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vw undo'--4' 1'-f f -fwy .. .,. ., zwq, if . UF' - Vx FK Q I 1 V'-an ' 'K a.. 4. r L5 , :Q 3: " .' n 'Af'-an Q 1: 4 ' a ' x 'u 1 . 5. .V 9 7 1" ,fi si' 1 AY 'X 'n .-Q x fha Granger 1953 'fi' Ti Guffer Gfcagemy B05 G?lZq6!65 . Chem Wilh Chrisf os The Master Archifecf, ond The Bible as our blue-prinf, we build our lives. 1 x Q H ' nl U 1 r X1 Q? 4 Q 3 'Q l 2 I E 1 L e 5 2 5 3 To Mr. Osborne As 'mid God's handiwork you Toil From endless day To day, Somehow we've felT The power of Your Thoughtful, selfless way, IT's noT so much The Things you say, IT's more The life you liveg WiThouT complaining or regreT Your all you humbly give. And as we guide our feeble bark Upon The seas of life, We'Il IifT our eyes and see your face Amid Turmoil and sfrife. Then we will hold more firmly To The MasTer's mighTy handy And Though a Thousand breakers roar, We'll firmly Take our sTand. The Things ThaT you have done for us We never can repay, YeT we would show our grafifude To you in some small way. And so To you This volume we Have proudly deolicafed, WiTh prayer ThaT our lives, Too, may be CompleTely consecraTecl. 5 2 i Z G 4 ff 3 I ! W 'w Q 1 1 33 H: I l I 4 6LCLL!fy THE Tools Each fool its duty doth perform When wielded by The Master hand ln skilful woy each port is mode When yielded To The Master plon. oar of Crusfees . . . MR. BROWN MISS CULTER MR. DICKSON MR. WILSON President Vice-President Vice-President Secretary MR. SEVERANCE MR. ARNEBERGH ,, MR. WALKER MR. VISSER 4 Qgrirzcipa 5 gjr-esiJe1zi MISS CULTER MISS REEVE, SENIOR HIGH "II MRS. DO RN, ELEMENTARY MRS. MYERS, JUNIOR HIGH i Miss Bauman Miss Boggs Mr. Brougham Mrs. Douse Mr. Hanks Mr. King Dr. Parker Miss Pinkerton Miss Thiessen Mr. Thompson Mrs. Thompson gacuffy . . . ri? E i i' Mrs. West Miss Wolfe Mrs. Dills Mrs. Hc1wTl'1orn Miss Jones Mrs. Kendall I E Miss Myrick Mrs. Chamberlain Mr. Friesen ' Mrs. Friesen i Sfajpjp . . . Mr. Mace Mr. McMillan Mr. Osborne Mr. Kroeker Mrs. Reeve Miss Sfevens Mrs. Williams ' Mr, Wallace iii? 3, 29- ,N gg- ,X Y, ' ' k , - X-.jcf 'S -1-if . 4' -5 K. K X'4'iQh- 1 Q A Y Y Tia g. ' ERR Mfsfiremg 5 'ix Q Nea x -sg, S , ix .X 2 'wa Y li- Aggbwggj .Q X ' xy --skvv nga- - -X FQ' f ' - ,, 'I . X - in :x.sI'53i'g ' 5 M-fxyys . 'P D -S Q xgx Q. -M A X Q23 K X 5 , x 7 V Y . e , x K , Q A XX q , 5f,5. N ggi f 1rfN 'f xx 3 '- xxx-X 1 xx 'f' '- 'NX N , Mw"""'M M,-ff' ,W-wfj""'W Cflfemezzfary . . . The Foundation Unnoticed by the passing throng Significant creation, Ear in its strength we raise aloft A soul, a man, a nation. Jlirsf m 6 KNEELING: Douglas Humpnwy, STANDING: Kate Roxby, Rusty Duncan Scantlebury, Laurie Johnson ' "-"-f Peter llling, Bobby "ff-L Dndaalskas of 1114 WP' ACK ROW- Clark Goinor, r-....,. I hoin, Sherry Venn, ' WWW B . FRONT ROW: Charles Obenc 2 , Dorothy Visser STANDING: Edith Edwards, Samara Gili KNEELING: John Hotchkiss, Bobby Shoub Su v....,, V 7 66012 Q 6 CAM 1--7 Ke 46... STANDING: Frances Regier, Robert Keirn, Shirlee Ste KNEELINGZ Ricky Friedrneyer, Stephen Emerson ntfield, Steven Litly, Evangeline Erny Ymef ' '- Wflwnrds I A H11 lf!" imwwa' li ,gil E i E 5 S 2 E 5 1 l X STANDlNG: Sammy Durant, Waller Strader, Caryn Dirks, Denise Nord STANDlNG: Linda Carver, Ruth Davis, Ro SlTTlNG: Bobby Hill, Robert Alseth ourill m 6 bert Gilberl in, Tommy Mays KN EEUNG: David Ka nouse, Richard Peay, Dean Junior 'A"1!"""l 'J ,,,..--4, Jifflz Q i 6.,, STANDlNG: Mary Ellen Carlson, Miriam Corwin, Dick A V Judith Carver, Lorna Gillan KNEELINGQ David Emerson, Michael illing, Dennis Ostrom A Neal Visser illy all 2,-,E 1 V rne Gwin Kenneth Friesen, Elsion Hill. Williams, Paulina Ponio, Tommy Tommy Coe, La e , d' e Gilbert, Helen bold? Dicky Chase, na Smith, Geral in BACK ROW: Loren Stay , FRONT ROW: Michael O'Neill, Roger Williams, Don Humphrey, Samuel Minturn. dams, W V wwsmxg e s STANDlNG: Gregory Holt, Joy Turmoine, Juuy ..,,- KNEEUNG: Ned Elder, Billy Keyes, James Olson, Bob Flcig, Wesley r "P ll'li'1Fl' -'MH' ckie, Marilyn Visser, ovis, Beverly Lo STANDlNG: Dorothy D ' Jock Blakely April Bowe 'ter, David Giesler, NG: Henry DeRui KNEEU Sixfk Q 6 L 1 Q 1 I 4 5 5 v 1 4 1 5 1 4 M Z v 4 1 7' lg l s K 1 K 'J 5 , 'Q E i C L Y. Y, A i 1 W Q. C W A I I 1 ll ? 