee+i- Kee+ieSi CONTENTS S C H 0 0 L . . . ADMINISTRATION SENIORS OTHER STUDENTS ACTIVITIES MUSIC ANNUAL STAFF VICTORY CORPS ATHLETICS FOOTBALL BASKETBALL TRACK MISCELLANEOUS SNAPSHOTS ADVERTISING HDNDR TD WHOM HONOR IS DOE Harry Boer Fred Akers Max Bahler Dick Osting Dan Walstra Walter Huhn Dean Bahler Joe Spurgeon Anna Woudema James Recker Virgil Barker Fred Schwanke Marvin Bernard Betty Lageveen Albert Terpstra George Suffern Robert Heimlich Fred Moolenaar Chester Daniels William DeFries Kenneth Spurgeon Clarence Bob Bill Shuey Jerry Knip Bud Belstra Bill Bahler Bill Orsburn Glen Hunter Mike Segina Art Bunning Leonard Mak Wayne Oliver Chris Walstra Leonard Story Bernard Tysen George Dykstra Doris Schwanke Tommy Abbring Richard Dexter Bud Moolenaar Francis DeKoker Clarence Merrit Kenneth Yeagley Boezeman Huhn We, the senior class of 1943, dedicate this annual to the former graduates of our school who are now serving, or who have served, in the arm ed forces of our country in this war. We do this in appreciation of the service they are rendering in this great war to preserve Democracy. Mr. Ewart has taught for elev- en years in the DeMotte School, and during the last four years he has served as school principal. SCHOOL BOARD Left to right — Dr. Robert Y. Oosten, Secretary; C. P. Curtin, President; Melvin Struble. Trustee Ivan Cheever was absent the day the pictures were taken. Y F A C U L T MR. ALFRED EWART — Principal, Social Studies; I.S.T.C., B.S., M.S. ; Sophomore Sponsor. MRS. RUTH MURPHY — Physical Education, English; DePaul U., B.A. ; Eighth Grade Sponsor. MR. CHARLES STEPHENS — Commerce, Physical Education; Ball State Teachers College, B.S. ; Senior Sponsor. MRS. GERALDINE COOK — Home Economics, Chemistry ; Pur- due U., B.S. ; Seventh Grade Sponsor. MRS. VERA RAINWATER — English, Music; Wheaton College, Indiana U., B.A., M.A. MISS SUE VENABLE — Mathematics, Library Science; Ball State Teachers College, B.A. ; Junior Sponsor. ME. RALPH WURZBURGER — Agriculture, Biology; MacDon- ald Agricultural College, B.S., Freshman Sponsor. MRS. FERN BAUMAN — Sixth Grade; Valparaiso U. MRS. NANCY MILTON — Fifth Grade; Valparaiso U., Manches- ter College. MRS. TEESA BOEZEMAN — Fourth Grade; I.S.T.C., Purdue U. MRS. MARTHA MOSIER — Third Grade; Central Normal Col- lege. MRS. BEULAH HART — Second Grade; I.S.T.C., Valparaiso U. MRS. FRANCES ERWIN — First Grade; I.S.T.C. SENIDRS . . . . 1943 SENIOR HISTORY In September of 1939, twenty-four freshmen entered DeMotte High School to increase their knowledge. During our first year we were guided by Mr. Ely. Our clasij officers were Cordelia Kooy, president ; Helen Bailey, vice-president ; Alice Sytsma, secretary; and Dale Schwanke, treasurer. We chose old rose and silver as our class colors and “We Build The Ladder By Which We Rise’’ as our motto. On the night of September 29, we were duly initiated by the seniors. We had a roller skating party on October 13. The next fall twenty-two members enrolled. This year we chose Miss Keever to be our sponsor. Our officers became as follows: William Hoffman, president ; Dale Schwanke, vice-president ; Alice Sytsma, secretary; Ruth Moolenaar, treasurer. In October we invited the juniors to join us in a skating party. OUCH ! 1 his fall, 1940, the Junior class elected Rose Schlarp as president, Cordelia Kooy as vice- president and Delpha Heimlich as secretary. We retained our sponsor, Miss Keever. Our class was greatly de- creased in number. We gave a skating party early in the fall. We gave the sensation of the year, “The Campbells Are Coming,” on March 17. Towards the spring we received our class rings. In the spring we gave the Seniors a banquet. When we returned this fall our class was more decreased in number than last year with thirteen members and by December two had dropped out. In January Bertha Vander Molen joined our group. On November 24, we presented “Aunt Abby Anwers An Ad.” We are now working on the eighth edition of the Keen Keener. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ s BILL HOFFMAN Athletic Club 1, 2. President 2. Vice-President 4. Paper Staff 4. Annual Staff 4. Victory Corps 4. Basketball 3, 4. Football Mgr. 2, 3, 4. Track 1, 2, 3, 4. “The Campbells Are Coming.” “Aunt Abby Answers An Ad.” DALE SCHWANICE Victory Corps 4. Treasurer 1, 4. Vice-President 2. Athletic Club 1, 2. Annual Staff 1, 4. “The Campbells Are Coming.” “Aunt Abby Answers An Ad.” BERTHA VANDER MOLEN President 2, 3. Library Staff 2, 3. Chorus 3. Annual Staff 3. E N I D R WALTER MAK Athletic Club 2. Paper Staff 4. Annual Staff 4. Basketball 3, 4. Football 3. Track 2, 3, 4. “The Campbells Are Coming.” “Aunt Abby Answers An Ad.” CORDELIA KOOY President 1. Vice-President 3. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Victory Corps 4. Annual Staff 4. Library Staff 2, 4. “The Campbells Are Coming.” “Aunt Abby Answers An Ad.” HAZEL PUNTER Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Victory Corps 4. Athletic Club 1, 2, 3. Annual Staff 4. Library Staff 2, 3. " Aunt Abbv Answers An Ad.” SUMMARIES FLORENCE HOFFMAN DELPHA HEIMLICH Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Victory Corps 4. Paper Staff 4. Annual Staff 4. “The Campbells Are Coming.” “Aunt Abby Answers An Ad. " Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3. 4. President 4. Annual Staff. Athletic Club 2, 3. Victory Corps 4. Library Staff 4. “The Campbells Are Coming.” “Aunt Abby Answers An Ad.” ANNE KLIP ALICE SYTSMA Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Boosters Club 3. Victory Corps 4. Annual Staff 4. “The Campbells Are Coming.” “Aunt Abby Answers An Ad.” Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Secretary 1, 2. Victory Corps 4. Annual Staff 1, 4. Paper Staff 4. Library 2, 4. RUTH MOOLENAAR BERNICE VANDER PLOEG Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 2. Secretary 4. Victory Corps 4. Annual Staff 4. Paper Staff 4. Library Staff 2. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 3. Victory Corps 4. Paper Staff 4. Annual Staff 4. S E N To write a poem is a task for me. For I’m not a poet as you can plainly see. But I’ll do my best to describe our class to you, And I hope you won’t be bored before you ' ve read this through. The first of our class is Anne Klip, And to everyone I’ll give this tip; She’s popular and full of fun, But wait ! She’s not the only one. Next on the list is Cordelia Kooy, She’s left her heart with a Senior boy. (?) She’d make a fine wife for some young lad, For a better seamstress couldn’t be had. Then comes the treasurer who collects the money, Dale’s his name but who’s his honey? When it comes to Civics he’s not so dumb. And we value him greatly as our school chum. Alice Sytsma is a girl you know. In our Girl’s chorus she sings alto. She’s tall, slender, and somewhat shy, And seems to think Civics is rather dry. Then comes Bernice who’s rather tall, When it comes to studying she beats us all. She’s quite attractive and a medium blonde, Of her our class is very fond. Oh, here comes another, Delpha’s her name, As a dress designer she hopes to find fame. She serves our group as a president, And Ted is the name of her favorite gent. Next is William, we call him “Bill” A better tonic than any pill, A number of girls have found that it’s true. So — naturally his lady-friends aren’t so few. POEM In the month of December, of this year, A classmate, Alice Hansen, moved away from here. But Alice is a girl we can’t forget, And her absence is something we all regret. The hardest poem for me to write, Is about a girl whose hair is light. She’s not much of a poet, as you can see, Oh yes, you guessed it, it’s only me. Our shortest girl is five feet three, And in her studies she’s smart as can be. Her name is Hazel and she’s rather blonde, But who’s that boy of whom she’s fond? Walter Mak, our class Romeo, Keeps all the girls on the go. Anne always greets him with a happy “hello,” Now what are her intentions? Does anyone know? We inherited Bertha from the Junior Class, And we’re proud to claim this brilliant lass. She deserves to be praised for the grades she’s made, And to lead the line in the honor parade. There’s one who’s cheery laughter brightens the day, When she’s around, skies are never gray. Her first name is Florence, her last name you know. She makes many friends wherever she goes. Mr. Stephens sponsors our class, It would never do to let him pass. We like him a lot, and why shouldn’t we? He’s everything we want a teacher to be. And now as we leave good old DeMotte High. We take one more look and utter a