Decatur High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Decatur, AL)

 - Class of 1959

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Decatur High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Decatur, AL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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bE31LK'WSf?+Ik,i1X!KYQEWXBZinMYQZKXWMQKQSHXWXAHXIXMQLX .,-i 4. !.ifVff5f,4'5'2'f?711'!L7rQ:: ig . ,F 1'3W3.'!!NWXY?-!YF5KWS'34f'!6Cllf!YMkiiiil'lN3i!!H1 Wfz? -.GH Q FORE WORD I-.aif'vr:'iA.,,....JW lffl A f- Y - , .4'1.T'L--ll -' -C' """"""T'T- ,,,,W.,,.,- -fr r A'I'E',-5?.H1f'-'Tv A ' SY " T A T T F-5:25 -Qian. I in ' IM 1- 515:22 -51 ' wr' H ......-- 'fax - """" ' 7 K .. ....-.. I , .....- ,H ' 1111- -1" '31' 5 .-f4-.4-gg 1 ll 93553 iaigniiilsglgi 4.9. -MS x Ili I H 'mm Il ig I I -' , l . u. -.. Wilh our school year swiflly closing we pause 'ro calch a final glimpse of Ihe happiness and lriends we've had. Many Ihings have happened Ihis year we shall never forget We Iind ourselves holding closely 'ro our hearls Ihe Iond mernories of Ihis pasl year al D.l-I.S. The I959 GOLDEN MEMORIES is yours. You made Hp we preserved il 'rhrough word and piciure. I The Slalf Edilor Assislanf Edilors W Business Manager JOE STIMSON SCOTT JOHNSON BILLY JENKINS CAROLYN ROBERTSON CONTENTS qx F5 F W Z' Sri 7 X - DEDICATION - we 2' 1 if Fw: MISS INEZ MCCALL In apprecuafror for ner hep1fUPe ee ern friendly mferesf Hwe sfaff awffechomefe y ded Ca+e + M Inez rV1CCic3rVH'Wl 4959 Cowon ef We Decah H GOLDEN MEMORIES SALUTE HQ' MRS LESTER WOOTEN For all your fume and eflorl In exlracurrucular aclnvnlues for your leadership ol llwe Semor l-lonor Socnely and llwe Thespuan Socuely 'flue class of 59 salules you lvlrs Woolen ru' K. Ok. r K -xvtxfrw' 1 no--. I.1,,,l" l.,- s row, em ,lx : en crvs, Sue Nanqesfef, Mary Nd! Tuiber, Nancy Ed.-wards Donna Ed- wards. Second row: Peggy Scofr, Peggy Guffir, fmma, Bah' Ccrene Wflams Nancy B!-5CLf'v.'GH. am. Business Manager BILLY JENKINS Spcrscr MR. JOHN TEAGUE Assisfarv Business Manager DOTTY WOOD Assisfanf Edifors CAROLYN ROBERTSON SCOTT JOHNSON No? picfuredz Circulaflon Manager BOB THOMAS f A X fu ...Z-J ADMINISTRATICN X 2 ff : J, 1' ,-'----ff If X X ,Q Ml.: ff- K f ff, lv ff ', X f NX X NX X1 - 2,1 If v xx ff X X1 f 'ii ff gs' ff VN I Us 0UR H JENKI NS :haul 'Ne DW fc J' W ,M nf- OVFKCE O 'qrrzflur 'hgh S F YHE PRINCNVIL Berxim. av- avr- Y"I v' ma N93 mb uma F V- Q DC' cf- 2 v-Q v if s b I X. .pgoirhr 'X E3 , arILt41,:5: I-lit", four as iftv.,,, our .-efiwf Fav., ami-r, fx. wiped a,.c'k.,. ,,.-D"Di', C-fzicv. cf " 'c1iQf. T ,rf rinfl' , sc'f..,3 aff:-ai fx nf as 2 I'-Vfii'-7 if 2:51-:iziff it W tvi.: '- a-'Q 'zrtici' Anti" f ,rw . ierv. 71.1.5 " -'-NS 35" if i:"z"' iriif'-'ive fi' YP suv,-'fr '.-"wiv" W vu:-Q ' ' Sf' 'ur' Lf? :X " . ,D arp '1'i':l'. 1. :C T1 if xii". 1:2 1 : 1' '1Qf"t"1 ' 'uric' ' :"z"'-1 af 1-2 ff .- wow r-'-2:1'i"'. "'1'i'2 "' at '-P: "P: "i ' f 5: M., .1,..: .pn i...:,.,,f., if f ' V :NM , N, ., ,.. , V.. N ,. ,, ,, ..-. .M "cu "1-:1a:'1' :Q S'.1"' 'fil 1- 2 ff. 'rev W 'wi -it C" -1 f. Hi" f' '1','1.1"? 1' 1' 1 X1-8' "A1 f-'14'V'PIC', 'C' 'Q fCk'."A "3 2. QC". LC iff 1 1,5 -gm, -yi f. ' ' as ff lf- Vri-Hi vw,-D 11 :Ev 'riri-ti--5 I I""F.7 H "' "'1:i' 924172-3f,Cf'2 riiff " -'rvfi 1 1":'f- 'Kofi' f" ariiffz "rn Fil fuicf W' J.. -,,-+,,.:,- if gjwnl-Y -. fl 1- 7,1 ,Mm----1 . h , , ., . .. . , ., , . , 'LQ ':1'3f't'.3 41: ioday, I ' Quii, "5.':,"f "es: 1 . A- -..f,,f:1f,c- pf 1 ,,,k..,... .A,, A , . . V . , .. , vifift' C' ir'-1. ,A ,,.,,:-,.,, .A -lg 3,1 . . , . , ,., . . Q ..,.4, LC Q5-...:.1,, ,f ,-,., 1 lt". '-'ifpft -- 'dz-is 2" 'rnft tie'-ADF Tri- 'A'-1+ -H' 5 Q-rrrws, Q ar ':,.-,,.,,'.. .,,....-C -Iif iiaz' ". -Pr"-Lis, .r 'P a 'ecezuxr -chroi OUR BOARD OF EDUCATION ., sl A ' J ki! 3 A ' , - 'L1VT'Yll' .. 9111! Q A, - ., P 'IJ' A ----- I ,a.. .,,., F 41 ,,.-.., 4 H - tif:-Q-3' Leff fo righh Mr. J. E. McClary, Mr. Julian Harris, Mr. Bruce Spencer, Mr. H. R. Leeman, Mr. John Smiflwers, Mr. Wilson Morgan, ,sw y 'fi JN- OUR SUPERINTENDENT 0F CITY SCHOOLS MR. H. R. LEEMAN MISS CLEO LOVIN Arrendance Supervisor MR. W. T. JORDAN Adminisrrarive Assisranf +0 Superinfendem' 4- r -rg, it 1, , gp' -, MRS. CANDLER CAIN Secrerary ro Hue Principal 'Q' MISS FRANCIS COLLIER Sr. I English and AIabama I'Iis'rory MRS. ALICE EATON Typing, Bookkeeping, and Shorfhand MISS SHELVA EZELL PhysicaI EcIucaI'ion MR. GILBERT FOWLER GeneraI Science MR. AUBREY FULLER Civics MISS LOUISE GARRETT Sr. Il English 1. XT' ,gang JK. S? Q -nf FACULTY ' MRS. WILLIAM BARRETT Physical Educafion MISS JACQUELINE BAILEY Spanish MR. HUBERT BROOKS Diversified Occupahons MRS. MARGARET BROWN Sr. I and Sr. II English MR. GEORGE CLEM BioIogy and EngIish MR. CHET CLINE Civics, Physical Educafion, and A+hIe+ics wiv 'Q' 5 7-T2 MISS BETTYE ANN GENTRY Geomelry, Algebra, and Malh MISS HARRIET GODFREY Algebra MRS. PAT GROSS Home Economics MRS. MARTHA GUFFIN Business Arilhmelic and Applied Malh MISS JOY HALE Jr. Ill and Sr. I English MRS. A. T. HANSON Jr. ll ancl Jr. Ill English .1 G ngfy, FACULTY - ifmnn- QP' luna- i X 'NI' X-wr Qs MISS JOANN HARRISON Sr. Il and Sr. Ill English MR. BILL ISBELL Biology and Alhlelics MR. JOE JONES Physical Educalion and Alhlefics MISS GLADYS LANGSTON Sr. I and Sr. Il English MRS. W. H. LONG LaI'in, Arl, ancl Incluslrial Arfs MRS. IRENE MARSHALL Lalin and French fi is 6- MISS MABEL POER Sr. III Engllslw MRS. ED ROBERTS Mallw and Jr. Ill English MISS MARY ROBERTSON Sr. II Hislory MR. CARL SCHWUCHOW Band MRS. WINNIE SKIDMORE Slworflmand and Typing MISS MATTIE STICHER Home Economics 1 'x , 4. 1.1 xx E. Qi" 1 . ' .Ewa . . ,I , . 1 .. fl 'x - FACULTY - , Q A ,xx MISS INEZ MCCALL Algebra and Jr. Ill English MRS. SAMMY MOORE Algebra and Geomehy MR. SAMMY MOORE Indusfrlal Arfs and Business Arlfhmefic MR. BILLIE W. MURFF Llbrarian MR. H. L. OGLE Plnyslcal Educalion and A+l1le+ics MRS. ZANA PEURIFOY Maflm f if 'sw MR. JOHN TEAGUE Chemisfry and Physics MRS. ERSKINE TERRY Librarian MRS. ELIZABETH THOMPSON DisIribu'rive EcIuca+ion MR. WES THOMPSON Indusfrial Arfs and AIhIe+ics MRS. LUCILE WARREN Science and Visual Aid Direcfor MISS PATSY WHITE WorId I-Iisfory and Social ProbIems 'V' , :Ti '17 ff 2,3 Ir' ..f"r fb' J-Q' FACULTY Ns.- 5 i -09- wx 'TS'-1' la' 4-13' MRS. O. N. WILLIAMS Jr. II HisIory MR. ROY WOOD Concerr Chorus, World I-Iisfory, and Consumers Economics MRS. LESTER WOOTEN Speech and I-Iisfory MRS. MURREY YARBROUGH Algebra and Geomefry MR. MURREY YARBROUGH Social Problems and Consumer Economics X KX ,Q - JUNIOR HIGH ADMINISTRATION - I :Ex ' Q 5,1-,ijil MRS. R. T. AGNEW Librarian MRS. CHARLES E. BLACK Ivlalln ancl Science MRS. E. D. BRELAND Enczlslw, Social Sludies, and Plvysical Eclucalion MRS. GEORGE DEAVOU RS EnC1lislw MRS. LORENE DUNLAP Main and Science MISS SYLVIA HALLMAN Enqlisli, Social Sludies. and Physical Efiucalion av W gh '19 Q, 127' nl - JUNIOR HIGH FACU S. 'P' WZ?" 4-fx ii. ks. V ,af f if i 'if' LTY MISS MARIE HILL I-lislory MRS YANCY HUGHES Enqlislw and Social Sludues MRS. J. R. HUNTER Home Economics fs, MRS. BILL ISBELL Enqlislw and Social Sludies MRS. JAMES A. MCCOOL English and Social Sludies MRS. EVELYN MCCULLOCH Science 3 gi ffl fj,v'X Cub' 'C' Q7 .fvX K! fi ding -my FACULTY MRS. JOHN H. MATTHEWS Main and Science MRS. M. K. ODEN Mafh and Science MRS. EUGENE PAGE Mafh. Science MR. DON PARKER Science, Mafh, and Physical Educafion MISS ETHEL RHINEHART Geography MR. EUGENE PAGE Mafh, Science, and Physical Educafion Sf? Y F555 ri vf -fini. .. final. - .K A. STUDENT BODY C ,n wi 3, ff 3, r ' 'gs fr . is . -, N. ' gn V' - . ' X 'ig' ' M ' L ww ix X 65" Qi .' 1 9 1 5'--E" r-. 1 HT ,LE Q .K:Q,.,. - A gf fi 5 ' tgw. I nf Q f qw. 4 - xvAlW"'iyA CLASSES - SENIOR CLASS - Lair SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JERRY COFFEY Presiden+ JEAN BARRETT , Vice Presidenf MARY JANE GOSLINE .,III ,, Secre+ary SANDRA MINOR Treasurer PENNY SEHORNE AGEE "She knew exac+ly whal she wan+ed-marriage." Transfer Honors: Trl-Hi-Y 56, 573 Deca'ur High: Ari OBE 59. RICHARD ALLEN "He who falks liHle, 'lhinlrs much." WENDELL ALLEN "Never +oo fired 'ro resi." "WHh hair and eyes siiclr by you." Band 56, MISHER ALMON of dark brown hue, if you're his f 57, 58, 59: Llbrary Club 58, 59. Vx Club 587 riend, he'll JOHN ADAMS "Take heed world, John is going places." Trerwsfr Henan: Ecr,'r,e1 BBSLCTDC Bascbaf 56 57: EEA 56 57' Pwcwgfenhef, Aram SHN: 56 57' Decagr Hfgh: Ccncerl ChC'us5E1' Ec',:'Crr',' 55' Ce' C es 572' l4C"'e'22"1 Olxcer 58 BOB ASEE "lf you've heard ihis one, sfop me." '54 al- '3 JACK ANGLEA "Le+ fhe wild world wiggle: l've gof if by ihe hail." o+ba'l 56, 57. SS: Baseball 567 'DH Club 56, 57. PATSY AUSTIN "Many a smile and never a worry." STEVE BAILEY "Make yourself an honesf man, Ihen you can be sure 'Ihere is one less rascal in Ihe world." JIMMY BAKER "Fame and foriune will gain him much, for he has Ihe arIisI"s +ouch." Band 57, 58, 59: Phi Siqma Alpha 58 59, Vice Presidenl 59: GOLDEN MEMORIES Sfazl 59. C' -,,.-4' TW' ii, I 'Yi 15'- 04 3 1 ' '17 "Cf-i BOBBIE MAE BANKS "Sfop! Look! . . . Look again." Glee Club 57' Maiorelie 57, 58: Home Econom'cs Club I'-Iornercom olllcer 56' Spanish Cub 57: Ycuih for Chrisl Tri-Hi-Y 59' Peo Squad 59. JERRY BARNETT "Happy and indusirious is I1e, his fufure brighf will surely I JAMES BARRETT "AII greaf men advance slowly." JEAN BARRETT "We hope her 'FuIure's brighf as day. Jus? whaf if is we can say. Cheerleader 57, 58, 59: I-lead Cheerleader 58, 59: "D" 58. 59: Class Favorile 56, 57, 58: Sporls Queen Alfendanf 56, 5 Homecoming Alle-ndanf 58, Oueen 59: Junior Honor Socieiy 56 GIGS CIUIO 57: Pep Club 59: OBE 59: I-Iorneroom officer 57, 59: YFC 57: Class Olllcer 57, 58, 59: Salesmanship Aw DENNIS BILLINGS "Tis always Iove and never hafe 'Ihaf marks a spirii' Iruly great" Lafin Club 57: DO Club 58, 59: Sfale DO Presidenl 59: Reader's Digest' Meri? Award 59. SHIRLENE LYLE BILLINGS "She lives her Iife for one love." Junior Honor Sociely 57: PE Club 57: Home Economics Club 57: OBE 59: Senior Scrambles Commilice 59: I-lomeroom Officer 59. 57: School Favorile 59: Sludenl Council 57. 'fx f::::-rf -is "'17' NANCY BLACKWELL "If's nice 'Io be nafural if you're nafurally nice." Band 57, 58: Nalicnal Senior I-loner Sociely 58. 592 Tri-I-Ii-Y 59: Sludenl Council 56' Guidance Council 58: Pep Club 56: Spanish Club 57' Prospecfor Slall 58, 597 Exchange Edifor 59: Class Edilor, GOLDEN MEMORIES 59: Salesmanship Award 58, 59: Youih 'For Chris? 59: Order of Business Efficiency 59: Senior Scrambles Commiliee 59. WILEY BLANKENSHIP "One of fhose fellows you iusf can'+ help liking." Senior Scrarnbles Ccmmillee 59. JIMMY BLYTHE "His fine abiliiy in sporfs has drawn him info fhe field of popularifyf' Foolball 57, 58, 59: Traclc 57, 58: "D" Club 59: Key Club 59: Junior Honor Sociely 56: Senior Honor Sociefy 58, 59: Sales- rnanship Award 58. 59. JOE BOGLE "If you fhink I'm going. Ioolr again, I'm gone compIe'leIy." Transfer Honors: Baslrelball 55: 4-H Club 55, 56, 57: Trinify Club 56. 57, 58: Junior Represenlalive, Annual Slaff 57, 58. at :T- Sf 5-7' . , 127 MARION BILLIONS "Her hair is no more sunny 'Ihan her heart" Spanisn Cub 57' P'w,fs'cal EduCa"or CJD 56, 577 Eufure Home- C rnavers rf: f"r'.e"Ca JE 59' Eiuiu Tf-ave", 2: America 55 59. Prefden "A man friend." 39? Na'c J,r ir I'r,",r 5'.c'e',' CEE 59. TAD BLACK whom all were pleased lo know and proud +o call a Cv" in hr' 'P.,:" 'Q KENNETH BOLDING "Success is an afiainmeni, nof a gift" FRANCES BOSECK Brains, charm, personalify, and even red hair!" Transfer Honors: Sludenl Council Presidenl 56: Class Play 56: 4-H Club 56' Decafur High Pros eclor Sfalf 58 59 Circulafion . I P i i Manager 59: Tri-Hi-Y 58, 59: Thespian Sociely 58. 59: FHA 58: Youlh for Chrisf 58, 59: Class Play 57: Pep Squad 59: Sales- manship Award 58, 59. 23 DOROTHY BOWEN "Life is a iesi, and all +hings show il: I 'lhoughl' so once: bu? now l lcnow if." BETTYE BOWLING "She always loolrs nice, she's always gayg Beflye has a smile, every single day." Physical Educalion Club 57' Spanish Club 57: Junior Honor Sociely 56: FHA 583 FTA 57, 58: Raids-relies 57: DO Talenf Show 56. JIMMY BURDEN "Take good care of him, for goocl men are scarce." DO Club 57, 597 Road Rebels 57, 58. SANDRA CALL "ln simple manners all lhe secrel' lies." Tri-Hi-Y 58, 59: FTA 59: PE Club 57: OBE 59: Glee Club 57. 1. if JOHNNY BRAZELTON "Never fake life foo seriously: you'll never gel oui of il alive." DO Club 55, 57, 58. JOE BRAZIER "To acl is easy: to ihink is hard. No wonder I'm always so busy." BRENDA BROWN "Beauly is power: a smile is ils reward." Prospecior Slalf 58, 59: YFC 58, 59: Tri-Hi-Y 59: FHA 58, 59, Vice Presidenl 59: Pep Squad 59: Junior Honor Sociely 56: Homeroom Officer 59: Safesmanship Award 57: Library Slaff 56, RAND BRYAN "Some1'imes will l laugh and winlrg for why lalre all 'lhe lime lo l'hinlc." Ari Club 56: Glee Club 56, 57: Lalin Club 56, 57: Phi Sigma Alpha 58, 59: Sludenf Council 58, 59: Thespian Sociely 58, 59: Concerl Chorus 59: Boys' Chorus 58, 59: Class Play 58, 59. '? 1""'N SUE CARRELL "Her ways are ways of pleasanfness, and all her pafhs are peace." Lefgn Clbb 56, 573 Jerior Hone' Socfeiy 56, Secreiary 56: Band 56, 57, 58, 59: Glee Club 57' Prospector Slalf 58, 59, fxssislanl Editor 59: Concerr Chorus 59, Vice Presidenf 595 Homeroom Officer 59: Senior Honor Sociely 58, 59, Vice Presidenr 59: Tri-Hi-Y 58, 59: Mos? Likely io Succeed 593 Al-Slale Band 58: Firsf Division Ensemble 57: Senior Scrambles Commillee 59. CHARLOTTE CASE "A real sweef girl wifh a giggle hard Io bear." PE Club 56: DO C ub 58, 59. PATRICIA CHANDLER "Cheerful Ioolrs 'rhaf malre every dish a feast" PE Club 56: Ari Club 567 DO Club 58. 59. DON CHURCH "Love all, 'Irus'I buf one: slay single and have fun." ey Club 58, 59: Nalional Junior Honor Sociefy 56: Spanish lub 57: Glee Club 57: National Serior Honor Sociery 58, 59, reasurer 59: Salesmanship Award 56. 58, 59: Mos? Arfraclive 7, 58, 59: Mu Alpha Thela lassociale memberl 58: Class avorire 57, 58, 59: Homeroom Presidenr 59, Vice Presidenr 58: and 56, 57, 58, 59. LINDA CARITHERS "No wonder Ihe feacher's hair Turns grey-I chaffer, chaffer all fhe day." Maicrehe 57 53 59. JIMMY CARLISLE "Quie'r and moclesf, unlilre mosf men." Bard 56 57 58 59' Sfefte Cub 56' C-ee Ceo 57' Cass Pa, 59. wg' "1-Q' 2 S' ,WN Fr CHARLES CLARK "Every'Iime i'l'1ere's a 'fire drill he prays for a fire," Baslrefball Manager 55, 56: Baslceiball 58: Car Club 58: Home- rcom Program 58: Baseball 59. LINDA CLARK "Here's Io Ihe girl wilh a hear? and a smile 'lhaf makes Ihe bubble of life worfhwhilef' Junior Honor Sociely 56: Band 56, 57, 58: Spanish Club 57: Homeroom Officer 57, 59: YFC 59: Class Play 59: FHA 58, 59: Pep Squad 59: Prcspeclor Slaff 59: Salesmanship Award 59. 