5 J i 1? i 4 . ii 3 i X X 2 1 Z 4 1 , ' i 5, 2 , E A, V Q ., fkbzderqarien SITTING: Peggy Sandvig, Carl Dorschner, Mrs. Olive Sandvig, Billy Marques, Ronnie Sandvig STANDING: Denise Mann, Robert Burdick, Cindy Thompson, Billy Allen, Kathy Thompson we Ong alley FIRST ROW: Jamee Jordan, Dean Sandvig, Mrs. Mary Chase, Janet Hyslop, Sherrie Smith SECOND ROW: Sharon Conti, Patsy Tennis, Jeanine Bradley, Rifa Sanders. THIRD ROW: Sharon Quinn, Bruce Botton, Kathy Stebbins, Gregg Sheard gfdgei W0 QHJ 6-ILTZZ FIRST ROW: Carol Rohlfsen, Sylvia Ross, Mrs. Lundh, Gary Hyslop SECOND ROW: Patty Turner, Filamena Penzanti, Lance DeCamp, Janet Hamilton, Robin Chamberlin, Bobby Weigel THIRD ROW: Parker Sullivan, Sandra Allen, Gerald Jackson, Kirsten Lundh, Karen Nelson Suffer QFKIJBS our, ive, anJ Six Miss Harlan, Second Semester FIRST ROW: Clark Nelson, Justine Jackson, Mrs. Bergen, Scott Noblitt, Patricia Neeper SECOND ROW: Terry Smith, Donna Sandvig, Michalann Lundh, David Rimmer 3 . W I , 1 4 f 4 1 1 6 4 ii 3 Q i e r Luzior gfiq . . . The Framework So small at first, so weak it seems But yet it slowly rises high Until, amid the diniof life, It fills its place against the sky. STANDtNG: Phy ' ' ketson, Sherrit evepzfk oryltys Dougherty ths Hatchkiss, Martorie Morgan, Donna Booth, Am t Thatcher, Frances Nordin, Sharon Cartson KNEEUNG: Jocquehne Mnc Roe Ann Elterby, Caro 'H Harriet Hudson, Carot Preedy, k Hooker Salty O'Ner , Kelty, Chun: ST ANDINGL Cutter, Delbert Pearson tyn . - b Moffitt, Tom KNEEUNG . Bo Bucktes, Larry l'6Lg. dwdaii l DlNG1 Treva Satlerthwaile, Deanna Joneg, Doroi STAN Stackhouse KNEEUNG1 Donald Gibson, Ezra Nlinlurn KYNFR.-f FlRST ROW: Don Nlarvin, Paul Olson, Paul Lawson, Phil Brown, Bill Levings SECOND ROW: James Nakada, Joy Deeler, Freida Daniell, Eddie Chandler, Dorine Droste, David Vann Roy Allen Patricia Arnebergh Lovera Black Bruce Harbold CC ' ML Bill Brown Carol Chamberlain Leon Clutterham Beatrice Crumpton Robert Mendoza Betty Jo Darby Gordon Davis Paul DeSaegher Ralph Bowman Donna Edwards Laurens Edwards Anna Eisele Marlene Eisele ITLE... r Margaret Evans Kay Geddes Gordon Nlelsen Mary Giesler Bernard Gomez Barbara Hane Daniel Hassenpflug Dick Humphrey Lavona Jackson Dennis Kiefer David Kneeling Elaine Olson Linnea Olson Paul Lamberfon Connie Ludwig Allen Mason Margo McDonalol Marilyn McDowell Shirley Morgan David Oefrom Muriel Packa rd Barbara Parclue Kathleen Rice Mary Eleanor Rough Cecilia Sandahl Mary Jane Savage James Shuemaker Ma rion Scott Floyd Sfansfield 'Donald Churchwell Charles Will lrene Purdy Walter Thomas Guffer Ghrolzic e MONDAY, MARCH 16, 1957 Vol. 4, No. 30 Five Cents Sec. 1, Page 1 TH E DOCTOR'S BAG Physicians are still puzzled by the strange case of BETTY JO DARBY who hasn't said a word in ten years. This phenomenon, DR. GORDON DAVIS says, is pos- sibly due to the fact that her tongue is badly in need of a retread. IVORY CAVERNS All the fellows were iealous of DENNIS KIEFER be- cause he knew the deep, dark secret of the twins, LINNEA and E'LAINE OLSON. On pumping him they de- tected the secret. Deep in the caverns of ivory LINNEA had a gold filling. TOO MUCH KNOWLEDGE The strange and sudden blast which occured at the Super Duper gas station was caused by the hydrogen which was put, into a customer's tires. PAUL DE SAEGHER, the station attendant, thougt that hydrogen would make the tires last longer than regular air. ARNEBERGH INVENTS ARNEBERGHER While puttering around in her uncle's restaurant, PAT ARNEBERGH, the genius cook, came upon the long lost secret of how to make an arnebergher. This dis- covery has opened up a vast new realm of cooking. Recently PAT reluctantly revealed the ingredients of the delicious arnebergher to the Pure Foods and Drug Commission, They were as follows: 3 cups of horse meat 3 beetles' wings 4 gray hairs 5 tbsp. groundhogs' toenails 5 strips of sandpaper for texture Boil 2 hours and serve between sesame seed buns Good luck, PAT, in your new enterprisel OSTROM'S OSTRICH ROAD WORKS We hire out ostriches to dig any kind of ditch. Guaranteed to work better