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fs 23 iw, G Qs Q Lg 1 M W WU-S351 . ,A fill E'ri2i'1f vt n A . . g Q .Sf r n, U 1 , 1 4 ,-I , ,fw"f,?,"" 'V mul W 1 ,, 1 4' WX f 'Qfg'if3EQ, ? 4.335 jfii f 'vim "ff K in.: V "'a f'A " ic: Q 5 L3 ' ..' 'f ,. V me 55 -""' fgelgat 1 4 . ' 'af' 9 1 iii H c ' ,LIST W 2 YF? Hi' 1 a,.Nf-yi ' iff. .ci ' 2 vu 2 ,X-31 'S " ! Y 1 Vi 2 2 Yi' i ai I in sg 'V-I Q 5 ii 2 2 xv' . is i , F . an x . C ' . fi lNTRODll6Tl0N T0 THF B AR l06 FOR 1956 This year we have chosen "Nature" as a theme for our annual. Whether one has stopped to think about the influence of our natural environment or not, its influence is there. Often in late autumn I have overheard a group of fellows in study hall talking. One says, "Well I finally got my buck. " Another says, "Boy, you should have seen the one Tommy shot- -five pointer: dressed out at 200 pounds! " Gradually the talk of pheasant, duck, and deer seasons fades away, put into the background by the ermine blanket of deep winter, and thoughts turn to skiing and skating--from Terry Peak Slope to lo- cal hillside, from Blacktail Rink to beaver pond. Then in years gone by if the first of May fell upon a school day, it was declared a holiday and all went fishing. The usually crystalline streams, bordered by water seeking spruce, might be muddy with spring thaws. The "purist" fly fisherman in that case, after a covert look around, sometimes whipped out a number six hook, put on some garden hackle, and continued his pursuit of Brook, Loch, and Rainbow. Just as the sheltering hills shut out the dry and burning prairie winds of summer and the bitter frigidity of winter's winds, they also close around us with beauty beyond description--streams of pristine purity, autumns made rich by golden leaved birch and aspen, majestic pines, flat topped with age, pines that were standing when George Washington crossed the Delaware, pines that stood when the Sioux came to their sacred Pahasapa hunting grounds. Because of our love and enjoyment of nature and its influence upon our lives, we have employed a nature theme. Please join us on our trip through nature's realm. FRANKUN BRAINARD, ADVISUR FOR THE BEAR l06 STAFF DEADWOOD HIGH SL'H00l DEADWO0D, SOUTH DAKOTA 1 IN MEMORY We of the 1956 2292-Liog staff wish to dedicate this annual tothe memory of Coach Stewart Ferguson who died suddenly on December 29, 1955. For eleven years "Fergie" gave his best to us not only as a. coach but also as a history teacher. His industriousness, kind heartedness, syrnpathy and understanding won for hirn a. place in the hearts of all who knew him. Z INTRODUCTION A DMINISTRA 7 ION CIASSES ORGANIZA TIOIVS ACTIVITIES TABIE OI-' 6'0NTI:'NTS E 55 5, wg ., M I 1 ,ww .qqif-", 1 wwaf rn I 4-I0 II-24 25-49 50-56 ADMIN! TRATORS1 FAU!! TY ARE H. S. Berger, Superintendent of Deadwood Public Schools since 1928, received his B. S. degree at Northeast State Teachers College and his M. A. degree at the University of Missouri. This school year, like the last, has been un- usually busy for Mr. Berger. Overseeing the completion of Deadwood High's armory--auditorium has occupied many hours of his tixne over and above his regular duties. He enjoys golf, dogs the has two, Bobby and Frecklesj, and fishing. Principal R. H. Krug came to Deadwood High School in1925. Mr. Krug received his B. A. degree at North Central Col- lege, Naperville, Illinois, and his M. A. degree at the Un- iversity of Wisconsin. Other than his regular duties, Mr. Krug acts as adviser to the student council. D. H. S. students know their principal as a ma.n who is firm, fair, and who has a kindly sense of hurnor. In his leisure hours, he is an ex- cellent fly fisherman. Miss Lola. Kersten, Secretary of Deadwood Public Schools since 1935, is a friendly and efficient person whom all know and like. She and her dad spend many surnmer hours at Tomahawk Country Club. When asked her score for 18 holes, she replied, "As ex-president Truman so frequently remarked--no comment. " After an active career of school work and extra. curriculars, Mary Rotter, an "o1d grad" of 1955, has assumed an im- portant post in D. H. S. , Secretary to Mr. Krug. Welcome back Mary. 4 OREST RANGER 0F DJ-l.S. Franklin Brainard, English, social science, and publications teacher, became a member of Deadwood's faculty in 1946. Mr. Brainard, an ex-merchant mariner, received his B. A. at Jamestown College, Jamestown, North Dakota, and his M. A. degree at the University of North Dakota. His photo- graphy hobby is, in part, an outgrowth of his work as ad- viser for the lag-M125 He is also adviser for the Bruin. Pictured he re with him is senior, Paula Engebretson, who edits the Bruin. Basketball coach, Glenn Burgess, came to D. H. S. in 1952. Mr. Burgess, who also teaches physical education and as- sists in coaching football, earned his B. A. degree at Black Hills Teachers College. Like Mr. Krug, Mr. Burgess is a fine fly fisherman, though there has been a rurnor circulat- ing that he was once caught fishing for trout with worms. Mr. Burgess is shovsm discussing a "two-one-two" with jun- ior basketballer Ray Jones. Deadwood High School's instrumental music program is con- ducted by LaVerne Clark. Mr. Clark, who joined the faculty in 1949, is an active and excellent musician himself. Through his efforts Deadwood High's band has made great strides forward and Deadwood's new armory-auditorium will be the site of All State Band for 1957. Mr. Clark earned his B. E. degree at Black Hills Teachers College. Pat Williamson, junior, is shown getting some special instruction. Deadwood High's science teacher, George Conklin, began work here in 1948. Mr. Conklin received his B. A. from Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio. Mr. Conklin, though he may not have a "Gold Mine In The Sky" does run the Bro- ken Boot Gold Mine, a local tourist attraction, during the suxnmer months. Both he and Mrs. Conklin are active in church work. Mr. Conklin is telling senior, Kurt Machler, which way Reddy Kilowatt went. 5 ad JW 5 1 5-A I II i -xr' Music and draxnatics teacher, Mary Craig, canie to Dead- wood in1929. She has a B. A. degree from Black Hills Teachers College and an M. A. from the University of Wy- oming. Though, as a dramatist, Miss Craig deals with the sad mask as well as the happy one, we in school see only the happy one. She constantly surprises students, faculty, and public with the variety of play fare presented. Arne Sjorne- ling, one of Miss Craig's senior thespians, gets a coat of grease paint. Mrs. Louise M. Farrens began teaching in Deadwood in 1955. She holds a B. S. in education from the University of Nebraska. Mrs. Farrens teaches English and Latin. She is pictured here helping student Yvonne Lee with an English assignment. Home and children are Mrs. Farrens hobbies. Mrs. Edna Ferguson, school librarian and English teacher, carne to Deadwoodl-HghSchool in l-944. Sie received her B. A. degree from Arkansas A. 8: M. Here she is showing Sharon Farrens how to use the card catalogue. What does she do for a hobby? Why read of course. Eldon Gran, master of trenchant wit, joined Deadwood in 1953. This commercial teacher received his B. S. degree at Black Hills Teachers College and was formerly employed as local grade school principal. Here he is overseeing Jolyn Kimble's work on the adding machine. 