25 JANE COBURN "The way 'Io win happiness is Io give ii." Lalin Club 56, 571 Junior Honor Sociely 56: Pep Squad 59: Tri-I-li-Y 59: Prospeclor Siaii 59: Yauih For Chrisl 59, JERRY COFFEY "As boss of Ihe Seniors, he never shirlzed. No one can say he never worked." Spanish Club 57: Ari C ub 56, 571 Frosiwrnan Class Presidenl 562 Prospeclor Slalf 58, 59, Sporls Edi'or 55, 59' Ollicc A-,sisfani 58, 59: Senior Class Presidenl 59' Friendlicsl 59: Class Favcriie 59: Class Play 59. SKIP COX "Here is a fellow who ius-I ioined our class: he wanis Io help no mailer whai fhe +asll." PATRICIA CRAIG "SweeI' as 'Ihe firsf day of spring." Physical Educafion Club 57: Gflee C'ub 58: Youlh lor Chrisl 59: Fulure Teachers of America 59. 'ff Q ""' CARL COLLINS "A liflle nonsense now and Ihen is relished by 'the wisesi men DO Cub 57. se. 59, BEVERLY COMPTON "Always laughing, never sad, somelimes naughiy, never bad Band 56, 57, 58, 59: Glee Cub 57: Spanish Club 57: Jurc I-lcnor Sociely 55: OBE 59. DORIS "COOKIE" COOK "PoIi+eness is Io do and say 'rhe lrindesI Ihing in Ihe lunc way." Fulure Teachers ol America 58: Order ol Business Eflncien 58. 59. ED CORNELL "Be friendly Io all, hosiile Io none: always iolly and full of I Junior I-loner Sociely 56: Sildenl Council 55 57, 58, 59 P dcnl 59: Cass Presideni 57: Foolball 56, 57, 58. 59: Besl 59 Around 57, 58. 597 "D" Club. 53. 597 Class Play 01? Y PAUL DARMER "II's beffer 'ro be small and shine Ihan fall and casf a shadow." DAVIS DARWIN "I mighf as well 'Ialre my Iime. +I1ere's a whole life ahead of me." JAMES DAVIS "Brief Ief me be, 'For I've heard: II1e 'Fewer words, +I'1e belfer man." BOBBY DELMORE "AII play and no worlc makes me WITGI I am." Band 56, 57, 58, 593 Chorus 58, 59. 3 X wa EDWARD CROOK "SI1or+ in sfalure he may be, bu? nor in clwaracrer as you can see." JIMMY CROW "If he lives unfil 'trouble and worry carry him Io his grave, Meflxuselah has no record." 'D' 1289- if ' vvi rw 1 'ai --is if BYRON DEMENT "He Iilces Io worlr, he Iilces Io lease, besi of all, Iwe aims 'ro pIease." GEORGE DOUTHIT "One of 'Ihose aII-round boys so rarely found." Foofball 57, 58. 59: Track 571 I-Iomeroom Officer 587 "D" Club 59: Class Play 59. JEWELL DU NCAN "True depih is gained by quieinessf' Youlh for Chrisr 58 59: Physical Edufalion Club 57' Eulure Teachers of America 59: Crlee Club 59. LARRY DURHAM "Walsh +his boy-all falre heed!" Success's ladder he climbs wilh speed." Freshman Class Pay 56: Junior Honor Sociely 56, Vice Presidenf 56: Senior Honor Sociefy 58 59' Honor Poinf Winner 56 57, 58: Mosl' Likely lo 5uc:eed 57, 58, 59' Boys' Chorus 58, 59? Sfudenf Council 56, Seirefary 58, Presideni' 59' Key Cub 56, 57, 58, 59: Traclc 56, 57, 58, 59' HD" Club 53, 59: Boys' Slalel American Legion Cillzen-:hip Medal 58: GOLDEN MEMORIES 59: School Eavorile 59: Senior Sfrarnbles Cornrnilfee 59. Q5 Qui SUGENE ELKINS "Oh, for a men!" Spanish Club 59: Eulure Hornernalcers of Arnerica 59: Youlh for Chrisl 59: Tri-Hi-Y 59: Gee Club 57: Concerl Chorus 58, 59: Triads 59: Senior Sframbles Commilfee 59. EBBIE EMENS "ls if quife fair for so much charm io be presenf in one person?" Homeroorn Ollicer 57, 59: Sludenl Council 58: Tri-Hi-Y 57, 58, 59. Presidenl 59: Girls' Sfale 58: Youlh for Chris? 58, 59: Pep Squad 59: Friendliesl 58: Hey Day Quen 58: Colion Ball AT- lendanl 53: Junior Honor Sociely 56: EHA 58: Libra7y Slalf 56: Salesmanship Award 58. 59: Homecoming Alfendani 59: Besf All Around 59. '?' .1 C37 WILDA EDDINS "Friendship is fhe kncf 1ha+ angels lie." Band 56, 57, 58, 59' Junior Honor Sociely 56: Lalin Club 56 571 OBE C sb 59. DONNA EDWARDS "She's1he life of everybody's par+y." Transfer Honors: Tennis 56: Baslcelball 57: TrieHi-Y: "C" Ciub 57: Salesrnanship Award 56: French Club 57' Decaiur High: GOL- DEN MEMORIES 59' Band 59: Mosl ATh'e+ic 59. MALCOLM EDWARDS "Fai+hful, kind, a friend +o all: here's a boy +ha+'s on fhe ball." Visual Aid Operalor 55 56: Super Snooper Science Club 563 Junior Honor 5c:'e'y 56: Sparish Club 57' Band 56, 57: Mu Alpha Thela 56, 57, 58, 59' Essay Winner 59: Class Play 59. NANCY EDWARDS "lf you wani io find my foof, iusl look in my mou+h." Transfer Honors: Class Secrelary 56, 57: Tri-Hi-Y 56, Treasurer 56, 57: Tennis 56: Baslcefbal 57: French Club 57: Decafur High: F'rospec'cr 5'a:l' 59' MC" Club 57' GOLDEN MEMORIES 59' Mosl Alhlelic 59. 'JS' 2 "' -v 3 'Q' :X "', Quo JOHN FARRER "He who leads music, will lead lhe world." Band 57 58, 59, Dum Mai:-r 597 Senior Honcr 5:c'e'y 58, 597 Mu Alpha Thela 58 59, Presidcnl 59, Phi Sigma Alpha 57, 58, 59' Al -5'a'e Band 58' S'a'e Soo and Ereembie Conles' 57, 58, 59: Hornerocnn Olfizor 58, MARY JEAN FENNELL "How lovely common +hings musl seem :lo you who have such lovely eyes lo see fhem fhroughf' Glco Club 58, Maicrelfe 59' Spanish Club 59. JOHNNY FERRELL "Some 'lhinlr he's fimid, buf olhers doubl' if." Concefl Chorus 59. SUZANNE FILLER "Shiny hair, preHy eyes, makes lhis cufe maiore'H'e quile a prize." Junior Honor Socieiy 567 Pep Squad 56: Glee Club 573 Pros- peclor Slall 56, 57 58, 59 I2fh Grade Represenialive 597 Salesmanshlp Award 56: Honor Pcinls Winner 56: 8-Team Cheer- leader 56: Girls' Chorus 59, Sludenl Council 56, 58, 593 Tri-Hi'Y 58, 59: Maiorelle 57, 58, 59. 'NI' JEWELL EU BANKS "Her sweelness and charm aren"l easily 'ForgoHen." Pii,f'ia Fdutalimr Cpb 55 QC Club 56 59, YVONNE EVANS "Her words are few, bu'l she means fhem all." . . ,. ,, rr, . nicr H951 5',',iL!,r 36' Sparnsr Cab 571 Ke cfacywcs 57' l.- ary Azssfari 58: Library Cob 58' Tr'-Hi-Y 59' DQ Club 59. 'Q' N-1 '3 -9. Xl S --af LYNNE FISHER "Gen+le manner, pleasanl smile, are 'Iwo of Lynne's qualifies which are cerfainly worfhwhilef' Lalin Club 56, 57 V':e Wesfdenf 57' Prcspeclcr Slall 58 59, Edilcr 59: Glee Cli.b 57, 58: Triads 59: Salesmanship Award 58: Junior Honor Scciely 56: Tri-HifY 597 Hcmerccm Officer 56. 57, 59: YFC 59' Pep Squad 59: Scrannbles Commillee 59. JUDY FLACK "Silence is golden: she spends if well." Physical Edecalion Club 56: Gee Club 56:Ycu1h for Chrisf 58. ELEANOR FORSYTHE "A smile Ihaf wins, a manner fha? Ialxes, everywhere she goes, friends she makes." Pl-ygigg Edrggliar Cub 567 Lalin Club 56s Junicr Homer 55:- Ciefy 567 Library Slall 56, 57' l.iDrary Cub 56 57' DO Clrb 58 59' Raclofe-"es 57: Sxile Fair Essay Wiiwner 59. GUY FRENCH "He always fighfs his way Io win fha game and never 'rhinlrs himself Io win fame." Foollzall 56 57. 58, 59' Baseball 58, 59: ' D" C ub 59: I-lomeroom Officer 57. l 13 71' v 9-uv-4? 1""'f" 'ua' No Phofo AVAILABLE - X, fx-1 x , 'D p 54 s. II RICHARD GOODE "He musf have a sixlh sense-No sign of Ihe oiher five." Foolball 56, 57, 58, 59. MARY JANE GOSLINE "Never quief, never sfill, always laughing, always will." Tri-I-li-Y 59: Senior Honor Sociely 58, 59: Thespian Sociely 59: Class Officer 59: I-lomeroom Officer 591 Prospecior Slaff 59, Exchange Edilor 59: Class Play 58, 595 GOLDEN MEMORIES 597 YFC 57, 58, 59: Pep Squad 59: Salesmanship Award 57, 58: Essay Winner 59. -'v'X 'asf WILMA GEORGE "Oh, fo be a Senior and a married woman Trarsfer l-lcrcrs: Fulure Teachers of America 57, 5 Decau High: OBE 58, 59. CARLYENE GIBSON Whal sweef delighfs a quief life affords. Fulure Homomalcers of America 595 Crealive Wriling Club 57 Physica' Edacalfcn C sb 56: Fslure Teachers ci America 58 59 JIMMY GILLIAM "l'm noi' lazy, l've iusl never found a suilable occupahon RALPH GLENN "lf fakes a Iall person +o know whaI's going on in fha world Transfer I-lorors: Columbia Milifary Academy-A-Team Baslce ball 56, 57. E fl-cf I'-' 1573? '5-suv JOAN BARRETT GUNN "A woman, she seems, of cheerful yeslerdays and confidenl +omorrows." B-Team Cheerleader 56: A-Team Cheerleader 58, 59: Fulure Homemalcers oIAn'1erica 58, 59, Presidenl 58: Bancl 57: Home- room Oilicer 59: Mosl Lilcely lo Succeed 57: YFC 57: Pep Club 59. CAROLYN GUYSE "CaImly and peacefully she Ireads Ii'Fe's way." Junior Honor Sociely 56' Physica Educafion Club 57' OBE 59: Youlh lor Chrisi 58. TOMMY GUYTON "OI siudy he 'look mosi care and heed, naughi he spolze more Ihan he need." Bond 56, 57 58, 59. DAVID HABERCOM "He's 'Irue fo his wcrlr, his word, and his friends." Band 56. 57, 58, 59: Phi Chi Mu 56 57: .lunior Honor Sociely 56: Mu Alpha Thela 57, 58, 59: All Slale Band 58: Firsl Division Horn Solo 57' Firsl Division Brass Ensemble 58. fn? Iqv 'lin 'S MILDRED GRAY "No ma+fer whal olhers may be, she is always herself." Physical Educarfcn Cub 56' Yoclh for Chrfsi 58: Order oi Business Eilidency 59. PEGGY GUFFIN "Born for success she seems: she acfs, noi dreams." Band 56, 57, 58, 59: Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain 59' Accompanisl for Olee Cub 57, 58, Concer? Cnorss 58, 59, Boys' Chorus 58, Girls' Chorus 58, 59: Junior Honor Socfety 56: Larfn Club 56, 57: Mc Alpha 'Ihela 58, 59, Secreiary-Treasurer 59: Senior Honor Socieiy 58, 59: GOLDEN MEMORIES 59: Class Play 57: Poinf W'nner 58 Salefrnar Hi Award 58 59 T'e ians 59 Phi Si mo is : s s, p i ' , ' n sp '. I 9 Alpha 59: Library Slaii 56. ,f 55 1- ,f"7 JULIAN HARRIS "The greai pleasure in life is doing whaf people say you cannoi do." GOLDEN MEMORIES, Sporls Ediicr 59: Key Club 57, 58, 591 Senior Sorambles Comrniilee 59. NORMAN HARRIS "Any iob Ioolrs easy as long as someone else is doing if." Class Officer 58: Foofball 56, 57, 58 59: "D" Club 57. 58, 59: Key Club 57, 58. 59: Junior Honor Sociely. Treasurer 56. CHARLES HENSON "Smile yourself ihrough worries, laugh yourself ihrough life." Track 56 57, 5:3 59- F :'i-ga' 57' 59 59- U Cub 58 59 V'sua' Ad Occnilof 57 55 594 Ca" C Jiw 55 59. SHELBY HERCHENHAHN "The lrind whose nafure never varies." NANCY HOLLAWAY "A lady who is always a lady." Junior Honor Sociefy 56: Senior Honor Sociefy 58, 59: Order of Business Efficiency 59: Class Officer 57. DON HOLT "Always polife and lrind af heart ever willing io do his park." Homeroom Officer 57, 58: Homeroom Program 57. 3.1 NJ MARVIN HERRON "He may be a genius buf as yef we've seen no sympfoms." Transfer Honors: L.C.H,S, Band 56 57: FFA, Secreiary 56 Vocaiiora AqrTcu.l?urc 56, 57. WENDELL l'llLL "Noi afraid of worlr, buf noi' in sympafhy wifh ii." ROBBIE HINES "Always full of fun and laughs: Robbie is a well-liked membei of our class." Library Sfaff 56: Library Club 56: Physical Educafion Club 5' Youfh for Chrisf 583 Office Assisfanf 58, 597 OBE 592 Tri-Hi-l 59: Salesmanship Award 59. HOWELL HOLLAND "Win wifhoul boasfing, lose wifhouf excuse." Fooiball 56, 57, 58. 597 Traclc 56, 57, 58, 591 HD" Club 57,58 5 Homeroom Officer 58: Sfudeni Council 56, 57: Teen Town Cor' miffee 58. '23 1-1-r if MARY HELEN HURST "NaluraI beauly is nol lhe gill of every girI." Sludcnl Council 56, 58: Pep Squad 591 B-Team Cheerleader 56: Eulure I-Iomemakers oi Arnerfca 591 Prcspeclcr Slaif 58. JIMMY DON JACKSON "Teachers, books, and classes are his only obieclions 'fo educa- lion." Baslrelball 56: Foolball 56, 57. 58. 59: "D" Club 59: I-lomeroom Oilicer 57. BILLY JENKINS "A working member of our classg who does his perl in all fhal we ask." Class Play 56, 58, 597 Salesrnanship Award 56, 597 Sludenl ol lhe Monlh 58: GOLDEN MEMORIES 59, Business Manager 591 Oilice Assislarl 57, 59: Science Club 56? Hornerocm Officer 571 lhespian Sociely 58, 59, Scribe 59: Cc-Chairman Senior Scram- bles Commillee 59. TRAVIS JENKINS "One hour a day 'for sludyg one hour in which Io eal: Iwo hours lo lhink how Iired I am, and lwenly hours fo sleep." Baseball 57 58: DO Club 59' DO Social Cornrnillee 59. LINDA SUE HUGHES "Neal as a pin and iusl as bright" l'ri-Hi-Y 597 Junior Hcnir Socicly 56: Library Sfaif 56: Order ol Business Elliciency 59. BOBBY HULL "Always friendly, and full of lun, his good humor is surpassed by none." Eoolbali 56, 57, 58: Baslfefbo' 57 58 59: Track 56. 57, 5B 592 "DI Club 58, 59' lhespian S',rje'y 59' Jrancr Class Play 58: Readers Digesr Meril Award. 'evo O7 I'-7-3' 85 'V fu' W 45.7 HELEN JERVIS "They say silence is golden. Who wenls lo be rich?" Junior Honor Sociely 56: Spanish Club 57: Youlh for Chrisl 5B 597 Prospeclor Slafi 58, 59, Assislanl' Business Manager 593 Tri I-Ii-Y 58, 59. Secrelary-Treasurer 59: Ollice Assislanl 58, 59 Smdenl Council 59: Girls' Chorus 59: Thespian Sociely 59 Saiesrnanshio Award 56 57: Pep Squad 591 GOLDEN MEMO RIES 59: OBE 59: Sludenl ol fhe Monlh 59. BOBBY DOYLE JOHNSON "Somelimes I sludy: bul Ihese evenls are few and 'fer be'lween.' MYRA JOHNSON "I+ mailers no? how many loves you haveq i+'s 'ihe disfance be- 'lween flnem fha? counlsf' Junk" i-ivrcf Ssdeo. 56' Howe "X.' Jw' Qfigc' 5': 5.1osr"on1lw'o Pw.,1": 55' Silniin C15 55' Beard 55 5' 55' FJ',."3 l-iiwwv rraliofs C: Awcrfa 55 T"Qas,irrf" 55' pep S3533 59' C153 56 55 59' TFC 59' ?r'9sL:eC'C' 5215" 55 59 Ti,p's' 59' TVYH' Y 59' Tnesrian 56102 59. SCOTT JOHNSON "Genius is lime gold in ine mine: ialenf is ine miner who worlxs fo bring if out" Pn' 5'g'ra Apm 57 55 59 Se."Q'.:",'T"e.1'r.-w 5' 55 7feii1:Q'v' 59' Mr. Alone Tlwia 55' Junior' r-lsngnv' Society 56' Sonor Honor Scion. 55 59' Cass Pm. 56 55 557' GOLDEN MEMOWES Ass's'a" Edriv' 59' F"s' Banc Cine? E555-'nbc 56 57' Tnespfan Sociciu 58, 59: Sfccro Pace Comfy Crew"-ga CCP- fesr 56. CAROL KENNAMER "l'm always in hasle buf never in a hurry." PATSY KENNEDY "She does +l'1e lillle 'things fha? mos? of us leave undone." Tl"eSD'af' 5'iiff:l',' 55 59' l5u'n.'-'i Toficnorg 'if Arr-rg-rfq 594 QBE 59' Af' Cub 57' Goff Cub 55' por: Clio 56' Cer: pl 1'-,' 56 57 "sv TOMMY JOHNSON '-1' V "Wl1y+l1inlc7 I+ will only give you a headache. fx Trails 56 5' 55 59' Ci' C Liv 55' YF, 597 Base-lual MARVIN JULICH "l lilce+l1e pre++y girls and such, bul I'm afraid fo show if rnuclw Banu 56 57, 58 59. BILLY KAY "Never do foday whaf you can pui off uniil clay afler ion ii FOW. Transfer Hcrcrs: 5'ruclen+ Council V'ce Presidenf 56 C President 56' 4-H Cub, Secrefary 56r Salesmanslwip Award BUD KELLY "If ioy and duly clash, le+ duly go +o smasl'1.' Science Club 56: Concert Clnorus 57, 587 Homeroom 56. 