than any mechanical device. FOR SALE: '32 Ford coupe in good running condition if you run with it. See BRUCE HARBOLD, owner, or call YZ 1009. A SURPRISING CATCH A group of young people went on a fishing party. Among the group were ROBERT MENDOZA, LOVERA BLACK, BEATRICE CRUMPTON, DONALD Cl-IURCHWELL, DICK HUMPHREY and CHARLES WILL. They were right in the middle of a school of fish and were having a great time when CHARLES was pulled overboard by the tugging on the end of the line. When they finally fished him out, LOVERA'S line was hooked to the seat of his pants. PILOT ALLEN IMPRISONED ROY ALLEN was sentenced to 89 days in iail by Judge LAURENS EDWARDS of the Student Council for flying through a red light in his Super-Jet Rocket Plane. ALLEN claimed that this mishap was due to the distraction caused by his attractive companion, CAROL CHAMBERLAIN. Judge EDWARDS could not be reached for a statement as he was indulging in his favorite past time of reading the dictionary. SERIOUS AFTER AFFECTS BOBBY HANE met with a tragic yet profitable acci- dent on Friday the 13. She was walking home from school when a builder dropped a plank three stories down and really fixed her good. This had strange effects upon her. Much to her amazement she found that she had a real ability in spelling. LOST by BARBARA PARDUE one beautiful set of brains before final exams. Found the following Monday tucked neatly under her books. MR. THOMAS TO DISPLAY PRIZE WINNING SCOTTY Mr. THOMAS has kindly consented to display his prize winning scotty dog at the Shrine Auditorium this Thursday the 19th. MARION, the dog, has well groomed ears that stand erect and long black stripes running down her back. Mr. THOMAS, the proud owner, will put MARION through her tricks which include balan- cing a ball on her nose, writing her name, and adding up one and one. Be sure to be at the Shrine on Thurs- day to see this remarkable canine. MC DOWELL DISPLAYS GEM AS KNEELING BLUSHES Recently MARILYN MC DOWELL came to school wear- ing what from all appearances was an engagement ring. Whether this is real or a dime store purchase has not been determined. An interesting side light is that lately DAVID KNEELING has been turning 3 or 4 dif- ferent shades of red upon mention of MARlLYN'S name. lt is also rumored that DAVID was caught kneeling before MARILYN on the campus last Wednesday. STRANGE AND QUEER NOISES KAY GEDDES, who was formerly a pianist, decided to try somthing new. She has started a band of five instruments. The EISELE sisters had an argument over who would be the clean combist. Since ANNA was the older, she was given the privilege of playing the clean comb and MARLENE was left with the dirty one. The washboard player is DANNY HASISENPFLUG. MARY GIESLER plays the saw excellently. The Jew's harp is played by PAUL LAMBERTON. We can't say much for their harmony, but they produce very unusual music. NEWS FLASH Due to a CHRONICLE staff party RALPH BOWMAN, our editor, overslept and did not write an editorial. In haste he phoned COME AND GET IT MART for an ad for that space. For the sports column GORDON NEILSEN featured the fishy hook story. BERNIE GOMEZ reported on the twins' secret. MARY ELEANOR ROUGH, DONNA EDWARDS, and MARY JANE SAVAGE, very much in a dither, threw the rest of the paper together. Better luck next time. PORTRAIT? In a recent art exhibit we noticed a portrait done in oils by MARGARET EVANS. As we looked closely it bore a faint resemblance to LEON CLUTTERHAM THE MYSTERY OF WATCHOUT AVE. The people of Watchout Avenue were in much dis- tress this morning, because water was rising around their homes. On hunting for the source they found that the water came from beneath the home of the SHUEMAKERS. Much to their amazement they cliscov- ered JAMES trying to intercept the flow of his bubble gum clown the drain. STANSFIELD's Soups Stansfield's Soups hit the spat. Sure to make your ulcers rot. Lots more value, cheaper too, Stansfield's Soup will eat a hole in you. 5c a pk. COME AND GET IT MART Win a PACKARD T. V. Finish this riddle l like MORGAN'S RICE Because it has spice BROWN'S Bunion Pads Quick Relief with much Belief Buy them, try them, prove them 5Oc a pk. PURDY Dresses Plaids for the skinny Stripes for the plump 52.00 each MASON's Jars Don't get yourself in a iam. Use Mason Jars. Guaranteed not to crack unless submitted to high pressure. LUD's WlGs Brown, Black, Blonde, Red Original Horse Hair Straight - 51.00 Curly - 52.00 MC DONALD's Candies Completely non-fat'ning 51.00 lb. .lACKSON's SANDAHLS Cheapest in Town Big Bargain - 2 straps and a sole 51.00 a dozen V .... 