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mfs 4 we ,A 1 ig ff? 'f in V sag' x sf ., M ,L M W :W y ' v 'W xi A ,QM , . , QW, Mfg, . fag N f ,,g,S,5 Aff: fa fiwygg ,, 535:65 4 X 4 S , 5.2 Q. ni' 255 Q12 ff xfiw ff ., ' fl, Nr, V1..,,,N My , A f, , J, is QW r' Yi? .fy 4 , , . 5 .2 E .K ,V I , NU, fe +- mx W lx 'ix -N QM fit 51 -Q e ww 2, -. . 1 Ni wx Ak Q Y X QQ, f Sm Q Q Nu: xv +w X X i LI TW' 15595 l U1 45 P ns- in 'P vw gf """Wt' +-.. M., . Q 1 I 5,131 'X ,M X ., K F5 M " . I A . l' KWNNQ. "' 4 I Nqqg in 'H Xu., E" L..:w-:Z 1 ,.,. Q.. 3 ,.,4mM I 5 Q.. H , -M--M. , i s 7 , '- f iw' ' . . l U H gig Q5 'C 4 ...Q 4,3-Q A fwj 621 5529 E' awp: ,Iii D ,ff 'W Mikie 457 MMGW W5i7M53f5 X X 2 We X ,A KWA 'KE M' X, i Nc - All 1, , ,Qi-i:AQ',L3'i '31 41 f, . isfgii EES? Each century has presented man with hard decisions. In the eight- eenth century man had to decide whether he wanted freedom or slavery. The American and French Revolutions resulted. In the nineteenth century man decided he wanted to be governed by a nation which employed the lan- guage, customs, and traditions he knew. The resulting nationalist revolu- tions of 1848 flared across Europe, their effects felt even in the settle- ment of World War I. Now that same nationalism is appearing in Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries. The comrnunists are trying to capitalize on the move- ment--to use it as a lever in expanding their influence. The West is try- ing to stem this communist influence while at the same time trying to prevent World War III. The hard decision of the twentieth century faces man. A mistake in foreign policy might turn the cold war into a hot war. The correct deci- sion in foreign policy might admit of only one choice--war. .T ust as the thought of atomic war is horrifying so, in an opposite way, the thought of atomic progress is fascinating. We of the annual staff have perhaps been guilty of over-simplification in viewing man's decision of the twentieth century. One obvious decision is possible--war: another decision might be the conquering of space. We prefer the latter, prefer it because of the tremendous new horizons which it would open to man's thinking. Whatever n1a.n's decision, ,it will be fateful, portentous. We hope the students of D. H. S. will be part of a glorious future. We hope that at least some of them will be leaders of tommorrow--in democracy, in med- icine, in physics, in the humanities, and in the seldorn dramatic business of good living. With this in mind we consider ourselves pioneers of the future. No matter what decision man makes in this twentieth century we know that the students of D. H. S.--pioneers of the future--will face it with the necessary courage and imagina ' n. ...ry f 3 gy Q -Frimlin B..i.....1 SY RW nf yi? Wiifhi i fffffwig Y'W"W WM, M X, M VG!! M ykffsgtiqgig M, , W MW 555935 f My if 3 W J Q1 Afilxlxg g Ki MF: ' mB'aiMfd ii 15 B Ewyfjgywjj Q W Q if ef 05? Qgiiiki X 2 flywrgfwifyf gizfifffgfiigxzk A MQW Sift ,Q iw QC Mb 3 I JJ! x I Vi! K if WMV W5 WWW fffjpg' Ki? XPMJNEERS if KY OF THE FUTURE Qifsifif Miki M Q is M My W TQ JJJ7JKg 9 , WI W wx fi OPUQJY4 vj ' W 0 Q Ol .Ax ' a wJ V sf WW ww xffgf f by A 'WM X OD b 1 ' Q Jfsf' . ,Aff if LW, J. N it ' The production of an annual invlllves a tremendous number of hours Y of planning and work. Most of the members of a school system know the Tx teacher and students responsible for this school year record. They Q know, too, how necessary is the encouragement and backing given by the Q schoo1's administration. X' Behind the scenes of year book production, however, are a few peo- Y :aisle who seldom gain recognition for their services to the annual. It is 5 Q o thsese people that the staff wishes to dedicate this annual. J N xx ,f x,i.,i? J 1 'C' ,U F K -. X 'B .Vw lgbz S if Q, Mr. Fassbender, affentionately called, 'Ioe." For many years 'Joe' has taken our annual pictures. We find his excellent photography, T axis keen sense of humor, 'und' his German accent indispensable. .. eb T ' SN Q x Q Q T02 W N Miss Lola Kersten, school secretary, who handles the Bear Log mon- ey with the perfect efficiency she applies to all her duties. TO: The school board which unbeknown to most students, parents, and teachers provides generous financial support to the annual every year. e A9 X, 1 . Xp Cl? xx - .I . . xc' Mill DW vm N . i'wQN.EQ .ff ERA W? it Shi ellis X gin? 4 ugaging, fain lfze 4ul'ufze" ,lf v5 1 Q! A O94 or A of 41 3-K 0, 5, 0 VN N3 Ao C5 ,sgvojp lxovibxolyv ,Gola xr J Qykm f?Hv ww ml Q Ulipg vo' ' Q Jfxifi 4 X914 41715, ' Il K 910 V vo, ZX Na K fl ,'f . , ' A W x f SK W3 C 9Qfj'.U w? X ff 4 . , r My jp 3- f Pcaoxo- , 46 N X1 ' fm 'O in MNWD ws QW 6 Cla , if X Q 5535 i 01 'ff '50 Ly 'X 06 fi, 7 X01 7'9fv,2 VN? 5 3 IONS S QWM QWJTQWO 9 . c77vr'77'eS - ,L if- . 5, jJjM, Q LQ., C 'KLQ7 , Qf' ' , J:2Qf,M3,Zd, Q if , M g ,,,,, ,Q CCC' , if ,f ' f 1' -... .