6 "Please, Miss Rachetto make your point more firxnly. " One can just imagine Mr. Lowden Heller saying this to the lady at the lectern. Mr. Heller, who teaches English, speech, and debate, likes to fly, to fish, and to golf. He says he is going to learn to ski. This organizer of"Deadwood High On The Air" took his B. A. at the University of South Dakota. This year is his first in Deadwood. J. Ora Horsfall checks Chuck Hendrickson's mechanical drawing. Mr. Horsfall has held the manual arts post since 1929. He received his B. E. degree from Plattsville State College, Plattsville, Wisconsin. Mr. Horsfall enjoys golf, but finds ve ry little time to play. Why? Well, he and Mrs. Horsfall are too busy--running Tomahawk Golf Course each surnmer. Miss Lucie Jensen, mathematics teacher, began teaching at Deadwood High School in 1947. She is pictured here with Gary Collins, overseeing his framing project. Each year she has her students experiment with the construction of varied geometric forrns--bridges, towers, and Christmas mobiles. Miss Jensen received her B. S. degree from the University of Washington. Mrs. R. H. Krug is shown here giving instruction to Dar- leen Lester. Elsie Krug, Girls' Physical Education Instruc- tor since 1936, obtained her B. S. degree from the Univer- sity of South Dakota. What does she do as a hobby? You guessed itg fishes for the wily trout with her husband, Prin- cipal R. H. Krug. 7 ' Mr. Donald Swanson, Deadwood's B. M. O. C. , holds a B. A. degree from the University of the South at Sewanee, Ten- nessee. Though usually an English-drama teacher, he is at present teaching some social science and history. He en- ' joys directing plays, reading, and music. Shown here get- ting the special word from Mr. Swanson about general bus- iness is Douglas Luger. Q 'I Miss Jean Van Heuvelen, home economics teacher at Dead- wood High since 1946 is shown here discussing a pattern with Romell Kaelbe rer. Incidentally, the dress Romell is wearing is one she made under Miss Van Heuvelen's direction. Miss Van Heuvelen received her B. S. degree from Dakota Wes- 47 leyan. Merlyn W. Veren, assistant basketball coach, gives Peter Loveridge, seventh grader, some pointers on guarding. Mr. Veren received his B. E. degree from the University of South Dakota. An all round sports participant, Mr. Veren turns to golf during the surnmer. This is his second year on the faculty of D. H. S. It goes almost without saying that people who produce annuals strive for as much variety in pictures, make-up, and content as is possible. For years we have tried to vary faculty pictures, to show different phases of teachers' lives. We have used pictures at desks, formal portraits, and family pictures. This year we thought ofourteach- ers as forest rangers, helping to plan for Deadwood's most precious naturalasset--its youth. In keeping with this nature theme idea and with a desire to be journalistically straightforward, we tried to present in each picture a teacher and a student in some typical relation. Then, too, since the re- lationship of today's student and teacher tends toward less formality, we endeavored to present in- formal pictures. 8 OEADWOOD BOARD PZANS OONSERVA ION OF MOST IMPORTANT NATURAZ RESOURO --YOU H Yvmii SCHOOL BOARD: Seated, left to right--Mr. Martin Morris, Member, Mrs. Sylvia Bag- galey, Presidentg Miss Lola Kersten, Secretaryg Mr. Elmer Pontius, Member. Stand- ing--Mr. Harry S. Berger, Superintendent, Mr. Harold lvitchell, Member, Mr. George Palmer, Member, Mr. Carlton O. Gorder, Treasurer. The major projects of the Deadwood School Board for the 1955-56 school year were the gymna- sium-armory-auditorium, grade school annex and hot lunch program, driver education course, and the purchase of band uniforms. The armory which cost a total of S283, 000. 00 will seat 2200 people for basketball games, 3000 for music festivals or conventions, and 600 people for banquets. The armory will be completed about the first of May. The completion of the S86, 000. 00 grade school annex was a much needed addition to the Deadwood school system. It alleviated crowded conditions in the elementary school and provided us with three class rooms and an excellent hot lunch room. This hot lunch program has been heartily received, averaging 180 persons per day. The school board has approved the addition of a driver education course to next years curriculum is course will begin with textbook work at the beginning of the second semester, and the actual driving instruction will be offered during the su.mmer months. Last, but not least, the school These uniforms are of the military type, consisting of grey pants and black coats with orange trim The caps will be black, grey and orange. board has approved the purchase of new band uniforms for the band. 9 OOIINOIT WORKS' WITH ORE5' T RANGERS' AND OON ERVATIONISTS TO PROMOTE STUDENT Al-'FAIR The Student Council is cormposed of two students from each class. The counci1's main Objective is to work out problems of the student body. At the beginning of the year the student body elected Woody Williamson President. At the first meeting Belva Burtzlaff was elected Vice President and Lois Pringle Secretary-Treasurer. In the following meetings problems concerning Bear Day acl tivities and citizenship were discussed. The subject of "B" Squad cheerleaders was also taken up and decided. This year the Student Council sponsored a March of Dunes campaign between classes. A record of 534. 90 was collected by the high school. The following meetings were devoted to bringing the Alumni Directory up to date. if-" ,. """" ' V vhs- 'psf ' STUDENT COUNCIL: left to right--Jack Sears, Hans Neubert, Donald Ahl, Woody Williamson, Mr. Krug, Ronnie Hennen, Lois Pringle. Belva Burtzlaff, Glenrose Hill. 10 OUND ON Tl-IE FUREST I-1007? Left to right--Chry Cboper, Wee President, Cal Ivimrd, Presitbnt Treasure r. Guiding the Freshmen through their activities this year was no easy task for the officers of this class. Cal Minard, President, who proved to be a leader in every respect, was assisted by Gary Cooper, Vice-President, and Arlene Jacobson, Secretary-Treasurer, to make the Freshman year a successful one. Student Council members representing our class were Donald Ahl and Hans Neubert. Bear Day proved to be a memorable one for Arlene Jacobson who was crowned queen of the class of 1159. Patty Whalen was elected alternate queen. Qir Freshm Bea Da an r y Hoat had the theme "Our Queen Takes The Cake. " Coming from our class were four of the five "B" Squad cheerleaders chosen this year. They are as follows: Patty Whalen, head cheerleader, Judy Cartner, Julia Clark, and Margie Lindstrom. Q l . n E 5 I I I , P.-essmen. dn 4.23: vi A Tn f nie, ,L Q, 22293, L47 e LQ 3 ff he 1. so 6 lr P' 'L' Q ,- S 0 '11 S '54 A 5 5. ,Nl Q Q ,QA V C- if-9' +o fear :iw 'IQWQW :irq M244 gi fts -- 4-ff ' s xi e94 4 ', -N 5. Sie? J - XA 2 -: 'If 3:13555 'bt off- , -ll. jk D K K4 Y -xl ...Er jx d Y - A ' , ,ji -1? -g? i . FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: 9 Arlenen Jacobs on, Secretary- 'fe' J 63 -E vw JK' --, ri ' f f V I 1 . if , if y k ia .. L.Q . A is Q Lee Ann Ackley, Donny Ahl, Jim Anderson, George Auer, Joan Broc an, Judy Gartner, Julia Clark krn Margaret Collins, Gary Cooper, David Curtis, Jean Fletcher, Leatha Heninrich, Harold Hicks, Adam Hudson. ' .. ll ' e t. i ff 3 gi' +1 ,Q 4 Stanley Hughs, Arlene Jacobson, Marlin Janas, Marvin Kallenberger, Shirley Kallenberger, Judy Klein, Mike Klein Marlis Lester. Margaret Lindstrom, Donald Luckie, Gary Marshall, Darlene Maynard, Roana Merritt, Michael lviinard. .la -. X ' ' we ix af R Not pictured--Paul Cor- dova, Darlen Luger, Da- vid Miller, Maurice Moses, Richard Neavill, Patricia Papka, Hannah Parker, Cathryn Ward, Cletus Stalder. John Moliter, Hans Neubert, Helen Pontius, Barbara Rachetto, Barbara Rich, David Roesler, Raymond Sargent Charles Sederstrom, Verna Sordahl, Evalin Stadel, Patsy Steinlicht, Patty Whalen. 