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al' -.5 515'- -H- - ' W WI.. 1-F '.",. E E, , .1 II: . , ,, -I' - I- - . II -fi ...I 'E .II f -. I . ,JI ' "1-.5 '.r I I-.Q -A E., :jjj - I ' . I .141 :kj-..-KI: 5' V A T 'F . ' . - 'W' 1 . in ' ' - ' ,L . 1- .I w ' 'I-J 'L " -'-r:--- ... - E L,- ,-..' '54 nqrm- H M 'v "-' .-II! ' 'E 1 I ' - II' IP F A .. .. X' I L' , . - ' .JI . T- -Zyl 'l - 1- q In " w, '--- ' I' 'l . UTI'-1 3- ,Y F-1 -Illl' 1' IL-I.. - IN ti L- . . -.-.f - --' - , 1 ' Ei U. .. , ' ,:. '- 5. .A F---.I ' T. TH' I V- ,' I ,:-,', ' -T J i L-1 In ,V I... f - K. - k f cd? "1 ' 4 V"."""fFf:'.ii .ll-, fi- I lr11u I xi' ' . 1. Jae' I , .F 3-ij H ',".J L 3-.L , , ' 2 ,N .' - , ur - ,I 'i-.- . I -' -. , '- V ' . JL Q +I- r II- - Hi . I, .. my fa... Sw. A I I' - L- -an i 'B - 'ni' F' 1 li ig' nf - A - lj' JL N WL - "-QL 'E KF fr, yi. . Ii . - ' - ' ', . 41 'A 'rl ' ' li I 'K . I -,L I 'FITS' 5 I .. ! f Q51 -EJ '-'..' 4' i, I - 'K - A- H It 1 . Q . .. -A 5' .- N 'I I - . P . SI' - 1 ' .U Ii - . 1. ' I -' ...I '11 3' f. 'L - . . .I ? I ' . -11. I' Ira nl , .f' S fm 5 N, I . . ' . I I L '- ': I . .1 I. .. ' In .. - .- 75. ,i.-1a.- .- - - 1-1- iv ., . - -lr - Ig ' -gr-A "'F J, A -i1 I r I .' . . ' " " ' - -' F - , 1. I-I . -S ' -I b 'JI' - ' - I . --'C I Ig -. -.- -w-.h,- if W .IL ...-'I ,' . I I K M U . . .4 4, 5 , 2, JI. " ' I- ,.' . 1' I I." If 1:7 H -1.5 - , ' 'Ki' 'lan Q" f' 1- ""',1 In , . . 1, , -. -P I :Z J. - Ia 5. . 4 . ll U .A,:.'lI- , -- ' - , ' ,Il .-Ll- -, L- " 'ulgjf-leaf... I - ., ., ' ,I N, ' ' -...E Q , ALI-If 'P "' i ' 1 .I 'I'-. ' 2 - .., ' QE I' .T . ' .Al F . ' I '- ' u- I - . I fn -: 4-a. "w'Vv 'A - . I - ' I I ,Brix ' I-. . - , .gif I.- -I 'ft-'J k 1lI - - --hw... ' ,' E . I . - " ' ' li""fE'a WF 4' I-I-H E F J ' F444 3 1 fl' A'-IfFHff"fI. .FF -f HW f I, in X LA-.1 'T' .li-. L. f, - 'L IF.: 'J' . M , - Z . ' ' :' -, - ' ' . -' ern w L: 1' .ff V -' f ff , ' rv ,I I ,, ' ' 'IJ . ' ' r , -' ' - , . I1 f A f As X. A . . cali, U Q N , 7 EE 6 0 o f M. 1 Lwmwjwmwwwfmwmwf Jem, im ga "i.a,a,.L'1f LL ? 9024 LQJLQ 4,6-rygq ,DMM 'VCI Ut L5l0UfZjMJ,a.wLofu ' 1 'f J L7 ?5 JJEVYLMUL, WM 5,5 W M, IWC J 1 4'f'9" W 'WW W WW MQ Xiu, wwegl, ' Q1 gf!!-1-R5 ,TMJ cwfvvlf IULCZUU QH74 LKMW i., Ag,b AWN fw.d3Q au QMw0QXl49,Jgl 4wg i "Q all Um 'Ulmzu wi Aww lfbw w Q Wvw AMMJ f ? Q5 mc UM fi ww GM, Mlm QAM MM N? .ww 1 22 2? wfpeQmM KWCQOD 42 M 00 ff mggjm-Mw ww WQMJMKM gf? LQDF My ' BQ Qhswbyzzgigggw Q'fu,w1h,?'Ce . Q0 li1k'a,0-'llj MJQ Cjyff wbegupla Q QAMAQT QU WCW +M'9MH'L'-'QLQ SCU dwg J Mfiwwwa My ' 2 'L' M Jfgfjgfwgfw .f gk 5 x 23:1 ' 1 ' F, ,fx . ,' 2' w' , ,f f .V - 'fk K Tv, . ka-V333 L- " ,. A riff: . ,Mx Y . V, xv.. .1- , lf, P, A Lgenv- 'I1 rig? 21 , ri ' , ,S Cb . v-.126 ,, Vx - -ree f " a ' ' , V f5:fT" A -1 -. . ., f 4 g .X ' , , , ' 1 ' L . . ,,' 7:55 W :1 - , h . 'ijgil "' H: ' I-,ily A 5' . . . A " - ww, M 'P L ' f F, L D M' W- " c,v,,g3f?3 ' ? !g' Dx. A M JM 45 2 fy, .A W J EMOQPBQ-205 N M ww? p , I W MWWWU 0 ,J . iff M 0 a jab 0 I W MW ifffjff ,M , VM? he. ,:. As ,. X 4 THE BULLDOG Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1957 V De Smet High School DeS ei So thDki CLASS HISTORY The Class of 1957 began its education as first graders supervised by Mrs. Marion Hendricks. There are ten of the original class graduating. They are Allen Wellman, Nancy Wehrkamp, Jerry Walline, Phyllis Smith, Janet Seeley, Barbara Moore, Joan Kruse, Cheryl Hinz, Roger Fritzel and Margaret Glover. As second graders we were under the supervision of Mrs. Vern Belzer. In the third grade Lynda Jacob came to study with us. Our teacher was Mrs. Esther Basart. As fourth graders we were happy to welcome to our class Donald Schultz and Lyndom Gehm. Anita Knudson joined us in the middle of the year and left again at the end of the year. We were again under the supervision of Mrs. Esther Basart. In the fifth grade Miss Jewel Anderson was our teacher. We were happy to gain Nadine Patterson and sad to lose Margaret Glover. As sixth graders Mrs. Phyllis Graham Smith was our teacher. As we entered Junior. High we neither gained nor lost anyone. Miss Lorem: Anderson was our supervisor. We welcomed DeEtte Krieger and Wayne Langland into our class during the eighth grade. We were directed by Miss Marion Hinz. As green and humble freshmen we entered high school, and, after initiation we settled down to business. Our class was enlarged by 15, with the addition of Anita Knudson, Curtis Stensland, Clifford Poppen, Sharon Olson, Janet Muscr, Charles Lee, Sylvia Janssen, Mary Ann Iverson, Irene Harvey, Ruth Dykstra, Donna Cavanaugh, Margaret Apland, Larry Apland, Neil Bowes and Noel Bishop. Our class advisor was Mr. Dutcher. In our sophomore year we enlarged by three more. They were Donald Carroll, Virginia Studer and Rayice Gildseth. Our class advisors were Mr. Mohlenhoff and Mr. Mundhenke. As juniors we welcomed Robert Carroll, Karen Rasmussen and Margaret Glover. Our advisors were Mrs. Blaine Root, Mrs. Marie Sanders Fox and Mrs. Loris Brakkc Carlson. We had a lot of fun publishing the Barker, staging our junior class play, "We Shoop The Family Tree," and putting on the Junior-Senior banquet. Our prom theme was Oriental Gardens and the music was supplied by Don Warren. Now at last we are seniors. Publishing the Annual was a lot of fun and we en- joyed staging the senior play, "December Bride," by Brainerd Duffield. Our play was given May 3 and was directed by Mrs. Root. Our class advisors are Mr. Graham and Mr. Lester. On May 20, 1957, 37 joyous seniors donned caps and gowns to receive their diplomas. -A Cuurtis Stensland Margaret Apland Vice President Secretary Joan Kruse Rayice Gildseth President Treasurer They Have Chartered the Good Ship "Destiny" in the year '56-'57 TWO m f7 ' a 952 E , I LWHQ -get-F :J H fx! T W IDNF -Qlf n -i- 1 K ff GAA Mixijiff C3 fi ,ff 2 KXAQA fi V ff X V K f , M- ff ig 014 " 5 ' ff! .- flrigi 'ST -H. i if A ff M ' l .V o I Lv,- W! M ,f W' -. ' Q - dxf 4 of 6 4ZZf ifdMMj!fyZwU M4 if ,ilfryy ff! flfw Zwpff' 4 ,ZZ ff 0 gf? rf!! U f j W wffz 7 ,df ff We Are Proud to Present . . . Our "Ch1e of Operations" of D. H. S. The Class of 1957 proudly dedicates this year's Bulldog to the man who has been our school's chief administrator for the past six years. Mr. Lyle W. Lester came to De Smet in 1951 from Colton H1gh.Schoo1. In these six years he has cultivated the respect of practically everyone in the community of De Smet. This he has done in a surprisingly subtle, inconspicious mannerg which is really Mr. Lester's trade-mark. Being Superintendent of a High School of any size is a big job because of the various problems and decisions for which the superintendent is responsible. Yet Mr. Lester has always been busy and productive and has stood for what he believed was best for D. H. S. As the students of this school well know, he has met with opposition on many points, yet he has never been known to dodge the issue. Though he is not overbearing, he must always be con- sulted whenever a big decision must be reached. His opinion of a plan or program makes it effective or ineffective throughout the school. Thus Mr. Lester is the head of the organization. Mr. Lester has been very capable as the head of District 15. This year, because of a shortage of teachers, he has taken on additional class work. He has proved to be one of the most popular teachers in the school. Thus we seniors wish to take this means of paying respect to Lyle Lester for his service to De Smet High. FOUR The "Chief Secretairesa' of Cut Unit . . - The Board' of Education Top row, left to right: Maurice Wika, Lyle Lester, Carrcll Wellman. Dale Coughlin Bottom: Delbert Bjordahl. Mrs. Rodney Brandt, clerk, Homer M. Nelson The "Captains" of D. H. S .... The High School Faculty Standing, left to right: Lyle Lester: Superintendent. Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Algebra I Charles McCluskey, American History, Biology, Football Coach and Assistant Basketball and Track Coach Kenneth Graham: Principal, Bookkeeping, Physics Donald Mohlenhoff: American Government, Sociology, General Math. Business Law, Basketball and Track Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Grade Basket- ball, Physical Education Freshmen and Grade Dale Peterson: General Science, Band and Instrumental Music Harlyn Tlustos: Ag I, Soils and Crops, Ag II, Animal Husbandry, Ag IV, Farm Mechanics, Shop Visual Aids, F. F. A. Advisor John Mundhenke: World Geography, Typing, Debate and Speech, Shorthand Seated: Mrs. Marie Fox: Music-Vocal tgrade and high schooll, English I, English II Mrs. Elizabeth Wagenaar: Home Economics I, II, III, F. U. N. and F. H. A. advisor Mrs. Ruth Root: English I. III, IV, Library, Declamation, Senior Class Play FIVE The "Captains" of the Grades . . . The Grade Faculty Slunding, lcft to right: Donnal Hummul, fourth grade: Marion Hinz, eighth grade: Phyllis Smith, sixth gradcg Lorene Anderson, seventh gradeg Lorraine Maguire, fifth grade Si-ated: Margaret Ringei, first gradeg Arlys Dyce, first and second grades: Joanne Car- penter, second gradeg Inez Sprucelake, third grade Our "Officers of the Deck" . . . The Student Council Standing, left to right: Sylvia Allen, Roger Fritzel, Neil Bowes. Mr. Lester, Herman Kruse, Sharon Moore, Karla Arends, Ray Wellman Seated, left to right: Sharon Kay Schmidt, vice presidentg Allen Wellman, presi- dentg Irene Paulson, secretary-treasurer. This year's student government organization has been very active. The group is composed of two representatives from each class, plus the three officers which were elected at large in an all-high school election early in the year. This year the officers are: President, Allen Wellmang Vice President, Sharon Kay Schmidtg and Secretary-Treasurer, Irene Paulson. The group meets at least twice a month and, with the counsel of Superintendent Lcster, deliberates and passes judgment on various problems which arise in school government, e. g. the Homecoming event. In addition, this year the Student Council has done some money raising for the school. During December the group sold decorative "D" pins which identified the wearer with D. H. S. These were very popular and were a good device for school promotion. Later on during the basketball season the Council sold mono- grammed sweatshirts to the students of D. H. S. SIX Anchor Watch" . . . The Ojfce S taff Standing, left to right: Myrna Graham, Mr. Graham, Rayice Gildseth Seated: Joan Kruse, Ellen Larson, Lynda Jacob, Sharon Olson, Mary Ann Iverson The Librarians Standing, left to right: Sharon Schultz, Virginia Studer, Sharon Kay Schmidt Seated: Judy Brown, Doris Uphoff, Mrs. Root, Carol Mathison, Gloria Bishop These girls, under Mrs. Root's direction, are in charge of checking out books keeping the library in order, and assisting students with reference books. SEVEN Efficient "Boatswain" . . J' . I, f, . 1. lu, XL - .JA . V f ' z ' df f if 3' fff' N MQ! f - f , If They keep the school clean J' I j,fI'l nfl! l W , 1 J ' X ' 1 j flu jl jj , f Jfffi ,ff ff filf fx I . 1 ly, ' ij, A f X ,UV f,,""y "'! X lx, I i .wifi AA 6' Ii ' ff Jr' 1, ,. ypf. i- ,U MA . .I.,, J!! ,L f' f 7 Y . , ' 'zfuu ' .1 A I fa ,f,'1 1 4, ' - l n If I Lf ' I fl" 21 ' x ' - , 1' ,p f' "' ,!7JP af 1 1 7 If ,fl Y Y ,fun ' la' s I 1 . . , ' X ' V' ,. H."'1' . . X' , ,- yy ' . A ' ' ' 4 ful: T ii ff- . sm" Wy Ipfuf ' ,Q I V ,117 U H , ft f -VL 'I 14: 1 ' H 4 Faye Munger and J., , 1 1, JL 1' ' , ffl' Marcus Hendricks , 1" I I JH 1. 11- ! ' , I 'I A 4 Q ' -ff ' .' z 'l VT 41- K ' - Q ' N 1 f f KL lv' QL' ,gif ' I If I ,f ' 1 . ffl 1 jug . ljyfd Z ,M , I " 11' ,I if vi fn! 'r 1 g Uyiflzl Ylapffn - s A ,M AA. ' '- I II! N ff 'Ly I fd" ,L , fa. ' ,I 2 fly! KA- 1 f u fflzxff' 'fl 3 1 1 ' It " 4' ' f" Th h h 1 1 h - K 'I XA ey prepare t e sc oo unc fp , IN YVVYV W Zoe Burns and Mabel Mickel EIGHT f'jfJf fQ ' " vip My ff iff? A'-ff A M Q QP H ,ff , , M by yy Q, If f f if !,Vof,,g', Gy ff "' f fl jf X fp! MJ A D f, a qx I F , ' S f -... . X T :z ..1'1:Qi:r7':!1.1. . T ' " A U "UlIUHInI:eappll Sgylok Chi! 1" 5 .4""N 'Z-S' ,qfq WSW WW Wf5ff53i? WSJ QZQQQQWM Wifflgilww The Yeomen 79 C C O Se ated, left to right: Margaret Apland ,... Phyllis Smith ...,.1..... Jerry Walline .......,... Front row, left to right: Rayice Gildseth .,..... Wayne Langland ..4.. Kitty Ann Apland .. Sylvia Allen ,..,.,..,.... Janet Muser ......,.. Lynda Jacob ...... Mark Apland ...,. Leila Kenton ,...... Sharon Cheney .,..,.., Cheryl Hinz ........ ...... Karen Rasmussen Anita Knudson ,,..,., Middle row, left to right: Irene Harvey .,........., Larry Apland ........... Virginia Studer ....... M110 Apland .,..,...,......., Keith Kirchmeier Robert Carroll ,......... Roger Fritzel .,..,... Clifford Poppen ....,. Sharon Olson ....,.......4. Mary Ann Iverson .,,..... Nadine Patterson .... Back row, left to right: Noel Bishop ........,...... Neil Bowes ..,......,..,.. Lyndon Gehm . ,,.,. Charles Lee .....,,..,..,. Donald Schultz ......,. Curtis Stensland ..... Allen Wellman ..l.. Donald Carroll ...,l Barbara Moore ..... DeEtte Krieger ..... Janet Seeley ...,.. Joan Kruse .,...... Ruth Dykstra ....,.. Sylvia Janssen ..... The Annual Sta Assistant Editor Editor Business Manager Photography , . .. Miscellaneous Freshman Reporter .. .,,. Junior Reporter Forensics Typist Sophomore Reporter Sophomore Reporter ,. Vocal Music Senior Reporter .. Senior Reporter Forensics Finance Manager Photography Finance Manager . Freshman Reporter Junior Reporter F. F. A. Activities Band Reporter Miscellaneous ., Typist Circulation Manager Photography F. F. A. Activities Band Reporter F. F. A. Activities TEN Assistant Circulation Manager Assistant Snaps Editor Athletic Reporter Athletic Reporter Miscellaneous Senior Reporter Senior Reporter Typist Circulation Manager Forensics W 7 K0 adj ,jd .XWWWM O A L MW wt? 61655 0 , l 'ffdiff W CLASS MOTTO: "We have just crossed the bay-the o ies' ahead" CLASS COLORS: Pink and Silver CLASS FLOWER: Pink Camellia j SYLVIA JANSSEN ' "Day Dreams Come True at Night." BARBARA MOORE KAREN RASMUSSEN "There's a little bad in every good little girl." N 56? LYNDON GEHM "The girl worthwhile is the girl with a "I don't need to study Ag to raisefcanef' smile." AOELTZI Hopp my 'W XQ "You, never can tell ab thes oys." XX LYNDA JACOB "Laugh and the class laughs at you." A W wwf VALEDICTORIAN: Ruth Dykstra ll QQ 'LA if SALUTATORIAN: Margaret Apland yjl My JMX' . QW l 5 X 1' C? 1 R 1 A UI. , f l ELEVEN ll A V QW 64 r Z SHARON CHENEY "The longer we know her, the better we like her." MARY IVERSON "Her mind is here but here heart is elsewhere." VIRGINIA STUDER "Fm not lazy, just not interested." ANITA KNUDSON "With that merry and carefree air, you can al- ways tell when she is there," ALLEN WELLMAN "Step aside adolescents-1'm a man." JERRY WALLINE "He should be a surgeon because he is always cutting up." CHERYL HINZ "It's a big wide wonderful world when you're in love." MARGARET APLAND "Ready to work, ready to play, ready to help wherever she may." DONALD SCHULTZ "He never lets his studies interfere with his high school career." NADINE PATTERSON "lt isn't late 'till 12, and it's early after that." TWELVE CURTIS STENSLAND 1 "He has a studious look but sometimes looks are deceiving." ROGER FRITZEL "My ideas trouble me more than women." RAYICE GILDSETH "A girl cnn't be serious all the time, can she?" PHYLLIS SMITH "A heart with a revolving door." DONALD CARROLL "'When 1 feel like exercising, I lie down 'till the feeling goes away." NANCY WEHRKA MP "When Pm gone, who will entertain the class?" SHARON OLSON "If Silence were golden, Pd be a millionaire." CLIFFORD POPPEN "Don't do today what you can put off 'till tomorrow." DE ETTE KRIEGER "Full of dash and go, that's why we love her so." IRENE HARVEY "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." TH IRTEEN JOAN KRUSF' She will mold some young mans future LARRY APLAND Whats the use of living wf you cant have a little fun? NEIL BOWES I sure hand them women a lme MARGARET GLOVER A sense of humor is a gifl of the gods JANET MUSER Shes neither a book worm nor a social hound but a darn nice gal to have around CHARLES LEE He does his own thinking and needs lztile advice WAYNE IANGLAND Rain is wet d t is dry life is short and so am I. JANET SEELEY "I may look busy but Fm just confusedf, DONNA CA VANAUGH M "I don't care how you spell my name-I'll change it soon anyway." ROBERT CARROLL A likeable guy with a likeable way." RUTH DYKSTRA "She does her own thinking and enough for the rest of us." --g.,, FOURTEEN W wfHWQEW? ymwd Mi QQZWXWW wiiffffjifffjfm M N fwfwffw X 3711 H siinr f W N K ,G xi Q , +5 ,Nong ,bt-OV 0 l v I W NJ M ff ll V K , Ayyilj ' 4" A-.lpis 1y QPpw?b T' fYQ 'I lb A F X . 14...-.. v J:-inf, Q R Clngs I9.Q-' I - f V ,15 'C a ,. Ay., . Clzppgfk f V . f ' -fVy?QmW' A f My W wif JM f55+W5 wW1'i1WA -if jfkff9f9f1f,,fg?5 W WWW A M- HB ff? f Seamen First Classv . . . The Junior Class Top row, left to right: Jim Muser, Sharon Schultz, Paul Van Dyke, Ronnie Lembke, Roger Lembke, Keith Kirchmeier, John Durfey, Dennis Mickel, Gordon Holland, Gene Hamen, Darlene Flindt, Dennis Skyberg, Margaret Widman Middle row, left to right: Mrs. Fox, John Pitman, Carol Mathison, Robin O'Neill, Marilyn Wynn, Sylvia Allen, Larry Cheney, Carol Melstad, Jim Nieman, Car- roll Hendricks, Rose Mary Johnson, Madonna Timm, Shirley Gutormson, Nancy Clark, Myrna Graham, Sally Johnson, Irene Paulson, Sharon Kay Schmidt, Mrs. Root Bottom row, left to right: Mrs. Wagenaar, Jackie Conner, Helen Close, Gloria Bishop, Barbara Brown, Donna Sherman, Ellen Larson, Judy Brown, Judy Smith, Karen Peterson, Judy Olson Absent from picture: Kay Myers Juniors Sayings: Sylvia Allen: "GTA" elevators are her specialty. Gloria Bishop: Innocent!?!? Barbara Brown: I get the car now, boys! Judy Brown: I can take case of myself. Larry Cheney: I'm new here, girls. Why not show me around? Nancy Clark: I've got a "hot" typewriter. Helen Close: "Butter-ball!" Jackie Conner: Don't judge my qualities by my size. John Durfey: lill take 't:midtz" anytime! Vernon Ferguson: Humpty-Dumpty. Darlene Flindt: Work fascinates me, but who wants to be fasci- nated? Myrna Graham: So far away-. Shirley Gutormson: I L-O-V-E men, cs- pecially Marines! Gene Hamen: Why worry, yesterday is past and tomorrow is not here. Carroll Hendricks: Quite a guy with the girls!?! Gordon Holland: Shy t?J country boy. Rose Mary Johnson: I was shy! Keith Kirchmeier: Sy? Sigh-h-h!! Ellen Larson: I wish I lived in town. Roger Lembke: Girl's don't bother me. Ron- nie Lembke: Short, dark, and ? ? ? Carol Mathison: Boom, boom! Carol Melstad: lim rich now, fellas! Dennis Mickel: Man among men, but among women? Jim Muser: Hot Rod! Jim Nieman: Angel boy? Judy Olson: Short and sweet. Robin O'Neill: Move your shoulder, I can't see your paper! Irene Paulson: I've been picking "Flowers" lately! Darrell Peterson: Work? What's that? Karen Peterson: 'Tve Changed!" John Pitman: The future "Goliathf' Sharon Schmidt: Oh, Johnny, oh Johnny, oh! Sharon Schultz: "History is my favorite class." Donna Sherman: "I don't say much, but when I do-" Dennis Skyberg: "I've changed to Cheviesf' Judy Smith: "I work in town now, boys." Madonna Timm: "Pm a big girl now." Paul Van Dyke: I live in the country, but don't let it stop you gals! Margaret Wid- man: The life of the party. Marilynn Wynn: Mr. McCluskey's relatives are even better! SIXTEEN ,, v We wif and 53 SC b gf 5597 ogy W if yqM,fYVMY 5 :jjj W W My f W XM OJ,J'XCfyUDyf'Qy GSS' Rv JJ Mix DWiMpk JWWX X 4 , Af' -.ff ZX ff N 'N Y ff ,, A ' y , J V Sophomo ef Class. f S, fv-C. Lf XA Qiifm f f fh 5 , , J ,, ff f Seamen Second Class" . . . The Sophomore Class Top row, left to right: Marlett Halstead, Darrel Sprang, Ronnie Williamson, Layne Windedahl, Dennis Muser, Jim Leckey, Herman Kruse, Noel Towberman, Roger Kruger, Delmar Bowes, Carl Ritenour, Jerry Townsley, Gordon Rasmussen, Charles Kirchmeier Middle row, left to right: Mr. Mundhenke, Doris Uphoff, Leila Kenton, Rebecca Huisenga, Dorothy Lembke, Verna Johnson, Sally Reese, Helen Vincent, Della Larson, Sharon Moore, Wayne Anderson, Elaine Bishop, Larry Richards, Janet Biggerstaff, Bernita Moore, Judy Meyers, John Roze, Jeanne McKnight Bottom row, left to right: LaVylla Blue, Elaine Stubbe, Barbara Jensen, Donna Dug- dale, Margaret Cavanaugh, Marlys Patterson, Dorothy Aalbers, Gordon Harvey, Don Studer, Sharon Denman, Bill Carroll, Mark Apland, Roger Walline, Ardys Nieman, Mr. Tlustos Sophomore S ayin gs: Dorothy Aalbers: I think I'll join the Navy. Wayne Anderson: Madison, here I come. Mark Apland: I'm not as innocent as I look. Janet Biggerstaff: I live on a farm by Lake ??. Elaine Bishop: It's not the laugh I love. Billie Blue: 5:00 a. m.- those were the days. Delmar Bowes: Not all of my interests are in school. Bill Carroll: Little but, oh my! Margaret Cavanaugh: Della and I are still pals. Sharon Denman: Oh! Those "Guard" boys! Donna Dugoale: Boys, 1 live in town! Marlitt Halstead: When I work on Saturday night, I sleep on Sunday morning. Gordon Harvey: And my sisters a redhead. Rebecca Huisenga: 1 like the boys, and how! Barbara Jenson: Now, boys, just because! Veina Johnson: Which boy shall I choose tonight? Lelia Kenton: They say one boy is more trouble than a dozen girls, but who wants just one boy? Charles Kixchmeierz 1'm Romeo, but where's Juliet? Rodger Kruger: Want a ride girls? I'Ve got a Ford! Herman Kruse: Presi- dent of the 4:00 to 4:30 Club. Della Larson: I know something about these things called boys. Jim Leckey: I love work: I could sit and watch it all day. Dorothy Lembke: I have fun in the summer time! Jean McKnight: Don't bother me, I'm studying. Judy Meyers: I'm at the front of the room this year! Why? Bernita Moore: Bryant-Bound-Bernita! Sharon Moore: State college, make room for me! Dennis Muser: I like the Junior girls! Ardis Nieman: Late hours are not good for one, but they are nice for two. Marlys Patterson: Somebody loves me, I wonder who? Sally Reese: I come from Esmond. Larry Richards: Nice things come in small packages, but so does dynamite! Carl Ritenour: Tall, dark, and likes girls! John Roze: Go ahead and sigh girls, but it won't do you any good. Darrell Sprang: I have all eyes for one classmate. Elaine Stubbe: Short and sweet. Don Studer: I tried hard to get Elaine! Jerry Townsley: Gum chewer? Noel Towberman: Here I am you lucky UD girls! Doris Uphoff: I have gotten what I went after. Helen Vincent: Oh! Those rides at noon! Roger Wallinez Generally speaking he's generally speak- ing. Ronnie Williamson: Oh! Those Bancroft girls. Layne Windedahl: Ignorance becomes man. Gordon Rasmussen: Herman's chauffeur? EIGHTEEN x J Af J f-V' 5 " 7 ,. 'x 'Ss-x 4 5?MSY"'-" CWS T X -:....m.. ,N Zi- X SX ,T 'N G Onnoa Q5-L' . '1 Z" S f S "Apprentice Seamen" . . . The Freshman Class Left to right, top row: Dawn Kruse, Bonnie Skyberg, Judy Schwartz, Janice Allen, Roger Tyler, Jim Kickland, Danny Beck, Milo Apland, Roger Peterson, Paul Heim, Tanya Hunter, Carol Reese, Marilyn Stover, Janice Poppen Middle row: Mr. Peterson, Jim Carroll, Gary Cramer, Carol Wehrkamp, Carol Nor- gaard, Carol Wubbena, Garda Vaughan, Bernard Cavanaugh, Joyce Carroll, Bernita Penney, Janice Smith, Renee Durfey, David Skyberg, Mary Spencer, Roger Huisenga, Mr. McCluskey Bottom row: June Muser, Connie Cheney, Bonnie Cheney, Karla Arends, Barbara Green, Marilyn Olson, Ray Wellman, Erlyn Serfling, Carol Morrison, Dianne Ryl.nd, Lee Dugdale, Kitty Ann Apland, Eva Kentgn Freshman Sayings: Renee Durfey: She walks, she talks, she eats, she sleeps, but mostly she talks. Kitty Aplandz Is it possible that I'1n here on time and havenlt forgotten anything? Milo Apland: A student and ball player deluxe. Karla Arends: Congeniality is her middle name. Danny Beck: Footprints on the sends of time, if they're big you'll know they're mine. Jim Carroll: Little but oh my! Joyce Carroll: 1'm thin as a stringbean now, but you just wait till next year. Roger Tyles: He thinks-some- t.mes. Bonnie Cheney: Little, but mighty. Connie Cheney: Her smile goes all the way around and buttons in the back: Ga.y Crz mer: Silence is more eloquent than words. Lee Dugdale: They say he was once caught studying. Janice Allen: Human phonograph with a giggle attachment. Barbara Green: Them eyes, those hair. Paul Heim: Some of my curl should have gone to a girl. Roger Huisenga: Don't stuoy too much and you'll be asked tewer questions. Tanya Hunter: A nature capable and sweet. Just to know her is a treat. Eva Kenton: Mark, my man. .fames Kickland: "What's there in a name? Dawn Kruse: Red hair and temper don't always go together. Janice Poppen: I don't say much but who knows what I think? Carol Morrison: Give me a "just" man, or just a man. June Muser: I'm a woman, when I think, I must speak. Carol Norgaard: You might think she's quiet-just ask her friends. Marilyn Olson: You've got to take me home tonight. Bernetta Penney: Come on kids, let's get busy. Roger Peterson: I guess I'll go out tonight and give the girls a treat. Carol Reese: She has a personality all her own. Dianne Ryland: Quality, not quantity is what counts. Judy Schwartz: I d0n't care how you spell my name, I'll change it someday, anyhow. Erlyn Serfling: Wait till she's a senior, boys. Bonnie Skyberg: She gladly lends a hand. David Skyberg: Wanted: a steady girl. Janice Smith: Shy, serene, and sweet. Mary Spencer: Life is short so let's be merry. Marilyn Stover: She thinks too much-such women are dangerous. Bernard Cavanaugh: I cou1dn't be good if I would and I wouldn't be good if I could. Garda Vaughan: Her fingers shame the ivory keys, they dance so light along. Carol Jean Wehrkamp: Maybe someday I'll worry about something. Carol Wubbena: As hard a worker as her name is to spell. TVVENTY tfmntntlviamamlvnna INA 4fNv f, - W ' ' r ju Qi EM Q ,, A . -t N ' ,,,f N T -' W, t-,-,,V g.r--'-.-' A 4- W-H 7 'd' " Q U --I - . A ff' "' X X .- 1 I' Q, J ok f: fr I fr I 5 4 .,.....- . , A --....-..-.....- Our Little "Seebees" . . . The First Grade Left to right, front row: Maureen Cummins, Randy Asleson, Jerry Davis. Jimmy Borgstadt, Lynn Garry, Gary Lee, Curtis Asleson, David Smith, Jerry Smith, Stevie Rasmussen, Patty Albers, Lex Dannenbring, Larry Hein, Judy Ryland Second row: Miss Dyce, Charles Schultz, Diane Ibis, Nadine Hannah, Pamela Wil- liamson, Richard Sprague, Sharon Norgaard, Carol McKittrick, Sherry Wynn, Curtis Wallum, Donna Brusse, Georgia Krieger, George Widman, Dennic Kruse, Miss Ringer Third row: Leann Rounsville, Jimmy Gardner, Diane McKibben, Jimmy Johnson, Pat Krause, Jerry Heitman, Billy Wilkinson, Beth Belzer, Rose Marie Schelske, Roger Lee, Rita Thiele, lla Tande, Billy McCune I The Second Grade Lcft to right, bottom row: Gene Brown, Ricky Smith, Ricky Holm, Jimmie Siver, Wayne Johnson, Richard Anderson, Vickie Peschl, Donald Brown, Phillip Bjordahl, Lee Dannenbring, Melany Ibis Middle row: Susan Krick, Helen Heitman, Colleen McAdaragh, Orrin Oliver, Kelsey Larson, Etta Baker, Freddy Tibbetts, Billy Pratt, Dickie Green, Jimmie Wika, Brenda Davis, Nancy Schultz, Jan Coughlin, David Hannah Top Row: Pam Ketelsen, Donnie Halverson, Billy Purrington, Connie Peterson, Ardis Taschner, Arden Wallum, Arlen Wallum, Sandra Iverson, Sherry Mc- Cune, Gregg Alger, Ronnie Huisenga, Gwennie Curley, Keith Erickson Teachers: Arlys Dyce, Jo Ann Carpenter TWENTY-TWO Our Little "Seebees,' continuedj . . . The Third Grade Left to right, back row: Joanne Holland, Sue Ann Graham, David Hyink. Kay Rod- ney, Mary Poppen, Barbara Wilkinson, Mary Alice Kruse, Dean Larson. Eddie Heitmann, Janice Peckenpaugh, Linda Abrahamscn Middle row: Miss Sprucelake, Carol Garnder, Jefiery Hovland, Maureen Murphy Steven Kracht, Dickie Klinkel, Larry Norgaard, Victor Krause, Jeffery Wallum, Carol Thiele, Terry Mathison, Robert Peckenpaugh Front row: Irene Dugdale, Gene Jensen, Henry Arcnds, Bonnie Btlzer. Deanna Muilenburg, William Jensen, Anita Flindt, Larry hmlth, Lane Dannenbring Jerry Hein, Billy O'Keefe Absent from picture: Joanne Hein, Judy Hovland and David Sckerl The Fourth Grade Left to right, front row: Lyle Richards, Linda Tingle, John Garry, Margaret Pratt, Karla Felt, Ricky Williamson, Dickie Halverson, Dennis Murphy, Linda Mc- Kittrick Middle row: Sharon Thiele, Robert Ryland, Wanda Jorgensen, Dixie Ritenour, Joel Hansen, Robert O'Keefe, Darryl Johnson, Don Dannenbring, Sandra Washburn, Randall Iverson Back row: Duane Halstead, Bernadine Penney, Carolyn O'Keefe, Karmel Hookic, Judy Burns, Bonnie Pippert, Bennie Widman, Marilyn Asleson, Jackie Anderson Absent: Judy Hein, teacher: Donna Hummel TWENTY-THREE v v The "Midshipmen" . . . The Fifth Grade Left to right, back row: Larry Baker, Larry Melstad, Gerry Hunter, Dixie Peterson. Mary Jane Richardson, Joan Meyer, Jean Beck, Douglas McKibben Middle row: Patty Widman, Susan Holm, Judy Goehring, Jean Kruse, Karen Schultz, Mary Ann Tibbetts, Marcine Wika Front row: Laverna Hein, Wilma Poppen, David Knudson, Susan Brown, Rebecca Belzer. Not pictured: Rodney Hannah, Kenneth Hein, Ronald Hein Teacher: Lorraine Maguire The Sixth Grade Left to right, front row: Darrelyn Freeman, Raymond Sparby, Connie Iverson, Gene Muilenburg, Randall Denman,'Linda Mickel, Barbara Cramer, Marv Teresa Murphy, James Brandt, Alvin Penney Second row: Richard Siver, Barbara Gray, Audrey Penney, Richard Spencer, Mari- lyn Harris, Gene Morrison, Dean Morrison, James Sweesy, James Hein, Valerie Widman Third row: Mrs. Smith, Billy Poppen, Mary Ellen Nieman, Patricia Ritenour, Rosa- lene Halstead, Peggy Schwartz, Patricia Johnson, Karen Kruse, Betty Jean Burns, Doris Pina, Carol Joy Taschner, Vernon Beasecker TWENTY-FOUR The "MidshiPmen,' fcontinuedj . . . The Seventh Grade Left to right, front row: Mary Ellen Langland, Dennis Brown, Monte Blue, Bernard Pitman, Connie Allen, Kenneth Aalbers, Charlynne Norgaard, Rodney Schultz. Arnold Jensen Sec-ond row: Tommy Peekenpaugh, Kenneth Huisenga. Beverly Grunt-, Zanclrzu Mickel, Georgia Kiekland, Ginger Klinkel, David Brandner, Ronald Keith Felt, Stuart Rhodes Holland, Back row: Dennis Widman, Rodney Moore, Lana Garry, Jerry Meyer. Georgia Muser, Shelia Hoyer, Jerry Gruenhagen, Carole Allen. Richard Close. Miss Anderson The Eighth Grade Left to right, top row: Miss Hinz, Judy Asleson, Betty Van Dyke, Kathleen Moore Gloria Blote, Richard Tellinghuisen, Clayton Sweesy, David Nelson, Gail Marx Judy Wika, Karla Ziegler 1 u Middle row: Sandra Smith, Lyle Rhodes, Clair Sweesy, Lynn Rasmussen, Gayle Hannah, Cleo Vaughan, Dennis Nelson, Tommy Williamson, Robert Graham, Dale Peterson Front row: Margaret Peckenpaugh, Terry Pesehl, James Ritenour, Sherry Pratt Betty Stubbe, James Stover, John Gutormson, Robert Brown, John Rundell, Lowell Hansen TXVENTY-FIVE 1 Our Chief Sport "Navigators" . DONALD MOHLENHOFF Coach ! -QI' in-.s , -" ' f' 1' a ,fi A 'X ati 18 F, ,f TWENTY-SIX CHARLES MCCLUSKEY Assistant Coach ""'f'-T'-' ffl-4-QU-Y-D 2 ' ZFJf4Qc, J 333455 MMM ,f24,A s f E 1 , il 'A R .A We f X I-2? f .