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Q.-.W . -1-W-..m...,..,, ., ,f .Q ' Q-3 CORSICA CHRISTIAN REFORM ED We, the Class of 1974, dedicate this annual to the members of the Corsica, Harrison, New Holland and Platte Christian Reformed Churches. It is their devoted support and dedicated' efforts that make our Christian education possible. ' We would like to express our deepest appreciation for,aII the Christian love and service you have shown toward our school. PLATTE CHRISTIAN REFORMED . DEDI CA TI 0 EFI NEW HOLLAND CHRISTIAN REFORMED 5, .. it I 2 P HARRISON CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHAPEL A D Three mornings a week, all the students assemble together for chapel. On Tuesdays, hymn sings were conducted and on Thursdays, students volunteered to give a talk and lead the chapel. Fridays consisted of talks and presentations given by various people from different areas. A special thanks is extended to all the ministers and those participating who presented us with their messages. . 'tj sag g , K b 17" .Aff ,, ,. - +23 f . , t f A missionary from Nigeria. A SPSCUBI number ASSEMBLIE Several times throughout the year, various people and orgniazations would conduct special assemblies for the school. These assemblies consisted of many different presentations on a wide number of topics including prison life, alcoholism and crime prevention. They were all very interesting and very much appreciated by the students. 5 Operation Pitfall Safety Presentation The People Who Keep Uur School Going There are many people who put in many hours of hard work behind the scenes in order to keep our school going. The following three pages are dedicated to these people and their devotion to our school. To these people we express a sincere thank-you! SCHUOL BO RD STANDING: John Mosterd Nice-Presidentig Marlowe DeLangeg John Nydamg Tony Baan Hofmang John G. Van Zee tSecretaryJg SEA TED: Edd Starg Tony Vanden Hoekg Marion Veurinkg Orville Vanden Bosg William Lieuwen tPresidentJ A UXILLZIRA Y Again this year, the Ladies' Auxiliary spent a lot of time and devotion raising money for improvements on our school. They sponsored several activities such as the annual ' smorgasboard, Christmas Tea, Hostess supper, Salad Luncheon, a travelogue and a request program. The money raised was used for such things as new tiling for the gym floor, a calculator, new choir robes and many other greatly appreciated items. As well as sponsoring profit-making activities, the Auxiliary also works on projects such as Parent-Teacher Fellowship Night, the. Parent-Senior Banquet and the annual school cleaning. We would like to express our deepest appreciation for all the time and effort these ladies have dedicated to the betterment of our school. May God continue to bless their work. l 7 Uur Secretary Ng-. l l . l ,Q wf 5.4: :K 'WEB , I .,,.,-Vtezrerram:zz-E,1ff1.Wif2?21a.Q if W X MRS. RON VAN ZEE Jan comes in two days a week to do the bookwork, fill out report cards and various other secretarial jobs for our school. We would like to lake this opportunity to thank her for the great work she's been doing for us. ur Custodian