12 I-llll, lEMAR, AND UND TROM HEAD OPH i retary-Treasurer: .Tim LeMar President: Carl Lindstrom, Woe- President. Jim LeMar, elected President of the class of 1958, led the Sophomores. Helping J'i.m were Carl Lind- strom, Vice-President, and Glenrose Hill, Secretary- Treasurer. The sophs always led in the number of students on the honor roll, but the sophs also obtained many honors outside of class. Margie Bell, Don Johnson, and Herb Clark won many victories in debate. Herb Clark was elected Vice-President of the high school band and was chosen delegate to All State Band on the baritone horn. Working with Jack Sears, Glenrose Hill took on a second job as representative for student council. Glenrose had a third duty when, a short time later, she was elected queen of the sophomore class to reign during the Bear Day Activities. She rode in a float dubbed "Deadwood Will Shine Tonight. " 4' N Xt" .-ff. app -, "C, to o ' a fn -f SOPHOMORE CLAS OFFICERS: Left to riyit--Clenrose I-ill, Sec- i ed KT .gay Wx Carol Aijala, Marjory Bell, Beverly Bobst, Wilbur Bowman, Larry Burtzlaff, Karen Carter, Herbert Clark Virginia Clauser, Diane Clements, Vincent Gravelle, Judy Cleveland, Gary Collins, Richard Eatherton, Gale Fox. 1. Q C C i i . 4 Q-5 no r , i 'S 3, gg 2 Dale Hansen, Delores Heinrich Glenrose Hill, Peri Ann Hughes,Don Johnson, Gloria Johnson, Romell Kaelberer Marvin Lee, Jim LeMar, Darleen Lester, Carl Lindstrom, Jim Meverden, Connie McCarroll, Ed Mutchler. f ,J s Rnd ig Y, 1, uf 4 J li? A .f-2 Y, wr Shirley Nelson, Dennis Pierce, Jean Pigney, Dorothy Reznicek. Shirley Roebuck, Muriel Roth, Ruth Scissons Jack Sears, Judy Sxama, Karen Shockey, Sondra Snapp, Rozelle Stalder, Stanley Wells, Donna Witt. Not pictured--Shirley Beckxnan, Douglas Luger, Lyle Maynard, Orval Papka, Blaine Sordahl, David Treber. l4 L vc.. A :Diploma l95'7 unlors - , - Aa, V-r ' 3'1- - ' - dl:-Q - "- ! 55252 " 4l it -- - K ' -1' ,5- .f,l 'ls '-', ' ,,, -- -- nf" 54 -' ' -"' ,.,- 1 'F .1 1. ' J v 1, 4'-.:'X L . ' - -'-'T'- , - - ,?- -.. -,F K QA Q 1-X-, Jkf U, '?' " -i"f" ,s...---I - 4 0. C qp ' 11 6-5 :Fi I ggl .gjgh , 4' 5 vi- - A -f - ai YL " - " l - 'APY -jx .-L 5 ig. if-' :gw"j-1' 'Q Q ' - , V - --fi.. 5 5, t .X it tt- .. V J 3 Tl-IE THREE J'S' ZEAD THE JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Left to right--Jim Young, f Vice-President, Jerry Har dy, President, Jeanne Cleve land, Secretary. fx "" David Aijala Jill Anfinson Barbara Brown Jeanne Cleveland Carolyn Collins Frances Cordova Charles Edmonson Mary Eilers Larry F ahrni Sharon Farrens Sandra Gravelle Donnie Gross Marlene Hansen Jerry Hardy Ronnie Hennen Yvonne Hobbs Rayrnond Jones Ma ria Klein Marlyne Kuykendall Yvonne Lee Jean Maki Leona Marshall Larry Mitchell Nancy Newell Glenn Nigg Jerold Perrett Jerry Pontius Lois Pringle LaRee Redinger Judy Semmons Margaret Slack Roberta VanDerVorst Roland Van De rVorst John Wescott Patricia Williamson Jimmy Young .IUNIORS RECAP I-IEIR YEAR Under the direction of Jerry Hardy, President, Jim Young, Vice-President, and Jeannie Cleveland, Secretary, the Junior class completed a. very successful year at DHS. Representing them in the Stu- dent Council were Ronnie Hennen and Lois Pringle, who was elected Secretary of the Council. Jeannie Cleveland was elected to reign for the Juniors over the Bear Day festivities. She rode on an elaborate float with the theme "Swinging to Victory. " The float merited third prize. Four members of this ambitious class were elected to preside over two different organizations. They are Marlyne Kuykendall, Secretary and Larry Mitchell, President of the band and Yvonne Hobbs, Vice-President and Pat Williamson, Secretary of GAA. Three Junior girls were elected as cheerleaders and one helped lead the band as a twirler. Cheer- leaders were Pat Williamson, Yvonne Hobbs and Jeannie Cleveland, who also presided as head cheer- leader. Leona Marshall was the twirler. Because of his unusual ability on trombone, Larry Mitchell was awarded a trip to All State Band, one of the highest accomplishments possible for high school band members. Jerry Hardy and Jim Young were elected out of the class of '57 to attend Boy's State. .it .4 N y ,, Q. 5 f all 1. It's lots easier than counting on your fingers, isn't it Leona. 2. O. K. Jerry, try it. 3. Mitch battles a lit. test. 4. Lookit me go, Z words a minute. 5. Add Z tsp. of baking soda. 6. Jeannie working?? ? 7. What's so interesting? 8. Don't try to fool us. You guys never study. 9. Two bits it isn't a school book, Be rta. 18 CJ-Vg kfy QU755 INTRODUCING Tl-IE MIGHTY PINES Belva Jean Burt zlaff--Gyrn 1, 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 45 Special Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Christmas Play Z, 33 Class Play 3,43 Pep Club l, Z, 3, 49 Student Council 3, 43 Girl's State Re- presentative 3g Mixed Chorus 43 Music Festival 1, 2, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Softball 1 , 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. Officer 3, 45 Howe Scholarship Cup 29 Junior Class Queen 39 Aerial Tennis Tournament 2, 45 Badminton Tournament 1, 35 Table Tennis Tournaxnent 3,45 All-School Queen 4. Geraldine H. Clauser--Gym 1, 2, G.A. A. 1, Glee Club 21 Special Glee Club 2, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Christmas Play 25 Class Play 3, Bruin Staff 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, Z5 Woodwind Qxintet 35 Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Queen 4. Charles Raymond Crotty--Gym 1. 2.5 Football l , Z, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Z, 4. Arthur DuPratt--Gym 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 2, Working 2, 3, 4. SENIOR CLASS OF- FICERS: L e ft to right- - Bob Sjome- ling, Vice-president, Charles Hendrick- son, Secretary:Mel- vin Meverden, Pres- ident. 3, , ,, .. ,.. -L93 r.:-fs 1 MW, 1 iff- . -zfi nxnfssemss 1 11ise Jimmie Lee I-lennen--Gym 1, 25 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Glee Club Z, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus Z, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Christmas Play25 Student Council 1, Z. Truda Joan Hoy--Gym 1, 25 G. A. A. 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Special Glee Club Z, 35 Mixed Cho- rus 2, 35 Christmas Play 1, Z, 35 Class Play 35 Bruin Staff Z, 35 Dramatic Club 15 Pep Club 25 Working 2, 3, 4. Peggy Ann Huhta--Gyrn 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Special Glee Club 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Christmas Play 1, Z, 35 Class Play 35 Bruin Staff 2, 35 Drarnatic Club 15 Pep Club Z5 Work- ing 2,3,45 G.A. A. l,2. Donnie Lester James--Gyrn 1, 2.5 Football fMa.n- agerl l,2, 35 Basketball l, 2, 35 "B" BB lMan- agerl 1. Paula M. Engebretson--Gyrn 1, Z5 G. A. A. 1,25 Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 45 Special Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Christmas Play Z, 35 Class Play 35 Bruin Staff Z, 3, 45A cappella 15 Pep Club 1, 2, 45 Bruin Ed- itor 45 Softball 1, 25 Basketball 1, 25 Volleyball 1, Z5 Music Festival 3, 45 Dramatics 25 Badminton 25 Aerial Tennis 25 Cheerleader 45 All-School Attendant 4. Margaret Marie Ferris--Gym 1, 25 G. A. A. 15 Glee Club 1, 2.5 Special Glee Club 1,25 Christmas Play 25 Class Hay 35 Bruin Staff2, 35 Pep Club 1. Carlton Thomas Gorder--Gym 1, Z5 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Christmas Play 1, Z, 3,45 Class Play 35 Bruin Staff 1,Z, 3, 45 Debate 15 Class President 15 N. F. L. 