-,av Q . R.'H. KRUG Principal, North C ntral College, Naperville, Ill- inois, B.A.g University of Wisconsin, M.A. fav H. S. BERGER MISS LOLA KFRSTEN Superintendent: Northeast Secretary Missouri State Teachers, B.S.3 University of Mis- souri, M.A. 46 ANNA MAE BIRCH English, Latin, Synodical College, Fulton, Missouri, A.A.g Central College, Layette, Missouri, B.S. GLENN BURGESS Physical Education, Black Hills Teachers College, B.S. I FRANKLIN E. BRAINARD English, Social Science, Publicationsg Jamestown College, North Dakota, B. A., University of North Dakota, M.A. GEORGE CONKLIN Science, Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio, B.. ff A ' 1 .. --"""""'Am, MM LAVERN CLARK MARY CRAIG EDNA FERGUSON Instrumental Music3Black Mugiq and Dramatiqg EK- English Libririan Ar Hills 'Teachers College, Black Hills Teachers Col- kansas A Si M B A B.E. lege, B.A. n,,,...--1"" wk,,,,..+-""""' STEWART FERGUSON Athletics: Social Science ORA HORSFALL 1 Manual Artsg Plattsville Dakota Wesleyan, B-A.: State, Plattsville, Wisc., Louisiana State, M.A. KATHERINE KRANICK Commerceg Northern State Teachers College, B.S.3 Minnesota Univer- sityg Denver University. B.E. ELSIE KRUG Girls' Physical Education University of South Dako- ,B.A. ,f Q C- 1.44 'W-r if-Lf". I sw -I M , .- . . .,.. ...Q........,... ...ww 3'-f at R fm-. 'Q' 6 W w ' :JSR gm, as ,, 546 T I 0 "' Sv k W' , 'Q a , . '3 aww' o WWZ ZW 0 WW"' mjff WT sfwfcfes fifff .lf-4 ff fgw KWMJW ,TOMWJQQWKQQMZZ WA no WW f WWW W Gmffw f ' fjigwffwdwfffwl 1 5225 Cdfffiwz-Hzfda, ' 'V- fwlitjf U W W W I 0 M y .. , . X 0 lv Amd Yi, bp!! Senior Class: Bottom to top--Sec- f JU ' CN retary, Marie Besharag President, X j Lavern Emery: Vice-president, 01,9 Q. Roger Geist. avg xx' fp x OH N Class Flower-American Beauty Rose F Class Motto-"We Are The Architects Of Our Own Fate' Class Colors-Aqua and Silver The Freshman class of 1949 started out with one of the biggest classes in the history of D. H. S. The graduation class of today consists of a grand total of 432 The honor of class queens went to Janet Burke, Betty Kettelhut, Elsie Daniels and Ma- rie Beshara. The Bear Day festivities had Janet Burke as All-School Queen attended by Betty Kettelhut and Betty Mae Oestrich. The class president honors went to Carlyle Richards, Barry Martin, Paul Snyder and Senior president Lavern Emery. The Howe cup was awarded to Margot Reed, Freshman year and Carol Pigney, Soph- omore year. The Junior Class play, "Spring Fever", was very successful. Boys' State representative honors went to Barry Martin and Joe Slack. Betty Kettelhut was honored as Girls' State representative. The annual banquet and prom held in the setting of 'A Southern Plantation' showed orig- inality and hard work. This year the honor of "South Dakota's Prettiest Cheerleader' went to Janet Burke. The class of '53 wishes to thank all those who helped rnake their high school career un- forgettable. 10 Bill Berry--Boys' Basketball Z5 Football I: Weight Teams l: Volleyball l.Z,3, 45 Mixed Chorus l,Z, 3,41 Boys' Glee Club l, Z,3,4: Class Plays 31 Christmas Plays l,2, 3,45 Dramatic Club lg Bruin Staff 3,4g Bear Log Staff 4: Bruin Ed- itorial Chairman 4. Marie Beshara--Gen- eral Glee Club l,Z,3, 4: Special Glee Club Z, 4: Mixed Chorus 3,45 a cappella 3,44 Mixed Octette 4: Class Play 3: Class Officer 4: Christmas Plays l,2, 3,45 Class Queen 45 Extemporaneous Speaking l,2,3,4g De- bate l,Z,3,45 NFL l,Z, 3,45 NFL Officer 4g DAR Representative 45 Bruin Staff l,Z,3,45 Bear Log Staff 45 Pep Club 4. Janet Burke--Girls' Basketball l,Z,3,45 G. A.A. l,Z,3,45 Baseball l,Z: General Glee Club 1,z,3,44 speeaai cies Club 2,41 Mixed Cho- rus 2,4: a cappella 45 G.A.A. officer 4: Class Play 3: Class Officer 3: Christmas Play Z,3. 45 Cheerleader 4: Class Queen lg All- School Queen 4: Vol- leyball l,Z,3,4: SDHS- PA 3,45 Dramatic Club Z: Declamatory Z: Bruin Staff 3,45 Bear Log Staff 3,42 Bruin Exchange Editor 4: Bear Log Editorial Chairman 4: Quill L Scroll 45 Pep Club 4. W? Perry Casteel--Boys' Basketball 2,45 Weight Teams 2,41 Turnbling 45 Track 2,45 Volley- ball l,2,45 General Glee Club 45 Special Glee Club 45 Mixed Chorus 4: Boys' Oc- tette 4: Mixed Octette 42 Class Officer Z: Christmas Plays 3,45 Music Clinic 45 Band 2,4: Pep Band 2,4. Bob Chyba--Boys' Basketball l,Z5 Foot- Ball l: Weight Teams l,25 Tumbling 1,25 Mixed Chorus l,Z,3,4: Boys' Octette 4: Class Play 3: Christmas Plays l,Z,3,45 SDHSPA 35 Drarnatic Club lg Student Council 15 Bruin Staff Z,3,45 Bear Log Staff 2,3,4. Elsie Daniels--Girls' Basketball l,Z,3,4: G. A.A. l,Z,3,45 Baseball l,2g General Glee Club l,Z,3,4g Special Glee Club l,Z,4: Nlixed Cho- rus l,Z,3,45 s cappella 3,45 Girls' Octette 45 G,A.A. Officer 3: Claus Plsy 35 Class Officer 33 Christrnns Plays li Z,3,45 Cheerleader 4: Class Queen 35 SDHS- PA 3,45 Dramatic Club l5 Declsrnatory 25 De- bate l,Z,35 NFL l,Z,3. 