57, 58, 59' Lafin Cfub 57: Sfudeni Council 56, 57 No Photo AVAILABLE f-Q VIRGINIA KRACKE "An underslanding hearl is one fhal will always be remembered." Latin Club 56 57: Horncfocir Officer 58: Pep Scead 59: Youllv :gr CWS? 593 GHZ' 5'i'e 55' Tfi-H7-Y 55 59. TOMMY KULLMAN "Basl'iful, sensifive, good and kind, a guy lilre I1im is hard Io find." Junior Hcncr SOC-Cfy 56' Lavn Cub 56, 577 Basketball 57: Saiesmanslwip Award 58, 59' I-Iomerccm Oilicer 56, 573 Senior Henri' Sceery 55 59' Mu A una Tl'efa 55, 59' Pni Sigma Alpra 59. LARRY LANDRY "A rebel wifli a yanlree accent" JANICE LANE "Wrinkles would merely indicale where smiles have been." Junior I-Ionor Sociely 56' Ari Club 57, Secreiary 577 OBE Cub 597 Tri-H'-Y 59' Oilbe Assislarl 59: Sfudenf Council 59. as , Sv' 'C' VALERIA KING "To greef her eaclw day is Io receive a smile." Fixue Tf.'dCTiC'S fi f.rf.e"Ca 59' P'i,s'ca Eci,:af'f,r. Cub 567 Glee Club 57' Reiideiclles 573 Pep Club 56' Home Economics Club 55' DO Talerr Srmw 58, PETE KINNEY "Under his quiet exierior, you'd be surprised." Qi 'rf Q3 I -- 1-'X JOAN LAWRENCE "A smile for all, and a friendly way." Jur'cr I-Icncr Sccieiy 56: Glee Club 56, 57: Fuiure Teachers of America 56, 57,.58, Presidenr 59: Fuiure Homemalcers cf America 58, 597 Tri-I-Ii-Y 59' Plnysical Educaiicn Club 56, 57. KENNETH LAWS "S+range +l'ia+ Ilwe rising generaiion is never up 'Iill noon." NITA JAN LEE "Her very frowns are fairer far lhan fhe smiles of oiher maidens are." Peo Sens 55 nv' D"-,f .I Eg1,.:.x'f" C ,V 55' Cues Pm, 56 5 be, 59: Tr'csp'en 5::ie'y 55 59' OBE C ..:: 59' Kuff, TE.'GC"i' cl A""0'iCd 59 59' EL.'..'Q llmw :'1 'vxxkcw ni Pvmvviia 59, CHARLOTTE LEEMAN "WheIher Iwirling or living, she's always slepping high." Janis' Honor 55:1-Y, 55' Winn E finiig C ..c 55' YEC 5 ' 55 eSrr'ansL'iD Awnfd 56 59' Eiism-:tr Sui: 58' Tri-l-li-Y 55. 59' GFS Cham. 53' 5:-'fff Elm' " 5' 'ou 59' GSLDEN MEMO- RIES 59: Maicrwfn 55 59' E053 Cob 56' OBE CLC 59' Spa'iS'1 Cub 57' C ass Pu, 55' Fire' Piave NVIWQ-' TnroefC3unfv Typlfiq Cortes? 53. JIMMY LONG "He doesn'i' lallc much bul neiiher did Lincoln." JOE LOWERY "You excepf Ihings as Ihey are. and make Ihe besf of them." DO Club 58. 59. fm U1 Ez' HOWARD LITTLE Sincerily is noi born bu+ made JERRY LIVINGSTON I love fo live and live 'lo love TOMMY LOGGINS "Our wonder grew, lhaf one head could hold all he knew." Junior I-loner Sociely 567 Serfcr I-Ioncr Scciely 58, 59: Nall Ivleril Scholarship Semi-Finals? 581 I-lomeroom Play. FRANK LONG "Men of few words are the bes'f workers." 1' fu- 62? C' Y" C3 'NV Q'-"'7 GLORIA McGEE "LiHIe and cule, wiHy and wise, GIoria's really someihing for her size." Jvfcr Hero' Side'-, 56' PE Cab 56 57' 51" Wav Cass Play 56: I-lcmercem Oifcor 57' PIA 58, 59 Sccrelary 58: Library Slaff 59, FHA 59: OBE 59. JIMMY MCMURTRIE "Love Ihy neighbor buf cIon"I overdo if." Class Play 57, 58, 59: Gee Club 57: Comer' Cnerus 58 593 Boys' Chews 58, 59: Library Club 56: Ihefcian Scciely 593 I-Iomercom Play 56, 58' Yewh icf Ch'is', LARRY MCRAE "They say fhe good die young: boy, am I falring care of myself." WIMBRETH MELTON "I+'s Ihe friendly hearf +ha+ has plenly of friends." Pep C b 56' Pl sifal Edu 'ov CI b 56 57 58 FTA 57 58 59 Ll , ry L ' Ca ia , . 7 , , 3 Youlh for Chrisl 57, 58, 59: Tri-HF-Y 58 59, Pep Squad 59: Girls' Chorus 58, 59' Fulure Hcmemalcefs cl Pvrwerica 58 59. 9' -mr TOMMY LYONS "IndusIrious, capable, and brighl: everyone knows Tomrny's all righlfi Eff: E6 57 59' ..,"',' r'i'i' E1:'r,i55' 5i'e'Ce C ab E6 ROBERT MCCONNEL "Some people are born wilh an innoceni look." A X Lv W 'S S' is-0 QB' BOBBY MILLER "None buf himself can be his parallel." Foofba 56 57, 58, 59 Ce-Caplan 59. JERREL MILLER "To have lived 'through if all is 'Io have done someihingf' SANDRA MINOR "She is genfle, she is shy, bui ?here's mischief in her eye." Sciviafo Cub 56' PE Cl-.b 56' Pep C .lb 59: li' HMY 59' Soriicr Class Ofligor 59: Yowin fs" Chril 59' Soafsl' Club 577 Raid' erelfe 57' FHA 59' ETA 59' DO Cub 57' 53 59. LINDA MITCHELL A young and genlle face where kindness has leff ifs irace Center' Cnfaiys 59: Girlw C'wOv'L.s 59. HERSHEL MOORE "Wise men say no+hing in dangerous -limes." DOUG NABORS "Few Things are impossible fo 'Those who 'lake The 'time 'lo do Them." Band 56, 57 58, 59: Junior Honor Sociel' 56: Spanish Club 57: ' Y Mu Alpha Thela 58: The-spian Sociefy 5'-7: Junior Class Play 58 GOLDEN MEMORIES 59: Ari Club 57: Science 56, Secrelary 56 Class Play 56, 58, 59: Slafe Solo and Ensemble Conlesl 58 Salesmanship Award 58, fi? tr' JOYCE MOATS ' I c f' Q4 fi fxfx Ns "The longer we lcnow her, 'rhe beller we lilre her." C 6 5 5 B 3 Ci in 5 Transfer l1'T"CFSI Cass .,:"fi' 5 . J FHA 57 58: Oliicer 57 55' Doiaif l"q:n: FT Ollicer 59' Bela Club 59. BILL MONTGOMERY A 59' FHA "He comes, says noihing, 'Then goes." PAUL MONTGOMERY "NaYure's greafesf gilnl-a genfleman. LINDA MOONEY "lf neafness ever brings success, she'll have p guess." lenfy, 'rhai s Transfer Honors: Glce Club 57: FHA 57: Decalur High Club 59: Youih lor Chrisl 59. 11 'J if qv' 'Q' 1? 'VN 'YD' HUGH OGLE "Honor 'lo fhe man who brings honor +o us, wi+h a will fo win, win he mush" Fcslball 56, 57 58 59. CC Caplofn 59' Bailceiba l 56 57, 55, 591 Track 57 58, 59: Key Clsb 56, 57, 58, 59' Class Favorile 56, 597 "Di Club 56 57, 55 59' B-15' 5131? 57 55 59' Jeff' Hcccr SCC ely 56. RAY OGLE "He wouldn'+ run around The corner +o see +he world blow up." ESCO OLINGER "The quief mind is richer Than +he crown." MONTE OWENS "She has a smile and never loses i+, she has a 'frown and never uses if." Library Club 56: Physical Educalion Clb 56, 57: Fcicre Teachers cl: America 59: OBE 59. fl WENDELL NICHOLSON "Being giffed wilh +ongue, I use if." ee, x, ,fl 5- 31 "ff 'xv' 51. SUE NUNGESTER "Dare her no'f, lesi she do if." Y:C 57 E 59 '7'a"i' 5? 5ei'e'a',7'ce:,'e' 59' Le"c Ceb 56' LV" llircr 5g1'c", 56: P'i,L:c':"' 56:5 57 58 59 T,'::7s1 58, Female Edvzr 59' 5a czrriarshb f'-.fwara 56 55 59' SCLDEVJ MEMC9 55 Few, 5':"" 59' Sirlcr' Cixi' 56 55' Heroe- ridfc Cxiif' 57 59' Sh' S-TIME f"lC'5: 55' :HF 55 3'e5'e:e" 55' Peo 53.43 59' Cfzli C"5'f" 56' L'n'i:', 5255 6' T"-lf'-Y 597 Troupe' 5'i'e', 59' :Vu 'fi' 59' fees Fa "Q 59' 5'e'e Fa" 5Q'S'Q'i1"T2lCS CcH'r"'cc 59, HQ' il V '1-f' E 'suv JOAN OWENS "Silence is more musical 'rhan any song." Transfer Honors: Fulure l-lomemakcrs 0? Awoerica 56: Fuiure Teachers of America 56: Y-Teens 56: Decalur High: Order of Bcsress Efficiercy 59. DANNY PARKER "lf malces no difference abou+ +he size: he is lilfle, and he is wise." Library Club 56, 57, 55 59 Vice Presiclerfl ol Couniy Library Club 572 FFA 56. 39 KATIE PARKER "Much could be saicl if one coulcl read her mind." FHA Sb 55, 55 59' CPU-v Club 5" 58 50- P'w5": Ffluril' Club 57 58 59' L'bi1v'".- 5" 59, JUNE PATE "Has fhe mail come yel7" Pep Club 56 593 Future Hsv Q-nqsl-ffg if Afrf-'fha 58 59' Spnfsi Club 57. all SANDRA PICKENS "A iolly clisposilion and a carefree mind: a happier girl you will never find." Physical Eclucalion Club 56, 57. 58: Pep Club 59: Mos? Alhlelic 58: Fuiure Homemalccrs OTf5XrT16TlCa. JANE PIRKLE "Have a good iime foday, for iomorrow you may no+ have a chance." Physical Educalion Club 565 Fulure Homernalcers of America 56: Library Club 577 DO Club 59. MARY FRANCES PATRICK "Efficient quiei, and sincere, a charming girl from all we h Lalin Club 56, 57: Fulurv Toacnerf fi A'TTf?l'l"1 58. 59. REBA DINSMORE PATTERSON "Love is fhe service 'rhaf money cannol buy." Fulure Hoinomalaofs ol America 59: Ph-,fecal Educalion Club 574 Junior Plorefvr Scciely 56. BUDDY PAYNE "He's a fine afhlele and siudies as a rule: buf we have an he's no+ wild over school." Trampclir-e Club 56. 57: Baslcefball 58, 59, LINDA STONE PENN "A hear? wifh room 'For every icy." Ni T7 PAT POWELL "Her kindness, smiles, and good cheer will ialre her on year affer year." PE Cub 56, 57: Jprfcr Horcr Sociefy 56' OBE 59, Presideri' 59: Office Assisianl 59' Senior Honor Socieiy 59: Prcspecior Slail 59. PAT PRICE "She doesn'+ say much, bu? her smiles say all." Transfer Honors: C'ass Secrerary 56' Decaiur High: OBE 59. SCHARLOTTE PRICE "In rain and sunshine always grin, and you will never lose, buf win." PE Club 56' ETA 58 59: Class Play 58. BOB QUINN "Hold The fori, l'm coming." EDWARD PITCOCK "Sober buf noi serious: quief l:u+ no+ idle." V1.1 f""j f,56"."' E5 59' S'E'L'E CT---V 55 59. DON POOLE 'll don'+ know where l'm going, bul' l'm on The way." liorrerezm Oifcer 56 57' Fri Cac 55 Ce' CLD 55: Vfidal ffd Oziwiir E6 E7 5 SARA RICKARD "Her 'fuiure's plannedg Third finger, leff hand." Transfer Honors: Bela Cub 58: FHA: Decaiur High: OBE Club 59. SANDRA RIVERS "Always her own affairs she aifends, fhus winning and holding many friends." FTA, Treasurer 58, 59: OBE 59: Glee Oulu 57: Junior Honor Sociely 56: Hcmeroom Officer 573 FHA 59. 4l BETTY FAYE ROBERTS "You lxnow your own mind and allow no inlerlerence lrom olhersf' BILLY WAYNE ROBERTS "His only labor is lo kill lime." JUDY SANDERSON "Il wil and foolishness could lurn lo knowledge: she'd graduale from any college." Pep Squad 56, 59: Spanish Club 57, 58: lvlosl Allraclive 58: Cheerleader 58, 59: Thespian Sociely 58, 59: Treasurer 59: Prospeclor Slall 58, 59: YFC 57, 58, 59: Class Play 58. 58. BOBBY SCHWUCHOW "He did his besl-lhal is success." Class Play 56: Band 56, 57, 58, 59: Glee Club 56, 57: Concerl Chorus 58: Boys' Chorus 58: Lalin Club 56, 57, Presidenl 57: Mul Alpha Thela 58, 59, Vice Presidenl 59: All-Slale Band 58: Slale Ensemble Conlesl 56, 57, 58. 59: Junior Honor Sociely 56: Senior Honor Sociely 58, 59: Sgrambles Commillee 59. HF:- CAROLYN ROBERTSON "In manner and aclion she's iusl so, 'Follow her and you'll sl I know." Tri-I-Ii-Y 59: OBE 59: Library Slall 56: Junior I-Ionor Sociely Senior I-Ionor Sociely 58. 59: GOLDEN MEMORIES, Assis Edilor 59: Salesmanship Award 59: Cflee Club 56. JANICE ROBINSON "Never was anylhing seen so beaulilul as a beaulilul life." Junior Honor Sociely 56: PE Club 57, 58, 59: FTA Club 57, 591 OBE 58, 59. GOODWIN ROSE "Lal me be whal I am, and seelz nol lo aller me." C Nalional Junior Honor Sociely 56: Cvlee Club 57: Concerl rus 58, 59: Track Team 57: Civilan Oralorical Conlesl 57, Class Play 59: Senior Scrambles Commillee 59: I-lomeroom 'licer 57, 58, 59. PAT SANDERS "Willy, brainy, lull of lun, she's really many girls in one." Junior l-Ionor Sociely 56: Spanish Club 57: Salesrnanship Ai 59: OBE 59: Senior I-Ionor Sociely 58, 59: Band 56, 57, 58: N paper Slall 59: I-Iorneroom Program 57. '55 I DORCAS SEWELL "A Iaeaufiful exferior: an excellenfly furnished inferior." Lafin Club 57: Junic' Honor Sociefy 56' Prospecfor Sfaff 57, 58, 59: Homeroom Officer 56. 57, 58. 59' GOLDEN MEMORIES 59: Pep Squad 59' YEC 58 59' Sa esrnanship Av-'ard 58. TOMMY SHADDIX "Though new in our midsf, he's nof a sfrangerf' HARRIET SIMRELL "If's our misforfune fhaf we haven'f known her longer." Transfer Honors: Be-fa Cub 56: Jun'or Eederafion of Women s Clubs 56: FHA 56: Senior I Class Officer 57: Senior II Class Of- ficer 58: DO Club 58: Pep Squad 58: Office Assisfanf 58: Schoo Paper Sfaff 58. SANDI SLAPE "If a woman has long hair, if is a glory fo her." Transfer Honors: Horneroom Officer 56, 57. 58: Arf Club 56, 57 58, 59: Liffle Theafer 59: Teens' For Fun 58: Aff Services 59l L '5 PEGGY SCOTT "Her disposifion, her pleasanf smile, have won her friends for many a miIe." PE Club 56 57' lfior l'J"f.r 56567 56' Per: Cum 56 59' lB' Tea'-H Cheerleader 56' Scafsl- C-b 57' Case Play 56 57 59' Gee Club 57' Tr' HYYY 57 58 59, lfre P'e:'de'ff 59' Sfudenf Counol 57' 8-es' Srzcr' 57' E':'re':c'r C::'CE' 58 59' T'-ezoafs 58 59 p'ESAdEV'4 59' L':'a',f S4555 55' 5'i'e',i Ed"C'---Prtsceror 58, 59: YFC 57 58' Center: Cncwz 58 59 Seifefay-Tfeasuer 59' GOLDEN MEMOPIES 59' 'VVS JG'-'C Ezzay Vwfnrc' 59' SVS! Cr:r.s 58 59' Salewransrirt f'+f.a'd 59' 5:'an'Eez Corr- rfffee. MAX SEAGLE "Born wifh fhe gif? of Iaughfer, and The sense fhaf 'rhe world is mad. il xx CECELIA SMITH "They are only fruly greaf who are 'truly good." Junior Honor Sociefy 56, Presidenf 56: Prcspecfor Sfaff 58. 59: Tri-HT-Y 57. 58, 59: Cheerleader 56, 57 58, 59: Head Cheer- leader 58: Girls' Sfafe 58: "D" Club 58, 59: Civifan Confesf 57: Class Play 57, 58. 59: Cass Officer 58' Senior Honor Sociefy 59, Secrefary 59: Thespians 59: Wc'verine Essay Winner 59: Besf Lafin Sfudenf 57: Salesrnanship Award 58, 59: Sporfs Oueen Affendanf 57, 58, 59: Sfudenf Councfl 58. 59, Vice Presidenf 59: Class Eavorife 56, 58: Hornercom Officer 56, 57, 59: Friendliesf 57: Mosf Likely fo Succeed 58: YFC 58, 59. PAT SMITH "So quief she seems. so sfill and wise: 'HI we see 'The fwinlrle in her eyes." Transfer Honors: Junior Honor Sociefy 56: Concerf Chorus 56: Baslcefball 56: Decafur High: PE Club 57: FTA 58: Girls' Chorus 59: Concerf Chorus 59: Pep Cub 59: YFC 59. ROBBIE SMITH "Her voice was ever soil, genile, and low." Laiin CIL.b 56, 571 PE Club 56, 57' OBE 58 59. RGBERT SMITH "He may Iooln innocen+ and quief buf woe when Ieacher's ouf of sight" NOAH SRYGLEY "Under your wisecraclrs and Iaughfer is hidden friendliness." DON STANFORD "Never hi+ a man while I1o's down: he mighi ge+ up." Baskeiball 57, 58, 59. 1 095 RONNIE SMITH "A Iribufe 'Io Ronnie, we give Iodayq he made our Scrambler 'Ihe besf in every way." Bard 56, 57: Concerf Chorus 58 59: Siedeni Council Taiem Show 56, 57, 583 Laiin Club 56, 57: Junior Honor Socieiy 56- Chairman. Senfor ScrambIes 597 Chaniioecrs 58, 59. WRAY SMITH "To hurry and worry is no'f my creed." TERRY SMITHERS "A clever Iad in ever weyq he'II make a greal success someday." Fooibai 56: Band 56, 57,,58, 59. FRANKIE SPEEGLE "A happy smile for every day she gives Io all who come he way." R y A-f Ni T 'T""'?' ai CARL STILL "Irresis+ibIe, Ioads of fun, his friends are ynany, enemies none." Jubr Hone' Sndeiy 56: Senior How f Society 58, 591 ALI-SIa'e Band 58' Srafe Efsemide Wrwr 55. JOE STIMSON "He is planiing his 'Foofsieps firmly on fhe road Yo success." M, AIpha Tricia 58' Phi Sigma AIpI-5 58, 59: Senior Honor So- cioiy 59' Junior I-Ionor Socioiy 567 Fifi? Place, American Rockei SoCie?y Essay Coniesi 58 Fond 56 57 58 59' Ediror-fn-Chief GOLDEN MEMORIES 593 Larir' CIi.b 56, 57: Saesrnartship Award 58, 593 Woiverire Essay Wirnor 58. JIMMY STONE "I envy no man who Irnows more 'Ihan myseIf, bu? pify Ihem who Icnow less." Track Team 57, 58, 59, Focrbaii Manager 55, 56: Fooiball 56 57. SAMMY STONE "And when his high school iourney ends, his 'foriune will be fold in friends." Larin C ,ib 56, 57' Junior I-Icnor Socieiy 56' Band 56, 57, 58. 597 OIee Ciub 57: Homerofm Presidefi 57 58, 59: Ccrcerf Chorus 58' Boys' Chorus 59' Senior I-Ionor Socieiy 58, 59: GOLDEN MEMORIES Sraff 59' Naiionai Meri? Scno arship Semi-finaIisI 59. 2 EMILY STANFORD "She has a smile 'for every girl and 'Iwo for every boy." UPI' Crewcaoer 57 58 59 Iicao fwereuoer 58? Tri,I-Ii-Y 57 58, 59' Soanisn Chsb 57' Pfospeifor Sraff 57, 58 59' Pome- rcom O:+"rer 57 58 59' CIM: Eefiriw 57 59' Fey Dey Oueen 59' EMP 59' YEC 57 E8 59' pep Squfzd 57 55' 59' MBI' Cheer- Ieedef' So csrrianahp fwucid 59' Sienna Ecir F-1-md 57' Soenie Cub 56' O95 Ching 58 59' Ccwer' Chem: 58 59: Oice CLI: 57' D Quo 55 59, CHERIE STEDHAM "Swee+ness is her charm." Jeniffri Imcnv Srniery 56' PE C uh 56 57' PTP 57 58 59, qwvif. an Tru' ...sql Ly X06 Q0 .,...