sigh. So many fond memories we now can recall. But now we’ll just say, “goodbye one and all.” SENIOR WILL — Ruth Moolenaar wills her glasses to Carolyn Bass. Now with two pairs of glasses, Carolyn can see all the boys Ruth overlooked. — Delpha Heimlich wills her expanded vocabulary to John Max and Bernard Vander Molen. May they make as much use of it as Delpha has. — Cordelia Kooy wills her marvelous home cooking talent to Lois Lagaveen. May she reach a man’s heart through his stomach as Cordelia did. — Bertha Vander Molen wills her ability to type to Dick Evans. Alay he reach the high degree of success that Bertha attained. — Dale Schwanke leaves his mannerly ways to Charlie Streveler. May he appreciate something good when he gets it. — Bernice Vander Ploeg wills her ability to sing loudly to Mary Lou Ewart. Let’s hope you hear more of Mary Lou’s singing that we did of Bernice’s. — Alice Svtsma wills a “steady” to Boh Anderson. Bob, if you find a good one, hold onto her ! — Hazel Punter wills her conscientious studying to Steve Terpstra. Here’s hoping you get as good grades in your Senior year as Hazel did. - — Walter Mak wills his height to Sig Boezeman and Paul Hoffman. Well, hoys, I hope you won’t have as many neck-aches as I have had. — Florence Hoffman wills her bright sayings to Sam Kingma. May we hear from him as often as we did from Florence. — Anne Klip wills her attractiveness to Mary Jane White. May you have as many friends as Anne has had. — Bill Hoffman wills his “gentleness” and “honeyed persuasion” to Don Bailey and Gerrit Van Kepple. Here’s hoping vou have more success than Bill had. — To the school as a whole we will a larger senior class, but then valuable things are sometimes wrapped up in small packages. TO THE TEACHERS — To Mr. Ewart — A set of Venetian blinds for the Civics room. — To Mr. Stephens — A state championship basketball team, a good football team too. — To Mrs. Murphy — An assembly that keeps quiet and studies. — To Miss Venable — Senior students who know their Math. — To Mrs. Rainwater — A class of boys who know how to sing. — To Mrs. Cook — A fruit and vegetable and meat market, so that she can get her vitamins daily. — To Air. Wurzburger — Agriculture boys who come to class. PROPHECY OF CLASS OF ' 43 Ho hum, am I tired, but I really must write the good news I had today in my diary ! The most wonderful thing happened. Dear Diary, March 13, 1963. Today as I was working at the information desk in Grand Central Station, Miss Hazel Punter, one of Hollywood’s famous singers, got a ticket to New York. There she will be starred with Dale Schwanke’s “Schwanke’s Swanky Swingsters” on a radio broadcast. Later : May 30, 1963. Today Mr. William Hoffman stopped a moment when he got his ticket to New Orleans. He says he likes his work as a lawyer. His great success is evident. July 17, 1963. One of Chicago’s wealthiest business men came in today with his blushing bride. She has been his private secretary for quite some time. Bernice and her husband are planning on spending a few weeks at Niagara Falls. July 30, 1963. At last, my vacation time ! I went over to see my old chum Alice Sytsma who owns a cozy little beauty shop a few blocks from where I work. She accepted my plan of accompanying me to the north woods for a rest. August 4, 1963. We nearly missed our train, which has an appropriate name — Lightning. We were greatly surprised to meet Miss Florence Hoff- man, working as stewardess. August 5, 1963. Today we stopped in a small mining town along our way. Down the street we saw what we thought was “Mutt and Jeff,” but when they approached we found them to be Mr. Walter Mak and Walt Jr. He told us we must come see his wife, the former Miss Ruth Moole- naar. Our visit with the Maks added zest to our journey. August 10, 1963. We are now settled in our little cabin near the lake. We visited a lumber camp this afternoon. To our great surprise we found Miss Delpha Heimlich working in her little “Sweet Shop” in the village at the edge of the camp. Miss Delpha told us she is married and keeps a little cabin besides running the shop. September 12, 1963. My what a toothache I have ! It must be from the exposure of those cold winds at the lake. I’ll have to go to that well-known dentist — Dr. Anne Klip and see what can be done. JUNIORS 1st Row (left to right) — M. Ewart, S. Boezeman, D. Klein- blossom, M. White, B. Schwan- ke, D. Evans. 