45 NFL officer 4: Stu- dent Council 3: Student Congress Z,3,4: Bruin Staff l,2,3,45 Bear Log Staff 45 Bruin Editor- in-chief 45 Quill In Scroll 3,45 Mach. Tournament 2: Pep Club 4: Volleyball l,2, 3,4. Lois Davis--General Glee Club l,2,3,4: Spe- cial Glee Club 2,43 Mlxed Chorus Z,3,45 a cappella 3,45 Chrlsi- mas Playa Z,3. Beverly We--General Glee Club l,2,3: Spe- cial Glee Club 1,23 Mixed Chorus 2,35 a cappella 35 Class Play 3: Christxnaa Plays 1, 2,31 Band l,Z,3g Pep Band 2,33 Pep Club l. Shirley El.1lott--Dxter- ed School 3 Year: G.A. A. 3: Volleyball 3: General Glee Club 3.4: Mixed Chorus 4, a cap- pella 3: Class Playa 33 Christmas Plays 3,43 Pep Club 4. Lavern Bnery--Boys' Basketball 33 Football 3,41 'D' Club 3,4g Track 3.4: Baseball 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Class Officer 4: Christmas Plays 3,43 SDHSPA 3,45 Bruin Staff 3,45 Bear Log Staff 4. Florentine Eng1er-- General Glee Club l,Z, 3,41 Special Glee Club Zg Mixed Chorus 3.4: a cappella 3.4: Christ- maa Plays l,2,3,4. Ida Franzel--Girls' Basketball l,2,3,4: G. A.A. l,2,3,4g Baseball l,Z.3: Volleyball l,2,3, 45 Bruin Staff 2: Pep Club 4. Roger Geist--Boys' Basketball 1,25 Weigh! Teams l,Zg Class Play 3: Class Officer 3: Band l,2,J,4: Pep Band l,Z,3,4: Clarinet Quar- tet 4. Elmer Holso--Boys' Basketball l,Z,3,4g Football Za Weight Teams l,Z,3,4Z Boys' Glee Club 2,31 Mixed Chorus 2,33 Christrnas Plays 31 Drarnatic Club l,Zg Student Ccruncil 4, Bruin Staff 4. Delores Hudson-- Girls' Basketball l,Z, 3,41 Tumbling l.Z,3,4g G.A.A. l,Z,3,4g Gener- al Glee Club l,Z,3,4g Special Glee Club l,2, 43 Mixed Chorus l,Z,3, 43 acappella 3,41 Girls' Octette 4: G,A.A. Offi- cer 4: Class Play 35 Christmas Plays l,Z, 3,41 Dramatic Club Z, Bruin Staff 43 Band l, Z,3,4g Pep Band l,Z,3, 42 Pep Club 4: Base- ball l,Z,3. Darrell lwnn--Weight Teams 41 Track 45 Volleyball 3,4p Band 3, 4: Pen Band 3.4, Janet .Tacobson--Gen- eral Glee Club l,Z,3,4p Special Glee Club 2.41 Mixed Chorus Z,3,4g a cappella 3: Christmas Plays 1,z,3,4g Bruin Staff 45 Band l,Z,3,42 Pep Band l,Z,3,4g Brass Sextet 4: Pep Club 4. Bob Jones--Boys' Basketball l,Z,Jg Weight Team: 1,4. Betty Kettelhut--Girls' Basketball l,2,3,45 Tun-.bling l,Z,3,45 G.A. A. l,Z,3,45 Baseball 1, 2,35 Volleyball l 2,3,4: General Glee C l ub l,2,3,45 Special Glee Club l,Z,45 Nixed Chorus l,Z,3,45 a cap- pella l,3,45 Girls' QC- tette 45 G.A.A. Officer 45 Class Play 35 Christmas Plays l,Z,3, 45 Cheerleader 4 Class Queen Z5 A11- School Attendant 45 SDHSPA 3,45 Drama- tic Club Z5 Girls' State Representative 35 Student Council 2 5 Bru- in Staff 2,3545 Bear Log Staff 45 Bruin Assistant Editor 45 Quill k Scroll 45 Band l,Z,3,45 Pep Band l,Z,3: Clarinet Quartet 45 Pep Club 45 Music Clinic 45 Bad- minton Champion 4. Norma Jeanne l.aDue-- Girls' Basketball 1,25 G.A.A. l,Z,35 Baseball l,Z5 Volleyball l,2,35 General Glee Club l,Z, 3,45 Special Glee Club 3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,45 a cappella 3,45 Class Play 35 Christmas Plays l,Z,3,45 Bruin Staff l,2,3,45 Pep Club 43 Majorette l,Z,3,4. Carla Linstrom-- Girls' Basketball l,Z, 3,45 G.A.A. l,Z,3,45 Baseball l,2,35 Volley- ball l,Z,3,45 General Glee Club l,Z,3,45 Spe- cial Glee Club 2,35 Mixed Chorus 45 a cappella 35 Class Plays 35 Christmas Plays l, 2,3,45 Bruin Staff 45 Pep Club. Jim Major--Football 1,2,3,45 'D' Club 3,45 Track 2,3,4. Barry Martin--Boys' Basketball l,Z5 Foot- ball l,Z,3,45 Weight Teams 15 'D' Club Z, 3,45 Baseball 1,25 Boys' Glee Club Z: Mixed Chorus Z5 Vol- leyball l,2,3,45 Class Officer Z5 Dramatic Club Z5 Boys' State Representative 35 Stu- dent Council 3: Student Council Officer 35 Bruin Staff Z,3,45 Bear Log Staff 3.4. Douglas Miklethun-- Football l5 Boys' Glee Club 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Volleyball l,2g Christmas Play 4. David Miller--Mixed Chorus l,Z,3,4g Boys' Octette 43 Class Play 3: Christ!-nas Plays l, 2.3.44 SDHSPA 3,34: Dramatic Club l,3g Bruin Staff 3,49 Bear Log Staff 3,43 Bear Log Assistant Editor 3.4: Volleyball l,2,3,4. Sharon Moore--Girls' Basketball 1,25 Tuni- bling 1,Z,4: G.A.A. 1, Z,4: General Glee Club l,Z,4: Special Glee Club Z3 Mixed Chorus l,Z,4: Girls' Octette Z2 Christmas Playa l,2, 45 Cheerleader 4: Bru- in Staff 3,45 Pep Club 4. BettyOestrelch--Girls' Basketball 1: G.A.A. l, Zg Baseball 1: General Glee Club l,Z,4g Special Glee Club Z: Christmas Plays l,2, All-School Attendant 4. Fred Pascoe--Boys' Basketball 3:-Football 2,33 Weight Teams l. Carol Pigney--Girls' Basketball l,Z,3: Turn- bung 1:G.A.A. 1,z,3,4g Special Glee Club l,Z, 4: Mixed Chorus l,Z, 3,4g a cappella 3:Class Plays 3: Christmas Plays l,2,3,4g Gym Exhibit Accompanist l, 2: SDHSPA 3: Drama- tic Club 2,31 Declama- tory 4: Debate lg Stu- dent Congress 4: Bru- in Staff Z,3,45 Bruin Exchange Editor 3: Quill k Scroll 43 Eng- lish Awards l,2,4g Howe Scholarship lp Pep Club 4. Barbara Redi.nger-- Girls' Basketball l,Z, 3,45 G.A.A. l,2,3,4g Baseball l,Z,3: Volley- ball 1,Z,3,4: General Glee Club l,Z,3,4: Spe- cial Glee Club Z: a cappella 3.4: Class Plays 3: Christmas Plays 2,32 Dramatic Club Z: Bruin Staff Z, 3.4: Bear Log Staff 4: Library 4: Pep Club 4, Carlyle Richards-- Football 2: Mixed Chorus l,Z,3,45 Mixed Octette 45 Boys' Glee Club . l,Z,3,45 Class Play 3: Class Officer 15 Christrrnas Plays l, 2,3,4: SDHSPA 3: Dramatic Club 3: Stu- dent Council 45 Bruin Staff 3,45 Bear Log Staff 3,45 Bruin Fea- ture Editor 3,4. Ann Lu Schmiedt-- Girls' Basketball 1,25 G.A.A. l,Z,3,45 Base- ball