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 D Club Z, 3, 45 Mixed Quartet 25 Mixed Sextet 35 lviixed Octet 2,35 Boys Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys Octet 35 Student Congress 35 Softball 1, 25 Round Robin 1, 25 Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4. Charles Elmer Hendrickson--Gynq 1,25 Work- ing 1, 2, 3, 45 Secretary- Treasurer 4. Kurt Hans lvhchler--Glee Club 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Christmas Play 3. Melvyn Eldon lvbverden--Gym 1, 25 Basketball 25 Football 2, 35 Football Manager 45 Class Pres- ident 45 Basketball Manager 4. JoAnne Rose Pringle--Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Gym 1, Z5 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3,45 Clee Qub 1, 2, 3, 45 Special Glee Club l , 35 Mixed Giorus 2, 3, 45 Christmas Play 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 Bear--Lig Staff 3,45 Bruin Staff 2, 3, 45 A cappella 1, 25 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Library 25 Octet 1, 35 Girls State Representative 35 Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 45 S. D. H. S. P. A. 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Student Congress 35 Bear Lgg Officer 3, 45 Bruin Officer 4. Shirley Jean Ruth--Gyrn 1, 25 G. A. A. 15 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Special Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2,45 Christrnas Play 1, 2, 3,45 Class Play 3,45 A cappella 25 Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 1, 25 Basketball 1, 25 Softball 1, 2. Z2 5- Carol Sue Johnson--Gym 1, 25 G. A. A. 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Special Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Qmristmas Play 1, 2, 35 Class Play 35 brain Staff 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 25 Secretary- Treasurer 15 Dramatic Club 15 Class Qieen 15 Exchange Editor 45 Softball 1, 25 Volleyball 1, 25 Basketball 1, 25 Music Festival 1, 2, 3,45 Girls' Octet 25 Badxninton Tournament 25 Acappella25 Aerial Tennis 1,2. Mary Jolyn Kimble--Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 1,Z,3,45 Softball 1,2,3,45 Gym l,2,5 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Special Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Christ- mas Play 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 Bruin Staff 2, 3, 45 Pep Clubl, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Library 25 Alternate Student Council 45 Band Music Festival 2, 3, 45 Glee Club Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 45 Badrninton Tournament 1, 2, 35 Aerial Tennis Tournarnent 1,Z, 35 Table Temmis Tourna- ment 2,35 Declam 4. Marvin George Lester--Gym 1,25 Basketball 1, 2,35 Working 1, 3,4. Suzanne Litz--Gym 1,25 G. A. A. 1,25 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Special Glee Club 2, 35 lvixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Christmas Play 2, 3: k.i..1':1-49.8 Staff 2, 3, 45 Class Play 35 B-ggig Staff 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Working 3, 45 Annual Editor 45 Basketball l, 25 Softball 1, 25 Volleyball 1, 25 Class Officer 35 Melodious Twelve 25 Musical Festival 1, 2, 3, 45 Badminton Tournament 25 A cappella 25 Octets I and II 3. Arne Robert Sjomeling--Gyrn 1, 2, Football 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Giorus 1, Z, 3, Band 1, 2, Chrisfznas Play l, 2, 3, Class Play 3, ,Bruin Staff 2, 3, Debate 1, Student Council Z, 3, Class Pres- ident 3. Robert Lein Sjumeling--Gyrn 1, 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Z, 3, Class Play 3, Se- cretary Treasurer 3, Vice President 4. Willis Arnold Steinlicht, Jr. --Gyrn 1, Z, Foot- ball QManager1 2, 3, B B Manager 2, Glee Club 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Band l, Z, 3, 4, Christmas Play 3, Class Play 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Working Z, D. Club 1, Z, 3,4, Pep Band l, 2, 3, 4, Bear Log Staff 4, Alternate Student Coun- cil Z. Katherine Marie White--Gym 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Special Glee Club 3, Christmas Play Z, 3,4, Class Play 3,4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3,4, A cappella 2, Dramatics Club Z, 4, Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4. David Frank Schopen--Gym 1, 2, W01'king Z. 3. 4- V. Robert Scissons--Working 4. Sylvia Edna Scissons--Gym Z, G. A. A. 2, Glee Club 2, 4, Special Glee Club 2, Christrnas Play Z,4, Pep Club Z,4, Bruin Staff 3,4, Music Fes- tival 2, 4, Volleyball 2. Joyce Ann Siostrorm--Volleyball 1, Z, Basketball 1,2, Softball 1, 2, Gym l,Z, G. A. A. 1,Z, Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 4, Special Glee Club 1, 3, Mixed Cho- rus 2, 3, 4, Declarn 1, 2, 4, Christmas Play 1, 2, 3, 4, Bruin Staff 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Debate 1, 2, 4, Dramatic Club 1, A cap- pella Z, Library 2, Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4,Mixed Octet 3, lvielodious Twelve 1, Girl's Octet 1, N. F. L. 1, Z, 3,4. 33' a 3 B Walter Charles Williamson--Gym l, 2.5 Football 1, Z, 3,45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, Z, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Christmas Play 1, Z, 3,45 ' L31 Staff 3, 4, Debate 15 Student Council 1,45 Class President 25 Boy's State 35 Boy's Glee Club 1,2, 3,45 D Club 2, 3, 45 Boy's Octet 35 Class Play 3g Student Council President 45 Round Robin 1, Z5 Baseball 1, 25 Music Festival 1, 2, 3,45 Class Vice Pres- ident 35 Bruin Staff 1, Z, 3, 4. Gail Colleen Willuweit--Gym 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Special Glee Club Z5 Christrnas Play Z, 3,45 Class Play 3, 45 Library 25 Pep Club Z 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Muxic Festival 1, Z, 3, 4. PRINGIE RECORDS CIASS HISTORY Four years ago a group of freshmen set out to achieve a goal. Today as the Seniors of 1956, they are about to achieve this goal. The last four years have been full of work and play. They have brought memories which we will always treasure. To guide us through our senior year at DHS we choose Melven Meverden as president, Bob Sjome- ling, vice-president and Charles Hendrickson, secretary-treasurer. .Terry Clauser was selected to reign as class queen and ride on our float which was called "Sailing to Victory. " Her Highness, Belva Burtzlaff, was chosen from the senior class to rule over Bear Day activities. Paula Engebretson and Marilyn Rotter were her attendants. Belva was also president of G. A. A. and D. A. R. representative in her senior year. Joan Hoy received the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow award and represented DHS in the state contest. As senior delegates to Student Council, Woody Williamson and Belva Burtzlaff we re chosen pres- ident and vice-president respectively. Two members of the class of '56 served as cheerleaders. They were Jerry Clauser and Paula Engebretson. As a busy year, with all its memories and fun, trials and studies ended, the seniors chose their announcements and pictures and prepared for graduation. Our class flower is the laven- der carnation, class colors are lavender and white and our motto: Don't be a carbon copyg make your own impressions. These sneiors have put in 12 years in Deadwood public schools--lst row, left to right--Belva Burtz- laff, Shirley Ruth, Geraldine Clauser, Suzanne Litz, Loan Hoy Joyce Shostrom. Znd row--Willis Steinlicht, Jimmy Hennen, Richard Davis. 24 . K-1" v f " si 1 I I 'X X ' X -1' . N gran.. 1' H, f 'df' 5 I I, . ,-,s 1 Ya-Q, I-7. , f .- wt -,A -. 1 -.,, g -N 12361 f7Y'f' f 4+ ' -' -J' - ' ' x " I gg , ' X 1 , f ' '. " ' f ' F 'F - ' . , - , QI: . ff ,- f. ,F - -1 E' 'F' gf'-New , if-J .I ' .Qx Ax .K IX M.. QV- ' '14 K in ' 'N K " q . ,,,y'A 45' Qgdfu :5,X" x-,, w"74Q ft Pi i ' U' .