2nd Row — Miss Venable, C. Streveler, D. Bailey, L. Lagc- veen, C. Bass, B. Anderson, P. Hoffman. 3rd Row — G. Van Kepple, B. Vander Molen, S. Kingma, S. Terpstra, J. Mak. SOPHOMORES 1st Row (left to right) — E. Osting, R. Simmons, M. Seke- ma, M. Black, D. Story, B. Rowen, A. Moolenaar. 2nd Row — Mr. Ewart, R. Anderson, T. DeFries, W. Ely, J. Ruisard, G. Wright, S. Hart, A. Van Kley, H. Hoffman. 3rd Row — P. Stevenson, D. Seegers, J. Walstra, F. Belstra, B. Terpstra, H. Kingma, W. Recker, J. Int Veld. 4th Row F. Roorda, R. Henrichs, J. Fieldhouse, A. Swart, L. DeKock, N. Abbring, R. Muraida. FRESHMEN 1st Row (left to right) — B. Schwanke, W. White, J. Speechly, E. Huhn, V. Mak, W. Barker, A. Rowen, W. De- Fries, R. Unziker. 2nd Row — Mr. R. Wurz- burger, M. Koster, D. Streve- ler, N. Willis, D. Swart, F. Cheever, J. Schuringa, M. Se- kama, A. Boezman. 3rd Row — G. Ooms, E. Goetz, C. Hockney, L. Evers, C. Mak, C. Swart, E. Vander Molen, J. Swart. HISTORIES JUNIOR CLASS There were 17 members in the junior class this year. 1 he officers were : Bertha Vander Molen, President ; Dick Evans, Vice-President ; Lois Lageveen, Secretary-Treasurer. Members of the class have been sporting their class rings since February. The Junior play, " Profes- sor, How Could You?”, was given during the second semester. As is the custom the Juniors entertained the seniors at a party before their graduation. SOPHOMDRE CLASS We started our journey as high school students in 1941 as Fresh- men. There were 34 members in our class. Our class officers were: President, James Fieldhouse; Vice-President, Kenny Brooks; Sec- retary, Barbara Rowen ; Treasurer, Richard Henrichs. Mr. Ely was our sponsor. We chose blue and yellow as our class colors, and If we rest, we rust,” as our motto. In the fall of 1942, we all came back. Not all of us, I guess, because we lost 5 of our members ; but we gained a new one also. We elected as officers the following: President, Barbara Rowen; Vice-President, James Fieldhouse; Secretary, Shirley Hart; Treas- urer, Alice Moolenaar. Mr. Ewart is our sponsor for this year. FRESHMAN CLASS Our class of 25 members entered DeMotte High School in the September of 1942. At our first class meeting we elected Calvin Swart, President; Ella Vander Molen, Vice-President; Josephine Speechley, Treasurer, and Willard DeFries, Secretary. We later elected Mr. Wttrzburger our sponsor. Our class colors are black and gold. EIGHTH GRADE 1st Row (left to right) — H. DeKock, J. Black, L. Scnwan- ke, C. Heimlich, R. Kelly, J. Van Kley, E. Barker. 2nd Row — K. Anderson, P. Osborne, M. Schoonveld, K. DeVries, L. Hoffman, M. A. Curtin, H. Boersma. 3rd Row — Mrs. Murphy, A. Raska, D. Chappell, D. Musch, R. Seebly, E. Wooten, D. Kal- uf, M. E. Curtin. 4th Row — G. Roorda, R. Swart, A. Belstra, D. Mak. W. Walstra, G. Belstra. SEVENTH GRADE 1st Row (left to right) — W. Roorda, J. Rowen, M. Boer, E. Fritts, J. Swisher, H. Nuss, E. Willis. 2nd Row — Mrs. Cook, E. Klemp, A. Nannega, J. De- Bruin, M. Hamstra, T. Nico- lai, N. Chappell, J. Pruis. 3rd Row — R. Jones. E. Wil- kie, M. Johnson, F. Hershman, B. Punter, M. Swisher. 4th Row — G. Kingma, J. Ty- ren, W. Hobgood, P. Kingma, E. Woudema, B. Cheever, A. Lageveen, J. Hanenburg. SIXTH GRADE 1st Row (left to right) — W. Unzicker, B. Sekema, D. Bark- er, J. Ooms, R. Moolenaar, K. Seegers, D. Fieldhouse. 2nd Row — Mrs. Vauman, E. M. Hoffman, E. DeYoung, L. Smith. D. Cheever, L. Terborg, B. Woods, P. Henricks, G. Konovsky. 3rd Row — G. Belstra, R Car- ter, E. Klip. M. A. Zylstra, A. Boersma, W. Huhn, G. Nan- nega, C. Myers. 4th Row — B. Streveler, -E. Belstra, A. Systma, H. Cooper, G. Fase, D. DeFries, K. Terp- stra. Absent — R. Stearns, V. Schw- nke. FIFTH GRADE 1st Row (left to rightl — J. Story, R. Williams, J. Van Keppel, B. Gorbet, M. Hoff- man, K. Heimlich, M. Nuss, R. Kelly. 2nd Row — A. Knip, J. Cof- fer, E. Nannenga, J. Vander Ploeg, E. Koster, C. Selby, S. Cheever, W. Terpstra. Back Row — E. Luttrell, R. Hunter, J. Kingma, D. Schoon- veld, P. DeFries, D. Hoffman, O. Bailey, H. Kaper. Absent — J. Stearns, K. De- Y oung. Teacher — Mrs. Nancy Mil- ton. e FOURTH GRADE 1st Row (left to right) — L. Evers, F. Williams, B. Van Keppel, R. DeKock, J. Fase, E. Sigler, C. Unzicker, J. Fritts, D. Hunter. 