l,Z,3: Volleyball l,Z,3,4: General Glee Club l,Z,3,4: Special Glee Club 2: a cappella 3: Class Plays 35 Christmas Plays 2,35 Dramatic Club 25 Pep Club 4, ri I f ff Garnet Schuster W Girls' Basketball l, Tumbling Z5 G.A.A. Z5 Baseball 15 Volleyball 1,25 General Glee Club 1,Z. Joe Slack-- Boys' Baskembux 1,z,3, 45 Football l,Z,3, 45 Weight Teams 1,25 --D' Club 3,45 Track 3, 45 Mixed Chorus l,Z,3, 4: Boys' Octette 4: Boys' Glee Club 1,Z,3, 45 Class Play 35 Christmas Plays l,Z, 3,41 Boys' State Rep- resentative 3. Paul Snyder--Boys' Basketball l,Z,45 Foot- ball l,Z,3,45 Weight Teams 1,25 'D' Club 1,Z,3,45 Track 1,25 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Boys' Quartet 45 Boys' Glee Club 3,45 Class Plays 3: Class Officer 35 Christmas Plays Z, 3,45 Student Council Z5 Bruin Staff 35 Band 1, 2,3,45 Pep Band l,2,3. Yvonne Spaulding-- Girls' Basketball l,Z, 35 G.A.A. l,Z,35 Base- ball 1,25 General Glee Club 1,2,3,4i Special Glee Club l,Z,45 Mix- ed Chorus l,Z,3,45 a cappella 1,3,45 Class Play 35 Christmas Plays l,2,3,45 Extem- poranious Speaking 1, 2,35 Dramatic Club 1, 2,35 Declamatory 3,41 Debate l,2,3,45 NFL Z, 3,45 Student Congress 45 Bruin Staff l,2,3,43 Bruin Feature Editor 45 Volleyball l,Z,35 Pep Club 4. Faye Spindler--Girla' Basketball 1.2: Tum- bling 1.2: G.a.a. l,z. 3: Baseball 1.2: Vol- leyball l,2.3: General Glee Club 2: Special Glee Club l: a cap- pella 3: Class Play 3: Class Officer li Christmas Playa 2.3. Bob Thoreaen--Fooh ball l,2,3:Weight Teama 4: Track 2.3.4: Mixed Cho- rua l.Z.3.4: Boya' Glee Club l.2,3.4: Boys' Octette 4: Mix- ed Octette 2: Class Play 3: Chriatmaa Playa l.Z,3,4: SDPBPA 2.3.45 Dramatic Club I: Bruin Staff 2.3.42 Bear Log Staff 3.4: Bruin Spore Editor 3: Bear Log Editor 4: Bear Log Aasiatant Editor 3: Volleyball 1. 2.3.4. Margaret Va.ncaa-- Girla' Basketball 1.2: Tumbling I: G.A.A. l. 2.3: General Glee Club l.2.3.4: Special Glee Club 2.4: Mixed Chorua 2.3,4: a cappella 3.4: Claaa Play 3: L3: Mixed Chorua 2.3. 4: a cappella 3.4: 3.4: Clau Playa 3: Chriatmaa Playa 1.2. 3.4: Dramatic Club 2. 3: Bruin Staff 4: Bear Log Staff 4: Pep Club 4. Kathryn Io Wagner-- Tumbling 1: G.A.A. l. Z,3,4: Baseball l.2.3: Volleyball l.2.3.4: General Glee Club l, 2.3.4: Special Glee 2. 4: a cagaella 3.4: Clan Playa 3: Chrlltmaa Playa 1.2.33 Band 1.2. 3.4: Pep sum l.2,3.4: Pep Club 4. Not pictured: Jacqueline Backer, Ray Kramer, and Fred Welke. ' Wwgm, ,ML aj 'ff if Q ., 1 . ' ,'H'55' N I 2 ' A ff" fl" ,, , .-5 L ip' 1gf'3DH.JPf,fY, 5 5 ,Mil jUN ,Q , YS A V w S x Z I X! ' .X A v-X, 'HJ If N fx, . X W. - hw S. frgfifgg ff- .4 J, 4 K EA xl f 1 jf 'g ,L . J? 'S' MP2 If sb W EXE N ww iw PZJTXQ 9 ' 3 f 'z if ,M z , 253 X 1: QE? MW! 61,442 '--'H ' ,T X Sw g f W . 1 X X fm. ., ,', E ' ff' Q X W5 ' Si Having completed three years of their high school career, the juniors have accomplished much. Their class play, 'The Little Dog Laughed," was one of the more highly successful plays put on in D. H. S. y 9 The junior boys are known for their athletic abili- ties. In basketball, five junior boys composed the first Q1 five of the "A" Squad. Out of the junior class, Eddie Morris and Reece Palmer were chosen as representatives to Boys' State while Bonnie Roebuck was selected to represent Dead- wood at Girls' State. X V - John Smiley, Vice Presidentg Loyola Moser, Secretaryg Da- A vid Klein, President. . J l . X- 1 x X ' ' , . . . Anna Belle Alexander Mike Averill Q Marlene Beringer Jeannine Cowles DICK Dllhwlddl X8 X 1 X . Terry Dyvig Lorretta Eathex-ton Shreda Farnsworth Donald Gabel Georgia Gab 1 , S M 3? Z0 Cal Geary Virginia Gnirk Vernon Gutsche Alfred Johnson Bill Jones I . f in E 'H Ann Jordan Shirley Kettelhut David Klein Kenneth Lester Marilyn Maresh Eddie Morris Ellen Morris Carl Moser Fred Moser Loyola Moser fgwmg. am ,7 "' 1 21 R P lmer Marcia P 1'ch K y R b t Bonnie Robuck Carole Rypkema I ck Sernxnans K y Shauna John Smiley Charlene Vares Frances Wagne 5Vyy'l . I V ! 'V fl! ill! r V 5 2 0' if . 7 B . . . etty Wells Gaxl Wxlllamson .y V , fAMMjJmH ffl 5' fa ff' Jixvfjly J 0 ff' J fa! f fb , , J' IF N, 5 W fijff,'w U'r 9 QAM yy 2f 'l,,,4 lL Ak ff lla!!! Z2 Not Pictured: Richard Berry, Raymond Hobbs, Ronald Sargent, Buddy West. ffl, ' CQ? A-' M 4 I ' f h 1 ., ,,,-f- ' ' 1 I A, , n r 1 1 I I Freshmen: Left to right--Pres- Sophomores: Left to right-- ident, Tom Gorderg Secretary, President, Gene Whitelockg Carol .Tohnsong Vice president Secretary, Pauline Neavillg Walter Wilgdxsogg Vice-president, Larry DiSanto. N . 1 FN Q u S Uh ' gf ' as L h Q 1' X T ' 2 I f A , Q A 2 - Q e Q X . 6 0 E- . 1 fm' ' ' E Tix lu' ' 44 'L A .-. - C I Freshmen: lst row, left to right--Margaret Moses, Ellis James Haney, Donna Albin, Mar- vin Reznicek, Marilyn Rotter, Donald Lantz, Gail Willuweit, Jerald Sargent, Joanna Fran- cescato. Znd row--Mr. Horsefall, Ronald Bernard, Geraldine Clauser, Duane Schuster, Marion Moses, Willis Steinlicht, Jolyn Kimble, Jimmy Hennen. 