Jenny puts in many hours of hard work keeping the school clean, cleaning up after basketball games, and picking up after "her" kids. We would like to express our sincere thanks to her for all the work she has put in for us. MRS. COFINELIUS KOK lf' Y N' 7 .54 1 "Look on the bright side, Janny. We could be 810,000 in the red! MR. DON LEFEBRE Principal MR. JERRY BLOM Algebra ll Senior Math General Science Chemistry Physiology P.E. Biology "I'Il get that snake if it's the last thing I do!" 3, 10 Good to the last drop! MR. LANE BONNEMA Typing I Typing ll Office Practice Accounting General Business "Clear those desks away! I'm comin' in for a landing!" ing QU MR. ROGER GROEN Bible I Bible Il P.E. Beef 8k Swine Production Reformed Doctrine "Goo-goo, da-da." MR. TOM DAY English III Business Math Speech Drama Algebra I "Now, for some REAL cheering!" MR. GORDON VAN ZANTEN English I English I I English IV Government Novels "Bless my hooves, And tickle my ankles, But this magazine Sure is interesting!" y 1 Clap, Clap, Clap your hands. . . Mr. Richard Wright World History Church History Psychology German I Personal Adjustment The annual meeting of the Alaskan reindeer in sub-zero weather. "This work is enough to gag a maggot! ' ff 1 1.1 s ffl' .fs 'Ni :jx ' 5 MN Y. f Q BACK ROW: L. Schelhaas, D. Hansum, R. Nlewenhuis, D. Knool, P. Lieuwen, G. Vander Ley, R. Zylstra, G. Munneke. MIDDLE ROW: D. Niewenhuis, G. Van Vuren, C. Visscher, C. Baas, J. Veurink, L. Hasseler, M. Maas. FRONT ROW: N. De Lange, M. Feenstra, C. De Vries, A. Kuipers, W. Van Zee, L. Hubers. ANNUAL S AF BACK ROW: V. Dyk-Ass't. Ed., G. Van Vuren-Co-editor. FRONT ROW: B. Kuipers-Ass't. Ed. A. Kuipers--Editor. Mr. LeFaber-Advisor. Many hours of hard work are put in to make this annual possible. The Senior Class begins the work by collecting the ads used in the book. From there, the editors and assistants spend many hours assembling the material to make up this Cadet annual of 1974. P' LAI? xi" um . "'95lQqenan111 imH I I Nu, , N ww X ' , ,IM W ww W f4MWfr+ ,... ' W. 'n' ww M ""l,,...,.. .nllllllfim wff::g:1...f . X mmf ..1.V,,' 'Q"1",,wi' -1 Nu Q lv Huh .K , x . 1-,,,-'- U V My ' x 1 ,VW , DRAMA CL B FRONT ROW: L. Mosterd, L. Kuipers, L. Devries, M. J. Hubers, N. Zylstra, B. DeLange, K. Vanden Bos. Vreugdenhil, J. Van Zee, C. Jongejeugd, D. FOURTH ROW: R. Van Zee, K. Krediet, D. Van Niewenhuis, L. Kredit. SECOND ROW: T. Piper, M. Vuren, L. Meyerink, M. Sybesma, R. Kuipers, M. Veurink, V. Dyk, K. Van Vuren, L. I-jubers, G. Vander Nydam, G. Munneke, C. Visscher, A. Kuipers, M. Tuin, L. Meyerink, V. Iverson, K. Jongsma, N. Maas, C. DeVries. LAST ROW: Mr. Day- Advisor, J DeLange, R. Hubers, W. Van Zee. THIRD ROW: T. Kuipers, W. Lefers, P. Lieuwen, R. Zylstra, D. Vander Pol, M. Van Dusseldorp, B. Kuipers, L. Hansum, D. Knoll, M. Maas, G. Vander Ley, C. Baas Hasseler, H. Sprik, R. Zomer, M. Maas, J. Schelhaas, g. Van Vuren, L. Hasseler, J. Veurink. O-1 .J New if "wif H 552, A 'L , 'gjaiv A 4, 'Shy 'S L K l 2 'T' The Thrill of Competition. . . . On January 15, 1974, Mr. Day and the cast and crew mem bers of the play "Death of a Hired Man" competed in the Division