1 --1 1 -5 Z J Q 1 i if l u x 1 1 S S 1 1 1 a I I 1 I 'n 5 E A . 1 l , X 1 1 I S Q 3245 X QW WV wi 4 film A if 3 ,www FS? ff' ff Q 9 as 5 fg , W "W Q li M wkx my 3 :sf 2 W 05 U'- Sl' 4 1 Z' vw 1: wa 2? X, fl' -xv ,Q Q TQ 'ffm '55-Ex 2iigngesfgigigiz2215215332 Qiiig 7 L, f ' f ' f 7?f31i3? 55? 1551 A I-2, I Y f 2 ' +1 r -: 'w1f4F2'212?f' ' QW ' 'Wi .. :::'if'z2 Vw WW ,f 2 , f.. .. .Vx .- . - , - 7 nf . .ujgigf .:::::.h: ,- , - ' : .gs ' 1 A .. 'fi - M h WCA' 57 . ' , ' , Nfwiggf uf K' --,..:1..1Qff"Z1' 1 f' ., " M ,.:.1,.:ZA.:,,, , . 4 V gi, '12, 9: 7573, f .- nil - N MA M 4. nee' -- .... . 1 , , i?2i?i"'?qgM ' 4 R 7' ' N 2352 my ' ' ,g1Qfz':'i. dliigj .. iq:-27-1 -pw' .-sf: -gain 'V' 'f awgafrwagzg Q53 ' -1 .. , .ztzsfilggszz anim, f 1 V 1?-555' 375 'flq2i'z H mm ' Yfiflc fc :, fzlieilzwf Q, ' ez 1fi32?iL:i2?2, ZQSZZSSLM. 'lqzfgg' Q, 2133523 Ni',Q5gfQz,1m ,f :N l ,. H N - gf, , YQNSSQWE M505-":"'g pB'EH1 f2" : A 112 , Www i,,,A if elzior gfiq . . . The Roof Amid life's woes ond dolly cores A The soul would 'neoth Thy girders resfg And in Thy sheltering comfort find A sfrengfh Tho? broves life's solemn Test I' 65 A172612 fjqC6l'5 FALL FIRST ROW: Marilyn Sporswood, Marleen . McPherson, James Elliott SECOND ROW: Janeice Brown, Ken Hammer, Bob Chamberlain SPRING FIRST ROW: Rufh Walter, Judy Browning, Beverly Booth, Ronnie Bridston SECOND ROW: Ronnie Talley, Poul Mimurn SPONSORS Miss Wolfe and Mrs. Chamberlain FIRST ROW: Paul Minturn, Blossom Clay, Ruth Walter SECOND ROW: Linda Smith, Wanda Gilbert, Lavinia Guntle, Sandra Eytchison. THIRD ROW: Ralph Larsen, Byron Bourman, Grant Morgan, Bob Chamberlain, James Elliott FlRST ROW: Warren Johnson, Ricky Brown, Ronald Bridston, Bill LGdCl, Kennefh l'lClmmel', R0beI'T Purdy, Llllhef l'lGdleY SECOND ROW: Ronald Talley, Sharon McMichael, Beverly Booth, Judy Browning, Marilyn Spotswood, Helen Satterthwaite, John Pearson THlRD ROW: Carol De Saegher, Marilyn McPherson, Judy LawrenCe, Janeice Brown, Carol Sams, Carmellia Smith SOPIZOWZOVES . . . 16466115 SPONSORS FALL Mr, Wallace and Mrs, Douse STANDING: Ruth Gomez, Rhoda Blackie, Cheryl West KNEELING: Bob Corwin, Jim Chose, Sion Horrocks SPRING STANDING: Bortci Drosie, Rhoda Blackie, Grace Preedy, Paul Grunt KNEELING: Neil Hclrnsberger, Victor Gomery KNEELING: Sion Horrocks, John Wood, Paul Grant, Joe Myrick, Bob Corwin, David Moore STANDING: Sandra Button, Joyce Ludwig, Grace Preedy, Rhoda Blackie, Elizabeth Skag- lund, Sheila Roodzanf, Marilyn Farnsworth, Pat Donhowe, Barra Drosfe, Sydney Scott wziors . . . FALL FIRST ROW: Susan Harper, Dawn Clutferham, Charlotte Mullen SECOND ROW: Alvin Minfurn, Barbara Rasmussen, Lincoln Beals HQCEVS SPONSORS Miss Culter and Mrs. West SPRING FIRST ROW: Alvin Minfurn, Dawn Clutter- ham, JoAnn Starr SECOND ROW: Larry Monk, Terry Brown, Georgia Hadley lAbsenfl FIRST ROW: John Molloy, Ardala Teigs, Georgia Hadley, Virginia Brooks, Susan Harper, Barbara Ross- mussen, Alvin Minturn ' SECOND ROW: Pat Ladhoff, Gale Debski, Larry Monk, Lincoln Beals, David Chase, JoAnn Starr FIRST ROW: Bonnie Gillun, Doris Graf, Claire Ohlinger, Philippa Treweek SECOND ROW: Fred Thatcher, Donna Williams, Charlotte Mullen, Dawn Clutterhom, Lona Fredeen, Spen ' cer Paulson QQ 31 as N x W Q 13. I h ,Q I Q 5 ' -1 gs 3 " in ' A W 'If.,IQ.IE 5' S, ..s. lrih, wmv H - 2 fi: 'R' 3.2 ,Z -. Q iii? B115 HELQRJS BMT eniors . . . SPONSORS Mr. King and Miss Reeve CLASS VERSE For This God is our God for ever ond ever: He will be our guide even unfo oleofh. Psolm 48:14 Ed Erny, President FIRST ROW: Colvin Molcor, Joe Trcibucco, Donna Wilson. SECOND ROW: Jonice Dundas, Kathleen Littlefield Tahari .mean Gflaams I have set the Lora? alwayf hefore me: hecanfe He if at my right hand, I :hall not he moved. Pxalm 16:8 gage Gfrnzsfronq H emnst increase, hut I mnft decrease. john 3:30 676ll'0hyIZIZ .Mdy 6?I2JI'6W5 Let no man despite thy youthg hat he thou an example of the heliererx, in word, in conver- fation, in charity, in fpirit, in faith, in purity. I Timothy 4:12 .momzla Blakeman God if our refuge and Jtreugth, a very prefent help in trouhle. Psalm 46:1 .TWH joyer For whatsoever if horn of God overcometh the world: and thi! if the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. I john 5:4 .Margaret .Blackstone I eau do all thing! through Christ which .ftrengtheneth me. Philippiam 4:13 Mdfy T055 jfydll But in .all things approving ouryelves ax the minifters of God. . . II C orintlaian: 6:4 Harvey Jam And whatxoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord fexux, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him. C olosxians 3:1 7 Gffice jason . . . Lord, what will thou have me to do? Act! 9:6 mich jrowninq Blessed are they that keep His testimonies, and that seek Him with the whole heart. Psalm 119.'2 .marine grosz 4 He mast increase, hat I mast decrease. john 3.-30 Janice Qundas According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall he ashamed, hut that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall he magnified in my hody, whether it he hy life, or hy death. Philippians 1:20 4 Glldl' 165 J Goe Serve Him with a perfect heart and with a will- ing mind: for the Lord .vearcheth all hearty. gfohhs .Qecher I C hronicl ex 28:9 I can do all thing: through Chrift which Jtrengtheneth me. e Philippiam' 4.-13 Garole Zfvozzne gfczines . . . the life which I now live in the flexh I live hy the faith of the Son of God, who lovecl me and gave Hirnxelf for me. Galatians 2.'20 .Mary .Eucille gferberf Tbat I may know Him, ana' tbe power of His rexurrection, and lbe fellowxbip of Hi: :affer- ingf, being made conformable unto His deatb. Pbilippians 3:10 .Eeila Cglaine gfoffman I will say of tbe Lord, He if my refuge and my fortre.f.r: my Gaily in Him will I triift. 1 Psalm 91:2 aiwara amy Trim? in tbe Lord with all tbine beart, and lean'n0t zinto tbine own unilerxtaniling. Proverb: 3:5 .Marion gfofchhiss Let the words of my month, and the meditation of my heart, he acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my, redeemer. Psalm 19:14 Garolyn jeufh Jacohs But He knoweth the way that I take and when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold. job 23:10 .Eeroy Qrani With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men: Ephesians 6:7 jfirh grwin I prefs toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of Goal in Chriyt jesuf. Philippianf 3:14 .Zerfha Johnson Let no man tlefpire thy yonthg hut he thou an example of the helieoerf, in word, in con- versation, in charity, in Jpirit, in faith, in purity. I Timothy 4:12 Sonja Janssen That I may know Him, and the power of His refnrrection, and the fellowfhip of Hif Jztffer- ings, being made conformable unto Hix death. Philippians 3.-zo ikuflz gfurhowshe I pref! toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Chrixt jenn. Philippianx 3:14 Qjaul jflng And to know the love of Chrixt which paueth knowledge, that ye may he filled with all the falnexf of God. E phesianf 3:19 Udahlan Ezffleftela . . . Christ .fhall he magnified in my hody, whether it he hy life or hy death. For to me to live if Chrixt, and to die ix gain. 'Philippiany 1.'20h-21 Sylvia .Bouise .Eunde . . . Chriyt Jhall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life or by death. For to me to live if Chrixt and to die is gain. Philippianf 1.'20b-21 Cclizabefh ylizanzian I am crucified with Christ. N everthelen I live yet not I, but Chrift liveth in me. Galatianf 2:20 Bewis Truxt in the Lord with all thine hearty and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy way: acknowledge Him, and He Jhall di- rect thy pathf. Proverb: 3:5-6 .Marie Qjardue ' Let your light Jo shine hefore men, that they may .fee your good workr, and glorify your Father which ix in heaven. ' Matthew 5:16 grad Budherq And we know that all things work together for good to them that loue God, to them who are the called according