3rd row--Wenda Harmon, Melvyn Meverden, Diane Heine, Paul Aijala, Joyce Shostrom, Charles Crotty, Marilyn Jones, Robert Sjomeling, Suzanne Litz. Qaedunen Freshmen: lst row, left to right--Shirley Ruth, Robert Mack, Virginia Cooper, Richard Davis, Lois Arnrnons, Arne Sjomeling, Katherine White, Donnie James, Joanne Deatherage. Znd row--Leon Stalder, Paula Englebretson, Elmer Framsworth, Joan Hoy, Walter William- son, Carol Johnson, Albert Arsaga, Peggy Huhta, Ivir. Clark. 3rd row, left to right--Cynthia Richards, Donald Gray, Margaret Ferris, Charles Hendrickson, JoAnn Pringle, Merno Stal- der, Belva Burtzlaff, Tornrny Gorder, Marvin Lester. Q - 9 A 4 A r u mas. I I L4 m. 1- mmemlmmiszmsr emi' mwah: Sophomores: lst row, left to right--Betty Sargent, Sylvia Berry, Bill Beshara, Mary Jane Drake, Verlin Fox, Mary Rotter, William Welke, Betty Cooper. Znd row--Mrs. Krug, Jim Veitl, Gene Whitelock, Dale Allen, Richard Sears, Karl Bentz, Larry DiSanto, Tom Perrett. 3rd row--Sherwin Artus, Marcia Moore, George Clark, Geraldine Page, Arnold Nelson, Pat Lubisher, Monte Widdoss, Linda Stoller. S Sophomores: lst row, left to right--Annette Kittleman, Bill Auer, Frances Kunsman, Co- rinne Conlon, Robert Reznicek, Sherill Person, Rayrnond Antuna, Janet Chyba, Pauline Nea- vill. Znd row--Mr. Burgess, Darrell Stoneberger, John Fillmore, Gerald Webb, Dick Schlax, Luke Walker, Lyle Brothers, Floyd lwan. 3rd row--Elaine Fish, Michael Larson, Margaret Sperling, Henry Frawley, Kay Buckmaster, .Tim Hutcherson, Florence Lauer, Don- ald Sonne. u""'-ul , x 'mf 'ns . " 'Ei :f, ,,f f if-k , Mfi' BHK x s 4 I W W Lx. 'wx xd X 11 fix' 4 , ri , icy .ab . .. My .- .. E .42 A M71-Cf .,fbz gd r s f 1 1 L ' Lid, 0.6,-1.2 ' -. 37 f xx- f' f ' s 1' un .,f uf J MW! f 29 fnfnwf Z Q A n U fu' fix! W, !Wf4 Af ff env ' N frhofeg' fs ' Robett AHOY? EM ff hi" vi! . xax ' to 'flg igian , E I 'f , it A55 e A q ' , W . he . 1 YJ' . 'I ni X-fr, Oiiicew' ad Wufxanet Buichaf a I ' ! . 'Dav . 1 - eff'-5 . Y 1 ear Lcfg ohiei' t E560 y 60591 1 f z U B .toxfuv 19139 fneff X W f' ' X 361 ts p.,-55 ern YS , , NJ I, 1 ,AY Robe! Q93 hav . , I I ' if fl N ' . dx an V 4 ,lg ,J is ' Chant . QIJ1, affix A IN 9.1 ,ff if J I " ' 'QQ 1 f 4 1' 'J - Kp L! J ,N - -X ,ff I x " J J ' f ' ' Q fi 3 I -' ' .,.s51'-W,-s.: nigga E Annual Editors--Daviiu r, Assistant Editorg B hor - A sen, Editor-in-chie ' . Brainard, Advisor. 'Q 53323 Y I nEm h ,I E ., E . i- A ww ' to 5 ,-,Q ' , l3 ffff3,,f Q AM!r,jrf!i,i,fP'fQ'!U ' Jy,ff'r my 'M fu J fwml " .1 V fa! W! ' AJ JJ l "Y K 4 1 , I ff" W' . M fo! f E If 1 'J A X f 5 ,V f' fl' I 4- My ,,v'd Left to right--David Miller, Assistant Editor, ' My f- ,W 'K pf' Lavern Emery, Business Chairman, Janet '4' I lv 7 3 I Q' Burke, Editorial Chairman, Robert Thoresen, bf" , ff' ' U 'J Y, A 'J A ' Editor-in-Chief. ' A NJ! 4" ff- . ,4.l ,J ,A+ ,J R r , 1 , .P - y VD ,ff ,Q -, ' Af Y 4 .,f I V' 4 ,lv sl Y I , K 1 V A ' 'J ,A .f f I 1 4' ' W , 1 4 . , A! ' , b I gy, A 54 ', 1 ,T 1 - . 4 i A Bear Log Staff: lst row, left to right--David Miller, 5ainesFish, Kay Roberts, Elsie Dan- iels, Janet Burke, Sherill Person, Janet Chyba. Znd row--Barbara Redinger, Mr. Franklin Brainard, Bill Berry, Marie Beshara. 3rd row--Bob Chyba, Carlyle Richards, Lavern Em- ery, Betty Kettelhut, Anna Belle Alexander, Ann Jordan, Bob Thoresen. Not pictured--Betty Wells. 3 L f l li ? ilflre k uf! eff! ' .- , f if I vih, Gal YNkXXkaf0e-on, Barbara Yledkrv Ooooet , Sheikh Yet eos, Saoet arg Romer, BXakxxe fish, atet Vancas. 'Bid ke Roebuck, boxed at row , Xe t 'co rkgbtf -Mar cia ?af1Xicb, ?aoS1oe etxa Bakberton, Geox gia GabeX, ykarke Beebaxfa, A row-f'iLXeXe Oaxxkebs- , Kay Sbafba, Mar cka Moo er , Nororxa Ba0ue, Xkaq Y-oberk.-5, Kanet Burke, Bexingex , Eben yhorrks, Cana Khao-str om, rx CaroX Qkgneq. Mb row-'Y-aqoqooo pmtuxxa, B ide-, Batty yhartkn, bavern Bmew , Mm Home BRUXX4 ST Ps get ,Betw '6.etk.eXkmt, Boi Cmqba, Nmekte kiktkefoao. 'Lo Parma Bekke Luevuaoder , fwrerxce hav row- Pam Soraaa, 'Kerri Owkg, bAarXwe Yvonne Spamokng, OeXore-5 Bud-son, Saoet Sacobeo , QZQ' YBKXX Berrq , David XkXe1o, Bob Cbqba, Carhhe 9-icba son, oavaa yhkher , Mr. B1 award. BI-ui -- 1. . Editofanet Q' Sea Sud-itorj gist Shlgl-ke,tEd left t .'Chi Sie ma xcha O Zlsof- ef? M1-Daniel Assisrlge UZ, S Znd r ' BI-a.S' Editant Ed. Port OW-- lnar Or- R'1t0I" S Ed' Sh dv A Klchardial 1tO1-3 Ad- ette S, Fe all-nq 1 B r- Yvonnlhut, iture Cairry, tor eSPaul Ssist ltor. 1Y1e ' ding ant E5 Betty v Featurditori C ' Nea Benq xt e , NX Marg Boon ob 'Y ber f Wifi' aff WW K W W Y" T5 .J Q gvdvf . KN 1- jf AV, H Q1 r In? .,..- ki lvl I ...- lille i "' U ua E ,M . V, , na 4 ... 5911 Q gf' W .- ag I 'tw it ltr' .. IE - , " ,nm , , Publi shing the paper The finished product :Sn i S2 vii 1 -,,,.,....J U 9 - in! ...ln N gp a if 31 D CLUB: lst row--Bill Auer, Willis Steinlicht, Jim Veitl, Mike Averill, Larry DiSanto, John Smiley, Gene Whitelock, Bill Jones, Coach Ferguson. Znd row--Don Sorme, Jim Major, Paul Snyder, Barry Martin, A1 Johnson, Reece Palmer, David Klein, Joe Slack, Donnie James. 