2nd Row — C. Schaap, G. Co- berly, R. Coffer, P. Raska, E. Swart, R. Hanenburg, L. Doud, J. Klip, G. Hamstra. 3rd Row — S. Hobgood, J. Hastie, F. Mak, M. Bailey, V. DeYoung, D. Stevenson, E. Zylstra, R. Cheever, B. Smith. Teacher — Tresa Boezeman. P. Wicker was absent the day pictures were taken. THIRD GRADE 1st Row (left to right) — D. Coberly, H. Doud, H. Wood, R. Greathouse, N. Wright, J. Grevenstuck, L. Carter, J. Hammerton, L. Radtke. 2nd Row — Mrs. Mosier, E. White, R. Terborg, D. Woude ma, J. Hamstra, P. Kaluf, C. Luttrell, B. Hunter, H. Wal- stra. 3rd Row — J. Wright, J. Ka- per, P. Hansen, M. Terpstra, H. Kingma, C. Hart, R. De- Young, F. Boissy. 4th Row — G. DeFries, A. Ooms, J. Kingma, R. Wright, M. Grevenstuck, H. Willis, A. Belstra. P. ChrzanoWski wps absent. J. Jabaay is a new pupil. SECOND GRADE 1st Row (left to right) — L. Evers, C. Jones, R. Selby, V. Williams, W. True, J. DeKock, W. Hoffman, F. Gross, P. Gor- bet. 2nd Row — A. Story, J. De- Young, J. Shuey, T. Wright, S. Bailey, D. Willis, D. Greven- stuck, M. Schoonvelt. 3rd Row — D. Vilke, L. Swart, L. Bailey, M. Belstra, J. Nannenga, R. Cooper, J. Bates, N. True. 4th Row — G. Klemp, R. Sta- ter, P. Stuenenberg, L. King- ma, G. Nannenga, R. Hob- good, H. Belstra, R. Eisele. FIRST GRADE 1st Row (left to right) — B. Sargent, R. Coberly, M. Story, R. Belstra, R. Belstra, B. Hob- good, B. .Hobgood, R. Schlarp, H. Eisle, T. Coffer. 2nd Row — K. Hielema, C. Cheever, M. Swart, L. Klemp, R. Nannenga, C. Hamstra, J. Zeck, H. Van Keppel, N. Streveler, R. Lutteral.. 3rd Row — D. Mak, S. See- gers, A. Bradshaw, R. Fase, J. Swart, E. Eisle, S. Williams, E. Stater, L. Wood, Mrs. Erwin. 4th Row — G. Hamstra, D. Radtke, J. Wright, M. Dexter, M. Kingma, R. Nuss, S. Great- house, T. Abbring, R. Carter. LIBRARY STAFF LIBRARY STAFF 1st Row (left to right) — M. Ewart, B. Terpstra, B. Vander Molen, Miss Venable, E. Van- der Molen. 2nd Row — A. Moolenaar, C. Kooy, M. White, D. Evans, T. DeFries, B. Schwanke. ANNUAL STAFF Seated (left to right) — A. Sytsma, W. Mak, F. Hoffman, R. Moolenaar, B. Hoffman, B. Vander Ploeg. Standing — H. Punter, C. Stephens, B. Vander Molen, D. Schwanke, D. Heimlich, C. Kooy, A. Klip. ANNUAL STAFF Miss Venable is in charge of our library this year. We rent several books from the State Library and, therefore, have many good reading books. Magazines are also available. A few of the high school girls are librarians. The Annual Staff, composed of Seniors, is publishing the eighth volume of the Keen Keener. The first one was published in 1935. There are ten departments in the staff. Editor and Assistant Editor are held by D. Schwanke, and W. Mak respectively. The Sports Editors are B. Hoffman and A. Klip. B. Vander Ploeg and B. Vander Molen are Activities Editors. Business Managers are H. Punter and D. Heimlich. Joke and Snapshot Editors are F. Hoff- man and C. Kooy. Typists are R. Moolenaar and A. Sytsma. The Class Prophecy was written by C. Kooy, Class History by H. Punter, Class Will by A. Sytsma and B. Vander Ploeg, and the Class Poem by R. Moolenaar. BAND I ' lie band, under the leadership of Mrs. Rainwater, has 30 mem- bers. They have played at most of the home basketball games. Some new music the Band Department has acquired was " Anch- ors Aweigh,” “Semper Paratus,” “Army Air Corps, " “Arms for the Love of America,” " When the Lights Co On Again. BAND MEMBERS 1st Row Seated (left to right) — M. Ewart, M. Black, S. Hart, E. Osting, G. Wright, R. Cheever, N. Chappell, D. Kaluf, F. Cheever, L. Lageveen. 2nd Row Seated — D. Chappell, D. Seegers, J. Ruisard, J. Rowen, C. Heimlich, W. Ely, B. Sekama, C. Swart, K. Heim- lich, J. Swart, A. Moolenaar, M. Sekama, J. Fieldhouse. Back Row — B. Rowen, D. Heimlich, B. Terpstra, D. Klein- blossom, J. Int Veld, R. Hcndrich, L. DeKock, P. Stevenson, Director — Mrs. Rainwater. VICTORY CORPS The first meeting of the Junior Victory Corps was held on Janu- ary 15, 1943. Every member must buy one stamp (of any size) and bring 1 lb. of scrap metal a week. 1 hey may buy more stamps and bring more scrap if they wish. Anne Klip was elected chairman of the corps, with Lois Lageveen as assistant chairman, and Cordelia Kooy as Secretary of one group. The second group has not chosen its officers as yet. VICTORY CORPS MEMBERS 1st Row (left to right) — -J. Int Veld, B. Rowen, A. Moole- naer, E. Osting, D. Heimlich, R. Moolenaar, H. Punter, J. Speechly, A. Rowen, W. Recker. 