- WANDA STREET "This IiHIe miss is swee+, sublime: she's a regular gaI any oId iime Tr'-I-ii-Y 59' ETA 59' OBE 59: Oifiie Assisierf 95. TOMMY TAYLOR "The highesf of disiincfions is service fo oIhers." Na'ora' Junicr Honor Sooefy 56: Ar? Ciub 58, 59, ELIZABETH TERRY "Small quaniily buf good qualify." OBE C db 55 59. LINDA TERRY "Shy, sweef, smiling evermore, Linda's a girl we all adore." PE Cub 56 57' FTA C .Q 5' 55 594 Cape" Cut' ., 57 55 59' Tr'-H'-Y 59' YEC 55 59' Gifs Cr us 55 59. DOUGLAS ANN TH RASHER "The only way Io have a friend is Io be one." PE Club 567 Sfudenl' Ccundl 561 Horneroom Officer 57, 58: DO Club 57, 59, 59, Secrekary 58: Miss DO 58? Tri.I-Ii-Y 59. EDDIE TILLER "He is a darling, he is a dream, he is 'Ihe wolf of our Ieam. Baslrelball 56: Foofba 57, 58, 59: Track 56, 57, 58. 59: "D Club 57, 58, 591 Home-room Officer 58, 59: S+uden+ Council 59 Q- Gifts v. 'Q' PATTIE TERRY "She enlers a room, voice first" ETA 57 55 59' OBE 55 59' Linraf, CLD 55 57. 55 59: PQ Chia 56 57- YFC 56 57. BOB THOMAS "Loyal a+ hearl, s+rong of mind, a finer boy nowhere you'II find' Seerce Cub 56, Presovf 56' J..r'Ecr Hirgr Ssciefx, 56' Hc rffm O55'1er 56 59' Kg, C .D 57 55 59 Treasurer 597 S CCLPCU 57, 55' FCTCQ 56 57 55 594 'If' Cub 55 59. rm-,-Treasure" 58, 59' Bus' Sxafe 58: GOLDEN MEMORIES DONNIE THOMAS "A splendid fellow wifh a hear+warming grin, fo fell his virfues we couIdn'+ begin." CHRIS THOMPSON "Good humor, good cheer, Iooli no furlher 'Ihey're righi heref Ba'd 56 57 55: Naffcral Juncr Honor Society 562 Spar' Club 56, 57' Sxdenf Ccuncii 56, x- JOHN TUCKER "I may be shor+ bu+ so was NapoIeon.' MARY NELL TUCKER "There's graciousness aboui every'rhing she does." Nalional Junfor Honor Socfely 56: Physical Eclucalion Club 56. 57: Lalin Club 56, 57' Homeroom Vice Presidenl 58: Phi Sigma Alpha Club 58, 59: Secrelary-Treasurer, Phi Sigma Alpha 59: Library Assislanl 59: Library Club 59' Pep Squad 59: Youlh for Chrisl 58: Salesrnanship Award 58, 59: GOLDEN MEMORIES Slafi 59. ELLIOTT TYLER "His good manners are always showing: he's handsome, darlr, and easy-going." Transfer Honors: RiI'e Club 56, 57, 58: Lalin Club 56, 57: Monifor 57, 58: Decalur High: Senior Class Play 59. PAT VINSON "Wonder whaI's going on behind fhose sparlrling eyes?" we- 'T' SAM TIMBERLAKE "Beware, I may do somefhing sensafional ye'I." Band 561 Prospeclor Sfall 58' Concert Chorus 59: Boys' Choru 58, 59: Salesrnanghip Award 59' 5er"zr Class Pay 59. RONALD TRAVIS "Always happy, always jolly, never sad, or melchancholyf' Trarsler Hcmrsz Eaakelba 56: Fczlbal 56: Decalur Hi h Q Baslfelball 57. 58 59: "D" Club 58, 59. 'ul-87 2' TOMMY WALKER "Never 'Trouble lessons 'fil Ieacher 'lroubles you." Pemba! 56, 57, 58: Super Snocper Science Club 56: YFC 57, 58, 59: Road Rebels 58. NANCY WARD "She has more good poinfs 'Ihan a peck of pins." PE Club 56 57: FTA 57, 58: OBE 58: FHA 581 Tri-Hi-Y 59. 47 BARBARA WATSON "How could such a large, warm hearl abide in such a Iiny shame?" Translef I'I:r'crs: Cr'eerclmc" 56' Hcrirerscm Oilfcer 56' Sa.CS A-ward 56: Lafn Club, Oillcef 57' JV Hockey Team 58' Soaofsk Cl..b 58: Docawr llfqlt Lqvfn C eu 58 597 Pep Squad 59' Tri- I-Ii-Y 59' Spanish C ub 55, 59. PATTYE WILEY "The hand Ihal hafh made +hee fair hafh made Ihee good." Class Treasurer 56' .QL,"ICV Hrraf Scflc-'y 56' Llbrfary S'.m?5 56' YFC 58 59' C'TSCI'CdGE3" 58 59' TMAH' Y 58 59' Cass Efwoffe 59' Pep Squad 59: l3r:'soe.ifo" S'alF 59. roo susv I .4535 5 g XJ, Sli' - QI srlfnc J 1 PHOTO No! Available SAM WRIGHT "In arqumenl he shows greaf skill for even Ihough he loses, he'lI argue sI'iII." Junior I-Icnor Sociely 56: Class Play 56, 57, 58: Prospeclor Siaff 58: Chanlicleers 58, 59: Cass Treasurer 57: Class Presidenf 58: Boys' Sfafe 58: Homerccm O'l'cer 56 57: Salesmanship Award 58: Civiian Conlesf 58. EDWIN WYLE "All +he worId's crazy save fhee and me, and 'rhou ar? a lrifle nu+s." Band 56, 57 58 59' Sfilvimnnshlp Award 58' Super Snooper Science Cub 56' P51 Sqrrla Aoha 57: V7sual PVC: Ooerafor 56 57 58. 59' Senior Class Play 59. 3 Q, CORENE WILLIAMS 'av "Carefree, gay, and full of fun, she's well liked by everyone Junicr Honor Scc' ' ' I I H N, Aff F . 59: Band 56, 57, 58 59' Jwbr Ill Science Cuo 56 Treasu ely 56 Sa esnna s D a d 58 5 C ub 57' C ass Pav 58 59' Tri-IVAY 59' Tcespiaffs 59: Stal: 59' GOLDEN MEMORIES 59: Scrarnbles. IRENE WILLIAMS WEST "Love is be++er Than fame." FRANK WILSON Pr "Work is work, and musi be done, I::u+ while I work, I love rr fun." Lavin C Lb 56: I-lomcrocrw O5fRier 56' Jimlcr Honor Soc: Foolball 57, 58: Gee Club 57: Bcys' Chcras 58: Concerl C rus 59' Track 58, 59. DOTTY WOOD "Her qualifies oufnumber her inches." Peo Squad 56 59' Chcereader 56' Jwlcr I-Icrvor S:c'e Class Play 56, 57, 58 59: I-Iomerccm Ollicer 56 57, 5 Club 57, 58: Officer 58' Wi++ies' 57, 58, 59: Thespians Vice Presiclenl 59' Concef' Ckwcrss 59: GOLDEN MEMOQ Slafi 59: Tri-I-IEAY 59: Cass Favorfle 59: Scramb es Corrrr 59: Gifs' Ckcrus 59: YFC 58 59. 11- " Nfl lg Y- GENE YARBROUGH If you don + lznow don + worry lus+ aslr queshons Band 56 57 58 59 Sfudenf Co nc: I 56 Mu AWpha Thefa 59 SID YARBROUGH I+ :sn 1' wha? you do nf s whai you gef caught domg Foofball 56 Homeroom Vrce Pres den? 57 Fruendhes+ 57 PATSY YOUNG She speaks behaves and acfs lusi' as she should Pep Club 56 Lnbrary C ub 56 OBE 59 .. . . - - .. . . - , 4 , T - I I -. . . . . . -- , . 3 v ' . H . 1. . . - CLASS HISTORY r Twel e lord e ve 1 rmelew r e olor Sen or year ar' oradl T v are e , c Team l-lay Tl e 'We e ow Torfmr pu ess To The TuTure Now Thil Tle T T6 re e ye in lwu a an aT our o od Trmes l-lug school days Tor The clw oT S9 Tarred MT or rx Slunned by The new 1 4 o .fv w re om o e cw r rfu wur e nn n ye r Je r Co leo our m1ghTy class w1Th The amd oT l3aTT e Wrle e de o mrda secre ar wh ue Nuhoe-sTer Trew urer We lmd e n C1 mg Al wrr We exen Topped The Soplnomo e le mio exT came our Sophomore year Tl T nh Th r 0 e Ed 0 n oresudenT Jean BarreTT lce pre oe o e rem Sim Wro T Treas urer aT The conTrols our class roclceT zoomed honer aho hloher We had 1 Sophomore Dance and 1 play BroTher Goose wh ch were pecTacu ar u ce 1 we were oe me T rea h olr orbuT well on scheou e The second sTage oT our roclceT was Tl-e Jun or ea J P ors7 IT on n Tseem possr e uT :T was True Guudnng us were Sam Wr1ohT preswdenT Jear B1 reTT vxce oresrdenT CeCel 1 SmwTh secreTary and Norman T-larrus Treasurer and They l4epT us on cou se er well Mug zlne ales shoT slcy hlqh an we were proclaimed by ThaT Tamous Mr Amls To be he besT Lnror clw T The hlsTory oT D l-l S The Iunlor class play MeeT Me rn ST Louis was a smashlno arTl Trc and Tlnancual success When we en TerTauned The Sensor aT The bangueT The gym wlTh lTs be1uTlTul decorahons was mag cally Trans Tormed nnTo The New Qrleahs lzrer n ua Ter We eallv had Tun worlarg on Thls and all our oTher prolecTs ThaT year Very soon we we e To blasT ofT The Thvrd sTaoe oT The roclceT The coveTed name Senior UnTul we recenved our beauTrTul rrnos :T was hard To reallze ThaT we had almosT reached our orbxT The Thnrd sTaoe or Senror year was he e aT lasT' Cho en To reaoy us Tor orbxT were Jerry CoTTey oresldenT Jean BarreTT vnce ores1denT Mary Jare Goslwe sec eTary and Sandra Mrnor Treasure WnTh uncredrble endurance and paTlence our sponsors ass:sTed and guuded us un our class acTuvuTnes oT This our lasT year Golden Memories Mr Teague maoazune campalgn Mlss Poer Mlss GenTry and Mrs Moore class play Miss l-larrrson and Mr WooTen Senlor Scrambles Mr Teague and Mrss GenTry graduaTlon Mrss RoberTson Magazine sales wenT over The Top and we agamn were proud To be called The besT Senlor Class n hnsTory Also hard worl4 and good leadership made our 59 Senror Scrambles and our class play The Man Who Came To Dmner The greaTesT These Trxumphs, wonderTul as They seemed To us, were Tlnged wuTh sadness because we realmzed ThaT They were The be gunmng oT The end These years have been Trlled wuTh hard worlc, happlness, saoness and love buT TT ns well worTh TT all To be nearing our 'orb1T" There are Tears ln our eyes as we sung Tor The lasT Time The Alma MaTer, and Indeed she has been a moTher' Tops all Though we go unTo 'orbuT" aTTer graduaTxon, we shall never TorgeT our launchnng pad, DecaTur T-hgh School, and The class oT '59 Fo T. Tc x .arf . , ln .e T . m ml, llle 1 ro ?eT, :er frd To ThfmT y Tous E f d K 1 aloe. Now ITT Lzbon us, TVTJ HN ocld c1'.e a'd',TTTlrr1 we ol.-.rr To lv fve 'ldv--e ra Tr e jefar' ba lc r.'. . 1' 'nm has Tlowo. , lcol bfrfl w'Th sadhesi HT lefzlncu, and l.A,f , lnl T - d '.'.flTh hap 'n so . ,f T 'lm ls he , l TE rello, Thowe wonderful years C d ,f gh ga? occ' T' . ' h , . rss , ' -v fy' oTT 'f h a eaT TTT 1sT. ' , , ness oT liT'e in h'gh siho l, T e e fded bv .lr Ta7ThT.:l T a Te f 'TT .T gh Q Fr wld a ' a . r ,f .,TTey l ' , . 'T ' , ' ,xgvlce pr QT nT- VL la Tu ' asblf, T vi f d S , , --- e sz , , Q fa zfufolpercwls Tir ,ff 'nan year vvlTh our play, T ,f ll' ,, l Cf 'fl f ' , c T ,r s fn Tw f azlne sales, N j .The 'rs sTaoe oT Tne 'senior hl' reflex WT' a Tr X TTTC rs, ' C ,r- ell- ' ' c ,evi s7f 'TT' Nancy Hall r z rf and 1 7 h - ff , , Y l T ' . U C , . C " T s Q l s c, sses' YT seemed T QT' d o c L H ' rr 1 n . T V X r. u T . T Md 1 W ., , b ' s , . . A- . 7 U -X. . T IC . i Tr l- T f y . f a ' s 'l 'Q d ' l , T M ' css 'n ', . . . . . S g . , . C . , . E g . X C, Q F U F I X . . K ' r L, ' 4 Z . ' J V ' r 4 ' 5 l 4 l ' ll f, I . I V R . . : I Y. 1 Y . T X . 1 F4 . I I . PM ' 7 J . . - . 1 . I ' - ' s. 7 ' - . 1 - 1 . , CLASS PROPHEC Y Famous lecTurer G ScoTT Johnson has recenTly puT has collecTlon oT press cluppmgs on public dr play The clnppungs were assembled by Mr Johnsons secreTary valeTs Ed P1Tcock and Tommy GuyTon PresudenT oT The U S Jer y CoTTee wrTh hus specral aide Mr Amss as spearheading his annual Congressional Magaznne Sales Campaign Dr Joe STamson Surgeon General oT The Army has recenTly compleTed a dellcaTe brain removrng operaTuon on Speaker oT The l-louse Sam WrrghT James R Baker eccenTrlc mulTn bullronaure has sold his Earwug Farm and us IU GuaTe mala learning To be a Three waTTled bell ourd Trauner Mr Bakers secreTary as The world s mosT secreTaruesT secreTary CharloTTe Leeman The ProTessronal FooTball Assn ns havrng a Teshmomal dlnner nn honor oT l-lugh lThe Rhnnoceros Ogle and Bobby TwunkleToes Muller Bobby T-lull and Buddy Payne are playzng pro baske+baII w1Th George DouThrTs Greenbrier CoTTon Packers Malcolm Ed wards won TlrsT place an The lnduanapolus :OO wlTh his homemade pedal powered Soap Box Special Super Twuns Nancy and Donna Edwards are compeTlng an The Na Tnonal Ladies Blllaard Champuonshup Debonanr man abouT Town Don Church IS reporTedly wrlTlng a book enTlTled M and Casanova Lynne Fnsher us SporTs EduTor Tor The New York Tlmes Delmore and David l-labercom are enloyung success Trom recordings oT Their Tamous lews harp and Albanian Moose l-lorn solos Versahle Sue Carrell noT only sings In The MeT buT plays Tuba ID The New York Phulnarmonlc Johnny Ferrell us Figaro ID Ed Cornell s operaTlc lnTerpreTaTxon oT l Was a CommunusT Tor The F B l Wrlda Edduns as solo TluTusT wrTh The Sue NungesTer All G rl Marching Band Much oT our TalenT has gone To TV where Guy French plays Ace Spade DeTec Tlve Eddie Tlller as Lassie Bob Thomas Norman Crazylegs l-larrls and Max Seagle sTar In a TV serres sponsored by The Noah Srygley LuTe lns Co and The Ruch ard Goode Bnllrard Parlor Doug Nabors and Tommy Kullman are The beTore and aTTer men ID The lose IOO pounds oT ugly TaT ad Jimmy McMurTrue IS The sTar oT The Bull oT The Woods commercial Larry Landy us The Thnnklng man un The Vlce roy ad and Larry McRae rs The Marlboro man s TaTToo Tommy Loggins shows whaT concenTraTed sTomach acids can do To Bull MonTgomery John Tucker and EllzabeTh Terry are TeaTured ln The new Texuze ad Valerie Kung and BeTTy Bowlung are perTorm :ng on The Linda Mooney Dance Hour Rand Bryan ns a snake charmer ID Sud Yarbrough s Traveling Carmval Linda Clark s Travelung Zoo and Rephle Farm has a new group oT Todder Tlungers and Trainers Among Them are PaTTye Wuley Dorcas Sewell Mary l-lelen l-lursT Frances Boseck Myra Johnson and head all1gaTor wresTler Bobble Mwe Banks ' u l W l ' ll ' . I . ' , - '. I . . . . ll e Bobby Schwuchow is lsT chair Tambourine player in The SalvaTion Army Band. Bobby Goodwan Rose and Frank Walson are members oTJohn Adam s lvlansTrel and PaTenT lvledacane Show DoTTy Wood and ougene Elkans are members oT The chorus on The Ron nae SmaTh Cavalcade oT Musac Explorer Hal Holland Tanally capTured one oT The Hamalaya s Abomanable Snowmen aT Turned ouT To be Charles Henson Jammy Crow Don HolT Don Poole and Danny Parker are oTT on an ATracan saTara where They are hunTang Rhanocelopses Wendell Hall PeTe Kanney Bally Wayne RoberTs Bally Kay Tommy Johnson and Travas Jenkans are somewhere an The aungles oT Cuba They have aoaned rebel leader Jerral lvlaller an has TaghT To overThrow Cuban DacTaTor Corene Wallaams Radao experT Larry Durham receaved an SGS Trom massaonary EllaoTT Tyler Tyler was laTer eaTen by cannabals ATTer lavang an a submarane under ScranTon Pennsylvanaa Tor Two years The Navy has reTared Joe Bogle KenneTh Boldang Jammy Gallaam Ralph Glenn James Herron Wendell Allen Joe Brazaer Davas Darwan Paul Darmer Byron DelvlenT and Skap Cox Army recruaTang sergeanT James Tager Carlasle has announced The Tollowang recruaTs Ray Ogle lvlarvan Julach Esco Olanger Tommy Lyons Terry SmaThers RoberT SmaTh and Sanda Slape Landa Penn aoaned The easy way The FBl has employed as gun cleaners Howard LaTTle Jerry LavangsTone Eddae Crook Charles Clark James ScoTT Carol Collans Skap Cox Frank Long Jammy Long RoberT McConnell KenneTh Laws STeve Baaley and Robbae SmaTh Paul lvlonTgomery and Don Thomas have been Tashang an Florada Tor eleven years ArchaeologasT Ronald Travas unearThed a prehasTorac Tank Wyle an Lower Slob bovaa Bobby Johnson and Bob Quann are proTessors oT law aT Harvard RockeT experTs Bud Kelley and Jammy Don Jackson announced ThaT They have puT Sammy Tamberlake anTo orbaT ThaT anTrepad advenTurer and phalosopher Sar John Arnold Farrer has wraTTen The eaghTh volume oT has baography oT Julaan Harras MaThe maTacaan Rachard Allen has Tormed a new Theory oT gravaTaTaon ThaT wlraach comes down musT have been up General lvloTors has hared The Tollowang enganeers Jewel Eubanks PaT Chandler Carol Kennamer Landa CaraThers PaTTy Terry Nancy Ward Reba PaTTerson Jane Coburn Jewell Duncan Shelby Herchenhahn Landa Hughes Janach Robanson and KaTy Parker Mary Jean Grubbs has anvenTed a macnane Tor exTracTang avocado paTs Mallaonaare playboy Carl STall on Traal Tor cheaTang The governmenT was saved by Ta-sT Talkang super lawyer Gene Ywrbrough . , I . .. 