IV One-Act Play Contest in Gregory. They were very successful in their efforts as they received a superior rating and were then allowed to compete in the state competition. The State contest was held in Huron with 15 other Class B schools competing. Although our play didn't place, Mr. Day, the cast and the crew members are all to be congratulated on their efforts. Division IV winners Y I Ze-'IT "0ur Town" by Thornton Wilder DCHS Spring Play presented "in-the-roundv PLAY CGMMEN TS ALTHOUGH 235 TOWN SEEMS T0 BE SIMPLY THE STORY OF LIFE IN GRovER's CORNERS, NEw HAMPSHIRE- THROUGH THE COMMENTS CF THE STAGE MANAGER WE REDLIZE THA wHAT IS HAPPENTNG ON STAGE HAS BEEN ANL GTILL IS HAPPENING ALL ovER THE woRLo. THE PLAY lS MEANT NOT TO JUST TELL Us WHAT LIFE IS LIKE IN GRovER'e CoRNERs BUT T0 SHOW Us How WE so OFTEN LOSE AN APPRECIATION FOR PHE LITTLE EVERYDAY EVENTS IN GUR LIVES, IE HAVE APPROACHED THE PLAY WITH A CHRISTIAN POINT OF VIEW AND FOUND THE THSME VERY APPLICABLE TO ouR CHRISTIAN LIVESQ IE HAVE FOUND TH? KEY T0 TRUE Jov AND HAPPINESS IF WE HAVE FOUND CHRISTQ YET WE ALSO LOSE SIGHT OF THIS Jov IF WE FALL INTO oUR CAILY RGUTINEG. IT IS oUR HOPE THAT THROUGH THE PLAY YOU MIGHT GAIN A GREATER APPRECIATION FOR LIFE'G Jovs AN: OPPORTUNITIES T0 LIVE TO Gol's GLoRv, HOMA5 IAY, DIRECTOR ...Que ,ilu .A CHOIR FRONT ROW: T. Piper, M. Veurink, K. Van Vuren, M. Maas, R. Zomer, M. Van Dusseldorp, L. Hassler. SECOND ROW: J. Sybesma, J. Dyk, K. Lieuwen, L. Hansum, K. Jongsma, N. Zylstra, M. Sybesma, M. Maas. THIRD ROW: G. Veenstra, H. Munneke, R. Kuipers, D. Star, M. Nydam, H. Sprik, K. Kredit, C. Visscher. FOURTH ROW: G. Veurink, G. Munneke B. Kuipers, D. Van Vuren, G. Van Vuren, C. Baas, W. Lefers, D. Hansum, R. Zylstra. 7 Director Director First Semester Second Semester FRONT ROW: B. De Lange, G. Vander Tum K Vander Veen C Jongejeugd, J. Van Zee, L. Meyerink, V Iverson SECOND ROW J Hubers, L. Kredit, L. Meyerink, J. Schelhaas FI Hubers L Hubers W Van Zee, V. Dyk. THIRD ROW: K. Sybesma L Sprlk T Van Zee L Hassler, C. De Vries, D. Niewenhuis, A. Kulpers J Veurlnk LAST ROW D. Newenhuis, G. Vander Ley, P. Lieuwen L Moster Dykstra R Van Zee, L. Sprik, L. De Vries, C. Sybesma PIANISTS STANDING: Mary Jo Sybesma, Harriet Sprik, Gay Van Vuren. SEATED: Lynda Hasseler, Mary Lou Van DusseIdorp . 'if A X pri? 47- Q., . yi. if Air, . fl-. . Q? 'it . Liife :Q N -,fif 4 f ' ,g ' V -"3: "T az- fm. A V .1 G 151 1.4 L' f fn 1' ' Mfg 452, . ,fi 1. - X , "5 "2 'Ziff .. , 'Pj' fi --' V111 N00 7 New I-liiiunrl, So. Pak. M335-nh PQ I 1623 FRONT ROW: K. Van Vuren, K. Vander Veen, K. Jongsma, B. Kuipers, R. Hubers, M. Veurink. SECOND ROW: M. Feenstra, D. Niewenhuis, L. Meyerink, L. Kredit, D. Van Vuren, A. Kuipers, G. Van Vuren, BACK ROW: D. Veurink, B. De Lange, H. Sprik, C. Visscher, M. Vreugdenhil, C. Baas, M. Sybesma. ' Max Vreugdenhil - Asst. Editor Mr. Van Zanten - Advisor Clarice Baas - Editor THE DAKOTA STAR Published by the Students of Dakota Christian High School Volume 18 January. 