- I iriig, W ei' f f , i X 4 1 Cxgciqjxgidli ' my KN fy 1 We mv WW We "Peel Off" . . . The 1956 Track Squad Left to right, top row: Mr. Dutcher, assistant coach, Larry Richards, Charles Kirch- meier, Roger Lembke, Herman Kruse, Ronnie Williamson, Marlitt Halstead, Jerry Townsley, Roger Walline, Mr. Mohlenhoff, coach Middle row: Dennis Skyberg, Charles Lee, Jerry Walline, Allen Wellman, Keith Kirchmeier, John Durfey, Curtis Stensland Front row: Lyle Kellar, LeRoy Kruse, Loren Moore, Dale Erickson Records held: School: Mile run, L. Kellar. Shot put, A. Wellman. Discus, A. Wellman. Broad jump, A. Wellman. Low hurdles, Dennis Skyberg. Madison Invitational record: Mile relay, Kellar, Moore, Erickson, Lee. X , - Results of Meets 'During ihe Year Madison: lst, mile relay, 2d, sprint medley, 2d, shot put, 3d, discuss, tied for fourth in high jump. Redfield: 3d in 2-mile relay, 2d, shot put. Pierre Relays: 4th, shot, 3d, medley relay, 2d, mile relay. Corn Palace Relays: No places. Conference Meet, De Smet 2d, 51116 points: 100-yard dash, Lee, 2d, Moore, tied for 3d, 120-yard high hurdles, Wellman, 2d, 180-yard low hurdles, Lee, 2d, Skyberg, 3d, 220-yard dash,I Lee, 2d, Moore, tied for 3d, 440-yard dash, Moore, lst, Erickson, 5th, 880-yard relay lKruse, Skyberg, Kirchmeier, Lembkel, lst, medley relay lMoore, Lembke, Kruse, Ericksonl, lst, freshman relay QC. Kirchmeier, Townsley, H. Kruse, Williamsonh, lst, 880-yard run, Kellar, 2d, mile run, Wellman, 3d, shot, Wellman, lst, discus, Wellman, lst, high jump, Kellar, H. Kruse, tied for 3d, pole vault, Kellar, lst. - - Region Meet: 100-yard dash, Lee, 2d, 440-yard dash, Moore, lst, Lembke, 5th, 880-yard run, Wellman, 2d, mile run, Kellar lst, discus, Wellman, third, pole vault, Kellar, 5th, 880-yard relay lLee, Kruse, Erickson, Mooreb, lst, medley relay CMoore, Lee, Kruse,.KellarJ, lst, mile relay lMoore, Lee, Erickson, Kellarh, lst. , 'State Meet: Tied with Howard and Hoven for-second place. Mile run, Kellar, 5th, 880-yard relay CLee, Kruse, Erickson, Moorel, 3d, shot, Wellman, 2d,.broad jump, Wellman, 5th, discus, Wellman, 5th, mile relay lMoore, Lee, Erickson, Kellarl, 2d. 'Total number of points scored, 15. TWENTY-EIGHT The Njinking Squad of Missle Handlers" . . . The Football Squad ' A iiii A Top row, left to right: Mr. Mohlenhoff, David Skyberg, Mark Apland, Roger Peter- son, Curtis Stensland, Jim Leckey, Wayne Anderson, Paul Heim, Ray Well- man, Mr. McCluskey ' Middle row: Larry Richards, Ronnie Williamson, Neil Bowes, John Durfey, Layne Windedahl, Marlitt Halstead, Roger Walline Bottom row: Milo Apland, Charles Lee, Larry Apland, Donald Schultz, Allen Well- man, Jerry Walline, Darrell Sprang, Jim Muser V I 1956 s ' "WMQ"J eason s Record W Egan vs. De Smet, we 38, they 0. Colman vs. De Smet, we 42, they 7. Chester vs. we De Smet, we 24, they 14. Vola vs. De Smet, Homecoming, we 20, they 24. White vs. fy De Smet, we 25, they 26. Howard vs. De Smet, we 14, they 39. Elkton vs. De Smet, pw W ' we 18, they 13. OJ L The NB. O. Qov Club fBachelor Officers uartersj . . Lia PM i eww va UC' Tfllgfj pviw ,LL 69 G , gui The "D" Club A Top row, left to right: Mr. McCluskey, Roger Lembke, John Durfey, Keith Kirch- - meier, Jerry Townsley, Milo Apland, Dennis Skyberg, Mr. Mohlenhoff Middle row: Darrel Sprang, Layne Windedahl, Herman Kruse, Ronnie Williamson, Charles Kirchmeier, Jim Muser Seated: Larry Apland. Jerry Walline, Allen Wellman, Curtis Stensland, Charles Lee, Donald Schultz, Neil Bowes TVVENTY-NINE The "High Explosive Charges" . . . I The "A" Basketball Squad Back row, left to right: Mr. Mohlenhoff, Roger Walline, Charles Lee, Curtis Stens- land, Herman Kruse, Dennis Muser, Larry Richards Front row: Charles Kirchmeier, Donald Schultz, Allen Wellman, Jerry Walline Keith Kirchmeier "A" Basketball Scores Erwin 32, we 51, Bancroft 33, we 483 Oldham 51, we 64, Lake Preston 43, we 57 Iroquois 47, we 583 Volga 47, 'we 68, Yale 53, we 575 Arlington 50, we 48: Hayti 54 we 62, Oldham 49, we 62, Clark 67, We 54, Arlington 44, we 71, Flandreau 40, we 44 Iroquois 54, we 673 Onida 62, we 703 Volga 53, we 763 Lake Preston 38, we 66 Wolsey 38, we 45, Highmore 55, we 593 Onida 57, we 62, Howard 60, we 59. Doland Tournament Doland 41, De Smet 53, Forestburg 53, De Smet, 58. De Smet Tournament Howard 53, De Smet 57, Oldham 54, De Smet 74. Conference Tournament Lake Preston 27, De Smet 565 Oldham 48, De Smet 57, Iroquois 41, De Smet 56. District Tournament Cavour 29, De Smet 613 Iroquois 35, De Smet 595 Yale 54, De Smet 48. Season's record: "A" Team: 27-45 "B" Team 11-8. THIRTY x' 'X Q! 77 High Explosive Charges fcontinuedf . . . The "B" Basketball Squad Left to right: Dcnald Mohlenhoff, Ronnie Williamson, Ray Wellman, Gordon Holl- and, Danny Beck, Layne Windedahl, Dennis Skyberg, Jerry Townsley, Roger Walline, Marlett Halstead, Mr. McCluskey. Sitting, left to right: Dennis Muser, Curtis Stensland, Herman K,us2. Charlrs Lee "B" Basketball Scores Oldham 29, we 273 Lake Preston I5, we 181 Iroquois 34, we 261 Volga 19, we 31: Yale 23, we 323 Arlington 29, we 32, Hayti 50, we 23, Oldham 3-4, we 35: Clark 44, we 363 Arlington 29, we 283 Flandreau 19, we 30, Iroquois 32, we 463 Onicla 29, we 231 Volga 42, we 40, Lake Preston 30, we 383 Wolsey 26, we 373 Highmore 23, we 36, Onida 37, we 463 Howard 37, we 32. We Employ "Gambit Tacticsv . . . ,- J V- Q, ,n . KT? ' X ,J -s'X 5- s L . H - ii f. Qui' Cheerleaders ,X , U .i X ' Left to righl: Robin O'Ne-ill, Shargn Schmidt, Irene Paulson, DeEtte Krieger H s X ' . 1" X .. 1 Tli 1' . . , , . , . ' 'N - . ' 'X ,X v Y, . Q - . 4 . " X- - Q x ' X . K , J ." 1 il A if ,W ' 0 N I Q 'X QQ x ' Y 0 1 D - . H THIRTY-ONE ' N I 1 AJ ' jx 4 -a - , x Our "Main " I Iizaar: rg. .W ,.,.. rw xiii, ' lg' r X, x 2 fi r y 2 4 1 a .. i . zen, Q N xg 4 5 S N s if 2 s . gffmx rx ul-2 4 5 ir WS- W? fkax 25"-f-'ff 97" 'W E H as -:fs z fr:-ns. 3 SF. Crew Charles Lee G- Forw ard N V! QVL I Donald Schultz I Forward ., , Jerry Townsley Forward Larry Richards ,, Q :- ' L g :Fx ,W 'S 'sv' 1' A E .Iii b :QF EH ' , '-2: ' 2 i 1 g :' 'fin Tis? X T ,fi .far - Guard Danny Beck Guard . 5 - Q5-e w l- r. .. ,rm 9 . ,, EEE:-f'?FIf.f!f:f:1553- .,.. ,I -.-. l- b - v,..f 41:4 . ,..,. .: .,: ,, 'W vu . f - -:: .::- , s. Q i:.:,:: ... ' Q is si 3279 g A2 gghqgf i "'-' - W - we -' Jerry Wanme 2 - ' 1 1 .V E Forward . 'xf zlil , 1,gs'ff,.' 32. te sw .. ' : -'25 ,. C - fW,,,, ,.,. Herman Kruse Roger Walline 3 Forward Guard - ---- Q1 ' 15Eff"" Allen Wellman "' W l Center It G tgp! A .QE .:,EE sql? :Garter :g ' 'L'-- V vi .:s Em-3 .5-5 2EfE'EwSr:r'Q::+s .::fa.-. ,-,ws .,.'. N--:f we Curtis Stensland Denms Muser Center Guard 1 Charles Klfchmelef 'K " Guard P - ,,,, ,E ' Y Dennis Sk ber Ra Wellman ,,,, A 5,:.::, 13::.:f5g:g'55f3,, . :-,,-.,:gf53r1g.g.1..:.g F0fWH1'd Guard " S52 . Kelth Klrchmeler "' Q Guard fiifi- gxgaj- .:' 5 -'Hi W , 'ix 1 .rr- Gordon Harvey Layne Windedahl Guard Center "' Denotes first five THIRTY-TWO va:::s.:::::a:.-.-:M 4 I 3 'F-fp J Q if , J ,disar- . ff' X L Elf L fsffufflf fi2Q5 .ff , ff xfxf ,N - -, ,- FAX- X4 X15 XX W f , M 1- ,- Lf j1.v fii' 4, ,ff XX XL! 'if f ,ps fx, X, f A div y , Q ' 'Q W M V . PE-lid l lfxfif f" M 5' lx , 7 X QS Q N, 3 i. 'I ?N I M ll Q ffl' :f 5 .. .. .-.- .,.,l',?? Kfxfflr :Eb G- 'V 'Fm-vM X 1 x 0 I A -L, .A WQE- , 5 V "T 4- 'i l ' ' 51 ,W , , 'i 1 f- T- .... I "' 'A'-WL'-"i 4 5 l --1?- ,' , --- - A' a 0 K 'H'-S--gm i s , WY,-f--------i-1--" 4' . -- P A gxxxx, 2: 0 ... , , - f - " u X A NM. , ,,i g 4 f-"f lvii V -X ' Y 2.1 --VV A' AV 1 . jH -1 f - W , ,+V : A--V ,-.. -Y?-I-' N ,fn - . K ' ' V - d ' i 4 ' f'f,. . ' ,, S- V ,Y - ,Y W i . -Q 1 f J - Y Y - - - :.- - A , Q - 3- ...E 41'-3, , - - , kk 3 - -, - " 1 0 Q , C626 rls the Br 5 LI-4 llSlC Our THIRTY-FOUR The De S met School Band I VI C 0 -4-I cn .2 4-v 5-A 5 O Q.. O V2 f-1 GJ Z -cs ... P N Q cm? F5 3 Q. .2 cv E -C O .5 M V1 2 5-4 cu -C O -as -C UD 'l'l F-4 O 4-I 4-v Q-4 GJ F4 ui c: 'O-1 'U s: 2 Un ZA 'U I3 "3 'JL B2 '58 LHC Sa.: 'WEE o QM dxf cu I-'JU cu 'U CI E5 GJ V1 2 .2 C 54, QQ 'Z' -C vu-Sv-1 m F35 Us QM Pm cv? mm C'a oi E2 0.-'E Mm 5:2 F7-'.-. C13 -JE 'Oz is CI Eau as M nf 2 I-4 2 CD DD 5 cu ? mil :Ed cu SUS -6 C. cv :Q 41 .5 Z 9: cn of VJ 2 U C cu F4 an F13 C.. O Vi E .9 -4 -1 it .Ei 4: s: o Di xi 2 CD GJ cn Q-7 an c: C5 vw 3 O S-e .ac O CU ,Q -6 Q3 'O-Y nu ev U2 of I-1 CB 'rs on :1 C1 GJ GJ A W. 'o CI GJ L4 41 cu CI cu .-Q .Q 5 IS! 0 s-4 cs O cu un C cu V1 .-1 5 UI CU CJ U aa .Q GJ Ira Lf aa V1 5 2 cu '74 UD 3-4 o GJ U cu ... S-1-,-4 cum M 03 an 5-4 cu no 5-4 cu 2 sf .2 -ru E -CZ U .E M -C 4-7 M vo, C cu I-4 Q4 41 4-1 0 S-4 CG UD S-1 CU E C. cv Ui VJ 5 E VJ cu Di CI cu F-4 cu M 'cf CI CU v-4 Q4 'C 5: -A-P r: bd C o U2 E .SY 5 5: E E 0 I-4 x, s.. cu 2 T? U 5 rv -C cu 3-4 U cc C r-. 9: 2 Q. eu E 79. 3 Joan Kruse, Shirley Gutormson, Marilyn ron Kay Schmidt, EE EE .am EQ '-E E01 Eg' 'Ho .52 530 cu cu U2 THIRTY-FIVE S Tu xed C ho Mi ka 4 E-4 C5 r: 3-4 E :E S-4 Q-7 V2 .x IA Q .:: Q-3 5 O1 1:5 s: 2 CL 4 bi GJ 5-4 ru 90 .. CU 2 Ci E cu X S-4 .C 5 9: o C cu Z U -C DD --4 F-4 O a we 50-1 GJ -4 C U Muser, All is C 3 on Q C. 9, E C5 .... .-4 .-4 -.-. 3 .2 C1 1: o DG ae O F14 Q 2 ,-4 .-4 --4 OJ Z O ri ,Z U-05 CI F5 .4 as s.. s.. as Q :J cu E ru s.. U N Z Z3 .-CZ o U3 C O L.. cu -C CD E cu Q4 JIS O Q 9: 1-4 cu U .CZ Q U1 'cf 1: cu E C an 'O-W CD V2 TJ s.. 3 O L: GJ ... Q2 E .c o .5 M -C1 13 aa M si cu E Z1 aa ii 2853 Q. O H .E .-Q o Di U. KU 4-7 2 an 2 'E S-4 cu U Cf cu E TQ Q3 cu F-4 cu un 3-A cu 2 cf 0 .52 -C 0-7 cu 2 F14 O 5-4 cu U 'WIN 5 if - AW. 'N ! X.- v H4 1 'fl' 4 I H. o f :L rv i-3 +3 cu D-4 aa .E 'U cu Z :F O gn E A C .Sf lil :Z GJ 9-4 F-4 3 C! cu an C as Di af : ... ED cu ... ,-4 91 9 cu v-I fa-v -C 50 --4 5-4 O w Q-v '-H CD -- S-4 'U C O Q CIJ U2 531 o CU CI 21 'U no Su -cs z: fri '6 :u cu 4-3 .ii cvs I'-U 'O-3 4-7 I2 S4 S' Lf .2 E -C o .5 M U7 an ,-. :- cu -C U C. cv Z 4 .5 9 U1 C O VI G. O Ill F-4 GJ Q2 C 9: 5 ang' 3 C. aa 2 4 cv .2 C cu '1 of 5-4 O c 2 cu F-4 cu .D L-4 cu m 'cf C 2 Q4 4 91 S-4 L4 zu v-I Ii cv .2 u rv r-1 .5 'W --f -C GI 'CS GJ 'U L: CU .:: un :s K5 P 91 5-4 cu E Ii E C5 .M L. .C GJ 3 cu C EI as CD P-J GJ .C O C O s-4 CU .C U2 rn 'U C Q2 s.. 4 L' S-4 CU bd JJ -C .EP a.. O no 4-I 5-4 GJ -4 S O S-4 -cs .E .c P4 sl CD : 25:5 D115 EE Mm on 5.29 ,mm Oo-I D12 0593 jg . WJ E36 'Un Az A4 .202 can c Vincent CI o Dis: o QYCQ x . 'EE of 'Jw lis Helen Phyl L4 CD no QQ ME -cs :: ey, Den F J ohnson, Sharon SIDS. in: Q-:J ffm .ac f-E mo En :FE 9,23 gi' :Q "U- CB Co 49512 sf -615 0-F ..-.S gc cnbd .QS :VE '14 S -'HS C.-4 CE :QE 'EDI :uv-4 275 'F-4 Eze so Q-P mu S-4 E CGD ..... BIDS an .E In as C .GJ .-C O , 2611 CI 'c E50 UQ 28 .Env-'I F-4 o 4-7 -0-7 'O-4 an .-. 3 279. :Q Em OQ I3 o F-'II :9 cu 4 vi .-C 4-I 0 I V1 uf 91 L4 F-4 C5 A CJ ,aa UDL' '-'O cv .Q 9a .54 U2 Q, C L: as on "D uf x- GJ 91 .-C w-I O E Q E 6 aa .2 ya CU ai Lf an 9 O Q-w cn C 9m -4 .-4 L-4 UU 2 5 as .2 C -I'-1 5.20 OJ : gf ms ua 'U 5 .2 U the VC bo Soar CS Their Voic THIRTY-SIX -D 3 5 U N N it QD nm TE LD me -L4 E-4 '15 EI :rs ..- rn. 41 -4-v GJ S-4 ITS UD S-4 cu 2 cu .M sq 11 an B M O C cu Z d. E C. as 'C S4 zu U Q, O rn . -- .C 4-H if -4 O S-4 C5 O . - .-4 GJ cu ,C DD 5 cu P C O 5-4 C5 .-CI KD .5 4-3 cv V2 U T1 U cn .2 51 cu CC "Cf cu 4-7 U2 .-. 3 E s.. as ,Z :QU O VJ :Q I'-4 r: 4: 41 2 JJ .C .99 Q O we -4-w 9-4 GJ -- .Ad u cc 111 CI Sz O Vu S-4 CU 03 si CU E 'cs EE cu .-CI cu 5-1 C3 EU CI s-4 IA 2 -as CD 5-4 F5 U0 S-4 CU 2 :J ca: HE 4.1 U2 Ee F-15 BI .bd 91 Q Q U1 CZ O s-4 CU .C UD fbi? L4 ,R I --.1 . v xf. ' 1- ,Ai 1 'ff X ,f .4 OPS Q56 Ep ME E293 ggi EE ww 35 V5 En Lian .3 mba '25 3 U12 CI Q: .EO M mf? CU GJ is 5 SB IP: PE ms-. A63 E' , QE 24 film ci.-1 53 Pu Qu: E5 HE 25 UC! 'U L3 FZ 2 cu 4 4-7 o F-4 o C1 o 4-3 U1 r-4 -4 s.. cu E mmf, I .CI o '1 cu C s.. a.: 5 Ca 55 2 -cs :s L: bd uf S-4 GJ IA .CI :J CD v s: af. sf O U2 s: C, O rn 5 S 'E M U Q-2 3 2 CI C5 GJ '1 Male Voices Into Wide Blue Yonder . . . The Boy's Glee Club Top row, left to right: Gary Cramer, Charles Kirchmeier, Darrel Spsang. Larry Apland, John Durfey. Layne Windedahl, Donald Schultz. Keith Kirchmeier. Jim Leckey, Ronnie Williamson Middle row, left to right: Garda Vaughan, David Skyberg, Ronnie Lpmbki, Roger Lembke, Marlitt Halstead, Roger Fritzel, Allen Wellman, Dennis Muser. Curtis Stensland, Mrs. Fox Front row, left to right: Lee Dugdale, Mark Apland, Carroll Hsndric-ks, Lzzrry Richards. Roger Kruger, Wayne Anderson Our "Mahi" Vocal "Battery" . . . The All-S tate Chorus Left to right: Charles Kirchmeier. Roger Fritzel, Dennis Muser, Keith Kirchmeier, Margaret Widman, Sharon Schultz, Sylvia Allen, Myrna Graham THIRTY-SEVEN Special Duty "Echelon" . . . -C E 5 :.. 1- I :+ : ' , . S .,A .,.,..,.:: Zz, , , , .4,A,.A,.,,,.4V ...,:,.,:..., ,..,,,, C i 5 f ' , ' Q. - -'1v:- LIE:-s'::-1 r if i fix" " 2: , ' Is' Sikh-12533753-If fi -, tQE'5f':SrE:E:g:IIi:' 5 C Q N i' A 2 I H C xv xx 2 :V K .,.... . ,A a 8 ,g , e 3 3' ' '4 3 z 5 Q 9' ,, Q' a. 32 Q X C 52, P i 4 'YA QE ,r ,J :V X I 2 -4 W Q 5 1 1. ' , lg 1 1 1 gif Y . 'auzg .T 9 f 57' ',,' 5 l I it ? of, ,... ,. ,, ,. 3 C .. at 1523- I ':::,:g:57: 5 BQ: E- Q: 'WW 4 i "" " A ' - f " :'5512Ii5'5'5ziaE5gZiiigygga, ' 'Z' , I-':5:5:5iI.:i ""' 1 '5?.E:::si I . f iiiiiifi' :.5:il5?5'sf5'5':EE.:I51553625-r-sf ": 5s ' '- ' ,. 'frfiii' if his -1-it 1 ma -V:-.f-1: ': ,f:::::1-255-' te: ' , .11-:c" -.CW ' 211: 12. . '-'yy'-Sgmrgg-:,:::: fiii" " ' 115255, 11+ .1352-2' -- -. Q "" , 2135? -1 1 2 .5 5 . """ "2"1"'f His, .1 2123 -2:33 ' 1- - 5 f' fi.: "5" 15- ' 2 1' rl, . fsf. ..,. ,,.. Soloists appearing in the State-Region III contest at Watertown, and the ratings they received: Top row, left to right: Ronald Williamson, Cornet CIIDg Dennis Muser, Piano CD5 Ruth Dykstra, Flute CID. Second row: Sharon Schmidt, Clarinet CD3 Margaret Apland, Mellophone CIIDQ Irene Harvey, Trombone CIIDg Keith Kirchmeier, Bass Clarinet CD. Third row: Keith Kirchmeier, Bass CIIDQ Sylvia Allen, Mezzo- Soprano CIIDQ Margaret Widman, Contralto CD3 Sharon Schultz, Mezzo-Soprano CIDQ Fourth row: Dennis Muser, Baritone CIDQ Charles Kirchmeier, Tenor CD3 LaVylla Blue, Soprano CIIDQ Anita Knudson, Contralto CIID. TH IRTY-EIGHT Special Duty "Echelon,' fcontinuedj Clarinet Quartet Left to right: Keith Kirchmcier, Sylvia Allen, Shirlfv Gutormson and Sharon Schmidt. Il rating: Boy's Quartet Rating I at cont:-st, appeared in Grand-Concm-rt. Mark Apland, Charles Kirchmoic-r, Dennis Musvr Keith Kirchmuic-r. Accmnpunist' Anitzi Knuflson. Mixed Octet Mai'ga1x't-t Widman, Shzlion Schultz, Ruyicc Gild- Mixed Quaffef seth, LziCyllzi Blue Charles Kirchmt-icr. Rogcr Sharon Schultz, Murgawct VVidinzin, Charles Fritzel, Ronnie Williamson, Keith Kirchmeier, Kirchmeicr, Keith Kix'chmcic-r. Accompan- Accompanist: Anita Knuclson. Rating III at contest. ist: Garda Vaughan. Gir1's Sexteiie LaVy1la Blue, Carol Jean Wehrkamp, Sylvia Allen. Myrna Graham. Mill'gZll'Lll Widmzm and Rayicc Gildseth. Dennis Muser. ziccmnpzinist. 'l HIRTY-NINE Not picturvcli Girl's Octvt: LaVyllzi Blum-. Rvnat- Durtcy, Carol Joan Wvhrkzimp, Sylvia: Allen, Sharon Schultz. Myrna Graham. lVllll'giil'lxl Widmzin and Rayice Gildscth. Dvnnis Musvr, accompanist. Q! 79 Escort of our Band . . . Roger Fritzel and His Marimba Sharon Moore Winning highest rating in Regional contest at Watertown. Roger Fritzel and Dennis Muser Winning Superior CD rating in Reg- ional contest in Snare Drum en- semble, each winning 117 rating in Snare Drum division. Events of the Year for De Smet School Band Attended Band Day at South Dakota State College, September 22, 1956. Attended Hobo Day at South Dakota State College, October 13, 1956. Played at the football games throughout the season. Attended the Band Clinic at Huron College, December 15, 1956. Played at the basketball games. Winter concert presented December 6, 1956. Participated in the Conference Tournament Band, Lake Preston, Jan. 23-25, 1957. Participated in the District Tournament Band, Huron, February 18-20. Attended the high school solo and ensemble contest, Watertown, February 13. Attended the grade school solo and ensemble contest, Madison, February 16. Spring concert presented April 2. Attended contest at Brookings, April 6. Played for Commencement, May 20. All-State Band Try outs for All-State Band were held throughout the state on various dates. De Smet High students auditioned at Brookings January 5, Roger Fritzel was select- ed for the band. The event was held in Deadwood March 29-30. Roger and Mr. Peterson journeyed there to participate. Vocal Events of the Year Winter concert presented December 6. Attended the high school solo and ensemble contest, Watertown, February 13. Spring concert presented April 2. Attended contest at Brookings, April 6. Sang at baccalaureate, May 19. All-State Chorus. The annual All-State Chorus and Orchestra event was held in Mitchell Novem- ber 9-10. De Smet high school had eight students participating in the chorus of nearly 600 voices. They were Sylvia Allen, Roger Fritzel, Myrna Graham, Charles Kirchmeier, Keith Kirchmeier, Dennis Muser, Sharon Schultz and Margaret Wld- man. Saturday, November 10, a concert was given at the Corn Palace with Weston Noble of Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, as choral conductor and Richard Duncan of the Omaha Symphony Orchestra as orchestral director. Mrs. Marie Fox accom- panied the group to Mitchell. FORTY . 1-sl" f-sf' 1- , , L Xb' !,Vf,-L1-XL Xiu -Z!-Xb 55. jd A :N f 5 , 'fv-,kTl,mC:, - , - , u- 5 - tv- firfg-i-f Kg .. -, , -, M Q ,,-,fi-'!" ' fK- XX' 2X 13. ,. -w rd-M 1- P15 L..-- --1,4 fu - ' ,. - , - -W . ' IEE - E E s B 7 gf M 'ivy Q 1' ' ' M 4 iff , QE Qfff M4 iw! J 'r - - -- sg. -4--W q f , ,, i Tm -X ff 5 KD J Q X S , X J f xx f f ff ffl? .lk 4 fin!- +lC S -f - -7-.-...g - .T.-.i,. ,v 745' Q! Honor Guardsn . . . Homecoming Royalty Left to right: Barbara Greene, Janet Biggerstaff, Sharon Kay Schmidt, Irene Paulson, Allen Wellman, Dennis Skyberg, Ronnie Williamson, Paul Heim Sf ated: Margaret Apland, Curtis Stensland "Captain's Listv . . . The National Honor Society Top row, left to right: Charles Lee, Sharon Schultz, Sharon Kay Schmidt, Roger Fritzel Middle row: Irene Harvey, Karen Peterson, Margaret Apland, Phyllis Smith, Judy Olson Seated: 'Mr. Lester, Sylvia Allen, Ruth Dykstra, Shirley Gutormson The National Honor Society was organized in 1953. The requirements for membership in the organization are to excel in leadership, scholarship, service and character and to maintain a "B" average. The society gives a schoalrship every year to some deserving senior. This year it was haised from S30 to S40. It entered a float in the Homecoming parade. Officers are: President, Ruth Dykstrag vice president, Sylvia Allen, secretary and treasurer, Shirley Gutormson. FORTY-TWO QC 77 Now Hear This . . . i Declamation Standing, left to right: LaVylla Blue, Karla Arends, Barbara Green, Leila Kenton. Karen Peterson, Renee Durfey, Judy Meyers, Karen Rasmussen, Anita Knud- son. Seated: Roger Fritzel, Janet Seeley, Mrs. Root, Barbara Moore, Dennis Muser The students entered in the poety division were Renee Durfey and Lelia Kenton. In the oratory division were Roger Fritzel, Dennis Muser and Judy Myers. ln the dramatics division were Barbara Green, Barbara Moore. Karen Peterson, Karen Rasumssen and Janet Seeleyg and in the humorous division were Karla Arends, LaVylla Blue and Anita Knudson. Karen Rasmussen, Renee Durfey, Roger Fritzel and Anita Knudson received superior ratings at the local contest on October 30 and were eligible for the district contest held at Arlington on November 7. Roger, Karen and Anita received superior ratings at the district contest and went on to the regional contest in Brookings November 13. At this contest Roger and Anita received superior ratings and Karen received an excellent rating. At the state contest, which was held at Pierre November 19, Roger won a superior and Anita an excellent rating. The students were coached by Mis. Root. Discussion Debate Left to right, standing: Keith Kirchmeier, Roger Fritzel, Margaret Widman Allen Wellman, Mr. Mundhenke, advisor Seated: Karen Rasmussen and Helen Close FORTY-THREE QC ,Q Dispenser of the Communique . . . The Newsette Staff Top row, left to right: Janet Seeley, Curtis Stensland, Donald Schultz, Ruth Dykstra, Phyllis Smith Middle row: Wayne Langland, Nancy Wehrkamp, Irene Harvey, Donna Cavanaugh, Mary Ann Iverson, Virginia Studer, Sylvia Janssen, Nadine Patterson Bottom row: Cheryl Hinz, Janet Muser, Lynda Jacob, Anita Knuglson, Sharon Olson Seated: Mr. Mundhenke, Margaret Apland, Rayice Gildseth The F. U. N. Club Top row, left to right: Margaret Apland, Janet Seeley, Nancy Wehrkamp, Donna Cavanaugh, Ruth Dykstra, Joan Kruse, Sylvia Janssen, Nadine Patterson, Phyllis Smith, Lynda Jacob Middle row: DeEtte Krieger, Janet Muser, Irene Harvey, Virginia Studer, Sharon Olson, Cheryl Hinz, Karen Rasmussen, Anita Knudson, Sharon Cheney Sc-ated: Rayice Gildseth, Barbara Moore, Mary Ann Iverson, Mrs. Wagenaar FORTY-FOUR Future "Quartermasters" . . . I -A The F. H. A. Club Left to right, top row: Garda Vaughan, Margaret Apland, Janice Allen, Judy Schwartz, Dawn Kruse, Nancy Wehrkamp, Donna Cavanaugh, Madonna Timm, Darlene Flindt, Barbara Moore, Margaret Widman, Judy Myers, Janet Bigger- staff, Sylvia Janssen, Carol Melstad, Janet Seeley, Elaine Bishop Second row: Rebecca Huisenga, Verna Johnson, Doris Uphoff, Erlyn Serfling, Robin O'Neill, Ellen Larson, Judy Brown, Carol Mathison, Sharon Moore, Irene Paulson, Jeanne McKnight, Myrna Graham, Donna Sherman, Joyce Carroll, Bernita Moore, Bernita Penney Third row: Dorothy Lembke, Virginia Studer, Ardys Nieman, Marlys Patterson, Carol Wubbena, Sharon Denman, Margaret Cavanaugh, Mary Spencer, Helen Vincent, Gloria Bishop, Helen Close, Karen Peterson, Sharon Olson, Mary Ann Iverson, Marilyn Stover, Della Larson, Bonnie Skyberg Fourth row: LaVylla Blue, Elaine Stubbe, Barbara Jensen, Jeanne Wehrkamp, Donna Dugdale, Janice Poppen, Janet Muser, Rayice Gildseth, Barbara Brown, Judy Olson, Anita Knudson, Cheryl Hinz, Lynda Jacob, Karen Rasmussen, Phyllis Smith, Carol Jean Norgaard, Janice Smith Seated: Irene Harvey, Sharon Schultz, Joan Kruse, DeEtte Krieger, Sharon Kay Schmidt, Ruth Dykstra, Shirley Gutormson, Sylvia Allen, Mrs. Wagenaar Seated on floor: Lelia Kenton, Dorothy Aalbers, Kitty Ann Apland, Eva Kenton, June Muser, Karla Arends, Barbara Green, Marilyn Olson, Carol Morrison. Dianne Ryland F. H. A. officers: President, Sharon Kay Schmidt: vice president, DeEtte Krieger: secretary, Joan Kruse: treasurer, Ruth Dykstra, reporter, Shirley Gutorm- song parliamentarian, Irene Harvey, historian. Sharon Schultz, song leader, Sylvia Alleng advisor, Mrs. Wagenaar: Chapter mother, Mrs. Leo Schmidt. ' Program Schedule for F. H. A. 1956-57 September: Topic for the meeting was Grooming. Mrs. Ruby Gummer gave interesting talk on hair styles. October: Officers gave reports on the state convention at Huron and the topic was North Cape and Scandinavian Customs. November: The meeting was dedicated to the Freshmen for it was Freshmen Initiation. It was also called Dad's Date Night as all the F. H. A. girls were supposed to invite their dads to attend this meeting. The topic was Safety in the Home. December: Candidate for Snow Queen were selected. They were Anita Knud- son, Robin O'Neill, Elaine Stubbe and Eva Kenton. Eva Kenton was elected to represent the F. H. A. The topic' was United Nation's Christmas Customs. . January: Senior Style Show. All senior girls taking Home Economics III modeled' garments they had made. All were fall outfits. Most of them were jumpers or skirts with matching Pendelton jackets. February: Invited the White F. H. A. Chapter to attend our meeting. Had a panel from the Homemaking Depar1ment, S. D. State college. . March: Mother's Night. April: German Customs. May: Picnic. 'I "Special Servicev Assistants, Our Projectionists . . . V Left to right: Clifford Poppen, Roger Kruger, Mr. Tlustos, Carroll Hendricks, David Skyberg E ORTY-FIVE Shipyard Maintenance Crews" . . . The F. F. A. Club Left to right, top row: Gordon Holland, Layne Windedahl, Neil Bowes, Noel Bishop, Lyndon Gehm, Jim Leckey, Noel Towberman, Delmer Bowes, Darrel Sprang, Carl Ritenour, Wayne Anderson, Don Carroll, John Roze Second row: Gene Hamen, Milo Apland, Clifford Poppen, Paul VanDyke, Roger Ilgetergona Carroll Hendricks, Bill Carroll, Gordon Harvey, Gary Cramer, on tu er Third row: Mark Apland, Jim Muser, John Pitman, Bernard Cavanaugh, Jim Car- roll, David Skyberg, Ray Wellman, Lee Dugdale Seated: Mr. Tlustos, Bob Carroll, Charles Lee, Larry Apland, Allen Wellman, Dennis Skyberg, Jim Nieman The Future Farmers of America Chapter is composed of boys who are enrolled in Vocational Agriculture classes, under the direction of Mr. Tlustos. The Chapter has carried out a program of work with each boy participating. There are 39 boys enroller in Vovational Agriculture, all being members of the local F. F. A. Chapter. September 17: Officers elected for the year were as follows: President, Allen Wellman, vice president, Larry Aplandg secretary, Charles Lee: treasurer, Dennis Skybergg reporter, Robert Carrollg sentinel, Jim Nieman: advisor, Mr. Tlustos. October 9: Informal initiation of eight freshmen. October 15-18: Charles Lee, Neil Bowes and Clifford Poppen attended the National F. F. A. convention at Kansas City, Mo. October 23: Eleven vocational agriculture students became members of the F. F. A. and were initiated into the Green Hand Degree. October 29: District III officers training school was held at Gettysburg. Robert Carroll was elected district reporter. October 30: Nine Green Hand Degree F. F. A. members were raised to the Chapter Farmer Degree. November 27: F. F. A. had a pheasant feed wwith the F. H. A. girls. The fresh- men girls served the meal. January 22: The eighth annual Father-Son banquet was held. February 12: Harold Urton, state supervisor of Pierre, visited the agriculture department. February 13: Agriculture I class participated in crop judging at the Huron Crop Show. February 14: Jim Nieman received second place in the county corn contest. February 16-23: National F. F. A. week was observed. Chapter members entered crop samples at the Lake Norden, Carthage, Huron and Brookings crop shows. Various judging teams will participate in practice judging at Redfield, Huron and Sioux Falls. Plans are being made to enter a judging team in each of seven state judging contests at Brookings, April 28. Two regular F. F. A. meetings have been held each month, with a picnic planned in May. Annual F. F. A. Banque! Features Game Warden The eighth annual F. F. A. banquet for members and their fathers took place Tuesday, January 22, at the auditorium. There were a total of 93 fathers, sons and guests present. The banquet was served following the invocation by the Rev. P. B. Stensland. The three-course meal was prepared by the sophomore Home Economics class. A welcome to the dads was given by Mark Apland, with the response by Paul Apland. Highlight of the evening was a talk by Donald Wieland, Game Warden, show- ing Agriculture project pictures from last year, by Carroll Hendricks. The closing ceremonies of a regular F. F. A. meeting concluded the evening. FORTY-SIX ff ,K H, 'V' -.T ...- - 1 fx- Lf-fn, -'l-f::'-,1'L4:-Av.-.ffXf-af Imam- 0.- 1 ..., ,- 4,7 -XM M in fhffdi . , Winans- -5 -h KW4 -f: Ad, -f'L- ,xg mi '-" - - -- "'-' - -- -Q Ki ff.,-,g 'N fx:-fx - M- -- -L- .... ,. . , nw.. -1- KL. A-L, Xg A Z"kA,,.,,,1-'-, , Q -,A 1 -' A ,fi T aff 1' -.. qv +-- ' X Y V , L. ,I f wi E , , Y 1 f 5 1 ' '1 W liiiii - QH ' ' Ll-Il . 4,1 X -' SJ mx' Y-J f W' T ' I , H I0 Al: w e , 0 V F f Q" '+'1'L it f--- " 'i--Q '11 . 1 I ---- Ei - ... -- -.... X Y' I """ '.. ..,.... -.1-1. ,..........,,., i, l 111-fzzg-:iw rf! " ' ' in" - ' R ' - - ' ""h' N ---bf . , 'W - ' -4' ff" ---kb.-wzhg ' gg- b s Q- ,f I H I F I .xhg-.545 I ' ' , gf- lf I ' ' ' " ' ,,,r'44 ' 5 55 A k --- 1. -if, Q.. ' . --iii" .. - -: WLWZC6 2 Z2 gk W Q Q M,Qij l7Z?f ff Z fi: Zh? ' ,L ,W 4M,f7,A11fu.,. ww W' WMV W' ffm? u 'The Lucky Bagv . . . 1. Whose birthday is today? 2. Some of the Class of '57. 3. Star guards. 4. Before and after. 5. Innocence! 6. He1mie's gal! 7. 4 eyes? 8. Esther Williams the 34th. 9. Sweet??? 10. Oh-my! my! 11. The Backwoods Boy! 12. The Backwoods Girls! 13. "Sisters'l 14. Watermelon Day-1902. 15. Chubby Chops. 16. Occupants of the Andria Dora. 17. Show Offs! 18. Posing. 19. Windedahlls ex gal! 20-21. We're en- gaged. 22. Eeek! 23. Emage of Mac! 24. Bulleye. 25. Kirchmeier kids. 26. I've grown since then. 27. Sophomore cutie. 28. We should be in Hollywood. 29. Mc- Quire Sisters. 30-31-32. Through the years. 33. Smiley. 34. Big wheel. 35. Buttons and "Bowes" 36. Little wheel. 37. Like my hairdo? 38. Mutt and Jeff. 39. Nice boy-then. 40. I've changed. 41. Punkie! 42. Mickey Mouse's sister. 43. I think I'm so cute! FORTY-EIGHT Q! 97 The Lucky Bag fcontinuedj . . . ,.-ff" 1. Curt. 2. Sharon O. 3. Janny. 4. Larry. 5. Jo. 6. Wayne. 7. Ginger. 8. Margie 10. Sharon. 11. Mary. 12. Rayice. 13. Lynda. 14. Cheryl. 15. Anita. 16. Jerry 17. Nadine. 18. Don. l9.Cliff. 20. De. 21. Irene. 22. Phyl. 23. Jan. 24. Donna 25. Rog. 26. Sylvia. 27. Karen. 28. Barb. 29. Ruthie. 