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The Sammy Slone Finishing School lor Young La- ' . V . . . p pu - JUNIOR CLASS - L.-4 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS HILL FERGUSON , Presidenf MILTON PRICE Vice Presidenf ELEANOR LAWERENCE Treasurer ELIZABETH HILL I . Recording Secrefary FRED PRICE I , , Corresponding Secrefary T If ffi Q-F.-v wtf! ini A 'KQV' .A la "SQ 'K , Qifru X . fl fm MW , A B--M im- K fp ,,,s Q.: T, Bwbsf B ! AL. W- 1 1"'7 sg Pmre Blat? Wfalfer B Howell Way1e BWQYQCV l X F' 1 W B" d ayrwe Mzzar f "" Q, Marfrva Bore .- Barbara Brorwum ' -- ,N QQM Royce Bridges YK ,N .1 Myra Broww f ' Currfs Burrmous moto A No! Available Of 1' ur -hr F 'ar -,, Dfwien Y B ,fB s .- Aa, ?n-5 O Gary B' r A, Qui 1 454 1"-Q . . L Absent when piduru were med K5 CLE? fzsfax Xq J V I, Q ' E -. 259' ' UN 'I J: . x L41 y , -La. ,4 Y Q Jimmy Burclwell Besly Bnrclev Tommy Burns Marlin Caqle Charlene Callaway Jean Campbell Il' 4-Es' Z' 'fav' rv 5359 Sk Y M JFWW D335 Y Dorofhw Debwore Kewv Devi? f 1 1 i- fv f r- ? 'ff nf ,, I AM Efwa 4' " B E' 'ff' Di. 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PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE 115' Av, 7--9 Wade Slayfon Bobby SnnI+h Beffy Smifn Brenda Smi+n Daryl Smlflw Dinan SmE+l'1 Jerry Smifh John Smi+h Marqaref Srni+h ,Q 4'0" x. - Ti W Q Y ' if' Befln Snorf Da fd Snfo Jean Shui! Claria Simpson Eldred SETS Nancy Sfni 5 1 X... gf Q- K ur' Mike Smlrn S3'n'ny Srnifn 2 Corcomn Sneed Q o 5 Jane-+ Speeqfe Peggy Sfovafl Buren Sfuarf nie, ,a 2 N ' A I' or I M I PHOY0 A 12" Cf' Quay' ' 2 Q. ..,e X. ,Xvrk June Tar? Sandra Tapp Freddwe Ternple-'ron Brenda Terry Mary Wann Terry Wayne Terry Jan Tnornpson Linde Thompson Joe Toone W Cornelia Tune Julie? Tunslill Cecil Turner Gerald Turner Ronnie Turner Lynne Turney W. C. Vassar Gerry Veazey Kay Waddell 'E' Q 115. f of A I CFGVYTCNVP 1 Q'fLQfq rye Ga l lfolrnfzr Randy Troup Danny Troll ' .' 1'3" ayre Toile Dork Wfwler' ,llrwmm VV.1ll4G" Dm-34 Wmeilmv 1 Us , .l Jlrhmy Wmrerw A ' "'5 Billy NValse'i Lim-la W.: lion f Ar, xv -1, 70s . 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T reasure 3 'Z 5 I Jimmy Adams Madeline Alloerl Glenn Allen Linda Allen Evelyn Alvis lvlarlen Anderson Sue Anderson Jimmy Appleion Anila Armeniroui Judy Babis Craig Bailey Paul Balmer H ss, Bulch Barlcer Lee Barran Joy Barrel Jerry Basden Jance Bass Wayne Baugher Peggy Beall Rachel Beard Shirley Bedingfield Be+'re Berry Billy Biles John David Black H lorrmy Blaclc Carolyn Blafkwell Marcella Blevins Jean Bodenlweimer Sliine Bolan Tlwalia Bollon Dwaine Borden Belly Boswell Jim Brown Jimmy Brown Shirley Brown Pam Browning 45 i Q4 'A iv 55, X 'I 9 Q,-x X ,A J- N 1 - Ami, "lf 'N -v-SI Q L Q- 'ia Q-.7 J .r . f-,A 5, xi, ,1 J A X ,YT E - ,,. 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Jones Linda Jones Malcolm Jones Ronnie Jones Tommy Jones Joe Kell Y H W Judy Kennarner ' in Joe l-laney Killingsworllw Beniamen Franlclin King Wayne Lamon Carol Landers Slanley Hyde David lnqrarn Plnilip lriclc Linda Jaclceon Wayne Jacobs Billy Jolinson Bolo Jolwnson Edward Lee Jolinson Jerry Jolinson Judy Johnson Judy Jonas Andy Jones 1 Y X w ,kyfwj-'Q'?,, 'T' in -cf 3: PNOYO NOT AVARAIII QL 2 a'.a' 5: EJ 2 Larry Langley Marlha Arn Lanoley Claml Lavender Billy Lawrence Linda Lawrence Wayne Layman Don Lealhers Linda Leder Walfer Leeman Charlolle Linderman Brenda Liirle Thomas Long is-K7 I xv 'oe .-- 15'-r --v ,W ' rl" Y-,. as y,-A Wy if 4.. '25 A32 PMQ ? Vg-Q New .,.-' ivy. 'L -.. f ' --4 ...B 5, -Us .2 my -10 v :I ,ff . 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Mary Slnaw Lyndla Slweals Jolwn Slwelwarn Jlm Sherman Jlmrny Slnerrill Gall Slnlnqlebar Slwlrley Slrnrns Lynn Slrnon Joan Slalen Cleo Slaler Edd e Smurlm l-larry Smullw Wm-ff A' 'hr ' " ' Y 14 Mary Ann Sliles Anne Slimson Charloire Slone Jerry Slone David Siory lvlarqie Slrange Tim Taylor Faye Teague Shirley Temi3le+on Charles Terry Boyce Thomas Joan Thompson 'Q af' J.-,JS ,A R 3 , , Zh h 1+ ll. if Q, 4? Jeff Smi+h Jimmy Smilh Lamar Smilh Palsy Smilh Terry Smilh Tommy Smilh Don Speegle Gail Speeqle Sandra Speegle Judilh Spoflord Belly Sledham Eugene Slewari fi . ty- Shiv I ,fl il. e -11 A 1 'Q f Nancy Thompson Paul Thompson Byron Thrasher Glenn Thrasher Jessie Thrasher Don Throneberry Russell Throneberry Karen Thurnauer Doyle Townson Johnny Tuclcer Palsy Tuclcer Max Turner Q I , 'ra-.':::' .V I' 0 T, 1 ' 'fill Aman Will' moto N01 AVAILAIII in in -cz' i 1, .. This J. .ff all Abxinf when piduril WON made Sq 1 .17 v V ,895 1 1' fg X 53: 4 tag. f s-...,. 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QP , f-W. 54 Y ' , ' W :, FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS JERRY TAYLOR Presidenf ROBERT LACY ,, , Vice Presiderd ADELINE PEPPER E ,E Secrefary JOHNNY JOHNSON Treasurer an 1 L-1 'o V M . K. Q, we f 5: ' ,AFM ll' W JA -:gf-8' t I f,.' T Pilot? H , 1 N P' , x If A l fl y X. 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Svc Pfarrscv DYana HarTseUe Cexfd Haxef Linda Heaps Mary Franc! Herrin Mary Herron James Hieserman DMQF' H73 Eyerffr HE? Kermefrw Hili Rfber' Hlnds Larry Hinker Jerry Hirwicn Sammy Hobbs Germ Hodges C7111 Lili Swfe Love ate Julia Lee Lovin l-larrbl liwluer Larry L-,nw Slurnliankf Maddoclf Jerry Maqruson Malco ni Mason Troma: Mazaey Doug Mal'rews Carol Jare McBay Jerry McCulloch Gary McLar1gl1lin Sian ey McLernore Roger McWnorler Bill Meilcers Nancy Meyer Brenda Milam Jimmy Milam Susan Mixon Brenda Mize Miclci Moore Tommy Morehead Sylvia Mcrrfs Pal Moses Gary Mamrnerl Dorothy Ann Napps Barbara Nix Tommy Nix Earl Oclen Lynne Ozier Shirley Parlnam Milne Palmer Biily Parker Don Parlcer Harold Parlcer David Parks Don Parks Bill Pale Kay Pafferson C-4 x 'P' X K 4 4 L 'cr l tml M . 5 if if? V ff.. , W 1 ' 1 f 4 2 wx I , X VW x"L'1 P DLW1 P" NCL ONM1 FV , Cfafv y" P--af: H rv 'Q C' wif p-'IT XAX, NL pgkzl Gwiylx P U"',f sn.-1-eff J VF P 1' Mary Prgss. 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Abum PH01' 0 N01 AVAILABLE Sfeve Wafkens Savann Whifman Jackie Whifley Curfls Wilcufl John Williams Carolyn Wlnlon Charles Winlon Judy Winfer Hollis Wood Bennie Woodall Pal Wooclall Donald Woraner Kenneth Wrighi John Wylrer John Wyle Raymond Ya rbrou h Sleve Yarbrough Amelia Gllchrisf Sandra Narmore Barbara Roden Kennelh Busbey Harold Roolcer Randy Surner Jada Winfon Demarcous Woolen Ireva Adams Bobby Agnew Danny Aiberl Linda Aldridge Reaiord Alvis Andy Anderson Palricia Gail Anderson Dorofhy Anderlon Scoiiie Appleion Janice Armenlroui Bruce Ballenline Roberi Barber Mary Ann Barran Janei Barlon Suzanne Bean Wayne Beard Howell Black Sandra Blalock Wanda Black Barbara Bishop Larry Blankenship Sammy Blevins Janie Bolen Charles Boger Joe Ben Bougher Ji'l Bowie Sieve Branum Rickey Bronaugh John Brasseale Emmanola Brazier Tommy Bridges William Brommelsick Denny Brown Rebecca Burleson Ronald Brown SEVENTH GRADE Y ,nv . X ' i rc 'i x , 1 1 .l N ri li ' YOOSUSV . NolShovm ' w Lu in x 'C L ,... Dlilard Bumpus Kafhlecn Callx Janice Cambron Sarah Ann Campbell Billy Carilhers Pam Carfwrighl Donny Calhcarf Calvin Cafhcarl Janice Chalhan Belle Chenoulf Thomas Childers Linda Clanlon Brenda Nan Clemons Billie Clanlon Ronnie Clemrnons Syble Cobb Carol Cobb Burl Coley Chrisly Collier Paula Colson Roger Dale Copeland Jo Ellen Copeland Judy Ann Couch Bobbie Jean Craig Anna Joyce Crawford Linda Croxsor. James Crow Billie Jane Cudabac Joe Culver Diane Darmer Glee Davidson Susan Davis Ray Dearman Nancy Ann DeMoss John Denson Donald Dickey Grady Dollar Linda Dungy Jimmy Dunham Anne Dye Carolyn Edney Maile Fdward: Freddie Ellis Belly Louise Engle Dianne Epps Bevefiy Eyang Jady Fairbanks Jenn Florerce Jclarny Fisner Susan File Jan Fire Dick Fleming Palsy Flynn Dona d Follelr Diane Fosler Linda Fowler Jerry Freeman Barbara Frenclw Layman Fuller Donna Fuller Joseph Fuller Wiley Garner Nancy Garreff Gary Gee Brenda Gail Glenn Kennefh Graham Linda Graham Jerry Granlland Roberf Gray Carolyn Green Mary Ellen Guflnrie Barbara Hall Pafricia Haffner Sylvia l-lamilron Wayne Hamilfon Tlwornas l-'lamilfon Slwelia Hammon Biily Wayne I-larger? Malcolm Hawkins 0 lk Q1 Q' 1 A ww, 1, nr-X M. No Phan AVAILAILE fuav: T00 UUSY -we PIIOYO Nd Aviltik r if Pm, f -P it Y PMOYO NO? AVAILAILE 4 'Q' 1-Q U ,C. . ' "x No Photo AVAILABLE Q' A Y- i Danny Harraway Diane Harris Linda Harris Belly Harrison Vickie Harlselle Kay Harvey Jo Ann Healh Brenda Sue Hendrix Don Hendry Wanda Hill Shirley Ann Holmes Belh Ho mes Margarel Honkola Mary Pauleile Hood Charles Hough Jimmy Howell Joyce Howell Gwendolyn Hursl Tommy Hulchinson Georganne Hulchinson Gloria Hullo Cassandra Hyall Joyce Jackson Marie Jackson Linda Jenkins Richard Jenkins Louanna Jennings Melba Jean Jelfon Eugene Johns Louise Johnson Marie Johnson Geraldine Johnson Karren Johnson Roberr Johnson Ann Jones Frances Lea Jones Rebecca Jones Sharon Jones Brenda Keel Tommy Keel Andy Kelly Marqarel Kennedy Judy Ann Kcnnemer Jackie Key James Kilgore Carolyn King Joyce Kniqhl Jane Knighf Mark Klein Robert Kruiderier Leon Lamberf Mary Ann Lamon Jenny Lane Rhonda Lane Kennelh Lea Donald Ray Lee Jerry Lee James Lemley l-larry Lewis Sandra Long Kennefh Lumpkin Bonnie Lynch Madilyn Marshall Linda Mason Polly Mason Charles Massey Carolyn McAlis+er Leonard Mccown Janel MgCulloch Sue McDonal Doris McDonald Billy McDonald Randy McKean Carol McMillan James McMullin Megan McPherson Vickie McRay Myre McSpadden Linda Milam Sylvia Millsop PHOTO Nav Avuilobl 100 IUSV -rf? PNOY0 Na! Available , ,ji i Kenneih Puckoll Doris Rifnam Janel Rainey Wanda Ramey Gordon Ray Deborah Reeve Marion Richardson Sheila Ricky Thomas Ricks Barbara Ringwalcl Sarah Jo Roden Gordon Rodgers Dorolhy Rogers Joe Rogers Margaref Ellen Rogers Marfha Nell Rogers Ted Ruflner Cafhy Ryan Jerry Ryan Ann Sanders Bobby Sanders Charles Sandlin Raymond Sapp l-lo,lin Seay Ramon Sharbali Finfon Shaw Jerry Shipworfh Sfephen Shirley Susan Shirley James Shook Winsfon Shumake Sylvia Simon Howard Simmons Lynda Simmons Joey Skillingfon John Skillingfon Diane Slafon Palsy Slayfon Brenda Smifh June Smi+h xp 'b-.H I .V mi 'Qx s-v :M a is g-, Q: ', L i -r' If li. X A ii L" me , wifi mfg S IN 'il tp' ' l we 1 f-X If T, K. ' Album: H401 O N07 AVAILAILI pw' K' -Q-' R kA 1 PHOT wg-v PHOTO NOT AVAILAIII lfl X 9 Y" Pal y Smllh Ressell Smilh D rolhy S er B l y o nan Jerry Spain Ray Spealrman Jackie Slandridqe Lyle Slandr dqc Belly Jo Slanford Ellen Ray Slephens Johnny Slephenson Donald Slewarf Dw qhl Slewarl Edd e Sfory Judy Slreeler Linda Suuls Larry Sullon Gloria Taylor John Taylor Wesley Taylor Judy Taylor Roddy Taylor Wick Taylor Jimmy Teague Alvin Terry Ann Terry Donald Terry ShelbY Terry Billy Thomas Mildred Thompson Jan Thompson Pamela Thorlon Royce Thrasher Jaclrie Towson Cheryl Troup Barbara Troup Judifh Trowbridge Carol Tuclcer Teresa Tucker Bobby Turner Nancy Turner Alvan Turner Nelson Turner Palricla Turner Robert Va,qlwn Janice Va,ghn Donna Verner Barbara Vinson Sandra Wade Jerry Waddell Jessle Waldman Ramona Waldrop Brenda Walker Youlanda Wallace Frances Warson Paul Wafson Lane Weaver William Weaver Bobby We'ls Melvin Whi+e MargarefWl1ife Sandra Wlnlfrnire Bobby Wfson Ann Woodall Wayne Wrigl1+ lbby Wylcer Marflda Ann Zillls Jo Ann Burch Marflna Cranmore Tommy Freeman Judy Freeman Tommy Horne Diane Murphree Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. B'akcrvsHp Cc"e',f Sfrfikfarwd Birdswrvq Sfewarf Hicks Ma"e'y Tune' ORGANIZA TICNS DECATUR HIG i 3 U 4 : . Q 2 x ' ' ' 2 ? r 1 W -s 2 1 gr CLARINETS: John Farrer, Tommy Guyron, Corene Wiiiiams, San-my Srone, Peggy Gufhn, Kafhryn Hail, Nancy Conner, Shir'ey Templeion, Beverly Compion, Anna King, Terry Smiihers, Jane? Speegie. Ciila Vaughan, Beify Woroner, Ware Fosfer, Kafhefne C'ark, Aiice Chenauif, Rufh Sanderson, G-aii Speegle, John Roberi' Allen, Deioris Eddins, Pa? Womack, Biiiy Wafson, Jimmy Eng- man Chanes Sfehman, FLUTES: Wiida Eddins, Mark Habercom, Daphane Quinn, Greichen Craig, Nancy Gvuffin, Jimmy Coe, Anne Diseker. DRUMS: Mariiyn Coffey, Sandra Schwuchcw, Roberf Paimer, Jimmy Prue++. OBOES: Bobby Schuwuchow, John Nicefy. BASSOON: Sue Carreli. ALTO CLARINET: Mary Ann Sfiies. TYMPANI: Joe Sfim-son. BASS CLARINETS: Sco++ Johnson, Steve Chaney. SCHOOL BAND C. gi ! . I a 3 3 . . 1 ? 'e .V . B., ' 0 231511: 'RB CONTRA BASS CLARINET: Wayne Terry. BASS HORNS: Bobby Dernore, Ji'nmy Apoeion Freddie Parker. FRENCH HORNS: David P-iabercom Wiiscn Moroan Edwin Wyie, Madelire Aiberf, James Hieser- man, Phii Irick, Bob Jokinson. TROMBONES: Jimmy Baker, Tammy Lyons, Lynn om, Larry Hman. BARITONES: Cari Siiii, Don Cr1urcn,JErrirny Cariisie, Mike Maurer. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Donna Edwards,Ci1ar'es Carnpbeii, Misner Airncnd Marvin Juiicki. BASS TROMBONE: Doug Nabors. TENOR SAXOPHONE: Becky Muilican. CORNETS: Gene Yarbrough, Roy Griffin, Jorzn Srniiii, Henry Siterard, Joiwn Long, Lynn Scruggs. Harry Srnirri, Tomrny Rosr, Bufcri Devine, Marvin Dinsrnore, Donald Woroner. Bryanr Mifchell, Peggy Hef'in. DRUM MAJOR AND MAJORETTES JOHN FARRER :A LI 5 r' . E ANNE N j ll SALLYE JO POWELL x L Q . If 77 Flrsf row Gene Racks Dennis Holf Ronald Travis Bobby Muller CeCelua Smlfh Jean Barrel? Emily Sfandord Charles Henson Ed Cornell Jerr L db H Edd S h S d y e e er I9 mul econ row Paflye Wlley, Bobby Hull Eddxe Taller Bob Monfgomery Bob McWhor+er Buddy French Hor ace Crow Wayne Blalock Ewell Gregg Buddy Lowber, Harvey Morrrs Norman Harris Howell Holland Mulfon Price Hfll Ferguson Joe i as s. . lu T Jones Bob Thomas Jerry Moebes Paul Prsanr Thlrd row Guy French Larry Durham Jimmy Sfone Gary Hendry Buddy Payne Hugh Ogle Davld Coclcrell Jummy Blyrhe David Peek NORMAN HARRIS f'N LARRY DURHAM CECELIA SMITH DENNIS HOLT VINA HAFFNER MR. AUBREY FULLER Presidenf Vice Presidenf Secrefary I Treasurer Sponsor STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS I I STUDENT CCUNCIL QD qv A N-.-I' Fnrsf row Joan Thompson Clwarorfe Lrndermen Llbby Arnold Helen Jervls Make Srnlrlw Roy Garne+'r Judy Callahan Sleve Meek George Jenkins Second row Lynn Flslwer Helen Wood Eluz la Th H Il S e e 1 uzanne Fller Jack Hlggrnbollwem Jerry Taylor Mary Helen Hursf Jerry Moebes Third row Rand Byran Eddie Trller Hnl Ferguson David Peek Ed Corne Wayne Blalock My-X Sw 2, l 1 q 3 l a l A 9 lf' l -ix - . .' r . I 5 5 1 . -s ? . 