3rd row--Fred Pascoe, George Clark, Richard Sears, Lavern Emery, Don Gabel, Henry Frawley, Eddie Morris, Coach Burgess. Pqaeludin alien 32 tiff M Q. 14.14. wwf Inner Circle foreground, counter-clockwise--Kay Shama, Terry Dyvig, Elsie Daniels, Kay Ro- berts, Gail Williamson, Shirley Kettelhut, Marlene Beringer, Wenda Harmon, Margaret Ferris, Suzanne Litz, Virginia Cooper, Mary Jane Drake, Joan Hoy, Geraldine Page, Linda Stoller, Patty Lubisher, Diane Heine, Carol Johnson, Carol Pigney, Delores Hudson, Francis Wagner, Virginia Gnirk, Pauline Neavill, Betty Cooper, Mary Rotter, Janet Burke, Marilyn Rotter, Sherill Person, Georgia Gabel, Betty Kettelhut, Carla Lindstrom, Bonnie Roebuck, Jolyn Kimble, Paula Engebret- son, Joanne Pringle, Geraldine Clauser, Donna Albin, Sylvia Berry, Belva Burtzlaff, Betty Sar- gent, Cynthia Richards, Peggy Huhta, Sharon Moore, Ida Franzel, Mrs. Krug, Shirley Ruth, Peggy Sperling, Kay Buckmaster, Margaret Moses, Francis Kunsman, Corinne Conlon, Joanna Frances- cato, Joyce Shostrom, Florence Lauer, Barbara Redinger, Kathryn Wagner, AnnLu Schmiedt, Marcia Moore, Elaine Fish, Janet Chyba, Annette Kettleman. 33 'x X 'F Mil? S, if - f , ,ff 5A - 2' 'N ' s iw! ' ff wi' 'Q' L A u BAND: lst row, left to right--Roger Geist, Cynthia Richards, Bonnie Roebuck, Darlene Lester, Arlene Jacobson, Lois Pringle, Wenda Harmon, Joanne Pringle, Helen Pontius, Judy Klein, Virginia Gnirk, Kath- ryn Jo Wagner. Znd row--Betty Kettelhut, Geraldine Clauser, Marlis Lester, Gloria Johnson, Harold Hicks, Patsy Steinlicht, Floyd lwan, Larry DiSanto, Herby Clark, Mike Averill, Kenneth Lester, Perry Casteel, George Auer, Paul Snyder. 3rd row--Florence Lauer, Lois Heinrich, Nancy Newell, Julie Clark Hans Nubert, Arne Sjomeling, .Timmy Young, George Clark, Janet Jacobson, Ronnie Hennen, Carl Bentz, Larry Mitchell, Reece Palmer, Dick Dunwiddie, Richard Sears, Jerry Pontius. 4-th row--Norma LaDue, Terry Dyvig, Kay Roberts, Marcia Moore, Elaine Fish, Janet Chyba, Mr. Clark, Marlene Kuykendall, Mar- jorie Belle, Jane Tabor, Delores Hudson, Jimmy Hennen, Willie Steinlicht, Henrietta Clauser. Clarinet Quartet: Left to right--Roger Geist, Bonnie Roebuck, Betty Kettelhut, Cynthia Richards. 34 Brass Sextet: Left to right--Mike Averill, Herb Clark, Jerry Pontius, Wen- da Harmon, Janet Jacobson, George Clark. Bam! PEP BAND: Left to right--Roger Geist, Cynthia Richards, Bonnie Roebuck, Florence Lauer, Geraldine Clauser, Katherine Wagner, Virginia Gnirk, Kenneth Lester, Perry Ca- steel, Marlene Kuykendall, Marjorie Bell, Jane Tabor, Jimmie Hennen, Delores Hudson, Willis Steinlicht, George Clark, Floyd Iwan, Herbie Clark, Karl Bentz, Larry Mitchell, Jer- ry Pontius, Richard Sears, Dick Dunwiddie, Janet Jacobson, Lois Pringle, Wenda Harmon. will 111:11 SH IM il, - f I MIXED CHORUS: lst row, left to right--Marcia Kay Pavlich, Loyola Moser, Marie Beshara, Shreda Fransworth, Lois Davis, Kay Roberts, Arne Sjomeling, Mary Rotter, Marcia Moore, Shirley Kettelhut, Elsie Daniels, Betty Kettelhut. Znd row--Miss Craig, Walter Williamson, Shirley Elliott, Carol Pigney, Janet Jacobson, Yvonne Spalding, Delores Hudson, Carole Rypkema, Terry Dyvig, Tommy Gorder, Bill Beshara. 3rd row--Perry Casteel, Reece Palmer, George Clark, Monte Widdoss, Henry Frawley, Rich- ard Sears, David Miller, Carl Bentz, Dale Allan, Robert Thoresen. meclwwma MIXED CHORUS: lst row--Janet Chyba, Ronald Bernard, Sherill Person, Shirley Sherman, Kay Shama, John Fillmore, Jimmy Veitl, Virginia Gnirk, Betty Cooper, Robert Mack, Gail Williamson. Znd row-- Janet Burke, Norma LaDue, Anna Belle Alexander, Florentine Engler, Ellen Morris, Bonnie Roebuck, Carla Lindstrom, Sharon Moore, Ann Jordan, Francis Wagner, Margaret Vancas. 3rd row--Richard Sargent, Bill Berry, Joe Slack, Paul Snyder, Bob Chyba, Carlyle Richards, Cal Geary, David Klein, Fred Moser, Larry DiSanto. E 2 A K 2 H 4,1.fmL2f1'b: Mya, vwfmnnmasm 'HJ go GIRLS' GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--Katherine Wagner, Mailyn Maresli, Shirley Ruth, Kath- erine White, Virginia Cooper, Elsie Daniels, Betty Kettelhut, Gail Williamson, Betty Sargent, Pauline Neavill. End row--Miss Craig, Shirley Kettelhut, Georgia Gabel, Mary Rotter, Marcia Moore, Shreda Farnsworth, Lois Davis, Ann Lu Schnaiedt, Betty Cooper. 3rd row--Francis Kunsman, Joanna Frances- cato, Corinne Conlon, Mary Drake, Ann Jordan, Terry Dyvig, Shirley Elliott, Elaine Fish, Kay Roherts, Paula Engelbretson. 4th row--Carole Rypkema, Belva Burtzlaff, lvlarilyn Jones, JoAnne Pringle, Bonnie Roebuck, Joyce Shostrom, Margaret Ferris, Carol Pigney, Betty Mae Oestreich. n wr Q ll GIRLS' GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--Gail Willuweit, Janet Chyba, Marilyn Rotter, Jolyn Kim- ble, Shirley Sherman, Sherill Person, Loyola Moser, Marcia Kay Pavlich, Annette Kittleman, Joanne Deatherage. Znd row--Nlarie Beshara, Virginia Gnirk, Betty Wells, Frances Wagner, Janet Burke, Margaret Vancas, Kay Shama, Barbara Redinger. 3rd row--Marion Moses, Pat Lubisher, Linda Stol- ler, Joan Hoy, Florence Lauer, Sharon Moore, Anna Belle Alexander, Norma LaDue, Geraldine Page, Peggy Huhta. 