- f , 1? x ,, , -1, X -u P' . . N fp . f , . If . .1 .v AA, J A, A !.,.fr .'."' " ,,'TA'Axn'.9iA '-wg. X ' 1' 1 W L ' ' '34 x Q, ' V- -fl' fi ' ' , 'wlffn 'Shy 'RL . - N ' l f x : qffvl- . Q I 4 K . ra . ' 1 Qi? ', 1 r ' - , . .' ,53 4 :K xl xxx 51 , 1- ' 1 Q1 in Q h , f fu' T if " AAAA Qqx-A if-l?" f""i' .g. K V: n' l. . ' ' -- ' 2f.f?'.f?.,,!kN1Y .' ' ' Nr X - ' ' f gf Q' . V L . ' 'KQN z . A x .- ' -"1 K. xL ., 'h ' M - 'bi' v .Q , . . X fuk-,...r . 4 , 4 A M - . '- ' x , - I W. W JMR ig, ' 1, Y M . t'-5 .". 7' 5, .- X653-1, . A, Y is-vu ty ,lsr 'Q vi 1' I .4 . ':f"'A ' W H M A ,wi "mx Q .' fig, , , ffg- --1. A1 'FX ,Q ' 'ia " Y 'f , Y - ' f wi, K 3-vs -4 , xy . ' ,A ..5f. Q ' . '-'13, 1 x ,-'-Q .x -. sf' i is tp X., !l , - fxT,'X'. F 1 , '. .AQ 1 ,iku'..,k - - ' N .Ji , J? A A sigifilf . '-kfx I W, 'gcf x ' ' R V' A x xg ' ,' A Q we Q3 ' 4. "QNX . , x -A 'fmt ' w ' :" 4 9 -Y 'p r ' .1 I r," 3 "' W '1 -A Yfxe- 1 ,ut QC,"- M ' 1 iff" ' A ' ' B ' 'W N I - . 'f ' ' 'XL' . V' few- "' -1 Q -1 S ,M W, 1 f-5 1 is , Arm , ,, .k ., ' f-Q. - ' . ' ' . - my - ' - ' . - '56 3 " -' -'X J - . ."' " ",.M"'f' , ' 1 mv-E 1 Pi " . f taxa.. " . S x" -'3f 4,Q'y ' if L ': fhsx fy, 5 9 I - - V , V 35" 2 N K5 f .w , f'. t.' -1 wi 1 . - , ' 1 v.' ,' f ,ff . T Nxt. 1 Q XI. dirgtaihbw -eff y A .J 14 I x If, N c 0 xjvl .g ., ., X 'f".., .' IA ,fix .' ,Ly ' I l A. , - I F M 1 . .N :- 1 , -4- 1 ,1..wr , - N- 2 'mi 'pf-if -N fn, W , A A 1 :xi ,Q ' Q54 '- . .rf ,K .X ax! Q -P. :sq 1 4 eff 4 5 5 . , . xii xy Q . S' , .A ,I U 0 5.2 ' Ln A ' AP hilvbr., ,. 4" "SxA7!.'miop '..,' . '.,' Zin, """'lilAa"lA.rlt- 11 ilyigivgxi-Il. , ' -I - '. 5 'fvn 5 '-flqx -'J!Hlf'x 1f1-I? ,Qr-:7 . fx?" H ' tx' Z' l 1' 2 d ve' 'wi' Yff Qixxl ' 4 t KL 5 " 4'-5'-547 ' ' ,xv ,Q-F A li, " A L5 Q x if EJ I Lum N , HEAR TI-IAT 6'HANT?-- ANNUAL OFFICERS: Seated, left wright-- Jerry Clauser, Ed- itorial Chairmang Suz- anne Litz, Editor-in- Chief. Sanding--Ma.b garetLindstra'n, Jean- nie Cleveland, Herb Clark, Assistant Ed- it01'S9Woody Williarn- son,Tom Gorder, Co- Business Managersg Marlyne Kuykendall, Assistant Editorg Da- vid Roes1er,Jean Pig- ney, Co-Art Editors Mr. Brainard, adviser Rozelle Stalder, As - sistant Editor. vsnvuwsz DEADLINE ! DEA DUNE ! ANNUAL STAFF: lst row, left to right--David Roesler, Jeannie Cleveland, Rozelle Stalder, Connie McCarro11, .Terry Clauser. Znd row--Marlyne Kuykendall, Jean Pigney, Herb Clark, Suzanne Litz, Margaret Lindstrom, Mr. Brainard. 3rd row--Willis Steinlicht, Tom Gorder, Bob Sjomeling, Mar- vin Lester, Melvin Meverden, Jim Hennen, Woody Williamson. 26 BRUIN STAFF: lst row, left to right--Judy Cleveland, Judy Shama, Jolyn Kimble, Rozelle Stalder, Connie McCarrol1, Margaret Slack, Jerry Clauser, Mary Eilers, Pat Williamson, Jeannie Cleve- land. 2nd row--Glenrose Hill, Jean Maki, Marlyne Kuykendall, Virginia Clauser, Patty Whalen, Paula Engebretson, Marjory Bell, Delores Heinrich, Gloria Johnson, Mr. Franklin Brainard.3rd row--Judy Semmons, Yvonne Hobbs, Shirley Hendrickson, Jean Pigney, Karen Shockey, Jill Anfin- son, Suzanne Litz, Carol Johnson, Ruth Scissons, Margaret Lindstrom. 4th row--Lois Pringle, Shirley Roebuck, JoAnne Pringle, Jim LeMar, Don Johnson, Jack Sears, Muriel Roth, Nancy Newell. ln D. H. S. anyone who wishes to write and is willing to work can join either the Bruin Staff or gg-g-r ,Egg Staff. In fact, while most large schools limit paper and annual work to upperclassmen, D. H. S. is anxious to have underclassmen join the staffs, feeling that the more experience students get the better the future staffs will be. "PllTTlN"' OUT I-IE PAP R BRUIN OFFICERS: Seated-- Lois Pringle, Assistant Ed- itor, Standing--Carol Johnson, Exchange Editor, JoAnne Pringle, Art Editor, Mr. Brainard, Ad- viser, Paula. Engebretson, Ed- itor-in Chief, lvfr. C'h'an,Technical Adviser, Tom Gorder, Sports Editor. Z7 m 1.1, ' ' fl 'Q mi ' mm LU . --Q mf LU' Q. f - ,.. yf ' i A Q ix ii -gk., 5 V Q E I 55 'yisfgv ma' Si- , -. af xx H .NL ,, I N I if 5 , S- ie, Fi? nm? , I 6.A.A. GIRIS ARE Tl-IE FIOWER OF D.H.51 G. A. A.: Inner circle, proceeding clockwise from center stripe--Sandra Gravelle Qwith glassesj, Yvonne Hobbs, Jolyn Kimble, Belva Burtzlaff, JoAnne Pringle, Leona Marshall, Mary Eilers, LaRee Redinger, Yvonne Lee, Maria Klein, Marlene Hansen, Roberta VanDerVorst, Judy Semmons, Jill Anfinson, Marlyne Kuykendall, Carolyn Collins, Lois Pringle, Nancy Newell, Pat Williamson. Start- ing from similar position in the outside circle--Arlene Jacobson fwith wristlet on right handy, Bar- bara Rachetto, Leatha Heinrich, Karen Siockey, Glenrose Hill, Judy Cleveland, Judy Shama, Shir.. ley Roebuck, Delores Heinrich, Jean Pigney, Donna Witt, Rozelle Stalder, Gloria Johnson, Ruth Scissons, Ihrleen Lester, Karen Carter, Marlis Lester, Shirley Nelson, Margaret Lindstrorm, Mrs. Krug, Patty Whalen, Julia Clark, Judy Cartner, Patsy Steinlicht, Verna Sordahl, Beverly Bobst, Hannah Parker, Cathryn Ward, Margaret Collins, lhrlene Maynard, Helen Pontius, Lee Ann Ackley, Jean Fletcher, Joan Brockman, Roana Merritt. Headed by Belva Burtzlaff, President, Yvonne Hobbs, Vice President, Pat Williamson, Secretary, and Mrs. Krug, girls' physical education instructor, the G. A. A. provided constructive recreation for its members. Helping to create a competative spirit were table tennis, aerial tennis, volleyball, and basketball tournaments. After the winter season in which the girls participated mainly in the sports listed above.. the G. A. A. welcomed the spring, when they journeyed outside for softball and a trip to Spearfish for the BHTC playday. Four points are given for each hour spent at G. A. A. and three points for eve ry hour spent while participating in some sport outside of the regular meeting. For their points the girls receive dif- ferent awards. These awards are as follows: felt emblem inscribed with G. A. A. for 300 points, six inch felt D for 600 points and 900 points. These three awards are the only ones awarded to a Fresh- man or Sophomore. Juniors and Seniors may go on to earn a G. A. A. pin for 1200 points, a chenile arrowhead for 1600 points and either a pin or medal, the highest award offered, for 2000 points. 29 TON ll5' ARD TONE5'-- P P CLUBBER Y ll AND P P BAND MOAN PEP CLUB: lst row, left to right--Mrs. Krug, Katherine White, Arlene Jacobson, Nlargaret Col- lins, Rozelle Stalder, Joan Brockman, Connie McCarroll, Karen Carter, Judy Shama, Judy Cleve- land, LaRee Redinger. Znd row--Gail Willuweit, Sandy Gravelle, lviary Eilers, Jolyn Kirnble, Glenrose Hill, Shirley Nelson, Delores Heinrich, Leatha Heinrich, Gloria Johnson, Jean Cleveland, Frances Cordova. 3rd row--Jerry Clauser, Darlene lviaynard, Margaret Slack, Peri Anne Hughes, Jean Maki, Marlyne Kuykendall, Darleen Lester, Sandy Snapp, Judy Cartner, LeeAnn Ackley, Pat Williamson. 4th row--Paula Engebretson, Carolyn Collins, lviarlis Lester, Ruth Scissons, Margaret Lindstrom, Hannah Parker, Roana Merritt, Patty Whalen, Judy Klein, Karen Shockey, Yvonne Hobbs. 5th row--Marlene Hansen, Yvonne Lee, Shirley Roebuck, Judy Semrnons, Sherry Farrens, Nancy Newell, Belva Burtzlaff, Jill Anfinson, Patsy Steinlicht, Maria Klein. Pep band knocks out a few "spirited" numbers at the Deadwood-Spearfish game, Friday, Feb- ruary 3, 1956. Director Clark, whose back should have been in this picture, was at the State Band Directors meetings held in Brookings, South Dakota. Result: The "Seedy Twenty-two" fnature theme name for pep band, played by themselves and State Band will be held in DHS's new audi- torium in 1957. 