0 K l ' -1 " NT r l l 'A 0 ' X ,A ' A f , , . N 5 , ' 1 'V S .l I I . WH I.. r . "f 11-45 ji ,' 411 SQ " 0 'ay 0- 0 9- X, In '- Q , fy '- .fox , . 2, It I2l Assfsfanf BL.s'ncs5 Manager HELEN JERVIS Sponscr MRS. MARAGARET BROWN Business Manager SAMMY STONE Circuhilon Manager FRANCES BOSECK Assishanf Ednor SUE CARRELL Asslsfarw Circulanon Manager EMILY STANFORD PROSPEC TOR STAFF 5' writ, ry- in 40 Elbow FlfS+ row Adrian Hembree Vuna l-laflner Be+l1Sl1orl Sue Nungesler Pa+ Sanders Tlwora Handley Second row Jane Coburn Eleanor Law rence Suzanne Fuller CeCelra Smllln Corene Wullrams Ann Edwards Mary Vlrgunla Hughes Thxrd row Dennrs l-lol? Linda Clark Peggy Scorf Brenda Brown Nancy Edwards Kay Yarbrough Ronme Workman Fourfh row Mnlfon Prrce Parrye Wrley Ronnre Tuner Fred Price Dorcas Sewell Nancy Blackwell Nancy Trowbridge S-A X: 3 , gdb ,'f. x isyxtm f N24 ' -nr v X X YY 13' ' " f I ,f r - '- r- r,,, on -V E. is ,M .s,, I Y , 7 1 Q 5 s -5 A fi . r 4, f-Q: , at 49 3 F ' 8 6 3 - .5 1: A 'w - ' , ' , s. S v x , F 5 . f 1 , X74 X " ' f 11 -'M ' - I23 PEP SQUAD Farsi' row Nellre Blankensllrp Bradley Jones Marllwa Knoblock Polly Beams Lrnda Mornson Cleo Slaler Callry Cowarl Barbara Sllarp Judy Hayes Peggy Harrrson Glenda Pllllmps Joyce McCurry Ann Danrel Third row Belly Buslw Lynn Burns Kay Yarbrouglfr Anrla Armenlr ryne C ucv Ll da Allen P l Sm ll B lly Ham lon Joe P sey Jea e e G urll'1 ow Dare Wel'5 Terry Pr o Ja kre Ha e Bollon Karen Barey Mary Jo Cockrell Parsy Tucker Rosemary Luckell Snar ey Beddlngled Bl e Burgen Flfll'I row Caro Ga rel Lrbby Arnold Drnalw Davrd or Mary Jane Arnold Ro alee McCool Jerrne Elk 'rs Rosa ne Bree Mary Kale Mrlcllell Ba bara Meek Na Turner Lrnda Ferrel Bessre Maze Mary Jane Gosirn Penny Hughes Erzabeln Hall Ebbre Ernens Marcella Blevrns Mary Ann Harvey SlXll1 row Lrnda Clark Myra Joknsen Bobble Mae Banks Frances Boseck Bra da B wn Janrce Leernan Sandra Ellrson Wrmbrellw Mellon Slrr Woolen Vrrg n a Kracke Sevenlh row Joan Tnompson Gal Duke Frances Pe ey Sandra Speege Ame Prq Slnaron Ralrll Mary V1 g u Hes B ly S we n gl ow gene l rns a nn Vrn H lln r Lyrr Frslrer Dolly Woo E zabe a Sue Nung sler P gqy Krrnbre Sponsors Mrss Ezel Mrs Ba rell PURPOSE To prornole sclrool splrll llwrouglloul llle sclnool 'Fir ' 1 'E' .. ,uw , , . Ayyl 2, ner- - .. A -ff s Pope. .Hey Callalwan. Second row: Doris Morgan, Frances MlcSpadden, Sandra Murplwree, lNancy Meyer, Ginger Quillen, Ella Mose'y,lLlrda . I , I X . - . 1 W y X . my Ca l o ', 'n , a If , e El , o , r li Yes. Fo r : ' r lm Q' Segefs li , N , , , ' l ' l l , ll? . ' 1 , r 7 . . . 5 P . . ,. , . F M : . ' 7 5 N . H : l. l , f ,l N roll l, ll , l' l' , l . , l 'f H gr e l os ll, Jane Ccbur . Ei l1l1 r : SL. E k' , Mellss S ,rlr ' a a. e , rr ' . d li lll D' " e , e ' ' l. : ' , . r . l24 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA FIYSI row Joyce Meals Carlyne Glbson Dons Wardlow Carol McCord Joann Hudson Belly Craxg Belly l-laslmgs Carolyn I-lamullon Marllwa Bone Anrla Kung Geraldvne Nix Jaclcle Seqers Llncla Allen Belsy Burden Gloraa McGee Marlon Bnlllons Kay Wadell Ann Black Peggy l-Iarrnson Lnda Hays Charlene Callaway Valerna Kung Palle Crazg Sandra Mlnor Barbara Branum Sylvia Chapman Tlnrd row Marllwa Walson Nancy Ward Brenda Terry Sandra Rivers Nula Jan Lee Linda Terry Belly Bowlung Cllerre Sledham Cllarlolle Pnce Palsy Kennedy Pallre Terry Mary Frances Palrnclr Kallmy Cowarl Fourlh row Mwss Colner Blllue Mearl Clarlr Juey Kelly Shurley MARION BILLINGS Presrdenl NANCY WARD Vlce Presndenl BECKY MULLICAN Secrelary SANDRA RIVERS Treasurer GLORIA MCGEE Librarian miami 1 I .I , ff'-s. E T ' Q Woolen. Wirnbrelh Mellon, Janlcellloberlson, Sandra Call, Frankie Speecile, Jewell ljuncan, Be'cl:y'Mulligan, CarolynIC5oodfel. I xx ll 5 l25 TRI-HI-Y Dolly Woods Joye Posey Anne Rowe Mary Jane Arnold Marian Meek Second row Rachel Shelby Miriam Shelby Doris Wardlow Nungesier Helen Jervis CeCeia Smilh Peggy Gulfin Ebbie Emens Cafherune Lacy Jean Campbell Elizabeth Drain Caro yn Roberis Miss Hale. Third row. Sandra Ellison, Janice Leeman, Jan Thompson Gail Trolman Suzanne Ei ler Janice Lane Jo Ann Hudson Adrian He bree, Nancy Blackwell, Mary Anne Riley, Barbara Brannum, Eleanor Lawrence. Brenda Brown. Fourfh row: Anne Edwards, Elizabefh H Charlofie Leeman, Corene Williams, Myra Brown, Myra Johnson, Sandra Minor, Mike Smilh, Mary Jane Gosline. Sandra Call, Sandra Ta Wanda Sfreef, Bobbie Mae Banks. Fifih row: Sugene Elkins, Bobbie Lane, Robbie Hines, Gina Kracke, Linda Walson, Nancy Ward, Peg Scoff. Wimbrelh Mellon, Sue Carrefl, Belly Richards, Yvonne Evans, Paiiye Wiley. Firsf row: Faye Rogers, Carol McCord, Charlofle Linderman, Nancy Sims, Lynne Fisher, Vina Haffner, Emily Slanford, Frances V . V ' f I . V l . I ' . 'I ' W . .l I 1 ' 4 F Presidenr ,,.,.... , ,EBBIE EMENS Vice Presideni' PEGGY SCOTT Chaplain ,,,,, ..,, . ,,,, .PEGGY GUFFIN Secrelary-Treasurer , HELEN JERVIS PUTPQSGZ To Creiile. mdlnlalfi. and exiend lhroughoulr The home. school, and communily, higher siandards of Chrisliarl wing. SPANISH CLUB 5 V... Furs? row Miss Bailey Rila Florence Carol Woolen Faye Rogers Befh Shorf Mike Smiflw Wayne Terry Clwarloffe Leeman Carol Landers Shirley Templelon Pam Browning Marcella Blevins Second row Joye Posey Emalune Rogers Kay Baker Beisey Burden Beffy Collier Lynne Harris Myra Brown Mary Wann Terry Ann Daniels Rosalind Rice Rosalie McCool Nancy Turner Ella Mosely Third row Waylon Free James Folwnson Jimmy Davis Jerry Ledbe++er Wayne Blalock Fred Price Joe Powell Barbara Meek Mary Mnfclnell Jan Maurer Thalla MIKE SMITH Presldeni' WAYNE TERRY Vice Presiclenf CHARLOTTE LEEMAN Chaplain BETH SHORT Secrefary Treasurer YW M -L 3 :a ,lx Y 1 ' 9' ' ' I y ' K ' vu I -1. . v 1 l 5 4 1 1 . i , . . , . 5 A 3 r W . I Bollon, Frances Peffey. Fourih role: Charles Maforl Freddie Parker: David Peek, Mimmy Sherman, Travis' Hardwick. I I I27 CONCERT CHORUS Farsi row Linda Mnfclmel Joy Posey Nancy Connor Emallne Rogers Emlly Sranford Gayle McRae Dol Oson Dolly Wood Second row Lrnda Terry Wnmbrellw Mellon Peggy SCOH Peggy Gullun Anne Rowe Mary Frances Slmaw Jumrny MacMur+rue Ronnle Srnullw Bobby Delsore Sam Tnmberlake John Smnlln Freddy Parker Frank Wllson GOODWIN ROSE Presldenl SUE CARRELL Vice Presldenr PEGGY SCOTT Secrelary RONNIE SMITH Lvbreruan JOY POSEY Robe Keepers MIKE SMITH s l l 1 I I . 2 . . K . . E U : Dlldon Furral, Rand Bryan, Sugene Elkins, Par Smirlw, Sue Carrell, Marflwa I-llsedrodf, Mike Smlllw, Third row: Johnny Ferrell, Goodwln Rose, x l28 BOYS' CHORUS .-----1 - l 1111! l - 11111 1111 lil 3 -' 'G on Q 6 . Dilip six:-:ui 1217 I--1 --Sl I--- gli n ,. .- ,, I Firs+ row: Frank Wilson, Ronnie Smilh, Deiclon Fulral, Rand Bryan, Jimmy MacMur1rie, Lee Johnson. Second row: Sammy Smilh, Wayne Terry, Laryry D rharn Wi son Morgan Go dw'n Rose Jolnnny Ferrill Third row Johnny Smilh Freddy Parker Sam Timberlake Sam Wrighl Bobby De more GIRLS CHORUS FI' row Dolly Wood Beverly Ross Lynn Fisher Joy Posey Helen Jervis Dol Olsen Anna Marie Link Gerene Elk ns Miriam Shelby Second row Rachel Shelby Vina l-lalfner Marrha Hiserodl Suzanne Filler Emaine Rogers Mary Linda Hodges Linda Milchel Charlolle Leernan Thrrd row Emily Sfanford Sugene Ekins Mary Shaw Pal Sm lh Nancy Conner Mike Smilh Gail McRae Fourih row Gerry Nix Anne Row Peggy Scolr Wimbrefh Mellon Linda Terry 7 IZ9 M l PHI SIGMA ALPHA gl- QO 1, O6 T 'fl if 3 H4311 Flrsf row Barbara Craig Lynn Turney Peggy Guffun Gerry Veasy Mary Nell Tucker Lynn Harris Second row Paul Balcer Mark l-labercum Jimmy Baker Sco++ Johnson Jonn Nlcely Louus Pinson Joe Shmson Tlurd row Mr Teag e Tommy Kullman Bobby Sclwwuchow Wilson Morgan Ben Lee Darnslcy James Honlcala Jummy Crow LIBRARY CLUB Mrs Terry, Kay Paflerson, Nancy Meyer, Paffye Terry, Worfh Plnlcsfon, Mr Murff Second row Terry Maffhews, Mnslwer Alrnon, Roberl Smrfln Allan Archer, Befsy Burden I i V, ' ' 1 v I4 1 - 5 b T, ' L .' 3 .'. -6 6 'V ' " .. ' f 1 N 'Q 'Y i' , 4' ' . F ,AC X , Y ww ' , ' x f . All K' I 'P ' K' 'QT . LT' .1 4 Ag.. ' l I30 KEY CLUB runway 4' Furs? row Jerry Taylor Joe Guylon Dennis Holf Norman Harrls Mxllon Pruce Ed Wood Bobby Ruddle Second row Mr Fuller Boyce Thomas Hlll Ferguson Ewell Gregg Tum Taylor Jerry Ledbehler Wayne Blalock Ed Cornell Thlrd row Ju nan Harris Larry Durham Bob Thomas Jerry Moebes Hugh Ogle Don Church Jimmy Blyfhe ED CORNELL Presldenl HILL FERGUSON Vice Presldenl HUGH OGLE Secrelary BOB THOMAS Treasurer ,I lfl mir' 4 ,lf,l,'l ,', Il wk flllr wi, 1 I i If llyyfl Aff' l' I' I f 'X , Ulf!!! 1 l!l,l1 - ' " """""" 1 ' e .,.,. ,. -., , E g , ,, 1 ., g y .... - 2- F L TI 2 9 ' V F P 'f-.J 5 Q T 5 T l I 'lr :eu A 3 ls x , x K: I f ' 1 , -A . -3 5 We-gf v V Q Lf ? . -U 'L x 'f .'f Y "' X . -- r of' 4 - Q as . T g ' , ,, ' T 5 E x ,. , V ,. f Q A T . , T . " - 'J ' V f x l3l NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FITST row Sue Carrell Charlofle Leeman Pal Powell Peggy Gufhn Carolyn Roberlson Joe Shmson Second row Tommy Loggins Nancy Blackwell Mary Jane Gosllne Par Sanders Carl S+uII Scoh' Johnson Third row John Farrer Bob Thomas Sammy Slone Tommy Kullman Larry Du ham Don Church Bobby Schwuchow BOB THOMAS Presldenl' SUE CARRELL Vlce Preslden+ DON CHURCH Treasurer PURPOSE To uphold hugh slandards of characler scholarshup leadershlp ancl service nn lhe school and commumly NATIONAL HONOR SOCIE TY X f 54 S I 5 L'-7 J CECELIA SMlrrlS1ffffffiffffff,,Q oooooo ,Secretary S 'f -5 f 5' 7 ll Qi '1 :sz JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY pq-1-. s 1 -..... urs row ANe x e 9 U V Tnr rowl'sMC Yet: JERRY TAYLOR LIBBY ARNOLD JULIE HEARN SYLVIA SHUMAKE re e r e va uma e ee a rce Ser d M ar e rv ca Lbby Arrec A' e Adee C en rewce Vice Prerroerwl Secrefary Treasurer a x S exe Cwe ey I33 R - 4. 5 , R ' i ' O O O 1 r "RM" ' ' 2 T . L T W 0 : ' .az L ' r 4- L 9 "' 'W - .. ? e R' - ., L M 1 'Nl 'fx 'I Ly, If . , . Z Emi! F l F' 1' : ' ffais, S'eve Mee' Ab ga" Turre' J G "' Kavrr' Ha L Ja' ' HI ,lc , Sy' f SL lr , L M ys, Jen' Wars. econ row: argye' K, 'va-, Ame NVa"e' Barbara Ta-fer, Kafrffe F f r Jrje Hee e L'r' HQ'-, ' X if jg ' L . e.' '5:"a , :Kean J,c. :"5C'. Hd : fe .Q 5' Na'c,' T'C.r:r'c'ge J.:i. S,:'::: Qcger Hemrrzrd Rare' M' C' f f ' '- , c:"". Peter JC" Rcben A fe' Jew, 'ay C' Kew "'cug?1. P -' ' wr . v. , I DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS CLUB Flrsf row Ruby Copeland June Tafl Douglas Thrasher Belly Faye Roberls Shelby Herchunhan Dorofhy Bowen Travis Jenlnns Curhs Bumpus Sandra Manor Jane Prrkle Second row Davnd Kelley Pafncna Chandler Vnrgmnua Mauuah Dennls Bullnnqs Tad Black Esco Ollnger Wendell Nicholson Tommy Shadclnx Yvonne Evans Mrs Thompson Third row Mr Brooks Jimmy Forlenberry Jaclc Anglea l-larrref Slmrell Duclrey Porler Bull Darwan Joe Lowry Carl Colllns Eleanor Forsyrhe Char olfe Case Fourfh row Jlmmy G-xllmam Jlmmy Long Wayne Norlan Sieve Barley Kennefh Laws Jewel Eubanlcs WENDELL NICHOLSON Presldenl TAD BLACK Vice Presldenl' DOUGLAS ANN THRASHER Secrefary STEVE BAILEY Treasurer l l T , , . , . 3 . 2 , . I34 SOOPER SNOOPER SCIENCE CLUB BL. 1 1 1 I 1 I 2 1l 1 OMAN '.':" Flrsf row Douglas CoIhns Tommy Hobbs Chares Sfaman J4rnmy Lee James Long Jimmy Wlhams Rxchard Parr James Bone Ka+h I. d M F Y eanar r ower Second row Terry G on k Anne Dsker Caro F e Lrda 'NI rwooc J an Odom Ja Ine Whnfe Duane Colhns John Marasulc Marfha Jo Nabors Marfha Ann KnobIocIc Thlrd row WaIIer I-Iennesse John Roberf AIen Bob GIICDFSI Jerry HOII Johnny I-'Iuches Pre.n"r Masmrson Janice Hendon JACKIE WHITE Pres:den+ RICHARD PARR Vlce Presldenf JOAN ODOM Secrefary BOB GILCHRIST Treasurer PURPOSE To Ioeffer undersfand and apprecna+e scxence f Ji? W : -'T - +142 - -"' . 1 I iii.. 3,512 :ga - H At - , , , 1 I I -1 A . 'H 5 YVVV'Vv I 'A - st'w'b"" ' 5 1 , - I - . W V - Y ' W A N Mg -I ,- I, - i V ' . .ni ,, b . E N '--- I ----A .C - Ti ' I , . ., . S.. f ' ' an U Q I - ' ---. - - - I 3 ' L 05 Q . pf: '- ' I . Ja :i L I- Q :ru I, I , . I . : EI fc , , I , I f' ' I 3 ', o C ' ' , ' , I35 THESPIAN SOCIETY Agiiiiilii V JG v Xfxi Firsi row: Vina Haffner, Frances Boseclc. Adrian Hembree, Mary Lou Woo+en, Dolly Wood, Jeaneffe Giles Sue Nungesler Judy Sander son, Penny Hughes. Second row:, Myra Johnson, Mary Wann Terry, Miriam Shelby, Brenda Smifln, CeCelia Smiih Palsy Kennedy Ann Kaniel Helen Jervis. Third row: Ann Rowe, Corene Williams, Nifa Jan Lee, Sandi Slape. Mary Jane Gosline, Peggy Scolf Emalune Rogers Lynne Turney, Salley Jo Powell. Fourilw row: Mrs. Woolen, Fred Price, Jimmy McMurlrie, Milfon Price, Billy Jenkins Rand Bryan Mary Ann Riley PEGGY SCOTT DOTTY WOOD ,. ANN ROWE e JUDY SANDERSON MOTTO Ac? well your parfz flwerein all I lll 'I I36 Presidenl .Vice Presidenr N Secreiary Treasurer honor lies. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA 'E'-EE.i:E:.::-:-.':':.':-,.:: ::a:'.nz.-'E-. 'I QW" IYS+ row Peggy Read Jamie Monfgomery Carlyene Gbs rw Ma La Fa,e WM Q ve Mcz re p r 5 r He s N r y Donohoo Pafsy Mca+s Be fy Jean Has' 'ms Caro' Landers Mabe Ya bro g E nes r e G- d Rose Gu Ty Sy .fa Clrapnrarw Second row Mrs Sfucher Joan Barreff Frances Boseck Sugene Hkwns Mare Abegax Turner Sax! Jc es Lada Freeman Barbara Tay' r Beify Hamrfion urs? E'a a e see arc Gufrn c re ogers Maxsme Mars a , au fre roa arr n we Burges Jar' Maurer Barbara Young Hunger Huyfon Slwlrley Woo+en Fourfh row Ermly Sfarwfcrd Bre da Br Lrda Carlr H n W d June Pafe VJ mbreih e on Be+yRu+L1 Lee Dors Morgar N ncy Turner Sandra Ha ef Ma y Ka e M ' Ba ca a Wee ar' J a y J r Peggy Heil n D an e We Vs JOAN BARRETT JOYCE MOATS BRENDA ALLEN FRANCES BOSECK PAT WEAR HELEN WOOD MARY JO COCKRELL ABIGAIL TURNER Presldenf Vuce Presuderd Secrefary Treasurer Hrsforlarm Recorder Recreafron Parllamenrarxan ' - .1 W - 7 1 1 ll! 1 I 5 .f ff ', I I 3 I , if 1 J ,. , , if F . x ' " . V f F' : , f . , I 3 , r+, -f I cm B454 e Mai S C L, Jca ,re . r cw a TC' , -, 4 f g, , L ' u L .,r fr 0' err' EI , . Z Paf Wear, Carcfyn Hamfffcn, Barbara PM Ups. Sardra Minor, L"1da LaNre':e MES Grcss. Third row: Joyce Meals, Brerda FV er, Mary He'en H , f. J v Mc ' y, N y "E , V? lc' R , ' r Beffy Ka' F ' . ' Bre ' L . C BI 53 ' 5, T , , ' , ' . : ' , r cwr, E A , ee cc ' , E M 'i , f , , I a , rr 'r ' ',cr:LJ r' ' r P R ,va than M r- c CccPeL ' ' r' T . M U ALPHA THETA FII'Sf row Mary Ann Riley Adrian l-lembree Vina l-lallner Jean Campbell Carolyn Couch Gayle Speegle Barbara Cralg Peggy Gulln Second row Mrs Moore Gary Bishop George Hubbard Rlclnard A en Malcolm Edwards Jolnn Nucely Jolnn Farrer Thlrd row Charles Dnnsmore Darrell Reeves Ben Lee Damslcy Tommy Kalman Bobby Scnwuclwow Wllson Morgan Davld l-labercom Jimmy Balmer Gene Ya brough JOHN FARRER Preslclenl BOBBY SCHWUCHOW Vlce Presldenl' PEGGY GUFFIN Secrelary Treasurer PURPOSE To promole nnleresr an 'flue sfudy of mallwemalvcs lo give members glimpses of llwe fulure wlnuclw serve as IH cenllves lo conlnnue 'rlve sludy lo afford opporlunrly for dlscussrng llwe many unlereslmg lealures of +l'le various mallwemalucal subyecfs and lo develop an apprecnafnon for llwe lrulln and beauly nn mallwemallcs and our de pendence upon 1+ IU praclncal lrfe VV-.kd -I nm 'x- X LAN' . A Fl . gm... I Vi. - - , . , . . . , l ' l 1 ll l I ' 1 I r' ' . , ' 7 ORDER OF BUSINESS EFFICIENCY 'WHEN ywx Egg -...Q--..