30. Nanc. 31. Noel. 32. Lyndon Not pictured: Al, Neil, Don C., Bob and Margaret Ann. FORTY-NINE The Lucky Bag" fcontinuedl . . . 1. Barrell of Monkeys. 2. Momma! 3. Lewis and Clark Expedition. 4. Wann fight? 5. Hold that Tiger. 6. Look at the leg on that horse! 7. Long, lean and lovable. 8. Just goofing off. 9. Calamith Jan. 10. Dog pile. 11. The Jesse James posse. 12. Pretty suit! 13.0h, I'm different now. 14. Escapes from Leavenworth. 15. 5 Freshies. 16. Boozing buddies. 17. Before I learned to cheerlead. 18. Sun hurt yer eyes? 19. Wait a minute! 20. Dude. 21. Don't cross me. 22. Beware! 23. Can this be Sherry? 24. Sweetness. 25. Little Chuckie. 26. Baby doll. 27. Pistol packing Momma! 28. Misery. 29. One Tooth Annie. 30. Part of the Naughty Nine. 31. 3 Musketeers. 32. Unpucker! 33. Teeny Cheney. 34. Arkansas Gals. FIFTY ' TQ X.- ,4Wwx W X ! x fff X Q N ' A xx frog fa H15 'WJV1 i ,,ff',,-QQME Gmwfufilfiiwodfffw sig? "L f 'C--a. ,W 7 f-Qiw Mf- A I, ,,f' V, vm .!2f4.,, V I ,. V an fr I A 4 IX, Q I L 4'i-ff462fvfZZfVQfQfZe We, the Seniors of 1957, wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following P WALT'S FOOD MARKET DE SMET DRY CLEANERS J. H. HALL, Dentist BAND BOX CLEANERS HYINK FURNITURE 8a HARDWARE C. S. MCKIBBEN STUDIO KINGSBURY COUNTY ASC OFFICE EGGEN 8: WILKINSON, Lawyers GORDON'S CAFE PIGGLY WIGGLY RITZ THEATER ROUSAR PLUMBING 8z HEATING THE DE SMET NEWS RASMUSSEN CHEVROLET O'KEEFE IMPLEMENT HUISENGA APPLIANCE DAKOTA SHOE SHOP RYLAND'S MEN'S WEAR FLOYD'S JEWELRY WALTER KLINKEL DE SMET BODY SHOP WIKA-JENSEN INSURANCE 206 SERVICE STATION PEAVEY ELEVATORS FARMERS UNION G. T. A. MOORE'S SALE BARN 'WARD'S V STORE busintsss places and individuals for helping in making the publication of our Annual ossi ez - PETE'S BARBER SHOP B. J. HASCHE INSURANCE AGENCY PESCHL LOCKERS COAST-TO-COAST STORE KRIEGER VARIETY CITY BAKERY SUPER VALU BUCHELE DRUG STORE KINGSBURY ELECTRIC COOP., INC. FARMERS CREAMERY KLINKEL'S TAVERN J. C. PENNEY COMPANY DELBERT'S STANDARD STATION T. J. WILLIAMSON COMPANY NELSON HARDWARE COTTAGE INN WAYNE'S TEXACO SERVICE RUSS AND ED'S CHAMPLIN RASMUSSEN STANDARD SERVICE MORRISON'S CITIES SERVICE FREEMAN SERVICE DON'S SERVICE CUMMINS RECREATION KATE'S CAFE GUNDERSON'S BARBER SHOP MUNGER'S CAFE COUGHLIN'S RED OWL Photographs by C. S. McKibbe'n whose work and cooperation is greatly appreciated Printed by The De Smet News THE NEWSETTE De S-gne: Hi NEWSETTE, from TheDe Srnet News, September 20, 1956 Bulldogs Open Season With Victory Over Egan In a display of power and passing. the De Smet Bulldogs gained a conference victory over Egan there Friday night by a score of 38 to 0. It was the opener for the local high school season, the first game under the coaching of Charles McCluskey, Carthage, new mem- ber of the faculty. The victors showed power ear- ly in the first quarter by punch- ing over two touchdowns. The first was on a pass, Wellman to Schultz, good for 15 yards and a touchdown, Schultz kicking the conversion. The second was on the combined efforts of Muser, Skyberg and Wellman, setting up a power play over right tackle for a touchdown. Schultz kicked the conversion, only to have it called back on an offside pen- alty, and his second attempt was short. In the second quarter the third touchdown resulted from a series of power plays. Muser. Skyberg and Wellman carried the ball in- to Egan territory and Wellman punched over center with half the Egan team on his back. Schultz's place kick was wide and the score was 19 to 0. On a pass play, Wellman to Schultz, that covered 17 yards, the second touchdown of the quarter was made. A. bad pass from center spoiled the kick and Wellman grounded the ball. The score at the end of the half was De Smet 26, Egan 0. In the middle of the third quar- ter, Wellman, behind good block- ing, passed to Schultz who gal- loped the remaining 30 yards in broken field running for the touchdown. Again Muser and Skyberg set the ball in position for Wellman to drive over cen- ter for the touchdown. Schultz's kick was wide and the score was 38 to 0. The Bulldog line proved strong, enabling Wellman to get passes away and holding Egan's vaunted power and passing attack to but three first downs in the entire game. In five attempts at pass- ing they never completed one. The Bulldogs travel to Colman for their second conference game Friday night. -N- Cheerleaders Chosen ' Monday afternoon, 'September 10, seven girls tried out for cheerleaders. DeEtte Krieger, Robin O'Neil1, Irene Paulson and Sharon Schmidt were chosen. Others trying out were Helen Close, Sherry Moore and Billie Blue. Five New Teachers In Local School System Our first new teacher is Char- les L. McCluskey, Madison. He graduated from Carthage high school with the class of 1950. He graduated from General Beadle in 1954. From 1954 to 1956 he was in the army, 16 months spent in Germany. He served as a phy- sical reconditioning technician. Mr. McCluskey teaches biology, American history and coaches football. This is his first year of teaching. Harlan W. Tlustos is our next new teacher. He comes from For- estburg. He graduated from the Forestburg high school in 1950' and from State college in 1956. He spent two years, 1952-54, in the Army. He served in Austria and Germany. While in the army he was a refrigerator mechanic in the Corps of Engineers. He teaches Agriculture and Visual Education. Mrs. Elizabeth Wagenaar is our Home Economics teaches. She comes from Brookings. Mrs. Wagenaar has taught in Ohio State, Indiana University, a girl's school in Willoughby, Ohio and South Dakota State college. She was in the Home Management House at State college. She ser- ved two years in the Army, work- ing in a neuro psychiatric hospi- tal. She came to South Dakota in 1946 and was married in 1949. She is a graduate of Cornell Uni- versity, Ithaca, N. Y. Our next teacher is Miss Inez Sprucelake. She comes from Lake Norden, graduating there in 1954 and from Augustana college in 1956. She teaches the third grade. Next we have Dale B. Peter- son. He comes from Bradley and is a graduate of Clark high school with the class of 1952. He grad- uated from State college in 1956. Mr. Peterson teaches instru- mental music and general science. -N- Allen Wellman Heads Student Association A Student Body meeting was held in the high school auditor- ium Monday, September 10. The following officers were chosen: President, Allen Wellman. Vice president, Sharon Kay Schmidt. Secretary and treasurer, Irene Paulson. Freshmen representatives, Ray Wellman and Carla Arends. Sophomore representatives, Sherry Moore and Herman Kruse. Junior representatives, Sylvia Allen and Sharon Schmidt. Senior representatives, Neil Bowes and Roger Fritzel. First 'P-T-A -Meeting Last Tuesday Evening The first P-T-A meeting of the year was held September 11 in the school auditorium with Mrs. Arthur H. Poppen presiding. Following the introductory re- marks, the business of the even- ing consisted of introducing the commitees and their chairmen, and the introduction of teachers and school board members. ' A membership drive was be- gun, to be continued at a later date. ... N - Seniors On Parade: Our first Senior on Parade is Larry Lowell Apland. Larry is 17 years old, has brown hair and eyes. He is 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds. Some of Larry's favorites are: Food, steak. Movie, "Picnic.,' Actor, Gary Grant. Actress, Kim Novak. Song, "The Wayward Wind." Color, green. Singer, Frank Sinatra. Subject, agricultureg ' Pastime, football. I i . ' Ambition, to be a rich farmer. Activities: Mixed chorus 2, 3, 43 boy's glee club 2, 3, 4, debate 2, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: HD" club 3, 45 football 3, 43 F. F. A. reporter 33 F. F. A. vice president 4, re- ligious class 1, 2, 3. N .. N - Class Elections Held K Class election have been held. The new officers are: Freshmen: President, Milo Ap- landg vice president, Janice Al- leng secretary and treasurer, Kit- ty Aplandg student council, Ray Wellman, Karla Arends. Sophomores: President, Jean McKnight, vice president, Larry Richardsg secretary and treasurer, Helen Vincentg student council, Sharon Moore, Herman Kruse. Juniors: President, Keith Kirch- meierg vice president, Dennis Skybergg secretary and treasurer, Shirley Gutormsong student coun- cil, Sylvia Allen, Sharon Kay Schmidt. Seniors: President, Joan Kruse, vice president, Curtis Stenslandg secretary, Margaret Aplandg treasurer, Rayice Gildsethgg stu- dent council, Roger Fritzel, Neil Bowes. .. N - Football Schedule Egan, September 14, there. Colman, September 21, there. Chester, September 28, here. Volga, October 5, Homecom- ing, here. White, October 12, there. Howard, October 19, here. Elkton, October 26, here. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, September 27, 1956 Bulldogs Win 42-7 At Colman Friday Evening The Bulldog football squad gained its second conference vic- tory in downing a scrappy Col- man eight on the Colman field Friday night by a score of 42 to 7. In a torrid first quarter that netted De Smet four touchdowns, a safety and three points after touchdown, the Bulldogs fought the valiant Colman team to a virtual standstill. On the first play that Colman started from scrimmage, Schultz intercepted a pass and raced 35 yards for a touchdown and then kicked the point after touchdown. After holding Colman to no gain, De Smet gained possession of the ball and after Muser's sweep around right end for 20 yards, Wellman punched the re- maining six yards for another touchdown. Schultz kicked the point and the score was 14 to 0. De Smet again held Colman and gained possession of the ball and Lee scooted around left end for ll yards, setting up another play for Wellman to punch the re- maining yardage for another touchdown. Schultz kicked the extra point. Backing Colman deep into its own territory, Walline broke through and tackled their back in the end zone for a safety, to to make the score 35 to 0. On a sustained drive starting from their 20-yard line, after a pass Wellman to Schultz gained 27 yards, and a 20-yard run by Lee, Muser made a 12-yard run for another touchdown. The try for point was missed. In the second quarter Colman seemed at a loss in what to do, as Lee returned a punt for 36 yards and minutes later skirted right end for another touchdown, to maek the score 35 to 0. The host team rallied in the second half with a 25-yard pass, gaining another 20 yards on a neat reverse. On the next attempt of a pass, Schultz intercepted and De Smet started another touch- down drive. Wellman to William- son was good for 15 yards, Lee ian 20 yards again and Wellman went over from the six-yard line for another touchdown, Schultz kicking the extra point. De Smet kicked to Colman and after four plays Colman lost the ball on downs on the De Smet 30- yard line. Wellman went for five yards and on the play De Smet was penalized 15 yards for hold- ing, making it first and 30 on De Smet's 15-yard line. On the next play De Smet was penalized to its one-yard line for clipping and on the next play a fumble in the end zone was recovered by Col- man for a touchdown. They plunged for the extra point. Plans Are Started For Homecoming Festivities The annual Homecoming Fes- tivities of De Smet high school will start Thursday, October 4, with coronation of the King and Queen. Candidates are: Seniors: Curtis Stensland and Margaret Aplandg juniors, Sharon Schmidt and Dennis Skybergg sophomores, Janet Biggerstaff and Ronnie Williamsong and freshmen, Bar- bara Green and Paul Heim. Following the coronation there will be a bonfire and pep ses- sion, followed by the traditional snake dance. Friday's activities begin with a parade at 1:30 p. m. Friday evening at 7:30 there will be the football game with Volga as the opponent. At half-time the Roy- alty and winning floats will be paraded on the field. Following the game there will be a dance, with Paul Christen- son playing. .. N - Seniors On Parade: Our next senior on parade is Margaret Apland. Her eyes are brown and her hair is brown. She is 5 feet, 5 inches tall and is 16 years old. Some of her favorites are: Food. chicken and noodles. Actress, Lucille Ball. Song, "On the Street Where You Live." Orchestra, Nelson Riddle. Singers, Eddie Fisher, Vic Da- mone and Pat Boone. Teacher, Mrs. Root. Subject, chemistry. Pastime, drawing pictures. Ambition, to be a nurse. Saying, pifflewink. Pet peeve, people who talk too loud. Activities: Band 2, 3, 45 glee club 2, 3, 4, mixed chorus 2, 3, 43 F. H. A. 3, 4, F. U. N. 4, Barker staff 3: National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Newsette editor 4, Homecom- ing queen candidate 4, Girl's State alternate 3: class treasurer 3, class secretary 4. -N... September Birthdays Rebecca Huisenga, Sept. 4. Donna Dugdale, Sept. 7. Joanne Kruse, Sept. 8. Judy Olson, Sept. 11. Noel Towberman, Sept. 11. Judy Smith, Sept. 15. Jim Carroll, Sept. 21. Eva Kenton, Sept. 25. Dianne Ryland, Sept. 25. Dorothy Lembke, Sept. 29. Jacqueline Conner, Sept. 30. ... N - Music Tryout Completed Tryouts for vocal music are nearly completed and vocal mus- ic classes will start next week. The personnel in each group will be posted at that time. 2 Freshman Initiation Ended With Party The seniors initiated the new freshman class Tuesday, Septem- ber 18. Each freshman was re- quired to dress like an assigned comic strip character. All morning long the freshmen had to carry a senior's books and bow down to him, saying a long speech. In the afternoon at 2:30 the student body and faculty went to the gymnasium and the fresh- men performed various stunts. That evening the seniors gave the freshmen a party. Records were played and dancing enjoy- ed. Refreshments were served by the seniors. ...N- National Honor Society Meets: Ruth Dykstra President The first meting of the Nat- ional Honor Society was held Friday, September 21, in the science room. There were 12 in attendance. Chosen as officers for the com- ing year are: Ruth Dykstra, pres- identg Sylvia Allen, vice presi- dent, and Shirley Gutormson, secretary-treasurer. It was decided to meet on the second Thursday of every month at 8:30 a. m. A float committee was named: Irene Harvey, Judy Olson, Kar- en Peterson and Charles Lee. -N- Barbara Moore Heads F. U. N. Club For Year The F. U. N. club held a short meeting Thursday afternoon, September 20. Barbara Moore was elected president. Mary Anne Iverson was chosen vice president and Rayice Gildseth as secretary-treasurer. On a float committee for Home- coming are Linda Jacob, Sylvia Janssen, Phyllis Smith, Rayice Gildseth and Anita Knudson. .. N .. F. H. A. Holds Meeting The F. H. A. held its first meeting of the year Monday. The guest speaker was Mrs. Ruby Gummer, from one of the local beauty shops. She gave a talk on grooming. Light refreshments were ser- ved. -N... Band Goes To Brookings For Massed Band Formation Saturday afternoon the mem- bers of the band left by bus for Brookings. At 3:45 a rehearsal with other bands was held on the State college campus. In the evening all the bands were gathered in a mass forma- tion at the half of the football game. The trip was enjoyed by all. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, October 4, 1956 Bulldogs Win Third Victory After Hard Game The local Bulldogs won their third conference victory in de- feating a powerful Chester team under the lights here Friday night, the score 24 to 14, the vic- tory coming after the visitors had scored first, in the opening quar- ter. It was the second half before De Smet scored, repeating it to end the third period leading 12-7, adding another touchdown in the third quarter, each team scoring in the final period. In the first quarter, with De Smet forced to kick from its goal line, the hard-charging Chester line broke through and blocked the kick, Peterson recovering in the end zone for a touchdown, Dannenbring converting for the extra point. The locals were backed against their goal line in the second quarter, warding off another touchdown, leaving the score at the half 7-0. The second half brought good deception by De Smet, Wellman deploying Wallinc and William- son for a passing and then run- ning 48 yards for a touchdown, missing the conversion try. Re- peating the setup Wellman pass- ed to Walline, only to have the play called back with a penalty. On a third repetition of the play the pass was to Williamson, good for 20 yards, Williamson again carrying the ball five yards for a touchdown. Wellman failed on the conversion and the score was De Smet 12, Chester 7 at the end of the quarter. In the fourth quarter Wellman got away a 65-Yard punt that went out of bounds on the one- yard line. Chester was forced to kick and it was blocked, with Williamson recovering in the end zone for another touchdown. Wellman missed the conversion. In the kick-off that followed Dannenbring received, fumbled, recovered his own fumble and ran 75 yards for a touchdown, kick- ing for the extra point. In a rally of power De Smet made a first down, its first of the game, following with a series of power plays to the one-yard line, with Wellman going over center for a touchdown, failing on the con- vesion attempt, leaving the score 24-14 at game's end. The locals made 74 yards by rushing, 62 yards by passing and had but two first down. Chester made 76 yards by rushing. -N- Enrollment Statistics There are 164 students in high school: 36 seniors, 42 juniors, 45 sophomores and 41 freshmen. There are 65 boys and 99 girls, with 77 tuition students. Homecoming Events Start Tonight, Friday The annual Homecoming of De Smet high school gets under way this evening with coronation of the King and Queen, a pep ses- sion and snake dance. Volga will be the opponent in the evening game under the lights. There will also be a pub-- lic dance following the game. -N- Seniors On Parade: Four our next Senior on Par- ade we have Noel Gene Bishop. He is 5 feet, 11 inches, has brown hair and eyes, is 17 years old and weighs 120 pounds. Some of Noel's favorites are: Food, pork chops. Movie, "Shanef' Actor. Robert Ryan. Actress, Ann Blythe. Song, "Green Grows the Grass." Orchestra, Lawrence Welk. Color, blue. Teacher, Mr. Lester. Subject, agriculture. Pastime, hunting and riding horseback. Ambition, to be a successful farmer. Activities: Religious training 1, 2, 3, track lg F. F. A.. 1, 2, 3, 4. - N - Sharon Kay Schmidt Heads Future Homemakers of America The first meeting of the F. H. A. was held September 24 and the following officers were elect- ed: President, Sharon Kay Schmidt: vice president, DeEtte Kriegerg treasurer, Ruth Dykstra, report- er, Shirley Gutormsong parlimen- tarian, Irene Harvey, and song leader, Sylvia Allen. After the business meeting Mrs. Ruby Gummer gave an interest- ing talk on care of the hair and grooming. .. N - Physics Class News During the first four weeks of school students of physics have been introduced to the various laws of liquids and to the laws of air and other gases. Students have also learncd the relation between units of length, area, volume and mass. They have also learned to compare the metric system with the English system of measurement. Some experiments done in the lab have been: 1. Learning how to read and use the verneer and micrometer calipers, 2. Buoyancy, archemers prin- ciple. 3. Specific gravity of a liquid. 4. Beyle's law. Several problems have been worked out in class making use of these various laws and form- ulas. Hickory Stick Meeting Held at Iroquois School The East Central Hickory Stick meeting was held at Iroquois Sep- tember 24. The following offi- cers were elected: Big Stick, Supt. Don Lyons of Iroquois, Little Stick, Supt. George Pe- sicka of Erwin, Knot and Sap, Keith Stillwell of Oldham. It was decided that the con- ference basketball tournament will be held at Lake Preston on January 23-25. The district declam contest will be held at Arlington November 7. The district committee is Supt. V. Madsen, Lake Preston, chair- man, Supt. Amos Tschetter, Ar- lington and Supt. Lyle Lester, De Smet. Twenty-five new members joined the State Hickory Stick organization. After the business session, lunch was served by the men of the Iroquois faculty. -N- Wellman Heads "D" Club Allen Wellman was chosen as president of the "D" club in its first meeting of the new year. Dennis Skyberg was named vice president, Keith Kirchmeier, sec- retaryg and Jerry Walline, treas- urer. The president appointed a float committee. There are 17 mem- bers this year. -N- Local SDEA Group Organized A local SDEA group was or- ganized at a recent meeting of the teachers of the grade and high school. Mrs. Ruth Root was chosen as president, with Miss Donna Hum- mel as secretary and treasurer. They were also chosen to repre- sent the group as delegates at the state SDEA convention in Sioux Falls in October. Discussion was held concern- ing faculty entertainments, with the responsibility being divided between the grade and high school faculities. -N- Home Economics News The Home Economics I class, freshmen girls, is now studying grooming and manners. Next week they will sew aprons.. The sophomore girls in Home Economics II are now studying food preservation and will soon start the study of meal planning and service. The Home Economics III class of senior girls is now studying the management and budgeting of a home. They have improved- the appearance of the room by planning and decorating the bul- letin boards. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE, from The De Smet News, October 11, 1956 Local School Sends Eight To All-State Chorus Eight students will represent De Smet high school at All-State chorus, which will be held at Mitchell November 9-10. Attending from De Smet are Sylvia Allen , Myrna Graham, Sharon Schultz, Margaret Wid- man, Charles Kirchmeier, Keith Kirchmeier, Roger Fritzel and Dennis Muser. ... N .. Seniors on Parade: Our next senior on parade is Neil Bowes. He has brown hair, blue eyes, weighs 155 pounds, is 5 feet, 10 inches tall and is 16 years old. Some of his favorites are: Food, southern fried chicken and ice cream. Movie, Trapeze. Actor, Audie Murphy. Actress, Kim Novak. Orchestra, Leo Fortin. Color, blue. Singer, Pat Boone. Pet peeve, big wheels with big heads. Teacher, Mr. Tlustas. Subject, agriculture. Ambition, to be somebody. Saying, "For pete's sake." Activities: Football 1, 3, 43 bas- ketball 2, track 3, glee club lg mixed chorus lg plays 3, 4g F. F. A.. 1, 2, 3, 43 intramural basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4g religious class l, 2, 3g student council 4. .. N - October Birthdays Carol Norgaard. Oct. 1. Erlyn Serfling, Oct. 1. Marlys Patterson, Oct. 4. Irene Harvey, Oct. 4. Larry Apland, Oct. 7. Nancy Wehrkarnp, Oct. 7. Mark Apland, Oct. 7. Verna Johnson, Oct. 9. Janice Poppen, Oct. 9. DeEtte Krieger, Oct. 11. Darlene Flindt, Oct. 12. Delmar Bowes, Oct. 16. Ray Wellman, Oct. 19. John Durfey, Oct. 22. Tanya Hunter, Oct. 27. Helen Close, Oct. 29. Shirley Gutorntson, Oct. 30. - N .. Governor Foss Speaks The high school was favored Tuesday of last week when Gov- ernor Joe Foss came to talk. He rautioned the students on their responsibilities cf voting when they become of age. .. N .. MUSIC NEWS This year the girl's glee club is being held cn Tuesday and Thursday of each week. There are 36 girls participating. Boy's glee club meets every Monday and Wednesday. There are 24 boys taking part. The mixed chorus group, 64 boys and girls, meets every Fri- day. Homecoming Parade Attracts 19 Floats The annual Homecoming par- ade of De Smet school got under way Friday afternoon at 1:45. There were 19 floats in the par- ade, each grade and each activity having an entry. In the grade school division, first through fourth grade, the second grade won first place and the first grade won second place. In the fifth through eighth grade division, the seventh grade won first place and the sixth grade won second. In the high school division, the senior class won first with its Wings to Victory theme. The sophomore class won second, with Rock and Roll Over Volga. In the activities division, the F. U. N. club won first place and the F. F. A. and cheerleaders tied for second. Parade judges were Mrs. Boyd Haufle, Mrs. Kermit Buchele and Guy Hovland. - N ... Senior State-Wide Tests Seniors of De Smet high school took the state-wide School and College Achievements Tests last Tuesday morning. This test is given to all sen- iors of the state and is designed to test the verbal and quantita- tive achievement of each student. ..N... English News Notes English I students have been studying kinds ol' sentences and how they apply to writing para- graphs and newspaper articles. English II classes have finish- ed the unit on narrative poetry and are now studying short stor- ies. .. N .. View Two Movies The pupils of the high school were shown two movies Septem- ber 25. The first movie was on driv- ing and the intelligence it takes to be a capable driver. The sec- ond movie was about alcohol and its effects. -N- Wellman President Future Farmers Chapter F. F. A. officers elected for the coming year are: Allen Well- man, president, Larry Apland, vice presidentg Charles Lee, sec- retary, Dennis Skyberg, treas- urerg Bob Carroll, reporterg and James Nieman, sentinel. Initiation of the freshmen ag- riculture students was held at an informal meeting September 25. Allen Wellmaii, Charles Lee and Clifford Poppen are to at- tend the National F. F. A. con- vention in Kansas City, Mo., on October 15-18. Homecoming Defeat, Parade Big Feature A crowd of spectators that may have been the largest ever to witness a football game was on hand for the nomecoming day game of De Smet high school Friday night and saw the Volga Cossacks break the winning streak of the Bulldogs with a score of 24-20. The parade of floats Friday afternoon proved a feature, at- tracting many vicwers along the line of march. It was a game with plenty of action that started early with a touchdowwn by De Smet, follow- ed by a Volga goal, the visitors continuing to run up a 24-6 score at the half, a lead the hosts could not overtake in a scrappy second half. The Cossacks gained 265 yards by rushing, made 6 first downs, failed in their twc pass attempts, lost 35 yards by penalties. The Bulldogs gained 147 yards bv rushing, made 4 first down, pass- ed for 78 yards and had one 5- yard penalty. Receiving the kickoff, the lo- cals marched down the field for a quick touchdown in a six-yard plunge by Wellman, Schultz gaming the extra point. It was Terry, Volga back, who scored for the visitors minutes later on a 62-yard run. De Smet failed to gain and punted, Volga ad- vancing to send Krumm over for a touchdown, again failing to convert, the quarter ending 12- 7. Muser and Lee made runs of 20 and 11 yards respectively. Volga rolled down the field again in the second quarter, mak- ing a touchdown from the 15- yard line, failing to convert. Re- covering a Bulldog fumble the visitors scored again without the extra point. De Smet received as the sec- ond half opened and on the sec- ond play Schultz ran from the 35-yard line on a reverse to cross the goal line. The extra point was missed and the -score stood Volga 24, De Smet 13. After a series of power plays, Volga was held for downs and De Smet tal- lied. A pass, Wellman to Wal- line, was good for 8 yards, an- other to Schultz gained 40 yards, to the one-yard line, with Well- man pushing over for a touch- down and Schultz converting. Score 24-20. Recovery of a Volga fumble by Walline started another Bulldog rally but a Wellman to Walline pass was intercepted on the 30- yard line as time ran out. .. N .. Freshman State-Wide Test The freshmen of De Smet high School took the California men- tal-maturity test Tuesday after- noon. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, October 18, 1956 Bulldogs In Defeat At White, Be Host To Howard Friday A second conference defeat came to De Smet in its visit to White Friday evening, the score 26-25. Taking to the air in the first quarter, White made two touch- down passes, Nelson to De Beer, and a third in a running play by Nelson, making but one conver- sion point. Schultz carried a White kickoff 60 yards to a touchdown, also failing to con- vert, and the period ended 19-6. White scored again in the sec-- ond quarter, Feldman carrying the ball, Nelson failing to con- vert, and Walline scored from the six-yard line for De Smet, Schultz failing to convert. The half end- ed 26-12. In the third quarter Wellman made a touchdown from the one- yard line, Schultz making the conversion point, and in the fourth period on a pass by Well- man, Walline ran 35 yards for a touchdown, Schultz failing to convert. The host team had made 8 first downs, 165 yards by rush- ing, 72 by passing, suffered 35 yards in penalties. De Smet had 6 first downs, 209 yards by rush- ing and 85 by passing, and had no penalties, losing the ball in three fumbles, recovering one. The Buldogs play host to How- ard Friday night, the visitors he- ing in first place in the confer- ence. -N- Seniors on Parade: Our next Senior on Parade is Robert Carroll, more commonly known as Bob. He is 5 feet, ll inches tall, weighs 135 pounds, and is 18 years old. He has dark brown hair, blue eyes and wears glasses. Bob lives on a farm southwest of De Smet. Some of his favorites are: Food, fried chicken. Color, blue. Movie, "To Hell and Back." Actor, Audie Murphy. Actress, Debbie Reynolds. Song, "The Middle of the House." Singer, Rusty Draper. Orchestra, Lawrence Welk. Subject, agriculture. Teacher, Mr. Lester. Pastime, hunting. Activities: F. F. A. 3, 43 Relig- ious training 1, 2, glee club 1, 2: and F. F. A. reporter 4. -N- Band in Hobo Day Parade At State College Saturday The band went to Brookings Saturday to march in the Hobo Day parade. They left by bus at 7:15, with the parade starting at 10:00 a. m. Phyllis Smith Named Editor Annual Staff The Annual staff has been chosen as follows: Editor, Phyllis Smith. Assistant editor, Margaret Ap- land. Business manager, Jerry Wal- line. Senior reporters, Karen Ras- mussen, Barbara Moore, Cheryl Hinz, DeEtte Krieger. Photography, Larry Apland, Rayice Gildseth, Nadine Patter- son. Art editors, Margaret Apland, Donna Cavanaugh. Typists, Ruth Dykstra, Janet Seeley, Lynda Jacob, Sharon Ol- son. Snaps editors, Nancy Wehr- kamp, Don Schultz. Athletic reporters, Allen Well- man, Curtis Stensland. Circulation managers, Irene Harvey, Virginia Studer. Newwsette, Margaret Apland. Band music, Roger Fritzel, Non Bowes. Vocal music, Sharon Cheney. F. F. A. activities, Noel Bishop, Robert Carroll, Lyndon Gehm. Forensics, Janet Muser, Sylvia Janssen, Anita Knudson. Miscellaneous, Wayne Lang- land, Clifford Poppen, Don Car- roll. Junior reporters, Keith Kirch- meier, Sylvia Allen. Sophomore reporters, Mark Ap- land, Lelia Genton. Freshmen reporters, Milo Ap- land, Kitty Apland. -N- Whereabouts '56 Seniors Beverly Aalbers, home. Sandra Allen, North Western College of Commerce, Huron. Carla Blue, nurses training at Huron. Lois Davidson, Dakota Wes- leyan, Mitchell. Marlene Erickson, married. Eileen Greene, Mankato Busi- ness college, Mankato, Minn. Karen Munger, State college, Brookings. Glennis Nelson. State college, Brookings. Jean Poppen, home. Geraldine Poppen, WAC'S. Frances Ryland, married. Jeanne Widman, Mount Marty college, Yankton. Orlin Brown, home. James Denman, Navy. Dale Erickson, U. S. Army. Dallas Freeman, Huron college. Kenneth Hamcn, home. Lyle Kellar, home. LeRoy Kruse, Yankton college. Gary Marx, University of S. D. Loren Moore, State college, Brookings. Larry Windedanl, State college, Brookings. Glen Warkenthien, Army. Attend F. H. A. Annual Convention in Huron The annual F. H. A. convention was held in Huron October ll-12. Attending from De Smet were Sharon Schmidt, Sharon Schultz, Shirley Gutormson, Sylvia Allen, Irene Harvey, Janice Allen, Karla Arends, Verna Johnson, Dorothy Aalbers, Mrs. Wagenaar, advisor and Mrs. Leo Schmidt, Chapter mother. The theme of the convention was YOU, in the home, in the chapter, in the school, and in the community. There was a banquet Thursday evening. Attending were 647 girls and 114 adults. There are 88 F. H. A. chapters in South Dakota. A local meeting of the chapter was held Monday, October 15. As part of the national theme on Understanding Foreign Neighbors the chapter carried out a Nor- wegian theme, with lunch. - N .- Senior Class Meeting Held A meeting was held in the music room October 9 by the seniors to decide on a class flow- er, colors and motto. Chosen were: Flower, cameliag colors, pink and silver: and motto 'fWe have just crossed the bay-- the ocean lies ahead. -N- Recipe for a Good School tReprint from NEA News? Place not more than 30 super- ior children, ynurs and your neighbors in an attractive class- room, in a safe, well-planned building, with a teacher who is capable and well-prepared . . . Blend in plenty of good books and other teaching aids . . . Add safe school busses and ample space for play. Leaven with a salary scale that is fair and de- cent, a good plan for teacher re- tirement and a touch of real ap- preciation by the community. Season with your personal in- terest, cooperation and support. Mix well for one school year. Guaranteed Results: Happy, well-taught children. Serves one whole community. Very high in the protein of good citizenship. - N ... Dance Band Organized This year a dance band has been organized by Mr. Peterson. It consists of four cornet players, Ronnie Williamson, Janet Seeley, Charles Kirchmeier and Judy Wikag one clarinet, Sharon Kay Schmidt: three saxaphones, Tom- my Williamson, Myrna Graham and Gail Marx: one bass clarinet, Keith Kirchmeier, two trom- bones, Irene Harvey and Karen Petersong piano, Dennis Muserg drums, Roger Fritzelg and tuba, Rayice Gildseth. Practice is held once or twice a week. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, October 25, 1956 Howard Overpowers Bulldogsg Elkton Opponent Friday The Howard high school foot- ball team continued its record of victories in the defeat of De Smet on a visit here Friday eve- ning, the score 39-14. The Tigers started scoring early in the first quarter and with their plays well mixed crossed the Bulldog goal line in long and short runs through the four per- iods of play. Two returns of kickoffs with field-length runs by Allen Well- man accounted for the two touch- downs De Smet was able to get, with a safety adding two points when Don Schultz downed the ball behind the opponent's gcal in the third period. Wellman's spectacular runs of 70 and 60 yards were both in the fourth period. The Tigers were spirited in both offense and defense. It made the record 5-0-1 for Howard for the season. Last game of the season for the Bulldogs comes Friday evening when they have Elkton for visi- tors. - N ... Seniors on Parade: Our next Senior on Parade is Don Carroll, better known as "Punk." He is 17 years old, 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weight 135 pounds. He has blue eyes and brown hair. Some of Don's likes and dis- likes are: Food, steak. Movie, "To Hell and Back." Actor, Audie Murphy. Actress. Debbie Reynolds. Song, "1'1l Be Horne." Orchestra, Leo Fortin. Color, red. Songer, Pat Bsone. Pet peeve, women. Teacher, Mr. Lester. Subject, agriculture. Pastime, sleeping. Ambition, to be a rich farmer. Activities: Basketball 1g glee club lg F. F. A. 2, 3, 43 religious class 1, 2, 3, Annual 43 Barker 3, junior play 3. -N... "Scandinavian Customs" Theme Future Homemaking Meeting A meeting of the F. H. A. girls was held in the high school as- sembly October 15. A short bus- iness meeting was held and local officers told of their experiences at the state convention in Huron. The theme of the meeting was "Scandinavian Customs." Five of the girls told the class about the way of life in Norway. Home life, agriculure and city living were discussed. Lunch was served following the meeting. Local Teacher Bride Miller Church Ceremony At St. Mary's Catholic church, Miller, on October 6, Miss Marie Sanders and William Fox were united in marirage at a double ring ceremony, the Rev. Father Donald Mulumby officiating. The bride wore a white baller- ina gown of chantily lace and the skirt was net over satin, an irridescent cap with a shoulder length veil and carried a Colonial bouquet of American Beauty roses and white stephanotis on a white prayer book. Her acces- sories were a pear earring set, a gift of the groom. The maid of honor wore a turquoise gown identical to the bride's, except for the cap sleeves. Rosettes were used as insets for a scalloped net overskirt. She also carried a bouquet of roses. All the men in the bridal party wore navy blue suits and had white carnation boutonnieres. Sharon Schultz was soloist and Marian Burke was organist. The wedding breakfast, served to 30 guests, was held at the city auditorium dining room. A reception for friends and rela- tives was held at the city aud- itorium from 2:00 to 4:00 p. m. Mr. Fox is Working for the state welfare department in Aberdeen. Mrs. Fox is the local grade and high school vocal in- structor and also teaches Eng- lish in high school. -N- Future Farmers America Initiate New Members A F. F. A. meting was held October 9 at which time Green Hand members were initiated. Green Hands received into the chaper were: Gary Cramer, Rog- er Peterson, Ray Wellman, Jim Carroll, Bernard Cavanaugh, Lee Dugdale, Milo Apland, David Skyblerg, Paul Van Dyke and John Roze. Neil Bowes, Charles Lee and Clifford Poppen attended the national FFA convention at Kan- sas City, Mo. - N - Organize Record Club Mr. Peterson, band director. has organized a record club and all those who take band lessons are welcome. At the first meeting October 16, 25 were present. The group will meet once a month. Purpose is to get mem- bers interested and associated with classical music. dy Wika, Karla Ziegler. In art class We made drawings of fall landscapes and have made some Halloween decorations for the room. g GRADE News Fifth Grade: On the honor roll the first six weeks are: Jean Beck, Rodney Hannah, Mary Jane Richardson, Karen Schultz, Patty Widman, Laverna Hein, Jean Kruse, Joan Meyer, Dixie Peterson, Marcine Wika, Becky Belzer, Susan Brown and Douglas MeKibben. We have been working on color wheels in art. We are studying values and intensity of colors. Jean Chester, Mrs. D. Wayne Meyer and Mrs. Forrest Tibbetts visited us this six weeks. Sixth Grade: The following were on the honor roll the first six weeks: Patty Johnson, Rosaline Halstead, Karen Kruse, Gene Muilenburg, Mary Ellen Nieman, Audrey Vincent, Darrie Freeman, Linda Mickel, Billy Poppen, Pat Rite- nour, Valerie Widman, Mary Murphy, and Carol Joyce Tasch- ner. Seventh Grade: Pupils having perfect attend- ance the first six weeks were: Monte Blue, Dennis Brown, Rich- ard Close, Keith Felt, Dana Gar- ry, Beverly Greene, Ronald Holl- and, Jerry Meyer, Georgia Mu- ser, Charlynne Norgaard, Stuart Rhodes, Rodney Schultz and Dennis Widman. Eighth Grade: Pupils on the honor roll for the first six weeks are: Karla Ziegler, Judy Wika, Cleo Vaugh- an, Lynn Rasmussen, Margaret Peckenpaugh, David Nelson, Gail Marx, Gayle Hannah, Bobby Graham and Sherry Pratt. The Class of '69 Listed here are the first grad- ers, who will make up the Class of '69: Patty Aablers Lex Dannenbrfng Nadine Hannah Larry Hein Jerry Heitman Diane Ibis Jimmy Johnson Georgia Krieger Dennis Kruse Pat Kruse Roger Lee Billy McCune Diane McKibben Carol McKittrick Sharon Norgaard Stevie Rasmussen Leann Rounsviile Judy Ryland Charles Schultz Billy Shaw David Smith Jerry Smith Richard Sprague lla Tande Rita Thiele Curtis Wallum George Widman Billy Wilkinson Pam Williamson De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, November 1, 1956 Bulldogs In Victory As Season Closesg Win Over Elkton De Smet's Bulldogs closed the football season with a satisfying victory over Elkton on the local Washington Park gridiron under the lights Friday evening, the score 18-13. With an 18-6 lead and 50 sec- onds to go Coach McCluskey sent in a second team that included his freshmen players and after holding them for downs the vis- itors broke away for a touch- down, Culhane running 43 yards to cross the goal. The first string were sent back in in the closing seconds. The game was a brilliant per- formance for Allen Wellman, quarterback, and Jerry Walline, end, both seniors, as they ran, passed, blocked and tackled to dominate the gridiron against the visitors. Wellman made two passes that were caught for touchdowns by Walline, ran the ball across for one touchdown, intercepted three passes. His plunging runs were effective, as were his tackles. Walline made several good catches. De Smet 6 6 6 0-18 Elkton 6 0 0 7-13 -N- F. U. N. Meeting The first F. U. N. meeting of the senior girls was held at the home of Barbara Moore, October 23. Halloween games were play- ed and lunch was served. Hostesses were Barbara Moore, Karen Rasmussen and Janet Seeley. Myrna Graham Heads Barker Staff Publication XThe junior class has chosen the Barker staff. This staff publishes the Barker, which comes out the day before Christmas vacation. Myrna Graham has been chos- en editor with Margaret Widman as assistant editor. Shirley Gu- tormson is business manager. Keith Kirchmeier and Sylvia Al- len are artists. Other committees are: Class Sayings: Seniors, Karen Petersen and Carol Mathisong juniors, Helen Close and John Durfeyg sophomores, Irene Paul- son and Sharon Schmidtg fresh- men, Madonna Timm and Judith Olson. Teachers contributions: Vernon Ferguson, Dennis Skyberg, Bar- bara Brown and Jackie Conner. What Would Happen "If": Ro- bin O'Neil1, Judy Brown, James Muser and Paul Van Dyke. Lost and Found: Shirley Gu- tormson, Ronnie Lembke, Dar- lene Flindt and .Tim Nieman. Student Contributions: Carol Melstad, Marilynn Wynn, Nancy Clark, Judy Smith and Carroll Hendricks. "Dear Aunt Polly": Sharon Schultz, Gloria Bishop, Gordon Holland and Larry Cheney. A Look Into the Future: Donna Sherman, Dennis Mickel, Ellen Larson and Darrell Peterson. "Say It With Music:" Keith Kirchmeier, Sylvia Allen, Roger Lembke and Margaret Widman. Want Ads: Rose Mary Johnson, Sally Johnson, Gene Hamen and John Pitman. S eniori on Parade: And here, with a smile for everyone, is our next Senior on Parade, Donna Cavanaugh. Her eyes are blue and her hair is brown. She is 17 years old. Some of Donna's favorites are: Food, cherry pie. Movie, "Rebel Without a Cause." Actor, James Dean. Actress, Natalie Wood. Song, "Singing the Blues." Orchestra, Guy Lombardo. Color, yellow. Singer, Pat Boone. Pet peeve, people who "butt in" when you are talking. Teacher, Mrs. Wagenaar. Subject, shorthand. Pastimes, reading and listen- ing to the radio. Ambition, to be a housewife. Activities: Girl's glee club 1, 2, 33 mixed chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 An- nual staff 4: Barker staff 3. -N.. Hickory Stick Club Hold Meeting at Oldham The second monthly meeting of the Hickory Stick club was held at Monday, October 22. A chick- en dinner was held in the Luth- eran church parlors at 7:30. The following towns were represented: Oldham, Iroquois, Lake Preston, De Smet, Arling- ton, Erwin and Volga. After the supper the faculty wives were entertained by the Oldham women teachers and the men held a business meeting. An amendment to the Hickory. Stick constitution was considered and passed. The drawings for the de- clam contest to be held at Arling- ton were also made. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, November 8, 1956 Declamatory Contest Held Tuesday, Oct. 30 The elimination for declama- tion students was held in the high school auditorium October 30 at 1:45 p. m. It was judged by Vernon Johnson, Huron col- lege. The ratings were: Dramatic: Karen Rasmussen, superior, other contestants were Karen Peterson, Barbara Green, Barbara Moore and Janet Seeley. Poetry: Renee Durfey, super- iorg Leila Kenton also participat- ed. Oratory: Roger Fritzel, super- iorg other contestants were Den- nis Muser and Judy Myers. Humorous: Anita Knudson, su- perior, other contestants were Billie Blue and Karla Arends. The superior winners will represent the school at the dis- trict contest in Arlington Novem- ber 7. -N- Local Teachers Attend S. D. E. A. Convention School was dismissed last Wed- nesday afternoon for the S. D. E. A. convention at Sioux Falls. Pupils enjoyed the long week- end vacation. - N - To Hold Pheasant Feed The F. H. A. girls and the F. F. A. boys are sponsoring a pheas- ant feed to be held in the audi- torium November 12. The boys are going to hunt and clean the pheasants and the girls are going to cook them. The supper will be served buffet style by some of the mothers. November Birthdays Robin O'Neill, November l. Ardis Nieman, November 2. Della Larson, November 7. Roger Fritzel, November 7. Donna Sherman, November 8. Roger Walline, November 9. Kathryn Apland, November 10. Judy Schwartz, November 13. Carol Wubbena, November 19. Sally Johnston, November 22. Danny Back, November 26. Ronald Lembl-te, November 27. Neil Bowes, November 27. Carol Reese, November 28. Lee Dugdale, November 28. -N- GRADE NEWS Fifth Grade: "The Tale of the Jack-O-Lan- tern" was the name of the play presented October 30 by the fol- lowing pupils: Douglas McKib- ben, Susan Holm, David Knut- son, Becky Belzer, Garry Hunter, Mary Jane Richardson, Karen Schultz, Dixie Peterson and Jean Kruse. After the play games were played and treats were served by the fifth grade mothers. We are studying the eight South Atlantic States in geogra- phy. We are going to write to the different states to get tourist information. Sixth Grade: We had our Halloween party Tuesday. We played games and enjoyed the treats our room mother, Mrs. Freeman, brought. We have been studying about Sweden and Denmark in geogra- phy. In art class we made drawings free-hand drawings for Hal- loween. Seniors on Parade: The next Senior on Parade is is a sweet little gal who comes to us from Bancroft. She is Sharon Cheney. She is 17 years old, 5 feet, IVZ inches tall, has blonde hair and green eyes. Some of Sharon's likes and dislikes are: Food, fried chicken. Movie, Glenn Miller Story. Actor, Allan Ladd. Actress, June Allison. Song, Singing the Blues. Orchestra, The Ueckers. Color, blue. Singer, Pat Boc-ne. Pet peeve, people who think they are a lot better than others. Teacher, Mrs. Wagnaar. Subject, Home Ec III. Pastime, reading. Ambition, housewife. Saying, "Darn it." Activities: Bancroft: Girl's glee club 1, 2, 33 mixed chorus 1, 2, 33 mixed octet 3, girl's sextet 2, 3, band 1, 2, 33 baritone solo 1, 2, 35 cheerleader 1, 2, 3g associate edi- tor of paper staff 23 editor of pa- per staff 3g G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, class president 25 student council 33 Annual staff 2, 35 carnival queen candidate 25 De Smet: girl's glee club 43 mixed chorus 43 Annual staff 4, F. U. N., 4. - N - Eighth Grade: A Y. C. L. meeting was held Tuesday afternoon. After the meeting we enjoyed a Halloween party, planned and prepared by committees. We are using new literature books, "Journeys Into America," and find them very interesting. In art ,lass we made drawing of ducks and pheasants with coi- ored chalk. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, November 15, 1956 Basketball Schedule For 1956-57 Season Given Basketball practice started last week with about 34 boys out. There are seven lettermen back: Allen Wellman, Don Schultz, Jer- ry Walline, Charles Lee, Curtis Stensland, Charles and Keith Kirchmeier. The schedule follows: November 16: Bancroft and Er- win here. November 20: Oldham, there. November 23: Doland tourney, there. November 27: Lake Preston, here. November 30: Open. December 4: Iroquois, there. December 7: Volga, here. December ll: Yale, here. December 14: Arlington, there. December 18: Open. December 21: Hayti, there. January 1: Tourney, here. January 4: Oldham, here. January 8: Clark, there. January 11: Arlington, here. January 12: Flandreau, there. January 15: Iroquois, here. January 18: Open. January 23-25: Conference tourney, Lake Preston. January 29: Volga, there. February 1: Lake Preston, there. February 5: Howard, here. February 8: Highmore, there. February 12: Open. ...N'.. Honor Roll Students on the honor roll for the first nine weeks are: Superior: Margaret Apland, Ruth Dykstra, Roger Fritzel, Hel- en Close, Judy Olson, Karen Pet- erson, Sharon Schultz, Margaret Widman, Marlett Halstead, Garda Vaughan and Carol Wubbena. Excellent: Noel Bishop, Robert Carroll, Donna Cavanaugh, Irene Harvey, Joan Kruse, Anita Knud- son, Karen Rasmussen, Phyllis Smith, Jerry Walline, Allen Well- man, Sylvia Allen, Gloria Bishop, Myrna Graham, Keith Kirch- meier, Ronald Lembke, Robin O'Neill, Irene Paulson, Sharon Schmidt, Donna Sherman, Elaine Bishop, Verna Johnson, Rodger Kruger, James Lackey, Jean Mc- Knight, Judy Meyers, Dennis Muser, Larry Richards, Layne Windedahl, Janice Allen, Milo Apland, Karla Arends, Gary Cra- mer, Barbara Green, Eva Ken- ton, Dawn Kruse, Marilyn Sto- ver, Ray Wellman and Charles Lee. Three Superior Ratings At District Declam Contest At the district declam contest, held at Arlington November 4, the De Smet contestants fared very well. Roger Fritzel, oratory: Karen Rasmussen, dramatic: and Anita Knudson, humorous, all received superior ratings. Renee Durfey, poetry, received a good rating. The superior winners will com- pete in the regional contest at Brookings, November 13. ...N- GRADE NEWS Third Grade: The third graders enjoyed their Halloween party October 30. Mrs. Kruse, the third grade room mother, furnished a treat for each child. There are no third graders cele- brating birthdays in November. In social studies, the Pioneer unit is being studied. This subject is easily correlated with the art work. Several of the pupils have brought covered wagons, horses and other interesting articles to be used in the study of pioneers. The pupils have been making Thanksgiving decorations and the room will soon be decorated. Fourth Two Jackie Huron moved Grade: pupils have moved away. Anderson has moved to and Bonnie Pippert has to Manchester. Our Halloween party was hc-ld October 30. The room was treat- ed to cupcakes and ice cream by the mothers. Bobby Hansen, Mrs. Glenn Iverson rind Mrs. Elmer Johnson were visitors at our party. Karla Felt was injured at our Halloween party. Mrs. Arthur Poppen substituted for Hiss Hummel the morning of October 31. We have begun painting in art class. We have received several new library books. The book, "Paul Bunyan Swings His Axe," is he- ing read by Miss Hummel for opening exercises. -N- Futureties 4-H Club Meets The first meeting of the Futur- ette 4-H club was held at the home of Karen and Shirley Peter- sen. The meeting was called to order by the president, Cheryl Bruget. The next meeting will be held December 3 at thc home of Joan, Carolyn and Linda Bowes. -N- Office Secretary Monday, November 5, Mrs. Kenneth Graham began her dut- ies as general secretary for Lyle Lester, superintendent of De Smet high school. Seniors on Parade: A real cute gal with a real cute smile is our next Senior on Par- ade. Her name is Ruth Dykstra, more popularly known as Ruthie to her many friends. She has lovely brown hair and hazel col- ored eyes. She weighs 112 pounds, is 5 feet, 61!2 inches tall and is 17 years old. Some of her favorites are: Food, baked ham. Movie, "A Man Called Peter." Actor, James Stewart. Actress, June Allyson. Song "Don't Be Cruel." Orchestra, Guy Lombardo. Color, red. Singer, Webb Pierce. Pet peeve, conceited people. Teacher, Mr. Lester. Subjects, algebra and book- keeping. Pastime, playing the piano. Ambition, to be an accountant. Sport, basketball. Activities: Mixed chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: girl's glee club 1, 2, 3, 4: band 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. 3, 4: F. H. A. treasurer 4: flute solo 4: F. U. N. 4: Girl's State 3: National Honor Society 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society president 4: class play 3, 4: class secretary 3: Newsette 4: Annual 3, 4: Barker staff 3: hot lunch program 3: religious class 1, 2, 3: guidance class 4: wood- wind ensemble 3. -N- Aitend All-State Chorus Attending All-State chorus at Mitchell Friday were: Sylvia Al- len, Sharon Schultz, Myrna Gra- ham, Margaret Widman, Keith Kirchmeier, Charles Kirchmeier, Roger Fritzel and Dennis Muser. Mrs. Fox accompanied the group. They will stay overnight, return- ing home Saturday after the eve- ning concert. .. N - Mock Election Held Tuesday, November 6, students of De Smet high school held a mock election. The results were: Eisenhower and Nixon electors, 123: Stevenson and Kefauver electors, 28. For U. S. Senator: Case 116: Holum 36. For Congress: Lovre 98: Mc- Govern 52. For Governor: Foss 128: Her- seth, 22. For Lieut.-Governor: Houck 115: Linley 36. For State Treasurer: Elkins 101: Hiesen 30. For Commissioner of School and Public Lands: Linn 118: Donnelly 33. For Public Utilities Commis- sioner, 2nd District: Merkle 114: Bagby 37. For State Senate: Johnson 123: Stormo 33. For State Representative: Smith 126: Leonhardt 25. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, November 22, 1956 High School General Fund Report for October Student Association: Balance October 1, 323.142 receipts, 3243.- 053 expenses, 3139.073 balance November 1, 312622. Athletics: Balance October 1, 3114.753 receipts, 3411.903 expen- ses, 3259.153 balance November 1, 3207.50 ' Class 56: Balance October 1, 3116.063 balance November 1, 3116.06. Class '57: Balance October 1, 379.853 balance November 1, 379.- 85. Class '58: Balance Octobe 1, 383.813 receipts. 35.503 expenses, noneg balance November 1, 389.- 31. Class '59: Balance October 1, 321.005 balance November 1, 321.- 00. Administration. Balance Octo- ber 1, 3251.183 receipts, 3921.803 expenses, 3796.273 balance No- vember 1, 337671. Music: Balance October 1, 38.- 98Q receipts, 399.253 expenses, 317.333 balance November 1, 390.90. Annual: Balance October 1, 316.423 balance November 1, 316.- 42. F. H. O.: Balance October 1, 331.372 receipts, 389.193 expenses, 346.383 balance Nov. 1, 374.18. "D" Club: Balance October l, 338.373 balance Nov. 1, 338.37. F. F. A.: Balance October 1, noneg receipts, 3108.501 expenses, 384.903 balance Nov. 1, 383.00. N. H. S.: Balance October 1, 39.143 balance Nov. 1, 39.14. Class '55: Balance October 1, 3123.163 balance Nov. 1, 3123.16. Class '60: Balance October 1, 314.003 balance Nov. 1, 31400. Total balance of all funds on hand November 1, 31526.42. ...N .. F. F. A. NOTES A pheasant feed for the F. H. A. and the F. F. A. was held No- vember 12. The boys furnished the pheasants and the girls pre- pared them. Charles Lee, Allen Wellman, Larry Apland, Noel Bishop, Neil Bowes, Don Carroll, Dennis Sky- berg, Carroll Hendricks, Layne Windedahl, Wayne Anderson and Mark Apland attended a judging school at Brookings November 16. ...N... ASSEMBLY PROGRAM An assembly program was held November 13 in the audi- torium presented by the Reper- torp Players of the University of Minnesota. The group presented three short plays. Seniors On Parade: Our next Senior on Parade is Roger Fritzel. Roger is best known by his classmates for his witty sayings and his great per- sonality. He is 17 years old, 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighs 142 pounds, has blonde hair and hazel eyes. Some of Roger's favorites are: Food, pears and pork chops. Movie, Moby Dick. Actor, James Stewart. Actress, Barbara Rush. Song, none in partcular. Orchestra, Les Elgart. Color, gold. Singer, Four Lads and Jap P. Morgan. Pet peeve, the vanity of wom- en. Teacher, Mr. Lester. Subjects, history and Ameri- can government. Pastime, telling jokes. Ambition, to be a successful man. Saying, "Oh, well." Sport, basketball. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 43 mix- ed chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 boy's glee club 1, 2, 3, 43 All-State chorus 2, 3, 43All-State hand 2, 3, 43 boy's quartet 23 mixed vocal ensemble 2, 33 drum solo 1, 2, 3, 43 marimba solo 2. 3, 4g drum duet 43 declam 1, 2, 3, 43 state declam 2, 3, 43 debate 1, 2, 3, 43 state extempor- aneous speaking 3g Barker editor 33 class play 3, 43 Annual staff 3. 43 Student Council 43 class president 13 National Honor So- ciety 2, 3, 4. .. A - TO THE SENIOR CLASS To the Seniors of fifty-seven We would like to say this, Soon you'll be in Seventh Heaven And all of you we will miss. We hope your lives will be happy and gay That life will always be good to YOU, That you'll never have a dark day And all life's hardships, you'll make it through. Always the right road you should trod, - And from this road never stray, Keep your feet firm in the sod To help you do this, you must pray. May each of your lives be a su:- cess May each and every one of you find, The way to a secret bliss And a happy peace of mind. We'l1 all be sad to see you go In the last three years we've had such fun, As I'm sure you all know And really there's no harm been done. We won't say goodbye with tears or kisses, But from the Junior Class "the Best of Wishes." Two Superior Ratings At District Declam The Regional declam contest was held November 13 at State vollege, Brookings. Alphus Chris- tenson, head of the speech de-- partment at State college, was the judge. Roger Fritzel. Anita Knudson and Karen Rasmussen represent- ed De Smet high school. Anita and Roger received superior rat- ings and Karen an excellent rat- ing. . De Smet won a total of 14 points for the regional cham- pionship. Brookings was second with 13 points. Roger and Anita will go to the state contest at Pierre Novem- ber 19. Student Council Sell Emblems The Student Council recently sold 200 wooden souveniers to the high school students. These pins are round and designed to look like a basketball. A small "D" is mounted on them. They were in the school colors and sold for 10c each. The Student Council has order- ed 200 more of them because of the heavy demand. -N- GRADE NEWS Sixth Grade: A Y. C. L. meeting was held November 9. Officers for the next three meetings were elect- ed: President, Mary Ellen Nie- mang secretary, Gene Muilen- burg3 and treasurer, Audrey Vin- cent. The program committee had planned a program, consist- ing of a Thanksgiving play and musical numbers. We were happy to have 27 par- ents and friends visit our room at the P-T-A open house. We are busy reviewing for tests and are looking forward to our Thanksgiving vacation. Seventh Grade: Mrs. Pitman, our room mother, made all the arrangements for our Halloween party. She was assisted by Mrs. Holland and Mrs. W. Garry. We had some in- teresting contests, followed by lunch. We have enjoyed the beautiful bouquet of mums Mrs. Hoyer brought us. The regular Y. C. L. meeting was held Friday. New officers elected were: President, David Brandnerg vice president, Zandra Mickelg secretary, Beverly Greeneg treasurer, Carol Allen. For the program Georgia Muser played a piano solo and a group of girls sang. We had 17 parents as visitors during the P-T--A "Parents as Students" night In literature we are reading "The Courtship of Miles Stand- ish." De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, November 29, 1956 Bulldogs Win First Three Conference B. B. Games The Bulldogs got off to a two- win start this season by defeat- ing Bancroft 48-33 and Erwin 51- 32 to open the local basketball season. Schultz scored 20 points and Walline 11 in the Bancroft game. In the second game with Fr- win both teams had trouble in getting started but after the first quarter De Smet started hitting. Wellman led the scoring with 21 points. Horstad had 14 for Erwin. In a third conference win the Bulldogs defeated Oldham there Tuesday evening of last week by a score of 64 to 51. Both teams got off to a bad start but the Bulldogs led 15 to 6 at the first quarter and 26 to 17 at the half. Wellman led both teams in scoring with 21 points and Groce scored 19 for the Fragons. De Smet lost the HB" game by a close 29-27 score. -N- GRADE NEWS First Grade: The first grade has completed its second pre-primer, 'tWe Work and Play" and will start "We Come and Go" after Thanksgiv- ing vacation. During the past month they have been working on a unit about their homes and family. They are now making booklets showing how they can help at home. In arithmetic they have been learning about clocks and telling time. Billy Wilkinson treated thc class to candy bars on his birth- day, November 6. Fifth Grade: The following 13 pupils had perfect attendance the second period: Larry Baker, Jean Beck, Becky Belzer, Judy Goehring, Susan Holm, David Knudson, Jean Kruse, Larry Melstad, Douglas McKibben, Dixie Peterson, Kar- en Schultz, Mary Ann Tibbetts and Marcine Wika. Superior, Excellent Ratings At State Declam Contest The state declamation contest was held at Pierre November 19. Judges were Professor Clara Chilson, Augustana college, Mrs. D. W. Tieszen, Spearfish and Professor Harold Larson, Huron. There were 40 contestants par- ticipating. There were nine con- testants in oratory, with four superiors. There were 11 con- testants in poetry with one su- perior. In dramatics there weie 11 contestants with three super- iors and nine contestants in the Humorous division nine contes- tants with three superiors. ln order to receive a superior rating at least two judges must rate the contestant superior. Roger Fritzel received a super- ior rating in oratory with his selection, "Through With Throt- tlebottomsf, Anita Knudson re- ceived an excellent rating with her humorous reading, "Eight on a Pass." -N- F. H. A. Holds Initiation The F. H. A. met in the high school assembly Monday evening of last week. It was "Dad's Date Night." A short ritual was held at which the freshman girls were initiated into the chapter. The program was on "Safety in the Home" and a skit was pre- sented by Janet Seeley, Helen Close, Verna Johnson and Jeanie Wehrkamp. Lunch was served. ..N.. Home Economics News The freshman girls are now preparing and serving breakfasts. The Home Economscs II girls are baking pies at the present time. The senior girls of Home Economics III are sewing dress- es, skirts and jackets, mainly of wool. Seniors on Parade: Our next Senior on Parade is a well known fellow with a friendly smile for everyone. His name is Lyndon Gehm. He has brown hair, brown eyes, si 5 feet., 10 inches tall, weighs 140 pounds and is 17 years old. Some of Lyndon's likes and dis- likes are: Food, steak. Movie, "Between Heaven -and Hell." Actor, Jerry Lewis. Actress, Kim Novack. Song "What Ever Will Be Will Bef' Orchestra, Lawrence Welk. Color, green. Singer, Bing Crosby. Pet peeve, pests. Teacher, Mr. Tlustos. Subject, agriculture. Pastime, hunting. Ambition, mechanic. Saying, "Hound Dog." Sport, hunting. Activities: Physical education l, 23 Religious classes 1, 2, 3, jun- ior play 3g guidance classes 4, Barker 33 Annual 4. -NH Thanksgiving Vavation There was no school November 22 and 23 because of Thanksgiv- ing. School resumed Monday. -N... Physics Class News The physics class has finished the study of Ncwton's laws of motion and are currently study- ing how Work, Power and Me- chanical energy are related. Sev- eral problems have been worked out by the class regarding work, horespower and efficiency. This past week the class was studying experiments with lev- ers, inclined planes and other simple machines. After Thanksgiving vacation the class will begin the study of heat energy. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, December 6, 1956 Thanksgiving Tourney Won By Bulldogsg Defeat Doland and Forestburg De Smet won the Doland In- vitational Thanksgiving Tourney at Doland, by winning over Do- land 53-41 and Forestburg 58-53. In the first game with Doland it was not until the fourth quar- ter that the Bulldogs were able to breath freely, being pushed all the way by a good Doland club. Wellman led the Bulldogs witn 22 points, followed by Walline with 12. In the championship round De Smet came from behind to down a scrappy Forestburg five by a close score of 58-53. Balanced scoring by the Bulldogs turned the tide, Wellman, Walline, Keith and Charles Kirchmeier each hit- ting for 14 points. followed by D. Schultz with 12. Torguson, stellar Forestburg, led both teams by scoring 23 points. -N- December Birthdays December 2: Margaret Apland. December 2: James Nieman. December 3: Sherry Moore. December 5: Barbara Jensen. December 7: Janet Muser. December 7: Sylvia Allen. December 8: Elaine Bishop. December 10: Jeanie Wehr kamp. December 12: Gordon Harvey. December 15: Irene Paulson. December 25: Janet Seeley. December 26: Carroll Hend- ricks. December 28: Renee Rurfey. December 31: Ronnie William- SOD. -iq.. Hickory Stick Meeting The November meeting of the East Central Hickory Stick was held at Lake Preston November 26. Drawings were made for the conference tournament to be held in January. The grade school bas- ketball schedule was also set up. It was decided that the wives of the men teachers were to be entertained the first and last meeting during the school year. Entertainment ir-cluded several selections from the Lake Pres- ton instrumental department and a short talk by Dr. Soelseth of State college on schools of Nor- way. Lunch was served by the host school. .. N .. Local Teacher Married John Mundhenke, teacher of the local high school, and Ber- nice Weerts, were united in mar- riage at the Bancroft Lutheran church November 16. While they were on their wed- ding trip Mrs Arthur Poppen took over his morning classes and his afternoon classes were held in the assembly. Bulldogs Defeat Preston In Fourth Conference Win The Bulldogs defeated the Lake Preston Divers 57 to 43 for their fourth conference win. Walline led the scoring with 16 points. Charles Kirchmeier scored 12. De Smet also won the "B" game 18 to 15. Quarter scores of the first game: De Smet 10 22 34 57 Lake Preston 12 20 30 43 - N - GRADE NEWS Sixth Grade: There were 16 pupils with per- fect attendance the second per- iod. The honor weeks: Patty Johnson, Rosalene Halstead, Audrey Vincent, Dar- rie Freeman, Karen Kruse, Lin- da Mickel, Gene Muilenburg, Mary Theresa Murphy, Carol Joyce Taschhncr, Mary Ellen Nieman, Doris Pina, Billy Pop- pen, Pat Ritenour, Valerie Wid- man, Barbara Cramer, Peggy Schwartz, Marilyn Harris. We are busy practicing for our Christmas program. We hope our parents and friends will reserve December 14 so that they can attend our program. Mary Theresa Murphy, Betty Burns, Connie Ivcrsons and Rich- and spencer had birthdays in November. They treated their classmaes on these occasions. Fourth Grade: Having perfect attendance for the second six wceks were: Mari- lyn Asleson, Duane Halstead. Karmel Hookie, Wanda Jorgen- son, Carolyn O'Keefe, Bobby O'Keefe, Bernadine Penney, Mar- garet Pratt, Bob Ryland, Sandra Washburn and Bennie Widman. "Mystery of the Haunted Cliff" is being read for opening exer- cises. Bennie Widman treated the room to suckers c.n his birthday. The honor roll students for the second six weeks are: Gary Erick- son, Karla Felt, John Garry, Joel Hansen, Dickie Holverson, Kar- mel Hookie, Randy Iverson. Wan- da Jorgenson, Darryl Johnson, Dennis Murphy, Carolyn O'Keefe, Bobby O'Keefe, Margaret Pratt, Joanne Taschner Linda Tinglc, Bennie Widman and Rickie Wil- liamson. following were on the roll for the second six ..N.. To the Junior Class: We, the Class of '57, wish to thank you for the very kind thoughts and wishes we received from you. We've appreciated your co-operation through the past three years. We hope that your senior year wil make you prosper and grow and that it will be as much fun as ours is for us. So we'll see you around and God Bless You All! The Senior Class. Seniors on Parade: Our next senior on parade is Rayice Gildseth. Rayice moved to De Smet from Oldham in her sophomore year. All the students have enjoyed having her as a classmate. Rayice has light brown hair, green eyes, is 5 feet, 396 inches tall, weighs 115 pounds and is 17 years old. Some of her likes and dislikes are: Food, hamburgers and apple pie. Movie, "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain." Actor, Jeff Chandler. Actress, Susan Hayward. Orchestra, Lawrence Welk. Color, blue. Singer, Pat Boone. Pet peeve, heels with slacks. Teacher, Mr. Lester. Subject, bookkeeping. Pastime, watching t-v. Ambition, to he a success. Saying, 'KHOW 'bout that?" Sport, basketball. Activities: Oldham 1: mixed chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: girl's chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: band I, 2, 3, 4: vocal solo 1, 4: Pep club lg G. A. A. 1: li- brarian lg Paper staff 1: mixed octette 3, girl's :fextette 3: F. H. A. 3, 4: F. U. N. 4, F. .U. N. sec- retary and treasurer 4: assistant editor of the Barker 3: assistant editor of the Nowwsette 4: An- nual staff 4g office staff 4, band solo 4. ,N- F. U. N. Club Meets The November meeting of the F. U. N. club was held Monday evening, November 26, at the home of DeEtte Krieger. Barbara Moore. president, pre- sided at the business meeting. The girls enjoyed a social hour following the meeting. Lunch was served by the hostesses, DeEtte Krieger, Nancy Wehrkainp and Joan Kruse. . -N- Roger Fritzel Attends National 4-H Club Congress Roger Fritzel, a senior, was one of 1,200 young people all across the United States to attend the National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago November 24-29. Roger was selected for winning the state 4-H poultry award. Some of the highlights of the trip were a tour of the city and its museums, a cinerama movie, and a Pop concert by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. ..N... FALL MUSIC CONCERT The De Smet band and high school glee clubs will appear in concert December 6. The pro- gram starts at 8:06 p. rn. A varied program will be pre- sented. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, December 13, 1956 Bulldogs Win Fifth In Row As Defeat Iroquois 58-47 De Smet won its fifth confer- ence game last Tuesday even- ing by defeating the Iroquois Chiefs 58-47. Allen Wellman led both teams with 27 points and Jerry Walline scored 10. For Iro- quois Jim Gamble had 13 and Bob Oles 10. De Smet got ofl to a good start. The first quarter ended 14 to 6 and at the half the Bulldogs were leading 36 to 20. Iroquois won the 'B" game 34 to 26. Dennis Muser scored 10 points for De Smet. -N.. New Basketball Uniforms The new basketball uniforms arrived last week. They are a maroon and white with gold trim. The De Smet on the shirts is shaded with maroon and gold. The pants have a gold band at the waist, with white trim. ...L1 D. A. R. Candidates Chosen Tuesday morning, December 4, the senior class chose four can- didates for D. A. R. They were Margaret Apland. Irene Harvey, Joan Kruse and Ruth Dykstra. The faculty will choose one oi these four to represent the school. - N - F. F. A. NEWS The Ag I class is studying soil conservation and management. They are also planning next year's supervised farming pro- ject. The Ag II class is closing last year's supervised farming pro- ject record books. They are also studying sheep production. The AG IV class is working on shop projects and studying elec- tricity. - N - "Sock Hop" Be Held Dec. 19 On December 19 at 8:00 p. m. in the auditorium, a Sock Hop will be held. It is sponsored by the sophomore class and 15c ad- mission will be charged, which includes the lunch. There will be dancing to the high school dance orchestra and tc records. Shoes must be left at the door and no one is allowed to wear jeans. Fall Music Concert Is Pleasing Presentation The fall music concert was pre- sented Thursday evening, Decem- ber 6 in the auditorium. The girl's glee club and the boy's glee club each sang two selections The mixed chorus sang three numbers and the band played ten selections. Hit of the evening was the newly organized dance band. The concert was greatly en- joyed. -N- GRADE NEWS Second Grade: The second graders are finish- ing their reader and will begin a new one, "More Friends and Neighbors." There is a workbook accompanying it. In numbers, they are learning the number words to one thous- and. They are also learning the combinations. The pupils have written letters to Santa Claus. They are busy practicing for the Christmas pro- gram, December 14. Sandra Iverson, Sharry Mc- Cune, Susan Krick and Colleen McAdaragh have had birthdays. We are enjoying seven new li- brary books. Third Grade: As Christmas nears we have all been very busy practicing for our part in the Christmas pro- gram. We practice singing with the fourth graders. Christmas also means re-decorating our room with winter scenes, Santa Slaus, snowflakes and Christmas trees. It also means decorating our tree for the party two weeks from Friday. Twenty pupils had perfect at- tendance the second six-week period. We have four December birth- days in our rooms. Larry Nor- gaard's is on Christmas Day and Larry Mmith's on the 23rd. Carol Theile and Maureen Murphy both celebrate their birthdays on De- cember 27. The Jets, one of our reading groups, have completed their reader, The Ncw Streets and Roads. In arithmetic we have just learned the "carrying step" in addition. We have been learning the prop- er use of saw, seen, did and done in language class. Seniors On Parade: Our next Senior on Parade is Irene Harvey. She is best known for her witty personality and sweet smile. She has red hair and brown eyes and is 5 feet, 5 inches tall. She is 17 years old. Some of Irene's likes and dis- likes are: Food, chocolate cake and ham- burgers. Drink, chocolate malts. Movie, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." Actors, Audie Murphy, Rory Calhoun. Actresses, Terry Moore, Debbie Reynolds. Songs, "The Green Door" and "Stardust," Orchestras, Glen Miller and Bill Haley's Comets. Colors, pink and blue. Singers, The Platters and Ed- die Fisher. Pet peeves, back seat drivers and stuck-up people. Teacher, no favorite. Subject, algelbra. Pastime, just roddin' around. Ambition, to travel and to sec a real flying saucer. Sport, baseball and basketball. Saying, "Oh, really!" Activities: Band 2, 3, 43 Pep club lg Annual staff 4g F. U. N. 43 F. H. A. 43 National Honor So- ciety 3, 43 band solo 4, Newsette 4, Barker staff 3: religious class- es 4g guidance classes 4, parlia- mentarian for F. H. A 4. - N .. County School Nurse Visits The county school nurse, Mrs. Ruby Russett, was in the De Smet school from Tuesday through Fri- day. All the pupils had a checkup, which consisted of examination of the eyes, ears, teeth. .. N - Fourth Grade: Christmas decorations are be- ing made by the class. A spelling chart is being used. So far the Jets are ahead of thc Rockets. The book, Wyatt Earp, is be- ing read for opening exercises. We have been practicing our parts for the Christmas program. Several pupils have been ab- sent due to illness. We are learning "The Night Before Christmas" in language. We have finished studying about the Sahara Desert in ge- ography and we are studying about Egypt. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, December 20, 1956 Bulldogs Win From Yale And Volga Fives De Smet Bulldogs won two games the past week, defeating both Volga and Yale. Racking up its sixth conference win, the Bulldogs defeated Volga Friday evening 68 to 47. Wellman scored 26 and Keith Kirchmeier 14 for the Bulldogs. De Smet also won the "B" game 31-19. The Bulldogs defeated Yale 57 to 53 in a hard-fought game here Tuesday evening. Wellman got 19 and Charles Kirchmeier 12 for De Smet. De Smet also won the "B" game 32 to 23, with Kruse hitting for 14 and Muser with 11. -N- F. U. N. Meeting For the December F. U. N. meeting the senior girls went to Lake Preston and attended the Snow Queen Festival. A member of the class, Karen Rasmussen, was a queen candidate. In thc talent division, Roger Fritzel won first place. Following the program the girls returned to the Theodore Smith home. Gifts were exchanged be- tween "Pretzel Sisters." Lunch was served by Phyllis Smith, Donna Cavanaugh, Cheryl Hinz and Nadine Patterson. -N- Band Plays at Armory Dedication The high school played several numbers at the dedication of the new Armory December ll. ...N- Guidance Classes The freshman guidance classes have been busy writing auto- biographies which will be placed in the student's cumulative rec- ords and will be used when needed in future counseling. They have also been discussing prob- lems of school and social im- portance. The sophomore classes have been discussing study habits and problems pertaining to family and social relations. The juniors have been taking Kuder Preference tests, which show the student in which field his interests lie and will help him choose that particular field for future work. The seniors have been taking a series of academic aptitude tests designed to show college ability or success in college courses. ...N'.. Pictures Taken Thursday evening, December 6, pictures of the mixed chorus, glee clubs, band and board of directors were taken by Mr. McKibben fol- lowing the concert. Ruth Dykstra Selected As D. A. R. Candidate The faculty selected Ruth Dyk- stra as the D. A. R. candidate from the four names submitted to them by the senior class. Ruth was required to submit a list of her activities, community service, the name of her church, three points why our government is superior to that of Russia, and a statement on "VVhat the Consti- tution Means to You" to the county superintendent. One girl is chosen to represent Kingsbury county in state com- petition. The wmner receives a S100 savings bond and the nat- ional winner a S4000 scholarship. .. N - CHRISTMAS PROGRAM De Smet high school will have a Christmas program Friday, December 21. A few individual acts will be given and each mem- ber of the faculty will give a short talk. There will also be a Christmas Beauty contest. Each class and organization has a representative. School will be dismissed early Friday afternoon for a seven-day holiday vacation - N .. National Honor Society Meets The National Honor Society held its regular meeting Decem- ber 13. The meeting was called to order by Ruth Dykstra, presi- dent. A report was given on the Snow-Ball dance to be held Jan- uary 18. A committee of three was named to make arrangements for sponsoring a Christmas Queen contest, the queen to be chosen on beauty and talent. Each class and organization is to choose a candidate. Irene Harvey was chosen to represent the Honor Society in the contest. L. N - Annual Grade Program The annual Christmas program was presented December 14 by the grade school in conjunction with the monthly P-T-A program. - N .. Fifth Grade: We made Christmas trees and decorated them according to our own ideas. After we finished dec- orating them we voted for the prettiest tree and Joan Meyer won first, Karen Schultz second and Jean Kruse third. We made Santas with cotton beards, candles and wreaths for room decorations. Susan Holm, Marcine Wika, Gerry Hunter and David Knud- son decorated our Christmas tree. We have been studying the In- dustrial Revolution in history this six weeks. Eli Whitney, Elais Howe and Samuel Slater are some of the inventors we studied. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Seniors On Parade: Our next Senior on Parade is Cheryl Hinz, a cute little maiden already spoken for. She is 17 years old, has brown hair and green eyes. She is 5 feet 1 inch in height and weighs 90 pounds. Some of Cheryl's likes and dis- likes are: Food, fried chicken. TV program, Sid Ceaser. Movie, 'tHigh Society." Actor, Frank Sinatra. Actress, Grace Kelley. Song, "True Love." Orchestra, Lawrence Welk. Singer, Guy Mitchell. Color, blue. Pet peeve, earrings and jeans. Teacher, Mrs. Root. Subject, shorthand. Pastime, sewing. Ambition, housewife. Saying, "You never can tell!" Sport, swimming and basket- ball. Activities: F. U. N. 45 office 35 Barker staff 33 Annual staff 4, Pep Club lg religious classes 1, 2, 3, guidance class 4g junior play 35 Newsette 4. ...N- Sixth Grade: We have our Christmas tree up and all of our decorations around the room and it looks very nice. We have been very busy work- ing on our Christmas program and so would like to take time just to say Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all. Seventh Grade: A grade school game was play- ed here Wednesday between Ar- lington and De Smet. We have been busy decorating our Christmas tree and room with many Christmas decorations. We fixed our bulletin board, using the song "Hark! The Herald An- gels Sing" as the theme for it. We have been busy practicing our Christmas program with the eighth grade. In literature we are reading "The Bird's Christmas Carol" by Kate Douglas Wiggin. In geography ive are studying the Far East. Shelia Hoyer, Gloria Kickland and Georgia Muser are reporters this week. Eighth Grade: New officers selected at our December Y. C. L. meeting were: President, Terry Peschl, vice president, Cleo Vaughan, secre- tary, Lynn Rasmusseng treasurer, Margaret Peckenpaugh. We drew names for exchanging gifts at our Christmas party. Terry Peschl brought candy bars for treats on his birthday, December 2. In arithmetic we are studying taxes and are finding out many interesting things about the pro- cess of taxation. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, December 27, 1956 De Smet Host To Invitational Tournament De Smet will be host to an in- vitational basketball tournament Friday, December 28. Teams invited are Oldham, Clark and Howard. Oldham and Clark open the afternoon session followed by De Smet and Howard. The De Smet school band will furnish the music. ..N.. GRADE NEWS Third Grade: Friday meant two things to the third graders: The Christmas party and the start of the Christ- mas vacation. There were many lovely gifts under our tree. We learned the Christmas poem "Song" by Eugene Field in language class. In art class we made Christmas cards and decor- ations. Maureen Murphy and Larry Norgaard celebrate their birth- days on Christmasg Larry Smith on the 23rd and Carol Theile on the 27th. January 2 is the day we re- turn to school in our new year. Until then-a Merry Christmas to you! Fourth Grade: Sharon Thiele treated the room to candy canes cn her birthday. Mrs. Robert Hansen and Mrs. Richard Holverson treated the room to ice cream and cookies December 17. The room present- ed Miss Hummel with a gift. Ricky Williamson is spending his vacation in California. Several children have been ill and missed school. We wish to thank all those who helped us with costumes and who helped to get the children ready for our Christmas program. Our Christmas party was held December 21. Gifts were ex- changed. Karen Rasmussen Wins Christmas Queen Contest The Christmas Talent show, sponsored by the student coun- cil, was held the afternoon of December 20 in the auditorium. There were 12 talent acts, in- cluding two from the faculty. There were 12 contestants for the title of Christmas Queen, which was won by Miss Karen Rasmussen, a senior, who repre- sented the F. F A. Karen pre- sented a dramatic reading en- titled "Futility." Each class and school organization had a con- testant in the Christmas Queen contest. The afternoon closed with a short pep session and treats from the faculty. - N .. Arlington Quint Hands Bulldogs First Defeat The De Smet Bulldogs suffered their first defeat of the season at Arlington Friday evening. The score was 50 to 48. Leading scorers for De Smet were Wellman with 14 and Keith Kirchmeier with 11. For Arling- ton Crain scored 23 and K. Gates 14. .. N .. F. H. A. Meeting The fourth meeting of the F. H. A. chapter was held December 17 at 7:30 p. m. in the gymnasium. Eva Kenton was chosen for the Christmas Queen candidate. The meeting closed with the singing of Christmas carols. Lunch was served in the home ec room. .. N .. Barker Published The Barker, published annually by the junior class, has again been put out. It sells for 25c. The Barker consists of contri- butions by the teachers, witty sayings by classmates, poems and other bits of gossip that anyone contributes. Seniors on Parade: This week's Senior on Parade is Mary Ann Iverson, who will become a Mrs. this coming sum- mer. Mary Ann has blonde hair, blue-grey eyes and is 5 feet, 592 inches tall and is 171!2 years old. Some of her likes and dislikes are: Food, steak, shrimp and shoe- strings. Actor, Dick Powell. Actress, Jane Wyman. Song "Love Me Tender." Singers: Elvis Presley and the Maguire Sisters. Colors, lavender and green. Pet peeve, high heels and ank- lets. Teacher, Mr. Graham. Subject, bookkeeping and shorthand. Pastime, embroidering and reading. Ambition, to be a housewife fshe'll make it!D Sport, basketball. Saying, Isk-ka-bibble. TV show, Jane Wyman's Fire- side Theatre and Medic. Activities: Mixed chorus 1, 3, 4g girl's glee club 1, 3, 43 religious class 1, 2, 3, guidance class 43 of- fice 4g F. H. A. 4g Newsette staff 43 Barker staff 3: Annual staff 4g Pep club 1, 2, 3. - N - Faculty Christmas Party The De Smet school faculty enjoyed a Christmas dinner par- ty at the Cottage Inn Tuesday evening. Tables were decorated with candles, holly and ever- green. Following the dinner the group returned to the home ec room for playing cards and a gift exchange. -N- Christmas Vacation Christmas vacation began De- cember 21 for the De Smet public school and resumes January 2. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, January 10, 1957 Bulldogs Defeat Hayti In Hard Fought Game The Bulldogs defeated Hayti in a hard fought game there Decem- ber 21 by a score of 62 to 54. The Redbirds had led throughout the game until the final quarter. Wellman and K. Kirchmeier scored 14 points each and Wal- line and C. Kirchmeier each had 12 points. Hayti won the "B" game 50 to 28. ..N.. GRADE NEWS Fifth Grade: December birthdays were: Ken- neth Hein, Gerry Hunter, Larry Baker and Dixie Peterson. Joan Meyer accompanied her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. Wayne Meyer, Jerry and Bruce on a trip to the southwestern states. They plan to be back January 14. We are studying the North Cen- tral states in geography. This is especially interesting as South Dakota is included in this group. Sixth Grade: Everyone reported an enjoy- able vacation. Now we must get busy on our lessons. Doris Pina has transferred to the Manchester school. We are surry to have Doris leave us. In art class we painted snow- men, using compliment colors we had studied. Again we extend an invitation to our parents to visit our room. Now that the holiday rush is over perhaps there will be more time for visitation. Seventh Grade: The regular meeting of the Y. C. L. was held January 4. Georgia Muser played a clarinet solo for the program. Twelve students are participat- ing in the milk program for Jan- uary. Jerry Meyer has gone on a trip to California. Zandra Mickel has a January birthday. Reporters are Dennis Widman, Dennis Brown and Richard Close. Seniors on Parade: Here's Linda Jacob from our home town, She is seventeen and has hair of brown, She is five foot two with eyes of blue, We are sure you will like her because we all do. Some of Linda's likes and dis- likes are: Food, hamburgers and shoe- strings. Movie, "Gone With the Wind." Actor, Eldo Rae. Actress, Natalie Wood. Songs, "Crazy Arms" and "True Love." Orchestra, Lawrence Welk. Singers, Pat Boone and Rose- mary Clooney. Pet peeve, people who think they are better than you are. Teacher, Mr. Lester. Subject, American government. Pastime, watching TV and em- broidering. Ambition, to be a success. Saying, Man! Sport, basketball. TV program, Kaiser Aluminum Hour. Activities: F. H. A. 1, 2, 43 F. U. N. 4g F. H. A. delegate lg Barker, 33 Annual staff 4, office 43 Pep club 1, 2,3 junior play 35 religious classes 1, 2, 33 guidance class 43 Newsette 4. Our next senior on parade is a blue-eyed brunette by the name of Sylvia Janssen. She is 17 years old, 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and weighs 123 pounds. Some of her favorites are: Food, potato salad and cream- ed chicken. Movie, "Magnificent Obsession." Actor, James Stewart. Actress, June Allyson. Songs, "Take Possession" and "Blueberry Hill." Orchestra, Guy Lombardo. TV program, "Medio" Color, blue. Singers, Kitty Wells and Webb Pierce. Pet peeve, people who can't seem to mind their own business. Teacher, Mr. Mundhenke. Subject, typing. Pastime, listening to Western music. De Smet Wins Own Invitational Tournament The Bulldogs won the invita- tional tournament here Decem- ber 28 by defeating Howard 57 to 53 and Oldham in the finals, 74 to 54. Oldham defeated Clark 57 to 49 to open the tournament, De Smet winning over Howard in the second game of the after- noon. Howard won consolation hon- ors by defeating Clark 61 to 60 in a close game. In the championship game the Bulldogs got off to a fast start. leading by 22 points at the end of the first quarter. Half-time score was De Smet 43, Oldham 26. Wellman hit for 23, Jerry Wal- line 19, C. Kirchmeier and Don Schultz each for 14 points. The attendance at both sessions was very good. ..N... January Birthdays Dennis Skyberg, 3rd. Carl Ritenour, 5th. Karen Petersen, 7th. David Skyberg, 9th, Larry Richards, 15th. Bernita Moore, 19th. Dennis Mickel, 21st, Jean McKnight, 26th. Sylvia Janssen, 28th. - N - Home Economics News As the semester draws to a close the home economics classes are finishing up their various units. The freshmen have completed a unit on breakfasts and break- fast planning. They are starting a unit on the proper food for and the preparation of luncheons. The sophomore class is finish- ing its unit on foods by learning how to prepare meats and din- ners. They will start the new semester with a clothing project. The seniors are finishing a clothing unit. They each made a lined garment. Ambition, undecided. Saying, Holy Cow! Sport, basketball. Activities: Pep Club lg F. U. N. 4' Newsette staff 4, religious class 1: 2, 3g guidance class 4. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, January 17, 1957 Bulldogs Defeat Dragons On Local Floor 62-49 The Bulldogs defeated the Old- ham Dragons on the local floor January 4 by a score of 62 to 49. The winners played without the services of Allen Wellman stellar center. De Smet led at all the quarter stops. Walline was high scorer with 20 points. De Smet also won the "B" game, 35 to 34. -N- Bulldogs Suffer Defeat At Hands of Clark 67-54 The De Smet Bulldogs suffered their second defeat of the season Tuesday evening when they met the Ccmets on the Clark floor. The final score was 67-54. Wellman scored 19 points for the losers and Walline had 17. Clark also won the "B" game, 27 to 24. -N- All-State Band Tryouts All-State band tryouts were held Saturday, January 5. Par- ticip-ating from De Smet were: Ronnie Williamson, cornetg Myrna Graham, tenor saxaphoneg Irene Harvey, trombone: Mar- garet Apland, mellophoneg Ruth Dykstra, flute: Sharon Kay Schmidt, clarinet: Keith Kirch- meier, bass clarinet: Roger Frit- zel and Dennis Muser, snare drums. Those who are selected to play in the All-State band will be notified later. All-State band will be held in Deadwood March 29 and 30. ...N- Record Club Meets The second meeting of the record club was held Monday, January 7. Stan Kenton, Benny Goodman and some classical rec- ords were played. Lunch was served by Rayice Gildseth. Sharon Schmidt and Ronnie Williamson. -N- MILK PROGRAM A new program has been start- ed to serve milk to all the stu- dents in the elementary grades. Each students gets le pint of milk twice a day for 90c a month. There are 156 out of 257 stu- dents participating in the pro- gram. - N .. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Intramural basketball started this week, with four teams, the Pups, Frosh, Sophs and the jun- iors and seniors together. There are about 40 boys out. Games are played Wednesday night. The varsity boys act as coaches and referees. Seniors on Parade: A friendly gal, with friendly ways, In our school an important part plays. This blue eyed babe, born in '33, Has hair of brown and we think she's great! Of course by now you've guess- ed that her name is De Ette Krie- ger, better known as De. Some of her likes and dislikes are: Food, strawberries. Actor, Rock Hudson. Movie, Gone With the Wind. Actress, Grace Kelly. Song, Singing the Blues. Orchestra, Jan Garber. TV program, Lux Video. Color, blue. Singer, Eddie Fisher. Pet peeve, people who think they are better than any one else. Teacher, Mrs. Root. Subject, bookkeeping. . Pastime, sewing. Ambition, to be a success. Saying, "That'd be the day!" Sport, basketball. Activities: Girl's glee club 1: chorus 13 religious classes 1, 2, 3: Pep club lg Homecoming candi- date lg class secretary and treas- urer lg Student Council 2: cheer- leader 2, 3. 4: Barker staff 3: F. H. A. 3, 43 F. H. A. vice presi- dent 4: junior class play 3: guid- ance class 4: Annual staff 4: F. U. N. 4. Our next Senior on Parade is Anita Knudson, who is a bub- bling blonde with green eyes. She is 1736 years old, weighs 124 pounds and is 5 feet, 1 inch tall. Some of her likes and dislikes are: Food, hamburgers and chicken. Movie, "The Eddie Duchin Story." Actors, Tab Hunter and Tony Curtis. Actresses, Kim Novak and Doris Day. Song, "You'll Never Know." Orchestras, Lawrence Welk and Jan Garber. Color, blue. Pet peeve, high heels and ank- lets. Teacher, Mrs. Root. Subject, English. Sports, basketball and swim- ming. TV program, "The Big Payoff." Saying, "That's how it goes!" Pastime, playing piano and singing. Ambition, to be an elementary school teacher. Activities: Mixed chorus 1, 3, 41 girl's glee club 1, 3, 4: declam 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep club 1: Newsette staff 4: Barker staff 3: Annual staff 4: solo 4: guidance class 4: religious class 1, 2, 3: F. U. N. 45 F. H. A. 1, 2, 4: junior play 3: of- fice 3g accompaniest for boy's glee club 4. Annual Father-Son Event Planned By F. F. A. Committees have been busy preparing for the annual F. F. A. Father-Son banquet, to be held Tuesday, January 22 at 6:30 p. m. A full program is planned, with a talk to be given by Don Wei- land, State Game Warden. ...N- GRADE NEWS Second Grade: The following had perfect spelling grades this six weeks: Etta Baker, Gene Brown, Grenda Davis, Keith Erickson, Dickie Green, Ronny Huisenga, Sandra Iverson, Wayne Johnson, Susan Krick, Collen McAdaragh, Con- nie Peterson, Billy Pratt and Bonnie Tingle. Connie Peterson, Jimmie Wiko and Keith Erickson have neither been absent nor tardy since school began. Keith Erickson, Donnie Halver- son, Helen Heitman and Arlen Wallum have birthdays in Jan- uary. "Billy Mink" is being read for opening exercises. Third Grade: We are reviewing what wc learned this six weeks for our tests next week. In arithmetic we have been learning the "bor- rowing" steps in subtraction and in language we have learned how to write reports and give them orally. The Jets reading group began to read a new reader, "The New Streets and Roads" last Wednes- day. This series also has accom- panying workbooks. There are three birthdays in the month of January. Henry Arends celebrated his on New Year's day and brought treats to the class Wednesday. Robert Peckenpaugh's birthday is Janu- ary 12 and Kay Rodney's is Jan- uary 19. David Hyink and Irene Dug- dale played at a, piano recital Friday afternoon at the Congre- gational church. Fourih Grade: We are now reading the book "Tom Sawyer," by Mark Twain. We enjoy it very much. In language we are studying synonyms, homonyms, antonyms and possessives. We are now preparing for six- week tests. Mrs. Glen Felt was a visitor January 9. Carolyn O'Keefe has been ab- sent for several days with chick- en pox. In art class we made black and white snow scenes on pale blue paper and free hand cut out fruits and bowls mounted on white paper. The Jets are ahead of the Rockets on the spelling charts. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE Bulldogs Win Threeg Play Good Basketball The Bulldogs won three games the past week defeating Arling- ton, Flandreau and Iroquois. The score of the Arlington game was 71 to 44, with De Smet leading all the way. For the Bull- dogs Walline scored 20 and Well- man 17 point. The locals shot a 65.5 per cent average while Ar- lington shot 41.2 per cent. The "B" team was defeated by a close 29 to 28 score. Playing at Flandreau Saturday night the Buldogs won by a 44 to 40 score. Wellman was high for De Smet with 13 points. The locals won the "B" game 30 to 19. Meeting Iroquois on the local floor the Bulldogs won 67 to 54. Walline hit for 24 and Wellman for 20 points. De Smet also won the "B" game, 46 to 32. - N .. Select Music Groups Mrs. Fox and MI. Peterson have selected groups from the glee clubs and the band to par- ticipate in duets, quartets, sex- tettes and octettes. For the boy's quartet: Charles and Keith Kirchmeier, Mark Ap- land and Dennis Muser. For the girl's octette, Billie Blue, Jeanne ie Wehrkamp, Sylvia Allen, Myr- na Graham, Margaret Widman and Rayice Gildseth, For the girl's octette, Bilie Blue, Jeane Wehrkamp, Renee Durfy, Sylvia Allen, Myrna Graham, Sharon Schultz, Margaret Widman and Rayice Gildseth. For the mixed octette, Billie Blue, Sharon Schultz, Margaret Widman, Rayice Gildseth, Charles Kirchmeier, Roger Fritzel, Ronnie Williamson, Keith Kirchmeier. For the mixed quartet, Sharon Schultz, Margaret Widman, Keith and Charles Kirchmeier. In band the following were se- lected: For the drum duet, Roger Fritzel and Dennis Muser. For the cornet quartet, Janet Seeley, Ronnie Williamson, Curtis Stens, land and Charles Kirchmeier. For the clarinet quartet: Keith Kirchmeier, Sharon Schmidt, Shirley Gutormson and Sylvia Allen. - N - Confer on Annual Plans Margaret Apland, Ruth Dyk- stra, Phyllis Smith, Roger Fritzel, Mr. Mundhenke and Aubrey Sherwood drove to Brookings January 12 to consult with George Phillips, head of the journalism department. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the school annual as to its shortcoming and what might be done to improve it not only this year but in the years to come. The suggestions, hints and ideas proved not only in- teresting, but helpful. from The De Smet News, January 24, 1957 Seniors on Parade: Here's Wayne Langland, with his brown hair and blue eyes. He has in quality what he doesn't have in size. Wayne is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs 126 pounds. Some of his likes and dislikes are: Food, chicken. Color, blue. Movie, To Hell and Back. Actor, Audie Murphy. Actress, Doris Day. Song, Roving Gambler. Singers, Ernie Ford and Kitty Wells. Orchestra, Lawrence Welk. T. V. program, Dragnet. Ambition, to be a mechanic. Sport, baseball. Saying, "Yes Boss." Pet peeve, people who think they are better than anyone else. Teacher, Mr. Tlustos. Pastime, tinkering with cars. Subject, agriculture. Activities: Boy's glee club 1, 2g mixed chorus 1, 2: religious class- es 1, 2, 3g Annual staff 4: intra- mural basketball 1, 23 physical training 1, guidance class 45 Bar- ker staff 3. Our next senior on parade is Joan Kruse. Joan is another girl with a diamond. She is 5 feet, 7 inches tall and is 17 years old. Her hair and eyes are brown. Here are some of Joan's fav- orites: Food, ham and sweet potatoes. Movie, Rebel Without a Cause. Actor, James Dean. Actress, June Allyson. Song, Singing the Blues. Orchestra, Lawrence Welk. Songers, Pat Boone and Tres- sa Brewer. Pet peeve, knee socks. Teacher, Mrs. Root. Subject, bookkeeping. Ambition, be a beautician. Sport, basketball. TV program, Lux Video Thea- ter. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3 4, band librarian 3, band secretary 45 F. H. A. 3, 4g F. H. A. reporter 3: F. H. A. secretary 43 F. U. N. 4: religious classes 1, 2, 3g guidance classes 4: Homecoming Queen 2g junior class play 3: Barker staff 3, Annual staff 43 office staff 43 windwood ensemble 3, record club 45 class president 4: class play 4: mixed chorus lg girl's glee club 1. -N- Semester Tests Semester tests were given Thursday and Friday, January 17 and 18. They started at 1 o'clock Thursday and continued all day Friday. The days were divided into .six hour and a half periods to allow sufficient time in which to write the tests. Test Exempt Students The following students were exempt from all semester tests: Margaret Apland, Ruth Dyk- stra, Roger Fritzel, Judy Olson, Karen Peterson, Marlitt Hal- stead, Garda Vaughan and Carol Wubbena. The following students were exempt in three tests: Helen Close, Sharon Schultz, Margaret Widman, Noel Bishop, Robert Carroll, Donna Cavan- augh, Irene Harvey, Joan Kruse, Anita Knudson, Charles Lee, Karen Rasmussen, Jerry Walline, Allen Wellman, Sylvia Allen, Gloria Bishop, Myrna Graham, Keith Kirchmeier, Ronald Lemb- ke, Robin O'Neill, Irene Paulson, Sharon Schmidt, Donna Sherman, Verna Johnson, Rodger Kruger, James Leckey, Jean McKnight, Judy Meyers, Dennis Muser, Larry Richards, Layne Winde- dahl, Janice Allen, Eva Kenton, Barbara Green, Dawn Kruse. -N- MUSIC TRYOUTS Friday, January 11, the vocal and piano elimination contest was held. Piano winner was Dennis Muserg alternate Garda Vaughan. Soprano winner Billie Blueg alternate Jeanne Wehrkamp, Mezzo-soprano winner was Sylvia Allen, alternate Carol Mathison. Anita Knudson was the alto division winnerg Rayice Gildeth alternate. Dennis Muser was baritone di- vision winnerg Ronnie William- sen alternate. .. N .. Annual Pictures Completed Monday afternoon pictures were taken by Mr. McKibben for solo work, debate team, athletics, cheer leaders and the faculty. The other pictures were taken last fall. -N... GRADE NEWS Seventh Grade: We have been reviewing for tests this week. In art class we made pictures of penguins. Jerry Meyer told us about his interesting trip west. Eighth Grade: We are sorry to have Cleo Vaughan leave our class. The family is moving to Brookings. Fifteen pupils had perfect at- tendance this six weeks. Bobby Graham, Margaret Peckenpaugh, James Ritenour, Cleo Vaughan and Judy Wika had perfect at- tendance for the semester. Six-week tests are being held. It is hard to realize the year is half over. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, January 31, 1957 Seniors on Parade: Here's Barbara Moore With friends galore3 She has eyes of blue, brown hair too, She's five foot seven And reminds us of heaven. In future life she'll sure go far, She has many "favorites'l so here they are- Color, blue. Movie, Eddie Duchin Story. Actress, Kim Novak. Actor, Jeff Chandler. Food, fried chicken. TV program, Millionare. Pet peeve, nicknames. Saying, Oh, Heavens. Teacher, Mr. Lester. Subject, bookkeeping. Singer, Tab Hunter. Song, Young Love. Ambition, teaching. Sports, swimming and horse- back riding. Pastlme, listening to records. Activities: Girl's glee club 1, 2, 3. 43 mixed chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 F. II. A. 3, 4,3 F. U. N. 43 F. U. N. president 43 religious classes 1, 2, 33 guidance class 43 class play cast 33 class vice president 23 sen- ior play 43 Annual staff 43 Barker staff 3g Pep club 13 declam 3, 4. Our next senior on parade is Charles Lee, better known as "Charlie" He is already spoken for by a cute little sophomore "chick.', He has brown hair and blue eyes. He is 5 feet, 10 inches and weighs 145 pounds. He is 17 years old. Some of Charlie-'s favorites ave: Food, lemon pie. Movie, Magnificent Obsession. Actor, Tab Hunter. Actress, Natalie Wood. Song, Canadian Sunset. Orchestra, Lawrence Welk. Color, blue. Singer, Eddie Fisher. Pet peeve, people who think they 'ire better than everybody else. Teacher, Mr. Lester. Sport, basketball. Pastime, hunting. Ambition, to be a success. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 43 track 1, 2, 3, 4: football 43 F. F. A. secretary 3, 43 National Honor Society 2, 3, 45 "D" club 2, 3, 43 national F. F. A. convention 4: Annual staff 43 class play 33 class play 43 class vice president 3. -N- F. U. N. Has Party A mass birthday party was held at the home of Anita Knudson for the F. U. N. girls January 21. Games were played and gifts were exchanged by the "Pretzel Sisters," after which lunch was served. Hostesses were Anita Knud- son, Sharon Olson and Mary Ann Iverson. HONOR ROLL The following are on the sec- ond quarter honor roll of De Smet high school: Superior: Margaret Apland, Ruth Dykstra. Roger Fritzel, Lyn- da Jacob, Cheryl Hinz, Gloria Bishop, Judy Olson, Margaret Widman, Robin O'Neill, Marlett Halstead, Jean McKnight, Den- nis Muser, Garda Vaughan and Carol Wubbena. Excellent: Bob Carroll, Noel Bishop, Donna Cavanaugh, Irene Harvey, Mary Iverson, Anita Knudson, Joan Kruse, Charles Lee, Nadine Patterson, Karen Rasmussen, Allen Wellman, Syl- via Allen, Helen Close, Myrna Shirley Gutormson, Ron Keith Kirchmeier, Irene Karen Peterson, Sharon Sharon Schmidt, Don- Graham, Lembke, Paulson, Schultz, na Sherman. Billie Blue, Gordon Harvey, Verna Johnson, Charles Kirch- meier, Roger Kruger, Jim Leckey, Judy Meyers, Bernita Moore, Larry Richards, Doris Uphoff. Ronnie Williamson, Layne Win- dedahl. Janice Allen, Karla Ar- ends, Barbara Green, Eva Ken- ton, Dawn Kruse and Marilyn Stover. .. N .. TOURNEY BAND Mr. Peterson selected the fol- lowing to play in the Conference Land at Lake Preston: Margaret Apland, Ruth Dyk- stra, Irene Harvey, Helen Close, Myrna Graham, Shirley Gutorm- son, Karen Petersen, Karen Ras- mussen, Janet Seeley, Ronnie Williamson, Roger Fritzel and Carold Wubbena. They play at both the afternoon and evening sessions. Other towns represented in the band are Volga, Oldham, Lake Preston, Arlington, Iroquois and Bancroft. .. N - F. F. A. News The annual F. F. A. banquet was held Tuesday, January 22. Donald Weiland, game warden, was speaker. Slides of last year's supervised farm and shop pro- jects were shown. The F. F. A. prepared and served the banquet. At the Lake Norden crop show Jim Nieman won first in wheatg Jim Lecky won second on durumg Carl Ritenour a third in caneg Mark Apland a third in sweet clover and Carroll Hendricks a third in oats. - N - Pom-Poms and Bow-Wows Sold Maroon and gold-"pcm-poms" were sold this week to the high school and seventh and eighth grades. They were made by sev- eral of the high school students and were sold for 15c each. A profit of approximately 5510.00 will be given to the polio fund as a donation from the school. Intramural Basketball The first round of games pitted the Frosh and the Pups, with the frosh winning 24 to 11. For the Frosh Ray Wellman had 14 and Paul Hein 8 points. For the Pups Claire Sweesy had 8. In the sec- ond game the Sophomores played the Seniors-Juniors, with the Sophomores winning 24 to 17. Darrel Sprang had 8 points and Marlitt Halstead 6 for the win- ners. For the losers John Durfey and Jim Muser each scored 5. The second round of games was held on January 9. The first game was won by Pups over the Fresh- men, 24 to 18. In the second game the Sophomores again defeated the Senior-Juniors by a close 17 to 16 score. A third round of games was held January 16. The Sophomores defeated the Pups 29 to 27 and the Freshman defeated the Sen- ior-Juniors 31 to 30. -N- GRADE NEWS First and Second Grades: Those with perfect attendance for the first semester were: Beth Belzer, Maureen Cummins, Don- ald Brown, Phillip Bjordahl, Ar- dis Taschner, Vickie Peschl and Nancy Schultz. In reading the first grade have started the primer "Fun With Dick and Jane." The second grad- ers are reading "More Friends and Neighbors," which is their second book. In social studies the first grade has a unit on Forest Animals. They made a flying squirrel in art. The second grade started the book "Susan's Neighbors" in soc- ial studies. It is a book about workers who help us. Third Grade: With six-week tests completed and report cards returned to school we are again busy with our daily "reading, writing and arithmetic." We are learning how to write our words. Next week we will learn to multiply. Our special unit for social studies this period is "Types of Rural Work in South Dakota. David Hyink won first place in his division in the piano con- test held January 11. The title of his selection was "March of the Dominoes." Bobby Peckenpaugh brought birthday treats Thursday. His birthday was January 13. Kay Rodney also brought birthday treats to school last week. Her birthday was Saturday, January 19. We have all remembered to join the March of Dimes by bring- ing our nickels, dimes and quar- ters to the collector in our room. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, February 7, 1957 BULLDOGS WIN E. C. TOURNAMENT The De Smet Bulldogs won the East Central conference tourna- ment at Lake Preston by defeat- ing Iroquois in the final game, 56 to 41. Wellman scored 16 and Walline 10. De Smet won its way to the finals by defeating Lake Pres- ton 56 to 27 and Oldham 57 to 48. ..N... Bulldogs Score Victories Over Onida and Volga The Bulldogs won a hard- fwught game over Onida 70 to 62. Wellman scored 22 and Wal- line 18 for the locals. Scoring freely against Volga. the Bulldogs rhalked up a 76-53 win. Wellman scored 34 points. The local "B" team was defeated in an overtime game 40-42. - N .. February Birthdays Judy Brown, February l. Sa'ly Reese, February 2. Carol Melstad, February 4. Donna Cavanaugh, February 5. Carol Mathison, February 6. Wayne Anderson. February 8. Donald Schultz. February 9. Sharon Schultz. February 22. .Tim Muser, February 24. Donald Studer, February 24. Janet Biggerstaff. February 23. Ruth Dykstra, February 28. .. N - Hickory Stick Meeting A meeting of the East Central Conference Hickory Stick was he-ld at Volga January 23. The men on the Volga faculty were hosts. Matters discussed and decided up-on dealt with the grade school tournament, selection of date and place for the East Central con- ference basketball tournament in 1958 and officials for the event. Following the main meeting there were short meetings by coaches and administrators of the con- firence. ... N .. F. H. A. MEETING The January meeting of the De Smet Chapter of the F. H. A. was held Monday evening in the high school assembly. Before the business meeting the senior girls presented a style show, modeling the garments they had made in Home Economics class. Following the style show the business meeting was held. The Round Robin meeting to be held with Brookings, in February, was discussed. A list of the com- mittees will be selected by the president, Sharon Schmidt. A committee was also appointed to serve in the concession stand at the Wolsey game. Those participat'ng in the style show were treated by Mrs. Wag- enaar following the meeting. To Participate in Contest At Watertown Feb.. 13 The following students will participate in the music contest at Watertown February 13: Girl's Ensemble: Billie Blue, .Teenie Wehrkamp, Renee Dur- fey, Myrna Graham, Sharon Schultz, Sylvia Allen, Margaret VVldman, Rayice Gildseth. Mixed Octette: Billie Blue, Sharon Schultz, Margaret Wid- n-an, Rayice Gildseth, Keith and Charles Kirchmeier, Ronnie Wil- liamson, Roger Fritzel. Boy's Quartet: Charles and Keith Kirchmeier, Mark Apland, Dennis Muser. For band: Horn, Margaret Ap- landg trombone, Irene Harvey, clarinet, Sharon Schmidtg flute, Ruth Dykstrag cornet, Ronnie Williamson, drums, Dennis Muser and Roger Fritzelg saxaphone, Myrna Grahamg marimba, Roger Fritzel. These groups and individuals will present a recitl February 11, two days before the cont?-st. ...N-. Intramural Basketball The Juniors-Seniors defeated the Pups by a score of 23 to 22. Jim Muser scored 9 for the win- ners. The Sophcmores racked up a win over the Frosh, 34 to 30. Mat'- litt Halstead scored 12 and Dar- rel Sprang 9 for the winners. -N- GRADE NEWS Fifth Grade: We are studying the Mountain States in geography. This group of states is very interesting to us because so many of us have traveled in that area. On the honor roll for the third period were: Karen Schultz, Patty Widman, Jean Beck, Rod- ney Hannah, Laverna Hein, Jean Kruse, Joan Meyer, Dixie Pet- erson, Mary Ann Richardson, Becky Belzer, Mary Ann Tibbetts and Marcine Wika. Sixth Grade: The following were on the hon- or roll for the third six weeks: Patty Johnson, Audrey Vincent, Carol Joyce Taschner, Billy Pop- pen, Mary Ellen Nieman, Rosa- line Halstead, Darrie Freeman, Karen Kruse, Gene Muilenburg, Mary Theresa Murphy, Valerie Widman, Linda Mickel, Barbara Cramer, Randy Denman, Marilyn Harris, Pat Ritenour and Peggy Seventh Grade: The six-week honor roll in- cludes Carole Allen, Connie Al- len, Lana Garry, Beverly Greene, Shelia Hoyer, Gloria Kickland, Jerry Meyer, Zandra Mickel and Charlynne Norgaard. Seniors on Parade: Our next Senior on Parade is Janet Marie Muser. She has brown hair, blue eyes and is 5 feet 3 inches tall. Janet is a friend to everyone and everyone's friend. Some of her likes and dislikes are: Color, blue. Movie, "Picnic." Actress, Kim Novak. Actor, Scott Brady. Food, barbecued steak. TV program, Dragnet. Pet peeve, high heels and ank- lets. Saying, How about it? Teachers, Mr. Mohlenhoff and Mr. Mundhenke. Subject, typing. Singer, Guy Mitchell. Ambition, to be a success. Sport, basketball. Pastime, sewing or on the go. Activities: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, -lg Pep club 13 girl's glee club l, 2, Newsette 4g Annual staff 4, re- ligious class 1, 2, 35 mixed chorus 1, 23 guidance class 4, class play 4. Our next Senior on Parade is Sharon Olson. A gal going steady with that certain guy from Pres- ton. She has brown hair and blue eyes and is 5 feet, 414 inches tall. She weighs 101 pounds and is 171!2 years old. Some of her favorites are: Food, shrimp and shoestrings. Movies, Picnic and The Eddie Dutchin Story. Actor, Tyronne Powcr. Actress, Debbie Reynold. Song, True Love. Orchestra, Lawrence Welk. Color, blue. Singers, Tony Martin, Frankie Lane. Pet peeve, people who say one thing and mean another. Teacher, Mr. Lester. Subject, American history. TV program, Robert Montgom- ery Presents. Sports, swimming and basket- ball. Pastime, reading books and sewing. Ambition, secretary and house- wife. Saying, "Oh. my!" Activities: F. H. A. 3, 43 glee club 1, office 4g F. U. N. 43 junior class play 3, religious class 1. 2, 3, Pep club lg guidance class 41 Annual staff 4g Newsette staff 43 Barker staff 3. -N- Contribute to March of Dimes This Week students put forth an effort to raise money for the March of Dimes. Pom-poms made by D. H. S. students and sold by the cheer- leaders totaled slightly over 321. The grades contributed S41.52, while a total 845.54 was contrib- uted by high school students. for a total of S108.85. De Smet from The De Smet News, February 14, 1957 H. S. General Fund Financial Report, Feb. 1 Student Council: Balance Jan- uary 1, 3158.085 receipts, 364.955 expenses, 375.005 balance Febru- ary 1, 3148.02. Athletics: Balance January 1: 3367.095 recepits, 3730.185 expen- ses, 3634.685 balance February 1, 3462.59. Class 57: Balance January 1, 383.055 receipts, 36.005 expenses. 33.675 balance February 1, 385 38. Class '58: Balance January 1, 389.315 receipts, 3111.705 expen- ses, 310.705 balance February 1, 3190.31. Class '59: Balance January 1, 345.305 receipts, 312.565 expenses, 35.145 balance February 1, 352.72. Class '60: Balance January 1, 314.005 balance February 1, 314.- 00. Administration: Balance Janu- ary 1, 3205.815 receipts 31320085 expenses, 3115.825 balance Feb- ruary 1, 31410.07. Music: Balance January 1, 3145.385 receipts, noneg expenses 584.525 balance February 1, 360.- 86. Annual' Balance January 1, 3105.175 receipts, 3207.005 expen- ses, 31.005 balance February 1, 531117. F. H. A.: Balance January 1, 384.335 receipts, noneg expenses, 345.645 balance February 1, 338.- 69. "D" Club: Balance January 1, 3126.975 receipts,-312.005 expen- ses, none5 balance February 1, 313897. F. F. A: Balance January 1, 3156.775 receipts, 320.905 expenses, noneg balance February 1, 3177.67. N. H. S.: Balance January 1, 34.045 receipts. 325.005 expenses, noneg balance February 1, 329.04. Class '55: Balance January 1, balance February 1, 3123.165 312316. Class '56: Balance January 1, 3116.065 balance February 1, 3116.06. Total balance all funds, Febru- ary 1: 33358.71. .. N .- Batson Test Given Seniors The seniors took the Batson High School Scholastic test Tues- day morning. This test has two important objectives: First to give the high school an opportunity to learn how their seniors compare with some 5,000 or more seniors in South Dakota and second to pro- vide an opportunity for seniors of high scholastic achievement to have their names brought to thc attention of various institutions of higher learning and to be con- sidered for valuable scholarships at the University of South Da- kota and other colleges in the state. Results of the test will be re- ceived by Kenneth Graham, prin- cipal, in about a month. Bulldogs Win Over Lake Preston and Wolsey The Bulldogs defeated Lake Preston Friday evening 66 to 38 and Wolsey on the local floor Saturday night 45 to 38. In the Preston game Jerry Wal- line scored 19 and Allen Well- man 11. The Bulldogs won the "B" game 38 to 30. Muser had 14 and Herman Kruse 9. In the Wolsey game Walline scored 15 and Wellman 10. The HB" game went to the Bulldogs 27 to 26, with Kruse scoring 9 and Lee 8 points. ... N .. Hot Lunch Program During the month of January the hot lunch program served 4,373 meals for a daily average of 198.8 meals. The hot lunch and milk program combined consum- ed 10,539 pints of milk during January. There are 138 pupils partici- pating in the special milk pro- gram during February. - N .. Faculty Party The grade faculty of the local school were hosts to the high school faculty Tuesday, February 5. Dinner was served at the Cot- tage Inn at 6:30 p. m., followed by a social hour in the home economics room. Lunch was ser- ved at the close of the evening. -- N ... HOME EC NEWS The Home Ec I girls are work- ing on a luncheon unit, which in- cludes: Vegetables, egg dishes, and simple desserts. Last Thurs- day and Friday they had a coffee hour for their mothers. The Home Ec II girls are start- ing on a clothing unit5 making outfits for spring. The Home Ec III girls have completed a unit on housing. A unit on food will follow. - N - Intramural Basketball The Frosh defeated the Pups 31 to 17, Milo Apland scoring 18 for the winners. In the second game of the eve- ning the Sophs defeated the Seniors-Juniors 29 to 24. Jerry Townsley scored 12 for the win- ners. .. N .. GRADE NEWS Fourth Grade: Several children have been absent due to illness. On the honor roll for the third six weeks were: Ricky William- son, Sandra Washburn, Joanne Taschner, Bernadine Penny, Car- olyn O'Keefe, Linda McKittrick, Darryl Johnson, Karmel Hookie, Dickie Halverson, Karla Felt, Marilyn Asleson, Bennie Wid- man, Linda Tingle, Margaret Pratt, Robby O'Keefe, Dennis Murphy, Wanda Jorgenson, Joel Hansen, Randy Iverson, John Garry and Gary Erickson. Seniors on Parade: Clifford Poppen is our next Senior on Parade. Clifford is 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs 138 His eyes are blue and is brown, and here are his likes and dislikes: red. p-ounds. his hair some of Color, Food, pie and ice cream. Movie, Western. Actress, Grace Kelley. Actor, John Wayne. TV program, Crusader. Pet peeve, stuck up people. Saying, a freshman in my desk? Subject, agriculture. Singer, Johnny Cash. Teacher, Tlustos. Song, "I Walk the Line." Ambition, Air Force. Sport, basketball. Pastime, listening to the radio. Activities: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 projectionist 1, 2, 3, 45 physical education 1: religious classes 'l, 2, 35 Annual staff 45 Barker staff 35 guidance class 4. Our next Senior on Parade is Nadine Patterson, the real gone happy-go-lucky girl. Nadine al- ways has a smile and she has a pleasant personality. Nadine is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and has red- dish-blond hair and dark blue eyes. Some of her likes and dislikes are: Food, fried chicken and cherry pie. Colors, lavender and blue. Actors, Audie Murphy, Marlon Brando. Actresses, Natalie Wood, Bar- bara Stanwyck. Movies, "Rebel Without a Cause," "The Wild One." TV program, Lawrence Welk, Pillsbury Country Show, Decem- ber Bride and NBC News. Songs, "Love Me" and "Young Love." Singers, Elvis Presley, Faron Young, the Platters, Carl Smith, Justine Tubb and Marty Rob- bins. Orchestras, Leo Fortin orches- tra. Bill Haley and his Comets. Teachers, Mr. Graham, Mr. Lester and Mrs. Root. Subjects, bookkeeping and Home Ec. Pastime, dancing, watching tv, and reading. Hobby, designing and collect- ing house plans and decorating ideas. Sayings, "Oh yah-well, any- how!" and "Well - then - there - now." Pet peeve, two-faced people people. and snooty Ambition, to be a good wife and mother. Activities: Mixed chorus 2, 3, 45 gir1's glee club 2, 35 Pep club 2, 35 Annual staff 45 Newsette staff 45 F. U. N. 45 senior play 45 guidance class 45 religious class 1, 2, 3: junior play assistant di- rector 35 Barker staff 3. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, February 21, 1957 Nine Supers Won At Region III Music Contest The Region Three music con- test was held at Watertown Feb- ruary 13. De Smet had 23 en- tries, winning nine superiors. Receiving superior rating were Roger Fritzel and Dennis Muser, drum ensemble and snare drum solos, Keith Kirchmeier, bass clarinet solo, Dennis Muser, piano solo, Sharon Schmidt, B flat clar- inet solo, Margaret Widman, con- tralto solo, Roger Fritzel, mar- imbo solo, Charles Kirchmeier, tenor solo, and the boy's quartet. Second place winners were: Dennis Muser, baritone solo, the woodwind ensemble, Sharon Schultz, mezzo-soprano solo, and Ruth Dykstra, flute solo. The following received third place ratings: Keith Kirchmeier, bass solo, the mixed vocal en- semble, the girls' ensemble, Anita Knudson, contralto solo, Irene Harvey, trombone solo, Ronnie Williamson, cornet solo, Billie Blue, soprano solo, Margaret Ap- land, mellophone solo, and Syl- via Allen, mezzo-soprano solo. The boy's quartet and Roger Fritzel and his marimba appear- ed on the grand concert that eve- ning. A local recital had been pre- sented at De Smet auditorium February 11 by the students en- tering the Watertown event. -N.. Intramural Basketball The Sophs defeated the Pups for their seventh straight win, 45 to 10. In the Frosh Jr.-Sr. game the Frosh won 29 to 24. Heim had 9 points for the winners. ..N.. English Class News All English I and English II students are studying grammar and composition this semester. At the present time the Eng- lish I class is studying newspaper vocabulary and types of news- paper writing. J The English ll classes are now studying ways of paragraph writing. The English III class is study- ing American literature. The English IV class is study- ing English literature. They are studying selections from the clas- sics. When they finish they will have a refresher course in gram- mar. - N - F. U. N. Meets The F. U. N. club Baer at the home of Rayice Gildseth Febru- ary 7 with a valentine party. Margaret Glover joined the club. Assistant hostesses were Janet Marie Muser and Irene Harvey. Bulldogs Win Two Games On Road Trip The Bulldogs won two road games last week-end, defeating Highmore 59 to 55 and Onida 62 to 57. The Highmore fought all the scored 30 points for the Bulldogs. was also won by the locals, 36-23. In another hard game Onida finally succumbed 62 to 57, after leading at the half and third quarters. Wellman was again the high scorer with 23 and Walline had 16. De Smet also Won the "B" game, 46 to 37. ... N - Hold Sock Hop Friday, February 15 a Sock Hop was held by the National Honor Society for all high school students. Novelties were sold and lunch was served by the Honor Society. .. N ... P-T-A MEETING Neal Meyer and Bill Coughlin showed pictures of their European trip at the P-T-A meeting held in the auditorium February 12. Also on the program the follow- ing instrumental numbers were presented: Billy Poppen, baritone solo, Barbara Cramer, drum solo, Tommy Williamson, saxo- phone solo, and Georgia Muser, Beverly Greene and Charlynne Norgaard, clarinet trio. Lunch was served by the fourth grade mothers. .. N .- GRADE NEWS Fifth Grade: Mrs. Russell Schultz, Mrs. Har old Richardson and Mrs. Herman Baker brought treats and visited our room Valentine's Day. We played bingo and handed out valentines at our party. We learned the poem tWash- ingtonv by Nancy Byrd Turner in keeping with the February holi- days. The Civil War is very interest- ing to us. We are studying states, important battles, generals and statesmen involved in the War Between the States. Sixth Grade: We had our valentine party Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Darrel Freeman, Mrs. Arthur Poppen and Mrs. F. Muilenburg brought cup cakes .and nectar for refresh- ments. Mrs. Louis Schwartz and Vickie Widman visited our room recent- ly. We are glad to have visitors. Patty Johnson and Richie Si- ver had birthdays in February. Randy Denman, Patty Johnson, Billy Poppen and Barbara Cra- mer attended the music contest at Madison Saturday as contest- ants in piano and band instru- ments. In art we made posters using letter cutting. game was hard- way. Wellman and Walline 14 The "B" game Seniors on Parade: Our next Senior on Parade is Karen Rasmussen, a likeable gal with a likeable way. Karen is one of our shortest students in the class, only 5 feet, 144 inch, with blonde hair and eyes of blue. Some of Karen's likes and dis- likes are: Food, hamburgers and shoe- strings. Movie, Eddie Dutchin Story. Actor, James Stewart. Actress, Kim Novak. Singers, Platters. Orchestra, Louis Armstrong. TV program, Hit Parade. Teachers, Mrs. Root and Mr. Lester. Subject, English. Saying, Ah Heavens! Pastime, reading. Ambition, English teacher. Sports, football, basketball and swimming. Activities: Arlington 1, 2, band 1, 2, class vice president 1, stu- dent council 2, Pep club 1, 2, cheerleader 1, 2, declamation 1, 2, De Smet, 3, 4, band 3, 4, de- bate 3, 4, declamation 3, 4, play cast 3, Homecoming Queen can- didate 3, Christmas Queen 4, class play 4, F. H. A. 3, 4, Record club 4, religious class 3, guidance class 4, Barker staff 3, Annual staff 4: F. U. N. 4. Our next Senior on Parade is one of the great BBS's Cbasketball starsj of D. H. S. He is Donald Schutlz, who is 19 years old, 6 feets, 21!2 inches tall, weighs 185 pounds. Donnie, as he is known to his friends, has blue eyes and brown hair. Some of Donnie's likes and dis- likes are: Food, shoestrings and chicken. Color, blue. Actor, Gary Cooper. Movie, To Hell and Backf' TV program, Treasure Hunt. Song, Young Love. Singer, Tab Hunter. Orchestra, Lawrence Welk. Pet peeve, levies and tight sweaters. Sport, basketball. Favorite teachers, Mr. Mohlen- hoff, Mr. Graham, Mr. Lester. Subject, sociology. Saying, haste makes waste. Pastime, Robin. Hobby, hunting. Ambition, to be a success. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, track 1, 2, boy's glee club 3, 4, mixed chorus 3, 4, "D" club 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual staff 2, 4, Barker staff 3, News- ette staff 4, Homecoming King 2, junior play 3, senior play 4, "D" club president 3. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, February 28, 1957 Seniors on Parade: With hair of brown and eyes of blue A cute little smile, and an Olds- mobile too. With all these things and lots more too, She's one gal that will never be blue. She's five feet, five inches in height, Plus many nice ways that add to her might. Cute, laughing, gay and funny, That's Janet See1ey's disposition, always funny. Janet is seventeen years old A sunny dispostion and a heart of gold. Some of Janet's likes and dis- likes are: Food, chicken and shoestrings. Color, red or black. Songs, "Singing the Blues" and "Don't Be Cruel." Singers, Guy Mitchell and El- vis Presly. Actor, Rock Hudson. Actress, Elizabeth Taylor. Movie, "Rock Around the Clock." Orchestra, Lawrence Welk. Teachers, Mr. Lester and Mr. Graham. Subject, typing. Pet peeve, people who are stuck up. Expression. "Oh Bug." Pastime, riding around. Ambition, to be a success. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 43 re- ligious class 1, 2, 33 girl's glee club 1, 2, 3, 43 mixed chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep club lg student council representative 23 horn solo 2, 3: junior class play 33 Barker staff 3: "D" club queen attendant 3: F. H. A. 3. 4: F. U. N. 43 guidance class 43 Annual staff 43 Record club 43 senior class play 43 de- clam 43 Snow Queen candidate 4g Newsette staff 43 brass sextette 4. Phyllis Smith is our next Sen- ior on Parade. Phyllis is a very fine girl and a very friendly one too. She is 5 feet, 31!2 inches tall, has hair of dark brown and her cyes are also dark brown. Some of Phy1's favorites are: Food, liver and onions. Movie, "Eddie Dutchin Story." Actor, Tab Hunter. Actress, June Allyson. Singer, Tab Hunter. Orchestra. Guy Lombardo. TV program, Hit Parade. Teacher, Mr. Lester. Saying, "I'll never tell." Pastime, listening to top tunes. Ambition, to be an elementary teacher. Sports, basketball and tennis. Activities: Girl's glee club 1, 2, 33 mixed chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 class secretary and treasurer 23 relig- ious class 1. 2, 33 F. H. A. 3, 4: F. U. N. 4g guidance class 4: Barker business manager 33 An- nual editor 43 junior class play 33 Peo club 1: Newsette 4: class nlav 4: N. H. A. 3, 43 TAB' secre- tary 4. Bulldogs Lose Close Game To Howard Tigers Playing their last home game of the season, the Bulldogs drop- ped a hotly contested game to the Howard Tigers, the score 60-59 For the winners Cowden had 21 and Gudahl 11. Wellman scor- ed 22 and Schultz 11 for the Bull- dogs. The locals also lost the "B" game, 37 to 32. Kruse scored 12 points for the Bulldogs. -N- Bulldogs Lose To Yale In District 15 Finals The Bulldogs advanced to the District 15 finals at Huron last week by defeating Cavour 61 to 28 and Iroquois 59 to 35. In the final game of the tourna- ment the Bulldogs were deated by Yale, 54 to 48. Wellman scor- ed 15 and Walline 13 for De Smet while Bich of Yale scored a total of 24 points. The Bulldogs ended the season with a 28-4 record. -N- F. F. A. Club Meets The F. F. A. club met February 12. Safety tags and stickers were handed out to all agriculture stu- dents. -N- DISTRICT BAND The band at the 1957 district tournament consisted of about 60 members. They were from De Smet, Yale, Hitchcock, Tulare, Iroquois and Bancroft. .. N - Home Economics Notes The Home Economics I class has started a clothing project. They are making cotton skirts and blouses. The Home Economics II class has started a spring clothing pro- ject. They are using many dif- ferent fabrics. Many are making dresses, while others are making ensembles. The Home Economics III class has just started a project on home equipment. Next they will start a project on problems in mar- riage. - N - Physics Class .Notes The physics class has been studying mangetism and elec- tricity since the beginning of the semester. Experiments have been conducted with series and parallel circuits and also many problems worked by Ohm's law. Next week the class will make a study of different electric cells and will have an opportunity to make and use these cells and batteries in their laboratory. GRADE NEWS First and Second: James Gardner, Vickie Peschl, Gwennie Curley and Rose Marie Schelske had birthdays recently. Each of them treated the room to candy bars. Mrs. Roy' Brusse, Mrs. Robert Garry, Mrs. Clinton Davis and Mrs. Maurice Borg- stads furnished lunch for the val- entine party. For a health unit the pupils are studying good breakfasts. They are divided into four groups. Each time they have a perfect break- fast they get a point for their team. A perfect breakfast con- sists of fruit or juice, cereal, milk, and bread with butter, eggs or meat. In reading the first graders are reading farm stories. They have a small barn and some animals. Third Grade: We will soon be taking six- week tests again. Our language review includes the correst uses of come-came, ran-run, did-done, saw-seen, etc. We have also learned how to write reports. In arithmetic we will be reviewing the multiplication tables through the 3's which we have learned the past few weeks. David Hyink received a super- ior rating for his piano solo at the contest in Madison Feb. 16. Our teacher has just finished reading us "Bobbsey Twins at Spruce Lake" and has now start- ed to read "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." The Rockets reading group has completed "The New Streets and Roads" reader and are now fin- ishing the work book series of this book. Fourth Grade. In egography we are studying about Holland and the people who live there. Then we studied the Mediterranean lands. Fractions are being studied in arithmetic. In language we are reviewing for six-week tests. We are learn- ing about capital letters and where to use them. In art we made silhouettes of George Washington. Mrs. Charles Washburn brought ice cream and cookies to treat thc room at our valentine party. We had 10 little visitors, Vickie Wid- man, Dennis Washburn, Mark Garry, Jeannie Halverson, Donnie McKittrick, Dennis Tingle, Kaye O'Keefe, Betty Pratt, Connie Pen- ney and Mary Lynn O'Keefe. -N- Sell Sweat Shirts The Student Council sold sweat shirts this past week, the money made going into their general fund. A total of 70 were sold. The shirts were white, decorat- ed in maroon lettering. of Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, March 7, 1957 Government Class Visits Legislative Session, Pierre The government class of De Smet high school went to Pierre February 28 to visit the state cap-ital and attended a session of the legislature. A caravan of eight cars left here at 6 a. m. and arrived in Pierre about 9:15. Delos Smith, state representa- tive, acted as guide for the group in the capitol building. We also visited the museum. All kinds of historic relics were viewed by the group. At 11 olclock the group went back to the cpitol to hear Gov. Joe Foss speak to the classes from different schools. The talk was given in the Supreme Court rocm. At 12:15 the class and the dri- vers went to dinner at the Falcon cafe as guests of the Peoples State Bank of De Smet. Returning to the capitol after dinner the class visited the Sen- ate and Htuse chambers. One interesting bit of legislation be- ing ccnsidered was Bill No. 762, concerning the use of the tele- phone on party lines in case of emergency. The bill called for a fine and Governor Foss had vetoed it on the grounds that any South Dakotan would give up a line in case of emergency. The House was trying to pass the bill over his veto, but failed. At 3 0'cl0ck the group visited the Oahe Dam project and then the caravan started back toward home. - N - HICKORY STICK MEETING A meeting of the Hickory Stick club was held at Arlington Feb- ruary 25. The group inspected the hot lunch set up of the Ar- lington school. At the business meeting con- ference trophies were awarded to De Smet and Iroquois, win- ners of the "A" and "B" divis- ion in the conference. Drawings were made for the grade tournament to be held at Lake Preston March 20-22. Three music numbers were presented by students of the Ar- lington music department. This was followed by a group discus- sion on current legislative action in regards to education. Lunch was served by the Ar- lington faculty. ..N... Players Enjoy Supper Tuesday, February 26, the bas- ketball plays were given a sup- per at the Cottage Inn. The fol- lowing players attended: Allen Wellman, Don Schultz, Jerry Walline, Curtis Stensland, Keith Kirchmeier, Charles Lee, Charles Kirchmeier, Dennis Muser, Rog- er Walline, Larry Richards, Her- man Kruse, Ronnie Williamson and Danny Beck. Seniors on Parade: Our next senior on parade is Virginia Studer. She is known to her friends as "Ginger." She comes from Nashua, Iowa. She is 17 years old, weighs 105 pounds, is 5 feet, 3 inches tall and has brown hair and eyes. Some of Ginger's favorites are: Movie actor, Victor Mature. Actress, Leslie Caron. Movie, Meet Me in Las Vegas. Singer, Hank Snow. Orchesctra, Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians. Pet peeve, people who think they're better than anybody else. Color, pink and silver. Saying, "You gotta go!" Song, Moonlight Gambler. Ambition, to be liked by every- one. Food, chocolate cake. Subject, sociology. Pastime, bothering people. Teacher, Mr. Mundhenke. Sport, roller skating. Activities: Twirling 2, 3, 4, re- ligious training 2, 3, chorus 2, F. U. N. 4, Barker staff 3, Annual staff 4, F. H. A. 3, guidance class 4, librarian 3, 4. Hair of blond, eyes of blue Age 18 and six foot two That's Curtis Stensland And we think he's grand. One hundred eight five he weighs With Margaret he spends most of his days Homecoming King of S56 With all the kids he can really mix. Some of his favories are: Food, chicken and French fries. Drink, milk. Color, blue. TV program, I've Got a Secret and N. B. C. news. Movie, Glenn Miller Story. Actor, James Stewart. Actress, June Allyson. So ng, Canadian Sunset. Singer, Eddie Fisher. Teachers, Mr. Lester and Mr. Mohlenhoff. Subject, social living. Orchestra, Glenn Miller. Sports, basketball and football. Pastime, playing ping pong and watching TV. Saying, Oh Pit! Pet peeve, people that are stuck up. ' Ambition, to be a success. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, track 1, 2, 3, 4, student manager 1, 2, 3, 4, relig- ious classes 1, 2, 3, "D" club 2, 3, 4, football, 2, 3, chorus 3, 4, boy's glee 3, 4, cornet quartet 4, vice president 4, Homecoming king 4, guidance class 4, Newsette 4, An- nual staff 4, junior play 3, senior play 4, Barker staff 3, Record club 4. New Students We have gained three students in De Smet high school since the start of the year. First there is Joyce Hendricks. She is a freshman from George, Iowa. Subjects that she is taking are general math, home ec I, Eng- lish I, and general science. Our next new student is a jun- ior, Kay Myers. She comes to us from Pleasant Plains high school in Pleasant Plains, Ill. Her sub- jects are English III, American history, World geography and typing. Our third new student is Mar- garet Glover. She comes to us from Hampton high school, in Hampton, Va. Margaret is a sen- ior this year and is taking Eng- lish IV, sociology, advanced al- gebra and home ec III. .. N - March Birthdays Gary Cramer, March 3. Margaret Glover, March 4. Phyllis Smith, March 5. Janice Allen, March 6. Doris Uphoff, March 8. Jim Leckey, March 9. Lyndon Gehm, March 9. Lelia Kenton, March ll. Mary Spencer, March 12. Rose Mary Johnson, March 15. Layne Windedahl, March 15. Bob Carroll, March 16. Gene Hamen, March 22. James Kickland, March 25. .. N - F. H. A. MEETING The February meeting of the De Smet Chapter of the Future Homernakers of America was held Monday, February 25, at 7:30. A short business meeting was held, under the direction of Sharon Schmidt, president. Two com- mittees gave reports. . Guests were a delegation from the White F. H. A. and Miss Het- tler and two girls from State col- lege. After the business meeting, the representatives from State col- lege gave a talk about home econ- omics and the opportunities at State college. They also showed a few slides taken in the class- rooms. Following the talks, games were enjoyed, after which lunch was served. .. N .. GRADE NEWS Eighth Grade: An item omitted from our last news report was our thanks to Mrs. Wika, eighth grade room mother, for the sandwiches and cup cakes furnished by her for our valentine party. John Gutormson brought candy bars for treats on his birthday. New officers elected at our last Y. C. L. meeting were: Presi- dent, Bobby Graham, vice presi- dent, Tommy Williamson, secre- tary, Karla Ziegler, and treas- urer, Dennis Nelson. Pe Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, March 14, 1957 Band, Vocal Concert Be Presented April 2 There will be a combined band and vocal concert Tuesday eve- ning, April 2, at 8:00 p. m. In- cluded will be the girlls glee club, bcy's glee club, mixed chorus, band, dance band and an instru- mental solo. The music contest will be held at Brookings this year, Saturday, April 6. ...N- GRADE NEWS First Grade: The first grade had eight with perfect attendance during the fourth six-week period. They were: Roger Lee, Carol McKit- trick, Sharon Norgaard, Leon Rounsville, Judy Ryland, David Smith, Charles Schultz and Pam Williamson. We have finished reading "Fun with Dick and Jane," the first primer and will soon begin t'Our New Friends.." Roger lee and Stevie Rasmus- sen celebrated birthdays recent- ly. Second Grade: Brenda Davis is the only one to have a birthday in March, it being March 14. The following were neither absent nor tardy during the past six weeks: Etta Baker, Gene Brown, Brenda Davis, Keith Erickson, Rickie Holm, Ronald Huisenga, Collen McAdaragh, Orin Oliver, Connie Peterson, Arlen Wallum and Jimmie Wika. Keith Erickson, Connie Peterson and Jimmie Wika have not been absent nor tardy this year. In science we are on the unit "Forest Birds and Animals." We also have a weather chart in our room. Third Grade: In arithmetic we are learning to divide and multiply by four's. In language we have been learn- ing to write good descriptions and to read them orally. For opening exercises our teachers have begun to read The Go Ahead Boys on Smugglers Island." Dean Larson will celebrate his birthday on St. Patrick's day. Linda Abrahamson's will be the following day. David Hyink's birthday is March 22 and March 29 is Joanne Holland's birthday. Having perfect attendance the past six weeks were: Linda Abrahamson, Bonnie Belzer, Irene Dugdale, Anita Flindt, Carol Gardner, Sue Ann Graham, Jerry Hein, Joanne Holland. Dav- id Hyink, Bill Jensen, Steven Kracht, Victor Krause, Mary Alice Kruse, Terry Mathison, Deanna Muilenburg, Larry Nor- gaard, Billy O'Keefe, David Sckerl, Larry Smith, Jeffrey VVal1um, Barbara Wilkinson. Name Prom Committees The prom committees chosen this week are: Room decorations: Sylvia Al- len, Karen Peterson, Darlene Flindt, Dennis Skyberg, James Nieman, Roger Lembke. Table decorations: Shirley Gu- tormson, Nancy Clark, Gordon Holland, Ellen Larson. Theme: Sharon Schmidt, Irene Paulson, Margaret Widman, Ron- nie Lembke. Food: Judy Olson, Helen Close, John Durfey, Donna Sherman, Jackie Connor, John Pitman. Invitation: Sharon Schultz, Judy Brown, Carol Melstad, Judy Smith, RoseMary Johnson. Advertising: Madonna Timm, Larry Cheney, Marilynn Wynn, Kay Meyers, Vernon Ferguson. Darrel Petersen. Program, Myrna Graham. Keith Kirchmeier, M. C., Gloria Bishop, Robin O'Neill, Jim Muser, Den- nis Mickel. Arrangement: Carol Mathison, Barbara Brown, Carroll Hend- ricks, Gene Hamen, Paul Van Dyke. Arrangement for orchestra, Mrs. Root. Program, Mrs. Fox. Food and table decorations. Mrs. Wagenaar. - N - Intramural Tourney The intramural teams are hav- ing their tournament now and will finish up Tuesday evening. The first game was played by the Freshmen and Sophomores, the Freshmen winning 21 to 19. The second game saw the Pups losing to the Junior-Seniors by a 38 to 14 score. Tuesday night the Sophomore: will play the Pups and the Freshmen will play the Juniors- Seniors. -N- Track Practice Starts Track practice started this week but next week will be the official time for the boys to come out. There were about 25 boys out this week. All the track meets have not as yet been scheduled. -N- Fourth Grade: Honor roll: Ricky Williamson, Bennie Widman, Sandra Wash- burn, Linda Tingle, Joanne Tas- chner, Margaret Pratt, Berna- dine Penney, Bobby O'Kecfe, Carolyn O'Keefe, Dennis Mur- phy, Linda McKittrick, Wanda Jorgensen, Darryl Johnson, Ran- dall Iverson, Karmel Hookie, Joel Hansen, John Garry, Karla Felt. Gary Erickson and Marilyn Asleson. "The Mystery of the Five Bright Keys" is being read by Miss Hummel. Seniors on Parade: Here's our next Senior on Parade, A place in our hearts she has made, Hair of brown with brown eyes too, When she's around you're never blue, She's five feet seven inches tall, And D. H. S. is well liked by H S On her help you can always rely, That's Nancy Wehrkamp of De Smet High. I Some of Nancy's likes and dis- likes are: Food, macaroni and cheese. Color, black. TV program, "Stanley," Actor, Richard Egan. Actress, Dorothy Malone. Orchestra, Guy Lombardo. Singer, Farron Young. Pastime, "Tige." Sport, baseball. Saying, Yes-sa. Pet peeve, cats and dogs. Song, "Ninety-Nine Ways." Teacher, no comment. Ambition, be real rich and gen- erous. Activities: Girl's glee club l, 2, 3, chorus 1, 3- 4, student council 1, Annual staff 4, Barker staff 3, class play 4, Newsette 4, religious class 1, 2, 3, Pep club 1, F. U. N. 4, F. H. A. 4. Our next senior is tall and lean, His name is Jerry Walline, He has eyes of blue and hair of brown, A real nice kid to have around. Jerry is 6 feet, 116 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds. Some of his favorites are: Food, fried chicken. Drink, chocolate milk. Actor, Rory Calhoun. Kim Novak. Actress, Movie, "The Greatest Show on Earth." Subject, chemistry. Teacher, Mr. Graham. Pastime, teasing a certain recl- head. Ambition, to be a success. Pet peeve, snooty people. Saying, 'KI'll never tell." Singer, Guy Mitchell. Orchestra, Guy Lombardo. Color, light blue. Song, "Singing the Blues." Sport, basketball. Activities: Football 1, 2, basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, track 1, 2, 3, 4, "D" club 2, 3, 4, mixed chorus 1, boy's glee club 1, religious classes 1, 2, 3, guidance class 4, Annual staff 4, Barker staff 3, Student council 3. 3, 4, De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, March 21, 1957 Seniors on Parade: Five foot two and eyes of blue, Oh what that gal can think up to do, Fifteen countries she's been in She always has a ready grin. That's Margaret Glover, And she's no flirt, the's going steady, With a guy named Curt. Some of Margaret's favorites are: Food, shrimp and lobster. Drink, coffee. . Actor, Rock Hudson. Actress, Kim Novak. Show, "Picnic." TV program, The Millionaire. Singers, 4 Lads. Song, Uln the Mood." Orchestra, Glen Miller. Color, blue. Teachers, Mr. Lester and Mrs. Root. Pastime, Curtis. Pet peeve, stuck up people who call other people stuck up. Ambition, to be a success at something. Activities: Drama l, 3, vice president 1, girl's glee club 1, 4, mixed chorus 1, 4, Frankfort, Ger- many, music festival 1, Pep club 1, 3, junior Red Cross representa- tive 2, junior class play 3, Teen club 1, 2, 3, Award in Gzogra- phy 1, library assistant 2, 3, Ger- man-American club 2, counselor assistant 3. Our last but not least Senior on Parade is Allen Wellman, bet- ter known as "Ox," because of his size. He is 17 years old, 6 feet. 3 inches tall, has brown hair and blue eyes. Some of Allen's favorites and not-to-favorites are: Sport, football. Movie, "Mr. Roberts." Actor, Richard Egan. Actress, Joan Collins. Orchestra, Fats Domino. Singer, George Hamilton. Pastime, reading. Teachers Honored At Recent P-T-A Meeting The monthly meeting of the P-T-A was held March 12. The theme for the meeting was teach-- er appreciation. A movie was shown on the dif- ficulities involved in entering the teaching profession. A dis- cussion period followed. Miss Marion Hinz was present- ed with a life membership in the P-T-A. A special table was prepared for the teachers by the mothers: serving. .. N ... Basketball Players Attend State "B" Tourney at Huron The basketball boys attended the state "B" tornament at Huron March 7-9. The boys who dress- ed for the. district tournament were given passes by the school to the tournament. -N.. Favorite saying, "That's what you think." Favorite teacher, Mrs. Root. Pet peeve, people who say they will and then don't. Favorite TV program, Chevy show with Bob Hope. Favorite song "Only One Love." Color, green. Food, deluxe hamburgers and fruit salads. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3. 4, basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, track 1, 2. 3, 4, boy's glee club 1, 2. 3. 4, mix- ed chorus l, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2. 3, 4, "D" Club l, 2, 3, 4, debate 1, 2, 3, 4, class president 2, Stu- dent Council 3, 4, student body secretary 3, student body pres- ident 4, Boy's State alternate 3: Annual staff 4, Barker staff 3, re- ligious class 1, 2. 3, guidance class 4, Waterloo ag trip 3, junior plaV stage manager 3, senior class play 4, N. H. S. 4. GRADE NEWS Seventh Grade: Kenneth Huisenga treated the class to candy bars on his birth- day, March 11. We have brought gifts to fill two American Junior Red Cross boxes. Mrs. Paul Holland and Susan Ringgard visited our room Fri- day. Dennis Widman has gone to Rochester, N. Y. He will be gone two weeks. The grade basketball team was defeated by Lake Preston 32-21 March 13. Eighth Grade: Students on the honor roll for the fourth period are: Margaret Peckenpaugh, Judy Wika, Gayle Hannah with an A average, Lynn Rasmussen, Gail Marx and Karla Ziegler with a B plus average, Bobby Graham, David Nelson, Clair Sweesy, Jimmy Stover, Ju- dy Asleson and James Ritenour with a B minus average. Our attendance last period was not as good as usual, only six pupils having perfect attendance. Betty Van Dyke treated the class to candy bars on her birth- day. .. N ... National Honor Society Meeting The March meeting of the Nat- ional Honor Society was held March 14 at 8:30. The following new members were introduced: Allen Wellman, Anita Knudson, Karen Rasmussen and Noel Bish- op, seniors, Helen Close, Keith Kirchmeier and Robin O'Neill, juniors, and Judy Meyers, Den- nis Muser and Marlitt Halstead, sophomores. It was decided to raise the amount of the National Honor Society scholarship to S40 this year. Other projects were also discussed. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE "D" Club Holds Annual Banquet and Party This year's "D" club party was held Tuesday, March 19. There were 23 "D" club couples and seven teachers, making a total of 53 present. The queen candidates were Karen Rasmussen, Barbara Moore and Irene Harvey. Irene was chosen as the reigning queen. As a gift she received a rhinestone bracelet. All the girls received corsages. After the supper there was Z1 dance for all members wishing to remain. The supper was served family style by the mothers of HD" club members. The "D" club wishes to thank all the mothers who served the supper. - N ... Intramural Tournament The Seniors won over the Freshman in the final intramural basketball game, 37 to 31. Leading scorers for the seniors were Don Carroll with 14 and Neil Bowes with 9. For the Freshman it was Milo Apland with 9 and Kickland with 9. from The De Smet News, March 28, 1957 District Debate, Speech Contest Held at Madison The district debate and speech contest was held in Madison March l9-20. Karen Rasmussen received a fourth in the girl's extem divis- ion and Allen Wellman received a fifth in the boy's extem divis- ion. Students from Madison, Flan- dreau, Doland, Clark, Summit, Volga and De Smet participated. - N - GRADE NEWS Third Grade: With spring officially here we realize there are but nine weeks of school left. In arithmetic class we are busy learning to multiply anddivide by four's and five's. Friday was David Hyink's birthday. He brought treats for the class. Dean and Linda also brought treats on their birthdays, the 17th and 18th respectively. Fifth Grade: On the honor roll forth e fourth period were Jean Beck, Rebecca Belzer, Rodney Hannah, Laverne Hein, Jean Kruse, Joan Meyer, Dixie Peterson, Mary Jane Rich- ardson, Karen Schultz. Patty Wid- man and Marcine Wika. Keith Kirchmeier Chosen Boy's State Representative Keith Kirchmeier, a junior, was last week chosen Boy's State representative for 1957. Ronald Lembke was chosen as alternate. -N- F. F. A. Meeting The F. F. A. meeting was held March 12. Dennis Skyberg, the treasurer, gave a report on the banquet expenses. Noel Bishop gave a report on the sale of F. F. A. calendars. It was decided not to have a donkey basketball game. Jim Muser gave a report on the farm safety program. All the members have not yet turned in their reports on farm inspection. -N- Annual Copy To Printer The Annual, which is to be published in the near future, has reached its final stages in prep- artion before it goes to print. All the pictures have been suv- mitted for engraving as well as most of the reading matter. The editor and assistant editor are setting up the dummy copy which will serve as the skeleton for the final publication. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, April 4, 1957 Attend Career Day At Huron College Members of the senior class attended Career Day at Huron college March 27. There was a general assembly in the chapel at which time a wel- come was extended by G. G. Bell, Huron high school principal, and musical selections by college students. There were many colleges, vo- cational schools, Armed Forces and nurses school represented. A few out-of-state schools were also represented. Three sessions were attended by the students. At 3:15 all were guests of the college in the Wig- wam for refreshments. ..N.. Apnl Birthdays Joyce Hendricks, April 2. Marilyn Stover, April 2. Roger Kruger, April 4. Helen Vincent, April 9. Jerry Tounsley, April 10. Gloria Bishop, April 10. Elaine Stubbe, April 14. Noel Bishop, April 16. Bonnie Cheney, April 20. Connie Cheney, April 20. Marilyn Olson, April 220. Bernard Cavanaugh, April 22. Roger Tyler, April 22. Allen Wellman, April 22. Margaret Widman. April 23. Anita Knudson, April 24. Margaret Cavanaugh, April 28. .. N - GRADE NEWS Sixth Grade: We have completed our read- ing and health books. We now have two new books, Roads of Progress and Discovering Our World. For opening exercise we are reading an interesting story about the Lewis and Clark expedition. We have been making our room look more like Spring. We have painted tulips and will be mak- ing bird pictures. Mary Ellen Nieman was elect- ed as our delegate to the Y. C. L. meeting April 13. Audrey Vin- cent is the alternate. There were several birthdays in March. including Mary Ellen Nieman, Audrey Vincent, Randy "December Bride," Chosen As Senior Play The senior class has .chosen "December Bride" for its class play. It is a three-act comedy. The cast of characters follows: Lily Ruskin, a charming scat- terbrain, Janet Seeley. Ruth Henshaw, her daughter, Karen Rasmussen. Matt Henshaw, Ruth's husband, Larry Apland. Pete Porter, a neighbor, Neil Bowes. Hilda Crocker, Lily's best friend, Nadine Paterson. Tom Anderson, an ex-sweet- heart of Lily's, Roger Fritzel. Mabel Anderson, Tom's aged mother, Margaret Glover. Gordon P. Gridley, Matt's boss, Allen Wellman. Constance Kerby. a wedding consultant, Anita Knudson. Properties manager, Barbara Moore. Stage manager. Noel Bishop. Prcmpters. DeEtte Krieger and Phyllis Smith. -N- Denman, Rosalene Halstead and James Sweesy. They each treat- ed the class. Several have been absent due to illness. Seventh Grade: Dennis Widman returned last Thursday from Rochester, N. Y. He gave the class a very interest- ing report of his trip. In art class we have drawn tulips and pussy willows and are now making Easter lilies. "We Were There With the Pony Express" is being read for open- ing exercises. Eighih Grade: Roger Pirlet visited our room Friday afternoon. Miss Hinz was given a birth- day surprise party planned by the pupils with the assistance of the rom mother, Mrs. Maurice Wika. In arithmetic we are learning to find volumes of various kinds of solids. Dennis Nelson fell and received a cut on his knee which required a number of stitches. HONOR ROLL For the quarter ending March 22: Superior: Margaret Apland, Ruth Dykstra, Roger Fritzel, Gloria Bishop, Ronald Lembke, Judy Olson, Robin O'Neill, Shar- on Schultz, Carol Wubbena and Helen Close. Excellent: Larry Apland, Noel Bishop, Robert Carroll, Donna Cavanaugh, Cheryl Hinz, Linda Jacob, Anita Knudson, Joan Kruse, Charles Lee, Karen Ras- Virginia Studer, Jerry Allen Wellman Myrna mussen, Walline, Graham, Shirley Gutormson, Rose Johnson, Paulson, Schmidt, Carol Mathison, Irene Karen Peterson, Sharon Donna Sherman, Mar- garet Widman, Elaine Bishop, Billie Blue, Marlitt Halstead, Roger Kruger, Jean McKnight, Judy Meyers, Dennis Muser, Lar- ry Richards, Doris Uphoff, Layne Windedahl, Karla Arends, Bar- bara Green, Eva Kenton, Dawn Kruse, Bonita Skyberg, Marilyn Stover, Verna Johnson. .. N - F. H. A. MEETING The monthl ymeeting of the De Smet Chapter of the F. H. A. was held March 25. The mothers of the members were honored. A short program followed the busi- ness meeting. Shirley Gutormson read a poem as a toast to the mothers and Sylvia Allen led group singing. The program ended with a short skit, "Doctor Build-Up's Nutrit- ional Clinicf' Lunch was served. - N - HICKORY STICK MEETING The Hickory Stick meeting was held March 25. Discussed by the group were the conference track meet to be held April 30 at State college and the grade school track meet to be held at Lake Preston. The men of the Bancroft fac- ulty were hosts and served re- freshments. .. N .. REPORT CARDS Report cards were handed out Wednesday noon to all the high school students except the seniors and they received their cards Thursday morning. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE Spring Music Concert Pleased Large Crowd The annual Spring Mus.c Czn- cert was presented Tuesday, April 2, at the auditorium to a large audience. The boy's glee club, girlis glee club and the mixed chorus each sang three numbers. They were directed by Mrs. Marie Fox. The band played 11 numbers, including a number by the dance band and a clarinet solo by Shar- on Schmidt. Dale Peterson di- rects the band. -N- Financial Report Student Council: Balance March 1, 3128.795 receipts, 3237.- 045 expenses, 3266.345 balance April 1, 399.49. Athletics: Balance March 1, 3518.505 receipts, 336.905 expenses, 364.025 balance April 1, 3491.38. Class '57: Balance March 1. 385.385 receipts, 32.305 expenses, 311.705 balance April l, 375.98. Class '58: Balance March 1, 3215.315 be-lance April 1, 321531. Class '59: Balance March 1. 352.725 balance April 1, 352.72. Class '60: Balance March 1, 314.005 receipts, 39.005 expenses, none: balance April 1, 323.00. Administration: Balance March 1, 31169.845 receipts. 3'69.125 ex- penses, 31045.615 balance April 1, 399335. Music: Balance March 1, 33036: receipts, 356.905 expenses, 393.905 balance April 1, 32.66. Annual. balance March 1, 3312.- 175 receipts, 338.505 expenses. noneg balance April 1, 3350.67. F. H. A.: Balance March 1, 357.515 receipts, none5 expenses, 321.315 balance April 1, 33620. "D" Club: Balance March 1, 3138.975 receipts, 319.715 receipts, 367.155 balance April 1, 391.53 F. F. A.: Balance March 1, 372.- 975 receipts, 36.855 expenses, 38.- 005 balance Anril 1, 37l.82. N. H. S.: Balance March 1. 350.845 receipts, none5 expenses, 317.515 balance April 1, 33333. Class '55: Balance March 1. 3123.165 balance April 1, 3123.16. Class '56: Balance March 1, 3116.05 balance April 1, 3116.06. Total all funds, balance April 1, 32776.66. ... N - TRACK MEETS April 12: Redfield. April 13: Madison. April 19: Pierre. April 20: Mitchell. April 30: Conference meet at Brookings. May 4: Howard Wood meet at Sioux Falls. May 11: Region meet. May 17-18: State meet, Mitchell. from The De Smet News, April 11 1957 Five Students Attend Scholarship Day At State Attending Scholarship Day at State college, Brookings, March 30 were Margaret Apland, Kar- en Rasmussen, Anita Knudson, Jerry Walline and Irene Harvey. They were accompanied by Ken- neth Graham, principal. After registration the scholar- ship tests were written. There was a banquet, with addresses by Dr. McFarland and the president of the college.. In the afternoon there were two guidance panels. Margaret Apland and Karen Rassmussen each received schol- arships. That evening the group attend- ed a Video Variety show spon- sored by the Blue Key group. Remaining overnight, the local students returned home Sunday afternoon. -N- GRADE NEWS First Grade: The first grade has three new pupils. Vicki Bethel and Eddie Bethel and Eddie Underwood came to us from Tulsa, Okla., and Buddy Aalbers moved here from St. Lawrence. The class has been learning about half hours in time and simple addition and subtraction. Pupils have been busy drawing and painting a mural of spring recreation. During the past month we cele- brated the following birthdays: Stevie Rasmussen, Roger Lee, Jerry Smith, Judy Ryland and Gary Lee. Third Grade: With six-week tests next week we are doing review work in phonics, arithmetic and language. We have been learning to divide words into syllables and finding the accented syllables. We have learned to divide numbers that have remainders and also to mul- tiply with a two-figure multi- plier. In language we have learn- ed the proper way of writing and telling stories. Our teacher is reading to us from the book Bobbsey Twins at the Circus. Wednesday, April 3, Mary Alice Kruse brought birthday treats to our room. Friday, April 5, treats were brought to help our teacher celebrate her birthday. Mary Poppen will celebrate her birth- day April 25. Sharon Schmidt Chosen F or Girl's State Sharon Schmidt, junior, was chosen last week as Girl's State representative. Helen Close is alternate. - N ... Senior Announcements The senior class chose their graduation announcements Mon- day. Aubrey Sherwood of The De Smet News showed many samples from which an announce- ment was chosen corresponding to the class theme. - N ... F. U. N. Meetings The sixth meeting of the F U. N. girls was held April 1 at the home of Sylvia Janssen. Hos- tesses were Lynda Jacob, Sylvia Janssen and Sharon Cheney. Games were played and lunch served. .. N - Resumes Teaching Duties Mrs. Ruth Root resumed teach- ing her classes April 1 after a two-week absence due to the ill- ness of her mother. She had the senior play cast meet Monday evening and every day since for practice on their play, to be pro- sented May 3. - N .- Senior Prayer Now I lay me down to sleep My homework piled into a heap5 If I should die before I wake, I have but six requests to make: Put my English in my hand- and tell Mrs. Root I don't under- stand. Lay my shorthand under the bed tell Mr. Mundhenke I like Long- hand instead. Then take my Home Ec and throw it away- tell Mrs. Wagenaar the puddings like clay. Lay my Government at my feet- tell Mr. Mohlenhoff it's got me beat. Put my Physics at my head- tell Mr. dead! Last, my Algebra at my side- tell Mr. Lester t hat's why I died! Amen. Senior Class Graham I'm glad I'm ..N.. Attend Judging Contest Saturday, March 30, the fol- lowing members of the F. F. A. club went to a Dairy and Grain judging contest in Redfield. They were Jim Muser and Delmer Bowes in Dairy and David Sky- berg, Milo Apland and Bernard Cavanaugh on Grain and Weed seeds. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE from The De Smet News, April 18, 1957 Panel Discussion Feature Parent-Teacher Meeting Tuesday, April 9, P-T-A met in the auditorium. Mrs. Merwyn Hyink was elected president: Mrs. Leslie Dannenbring, vice presi- dent: Mrs. Milford Peterson, treasurer: and Miss Donna Hum- mel, secretary. A panel discussion was led by the Rev. Irvin Parce. Others on the panel were Mrs. Warren Wid- man, Earl Holm, Karen Rasmus- sen and Roger Fritzel. The topic was: "What Members of Each Generation Need to Understand About Each Other." Members of P-T-A and guests were allowed to ask questions and add any points pertaining to the topic. To raise money for the P-T-A scholarship which is given each year by the organization to some- one selected from the graduating class who is to make teaching their profession, a bazaar and cake-walk was held. Lunch was served by the sec- ond grade mothers. -N- School Activity Calendar April 19: Track meet, Pierre. April 20: Track meet, Mitchell. April 22: County chorus: Hick- ory Stick. April 29: Assembly program. April 30: Conference track meet. May 3: Senior play. May 4: Track meet, Sioux Falls. May 7: Class Night. May 8: Shrine Circus Day. May 11: Junior-Senior prom: region track meet. May 14: P-T-A style show. May 16: Assembly program. May 17-18: State track meet. May 19: Baccalaureate service. May 20: Commencement. May 21-23: Final examinations. May 24: Report cards passed out. All reports must be in. May 22-23: Grade school pic- nics. - N - Two Superiors Won At District Music Contest The district music contest was held in Brookings Saturday, April 7. The local school groups won two superiors and two excellents. Winning superior ratings were the band, under the direction of Dale Peterson. and the boy's glee club. The girl's glee club and the mixed chorus e'ach received an excellent rating. All the vocal numbers were conducted by Mrs. Marie Fox. Valedictorian, Salutatorian Named For Class '57 Announced last week were this year's valedictorian and saluta- torian. Ruth Dykstra is valedictorian and Margaret Apland is saluta- torian. -N- Huron College Choir Presented Varied Concert The Huron college choir concert was presented at the auditorium Wednesday evening, April 10 Several religious selections by the entire group, two or three by the choral group and two selec- tions by a male quartet were presented. Dallar Freeman, De Smet fresh- man, was among the group. The concert was sponsored by the junior class to raise money for the prom. -N- Naiional Honor Society Meeis The monthly meeting of the National Honor Society was held Thursday morning, April 11. A committee, Sylvia Allen, Judy Olson and Robin O'Neill, was named to select three seniors to qualify for the scholarship. Those selected will be voted on by the members of the society at the next meeting. -N- Wm Amateur Contests Friday, April 5, the Boppin' Bulldogs, an instrumental group, went to Hayti to enter an amateur contest, sponsored by the Hayti P-T-A. There were 22 entries, with a first prize of S15.00. The local group won first. Wednesday. April 10, the group entered the talent contest at Ban- croft, again winnig first prize. Members of the group are: Den- nis Muser, drums: Myrna Grah- am, tenor sax: Ronnie William- son, cornetg Tommy Williamson, alto sax: Charles Kirchmeier, cor- netg and Keith Kirchmeier, bass clarinet. -N- Ag Class News Tuesday, April 9, the sophomore Ag class went to Armour's pack- ing plant in Huron for a poultry judging contest. In the afternoon they toured the plant. They were accompanied by Mr. Tlustos. After judging poultry they judged cattle. Production Staff Chosen For Senior Class Play The production staff for the senior class play, "December Bride," was chosen by the direc- tor, Mrs. Root, last week. Noel Bishop is stage manager, with Curtis Stensland as his as- sistant. On the stage and prop- erties committee Barbara Moore is chairman, with Joan Kruse, Cheryl Hinz and Donna Cavan- augh as her assistants. In charge of publicity is Irene Harvey. Also on this committee are Sharon Olson, Clifford Pop- pen, Bob Carroll, Rayice Gild- seth and Janet Muser. Business manager is Jerry Walline. Virginia Studer, Margaret Ap- land and Nancy Wehrkamp are in charge of the make-up. Ruth Dykstra, Phyllis Smith, Charles Lee and Donald Schultz are ush- ers. -N- GRADE NEWS Fifth Grade: We have had several letters from boys and girls from differ- ent states asking about the life and books of Laura Ingalls Wild- er. Winner of the fifth grade elim- ination contest in spelling was Jean Beck. Judy Goehring is the alternate. We invited Dennis Widman to our room to give a report on his trip to New York. The report was especially interesting to us bc- cause we have studied the states Dennis visited on his trip. Visitors in our room this per- iod were Mrs. Emiel Belzer and Mrs. Earl Holm. Sixth Grade: We have completed our study of Europe. Our last unit will be on South America. Patty Johnson represented our room in the county spelling con- test April 13. Darrie Freeman was alternate. The following succeeded in fill- ing their Easter car with gold stars in spelling this six Weeks: Randy Denman, Darrie Freeman, Rosalene Halstead, Gene Muilen- burg, Mary Theresa Murphy and Peggy Schwartz. The following had perfect at- tendance the past six weeks: Jim- my Brandt, Barbara Cramer, Lin- da Mickel, Dean and Gene Mor- rison, Mary Ellen Nieman, Billy Poppen, Peggy Schwartz, Carol Joyce Taschner, Audrey Vincent and Raymond Sparby. De Smet Hi NEWSETTE Class Prophecy Allen Wellman is the World's Champion Bone Crusher. Nancy Wehrkamp has just been elected National Chaiiman of the Women's "Yakedeyak" Clubs. Jerry Walline is producer and director of the new movie, "The Sexy Redhead of Las Vegas." Virgina Studer is now the new champion of the Iowa Corn Pick- ers. Curtis Stensland is the highest paid clown in the Ringling cir- cus. Phyllis Smith is the first girl taxi driver in Boy's Town. Janet Seeley is the "Bookie" iii a Lonely Hearts Club which ar- ranges romances for lonely peo- ple. She also has written a new book entitled "Why." Donald Schultz is the traffic officer in charge of the depart- ment that makes arrests for il- legally parked baby carriages. Karen Rasmussen is teaching English and keeping all her handsome six-footers after school. Nadine Patterson is manning a gas pump in between washing baby bottles and diapers. Sharon Olson is taking over "Our Neighbor Lady" on radio and T-V. Wayne Langland is busy C25 in- venting an automatic work saver. Anita Knudson is the Manches- ter Cherry Pie champion of 1970. Mary Ann Iverson is starting to put into practice the theory "You Can Raise Them Cheaper by the Dozen." Lyndon Gehm, "Two Gun Gehm" of the Wild and Wooly West. Roger Fritzel is practicing at the bar. CThe kind for lawyers, that is.b Ruth Dykstra is trying to keep the books straight as the county treasurer of Kingsbury county. Sharon Cheney, lady wrestler at Madison Square Garden. Donna Cavanaugh is still con- tent in her little trailer house. Margaret Apland, a very busy homemaker, has just been chos- en Mrs. America of 1970. Clifford Poppen is the pilot of the main passenger plane be- tween Moscow and Siberia. Janet Muser is the head me- chanic for the champion of the Indianapolis Speedway race. Barbara Moore is still driving Hezibell. Evidently she is not making much money teaching models to walk gracefully in heels. Charles Lee is in the process of revising Einsteinfs theory of rel- ativity. Joan Kruse, checks coats for the famous hairdresser, Jean Pierre of the Waldorf. DeEtte Krieger gets her morn- from The De Smet News, April 18, 1957 ing exercise plowing 10 acres be- fore waking up her five kids for another busy day. Sylvia Janssen is busy taking over Ethel Merman's career, making Ethel a has-been. Lynda Jacob is the good will ambassador to Lower Slablovia. Cheryl Hinz is grown vegetables stand just outside ton. Irene Harvey is new movie, 'tThe cf Las Vegas." Rayice Gildseth ing freckle remover daily to her three little redheaded daughters. Robert Carroll is making more money than any of the rest of us. He is head flea trainer in a Ring- ling Brotherls side show. Don Carroll is the chief en- graver of the F. B. I.'s most- wanted counterfiet ring. Neil Bowes is kept busy fan- ning the radiators to keep things cool on the first earth satalite. Noel Bishop, t'The Friendly Undertaker." Larry Apland joined the For- eign Legion and is now training green recruits Margaret Glover is getting rich quick because her old friends are proving plenty of business for her reducing salon. selling home- at a roadside of Lake Pres- the star of the Sexy Redhead is busy apply- ...N.. Class Will Allen Wellman wills his place in Mo's heart to his little brother, who could sure use it. Nancy Wehrkamp wills a car- ton of gum to McCluskey for his gum sandwiches. Jerry Walline wills his ability not to stay after school to Her- man Kruse. Need it Hermie? Virginia Studer will her place as band twirler to Della Larson. Keep in step, Della. Curtis Stensland Wills his clowning tactics and his Burmuda shorts to Jeannie McKnight. Phyllis Smith wills her roman- tic' ability to Noel Towberman. Janet Seeley wills a completely revised English literature book to Mrs. Root. This one makes more sense than the old one. Donald Schultz wills his lunch, period at 11:00 to Charles Kirch- meier. Be back for dismissal at 12:00, Charlie. Karen Rasmussen wills her as- sembly desk to Dennis Skyberg. No need to carve your name on it Dennie, it's already there. Nadine Patterson wills her ponv tail to Diane Ryland. Sharon Olson wills her quiet manner to Roger Walline. Wayne Langland wills a slight- ly used brain to Marlitt Halstead. Anita Knudson wills her Demo- cratic arguments to Margaret Widman and Carroll Hdxdricks. Keep in there strong, kids. Mary Ann Iverson wills her neat hairdo to Dennis Mickel. Better get a comb Dennis. Lyndom Gehm wills his wolf- ish techniques to Vernon Fergu- son. Make good use of them "Fergieg" they took time to per- fect. Roger Fritzel wills half of his arguing ability and talkativeness to Barbara Brown. There is plenty for both. Ruth Dykstra wills her good behavior and straight A's to Gor- don Rasmussen. Sharon Cheney wills her quiet ways to her twin sisters. Donna Cavanaugh wills her place in Graham's heart to some undeserving underclassman. Margaret Apland wills her "Early to Bed, Early to Rise" motto to Madonna Timm. Clifford Poppen wills his big engineer boots to Keith Kirch- 'e-m, Keith. Janet Muser wills her desk in the back of the assembly to her brother Jim. Try to keep it a little while Jim. Barbara Moore wills her long list of nicknames to anybody who thinks it is better to blush than turn pale. Charles Lee wills all his track racing ability to Jerry Towns- ley. Joan Kruse wills all the fun she had in D. H. S. to the kids who think they won't have any. DeEtte Krieger wills her short hairdo to Robin O'Neill. Sylvia Janssen wills her long fingernails to Jeannie Wehrkamp. Lynda Jacob wills her ability to argue with Mohlenhoff to any- one who wants to flunk Ameri- can government. Cheryl Hinz wills a box-of Wheaties to Hermie Kruse. Be sure and eat them Hermie-they make you grow. ' Irene Harvey wills her band lessons to Sherry Moore. Just think Sherry-you'll be alone with him! Rayice Gildseth wills her tbass horn, that ish to Leila ton.. Robert Carroll wills his grades and polite manner tn Nancy Clark. Don Carroll wills his book of tardy excuses to Jim Muser. Neil Bowes wills his "little black book" to his brother, Del- mar. Noel Bishop wills his taxi ser- vice to D. H. S. to John Durfey. Larry Apland wills his list of traffic violations to his brother, Mark. Margaret Glover -xwills her "Have Tux, Will Traveli slogan to Roger Peterson. brass Ken- good De Smet Hi NEWSETTE First Track Meet of Season F-or Bulldogs at Redfield The first track meet of the season for the Bulldogs was held at Redfield, the locals placing in three events. Allen Wellman placed in the shot put with a throw of 48 feet and in the discus throw, 145 feet. Placing in the sprint medley was the team of Charles Lee. John Durfey, Charles Kirchmeier and Allen Wellman, placing third. ..N... GRADE NEWS Fourth Grade: Dennis Murphy was our dele- gate to the Y. C. L. spelling con- test. Randall Iverson was the alternate. Wanda Jorgensen spent three weeks visiting in California. The book, "Little Town on the Prairie," by Laura Ingalls Wild- er, is being read for opening ex- ercises. A few weeks ago our room re- ceived letters from the fourth graders in Champlain, Minn., wanting to know about the In- galls and Wilder families. Donald Hale is a new student in our room. He comes from Mid- land, Texas. Having perfect attendance this six weeks were Gary Erickson, Duane Halstead, Joel Hansen, Randy Iverson, Dennis Murphy, Bob Ryland and Ricky William- son. On the honor roll this period are Marilyn Asleson, Gary Erick- son, Karla Felt, John Garry, Joel Hansen, Karmel Hookie, Randy Iverson, Darryl Johnson, Wanda Jorgensen, Linda McKittrick, Dennis Murphy, Carolyn O'Keefe, 5' from The De Smet News, April 25, 1957 39 Girls Attend Clark Future Homemaker Meet Wednesday afternoon, April 17, 39 girls went to Clark to a Fu- ture Homemaker's meeting, leav- ing De Smet at 1:00 and returning at 5 p. m. They heard a talk on "The Lat- est Styles in Easter Outfits and how much to spend on Easter Outfits." Lunch was served at the close of the session. Bobby O'Keefe, Bernadine Pen- ney, Margaret Pratt, Joanne Tas- chner, Linda Tingle, Sandra Washburn, Bennie Widman and Ricky Williamson. On our spelling charts, the Giraffes beat the Rondas 78 to 73. Three pupils had a 100 in all their lessons and were excused from six-week tests. They were Dennis Murphy, Margart Pratt and Marilyn Asleson. Third Grade: We have once again taken six week tests and are well into our last period of school. We have been especially busy in arithmetic, learning to divide with remainders in the problems. Also, we have learned to divide with zero in the quotients. In sci- ence study has included the care of the skin, eyes, ears, teeth and hair. The Jets, in reading, are near completion of the New More Streets and Roads book series. Our teacher began reading us The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for opening exercises. Marry Poppen went to Wichita, Kan., for her Easter vacation. She left early Thursday morning. Wellman Breaks Records At Madison Track Meet Al Wellman, in the second track meet of the season, at Madi- son, broke two meet records. He threw the shot 48 feet, 10 inches and the discus 160 feet, 2 inches in setting new records. Charles Lee placed second in the 100-yard dash and fourth in the 220. Wellman got a third in the broad jump. The sprint med- ley team also placed third. The Bulldogs took fourth place honors. .. N .- New Sophomore Student The sophomore class was in- creased by the addition of Paula Williams Monday, April 15. Paula comes from Mt. Vernon, Mo. She is taking geometry, English II, biology and Latin. Mr. Lester is in Latin, which in Mt. Vernon. you, Paula, and you enjoy going H. S. instructing her she was taking We welcome sincerely hope to school in D. ... N .. First and Second Grades: Having perfect attendance so far this year are: Beth Belzer, Maureen Cummins, Philip Bjor- dahl, Nancy Schultz and Ardis Taschner. The children all brought hard boiled eggs to school to dye. After the eggs were dyed a big nest was made for them. In art Eas- ter bunnies were made, eggs were dyed and ducks made with Easter hats. A unit containing make-believe stories is being studied in read- ing. Each pupil wrote a make- believe story in language. Vicki Peschl, Jan Coughlin and Beth Belzer played their piano guild selections for the room. asm max my .QnaeQ.9ja?Q,e, nwgfw army N 12 g CMM? U4-if WMV' ,gwjzenielwb 44415344720 " .zfjd SJW WMQMQZ? "VD 4 M V ww r ., , .E W W , W , Q ' J E U X . MLC , cuba wuy '-nv.-44612 AZ fl mwjioadxpigdfygg ' WU JQALLZ fff-'iff 5 QLJ-w'1"w.v?Knf-J Z My 5 M Q32 'Q' ,,Q,,.z -,tA.p1,,,,.QQ-fi.Ja...,., ,QL Mwwmmgfff ,,W,ifiL:Wg tm .. 0.f"4f's'f' Q4-AJ u-rw-I ' E Q5 A i5M3,1"'WMf w a 4. , :,.x'jl. Hai ' 'W' ' SH , ,X -N W, ml MM, w 4 I Z!mm, gg f,G fowagg . Zag 5 u ' 'iilfmb f, Q' magma ,q i KW " , T ' 1 L"vf ,vK LQZZQM JZQQMWZQQC if 0,6 4 GWJMMOZQZX Zi WWW Mywgf' O - Y CM! I , wif Zfififwf 1 kmjbvffkw vu, J V,,,LM7,,V6LD W . JMWQ1' zfgfifjw 93 Mfg WWWM L Qmgi Lfyfl fzowyvffl' ' Q'?Wl2 f CX J' - f 1 Q-EJ

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De Smet High School - Bulldog Yearbook (De Smet, SD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


De Smet High School - Bulldog Yearbook (De Smet, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 83

1958, pg 83

De Smet High School - Bulldog Yearbook (De Smet, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 76

1958, pg 76

De Smet High School - Bulldog Yearbook (De Smet, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 7

1958, pg 7

De Smet High School - Bulldog Yearbook (De Smet, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 21

1958, pg 21

De Smet High School - Bulldog Yearbook (De Smet, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 38

1958, pg 38

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