1974 No. 3 - BACK ROW: V. Dyk, J. Veurink, L. Hasseler, K. Kredit, P. Lieuwen. THIRD ROW: V. Iverson, B. Kuipers, G. VanderTuin, L. Hasseler. SECOND ROW: W. Van Zee, L. Hubers, K. Van Vuren, M. VanDusseldorp. FRONT ROW: T. Piper, C. Jongejeugd, J. Van Zee, L. Meyerink. Lois Hasseler-Editor Terri Piper-Asst. Editor MF. Van Zanten-Advisor FUTURE TEA CHER The main activity of the Future Teachers Club this year was going to the grade school during study halls throughout the week. While there, they spent time helping the teachers with various jobs and also working with the students. This gave the members of the club experience in this field and will help them in deciding their career. FRONT ROW: Mr. Wright tAdvisorjg Marjo Feenstrag Bonnie Kuipersg LaVonne Hubersg Wanda Van Zeeg Terri Piper. BACK ROW: Donna Niewenhuisg Marilyn Maasg Denise Van Vureng Clarice Baasg Joyce Veurinkg Arla Kuipersg Gay Van Vuren. FUTURE NURSES FRONT ROW: Vicki Dyk, Nova DeLange, Marjo Feenstra, Meyerink, Char Visscher, Kay Krediet, Mary Jo Sybesma Bonnie Kuipers, LaVonne Hubers, Wanda Van Zee, Terri Joyce Veurink, Arla Kulpers. Piper. BACK ROW: Marilyn Maas, Cindy DeVries, Londa The Future Nurses Club was again kept busy with several activities scheduled throughout the year. Every Saturday the girls took turns candystriping at the Platte and Corsica Nursing Homes. At Christmas time, they made table centerpieces for the Platte Nursing Home. ln the spring they sponsored a tea in the Junior-Senior banquet setting. They also took a few excursions during the year. We would like to express our thanks to Mrs. Jerry Blom and Mrs. Tom Day for being our advisors throughout the year. It was greatly appreciated. PHUTUGRAPH Y CL B The Photography Club was a new club organized this year by Mr. Blom. Its main activities consisted of taking pictures of various school activities and happenings used in this annual and also developing the pictures. STANDING: Darwin Dykstra, Darwin Star, Mr. Blom tAdvisor, Marilyn Maas, Clarice Baas SEATED: Mark Nydam TRAF IC SAFETY CUUNCIL Nyla Zylstra, Brenda DeLange, Marlys Veurink, Mr. Bonnema fAdvisorJ On October 29 and 30, the Traffic Safety Club went to Pierre for the annual Traffic Safety Youth Convention. They attended several lectures on traffic safety and were given suggestions as to what each school can do to make our highways a safer place to be. J X 5?- 'wr Q fi A E1 ,A Ci-ES Q, X A E 4 Q 7 '51 M v- ,. ,. 1 is thehun.: iljlqrasn au. High 3 lfrla -Klllaub. ,Sixth ILE 15 I :Ei as Q EL mfg? ff? V 1735 'A 2 - f - 'ip gffweiwz MQ55, ,N , . E N 5 , Y' .ff x-,,,I.i .. , 'E-25? W 2',5f?e5-Vi! 2' 5' if? . in X K ' x Marjo Gorden Jerry Randy Dan Percy ,E . L Cindy e n Lois Clarice Glenn Joyce Reg When Innocence was D R Donna onn u. LaVonne More Than ,lust A Wanda W0 rd 36 Marilyn Arla Gay Char Secretary: Terri Piper Vice-President: Ron Van Zee President: Denise Van Vuren Treasurer: Wayne Lefers Advisor: M r. Day Vicki Dyk Allan Dykstra Kay Kredit Bonnie Kuipers John Kuipers Wayne Lefers Eugene Brondsema Ron Brummel Londa Meyerlnk Dennis Newenhuls Terri Piper Larry Sprik Loren Sprik Keith Sybesma iii? Ron Van Zee Terry Van Zee Gordon Veurink Max Vreugdenhil Mary Jo Sybesma Denise Van Vuren OPHO ORE Secretary: TI'6aSUl'eI'Z Harriet Sprik Marsha Maas Advisor: Nl I'. Van Zaniefl President: Dean Severson Delwin Feenstra Jill Hubers Rosemarie Hubers Karen Jongsma DeWayne Kaeminqk Lois Kredil LeeRoy Kuipers Ray Kuipers 40 Vice President: Marlin Maas John Buitenbos Julie Bultsma Brenda DeLange Lowell Devries Percy Dykshorn Darwin Dykstra 'Vw FRE HME Arnold Brondsema James De Lange President: Mark Veurink Vice President: Randy Van Zee Treasurer: Gary Van Zee Secretary: Ken Lieuwen Jeff Dyk Advisor: Mr. Wright De Wayne Dykstra Larry Hansum easy Lf ef Lynda Hasseler Vicki Iverson Carmen Jongejegd Calvin Kuipers Mary Lou Van Dusseldorp Karla Van Vuren Doug Van Zee Gary Van Zee Joann Van Zee Randy Van Zee Mark Veurink Wayne Veurink Jon Sybesma Duane Vander Tuin Gloria Vander Tuin Mark Kuipers Ken Lieuwen Laura Meyerink Duane Severson if -mdk, 4 1 'il -X Q gg ws W. x ,... k ,g f .2- .V I '11 fy I M25 f..X.,5 , - fig? tk '3 ' - Y 'wk r .. zz ,: . K I' LQ? , Ag W5 4 ,-fi , Qi Y? x'f: . 5 ,K-A 125' 2, Rr 3, Q fl W wifi Randy Niewenhuis Flon Brummel Dennis Niewenhuis Allan Dykstra Marlin Maas Percy Lieuwen Donn Hansum Delwyn Feenstra Lowell Devries Coach Mr Groen OPPONENTS WE THEY Freeman Academy Kimball Sunshine Bible Stickney Delmont Avon Hanson County Fairfax Delmont Andes Central Bonesteel Plankinton Geddes White Lake Mount Vernon Colome Marty Mission Freeman Academy Corsica White Lake CADET POWER E! x A '1 nl .1 JQJLQZ '-Num V. ,. .. wr: A 717 if 4-x .r , 1 .AV A is . H 05:9 'aff K- P -.gn-ullll tsl nu KX I ll Y. sg, in 2.3 .v A 4 P s Q 2 'N-MM5 sg 'N ind' un- T AM ACTIO fp 1. CHEERLEADERS A- TEAM B- TEAM Rosemarie Hubers Jill Hubers Marlys Veurink Lois Kredit Gay Van Vuren Brenda DeLange Char Visscher Joan Van Zee 14 :f X if A '5 x fs. , ml V, S ,.., .. L, R M 1 .vZ.1Sii5f:e5f!- ,, , wi 4 Je. 'R 1 -' seg, N S126 You See the Strangest Things at a CADE T Game! LETTERMA ,S CL B BACK ROW: L. De Vries, L. Schelhaas, D. ROW: R. Kuipers, R. Van Zee, D. Severson, R Knoll, M. Maas, D. Niewenhuis, D. Hansum, Niewenhuis, P. Lieuwen, M. Vreugdenhil, A. R. Zylstra, M. Nydam, D. Feenstra. FRONT Dykstrag K. Sybesma. CROSS COUNTRY BACK ROW: D. Vander Pol, L. Schelhaas, R. M. Kuipers, D. Severson, R. Kuipers, D. Star, Zylstra, P. Lieuwen, L. De Vries. FRONT ROW: J. De Lange. Q 3? '?":? BOY'S TRACK The DCHS boys' Track team was very active again this year. They participated in many track meets and did very well. Many track records Lieuwen, Ft. Zylstra, L. Schelhaas, A. Dykstra, J. were also broken 3YbeSm3- throughout the year. Three guys were able to compete in the State competition in Rapid City. Etandy N. competed in the broad jump and triple jumpg Lu S. in the pole vault and,Allan D. in the shot put. Randy N. placed 2nd in the triple jump with a 42'6" jump and 5th in the broad jump. Liu S. placed 6th in the pole vault clearing 11'. We are very proud of our track team for the great job they did throughout the year. They deserve a lot of credit for all their hard work and determination. Congratulations to all of them! t vtats 2 X 3 6 ' . av f 5 X 5 P . jim T, i 7 tv h' fi Y V, v LK ,LV aku, A .4 t. .X . , . .. fa... fi X' 'T Back Row: M. Van Dusseldorp, M. Veurink, N. DeLange, C. Visscher, L. Hasseler, G. Vander