--.. 'T Ezaberf Terry Carol Kennerner Wxlma George Charlolle Leeman Helen Jerv J nlce L ne Llnda Sue H shes Pal Pcwel Valerle Krng Paflye Terry Palsy Kennedy Sardra Rvers Glorla M Gee Second row mar Bl C rc r Gu se P n Sel' rne Robble Srnz rene lungs arah Rue er Caro yn Roberfson Pal Sanders Wllcla E or Q er y C mp o e be r Clere Sleo Monfez Owens Third row Mrs Sk dmcre M ldred Gray Sandra Cal N ncy Ba lr e Pal Ycurg J an Barrell Palrlca Pr ce Dons Cool: Bar ara Owens Robbne l-hnes Judy Flack Nancy Ward Franlne Speegle Ms Ealcr' PAT POWELL Presudenl SANDRA CALL Vice Presvdeni PAT PRICE ecfefarf SHIRLENE BILLINGS Treawrer PURPOSE To losler lhe spnrnl' of lrlendshsp and goodwill belween fhe busunessmen of rhe communnly and 'rhe school --'M --,,- --- ---- --..-..--. , ., N - , , ,V , f , ,,,,fgg,,,'- ' rv?-Q, rf-:' 1 l , -1. wa -N ' 4 5 . " . f rf' ' 2 1" ' ' 51 ,. i , . ' .9 , - 4 3 - ' E Q-,. 'I l ,' 4 L '11 -' . I A, . - Q6 . ' fs " - f' ' ' 3 ' I V Q 1 , : 0 . . 0 0' 0 ' . - - 5 ' 9 I 5 I V I ' - . ' S , I I- . w V X f V 'Uh ,, 'mxff4.y, I ,RW X, We , k t V-.N , , is V, I I , L I . T V H K. ,' ' ' f ' A -f , 1 L utr' - . , . . - . . ,W . ii , , ' , , - ls, a ' a , ' U I , ', ' ' , l 1. A , , I , ' C . A N: Ma ' .4 "lone, a 'yr y e ny o , ' '+h, Snil . Bl' . ,S ln l ., , , ci rs ,ev ' o ' 1 Jarwc Ro neo , l . 'harm 4 ' 3 , I , l , a I Q N ily ' . , o , A I Y ' , b . . . T 5 v YOUTH FOR CHRIST M from Haw' Flrsl row Jersne Dlklns Lynn Fisher Helen Jervxs Sugene Elklns MaryV Hughes Rosalie McCool Ginger Guylon Eluzabelh Shirley Llnda Holl Pal Haney Penny Pnnkslon Muke Smnlh Vina Hallner Joye Posey Ann Dan els Jeanelle Glles Penny Hughes Carolyn Slephens Jo Gunn Pal Wear Anna Mane Lunk Second row Sue Nungesler Ann Rowe Emuy Slanlord Brenda Terry Gerry Veasey Brenda Brown Myra Johnson Judy Sanderson Mary Ann Riley Ehzabelh Hlll Mary Wane Terry Peggy Knmbrel Carolyn Couch Nancy Blackwell Frances Boseck Januce Sellers Gerry Nux Nancy Simms Carol Garrell Lxbby Arnold Jackue Seagers Thnrd row Dolly Wood Dorcas Sewell David Collins Roy Garnell Bully Lzllle Harvey Morros Jack Hugglnbolhem Barbara Crag Lnda Clark Ebble Emens Shirley Woolen Sherry M Lemore Mary Jane Gosxne Ellzabelh Dram Marlha Hrserodl Llnda Terry Judy Kely Bllne Clark Pal Srnulh Belly Vesl Janel Hrnkle Pam Browmng Fourlh row Gene Rlcks Dennls Holl Kennelh Hughes Chrls Thomoson Mary Helen Hursl Frank Wnson Larry Durham Roberl Smulh Fred Prrce Thomas Walker Douglas Knoblock Charles Dlnsmore Carol DeWull Wlmbrelh Mellon Pallye Wiley Jane Coburn Vlrgunla Kracke Sammy Smulh Richard ANNE ROWE Presuclenl DENNIS HOLT Vxce Presldenl SUE NUNGESTER Secrelary Treasurer , ., .,.,., ...,. YY,...x so 1 Q r ,T 'I 1 4 y , . 6 tj . 4 6 f iff .' , l 1 ' ' T Q . ' ,- ' ff' fn .V 5. Al K . f 'J ' iff ' ' T A get. I 95-z,.Q A , no " A T Y ' A I40 LATIN CLUB lil 37" ,-it 0 wk' Fnrsf row Mrs Marshall Charlene Callaway Pal Flynn Belly Oden Alnce Chenaulf Mary Ann Shles Kalhryn Hall Jo Gunn Lrbby Arnold Dol Lane Anna Marne Lrnl: Sylvra Shumalre Carol Garreff Lee Mayes Barbara Hannah Lrnda Allen Roberl Lacy Ware Josler Jrmmy Smrlh Allen Davs Janrce Sellers Carolyn Sfevens Jaclue Segars Second row Lnda Hayes Pa++y Kendrrclr Cecrle Mosley Mary Roberls Julre Hearn Polly Beams Edrlh Weaver Rulh Sanderson Kalhryn Farrer Belly Boswell Mary Vrrgrnra Hughes Thora Handley Judy Babns Barb Agee Palsy Tucker Gayle McRae Glenna Moore Brenda Tulen Gall Speegle Peggy Harrrson Pal Haney Lrnda Holl Janef Hrnlcle Jummy Brown Third row Marqarel Kullman Anne Wrrghl' Ann Warren Judy Sudhofl Kay Yarbrough Madelerne Alberl Belly Busch Terry Prmo Brngham Edwards John Grles Jerry Taylor Judy Calahan Roger Hammond Haslrel Ross Nancy Conner Barbara Crarg Carolyn Couch Anna Armenlrouf Sallye Jo Powell Delores Eddrns Judy Spoflord Vrrgrnra Hall Sylvra Powell Fourfh row Trlden Drllard Allen Archer Barbara Hemmrnghaus Adelrne Pepper Grelchen Crarg Kafherrne Clark Jerry Basden Jrmmy Pruelf Karen Thurnaur Sammy Frazrer Bob Rurlner Wallace Money Gary Hendry Carol DeWr++ Sieve Chaney Bob McWhorler Jrmmy Duncan Phrlrp lrrclr Paul Balcer Susan Hull BARBARA CRAIG Presrdenl JIMMY BROWN Vrce Presrdenl ROBERT LACY Secrelary JIMMY DUNCAN Treasurer ' 7 77,5 A 'Y I T lei, .V ,WW . A 4 A l L. n ' 1 1 r-H ' -- '- 1"-l" ' Q T '1 I V Y T 1 . - , - ., e c 'v 'J ' , L l 'I Q A u , ' W , -. - -.-' - v, " ,. A' ,,,.A.,: ,.:.Q'4. . v, " 1 , , I K 1 'LTAP75 . . . . 1 . - . . . ' , I, ' , , ' . : I , ' , ' , , r . l I ' -V . I l I I A ' I T I I . I l4l VISUAL AID CLUB D1 -CQ -nv as " Wi-P ---145 Nm- af' 5 H Q 0:59 lag 'F Furs+ row Jrrnrny Lee Deldon Furlral Buddy Weaver Bob G-lchrrsf Eddme Newsom Baclr row Tommy Ros? Tony Jones J W Hokeff Edward Pslcock Sponsor Mrs Roy Warren MRS HANSON S READING CLUB an Pain Flrsi row Larry Hunlrer, John Power, Hank Caddell, Demarus Woofen Jane? Sfovall, Karhryn Schaefer, Mary Aflceson, Jnmmy Cowarl. David Sfone Second row Mrs Hanson, Jack Caddell Hulfon Haqler Nancy Meyer Worfh Punksfon, Anne Duselcer Harrie? Lowber, DOM Pearce Al Fisher, Make Maurer Thnrd row Bob Johnson, Dianna Harfselle, Jeanefle Coffon, Linda Vunson, Cecile Moseley, Joe Klllungs worfh, Calla Vaughen, James Overall, Bob Johnson, Bull Johnson Q A . X, A .Haj .pig 4 ' . ' ' 'f +f:' if i fa-ff " ., ' v . . . l X' A - 4, 1 I . " . -' I . y , . l 1 i Y ' -, , f L sll , y y My p yr " . - . . 3 1 ' 1 ' 2 ' 5 4 " 'X I , I -. - y E 1 A-b. I I I I x A ' JW .. ' 3 ' I , , I ' , V . 2 , . . . . 7 o L- 3 A' 4- 5 wx If1..,ff?a . . ., -an 1 - S .v. Q' -AL 5 'T tr . ' - si. J 4 i 3 E T, ' 'L I' - ' 5 ' -,L . I . .H 4 X , .Q V , I I S l42 8TH GRADE SCIENCE CLUB Furs? row Bully Evans Alecna Dyer Pafrucra Rombalcers Calhy Congdon Gayle Sanderslcy Louneffe Teague Jaclcue Whnlley Judy Shorf Julxa Lovm Charles Wnnlon Jack Hough Sammy Hobbs Don Parks Mrs McCulloch Second row Marlha Slupworfh Marlha Summerford Janice Self Terry Gene Carden Carolyn Wmlon Savann Whufman Ross Graham Buddy Gnllespne Bobby Vaughn Carlion Kelly Wullaam Holi Tommy Nlx John Wyle Joe Soboilxa Thnrd row Palrlcua Woodall Duane Suv ey Carolyn Pearson Suzanne Wagor Emnly Phlllnps Elouse Holi Rachael Thompson Peggy Rxddle Mary Propsf Ed Anders Doug Rogers Dewey Hogue Jack Sherrlll JOHN WYLE Presrdenl' ALLETHA GILBERT Vice Presrdenl' JUDY SHORT Secrefary JULIA LOVIN Treasurer O ,J 9? ,-'S X X - l . 3. .. O O 5 ua MRS. DEA VOURS' READING CLUB Furs? row Roger McWhor+er Gayle Davrs Becky Slaughrer Clarre Crawford Jlmmre Ward Make Brooks Larry Lynn Libby Johnson Second row Mrs Deavours Carol McBay Brenda Muze Roger Ann Brllrngs Sandra Homes Gary McLaughl n Gaye Posey Peggy Blalock Thrrd row Par Brooks Dlanne Smurh Sandra Sue Johnson Susan Mrxcn Dusry Dodd Belly Buck er Ga Carler Kalhryn Davs JUNIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB :vi Fursf row Marrha Norrrs Judy Freeman Glee Davidson Jane Brooks Sandra Johnson Wanda Monfgomery Kay Harver Dnanne Murphfee Barbara Hall Barbara Troup Shelby Terry Mrldred Thompson Megan McPherson Brenda Garner? Carol Odom Sylvia Mrlsop Cassandrd l-lyarf Berry Harrrsor lbby Wyker JoAnn Burch Mrs Breland Second row Mass Hallman Mass Hull June Smrlh Bonme Lynch Marrha Jane Pafron Judy Couch Wanda Black Brenda Keel Janer Ramey Mary Lee Phohon Par Haffner Dranne Fosler Nancy DeMoss Befh Holm6S Lmda Mooneyham Donna Verne Geraldrne Johnson Lou Ann Jennings Merle McSpadder Sandra Wade Third row Dianne Harms Rhondd Lane Carol Cobb Sarah Jo Roden Ann Dye Ann Terry Amy Nell Rogers Rebecca Cain Nancy Chenaulf Ann Sanders Sylvua HamlllOf1 Judy Kennemer Marne Armenlrour Georgflxnne Hulchrnson Ellen Rogers Ramona Waldrop Anlla Moses Madelyn Marshall . , , , 1 1 1 1 - . . . 1 . 1 ' 1 I , . ' . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . .1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 " - ll 1 lr , - X - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I1 1 1 - - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - MRS. ISBELL'S AND MISS RHINEHART'S READING CLUBS Flrsf row Jan Frle Dorls Prgq Danne Murphree Brenda Prnvell Palsy Peek Wanda Ramey Barbara Rlngwald Jerry Granlland Donald Follelr Donald Duckey Jerry Ryan Joe Rogers Jackle Keulh Bobby Turner James McMulllan Duck Jenkins Marne Jackson Joyce Knoghl Drck Flemxng Carolyn Kung Karen Johnson Palsy Smnlh Mrs lsbell Second row Lane Weaver Janxce French Sharon Jones Becky Jones Susan File Freddoe Ellns Johnny Denson Danny Alberl Andy Kelly Maek Klein Roberl Kreeldenler Lrnda Jenkins Suzanne Bean Pamela Thornlon Juey Taylor Parsy Morrowk Kalhleen Kalnx Audary Johnson Tlurd row Mass Rhmeharf Susan Davis Mulba Jean Fellon Gloria Mock Carol Moony Nancy Mullins Carol McMlll1an Carolyn McAlvsler Vucku McRae Belly Jo Sfanlord Ted Ruffner Bobby Johnson Brll Brommelsack Gordon Rogers Doris Purman Pall: Flynn Donna Fuller Belle Chenaull Joyce Jackson Judy Trowbridge Johnny Fnsher Ray Dearman MRS HUGHES AND MRS MCCOOLS READING CLUBS F sq- Flrsf row Lrnda Graham lrena Adams Jrmmy Howell Ann Woodall Bully Marne Clanlon Sybil Cobb Bobby Agnew Dwrghl Slewarl Berl' Coley Bobby Wells Larry Moals Tommy Hulchmson Larry Blankenshup Scorlre Applelon Johnny Florence Alvun Turner Andy Anderson Jerry Lee Second row Judy Slreafer Mae Hawkms Beverly Evans Bobble Craig Jackre Slandrudge Boberl Tray Becky Newsom Ronme Clemons Roger Copeland Ray Sfephenson Burch Mohr Kennefh Graham Charles Hough Jerry Waddell John Taylor Bobby Wrlson Sandra Whrlmlre Third row Mrs Hughes Carolyn Edney Margarel Honkola Bully Carrnrhers Don Hendry Jamce Charham Sarah Campbell Jean Taylor Yowanda Wallace Paula Coleson Pamela Carlwrrghf Barbara Vrnson Jo Ellen Copeland Wayne Wrnghl Tommy Horne Lonnre Weaver Mass McCool C , Q , , 2? -L' C Qfglnr C by A 4 ' r--QQ Q ' I D m . 145 OFFICE ASSISTANTS Furs? row Jean Campbell Marlon Meek Mrs Cam Janice Lane Wanda Slreef Par Powell Second row Bobby Parker Helen Jervas Danny Parker Slwrrlene Bullmgs Jerry Coffey sl. j I XXL! Vzuuuny 5' 4,9 Q 4V'xX W' Y I ' ll x 627'- I ATHLETICS COACHING WESLEY THOM PSON Foofba I W H ISBELL BasebaH Foofball A1 gflf 3' H L OGLE CHET CLINE Aihlefuc Durecfor Foofball STAFF J A JONES Baslcefball Foofball Q COACHES AND CO-CAPTAINS CHET CLINE WESLEY THOMPSON H. L. OGLE HUGH OGLE BOBBY MILLER I VARSITY SQUAD Q' ,- V. ee- -3l,: - H, ' a"N..jf,. A X '4 1 'S S K y '-tigtaxk - . ,wa ,F s 5 N 'A' -"X ' NFL Fug. '- Xb '1"'xW'L P vw A g-V ,.1'f.gk-vlll. .'.3-' Q - , ,, ...ew 5 .. J 1'0Sr"?",y,q,x., 1 4 1, V 1, .Hx Q ..?- - L. IW - 7' L- ' J 'v '.' Pb -I V ' LVL i :F 1 F N F me Q Gary Hendry Ben Darnsky Guy French, Bob Thorvas Howe!! Ho!and Jerry Moebes Buddy French Bobby Hu!! Richard Goode, Hugh Oq!e. Norman Harris, Eddie T!!er George Doufhlf H!!! Ferguson Bo ce Th mas Harvey Morrt, Ceo! Turner Bobby Mi!!er, Buddy L wber Jac e P u Prsan! ouq!as Knobloclc, Gene Rick, Jlrnrny Jackson Ed Corne!' Dav D rwun Char' s Henson Jrrnrny Blyfhe Wayne B!a!oc!c Jerry Lcdbever. Decafur Decafur Decarur Decahlr Decafur Decarur Decafur Deca+ur Decafur Decafur I 958 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Afhens Walker Co Gadsden Bufler Sheffield Cu!!rnan Hunfsville Coffee Tuscurnbia Har'rse!!e "B" SQUAD 'Qllii?1'G'fl" , 'X il :jk Tommy Black, Willie Penlecosl, Jimmy Davis Eddfe Smiflw, Harold Jones Joe Killlnqswcrllw, Rgbei-if Hinds. Noble Russell, Billy Hudson Tim Taylor. Gene Harnillon. Jlrn M:Cul'ocln Jirnmy Duncan, Don leaflners, Boyce Holland, Larry Copeland Rcnnfe Jones, Bobby l-lalbroolcs Riclcy Evans Gary lvlumrnerl, Jolinny Jolinsori, George Adams Ted Holland Claude Lavender. Jack Hiqcjnbolnam, Roger McWluorler. Bobby Draper Jonnny lvlTller, Felix Tidwell, Roy Garnefl Wayne Boyer, Clarles Vauqlnan, Jolin Williams Jolinny Giles Jerry Taylor, Bob Rullner, Jolin Marusalc. I 958 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Decalur , 26 Allnens, 7 De-Qalur 20 l-lunlsville 7 Decalur I3 Buller , O Decalur I2 Allneris ,26 Decalur 7 Hunlsvllle V, O Decalur I3 Harlselle 9 Decalur I2 Cullman 7 Degahgr 7 Cullman l4 Qf f v 1 -4 ' f f i?ijffi?"' kg f 1 'F -as 5w?1'J?Zff' TQ I A pvvwfvv "f"'l"" 'U u V11 ,. f X 'lf m4 L' -I , I V .s.aU.M,! . -L, I .-,.g- i ' " Fgfw tsl - .hi 1,5 In . I V.:-nn. ,4 , . w In 'n - . E , ', F . ,'- ' - x'q , 1 ' '.-H024 f- .z .-,iv . - 1 u- 1 I , J' - -472.161 Q-,"-31 V ' . X . Nr , f ,Q I --I' If Y K ,W fg any' YY' .wmv ," -X 'il ..,fxi 5.9. 1"-V T'-5 f ff'-iff P - ' -'-as f., ...BYE i! QM,-gn xi V fi! ,. 'V' 'Q' lf' ' x xx' R' -'.,-is "' iv.. .Q ,Hemi W -h t fs, 5 'X P'?"Q?l!i'4f l.:.nK..f'Y 1 x V. 1 .Q .r. -snag.:-Q - '....:.g.v f- Y-"tiff 2P'U'vlgN2hi'lZ71:1 ' . ' M V"' B ' ' in I 4' w ,- 6 E. A qi 1- 5.57: x ill gg -11 P v gnu' fr . v . -in , 1 , 1 ' ,. . 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X Y i, :I- I' Al nl F.. 1, .QF ?wr -w intra' 1? ,X J,s,.V, 4 - TRIBUTE - AUBREY FULLER We lhe Semors of l959 pay lrrbule lo a man who 'lor lhe pasl lwenly mme years has served as coach and chlel scoul for our fool ball leams Durmg hrs coachmg career Mr Fuller worlced wnfh hun dreds of Decalur boys one of whom la+er became All Amerucan whule many of +he olhers have made brulluanl alhlehc records as col lege slars We regrel hus resnqnahon as a coach buf leel sure hns conhnued supporl' of our alhlehc program and o+her school achvuhes wull be a greal assel lo D l-l S J f""4hb-x f :C Q! gm .a-5 HW 'ff JH -K. i Avi' 4 -'f-7:-ifglr Hr A-" gf Q5f:".- . -f iP,'1iQ?,. f., ' 42A-gf 4' - .xxx mx. fi 1. in -..f f ' .if-1 .PSS 'mf' - NF.QU.w M.'r'b ,- f. fax' 5.2: 1. -1, e ual! X ,Ju f . X SQ :gg ,U if X ... lbf ,u Q N, a'?'?5'gi I fri?