to Hit purpoxe. Romani 8:28 .Eouise g3rice f N o man that warreth entangleth himxelf with the ajairf of thiy lifeg that he may please Him who hath choxenhim to he a Joldier. II Timothy 2:4 Galvin .jlalcor He muff increaxe, but I muff clecreafe. folm 3:30 Garolyn JJZIZB TLLSSZ!! Be reaa'y always to give an amwer to every man that axketb you a reaxou of the laope that is in you with meekness and fear. I Peter 3:15 .Qoroflzy Joy ikoaclz Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to Jtarul against the wilex of the devil. Eploexiam 6:11 .gubleem Schwerfz This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ jesus. Philippians 3.'13b-14 Garroli gf-el27'y Obwll H owbeit when He, the Spirit of truth is come, He will guide you into all truth.' for He shall not speak of Himself.' but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will show you things to rome. -Mark Searcy That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrertion, and the fellowship of His suffer- ings, being made conformable unto His death. Philippians 3:10 .Tora Siiva Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did heseech you hyus: we pray you in Christ's stead, he ye reconciled to God. II Corinthians 5:20 Mrqinia Sfarr Be thou my strong habitation, whereunto I may fontinually resort: Thou hast given com- mandment to save meg for Thou art my rock and my fortress. Psalm 71:3 edward Qffman Create in me a clean heart, O Godg and re- new a right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 Gfrhufus Qashiro That I may know him, and the power of Hix rexurrection, and the fellowship of Hi! Juffer- ingx, heing made ronforniahle unto Hi: death. Philippianf 3:10 Emilie garner That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleafing, heing fruitful in every good work, and increaxing in the knowledge of God. Coloryianr 1:10 gf-Ellfy Joseph 6111611660 Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, hut one receioeth the prize? So, run, that ye may ohtain. I Corinthians 9:24 1 gray .Muffdy Thi! if a faithful Jaying, and worthy of all acteptation, that- Chrift fetus came into the world to save sinnerf: of whom I am thief. I Timothy 1:15 glam glizahefh Qyllson Q Tru.rt in the Lord with all thine hearty and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy wayx acknowledge Him, and He Jhall di- rect thy pathx. Prooerhx 3.'5,6 155 .Qomza Jane Qyilson I ran do all thing: through Christ which Jtrengtheneth me. Philippian: 4:13 2 5515 flf "'f2' W X . .,. M v- ,ff M X QA "' ' P ,iz w, LK gi- 'W 491 A ' mfl gb f 11 ggqv!! X ,L NF 'M we V MM ,, 'im sa ,IRM 4+ was 335' Y wg H 5? V31 1 wmilgi 5? if 44.55 all wokms Qtr. 'NEW .3 , ,gf ,Y i, ,K ,, 3.1. -1' T vb -' 'uf 5 1 ' MV ? Qaii , 6,9 , ---- -' 1515 ?,,,h,1 ,mi wi fig.,:zg ' -- 3,2 f 1-f ' --,-,--' f-M.. ..... V zz-:2:-'1-I-ff.. . .,.,. : ..,.. . .. . W -. ' - L 1 ,, 1 l ..4 , 'Vo nigga Gibb 5, '39 cv ,, 413 ff 3555 Q3 , le' 'fs be 90 0 Em :T 'Vx ,pgffff pzmif .M XY ---.,,, ,....-"" J' on -r .. 0 Joe Trobucco Kirk Irwin Ruth Kvrkowske Carolyn Russell Janie Wilson Lucille Turner Phil Lewis 8. 9 IO. ll. 12. I3 Colvin Mczlcor Sonic: Jonssen Bob Adams Dick Browning Carole Haines Carroll Olson Flora Wilson Carolynn Andrews Marion Hotchkiss Janice Dundas Donald Blakeman Carolyn Jacobs Ed Erny 8K Chinese playmate Dorine Grosz Kathleen Littlefield Virginia Starr Harvey Brown Sylvia Lunde Leila Hoffman 5 W6 WCM Q 0 1 4 paris . . . The Finishing Touches Before The Tosk is fully done A finol Touch is neeoled+ The losl' stroke of the Musieifs fool, Ere building is completed. Slfugezzf 0 7 76746613 . . . Louise Price, Vice - President Mory Ross Bryon, Secretory Dick Browning, Treasurer Phil Lewis, Presiolenr Sfugemf omzci . . . FIRST ROW: Joe Trabucco, Dorothy Roach, Mary Ross Bryan, Louise Price, Barbara Rasmussen, Marion Hotchkiss SECOND ROW: Alvin Minfurn, Harvey Brown, Paul King, Phil Lewis, Ken Hammer, Bob Corwin, Dick Browning, Ronnie Bridston UJ'0l'5 dsfon, Marion Hotchkiss, Editor Faye Armstrong and Claire Ohlinger, Snaps Kifk ll'WiI'I, SPOVTS Sylvia Lunole, Typist l'LL56L EV... Mrs. Thompson, Miss Stevens, Advisors David Boyer, Bob Corwin, Dick Browning, Bookstore