Tuin, B. DeLange, L. Kredit, K. Vander Veen Front Row: L. Meyerink, K. Van Vuren, L. Hasseler, C. Jongejeugd, J. Van Zee, V. Iverson, J. Hubers. Not Pictured: Fl. Hubers. Back Row: L. Kuipers, Ft. Kuipers, M. Nydam, Fl. VAn Zee, M. Maas, L. Sprik, M. Vreugdenhil, K. Sybesma, L. Sprik, K. Lieuwen, Coach Groen. Front Row: D. Severson, J. DeLange, D. Hansum, Ft. Niewenhuis, P. aim., A f . ...I-.fx - X rl, GIRL 'S TRACK This past year was the first year DCHS had a really active girl's track team coached by Mr. Blom. They attended several track meets and set up many track records. Each one put in a lot of dedicated work to make us proud of our girl's track team. Congratulations, girls! lil 'N' X-ref? iid 3 C t 5. if . -,- 1 . J , 1'F" f 3 5if2'5""" ' W 5 ,gf ,J..,. .1 . ' y A X , f ' f ii Mm: 1 . "N oyx, cosy' J 3'-48 c e ' f ' M uf f,,gY .4 Q if W. ,-51 ,yy , we ,, ,-,,y. f:eafasf,ggi Im 5 an :1:ynavgmg4s2fff1Z,,fQj"2 ,vga .K , . C 0 0 , 'rmmm X Z 2 by .A " , ,Q lp., .w,f.ffs2fL- 'X' '4' ' , 5 if 1 ,fb .M .f'L:,i':?f' , - mn' :W - ' ' , ... I ' . ' , Q " P! J- M gt 'Q-' "W 1 9523 ,, 4' . .MJ nr , af. wi' We i Q iAg ' ,'?' 0 .14 E x x !Qfli?k?11'a!54W -wt if E E .2 1,5 five! gf V, ,W ,,,..--""0' X V Q if Mmzm ,, nw. A R ,ggw 4' Ee Z QQMW CLASS OF 1974 GRADUATES M sy w , ,g . T, . , ,, .A A , 1' 4 QQ, 'K ' ' eff? S A Class Motto - Our Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God. Class Text- Commit Thy Way Unto The Lordg Trust Also In Himg And He Shall Brint lt To Pass. Psalms 37:5 Class Colors - Sapphire Blue and Lime Green. Class Flowers - Roses and Mums. Q 'gf 5 f vwx Rx '10 4? gf X-43 ,,A fy' 'r A, A I , --...........,..,, fix 13' ,xxx NN P ,X A 4 "Tell me it's not my body you crave! "This frog for you." .aa P l "Ring around the armpit." "Hey, I think we lost part of o "oh, Wayne!" "Work harder girls 1 fi, ur herd!" ui... But-but-b "How CSF! YOU smile with chicken QFSBSG in ygur mustache?" "Midnight at the oasis..." I 3 Coffee beans- cha-cha-cha Really, Harriet. . . -photo by Darwin lMiss Photogenic1974l I-okay, who plugged the net in?-- "Allan, Allan, Wherefore l'll fake lhem all out with my famous feline flingshotf' "They'Il never find us in here." afl, ' ' f'5'l'wlx: Sug-"chest"-ive art thou?" "They don't call me pole for nothin." . Tha-tha-tha-that's all folks! WE WILL MISS .... is Eh if48Yi.,-5 ,V V . . .Noon Minutes . . .Senior girls Christmas . . ."Toughie Hot-Lips Hubers" tree . .the root of all rumors ,, ,FRIENDS ,nr 4:3241 i V ' 1 7 Q.. Pg.: A7 -7 , 1 3 fig., 4 " 5 T, Av V i Q' M iii -.1 5 m, . t'There is a right time for everything: Atimeto be born, Atimetodief f Atimetocryp Q Atime to Iaughg ' Atimetofind, Atimetoloseiig Atimeto be quiet, Atirneto speak upg W ' Vt A time for loving, Atime for hatingq Atitpejor war, Attimefor peace. t 1, M., it W5 ':g5ii'l'f2i3t4 -. ,, 37 it .. -ZW 5 L t i .Wg W 9 u tg,A 'H , X.. 