2nd Row — A., A. Klip, J. Schuringa, F. Cheever, T. DeFries, C. Kooy, M. Sekema, M. Biack, R. Simmons, D. Story, Mr. Ewart. 3rd Row — C. Hockney, S. Hart, G. Wright, B. Terpstra, J. Walstra, E. Goetz, C. Swart, E. Huhn, M. White, D. Klein- blossom, M. Ewart. 4th Row — L. Lageveen, C. Bass, D. Schwanke, F. Roorda, F. Belstra, J. Fieldhouse, H. Kingma, B. Hoffman, D. Seegers, B. Vander Ploeg, F. Hoffman. BOOSTERS CLOB BOOSTERS CLUB 1st Row (left to right)- — E. Osting, G. Wright, L. Lage- vccn, M. White. 2nd Row — S. Hart, M. Ew- art, D. Kleinblossom, M. Se- kema. GIRLS CHORUS 1st Row (left to right) — B. Schwanke, M. Sekema, D. Story, R. Moolenaar, A. Moo- lenaar, M. Black, B. Rowen, F. Cheever, R. Simmons, E. Os- ting, R. Unzicker. 2nd Row — H. Punter, M. Sekema, A. Klip, C. Kooy, D. Heimlich, M. Ewart, D. Klein- blossom, J. Speechly, J. Schu- ringa, A. Rowen. 3rd Row — Mrs. Rainwater, J. Swart, T. DeFries, M. J. White, C. Hockney, A. Systma, H. Kingma, L. Evers, E. Vander Molen, V. Mak. 4th Row — D. Seegers, C. Bass, F. Belstra, B. Terpstra, e B. Vander Molen, B. Vander Ploeg, F. Hoffman, S. Flart, G. Wright. GIRLS ' CHORUS The Girls Chorus, composed of 31 members, was under the direction of Mrs. Rainwater. We reviewed many of our old numbers, but we are planning to learn some new selections for the School Exhibit. We sang at P.-T.A. CHEER LEADERS CHEER LEADERS Biddy Wright Evelyn Osting Shirley Hart BOYS’ CHORUS 1st Row (left to right) — J. Int Veld, C. Swart, Mrs. Rain- water, S. Hart, F. Roorda, P. Stevenson. 2nd Row — G. Van Keppel, D. Henrichs, J. Fieldhouse, R. Murida. 3rd Row — J. Ruisard, M. Koster, J. Walstra, W. Recker. BOYS ' CHORUS Ten boys were in the Boys’ Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Rainwater. The following songs that they learned this year were “De Animals A-Comin’ ”, “Wade in De Water”, “All Through the Night”, “Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming”, “Just Singing Along”, and “Deep River.” FOOTBALL 1st Row (left to right) — D. Evans, L. DeKock, D. Henrichs. 2nd Row — B. Anderson, P. Hoffman, S. Boeze- man. Stan ding — B. Hoffman (mgr.), C. Barker, R An- derson, J. Ruissard, C. Streveler, J. Walstra, C. Ste- phens (coach). FOOTBALL The football team of 1942 did not reach the peak of greatness. Graduation had left the squad riddled ; Boezeman, Bernard, Zeck, Schoonveld, Osting, Oliver were gone. In their place were DeKock. Henricks, Anderson, Boezeman, Hoffman and Evans. Something of a record was set — that of scoring at least one touchdown in every game. But 1 in the won and lost column 1 victory in 6 games was not so good. However, as there were no seniors on the squad, and all the boys will he back next year with much needed experience — opponents of 1943 look out. FOOTBALL SCORES Sept. 18 .. .... Wheatfield DcM ottc 7 Opponent 26 Oct. 2 ... Mt. Ayr 6 52 Oct. 9 Wheatfield 6 33 Oct. 16 Fair Oaks 24 26 Oct. 20 Knox .... _ 12 42 Oct. 27 Fair Oaks 7 6 BASKETBALL SCORES We They Wheatfield . . ... 31 62 Merriville . 14 41 Fair Oaks 25 29 San Pierre 27 26 Wheatfield 27 39 Tefft 39 33 Remington 21 36 Wheatfield .... 32 20 Sectional T ourney. We They Mt. Ayr _ .20 40 Tefft . 29 37 La Crosse .... 21 36 Fair Oaks .... 19 23 Kouts 28 34 St. Joe .... ... .... 20 42 Fair Oaks 27 23 Hebron .... .... 33 30 VARSITY BASKETBALL Kneeling (left to right) — S. King- ma, B. Hoffman, D. Bailey, L. De- Kock (mgr.), C. Streveler, S. Terp- stra. Stan ding — S. Boezeman, P. Hoff- man, W. Mak, B. Anderson, D. Ev- ans, C. Stephens (coac h). BASKETBALL This year’s varsity team was composed of last season’s second stringers. They lost several close games, lost several games by rather wide margins, and won a couple. Since only one regular and one sub- stitute graduates, prospects for avenging that dismal season is bright. Anderson led the scoring parade with Walt Mak coming in second. BASKETBALL SCORING VARSITY H »1) Anderson 181 Walter Mak 85 Sig Boezeman 43 Dick Evans 42 Steve Terpstra 31 Paul Hoffman 16 Sam Kingma 13 SECOND TEAM Roy Anderson 75 Dick Henrichs 66 Corky Barker 62 John Walstra 53 Arnold Swart 28 Sam Kingma 23 Bill Hoffman 13 TRACK 1st Row (left to right) — W. Bark- er. D. Swart, J. Ruissard, Dick Ev- ans, D. Streveler, Roy Anderson, W. White. 