Georgia Hadley, Elementary Editor Janice Dundas, Junior High .Editor Ed Erny, Literary and Art Editor Dorothy Roach, Photography STANDING: David Moore, Luhleem Schwertz, Joyce Ludwig, Mary Lou Herbert, Charles Coe SITTING: Mrs. West, Advisor, Alvin Minturn, Caivin Malcor, Margaret Blackstone, Kirk Irwin, Paul King Guffer Gkronic e . . . FIRST ROW: Ricky Brown, Leroy Grunt, Carole Haines, Sheila Roodzant, Beverly Hays, David Moore, James Elliott, Kirk Irwin, Luhleem Schwertz, Joyce Ludwig, Barta Droste, Grant Morgan SECOND ROW: Paul King, Ronnie Bridston, Harvey Brown, Lucille Turner, Marilyn Farnworth, Charlotte Mullen, Marion Hotchkiss, Paul Minturn, Joyce Moeck, Grace Preedy Miss Boggs, Advisor Dr. Parker, Advisor cbolarskip ociefy . . . FIRST ROW: B. Clay, C. Haines, G. Preedy, G. Hadley, L. Price, A. Jones, R. Tremmel, J. Pierson, B. Johnson, S. Scott, C. West, J. Dundas SECOND ROW: M. Farnsworth, L. Guntle, B. Gillan, P. Grant, R. Talley, J. Elliott, R. Brown, D. Graf, R. Gomez, M. Pardue, C. Ohlinger THIRD ROW: L. Schwertz, L. Turner, B. Nizamian, A. Busch, D. Chase, C. Dunlap, D. Boyer, W. Johnson, P. Ladhotf, S. Eytchison, S. Roodzant, J. Brown FOURTH ROW: S. Janssen, R. Walter, L. Smith, J. Wood, B. Corwin, R. Bridston, K. Irwin, E. Pittman, V. Starr, C. Russell L. Campbell, W. Gilbert, L. Fredeen FIFTH ROW: M. Herbert, A. Tashiro, M. Searcy, E. Skoglund, C, Jacobs, B, Adams, B. Ladd, K. Hammer, D. Blakeman, S McBurney, M. Spotswood, S. McMichael, R. Blackie GAOVLLS Mrs. White, Director asia maps . . . G Louise Price, Luhleem Schwerrz, Lucille Turner, Mary Lou Herbert, Accompanisr K r 7 r QU' 5 ,105 Margaret Blackstone, Mary Lou Herbert, Accompanisr, Berfha Johnson, Louise Price ape ccompcmis fs FIRST ROW: Lucille Turner, Doris Graf, Carol Sams, Bob Adams, Neil Harnsberger, Luhleem Schwertz, Mary Lou Herbert, Sheila Roodzanr, Ruth Kurkowske, Barra Droste SECOND ROW: Rhoda Blackie, Grace Preedy, Spencer Paulson Granger azzquef "D" DAY II Timolby 2:1-4 Desigation-soldier Desire-to please God Discipline Disenfonglemenf Dedication Decision LEFT TO RIGHT: Bertha Johnson, Donna Wilson, Lois Campbell, Leila Hoffman, Margaret Blackstone, Mary Ross Bryan GIZZEVZEQJZVS . . . FlRST ROW: Phil Lewis, Paul King, Carroll Olson, Hobbs Decker, Kirk Irwin, Joe Trabucco, Ed Erny SECOND ROW: David Boyer, Bob Adams, Fred Thatcher, Bud Webster, Dick Browning, Lincoln Beals, Ed Pittman effermenls . . FIRST ROW: C. Coe, E. Erny, J. Molloy, C. Malcor, L. Beals SECOND ROW: D. Boyer, H. Brown, L. Monk, L. Grant, A. Minturn, J. Myrick Whelan' G! 6. . . Ed Pittman Halfback Bob Adams End KNEELING: Dave Brougham, Ed Ernyf Bob Adams Kirk Irwin Center STANDING: E'd Pittman, Jim Chase, Bud Webster Fred Thatcher Halfback Ed Erny Holfback Co ca ptcun Dave Brougham Coach Kirk Irwin, Hobbs Decker, Carroll Olson Phil Lewis, Fred Thatcher, Joe Trabucco All Dave Wallace Assistant Coach Q i m was , FJ : .fe w ...,. , Ms . , . ' ..,. Milf -W W l .iris Q3 9 W W 1, is W A 1-QMS, W W bwvilkiw r f' 2 ' Joe Trabucco Quarterback Co-ca ptain Phil Lewis Center Carroll Olson End Bud Webster End . 'lg ' A. ,A , ':f- .... A 'r f , t , ,-.l i ,,. l fi Qs i gikgffgg 11 2 ri 5 53 lr-233 if 1 1 , 'ir 51' sg if 51? R ,853 M iq W MQ ,A D, K ,E Z 24, 4 ' .M 2 if sw ll X Y of lg, wk L w E r li ,, 2 Www he A ,J ak, 3 Q, 5 3 Q it f 3 l 'ww wil :Q if X ?i71gsg:l, Cal Malcor Manager Eiiwwmw f- -- FIRST ROW: Bob Chamberlain, Neil Harnsberger, Rickey Brown, Warren Johnson, Grant Morgan, Bob Purdy, David Moore SECOND ROW: Jack Chamberlain, Stan Horrocks, Bill Ladd, Ken Hammer, Ronnie Bridsfon ll ,man ..,f.,fr..zzi KNPELING: J. Trabucco, P. King, K. Hammer, K. Irwin, C. Malcor. STANDING: D. Browning, C. Olson, O. Hanks, P. Lewis, E. Erny, B. Adams A's B's KNEELING: C. Malcor, R. Larson, B. Carroll, B. Purdy, W. Johnson. STANDING: S. Horrocks, B. Chamberlain, B. Bourman, G. Morgan, N. Harnsberger Dick Browning ' Bob Adams . H066 orbio Carroll Olson Ed Erny cow Phil Lewis Dave Brougham, B Coach Hobbs Decker, Manager mewwmw. FiRST ROW. K. irwin, E. Emy, C. Nioicor, B. rui.,,, SECOND ROW. R. Bridsion, E. Pittman, D. Browning, C. Oison, D. Brougham N. Hornsberger, ii'TiS, v-.