-" 5' 1 21 fx ja 2 ,ff in J1 If j X .1 - ii hx .gy , Q A. k vmk ,ii 2 Q M 1556 MX " N. da QQ t sn' 'Pd ' li' RP' me F '43, Homecoming Floai f- 3 Q , 'l 3 """"W mm., WM YT """""? Q 1 3 nl ggi, . p sv HOMECOMING COURT Freshmen - George Adams, Barbara Ageeg Sophomores - Noble Russell, Lela Wrighig Juniors - Fred Price, Jan Thompson: Seniors - Larry Durham. CeCelia Smiihg Seniors - Ebbie Emens, Julian Harris: Juniors - Myra Brown, Gary Bishop: Sophomores-Mary Vir- ginia Hughes, Tim Taylor: Freshmen - Adeline Pepper, Jerry Taylor: Eighlh Grade - Brenda Sfone, Donny Turner. , '. , ssqgg A w l 51 We . -4 'J - il' ,'f:.Q ' ,Q ev . 5 . 4 ' A . HOMECOMING 1958 Jimmy Blyfhe, Jean Barreii-Queen JoAnne Ellioi-Queen '57, Cindy Higginboiham Q Sex JUDY SANDERSON 2 years l rr' PENNY PI NKSTON 2 years 'Wx 'QHX V397 N." Q T00 J: 'rv-.S Q we I I EMILY STANFORD JEAN BARRETT CECEI-IA SMITH 3 years 3 years 3 years .l X TNR' LELA WRIGHT year TRIBUTE TrrbuTe us cerTamIy due our hard working CheerIeaders For The pasT Three years aT The ar1r1uaI Cheer Ieader Chmc our group has been raTed number one an The sTaTe We are all proud oT Their Tune record and we appreclaTe Their hard work an our behahf SUE ANDERSON I ear W... PATTYE WILEY 2 years 5-an i JOAN GUNN 2 years GAYLE ROGERS I year ..f" 1 . 'S L . I y y 'E 1 is ' -'., I Q I Y. I I I VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Kneeling Iefr ro rnghf Jnmmy Yarbrough Horace Crowe Joe T Jones Coach Joe Jones Blly Bules Theron Manly Dennis Holi' Sfandlng lefi' lo rlghl Jerry Moebes Don Sfanford Paul Prsam Gwen Morgan Hugh Ogle Buddy French Rod Goode Buddy Payne v - V 1 - I I I . . . , . . . . . . 1 . - .V I 52' gf. 0 X 5 K 0 'kr--'V , , ! '41, :Y tl -'K 'w ii . YQ 1: 'Q s iN Y ' . Q- A X 3 'a' ? .Q X Qin Ns, '5 x -sf 1 V- 'bg 5i-1, .54 T 'I 1 E t V X Aj. 9.2 9 L g U ' 1 n f ' f 'Q I Q nf. I I I 0 I Q p. D .g v 1 " M , I I I . I7 .. t g I I I 4 w . I I , ' I 3 0 I "5 "",QQE? 1- iq' , A 515 ifgisivl i A 1 4 ,af '4- fi QW'-w - 1 wr L th. Q 1 -. ,, -4, auonv Fi CH .Q-1.4 1 1 o 1 ff. ? li .3 gk: lf Q 1 . 1 4 I 5 Fciwar A 5 x "-3.-.1 sr f 4 ' x f-iaai.Gr 'Bllis 4 Quarda. , v 4 ge." 'FX 'Q 4 iifffl 4 f' K if a 2 Q K 9 b-A V' fig M: ls' . - . - -5. Ak. A!! . gwi zx"'-9'-6 'i ! 1+ 'a ai- '- 4 ' . J Akg . Ml 1 rg nEhC' 'Q rw 4 Q 'ffA8.,a,d'o. A ' Q v I '- I . A 5 Q. Q 1 i J 1 4 ' g 7 3 1 ia , K E K , B fl I 3 P Q , A, X f iw my ,igx 5 yt .hm SQ W. fs -. -V, D -75. ,X ' , C - K Q fxg N A bw- vis giia 'wh Q' X h I , h 1, , M Q. Q -M .'iA.:, 2Ts' ' "-'wqwfvfbi , M .f V- 'afef 'f"'ff'x 3' 5 nu! 'XG 5- W 2 Q 'Q 3? ? 1 'Q K W 'ff' ,I 'F f s SENIOR "B" BASKETBALL SQUAD Sfandmg leff fo ugh? Jxmmy Srnufh Jrmmy Glenn Eddie Smufh Jack Hnqgunbofham Jerry Eubanks Tommy Srnlih Bobby Draper Jimmy Adams Kneeling lef+ fo rlghi' Dennis Hol+ Manager Coach Joe Jones Jimmy Yarbrough Manager JUNIOR BASKETBALL SQUAD ii' Left +0 r'gH: Rccdlrg Fifi Manager: Jerry Ho" Bob Gi frfsf Jr-nary Jcrniff Dafd Reed D,-wfgr+ HHH Jcrrny Hagres, Gauge Adams Dcnrio Tune' See' Gy Page CZECH Jce J res Q gm . - .,-.........,.-,..,. ,.,......4f-.-....7.,mfw,,L.a . v . 3 , Q HQ A rm W ..- --pl! 7 rf " Yi --- .5 g f i g: S ' 9 r ,Q ' . . ,axe 1- , ,, Q5 V Y. 0 -,,o Y. u , u. F :ui V , I A pl ' f S ' '- A 1- r- ' ' . V ' 5? ' a - fr , Q, - .P 'A" -f--1 - A 1 ' - r 5 " fi:-3 , A W A " 'X 'S 4,4 A ' 1 1"" ...V 'SJ --v-1--' Kneeling, leff 'ko riqbfz Barbara Tay?or. Caro' Fife, Barbara Agce, S+anding, Ve? fo riqhrz Brenda AVen Unda Norwood, Lu'u Munn, Adeline Pepper, Sandra Kfrkpafdclc, Gferda Vcfna. - VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - JEAN BARRETT CECELIA SMITH EMILY STANFORD PATTYE WILEY JUDY SANDERSON LELA WRIGHT PENNY PINKSTON GAYLE ROGERS Na+ picmrecl: JOAN GUNN SUE ANDERSON 9 O ef! Q5 'Tl + lv' 9 1 4 at 'hip K SCHOOL FAVORITE JEAN BARRETT EMILY STANFORD 1-fs 61-8 . ""J,:,'7 R - Q, in Qjfw-1-T-A FA VORI TES EDDIE TILLER 'JR X E- RF J 7 DOTTY WOOD JERRY COFEEY qua-NI I-ua! gig X fi W. 'fffwef S N f 0 ,iq 5, W vvfv' MARY VIRGINIA HUGHES TIM TAYLOR SOPHOM ORE FAVORITES LELA WRIGHT If aa 'ar A, 'W11N""f,,. ROY GARNETT no r ii!-.ji -i JERRY TAYLOR N-RW? rxg. A ADELINE PEPPER FRESHMAN FAVORITES 5 wx 11:7 BOB GILCHRIST ET' LINDA NORWOOD xN HEY DAY KING AND QUEEN JERRY E ER EMI STANFORD BEST ALL ROUND Ebbie Emens Ed Cornell ix, SENIOR MOST ATHLETIC Nancy Edwards Donna Edwards Hugh Ogle V Q3 MOST ATTRACTIVE Cecelia Smirh Don Church R5 V. 'S X1 L.. v WITTIEST Ufffw Vfccd Mm Seat: e WHO 'S FRIENDLIEST Sue Numqe-sfer Jerry Coffey , ,153 I""':i , MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sue Carre!! Larry Durham BEST ALL ROUND Myra Brown Hill Ferguson MOST ATHLETIC Peggy Kirnbrell Buddy French JUNIOR MOST ATTRACTIVE Penny Pinksfon Wayne Blaioclc WHO 'S WHO FRIENDLIEST V , V xxx W-fig' mf 'P X WITTIEST Adrlam Hembree Fred Prite X Q i if . A, Ann Rowe Jerry LedbeHer ,kN I X MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Vina Haffner Ben Lee Damskey in 1 v. M94 I 'X-. ,-P. il WHO'S WITTIEST Le'a VVNQH Torrrny Blacb WHO FRIENDLIEST Sue Anderson Jimmy Duncan Sf' MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Pafsy Tucker Jack Higginbdrham BEST ALL ROUND Barbara Aqee Johnny Johnson 43'- 5,4 "" FRESHMAN X? MOST ATTRACTIVE . A . Carol Fi+e Jerry Taylor MOST ATHLETIC Sandra Kfrlcpafriclc Jimmy Puclceff 5' in-1 is --uni 56" vs'- 'Q X ,- f ,SWK Mt' 'U f Q: . A Q , gf. 1 . MMMSUMMMW Wwflifwfiig gy WLS JEWJ M M Q Q gfw W Ca, qw DNN W 7 11 LJY-JS 6' 5 0,41 fiwbgg, 777 af I mm XJ if QW 'Z kai EMM W 0565 WW 3' zlygwk CM R QNQQJQXY Us Q5 f M EE ALf7a60 zE 7265 K WAX fm'-aff XS Q7 . 4 4 ffm v , I 1 . 0 'i I P7 WN f ' Qfe f 0' ' fm U MM ' M Q fig r 'S-4' 1 ., dfccaw 41.2, XS. - fflf' x W Q' f 2' W EQQE fr C' ff 71.15. ' ' . ls' . X . 7J ' 4? , ,ff W L,,,.-fw-A- 'N- Q W, E, I qf' , , fn . 'SLA fy X mg? 'ff . . 1 R u . 'Dm FX' ,A 'X , an If MJ NW, X! X f v UQ" x U u a Q , 1 ? Ab 1 nb 3 5 Ivtiffvxy , . X- , ' 5 A Wi 2 .. ' figud " J? 'U fflfpnl , e- QM ,MW ,X SX J s -,Q E Qs? x f i I I . gs gl ,. xg if U Af Q Y' I ff f X W . A1545 326 X I 4 4 ' I QWVNQLNQJMJQUM I SNAPSHCTS - 'ci ,dv .gl ,. fa 'W' 1 Mislwer Almon Nancy Blackwell Wallbr Blackwe 'VQQKS 4 F 5 in .-.J-f bf ri Belfye Bowling Sandra Call Sue Carrcf is ZA, Doris Cook Lynne Fisher Charles Henson 90 'P as-""' Larry Durbam Wilde Eddins ... t, 1 , r -. , Eleanor Forsyilie Caryline Gibson ,W--W rxri Dennis Billings H 'sf e1 ' . Don Clwrcn b 'Z fn-13 'O r an X- Malcolm Edwards Peggy Guiiin Y . . ., x M gf' I 5 X ":r"O 1 Q- ,y f fs 1 Shelby l-lerclienlnalrn Robbie Hines Jimmy Jackson 'V f IL rv I L 1 ' an 'Q Marion Billions 64 ', fn- ns P .Q Q . M l l ' mhifhh Carl Collins .10- vu-ad' .K .K Suqene Elkins 4-ff qs 'Kgs ,H-fi-.ll y , ,, , f lm i Carolyn Guyse Billy Jenkins 55 1-. f -'FWF ie X are , g L .quo tv 'P Lf: Q, on 5 "'1r5ff' 1115.13 in -ef" "9 ' W?- l-lclen Jervis Bobby Jolsnson Myra Jolrnson Bud Kelly Palsy Kennedy N V , s N 'L A2 ' I :,..V' I 3 f - - '-',-V 1 A 4' 0 1 '19 ff 5 Alu. ' 4 "" L y ' 'E' .f 4' 'P . . Y- ' L :El 4' ja L ' " 2 - A' 'if' ' . if . ...I 4,11 'I ., 1 P ---' 1 g-5245: fa ' Q' ' Qs Valerie King Sha Kracke Tommy Kullrnan Janice Lane Joan Lawrence in l 'l ,, w H+! s, ,, 4 4. .1 3 e '9 xg I' 1 ... Clwarlorfe Leeman Joe Lowery Jlrnrny McMur'n-Ie Larry McRae Wimbreflw Mellon ff' P 'FS' ' if 1-Q vp s ' ff 4- " r ' X .' , QI il V N D 4 Ny 1 Bobby Miller Sandra Minor Lydna Milclmell Linda Mooney Doug Nabors X L Q ,xr fi ' t P ' ' 1 -an an fr P V ? ' 1 L ' 'T , 'Q 'Q' "" -.- 'S . I' v ""-elif . f r i Q -H P? Q if 2 1 4 Q7 1 ii' ' 1 i Monfe Owens Reba Dinsmore Pallerson Sandra Piclcens Don Poole Pal Powell . if ' f if 1 5 S ff nm. g no gil is vp- P a ' 3'-gf, --vw if Scharlollro Price Pai Sanders Judy SH'ldf'IiiW Peqqy Scolf .A X1 Dorcas Sowell g, v 9' Q ' Q 4. '. QQ-o s IF, 5.1 vs , 1 f f I x' fE,., xx . X x hw s Cecilia Smifh Roberl Smifh Cherfe Srednam Rf?f'Vl'9 Srnilh Carl Slill Mm, , dv g Us W f : ' f,' A , gi K ., KK Q1-2 .J -wk Q -4 5 Y x ,K i a , A "A'- 1 ' v ' -'f , X AA. K , :Z , iz Q A r 'Al K . AW Lf - ul. l 4 1 --ff Kms .f Sammy Sfone Wanda Slreel' Bob Thomas Donna Thomas Douglas Thrasher 39 "'X f .-r 'N-ff """ FIXJ Eddie Tiller Ronald Travis Ellioff Tyler Pai Vinson 'ln Tommy Walker 'Q' Yr .aiyf , ,. f I. mi f . 'K x -v who Pallye Wiley Frank Wilson Dolly Wood Edwin lNyle l92 fm 3 .4 - Gene Yarbrough h.f,!?.:s ,iw P A Ar "7"' dim ' e ' ,--In 'Xian 4 QX ' Barrel? Twlng Shirlenr, Eillnqs Frances Boseclr James Burden -leffy CUHGY gr , Q t .sh -H l '5-1 ' if , L 'Y 1' 550- I X u Pele Darmcr Reba Dfnsrncre Edwards lwlns Yvonne Evans Tommy Jolnnson far W' , , T W, fu s f Kaffe Parker Max Seagle Q 1? Tommy Lyons Wendell Nicholson Ray Ogle Ng.,,- L., Jane Pirkle Edward Pllcoclx Sandra RlV9V5 .qi ' Q 'x. f 'War Joe Sflmson Mary N. Tucker Corene Williams ,, it Y Mary J. Gcsline Buddy Payne Pa+ Smlfh Y I Palsy Young 0FF TO TH E FAIR 1-H"1 w. gsm. . , , . -Kz' --4,4 x ,, Vx- ,, ' M, gig f' 1- , I , fi :Q , K P' I -'Qiysf X 4 'lf 1 X tk P fi if ,, f H. 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Byrd Scholarship, Auburn ,, S Anlioch College Scholarship A+hens College Scholarship is,s, or Winner, Nalional Secrelaries Conlesl OUTSTANDING SENIORS GRADUATION NIGHT AWARDS L fr ro rqhf M Jenk ns Larry Durham Mosf Oursrand ng Sen CeCela Sm Th DAR Good Cfzenshnp Award Joe S+ mso C ran G-ood Crzensh p M-ada! Pa? Po eU Rofary Scholarsh p Be-sf Second Year Typ sf ,105 STIMSQN MARY JANE GOSLINE Scholarshnp wmners Assocuafed lndusrrues of Alabama Essay Conresr .. an Q 5 Q 'N- ' N7 5' md X ?r5, A 1- H A ' wk YQ' gg, Y . , xi' ,X I .5 f I7 sr 1 'A eu-XY U ' j F 1 A ' T -Na g" A U A UH ' iq f or D 1 f P! V ED '-Q5 T' 'ET r.i 'H "5 e I : r. E 5 , I Eorg i I , . . . ii ' I rw, WI il i 7 w , I , i . SENIORS IN WASHINGTON '-. cf. ,,1g,:...:153 wi., -snr '11 Qi! 3.42, ,. . . '-54.471 , lv.. , SENIOR . SNAPSHOTS TRIP I N? dl DEEFJTU F iff S GIRLS STATE BOYS' STATE HIGH POINT WINNERS VINA HAFFNER Q ABIGAIL TURNER 'N 'Q ' ANNE DISEKER LARRY HINKER DRAMATICS TI-IE MAN WI-Io CAME TO DINNER The Senror Class presenled Ils play The Man Who Came lo Drnner on December I2 T958 Mr WhIlesIde played by Scoll Johnson was a very lwmous wnler who slIpped and broke has ankle on lhe Slanleys doorsleps Mr WhIlesIde was InvIled lor dnnner bul slayed lor lhree monlhs DurIng hls slay he became dnclalor ol lhe Slanley household HIS manner In gnvung advIce palchung up broken romances and rullng Ihe Slanley household made lhe play one ol lhe besl ol lhe year Some ol lhe olher members ol lhe casl were Doug Nabors Mary Jane Goslune Dolly Wood Ellnoll Tyler Corene WIllIams Glorua McGee Rand Bryan CeCelIa Smnlh Gene Yar brough JImmy McMur'lree and Lnnda Clark FINDER S CREEPERS On March 5 l959 lhe Jun or Class presenled Funders Creepers a lhree acl myslery comedy Two boys Hercules and WIlbur played by Gary BIshop and BIlly Lallle vIsIl l-lerc s relallves and land lhal lhey are underlakers and llve ID a morluary The delzghllul epnsodes lhal lollow sel lhe enlure household IH an uproar Some ol lhe supporlung aclors and aclresses were Fred Prnce Janrce Leeman Hull Ferguson Eleanor Lawrence Tommy Burns Jeanelle Gnles and Adruan Hembree A CASE CF SPRINGTIME On May l l95'-7 lhe Sophomore Class presenled A Case ol Sprunglume a lhree acl comedy Bob Parker played by Jack Hnggenbolhem was conslanlly IH lrouble wIlh one person or lhe olher Through accIdenl he even dyed hIs prIncIpal s dnnner Iackel brsghl yellow The way In whuch lhe ensurng problem and all lhe olhers were solved kepl lhe auduence laughmg lhe enlure evenung Some olher members ol lhe casl were Lela Wrrghl Rosahe McCool Ronnue Workman Sally Jo Powell Davrd Baker Brlly BIles and Rulh Sanderson FATHER KNOWS BEST" The Freshman Class presenled Falher Knows Besl a lhree acl comedy on Novem ber Zl I958 Jackue WhIle as lhe lalher of lhe Anderson household look each CFISIS ol hus lamIly ID slrude When Mr Anderson lhoughl Bud hrs son played by Reddmg Pull had eloped wulh has bosss daughler hrs calm manner vanlshed The manner In whIch calm was reslored lo lhe Anderson household cerlaunly proved lhal Falher Knows Besl Some olher members ol lhe casl were l.Inda Holl Januce Sellars LIbby Arnold Jerry Holl AbIgaIl Turner Carolyn Slevens and Nancy Trowbrudge -.1 li ll Il ' ' ll ' II I I I . . I , c . . I . . . . - I I - I I I I I I I I - I I I II I ll - II . I II I I I I . l I I . - I I I I I I I ll ll II . . II I I I T - I I . . . . I . . I I I I I I . II II II I - I - I . I I , . "' I , , . I . . . , I , , . II ,, . . . . - I I I I I I ' JUN lo R- SENIOR PARTY SENIOR CLASS Fronf row lell lo right John Adams Bob Agee Richard Allen Misher Amon Jack Anglea Sieve Bailey Jimmy Baker Bobbie Mae Banks Jerry Barnelle Jimmy Barrerl Jean Barrel? Second row Joan Barrel? G nn Dennis Billings Shirlene Lyle Billings Marlon Bl ons Fel x Brdwell Tad Black Nancy Blackwell Wiley Blankenship Jimmy Blyrhe Joe Bogle Kennerh Bolding Third row Doro Thy Bowen Belrye Ann Bowling Frances Boseck Johnny Brazelfon Joe Brazier Brenda Brown Rand Bryan Jimmy Burden Sandra Call nda Carilhers Sue Carrell Fourfh row Jimmy Carlisle Par Chandler Don Church Charles Clark Linda Clark Jane Co Crow Davis Darwin Jimmy Davis Bobby Delrnore Byron DeMenl George Doulhil Jewel Duncan Larry Durham 'Zz' oo cvl Fronf row lell lo righl Wilda Eddins Donna Edwards Malcolm Edwards Nancy Edwards Sugene Elkins Jewell Eubanks Yvonne Evans John Farrer Suzanne Filler Lynne Fisher Judy Flack Second row Eleanor Forsylhe Guy French Wilma George Carlyine Gibson Jimmy Gilliam Mary Jane Gosline Mildred Gray Peggy Gullin Carolyn Guyse Tommy Guylon Third row Julian Harris Norman Harris Charles Henson Shelby Herchanhan James Herron Wendell Hill Robbie Hines Howell Holland Nancy Holloway Don Holl Linda Sue Hughes Fourfh row Bobby Hull Mary Helen Hursl Jimmy Don Jackson Billy Jenkins Travis Jenkins Helen Jervis Bobby Doyle Johnson Scolf Johnson Myra Johnson Tommy Johnson Flffh row Marvin Julich Billy Kay Bud Kelly Carol Kennamer Pal Kennedy Valerie King Virginia Kracke Tommy Kullman v Q N.. '4 D ' - e -l .C ',' - 45 .' N - -- .. A V in f A 1 II - ., T, 3, :L if - 'Nl Q 4 ili , z 1 , . , " ' . ' . r ' . ' : - burn. Jerry Coffee, Carl Collins, Beverly Compfon, Doris Cooke Ed Cornell. Fiffh row: Skip Cox. Pallie Craig. Eddie Crook, Jimmy i, . lr l J r' 'f ' . 4 -Q I . 3 , ' ss , - I .. . , .3 s , i, 49? ? V 4 Gi - J' V 'B . Q OF 1959 1 55 oc 44 JR G' wr n+ row T r r rr GV ce n n rr cry econd row 1 M GQ Jrnrny I'v1cMbr rre arry McaeWo :na rrowJy ca L. ncrn r on q rr r n a oney Hersh-e N D MQ Nabor en y Og Four mrepaesnl rw LO ane andrape-new ae ce aRcxad x'r rowll d a y e a 5 d L7 Fnrsf row left ro rghi Pa? 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