30 "A" SQUAD CHEERLEADERS: Left to right--Geraldine Clauser, Paula Engebretson, Yvonne Hobbs, Pat Williarn- son, Jeannie Cleveland. "SPIRITS BRA VE AND TRUE WE'll BE FIGHTING ON Ol? YOIl" D. H. S. Bears stage competitive yelling con- tests before athletic events. The class which wins competitive in pep assemblies gets to keep Peppy, the Panda Bear mascot, for that event. "B" SQUAD CHEERLEADERS: Left to right--Judy Cartner, Patty Whalen, Julia Clark, Margie Lindstronfx, Peri Ann Hughes. 3 1 Ml! I0 MAI! R ON THE MARCH BAND: First row to the left, front to back--Louise Pontius, Lee Ann Mae, Judy Klein Ronnie Hennen, Willie Steinlicht, Stanley Wells, Lois Pringle, Hans Neubert, Jerry Pontius, Standing in the extreme background between the lst and Znd rows is David Curtis. Second row--Jerry Smith, Billy Wilson, Julia Clark, Joe Engler, Marlyne Kuy- kendall, David Roe sle r, Joan Brockrnan, Jolyn Kimble, David Mitchell. Standing in the extreme background between the Znd and 3rd rows is Marlis Lester. Third row--Judy Veitl, Donna Baggaley, Jeanne Cleveland, George Auer, Margie Bell, Harold Hicks, Ronald Dyvig, Leatha Heinrich, Carl Lindstrom. Standing in the extreme background between the 3rd and 4th rows is Jim LeMar. Fourth row--John Brockrnan, John Iverson, Gloria Johnson, Darleen Lester, Connie McCarro1l, Charles Auer, Dickie Neavill, Arlene Jacobson, Helen Pontius. Standing in the extreme backround is Mr. Clark, Band Director. Fifth row- Jackie Kimble, Pat Williamson, Diane Clements, Virginia Clauser, Jim Hennen, Patsy Steinlicht, Herby Clark, Karen Shockey, Larry Mitchell. "B" and "C" bands are the foundation for "A" band. Youngsters in grades four to eight can be members of "C" band, while students frorn grades six through high school can be members of "B" band. When by try-out, a student proves his ability, he be- comes a member of "A" band. Through a system of challenges, he advances through his section of "A" band. Unfortimately it was necessary for us to go to press before tne new uniforms arrived. 32 K" 'i " J ,Q , 4 gfii iz.-3 Q45 il 3 -12 NYS: 23? it " 2 s "' "",W 4 9 Q' Q 'Y bra , fm' if 'W 5-13 pQiR5' .. si, a ' +1541 rss-2 fwiws 52 aff rx-ngg 117-f ,-Q...',.j 'V' 1?-fw M132 ,H 1,-J , E' s f 1, W ' i ' lfii U geix: -F ,Q ,W , ra ,tim inf! 0. 545443 if -Q ' .L-ul"- -LJ -L hifi MAMA NA 7llRE'S 6'ANARlES' Cl-IIRP , ,f A kk ' mm m. m 9 1 GIRLS GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--Gail Willuweit, Arlene Jacobson, Jolyn Kimble, Leona Marshall, Lee Ann Ackley, Joan Brockman, Delores Heinrich, Nlary Eile rs, Leatha Heinrich, Shir- ley Ruth, Beverly Bobst. Znd row--Miss Mary Craig, Gloria Johnson, Gloria Thingelstad, Jean Maki, Darlene Maynard, Virginia Clauser, Ruth Scissons, Peggy Huhta, Marjory Bell, Romell Kaelberer, Peri Ann Hughes. 3rd row--Roana Merritt, Jean Pigney, Jill Anfinson, Yvonne Lee, Muriel Roth, Donna Witt, Sharon Farrens, Belva Burtzlaff, Patsy Steinlicht, Shirley Hendrickson, Julia Clark. or - uf , F1 w Xl QW BLUE NOTES: lst row, left to right--Shirley Ruth, Pat Williamson, Yvonne Hobbs, Larry Mitchell, Kurt Machler, Lois Pringle, Marlyne Kuykendall, Peri Ann Hughes, Connie McCarroll. Znd--Jerry Hardy, Donnie Gross, David Aijala, Jim LeMar, Tom Gorder, Woody William- son, Herb Clark. 34 5 A.-. 0 0' V THE OTHER I-lAlF--Sflll GHIRPIN' L- lx J GIRLS GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--'Jean Cleveland, Pat Williamson, Katherine White, Con- nie McCarroll, Barbara Rachetto, Judy Cartner, Jean Fletcher, Rozelle Stalder, Margaret Collins, Judy Shama, Judy Cleveland. 2nd row--Margaret Slack, Glenrose Hill, Helen Pontius, Marlyne Kuykendall, Marie Klein, Judy Klein, Carolyn Collins, Patty Whalen, Diane Clements, Sondra Snapp, Hannah Parker. 3rd row--Nlargaret Lindstrom, Karen Shockey, Judy Semmons, Lois Pringle, Shir- ley Roebuck, JoAnne Pringle, Nancy Newell, Joyce Shostrom, Shirley Beckman, Marlene Hansen, Yvonne Hobbs. 0? I jr TRIPLE TRIO: lst row, left to right--Pat Williamson, Yvonne Hobbs, Connie McCarroll, Marlyne Kuykendall, Sondra Snapp, Peri Ann Hughes. Znd--Shirley Ruth, Jolyn Kimble, Karen Shockey, Lois Pringle, Jill Anfinson, Jean Pigney, Margaret Lindstrom. 35 WHO DAT X 2 ix' qv V : I ' 1 F . V 1 , X 1 , 1 1 . V I 1 ' 1 NX lVQi1ff5ff!f g x T: , SERENADIN' DE SUN Qu E 1 1 11 Q, I , 1: " I1 V11il1 ,'jf!l1" as- in A Al A . A --v-- .Ag,,,.....-.--f f 'ff QQ 4i'algh1g? 1 '11 R XX xx Xa M MIXED CHORUS: First row, left to right--Gail Willuweit, Shir- ley Ruth, Iolyn Kimble, Sondra Snapp, Pe ri Ann Hughes, Romell Kaelberer, Mary Eilers, Pat Williamson, Jean Cleveland, Connie McCarroll. Znd row--Marjory Bell, Maria Klein, Ruth Scissons, Yvonne Hobbs, Iviarlene Hansen, Jean Pigney, Karen Shockey, Mar- lyne Kuykendall, Iviiss Iviary Craig. 3rd row--Judy Semmons, Belva Burtzlaff, Sharon Farrens, JoAnne Pringle, Kurt Machler, Jerry Hardy, Herb Clark, Nancy Newell, Lois Pringle, Joyce Shostrom. 4th row--Ronnie Hennen, .Timmy Hennen, David Aijala, .Tack Sears, Jim LeMar, Carl Lindstrom, Arne Sjomeling, Donnie Gross, Larry Mitchell. This music group meets at 8:00 in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week. 36 CHEZYK DEM GLORY ROBES SPECIAL GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--Beverly Bobst, Jeannie Cleveland, Pat Williamson, Mary Eilers, Connie MCC3TTOll, Peri Ann Hughes, Jolyn Kimble, Shirley Ruth, Katherine White, Gail Willuweit. 2nd row--Miss Mary Craig, Romell Kaelberer, Helen Pontius, Jean Maki, Peggy Huhta, Maria Klein, Marlyne Kuykendall, Marjory Bell, Delores Heinrich. 3rd row--Shirley Hend- rickson, Jean Pigney, Patsy Steinlicht, Judy Semmons, Belva Burtzlaff, Ji1lAnfinson, Karen Shockey, Marlene Hansen 4th row--Judy Klein, Lois Pringle, Shirley Roebuck, Donna Witt, Jo- Anne Pringle, Muriel Roth, Nancy Newell, Joyce Shostrom, Yvonne Hobbs. Q l BOY'S GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--Kurt Machler, Herb Clark, Ronnie Hennen, Don Gross, Larry Mitchell, Jerry Hardy. Znd row--Jimmy Hennen, David Aijla, .Tack Sears, .Tim LeM:xr, Carl Lindstrom, Arne Sjomeling, lviiss Mary Craig. 37 X . -www... Fm X ' if af ,, MW l J Q, fg W . 9 'f J' ' s' x 35 . Q K f 1 , f M Aww? if -1.1 :gtg " K I W.. ' A. k , 5 ' " -Y '- - A ,.., W -- -- K Q .M K.. , ... . Q , L:,L.L,v W v. if val " Y M, . -'IW'-if O., in , fy? f .. if A QUILL AND SCROLL.--Mr. Franklin Brainard and Joanne Pringle. Quill and Scroll, an international honorary society for high school journ- alists, organized April 10, 1926, began its life under Mr. George Ga11up's direction and continues at its North- we stern University headquarters under Mr. Edward Nell. The stiff requirements for member- ship rnake Quill and Sc roll pins highly prized. The journalists must be of junior, senior, or post graduate classi- fication, in the upper third of their class scholastically, must have done superior journalistic work, be recom- mended by their adviser, and be ap- proved by the Executive of the Society. DRAMATIC CLUB: Left to right-- Jolyn Kimble, Katherine White, Jean Pigney, Helen Pontius, Hannah Parker. During the past year, the Dramatic Club has included in its various studies, stage directions, placements, and po- sitions, make-up, impersonations, cast- ing, and stage vernacular. Acting as critics for the Junior and Senior Class plays helped the Drama- tic Club to make their one act play, which was presented before the student body at an assembly, even more suc- cessful. One of their other projects during the year was to make a model of a theater. N.F.L.: lst row, left to right--Jeannie Cleveland, Connie NIcCarroll, Marlyne Kuykendall, Gloria Johnson, LaRee Redinger Znd row--Mrs. Ferguson, Herb Clark, Tom Gorder, Don Johnson, Mr. Heller. To join NFL one must have at least fifty points earned through such activi- ties as: radio speaking, extemporaneous speaking, oratory, declarnatory speak- ing, discussion, debate, and student congress. 