-, mega!! . ' . PITCHERS ST ANDIN CAT G: C. O Ci-lens KNEELING, 'Som S. Pauls . J. Trqbucco S H on, B. Purdy , . orrocks, B' Ladd Dick Browning Carroll Olson Bob Purdy ':mix,'?:E19iif'WLSTQQQ5"3S???liZiW5V+3iiiiiiiifzziiwgfiizgxf,.L 2meggggagmzigmfllgtzgiiriliiif. ' 3 gfgszfggfxggiilzmSfgggmisi' 4 ,mi N lg Q Mx. , 39 Www f ,want ailing, . fliswwiwwwwg, Utah mb :mzw:aSzmJ5x Jgw pw, wmwgziawwsw awsnfwz 55lil15lZZiZZiE2l3E?355'43iiliilxzi 1251223522: vfiiiiizlsgggswf 2saz:za2zsls4g1f2mgqg AiSi5eagsnqfmzzaeiwigeii " Qm ifzlfgiiwzzilzzi Mi rz a' aigimiwf :W 231325131 3-' ' . " ' Xisiwf. wwf ., u .5 3 wi 1 ' ST T- 1 7 e: :i" i' ' Hi ' - - 3 ,7 W. -,', ..,. 5 A' LV , ,S .fi Ah . R , 1 'Q V is ...... .Ld M f 'I-1'1:'?--i' 5 1-sg::f:eseE1::2 f ' Y ' 'ff-"'3:.. W ,.,, .,,, ,,,,, Q ..... if migu 5:: ::.::. - amy: -3:1-. ,.,. : ::,:,.:., ....... 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Decker, A. Minturn, J. Trabucco STANDING: P. Minfurn, R. Lopez, W. Johnson, D. DeRuiter, P. King, B. Chamberlain, B. Purdy, B. Carroll, R. Talley X ,.... .. 1 ., -, gzsilwzigffz.. 1... ...Q ff ' ,uw nur X I- ii2"'12i'-ff-EE'E--:,.f.-15' " , ,..,:2:2E ..2E,..- - -f Q ,... .,..: fI.' ,.5:.':?:E'iQ21iZ4 ff -lik ..., .. .... . l. I , ' 55: 3 . . if f 2252 f 1 yi., 'W'S,.,.'7i?'QP'fS l'6LCk .R . . emzis . . . FIRST ROW: E. Erny, P. King, K. Irwin, H. Decker SECOND ROW. N. Harnsberger, D. DeRuifer, B. Carroll : E M , ., - ?fl.?'51'5 522 gf-Q Sh -rn " M .,,. , QL . .i K H f 4 :5 I5. -:5:'E: ::".5-.-r-::.,.:.g.-,: W , A W.. ., fvgf H, ., w U .... 1 ...... . , ..., W E452 if-'f:.ff:f' V 1,1,::. bp, - Q 1 ilhifkif f: p ff k ,. gs 4.3 Q: Yigffggg . H- gr .: S :: 3, 6 . mx .... . ,fi L1 M X' ' ll Z ' .0 fig? 1 was Q , kj ' 535.333 Aix Q . ' ww? Sv W. 4 L, . Q W as H gg S Q Q A Q, ,E Q W X vf ez P W M , 4 W Q sg QQ, g ji 2 'K Q y is f 5- - ,1,., ..,. , ,.,,, . ff s 5' A P .:. ..,. , 4sW?i?, k I M F img? , W Q , Mb 3 5 Q 0 Q 5 'j f AK sg Q qs Z N W ww 1 , X wx if ,few 2 'W 1? 5 W E 5 -rv QD' we g Q F 5, v we if aff? 54? A Q F Q X M3 N' Q V Q , is-1 'Sw Z w wifi? Tue: uw.mm5. A SN 4 S.. ww -"' " . ,zitzziiaiitgs W -f 'I - , 5i2:z'AA?"h-31g 1 . Z .,. . :' . 7 M ma y V '- y F3 T' ff: f Dun. HEFLQ I BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: P. Ladhoff, D. Roach, L. Campbell, J. Dundas, C. Mullen, H. Satterthwaite, C. West SECOND ROW: L. Price, J. Browning, M. Spotswood, S. Janssen, D. Graf. G. Hadley BASEBALL FIRST ROW: M. Bryan, M. Spotswood, S. Janssen, L. Schwertz SECOND ROW: B. Hays, C. Smith, L. Turner, G. Hadley, L. Campbell, H. Satterthwaite, C. Hotchkiss, M. Hotchkiss THIRD ROW: D. Silva, D. Graf, K. Littlefield, C. Mullen, L. Smith, J. Dundas, J. Brown, C. West, D. Roach, L. Price, F. Armstrong, M. Blackstone, C. Jacobs, S. Eytchison, P. Ladhoff, V. Starr get Miss Pinkerton, Coach VOLLEYBALL FIRST ROW: M. Spotswood, L. Schwertz, M. Hotchkiss, H Satterthwaite SECOND ROW: J. Dundas, G. Hadley, L. Price THIRD ROW: P. Ladhoff, C. Mullen, J. Brown, D. Roach, S Janssen On your Toes, gals. A home run, Janice. Practice makes perfect. J F I k f I 4 f T 1 E 4 J 3 4 i 6 w ? C x I 1 x 'f J u f I I Y 9 f i w 1 2 1 N V 1 1 : 1 Q Q Q Q Q J 1 Q Q U 1 o C Q ! 5 - 757 g 5 . 1 . ff ' f' ', w, V -'-,M . smug Us ull! -4 1 g . 'v'Xj', Q- ' Y ' F f9' ,T Q wg' if 5 1 ' X? I fi . ,A f , ' J' -' , if 4 ff f -,M Uv- Q ' 2 1.242-'ALEZZ V - -w ffl A: 7 If rl J . . ,,,. . r M w,WM""'W""'wMMW ,WWW 8 Q- Lmmi. .. In Setting rest along Iife's weclry food, shelter by the woy, witness of God's mighty power serves from day to day. r 1 X 3 W... S Q 1 ! , ! 4 2 E v v P f 5 i af 1 1 1 1 Worfh I Pfmerica QDITLQZI' Gfsia Gffrwa 6025 Souffz merica UIOPE I9 N ,Lis V Q. . I N w X- l' V . fi ' vm?'z,,.. 3:5 Mf'i5Q4 241324 -f 2 f...v-.' f-Q:f'wN 5? "p'f'f'z 1' -A ' " 4 Gfckno wlegqemen fs ADVERTISING PRODUCTION SERVICE Publishing Monrovia, California WITZEL-WORO STUDIO Photography S. K. SMITH Cover KRIEBEL 84 BATES Permiffion lo use ropyrigbied "Head of Cbriyf' by Sallman STUDENTS, FACULTY, AND PARENTS Axsismnce on the Crusader Banquet- x It 5 I ' 2, .I ? fr .S K 1, , . 1 1 r A n

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