2nd Row — J. Walstra, G. Van Kepple, A. Swart, S. Terpstra, W. Mak, S. Kingma, L. DeKock, C. Streveler. 3rd Row — S. Boezeman, D. Bai- ley, B. Anderson, R. M u r a i d a, P. Hoffman, C. Ste- phens (coach), D. Henrichs, D. Schwanke, B. Hoff- man, C. Swart. a (h, rtf • i i •• L % h : 4 q f Ojl jjl ’ V r Hr ' Y JKSf m JS Lai u “ J jHfc A V l , k v; ■ iVBr Hr JE TRACK Last spring’s track team defeated Wheatfield and Fair Oaks in a triangular meet. They finished ahead of Crown Point 69 to 61 in a dual meet. In the Kankakee Valley Track Meet, they finished third with 49 Yz points. Wheatfield won the meet with 60 points, and Mt. Ayr came in second with 50 earned points. As in basketball and football practically all veteran material was gone. However, every boy can run and jump and throw. And who knows? Perhaps we might find another Owens, or Warmerdam, or Cunningham in our midst. SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL Seated (left to right) — W. Barker. D. Henrichs, A. Swart, J. Walstra, R. Anderson, L. DeKock (mgr.). Standing — W. White, D. Swart, J. Ruissard, R. Mu- raida, C. Stephens (coach), J. Field- house, C. Swart, P. Stevenson, J. Boezeman. The second team won over half of its games this year and will probably all be back on the second team squad next year. The scoring on the second team was evenly distributed among the members of the starting five. SCORES We They W heatiield 15 11 Mt. Ayr ..... 20 ■ 18 Merriville .... . 10 40 Fair Oaks 23 25 La Crosse 11 20 San Pierre .... .... .... .... 17 12 Kniman .... 35 16 Routs ... 20 30 Kniman .... ... 40 25 Kniman ...40 26 Fair Oaks 33 23 Wheatfield .....26 8 Hebron .....17 15 Games iron — 9 Games Lost — 4 WE, THE CLASS OF ' 43 WISH TO THANK ALL THE ADVERTISERS WHO HAVE MADE THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE Jane m January ‘ Seme Old Some. Tan " Can ' f Tlti L VhaK deaf kr crf | 0V v ■ — - beys ' Senior flay Ca t ' Wurxfcuf er KamiVfltcr " f«iS4 does if. ‘Vkafs tkis? W tdf ca bcr ' c ? Ckv ' tji cf COMPLIMENTS DR. HARVE HEMPHILL of J. C. PENNY INC. Dentist CURTIN ' S " Home of Values " Rensselaer Restaurant Rensselaer DeMotte TODD FUNERAL HOME, AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 60 DeMotte HOMER HENDRICKSON 24-Hour Wrecking Service Phone 23 Fine Groceries Meats CHEEVER ' S GARAGE Rensselaer General Repairing Auto Supplies DeMotte Compliments of RENSSELAER REPUBLICAN Compliments of W. H. BAHLER Your County Recorder Compliments of H. C. DEKOCK SONS Your Shield of Quality Store Groceries Meats Cold Storage Lockers Hardware Philgas Stoves KONOVSKY ' S LUMBER YARD COAL FERTILIZER GRAIN BUILDING MATERIALS Phone 5 DeMotte, Indiana DEKDCK SUPPLY CO. DeMotte, Indiana FARMALL TRACTORS McCORMICK-DEERING IMPLEMENTS COAL FERTILIZER Phone 34 Compliments of SCHLOSSER CREAMERY STATION R. BROUWER, Agent Compliments of DeMOTTE TELEPHONE EXCHANGE Compliments of RUTH ' S BAKERY OSTING ' S DEPT. STORE DRY GOODS - SHOES - NOTIONS SCHOOL SUPPLIES - NOVELTIES DeMotte HARRY ' S SUPER SHELL SERVICE DeMotte, Indiana Compliments of BURK ' S BARBER and BEAUTY SHOPPE COMPLIMENTS of NEIL SEKEMA GARAGE DeMotte, Indiana DeMOTTE FEED STORE Custom Grinding Free Mixing Quality Feeds Delivery Service Phone 48 DeMotte COMPLIMENTS of DR. DUVALL Dental Work DeMotte, Indiana Ul SWART ' S IGA STORE " MOST EVERYTHING " DeMotte, Indiana Compliments of MRS. HENRICHS Justice of Peace Phone 45 DeMotte ROBERT OOSTEN Graduate Veterinarian Phone 1 DeMotte Compliments of a FRIEND J. HANENBURG Painting Decorating Phone 15 DeMotte DeMOTTE DAIRY " WE AIM TO PLEASE " RAY BOERSMA Pure Raw Milk DR. W. W. TATE Office Hours — 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thoyer, Indiana BAUMAN ' S FEED MILL Manufacturing Keeners Own Quality Feeds Mill Feeds — Purina Chows Hay Straw Phone 19 DeMotte W. C. GRAY Jeweler Rensselaer Compliments of STATE BANK Rensselaer OTTO DEYOUNG SONS John Deere Implements Hardware Phone 22 DeMotte COMPLIMENTS of MARY ' S RESTAURANT DE BRUIN ' S GROCERIES MEATS