39 v-J in Yilk 23,4 Al 5' z mqwmwwa-enum Ps 5 . BEAR 106 REVIEWS FOOTBAU, BA5'KETBAllg PRESENTS TRACK Cl-IEDIIIE 1955-"A" TEAM FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1955-'56 "A" TEAM BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Opp one nt We They Gillette 6 19 Opponent We Hot Springs 0 14 Cathedral 40 Belle Fourche 20 19 Kadoka 52 Spearfish 13 13 Hot Springs 61 Sturgis 6 14 Sturgis 65 Custer 13 12 Custer 67 Lead 7 7 Lead 67 Spearfish 61 Belle Fourche 38 Rapid City 60 Provo 65 Rapid City 47 Sturgis Tournaments Lead 63 Custer 55 Vale 62 1955-"B" TEAM FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Pierre 44 Opponent We They Lusk, Wyo. Tournaments Belle Fourche 12 14 Sunrise 53 Sturgis 7 0 Pine Ridge 43 Spearfish 12 32 Sturgis 41 Lead 6 0 Belle Fourche 29 Sturgis 13 25 Custer 44 Spearfish 58 Lead 58 Hot Springs 63 Sturgis 70 "B" District Tournaments Buffalo 79 Vale 76 Newell 95 1956 DEADWOOD HIGH TRACK SCHEDULE April 6 April 14 April 21 April 27 May 2 May 12 May 14 Chadron Track and Field Meet West River Track and Field Meet ftentativei Black Hills Relays Northern Hills Meet Conference Meet Regional Junior High Chadron, Nebr. Rapid City Spearfi sh Spea rf ish Hot Springs Hot Springs Le ad 41 1955-'56 "B" TEAM BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Opponent We Cathedral 15 Nisland 40 Hot Springs 38 Rapid City 21 Belle Fourche 32 Spearfish 32 Lead 40 Sturgis 42 Lead 36 Spearfish 46 Belle Fourche 44 Sturgis 39 They 28 53 49 37 59 76 40 44 72 60 55 68 58 33 70 30 44 45 49 56 56 65 69 52 37 56 59 They 23 60 51 53 42 55 40 59 43 71 59 38 BEARS' TIE HEAD 0 6'llMAX SEASON "A" FOOTBALL SQUAD: Seated, left to right--Melvyn Meverden, Leo Hibray, VincentGravelle, Tom Gorder, Donnie James, Woody Williamson, Larry Mitchell, Jim Young, Donnie Gross, Gale Fox, David Curtis, Jim Buckmaster, Willie Steinlicht, Standing--Coach Ferguson, Jerry Perrett, John Wescott, Marvin Lee, Jerry Pontius, Chuck Crotty, Ray Jones, Marlin Janas, .Tack Sears, Bob Sjomeling, Dale Hansen, Coach Burgess. Inexpe rience marked the Deadwood Bears at the beginning of this years season but the Bears kept improving under the able leadership of Coach Ferguson and Coach Burgess. The Bears finished the season with two wins, three losses and two ties. The Bears opened the season by falling to the Gillette Camels 19-6 at Gillette, Wyoming. The team then traveled to Hot Springs and took on the Bison in their first conference game. The Bears made fewer mistakes against Hot Springs but still fell. The score was 14-0. Deadwood next met the Belle Fourche Broncs at Spearfish and evened up their conference record to one win and one loss. The score of this game was Z0-19. Next week, homecoming, the Bears met a much heavier Spearfish team and the two teams played to a 13-13 tie. This garne along with the Lead game were probably the two most outstanding games played by the Bears this year. The Bears seemed to let dovm against Sturgis and cou1dn't seem to get their offense started until the last quarter. Deadwood fell to Sturgis 14-6. Deadwood again traveled to the Southern Hills, this tirne to take on Custer in the Bears fifth con- ference game. The Bears won the game 13-12 even though they had two touchdowns called back. The Deadwood Bears climaxed the 1955-56 football season by tying Lead 7-7. The Bears went into the game against the conference champs as underdogs, but the fighting spirit of the Deadwood boys stopped the Diggers powerful ground attack. All in all the season was a successful one and a lot of the success of the Deadwood Bears in the 1955-56 season is due to the fine coaching of Coach Ferguson and Coach Burgess. 42 D.l-l.S. STRONG' MEN LOOK PRETTY "D" CLUB: Front row, left to right--Melvyn Meverden, Ivianager, Bob Sjomeling, Ray Jones, Jack Sears, Dale Hansen, Woody Williamson, Donnie James. Back row--Tom Gorder, Don Gross, Marvin Lee, Marlin Janas, Charles Crotty, .Tim Young, Jerry Perrett, Larry Mit- chell. I 1 , Y P ' BEARS' WIN IX AND DROP EIGHT FOR FOURTH IN 60N ERENZYE "A" BASKETBALL SQUAD: lst row, left to right--Donnie James, Larry Iviitchell, Don Gross, Jim Young, Woody Williamson, Vince Gravelle. Znd row--Melvyn Meverden, Tom Gorder, Chuck Crotty, Ray Jones, Marlin Janas, Bob Sjomeling, Coach Glenn Burgess. The Deadwood Bears finished their 1955-56 basketball season with 13 victories against 14 defeats as they dropped back into class "B" for the first time in two years. The Bears record does not give an accurate description of the Bears style of play throughout the season as they lost seven of these games by less then six points. The Bears lost many of their games early in the season but caxne back strong in the second half of the season and clinched fourth place in the Black Hills Conference with six wins and eight losses. The Bears advanced to the regional tournarnent at Martin by defeating Newell in the District 32. charnpionship 95-59. 44 " " TEAM TRAIN OR THE FUTURE A law 5 ' 1-n K... 12' X "X of -:-' '13 4 ' f.,e 41 aj' 34 , . .7 ' J . 'TLT -A - 4:1 -N ,J '- ' f ' , .11 A f 14' z ' l , Q :we Q, -' 1 f a' x, f A 4 Nw 15 - ,-X .T F' X -..., Ts., 4 "5" '-ffl'-1' -N ,. 5' , 7 , :.-- 'A 'Vg ..-'.x ' ' Y Q n..-4' M , 1- rd , -- . ,-.... , . ' t ' "B" SQUAD: Front row, left to right--Cal Minard, Lyle Maynard, Vince Gravelle, Donny Ahl. Back row--David Roesler, Stanley Hughes, Wilbur Bowman, Carl Lindstrom, Mike Klein, Jim Meverden, Coach Veren. A ' my P! ?'i""Qf wiv! .iw .X .ww gi X, W , , :rl 3' ff' y '91, . is f ' A Y 1 :'. Q f- , . '11 .E f K' ,f , xx M +V- gf. -' y ,, M . I al K xy. - ,Z t i 1 v5"5f Q 'Si ,,Q W. ' f X- 9 'W 324 ,gl . - 2 'M ML kk.,7-W g' 1 if L, NE .wi ,W K MEM! awk as is- Q' 5 ' 9 T M l uf ,gs W lqiq I NK W f 8 x Q., ,J 3? W b ,W ii qs A "Y " 5 N. f .. , S f 5 5? K 4 Y' - f 3 , i v rf! . ' 1 , F sf gf A Swv rf? N' f 1 'Piu-- 7-v mv- Xa S Q e W ,A ,w 1.1-,, -ff, . -f X L S , 1 - ,J 5 ,ft ' L, nfefxl 41 - 5 ' X W K HSS? K 1 . ,Q K , . L - X ,. ' . - -- 1 i f Q, J, e lil i R 'L -1 Q M! - is ' - V I s- yy , , s - Q, 1-9--Aw - S ' 2 Xafgg - ' V- W S - 5: ' If ,Gif ' f-L' ,: W ,Q ' , - if 4" 'QV YK ' Q ," 'S' . ' 1 '-l tx W1 :i- 'f K A353 '23,,,p.i M . , fgy prfm A If K , "x 35.3-. 59 - HM r. 1 ,- '-'X 5 SQ, . L, fx- 'xf 'Tx -QUTE5. A-5. "isis 'K ' fx f35fW'1' 'Q' V1 1 A ' "' ' ' ' 1' V515 "ff 'L'- 1 SQ ' ' 'X lk , S ' Fi' 1' -.s' ' f 54 w5ff1 Q":"P?j"' "- , , Q 1 , , '+g-ij -- Z X V N kt 'ff ,. 1 , V f?s3 P A U . Q . 1 " A-if 9 i M f K ., V ..Lk P ' hi ,, ..,, by ' -. X f- I t . -M, ww: ..Li' gN Nw' m. L i - '- ww A . ,. , . P QMS, fl N' . 1: FA H Lf 11, , V1 '?" " - g I x -,-- Q 4- K Q X 'ff'.1 'J w 1 'fi X K 92 ' S 7 . F QR 4' ,lo ss S L is!" 'F , 5 xg: I Q-3 Qi, I ,pu-Q. lix g 44 SWS, ' '2 ".1, " E 9' x , E '51 .Sf l f i K R XA , f' i 1 fi.. x Q , A 5 , -,. QR . 5 Y . .:- K. Q, Y , I K K 7 7'-' .Q " ' . : N 39 W wig E 5 ' a X Q- as 3 . . wr-Y 9, L Q f 5 Q f Q ,SQ if M '- H Q, .P - f, arf 'L Y JA' Q ' 5' Q S 4 XRS Q, . K X . 3 f 'W ' ' 1? S? Q1 L if f 5. 5 x fimifQ:.W'sg Jw, I if L, ,. K It , 'ig l ' I K S 1 214 . gt , f x ml W. I n 'full' ,L I K CSX ... X JK 1 .f ul an .. if ' . X if f ffwgfff- "'5 ve!m,w.X.fLx 5 'i!,f:.,4! . 5 .I -?,.Q', ji: J-jr: 5 u 'Q .ir is Sf Hr' ggsigwf .- I fx xii x 5 .x ,sm 4 -. "WY X. 4, , iq ,gmt 5 N X as .. 