4th row--Diane Heine, Florentine Engler, Carla Lindstrom, Ellen Morris, Yvonne Spauld- ing, Delores Hudson, Janet Jacobson, Cynthia Richards, Carole Johnson. M ,M - l -ni Irv! S-fr-I K E l. ,Q J BOYS' GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--Ronald Bernard, Bill Beshara, Walter Williamson, John Fillmore, Dick Sargent, Tom Gorder, Robert Thoresen, Jim Veitl, Arne Sjorneling, Robert Mack. Znd row--Miss Craig, Larry DiSanto, Bill Berry, Fred Moser, David Miller, Joe Slack, Dale Allen, Carl Bentz, Perry Casteel. 3rd row--Reece Palmer, Paul Snyder, Bob Chyba, Cal Geary, Carlyle Richards, Henry Frawley, Monte Widdoss, George Clark, Richard Sears, David Klein. A CAPPELLA: lst row, left to right--Gail Williamson, Georgia Gabel, Marie Beshara, Virginia Gnirk Betty Kettelhut, Elsie Daniels, Barbara Redinger, Kathryn Jo Wagner, Marcia Kay Pavlich. Znd row-- Miss Mary Craig, Lois Davis, Marcia Moore, Terry Dyvig, Mary Rotter, Janet Burke, Margaret Van- cas, Kay Shama. 3rd row--Kay Roberts, Elaine Fish, Joan Hoy, Ann Jordan, Anna Belle Alexander Norma LaDue, Mary Jane Drake, Joanna Francescato, Corrine Conlin, Paula Englebretson. 4th row- Patty Lubisher, Geraldine Page, Delores Hudson, Yvonne Spaulding, Bonnie Roebuck, Ellen Morris, Jo anne Pringle, Cynthia Richards. e-1 is fm' -2 .. Killa-. . Mixed Octet: Left to right-- Kay Roberts, Perry Casteel, Gail Williamson, Marie Be- shara, Arne Sjomeling, David Miller, Reece Palmer, Terry Dyvig. Girls' Octet: Left to right-- Kay Roberts, Delores Hudson, Betty Kettelhut, Cynthia Rich- ards, Virginia Gnirk, JoAnne Pringle, Elsie Daniels, lviarcia Kay Pavlich. Boys' Octet: Left to right-- Arne Sjomeling, Carl Bentz Carlyle Richards, Bob Chyba Reece Palmer, Bob Thoresen David Miller, Perry Casteel Seated--Joe Slack. Mixed Quartet: Left to right- Tom Gorder, Kay Shama, Vir ginia Gnirk, Paul Snyder. SPECIAL GLEE CLUB: lst row, left to right--Virginia Cooper, Betty Sargent, Shirley Ruth, Janet Chyba, Marilyn Rotter, Georgia Gabel, Elsie Daniels, Sherill Person, Jolyn Kimble, Gail Williamson, Marcia Kay Pavlich, Kathryn Wagner. Znd row--Miss Mary Craig, Marie Beshara, Virginia Gnirk, Lois Davis, Marcia Moore, Mary Rotter, Janet Burke, Margaret Vancas, Kay Shama, Shirley Sherman, Frances Wagner. 3rd row--Betty Kettlehut, Corinne Conlon, Joanna Francescato, Kay Roberts, Elaine Fish, Joan Hoy, Carole Rypkema, Norma LaDue, Mary Jane Drake, Paula Englebretson. 4th row--Sha- ron Moore,'Carol Johnson, Diane Heine, Florentine Engler, Carol Pigney, Terry Dyvig, Ann Jordan, Cynthia,Richards, Anna Belle Alexander. 5th row--Belva Burtzlaff, Marilyn Jones, Margaret Ferris, Yvonne Spaulding, JoAnne Pringle, Bonnie Roebuck, Ellen Morris, Joyce Shostrom, Delorous Hudson, Janet Jacobson. DECLAM: lst row, left to right--Anna Belle Alexander, Elaine Fish, Sherill Person, Marcia Pavlich, Betty Wells, Joan Hoy, Carole Ryp- kema. Znd row--Carol Pigney, Yvonne Spaulding, Mrs. Ferguson, Terry Dyvig, Joyce Shostrom. 40 .,-J DEBATE: Left to right--Gail Williamson, Marcia Kay Pavlich, Arne ' l R l' Francis Wagner Bonxue Roebuck, Tommy Gorder, Caro yp- Sjome 1ng, , kema, Marie Beshara. Standing--Walter Williamson, Bill Beshara. Debate practice. 1. .l.. mn , I N. F. L.: lst row, left to right--Marcia Pavlich, Gail William- son, Marie Beshara, Elsie Daniels. Znd row--Carol Pigney, Carole Rypkema, Bonnie Roebuck, Yvonne Spaulding. 3rd row--Mrs. Ferguson. XV. 4. .L'.14ml ibm ' DRAMATIC CLUB: lst row, left to right--Gail Williamson, Marilyn Rotter, Annette Kettle- man, Peggy Huhta, Jolyn Kimble. 2nd row--Carol Johnson, Diane Heine, Miss Mary Craig, Joyce Shostrom, Wenda Harmon. -3 1 fs M E 'X First, row, left to right--John Smiley, Mike Averill, Joe Slack, Jim Major, Larry DiSanto Don Gabel, Eddie Morris. Znd row--Coach Burgess, Dick Sears, Ray Antuna, Gene VVhite- lock, Paul Snyder, Billy Jones, Reece Palmer, Vern Emery, Coach Ferguson. 3rd row-- George Clark, Jim Hutcherson, Bill Beshara, Don Sonne, Vernon Gutsche, Al Johnson. '7aucfxJown l V 8 A r K v Y M , Ll rg: for 11, M X MW k iwi . . f '2. ' A wi - f V - , wx . H., y 44 57- Plul Snyder, ' x Slack, tlckl L b k Barry Munn, guna. 1952 Football Schedule Opponent We They Gillette 13 13 Hot Springs 0 Belle Fourche 32 Spearfish 27 Sturgis 12 45 Custer 32 13 Lead 19 I !W W L ' a L, i 45 L Vern Eme ry, Jim Mnjorugunrd back. A Squad Left to right -Nlanagers--Dick Dunwiddie W1111S Steinlich B111 Jones John Smiley Reece Palmer LaVern Emery, Eddie Morris Henry Frawley David Klein A1 John son .Toe Slack Paul Snyder, Coach Ferguson B 1952-1953 Basketball Schedule Opponent Newcastle Newcastle Lead Rapid City Rapid City Hot Springs Sturgis Custer Spearfish Belle Fourche Lead Miles City Sturgis Belle Fourche Spearfish Hot Springs Custer R P1 F d Z.. . X, Vx . 1 m Nm mmfxirrm am Am m sm-Lzmxz:m"''?mAm m m 1 John Smiley ---- Guard Paul Snyder ---- Forward Joe Slack ---- Forward Henry Frawley ---- Cente Basketball or ballet? 