Compliments of HOLIDAY ' S GROCERY Kersey DeMOTTE FEDERATED Dry Goods - Shoes Full Line JENSEN Hardware - Red Brand Fence Hi-Grade Meats 1 the DeMotte JEWELER DeMotte, Indiana Rensselaer - COMPLIMENTS of SHORTWAY LINES THE ONLY DIRECT BUS ROUTE TO CHICAGO " For Information - - Phone DeMotte 16 HEBRON HARDWARE J. C. BIERMA Home Furnaces and Air-Conditioning Philco Radios Home Appliances Phone 21 Hebron COMPLIMENTS of HEBRON SERVICE STATION Phone 20 P. VAN DER VAART CONOCO Agent for Self Help Assurance Soc. Gasolines Oils Batteries TIRES TUBES FRANKLIN PETRY Phone 3 COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE NOTARY Hebron YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE INVITED TO TRY OUR SPECIAL FISH AND FRENCH FRIES Wednesday and Friday Evenings HAMBURGER " KNEE DEEP " IN FRENCH FRIES Served at all times HEBRON HOTEL 25c ,20c BERDINE SERVICE STATION Junction Highways 2 53 Hebron, Indiana Gas - Oil - Tires - Accessories Phone 145-S JOHNSON ' S SEED STORE Field and Garden Seed Expert Seed Cleaning Service Phone 15 Hebron COMPLIMENTS of CHUCK ' S SERVICE STATION LOUIS ALYEA SERVICE DeSOTO PLYMOUTH STANDARD OIL Hebron Phone 7 Drink PEPSICOLA Bigger Better MELVIN TOPPEN Compliments of HOOSIER INN Rensselaer Compliments of DR. I. M. WASHBURN Surgery X-ray Rensselaer COMPLIMENTS of HADLEY HATCHERY Rensselaer Home of Chicks That Pay Compliments of DR. C. E. JOHNSON Rensselaer Compliments of M. WOODWORTH INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Rensselaer 0. E. TALBERT SON Compliments of COMPLIMENTS RENSSELAER LUMBER CO. of Lumber Merchants Rensselaer LEO HURLEY GEORGE N. WARDEN, Mgr. KRESEL GARAGE Sinclair Service RADIATOR REPAIRING Phone 6 Rensselaer WELDING BODY WORK North of Tracks on 53 Rensselaer Rensselaer VICTORY FRUIT MARKET Compliments of East of Makeever Hotel COMPLIMENTS BARGAIN STORE OPEN EVENINGS of EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY Telephone 192 Rensselaer, Indiana Compliments of W. C. BUTMAN, M.D. Compliments of HUDDLE INN Hebron BABCOCK GRAIN CO. Rensselaer Rensselaer « Compliments of EARL SCHWANKE ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE DeMotte KING ' S 5 10c to $1.00 Stores Best Stores for Most People Hebron Medaryville R. P. BLOOD, M.D. Hebron Phones: 27- A; 27- B; 150-13 MURRAYS DEPARTMENT STORE Rensselaer De KOCK ' S STORE LOCKER SERVICE Groceries - Meat - Gen. Mdse. Phone 64 Hebron MARIE ' S GROVER WILSON BEAUTY SHOPPE JOE ' S GROCERY Open Wed. Fri. Evenings RICHELIEU QUALITY FOODS by Appointment PRODUCE Hebron Phone 61 Hebron Compliments of CO. Compliments of MORROW DEPT. STORE PORTER COUNTY Men ' s Furnishings - Hardware Rensselaer HERALD Hebron Hebron The Best Place To Buy WORLD CHAMPION HYBRIDS Phil Wood Seed Store Rensselaer DeMotte State Bank Member of the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MELCHERTS HATCHERY DeMotte, Indiana Phone 38-C One-Half mile north and one and one-half mile west Our big Quality Bred Chicks will make you more money Mated with ROP Cockerals — 250 eggs and better, and tested for B.W.D. which means every single breeder has been culled for production and pullorum blood tested. " EXPERIENCE HAS PROVEN THAT THE BEST CHICKS COST LESS AND PAY MORE " indiana Farmers have solved the problem of raising well bred chicks: ANSWER COOPERATIVE HATCHERIES Jasper Co. Farm Bureau Hatchery Rensselaer Compliments of a FRIEND Compliments of CROW ' S HYBRID CORN Milford, Illinois " SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT " ART WALSTRA Phone IR-13 Hebron Compliments of MEL STRUBLE Compliments Compliments of Compliments of of DAVISSON OIL CO. HOPKINS HOPKINS FELDER Rensselaer CHEVROLET SALES ATTORNEYS WHEEL and FRAME Compliments Law, Abstracts, Real Estate ALIGNMENT of a For an appointment in DeMotte FRIEND See Blanche Henrichs Rensselaer Compliments of TIMMONS DAVIS DR. MORRISON STANDARD SERVICE GROCERY AND LUNCH Phone 158 Open Evenings and Sunday Rensselaer, Indiana Atlas Tires Rensselaer Batteries R. E. SHIRER Accessories ANDREW DE HAAN Plumbing, Heating WASHING and GREASING Agent for and Sheet Metal Rt. 53 at Bridge DARLING ' S FERTILIZERS and REMINGTON FARMERS ' Phone 59 Rensselaer MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY

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