'lv 2 AQ ' at,- Whu- J ,, -v ' nw, . LQ So I saw that there is nothing better for men than that they should be happy in their work, for that is what theyzare here for, and no one caribring them back to life to what wilt be in the letfthem enjoy it C if' B MSHA! Q. I if K I, 'fi :tw ' e .44 tix ,," 1 2, 6, f. is pix, 'za ' .1' L, , :mg , idx. Am My -. Ci i'-Wifll ioiiil? W 7, MLITL W' Ji We want to thank all the businesses who bought ads or contributed to help make this annual possible. CLASS OF 1974 KREDIT FORD SALES x Mercury Ford Trucks-Texaco Products Your Transportation Headquarters R 1 PLATTE LIVESTOCK AUCTION Sale Every Wednesday Home of Country Fresh Cattle Phone 337 3531 or 337 9000 Owners and Mgrs Harley Van Horssen 243 5325 Vernell Qualm 337 3289 I I I I I I I 1 .- -1 I I , 1 1 f I ..- -. , I I I I I I xxxxxx Plumbing and Heating Platte S. Dak. 337-3346 Building a better way to see the U.S.A OUALM-VAN ZEE CHEVROLET Gene or Allen Phone 337-3571 Platte, S. Dak. Platte S. Dak. ' 1 f I f 1 1 1 s'rnANo's HARDWARE f 1 I I I i I 1 I I I I I I I I I PLATTE BODY SHOP Complete Body and Fender Repair Vic Kayser - Owner Front End Alignment- Glass Installed Phone 337-3552 Platte S. Dak. 57369 SLATE DRUG Prescriptions at Big Savings Watch Repair and Jewelry Richard and Mary Ellen Feiok Phone 337-3662 Platte S. Dak. I I I I I I I I I 1 I I xxxxxxxxx I I I I I I I I I 1 1 Sv-QISKSQ International Harvester Sales 8t Service Farm Equipment Motor Truck S X S iuulunum IIIIVISIEI MENNING IMPLEMENT Corsica, S. Dak. Sld 8. Ed Phone 946-5415 Q'-QXSKSQ FARMERS ELEVATOR Jack Evans Manager Platte S. Dak. Phone 337-3962 LEE A. TAPPE Law Office Box 667 4th and Main Platte S. Dak. I 1 , 1 I 1 f 1 ! 1 l 1 1 I 1 I 1 i 1 1 I 1 ! 1 X 1 f 1 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 f 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 f I 1 I 1 0 J -SMB-'SX - I f NATIONAL BANK , OF ' sour:-i oAKo'rA ' I Platte Branch ' I 1 ' Member F.D.l.C. ' I 1 Phone 337-3331 ' I 1 , 2 I 1 ' Compliments of 1 I ' DR. JOHN T. STEKLY Optometrist -V1 , 1 1 Phone 337-2120 ' Platte, S. Dak. ' I 1 l 1 Q w-m . s CORSICA CO OP ASSOCIATION Gas-Oil-Grease Hardware-Batteries Feed-Seed-Fertilizers Tires-Home Appliances Farm-Equipment Bulk Deliveries-L.P. Gas You Are Always Welcome At Your Co-op Buy And Sell The Co-op Way NEW HOLLAND GARAGE Supplies AutomotlveService Weldino Cornelius Lieuwen Phone New Holland 243 5133 S Dak OVERWEG HARDWARE Hardware 8t Appliances Maytag Phone 243 5132 New Holland, S Dak bulk fertilizer spreading and soil sampling Phone 946-5453 Corsica S. Dak. OVERWEG GROCERY 81 FEED Nutrena Feeds On The Farm Grinding New Holland S. Dak. Phone 243-5431 DE LANGE REPAIR Official Inspection Station I Welding-Supplies , Automotive Flepair , I Phone New Holland 1 243-5243 S. Dak. 1 I X X X X X X X X X X N X X X X X X X X X X X XNXX X X X X X X X X X X X X, I - I I I I I I ' 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I Junior Noteboom-Manager can Us for liquid and 1 I I I I , I I 'Q-P X x x x x x x x 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I Y 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I I I 1 I 1 I I I I I I I ,., 1 1 1 1 .- . .- .V 1 I' 1 1 1 -' .. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 nu f FQWBXSK '- 'S' KSMQXQ-I 45' 16 NATIONAL BANK OF SOUTH DAKOTA Corsica, S. Dak. 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