'B' Squad: Left to right--Coach Burgess: Robert Sjomelingg Tommy Gorder, Darrell Stone- bergerg Larry DiSantog Monte Widdossg Henry Frawleyg Richard Searsg Charles Crotty Walter Williamsong Gene Whitelockg .Timmy Veitlg Donnie James, Manager. L S it lf Heavy Weights: Left to right--Bob Thoresen, Vernon Gutsche, Ronald Sargent, Perry Casteel, Elmer Holso, Bob Jones, Darrell Iwan. "Gian 7eam4 " Freshmen-Sophomore Class Team: Left to right--E. J. Haney, Richard Davis, Ar- thur DuPratt, Jimmy Hennen, Carl Bentz, Marvin Lester, Willie Steinlicht, Duane Schuster , Donnie Jarne s. n ly -Ai W fir N V uw'wwfwAmfs5d sy A - J its Qe :QQ 0 R55 FNXVW1 l , 5. x -. gi lv xfg'5y"1l1m1i gala U W WW xy 5- 450 .--nv., We '.,. ,Qlizvll , A I 67 'X I .2 1 s' 'YQ' rg V ,wg 9 A 1 x 'i g 1 . U4 ' . S. Q S' hx, r 09, DNIP A S l X I' 1 , I M xc-lik Janet Burke--A11 School Queen Betty Kettelhut--Attendant Betty Mae Oestreich--Attendant 7 50 Nl? if EW aine is ur an 53 RV Y QF Qqighml 60QffyOBjg Y Z .fy fiiiir 4,1 ,, ,, , jp, Q-:: Left to right, seated on floor--Loyola Moser, Reece Palmer, Kay Roberts, Virginia Gnirk, Loretta Eatherton, Georgia Gabel, Shirley Kettlehut, Marlene Beringer. Left to right, seat- ed on chairs--Forest Houlette, John Smiley, Kay Shama, Ellen Morris, Gail Williamson, Carole Rypkema, Marcia Pavlich, Charlene Vares. Left to right, standing--Dick Dunwiddie, David Klein, Mike Averill, Bonnie Roebuck, Eddie Morris, Anna Belle Alexander, Betty Wells, Miss Craig, Frances Wagner, Ann Jordan, Terry Dyvig. uniafz Left to Right--Kay Roberts, David Klein, Reece Palmer, John Smiley, Gail Williamson. if f " ., 7'1'-wmswe-wswnnr vm Study Hall Physic's Class Gym Class Typing I Class V, 7,4114 53 ,. f , Q1 Vlfilj Jfj f fx I, fx ,v . J' WI 1 Lx Y XX Kp,Pgy.v aku J - - . J if 1 91 I 7 I! X , V f ,V ' J. ', 1' X V x X' jj I. - X. I f N 'v , 1' 1 ., f Q'-3 A NZ' Bax flu V- ax HJ ix ' X gg 1 , 'Q . 2 ,X I ' ? 2 35 2352522 E 2 'affagfiyif 54 QUE' wg. . Wifi rm: fig? In N' 14 ' xx x X. . x x . - . X wx, 1 -,,fk L 3 naw F ggi Mi m x E. Q QE. .Jfi I ! N ,,x. 5 SponAorA A1's Pharmacy Allen Lewis, Roofing 8: Sheet Metal Works Auer Service George V. Ayres Inc. Bar-B-Q, Leonard 8: Frank Ben Franklin Store Black Hills Arnusement Company Black Hills Laundry Black Hills Mercantile Co. Black Hills Novelty Co. Black Hills Power 8: Light Black Hills Radio 8: T. V. Dealer Black Hills Studios, Inc. Bodega Cafe Kate Callahan, Your Jeweler Clark's Real Estate Company A. A. Coburn, Insurance J. P. Croff 8: Company The Cupboard Dakota Creamery, Lilly lce Cream Dakota Typewriter Exchange Daniels Floral Shop Deadwood Motor Sales Deadwood Pioneer Times DuPratt Motel 8: Service Eddie's Sales 8: Service Ellis Insurance Agency F. 8: M. Bootery Fino1a's Clothing Store First National Bank of the Black Hills Fish 8: Hunter Company Dr. T. H. FitzGibbon Fountain Electric Service Franklin Hotel Gaughen's Dairy 8: Shamrock Frank R. Gnirk Goldberg Grocery Grab It 'N Growl Guy H. Hemminger, Insurance Hendrie 8: Bolthoff Co. Hillard-Murray Pontiac Co. Homestake Mining Co. Dr. F. S. Howe The Hub Clothing Store Independent Bindery Jeffrie's Cleaners K. W. Motor Co. KDSJ 980 K. C. Kelley's Dairy Kersten's Dry Cleaners Carl H. Kubler, Insurance Lampert Lumber Company LeMar Motor Co. Leo's Shoe Shop Lyle's Service Station Mapleway Bowling Lanes Martin's Sinclair Service Midwest-Typewriter Dr. N. E. Mattox Midwest-Beach Company The Mint Cafe Montgomery Wards Morris Jewelry Newell's Drug Store The New York Store Northwest Wood Preserving Co. Odou Motor Co. O. K. Tire Service Parker 8: Parker, Lawyers Peg's Beauty Shop Porter's Lumber Co. Dr. T. H. Proctor Clinton G. Richards, Attorney Robley's Grill Roesler 8: Island Feeds Ruth Brothers Machine Works Schultz's Refrigerated Lockers Schwarzwald Furniture Co. A. H. Shostrom, Insurance Dr. J. C. Smiley Stearns 8: Shedd Carl Stoneberger, Lumber G: Building Sunnyside Grocery Swander's Sunbeam Bakery F. L. Thorpe Jewelry Co. Twin City Motors Dr. W. P. Wasner Wells Fhneral Home Western Stationers Widdoss' Furniture 8: Appliance Shama's Grocery-Open Sundays Snappy's Cleaners Vernie's Standard Service We wish to thank these sponsors for so generously supporting the annual. 56 W' W MQW- F' Z5 'fggwjflgu' ,' VJ , 1 fv' 1f"ff"'gQl""" T,M"?7fGf0 WMP! f tv - . . .X Kim gf! 'sq , if gi mfyiiiggggfjiii 53 f,ff?igW P539 .Q,'Jf?ffSf ' n a Q ,X 3' b Mu-v45"""' P + . ig W , k' 'Q' Pl? fa 3. 5' km -rw 'M , ,X xl ,X - . Nm wa .ff f V ' f W up ' , , W" '11 H' 3 W A Q ef EQ' Qi if 'S . 'sixflw fx A E at X5 .' f ,f Q, W- 13.8 '.v g ' ki .1 N , if -5, 4 4 39. YQ A fx .5 f ff Q-k' sf -'H '- Q v wa 2 A ' , T .9 f +5 mt- W 3 ' M ..,., ' .-.-5, 1- 5' ' ,5 ' - .ff X ' fl ' ' iw P X 2 - ,Q ,psy f MW lwiix,. , t, gigs Wm gk, Q is W an my A . ' v N, ff? mwwssi f- ky, A im. . fn, , hw ea' , 'Mk I Q Q ,, ,af M: x wjfi if 'W' N11 QQNA., x ' y. 5 J J ' M -+ff+"m fikfw VW Av .MM si ' 'f if f 4' Q i Q 4 A jr +5 -4, K 33 , K . 43 , si 4, ,fa 4 A cam, 'K vi X, Q . . . , M 'sf N, , f '?"1aa-Q , A' f we Q 'Sf M 'Y' ,W . KES M w. Q Wa wr W SVJEV 1 1 -W' 59 1 "Q" as N T4 Q Q . ag 4 K 4 W' J' . M , M 'ggi' s ' X '55 W R 1 1 M R 'N -Q J E 5 'X ,1 . 5 2.,,, Y X' e.- ,Y I TL A-. 21154 '-' JP' A, x M .ff su. Q ,qu Am.-f1u1 H Lani lh.g A 45 I inn-L - ,,-w' fi "'M

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