'S , -N. K ' x New . x 2- -.t ei: i was .. gm Q -an 4ggd1'ru-nf, . LM., .,A. ., ,,--..:t - 4 .-6, . . 'L' l 5. -'-- ik R X . - , ,nw fwffr L . A Y FSS 1 f- , , , . , g L ' 5221 i Iiilg 7' F sa 54 S35 vw J 'WL Q, 1 X. LS fx '1.Y1,.,k L H ' 65154 N911 4?-Q4 if . 5.3 ,,'.hg :Jil ' x- mfbfQ f ff2?NQi6QER"'?': ff- f N W K 11 X Y 'ftfyv in x .gg .' - N Q, ' M 3155 ., Q N A 'XV99 . ,V .2 .f .wif , 36+ L gh a W 'S' gi., 5- . L ,, 'nit A ' - I ' ' . ixmhWfwmWy,. M V 1,4 I A , Lf M. pr' vi V ab f 'if . . . tg ' L, Q W is 1 Q' '-X ,. X. i lh 754 ,, 1 ,W i S ' Er If . H ', R x .fs gf A, In xv ' I X K . .1 N 9 , ' . V 3 M X' .v 4 . sv- .iw . .,., ,: ,fx . .. fi - avrdbv' M . nw :- Wk 9 QM 4 ,, N , Af X if' --tv Al 1 Q! 2 S i Y. X. L- if +W- .ff g Q 555 5 E F s X 'Lg fg. . w i X' .rf x L. 0 ,3 Ng L mf Q52-,i ,f"vi 1x f - L - - xi-a.iT'i1 wil: X f xl -Y Y .ff F12 --Q L x X WH ""' ,:wf'iiif-f:.:f Y SS- W 1 ' KR X STAGE CREW: Left to right--Sharon Farrens, Leona Marshall, Mary Eilers, Sandra Gravelle, Margaret Slack. Standing, left to right--Yvonne Hobbs, Lois Pringle. PLAY CAST: lst row, seated, left to right--Jerry Pontius, Donnie Gross, Marlyne Kuykendall. Znd. seated, Jeanne Cleveland, Pat- ricia Williamson, Jill Anfin son. Standing, left to rigl'f,--Larry Mit- chell, Judy Sem- m ons , Ronnie Hennen, Charles Edmonson, Nancy Newell, LaRee Redinger. TROUBIE WITH Tl-IE TREE On November 10, in the High School Auditori- um, the junior class presented "We Shook the Family Tree," written by Perry Clark. ln this three-act comedy, Hildegarde, played by Jill Anfinson, is desperately trying to attract an eligible senior boy, for she has no date for the big school dance. When the other girls begin to throw this up to her, Hildegarde's mother, Judy Semrrv ons, takes action. She tells Hildegarde not to worry since she knows just the boy who would be very happy to take her to the dance. Though Hildegarde doesn't know the boy's name, she boasts, before the other girls, making him sound like a glarnorous, Hollywood type. Imagine her surprise when she finds out that her date is Freddie Shermer, her father's boss's son and the only boy in school who wears knickers! Freddie, the "cool" date, was played by Larry Mitchell. To add to this hurnorous situation and to all the other is Sally, played by Marlyne Kuykendall, Hildegarde's younger sister, who helps her turn the town upside down, Bob, her older brother, who has a passion for fishing, Jerry Pontius, Jimmie, played by Don Gross, who invents hil- arious gadgets, Mother, Judy Semmonsg Father, Ronnie Henneng Ellie May, Jeannie Clevelandg Jill, Pat Williarnsong Paige, LaRee Redinger, Mr. and Mrs. Shermer, played by Charles Ed- rnudson and Nancy Newell, who insist on knickers and Freddie, their son. - i m V' VIEWED A7 RANDOM C 7 7' , s. s. I A ..:' -AI .. .. X. ,ik S .M .ax-1 , .cr 1 all in W 1 '1 f f y 31 Munn - 1.13" 4 QT 4 4. . , . iff , x". 6 A' 'iff lf? ,. ' lk i w M vf- .f. 1. Glamour Girl. Z. What do you know, lcaught it! 3. Watch out behind ya, Marlene-! 4. Sorta twisted aren't ya? 5. Junior--Senior banquet. 6. Where are your shoes? 7. Working hard? 8. Presenting class flower. 9. What'd you do this time? 10. Don't be afraid. il. Don't break the bumper, LaRee. 12. D.H.S. on the air. 13. Johnny. 14. Are you that hungry? 15. What ya' saying "Oh" for? 53 xl K. If f ' wi. .'N V mW,m T 'U' .divx 'Ti ig? il 2' af 'Tiff-1-2'3" W- 5 "':'s..:m 4- .,-4""" L! ef , WQSLWP' 5 'iw -,L -" YN-g Q' A 2 , 1956 BEAR we smrr EDITOR-IN-GHIEF . . . SUZANNE IITZ ASSISTANT EDITORS . . . .IEANNIE GIEVEIAND MARIYNE RUYIIENDAII ROZEIIE STAIDER HERB GIARR MARGARET IINDSTROM BUSINESS MANAGERS . . . WOODY WIIIIAMSON I TOM GORDER EDITORIAL GHAIRMAN. . . GERAIDINE GIAUSER STAFF ARIISTS .... . . JEAN plafvgy DA VID ROESIER ADVISER ....--- - FRANKUN BRAINARD THE DEADWOOD HIGH SGHOOI BEAR IOG IS PUBLISHED ANNUAIIY BY STUDENTS OF THE PUBIIG HIGH SGHOOI OE DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. MEMBERSHIP IS MAIN- TAINED IN THE NATIONAI SGHOIASTIG PRESS ASSOGIATION AND IN THE SOUTH DAKOTA HIGH SGHOOI PRESS ASSOGIA TION. 55 N NK . X THESE BUSINESSES SPONSORED 'X .I I-IE BEAR L06 A1's Pharmacy Allen Electric Service Allen Lewis, Roofing 8: Sheet Meta Audra's Style Shop George V. Ayres, Inc. Ben Franklin Store Dr. J. J. Berry ThQflks gf Qaglmylj W 'X X F ' X . V ' lf '53 l Works f"'f'n3 's A -'S -' Su' Us X"x?fx'l! 4 .' -"fx I 1. I 71? 'ijt' - Black Hills Amusement Company Black Hills Laundry Black Hills Mercantile Company Black Hills Novelty Company Black Hills Power and Light Black Hills Studios, Inc. Bodega Cafe Brezina Construction Company Butler Jewelry and Souvenir Shop Kate Callahan, Your Jeweler Canyon Oil Company Clark's Real Estate Co. A. A. Coburn, Inc. Collins' Music Service The Cupboard Dakota Creamery, Lily Ice Cream Dakota Stationers Dakota Typewriter Exchange Daniel's Floral Shop Dave's Carter Service Deadwood Granite and Marble Works Deadwood Motor Sales Walter Dixon, Architect DuPratt Motel and Service Eddie's Sales and Service Elks Ellis Insurance Co. Elmer's Repair F 81 M Bootery Fino1a's Clothing Store First National Bank of the Black Hills Fish and Hunter Company Dr. T. H. FitzGibbon Fountain Electric Franklin Hotel Fr'anklin Grill Gambles Store Gaughen's Dairy and Shamrock Goldberg's Grocery Grabit 'n Growl Haney Electric Co. Guy H. Hemminger, Insurance Hendrie 81 Bolthoff Company Dr. F. S. Howe The Hub Clothing Store Jeffries' Cleaners K. W. Motor Company KDSJ 980 K. C. Ke1ley's Dairy Kersten's Drive In Cleaners Carl H. Kubler Insurance Lampe rt Lumber Company LeMar Motor Company Leo's Shoe Shop Lloyd's Standard Service Mapleway Bowling Alleys Martin's Sinclair Service Matt Nhrengo: Plumbing, Heating Sr Sheet Metal Works Dr. J. E. Mattox Dr. N. E. Mattox J. M. McDonald Company Merritt's Grocery Midwest-Beach Company The Mint Cafe Morris Jewelry Newe1l's Drug Store The New York Store Northwest Wood Preserving Company Odou Motor Company Open Air Market Parker and Parker, Lawyers Peg's Beauty Shop J. C. Penny Company Porter's Lumber Company Dr. T. H. Proctor Dr. H. H. Uken Robley's Grill Safeway Stores, Inc. Schultz Refrigerated Locke rs Schwarzwald Furniture Company Seaton Publishing Company Sederstrom's A. H. Shostrom Insurance Spud Page Plumbing Dr. J. C. Smiley Selway's Grocery Stearns and Shedd Carl Stoneberger, Lumber 8: Building Sunnyside Grocery Thacker Conoco Service F. L. Thorpe 81 Company Twin City Fruit Twin City Motors Dr. P. W. Wasner We1l's Funeral Home We ste rn Statione r s Company Whetstine Plumbing Company Widdoss Furniture 81 Appliance Company Shama's Grocery York Pontiac Company gr. Guy F. Zarbaugh 5 . -, ' Q, n. ' I Q . 3 A Q "' 'a , , a . A 1 Q ' 1 My My iw ,,,-. I, Ur - .J i . , , J V ' Q - . . ' u -- 4 - - . , x ,, 32.1 , 'fgfhm-w,14 .iw 4.-.. mxhv,vf,,.g. ,W ,. Q. 'NN' NN , K, 5 E 1 in ' I 'fa ,U 'L A 1 fi? ' fs , i 1 1.1 IJ P W' 4 ' ' W V fig . ig " X440 LL A LX - ,fo-'M , , L , 3 , ' W- - f ...fd 'af' , 1 A K - mt, ',:2 E' x 5 Q . 'Q ' Q A W ? 'X 405' N 'Q' M ' , my , '3 M Q 5 A 'Q Q' 1'??Mf' 41' w V f Mx , ,ffew bk . i ff 4 My X it , V Qi fa.,-5 1 I "'NvsZm5,Qi 5 KLVV QE if L N N 1, ' :iffy x ,, mil " 3 I V K. f K 4m T if-'39 i it f fb , g f YN ,Q Q 5 fi 3.2, fze , A Y Q. V3 4 2 , Q .fm T 'Q' 2 f 5' f . 3 E K 39 A 5 i ,V ,f ,X " 1' 'W sf- Q ' gg gg X Q zH H . 5 ff 1 f 4... sm. x ,,,,iw,,..w .-wa-ww-NM' t X ,Z 5 , ,Q L 5 i I 2 i i .1 i. -? ,"' rf i A - 8, is 2 1"'l1 ' X 5 fs 5 ag 5 EE 5 I Q :Q 3 fi 2 '52 5 f --f W,-'E ns' hs- nl-vf' , ' ' if A. in . FHPQZ. 483' is O

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